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mwm ' kmm , mmmmmmmji iSSQSBQQSS OQOQSE DONATED TO ANDERSON COLLEGE LIBRARY BY KATHRYN COPELAND FORMER DEAN OF ANDERSON COLLEGE 3Sb=li= il d3 E SSSSSSSSiaE B3 Anderson College ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Presents . the 1954 PATRICIA BELL Editor BILL CUMMINGS Business Manager COLUMNS 7 FOREWORD We have tried to cre- ate for you a pictorial revue of the students and activities at Ander- son College this year. We hope that in the future this, the 1954 COL- UMNS, will help you to recall the activities, school spirit, and friendships which will always be cherished as a part of your college life. ANDERSON COLLEGE TABLE OF CONTENTS CLASSES 12 PUBLICATIONS 58 ACTIVITIES 38 SPORTS . ' 64 RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS FEATURES 70 Dedication . . . " The play, I remember, pleased not the millions; ' twas caviare to the general. " — Hasii bt. Because of her untiring efforts to create an emotion, her enlivening influence, her warm personality, her lo " e for the subject she is teaching, the beauty and depth that is reflected through her work, we are proud to dedicate the 1954 COLUMNS to MISS CATHY CHILES East Dormitory President ' s Home )Vesf Dormitory IB»--3gw S i fc " . ■ ' PRESIDENT =zJr. O. . J alakt Dr. E. F. Haight, former professor at New Orleans Seminary . . . professor of religion and chaplain at Furman University, and sixth President of Anderson College. Born in Washington, D. C, in 1898, his studies and work for righteousness took him to Charleston and Louisville as well as New Orleans and Furman University. Throughout this year, our President ' s freshman year, he has constanth ' dis- played his desire to make Anderson College a truly fine, Christian institution. ADMINISTRATION MISS KATIlinx COPl ' XAND Dean The faculty and administration have added much to the character of Anderson College. We shall always remember their interest in each individual and their aid in solving our various problems. To us they will always remain loyal friends who have guided our steps to higher goals. Dean Kathryn Copeland, a graduate of Baylor University and Southwestern Baptist The- ological Seminary, came to Anderson College in 1926 where she served as Professor of Bible. Miss Elizabeth Tribble came to Anderson College in 1930 and has served as Bursar since that time. Miss Sally Thompson, a graduate of Agnes Scott and Furnian Universits ' , is a newcomer to our faculty. She is serving her first year as Student Counselor. MISS ELIZABETH TRIBBLE Bursar MISS S. LI THOMPSON Student Counselor THE FACULTY HERBERT ARCHER Piano and Appreciation of Music MISS MARY MAJOR BURRISS Secretarial Science MISS FRANCES CAMPBELL Secretary to President and Assistant Bursar MRS. NELLIE P. CARSON Supervisor of Canteen F. T. CARTER Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds MRS. F. T. CARTER Dining Roor.i Supervisor MISS CATHY CHILES Speech and Dramatic Art MISS JUANITA DAVIS Registrar and Assistant to Dean MISS NANCY DIVVER Librarian MRS. JAY EPTING House Manager MISS MARCARET GARRETT Bible and English MISS HEWLITTE LIFSEY urse and Supervisor of Infirmary MISS PAULINE LOWMAX Mathematics -MISS EXIE MAE MYRICK Home Economics MRS. CHARLES SULLH ' AN English, Business Correspondence MISS LULU McCLURE English DR. OLGA PRUITT Physician -MRS. CHARLES THOMPSON Manager of Bookstore and Canteen MRS. LILLIAX McEACHERX Piano MISS LA VAUGHN ROBIXSOX Voice HENRY VON HASSELN History and Social Science MISS CHARLOTTE MORELAXD Assistant in Secretarial Science MRS. F. M. SELL Chemistry and Biology WEBB VON HASSELX Modern Language and Violin MISS BETH WILDER MRS. MAMIE WILLIAMS Art Posimistress and Canteen Assisiant Not Pictured: MISS JEAN SMALL Piano MRS. GEORGE WILSON Physical Education II CLASSES Stepping Along to Classes . . . Cram- ming for a Psychol- ogy test . . . chapel services every day . . . up, up, up to those long afternoons of lab . . . research in the library . . . always hit- ting the wrong key on the typewriter . . . rushing to the canteen for a quick snack after chapel . . . long hours spent reading IVANHOE . . . " There ' s the bell, Miss McClure. " Stepping Along .12 ' f ty O Sfl I »» CLASS SCENES l.»at£V | y WE SURRENDER! WE SURRENDER! EYE SHADOW, EYE SHADOW, WHO ' S GOT THE EYE SHADOW? 14 THEY LO E ART AND WILDER, TOO. XOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD WOMEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY. " WATCH HUBBARD GET ALL STEAMED UP TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE. AC ' S DOUGH GIRLS. 15 ' Si S r c A. HIOTT, M. CHRISTEXSEN, V. BARGIOL, B. CHRISTOPHER, C. THOMAS, M. HAIGHT. Not Pictured: iVHSS CATHY CHILES, Sponsor. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS BARBARA CHRISTOPHER President VIRGIL BARGIOL Vice-President MARY MARTHA HAIGHT Secretary MARY CHRISTENSEN Treasurer CAROLYN THOMAS Resident Marshal ADGER HIOTT Town Marshal MISS CATHY CHILES Sponsor THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OF 1954 Remember, you ' re not the first class to graduate from AC. You have a debt to these classes that went before you ... do your best. Remember . . . the programs . . . chapel . . . the plays . . . the Birthday parties . . . Hallo- ween Party . . . Christmas First Night . . . the Sophomore Reception . . . The Crook Banquet . . . coffee in the canteen. Remember . . . the good times . . . dating . . . parlor dates . . . singing in the halls ... on the tennis courts . . . boy friends . . . girl friends . . . coffee in the . . . Remember ... all the swell teachers ... all those classes . . . History . . . Sophomore Lit . . . Beowulf . . . Ivanhoe . . . Chaucer . . . coffee . . . Remember . . . and to remember brings a lump in your throat because once again it ' s time for a Sophomore Class to say " Farewell, AC. " 17 ACKERMAN BAXER ADERHOLD BARGIOL AVENT BELL NANCY-JO ACKERMAN, St. George Fire chief . . . exotic . . . eirjoys activities on campus . . . good speaker . . . church secretarial student. JAMES ADERHOLD, Anderson Enjoys concerts . . . likes chemistry . . . wore the Air Force Blue . . . finds it hard to he serious. CATHERINE AVENT. Florence " Cat " . . . best dressed . . . hioks good in blue . . . good sense of humor . . . alicays lias a good time. BETTY RUTH BAKER, Mt. Pleasant Most likehj to succeed . . . cute . . . smart but fun . . . hidden wit . . . glasses become her . . . Resident Council. VIRGIL BARGIOL, Pendleton Tall, nice, and handsome . . . loves to sing dramatics . . . " a smile that makes us happy. " enioys Most Intellectual PEGGY EMANUEL PATRICIA BELL, Anderson Our busy Editor of the Columns . . . " Pat " . . . fascinat- ing combination of red hair and aqua eyes . . . but a true-blue friend. