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(JmmaJL , UMAAMM, fi r- ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA L ma If V laley ' lU %,. V ZIL 1955 COLUMNS PRESENTS =J ear to ou keart GEORGE VEARWOOD, ERAN ROCXDTREE, DAVID DRAKE. CONTENTS CLASSES • ACTIVITIES RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS PUBLICATIONS • SPORTS FEATURES cyLoual and t riAe am we . . FOREWORD . DEDICATION . . . She will always be " Dear to Our Hearts. " Her kindness, wis- dom, and gentleness of manner will long be remembered. She possesses along with her charm a very deep insight of people and through her teaching of the Bible she has given us the snnple Faith on which to build our tomorrows. It is with much affection and pride that we dedicate the 1955 annual to Miss Margaret Garrett. L ampus UL ip tews It is walking between the Columns each day ... a great big smile from a classmate . . . sleepy heads going to breakfast . . . trying to beat the bell to class . . . preparing H-O in Chem . . . reading comic books inside Lit books . . . gab sessions in can- teen over cokes . . . waiting for the mailman . . . using last chapel cut . . . dodging " Deanie " . . . working on term paper at midnight . . . swimming every Wednesday . . . Main hall, Saturday night, 11:00 p. m.!!! ... writing love letters . . . finding crackers in your bed . . . listening to records and pop- ping popcorn . . . those three glorious weekends . . . four hun- dred firecrackers . . . eating in little kitchen . . . last dab of perfume before date . . . those fabulous phone calls, long dis- tance . . . gray and red pills from the infirmary ... no change for Busby . . . rolling hair after light bell . . . getting Reserved books from Library . . . walking over beautiful campus in the Spring . . . tennis matches . . . hall vespers . . . sharing bed- spreads with roommate . . . getting an ink bath . . . drooling over latest snapshot of boy-friend . . . loving every minute of it! PRESIDENT ADMINISTRATION MISS DORA HANCOCK Secretary to Preiident MISS MARTHA WATSON Dean of Woi ien MISS MARGARET GARRETT Registrar MISS EUNA KAY Treasurer HERBERT ARCHER MRS. N. W. BLASTER MISS MARY MAJOR Piano and Affreciation of Assistant Dietiiimi B URRISS Music MRS. JAY EPTING House Maiiager HENRY VON HASSELN History and Social Scie?ice Secretarial Scieuce MRS. JOHN GLENN MISS DOROTHY Manager of Canteen GREENE Assistant in Secretarial Science WEBB VON HASSELN CAREY HAYES Modern Language and Journalism Violin MISS NANCY DRA ' ERS Librarian JOHN D. GRIFFIN Science and Mathematics MRS. ANN D. HESSER House Mother THE FACULTY AND STAFF MRS. ERNEST H. . JOHNSTON House Mother MRS. MARY ARCHER Piano 12 MISS HEWLITTE LIFSEY Nurse and Supervisor of Infirmary MISS LOUISE MARCUM Ari Instructor MISS LULA McCLURE English MRS. LILLIAN B. McEACHERN Piano MISS HELEN MILLER Home Ecofioniics MISS WILMA PATTON English ami Psychology DR. OLGA PR U ITT Physician MRS. SAM PRUITT Dietitian MISS LAVAUGHN ROBIN SON Voice MRS. F. M. SELL Chemistry and Biology MRS. JIM STEED Sfeech and Dramatic Art MRS. CHARLES SULLIVAN English and Business Corresfondence MRS. BEVERLY THOMPSON Manager of Bookstore REV. J. N. WATSON Bible MRS. GEORGE WILSON Physical Education 14 CLASSES J4nd tenm e memone6 time cavivioi 6eue 15 t cJLove that wlii neve die . . . 16 G. M vKWiJUU, U. IlAR ' i; ' , MISS D. GREENE, Sponsor; A. PATTERSON, J. BEVILL. Sophomore L ladi KyHiceri DOROTHY HARVEY President GEORGE YEARWOOD Vke-Preshhnt ANN PATTERSON Secretary JIM BEYILL Treasurer MISS DOROTHY GREENE Sfonsor From shaky little Freshman ... to brave — ready to face the future, Sophomores. It ' s been a short two years crammed with work and play . . . Pop-corn, parties . . . television . . . songs in the canteen at Christmas time . . . Christmas parties . . . Lit. Test . . . cherry " Hi " in the colonade . . . hour spent in the library . . . talent show . . . Crook Banquet — Oh! that band! . . . Clemson . . . French . . . old pals, new ones . . . " Dancing in the Dark " with Chuck . . . finding the crook . . . accounting labs. And as we travel on our way . . . we ' ll take a part of everyone . . . the part that we loved. 