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COLUMNS ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA 1967 MORE TO COME Photography by Gerald Shore Photography THIS IS AC Some yearbooks feature a theme, others do not. This year the staff of the COLUMNS decided to use the theme " More to Come. " It typifies Anderson College this year and in years to come. It is exemplified in the ever increasing student body and the physical change taking place on campus. To explain this, let us look at the new Watkins Teaching Center with its eye on the future, the chapel for an even better music depart- ment, the larger faculty for the influx of students, the willingness of the trustees to accept all qualified students, and the addition of a vice-presi- dent of the college to help handle the increased responsibilities of the ad- ministration. Yes, this year at .Anderson College has brought all these changes, proving there is " More to Come. " These changes make this year at Anderson College distinct from all other years. But whatever the changes Anderson College has made, it is still the junior college with its eye on the development of the individual student mentally, physically, and spiritually. Yes, in spite of all the changes taking place around the campus, Anderson College is still a place where the individual can be himself and develop somewhat in his own way. Yes, there is " More to Come. " ■ iiVii -it .!., i Pratt Hall or East Dorm — one of two women ' s dormitories. South Dorm — one of two men ' s dormitories. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING I m i h ' J Denmark Hall or West Dorm for women. A typical afternoon. Preparing for Christmas First Night. Hey, let ' s go to the T Club. Well, better start studying. North Dorm, men ' s dormitory. BACK CAMPUS DORM LIFE 1rs. Pruitt ' s and, behind it, " The Frat House. " The Green House. In addition to North and South Dormitories (men ' s dorms), Anderson College owns two houses which are occupied by men students. These houses are Mrs. Pruitt ' s and " The Green House " . Directly to the rear of Mrs. Pruitt ' s house is a small house known to its occupants as The Frat House. It is considered a part of what is known as Mrs. Pruitt ' s or the " White House " . Both the " Green House " and Mrs. Pruitt ' s house are situated on Kingsley Road directly across from the men ' s dorms. A third house, Mrs. McGee ' s, is a privately owned home on Boulevard. The college has authorized the home as dormitory space for several men students. Mrs. McGee ' s. A " bull session " at Mrs. Pruitt ' s. THE HOUSES Well, there ' s always got to be one bookworm. Heck, you can ' t study all the time. Someone has been to the fair. I didn ' t know the handbook said that! Those cold cold days outside the canteen. Yes, the bookstore will buy back your book. The parking lot in back of The Green House doesn ' t always look this way. Well, no mail today. And now a long pass to center field. Well, its like this. Mr. Vivian said . . . 11 " There ' s nothing like a good cigarette between classes. " " Well, time to head home. " This is where we park our cars, park our cars, early in the morning. " 12 DAY STUDENTS SUE HAWKINS Day Student Representative In past years the day students ' place in AC activiites has been largely overlooked in the yearbook. This year the staff decided that since the day students make up 50 per cent of the student body, it would be a good idea to show some of them on campus. The day student holds many important positions on the AC campus. Besides being day student representative, Sue Hawkins is sec- retary-tresurer of Phi Theta Kappa; Johnny Abercrombie is president of the Athletic Association and a day stu- dent; and George Haltiwanger, student body president, was a day student first semester. These are only a few instances in which day students serve Anderson Col- lege. There are many more. I sure do like to study. And now to study for that quiz. 13 MISS ANDERSON COLLEGE, Vicki Looper. MISS ANDERSON COLLEGE PAGEANT WL From a field of 14 contestants the new Miss Ander- son College was named. Vicki Lopper, sophomore and the daughter of Mrs. Ruth Odell Looper, was named the new Miss Anderson College for 1967. Vicki was chosen from a field of seven freshman and seven sophomores. The title of Miss Congeniality went to a sophomore also, Julie Carter. The honor of first runner-up went to another sophomore, Jean DeVore. The honor of second runner-up went to a freshman, Tina Paschal. Freshman contestants included Debbie Ashley, Sandra Hyatt, Phyl- lis Mims, Mary Anne Reames, and Frankie Taylor. Soph- omore contestants included Janis DeVore, Sue Hawkins, Louise Porter, and Linda Woodson. Master of Cere- monies for the contest was Bob Powell while Dr. John E. Rouse, president of Anderson College, presented trophies to the winners. Phyllis Riddle, Miss Anderson College for 1965-66, crowned the new Miss Anderson College. MISS CONGENIALITY, Julie Carter, receives her award from President Rouse. St The fourteen contestants. LEFT TO RIGHT: first runner-up, Jean De- Vore; Miss Anderson College, Vicki Looper; Dr. John E. Rouse, president of Anderson College; and Tina Paschal, second runner- up. 04 I :i 5r •. SaKe ' ■4- ' ■3C$ : J v JSN ' - ' . £ r 1 " ».-• it? | i ,iO» i g «g aaw{M. » »„ . uid.mAMMu, J-aX 5p£ =SN - ' - One of the most visible changes on the Anderson College campus is the construction of the new academic building. The $60 0,000 structure, named the Watkins Teaching Center, will house the biology, chemistry, phys- ics, and mathematics departments. The three story air- conditioned teaching plant, with a projected completion date of fall 1967, will contain two lecture halls, each seat- ing 140 people. Dr. J. E. Rouse, president, said the design of the building will be in harmony with existing buildings on campus. The new building is located on Kingsley Road between the men ' s dormitories and the infirmary. The ground floor of the new building will house the teaching of business administration and secretarial science courses. The second floor of the building will be used for teaching courses in the modernized home economics department. The expansion of the department will show itself with the addition of four cooking areas, and a din- ing and social area. A clothing lab with adjoining fitting room and laundry are included in the newly expanded department. The mathematics department will also be housed on the second floor. Classrooms and laboratories for chemistry and biology will be located on the third floor. This floor will also allow for offices for all faculty members. At present, some of the faculty offices are too small and are in out-of-the-way locations. 19 MORE TO COME PEOPLE 21 Sophomores whoop it up the night before the freshman-sophomore football game. X ' ... H fci 3 n b» ' . ■ ' .3 3 - ■ " I don ' t care who you are; you still can ' t cut chapel. " SOPHOMORES It ' s that year at Anderson College when for most of us, old friendships will be lost, because life at a junior college is finished. Looking back over the sophomore year, we find that it is distinctly different from all other sophomore years at Anderson College. Among the distinctives was the change in the sophomore English course. This year for the first time all sophomores were required to take one semester of English literature and one semester of American litera- ture. F , RICK BRASWELL secretary-treasurer SUE HAWKINS vice-president CLASS OFFICERS JERRY ABLES president 24 Johnny Abercrombie John Allen Jeanne Bates Jerry Abies John Ashley Tony Beauford Billy Adair Eugenia Ayers Eddie Beaver Gary Adams Phil Barrett Judy Bennett Fran Allen Jo Ann Barton Marie Blakely 25 Beverly Blanton Sherrill Blanton Norman Blore Arthur Boggs Lynn Bolding Johnie Bolt Claud Bond Frances Bowen Julian Bowen Janet Bowman Doris Bradberry Steven Bradley Rick Braswell Shirley Breazeal Martha Brissey Kathy Brock 26 Vivian Campbell Brenda Capell ll£w M Jerry Carlton Jo Brockman Larry Brooks Bennett Brown Mike Buchanan James Buchanan David Burton Maury Busbee Sylvia Calton Here I stand with heart in hand. For two hours I picked this lock, Just to find the milk is out of stock. The pillars of education. Stephen Carpenter Julie Carter Tracy Carter Betty Ann Casey Margaret Cely Stanley Chandler Sara Chapman Scotty Cisson Barry demons Anita Coggin Elizabeth Coker Janice Coker 28 Sandra Coker Ann Collum Richey Cook Rodger Cook Maria Sue Cowan Karen Craigo Mike Crews Bruce Dantzler Ruth Dantzler Judy Darnell Jeanette Davis John Dellinger Ed Derrick Janice DeVore Jean DeVore Kathy Dickson 29 Sandy Dossey Charleen Downey Joyce Durham Patsy Dye Barbara Eaton Danny Edgar Frances Ellis Clarence Estes Pat Fant Billy Felkel Jane Fife Henry Fletcher Martha Ford Kay Fowler Ted Gaines 30 Ronald Gambrell George Gilmer George Gray Finger lickin ' good! tete J Donald Garrison Carol Gilmore Debbie Gault Betty Gleaton Linda Gilbert Ginger Gordon Harriet Gillman Johnny Grant 31 New building begins. Larry Green William Gunnells Ed Hall George Haltiwanger Mary Hamilton Hugh Harbort Joan Hardy Ken Hare John Harrison 32 htti Beth Hart Denny Hartzog Sue Hawkins Frank Hill Ann Holliday Gayle Holmes Harriet Holmes Deborah Holt Martha Rose Hopkins Ed Horton Steve Houston Nancy Hovis Allen Hudgens 33 Corky Huey Junnie Jaynes Charles Jones Ronnie Huffman James Jefferson Donna Jones Kathleen Inabinet Susan Jernigan Doris Jones Carol Kelley Eileen Irby Cora Johnson Jenny Keels Wilda Kelley Mary Irick Margaret Johnson Crawford Keese Larry Kilgore 34 Eddie King Ken Kirkland Ann Knight Ellen Knight Take your medicine, it ' s really good for you. Suzanne Kowalski Richard Laughridge Charles Lawson Barbara Jean Lawton Robert Leeds Dianne Looney 35 Vicki Looper Richard Madden Tina Madden Connie Mahaffey Doris Martin Brent Martin Franklin Masters Ed Matheny Linda Mayse Barbara McCarley Pam McClain Suzanne McCown Recognize this place? 36 Delis Melton Linda Miller Kathy Morrell Jean McDonald Gale McKinley Barbara Merck Billy Mew Lane Moore Martha Moore Beth Morris Susan Morrow 37 Len Mundy Gail O ' Dell Thomas Phillips Bob Powell Mike Nelson Terry Partain James Pickard Mary Ahce Powell Nancy Nichols David Pelf rey David Poore Stanley Powell Wayne Nix Donna Perry Kenneth Porter Sandra Pridmore Robert Norton Larry Phillips Louise Porter JoePye 38 4 : vl og Joan Ramminger Catherine Rogers Jimmy Renfroe Ashton Neal Rose Mr. Lawton meets an old friend. ! John Quarles Linda Reynolds David Rose Sammy Saxon Eddie Quattlebaum Martha Richey David Rumph Steve Schronce Barbara Radcliffe Henry Roberts Brenda Satterfield James Senn y Nancy Simmons Ronnie Stegall Tony Sullivan Anne Shaw Cheryl Simpson Sandra Stevens Geraldine Taylor Mary Jane Shirley Beverly Smith Lewis Stewart James Taylor Rita Shirley Mary Spigener William Stone Mary Jane Terry 40 Anita Thomas Gloria Thrasher Mike Thrasher John Thruston 4T Roxie Varn Jennifer Vaughn Vicki Vernon Danny Vincent William Walker Darrell Wall Gary Ward Ann Watts Janice Webber Freshmen show off first place winner in a sophomore look-alike contest. Barbara Wheeler Marolyn Williams Netti Sue Williams David Wilson Miri am Winn Jean Wise Elizabeth Woods Tinka White James Williams Marilyn Wilson Ronnie Wilson Linda Woodson Foster Yarborough A typical Yodler. MISS SOPHOMORE - JULIE CARTER Julie Carter is the 1967 Miss Sophomore. Besides holding the title of Miss Sophomore, Julie won the May Queen title and Miss Congeniality in the Miss Anderson College Pageant. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Carter of Georgetown, South Carolina. She is a member of the Anderson College Choir, the Music Study Club, and the BSU. After her studies at AC are completed, Julie plans to major in psychology at Western Caro- lina College. 44 II • " " % JULIE CARTER 45 SOPHOMORE BEAUTIES JO BROCKMAN HOLCOMBE 46 SOPHOMORE BEAUTIES SUE HAWKINS 47 FRESHMAN SCENES P MB B e " ' 1 . ' - ' . .■ ■; W s B Bm 48 FRESHMEN Joe Bishop, president of the freshman class. Wanda Hellams, vice-president of the freshman class. CLASS OFFICERS Buddy Hooper, secretary-treasurer of the freshman class. A. Wkt ■ ■ s=sS Brenda Adams Frank Alexander Gail Arnold Sandra Ban- Mary Bayne Donnie Adams Joyce Alexander Debbie Ashley Brenda Banks Bryan Beacham William Adams Claude Alexander George Ashley Joan Bannister Maxine Beasley Clara Addis Michael Anderson Katherine Bagwell Charles Barnette Lana Becknell Donna Albertson Ken Anderson Cheryl Bailes Lindsev Baughman Gloria Bell 51 Susan Benjamin Sandra Bishop James Bowen William Brown Marlene Busch William Bennett Susan Bishop Thomas Brannon Hilda Brucke William Bentley Claud Blair John Bridges Grace Bullman Hubert Bishop James Boleman Benny Brown Ann Burns A Shakespeare by any other name would sound as sweet. 52 Joseph Bishop Mary Bolen Carolyn Brown Dan Burris ' " » ■ ' . ' " mm .