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SYLVIA BYRD, Anderson Sophomore beauty . . . smiling eyes . . . tall and fashion- able . . . lots of fun . . . nonchalant. JANE CAMPBELL, Belton Happy . . . always nice . . . easy to get along with . . . Publicity Chairman for B. S. U. Council. MARGARET CHAPMAN, Anderson Has true Southern drawl . . . .studious . . . likable . . . quiet and unassuming . . . likes Belton. JENNIE RUTH CHATHAM, Sumter Winning smile . . . Y. W. A. prexy . . . reliable . . . wears " specs " . . . radiant personality . . . sparkling brown eyes. MARY CHRISTENSEN, Menomonie, Wis. Talks a blue streak . . . laughter that bubbles . . . well- liked by all . . . never meets a stranger . . . one of those " Yankees. " BARBARA CHRISTOPHER, Campobello President of B. S, U. quiet and efficient . . . better known as " Bobbie " . . . led Sophomores. ihist Popular BECKY CONNALLY BYRD CHATHAM CAMPBELL CHRISTENSEN CHAPMAN CHRISTOPHER COBB CUMMINGS COXXALLY EMAXUEL GLENDA COBB, Antderson Jet black hair . . . a million-dollar smile . . . intellectual . . . beautiful alto voice . . . Town Council. CALHOUN COLE, Axderson Liked by all win) know him . . . married . . . always willing to help . . . dark hair . . . drives a bus. REBECCA CONNALLY, Douglasville, Ga. President of Resident Council . . . very likable . . . definitely brunette . . . " Becky " . . . cute as a doll. BILL CU.XLMINGS, Anderson Head cheerleader . . . lot of wit . . . B. S. U. Council . Business Manager of Coliimns . interfere. never lets studies Best All-Round EUGENE SMITH JOYCE DILL, WAsmNGTON, Ga. to love ... a friend in deed, indeed! . . . no sweeter girl than tliis . . . pretty, pretty blue eyes. PEGGY EMANUEL, Youngstown, Ohio Editor of Yodler . . . personality plus . . . sailed through English lit . . . Phi Theta Kappa . . . likes cadets. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES MARIAN FINDLEY, Anderson Town Council . . . darling clothes and scads of ' em . . . beautiful eyelashes . . . " Joe " . . . lovable, likable, laughable. MARY MARTHA HAIGHT. Anderson Happy-go-lucky ward everyone . . engaging smile beautiful eyes. PALMYRA HARDIN, Anderson Petite . . . loves Clemson . . . friendly . . . Highway 29 Drive-In gal. friendly to- congenial SARAH HAYES, Anderson Miss Columns . . . plans a September wedding . . . headed Town Council . . . always thoughtful of others. ADGER HIOTT, Anderson Sports writer for the Yodler and Columns . . . special interest in high school department . . . Phi Theta Kappa . . . Tow n Council. SHIRLEY JAMES, Anderson Neat dresser . . . Social Standards Board . . . pleasing voice . . . carefree . . . cashier at the theatre. Must Likely to Succeed BETTY RUTH BAKER FINDLEY HAYES HAIGHT HIOTT JAYNES MYERS JONES PARRISH McGregor robertson Best Dressed CATHERINE AVENT TOMMY JAYNES, Anderson Married . . . deep thinker ... a gift for laughter . . . interesting good looks . . . tliouglitful. HAROLD JONES, Sandy Springs " Deacon " . . . well-liked . . . enjoys arguing . . . a friendly smile for everyone. BETTY McGregor, Starr W. A. A. Prexy . . . sprinkled freckles . . . serene wit . . . commutes from Starr . . . sports enthusiast. MARY ALICE MYERS, Simpsonville Associate Editor of the Columns . . . switchboard favor- ite .. . reliable . . . soft spoken . . . B. S. U. Council. RUTH PARRISH. Martinez, Ga. East house prexy . . . fine chaperone . . . peaches and cream complexion . . . friendly. NADINE ROBERTSON, Tramjlers Rest Resident Council . . . enjoys " knock-knock " jokes . . . real nice . . . quiet and reserved. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES EMVIIE LEE SHELTON, Anderson Town Council . . . blue is her color . . . enjoys the sing- ing part of life . . . spends much time laughing. PEGGY SMALL, Lancaster Resident Council . . . sweet voice . . . smartly dressed . . . Phi Theta Kappa . . . poised, petite, pleasant. EUGENE SMITH, Anderson Phi Theta Kappa . . . Co-Editor of Yodler . . . wonder- ful in all ways . . . a privilege to know . . . rates praise for acting, .nnging, writing . . . and for just being " Gene. " JULIA SPEARES, Anderson Phi Theta Kappa . . . a friendly smile always . . . beauti- ful brown hair . . . appreciates the finer things in life. MARGIE TEASLEY, Anderson Quiet and reserved ... a good student easy gomg . . a true friend. never complains CAROLYN THOMAS, Joanna " Callie " . . . attractive hair style . . . . forward for Confederates students. W. A. A. Officer liked by all her fellow Most Talented PEGGY SMALL tiiir ' iim.iiii iiiiii THOMPSON ' WEATHERFORD WILSOX SALLIE M. THOMPSON, Axdersox Blonde, beautiful, and modest . . . artistic . . . genuine charm . . . hubby is a sailor man. DOROTHY WEATHERFORD, Darlington Cheerleader . . . pretty black Imir . . . brown eyes . . . good sense of humor . . . helpful . . . W. A. A. Officer. FRANCES WILSON, Abbemlle Witty ... a person everybody likes . . . good personality . . . has Mary for a roommate . . . Resident Council. SOPHOMORES Most Athletic CAROLYN " THOMAS Wittiest BILL CUMMIXGS 24 3n m mnriam THOMAS LYNVVOOD CAMPBELL January 11, J 932 July 16, 1953 Quite often we are called upon to accept sudden truths. Sometimes these truths are embodied in great losses— so great as to make their imme- diate acceptance impossible. Such was the case, for those who knew him, at the untimely death of L; nwood Campbell. Lynwood graduated from Anderson College in 1952 leaving an excel- lent scholastic record and a profound good impression on all ith whom he had been associated. He was a member of Phi Theta Kappa, treasurer of the Town Council of the Student Government Association, a reporter on the Yodler staff, and had been awarded a token for having the highest chemistry average as a freshman. Lynwood had continued his fine work as a twenty-one year old junior at Clemson College when he died of polio on July 16, 1953, after only a week ' s illness. Because of his deep regard for high ideals, his Christian chara cter, and his devotion to the pursuit of sound knowledge, we remember Lynwood Campbell and his exemplification of ' hat we believe to be the ideal stu- dent and gentleman. 25 REGISTRATION . . . RIGHT THIS WAY FOR COURSES IN ENGLISH. FRENCH, HISTORY SPEECH. THROUGH THESE )OORS PASS THE FIN- I ' .ST PEOPLE ON EARTH —MRS. THOMPSON ' S CUSTOMERS. 26 -V Sr :lr h MISS BETH ' l 1 ,1)1 ' :H. S,.,,;iv„i- A. SMITH h WHS Stnndinn: D. GRIFFIN, D. WILLI.N ' GHAM, J. WHI ' IE, B CAMPBELL FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS RUTH AMIS President DEUEL GRIFFIN Vice-President ARLENE SMITH Secretary JOAN WHITE Treasurer BETH ANN CAMPBELL Resident Marshal DORIS WILLINGHAM Town Marshal MISS BETH WILDER Sponsor THE FRESHMAN CLASS OF 1954 The Beginning ... a feeling of loneliness . . . saying " hello " to your roommate and finding out you know some of her friends . . . freshman placement tests . . . starting classes . . . laughter at the Freshman Talent Show . . . Cokes in the canteen . . . early morning phys ed classes . . . afternoon biology lab . . . trying to find the Dramatic Art Department. Inspiring chapel talks . . . hunting for the Crook . . . Christmas Vespers . . . long awaited Christmas holidays . . . returning . . . exams . . . tennis on back campus . . . field trips . . . elec- tions for various activities of the coming year . . . sadness mingled with happiness on class day . . . memories gathered ... a sense of belonging. 