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f$ A i-- fS m I ■m ' ■ ■■$ BE 2 2jtfjg pi, IK. Hju r. r 1 j! A ' i TXTTT II. -3K I - ♦ r f: fc| r lir IPlS itH ■ks, " mm. pfe ami WmM mm mm •am mmm mm ses mmm. faBk ifMI n| ' lis ■H NIPS mwtt£{— PUP 11111 ' •.,£•5 -.. ., ;, ' S P Jtflte mm RHi 1 1960 THE COLUMNS ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Administration— Page 11 Jaole Jl K ontenti Clubs-Page 47 Classes— Page 17 -jroreword ara L arara It ' s all in a year at AC . . . the work we ' ve done, the fun we ' ve had, most of all, the people we ' ve known . . . but all of AC can ' t be put in a yearbook. And so we have tried to capture some of the highlights and some of the small things that, in years to come, will bring the reality of AC back to you. Be- cause we think the campus has a special look all its oion at night, we ' ve tried to capture it in night scenes. The intangible qualities of beauty and dignity and permanence, that are the heart of AC, are expressed for us all in the stateliness of its tall white Grecian columns . . . Features-Page 73 Sports— Page 65 Advertisements— Page 95 Page Two Within the future years there will be moments to remember-but the mind is able to hold only a few memories. So, recorded on the following pages are pictures and highlights of a year that should never be forgotten, and experiences that we shall always treasure. Rulk Weredilk, Paul, Jroyce -Jtnn Page Three Are you going to breakfast?? " l What class do vou have next? •■ ' % .V: V. ' ■! ' . ' Jo Ann, do I have a letter?? J2)« H " A Kellogg ' s Good Morning! ' 11:00 Chapel Time. Page Four jkJl.C I ' m behind in everything! ! Physical Ed. -good time to get in perfect form. Bye. Have fun. See you at 11:30. Don ' t blow us up. " Come on, David, take me up town. 11:29— Almost late again. Wuk . . . C xtraA -traded President ' s Reception Crook Banquet Christmas First Night Decorating Rat Court Page Six Sometimes Work is forgotten We dress up and wait For that important date d d d Erarara cirara Q oDedi icciti i cat i on REV. AND MRS. HARE PHILLIP ALAN AND GREGORY WAYNE He has been a teacher, a counselor and a friend to each of us. Because of his understanding, he has made an un- forgettable impression on those with whom he has dealt .... With much admiration and ap- preciation of the faithful and inspiring leadership of so fine a Christian man, we dedicate the 1960 Columns to Rev. Marion Hare. Eight Reverend Marion Hare Drararara ra ra ra na ra arararc Dear fo otir hearts is our Alma Mater Loyal and true are we; Truest devotion till life is ended, Wholly we pledge to thee. Tho from thy halls far away we wander, Thoughts hack to thee will fly, And tender memries time cannot sever, Love that will never die. Heavens choicest blessings ever attend thee, Dear Alma Mater mine — No shadows harm thee, no fears alarm thee, Always the sunshine thine. And tho ' we leave thee, well never grieve thee, True to our trust well be; Our best endeavor, now and forever, Always to honor thee. —Mrs. Charles Sullivan, Sr. Page Ten D d d d d 3 [El [3 [El [El [El [El IE] [El [E IE mm l-tfN l S fiSX- Up 49 v ■ ' ■ ' ■■:■■.■. ' , ' ' ' ' V ' ■ ' ' ' ■ ' ' -■ ' " ' ■■ , " ■ " -■.■:■•• - : crf»HS fh as© ■ i H JOHN EDWARD ROUSE President LAWRENCE B. LUTZ Academic Dean and Registrar M ministration HENRY VON IIASSELN Dean of Men MRS. HUNTER THOMPSON Dean of Women MISS EUNA KAY Business Manager Sill Page Twelve rcLCuttu .And Staff MRS. T. B. ALTMAN Secretarial Science Assistant Librarian MRS. FRED BLACK Admissions Counselor MISS MARY MAJOR BURRISS Secretarial Science Department Chairman MRS. AUBREY FOWLER Expansion Program Secretary Secretary to Registrar MRS. JOHN GLENN College Receptionist Dormitory Hostess MR. MAX GRUBBS Chemistry Athletic Director MISS DORA HANCOCK Director of Religious Activities Secretarial Science REV. MARION HARE Bible, Department Chairman MRS. JOSEPH HODGES Organ MRS. CRESSIE HOLCOMBE Art, Department Chairman ll(. BURTON HUMPHREYS English MRS. WILLIAM HYNDS Piano Page Thirteen jracult y MRS. E. H. JOHNSTON Assistant Dormitory Hostess Assistant Canteen Manager MISS ANTIONETTE JONES Public Relations Journalism MRS. DAVID MARTIN Home Economies, Department Chairman MISS LULU MeCLURE English, Department Chairman MISS JANE MILLER Assistant Dietitian MRS. VIRGINIA MILLER College Dietitian MRS. PAUL MIMS Psychology MR. RICHARD MIMS Business Administration, Department Chairman MRS. RICHARD MIMS College Librarian MR. THOMAS H. MYERS. SR. Biology, Department Chairman MISS ANNIE NICKELS Infirmary Supervisor, College Nurse MR. BROADUS PARKER Mathematics, Department Chairman Page Fourteen - Tnd S taH MRS. E. A. PATTERSON Piano MRS. FRED POPLIN Music Department Chairman Voice MRS. J. E. ROUSE English MR. E. C. SIMPSON English Math MRS. HENRY SULLIVAN Piano MRS. REVLEY THOMPSON Book Store, Canteen Manager REV. EVERETT VIVIAN Bible Speech MR. HENRY VON HASSELN Social Sciences, Department Chair- man MR. WEBB VON HASSELN Modern Languages; Violin NOT PICTURED: MR. CALVIN McKINNEY Maintenance Supervisor Page Fifteen pi jfacuiii V rnformais 1. What English class would you like, Mr. Simpson? 2. Before and after (what???) 3. Psychological Problems? 4. The Lineup. 5. Where are my " Iitel clergeons? " Page Sixteen d d d d arararararararararara B. «vlBT- opn wnomore a ' add SUDDENLY, WE ' RE SOPHO- MORES . . . tenants of West, cam- pus leaders, first owners of the Crook, Lords and Masters of Rat Week, possessors of Lit books ( the story of my life: " I ' ve got to study lit " ). There s more responsibility now, events to plan, decisions to make . . . and, just as we get accustomed to the role, we change again . . were graduates! MRS. PAUL MIMS Sponsor left to right: Troyce Anne Chapman, Vice President; Brenda Hayes, Treasurer; Paul Embler, President; Rhoda Ryan, Secretary. Page Eighteen opn omored FLORENCE ANDERSON " A kind and gentle heart she has. " Home Economics Club 1,2; Y.WA. 1,2. BETTY ANN BALLARD " Tis a wonderful tiling to have a happy heart. " B.S.U. Greater Council 1, Execu- tive council 2; Tennis team 1,2; Y.YV.A. Council 2; Block A. C. club 9, LEWIS BARKER " I must talk and laugh, or life will be empty. " Transfer from College of Charles- ton; Tennis club 2; Yodler staff 2. VIVIAN BARKER " Laughing is she, merry all the while. " Basketball manager 1,2; Block A. C. Club 2; Home Economics Club 2; Columns staff 2. ELAINE BATES " Small in stature but large in in- tellect. " Glee club 2. MARIE BAUGHMAN " Noble in every thought and in every deed. " Home Economics Club 2; Glee Club 2. JUDY BOLT " Hope as golden as her hair. " Home Economics Club, President 1; May court 1; Yodler staff, Assist- ant Business manager 2; Anderson College players 1,2; Town club, Sec- retary-treasurer 2; Sophomore beauty 2. JEAN BOWLING " She can be imitated by none. Nor paralleled by any but herself. " Vice President Freshman class; Sextet 1, Triple trio 1, Glee club 1; Columns staff 1 ; Yodler staff 2; Bas- ketball 1, Manager 2. HARRIETT BOYD " Kindness is Wisdom. " Glee club 1,2. BETTY BRACKEN " I teai ye not tin- hum of mighty workings.- 1 " B.S.U., Secretary 2; Y.W.A. 1,2; Alpha Pi Epsilon 1,2, treasurer 1; Anderson College Players 2. Page Nineteen S opn r lotnored JIMMY BROCK " Ambition ' s debt is paid. " MELVIN BROWN " Quiet, sincere, and thoroughly likeable. " GARY BRYANT " The mirror of all courtesy. " WILLIAM BRYANT " His heart is as great as the world. " Town Club 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa 2 AMY JUNE BURTON " And yet no day without a deed to crown it. " Y.W.A. 1,2. JUDY BURTON ' " Tis the mind that makes the body rich. " Y.W.A. 1.2; B.S.U. 2. MARVIN BURTS " He has a habit of looking on the sunny side of life. " Ml r PHILIP BYRD " For he is an all-round good fellow. " Town club 1,2. ANN CALDWELL " She always- meets us with a smile. " YVONNE HOLLIDAY CAMPBELL " Naught can be said of her but good. " Y.W.A. council 1; B.S.U. Council 1,2; May court 1, Town Club 2. IN Page Twenty opn r lomoreS CALVIN CHAPMAN " Man is master of his fate. " TROYCE ANNE CHAPMAN " Laughter and love are hidden in her eyes. " B.S.U. executive council 2; A.C. Players 1,2; Town club 1, President 2; Vice President Sophomore class; Phi Theta Kappa 2; Business mana- ger, Columns 2. DAVID COBB " Be not afraid of greatness. " VERMELL COKER " Kindness, nobler than ever revenge. " Basketball 1; Yodler staff 1, Asso- ciate Editor 2; Student Council 2; SCCPA, Corresponding Secretary 2. FRANK COOPER " He lives each day to the fullest. " Transfer from North Greenville; Town Club 2. MARGARET COOPER " A good head and industrious hands are worth gold in any land. " Y.W.A. 1; Yodler staff L. GARY CRAFT " He was the merriest man alive. " Town club 1,2; Basketball 1,2. FRANKIE ANN CREAMER " She served thee with loyalty and love. " A.C. Players 1.2; Glee Club 1,2; Town club 1,2; B.S.U. Council 1.2; Editor of The Signal. MARILEE CRICK " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " Columns staff 1; Cheerleader 1,2; A.C, Players 1,2; Block A.C. Club 2; Yodler staff 2. PAT