17 r " l RUTH AMIS Old-fashioned girl tcith modern appeal . . . pink dreatns . . . blue eyes . . . goddess ZL-ith a ficinkle in her eye. HERBERT ATKINSON silence were really golden, Herb would be zvorth a millio7i . . . however, his smiling face speaks louder than words. JIMMY BEMLL Friendly . . . likable and mischievous , too, wakes Jii?zmy Boy " an all-round sport. HELEN BOWEN The happy bubbling of a brook . . . cool bree ' zes on a summer da . . . the brightness of the sun on a cloudy day. THE SOPHOMORE SYBIL BROWN Determinatio7i cloaked in humor . . . pretty, poised, and petite . . . feet on the ground, head in the clouds. SYL ' IA BYRD Glamour zvith sparkle and zip . hometown girl with a party line live, laugh, love, and be loved. MAMIE ANN COATES Cokes iti the canteen . . . T ie S77iiles that make you happy " . . . her stvect- ness is reflected in a!! that she meets. JUNE CROMER The soft whisper of pines . . . kittens asleep in the sun . . . the calm after a storm. SARAH DeVENNY The enchantment of a quiet park the laughter of a bubbling spring " faith " in a storm. DOT BOWLING Music in an expressive mood . , personality mingled teith food . . . tal- ent with a sm.ile. CLASS OF 1955 DAVID DRAKE David ' s happy go-lucky-air has toon him many a friend and zuithout a doubt he •cvill ahvays have friends far and near. RUTH EDMONDS " Once in love zvith Ruthie . . . " for- ever fenjinine . . . beauty comes » small packages. 19 CLIFFORD EDWARDS Behind that. zvaU of quietness that sur- rounds Clif ii iyone can jitid quite a inischiei ' Oiis ffllnzv. DEUEL GRIFFIN With a sif ilc for all, " Oi r boy, Deue!, ' offers friendship to one and all. BETTY HALL Silver balls on a Christinas tree . . . knee socks and nail polish . . . ja-z-z at the metropolitaJi. DOROTHY HAR EY Cleopatra with short hair . . . " happy - go-Ioz eJy ' . . . skirts, scceaters, and American appeal. THE SOPHOMORE JO ANN HESTER Zest, sparkle, and zip . . . laughter sprinkled with sincerity . . . cuteness with brozun eyes. OLA V. JONES School spirit at a football game hayride under a harvest moon . . let eyes, laughing heart. 20 MARTHA JORDAN Poelrx in motion . . . calling cards on a sih ' i-r tray . . . tzvinkUng stars on a tviniry fiig it. PAUL MABRY, JR. Our boy, Paul , zvith his hearty smile and merriness makes life on the campus zvell tuorth tvhile. MVIENNE MADDOX The heart merits zchat the ' smile " cart tvin . . . friendship, love, and under- standing. DA 1D MARTIN ' Ha Ha " zvith his pleasing personality has zvon his zvay to many a heart, thus making him an ' all-right guy. " CLASS OF 1955 GWEN MAULDIN Personality in a pink formal . . . love letters to Lyndoji S. W. A. K. . . . a honey loved honey. ALICE MERLINE The gal zvith the grin . . . classical music 071 a juke box . . . the trust of a childj the wisdom of Athena. JOANNE MUNN The lilting szcee ness of the humming bird ' s song . . . ' Little things mean a lot. " . . . Joan D ' Arc at a pajama party. GUY 0 ERCASH has been our joy to find alojig A. C. ' s path a friend indeed as Guy 0=uercash. ANN PATTERSON Szvift movements atid a soft laugh deep thoughts and understanding . springtime in Aututn?! dress. SHIRLEY PEELER Sophistication and unaffected charm popular records on a gramaphone . gayer than laughter. THE SOPHOMORE LORIETA POOLE A dezv drop on a leaf at da-wn . . . seriousness in a star spi i . . . the ap- peal of a loving heart. MARGARET PREA ' OST White violets in an earthenware jar . . . knee-deep ifi Stardust . . . Mrs. Whistle Bait. 22 FRANCES ROUNDTREE Yankee with southern charm . . . a col- losal ciitie . . . hamburgers at the Waldorf. MARTHA SADLER A kitten chasing an autumn leaf . . . ruffled petticoats, dancing oji a clothes- line . . . a china doll in z ' elveteen slacks. ARLENE SMITH Happiness is contagious . . . pedal push- ers on Fifth Ave. . . . Venus de Milo in Bobb SOX. THULA SMITH Authority in command tvith a hand extended spreading to everyone. friendship happiness CLASS OF 1955 CAMILLA SNIPES Mo?2a Lisa in her teens . . . cotton candy on a merry-go-round . . . mag- jietism on Main Street. ANN THOMPSON Szveetness of zvomanhood in a sweater and skirt . . . a mirror of courtesy . . . sincereTiess is from the heart. 23 JOAN WHITE Blu€ jeaus arid dancing shoes . . . ra dolls and romance , . . " Lovely to look TOMMIE JEAN WHITE Sunny side up . . . her heart is love hoop skirls at a Southern Ball. DORIS WILLINGHAM Atiuabcl Lee zcith an impish smile siinflozcers in a formal garden . poise and charm on a zciencr roast. MARY SUE WISE Quid as soft rain on a green lazcn . . . manners polished and shining . , . pleas- ant as attemooTi tea. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OF 1955 JIMMY WITHERS Despite his quiet and retiring manner, Jifn alzvays carries a zcinnijzg smile. GEORGE YEARWOOD True friendship is rare and his is like polished gold . . . " To knozv him Is to love him. " 24 1. Breakfast at Cile ' s ... 