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1963 COLUMNS tOPERTY 0«-- -. JULIA A. SHELNUTT Editor-in-chief Presents The Anderson College Student Anderson College Anderson, South Carolina Foreword No one can graduate from Anderson College without being aware of the traditions of the school. Our traditions from the nucleus around which the college is built. More than just tradi- tion, however, makes the Anderson College Stu- dent. There are tangible and intangible qualities in his character. The record of the Anderson Col- lege student speaks for itself. With this thought in mind, the 1963 Columns chooses its theme, The Anderson College Student. It is our hope that in these pages we can present those quali- ties and ideas which have molded the Anderson College student. COLUMNS 1963 CONTENTS administration features activities athletics 25 50 84 classes epilogue 122 admmisfrafion ' ' is John Edward Roli y Our President In 1957, Doctor John Edward Rouse became the president of Anderson College. This newest member was not new at all. Dr. Rouse hod been actively associated with Anderson College for several years, serving on the Board of Trustees. A native of Mocksville, North Carolina, Dr. Rouse re- ceived his B. S. degree in Business Economics from Furman University. Later he received his B. D. from Andover Newton Theological School, then back to Furman where he was awarded his Doctorate of Divinity. His graduate work was done at Boston University. Dr. Rouse has served as pastor in three Baptist churches in the south. The Baptist church in Belton, South Carolina and Birmingham, Alabama were his first positions. For ap- proximately ten years prior to coming to Anderson College, he served as pastor to the First Baptist Church in Laurens, South Carolina. Though Anderson College is first in his heart, Dr. Rouse devotes many hours to the outside world mainly through the work of the Rotary Club of Anderson and the Southern Baptist Association. He and his wife, Zona, have three children; John and Bob at Furman University, and Mary, a sophomore at Hanna High School in Anderson. Administration CHARLES EDWIN BUTLER— Academic Dean and Registrar B.S., Clemson College; M.Ed., Clemson College B.D., Erskine Theological Seminary. (1960) WILLIAM EDWARD TISDALE— Administrative assistant, Bible B.S., University of South Carolina M.A., Columbia Bible College Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. (1960) EUtvIA KAY-Business Manager FRED C. METIS— Dean of Men, Bible and Sociology B.S., Texas Wesleyan College; M.A., Texas Christian University; Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. (1962) Our Trustees 10 Living Endowment The program called LEAC, using the first letters of Liv- ing Endowment of Anderson College, is designed to strength- en and develop the faculty of Anderson College. This boost to the college ' s academic program enables the college to meet competition from other schools in securing highly trained, capable instructors by offering them adequate sala- ries, graduate study and fringe benefits. LEAC is an in- corporated, non-profit, eleemosynary, educational associa- tion, having members making annual contributions. An an- nual drive for nev members is held each year and all friends, both alumni and non-alumni, are urged to contribute. The Directors of LEAC are influential and leading citi- zens of Anderson County who are interested in the progress and welfare of Anderson College and who are proud of her traditions, background, purpose and value to the com- munity of Anderson. LEAC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Left to Right: Mrs. Z. W. Meeks, Secretary Dr. J. R. Young, Honorary Chairman Mr. F. E. Pearman, Treasurer Mr. C. F. Brown, President Mr. J. W. Wood, Chairman Mr. J. C. Yarbrough Mr. G. G. Cromer Dr. J. E. Rouse, President, Anderson College Mr. F. M. Hart Mr. Max Rice 11 Staff MRS. VIRGINIA MILLER Dietitian 13 G. D. BROWN Maintenance CALVIN T. McKINNEY Maintenance Superintendent 14 MRS. JAMES WEBSTER Secretary to the President MRS. AUBREY FOWLER Secretary to Dean and Registrar Office Personnel MRS. FRED BLACK Admissions Counselor DORA LUCILLE HANCOCK Director of Religious Activities MRS Z. W. MEEKS Living Endowment Secretary, Alumni Secretary 15 Department of English The English Department has the broad purpose of acquaint- ing the students with the best in literature and offering them the opportunities of practice in oral and written expression. All fresh- men ore required to take the basic course in English. In rhe sopho- more year two courses are offered. Those who will continue in a four-year institution will take Survey of English Literaf jre for the full year. Those for whom Junior College is termintal— are en- couraged to take English Literature in the first semester and Ameri- can Literature in the second semester. The courses ore designed so that a student whose plans may change will have lost nothing in either program. Robert S. Moore English B.A., Georgetown College; M.A., University of Kentuc- ky; Graduate study, Univer- sity of Cincinnati and Uni- versity of Kentucky. (1961). Edward C. Simpson Bngltsh, Mathematics B.A., Furman University; M. A., University of Virginia; Graduate study, Furman Uni- versity, University of Geor- gia, University of South Carolina, Appalachian State Teachers College. (1955). Elizabeth B. Tisdole English B.S., East Tennessee State College; B.A., Columbia Bi- ble College; M.Ed., Universi- ty of South Carolina; Grad- uate study, Columbia Bible College, Carver School of Missions and Social Work, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, East Tennessee State College. (1960). Marietta McCown English B.A., Winthrop College; M. Ed., Duke University; Grad- uate study, University of South Carolina. (1962). Ruth Boggs EngHsh B.A., Erskine College; M.A., University of Virginia; M.Ed., University of South Caro- lina; Graduate study, Duke University and Clemson Col- lege. (1960). Janice Ruth Bell £ng sh B.A., Judson College; M.A., Appalachian State Teachers College. (1962). Alice Andrea Allen English B.S., North Georgia College; M.A., Appalachian State Teachers College. (1962). 16 James L. Hill Business Administration, Physical Education B.A., Furman University; M. Ed., Furman University. (1961). William Harper Welborn Business Law B.A., University of South Carolina; L.L.B., University of South Carolina. (1962). Marvin Lee Cash Business Ac m(nisfraf on B.S., Southeastern Universi- ty; B.A. Furman University; B.Th., Southern Baptist Theo- logical Seminary. (1961). Department of Business Administration Robert Broadus Parker Mafhemafics B.S., Citadel; M.Ed., Clem- son College; Graduate study University of South Caro- lina, Furman University. (1958). Paul S. Mims, Jr. Economics B.S., Unrversity of South Carolina. (I960) The Business Administration Department has a two-fold purpose. First, to offer foundational courses to those who plan to major in Industrial Management, Business Administra- tion, Economics, Law, etc. Second, to cooperate with the Department of Secretarial Science, in offering courses that will equip students with valuable tools for immediate em- ployment upon completion of the secretarial course. 17 Max W. Grubbs Chemistry, Physical Education B.S., Furman University; M. Ed., Clemson College. (1958) Department of Science This department seeks to enhance the acquisition of knowledge by study and objective application of truths discovered and accumulated through observation of our natural surroundings. This purpose is further advanced through physical experimentation in which the student is guid- ed in a systematic observation of phenonema. The department teaches the value of stable empirical relationships and disciplines the mind in the process of deductive and inductive reasoning. Harold H. Snuggs Biology B.S., Georgetown College; M.S., University of Virginia; Graduate study. University of North Carolina, Duke University, Furman Univer- sity. (1962). Robin Barrett Kelley 6 o ogy B.S., Wofford College; M. Ed., Clemson College; Grad- uate study. Medical College of South Carolina. (1962) Louis A. Kitching Chemistry B.S., University of South Carolina; M.Ed., Clemson College. (1962) 18 Department of Music The Anderson College Music Department sponsors the perform- ing groups and organizations pictured here and offers private lessons in piano, organ, and voice to college and pre-college students. Col- lege students majoring in piano, voice, music education, or church music iiere transfer easily to senior colleges where they complete the v ork of a Bachelor ' s degree in their field. Students majoring in other fields than music may take private lessons. Pauline Brock Poplin B.S., Winfhrop College; M. A., Appalachian State Teach- ers College; Graduate study, Winthrop College, Ne w York City, Converse College, Ap- palachian State Teachers College, Private voice studi- os. (1958). Mary Barr Sullivan Piano, Theory B. Music, Converse College; Further study, Anderson Col- lege, Erskine College, Co- lumbia University. (1958) Winnie Reid Newell Piano B.M., Anderson College; Graduate study, Winthrop College, University of Geor- gia, Music study, Ashevllle Normal. (1961). Eina Winkler Hodges Organ B.S., University of Kentucky; Further study, Private teach- ers. (1959). Blanche Keaton Holcombe Art A. A., Anderson College; B. A., Furman University; Studi- ed art at Clemson College, College of Charleston, Uni- versity of South Carolina; Summer gallery studies in Washington and Cincinnati. (1956). Department of Art The Art Department of Anderson College, under the capable hands of Mrs. Cressie Halcombe, has some of the best facilities available. Situated in its separate building on campus, the department has the best equip- ment and also inspires students to express themselves. Among the many functions of this department is the creation of the posters for different organizations. This is one of the many specialized departments that add beauty and culture to our campus. 19 Department of Secretarial Science Margie G. Altman Secretarial Science B.A., Carson-Newman Col- lege; Graduate study, Uni- versity of South Carolina. (1959). Mrs. Rob Roy McGregor Modern Languages B.A., Erskine College; B.D., Columbia Theological Semi- nary; Graduate study, Uni- versity of South Carolina, Louisiana State University, Hollins College, Middlebury College. {1962). Dora Lucille Hancock Secretarial Science B.