27 ALLEN AMIS ATKLXSON BARROW BROWN CALHOUN CAMPBELL CHRISTOPHER COATES COLLINS CORPREW CROMER DEVENNY DOWLING DRAKE ROBERT ALLEN, Pelzer (Special) RUTH AMIS, KiNAEDS HERBERT ATKINSON, Hartwell, Ga. ANNETTE BARROW, Florence SYBIL BROWN, Anderson SHIRLEY CALHOUN, Georgetown BETH ANN CAMPBELL, Starr THE FRESHMAN MAMIE LOU CHRISTOPHER, GiysER MAMIE ANN COATES, Anderson CLEMENCIE COLLINS, Georgetown ELIZABETH CORPREW, Dadeville, Ala. JUNE CORMER, Anderson SARAH DeVENNY, Charleston Heights DOROTHY DOWLING, Easley DAVID DRAKE, Anderson 28 EAKER EDMONDS FILE GARRISON GARRISON GASAWAY GRIFFIN HALL HARVEY HESTER HIERS JONES JORDAN LOCKE McCLAIN CLASS OF 1954 GENE EAKER, Anderson RUTH EDMONDS, Anderson MARJORIE FILE, Anderson BETTY GARRISON, Anderson MARGARET GARRISON, Anderson PATRICIA ANN GASAWAY, Anderson DEUEL GRIFFIN, Anderson BETTY HALL, Batesburg DOROTHY HARVEY, Lowndesville JOE ANN HESTER, Pelzer MARY ANN HIERS, Barnwell OLA V. JONES, Pickens MARTHA JORDAN, Anderson PATRICIA ANNE LOCKE, Anderson SELWYN McCLAIN, Anderson 29 . w MADDUX MANCHESTER MARCinjAXKS MAREIT MARTIN MASON MATTOX MAULDIN MEHLINE MULLEN MUNN NASH NEIL PATTERSON PEELER THE FRESHMAN MRS. VIVIENNE MADDOX, Anderson ( Special ) CAROL MANCHESTER, Ardsley, N. Y. JAMES MARCHBANKS, Anderson MRS. SUE MARETT, Fair Play GWEN MARTIN, Anderson DOT MASON, Westminster HILDA ANN MATTOX, Lancaster GWEN MAULDIN, Lavonia, Ga. ALICE MERLINE, Anderson JOE MULLEN, Anderson JOANNE MUNN, Rock Hill JAMES M. NASH, Anderson MARIAN NEIL, Anderson A NN PATTERSON, Pelzer SHIRLEY PEELER, Mt. Pleasant 30 POOLE STONE WHITE ROUNDTREE TEN EYCK WILLINGHAM SMITH WHITE YEARWOOD CLASS OF 1954 LORIETA POOLE, Anderson FRANCES ROUNDTREE, Cincinnati, O. MARTHA SADLER, Anderson ARLENE SMITH, Anderson THULA SMITH, Pelzer DOLLIE STONE, Donalds CAROL TEN EYCK, Riverside, Conn. ANN THORNE, Simpsonville MARY ELIZABETH WATSON, Anderson JOAN WHITE, Greenville TOMMIE JEAN WHITE, Anderson DORIS WILLINGHAM, Anderson MARY SUE WISE, Trenton JAMES WITHERS, Anderson GEORGE YEARWOOD, Charleston 31 c;eokge on the spot. YAKKITY-YAK-YAK. AND THEY SANG OFF IN ALL DIRECTIONS. J. BAYNARD, P. THOMAS, E. REYNOLDS, MISS PAULINE LOWMAN, Sponsor; L. SULLIVAN, B. MAGALIS. J. POWELL, MRS. CHARLES THOMPSON, Sponsor; J. GOFF, J. BROWN. Not Pictured: R. GOLDSTEIN. PREPARATORY DEPARTMENT SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JANE BAYNARD President ELEANOR REYNOLDS .... Vice-President LINDER SULLIVAN Secretary BARBARA MAGALIS Treasurer PATSY THOMAS Marshal MISS PAULINE LOWMAN Sponsor JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JANE ALICE BROWN President JOAN GOFF Vice-President JANE POWELL Secretary RUTH GOLDSTEIN Treasurer MRS. CHARLES THOMPSON Sponsor Trains, buses, cars and planes . . . they brought us here. Sad, homesick, shy, and glad . . . our first emotions . . . because of the newness, strange people, buildings and surroundings. Stud- ies, parties, plays, recitals, concerts, receptions, beauty contests, elections, and dates . . . these made time go by quickly . . . made May arrive and graduation and commencement right on us. Tears, goodbyes, handshakes, promises and smiles . . . the doors of AC prep school shut once more and the 1953-54 school year is completed. 33 SENIORS JANE BAYXARD JUDY BRYSON EDITH DODD DOLORES ELLIS VERNETTE LAND BARBARA MAGALIS KATHARINE PARK ELEANOR REYNOLDS LINDER SULLIVAN MARY ANN TAYLOR BETTY LOU THOMAS PATSY THOMAS HARRIET WILLIAMSON 34 JUNIORS CHARLOTTE BRELAND JANE ALICE BROWN ELIZABETH CULLWELL PENNY d ' ARMAND JACKIE DENNIS DEBBIE EZELLE JOAN GOFF PATRICIA LANE JANE POWELL DOREN SMITH BARBARA SUMMER GAIL WARINER Not Pictured: RUTH GOLDSTEIN 35 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES ELEANOR REYNOLDS Most Intellectual xMARY ANN TAYLOR Friendliest BARBARA MAGALIS Best All-Roiind JUDY BRYSON Most Likely To Succeed 36 BETWEEN CLASSES " MISS WILLIE " COMES THROUGH. MUNCHING ALONG TOGETHER. " SOMETHING FOR THE BIRDS; EH PHIL? 37 ACTIVITIES Step by Step in Activ- ities . . . Council meet- ings every Monday morning . . . fingers crossed for a bid into an hon- orary society . . . initiations following the inductions . . . ACP members glued to battered play books . . . " Yes, we have glee club practice again tonight. " Step by Step . 38 .i %■ ' -• ■ ' ' .-y . :-i-L?5it. ii JM 1 li f Oi ? W f ' " If t ♦ , l.() tXY . . . JUST THE WAY VOL LOOKED THAT MGHT. " SOME FOLKS CALL THEM GREEN ONIONS, BUT THEY ' RE REALLY SCALLIONS, JOAN. " 40 n: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! jtj n AC GOBLIXS RIDE AGAIN. SHALL I, OR SHALL I NOT, TRY OUT FOR " CHARLEY ' S AUNT " ? 41 THE STUDENT Seated: R. PARRISH. X. ROBERTSON. X. ACKERMAN. P. SMALL. E. REYXOLDS. Standing: J. DILL, F. WIL- SON, R. CONNALLY, B. BAKER, ]. CHATHAM. Resident Student Council REBECCA CONNALLY President PEGGY SMALL Vice-President BETTY RUTH BAKER Secretary NADINE ROBERTSON Treasurer RUTH PARRISH East House President JENNIE RUTH CHATHAM West House President NANCY-JO ACKERMAN Fire Chief FRANCES WILSON Sophomore Representative JOYCE DILL Sop homore Representative ELEANOR REYNOLDS High School Representative A democratic s stem . . . every resident student a member ... a student- elected council . . . The fire chief arranges the drills, sometimes in the middle of the night . . . but we ' re glad we ha e them . . . even though we awn all ne.xt day! ... a high purpose ... to make every student a self-governing one. 42 GOVERNMENT E. SHELTOX, G. COBB, E, SMITH. S. HAYES. . . HIOTT. M. FI.XDLEY. Town Student Council SAR. H HAYES President EUGENE SMITH Vice-President GLENDA COBB Secretary EMNHE SHELTON Treasurer ADGER HIOTT Student Representative MARIAN FINLEY Student Representative Represents all non-resident students . . . and that means all the MEN . . . their governing body, the Town Council . . . get-togethers even,- other Monday . . . much fun at the Christmas drop-in that included facult members . . . " Oh, it ' s alwa ' s fair weather when this gang gets together! " 43 PHI THETA KAPPA JULIA SPEARES President PEGGY SMALL Vice-President PEGGY EMANUEL Secretary ADGER HIOTT Treasurer MISS KATHRYN COPELAND Sponsor " Brainies " of the liberal arts department . . . National fraternity in Junior Colleges . . . AC chapter . . . Beta Pi . . . chartered in 19o2 . . . Beta Pi ' s honor- ars- member. Dr. Annie Dove Denmark . . . members must possess outstanding character as well as scholastic abilities. A. HIOTT, G. EAKER. P. SMALL. J. SPEARES, P. ENLWUEL. G. SMITH. Not Pictured: SS KATHRYX COPE- LAND. Sponsor. 44 First Row, Left to Right: J. MUNN, P. SMALL, C. THONL S, I. DILL, F, WILSON, ]. BAYNARD, J. WHITE, G. COBB, D. DOWLIN ' G, E. SHELTON, 1. CAMPBELL, H. liOWEN, MISS LAVAUGHN ROBINSON, Director; MISS JEAN SMALL, Accompanist. Second Row: M. HIERS, E. REYNOLDS, D. SMITH, D. WEATHERFORD, D. HARVEY, R. AMIS, T. SMITH, A. PATTERSON, P. d ' ARMAND, J. DENNIS, S. DeVENNY, M. HAIGHT, L. SULLIVAN. THE COLLEGE CHOIR ELEANOR REYNOLDS President GLENDA COBB Vice-President JOANNE MUNN Secretary-Treasurer RUTH AMIS Librarian MISS LAVAUGHN ROBINSON Director The songbirds of Anderson College . . . made up of students interested in choral and ensemble work . . . directed by Miss Robinson ... in great demand . . . had the distinction of appearing on Anderson ' s first television program . . . add to the impressiveness of chapel . . . annual vesper program at Christmas . . . rehearsing every Tuesday and Thursday nights . . . hard work, but fun, and with rich rewards. 45 p. BELL, G. YEARWOOD, G. EAKER, T. WHITE, M. COATES, S. McCLAIN, E. SMITH, S. TAMES, J. WITH- ERS, G. GURLEY, S. BROWN " , D. GRIFFIN, E. SHELTON, S. HAYES, B. CUMMINGS, G. COBB, J. BEVILL, M. DOBBINS. TOWN CLUB Composed of all non-resident students J, CROMER, 1), W ILLL C;ilAM, M, SADLER, A. MERLINE, S. THOMl SON, A. SMIIII. . l. |()HI)A . I ' . LOCKE, H. BROWN, C. EDWARDS, J. RAMEY, M. FINDLEY, M. GARRISON, D, MASON, R, EDMONDS, B. GARRISON. 