2. Study- ing? ... 3. Bedtime Beauties . . . 4. Just plain Pat . . . S. Whoa . . . Harriett ... 6. " Now say ' cheeze ' " ... 7. Dimples . . . 8. George hasn ' t changed much ... 9. Loolc out for that crash ... 10. The three Stoogies. 25 SOPHOMORE ARLENE SMITH DA ID DRAKE Best Dressed GVVEN MAULDIN JIM BE ILL Most Athletic J4. holce ble. eauevis cvioice bieS6in JOANNE MUNN GEORGE YEARWOOD Most Likely to Succeed JOANNE MUNN DEUEL GRIFFIN Most Talented SUPERLATIVES SHIRLEY PEELER DAVID DRAKE Best All-Roimd ALICE MERLINE GEORGE YEARWOOD Most Iittellectual euer a ttend ik ee . JOAN WHITE JIM BEMLL Most Pofular THULA SMITH DEUEL GRIFFIN Wittiest And so another year! Remember how hard we tried to keep names clear? md when we were " cordially invited, " we had to gop Remember the words " Is the mail upr " le struggled to keep our rooms neat, and we found it hard to be warm with no heat. Charleston will never forget us! The convention was great . . . |we had a talent show and it was fira-rate. Vak tine was a big day! And Kn came spring . . . holidays . . . we were -u n " " oW way. Remen-Ber then, what comes next? We mei ' wi ' ized the text. Now the year ' s end is here. And so aii»her year! ! f o skadouj ka m thee ikee . . . no fear alarm. 28 S. GAMBRJiLL, U. ROSS, J. MARSHBAXRS, MISS GARRETT, Spann.r, M. SI ' ARKS. feikman L taSi fH icefS BARBARA ROSS President SAVILLA GAMBRELL MISS MARGARET GARRETT Vice-President Sfofisor 29 KATHRYN ANN ACKER GAIL ARMSTRONG ERNEST BLACKWELL (Special) MARGARET BLANKS MARY BLANKS LAURA LYNETTE BLANTON Y C)NNE BOWMAN IRENE CAMDEN MARGIE CAMPBELL FRESHMAN CLASS EMILY CHAMBLEE BOBBIE JO COOK WILLIAM D. COOK (Special) SUE ELLEN COOPER BETTY LOUISE CURRY DOROTHY DeSHIELDS 30 GAIL DICKSON LAURA DOYLE CHARLES R. DRAKE DONALDA EA ' ES BARBARA EMBLER FRANCES ERSKINE HAYNE FINLEY LOY GLENN FRANKLIN SAVILLA GAMBRELL OF 1955 LAURA GLEASON HERMIE LOU GILSTRAP ELEANOR GIRARDEAU SHIRLEY GRAHAM FLORA ANN GRA ' ES CONNIE HALL 31 CAROL HAWTHORNE LAWRENCE E. HICKS TWEETIE HOLDER GEORGE McDonald hooper JUNE JENNINGS JEANETTE JORDAN HARRIET KOWALSKI CAMILLA McCURLEV JEAN McGILL FRESHMAN CLASS PATRICIA McSWAIN JOYCE McKEE JANE MARCHBANKS SUE MARET JOYCE MASON CAROL SUE MAULDIN 32 JOYCE MEEKS JIMMIE L. MERCK JOAN RAY JANE RICE HELEN JOAN RICE BARBARA ROSS MARY NOLAN SCARBORO ANN SETTLES MARGARET SPARKS OF 1955 CLARENCE E. SMITH MARY ELLEN SUMMEY PATSY THOMAS PEGGY ANN SUMPTER PHYLLIS TRUESDALE JOYCE WATERS 33 MARSHALL P. WATT VIRGIN L4 WEATHERFORD CATHERINE WEST MARILYN WILKIE HARRIET WILLIAMSON WILTON WILLIAMSON 34 1. Talent night and they giggled . . . 2. A red hot jazz band ... 3. Now, listen to Marcum ... 4. Censored Penny . . . 5. Sweet — Dependable — that ' s . 6. Life Maslc. 3S iuau6 the Svinsklvie ikme • • • S enior L iaSS fh iceri Halls, doors, walls . . . where do they go: What am I supposed to dor Where are we supposed to ber Do I have to get up this early? Well, this isn ' t half-bad! Exams . . . already: I ' m going to study this semester. Parties . . . receptions . . . dates . . . could it possibly be Spring? May Day . . . Graduation . . . never thought I ' d make it! Tears . . . laughter . . . anticipa- tion . . . There ' ll never be a year more fun than our 1954-1955 term. D. EZELLE, J. POWELL, MRS. ANN STEET ' , T ' OKior; B. SUMMELS, G. WARINER, . GARRISON. LANETTE AUSTIN CHARLOTTE BRELAXD ELISE CRANE PENNY d ' ARMAND JACKIE DENNIS DEBBIE EZELLE BI-.TSY CULLWELL ANNELLE GARRISON SENIOR CLASS OF 1955 GLENN GURLEY (Special) JANE JOHNSON PAT LANE JANE POWELL DOREN SMITH BARBARA SUMMERS GAIL WARINER 38 DOREN SMITH Most Intellectual GAIL WARINER Most Likely To Succeed SENIOR SUPERLATIVES DEBBIE EZELLE Friendliest ELISE CRANE Most Talented tRs yunioy K laii S. J. WILKINS Presiileiit CILE PRUITT Vice-Presiilent JUDY JOHNSTON Secretdry DIANE DILDAY Treasurer MISS PATTON Sfonsor icerS JUNIOR CLASS OF 1955 HARRIET BROWN (Special) ALICE CRISP DIANE DILDAY MILDRED DOBBINS ( ANN EVANS JUDY JOHNSTON GWEN KEATON DIANE KELLY MARGARET McINTYRE MELINDA MULLINIKS 40 STUDENT NURSES Our own Florence Nightingales all dressed in their crisp, clean aprons . . . deep in the science labs . . . working industriously in Anatomy . . . briskly chatting in the halls and adding a wonder- ful atmosphere of service and love for our fellowmen. LUCILE PRUITT SARA JANE WILKINS 41 ACTIVITIES y4nd tko we leave lyiee tL 43 STUDENT GOVERNMENT First Ron, Left to Right: B. HALL A. SMITH, M. SADLER, D. WILLIN ' GHAM, T. SMITH, S. PEELER, S. DeVENNY, a. pattersox. Student interests and activities . . . High standards of scholarship and honor among students ... A democratic system . . . Promotes self-government founded on per- sonal honor . . . upholds ideals and regulations of Col- lege . . . highest standards of a Christian. 