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• » ' ' L ] ' %, mm mma • -«. ki . s BK» ■M -» • r V V T if 1 j • S J» a»gy t 4 K caaa » ' ? S ' The Columns Presented by the Annual Staff of Anderson College Anderson, S.C. 1964 ( larole I )ye EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Carole Grubbs ss him I. EDITOR ANDERSON COLLEGE LIBRARY THE COLUMNS Not walls and halls nor columns tall And stately, lifting eye and heart From base and shaft to capital, Uphold a school for many years. Rut sons and daughters, stately, tall In soul and mind, within these walls And halls, who take her proffered gifts — Life ' s lessons learned from and between The lines of books and lectures here — And out of them construct a base On which a columned life may rest And rise. The shaft, straight, strong, and tall. While reaching Christward to the skies, Is crowned with sculptured capital Of beauteous sen-ice — utter proof That lessons learned within the walls Have raised a living column tall — A pillar strong, to help uphold The structure of a tottering world. Elizabeth B. Tisdale This Is Anderson College 1964 f r ! S ffl HI PROLOGUE Tin year 1964 has bet n many things to the stud, nts at Anderson College. To sunn it was a yeai of defeat and sadness, and to some it was a year of accomplish- ment and happiness. Each student, each staff member, has his own personal history of the 1964 school year. Each record is a little different, and each story is an original as each, student saw the year — but this is 1964 as we saw it. We, the 1964 COLUMNS staff, present this edition of the yearbook in the hope that we have left an indel- ible mail, upon your minds of memories of tliis year at Anderson Collegi . Dear to our hearts is our Alma Mater, Loyal and true are we; Truest devotion till life is ended, Wholly we pledge to thee. Tho ' from thy halls far away we wander. Thoughts back to tin e will fly. And tender memories time cannot sever. Love that will never die. Heaven ' s choicest blessings , vei attend tin i . Dear Alma Mater mine- No shadows harm thee, no fears alai m thee. Always the sunshine thine. An tho ' we leave thee, we ' ll never grieve thee. True to our trusts we ' ll be: Our best endeavor, now and forever. Alii ays to Im tor thee. Mis. Charles Sullivan . Sr, Contents Administration 10-23 Classes 24-87 Religious V ' . -r ' % ' % . Athletics 1 18-1 r 1 1,1! UK ' S Rubin Barrett Kelley Dedication He immediately found a lasting place in the hearts of the faculty and the student body. All those who came in contact with him were awed by his constant good humor, patient understanding, and high personal ideals. For qualities of kindness and composure: desire to help those who need help, to encourage those who need en- couragement: and unfailing devotion to the fine art of his profession ... In expression of our thanks, love, and ad- miration, we dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Robin Barrett Kelley. John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917-1963 In Memoriam We will always remember John F. Kennedy as one of the ablest and greatest leaders of all time — a man who. by his own personal faith, courage, and genius, in his short life- time became an image to the world that few men can ever hope to equal. How well we will remember his unfaltering hope and un- flagging energy so evident in his work — the peace corps, foreign policy, civil rights, the space program — he gave his all to the making of a better and more peaceful world. Let us stand proud that we were able to share for a time such a man as John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The words he wrote after the death of his brother seem fitting to describe his own life: " It is the realization that the future held the promise of great accomplishments . . . that made his death so particularly hard . . . His death seems to have cut into the natural order of things. But at the same time there is a completeness to (his) life, and that is the completeness of perfection. " " Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country. " Administration ■ » » w w mil ■E I W .• . .«[ - ■ . • . , . guidance . l - or leadership . . . intellei - ideas . . . inspiration . . . high standard lastic endeai i n Dr. John Edward Rouse 12 President In his seven years at Anderson College, Dr. John Edward Rouse lias made many lasting contributions to our school. He is a man whose formality, friendli- ness, wisdom, sincerity, and high ideals daily inspire those about him to a greater awareness l their re- sponsibilities as Christian citizens. Receiving his U.S. from Furman University and his B.D. from Andover Newton Theological School, Dr. Rouse latei returned to Furman to receive his Doctor- ate of Divinity. He did his graduate work at Boston University. Dr. Rouse came to us in 1957 from the First Baptist Church in Laurens. South Carolina, where he had served as pastoi l " i several years. He had also served as pastoi in a Baptist church in Helton, South ( ' .uolina. and Birmingham, Alabama, before coming to Anderson College. Dr. Rouse is married to the former Zana Wilson. Mux have three children; | ' lm and Bob, who are at Furman University; and Mary, who is a junioi at T. L. I hum. i I [igh School in Anderson. 13 H. L. Cordcr, Dr. J. E. Rouse, Roy McCall, Jr., W. Harper Welborn, Mrs. J. H. Byrd, K. N. Vickery. A. Jud Hurt, Horace Adams. Board of Trustees Roy C. McCall, Jr. Chairman £8 " K CHAIRMAN Roy McCall, Jr. HOARD MEMBERS Horace Adams William 1). Brown Mrs. J.H. Byrd Rev. William 1 ). ( lonnor H. L. Corder Rev. R. Don Gambrell Rev. Marion Hare Mrs. James A. Howard A. Jud Hurt Rev. J. K. Law ton Dr. J. E. Rouse Rev. D. C. Sim lev Dr. A. L. Smethers Rev. Furman B. Touchberry K. N.Vickerv 14 SEATED: Dr. J. R. Young, Dr. C. H. Young, Fred Pearman, A. M. Doolittle, Max Rice, Gene Anderson, Max McGee Rice, Francis Hart. STANDING: J. Wilbert Wood, Bill Seabrook, Ro- bert C. Brownlee, John Cross, Bennett Rose, Louis Jackson, B. T. Morgan, Edwin B. Glippard. Arthur E. Holman, Dr. J. E. Rouse. Living Endowment Arthur E. Holman, Jr. President, Board of Directors LEAC EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Arthur E. Holman. President, Board of Directors Dr. J. E. Rouse. President. Anderson College Clarence F. Brown, Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Francis M. Hart, Chairman Dr. J. R. Young, Honorary Chairman E. F. Anderson S. L. Pi iui e Max Rice J. W. Wood Mis ' . VV. Mocks. Secretary COMMITTEE ADVISORS W.G.Cox Julian I ).t is Mitchell Patton A.J. Sitton Dr. Waller Trammel! 15 CHARLES E. BUTLER Dean and Registrar WILLIAM E. TISDALE A dm in istrative A ssistant EUNA KAY Business Manager Administrative Heads NANCY M. ALEWINE Assistant Bitunew Manager FRED C. METTS Dean of Men A MILDRED B.K I RBY Dean of W omen 16 Ma " ;? mi mmmWm M 1 llrJ MARY FRANCES WEBSTER Secretary to Preisdent EMILY D. FOWLER Secretary to Dean JOYCE K. MORETZ General Secretary BERTIE P. BLACK Admissions Counselor Administrative Personnel ADA P. MEEKS Alumni Secretary LAWRENCE E. WEBB Director of Public Information DORA L HANCOCK Director of Religious Activities 17 W fk JJKi IBM m -v 7 f ' ■ p V W3 j | " %. ...A inn MARY B. BOLT Receptionist GOLDEN D BROWN Maintenance College RUBY R. HEWELL Housekeeper ANNA C. HOOVER Hostess ' " « " i 1 " ■V, j 1 j -. ' i ' -Vf. ELIZABETH C. LEE Dormitory Hostess CALVIN T.McKINNEY Maintenance 18 HELEN M.MICHALES Canteen Manager VIRGINIA M.MILLER Dietician Staff ANNIE B. NICKELS Nurse RUTH M. STEWART A uistant Dietician CLARA D. THOMPSON Dormitory Hostess FLORENCE B. THOMPSON Booh store Manager 19 HBR5 MARGIE C. ALTMAN Secretarial Science ■BHHDHn mil JANICE B. CAPPS English MARVIN L. CASH Business Administration Faculty Margie G. Altman — B.A.. Carson-Newman College. Janice B. Capps — B.A.. Judson Col- lege; M.A., Appalachian State Teachers Col- lege. Marvin L. Cash — B.S., Southeastern University; B.A.. Furman University; B.Th., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Cecil R. Clifford— B.A., Woman ' s College; M.A., Furman University. Marion S. Crocker — B.A., Limestone College; M.A., Peabody College. Emma B. Cunningham — B.S., Fur- man University; M.Ed., University of South Carolina. Max W. Grubbs — B.S., Furman University; M.Ed., Clemson College. Dora L. Hancock — B.R.E., Southwestern Baptist The- ological Seminary; A. A., Anderson College. CECIL R. CLIFFORD History and Go: ernment MARION S. CROCKER French EMMA B. CUNNINGHAM Assistant Librarian MAN W. GRUBBS Coach and Chemistry DORA L HANCOCK Secretarial Science -$ $W JAMES L. HILL Coach and Physical Education BLANCHE L. HOLCOMBE Art DOROTHY G. JACKSON Assistant Librarian James L. Hill — B.A.. Furman L ' niversity ; M.Ed., Furman University. Blanche K. Hol- combe — A. A., Anderson College: B.A.. Fur- man University. Dorothy G. Jackson — A. A.. Gardner-Webb College: B.S., Appalachian State Teachers College. Robin B. Kelley — B.S., Wofford College; M.Ed., Clemson Col- lege. Marietta McCown — B.A., Winthrop College; M.Ed.. Duke University. Kathryn A. McGregor — B.S.. Winthrop College. Fred C. Metts — B.S., Texas Wesleyan College; M.A., Texas Christian University; Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Frances F. Mims — B.A.. Converse College: M.A.. Wofford College. ROBIN B. KELLEY Biology MARIETTA Mc OWN English KATHRYN A McCREGOR Secretarial Science FRED C. METTS Sociology and Bible I K ( I S I MIMS Psychology ROBERT S. MOORE English WINNLE A. NEWELL Piano K ' i B K fl l 1 I 1 H fe R. BROADUS PARKER Mathematics Faculty Robert S. Moore — B.A., Georgetown Col- lege; M.A., LTniversity of Kentucky. Winnie A. Newell — B.M., Anderson College; Gradu- ate Study, University of Georgia. R. Broadus Parker— B.S.. The Citadel; M.Ed., Clemson College. Pauline B. Poplin— B.S., Winthrop College; M.A., Appalachian State Teachers College. King S. Pushard— B.A., Tufts Uni- versity; M.Ed., Boston University; M.B.A., University of Houston. Edward C. Simpson — B.A., Furman University; M.A., University of Virginia. Gladys M. Smith — B.A., Winthrop College; B.S., M.A., University of Illinois. Harold H. Snuggs — B.S., Georgetown Col- lege; M.S., University of Virginia. PAULINE B. POPLIN KINGS. PUSHARD Music Business Administration EDWARD C. SIMPSON GLADYS M. SMITH HAROLD H. SNUGGS English Librarian Biology MARY B. SULLIVAN Music Theory ELIZABETH B. TISDALE English WILLIAM E. TISDALE Bible Mary B. Sullivan — B.M., Converse College. Elizabeth B. Tisdale — B.S.. East Tennessee State College: B.A., Columbia Bible College; M.Ed., University of South Carolina. Wil- liam E. Tisdale — B.S., University of South Carolina; M.A., Columbia Bible College; Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Everett H. Vivian — B.A., Texas Wesleyan College; Th.M.. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Henry Von Hasseln — B.A., Furman University; M.A., University of Virginia. Lawrence E. Webb — B.S., Hardin-Simmons University; B.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. W. Harper Welborn — B.A., University of South Carolina; L.L.B., University of South Carolina. William F. West, Jr. — A. A., Mars Hill College; B.A., Wake Forest College; Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Semi- nary. EVERETT H. VIVIAN Speech and Bible HENRY VON HASSELN History LAWRENCE E. WEBB Journalism W HARPER WELBORN Busim-st Law WILLIAM F WEST. |K English — £s - . . . exuberam e is laughter spirits raucous voices determination in- dustry ... " Think, think: work, work; succi ;d cess! " Charlie Goldson PRESIDENT Clem Goldson VICE PRESIDENT Sophomore Class Susie Harvey SECRETARY-TREASURER Prof. R. Broadus Parker ADVISOR 26 Peggy Jane Anderson Williamston, South Carolina Phillip Harold Barnette Anderson, South Carolina 28 James Dunklin Bolt Anderson, Smith Carolina James Boroughs Boggs Clemson, South Carolina Johnny Dale Bone Anderson. South Carolina Barbara Darlcne Boling Donalth, South Carolina Sophomores Brenda I «i mise Hi amlett I .