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ANDERSON COLLEGE LIBRARY ANDERSON COLLEGE LIBRARY ANDERSON COLLEGE LIBRARY Columns ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON SOUTH CAROLINA PLAN OF THE BOOK The high school or college yearbook for as long as its existence has been plagued with ideas of conformity. Every yearbook staff leans on the book produced the previous year. This results in a long line of provokingly similar books that lack individual character and imagination. This year we have worked hard to provide you with a book that has individuality, creativeness, and imagination. We hope you like it. Tom Sartain, Editor RECOGNITION Even though Dr. Eugene Mandrell has only been two years at Anderson College, his concern for stu- dents of the college has been clearly recognized. He is a man of unique qualities and true dedica- tion. Dr. Mandrell is the head of the psychology depart- ment at Anderson College. He is also a consultant of the Anderson Family Counselling Center and of Anderson Memorial Hospital Few colleges in this area have the honor of having such a man as Dr. Mandrell on their faculty. This page is a recognition of his outstanding service and the college ' s way of saying, " Thank you, Dr. Man- drell. " A The Anderson College Story People from many regions come to- gether on a College campus. They all have the same goal; to get an educa- tion. Their motivation may be different. They may want security, a good job, or just come to sharpen and improve their minds. This is what makes the Ander- son College story. A college is more than buildings and books. It is people; individuals with different purposes, different back- grounds, and different outlooks. This conjugation of individuals stimulates investigation and interest; two of the basic necessities to any learning pro- cess. It is difficult for any person by himself to study and learn consistently. It is when ideas and outlooks can be shared by friends and fellow students that a sincere and dedicated effort at learning can be made. A college is also professors; people who have spent much time and effort so that they may be qualified to aid in the development of the minds of students. To these people we owe a great debt. T.E.S. PRESIDENT ROUSE It was 1940 that Anderson College first saw John Edward Rouse. From 1940 to 1946 Dr. Rouse was a member of the board of trustees at Anderson College. Again in 1955 to 1957 he served as a board member, this time as chairman. He was named college president and treasurer in 1957. Besides serving on the board of trustees at Anderson College, Dr. Rouse has served as a member of the board of trustees of North Greenville Junior College and also as a trustee of the Baptist Courier, (South Carolina Baptist paper). Dr. Rouse has served as dean of freshmen at Furman Univer- sity, is a Rotarian, and has taught at Howard College Extension School. He is also 1966 President of the South Carolina Baotist Convention and the junior college division of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Dr. Rouse holds a Bachelor of science degree in business and commerce from Furman University. During this time Dr. Rouse was president of the South Carolina Baptist Student Union for two years, was awarded the Bradshaw Feaster General Excellence Medal, and headed his senior class. He also holds the bachelor of divinity from Andover Newton Seminary and has done graduate work at Boston University and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In 1959 Furman University awarded Dr. Rouse the doctor of divinity. Dr. Rouse has served as pastor of the First Baotist Church of Belton, South Carolina, the First BaDtist Church of Laurens, South Carolina, and the South Avondale Baptist Church of Birmingham, Alabama. TRUSTEES Trustees were on campus Feb. 14-15 in connection with the Founders Day observance. Pictured are: (SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT) Mrs. James A. Howard, Landrum; Mrs. H. D. High, Moncks Corner; College President John Edward Rouse; Max Mc- Gee Rice, Greenville, chairman; W. Harper Weborn, Anderson, secretary; Roy C. McCall, Jr., Easley, vice-chairman; and Roger Touchberry, Sumter. BACK ROW: The Rev. Marion Hare, Green- ville; Gerald Wallace, Jr., Marion; the Rev. R. Don Gambrell, West Coumbia; the Rev. J. K. Lawton, Anderson; the Rev. D. N. Baker, Greenville; and the Rev. Frank Inman, Union. Absent were the Rev. Horace Benjamin, Broadus Southerlin, the Rev. D. C. Shirley. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICERS ARE (LEFT TO RIGHT): Claudette Osborne, Corresponding Secretary; Joan King Elrod, Vice-President; Mildred Kirby, Recording Secretary; Ronald Gilreath, President; Lillian Bevill, Treasurer; Betty Kelly Doo- little, Past President, and Mrs. Z. W. Meeks, General Secre- tary (Not present). Dear to our hearts is our Alma Mater, Loyal and true are we; Truest devotion till life is ended, Wholly we pledge to thee. Tho ' from thy halls far away we wander, Thoughts back to thee will fly, And tender memories time cannot sever, Love that will never die. Heaven ' s choicest blessings ever attend thee, Dear Alma Mater mine- No shadows harm thee, no fears alarm thee, Always the sunshine thine. And tho ' we leave thee, we ' ll never grieve thee, True to our trust we ' ll be; Our best endeavor, now and forever, Always to honor thee. Mrs. Charles Sullivan, Sr. A TIME FOR WORK AND . . . A TIME FOR PLAY Mr. Moore enjoys a birthday cake given to him by his students. MISS ANDERSON COLLEGE Miss Anderson College for 1966 was Phyll is Riddle. A sophomore and a liberal arts student, Phyllis plans to continue her studies as a medical secretary. At A.C. Phyllis is a member of the B.S.U. and the college choir. Sec- retary of the Sophomore Class and an honor student. Her interests in- clude reading, music, boating and cooking. Phyllis is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Riddle of Simpsonville. 7 FIRST RUNNER UP Miss Donna Clark SECOND RUNNER UP Miss Mary Johnston V J- m WOMEN ' S COUNCIL SEATED: Dot Jameson, Jackie Anderson, Lynda Wilson, Linda Ann Austin, Donna Clark, Susan Fortune, Mildred Kibry. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Leopard, Margaret Blanton, Carol Ulmer, Pat Hart, Gill Page, Pat Allbriton, Dot Pitts, Dixie Smith, Linda Sue Quattlebaum. LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan Fortune, Dot Jameson, Jackie Anderson, Linda Ann Austin, Lynda Wilson, Donna Clark. Officers: Dan Revis and Danny Sewell MEN ' S COUNCIL SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan Revis, Milton Peake, Mac Lever, Danny Sewell. STANDING: Otto Wilson, Tommy Phillips, Bill Hance, Erney Kornahrens, Dewey Craig, Bill Robinson, Danny Causey, Frank Peake. And this is what college life is made of. STUDENT LIFE STUDENTS EXPERIENCE Experimentation 1 • Recreation Guidance STUDY!!!! Conventions Social activities Joy in new interest And FOOD. ; IN- LEAC Graduate study opportunities and other fringe benefits are provided for Anderson College professors through Living Endowment for An- derson College (LEAC). A campaign for LEAC funds is usually conducted in Anderson County each year. The fund drive is not being carried on in 1965, 1966 or 1967. In these years emphasis is on three-year pledges for the construction of a new aca- demic building. Officers of the organization are active, and some patrons are giving financial support to both LEAC and the building fund. Faculty study funds continued to be available. (LEFT TO RIGHT): Colonel Louis W. Jackson, Campaign Chairman, Dr. J. E. Rouse, President of Anderson College, Mr. Clarence F. Brown, Treasurer of LEAC. (LEFT TO RIGHT): Dr. J. E. Rouse, President of Anderson College, Francis M. Hart, Chairman of LEAC Executive Committee, Z. W. Meeks, LEAC Secretary, Arthur E. Holman, President of LEAC. ft, ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL W. Glen Hughey Registrar William E. Tisdale Administrative Assistant Euna Kay Business Office Manager Nancy M. Alewine Business Office Assistant 19 DEANS Dean C. E. Butler Academic Dean and Dean of Men Dean Mildred B. Kirby Dean of Women 20 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Bill Hance President Dot Jameson Vice-President The Student Government Association is the governing student body at Anderson College. This year it was under the leadership of Bill Hance as President with Dot Jameson as Vice-president and Mac Lever as Secretary. The student Government is the organ of self-government at the college. It offers every student an opportunity for repre- sentation in matters of direct concern to them as members of the college community. Mac Lever Secretary LANGUAGES Mildred Bearden Faye Cowan Marion Crocker Shirley Jacks Marietta McCown Robert S. Moore Edward C. Simpson William F. West, Jr. Jerome B. Wilson 22 IVY LEAVES Editorial staff: Seated (Left to right): Sherrill Vaugahan, Jackie Anderson, Lucy Davis. Stand- ing: Mike Hatfield and Frank Peake. The Ivy Leaves is unique at Anderson Uonege in that it is the only literary publication at the college. The magazine offers students an opportunity to submit original art work and literature. This year ' s staff consists of Jackie Anderson as Editor-in-Chief with Mike Hatfield as co-editor. The business editor was Frank Peake and his assistant was Sherril Vaughan. Editing of Art for the magazine was done by Catherine Davis. The Ivy Leaves is sponsored by the English De- partment. Mr. West of the English department enjoys himself at President ' s reception. Miss Maretta McCown, advisor and Jackie Anderson, editor. 23 JOURNALISM Lawrence Webb Deep in the heart of Texas. Our faculty members lead a very active life. THE YODLER vc WJ The Editorial staff consists of, LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Wurz, Tommy Sherman, Barbara Spear- man, Kathy Smith, and Rowland Miliam. The Yodler, the student newspaper of Anderson College is published by journalism students and other interested students. The paper, published bi-weekly, is edited by Dick Byars with Ginny Wurz as associate editor and with Tim Smith, Rowland Milam, and James Jefferson covering the sports beat. The business manager is Kathy Smith with her assistant Jo Ann Bunton. The art editor is Jimmy Wertz and editorial assistants are Tommy Sherman and Barbara Spearman. This year one story was of special interest to those associated with the college. The South Caro- lina Baptist Convention caught the news spot- light when Dr. J. E. Rouse, President of Anderson College, was elected President of the 1966 conven- tion and when Anderson College asked for the right to make its own admissions policies. Lawrence Webb, Faculty Advisor. Editor-in-chief Dick Byars. 25 ART Blanche L. Holcombe Students learn the principles of art through design studies. SKETCH CLUB PFi R 4 D Members of the sketch club consist of those students who are either taking art or are interested in art. The sketch club visits many of the regional art museums and con- ducts an art gallery every spring in which the members are given an opportunity to exhibit their work. Officers; Jane Zeigler, Rick Laughridge, Catherine Davis, Lynda Gramb- ling, Blanche Holcombe. 