DOSCHER " Many charming ways she possesses, " Yodler staff 1; Home Economics Club 1,2; Cheerleader 2. Page Twenty-One oph om ore JOYCE DUNLAP " Virtue is bold and goodness never fearful. " Archery Club 1; Phi Theta Kappa 1,2; Y.W.A. 2. GAIL DYE " Strive for success and look ahead. " Town Club 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa 1,2. DAVID DYKES " As a man thinketh, so is he. Town Club 1,2. MARTHA EDMONDS " Light of spirit and happv of heart. ' Town club 1,2; Clee Club 1,2. $ :« x? m :X a s. ■ t-i ELAINE ELLIS " A wonderful girl and a good sport. " Town club 1,2; Miss Town Club of 1960; Basketball 1,2. PAUL EMBLER " He fears not the obstacles that lead to his goal. " Town club 1,2; Tennis team 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Block A.C. Club 1,2; Sophomore Class President 2; Co-Business Manager of Columns 2. MARGARET FANT " Deep in her heart joy seems to dwell. " HERBY FRANKLIN " He found happiness in doing. " Town Club 1,2. JANE GARRETT " Wisdom dwells in her head and in her heart. " LARRY GERRARD " A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. " Town Club 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Block A.C. 1,2; President 2. Page Twenty-Two a ass HENRY GRIFFIN " My joy of life is hard to kill. PAULA GRIFFIN " A spirit of fun and laughter. " Town Club 1,2. GAIL HALTIWANGER " Music is said to be the speech of angels. " Town Club 1; Glee Club 1,2; B.S.U. Trio 2; Quartet 2; Sextet 2. RUTH HANLEY " Life is yours; make of you will. " Home Economics Club 2. it what KENNETH HANNA soul sincere, in honor clear. " JANE HARBIN who shows courtesy friendship. " Town Club 1; A.C. Plavers B.S.U. Council 1. reaps 1,2; JUDY HARDEN " Being happy is a joy divine. " Town club 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Sextet 1. LINDA HARPER " Goodness is Beauty " Freshman class beaut) May court 1; Vice President of S.G.A.; Glee Club 2; Student faculty Committee 2; Town club 1. JOYCE HARTSELL " Good nature ' s one of the richest gifts. " BRENDA HAYES " A vision of loveliness adorned with a crown t gold. " Art chili 1; Columns staff, Photog- raphy editor 2, Sophomore beauty 2; Sophomore class treasurer; A.C. Play- ers 2. Page Twenty-Three I ] LARRY HICKS " Learn what is true in order to do what is right. " Town club 1,2. ELEANOR HINES " Capable and dependable in every way. " Phi Theta Kappa 1,2; Town Club 1,: LINDA HOLLAND " Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you. " Town club 1,2; Student Council 2; May Court 1. EDDIE HUTCHINS " Athletics are his joy. " Town Club 1,2; Tennis team 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Block A.C. Club 1,2. PAT HYATT " Quiet in appearance with motives unknown. " Yodler staff 2. JAMES INFINGER " Contentment furnishes a constant joy. " Town Club 2; A.C. Players 2. 3s ■ 1 | £2 GRACE JENKINS " A fine girl, a fair girl and a sweet girl. ' SHIRLEY JONES " To be loved is all I need and whom I love, I love indeed. " Glee Club 1; Sextet 1; Triple Trio 1; Home Economics Club, President 2; Columns staff, Head typist 2. CAROLYN KEASLER ' Never was there a girl as friendly as she. ' Glee Club 1; A.C. players, Vice President 2; Sketch club 2. A. J.KELLY ' l r has the sign of courage — a smile. " -3o»A otnore Page Twenty-Four GARY LESLIE " He is a sincere and likeable fellow. " Basketball 2; Baseball 2. BARBARA LIVINGSTON " Lovely to look at; delightful to know. " Freshman class beauty, Yodler staff 1 ; May Court 1 ; Sophomore class beauty; Columns staff 2; Home Eco- nomics Club 2, Secretary and Treas- MIRIAM LOFTIS " A strong mind prompted by noble purpose. " Basketball 1; Glee Club 1,2; Col- umns staff 1; B.S.U. Greater council 1,2; Student council; B.S.U. Trio 2. CARMEN LOPEZ " She doesn ' t let study and work in- terfere with her education. " SARA MABRY " A sunny disposition lines the edges of life ' s blackest clouds. " Glee Club 1,2; Sextet accompan- ist 1,2; S.C.A. 1; S.G.A. President 2; Student Faculty Committee 1,2; Yodler Staff 2. SANDRA MANESS " Light of spirit and happy of heart. " Home Economics Club 2; Town Club 2. JO ANN MATTISON " True to her workand to her friends. " Tennis Club 1.2; Basketball 1,2; Block A.C. Club 2; Greater Council B.S.U. 2. MARY McCRAW " Pleasure and action make the hour stem short. " Y.W.A. 2; A.C. Players 2; Columns staff 2. JERRY McLEESE " No one is more welcome than he. Basketball 1; Tennis tram 1; Town club 1.2, Secretarj 1; ACAA, Sec- retarj 1: Block C -. Student (- eminent 1,2; Baseball 1,2, Captain 1; Yodler Sports Editor 1. Editor 2. DORIS MILES " They arc rich who have friends. " President Freshman class; Vice President B.S.U. 1; Yodler stall 1,2. Columns stall 2; A.C. Players 2. a ciAS 53 i i . CECIL MITCHUM " Oh, what a noble mind is here. " Phi Theta Kappa 2; Ministerial Association 1,2. JANICE MOORHEAD " Where pleasantness and wit have struck a happv medium. " Glee Club 1,2; B.S.U. council 2; Y.W.A. Council 2; ACAA Vice Presi- dent 2; Phi Theta Kappa, Vice Presi- dent 2. LARRY MORRIS " The secret consciousness of duty well performed. " MARLENE MOUCHET " A gentle mind by gentle deeds is known. ' B.S.U. 1,2; Y.W.A. 1,2. MARTHA MOYER " She has a charm that few have. " Home Economics Club 1,2. S. NATARAJAN " A true friend is forever a friend. " ' « DENNIS PATTERSON " Wisdom is knowing what to do next; skill is knowing how to do it. " JIM PATTERSON " There is room at the top for the man who tries. " Town Club 1,2. JANET PELLUM " Would there were more as true and sincere as she. " Glee Club 1,2, Secretary 1; Bas- ketball 1; Columns staff 1; B.S.U. Greater Council 1, President 2; Stu- dent Council 2. onto re Page Twenty-Six JANET POOLE " Just being happv is a fine way to be. " Glee Club 1, President 2; Yodler staff 1; B.S.U. 1, Vice President 2; Student Faculty Committee 1. JOEL RICE " An earnest man with a friendly heart. " Tennis team 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Block A.C. Club 1,2, Vice-President 1; Basketball 2; Town club 2. CAROL ANN ROGERS " Sweet and full of fun. " Archery Club 1; Basketball 1,2; Tennis Club 2. LARRY ROGERS " A fine, sturdy fellow, always in- terested in fun. " Town club 1,2. PAT ROSE " There ' s hid treasure in your heart. " B.S.U. Executive Council 1; Glee Club 1,2; Sextet 1,2; Student Gov- ernment association 2. NANCY ROSS " There ' s no substitute for you. " Archery team 1; President of Pep Club 2; Columns staff, Sophomore editor 2. s SI P- 1 £ 1 1 ?a i M SYBIL ROWELL - ' .• 1 £5 1 1 I " A dashing damsel, gay and pert. " . g Phi Theta Kappa 1,2; Y.W.A. Pres- S SK ■ ? ident 2; House President 1. ' ■I i3 1 " f ! ... 1 |j 3 RHODA RYAN " She takes things as they come. " % § " V jpl ? Archery club, champion 1; Softball 1 --: !• ' ' g a i team 1; Secretary Sophomore Class V. r .i is 2, Class beauty 1,2, Tennis 2. py . r 1 S3 ' ,-, ;•- ;-• ' Sft, •I ' fg fe 1 • • c V K 1 1 ?■ ' " 3 i . ' ' - fT ! w . " • ' . ' .■ 1 i 1 1 1 c i Si ■v. JOAN SAMMONS ;•- , i X A • ;] g " Her path is the path of happiness. " •■ V 5 . ;■ £ ;f Transfer from North Greenville 1 . ' ( " ■ ' | j " » ' , 1 Junior College. % i ' .i ■.;; ' .. ' : : g ■ ■ ' ' i ; -. | ■ i ' ;.H " , .r JERRYL SEARS J ' -■ " ■ ' ■• ' ■ i yft 1 " He enjoys laughter and fun. " 1 Town Club 1,2. V- .- . ,-i -. ■v . 1 . v. y ft V 1 y !.. ' ; ' i iS A ' 6 W •y V 0 ) . " ■ K Jj ' .V g i ' V 8 0 i .1 i fi- fe LslaSA Page Twenty-Seven S oph T lomore PAT SHARPTON " She is a sweet girl whose nature never varies. " A.C. Players, Secretary 2. BERNTCE SMITH ' " Tis better to be rich in friends than friendly with riches. " Manager of Basketball team 1,2; Town club 1,2; Block A.C. Club 2; Column staff 2. CAROLYN SMITH " Sweetly did she speak and move. " B.S.U. 1, Treasurer 2; Y.YV.A. 1, 2; A.C. Players 1; Student Govern- ment Secretary 2. MRS. BETTY STANLEY " She has natural, wise sincerity. " " A S3 1 f (.