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LIBRARY tRSON COV ;0 .« ■ ' ■ ' . ' - •::!=» ? if ■ -.J?t? J y; . . • •v ' S g wii T " T- l " " " ■ ■■ ' .y - .... ' ,. XX i;j -J - ' .■■:- M. Page Two DUR WDRLD--AIVDERSD1V CDLLEGE THIS IS OUR WORLD in which we live, Where we work and study as we strive to give Our best each day to God and to man As we ' re led on by an unseen Hand. IN THIS WORLD WE ARE NOT ALONE, Friends and leaders to us are known. From them we take, from tliem we learn. And as we take, we give in return. IN OUR VORLD WE ALSO PLAY As time flees onward from day to day. And each one finds, as time goes by. The field in which his talents lie. THE SPOTLIGHT WILL SHINE NOW AND THEN, For a special reason, on a friend; Rut the light shines brightest along the way When each finds his place in our world today. This is our world— ANDERSON COLLEGE as presented in - - - L5BRARY " " ■- RSOIV COV-V THE COLUMNS OF 1959 The Columns Staff Anderson College Anderson, South Carolina " 4 V-V ' j t ai«?! . DEDICATIDIV To Those Who Are Striving To Enlarge The Horizons Df Dur World... Through the halls and on the campus of our world, a new spirit has prevailed this year. This spirit is one of improvement and of hope for the future of our college. Much of this progress is the result of the efforts and work of those who share a real interest in our world. The Expansion Program which began in 1958 was a success- ful one. The reason for its success was the time and effort given by many. It is to these people that we should like to dedicate om- annual. As it is impossible to name each individual, we dedicate it to them through the man who was the originator and the main- stay of the program, and also because of . . . his genuine interest in us and our problems ... his continuing efforts to enlarge the horizons of our world, and ... his pride in the college— the hope of the future: PRESIDENT JOHN EDWARD ROUSE Page Six President J. E. Rouse Page Seven AUDREY FLUCK Assistant Editor CAROLYN WINGATE Editor LEON SMITH Co-Business Manager U ' : mm BOYD WENDELL SEYMOUR Co-Business Manager •;.v? ' ' THE COLUMNS STAFF iu Left to right: .Miriam Loftis, Janet Pellum, Jean Bowling, Ruth Waldrop, Anne Woods, Carol Jen- nin-gs, Carol Capps, Linda Grant, Marilee Crick, Jeannette Atkinson. A year has come— and a year has gone in our world . . . Long after you have left Anderson College when you take out your yearbook, we hope that it will bring to life again the days you once spent here. We hope The Columns will help you to relive the happiest of these days. 3L Staff ©u t oM LT s QAie Page Ten q oftfc d foy Page Eleven PEOPLE IN DUR WDRLD ' In this world we are not alone ADMimSTHATIDIV REV. LAWRENCE LUTZ Registrar and Academic Dean MISS EUNA KAY Business Manager MR. HENRY VON HASSELN Dean of Men MRS. HUNTER THOMPSON Dean of Women Page Fourteen FACULTY A D STAFF MRS. FRED BLACK Admissions Counselor MISS MARY MAJOR BURRISS Secretarial Science, Department Chairman MRS. HENRY CLINK- SCALES Mathematics MISS MARGARET COLLINS Home Economics MRS. JOHN GLENN College Receptionist MR. MAX GRUBBS Chemistry Sports Director MISS EDITH GUNTER Biology, Anatomy MRS. H. B. HAIR Dormitory Hostess MISS DORA HANCOCK Director of Rehgious Activi- ties; Secretarial Science REV. MARION HARE Bible MRS. CRESSIE HOLCOMBE Art MRS. BILL HYNDS Piano Page Fifteen %. fm . MRS. ERNEST MISS ANTOINETTE JOHNSTON JONES Assistant, Book Store, Can- Public Relations, Journalism teen MISS LULU McCLURE English, Chairman MISS JANE MILLER Assistant Dietitian MRS. VIRGINIA MILLER Dietitian MRS. PAUL MIMS Psychology MR. RICHARD MIMS Secretarial Science MRS. RICHARD MIMS Librarian MISS ANNIE NICKLES Infirmary Supervisor, Col- lege nurse MRS. E. A. PATTERSON Piano MRS. FRED POPLIN Music Department Chrm., Voice MRS. J. E. ROUSE Enghsh Page Sixteen FACULTY AIVD STAFF MRS. HIRAM SANDLIN Biology REV. D. C. SHIRLEY Bible MR. E. C. SIMPSON English, Math MRS. CHARLES SULLIVAN English MRS. BEVLEY THOMPSON Book Store and Canteen Manager MR. HENRY VON HASSELN Social Sciences MR. WEBB VON HASSELN Modern Languages MISS PHYLLIS WATSON Speech, Dramatic Art MRS. HOYT WILSON President ' s Secretary Secretarial Science NOT PICTURED: MRS. MARSHALL A. FOWLER Expansion Program Sec. MR. CALVIN McKINNEY Maintenance MRS. JOE HODGES Organ MRS. HENRY SULLIVAN Piano REV. E. H. VIVIAN Biology, Speech Page Seventeen SDPHDMDRE CLASS OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Jeannette Atkinson, Vice-President Anne Woods, Treasurer SECOND ROW: Leon Smith, President Denny Faye Woodall, Secretary Mrs. Paul Mims, Sponsor Page Eighteen SARAH JEANNETTE ATKINSON " To know her is to love her. " A.C.P. 1; Glee Club 1; Commer- cial Club 1; Al pha Pi Epsilon 1,2, Treasurer 1; Cheerleader 1, Head Cheerleader 2; May Court 1; Vice- President of Sophomore Class; Su- perlative — " Best Personality " ; Col- umns Staff 1, Sophomore Class Edi- tor 2; B.S.U. 1,2; Y.W.A. 1,2; Fresh- man Class Beauty; Sophomore Class Beauty; W.A.A. 1,2. BEVERLY ANNE AYERS " Her charming ways, her friendly smile, make her friendship well worth while. " A.C.P. 2, President; Town Club 1, 2; Student Gov ' t 2; Home Economics Club 2; B.S.U. 2. SOPHOMORES JAMES RILEY BAILES " I must talk and laugh, or life will be empty. " Transfer from North Greenville; Superlative — " Typical Sophomore. " SHIRLEY RUTH BANNISTER " Quiet, sincere and thoroughly like- able. " Town Club, Secretary 1; Home Economics Club 2. Page Nineteen CHARLES BELL " Life is like a joke— what counts is not how long it is, but how good it is. " Town Club 1,2; Columns Staff 2. BILLY SEBE BOSTIC " And when men look for leaders among men, he shall be there. " B.S.U. 1,2; Ministerial Association 1,2; Town Club 1,2. SOPHOMDRE MARIAN KATHRYN BOWEN " Naught can be said of her but good. " Transfer from Lander; Yodler Staff 2; Y.W.A. 2; B.S.U. 2; Sopho- more Class Beauty. BETTY LOU BURTON " Of manners gentle, of affections mild. " Glee Club 1,2; B.S.U. 1,2; Y.W.A. 1, Council 2. Page Twenty JOYCE GENTRY CAMERON " A bifi heart, always wishing to do right and be friends with everyone. " Y.W.A. 1, Council 2; W.A.A. 1; BS.U. 1, Council 2; A.C.P. 2; S.G.A. 1, Vice President 2; Superlative — " Best Personahty " ; Yodler 1,2; Col- umns Staff 1. ELVIRA JACQUELINE CARBONELL " As welcome as sunshine in every place - is the becoming approach of a good-natured face. " JL CLASS ARTHUR LARRY CLAYTON " Tis the mind that makes the body rich. " Transfer from University of Rich- mond, Virginia; B.S.U. 2; Yodler Staff 2; Town Club 2. MARY PENELOPE CLEMENTS " Gaiety is the soul ' s health; sadness, its poison. " Superlative — " Wittiest " Page Twenty-One CHARLES FRANKLIN COBB " He shall have music wherever he goes. " B.S.U. 1, Music Director 2; Minis- terial Association 1,2. ELVIRA JEAN COKER " Witli A Song In Her Heart. " Glee Club 1, Sextet 2; Y.W.A. 2; Student Council 2 ;YodIer 1,2; Super- lative - " Most Talented. " SDPHDMORE WALTER ROY COOPER " Thev are rich who have friends. " Town Club 1,2. NELLIE GRACE CORLEY " Pleasing to see, nice to know. " Glee Club 1,2; B.S.U. 1,2; Y.W.A. 1 , Treasurer 2. Page Twenty-Two GLENDA LOUISE EVANS " Give to the world the best that you have and the best will come back to you. " Town Glub 1,2; A.C.P. 2; Com- mercial Club 1; Basketball Team 2. AUDREY MAY FLUCK " Quiet in appearance, with motives unknown. " Columns staff, Freshman Class Edi- tor 1, Associate Editor 2. CLASS MARIETTA JO GAMBRELL " In the game, and not a mere looker- on. " B.S.U. 1,2; Yodler Staff 1, News Editor 2; Superlative — " Most Ath- letic " ; Town Club 1,2. MRS. CAMILLA WRIGHT HALE " Let us then be what we are and .speak what we tliink; and in all things keep ourselves loyal and true to the sacred profession of friend- .ship. " Town Club 1,2; Home Economics Club. Page Twenty-Three MARY JUDITH HANCE ' Happiness is where you find it. " Columns 1; Y.W.A. 1,2; W.A.A. 1; B.S.U. 1, Counci2. BOB HERD " Noble in every thought and in every deed. " Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Town Club 1,2; Student Council 1; Super- lative — " Best Looking. " SOPHDMDRE CAROLYN IRENE KEITH " A sunny disposition lines the edges of life ' s blackest clouds. " Y.W.A. 1, Council 2; B.S.U. 1,2. JAMES EDWARD KELLY " Do as you would be done by, is the surest method of pleasing. " Ministerial Association 1, Presi- dent 2; Superlative — " Most