46 DELTA PSI OMEGA MISS CATHY CHILES, Sponsor; G. EAICER, F. ROUNDTREE, C. MANCHESTER, P. EMANUEL, B. CUMMINGS. Not Pictured: G. SMITH, P. RODGERS. ANDERSON COLLEGE PLAYERS First Row: T. BRYSOX, T. BROWX. ]. BAYXARD, D. EZELLE, P. EMANUEL, G. YEARWOOD, F. ROUNDTREE, J. DILL, G. SMITH, B. GUMNUXGS. Second Row: MISS CATHY CHILES, Sponsor: J. DENNIS, D. S.NHTH, P. d ' ARMAND, P. LANE. T. BEVILL, B. SUMMER, G. WARINER, J. MULLEN, D. ELLIS. E. REYNOLDS, H. WILLIAMSON. B. THOMAS. 47 CURTAIN GOING UP.. For us, " the play ' s the thing! " . . . working for the twenty points that makes us an ACP Member . . . and keeping fing- ers crossed for an invitation to join Delta Psi Omega, National Dramatics Fraternity. Beginning with try-outs . . . and stumbling over the words . . . the agonizing waiting for the results to be posted . . . the slap-happy confusion of early rehearsals . . . eventually de- veloping into a serious creative effort . . . always clutching a playbook and muttering lines . . . prop people combing the town and carting around the strangest things! . . . scenery gomg up costumes being pressed . . . tacking up posters . . . and selling tickets . . . then performance . . . and fear well- ing up in our throats . . . cold cream and grease paint and Kleenex . . . houselights out . . . and the show is on! . . . " dutch treat " afterwards, re-living the play and signing programs. And never forgetting it . . . any of it . . . the " Ivory Tower " ... or all the cups of coffee we drank or the people we worked with . . . and grew to love . . . the " monsters. " OUR ROBERT BROWNING AND ELIZABETH BARRETT. JUDY DEMONSTRATES HOW TO HOLD A DOG. THE MORNING AFTER THE NIGHT BEFORE-WE SIGNED THE PROGRAMS. Barretts of Wiinpolc Street ... A Christmas Carol . . . Charley ' s Aunt . . . The Magnificent Obsession. OFFICERS OF ANDERSON COLLEGE PLAYERS JUDY BRYSON President DOLORES ELLIS Vice-President ELEANOR REYNOLDS Secretanj-Treasiuer OFFICERS OF DELTA PSI OMEGA CAROL MANCHESTER President GENE SMITH Vice-President FRANCES ROUNDTREE Secretary-Treasurer ALPHA PI EPSILON ALPHA PI EPSILON OFFICERS BETTY RUTH BAKER President EMMIE SHELTON Vice-President PATRICIA BELL Secretary PALMYRA HARDIN Treasurer COMMERCIAL CLUB OFFICERS JENNIE RUTH CHATHAM President RUTH PARRISH Vice-President OWEN MAULDIN Secretarij BETTY RUTH BAKER Treasurer SS NL RY MAJOR BURRISS Sponsor Only chapter of the National Organization in South Carolina . . . installed on the AC campus in May, ' 41 . . . its chief purpose is to professionalize the status of the college ti-ained secretary . . . pledges slaved over the Greek alphabet . . . and Greek goddesses came to earth one day in the form of sheet-attired new members of Alpha Pi ... a Christmas project . . . mem- bership a much sought-after honor, as it is based on superior work in the commercial depart- ment . . . has a sister organization, the Commercial Club, which is composed of all secretarial students interested in becoming competent secretaries. S. HAYES, J. CHATHAM, P. BELL, R. PARHiSll. h. BAkEK, . . ACKEi-iMA.X, M. CliAP. L . E. SHELTON, P. HARDIN. Not Pictured: MISS MARY MAJOR BURRISS. Sponsor. 50 MISS EXIE UAE MYRICK, Sponsor; A. SMITH. M. GARRISON. C. COLLINS. G. MAULDIX. M. SADLER. S. CALHOUN, D. H.A.RVEY, C. TEN EYCK, L. SULLIVAN, R. A.MIS, S. PEELER, M. HAIGHT, S. BYRD, M. WISE. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB SYLVIA BYRD President ARLENE SMITH Vice-President MARY MARTHA HAIGHT Secretary GWEN MAULDIN Treasurer MISS EXIE MAE MYRICK Sponsor Hey good looking, whats cooking? . . . our future homemakers . . . helps students develop initiative, leadership, and professional pride as well as prepares them for household skills . . . aflBliated with the American Home Economics As- sociation . . . sponsors teas and parties throughout the year. 51 RELIGIOUS Organizations In His Steps in Re- ligious Organizations . . . Ministerial band meetings every 1st and 3rd Monday . . . Inspiring chapel speakers . . . Y. W. A. Focus week . . . working to promote Religious Emphasis Week . . . " Have they set a time for the B. S. U. Coun- " cil meeting vet? " In His Steps . . . 52 ►f ' r BAPTIST Seated: P. EMANUEL. T. MINX. X. ROBERTSOX. B. CHRISTOPHER. M. HAIGHT. MISS MARG. RET GIOL. ]. MARCHBAXKS, J. CH.- THAM, S. H.A.YES, M. MYERS. B. CUMMIXGS B. S. U. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL BOBBIE CHRISTOPHER President PEGGY SMALL Enlistment MARY MARTHA HAIGHT Social NAXCY-TO ACKERMAN Devotional NADIXE ROBERTSOX Secretary THULA SMITH Treasurer JOAXXE MUXX Music Chairman JANE CAMPBELL Publicitij Chairman PEGGY EMAXUEL Magazine Chairman RUTH AMIS Poster Chairman MARY ALICE MYERS Sunday School Representative BILL CUMMIXGS Training Union Representative JEXXIE RUTH CH.A.THAM Y. W. A. Representative MARTHA S. DLER Day Student Representative SAR. H HAYES Ridgecrest Representative JEXXIE RUTH CHATHAM Editor " Beacon " VIRGIL BARGIOL Ministerial Representative JIMMY MARCHBAXKS Christian Action Chairman MISS M.ARGARET GARRETT Faculty Advisor MISS ADELE CARLSON Church Advisor 54 STUDENT UNION GARRETT, Sponsor; P. SMALL, N. ACKERMAN. Standing: R. AMIS, J. CAMPBELL, T. SMITH, V. BAR- Brings a ray of light during exam week with the " sunshine sis- ters " . . . correlates religious activities on the campus . . . gives students an opportunity for active Christian service . . . sponsored Religious Emphasis Week in the spring . . . Dr. Slaughter was our chapel speaker . . . brings about a closer relationship among students through spiritual activities . . . one of the most important reasons why AC is a success- ful religious school. 55 Y. W. A. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL JEXNIE RUTH CHATHAM President FRANCES ROUNDTREE .... Vice-President MARY ALICE MYERS . . . Secretary-Treasurer JOANNE MUiNN . . Music and Social Chairman JOYCE DILL Mission Study REBECCA CONNALLY . . . Publicity Chairman NADIXE ROBERTSON RUTH PARRISH . . PEGGY ENL ' WUEL . . Community iUssion Stewardship Chairman . Program Chairman MISS CHARLOTTE MORELAND Counselor THULA SMITH, BETTY RUTH BAKER, FRAN- CES EARLE WILSOiN . . . Circle Leaders Strives to create among students a deeper understanding of others . . . works together with B. S. U. in promoting ReHgious Emphasis Week . . . has a definite purpose in encouraging stu- dents to be more mindful of those less fortunate— both spiritually and physically ... an answer to the students " interest in mission work. Seated: R. CONNALLY, P. EMANUEL, J. CHATHAM, J. DILL. B. BAKER, R. PARRISH. Standing: T. SMITH, MISS CHARLOTTE MORELAND, Sponsor; F. WILSON, N. ROBERTSON, M. xMYERS, J. MUNN. 56 Seated: C. KAY, H. TONES, E. SMITH, G. OVERCASH, V. BARGIOL, J. CAMPBELL. Standing: C. SMITH, C. EDWARDS, L. ROPER, W. LOCKABY, R. ALLEN, C. LOCKABY, C. NICHOLS, R. MOORE. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION HAROLD JONES President EDWIN SMITH Vice-President GUY OVERCASH Secretary-Treasurer VIRGIL BARGIOL Choister Membership restricted to pre-ministerial students . . . the only " all-male " organization on the campus . . . gives inspiration to others both on the campus and off . . . religious program consists of speakers, discussions and devotions . . . plays a big part in molding the spiritual welfare of AC. 57 PUBLICATIONS The Stepping Stones to Publications . . . snooping around for a scoop . . . getting ads and more ads . . . making up the YOLDER . . . prepar- ing copy . . . planning pic- tures . . . the flash of a pho- tographers camera almost anywhere . . . then suddenly the deadline looms near and you think to yourself . . . " We ' ll never make it. " Stepping Stones . . . 