-. „ . . .,, ri n.,1,,1 , 1., These class breaks sure are great fit r £g Samuel Byrum Mary Carroll Leslie Clark Kathryn Callaway Donald Chambers Teresa Clarke Paul Calvo Steele Champion Taylor Clarkson Barbara Campbell Madeline Chandler Horace Clinkscales Lynn Campbell Sandra Clamp Gwendolyn CoDb 53 X % " Double, double, toil and trouble " " Aw, come on, give us a ride to the poolroom. " Two heads are better than one. £ fc Margaret Coleman Michael Corbin Annette Collins Faye Cothran Franklin Cooper Janice Couch 54 Betsy Cox Walter Cribbe Jerry Dean Bill Dugan Evelyn Cox Bruce Creamer David Crenshaw Kent Daniels Nancy Davidson Teresa Davis William Dickson Gerald Donahue Jerry Dorsey Nathaniel Ellis Derrell Durham Fred Ellis Faulla Crenshaw Larry Day Robert Dorsey Clarence Ellison 55 A Put a tiger in your room. But, Bruce, chemistry is not bad. B fe f feA : % Judy Ellison Andrew Fant Nancy Forrest Mel Ellison Leonard Farmer Eugenia Foster Mary Estes James Field Mary Jo Fowler jF Landis Evans James Finch Linda Frank Teresa Evans Mollie Fleming Donald Friclcs 56 Katherine Gaffney Monetta Grant Andy Gwynn Genie Hardee Olin Gambrell Charlotte Graves Connie Hair Nedrah Harden Gene Garrick James M. Gray Mike Hampton Dexter Hawki ns Deborah Gibson Nikki Ground Robert Hanks Troy Hawkins James Goss Perry Grubbs Wade Hanks Charles Hayes 57 ' I remember when I was begging in Calcutta An exciting ' afternoon in the local emporium . Nancy Hayes Jean Hayes Wanda Hellams Don Hembree Arington Hendley Wayne Hendricks Edward Herron Marie Hiers Linda Hightower Nancy Hill few M ■•■ffliffi - 58 Dennis Hiott Florence Holland Margaret Hornsby Donnie Hughes Alvin Hutchinson Mike Hitt Billy Holland Linda Horton Ronnie Hughes Sandra Hyatt Louise Hodge Rachel Holden Benny Holland Mike Holt William Hooper Hugh Hopper Haskell Howard Mike Howard Mary Howie Carol Ann Hughey Alfred Hunt R. F. Hunter Gayle Irick Betty Jackson Dianne Jackson 59 Frances Johnson Charles D. Jones Drake Jordan Stan King Curran League Harriet Johnson Tommie Ann Johnson James Jones Gail Jones Annie Kaiser Frank Keel Doug LaMance Pamela Jane Land Gary Lewis Patricia Mackie Billy Johnstone Ronald Jones Douglas Kellett Jean Lawson Rita Ann Mackey Joyce Jolly Dianne Jordan Ken Kinard Beth Lay Nancy Major 60 Jeanne Martin Fred Mattison Lauren Maxie Brenda Miller Johnny Mathis Sandra Mauldin Joan Mayers Linda Miller Tony Mayfield Teresa Mills P. O. Mead Lewis Mims Charles Me lton Mary Mitchell 61 ▲ » ▲ b. John Mole Marilyn Moore Danny Moorhead Daniel Moore Mary Moore Brenda Morgan Joyce Moore Mike Moore Marsha Morgan But I brought them yesterday! It ' s not the sophomore-freshman. 62 Late hours at the canteen. Faye Mullinax Lee McCaskill Robert McKenzie Alfred Nix Benson Page Marshall Murdock Lynda McEachem Michael Nalley Margaret Orr James Parler Mary McAbee Carolyn McKain Mack Nance John Outz Richard Parson R. P. McBurnett Ninita McKinley Linda Nelson Jerri Lee Owings Tina Paschal " Oh, my aching neck! " 63 Mark Patter son Bill Payne Elizabeth Pennington Jimmy Phillips Scarlet Phillips Carolyn Poole Avery Poplin Genelle Porter Mary Potts Ann Powell Allen Pregnall Anderson College on a Saturday Night. 64 ' 79t " vl- ' r.SfSr - v iT- ' i -« , • JW " ?- ; - :,, ' - " ■■ fel. ••-- -aa Sta aittiftlBW ' Through these gates pass AC ' s loveliest coeds. Iris Rampey Mary Anne Reames Martha Price Lynn Pruitt Gloria Pruitt Lee Pruitt Jane Rankin John Ray George Richards Fred Riddle Phyllis Roberts 65 JL wdS Dawn Robinson James Sargent Charlene Shook Patricia Smith Tim Stafford Mary Rogers Teresa Saxon Phil Sims Ed Sokol Martha Staggs Paul Rogers Mamie Segars Allan Smit h Robert Smith Kathy Stedman Jimmy Sain Susan Seymour James L. Smith Barbara Sorrells Jane Stegall Gail Sanford Judy Shaw Julian Smith Margaret Sosebee John Stephens 66 Robert Stephens Kay Sutton Mofly Taylor DeNan Stone Ronald Strickland Barry Stuart Pam Sullivan Eleanor Swindler Diane Tolbert Frankie Taylor Martha Ann Taylor Audrey Thacker Katherine Thomas Diane Thomason Erskine Thomason " Jerry, just what do you think you ' re doing? " Abies and Wall in action. :i :;;U J:W: . :. " Would you believe it is almost finished? Tommy Thomason Howard Traynham David Timms Rick Turner Donna Todd Richard Vanadore Ronny Townsend Paul Walker Jane Trammell Lane Waters 68 Caroline Watson George Watson Gloria Webb Gwen Weisner Rebecca Werts Michael White Sandra Whitworth Thomas Wilbanks Carol Williams James Winn Cynthia Wood Marion Wood Dianne Woodson Larry Worley Gerald Wyatt James Yates 4 Cassandra Watkins Carol Westerman Brenda Williams Walter Wood Jonathan Youmans 69 MISS FRESHMAN - SANDY CLAMP Pis %:., Miss Freshman for 1967 comes from sunny Miami, Florida. Sandy is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Clamp. In high school she was a senior superlative and participated in the home- coming court. At AC Sandy is a cheerleader. She plans to major in home economics at the University of Georgia after leaving Anderson. 70 MISS FRESHMAN SANDY CLAMP 71 FRESHMAN BEAUTIES SANDY BISHOP FRESHMAN BEAUTIES v FAYEMULLINAX Anderson College students can be seen in many of the local business establishments throughout the year. For instance, . . . . . . the Osteen Theater is a favorite place for students to date. Sears is a popular shopping spot, but students racing . . . both boys . . . and girls, is not quite so common a sight. THE AC so? COMMUNITY w jh mm |j tiiiii ii ' T) .• ' ■ -- ■ ■ 1 StSsfiHHKlBr 71 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY 77 THE PRESIDENT Dr. Rouse dials a number on the new gold telephone given him by Southern Bell Telephone and Tele- graph Co. Since 1957 Dr. John E. Rouse has been president of Anderson College. This year Dr. Rouse served as president of the South Caro- lina Baptist Convention. He also presided as president of the junior college division of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secon- dary Schools. In 1940 Dr. Rouse began serv- ing Anderson College as a trustee. From 1955 to 1957 Dr. Rouse served Anderson College as chairman of the board of trustees. Dr. Rouse holds a bachelor of science de- gree in business and commerce and an hon- orary doctorate from Furman University. He received a bachelor of divinity from Andover Newton Seminary. He has done graduate work at Boston University and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. John E. Rouse, president, Anderson College. Dr. Rouse prepares to use the new IBM dictaphone system installed in all major offices of the school. FST - THE VICE-PRESIDENT The year 1966 saw J. K. Lavvton come to Anderson College as vice-president. Mr Lawton ' s position ' as vice- president was created because of the growth of the col- lege and the increased responsibilities of the president. The new position will allow the president more time to concentrate on projected areas of college affairs. Prior his appointment as vice-president, Mr. Lawton served as a trustee for the college. During hi s first year Mr. Lawton is spending his time as he said, " familiarizing myself with what ' s going on. " As vice-president, Mr. Lawton said he ' lias re- sponsibilities in practically all areas as Dr. Rouse. ' Mr. Lawton stated that " at particular times different primary responsibilities will be assigned to the vice-president. " Mr. Lawton received his bachelor of arts from Sam- ford University, his bachelor of divinity from New Or- leans Baptist Theological Seminary and his master of theology from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has done work on the doctor of theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. With the excep- tion of seminary days, Mr. Lawton ' s entire ministry has been in South Carolina. Mr. Lawton has served on various committees of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, including the General Board of the Convention. He served as Superin- tendent of Missions for the Saluda Baptist Association before coming to the college. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Doorway to the top. 1 Mr. Lawton visits the college farm near Belton. J. K. Lawton, vice-president of Anderson College. 79 TRUSTEES FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT), Dr. J. E. Rouse, college president; Max McGee Rice, Travelers Rest, chairman; Mrs. Olin D. Johnston, Columbia; the Rev. D. Clarence Shirley, Anderson; the Rev. Douglas N. Baker, Greenville. SECOND ROW: Roger M. Touchberry, Sumter; William D. Brown, Anderson; Dr. W. Broadus Southerlin, Beaufort; Gerald C. Wallace, Jr., Marion; the Rev. W. Horace Benjamin, Abbeville. THIRD ROW: Kenneth N. Vickery, Clem- son; the Rev. E. Frank Inman, Union; A. Jud Hurt, Easley; J. K. Lawton, college vice-president; Roy C. McCall, Jr., Easley. Not pictured are Mrs. E. Oswald Lightsey, Hampton; and Mrs. H. D. High, Moncks Corner. NEW TRUSTEES (LEFT TO RIGHT), William D. Brown, Anderson; A. Jud Hurt, Easley; Mrs. Olin D. Johnston, Columbia; Kenneth N. Vick- ery, Clemson. ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL William E. Tisdale Business Manager W. Glen Hughey Registrar Mildred B. Kirby Lawrence E. Webb Dean of Women Director of Public Information 81 DEANS C. E. Butler, academic dean and dean of men Mildred B. Kirby, dean of women 82 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Alumni Association is com- posed of all graduates and former stu- dents of Anderson College. The pur- pose of the organization is to keep alive a real love and enthusiasm for their Alma Mater. Dr. J. E. Rouse be- gan the practice of giving a fifty year diploma to members of the fifty year classes. Last May seven ladies from the class of 1916 received their diplomas THESE LADIES RECEIVED THEIR FIFTY YEAR DIPLOMAS, (LEFT TO RIGHT): Miss Eula Mae Turberville, Mrs. Maggie Shirley Tolbert, Mrs. Izetta Pruitt Agnew, Mrs. Nelle Martin Jones, Mrs. Marguerite Henry Mattison, Mrs. Louise Henry Milford, Mrs. Lou Nelle McGee Watson. Dr. Rouse is in background. LEAC Since 1965 LEAC has placed emphasis on the construction of the new academic building. How- ever, funds for graduate study were still available. LEAC (Liv- ing Endowment for Anderson College) was organized for the purpose of strengthening and developing the faculty. These administrators and faculty members have received benefits from Living Endowment for Anderson College. 83 Mr. Boyte Mr. Pushard Dr. Vandiver Mr. Wilson relaxes between classes. wm « Grouped Accord, »9 ' he Nwmfe, Perhaps one of the most visible changes around the Anderson College campus was the addition of eight facul- ity members — three in the night school division and five in the day school division. This increase in faculty was due to increased enrollment of students and the addition of one course: physics. One faculty member was added to the business administration department, one to the secretarial department, one to the English de- partment, three to the biology department (only one of the three, Mrs. E. J. Harris, teaches in day school), one to the French department, and one to the mathematics department. One interesting feature of the increased faculty was the addition of another husband and wife team, Mr. and Mrs. John K. Boyte. Mr. Boyte teaches in the business administration department while his wife teaches in the secretarial science department. ART Blanche K. Holcombe Webster defines art as the conscious use of skill, taste, and creative imagination in the production of beauty. Mrs. Blanche Holcombe, the director of the Anderson College Art De- partment, strives to carry out this policy. This year, 1967, hails the largest number of art majors in the college ' s history. Several of these entered paintings in the local county fair, winning numerous awards. ' ' No, that ' s not a Picasso. 1 MUSIC The Anderson College Choir meets in the new, air-conditioned rehearsal building this year. Performances include the Lions ' Club, the Saluda Associational Meeting, the State Bap- tist Convention, a Christmas First Night Per- formance of the opera " Amahl and the Night Visitors " , performances during chapel programs, and the annual tour in the spring. The faculty of the department attended the Music Teachers ' Association at Winthrop Col- lege in November. William M. Bridges Anita Bridges Mary Sullivan Winnie Newell The choir entertains the members of the Lions Club. S. rS ■ ' . HISTORY " I ' ve never seen anything of that nature in Europe, " says Mr. von Hasseln. Henry von Hasseln David J. Acker Dr. Robert E. Burks Lawrence E. Webb Fred C. Metts Everett H. Vivian For the second year the history and English depart- ments at Anderson College exchanged professors. Jer- ome D. Wilson, professor of English at AC, was guest lecturer in the American history 22 class of department head Henry von Hasseln. The purpose was to show how the American literature of a certain period was affected by the events of the time. Von Hasseln later lectured in Wilson ' s American literature class with the idea of show- ing how the literature was affected by certain historical events. This history department at Anderson College is staffed with two fulltime professors and one part-time night school professor. BIBLE The newest member of the Bible faculty, Mr. Webb. The Bible department added another member this year. Lawrence E. Webb, professor of journalism and director of public information at Anderson College, was the newest addition to the department. Some of Webb ' s former journalism students took Bible 11 under Webb thinking it was going to be a breeze. After the first test, however, their opinions were drastically altered. Two semesters of Bible are required for graduation from Anderson College. Bible 11 (Old Testament) and Bible 12 (New Testament) are taken by most students. However, some students, especially ministerial students, take Bible 21 (church administration), Bible 22 (Chris- tian doctrine) and Bible 23 (Old Testament prophecy). JOURNALISM Lawrence Webb Just a session with the staff of the Yodler FRENCH The course in journalism is designed not only for those students who plan to go into related work, but also for anyone interested in developing any type of writing skills. Classes are highlighted by lectures from persons active in the field of journalism. The journalism course is based on the require- ments for admission to the junior year of the School of Journalism of the University of South Carolina and other senior schools. Students receive valuable experience and training through practical lab work on the school newspaper, " The Yodler. " Marion Crocker Shirley Jacks The French department at Anderson College took on a new look this year with the addition of French 31 and French 32, junior level courses. With the addition of the two courses came also the new method of teaching freshman French. This new method starts the student with the spoken language. In this manner the student retains more of the written French when he learns to say the word in French. rapa: ,i;-i gi 88 Robert S. Moore Jerome D. Wilson Mildred Bearden William F. West Faye Cowan Dr. Edward Vandiver ENGLISH Marietta McCown " No! Shakespeare did not write ' West Side Story. ' " The English department, like the rest of the school, has undergone a change this year. Dr. Edward P. Van- dier, on a years leave of absence from Furman Univer- sity, taught sophomore literature this year. The author of his own book on Shakespeare, Dr. Vandiver taught English 21 first semester and a course from his book on Shakespeare second semester. The department also changed the sophomore litera- ture course. Now all sophomores take one semester of English literature and one semester of American litera- ture for graduation requirements. 