Intel- lectual. " Page Twenty-Four TERRY JOYCE KESLER " Smart, caijable, and always kind; In fact, she just can ' t be defined. " Yodler Staff 1, Associate Editor 2; Town Club 1; Home Economics Club 1; B.S.U. Secretary 2; Y.W.A. 2. LOIS OPHELIA KNEECE " Courtesy never goes out of fashion. " A.C.P. 1; Columns Staff 1; Glee Club 1,2; B.S.U. 1, Council 2; Y.W.A. 1, President 2; W.A.A. 1. CLASS ELVA ANN LACKEY " And yonder it ' s a maiden, the fair- est of the fair. " Alpha Pi Epsilon 1,2, Secretary 1; S.G.A. Secretary 2; Y.W.A. 1, Circle chairman 2; B.S.U. 1; Sophomore Class Beauty; Superlative — " Most Likely To Succeed. " MARY REBECCA LAWSON " Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. " Y.W.A. 1, Council 2; B.S.U. 1,2. Page Twenty-Five CAROLE McDANIEL MARTIN " She ' s hooked her man. " - Commercial Club 1, Vice Presi- dent; Anderson College Players 1; B.S.U. 1; Y.W.A. 1; W.A.A. 1; Yod- ler 1. JOE CLIFTON MARTIN " Life is not really what comes us, but what we make of it. " Town Club 1,2. to SOPHDMDRE SARAH ELLEN MARTIN " She that can mix laughter with serious things. " Town Club 1.2; Glee Club 1,2; B.S.U. 1, President 2; Yodler 1; Bas- ketball team 2, W.A.A. 2; Super- lative — " Wittiest. " SUSAN MARIE MAYFIELD " By the work one knows the work- man. " Transfer from Clemson College, Town Club 2. Page Twenty-Six JANICE BLAKELY MEREDITH " Her crown is in her heart and not on her head. " Town Club 1,2; Home Economics Club Vice-President 2. BERTIE MILDRED MOORE " She was a quiet and industrious person. " Town Club 1,2. CLASS 9wm ' ' DORIS ANN OWEN " A merry heart goes all tlie day. " Town Club 2; Transfer from Er- skine. WILLIE RAY PATTERSON " Man is master of his fate. " Ministerial Association 1, Treasur- er 2; Town Club 1,2. Page Twenty-Seven NANCY ROBERTA POWELL " Of disposition sweet and manner mild. " Town Club 1,2; Yodler 1,2; B.S.U. 1,2; Home Economics Club 2; An- derson College Players 2. VIOLET ROJEAN ROSS " She lived at peace wiUi all man- kind, in friendship she was true. " Y.W.A. 1, Council 2; Yodler 1; B.S.U. 1,2; W.A.A. 1. SDPHDMDRE SHELBIE JEAN ROUDA " A woman is between a flower and an angel. " Town Club 1,2. MARSHALL E. SARGENT " His smile shows his happiness, his friends his popularity. " Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Town Club 1,2; Superlative — " Most Ath- letic. " Page Twenty-Eight CAROLYN JEAN SCARBOROUGH " True to her work, her word, and her friends. " Treasurer of Freshman Class; Stu- dent Facuhy Committee 1; Y.W.A. Vice President 1; S.G.A. President 2; Glee Club 1; Sophomore Super- lative — " Best All Around. " BOYD WENDELL SEYMOUR " An earnest worker whose reward should be the best. " Town Club 1, Vice President 2; Co-Business Manager of Columns 2. CLASS SUSAN JEAN SIMPSON " It ' s nice to be natural when you ' re naturally nice. " Yodler Staff 1, Editor-in-Chief 2; B.S.U. 1,2. VIVIAN ALICE SLATON " The mildest manners and the wisest mind. " Town Club 1,2; Alpha Pi Epsilon 1,2. Page Twenty-Nine HAROLD B. SMITH, JR. " Perseverance keeps honor bright. " Ministerial Association 2; B.S.U. 2. LEON SMITH " As friendly a boy as one could be, witli a friendly smile for all to see. " Marshal of Freshman Class; S.G. A. 2; B.S.U. 1, Council 2; President of Sophomore Class; Ministerial As- sociation 1,2; Superlative— Best All Around; Co-Business Manager of Columns 2; Town Club 1,2. SDPHDMDRE PHYLLIS ANNE SUTHERLAND " Quiet but not idle. " Transfer from North Greenville; Glee Club 2; B.S.U. 2; Y.W.A. Coun- cil 2. PHYLLIS GAIL SUTHERLAND " She lives each day to the fullest. " B.S.U. 1, Council 2; Y.W.A. 1,2; W.A.A. 1, Cheerleader 2. Page Thirty B. J. TAYLOR " His outlook is part of his virtue. " Ministerial Association, Treasurer 1, Vice President 2; B.S.U. Council 1,2; Yodler 2. LINDA GAIL WATSON " A soft voice turneth away wrath. " B.S.U. 1,2; Yodler 1,2; Town Club 1,2; CLASS EDNA OLEAN WELCH " The smile she softly uses fills the silence hke a speech. " Y.W.A. 1,, Council 2; W.A.A. 1; B.S.U. 1,2; Superlative - " Most Talented. " KATHRYN EMMA WELLING " A Yankee witli a Southern Heart. " B.S.U. 1,2; Sketch Club 2; W.A.A. 1; Columns 1. Page Thirty-One HAROLD DENNIS WILLIAMS " Ambition is the key note of success. " Town Club 1,2; B.S.U. 1,2; Mini- sterial Association 1,2. MARY LOUISE WILLIS " A tall girl with ideals to match. " Anderson College Players 1; Glee Club 1; Y.W.A. 2. SOPHOMORE JEAN ELIZABETH WILSON " A pretty girl is like a melody. " Home Economics Club 2; Ander- son College Players 2; Town Club 1,2; Superlative — " Most Intellec- tual. " MARTHA BETH WILSON " Laughter and love are hidden in her eyes. " Student Council 2; Y.W.A., Vice- President 2; B.S.U. 1,2; Glee Club 1, President 2; Yodler 1; Superla- tive — " Best Dressed " Page Thirty-Two ' .I Mil I iiMiwumi ff CHARLES WINCHESTER " He won us with his good looks and personality. " Transfer from North Greenville. CAROLYNE ANN WINGATE " She can be imitated by none, nor paralleled by any but herself. " Secretary of Freshman Class; W. A.A. I, Cheerleader 2; B.S.U. 1, Council 2; Y.W.A. 1,2; A.C.P. 1; Col- umns Staff 1, Editor-in-Chief 2; Miss Columns 2; Superlative — " Most Like- ly To Succeed; " Alpha Pi Epsilon 1,2. ■ CLASS DENNY FAYE WOODALL " She ' s a lady from tip to toe. " Vice-President of Freshman Class; Y.W.A. 1, Council 2; B.S.U. 2; A. C.P. 1; May Court 1; Cheerleader 1; Miss Freshman Class; Secretary of Sophomore Class; Sophomore Beau- ty; Superlative — " Best Looking. " PATRICIA ANNE WOODS " A charming lassie, full of fun— a favorite of everyone. " A.C.P. 1; W.A.A. 1, Cherleader 2; May Court 1; Yodler Staff 1; Col- umns Staff 2; Treasurer of Sophomore Class; Superlative — " Best Dressed. " Page Thirty-Three FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Doris Miles, President Jean Bowling, Vice-President Vivian Barker, Secretary Emilie Tyler, Treasurer Miss Dora Hancock, Sponsor Page Thirty-Four JANICE SHARON ABLES MYRA EVON ADAMS FLORENCE ANDERSON BETTY BALLARD (Upper right corner) FRESHMEN VIVIAN ELLA BARKER ALICE ELAINE BATES JUDY COY BOLT MARIE BAUGHMAN BRENDA ELAINE BENNETT THELMA JEAN BOWLING (Loiver riglu corner) Page Thirty-Five HARRIETT LEE BOYD (Upper left corner) BETTY SUE BRACKEN OPAL JOYCE BROWN GARY LEE BRYANT AMY JUNE BURTON JUDY BURTON MRS. MARILEE BYRD (Lower left corner) FRESHMAN PHILLIP HOWARD BYRD CAROL LOUISE CAPPS TROYCE ANNE CHAPMAN ' A Page Thirty-Six THOMAS GARY CRAFT SARAH VERMELL COKER MARGARET COOPER FRANKIE ANNE CREAMER (Upper right corner) CLASS MARILEE CRICK BILLY DEAN DAVIS Page Thirty-Seven JOYCE DUNLAP (Upper left corner) PEGGY ANN DUNN GAIL ALMARIA DYE MARTHA EDMONDS SARAH ELAINE ELLIS PAUL LEON EMBLER Page Thirty-Eight MARGARET GARRISON BRENDA NAN GIBSON LINDA ANN GRANT HENRY WILLIS GRIFFIN (Upper right corner) fj,. CLASS PAULA ANN GRIFFIN GAIL HALTIWANGER MARTHA JANE HARBIN RUTH HANLEY KENNETH EUGENE HANNA JULIA HAYNSWORTH HARDEN (Lower right corner) 0 Page Thirty-Nine LINDA MOZELLE HARPER (Upper left corner) JUDITH BRENDA HAYES FRED HAROLD HILL LINDA RUTH HOLLAND MARTHA YVONNE HOLLIDAY FRESHMAN WILLIAM THOMAS HUNT GEORGE EDWIN HUTCHINS (Lower left corner) PATRICIA ANNE HYATT TERESA ANN JAMIESON GRACE JENKINS irt Page Forty Page Forty-One BRENDA JOY LA WING (Upper left corner) DORA LOU LESLIE BARBARA LIVINGSTON MIRIAM LOFTIS CLARENCE H. LOMAS, JR. CARMEN ARNETTE LOPEZ MARY ELIZABETH McCRAW (Lower left corner) FRESHMAN LINDA ROSE McDANIEL AUDREY JEAN McDONALD RACHEL McDOUGLE Page Forty-Two JERRY McLEESE SARA AMANDA MABRY CLARA JANET MADDEN VERNELL MADDEN (Upper right corner) MARGARET MAJOR CLASS SANDRA JEAN MANESS SONDRA MARTIN NELL YVONNE MANN EMILY ANNETTE MARTIN JO ANN MATTISON (Loiter right corner) Page Forly-Three ERNESTINE MERCK (Upper left corner) DORIS ELAINE MILES MARTHA ALICE MOYER GLORIA JEAN NEWTON JANICE MOORHEAD MARLENE MOUCHET FRESHMAN BETTY JANE O ' DELL (Lower left corner) NANCY ANN OWENS JANET CAROLYN PELLUM MARTHA PERRY DIANE LOUISE PLOTT JANET POOLE DORIS EVELYN POWELL WILLIAM ROGER POWELL (Upper right corner) CLASS TEDDY PRINCE CECIL PATRICK PRUITT CAROL ANN RODGERS BARBARA RIDGE JOE NATHAN RODGERS HERBERT RODGERS (Lower right corner) Page Forty-Five PATRICIA ROSE (Upper left corner) NANCY MARGARET ROSS SYBIL ROWELL RHODA RYAN DOROTHY LOUISE SADLER DENNIS LEON SCOTT Page Forty-S CAREY WILL SMITH CAROLYN RILEY SMITH LINDA LEE SPEARMAN JUDY JUANITA STRAND (Upper right