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JOPERTY o? LIBRARY ' RSON GOV v- V i r w ' - jr L OIL umns ANDERSON COLLEGE Anderson, South Carolina NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHT A :•! ' i-r-, ij »- mi :•»; 4 M i T-viB i - V i ' - ■; ■ - ■- ' • ' x •, ' ' %f ■■e rli 1 i4 »3t s r? if ■ i ' ■ ■ ■.,■ i f 1 -Tv s w ' Mi i r ■ M fm ES w % FOREWORD " The man that hath no music in himself, " l is not mov ' d with concord of sweet sounds, " " Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils. " " The motions of his spirit are dull as night " " And his affections dark as Erebus: " " Let no such man be Trusted. " LORENZO, " The Merchant of Venice. ' ■ Look For The Silver Lining ?! ' , ion ' t be offended if I preach to you a while, " ea are out of place is? ?yes that were meant to smile. That ' s a way to make vour vei) biggest troubles small, Herf ' -, ' he happy secret of it all. Look for til- ' silver lining When e ' er a ciouu ajiijears in the blue. Remember some where the sun is shining And so the right thing to do is make it shine for you. A heart, full of joy and gladness Will always banish sadness and strife. So always look for the silver lining And try to find the sunny side of life. Words by: Bud De Sylva Music by: Jerome Kern Page Four Dear Father, we thank thee for Anderson College For the fun, the friendships, the heartaches, the knowledge; For the patience shown by factdtij and. friends, For our gains, our failures, our losses, and our wins. For the responsibilities we endeavored to hear. For learning about life and for learning to share. For the smiles and greetings exchanged in the halls. And for every experience behind those ivy -clad walls . . . We thank thee, our Father. Now as we leave this school so dear We pray we are better for having been here. We want to share the things we ' ve learned To aid our fellowman is our main concern. We pray to live unselfishly from day to day, So that we may help others along life ' s way. Help us, dear Father, to be always true To the ideals of Anderson, which are centered around You. Be our guide, kind Father— Amen Written by Katie Simmons Adopted by the 1958 Columns Staff Page Six . " - 3 « i- .-- .1 ■ ' % ! •». I ' 1 ' ,-i. . «!i .« iS w» ' «» H- -M» «»9 OMUKV! ' ' ' ' " H B Uk4ji ' - DEDICATION For his devotion to Iiis classes His helpful guidance as Dean of Men His mastery of Music His unselfish desire to share and help We, the 1958 Columns Staff, consider it a privilege and an honor to dedicate this annual To our friend Mr. HENRY VON HASSELN Page Eight OUR PRESIDENT Anderson College is proud of om- President, Reverend John Edward Rouse, who came to us in October from the First Baptist Church of Laurens, South Carolina and since his arrival has done much for the school. In our President we see a man with an insatiable desire for knowledge, a man of high and noble ideals, and most of all his attitudes and actions show us a Christian gentleman. Page Nine MR. LAWRENCE LUTZ Registrar Academic Dean MR. HENRY von HASSELN Dean of Men ADMINISTRATION MISS DORA HANCOCK Director of Student Activities MISS EUNA KAY Business Manager Page Ten MRS. FRED BLACK Admissions Counselor MISS MARY MAJOR BURRISS Secretarial Science, Clirn. DR. D. W. CLOER Religion MISS ELIZABETH CORDLE Instrumental Music, Clirn. MISS NANCY DIVVER Librarian MISS MARTHA DOOLEY Voice, Chni. ' ?» ' FACULTY AND STAFF MISS DORA HANCOCK Secretarial Science MRS. BLANCHE HOLCOMBE Art MRS. HUNTER HOWARD Home Economics MRS. ADDIE FOSTER Dormitory Hostess MRS. JOHN GLENN College Hostess MISS EDITH GUNTER Biology Page Eleven iMRS. BILL HYNDS Piano MRS. ERNEST JOHNSTON Receptionist MISS ANTOINETTE JONES Public Relations, Journalism 48 " •am i ,(««- 3C Xo V REV. LAWRENCE LUTZ Secretarial Science MISS LULU McCLURE English, Chm. MRS. VIRGINIA MILLER Dietitian FACULTY AND STAFF xMRS. PAUL MIMS Psychology MISS ANNIE NICKELS Nurse, Infirmary Supervisor MRS. E. A. PATTERSON Piano MRS. HIRAM SANDLIN Biology MRS. OCTAVIA SELL Science, Chm. REV. D. C. SHIRLEY Religion Page Twelve MR. E. C. SIMPSON English MRS. CHARLES SULLIVAN English, Business Correspondence REV. GRADY SUMMER English MRS. BEVLEY THOMPSON Postmistress; Canteen — Bookstore Manager MRS. HUNTER THOMPSON Dormitory Hostess MR. HENRY von HASSELN Social Sciences MR. WEBB von HASSELN Modern Languages MISS PHYLLIS WATSON Speech and Dramatic Art MRS. HOYT WILSON Secretary to President Not Pictured Are: MRS. RAY C. CLINKSCALES Math MRS. EVELYN DARBY Assistant Dietitian MRS. BETTY DALY Assistant Librarian MRS. FRED DOBBINS Physical Education MR. PETE BLACKSTON Coach Page Thirteen L ic usses oLooh or he Olivet ' cJLi inina i . wM: • Page Sixteen HEIDI YARBOROUGH Secretary GAIL MELTON Ti ' easurer SOPHOMORE ACTIVITIES Upper classmen giving instruction to the lowly freshman rats. Sophomores entertain Freshman with a re- ception. Nancy entertains at Crook Banquet. Lighting of the Yule log for Christmas. Page Seventeen SOPHOMORES WILLIAM EDWARD ADDIS " Ambition ' s debt is paid " NITA VIRGINIA ALEWINE " A kind and gentle heart she has " NORMA FRANCES AUTREY " Ready and willing, most capable too. Always on hand her part to do " CAROLE ANN BARTLETT " A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature " Page Eighteen SOPHOMORES xS CHARLOTTE JUNE BEATY " Hear ye not the hum of miglity workings? " FRANCES MINTA BISHOP " Wit makes its own welcome, and levels all distinctions " «! « ' ,M RUBY JEANETTE BISHOP " Her virtues are many, her faults are few; To her friends she ' s loyal and true " LALA ANGELA BLACKSTON " Laughing is she, merry all the while " Page Nineteen SOPHOMORES LINDA SUE BLACKSTONE " A sunny disposition lines the edges of life ' s blackest clouds " DORIS JUNE BROADWELL " A pleasant nature is Heaven ' s Gift " PEGGY JUANITA BROOKS " A good head and industrious hands are worth gold in any land " NANCY CAROLINE BUSBY " Noble in every thought and in every deed " Page Twenty SOPHOMORES PHILLIP EUGENE CAMPBELL " With talents abundant, he ' s headed for success " H, DALTON CHASTAIN " A merry heart goes a long, long way " ALICE ANTOINETTE CHREITZBERG " Lots of wit and lots of fun, Everything she does is well done " MARY ANN CLARK " Cliarm strikes the sight but merit wins the soul " Page Twenty-One SOPHOMORES JERRY EUGENE COBB " Let deeds express what ' s like to be their words " SHELBY JEAN COX " And yet no day without a deed to crown it " 4 HENRY DAVID EDMONDS " Those who love music love the best thing of life " NANCY JANE FOWLER " They are rich who have friends " Page Twenty-Two SOPHOMORES MRS. JEAN BOLTON FRADY ' The music that can deepest reach, and cure all ill, is cordial speech " PHYLLIS EVELYN GAMBLE " What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness? " JO ANN GIBBS " As great in admiration as herself MARIANNA GIVENS " When she had passed, it seemed like ceasing of exquisite music, " Page Twenty-Three SOPHOMORES JOHN LEWIS HAMMOND " 1 must talk and laugh, or life will be empty " PEGGY JUNE HARRIS " Of disposition sweet and manner mild " BEVERLY CAROL HINSDALE " As kind as she is fair " NAN ELIZABETH HUMPHREY " From the crown of her head to the sole of her foot. She is all mirth " Page Twenty-Four SOPHOMORES FRANCES DELAINE HUTTO " You bear a gentle mind and heavenly blessings follow such creatures " MARGARET ANN JACKSON " Determination is the master key of success " PATRICIA LOUISE JOHNSON " She shall have music wherever she goes " SHEILA DAVIS KING " She can be imitated by none. Nor paralleled by any but herself " Page Twenty-Five SOPHOMORES NORA LOUISE KITCHEN " S je lives each dmj to the fullest " ELIZABETH ANN LE GETTE " A smile is the trademark of a happy soul " CLAIRE MAXINE LENDERMAN " to her share some female