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pf Of tRTV o - LIBRARY - ON COt ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA PROUDLY PRESENTS THE n, T y o ' y v r u L J) r m iL ' M -1— , ; -%■ ; ' «,i a»? ' L i«; ' Ml ( t f i «ii 1 1 ;, i 1 I - 1 11 ■ t r ' -, -, fS ,:.■.:• .Iteo.. ' ' T- ' ?a5| DEDICATION ivlidi J ewlltte cJLifAeu For a cool hand on a hot broW: — ' For a gentle word to ease a pain - For listening patiently to our complaints — ' For these and many other things - We show our love for Miss Hewlitte Lirsey through the dedication or this annual. DR. ELMER F. HAIGHT PRESIDENT Miss Dora Hancock Secretary to President Miss Martha Watson Dean of A omen ADMINISTRATION Miss Margaret Garrett Registrar Miss Euna Kay Treasurer THE FACULTY Mrs. N. W. Balster Assistant Dietitian Miss Mary Major Burriss Secretarial Science Mrs. Fred Black Field Representative Miss Nancy Divner Librarian Miss Louise Ellis Piano Mrs. John Glenn House Manager Miss Dorothy Greene Assistant in Secretarial Science John Griffin Science and Mathematics Henry von Hasseln History and Social Science Webb von Hasseln Modern Language and Violin Mrs. Ann Hesser Manager of Canteen Mrs. Ernest Johnston House A o( icr Miss Antionette Jones Journalism Miss Hewlitte Lifsey Nurse and Supervisor of Infirmary Miss Louise Marcum Art Instructor AND STAFF tm Miss Lulu McClure English Mrs. Lillian McEachekn Piano Miss Helen Miller Mome Economics Dr. Olca Pruitt Physician Mrs. Sam Pruitt Dietitian Miss Lavaughn Robinson oice Mrs. F. M. Sell Chemistry and Biology E. C. Simpson English Mrs. Jim Steed Speech and Dramatic Art Mrs. Charles Sullivan English and Business Correspondence Mrs. Bevley Thompson blanager of Boohstore Mrs. Hunter Thompson House Mother Mrs. George Wilson Physical Education J. M. W NCO Psychology CLASSES H Hiw HLfiHPill Wf - Mtr M ■Hip i H vfB .JtBi H B pPT ii H P ' ..aitf J I BH | MMMHNmm-; .= THE SOPHOMORE Franklin Holder McGlLL Hawthorne Glenn Franklin President TwEETiE Holder Vice-President Jean McGill Secretary Carol Hawthorne Treasurer Grand and glorious Sopliomores . . . That was liow il looked as Freshmen . . . Such glory is lost in vvorl . . . studies . . . play . . . parties . . . recitals . . . Those classes that wouldn ' t end . . . jam sessions disguised by a lit book . . . The dignity and culture we have acquired? ? . . . (polecats) . . . The colonade hreplace . . . karem. checkers, chess . . . That long eighteen miles to Clem son. A mixture which after two years of slow simmering creates unbreakable bonds of friendship and love . . . We have reached the end of a perfect day prepared for the rising of a new dawn. 12 CLASS OF 1956 Robert Allen Quiet, sincere, ana l ioroiitj Jy iikeahle. Gail Armstrong Always willing to help. Bill Bargiol Opposed to evolution. Mary Blanks V li(: twins got the Scotchman. ' ' Margaret Blanks Dig that Southern drawl. Don Blackwell A car selling specialist. Irene Camden She s the Lest for everyday. I£mily Cmamblee Nice to have around. S LVIA ChASTAIN W ' onian is something helween a jiower and an angel. Sue Ellen Cooper Completely natural, C omplciely Jiappy. Completely charming. Marion Crawford is the mind that makes the hodv rich. THE SOPHOMORE Louise Curry pr nalnrtil grace and athletic ahdil made her outstanding. Laura Doyle She can he imitated oy none, nor paralleled Ly nny hnt herself. Frances Erskine fnsl plain sweet. Dot DeShields Takes lije easy. Hayne Finley To knoiv tier is to love her. Glenn Franklin Thev don ' t nia ie tfieni anv heller. CLASS OF 1956 Savilla Gambrell She has iron the hearts of her classmates. orma.jeanne Gillespie )vfi[irii((c (M action. Eleanor Girardeau blricdy a Georgia peach. Shirley Graham Full of laughter, full of pc v, itoi ' er quiet thats lier tip. Carol Hawthorne Surely, there s something she cloesn t know. TwEETiE Holder Hi er voice is is loio, her manner sweet. THE SOPHOMORE Harriett Kowalski AC s answer (o perpetual motion. Bobby Leverette Cream of the crop. % Sue Maret Has many jriends. Jane Marchba nks SintiU hut migllly. Shirley Martin A friend to have, a jriend indeed. Joyce Mason A lall Cjir] with ideals to niatcli. CLASS OF 1956 Carol Sue Mauldin Preparea for anything. Thomas Martin A true friend— now. tomorrow ami aliravs. Jean Meeks A short hul pleasant visit. JiMMiE Merck A onopo y on the post office. Camilla McCurley Little Miss Sunshine. Jean McGill She s hooltea her man. THE SOPHOMORE S HELTON Patterson His outlook is part of his virtue. Joan Ray One who never complains hut take life as it comes. Joan Rice TV star of tg6o. Barbara Ross ' (( j a song in Iter In art. Mary Scarboro Quiet hut not idle. Clarence Smith The greatest truths are tlie sitnphst; so are the greatest men. CLASS OF 1956 k : Margaret Sparks A qiiiel. pleasant manner wui many friends. INDER OULLIVAN Sleepiness and neatness are lers Mary Ellen Summey Slie lives each day to tlie jtiUcsl. Joyce Waters Hafipiiiess is where yon find it MaUDIANNA WlGINGTON Ambition is the key note of success. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Marilyn Wilkie Sofiie think the world is fiiaae jo fun. Wilton Williamson Full of likeaole simp itity and quietness. o X k W s. naD6 ipc SX hB V Carol Sue Mauldin Hayne Finley Best Dressed X -» Harriett Kowalski Louise Curry Most Athletic SOPHOMORE Carol Hawthorne S HELTON Patterson Most Likely to Succeed Savilla Gambrell TwEETiE Holder Most Talented Jean McGill Glenn Franklin Best All-Round Mary Ellen Summey Maudianna Wigington Most Intellectual SUPERLATIVES Shirley Graham Savilla Gambrell Most Popular Tweetie Holder Glenn Franklin Cutest W WM s liiBfc- - Vf 0- ' . - y i THE FRESHMAN Thompson Gambrell Pa.tterson Broome reskman la6i Jfhceri Karen Thompson President Jean Gambrell Vice-President Joanne Broome Secretary Mary Jo Patterson Treasurer Shaky Freshmen . . . Reception after reception . . . Vonc(erinq if we cf ever get used to the fact that we were expected to study . . . Electing all our class honors was a great task . . . We always seemed to have ties . . . represented highly in all campus activities . . . Well, finally it hit us; final EXAMS . . . this decided whether or not we would be Sophomores . . . ALL IN ALL IT WAS A GREAT BIG WONDERFUL YEAR. 24 CLASS OF 1956 Cynthia Atkins Barbara Bailey Julia Ann Bannister Eloise Broadwell Joanne Broome Jerry Brown Margaret Byrd DoTTiE Clamp Shelva Jean Coleman Leland Concton Gloria Cope Jane Cothran Linda Darby Alice Davis Ellen Dearberry Jackie Dennis Sue Dickerson C. 1 . DoDSON liiLL Shirley Shirley Dudley Emilie Dye Boots Ewing Cynthia Fleming Jean Gambrell THE FRESHMAN Patsy Garrison June Grosclose Calvin Gunter Beth Hardin Dorothy Hawkins Joyce Herndon Jo Beth Hiott Beatrice Holden Pat Holland GwENN Hopkins Linda Johnson Clifford Jones Gloria Jones Jane Jones Jerry Keese CLASS OF 1956 Joan Kinlaw Frances Kneece Barbara Knox Frances LeGetti: Joanne McCrea Wanza McAiister Harriet Mackey Jean Montgomery Martha Moore Randy Morris Floride Morrison David Murdock Mary Jean Owen Patsy Parker Mary Jo Patterson THE FRESHMAN GeNelle Powell Betty Ray Frances Revis Shirley Rogers Janet Sale Rosemary Seigler Carolyn Smith David Smith Karen Thompson Edith Walters CLASS OF 1956 Ann Walton Doris Welborn Bobbie Williams Henrietta McDowell Dale Ashley Hauhikti [iiu Mickey Dobbin SPECIAL STUDENTS voNNE DkAWD ' i Levi Patterson Everett Saywer 30 l- reparatom =J epavtvvient J IDi Pruitt FoUSEK Dor ■ — enlor K laiS Jfncers CiLE Pruitt President Sue Parke Vice-President Shirley Fousek Secretary Margaret Dorn Treasurer 31 im Sarah Biddix Kathy Davis Otis Ann Burgess Margaret Dorn Betty Caruso Shirley Fousek Alice Crisp Barbry Hayes SENIOR CLASS OF 1956 Elizabeth Keaton Sue Parke Joyce Lund Cile Pruitt Landiss Moore Judy Shirley MeLINDA MuLLlNIKS Burrelle Strickland A BuRRELLE Strickland Most Intellectual Barbry Lou Hayes Most Likely lo Succeed SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Kathy Davis Friendliest 1 i ' , 1 ■ P B 1. ■ f Mp ' v 11 r 1 g gii 1 r F W CiLE PrUITT Most Talented STUDENT NURSES First Kow: Baroara Sliiflctt, Daisy Cnambers, Joan Snirley. Bctly J. Boggs. Elizabelh Hanna. Peggy Fleming. Second Row: Jessie Lee Martin, Lounell Wiles. Donna Mitcnell. Ellen Camp. June Dobson, Joyce Corbin. Leona BrocK. Tltira Row: Enitli Anderson. Joy Ganibrell. Pat Williams. Edna Harbin. Joyce Crocker. Ruby Watson. H ACTIVITIES STUDENT Sliirlu) Martiri, C ' ti-nri i ranklin. I la ' nr ' I ' inicy. Louise Curry. Jauu Martnnanks. Savilla Gambrell. Margaret Sparks. Shelton Patlerson. Slurley GraKani. BoLby Leverette, Marilyn Wilkie. Self-government is the heart of democracy. The purpose of Student Government is to foster student activities and a fiigh ideal of schofarship and honor among students, fts responsibility is to assist the administration in teirrying out duties and transacting business concerning the student body. GOVERNMENT KyfncefS Savilla Gambrell President Jane Marchbanks Vice-President Margaret Sparks Secretary 37 ALPHA PI EPSILON Beth Hardin, Dotty Clamp, Karen TKompson, Jean Gambrell, Sue Dickerson, Frances Erskine, Linda Darby, Barbara Ross, Frances LeGette. Alpha Pi Epsilon is a national Iionorary secretarial societs ' . Its main purpose is to professionalize the status of the college-trained secretary. The Sigma Chapter, which was organizecf at Anderson College in May. 1Q4I. is the only chapter of this national organiza- tion in South Carolina. 38 PHI THETA KAPPA Linder Sullivnn. Sylvia Ciiaslain. Mary Ellen Summey, Carol Hawthorne, Bill Bargoil. Mr. Henry von Hasseln. SKelton Patterson. Phi Theta Kappa is a national scholastic fraternity. Its members are enrolled in a liDeral arts course anct in the upper ten per cent. This society strives to promote scholarship and character among students. 39 TOWN CLUB 1 he I own Club is an organization of all off campus students. Its memljership consist of not only local students but also students on the campus from neigliboring towns who do not live on the campus. The club is especially interested in the promotion of bigger and better student activities. 