corner) MARTHA SUE STRANGE CLASS JERRY DOUGLAS STROUD BETTY ANN THOMPSON LINDA CAROL TAYLOR NELDA RUTH THOMAS zTV ' Page Forty-Seven JIMMIE LOU TISDALE (Upper left corner) MABLE IRENE TURKETT ELEANOR RUTH VICKERS RUTH MEREDITH WALDROP ALVIN DUDLEY WALL (Lower left corner) MARY FRANCES USHER FRESHMAN RUBYE ELIZABETH WALL ELIZABETH WALTERS CAROL WALTON ' i Page Forty-Eighf MARY ANN WATKINS CORNELIA WATSON CLIFTON WILLIAMS (Upper right corner) CLASS CYNTHIA GAIL WILLIAMS - ' ly DONNA JEAN WILLIAMS SPECIAL STUDENTS: HARRIETT BROWN MARY ELLEN WILLOUGHBY VIRGINIA WOODS ALICE RUTH STEWART (Lower right corner) Poge Forty-Nine STUDENT NURSES Seated, left to right: Barbara McGarity, Sue Beaty, Linda Barrett, Lillian Whitfield, Patricia Kratz, Jackie Haw- kins, Catherine Bryson, and Mary Joyce Drake. Standing: Patricia Land, Shirley McBride, Betty Lucado, Peggy Snuth, Gloria Smitii, Mary Catherine Elders, Shirley Hill, Joyce Calhoun, Audrey Partain, and Jackie Walkers. Each year student nurses from Ander- son Memorial Hospital take many courses at Anderson College and are in- vited to take part in many of the activi- ties. They are allowed one representa- tive on the May Court and enjoy being a part of this special occasion. Page Fifty The tiger ' s den! Hub, Joyce is looking for you. Wipe that smile off your face. Where ' s Martha? Red Hot!! Roberta, why are your legs black? I know you aren ' t studying! Anyone for tennis? Not you, too! ACTIVITIES IN DUR WORLD ' In our world we also play . fmj? ' M — « • ' ™». - President Carolyn Scarborough Vice-President Joyce Cameron STUDENT The Student Council of Anderson College is the heart of the school. It strives to promote stu- dent activities, urges students to maintain a high standard of scholarship and honor, and promotes the development of school spirit. The representatives on the council are elected by the student body, and thus become their voice in the school government. Each member takes an oath to uphold the duties of his office and strives always to be loyal to the council, the school body, and his own beliefs. The decisions of the Student Government and the laws they pass are supported by the faculty and dean. Their goal is to help A. C. to be a bet- ter college with better students. Without the SGA " our world " would be like a nation without law and justice. Secretary Ann Lackey i A v S . - H 1 W ' ' ' - " H nil I. K ■ H 1 - H 3 ■j K t ' ' ' ■n ■ H Seated, left to right: Sarah Martin, Beverly Ayers, Martha Beth Wilson, Leon Smith, Joyce Cameron (second semester president), Jerry McLeese, Sara Mabry, Sybil Rowell, Jeannie Coker, and Denny Faye Woodall. Page Fifty-Four GOVERNMENT Front Row, left to right: Janet Pellum, Yvonne Holiday, Doris Miles, Sara Jeannie Coker, Lois Kneece, Judy Burton, Vermeil Coker, Marian Bowen. Mabry, Sybil Rowell. Second Row: The ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL is com- posed of the President of the Student Govern- ment, the House Presidents of Freshman and Sophomore dormitories, proctors, and an ad- visor. Each dormitory has four or more proctors v ' hose duty it is to keep order in the areas as- signed to them by their House President. This advisor works with them at all times. The Coun- cil as a whole is very effective in maintaining or- der in the halls, which makes it possible to have quiet periods for study, and a congenial atmos- phere at all times. Mrs. Hunter Thompson Advisor Page Fifty-Five BAPTIST STUDENT UNIDN The Baptist Student Union works in and through the Baptist church to de- velop our college youth for Christian leadership, to promote the Kingdom of God, to extend the influence of the church to every part of the campus, and to make college life Christian. It is the connecting link between A. C. and the Baptist churches in Ander- son. Seated, left to right: Pat Rose, Stewardship Chairman; Rosalind Dandy, Sunday School Chairman; Sarah Ellen Martin, President; Judy Hance, Training Union Chairman. Standing: Carolyne Wingate, Devotional Chairman; Terry Kesler, Secretary; Frankie Creamer, PubHcity Chairman; Lois Kneece, Y.W.A. Repre- sentative; Leon Smith, Christian Citizenship. Not pictured: Doris Miles, Vice-President; Jane Harbin, Enhstment Chairman; Phylhs Sutherland, Social Chairman; B. J. Taylor, Ntissions Chairman; Charles Cobb, Music; Billy Bostic, Ministerial Bepresentative; and D. C. Shirley, Pastor Advisor. President Sarah Ellen Martin Sponsor Miss Dora Hancock Poge Fifty-Si; B. S. U. AT WORK Throughout the school year the B. S. U. stays busy with its full calendar of events. September: Fall Retreat at Camp Rawls, Pre-school retreat at College, welcoming of new students. October: Special vesper service, B. S. U. Convention, Join the Church Day. November: Chapel services. Mission Study, Prayer Service, Campus Evange- lism, Religious Emphasis Week. December: Clemson Caroling Party, For- eign Mission Week of Prayer, Student Night At Christmas, " Pajama Party " for students. January: Directors Seminar, Mid - Year Planning, T. U. Study Course. February: Dedicated Vocations Week and Commitment Day, Summer Missions Promotion, YWA Focus Week, YWA Houseparty, World Day of Prayer, YWA Associational Mission Study. March: Week of Prayer for State Mis- sions, Annie Armstrong Offering, Elec- tion and Installation of Officers. April: Southern Baptist Convention Em- phasis, Summer Service Clinic, Spring Retreat, B. S. U. Banquet at First Bap- tist Church. May: Christian Home Emphasis, South- ern Baptist Convention. The B. S. U. works for Christ and for others. Page Fifty-Seven DTHER CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATIONS THE Y. W. A. at Anderson College is an active organization that makes " our world " more mission minded. It promotes its interest by chapel programs, ves- pers, and circle meetings. It works with the B. S. U. to create a Christian rela- tionship among the students. Seated, left to right: Miss Dora Hancock, advisor; Denny Faye Woodall, Grace Corley, Carolyn Keith, Martha Beth Wilson, Lois Kneece, President; Miss Margaret Cooper. Standing: Carey Will Smith, Phyllis Ann Souther- land, Joyce Cameron, Sybil Rowell, Violet Ross, Edna Welch, Amy Burton, Jeanie Coker, Yvonne HoUday, Jim- mie Lou Tisdale, Carolyn Smith, Nlarian Bowen, Ann Lackey, Mary Lawson, Betty Lou Burton. THE MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION is composed of the ministerial students. Many of the fine messages heard in chapel are sponsored by them as they work to make A. C. a more Christian school. Mi [•4 fi . mt wk R BK V t a J? mf !» 1 i i m Ul v H L % ' . . j . m0 ' ' ■ ' Jii tt J bi KH n hv Lfc.. j| im A Bii M ; H M KK Mggjmt HV V ia mr ■■Fl i M I IhHIHh vC H I HHI K ' S, ' r gs» iw i K KI p K m K H 1 mH HHK j ylf Bj m HIiKii: . Hi IF mi ' mml W m Seated, left to right: Rev. C. Shirley, Ray Patterson, James Kelly, President; Billy Bostic, B. J. Taylor, Roy Elhson. Standing: Willard Snipes, Charles Cobb, Johnny Littleton, Melvin Timms, Irvin Tingen, Leon Smith, Harold Wilhams, Calvin Chapman, Kenneth Haimah. Page Fifty-Eight PUBLICATIONS .,. v- S -- ' " -W ' . ' ,-• , ' . : m r ' V r . ' !■. % v- S " JL ' " ' W » ' ' " ' ' " «S. Ji. jia fpo K » Editor-in-Chief Susan Simpson THE YDDLER STAFF Once a month as the students file out of chapel, they go a little faster. As they reach the door, someone greets them with a copy of The Yodler, and they are off to the canteen to read the news. Planning layouts, giving assignments, and making deadlines are a big part of Susan ' s routine as she makes sure the students get a complete coverage of life at A. C. Desire, hard work, and ability give us The Yodler, the college newspaper. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF SUSAN SIMPSON Associate Editor Terry Kesler Co-Feature Editors Roberta Powell and Linda Watson News Editor Marietta Gambrell Circulation Manager Jeannie Coker Sports Editor Jerry McLeese BUSINESS MANAGER Harriet Boyd Editorial Staff Left to Right: Marian Bowen, Martha Dean Dowis, Ruth Vickers, Susan Simpson, Editor; Roberta Powell, Terry Keasler, Mariatta Gambrell, Linda Watson, Elaine Bates, Larry Clayton, Rosalind Dendy, Vermeil Coker, Linda Taylor, Joyce Cameron, and Jerry McLeese. The advisor and sponsor is Miss Antoinette Jones. Roberta, Jerry and Terry beat the deadUne. Page Sixty Business Staff Left to Right: Emilie Tyler, Julia Harden, Judy Bolt, Harriet Boyd, Barbara Livingston, and Jeannie Coker. Linda, Marietta, and Vermeil check the layout. It is the responsibility of the Business Staff to help finance the paper by the selling of ads. " Anyone interested in buying an ad for the YodlerF ' Business Manager— Harriet Boyd Must be a scoop! Susan, Marian, Roberta, and Terry smile as they work. Page Sixty-One THE COLUMNS STAFF First Row: M. Crick, M. Loftis, R. Waldrop, C. Win- C. Jennings, L. Smith, B. Seymour, J. Pellum, J. Bowl- gate, A. Fluck. Second Row: R. Woods, J. Atkinson, ing, J. Sears. THE COLUMNS is your annual. It is pre- pared for you by the students of the school who are elected to the staff. Much toil and time were put into it so you would be proud to show it as your record of a year at A. C. " Behind the scenes " is Miss Antoinette Jones, the advisor. It was her job to guide and to help us. Many thanks. Some of the staff members take advantage of a Christmas reward. Page Sixty-Two CLUBS % President Gail Haltiwanger Vice-President Boyd Seymour ; Secretary Jerry McLeese - ■ Treasurer Louise Sadler This is an organization of all off-campus students. It is especially interested in the promotion of bigger and better student activi- ties. THE TOWN CLUB Page Sixty-Three Left to right: Linda Taylor, Rosalind Dendy, Sara Mabry, Rachel McDougle, Gail Haltiwanger, Sarah Martin. Second row: Mrs. Fred Poplin, Jimmie Lou Tisdale, Martha Beth Wilson, Betty Lou Burton, Judy Strand, Martha Dowis, Jeannie Coker, Julia Harden, Shirley Jones. Third row: Harriet Boyd, Janet Pellum, Lois Kneece, Grace Corley, Miriam Loftis, Diane Plott, and Frankie Anne Creamer. GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Martha Beth Wilson President Harriet Boyd Vice-President Janet Pellum Secretary Frankie Creamer Social Chairman Jimmie Lou Tisdale Robe Chairman Linda Taylor Library Chairman Pat Rose Library Chairman Page Sixty-Four THE ANDERSON COLLEGE GLEE CLUB, under the direction of Mrs. Fred Poplin, plays a part in the re- ligious, educational, and social activities of the city as well as in the college life. Its calendar is always filled with many important engagements. The fall and spring vespers are two of the features. The State Baptist Convention saw the choir at work in Greenville. Trips to Clemson and many neigh- boring churches are also included on their schedule. On Christmas First Night and Graduation a blend of voices creates memories not easily forgotten. THE TRIPLE TRIO consists of Jeannie Coker, Martha Jean Dowis, Shirley Jones, Sara Mabry (accompanist), Judy Strand, Linda Taylor, Jean Bowling, Pat Rose, Julia Har- den, and Janet Poole. Mrs. Fred Popliii Director A song in the air. Page Sixty-Five HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice Meredith, vice-president Roberta Powell, reporter Jean Wilson, historian Rosalind Dendy, treasurer Sondra Martin, secretary Judy Bolt, president Miss Margaret Collins, sponsor The Home Economics Club, known nation- ally as Omicron Iota Kappa, is organized for those students interested in home economics and its different phases. Programs are planned that help the girls to further their interests with the thought of making them better homemakers of tomorrow. It is an active organization, helping its members to become contributing and helpful students. Left to right: Shirley Bannister, Judy Bolt, Julia Harden, Sondra Martin, Phyllis Latham, Beverly Avers, Harriett Brown, Janice Meredith. Second row: Sandra Maness, Florence Anderson, Martha Moyer, Alice Stewart, Irene Turkett, Camilla Hale, Carol Jennings, Martlia Sue Strange, Teddy Prmce, Marie Baughman, Miss Margaret Collins, Nelda Thomas, Janet Madden, Jean Wilson, Roberta Powell, and Cornelia Watson. Page Sixty-Si; ' t-m Standing, left to right: Harriet Brown, Diane Plott, Secretary-Treasurer; Harriet Boyd, Martha Perry, Vice-Presi- dent; Brenda Hayes, Penny Clemments, Mrs. Cressie Holcombe, Advisor. Seated: Louise Sandler, President; Cath- erine WelUng. Not pictured: Miss Edith Gunter and Miss Phyhss Watson. The SKETCH CLUB is composed of students interested in the field of art and in expanding their talents in this field. The ALPHA PI EPSILON is composed of girls who have obtained a higli scholastic rating, entitling them for membership in this national secretarial honorary society. Seated, left to right; Elaine Bates, Carolyne Wingate, President; Betty Bracken, Treasurer; and Mary Ann Wat- kins, Secretary. Standing: Miss Mary Majoy Burriss, Advisor; Barbara Ridge, Ann Lackey, Vivian Slaton, Dora Leslie, and Jeannette Atkinson. Page Sixty-Seven f First Row, left to right: Carolyn Smith, Business Manager; Judy Strand, Vice-President; Sybil Rowell, Stage Manager; Beverly Ayers, President; and Jean Wilson, Treasurer. Second Row: Troyce Ann Chapman, Glenda Evans, Cynthia Williams, Sondra Martin, Julia Harden. Third Row: Marilee Crick, Harriet Boyd, Janet Mad- den, Yvonne Mann, Roberta Powell, Judy Bolt, and Phyllis Latham. Not pictured: Janet Poole, Secretary. ANDERSON COLLEGE PLAYERS A scene from " Thursdays At Home " put on by the A.C.P. ' s for the visiting high school students as well as the regular dormitory students. The Anderson College Players is the or- ganization that brings together the stu- dents interested in drama and its various phases. Some of these phases include act- ing, lighting, make-up, stage management, and directing. This club puts on one-act plays or scenes from larger plays. In 1959 " Thursdays At Home " was put on by the girls and was en- joyed by all who attended it. Hard work and interest are all t hat are required of its members to make it as suc- cessful as it is. Page Sixty-Eight SPORTS : ■ ' ife- First row, left to right: Glenda Evans, Miriam Loftis, Betty Thompson, Elaine Ellis, Cynthia Williams, Elaine Bates. Second row: Carol Rogers, Vermeil Coker, Carol Walton, Cornelia Watson, Janet Pellum, Jo Ann Madison. Not pictured: Linda Taylor and Ann Owens. Carol Walton, Captain Betty Thompson Jo Ann Madison Cornelia Watson GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Through hard work and good coaching by Mr. Max Grubbs, the Sparkettes had an excel- lent season. A. C. 33 Belton 27 A. C. 33 Belton 21 A. C. 60 Palmetto 25 A. C. 41 Howard Business College 65 A. C. 42 Erskine 43 A. C. 55 Y. M. C. A. 52 A. C. 61 North Greenville Junior College 51 A. C. 53 Y. M. C. A. 52 A. C. 29 Howard Business College 44 A. C. 35 Honea Path 26 A. C. 57 Erskine 55 Elaine Ellis Miriam Loftis !■■■! Kneeling, left to right: Jerry McLeese, William Welbourn, Gary Graft, Marshall Sargeant. Standing: Harold Hill, Paul Embler, Eddie Hutchins, Bob Herd. BOYS ' BASKETBALL The A. C. Sparks have established a reputa- tion of being a team hard to beat with the following impressive record: A. C. 65 Belton 40 A. C. 51 Belton 43 A. C. 38 Palmetto 33 A. C. 33 Howard Business College 63 A. C. 71 Erskine Junior Varsity 95 A. C. 60 Y. M. C. A. 43 A. C. 48 North Greenville Junior College 64 A. C. 39 1 Y. M. C. A. 34 A. C. 65 Howard Business College 84 A. C. 55 Honea Path 45 A. C. 60 Erskine Junior Varsity 93 Gary Craft, Captain Jerry McLeese ■ % " .1 Bob Herd Marshall Sargeant Paul Embler Eddie Hutchins SK8!iiSMSwy«tB!!gii «iS?aK2! LJLi£ S ' £ First Row, left to right: Janice Fogle, Emilee Tyler, Jeannette Atkinson, Head Cheerleader; and Marilee Crick. Second Row: Carolyne Wingate, Phyllis Gail Sutherland, Joy Foster, and Ann Woods. Both the boys ' and girls ' basketball teams have received a lot of support from an active group of cheerleaders and the students whom they lead in the school yells. CHEERLEADERS Sondra Martin Alternate Page Seventy-Two f x mpMi vim MR. MAX GRUBBS Athletic Director and Coach Left to right: Phyllis Gail Sutherland, Vice-President; Denny Faye Woodall, President; Marshall Sargeant, Treasurer; Jerry McLeese, Secretary. ANDERSON COLLEGE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION TENNIS CLUB Left to right: Carolyne Wingate, Dennis Scott, Marietta Gambrell, Jerry McLeese, Phyllis Latham, Paul Embler and Sondra Martin. ' i-.uiuici, Page Seventy-Three ARCHERY CLUR - t ™ ' ™ ' - 1 Kneeling, left to right: Jean McDonald, Janet Poole, Mary Ann Watkins, and Joyce Dunlap. Standing: Marietta Gambrell, Marian Bowen, Doris Miles, and Rhoda Ryan. ACTION SNAPS Page Seventy-Four GD TEAM GD! Page Seventy-Five FEATURES IN DUR WORLD ' The spotlight shines now and then . . . " Page Seventy-Eight Marian Bowen Roberta Powell Phylliss Gail Sutherland SDPHDMDRES Nurse Representative Joyce Calhoun MAID OF HONOR MISS JEANNETTE ATKINSON MAY COURT ' 59 Page Sevenly-Nine Judy Bolt Linda Harper Louise Sadler FRESHMEN Yvonne HoUiday Barbara Livingston Linda Holland Page Eighty MAY DAY 1958 Left to Right: Jane Martin, Denny Faye Woodall, Linda Worley, Martha Erskine, Carol Stratton, Susan Free, Queen, Ann LeGette; Jack Ross, Jr., Patsy Wood, Maid of Honor, Betty Nabors; Dorothy Gilstrap, Beverly Hinsdale, Ann Woods, Linda Burns, Jeannette Atkinson. On May 1, 1958, Anderson College was a wonder- land, " Alice ' s wonderland. " The students were trans- formed into the magical creatures of this story - book world. All was fun and gaiety on this memorable day. Each year the Anderson Athletic Association pre- sents a program that is the result of months and weeks of planning and then carrying out these plans. The queen and her court are elected; a theme is thought of; and a May Day is in the making. MAID OF HONOR Betty Nabors MAY QUEEN Ann LeGette Page Eighty-One In every class there are those who are the Leaders, the ones who excel. They are our SUPERLATIVES BEST ALL ARDUND CAROLYN SCARBOROUGH - LEON SMITH Page Eighty-Two SUPERLATIVES MOST INTELLECTUAL James Kelly and Jean Wilson MOST ATHLETIC Marshall Sargeant and Marietta Gambrell ) } WITTIEST Sarah Ellen Martin and Penny Clements Page Eighty-Three SUPERLATIVES BEST LOOKING TYPICAL SOPHOMORES Bob Herd and Denny Faye Woodall Riley Bailes and Margaret McKay MD5T LIKELY TO SUCCEED Carolyne Wingate and Ann Lackey Page Eighty-Four SUPERLATIVES MDST TALENTED Edna Welch and Jeannie Coker BEST DRESSED Martha Beth Wilson and Ann Woods BEST PERSDNALrrY Jeannette Atkinson and Joyce Cameron Page Eighty-Five JJ CoUf MISS CAROLYNE WINGATE Miss Columns is elected annually by the Columns staff. The election is based on her con- tribution and work done during the year. Page Eighty-Six BEAUTIES =Ve ' i ' b. Vv o ' WAf ' ' " »-V- WJ. l " V Y Anne JeffrEys A former Anderson College student, beautiful TV actress Anne Jeffreys, and her husband, TV star Robert Sterling, acted as judges for Miss Sophomore and Miss Freshman Class. Eight pictures, four from each class, were sent from which t(j choose. These eight girls were selected by the student body. ,» a f Robert Sterling Present Page Eighty-Seven MISS SDPHDMDRE CLASS IvUas cJ )enni3 aiie l i oodail lu sruui Page Eighty-Eight f fJJ Aeannette tk inson Page Eighty-Nine ivlisi .. nn cJLacKt f Page Ninety m. Wa.ian Be arian l owen Page Ninety-One MISS FRESHMAN CLASS m. WartU JC Page Ninety-Two m. I Ua , •i an Page Ninety-Three f fjj cJLinda J i artjer Poge Ninety-Four f A ' jj V arbata cJLiulnadton Page Ninety-Five Aw, Mr. Minis, you know they aien ' t suppose to work. Go Sparkettes! Where ' s your teddybear? Anything for sunshine. P. S. I love you. Cowgirls of A. C. Must be bandstand! Anyone for a reception? Best dressed?????? Sink that shot! Aw, Martha Beth, it would look lovely on you. Let ' s do this systematically! Duck! Save one for me. Silence! Get her, Elaine! Three Cool Cats! Hold that Tiger! The perfect end to the perfect day. Rah Boys! Brown-nosers! Did your Ma send you to school to play? The privacy you get at college. Is it love or is it mistletoe? An exciting Sunday afternoon. " If Buddy and Jimmy could X , ! see you now! ..I Would three be a crowd? Don ' t worry Mr. Rouse, it is only Pepsi FACULTY AND STAFF DIRECTORY President and Mrs. J.E. Rouse Anderson, S. C. 302 Boulevard, Mrs. Fred Black Belton, S. C. 304 Brown Ave., Miss Mary Major Burriss Anderson, S. C. 300 Spring Pk. Drive., Mrs. Henry Clinkscales Belton, S. C. 504 Brown Ave., Miss Margaret Collins Anderson, S. C. Anderson College, Dr. Annie D. Denmark Goldsboro, N. C. 205 Williams St., Mrs. Marshall A. Fowler Route 1, Starr, S. C. Mrs. John Glenn Anderson, S. C. Hickory Hill, Miss Edith Gunter Anderson, S. C. 401 Masters Dr., Mr. Max Grubbs Tanglewood, Anderson, S. C. Miss Dora Hancock Donalds, S. C. Mrs. H. B. Hair Columbia, S. C. 3312 Monroe St., Rev. Marion Hare Rt. 2, Pendleton, S. C. Mr. Henry Von Hasseln Anderson, S. C. 1102 W. WhitnerSt., Mr. Webb Von Hasseln Anderson, S. C. 1102 W. Whitner St., Mrs. Joe Hodges 2403 N. Main, Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Cressie Holcombe Anderson, S. C. 1018 Brock St., Mrs. Bill Hynds 98 Inman Dr., Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Ernest Johnston 413 S. Main St., Belton, S. C. Miss Antoinette Jones Anderson, S. C. 506 North St., Miss Euna Kay Box 314, Belton, S. C. Rev. L. B. Lutz Anderson, S. C. Bailey Court Apts., Miss Lulu McClure Anderson, S. C. Camp ' s Tourist Home, 826 N. Fant St., Mr. Calvin McKinney Concord Ave., Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Virginia Miller Pauline, S. C. Miss Jane Miller Pauhne, S. C. Mrs. Frances Mims 2505 Jackson Sq., Anderson, S. C. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mims Batesburg, S. C. Bermuda St., Miss Annie Nickels Savannah, Ga. 1447 E. 39th St., Mrs. E. A. Patterson Rt. 2, Iva, S. C. Mrs. Fred Poplin Anderson, S. C. 8 B-2 Bailey Court Apts., Mrs. Hiram Sandhn Anderson, S. C. 2509 Edgewood Ave., Rev. D. C, Shirley Rt. 2, Anderson, S. C. Mr. E. C. Simpson Anderson, S. C. 802 Kingsley Rd., Mrs. Charles Sullivan Anderson, S. C. 1805 N. Main St., Mrs. Henry Sullivan Anderson, S. C. 3280 Kingsley Rd., Mrs. Bevley Thompson Anderson, S. C. 618 Summit Ave., Mrs. Hunter Thompson Jasper, Alabama c o Mrs. Jim Petree, Jr., 903 7th Ave. N., Rev. Everett Vivian Bailey Court, Anderson, S. C. Miss Phyllis Watson Anderson, S. C. 17 C-2 Bailey Court, Mrs. Hoyt Wilson 518 Concord Ave., Anderson, S. C. STUDENT DIRECTORY Abies, Janice Sharon Rt. 2, Westminster, S. C. Adams, Myra Evon 103 Webb St., Anderson, S. C. Anderson, Florence Florene ,- Rt. 4, Greenwood, S. C. Atkinson, Sarah Jeanette Rt. 3, Hartsville, S. C. Ayers, Beverly Anne 208 Cater St., Anderson, S. C. Bailes, James Riley ° 817 W. Main St., Laurens, S. C. Ballard, Betty Ann Hagood St., Pickens, S. C. Bannister, Shirley R. 203 Bailey St., Anderson, S. C. Barker, Vivian E. Rt. 2, Pendleton, S. C. Barnwell, Leon 3 Baldwin St., Pelzer, S. C. Bates, Alice E. 28 Aiken Blvd., Warrenville, S. C. Baughman, Cynthia Marie 707 Shirley St., W. Columbia, S. C. Bearden, Gerald East Main St., Seneca, S. C. Bell, Charles Edward 3302 New Pond Rd., Anderson, S. C. Bennett, Brenda Elaine Fairfax, S. C. Bolt, Judith Coy Asbury Rd., Anderson, S. C. Borders, Don Ray 104 Marie, Anderson, S. C. Bostic, Billy Sebe 211 Vandiver St., Anderson, S. C. Bowling, Thelma Jean 1652 Cordova Ave., Holly Hill, Fla. Bowen, Marian Kathryn 224 Taggart St., Greenwood, S. C. Boyd, Harriett Lee Rt. 4, Orangeburg, S. C. Bracken, Betty Sue Box 176, Williamston, S. C. Bremer, Ruth Rt. 1, Anderson, S. C. Brown, Opal Joyce Depot St., Ext., Seneca, S. C. Brown, Harriett Old Williamston Rd., Anderson, S. C. Bryant, Gary L. Rt. 1, Williamston, S. C. Bryant, Lonas L. Box 199, Anderson, S. C. Bryant, William O. Box 199, Iva, S. C. Burch, Wilham A. Box 64, Wilhamston, S. C. Burton, Amy J. Rt. 1, Box 193, Iva, S. C. Burton, Betty .Lou Rt. 1, Box 193, Iva. S. C. Burton, Judy E. 102 Johnny St., Hartwell, Georgia Byrd, Marylie D. Hagan Apt. No. 9, Clemson, S. C. Byrd, Phillip Howard Rt. 1, Hartsville, S. C. Cameron, Joyce G. Rt. 1, Bradley, S. C. Capps, Carol L. 111 McDaniel Ave,, Easley, S. C. Carbonell, Elvira Jacqueline M. Gomez No. 148, Holquin, Ote., Cuba Chamblee, Emily Anderson, S. C. Chapman, Calvin Lee Rt. 1, Anderson, S. C. Chapman, Troyce Anne 117 E. Mauldin St., Anderson, S. C. Chappelear, Jones B., Jr. 815 E. Whitner St., Anderson, S. C. Clayton, Arthur L. Box 17, Sandy Springs, S. C. Clements, Mary P. Carteret St., Beaufort, S. C. Cobb, Charles Franklin Rt. 2, Anderson, S. C. Cobb, Norman S. Anderson, S. C. Coker, Elvia Jean E. Boyce St., Manning, S. C. Cooper, Margaret E. Rt. 3, Taylors, S. C. Cooper, Walter R. 313 " F " St., Anderson, S. C. Corley, NeUie G. Rt. 1, Box 152-A, Greenwood, s. c. Craft, Thomas G. 43 Prince, Anderson, S. C. Coker, Sarah V. 36 Constitution, Charleston Hgts., S. C. Cothran, Dandall Lee Rt. 3, Belton, S. C. Cox, Phil D. County Jail, Anderson, S. C. Creamer, Frankie A. 2003 N. Holly St., Anderson, S. C. Crick, Marilee Rt. 2, Kingstree, S. C. Crowe, Martha Sue Rt. 2, Anderson, S. C. Page Ninety-Nine