errors fall. Look on her face and you ' ll forget them all " SUSAN LOIS LONG " To knoiv her is to love her " Page Twenty-Six SOPHOMORES VELMA RUTH McCRAW " Bright as the sun her eyes, the gazers strike and like the sun they shine on all alike " LILLIAN CLIFFORD McGEE " All things flourish where you turn your eyes " ALICE ANN McLEES " Oh, what a noble mind is here " JANE NOBLITT MARTIN " Quiet, sincere and thoroughly likeable " Page Twenty-Seven SOPHOMORES tM|«M - -fli JEANETTE GAIL MELTON ' Tis the mind that makes the body rich. ' MELVIN HAYES MIZELL " He profits most who serves the best. ' BETTY JEAN NABOBS " Thou CTOwnest the year with thy goodness. ' PHYLLIS REBECCA ODOM " Few things are impossible to diligence and SkiU. " Page Twenty-Eight SOPHOMORES JULIA CLAUDETTE OSBORNE " Courtesy never goes out of fashion. " PATRICIA PATTERSON " Quiet sweetness knows no bounds. " WILLIAM NEIL PHILLIPS " The history of the world is but the bio- graphy of great men. " CYNTHIA WELSH PLOTT " And yonder it ' s a maiden, the fairest of the fair. " Page Twenty-Nine SOPHOMORES DIANNE RAGSDALE " True merit is like a river, the deeper it U the less noise it makes. " LOU BETH REEVES " An angel! or, if not. An earthly paragon! " CHARLES RICHARD ROBERTS " So much can one man do that does both act and know. " SHELBIE JEAN ROUDA " The best we could say is not enough. ' Page Thirty SOPHOMORES ' -■ ' ' a if ' S Sa, DICKIE DAVID SANDERS " Be not afraid of greatness. " CORA ELIZABETH SCOTT " Pleasing to see, nice to know. " SHELBY JEAN SHAW " Kindness is wisdom. " THOMAS FRANKLIN SHIRLEY " The mirror of all courtesy. " Page Thirty-One SOPHOMORES SHERRILL HOLMES SHIRLEY " Kindness, nobler ever than revenge. " KATHRYN WHITE SIMMONS " Naught can be said of her but good. ' ROBERT EARL SMITH " And when men look for leaders among men, He shall be there. " WILLARD SNIPES " A lofty mind always thinks nobly, ' Page Thirty-Two SOPHOMORES CAROL LEE STRATTON " A kind heart she hath. " PATSY WAINE STRICKLAND " Of manners gentle, of affections mild. ' S i MARY SUTHERLAND " The reward of a thitjg well done, is to have it done. " WILLIAM EDWARD TARRANT " Man is master of his fate. " Page Thirty-Three SOPHOMORES THALIA ELIZABETH TATE " As if an angel dropped down from the sky. " GAIL ELIZABETH TEASLEY " Gentle in mind, words, and temper. ' REBECCA JANE TEMPLE " A lofty mind, a noble soul. The gift of friendship; a heart of gold. " ELEANOR ANN TUCK " A big heart, always wishing to do right and be friends with everyone. " Page Thirty-Four SOPHOMORES ANNETTE MARGUIRETE TUCKER " Of honest worth, truly one on whom we can depend. " SELENA JANE WEEKS " Talent of the highest order and such as is calculated to command admiration. " SONJA WELSH " Quiet and reserved, not likely to be for- gotten. " BARBARA JEAN WHEELER " A gentle smile and a I ' leasant icay. ' Poge Thirty-Five HEIDI EDWARDS YARBOROUGH " Do as you would be done by, is the surest method of pleasing. " 1 i fh ' - ' f i Page Thirty-Six ' ' -SsCJrt- .r- " . ' ' %--f ' - -- J - -. ' % V -.i-.- ' v . ' -J- ' - »5 [i.-ia 1. " Baby, it ' s cold outside. " 2. The intellectual fireside group. 3. " Aw, you ' re fooling! " 4. Boys? Where? ! 5. Another long Sunday afternoon. 6. " Let ' s have a party. " 7. Well, Hayes, you finally made it. 8. Ugh! Housework! 9. Studying What? 10. Use your muscles. Groover. 11. And they say women gossip! 12. " Party Dolls. " 1.3. " Could this be magic? " 14. Rat Week How Morbid! 15. " Wake up, little Susie. " 16. Going home for the holidays? 17. " Smile and the whole world smiles with you. " Page Thirty-Seven DICK JUSTICE President FRESHMEN OFFICERS DENNY FAYE WOODALL Vice-President REV. GRADY SUMMER Sponsor CAROLYN WINGATE Secretary CAROLYN SCARBOROUGH Treasurer Page Thirty-Eight FRESHMAN ACTIVITIES That ' s right rats - - BEG ! ! ! All loaded up and ready to go tor Mountain Day. Smiling English! and they ' re in Freshman It ' s mistletoe they ' re hanging X X X X X X Page Thirty-Nine iiiiiiu. Jeannette Atkinson Ernestene Atteberry Beverly Ayers Shirley Bannister Charles E. Bell In k De Anna Dare Blackmon Pete Blackston Billy Bostic FRESHMEN Harriett Brown Linda Bums l ll Page Forty Betty Lou Burton Beverly Busby Joyce Cameron Jacqueline Carbonell Mary Penelope Clements Charles Cobb Jeannie Coker Grace Corley I iImW BKhiii ' ...-. jJ K Laura DuRant Robert Ellison FRESHMEN Page Forty-One Martha Erskine Marian Estridge Audrey Fluck Marietta Gambrell Dorothy Ann Gilstrap MJ. Peggy Green Judith Gregg Patricia Griffin Billie Groover Doris Hair FRESHMEN Page Forty-Two Gail Hamby Judith Hance Elizabeth Harrell Robert Herd Mary Howard Richard Justice Carolyn Keith James Kelly Terry Kesler Lois Kneece FRESHMEN Page Forty-Three Ann Lackey Mary Lavvson James Madden Sarah Ellen Martin Carole McDaniel Doris McGinnis Janice Meredith Mildred Moore FRESHMEN Durane Morgan Edgar MuUer Page Forty-Four Ray Patterson Patsy Patton Terry Pettit Carolyn Faye Porter Judith Powell Roberta Powell Elizabeth Ripley Jimmy Rogers Jane Rivers Janet Rivers FRESHMEN Page Forty-Five Violet Ross Marshall Sargent Carolyn Scarborough Dennis Scott Wendell Seymore Ruby Shaw Susan Simpson Vivian Slaton Leon Smith Polly Sowell FRESHMEN Page Forty-Six Peggy Sullivan Phyllis Sutherland William Taylor 1 I- .fT Mary Ellen Thacker Kitty Thompson Linda Watson Edna Welch Kathryn Welling W Jean Whittiker Harold Williams FRESHMEN Page Forty-Seven Mary Louise Willis Betty Wilson Jean Wilson Martha Beth Wilson Carolyn Wingate ' ' MBm ■ m mT t -m il Ki x at ■ «E 1 ■ -!! ' HM jj ■ - «(JI L fc Denny Faye Woodall Anne Woods Barbara Zom Alice Stewart FRESHMEN Page Forty-Eight STUDENT NURSES Front row, left to right: Norma Jean Atkins, Pendleton, S. C; Joyce McBride, Iva, S. C; Mary Ann Edwards, Seneca, S. C; Mary Frances Norton, Toccoa, Ga.; Barbara Jo Davis, Townville, S. C; Leora Payne, Anderson, S. C; Judy Griffith, Pendleton, S. C.; Connie Summeral, Sumter, S. C.; Linda Fant, Anderson, S. C.; Ruth Edge, Toccoa, Ga. Second row, left to right: Ann Morgan, CIcmson, S. C.; Anne Woolbright, Townville, S. C.; Barbara Maxwell, Hart- well, Ga.; Peggy Lovem, Hartwell, Ga.; Betty Lou Moore, Westminster, S. C.; Catlierine Bryson, Toccoa, Ga.; Marlene Rhinehart, Lavonia, Ga.; Linda Worley, Anderson, S. G.; Marilvn Matthews, Union, S. C.; Gail Blackwell, Greenwood, s. c. Student nurses at Anderson Memorial Hospital take many college courses at Anderson College and are also invited to participate in all campus activities. Page Forty-Nine 4r J eai t ult of oa and LjlctdneAS STUDENT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Left to right: Robert Herd, Ann LeGette, Betty Nabors, Hayes Mizell, Phil Campbell, Jo Ann Gibbs, president; Katie Simmons, Nancy Busby, Charlotte Beaty, Nita Alewine, Joyce Cameron. Self-government is the heart of democracy. The purpose of Student Govern- ment is to foster student activities and a high ideal of scholarship and honor among students. Its responsibility is to assist administration in carrying out duties and transacting business concerning the student body. OFFICERS President JO ANN GIBBS Vice-President PHIL CAMPBELL Secretary KATIE SIMMONS Advisor MISS DORA HANCOCK Page Fifty-Two GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL First row, left to right: Kathryn Welling, Noniia Autrcy, Nita Alewine. Back row: Ann LeGette, Denny Faye Woodall, Thalia Tate, Jo Ann Gibbs, Carolyn Scar- borough, and Miss Dora Hancock, advisor. FACULTY-STUDENT COMMITTEE Working with the Student Government this year has been a Faculty-Stndent Committee. Mem- bers of this committee inchide President Rouse, Registrar Lawrence Lutz, Dean of Men Henry von Hasseln, Miss Dora Hancock, Mrs. Paul Mims, Rev. D. C. Shirley, and students Jo Ann