(iincns , Stmt h Carolina 29 Sophomores Peggy Ann Brock Anderson, South Carolina Hugh Vance Brinson Anderson, South Carolina Anne M. Brown Belton, South Carolina Judy Patricia Brock Anderson, South Carolina Martha Nell Brown Spartanburg, South Carolina 30 Jerry Randolph Browning Honea Path, South Carolina Mary Martha Bullman I I nth ( m " h no William Fred Browning Williamston, South Carolina Ernest Gene Burns Anderson. South Carolina Marvin Clyde Bryson Piedmont, South Carolina Sophomores Mary Louise Campbell Clemson, South Carolina 31 Carolyn Elaine Cann ; a. South Carolina Joe Gene Cely Easley, South Carolina Sophomores Mary Lou demons Andrews, South Carolina Anne McNeil Clarke Clemson, South Carolina Linda Faye Chastain Laurens, South Carolina James William Cobb, Jr. Williamston, South Carolina 32 Linda Lou Copeland Clinton, South Carolina Sara Ann Corley Edgefield, South Carolina Joan Lenoir Cunningham Darlington, South Carolina Benny Harrison Cox Anderson, South Carolina Al Nathaniel Cox North Charleston. South Carolina Sophomores Linda Ann Cunningham Pickens. South Carolina 33 1 B ■.. MB % I pf ™ 1 10 ■■ ' ■ Betty Diane Davis Greenville, South Carolina Sophomores Robert Lee Douthit Sumter, South Carolina Nancy Harriet Dobbins Anderson, South Carolina Norma Lea Davis Greenville. Smith Carolina Fleeta Bonta Drake Anderson, South Carolina Carole Ann Dye Anderson, South Carolina 34 Charles Thomas Edmonds, Jr. Anderson. South Carolina Dorothy Anne Ellis Heath Springs, South Carolina Wk M «® ■ «. • v .■♦ -■■ K Mary Alice Edmonds Anderson, South Carolina Wilma Jean Ellison Anderson, South Carolina Virgil Clarence Elliot Anderson, South Carolina Sophomores Wendell Marion Farmer Bishopville, South Carolina 35 Curtis Wendell Fowler Pelzer, South Carolina Herbert Earl Gault Fountain Inn. South Carolina 36 Rachel Sandra Gilstrap Liberty, South Carolina Ralph Newton Gleason Seneca, South Carolina Sarah Diane Godwin Columbia, South Carolina Sharon Lee Godbee Rai enel, South Carolina Albert Easton Glenn Starr, South Carolina Sophomores Charles Hubert Goldson Columbia. South Carolina V- 37 Clem Felder Goldson Columbia, South Carolina Sophomores Gerald Wilson Graydon Gray Court, South Carolina Betty Ann Graham Anderson, South Carolina Jean Carolyn Griffith Cottageville, South Carolina Thomas Larry Gram ling Orangeburg, South Carolina Carole Marie Grubbs Denmark, South Carolina 38 Betty Faye Hammond Belton, South Carolina I- is Marie Haseltlen Clint, in . South Carolina Kit Mack Hardy Westminster, South Carolina J e Frank Hayes Pickens, South Carolina Helen Sue Harvey Columbia, South Carolina Sophomores Lloyd Michael Hill Anderson, South Carolina 39 Larry Holcombe Piedmont. South Carolina Sophomores Willis Fuller Horton. Jr. Williamston, South Carolina Carolyn Holder Greenville, South Carolina Kenneth Evelyn Huggins North Charleston, South Carolina William Sharon Hopkins Edgefield, South Carolina Jane Dianne Hughes Orangeburg, South Carolina 40 Henry Lawrence Hulsey, Jr Abbeville. South Carolina Martha Ann Jameson Liberty, South Carolina Gerald Dedrick Huskamp Walhalla. South Carolina Thomas Hampton Jaudon. Jr. North Charleston. South Carolina Ronald Leroy Hyatt McColl, South Carolina Sophomores Mary Marlenc Jones Greer, South Carolina 41 William Roy Kelly Townville, South Carolina Raymond Franklin Jones Anderson, South Carolina Betty Ann Kale Moncks Corner. South Carolina Sophomores Mary Laverne King Be ton, South Carolina Lan a Faye King Cherry Grove. South Carolina Charles H. Kirkham, Jr. Anderson, South Carolina 42 it mffl Donald Milton Kirkland Lancaster. South Carolina Judy ( !arol Langston Harts: ill,- , South Carolina 43 Harold Dean Long Anderson. South Carolina Sophomores Martha Elizabeth McAlister Seneca, South Carolina Judy Darlene Lowe Belton, South Carolina Clarence Derrill McConnell Anderson, South Carolina Carol Ann McAlister Liberty, South Carolina Linda Ellen McDougle Greenville, South Carolina 44 Karen Jean McGee Mauldm, South Carolina Robert Harold McGill Belton, South Carolina William Vernon Martin Williamston. South Carolina Donald Glenn McLeese Anderson, South Carolina James Harris McLean Blytheivood, South Carolina Sophomores Carole Annette Mason Anderson, South Carolina f Tfrv ■ 45 Albert Rice Maynard Belt on. South Carolina Sophomores Maurice Carroll Merritt Eadey, South Carolina Barbara Cheryl Mead Charleston. South Carolina Anthony Moody Greenville. South Carolina Judy Ann Meredith Townville, South Carolina Carol Elizabeth Moore Greenville, South Carolina 46 Linda Moore Columbia, South Carolina Betty .[can Morris Virginia Reach, Virginia Patrick Franklin Moore. Ill Anderson. South Carolina John Allen Morris Anderson, South Carolina Gwendolyn Dianne Morgan Seneca, South Carolina Sophomores Barbara Ann Mulkey Greenville, South Carolina 47 . - -. Lanny Langford Mull Anderson. South Carolina Sophomores Betty Jo Nalley Anderson, South Carolina Joyce Annette Pace Williamston, South Carolina 48 Audrey Ouida Partain Anderson. South Carolina Peggy Lee Pei kim Anderson, South Carolina Doris Barbara Patrick Orangeburg, South Carolina Julie Ann Perry Greenwood, South Carolina Barbara Anne Penland Anderson. South Carolina Sophomores Harriott Dec Phillips Easier, South Carolina 49 Emily Elizabeth Picklesimer Piedmont, South Carolina Sophomores Norman Sherrell Ponder Anderson, South Carolina Frankie Jeanette Pitts Sitnpsonville , South Carolina Thomas G. Porter Piedmont , South Carolina 50 Glenda Rae Power Laurens, South Carolina Sandra Jean Riddle llonea Path. South Carolina 51 ■ 1 1 H V ■ Billie Dolores Rowe Aiken, Smith Carolina Sophomores Nancy Dawn Scotl Abbeville, South Carolina Cornelia Elizabeth Sargent Pendleton. South Carolina Nina Edna Scigler Anderson, South Carolina 52 Patricia Allene Seiner Abbeville. South Carolina Dianne Nell Shcrrcr ArilllfUtri, S nil ill (n I nil II II 53 Joann Smith Laurens, South Carolina Dayton Lee Smith Townville, South Carolina Sophomores Martha Carolyn Smith Olanta. South Carolina Shrlba Jean Smith Pendleton, South Carolina 54 Mary Evelyn Spearman North Charleston. South Carolina Eric Michael Stafford Rock Hill, South Carolina William Bardin Springs Cameron. South Carolina Sophomores Portia Rave Stasney Anderson., South Carolina Henry Grady Stanford, Jr. I ndei ion S uth arolina W " ■ 1 1 1 i ■■ " Bf — ■ j H - W a Evelyn Ducworth Stephensoi Anderson. South Carolina Susanne Storm Summerville , South Carolina Patricia Frances Stewart Simpsoni Me, South Carolina Sophomores Boyd Stribling Johnston, South Carolina James Laurie Sullivan Fairfax, South Carolina 56 Claudia Caroline Swanej Anderson, South Carolina Robert Wallace Taylor Laurens, South Car: Billie Ann Swofford Anderson, South Carolina Barbara Ann Thompson Walhalla, South Carolina John Howard Taylor Peher, South Carolina Sophomores Barbara Jane I hi mpsi m Stan, South Carolina ■ ■ teJ ■HMbihhhvk. 57 Gerald Frandon Thompson Anderson, Smith Carolina Sophomores Lonnie Clarence Towe W ' alhalla. South Carolina Lawrence Paul Thompson Anderson, South Carolina Jerry L. Tumblin Donalds, South Carolina Ellen Irene Tillotson Greer, South Carolina Gloria Joyce Vchorn Anderson, South Carolina 58 Nancy Lee Vosburgh Cameron, South Carolina Nanci Ann Wallis Pickens, South Caro lina Maxey Harris Voyles Ira. South Carolina Dorothy Anne Watson Anderson, South Carolina Linda Jane Waits Belton, South Carolina Sophomores Ora Jane Weathers Anderson, South Carolina 59 Catherine Alice Welbom Anderson, South Carolina Sophomores Bobbie- Sue Whitl Pelzer. South Carolina Eugene Kim; Weston Columbia, Smith Carolina Linda Faye Williamson Salley, South Carolina 60 Vernon Martin Wilson Anderson, South Carolina Eleanor Judith Wrenn Simpsont Me, South Carolina Nancy Blanche Witherspoon Spartanburg, South Carolina Alma Patricia Youngbl I Mt . Pleasant. South Carolina Carolyn Julia Worlej Elberton, Georgia Sophomores Cathy Elaine Zeigler North. South Carolina 61 Tim Collins PRESIDENT Jim Horton VICE PRESIDENT Freshman Class Lynda Walkins SECRETARY-TREASURER Dora L. Hancock ADVISOR 62 Rita Joyi e Adams Jon Lewis Acker Randal Jackson Addison Don Legare Albertson Pat Ann Alexander John William Allen Freshmen Catherine ahelh Hales Daniele Marie Beele Paul Hubert Beele James Roger Bell Sara Legere Benson Jane Fostei Berry 64 I hi imas Albert Black Janice Cecilia Blalock Linda Kave Blanton Teresa Kay Blessing William Joe Boggs Henry Earl Bonds Freshmen Sally Jean Bonds Paul King Bouen Barbara Elma Boyi e I.inda Kay Bradham Barbara Ann Brown llubin I. ainar Hmun 65 Jane Marie Brown Thomas James Brown Vivian Eileen Brow n Betsy Livingston Brunei James Larry Burden Ruth Ann Busby Freshmen Ladora Diane Byrum Donna Louise Calloway Gladys Marie Campbell Wayne Harris Campbell Derrell Thomas Capell nia Car] lentei 66 Mary Beth Carter Tina Jean Cathcart Robert Claude Cathey Barbara Elaine Charping James Frank Chastain, Jr. Samuel Joseph Chesnut Freshmen John Tommy Clardy Linda Ann Clark Marv Marshall Clark Nancy Carlisle Clinton John Blease !o I ' .miK Nun ( oggin 67 Emma May Collins Tim Collins Leland Raymond Congdon Frances Gentry Cook Wilbur Ray Cornell Dorothy Carol Couch Freshmen Shirley Kay Couch Jessie Elai ne Cox Sara Linda Cox Glenna Sharon Craft Margaret Ruth Craig Larry Ray ( ' .rain 68 Norman Douglas Chain Margaret Alyce Cray ton Tommie Jean Crenshaw Jean Doris Cresswell Mary Ellen Crocker James Kenneth Crow Freshmen Eugenia Kay Crymes Sandra Lee Davenport Roger Wayne Davis 1 ■ .ic i ( In gory I lillard Richard Aqurs Drennan James Calvin Ellison ., ' ) William Carroll Ellison William Vernon Ellison Ruby Pamela Esteppe George Harold Estes Susan Marie Evans Jesse Resse Fant. Ill Freshmen Jo Anne Flcwellen David Floyd Flowers Ruby Hudson Floyd Edward Ce( il Frierson Danny Ray Gambrell James Paul Garrett 70 Mary Sue Geiger Carol Elaine Gibson Judie Elaine Gilstrap Alycia Moore Glasby Melinda Ann Goff Kenneth Malcolm Gofortl Freshmen Sandra Joyce Gowan Richard Dale Grainger Mary Lona Granger Phyllis Anne Graj Eddie Floyd Gregorj N ' ■■ •■ Virginia I ■ iffin 71 Sylvia Ann Grisham Charles Clinton Gunnin. Jr. Margaret Virginia Hair Sammie Jane Hamby Leslie Garland Hamrick Bobbie Joan Harbin Freshmen Sylvia M. Hardy Marian Teresa Harling Chris Carol Harris Joan Elizabeth Harris Thomas Frank Harvey Rita Elizabeth Haskell 72 Patricia Lynne Haynie Toy Herbert Head, Jr. Emily Jane Heller Jocelyn Hickman Timothy Edwin Hicks Martha Rose Ann Hill Freshmen ■■■■i Lillian Diane Hillman Bessie Ann Hodson Leaslev Carol Hogarth Alice Shirley Holliday Verma Louise Holmes fames Mi I lee I [orton 73 James Thomas Hi u ton Brenda Carol Howie Luther Daniel Hutto Gladys Jane Jackson Bobby Neil Jenkins James Odis Jennings. Jr Freshmen Clarence Wofford Johnson, Jr. Brenda Elaine Jones Gwynnette Jones [oyo Alma Jones Linda Mae Jones Lynnette Jones 74 Raymoth William Jones. Jr. Alice Leuna Kay- John Larry Kelley Margaret Ann Kelly Thomas Daniel Kelly Cherry Beneva Key Freshmen Ronny Eugene Kidcl Mary Jane Kirven Wilton Lane Kowalski Sandra !alc K tic William Randolph Lam Billy Toe I ark 75 Robert Harold Latimer, Jr. Patricia Eloise Lee Vera Jean LeCroy Starr Grenae Littlejohn Margaret Rebecca Lisk Roy McBee Lipscomb Freshmen Kenneth Lane Lindsey Philip Barry Lindley Brenda Eugenia Livingston Raymond Leslie Lollis, Jr. Tommy Lee Lollis Margaret Anne Long 76 Johnny Michael Lowe Hal Hiott Lusk. Jr. Benson Wood McAulay. Jr. Linda Gayle McCarter Rhonda Kay McCavitt Ray William McClellion Freshmen Eunice Bertha McCoy Richard Ernest McGee James Ronald McKinney Shirley I ' ayc McLanahan Walter Leigh Mc Law hoi n I .1-1 I.I I l.lllir 1 I rrsr 77 Jane Thomas McLendnn Victor Charles McLeod Judith Anne McWhorter Neil Graydon Mabry Linda Rosemary Madden Michael Ray Madden David Anthony Major Mogie Ray Malone Virginia Lee Maness Jerry Dean Manning Dan Thompson Marett, Jr. Virginia Lynn Mathis 78 Daniel George Matthews Sandra Anita Meadows Harriet Elaine Melton Mary Geraldine Meredith John Walker Merritt Brenda Joyce Messex Freshmen Margaret Lee Miller Michael Murray Miller William Everett Miller Judith Ann Montgomery Lillian Elizabeth Moore Ronald Ralph Moorhead 79 John Joseph Murphy. Ill Donald Wayne Nelson Lorene Seigler Padgett (Mrs. Donna Jean Palmer Gary Alan Parker Clara Patricia Parks Freshmen Richard Ernest Parncll Jerry Dean Pate Tommy Randall Patterson Laura Anna Perry George Stephen