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; A. A., Anderson College; Further study, Erskine College. (1954). Department of Journalism The Journalism Department, under the di- rection of Mrs. Garrison, promotes and directs those interested in journalism as a career. The class instructs the fundamentals and principles connected with this field. This department also edits our college paper. The Yodler. The aim of the Secretarial Science Department is to pre- pare students for positions in business as stenographers, recep- tionists, bookkeepers, personnel assistants, private secretaries, office manager, etc. Some may go on to senior colleges and become business teachers. Courses of varying length are available, depending upon the amount of time the student can spend in study. Those who spend two years can earn a junior college diploma and trans- fer to a senior college if they desire. Those who wish to spend only one year are given intensive training to prepare them for responsible positions. The basic subjects of shorthand, typewriting, and account- ing receive strongest emphasis. Juanita B. Garrison Journalism B.A., University of Georgia. (1962). 20 Henry von Hassein History B.A., Furman University; M. A., University of Virginia; Graduate study, Columbia University, University of Ed- inburg. (1946) Cecil Clifford History and Government B.A., Woman ' s College; M. A., Furman University; Grad- uate study. University of Pittsburgh. 0962). John D. Nelson History B.A., Furman University; M. A., University of South Caro- lina. (1958). Department of History and Government The History and Government Department endeavors to present a meaningful analysis of the lessons of history and the principles of gov- ernment for the benefit of the casual student and offers a varied back- ground in several areas of historical developments for the history major. Nancy Dorroh Divver Librarian B.A., Winthrop College; Li- brarian ' s Professional Certif- icate, Commonwealth of Vir- ginia; William and Mary Library School, summer ses- sions. (1950). Department of Home Economics The freshman home economics classes learn the basic principles of food management and preparation. Second semester work deals with clothing construction and man- agement. Sophomore classes are introduced to various areas of home management such as, finances, electrical wiring, house planning, furnishings, and interior decora- tion. A thorough course in tailoring is offered second se- mester. Mary Elizabeth Martin Home Economics B.S., Winthrop College; Graduate study, University of Oklahoma, State College of Washington, Clemson Col- lege. (1962). 21 Foye Penland Cowan Modern Languages B.A., Erskine College; Grad- uate study, Erskine College. (1962). Rob Roy McGregor Modern Languages B.A., Erskine College; B.D., Columjaia Theological Semi- nary; Graduate study, Uni- versity of South Carolina, Louisiana State University, Hollins College, Middlebury College. (1962). Deparfment of Language The Language Department is one of the small but important de- partments that strives to enrich our liberal arts program. This year, the major emphasis was on the French classes. Department of Social Science The basic purpose of this department is to lay the foun- dation for a broad liberal arts program for the students going on to a four-year institution. For those who will take a liberal arts course in a senior college and do not know their major, this department offers the course basic to a BA Degree. Not only should the students be equipped for the work ahead of them by taking these required subjects but they should be alerted to the many complications of the problems of our so- ciety today. Jesse M. Wingo Psychology B.A., FurmarT University; M. Ed., University of South Car- olina; Graduote study. Uni- versity of Georgia, Edin- burgh University. (1958). 22 Frances Flynn Mims Psychology, Sociology B.A., Converse College; M. A., Wofford College; Grad- uate study. University of South Carolina. (1956). Cecil Clifford History, Government B.A., Woman ' s College; M. A., Furman University; Grad- uate study. University of Pittsburgh. (1962). Fred C. Metts Dean of Men, Bible and Sociology B.S., Texas Wesleyan Col- lege; M.A., Texas Christian University; Th.M., Southwest- ern Baptist Theological Sem- inary. (1962). Bib The Bible Department is concerned with three close- ly related matters; first, a knowledge of the Bible in the light of the conditions under which it was written and the purposes of its writers; second, the apprecia- tion of the spiritual in things pertaining to individuals and groups; third, a sense of commitment to Christ and the Christian ' s way of life. William Edward Tisdale Adminisfrafive Assistant, Bibli B.S., University of South Carolina; M.A., Columbia Bible College; Th.M., South- w estern Baptist Theological Seminary. (1960) Ronald L. Gaynor Bible B.A., University of South Carolina; B.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. (1961). Everett Howard Vivian Speech, Dramatic Aft, Bible B.A., Texas Wesleyon Col- lege; Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Graduate study, Texcfs Chris- tian University, Clemson Col- lege. (1959). 23 features 25 ' IK - ' ,« ' t Miss Anderson College MISS RITA RATENSKI. Miss Anderson College On December 7, 1962, the Columns presented the first Miss Anderson College Pageant. It was presented to promote school spirit, and with the hope of its becoming an annual tradition. The girls were entered under the sponsorship of various clubs and organizations on campus. Miss Rita Ratenski, a secretarial major from Greenville, South Carolina, was chos- en from 20 contestants to reign as Mks Anderson College for 1962-1963. 27 MISS ANN BLACK Honea Path Freshman First Runner-up MISS PORTIA STASNEY Anderson, S. C. Freshman Second Runner-up Miss Ratensl i and Runners-up 28 Dave was a jewel. Queen receives a smooch A valuable luncheon. Build a ramp anyone? 29 MISS LINDA SIMPSON Greenville, S. C. Sophomore Maid of Honor IT MISS RiTA RATENSKI Greenville, S.C. Sophomore , 31 May Court MISS ADELAIDE HIOTT 32 Sophomore May Court MISS JAN PASCOE MISS ETTA SUE SHOCKLEY f i i t lD ? ; jPi ■ £ V y 9 1 1 1 pi 1 [ k ■ ! T ■ ii f 1 J 33 MISS ANNE BLACK W w MISS LEA DAVIS 34 Freshman May Court MISS PORTIA STASNEY MISS BARBARA MEAD MISS GLORIA VeHORN 35 Sophomore Beauties MISS LORETTA BAILEY MISS JAN PASCOE i 1! MISS ROSANNE WILLIAMS MISS LINDA SIMPSON 37 ■ ' wftj Freshman Beauty MISS KAY CLARK Freshman Beauties MISS ANNE BLACK MISS BARBARA BOLING MISS BARBARA MEAD MISS RITA MOON 39 ' V Miss Columns JULIA SHELNUTT 40 To Julia Ann Shelnutt we owe deep appreciation. The Columns staff Is proud of our editor and this yearbook; we hope you are too. t go ay -jPM. J « S«WA S ' Wr Rise Stevens, The Anderson Community Concert Association presents four concerts a year. These concerts are presented at An- derson College with our students serving as ushers. The students are members of the Association. A variety of per- formers is chosen each year with a particular emphasis placed on the student ' s interests. Rise Stevens, Metropolitan Opera star, opened our series of concerts this year. Her program included arias from operas and fascinating selections of modern music. Nelson and Neal were our next guests for the series. They are known the world over for their achivements as a duo-piano team. The Little Music Theater was the third performers. Their program included the entire music scores of La Traviata and Merry Widow . The Greenville Symphony Orchestra with Miss Mary Min- not Burgess culminated our concert series. Miss Burgess is a native of Anderson. She is a former voice student of Anderson College. This concert was presented at the An- derson Recreation Center. Singers, Orchestra, Pianist . . . Concerts NELSON AND NEAL LITTLE MUSIC THEATRE 43 TRADITIONS Each year the Athletic Asso- ciation sponsors the May Day exercises. Girls from both classes are chosen as our May Court to add beauty and charm to the traditional activities. nil I rl ,7 ■ i 44 Christmas • » . Mm:: v.. Crook Party 45 Re ligious Emphasis Week 46 President ' s Reception Plays 47 activities SI JOHNNY O ' CAIN, President of Student Government BOBBY WHITEHEAD, Vice President BRENDA SOLESBEE, Secretary 52 Student Government 53 Women ' s Council For the first time in the history of Anderson College a Wom- en ' s Council has been in operation. Since boys are living on campus this year, it has become necessary to have two separate councils other than the joint council. The Council promotes intellectual, moral, and Christian val- ues among the girls. It is always ready to lend a helping hand to those who need information or guidance in some phase of work. The Council also acts as a disciplinary body if nece;sary, but the main emphasis is to create an honest, happy, sincere Christian attitude toward work and fellow students. CAROL ANN RICHARDSON, Chairman SHARON BRUCE, Secretary 54 Men ' s Council The Men ' s Council consists of seven men of the student body who serve as representative to the facul- ty and administration as v ell as maintain discipline among the men students on our campus. The Council is made up of the five proctors, the house president, the men ' s day student representa- tive and Dean Metts, our advisor. JIMMY SPEARMAN Chairman JOHNNY O ' CAIN Vice-Chairman LEE COOPER Secretary 55 Women ' s Hall Councilors The hall proctors are appointed by the Faculty Committee and play a vital role in keeping order in the dormitories. As student council members, they are to re- port any violations which they have seen or has been reported to thsm. They in- spect the rooms within five minutes of study hall and light bells. During a fire drill they make sure that the dorms are clear. Dorm Life 56 Men ' s Hall Councilors The proctors are a group of boys se- lected by the faculty and staff. One of the main responsibilities is discipline. The members are subject to the faculty and, therefore, give penalties for disturbances in the dorms atvd violations of other cam- pus rules. The proctors are members of the Men ' s Council. There is a great deal of responsibility in this position. Also, it carries with it a very special honor — serving as members of the Student Gov- ernment Association. 