26 SPEECH AND DEBATE Everett H. Vivian The high light of the year for the debate team was their trip to Harvard University, taken in early February. The team went to Harvard to participate in a tournament includ- ing such teams as Harvard, Dartmouth and Georgetown University. Jimmy Hanks and Don Chasteen In the office of Representative W. W. J. B. Dorn in Washington, D. C. 27 SCIENCE In every liberal arts education there is a place for science. Some complain and say that it is completely out of place in this type of liberal education. But the lessons we learn from these sciences enrich our future and provide us with an understanding of the physical and biological forces that so often influence our lives. Max W. Grubbs Robin B. Kelley Shirley Moore Harold H. Snuggs 28 MATHEMATICS W. Glen Hughey R. Broadus Parker Easy Mr. Parker, you can be replaced by T.V. The mathematics department at And- erson College is directed toward giv- ing students a basic background in mathematics that will prove very valu- able to them in future years. The de- partment strives to develop each stu- dents understanding of algebra and trigonometry. The professors realize that some students can comprehend princi- ples and work problems with greater ease than others and they take this into consideration while teaching. These men are interested in the students as in- dividuals. They are constantly thinking of the people they teach and not just the class they teach. 29 BIBLE See, it is possible. Birds of a feather . Robert Burks Fred Metts William Tisdale 30 Eugene Mandrell Mrs. Eugene Mandrell PSYCHOLOGY We live with ourselves SOCIOLOGY Wj | I 1 ■ 1 I mi I 4f A (jfaiL ™LM?¥ and with others. Frances Mims 31 SECRETARIAL SCIENCES Margie C. Altman Dora Hancock The modern secretary must be able to type, take shorthand, and speak Enlish good. Kathryn A. McGregor 32 COMMERCIAL CLUB COMMERCIAL CLUB OFFICERS (LEFT TO RIGHT): Donna Wilson, Joan Ramminger, Linda Wilder, Lynda Wilson, and Linda Gamble. T ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Brenda Satterfield, Linda Gamble, cia Baugus, Donna Jones. SECOND ROW: Ann Timmons, ibeth Wilson, Gale Ho ' mes. THIRD ROW: Linda Miller, Linda Wilson, Harriet Gilliam, Margret Johnson, Margaret Mardis, Linda Wilder. FOURTH ROW: Pam McClain. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Marvin L. Cash King S. Pushard Harper Welborn They teach us how to handle money (when we have it). 34 HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT J. David Acker Government Cecil R. Clifford History Henry von Hasseln History History is all the knowledge of the past taught to the people of the present to enrich their future. 35 MUSIC AND MUSIC APPRECIATION Anita Bridges Winnie Reid Newell William Bridges Mary Sullivan Seated Front: Mr. William Bridges and Mrs. Mary Sullivan, advisors. Members are (Left to right): Deborah Thomas, Ruth Dantzler, Edward Matheny, Dean Murry, Dianne Quattlebaum, Danny Vincent, Martha Richey, Danny Edgar, Grace McKinney, Darlene Addington. Darlene Addington President THE ANDERSON COLLEGE CHOIR Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. 37 HOME ECONOMICS 4 11 ERNE «i i .f h»iswi SIMPLICIT Mary Martin Omicron lota Kappa is the home economics club at Anderson Col- lege. Members of this organization learn such practical skill as dress designing, home management and the culinary arts. 38 1 r OMICRON IOTA KAPPA CO iN r Advisor Mary Martin First Row (Left to right): Linda Sue Quattlebum, Cindy Bates, Linda Ann Austin, Barbara Eaton, Carolyn Graham, Mrs. David Martin. Second row: Judy Wagner, Dot Jameson, Mary Johnston, Logan Jenkins, Susan Joyner, Jane Ellen Lee, Karen Morris. Third row: Marilyn Gleen, Marylin Williams, Nancy Steele, Caroly Williams, Elizabeth Woods. Fourth row: Ann Griffen, Sarah Taylor, Ann Tanner, Elaine McPhail, Margret Johnson, Mary McCarley. PHYSICAL EDUCATION On the wings of a snow white dove . Jim Hill Paula Westfall Oh! Goody. More push-ups. 40 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The A. A. consists of all participants in sports at Anderson College and the coaches of those sports. Also included in this group are the cheer- leaders. Larry Whitfied, President ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First Row (Left to Right): Scott Cisson, Sam Saxon, Ken Gun- nells, Johnny Abercrombie. Second Row: Elizabeth Coker, Donna Clark, Buddy Brooks, Gayle Holmes, Pat Allbritton, Larry Whit- field, Linda Miller. Third Row: Bill Hance, Tommy Hall, James Buchanan, John Mikopoulos, Donnie Hall, Mac Lever, Coach Jim Hill, Mrs. Annie Tribble, Chuck Wooten, Coach Max Grubbs, Sam- my Sloan, Tone Stone. STAFF EMILY FOWLER JANE HOBBS ANNA HOOVER RUTH LOOPER CALVIN McKINNEY ADA POWELL MEEKS HELEN MICHALES ANNIE NICKLES JOAN RORHBACH CLARA THOMPSON ELIZABETH THORNE ELIZABETH TISDALE 42 m Ain ' t that a pile o ' headaches. 43 SOPHOMORE CLASS Dan Reavis President Pat Allbritton Vice-President Sherrill Knobel Secretary " Where will all the sophomores go? " Some will transfer to places such as the University of South Carolina, Win- throp College, the University of Georgia and Furman University. Others will join the labor forces, the armed services, and still others will get married. For all this year at Anderson College has been quite eventful with the early opening of school, the trustees ' refusal to sign the Civil Rights Compliance, the new way of registration and the war in Viet Nam. But whatever we do after leaving Anderson we will never forget the peo- ple and happenings that have made our sophomore year a unique experi- ence for all of us. To all those who took an interest in us and our problems we say thank you. 44 I ' .■■; v ■ — ssr r ■ ADDINGTON — BLANTON Linda Darlene Addington Stella Jo Anastos Linda Ann Austin Patricia Ann Allbritton Jacqueline May Anderson Edna Eugenia Ayer Douglas Burton Allen Fred Harold Anthony Marsha Leigh Bacon 6 Judy Carolyn Bannister Paul Hubert Beele Cynthia Virginia Bates Sandra Eugenia Bell Patricia Ann Baugus Beverly Jane Blanton But Mr. Moore I really thought Tennessee was bigger than Kentucky. Guess what. mi BLUME — CALVERT Ronnie Terrill Blume Betty Brickie Buddy Brooks Jay Craft Bobo Mansell Reid Bridwell Charles Mitchell Brooks Leslie Anne Bratton Boyd Perry Britt Allan Eugene Brown 48 Mary Cole Brown Jo Ann Bunton Henry Downs Byrd Jr. Sandra Lynn Brown Mike Burton John Benard Byrd Bill Bryant Dick Byars Suzanne Calvert 49 CAPELL — COVINGTON Derrell Thomas Capell Tommy Austin Chapman Donna Clark David Catanzaro Delpha Chappell Susan Valeria Clark Danny Paul Causey Don Chasteen Robert Lee Cloaninger 50 She told me her mother was sick! William Smith Cloaninger Don Craig Connelly William Sammy Collins Ella Maria Cothran John Blease Cochran Shirley Kay Couch Leland R. Congdon Katharine Krispin Covington 51 CRAIG - EDWARDS Dewey Clinton Craig Judith Elizabeth Crook Larry Ray Crain Charles Ennis Cuttino Norman Douglas Crain Lucy Catherine Davis wonder what it tastes like. " Avon calling. " 52 Olivia R. Davis Horace Ansel Dickson Charles Lee Edgar Sarah Patricia Dedmon Kathryn Juanita Dickson Elbert Thomas Edwards Belva Elaine Dewitt Alton Craig Drennon Donnie Jerry Edwards 53 MISS SOPHOMORE MISS MARY JOHNSTON 54 Miss Mary Johnston, adorned with black hair and blue eyes lives by the old proverb: to have a friend, one must be a friend. She likes to get along with everyone. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Johnston of Reevesville, she is the youngest of three children. When Mary completes her work at Anderson College she plans to attend Georgia Southern for her degree in Home Economics. For the past year, Mary has been a member of the Omicron lota Kappa, B.S.U., Sketch Club, a beauty contes- tant, and in May Court. Swimming, skiing, along with pulling for the Clemson Tigers (when they aren ' t playing Carolina), are among her hob- bies. 55 ELLIS — GLENN Joe Ellis Shirley Sue Elrod James Brown Feltman Larry Robert Elrod Stephen Earl Embler Martha June Foreman Patricia Anne Elrod Jesse Reese Fant Susan Frances Fortune 56 Harold Eugene Fowler Edward Cecil Frierson Donald A. Garrison Marion Glenn Freeman Linda Ann Gamble Walter Edmond Gibson Morris Lynn Freeman Gwendolyn Augusta Garrett Marilyn Glenn 57 GLENN- HANKS a Remona Dawn Glenn Patricia Ellen Granger Toni Jo Hagan Carolyn Elizabeth Graham Caroline Marshall Grant Charles Dean Hall Lynda Laurie Gramling Kenneth Randall Gunnin Donald Andrew Hall 58 Glenwood Kay Hall James Edwin Hanks Michael Edward Hall Patricia Anne Hart George William Hance Michael Ellis Hatfield Another dusty finger! Long, Tall Texan? HAYS- JOYNER He ' s so round, so firm, so fully-packed. William Jackson Hays Carole Ann Holland Kathrine Elizabeth Heyward Elizabeth Ann Holiday Timothy Edwin Hicks Clarence Hollingsworth David Walter Hill David Ray Hopkins 60 Ronald Kenneth Houch Melmoth Hampton Hunter Mary LaVerne Johnston Larry Ronald Huffman Dorothy Jean Jameson Raymoth William Jones Nancy Jo Hughey Logan Catharine Jenkins Linda Susan Joyner 61 JULIAN — LUKER .Fate Julian Sherrill Lynn Knobel Larry Eugene Lange Margaret Ann Kelly Ernest Kornahrens Charles Franklin Lawson Richard King Nolan Lancaster James Leary 62 Jane Ellen Lee Carol Jean Lindsey Jimmy Larry Lowe Nancy Elizabeth Leopard Kenneth Lane Lindsay Johnny Michael Lowe Charles McCollum Lever Judy Margaret Looper Talmadge Hardman Luker 63 SOPHOMORE BEAUTIES MISS JOYCE USSERY 64 £ .. ' ■ ' k MISS PATALLBRITTON I " WK I LYLES — MADDEN Carlie Ann Lyles Nancy Carroll McClain Pat McDonald Benson McAuley Patricia Ann McClellan Anne Day McGaha Mary Kathryn McCarley Patricia Elizabeth McClellan Grace Ann McKinney 66 Wish they would start putting it in pop-top cans! Mirtis Lynn McLees Margaret Mardis Lubby Jane McNair Mary Jane Martin 67 METTS- TERRY Mrs. Ethel Metts Andy Leon Norris Lois Gail Painter Charles Robert Milam Mrs. Jackie Kay Oakley Sherry Elaine Parker Jamie Kay Morris Dorothy Jill Page Brenda Katherine Patton 68 Nancy Rebecca Patton Frank Peake Milton Lavon Peake Roger Leroy Pedrick Deanna Pennington Eva Carol Perry Edgar Ellis Perry Ester Anne Perry Margaret Jean Terry 69 PETTIGREW- ROBUCK Jenny Lynn Pettigrew Norman Sherrell Ponder George Stephen Phillips Janice Lorraine Poole William H. Pitts Walter Kirkland Pooser, Jr. Dorothy Marie Pitts Ellis Powell Great thoughts lead to great men. 70 o Michael Prince Linda Sue Quattlebaum Edward Matthew Rice Phyllis Ann Riddle Miriam Ann Reeves Hovie Dan Revis Daniel Harlon Rhodes William Arvis Robertson John Ferguson Robuck, Jr 71 RODDEY — SMITH Michael Ellis Roddey Sue Carol Sanders Danny Louis Sewell Danny Lamar Roper Thomas Earl Sartain Tommy Schuler Sherman Anna Mary Rosemond George Eugene Jeigler John Coleman Shiflet 72 Katherine Ball Shirk Irving Edison Shivar, Jr. Samuel Harden Sloan Barry Dale Smith Dixie Marie Smith David Smith James M. Smith Katherine Smith Mary Nell Smith 73 SOLES — THOMAS f Onesta Lee Soles Barbara Ann Stegall William Adger Stone, Jr. Barbara Ann Spearman Velle Reece Strain Jane Hardin Stone Stanley McCall Spencer Martha Strawhorn John William Sullivan 74 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Mary Sue Swindle Sarah Lockhart Taylor Donna Jane Swann David Lee Terry Ann Elizabeth Tanner Jill Thomas 75 TIMMERMAN — WASHINGTON Carroll Timmerman Gadie Jane Trussell Carrol Lee Timms Janie Elizabeth Turner Bonnie June Tollison James Michael Twombley Sara Lee Touchberry Carol Jeanne Ulmer Point of no return!!! Henry Martin Ulmer Sherrill Jane Vaughn Judith Lee Wagner Cynthia Ella Umprysy Wayne King Vissage Ellen Frances Walters Brenda Joyce Ussery James Patrick Vickery Betsy Washington 77 WATSON — WOOD Jimmy Ray Watson Kenneth Wayne Wells Marc Herbert Westbrook Robert Hamilton Welborn Vicki Diane Werner John Larry Whiten Virginia Florence Welch Judi Anne West Larry Franklin Whittield 78 Margaret Jane Williams Charles Marion Wilson Elizabeth Donna Wilson Jenna Wilson Larry Gilbert Wilson Margaret Lynda Wilson Prince Otto Wilson Ralph David Wilson Tanda Kay Wood 79 WOODLIEF-ZEIGLER r - Charles San ford Woodlief Charles Arthur Wooten Sandra Kaye Wooten Larry Lee Wright Brenda Elizabeth Wynn Virginia Wurz Norma Jane Zeigler 80 THE CIRCLE K CLUB SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Hamp Hunter, Mac Lever, John Shiflet, Milton Peake, R. Brodus Parker, Advisor. STANDING (LEFT TO RIGHT): Dick Byars, Chuck Wooten, Dan Revis Bill Cloaninger, Ronnie Blume, Bob Cloaninger, Bill Hance, Danny Sewell, Sammy Sloan. Eddie Rice, The Circle K Club consists of both sophomore and freshman men who have proved themselves both in academic and social fields. The members have ac- hieved high scholastic standing, are the leaders of various campus organizations, and are respected on the college campus. The club came into the national spotlight this year when the National Kiwanis magazine featured a pic- ture of the group on the cover. It was in connection with the duty of raising, lowering and generally caring for the American flag of the college. This is the duty that the club has adopted in keeping with the custom- er that each Circle K Club across the nation must perform a specific duty for the school or college under which they are chartered. 