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3SBBBBBBBBBBBSB! DONATED TO ANDERSON COLLEGE LIBRARY BY KATHRYN COPELAND FORMER DEAN OF ANDERSON COLLEGE 3E3E3E3E3E3E3E3SE3E3SOSSraE- I I I I I I I I] I I I I I 3 ANDERSON COLLEGE [ resenti % Columns of J4eien Aforne Hetty rfo J elty Editor Business Manager -■...v.. AJe ■ Moid Ske rr irror Up Jo r lata re Anderson College is thought of as being more than just a school. It has a certain spirit. It gives inspiration to all. It is many things . . . . . . things like a Sunshine Sister during mid-term exams . . . trying out for the play ... a first period class on Monday . . . Busy signs on a door . . . . . . things like the excitement of elections . . . the long afternoon labs that took up our treasured time . . . Religious Emphasis Week . . . canteen rendezvous at 9:30 . . . . . . things like an empty mail box . . . chapel every day . . . many hours of practice for May Day . . . the anticipation of graduation with a glad but sad heart . . . . . . We believe that the 1953 Columns is a true repre- sentation of Anderson College— a true reflection. Here is our time as we have spent it. CONTENTS Classes Activities Publications Sports Features ■F 40V - — ' DEDICATION because of her wise and sympathetic understanding of our young people. because she is the embodiment of our Christian ideal. because she has won for herself a permanent place in our memories of Anderson College. we dedicate this edition of the Columns of 1953 to our president, Ok A Ok Ok Anderson College was a senior college for women when Miss Annie Dove Denmark came in 1917 as a piano instructor. Dr. John E. White, the president of the college, made her the Dean of Women in 1926. On January 1, 1928, Miss Denmark became the first woman college president in South Carolina. In 1929, she led in the re- organization of the college as a junior college, a new type of edu- cational institution for South Carolina. Men were admitted as day students beginning with 1930. Denmark Day was observed on Founder ' s Day at Anderson College on February 14, 1953, when Dr. Annie Dove Denmark was honored at a twenty-fifth anniversary convocation in the college auditorium. The speaker for the occasion was Mrs. Olin D. Johnston, an Anderson College graduate and a former trustee. At this anniversary celebration, Dr. Denmark received tributes from representatives of many southwide and state organizations with whom she had worked during her quarter of a century of service to the cause of Christian education. She has served as a trustee of the Women ' s Missionary Union Training School in Louisville, Kentucky for a number of years. Soon after becoming president of Anderson College, she served as president of the Southern Association of Col- leges for Women, the first woman to hold this position. She has been heard as a speaker at the annual conferences of the Educational Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and at the State Baptist Convention. Dr. Denmark has unceasingly advocated an over-all program of permanent support for South Carolina Baptist colleges. She was an educational pioneer in junior colleges and it is because of her that they are recognized now. Anderson College will always remember her. DR. DENMARK welcoming MRS. OLIN D. JOHNSTON, 1953 Founders Day Speaker. DR. DENMARK working in her office DR. A. L. SMETHERS, DR. S. H. JONES. and DR. DENMARK looking at a diploma of the Johnson Female Seminary, the forerunner of Anderson College. DR. DENMARK speaking at a Founder ' s Day observance. fe 3 ■;..ri(j?.K$.rmy Dear to our hearts is our Alma Tho ' from thy halls far away Thoughts back tothee willfly ... ■ ■£ ■■ ,! ■ ' ,? -V,-, :::. ' M.-L- ' - ' ' - -; :■. raa aS i tfi: ■-.,„ .,. - . 