Gibbs, Phil Campbell, Katie Simmons, Thalia Tate, and Carolyn Scarborough. This group represents the adminis- tration, handling major problems from the Student Government Council. Page Fifty-Three BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Left to right, seated: Jeanette Bishop, YWA Representative; Lou Beth Reeves, Social Vice-President; Gaii Melton, Promotional V-President; Sarah Martin, Co-Music Chairman; Thalia Tate, Secretar ' -Treasurer; Jane Weeks, Music Chairman; Nancy Busby, President. Second Row: Cora Scott, Devotional V-President; Ann LeCette, Sunday School Representative; Phil Campbell, Exten- ion Director; Hayes Mizell, Christian Action Chairman; Betty Nabors, Enlistment V-President; Norma Autrey, Publicity Director; Miss Dora Hancock, Counselor. The Baptist Student Union is a connecting link between Anderson College and local Baptist churches. It sponsors both social and religious activities which make it an important and vital part of our college life. Page Fifty-Four B. S. U. SNAPS B. S. U. CHOIR Jane Weeks, Director Christmas Project for needy child. Evening Vespers in the parlor. B. S. U. deputation team. Dedicated Vocations week at A. C. Y. W. A. YWA and BSU work together in creating a mission-minded atmos- phere about the school and through the students. This interest is pro- moted by chapel programs, vespers, and interesting YWA and BSU programs. The YWA Executi e Council, seated left to right: E. Tuck, C. Scarborougli, President, J. Bishop; F. Bishop, Miss Hancock, Counselor. Back row: S. Cox, P. Strickland, M. Wilson, C. Osborne, D. Hair, N. Ale- wine, P. Sutherland, T. Tate, J. Weeks, V. Ross. H. Yarborough, R. McCraw, D. Blacknion, C. Scott. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIA TION The Ministerial Association is constituted by the ministerial stu- dents. They create a most Christian air about the campus. Chapel pro- grams and other activities are spon- sored by this organization. Seated, left to right: B. Bostick, B. J. Taylor, Craig Neill, President; R. Rob- erts, J. Kelly. Standing: Sponsor, Rev. C. Shirley; W. Taylor, L. Morris, D. WilHanis, J. B. Chapman, F. Shirley, M. Smith, R. Pat- terson, C. Cobb. Page Fifty-Six HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Left to right: Billie Groover, Judy Gregg, Harriett Brown, Peggy Harris, President; Frances Bishop, Ahce Stewart, Mrs. Hunter Howard, Advisor; Terry Kesler, Barbara Wheeler, ThaHa Tate. Not pictured: Comeha Thompson and Ruby Shaw. OFFICERS President PEGGY HARRIS Vice-President THALIA TATE Secretary-Treasurer BARBARA WHEELER Reporter KITTY THOMPSON Social Chairman JUDY GREGG Advisor MRS. HUNTER HOWARD The Home Economics Club is an organization for students interested in this particular subject. Meetings are held each month, with programs planned on topics of similar interest to the group. The club is affiliated with both state and national home economics clubs. Page Fifty-Seven GLEE CLUB First row, left to right: P. Patton, D. McGinnis, J. Bishop, A. Tucker, N. Autrey, G. Hamby, D. Blacknion, J. Atkinson, Miss Dooley, Sponsor. Second row ' , left to right: E. Coker, B. Harrell, B. Groover, C. Stratton, G. Corley, H. Yarborough, R. Shaw, C. Bart- lett, E. Tuck. Third row, left to right: P. Sullivan, S. Martin, A. Woods, J. Greggs, L. Bums, N. Alewine, S. King, D. Hair, M. Wilson. Fourth row, left to right: G. Melton, D. Broadwell, L. Kneese, P. Johnson, S. Shirley, J. Weeks, M. Erskine, D. Hutto, P. Sutherland. The Anderson College Glee Club, under direction of Miss Martha Dooley, presents special music both at the college and for numerous churches, schools, and organizations in the community and in the state. Other vocal groups at the college include the Sextette, and the B.S.U. Choir. Page Fifty-Eight ' ' ' fA ' OFFICERS Left to right — Carole Bartlett, Secretary-Treasurer; Eleanor Tuck, Librarian; Gail Melton, Vice-Presi- dent; and Sherry Shirley, President. Director MISS MARTHA DOOLEY Sextette Left to right: Betty Hanell, Gail Melton, Doris Hair, Sherry Shirley, Pat Johnson, and Carole Bartlett. Page Fifty-Nine TOWN CLUB OFFICERS: Bob Smith, President; Shirley Bannister, Secretary; Gail Melton, Treasurer; and William Addis, Social Chairman. The Town Club is an organization of day students which helps to bring them closer together. It is particularly interested in promoting bigger and better student activities. MISS ELIZABETH CORDLE Advisor Page Sixty PUBLICATIONS NORMA AUTREY, Editor, The Yodler ANGELA RLACKSTON, Editor, The Columns GAIL MELTON, Business Manager, The Yodler SHEILA KING, Business Manager, The Columns MISS ANTOINETTE JONES Advisor COLUMNS STAFF First Row, left to right: Carole Bartlett, Snapshot Editor; Carol Stratton, Photography Editor; Angela Blackston, Editor-in-Chief; and Audrey Fluck, Freshman Class Editor. Second Row: Jane Weeks, Assistant Sophomore Class Editor; Cindy l lott. Assistant Editor and Art Editor; David Edmonds, Assistant Business Manager; Nancy Fowler, Assistant Art Editor; and Sheila King, Business Manager. Absent when picture was made: Norma Autrey, Sophomore Class Editor, and Kathryn WeHing. Assistant Freshman Class Editor. The Columns is presented annually by students of A. C. who are elected to the staff. Much toil and thoughts go into their efforts which they work happily together to present to you at the end of each year. Front Row, left to right: Dorothy Gilstrap, Joyce Cameron, Norma Autrey, Jane Weeks, David Edmonds, Katliryn Welling, Autrey Fluck, Claudette Osborne, and Dt)ris Hair. Second Row: Pat Johnson, Johnny Ham- mond, and Lois Kneece. Absent when picture was made: Carolyn Wingate, Jeannette Atkinson, Denny Fay Wood- all, Becky Temple, and Judy Powell. Page Sixty-Two YODLER STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF Left to right: William Addis, Nonna Autrey, Hayes Mizell, Phyllis Odoni, Marshall Sargent, Anne Chreitzberg, Katie Simmons, Terry Pettit, Patsy Patton, Claudette Osborne, Linda Watson, Pat Johnson, Terry Kesler and Roberta Powell. EDITORS Editor in Chief NORMA AUTREY Co-Feature Editors KATIE SIMMONS, PHYLLIS ODOM The Yodler, our college newspaper, is pub- m ' ' ' ' ' rv-puT— " v, " ' w.S ?!7 . ' ? ,?,9 1„1, 1 1,™ ii 1 ..1 i. ] ..1 J. • .. Miinaging Ed., Photographer WILLIAM ADDIS hshed each month by the students who strive to circulation Manager ANGELA BLACKSTON brmg together thoughts, ideas, and activities Cartoonists PHYLLIS ODOM, CLAIRE LENDERMAN which occur on our campus. Sports Editor MARSHALL SARGENT Business Manager GAIL MELTON Assistant Business Manager SARAH MARTIN Advisor MISS ANTOINETTE JONES BUSINESS STAFF Fiist row: Ernestine Atteberry, Billie Groover, Gail Melton, Sarah Martin, Joyce Cameron. Second row: Libby Ripley, Gail Hamby, Anne Woods, Carol McDaniel, Peggy Sullivan, Peggy Green, Jeanie Coker and Angela Blackston. COMMERCIAL CLUB First Row: Nancy Busby, Dorothy Ann Gilstrap, Carol McDaniel, Ernestine Atteberry, Ruth McGraw, Miss Mary Major Burriss, Sponsor. Second Row: Patsy Strickland, Shelby Jean Cox, Laura DuRant, Beverly Hinsdale, Jeannette Atkinson, Anne LeCette, Beverly Busljy, Nita Alewine, Frances Bishop, Thaha Tate, and Charlotte Beaty. ALPHA PI EPSILON First Row, left to right: Ann Lackey, Laura DuRant, Miss Mary Major Burriss, and Thalia Tate. Second Row: Doris McGinnis, Sonja Welch, Carolyn Wingate, Vivian Slaton, Katie Simmons, Nancy Busby, Charlotte Beaty, Diane Ragsdale, Shelby Shaw, Ernestine Atteberry, and Jean- nette Atkinson. Page Sixty-Four OFFICERS: President, Charlotte Beaty; Vice-President, Katie Simmons; Secretary, Ann Lackey; Treasurer, Jeannette Atkinson; and Sponsor, Miss Mary Major Burriss. ANDERSON COLLEGE PLAYERS Left to right: William Addis, President; Jeanette Bishop, Treasurer; Mary