89 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ' But Mr. Pushard, does it have to balance? " « 35 -fF ' % »SFv W. Harper Welbourn Marvin L Cash King S. Pushard J. David Acker John K. Boyte Like several other departments at Anderson Col- lege, the business administration department added a new faculty member this year. John K. Boyte, professor of economics, brought to five the number of faculty members teaching business administration courses. The business administration courses at Anderson College are accounting 11 and 12, business law 13, principles of economics 21, and economic problems 22. Mrs. Boyte, the new faculty member. 90 MATH AND PHYSICS R. Broadus Parker W. Glen Hughey The newest member of the math depart- ment, Mr. Short. Odell Short The head of the math department, Broadus Parker. Anderson College added a new course to the science department this year. A course in general physics was added to the curriculum. Mr. Odell Short came to Ander- son College to teach in the mathematics and physic de- partments. Physics is being taught at Anderson College because many senior colleges require it for certain ma- jors. Mr. Robin B. Kelley Mrs. Shirley Hampton Irs. Baines Harris BIOLOGY The biology department underwent a change this year with the addition of three professors, two teaching part-time in night school and the other teaching full-time in day school. Mrs. Baines Harris is in the day school division while Dr. Willard B. Albert and Dr. Milton D. Farrar teach in the night school division. The biology department at Anderson College teaches courses for both sophomores and freshmen. Biology 11 (botany) and Biology 12 (zoology) are freshman courses. Anatomy and physiology is the sophomore course. Besides the new faculty members of the biology department there are the returning members, Bobin B. Kelley (department chair- man) and Mrs. Shirley Hampton. ilii ■■■: ..■■■■■ : . . ■■ Mrs. Harris, one of three new professors in the biology department. HEALTH Mr. Max Grubbs The health courses at Anderson College consist of Health 11 (personal health) and Health 12 (community health). The c ourses may be taken together for a three hour course or separately, Health 11 giving 2 hours credit and Health 12, one hour credit. Boarding students unable to take physical education are required to take the health courses. Mr. Grubbs explains the sense of hearing to students in one of his health classes. 92 James L. Hill Annie Claire Tribble CHEMISTRY " Remember girls, don ' t add too much acid. " PHYSICAL EDUCATION Sophomore men taking sophomore level physical education attended the basketball clinic under the direc- tion of former Louisiana State University basketball star Joe Dean. Physical education at Anderson College is a two year course required of all boarding students. The fresh- man course (physical education 11 and 12) is primarily for physical training. When the student becomes a soph- omore, the course becomes more specialized. Sophomores select tennis, basketball, swimming, officiating, baseball, football, golf, volleyball, and badminton. Coach Hill (right) talks with guest lecturer Joe Dean (left) and Bobby Roberts (middle), Clemson Basketball coach. PSYCHOLOGY Dr. N. Eugene Mandrel I Marion D. Mandrell $L Psychology is the study of the behavior of all members of the animal world. At Anderson College psychology is taught by one of several husband and wife teams, Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Mandrell. General pyschology, child psychology, marriage and family living, and the psychology of personal ad- justment are the four courses taught at Anderson College. This year, the psychology classes made a field trip to the State Hospital at Columbia. The classes, also, saw a movie of the real Eve White who is the subject of the Hollywood movie, " The Three Faces of Eve. " SOCIOLOGY Mrs. Mims prepares the class for a test. Frances Flynn Mims Sociology at Anderson College is a two semester course. Sociology 13, and introduction to sociology, is the first course a student must take. Sociology 14 goes a little deeper and gives a survey of pres- ent day social problems in America. SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Dora Hancock Kathryn Axmann McGregor Ruth Boyte SPEECH Everett H. Vivian Anderson College ' s speech department of 1966- 67, under the supervision of E. H. Vivian, is pri- marily based on teaching individuals better, more effective means of communication. This year, the Debating Team, a medium of the department, participated in four major debates at Wake Forest College, Emory University, Mercer University, and Appalachian State Teacher ' s College. - Mrs. Boyte in action The secretarial science department was one of the de- partments having an addition made to its faculty. Mrs. John K. Boyte, whose husband teaches in the business administation department, began teaching in the secre- tarial science department. The courses of this department prepare students for positions as secretaries, stenographers, receptionists, filing clerks, and bookkeepers. One-year, two-year, and church secretarial courses are offered. Students, not majoring in secretarial science, may take courses which are offered primarily to secretarial science students. It is also possible to combine home-eco- nomics with the secretarial science major. (LEFT TO RIGHT) Everett Vivian, advisor; Larry Worley, Rick Bras- well, Tony Beauford, Carl Hayes, Brenda Williams, Jeanne Martin. LIBRARY Dorothy Jackson Emma Branch Cunningham " : ' ion « Jane Hobbs The new look in the library. The library celebrated its 10th anniversary this year with a new interior look. New seating and study space was provided with the addition of six new tables. This brings the library up to the Southern Association of Col- leges and Schools requirements for seating capacity. Room was made for the tables and chairs by moving the book shelves to the mezzanine of the library. HOME ECONOMICS " You add two cups of sugar and one cup of water. For what, I don ' t know. " Mary Martin Some of the most popular courses around the Ander- son College campus are the home economics courses. The four courses taught are home ec 11, 12, 21, and 22. Girls taking the home ec 21 course (management and budgeting for effective living) took a field trip in which they saw examples of homes in three different income levels. Ahother activity of the home economics classes was the giving of two teas, one in the fall for AC stu- dents and faculty and the other in the spring for high school students. ■» » ' • STAFF Joan Craig — Switchboard Operator Ada Powell Meeks — Alumni and Living Endowment Director Joan Rohrbach — President ' s Secretary Dora Hancock — Director of Religious Activities Claudia Murdoch — Housecleaning Superintendent Faye Stephens — Field Representative Anna Hoover — Pratt Hall Hostess Annie Nickels — College Nurse Clara Thompson — Denmark Hall Hostess The newest staff member, Mrs. Raney. Nancy Alewine — Book Store Assistant Mary Bolt — College Hostess Euna Kay — Business Office Assistant Ruth Looper — Men ' s Dormitory Hostess Madelyn Powell — Business Office Manager Agnes Raney — News Service Director Florence Thompson — Book Store Manager Eunice Thorne — Dean ' s Secretary MORE TO COME ACTIVITIES 99 100 BASKETBALL THE 1966-67 REBEL BASKETBALL TEAM. FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Rick Braswell (MANAGER), Tim Stafford, Tracy Carter, George Gray, Danny Atkins, Hal Bennett, Charlie Hayes (MAN- AGER). SECOND ROW, (LEFT TO RIGHT): Coach Jim Hill, Gary Ward, Gary Adams, Chris Crowell, Ronnie Yates, Mack Nance, Max Grubbs (ASSISTANT COACH). SCOREBOARD WARREN WILSON 63 AC 72 NORTH GREENVILLE 60 AC 58 NEWBERRY 59 AC 61 GARDNER- WEBB 75 AC 53 U.S.C. 62 AC 46 FURMAN 71 AC 67 WARREN WILSON 60 AC 64 U.S.C. 54 AC 78 LEES McRAE 58 AC 65 SHORTER 57 AC 72 SHORTER 72 AC 69 NEWBERRY 76 AC 70 GARDNER- WEBB 77 AC 72 WINGATE 66 AC 99 NORTH GREENVILLE 82 AC 88 SPARTANBURG 82 AC 96 BREVARD 79 AC 86 SPARTANBURG 70 AC 59 WINGATE 93 AC 84 LEES-McRAE 56 AC 69 CLEMSON 78 AC 74 BREVARD 67 AC 70 FURMAN 78 AC 85 BREVARD 66 AC 63 James L. Hill, coach of the Rebel team Yates rebounds against North Greenville. ' Dawk! " 102 Smile, you ' re on candid camera. Crowell goes up for rebound as George Gray and Bill Wall look on. 103 Crowell hits an easy jumper. Adams adds two in win over Wingate. 104 " Anyone for ballet, " says George Gray. 105 " Angel legs " Nance flys again. Gray drives in for the layup. Billy Huong demonstrates Karate skill during half time show, as Larry Lowe holds unidentified assistant. Gary Adams and Wingate player battle for re- bound as Mack Nance and Danny Atkins look on. 107 Atkins up for a shot. All eyes on Yates ' shot. »»Mf sShSm MMM 108 " Move the ball, Tracy! " " Get that rebound! " 109 Gary Adams Danny Atkins Hal Bennett no Tracy Carter George Gray Chris Crowell Mack Nance Gary Ward Tim Stafford Bill Wall Ronnie Yates BASEBALL SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Hall, Danny Atkins, Tracy Carter, James Buchanan, Gary Adams, Gary Ward, Johnny Abercrom- bie, Chuck Cuttino. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Whit- field, George Gray, Robert Norton, Sammy Saxon, Tony Beau- ford, Frank Hill, Wayne Hawkins, Coach Jim Hill. Coach Jim Hill ANDERSON 12 13 5 7 4 8 9 6 13 4 2 2 4 2 BASEBALL OPPONENT Baptist College Baptist College Clemson Furman Gardner-Webb Brevard Clemson North Greenville Brevard Gardner-Webb North Greenville Wingate Wingate Furman Carolina Carolina Spartanburg Spartanburg 1 7 14 1 5 11 15 4 5 3 3 1 4 5 6 4 4 114 James Buchanan Don Hall George Gray 115 Wayne Hawkins Scotty Cisson Danny Atkins i,.- . : • 116 Johnny Abercrombie Frank Hill J I " Gary Ward v 1 : ' ' ■ ' • ' ■■.. jif$ 1 fl 1 ' ►, i ■ 117 Gary Adams Chuck Cuttino f%£ v«... 118 Tony Beauford Larry Whitfield Sammy Saxon 119 1966 GOLF (LEFT TO RIGHT) Charles B. Jones, Wayne Nix, David Cox, Hamp Hunter. At the beginning of the year, members of the golf team thought the season would be bad. But with long hours of practice and determination, the 1966 golf team finished second in the conference and third in the con- ference tournament. For last year ' s record, we won 14 matches and lost 6. Some record for an underdog team! Coach Jim Hill " « David Cox Hamp Hunter .; ' ; VV ' ' :■ " » ' ■ Charles Jones Wayne Nix 121 1966 TRACK FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Ken Westbury, Bill Hance, Don Connelly, Gary Madden, Tommy Chapman. STANDING: Eddie Rice, Corky Huey, Charles Hall, Leonard Campbell, Marc West- brook. Coach Dennis Patterson The Track Team had a very fine year, despite the competition. Brevard and several other schools had financial aid while Anderson was a type of " run for fun bunch. " Al- though we didn ' t have any financial backing, we won three and lost four track meets. One of our boys, Charles Hall, won the Conference Record for the pole vault with 12 ' 6 " . Our team lost only three men while we have about eight returning lettermen for this year. 122 •• •» ' :; ' » ■ -S»-; " - " ■■-. ' .. ' " :■■ ■. ' ' ■■ " • -■- " Leonard Campbell Corky Huey 123 1966 TENNIS LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Max Grubbs, Tony Stone, Bill Kaiser, Tom Hall. Tony Stone Although our tennis team had some bad breaks and didn ' t win any matches our boys were in there fighting and playing as hard as they could. Despite the fact that in many of our matches we were outclassed, the team as a whole tried their best. Most of the matches could have gone either way. J24 Tom Hall Bill Kaiser CHEERLEADERS Linda Miller Head Cheerleader Sandy Clamp Gayle Holmes Jerri Owings Connie Dale Hair Nancy Davidson Such bright smiles as these sometimes turn to tears when the Rebels are defeated. SOPHOMORE - FRESHMAN KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hugh Harbort, David Rose, Denny Hartzog, Allen Hudgens, Danny Vincent, Bobby Merrit, Bruce Dantzler. SECOND ROW: Neal Rose, Barry Clemons, James Buchanan, Mike Crews, Eddie Beaver, Cade Love, Ken Kirkland. STANDING: Julian Bowen, Phil Barrett, Corky Huey, Rowland Milam, Dick Bennett. Larry Day charges after sophomore Ken Kirkland as he rounds the corner on an end run. Every year, for the past four years, the Sophomores and Freshmen have had a football game. For a day or two prior to the game, these arch rivals hang flags, each boasting of their team ' s victory, and wait for the final day of the game for the climax to all their preparation and hard work. This year both teams proved they had spent long, hard hours of practice as each team ground out yardage against each other. The Freshmen gave every effort they had, but the Sophomores had the edge on them as they climaxed the day with a 33-12 win. .■ £ «. FOOTBALL GAME FIRST ROW, (LEFT TO RIGHT): John Stepehns, Billy Dick- son, George Richards, Larry Green, P. 0. Meads, Ger- ald Wyatt, and Bobby Dorsey. SECOND ROW: Olin Gam- brell, Jim Boleman, Kent Daniels, Sammy Green, Bruce Creamer, Robert McKenzie, Erskine Thomason, and David Ford. THIRD ROW: Lynn Pruitt, Larry Day, Coach David Acker, Jerry Dorsey, John O ' Kelly. Hugh Harbort puts up a good defensive battle against freshman John O ' Kelly. 