3n HUmortam Gloria Jean Breland 1933-1953 12 ADMINISTRATION These are the ones who strive to make each student aware of the im- portance of education. Dr. Denmark has been with Anderson College since 1917, when she came as a piano teacher. Dean Copeland, a graduate of Baylor University and the South- western Baptist Theological Semi- nary, has been at the college since 1926, when she served as Professor of Bible. Miss Cronkhite, a former piano teacher of Dr. Denmark, has been the Dean of Music since 1917. Miss Claire Lucas began as the Stu- dent Counselor for the college in 1942. Miss Tribble has served as Bursar since 1930. MISS KATHRYX COPELAND Dean MISS GRACE LOUISE CRONKHITE Dean of School of Music MISS CLAIRE LUCAS Student Counselor MISS ELIZABETH TRIBBLE Bursar DR. ANNIE DOVE DENMARK. President 13 Herbert Archer (1950) Piano and Appreciation of Music Mrs. Herbert Archer ( 1949 ) Piano Mrs. Clifford J. Brown (1942) Preparatory Department Miss Mary Major Buiriss ( 1944 ) Secretarial Science Miss Frances Campbell ( 1945 ) Secretary to President and Assistant Bursar Mrs. Nellie Carson (1948) Supervisor of Canteen ARCHER. H BURRISS AHCHER CAMPBELL FACULTY COOK CULYER DAVIS DIVVER GARRETT HAWSE Miss Cathy Chiles (1952) Speech and Dramatic Art Claude Cook (1952) Field Representative Miss Kathryn Culver (1952) Voice Miss Clara Dally ( 1952 ) Chemistry and Biology Miss Juanita Davis ( 1945 ) Registrar and Assistant to Dean Miss Nancy Diwer ( 1950 ) Librarian Mrs. Jay Epting (1950) House Manager Miss Margaret Garrett ( 1949 ) Bible and Latin Miss Doris Hawse (1952) Science for Nurses and English Miss Hewlette Lifsey ( 1949 ) Nurse and Supervisor of Infirmary Miss Lulu McClube (1951) English Mrs. Lillian McEachern ( 1951 ) Piano Miss Charlotte Moreland (1952) Assistant in Secretarial Science Miss Frances Nicoll (1949) Home Economics Miss Rosa Paschal (1937) Mathematics Dr. Olga Pruitt (1912) Physician Miss Gene Strickland (1951) Art Mrs. Coy Meeks Sullivan (1948) English, Business Correspondence Not pictured: Miss Sue T. Walker, Dietician LIFSEY McCLUBE McEACHERN MORELAND NICOLL PASCHAL PRUITT STRICKLAND SULLIVAN FACULTY von HASSELN. H. WESTMORELAND THOMPSON WILLLAMS von HASSELN, W. WILSON Henry von Hasseln (1946) History and Social Sciences Mrs. Charles Thompson ( 1950 ) Manager of Bookstore and Canteen Webb von Hasseln ( 1915 ) Modern Languages and Violin Mrs. Sloan Westmoreland ( 1947 ) Hostess and Assistant Dietician Mrs. Mamie Williams ( 1950 ) Postmistress and Canteen Assistant Mrs. George Wilson (1950) Physical Education . . . The refection of things . . . like those hard-to-understand exceptions to the rule in French . . . getting the D and E mixed up in typing . . . the difference between Torquilstone and Templestowe . . . that funny feeling when there ' s a test in the very near future . . . Hope the hell rings before he asks me that . . . VL row 16 ...Classes Class Scenes 1. AND I VAN HOE MARRIED LADY ROWENA 2. BOOGIE ON THE TYPE- WRITERS 3. CONFLICTING CHORDS 4. THERE ' S THE PARAMECIUM 5. JUNIOR RENOIRS 6. MAYBE I ' LL FIND IT HERE 7. DON ' T FORGET THE SUGAR 8. HOPE THIS DOESN ' T EX- PLODE E™ . - ' S opk r iomore5 Sophomores traditionally fete the frosh on Halloween Eve . . . NANCY, SHELLEY , NAN, MADELEINE, JAY , SYBIL, and GENE . . . all helped entertain us through the crystal ball. MISS STRICKLAND, our sponsor, showing the coveted A. C. ring to FRANCES while frosh COOKIE looks on. BETTY JO, ROSIE, and MOT . . . all catching a glimmer of graduation by trying on caps and gowns. 20 of 1953 GRACE TUMLIN President FELTON BRATCHER Vice-President JUNE BUCHANAN Secretary MADELEINE DUCOM Treasurer FRANCES STEWART Resident Marshal FRANCES McCALL Town Marshal MISS GENE STRICKLAND Sponsor F. STEWART, M. DUCOM, F. McCALL, G. TUMLIN, F. BRATCHER, J. BUCHANAN. Not pictured: MISS GENE STRICKLAND, Sponsor. Good things come in small packages. Though few in number, the sophomores returned with high aspirations. We came back to well-loved sights . . . familiar and strange faces . . . old and new teachers . . . humdrum and exciting schedules. We lamented over chemistry . . . deplored those psychology reports . . . viewed the cadets now and then at ball games. We enjoyed hectic holidays at home . . . and brought back with us the feeling that an axe was hanging o ' er our heads— exams. Soon there was Founder ' s Day . . . May Day . . . caps and gowns . . . joy and sadness . . . last-minute packing of prized diplomas . . . and we leave dear ole A. C. looking for new fields to conquer. Most Likely To Succeed JERRY PRICE Most Athletic SHIRLEY PALMER 21 Betty Jo Alexander, Salem Head d ining room girl . . . hidden wittiness friendly . . . counted the days until graduation. Carolyn Bouchillon, Anderson Curly blonde hair . . . frank ' n ' friendly . . . never allowed studies to interfere . . . dotes on Clemson and Boseobel. Kay Bart, Savannah, Ga. Chatters constantly . . . fun to know . . chalant . . . pulled-up socks and loafers. Felton Bratcher, Anderson yet non- Easy going . . . Sophomore