Sutherland, Vice-President; Nancy Fowler, Secretary; Gail Melton, Carole Bartlett; Phyllis Odom; Peggy Brooks; Nita Alewine; Ruby Shaw; Jeannette Atkinson; Patsy Patton; Denny Faye Woodall; Lois Kneece; Laura DuRant; Carolyn Wingate; Carol McDaniel; Peggy Sullivan; Angela Blackston; Billie Groover; Ernestine Atteberry; Ann Woods; Joyce Cameron; Norma Autrey; and Terry Petitt. DELTA PSI OMEGA Left to right: Jeanette Bishop, Carole Bartlett, Peggy Harris, Mary Sutherland, Nancy Fowler, and Gail Melton. MISS PHYLLIS WATSON Director Poge Sixty-Five WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The campus W.A.A. sponsors various clubs and activities for the sportsminded. Included are swimming clubs, hiking clubs, tennis and basketball clubs, and others. The W.A.A. also elects sport standouts, and awards block " A " each year. OFFICERS BETTY NABORS President PHYLLIS ODOM Vice President PAT JOHNSON Treasurer HEIDI YARBOROUGH Secretary First row, left to right: Odom, Yarborough. Back row: Nabors, Johnson. HIKING CLUB ' : « " w it, : i Poge Sixty-Six First row, left to right: Blackmon, Strickland. Odom, Atkinson, Bartlett, Atteberry, Thompson, Gregg, Tate, Fowler, Temple, Autrey, Shaw. Second row: Wingate, Jackson, Bishop, Alewine, Lindernian, Gn)o er, Blackston, Woods, Green. Third row: Cox, Woodall, Osborne, Sullivan. Fourth row: McDaniel, Zome, DuRant, Estridge, Powell. TENNIS CLUB ' • -viift j " " • nj y ' - IWl: 4 Front row, left to right: Claudcfte Osborne, Margaret Jackson, Deanna Blackmon, Jeannette Atkinson, Jeanette Bishop, Denny Faye Woodall, Carole McDaniel, Peggy Sullivan. Back row, left to right: Becky Temple, Carolyn Wingate, Thalia Tate, Nancy Fowler, Marian Estridge, Betty Nabors, Frances Bishop, Peggy Green. SWIMMING CLUB Front row, left to right: Judy Hance. Ernestine Atteberry, Ruby Shaw, Deanna Blackmon, Jeannette Atkinson, Carole McDaniel, Kitty Thompson. Back row, left to right; Betty llarrell, Peggy Green, Angela Blackston, Judy Powell, Betty Nabors, Becky Temple, Barbara Zorn, Laura DuRant, Judy Gregg, Claudette Osborne. Page Sixty-Seven CHEERLEADERS DeannaBlackmon Phyllis Odom, Jeannette Atkinson, Denny Faye Woodall Sherry Shirley, and Katie Simmons, Head Cheerleader. BASKETBALL Page Sixty-Eight First Row: Heidi Yarborough, Claudette Osborne, Mary Ann Clark, Captain- Laura DuRant, kitty Thompson, and Lillian McGee. Second Row: Pete Blackston, Coach; Gail Teasley, Pat Johnson, Mary Ellen Thacker, Becky Temple, and Judy Powell. I SPORT STANDOUTS KITTY THOMPSON Freshman MARY ELLEN THACKER Freshman PAT JOHNSON Sophomore BETTY NABORS Sophomore Page Sixty-Nine eati ured Jhe J unni ide of JLlfe ; 7 1 SUPERLATIVES f ' 1 1 cl L ' t W H t w L am-M 1 Ti Im MOST DEPENDABLE Norma Autrey and William Addis BEST ALL ROUND JoAnn Gibbs and Phil Campbell CUTEST Ami LeGette and Nora Kitchen Page Seventy-Two SUPERLATIVES FRIENDLIEST Thalia Tate and Bob Smith MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Gail Melton and Lou Beth Reeves BEST DRESSED Nora Kitchen and Johnny Hammond Page Seventy-Three SUPERLATIVES MOST TALENTED Jane Weeks and Phyllis Odom WITTIEST Angela Blackston and Johnny Hammond MOST SINCERE Norma Autrey and Katie Simmons Page Seventy-Four MOST INTELLECTUAL -™ Peggy Brooks and Dale Harper - MOST VERSATILE Angela Blackston and Phil Campbell MOST ATHLETIC Betty Nabors and Heidi Yarborough Page Seventy-Five MISS COLUMNS MISS COLUMNS was chosen by the annual staff on the basis of character, leadership, scholarship, personal appearance, and her contributions to the year- book and its improvement. JOHN ROBERT POWERS, prominent proprietor of the world famous Powers ' Modeling Agency, acted as judge for Miss Sophomore Class and Miss Freshman Class. The choice was made from eight girls. There were four representatives from each class, who were elected by the student body. PRESENTING. . Page Seventy-Seven . MISS SOPHOMORE CLASS ivliii - nn rJLe Ljctte Page Seventy-Eight f fJJ I lor a itcnen Wiss Cindu Plotl Page Eighty m. u fid t o d J MISS FRESHMAN CLASS f jj JDennu aue l L oociail Page Eighty-Two ivIiiA Ljaii J amoi ' ■ : w ililidS Aeannette — Mth ' iinSon Page Eighty-Four fvlisA inda (Z5t urns MAY DAY fnaia Of- J oiior ettu i [ab orS Page Eighty-Sij COURT 1958 SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS Carol Stratton, Beverly Hinsdale, Jane Martin, Linda Worley, Nurse Representative Jeannette Atkinson Dorothy Gilstrap FRESHMAN ATTENDANTS Ann Woods Linda Bums Denny Faye Woodall Martha Erskine MAY DAY 1957 h I " ' ' ?¥. ? ■s Ct f a.A 5 it A ife „ = ■ t ' li Reading, left to right: Karen Thompson, Patsy Parker, Frances Kneece, Beverly Jones, Thalia Tate, Laura Graham, Kathy Davis; Children: Lynn Gray, Susan Moorehead, Jimmy Broome. Queen, Joann Broome; Maid of Honor, Linda Johnson; Cindy Plott; Ann LeGette; Betty Nabors; Teresa Black; Pat Holland; Peggy Sanders, and Nan Humphrey. Front row: Mary Faye Sims and Lillian McGee. Second row: David Murdock, Nora Kitchen, Myria Elsey. Angela Blackston, and Hayes Mizell. Page Eighty-Eight 1. Love, ain ' t it grand?! 2. " Painters ' Paradise. " 3. Stop Why? 4. Pat, in her usual " nightly " attire. 5. Basketball or " Mass Confusion. ' 6. Aw, was it really arsenic? 7. " Apple Eaters Anonymous. " 8. Here comes the — Bride? ! 9. Whew! Time out for lunch. 10. " And to the lovely Margaret " - - 11. A night of " pranks " and " cranks. " 12. " Oh, honestly ' dahling ' ! " 13. These girls live together?!!!! 14. Society to the " enth " degree! 15. " REALLY " !? 16. And a good time was had by all. 17. " Sweating " the deadline. Page Eighty-Nine SOPHOMORE DIRECTORY WILLIAM ADDIS Vice-President Freshman Class 1; Yodler Photogra- pher; B.S.U. 1, Tov™ Club 1,2; A.C.P. ' s 1,2; Managing Editor and Photographer 2; Yodler Staff 2; President A. C.P. ' s 2; Social Chairman Town Club 2; B.S.U. 1,2; B.S. U. Choir; Sophomore Superlative 2. DORIS BROADWELL Glee Club 1,2; Sextet 2; Town Club 1,2; B.S.U. 1,2; B.S.U. Council; Home Ec Club 1. NITA ALEWINE Glee Club 1; Y.W.A. 1; B.S.U. 1; Student Government 2; Sophomore House President 2; Y.W.A. Council Pub- licity Chairman 2; Commercial Club 2; Anderson College Players 2; Hiking Club 2; B.S.U. 2; Glee Club 2; Tennis Club 2. PEGGY BROOKS Town Club 1,2; Sophomore Superlative 2. KATHLEEN BROWN Town Club 1,2. NORMA AUTREY Greater B.S.U. Council 1; B.S.U. Council 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2; ACP 2; Columns Staff 2; Yodler Staff 1; Editor 2. CAROLE BARTLETT Delta Psi Omega 1,2; Anderson College Plavers 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Sextette 2; B.S.U. 1,2; W.A.A. Hiking 1, 2; Glee Club 1,2; Glee Club Officer 2; Sextette 1,2; Y. W.A. 1,2. CHARLOTTE BEATY B.S.U. 2; Y.W.A. 2; Student Council 1,2. NANCY BUSBY Alpha Pi Epsilon 1,2; B.S.U. President 2; Commercial Club 1,2; Y.W.A. 1,2; Student Gevernment 2; Basket- ball Team 1. PHILLIP CAMPBELL President Freshman Class 1; B.S.U. Executive Coun- cil 1,2; Town Club 1,2; A.C. Players 1; Baseball 1; Vice- Pres. Student Council 2; Basketball 1; B.S.U Choir 2; Sophomore Superlative 2. FRANCES BISHOP B.S.U. 1; Y.W.A. 1,2; stewardship Chairman, Home Ec. Club; Commercial Club; B.S.U.; Swimming Club 1; Tennis Club 1. JEANETTE BISHOP Home Economics Club 1; W.A.A. 1,2; Glee Club 2; Y.W.A. 1,2; B.S.U. 1,2; Council 2; Anderson College Players 1,2; Treasurer 2; Delta Si Omega 2; Hiking Club 2, Tennis Club 2. JOHN B. CHAPMAN Ministerial Association 1,2. DALTON CHASTAIN Town Club 1,2; Columns 2; Radio Party 2; B.S.U. 1, 2; Baseball Team 1,2. 