57 1963 Columns Staff Editor Julia A. Shelnutt Advisor Mr. Harold Snuggs Business Advisor Miss McCov n Proofread 58 Business Manager Karen Wall 1 . ■% Assistant Editor Billy MIddleton Feature Editor Adelaide Hiott Sports Editor Richard Franklin 59 COPY EDITOR Harriet Moore TYPIST Delores Davis 60 1963 Columns Staff The Columns Staff is a group of de- voted workers who strive each year to capture pictoriolly the events that form the memories for each and every student. They have endeavored this year to pre- sent a yearbook of student activities and also other activities which might pro- mote school spirit. It is our hope that we may have in these pages left with the student body a happy reminder of their college year. It is with these thoughts that the 1962-63 Columns Staff proudly presents The Col- umns to you the Student Body. 6 Yodler Staff Editor Martha Butts Business Manager Linda Simpson Assistant Editor Brenda Solesbee Sports Editors Tommy Jaudon and Sammy Pike 62 The Yod er staff is composed of students who are enrolled in journalism. It is a course that requires much time and hard work but one that proves to be a very rewarding one. The Yod er informs and entertains the students of Anderson College, and serves as a means for stu- dents to speak out. The paper is published bi- monthly. The members of the staff act as reporters, writers, and typists, doing a varied array of tasks in order to get the paper to press. The Yod er belongs to the South Carolina Col- legiate Press Association. 63 College Choir MRS. PAULINE POPLIN Advisor The Anderson College Choir, open to all women stu- dents, is on outstanding group selected by audition. The Choir is unique in that it is both a class, giving credit, and a stu- dent organization. The choir sings at various engagements to represent the college. The Highlights of the year include a Christmas concert with the Clemson Glee Club, a perform- ance at Founder ' s Day, and the choir tour. The choir performs for many high schools and churches throughout the state, sing- ing sacred and secular choral literature. 64 The year 1962 marks the origin of a group called the Twenty Singers, composed of ten men and ten ten women. Here is a group open to all college stu- dents, selected by auditions. This group found its place in the life of the Anderson College campus. The Twenty Singers furnished music for Religious Em- phasis Week, the Baptist State Convention, and many other events during the year. 65 Omicron Iota Kappa The Omicron Iota Kappa So- ciety aids in the development of initiative, leadership, and profes- sional pride for students interest- ed in this field. Each girl v ho is taking Home Economics is eligible to join this club. 66 Circle K Club The Circle K Club is an organization of men of outstanding leadership abilities and who have main- tained at least a C average. The purpose of the club is for the betterment of the college campus. It works toward the goal that every college student will be a better citizen of tomorrow. GERALD SHARP President BOBBY WHITEHEAD Vice President MR. BROADUS PARKER Sponsor Anderson College Players ROSANNE WILLIAMS Secretary -Treasurer CLAYTON LeCROY President The players present dramatic productions under the direction of Professor Everett H. Vivian. Tv o plays wffre given this year for the college students and guests. A one-act play entitled The Breaking of Bread v as given during the Thanksgiving season. Song of Glory , also a one-act play, was presented dur- ing the Christmas season. The players receive training in acting, directing, stage managing, and make-up work. MR. EVERETT VIVIAN Sponsor 68 ROGER SHAW President WENDELL LUNSFORD Vice President LINDA DAVID Secretary Treasurer Phi Theta Kappa Students who rank in the upper 10% of the class and have good moral characteristics are eligible for membership in Phi Theta Kappa, a national honorary fraternity. New members are selected at the end of the semester. Each year, the Phi Theta Kappa holds a banquet and presents a special program in chapel. HENRY VON HASSELN Sponsor 69 Alpha Pi Epsilon The Alpha Pi Epsilon is a nation- al honorary secretarial society which stresses superior achievement in ste- nography. The Sigma Chapter of the Alpha Pi Epsilon was organized at Anderson College in May, 1941. It en- courages members to carry high ideals into business relations. The chief pur- pose of this organization is to maintain college trained secretaries at a high professional level. DELORES DAVIS President ADELAIDE HIGH Vice President LINDA EDENS Secretary MRS. McGregor Sponsor 70 Delta Psi Omega This fraternity was organized on March 20, 1929, for the purpose of providing an honor society for persons attaining a high standard of work in dra- matics and, among the colleges of the United States and Canada, to provide a wider fellowship for those interested in college theater. The fraternity is not intended to take the place of the regular dra- matic club or other producing groups, but as stu- dents qualify, they ore rewarded by election to membership in this society. WILLA REE PAUL Honorary Member PROFESSOR EVERETTE VIVIAN Sponsor 71 sketch Club The foremost aim of the Ander- son College Sketch Club is to give the Art student a chance to relax and sketch nature in a friendly surrounding. The Sketch Club has proven to be a helpful method of encouraging budding young artist and improving their skill and origi- nality. DON KELLY Secretaf7 GLORIA McCAVITT vice President MRS. HOICOMBE Advisor 72 Music Study Club The Music Study Club was organized in Sep- tember, 1961. All students taking applied music From college instructors automatically become Tiembers of this club. Through musical perform- ance and study papers given at each monthly fleeting, music students are given an opportun y to improve their performing skills and to ex )and their musical knowledge. JIM ROBINSON President ' ' Ik V : 1 . 1 n m 1 -.. ANDREA SHIRLEY Secretary CLAYTON LeCROY Vice President 73 MARY DEVENNY President LEE COOPER Vice President RONNIE HYAH Treasurer Athletic Association The main purpose of the Athletic Association is to build up interest in sportsmanship and school spirit among the student body. The Association sponsors many sports both varsity and intramural. These sports include basketball, baseball, tennis, and track. They also sponsor May Day. Our coaches do a great deal toward the improvement of the Athletic Department every year. Near the close of the year the Athletic Association has a Banquet for all its members, at which time the awards of the year are presented. COACH MAX GRUBBS Sponsor 74 V r , r ' . • V fi ' lp ■ ' f ' il 4.1 Vi ' W ' i fh ;,.i-:- f-- i .« 3(jX 2 I-- . W- . ' ffi : R e I i g i o u s Sub- DJ v i s i Baptist Student Union B. S. U. Exec. Council The Baptist Student Un ion is our distinctive denominational ministry on all types of campuses. Its purpose is to conserve and help train Southern Baptist Students for effective Christian Discipleship. It functions to remind each student of his responsibility to Christ, His Church, and his denomina- tion, and of his obligation as a Christian citizen to the v orld in v hich he lives. Not only does the Baptist Student Union remind the student of his re- sponsibilities and objectives in life, it also provides inspiration and fellov - ship v hich create the spiritual climate essential for Christian growth while in college. Every Baptist and Baptist preference student is the concern of the Bap- tist Student Union. Other denominations and non-preference students lie deep within its circle of concern. These are invited to participate in all phases of the BSU activities. DORA HANCOCK Sponsor 76 Westminster Fellowship ERIC STAFFORD Vice President DAVID BREMER Program Chairmen The Westminster Fellowship is composed of a group of Presbyterian students on our campus. Under the direction of Mrs. Meeks, the students strive to promote sincere Christianity in the doily lives of college students. 77 Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club is a volunteer associa- tion of Episcopal students which has for its purpose the deepening of their faith in and their loyalty to our Lord Jesus Christ through study, discussion, and fellowship. The Canterbury Association prayer is Al- mighty God, we beseech Thee, with thy gra- cious favour to behold Anderson College, that knowledge may be increased among us, and all good learning flourish and abound. Bless all who teach and all who learn; and grant that in humility of heart all may ever look unto Thee who art the foundation of all wis- dom; through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen. REV. CLIPPARD Sponsor RITA DERRICK President MARY D. HAIR Vice President 78 KAREN McGEE Secretary Wesley Fellowship The Methodist students are increasing in number every year at An- derson College. Meetings are held bi-monthly, and are composed of business sessions and programs. Deputations are held for the students at Anderson and Clemson colleges. This year this Methodist organiza- tion had a get-acquainted party for all of its members. Also there were a few programs held at St. John ' s Methodist Church. KITTY RHODES President 79 Ministerial Association JIMMY WHITLOW Vice President JOHNNY O ' CAIN President JIMMY SPEARMAN Secretary-Treasurer DEAN BUTLER Sponsor The Ministerial Association is an organization for students interested in becoming ministers. This organization strives to keep the message of Christ alive on the campus, in the Church, and throughout the community. They work in Revivals, in the churches, and in various other places. They gain experience in speaking and working with people. Their goal is to be messengers for Christ wherever they are. 80 OFFICERS Mission Volunteers EVEREn VIVIAN Sponsor The Mission Volunteer Group is an organization made up of stu- dents v ho have a genuine interest in home and foreign mission work and also those who have felt a defi- nite call to be missionaries. Several of these students go as summer mis- sionaries under the B.S.U. Summer Mission Program. officers discuss club affairs. 81 Young Women ' s Auxiliary East Dorm The Ann Hasseltine Young Wom- en ' s Auxiliary (Y.W.A.) is designed for Young women in colleges, universities, and seminaries. It is one of the largesi organizations on campus. Any member of the Y.W.A. is a pari of a worldwide fellowship, organized to promote Christian Missions arounc the world. The Y.W.A., which is an organiza- tion under the B.S.U., works close to- gether to create more interest in the religious activities here at the college. The interest of this organization h promoted by Mission study. Mission offerings, chapel programs, vespers, monthly programs, which consist of general and circle meetings, and birth- day parties. 