40 COMMERCIAL CLUB First How: J. GamLrell, J. Jones, L. Darby. B. Ray. Second Row: B. Bailey. J. Groseclose, J. Broome, S. Dudley, J. Sale L. Jolinson, G. Hopkins, F. LeGettc, C. Smitli, G. Cope. Our future very efficient secretaries are memlDers of the Commercial Club. Tfiey are all enrolled in a secretarial science course. Tlie Commercial Club tries to present a clearer view of the business work, its methods and procedures to business students. 41 BETA CLUB First Row: Landiss Moore, Gvvcn Keaton. Kalherine Dorn. Melinda Mulliniks. Cile Pruitt. Alice Crisp, Betty Caruso. Sue Parke Second Row: Bobby Lou Hayes. Burrelle Strickland, Kathy Davis. Judy Shirley. Miss Martha Watson. Sponsor. Membership in tlie national Beta Club is limited to students enrolled in the Preparatory Department. The Beta Club is a honorary leadership society. Its members possess qualities of leadership, dependability, scholarship and honesty. 42 DELTA PSI OMEGA Sa illu Gninlirell Hayne Finley Mary Ellen Summey Gail Armstrong Mrs. Jim Steed Sponsor yfHceif6 Gail Armstrong President Mary Ellen Summey Yice-President Hayne Finley Secretary-Treasurer 43 ANDERSON COLLEGE PLAYERS Boots Ewing. Savilla GaniLrcll. Gail Armstrong, Shirley Graliani, Burrello Strickland, Sarali Bidchx, Linda Darby, Linder Sulli an. Mary Ellen Sumnicy. Sue Ellen Cooper. Patsy Parker. Irene Camden, Hayne Finley, Joanne Broome, June Fox. ACP s help open the bud of talent. For those interested in acting. ACP provides a special world of try-outs, props, grease paint, lighting and work with glamour, Actnrs are iJie Show, hut Slage Hands the Production Ai ACP OFFICERS: Savilla Gambr.H, l , suU;,l: (.,,,1 „„.l,ony „ .■ ' „ ,.1, nl, Im.,- M,,m.„. Svnvtary: Boots i;uu„i. , PLAY 1956 Cmil Armstrong, Shirley Graham. Linda Darby. Boots Fwing, Savilla Gambrell. 45 RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS Ab Y. W. A. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Ktirt-n 1 [u)[iipson, Irene Caintlen. Joan Kinuiw. Ann Walton, liss Han o(k. Sponsor Stundtng Sa illa Ganibrcll. Mary Jo Patlerson. Hayne Finiey. Louise Curry. Barbara Ross. Joanne Broome. Tweetre Holdtr. Piestc enl, Carol Hawlliorne. Margaret Sparks, YWA and BSD work together to create a deeper understanding of others. YWA stimulates an interest among students in mission work. It sponsors chapel programs, movies, etc.. to promote this interest. 47 COLLEGE CHOIR il i £ iLiiiyiAAn r f P ft 1 1 r t ft t rt I »« - • ' F f -» Firs( How: Joanne lirooriu ' . I weelic Holder, Shirley Dudley, Ann Walton, Janet Sale. Henrietta McDowell. Jackie Dennis. GeNelle Powell, Irene Camden, Joan Ktnlaw. Mary Jo Patterson. Barbara Bailey. Mary Blanks. Baroara Ross. Secuna. Kow: Martlia Moore, Ellen Dearyberry, Harriett Mackey. Joyce Mason, Betty Cely, June Groseclose, Landiss Moore, vonne Drawdy, v lice Davis. Burrelle Strickland, Patsy Garrison. Eloise Broadwell, Linder Sullivan, Savilla GatiiLrell. CnroI i lawlliorne. No:ma- jeanne Gillespie. Joyce Lund. Miss Lavauchn Robinson Director yytricerd Carol Hawthorne .... Presidcitl Irene Camoen Vice-President Ann Walton Secretary-Treasurer Mary Jo Patterson Librarian 48 awililar S c cenes Traditional yale log liqliting. 49 BAPTIST STUDENT Jpan McGill. Joyce Mason, BarKara Ross. President; Irene Camden, Carol Hawthorne, Slancitng; Tvveetie HoMer, Miss Miller, Sponsor; Louise Curry, Shirley Granani. Joanne Broome. Shelton Patterson. BSU is a connecting linl between Anderson College and local Baptist cliurcKes. BSU builds a healthy atmosphere. It provides entertainment that s fun. because its wholesome. It brings the student closer to God regardless of denomination. ' live. el not 1. hut dirisl liveih in nie. 50 UNION Barbara Ross Presidenl Joanne Broome Devotional Vice-Presideul Joyce Mason ... .... EnJislment Vice-President Louise Curry Social Vice-President 51 ( oli umnd PUBL f foudiu f- reient tke 56 L otu umnd Through toil, work, and worry, we have tried to capture the spirit of AC . We hope we have captured all the school day treasures you 11 ponder as your memories grow fonder. 52 CATIONS Ljodlef i5|S)«« it .-x he Lyodief j- roues ike - ower ojf the j- fedi A frantic maddening rush to meet the deadhne. this is a current event in the life of a YoJfer reporter. The Yoaler is truly a student publication. It is written solely by stu- dents under the direction of Miss Jones. 53 THE 1956 Mary Ellen Summey Associate Editor Bobby Lenerette Business Manager HaYNE FlNLEY Editor Mr. E. C. Simpson Sponsor Miss Louise Marcum Sponsor 54 COLUMNS U-- — - Joanne Broome, Patsy Parker, Tweetie Holder. Bobby Leverette. Margaret Sparks, Emily CKamblee, Dotty Clamp, Gloria Jones, Louise Curry, Savilla Ganibrell, Carol Sue Mauldin. Margaret Byrd. Linda Johnson. Mary Ellen Sumniey, Linda Darby, C. L. Dodson, Sbirlcv Granam. Lindcr Sullivan. kankd . . . ' or a f our hard ouom . y aune rvlaru C iien, ijobb ' 55 THE 1956 Glenn Franklin Associate Editor NoRMAJEANNE GiLLESPIE Business Manager Miss Antoinette Jones Sponsor Maudianna Wigington Editor 56 YODLER Glenn Franklin, Associate Editor; Mary Ellen Suniniey, Columnist: Mtiuclianna Wigington. Editor: Sliolton Patterson, Circulation Editor: Jerry Brown, Business Manager, SeconJ Semester. First Rom; Palsy Parker, Gail Armstrong. Reporters.