4 ANGELA BLACKSTON Glee Club 1; Y.W.A. Council 1; W.A.A. 2; Yodler Staff 2, Circulation Manager; Columns Staff 1,2; Editor- in-Chief 2; Miss Columns 2; Sophomore Superlative; Anderson College Players 2; B.S.U, 1,2; Hiking Club 2; Swimming Club 1,2. ANNE CHREITZBERG Town Club 1,2; B.S.U. 1,2; Greater B.S.U. Council 1; Yodler Staff 1,2; Columns Staff 1; A.C.P. ' s 2; Yodler Staff News Editor 2. MARY ANN CLARK College of Charleston; Basketball 1; B.S.U. 1; Y.W. 1; B.S.U. 2; Captain of Basketball Team 2. LINDA SUE BLACKSTONE Town Club 1,2. JERRY COBB Town Club 1,2; B.S.U. Choir 2; B.S.U. 1,2. VERNON BOSWELL Ministerial Association 1,2. SHELBY JEAN COX Y.W.A. 1,2; Swimming Club 2; Hiking Club 2; B.S.U. 2; Commercial Club 2; Home Economics Club 2; W.A.A. 1,2; Y.W.A. 1,2; Circle Chairman. SOPHOMORE DIRECTORY DAVID EDMONDS Assistant Business Manager of Columns 2; Town Club 1,2; B.S.U. 1,2; Cast " Tri A.C. Players " 1; A.C. Radio Party D.J. NANCY FOWLER B.S.U. 1,2; Y.W.A. 1,2; Anderson College Players 1, 2; Procter 1; Delta Si Omega 2; Secretary of Anderson College Players 2; Tennis Club 2; Assistant Art Editor of Columns 2; Chaimian of Hiking Club 2. EVELYN GAMBLE Town Club 1,2. JO ANN GIBBS Freshman Representative 1; Y.W.A. Council Circle Chairman 1; B.S.U. Greater Council 1; Student Council 2; Student Faculty Committee 2; Y.W.A. 1,2; B.S.U 1, 2; Yodler Staff 2; Hiking Club 2; Student Government Association President 1,2; Sophomore Superlative — " Best All Around. " DELAINE HUTTO Glee Club 1,2; Y.W.A. 1,2; Treasurer 1; B.S.U. 1,2. MARGARET ANN JACKSON Tennis 1,2; Hiking 1,2; Y.W.A. 1,2; B.S.U. 1,2. PAT JOHNSON W.A.A. Vice-President 1; Sextette 1,2; Glee Club 1, 2; B.S.U. 1,2; Sport Standout 1,2; Yodler Staff 1,2; Col- umns Staff 1,2; Home Economics Club 1. SHELIA KING Glee Club 1,2; Town Club 1,2; A.C.P. ' s 1,2; B.S.U. 1,2; Columns Staff 1; Columns Business Manager 2. NORA KITCHEN Freshman Class Beauty; Sophomore Class Beauty; S. Superlative — " Best Dressed " ; " Cutest " 2. MARIANNA GIVENS Town Club 1,2. HARRIET GLEASON Town Club 1,2; B.S.U. 1,2; Commercial Club 1,2. JOHNNY HAMMOND Columns 2; Town Club 1,2; Sophomore Superlative- " Best Dressed " ; " Wittiest. " DALE HARPER Sophomore Superlative — " Most Intellectual " 2; Town Club 1,2. ANN LeGETTE B.S.U. 1,2; Sunday School Representative 1,2; Student Council 1,2; Freshman House President 2; Commercial Club 1,2; May Court 1; Freshman Class Beautv; Y.W. A. 1,2; May Queen 2. CLAIRE LENDERMAN Virginia Intermont College 1; Yodler Staff 2; Yodler Assistant Cartoonist 2; W.A.A. 2; Hiking Club 2. SUSAN LONG Yodler 1,2; Yodler Assistant Editor 2; Town Club 1,2. JANE MARTIN Town Club 1,2; May Court 2. PEGGY HARRIS Home Economics Club 1, Sec. Trcas. 1, President 2; A.C.P. ' s 1,2; Delta Psi Omega 2; Commercial Club, Sec. Treas. 1, 2; Town Club 1,2; B.S.U. 1, 2; Yodler Staff 2. BEVERLY HINSDALE Glee Club 1; B.S.U. 1,2; Y.W.A. 1,2; Commercial Club 2; May Court 2. GEORGE HOOPER Ministerial Association 1,2; Town Club 1,2. GAIL MELTON Administrative Staff of Student Government 1; Town Club 1; Treasurer 2; B.S.U. Greater Council 1, Executive Council 2; Columns Staff 1; Yodler Staff 1, Business Manager 2; A.C.P. ' s 1,2; Delta Psi Omega 2; Glee Club 1, Vice-President 2; A.C. Sexette 2; Sophomore Super- lative. RUTH McGRAW B.S.U. 1; Y.W.A. Council 1,2; Commercial Club Presi- dent 1,2. NAN HUMPHREY W.A.A. 1,2; Columns Staff 2. LILLIAN McGEE Glee Club 1; W.A.A. 1,2- Basketball 1,2; 1,2; B.S.U. 1,2; Hiking 1,2; Tennis 1,2. Swimming SOPHOMORE DIRECTORY MARGARET ANN McGILL Yodler Staff 1; B.S.U. 1,2. RICHARD ROBERTS Ministerial Association, Secretary 1, Vice-President 2; Yodler Staff 1,2; B.S.U. 1,2. ALICE ANN McLEES Town Club 1,2. SHELBY JEAN ROUDA Furman 1; Town Club 2. HAYES MIZELL Town Club 1; Student Council 1,2; A.C.P. ' s 1; Spring Play 1; " Toast of the College " 1; B.S.U. 1,2; Choir 1,2; President of Sophomore Class; Yodler Staff 2; Executive Council 2. BETTY NABOBS B.S.U. 1,2; Vice-President 2; W.A.A. 1, President 2; Student Council 2; May Court 1; Superlative 2; Swim- mint; Club 1,2; Class Beauty 1, 2; Tennis Club 1,2; Y. W.A. 1,2; Maid of Honor 2. DICKIE SANDERS KENNETH OAKLEY Town Club 1,2. PHYLLIS ODOM Glee Club 1; Yodler Staff (Cartoonist) 2; Y.W.A. Coun- cil 1; B.S.U. 1,2; Cheerleader 2; A.C.P. 2; Yodler Staff Featiue Editor 2; Anderson College Players 2; W.A.A. Treasurer 2; Hiking Club 2; Tennis Club 2; B.S.U. Choir 2; Most Talented 2. Town Club 1,2. CORA SCOTT Y.W.A. Council 1,2; B.S.U. Council 2; Glee Club 1; W.A.A. 1,2. SHELBY JEAN SHAW Town Club 1,2; Alpha Pi Epsilon 1,2; Commercial Club 1,2. FRANK SHIRLEY Town Club 1,2; Ministerial Association 1,2. SHERRY SHIRLEY Se.xtette 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Secretary 1; Y.W.A. 1,2; Mission Chairman 1, Prayer Chainnan 2; Cheerleader 2. CLAUDETTE OSBORNE Town Club 1: B.S.U. 1,2; Yodler Staff 2; Columns Staff 2; W.A.A. 2; Y.W.A. 2; Circle Chairman 2; Swam- ing Club 2; Hiking Club 2; Basketball 2; Tennis Club 2. KATIE SIMMONS Y.W.A. 1, Secretary 1; B.S.U. 1,2, Greater B.S.U. Council 1, Representative 2; Glee Club 1, Sextette 1; Yodler Staff 1; Alpha Pi Epsilon 1,2; Student Govern- ment 2, Secretary 2. PATRICIA PATTERSON Town Club 1,2. NEIL PHILLIPS Town Club 1,2; Ministerial Association 1,2. CINDY PLOTT May Day Court 1; Glee Club 1; Sophomore House President 2; Student Council 2; Freshman Class Beauty; Sophomore Class Beauty; Columns Art Editor 2; Col- umns Assistant Editor 2; B.S.U. 1,2; Y.W.A. 1,2. DIANNE RAGSDALE Town Club 1,2. BOB SMITH Town Club 1,2, Secretary 1, President 2; Baseball 1. MARSHALL SMITH Yodler Staff 2, Sports Editor 2; Ministerial Associa- tion 1,2. WILLARD SNIPES Town Club 1,2; Ministerial Association 1,2. CAROL STRATTON Columns Staff 2, Photography Editor 2; Glee Club 2; B.S.U. 1; Y.W.A. 1; Swimming Club 1; Hiking Club 1; May Court 2. LOU BETH REEVES B.S.U. Council 2; B.S.U. Choir 2; Sophomore Class Vice-President. PATSY STRICKLAND Y.W.A. 1; B.S.U. 1; Hiking Club 1; Tennis 1; Swim- ming Club 1; W.A.A. 1,2; Commercial Club 2; Home Economics Club 2. SOPHOMORE DIRECTORY FACULTY DIRECTORY MARY SOUTHERLAND Town Club 1,2; Anderson College Players 1,2; Delta Psi Omega 1,2; Yodler 2. WILLIAM TARRANT Town Club 1,2. THALIA TATE Commercial Club 1,2, President 1; B.S.U. 1,2, Council 2; Y.W.A. 1,2; Home Economics Club 1,2, Vice-Presi- dent 2; Columns Staff 1; Administrative Council 2; Hik- ing Club 2; Tennis Club 2; Swimming 1. GAIL TEASLEY Town Club 1,2. BECKY TEMPLE Columbia Bible College 1; Yodler Staff 2; Columns Staff 2; W.A.A. ' 2; Swimming Club 2; Hiking Club 2; Basketball 2- B.S.U. 2; Tennis Club 2. ELEANOR TUCK Y.W.A. 1,2; Secretary 2; B.S.U. 1,2; Greater B.S.U. Council 2; Glee Club 1,2; Librarian 2; Yodler Staff 2. ANNETTE TUCKER Town Club 1,2; B.S.U. 1,2, Treasurer 1, Choir 2; An- derson College Players 1,2; Home Economics Club 1, Treasurer 1; Glee Club 2. JIMMY WATSON Town Club 1,2. JANE WEEKS B.S.U. 1,2, Greater B.S.U. Council 1, Choir Director 2; Y.W.A. 1,2; Music Director 2; Columns Staff 2; Assist- nt Class Editor 2; Glee Club 1,2; Superlative 2. SONJA WELSH Town Club 1,2. BARBARA WHEELER Y.W.A. 1,2; Home Economics Club 1,2, Secretary 2; Columns Staff 2. Dr. Annie D. Denmark 205 Williams St., South, Goldsboro, N. C. Pres. and Mrs. John Edward Rouse 302 Boulevard, Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Fred Black 304 Brown Ave., Belton, S. C. Miss Mary Burriss 300 Spring Park Dr., Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Ray C. Clinkscales Brown Ave., Belton, S. C. Dr. D. W. Cloer.First Baptist Church, Honea Path, S. C. Miss Margaret Cooper.Anderson College, Anderson, S. C. Miss Elizabeth Cordle Rte. 4, Asheville, N. C. Mrs. Evelyn Darby 127 Tanglewood Dr., Woodland Hgts., Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Betty Daly 508 Courtney Dr., Anderson, S. C. Miss Nancy Divver 509 East Orr St., Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Fred Dobbins