81 George Haltiwanger President Louise Porter Vice-President For the members of the class of ' 67 this year has been a time of joy, heart- break, success and failure. It was the beginning of an experience never to be forgotten. The transition from high school to college life was simultaneously bold and frightening. The change meant new faces, new problems, new goals, and new convictions. As the year progressed we came to realize the ideals f or which Anderson College stands. As we grew physically, spiritually, and mentally, we learned to appreciate these ideals more and more. Now that the first year is behind us, we anticipate the next with its bigger opportunities. Participation in college activities such as clubs, religious or- ganizations, publications, and sports have taught us first hand that a college education makes it easier for one to cope with the adult world of work and responsibilities. Judy Looper Secretary FRESHMAN CLASS 82 ■ k ll ' 1. • • 3J i V-f 5 r. ' - fSg r i J " — I I ' J. I -» 7- 1 I I 1 I ■ 1 II 1 m ' SijL J ( ■H :i«V ABERCROMBIE — BLACKWELL Johnny Abercrombie Barry Alexander Ann Bagwell Jerry Abies Robert Anderson Richard Bancroft William Adair Barbara Arflin Carolyn Barker Gary Adams John Ashley James Barrett Nina Allen Danny Atkins Ann Barton 84 Jean Bates Judith Bennett Thomas Beaufort Judith Benton Eddie Beaver Beverly Blackston Walter Belcher Patricia Blackwell The backbone is connected to the hipbone. 85 Marie Blakely Donna Boiter Sherrell Blanton Lynn Bolding Arthur Boggs James Bolen After the mash ferments we ' ll 86 Jean Bolt Frances Bowen Shirley Brazeal Lillian Brock Claud Bond Janet Bowman Martha Brissey Catherine Brockman Arthur Bowen Patricia Boyce Gary Brock Bennett Brown Julian Bowen Steve Bradley Kathy Brock Jeanne Brown 87 BROWN — COKER Rosalie E. Brown James Buchanan David Burton Maury Busbee Sylvia Calton Vivian Campbell Brenda Capell Jerry Carlton Darlene Carroll Tracy Carter Betty Casey Preston Cason Henry Castles Stanley Chandler Elizabeth Chapman Bill Childress 88 Tommy Christian Barry Clemens Anita Coggin Elizabeth Coker Janice Coker Sandra Coker Now let ' s see where is that maste r plot? 89 COLEMAN — EATON Henry Coleman Tommy Coleman AnnCollum Carole Cone Roger Cook Richard Cook Sue Cowan Karen Craigo Madera Crawford Michael Crews Bruce Dantzler Ruth Dantzler Judy Darnell Clarence Davis Jeanette Davis 90 John Dellinger Edward Derrick Jean DeVore Sandy Dossey Linda Dukes Patricia Dunn Patsy Dye Joe Earle Barbara Eaton " I don ' t know where we are going. " 91 MISS FRESHMAN ■k MISS JOAN RAMSEY 92 In 1965 Joan Ramsey finished Pal- metto High School where she was a majorette and a member of the Stu- dent Council. In her freshman year at Anderson College Joan was a cheer- leader, a May Court Attendant and a member of the college choir and the B.S.U. Joan, like many people in the area, enjoys swimming and water skiing. After finishing A. C. Joan plans to at- tend the University of South Carolina. f! 93 EDGAR — GILLIAM Danny Edgar Tom Edwards Joyce Edwins — — • «— , at Judy Ellison Judy Ellis Anne Elrod Clarence Estes Tony Elrod Don Evans Superior mental ability is the quality of all men at Anderson College. Everybody has his own kicks! Barbara Ewing Steve Flaspoehler Charlotte Garner Jeannie Fant Martha Ford Tommy Garrett Patricia Fant Don Gaffney Deborah Gault Billy Felkel Louie Gambrell Linda Gilbert Brown Feltman Ronald Gambrell Mildred Gillam 95 GILMER — HAWKINS iili ,. A Md i ■ j George Gilmer Jerrel Goldman George Gray George Haltiwanger Grant Gilmer Ginger Gordon Joanne Griffith Mary Hamilton Betty Gleaton Johnny Grant Ed Hall Randy Hamilton Jay Glenn Jerry Gravley Thomas Hall Hugh Harbort 96 Joan Hardy Geraldine Harper John David Harrison Elizabeth Hart Denny Hartzog Sue Hawkins A new drink at A.C. — starch and soda. 97 HIGH - INABINET Jim High Dianne Hill Jo Ann Hill Linda Lou Hill Mary Ellen Hill Frank Hill Terry Holl if red Barry Hollingsworth Gayle Holmes Harriet Holmes Charles Holstead Ruth Holt Martha Hopkins Ed Horton George Hough 98 Steve Houston Nancy Hovis Doris Holladay Allen Hudgens Judy Hudson Corky Hughey Eilene Irby Mary Irick Kathleen Inabinet Does anyone know where Doctor Burks lives? 99 Jo Ann Irwin Robin Ivester Thomas James Jannie Jaynes James Jefferson Margaret Johnson Charles Jones Donna Jones This is the way we iron our clothes, iron our clothes, iron our clothes, so early in the morning. 100 ANDERSON COLLEGE LIBRARY r ■■ « » itfikti Doris Jones Dick Kay John Kelley Ken Kirkland Glenn Jones Jenny Keels Wilda Kelley Margaret Knight Ray Jones Martin Keese Eddie King Suzanne Kowalski Bob Kay Carolyn Kelley John King Johnnie Lanford 101 FRESHMAN BEAUTIES ■ . A » t MISS JO BROCKMAN 102 w ' i ■ V MISS LINDA HILL 103 LAUGHRIDGE — MERRITT Rick Laughridge Johnny Lawless Howard Lee Robert Leeds Phyllis Link Dianne Looney Vickie Looper Baylus Love Ronald Lunsford Gary Luper Tina Madden Anne Magers Ann Marchbanks Larry Marquis Doris Martin Franklin Masters 104 Linda Mayse Madelynne Meeks Mike Meeks Barbara Merck Bobby Merritt Dennis Merritt Do any of you guys know what the sum of two and two is? 105 MAHAFFEY — MONTGOMERY Connie Mahaffey Edward Matheny Billy Mew Barbara McCarley Pamela McClain Randy McClure Suzanne McCown Gale McCoy Janis McCoy Marshall McDaniel Jean McDonald Robert McGill 106 Rowland Milam Linda Miller Sally Mitchell Elizabeth Montgomery Gale McKinley Stanley McManus John Mikopoulos I thought Charlton Heston received the Ten Commandments. 107 MOORE -PARRISH Dianne Moore Lane Moore Elaine Moore Tim Moore Gloria Morgan Kathy Morrell Karen Morris Susan Morrow Beverly Muller % t OK, What ' s so funny about the way I ' m dressed. Ain ' t no use to sit and wonder why, babe. Len Munday Dean Murry Jerry Nalley William Nash Michael Nelson John Neville Phil Newsome Nancy Nichols Wayne Nix Janette Norris Robert Norton Gail O ' Dell Dewey O ' Kelley Susan Parkinson Debprah Parrish 109 PARTAIN — RAMMINGER Nancy Peeples Larry Phillips Louise Porter Ronald Pelfrey Thomas Phillips Ann Powell Clyde Perkins Carol Poore Mary Powell Terry Partain Donna Perry David Poore Bob Powell no Stanley Powell Dianne Quattlebaum Sandra Pridmore Eddie Quattlebaum Joe Pye Barbara Radcliff John Quarles Joan Ramminger There ' s something about an Aqua Velva man. ill RAMSEY — Joan Ramsey Martha Richey Catherine Rogers David Rose Robert Sanford Jimmy Renfroe Connie Robinson Mary Rogers Neal Rose Brenda Satterfield Linda Reynolds Billy Rodgers Larry Roe Johnnie Sanford Steve Schronce 112 3 J James Senn William Sherard Mary Shirley Sharon Shirley Dennie Simmons Cheryl Simpson Dick Sloan David Smalley Julia Smith All loss and no assets. 113 SMITH - TERRY Beverly Smith Ed Smith Terry Southerland Mary Spigener Paula Statford Nancy Steele I ' ll call your five and raise you twenty. Al Stevens Sandy Stevens Lewis Stewart Beverly Stokes Tony Stone Larry Stovall Tony Sullivan James Sutherland Joyce Swayngham Gloria Tate Barbara Taylor James Taylor Marvin Taylor Judy Teems Mary Terry Willie Terry 115 THOMAS — WELLS Anita Thomas Randy Thomas Alfred Thomason Lynn Thomasson Deborah Thompson Gloria Thrasher Mike Thrasher Johnny Thruston Anne Timmons Sandra Tucker John VunCannon Linda Vance Roxie Varn Jennifer Vaughn Vicky Vernon 116 Danny Vincent Billy Walker Darrell Wall Gary Ward Lonnie Watt Ann Watts Danny Webb Janice Webber Kenneth Wells Who is giving who the brush off? Is this the tennis kind of love? WERNER — YOUNG Vicki Werner Emajine Wessinger Barbara Wheeler Tinka White I ' Frankie Whitworth Linda Wilder Carolyn Williams Jim Williams Marolyn Williams Nettie Sue Williams Ronald Wilson Marilyn Wilson Richard Wilson Jean Wise Frances Wood Elizabeth Woods 118 Jan Woods Larry Woods Linda Woodson Jo Earle Wooten ii Sammie Wyatt Foster Yarborough Claudia Young Thomas Young 119 BASKETBALL ANDERSON 50 ANDERSON 72 ANDERSON 53 ANDERSON 67 ANDERSON 69 ANDERSON 95 ANDERSON 55 ANDERSON 62 ANDERSON 57 ANDERSON 58 ANDERSON 79 ANDERSON 80 ANDERSON 74 ANDERSON 72 ANDERSON 88 ANDERSON 85 ANDERSON 70 ANDERSON 93 ANDERSON 68 ANDERSON 54 ANDERSON 56 ANDERSON 70 ANDERSON 71 ANDERSON 54 ANDERSON 66 ANDERSON 69 ANDERSON 70 NEWBERRY 59 BAPTIST COLLEGE 74 GARDNER WEBB 83 WINGATE 68 GARDNER WEBB 82 FURMAN 115 BREVARD 59 U.S.C. FRESHMEN 60 LEE ' S McRAE 60 SHORTER 71 BERRY 87 SHORTER 72 BERRY 92 NEWBERRY 69 FURMAN FRESHMEN 87 NORTH GREENVILLE 93 CLEMSON FRESHMEN 58 BAPTIST COLLEGE 91 WINGATE 117 BREVARD 89 SPARTANBURG 54 NORTH GREENVILLE 75 SPARTANBURG 87 U.S.C. FRESHMEN 78 GARDNER WEBB 99 WINGATE 74 LEE ' S McRAE 78 120 Joe Ellis George Gray Tracy Carter 121 Craig Drennon Gary Adams Pat Vickery A tense moment. 122 Gary Ward Charles Edgar Robert Norton 123 Danny Adkins Waiting patiently Bobby Men-it 124 Eddie Quattlebaum Tom Edwards 125 Larry Brooks They play hard . . And feel disappointment. 127 Drennon in action. 128 Fast moving and . . wfmur VfH J ■ % ■Pi ' - ; M sSI li J 4 y Mj Wbiv PatAllbritton Joyce Ussery 130 i I Donna Clark CHEERLEADERS Linda Miller FIRST ROW: Donna Clark, Joan Ramsey Joyce Ussery. SECOND ROW: Linda Mil- ler, Pat Allbritton. TOP: Gayle Holmes. Gayle Holmes Joan Ramsey 131 BASEBALL 1965 Coach Hill 132 George (Red) Butler Buddy Jennings Gene Dunlap 133 Larry Whitfield L f ■ 134 Buddy Brooks A K ' • ,i:V V J k ik Wl r ' ' , . , ' ir ' - ' i !? I + Rick Parnel Sammy Sloan Donnie Nelson ; 0 135 -5 Chuck Gunnin Edgar Perry Al Westmoreland dfc I k ■ Tommy Messex Chuck Cuttino IWF — 136 i jj f Bm ' %mm ' Mi — ■■ j SEATED: George Butler, Manager. FIRST ROW: Donnie Nelson, Chuck Cuttino, Al West- moreland, Sammy Sloan, Gene Dunlap. SECOND ROW: Coach Hill, Chuck Gunnin, Edgar Perry, Larry Whitfield, Buddy Jennings, Buddy Brooks, Rick Parnell. Anderson Opponent Spartanburg Junior College 10 8 Carolina Freshmen 6 15 Carolina Freshmen 4 6 Kings 1 Kings 4 North Greenville 3 2 Brevard 19 5 Gardner Webb 4 Clemson Freshmen 9 11 Wingate 3 4 Wingate 1 7 Brevard 2 3 Spartanburg 9 Furman 10 Gardner Webb 4 5 Carolina Freshmen 1 North Greenville 12 11 Clemson Freshmen 8 6 137 Larry Elrod John Charping Sammy Vivian Gene Dunlap v 138 1965 TENNIS Barry Smith Tim Smith FIRST ROW: John Charping, Sammy Vivian, Larry Elrod. SECOND ROW: Coach Max Grubbs, Barry Smith, Tim Smith, Gene Dunlap. 1965 GOLF Coach Pushard, Hampton Hunter, Benny McAulay, Mac Ellerbe, David Smith. 