Phillips Vivian Anne Phillips 80 Ronald Poole Gloria Dianne Powell Robert Michael Prince Martha Morrow Pruitt (Mis Mary Brenda Rainey Frank Carlton Richey. Ji Freshmen Peggy Riggins Fr ances Jacquelyn Roach Carmen Ann Robinson Id Patrick Roeder Brenda Joyi e Ri igei Gib Walker Rogers fll Sharon Ann Rogers James Jerome Rohrbach, Jr. Clyde Milton Ross James William Rowland Sarah Ellen Sams Marilyn Ann Sasser Freshmen Thomas Jaekson Satterfield Sylvia Elaine Saylors Patricia Ann Seawright Nancy Carol Sexton Patricia Ann Sli.uil.lin Sharon Yvonne Sims f)2 Judy Ann Singleton Nancy Gene Singleton Carol Mae Sisk Alice Faye Smith Barry Dale Smith Connie Smith Freshmen wm Michael Voyd Smith Virginia M. Smith William Randolph Smith Don Louis Southard, Jr. Stanley Mi Call Spencer Betty Joyi e Stallwoi th 83 Ronnie Ansel Stegall Linda Yvonne Stone Judith Annette Strange Tony Leonard Stravvhorn Norman Russell Strickland, Jr. Sara Catherine Stroud Freshmen William Keys Stuart Alfred Crosswell Stuckey Judith Helen Stuckey George Edward Tarte William Randy Teasley Charles Ragin Thames 84 Patsy Jeanne Thomas Gene Vernon Tidwell Martha Elaine Tillotson Carrol Lee Timms Samuel Louis Todd Patricia Ann Towe Freshmen Allen Phillips Tripp, Jr. Janire Kay Tucker Margaret Ruth Turner Nancy Sue Turner Gloria Ann Vandiver Shirley Marie Vick 85 Larry Cleo Vickery Sammy Everett Vivian Andrea Jean Waldo Linda June Ward Tommie Lynn Ward Lynda Jane Watkins Freshmen Charlotte Nelson Watson Philous Glen Watson Anna Maria Weekley LeClair Smith Welhorn (Mrs.) Mi » Welborn Al Boyd Westmoreland 86 Connie Kathleen Wheedleton Sandra Alline Whitlow Carol Maree Wilburn George Lee Willingham Charles Marion Wilson Betty Gene Winn Freshmen Clarence Hilton Wise, Jr Patricia Elaine Wyatl Brenda Elizabeth Wynn Donald Garrison Yeargin Mi-lli.i I. . ' incur Yeargin Thomas Roy Young R7 . . . fellowship . . . Council meetings . . . elecl ... hootonannies ... field nips ... publicatons ... campus c, nils . . . rluh projci is. Student Government Jim McLean, PRESIDENT; Portia Stasney, VICE PRESIDENT; Don Kirkland, SECRETARY -TREASURER. 90 SEATED: Charlie Goldson, Jim McLean, Tim Collins. STANDING: Dean Metts, Don Kirkland, Tommy Jaudon, David Murrell, Laverne King, Martha Broun, Dean Kirby. Executive Council Charlie . . . Dean Metts . . . Jim . . . Dean Kirby . . . Portia The Executive Council consists oi representa- tives from the student body who help to maintain discipline among the students. The council pro- motes intellectual, moral, and Christian values among the students; and it is always read) to lend a helping hand to those who need information or guidance. 91 (CLOCKWISE) Nancy Vosburgh, Marlene Jones, Martha Brown, Linda McDougle, Mrs. Kirby. Judy Wrenn, Frankie Pitts, Mar- garet Abrams, Glenda Rae Power, Laverne King, Gloria Vehorn. Carol Moore, Shirley Vick, Mary Martha Bullman, Brenda Brani- lett Women ' s Council EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Mary Martha Bullman, Gloria Vehorn, Glenda Rae Power. Judy Wrenn, Laverne King, Shirley Vick. Mrs. Kirby. 92 (CLOCKWISE) Tommy Jaudon, Lee Lanier, Rick McGee. Ronnie Hyatt, Dean Metts, Billy Lark, Earl Gault, Wallace Taylor, Tim Collins, Terry Poore, J. L. Sullivan, David Bremer. Charles Wilson. Phil Watson. Mens Council EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Ronnie Hyatt, Terry Poore, Tommy Jaudon, Wallace Taylor, Dean Metts, Lee Lanier, J. L. Sullivan, Earl Gault. 93 Phi Theta Kappa PRESIDENT Lee Lanier ' I( !E PRESIDENT Mary Evelyn Spearman SECRETARY Carol Moore SPONSOR Henry Von Hasseln Mary . . . Lee . . . Mr. Von Hasseln . . . Carol Phi Theta Kappa is the junior college scholarship society corresponding with the Phi Beta Kappa for four-year col- leges. Standards are high all around lor this honorary chapter, and only those who rank in the scholastic upper ten per cent of students enrolled in Arts and Science courses are eligible for membership. Besides their regular monthly meetings. Phi Theta Kappa members each year present a special program in chapel and have a party or banquet. FIRST ROW: Susie Harvey, Linda Moore, Mary Evelyn Spearman. Mary Alice Edmonds. SECOXD ROW: Mr. Von Hasseln, Lee Lanier. Don Kirkland, Carol Moore, Sharon Godbee, Dianne Sherrer, Anne Clarke. 94 Laverne King, Linda McDouglc. Martha Brown, Claudia Swaney. Judy Wrenn, Margaret Abrams. Alpha Pi Epsilon Judy . . . Maitha PRESIDENT Claudia Swaney VICE PRESIDENT Judy Wrenn SECRETARY Martha Brown Alpha Pi Epsilon is a national honorary society for students of secretarial subjei ts. Its chief goal is to pro- fessionalize the status of the college trained secretary. The society stresses superior achievement in stenogra- phy and encourages its members to carry high ideals into business relations. The Sigma Chapter was or- ganized at Anderson College in May, 1941. 95 WW. FIRST ROW: Linda Singleton. Nancy Witherspoon, Cheryl Lan- dis, Lynn Ward, Judy Meredith. Joyce Gowan, Cathy Zeigler. SEC- OND ROW: Carolyn Holder. Sara Stuckey, Judy McWhorter, Carolyn Smith, Linda Jones, Linda Cunningham, Mary Sue Geiger. Omicron Iota Kappa Cheryl . . . Lynn Linda Judy PRESIDENT Judy Meredith VICE PRESIDENT Lynn Ward SECRETARY Linda Cunningham REPORTER Cheryl Landis Omicron Iota Kappa is open to all Home Econom- ics students. Its purpose is to develop character, ini- tiative, and a professional pride for students interested in careers in this field. The organization, affiliated with the American Home Economics Association, holds monthly meetings. During these meetings members discuss Home Econom- ics projects, such as their spring fashion show and the tea for students during High School Weekend. 96 The Circle K club was organized in 1960 by the Kiwanis Club of Anderson. Membership is composed of both freshman and sophomore men who have been chosen on the basis of leadership, character, and ability. The purpose of the organization is to teach young men to live honorably and unselfishly, to strive toward higher standards of character, to preserve our freedom through the proper acknowledgment of our responsi- bilities, and to prepare for successful futures. PRESIDENT Gerald Huskamp VICE PRESIDENT Lee Lanier SECRETARY Eric Stafford TREASURER Ronnie Hvatt Ror Eric Lee Gerald Circle " K ) FIRST ROW: Rick Franklin, Lee Lanier, Jim McLean, Wendell Farmer, Gerald Huskamp. SECOND ROW: Mr. Parker, Don Kirk- land, Ronnie Hyatt, Don Albertson, Earl Gault. THIRD ROW: Ike McLeese, Randy Strickland, Tommy Jaudon. Sammy Pike, Hugh Brinson. Eric Stafford. FOURTH ROW: Al Cox, Mike Mil- ler, Charlie Thames, Rick Parnell, Charles Edmonds, J. L. Sullivan 97 Carole Dve, Editor-in-Chief Carole Grubbs, Associate Editor Columns Staff FIRST ROW: Miss McCown, Mr. Kelley, Carole Dye, Carole Grubbs, Mr. Webb, Gloria Vehorn. SECOND ROW: Portia Stas- ney, Mary Evelyn Spearman, Joan Baker, Gerald Huskamp, Fuller Horton, Sara Sams, Emma May Collins, Ann Hill, Sylvia Grisham, Joan Cunningham. If 1 IMF • ww sirBB ■ ? 255 ■BIRSi 1 „.„.,.„;, 1 I i ' I | - -J f • w . y - ' - — — ■ — Shi . . m ]itw r ' l f - -ft 1 M nt R»lr ' tU ■■V ■.- , J J! S " I 77 a SSI 98 » Mr. Robin Kelley General Advisor Miss Marietta McCown Proofreader Mr. Lawrence Webb Advisor The COLUMNS is published annually by members of the Sophomore Class who are chosen in their freshman year by the college Publications Committee. Ours has been an inspiring and rewarding project. Many hours have been spent planning, worrying, dashing from one end of the campus to the other, worrying, drawing lay-outs, making changes, worrying, making more changes, and worrying. In addition to the work of producing an annual, we also found ourselves involved in making countless picture schedules, " chief-in-charge " ' of the Miss Anderson College Pageant, elections, and numerous other activities. But we can never say that our work was in vain, for along with our head- aches, heartaches, and tears there has been much fun. It is our hope that we have succeeded in enclosing between the covers of this book words and pictures that will be lastingly memorable to you. In the years ahead may you relive this year at AC as you turn through these pages of your 1964 COLUMNS. Pat Wyatt, Sara Sams Typists Gloria Yehorn Business Manager Gerald Huskamp Sports Editor Mary Evelyn Spearman Copy Editor Joan Baker Feature Editor 99 1 I AVi 2i FIRST ROW: Wallace Taylor, Editor; Lawrence Webb, Advisor; Carolyn Griffith, Asso- ciate Editor; Tommy Jaudon ; Mike Miller. SECOND ROW: Ike McLeese; Phil Watson; Don Kirkland ; Dan Matthews. Yodler Staff Wallace Taylor Editor Carolyn Griffith Associate Editor ino Claudia Swaney Business Manager Tommy Jaudon Managing Editor The YODLER is published bi-monthly by members of the Sophomore Class who are chosen in their Freshman year by the college Publications Committee. The student newspaper contains news and editorials which reflect the voice of the Anderson College students. The columns and comment on the editorial page are centers of campus in- terest on publication day and the news and sports pages give full coverage to Anderson College events. Mr. Lawrence Webb Advisor Rick Franklin Sports Editor Don Kirkland Feature Editor Ike McLeese News Editor 101 ANDERSON COLLEGE LIBRARY FIRST ROW: Emily Coggins, Elaine Tillotson, Betty Ann Kale, Julie Perry, Pamela Esteppe, Peggy Anderson, Sandy Meadows. SECOND ROW: Mary Alice Edmonds, Gloria Powell, Mary Mar- tha Bullman, Dee Dee Godwin, Sally Bonds, Mary Evelyn Spear- man, Carol Moore, Elaine Charping, Elaine Melton, Garland Ham- rick. THIRD ROW: Connie Wheedleton, Patsy Haynie, Eunice McCoy, Betty Jean Morris, Binky Mead, Cathy Zeigler, Mary Wel- born, Geraldine Meredith, Vivian Phillips, Kay Crymes, Ellen Til- lotson. FOURTH ROW: Ann Corley, Judy Meredith, Jimmy Gar- rett, David Flowers. Dan Marrett, Barry Nelson, Linda Cunning- ham, Shirley Vick, Dorothy Ellis, Nancy Vosburgh. FIFTH ROW: Clayton LeCroy, David Babb, Ray Cornell, Billy Lark, Ray Jones, J. L. Sullivan, Larry Vickery, Ronnie Kidd, Mike Smith, Thomas Porter, David Bremer. Bill Jones. Hugh Brinson. College Choir Mrs. Pauline Poplin Julie . . . Hugh . . . Mary Alice . . . Mary ... J. L. PRESIDENT Julie Perry VICE PRESIDENT Hugh Brinson SECRETARY Dee Dee Godwin DIRECTOR Mrs. Pauline Poplin 102 MUSIC COMMITTEE: Nancy Vosburgh, Judy Meredith, Shirley Vick, Ann Corley, Thomas Porter, David Babb, Ellen Tillotson, Mary Martha Bullman. Bishopville, S.C. Florence, S.C. 1963 Choir Tour Jim Carson, Organist 103 Bishopville, S.C. ern S. ' Music Study Club PRESIDENT David Bremer VICE PRESIDENT . . Mary Alice Edmonds SECRETARY Mary Evelyn Spearman SPONSOR Mrs. Pauline Poplin The Music Study Club, in its third year of active par- ticipation, has become an integral part of the Anderson Col- lege Music Department. This group is composed of all stu- dents taking applied music. The club attempts to develop the appreciation of music Mary Evelyn . . . David . . . Mary Alice on the campus. Using a series of programs by club members and per- formers, the club has been able to hear and study the lives and works of many famous artists in the field of music. Carol Moore, Barry Smith, Mary Evelyn Spearman, Emily Coggins, Mary Alice Edmonds, David Bremer, Eunice McCoy, Mrs. Poplin, Hugh Brinson, Connie Wheedleton, Sandy Mead- 104 Commercial Club PRESIDENT Julie Perry VICE PRESIDENT Linda Price SECRETARY Sally Bonds TREASURER Diane Hillman SPONSOR Mrs. Mamie Altaian A new group on campus, the Commercial Club was formed to familiarize the secretarial students with the opportunities and obligations of the business world. The club seeks to pro- mote high standards in business and professional life and ideals of service which are the bases of all worthy enterprise. FIRST ROW: Diane Hillman, Linda Chastain, Judy Singleton, Sharon Rogers, Dawn Scott, Mary Granger, Teresa Hailing, Glen- da Rae Power, Sally Bonds, Mary Lou demons, Tina Cathcart. SECOND ROW: Linda Price, Garland Hamrick, Pat Wyatt, Genny Cook, Elaine Charping, Joyce Adams, Alice Kay, Joanne Smith, Nancy Singleton, Nancy Sexton, Julie Perry. THIRD ROW: Judy- Montgomery, Phyllis Gray, Linda Ward, Brenda Rainey, Lynn Sas- ser, Jenny Lynn Mathis, Verma Holmes, Christine Smith, Marlene Jones, Jane Brown, Margaret Hair. t ... ■•-• ' •». i ,...