58 if?0 THE 1954 COLUMNS T ' - TRTriA RF.T.L. F.Iilor D-Day meant deadline for the yearbook stafF, which did a large quantity of fast stepping in order to produce this, the Col- umns of 1954 . . . we learned to hop, skip, and jump faster than anyone else . . . Pat Bell, James Nash, and a camera became a well-known trio on the campus . . . we learned to cope with camera-shy people . . . learned another meaning for " dummy " . . . learned to make people want to buy an ad . . . we had a lot of la ughs, a barrel full of hard knocks and scads of work . . . then the game of hop-scotch was over . . . and after the candle was burned at both ends and the midnight oil was all used up, the book passed from our loving hands into the liands of the printers . . . and now it comes to you for judgment. We hope you grow more and more attached to it through the years, when it will sometimes gather dust or lie lonely in a bookcase . . . but always it will be with you, a part of you . . . yom- concrete memory of a year from your life . . . the Columns of 1954. Long live the Columns! BILL CUMMINGS, Business Manager J SPEARES, MISS CATHY CHILES, B. CUMMINGS, P. BELL, A. HIOTT, M. MYERS, J. NASH. PATRICIA BELL Editor MARY ALICE iMYERS Associate Editor BILL CUMMINCS Business Manager JULIA SPEARES Club Editor ADGER HIOTT Sports Editor JAMES NASH Plwtographer MISS CATHY CHILES Sponsor MISS CHARLOTTE MORELAND Sponsor A. MERLINE, A. THORNE, G. EAKER, F. ROUNDTREE, P. SMALL, Editorial Assistants. Not Pictured: lUDY BRYSON. N. ACKERMAN, J. CAMPBELL, A. BARROW, Typists. Let us say " thanks ' to everyone wlio had a hand in this book— Miss MiHieent Compson, James Nash, Lewis Moorhead, and Ed O ' Cain of The R. L. BRYAN COMPANY, and to our always helpful and ever patient sponsors. Miss Cathy Chiles and Miss Charlotte Moreland, as well as to our very co-operative staff members. MARY ALICE MYERS, As.wciate Editor ADVERTISING STAFF D. ELLIS, F. WILSON, E. CORPREW. L. SULLIVAN, E. SHELTON. MISS CHARLOTTE MORELAND SpoiLwr; B. CUMMINGS, M. CHRISTENSEN, D. GRIFFIN, M. HAIGHT. H. BOWEN P. THOMAS C. TEN EYCK. ' . m I 4 ? 4 % THE YODLER PEGGY EMANUEL, Editoi With promises to do tlu-ir l)est to bring home their share of individual awards and with the best wishes of their staff. The Yocller editors went to Greenwood for the 1953 convention of the South Carohna Collegiate Press. Climaxing the convention came the night of the banquet. Winners of awards were announced with Helen Hendley of AC receiving the prize for the best poem. Senior colleges for girls, co-educational senior colleges, and one lone junior college, An- derson College, dreamed of the cup for the col- lege newspaper with enrollment under 500. Then came the thrilling moment when the An- derson College editor found herself at the front o f the banquet hall receiving the cup for The Yocller— -A trophy representing hours of h a r d work by staff members and years of planning and guidance by the faculty advisor. EUGENE SMITH, Co-Editor A. HIOTT, J. BRYSON, Columnists PEGGY EMANUEL Editor EUGENE SMITH Co-Editor JUDY BRYSON Columnist ADGER HIOTT Columnist MISS KATHRYN COPELAND Sponsor CAROLYN THOMAS, Advertising Manager; ANNETTE BARROW, Typist; RUTH EDxMONDS, Assistant Advertising Manager; JAMES ADERHOLD, Assistant Circulation Manager; RUTH PARRISH. Circu- lation Manager. The 1953-54 session brought a new Yodler room nearer the front of Denmark Hall and another All-American certificate to place on the walls, to make a total of eleven of the highest awards granted by the Associated Collegiate Press. But new Yodler editors can ' t rest on past laurels. The first of every month finds the advertising staff hopefulK calling on busi- ness houses, reporters searching for scoops, editors typing away like mad at the last inches of copy. Finally another Yodler is put to bed ... a Yodler which staff members hof)e will not break the chain of prize winning newspapers. J. BAYNARD, D. EZELLE, D. WEATHERFORD, L. SULLIVAN, E. SHELTON, J. BROWN, M. FILE, Advertising Staff. MISS KATHRYX COPELAND Spon-ior SPORTS Step Lively in Sports . . . hiking through the woods . . . shoot- ing round after round of archery . . . tennis tourna- ments in March and April . . . searching for lost tennis balls . . . shuffle board on rainy days . . . long hours of basketball practice . . . then comes the big game . . . the rivalry between East and West in Softball in the spring . . . and the cry through the halls of . . . " We ' ve won!!! " Step Lively . . . 64 THE WOMAN ' S ATH B. McGregor, MRS. GEORGE WILSON, Sponsor; C. THOMAS. D. WEATHERFORD. J. SPEARES. BETTY McGregor President JULIA SPEARES Vice-President DOROTHY WEATHERFORD Secretary CAROLYN THOMAS Treasurer MRS. GEORGE WILSON Sponsor All students enrolled in the physical education department are members . . . sponsors sport clubs such as tennis, basketball, and hiking . . . tournaments, com- petitive games between classes, supper-hikes, and of course the annual May Day program have kept the W. A. A. members on their toes . . . seeks to promote higher standards of sportsmanship . . . " It ' s not whether we win or lose but how we play the game. " 66 LETIC ASSOCIATION TENNIS CLUB JOYCE DILL, Chairman D. ELLIS, S. PEELER F. WILSON, M. FILE A. BARROW, G. MAULDIN J. DILL, B. CONNALLY B. MAGALIS, C. AVENT BASKETBALL CLUB CAROLYN THOxMAS Chairman First Row: V. LAND, O. JONES H. BOWEN, C. THOMAS D. WEATHERFORD M. CHRISTOPHER J. BROWN, J. BAYNARD P. THOMAS, D. ELLIS Second Row: S. PEELER, C. TEN EYCK M. NEIL. E. CORPREW J. WHITE, J. HESTER G. MAULDIN, R. PARRISH B. MAGALIS WHEN THE CAMPFIRE DIES . . . SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES. 67 SPORTS STANDOUTS CAROLYN THOMAS JOYCE DILL JULIA SPEARES RETTY McGregor 63 THE CONFEDERATES The 1953-54 edition of the Confederates, Anderson College ' s basketball team, marks the tliird season on the court for this organiza- tion. The formation of a basketball squad has helped round out the college ' s sports program. Basketball season, coming in the winter months, fills the lull during the time when bad weather restricts the physical education department ' s other activities. After two eminently successful seasons under the coaching of Don Hubbard, the Confederates picked Lyndon Carey to suc- ceed Hubbard. Under Carey ' s capable man- agement, the Confederates have made a great showing for themselves. The team is closely associated with the Basketball Club. Twelve members are carried on the team. In the event of a player ' s dis- qualification, a good prospect from the club is advanced to the team standing. First Row: S. PEELER, D. WEATHERFORD, C. THOMAS, J. WHITE, J. HESTER. Second Row: O. JONES, J. BROWN, J. BAYNARD, C. TEN EYCK, M. CHRISTOPHER, G. MAULDIN. 69 FEATURES Stepping Pretty in Features . . . slaving over paper roses . . . entwining ivy . . . then the night of the Revue . . . Hghts blind you . . . the audience frightens you . . . each step seems to take lon- ger and longer . . . revealing of Miss COLUMNS . . . congratulations back stage . . . flashbulbs popping . . . May Day . . . the crowning of the Queen . . . the murmur through the audience of . . . " Isn ' t she beautiful? " X Stepping Pretty . 70 " ' W ' m m ■ - • ' !» I A % UJ afak « Ara aucs ' ;) MISS COLUMNS 72 ' ■ 9!w - SOPHOMORE BEAUTY 73 ' l - " : • ■■, v t} ■ %- • :, ' (JV- 4 ' ' ■ %. 