1965 WOMEN ' S TRACK FIRST ROW: Nancy Clinton, Sandra Brown, Pat McDonald, Gwen Garret, Nancy Smith. SECOND ROW: Coach Grubbs, Dot Jameson, Linda Wilson, Melba Yeargin, Jill Page. rtf a t 140 1965 MEN ' S TRACK FIRST ROW: Don Connally, Tommy Chapman. SECOND ROW: Charles Wooten, Charles Milam, Bill Hance. Coach Bagwell A forward pass?????? SOPHOMORE - FRESHMAN FOOTBALL GAME i«P Hey, where is everybody? ,-! ) ■■ .. The moment of judgment. Jgrfc? Sophomores won, 27-14. Mass confusion. 143 A BEAUTY CONTEST IS . . T H v FUN, TALENT, I ivt I J,,:; I . J I 144 -y. " " COURTESY, AND JOY. i. w SUSPENSE, 145 MAY QUEEN Miss Pat Allbritton is from Honea Path, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Allbritton. She is head cheer- leader, was voted the most valuable player on the girls track team as a freshman, and is Vice-President of the Sophomore Class. She also was elected as one of the sophomore class beauties. Pat plans to major in leaving Anderson College attend Appalachian State College and work toward art after She will teacher ' s a degree that will enable her to teach art. £ MISS PAT ALLBRITTON 146 MAID OF HONOR MISS MARY JOHNSTON 147 SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS LINDA ANN AUSTIN I IIf SUEELROD ■ 148 LINDA GRAMLING ,-. i JOYCE USSERY 149 FRESHMAN ATTENDANTS VICKI LOOPER I LOUISE PORTER ISO JOAN RAMSEY W » A ■ t i4 DIANNEQUATTLEBAUM 151 LEADERSHIP FORUM FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Wilson, Nancy Hughey, Jane Ellen Lee, Jackie Anderson, Darlene Addington, Ann Austin, Jane Ziegler, Shirley Brazil. SECOND ROW: Dan Revis, Bill Hance, Danny Sewell, George Haltiwanger. THIRD ROW: Marc Westbrook, Hamp Hunter, Bill Robinston. Dean Butler, Advisor 152 PHI THETA KAPPA The Phi Theta Kappa is a national scholastic honorary society for junior colleges. To be eligible for membership one must be enrolled in liberal arts courses, taking at least 15 hours, and have a 2.2 academic average. Beta Pi, the Anderson College chapter, was under the leadership of Hamp Hunter as President. The highlight of the year was an informal party at the home of their advisor Henry von Hasseln, professor of history. Mr. Henry von Hasseln, advisor Standing: Hampton Hunter. Seated(Left to right): First Row: Ronnie Blume, David Smith, Robert Welborn. Second Row: Sherrill Knobel, Bob Cloaninger, Mike Hatfield. Third Row: Ann McClellan, Joyce Ussery, Jackie Anderson, Deanna Pennington. Fourth Row: Jackie Oakley, Larry Craine, Dixie Smith. 153 r n 0 f i " " JSl I Alright, Mr. Smith, look carefully a t the suspects and tell us which one was your assailant. A game of champions . 154 Both students and faculty enjoy a rest after a hard day ' s work. 155 Some like ideas . others like creativity and others like action. 156 In order to give students an opportunity to be active in fields of interest outside those related to academics, a broad extracurricular schedule has been adopted. Students partici- pate in many types of activities. Art, debating, singing, athletics, writing, and taking part in religious activities are just a few of the possi- bilities open to the students. The college hopes that by availing the students to clubs and or- ganizations that give them a chance to parti- cipate in activities that interest them it will ease the pressure of studies and make the students stay at the College more enjoyable. 157 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union Members Seated (Left to right): Dora Hancock, Mike Hatfield, Harriett Gilliam, Pat Hart, Marc Westbrook, Barbara Montgamery, E. H. Vivian, Bill Robertson. Standing (Left to right); Janet Bowman, Jill Page, Carroll Timmerman, George Haltiwanger, Linda Gamble, Toni Jo Hagan, Nancy Hughey. 158 s 1 - : ,s a % Y.W.A Circle meetings in West. Standing (Left to right): Sara Lee Touchberry, Linda Sue Quattlebaum, Dixie Smith, June Foreman, Dianne Quattlebaum, Pat Allbritton, Mary Swindle, Jane Lee, Beth Hart, Elizabeth Coker. Seated: Miss Dora Hancock, Donna Wilson, Ellen Walters, Anita Thomas, Linda Wilder, Pam McClain, Vivian Campbell. and East dorm. WESLEY FELLOWSHIP The Wesley Fellowship is open to all Methodist students on the Anderson College campus. Mem- bers take part in such activities as deputations and socials. Mrs. Mary Sullivan, professor of music, is sponsor of the group which had as its president this year Chuck Wooten. St. John ' s Methodist Church and Trinity Methodist Church, both in Anderson, are the sponsoring churches. Advisor; Mrs. Mary Sullivan Seated (Left to Right): Sue Elrod, Chuck Wooten, Donna Clark. Standing (Left to Right): Bob Cloaninger, Sue Williams, Margaret Blanton, Jenny Keels, Mac Lever. 160 WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Standing (Left to Right): Judy Wagner, Sharon Shirley, Elaine DeWitt, Hamp Hunter, Marilyn Wilson, Mary Hamilton. Seated (Left to Right): Jane McNair, Jane Martin, Dot Pitts, Danny Sewell. Students attend chapel twice weekly. 161 NEWMAN CLUB Left to Right: Rick Phillips, Candy Magers, John King, Virginia Wurz and Mr. Webb. The Newman Club was organized this year. It is the religious organization for the Catholics on campus. The advisor is Mr. Lawrence Webb. 162 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION This association consisting of Christian members feeling a definite calling to the ministry is organized for purpose of inspiration and service. Me l j Ch3Steen ' T ° ny Beaf0rd ' Bi " R ° bertSOn ' L Phi ' " P s - Sec ° " d ™» Ji - y Watson, Billy 163 CHURCH RELATED VOCATIONS Left to right: Mr. Fred Metts, George Haltiwanger, Doris Hol iday, Nancy Lepord, Stella Anastos, Jerry Abies, Edward Matheny. Advisor Mr. Fred Metts The Church Related Vocations is the campus or- ganization for students who are preparing for the ministry of music, education, youth work, or other church staff positions, excluding the pastorate. The advisor is Mr. Fred Metts. FTP M . |k-t V pt t yLI I ' ifJ ' A r M|ji Wlm Ti 1 164 RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES AFTERWORD Anderson College is a Baptist school. Therefore it is only natural that the religious activities on the campus are very necessary to the school, both faculty and students. However these organizations are of greater im- portance than we might think. It is through them that we gain spiritual greatness, social manners, and the kind of long-lasting friendship that all of us value. To the advisors of these campus groups and the churches that sponsor them we owe a great debt. We can pay this debt by showing that we have benefited from their training. 165 NIGHT SCHOOL Students register for classes. The Anderson College Night Di- vision started in the fall ot 1958 for those who would otherwise not have the time to work to get credits toward a college degree. The addition of chemistry this year brought the total number of courses taught to nine. Students enrolled in the night division this year were able to take from three to twelve hours of college credit. 166 Steward Baylor William Bolt William Brown Stephen Carpenter Ray Chasteen Terry Cleveland llean Cobb Truman Copeland Richard Cundift Charles Dilworth Jefferson Elledge Glenn Evans Henry Fletcher Steve Griffin Charles Hall 167 iikdJti Gena Harrison Virginia Long Barbara Mulkey Larry Poore Bobby Jenkins Ray McBurnett Patricia Padgett Ken Porter Gerald Ledbetter Ben McClain Jean Patterson Owen Robertson Gail Livengood Marcus Mills Robert PhilliDS Mary Ann Rollins 168 A typical Night School session at Anderson College. Sammy Saxon Bennie Singleton Dennis Smith Glenn Thomason Ralph Tollison Donna Vew Betty Watkins Phyllis Welborn Tony Wilder 169 DIRECTORY SOPHOMORES Linda Darlene Addington Route 8 Greenville, South Carolina Patricia Ann Allbritton Route 3 Honea Path, South Carolina Douglas Burton Allen, Jr. 100 Rose Hill Anderson, South Carolina Don Legare Albertson Route 1 Elberton, Georgia Stella Jo Anastos Box 128 Marietta, South Carolina Jacqueline May Anderson 9 Sherwood Drive Seneca, South Carolina Fred Harold Anthony Forest Hills Pendleton, South Carolina Linda Ann Austin 21 Anderson Highway Piedmont, South Carolina Edna Eugenia Ayer 513 North 4th Street Seneca, South Carolina Marsha Leigh Bacon 1605 Woodcrest Charleston, South Carolina Judy Carolyn Bannister Whitehall Street Anderson, South Carolina Cynthia Virginia Bates 2022 Sheldon Drive Anderson, South Carolina Patricia Ann Baugus 16 Felton Lavonia, Georgia Paul Hubert Beele 517B Cheyenne Anderson, South Carolina Sandra Eugenia Bell 3912 Capers Columbia, South Carolina Margaret Blanton P. 0. Box 185 Woodruff, South Carolina Ronnie Terrill Blume Route 2 Anderson, South Carolina Jay Craft Bobo 1922 Inman Drive Anderson, South Carolina Doris M. Bradberry Route 1 Williamston, South Carolina Leslie Anne Bratton 105 Watkins Street Belton, South Carolina Kenneth Lee Brewer Route 6 Greenville, South Carolina Betty T. Brickie Route 1 Iva, South Carolina Mansell Reid Bridwell Virginia Avenue Honea Path, South Carolina Boyd Perry Britt 405 Dickens Avenue Anderson, South Carolina Charles Mitchell Brooks 13-3 Bailey Court Anderson, South Carolina James H. Brooks Route 3 Simpsonville, South Carolina Allan Eugene Brown 1917 Inman Drive Anderson, South Carolina Frances Elizabeth Browne 2303 West North Avenue Anderson, South Carolina Mary Coyle Brown Hartwell Road Elberton, Georgia Sandra Lynn Brown Box 667 Lane, South Carolina Thomas Woddell Bruner 130 Heatherwood Columbia, South Carolina William Douglas Bryant Route 1 Pelzer, South Carolina Jo Ann Bunton Route 1 Pelzer, South Carolina Michael Harold Burton 318 Savannah Street Calhoun Falls, South Carolina Richard Kenneth Byars 104 Woodveen Laurens, South Carolina Henry Downs Byrd, Jr. 808 N. Cedar Summerville, South Carolina John Benard Byrd 206 Magaminn Street Abbeville, South Carolina Miriam Suzanne Calvert 308 Fleming Anderson, South Carolina Derrell Thomas Capell 601 Camfield Anderson, South Carolina David Paul Catanzaro 419 Tanglewood Anderson, South Carolina Dannt Paul Causey 15 Allison Ave. Hanahan, South Carolina Arthur Vanvy Chapman 205 Myrthe Avenue Belton, South Carolina Tommy Austin Chapman 1610 Chapman Rd. Anderson, South Carolina Delpha Dean Chappell Box 307 Seneca, South Carolina Donald Ray Chasteen 40 Goodrich Pelzer, South Carolina Donna Farlice Clark Route 6 Greenville, South Carolina Susan Valeria Clark 1347 St. Clair Charleston, South Carolina William Smith Cloaninger Hopkins, South Carolina Robert Lee Cloaninger Hopkins, South Carolina John Blease Cochran 417 Boundary Anderson, South Carolina William Sammy Collins Box 44 Batesburg, South Carolina Leland R. Congdon 223 Shockly Ferry Anderson, South Carolina Don Craig Connelly Hampton, South Carolina Ella Maria Cothran Route 1 Gray Court, South Carolina Maria Sue Cowan Route 1 Iva, South Carolina Shirley Kay Couch 105 Glazner Easley, South Carolina Katharine Krispin Covington 4100 Kilbourne Columbia, South Carolina David Allen Cox Fredericks Anderson, South Carolina Dewey Clinton Craig Campus Anderson College Anderson, South Carolina Larry Ray Crain Route 3 Westminster, South Carolina Norman Douglas Crain Route 3 Westminster, South Carolina Richard Edward Crawford Saluda Heights Ware Shoals, South Carolina Judith E. Crook 301 George Street St. George, South Carolina Charles Ennis Cuttino RFD— Box 26 Elloree, South Carolina Lucy Catherine Davis 111 Range View Circle Greenville, South Carolina Olivia R. Davis Route 1, Box 404 Piedmont, South Carolina Sarah Patricia Dedmon Bluff Road Allendale, South Carolina Belva Elaine DeWhitt 202 Donnybrook Greenville, South Carolina Horace Ansel Dickson 1006 Elizabeth Anderson, South Carolina Kathryn Juanita Dickson 414 Central Anderson, South Carolina Alton Craig Drennon Box 515 Iva, South Carolina Russell Eugene Dunlap 107 Sumter Greenville, South Carolina Charles Lee