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" :0mmi-i 1 : ' ' .: - ' m-:: " ' H ' - ' -i Mr ■j ' lSf - ' ' ' ' ' ■■■■■ - ' - ■ ■ ,v ' . ' -- ■ -n r , t- - -. . .r » iT K ' ' ir y n? ' :. » - V « . ' •v N - ' - y- ' », j f:,. ■ . h :A ' THE COLUMNS GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY ISSUE I ANDERSON COLLEGE Anderson, South Carolina 1911 1961 Fifty Years of Learning Dedication We dedicate this Golden Anniversary Annual to Reverend Lawrence B. Lutz. Dean Lutz is the man behind the scene, the person to whom people go when they desire information or assistance. He always presents a friendly and understanding attitude to both faculty and students. It is in appreciation for his continued service and devotion to Anderson College that we wish to make this dedication. REVEREND LAWRENCE B. LUTZ Academic Dean Registrar Foreword During the past fifty years Anderson Col- lege has undergone many changes. Many faces have appeared and disappeared among the faculty. Numerous students have carried away a part of the college in their hearts; and yet, the college has con- tinued to grow nourished by their undying affection. Though the years pass and we grow old- er, the friendships we make during our college days will remain indelible in our mind for instant recall. That will be the true and pleasant value of our college friends. We will not be able to remember some names or some faces, but with a little reminder the old companions will be our adjectives of good times. Memories will continue as season follows season. It is with this spirit we present to you the Golden Anniversary edition of the COLUMNS. t M ■ :»iS a2 lS -J -f--i„A , jgi nr t 7 J 1 m sm Contents ADMINISTRATION . . . . Pg. 9 ORGANIZATIONS Pg. 19 SPORTS Pg. 33 FEATURES Pg. 39 CLASSES Pg. 59 ADVERTISEMENTS Pg. 109 5D years at ANDERSON In the spring of 1910, three Anderson men gathered in the office of General M. L. Bouham for a meeting which was to have far-reaching results. For this group, appointed by the Anderson Chamber of Commerce, took the first steps toward organization of a college for the community, which became the Anderson College of today. - - - EAST DOMITORY Members of this first committee were J. L. Sherard, W. R. Osborne, and Leon L. Rice. These men wrote leaders in the city and county and called for a meeting at the courthouse April 21, 1910. At this time, it was decided to canvass for subscriptions and hold a report meeting November 23, 1910. A 40-member committee, Mr. Leon Rice says, went out " into the highways and byways and successfully raised $92,350, and a site of thirty-two acres of land. At the report meeting, A. M. Carpenter, Chamber of Commerce secretary, announced that he was authorized by persons not present to an- nounce that the goal of $100,000 has been reached. This met with loud cheers from the assembled group. From the beginning, the only stipulation made by the contributors, and the only underlying principle of the school as it was first planned, was that it be a Cliristian institution and that it be placed under the support and control of some church. A committee prepared a memorial offering the $100,000 and tlie land to the South Carolina Baptist Convention, meeting in Laurens in November, 1910. The Convention accepted the offer and named 15 trus- tees to the first board for the college. These were L. J. Bristow of Abbeville; C. C. Brown, Sumter; J. N. Brown, J. J. Fretwell, R. S. Ligon, M. M. Mattison, C. S. Sulli- van, H. H. Watkins, W. A. Watson, all of Anderson; L. M. Roper, W. E. Thayer, J. K. Durst, Creenwood; W. H. Hunt, Newberry; S. C. Mitchell, Columbia; and W. B. Wilbur, Charleston. An executive committee, charged with active con- duct of affairs, included Judge H. H. Watkins, Rev. L. J. Bristow, R. S. Ligon, M. M. Mattison, and C. S. Sullivan. A charter for a four-year college for women, known as Anderson College, was issued by the General Assem- bly of South Carolina meeting on Valentine ' s Day, Feb- ruary 14, 1911. It is from this time that the college is dated, and February 14 is observed each year as Founders ' Day. During the summer of 1911, buildings were con- structed on the 32-acre site, and in September, 1912, th e college opened its doors to its first group of young ladies. Anna Tribble Pearce (Mrs. Thomas Pearce) was the first student to apply to the new college for ad- mission. First president was Dr. J. A. Chambliss, and the first dean was J. K. Breedin. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 4i 5 COLLEQE The college continued as a four year school until 1930, at which time it opened as the first junior college in the state. Reorganization was made to a two-year school at the suggestion and under the guidance of Dr. Annie D. Denmark, fifth president for Anderson Col- lege, and its only woman president. « i.: WEST DORMITORY No complete history of the college can be given in this limited space, but some of the significant dates for the school can be recorded. Historical highlights for Anderson College begin with signing of its charter in 1911. In 1916, Dr. John E. White became president and, in that ye;ir, he re- financed the college, and had $61,00() pledged by local citizens for expansion. A new dorm, Whyte Building, opened in 1921. In 1930, when the school became a junior college, young men were also admitted for the first time as day students. PRESIDENTS HOME In 1938, during Dr. Denmark ' s administration, An- dersonians joined with the State Baptist Convention to pay off the bonded indebtedness for the college. In 1956 the first new building for many years ap- peared, as a new library was constructed during Dr. Elmer F. Haight ' s administration. A $200,000 expansion campaign followed in 1958, near the start of Dr. John E. Rouse ' s administration, with local citizens and industry coming to the support of Anderson College. In 1960 the student center-gymnasium was author- ized by the State convention, using both expansion funds and capital needs of the funds contributed by South Carolina Baptists. Accreditation by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges followed on December 3, 1960, after intensive work toward this by President Rouse and officers of the administration and faculty. Six days later, the gift of a new infirmary to the college by Mr. and Mrs. Max Rice was announced. A $100,000 bequest in the will of Mrs. H. H. Wat- kins was announced on December 24, 1960, to close out an eventful year for Anderson College. Mrs. Watkins said the gift was made in honor of her husband, the late Judge H. H.Watkins. Construction of a dormitory for boys was authorized at the 1960 Baptist Convention and plans for its con- struction iire in progress at this time. In Januiiry, 1961, a Living Endowment program for the college was inaugurated, at suggestions made by Dr. J. R. Young of Anderson in February, 1960. This program will have much to do with the success and progress of Anderson College, as the Baptist school enters the second-half century of its existence. 7 Alma Mator Dear to our hearts is our Alma Mater Loyal and true are we; Truest devotion till life is ended. Wholly we pledge to thee. Tho from thy halls far away we wander. Thoughts back to thee will fly. And tender mernries time cannot sever. Love that will never die. Heavens choicest blessings ever attend thee. Dear Alma Mater mine- No shadows harm thee, no fears alarm thee. Always the sunshine thine. And tho ' we leave thee, well never grieve thee. True to our trust well be; Our best endeavor, now and forever. Always to honor thee. — Mrs. Charles Sullivan, Sr. SOth Anniversary wm i i Ui. III! !B! ill! ' llll 8!! iili iiii Tf- a 1 liiii mh I IK I III i III I III I III I III I III , I I ' l College Presidents DR. J. A. CHAMBLISS 1912-1913 DR. JOHN E. ROUSE 1957- DR. JOHN F. VINES DR. JAiMES P. KINARD DR. JOHN E. WHITE DR. ANNIE D. DENMARK DR. ELMER F. HAIGHT 1914-1916 1916-1927 1928-1953 1953-1957 m ' MISS EUNA KAY Business Manager LAWRENCE B. LUTZ Academic Dean and Registrar Administration MR. BURTON HUMPHREYS Dean of Men MRS. JOHN CLARK Dean of Women " " MARGIE ALTMAN Secretarial Science B.A., 1931 RITA MAY BAKER Music Theory B.M., 1935; M.M. 1959 MARY MAJOR BURRISS Secretarial Science B.S., 1936: M.Ed., 1952 Faculty NANCY DIWER Librarian B.A., 1935 MAX W. GRUBBS Chemistry, Physical Education B.S., 1932; M.Ed., 1959 DORA HANCOCK Secretarial Science B.R.E., 1954 MARION H. HARE Bible B.A., 1951; Th.M., 1955 ELNA WINKLER HODGES Organ B.S., 1940 BLANCHE K. HOLCOMBE Art B.A., 1958 MARY MARTIN Home Economics, Biolog ' B.S., 1947 LULU G. Mc CLURE English B.A., 1931; M.A., 1936 FRANCES FLVNN MIMS Psvchologv, Sociology B.A., 1942; M.A., 1947 THOMAS H. MYERS, SR. Biology B.S., i958; M.A., 1959 ROBERT BROADUS PARKER Mathematics B.S,, 1928; M.Ed., 1960 JANET B. PATTERSON Piano B. Music, 1917 Faculty OLGA MARTIN ORR Piano PAULINE B. POPLIN Mjsic B.S., 1928; M.A., 1953 E. C. SIMPSON English, Math B.A., 1912; M.A., 1932 ELIZABETH B. TISDALE Enghsh B.S., 1932; B.A., 1936; M.Ed., 1940 