82 church Related Vocations GEORGIA COMPTON Secrefary Church Related Vocations is composed of those who plan to enter vocations allied with church work. At their meetings they discuss the various aspects of church-related work, and explore the opportunities of their chosen fields. PEGGY GARDNER President 83 othleti . Si, , sSes 85 JIM HILL The Coach Coach Jim Hill came to us last year from Carolina High School, in Greenville, S. C. As an accounting teacher and a coach, he has meant a great deal to the Anderson College student. Since he has been here. Coach Hill has succeded in getting AC in the Western Carolina Junior College Con- ference. This year for the first time we have had boys physical education. We have no- ticed a new feeling of the sport attitude on the campus. Much of this can be attrib- uted to Coach Hill and his desire, determi- nation, courage, and ability to build up the Athletic Department at our Anderson Col- lege. 86 The Captains DON KELLY Anderson, S. C. LEE COOPER Ware Shoals, S. C. BOBBY WHITEHEAD Coyce, S. C. The Managers WEIVIN POORE ' Anderson, S. C. RONNIE HlOn McColl, S. C. CLYDE BRYSON Piedmont, S. C. 87 Team Members CHARLIE GOLDSON Columbia, S. C. 88 ■■ •wa wJiWfew t W In Action 89 Team Members JOE PHILLIPS Greenville, S. C. BOBBY WHITEHEAD Cayce, S. C. JOE TAYLOR Marietta, S. C. DAVID MURRELL Florence, S. C. TONY MOODY Greenville, S. C. DON KELLY Anderson, S. C. 90 in Action 91 Scoreboard Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Ande College 72 College 75 College 56 College 61 College 72 College 72 College 50 College 84 College 49 College 62 College 62 College 72 College 72 College 95 College 60 College 78 College 86 College 61 College 59 College 49 Western Carolina Junior Co College 69 Asheville Blltmore 70 Wingote 97 Clemson Freshmen 87 Brevard 80 Gardner-Webb 78 Western Carolina Junior Varsity 106 U. S. C. Freshmen 69 Furman Freshmen 68 North Greenville 68 Clemson Freshmen 85 Gardner-Webb 59 Asheville Biltmore 82 Brevard 78 Spartanburg Junior 98 U. S. C. Freshmen 76 Wingate 60 Spartanburg Junior 85 Lees-McRae 59 Lees-McRae 88 North Greenville 68 liege Conference Tournament Gardner-Webb 87 92 Our boys ' basketball team this year is the foundation for making boys ' basketball at Anderson College the big sport. The Anderson College Student is proud of the efforts of each team member and the fine way in which he has represented our school. We were always behind them wheth- er winning or losing. The obstacles of rebuilding, new coach- ing, and college basketball faced our team from the very start. However, they came through in fine fashion and we are proud of their record and work. 93 Ch eerie ad ers The cheerleaders, with the help of the student body, boost both the boys ' and girls ' basketball teams. Pep rallies are held to increase the school spirit around the campus as well as at the games. The clean sportsmanship of the teams encourages the cheerleaders to do their best. 94 These are the girls that are our yell- raisers. Throughout the entire season we have seen none any better. The An- derson College Student should be grate- ful to these girls who spent much effort and practice in trying to build school spirit. EHA SUE SHOCKLEY SUE HARVEY LEA DAVIS ' % JOAN BAKER CARLIE SUE FOSTER CAROLYN GRIFFITH 95 a -I The Coach Coach Max Grubbs has been at Anderson Col- lege for five years. iHe has done a great job as a chemistry professor and a coach. Since he has been here, he has lost only two regular season games to South Carolina teams as a girls ' basketball coach. His overall record for the girls is 71 wins and 11 losses. As a boys ' coach he had a record of 7 wins and 6 losses. Under his coaching this year the girls ' basketball team went undefeated for the first time in Anderson College history. The Anderson College Student congratulates Coach Grubbs for his out- standing work. 96 Captains The captains this year were guard Cookie Smith and forward Linda Linn. These were the coach ' s right-hand-ladies. Their job was to keep team or- ganization and spirit. One can well tell by the suc- cessful year how thoroughly these girls did their jobs. Managers Being a manager is not an easy task. But Peggy, Gayle and Carolyn have made the task seem en- joyable through their attitudes toward their jobs. These girls did a wonderful job as managers and are partly responsible for the successful year in girls ' basketball. 97 Girls ' Basketball Team ROXY DYCHES Charleston, S. C. EMMALINE ASHLEY Honeo Path, S. C. IRIS BLACKWELL Startex, S. C. POLLY BRYAN Columbia, S. C LOIS HASELDEN Clinton, S. C. 98 IRENE JAMESON Anderson, S. C. LINDA LINN Orangeburg, S. C. AMELIA MORRIS Olar, S. C. ELIZABETH PICKELSIMER Piedmont, S. C. 99 Girls ' Basketball Tea m CAROL ANN RICHARDSON Slater, S. C. JOHANNA SMITH Hartwell, Go. NANCY VOSBURGH Cameron, S. C. ANNIE TRIBBLE Anderson, S. C. 100 101 In Action ii ' S m 102 Scoreboard Anderson College 66 Atlanta Tomboys 38 Anderson College 57 Camden Shooting Stars 33 Anderson College 73 College of Charleston 45 Anderson College 76 Gardner-Webb 34 Anderson College 62 Brevard 23 Anderson College 42 North Greenville 41 Anderson College 50 Lees-McRae 28 Anderson College 71 Stone Manufacturing 15 Anderson College 60 Lees-McRae 20 Anderson College 52 Brevard 23 Anderson College 65 College of Charleston 14 Anderson College 54 Camden Shooting Stars 38 Anderson College 61 Atlanta Tomboys 54 Anderson College 41 North Greenville 34 f m For the first time in Anderson College history, our girls ' basketball team has gone undefeated. Because of their successful season the girls accepted an invitation to play in the Women ' s World Championship Tournament in Bridgeport, Connecticutt. Their successful season can be attributed to good coaching on the part of Max Grubbs, a coordination of team members, ability, fight, drive, determination, and whole hearted spirit. Congratulations to the first undefeated girls ' team in Anderson College history. 103 Anderson College Rebel 104 The Columns this year sponsored the changing the name of our teams. You, the Anderson College student, picked the name of Anderson College Rebels. We in turn picked a Rebel. His qry was, Well I ' ll be Jon Brown. And he was . . . Our Rebel this year has added another cheerleader, laughter to the fans, publicity in the local newspapers, excitement, fainting, and spirit to the teams and the student body. We hope that the tradition started this year will stick with the school. May the future Rebels be as good in yell raising as Jon was. ? . 105 Tennis The Anderson College tennis team, coached by Max Grubbs, gets underway with a jubilant out- look for this season. Much strength has been added to the team this year including that extra punch that is needed to come out on top. Everyone is pulling for you Rebel Netters, so get out there and be victorious over your opponents. M mKk o - 106 The Team ' ■ .i - JOHN BURDEN PEPPY HOLTZENDORFF mJ- . .tm-iif ( TERRY POORE ALBERT COX 107 Girls ' Track Although there are only a few girls on the track team, they have made an impressive record during the brief time the team has been organized. Several state records have been broken by our fast AC girls. This year we expect even more records to be broken. Even though the track team has no set schedule, we can expect plenty of action and hustle when they do have a meet. 108 ANNIE TRIBBLE Shot Put MARTHA JAMESON 440 Yard Dash W CHRISTINE TAYLOR 100 Yard Dash V . T . - ' l ■ ' 1 f jm 1 ii. . ■ , ' [ ' ' ' ■ ' H-Y m i ' : . CAROL WILLIAMS Broad Jump BARBARA BOIING 100 Yard Dash 109 Boys ' Track Another first in the athletic department at AC this year is the boys ' track team. Only a few of the schools in the con- ference have track teams, and we are proud to be one of them. Our team this year has several high school stars on the roster, and we can expect a good year. Good luck and vic- tories are in order for our first track team. ™™, WMHM I.. NM«d mm ikiM 4 WM 1T0 DON KELLY High Jump ALLEN HARE Pole Vault DON KELLY AND JIM MclEAN High Hurdles STEVE WESTON Broad Jump JON BROWN Mile Run 111 Boys ' Baseball Ability, determined spirit, teamwork ... it takes all this and more ... the opening date draws near ... the Mules must be in the barn before the first game . . . everyone must be ready ... the players, the coach, and the fans ... all are tense as a new season begins . . . plenty of hustle and scrap plus hard hitting batters and field work will make the Rebels paramount over their foes. 112 DON KELLY JIMMY WHITLOW CLYDE BRYSOIM The Tea m TONY MOODY LEE COOPER TOMMY JAUDON BENNY COX DAVID MURRELL 113 The Team WENDELL FARMER CARROLL SIMPSON . ,1 A GERALD GRAYDON BOYD STRIBBLING MAXEY VOYLES U 115 Boys ' Intramurals Thrills, chills, spills, and laughter, along with great pre- cision and co-ordination among the teams, prevailed in our boys intramural games. The spectators enjoyed the gomes as much as the players did. Along with basketball, volleyball and Softball are on the agenda for team participation. You can bet your bottom dollar that these gomes will be just as exciting as basketball. II 116 Girls ' Intramurals By the looks on the watcher ' s faces, you ' d possibly think that what the people were seeing was a comedy. In a sense it was. Not quite though, only girls Intramural basketball. Sur- prisingly, the games were always exciting ones. The champion- ship game went into an over-time, indicating evenly matched teams and well-played games. Volleyball is next for the girls. If you can ' t play, laugh. 117 118 119 120 UP ' E 121 losses 123 Sophomore Class Officers President Dickie Franklin Secretary-Treasurer Mary Devenny Vice President Lee Cooper Sponsor Prof. Broadus Parker 124 The Rising Sophomores We must not neglect the old mistletoe tradition. 