129 Blocking and timing produce a winning effort. it • M M ■■ M I, ' " .Vu M m, , ' ,Jl m Lj( A c f " 0«| I 1 w« C» iflfc ■ ■ Jph SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS, CLOCKWISE: Anita Coggin, Julie Carter, Ginger Gordon, Linda Miller, Ruth Dantzler, Joan Hardy, and Gayle Holmes. 130 Nancy Davidson, Jerri Owings, Sandi Bishop, Connie Dale Hair, Faye Mullinax, Sandi Clamp lead cheers. Action on the sidelines was pretty exciting, too. Passing and blocking by the freshmen threatened the sophomores late in the first half. 131 132 SPECIAL EVENTS CHAPEL One of the big parts of life at Anderson College is chapel. Attendance is required for the services held twice a week. Tuesday and Thursday are the days set aside for the chapel services. Tuesday is used for reglisious services, while Thursday is used for announcements, Stu- dent Government Association meetings, etc. One of the most memorable chapel services held during the 1966-67 school year was the " gripe session " at which the president, vice president, dean of men, and dean of women an- swered questions concerning Anderson College policv. Billy Mew, president of the BS U talks with chapel speaker, Bill Dyal, from the Southern Baptist Christian Life Commission. The " Gripe Session ' 134 The night featured a performance of " Amahl and the Night Visitors. " Dr. Rouse prepares to light the Yule log. Winners in West Dorm — Sandra Pridmore (left) and Martha Richey (right). SANTA ' S WORKSHOP CHRISTMAS FIRST NIGHT Christmas First Night for 1966 fea- tured a performance of " Amahl and the Night Visitors. " The leading roles were played by Nelson Mandrell and Mrs. William Bridges. The three kings were played by Darrell Wall, George Halti- wanger, and Jimmy Sutherland. After the presentation of the world famous opera, Dr. J. E. Rouse followed tradi- tion by lighting the Yule log in the colonade of West Dorm. Following the lighting of the log, guests toured both East and West Dorms which were dec- orated for Christmas. Each room in the dorms was judged for originality of dec- oration. Winners in East Dorm were Barbara Eaton and Marie Blakely. Win- ers in West Dorm were Martha Richey and Sandra Pridmore. Winners in East Dorm — Barbara Eaton (left) and Marie Blakely (right). PRESIDENT ' S RECEPTION Each year before the beginning of first semester President Rouse holds a reception at which he, the faculty, and staff members meet all the new boarding students. This year, because of the large number of stu- dents, the sophomore and freshman classes were divided into two groups, each coming about 30 minutes apart. For the first time this year a new face, from top ad- ministrative officials, was seen at the reception. Anderson College ' s new vice-president, J. K. Lawton was introduced to members of the sophomore and freshman classes. In addition to the new vice-president, new members of the Anderson College faculty and staff were presented to the AC students. COMMUNITY CONCERTS HHBHHI HI H From " Four Go Dancing " William M. Bridges (SEATED), president of the Anderson Community Concerts; and Earl Jarrett, publicity director of the series, choral di- rector for T. L. Hanna High School. The Community Concert Association is a community effort bv which members buy tickets for a series of con- certs. Community Concert artists are secured from Colum- bia Artists of New York City. Anderson College Stu- dents are encouraged to join. The 1966-67 season featured four concerts. These were Leonard Pennario at the piano, the Tucson Boys Choir, the Beaux Arts Trio, and Four Go Dancing. Leonard Pennario iWMffllH 111 HI Wl i 1 1 1 11 l ift i i S SslilBsBSSaaS S mSmBKi Miss Julie Carter MAY QUEEN The 1967 May Queen is Miss Julie Carter. The honor of May Queen is not the first honor Julie received in her sophomore year at Anderson Col- lege. She was also honored with the title of Miss Sophomore. In addition to these honors Julie is a member of the choir, the Music Study Club, and the Baptist Student Union. As a high school student Julie was a varsity cheerleader, a senior superlative, and played leading roles in class plays. After com- pleting her studies at Anderson College, Julie plans to transfer to Western Carolina College where she plans to major in psychology. Julie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Carter of Georgetown, S. C. It - j ;;; MAID OF HONOR The election of the May Queen calls for the election of several attendants. One of these attendants is the Maid of Honor who is chosen, like the May Queen, from the sophomore class. The 1967 Maid of Honor is Miss Janice DeVore. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Johnny DeVore of Honea Path. Janice is a member of two campus organizations, the Baptist Student Union and Phi Theta Kappa. Her membership in Phi Theta Kappa proves she is a good student. However, when she is not studying, Janice enjoys skiing, bridge, and semi-classical music. Janice Devore 139 ft; Mi H i j£iK.S ,K. i. J-, SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS Frances Ellis Linda Woodson :.:; [.o. Jean DeVore Sue Hawkins FRESHMAN ATTENDANTS Frankie Taylor Tommie Ann Johnson Sandi Clamp Gwen Weisner Tina Paschal Sandy Bishop MMmE m ' :, ' ■■ " " ' ■ : ' :..i:rV «« OUR TOWN " (LEFT TO RIGHT) Paul Vivian as Constable Warren; Steve Bradley as Simon Stimson, the drunken choir director; Danny Collins as Mr. Webb; and Brenda Williams as Emily Webb. m 1 ' ™ k$¥ W yp?- » - ' " JBi k ■ Grover ' s Corner, New Hampshire was the place and the time was the early 1900 ' s. With this setting the Anderson College players pre- sented a three day run of Thornton Wilder ' s famous " Our Town " . The play was under the direction of Everett H. Vivian, professor of Bible and speech, and Jerome D. Wilson, pro- fessor of English. The three act play featured Bruce Creamer in the lead role as the Stage Manager, Danny Collins as Mr. Webb, Ken Hare as Goerge Gibbs, Nancy Steele as Mrs. Gibbs and Steve Bradley as the alcoholic choir director. Other members of the cast in- cluded Buddy Hooper as Dr. Gibbs, Curran League as Mrs. Webb, Walter Wood as Pro- fessor Willard, Paul Vivian as Constable War- ren and Brenda Williams as Emily Webb. Ken Hare (left) as George Gibbs, and Jenny Keels as Rebecca Gibbs. 145 Walter Wood (left) as Professor Willard, as the Stage Manager. and Bruce Creamer BET A. PHI 0- .liiZZ| CIRCLE K CLUB 4 IT ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON SOUTH CAROLINA CAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS SGA Haltiwanger presiding over a meeting of the SGA. Known to most Anderson College students as the SGA, the Student Government Association is the students ' link with the administration. The association is made up of all members of the student body. This year ' s SGA officers were George Haltwanger, president; Louise Porter, vice-president; and Gary Ward, secretary. The 1967 SGA will best be remembered for its effort to sell Anderson College students tickets for the " Lettermen " concert, which was later can- celed. An SGA project: a flop. George Haltiwanger, President. Louise Porter, vice-president. Gary Ward, secretary. WOMEN ' S COUNCIL SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT) Brenda Satterf ield, Jenny Keels, Louise Porter, Sandy Stevens, Cheryl Simpson, Frances Ellis, and Sue Hawkins. STANDING: Nancy Nichols, Vivian Campbell, Pam McClain, Ann Knight, Barbara Merck, Jeannie Bates, Doris Jones, BettyGleaton, Judy Darnell, Karen Craigo, Marie Blakely. Betty Gleaton, president of Pratt Hall. Sandy Stevens, president Denmark Hall. The Women ' s Council is a group of women whose duty it is to enforce Anderson College rules and regulations on women students. This years council consisted of the usual 18 members, one of these being Sue Hawkins as girls day student representative. The Chair- man of the 1966-67 Women ' s Council was Frances Ellis with Cheryl Simpson as vice-chairman. Sandy Stevens served as president of Denmark Hall while Betty Gleaton served as president of Pratt Hall. P •♦: ' . m m j m MEN ' S COUNCIL SEATED: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Corky Huey, Bob Powell, Bennett Brown, Neal Rose, Rick Braswell, Gary Ward, Hugh Harbort, Ed Matheny. STANDING: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Billy Adair, Thomas Phillips, Jerry Abies. Rick Braswell, president of North Dorm. Neal Rose, president of South Dorm. The Men ' s Council is a group of men students whose duty is to enforce col- lege rules for men students. This duty includes inspection of rooms, giving pen- alties for violation of college rules, and keeping general order in the dormi- tories. This year ' s Men ' s Council officers were Thomas Phillips, chairman; Billy Adair, vice-chairman; Jerry Abies, sec- retary; Neal Rose, president of South Dorm; and Rick Braswell, president of North Dorm. This year, as in years past, the council had to face the prob- lem of false fire alarms (three first se- mester) and the explosion of " cherry bombs " in North Dorm. LEADERSHIP FORUM C. E. Butler, advisor to the Forum. A typical meeting as Dean Butler plans with leaders of campus clubs and organizations. STANDING (LEFT TO RIGHT) Danny Collins, Thomas Phillips, George Haltiwanger, Lane Moore, Bob Powell, Rick Laughridge, Bruce Dantzler, Bennett Brown, Jerry Abies, Joe Bishop, Johnny Abercrombie, John Thruston, Billy Mew. SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT) PAM McClain, Vivian Campbell, Elizabeth Woods, Donna Jones, Janis McCoy, Frances Ellis, Bet- ty Gleaton, Bill Boyce. COLUMNS Lawrence Webb, advisor. Bruce Dantzler, sports editor. John Thruston, editor. Ken Hare, associate editor. David Burton (LEFT) and Frances Ellis, business managers Joe Pye (LEFT) and Vivian Campbell, editorial assistants Dexter Hawkins (LEFT); Mike Corbin (RIGHT); Bill Payne (SEATED), editorial assistants. 153 Clyde Belcher, editor YODLER The YODLER is the campus newspaper, and like all newspapers, its principle task is to print news. But it is not necessarily campus news. For instance, the Baptist Convention in Greenville received good coverage. So did the BSU convention in Charleston. National news, such as the present trends concerning draft laws, was also played up. The foreign students on campus were greeted by their pictures and life history on the pages of the YOD- LER. Faculty members and students often found them- selves in the YODLER spotlight. The Letterman, Governor Robert McNair, Mrs. Olin D. Johnston, and the Vice-President of Liberia, Dr. Wil- liam Tolbert, all found their way into the lead stories of the YODLER. m Lawrence Webb, adviser Bob Powell, associate editor (left) and James Jefferson, sports editor. Danny Collins and Ken Hare are editorial assistants on the Yodler. David Burton is the business manager and Frances Ellis his assistant. The spring reporting class for the Yodler (LEFT TO RIGHT): Mary Spigener, Stanley Powell, Tommy Thomason, Ronnie Gambrell, Mel Ellison, and Eddie Beav- er. (SEATED): are Kathy Morrell and Dave Cantanzaro. Doug LaMance is staff photographer. 155 IVY LEAVES The Ivy Leaves is the semi-annual literary publication by Anderson College students. The 1966-67 magazine had as its editor D. Byron Collins. The fall edition, with a cover of gray and red, contained 19 articles by such student writers as C. Walter Belcher, Len Farmer, Connie Mahaffey, and Hank Roberts. Others members of the editing staff included Tinka White, associate editor; Kath- leen Inabinet, art editor; and Connie Mahaffey, business managers. .■. .-. ■ ' :■.:. . - :■.:.. D. Byron Collins, editor and Marietta McCown, advisor. Tinka White, associate editor. 156 A „ . ' . ' ., , ¥ ' • Kathleen Inabinet, art editor. Connie Mahaffey, business manager. 157 CIRCLE K wli. O Ck % SEATED: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Lewis Stewart, Willie Terry, Danny Edgar, R. Broadus Parker-advisor; Denny Hartzog, Franklin Masters. STANDING: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Neal Rose, Billy Mew, Lane Moore, Claude Bond, Corky Huey, Joe Pye, Charlie Lawson, and George Haltiwanger. The Circle K is the collegiate arm of Kiwanis International. Membership in the campus service organization con- sists of both freshmen and sophomores. The members may be respected leaders of other campus organizations. A regular duty of the organization is the raising and lowering of the American flag. Members helped serve pancakes at the Kiwanis Pancake Jamboree. Bruce Dan- tzler, president of Circle K, attended, in the summer, the Circle K Internation- al Convention in Dallas, Texas. Circle K Officers: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Bruce Dantzler, president; Dick Sloan, vice president; Billy Felkel, treasurer; Thomas Phillips, secretary. Circle K Sweetheart, Miss Sue Hawkins Bruce Dantzler, president of An- derson College ' s Circle K, atten- ded the Circle K international Convention in Dallas, Texas, last summer. In this picture he is seen in a committee meeting (seated, second from left). A Circle K meeting in the College Music Building. CHOIR The Anderson College Choir, under the direction of William M. Bridges, ended this year with its annual tour lasting one week. Other choir activities included the presentation of " Amahl and the Night Visitors " . Several of the choir played major roles in the classic Christmas opera. Members of the Anderson Lions Club heard the choir do, music from the hit musical " The Sound of Music. " The choir also sang frequently in chapel. Choir president, Darrell Wall. H w I5i 4 .X t f FIRST ROW: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Mary Spigener, Linda Woodson, Tommie Ann Johnson, Brenda Satterfield, Julie Carter, Nettie Sue Williams, Gail Saxon, Jenny Keels, Genie Webb. SECOND ROW: Susan Bishop, Jeannie Bates, Nancy Steele, Ruth Dantz- ler, Ann Powell, Curran League, Jane Terry, Johnie Bolt, Pat Grain- ger, Rita Shirley, Scotti Westerman. THIRD ROW: Anita Coggin, Avery Poplin, Dale Johnson, Betsy Cox, Martha Ann Taylor, Jean Hayes, Nancy Hayes, Martha Brissey, Beth Hart, Donna Albert- son, Diane Looney, Carol Ulmer. FOURTH ROW: Iris Rampey, Lemyra Tyler, Flo Holland, Deborah Gibson, Nancy Rogers, Jane Trammell, Barbara Merck, Carolyn Kelley, Louise Porter, Gail Jones, Eleanor Swindler, FIFTH ROW: Denny Hartzog, Danny Vincent, Julian Smith, Ed Matheny, John Dellinger, Steve Scronce, Jimmy Sutherland, Lane Moore, Jerry Abies, Darrell Wall. BACK ROW: George Haltiwanger, Landis Evans, Jim Stansell, Hugh Hopper, Jim Taylor, Don Ramey, Eddie Quattlebaum, Tony Beauford, Bruce Creamer, Rick Laughridge, Charles D. Jones, Joe Mac Bishop. The choir sitting in their usual place on stage during chapel services. William Bridges, music director, talks to Jenny Keels and Denny Hartzog, choir members. The new music building addition just be- fore the finishing touches were added. 