WILLIAM E. TISDALE Accounting, Bible B.S., 1933; M.A., 1944; Th.M., 1946 EVERETT HOWARD VIVIAN Speech, Public Speaking, Bible B.A., 1937; Th.M., 1940 HENRY VON HASSELN History, Government, Sociology B.A., 1942; M.A,, 1946 WEBB VON HASSELN Modem Language, Violin MRS. FRED BLACK Admissions Counselor MRS. AUBREY FOWLER Secretary to Dean and Registrar H. H. HANCOCK Maintenance MISS ANTOINETTE JONES Publicity and Alumni Secretary Staff MRS. ELIZABETH LEE Dormitory Hostess CALVIN McKINNEY Maintenance Superintendent MRS. HELEN MICHALES Canteen Manager MRS. VIRGINU MILLER Dietitian MISS ANNIE NICKELS, R.N. College Nurse MRS. SALLIE TOMLINSON Assistant Dietitian MRS. BEVLY THOMPSON Bookstore Manager MRS. HUNTER THOMPSON Dormitory Hostess MRS. R. A. WILLIAMS Secretary to the President Maintenance HOUSE MANAGER Mrs. Sam Pruitt JANITORS FRONT, William Rainey, John Fain. MAIDS LEFT TO RIGHT: Bertha Wilhams, Gladys Orr, Felcia Williams. L :h f If ORGANIZA TIONS The Columns Staff The COLUMNS Staff is proud to present to the students of Anderson College the 1960-61 edition of the yearbook. The staff feels that this annual is special be- cause of the Golden Anniversary of the school. ADVISOR Professor Thomas H. Myers, Sr Standing, Left to Right: Reba Hutto, Mary Alice Mauldin, Doris Heniford, Georgia Anderson, Randy Powell, Eleanor Pearson, Brenda Davis, Carol Burton. Seated, Left to Right: Elaine Blitch, Dodie King, Carolyn Zupp, Lanie Dunlevy, editor, Johnnie Marie Reed, Patsy Brazell. Not Shown: Louanne Bettis, Gary Sue Jones. Home Economics Club The Doddridge Home Economics Club aids in the development of initiative, leadership, and professional pride for students interested in this field. Each girl who is taking Home Economics is eligible to join the club. This organization, named for the first home econ- omics teacher at Anderson College, is affiliated with the American Home Economics Association, the South Caro- hna Home Economics Association, and a member of the Omicom Iota Kappa. The three main projects during this school term is sponsoring a Christmas tea for high school students in the eight surrounding counties; attending the State Con- vention in Clemson, South Carolina, presenting a spring fashion show of the clothes each girl has made — a beginner ' s garment, tailored garment, or an original design. Standing, Left To Right: Patsy Brazell and Hermine Jantzen. Back Row, Left To Right: Anne Hughes, Barbara Davis, Jan Feltman, Sally Atkinson, Joyce Glenn, Barbara Dempsey, Beverly Xewsom, Moriat XichoUs, Rosemarv Temple, Marsha Groover. Front Row, Left To Right: Mrs. David Martin, Advisor, Shirley Wilson, Carol Burton, Juha Burton, Priscilla Randall, Frances Hiers, president. Not Shown: Betty Ann Poole, Gail Walker, Tina Dopp, Paula Mesa, Becky Mereditli, Betty Tratton, Linda Styles, Linda McCart, Mrs. Sara Glenn, Sylvia Christopher, Elaine Moore, Reci Adams, Jean McAlister, Mary Bozard, Shelba Campbell, Patsy Moore, Margaret Walker, Sharon Mi. on, Ann Coker. i $ : Back Row, Left To Right: Ronald Gilreath, Bob Gibson, Professor Burton Humphreys, advisor. Second Row: Georgia Anderson, Jan- ice Feltman. Third Row: Anne Abercrombie, Frances Rivers, Rita Burley, Sue Payne. Front Row: Mrs. John Clark, advisor, Jo Shir- ley, President, Jo Ann Woodham, John LoUis. Student Government Association The object of the Student Government Association of Anderson College is to foster student interests and activities, to maintain high standards of scholarship and honor among students, to aid in administering regula- tions, and to transact business pertaining to the student body. Every student enrolled in Anderson College auto- matically becomes a member of the Association. The executive power of the Association is vested in the Council, which is composed of the regular offi- cers and representatives of various campus groups. The Council meets once each week, dealing with problems of discipline, as well as any considerations concerning the welfare of the students. The Dean of Women and the Dean of Men serve in an advisory capacity with this group. Chapel programs are conducted regularly by the Student Council. The President of the Council presides, the Council members wear caps and gowns, and the Alma Mater is sung. Various programs of interest to the student body are presented. The Student Faculty Committee, composed of rep- resentatives from the Student Council, and representa- tives from the Faculty, considers problems and policies of the college, and deals with the more serious discip- linary problems. This Committee represents the coopera- tive effort of both students and Faculty to make An- derson College a finer school. Men s Student Government The Men ' s Student Council is a link beb,veen the Student Government As- sociation and the men students. This is a new organization on our campus since more men are members of our student body. The men ' s council members can more easily understand and deal with the problems of the other men. Back Row, Left To Right: Gary Williams, Don Witham, Larry Gaillard, James Shirley, Bill Moore, James Rauton. Seated, Left to Right: Clarence Elmore, Bob Gibson, chairman. Professor Burton H. Humphreys, advisor. DIRECTOR Mrs Pauline Poplin Anderson College Choir The Anderson College Choir is unique in its setup in that it is both a class, carrying credit hours and a student organization. Made up this year of 40 singers selected early in September by audition, the Choir re- ceives intensive vocal training from the head of the voice department. During the year approximately 55 worthy choral selections are learned and performed. The Anderson College Choir as its name implies, emphasizes the best in sacred choral literature but per- forms also secular and folk selections as appropriate. Serving as president this year is Frances Hiers, as vice president, Sue Payne; as Secretary - Treasurer; Elaine Blitch; serving as the robe committee are Jan Biggers, Carroll Shands, Frances Rivers, and Barbara Dempsey; serving as Librarians are Martha Louise Alli- son, Lynda Richbourg, Mimi Livingstone, and Mary Kirby. From the Choir a Sextette is selected each year. This year the Sextette is composed of Beverly King, Sue Payne, Joyce Walters, Jo Shirley, Elaine Blitch, and Reba Hutto, and Martha Louise Allison as accom- panist. They sang for Rod Heller Day in Seneca, college chapel at Christmas time, and sang and produced Bastien by Mozart. First Row, Left To Right: Sydney Vivian, Jan Biggers, Mimi Livingston, Millicent Crawford, Jo Shirley, Judy McGee, Norma Ford, Gail Anderson, Betty McKinney. Second Row, Left To Right: Martha Mims, Joann Woodham, Sue Payne, Lynda Richbourg, Rita Burley, Joyce Walters, Marsha Groover, Cynthia ffunnicutt, Carroll Shands, Dianna Callaham. Third Row, Left To Right: Brenda Davis, Barbara Dempsey, Frances Hiers, Martha Phillips, Anne Abercrombie, Martha Allison, Beverly King, Martha Keever, Fleba Hutto, Brenda Biggers, Mary Ann Finely. Fourth Row, Left To Right: Cathy Sumner, Betty Ann Fisher, Geraldine Haydock, Marilyn Cochran, Karen Allen, Linda Hart, Frances Rivers, Irene Kelly, Mary Kirby, Elaine Bhtch, Sandy Johnson. Standing, Left to Right: Rita Burley Melvin Brown, Reba Hutto, Eugene Nalley, Martha Keever, Bill Richey, Mabel Lee Johnson, Carolyn Cothran, Jim Langston, Mimi Livingston, Sydney Vivian, Anne Abercrombie, Pat Wallace. Seated, Left To Right: Mary Kirby, President, Ray Kimbrell, Milton Dickson, Carroll Shands, Professor E. H. Vivian, advisor. Anderson College Players The fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Ander- son College witnessed new heights in accomplishments for the Anderson College Players, under the direction of Professor Everett H. Vivian, chairman of the Depart- ment of Speech and Drama, and the audiences for the various productions have been impressed by the unusual talent and teamwork displayed by the members of the cast and the director. As part of its golden anniversary celebration An- derson College presented the Players in " The Diary of Anne Frank, " a play in two acts by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett based upon the actual diary kept by a thirteen-year-old girl who, with her parents and other Dutch Jews, hid from the Nazis in an overcrowded garret in Amsterdam, Holland, during the Second World War. This major production was given on October 20, 21, and 22, and the players performed with a German accent. Another outstanding presentation was a drama of the War Between the States, " Tlie Breaking of Bread, " which was staged at the college during the chapel hour on December 1.3 and again in the evening for the public. Dickson appeared as the Rebel and Brown as the Yankee in the play that brought out the human side of the soldi( r of the lS60 ' s when Southerner met Yankee in a forest. At the convention of the South Carolina Speech Association, which was held at Columbia College in tlie city of Columbia on February 24 and 2.5, 1961, Dick- son took a prominent part on the program with