- Joan Kinlaw, Feature EJilor: Joanne Broome, Asso- ciate Feature Editor. Second Row: Sarah Bicldix, Wanza McAlister, Reporters: Ann Walton, Carol Sue Mauldin, GeNellc Powell, Business Staff. 57 ATHLETICS 58 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Kynlceri Louise Curry Presiclei t Harriett Kovvalski Vice-President Irene Camden Secretary Sue Maret Treasurer 59 TENNIS CLUB first Rinv: B. Haye , R. Sciglcr, P. F arkcr. A. Walton. S. Cooper. I. Camden. Second Row: P. Holland. M. Patterson. V. Kneece. J. Kinlaw, G. Cope. L. Darhy. G. Powell. L. Sullivan. SOFTBALL CLUB Firsl Koir: L, Johnson. J. Sale, J Jones, G. Cope. Spcond Roic: S Coleman. J. Groseclose, P. Parker, R. Scigler. B. Bailey, C. Smith. P, Holland. Third Row: J. Gambrel L. Darby. H. Mackey. F. LeGette, J. Broome. S. Dudley. S. Maret. SWIMMING CLUB First Roil ' ; M. Scarboro. H. Mackey. B. Bailey. J. Jones. C. Smitli. J. Broome. Second Row: L. Darby. P. Parker, J. Groseclose. L. Joiinson, J. Sale, J. Ganibreil. G. Cope. HIKING CLUB A. W alt on. J. Kin law. J. Broome, J. Sale. P. Parker, L. Johnson. J. Gambrell, H. Mackey. G. Powell. J. Groseclose. F. LeGette, M. Pat- terson. B. Ray. S. Coleman. F. Kneece. 1. Camden, L. Darby. J. Jones. S. Maret. R. Seigler. Pat Holland Rosemary Seigler SPORT STANDOUTS Louise Curry Harriett Kowalski i ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦. ' FEATURES k.. MISS COLUMNS ayu -.y aune inieu 64 We gaze and turn away and know not where. Dazzled and drunk witli beauty, till tKe Iieart Reels in its fulness. -B RYON. 65 h. MISS SOPHOMORE CLASS L urru 66 ane rv afc, zkbanhi Beauty as we feel it is something indescribable: vhat it is or what it means can never be said. Santayana. afi y (L-iien S (a umme f 67 n 1 MISS FRESHMAN CLASS n6on 63 2) ,« WA ofn LjiOfia L ope Without the smile from partial beauty won, O what were man s a world without a sun. Campbell. 69 MISS HIGH SCHOOL atku JJi )auii 70 v ufreile - tncl?iand A thing of beauty is a joy forever, Its loveliness increases: it vin never Pass into notningless. —Keats. L ile ■ ruM 71 MAY DAY MAY QUEEN Jane March nnnks. Hayne Firili . T i-cWv 1 luhlir. Fram cs Frskinr. 1956 zt parkd 166 r V layaaml — )pam6 Maid of Honor Dotty Cli ' tiip. Karen Thompson, Pat Holland. Katliy Dti is, lean Gatnbrell. Linda Joiinso MAY DAY 1955 i.f. %iM.m . .. ■ W: ' MHr;Tiiri: ' l Si:)tirks. Ann Settles. Savilla Ganibrcli. hleanor Girardeau. Sybil Brown. .SlnnJing; Diane Kelly, jane Powell. Jane Marclibanks. Joan While, Arlene Smith, Doris Welborn, Nancy Geer. Miss Martha Sadler May Queen Miss GwENN Mauldin A aifi oj Hoiior 74 DIRECTORY FACULTY DIRECTORY Dr. and Mrs. E. F. Haight . . 302 Boulevard, Anderson Dr. Annie D. Denmark . 205 Williams St.. Goldsboro, N. C. Herbert Archer .... 2205 Edgewood Ave., Anderson Mrs. N. W. Balster . . . 818 Gadsden Sq., Anderson Mrs. Fred BlacK Brown Ave., Belton Rev. TKoma.s R. Brown . . 1612 College Ave., Anderson Miss Mary Major Burriss . 300 Spring Park Dr., Anderson Miss Nancy Divver 509 E. Orr St.. Anderson Miss Louise Ellis . . 2928 Hudson Dr., Youngstown, Oliio Miss Margaret Garrett Box 8L Simpsonville Miss DorotKy Greene . . Box 4, Blowing Rock, N. C. Jonn Griffin 214 Williamston Rd., Anderson Mrs. John Glenn 506 Sumniit Ave.. Anderson Miss Dora Hancock Donalds Henry von Hasseln . . 1102 W. Whitner St., Anderson Webb von Hasseln . . 1102 W. Whitner St., Anderson Mrs. Ann Hesser . . . 4205 Euclid Ave., Tampa F, Fla. Mrs. Ernest Johnston . . . 114 Maxwell Ave., Anderson Miss Antoinette Jones .... 506 North St., Anderson Miss Euna Kay Box 314, Belton Miss Hewlifte Lifsey . . 21 32 Vineville Ave., Macon. Ga. Miss Louise Marcum Box 426, Easlev Miss Lulu G. McClure .... 507 Boulevard, Anderson Mrs. Lillian McEachern . 201 Oakland St., Kingsport, Tenn. Miss Helen Miller .... 200 Brock Ave.. Honea Path Dr. Olga Pruitt .... 306 W. Franklin St.. Anderson Mrs. Sam O. Pruitt . 715 Greenville St., Anderson Miss Lavaughn Robinson Clendenin, W. Va. Mrs. Hiram Sandlin . . 2509 Edgewood Ave., Anderson Mrs. F. M. Sell Bailey Ct.. 11-1, Anderson E. C. Simpson River St., Belton Miss Jean Small .... 708 Central Ave., Lancaster Mrs. Jim Steed .... 180 Woodridge Ave., Clemson Mrs. Charles Sullivan . . . 1805 N. Main St., Anderson Mrs. Bevley Thompson 618 Sununit Ave., Anderson Mrs. Hunter Thompson % Mrs. Jim Pelree, Jasper, Ala. Miss Martha Watson Box 377, Anderson Mrs. George Wilson .... 2706 Pope Dr., Anderson J. M. Wingo 104 Inman Dr., Anderson STUDENT DIRECTORY James Robert Allen Rt. 2, Pelzer Gail Armstrong Rt 3, Greenville Dale Jewel Ashley Rt. 1, Honea Path Cynthia Jeannette Atkins . 1823 S. McDulfie St., Anderson Barbara Ann Bailey , . , . 130 Fishburne, Charleston Julia Ann Bannister Rt. 4, Anderson J. W. Bargiol Rt. 1, Iva Sarah Biddix . . . 