161 MUSIC STUDY CLUB SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Jean Hayes, Elizabeth Pennington, Sharon Shirley, Gail Jones, Gail Saxon, Carolyn Kelley, Genie Webb. STANDING: William Bridges (advisor), Jimmy Taylor, Denny Hartzog, Nancy Rogers, Curran League, Betsy Cox, Mrs. Mary Barr Sullivan (advisor), George Haltiwanger, Ed Matheny. Many students who are interested in music become members of Anderson College ' s Music Study Club. All music majors are required membership in the organization. The club stresses public performance which is the reason music students are assigned parts for each of the club meetings. Officers of the 1966-67Music Study Club were Lane Moore, president; Danny Edgar, vice president; and Ruth Dantzler, secretary. OFFICERS (LEFT TO RIGHT): Lane Moore, president; Ruth Dantzler, secretary; Danny Edgar, vice president. PHI THETA KAPPA Beta Pi is the Anderson College chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. Membership in the Greek letter national hon- orary society for junior colleges is limited to liberal arts students with a 2.2 academic average. » Members of the society this year heard talks by three Anderson College faculty members. Lawrence Webb, professor of journalism and Bible, spoke on the influence of news media on public opinion; Dr. Eugene Mandrell, professor of psychology, spoke on the work of the Family Counseling Center; and Everett Vivian, professor of Bible and speech, spoke on his visit to the Holy Land, with particular interest on the divided city of Jerusalem Officers in the 1966-67 Phi Theta Kappa were Thomas Phillips, president; Frances Ellis, vice president; and Sue Hawkins, secretary-treasurer. OFFICERS, (LEFT TO RIGHT): Thomas Phillips, president; Frances Ellis, vice-president; and Sue Hawkins, secretary- treasurer. FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Sue Hawkins, Betty Ann Casey, Barbara Merck, Janice DeVore, Mary Jane Shirley. SECOND ROW: Kathy Morrell, Jane Terry, Cathy Rogers, Billy Adair, Thomas Phil- lips, Neal Rose. THIRD ROW: Sandra Tucker, Linda Lusk, Frances Ellis, David Poore, David Harrison, Rick Laughridge. 163 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Mike Buchanan, Ken Nix, Ron- nie Yates, Tim Stafford, Hal Bennett, Drake Jordan, Tony Stone, John Mikopoulos. SECOND ROW: Charleen Downey, Barbara Eaton, Jean McDonald, Carolyn Poole, Betty Gleaton, Sandi Dossey, Iris Rampey, Betsy Cox, Jane Trammell, Cheryl Bailes. THIRD ROW: Coach May Grubbs, Mrs. Annie Tribble, Suzanne ' 1 i ' 164 Kowalski, George Watson, Haskell Howard, William Gunnels, Johnny Abercrombie, Monk Smith, James Buchanan, Rick Bras- well, Buddy Hooper, Sammy Saxon, Buddy Fant, Dick Kay, James Boleman, Leonard Campbell, Linda Miller, Sandi Clamp, Nancy Davidson, Jerrie Owings, Connie Dale Hair, Coach Jim Hill. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Orr, Brenda Morgan, Charles Jones, Scottie Cisson, Ken Kirkland, Frank Hill, Mark Patterson, Charles Hayes, Allan Pregnall, Bill Wall, Chris Crowell, Mike Meeks, Robert Norton, Gary Ward, Danny Atkins, Tony Beauford, Tracy Carter, Nancy Steele, Brenda Satterfield, Grace Bullman, Annette Collins, Carol. Membership in the Anderson College Athletic As- sociation is composed of those people who are directly involved in the athletic program — varsity and intramural — at Anderson College. These people are usually baseball players, basketball players, cindermen, and cheerleaders. The purpose of the group is to develop skill in sports which will lead to intelligent and constructive use of leisure time, to promote standards of sportsmanship and to translate health facts into health practices which will function in each individul program. The president of the 1966-67 Athletic Association was Johnny Abercrombie. Johnny Abercrombie, president of the Athletic Association. OMICRON IOTA KAPPA Omicron Iota Kappa is a society for girls plan- ning to major in home economics and is restricted to those girls taking home economics courses at Anderson College. Activities of the Anderson College chapter of Omicron Iota Kappa included a fashion show in the spring, two separate teas — one for high school students and one for the Anderson College faculty. The group also spon- sored a dutch supper. Officers of the 1966-67 Omicron Iota Kappa were Janis McCoy, presi- dent; Nancy Davidson, vice president; Barbara Eaton, secretary; Linda Frank, Treasurer; Jean- nette Davis, recorder. OFFICERS: (SEATED): Janis McCoy, president; Nancy Davidson, vice president. STANDING: Linda Frank, treasurer; Barbara Eaton, secretary; Jeannette Davis, recorder. SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Nancy Davidson, Margaret Orr ; Mrs. David Martin, advisor; Laura Cooper; Ninita Elmore; Mary Moore; Joan Bannister. STANDING (LEFT TO RIGHT): Mary Lou Baynes, Marlene Busch, Linda Lee Frank, Harriet Gillam. Elizabeth Woods, Barbara Eaton, 165 SKETCH CLUB The Sketch Club is a group of Ander- son College students whose purpose, says club president Rick Laughridge, is " to see more art. " Membership in the club is open to anyone interested in art. Activities of the Sketch Club included two trips to art exhibitions, one at Ers- kine College and the other at Clemson University. Members of the art club painted scenery for " Amahl and the Night Visitors, " Christmas opera. OFFICERS: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Bill Rogers, vice-president; Kathleen Inabinet, secre- tary; Rick Laughrjdge, president. SEATED: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Cassandra Watkins, Anita Coggin, Kathleen Inabinet, Rick Laughridge. STANDING: Mrs. Blanche Holcombe, Tony Sullivan, Scarlett Phillips, Bill Rogers. 166 (LEFT TO RIGHT): Everett H. Vivian (Debate Team Coach), Rick Braswell, Jeanne Martin, Larry Worley, and Tony Beauford. Rick Braswell, a member of the Debate Team, prepares for a debate. DEBATE TEAM According to the Debate Team Coach Everett H. Vivian, the Anderson College Debate Team had a good vear. The team debated in tournaments at colleges and universities such as Mercer, USC, and the University of Georgia. The AC team won over schools such as West Point and Wake Forest. The team debated several large schools including Emorv Universitv, University of Ala- bama, William and Marv, and Carson-Newman. 167 YOUNG DEMOCRATS SEATED: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Lawrence Webb, advisor; Scarlet Phil- lips, Carolyn Poole, Elizabeth Woods, Jenny Keels. STANDING: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Robert Stephens, Ken Hare, Audrey Thacker, Charles D. Jones, Len Farmer, Diane Jackson, Franklin Masters, Doug La Mance. The Young Democrats of Anderson College believe in active participation. This is the first year the club has been organized on this campus. After the initial organization meeting in early Octo- ber, the schedule remained full for the year. In mid- October Jack Mcintosh, Anderson County Democratic Committee chairman, spoke to the group on Democratic Party principles. The group later helped at campaign ral- lies of candidates Bradley Morrah and William Jennings Bryan Dorn. November found the members working at Democratic headquarters or handing out Party litera- ture. Post-election acitivities started with a victory ban- quet at the El Dorado Restaurant. Plans for spring in- cluded work on a formal statement of recommendations for electoral procedure changes for the state constitution. The Young Democrats worked closely with the county Democratic committee on this. (LEFT TO RIGHT) Franklin Masters, vice-president; Elizabeth Woods, president; Jenny Keels, secretary-treasurer. 16B YOUNG REPUBLICANS SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Sandra Hyatt, Margaret Sosebee, Linda Mayse, Mary Moore, Nancy Forrest. STANDING: Danny Edgar, Susan Morrow, Martha Price, Evelyn Cox, Phyllis Roberts, Kathy Thomas, Martha Richey, Lynn Campbell, Bill Boyce. With the coming of mid-term elections several col- legiate political parties were organized on the Anderson College campus. One of these collegiate organizations was the Young Republicans. The group was organized by its president, Bill Bovce. Activities of the Young Repub- licans included passing out political handbills and poll watching. Members of the group attended two rallies, one in Spartanburg for upper state republicans and the other for Anderson County residents. The group is now in the process of writing a constitution. Officers of the group are Bill Bovce, president; Lynn Campbell, vice president; Linda Mayse, secretary-treasurer; and Susan Morrow, correspondence secretary. Bill Boyce, President; Lynn Campbell, Vice-President; Linda Mayse, Secretary; Susan Morrow, Treasurer. BETA PHI GAMMA (LEFT TO RIGHT) Clyde Belcher, Lawrence Webb, advisor; Ken Hare, Bob Powell. Beta Phi Gamma is a national honorary journalism fraternity designed to encourage excellence in all journal- istic media. Students who desire to join the fraternity must have a " B " average in their journalism courses and an overall " C " average. This is the first year Beta Phi Gamma has been ac- tive, since it was organized the previous summer. Bob Powell is the president and Lawrence Webb is both the advisor and a member. Bob Powell, president of Beta Phi Gamma. 170 ALPHA PI EPSILON Like the liberal arts students the girls taking the two year Secretarial Science program also have their honor society. Membership in Alpha Pi Epsilon is based on a B average in all courses taken. Officers in the society this year were Pam McClain, president; Vicki Vernon, secretary-treasurer; and Connie Mahaffey, program chairman. COMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club is an organization for girls majoring in Secretarial Science. This year ' s program chairman, Joan Raminger, presented programs on the dress of a secretary, office care, and telephone ettiquette for a secretary. Officers in this years Commercial Club were Donna Jones, president; Sandra Hyatt, vice-presi- dent; Mary Irick, secretary; and Cheryl Bailes, treasurer. ALPHA PI EPSILON MEMBERS, SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Elizabeth Coker, Connie Mahaffey. STANDING: Pam McClain, Linda Mayse. COMMERCIAL CLUB, SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Jenall Porter, Lana Beckman, Mary Irick, Donna Jones, Joan Ramminger, Cheryl Bailes, Carol Brown. STANDING (LEFT TO RIGHT): Gail Clark, Brenda Banks, Mary Potts, Wanda Hellams, Sandy Bair, Teresa Mills. 171 CAMPUS RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS PP j f 0 gt ' . 40 " BSU FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Lay, Simmons, Brazeal, Blakely, Campbell, Clark, Wheeler, Gillam, Moore, Hodge, Brissey, SECOND ROW: Mauldin, Hightower, Hellams, Grant, Sutton, Roberts, La- Mance. THIRD ROW: Jolly, Saxon, Bates, Bishop, Mayse, Weisner, McClain, Moore, Whitworth, Becknell, Knight, Willis, Williams, Satterfield. FOURTH ROW: Moore, Matheny, Bair, Johnson, OFFICERS, (LEFT TO RIGHT): Billy Mew, president; Charles D. Jones, vice president; Margaret Johnson, secretary; Ann Knight, stewardship chairman. Several BSU members prepare to leave for the state BSU Con- vention at Charleston. 174 Bolding, Talbert, Brucke, Dossey, Campbell. FIFTH ROW: Morrow, Laughridge, Kaiser, Inabinet, Jernigan, Lawson, Bagwell, Adams, Abies, Haltiwanger, Poplin, Busbee, Nichols, Jones, Gleaton, Bentley, Hiers, Lewis, Rice, Stephens, Mew, Jones, Braswell, Johnson, Miss Hancock, advisor. The Baptist Student Union is an organization for Baptist students who wish to participate in a local Bap- tist church or a campus BSU unit. The BSU has the largest voluntary membership on the Anderson College campus. The 220 member organization serves as the lead organization for three campus unit organizations; the YWA, the Ministerial Association, and Church Related Vocations. Activities of the church group this year in- cluded the State BSU convention in Charleston, caroling at Christmas, numerous refreshment parties, and a " fool- ish social " at the beginning of the year. Speakers this year included Martha Barnett (state BSU worker), Bill Amos of the Foreign Mission Board, and Zella Woody of the state YWA office. toZ Members of the BSU caroling at Christmas The BSU " Foolish Social " . Dr. Robert E. Burks, faculty advisor for the BSU, talks with several members. CHURCH RELATED VOCATIONS SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Louise Hodge, Avery Poplin, Gayle Jones, Nancy Simmons, Gwen Weisner. STANDING: Charles Jones, Margaret Sosebee, Phyllis Roberts, Shirley Brazeal, Cur- ran League, Betty Gleaton, George Haltiwanger, Ed Matheny. OFFICERS: FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Avery Poplin, secretary-treasurer; Betty Gleaton, president. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Roberts, BSU representative; Fred C. Metts, advisor; Nancy Simmons, publicity chairman. Church Related Vocations is a group of Anderson College students who are interested in doing full time church work. This full time church work includes min- ister of music, minister of education and church secre- tary. Officers of this year ' s group were Betty Gleaton, president; Jean Hayes, vice president; Avery Poplin, secre- tary-treasurer; Nancy Simmons, publicity chairman; Phyllis Roberts, BSU representative. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION George Hough, a member of the Ministerial Assocation, speaks to the group at one of their meetings. Larry Phillips, president, first semester. Clarence Estes, president, second semester. The Ministerial Association is a group of Anderson College men students who plan to study for the Baptist ministry. At this writing the group was in the process of writing a new constitution. One reason for rewriting of the association ' s con- stitution was the manner for elec- ting its president. This office is filled at the beginning of each se- mester. Larry Phillips was president first semester while Clarence Estes finished the year as president. FRONT ROW: Clarence Estes, Billy Mew, Steve Bradley, Ted Gaines. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Crittendon, Tim Williams, Billy Traynham, Walter Wood. THIRD ROW: Don Fricks, Mr. Moore (Advisor), Rick Braswell, Tony Beauford. 177 YWA FIRST ROW: Susan Morrow, Shirley Brazeal, Harriet Gillam, Marie Blakely, Brenda Satterfield, Mot Brissey, Gwen Weisner, Sandi Dossey, Avery Poplin. SECOND ROW: Sandra Mauldin, Linda Hightower, Jeannie Bates, Margaret Johnson, Harriet Johnson, Pam McClain, Linda Mayse, Lana Becknell, Nancy Nichols, Con- nie Mahaffey. THIRD ROW: Annie Kaiser, Sandy Bair, Joyce Jolly, Mary Moore, Mary Bolding, Brenda Miller, Brenda Adams, Anita Thomas, Gail Saxon. FOURTH ROW: Betsy Cox, Kathy Bagwell, Susan Jernigan, Hilda Brucke, Doris Jones, Martha Price, Marilyn Moore. FIFTH ROW: Vivian Campbell, Miss Dora HancocK (Advisor), Ann Knight. The Young Woman ' s Auxiliary is a branch of the Baptist Student Union. The YWA is a mission-minded organization which studies both home and foreign mis- sions. This mission mindedness was brought to light when the YWA collected food and clothing for a needy family at Christmas and Thanksgiving. The Anderson College YWA, named for missionary Ann Hasseltine, raised money for the Annie Armstrong and Lottie Moon offerings. As a service to Anderson Col- lege boarding women, the YWA placed, at the beginning of the year, pin cushions and calendars in each girl ' s room. Y.W.A. Officers Vivian Campbell Marie Blakely Pam McClain President. .Vice-President. Secretary. WESLEY FELLOWSHIP The Wesley Fellowship is a collegiate religious or- ganization. All Methodists students on the Anderson Col- lege campus are automatically members of the religious organization. Officers for the 1966-67 Wesley Fellowship were Joe Pye, president; Elizabeth Woods, vice-president and Jenny Keels, secretary. A major project of the group was the study of religions other than Methodism. Several of the members also attended the Methodist Stu- dent Movement Conference. Joe Pye, President; Jenny Keels, Secretary; not pictured: Elizabeth Woods, vice-president. SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Elizabeth Woods, Margaret Hornsby, Jenny Keels, Nettie Sue Williams. STANDING: Lane Moore, Mary Mitchell, Mrs. Henry Sullivan, advisor; Mary Lou Bayne, Joe Pye. 179 WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Robert McKenzie, Mary Hamilton, Hank Roberts, Laura Cooper. STANDING: Mrs. Z. W. Meeks (ad- visor), Sharon Shirley, Bennett Brown, Nikki Ground, Gail Sanford. The Westminister Fellowship is the Presbyterian youth group found on most college campuses. The moderator for the Anderson College chapter was Bennett Brown. Among the Group ' s activities this year was a film on narcotics seen in the home of Rev. James T. Richardson (former associate minister of Central Presbyterian Church). The combined membership of Westminister Fellowship and Wesley Fellowship (Method- ists) saw earlier in the year films of the Holy Land visit made by Prof. Everett H. Vivian. OFFICERS (LEFTTO RIGHT): Sharon Shirley, stated clerk-treasurer; Ben- nett Brown, moderator; Mary Hamilton, corresponding secretary; Tim Stafford, vice-moderator. 180 LUTHERAN STUDENTS (LEFT TO RIGHT): Paul Calvo, Barbara Eaton, Charleen Downey, Olin Cribbe, Marlene Busch. A new religious organization, was added to the many on the Anderson College campus, (the Lutheran Student Association,) The purpose of the group this year was to build a large enough group to become rec- ognized as a student religious group. The president of the Lutheran Student Association was Barbara Eaton. Barbara Eaton, president of the Lutheran Student Association 181 FRESHMAN DIRECTORY Adams, Brenda Carol, 4000 Edwards Rd., Taylors Adams, Donnie Earl, Route 5, Seneca Adams, William Russell, Route 1, Starr Addis, Clara Elizabeth, Route 2, Powell Rd., Anderson Albea, Mary Jane, Box 4698, Clemson Albertson, Donna Jean, Route 7, Elberton, Georgia Alexander, Arthur Frank, 522 Creswell Avenue, Anderson Alexander, Carolyn Joyce, Route 4, Greenville Alexander, Claude Neal, Jr. 207 N. Pine St., Walhalla Allred, Susan Carla, 112 East Ida Ave., Opp, Alabama Anderson, Michael Gene, Route 1, Loris Anderson, William Kenneth, 201 Blair Mill Rd., Belton Arnold, Gail Elaine, 107 Irby St., Laurens Ashley, Debbie Gail, Route 1, Honea Path Ashley, George Dale, Route 2, Honea Path Autry, James Alton, Jr., Route 2, Belton Bagwell, Jerry R. Route 1, Liberty Bagwell, Kathryn Ann, 12 Dendy St., West Pelzer Bailes, Cheryl Elaine, 817 West Main, Laurens Bair, Sandra Elaine, Box 87, Elloree Banks, Brenda Gale, 134 Waddell Rd., Greenville Bannister, Barbara Joan, Route 2, Taylors Barnette, Charles Dale, Route 3, Anderson Baughman, Lindsey Ray, Route 1, Abbeville Bayne, Mary Lou, 2616 Lane Ave., Anderson Beacham, Bryan Wertz, 204 Blue Ridge Dr., Clemson Beasley, Maxine Elizabeth, 811 Wilson, Anderson Becknell, Lana Dale, Route 2, Seneca Bell, Gloria Lee, 434 Marion St., Calhoun Falls Benjamin, Frances Susan, 104 Lee St., Abbeville Bennett, Harold Irver, Jr. Box 325, Hardeeville Bennett, William Richard, Route 4, Piedmont Bentley, William Cleveland, Route 1, Box 87, Lincolnton, Ga. Bishop, Hubert Eugene, Jr. 909 South Fifth St., Easley Bishop, Joseph McCurry, Route 2, Pendleton Bishop, Sandra Loretta, Route 3, Taylors Bishop, Susan Frances, Route 2, Pendleton Blair, Claud Michael, 1108 West End ave., Anderson P ' °dsoe, Susan Arlene, Box 221, Duncan Boleman, James Max, Route 1, Townville Bolen, Mary Ruth, Route 3, Greenville Bost, John Earl, 502 Morris St., Greenville Bowen, James Leslie, Route 1, Williamston Boyce, William Gerald, Jr. Coker Avenue, Charleston Brannon, Thomas Dale, Bailey Court, Anderson Bridges, John Steve, Box 22, Sandy Springs Brigman, Sarah Louise, Barnes Springs, Columbia Brown, Benny Pierce, Box 354, Starr Brown, Carol Anne, 2312 Whitehall Ave., Anderson Brown, Carolyn Ann, Route 2, Box 61, Laurens Brucke, Hilda Enestine, Route 1, Seneca Bryant, Larry Thomas, 124 McClure Dr., Anderson Bullman, Grace Juliette, Route 1, Roebuck Burris, Ann, Route 2, Box 137, Anderson Burris, Dan Kirk, Concord Ave., Anderson Burris, Robert Marcus, 505 Jeb Stuart, Anderson Byrum, Samuel LeRoy, 201 E. Street, Anderson Callaway, Kathryn Gail, 336 East Shockley Ferry Rd., Calvo, Paul Alexander, 4524 Landgrave, Columbia Campbell, Barbara Ashley, 7-A Louisiana, Honea Path Campbell, Lawrence Cleon, Route 1, Abbeville Campbell, Rebecca Lynn, Eastmont, Columbia Carroll, Mary Leila, 507 Brook St., Abbeville Chambers, Charles Donald, 9 Alexander St., Liberty Champion, Shelley Steele, 1705 Antigua, Orlando, Florida Chandler, Madeline Scott, 4203 Woodleigh, Columbia Clamp, Sandra Jane, Box 864, South Miami, Florida Clark, Leslie Stribbling, 4015 Beverly Dr., Columbia Clarke, Teresa Angela, 713 Whitehall Road, Anderson Clarkson, Alfred Taylor, 4509 Winthrop Ave., Columbia Clinkscales, Horace Dean, 405 Sims, Anderson Cobb, Gwendolyn, 26 Dairy St., Ware Shoals Coleman, Margaret Ann, Route 5, Saluda Collins.Annette, Route 1, Roebuck Cooper, George Franklin, 375 North Oliver, Elberton, Ga. Cooper, Laura Laney, 423 Farley, Laurens Corbin, Michael Ray, 5 State Park Road, Greenville Cothran, Iris Faye, Box 96, Starr Couch, Janice Dianne, 205 Brook Forest Dr., Anderson Cox, Betsey Lucille, 302 River St., Belton Cox, Evelyn Rosemary, Route 2, Westminster Creamer, Joseph Bruce, Route 4, Taylors Crenshaw, David Lee, Box 157, Pendleton Crenshaw, Paulla Bolt (Mrs.), 702 Concord Ave., Anderson Cribbe, Walter Olin, 400 Kingsley Road, Anderson Crowell, Chris Oliver, 1487 Columbia Rd., Orangeburg Daniels, Thomas Kent, Thomas Street, Lake City Davidson, Nancy Dianne, Route 4, Easley Davis, Teresa L. 706 E. Market St., Anderson Day, James Lawrence, 815 Dunborton Dr., North Augusta Dean, Jerry Parker, 516 Shockley Ferry Rd., Anderson Dickson, William Mack, 317 Walhalla, Westminster Dixion, Ann, Route 7, Box 454, Anderson Donahue, Gerald Eugene, 6432 Oakfield Rd., Columbia Dorsey, Jerry Kenton, Route 4, Seneca Dorsey, Robert Wayne, Route 4, Seneca Dugan, William Otis, 104 South William St., Goldsboro N.C. Dunn, Amos Lewis, 1716 West Market, Anderson Dunn, Wayne Stephen, Prevost Street, Anderson Durham, Derrell Travis, Route 1, Pendleton Earle, Alice W. (Mrs.), Apt. 11-4, Bailey Court, Anderson Elgin, Steven Ansel, 103 Lafayette, Anderson Ellis, Fred Dorman, 1110 Rail Road, Anderson Ellis, Nathaniel Taylor, 134 Duncan Chapel Rd., Greenville Ellison, Clarence Melvin, 910 Arbutus, Columbia Ellison, James Milford, 59 Lewis Street, Anderson Ellison, Judy Ann, 103 Academy, Williamston Ellison, Paul Carey, 115 Haynie Parkway, Belton Ellzey, Betsy Marie, 308 Moultrie Sq., Anderson Estes, Mary Suzanne, 23 Hindman Dr., Greenville Evans, Landis Kelley, 918 West Whitner St., Anderson Evans, Teresa Erlene, 2322 South McDuffie St., Anderson Fant, Andrew Preston, 201 Parkway Dr., Easley Farmer, Leonard Ray, 110 Calhoun, Abbeville Field, James Perry, South Fourth St., Seneca Finch, James Simpson, 1004-B Ella, Anderson Fleming, Mollie Elinda, 246 Sanders, Darlington Ford, David Richie, Ft. Rutledge Road, Clemson Forrest, Nancy Ann, 202 Rockmont Rd., Greenville Foster, Selma Eugenia, 208 Whitehall Rd., Anderson Fowler, James Moore, Boulevard Heights, Anderson Fowler, Mary Jo, Route 1, Liberty Fowler, Patricia Ann. 2515 Jackson Sq., Anderson Frady, Wayne Parks, 406 South College, Walhalla Frank, Linda Lee, Box 43 A, Laurel, Maryland Fricks, Donald Dean, 13 Tasha Drive, West Pelzer Fussell, Larry Willard, North Church St., Walhalla Gaffney, Kathryn Monroe, 1602 North Boulevard, Anderson Gambrell, Olin Eric, III, 514 Sherwood Ave., Honea Path Garrick, Fulton Eugene, Route 1, Townville Gibson, Deborah Anne, 12 Davis Street, La France Goss, James Francis, Jr. Route 2, Box 132, Gray Court Grant, Monetta Elizabeth, Route 2, Box 81, Hopkins Graves, Charlotte, 31 Heard Dr., Greenville Green, Lloyd Samuel, Jr. Box 25, Mauldin Ground, Nikki Renee, 206 Virginia Circle, Anderson Grubbs, Perry Walker, Route 1, Laurens Gwynn, Andrew Keen, Route 1, Townville Hair, Connie Dale, 2703 Main St., Barnwell Hampton, James Michael, Box 281, Easley Hanks, Richard Carl, 3108 South Main, Anderson Hanks, Robert Lee, 3013 South Main, Anderson Hanks, Wade Hampton, Belview, Anderson Hardee, Imogene, 1782 Hungington Dr., Charleston Harden, Frances Nedrah, Route 1, Walhalla Hawkins, Dexter Major, Route 5, Anderson Hawkins, Troy Edward. Route 2, Seneca Hayes, Charles Wayne, Route 3, Iva Hayes, Nancy Jane, 104 Stone Lake Dr., Greenville Hayes, Ruby Jean, Route 1, Box 241, Liberty Hellams, Mary Wanda, Route 1, Gray Court Hembree, Donald Ray. 113 Overbrook, Greenville Hendley, James Arington, 2 Monaghan Ave., Greenville Hendricks, Charles Wayne, Route 3, Box 115, Belton Herron, Cranford Edward, 306 Hedge Street, Central Hiers, Bessie Marie. Varnville Hightower, Jane Abrams, East Campus Apts, APT.47-L, Clemson Hightower, Linda Faye, Box 94, Davis, North Carolina Hill, Nancy LaVerne, Route 1, Piedmont Hiott, Dennis Adger, 110 Montis Dr., Greenville Hitt, Michael Alvin, Liberty Hodge, Glenda Louise, 238 North Purdy, Sumter Hodges, James Winston, 77 South Greenwood, Ware Shoals Holland, Benny Lee, 208 Thackston St., Fountain Inn Holland, Florence Theresa, Route 2, Batesburg Holland, James William, 208 Thackston St., Fountain Inn Holt, Michael Porter, 11 Dairy St., Ware Shoals Hooper, William Earl, Highway 20, Piedmont Hopper, Fitz Hugh, 321 Clinkscales St., Belton Hornsby, Margaret Howie, Route 2, Laurens Horton, Linda Diane, 305 Shand, Clinton Howard, Haskell Mervin, 38 Sir Abbott, Greenville Howie, Mary Elizabeth, 2125 Wappoo Dr., Charleston Hudson, Robert Stanton, 305 Jeb Stuart, Anderson Hughes, Jackie Ronald, 209 Ashley Ave., Anderson Hughes, Jimmie Donald, 209 Ashley Ave., Anderson Hughey, Carol Ann, 112 Spring Valley Dr., Spartanburg Hunt, Alfred Charles, Route 1, Townville Hunter, Robert Franklin, 119 Bowie St., Abbeville Hutchinson, Alvin Eugene, Route 1, Starr Hyatt, Sandra Gayle, Star Route, Sunset Irick, Gayle Adeline, Box 37, Elloree Jackson, Betty Dianne Boxl027, Anderson Jackson, Judy Elaine, 11 Oak St., Williamston Jackson, Susan Kay, 116 White Oak Park, Sumter Jameson, Elizabeth Diane, 304 South First St., Easley Johnson, Cora Helen 1403 High St., Anderson Johnson, Frances Dale, Route 7, Elberton, Georgia Johnson, Harriett Kay, Route 3, Box 174-F, Sumter Johnson, Tommie Anne, McAllister St., Lake City Johnstone, William Sinclair, 235 Cureton, Greenville Jolly, Joyce Carol, Route 5, Gaffney Jones, Charles Duncan, 303 Farr ' s Bridge Rd., Greenville Jones, James Wilson, 1905 Edgewood Ave., Anderson Jones, Joyce Gail, 104 Howell St., Greer Jones, Ronald Wayne, Route 5, Seneca Jordan, Morris Drake, 61 South Estate