44 ASSOCIATION Seconii Row: ]. A. MUNN, G. YEARWOOD, J- DENNIS, R. AMIS, D. GRIFFIN, F. ROUNDTREE, J. WHITE, J. A. HESTER, J. POWELL. OFFICERS THULA SMITH PresiJent SHIRLEY PEELER Vice-President DORIS WILLINGHAM Vice-President SARAH DeVENNY Secretary MARTHA SADLER Secretary 45 THE COLLEGE CHOIR •I ft I I U (H 111 •I I ! ,11 vil M lUV uAlin n Lefr to right: JOYCE MASON, VIRGIXIA WEATHERFORD, ANN SETTLES, JACKIE DENNIS, TWEETIE HOLDER, DORO- THY HARVEY, SARA HEAVNER, DIANE DILDAY, ANN EVANS, ANN PATTERSON, DOT DOWLING, DOREN SMITH, LINDER SULLIVAN, PAT LANE, ANN THOMPSON, CAROL HAWTHORNE, SAVILLA GAMRRELL, PENNY D ' ARMAND, THCLA SMITH. OFFICERS DOT DOWLING President DOROTHY HAR F.V Vice-President SA " ILLA GAMBRELL Secretary-Treasurer TWEETIE HOLDER Librarian MISS LA ' AUGHN ROBINSON Director 46 DELTA PSI OMEGA Leit to Right: DAVID DRAKE, SA 1LLA GAMBRELL, HAVXE FINLEY, MRS. STEED, Sponsor; FRANCES ROUXDTREE, SHIRLEY PEELER, GEORGE YEARWOOD, BETTY HALL, JIMMY BEVILL. BETA CLUB Seated: LANETTE AUSTIN, JANE POWELL, MELIXDA MULLINIKS, ANN t ANs, DIAXE DILDAY. Standing: DOREN SMITH, PENNY D ' ARMAND, PAT LANE. 47 ANDERSON COLLEGE PLAYERS : ' •TrrK " - - T " TrTi:- ' " r;,jf r ' " T " ::TT ' : i ri -i i r: r r u .r-r ' Firsl Rozl: HAYNE FINDLEY, ANN THOMPSON, IRENE CAMDEN, LINDER SULLI ' AN, BETTY HALL, SHIRLEY PEELER, BARBARA EMBLER, JANE JOHNSON. ELISE CRANE, GEORGE YEARWOOD, GAIL ARMSTRONG. Second Rocc : SAVILLA GAMBRELL, JOANNE MUNN, DAVID DRAKE, MRS. JIM STEED, Sponsor; MARY ELLEN SU-MMEY. " Oh, Mrs. Steed, I ' ll never learn these lines " . . . " Jeepers, Mrs. Steed, you want me to paint a FLAP.r What will it do to my hands " . . . " Get the hammer . . . no, not those nails . . . where ' s the make-up . . . Get oflF my foot! ! " These are a few of the remarks which are part of work in Anderson College Players. Oh, yes, one member of the group is missing . . . Mr. Jim Steed . . . thanks a lot, friend. 48 ANDERSON COLLEGE PLAYERS— SNAPS 49 PHI THETA KAPPA MR. H. VON HA!5ShL- , iponson D. GRIFFIN, A. MtRLlXt, U. UOWLIXG, V. MADDOX. OFFICERS ALICE MERLINE President DOROTHY BOWLING Vke-Predient MRS. C. F. MADDOX Secretar-j DEUEL GRIFFIN Treasurer MR. HENRY von HASSELN Sponsor Liberal arts majors . . . Junior College National Scholastic Fraternity . . . Beta Pi Chapter . . . chartered 1932 . . . Dean Katherine Copeland and Dr. Annie Dove Denmark, honorary members of Beta Pi . . . requirements include outstanding character and scholastic ability . . . initiation and banquet is highlight of the year. 50 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB SeauJ: JOYCE McKEE, TANE MARCHBANKS, SHIRLEY GRAHAM, PATSY THOMAS, ANN THOMPSON. Standing: BETSY CULLWELL, LAURA DOYLE, MARY BLANKS, SUE ELLEN COOPER, PENNY d ' ARMAND, HARRIETT BROWN, CHAR- LOTTE BRELAND, MISS HELEN MILLER, Sponsorf MARY SUE WISE. OFFICERS JOYCE McKEE President JANE MARSHBANKS Vke-Presideni ANN THOMPSON Secretary-Treasurer Today ' s students . . . tomorrow ' s homemakers . . . striving toward higher goals in all phases of home living . . . developing leadership, charac- ter and Christian ideals . . . affiliated with the American Homemakers Association. 51 RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS riA e to J ls trust we e 53 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Seated: B. HALL, R. AMIS, rUe-Presldenl; MISS MILLER, Sponsor; B. ROSS, A. PATTERSON, Treasurer; M. SADLER. Standing: S. McCLAIN, T. SMITH, J. A. HESTER, S. PEELER, J. MUNN, President; W. WILLIAMSON, A. SMITH, S. DeVENNY, G. OVERCASH. IT IS prayer on a date . . . it ' s fun . . . good clean fun . . . trust in the Father, boundless hope for the future ... a smile for friend and stranger. IT IS " To Live is Christ " in the hearts of thousands of American college youth ... a talented musician giving her talent back to God ... a future doctor, lawyer, teacher taking Christ with him in his pro- fession . . . and homes of tomorrow . . . and little children who will know Christ. IT IS life ... in its real ity . . . given back to the Giver ... to be used on foreign fields . . . building back what centuries of hate and lust have torn down . . . Paul saying, " I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me " . . . real manhood and real woman- hood . . . strong bodies, clean air, health- ful and beautiful. IT IS MORE than all this CHRIST himself. it is 54 B. S. U. SNAPS 55 Y. W. A. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Seated: ANN THOMPSON, DOROTHY HARVEY, JO ANN HESTER, JANE RICE, LOUISE CURRY, JOYE McKEE, MAR- GARET SPARKS, DOT DOWLING. SranJiyig: IRENE CAMDEN, JOAN WHITE, JOYCE MASON, CAROL HAWTHORNE. BARBARA ROSS, TWEETIE HOLDER, SAVILLA GAMBRELL, MISS DORA HANCOCK, Sponsor. GIRLS ' AUXILIARY Left to Right: DLDBIE EZLLLE, DIANE KELLY, BETSY CULLWELL, PAT LANE, President, JAXE POWELL, PENNY D ' AR- MAND, MISS PATTON, Sponsor. 56 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Left to Right: REV. I. N. WATSON, M. DAVIS, R. ALLEN, C. LOCKABY, G. OVERCASH, C. KAV, J. CHAPMAN, D. HOOPER, J. BARGOIL, J. CORER, J. CAMPBELL, T. BOONE. OFFICERS GUY OVERCASH FrenJent DON HOOPER Vice-Pyeshlent REV. WATSON S,fGnsor An organization of dedicated men . . . learning through discussions and speakers ... an inspiration to all they meet . . . adding to the religious atmosphere of Anderson College. 57 PUBLICATIONS COLUMNS YODLER Oitr bedt evtaL eauoy . DLe 1955 FRANXES ROUXDTREE Editor GEORGE YEARWOOD Associate Editor Seated: M. SADLER, A. SMITH, D. HARVEY, MISS MARCUM, F. ROUNDTREE. Standing: D. WILLIXGHAM, E. GIRARDEAU, A. SETTLES, O. V. JONES, J. WHITE, R. AMIS, J. MUNN, S. PEELER, S. BROWN, G. ' mAULDIN, G. YEARWOOD. 60 COLUMNS We, of the Staff, hope the 1955 Columns will always be " Dear To Your Hearts. " We have tried to capture the memories that we hzve shared this year. Classes, activities, sports, all adding up to good times, unforgettable times. We hope that when you turn the pages of this annual you will for a minute be able to relu ' e your memories of this year and know that College life is wonderful and " All worth while. " DAVID DR.AK.E Business Manager Standing: D. DRAKE, C. SMrrH, G. FRAXKLIX, R. DRAKE. Seated: G. DICKSON, P. THOMAS, MISS PATTOX, A. THOMP- SON, J. JENNINGS. 61 DH " FI, (-.RIFFIN, Editor ALICE MERLINE, Co-Editor JL YODLER Staff meetings . . . assignments, in- terviews . . . questions . . . writing . . . revising . . . lead sentences that sound confused . . . mad rush to beat the deadline " copy boy " ... a proud smile on the editor ' s face when the job is done ... a newspaper to make all students proud. M. E. SUMMEY, A. MERLINE, D, GRIFFIN, R. DRAKE, M. W.ATT. 62 G. FRANKLIN, M. WATT, M. E. SUMMEY, D. GRIFFIN, MR. C. HAYES, Sponsor; W. COOK, U. HOOPER, B. DRAKE. MR. C. RE ' HAYES G. FRANKLIN, D. HOOPER, W. COOK, J. JORDAN 63 SPORTS rio ow ana wi euet . . 64 65 ZIL WOMAN ' S Lett 10 Right: JOAN WHITE, Treasurer; SYBIL BROWN, Secretary; LANETTE AUSTIN, High School Representative; GWEN MAULDIN, President; TOMMIE JEAN WHITE, rice-President. The Woman ' s Athletic Association is one of the largest organizations at Anderson College. It is the center of much activity on the college campus, by providing a well-rounded program for physical development, sports- manlilce competition, and interesting diversion. Throughout the year, the recreational calendar includes game tourna- ments, sport ' s clubs, hikes, and various other activities topped by May Day. Students are rewarded by the W. K. A. for exceptional participation in athletics by the presentation of block letters. 66 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION t f f d TENNIS CLUB MARTHA JORDAN, C niirmar:. First Ro:r: GWEN MAULDIN, JOAN WHITE, GAIL DICKSON, ANN EVANS, YVONNE BOWMAN, MELINDA MUL- LINIKS. S.conJ Ro:i : NANCY GEER, MARTHA JORDAN, TOMMIE WHITE, MICKIE DOBBINS, MARY ELLEN SUMMEY, DIANE DILDAY, LANETTE AUSTIN, MARGARET BLANKS. BASKETBALL CLUB SHIRLEY PEELER, Chairman. Left to Riglit: YVONNE BOWMAN, DIANE DILDAY, LANETTE AUSTIN, JOAN WHITE, GWEN MAULDIN, SHIRLEY PEELER, NANCY GEER, MELINDA MULLINIKS, ANN EVANS. SWIMMING CLUB First Rozi-: N.ANCY GEER, MELINDA MULLINIKS, DIANE DILDAY, GAIL DICKSON, JANE RICE, BETSY CULL- WELL, DOT DOWLING, LANETTE BLANTON. Second Row: GWEN MAUL- DIN, C .A M E L L I A SNIPES, JOAN WHITE, JOE ANN HESTER, LOUISE CURRY ' , MARY BLANKS, DOROTHY HARVEY, LANETTE AUSTIN, SHIR- LEY PEELER, JUNE JENNINGS. 6 SPORT STANDOUTS JOAN WHITE GWEN MAl ' I.nrN 68 ZIL CONFEDERATES The Confederates . . . an organization that promotes pleasure and recreation for all . . . Remember those great games . . . College vs. High School . . . Faculty vs. Students all acid up to fun! MRS. WILSON G. MAULDIN, S. PEELER, S. MARETT, L. CURRY, L. AUSTIN, M. MULLINICKS, C. HALL, J. WHITE, C. SNIPES, D. DIL- D. ' iY, N. GEER. 69 FEATURES 70 UJaL46 to konor thee . . . «lt " " ' ' W ' ' 71 L66 f utk vvf WliS MISS COLUMNS 72 i ■ ' - i J oan { [ kite 1,66 7oavi SOPHOMORE BEAUTY 73 Cieanor Qlf arJeau . . . FRESHMAN BEAUTY Ld6 L ieanor 74 tJJ die Pmltt . . . HIGH SCHOOL BEAUTY 75 JJ)a ' i a li LJi ueen 1955 MARTHA SADLER S. BROWN, D. KELLY, M. SPARKS, J. POWELL, A. SETTLES, D. WILLIKGHANL 76 1955 aid ot . J onor GWEN MAULDIN ,.jJ| raSBfe -». wW ' !l ' ' ®Lri ' r :!»