125 Sophomores CAROL ADAMS WILLIAM JERRY ACKER RACHEL EMMALINE ASHLEY CATHERINE LORETTA BAILEY EDNA JEANNETTE BANNISTER SARA EARLE ATKINSON 126 Class of 1963 JIMMY ROY BANNISTER PEGGY WHITE BISHOP ' ' i tl f BRENDA VIRGINIA BONDS JOYCE WALTERS BANNISTER MARTHA JOANN BOLDING MARY JO BONDS 127 ROBERT CLAYTON BROOME SHARON RUTH BRUCE MARY KATHERINE BRUNSON Sophomores JOHN ANDEW BURDEN G. CAROLYN BURGESS POLLY FRENCH BRYAN 128 THOMAS rVEY BURTON MARTHA DIANA BUTTS ' MARVIN CLIFTON HURTS JR. BETTY JOE CARTER Class of 1963 HELEN FRANCIS CARTER VERA LOUISE CATHEY 129 LINDA CAROLYN CHAPMAN t f f »« ' GLORL JOYCE CAVSEY PATRICIA VALAEIA CHAMBLEE HORACE DALTON CHASTAIN GUYTON CLARDY, JR. Sophomores WILLIAM NEWTON CLINKSCALES X ' 130 GORGIA DIANNE COMPTON RONALD LEE COLLIAR LINDA GAIL DAVID WILLIAM LEE COOPER Class of 1963 DELORAS MARIAN DAVIS LILA ANNE DEFEE 131 iJii J SANDRA EARLE DELK MARY MINTA DeVENNY RITA KEAN DERRICK Sophomores JOAN DUVANIA DUNLAP JOHN DAVID DYAK WILMA LUCILLE DUCKETT 132 Class of 1963 ROXY ANDRIETTE DYCHES WILLIAM RICHARD ELLISON, JR. RICHARD H. FRANKLIN MARGARET LYNN FOGLE LINDA GAYLE FORT 133 . x PEGGY MARIE GARDNER Sophomores JESSIE JEANETTE GARRICK MARY BETH GIBBONS B jB ■ Bk MARY ANN GLASGOW JANIE REBECCA GOLDEN JOHN PHIL GRIFFITH 134 JOHN ALLEN HARE CHARLES WILLL M HAWKINS DAVID IRVEN HENDRICKS Class of 1963 JOHN M. HIERS MARY ELIZABETH HILL 135 Sophomores DONALD RODNEY HOLCOMBE WILLIAM HONEA LEONARD EUGENE HORTON, JR ANNETTE LONA HOLMES NORMA JEAN HUDSON CARROL W. HUGES 136 CLAUDIA ORENE JAMESON WILBUR CLIFTON HUNTER S. IRENE JAMESON BRENDA FAYE JACKSON Class of 1963 JAMES HAROLD JONES DONALD E. KELLY 137 RAY CONNER KIMBRELL CLAUDIANNE KING ADDIE FAYE KING Sophomores CLAYTON MAYS LeCROY WILLIAM KITCHEN, III NANCY JANE LATHEM 138 - V ■4 , ' SALLY ANN LEOPARD LINDA RAY LINN JAMES FRANK LITTLE, JR. Class of 1963 - ' Wf X ' : ' ' J ' -J , PATRICIA CAROLYN LITTLETON WENDALL EDMUND LUNSFORD GLORIA JEAN McCAVITT 139 CLARENCE DERRILL McCONELL PEGGY CHREITZBERG McCOWN MARSHA CAROLYN McCLELLAN Sophomores DAISEY EMMA McGEE ROBERT HAROLD McGILL VIRGINIA ANN McLEOD 140 . ■ -yy .. SANDRA LYNN McNAIR Class of 1963 CARROLL DAVID MARTIN BESS VAUGHN McWILLIAMS LEON MELVIN McWHITE MARTHA ANN MALONE RUFUSS ALAN MARTIN, JR. Ml Sophomores KATHERINE BEVERLY MILLER ALAN O ' NEAL MAULDIN BILLY GENE MIDDLETON NETA ANNETTE MIZELL HARRIETT ELIZABETH MOORE AMELIA MARLEN MORRIS 142 JOHN DAVID O ' CAIN, JR. VIOLET ELIZABETH NELSON JANE LARKIN OUTZ Class of 1963 ALICE FAYE OWDOM 143 Sophomores JANITH LUCILLE PASCOE JOSEPH BILLY PATTERSON WILLA REE PAUL RICHARD DOYLE POOLE, JR. SHERRIE ELIZABETH POOLE WALTER SAMUEL PHILIPS 144 Class of 1963 MELVIN HARRISON POORE MARY ANN QUATTLEBAUM RITA KAY RATENSKI ALLENE BLANCHE RAYBOURNE JOAN VICTORIA REID 4 ' K. ' v NANCY RUTH POWELL 145 ' ■■ ' ha KATHRYN PARHAM RHODES CAROL ANN RICHARDSON r. ARV LEE RICKER Sophomores JIM MONROE ROfilNSON JOHN MILTON ROGERS SYLVIA LYNNETTE RISH 146 SANDRA JEANETTE ROWLAND CAROLYN ANN SEWARD - f - i- RITA GALE SHAW ELIZABETH BELCHER SANDERS Class of 1963 GERALD DALE SHARPE ROGER DALE SHAW 147 ANDREA PAULETTE SHIRLEY FRANK LEROY SHEALY JULIA ANNE SHELNUTT ETTA SUE SHOCKLEY Sophomores LINDA JANE SIMPSON EMMIE WISE SMALLEY 148 JUDY CAROLYN SMITH MARY JOHANNA SMITH ' V % sUK VIVIAN SYLVENE SMITH BRENDA RUTH SOLESBEE ' ' i Class of 1963 PEGGY JEAN SOLES JAMES BRYAN SPEARMAN 149 JACK L. SPURLOCK TERRY ANN STILL MARTHA ANN SUTHERLAND Sophomores CHRISTINE ANN TAYLOR PAULA JAN THOMAS --- M JEANETTE MERRITT SYRACUSE 150 NELLIE GAY TIMMS PAULA DEAN TOMLIN I u ARNOLD LEE TODD, JR. Ln. LINDA KAYE THOMASON Class of 1963 LAMAR JOSEPH TLMMS ANNIE CLAIRE TRIBBLE, (MRS.; L 151 ANSEL ODELL TUCKER, JR. BRENDA ANN TURNER Sophomores SARA ELIZABETH VISSAGE BRENDA KAREN WALL WILLIAM STEVENSON WESTON LINDA JEAN WHEELER 152 BOBBY LOUIS WHITEHEAD JIMMY PELMAR WHITLOW GLORIA JEAN WILLIAMS Class of 1963 MARY ROSANNE WILLIAMS WILLIAM NORMAN WILSON, JR. FRANCES E. WILSON 153 Sophomores JO ANN WINCHESTER MARTHA SUE YEARGIN 154 155 Who ' s Who These are ten students chosen from the Sophomore class on their all-around personality and character. They were se- lected on their contributions to their college. Our selection represents the epitome of the Anderson College Student. 156 Brenda Solesbee Linda Linn Jimmy Spearman Jimmy Whiflovy Adelaide Hiott Richard Frani lin Julia Shelnutt Karen Wall Johnny O ' Cain Bobby Whitehead 157 158 Who ' s Who v» viiih .-;l ' ' - M ' »»Mvitfi l ' ■ Sw miss Julia ann shelnutt yearbook editor 159 X N miss karen wall business manager columns who ' s Who jimmy spearman student government 161 bobby whitehead basketball and best athlete ijS 162 Who ' s Who miss linda linn best athlete 163 who ' s Who £ f d IK, r 1 miss adelaide hiott feature editor - yearbook 164 johnny o ' cain student government president J 165 166 who ' s Who jimmy whitlow president b. s. u. 167 168 Frosh officers at work? Your guess is as good as mine. Carry your own tray Shelnutt, rat week is over. Where shall we hide that crook? 169 ' n Martha Ellen Abney Margaret Rebecca Abrams Da id Walton Adams Linda Gail Alewine Peggy Jane Anderson David Ray Babb Mary Faye Bagwell Lura Joan Baker Janie Wood Ball Phillip Harold Bamette James Winfield Beii. Jr. Rebecca Dale Benjamin Anne Black Iris Jean Blackwell Barbara Darlene Boling Judith Anne Bolt Johnny Dale Bone Martin Luther Boroughs Mildred Moore Bostic Luke Smith Bouknight, Jr. Freshman 170 Brenda Louise Bramlett Flora Ann Biigman Hugh Vance Brinson Peggy Ann Brock Merle Elaine Brockman Bendolyn Claire Brown Manha i eH Crown Jerry Randolph Browning William Fred Bro%vning Marvin CK de Br son Mary Martha Bullman Kenneth Tony Campbell Mary Louise Campbell Wayne Harris Campbell Carolyn Elaine Cann Joo Clifton Chapman Linda Faye Chastain James Gary Church Marva Kav CMark Anne McNeil Clark Class of 1963 171 Carol Virginia demons Mary Lou demons James William Cobb, Jr. Elva Joy Cobb Larry Joe Coker Linda Lou Copeland Sara Ann Corley Albert Nathaniel Cox Benny Harrison Cox Thomas Preston Cox Brenda Claudette Craft Linda Gavle Crawford Betty Anne Crenshaw Lihas Eva Cusaac Marie Ethel Dabney Diane B. Davis Norma Lea Davis Frances Amelia Dobbins Nancy Harriet Dobbins Robert Lee Douthit Freshman 172 Fleeta Bonta Drake Tommy Joe Dunn Carole Ann Dye Grace Ann Marie Edgerton Charles Thomas Edmunds, Jr. Mary Alice Edmunds Dorothy Anne Ellis William Lee Ellis William Edward Ellis Wilma Jean Ellison Marion Wendell Farmer Richard Randolph Fisher Ernestine Floyd Rudy Hudson Floyd Judith Ann Fluck Shirley Jean Ford Carlie Sue Foster Curtis Wendell Fowler Durwood Gene Foxworth Richard Loy Franklin Class of 1963 173 Joseph Elbert Fne Sharon Montine Gambrell Peggy Sue Garrett Herbert Earl Gault Catherine Amelia Gilman Joe Mason Gilstrap Rachel Sandra Gilstrap Ralph Gleason, Jr. Albert Easton Glenn, Jr. Joseph Kenneth Gobeil Sharon Diane Godbee Sarah Diane Godwin Charles Hubert Goldson Clem Felder Goldson Julia Beth Graham Thomas Gramling Gerald Wilson Grayson Judy Alexander Greenway Jean Carolyn Griffith Carole Marie Grubbs Freshman 174 Mary Dalby Hair Helen Sue Harvey Lois Marie Haseldon Danny Roy Hawkins Joe Frank Hayes Wanda Dayle Henderson Daniel Howard Hendricks Elizabeth Ann Hill Lloyd Michael Hill Paulette Louise Holbrook Larry Holcombe Judy Marion Holmes Judith Banister Hooker ' iniain Sharon Hopkins Willis Fuller Horton, Jr. Carey Frederick House Kenneth Evelyn Huggins Jane Dianne Hughes Henry Lawrence Hulsey, Jr. Gerald Dedrick Huskamp Class of 1963 175 Ronald Leioy Hyatt Martha Ann Jameson Tommy Hampton Jaudon, Jr. Clarence Reon Jeffcoat, Jr. Patricia Ann Johnson Mary Marlene Jones Betty Ann Kale Deryl Crawford Keese Barbara Anne Keisler William Roy Kelly Larry Benjamin Kilgore Donuie Ray King Lana Faye King Linda Ruth King Mary Laveme King Jerry Don Kinsler Donald Milton Kirkland Alice Marie Knight Stuart Jay Knobel Carey Daird Laird, Jr. Freshman 176 Cherlyl Elizabeth Landis Lee Marion Lanier Judy Carol Langston Robert Latimer Reuben Taylor Lindley Harold Dean Long Patricia Ann Looper Judy Darlene Lowe Ronnie Clarence Lowe Hal Hiott Lusk, Jr. Martha Elizabeth McAllister Jean Arthur McClain Cynthia M, McCurry Linda Ellen McDougle Karen Jean McGee Linda Lucile McKinney James Harris McLean Susanne Madden Patricia Ann Major George Washington Martin Class of 1963 177 Roy Dean Martin Sandra Joyce Martin Carole Annette Mason Albert Rice Maynard David Major Barbara Cheryl Mead Judy Ann Meredith Ethel C. Metts (Mrs.) Henr - Edward Mills Anthony E. Moody Rita Ruth Moon Barbara Jean Moore Carol Elizabeth Moore Linda Moore Patrick Franklin Moore, III GwendoKii Dianne Morgan Betty Jean Morris John Allen Morris Betty Lourene Mosley Barbara Ann Mulkey Freshman 178 Lanny Langford Mull Richard Randall Mulliken Lucretia Jane Mundy James David Murrell William Kenneth Nabors Betty Jo Nalley Janie Neese Vivian Elizabeth Nichols Mary Ann O ' Barr Joyce Annette Pace Doris Barbara Patrick Judith Penland Julie Ann Perry Harriet Dee Phillips Joel R. Phillips Emily Elizabeth Pickelsimer Samuel Lane Pike Dorothy Jeanette Pilgrim Frankie Jeanette Pitts Norman Sherrell Ponder L Class of 1963 179 Richard Terry Poore Thomas G. Porter Glenda Rae Power Linda Joyce Price James Goodman Pridmore, Jr. Robert Michael Prince Gloria Dantzaler Rast Brenda Gail Richardson Sandra Jean Riddle Jimmio Randell Ridgeway Robert Vann Rikard Graham Perr ' Robert Billie Delores Rowe Don Kenneth Sanders Cornelia Elizabeth Sargent Nancy Dawn Scott Jean Anette Seigler Nina Edna Seigler Patricia Allene Seigler Dianne Nell Sherrer Freshman 180 Bonnie Lee Shirley Carroll Huckabee Simpson Ralph David Simnson, Jr. William Timms Simpson Linda Faye Singleton Patricia Ann Singleta ry Martha Carolyn Smith Da ton Lee Smith Joann Smith Michael Duane Smith Robert Wayne Smith Sara Christine Smith Shelba Jean Smith Thomas Wilton Snipes, Jr. Jimmy Lynn Spake Mary Evelyn Spearman Eric Michael Stafford Henry Grady Stanford. Jr. Portia Rae Stasney Evelyn Ducworth Stephenson Class of 1963 181 Doris Louise Stewart Patricia Frances Stewart Beth Jane Stegall Susanne Storm Boyd Lee Stribling Watson Woodrow Stroman Sara Louise Stuckey James Laurie Sullivan Glenda Ann Swain Claudia Caroline Swaney John Howard Taylor Joseph Porter Ta lor Robert Wallace Taylor Barbara Ann Thompson Barbara Jane Thompson Florence Gail Thompson Gerald Frandon Thompson John Patrick Tillison Jerry Ludie Tumblin Brcnda Ann Turner 182 Freshman Joyce Eloise Turner Gloria Joyce Vehom Carl Edward Vermillion, Jr. Henry Johnson Verner Nancy Lee Vosburg Maxey Harris Voyles Linda Jane Waits Nanci Ann Wallis Dorotln- Anne Watson Gene Weston Bobbie Sue Whitt Anna Melissa Williams Carol Jane Williams Linda Fayc Williamson Judy Wilson Donna Cheryl Wilson Harriette Rebecca Wilson Nancy Blanche Witherspoon Carolyn Julia Worley Eleanor Juditli Wrenn ' AV::.- - If If Class of 1963 183 Velnia Patricia Youngblood Cathy Elaine Zeisler Roy Dennis Anderson David Leroy Bremer Wilton Warren Cothran Donna Hare Larry Holcombe Evelyn Patricia Home Carol Marie Markham Leila Bethea Parham David Edward Sentell Kathy Zeigler 184 Rat Week Only a lowly rat can look like that. 185 Night School X 186 Feed him. Iris? You sure are Janie 187 Must Be Love Here ' s how it is donel 188 This Is College Life Dorm Life Friends Trips Home 189 best all around miss karen wal dickie franklin , «l» - ... most athletic miss linda linn bobby whitehead most talented jim robinson miss martha butts --I - .. i, -- ; ' Wittiest John brown miss mary devenny ' uUB . -f fe- best looking miss adelaide hiott [im bell cely to succeed miss brendq solesbee fi ' mmy spearmciin - . , • mM Editing an annual is many things. It is inspiration, vision, hope, fear, accomplishment, and fulfillment.