Dr., Greenville Kaiser, Annie K., Route 1, Columbia Keel, Frank Theo, 4006 Liberty Highway, Anderson Kellett, Douglas Frank, Route 3, Simpsonville Kilgore, Larry Benjamin, 604-A Sherard, Anderson Kinard, Kenneth Arrington, 1712 Graeme, Columbia King, Stan Lyneer, 503 Woodland Way, Anderson LaMance, Douglas Carl, Box 192, Six Mile Land, Pamela Jane, 130 Ellison, Belton Lawson, Jean Elizabeth, 212 F North Church St., Union League, Curran Elizabeth, 111 Hawthorne Lane, Greenville Lewis, Charles Gary, 408 Lilac St., Anderson Mackey, Rita Ann, 3 Sirrine, Anderson Mackie, Patricia Ann, 2034 Ernest St., Jacksonville, Fla. Major, Nancy Anne, 112 East Avondale Dr., Greenville Marse, Sandra Leigh, 609 Shands, Clinton Martin, Jeanne Marie, 505 Temple St., Conway Mathis, John Hughey, 603 Lake Ave., North Augsta Mattison, Fred Woodrow, Jr. Route 1, Ware Shoals Mauldin, Sandra Dale, Route 2, Seneca Maxie, Lauren Carol, 6 Main St., Seneca Mayers, Joan, Route 2, Loris Mayfield, Antony Donald, 211 West Shockley Ferry, Anderson McCoy, Kenneth LaFayette, Jr. 1908 Sheldon Dr., Anderson McEachern, Lynda Kaye, Box 74, Elloree McGee, Gary Dale, Route 5, Anderson McKain, Mary Carolyn, Meridian Ave., Taylors McKenzie, Robert Moore, 226 Ashton Ave., Kingstree McKinley, Judith Ninita, Route 8, Box 312, Anderson Mead, Percy Orian, 8 Stocker, Charleston Melton, Charles Michael, Route 3, Laurens Miller, Brenda Antonia, Route 3, Batesburg Mills, Joan Teresa, 111 Henderson Lane, Laurens Mims, Louis Marion, 7 Don Drive, Greenville Mims, Phyllis Elaine, Route 3, Timmonsville Mitchell, Mary Ella, Box 1213, Sumter Mole, John Henry, 1702 Patterson, Barnwell Moore, Daniel Truett, Route 1, Laurens Moore, Florence Marilyn, 911 Fourth Ave., Kingstree Moore, Joyce Aileen, Route 2, Lynchburg Moore, Mary Louise, Route 1, Mountville Moore, Michael Kenneth, Route 1, Townville Moorhead, Danny Brooks, Route 2, Lavonia, Georgia Moorhead, William James, 2005 Millgate Rd., Anderson Morgan, Brenda Carroll, Route 1, Piedmont Morgan, Marsha Elizabeth, Box 506, Iva Mullinax, Frances Faye, 4738 Devereaux, Columbia Murdock, Marshall Howard, Route 5, Anderson Nalley, Michael J., Route 3, Honea Path Nance, Mack Lester, 407 Sims, Anderson Nelson, Carl David, 23 Sutton Place, Moorestown, N. J. Nelson, Linda Ruth, 82 Saluda St., Ninety Six Newall, William Capp, Jr., 130 Holly Ave., Clemson O ' Kelley, John Duane, Route 1, Seneca Orr, Margaret Louise, Route 4, Box 453, Easley Orr, Robert Wilson, 2203 West North Ave., Anderson Outz, John Marett, Route 2, Laurens Owings, Jerrie Lee, 503 Travis, Saluda Page, Benson L., 221V2 South Boulevard, Anderson Page, Linda Jo, 7817 Yorktown Dr., Alexandria, Va. Parler, James Avinger, 208 Elizabeth St., Walterboro Parson, Richard Lee, Route 2, Westminster Paschal, Christina Elyane, 3506 Gilmore, Jacksonville, Fla. Patterson, Mark Samuel, 310 Forest Lane, Belton Payne, William Henry, 21 West Farris Rd., Greenville Pennington, Mary Elizabeth, Box 56, Starr Phillips, Edward Richard, 314 Concord Ave., Anderson Phillips, James Abbott, Box 151, Converse Phillips, Scarlet Dale, Route 4, Box 410, Greenwood Pickens, Linda Sue, 2805 Barnard, Anderson Poole, Carolyn, Route 2, Greer Poplin, Avery Machrie, 1502 Brantley Rd., Kannapolis, North Carolina Porter, Genelle Frances, Route 1, Seneca Potts, Mary Alyce, 316 Clemson St., Laurens Powell, Ann Marie, 403 Timber Lane, Anderson Powell, Stanley Herman, Route 1, Calhoun Falls Pregnall, Allan Fuller, 1602 East Buchanan, Columbia Price, Martha Ann, Route 2, Westminster Pruitt, James Lynn, 613 South Pine, Seneca Pruitt, Mary Lee, Boulevard Heights, Anderson Quattlebaum, Edwin Rodgell, Jr. 1110 Sterling St., Sumter Ramey, Wayne Donald, Route 1, Westminster Rampey, Iris Elaine, Route 4, Piedmont Rankin, Gloria Pruitt, Route 2, Iva Rankin, Martha Jane, 403 Harden Road, Anderson Ray, John Thomas, 2901 Joe Wheeler Dr., Anderson Reames, Mary Anne, 799 Edisto, Orangeburg Richard, George Thomas, Box 81, Lincolnton, Georgia Riddle, Grover Fred, Route 4, Piedmont Roberts, Phyllis Cheryl, 701 Sunnifield Dr., Williston Robinson, Neldra Dawn, 301 Myrtle Ave., Belton Rogers, Mary Kathryn, Echo Trail, Anderson Rogers, Nancy Cleo, 217 Mauldin Road, Easley Rogers, Paul Marcus, Route 4, Seneca Sain, James Ray, 7 Vicki Circle, Greenville Sanford, Gail Elizabeth, 2707 LeConte Road, Anderson Sargent, James Donald, Route 3, Anderson Saxon, Teresa Gail, 6408 Goldbranch Rd., Columbia Scott, Dennis Leon, Box 10, Mimosa Trailer Park, Anderson Segars, Mamie Layton, Route 2, Hartsville Seymour, Susan Dyann, Route 4, Box 385, Anderson Sharpe, Robert Sebastian, Box 518, Seneca Shaw, Charlotte Anne Park Drive Ext., Iva Shaw, Judy Elaine, Box 276, Due West Shook, Charlene Mae, 26 Heard Dr., Greenville Short, Erma Sharon, 614 Bonham Court, Anderson Sims, Phillys Collquitt, 2013 Moultrie Sq., Anderson Smith, Alan Wesley, 517 Brook, Abbeville Smith, Julian Devoe, Box 157, Iva Smith, Patricia Dianne, Route 6, Box 138, Anderson Smith, Robert Gordon, 232B Pine Lane, Anderson Sokol, George Edward, Jr., Route 1, Starr Sorrells, Barbara Anne, North Fourth St., Seneca Sosebee, Margaret Elaine, Route 5, Box 438, Seneca Spires, Walter Price, 2205 Boulevard Heights, Anderson Stafford, Timothy Graham, Route 1, Rock Hill Staggs, Martha Christine, 608B North McDuffie, Anderson Stansell, Jimmie Lindsay, 507 Pearman Dairy Road, Anderson Stedman, Katherine Hope, 2910 Duncan, Columbia Stegall, Jane Pickens, Route 1, Pendleton Stephens, John Huskey, 550 West Main, Laurens Stephens, Robert Wood, 114 Wilson Drive, Brevard, N. C. Stone, Charles Foster, Box 56, Donalds Stone, Mary DeNan, Route 1, Owings Strawhorn, Douglas Barry, 49 Fairview Ave., Ware Shoals Strickland, James Ronald, 206 Brayles Ave., Belton Stuart, Charles Barry, 2306 Lane Ave., Anderson Sullivan, Frank Bailey, Springdale Road, Anderson Sullivan, Pamela Tillinghast, 2409 Edgewood, Anderson Sullivan, Robert Michael, 36 Harris St., Anderson Sutton, Anita Kay, 24 Crest St., Lyman Swindler, Eleanor Lou, Route 1, Box 568, Columbia Talbert, Patricia Diane, 6310 Brandt St., Charleston Taylor, Frankie Nell, 201 Rockwood Dr., Greenville Taylor, Margaret Elizabeth, Box 317, Westminster Taylor, Martha Ann, La France Thacker, Audrey Marie, 222 South Boulevard, Anderson Thomas, Katherine Winiferd, 204 Hairland Ave., Greenville Thomason, Judy Dianne, 701 North Weston, Fountain Inn Thomason, Melvin Erskine, Route 3, Laurens ' Thomason, Tommy Douglas, 909 Anderson Drive, Williamston Timms, David Phillip, 106 Hiawathia Dr., Belton Todd, Donna Lynn, Route 4, Loris Townsend, Ronny Parker, Route 5, Anderson Trammell, Emily Jane, Laurens Road, Clinton Traynham, Howard William, Jr., Route 1, Simponville Turner, William Ervin, 301 Rosemary, Greenville Vanadore, Richard Spearman, 212 Beaty Square, Anderson Vaught, Robert Ernie, Route 2, Loris Walker, Paul Livingston, Route 2, Ninety Six Wall, William Willson, 325 West Main, Moncks Corner Waters, Barry DeLane, 224 Foster St., Anderson Watkins, Cassandra Ann, 5186 Monterey, Charleston Watson, Caroline Elizabeth, 1603 College Ave., Anderson Watson, George Truman, Route 4, Easley Webb, Gloria Eugenia, Route 2, Belton Weisner, Gwendolyn LeRay, 208 Cureton St., Greenville Westerman, Carol Scott, 5703 Dawes Ave., Alexandria, Va. Werts, Rebecca , Route 3, Ninety Six Wham, Norman Wayne, 2500 Neville Way, Anderson White, Michael Dewayne, Transylvania St., Piedmont Whitworth, Sandra Dianne, 1105 Fretwell, Anderson Wilbanks, Thomas Glenn, 108 Swain St., Anderson Williams, Brenda Arlene, 116 North Main St., Suluda Williams, Calvin Stanley, 508 Hall, Anderson Williams, Carol Ann, 601 Singleton Ave., Kingstree Winn, James Hartnette, Beulah St., Due West Wood, Cynthia Anne, Greenville Wood, Marion Wayne, Route 2, Pickens Wood, Walter Edwin, Jr., 1404 Hammond Ave., Williamston Woodson, Patricia Diane, 1103 West Main, Williamston Worley, Larry Junior, Route 1, Seneca Wyatt, Gerald Baxter, 13 Henderson Dr., Travelers Rest Yates, James Ronald, 103 Kates St., Anderson Youmans, Jonathan McCallum, Route 3, Box 200, Westminster SOPHOMORE DIRECTORY Abercrombie, Johnny Paul, Route 1, Ware Shoals Abies, Jerry Lee, 207 Brook St., Honea Path Adair, William Garrett, Jr., Route 1, Owings Adams, Gary Dean, Route 2, Bessemer City, N. C. Addis, Miles Richard, 8 Keowee, Walhalla Alexander, Barry Kenneth, 307 Highland Dr., Clemson Allen, Douglas Burton, Jr., 100 Rose Hill, Anderson Allen, Frances McLeod, 100 Rose Hill, Anderson Allen, John Parker, Jr., 1012-A North Fant St., Anderson Anderson, Michael Gene, Route 1, Loris Anderson, Robert Randolph, Route 3, Camden Ashley, John B., 9 Central Avenue, Honea Path Atkins, Danny Eugene, 22 Apple St., Barnwell Ayer, Edna Eugenia, 513 North Fourth St., Seneca Barrett, James Phillip, 300 Owings St., Laurens Barton, Jo Ann, 4 Pine Ridge Dr., Greenville Bates, Cynthia Virginia, 2022 Sheldon Dr., Anderson Bates, Norma Jean, Route 2, Marietta Beauford, Harold Thomas, Highland Terrace, Abbeville Beaver, Thomas Eddie, 28 Gurley Ave., Greenville Belcher, Clyde Walter, 12 Catawba, Greenville Bennett, Judith Ann, 341 Tribble, Anderson Blakely, Jo Marie, Route 2, Martin, Goergia Blanton, Beverly Jane, North Dorm, Anderson Memorial Hospital Blanton, Sherrell Clyde, Route 4, Nichols Blore, Norman Leslie, 702 Church St., Laurens Boggs, Arthur Haynie, Jr., 1304 Bolt Dr., Anderson Bolding, Peggy Lynn, Route 2, Pickens Bolt, Johnie Jean, 4229 Devereaux, Columbia Bond, Claud William, 121 McGowan, Abbeville Bowen, Frances Helen, 810 Bleckley, Anderson Bowen, Julian William, 139 Hillcrest, Toccoa, Georgia Bowman, Janet Eve, Route 1, Iva Bradberry, Doris M. (Mrs.), Route 1, Williamston Bradley, Steven Russell, 17 Smytne St., Pelzer Branyon, Al lie Maye, Box 5, Due West Branyon, Martha Faye, Box 5, Due West Braswell, Rickard Lee, 11-E Yorktown Apts., Greenville Brazeal, Shirley June,. 66 Main St., West Pelzer Brissey, Martha Jane, Route 1, Ware Shoals Brock Kathy Gale, 502 North St., Anderson Brockman, Catherine Joselyn, Route 1, Greer Brooks, Larry Neil, Mohawk, Tennessee Brown, Allan Eugene, 1917 Inman Dr., Anderson Brown, Bennett E., Box 396, Kingstree Brown, Thomas James, Peachtree St., Anderson Buchanan, Michael Addis, 1508 Johanna Circle, Anderson Buchanan, Jasper James, Jr., McKinley Dr., Anderson Burton, Sara Patricia, Route 4, Abbeville Burton, Floyd David, 1203 S. Tower, Anderson Busbee, Maury Judson, Route 1, Wagener Busch, Sandra Marlene, Route 1, Walhalla Calton, Sylvia Carolyn, 820 Ridgedale Dr., Spartanburg Campbell, Leonard N., Box 151, Pendleton Campbell, Vivian Patricia, Box 23, Route 1, Iva Capell, Brenda Gale, 601 Camfield, Anderson Carlton, Byron Jerry, 402 W. Fredericks, Anderson Carpenter, Stephen Dean, 106 Village Dr., Anderson Carter, Julie Patricia, Box 367, Georgetown Carter, Luther Tracy, Jr., Route 1, Latta Casey, Betty Ann, Route 2, Box 486, Easley Catanzaro, David Paul, 419 Tanglewood, Anderson Cely, Margaret Elaine, Clayton Street, McCormick Chandler, Stanley Lee, Route 3, Pelzer Chapman, Arthur Vaney, Myrtle Avenue, Pelzer Chapman, Sara Elizabeth, Route 2, Pelzer Childress, Wil liam Edwin, Route 1, Liberty Christian, Thomas Jeffrey, 1009 Brock St., Anderson Cisson, Joel Scott, 407 Lady St., Greenville demons, Barry Anthony, Route 2, Box 260, Tabor City, N. C. Coggin, Anita Kathleen, 112 Oakridge, Charlotte, N. C. Coker, Elizabeth Ann, Route 1, Fountain Inn Coker, Janice E., Route 4, Piedmont Coker, Sandra Lee, Traxler St., Williamston Collins, Danny Byron, School St., Batesburg Collum, Sylvia Ann, Route 1, Box 173A, Lexington Cook, Marion Richard, Jr., 104 Woodlawn, Laurens Cook, Rodger Dale, 25 Fairview, Ware Shoals Cowan, Maria Joe, Route 2, Iva Craig, Dewey Clinton, Anderson College Campus, Anderson Craigo, Karen Lee , Route 7, Greenville Crews, Michael Brant, 304 North West Eighth, Seneca Dantzler, Bruce Emanuel, Box 214, Cameron Dantzler, Ruth Ann, 1421 Brian, Charleston Darnell, Judith Ann, 1910 Hagood, Barnwell Davis, Jeanette Elaine, Route 3, Box 106, Orangeburg Davis, Michael Roy, 15 Ethelridge Dr., Greenville Dellinger, Carrol Jones, Jr., Box 233, Liberty Derrick, Edward Wright, 32 Douglass Dr., Greenville DeVore, Janice Faye, Heyward Ave., Honea Path DeVore, Jean Kaye, Heyward Ave., Honea Path Dickson, Kathryn Juanita, 414 Central Ave., Anderson Dilworth, Charles Edward, North Pine St., Walhalla Dossey, Sandra Ann, 200 Crestwood, Sumter Downey, Charleen Dale, Route 4, Hammett Rd., Greer Drennon, Alton Craig, Bailey Courts, Anderson Durham, Joyce Swaynham (Mrs.), Route 1, Box 515, Easley Dye, Patsy Louraine, 214 Edgewood Ave., Belton Eaton, Barbara Ann, 4035 Ensor, Columbia Edgar, Jesse Daniel, 36 Ames, Seneca Edwards, Brenda Sue, 11 Waters Ave., Greenville Edwards, Elbert Thomas, Jr., 3907 Liberty Highway, Anderson Ellis, Frances Harriet, Route 1, Martin Ellison, Judy Gail, 531 Bailey Ave., Pendleton Elrod, Anthony Wayne, 303 Gassaway, Central Estes, Clarence Nealy, Jr., 278 Pinckney, Chester Evans, Don, 109 Hampton Avenue, Calhoun Falls Fant, Marsha Anne, Route 1, Anderson Fant, Patricia Laurent, Route 1, Anderson Felkel, Billy Carson, Box 224, Elloree Feltman, James Brown, 308 West Johnson, Hartwell, Ga. Fife, Jane Lee, 301 Fife Dr., Clemson Fletcher, Henry Vernon, Jr., 208 East Morris, Anderson Ford, Martha Anne, Whilder, Williamston Fowler, Jennifer Kay, 2101 Buncombe Rd., Greenville Freeman, Marion Glenn, Box 15, Liberty Gaines, Benjamin Terral, Route 3, Seneca Galloway, Tillman Hope, Jr., Hardy Street, Williamston Gambrell, Ronald Horace, 514 Sherwood Ave., Honea Path Garrison, Donald Arthur, Box 35, Sandy Springs Gault, Deborah, 1014 Fairfield Dr., Anderson Gilbert, Linda Frances, Route 2, Box 603, Orangeburg Gillam, Mildred Harriet, 1128 Russell, Orangeburg Gilmer, George Richard, Box 163, Warrenton, Georgia Gilmore, Willa Carol, Route 1, Anderson Gleaton, Betty Carol, Route 12, Charleston Glenn, Marilyn Katherine, Route 