• ' a ; s JUDY STRAND " She is merry and clever, an agree- able maiden. " Glee Club 1; Sextet 1; Triple Trio I; A.C. players, Vice President 1, President 2. JERRY STROUD " Good nature is the sign of a large and generous soul. " LINDA TAYLOR " A lighthearted and happy person is she. " Glee Club 1, Librarian; Triple Trio 1; Sextet 1; Basketball 1; Ten- uis team 1.2; ACAA, Secretary Treas- urei 2; Home Economics Club 2; Yodler Staff 1; Columns staff 2; A.C. players 2. M. H. TIMMS " The keynote of life is friendship. " EMILIE TYLER " She is a combination of wit, intelli- gence, ability, friendliness. " Yodler Staff 1. Class Treasurer 1; Cheerleadei 1 ; Head Cheerleader 2; caa 1,2. PHILIP URSO " 111. ways ol friendliness I ' ve been taught. " Town Club 1.2; Baseball 1.2, Uloi I. A 1.2: Anderson ( lollege Players 2. V ' Puge Twenty-Eight a add SYDNEY VIVIAN " Her looks are quite friendly. " Glee Club 2, Vice President; B.S.U. 2, Town Club 2. RUTH MEREDITH WALDROP " She has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much. " Y.W.A. 2; Columns staff, Photog- raphy editor 1, Editor-in-chief 2. DUDLEY WALL " Ambitious, Dependable, handsome is he. " Town Club 1,2. MRS. RUBY WALL " She always strives for that which is worth while. " Phi Theta Kappa 2. CAROL WALTON " In the game and not a mere looker on. " Basketball 1,2, Captain 1; Presi- dent Athletic Association 2; Block A.C. Club 2; Student Government 2. MARY ANN WATKINS " A sweet personality is a valuable asset. " Alpha Pi Epsilon 1,2, Secretary 1; Archery Club 1; B.S.U. Council 2; Y.W.A. 1,2; A.C. Players 2. CORNELIA WATSON " In athletics she did excel. " Home Economics Club 1; Basket- ball team 1, Captain 2; Block A.C. Club 1,2. CYNTHIA WILLIAMS " A merry heart goes a long, way. " Town Club 1,2. long PHIL WILLIAMS " He speaks lor himself " Town Club 1,2; Tennis team 1,2; Block A.C. 1,2. Page Twenty -Nine Mr. Richard Minis, Sponsor man FUNNY THING ABOUT FRESH MEN ... at first we don ' t know anything . . . after a few weeks : they ' ve told us so many things that now we know too much . . . and, sometime in the spring, we strike a happy medium. When the newness wears oft and East begins to feel like home, we take our place in all phases of campus life: in classes, in the cafeteria line, in extra-curri- cula activities . . . we belong to AC and AC belongs to us. Just around the corner lies the mysterious land of the Sophomore ... we look for- ward to that, meanwhile, being a Freshman is fine with us! r 7 Left to Right: Jackie Bradford, Treasurer; Susanne Pearce, Secretary; Sandra Fortenberry, President; Pat Dawson, Vice-President. Second Semester: President. Hill Ellison; Treasurer, Anne Abercrombie. Page Thirty jrreAn men ANNE LAWSON ABERCROMBIE ALYCE MAURICA ADAMS MARVIN ALLRED DEWEY ANDERSON GAYLE ANDERSON GEORGIA DORIS ANDERSON FRANCES ANNETTE ARNOLD NANCY CAROLINE ASBILL NANCY LEE BARBOUR LOU ANNE BETTIS JANICE ANN BIGGERS KAY ELAINE BLITCH arararara Page Thirty-One J re5n man BENNIE SUE BONE PATSY ANN BOOKHARDT BRENDA E. BOWICK 1 V a I l MYRA BROOKS BOYKIN JACKIE MARTIN BRADFORD JOYCE ELIZABETH BRANCH PATRICIA ANN BRAZELL JUDITH BROWN JOE WADE BROWNING MARCIA ELIZABETH BRYANT BARBARA NELL BRYCE NANCY JOAN BURGH " srarsra Page Thirty-Two L -ic aid RITA BURLEY CAROLE BURROUGHS NELL MAREE CAIN LAURA JEAN CALDWELL KATHRYN CAROLINE CAMPBELL DOC CAMPBELL MIMA CAMPBELL SHELBA DEAN CAMPBELL SHELBY JEAN CAMPBELL LINDA MARIE CANUP MADELEINE CARBONELL JOHN THOMAS CARLTON arararara Page Thirty-Three s I X I f jrredh man CATHY JANE CHAPMAN PATRICIA AGNES CHILDERS PATRICIA ANN CHURCH MARY FAYE CLEVELAND CAROLYN JoANN COKER RERECCA ANN COKER LINDA JEAN COTHRAN RICHARD HOLLIS CRIDER ALICE FAYE CULRRETH MACKEY LEE DAVID NANCY JANE DAVIS PATRICIA F. DAWSON I Eira d Poge Thirty-Four Clc add MARGARET J. DEAN MILTON A. DICKSON RACHEL E. DICKSON LINDA FAYE DIXON PHYLLIS DUNLAP DELLANNEY DUNLEVY CHARLOTTE DYAR PATRICIA ANN EDMONDS JUDITH ANN EDWARDS JOHN WILLIAM ELLISON CLARENCE A. ELMORE DON DAVIS FERNS CJ u ara Page Thirty-Five rreAn man MARY C. FETSCHER JANICE SHARON FELTMAN SANDRA FORTENBERRY P FRANCES E. FOWLER TRUDY ANN FOWLER BOBBIE LOU FOX LARRY D. GAILLARD WAYNE SMITH GAINES DOROTHY MAE GANTT FRANCES E. GIBSON ROBERT C. GIBSON RONALD LEE GILREATH d rarara Page Thirty-Six a add JOYCE LEE GLENN MARY OLIVE GLENN JUDY B. COSSETT DAVID ROBERT GREER PATRICIA MAY GRIFFIN PATSY A. HARBIN SHELIA M. HARMON SYDNEY M. HARRIS LINDA HART JUDY GERALDINE HAYDOCK FRANCES HIERS MARY JULIA HOPKINS UlU Page Thirty- Seven jrredh mun PATRICIA ANN HUDSON JOYE ROSAMOND HUFF ANNE JONES HUGHES HANNAH R. JAMESON MAY FRANCE JANTZEN JACQUELINE JEFFERS NANCY JOHNSON GARY SUE JONES JIMMIE LOU JONES LEON KAY JAMES DAVID KAY GWEN KEATON d d d B Page Thirty-Eight a add BECKY KEISLER GAIL KIRBY MARCELLE E. KIRKHAM HAZEL MAREE LANE JAMES EDWARD LEF SAMMY CLAYTON LEE CANDY LEINFELDER GLENN LEONARD MIMI LIVINGSTONE JOHN LOLLIS TOMMIE RUTH LOLLIS SARA ANN LUSK arara Page Thirty-Nine rredhman JOHNNIE MARTIN GERLINE McCALL WANDA McCLAIN BETTY ANN McLIN JUDY FRANCES McCOMB PAULA ANNE MESA PATRICIA ANNE MILLER MARBETH MITCHELL SHARON R. MIXON PATSY MOORE RACHEL ANN MOORE MARY LOUISE MORGAN , E] [El [El [El [El . Page Forty a add MARTHA ELAINE MORRIS SALLIE JANE MORRIS ANN MORRISON PATRICIA GALE MOSS PATSY ANN NORRIS BARBARA ODOM VIRGINIA SUE PARKER MELINDA SUE PAYNE SUSANNE PEARCE ELEANOR PEARSON LINDA PINSON BRENDA C. PLACE a d d Page Forty-One jrreSn man BETTY ANN POOLE HOVEY PORTER EDNA FAYE POWELL RANDY POWELL RAYFORD PRINCE CAROL JEAN RAMSEY PRISCILLA RANDALL JAMES C. RAUTON LYNDA RICHBOURG HILDA RICHEY SHELBY ROBERTSON C. F. ROGERS □ rarara Page Forty-Two a add JUDITH SCARBOROUGH HAZEL MARY SEARS CARROLL SHANDS JEANNE SHEPPARD JO SHIRLEY JAMES SHIRLEY WILLIAM DAN SHIRLEY BONNIE GAIL SMITH JAMES DONALD SMITH JANICE C. SMITH NELLIE JEAN SMITH SANDRA ELIZABETH SMITH b [B [a [B [B Page Forty-Three h j-resh man SANDRA KAYE SMITH ALICE STUART BOBBY STOVALL CATHERINE SUMNER EMILY GERALDINE THRIFT CALLIE ANN TINDAL JO ELAINE TRAYNHAM LYNN TRIPP BONNIE L. WAGNER GAIL WALKER MARGARET WALKER WILLIAM THOMAS WATKINS E d d d d Page Forty-Four a add NANCY LEE WATSON BETTY WELBORNE ROBERT WHITNEY, JR. GARY WINFRED WILLIAMS JUDITH REGENIA WILLIAMS KENNETH WITCHER JENNY SUE WOOD ANGELA CLAIRE WOODCOCK JoANNE WOODHAM ' - JUDITH ZACIIARY 3 [S [U IB [U d ararara Page Forty-Five 1. Spiked? 2. Crime doesn ' t pay 3. Teamwork 4. Good Morning 5. Home for the weekend 6. Me? A vistor? 7. Rita strikes again! 8. Now, Barbara 9. Raj and company 10. 2-4-6-8 d a ararararararsrararara " Bhk. It HraHlnam Left to Right: Janice Bigaers, Carolyn Smith, Carol Walton, Jo Shirley, Miriam Loftis, Sara Mabry, Linda Holland, Pat Rose, Vermeil Coker, Jerry McLeese, John Lollis, Janet Pelhim. Sara Mabry President S tuden The Student Council of Anderson Col- lege strives to promote student activities, urges students to maintain a high standard of scholarship and honor, and promotes the development of school spirit. Each member of the council is elected by the student body, and thus becomes their voice in the student government. s i ■ mm ••;-. v --: 1 Page Forty-Eight a ouernmen t The Administrative Council is composed of the House Presidents of the Freshman and Sophomore dorm- itories, proctors, and an advisor Each dormitory has at least four proctors whose duty it is to keep order in the areas assigned to them by their House President. Mrs. Hunter Thompson Advisor ADMIMSI UATIYE COUNCIL. Seated, Left to Riftht: Janel Poole, loyce Glenn, Betty McLin, Doris Miles, Nancy Burgh, Standing: Pat Rose, Sandra Fortenberry, Shelby Campbell, Rita Burley, Judy Burton, Jenny Sue Wood. Carol Walton, Carol Ann Rogers, Tommie Ruth Lollis, Vermeil Coker, Patsy Bookhart. Page Forty-Nine Jerry McLeese, Editor Jke UJ outer taj-f Once a month, comes THE YODLER, cam- pus newspaper " of the students, by the students, for the students. " Behind the news are Jerry and Vermeil and their staff . . . meeting deadlines, planning features, getting " the facts, " putting it all into the layout, and wrapping it up by press-time. Editor In Chief Jerry McLeese Associate Editor Vermeil Coker News Editor - Pat Hyatt Sports Editor - Lewis Barker Business Manager Harriett Boyd Photographer . - JoAnn Coker ft C ■: ' ■■■ ' ■. • f. ' ■ ft-Si is®? :VV - ' . ' ■■-■■ ,r:, ;J Left to Right, Seated: Marilee Crick, Pat Hyatt, Jerry McLeese, Vermeil Coker, Harriett Boyd. Standing: Judy Harden, Doris Miles, Judy Bolt, Sara Mabry, Marbeth Mitchel, Trudy Fowler, Gerline McCall, JoAnn Coker, Nell Cain, Pat Edmunds, Gail Walker, Lynn Tripp, Kathy Fetscher. Not present for picture, Lewis Barker, Kenneth Hanna, Faye Culbreth, Louise Morgan, Alice Stewart, Betty Welborne, Sandra Maness, Martha Edmunds. Page Fitly ' , :■■}■ ■$£ ' . " -- ' 1. Y i - ' -■••■ J i- : »-v ' rr - ' J ■ " - ' .we ■-: ' .-. 1 ■ ' . " ' ' . ' -. " y., ' I :, ' . . - • ' ' ' - I ■■ . ■ », % • ' ■ ;■ ' - r ■,•• ' »■ .1 Left to Right, Front Row: Barbara Livingston, Li nda Taylor, Doris Miles, Shirley Jones, Brenda Hayes, Ruth Meredith Wald- rop, Vivian Barker ' Second Row: Nancy Ross, Joel Rice, Bernice Smith, Paul Embler, Mary McCraw. Editor In Chief Business Manager Associate Business Manager Photography Editor Class Editors Club Editor Religious Editor Sports Editors Sponsor Ruth Meredith Waldrop Troyce Anne Chapman Paul Embler Brenda Hayes Mary McCraw and Nancy Ross Barbara Livingston Doris Miles Linda Taylor and Joel Rice Miss Antoinette Jones Editor In Chief Ruth Meredith Waldrop J he L ou umns The Columns attempts to portray and record in permanent form the varied stu- dent interests. It is planned and worked out for you by the staff. We hope that you will he proud oi your Columns, and that it will hold many memories close to your heart. ■■:. ' Business Manager Troyce Anne Chapm m Sponsor Miss Antoinette Jones Page Fifty-One i olleae L h ? 