310 Maple St., Rutherfordton, N. C. Ernest D. Blackwell 315 River St., Belton Margaret Blanks ... 114 College Ave., LaGrange, Ga, Mary Blanks .... 114 College Ave., LaGrange, Ga. David Vernon Boswell .... 605 River St.. Belton Eloise Broadwell Box 105, Pendleton Joanne Broome Rt. 2, Westminster Harriet Brown .... Old Williamston Rd.. Anderson Jerry Brown 212 Farmer St., Anderson Otis Ann Burgess .... 201 Arlington Ave., Anderson Margaret Byrd Rt. 1, Society Hill Irene Camden Rt. 2, Marietta J. T. Campbell Rt. 4, Belton Betty Caruso .... 5343 Astral Ave.. Jacksonville. Fla. Betty Cely . . , Rt. 3. Easley Emily Chamblee Rt. 3, Anderson J. B. Chapman Rt. 3. Belton Sylvia Chastain 1522 S. Main St., Anderson Dotty Clamp 406 Cunningham Dr., Anderson Jack Coker 14 Courteney St., Pelzer Shelva Jean Coleman Rt. 2. Latta Leland Congdon 414 E. River St., Anderson Sue Ellen Cooper Rt. 2, Pendleton Gloria Cope Bo. 239, Mt. Pleasant Sara Jane Cothran Rt. 3, Belton Jack Crawford 21 Cox St.. Belton Marion Crawford .... 500 Marshall Ave.. Anderson Joe H. Creamer Rt. 2. Anderson Alice Crisp .... 3089 N. W. 1 St.. Miami. Fla. Louise Curry 107 Roby St.. Cheraw Joseph N. Daniel .... 1 10 Avondale Rd.. Anderson Linda Darby Rt. 3. Pelzer Alice Davis 204 Roberts St.. Anderson Kathleen Davis Box 366, Cowpens Lafayette J. Davis Rt. 1 , Honea Path Ellen Dearybury Rt. 1, Cowpens Jackie Dennis 2920 Grace St.. Columbia Dorothy DeShields Rt. 1. Greenville Sue Dickerson 108 Simmons St.. Anderson Mickey Dobbins 329 Moultrie Sq.. Anderson Clifton Dodson, Jr Rt. I, Piedmont James F. Dorn Caughlin Ave., Anderson Margaret Dorn 100 Hagood St., Easley Laura Doyle 205 James St., Anderson Carolyn Yvonne Drawdy Rt. 1, Bowman Shirley Dudley 68 Cypress St., Charleston Emilie Dye Ridgewood Ave., Anderson Frances Erskinc Rt. 5. Anderson Boots Ewing 426 Magnolia St., Spartanburg Hadey Feltman. Jr 1905 N. Holly St.. Anderson Hayne Finley 202 Edgemont. Liberty Cynthia Fleming 1026 Bleckley St.. Anderson Shirley Fousek 22 Hammett. Anderson Clayton R. Fowler N. Main St.. Anderson Glenn Franklin 501 Hayes St.. Anderson Jean Gambrell N. Main St.. Anderson Savilla Gambrell 123 Boyce. Manning Patricia Garrison Rt. 2. Anderson Lewis Gibson Box 14. LaFrance Normajeanne Gillespie . . . 1916 Dobbins St., Anderson Eleanor Girardeau .... 601 Union St.. Brunswick. Ga. Shirley Graham Rt. 4, Seneca June Groseclose .... 28 Carolina St.. Charleston Calvin Gunter 2711 Lane Ave.. Anderson William E. Hall Box 1. Williamston Helen E. Hardin 510 Calhoun St.. Anderson Carol Hawthorne ... 50 McGowan Ave.. Abbeville 75 DlRECTORY ContinueJ Dorothy Hawkins 1411 Trihhie St., Anderson Bobby Lou Hayes Rt. 1, Central Joyce Herndon . . . 1219 Higlimarket St.. Georgetown Jo Betk Hiott Rt. 2. Anderson Beatrice Holden Rt 2. Salem Tweetie Holder Rt. 1, Pickens Pat Holland . . 5077 Walkley Ave.. Montreal 29. Canada George Hooper 11 IB Arlington. Anderson Gwendolyn Hopkins Central Linda Ann Johnson Rt. 4. Kershaw Gloria Jones 629 E. Orr, Anderson Jane Jones W. James St.. Greer Charles Kay 15 Burts. Pelzer Ciwen Keaton Rt. 2. Iva Jerry Keese 306 E. Franklin St.. Anderson Joan Kinlaw Mount Berry. Ga. Frances Kneece Rt. 1. Batesburg Barbara Jean Knox . . . 410 Cunningham Dr., Anderson Harriett Kowalski Rt. 1, Anderson Frances LeGette Box 373. Lalta Bobby Leveretle 107 J. St.. Anderson Joyce Lund 4065 Ernest. Jacksonville, Fla. Harriet Mackey Hart St., Kershaw Jane Marchbanks Rt. 1, Anderson Sue Maret Box 205, Lavonia, Ga. Shirley F. Martin Rt 1, Anderson Thomas Martin Rt. 1, Anderson Joyce Mason Rt. 2, Belton Carol Sue Mauldin .... 2208 Hunter Dr.. Anderson Jean Meefcs . . Rt. 4. Toccoa, Ga. Jimmie Merck Rt. I.Martin. Ga. Jean Montgomery 207 Cooper. Kingstree Landiss Moore . . . . 1216 E. Whitner St.. Anderson Martha Moore Cowpens Floride Morrison Rt. 1. Ivn James R. Morris 601 College St.. Anderson Melinda Mulliniks Carrnll Hotil. Huntingdon, Tenn. David Murdock Rt. 1. Belton Wanza McAlister Box 414. Clemson Selwyn McClain Rt. 3. Box 84. Anderson Joanne McCrea Rt. 2. Sailers Camilla MrCurley ... 26 Harrington Ave.. Greenville Henrietta McDowell Rt. 2. Saluda Jean McGill 409 Rose Hill. Anderson U. C. Neill. Jr 103 S. St.. Anderson Mary Jean Owen Rt. 1. Central Sue Parke .... 1644 Geraldinc Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. Patsy Parker Rt. 1 , Belton Levi Patterson Rt. 4. Belton Mary Jo Patterson Rt. 1 . Lyman Shelton Patterson Rt. 4. Belton Charles F. Ponder .... 401 Concord Rd.. Anderson GeNelle Powell Box 194. Walhalla Cile Pruitt Calhoun St. Ext., Anderson Betty Ray Rt. 3. Box 316. Sumter Joan Ray Greenville St.. Anderson Mrs. Frances Revis Rt. 4. Belton Joan Rice 2102 Woodside St.. Anderson Shirley Rogers Rt. 1. Willianislon Leonard J. Roper Rt 1. Liberty Barbara Ross . . . 210-A E. Enterprise. N. Charleston Janet Sale , . 8008 Greenwood Ave.. Takoma Park 12. Md. Everett L. Sawyer . . . . Rt. 1. Box 65. Honea Path Mary Nolan Scarboro . 