- Most of all, it is an experience requiring the patience and indulgence of the entire student body. For this cooperation, I am deeply grate- ful. There is a group, however, to whom I am completely indebted. These are the figures who have given so unselfish- ly of themselves and their time. It is this group to whom I give special acknowledgment of the following page. They have not only contributed to the book but also in the Miss Anderson Pageant and all other projects taken on by the staff. To you, Dickie Franklin, Karen Wall, Adelaide Hiott, Harriet Moore, Delores Davis, and Fuller Horton I owe the yearbook. Special gratitude is due Robin Kelly, Harold Snuggs, and Miss McCown. For our student pictures, I wish to thank Rawlins-Allen Studio atid Pete Dugan, also, Lewis Moorhead and Bill Osteen. My special thanks to Morris Kenig for his unlimited help from Keys Printing Company. The last page has been drawn, the last copy typed, the last picture numbered. This is the 1963 Columns. Julia Ann Shelnutt, Editor-in-chief, Columns r 198 Can I ever thank you????? Dickie? A Life Saver .. . Pete Dugan WallHeads Office THEY MADE THE BOOK!! Earnest Workers Get those pictures madelll 199 What a clown . , Don, did your hand really turn to stone? 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TRU SEW SHOP Wilmary Building Bridal Salon JOYCE ANN STYLE SHOP Behind El Dorado Restaurant Clemson Highway Latest in College Wear WELCOME TO McLESKEY TODD DRUG COMPANY 114 North Main Street Anderson ' s Most Modern Drug Store SU LLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina ' Serving in This Section Since 1886 ' SEARS ROEBUCK AMI CO- SHOP At SEARS And SAVE Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back J 212 ? « Bailey Court Apartments MODERN BRICK DUPLEX APARTMENT BUILDINGS Apartments Available for Anderson College Faculty and Staff and for Married Students APARTMENTS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL TO PUBLIC Anderson ' s Finest One, Two, and Three-Bedroom Apartments Individual Automatic Heating Units In Each Apartment Kitchen Furnished — Efficient Maintenance Service SOPHOMORES Adams, Carol Bowersville, Ga. Acker, William Jerry 3001 Belhaven Anderson, S. C. Ashley, Rachel Emmaline 12 Brock Avenue Honea Path, S. C. Atkinson, Sara Earle Route 2 Central, S. C. B Bailey, Catherine Loretta Route 1, Box 167 Johnston, S. C. Bannister, Edna Jeannette Route 4 Anderson, S. C. Barmister, Jimmy Roy Apt. 9-4A, Bailey Court Anderson, S. C. Bannister, Joyce Walters Apt. 9-4A, Bailey Court Anderson, S. C. Bell, Jr. James Winfield Box 351 Hartwell, Ga. Bishop, Peggy White 48 Fairview Ware Shoals, S. C. Bolding, Martha Joann Route 2, Box 61 Pickens, S. C. Bolt, Judith Ann S. Townville St. Seneca, S. C. Bonds, Mary Jo Route 1 Iva, S. C. Bouknight, Jr. Luke Smith Route 1 Starr, S. C. Broome. Robert Clayton Route 2 Westminster, S. C. Bruce, Sharon Ruth 101 Sarah Blackvaie, S. C. Brunson, Mary Katherine Route 1 Alcolu, S. C. Bryan, Polly French 102 Ott Rd. Columbia, S. C. Bryson, L. W. Route 1 Hartwell, Ga. Bryson, Marvin Clyde 10 Hardeman Piedmont, S. C. Burden, John Andrew Route 1 Belton, S. C. Burgess, G. Carolyn 21 Traxler Greenville, S. C. Burton, Thomas Ivey 101 Elizabeth Abbeville. S. C. Carter, Betty Jo 16 Wedge Park Charleston, S. C. Carter, Helen Frances North 4th Ext. Drive Seneca, S. C. Cathey, Vera Louise 115 North Street Anderson, S. C. Causey, Gloria Joyce Furman, S. C. Chamblee, Patricia Valeria Route 3 Anderson, S. C. Chapman, Linda Carolyn 117 E. Mauldin Anderson, S. C. Church, James Gary 111 Marion Anderson, S. C. Clardy, Guyton, Jr. Route 1 WilUamston, S. C. Clinkscales, Wilham Newton Route Belton, S. C. Collier, Ronald Lee 10-B Apt. 4 Bailey Ct. Anderson, S. C. Compton, Georgia Diane S. C. I. S. Florence, S. C. Copeland, Linda Lou Musgrove Clinton, S. C. Cooper, William Lee S. Greenwood Ave. Ware Shoals, S. C. Cromer, Joaime 1005 Bolt Dr. Anderson, S. C. D Davenport, James Walter Route 2 Donalds, S. C. David, Linda Gale Route 1 Starr, S. C. Davis, Delores Marian 3171 Broad Ext. Sumter, S. C. Defee, Lila Anne Route 1 Timmonsville, S. C. Delk, Sandra Earle 1728 McLeod Ave. Charleston, S. C. DeVenny, Mary Minta 3541 Admiral Dr. Chas. Hgts, S. C. Derrick, Rita Kean Columbia Road Johnston, S. C. Dorrell, Carolyn Siogleton 406 B Kingsley Rd. Anderson, S. C. Duckett, Wilma Lucille Route 2 Chesnee, S. C. Dunlap, Joan Duvania 820 Gadsden Sq. Anderson, S. C. Dyar, John David 312 B Anderson, S. C. Dyehes, Roxy Andriette Route 6 Charleston, S. C. Edens, Linda Ruth Kirk-wood Apt. 5-C Camden, S. C. Fogle, Margaret Lynn Rowesville Rd. Orangeburg, S. C. Fort, Linda Gayle Box 38 Cope, S. C. Foxworth, Durwood Gene 2714 Gresham Road Atlanta 16, Ga. Franklin, Richard H. Route 2 Anderson, S. C. Gardner, Peggy Marie 203 Elliot Chester, S. C. Garrick, Jessie Jeanette Cordova, S. C. Gibbons, Mary Beth Turbeville, S. C. Glasgow, Mary Ann 117 Sunnyside Greenwood. S. C. Golden, Janie Rebecca 52 Smith Street Ware Shoals, S. C. Green, Roddy Anderson Anderson, S. C. Griffith, John Phil 606 Franklin Hartwell, Ga. H Halev, Sanford E. Haley Rd. Anderson, S. C. Hare, John AUen G 12 Kimbrook Greenwood, S. C. Hawkins, Charles William Route 5 Anderson, S. C. Hawkins, Terry Jerome 53 Lewis Anderson, S. C. Hendricks, David Irven Route 1 Pickens, S. C. Hiers, John M. 3860 Walsh St. Jacksonville, Fla. Hill, Mary Elizabeth Route 1 Piedmont, S. C. Hiott, Lucia Adelaide 301 E. Main Easley, S. C. Holcombe, Donald Rodney Route 2 Laurens, S. C. Holmes, Annette Lena Springhill Drive Johnston, S. C. Holtzendorff, Preston Brooks IV Wigington Street Clemson, S. C. Horton, Jr. Leonard Eugene Route 3 Greenville, S. C. Hudson, Norma Jean 451 Henly Orangeburg, S. C. Hughes, Carroll W. 23 Saluda Ware Shoals, S. C. Hunter, Wilbur Clifton 206 Brovm Avenue Belton, S. C. J Jackson, Brenda Faye 170 Ribant Rd. Beaufort, S. C. Jameson, Claudia Orene Box 169 Route 1 Liberty, S. C. Jameson, S. Irene 1200 Greenville Anderson, S. C. Jones, James Harold 510 Calhoun Street Anderson, S. C. Kay, Daisy Louise 421 Blair Anderson, S. C. Kelly, Donald E. James Avenue Fort Worth, Texas Kimbrell, Ray Coruier North 2nd. St. Box 572 Seneca, S. C. King, Claudianna 800 East River Anderson, S. C. King, Addie Faye Wash. Circle Honea Path, S. C. Kitchen, III, WiUiam 645 Northside Dr. Gainesville, Ga. 214 Laird, Jr. Carey Daird 13-3 Bailey Court Anderson, S. C. Lathem, Nancy Jane Route 3 Easley, S. C. LeCroy, Clayton Mays 112 Mayfield Anderson, S. C. Leopard, Sally Ann Ross Street Route 3 Piedmont, S. C. Ligon, Jr. Herman Thomas 712 College Avenue Anderson, S. C. Linn, Linda Ray 288 Carolina Orangeburg, S. C. Little, Jr. James Frank Palmetto Pkwy. Belton, S. C. Littleton, Patricia Carolyn Route 1 Salem, S. C. Lunsford, Wendell Edmund 225 Pine Lane Anderson, S. C. Mc McCavitt, Gloria Jean 106 East Avenue Easley, S. C. McConnell, Clarence Derrill 105 Liberty Drive Anderson, S. C. McCown, Peggy Chreitzberg Route 1 Williamston, S. C. McCoy, Charlynn 1803 Edgewood Anderson, S. C. McClellan, Marsha Carolyn 417 Whitehall Road Anderson, S. C. McGee, Daisy Emma Route 5 Anderson, S. C. McCill, Robert Harold 410 Breazeale Belton, S. C. McLeod, Virginia Anne Route 1 Box 142 Timmonsville, S. C. McNair, Sandra Lyim Route 2 Salley, S. C. McWhite, Leon Melvin Route 8 Greenville, S. G. McWilliams, Bess Vaughn Route 6 Greer, S. G. M Malone, Martha Ann 13 N. Riegel Ware Shoals, S. G. Martin, Carroll David Route 1 Williamston. S. C. Martin, Jr. Rufus AUen Route 1 Anderson, S. G. Martin, William V. 34 Pelzer Ave. Williamston, S. C. Mauldin, Allen O ' neal Box 111 Iva, S. C. Middleton, Billy Gene Cedar Lane Anderson, S. C. Miller, Katherine Beverly 521 Eskew Cr. Anderson, S. G. Mizell, Neta Annette St. George, S. G, Moody, Anthony E. Route 55 Old Grove Rd. Greenville, S. C. Moore, Harriett Elizabeth 1101 S. 4th. Ft. Pierce, Fla. Morris, Amelia Marlee Box 132 Olar, S. C. Mosley, Charles William Route 6 Anderson, S. G. N Nelson, Violet Elizabeth 113 Woodrow Street Laurens, S. G. Newton, Marion M. 203 Kelly Clemson, S. G. O Oakes, Harris D. Anderson, S. G. O ' Cain; Jr. John David Fairfield Street Orangeburg, S. C. Outz, Jane Larkin Route 2 Laurens, S. G. Owdon, Alice Faye Route 3 Edgefield, S. C. Pascoe, Janith Lucille Box 4 Williamston, S. G. Patterson, Joseph Billy 5 Williams LaFrance, S. C. Paul, Willa Ree Stevens Street Loris, S. G. Phillips, Walter Samuel 124 North Street Anderson, S. C. Poole, Richard Doyle, Jr. 205 Union Orangeburg, S. G. Poole, Sherrie Elizabeth Route 4 Patch Drive Spartanburg, S. C. Poore, Mr-lvin Harrison 2902 Edgewood Ave. Anderson, S. C. Powell, Nancy Ruth 506 Jackson Street Anderson, S. G. Quattlebaum, Mary Ann Route 1 Batesburg, S. G. R Ratenski, Rita Kay 1204 E. Lee Taylor, S. G. Raybome, Allene Blanche Route 2 Box 393 Ghas. Hgts. S. G. Reid. Gerald Christopher 2314 S. McDuffie St. Anderson, S. C. Reid, Joan Victoria Route 1 Piedmont, S. S. Rhodes, John Mac Route 3 Anderson, S. G. Rliodes, Kathryn Parham 372 Warren Street Walterboro, S. C. Richardson, Carol Ann Box 11 Slater, S. C. Ricker, Gary Lee 3009 E. N. Avenue Anderson, S. G. Rish, Sylvia Lynette 922 Mimosa West Columbia, S. G. Robinson, Jim Monroe 301 Myrtle Avenue Belton, S. G. Rowland. Sandra Jeanette 924 Jackson Street Anderson, S. C. Scott, Jerryl Donnie 11-3 Bailey Court Anderson, S. G. Sentell, David Edward 19 Sirrine Anderson, S. G. Seward, Carolyn Ann 520 W. Main Street Laurens, S. G. Sharpe, Gerald Dale 122 Griffin Avenue Belton, S. G. Shaw, Rita Gale Box 164 Iva, S. G. Shaw, Roger Dale Box 164 Iva, S. G. Shealy, Frank Leroy 1308 Chestnut Drive Camden, S. G. Shelnutt, Julia Anne 1618 Culpepper Cr. Charleston, S. C. Shirley, Andrea Paulette 311 Blue Ridge Ave. Belton, S. G. Shocklev- Etta Sue 312 E. Hillcrest Greenville, S. G. Simpson, Linda Jane 108 Welcome Greenville, S. C. Smalley. Enmiie Wise Route 5 Box 33 Aiken, S. G. Smith, Mary Johanna Route 2 Hartwell, Ga. Smith, Judy Carolyn South Main Fountain Inn, S. G. Smith, Vivian Sylvene 401 S. Gossett Anderson, S. C. Snipes, Thomas Wilton, Jr. 315 West Main Williamston, S. C. Solesbee, Brenda Ruth Route 1 Lyman, S. G. Soles, Peggy Jean Route 2 Loris, S. G. Spake, Jimmy Lynn 11 Park Ave. Anderson, S. G. Spearman, James Bryan 4716 Glenn Ghas. Hgts. S. G. Spurlock, Jack L. 319 K Ave. Gayce, S. G. Still, Terry Ann Barnwell, S. C. Stockman, Ronald Jaudon 102 Wyatt Avenue Clemson, S. C. Syracuse, Jeanette Merritt Route 4 Easley, S. C. Taylor. Christine Ann 1023 S. Rhett N. Charleston, S. C. Tavlor, John Howard 18 ' Lebby lelzer, S. G. Thomas, Paula Jan Elm St. Conway, S. C. Thomason, Linda Kaye Route 3 Laurens, S. C. Tollison, John Patrick College Ave. Anderson, S. G. 215 Thompson, Melvin Larry Route 1 