• » " •. iWf 4 j j JfcJl Mi i 105 FIRST ROW: David Flowers, Betty Jean Morris, Grace Dillard, Mrs. Holcombe, Lana Faye King. Peggy Crayton, Carole Grubbs. Carole Dye, Carolyn Smith. SECOND ROW: Bob Latimer, Sara Stuckey, Mike Miller, Larry Holcombe, Lee Ellis, Anna Perry. Sketch Club Lana Faye . . . David . . . Betty . . . Mike . . . Grace . . . Mrs. Holcombe The purpose of the Sketch Club is to encourage young artists to develop their potential. Members are chosen on the basis of an original sketch submitted early in the school year. The Sketch Club is responsible for the art projects, decorations, and posters seen on campus. Trips to vari- ous art galleries and other places of interest are high- lights of the year for the club members. PRESIDENT Mike Miller VICE PRESIDENT Grace Dillard SECRETARY Lana Faye King TREASURER David Flowers PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Betty Jean Morris SPONSOR Mrs. Blanche Holcombe 106 The Athletic Association, in an effort to properly balance our schedule of work and play, plans a busy calendar of individual and group sports encouraging every student to participate. Good sportsmanship and love for athletics are the keynotes for this organization, which is one of the most active on campus. The association awards students of excellent sports ability with letters and trophies. PRESIDENT David Murrell VICE PRESIDENT Martha Jameson SECRETARY Al Cox TREASURER Elizabeth Picklesimer SPONSOR Coach Max Grubbs Coach Grubbs AI . . . Martha . . . David . . . Elizabeth Athletic Association FIRST ROW: Sharon Rogers, Susie Harvey, Carlie Sue Foster, Flo Carpenter, Charlotte Watson, Joan Baker, Carolyn Griffith, Brenda Wynn, Carolyn Holder. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Pickles- imer, Jane Jackson, Ruth Turner, Martha Jameson, Judy Stuckey, Jane McLendon, Jenny Lynn Mathis, Sara Stuckey, Coach Grubbs. THIRD ROW: Iris Blackwell, Buddy Jennings, Gib Rogers, Al West- moreland, Tony Moody, Luther Rickenbaker, Scooter Edmonds, Maxey Voyles, Bob Douthit, Larry Holcombe, Lee Ellis, Eddie Tarte, Jimmy Cobb, Jon Acker, Al Cox, Ray Madden. 107 . . . inspirational services . . . speeches . . . discussion periods . . . student retreats . . . vespers . . . i. ership conferences . . . chapel programs . . . spiritual emphasis. FIRST ROW: M. Kirven, S. Whitlow, G. Cook, E. Tillotson, J. Singleton, S. Rogers, A. Hill, L. Watkins, M. Abrams, C. Sisk, P. Anderson. SECOND ROW: J. Stallworth. C. Grubbs, R. McCa- vitt. C. Landis. D. Godwin. G. Hamrick. J. Adams, E. Charping, S. Littlejohn. B. Kale, S. Storm, T. Cathcart, B. Bramlett. THIRD ROW: N. Singleton, M. Spearman, P. Haynie, A. Clark. FOUR- TH ROW: M. Brown, N. Sexton, S. Evans, S. Bonds, L. Haselden, J. Smith, E. Tillotson, J. Jones, B. Mead, S. Vick, J. Meredith, N. Vosburgh. FIFTH ROW: G. Powell, M. Miller, L. Bradham, C. Wilburn, R. Busby, D. Calloway, A. Corley, L. Copeland, C. Wil- liams, L. Moore, V. Holmes, S. Davenport. SIXTH ROW: Miss Hancock, J. Brown, M. Hair, C. Moore, C. Smith, C. Gibson, A. Hodson, B. Lisk, L. Ward, J. McWhorter, H. Phillips, J. Montgom- ery. SEVENTH ROW: G Rogers, R. Sharpe, H. Brinson, B. Lark, R. McKinney, C. Johnson. Baptist Student Union PRESIDENT Martha Brown VICE PRESIDENT Ray Sharpe SECRETARY Margaret Abrains SPONSOR Everett H. Vivian FIRST ROW: S. Whitlow, E. Tillotson, M. Brown, M. Abrams, M. Spearman, C. Grubbs. SECOND ROW: Miss Hancock, M. Kirven, D. Godwin, C. Sisk. R. McKinney. THIRD ROW: R. Sharpe, H. Brinson, A. Corley. The Baptist Student Union is a distinctive student program promot- ed by the Southern Bap- tist Convention for Bap- tist students. Any student is eligible to belong by uniting with a Baptist Church in the College community, actively par- ticipating in his home church if he commutes daily to College, joining an organization of a lo- cal Baptist church, or joining a campus unit or- ganization. 110 Presbyterian students on our campus belong to the Westminster Fellowship. Their meetings are once a month, and they daily strive to promote sincere Christ- ianity in the lives of our college students. MODERATOR Eric Stafford VICE MODERATOR Sara Stuckey SECRETARY-TREASURER Charlotte Watson Charlotte . . . Eric . . . Sara Westminster Fellowship Judy Stuckey, David Bremer, Sara Stuckey, Charles Wilson, Mrs. Meeks, Janice Tucker, Pat Roeder, Elizabeth Pickelsimer. in The Wesley Foundation was organized to offer Meth- odist students an opportunity to maintain contact with churches of their denomination and to present increased opportunities for Christian service and fellowship. It enables the student to strengthen his faith in the face of intellectual problems; it encourages scholar- ship as a part of efficient Christian witnessing; it de- velops Christian leadership through a well-organized campus program, and it magnifies Christian citizen- ship and world responsibilities. PRESIDENT Susie Harvey VICE PRESIDENT Carlie Sue Foster SECRETARY-TREASURER Carolyn Griffith SPONSOR Mrs. Mary Sullivan Carlie Sue . . . Susie . . . Carolyn Wesley Foundation FIRST ROW: Brenda Griffin. SECOND ROW: man, Mary Sue Geiger. Bramlett, Mary Lou demons, Virginia Grace Dillard, Carol Hogarth, Jo Hick- THIRD ROW: Eunice McCoy, Donna Palmer, Shelba Smith. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Holder, Lois Haselden, Carolyn Griffith. FIFTH ROW: Richard McGee, Susie Harvey, Betsy Bruner, Mike Miller. 112 Church Related Vocations is a campus organization composed of students who plan to go into the field of church work. It strives to enrich and strengthen the spiritual lives of Anderson College students by em- phasizing a closer fellowship with God. At the meetings, which are held once a month, the members discuss the various fields of Christian serv- ice which they plan to enter and the problems related to these fields. PRESIDENT Hugh Brinson VICE PRESIDENT Jerome Rohrbach SECRETARY Carol Jane Williams SPONSOR Rev. William E. Tisdale Jerome . . . Carol Jane . . . Hugh Church Related Vocations FIRST ROW: Ann Corley, Carol Jane Williams, Sylvia Grisham, Joyce Jones. SECOND ROW: J erome Rohrbach, Hugh Brinson, Mr. Tisdale. 113 FIRST ROW: Ann Goff, Peggy Anderson, Joyce Pace. Janie Neese. SECOND ROW: Ann Hodson, Sandra Whitlow, Starr Littlejohn, Joyce Jones, Carol Sisk. Mission Volunteers The Mission Volunteers Group is an organiza- tion composed of students with a genuine interest in mission work both at home and overseas, and also those who have felt a definite call to be mis- sionaries. In past years several of these students have served as summer missionaries in various parts of the United States under the B.S.U. Summer Mis- sion Prosnam. PRESIDENT Carol Sisk VICE PRESIDENT Joyce Jones SECRETARY-TREASURER Joyce Pace PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Peggy Anderson REPRESENTATIVE Sandra Whitlow Carol . . . Peggy . . . Sandra . . . Joyce . . . Joyce 114 FIRST ROW: Sherrell Ponder, Ronnie McKinney, Lee Congdon, David Laird. SECOND ROW: Mike Dyar. Randolph Browning. Danny Hutto. Rev. R. S. Moore. Ministerial Association David Danny Sherrell . . . Ronnie The Association is composed of male stu- dents who feel that the) are definitely called to be ministers or Christian workers. The organization main- tains high standards for training in Christian service The ministerial students meet regularly to dis problems pertaining to their future work, and several ol the members gain experience b) holding part-time pastorates in the nearby churches PRESIDENT Sh rrel Po VICE PRESIDENT Dann SECRETARY David ] B.S.U. REPRESENTATIVE .... Ronnie McKii SPONSOR Rev. R. S vl 115 FIRST ROW: B. Mulkey, J. Singleton, T. Cathcart. S. Storm, B. ROW: S. Kale, A. Hill. M. Abrams, E. Tillotson. C. Sisk, B. Bramlette, G. B. Mead. Cook, P. Anderson, N. Vosburgh, A. Clark, C. Grubbs. SECOND lotson, K ROW: J. Perry, G. Power, L. Price, M. Bullman, D. Godwin. P. Williams, Haynie, N. Singleton, V. Holmes, C. Landis, C. Smith, S. Little- Smith, L. John, C. Moore, J. Stallworth, N. Sexton, E. Collins. THIRD ROW: loway, A M. Granger, E. Charging, S. Davenport, S. Whitlow. B. Messex. Smith. L. K. Hugging L. McDougle, J. Neese, L. Moore, D. Ellis, J. Cun- Ward, H. ningham. S. Bonds, J. Adams, S. Evans, A. Hodson. FOURTH Sams, B. Lisk, J. Meredith, R. Busby. B. Rainey, S. Vick, C. Watson, C. Zeigler. J. Strange, R. MrCavitt, E. Til- Crymes, B. Livingston, S. Godbee. FIFTH ROW: C. C. Gibson, N. Turner, L. Haselden, J. McWhorter, C. Ward, J. .Berry, J. Brown, M. Brown, M. Jones, D. Cal- Corley, J. Wrenn. SIXTH ROW: Miss Hancock, J. Cunningham, P. Gray, G. Hamrick, S. McLanahan, L. Phillips, L. Sasser, J. Montgomery, J. Gilstrap, L. Jones. Young Woman ' s Auxiliary FIRST ROW: Barbara Mulkey. Sandra Whitlow, Nancy Vos- burgh. Glenda Rae Power, Mary Martha Bullman, Betty Ann Kale. SECOND ROW: Miss Hancock. Chris Smith, Dorothy Ellis, Carol Moore, Linda Price, Julie Perry. THIRD ROW: Nancy Turner, Mary Granger, Shirley Vick, Judy Meredith, Patsy Haynie. FOURTH ROW: Ann Corley, Sharon Godbee. Cathy Zeigler. FIFTH ROW: Carol Williams. Jane Brown. Ruth Ann Busby. 116 Community Missions Project " War Sli w...- Y.W.A. ' s visit the children ' s home. The lineup: Y.W.A. officers. Publicity committee at work Student workers at the pre-school retreat held each year Y v A i General Meeting. 117 . . the cheers . . . victories . . . tension . . . del . . . Rebel flag . . . student support . . all are mem- oi ies " I the 1 96 1 A. I yeai FIRST ROW: Al Westmoreland, Tony Moody. Wendell Farmer, Jimmy Cobb, Tommy Thurston. SECOND ROW: Gib Rogers, Buddy Jennings, Larry Holcombe, Ray Madden, David Murrell. THIRD ROW: Jon Acker, Bob Douthit, Eddie Tarte, Lee Ellis, Coach Hill. Anderson College CO-CAPTAINS: Tony Moody, David Murrell Scoreboard Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College Western Carol Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College 105 Shenandoah 74 89 Wingate 70 120 Kings College 60 68 Brevard 80 62 Western Carolina Junior Varsity 78 79 Asheville Biltmore 78 89 Wingate 87 100 Furman Freshmen 90 70 UMXXX 70 U.S.C. Freshmen . . 103 62 Furman Freshmen 88 80 Gardner Webb 63 75 North Greenville 74 75 Lees-McRae 72 72 Lees-McRae 92 70 Spartanburg 74 76 Asheville Biltmore 77 82 Wingate 69 83 U.S.C. Freshmen Ill 87 Gardner Webb 61 87 North Grenville 94 82 Brevard 100 85 Kings College 86 73 Clemson Freshmen 83 1 1 3 Spartanburg 82 ina Junior College Conference Tournament 77 Lees-McRae 75 84 RXXX 84 Brevard 91 81 Asheville Biltmore 87 We wish to commend the Rebels on their fine performance during the year. The team placed fourth in the Western Carolina Conference and went on to place fourth in the conference tournament. In addition to this, David Murrell was named All-Conference and All-Region Ten; Lee Ellis was named All-Conference ; and Bob Douthit was awarded the Sportsmanship Trophy at the tournament. 