DIHECTDRY Daniel, William D. 211 E. River St., Anderson, S. C. Davenport, Roy N. 36 Lyman St., Pelzer, S. C. Davis, Billy D. Rt. 3, Belton, S. C. Davis, Lafayette J. Rt. 1, Honea Patli, S. C. Dendy, Harriett R. 112 Farley Ave., Laurens, S. C. Dickson, Clarence E. 111 S. Prevost, Anderson, S. C. Doscher, Patricia Anne 11 Peeks Pike, Avondale, Charleston, S. C. Dowis, Martha J. Rt. 1, Iva, S. C. Dunlap, Joyce C. 120 Rockwood Dr., Greenville, S. C. Dunn, Peggy A. Rt. 2, Fort Mill, S. C. Dm-ham, Bernis W. Liberty, S. C. Dye, Gail A 701 College Ave., Anderson, S. C. Edmonds, Martha Ehzabeth 2708 Whitehall Ave,, Anderson, S. C. Edmonds, David 315 E. Frankhn St., Anderson, S. C. Ellis, Sarah E. 139 Langlewood Dr., Anderson, S. C. Elhson, Annie R. Rt. 1, Anderson, S. C. Ellison, Robert Adger Rt. 1, Anderson, S. C. Ellison, Rov : Rt. 4, Belton, S. C. Embler, Paul L. 1203 S. Main St., Anderson, S. C. Evans, Glenda L. 3209 S. Main St., Anderson, S. C. Ferguson, Helen Christine (Mrs.) 108 Gillwood Dr., Anderson, S. C. Fluck, Audrey May 453 Laurel St., N. Charleston, S. C. Fogle, Janice A. Box T15, Orangeburg, S.C. Foster, Joy M. 212 McDaniel Ave., Greenville, S. C. Franklin, Edward H. 605 Gossett St., Anderson, S. C. Franklin, Jerrv E. 502 Lanford St., Anderson, S. C. Gamble, Phyllis Evelyn Rt. 3 Portman Rd., Anderson, S. C. Gambrell, Marietta J. Rt. 2, Pendleton, S. C. Garrison, Margaret L. Rt. 3, Piedmont, S. C. Geer, Harriet K. (Mrs.) 609 Blvd., Anderson, S. C. Gibson, Brenda N. Rt. 1, Pickens, S. C Grant, Linda A. Rt. 2, Westminster, S. C. Griffin, Henry W. 120 Aster St., Charleston, S. C. Griffin, Paula A. 306 Luck St., Westminster, S. C. Hale, Camilla Wright (Mrs.) 107 Bailey St., Anderson, S. C. Haltiwanger, Gail Elizabeth 313 " C " St., Anderson, S. C. Hance, Mary J. 523 Central Ave., Lancaster, S. C. Hanley, Martha R. Rt. 1, Fountain Inn, S. C. Hanna, Kermeth E. 415 Riley St., Anderson, S. C. Harbin, Jimmy L. 14-16 3rd St., Greenville, S. C. Harbin, Martha Jane 13 " P " St., Anderson, S. C. Harden, Julia H. 207 N. Ave., Anderson, S. C. Harper, Linda M. 101 Academy St., Williamston, S. C. Hayes, Judith B. Rt. 1, Pickens, S. C. Herd, James R. 114 Myrtle Ave., Belton, S. G. Hill, Fred H. Anderson Dr., Williamston, S. C. Hines, Eleanor J. 805 E. River St., Anderson, S. C. Holland, Linda R. Rt. 1, Pendleton, S. C. Holliday, Martha Y. 14 Square, Pelzer, S. C. Hunt, Wilham T. Rt. 3, Seneca, S. C. Hutchins, George E. Rt. 2, Walhalla, S. G. Hyatt, Patricia A. 101 Haywood Ave., McCoU, S. C. Jamieson, Teresa Anne 815 Crouch Dr., Pendleton, S. C. Jenkins, Grace E. Rt. 3, Union, S. C. Jennings, Carol G. Rt. 3, Easley, S. C. Jones, Virginia Carolyn 1435 Columbia Cir. S.E., Decatur, Ala. Jones, Sarah Aim Sunset, Pickens, S. C. Jones, Shirley I. Rt. 2, Taylors, S. C. Keasler, Leona C. Sunset, Pickens, S. G. Keith, Carolyn I. Rt. 1, Pickens, S. G. Kelley, Albert J. Rt. 1, Liberty, S. C. Kelly, James Edward Rt. 2, Anderson, S. G. Kesler, Terry J. 310 Broad St., Gastonia, N. C. Key, Martha F. Laimeau Dr., Greenville, S. C. Keys, Joyce A. Rt. 1, Pelzer, S. C. Kneece, Lois O. Rt. 1, Batesburg, S. C. Lackey, Elva Ann 52-B Ben Tillman, Charleston Hgts., S. G. Lathem, Phylhs E. Box 88, Sandy Springs, S. C. Lawing, Brenda J. 1608 14th St., Hartsville, S. C. Lomas, Clarence H., Jr. 103 N. Elm, Pendleton, S. C. Leslie, Dora Lou Rt. 1, Pickens, S. C. Lawson, Mary Rebecca 846 Brandywine St., Jacksonville 8, Fla. Littleton, Johnny Ray 14 Clemson St., Box 491, Liberty, S. C. Livingston, Barbara Elise 130 Moreland Ave., Laurens, S. C. Lockaby, Freddy F. Box 31, Williamston, S. C. Loftis, Miriam L. Rt. 4, Taylors, S. C. Lomas, Clarence H., Jr. 103 N. Elm, Pendleton, S. C. Lopez, Carmen Annette 1426 Reynolds St., Key West, Fla. McAlister, John M. 418 Taylor, Anderson, S. C. McCraw, Mary E. Hellams, Fountain Inn, S. C. McDaniel, Linda R. Rt. 1, Pickens, S. C. McDonald, Audrey J. N. Main St., Fountain Inn, S. C. McDougle, Rachel Eunice 102 Willow Springs, Greenville, S. C. McGee, Vance M. 1204 Ella St., Anderson, S. C. McKay, Margaret E. 1736 N. Main, Greenville, S. C. McLeese, Jerry E. Rt. 2, Anderson, S. C. Mabry, Sara A. 217 Hamilton, Williamston, S. G. Madden, Clara J. Rt. 1, Waterloo, S. C. Madden, Vemell L. Salem, S. C. Major, Betty B. (Mrs.) Main St., Williamston, S. C. Major, Margaret R. 107 Green St., Williamston, S. C. Maness, Sandra J. 101 Beulah Dr., Anderson, S. C. Mann, Nell Y. Rt. 1, Waterloo, S. C. Martin, Carole L. (Mrs.) 209 Kirk Blvd., Greenville, S. C. Martin, Emily A. Rt. 2, Honea Path, S. C. Martin, Joe C. Rt. 3, Anderson, S. C. Martin, Sarah Ellen 307 W. Frederick St., Anderson, S. C. Martin, Sondra 210 Tate St., Elberton, Ga. Mattison, Ida Jo Ann 208 River St., Belton, S. G. Mayfield, Susan M. Rt. 3, Anderson, S. C. Merck, Emma Ernestine Rt. 1, Six Mile, S. C. Mereditli, Janice B. 305 Beaty Sq., Anderson, S. C. Miles, Doris E. 4517 Arlington, Columbia, S. C. Mitchum, Cecil G. 103 Frances, Anderson, S. C. Moore, Bertie Mildred Starr, S. C. Moorhead, Janice M. Bowersville, Ga. Mouchet, Florence M. Rt. 1, Bowersville, Ga. Moyer, Martha A. 1202 Edgefield, Greenwood, S. C. Newton, Gloria J. Rt. 1, McCoU, S. C. O ' Dell, Betty Jane Rt. 2, Laurens, S. C. Owens, Nancv A. 7 Smythe St., Belton, S. C. Patterson, Willie R. 20 Circle St., La France, S. C. Parker, Virgil V. 202 E. Whitner St., Anderson, S. C. Pellum, Janet L. David Hills, Walterboro, S. C. Perry, Martha E. 300 E. Franklin, Hartwell, Ga. Plott, Dianne L. 801 Woodward St., Aiken, S. C. Poole, Janet C. 806 E. Ferguson, Clinton, S. G. Powell, Doris E. Box 214, Cateechee, S. C. Powell, Nancy R. 700 N. Fant St., Anderson, S. C. Powell, William R. Rt. 5, Anderson, S. C. Prince, Ellen T. Rt. 1, Pelzer, S. C. Pruitt, Cecil Patrick Woodside, Anderson, S. C. Page One Hundred Ridge, Barbara A. Rt. 3, Laurens, S. C. Roberts, Joe N. 110 Green, Williamston, S. C. Rodgers, Carol A. 28-A Ben Tillman, Charleston, S. C. Rogers, Herbert T. Box 66, Pelzer, S. C. Rose, Juanita P. 1157 Pinckney, Florence, S. C. Ross, Nancy M. 18 Mauldin, Greenville, S. C. Ross, Violet R. 7 Hedgepath, Liberty, S. C. Rouda, Shelbie J. 214 Williamston Rd., Anderson, S. C. Rowell, Sybil A. 407 Fourth St., Jackson, S. C. Ryan, Rhoda L. 16 Woodland Way, Greenville, S. C. Sadler, Dorothy L. 2113 Blvd. Hgts., Anderson, S. C. Sanders, Dorothy Louise 2118 Blvd. Hgts., Anderson, S. C. Sargent, Marshall E. 11 Anderson St., Pelzer, S. C. Scarborough, Carolyn J. 123 Sharyn Lane, Aiken, S. C. Scott, Dennis L. 509 Stone Dr., Anderson, S. C. Sears, Jerryl W. 2011 Lindale Rd., Anderson, S. C. Seymour, Boyd W. -. 1311 Gilmer St., Anderson, S. C. Sharpton, Patricia S. Chestnut Ridge Rd., McCormick, S. C. Simpson, Dury T. Box 135, Iva, S. C. Simpson, Susan J. 2902 Virginia Ave., Aiken, S. C Singleton, David M. 203 Bhayler Ave., Belton, S. C . Slaton, Vivian AUce Rt. 3, Box 237, Iva, S. C. Small, Dewey Randall Rt. 3, Nichols, S. C. Smith, Bemice M 401 Gossett, Anderson, S. C. Smith, Carey W. - 112 Powell St., GraniteviUe, S. C. Smith, Carolyn R. 404 Ergle St., GraniteviUe, S. C. Smith, Harold B., Jr. 113 B. Hamilton, Williamston, S. C. Smith, Leon E. Box 84, Williamston, S. C. Smith, Marshall G. 373 Cleveland Ave., Elberton, Ga. Snipes, Willard 20 Cox St., Belton, S. C. Spearman, Linda L. Rt. 1, Piedmont, S. C. Speer, Bill Phillips St., Anderson, S. C. Stewart, Ahc Ruth 606 Glenwood, Anderson, S. C. Strand, Judy Jaunita Milton Rd., Joanna, S. C. Strange, Martha S. Box 306, Alcolu, S. C. Strickland, Nelle T. (Mrs.) 1908 N. Main St., Anderson, S. C. ZBET rWiaiols-S C. SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS Sutherland, Phyllis A. Rt. 7, Spartanburg, S. C. S utherland, Phyllis G. Luiles St., Iva, S. C. Taylor, Bill J. 705 N. St., Anderson, S. C. Taylor, Linda C. 110 Earl St., Laurens, S. C. Taylor, WiUiam M. 24-A Cater, Anderson, S. C. Thomas, Nelda R. Fairfax, S. C. Thompson, Betty A. Lakeside Dr., Westminster, S. C. Timms, M. H. Rt. 1, Hartwell, Ga. Tingen, Irvin L. Rt. 3, Anderson, S. C. Tisdale, Jimmie Lou 710 Parkside Dr., N. Charleston, S. C. Turkett, Mable I. Rt. 1, Winnsboro, S. C. Tyler, Emilie 207 N. Marlboro, McCoU, S. C. Usher, Mary F. Rt. 4, Lancaster, S. C. Vickers, Eleanor R. 1010 Hitchcock Dr., Aiken, S. C. Waldrop, Ruth M. Rt. 2, Gray Court, S. C. Wall, Alvin D., Jr. Rt. 1, Anderson, S. C. Wall, Rubye E. Rt. 1, Anderson, S. C. Walters, EUzabeth