7, Box 176, Anderson Gordon, Ginger Lee, Higgins Circle, Newberry Granger, Patricia Ellen, 2667 Two Notch, Columbia Grant, Johnny Ralph, 14 Brogon, Anderson Gray, George Anthony, Box 312, Iva Green, Charles Larry, 21 Perrin, Greenville Gunnells, William Franklin, Route 2, Honea Path 185 Gunnin, Kenneth Randall, Route 8, Anderson Hall, Basil Edwin, Route 2, Honea Path Haltiwanger, George Vernon, 313 C, Anderson Hamilton, Mary Walker, 128 Academy, Laurens Harbort, Hugh Valentine, Jr., 1507 Elmtree Road, Columbia Hardy, Joan Lynn, 181 Rutledge Road, Orangeburg Hare, M. Kenneth, 1603 East Market, Anderson Harrison, John David, Route 1, Owings Hart, Elizabeth Lea, Route 1, Vance Hartzog, Denzil Lavance, Jr., 1655 Central, Orangeburg Hawkins, Jacquline Sue, 2825 South Main, Anderson Hawkins, Harry Wayne, Route 1, Seneca Hayes, Carl Edward, 37 Butternut Dr., Greenville Henderson, Joseph Lynn, Jr., 23-D Clayton Manor, Anderson Hendricks, Ralph Michael, Route 2, Central Herndon, William Clayton, 501 Benson, Hartwell, Georgia Hill, Thomas Franklin, Route 2, Laurens Holliday, Elizabeth Ann, Route 3, Belton Hollingsworth, Barry Foster, Route 5, Circle Dr., Greenwood Holmes, Elizabeth Gayle, 5265 Potomac, North Charleston Holmes, Harriet Ann, Route 2, Johnston Holt, Ruth Deborah, 238 Adden, Orangeburg Hopkins, Martha Rose, 302 Yorkshire, Greenville Horton, J. Ed., Jr., West Road, Belton Hough, Ward George, 1202 McDuffie St., Anderson Houston, Steve R., 30 Blake, Belton Hovis, Nancy Aleese, Box 456, Belton Hudgens, Ralph Allen, Jr., 101 Donny Brook Ave., Greenville Huey, Cleveland Adger, 408 Taylor, Anderson Huffman, Larry Ronald, 305 Spruce, Greenville Hyatt, Thomas Powe, 109 Christian, Cheraw Inabinet, Kathleen Elise, Route 4, Box 176, Orangeburg Irby, Eilene, 734 Edgemont, Rock Hill Irick, Mary Louise, 330 Lake View Dr., Orangeburg James, John Charles, 2517 McKinley, Anderson Jaynes, Junnie M., Route 2, Westminster Jefferson, James Alvin, 110 I Street, Anderson Jernigan, Susan Marguerite, Ivey Street, Clio Johnson, Margaret Ann, Route 1, Easley Jones, Charles Blanchard, 206 Mason Craft, Sumter Jones, Donna Diane, 740 Parkins Mill Rd., Greenville Jones, Doris Jean, Sunset Pickens Kay, George Richaro, 607 College Heights, Anderson Kay, Luther Robert, 607 College Heights, Anderson Kay, Richard M., O ' Neal .St., Belton Keels, Jenny Caroline, Box 278, Summerton Keese, Carwford Martin, Route 2, Westminster Kelley, Carolyn Dianne, Route 2, Pickens Kelley, Wilda Ruth, Bellair Circle, Anderson King, Eddie Harold, 504 Forest Lane, Belton King, Robert Taylor, 116 Fabrica St., Clemson Kirkland, Ken Wayne, 514 Georgia St., Columbia Knight, Margaret Ann, 15 Whilden Dr., Williamston Knight, Mary Ellen, 46 Long Forest Dr., Greenville Kowalski, Mary Suzanne, Route 1, Anderson Laughridge, Richard Allen, 1709 Market St., Anderson Lawson, Charles Franklin, 846 Brandywine St., Jacksonville Lawton, Barbara Jean, 206 Brock Avenue, Honea Path Leary, James Collins, Bailey Court Anderson Leeds, Robert Edwin, 67 Dundee Lane, Greenville Looper, Erne Victoria, Box 428, Greenwood Love, Baylus Cade, 1591 Sunset, Orangeburg Lowe, Jimmy Larry, 27 McGee, Belton Lusk, Martha Linda, Route 1, Central Madden, Richard Neal, 3811 Liberty Rd., Anderson Madden, Tina Louise, 2826 LeConte Rd., Anderson Mahaffey, Connie Beatrice, Pine St., Belton Martin, Doris Rebecca, 307 West Frederick St., Anderson Martin, Wallace Brenton, Shockley Ferry Rd., Anderson Masters, Franklin David, Route 1, Box 371, Liberty Matheny, Paul Edward, Box 217, Bamberg Mayse, Linda Kay, Holland St., Simpsonville McCall, Roy Carl, III, Box 647, Easley MCarley, Barbara Ruth, Route 1, Iva McCaskill, Lexie Lee, Bailey Court, Anderson McClain, Pamela Jane, 200 Camden Lane, Belle Meade, Greenville McCown, Suzanne, 1900 Boulevard Heights, Anderson McCoy, Janis Lee, Route 1, Starr McDonald, Jean, Route 2, Donalds McKinley, Martha Gale, Route 8, Box 312, Anderson McKinney, Michael Lee, Route 2, Hodges Meeks, James Michael, Hampton Ave., Honea Path Melton, Julianne DeLis, Box 312, Greenwood Merck, Barbara Ann, Route 4, Box 277, Anderson Merritt, Robert Johnston, 3806 Alston Rd., Columbia Mew, Billy Lee, Izlar, Blackville Mikopoulos, John Cary, North First St., Seneca Milam, Rowland Wade, Route l.Mountville Miller, Linda Ann, 139 Jones St., Lavonia, Georgia Miller, Linda Lee, Route 1, Duncan Moore, Everette Lane, Route 3, Anderson Moore, Timothy Dennis, Sheldon Drive, Anderson Morrell, Katherine Eileen, Horrell Hill, Hopkins Morris, Frances Elizabeth, Box 36, Pinewood Morrow, Susan, 434 Jeter St., Edgefield Mundy, Len Carrol, 126 McCowan Ave., Abbeville Murry, Dean Jarrell, 1463 Elmtree, Columbia Nash, William Abner, Route 1, Fountain Inn Nelson, Michael Henry, 615 Murphy St., Anderson Nix, Kenneth Wayne, 103 Ethelridge, Greenville Norris, Andrew Leon, Jr., 104 McGown Ave., Abbeville Norton, Charles Robert, 202 Farrar St., Summerville, Ga. O ' Dell, Gail Gentry, 223 Holly Ave., Clemson Owens, Homer Lamar, Jr., 16 Willard St., Liberty Padgett, Patricia Harriett, 1642 East Main, Westminster Palmer, David Lanier, Box 1402, Clemson Partain, Terry Lynn, 2831 South Main, Anderson Pelfrey, David Ronald, Route 8, Greenville Perry, Donna Rae, 316 Wellington, Anderson Perry, Edgar E., 13-4 Bailey Court, Anderson Phillips, Larry Ralph, Box 216, Central Phillips, Thomas Armerious, Main Street, Converse Poore, Henry David, Main Street, Simpsonville Porter, Donna Kay, Route 1, Piedmont Porter, Kenneth Ray, Route 1, Piedmont Porter, Louise Katherine, Route 2, Orangeburg Powell, Mary Alice, 2510 Lane Avenue, Anderson Powell, Robert Everett, 205 Cresent, Sumter Pridmore, Sandra Lee, Route 3, Simpsonville Pye, Joseph Robert, 5124 Pttman, North Charleston Quarles, John Edwin, 1432 Alpine, West Columbia Radcliffe, Barbara Louise, 139 Maxwell, North Charleston Ramminger, Mary Joan, Woodruff Road, Greenville Ray, Nan Ellen, 203 Edgewood, Clemson Renfroe, James Paul, 207 Beauregard, Anderson Reynolds, Linda Carol, Route 5, Asheville, N. C. Richey, Martha Moore, Pliney Circle, Simpsonville Roberts, Henry Arnold, Jr., 613 Bonham Court, Anderson Roe, Larry Van, 108 Clinton Drive, Anderson Rogers, Catherine Ann, 303 Main, McColl Rogers, William Clarence, 2803 Echo Trail, Anderson Rose, Ashton Neal, Route 1, Hopkins Rose, David Edward, 226 Randall St., Greenville Sanford, Robert D., 2707 LeConte Road, Anderson Sartain, Thomas Earl, 2703 Cedar Lane, Anderson Satterf ield, Brenda Kay, 10 Sycamore, Greenville Saxon, Sammy Barron, 10 Smith Street, Greenville Schronce, Steve Ezell, 225 Bannister, Belton Senn, James M., Route 3, Honea Path Sherard, William Watson, 1601 College Ave., Anderson 186 Shirley, Mary Jane, 306 Nelson, Anderson Shirley, Rita Lane, 4831 Citadel, Columbia Shirley, Sharon Frances, 104 Sanders, Anderson Simmons, Nancy Carol, 536 West Main St., Williamston Simpson, Cheryl, 207 Thomas, Clemson Sloan, Jerry Richard, Route 1, Simpsonville Smith, Beverly J., 3209 Howland Drive, Anderson Smith, Treva W., (Mrs.), Box 345, Iva Spearman, Charles Francis, Route 5, Anderson Spigener, Mary Perrin, Water St., Allendale Steele, Nancy Lee, 1189 Farifield, Orangeburg Stegall, Ronnie Ansel, Route 1, Pendleton Stephens, John Huskey, 550 West Main, Laurens Stephens, Robert Wood, 114 Wilson Drive, Brevard, N. C. Stevens, Sandra Kay, Box 945, Clemson Stewart, Lewis A., Jr., 306 West Curtis, Simpsonville Stone, Hollis Anthony, 2009 Laurel, Anderson Stone, Kenneth Rene, 211 Pine Lane, Anderson Strain, Velle Reece, 2301 Lindale, Anderson Sullivan, Anthony Wayne, Box 216, Kingstree Sutherland, James Walter, Box 173, Easley late, G loria Elizabeth, 203 West Highland Ave., Andersor Taylor, Frances Geraldine, Bailey Court, Anderson Taylor, James Elmond, Liberty Terry, Mary Jane, Route 2, Starr Terry, Wille Mole, III, Martin Thomas, Anita Ann, Darlington Ave., Farifax Thompson, Deborah Ann, Stewart, West Pelzer Thrasher, Gloria Hean, 341 Tribble, Anderson Thrasher, John Michael, Route 2, Anderson Thruston, Joseph Johnson, Jr., Route 2, Greenville Thurmond, James Gordon, III, 3008 Cambridge, Anderson Timmons, Elizabeth Ann, 53 East Tallulah Dr. Greenville Tucker, Sandra Marie, Route 8, Box 108, Anderson Tyler, Le Myra, Box 134, Wagener Ulmer, Carol Jeanne, Box 276, Cameron Vance, Linda Jean, 605 Marshall Ave., Anderson Varn, Roxie Anne, 577 Hillsboro, Orangeburg Vaughn, Tone Jennifer, 3324 East Worth, Greenville Vernon, Vicke Elaine, 213 E St., Anderson Vincent, Danny Reed, Route 4, Box 89, Kershaw Walker, Marvin William, Jr., 405 Chestnut, Abbeville Wall, William Darrell, Route 1, Anderson Ward, Gary Roger, Route 4, Easley Watson, Jimmy Ray, Box 244, Calhoun Falls Watts, Linda Ann, Mountain View, Westminster Webb, Danny Nelson, 610 Grove Road, Greenville Webber, Janice Marguerite, 104 Church St., Simpsonville Wheeler, Barbara Ann, 226 North Salem Ave., Sumter White, Juanita Morris, 1800 Beverly Road, Rocky Mount, North Carolina Whitfield, Harold E., Route 1, Pendleton Williams, James Norman, Jr., 206 Befford Forrest, Anderson Williams, Marolyn Fay, Route 3, Box 1, Greenville Williams, Nettis Sue, 311 Colonial Dr., Kingstree Wilson, David Ronald, Route 1, Gray Court Wilson, Marilyn Elizabeth, Route 3, Laurens Wilson, Richard Woodrow, 107 Church St., Abbeville Winn, Miriam Geneva, Box 84, Plum Branch Wise, Jean Crouch, Route 3, Batesburg Wood, Tanda Kay, Route 1, Modoc Woods, Sara Elizabeth, Route 1, Owings Woodson, Linda Gayle, Route 3, Marion Wooten, Charles Arthur, 615 North McDuffie, Anderson Wooten, Jo Earle, 702 Williams St., Williamston Yarborough, Foster Hall, Route 1, St., Matthews Young, Mary Claudia, 110 Clarendon, Clemson NEW STUDENTS, SPRING TERM Atkins, Dennis Eugene, Route 2, Abbeville Barrett, John William, Route 1, Anderson Bond, William Carl, Jr., 600 Cox Street, Abbeville Bosworth, Julian Hammonds, 516-B West Fredericks, Anderson Boyd, John Thomas, Route 2, Iva Burley, Gayle Marie, Erwin Street, Walhalla Byars, Richard Kenneth, 104 Woodview, Laurens Campbell, John David, 512 East Fredericks, Anderson Chasteen, Swonnie Ray, Route 3, Piedmont Cooper, Thomas Reid, Riggs Drive, Clemson Crawford, Cliff Dale, 13-C Earle Homes, Anderson Crittendon, James Edward, Apt. 11-3, Bailey Ct., Anderson DeBerry, Michael Todd, 813 Wilson, Anderson Ellington, Charles Michael, 13 Williams, La France Gaynor, Ronald L., 1213 Gentry Drive, Anderson Greene, William Jeffrey, South McDuffie, Anderson Hall, Glenward Kay, 206 North Catherine, Walhalla Hamilton, David Randolph, 5 F uller, Pelzer Hollifield, Jay Terry, 17 Holmes Drive, Greenville Hong, Hyong Ung, 2312 East North Avenue, Anderson Hopkins, James William, Jr., 4 Reed, Pelzer Howard, Michael Floyd, Route 2, Easley Humphries, Linda Carolyn, 211 Timber Lane, Anderson Jones, Gerard Holloway, Route 1, Frogmore Jones, Vivian Sites, 406 College Avenue, Anderson Kabbani, Nabil, Bagdad Station, Aleppo, Syria King Jerry Wayne, Tollison Trailer Park, Belton Letson, Clarence Lemuel, Jr., 101 Wesley, Walhalla Lever, Sarah Felder, 254 Riggs Drive, Clemson Lukens, Mary Gage, 37-R Eaton, Clemson McAbee, Marya Ann, Route 4, Seneca McBrearty, Ernie Michael, Route 7, Greenville McGee, Bonnie Carole, 202 O ' Neal Drive, Anderson McManus, William David, 202 Pressly, Greenwood Martin, June Elizabeth, Windsor, Westminster Merritt, Shirley Ann, Route 1, Piedmont Nix, Alfred Cleveland, Route 4, Seneca Owen, Pamela H., 116 Duckworth Lane, Anderson Padgett, Rodney Carroll, 15 Lakeside Drive, Walhalla Paredes, Javier Edmundo, Lima, Peru Powell, Con Allen, 116 Highland Drive, Union Prince, Samuel William, 1000 Greenville, Anderson Purcell, Fran Elizabeth, Route 1, Anderson Sanders, James Harold, Route 1, Liberty Saverance, Robert Edwin, Route 1, Hemingway Seawright, Carol, 2108 Woodside Avenue, Anderson Sharpe, Melanie Irene, 103 Victoria Circle, Anderson Smith, Edward Lemuel, Jr., 109 North Rod Lane, Carbondale, I Smith, Stephen Bennett, 924 East Whitner, Anderson Spearman, Diane Elizabeth, Route 5, Anderson Thompson, Charles Lamar, 3 Jaynes, Walhalla Thompson, John Allen, 514 Academy, Laurens Todd, Jean H. (Mrs.), Route 8, Anderson Trowbridge, Sara Patrick, 203 Robert, Anderson Vun Cannon, John William, 7425 Patricia, Columbia Walker, Karen Ann (Mrs.), 37-L East Campus Apts., Clemson Ward, Rufus L., 2804 Chestnut Drive, Anderson Wilder, Tony Marvin, 418 East Franklin, Anderson Williams, Timothy Earle, 3 Beaverdam Dr., Williamston Yennemadi, Sudha, 206 Cadell Road, Bombay 16, India 187 immhSI 188 189 r m 191 192 193 WW ' ■ . -■ | ■ ,,:...:;■■ ■::o:o::ii?! !: ■ : :v : : ■:■:-:■-■■ ■■ - ■■ :.■■■::.■:.■.,.■::...■■■:■■■.,:::...:■.-.,,,;,, ...,,■.■■.■;■ 194 I K m 195 EDITOR ' S AFTERWORD As you look through the 1967 COLUMNS you soon begin to see the history of one year at Anderson College opening before your eyes. Compiling an accurate history of the happenings at Anderson College was no easy job for this editor. It required many hours of hard work for myself and the whole staff. Besides the hard work in- volved, there is the matter of making the book a work of art, not only for the staff, but primarily for the readers. In considering art, we must consider layout and know whether each page will be balanced. In considering art, the selection of paper and type must be made. In con- sidering art, we must think of the all important cover that amounts to 50 per cent of the appeal of the book. But above all, the book must be a history of 1967 at Anderson College. This is the primary purpose. After all is done and said, the readers have to be considered. Will they like the book? If they do, then part of the goal has been achieved. I hope the 1967 COLUMNS will bring back many memories for all of you in years to come. If this year at Anderson College has been one for you to remember, then I hope the COLUMNS will aid in that remembrance. John Thruston Editor 196

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