«,« N. GEER, J. WHITE, E. GIRARDEAU, A. SMITH, S. GAMBRELL, J. MARCHBANKS. 77 2). 1954 yvtila p jpeared MAY QUEEN J arak J a aues MAID OF HONOR 78 DIRECTORY FACULTY Herbert Archer 2205 Edgewood Ave., Anderson Mrs. Herbert Archer. .2203 Edgewood Ave., Anderson Mrs. N. W. Balster 818 Gadsden Sq., Anderson Miss Mary Major Burriss — 300 Spring Park Dr., Anderson Miss Nancy Divver 509 East Orr St., Anderson Mrs. Jay Epting — 1692 Brewer Blvd., S. W., Atlanta, Ga. Miss Margaret Garrett Box 81, Simpsonville Mrs. John Glenn 506 Summit St., Anderson Miss Dorothy Greene . Bo.x 4, Blowing Rock, N. C. John D. Griffin 611-8 Bonham Court, Anderson Dr. E. F. Haight 302 Boulevard, Anderson Mrs. E. F. Haight 302 Boulevard, Anderson Miss Dora Hancock Box 42, Donalds Henrv von Hasseln . .1102 W. Whitner St., Anderson Webb von Hasseln. . . 1 102 W. Whitner St., Anderson Carey Hayes Hilltop Drive, Rt. 1, Anderson Mrs. Ann D. Hesser ' ' fMrs. James S. Day, Sr., 805 S. Johnson St., Lakeland, Fla. Mrs. Ernest H. Johnston ,114 Maxwell Ave., Anderson Miss Euna K.ay Belton Miss Hewlitte Lifsey.2132 ' ineville Ave., Macon, Ga. Miss Louise Marcum Easley Miss Lula McClure S07 Boulevard, Anderson Mrs. Lillian B. McEachern — 2136 Knoxville Highway, Kingsport, Tenn. Miss Helen Miller Brock Ave., Honea Path Miss Wilma Patton Greer Dr. Olga Pruitt 306 W. Franklin St., .Anderson Mrs. Sam Pruitt 715 Greenville St., Anderson Miss Lavaughn Robinson Glendenin, W. Va. Mrs. F. M. Sell Bailey Court 11-1, Anderson Miss Jean Small 708 Central Ave., Lancaster Mrs. Jim Steed 231-A S. Boulevard, Anderson Mrs. Charles Sullivan 1805 N. Main, .-Anderson Mrs. Beverly Thompson. .618 Summit .Ave., Anderson Rev. J. N. Watson Box 377, Anderson Miss Martha Watson Box 377, Anderson Mrs. George Wilson 2706 Pope Dr., Anderson J. M. Wingo Libert} ' Rd., Anderson Dr. Annie D. Denmark, President-Emeritus — 205 William St., So., Goldsboro, N. C. SOPHOMORES Ruth Amis Amis Ranch, Newberry Herbert Atkinson Rt. 2, Hartwell, Ga. James Bevill 302 E. Franklin St., Anderson Helen Bowen 207 E. Street, Anderson Sybil Brown 343 Tribble St., Anderson Sylvia Byrd Route 3, Anderson Jo Ann Chamblee Route 4, Anderson Mamie Ann Coates Route 2, Anderson June Cromer 102 E. View Ave., Anderson W. Milton Davis Piedmont Sarah De ' enny 3 541 Admiral Dr., Charleston Dorothy Dowling 213 North Bend St., Easley David Drake Rt. 2, Anderson Ruth Edmonds 1004 E. River St., Anderson Clifford Edwards 310 E. Hampton St., Anderson Harry E. Evans Box 6, Pendleton Deuel Griffin Pearman Dairy Rd., Anderson Betty Hall Route 1, Batesburg Dorothy Harvey Lowndesville Joe Ann Hester Belton Joe Dean Ivester 704 N. Gossett St., xAnderson Ola V. Jones Route 2, Pickens Martha Jordan 118 Cochran BL, Anderson Paul Mabry 110 Pelzer Ave., Williamston Selwyn McClain Rt. 3, Box 84, Anderson V ' ivienne Maddox 3512 S. Main St., Anderson Sue Marett Route 1, Fair Play David Martin Route 1 , Anderson Gwen Mauldin Route 1, Lavonia, Ga. .Alice Merline 605 North St., Anderson Joanne Munn 3 52 State St., Rock Hill Marian N. N.ash 16 B. Crayton Manor, Anderson Guy Overcash 2932 Plainview Rd., Anderson Anne Patterson 14 Conner St., Pelzer Shirley Peeler 118 Pitt St., Mt. Pleasant Lorieta Poole 3205 S. Main St., Anderson Margaret G. Prevost. . .2010 Woodside Ave., Anderson James Ramey Route 3, Westminster Frances Roundtree — 6742 Belkenton Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Martha Sadler 2113 Boulevard Hgts., Anderson Arline Smith 405 Jeb Stewart Ave., Anderson Clarence G. Smith Rt. 1, Williamston Edwin Smith 17 Hampton St., Anderson Thula Smith 3 Brock St., Pelzer Camellia Snipes 12 Kingsley Dr., Clemson Ann Thompson Route 1, .Anderson Joan White. . . . Rt. 56, White Horse Road, Greenville Tommie Jean White 101 Simmons St., Anderson Doris Willingham 410 Pine Hill St., Anderson Mary Sue Wise Darby Plantation, Trenton James Withers 41 1 N. Fant St., Anderson George Yearwood Stono Park, Charleston FRESHMEN Kathryn Acker W. S. Broad St., Walhalla Gail Armstrong Rt. 8, Box 406, Greenville J. W. Bargiol Route 1 , Pendleton Margaret Blanks 114 College Ave., LaGrange, Ga. Mary Blanks 114 College Ave., LaGrange, Ga. Lynette Blanton Box 283, Cowpens Thomas R. Boone, Jr 5 W. Oakland Ave., Sumter Yvonne BoA man Iva Irene Camden Route 2, Marietta Marianne Carr Southerner Hotel Ct., Anderson Emilv Chamblee Route 3, Anderson Bobbv Jo Cook 209 Cherokee Ave., Gaffney 79 DIRECTORY— Continued Sue Ellen Cooper Route 2, Pendleton Louise Curry Greenwood Dorothy DeShields Route 1, Page Dr., Greenville Gail Dickson Palham Rd., Greenville Laura Doyle 205 James St., Anderson Charles R. Drake. . . . 