120 Maxey Voyles Manager Coach Jim Hil Rebels Reaching for the sky 121 Lee Ellis Center Larry Holcombe Forward David Murrell Forward 1964 Eddie Tarte Center Gib Rogers Guard Jon Acker Guard Jimmy Cobb Guard , ' I ' ? I 122 r - ' % ' iy L B " KHH Bob Douthit Forward Wendell Farmer Guard Ray Madden Guard Rebels Buddy Jennings Guard Tony Moody Guard Al Westmoreland Guard Tommy Thurston Guard 123 Cobb shoots foul shot and Ellis waits for rebound. Rebels break huddle as they prepare for victory. Eddie Tarte goes up with a King ' s College player for rebound as Jon Acker looks on. 124 Ellis adds two points as the Rebels increase their lead. Ellis controls tip as Murrell, Douthit, and Moody look on. " Big Bob " Douthit shoots as Ellis looks on. " Take a break boys, and I ' ll tell you what you ' re doing wrong. Take it for what it ' s worth! " 125 Douthit shoots as Murrcll goes for a rebound ; Thurston moves in. Captains Murrcll and Moody set in straight before the game starts. Big Lee Ellis goes up as Moody, Douthit, and Murrcll look on. 126 Douthit and Acker close in for the kill. Madden shoots as " Bis; Bob " rushes in. ' Bit; Bad Bob " tips ball to one ol his team mates Ellis, Murrell, and Moody wa I fi 127 FIRST ROW: Ruth Turner, Martha Jameson, Iris Blackwell, Sharon Rogers. SECOND ROW: Judy Stuckey, Sara Stuckey, Jen- ny Lynn Mathis, Elizabeth Picklesimer. THIRD ROW: Coach Grubbs, Jane Jackson, Melba Yeargin, Mary Ellen Crocker, Sara Stroud. Anderson College CO-CAPTAINS: Iris Blackwell and Martha Jameson. Coach Max W. Grubbs 128 MANAGERS: Jane McLendon, Margaret Miller, Carolyn Holder. Rebelettes wait for me . . . Scoreboard Anderson College 95 Kings College 28 Anderson College 40 Atlanta " Tom Boys " 52 Anderson College 48 Draughon Business College 47 Anderson College 52 Winthrop 37 Anderson College 77 Draughon Business College 37 Anderson College 54 Lees-McRae 20 Anderson College 49 North Greenville 35 Anderson College 68 Greenville Nurses 25 Anderson College 50 Atlanta " Tom Boys " 44 Anderson College 93 ( lamden 32 Anderson College 66 Lees-Rae 27 Anderson College 55 North Greenville 31 Anderson College 90 Greenville Nurses 9 Anderson College 88 Kings College 24 Anderson College 68 Winthrop 53 The Rebelettes have maintained the fine record set by the 1963 team. Displaying tremendous potential from the beginning, the team, under the able leadership of Coach Max Grubbs, finished the season with a 14 — 1 record. Wrong basket! 129 Sara Stroud Guard Judy Stuckey Forward Iris Blarkwell Guard Martha Jameson Guard Elizabeth Pickelsimer Forward 130 Jenny Lynn Mathis Guard Sara Stuckey Forward Rebelettes Sharon Rogers Guard Mary Ellen Crocker Guard Melba Yeargin Forward 131 « £ Judy Stuckey moves in for a quick rebound Judy Stuckey springs high for a quick jump ball Iris Blackwell up for the rebound. The Rebelettes hustle in for the ball. 132 Elizabeth Picklesimer makes a flying leap for the rebound. Camden moves in — only to catch a netted ball. Melba Yeargin goes in for a lay-up. Team waits for the ball 133 [»l Carolyn Griffith Carlie Sue Foster Joan Baker Brenda Wynn 134 Charlotte Watson eaders -1964 aisers ?? Susie Harvey Tissie Blessing ■ ■T yt! ' % m a TBI 4?TSi Trefc 9 mS Ba ' B7 jDRBn JB $?•$ ) Bv vfli fH| n BY i B7fi jj f If JB tote Flo Carpenter 135 Coach Grubbs. Rick Franklin, Terry Poore, Al Cox, Scotter Edmonds Tennis Coach Max Grubbs I MDE tSON COLLEGE TENNIS COURTS and athletic FACILITIES ARE TO BE USED BV ANDERSON COLLEGE STUDENTS AND MEMBERS OF THE FAMILIES OF THE AHDEKOH COLLEGE FACULTY AND STAFF. OTHERS WISHING TO USE THESE FACILITIES MUST SECURE PERMISSION FROM MAX GMIKMECTOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION miumsmTTOBE used on suhdav. As warm days approach, one may hear the thud of tennis balls and the cheering of students and other spectators as our team nets another victory. Skillfully coached and trained by Coach Max Grubbs, the AC Netters venture to various unknown courts leaving a conquered path. Each member has done a great job in representing Anderson College. As a result of their victories, the team has received several trophies. 136 Scooter Edmonds A I Cox - — . r i 137 Ki k Franklin Lawrence Thompson, Coach Pushard, Luther Rickenbaker, Skipper Maynard Coach King Pushard Golf 138 Luther Rickenbaker Lawrence Thompson Golf, a new sport on our campus, has rapidly gained promi- nence in the field of athletics. Under the direction of a new coach, Mr. King Pushard, golf has taken a new outlook. The team is looking forward to a suc- cessful season this spring. Skipper Maynard 139 FIRST ROW: Charles McLeod, Jerry Kinsler. Charles Milam, Rogers Beasley, Bernie Collins. SECOND ROW: Buddy Batson, Mike Hill, Neil Hall, Jim Folk, Mike Lofton. Men ' s Track Coach W. F. West St P ITS This spring brought the second season of the Ander- son College men ' s track team. The coach is W. F. West. Although experience was lacking, the team made a good showing. The conference meet ended the season following the various meets in which the team partici- pated. 140 rMHHBBO(IHHnn«DBHnia Mike Hill ' s broad jump at a conference meet. Mike Hill paces for the 440-yard-dash. High-hurdling Jim McLean hurdles Allen Hare clears the bar with inches to spare. 141 FIRST ROW: Melba Yeargin, Joan Cunningham, Carolyn Smith, Janie Neese, Peggy Anderson, Sara Stuckey, Iris Blackwell, Martha Jameson, Coach Crubbs. SECOND ROW: Anne Clarke, Barbara Boling, Carol Williams, Shirley Vick, Susie Storm, Judy Strange, Elizabeth Picklesimer, Carolyn Holder, Margaret Miller. Women ' s Track Coach Max Grubbs The women ' s track team, under the supervision of Coach Max Grubbs, expects to have another successful season this spring. Though track is still new to Ander- son College, the team holds several state records, and proves to be better each year. The team ' s Iris Blackwell and Annie Tribble are co-holders of the shot-put record, while Barbara Boling holds the state record for the 50-yard hurdles at 8.9 seconds. Carol Williams holds the state standing broad jump record at 7 ' 2 " . Prospects are very good for the spring of 1964, and at this time the girls are eagerly practicing for their first meet in April. 142 ■ . Off to a fast sprint. Pre-season warm-up. This girl will make broad jump records. ' m. i ■ ■ " " • Getting in shape for track. Working on starting form. One more time around the track. xMF fg V 143 .4 FIRST ROW: Tommy Jaudon, David Murrell, Lee Cooper, Bennie Cox, Larry Hulsey. SEC- OND ROW: Maxey Voyles, Don Kelly, Tony Moody, Gerald Graydon. Baseball Coach Jim Hill All-Conference: Benny Cox Tony Moody 144 ■■« ■ ■■ Boyd Stribling Tony Moody Tommy Jaudon Maxey Voyles 1963 BASEBALL SCORES Anderson College 3 Clemson Freshmen 12 Anderson College 3 North Greenville 11 Anderson College 2 Brevard 12 hh w tJ Anderson College 1 U. S. C. Freshmen 4 Anderson College Anderson College Anderson College 11 5 U. S. C. Freshmen Spartanburg Jr. Brevard 12 BB 8 3 (LJS Anderson College 10 North Greenville 9 Anderson College 9 Wingate 12 Anderson College 5 Wingate 6 Anderson College 6 Gardner-Webb 3 Anderson College 4 Spartanburg Jr. 5 Anderson College 9 Clemson Freshmen 10 Anderson College 5 Gardner-Webb 6 La rry Hulsey Benny Cox .« ££•■ David Murrcll Clyde Bryson Gerald Graydon Wendell Fanner . . . beauties . . warm memories . . . happ) mom . . . and forever thy praises ring . . . victory . . ac complishment. Miss Anderson College Portia Stasney Sara Stuckey First Runner-up Grace Dillard Second Runner-up Miss Sophomore Binky Mead Sophomore Beauties Dianne Hughes Barbara Thompson 15! Portia Stasney Sophomore Beauties Joan Baker 152 Miss Freshman Sally Bonds Lynn Ward Freshman Beauties Rhonda McCavitt 154 Freshman Beauties k « Mary Jane Kirven Jenny Lynn Ma this 155 Queen of May Binky Mead Maid of Honor " W Z)om Patrick Sophomore Attendants Portia Stasney Iris Blackwell 158 Joan Baker Dianne Hughes Sophomore Attendants IV) Carol Hogarth Sally Bonds Freshman Attendants 160 Freshman Attendants Lynn Ward Jenny Lynn Mathis 161 Joyce Adams Rhonda McCavitt X I Freshman Attendants 162 Miss Columns Carole Dye Superlatives Portia Stasney Best All Round Jim McLean 164 Superlatives Lee I.anier Most Likely to Succeed I ole Dye Ki.i Superlatives Gloria Vehorn Best Personality Charlie Goldson 166 Superlatives Dec Dee Godwin Most Talented Rick Krankli 167 Superlatives Binky Mead Best Looking Tommy Jauclon 160 Superlatives Al CJIcnn Most Intellectual nn ' lai ke 169 Superlatives Julie Perry Friendliest J. L. Sullivan 170 Superlatives Boyd Stribling Wittiest Sara Stuckey 171 Reflections This is Anderson College, 1963-64. We hope these pages will bring Hack many happy memories as you turn through the pages of this yearbook. Hurry up. My book was due yesterday! ..-..J HI J m HI If I see another student, I ' ll scream. How do you spell von Hass — Hoss — Haz Now. let ' s see, which card do you want? 172 Get a load of that new boy! Honest, Dean, we haven ' t taken a payofl t ,!;1 ' I ' You get down like this- The belle of the hal }J " Oooh! This is hot! " Stand up and say that! " " Where ' s the mustard? " I ' ve heard of do-it-yourself kits — but this is ridiculous. Guests from England You ' ll be sorry, Iris! Aren ' t we cute? Who whistled? We ' ll stroll the lane together. Just can ' t resist those hotdogs. We Rats must stick together! I What a cozy corner! Wherr does this path go? Hootenanny Be nice to the judges, girls. Wish one of those boys would sit with me. flH t ft WHIM We go for tall, handsome men at Anderson College. Wow! Whatta man! This thing ' s out of tune. ( iome " ii. Let ' s twist. Maxip. where are you going? (). in l c an opera star Stop the world. I want to gi Haven ' t you forgotten something? A trip to England sounds interesting. " W " i i,i w. ■-»» « m »»»« 1 T f J HI J ' vv 2fll r ££zr A 4( ' ■ . . ■ ' 5 aJHI 180 Doris, why didn ' t you tell us! " It ' s a bird, it ' s a plane, it ' s . . A crown for the queen Dr. Rouse, it ' s crooked Be sure you get the right ribbon. The queen and her - - « iii t Many hours of hard work and diligent thinking go into the editing of a college yearbook. But after the hardest work has been completed, there is a satisfaction of accom- plishment that only an editor can understand. There are many to whom we owe our deepest gratitude for their contributions toward the making of this yearbook. We could not begin to name the large number of people who have helped somewhere along the way, but we do wish especially to thank our advisors, photographers, and staff members. In presenting this, the 1964 Columns, to the students, faculty, and administration of Anderson College, we give to you the result of a tedious but inspiring and rewarding task. Carole Dye and Carole Grubbs Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor 182 Sophomore Directory ABRAMS, MARGARET REBECCA Route 2. Gray Court, S.C. . . . Baptist Student Union 1.2. Secretary 2: Y.W.A. 1,2: Women ' s Council, Proc- tor 2. ANDERSON, PEGGY JUNE 101 West Fourth Street. WILLIAMSTON, S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 1 .2, Devotional Chairman 1 : Mission Volunteers 1,2, Program Chairman 2; Y.W.A. 1,2: A.C. Players 1 ; College Choir 2. BABB, DAVID RAY 209 Fanner Street, Anderson. S. C. ... Men ' s En- semble, Vice President 1 ; Twenty Sinsrers, Vice Presi- dent 1 ; College Choir. Librarian 2. BAKER, LURA JOAN 6849 Hyde Grove. Jacksonville, Fla. . . . Canterbury Club 1: Columns Staff, Feature Editor 2; May Court 1.2: Cheerleader 1,2. Head Cheerleader 2; Sophomore Beauty. BARNETTE. PHILLIP HAROLD Route 3, Anderson, S. C. BLACKWELL. IRIS JEAN 71 North Main. Startex, S. C. ... Baptist Student Un- ion 1,2; Athletic Association 1,2; Basketball 1,2, Co- Captain 2; Track Team 1,2; May Court 2: Superla- tive, " Most Athletic " 2. BOGGS. JAMES BOROUGHS Route 11, Clemson, S. C. BOLING, BARBARA DARLENE Route 2, Donalds, S. C. ... Omicron Iota Kappa 1,2: Track Team 1,2; Basketball Intramurals 1; Freshman Beauty. BOLT, JAMES DUNKLIN Lloyd Drive, Anderson, S. C. BONE, JOHNNY DALE 615 Bonham Court, Anderson, S. C. BOYCE. JAMES G. Hindman Street, West Pelzer. S. C. BRAMLETT. BRENDA LOUISE Route 1, Laurens, S. C. ... Y.W.A. 1.2: S.G.A. 2; Women ' s Council, Proctor. BREMER, DAVID LEROY Route 1, Anderson. S. C. ... Westminster Fellowship 1,2; Music Study Club 1,2; Vice President 1; College Choir 1,2; Twenty Singers 1: A.C. Players 1; Men ' s Council 2. BRINSON, HUGH VANCE 104 Broad Street, Anderson, S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 1.2. Music Chairman 2; College Choir 1.2. Vice President 2; Music Study Club 1,2; Church Related Vocations, President 2: Circle K 2. BROCK, JUDY PATRICIA 2808 Plainview Road, Anderson, S.C. ... Phi Theta Kappa 2. BR v ANNE M 220 Forest Lane, Belton. S. C. BROWN, MARTHA NELL 350 Anh Street. Spartanburg, S. C. ... Baptist Stu- dent Union 1,2; Presidenl 2: Y.W.A. 1,2, Circle Chair- man 1: S.G.A., Executive Council 2; Women ' s Coun- cil 2: Alph a Pi Epsilon 1.2. Secretary 2. BROWNING, JERRY RANDOLPH 5 Anderson Street, Honea Path, S. C. BROWNING, WILLIAM FRED Route 1. Williamston, S. C. BRYSON, MARVIN CLYDE 10 Hardeman Street. Piedmont. S. C. BULLMAN. MARY MARTHA Route 1. Roebuck, S. C. ... Baptist Student L ' nion 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1.2. Vice President 2: College Choir 1.2: S.G.A. 2; Women ' s Council. Vice Chairman 2. BURNS, ERNEST GENE 2500 East North Avenue, Anderson, S. C. CAMPBELL. MARY LOUISE 102 Houston Drive, Clemson. S. C. . . . Sketch Club 1.2. CANN, CAROLYN ELAINE Route 1, Iva, S. C. CELY. JOE GENE Route 4. Easley. S. C. CHASTAIN, LINDA FAYE 55 Scott Street, Laurens, S. C. ... Commercial Club 2; Columns Staff 1. CLARKE, ANNE McNEIL 104 Wyatt Ave., Clemson. S. C. ... Phi Theta Kappa 1.2: Commencement Marshal: Superlative. " Most In- tellectual " 2. CLEMONS, MARY LOU Route 3. Andrews, S. C. ... Wesley Foundation 1 .2 : Commercial Club 2. COBB, JAMES WILLIAM, JR. 123 West First St.. Williamston. S. C. ... Basketball 1,2. COPELAND, LINDA LOU Musgrove Street, Clinton. S. C. ... Y.W.A. 1 ; Com- mercial Club 2. CORLEY, SARA ANN Addison St., Edgefield. S. C. ... Baptist Student Un- ion 1,2. Executive Council 2: Y.W.A. 1,2. President 2; College Choir 1,2: Church Related Vocations 2. COX, AL NATHANIEL 911 Sumner Ave.. North Charleston, S. C. ... Baptist Student l ' nion 1.2. Executive Council 1; Circle K 1,2; Athletic Association 1 .2. Secretary 2 ; Tennis Team 1.2. COX, BENNY HARRISON 1007 Bolt Dr., Anderson, S. C. . . . Baseball 1. CUNNINGHAM, JOAN LENOIR Route 5, Darlington, S. ( ' . baptist Student l ' nion 2: Y.W.A. 2: Columns Stall ' 2. CUNNINGHAM, LINDA ANN Rt. 4, Pickens, S. C. ... Baptist Student l ' nion 1.2; Y.W.A. 1.2; Omicron Iota Kappa, Secretary 2; Basket- ball Intramurals 1.2: Track Team 1. DAVIS, BETTY DIANE 218 North Franklin Rd., Greenville. S ( : DAVIS, NORMA I. FA 326 Dellwood Dr., Greenville, S. C. . . Baptist Student l ' nion 1,2, Enlistment Chairman I; Y.W.A 1.2. Omi- cron Iota Kappa 2 : ( Iheerleader 1 ; Ma) Court I . 