por- trayals of both Otto Frank and Mr. Van Daan, and he also performed in several scenes from " The Breaking of Bread. " Nalley and Misses Eathel Bowie and Gayle Anderson were other students attending the conven- tion, and Professor Vivian discussed the problems and technicalities of producing plays. Miss Kirby serves as president of the Anderson Col- lege Players, while other officers are Miss Livingstone as treasurer and Sydney Vivian as secretary. lum wi Pf Standing, left to right: Sydney Vivian, Professor E. H. Vivian, advisor, Milton Dickson, NIelvin Brown. Seated: Carroll Shands, Mimi Livingston. " What ' s new " is more than an idle question with members of The Yodler staff, who search for scoops and for the news behind the news, and who struggle with layouts and heads and stories in a race against the ever- nearing deadline. The Yodler not only reported, but made news this year, as Editor JoAnn Coker moved the campus stu- dent newspaper from a monthly to a twice-a-month publication, changed its appearance with a re-styled nameplate for page one, and introduced new features. Chief assistants were Kathy Fetscher, Associate Edi- tor, and Trudy Fowler, keeping The Yodler out of the Delta Psi O meg a As a result of Professor Vivian ' s leadership, Delta Psi Omega, the national honorary dramatic fraternity, has joined the South Carolina Speech Association, and on May 11, 1960, there was held a public initiation serv- ice for seven candidates for membership. They were Dickson, Timms, and Misses Livingstone, Harden, Crick, Miles, and Sammons, and they received membership in the dramatic fraternity on the basis of their perform- ances in a major production and on their knowledge of the meaning and symbols of Delta Psi Omega. This fraternity was organized on March 20, 1929, for the purpose oiF providing an honor society for per- sons attaining a high standard of work in dramatics and, incidentally, through the expansion of Delta Psi Omega among the colleges of the United States and Canada, to provide a wider fellowship for those interested in the college theater. The fraternity is not intended to take the place of the regular dramatic club or other producing groups, but as students qualify they are re- warded by election to membership in this society. Yodler Staff red as Business Manager. Working with the " big three " was a staff of reporters and advertising solicitors, oper- ating second semester from new quarters in The Pent- house, third floor of the new student center. In March, JoAnn, Kathy, and Trudy, with new staff members Mackey Davis and Bill Richie, went to the S. C. Collegiate Press Association Convention in Colum- bia. Their suitcases were a little heavier on the return trip, for they brought back the cup for the best college paper in the state from a campus of 750 enrollment or under; a certificate for the best page-one layout (done by Jo Ann); a certificate for the best sports story (written by Bill Moore); and for the best feature story (written by Barbara Gibson). JoANN COKER Editor Standing, left to right: Ruth Swindle, Mimi Livingston, Bar- bara Gibson, Jo Shirley, Mary Ahce Mauldin, Gail Anderson, Bess Ofrias. Seated: Trudy Fowler, Carroll Shands, JoAnn Coker, editor-in-chief, Kathy Fetcher. 26 Phi Theta Kappa In 1932 the Anderson College chapter. Beta Pi, was granted a national charter by the Grand Council of the Phi Theta Kappa. This junior college scholarship society, corresponding Phi Beta Kappa for four year colleges throughout the United States. A student to be eligible must rank in the scholastic upper ten per cent of the students enrolled in Arts and Science courses. Professor Henry Von Hasseln holds an honorary membership in the Beta Pi chapter and is faculty sponsor of this chapter. Standing, Left To Right: Sara A. Lusk, James Bell, Robert Gibson, Jan Riggers, Linda Cothran, Shelby Robertson, Professor Henry Von Hasselin, advisor. Seated, Left To Right: Judith Edwards, Sue Payne, president. May Frances Jantzen, JoAnn Coker. The Nothings This eight piece ensemble is a loosely comiected group that plays for various occasions around the cam- pus. Groups off campus invite them to play, also. This group is newly organized this year and is very popular. Although there is no brass section except for one trombone, the type music that is played doesn ' t require a strong brass section. The bongo drums play a big part in this outfit and are very well liked by the students. The electric guitars are also outstanding in this outfit. Some of the members also sing for the group. This group is unique because it only has one girl. Neverthe- less she is very competent as she has written a song, but she has not had it published. Standing, Left to RiKht: Tom I ' inucan, Malcolm Cunningham. Seal c d , Left to Right: l.arrv Hell, Eloise Thrcatt, Hush Ul- mer, Ray Kimbrcll, Roger Austin, Mason Speer. 27 Circle " K " Club Soon after the beginning of first semester the Kivvanis CUib of x nderson became inter- ested in organizing an active Circle K. Club at Anderson College. Mr. Parker, who is pro- fessor of mathematics, was asked to be the sponsor for this new organization. Fifteen boys were carefully selected from the Sopho- more and Freshman classes. The organization is a service group intended to be of service on the CollegeCampus as well as in other ways in different sections. Some of the services performed are those of promoting safety on the campus, to aid in various programs spon- sored by the college, and assist during regis- tration. The motto of Circle K. is " We Build " . Circle K. builds chiiracter, and a desire to get ahead in the mind of the members. Circle K. is an international organization and each club is sponsored by an individual Kiwanis Club. The beginning of Circle K. was the effort put forth by businessmen to assist and guide the leaders of tomorrow. Circle K. Clubs are chartered by Circle K. International and are assisted by the literature provided in planning their projects. Sketch Club Front To Back: James Rauton, Bob Gibson, Ron.ild Gilreath, Bruce Creel, Gary Williams. Melvin Brown, Bill Moore, James Dickert. Second Row, Left To Right; Hovey Porter, Da id RowcU, James Shirley, Professor, R. B. Parker, advisor. Right To Left: Colev Smith, Dennis Patterson, Larry Gaillard, President. Left To Right: N ' ancy Barbour, Mrs. Cressio Holeombe, ad isor, Aldme Clard Harriette Brown, Anne Harte. Not Shown: Mickey Jenkins, president. The foremost aim of the Anderson College Sketch Club is to give the Art student a chance to rela.x and sketch nature in a friendly surrounding. Since the club ' s only requirement is talent, its members consist of not only college stu- dents but persons from the City of Anderson and the surrounding area. Mrs. Cressie Holeombe selects the club members in the fall. Under her capable lead- ership, each individual member is allowed to develop his or her own special talent by painting all the different aspects of nature from winter to summer. The event most eagerly anticipated is the monthly field trip. The members go to Mrs. Holcombe ' s country hide-away, where they are allowed to sketch whatever they wish. The Sketch Club has proven to be a help- ful method of encouraging budding young artists and improving their skill and original- ity. Left To Right: Caroll Shimds, Elaine Nolan, Martha Keever, Jii Barbara Piggott, Mabel Lee Johnson, Marsha Groover, president. Canterbury Club President, Marsha Groover; Vice-President, Barbara Pigott; Secretary-Treasurer, Mar- tha Keever. The Canterbury Association is a vokin- tary association of Episcopal students which has for its purpose the deepening of their faith in and their loyalty to our Lord Jesus Christ through study, discussion, and fellowship. The Canterbury Association prayer is: " Almighty God, We beseech Thee, with thy gracious favour to behold Anderson College, that knowledge may be increased among us, and all good learning flourish and abound. Bless all who teach and all who learn; and grant that in humility of heart all may ever look unto Thee who art the fountain of all wisdom; through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen. " —Book of Common Prayer. Page 42. Twice a month, Methodist students at Ander- son College gather in the day student lounge in the new student center for their Wesley Fellow- ship meetings and programs. For many years such a group was discussed, and several attempts were made to form a cam- pus organization of Methodists, both day and resident students. This 1961 group, however, is the first to complete an organization, and to hold regular meetings and social events. Two local Methodist Churches, St. John ' s and Trinity, are co-sponsors for the ' esley Fellow- ship. Working with the group are Mrs. Rob King and Mrs. James Phillips from St. John ' s, and Mrs. Ned Camp from Trinity, as advisors, with Miss Antoinette Jones as campus contact for the group. The brand-new Fellowship has sent represent- atives to the state fall Methodist retreat, to the