Anderson, S. C. Timms, Nellie Gay Route 1 Box 61 Winnsboro, S. C. Timms, Lamar Joseph Box 357 Williamston, S. C. Todd, Jr. Arnold Lee 113 Sylvania Ave. Greenville, S. C. Tomlin, Paula Dean Route 2 Walhalla, S. C. Tribble, Annie Claire (Mrs.) 2 Liberty Rd. Anderson, S. C. Tucker, Jr. Ansel Odell Route 1, Box 308 Greenville, S. C. Tumblin, Jerry Ludie Route 1, Donalds, S. C. Turner, Patricia Ann 206 Thurmond St. Edgefield, S. C. V Vissage, Sara Elizabeth Star Route Walhalla, S. C. W Wall, Brenda Karen Route 1 Anderson, S. C. Weston, William Stevenson 18 Cederwood Ln. Columbia, S. C. Webster, Mary Frances 11-4 Bailey Ct. Anderson, S. C. Wheeler, Linda Jean Route 3 Easley, S. C. Whitehead, Bobby Louis 415 Poplar Cayce, S. C. Wliitfield, Hazel Route 2, Box 44 Belton, S. C. Whitlow, Jimmy Pelmar Box 112 Camesville, Ga. Williams, Gloria Jean Dacusville, S. C. Williams, Mary Rosanne Route 5 Sevierville, Term. Wilson, Frances E. Aria Sta. Easley, S. C. Wilson, William Norman, Jr. Route 1 Piedmont, S. C. Winchester, Jo Ann Six Mile, S. C. Yeargin, Martha Sue Route 5 Anderson, S. C. FRESHMEN Abney, Martha Ellen 203 Crayton Manor Anderson, S. C. Abrams, Margeret Rebecca Route 2 Gay Court, S. C. Adams, David Walton 412 Azalea Rd. Anderson, S. C. Addis, Julian Douglas Lovinggood Ave. Walhalla, S. C. Alewine, Linda Gail Box 176 Iva, S. C. Anderson, Peggy Jane 101 West 4th St. Williamston, S. C. Anderson, Roy Denis Route 3 Columbia, S. C. B Babb, David Ray 209 Farmer Street Anderson, S. C. Bagwell, Mary Faye Route 1 Honea Path, S. C. Baker. Laura Joan 6849 Hyde Grove Jacksonville, Fla. Ball, Janie Wood 250 Randy Lane Ft. Myers Beach, Fla. Bamette, Phillip Harold Route 3 Anderson, S. C. Belk, James Seay Route 1 Anderson, S. C. Benjamin, Rebecca Dale 2713 Wellington Rd. Augusta, Ga. Black, Ann Route 3 Honea Path, S. C. 216 Blackwell, Iris Jean 71 Main St. Startex, S. C. Boling, Barbara Darlene Route 1 Donalds, S. C. Bone, Johnny Dale 615 Bonham St. Anderson, S. C. Bone, Robert Earle 1612 Chapman Rd. Anderson, S. C. Boroughs, Martin Luther 216 Oak Avenue North Charleston, S. C. Bostic, Mildred Moore Route 6 Anderson, S. C. Bramlett, Brenda Louise Route 1 Laurens, S. C. Bremer, David Leroy Route 1 Box 155B Anderson, S. C. Bright, Jerry Edward Sunny Avenue Clemson, S. C. Brigman, Flora Ann Route 2 Latta, S. C. Brinson, Hugh Vance 104 Broad Street Anderson, S. C. Brock, Franklin Delane llSNortliSt. Anderson, S. C. Brook, Peggy Ann 1 13 McCully Street Anderson, S. C. Brookman, Merle Elaine Route 2 Greer, S. C. Brown, Bendolyn Claire Route 2 Iva, S. C. Brown, Martha Nell 350 Arch Street Spartanburg, S. C. Browning, William Fred Route 1 Wilhamston, S. C. Browning, Jerry Randolph 5 Anderson St. Honea Path, S. C. Bullman, Mary Matha Route 1 Roebuck, S. C. Brannon, John Nelson, Jr. 227 Belton Drive Wilhamston, S. C. Cambell, Kenneth Tony 3108 White Horse Rd. Greenville, S. C. Cambell. Mary Louise 102 Houston Drive Clemson, S. C. Campbell, Jr. Raymond Ohver 111 McClure Dr. Anderson, S. C. Campbell, Wayne Harris 417 N. Fant St. Anderson, S. C. Cann, Carolyn Elaine Route 1 Iva, S. C. Chapman, Joe Clifton Route 1 Abbeville, S. C. Chastain, Horace Dalton 14 Third St. LaFrance, S. C. Chastain, Linda Faye 55 Scott St. Laurens, S. C. Clark, Marva Kay Box 201 Johnston, S. C. Clarke, Anne McNeil 107 Wyatt Ave. Clemson, S. C. Clemons, Carol Virginia Route 3, Box 6 Andrews, S. C. Clemons, Mary Lou Route 3, Box 6A Andrews, S. C. Cobb, Elva Joy Route 1 Starr, S. C. Cobb, James William, Jr. 123 West First Street Williamston, S. C. Coker. Larry Joe Route 1, Baldwin Pelzer, S. C. Corley, Sara Ann Addison Edgefield, S. C. Cothran, Judy Elizabeth 505-B Courtney Dr. Anderson, S. C. Cothran, Wilton (Buddy) Warren Route 4 Anderson, S. C. Cox, Albert Nathaniel 911 Summer Ave. North Charleston, S. C. Cox, Benny Harrison 1007 Bolt St. Anderson, S. C. Cox, Thomas Preston 104 Georgia Street Honea Path, S. C. Craft, Brenda Claudette 43 Prince Street Anderson, S. C. Crawford, Linda Gayle 201 Hill Ave. Williamston, S. C. Crenshaw, Betty Anne Route 1 Westminster, S. C. Cusaac, Lilias Eva Route 3 Timmonsville, S. C. D Dabney, Marie Ethel Constitution Ave. Charleston, S. C. Davis, B. Diane 302 Berkley Street Greenville, S. C. Davis, Norma Lea 326 Dellwood Dr. Greenville, S. C. Dobbins, Frances Amelia P. O. Box 374 Live Oak, Fla. Dobbins, Nancy Harriet 512 North St. Anderson, S. C. Douthit, Robert Lee Ronte 4, Box 275 Sumter, S. C. Dowling. Robert Anthony (Tony) 1002 N. Main St. Greenville, S. C. Drake, Fleeta Bonta Route 2 Anderson, S. C. Dunn, Tommy Joe 6 York Anderson, S. C. Dye, Carole Ann 701 College Ave. Anderson, S. C. Dykes, David E Edgerton, Grace Ann Marie 526 E. 51 St. Savannah, Ga. Edmonds, Jr. Charles Thomas 517 Smithmore St. Anderson, S. C. Edmonds, Mary Alice Whitehall Ave. Anderson, S. C. Ellis, Dorothy Anne Route 2 Heath Springs, S. C. Ellis, William Lee 211 Society Anderson, S. C. Ellis, William Edward 205 Broad St. Williamston, S. C. Ellison, Alton Ray Route 4 Belton, S. C. Ellison, Jr. William Richard Route 4 Belton, S. C. Ellison, Wilma Jean Route 1 Anderson, S. C. Farmer, Marion Wendell Route 1 Bishopville, S. G. Fisher, Richard Randolph Route 3 Hartwell, Ga. Floyd, Ernestine 509 Norwood Hartsvillc, S. C. Floyd, Rudy Hudson Route Olanta, S. C. Fluck, Judith Ann 1815 N. Rhett N. Charleston, S. C. Ford, Shirley Jean 403 Saluda St. Honca Path, S. C. Foster, Carlie Sue 21 Sewanee Greenville, S. C. Fowler, Curtis Wendell 2 Anderson Pelzer, S. C. Franklin, Richard Loy 418 Woodcrest Anderson, S. C. Frye, Joseph Delbert 278 Culler Orangeburg, S. C. GambrcU, D.ivid Lynn 161 West M. Pendleton, S. C. Gambrell, Sharon Montine Route 5 Anderson, S. C. Garrett, Peggy Sue 126 Tanglewood Dr. Anderson, S. C. Gault, Herbert Earl 414 South Main St. Fountain Inn, S. C. Oilman, Catherine Amelia Route 2 Spartanburg, S. C. Gilstrap, Joe Mason 105 St. Loe Circle Easley, S. C. Gilstrap, Rachel Sandra Blake Dairy Rd. Belton, S. C. Gleason, Ralph Jr. Route 3 Seneca, S. C. Gleen, Jr. Albert Easton Box 75 Starr, S. C. Gobeil, Joseph Kenneth 4 Butler nut Dr. Greenville, S. C. Godbee, Sharon Lee Route 1, Box 56 Ravenel, S. C. Godwin, Sarah Diane 706 Johnson Ave. Columbia, S. C. Goldson, Charles Hubert 3328 Devereaux Rd. Columbia, S. C. Goldson, Clem Felder .3328 Devereaux Rd. Columbia, S. C. Graham, Betty Ann 406 Pinehill Ct. Anderson, S. C., Julia Beth Route 3 Sei ' ieCci, S. C. Gramling, Thomas (Larry) 997 Russell Orangeburg, S. C. Graydon, Gerald Wilson Route 1 Graycourt, S. C. Greenway, Judy Alexander 712 East Ave. Anderson, S. C. Griffith, Jean Carolyn Cottageville, S. C Grubbs, Carole Marie 604 W. Butler Denmark, S. C. H Hair, Mary Dalby 710 Wappoo Dr. Charleston, S. G. Hammond, Betty Fays Route 4 Belton, S. C. Hare, Donna P.O. Box 5 Pickens, S. C. Harvey, Helen Sue 51 Colleton Charleston, S. C. Haselden, Lois Marie 207 N, Adair St. Clinton, S. C. Hawkins, Danny Roy Route 1 Anderson, S. C. Hayes, Joe Frank Route 1 Pickens, S. C. Heller, Jr. David Sidney P.O. Box 32 Sandy Springs, S. C. Henderson, Elwanda D ayle Route 2 Chesnee, S. G. Hendricks, Daniel Howard Route 1 Pickens, S. C. Hicks, Charles Edward 202 North St. Anderson, S. C. Hill, Elizabeth Ann Williamston, S. C Hill, Lloyd Michael Brookforest Dr. Anderson, S. C. Holbrook, Paulette Louise Route 1, Box 40 Simpsonville, S. C. Holcombe, Larry 36 Anderson St. Piedmont, S. C. Holmes, Judy Marion 725 Jeter St. Edgefield, S. C. Hooker, Judith Banister 21 Mills Rd. Clemson, S. C. Hooper, Billy Joe Route 1 Piedmont, S. C. Hooper, David Lee Hopkins, WiUiam Sharon Route 3 Edgefield, S. C. Horton, Willis Fuller Jr. Hamilton St. Williamston, S. C. House, Carey Frederick Route 3 Piedmont, S. C. Huggins, Kenneth Evelyn 905 Sumner N. Charleston, S. C. Hughes, Jane Dianne Perryclear Orangeburg, S. C. Hulsey, Jr. Henry Lawrence 317 Cambridge Abbeville, S. C. Hu skamp, Gerald Dedrick Camp Jemiki Walhalla. S. C. Hyatt, Ronald Leroy 101 Haygood Ave. McColl, S. C. J Jameson, Martha Ann Route 1 Liberty, S. C. Jaudon, Jr. Tommy Hampton Route 6, Box 77 N. Charleston, S. C. Jeffcoat, Jr. Clarence Reon Box 587 North, S. C. Johnson, Patricia Ann 7 Taslia W. Pelzer, S. C. Jones, Mary Marlene 101 Carolina Ave. Greer, S. C. Jones, Raymond Franklin 500 College Anderson, S. C. K Kale, Betty Ann 105 White St. Moncks Comer, S. C. Keese, Deryl Crawford Route 2 Westminster, S. C. Keisler, Barbara Anne 208 Greenwood Hwy. Saluda, S. C. Kellv, William Rov Route 1 To nville, S. C. Kilgore, Larry Benjamin 1213 E. Whitner Anderson, S. C. King, Donnie Ray Route 4 Seneca, S. C. King, Lana Faye Box 215 Loris, S. C. Kings, Linda Ruth 404 Gibson Hartsville, S. C. King, Mary Laverne Route 1 Belton, S. C. Knight, Ahce Marie Route 5 Anderson, S. C. Kinsler, Jerry Don 804 E. River St. Anderson, S. C. Kirkham, Jr. Charles Herrid 502 Crescent Dr. Anderson, S. C. Kirkland, Donald Milton Route 2 Lancaster, S. C. Knobel, Stuart Jay 608 Camfield Rd. Anderson, S. C. Landis. Cheryl Elizabeth 219 Pendleton Easley, S. C. Lanier, Lee Marion Route 6, Box 215 Charleston, S. C. Langston, Judy Carol 1526 Richardson Hartsville. S. C. Lark, William Perry Davis Williamston, S. C. Latimer, Robert (Bob) 5 S. Greenwood Ware Shoals, S. C. Lindley, Reuben Taylor Stevenson Dr. Belton, S. C Long, Harold Dean 323 D. Street Anderson, S. C. Looper, Patricia Ann 701 River Dr. Belton, S. C. Lowe, Judy Darlene Stevenson Dr. Belton, S. C. Lusk, Jr. Hal Hiott 417 Cherry St. Pendleton, S. C. Mi McAllister, Martha Elizabeth Route 1 Seneca, S. C. McClain, Jean Arthur 155 Tusten Elberton, Ga, McCurley, Peggy Jean 113 Sanders Anderson, S. C. McDougle, Linda Ellen 102 Willow Springs Dr. Greenville, S. C. McGee, Karen Jean Route 1 Simpsonville, S. C. Mcllwain. Cynthia Anne 2112 Woodside Ave. Anderson, S. C. McKinney, Linda Lucille 103 Florence St. Pickens, S. C. McLean, James Harris Blythewood, S. C. M Madden, Suzanne 112 Webb St. Anderson, S. C. Major, David 107 Green Williamston, S. C. Maior, Patricia Ann Box 216 Williamston, S. C. Martin, George Washington Route 1 Williamston, S.C. Martin, Roy Dean Route 1 Pelzer, S. C. Martin, Sandra Joyce 303 Coming Anderson, S. C. Mason, Carole Annette Box 1024 Anderson, S. C. Maynard, Albert Rice Blair Rd. Belton, S. C. Mead, Barbara Cheryl 8 Stocker Dr. Charleston, S. C. Meredith, Judy Ann Route 1 Townville, S. C. Merritt, Maurice Carroll Route 4 Easley, S. C. Metts, Ethel C. Andeson College Anderson, S. C. Mills, Henry Edward Route 3 Newberry, S. C. Mitchell, Harry Martin 58 Augusta Rd. Lavonia, Ca. Moon. Rita Ruth 207 Moon Ave. Greer, S. C. Moore, Barbara Jean 510 E. Frederick Anderson, S. C. Moore, Carol Elizabeth 107 