103 DOBBINS. NANCY HARRIET 512 North St., Anderson, S. C. . . . Omicron Iota Kap- pa 1,2. DOTHIT, ROBERT LEE Route 4. Box 275F, Sumter, S. C. . . . Basketball 1,2. Co-Captain 2: Superlative, " Most Athletic " 2. DOWLING. ROBERT ANTHONY 1002 North Main St.. Greenville, S. C. DRAKE, FLEETA BONTA Route 2, Anderson, S. C. DYAR, JOE MICHAEL 10B-3 Bailey Court, Anderson, S. C. DYE, CAROLE ANN 701 College Ave., Anderson, S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 1.2: College Choir 1.2; Twenty Singers 1; Col- umns Staff 1.2, Classing 1, Editor-in-Chief 2; Sketch Club 2 ; Track Team 1 ; Miss Columns 2 ; Superlative, " Most Likely to Succeed " 2. EDMONDS, CHARLES THOMAS, JR. 517 Smithmore, Anderson, S. C. ... Circle K 2; Ten- nis Team 1,2. EDMONDS, MARY ALICE 2708 Whitehall Ave., Anderson, S. C. ... Baptist Stu- dent Union 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa 1.2; College Choir, Accompanist 1,2; Music Study Club 1,2, President 2; English Award 1. ELLIOTT, VIRGIL CLARENCE Route 4, 29 South, Anderson, S. C. ELLIS, DOROTHY ANNE Route 2. Box 80, Heath Springs, S. C. . . .Baptist Stu- dent Union 1,2; Y.VV.A. 1,2, Executive Council 2; Com- mercial Club 2; College Choir 1,2. ELLIS. WILLIAM LEE Society St., Anderson, S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 1,2; Basketball 1,2. ELLISON, WILMA JEAN Route 1, Anderson, S. C. ... Phi Theta Kappa 1,2. FARMER, WENDELL MARION Route 1, Bishopville, S. C. . . . Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Circle K 1,2. FOSTER, CARLIE SUE 21 Sewanee Ave., Greenville, S. C. ... Wesley Foun- dation 1,2, Vice President 2; Cheerleader 1,2. FRANKLIN, RICHARD LOY 418 Woodcrest, Anderson, S. C. . . . Yodler Staff 1,2, Sports Editor 2; Tennis Team 2; Superlative, " Most Talented " 2. GAMBRELL, DAVID LYNN 161 West Main. Pendleton, S. C. GAULT, HERBERT EARL 414 South Main, Fountain Inn. S. C. ... Men ' s Coun- cil 2; Circle K 2. GLENN, ALBERT EASTON Box 75, Starr, S. C. . . . Phi Theta Kappa 1,2; Biology Award 1; English Award 1; Superlative, " Most Intel- lectual " 2. GODBEE, SHARON LEE Rt. I, Ravenel, S. C. ... Phi Theta Kappa 1,2; Y.W.A. 1,2, Prayer Chairman 2; Baptist Student Union 1,2. GODWIN, SARAH DIANE 706 Johnson Ave., Columbia, S. C. ... Baptist Stu- dent Union 1,2, Social Chairman 2; YW.A. 1,2, Mis- sions Chairman 1; College Choir 1,2, Secretary 2; Twenty Singers 1 : A.C. Players 1 ; Superlative, " Most Talented " 2; Miss Anderson College Pageant 1,2, Miss Congeniality 2; Church Related Vocations 1. GOLDSON, CHARLES HUBERT 3328 Devereaux Rd., Columbia, S. C. . . . Basketball 1 ; Sophomore Class President 2; Superlative, " Best Per- sonality " 2. GOLDSON, CLEM FELDER 3328 Devereaux Rd., Columbia, S. C. ... Sophomore Class Vice President 2. GRAYDON, GERALD WILSON Rt. 1, Gray Court, S. C. ... Baseball 1; Basketball 1; Athletic Association 1,2. GRIFFITH, JEAN CAROLYN Cottageville, S. C. ... Yodler Staff, 1,2, Associate Edi- tor 2; State Corresponding Secretary for S.C.C.P.A. 2; Athletic Association 1,2; Cheerleader 1.2; Wesley Foun- dation 1,2, Council 1, Secretary-Treasurer 2. GRUBBS, CAROLE MARIE 604 West Butler, Denmark, S. C. . . . Sketch Club 2; Baptist Student Union 1,2, Executive Council 2, Pub- licity Chairman 2; Phi Theta Kappa 2; Y.W.A. 1,2; Columns Staff, Associate Editor 2. HALEY, SANFORD EUGENE Haley Rd., Anderson, S. C. HAMMOND, BETTY FAYE Rt. 4, Belton, S. C. . . . Phi Theta Kappa 1,2. HASELDEN, LOIS MARIE 207 North Adair St., Clinton, S. C. . . . Basketball 1,2; Track Team 1 ; Third Place Softball Throw 1 ; Y.W.A. 1,2. HAYES, JOE FRANK Box 475, Pickens, S. C. HILL, LLOYD MICHAEL 236 Brookforest Dr., Anderson, S. C. ... Track Team,, Most Valuable 1 . HODSON, BESSIE ANN Quimby St., Graniteville, S. C. ... Mission Volunteers 2 ; Canterbury Club 1 ; Y.W.A. 2. HORTON, WILLIS FULLER, JR. Hamilton St., Williamston, S. C. ... Yodler Staff 1,2; Columns Staff 1 ,2. HUGHES, JANE DIANNE Perryclear St., Orangeburg, S. C. ... A.C. Players 1 ; May Court 2 ; Omicron Iota Kappa 1 ,2 ; Sophomore Beauty. HUSKAMP, GERALD DEDRICK Camp Jemiki, Walhalla, S. C. ... Circle K 1,2, Presi- dent 2; Columns Staff 1,2, Sports Editor 2, Yodler Staff 2. HYATT, RONALD LEROY 101 Haywood Ave., McColI, S. C. ... Athletic As- sociation, Treasurer 1; S.G.A. 1,2; Men ' s Council 1,2; Dormitory President 1,2. JAMESON, MARTHA ANN Rt. 1, Liberty, S. C. . . . Basketball 1,2, Most Improved 1, Captain 2; Athletic Association 1,2, Vice President 184 2; Commercial Club 2; Baptist Student Union 2; Y.W.A. 1.2. JAUDON, THOMAS HAMPTON. JR. Rt. 1, North Charleston. S. C. ... Men ' s Council 1.2, Chairman 2; S.G.A. 1.2. Executive Council 2; Baptist Student Union 1.2; Baseball Team 1.2; President of S.C.C.P.A. 2: Yodlcr Staff 1.2. Sports Editor 1, Man- aging Editor 2 ; Commencement Marshal 1 : Optimist Club Award 2; Circle K 1,2; Superlative, " Best Look- ing " 2; A.C. Players 2. JONES, MARY MARLENE 101 Carolina Ave., Greer, S. C. ... English Award 1; Women ' s Council, Proctor 2: Y.W.A. 1.2. JONES, RAYMOND FRANKLIN 500 College. Anderson. S. C. ... College Choir 1.2, Officer 2; Music Study Club 1,2; Church Related Vocations 2. KALE, BETTY ANN 105 White St.. Moncks Corner. S. C. ... Baptist Stu- dent Union 1.2; Y.W.A. 1.2. Circle Chairman 2: Col- lege Choir 2. KING, LANA FAYE Box 55, Cherry Grove, S. C. ... Sketch Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer 2: Y.W.A. 1,2; Canterbury Club 2; Omi- cron Iota Kappa 1.2. KING, MARY LAVERNE Rt. 1, Belton, S. C. ... Women ' s Council, President 2; Alpha Phi Epsilon 2. KIRKHAM. CHARLES H„ JR. 502 Crescent, Anderson. S. C. KIRKLAND, DONALD MILTON Rt. 2, Lancaster, S. C. ... Phi Theta Kappa 2; Circle K 1,2; S.G.A. 1,2, Secretary 2; Yodlcr Staff 1,2, Fea- ture Editor 2. LANDIS, CHERYL ELIZABETH 219 Pendleton, Easley, S. C. ... Baptist Student Un- ion 1.2: Y.W.A. 1.2; Omicron Iota Kappa 1.2, Reporter 2; A.C. Players 1. LANIER, LEE MARION Rt. 6, Box 215, North Charleston. S. C. ... Circle K 1,2. Vice President 2: Phi Theta Kappa 1,2, Presi- dent 2; Men ' s Council 1.2. Secretary 1.2: Proctor 1,2; S.G.A. 1,2; Superlative, " Most Likely to Succeed " 2. LOWE, JUDY DARLENE 238 Stevenson Dr., Belton. S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 1,2; Y.W.A. 1. McAllister, martha Elizabeth Rt. 1, Seneca, S. C. . . . Omicron Iota Kappa 2. McDOUGLE. LINDA ELLEN 102 Willow Springs, Greenville, S. C. ... Baptist Stu- dent Union 1.2: Y.W.A. 1.2: Alpha Pi Epsilon 2; S.G.A. 2; English Award 1 : Women ' s Council 2. McLEAN, JAMES HARK IS Box 1, Blythewood, S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 1. 2, Executive Council 1; Freshman Class President; S.G.A. 1,2, President 2; Circle K. 1.2: Columns Staff 1 ; Commencement Marshal 1 ; Track Team 1 ; Athletic Association 1 : Superlative, " Best All Round " 2. McLEESE, DONALD GLENN Rt. 3, Anderson, S. C. ... Circle K 2: Yodler Staff, News Editor 2. MASON, CAROLE ANNETTE Box 1024, Anderson. S. C. . . . Phi Theta Kappa 1 MEAD, BARBARA CHERYL 8 Stocker Dr.. Charleston. S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 1,2; Y.W.A. 1,2, Secretary 1; A.C. Players 1; Twenty Singers 1; College Choir 1.2; Freshman Beau- ty 1; May Day Attendant 1; Miss Sophomore 2: May- Queen 2 ; Superlative, " Best Looking " 2. MEREDITH, JUDY ANN Rt. 1, Townville, S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 1,2; Y.W.A. 1.2, Publicity Chairman 2: Omicron Iota Kap- pa 1.2, President 2. State Reporter 1 ; College Choir 1.2. MOODY, ANTHONY Rt. 55, Greenville, S. C. ... Baseball 1.2. All Confer- ence, Most Valuable 1 ; Basketball 1.2, Co-Captain 2. MOORE, CAROL ELIZABETH 107 Ridgeway Dr., Greenville, S.C. . . . Baptist Student Union 1.2; Y.W.A. 1.2. Music Chairman 2: Phi Theta Kappa 1,2, Secretary 2; Women ' s Council 2, Proctor 2; Music Study Club 1 ; College Choir 1,2, Librarian 1. MOORE, LINDA 1530 Milford Rd., Columbia, S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 1,2; Y.W.A. 1.2; Phi Theta Kappa 1.2. MOORE, PATRICK FRANKLIN Sheldon Dr., Anderson, S, C. ... Golf Team 1. MORGAN, GWENDOLYN DIANNE Seneca, S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 2; Phi Theta Kappa 1,2. MORRIS, JOHN ALLEN 1 106 Elizabeth St., Anderson. S. C. MORRIS, BETTY JEAN 204 Olive Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. . . . College Choir 1,2: Sketch Club 2; Yodler Staff 2. MURRELL. JAMES DAVID 1002 2nd Loope Rd.. Florence, S. C. ... Baseball 1.2; Basketball 1,2. Co-Captain 2: Athletic Association, President 2. PACE, JOYCE ANNETTE 708 Academy Dr.. Williamston, S. C. ... Baptist Stu- dent Union 1.2; Y.W.A. 1,2; Mission Volunteers, Secre- tary 2. PATRICK, DORIS BARBARA 1085 Ellis Ave., Orangeburg, S. C. ... Canterbury Club 2; May Court, Maid of Honor 2. PERRY, JULIE ANN Box 399, Greenwood, S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 1,2: Y.W.A. 1.2. Circle ( hairman I. Social lhairman 2; College Choir 1,2, President 2: Commercial Club 2, President 2; Yodlcr Staff 2; A.C. Players, 1 : Superlative, " Friendliest " 2. PHILLIPS. HARRIETT DEE Rt. 2. Easley, S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 1.2: Y.W.A. 1.2: Yodler Stall ' 2. PICKELSIMER, EMILY ELIZABE1 II Rt. 1. Piedmont. S. C. ... Westminster Fellowship 2: Basketball 1.2: Athletic Association 1.2 Treasurer 2. PIKE, SAMUEL LANE Box 111. Iva, S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 1,2; ( lin le K 2. ) odl ■ Staff I. PITTS, FRANKIE JEANETTE Rt. 3, Simpsonville, S. C. ... S.G.A. 2; Columns Staff 1. 