spring state cotmcil planning session, and to the state spring retreat. Programs have included a series on The Christian Marriage and on The Beliefs of a Methodist, with speakers including local Meth- odist ministers and laymen. The Wesley Fellowship has presented a pro- gram at a Clemson College Wesleyan Founda- tion meeting, and the group has ben entertained by both churches. Christmas caroling at the homes of shut-ins was sponsored in December. First student council for the Methodists in- includes Lanie Dunlevy, president; Joyce Glenn, vice-president; Trudy Fowler, secretary-treasur- er; and Barbara Davis, World Christian Com- munity Chairman. Wesley Fellowship Standing, Left To Right: Henrv Johnson, Pauline Rogers, Carol Gibbs, Jean Moore, Elaine Martin, Dodic King, Judy Bishop, Beverly Newsom, Sandra Johnson, Moriat Nicholas. Seated, Left To Right: Joyce Glenn, Barbara Davi s, Trudy Fowler, Lanie Dunlevy, president. Baptist Student Union The BSU is a distinctive student program promoted by the Southern Baptist Convention for Baptist stu- dents. Even though primarily for Baptists, all students are eligible to belong to this specific group by joining one of its campus organizations. Through the BSU each individual is encouraged to participate in the religious activities of the campus and his or her church. Its functions and objectives are to relate the student properly to his church and denomi- nation during college days; to promote the church min- istry; to present a positive Christian witness to the cam- pus and community; and, to develop balanced Christian personalities. It also provides Christian fellowship which stimu- lates enduring friendships; it enables the student to meet the challenge of materialistic skepticism and strengthens his faith in the face of intellectual prob- lems; it encourages scholarship as a part of effective Christian witnessing; it develops Christian leadership through a well-organized campus program; it magnifies Christian citizenship and world responsibilities. All campus organizations of the Baptist work come under the name of BSU. The executive council leads out in all phases of each organization. Those functioning on a campus are as follows: Y VA, Ministerial Band, Missions Band, and the church-related band. The BSU sponsors various activities during the school year, such as, vesper and chapel services; mission studies, and deputation teams to other campuses and churches; Religious Emphasis Week, Dedicated Voca- tions Week, Christian Home ' eek. Summer Missions Program; conventions and retreats; Ridgecrest assembly; socials and banquet; and, a sustained evangelistic pro- gram throughout the year. Standing, Left To Right: Don Witham, Bud Tumblin, Elaine Blitch, Sandra K. Smith, Carolyn Cothran, Martha Ethridge, Reba Hutto, Martha Allison, Sue Payne, Marlene Moore, Linda Cothran, Lynda Richbourg, Professor E. H. Vivian, Pastor Advisor. Seated, Left To Right: Anne Abercrombie, president, Rita Burley, Hazel Lane, Miss Dora Hancock, advisor. Standing, Left To Right: Martin Wilson, Mplvin Brown, Willie Honea, David Duncan, Mike Dyar, Burton Humphreys, advisor, David Wilson, J. C. Miller, Clarence Elmore. Seated, Left To Right: Eugene Patterson, Bud Tumblin, James Davenport, Larry Morris. Back: Burton Humphreys, Larr - Morris, Melvin Brown. Front: Clarence Elmore, Bud Tumblin. Ministerial Association Members of thi.s a.ssociation are men who feel that they are definitely called to he ministers or Christian workers. The organization is for the purposes of fellowship, inspiration, and service. Twice a month the association is in charge of serv- ices at the Haven of Rest Rescue Mission. They have held two youth revivals and several programs in chapel. Also the group has morning devotion on WAIM Radio several weeks out of the year. Many times the students ;ire asked to substitute at local churches for pastors who arc out of town. Downward, Left To Right: Nancy Watson, Nancy Hester, Jean Campbell, Martha Eth- ridge, Beverly King, Anne Hughes, Miss Dora Hancock, advisor. Second Row, Left To Right: Eunice Mattison, Gail Anderson, Linda Kyzer, Gerald- ine Thrift, Barbara Bryce, Irene Kelly, Gayle Anderson, Linda Cothran, Brenda Bowick, Pres- ident, Betty McKinney, Jean Ramsey, Camelia Garret, De- lores Connelley, Georgia An- derson. Young Women s Auxiliary The Ann Hasseltine Y VA is represented on the Baptist Student Union council by the YWA president. She informs the BSU of plans and activities of Young Woman ' s Auxiliary and secures cooperation and par- ticipation of the BSU in missionary activity. The circle plan of organization is an effective way to enlist members and to assure their participation. Circle membership is formed by dormitories, floors, or halls, each circle has its officers, chairmen and com- mittees who are responsible for programs and regular missionary activities in their units. The circles meet separately once a month and all circles come together for a general meeting. The general officers of the YWA are responsible for planning the general meetings, pro- motion of all YWA activities, and working with the officer or chairman in the circles whose duties corre- spond with hers. The magazine used by YWA is The Window. Each YWA member is urged to subscribe to this magazine. Mission studies of both home and foreign places are promoted each year. Also week of prayer for each of these. YWA members go to other churches and teach mission studies as well as assist on campus ones. During college days it is important that spiritual growth keep pace with intellectual growth. This can be true only if the young woman is an effective Chris- tian witness among fellow students, faculty, staff, and community residents. The Ann Hasseltine Young Woman ' s Auxiliary is named for the first American woman foreign missionary, Ann Hasseltine Judson. Her life was an actual fulfillment of the missionary spirit. She was faithful to her task — even to death. The purpose of this organization is to unite BapHst young women in advancing missions by leading them to study about missions, to pray intelligently for mis- sions, to give to missions, to serve diligently as witnesses to the power of missions among the spiritually and physically needy, and to live for Christ consistently and convincingly. SFOHTS C O 1 310 4 i m Cheerleaders Lydan Richbourgh, Julia Burton, Shirley Weaver, Keren Allen, Carole Henderson, Frances Rivers, Janet Wigington, Mascot, Margaret Elmore. Anderson College Athletic Association Left To Right: Larry GaUlard, Secretary, Jan Feltman, President, Coach Max G r u b b s, Georgia Anderson, V- President, and Bill Moore, Treasurer. Track Team ftf)fi vf Left To Right; Suzanne Way, Mary Bozard, Brenda Bowick, Carroll Shands, Linda Kyzer, Rita Burley, and Julia Watson, Second Row, Standing: May Frances Jantzen, Roberta Debman, Gail Anderson, June Polk, Dodie King, Mary Alice Mauldin, Baseball Team Janet Wigington and Coach Max Grubbs. Third Row, Standing: Rose Smith, Jan Feltman, Kathy Fetscher, Jean Hill, Geraldine Adams, Carohn Cothran, Elaine Nolan, and Georgia Anderson. First Row, Left To Right: McLces e, Bunton, Kay, Gerrard, Spake, Gaiilard, Leslie, and Lollis. Second Row. Left To Right: Wilken- son, Craft, Rice, Linsey, Hicks, Gibson, Cooper, and Bryant. Girls Basketball SCORES Anderson College 71 North Greenville 51 Anderson College 52 Poinsette 36 Anderson College 76 Furman University 54 Anderson College 79 Seneca 9 Anderson College 42 Hart County 44 Anderson College 58 Erskine College 30 Anderson College 58 North Greenville 23 Anderson College 48 Poinsette 31 Anderson College 40 Hart County 38 Anderson College 63 Columbia Baptist Nurses 36 Anderson College 66 Columbia Baptist Nurses 38 Anderson College 50 Erskine College 31 Anderson College 71 Furman University 37 Anderson College 76 Utica-Mohawk 69 Anderson College 72 Greenville Nurses 29 CAPTAINS Bottom Up: Jan Feltman, Rachel Dickson, Joyce Branch. Left To Right: Barbara Padgett, Celia Ulmer, June Polk, Rose Smith. Julia Watson, Georgia Anderson, Joyce Branch, Jan Felt- man, Rachel Dickson, Priscilla Randall, Rita Burley, Carroll Shands, Mary Lou Wattford. n Boys ' Basketball ipE Kneeling: Jim Kay and Glen Thomason, Second Row: Coach Clarance Elmore, Donnie Witham, Bud Tumbling, James Rauton. Third Row: Bill Moore, Dewey Anderson, Jerry Moore, James Dickerson, Pat Hall, and Manager, Mason Speer. CAPTAINS Left To Right: Pat Hall, Jim Kay SCORES V :i Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson College 55 College 70 College 58 College 48 College 52 College 42 College 58 College 46 College 78 College 52 College 84 College 39 College 39 College 81 College 86 College 74 College 81 North Greenville Spartanburg Seneca Anderson High Hart County Clemson Erskine North Creenville Spartanburg Jr. College Brevard Hartwell Clemson South Carolina Y.M.C.A. Erskine Furman Furman 107 96 79 47 45 100 80 102 80 78 58 85 85 108 95 FEATURES - H( A ' - ' [• f MISS COLUMNS Miss Dellanney Dunlevy Mm ' 9 