V. 1119 Radroad Ave., Hartsville, S. C. Walton, Carol 26 Aiken Rd., Vaucluse, S. C. Watkins, Mary A. Rt. 1, Williamston, S. C. Watson, Eddie C. Rt. 7, Greenville, S. C. Watson, Linda G. 108 Norris St., Anderson, S. C. Welbom William N. 718 Calhoun St., Anderson, S. C. Welch, Edna O. Rt. 3, Timmonsville, S. C. Welling, Kathryn E. 4809 Ave. M., Brooklyn, N. Y. Whitfield, William M. Townville, S. C Williams Clifton P. 1109 W. End Ave., Anderson, S. C. Williams, Cyilthia 216 Riley, Anderson, S. C. Williams, Donna J. Box 208, Pendleton, S. C. Williams, Harold D. Rt. 6, Anderson, S. C. Willis, Mary L. Ashville Hwy., Travelers Rest, S. C. Wilson, Jean E. 412 Blair St., Anderson, S. C. Wilson, Martha B. 534 Hampton Dr., Spartanburg, S. C. Willoughby, Mary E. . Rt. 3, Box 159, Nichols, S. C. Winchester, Charles Sunset, Pickens, S. C. Wingate, Carolyne A. c o Dr. Paul S. Watson, Kingstree, S. C. Woodall, Denny Faye Rt. 3, Westminster, S. C. Woods, Patricia A. 2006 Laurens Rd., Greenville, S. C. Woods, Virginia R. Rt. 1, Fountain Inn, S. C. Infinger, James Rt. 4, Hendersonville, N. C. Whitfield, Dan Rt. 1, Townville, S. C. Urso, Phillip RFD 2, Gray Court, S. C. Patterson, Dennis 509 N. Fant, Anderson, S. C. Lindsey, Glenn H. RFD 3, Pelzer, S. C. Rice, Joel S. 107 Little St., Belton, S. C. Rogers, Larry Bert Bruce St., Williamston, S. C. Fletcher Robert L. - 3200 McCurley, Anderson, S. C. Anderson, Estelle C. (Mrs.) Box 425, Williamston, S. C. Broadwell, Doris Pendleton, S. C. Landreth, Jerry E. 6 Main, Seneca, S. C. Patterson, James F. Carolina Circle, Anderson, S. C. Rogers, Clarence F. RFD 5, Seneca, S. C. Daniel, Amos C. 2 York, Anderson, S. C. Brown, John W. 708 Greenville St., Anderson, S. C. Hilley, William R. - 214 Broyles St., Anderson, S. C. Hatcher, Linda 505 East Orr, Anderson, S. C. Carson, Wm. G. RFD 3, Commerce, Ga. Maddox, James M. 605 E. Orr, Anderson, S. C. Blackwell, Ernest D. 102 River, Belton, S. C. Gerrard, Larry T. 208 Mayfield, Anderson, S. C. Fretwell, Wm. Parker Holly St., Anderson, S. C. Carwile, Wm. Claude - 204 Poplar Ave., Belton, S. C. Brock, James Abba 604 O ' Neal St., Belton, S. C. Harper, Jerry A. Rt. 3, Seneca, S. C. Cole, James L. Rt. 1, Townville, S. C. Meyers, Beth 102 Ponce de Leon Drive, Greenville, S. C. Ward, Rufus L. 112 Q Street, Anderson, S. C. STUDENT NURSES Barrett, Linda V. Bleckley, Anderson, S. C. Beaty, Linda Sue Rt. 1, Iva, S. C. Bryson, Catherine J. 124 Wilkenson Apt., Toccoa, Ga. Calhoun, Joyce A. 428 N. Oak St., Toccoa, Ga. Drake, Mary J. Rt. 1, Iva, S. C. Elders, Mary C. 2541 Putman, Columbia, S. C. Hawkins, Jackie M. Rt. 1, Belton, S. C. Hill, Shirley Ann Rt. I, Calhoun Falls, S. C. Kratz, Patricia A. 211 N.E. 16th Ave., Pampano Beach, Fla. Land, Patricia A. 142 Poplar St., Toccoa, Ga. Lucado, Betty A. J 111 E. Faris Rd., Greenville, S. C. McBride, Shirley J. Rt. 1, Iva, S. C. McGarity, Barbara A. Rt. I, Bowman, Ga. Partain, Audrey O. , 3509 Keys, Anderson, S. C. Smith, Gloria J. Box 223, Williamston, S. C. Smith, Peggy P. 117 N. St., Anderson, S. C. Walker, Jacquelynn R. Rt. 4, Toccoa, Ga. Wansley, Jean A. Rt. 3, Elberton, Ga. Whitfield, Lilhan Aim Rt. 1, Townville, S. C. ADVERTISEMENTS I DIXON-POWERS DRUG COMPANY " Your Service Drug Store " Claude Dixon — Bill Powers 805 N. Font St. CA 4-1684 Anderson, S. C. MAC ' S SANITONE CLEANERS AND S. S. LAUNDRY One Day Service on Request 105 Calhoun St. CA 4-4781 Anderson, S. C. . Hm McDOUGALD FUNERAL HOME Anderson, South Carolina M.J " [•T ' S M for Quality MAIN STREET AMOCO 801 N Main St. CA 5-5191 Anderson, S. C. 24 Hour Service 7 Days a Week The First National Bank of South Carolina Anderson, South Carolina Main Office— On the Square Drive-ln Branch- 1510 N. Main St. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporaiion Accounts Insured Up to $10,000 SAVE WITH US . . . CURRENT RATE PER ANNUM Out-of-Tov n Accounts Welcomed— Save by Moil First Federal Savings and Loan Association J . B. WOODSON, President 107 N. Main St. - Anderson - CA 4-3401 " MEET ME AT GREEN ' S ON THE SQUARE " H. L. Green Company, Inc 127 West Whitner Street Anderson, South Carolina MARY MILDRED, INC. Ready-to- Wear — Millinery and Accessories THE LADIES SHOP 1626 North Main Street Anderson, S. C. CA 6-1047 Fine Foods — Ample Parking — Air Conditioned Convenient to Downtown Anderson THE HOT SHOPPE RESTAURANT JACK FREEMAN, WALTER DORN, Owners N. Main Street Anderson, S. C. Best Wishes from PAUL GLASCO, OPTICIAN 1601 N. Main Street Anderson, S. C. CA 4-1331 YON ' S FOOD STORE CITY-WIDE DELIVERY 1305 North Main Street Anderson, S. C. Phone C A 6-1556 Me? 1 lite f " COKf IS A »eOlSTCIIEO THAOC-MABi Y FOR LOCAL FRESH DAIRY PRODUCTS Coble Dairy Productive Cooperative, Inc. CAnol 5-5491 w, DRINK (ka ' Anderson, South Carolina PETPS DRIVE-IN NO. 5 RESTAURANT Corner E. River Street and Shockley Ferry Road FIRST IN QUALITY - FAIREST IN PRICES FASTEST IN SERVICE ' A Satisfied Customer Is Our First Consideration " ' THE POWER TO PASS— THAT ' S DIXIE GAS ' TWENTY-NINE YEARS - SERVING THE PIEDMONT SECTION OF SOUTH CAROLINA Major Frank R. Thompson President and Treasurer The World ' s Largest Organization of Independent Oil Jobbers All DIXIE PRODUCTS Are Built To Rigid Specifications " DIXIE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Are Selected And Not Just Sent " AVIATION GASOLINES AND LUBRICANTS DIXIE GOLDEN FLASH GASOLINE DIXIE ETHYL GASOLINE DIXIE PENN MOTOR OILS AND LUBRICANTS PENNZOIL MOTOR OILS AND LUBRICANTS INDUSTRIAL OILS AND LUBRICANTS OIL BURNING SPACE HEATERS OIL BURNING FURNACES ANDERSON PETROLEUM CO - D STR Bl TORS " Nafiorially Known, Locally Owned " PHONE CA 5-8276 ANDERSON, S. C. " Say It With Flowers, But Say It With Ours " DAVIS FLORAL COMPANY Dot Payne Dorothy Davis 229 E. Benson Street (Wilmary BIdg.) Anderson, S. C. Phone CA 6-1661 GARVIN ' S GULF SERVICE North Main Street at Calhoun Street Good Friendly Gulf Service Anderson, S. C. Compliments of MIDAS MUFFLER SHOP Lifetime Guaranteed Mufflers Tail Pipes and Dual Exhaust Pipes 306-1 2 North Main Street Anderson, S. C. RADIO STATION WHPB Serving Belton, Williamston, Honea Path, and Anderson With Music, News, and Sports Throughout the Day Phone Belton 33-7786 PALMETTO PUBLISHING COMPANY 215 W. Church St. Telephone CAnal 6-2442 Anderson, South Carolina J. D. McCoy, President Agnew Browne, Manager " WE PRINT ANYTHING BUT MONEY " BEST WISHES TO ANDERSON COLLEGE The only South Carolina College which has two modern radio stations and a television station on its campus! These facilities-and those of THE ANDERSON INDEPEN- DENT and THE DAILY MAIL (circulation over 55,000) are whole- heartedly in support of this fine institution. WAIM- WCAC-FM- WAIM-TV- 23 YEARS COVERS 5 STATES CBS AND ABC WILTON E. HALL, Owner CAROLINA TERRACE MOTEL HORTON-PREVOST COMPANY, INC. DOWNTOWN - COFFEE SHOP - PHONES - TV SWIMMING POOL North Murray Avenue at Clinkscaies Anderson, S. C. CA 6-341 1 GENERAL INSURANCE Room 201, Bleckley Building CA 5-5461 Louis S. Horton William D. Prevost Compliments of Besf Wishes from PIEDMONT ELECTRICAL PREVOST SUPPLY COMPANY WHOLESALE CO., INC. 109 E River Street 620 North Murray Ave., Anderson, S. C. CA 5-5731 Anderson, S. C. Compliments of TERRY BOTTLING CO. KING OIL COMPANY Bafflers of Distributors for Fine PEPSI-COLA TOM ' S SEVEN-UP 2805 N. Main Street SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS E. Shockley Ferry Road CA 6-1601 For Finest Fuel Oils, Call Anderson, South Carolina HOME OIL COMPANY E. River Street Anderson, S. C. CA 4-0262 POWER TO THE CLASS OF ' 59 We ' re proud of you . . . proud, too, of the chance to serve a nev generation of young Peidmont citi- zens. Our best to you as you move forv ard, in a free and responsible community . . . where your own will and effort are the measure of achivement. DU ® REDDY KILOWATT You. ! ;.