11-A Harrington Ave.. Greenville Rose Mary Seigler Hill Top Ave.. Aiken John Shirley 5 Stringer St.. Belton Carolyn Smith 327 W. Prentiss. Greenville Clarence E. Smith 212 Sumter St.. Anderson David Smith 504 North St.. Anderson Mack Smith 608 Calhoun St., Anderson Willard Snipes 25 Rice St.. Belton Margaret Sparks .... 5 Woodside Ave.. Greenville Jack Stancil Box 53. Central Burrelle Strickland . . . Buruan Groves. Richland, Ga. Linder Sullivan 336 Kingsley Rd.. Anderson Mary Ellen Sumniey .... 1205 Ella St.. Anderson Bobbie Tabor Rt- 1 . Starr Llewellyn W. Thomas 234 F. St., Clemson Karen Thompson . . 507 Brookside Ave., North Augusta F.dith Walters Rt. 2. St. George Ann Walton W-32 Gray, Edgefield R. L. Ward Rt. 3, Anderson Joyce Waters Rt. 1 . Anderson Dorris Welborn Rt. 1. Maudianna Wigington .... 1 1 3 Webb St.. .Anderson Marilyn Wilkie Box 1 5. Gulf. N. C. Bobbie Williams 216 Riley St.. Anderson Wilton Williamson. Jr. . . 804 Glenwood Ave., Anderson .loan Wright 216 James St., Anderson 76 )X » = = «= C= : C» =X «=X :3 C» C3 )C ) =K =3 3 C3 C { CO C» C3 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1956 GRADUATES We Are Proud of All Of Vou THE CITY OF ANDERSON WILLIAM C. JOHNSTON Mayor JAMES C. CATHCART Mayor Pro-Tempore ALDERMEN Clarence Ellison George S. Mack ' Ralph P. Sewell Clarence L. Pressley William H. Embleu rufus h. moorhead )!( c= o e=x o crx X X x:: x::x c xzx cr»c X KX xxzx x= : xn xizx )X JX x::x x::x x: Xdxxzsodx xcx x::x x:::x xcix x:::x xnx xnx x=x xcx xo X X c:x c= x x xrzx x K xrzx xzx xzx X POWER TO THE CLASS OF ' 56 We ' re proud ot you . . . proud, too, of the chance to serve a new generation of young Piedmont citizens. Our best to you as you move forward, m a free and respon- sible community ... where your own will and effort are the measure of achievement. DURE POWER COMPANY 3K = :: ; = ; 3 ; c =x =: z c=K = ( c=K z : 77 JX = = = ::» = = ==» = == == = K c ci c=K x= x:z ; xcx r : c= c: cz ==K ox 3 ' Better Be Safe Than Sorry ' LAWRENCE AND BROWNLEE INSURANCE AND BONDS SoiifJicni Insurance Specialists 122 N. MAIN ST. ANDERSON, S. C =: : = ci cz ; cix c r=K i c : ==K 3K c3 cr rx c:x zx = : c : xcx :: ! I RICHARD RUHLE REFRIGERATION COMPANY I I I REFRIGERATION AND AIR-CONDITIONING jj EQUIPMENT I Sales and Service 207 WEST CHURCH ST. ANDERSON, S. C. xrx xrx x::x : : x:rx c::x X »f vc x dx c=x xrx X THE ANDERSON HARDWARE CO. PHONE CA 5-74-1.1 ii c:x r:x c: c: crx czx r c: xizx c: .vc c::: •OdixxoiJK ySi zz z: z :zz z: : K = z z: z: I I DILLARD ' S I 5 f SPORTING GOODS y X BILL DILLARD, OWNER V A IS JOHN HILL, MANAGER « A East Whitner Street a A Anderson, S. C. 5 5 Anderson, S. C. A JS( =K = c= = c= c:= c3 o = c c3 c3 c:= c= =»; c ){( JS)c: c=« c:r c= j =a =» c= cr c=xx=a c3 c=x = )c= )c c3 3J( 78 ):? ci : cz cz : z c : c: ; c : :: c ; I TERRY BOTTLING COMPANY I A Bottlers of x i PEPSI-COLA — TOMS — SEVEN-UP 5 i ANDERSON and GREENWOOD, S. C. I « =x = =x = = c=x = = 3 : c3 = = ( == = :: )! lv( o o x=xx= =x o c o c3 y=xxzw cx c3 »cx c=« =x CRAWFORD MOTOR COMPANY Seventj ' -five clean used cars for your selection at all times. We never turn down a reasonable offer. 1414 S. McDuFFiE Street Anderson, S. C. Phone CA 4.-3781 ANDERSON PETROLEUM COMPANY . complete line of petroleum products ' . GAS, KEROSENE, MOTOR OILS AND GREASES MAJOR FRANK R. THOMPSON Phone CA 5-8276 5C ci ; c:x r : = :: ; i:x r ; :z c )X x==x x x x=x x:: o; X 3C xcx crx o; «=: ; « Kxzix xzxxrx X3X c= : cz : xzzx 3Cf OSTEEN THEATRE ANDERSON ' S MODERN FIRE-PROOF THEATRE Best in First Rim Pictures Your Patronage Appreciated Phoxe CA .5-9473 JAX ' S HOT SHOPPE Where it ' s a treat to eat 150(5 N. Main St. Anderson, S. C. Air Conditioned J c: zix ::: : c: ; c ; c: ; c z ; z ; c: c= crx z : cz ; c : z= c: ; crx z 3C( crx c::xx y Classy Glasses PAUL GLASCO OPTICIAN I d !5 y Maix St. Axdersox, S. C. x c c: c :z c= xc : cz :: c::x :: : c JX c ; cr : :i ; c: : :z ; c ; cz ; rx c:x crK i X( =x == = c c= )c= ; C3 cr c= ( CO OK == Z5 = ' y y A X EAREST MOTEI, TO AxDERSON COLXEGE A 5j VATRICE MOTEL A Phoxe CA 5-54-4o X X ' ' The Better Place to Sleep v c: : ci ; :: c c= : c ; = =x cr 3C x x crx xzx xr:x yo; « K i :: : xcix xc z c c x:i : • , more DAIRY FARMS Tfte South ' s Finest Dairy! L. A. McCRARY, AGENT GENERAL INSURANCE lOTMi North Main Street AXDERSOX, S. C. x o:x:::K crxxrx c::x czx3X JJ€ c:x c=x = x=xxz5 c=k cixx=xx:x «=:x c:x c:xxz :xzxx=k c :, X 79 : r zx c rK c c ) zx ci: c: c z o c:5 Z3 ) :: : cx x= cx cx c No one can ever rob you ol ' your education. It is stashed away in the seci ' et vaults of your brain. BUT With your money — that ' s sonietliing else again. Deposit it here. AVe have Ijeen ouarding it for otlier depositors for well over 100 years. THE SOUTH CAROLINA NATIONAL BANK ON THE CORNER— ON THE SQUARE— and— 815 N. MAIN ST. Drive-In and Parking Facilities Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation «x= x K : = i z cr D : = «= : =5 crx z Z3 cz5 z :z c: cz c: Q Compliments of V 5 I $ CALHOUN HOTEL AND S !J COFFEE SHOP J y ROY CRAWFORD, MANAGER X X Phone CA 6-1591 t North Main St. Anderson, S. C. j) GLENN PLUMBING COMPANY V. FRANK GLENN, OWNER The Plumb Good Phimln-r.s ' j Phone CA 4-0781 X ' 202 TowNSEND St. Anderson, S. C. x !) 