4U MAY QUEEN Mm Patricia Edmonds •j " ivJJ! - V w MAID OF HONOR r Red Adams SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS Left to Right; Hazel Lane, Rita Burley, Bennie Sue Bone, and JoAnne Woodham. ...C- ■ . .,-Vr !.. Miss Anne Abercrombie Miss Bennie Sue Bone Miss Shelba Dean Campbell Miss Patricia Edmonds I Miss Brenda Diggers Miss Patricia Cox Miss Jimmie Lou Gaines w W -. W Miss Mabel Lee Johnson BEST ALL AROUND Ronald Gilreath Frances Hiers N W : MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Larry Gaillard ]o Shirley MOST INTELLECTUAL Sue Payne Bob Gibson MOST TALENTED Milton Dickson Mimi Livingston BEST LOOKING Red Adams Dewey Anderson . t JPr , V -ii. " i If., 7 WITTIEST Bill Ellison Hazel Lane BEST PERSONALITY Randy Powell Rita Burley ' • I p MOST ATHLETIC ]an Feltman Jim Kay CLASSES Sophomore Class Officers 4f f We, who entered AC in ' 59 as (timid?) freshmen, now emerge as pkicky sophomores of this year, 1961. The memories we have accumulated in the past two years will remain with us forever. And what sophomore could forget the band at the " Crook " Banquet; snow and no classes; basketball games in the new gym, and West Dorm; residence life with its ups and downs and the many friends we have made. In two years we have grown to love and respect the members of the faculty who have meant much to us and to the freshmen class. Is it any wonder that as we join the rank and file of AC graduates that — " Though from AC ' s halls far away we wander — Thoughts back to her will fly. " Though the past haunts me as a spirit, I do not ask to forget. SPONSOR Mr. Broadus Parke Left To Right: President, Ronnie Gilreath, Georgia Anderson, Treasurer, Gary Williams, Vice President and JoAnne Woodham, Secretary. :;- Wf Sophomores ANNE ABERCROMBIE Chattanooga, Tenn. RECI ADAMS Anderson, S. C. MARVIN ALLRED ? Belton, S. C. DEWEY ANDERSON GAYLE ANDERSON Williamston, S. C. GEORGIA ANDERSON Timmonsvillf, S. C. W ' Sophomores MARTHA SUE ANDERSON Anderson, S. C. CAROLYN ASBILL Clinton, S. C. NANCY BARBOUR Greenville, S. C. LOUANNE BETTIS Greenville. S. C. JAN RIGGERS Florence, S. C. ELAINE BLITCH Charleston, S. C. Sophomores BENNIE SUE BONE Anderson, S. C. BRENDA BOWICK Charleston, S. C. JAMES BOYCE West Pelzer, S. C. JOYCE BRANCH Chester. S. C. PATRICIA BRAZELL West Columbia, S. C. MELVIN BROWN Anderson, S. C. lV Sophomores WADE BROWNING Williamston, S, C. MARCIA BRYANT Anderson, S. C. BARBARA BRYCE Ehrhardt, S. C. RAY BUNTON Pelzer, S. C. RITA BURLEY JEAN CAMPBELL Easley, S. C. ' l ' ' - ' jutk Sophomores 1 J B K SHELBA DEAN CAMPBELL Belton, S. C. J 1%. f T CATHY CHAPMAN Hartsville. S. C. It iii- . i mEl iS H H - mM mk JERRY CHEEK Anderson, S. C. MARILYN COCHRAN Anderson, S. C. ANN COKER Pelzer. S. C. JO ANN COKEIi ClK.rlestoii. S C Sophomores LINDA COTHRAN Beltoii. S. C. RICHARD CRIDER Cave Springs, Ga. MILTON DICKSON Anrlerson, S. C. RACHEL DICKSON Westminster. S. C. DELLANNEY DUNLEVY Johnston, S. C. PATRICIA EDMONDS Pickens. S. r Sop ho mores JUDY EDWARDS Anderson, S. C. BILL ELLISON Williamston, S. C. CLARENCE ELMORE Anderson, S. C. JAN FELTMAN Lavonia. Ga. DON FERNS Anderson, S. C. KATHY FETSCUKU Charleston. S. C. Sophomores FRANCES FOWLER Anderson, S. C. TRUDY FOWLER Woodruff, S. C. LARRY GAILLARD Pelzer, S. C. WAYNE GAINES Belton, S. C. DOROTHY GANTT Greenwood, S. C. FRANCIS GIBSON Six Mile, S. C. i «. f Sophomores ROBERT GIBSON Anderson, S. C. RONALD GILREATH Belton, S. C. JOYCE GLENN Starr, S. C. MARY OLIVE GLENN Pendleton, S. C. JUDY GOSSETT Pcn(ll .ton. S. C. GERALDINE HAYDOCK Enorec, S. C. Sophomores CAROLYN HOYLE Patrick Springs. Va. FRANCES HIERS Charleston. S. C. ANNE HUGHES (ireenwood, S. C. MAY FRANCES JANTZEN Charleston, S. C. GARY SUE JONES Hickory, N. C, JIMMIE LOU JONES Pickens, S. C Sophomores JIM KAV La France. S. C. IRENE KELLEY Abbeville. .S. C. HAZEL LANE Lamar. .S. C. SAMMY LEE Lavonia. Ga. MLVII LIVINGSTON A onclaIo Estates, Ca. JOHN LOLLIS Oswefio, .S. C Sophomores SARAH ANN LUSK Central, S. C. JOHNNIE MARTIN Anderson, S. C. GERLINE McCALL W ' alhalla, S. C. JUDY McCOMB Pamplico, S. C. PAULA MESA Key West, Fla. PATRICIA MILLER •. ' % . Sophomores SHARON MIXON Walterboro, S. C. JERRY MOORE Anderson, S. C. PATRICK MOORE Belton, S. C. ELAINE MORRIS Anderson, S. C. LARRY MORRIS irtwcll, Ga. FRED NORRIS Soph lomores BARBARA ODOM Orangeburg, S. C. SUE PAYNE Anderson, S. C. ELEANOR PEARSON Woodruff, S. C. DENNIS PEELER Anderson, S. C. BETTY ANN POOLE Greenville, S. C. HOVEY PORTER Pelzer, S. C. Sophomores FAYE POWELL Anderson, S. C. RANDOLPH POWELL Anderson, S. C. =• JEAN RAMSEY Greenville, S. C. PRISCILLA RANDALL Lavonia, Ga. JAMES RAUTON Anderson, S. C. LYNDA RICIIBOl ' lU; St. C;eor«e, S. C:. Sophomores SHELBY ROBERTSON Pelzer, S. C. CARROLL SHANDS Fort Myers, Fla, TAMES SHIRLEY JO SHIRLEY Williamston, S, C. SANDRA KAY SMITH Madison, S. C. JOHNNY SOSEBEE Anderson, S. C. Sophomores LL... hMt mSsi GARY SPAKE m v.— ► Anderson. S. C. B i N 1 n BOBBY STOVALL Anderson, S. C. Mm ALICE STUART CATHY SUMMER Greenville, S. C. GERALDINE THIFT Ghesnce, S. C. JO TRAYNHAM Honea Patli, S. C. Sophomores GAIL WALKER Honea Path, S. C. MARGARET WALKER Anderson, S. C. DWAIN WARD Anderson, S. C. THOMAS WATKINS Williamston, S. C. NANCY WATSON Florence, S. C. R0BI;RT WHITNEY I ' elzer, S. C. Sophomores GARY WILLIAMS Anderson, S. C. JO ANNE WOODHAM Pinewood, S. C. Freshmen Class Officers Here we go again— you know, it ' s sad about Freshmen, we had just become accustomed to being High School Seniors— and then we had to stixrt all over again. At first Anderson College was just a mass of buildings but now we have learned to love these lovely old buildings which will be our home for the next two years. Now the faculty, upper-classmen, and freshmen are " one big happy family " — but most important of all— we ' re satisfied! Somehow we ' ll survive throughout the year and the next year as Sopho- mores we ' ll be able to deal with the " greenhorns " as we were dealt with. I CLASS SPONSOR Miss Dora Hancock Seated: Reba Hutto, Suzanne Way. Standing: Mary Kirby, Bill Moore. DONNA ACKER GERALDINE ADAMS BECKY ALLEN KAREN ALLEN Freshmen V. T. ALLGOOD MARTHA L. ALLISON JUDY ALLSEP FRANCIS ALWARD DALE ANDERSON GAIL ANDERSON SALLY ATKINSON LINDA AYERS JIMMY BANNISTER SAMMY BATSON CAROLE BEASLEY RACHEL BEATY Freshmen LARRY BELL BARBARA BOLT BRENDA BIGGERS JUDY BISHOP LINDA BOWEN DEVOE BLACKSTON MARY BOZARD LINDA BRADSHAW JEAN BRAHAM BETTY BRATTON ROBERT BROOME Freshmen L. V BRYSON LINDA A. BUCHANON ELIZABETH BUFF CAROL BURTON JULIA BURTON MARGARET BURTON DIANNA CALLAHAM CYNTHIA CAMPBELL P r ELAINE CAMPBELL JLMMY CARSON BETTY CHAPMAN MILTON CHASTEEN Freshmen SYLVIA CHRISTOPHER ALDON CLARDY LINDA CLARK ANNETTE COKER BARBARA COLEMAN ELAINE COLLINS JIMMIE COMPTON DELORES CONNELLY y J ANDRENA COPELAND MARGARET ELLA COPELAND CAROLYN COTHRAN MILLICENT CRAWFORD BRENDA DAVIS Freshmen LINDA CROWE MALCOLM CUNNINGHAM SANDRA DAVIS PATRICA COX BARBARA DAVIS ROBERTA DEBNAM BARBARA DEMPSEY BROADUS DEMPSEY MARY DICKSON TINA DOPP Freshmen JERRY DORR DAVID DUNCAN JO ED EVANS MARTHA ETHRIDGE RAY ELLISON NANCY ELLISON RUTH ELGIN ELAINE ELLISON TONY FERGUSON TOM FINUCAN BETTY ANN FISHER Freshmen NORMA FORD JEAN GAINES JIMMIE LOU GAINES ROBERT GAMBLE PERNECIA GAULT CAROLE GIBBS BARBARA GIBSON JANICE GIVENS SARA M. GLENN JENNINE GORE ELAINE GOSS FRANCES GREEN Freshmen PHIL GRIFFITH MARSHA GROOVER BETTY HAMLIN BUDDY HARBIN ANNE HARTE BRENDA HAYES BOBBIE HEATON DORIS HENIFORD NANCY HESTER Freshmen PEGGY HILL FAYE HODGE LEAVERN HOLCOMBE BRENDA HOLLIDAY BERTHA HOLMES DOLLIE HAZEL HOLMES BETTY HOWARD WENDELL HUCKABY % A CYNTHIA HUNNICUTT DIANA HUNTER REBA HUTTO HERMINE JANTZEN Freshmen PAT JENKINS HENRY JOHNSON LINDA JOHNSTON MABEL LEE JOHNSON SANDY JOHNSON WEBSTER JONES LINDA JORDON MARTHA KEEVER ■ ' JANE KELLY KAYLE KELLY BEVERLY KING DORA RUTH KING Freshmen RAY KIMBRELL MARY KIRBY LINDA KNIGHT LINDA KYZER JIM LANGSTON ELEANOR LEDEORI) ■i y EVANGELINE LIDE LYNDA JO LORICK JANICE LOWIE CLAUDIA LUNSFORD Freshmen CHARLOTTE MARRETT BILLY MARTIN ELAINE MARTIN MARY ANN MARTIN EUNICE MATTISON MARY MAULDIN JANICE MAW JEAN McALISTER OWEN McALISTER LINDA McCART JERRY McCOWN JOSEPH McGEE Freshmen JUDIE McGEE BETTY McKINNEY REBECCA McWHITE BECKY MERIDITII MARTHA MIMS BILL MOORE BRIAN MOORE DAVID MOORE 1 ELALNE MOORE JEAN MOORE JACK MOORE JO ANN MOORE Freshmen MARLENE MOORE LOUISE MOSS BEN MURDOCK EUGENE NALLEY FRANKIE NELSON BEVERLY NEWSOM MORIAT NICHOLS ELAINE NOLAND CLAIRDGE NORRYCE R. NUNNALLY BESS OFRIAS BARBARA FAYE PADGETT Freshmen MARTHA PHILLIPS BARBARA PIGOTT BETTY PINSON ANNE PATTERSON EUGENE PATTERSON BRENDA POOLE MELVIN POORE GERALD POWELL SHELBY POWELL ANN RAINES MARIA RAVNEL Freshmen ' ff jr ' iy ..