class veep tically married . . . likes to sleep . . gentleman. prac- reel Patsy Blair, Anderson Yodler co-editor . . . Town Council . . . reliable sailed through chemistry . . . collects Bills. June Buchanan, Anderson Sports enthusiast . . . enjoyed studying chemistry with Jerry . . . Vice-prexy of W. A. A. . . . big flirt, too. SOPHOMORES ALEXANDER BART BLAIR BOUCHILLON BRATCHER BUCHANAN 22 CAMPBELL CROMER DUCOM Kathleen Campbell, Starr Served on Resident Council . . . was official bell-ringer . . . quiet and reserved ... a front- row girl. Rose Marie Cbeswell, Plum Branch Rosie . . . worked wonders as prexy of B. S. U. . . . not a drug store blonde . . . busv all the time. Maby Anx Cromer, Anderson Familiar to all . . . Town Council . . . every movement graceful . . . favorite pastime— tour- ing Clemson in an Olds. Mabtha Davis, Fountain Inn Resident Council . . . future in nursing . . Mot to everybody ... a real friend . . jokes constantly. Madeleine DuCom, Sumter Dreams of life in Mexico with Giles . . . money- keeper for sophomores . . . when does she sleep? . . . likes bacon. Cornells Gable, Antreville A favorite chaperone . . . Columns associate editor . . . hates to wear her glasses . . . good fire chief . . . but chose bad hours for drills. Most Popular GRACE TUMLIN Best All Round FELTOX BRATCHER Thalia Gambrell, Pendleton Neat as a pin . . . entrancing eyes . . . soft spoken . . . modest but smart . . . especially in English Lit. Claudette Howard, Piedmont West house president . . . witty . . . anything but serious . . . roomed with MeAlister . . . sure is swell. Helen Hendley, Decatur, Ga. Active AC student . . . Resident Council veep piano major adores Chef Cowan ' s seafood. Rachel Hutchison, Lowndesville A midnight snacker . . . basketball forward . . . may become a Winnie in September . . . has brains but hates to bother them. Helen Horne, Allendale Edited the Columns . . . drawls . . . B. S. U. Coun- cil . . . hasn ' t learned to say four yet . . . plays piano occasionally. Emma Jeffords, Florence Serene . . . secretarial student . . . sweet face reveals a pleasant disposition . . . dislikes movies . . . they scare her. SOPHOMORES GAMBRELL HENDLEY HORNE HOWARD HUTCHISON JEFFORDS 24 Most Talented HELEN HENDLEY Wittiest DON HUBBARD Saba Jo Johnson, Greenville President of Y. W. A. . . . doled out money in student bank . . . secretary of Resident SGA . . . likes to laugh. Bobby Lou Johnston, Greenville B. S. U. Council . . . virtuoso at a piano . . . lived in the practice rooms . . . bangs become her. Betty Jo Kelly, Birmingham, Iowa Business Manager of Columns . . . small pack- age of fun . . . staggering vocabulary . . . likes cadets. Nancy King, Anderson Leader of Town SGA . . . smattering of freckles . . . chanted in choir first semester . . . carry her away to Ole Virginny. Chables Kirkham, Anderson A Navy man . . . clear blue eyes . . . interested in studies . . . collects lit papers . . . well-liked. Barbara McAlister, Greenwood Resident Council . . . loves to skate . . . doesn ' t believe in settling down . . . partial to moun- taineers and future MD ' s. Frances McCall, Pelzer Appreciates the finer things in life ... an ever-ready smile to all . composed. Shirley Palmer, Sandy Springs good-natured President of W. A. A. and College Choir . marshal . . . rhythm in her bones . . . outstanding voice . the S. C. Low-countrv. . has likes Anne McGill, Editor of Yodler Theta Kappa . . green eyes. Anderson . . quietness of capability . . . Phi . green eyes; those lovely, lovely Mary Nelle Patterson, Norcross, Ga. One of those peaches . . . Pat . . . very fond of Uncle Sam ' s sailors . . . employs an attractive walk . . . capable of serious thought. Eleise Owen, Central Constantly rushing to complete B. S. U. notes . . . chairman of Hiking Club . . . displayed mean stroke in tennis . . . always comes through smiling. Jerry Price, Goldsboro, N. C. Tarheel to her toes . . . Resident SGA prexy calm and unruffled . . . likes white moccasins prefers blonde Bobs. SOPHOMORES McCALL McGILL OWEN PALMER PATTERSON PRICE 26 SAYLORS SINGLETON STEWART SHEARER STEPHENSON TUMLIN Most Intellectual PATSY BLAIR Best Dressed FRANCES STEWART Charles Saylors, Williamston Nice to know . . . Phi Theta Kappa . . . grad- uated in January . . . serious brown eyes . . . really liked IVANHOE. Johnny Shearer, Anderson Always wears a suit . . . newspaper man . . . part-time student . . . enjoyed Mr. Henry ' s classes . . . also arguing. Betty Ann Singleton, Pendleton Third finger, left hand occupied . . . day stu- dent, though often in East ... a smile for everybody . . . favorite subject— Boyee. Frances Stephenson, Union Dramatically inclined . . . President of Delta Psi Omega . . . can ' t decide between Newberry and Timmonsville . . . widow ' s peak. Frances Stewart, Six Mile Weekends at home . . . marshal . . . fashion conscious . . . wants to see Paris in the spring- time . . . lost without BJ. Grace Tumlin, Led sophomores . varsity basketball tall. Fountain Inn . sparkling blue eyes . . Resident Council Not Pictured: James Dunlap, Mims Evans, Peggy Fields, Don Hubbard, W. A. Williams. J. SPEARES. S. HAYES, A. TATE, P. SMALL. X. SMITH, P. ROGERS. Not Pictured: MISS DORIS HAWSE, Sponsor. yredk men 1953 NANCY SMITH President PHILIP ROGERS Vice-President SARAH HAYES Secretary ANN TATE Treasurer PEGGY SMALL Resident ■Marshal JULIA SPEARES Town Marshal MISS DORIS HAWSE Sponsor The first thing that hit us at college. Our accompanist-at-large The suitcases were heavy . . . and all those boxes! But we were too excited— our fresh- man year at college . . . the shy Hi from that strange roommate . . . the Crook Ban- quet . . . soon the month of December . . . home for the holidays— back to exams . . . miraculously we made it . . . then days really flew . . . Sara Jo Youngblood took over the reins second semester . . . Easter . . . May Da} ' . . . the Daisy Chain . . . watching the sophs graduate . . . thinking of next year when we ' ll be the sophomores. 28 Nancy-Jo Ackerman Catherine Ann Avent Betty Ruth Baker Sibyl Bauknight Jane Beaty Patricia Bell Betty Joyce Boyles James Brashier Alice Broome Top row, left to right: Sara Broome, Paul Brown, Truman Brown, Sara Byrd, Barbara Carnes. Bottom row: Lyndon Carey, Margaret Chapman, Shirley Channell, Jennie Ruth Chatham, Mary Christensen. 29 Barbara Christopher Glenda Cobb Calhoun Cole Rebecca Conn-ally Rosaline Cook Barbara Cornwell FRESHMEN Bill Cummings Milton Davis Joyce Dill Truman Ellison Margaret Emanuel Jimmie Ruth Erskine Marian Findley Dorothy Gregory Patricia Gasaway 30 Farrell Giles Christine Gore Norma Rae Hampton Lillian Hanks Palmyra Hardin Sarah Hayes Bernice Powell Isbell Shirley James Tommy Jaynes Top row, left to right: Harold Jones, Sarah Keaton, Mrs. Elsie King, Mrs. Rebecca Liyerman, William Lockaby. Bottom row: Carolyn Locke, Sallie Mauldin, Norma Jean McCollum, Betty McGregor, Bobby Meredith. 31 Eleanor Moore Mary Alice Myers James Nash Betty Phillips Martha Phillips Peggy Pruitt Julia Ann Reeves Nadine Robertson Philip Rogers Emmie Lee Shelton Peggy Ann Small Clarence Smith Guy Overcash Ruth Parrish Marjo Patterson FRESHMEN 32 Edwin Smith Eugene Smith Nancy Smith Patsy Southerlin Julia Speares Carolyn Thomas Charles Trotter Ann Tate Margie Teasley Top row, left to right: Nan Waters, Barbara Watts, Dorothy Weathe rford, Frances Whitten, Frances Wilson. Bottom row. Mary Sue Wise, Bettie Jo Woodall, Marilyn Moore Woodward, Sara Jo Youngblood. Not Pictured: Kathry ' n Batt.fs William Giles Betsy Jones Bobbie Ligon Miriam Munn Louise Nimmons Robert Williams 33 J. McSWEENEY, T. STUBBLEFIELD, C. MAN- CHESTER, J. SCHUNK, K. FLORA. Not pictured: MISS MARGARET GARRETT, Sponsor. J. DINKINS, S. F. ELKINS, E. REYNOLDS. Not pictured: MISS FRANCES NICOLL, Sponsor. j reparatonA UJep ttnent anmen SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS KAY FLORA President JACKIE SCHUNK . . . Vice-President JEAN McSWEENEY .... Secretary JULIA STUBBLEFIELD . . Treasurer CAROL MANCHESTER . . . Marshal MISS MARGARET GARRETT . Sponsor Those long hours of study hall where we tried to study but didn ' t succeed very well. Great fun—parlor dating! JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ELEANOR REYNOLDS . . . President SARAH FRANCES ELKINS . Secretary JUDY DINKINS Treasurer MISS FRANCES NICOLL . . Sponsor Away from the home and at the long- awaited door of prep school . . . meeting roommates . . . trying to act older . . . meet- ing those handsome cadets . . . skating at the city rink . . . growing by experiencing joy and sorrow . . . going home for the holidays . . . passing exams after hard study . . . ordering class rings and invitations . . . having fun at the Junior-Senior . . . grad- uating . . . bidding fond farewells to friends and faculty members . . . taking a last glimpse at the stately white columns which mark our Alma Mater— Anderson College. 