5 c : xr: c:x cr crx z «c:x cz : ci : crx c cz c ; ci: ci=K c: c: ; Z5 c: cz xc I SULLIVAN-KING I MORTUARY 5 Lacl ' ii Attendant ?J Main at Federal Phone 5-54. ' U I xindcrson.s Oldest Funeral 5 Home BUILDING MATERIAL EQUIPMENT CO. Distributors and Jobbers 1019 North Main Street Anderson, S. C. Telephone CA 6-1565 v c:s = = =3 C3 = =x c: = = = c: = = )X yi xxzx c x::xx 80 ==H =x = = = i c= = z: z i = ( c:xxz :5X ORR-GRAY DRUG COMPANY 5 Prescriptions A Specialty Phone CA 4-0161 120 Earle St. Anderson, S. C. McCOY LUMBER COMPANY 1615 N. Main Street K. L. McCoy, Manager Phone CA 4-6691 Anderson, S. C. ■ x:xx=xx: =xx= x=xx=xx= x::xx=x-gi yiii c:xx=xx=xx=x cx: :xx=xx= f :x =xx=xxs x:xx:xx=xx=xX SI ROCKET MOTORS, INC. !1 5 Cadillac — Oldsmobile 5 fi 712 South Main Street I Phone CA 5-2505 Anderson, S. C. (j ' x= !.x=xx=xx: : x=xx=x ' iii BEN TIMMERMAN, MANAGER HENDERSON ' S SHOES On the Square 110 West Whitner Street Anderson, S. C. 5:( x= crx «: czx x x x y e=xx=x )j cx =x := x=3 = =x = = = == c=5 =5 = c:3 :: = i VISIT I SAM HAMLET REALTY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY y Cleaners — Laundry X x 481 E. Whitner Street 5 2«()0 N. Maik St. Anderson, S. C. J Anderson. S. C. Phone CA .5-5311 3C :: :: r c : c= : r c:? c : ::= yc Kxcrx-tt ji cx c:: c: ( =x ci:x r cz r=K c ; c : r : z I SAM ' S DRIVE-IN | | HILL ELECTRIC COMPANY | j Ri ' ER Heights (IK x S FOR GOOD STEAKS AND SHORT (j East Rivicr Street 1 I ORDERS I I Anderson, S. C. Phone CA .5-9T91 3C£ = = : =:x c:x :: x:::x c: ( cix =x =x K ox c : ci .c= : c=s z c= zx z : = DAVIS FLORAL COMPANY 229 E. BENSON ST. (Wilmaiy Bldg.) PHONE CA 6-1661 ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA We AVire Flowers! Saif It With Floti-ers, But Sai It With Ours c=:: . c:= eo: c:=K c . == =:K c = = KXixx JX 3K x: : x oc: x=5 x:: xcsoczx xz =:=• x: c: x= x:= o; x=x cx X30C30CZX c:5 x=x jcx y ■ X=X CX = X=5 CX C3 JOJ ' ' ■ ' - ■ ffnuL.jt, eied 2Drli e-J n f o. 5 IKestauvanl CORNER E. RIVER ST. and SHOCKLEY FERRY ROAD First in Quality — Fairest in Prices — Fastest in Service A satisfied customer is our first consideration » = ' ==- ' == == ' = == ' = = = = = = KINGOFF ' S Anderson ' s Qiiriliti Jexoclers 115 N. Main St. Anderson, S. C. X3X xzsocnx XOK :c y Best Wishes to X Class of ' 56 x ■{ x ocraocx xz5 czx cr x=: c: : .c xzx V ■ o xi x Q Compliments or I KLUTZ STEAK HOUSE I $ N. Main St. Andehsox, S. C. jj 3K x: = = xzx c cs =5 = = ( = c )c= cz! = X( = c=x c= : = 3 =x == cx .= crx = = = c= S« EFIRD ' S DEPARTMENT STORE I The Store that sells Quality I Merchandise Phone CA .5-2021 (5 120 E. Benson St. Anderson. S. C. A X xs x:x x=x xzx x ocx xrx X3a 5 McDOUGALD FUNERAL HOME ci z c= : z = : c : c= ! :z = •C ' x:3X = ; c:z c ; ::: ; cz : c; «=: X c OMPMMEXTS OF ? y HAMPTON FURNITURE CO. :r!12 S. Main St. Anderson, S. C. 3« = xcx =:= c= x=x = == 3x =x =x =x c=x = 3 cr« xcix •« (S SI DOCC BUILDERS A 5 IXWOO SUPER MARKET i Plumbing, Building Materials at v. y 5 i3 LOW, LOW PRICES! ( . . s JJ Anderson. S. C. Phone CA 4-6.521 x V Brandies at Columbia, Greenville, Rock Hill, Spartanburg, Seneca V cx xcx xzx x=:x xzx czx JC ' 82 3K = = = : = ; = = == : :: : = : Furman University Established 18 ' 26 Dh. John L. Pyler, Puesident GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA A Co-Ed, Standard Liberal Arts College Offering B.A., B.S., B.M. in Music, M.A. Degrees Special Emphasis on Business Administration, Art, Music, Speech Arts, Home Economics, Teacher Education, Religious Education, Pre-Med, Pre-Law, Pre-Engineering, Reserve Officers Training Corps. For CataloQue Write gi. Miss Eula Barton,, Begistrar Woman ' s College Me. C. L. Rason, Registrar Men ' s College »x= x K c z z : c -c: :: C5 5 cr C5 czx rs z c ::: c;5 C5 xrr x 3C •« x= x= ' x= = x: x :x x=x = x= i ' = ' x x= x= JI JK cxxrxxi:xxrx cxxi ;x:5 xi :x= i= x Co: iPi,i: rEXTS oi- SHINING TOWER RESTAURANT C ' i)irpi.i: :mexts oi ' ELECTRIC CITY PRINTING CO. N. Main St. AXDERSON, S. C. E. Orr St. Andkrson, S. C. S:(xzxxrx =x c:xxrxxrx crxxz xzxxz5 xzx =Z3 xi xi=xx=3 x:: JK 3C r r xz ci:3 c; i: : cz = xzi c:;3 i5 :3 ci5 =» xr3 , (1 (5 COJIPI.IMEXTS OF A FRIEND MARTIN ' S CHILDREN ' S SHOP 1628 N. Maix St. Axuersox, S. C. )X = C5 = = = c: ; == = : ; == = == == =x = c= X( J!( c= c=x c:x c: ) x c=x = c=x cr = c:: c:= c ::x := = 0( 3K x x x x x= x x = ' x x x x X . x=xJX « . KXZ XZXXZXX MAC ' S SANITONE CLEANERS 101 West Calhoun Street Anderson, S. C. Phone CA 4-4.781 STEWART LUMBER COMPANY I Station A— Box 1688 112 East Mauldin Street Q Anderson, S. C. Q ONE STOP BUILDING SERVICE :::z ::= ' ' ::: ' z:: :: :: . = . :z 3C ::: : ci ; c: ; crx r : cx zx cz z 83 5!