1803 Boulevard Hgts., Anderson Donalda Eaves 3 1 1-A Society St., Anderson Barbara Embler 1203 S. Main St., Anderson Frances Erskine Route 5, Anderson Mary Hayne Finley 202 Edgemont Ave., Liberty Loy Glenn Franklin 501 Hayes St., Anderson Savilla Gainbrell 123 Boyce, Manning Nancy Greer 1515 Heath St., Augusta, Ga. Hermie Lou Gilstrap Route 2, Pickens Eleanor Girardeau 601 Union St., Brunswick, Ga. Laura Gleason Route 1, Townville Shirley Graham Route +, Seneca Flora Ann Graves — 1523 Wade Hampton Blvd., Greenville Connie Hall Box 853, Calhoun Falls Carol Hawthorne 5 McGowan Ave., Abbeville Sara Heavner Box 25, Landrum Tweetie R. Holder Route 1, Pickens George McDonald Hooper. .208 Sumter St., Anderson Ann Hutto 2206 Edgewood Ave., Anderson June Jennings. . ,116 Mount Vista Ave., Greenville Ruth K. Jones Route 2, Clemson Rd., Anderson Jeanette Jordan Route 1, Anderson Harriett Kowalski Route 1, Anderson Camilla McCurley. . . , 26 Harrington Ave., Greenville Jean McGill 409 Rose Hill, Anderson Jeannine Mcllwain. . . .2122 Woodside Ave., Anderson Joye McKee Route 4, Belton Patricia McSwain — 80 N. Riverside, Patrick AFB, Florida Jane Marchbanks Route 1, Anderson Sue Maret Lavonia, Ga. Shirley Martin Route 1, Anderson Joyce Mason Route 2, Belton Carol Sue Mauldin 2208 Hunter Dr., Anderson Joyce Meeks 5 09 Rose Hill, Anderson Jimmie Merck Route 2, Martin, Ga. Joan Ray 407 Greenville St., Anderson Joan Rice 309 I Street, Anderson Jane Rice Route 4, Box 378, Greenville Harold Roberts 505 Boulevard Ext., Anderson Barbara Ross. . .210 A. E. Enterprise St., N. Charleston Mary Scarboro 1 I -A Harrington St., Greenville Ann Settles 1111 Prince St., Brunswick, Ga. Clarence E. Smith 212 Sumter St., Anderson Margaret Sparks Woodside Park, Greenville Linder Sullivan Fourth St. Ext., Anderson Mary Ellen Summey 1205 Ellis St., Anderson Peggy Ann Sumpter 105 innoy St., Greenville Patsy Thomas. . .2924 Maniton Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. Phyllis Truesdale Box 206, Camden Joyce Waters Route 1, Anderson Marshall Watt Route 3, Iva Virginia Weatherford Route 4, Darlington Catherine West ... .317 Alexander Ave., Spartanburg Mildred White Fair Play Marilyn Wilkie Box 15, Gulf, N. C. Stanley Williams 614 Marshall Ave., .Anderson Harriet Williamson — 2718 Country Club Lane, Charlotte, N. C. Wilton Williamson Route 1, Belton HIGH SCHOOL Lanette Austin Route 4, CarroUton, Ga. Charlotte Breland Holly Hill Elise Crane Box 408, Anderson Alice Crisp 3089 N. W. First St., Miami, Fla. Betsy CuUwcll Lutz, Fla. Penny d ' .Armand — 1205 Southgate Rd., Knoxville, Tenn. Jackie Dennis 2920 Grace St., Columbia Diane Dilday. .. .40 5 E. Paris St., Huntingdon, Tenn. Ann Evans Hyman Drive, Pamplico Debbie Ezelle Box 121, Wagener Harley E. Felton 1905 N. Holly St., Anderson Annelle Garrison Sandy Springs Jane Johnson Box 5 7, North Main, Libert} ' Judy Johnston Lane St., Abbeville Clifford Jones 1117 Springdale Rd., Anderson Gwen Keaton Route 2, Iva Dianne Kelly Duncan Patricia Lane Pamplico Margaret Mclntyre Box 1252, Vero Beach, Fla. Melinda Mulliniks. .Hotel Carroll, Huntington, Tenn. Jane Powell 434 Fryer St., Troy, N. C. Lucile Pruitt 1600 Calhoun St., Anderson Doren Smith 104 N. Pine St., Walhalla Barbara Summers Box 141, Chiefland, Fla. Gail Wariner 1950 Memorial Dr., Atlanta, Ga. Doris Welborn . Route 1, Pelzer Sara Jane Wilkins Anderson SPECLAL STUDENTS Robert Allen Route 2, Pelzer Ernest Blackwell 315 River St., Anderson Harriett Brown Route 1, Anderson Frank Cagle Route 2, Pelzer J. T. Campbell Route 4, Belton John B. Chapman Route 3, Belton Jack Coker 14 Courtney, Pelzer William D. Cook 213 Hillman Dr., Anderson Norton Craig Route 5, Seneca Mildred Dobbins 329 Moultrie Sq., Anderson Glenn Gurlev W. Whitner St., Anderson Charles Kay, Jr Burts St., Pelzer Bobby Leverette 3 Park .Ave., Anderson William J. Lockaby Route 1, Pelzer Harold MuUiken Seneca H. Willard Snipes 25 Rice St., Belton Mrs. Bruce Swain 1208 N. Main St., Anderson Gradv H. Tollison Westminster 80 I I I ALL PHOTOS FOR THE 1954-55 | I COLUMNS I I y i I I I NASHALL STUDIOS i I 1 1 The Finest in Portraits