Edgar Route 1 Townville, South Carolina Jesse Daniel Edgar 36 Ames Senece, South Carolina Elbert Thomas Edwards, Jr. 3907 Liberty Hwy. Anderson, South Carolina Donnie Jerry Edwards Prosperity Ave. Greenville, South Carolina Thomas Wayne Edwards 193 Sherry Dr. Aiken, South Carolina Mary Joyce Edwins 1613 Central Orangeburg, South Carolina Frances Harriet Ellis Route 1 Martin, South Carolina Jack Daniel Ellis Route 1 Alpharetta, Georgia Joseph Richard Ellis 211 Society Anderson, South Carolina Anthony Wayne Elrod Box 253 Central, South Carolina Larry Robert Elrod 302 B Anderson, South Carolina Patricia Anne Elrod 303 W. Fredericks Anderson, South Carolina Shirley Sue Elrod Route 8 Greenville, South Carolina Stephen Earl Embler 304 Timberland Anderson, South Carolina Jesse Reese Fant III 309 Whitehall Anderson, South Carolina James Brown Feltman 308 W. Johnson Hartwell, Georgia 170 Thomas Charles Ferguson Route 4 Piedmont, South Carolina Grover Smith File 1608 College Anderson, South Carolina Martha June Foreman Modoc, South Carolina Susan Frances Fortune Parr, South Carolina Harold Eugene Fowler 216 A Williamston Anderson, South Caro lina Frances Marie Fowler Route 3 Seneca, South Carolina Marion Gleen Freeman P. 0. Box 15 Liberty, South Carolina Morris Lynn Freeman P. 0. Box 15 Liberty, South Carolina Edward Cecil Frierson 105 Highland Easley, South Carolina Linda Ann Gamble Route 3 Heningway, South Carolina Gwendolyn Augusta Garrett 96 Ridge Lyman, South Carolina Walter Edmond Gibson, Jr. 1611 Sawsbury Anderson, South Carolina Marlyn Glenn Route 3 Anderson, South Carolina Ramona Dawn (Lassie) Glenn Box 143 Starr, South Carolina Carolyn Elizabeth Graham Route 4 Seneca, South Carolina Lynda Laurie Gramling Route 1 Orangeburg, South Carolina Patricia Ellen Granger 2667 Two Notch Columbia, South Carolina Caroline Marshall Grant Ancrum Road Camden, South Carolina Charles Henry Graniham, Jr. Route 1 Abbeville, South Carolina Kenneth Randall Gunnin Route 6 Anderson, South Carolina Toni Jo Hagan Route 3 Laurens, South Carolina Charles Dean Hall 101 Apex Laurens, South Carolina Donald Andrew Hall Route 5 Seneca, South Carolina Glenword Kay Hall 403 W. Main Walhalla, South Carolina Michael Edward Hall Route 2 Honea Path, South Carolina George William Hance, Jr. Box 306 Simpsonville, South Carolina James Edwin Hanks, Jr. 606 E. Orr Anderson, South Carolina Patricia Anne Hart 106 Sylvania Greenville, South Carolina Thomas Frank Harvey Box 558 Lowndesville, South Carolina Michael Ellis Hatfield 81-Hampton Apartments Sumter, South Carolina William Jackson Hays 110 James Anderson, South Carolina Ralph Michael Hendricks Route 2 Central, South Carolina William Clayton Hernden Hartwell, Georgia Katherine Elizabeth Heyward 130 Middle Mount Pleasant, South Carolina Timothy Edwin Hicks 34-B Melville Greenville, South Carolina David Walter High 211 Whitehall Anderson, South Carolina Carole Anne Holland 208 Thackston Fountain Inn, South Carolina Elizabeth Ann Holliday Route 3 Belton, South Carolina Clarence Norman Hollingsworth 212 Robin Hood Greenville, South Carolina David Ray Hopkins 6 Reid Pelzer, South Carolina Ronald Kenneth Houch 1407 W. Parker Greenville, South Carolina Larry Ronald Huffman 305 Spruce Greenville, South Carolina Nancy Jo Hughey Route 5 Easley, South Carolina Melmoth Hampton Hunter W. Main Laurens, South Carolina Dorothy Jean Jameson Route 1, Box 168 Liberty, South Carolina Logan Catherine Jenkins Route 1 Gray Court, South Carolina Mary LaVerne Johnston Box 193 Reevesville, South Carolina Raymoth William Jones, Jr. 1905 Edgewood Anderson, South Carolina Linda Susan Joyner 6200 S. W. 67 Avenue Miami, South Carolina Fate M. Julian 31 Gilmer Anderson, South Carolina Richard M. Kay 404 O ' Neal Belton, South Carolina Margaret Ann Kelly Park House Pelzer, South Carolina Richard Clayton King Route 3 Pelzer, South Carolina Sherrill Lynn Knobel 608 Camf ield Anderson, South Carolina Ernest Alfred Kornahrens P. O. Box 335 Moncks Corner, South Carolina Benjamin Nolan Lancaster 200 Jefferson Clinton, South Carolina Larry Eugene Lange 138 Tugaloo Calhoun Falls, South Carolina Roy Buford Landreth 4 Davis Ware Shoals, South Carolina Charles Franklin Lawson 846 Brandywine Jacksonville, Florida James Collins Leary 802 Bailey Court Anderson, South Carolina Jane Ellen Lee Route 1 Lowrys, South Carolina Nancy Elizabeth Leopard 100 Hamilton Williamston, South Carolina Charles McCollum Lever 254 Reggs Clemson, South Carolina Carol Jean Lindsey 601 River Belton, South Carolina Kenneth Lane Lindsey Route 1 Townville, South Carolina Dwight Brock Loftis 803 Beachwood Anderson, South Carolina Judy Margaret Looper 101 An i way Pickens, South Carolina Jimmy Larry Lowe 27 McG»e Belton, South Carolina Talmadge Hardman Luker Route 2 Donalds, South Carolina Carlie Ann Lyles Route 3 Winnsboro, South Carolina Benson W. McAuley 1674 Woodlake Columbia, South Carolina Mary Kathryn McCarley Route 1 Iva, South Carolina Nancy Carroll McClain Route 1 Abbeville, South Carolina Patricia Ann McClellan 2401 Pope Anderson, South Carolina Pat McDonald Box 1178 Greenwood, South Carolina Anne Day McGaha 215 K Anderson, South Carolina Grace Ann McKinney 700 Edisto Johnston, South Carolina 171 Mirtis Lynn McLees Route 2 Westminster, South Carolina Lubby Jane McNair 119 Maplebrook Laurens, South Carolina William Calvin Macomson Route 6 Anderson, South Carolina Thomas Gary Madden 301 W. Main Laurens, South Carolina Margaret Mardis 411 Reynolds Barnwell, South Carolina Judith Elaine Marett W. Main Liberty, South Carolina Anna Greene Marr 264 C Clemson, South Carolina Mary Jane Martin 1102 W. Main Laurens, South Carolina Paul Edward Matheny P. 0. Box 217 Bamberg, South Carolina David C. Mattison Box 305 Ware Shoals, South Carolina John Thomas Meehan Box 37 Pendleton, South Carolina Ethel C. Metts (Mrs.) 18-1-A Bailey Court Anderson, South Carolina Barbara Jean Montgomery Route 2 Gray Court, South Carolina Jamie Kay Morris Route 2, Box 215 Sumter, South Carolina Beverly Lynn Muller Musgrove Extension Clinton, South Carolina Tommy D. Messex 5429 Marie North Charleston, South Carolina Andy Leon Norris 104 McGawan Abbeville, South Carolina Jackie Kay Oakley (Mrs.) 1700 Edgewood Anderson, South Carolina Dorothy Jill Page Box 268 Woodruff, South Carolina Lois Gail Painter 1300 Penn Edgefield, South Carolina David Lanier Palmer Box 1402 Clemson, South Carolina Sherry Elaine Parker 685 Coble Athens, Georgia Brenda Katherine Patton Route 3 Simpsonville, South Carolina Nancy Rebecca Patton Route 2 Fountain Inn, North Carolina Frank Peake Route 1 Elgin, South Carolina Milton Lavon Peake Route 1 Elgin, South Carolina Roger Leroy Pedrick Calhoun Anderson, South Carolina Deanna Pennington P. O. Box 56 Starr, South Carolina Edgar Ellis Perry 13-4 Bailey Anderson, South Carolina Ester Anne Perry 13-4 Bailey Anderson, South Carolina Eva Carol Perry 2460 Robin Crest West Columbia, South Carolina Jenny Lynn Pettigrew 3404 New Pond Anderson, South Carolina George Stephen Phillips 114 Edgewood Williamston, South Carolina Dorothy Marie Pitts Route 3, Box 157 Laurens, South Carolina William H. Pitts 402 Pine Knoll Greenville, South Carolina Norman Sherrell Ponder 105A Broad Anderson, South Carolina Janice Lorraine Poole 514 Smithmore Anderson, South Carolina Walter Kirkland Pooser, Jr. Route 1, Box 3 Cameron, South Carolina I ouise Katherine Porter Route 2 Orangeburg, South Carolina Mike Prince 10 Lee Ware Shoals, South Carolina Linda Sue Quattlebaum Box 71 Wagener, South Carolina Roy Dean Ramey Augusta Westminster, South Carolina Miriam Ann Reeves 2702 Cedar Lane Anderson, South Carolina Movie Dan Revis 12 Academy Williamston, South Carolina Daniel Harlon Rhodes Route 3 Anderson, South Carolina Phyllis Ann Riddle Route 1 Simpsonville, South Carolina William Arvis Robertson 415 Cypress Milton, Florida John Ferguson Robyck 105 Heatley Moncks Corner, South Carolina Michael Ellis Roddy Route 3 Chester, South Carolina Danny Lamar Roper 210 Highland Hartwell, South Carolina Anna Mary Rosamond 4 W. Main Taylors Sue Carol Sanders 422 Highland Drive Elberton. Georgia Thomas Earl Sartain 2703 Cedar Lane Anderson, South Carolina George Eugene Seigler Route 4 Abbeville, South Carolina Danny Louis Sewell 525 Elm Elberton, South Carolina Marion Monroe Shadron Homestead Road Candler, North Carolina Tommy Schugler Sherman 24 Jones Avenue Greenville, South Carolina John Coleman Shiflet 202 Cambridge Ninety-Six, South Carolina Katherine Ball Shirk 509W Conestaga Street New Holland, Pennsylvania Irving Edison Shivar, Jr. 11-4 Bailey Court Anderson, South Carolina Sammuel Harden Sloan Route 1 Simpsonville, South Carolina Barry Dale Smith Elliott, South Carolina Dixie Marie Smith Route 1 Madison, South Carolina James M. Smith S. Latimer Greenville, South Carolina Mary Nell Smith Route 1 Pendleton, South Carolina Katherine Smith Kinards, South Carolina Timothy Wayne Smith 11 LeVerne Sumter, South Carolina Treva W. Smith (Mrs.) Box 345 Iva, South Carolina Onesta Lee Soles Box 85 Barnwell, South Carolina Barbara Ann Spearman Route 1 Pelzer, South Carolina Stanley McCall Spencer 207 Crescent Laurens, South Carolina Barbara Ann Stegall 24084 N. Main Street Anderson, South Carolina Linda Joyce Stevens 122 Clemson Street Clemson, South Carolina Sidney Eugene Stewart Route 1 Pendleton, South Carolina William Adger Stone, Jr. Route 2 Pelzer, South Carolina Velle Reece Strain 2301 Lindale Anderson, South Carolina Martha Strawhorn Box 299 Due West, South Carolina Tony Leonard Strawhorn Fairview Avenue Ware Shoals, South Carolina John William Sullivan 2208 E. N. Avenue Anderson, South Carolina Mary Sue Swindle 2 Mary Street Greenville, South Carolina Donna Jane Swann 6646 SW 65 Terrace S. Miami, Florida Ann E. Tanner 4 Daniel Greenville, South Carolina Sarah Lockhart Taylor Box 507 Anderson, South Carolina David Lee Terry 308 E. Main Street Williamston, South Carolina Margaret Jean Terry 7433 Patricia St. Columbia, South Carolina Jill Thomas 104 Oak Hampton, South Carolina John Allen Thompson, III 514 Academy Laurens, South Carolina Carroll Timmerman Route 1 Ninety Six, South Carolina Carrol Lee Timms Box 205 Belton, South Carolina Bonnie June Tollison Route 4, Box 331 Anderson, South Carolina Sara Lee Touchberry Route 1 Batesburg, South Carolina Gadie Jane Trussell Route 1 Waterloo, South Carolina Janie Elizabeth Turner 109 Dacus Williamston, South Carolina James Michael Twombley 271 Carolina Sumter, South Carolina Carol Jeanne Ulmer Box 276 Cameron, South Carolina Henry Martin Ulmer Box 86 Brunson, South Carolina Cynthia Ellen Umrysy 835 Prince John Charleston, South Carolina 172 Brenda Joyce Ussery 2302 Millgit Anderson, South Carolina Sherrill Jane Vaughn 614 Wade Hampton Greer, South Carolina James Patrick Vickery 504 Catheart Anderson, South Carolina Wayne King Vissage Star Route Walhalla, South Carolina Judith Lee Wagner Box 27 Delaware, New Jersey Margaret Carol Waller 205 Lark Clemson, South Carolina Ellen Frances Walters 4139 Buchanan Cola, South Carolina Betsy Washington Box 74 Gray Court, South Carolina Jimmv Rav Watson P. 0. Box 244 Calhoun Falls, South Carolina Virginia Florence Welch 135 B Harba View Charleston, South Carolina Kenneth Wayne Wells Route 1 Pelzer, South Carolina James Hart Werts 226 W. Main Ninety Six, South Carolina Judi Anne West Southeast Main Simpsonville, South Carolina Marc Herbert Westbrook 415 North Anderson, South Carolina John Larry Whiten Route 6, Whiten Anderson, South Carolina Harold Edward Whitfield Route 1 Pendleton, South Carolina Larry Franklin Whitfield 3203 Levern Anderson, South Carolina Margaret Jane Williams 614 Marshall