- ! ,■;. JOHNNIE MARIE REID GARY RICKER BILL RICHEY FRANCES RIVERS PAULINE ROGERS RUTH ROGERS LINDA ROBERTSON DAVID ROWELL r SANDRA SAYERS LINDA SCARBOROUGH WALLACE SCOTT MARY SHULL Freshmen LLNDA bIMl ' SO.N LINDA SKINNER COLIE SMITH JUDY SMITH ROSE SMITH SANDRA C. SMITH ANN SPEARMAN MASON SPEER i SPENCER STEAGALL SAMMY STEVENSON LINDA STYLES RUTH SWINDLE Freshmen JOAN TALBERT JAMES TAYLOR ROSEMARY TEMPLE KAY THOMAS SWAIN THOMPSON ELOISE THREATT JERRY TUCKER ALBERT TUMBLIN mr %i CELU ULMER RUSH ULMER PAT WALLACE JOYCE WALTERS Freshmen MARY LOU WATFORD THOMAS WATKINS JULIA WATSON SUZANNE WAY JUDY WEATHERLY SHUILEY WEAVER JAMES WEBSTER MARY F. WEBSTER RAY WHITEN WILLIAM WHITFIELD JANET WIGINGTON JEAN WILLIAMS Freshmen SHIRLEY WILSON DONALD WITHAM VERNON WILSON LINDA WOLF LINDA WRIGHT NANCY YONGUE LINDA ZIEGLER CAROLYN ZUPP 3n iUpmnrtam WENDELL KEATON September 25, 1941 - November 12, I960 To lose a friend is the greatest of all evils, hut endeavour rather to rejoice that you possessed in him than to mourn his loss. SENECA, Epistulae and Lucilium. Rat Week Faculty and Staff 1960 - 61 Staff J. E. Rouse 302 Boulevard, President W. E. Tisdale Bailey Courts Apts., Adm. Assistant; Acc ' ting Lawrence B. Lutz Bailey Courts Apts., Academic Dean and Registrar Mrs. John Clark 802 Kingsley Road, Dean of Women Miss Euna Kay Bo. 314, Belton, S. C, Business Manager Burton Humphreys Bailey Courts Apts., Dean of Men Mrs. Fred Black 304 Brown Avenue, Belton, S. C, Admissions Counselor Mrs. J. E. Rouse 302 Boulevard, College Hostess Mrs. John Glenn Hickory Hill, Receptionist Mrs. Hunter Thompson Anderson College, Dormitory Hostess Mrs. Elizabeth Lee Anderson College, Dormitory Hostess Mrs. Bevley Thompson 618 Summit Avenue, Manager Bookstore Miss Annie Nickles Anderson College, Head Nurse Miss Antoinette Jones 506 North Street, Public Relations Mrs. Aubrey Fowler Bailey Court Apts., Asst. to Registar Mrs. Virginia Miller Anderson College, Dietitian Mrs. Sallie Tomlinson Anderson College, Asst. Dietitian Mrs. Dick Meeks 307 Moultrie Square, LEAC Secretary Mrs. Helen Michaels 303 Williamston Rd., Canteen Manager Mrs. Allen Williams 322 Whitehall Rd., Secretary to President Calvin McKinney 503 Concord Ave., Maintenance H. H. Hancock Rt. 1, Maintenance Miss Dora Hancock Anderson College, Religious Activities Mrs. Sam Pruitt 208 Jeb Stuart, House Manager Faculty Miss Mary Major Burriss 300 Spring Park Dr., Secretarial Science Mrs. Fred Poplin Bailey Courts Apts., Music Department Miss Lulu McClure Anderson College, English Department Mrs. Cressie Holcombe 1018 Brock St., Art Department Henry Von Hasseln 1102 W. Whitner St., Social Science Webb Von Hasseln 1102 W. Whitner St., Language Dcpt. Max Grubbs Tanglewood, Athletic Director Mrs. David Martin Rt. 2, Pendleton, S, C, Home Economics Thomas H. Myers, Sr Bailey Courts Apts., Biology Dept. E. C. Simpson Bailey Courts Apts., English Mrs. Willi am Tisdale Bailey Courts Apts., English Rev. Marion Hare Rt. 2, Pendleton, S. C, Bible Rev. Everett Vivian : Bailey Courts Apts., Speech and Bible Mrs. Paul Mims 2505 Jackson Sq., P.sychology Mrs. A. E. Patterson Rt. 2, Iva, S. C, Piano Mrs. E. A. Orr Bellview, Piano Mrs. Joseph Hodges . 504 Jackson Sq., Organ Mrs. Henry Sullivan 3280 Kingsley Rd., Piano Broadus Parker 2701 E. North Ave., Mathematics Miss Nancy Divver 509 E. Orr St., Librarian Mrs. T. B. Altman Bailey Courts Apts., Secretarial Science Miss Rita Mac Baker Greenville, S. C, Music Theory Mr. Paul Minis 2505 Jackson Sq., Economics Rev. Macklyn Hubbell 113 James St., Government Rev. C. E. Butler Hopewell School Section, Sociology Student Directory Abercrombie, Ann 300 N. St. Marks Ave., Chattanooga, Tennessee Acker, Donna 332 Ferry Road, Anderson, S. C. Adams, Reci Route 4, Anderson, S. C. Adams, Geraldine 15 Wmtlirop, Aiken, S. C. Allen, Keren 135 Wilderness Lane, Greenville, S. C. Allen Rebeckah 43 Lyons Street, Anderson, S. C. Allgood, William Box 143, Seneca, S. C. Allison, Martha 71 Hartwell Street, Lavonia, Georgia Allred, Marvin Blake Street, Belton, S. C. Allsep, Judy 612 S. Pine, Seneca, S. C. Alward, Francis 326B Whitehall, Anderson, S. C. Anderson, Dewey Route 2, Seneca, S. C. Anderson, Estelle Williamston, S. C. Anderson, Dale 101 W. 4th St., Williamston, S. C. Anderson, Linda Gail Box 12, Cordova, S. C. Anderson, Gayle 101 W. 4th St., Williamston, S. C. Anderson, Georgia Rt. 1, Box 336, Timmonsville, S. C. Anderson, Martha Glenwood Ave., Anderson, S. C. Asbill, Caroline 924 E. Carohna, Clinton, S. C. Atkinson, Sally 36 Ferrara Drive, Charleston, S. C. Austin, Roger 528 N. Hamilton, High Point, N. C. Axson, Glenda 1815 N. Blvd., Anderson, S. C. Ayers, Linda Route 2, Piedmont, S. C. Bannister, James East Franklin, Hartwell, Georgia Barbour, Nancy Route 1, Greenville, S. C. Batson, Sammy Route 5, Seneca, S. C. Beard, Charles 516 E. Worthington, Charlotte, N. C. Beasley, Carole Brook Forest Drive, Anderson, S. C. Beaty, Rachel 211 E. Boundary, Walhalla, S. C. Bell, James Route 3, Belton, S. C. Bell, Larry Greenville Hwy., Greenwood, S. C. Bettis, Louanne 407 Wilton, Greenville, S. C. Bewell, David Pickens Hwy., Easley, S. C. Biggers, Brenda Route 3, Florence, S. C. Riggers, Jan Route 3, Box 691, Florence, S. C. Bishop, Judy Route 3, Greer, S. C. Blackston, Ewing Devoe N. 4th St. Ext., Seneca, S. C. Bhtch, Elaine 617 Middle Drive, Charleston, S. C. Bolt, Barbara Route 5, Anderson, S. C. Bolt, Jerry 58 Lewis Street, Anderson, S. C. Bone, Bennie Sue 615 Bonham St., Anderson, S. C. Bowen, Linda Route 2, Abbeville, S. C. Bowick, Brenda 602 Cokcr Avenue, Charleston, S. C. Bowie, Eathel Anderson, S. C. Boyce, James Hindman, West Pelzer, S. C. Bozard, Mary Route 4, Orangeburg, S. C. Bradshaw, Linda Depot Street, Society Hill, S. C. Branch, Joyce Route 1, Chester, S. C. Branham, Jean 6616 E. Brook Road, Columbia, S. C. Bratton, Betty Route 1, Fair Play, S. C. Brazell, Patricia 1009 Center St., W. Columbia, S. C. Broome, Robert Route 2, Westminster, S. C. Brown, Melvin 2609 Whitehall Ave., Anderson, S. C. Browning, Wade Route 1, WiUiamston, S. C. Bryant, Marcia 604 Greenville Street, Anderson, S. C. Bryce, Barbara Madison Ave., Ehrhardt, S. C. Bryson, L. V. 1 Godard Avenue, Seneca, S. C. Buchanan, Linda Hilltop Drive, Anderson, S. C. Buff, Elizabeth Route 1, Box 196, W. Columbia, S. C. Bunton, Ray Route 1, Pelzer, S. C. Burley, Rita Parr, S. C. Burton, Carol 518 Race St., Hartwell, Georgia Burton, Julia Route 1, Fountain Inn, S. C. Burton, Margaret Box 193, Route 1, Iva, S. C. Caldwell, Ann Route 4, Anderson, S. C. Callahan, Diana 905 Campbell, Anderson, S. C. Campbell, Cynthia 403 Thames Street, Manning, S. C. Campbell, Margaret Elaine . 116 Tyson Street, Williamston, S. C. Campbell, Shelba Dean 1.38 Ellison Street, Belton, S. C. Campbell, Shelby Jean Route 1, Easley, S. C. Carson, James Route 2, Belton, S. C. Chapman, Mrs. Betty Route 1, Williamston, S. C. Chapman, Cathy Route 1, Hartsville, S. C. Chasteen, Melton 2313 Bellview Drive, Anderson, S. C. Cheek, Jerry Route 4, Anderson, S. C. Christopher, Sylvia 500 E, Rutherford, Landrum, S. C. Clardy, Robert Route 1, Pelzer, S. C. Clark, Linda Connie Maxwell, Greenwood, S. C. Cochran, Marilyn Edgewood Ave.. Anderson, S. C. Coker, Annette Rose Hill. Virginia, S. C. Coker, Jo Ann 1122 Northbridge Dr., Charleston, S. C. Coker, Rebecca Route 3, Pelzer, S. C. Coleman, Barbara Route 11, Box 568, Charlotte, N. C. Collins, Barbara 810 Peny Road, Greenville, S. C. Compton, Jimmie 307 Hugh St., Anderson, S. C. Connelly, Delores Reevesville, S. C. Cope, Lamar Anderson, S. C. Copeland, Andrena 221 Mason Craft, Sumter, S. C. Copeland, Margaret Ella 315 N. Adair, Clinton, S. C. Cothran, Carolyn Route 3, Belton, S. C. Cothran, Linda Route 3, Belton, S. C. Cox, Patricia 13 Maple Street, Honea Path, S. C. Crawford, Millicent Route 1, Central, S. C. Creel, Bruce Route 1, Honea Path, S. C. Crider, Richard Box 186, Cave Springs, Georgia Crowe, Betty 2305 S. Main, Anderson, S. C. Cunningham, Malcolm Box 749, Greenwood, S. C. Davenport, James 2 Hardy St., Williamston, S. C. Davis, Barbara 2217 Henry Ave., Newberry, S. C. Davis, Brenda Meadow Road, Laurens, S. C. Davis, Phil Blue Ridge Dr., Clemson, S. C. Davis, Ronnie West Greet Street, Honea Path, S. C. Davis, Sandra 106 N. Holland, Clinton, S. C. Davis, Tommy 230 W. Greet St., Honea Path, S. C. Debnam, Roberta 812 Legare Road, Aiken, S. C. Dempsey, Barbara 216 Comet St., Anderson, S. C. Dickert, James Route 2, Belton, S. C. Dickson, Mary Ellenor Ill S. Prevost St., Anderson, S. C. Dickson, Milton 1006 Elizabeth St., Anderson, S. C. Dickson, Rachel East Main St., VVestminster, S. C. Dobbins, Dodie Piedmont, S. C. Dopp, Tinia 514 Francis, Key West, Florida Dorr, Jerry Route 2, Westminster, S. C. Duncan, Paul Route 5, Seneca, S. C. Dunlevy, Dellanney 705 Lee Street, Johnston, S. C. Dyar, Joe 205 E. Franklin, Hartwell, Georgia Dykes, David 811 Ehzabeth, Anderson, S. C. Edmonds, Patricia Margaret Street, Pickens, S. C. Edwards, Judy Winstin Drive, Anderson, S. C. Ellison, Elaine 1076 Phoenix, Greenwood, S. C. Ellison, John Bill Route 1, Williamston, S. C. Ellison, Nancy Carroll Lane, Belton, S. C. Elmore, Clarence 9-3 Bailey St., Anderson, S. C. Eskew, Carolyn 3203 N. Main, Anderson, S. C. Ethridge, Martha Ann 520 N. Orange Ave., Green Cove Springs, Florida Evins, Joe 23 Langston, Piedmont, S. C. Feltman, Jan