( c= c cz3 = c: = :x = c:x c z zx r OK c= j: 5i(x=x ox::xx::5 o c:x o crx c:xx:5 o xo » xzxxzxJX 112 Tribble St. — Just Off jNIaix Anderson, S. C. For the Finest in Dry Cleaning CoMPLIirF.XTS OF BAILES DEPARTMENT STORE On THE Square Anderson, S. C. Phone CA 4-1676 3C c= r cz c: == cz : == xr ;x=: r z ; z ■lii = i := :=:: = := = : = X xzx c: c xrx x: ; cz : xcrx ■• ' I Best Deal Aninchere WILLIAMS CHEVROLET COMPANY I McLESKEY-TODD DRUG CO. I I 5 Phone CA 5-5451 fi 910 S. AIain St. Anderson, S. C. Phone CA 5-5481 Motorcycle Delivery Anderson, S. C. c:: z z cl r» cr z czx c ci5 c=xx::3 cr:xx:rxxrxx:::xj;( J yc:x c:xx:zxxo c::x czixx::xxo x xx:::x ci:x c::xxz? xzx c x:::x I ANDERSON PRINTING I COMPANY X 411-413 N. Main Street 5 Anderson, S. C. Phone CA 5-5261 I Phone CA 5-2561 LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING P. O. Box 751 Anderson, S. C. Compliments of SEARS. ROEBUCK AND COMPANY On the Square Phone CA 5-7321 T. REE McCOY SON Builders — General Contractors Phone CA 4-6920 Whitehall Road Anderson, S. C. j:«x= x=3 x x xnxx: c:3 c::x c xzx;C( sfexzxx xi:x c c:x K x xxcx xo c:x x::3 czx J0£ 84 1 BEST WISHES TO ANDERSON COLLEGE! I y The only South Carohna College which has two modern radio 5 2 stations and a television station on its campus ! || I These facilities— and those of The ANDERSON INDE- | 1 PENDENT AND DAILY MAIE (circulation over .50,000) are wholeheartedlv in support of this fine institution. 5 I ' I X A A I i i For over 20 Years Anderson ' s listening x WAIM habit. I I , I 5 A A CkA Anderson-Clemson College ' s powerful FM 2 I WL.AL,-rAA station, serving 5 states. I I I W AIM-TV Television Network. | I I I WILTON E. HALL, Omie?- | I I » X3X ! cr :: r : c= : c : :: = :::x c 5 BOULWARE DRUGS iJ 5 ... I !) Prescription Specialists 5 f !1 525 NORTH MAIN ST. ANDERSON, S. C. 5 I Drugs — Sodas — Cosmetics v I I Free Delirerij Service PHONE CA 4-3562 I ' JX : ; := :== ::= =x crx : : crx crx c 5; = : c : : x c:x c ; c : r : = ; yczx c 5 I I SHOP AND SAVE | I I GALLANT-BELK COMPANY | X Anderson s Largest and Best Dcparimcnt Store x I QUALITY MERCHANDISE ALWAYS AT x I LOWEST PRICES I 85 Sit r : c c:r : : c= : cr = z c= c what I want isva LCoke Coice is a registered trade-marl y F.-.TTiFH UMr .-D MTHnPITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPSK ' Y y x=xx c: r = ; :::x r c : cr ; c ; «c: COBLE DAIRY PRODUCTS COOPERATIVE, INC. lictdil and Wholesale WHERE QUALITY SPEAKS TELEPHONE CA 5-5491 jC z rx : ; x:= ; c: ; ! == c : z c: SULLIVAN MOTOR COMPANY Your Fontiac Dealer Anderson, S. C. Telephone CA 4-1641 COJIPLIMENTS OF RIDDLE FURNITURE COMPANY XoKTH JNlAiN St. Phone CA 6-1531 In the Lyons Shopping Center Anderson, S. C. X xrx x xrx x:rx xcx xrx 50; X xcrxxcx xzx cZ5 x: x 5 c xcx xcx xnzx xcix JK Compliments of 1 GENE ANDERSON ' S DEPT. I STORE I I 212 S. ] L ix St. Phone CA 5-8621 $ Anderson, S. C. A FRIEND =x 3X cr = :z ; z : r ; zx «:zx cz ji » x:? xzx o: xzx c2x 5K 86 3X = = : = ! = = = = = : == ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA SECRETARIAL, CHURCH SECRETARIAL TWO-YEAR SECRETARIAL I A CHRISTIAN JUNIOR COLLEGE I I I I I Opportunity for College Training 5 I LIRERAL ARTS, MUSIC MAJOR, PURLIC | I SCHOOL MUSIC, SPEECH AND DRAMATIC | I ART, COMMERCIAL 3IAJOR, GENERAL EDUCATION j Prepare for a Career | TERMINAL LIBERAL ARTS, HOMEMAKERS COURSE I HOMEMAKING AND BUSINESS, MEDICAL I I I ONE- YEAR SECRETARIAL | X For Information and Catalogue x 5 Address 5 I THE PRESIDENT, ANDERSON COLLEGE f I 5 5X r c=K c ; : =x = : z : c x:z X3 : XC5 87- I 5X = ' ::= =:= = :: = : = I I ERSKINE COLLEGE I S DUE WEST, SOUTH CAROLINA 5 X A fully acci-edited liberal arts Christian College for men a y and women. 5 I . . . I 5j A selection of majors which lead to the A.B. and B.S. § 5 degrees. 2 f ?j Please write The Registrar for catalogue and other material, X or visit our campus for personal interviews. c ; :: :zx zx c:: ::= :rx cr: c: c: : c 3K = ; = c:x c: : zx = ; xz: ::x crK zx I I I PALMETTO PUBLISHING COMPANY | 5 215 W. CHURCH STREET I I ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA I I I i J. D. McCoy, President Agxew Browxe, Sales M anager i A We Print Anything But Moneij |j I ... x= ' crx = = = : cz : : c::x =: zx c: : c 51 xcx :::x c z c: : xcx c z c i I I I I r SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY I I ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA x ?j Serving in this Section for Over 70 Years 5 = : =:: c x :: : «c «= : c : c =: c : c 8 3C( = =x c: ! c : c : c= cz =x : 3C( = = = =k c= c:: c : :: : :=k » xrx xzx xrrx JX X Compliments of 5 THE VARSITY DRIVE-IN 5 RESTAURANT Compliments of MAXWELL BROS. McCALLUM Andekson, S. C. 138 N. Main St. Phone CA 5-5466 Andekson, S. C. J c: c crx xzx xisocix X ■ )K JJ(x xzx c:x crxxzxKZ5 dxxz: crxxrx cr :x::x cz xz5 x xz:x 89 Tools of a Craftsman . . . at work 24 hours a day. . . producing the finest printing plates for Southern schools and colleges PHOTO PROCESS ENGRAVING COMPANY n9 ' 2 Luckie Street, NW Atlanta, Georgia WAInut 7567 The South ' s Largest Producer of Quality Printing Plates for School and College Yearbooks YOUR YEARBOOK IN PRODUCTION . . . Y OUR YEARBOOK represents the work of many craftsmen, a few of whicli are shown above. They wish for you many years of pleasure as you recall memories of your school life. THE R. L. BRYAN COMPANY COLUMBIA , CAROLINA LIBRAR. ■ utoarapks arapt

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