1. ■ ■ . ■ ' ;- ?, .:■ ' Li ' . ■ s. Ii56 I V lav lone . J ue FRESHMAN BEAUTY 74 ..»«?• " Wv l fdJ fvari J n,vi aaloy HIGH SCHOOL BEAUTY 75 JERRY PRICE, MAID OF IIOXOR. CROW S GRACE TUMLIN QUEEN OF MAY AT THE 1953 MAY DAY EXERCISES. May was given a stirring welcome on the sec- ond day of the month, a Saturday, at 5:00 P. M. at Anderson College. The event was marked by a tremendous three-ring circus complete with acrobats and a menagerie. Peggy Emanuel, as Mistress of Ceremonies, kept the show going in the college auditorium, which served as the big top for the day. Heralded by Dot Gregory and DoUie Stone, the Queen of May was crowned— Miss Grace Tumlin of Fountain Inn. She was well set off by a full retinue of attendants. The fun and frivolity got under way with the entire cast in " March Militaire. " In the first ring . . . Julia Stubblefield and Bernice Powell Isbell demonstrated their talents at tumbling. This duet was followed by a somewhat larger group sing- ing " Take Me Out to the Ball Game. " Then the Marshalls, a barbershop quartet par excellence, consisting of Eugene Smith, Don Hubbard, Adger Hiott and Gene Eaker sang " Ain ' t We Got Fun. " A tap dance was ne.xt; Nan Waters, Jane Baynard, Barbara Trincher, and Shirley Channell performed to the music of " Stars and Stripes Forever. " A group of lions waltzed across the stage while the band pla ed " Tales from Vienna Woods. " MAY COURT OF 1953 FRANCES STEWART, DOT WEATHEKFORD, HELEN HENDLEY, JACKIE SCHUXK, BETTY TO KELLY, JULIA SPEARES, SARA JEAN ORR. Train Beaver: GRACE TUMLIN, May Queen; lERRY PRICE, Maid of Honor; BOBBIE LIGON, MARY ANN CROMER, KAY FLORA, ANN TATE, SARAH HAYES, SARA JO YOUXGBLOOD. f f} f) O o ' ' ' .P = lja The second ring brought The Knowit, played by Ann McGill, in a profound discussion with Carol Manchester. Claudia Evans and her sister, Ruth, brought the art of tumbling back before the footlights and then a large group of girls presented the May Pole. Nan Waters tap danced to " Lady of Spain. " The second ring was filled again with a large group presenting " I ' m Forever Blowing Bubbles. " The third n ' ng . . . ever see a dancing bear? You watched them polka if you saw this circus. They were followed by baritone Eugene Smith ' s presentation of " I love a Parade. " Nan Waters and Shirley Channell were featured in a ballet while " Jalousie " was played. Monty Osteen and his cobalt bomb jazz band were next. These cats really lived it up for a few minutes, with the rafters jumping eight beats to every bar. The program was topped by a fencing demonstration by Mrs. Norman Armitage of Clemson and her students. May Day of 1953 was a day that will bring a nostalgic tear to more than one eye when it is remembered as years go by. The holiday spirit, JULIA SPEARES, MAY QUEEN AND SARAH HAYES, MAID OF HONOR. the fulfilled promise of spring, the campus filled with visitors . . . all these combined to create one of the most memorable days of the college year. MAY DAY ATTENDANTS OF 1954 Virst Row: MARY ANN TAYLOR, MARJORIE FILE CAMPBELL, EMMIE SHELTON, MARTHA SADLER BETTY RUTH BAKER. Second Row: JUDY BRYSON, DOLLIE STONE, GLENDA COBB, JOAN WHITE, ARLENE SMITH, BOBBIE CHRISTOPHER. RUTH AMIS. DIRECTORY FACULTY Herbert Archer 2205 Edgewood Ave., Anderson Miss Mary- Major Burriss 300 Spring Park Dr., Anderson Miss Frances Campbell . Route 1, Stan- Mrs. Nellie Carson Ill Oak St., Lenoir, N. C. F. T. Carter Fourth St., Anderson Mrs. F. T. Carter Fourth St., Anderson Miss Catherine Chiles Rt. 8, Bo. 354, Creenville Dean Kathrvn Copeland— 2825 Ninth St., So., Apt. 123-A. Arlington 4, Va. Miss Juanita Davis . . Rt. 2, Fountain Inn Miss Nancy Di -ver 509 East Orr St., Anderson Mrs. Jay Epting— 661 Uni ersity Ave., S. W., Apt. 7, Atlanta, Ga. Miss Margaret Garrett Box 81, Sinipsonville Dr. E. F. Haight 302 Boulevard, Anderson Mrs. W. T. Holroyd 1809 North Main St., Anderson Miss Hewlitte Lifsey 2132 Vine ille A e., Macon, Ga. Miss Pauline Lowman Connelly Springs, N. C. Mrs. Lillian B. McEachern— 2136 Knowille Highway, Kingsport, Tenn. Miss Charlotte Moreland , Rt. 4, Bo.x 395, Atlanta, Ga. Miss Exie Mae Myrick Ringgold, La. Dr. Olga Pruitt 306 West Franklin St., Anderson Miss Lavaughn Robinson . Glendenin, W. Va. Mrs. F. M. Sell Bailey Court 11-1, Anderson Miss Jean Small 708 Central Ave., Lancaster Mrs. Charles Sulhvan . 1805 North Main St., Anderson Mrs. Charles Thompson 810 Woodrow Circle, Anderson Miss Sally Thompson Easley Miss Elizabeth Tribble 209-A Greenville St., Anderson Henry von Hasseln , .1102 West Whitner St., Anderson Webb von Hasseln. . . .1102 West Whitner St., Anderson Miss Beth Wilder 601 College Ave., Anderson Mrs. Mamie Williams, . . .314 South Gregg St., Columbia Mrs. George Wilson 2706 Pope Ave., Anderson Dr. Annie D. Denmark, President Emeritus— 205 William St., So., Goldsboro, N. C. STUDENTS Nancy-Jo Ackerman Home St., St. George William J. Aderhold 214 Burriss St., Anderson Robert Allen Rt. 2, Pelzer Steven Allen Box 131, Williamston Ruth Amis Amis Ranch, Kinards Patsy Ruth Anderson Box 64, Williamston Herbert Atkinson Rt. 2, Hartwell, Ga. R. F. Atkinson, Jr Box 251, Liberty Catherine Avent 419 South Franklin Dr., Florence Doris Ayers Rt. 2, Harfwell, Ga. Judith Bagwell Rt. 1, Donalds Betty Ruth Baker Rt. 1, Box 186, Mt. Pleasant Dennis Bannister 323 H St., Anderson Virgil Bargiol Rt. 1, Pendleton Becky Barrett 1 Lexington Ave., Washington, Ga. Annette Barrow 1221 King Ave., Florence Jane Baynard . .5412 Annapolis Rd., Blandensburg, Md. Elbert Beasley Rt. 3, Piedmont Patricia Bell 1017 Fourth St., Anderson James Bevill 302 East Franklin St., Anderson Helen Bowen 207 E St., Anderson Betty Bradford Rt. 3, Hartwell, Ga. James Brashier Rt. 1, Pelzer Chadotte Breland Holly Hill Becky Brock Rt. 4. Belton Harriet Brown Rt. 1, Anderson Jane AUce Brown Box 41, Mt. Home, N. C. Sybil Brown 343 Tribble St., Anderson Judy Bryson 402 Bennett St., Greenville Betty Burdette Rt. 2, Westminster Bonnie Jean Butts Newry SyK ia Byrd Rt. 5, Anderson Shirley Calhoun 1115 Front St., Georgetown Beth Ann Campbell Rt. 1, Starr Jane Campbell Rt. 4, Belton J. T. Campbell Rt. 4, Belton William Cantrell Box 112, Pelzer Lyndon Carey 1620 South McDuffie St., Anderson Margaret Ann Chapman . 513 Exans St., Anderson Jeanette Chappell Rt. 2, CalHson Jennie Ruth Chatham 20 Highland Ave., Sumter Mary Christensen. . 215 Wils(m Ct., Menomonie, Wis. Barbara Christopher Rt. 1, Campobello Mamie Lou Christopher Rt. 5, Greer Mamie Ann Coates Rt. 2, Anderson Glenda Cobb 326 Moultrie Square, Anderson Betty Jean Gofer 122 Harijer St., Elberton, Ga. Calhoun Cole 2708 Hope Dr., Anderson Clemencie Collins 327 Front St., Georgetown Rebecca Connally Rt. 1, Douglasville, Ga. Elizabeth Corprew Box 216, Dadeville, Ala. June Cromer 102 East View Ave., Anderson Elizabeth Cullwell Box 256, Lutz, Fla. Bill Cummings 719 East Whitner St., Anderson Penny d ' Amiand— 1205 Southgate Rd., S. W., Kno.xviUe 16, Tenn. W. M. Da ' is Rt. 3, Belton Jacquehn e Dennis 2920 Grace St., Columbia Sarah DeVenny. 3541 Admiral Dr., Charleston Heights Joyce Dill Alexander Dr., Washington, Ga. Edith Dodd Round O Dorothy DowUng 123 North B St., Easley David Drake Rt. 2, Anderson Hugh Gene Eaker 905 Fourth St., Anderson Ruth Edmonds 1004 East River St., Anderson Charles Edwards Rt. 3, Piedmont Clifford L. Edwards. .210 East Hampton St., Anderson Dolores Ellis . 