-.;l.n Scrvonr POWER COMPANY Compliments of HOLBROOK RESTAURANT Highway 29 North - Bypass " Where It ' s a Treat to Eat " Phone CA 5-5747 BILL ARFLIN SERVICE STATION Fine GULF Products Expert Wheel Balancing — Road Service 1608 E. River St. CA 4-0120 Anderson, S. C. CALHOUN HOTEL AND COFFEE SHOP ROY CRAWFORD, General Manager SOUTHERNER HOTEL COURT J o Miles North on U. S. 29 at By-Pass ROY CRAWFORD, Lessee JACK EDDIS, Manager RICHARD RUHLE REFRIGERATION COMPANY REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT 207 West Church Street Anderson, South Carolina Phone CAnal 5-7441 SINCLAIR PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Super Flame Oils — Power X Gasoline Accurate Meter Measuring Trucks COX OIL COMPANY, INC. 511 West Market Street Anderson, South Carolina Call CA 6-1301 CLAY COX BEST WISHES TO ANDERSON COLLEGE ABIVEY MILLS ANDERSON MILL TOXAWAY DIVISION Modern Rooms Each Air-Conditioned Tile Bath Wall-to-Woll Carpet VATRICE MOTEL " The Better Place to Sleep " Telephone CA 5-5445 29 North-2 Miles North Anderson, S. C. Complimenfs of DARBY ELECTRIC COMPANY Anderson,, S. C. BEST WISHES FROM CAROLINA CREME DOUGHNUT SHOP 309 Greenville Street Anderson, S. C. GREETINGS from ANDCO FEED SEED CO. 301 W. Market St. Anderson, S. C. ELECTRIC CITY PRINTING COMPANY " Quality Printing Since 1920 " 224 E. Orr at Manning St. Anderson, S. C. KIMBRELL ' S DEPENDABLE FURNITURE 207-209 South McDuffie Street Phone CA 5-5496 Anderson, S. C. RICHARDSON ' S BAKERY 1401 North Main Street Anderson, S. C. Catering for Weddings and Parties BEST WISHES from A FRIEND Compliments of J. P. Stevens Co., Inc APPLETON PLANT Anderson, South Carolina ESSO PRODUCTS HOME - COMMERCIAL STRINGER OIL COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! FOUNDRY STEEL, INC. 227 N. Towers Street Anderson, S. C. We Give S H Green Stamps Use Your Esso Credit Card 2712 South Main St. Anderson, S. C. Dial CA 4-niO ZEIGLER TAYLOR CO. REALTORS Real Estate — Insurance and Rentals Anderson BIdg. CA 4-3961 Anderson, S. C. Shop and Save at ANDERSON ' S MOST COMPLETE SUPER MARKET CREAMER BOLT SUPER MARKET 2539 West Whitner Street Anderson, South Carolina Compliments of West Point Manufacturing Company Anderson Division EQUINOX MILL WELLINGTON MILL TEXTILE MANUFACTURERS Anderson, South Carolina ALTON HALL BELLVIEW ESTATES FLORIST AND DECORATOR RESIDENTIAL SUB-DIVISIONS WEDDI NG CONSULTANT Anderson, South Carolina Call CAnal 5-2198 Anderson, South Carolina SERVICES, INC. LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING " Look Your Best in Clothes Laundered by Services " 412 Williamston Road Anderson, South Carolina Congratulations to the Graduates WE ARE PROUD OF ALL OF YOU! City Of Anderson James M. Cathcart Mayor Rufus H. Moorhead Mayor Pro-Tem ALDERMEN CLARENCE B. ELLISON - GEORGE S. MACK - RALPH P. SEWELL CLARENCE L PRESSLEY - WILLIAM H. EMBLER - RUFUS H. MOORHEAD U. H. BURTON CITY ATTORNEY - JOHN K. HOOD, JR. CITY CLERK-TREASURER - H. M. WILSON CITY ENGINEER-MANAGER - C. C. ANDREWS Congraiulat ' ions to Graduates from MARSHALL FARMS, WHOLESALER " The Best Dressed Chickens " West Road Belton, S. C. Dial " 33 " Then Dial 3836 ax o 869 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF 1959! We Wish for You Continued Success In All Your Undertakings BEST WISHES FROM A FRIEND BALLENTINE EQUIPMENT COMPANY RESTAURANT, INSTITUTION SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Telephone CE 3-3680 26 Augusta Street Greenville, S. C. BUFFALO China WEAR-EVER Cooking Ware HOT-POINT Commercial Cooking Equipment CAROLINA PRODUCE COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS FRESH FRUITS AND PRODUCE Anderson, South Carolina BEST WISHES TO THE 1959 GRADUATES from THE TOWNE HOUSE AND COFFEE SHOPPE 125 North Main Street Anderson, S. C. BARTON GROCERY CO. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Anderson, S. C. PATRONIZE YOUR COLUMNS ADVERTISERS THEY MAKE YOUR YEARBOOK POSSIBLE! TELL THEM, " 1 saw it in the Columns! " n Jtt Bailey Court Apartments MODERN BRICK DUPLEX APARTMENT BUILDINGS Apartments Available for Anderson College Faculty and Staff and for Married Students APARTMENTS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL TO PUBLIC Anderson ' s Finest One, Two, and Three-Bedroom Apartments Individual Automatic Heating Units In Each Apartment Kitchen Furnished — Efficient Maintenance Service Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1959 From Entire Personnel of JOHNSTON FURNITURE CO. 123 E. Whitner St. Anderson, S. C. CA 5-7771 MARY LEE ' S WOMEN ' S APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES 124 N. Main St. Phone CA 4-1591 NORMAN POWELL ' S ESSO SERVICENTER Corner Murray Ave. and Sayre St. Anderson, S. C. Phone CA 6-3626 Best Wishes to Anderson College! HILL ELECTRIC CO. East River Street CA 5-8791 Anderson, South Carolina Compliments of GABLE ' S FLORIST AND GREENHOUSE " Our Flowers Say It For You " E. Whitner St. Anderson, S. C. CA 4-0236 ERSKINE COLLEGE DUE WEST, SOUTH CAROLINA A fully accredited leading liberal arts college for men and women with majors leading to A.B. and B.S. degrees. Majors in pre-professional work such as medicine, dentistry, law, ministry, business administration, elementary and secondary teaching, physical education (for men), and Directors of Christian Education. Also piano, voice, organ, band, dramatics, and art. Also A Summer Session Of 1 1 Weeks WRITE THE REGISTRAR FOR CATALOG OR VISIT OUR CAMPUS PEARCE- YOUNG-ANGEL COMPANY Greenville, South Carolina SERVING HOTELS - RESTAURANTS - FOOD STORES EFIRD ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Complimenfs of Phone CAnal 5-2021 Bailes Department Store Anderson, South Carolina On The Square In THE ANDERSON HARDWARE CO. Anderson, South Carolina East Whitner Street CA 4-4578 - Anderson, South Carolina " Gifts For All Occasions " " Better Be Safe Than Sorry " Lawrence and Brownlee INSURANCE AND BONDS Southern Insurance Specialists 122 N. Main St. Phone CA 5-8221 Anderson, South Carolina SALES SERVICE BILL BALLENTINE MOTORS, INC. Bill Ballentine, Representative Telephone CAnal 4-3476 Anderson, South Carolina SAM HAMLET CLEANERS PLANT-2600 North Main Street BRANCH STORES: 105 S. McDuffie St. - 303 Boulevard 500 Greenville St. (Martin ' s Esso Station) Best Wishes From MAYNARD ' S WAYSIDE FURNITURE A STORE FOR HOMES Belton-Anderson Highway RALPH HAYES MOTORS Mercury — Edsel — Lincoln — English Ford " After We Sell, We Serve " 907N.MainSt. P.O.Box 1646 CA 6-1571 Anderson, S. C. MODERN DRY CLEANERS CLEANING, TAILORING, REPAIRING 301 E. Benson St. Dial CA 4-3071 Anderson, S. C. IDEAL LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS 109 West Reed Street Anderson, South Carolina CA 4-3325 Best In Cleaning and Laundering DIAL: IDEAL One Day Service If Desired SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina ' Serving In This Section for Over 70 Years ' Dillard ' s Sporting Goods Co. NETS FLOWER SHOPPE 602 Greenville Drive Williamston, South Carolina Phone 7788 BILL DILLARD, Owner JOHN HILL, Manager Anderson, South Carolina TRACO PRODUCTS CO. Furnishers of Venetian Blinds for AC! East Orr Street Extension Anderson, South Carolina Flowers of Distinction WILLIAM-ALBERT FLORIST 120 N. McDuffie Street Phone CAnal 6-3041 Anderson, South Carolina William Powell Albert Smith Margaret Perrin DAIRY PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LABEL... ARE GRADE ' A " -ALL THE WAYl PET DAIBY PRODUCTS COMPARE PET WITH ANY OTHER McLESKEY-TODD DRUG COMPANY FRANK POWELL 114 North Main St. Anderson, S. C. WATCH REPAIR SHOP DRUGS - SODAS - COSMETICS 126 W. Benson St. CA 5-9631 Anderson, S. C. Prompt Deliveries - CA 5-5451 " Timely " Service Expertly Done Headquarters for the Golden Touch THE GREASY SPOON RESTAURANT Underwood Portable Typewriter 309 N. Main St. Anderson, S. C. ACKER OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY 1 17 W. Bensoa St. CA 4-3751 Anderson, S. C. Complimenfs of Sullivan - King Maxwell Bros. Mortua ry McCallum, Inc. Main at Federal Phone CA 5-5431 Anderson, South Carolina " ANDERSON ' S OLDEST FUNERAL HOME " RAWLINS - ALLEN STUDIO BELK-SIMPSON COMPANY Greenville, South Carolina PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE 1959 COLUMNS You Can Find Your Future At Anderson College A Baptist Junior College Striving to Prepare Young Men and Women for Lives of Christian Leadership Standard Freshman and Sophomore Years of College Work . . . Graduates Transfer as Juniors to 4-Year Colleges and Universities. Basic Liberal Arts . . . Sciences, Music, Art, Home Economics, Education, Pre-Professional Courses, Sec retarial Science, Many Eiectives. BOARDING STUDENTS-Room, Board, Tuition, Fees Per Year $700 DAY STUDENTS-Tuition, Fees Per Year $300 Scholarships Available For Complete Details, Write PRESIDENT J. E. ROUSE Anderson College, Anderson, South Carolina ilTOGRAPflS LIBRARY

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