Townville, S. C. Miss Martha Dooley 2214 Forest Park Blvd., Fort Wayne, Indiana Mrs. Abbey Foster Reform, Ala. Mrs. John Glenn Hickory Hill, Anderson, S. C. Miss Edith Gunter 401 Masters Dr., Anderson, S. C. Miss Dora Hancock Donalds, S. C. Mr. Webb von Hasseln 1102 W. Whitner St., Anderson, S. C. Mr. Henry von Hasseln 1102 W. Whitner St., Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Cressie HolcombclOlS Brock St., Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Hunter Howard 1225 Springdale Rd., Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Bill Hynds 98 Inman Dr., Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Ernest Johnston ' o E. B. Johnston, Belton, S. C. Miss Antionette Jones 506 North St., Anderson, S. C. Miss Euna Kay Box 314, Belton, S. C. Rev. Lawrence Lutz -Anderson College, Anderson, S. C. Miss Lulu G. McGlure Winchester, Ohio Mrs. Virginia Miller Pauline, S. C. Mrs. Paul Minis 2505 Jackson Sq., Anderson, S. C. Miss Annie Nickels 3206 N. Sharon Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Mr.s. E. A. Patterson Rte. 2, Iva, S. C. Mrs. Hiram Sandlin 2509 Edgewood Ave., Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Octavia Sell Bailey Ct. IM, Anderson, S. C. Rev. D. G. Shirley Rte. 2, Anderson, S. G. Mr. E. C. Simpson 802 Kinksley Rd., Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Charles Sullivan 1805 N. Main St., Anderson, S. C. Rev. Grady Summer Townville, S. C. Mrs. Bevley Thompson 618 Summit Ave., Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Hunter Thompson 506 Summit Ave., Anderson, S. C. Miss Phyllis Watson. 17 C-2, Bailey Ct., Anderson, S. C. Mrs. Hoyt WiLson 2402-B Lane Ave., Anderson, S. C. HEIDI YARBOROUGH W.A.A. 1,2, Secretary 2; Glee Club 1,2; Commercial Club 1; Y.W.A. 1,2, Program Chairman 2; B.S.U. 1,2; Sport Standout 1,2; Superlative 2; Sophomore Class Sec- retary 2. STUDENT DIRECTORY William Edward Addis 1413 E. Market St., Anderson. S. C. Nita Virginia Alewine Rte. 1, I a, S. C. Benny Eugene Alford 322 " I " , Anderson, S. C. Dale Jewel Ashley Rte. 1, Honea Path, S. C. Sarah Jeannette Atkinson Rte. 3, Hartsville, S. C. Robert Floyd Atkinson, Jr Rte. 2, Liberty, S. C. Ernestine Atteberry Rte, 1, Denmark, S. C. Be erly Anne Ayers 208 Greenville St., Anderson, S. C. Norma Frances Autrey Callison, S. C. Shirley Ruth Bannister, 203 Bailey St., Anderson, S. C. Leon Barnwell 3 Baldwin St., Pelzer, S. C. Carole Ann Bartlett 1508 Warren St., Barnwell, S. C. Gerald Bearden 917 Main St., Seneca, S. C. Charlotte June Beatv Rte. 1, Iva, S. C. Charles Edward Bell 3302 New Pond Rd., Anderson, S. C. James Norwood Bell Rte. 1, Belton, S. C. Wilma Ashworth Bell 205 Strawberry Lane, Clemson, S. C. Frances Minta Bishop Rte. 1, Travelers Rest, S. C. Ruby Jeanette Bishop Rte 1, Travelers Rest, S. C. DeAnna Dare Blackmon Heath Springs, S. C. Lala Angela Blackston N. 4th St., Seneca, S. C. James Olin Blackston N. 4th St., Seneca, S. C. Linda Sue Blackston. 128 Wellington St., Anderson, S. C. Billy Sebe Bostic 211 Vandiver St., Anderson, S. C. David Vernon Boswell Cherry St., Belton, S. C. Mrs. Frances Marshall Bowman 204 Va. Cir., Anderson, S. C. Ruth T. Bremer Rte 1, Anderson, S. C. Doris June Broadwell Box 105, Pendleton, S. C. Peggy Juanita Brooks 1014 Boggs St., Anderson, S. C. Harriett Brown Old Williamston Rd., Anderson, S. C. Kathleen Brown Rte 1, Belton, S. C. Linda McArial Burns 8 Begonia St., Bamwell, S. C. Betty Lou Burton Rte 1, Bo.x 193, Iva, S. C. Sara Beverlv Busbv 640 Boule ard N, E., Orangeburg, S. C. Nancy Caroline Busby Rte 1, Starr, S. C. Jovce Gentrv Cameron Rte. 1, Bradlev, S. C. J. T. Campbell Rte. 4, Belton, S. C. Phillip Eugene Campbell 1328 Bleckley St., Anderson, S. C. EKira Jacqueline CarbonelL? Hedgepath, Liberty, S. C. John B. Chapman Rte. 3, Belton, S. C. Jones B. Chappelear. Ir 815 E. Whitner St., S. C. H. Dalton Chastain 14 Third St.. La France, S. C. Alice Antionette Chreitzberg 304 Whitehall Rd., Anderson, S. C. Mary Ann Clark Kissimee, Fla. Marv Penelope Clements Carteret, Beaufort. S. C. Charles Franklin Cobb Rte. 2, Anderson, S. C. Jerry Eugene Cobb 208 Gos.sett St., Anderson, S. C. EKia Jean Coker E. Bovce, Manning, S. C. Walter Roy Cooper 313 " F " St., Anderson, S. C. Nellie Grace Corley.Rte. 1, Box 152A, Greenwood, S. C. Shelby Jean Cox Loris, S. C. Martha Sue Crowe Rte. 2, Anderson, S. C. James Walker Daxenport Davenport Cir., Williamston. S. C. Lafayette Jackson Davis Rte. 1, Honea Path, S. C. Mrs. Mary Drake 227 Pine Lane. Anderson, S. C. Amos Lewis Dunn .176 W. Market St., Anderson, S. C. Loneta L. Dunn Box 129, Iva, S. C. S. Laura DuRant Major Dr., Manning, S. C. Henry David Edmonds 315 E. Franklin St.. Anderson, S. C. Peggy Ellison Ellis 26 Knight St., Williamston, S. C. Robert Adger Ellison Rte. 1, Anderson, S. C. Martha Elizabeth Erskine Rte. 5, Anderson, S. C. Marian Jeanette Estridge Rte. 1, Lancaster, S. C. Glenda Louise Evans -3209 S. Main St., Anderson, S. C. Christine Jackson Ferguson 108 Gillwood Dr., Anderson, S. C. Bobby Meritt Fleming 505 Piedmont Ave., Anderson, S. C. Audrey May Fluck 453 Laurel St., North Charleston, S. C. Nancy Jane Fowler Townville, S. C. Joan Bolton Frady 501 Beuna Vista, Anderson, S. C. Phyllis E elyn Gamble Rte. 3, Portman Rd., Anderson, S. C. Marietta Jo Gambrell Rte. 2, Pendleton, S. C. Jo Ann Gibbs Rte. 3, Laurens, S. C. Dorothy Ann Gilstrap ..Star Route, Cleveland, S. C. Marianna Gi ens .206 Williamston Rd., Anderson, S. C. Peggy Jo Green 15 McDaniel St., Greenville, S. C. Judith Nora Gregg Rte. 3, Florence, S. C. Patricia May Griffin Rte. 1, Anderson, S. C. Billie Ann Groover 3144 Sheridan, Miami Beach, Fla. Hal Cleveland Hagood 2222 Belview Dr., Andenson, S. C. Virginia Lynne Hagood Belview Dr., Anderson, S. C. Doris Virginia Hair 520 Academy, Williston, S. C. Charles WiUiam Hall Rte. 2. Anderson, S. C. Barbara Gail Hamby 137 Collins A e., Spartanburg, S. C. John Lewis Hammond 1001 Bowman Ave., Anderson, S. G. Mary Judith Hance 523 Central Ave., Lancaster, S. C. James Hovt Hand 420 N. Main St., Anderson, S. C. Martha Jane Harbin 13 " P " St., Anderson, S. C. Elizabeth Annette Harrell 806 W. Cedar St., Florence, S. C. Peggy June Harris 212 E. Morris St., Anderson, S. C. Robert " Dale Harper 1009 Gossett Dr., Williamston, S. C. lames Robert Herd 114 Myrtle Ave., Belton, S. C. Beverly Carol Hinsdale Rte. 4, Taylors, S. C. George McDonald Hooper ' 719-A Osborne, Anderson, S. C. Mary Howard 1658 Geraldine Dr., Jackson -ille, Fla. Frances Delaine Hutto St. George, S. C. Margaret Ann Jackson Rte. 1, Rock Hill, S. C. Patricia Louise Johnson 1709 Edgefield, Aiken, S. C. Ricliard M. Justice 100 Clinton Dr., Anderson, S. C. Carolyn Irene Keith Rte. 1, Pickens, S. C. James Edward Kelly Rte. 2, Anderson, S. C. Terry Joyce Kesler-2201 W. North Ave., Anderson, S. C. Roy Edwin King 106 Clinton Dr., Anderson, S. C. Sheila Da is King 4 X St., Anderson, S. C. Nora Louise Kitchen. 