3506 Powelton Ave., PJiiladelphia, Pa. Margaret Emanuel 38 Baldwin Youngstown, Ohio Debbie Rose Ezelle Wagener Marjorie File 606 Sherard St., Anderson Marian Findley 105 Maxwell Ave., Anderson Roxie Ford Rt. 3, Belton Eddie Sue Garner West 2nd No. 6, Williamston Jerry Garrett 114 Webb St., Anderson Betty Garrison Rt. 2, Anderson Margaret Garrison 2505 Pope Dr., Anderson 78 DIRECTORY -Continued Coleman W. Gary Rt. 4, Beltoii Patricia Ann Gasa va - 508 X. McDuffie St., Anderson Joan Elizabeth Goff Box 77, Rockford, Ala. Ruth B. Goldstein 1134 King St.. Charleston Deuel Griffin Rt. 3, Anderson Glenn Gurle ' West Whitner St., Anderson Mary Martha Haight 302 Boulevard, Anderson Betty Hall Rt. 1, Batesburg Palmyra Hardin .510 Calhoun St., Anderson Dorothy Harvey Lo vndes ille Sarah Hayes Rt. 6, Anderson Joe Ann Hester Rt. 1, Pelzer Mary Ann Hiers Warren St., Barnwell Adger Hiott 1801 Boulevard Heights, Anderson Bertha Holcombe Rt. 1, Townville Don Hubbard 3 Diamond, Anderson Priscilla Hunt Lonsdale St., Seneca Joe Dean Ivester 704 North Gossett St., Anderson Shirley James 1730 West Market St., Anderson Thomas E. Jaynes 407-B North McDuffie St.. Anderson Harold Jones Sand Springs Ola V. Jones Rt. 2, Pickens Martha Jordan 118 Cochran Block, Anderson Charles W. Kay, Jr •. . . 15 Bi ' its St., Pelzer V ' emette Land 1915 Greenwood St., Savannah, Ga. Patricia Lane PampHco Cecil E. Lockaby Rt. 1, Williamston William J. Lockaby, Jr Rt. 1, Pelzer Patricia Anne Locke Rt. 5, Anderson Miriam Luquire Rt. 1, Box 46, Greenwood Ida Jean Lyles Rt. 1, Townville Selwyn McClain Rt. 3, Box 84, Anderson Betty McGregor Box 58, Starr Paul Mabry, Jr Box 477, Williamston Mrs. Vivienne Maddox 3512 S. Main St., Anderson Barbara A. Magahs 3618 Ridgewood, Columbia Carol Manchester 516 Almena Ave., Ardsley, N. Y. James Marchbanks Rt. 1, Anderson Mrs. Sue Marett Rt. 1, Fair Play Annie Martin Rt. 1, Pendleton David Martin Rt. 1, Anderson Gwen Martin Rt. 1, Anderson Nannie Martin Rt. 1, Pendleton Ethel Mashbuni Ill Edwards St., Elberton, Ga. Dot Mason 208 Walhalla St., Westminster Hilda Ann M ' attox 305 Park Ave., Lancaster Gwen Mauldin 77 Augusta Rd., Lavonia, Ga. Ann Medhn Avalon, Ga. Alice Merhne 605 North St., Anderson Rufus A. Moore Piedmont Joe MuUen 422 Central Ave., Anderson Joanne Munn 352 State St., Rock Hill Mary Alice Myers Rt. 2, Simpsonville James M. Nash 516 East Orr St., Anderson Marian Neil 516 East Orr St., Anderson Clyde Nichols 6 Stewart, Pelzer Louise Nimmons Walhalla Guy Overcash 3403 South Main E.xt., Anderson Katharine Park 908 South Main St., Greenwood Ruth Parrish Rt. 1, Martinez, Ga. Ann Patterson 14 Conner St., Pelzer Shirley Peeler 117 Hyer St., Mt. Pleasant Lorieta Poole 3205 South Main St., Anderson Jane Powell 434 Frver St.. Troy, N. C. James T. Ramey Rt. 3, Westminster Maxine Rampey Rt. 3, Belton Anna Reaves 11 South John Ave., Akron, Ohio Eleanor Reynolds 20 Ware St., Ware Shoals Nadine Robertson Rt. 2, Travelers Rest Philip Rogers 313-A Spring Park, Anderson Leonard J. Roper Rt. 1, Liberty Frances Roundtree 6742 Belkenton, Cincinnati, Ohio Martha Sadler 118 West Franklin St., Anderson Mary Frances Shaw Box 355, Williamston Emmie Shelton 909 East River St., Anderson Margaret Simpson Rt. 4, Anderson Pegg - Small 708 Central Ave., Lancaster Anne Smith 104 Tinker Blvd., Warner Robins, Ga. Arlene E. Smith Box 264, Anderson Clarence Smith Rt. 1, Williamston Doren Smith 104 North Pine St., Walhalla Edwin Smith 17 Hampton St., Pelzer Eugene Smith Rt. 6, Anderson Joyce Smith Rt. 1, Starr Thula Smith 3 Brock St., Pelzer Juha Ann Speares 305 Broad St., Anderson Dollie Stone Box 56, Donalds Linder SulUvan Fourth St. Ext., Anderson Barbara Mae Summer Box 141, Chiefland, Fla. Mrs. Bruce Swain 1208 North Main St., Anderson Becky Taylor 213 Hampton Ave., Honea Path Mary Ann Taylor 16 Highland Dr., Greenville Margie Teasley 304 Jackson St., Anderson Carol Ten Eyck 85 Meadow Rd., Riverside, Conn. Betty Lou Thomas Hissop, Ala. Carolyn Thomas 84 Callioun St., Joanna Joan Thomas Rt. 1, Martin, Ga. Patsy Thomas ... 2924 Manitou Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. SaUie M. Thompson 411 Rose Hill, Anderson Ann Thorne Box 494, Simpsonville James S. Turner 205 Norris St., Anderson Darline Walker 225 Lake Forest Dr., Elberton, Ga. Gail Wanner 1950 Memorial Dr. SE, Atlanta, Ga. Mary EKzabedi Watson 108 Norris St., Anderson Dorotliy Weatherford Rt. 4, Darlington Joan Wliite Rt. 56, White Horse Rd., Greenville Tommie Jean Wlute 66 Simmons St., Anderson William Whitfield TownviUe Ellen Williams 1st St. No. 1, Rt. 1, Williamston Shirley Wilhams 122 Harper St., Elberton, Ga. Harriett Williamson— 2718 Country Club Lane, Charlotte, N. C. Doris Willingham 410 Pine Hill St., Anderson Frances Wilson 18 Pinckney, Abbeville Mary- Sue Wise Trenton James Withers, Jr 411 North Fant St., Anderson George Yearwood 103 Savannah Hwy., Charleston 79 In South Carolina . . . The ANDERSON Newspapers are STATE CHAMPIONS In Growth, Public Service and Prestige! South Carolina ' s Fastest Growing Newspapers now have over 50,000 Circulation (Over 400% Gain Since 1937) Leading all newspapers of the Palmetto State in circulation gains, they long ago passed SPARTANBURG and moved up next to CHARLESTON in total circulation! More News. More Pictures, More Features! Only newspaper in the United States to twice receive the University of Missouri silver plaque lor rendering the greatest community service in the nation. (1941 and 1 944.) First South Carolina newspaper to sponsor series of radio broadcasts to publicize the state ' s natural resources to the nation. First South Carolina newspaper to install complete photo- graphic department and engraving plant enabling them to publish regularly more local and sectional pictures than any newspapers in the state. First new spapers in the South to be selected by Northwestern University for a readership study. In 1950, the National Editorial Association awarded The Independent its Distinguished Service Bronze Plaque for out- standing Farm pages. {In top three of U. S. A.). Leads ix Circui-atiox Growth in South Carolina! In a typical year the Northwestern University survey re- vealed the Anderson newspapers contributed 366,091.20 in space to help build this community and section. (Over and above normal news coverage.) The Daily Mail was awarded the N. E. A. Bronze Plaque for having produced the largest newspaper ever printed in South Carolina (304 pages). Its edition was acclaimed in the group of the three best issued in the United States. Awarded Editor and Publisher Blue Ribbon for writing and publishing the best advertisement in the United States in 1941. First newspapers in the stale to be restyled for easy reading by America ' s foremost typographer, Gilbert Farrar, who de- signed Look Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun and many other leading publications. Received N. E. A. top honors in 1943 for circulation promotion and carrier-salesmen w elfare program. L. S. HEMBREE, Editor MORNING and SUNDAY Associated Press — International News Service — North American Newspaper Alliance The Daily Mail I. B. HALL, Editor EVENING JAMES R. YOUNG, Associate Editor WILTON E. HALL, Publisher South Carolina ' s fastest growing newspapers Represented by The Katz Agency. Inc. 80 • xzix i:x c:i:x cix ci c: c: ; i=K c: c2x c:x :;: i ALL I I Commercial Photos For This I I 1954 COLUMNS I Made by NASHALL STUDIOS Quality Commercial Photography I 215 AVEST