Route 2, Lavonia, Georgia Ferguson, Tony C. Hunter, Abbeville, S. C. Ferns, Don 122 Glenwood, Anderson, S. C. Fetscher, Kathy 634 Medway Dr., Charleston, S. C. Finley, Maiy Anne 130 S. Blackstock, Spartanburg, S. C. Finucan, Thomas Moncks Comer, S. C. Fisher, Betty 704 St. James Drive, Charleston, S. C. Floyd, William Route 2, Honea Path, S. C. Ford, Norma Jean 676 Cordova Ave., Ormond Beach, Florida Fowler, Frances Route 2, Anderson, S. C. Fowler, Trudy Woodruff St., Woodruff, S. C. Fox, J, Darrel 1005 Fretwell St., Anderson, S. C. Free, Dixie 242 E. Richards, Denmark, S. C. Gaillard, Jessie Route 1, Williamston, S. C. GaiUard, Larry RFD 1, Pelzer, S. C. Gains, Jimmie Lou 23 Ben St., Greenxille, S. C. Gaines, Jean Hartwell, Georgia Gaines, Wayne Route 3, Belton, S. C. Gamble, Robert Portmim Rd., Anderson, S. C. Gantt, Dorothy . Connie Maxwell, Greenwood, S. C. Garrett, Camellia 289 Werts, Greenville, S. C. Gault, Pernecia 414 South Main, Fountain Inn, S. C. Geddens, James 803 A Blair, Anderson, S. C. Gibbs, Carole 19 Sunset Drive, Greenville, S. C. Gibson, Barbara Route 3, Pickens, S. C. Gibson, Frances RFD 1, Six Mile, S. C. Gibson, Robert 1001 Linley Street, Anderson, S. C. Gillespie, Gene Route 1, Walhalla, S. C. Gilreath, Ronnie Route 2, Belton, S. C. Givens, Janice 206 Williamston Rd.. Anderson, S. C. Glenn, Joyce Box 75, Starr, S. C. Glenn, Mary Olive E. Queen, Pendleton, S. C. Gleen, Sara M. Anderson, S. C. Gore, Jennine 215 N. Pine. Seneca, S. C. Go,ss, Elaine 622 Heard St., Elberton, Georgia Gossett, Jud 420 E. Queen Street, Pendleton, S. C. Student Directory Green, Frances Green Ave., Fountain Inn, S. C. Griffeth, John 606 Franklin, Hartwell, Georgia Groover, Marsha Box 130, Allendale, S. C. Hall, Wm. Patrick Iva, S. C. Hamlin, Betty Jean Route 1, Easley, S. C. Hannah, Kenneth 415 Riley Street, Anderson, S. C. Harbin, Charles 109 Oak Tree Drive, Anderson, S. C. Hart, Anne 59 V. Surrey Drive, Charleston, S. C. Hart, Linda Route 3, Box 7, Travelers Rest, S. C. Hawkins, John 526 Forest Lane, Belton, S. C. Haydock, Geraldine Route 2, Enoree, S. C. Hayes, Brenda Route 6, Anderson, S. C. Heaton, Bobbie Route 3, Hartwell, Georgia Heaton, Roger Route 3, Anderson, S. C. Henderson, Carol Route 2, Central, S. C. Heniford, Doris Route 3, Loris, S. C. Hester, Nancy 211 Main St., Graniteville, S. C. Hiers, Frances . . 2118 Captain Ave., Charleston, S. C. Hill, Audrey 904 Greenville St., Anderson, S. C. Hill, Peggy Route 6, Douglas Road, Greenville, S. C. Hodge, Faye Connie Maxwell, Greenwood, S. C. Holcombe, Leavern 16 Lyons St., Anderson, S. C. Holhday, Brenda Route 3, Belton, S. C. Holmes, Bertha Route 2, Trenton, S. C. Holmes, DoUie Hazel P. O. Box 235, Trenton, S. C. Hones, Willie A Anderson, S. C. Howard, Betty 112 Converse St., Greenville, S. C. Hoyle, Carolyn Patrick Springs, Virginia Huckaby, ' endy Route 5, Anderson, S. C. Hughes, Anne Box 132, Greenwood, S. C. Hughes, Betty Anne Main Street, Donalds, S. C. Hunnicutt, Cynthia Route 2, Anderson, S. C. Hunter, Diana Route 2, Belton, S. C. Hutto, Reba 40 Stocker Dr., Charleston, S. C. Jantzen, Hermine 724 Wappoo Hall Road, Charleston, S. C. Jantzen, May Frances 724 Wappoo Hall Road, Charleston, S. C. Jenkins, Joe Hickey S. Anderson, Pelzer, S. C. Jenkins, Patricia Dolorees Route 1, WaUialla, S. C. Johnson, Henry J., Jr Route 1, Anderson, S. C. Johnson, Mabel Lee 207 Hermitage Road, Greenville, S. C. Johnson, Sandra 212 Erby Ave., Laurens, S. C. Johnston, Linda Box 41, Honea Path, S. C. Jones, Gary Sue 530 N. Center St., Hickory, N. C. Jones, Jimmie Lout Route 2, Pickens, S. C. Jones, Webster Simmons St., Greenville, S. C. Jordan, Joseph 7 Hale, Pelzer, S. C. Jordan, Linda Liberty St., S umter, S. C. Kay, Jim 1 Sitton, La France, S. C. Keaton, Wendell Route 2, Iva, S. C. Keeven, Martha 635 2nd Ave. N. W., Hickory, N. C. Kelly, Irene 203 E. Pinckney St., Abbeville, S. C. Kelly, Barbara Broad St., York, S. C. KelJey, Francis . 119 W. Main, Pendleton, S. C. Kelly, Jimmy Pendleton, S. C. Kimbrell, Ray Route 2, Hartwell, Georgia King, Beverly Route 3, Box 325, N. Augusta, S. C. King, Dora Route I, Piedmont, S. C. King, James 205 S, First St., Easley, S. C. Kinsler, Ray 904 E. River, Anderson, S. C. Kirby, Mary Connie Miixwell, Greenwood, S. C. Kizer, July St. George, S. C. Knight, Linda Greeg Ext.. Graniteville, S. C. Kyzer, Linda Route 1, Box 282, Lexington, S. C. Lane, Hazel Route 2, Lamar, S. C. Langston. James 303 North Ave., Anderson, S. C. Lank, William P. Anderson, S. C. Ledford, Eleanor Townville, S. C. Lee, Jame.s E. Anderson, S. C. Lee, Sammy Route 1, Lavonia, Georgia Lide, Evangeline P. O. Box 4, Newberry, S. C. Ligon, Herman 712 College Ave., Anderson, S. C. Livingstone, Mimi 14 Covington Road, Avondale Estates, Georgia Lollis. John Route 1. Oswego, S. C. Lorick, Lynda Jo General Delivcrv, Pendleton, S. C. Lowie, Janice M. Route 3. Seneca, S. C. Lunsford, Claudia Peachtree Street. WncKlniff. S. C. Lusk. Sara Ann Route 1. Central S. C. McAlister, Andrew Owen, Jr. 502 Donnelly St., Mount Dora, Florida McAlister, John 418 Taylor St., Anderson, S. C. McAlister, Martha Jean 109 4th St., Easley, S. C. McAlister Roy Dewey .820 Bleckly, Anderson, S. C. McCaB. Gerline Route 2, Walhalla, S. C. McCartt, Linda Lee 121 Highland Drive, Greenville, S. C. McComb, Judy Pamplico, S. C. McCown, Jerry 2608 E. N. Ave., Anderson, S. C. McGee, Joseph Starr, S. C. McGee, Kenneth Starr, S. C. McGee, Judie Anne 798 Cordova Ave., Ormond Beach, Florida McKinney, Betty Box 159, Nichols, S. C. McKinney, Nancy 814 Middleton St., Orangeburg, S. C. McWhite, Joan Rebecca 2815 Bellview Rd., Anderson, S. C. Maddox, Martha Earlene Morgan, ' est Pelzer, S. C. Marett, Charlotte Route 3, Anderson, S. C. Martin, Elaine 102 Coleman St., Laurens, S. C. Martin, Johnnie Route 1, Anderson, S. C. Martin, Mary Ann 223 Boulevard, Anderson, S. C. Martin, Billy Route 1, Anderson, S. C. Masters, Larry 112 Ridgewood Dr., Greenwood, S. C. Mattison, Eunice . 208 River St., Belton, S. C. Mauldin, Mary Alice Route 4, Easley, S. C. Maw, Janie Route 1, Central, S. C. Meredith, Nancy Route 1, Townville, S. C. Mesa, Paula 2102 Seidenburg Ave., Key West, Florida Miller, John 402 Revis, Anderson, S. C. Miller, Patricia 12 Roslyn Circle, Aiken, S. C. Mims, Martha 610 Mattison Ave., Sumter, S. C. Mi.xon, Sharon 909 Bells Highway, Waherboro, S. C. Moore, Charles Ansel 11 " P " Street, Anderson, S. C. Moore, David 298 Strickland Ave., Anderson, S. C. Moore, Elaine 1530 Milford Road, Columbia, S. C. Moore, Jack Fair Play, S. C. Moore, Jerry 122 Bailey St., Anderson, S. C. Moore, Jo Ann Route 1, Piedmont, S. C. Moore, Marlene North Main, Cowpens, S. C. Moore, Patrick 108 Brown, Belton, S. C. Moore, Shelby Jean Box 374, McCormick, S. C. Moore, William 122 Bailey St., Anderson, S. C. Morris, Larry Route 1, Hartwell, Georgia Morris, Martha 2305 N. Main, Anderson, S. C. Moss, Dovie L. 106 Maple Blvd., Clemson, S. C. Murdock, Ben Anderson, S. C. Nalley, William Eugene 302 E. Fredericks, Anderson, S. C. Nelson, Frankie 3103 McCoIlum, Anderson, S. C. Newsom, Beverly Ann 825 Cardinal Drive, Elberton, Georgia Nichols, Mary Moriat 1935 Evans St., Newberrv, S. C. Nolan, Elaine 1722 Ashley, Charleston, S. C. Norris, Fred Route 4, Belton, S. C. Norryce, Claridge A 701 S. McDuffie St., Anderson, S. C. Nunnally, Billy Ray Route I, Anderson, S. C. Odom, Barbara 1105 Pearl St., Orangeburg, S. C. Ofrias, 30-12 83 St., New York, N. Y. Padgett, Barbara Faye Route 1, Batesburg, S. C. Parslow, Rebecca 105 David Street, Easley, S. C. Patterson, Dennis 2213 Boulevard, Anderson, S. C. Patterson, Eugene 11 Evergreen, Anderson, S. C. Patterson, Ann Route I, Gibson, N. C. Payne, Sue 3107 Abbeville Highway, Anderson, S. C. Pearson, Eleanor Lee Route 1, Woodruff, S. C. Peeler, Dennis 711 Wind.sor Ave., Anderson, S. C. Pigott, Barbara 5623 Attaway Drive, Charleston, S. C. Pinson, Betty 2 Ranger Drive, Charleston, S. C. Phillips, Martha Box 151, Converse, S. C. Polk, June 104 Dogwood Drive, Clemson, S. C. Poole, Betty 116 Argonne Drive, Greenville, S. C. Poole, Brenda 107 Mohawk Drive, Greenville, S. C. Poore, Melvin 2902 Edgewood, Anderson, S. C. Porter, Thurman Route 3, Pelzer, S. C. Powell, Billy 435 East Main, Pendleton, S. C. Powell, Faye 205 Hampton, Anderson, S. C. Powell, Horshel 1005 Fretwell, Anderson, S. C. Powell, Shelby Jean 197 Sumter St., Ander.son, S. C. Raines, Ann 27 Main Street, Seneca, S. C. Ramsey, Jean 16 Eastvievv Drive, Greenville. S. C. Randall, Priscilla 19 Rainbow Drive, Lavonia, Georgia Rauton, James Bailev Court. Anderson, S. C. Ravenel. Maria 9 Church Street, Charleston, S. C. Reed, Johnnie Marie 1048 Dantzler Ave., Orangeburg, S. C. Student Directory Reynolds, Evelyn Rhodes, John Rhodes, Virgil Richbourg, Lynda Richey, Hilda Richey, William Ricker, Gary Rivers, Frances Roberts, Donald Robertson, Linda Sue Robertson, Shelby Rogers, Milton Rogers, Pauline Rogers, Mildred Rogers, Ruth Rowell, David Sayers, Sandra Scarborough, Linda Lee Scott, Wallace Seigler, Beverly Shands, Carroll Sharpe, Norris Shaw, Kenneth Shirley, Jo Shirley, James Shull, Mary Simpson, Linda Skinner, Mrs. Martha Smith, Colie Smith, Donnie Smith, Lamar Smith, Judy 19 Goodrich St., Pelzer, S. C. Route 3, Anderson, S. C. Route 3, Anderson, S. C. Box 186, St. George, S. C. 421 Mauldin Street, Anderson, S. C. Arnold Drive, Anderson, S. C. 3009 E. N. Avenue, Anderson, S. C. Route 1, Carlisle, S. C. Route 4, Anderson, S. C. Box 71, Pageland, S. C. Route 1, Pelzer, S. C. Route 5, Anderson, S. C. Route 1, Marion, S. C. Route 5, Anderson, S. C. State Park Road, Greenville, S. C; Route 2, Easley, S. C. 204 Mary Street, Greenville, S. C. 415 Caughlin Avenue, Anderson, S. C. Route 1, Iva, S. C. W. Whitner, Anderson, S. C. 6215 McGregor Blvd., Ft. Myers, Florida 109 Ridgecrest Drive, Belton, S. G. 922 Carolina Circle, Anderson, S. C. 236 Belton Drive, Williamston, S. G. 737 Anderson St., Belton, S. C. 110 Gammer, Greenville, S. G. Route 4, Abbeville, S. G. 300 Pendleton Road, Clemson, S. G. Palmetto Parkway, Belton, S. G. Route 2, Donalds, S. G. . 