Ridgeway Dr. Greenville, S. C. Moore, Linda 1530 Milford Rd. Columbia, S. C. Moore, Patrick FrankUn III Sheldon Dr. Ander.son, S. C. Morgan, Gwendolyn Dianne 305 S. First St. Seneca, S. C. Morris, Betty Jean 204 Olive Rd. Princess Anne, Va. Morris, John Allen 1106 Elizabeth St. Anderson. S. C. Mosley, Betty Lourene 118 Chestnut Charleston Hgts., S. C. Mulkey, Barbara Ann Furman Univ. Greenville, S. C. Mull, Lanny Langford 3015 Cambridge Anderson, S. C. MuUikin, Richard Randall 1922 Dobbins Ave. Anderson. S. C. Mundy, Lucretia Jane College Ave. AbbeviOe, S. C. Murrell, James David 1002 2nd Loop Rd. Florence, S. C. N Nabors, William Kenneth 2045 South View Dr. Laurens, S. C. Nalley, Betty Jo 404 Concord Rd. Anderson, S. C. Neese, Janie Route 2 Hartwell, Ga. Nichols, Vivian Elizabeth 400 Concord Rd. Anderson, S. C. O O ' Barr, Marv Ann 3704 D. Main Anderson, S. C. Pace, Jovce Annette 708 Academy Dr. Williamston. S. C. Parham, Leila Bethea Box 505 Latta, S. C. Patrick, Doris Barbara 1085 Ellis Orangeburg, S. C. Patterson, James Leonard 507 Concord Ave. Ander.son, S. C. Penland, Barbara Anne 101 Watkins Belton, S. C. Perkins, Peggy Lee 2205 Blvd. Hghts. Anderson, S. C. Perry, JuUe Ann Box 632 Greenwood, S. C. Phillips, Harriett Dee Route 2, Box 6 Easley, S. G. Phillips, Joel R. 1600-B Easley Bridge Rd. Greenville, S. C. Pickelsimer, Emily Elizabeth Route 1 Piedmont, S. C. Pike, Samuel Lane Washington Street Iva, S. C. Pilgrim. Dorothv Jeanette 310 Nelson St. ' Anderson, S. C. Pitts, Frankie Jeannette Route 2 Simpsonville, S. C. Ponder, Norman Sherrell 106 Galen Dr. Anderson, S. C. Poore, Richard Terry 2602 Whitehall Ave. Anderson, S. C. Porter, Thomas G. Route 3 Piedmont, S. C. Power, Glenda Rae 109 High St. Laurens, S. C. Price, Linda Joyce 16 Watts Ave. ' Laurens, S. C. Pridmore, Jr. James Goodman 21 Wilmont Ln. Greenville, S. C. Prince, Robert Michael Route 3 Abbeville, S. C. R Rast, Gloria Dantzaler 252 D. St. Clemson, S. C. Richardson, Brenda Gail 116 Palmetto Clemson, S. C. Riddle, Sandra Jean Route 3 Honea Path, S. C. Ridgeway, Junmie Randell Route 3 Laurens, S. C. Rikard, Robert Vann 113 Lee St. Johnston, S. C. Roberts, Graham Perry 904 Greenville Anderson, S. C. Rogers, John Milton Route 5 Anderson, S. C. Rowe, Billie Dolores Route 1, Box 123 Aiken, S. C. Sanders, Don Kenneth 131 Davis Williamston, S. C. Sanders, Elizabeth Belcher 601 Summit Ave. Anderson, S. C. Sargent, Cornelia Elizabeth Route 1 Pendleton, S. C. Scott, Nancy Dawn North A Main St. Abbeville, S. C, Seabrook, Anne Watford (Mrs.) 902 Concord Ave. Anderson, S. C. Seigler, Jean Annette 402 Baker St. Graniteville, S. C. Seigler, Nina Edna 710 Elizabeth Anderson, S. C. Seigler, Patricia AUene Greenville St. Ext. Abbeville, S. C. Sherrer, Dianne Nell 302 W, Roosevelt Dr. Anderson, S. C. Shirley, Bonnie Lee Route 2 Belton. S. C. Simpson, Carroll Huckabee Route 4 Abbeville, S. C. Simpson, Ralph David, Jr. 316 Dogwood Anderson, S. C. Simpson, William Timms Edgewood Ave. Anderson, S. C. Simpson, Jr. Woodrow Allen Bo.x 825 Clemson, S. C. Singleton, Charles Phillip 703 College Ave. Anderson, S, C. Singleton, Linda Faye Route 6 Greenville, S. C. Singletary, Patricia Ann 219 W, Main Lake City, S, C. Smith, Martha Carolyn Route Olanta, S. C. Smith, Charles William Route 500 Walhalla, S. C. Smith, Dayton Lee Route 1 Townville, S. C. Smith, Joann 626 E. Main Laurens, S. C. Smith, Judith Elaine 305 Blue Ridge Ave. Belton, S. C. Smith, Robert Wayne Route 1 Box 85 Andrews, S. C. Smith, Sara Christine Trenton, S. C. Smith, Shelba Jean P. O. Box 163 Pendleton, S. C. Spearman, Mary Evelyn 5732 Rickett Ave. N. Char. Hgts., S. C. Stafford, Eric Michael Reed Road Anderson, S. C. Stanford, Henry Grady, Jr. 1526 Calhoun Anderson, S. C. Stasney, Portia Raye 405 S. Gossett Anderson, S. C. Stephenson, Evelyn Dueworth 111 Woodrow St. Belton, S. C. Stewart, Doris Louise Box 274 Six Mile, S. C. Stewart, Patricia Frances 406 SE Main St. Simpsonville, S. C. Stegall, Beth Jane 203 McClure Dr. Anderson, S. C. Storm, Susanne 441 W. Carolina Summerville, S. C. Stribling, Boyd Lee 816 Calhoun Johnston, S. C. Stromau, Watson Woodrow 320 Dantzler Orangeburg, S. C. Stuckey, Sara Louise Route 1 Hemingway, S. C. Sullivan, James Laurie Fairfax, S. C. Sutherland, Martha Ann Highland Ave. Anderson, S. C. Swain, Glenda Ann 117 Iroquois St. N. Charleston, S. C. Swancy, Claudia Caroline 1400 North Main St. Anderson, S. C. Tabor, Teddy Frank 518 Smithmore Anderson, S. C. Taylor, Joseph Porter Route 2 Marietta, S. C. Taylor, Robert Wallace 613 Church Street Laurens, S. C. Thompson, Barbara Ann 3 Jaynes St. Walhalla, S. C. Thompson, Barbara Jane Route 1 Starr, S. C. Thompson, Florence Gail Summit Ave. Anderson, S. G. Thompson, Gerald Frandon Route 3 Anderson, S. C. Thompson, Lawrence Paul Route 1 Anderson, S. C. Tillotson, Ellen Irene 210 E. Arlington Greer, S. C. Tollison, William Bailey 415 Watson Ave. Anderson, S. C. Towe, Lonnie Clarence Route 1 Walhalla, S. C. Turner, Brenda Ann Shands St. Clinton, S. C. Turner, Joyce Eloise Route 1 Nesmith, S. C. V Vehom, Gloria Joyce Calrossie Rd. Anderson, S. C. Vermillion, Jr. Carl Edward 308 Vandiver Anderson, S. C. Vemer, Henry Johnson Bowman Lavonia, Ga. Vickey, Sylvia Cornelia Stevenson Dr. Belton, S. G. Vosburgh, Nancy Lee Cameron, S. G. Voyles, Maxcy Harris Route 1 Iva, S. G. W Waits. Linda Jane 203 Carroll Ln. Belton, S. C. Wallis, Nanci Ann N. Catherine St. Pickens, S. G. Waters, Jr. William Franklin 28 Park St. Pelzer, S. G. Watson, Dorothy Anne 108 Norris St. Anderson, S. G. Wells, Charlene Seigler 17-1 Mills Rd. Clemson, S. G. White, Donnia Paul 311 Greenville Hwy. Clemson, S. C. White, Roy Wilbur 1508 Edgewood Anderson, S. G. Whitt, Bobbie Sue 11 Park Pelzer, S. G. Williams, Anna Melissa 328 Woodcrest Anderson, S. G. Williams, Carol Jane 1742 Savannah Hwy- Charleston, S. C. Williamson, Linda Faye Box 486 Salley, S. C. Wilson, Donna Cheryl 117 Elm Pendleton, S. C. Wilson, Harriett Rebecca 1718 Kennedy Dr. Camden, S. C. Witherspoon, Nancy Blanche 780 Hillview St. Spartanburg, S. C. Worley, Carolyn Julia Route 1 Elberton, Ga. Wrerm, Eleanor Judith Route 2 Simpsonville, S. C. Youngblood, Velma Patricia Route 1 Hobbacco Dr. Mt. Pleasant, S. G. Zeigler, Cathy Elaine Route 1 North, S. G. Abercrombia, Harriet Walden Route 5, Shirley Dr. Anderson, S. C. Alford, Benny Eugene 1206 Oakland Ave. Anderson, S. C. Allen, Rebekah Arzalia 43 Lyons Anderson, S. C. B Bannister, Jerry Kay Route 2 Belton, S. C. Bearden, Gerald Johnny Route 5 Anderson, S. C. Bolt, Claudia Elrod Lloyd Dr. Anderson, S. C. Bolt, James Danklin Lloyd Dr. Anderson, S. C. Bolt, Jerry Douglas 58 Lewis St. Anderson, S. C. Brown, Joseph Malcom (Bud) 1105 Bolt Dr. Anderson, S. C. Bryant, Fred Melvin 5 Lee Liberty, S. C. Buchanan, Stephan Xelson 1508 Johanna Cir. Anderson, S. C. Burdette, George Franklin Bo.x 481 Seneca, S. C. Burgess, Kenneth Wade 325 S. Peachtree Liberty, S. G. Burkett, Philip Neal Route 2 Pelzer, S. C. Buroughs. Mary Frances 1101 Academy Williamston, S. G. Clark, William Martin 1210 S. McDuffie Anderson, S. C. Cleveland, Lottie Lee 112 Avondale Anderson, S. G. Cole, Willie Earl 30fl Sunset Dr. Anderson, S. G. Cordell, Peggy Jo 605 Don Ave. Anderson, S. C. Cowart, Lawton Lamar 3106 Plainview Rd. Anderson, S. C. Crooks, James Alvin Route 4 Seneca, S. C. Cross, Randal Raymond Route 4 Seneca, S. G. Cunningham, Linda Ann Route 4 Pickens, S. C. D Duncan, Billy Joe Route 3 Seneca, S. C. Dye, James Albert 603-B E. Orr St. Anderson, S. C. E Easton, Wayne Herman 200 Cedar Westminster, S. G. Elliott, Virgil Clarence Route 4, 29 South Anderson, S. C. Fant, III Jesse Reese 309 Whitehall Rd. Anderson, S. G. Faile, Lydia 10 Sylvia Lane W. Pelzer. S. G. Fouche, Jeanette M. 502 Jeb Stuart Anderson, S. G. Fogle, John R. Route 6 Anderson, S. G. Garrett, Harold Edward 17 Kenneth Walhalla, S. C. Garrett, James Paul 103 Pecan Dr. Anderson, S. G. Gillespie, Kenneth Webb 105 Galhoiin AbbeviUe, S. G. Glackin, John Mattison 919 Campbell St. Anderson, S. C. H Harden, Wayne Ira Route 1 Central, S. C. Harrison, Billy M. 604 Hamilton Williamston. S. G. Hatcher, Linda Hawkins, John Edward Meeks Dr. Belton, S. G. Hayes, Carl Edward Meeks Dr. Belton, S. C. Head, Jr. Toy Herbert Route 2 Liberty, S. C. Hill, Thomas Jerry Route 2 Peker. S. C. Howell, Alston Newton 103-B Clinton Anderson, S. C. Hudgens, Billy Harris 25 Dairy Ware Shoals, S. C. J Jones, Linda Hardin 510 Calhoun Anderson, S. G. NIGHT SCHOOL K King, Larry Dean 221 Forest Lane Belton, S. C. Kirkham, Jr. Charles H. 502 Crescent Dr. Anderson, S. C. Langston, Herbert J. ToUison St. Belton, S. C. Lcbert, Euclid Ulderic Route 3 Anderson, S. G. Loftis, Frank Edward Route 4 Belton, S. G. Mc McElrath, William Clard 326 W. Fredericks Anderson, S. G. McGlellan, Claude Walter 41 Dairy St. Ware Shoals, S. C, McKinney, James Ronnie Route 3 Anderson, S. G. M Martin, Dwayne F. 300 Beta Anderson, S. G. Martin, Robby Dean Williams St. LaFrance, S. C. Medlin, Homer Rudolph 34 West Main Ware Shoals, S. C. Mitchell, Ailene Hall 1610 Sansbury Anderson. S. C. Morris, Mildred 700 Gallioun St. Anderson, S. C. Murphy, Betty Ruth 516-C Orr St. .Anderson, S. G. O Owen, Mauldin Joseph Route 2 Liberty, S. C. Owens, Robert Edward Route 1 Pendleton. S. C. Pilgrim, Jimmy Elford Route 1 Starr, S. C. Pilgrim, James Melvin 414 Cunningham Dr. Anderson, S. C. Phillips, Jerry Christopher Route 3 Honea Path, S. C. Pruitt, Jr. Charles Lee Route 2 Pendleton, S. C. R Rice, Eileen March Rain 2004 N. Main St. Anderson, S. C. Riddle, David William 27 Bruce Williamston, S. C. Sanders, Daniel Jerry Route 1 Pendleton, S. G. Sanders, Jr. William M. 2818 Bellview Dr. Anderson, S. C. Scott, Wallace Kyle Rute 1 Iva, S. C. Smith, Clinton Donald 504 North St. Anderson, S. G. Smith, Glenn Ray Route 1 Anderson, S. C. Smith, Wayne Floyd 47 Dove Williamston, S. G. Smith, William E. Route 2 Lavonia, Ga. Thompson, Jr. Ray Lee Route 7, Choice Hill Rd. Greenville, S. C. Thompson, Swain Norris Route 1 Starr, S. C. Thompson, George Terry Bo.x 381 Belton. S. C. Trotter, Larry 508 W. Market Anderson, S. G. W Wallace, Ronald Edward Route 1 Pendleton, S. G. Walters, Norman McGill Route 1 Anderson, S. G. M ' cston, Eugene King (Gene) 706 E. Greenville St. Ander.son, S. G. Wilhams, Clarence Walter Apt. 17 B-4 Anderson, S. C. Williams, Jacob Timothy 614 Marshall Ave. Anderson, S. C. Williams, John Kenneth 228 Bedford Forest Ave. Anderson, S. G. Wilson, Carolyn Inez 8 Sylvia Lane W. Pelzer, S. C. Wilson, David Arthur 8 Sylvia Lane W. Pelzer, S. C. Whittcn, Jesse Delwyn (Buddy) 2100 Woodside Ave. Anderson, S. G. L8BF

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