CHURCH STREET I ANDERSOX, SOUTH CAROLINA Specializing in Yearbook Photos Weddings, Home Portraits, Aerial A Department of Palmetto Publishing Company 5 INDUSTRIAL, COLOR. :M0TI0X PICTURES 5 5 I X X James Nash Wilton Hall, Jr. I PHONE 497 I i NASHALL i S( C» c= )0 OX = = c= C3 e= c= c= e=xx= =x =s c= C3 c c:3 e= =5 c= 81 JK xc : c:x :z : c : xcix r : 3 :i? c c: : x c: c:x crx c:x «o: ox rx vc= czx S S. H. KRESS AND COMPANY 5-10-25c STORE ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA 3 c i=x ::rv r : = ; crx cz ; c 3 = : r SAM HAMLET CLEANERS AND TAILORS •JBOO North Main Street AXDEESOX, S. C. ixit Our Plant — the Most fo(Jrnl in South CtiroUiia KING COTTON BEDDING AND SALES CO. Wholcsdle and Retail Manufacturers of INNERSPRING. FELT AND COTTON LATTRESSES AxDERSOX, S. C. C5 C=X OC C3 C3 CX C=XX=X)C3 X=XXC5 0 V=X C5 X " 0 «= • C;X OOC= X=X X= X=X )C5 X=X X X ! : c:: c zx xz x :x c; crx :r5 cr ; :z:x c : : cz c i xc c;5 czx cC3 c c crx t X xrrxxcx xz XC3 X crx c::x xnx x::3 3! A FRIEND « =xx ' x:= cx= x=x cxx=x :3 c=a xc c: x::xxC5 ) =xx=x c=x = ix=3 c= x:= x=xx=x c:xx:: x=xx::i x::3 c= x 82 =» = ; z :rx ci : c=x rx =. c z ; c= : BILL CUMMINGS, Busincs. Manager uuceni t om.p6on J tudioi %p6 COLUMBIA • ANDERSON SOUTH CAROLINA Portrait Photographers of the 1954 COLUMNS ;C? c;x zz c ; c ; = = ; ci: = ; = =x » x x XIX XX ? : ; , 83 X : z : i c= c:x c c : o c c ; ox ;Cfx X! ; xcx xrrx xzxxooc x JX I ORR-GRAY DRUG CO. H SS 120 East Earle Street A Andehsox, S. C. Phoxe 216 Phone 1887 jj DILLARD ' S ' I SPORTING GOODS i BILL DILLAHD, OWNER fi JOHN HILL, MANAGER V AXDERSOX, S. C. fi cz :x:z L :; xz : cz c:x c:; c:x :: : z c zx ■tt c: c . c3 c : o czx c: c; : c : :rx A FRIEND I I I I K c = : c x c ; c:: r r c: ci z:x :::: THE ANDERSON HARDWARE CO. East Whitner Street Anderson, S. C. SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Serving in this Section for Over 68 Years X« e=x eo = )C= = = =5 cz c=j = = yca c = =x c:x z x=x X3.- =3 = ( •a; : OX C= i C=-. C:3 C=X X== = CIX =X X=X C5 C3 = =X ; =X C =X .=x = KINGOFF ' S, INCORPORATED lEWELERS 124 N. MAIN ST. PHONE 292 ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA )« r = = c= ; C= JCIX C XO X= C3 D C3 o =X C3 C= ) =X c=x c= 84 jCt ::: : cr crx ;: : : c ; :: ; :: ; 30 :z : r c ' r:x zx crx) zx cr : c : :: crx c I . HERRING ' S I PFAFF SEWING CENTER Q 315 S. Main Street Telephone 2906 y V. S. HERRING AxDEKSOX, S. C. MERITA BREAD AND CAKE N ci ; r ; z : :r c c cixxzixxczx c : ii xcix c z : cz ; c:rxxc xzix i:x c ::::x c:x r:x c :x GENE ANDERSON ' S " One of Carolina ' s Better Stores " SUMMERLIN DRY CLEANERS 100 W. Oiii! St. Phoxe 15 FIXE CLEAXIXG ci xczxxcr c= c: ;x::rx: c:x crx i r cix crx c 5i c:z cr c:x ci cr rrx c:: ci:x crx czx c:: r K J ' c ; xi -. :: cirK ) l: . crx ci r r ! : ci ; xr : xz !5 PALMETTO PUBLISHING COMPANY D I 215 W. CHURCH ST. PHOXE 1(50 § AXDERSOX, SOUTH CAROLINA I " TFf 7 7 An thing But Money " •A c= z f cr z ci : :rx ::: ycix z = ' : 5K czx czx «c cz : c ; ci ; c c : c:x ::i c EAGLE FURNITURE COMPANY ' YOUR BEST BP:T FOR A BARGAIN " J. Byru.m Lawsox I PHOXE 20: 115-17-19 W. CHURCH ST. I 5) Complete Home Furnishers 5 J5; ; c:x c x::zx xc:x x:: cc :: : c ; czx :rx ) r c ( 85 3C !o: o; c=x x=x x= : X x c:xjiK ■e{ c3 : = z cr o ; cr : 3 : 3 :yc: I ANDERSON PRINTING I COMPANY 411-413 N. oNIaix Street ELITE CAFE Anderson, S. C. Anderson, S. C. Phone 873 r ci ; z ; = 5 z ) 33 c x :rs cr5 i :;3 rx z crx xz=K y i :; c35 ? : xr SULLIVAN-KING MORTUARY Established 19S2 THONE 3-: 401 NORTH MAIX STREET ' i)ulcrt oii ' fi Oldest Funeral IIuiiic " e x cz ' , z z = =: ( :: y: : : :: = xz i c z ( : JK xrx x x x: x x cx rx r : x c ccx z : c: K :x ;3x r cr rx xrx cz» zx x x c K c x c c : c c . 3 ■ : c JK RICHARD RUHLE REFRIGERATION COMPANY REFRIGERATION AND AIR-COXUITIONING EQUIPMENT Sales and Service 207 WEST CHURCH ST. ANDERSON, S. C, 5X = : = = := : : : 5K : x zz f zi ' xz : c ; :::x xr : c 3x z:x c ; c: I l SHOP AND SAVE I ■ 51 GALLANT-BELK COMPANY I I I % Anderson ' s I argest and Best Denartnioit Store j I QUALITY MERCHANDISE ALWAYS AT i I LOWEST PRICES ?J J! ; ; : ; z c? c ; zx 86 . ' 0 ' ==« c ; c= ; z=x c= : izx = : yclx c : c:x !5 il !) . . !1 V - V 5 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE | I l!).-,4 GRADUATES | 5 • - 5 I We Are Proud Of All Of You | j THE CITY OF ANDERSON | 1 WILLIAM C. JOHNSTON JAMES C. CATHCART I V. Mai or Mayor Pro-Tern. Q I ALDERMEN i Q Claude E. Greene Clarence L. Puessley jj V George S. Mack William H. Ejibler Q 6 Ralph P. Sewell Rueus H. Moorhead = : c c? z = c=x =ix xr ; rx ! zx FURMAN UNIVERSITY j E.stahlishaJ 1826 Dii. John I . Pvleu, President x I GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA I A Co-Ed, Standard Liberal Arts College offering B.A., B.S., B.M. | in Music, M.A. Degrees j| Special emphasis on Business Administration, Art, Music, j| Speech Arts, Home Economics, Teacher Education, Religious Education, Pre-Med, Pre-Law, Pre-Engineering » Reserve Officers Training Corps 5 I For Catalogue write g Miss Eula Barton, Registrar Mr. C. L. Rasor, Registrar Woman ' s College Men ' s College 5; z: cr ci : c ; crx z ; c : ci: cz=K xiix 87 3C cz =x r rx =:; : xzix crx :rx r ; z:x = : x I Coble Dairy Products, Inc. I I I I " QUALITY COXTROI.LED PRODUCTS FROM fl I LOCAU FAR3IERS " $ « MILK • ICE CREAM I I PHONE 2828 ANDERSON, S. C. Q i JX = ; == = ; == ; c= : z : OK c=x c x ; : ORR MILLS I I SHINING TOWER 5 S) i5 RESTAURANT ?J I AxDERsox. S. C. if ' ° ' " • ' ' ' S - ExTExsiox I X XX Phoxe 117 X XX AXDERSOX, S. C. X 3C£ xzx z . c zx xcx c : czx :;: y:zx x z 5 DOUGLAS McDOUGALD I I H Funeral Director 5 I ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA | i 600 S. MAIN ST. PHONE 25 5 S » C = C cr «= e=x eo e= = c=x C3 c::x c=x cx rK c=x cx ; ;= CS X = z : c ! c=x = ; cz ( c : cc : ci r ; xc : J¥ ? " Finance At Home With Home Finance " | i I HOME FINANCE COMPANY I I I 701 SOUTH MAIN STREET i PHONES 3466-3407 ANDERSON " , S. C. I I () j; crx crx c: c:x :: c3x :: i;=K czx r::x SI !S SI i) I GURLEY CONSTRUCTION CO. I | ELECTRIC CITY PRINTING | I RESIDEXTL L CONSTRUCTION I I COMPANY | X XX X I 900 W. Mauldix St. Phoxe 2:322-J x jj Quality Priniiiiy Since 1920 I X Res. 801 W. Whitxeu Street 5 j) Q ?j Phoxe 1;334-AV 5 0, S ' . o r- X A 1- ' ' ' - Bexsox St. Axdersox, S. C. j JOHX C. GURLEY AxDERSOX, S. C. Q Q Q Better Be Safe Than Sorry " Lawrence and Brownlee INSURANCE AND BONDS | Southern Insurance Specialists 5 122 N. MAIN ST. ANDERSON, S. C. I z ; ci rx crx z r =K =K ::=K : c : c= i 89 5S: x:= =!= c : =!: ! : c : c ; c ; = czx ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA A JUNIOR COLLEGE WITH PREPARATORY DEPARTMENT Opportuuitji for College Tniininy Liberal Arts, Mi ' sic Major. Public School Music, Speech axd Dramatic Art, Commercial L jor. General Education Prepare for a Career Terminal I iberal Arts, Homemakers Course, Homemaking and Business [Medical Secretarial, Church Secretarial, Two-Year Secretarial, One- Year Secretarial For Information and Catalogue Address THE PRESIDENT, AXDEKSOX COLLECxE I I I I I I I I I I I ; ) z J z ; xc : . !!? ' irx r ( c : xirx czx z ! ; c 3C crx :z c:x :: ; o crx cr:x c ; cr r? c3 : ( : LOW COST SERVANT 5 I DUKE) POWER COMPANY | •Cf zx cr xc ; :: c::x c ; r : =: ::r :zx r 90 MiM } m msw j! . j ' pwpa ' 3WBww Jfe ji iffwtt Hf W Wfc , Jbuvt TT r BHLJ ip :: J fe ' ' S ' sK: ;: ' ' Wi fiii - i

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