34 Marian Etheredce Kay Flora Barbara Ann Forbes Jackie Lumpkin Carol Manchester Jean McSvveeney Se enloM .... 1953 H 1 fj Br F rfU PIN . B El — nM l Joan Riley Frances Roundtree Jackie Schunk Dollie Stone Julia Stubblefield Barbara Trincher A ' of Pictured: Alice Farrar 35 Charlotte Breland Judy Bryson Judy Dinkins Sarah Frances Elkins Dolores Ellis Vernette Land Jane LeGates Patricia McDonald Carole Pope Bozane Query Eleanor Beynoi.ds Helen Williamson ' uncord .... 1933 Special S tiidenti jp J. T. Campbell Penny d ' Ahmand Grady King Arthur Trotter Not Pictured: Clyde Nichols 36 Senior Superlatives 3,lost Likely To Succeed FRANCES ROUXDTREE Best All Round KAY FLORA Friendliest JEAX McSWEENEY CCjR $$ , . . . The reflection of things . . . like those Friday music mornings . . . becoming a Collegian or CollegiAnne . . . Council meeting every Monday night . . . Y. W. A. Focus Week . . . initiation of pledges in various organizations We ' ve got Glee Club practice tonight Jkrouak mp f 38 ...Activities 39 • ■? c -. £ sj P ' ■ w c» THE HAPPY FOUR AFTER THE REVUE. NOTHING LIKE A DISH OF HAP- PINESS WITH A CHOCOLATE MILK. 40 WE ALL SHARE IN THE CON- VERSATION WHEN A GIRL RE- CEIVES THAT LONG-AWAITED PHONE CALL. YODLER REPORTERS WORKING ON COPY WHILE JAMES SNAPS A PIC. 41 STUDENT Seated: G. Tumlin, H. Hendlev, J. Price, S. J. Johnson. Standing: C. Howard, K. Flora, B. McAlister, M. Davis, K. Campbell, C. Gable. RESIDENT STUDENT COUNCIL JERRY PRICE President HELEN HENDLEY Vice-President SARA JO JOHNSON Secretary GRACE TUMLIN Treasurer MARTHA DAMS East Dormitory President CLAUDETTE HOWARD .... West Dormitory President CORNELIA GARLE Fire Chief BARBARA McALISTER Representative KATHLEEN CAMPBELL Representative KAY FLORA High School Representative The Resident Student Government Association fosters student interests and activities. They make the regulations pertaining to the resident students. They help the students in striving to make student self-government truly self-governing. 42 GOVERNMENT A. McGill. P. Blair, N. King, C. Saviors, M. A. Crome DAY STUDENT COUNCIL NANCY KING President CHARLES SAYLORS Vice-President MARY ANN CROMER Secretary PATSY BLAIR Treasurer ANNE McGILL Student Representative The Town Association is composed of all non-resident students, and provides for the recreation and social activities of the day stu- dents. Governing this organization is the Town Student Government Association. This council is chosen by the students from their own group to represent them. 43 J. Price, K. Campbell, A. McGill, P. Blair, Miss Kathryn Copeland, H. Hendley. Xot pictured: Charles Saviors PHI THETA KAPPA PATSY BLAIR President HELEN HENDLEY Vice-President KATHLEEN CAMPBELL Secretary ANNE McGILL Treasurer MISS KATHRYN COPELAND Sponsor The Beta Pi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, national honorary- scholastic society among junior colleges, bestowed upon Dr. Annie D. Denmark, Anderson College president, an honorary membership dur- ing a chapel ceremony on November 18. Beta Pi was chartered on May 25, 1932. Since then, 138 members have been pledged. A student to be eligible must be within the scholastic upper ten per cent of the students enrolled in the college division. 44 COLLEGIANS and COLLEGIANNES Collegians and CollegiAnnes are those students who have under- taken the responsibility of self-discipline under the honor system of Anderson College. The members who have adequacy of scholarship and socially approved conduct take the following oath: In recognition of the trust which has been placed in me as a Collegian or CollegiAnne, I promise to strive to keep constantly in mind the Anderson College ideal as an expression of the spirit of the college; to endeavor to uphold truth, honor, and service as positive virtues in my character, and to make student government truly self-government. 