Anderson, South Carolina Charles Marion Wilson Route 3 Laurens, South Carolina Jenna Wilson 2-A1 Bailey Court Anderson, South Carolina Larry Gilbert Wilson Carter Langley, South Carolina Elizabeth Donna Wilson 228 Church Laurens, South Carolina Margaret Lynda Wilson Route 2 Lavonia, Georgia P. Otto Wilson 44 Douglas Greenville, South Carolina Ralph D. Wilson Route 3 Gray Court, South Carolina Tanda Kay Wood Route 1 Modoc, South Carolina Charles Sanford Woodlief Route 6 Greenville, South Carolina Charles Arthur Wooten Box 1462 Anderson, South Carolina Sandra Kaye Wooten Route 2 Greer, South Carolina Larry Lee Wright 710 N. Main Honea Path, South Carolina Virginia E. Wurz 531 Drayton Anderson, South Carolina Brenda Elizabeth Wynn Windsor Park Cheraw, South Carolina Norma Jane Zeigler 108 Pinewood Walterboro, South Carolina FRESHMEN Johnny Paul Abercrombie Route 1 Ware Shoals, South Carolina Jerry Lee Abies 217 Brook Street Honea Path, South Carolina William Garrett Adair, Jr. Route 1 Owings, South Carolina Gary Dean Adams Route 2 Bessemer City, North Carolina Nina Frances Allen 6321 N. 36 Street Arlington, Virginia Barry Kenneth Alexander 307 Highland Drive Clemson, South Carolina Robert Randolph Anderson Route 3 Camden, South Carolina Barbara Elaine Arflin S. McDuffie Anderson, South Carolina John Barnett Ashley, Jr. 9 Central Avenue Honea Path, South Carolina Danny Eugene Atkins 22 Apple Barnwell, South Carolina Mary Ann Bagwell Route 1 Williamston, South Carolina Donald Jerry Baker Route 3 Piedmont, South Carolina Joseph Richard Bancroft, Jr. 17 Kenilworth Charleston, South Carolina Carolyn Annette Barker Route 3, Box 97 Westminster, South Carolina James Phillip Barrett 300 Owing Laurens, South Carolina Jo Ann Barton 4 Pine Ridge Drive Greenville, South Carolina Norma Jean Bates Route 2 Marietta, South Carolina Harold Thomas Beauford Highland Terrace Abbeville, South Carolina Thomas Eddie Beaver 28 Surley Greenville, South Carolina Clyde Walter Belcher 12 Catawba Street Greenville, South Carolina Betty Ann Bennett 203 Duckworth Drive Williamston, South Carolina Judith Ann Bennett 341 Tribble Anderson, South Carolina Judith Preston Benton 411 Faust Bamberg, South Carolina Barney Lenwood Best Route 4 Greenville, South Carolina Beverly Ann Blackston Welborn West Pelzer, South Carolina Patricia Dianne Blackwell Route 4, Box 920 Orangeburg, South Carolina Jo Marie Blakely Route 2 Martin, South Carolina Beverly Jane Blanton North Dormitory, Anderson Hospital Anderson, South Carolina Sherrell Clyde Blanton Route 4 Nichols, South Carolina Arthur Hayne Boggs, Jr. Bolt Drive Anderson, South Carolina Barrie Lee Boggs 1605 Sansbury Drive Anderson, South Carolina Donna Kay Boiter Route 1 Piedmont, South Carolina Peggy Lynn Bolding Route 2 Pickens, South Carolina James Ryan Bolen 109 Pineview Abbeville, South Carolina Luther Richard Bolen III 938 Stanley Orangeburg, South Carolina Johnie Jean Bolt 4729 Devercay Columbia, South Carolina Claud William Bond 121 McGowan Abbeville, South Carolina Bernard Arthur Bowen 506 Drayton Circle Anderson, South Carolina Julian William Bowen 139 Hillcrest Toccoa, Georgia Frances Helen Bowen 810 Bleckleyst Anderson, South Carolina Janet Eve Bowman Route 1, Box 2 Iva, South Carolina Patricia Ann Boyce Anderson Drive Williamston, South Carolina Steven Russell Bradley 175 Mythe Pezer, South Carolina William Ormslry Bradley 2820 Bellview Road Anderson, South Carolina Shirley June Brazeal 16 Holiday Street West Pelzer, South Carolina Martha Jane Brissey Route 1 Ware Shoals, South Carolina Gary Samuel Brock Route 1 Westminster, South Carolina Kathy Gale Brock 502 North Street Anderson, South Carolina Lillian Jane Brock 25 Central Avenue Honea Path, South Carolina Catherine Joselyn Brockman Route 1 Greer, South Carolina Larry Neil Brooks Mohawk, Tennessee Bennett Emmett Brown, Jr. Box 396 Kingstree, South Carolina Jeanne Ruth Brown 401 Jeb Stuart Anderson, South Carolina Rosalie Elizabeth Brown 28 Stockee Drive Charleston, South Carolina Jasper James Buchanan, Jr. 2609 McKinley Drive Anderson, South Carolina Floyd David Burton 1203 S. Tower Anderson, South Carolina Sara Patricia Burton Route 4 Abbeville, South Carolina Maury Judson Busbee Route 1 Wagener, South Carolina Sylvia Carolyn Calton 820 Ridgedale Drive Spartanburg, South Carolina Vivian Patricia Campbell Box 23, Route 1 Iva, South Carolina Brenda Gale Capell 601 Camfield Road Anderson, South Carolina Bvron Jerry Carlton 402 W. Frederiks Anderson, South Carolina Jimmie Darlene Carroll Route 1 Pendleton, South Carolina Julie Patricia Carter 6 Newell Georgetown, South Carolina I uther Tracy Carter, Jr. Route 1 Latta, South Carolina Bettv Ann Casey Route 2 Easley, South Carolina Preston Ezealec Carson Farfield Anderson, South Carolina Henrv Wadsworth Castles, Jr. 504 Timberlane Anderson, South Carolina Stanlev Lee Chandler Route 3 Pelzer, South Carolina Beverlv Early Chapman Box 155 Sandy Springs, South Carolina Sara Elizabeth Chapman Route 2 Pelzer, South Carolina William Edwin Childress Route 1 Liberty. South Carolina Thomas Jeffrey Christian 1009 Brock Anderson, South Carolina Barry Anthony demons Route 2, Box 26 Tabor City, North Carolina Fred Allen Clinkscales 45 N. Riegel Ware Shoals, South Carolina Anita Kathleen Coggin 2242 Dicker Charlotte, North Carolina Elizabeth Ann Coker Route 1 Fountain Inn, South Carolina Janice Elaine Coker Route 4 Piedmont, South Carolina Sandra Lee Coker Traxler Williamston, South Carolina Henry Walter Coleman 107 Rhoad Park Bamberg, South Carolina Tommy Joel Coleman Route 2 Donalds, South Carolina Danny Byron Collins School Batesburg, South Carolina Sylvia Ann Collum Route 1, Box 173-A Lexington, South Carolina Carole Rebecca Cone 124 Timberlake Anderson, South Carolina Roger Dale Cook 25 Fairview Ware Shoals, South Carolina Marion Richard Cook, Jr. 104 Woodlawn Laurens, South Carolina Karen Lee Craigo Route 7, Choice Hill Greenville, South Carolina All ie Madera Crawford 102 Dixie Anderson, South Caroina Donald M. Crenshaw 702 Concord Anderson, South Carolina Michael B. Crews 304 N. W. 8th Seneca, South Carolina Bruce Emanuel Dantzler Box 214, Hwy. 176 Cameron, South Carolina Ruth Ann Dantzler 1421 Brian Charleston, South Carolina Judith Ann Darnell 1910 Hagood Barnwell, South Carolina Clarence Aubrey Davis Box 533 Iva, South Carolina Darell Young Davis Robin Drive Seneca, South Carolina Jeannette Elaine Davis Route 3, Box 106 Orangeburg, South Carolina Carroll Jones Dellinger, Jr. Pickens Drive Liberty, South Carolina Edward Wright Derrick 32 Douglass Greenville, South Carolina Jean Kaye DeVore 312 Heyward Honea Path, South Carolina Sandra Ann Dossey 12 Carrol Sumter, South Carolina Linda Ann Dukes 410 Central Anderson, South Carolina Patricia Gail Dunn Route 3 Laurens, South Carolina Patsy Lorraine Dye 214 Edgewood Belton, South Carolina Joseph E. Earle 511 Evans Anderson, South Carolina Barbara Ann Eaton 4035 Ensor Columbia, South Carolina Jesse Daniel Edgar 36 Ames Seneca, South Carolina Thomas Wayne Edwards 193 Sherry Drive Aiken, South Carolina Mary Joyce Edwins 1613 Central Orangeburg, South Carolina Frances Harriet Ellis Route 1 Martin, South Carolina James Milford Ellison 59 Lewis Anderson, South Carolina Judy Gail Ellison 531 Bailey Avenue Pendleton, South Carolina Leila Anne Elrod Route 1 Anderson, South Carolina Tony Richard Elrod Route 2 Belton, South Carolina Ronald Lee Engram Route 1 Anderson, South Carolina Clarence Nealy Estes 278 Pinckney Chester, South Carolina Don Corlyss Evans 109 Hampton Calhoun Falls, South Carolina Brabara Kemp Ewing Route 2. Box 604 John ' s Island, South Carolina James Hay Fant 400 Heyward Anderson, South Carolina Norma Jean Fant Connie Maxwell Greenwood, South Carolina Patricia Laurene Fant Route 1 Anderson, South Carolina Billy Carson Felkel Box 224 Elloree, South Carolina Stephen H. Flaspoehler 412 Potomac Greenville, South Carolina Martha Anne Ford Whilder Williamston, South Carolina Ben Davis Free 600 Watford Greenwood, South Carolina Paul Donald Gaffney 725 College Gaffney, South Carolina Louie Herbert Gambrell Route 7 Greenville, South Carolina Ronald Horace Gambrell Sherwood Honea Path, South Carolina Charlotte Ann Garner 4 A Street Williamston, South Carolina Thomas Roy Garrett Box 215 Six Mile, South Carolina Donald A. Garrison Box 59 Sandy Springs, South Carolina Deborah Gault 1014 Fairfield Anderson, South Carolina Linda Frances Gilbert Route 2, Box 603 Orangeburg, South Carolina 174 Mildred Harriet Gillam 1128 Russell Orangeburg, South Carolina George Richard Gilmer Box 163 Warrenton, Georgia Grant Leonard Gilmer Boyce Avenue Anderson, South Carolina Willa Carol Gilmore Route 1 Anderson, South Carolina Betty Carol Gleaton Route 5, Box 338-A Charleston, South Carolina Joy Pulliam Glenn 3003 N. Main Anderson, South Carolina Millard Jerrel Goldman Route 4 Greenwood, South Carolina Ginger Lee Gordon 1610 Higgins Newberry, South Carolina Johnny Ralph Grant 121 Broga Anderson, South Carolina Jerry Arthur Gravley 608-A Furman Hall Greenville, South Carolina George Anthony Gray Box 312 Iva, South Carolina Charles Larry Green 21 Perrin Greenville, South Carolina Joanne Griffith Route 3 Pelzer, South Carolina Basil Edwin Hall Route 2 Honea Path, South Carolina Thomas Clinkscales Hall 2001 Holly Anderson, South Carolina George Vernon Haltiwanger 313 C. Anderson, South Carolina David Randolph Hamilton 5 Fuller Pelzer, South Carolina Mary Walker Hamilton 178 Academy Laurens, South Carolina Hugh Valentine Harbort, Jr. 1509 Elmtree Columbia, South Carolina Joan L. Hardy 181 Rutledge Orangeburg, South Carolina Frances Geraldine Harper Walden Parkway Anderson, South Carolina John David Harrison Route 1 Owings, South Carolina Elizabeth Lea Hart Route 1 Vance, South Carolina Denzil Lavance Hartzog, Jr. 1655 Central Orangeburg, South Carolina Harry Wayne Hawkins Route 1 Seneca, South Carolina Jacqueline Sue Hawkins 2825 S. Main Anderson, South Carolina Thomas Lee Henderson Route 6 Greenville, South Carolina Homer Douglas High 113 Carl Avenue Moncks Corner, South Carolina Dianne Hill 1002 Chestnut Extension Laurens, South Carolina Linda Lou Hill Route 5 Easley, South Carolina Mary Ellen Hill Route 2 Westminster, South Carolina Susan JoAnn Hill Route 2 Piedmont, South Carolina Thomas Franklin Hill Route 2 Laurens, South Carolina Doris Elaine Holladay Crosswell Home Sumter, South Carolina Jay Terry Hollifield 17 Holmes Greenville, South Carolina Barry Foster Hollingsworth Route 5 Greenwood, South Carolina Elisabeth Gayle Holmes 5265 Potomac North Charleston, South Carolina Harriet Ann Homles Route 2 Johnston, South Carolina Charles Holstead Box 161 Seneca, South Carolina Ruth Deborah Holt 238 Adden Orangeburg, South Carolina Martha Rose Hopkins 302 Yorkshire Greenville, South Carolina James Edward Horton, Jr. West Road Belton, South Carolina Steve Roger Houston 30 Blake Belton, South Carolina Nancy Aleese Hovis Meeks Drive Belton, South Carolina George Ward Hough, Jr. 400 Calhoun Anderson, South Carolina Ralph Allen Hudgens 101 Donny Brook Greenville, South Carolina Judith Anne Hudson Route 1 Elberton, Georgia Cleveland Adger Huey 40 B Taylor Anderson, South Carolina Marion Powell Hyder 120 Gleenwood Anderson, South Carolina Leila Robin Ivester 1-Box 58 A Belton, South Carolina Jo Ann Irwin 114 Baker Pickens, South Carolina Mary Louise Irick 330 Lake View Orangeburg, South Carolina Eilene Irby 734 Edgemont Rock Hill, South Carolina Kathleen Elise Inabinet Route 4 Box 176 John Thomas James Route 4 Piedmont, South Carolina Junnie Mae Jaynes Route 2 Westminster, South Carolina James Alvin Jefferson 110 I Anderson, South Carolina