56 Oak Drive, Iva, S. C. Fair Play, S. C. Smith, Mary Rose Smith, Wayne Smith, Sandra G. Smith, Sandra E. Smith, Sandra K. Smith, Turner Mack Snead, Thomas Sosehee, Johnny Spake, Gary Spearman, Ann Speer, Mason Stegall, Spencer Stevenson, Samuel Stovall, Bobby Strickland, Gene Styles, Linda Stuart, Alice Summer, Cathy Route 2, Canon, Georgia Route 1, Townville, S. C. 6 Sequoia Drive, Greenville, S. C. 5 Estid Drive, Savannah, Georgia Madison, S. G. 700 Lippell Ave., Anderson, S. G. RFD 1, Anderson, S. G. 411 Manly Drive, Anderson, S. G. 11 Park Avenue, Anderson, S. C. Route 3, Piedmont, S. G. 106 Flounce, Abbeville, S. C. 405 Concord Road, Anderson, S. G. Route 1, Anderson, S. C. 3304 Keys, Anderson, S. C. 421 Tanglevvood Dr., Anderson, S. C. . Route 4, Travelers Rest, S. C. , Route 1, Starr, S. C. . . 12 Gammer, Greenville, S. C. Swindle, Ruth Anne Talbert, Joan Taylor, James Temple, Rosemary Thomas, Kay Thomason, Glenn Thompson, Swain . Threatt, Eloise Thrift, Geraldine ToUison, Patrick Traynham, Jo Tucker, Jerry Tumblin, Albert Ulmer, Celia Ulmer, Rush Vaughn, Jimmy Vivian, Sydney . Walker, Margaret Walker, Gail Wallace, Pat Walters, Joycse Ward, Dwain Watford, Mary Lou Watkins. Thomas Watkins, William Watson, Julia Watson, Nancy . Way, Suzanne Weatherly, Judy Weaver, Shirley Webster, James Larry Webster, Mary Frances Whitfield, William A. Whitner, Robert E. Wigington, Janet E. Williams, Beverly Williams, Gary W. Wilson, David A. Wilson, Shirley Wilson, Vernon M. Winstead, Ellen Witham, Donald Wolff, Linda Woodham, Jo Anni Wright, Linda Wright, Murray Yeargin, Robert Y ongue, Nancy Zeigler, Linda Zupp, Carolyn 2 Mary Street, Greenville, S. C. 17 Scarlett Street, Greenville, S. C. 80 Hampton, Iva, S. G. 501 E. Johnson, Gartwell, Georgia 102 Woodrow Drive, GUnton, S. C. 209 E., Anderson, S. C. Iva, S. G. Huff Drive, Greenville, S. C. Route 1, Chesnee, S. G. 503 College Ave., Anderson, S. G. Route 3, Honea Path, S. C. Box 85, Iva, S. C. 104 Livingstone, Clinton, S. G. Main Street, EUoree, S. C. Branson, S. C. Route 1, Bowersville, Georgia 19 Bailey Street, Anderson, S. C. 501 E. Franklin, Anderson, S. C. Route 3, Honea Path, S. C. 414 Summit Drive, Greenville, S. G. Bradley Ave., BishopviUe, S. G. Rogers Road, Anderson, S. G. Route 2, Box 133, Andrews, S. C. 600 Sherard St., Anderson, S. C. Route 1, Wilhamston, S. C. Route 1, Gallavants Ferry, S. C. 1220 King Ave., Florence, S. C. St. George, S. G. 112 Milton Rd., Sumter, S. C. 2734 W. Boundary St., Beaufort, S. G. 2706 Pope Drive, Anderson, S. G. 2706 Pope Dr., Anderson, S. C. Route 1, Central, S. C. Route 3, Pelzer, S. C. Route 4, Ea.slev, S. G. Box 235, Springfield, S. C. Route 3, Anderson, S. G. 8 Sylvialane, W. Pelzer, S. C. 2704 Calrossie Rd., Anderson, S. G. 231c South Blvd., Anderson, S. G. 412 Summitt, Anderson, S. G. Route 1, Box 211, BishopviUe, S. C. Route 1, Anderson, S. G. ; Route 2, Pinewood, S. C. P. O. Box 155, Lamar, S. G. 120 Saluda, Belton, S. C. 805 Glenwood Ave.. Anderson, S. C. 14 McKay Circle, Winnsboro, S. C. Route 2, Box 306, Walterboro, S. C. 212 Independence Ave., Laurens, S. C. r 1 ADVEKTISEMEIITS » »i ' THE POWER TO PASS— THAT ' S DIXIE GAS ' A 1930 . 1961 THIRTY YEARS -SERVING THE PIEDMONT SECTION OF SOUTH CAROLINA Major Frank R. Thompson President and Treasurer The World ' s Largest Organization of Independent Oil Jobbers All DIXIE PRODUCTS Are Built To Rigid Specifications " DIXIE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Are Selected And Not Just Sent " AVIATION GASOLINES AND LUBRICANTS DIXIE GOLDEN FLASH GASOLINE DIXIE ETHYL GASOLINE DIXIE PENN MOTOR OILS AND LUBRICANTS PENNZOIL MOTOR OILS AND LUBRICANTS INDUSTRIAL OILS AND LUBRICANTS OIL BURNING SPACE HEATERS OIL BURNING FURNACES ANDERSON PETROLEUM CO DISTRIBUTORS " Nafionally Known, Locally Owned " PHONE CA 5-8276 ANDERSON, S. C. Bailey Court Apartments MODERN BRICK DUPLEX APARTMENT BUILDINGS Apartments Available for Anderson College Faculty and Staff and for Married Students APARTMENTS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL TO PUBLIC Anderson ' s Finest One, Two, and Three-Bedroom Apartments Individual Automatic Heating Units In Each Apartment Kitchen Furnished — Efficient Maintenance Service Orr-Lyons Mills Anderson, South Carolina CA 5-7363 J. P. Stevens Co., Inc APPLETON PLANT Anderson, South Carolina PETE ' S DRIVE-IN NO, 5 RESTAURANT Corner E. River Street and Shockley Ferry Road FIRST IN QUALITY - FAIREST IN PRICES FASTEST IN SERVICE ' A Satisfied Customer Is Our First Consideration " " Better Be Safe Than Sorry " Lawrence And Brownlee INSURANCE AND BONDS Southern Insurance Specialists 122 N. Main St. Phone CA 5-8221 Anderson, South Carolina SALES W SERVICE BILL BALLENTINE MOTORS, INC. BILL BALLENTINE, Representative Telephone CAnal 4-3476 Anderson, South Corolina IDEAL LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS 109 West Reed Street Anderson, South Carolina CA 4-3325 Best In Cleaning and Laundering DIAL: IDEAL One Day Service If Desired CONGRATULATIONS From Mr. W. E. Hall SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina " Serving In This Section for Over 75 Years " HAYNES AUTO SALES, INC. Downtown Anderson Finest in DODGE, RENAULT, AND PEUGEOT CA 6-2472 ABIVEY MILLS ANDERSON MILL TOXAWAY DIVISION CA 5-2591 %M0 MINYARD MOTORS, INC. Main Street Anderson, South Carolina Your OLDSMOBILE and RAMBLER Distributor When You Need a Little LIFT Depend on COKE RICHARD RUHLE REFRIGERATION COMPANY REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT 207 West Church Street Anderson, South Carolina Phone CAnal 5-7441 WE ARE PROUD TO BE THE GENERAL CONTRACTOR FOR ANDERSON COLLEGE ' S NEW GYMNASIUM -STUDENT CENTER! BRISSEY LUMBER COMPANY 321 East Earle Street Anderson, South Carolina MARSHALL FARMS, Wholesaler " The Best Dressed Chickens " DISTINCTIVE FASHIONS 202 S. Main Street Anderson, S. C. West Road Belton, South Carolina Dial " 33 " Then Dial 3836 MAYNARD ' S WAYSIDE FURNITURE A STORE FOR HOMES Belton-Anderson Highway " Bowling At Its Best " 10 Lanes Visit the STAR-LITE BOWL Complefely Automatic BILL BLAKE, Manager 281 1 North Main CA 6-4200 CAROLINA TERRACE MOTEL AND COFFEE SHOP " Downtown Anderson " North Murray Avenue CA 6-3411 POWER TO THE CLASS OF ' 61 Were proud of you . . . proud, too, of the chance to serve a new generation of young Piedmont citizens. Our best to you as you move forward, in o free and responsible community . . . where your own will and effort are the measure of achievement. DVKfy POWER COMPANY COLONIAL DRUGS New Belvedere Shopping Center Clemson Highway CA 4-3562 BILL ARFLIN SERVICE STATION Fine GULF Products Expert Wheel Balancing - Rood Service 1608 E. River St. CA 40120 Anderson, S. C. ESSO PRODUCTS HOME - COMMERCIAL STRINGER OIL COMPANY We Give S H Green Stamps Use Your Esso Credit Card 2712 South Main St, Anderson, S. C. Dial CA 4-1110 THE SHINING TOWER RESTAURANT " Curb Service or Dining Room " North Main Street THE HOT SHOPPE DINER WALTER DORN, Owner 501 North Main Street CA 5-9348 AAAXWELL BROS. McCALLUM, INC. 502 North Main Street Be Sociable, Have a Pepsi TERRY BOTTLING COMPANY, INC. Anderson — Greenwood, South Carolina Under Appointment from the Pepsi-Cola Company, New York EAGLE FURNITURE COMPANY Anderson - Belton Highway CA 4-4371 WALTERS HILLMAN " Clothes Men Like " Campus Shop — Second Floor Main Street, Anderson E. POWER ' S ESSO Downtown Anderson CA 5-9170 MOORHEAD DRUGS 314 S. Main St. Anderson, S. C. Dial CA 4-6401 or CA 6-1201 Open Evenings Until 10 p.nn. Sundays 2 p.m. fo 7 p.m. THE PERPETUAL GABLPS FLORIST BUILDING AND LOAN AND GREENHOUSE ASSOCIATION OF ANDERSON " Our Flowers Say It For You " Savings Insured Up to $10,000 by the E. Whitner Street CA 4-0236 Federal Deposit Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation Anderson, South Carolina 304 N. Main Street Anderson, South Carolina CROMER SULLIVAN CONSTRUCTION CO. 508 Fair Street Anderson, South Carolina CA 4-6336 ■J

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