45 Front row left to right: P. Small. B. J. Kelly, H. Home, E. Moore, J. Bryson, N. King, J. Dill, B. Isbell, S. F. Elkins, M Patterson F. Stephenson, S. Palmer, N. Waters, D. Weatherford, B. Comwell, J. Price, B. L. Johnston, J. Lumpkin, F Roundtree N Walker, E. Reynolds, B. Watts. Back row, left: J. McSweeney, H. Hendley, E. Shelton, S. Bauk- night, D. Stone. Back row, right: J. Warren, J. R. Erskine, G. Cobb, B. Ligon, H. Williamson. Not pictured: Miss Katherine Culver, Director. THE COLLEGE CHOIR SHIRLEY PALMER President BETTY JO KELLY Vice-President BARBARA WATTS Secretary SIBYL BAUKNIGHT Treasurer MISS KATHERINE CULYER Director The College Choir, which is composed of students interested in choral and ensemble work, is under the direction of the Head of the Voice Department, Miss Katherine Culver. The choir provides music for many of the college ' s activities, such as chapel and commencement programs. This year the choir presented Benjamin Britton ' s A Cere- mony of Carols for the Christmas Vesper Program. They have appeared as guests at various churches here in Anderson and the vicinity. They sang two selections at the Founder ' s Day Observance on February 14— The Lord ' s Prayer and The Cherubic Hymn by A. Gretchaninoff. 46 COMMERCIAL CLUB BETTY JO ALEXANDER President KAY BART Vice-President THALIA GAMBRELL Secretary ELEISE OWEN Treasurer MISS MARY MAJOR BURRISS Sponsor The Commercial Club encourages its members to become compe- tent secretaries. The purpose of the club is to develop higher standards in secretarial science. It has a sister organization— Alpha Pi Epsilon, national honorary secretarial society. The two groups together discuss the problems relating to the commercial field. On steps: E. Jeffords, N. J. Ackerman, S. Mauldin, B. J. Boyles, E. Owen, T. Gambrell, K. Bart, B. J. Afexander, G. Tumfin, F. McCall, B. J. Kelly. Buck: P. Pruitt, S. Hayes, A. Tate, N. Bobertson. Not pictured: Miss Mary Major Burriss, Sponsor. 47 H. Home, Vice-President; F. Stephenson, President; N. King, Secretary-Treasurer; N. Waters, M. DuCom. Not pictured: Miss Cathy Chiles, Sponsor. DELTA PSI OMEGA Sitting: J. Schunk, Vice-President; C. Manchester, President; K. Flora, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing: N. Walker, V. Land, D. Ellis, E. Reynolds, C. Pope, D. Stone, J. Farris, N. Smith, P. Emanuel, R. Query, J. Rryson, D. Gregory. Not pictured: Frances Stephenson, Stage manager; Miss Cathy Chiles, Sponsor. ANDERSON COLLEGE PLAYERS 48 For members of the Ander- son College Players and of Delta Psi Omega, national honorary fraternity, the play ' s the thing. Members remember . . . waiting for the results of tryouts to be posted . . . the fun and the work of rehearsals . . . pre-perform- ance jitters . . . then the blessed relief of a job well- done . . . struggling with greasepaint . . . the parties . . . stiff initiations . . . Christmas First Night . . . Jane Eyre. THREE BLIND MICE . . . DELTA PSI INITIATES. B. Watts, M. Phillips, P. d ' Armand. J. Lumpkin, J. Riley, J. Stubblefield, J. Sehunk, F. Roundtree, Miss Frances Nicoll, J. McSweeney. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB JACKIE SCHUNK President JULIA STUBBLEFIELD Vice-President FRANCES ROUNDTREE Secretary and Treasurer JOAN RILEY Social Chairman MISS FRANCES NICOLL Sponsor All girls who are enrolled in a homemaking course are eligible for membership in the Home Economics Club. The members get together several times a year and have a party or a tea. The purpose of the club is to instill in every member the love for the skills of the home— cooking, sewing, and the million untold things. In this way, each girl is better prepared for her life ' s work. 50 TOWN CLUB The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want . . . Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. -Psalm 23. RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS 52 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Seated: R. Grant, G. King, W. Lockaby, J. Shearer. Standing: J. T. Campbell, A. Trotter, C. Nichols, E. Smith, J. Brashier, H. Jones, C. Smith. Nor pictured: Claude Cook, Sponsor, Tommy Jaynes. RAY GRANT President GRADY KING Vice-President TOMMY JAYNES Secretary and Treasurer WILLIAM LOCKABY Chorister CLAUDE COOK Sponsor Membership into the Ministerial Association is limited to those students who plan to become ministers, or to enter into some other phase of definite Christian service. The purpose of this organization is to provide opportunity for fellowship and inspiration, and to render service to others on and off the campus. Meetings are held on alter- nating Mondays and a minister from Anderson, or a nearby community, is asked to bring a message to the members. The Ministerial Association is a potent factor in molding the spiritual welfare of Anderson College. 