9 oir The Anderson College Choir, under the di- rection of Mrs. Fred Poplin, plays a part in the religious, educational, and social activities of the City and surrounding communities as well as in the college life. OFFICERS Left to Right: Elaine Blitch, Librarian; Harriett Boyd, Sec- retary; Jo Shirley, Treasurer; Frankie Creamer, Robe Chair- man; Sydney Vivian, Vice-President; Janet Poole, President; Rita Burley, Robe Chairman. u [d rs rs x Left to Right. First Row: Linda Dixon, Jan Biggers, Linda Pinson, Sydney Vivian, Nancy Burgh, Gail Haltiwanger, Jo Shirley, Elaine Bates, Sue Parker. Second Row: Mrs. Poplin, Pat Hose, Frances Hiers, Janet Poole, Anne Abercrombie, Sara M.ibry, Rita Burley, Annette Arnold, Janice Moorhead, Mrs. Hodges, Accompanist, Third Row: Marie Baughman, Linda Hart, Sue Payne, Gerldine Haydock, Irene Kelly, Cathy Sumner, Jane! Pellum, Harriett Boyd, Elaine Blitch, Martha Edmunds. Page Fifty-Two Left to Right, Standing: Gail Haltiwanger, Jo Shirley, Janet Poole, Pat Rose, Rita Burley, Annette Arnold, Elaine Blitch. Accompanist: Sara Mabrv. ex tetti Mrs. Fred Poplin Director The Choir ' s calender is filled with many en- joyable engagements. The group appeared twice during the State Baptist Convention Meeting in Columbia. Several Sunday services in neighbor- ing churches were included this year. A feature this year was the first annual Combined Christ- mas Conceit by the Clemson College Glee Club and the Anderson College Choir. On Christmas First Night, Founders Day, High School Weekend and Commencement oc- casions the Choir made campus appearances. An added attraction Founders Day this year was the presentation of new choir robes to the choir from the college. urara d L Page Fifty-Three rrotne C- conotnici L luo The Home Economics Club is known nationally as the Omicron Iota Kappa. Programs are planned that help the girls further their interest with the thought of making them better homemakers. OFFICERS Barbara Livingston, Secretary: Jackie Bradford. Treasurer; Mrs. Martin, Sponsor: Shirley Jones, President; Sandra Maness, Vice-President. WO Dra d Left to Right, Seated: Vivian Barker, Frances Hiers, Linda Taylor. Shelba Campbell, Patsy Moore, Ruth Hanley, Sandra Maness, Judy Hardin, Pat Doscher. Standing: Barbara Livingston, Lynn Tripp, Rebecca Coker, Shirlej [ones, Mrs. Martin, Jackie Bradford, Jean Ramsey, Sharon Mixon. Page Mty-Four OFFICERS President . Troyce Anne Chapm tn Vice-President Larry Ro Secretary-Treasurer Judy Bolt The Town Club is made up of all off-campus students. The club sponsors socials and a variety show. At the close of the year, the organization presents a gift to the College. 1iss Town Club ,,! I ' lfjO ELAINE ELLIS Page Fifty-Five -AtnderAon L olleae f li a iter J Delta Psi Omega is a national junior college drama- tic fraternity. Students who have a good scholastic stand- ing are eligible for membership in the organization after they have actively participated in acting or play pro- ducing. The Anderson College Players is an organization that gives the students a chance to further their interest in drama and its various phases. OFFICERS President - Judy Strand Vice-President Pat Sharpton Secretary Carolyn Keasler Treasurer Patsy Edmunds Sponsor Mr. Vivian DELTA PSI OMEGA Left to Right, Seated: Linda Taylor, Joan Sammons, Doris Miles, Mimi Livingstone, Marilee Crick, Lynn Tripp. Standing: Mr. Timms, Milton Dixon, Shirley Jones, Dudley Wall, Mr. Vivian. OL PL auerd Left to Right, First Row: Marv Anne Watkins, Carolyn Keasler, Cerline McCall, Patsy Brazell, Judy Strand, Pat Sharpton. Second Row: Doris Miles, Brenda Hayes, Linda Taylor, Lynn Tripp, Judy Bolt, Mimi Livingstone, Marilee Crick, Shirley Jones. Third Row: Mr. Vivian, Milton Dixon, Dudley Wall. Page Fifty-Six Sketch V lub • •• I L ' H • A p OFFICERS Left to Right: Mrs. Holcombe, Sponsor; Linda Canup, Treasurer; Sandra Maness, President; John Carlton, Secretary; Cynthia Williams, Vice-President. Left to Right, First Row: Brenda Bowick, Sandra Maness, Cynthia Williams. Linda Canup, John Carlton, Mrs. Holcombe. Second Row: Nancy Harbour, M. H. Timms, Irene Kelly, Ann Coker, Gail Walker, Harriett Boyd, Gary Sue Jones. Not Pictured: Harriett Brown, Mackie Davis, Candy Leinfelder. Page Fifty-Seven - Tlplia J- i C niiion yfl Alpha Pi Epsilon is the national honorary secretarial science fraternity for majors in this field. Members are. Left to Right: Mary Anne Watkins, President; Patricia Church, Treasurer; Linda Canup, Secretary; Elaine Bates, Co-President; Vermeil Coker, Vice-President; Betty Bracken. f hl Jheta J o appa w Miss Mary Major Burriss, Sponsor Left to Right. First Row: Joyce Dunlap. Eleanor Hines, Troyce Anne Chapman, S hil Mel. rise. Second Row: I.arry Hicks, Cecil Mitchum, William Bryant, Gail Dye, Mrs, Rubye Wall, Janice Moorhead, Henry von Hasseln, sponsor. Page Fifty-Eight Phi Theta Kappa is the national scholastic fraternity for junior colleges. Members include the top ten percent of the liberal arts students at AC. s I 30Pl 730PMI .»l s IEME90AY nBfT 7«30 P crasklljilmtdr! RWT 1 : v W:.-r 1srJ RS.U srsrEirEi Janet Pelluni President Miss Dora Hancock Sponsor The Baptist Student Union works with the Baptist church to bring our young people closer to God during their college years. Seated, Left to Right: Betty Bracken, Gail Haltiwanger, Yvonne Campbell, Frankie Ann Creamer, Janice Moor- Page Sixty head, Miriam Loftis. Standing: Carolyn Smith, Sammy Lee, Janet Pellum, Elaine Bates, Troyce Anne Chapman. Getting ready for school to start. BSU Party. The BSU is a distinctive student program promoted by the Southern Baptist Convention for Baptist students. Through the BSU each individual is encouraged to participate in the religious activities of the campus and his or her church. Its functions and objectives are to relate the student properly to his church and denomina- tion during college days; to promote spiritual and moral growth of the student through a campus program that complements the church ministry; to present a positive Christian witness to the campus and community; and, to develop balanced Christian personalities. The BSU sponsors various activities during the school year, such as, Vesper and chapel services; Mission Studies, and Deputation Programs to other campuses and churches; Beligious Emphasis Week, Dedicated Voca- tions Week, Christian Home Week, Summer Missions Program; Socials, and Banquets; Conventions and Be- treats; Bidgecrest Assembly; and, a sustained evangelis- tic program throughout the year. Each student. Baptist or non-Baptist is invited to participate in every activity. Going to Charleston— BSU Convention. Social during Religious Emphasis Week. Planning a Deputation Program. r Seated, Left to Right: Joyce Dunlap, Carol Burroughs, Brenda Bowick, Mary Anne Watkins, Betty Bracken, Elaine Bates, Patsy Bookhart, Standing: Betty McLin, Amy Burton, Patsy Moore, Doris Miles, Jackie Jeffefs, Tommie Lollis, Ann Abercrombie, Judy Burton, Janice Moorhead, Marlene Mouchet, Jo Shirley. y.w.-j. The Y.W.A. has a very active program to of- fer the young women at A.C. They conduct chapel programs, vespers, and circle meetings to create a Christian relationship among the students. Sybil Rowell, first semester president; Elaine Bates, second semester president; Miss Dora Hancock, sponsor. Page Sixty-Two OFFICERS Seated: Kenneth Hanna, President; Larry Morris. Vice-President. Standing: Mr. Burton Humphreys, Sponsor; Cecil Mitchum, Secretary and Treasurer; Sammy Lee. Program Chairman. 11 1 in is terial rS3ocia tion The Ministerial Association is composed of pre-ministerial students at AC. They work with the BSU to promote religious activities on campus, and in ad- dition, have projects of their own. Included is extension work throughout the countv, special chapel programs, and an " AC Day " in the Saluda Baptist As- sociation, at which time, they fill pulpits in the Baptist churches. Left to Right, Seated: Kenneth Hanna, Sammy Lee. Cecil Mitchum, Melvin Timms. Standing: Clarence Elmore, Larry Morris, Doc Campbell, Lafayette Davis, Neigel Gillespie. •», 1. Mass Confusion 2. How many more stairs to go??? 3. What is the matter, Lewis? 4. Watch out. Red (Gerrard) 5. Frank who, Mary?? 0. Outstanding beauties. 7. Which dance was this? d d d d e ie rs rs IE E]rarara % rnderAon Lotleae - rtnleUc JANICE MOORHEAD, Vice-President CAROL WALTON, President A ssociation tic I ■«- ». -r EDDIE HTJTCHINS, Secretary-Treasurer MAX GRURBS, Coach Page Sixty-Six L neerieacii er5 HEAD CHEERLEADER EMILIE TYLER PAULA MESA JOYE HUFF HAZEL SEARS PAT DOSCHER MARILEE CRICK Page Sixty-Seven ( Jadhet A.C. 48 Elberton 46 AC. 36 Erskine 29 A.C. 35 Elberton 40 A.C. 42 Anderson Nurses 28 A.C. 59 North Greenville 36 A.C. 59 Spartanburg Nurses 48 A.C. 71 Furman 48 A.C. 50 Anderson YMCA 27 A.C. 22 Anderson Nurses 16 A.C. 44 Anderson YMCA 16 A.C. 54 North Greenville 53 A.C. 91 Spartanburg Nurses 90 A.C. 63 Furman 37 A.C. 39 Erskine 32 The A.C. Sparkettes have held a very impressive record this year. The girls hard work and Mr. Max Grubbs excellent coach- ing really paid off. Left to Right, First Row: Carol Walton, Elaine Ellis, Rachel Dixon, Joyce Branch. Second Row: Cornelia Watson, Janice Feltman, Georgia Anderson, Jo Ann Mattison LjirlA u l U u u d e u Left to Right, First Row. Brcnda Bowick, May Frances Jantzen, Elaine Ellis, Susanne Pierce, Carroll Shands, Janice Feltman. Second Row: Georgia Anderson, Jo Ann Mattison, Cornelia Wat- son, Kathy Fetscher, Rita Burley, Rachel Dixon, Priscilla Randall. Page Sixty-Eight BJt A.C. 65 North Greenville 61 A.C. 48 North Greenville 63 A.C. 58 Gaston Tech 62 A.C. 65 Anderson YMCA 80 A.C. 60 Anderson YMCA 65 A.C. 69 Clemson College 117 A.C. 48 North Greenville 46 A.C. 44 Erskine 94 A.C. 38 Furman 91 A.C. 53 Furman 109 A.C. 40 Elberton 42 A.C. 67 Erskine 94 The A.C. Sparks held high their spirit al- though this year was not as successful as the past. The team was coached by Mr. Humphreys. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Jim Kay, Mike Black, Dewey Anderson, Roger Tip- pett, SECOND ROW: Gary Leslie, Eddie Hutchins, Gary Craft, Mr. Humphreys. rararararararara Bo t I .eft to Right, First Row: Larry Gillard, Gary Spake, Gary Leslie, Jim Kay, Butch Allied Second Row: Gary Craft, Joel Rice, Dewey Anderson, Eddie Hutchins, Jim Patterson, Mr. Humphreys. Page Sixty-Nine ■ Jennii L-lub I Left to Right, First Row: Carol Ann Rogers, Betty Ballard, Rhoda Ryan, Linda Taylor. Second Row: Phil Williams, Lewis Barker, Eddie Hutchins, Larry Rogers, Joel Rice, Paul Embler. styrcheru e earn Left to Right: Marbeth Mitchell, Doris Miles, Nancy Boss, Rhoda Ryan, Mima Campbell, Janice Feltman. Page Seventy (JSaseball - t Left to Right, First Row: Jerry McLeese, Larry Gerrard, Dennis Scott, Philip Urso, Jimmy Maddox, Larry Hicks, Glen Linsey. Second Row: Charles Winchester, Calvin Chapman, Joel Rice, Dan Whitfield, Paul Embler, Riley Bailes. SU. AC Left to Right. First Row: Emilie Tyler. Larry Gerrard, Linda Taylor, Joel Rice, Jo Ann Mattison, Eddie Hutching, Marilee Crick. Second Row: Ann Owens, Carol Walton, Cornelia WatSOh, Bernice Smith. Third Row: Larry Rogers, Vivian Barker, Betty Ballard. Fourth Row: Paid Embler, Jerry McLeese. Page Seventy-One .Jtction Allots basketball 1. Watch out, Jo Ann! 2. Standing Room Only 3. Jim races for the goal. 4. Did you make it, Bird? 5. All eyes on the basket. 6. Jump, Dewey, Jump! 7. Look out for No. 13. 8. Get it up there, Elaine. 9. Don ' t let her shoot, Georgia. 10. Get that rebound. ararararararars m m ■ n T .•»• ' w2 m V- ' • - ■ ■ i i B ■ " BH lc I ' . iVlau (ajueen 60 MISS BRENDA HAYES MS mm 111 ill mm mm El [El [El [El [E] [El [B d Till MAID OF HONOR LINDA HOLLAND opn tomoreS NANCY ROSS JUDY ROLT RHODA RYAN ( ) RARRARA LIVINGSTON Page Seventy-Five BECKY KEISLER JO SHIRLEY PATSY EDMUNDS -Jsresh men UU UUUUU U t U U tW 1 1 la ii L ourt 60 " J RITABURLEY NELL CAIN BOBBIE LOU FOX Page Seventy-Six Wo, sJJau 1959 MAY QUEEN iMISS DENNY FAYE WOODALL MAID OF HONOR JEANNETTE ATKINSON Shown Above: Herald Judy H.mee. Barbara Livingston, Linda Holland, Joyce Calhoun, Roberta Powell, Phyllis Gail Sutherland, Kimmie Lackey, Gary Cantee, Queen Denny Faye Woodall, Maid of Honor Jeannette Atkinson, Yvonne Holliday, Marian Bowen, [Louise Sadler, Judy Bolt, Linda Harper, Herald Penny Clcmments. Page Seventy-Seven S uperlu lived MOST TALENTED Gail Haltiwanger and Sara Mabry TYPICAL SOPHOMORES Paul Embler and Nancy Ross arara mk MOST ATHLETIC Elaine Ellis and Gary Craft Page Seventy-Eight uperia tiveA WITTIEST Philip Urso and Carolyn Keasler 3 IlI Id ITU IrU o IE BEST LO OKING Dudlev Wall and Rhoda Rvan MOST INTELLECTUAL Joyce Dunlap and Cecil Mitchum Page Seventy-Nine S uperlciL BEST PERSONALITY David Dykes and Nancy Ross iv e 5 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED William Bryant and Sara Mabry " Ml YAV i IWi IC£ " warn j BEST DRESSED Larry Gerrard and Rhoda Ryan Poge Eighty Bed JUI .Around DORIS MILES AND PAUL EMBLER ipip ' I V. . ft ' jy :• £, " • m ' M ■In IPii Page Eighty-One fyfidJ Columns MISS RUTH MEREDITH WALDROP Poge Eighty-Two steW ( handler [ resents the C olumnd (JSecudieS IV lis A Sophomore inlaid MISS BRENDA HAYES mm mm pi- F,V- yj • " . b v; ' !- " .- top J art ■; «••■ Sot, ' • ' •; $ Poge Eighty-Four MISS JUDY BOLT MISS LINDA HARPER Page Eighty-Five MISS BARBARA LIVINGSTON MISS RHODA RYAN Page Eighty-Six II-Svt ' fllll X ' ' - : . i ' -li If . ,V-s { •? ' )fy .:- r, §$H ■■::■• £ %?»£ .jr. ;-t ' v?0 -Vn.r. v . - ' ■••! $te t I V liii Trcshman L la MISS NELL CAIN JJ Page Eighty Seven MISS RECI ADAMS 5[lI[l1[E MISS JACKIE BRADFORD Dra Page Eighty-Eight MISS SANDRA FORTENBERRY U U add MISS GARY SUE JONES Page Eiglity-Nine 1. Where did you get those shades, Dad? 2. Is that you, Mary Anne? 3. Wake up, Lewis. 4. Crowded facilities. 5. What ' s so funny, Taylor. 6. Hi, Good Looking. 7. The Thinker (?) 8. Blistered, Judy? 9. You don ' t say, Emilie?! 10. Tall Paul. . . . Jhe cJLadt r ouncl - 1. All together now. 2. Dudley -Shame, Shame. 3. Where is the " hear " . ' ' 4. Quit acting juvenile. 5. New Men ' s Dorm. 6. " Suddenly Last Summer. ' 7. Horoscope good, Nancy? 8. Too blistered to sleep 9. Night at the opera. a i recto n it y President and Mrs. J. E. Rouse Anderson, S. C. 302 Boulevard, Dr. Annie D. Denmark Goldsboro, N. C. 206 Williams St., S., Mrs. T. B. Altaian Anderson, S. C. Bailey Ct. Apts., Mrs. Fred Black 304 Brown Ave., Belton, S. C. Miss Mary Major Burriss Anderson, S. C. 300 Spring Park Drive, Mrs. Aubrey Fowler Bailey Ct. Apts., Anderson, S. C. Mrs. John Glenn Hickory Hill, Anderson, S. C. Mr. Max Grubbs Tanglewood, Anderson, S. C. Miss Dora Hancock Donalds, S. C. Rev. Marion Hare - Rt. 2, Pendleton, S. C. Mr. Henry von Hasseln . Anderson, S. C. 1102 W. Whitner St., Mr. Webb von Hasseln Anderson, S. C. 1102 W. Whitner St., Mrs. Joseph Hodges Anderson, S. C. 2403 N. Main St., Mrs. Cressie Holcombe Anderson, S. C. 1018 Brock St., Mr. Burton Humphreys Anderson, S. C. Bailey Ct. Apts., Mrs. Bill Hynds . . 604 Whitehall, Anderson, S. C. Mrs. E. H. Johnston 415 S. Main St., Belton, S. C. Miss Antoinette Jones 506 North St., Anderson, S. C. Miss Euna Kay . Box 314, Belton, S. C. Dean Lawrence B. Lutz . Anderson, S. C. Bailev Ct. Apts., Mrs. David. Martin Rt. 2, Pendleton, S. C. ' Miss Lulu G. McClure . Winchester, Ohio Mr. Calvin McKinney Concord Ave., Anderson, S. C. Miss Jane Miller Pauline, S. C. Mrs. Virginia Miller Pauline, S. C. Mrs. Paul Mims - Anderson, S. C. 2505 Jackson Square, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mims Anderson, S. C. Bailey Ct. Apts., Mr. Thomas Myers, Sr. Anderson, S. C. Bailey Ct. Apts., Miss Annie Nickels Savannah, Ga. 1447 E. 39th St., Mr. Broadus Parker Anderson, S. C. 2701 E. North Ave., Ext., Mrs. E. A. Patterson Rt. 2, Iva, S. C. Mrs. Fred Poplin Bailey Ct. Apts., Anderson, S. C. Mr. E. C. Simpson Anderson, S. C. 802 Kingsley Rd., Mrs. Henrv Sullivan Anderson, S. C. 3280 Kingsley Rd., Mrs. Bevley Thompson Anderson, S. C. 618 Summit Ave., Mrs. Hunter Thompson Jasper, Ala. 903 7th Ave., N., Rev. Everett Vivian Anderson, S. C. Bailey Ct. Apts., Mrs. Hoyt Wilson Anderson, S. C. 518 Concord Ave., STUDENT DIRECTORY Abercrombie, Anne Lawson 1025 S. Rhett, Chas, S. C. Acker, Robert 332 Shockley Ferry Rd., Anderson, S. C. Adams, Alyce Maurica . 103 Webb, Anderson, S. C. Alford, Benny Eugene . 51 1 Glenwood Ave., Anderson, S. C. Allred, Marvin 33 Blacke St., Belton, S. C. Anderson, Dewey R.F.D. 2, Seneca, S. C. Anderson, Estelle Williamston, S. C. Anderson, Florence . Rt. 4, Greenwood, S. C. Anderson, Gayle 101 W. 4th St., Williamston, S. C. Anderson, Georgia Doris Rt. 1, Timmonsville, S. C. Arnold, Frances Annette - .111 Parkwood Dr., Greenville, S. C. Asbill, Nancy Carolyn 942 E. Carolina, Clinton, S. C. Ballard, Betty Ann • 105 Hagood, Pickens, S. C. Barbour, Nancy Lee . Rt. 1, Box 270, Greenville, S. C. Barker, Lewis Carroll . . 872 Ashlev Ave., Chas., S. C. Barker, Vivian Ella 830 Greenville St., Pendleton, S. C. Barnwell, Talmadge Leon . 5 Hamilton St., Williamston. S. C. Bates, Alice Elaine - 28 Aiken Blvd., Warrenville, S. C. Baughman, Cynthia Marie - . 707 Shirley, W., Columbia, S. C. Beard, James Harold 3512 Shawnee Dr., Anderson, S. C. Bell, James N. - Rt. 3, Belton, S. C. Bettis, Tallulah Anne . 407 Wilton St., Greenville, S. C. Biggers, Janice Ann . Rt. 3, Box 671, Florence, S. C. Blitch, Kay Elaine 617 Middle Drive, St. Andrews, Charleston, S. C. Bolt, Judith Coy Asbury Road, Anderson, S. C. Bone, Bennie Sue . 615 Bonham Ct., Anderson, S. C. Bookhardt, Patsv Ann . 1216 Durant Ave., No. Chas., S. C. Bowick, Brenda . 602 Cokcr Ave., Chas., S. C. Bowling, Jean . 1652 Cordova Ave.. Holly Hill, Fla. Boyd, Harriet Lee - Rt. 4, Orangeburg, S. C. Bovkin, Mvra Brooks 10 Burgess Ct., Sumter, S. C. Bracken, Betty Sue Box 176, Williamston, S. C. Bradford, Jackie Martin 248 Church St., Elberton, Ga. Branch, Joyce Elizabeth Rt. 1, Chester, S. C. Brashier, Christine (Mrs.) - 12 Academy, Williamston, S. C. Brazell, Patricia Ann . 