and Commercial Photos I I NASHALL PORTRAIT f i STUDIOS j 1 I 2 Second Floor 5 Q Gai-i ant-Belk C 051 pax y I ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA— CANAL o-2oll I j I NASHALL COMMERCIAL I I I CTiininc iMO I STUDIOS, INC. I Quality Commercial Photography | I I I 215 WEST CHURCH STREET PHONE I ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA CANAL 4-6471 | 81 I I I ANDERSON COLLEGE | I ANDERSON. SOUTH CAROLINA | I A JUNIOR COLLEGE WITH PREPARATORY | I DEPARTMENT | I Opportunity for College Training JJ I l 5 LIBERAL ARTS. MUSIC MAJOR. PUBLIC SCHOOL I I MUSIC, SPEECH AND DRA:MATIC ART 5 I com:mercial major, general education I I 5 I Prepare for a Career 5 I 5 TERMINAL LIBERAL ARTS, HOMEMAKERS COURSE 5 I I HOMEMAKING AND BUSINESS, MEDICAL § I SECRETARIAL, CHURCH SECRETARIAL I I X TWO-YEAR SECRETARIAL I I ONE-YEAR SECRETARIAL 5 5 Fo?- Information and Catalogue jj Address jj I I THE PRESIDENT, ANDERSON COLLEGE | i i 8? JK «= ; :: ■ c:x : : :=«; c ; c:: ; x:z : xc y COXGRATULATIOXS TO THE | 1955 GRADUATES | We Are Proud Of All Of You f THE CITY OF f ANDERSON ALDERMEN WILLIAM C. JOHNSTON JAMES C. CATHCART Mayor Mayor Pro-Tern. I I I I t Clarence Ellison Clauexce L. Pressley x George S. Mack William H. Embler K Q Ralph P. Sewell Rufus H. Ioorhead i5 JK C5 c:: c C5 r5 K ccx c:::x crx c=:x z c:x zx :zx ::zx z x ci xcx xrix xr zx := xzx = z c=K czx xr r? c = =x xcx C5 :: czx =: cx C5 =x ' Better Be Safe Than Sorry " I LAWRENCE AND BROWNLEE I I INSURANCE AND BONDS | ! ,., „ i I I I ANDERSON, S. C. I :83 =lK o 05 ci3 ox:x :» :x ci:5 :=Kx:= c:5 c:xx3X c:x C5 3K 3Cf c:x o xcx cz3 cxx3xxzx czxxrx c=:x =xxzx c x cz3 xrx «c=K5K WELBORN MOTOR CO. Your Friendlii Dodge And Phj m II t h Dealers Telephoxe CA 4-6311 123 E. Orr Street AXDEKSOX, S. C. Telephone CA 5-5951 DIXIE SUPPLY CO. E. Orr Ext. FIRE PREVENTION EQUIPMENT AXDERSOX, S. C. 7 r, r. A 5: cix r , ci : =5 :::x r:x xrrx ci: cix :z z =Z3 cix c:x z :rx r x r y y SHOP AXU SAVE GALLANT-BELK COMPANY Anderson s Largest and Best Department Store QUALITY MERCHANDISE ALWAYS AT LOWEST PRICES 3K := ::= ::? ; := := : = = = = = = = =5 I Furmae University | Established lSi26 Dr Joiix L. P ' ler, Presikext GREENVILLE. SOUTH CAROLINA A Co-Ed, Standard Liberal Arts College Offering B.A., B.S., B.M. in Music, M.A. Degrees Special Emphasis on Business Administration, Art, Music, Speech Arts, Home Economics, Teacher Education, Religious Education, Pre-Med, Pre-Law, Pre-Engineering Reserve Officers Training Corps For Catalogue write Miss Eula Bartox, Registrar Woman ' s College Mr. C. L. Rasor, Registrar Men ' s College ' Ocx ' xxx-Oi 84 V x :: KX y x c=:x c::5 xrx LOW COST SERVANT! L. I DUKE POWER COMPANY I 5:; xc:x crx rx :;: cz:x y ;: xcx : ; c c: ; c::x c::x c 3K ; : • : == : := ; := ; ==x == : I RICHARD RUHLE REFRIGERATION COMPANY . | I REFRIGERATIOX AND AIR-COXDITIOXIXG EQUIP3IEXT I t Sales and Service 207 WEST CHURCH ST. z: :z: ( z:: =z:x :=: ::: :z : c= ( z i i: ANDERSON, S. C. ci c : xizx xr= c:= c : cz x:! xc: c: j: THE ANDERSON HARDWARE CO. East Whitxer Street axdehsox, s. c. A FRIEND 85 ANDERSON PRINTING I COMPANY I 411-J.13 N. Main Street AxDERsox, S. C. Phone CA 5-5261 DILLARD ' S SPORTING GOODS lilLL DILLARD, OWNER john hill, manager Anderson, S. C. McLESKEY-TODD DRUG CO. A FRIEND xix X3X x= xz:x c:5 czx xr c:x j; y BEST WISHES TO ft ?) Complimexts H CLASS OF Tjo McDOUGALD FUNERAL HOME EFIRD ' S DEPARTMENT STORE xzxx x:i xz5 xz5 x:::x czxxox:: c:x c K cr :-C crxxr5 c:xx:: xrxxo c: xo c:xx:xx:3 ! c:xx:;5 c:5 c:5 x:i JX c cr cr r= == o;x::5 x=3 ci ;x=3 x=XK::xx=xx= c= x=x)e )i x=5 x=xx=xx K xcx xcx x::=K cr:x x x crx xzx xzx 3K CHAPMAN BROS. COBLE DAIRY j; c c : c=K xc c ; cr : = x= ; c: ; c= : Kx xX )C xc :xo: crxx cr c c=x ==x = c= : = cz : j;? Cf : : z c ; c ; ::: c : c :i : c:x = cz SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Serving in this Section for Ox ' er 68 Years I 5 I I I J c: := zx czx =: z X3X zx ! ; czx cz ; K c=K c=K c ; cz ; c=K = c:x c :=K = : c= ) i 86 PALMETTO PUBLISHING COMPANY I I 5 215 W. CHITRCH STREET Q i 5 ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Q I I I 5 " Wc Print Jin lhiiH Bui Moncif % ... K : =x r: r:x =: cZ5 cz :z )c x ::: cz:x := xc: r o c=x r = ) z 87 YOUR YEARBOOK IN PRODUCTION Your yearbook represents the work of many craftsmen, a few of which are shown above. They wish for you many years of pleasure as you recall memories of your school life. THE R. L. BRYAN COMPANY COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA

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