53 BAPTIST Front row: J. R. Chatham, P. Small, E. Owen, B. L. Johnston, R. Creswell, B. J. Kelly, X. Smith, H. Home, B. Watts. Back row: Miss Adele Carlson, P. Emanuel, G. Tumlin, J. Price, S. J. Johnson, N. King, B. Christopher, Miss Frances Nicoll. B. S. U. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL ROSE MARIE CRESWELL President BETTY JO KELLY Enlistment NANCY SMITH Social BOBBY LOU JOHNSTON Devotional ELEISE OWEN Secretary HELEN HORNE Treasurer NANCY KING . . Sunday School Representative JERRY PRICE . . Training Union Representative SARA JO JOHNSON . . Y. W. A. Representative PATSY BLAIR Publicity Chairman JENNIE RUTH CHATHAM . . Poster Chairman MARTHA DAVIS .... Magazine Chairman GRACE TUMLIN Library Chairman BOBBIE CHRISTOPHER . . Extension Chairman PEGGY ANN SMALL Pianist BARBARA WATTS Chorister PEGGY EMANUEL Reporter MISS FRANCES NICOLL . . . Faculty Advisor MISS ADELE CARLSON . . . Church Advisor The purpose of the Baptist Student Union is to promote the spiritual lives of the students through the religious activities of the college. The B. S. U. serves as a link between the home and college of each student. Because Ander- son College is a Baptist college, all stu- dents upon becoming a member of the Y. W. A. are automatically members of the Baptist Student Union. All of the students are given the opportunity for active Christian service and are encouraged in every possible wav. 54 STUDENT UNION YOUNG WOMEN ' S AUXILIARY SARA JO JOHNSON President FRANCES STEPHENSON . . Community Mission GRACE TUMLIN Vice-President SARA JO YOUNGBLOOD . Stewardship Chairman BERNICE POWELL ISBELL . . . Secretary JACKIE SCHUNK Program Chairman ANN TATE Treasurer MISS CHARLOTTE MORELAND . . Counselor BETTY JO KELLY Socio? Chairman Circle Leaders MARTHA DAVIS Mission Study JUDY BRYSON, BARBARA McALISTER, REBECCA CONNALLY . . . Publicity Chairman ELEISE OWEN FRANCES STEWART SHIRLEY PALMER Music Chairman The Young Women ' s Auxiliary strives to create more missionary interest on the campus and to give each student a deeper understanding of others. Two meetings are held each month— a council meeting and a circle meeting. It is a growing organization with wide-reaching arms to promote a friendly Christian attitude among the college students. Y. W. A. Focus Week was held dur- ing the month of February. They have sponsored a drive for clothing to be sent overseas. In collaboration with the B. S. U., they have helped in promoting Religious Emphasis Week. B. Isbell, E. Owen, J. Schunk, M. Davis, A. Tate, R. Connally, S. J. Youngblood, F. Stephenson, Miss Charlotte Moreland, F. Stewart, G. Tumlin, B. McAlister, J. Bryson, S. J. Johnson, B. J. Kelly. 55 . . . The reflection of things . . . like those pleas for more ads . . . the hopes of a scoop . . . working on the dummy . . . photographers everywhere . . . the excitement of getting keys . . . impatiently waiting for the Yodler to come out . . . flash of a camera bulb . . . the deadline looming nearer and nearer . . . At last it ' s finished! . . . Jhwuah the Lookivia Ljladd . , 56 ■j A • « v -LSZ ' - - Y °cf i er ' . ' --., w -- ...Publications 57 3L 1953 COLUMNS HELEN HORXE, Editor Despite the hardships of rushed labor . . . long hours bent over the typewriter ... of delayed proofs . . . lost pencils . . . and tired minds . . . of major and minor catastrophes . . . aching muscles . . . misplaced glossies . . . undiscovered cuts . . . we made our deadline. It took a lot of hard work on the part of the editors, who early in the year, had to learn to plead and threaten, thereby develop- ing dark circles under their eyes. Snaps were shot, people were cor- nered, and there were many times when we would have gladly thrown the dummy away. But instead, we kept at it . . . struggling . . . ever struggling . . . and through some mys- terious helping hand the Columns rose again to show forth its gleaming pages. BETTY JO KELLY, Business Manager B. J. Kelly, D. Hubbard. F. Stephenson, H. Home, C. Gable HELEN HORXE Editor CORNELIA GABLE Associate Editor BETTY JO KELLY Business Manager FRANCES STEPHENSON Club Editor EON HUBBARD Spoits Editor FRANCES ROUNDTREE Advertising Manager JACKIE SCHUNK Co-Adveitisi ' g Manager COLUMNS ADVERTISING STAFF OF 1953 Before our overworked minds give way, we would like to take this oppor- tunity to thank all who made this edition of the Columns