185 PONDER. NORMAN SHERRELL 106 Galem Dr., Anderson, S. C. . . . Ministerial Associa- tion, President 2; College Choir 2. POORE. RICHARD TERRY Whitehall Ave., Anderson, S. C. . . . Tennis Team 1.2: Day Student Represi ntative 1.2. PORTER. THOMAS G. Rt. 3. Piedmont, S. C ... Baptist Student Union 1,2: College Choir 1.2. Librarian 2. POWER. GLENDA RAYE 109 High St.. Laurens, S. C. . . . Baptist Student Un- ion 1.2: Y.W.A. 1,2, Secretary 2: S.G.A. 2: Women ' s Council 2: President West Dormitory 2: Columns Staff 1 : Commercial Club 2. PRICE. LINDA JOYCE 16 Watts Ave., Laurens, S. C. ... Baptist Student Un- ion 2; Y.W.A., Executive Council 2; Columns Staff 1: Commercial Club 2, Vice President 2. ROWE, BILLIE DELORES Rt. 1. Aiken. S. C. . . . Yodhr Staff 1; Columns Stall 1: A.C. Players 1. SARGENT, CORNELIA ELIZABETH Rt. 1, Pendleton, S. C. . . . Phi Theta Kappa 1. SCOTT, NANCY DAWN N. Main St., Abbeville, S. C. . . . Commercial Club 2. SEIGLER. JEAN ANNETTE Graniteville, S. C. ... Columns Staff 1 : Commercial Club 2. SEIGLER. NINA EDNA 710 Elizabeth, Anderson. S. C. . . . Phi Theta Kappa 1,2. SEIGLER. PATRICIA ALLENE 908 Greenville St. Extn., Abbeville, S. C. ... Y.W.A. 1.2: Westminster Fellowship 1,2; Commercial Club 2. SHERRER, DIANNE NELL 302 W. Roosevelt Dr.. Anderson. S. C. ... Phi Theta Kappa 1.2. SINGLETON. LINDA FAYE Rt. 6, Greenville, S. C. ... Omicron Iota Kappa 1,2; Sketch Club 1.2, Secretary 2. S MITH, SARA CHRISTINE Trenton, S. C. . . . Baptist Student Union 1,2: Y.W.A. 1,2. Executive Council 2; Commercial Club 1,2. SMITH. JOANN 626 E. Main, Laurens, S. C. . . . Baptist Student Un- ion 2; Y.W.A. 1.2; Columns Staff 1: Commercial Club 2. SMITH. MARTHA CAROLYN Rt. 1, Olanta, S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 1,2; Y.W.A. 1,2; Omicron Iota Kappa 1,2; State and Na- tional 4-H Clothing Winner 1. SMITH, SHELBA JEAN Box 163, Pendleton. S. C. . . . Wesley Foundation 1.2. SPEARMAN, MARY EVELYN 5732 Rickett Ave., North Charleston. S. C. . . . Baptist Student Union 1.2, Executive Council 2: Y.W.A, 1.2, Columns Staff. Copy Editor 2: Music Study Club 1,2, Secretary 2: Phi Theta Kappa 1.2. Vice President 2; College ( Ihoii 1.2. STAFFORD, ERIC MICHAEL 920 Oakland Ave. Rock Hill. S. C. . Westminster Fellowship 1,2. Vice Moderator 1. Moderator 2; Circle K 1 ,2, Secretary 2. S T ASNEY, PORTIA RAYE 405 S. Gossett. Anderson, S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 1.2; S.G.A., Vice President 2: Executive Coun- cil 2; Columns Staff 1.2; Miss Anderson College Pag- eant 1.2, Second Runner-up, Miss Congeniality 1, Miss Anderson College 2; Sophomore Beauty; May Court 1. 2; Superlative, " Best All Round " 2. STEPHENSON, EVELYN DUCWORTH 301 Roberts St., Anderson, S. C. . . . Westminster Fel- lowship 2. STORM, SUSANNE 441 W. Carolina, Summerville, S. C. ... Baptist Stu- dent Union 1.2: Y.W.A. 2: Omicron Iota Kappa 1. STRIBLING, BOYD 816 Calhoun, Johnston, S. C. ... Baseball 1,2; Superla- tive. " Wittiest " 2. STUCKEY, SARA LOUISE Rt. 1, Hemingway, S. C. ... Westminster Fellow- ship 1,2. Vice Moderator 2; Omicron Iota Kappa 1; Basketball 1,2; Miss Anderson College Pageant 1.2, First Runner-up 2; Superlative, " Wittiest " 2. SULLIVAN, JAMES LAURIE 209 Charleston Ave., Fairfax, S. C. ... Baptist Stu- dent Union 1.2: College Choir 1.2: Twenty Singers 1; Circle K. Treasurer 2; Superlative, " Friendliest " 2. SWANEY, CLAUDIA CAROLINE 1400 N. Main, Anderson, S. C. ... Alpha Pi Epsilon 1.2. President 2: Yodlcr Staff. Business Manager 2. TAYLOR, ROBERT WALLACE 613 Church St., Laurens, S. C. ... Men ' s Council 2; Yodler Staff, 1,2, Editor-in-Chief 2. THOMPSON, GERALD FRANDON Rt. 3, Anderson, S. C. . . . Baptist Student Union 1,2. THOMPSON, LAWRENCE PAUL Rt. 1, Anderson, S. C. . . . Golf Team 1.2. TILLOTSON, ELLEN IRENE 210 E. Arlington Ave.. Greer, S. C. ... Baptist Stu- dent Union 1,2, Devotional Chairman 2; Y.W.A. 1,2, Prayer Committee 1, Program Committee 2: College Choir 1,2; A.C:. Players 1. VEHORN, GLORIA JOYCE Calrossie Rd., Anderson, S. C. ... Baptist Student Un- ion 1; S.G.A. . Women ' s Council 2; Day Student Rep- resentative 2; Vice President Freshman Class; Col- umns Staff 1,2, Business Manager 2; Phi Theta Kappa 1,2; May Court 1 ; Superlative, " Best Personality " 2. VOSBURGH, NANCY LEE Cameron, S. C. . . . Baptist Student Union 1.2; Y.W.A. 1,2; S.G.A. 2; College Choir 1,2; Basketball 1. VOYLES, MANEY HARRIS Rt. 1. Iva, S. C. ... Baseball 1,2; Basketball Manager 2; ' Track Team 1 . WALLIS, NANCI ANN N. Catherine St.. Pickens. S. C. ... Baptist Student Union 1,2; Y.W.A. 1.2; Musi. Study Club 1: College Choir 1. WEATHERS, ORA JANE 2711 Cedar Lane, Anderson. S. C. . . . Baptist Student Union 1.2. 186 WESTON, EUGENE KING 18 Cedarwood Lane, Columbia, S. C. WITHERSPOON, NANCY BLANCHE 780 Hillview St., Spartanburg, S. C. ... Omicron Iota Kappa 2. WORLEY, CAROLYN JULIA Rt. 1. Elberton, Ga. ... Baptist Student Union 1.2; Y.W.A. 1,2. WRENN, ELEANOR JUDITH Rt. 3, Simpsonville, S. C. . . . Alpha Pi Epsilon 1.2. Vice President 2: President East Dormitory 2; Women ' s Council 2 ; Commencement Marshal 1 ; Rotary Essay Award 1. ZEIGLER, CATHY ELAINE Rt. 1, North, S. C. ... Y.W.A. 1,2; Circle Chairman 1,2; Omicron Iota Kappa 2; College Choir 1.2. A uto graphs I (17 Freshman Directory ACKER. JOX L WIS: Route 5. Anderson, S. C. ADAMS. RITA JOYCE: 122 Oxford Street. Greenville, S. C. ADDISON. RANDAL JACKSON: " 206 New Pond Road, An- derson, S. C. ALBERTSON. DON LEGARE: Route 1, Elberton, Georgia ALEXANDER. PAT ANN: 1017 East Main Street, Seneca, S. C. ALLEN, JOHN WILLIAM: 14 Stark Lane. Charleston Heights, S. C. ANDERSON, PEGGY JANE: 101 West 4th Street, Williamston, S. C. ASHLEY, JULIA FAITH: 832 Bu sh River Road, Columbia, S. C. BAGWELL, WILLIAM CRAYTON: 9-3 Bailey Court, Ander- son, S. C. BATES. CATHERINE ELIZABETH: Eastover, S. C. BAUGHMAN, DORIS PATRICIA: Route 4, Abbeville, S. C. BEELE. DANIELE MARIE: Clemson Highway, Anderson, S.C. BEELE. PAUL HUBERT: P.O. Box 144, Sandy Springs, S. C. BELL, JAMES ROGER: 208 Main Street. Williamston, S. C. BENSON. SARA LEGERE: Box 1211, Florence, S. C. BERRY. JANE FOSTER: 121 Circle Drive. Union, S. C. BLACK, THOMAS ALBERT: Route 3, Honea Path, S. C. BLALOCK, JANICE CECILIA: 1 10 Benton Drive, Rome, Georgia BLESSING, TERESA KAYE: 206 Glenwood Avenue, Anderson, S. C. BOGGS. WILLIAM JOE: 638 Abbeville Street, Calhoun Falls, S. C. BONDS, HENRY EARL: 134 Ellison Street, Belton, S. C. BONDS. SALLY JEAN: Route 1. Donalds, S. C. BOOKER, ROBERT LEONARD: North Church Street, Wal- halla. S. C. BOWEN, PAUL KING: Route 2, Abbeville, S. C. BOYCE, BARBARA ELMA: Route 6, Pine Street, North Charles- ton, S C. BRADHAM, LINDA KAY: 508 Stono River Road. Charleston, S. C. BROWN. BARBARA ANN: Route 2, Anderson, S. C. BROWN. HUBERT LAMAR: 220 Forest Lane, Belton, S. C. BROWN. JANE MARIE: 214 Folsom, Spartanburg, S. C. BROWN. LEILA CALYE: Mayesville, S. C. BROWN. THOMAS JAMES: 407 Pitts Street, Clinton, S. C. BROWN. VIVIAN EILEEN: 28 Stocker Drive. Charleston, S. C. BRUNER. BETSY LIYINCSTON: 1731 Johnston Street, New- berry, S. C. BUCHANAN. W N : 1414 Hilltop Drive. Anderson. S. C. BURDEN, JAMES LARRY: Route 1, Belton, S. C. BUSBY. RUTH ANN: Route 1, Starr, S. C. BYRUM; LADORA DIANE: 216 East Franklin Street, Ander- son, S. C. CALLOWAY, DONNA LOUISE: 404 South C Street, Easley, s. c. CAMPBELL. GLADYS MARIE: 114 Carolina Avenue, Honea Path. S. C. CAMPBELL, RAYMOND OLIVER: 111 McClure Drive, An- derson. S. C. CAMPBELL. WAYNE HARRIS: 417 North Fant Street, Ander- son, S. c. CAPELL. DERRELL THOMAS: 601 Camfield Road, Anderson S. C. CARPENTER. FLORA VIRGINIA: 1116 Greenacres, Anderson, S. C. CARTER, MARY BETH: Upper Cross Roads, Fallston, Maryland CATHCART, I IN A JEAN: 600 West Washington, Winnsboro, S. C. CATHEY. ROBERT CLA1 DE: Route 1. Anderson, S. C. CHARPING, BARBARA ELAINE: 3 Warehouse Court, Taylors, s. C. CHASTAIN, JAMES FRANK. JR.: 2503 North Main Street, Anderson. S. ( !. CHESNUT, SAMUEL JOSEPH: 421 Edgewood Circle. Thomasville, Georgia CLARDY, JOHN TOMMY: Route 1, Williamston. S. C. CLARK, LINDA ANN: 21 Dolphin Street, Greenville, S. C. CLARK, MARY MARSHALL: 939 Green, Orangeburg, S. C. CLINTON, NANCY CARLISLE: Rainey Avenue, Sharon, S. C. COBB, E. MARIE: 801 East Currahee Street, Toccoa, Georgia ( ' I IRAN, JOHN BLEASE: 417 Boundary, Anderson, S. C. COCHRAN, JOHN WILLIAM: 502 Kingsley Road, Anderson, S. C COGCIN. EMILY ANN: 204 Bay Street, Walterboro, S. C. COLLINS. EMMA MAY: Route 1 : Roebuck, S. C. COLLINS, TIM: Route 4. Orangeburg, S. C. CONGDON, LELAND RAYMOND: 508 West Market Street, Anderson. S. C. COOK, FRANCES GENTRY: Route 1. Bun 2C, Gray Court, S. C. CORDER, MRS. MIRIAM IVEY: 116 Blair Road, Belton, S. C. CORNELL, WILBUR RAY: 300 Tate, Elberton, Georgia COUCH, DOROTHY CAROL: 408 College Avenue, Clemson, S. C. COUCH, SHIRLEY KAY: 105 Glazer Street, Easley, S. C. COX, JESSIE ELAINE: Route 1, West Pelzer, S. C. (XIX. SARA LINDA: 123 Sumner Street, Greenville, S. C. CRAFT. GLENNA SHARON: Route 1, Box 333. Belton, S. C. CRAIG. MARGARET RUTH: 1 1 1 St. Lo Circle, Easley, S. C. CRAIN, LARRY RAY: Route 3. Westminster, S. C. CRAIN, NORMAN DOUGLAS: Route 3, Westminster. S. C. CRAYTON, MAR .ARET ALYCE: Bay Terrace Drive, Maryville, Oeorgetown, S. C. CRENSHAW, TOMMIE JEAN: Route 3, Abbeville, S. C. CRESSWELL, JEAN DORIS: 5902 Sedgefield Drive, North Charleston, S. C. CROCKER, MARY ELLEN: College Drive, Gaffney, S. C. CROW, JAMES KENNETH: Cowpens, S C. GRYMES. EUGENIA KAY: 1 1 Brock Street, Pelzer, S. C. CUNNINGHAM. JOAN LENOIR: Route 5. Box 125, Darlington, S. C. DAVENPORT, SANDRA LEE: 112 Main Street, Williamston, S. C. DAVIS, ROGER WAYNE: 608 North Weston Street, Fountain Inn, S. C. DILLARD, GRACE GREGORY: 2408 North Main Street, Anderson. S. C. DRENNAN, RICHARD AQURS: 205 Grigsby Avenue, Easley, S. C. DUNLAP, RUSSELL EUGENE, JR.: 107 Sumter Street, Greenville. S. C. EBERNICKLE, ETHEL KATHLEEN: 402 Concord Road, Anderson, S. C. ELLEDGE, JEFFERSON EDWARD: Princeton. S. C. ELLIOTT, VIRGIL CLARENCE: Route 4, 29 South, Anderson, S. C. ELLISON, JAMES CALVIN: Rice Road, Belton, S. C. ELLISON. WILLIAM CARROLL: Route 4, Belton, S. C. ELLISON, WILLIAM VERNON: Route 3, Piedmont, S. C. ERSKINE, JOHN RODDEY: 720 Calhoun Street, Anderson, S. C. ESTEPPE, RUBY PAMELA: 22 Woodfern Circle, Greenville, S. C. ESTES, GEORGE HAROLD: Route 1, Ware Shoals, S. C. EVANS, SUSAN MARIE: 211 Pine Grove Manor, Spartanburg, S. C. FANT, JESSE REESE, III : 309 Whitehall Road, Anderson, S. C. FLEISHMAN, MICHAEL MARTIN: Whitehall Avenue, Anderson, S. C. FLEWELLEN, JO ANNE: 1 18 Tanglewood Drive, Anderson, FLOWERS, DAVID FLOYD: 315 Boulevard, Anderson, S. C. FLOYD, RUBY HUDSON: Route, Olanta, S. C. FRIERSON, EDWARD CECIL: 105 Highland Road, Easley, S, C. 108 GAMBRELL, DANNY RAY: 9 Marshall, Piedmont, S. C. GARRETT, JAMES PAUL: 103 Pecan Drive, Anderson, S. C. GEIGER. MARY SL ' E: Route 4. Box 375, Orangeburg, S. C. GIBSON, CAROL ELAINE: Route 1, Box 78, Pickens, S. C. GILSTRAP, JUDIE ELAINE: Fox Squirrel Ridge, Pickens, S. C. GLASBY, ALYCIA MOORE: 1001 Elizabeth Street, Anderson. S. C. GOFF, MELINDA ANN: Route 1, Batesburg, S. C. GOFORTH, KENNETH MALCOLM: 100 Shirley Street, Anderson, S. C. GOWAN, SANDRA JOYCE: Route 5, Spartanburg. S. C. GRAINGER. RICHARD DALE: Route 1. Box 116, Loris, S. C. GRANGER. MARY LONA: Route 2, Piedmont, S. C. GRAY. PHYLLIS ANNE: 274 Moore Street, Greenville, S. C. GREGORY. EDDIE FLOYD: Route 4, Greenville, S. C. GRIFFIN. NAOMAY VIRGINIA: Box 84, Pinewood, S. C. GRISHAM, SYLVIA ANN: 1207 Cardinal Lane, Laurel Bay, S. C. GUNNIN, CHARLES CLINTON. JR: Route 6, Anderson, S. C. HAIR, MARGARET VIRGINIA: Box 441. Blackville, S. C. HALL, MARTHA H. : 11 10 Greenacres. Anderson, S. C. HAMBY. SAMMIE JANE: Route 1, Pelzer, S. C. HAMRICK, LESLIE GARLAND: 207 West Richland, Kershaw, S. C. HARDY. SYLVIA M.: Ill Maxwell Ave., Anderson, S. C. HARLING. MARIAN TERESA: 644 Jeter, Edgefield, S. C. HARRIS. CHRIS CAROL: 13 Allen St., Pelzer. S. C. HARRIS. JOAN ELIZABETH: 17 Lyman St., Pelzer, S. C. HARVEY, THOMAS FRANK: Lowndesville, S. C. HASKELL, RITA ELIZABETH: Route 1, Luray, S. C. HAYNIE, PATRICIA LYNNE: 13 Mayfair, Taylors, S. C. HEAD, TOY HERBERT, JR.: Route 2, Liberty. S. C. HELLER, EMILY JANE: Sandy Springs, S. C. HICKMAN, JOCELYN: Route 1. Pinewood, S. C. HICKS. CHARLES: 2805 Edgewood, Anderson, S. C. HICKS, TIMOTHY EDWIN: 34-V Melville Ave., Greenville, S. C. HILL. MARTHA ROSE ANN: Route 1, Piedmont. S. C. HILLMAN, LILLIAN DIANE: 1003 Burwell Lane, Columbia, S. C. HOGARTH. LEASLEY CAROLE: 506 Googe, Allendale, S. C. HODSON, BESIE ANN: Quimby St., Graniteville, S. C. HOLCOMBE, SUE CAROLYN. Route 2. Simpsonville, S. C. HOLDER. CAROLYN: 206 Cammer Ave., Greenville, S. C. HOLLIDAY, ALICE SHIRLEY: Route 2. Box 32, Belton, S. C. HOLMES. VERMA LOUISE: Route 2, Trenton, S. C. HORTON, JAMES THOMAS: Hamilton St., Williamston. S. C. HORTON. JIM McGEE: Brown Ave., Belton, S. C. HOWLE, BRENDA CAROL: 1303 Hodges Ave., Hartsville, S. C. HUGGINS, KENNETH EVELYN: 5345 Hartford Circle, North Chas., S. C. HUTTO, LUTHER DANIEL: 1273 Sawyer St., Orangeburg, S. C. JACKSON, GLADYS JANE: Route 1. Duman. S. C. JENKINS. BOBBY NEIL: Route 1. Townville, S. C. JENNINGS, JAMES ODIS. JR : Brock St., Honea Path. S. C. JOHNSON, CLARENCE WOFFORD, JR: 356 Twin