1009 Center St., West Col. Bremer, Mrs. Ruth F. Rt. 1, Anderson, S. C Brock, James Abba 604 O ' Neal, Belton, S. C. Brown, Judith Rt. 1, Laurens, S. C. Brown, Melvin Earle 2609 Whitehall Ave., Anderson, S. C. Browning, Joe Wade Rt. 1, Williamston, S. C. Bryant, William Otis Box 199, Iva, S. C. Bryant, Marcia Elizabeth 92 North St., Anderson, S. C. Bryant, Garv Lee Rt. 1, Williamston, S. C. Bryee, Barbara Nell Madison St., Ehrhardt, S. C. Burgh, Nancy Joan - 212 Kuker St., Florence, S. C. Burlev, Rita A.M. Parr, S. C. Burns, Mary Barbara 613 Wappoo Dr., Chas., S. C. Burriss, Carolyn T. (Mrs.) 210 Bleckley, Anderson, S. C. Burroughs, Carole 81 Jones, Lavonia, Ga. Burton, Amv June Rt. 1, Iva. S. C. Burton, Judith 518 Race St., Hartwell, Ga. Burts, Marvin Rt. 4, Anderson, S. C. Bvid, Phillip R.F.D. 1, Hartsville, S. C. Cain. Nell Maree 302 S. Lantigue St., Blackville, S. C. Caldwell, Ann Rt. 4, Anderson, S. C. Caldwell, Laura Jean 100 Kav St., Honea Path, S. C. Campbell, Doc M. J. 8-A1 Bailey Ct., Anderson, S. C. Campbell, Kathrvn Caroline 236 Camille Ave., Greenville, S. C. Campbell, Mildred Mae Rt. 3, Chester, S. C. Campbell, Shelba Dean 138 Ellison St., Belton, S. C. Campbell, Shelvy Jean . Rt. 1, Easley, S. C. Campbell, (Mrs. Phil) Orr St., Anderson, S. C. Canup, Linda Marie 1013 Elizabeth St., Anderson, S. C. Carbonell, Elvira Jacqueline M. Gomez 148, Holguin, Oriente, Cuba Carbonell, Madeline M. M. Gomez 148, Holguin, Oriente, Cuba Carlton, John Thomas 605 Westview, Anderson, S. C. Carwile, William C. 422 Williamston Rd., Anderson, S. C. Chapman, Calvin Lee Rt. 1, Anderson, S. C. Chapman, Cathy Jane Rt. 1, Box 307, Hartsville, S. C. Chapman, Troyce Anne =. 117 E. Mauldin, Anderson, S. C. Cheshire, Molly Blake (Mrs.) 324 River St., Belton, S. C. Childers, Patricia Agnes 312 Old Augusta Rd., Greenville, S. C. Church, Patrica Ann 111 Marion St., Anderson, S. C. Cleveland, Mary Faye 48 Hammett, Anderson, S. C. Cobb, David Lee 208 Gossett St., Anderson, S. C. Cobb, Norman S. (Capt.) 2210 Belleview Drive, Anderson, S. C. (Joker, Carolvn JoAnn Rt. 8, 1122 Northbridge Dr., Chas., S. C. Coker, Rebecca Ann Rt. 3, Pelzer, S. C. Page Ninety-Two a ireciofi it Y Coker, S. Vermeil - - Rt. 8, 1122 Northbridge Dr., Chas., S. C. Cooper, Frank E. 1941 Clements Ave., Chas., S. C. Cooper, Margaret E. 208 Moreland Ave., Ext., Laurens, S. C. Cothran, Linda Jean Rt. 3, Belton, S. C. Craft, Thomas Garv 43 Prince, Anderson, S. C. Creamer, Frankie Anne - 2003 N. Holly St., Anderson, S. C. Crick, Marilee .- Rt. 2, Box 182, Kingstree, S. C. Crider, Richard HolliS - Cane Springs, Ga. Culbreth, Alice Faye . 508 N. Fant St., Anderson, S. C. Daniel, Amos Calvin 2 York, Anderson, S. C. Davenport, James Walker Davenport Circle, Williamston, S. C. Davis, Layfayette J. - Rt. 1, Honea Path, S. C. Davis, Mackey Lee Rt. 2, Belton, S. C. Davis, Nancy Lee . 206 Simpson Dr., Anderson, S. C. Dawson, Patricia F. 506 Evans St., Anderson, S. C. Dean, Margaret J. Rt. 2, Starr, S. S., 12-B4 Bailey Ct., Anderson, S. C. Dickson, Clarence 111 S. Prevost, Anderson, S. C. Dickson, Milton A. 1006 Elizabeth St., Anderson, S. C. Dickson, Rachel Elease - - E. Main St., Westminister, S. C. Dixon, Linda Faye 200 Broad St., Williamston, S. C. Doscher, Patricia . - 1122 Northbridge Dr., Chas., S. C. Dunlap, Joyce 120 Rockwood Dr., Greenville, S. C. Dunlap, Phyllis - 226 Belton Dr., Williamston, S. C. Dunlevy, Dellaney - 705 Lee St., Johnston, S. C. Dyar, Charlotte . ' . Rt. 1, Starr, S. C. Dye, Gail Almaria 701 College Ave., Anderson, S. C. Dykes, David Paul . 811 Elizabeth, Anderson, S. C. Edmonds, Patricia Ann . . Margaret St., Pickens, S. C. Edmonds, Martha E. - 2708 Whitehall Ave., Anderson, S. C. Edwards, Judith Ann 610 Winston Dr., Anderson, S. C. Ellis, Sarah Elaine . - 139 Tanglewood Dr.. Anderson, S. C. Ellison, John William . . Rt. 1, Williamston, S. C. Elmore, Clarence A. . 93 Bailey Ct., Anderson, S. C. Embler, Paul Leon . . 1203 S. Main, Anderson, S. C. Fant, Margaret H. (Mrs.) . 425 E. Orr, Anderson, S. C. Ferns, Don Davis 122 Glenwood Ave., Anderson, S. C. Feltman, Janice Sharon Rt. 2, Lavonia, Ga. Fetscher, Mary K. 634 Medway Rd., Charleston, S. C. Fletcher, Melvin E. . 510 Hudgens, Anderson, S. C. Floyd, William H. - Rt. 2, Honea Path, S. C. Fortenberry, Sandra - 49 Ancel St., Alexandria, Va. Fowler, Frances E. - Rt. 2, Anderson, S. C. Fowler, Trudy Ann 307 Woodruff St., Woodruff, S. C. Fox, Bobbie Lou Hemphill Ave., Chester, S. C. Franklin, Edward H. • 605 Gossett St., Anderson, S. C. Gaillard, Jessie (Mrs.) Rt. 1, Williamston, S. C Gaillard, Larry D. Rt. 1, Pclzer, S. C Gaines, Wayne Smith - Rt. 3, Belton, S. C. Gantt, Dorothy Mae Connie Maxwell, Greenwood, S. C. Garrett, Camellia Catherine 289 Wertz, Greenville, S. C. Garrett, Martha Jane Rt. 3, Anderson, S. C. Garrison, Carolyn R. 37 Sunset Dr., Greenville, S. C. Geer, Harriet (Mrs.) 609 Boulevard, Anderson, S. C. Gerrard, Larry T. 208 Mavfield Dr., Anderson, S. C. Gibson, Frances E. • Rt. 2, Pickens, S. C. Gibson, Robert C. . 1001 Linley, Anderson, S. C. Gillespie, Connie B. 214 Society St., Anderson, S. C. Gillespie, Neigel 214 Society St., Anderson, S. C. Gilreath, Ronald Lee . Rt. 2, Belton, S. C. Glenn, Joyce Lee Box 75, Starr, S. C. Clenn, Mary Olive East Queen, Pendleton, S. C. Gossett, Judy B. Queen, Box 162. Pendleton, S. C. Greer, David Robert Rt. 6, Knollwood Dr., Greenville, S. C. Griffin, Henry W. 120 Aster, No. Chas., S. C. Griffin, Patricia May - Rt. 4, Anderson, S. C. Griffin, Paula Ann - - 306 Lucky St., Westminster, S. C. Haltiwanger, Gail - 313 " C " St., Anderson, S. C. Hanley, Martha Ruth . Rt. 1, Fountain Inn, S. C. Hanna, Kenneth 415 Riley St., Anderson, S. C. Harbin, Martha Jane . 13 P. St., Anderson, S. C. Harbin, Patsy A. 116 S. Prevost, Anderson, S. C. Harden, Julia H. .- 207 North Ave., Anderson, S. C. Harmon, Shelia M. Leitner St., Graniteville, S. C. Harper, Linda M. 101 Academy St., Williamston, S. C. Harris, Sydney M. 113 White Oak, Sumter, S. C. Hart, Linda Rt. 3 Box 7, Travelers Rest, S. C. Hartsell, Joyce B. (Mrs.) - 61 Broadway St., Newry, S. C. Havdock, Judy Geraldine Rt. 2, Enoree, S. C. Haves, Judith Brenda Rt. 1, Pickens, S. C. Hicks, Larry Lee . 202 North St., Anderson, S. C. Hiers, Frances . 2118 Captain Ave., Chas. Hgts., S. C. Hilley, William R. 101 N. Prevost St., Anderso n, S. C. Hines, Eleanor J. 515 Evans St., Anderson, S. C. Holland, Linda Rt. 2, Anderson, S. C. Hopkins, Mary Julia 338 Tribble St., Anderson, S. C. Hudson, Patricia Ann . P. O. Box 713, Hampton, S. C. Huff, Jove Rosamond ' Bcrea Dr., Greenville, S. C. Hughes, Anne Jones Box 132, Greenwood, S. C. Hunt, William T. - Rt. 3, Seneca, S. C. Hutchins, George Edwin Rt. 2, Walhalla, S. C. Hyatt, Patricia Ann 101 Haywood Ave., McColl, S. C. Infinger, James W. 2 Wragg St., Charleston, S. C. Jameson, Hannah R. 603 E. Calhoun, Anderson, S. C. Jantzen, May Frances 724 Wappoo Hall Rd., Chas., S. C. Jeffers, Jacqueline . Cross, S. C. Jenkins, Grace E. Rt. 3. Union, S. C. Johnson, Nancy Bowen Rt. 5, Easley, S. C. Jones, Gary Sue . 530 N. Center St., Hickory, N. C. Jones, Jimmie Lob Rt. 2, Pickens, S. C. Jones, Shirley I. - Rt. 2, Taylors, S. C. Kay, Pauline . 405 Holmes St., Belton, S. C. Kay, James David 1 Sitton, LaFrance, S. C. Keasler, Carolyn Sunset, Pickens, S. C. Keaton, Gwendolyn Rt. 4, Abbeville, S. C. Keisler, Rebecca H. Box 174, Saluda, S. C. Kelley, Albert J. Rt. 1, Box 131, Liberty, S. C. Kirby, Frances Gail Rt. 1, Lyman, S. C. Kirkham. Marcella E. 502 Crescent Dr., Anderson, S. C. Lane, Hazel Maree Rt. 2, Lamar, S. C. Lee, James Edward 811 Fairplay St., Seneca, S. C. Lee, Sammy Clayton Rt. 1, Lavonia, Ga. Leinfelder, Candy 113 Bleckley, Anderson, S. C. Leonard, Glenn - Rt. 3, Belton, S. C. Leslie, Gary Donald Rt. 1, Pickens, S. C. Lindsey, Glenn H. Box 195, Pelzer, S. C. Lindsey, Leonard Lee Box 195, Pelzer, S. C. Littleton, Johnny 14 Clemson St., Liberty, S. C. Livingston, Barbara 130 Moreland Ave., Laurens, S. C. Livingstone. Mildred 14 Covington Rd., Avondalc F.states. Ga. Loftis, Miriam Rt. 4, Taylors, S. C. Lollis, John Rt. 1, Oswego, S. C. Lollis, Tommie Ruth Fountain Inn, Rt. 1, S. C. Lopez, Carmen 1426 Reynolds, Key West. Fla. Lusk, Sara Ann Rt. 1, Central, S. C. McAlister, John 418 Taylor, Anderson, S. C. McCall, Gerline Rt. 1, Walhalla, S. C. McClain, Wanda 118 Myrtle St., Elberton, Ga. McLin, Betty Ann 118 N. Slain St., Sumter, S. C. McComb, Judy Frances Rt. 2. Effingham, S. C McCraw, Marv E. 2 Hellams, Fountain Inn, S. C. McCurly, Charles 3007 New Pond Rd., Anderson, S. C. McGce, Kenneth P. Starr, S. C. MeLeese, Jerrv Rt. 2, Anderson, S. C. Mabrv. Sara Ann 217 Hamilton, Williamston, S. C. Major Betty (Mrs.) Main, Williamston, S. C. Maness, Sandra 101 Beulah Dr., Anderson, S. C. Martin, Johnnie Rt. 1, Anderson. S. C. Martin, Lewis W. IB Crayton Manor, Anderson, S. C. Page Ninety-Three Mattison, JoAnn 208 River St., Belton. S. C. Meece, Audry Lorraine 608 Summit Ave., Anderson, S. C. Mesa, Paula Anne 2102 Seidenberg Ave., Key West, Fla. Miles, Doris Elaine . 4517 Arlington St., Columbia, S. C. Miller, Patricia Anne 12 Roslyn Circle, Aiken, S. C. Mitchell, Frances Marbeth Box 428, Leesville, S. C. Mitchum, Cecil G. 103 Frances, Anderson, S. C. Mixon, Sharon R. - - 909 Bells Highway, Walterboro, S. C. Moore, Patsy 108 Brown Ave., Belton, S. C. Moore, Rachel Ann Rt. 1, Starr, S. C. Moorhead, Janice Rt. 1, Bowersville, Ga. Morgan, Mary Louise 19 Payne Dr., Williamston, S. C. Morris, Larry Rt. 1, Hartwell, Ga. Morris, Martha Elaine . . 