Margaret Ann Johnson Route 1 Easley, South Carolina B. Ray Jones W. Whitner Anderson, South Carolina Charles Blanchard Jones 206 Mason Craft Sumter, South Carolina Donna Diane Jones Route 6 Greenville, South Carolina Doris Jean Jones Sunset Pickens, South Carolina Glenn William Jones Box 455 Iva, South Carolina William Edward Kaiser 1106 Green Acre Anderson, South Carolina George Richard Kay 607 College Heights Anderson, South Carolina Luther Robert Kay 607 College Heights Anderson, South Carolina Jenny Caroline Keels Box 278 Summerton, South Carolina Crawford Martin Keese Route 2 Westminster, South Carolina Carolyn Dianne Kelley Route 2 Pickens, South Carolina John H. Kelley 1095 Maple Walhalla, South Carolina Wilda Ruth Kelly Bel lair Circle Anderson, South Carolina Eddie Harold King 504 Forest Lane Belton, South Carolina John James King, Jr. 502 Concord Anderson, South Carolina Ken Wayne Kirkland 514 Georgia Columbia, South Carolina Margaret Ann Knight 15 Whilden Williamston, South Carolina Mary Suzanne Kowalski Route 1 Anderson, South Carolina Johnnie Franklin Lanford Route 1 Greenville, South Carolina Richard Allen Laughridge 1709 W. Market Anderson, South Carolina John H. Lawless Route 2 Piedmont, South Carolina Howard Eugene Lee, III 101 Wyatt Clemson, South Carolina Robert Edwin Leeds 67 Dandee Greenville, South Carolina Phyllis Link Route 1 Pendleton, South Carolina 175 Jewel Dianne Looney 13 Anderson Honea Path, South Carolina Erne Victoria Looper Box 428 Greenwood, South Carolina Bavlus Cade Love 1591 Sunset Orangeburg, South Carolina Ronald Buford Lunsford 225 Pinelane Anderson, South Carolina Martha Linda Lusk Route 1 Central, South Carolina Gary Lynn Luper 504 E. Greenville Anderson, South Carolina Barbara Ruth McCarley Route 1 Iva, South Carolina Pamela Jane McClain 200 Camden Greenville, South Carolina Cecil Randolph McClure, Jr. 420 Blair Anderson, South Carolina Suzanne McCown 1800 Blvd. Hts. Anderson, South Carolina Gale Lafay McCoy 5 Carlisle Honea Path, South Carolina Janis Lee McCoy Route 1 Starr, South Carolina Wellie Marshall McDaniel 324 Irby Laurens, South Carolina Ola Jean McDonald Route 2 Donalds, South Carolina Robert Lewis McGill, Jr. Route 2 Pelzer, South Carolina Martha Gale McKinley Route 5 Anderson, South Carolina Michael Lee McKinney Route 2 Hodges, South Carolina Stanley Marshall McManus Route 5, Box 1293 Greenwood, South Carolina Charles William McMullan 107 Travis Saluda, South Carolina Richard Neal Madden 3811 Liberty Anderson, South Carolina Tina Louise Madden 2826 Le Conte Anderson, South Carolina Candyce Anne Magers 511 Drayton Anderson, South Carolina Connie Beatrice Mahaffey Pine Belton, South Carolina Martha Ann Marchbanks 2008 Marchbank Anderson, South Carolina Larry Aaron Marquis 6 New Castle Way Greenville, South Carolina Doris Rebecca Martin 307 W. Frederick Anderson, South Carolina Wallace Branton Martin Shockley Ferry Anderson, South Carolina Franklin David Masters Route 1, Box 371 Liberty, South Carolina Linda Kay Mayse Holland Simpsonville, South Carolina James Michael Meeks Hampton Honea Path, South Carolina Madelynne Daphne Meeks 101 Fort Rutledge Clemson, South Carolina Barbara Ann Merck Route 4 Anderson, South Carolina Paul Dennie Merritt Route 3 Easley, South Carolina Robert Johnston Merritt 380 Alston Columbia, South Carolina Billy Lee Mew 414 Izlar Blackville, South Carolina John Cary Mikopoulos N. First Seneca, South Carolina Charles Robert Milam 517 South Harper Laurens, South Carolina Rowland W. Milam Route 1 Mountville, South Carolina Linda Ann Miller 139-A Jones Lavonia, Georgia Sally Faye Mitchell Mt. View Westminster, South Carolina Eizabeth Welborne Montgomery Box 236 Elloree, South Carolina Carol Dianne Moore Box 293 Gray Court, South Carolina Everette Lane Moore Route 3 Anderson, South Carolina Martha Elaine Moore 704 Rosemary Georgetown, South Carolina Tim Dennis Moore 2012 Sheldin Anderson, S outh Carolina Katherine Eileen Morrell Horrell Hill Hopkins, South Carolina Gloria Eugenia Morgan 105 Woodlawn Union, South Carolina Karen Elizabeth Morris 111 Hillcrest Union, South Carolina Susan Morrow 434 Jeter Edgefield, South Carolina Len Carroll Mundy 126 McGowan Abbeville, South Carolina Dean Jarrell Murry 1463 Elmstee Columbia, South Carolina Jerry Ralph Nalley Blue Ridge Liberty, South Carolina William Abner Nash Route 1 Fountain Inn, South Carolina Michael Henry Nelson 615 Murphy Anderson, South Carolina John Lawrence Neville Box 188 West Union, South Carolina Phillip Julius Newsome Over Hill Walterboro, South Carolina Nancy Aileen Nichols Route 4, Box 324 Inman, South Carolina Kenneth Wayne Nix Ethelridge Greenville, South Carolina Lillian Janette Norris Curtis Simpsonville, South Carolina Charles Robert Norton, Jr. Farrar S ummerville, Georgia Gail Gentry O ' Dell 223 Holly Clemson, South Carolina Dewey Laron O ' Kelley Starr Route Seneca, South Carolina Patsy Ruth Parker Route 1 Honea Path, South Carolina Susan Linn Parkinson 4504 Kingsbury Jacksonville, Florida Deborah Viola Parrish G 12 Kimbrook Greenwood, South Carolina Terry Lynn Partain 2831 S. Main Anderson, South Carolina Nancy Carole Peeples 290 Alexander Spartanburg, South Carolina David Ronald Pelfrey Route 8 Greenville, South Carolina Clyde Abner Perkins, III 208 Glenwood Anderson, South Carolina Donna Rae Perry 316 Wellington Anderson, South Carolina Edward Richard Phillips Route 1 Anderson, South Carolina Larry Ralph Phillips Box 216 Central, South Carolina Thomas Armenious Phillips Main Converse, South Carolina James Thomas Pickard 108 Gillwood Anderson, South Carolina Carol Jean Poore 515 Jefferson Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina Henry David Poore Main Simpsonville, South Carolina 176 Michael Read Potter Route 3 Piedmont, South Carolina L Ellis Powell 104 N. Prevost Anderson, South Carolina Wilma Ann Powell Box 42 Cateechee, South Carolina Mary Alice Powell 2510 Lane Anderson, South Carolina Robert Everett Powell 205 Crescent Sumter, South Carolina Stanley Herman Powell Route 1 Calhoun Falls, South Carolina Sandra Lee Pridmore Route 3 Simpsonville, South Carolina Joseph Robert Pye 5125 Pittman North Charleston, South Carolina John Edwin Quarles 1432 Alpine West Columbia, South Carolina Dianne Quattlebaum 1109 Long Kingstree, South Carolina Edwin Ridgell Quattlebaum, Jr. 1110 Sterling Sumter, South Carolina Barbara Louis Radcliffe 139 Maxwell North Charleston, South Carolina Joan Adele Ramsey Austin Williamston, South Carolina Mary Joan Ramminger Route 6 Greenville, South Carolina James Paul Renfroe 207 Beauregard Anderson, South Carolina Linda Carol Reynolds Collingwood Greenville, South Carolina Edward Matthew Rice, Jr. Neely Ferry Simpsonville, South Carolina Frank Carlton Richey Ware Shoals, South Carolina Martha Moore Richey 212 South Pliney Simpsonville, South Carolina Connie Joyce Robinson 609 W. Frederick Anderson, South Carolina William Pickens Rodgers 1617 Edgehill Columbia, South Carolina Larry Van Roe 108 Clinton Anderson, South Carolina Catherine Ann Rogers 400 Marlboro McColl, South Carolina Mary Elizabeth Rogers 411 Arbor Lexington, South Carolina Peggy Ann Rogers 1 Smythe Pelzer, South Carolina David Edward Rose 226 Randall Greenville, South Carolina Ashton Neal Rose Route 1 Hopkins, South Carolina William David Rump Henry Anderson, South Carolina James Arnold Rutledge, Jr. 104 Spring Easley, South Carolina Robert D. Sanford 2707 LeConte Road Anderson, South Carolina Brenda Kay Satterfield 10 Sycamore Greenville, South Carolina Steve E. Schronce Bannister Belton, South Carolina James Miles Senn Route 3 Honea Path, South Carolina William Watson Sherard 1601 College Avenue Anderson, South Carolina Mary Jane Shirley 306 Nelson Drive Anderson, South Carolina Sharon Frances Shirley 104 Sanders Anderson, South Carolina Dennis B. Simmons Brook Haven Road Anderson, South Carolina Cheryl Ann Simpson 101 Greenville Clemson, South Carolina lerry R. Sloan N. Laurens Road Simpsonville, South Carolina David Robert Smalley 614 Oshorne Anderson, South Carolina Beverly J. Smith 3209 Howland Anderson, South Carolina David Walter Smith Box 117 Sandy Springs, South Carolina Edward Lemuel Smith 101 Fair Avenue Batesburg, South Carolina Julia W. Pitts Smith 6 Littlejohn Apartments Clemson, South Carolina Sandra Catherine Smith 304 Wyatt Avenue Clemson, South Carolina Terry Lee Southerland 49 Wallace Drive Greenville, South Carolina Mary Perrin Spigener Water Street Allendale, South Carolina Larry Herbert Stafford Route 2 Pelzer, South Carolina Paula Lynn Stafford 121 Tucson Drive Sumter, South Carolina Nancy Lee Steele 1189 Fairfield Orangeburg South Carolina Alfred Roy Stevens, Jr. Box 945 Clemson, South Carolina Sandra Kay Stevens Box 945 Clemson, South Carolina Lewis Arthur Stewart Simpsonville, South Carolina Beverly Anne Stokes 1430 Jackson Avenue Florence, South Carolina Hoi I is Anthony Stone 2009 Laurel Anderson, South Carolina Jane Hardin Stone 139 Collins Avenue Spartanburg, South Carolina Larry Lamar Stovall Route 6 Anderson, South Carolina Sandra Jean Stuart Route 1 Anderson, South Carolina Anthony Wayne Sullivan Box 216 Kingstree, South Carolina James Walter Sutherland 311 North Street Anderson, South Carolina Joyce Swayngham Woodfield Drive Easley, South Carolina Gloria Elizabeth Tate 203 West Highland Anderson, South Carolina Barbara Anne Taylor Route 1 Laurens, South Carolina James Ermond Taylor 211 West Main Liberty, South Carolina Marvin Jonathan Taylor Route 2 Anderson, South Carolina Judith Delores Teems 5420 Plantation Dr. Sumter, South Carolina Mary Jane Terry Route 2 Starr, South Carolina Willie Mole Terry Martin Allendale, South Carolina Anita Ann Thomas Box 284 Fairfax, South Carolina Randolph Roy Thomas 105 Fenwick Walterboro, South Carolina Alfred Alexander Thomason 209 East Anderson, South Carolina Nancy Lynn Thomasson 171 Maxwell North Charleston, South Carolina Deborah Ann Thompson Stuewart West Pelzer, South Carolina Gloria Jean Thrasher 341 Tribble Anderson, South Carolina John Michael Thrasher 1404 Edgewood Anderson, South Carolina Joseph Johnson Thruston Route 2 Greenville, South Carolina James Gordon Thurmond 3008 Cambridge Anderson, South Carolina Elizabeth Anne Timmons 53 East Tallulah Greenville, South Carolina John Edwin Todd 103 South Johnson Walhalla, South Carolina Sandra Marie Tucker Route 6 Anderson, South Carolina Linda Jean Vance 605 Marshall Anderson, South Carolina Roxie Anne Varn 577 Hillsboro Orangeburg, South Carolina Toni Jennifer Vaughn 3324 East North Greenville, South Carolina Vicki Elaine Vernon 213 East Anderson, South Carolina Danny Reed Vincent Route 4 Kershaw, South Carolina John Willam VunCannon 7425 Patricia Columbia, South Carolina Marvin William Walker 405 Chestnut Abbeville, South Carolina William Darrell Wall Route 1 Anderson, South Carolina Gary Roger Ward Route 4 Easley, South Carolina Linda Ann Watts Mountain View Westminster, South Carolina Lonnie Darrell Watt 822 Ferry Anderson, South Carolina Danny Nelson Webb 610 Grove Road Greenville, South Carolina Janice M. Webber 104 Church Simpsonville, South Carolina Robert Hamilton Welborn 718 Calhoun Anderson, South Carolina Vicki Diane Werner Route 2 Woodruff, South Carolina Dora Emajene Wessinger 204 Greenwood Highway Saluda, South Carolina 177 Barbara Ann Wheeler North Salem Sumter, South Carolina Tinka Juanita Morris White 2015 Boulevard Heights Anderson, South Carolina Joe Frank Whitworth P. 0. Box 421 Toccoa, Georgia Linda Elizabeth Wilder P. 0. Box 92 Greeleyville, South Carolina Carolyn Williams Route 3, Box 7 Greenville, South Carolina James Norman Williams, Jr. 206 Bedford Forrest Anderson, South