Dr., Spartanburg, S. C. JONES, BRENDA ELAINE: Route 2, Pickens, S C. JONES. GWYNNETTE: Route 2. Orangeburg. S. C. JONES. JOYCE ALMA: 715 Duranl Ave . North Chas., S. C. JONES, LINDA M E : 3200 Bronx Rcl .. Columbia, S. C. JONES. LYNNETTE: Route 2. Orangeburg, S. C. JONES. RAYM( TI1 WILLIAM JR.: 1905 Edgewood Ave , Anderson, S. C. KAY. ALICE I. ETNA: 100 Bowie St., Abbeville, S. C. KELLEY, JOHN LARRY: Box 172. Central, S. C. KELLY MARGARET NN: Park House, Pelzer, S. C. KELLY, THOMAS DANIEL: 108 Main Si Williamston, S C, KEY, CHERRY BENE VA: 1230S Bell Line, Columbia S. C. KIDD, RONNY EUGENE: Box 1531A Vnderson S C KIRVEN, MARY JANE: Box 96 Pinew 1 S C KOWALSKI. WILTON LANE: Route 1. Anderson, S. C. KYTLE. SANDRA GALE: 1 1 Circle St., La France, S. C. LANCE, WILLIAM RANDOLPH. JR.: E. Shockley Ferry Rd., Anderson, S. C. LARK, BILLY JOE: Box 602, Mauldin, S. C. LATIMER, ROBERT HAROLD, JR.: Ware Shoals, S. C. LECROY, VERA JEAN: 1 19 Mahaffey St., Belton, S. C. LEE. PATRICIA ELOISE: 604 Market St., Anderson, S. C. LEVER, MARTHA HART: 2714 Duncan, Columbia, S. C. LINDLEY, PHILLIP BARRY: 208 Furrnan St.. Laurens, S. C. LINDSEY, KENNETH LANE: Townville. S. C. LIPSCOMB, ROY McBEE: 13-4 Bailey Court, Anderson, S. C. LISK, MARGARET REBECCA: 3511 Admiral, Chas Heights, S. C. LITTLEJOHN, STARR GRENAE: 3589 Admiral Dr., Chas. Heights, S. C. LOLLIS, RAYMOND LESLIE. JR.: Route 3, Honea Path, S. C. LOLLIS. TOMMY LEE: 204 Bannister, Belton. S. C. LONG, MARGARET ANNE: Laurel Road, Greenwood, S. C. LOWE, JOHNNY MICHAEL: Stevenson Dr., Belton, S. C. LUSK. HAL HIOTT, JR.: 417 Cherry St., Pendleton, S. C. McALISTER, CAROL ANN: Route 2. Liberty, S. C. McAULAY, BENSON WOOD, JR.: 1674 Woodlake Dr., Columbia, S. C. McCARTER. LINDA GAYLE: Box 5401. Clemson, S. C. McCLELLION, RAY WILLIAM: 2 Stewart St., Williamston, S. C. McCOY, EUNICE BERTHA: 1901 Edgewood Ave., Anderson, s. c. McGEE, RICHARD ERNEST: 67 Folly Road. Charleston. S. C. McKINNEY, JAMES RONALD: Route 3, Anderson, S. C. McLANAHAN, SHIRLEY FAYE: 150 Lakeforest Dr., Elberton, Ga. McLAWHORN, WALTER LEIGH: Route I, Fountain Inn, S. C. McLEESE, GLORIA ELAINE: Route 2, Anderson, S. C. McLENDON, JANE THOMAS: 209 Keith, Timmonsville. S. C. McLEOD, VICTOR CHARLES: Route 1, Camden, S. C. M, WHORTER, JUDITH ANNE: Route 4, Easley . S. C. MABRY, NEIL GRAYDON: Hamilton St., Williamston, S. C. MADDEN, LINDA ROSEMARY: 16 Florida St., Honea Path, S. C. MADDEN, MICHAEL RAY: 329 F St., Anderson. S. C. MAJOR, DAVID ANTHONY: 107 Green, Williamston, S. C. MALONE. MOGIE RAY: 13 N. Riegel Ave., Ware Shoals, S. C. MANESS, VIRGINIA LEE: Route 1, Avon Park, Florida MANNING. JERRY DEAN: 1407 Park Ave., Anderson. S. C. MARETT, DAN THOMPSON, JR.: 100 W. River St.. Anderson, S. C. MATTHEWS, DANIEL GEORGE: 112 Ackley, Greenville, S. C. MATH IS. VIRGINIA LYNN: 1 1 1 Smith St., Timmonsville, S. C. MEADOWS, SANDRA ANITA: 5(i7 S Bryan Circle, Brandon, Fla. MELTON. HARRIET ELAINE: Route 5, Seneca. S. C. MEREDITH, MARY GERALDINE: 1718 W. Market St.. Anderson, S. C. MERRITT, JOHN WALKER: Route I. Easley, S. C. MESSEX. BRENDA JOYCE: 5429 Marie, North Chas., S. C. MILES, JERRY MARTIN: 209 Eskew Circle, Anderson. S. C. MILLER. MARG VRET LEE: S. Island Rd . G( petown, S. C. MILLER. MICH I ' ,L MURRAY: 113 Pine St.. Walterboro, s, c. MILLER, WILLIAM EVERETT: Box 7, Johnston, S. C. Ml )N K,( IMERY, JUDITH ANN. Box 2, Gray Court, S. C. MOORE, N ELIZABETH: Route I. Madison S. C. MOORHEAD, RONALD RALPH: W Johnson St, Hartwell, Ga, MURPHY, joiix JOSEPH III Hi " I Cherry Laurel Dr., Columbia S C NEESE, JAM! i h indlei St., Hartwell, Ga M.I.m IN ix I.D W Y I ' .: (.1 I Murph) St . m ersor S C. PADG1 I I I i (RENE SEIGLER: Route 6, Anderson, S. C 189 PALMER, DONNA JEAN: Route 3 Vi erson, S. C. PARKER. GARY ALAN: Box 603. Calhoun Falls, S. C. PARKS. CLARA PATRICIA: Parksville, S. C. PARNELL. RICHARD ERXEST: 11! olkstone, Greenville, S. C. PATE. JERRY DEAN: 11! N McDuffie, Anderson. S. C. PATTERSOX. TOM n RANDAL!.: Route 1, Calhoun Falls. S. C. PERRY. LAURA . A Prince St., Georgetown, S. C. PHILLIPS. GEORGE STEPHEN: 114 Edgewood Dr., Williamston. S. C. PHILLIPS. VIVIAN ANNE: 1013 Fairfield. Anderson. S C POOLE. RONALD: Route 1. Piedmont. S. C. POWELL. GLORIA DIAXXE: 700 X. Fant St., Anderson. S. C. PRIXCE. ROBERT MICHAEL: Route 3. Abbeville, S. C. R 1M.Y. MARY BREXDA: Route 1. Starr, S. C. RICHEY. FRANK CARTON. JR.: Green Acres Ext., Ware Shoals. S. C. RIGGINS. PEGGY: 17 Pinewood Lane, Greenville, S. C. ROACH. FRANCES JACQUELYN: 102 Boston. Anderson. S C. ROBBIXSOX. CARMEN ANN: 2420 Laurens Rd.. Greenville, S. C. ROEDER. DONALD PATRICK: Pendleton. S. C. ROGERS. BREXDA JOYCE: 1 Smythe, Pelzer, S. C. ROGERS. GIB WALKER: 1 13 E. Wilburn St.. Greenville. S. C. ROGERS. SHARON ANN: Route 4, Easley, S. C. ROHRBACH. JAMES JEROME. JR.: 15-B 4 Bailey Court. Anderson. S. C. ROSS. CLYDE MILTON: 18 Mauldin St.. Greenville. S. C. ROWLAND, JAMES WILLIAM: Route 2, Isaqueena Trail. Central. S. C. SAMS. SARAH ELLEN: 1531 W. Parker Rd„ Greenville, S. C. SASSER. MARILYN ANN: 121 Moreland, Laurens. S. C. SATTERFIELD. THOMAS JACKSOX: Route 1, Six Mile, S. C. SAYLORS. SYLVIA ELAIXE: Route 5, Anderson. S. C. SEAWRIGHT. PATRICIA ANN: 802 Ellen St.. Hartwell, Ga. SEXTON. NANCY CAROL: 3223 Wade Hampton Blvd.. Taylor, S. C. SHAN KLIN, PATRICIA A.N.N: Route 3, Anderson. S. C. SIMS. SHARON YVONNE: E. Whitner St., Anderson, S. C. SIXGLETOX. JUDY AXX: 1119 Georgia Ave., Barnwell, S. C. SINGLETON, XAXCY GEXE: 1 1 19 Georgia Ave., Barnwell. S. C. SISK. CAROL MAE: 701 Bluebell Lane. Laurel Bay. S. C. SMITH. ALICE FAYE: Route 2, Honea Path. S. C. SMITH, BARRY DALE: Elliott. S. C. SMITH, CONNIE: Route 5, Anderson, S. C. SMITH, MICHAEL VOYD: 2525 W, Whitner, Anderson, S. C. SMITH. VIRGINIA M .: 8 22nd Ave., Isle of Palms, S. C. SMITH. WILLIAM RANDOLPH: Route 1, Donalds, S. C. SOUTHARD. DON LOUIS. JR.: 401 Rose Hill. Anderson. S. C. SPENCER. STANLEY MrCALL: 207 Cresent Dr.. Laurens, S. C. STALLWORTH, BETTY JOYCE: Route 1, Greenwood, S. C. STEGALL. RONNIE ANSEL: Route 1. Pendleton, S. C. STONE. LINDA YVONNE: 505 W. Mauldin, Anderson, S. C. STRANGE. JUDITH ANNETTE: Newman St., Laurens, S. C. STRAWHORN, TONY LEONARD: 49 Fairview, Ware Shoals, S. C. STRICKLAND, NORMAN RUSSSEI.L. JR.: 101 Potomac. North Chas.. S. C STROUD, SARA CATHERINE: Route 4. Nichols. S. C. STEWART. WILLIAM KEYS: 304 Crayton, Anderson. S. C. STUCKEY, ALFRED CROSSWELL: 316 N. Main. Bishopville. S. C. STUCKEY, JUDITH HELEN: Route I, Nesmith, S. C. SWOFFORD. BILI.IE ANNE: 208 Bedford Forest. Anderson. S. C. TARTE. GEORGE EDWARD: Box 14. Aynor. S. C. TAYLOR, JAMES RAY: 509 N. Fant, Anderson. S. C. TAYLOR, PAUL EUGENE: Route 4. Box 61. Piedmont. S. C. TEASLEY, WILLIAM RANDY: 818 South McDuffie, Anderson. S. C. THAMES. CHARLES RAGIN: Route 3. Manning. S. C. THOMAS. PATSY JEAXXE: 690 Bennett. Orangeburg. S. C. THOMPSON - . BARBARA ANN: 3 Jaynes St.. Walhalla. S. C. TIDWELL. GENE VERNON: 602 Camfield Rd., Anderson. S. C. TILLOTSON, MARTHA ELAINE: 217 E. Arlington Ave., Greer. S. C. TIMMS. CARROL LEE: Box 205. Belton. S. C. TODD. SAMUEL LOUIS: Box 102, Simpsonville. S. C. TOWE. PATRICIA ANN: Route 1. Six Mile. S. C. TRIPP. ALLEN PHILLIPS. JR. : Route 4. Easley, S. C. TUCKER. JANICE KAY: Cedar Circle. Easley. S. C. TURNER, MARGARET RUTH: 29 Copeland St., Laurens, S. C. TURXER. .NANCY SUE: N Main St.. Woodruff. S. C. VICKERY, LARRY CLEO: 291 1 Plain View St.. Anderson, S. C. VIVIAN, SAMMY EVERETT: 407 Brookforest Dr.. Anderson. S. C. VANDIVER, GLORIA AXX: 903 Springdale Rd.. Anderson, S. C. VICK. SHIRLEY MARIE: Box 367, Travelers Rest. S. C. WALDO. ANDREA JEAN: 219 Lida Fant. Anderson, S. C. WARD. LINDA JUNE: Route 2, Elberton, Ga. WARD, TOMMIE LYNX: Route 4, Easley, S. C. W ATKINS, LYNDA JANE: Route 1, Williamston, S. C. WATSON, CHARLOTTE XELSOX: 2845 Novus, Sarasota, Florida WATSOX, PHILOUS GELN: Route 1, Bishopville. S. C. WEEKLY. ANNA MARIA: 230 1 Belvedere Ave., Charlotte, N. C. WELBORN, LE CLAIR SMITH: 1903 Inman Dr., Anderson, S. C. WELBORN. MARY: 122 Cherry, Pendleton, S. C. WESTMORELAND. AL BOYD: 1205 Tupalo, Toccoa, Ga. WHEEDLETOX. CONNIE KATHLEEN: Tony Tank, Salisbury, Md. WHITLOW. SANDRA ALLINE: Route 2, Carnesville, Ga. WILBURN. CAROL MAREE: Route 4. Charleston, S. C. WILLINGHAM, GEORGE LEE: 600 Glenwood. Anderson, S. C. WILSON. CHARLES MARION: Route 3. Laurens. S. C. WINN, BETTY GENE: Plum Branch, S. C. WISE, CLARENCE HILTON, JR.: 10 Mt. Batten Dr., North Chas., S. C. WYATT, PATRICIA ELAINE: 13 Henderson Dr., Travelers Rest. S. C. WYNN, BREXDA ELIZABETH: Windsor Park, Cheraw, S. C. YEARGIX, DONALD GARRISON: 412 North, Anderson, S. C. YEARGIN. MELBA LOURENE: Route 2, Hartwell, Ga. YOUNG, THOMAS ROY: 3 Pine St , Ware Shoals, S. C. Autographs 190 Advertisements ■ mrm H99 i ♦ . . ■-.. iwS 5 " 5Aw BAILEY COURT APARTMENTS MODERN BRICK DUPLEX APARTMENT BUILDINGS Apartments Available for Anderson College Faculty and Staff and for Married Students APARTMENTS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL TO PUBLIC Anderson ' s Finest One, Two, and Three- Bed room Apartments Individual Automatic Heating Units in Each Apartment Kitchen Furnished — Efficient Maintenance Service THE TOWNE DRIVE-IN Formerly Varsity Drive 1401 N. Main St. Anderson, S. C. Jumbo Hamburgers and Barbecue Plates FEW ' S PEN SHOP Pruitt Shopping Center 226-4311 PETE ' S DRIVE-IN NO. 5 RESTAURANT Corner E. River Street and Shockley Ferry Road FIRST IN QUALITY— FAIREST IN PRICES " A Satisfied Customer Is Our First Consideration " ftl« H DEPARTMENT STORE 107 South Main Street Home of Nationally Advertised Brands WEST POINT MANUFACTURING COMPANY Equinox Mil Wellington Mill Anderson, S.C. OSTEEN THEATRE ' Enjoy our finer entertainment ' 613 North Main Anderson, S. C. ORR-LYONS MILL 2324 South Main Anderson, S. C. (jen Grakwrfo " One of Carolina ' s Better Stores " 212 South Main St. Anderson, S. C. FIRST FEDERAL 3fuil£. SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION i OF ANDERSON sr " Serving this area in Savings and Homeownership " 201 North Main Street Anderson, S. C. H.L.GREEN company inc. Meet me at Green ' s ' on the square Anderson, S. C. JOYCE ANN STYLE SHOP Pruitt Shopping Center Latest in College Wear THE SPORT HOBBY SHOP Pruitt Shopping Center Anderson, 5. C. now M Pepsi for those who think young TERRY BOTTLING COMPANY, INC. Anderson, S. C. — Greenwood, S. C. Under Appointment from the Pepsi-Cola Company, New York Wherever you ' re going. wherever you ' ve been People you like . . .like Coke! •OTTUD UNDfB ALfTHOUTf Of TMI COCA-CO :5Jj:::::: SEARS ROEBUCK (Mi CO, SEARS SHOP At SEARS And SAVE Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back Caton L LADIES AND MISSES SHOES 128 East Benson Street Anderson, S. C. Accessories Ready-to-Wear VIRGINIA ' S DRESS SHOP Phone CAnal 6-44 U 109 S. McDuffie St. Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Virginia Hunnicutt, Owner HAMBURGERS 7 Highway 29 By-Pass Franchlitd nitfonwfdt by Bunj« Chef SyiUmi, Indiana poll! 7 Home of the World ' s Greatest 150 Hamburger ! I D LAWRENCE Incorporated 1912 " SOUTHERN INSURANCE SPECIALISTS ' BROWNLEE AGENCY 122 N. Main Street, Anderson, S. C. Telephone CAnal 5-8221 " Better be safe than sorry " Post Office Box 1170 All Your Cost-of-Living Items are Up... BUT ONE! In the past 20 years alone, most cost-of-living items have just about doubled in price . . . Except for electricity, which has actual ly come down! Fact! — Since 1943, the average cost of a kilowatt hour to Duke Power residential customers has drop ped more than one-third. In that same period, the use of electricity has increased over 4 times, while the standard of living has gone up correspondingly. It ' s truer today than ever — you live better, for less, electrically. warn wism z ■v . ; ' ' . ' • mf- ' • I: T:q p»«« •. ■6 = 31 WT: . ,V i Cillrgr isUlllSMfD 1911 ■ f • ' i •• «• t - • ? »0 v W -v • ' •; - —- ... . -V N£ . ♦ - W J Bh s:

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Anderson College - Columns / Sororian Yearbook (Anderson, SC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Anderson College - Columns / Sororian Yearbook (Anderson, SC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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