2305 N. Main, Anderson, S. C. Morris, Sallie Jane 602 College Hgts., Anderson, S. C. Morrison, Ann 414 Whitehall Rd., Anderson, S. C. Moss, Patricia Gale . 106 Maple Blvd., Clemson, S. C. Mouchet, Florence Marlene Rt. 1, Bowersville, Ga. Moyer, Martha Alice 1202 Edgefield St., Greenwood, S. C. Natarajan, Sanjevi Anderson College, Anderson, S. C. Morris, Patsy Ann . 1112 Jefferson, Greenwood, S. C. Odom, Barbara 1105 Pearl St., Orangeburg, S. C. Owens, Nancy Ann 11 Smythe, Belton, S. C. Parker, Virginia Sue Rt. 2, Chesnee, S. C. Patterson, Dennis 509 N. Fant, Anderson, S. C. Patterson, James 924 Carolina Circle, Anderson, S. C. Payne, Melinda Sue - 3107 Abbeville Hgwy., Anderson, S. C. Pearce, Susanne 618 Medway Rd., Charleston, S. C. Pearson, Eleanor Rt. 1, Woodruff, S. C. Peeler, Dennis 711 Windsor Ave., Anderson, S. C. Pellum, Janet . - 315 Third St., Walterboro, S. C. Pinson, Linda Rt. 1, Starr, S. C. Place, Brenda C. . . Church St., Woodruff, S. C. Poole, Betty Arm 116 Argonne Dr., Greenville, S. C. Poole, Janet . 806 E. Ferguson, Clinton, S. C. Porter, Thurman H. Rt. 3, Pelzer, S. C. Powell, Edna Faye 205 W. Hampton, Anderson, S. C. Powell, Hershel . 1005 Fretwell St., Anderson, S. C. Powell, William R. . Rt. 5, Anderson, S. C. Prince, Ernest R. . . Rt. 2, Donalds, S. C. Pruitt, Cecil P. Woodside, Anderson, S. C. Ramsey, Carol Jean . 16 East View Dr., Greenville, S. C. Randall, Priscilla 19 Rainbow Dr., Lavonia, Ga. Rauton, James C. Florida Ave., Greenwood, S. C. Reid, Robert R. 121 Camellia, Anderson, S. C. Rice, Joel S. 107 Little St., Belton, S. C. Richbourg, Lynda . P. O. Box 186, St. George, S. C. Richey, Hilda . 421 Mauldin St., Anderson, S. C. Robertson, Shelby Rt. 1, Pelzer, S. C. Rodgers, Carol Ann . P. O. Box 4675, Charleston, S. C. Rogers, Clarence F. Rt. 5, Seneca, S. C. Rogers, Herbert T. . Box 66, Pelzer, S. C. Rogers, Larry Bert . Bruce St., Williamston, S. C. Rose, Juanita Patricia 1157 Pincknev, Florence, S. C. Ross, Nancy 18 Mauldin St., ' Greenville, S. C. McLeese, Sybil R. Rt. 2, Easley, S. C. Rowland, Larry Williams, LaFrance, S. C. Ryan, Rhoda . 16 Woodland Way, Greenville, S. C. Sammons, Joan . Rt. 4, Taylors, S. C. Scarborough, Judith 2818 Bellview Dr., Anderson, S. C. Sears, Jerryl 2011 Lindale Rd., Anderson, S. C. Sears, Mary Hazel Main, Pendleton, S. C. Shands, Carroll 6215 McGregor Blvd., Ft. Myers, Fla. Sharpton, Patricia . Chestnut Ridge Rd., McCormick, S. C. Sheppard, Jeanne . . Rt. 80, Greenville, S. C. Shirley, Jo Delaine 236 Belton Dr., Williamston, S. C. Shirley, James . 737 Anderson, St., Belton, S. C. Shirley, William Dan 46 North St., Anderson, S. C. Smith, Bernice . 401 Gossett, Anderson, S. C. Smith, Bonnie Gail . 1558 Marietta St., Chas., S. C. Smith, Carolyn Riley . 404 Eagle St., Graniteville, S. C. Smith, James Donald Rt. 2, Donalds, S. C. Smith, Janice C. - 301 Waccamaw Ave., Greenville, S. C. Smith, Jesse LaMar 56 Oak Dr., Iva, S. C. Smith, Nellie Jean 405 Sherwood Ave., Honea Path, S. C. Smith, Sandra - 5 Col. Estill Dr., Wymberly, Savannah, Ga. Smith, Sandra Kaye Madison, S. C. Smith, Vera Ann Rt. 1, Aynor, S. C. Spake, Gary Lee 11 Park Ave., Anderson, S. C. Stanley, Mrs. Betty . - 904 Hiawatha Dr., Anderson, S. C. Stoudemire, Diana (Mrs.) 187 Woodbridge, Clemson, S. C. Strand, Judy Milton Road, Joanna, S. C. Stroud, Jerry - Rt. 4, Nichols, S. C. Strickland, Mrs. Nelle 1908 N. Main, Anderson, S. C. Stuart, Alice . Rt. 1, Starr, S. C. Sumner, Catherine 12 Cammer, Greenville, S. C. Stovall, Bobby - 3304 Keys, Anderson, S. C. Taylor, Linda 110 Earl St., Laurens, S. C. Thomas, Nelda Ruth - Fairfax, S. C. Thrift, Emily Chesnee, S. C. Timms, M. H. Hartwell, Ga. Tindal, Callie Ann . Rt. 1, Avnor, S. C. Traynham, Jo Elaine Rt. 3, Honea Path, S. C. Tripp, Lynn Rt. 55, Greenville, S. C. Tyler, Emilie . 207 N. Marlboro, McColl, S. C. Urso, Phillip - Rt. 2, Gray Court, S. C. Vivian, Sydney 19 Bailey Ct., Anderson, S. C. Wagner, Bonnie L. . 502 Bennett St., Greenville, S. C. Waldrop, Ruth Meredith .. Rt. 2, Grav Court, S. C. Walker, Gail . - Rt. 3, Honea Path, S. C. Walker, Margaret . 501 E. Franklin, Anderson, S. C. Wall, A. Dudley, Jr., . Rt. 1, Anderson, S. C. Wall, Rubye (Mrs.) Rt. 1, Anderson, S. C. Walters, Thomas G. .. Pendleton Rd., Clemson, S. C. Walton, Carol 26 Aiken Rd., Vaucluse, S. C. Watkins, Marv Anne Rt. 1, Williamston, S. C. Watkins, William Thomas . - Rt. 1, Williamston, S. C. Watson, Eddie Cornelia - Rt. 7, Greenville, S. C. Watson, Nancv Lee 1220 King Ave., Florence, S. C. Welbome, Betty . 1 Bagwell St., Greenville, S. C. Whalen, Barbara Lee . 506 E. River, Anderson, S. C. Whitney, Robert, Jr. Rt. 3, Pelzer, S. C. Williams, C. Phillip 1109 West End Ave., Anderson, S. C. Williams, Cynthia Gail 216 Riley, Anderson, S. C. Williams, Garv Winfred . Rt. 3, Anderson, S. C. Williams, Judith 127 North St., Anderson, S. C. Witcher, Kenneth 418 Mauldin, Anderson, S. C. Wood, Jennv Sue Rt. 3, Ninety Six, S. C. Woodcock, Angela Claire 313 Whitehall Rd„ Anderson, S. C. Woodham, JoAnne Rt. 2, Pinewood, S. C. Zachary, Judith 207 Broadway Blvd., Greenville, S. C. SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS Beard, Charles 516 E. Worthington Ave., Charlotte, N. C. Bell, Gary D. 632 Grier, Greenwood, S. C. Black, Michael 56 Broadway St., Newry, S. C. Bostic, Billy Anderson, S. C. Bowling, Ralph T. 610 Hevward Ave., Honea Path, S. C. Boyce, James Box 305, Pelzer, S. C. Burton, Herman . Rt. 1, Pelzer, S. C. Dodson, W. E. Jr. . 2812 E. North Ave., Anderson, S. C. Heaton, Roger Rt. 3, Anderson, S. C. Hill, Fred J. 504-B Evans St., Anderson, S. C. Jordan, Joseph M. 7 Fuller, Pelzer, S. C. Kelly, Irene 19 E. Pinckney St., Abbeville, S. C. Masters, Larry W. 112 Ridgewood Dr., Greenwood, S. C. Meares, Larrv Rt. 2, Pelzer, S. C. Newton, Gloria McColl, S. C. Patterson, Eugene 11 Evergreen St., Anderson, S. C. Smith, Wayne . Rt. 1, Townville, S. C. Sosebee, Johnny - 1432 W. Market, Anderson, S. C. Thompson, Ellen M. - 2614 E. North Ave., Anderson, S. C. Tippett, Roger . . 21 Sirrine St., Seneca, S. C. Wells, Henry W. . . 305 Jeb Stuart Ave., Anderson, S. C. Wright, Murray Scott 120 Saluda, Belton, S. C. Page Ninety-Four d d d d arararararararararara HEADQUARTERS FOR UNDERWOOD " GOLDEN TOUCH " TYPEWRITERS All Electric Add-Mates ACKER OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY 117 W. Benson Street Anderson, S. C. " Famous for Charcoal Grilled Steaks " THE EL DORADO RESTAURANT At Pruitt ' s Shopping Center J. R. ELLISON Clemson Highway, 2905 N. Main Street Anderson, South Carolina The Prettiest Shoes in Town Are At CATON ' S LADIES AND MISSES SHOES 128 East Benson Street Anderson, S. C. WALTERS HILLMAN CLOTHES MEN LIKE Campus Shop . . . Second Floor Main Street Anderson, S. C. SALES SERVICE BILL BALLENTINE MOTORS, INC. BILL BALLENTINE, Representative Telephone CAnal 4-3476 Anderson, South Carolina WE ARE PROUD TO BE THE GENERAL CONTRACTOR FOR ANDERSON COLLEGE ' S NEW GYMNASIUM -STUDENT CENTER! BRISSEY LUMBER COMPANY 321 East Earle Street Anderson, South Carolina ' THE POWER TO PASS— THAT ' S DIXIE GAS ' 1930 1960 THIRTY YEARS -SERVING THE PIEDMONT SECTION OF SOUTH CAROLINA Major Frank R. Thompson President and Treasurer The World ' s Largest Organization of Independent Oil Jobbers All DIXIE PRODUCTS Are Built To Rigid Specifications ' DIXIE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Are Selected And Not Just Sent " AVIATION GASOLINES AND LUBRICANTS DIXIE GOLDEN FLASH GASOLINE DIXIE ETHYL GASOLINE DIXIE PENN MOTOR OILS AND LUBRICANTS PENNZOIL MOTOR OILS AND LUBRICANTS INDUSTRIAL OILS AND LUBRICANTS OIL BURNING SPACE HEATERS OIL BURNING FURNACES ANDERSON PETROLEUM CO D STR BUTORS " Nationally Known, Locally Owned " PHONE CA 5-8276 ANDERSON, S. C. THE McDOUGALD FUNERAL HOME Anderson, South Carolina ALTON HALL FLORIST AND DECORATOR THE SHINING TOWER RESTAURANT CURB SERVICE OR DINING ROOM North Main Street Anderson, South Carolina WEDDING CONSULTANT Call CAnal 5-2198 Anderson, South Carolina SULLIVAN-KING MORTUARY Main at Federal Phone CAnal 5-5431 " Anderson ' s Oldest Funeral Home " Compliments of GABLE ' S FLORIST AND GREENHOUSE " Our Flowers Say It For You " E. Whitner St. Anderson, S. C. CA 4-0236 MODERN DRY CLEANERS CLEANING, TAILORING, REPAIRING 301 E. Benson St. Dial CA 4-3071 Anderson, S. C. PETE ' S DRIVE-IN NO. 5 RESTAURANT Corner E. River Street and Shockley Ferry Road FIRST IN QUALITY - FAIREST IN PRICES FASTEST IN SERVICE ' A Satisfied Customer Is Our First Consideration " i u- Bailey Court Apartments MODERN BRICK DUPLEX APARTMENT BUILDINGS Apartments Available for Anderson College Faculty and Staff and for Married Students APARTMENTS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL TO PUBLIC Anderson ' s Finest One, Two, and Three-Bedroom Apartments Individual Automatic Heating Units In Each Apartment Kitchen Furnished — Efficient Maintenance Service MARY LEE ' S SMART STYLES IN WOMEN ' S APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES 124 N. Main Street Anderson, S. C. CA 4-1591 Best Wishes From MAYNARD ' S WAYSIDE FURNITURE A STORE FOR HOMES Belton-Anderson Highway CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! FOUNDRY STEEL, INC. 227 N. Towers Street Anderson, S. C. Compliments of MIDAS MUFFLER SHOP Lifetime Guaranteed Mufflers Tail Pipes and Dual Exhaust Pipes 306-1 , 2 North Main Street Anderson, S. C. ESSO PRODUCTS HOME - COMMERCIAL STRINGER OIL COMPANY We Give S H Green Stamps Use Your Esso Credit Card 2712 South Main St. Anderson, S. C. Dial CA 4-1110 Besf Wishes from PREVOST SUPPLY COMPANY 109 E River Street CA 5-5731 Anderson, S. C. BARTON GROCERY CO. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Anderson, S. C. Must have been a big score ... if it took Rhoda and Shirley and Nancy and Dewey to figure it! " Bowling At Its Best " 10 Lanes VISIT THE STAR-LITE BOWL Completely Automatic BILL BAKER, Manager Phone CA 6-4200 2811 N. Main Street Anderson, South Carolina RADIO STATION W H P B Serving Belton, Williamston, Honea Path, and Anderson With Music, News, and Sports Throughout the Day Phone Belton 33-7786 Compliments of PIEDMONT ELECTRICAL WHOLESALE COMPANY, INC. 620 North Murray Avenue Anderson, South Carolina BEST WISHES FROM CAROLINA CREME DOUGHNUT SHOP 309 Greenville Street Anderson, S. C. Compliments of DARBY ELECTRIC COMPANY Anderson,, S. C. IDEAL LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS 109 West Reed Street Anderson, South Carolina CA 4-3325 Best In Cleaning and Laundering DIAL: IDEAL One Day Service If Desired ERSKINE COLLEGE DUE WEST, SOUTH CAROLINA A fully accredited leading liberal arts college for men and women with majors leading to A.B. and B.S. degrees. Majors in pre-professional work such as medicine, dentistry, law, ministry, business administration, elementary and secondary teaching, physical education (for men), and Directors of Christian Education. Also piano, voice, organ, band, dramatics, and art. Also A Summer Session Of 1 1 Weeks WRITE THE REGISTRAR FOR CATALOG OR VISIT OUR CAMPUS Chamblee Brothers Construction Company GRADING AND CLEARING SUB-CONTRACTORS FOR ANDERSON COLLEGE ' S FINE NEW ATHLETIC FIELD - • , , - . „ - - " - 119 W. Moore Street CAnal 5-2117 Anderson, South Carolina BE SOCIABLE . . . HAVE A PEPSI Compliments of D. GORDON CASEY REAL ESTATE AND LAND SURVEYING Anderson, South Carolina (£ BEST WISHES TO ANDERSON COLLEGE WHITEHALL DRIVE-IN CLEANERS 113 Whitehall Road, Anderson, S. C. TERRY BOTTLING CO., INC. TOWN AND COUNTRY FURNITURE SHOP 2605 North Main Street Anderson ' s FIRST Wayside Furniture Store Offering FIRST in Quality Anderson, S. C. — Greenwood, S. C. Under Appointment from Pepsi-Cola Co., New York DIXON-POWERS DRUG COMPANY " YOUR SERVICE DRUG STORE " Claude Dixon — Bill Powers 805 N. Font Street CAnal 4-1684 Anderson, South Carolina " Better Be Safe Than Sorry " Lawrence And Brownlee INSURANCE AND BONDS Southern Insurance Specialists 122 N. Main St. Phone CA 5-8221 Anderson, South Carolina Compliments of Orr-Lyons Anderson, South Carolina Compliments of J. P. Stevens Co., Inc. APPLETON PLANT Anderson, South Carolina CONGRATULATIONS From MAXWELL BROS. AND McCALLUM, INC. 502 North Main Street Anderson, S. C. BEST WISHES FROM CAROLINA CREME DOUGHNUT SHOP 309 Greenville Street Anderson, S. C. CALHOUN HOTEL AND COFFEE SHOP ROY CRAWFORD, General Manager THE GREASY SPOON RESTAURANT 309 N. Main St. Anderson, S. C. RICHARD RUHLE REFRIGERATION COMPANY REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING THE PERPETUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF ANDERSON Savings Insured Up to $10,000 by the Federal Deposit Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation 304 N. Main Street Anderson, S. C. EQUIPMENT 207 West Church Street Anderson, South Carolina Phone CAnal 5-7441 WELCOME TO McLESKEY TODD DRUG COMPANY 1 1 4 North Main Street Anderson ' s Most Modern Drug Store BEST WISHES TO ANDERSON COLLEGE The only South Carolina College which has two modern radio stations and a television station on its campus! These facilities - and those of THE ANDERSON INDEPENDENT and THE DAILY MAIL (circulation over 56,000) are wholeheartedly in support of this fine institution. WAIM- W C A C-FM - W A I M-TV - 24 YEARS COVERS 5 STATES CBS and ABC WILTON E. HALL, Owner Compliments of BAILES DEPARTMENT STORE BEST WISHES TO THE 1960 GRADUATES From THE TOWNE HOUSE AND COFFEE SHOPPE 125 North Main Street Anderson, S. C. On the Square, In Anderson, S. C. ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA SAM E. BOLT BUILDING CONTRACTOR Anderson, S. C. THE ANDERSON HARDWARE COMPANY " Gifts For All Occasions " East River Street Anderson, S. C. CA 4-4578 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 From the Entire Personnel of JOHNSTON FURNITURE COMPANY WILLIAM C. JOHNSTON 123 E. Whitner Street CA 5-7771 Anderson, S. C. Compliments of STEWART LUMBER COMPANY DILLARD SPORTING GOODS Station A — Box 1 688 Sporting Goods Is Our Business, Not a Sideline 112 East Mauldin Street — Anderson, S. C. BILL DILLARD, Owner " ONE STOP BUILDING SERVICE " CAnal 4-6539 HORACE STRICKLAND, Manager BELLVIEW ESTATES RESIDENTIAL SUB-DIVISIONS Anderson, South Carolina There ' s a " one and only " in refreshment, too Plan Now for a Happy and Successful Future . . . CHOOSE Anderson College For Your Freshman an d Sophomore Years of Standard College Work ANDERSON COLLEGE IS FULLY ACCREDITED BY THE SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES Credits Earned at AC Transfer Easily to Four-Year Colleges and Universities Basic Liberal Arts . . . Pre-Professional Courses, Secretarial Science, Electives BOARDING STUDENTS-Room, Board, Tuition, Fees Per Year $700 DAY STUDENTS-Tuition, Fees Per Year $300 Scholarships Available For Complete Details, Write PRESIDENT J. E. ROUSE Anderson College, Anderson, South Carolina SOUTHERNER HOTEL COURT Two Miles North on U. S. 29 at By-Pass ROY CRAWFORD, Lessee J. P. TROWBRIDGE, Manager BEST WISHES BEN RICHBOURG ' S FOODS 131 E. Whitner Street Anderson, South Carolina DISTINCTIVE FASHIONS 202 S. Main Street Anderson, S. C. " Say ii With Flowers, But Say It With Ours " DAVIS FLORAL COMPANY 229 E. Benson St. (Wilmary Bldg.) Anderson, S. C. Phone CA 6-1661 SHIRLEY ' S, INC. LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP 132 East Benson Street Anderson, S. C. Anderson ' s Most Modern Motel CAROLINA TERRACE DOWNTOWN ANDERSON N. Murray Ave. CA 6-341 1 YON ' S FOOD STORE CITY-WIDE DELIVERY 1305 North Main Street Anderson, S. C. Phone CA 6-1556 RICHARDSON ' S BAKERY 1401 North Main Street Anderson, S. C. Catering for Weddings and Parties RAWLINS - ALLEN STUDIO BELK-SIMPSON COMPANY Greenville, South Carolina PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE J 960 COLUMNS CONGRATULATIONS TO GRADUATES FROM MARSHALL FARMS, Wholesaler " The Best Dressed Chickens " West Road Belton, South Carolina Dial " 33 " Then Dial 3836 h. neil gillespie Photographer of the 1960 COLUMNS BEAUTIES 2227 Augusta Street Greenville, S. C. CE 3-4900 Shop and Save at ANDERSON ' S MOST COMPLETE SUPERMARKET CREAMER BOLT SUPERMARKET 2539 West Whitner Street Anderson, South Carolina BEST WISHES TO ANDERSON COLLEGE ABNEY MILLS ANDERSON MILL TOXAWAY DIVISION BILL ARFLIN SERVICE STATION Fine GULF Products Expert Wheel Balancing — Road Service 1608 E. River St. CA 4-0120 Anderson, S. C. Best Wishes to Anderson College! HILL ELECTRIC COMPANY East River Street CA 5-8791 Anderson, S. C. Compliments of MOORHEAD DRUGS 314 S. Main St. Anderson, S. C. Dial CA 4-6401 or CA 6-1201 Open Evenings Until 10 p.m. Sundays 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. THE HOT SHOPPE RESTAURANT and JAX ' S HOT SHOPPE HENRY McCOWN - WALTER DORN, Owners N. Main Street Anderson, S. C. PALMETTO PUBLISHING COMPANY 215 W. Church St. Telephone CAnal 6-2442 Anderson, South Carolina J. D. McCoy, President Agnew Browne, Manager " WE PRINT ANYTHING BUT MONEY " Congratulations to the Graduates WE ARE PROUD OF ALL OF YOU! City Of Anderson James M. Cathcart Mayor Rufus H. Moorhead Mayor Pro-Tern ALDERMEN CLARENCE B. ELLISON - GEORGE S. MACK - RALPH P. SEWELL CLARENCE L. PRESSLEY - WILLIAM H. EMBLER - RUFUS H. MOORHEAD U. H. BURTON City Attorney - OSCAR H. DOYLE, JR. City Clerk-Treasurer - H. M. WILSON City Engineer-Manager - C. C. ANDREWS KIMBRELL ' S DEPENDABLE FURNITURE 207-209 South McDuffie Street Phone CA ' 5-5496 Anderson, S. C. PLAZA BARBER SHOP Plaza Corner — North Main " We Specialize in Flat-Tops " Roy Trabin — G. C. Brock — Joe Slater MARILYN SHOES Wide Selection . . . Latest Styles 200 South Main Street Anderson, S. C. Call CAnal 5-9215 WILLIAMS TIRE MART NEW AND USED ALL SIZES 1 504 E. River Street CA 6-2372 SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina ' Serving In This Section for Over 70 Years ' POWER TO THE CLASS OF 60 Were proud of you . . . proud, too, of the chance to serve a new generation of young Piedmont citizens. Our best to you as you move forward, in a free and responsible community . . . where your own will and effort are the measure of achievement. REDDY KILOWATT foul :lru Scrvonl DUKJr) power company Xra toarapk arapt • ft f) t i t S I j! . f ia i ■ A ' = « ' ' , " i- J - J , SfcH ' fkf «

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