Carolina Marolyn Fay Williams Route 3, Box 1 Greenville, South Carolina Nettie Sue Williams 311 Colonial Kingstree, South Carolina Charlotte Diane Wilson Box 1053 Clemson, South Carolina Marilyn Elizabeth Wilson Route 3 Laurens, South Carolina Richard Woodrow Wilson 107 Church Abbeville, South Carolina Jean Crouch Wise Route 3 Batesburg, South Carolina Frances Jane Wood Stevenson Belton, South Carolina James Larry Woods 21 Oak Ware Shoals, South Carolina Janice Susan Woods 308 Russell Greenville, South Carolina Sara Elizabeth Woods Route 1 Owings, South Carolina Linda Gayle Woodson Route 3 Marion, South Carolina Jo Earle Wooten O. -1 Williams Williamston, South Carolina Sammie Kay Wyatt 812 West Whitner Anderson, South Carolina Foster Hall Yarborough Route 1 St. Matthews, South Carolina Mary Claudia Young 6 Butler Clemson, South Carolina Thomas Edward Young Box 1088 Moncks Corner, South Carolina NIGHT SCHOOL Lou McMahan Adams P. O. Box 188 Iva, South Carolina Janice Medlin Alford 206 Stone Drive Anderson, South Carolina Douglas Raymond Ayers P. O. Box 145 Hartwell, Georgia Steward Lynwood Baylor Box 345 Liberty, South Carolina William Charles Bolt 743 Marshall Anderson, South Carolina Ben Ayer Bookhart Route 4 Anderson, South Carolina John Robert Bowen 2015 College Avenue Anderson, South Carolina Hubert Lamar Brown 220 Forest Lane Belton, South Carolina William Oscar Brown 112 West Pinckney Abbeville, South Carolina James Harold Burden Route 5 Anderson, South Carolina Leonard Newton Campbell 140 Mechanic Pendleton, South Carolina Stephen Dean Carpenter 106 Village Drive Anderson, South Carolina Jack Wilford Carr 16 Spart Ware Shoals, South Carolina Swonnie Ray Chasteen Route 3 Piedmont, South Carolina James Paul Clamp 220 Whitehall Road Anderson, South Carolina Lottie Lee Cleveland 112 Avondale Road Anderson, South Carolina Terry Lee Cleveland 221 I Street Anderson, South Carolina Randall Bradley Cobb 18 Cole Road Greenville, South Carolina Sandra Mean Cobb Route 1 Fair Play, South Carolina Harry F. Cochran 911-B Carolina Circle Anderson, South Carolina John William Cochran 502 Kingsly Road Anderson, South Carolina Truman G. Copeland Route 1 Anderson, South Carolina Wilton Warren Cothran Route 4 Anderson, South Carolina Aubrey Eugene Crome Route 2 Anderson, South Carolina Richard Henry Cundiff 2604 Whitehall Avenue Anderson, South Carolina Charles Edward Dilworth N. Pine Walhalla, South Carolina John Carlton Dykes 204 Arlington Anderson, South Carolina Jefferson Edward El ledge Route 1, Box 305 Honea Path, South Carolina Sara Jo Ellison 106 Carroll Lane Belton, South Carolina Susan Kathleen Ellison 203 North Street Anderson, South Carolina James Henry Elrod, Jr. Route 3 Piedmont, South Carolina Glenn Marshall Evans 403 Whitehall Road Anderson, South Carolina Ronald Lamar Fisher 703 Timberlake Road Anderson, South Carolina Henry Vernon Fletcher, Jr. 208 Morris Street Anderson, South Carolina Brenda Carol Gambrell Route 1 Townville, South Carolina Carl David Gibson Anderson Street Belton, South Carolina James Kenneth Glenn Route 2 Starr, South Carolina William Edward Givens 2503 Pope Drive Anderson, South Carolina Martha Agnes Glenn 108 New Street Anderson, South Carolina Kenneth Malcolm Goforth 100 Shirley Street Anderson, South Carolina Glenn Stephen Griffin 213 Glenwood Belton, South Carolina Teddy Leroy Gunter 4 York Drive Greenville, South Carolina Charles Thomas Hall 8 Temple Greenville, South Carolina Frankie Eugene Hall Route 5 Anderson, South Carolina Robert Stephen Hammett Hiawather Belton, South Carolina Eugenia Moore Harrison 108 Monte Video Seneca, South Carolina Carl E. Hayes 37 Butternut Drive Greenville, South Carolina John David Hayes Route 6 Anderson, South Carolina Alston Newton Howell 103-B Clinton Drive Anderson, South Carolina Richard H. Hudson 1909 Edgewood Anderson, South Carolina Barbara Murphy Hughes Pine Street Honea Path, South Carolina Bobby Neil Jenkins Route 2 Townville, South Carolina Doyle Grooms Johnson 104 Pecan Drive Hartwell, Georgia Hewlett Mattison King Route 1 Anderson, South Carolina James Michael Klosdy 307-B Cater Anderson, South Carolina Barbara Jean Lawton 206 Brock Avenue Honea Path, South Carolina Gerald Timothy Ledbetter 854 Sunset Drive Greenwood, South Carolina Rebecca Elaine Lesley Route 1 Easley, South Carolina Mary Gail Livengood Route 3 Anderson, South Carolina A nnie Mae Ellison Loftis Route 4 Belton, South Carolina Frank E. Loftis Route 4 Belton, South Carolina Betty Hines Long 1116 Greenacres Anderson, South Carolina Harold Dean Long 323 " D " Street Anderson, South Carolina Virginia Elizabeth Long 323 " D " Street Anderson, South Carolina Johnny Michael Lowe 238 Stevenson Drive Belton, South Carolina Raymond P. McBurnett 417 Stanley Avenue Greenwood, South Carolina Benjamin Larry McClain 706 Arcade Anderson, South Carolina John S. McPhail Robin Drive Seneca, South Carolina 178 Dacus Lee Mahaffey 5 Deerfield Road Greenville, South Carolina Jerry Martin Miles 209 Esnew Circle Anderson, South Carolina John Cicil Miller 13 Vissage Drive Anderson, South Carolina Marcus Harbin Mills Apartment 3-A-3 Wagner Circle Walhalla, South Carolina Swenton Alvin Mitchell 418 Ponce de Leon Anderson, South Carolina Barbara Ann Mulkey 608 Sherard Anderson, South Carolina Sara Jeanette Orr 3005 Bellview Road Anderson, South Carolina Casper Harold Padgett, Jr. 101 Banister Anderson, South Carolina Patricia Harriett Padgett East Main Street Westminster, South Carolina Hilda Rochester Patterson P. O. Box 246 Seneca, South Carolina Jerry Christopher Phillips Route 3 Honea Path, South Carolina Robert Lewis Phillips 13 8th Avenue Judson Greenville, South Carolina Barbara Jean Pitts Route 1 Martin, Georgia Larry Harvey Poore Route 1 Donalds, South Carolina Kenneth Ray Porter Route 1 Piedmont, South Carolina Rita Ann Pruitt Route 6 Anderson, South Carolina David William Riddle Route 2 Belton, South Carolina Ralph Riggie Ridgeway 3 Templewood Drive Greenville, South Carolina Owen C. Robertson 1305 Bolt Drive Anderson, South Carolina Mary Ann Rollins 416 Calhoun Street Anderson, South Carolina Don Kenneth Sanders 131 Davis Williamston, South Carolina Sammy Barron Saxon 10 Smith Street Greenville, South Carolina Douglas Lee Scott 2813 B. East North Avenue Anderson, South Carolina Tony Dale Scott 205 Sandlewood Drive Anderson, South Carolina Mary Lillian Shackelford Route 1 Piedmont, South Carolina Robert Sebastian Sharpe P. O. 518 Seneca, South Carolina Shelby Jean Simmons 206 Brookhaven Drive Anderson, South Carolina Bennie Sue Singleton 123 Monroe Anderson, South Carolina Dennis Ronald Smith 15 Nealy Street Liberty, South Carolina Benny DeWitt Speares 324 Dogwood Anderson, South Carolina Ronnie Ansel Stegall Route 1 Pendleton, South Carolina Kenneth Rene Stone 211 Pine Lane Anderson, South Carolina Ted F. Tabor 518 Smithmore Street Anderson, South Carolina Ronald Lee Taylor 45 Wilmary Apartments Anderson, South Carolina Maggie Lee Thomas Kelly Road Clemson, South Carolina Roy Louis Thomas Kelly Road Clemson, South Carolina Glenn Haskel Thomason 720 Burdine Anderson, South Carolina John Patrick Tollison College Avenue Anderson, South Carolina Ralph Chandler Tollison Route 1 Anderson, South Carolina Larry N. Trotter 508 W. Market Anderson, South Carolina Wilhelmina M. Upchurch P. O. Box 853 Clemson, South Carolina Robert Harold Vaughn 201 Fork Shoals Road Greenville, South Carolina Donna Mayfred Veio 409 Brookforest Anderson, South Carolina Larry Cleo Vickery 2911 Plainview Anderson, South Carolina Betty Juanita Watkins S. Oak Street Seneca, South Carolina Phvllis Elaine Welborn 3316 N. Main Anderson, South Carolina Tony Marvin Wilder 4183 Franklin Street Anderson, South Carolina Sara Jean Wilbanks 416 Boulevard Toccoa, Georgia Marion Gartrel Williams Route 2 Belton, South Carolina Marvin Tatom Williams 304 H Street Anderson, South Carolina George Lou Willingham 600 Glenwood Anderson, South Carolina Judy Dianne Yates 3018 Plainview Road Anderson, South Carolina Donald " Mouse " Yeargin 412 North Anderson, South Carolina 179 LIFE IN THE WOMEN ' S DORMS WEST 180 EAST « 4 • w 1 fewji waiters hillman anderson — clemson Haynes Auto Sales, Inc. 109 East Calhoun Anderson Join the Dodge Rebellion now Kb Pepsi for those who think young TERRY BOTTLING COMPANY 2508 North Main Street Anderson 182 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN 201 North Main Street Anderson Savings Insured Up To $10,000 FEW ' S PEN SHOP Pruitt Shopping Center Anderson Johnston Furniture Company 123 East Whitner Street And erson JIFFY FOOD SERVICE Anderson Gallant Belks Company 115 East Whitner Street Anderson 183 e(m 0 nf : Coca Cola Bottling Company 440 East Orr Street Anderson I II For First Class Service Shop: S. H. Kress Co. 300 South Main Street Anderson HANKS SERVICE STATION 522 North Main Street Anderson SEALTEST DAIRY PRODUCTS Belton Highway Anderson 184 What Does Electricity Do for Me Now? Good question, and easy to answer Just go through your day — clean clothes, hot breakfast, cold drinks, eye protection at home and school automatic tools in vour workshop dramatic effects for vour play help in the lab light for night sports practice music for your canteen and a good hot bath to end your busy day Just plug in. Electricity is waitingl DUKE POWER $8 • ■. • DUKE POWER DEMPSEY ' S SHELL SERVICE STATION 1508 East River Street Anderson ALL STAR BOWLING LANES 2853 South Main Street Anderson ALLTEX MACHINERY CORPORATION First Federal Building Anderson SULLIVAN-KING MORTUARY 401 North Main Street Anderson Western Auto Associate Store WESTERN AUTO 2621 South Main Street Anderson FANTS CAMERA SHOP 105 East Whitner Street Anderson 185 THE COLUMNS STAFF Editor Tom Sartain Associate Editor Sherrill Knobel ' .y . ' 1 1 (j ' - Advisor Lawrence Webb Jimmy Hanks, Business Manager Mansell Bridwell, Sports Editor 187 Editorial Assistant Darlene Addington Editorial Assistant Stella Jo Anastos Joe Pye, Bob Powell, Rick Laughridge. Work, worry, and sleepless nights; that ' s what yearbooks are made of. Vivian Campbell and Jo Ann Hill Johnny Thruston 189 A yearbook is different things to dif- ferent people. To some it is an album of words and pictures. To others it is a means of fond memories. But no matter what it is to you we hope you enjoy it and that its value will increase with the years. This year has been a wonderful one for me as I hope it has for you. It has been hard at times, but that is to be expected when we work for something worth while. Part of a college education is experience, both good and bad. We are on our ways to becoming adults when we learn to cope with our own problems and responsibilities. I have learned much in compiling this book for you. I hope you like it. TOMSARTAIN EDITOR 190 ANDERSON COLLEGE LIBRARY ANDERSON COLLEGE LI3R WV i St ■-

Suggestions in the Anderson College - Columns / Sororian Yearbook (Anderson, SC) collection:

Anderson College - Columns / Sororian Yearbook (Anderson, SC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Anderson College - Columns / Sororian Yearbook (Anderson, SC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Anderson College - Columns / Sororian Yearbook (Anderson, SC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Anderson College - Columns / Sororian Yearbook (Anderson, SC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Anderson College - Columns / Sororian Yearbook (Anderson, SC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Anderson College - Columns / Sororian Yearbook (Anderson, SC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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