14 Heather Way, Greenville, S. C. Lois Ophelia Kneece Rte. 1, Batesburg, S. C. Elva Ann Lackev 52 Ben Tillman, Clias. Hgts., Charleston, S. C. Mary Rebecca Lawson 846 Brandyvvine St., Jacksonville, Fla. Elizabeth Ann LeGette ' Leitner, Latta. S. C. Claire Maxine Lenderman -Main St., Wilke.shoro, N. C. Johnny Ray Littleton Box 261. Liberty, S. C. Susan Lois Long Whitehall Rd., Ander.son, S. C. lames Marshall Madden Rte. 2, Anderson, S. C. Betty Baker Major Main St., Williamston, S. C. lane Nolilitt Martin 223 S. Boulevard, Anderson, S. C. Joe Clifton Martin Rte. 3. Anderson, S. C. Sarah Ellen Martin 307 W. Fredericks St., Anderson, S. C. ' elma Ruth McGraw 2 Hellams St.. Fountain Inn, S. C. Carole Leigh McDaniel 209 Kings Bl d., Greensille, S. C. G. Jean MeCaritv Heard St., Elberton, Ga. Lillian Clifford McGee Rte. 1, Starr, S. C. Page Ninety-Four STUDENT DIRECTORY Vance M. McGee 1203 Ella St., Anderson, S. C. Margaret Ann McGiLl-.304 Woodland Dr., Belton, S. C. Doris Lee McGinnis Rte. 2, Box 133, Pelzer, S. C. Alice Ann McLees Rte. 3, Anderson, S. C. Jeanette Gail Melton 2607 Lane Ave., Anderson, S. C. Janice Blakely Meredith 305 Beaty Square, Anderson, S. C. Melvin Hayes Mizell 1102 Fretwell, Anderson, S. C. Rayford Durane Morgan 12 Gourtney, Pelzer, S. C. Bertie Mildred Moore Starr, S. C. Larry Anderson Morris Rt. No. 1, Hartwell, Ga. Edgar Louis Muller 302 Holmes, Belton, S. C. Betty Jean Nabors 29 Henry St., Abbeville, S. G. Ulysses Graig Neill, Jr. 516 Martha Dr., Anderson, S. G. James Kenneth Oakley 415 Whitehall Rd., Anderson, S. G. Phyllis Rebecca Odom 530 East Ave., North Augusta, S. C. Juhe Glaudette Osborne Rt. No. 2, Hartwell, Ga. Troy L. Partain 202 Gollege Ave., Hartwell, Ga. Patricia Patterson- 314 Whitehall Rd., Anderson, S. C. Willie Ray Patterson 20 Circle St., La France, S. G. Patsy Josephine Patton 777 Duncan Ft. Dr., Spartanburg, S. G. Marvin Terry Pettit 331 E. Shockley Ferry Rd., Anderson, S. G. William Neil Phillips 331 Shockley Ferry Rd., Anderson, S. G. Cindy Welsh Plott Kings Mtn., N. G. Carolyn Faye Porter Loris, S. C. Judith Lee Powell Rt. 2, Box 104, Chas. Hgts., Charleston, S. G. Nancy Roberta Powell 700 N. Fant, Anderson, S. G. William Powell 3310 N. Main St., Anderson, S. G. Gary Dean Prince 39 Ames St., Seneca, S. C. Dianne Ragsdale 404 Williams, Williamston, S. C. Lou Beth Reeves 301 W. Elm, Sayre, Oklahoma Elizabeth Jane Ripley 1009 Power St., Anderson, S. G. Jane Lorraine Rivers 726 E. Franklin, Hartwell, Ga. Janet Dorothy Rivers 726 E. Franklin, Hartwell, Ga. Charles Richard Roberts 302 Stone Dr., Anderson, S. C. Herbert Talmer Rogers Box 66, Pelzer, S. G. Jimmy Franklin Rogers Rt. 1, Williamston, S. C. Leonard Johnson Roper Rt. 1, Liberty, S. C. Violet Rojean Riss 7 Hedgepath, Liberty, S. C. Shelbie Jean Rouda 1401 S. McDuffie St., Anderson, S. G. Katherine Rutledge 248 Church St., Sumter, S. C. Dickie David Sanders.. 131 Davis St., Williamston, S. G. Manshall Earl Sargent 11 Anderson St., Pelzer, S. C. Carolyn Jean Scarborough 123 Sharyn Lane, Aiken, S. C. Cora Elizabeth Scott Rt. 2, Box 24, Williston, S. C. Dennis L. Scott 509 Stone Dr., Anderson, S. G. Jerryl Donnie Scott. 614 S. Manning St., Anderson, S. G. Nancy Pope Seely 106 York St., Lancaster, S. C. Boyd Wendell Seymour 1311 Hilmer St., Anderson, S. C. Ruby Annette Shaw 1747 E. Nortli St., Greemille, S. C. Shelby Jean Shaw 207 North St., Anderson, S. C. Sherry Holmes Shirley 1019 High Side St., Greenwood, S. G. Thomas Franklin Shirley Box 192, Belton, S. C. Vivian Alice Slaton Rt. 3, Box 237, Iva., S. G. Leon Ellison Smith Box 84, Williamston, S. C. Marshall George Smith Rt. 2, Westminster, S. G. Robert Earl Smith Rt. 1, Williamston, S. C. Katie White Simmons Rt. 3, Box 205, North Augusta, S. G. Susan Jean Simpson 2908 Pickens St., Aiken, S. G. Willard H. Snipes 25 Rice St., Belton, S. G. Polly Sowell 272 N. Irvin Ave., Spartanburg, S. G. Billie Oren Speer 208 Phillips St., Anderson, S. G. Minnie Loretta Spires. 100 Lyman St., Greenwood, S. C. Alice Ruth Stewart 606 Glenwood, Anderson, S. C. Carol Lee Stratton Hartwell Rd., Elberton, Ga. Nell Thompson Strickland 1908 N. Main St., Anderson, S. G. Patsy Waine Strickland.. Rt. 3, Box 106, Nichols, S. G. Peggy Anne Sullivan Cleveland St. Ext., Greenville, S. G. Mary Sutherland 304 Highland Ave., Anderson, S. C. Phyllis Gail Sutherland Wiles St., Iva, S. C. William Edward Tarrant.. 120 Riggs Dr., Glemson, S. C. Thalia Elizabeth Tate Norris, S. C. Bill Joe Taylor 705 North St., Anderson, S. G. William M. Taylor 24A Grayton Manor Apt., Anderson, S. C. Gail Elizabeth Teasley 818 S. McDuffie St., Anderson, S. C. Rebecca Jane Temple Rte. 1, Batesburg, S. C. Lorene H. Terpening Rte. No. 2, Anderson, S. C. Mary Ellen Thacker Box 3.56, Travelers Rest, S. C. Carl Jarrett Thompson... 2624 Central, Ft. Myers, Fla. Cornelia Jeanette Thompson Rte. No. 4, Box 1000, Lakeland, Fla. M. H. Timms Rte. 1, Hartwell, Ga. Eleanor Ann Tuck 39 Lawrence, Lyman, S. C. Annette Tucker 300 Greenville St., Anderson, S. G. Rubye Elizabeth Wall Rte. 1, Anderson, S. G. James Gordon Watson 16 Brock St., Pelzer, S. C. Linda Gail Watson 108 Norris St., Anderson, S. C. Selena Jane Weeks. .243 W. Poplar St., Charleston, S. G. Edna Olean Welch Rte. No. 3, Timmonsville, S. C. Kathryn E. Welling 4809 Ave. M, Brooklyn, N. Y. Sonja Welsh 807 Glenwood, Anderson, S. G. Barbara Jean Wheeler 233 Winthrop Ave., Lancaster, S. C. Harold Dennis Williams Rte. No. 6, Anderson, S. C. John Kenneth Williams Apt. 8-D Grayton, Anderson, S. C. lean Elizabeth Wilson 412 Blair St., Anderson, S. C. Betty Sue Wilson Rte. 1, Piedmont, S. G. Martha Beth Wilson ■534 Hampton Dr., Spartanburg, S. C. Mary Louise Willis Asheville Hwy., Travelers Rest, S. G. Carolyn Anne Wingate Kingstree, S. C. Denny Faye Woodall Rte. No. 3, Westminster, S. C. Patricia Anne Woods 2006 Laurens Rd., Greenville, S. G. Heidi Edwards Yarborough Rte. No. 3, Timmonsville, S. C. Barbara Jean Zom 8th St., Denmark, S. C. Page Ninety-Five COMPLIMENTS OF J. R Stevens Co., Inc. APPLETON PLANT ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Dillard ' s Sporting Goods Co. Carolina Aero Service Ben Johnson BILL DILLARD, Owner Pilot Training — Charter JOHN HILL, Manager CESSNA AIRCRAFT SALES Anderson, South Carolina Municipal Airport — CA 4-3520 SHOP AND SAVE CALLANT-BELK COMPANY Anderson ' s Largest and Best Department Store QUALITY MERCHANDISE ALWAYS AT LOWEST PRICES Page Ninety-Six GAY CLOTHING Complimenfs of HOME OF GENUINE SEWELL BRINSON CLEANERS MENS ' CLOTHING 112 Tribble Street On the Square, in Anderson, S. C. Anderson, S. C. Compliments of JACK ROSS ANDERSON ' S FLOWERS ESSO SERVICENTER N. Main Greenville Streets, Anderson Phone CAnal 5-2151 ' For the besi in flowers for all occasions " SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina ' Serving in This Section for Over 70 Years ' BEST WISHES JO ANDERSON COLLEGE ABNEY MILLS ANDERSON MILL Toxaway Division Page Ninety-Seven " WE BELIEVE IN YOUR JUDGMENT »» ICE CREAM AND MILK COMPARE PET WITH ANY OTHER GLENN PLUMBING COMPANY, INC. 202 Townsend Street Anderson, South Carolina Compliments of A FRIEND LARRY ' S RESTAURANT 104 W. Calhoun St., Anderson, S. C. J. E. Earle Co. JOHN DEERE POWER FARM EQUIPMENT PACKARD - STUDEBAKER BEST WISHES TO ANDERSON COLLEGE FROM JOHN DEERE TRACTORS SALES AND SERVICE U. S. 29 South Anderson, S. C. Ballentine Motors, Inc. 1203 N. Main St., Anderson, S. C. Compliments of A FRIEND Page Ninefy-Eight " Say It With Flowers, But Say It With Ours " Davis Floral Company DOT PAYNE DOROTHY DAVIS 229 E. Benson Street (Wilmary Bidg.) Anderson, S. C. Phone CA 6-1661 " Best Deal Anywhere " WILLIAMS CHEVROLET CO. 910 S. Main St. Anderson, S. C. Phone CA 5-5481 McDOUGALD FUNERAL HOME ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA SERVICES, INC. Phone CAnal 5-2561 LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING ' LOOK YOUR BEST IN CLOTHES LAUNDERED BY SERVICES ' 412 Williamston Road Anderson, S. C. RAWLINGS-ALLEN STUDIO BELK-SIMPSON COMPANY GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE 1958 COLUMNS Page Ninety-Nine Yon ' s Food Store CITY-WIDE DELIVERY 1305 North Main Street Anderson, South Carolina PHONE CA 6-1556 Sullivan - King Mortua ry Main at Federal Phone CA 5-5431 ' ANDERSON ' S OLDEST FUNERAL HOME ' m What I want isva Vfoke oice " IS o regisfereJ irade-ma ROryiEn UNi ' o (MiHriPltV OF THE COCa-COIA .0M?3NY " Better Be Safe Than Sorry " Lawrence and Brownlee INSURANCE AND BONDS Southern Insurance Specialists 122 N. Main St. Phone CA 5-8221 Anderson, South Carolina Page One Hundred COMPLIMENTS OF WELLINGTON MILLS ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA In Anderson— It ' s WELBORN SHOES " Exclusive But Not Expensive " EFIRD ' S DEPARTMENT STORE ANDERSON, S. C. " On The Square " ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA HEADQUARTERS FOR FLORSHEIM SHOES THE TOWN HOUSE COFFEE SHOP " YOUR HOUSE IN ANDERSON " 125 North Main St., Anderson, S. C. BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL YEAR . . . . EQUINOX MILLS Page One Hundred One Compliments of CALHOUN HOTEL DINING ROOM Anderson, S. C. SMORGASBORD EACH SUNDAY NIGHT CA 6-1591 R. M. Clark, Manager HAMILTON HOUSE Antiques — Furniture — Gifts 510 North Main Street Anderson, South Carolina Best Wishes . . . HENDERSON ' S SHOES On the Square Anderson, South Carolina The Anderson Hardware Company The First National Bank of South Carolina East Whitner Street Anderson, South Carolina Phone CA 4-4578 Anderson, South Carolina Main Office — On the Square Drive-In Branch -1510 N. Main St. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Congratulations, Graduates! FOUNDRY STEEL, INC. 227 N. Towers Street Anderson, South Carolina Pete ' s Drive -In No. 5 Restaurant Corner E. River St. and Shockley Ferry Road FIRST IN QUALITY - FAIREST IN PRICES - FASTEST IN SERVICE " A Satisfied Customer is Our First Consideration " TIP-TOP BARBERSHOP EXPERT SERVICE 203 W. Earle St., At the Viaduct Anderson, South Carolina Compliments of PREVOST SUPPLY COMPANY 109 E. River Street CA 5-5731 Anderson, S. C. JIM SHUBERT ' S GULF STATION 2631 S. Main St., At the By-Pass Cars Called for and Delivered! ROAD SERVICE CA 4-1 438— Open 7 a.m.-l 1 p.m.— 7 days a week SHINING TOWER RESTAURANT N. Main Street Anderson, S. C. CA 4-1361 MOORHEAD OIL CO. FUEL OIL CROWN PETROLEUM DISTRIBUTOR 500 No. Murray Ave. - CA 6-1 701 Anderson, South Carolina Best Wishes to Anderson College! HILL ELECTRIC CO. East River Street CA 5-8791 Anderson, South Carolina ZEIGLER TAYLOR CO. REALTORS REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE AND RENTALS Anderson BIdg. CA 4-3961 Anderson, South Carolina BILL ARFLIN SERVICE STATION FINE GULF PRODUCTS Expert Wheel Balancing — Road Service 1 608 E. River St. - CA 4-01 20 - Anderson, S. C. Congratulations to the 1958 GRADUATES WE ARE PROUD OF ALL OF YOU! THE CITY OF ANDERSON WILLIAM C. JOHNSTON Mayor JAMES M. CATHCART Mayor Pro-Tern ALDERMEN Clarence B. Ellison — George S. Mack — Ralph P. Sev eli Clarence L. Pressley — William H. Embler — Rufus H. Moorhead City Attorney— John K. Hood City Clerk-Treasurer— H. M. Wilson City Engineer-Manager— C. C- Andrev s Glenn S. Martin, Manager Ballentine Smith Motors, Inc. Courts and Company PLYMOUTH Members of New York Stock Exchange Sales and Service CA 4-4384 615 N. Main St. 1203 North Main Street Anderson, South Carolina Anderson, South Carolina CA 4-3476 Richard Ruhle Refrigeration Company Complimenfs of King Oil Company REFRIGERATION AND Distributors for Fine SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT E. Shockle Ferry Rd. - CA 6-1601 For Finest Fuel Oils, Call 207 West Church Street Home Oil Company CA 5-7441 Anderson, S. C. E. River St. Anderson, S. C. CA 4-0262 POWER TO THE CLASS OF ' 58 We ' re proud of you . . . proud, too, of the chance to serve a new gen- eration of young Piedmont citizens. Our best to you as you move for- v ard, in a free and responsible community . . . where your own will and effort are the measure of achievement. DURE POWER COMPANY ' THE POWER TO PASS— THAT ' S DIXIE GAS ' 1930 TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS - SERVING THE PIEDMONT SECTION OF SOUTH CAROLI NA Major Frank R. Thompson Presideni and Treasurer The World ' s Largest Organization of Independent Oil Jobbers All DIXIE PRODUCTS Are Built To Rigid Specifications " DIXIE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Are Selected And Not Just Sent " AVIATION GASOLINES AND LUBRICANTS DIXIE GOLDEN FLASH GASOLINE DIXIE ETHYL GASOLINE DIXIE PENN MOTOR OILS AND LUBRICANTS PENNZOIL MOTOR OILS AND LUBRICANTS INDUSTRIAL OILS AND LUBRICANTS OIL BURNING SPACE HEATERS OIL BURNING FURNACES ANDERSON PETROLEUM CO D STR Bl TORS " Naiionally Known, Locally Owned " PHONE CA 5-8276 ANDERSON, S. C. TOM TINGLE BUICK, INC. Buick Better Buy Used Cars 109 Calhoun St. CA 4-4381 Everything Photographic FANT ' S CAMERA SHOP, INC. " Between the Banks " 105 E. Whitner St. CA 4-0707 20 Billfold Size for $1.00 HORTON-PREVOST COMPANY, INC. ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Room 201, Bleckley Building Louis S. Norton Wm. D. Prevost BEST WISHES TO GRADUATES A FRIEND BEST WISHES FROM Maynard ' s Wayside Furniture A Store for Homes Interior Decorating Service Belton-Anderson Highway Dial " 33 " then 4222 Congratulations to Graduates from Marshall Farms FINE POULTRY AND EGGS West Rood Belton, S. C. Dial " 33 " then dial 3836 ERSKINE COLLEGE DUE WEST, SOUTH CAROLINA A fully accredited liberal arts college for men and women with majors leading to A.B. and B.S. degrees. Majors in pre-professional work such as medicine, dentistry, lew, min- istry, business administration, elementary and secondary teaching, physical education (for men), and Directors of Christian Education. Also piano, voice, organ, band, dramatics, and art. ALSO A SUMMER SESSION OF 11 WEEKS Write the Registrar for catalog or visit our campus. Page One Hundred Six Accounts Insured Up to $10,000 SAVE WITH US . . . CURRENT RATE 3! 2% PER ANNUM Out-of-Town Accounts Welcomed — Save by Mai First Federal Savings and Loan Association J. B. WOODSON, President 107 N. Main St. - Anderson - CA 4-3401 ESSO PRODUCTS HOME - COMMERCIAL Stringer Oil Company We Give S H Green Stamps Use Your Esso Credit Card 2712 South Main St. Anderson, S. C. Dial CA 4-1110 SINCLAIR PETROLEUM PRODUCTS SUPER FLAME OILS - POWER X GASOLINE Accurate Meter Measuring Trucks Cox Oil Company, Inc. 511 West Market Street Anderson, S. C. Call CA 6-1301 CLAY COX Mac ' s Sanitone Cleaners and S. S. Laundry ONE DAY SERVICE ON REQUEST Hand Cleaning — Hats Cleaned Mothproofing 105 W. Calhoun St. Anderson, S. C. Call CAnal 4-4781 FURMAN UNIVERSITY Esfablished 1826 DR. JOHN L. PLYLER, President GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA A Co-Ed, Standard Liberal Arts College Offering B.A., B.S., B.M. in Music, M.A. Degrees Special Emphasis on Business Administration, Art, Music, Speech Arts, Home Economics, Teacher Education, Religious Education, Pre-Med, Pre-Law, Pre-Englneering, Reserve Officers Training Corps. FOR CATALOGUE WRITE MISS EULA BARTON, Regisfrar Woman ' s College MR. C. L. RASOR, Registrar Men ' s College Page One Hundred Seven OSTEEN THEATRE Anderson ' s Newest, Most Modern Theafre — Fireproof 613 N. Main St. Call CA 4-6900 TEXAS OIL COMPANY Fine TEXACO Products H. G. EZELLE, Distributor 212 W. Orr St. Call CA 6-1585 Complimenfs of T. REE McCOY SON BUILDERS - GENERAL CONTRACTORS TERRY BOTTLING CO. Bottlers of PEPSI-COLA - TOM ' S - SEVEN-UP 2805 N. Main St., Anderson, S. C. PALMETTO PUBLISHING COMPANY 215 W. Church Street Telephone CAnal 4-3131 ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA J. D. McCOY, President AGNEW BROWNE, Manager " WE PRINT ANYTHING BUT MONEY " BEST WISHES TO ANDERSON COLLEGE The only South Carolina College which has two modern radio stations and a television station on its campus! These facilities - and those of The ANDERSON INDEPENDENT AND DAILY MAIL (circulation over 55,000) are wholeheartedly in support of this fine institution. WAIM WCAC-FM WAIM -TV For over 22 Years Anderson ' s listening habit. Anderson-Clemson College ' s powerful FM station, serving 5 states. CBS and ABC Television Network. WILTON E. HALL, Owner Page One Hundred Eight LIBRARY ON COV-V $ :,

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