possible— Miss Milli- cent Compson, Mr. Richard Castleberry, Mr. Lewis Moorhead, James Nash, and Ed O ' Cain of The R. L. Bryan Com- pany. We also want to express our heartfelt appreciation to our versatile and patient sponsors— Miss Cathy Chiles and Miss Charlotte Moreland. CORNELIA GABLE, Associate Editor Mary Alice Myers and Peggy Emanuel, Editorial Assistants. C. Howard, B. McAlister, P. Southerlin, B. J. Woodall, E. Owen, R. Creswell, Typists. ANNE McGILL, Editor PATSY BLAIR Co-Editor 3L YODLER A better Yodler with more appealing articles was the aim of our college newspaper this year. The work was hard, and oft-times there were misunderstandings because the headlines just wouldn ' t count out right. Ads had to be in and we worried over that page, lest there wouldn ' t be enough copy. But because the Yodler was in capable hand s, everything turned out for the best. The ads did come in . . . the copy was sufficient. Our troubles soon cleared up. ANNE McGILL, Editor PATSY BLAIR, Co-Editor FRANCES STEPHENSON, Sports Editor MISS KATHRYN COPELAND, Sponsor ADVERTISING STAFF 60 Through their editorials, the editors stressed those ideas which they believed would help to build a better student body in all re- spects. With cooperation from all, the Yodler gave its news to the students with a feeling that a hard job had been done . . . and done well. We would like to express our appreciation to Miss Copeland for her assistance in publishing the Yodler. MISS KATHRYN COPELAND Sponsor FRANCES STEPHENSON Sports Editor WORK, WORK, WORK . . . FOLDING THE YODLERS SO EVERYONE CAN ENJOY THEM IN THE MORNING Sara Jo Youngblood, Assistant Advertising Manager; Carolyn Locke, Assistant Circulation Manager; Bill Cummings, Adver- tising Manager; Peggy Emanuel, Circulation Manager. Not pictured: James Nash, Photographer. 61 . . . The reflection of things . . . like Play Day when the volleyball team lost one game but won the other . . basketball practice every Friday afternoon . . . wishing for a Block A rivalry of East and West in softball . cheerleader practices . . . tennis on a warm April day . . . hiking to Caters Lake . . . Mast shoot a Columbia Round! . . . Jhrouiah tke =J ookLfa ' -9 62 ...Sports 63 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC S. Palmer, G. Tumlin, R. Hutchison, J. Buchanan. Not pictured: Mrs. George Wilson, Sponsor SHIRLEY PALMER President JUNE BUCHANAN Vice-President GRACE TUMLIN Secretary RACHEL HUTCHISON Treasurer MRS. GEORGE WILSON Sponsor The Women ' s Athletic Association, the largest organized group on the campus of Anderson College, is composed of all students taking physical education. Good sportsmanship and a love for indoor and outdoor sports is the keynote of this organization. The WAA sponsors tournaments and games between the students in Softball and tennis. It also has charge of the presentation of the May Day exercises. In- cluded on its social calendar are supper hikes, parties, and scavenger hunts. 64 ASSOCIATION Hiking Club ELEISE OWEN, Chairman First row, left to right: Frances Wilson, Rose Creswtll, Christine Gore, Marjo Patterson, Sara Jo Youngblood. Second row: Peggy Emanuel, Mary Christenson, Nancy-Jo Ackerman, Carolyn Thomas, Bobbie Christopher, Nadine Robertson. Third row: Eleise Owen, Shirley Palmer, Cornelia Gable, Kathleen Campbell, Rachel Hutchison. Standing: Helen Home, Frances Stephenson. Tennis Club HELEN HORNE, Chairman First row: Dolores Ellis, Eleise Owen, Louise N i m m o n s, Cornelia Gable, Helen Home. Standing: Frances Stephenson, Rachel Hutchison, Shirley Palmer, Patsy Southerlin. Basketball Club GRACE TUMLIN, Chairman Clockwise: Betty Jo Alexander, Shirley Palmer, Barbara Trincher, Martha Davis, Ber- nice Powell Isbell, Rachel Hutchison, Peggy Pruitt, T itsy Southerlin, Betty Mcf gor, Grace Tumlin. ATHLETIC STANDOUTS SHIRLEY PALMER ELEISE OWEN JUNE BUCHANAN RACHEL HUTCHISON THE CONFEDERATES Kneeling: C. Thomas, B. Trincher, J. Buchanan. Standing: B. J. Alexander, G. Tumlin, B. McGregor, S. Palmer, R. Hutchison, P. Pruitt. Last year the Town Club decided that they wanted to sponsor a basketball team. Various members contacted Don Hubbard and asked him to coach this proposed team under the auspices of the Town Club. The Confederates are now two years old. They have enjoyed two successful seasons. Captain June Buchanan has led her teammates to victory against some overwhelming odds. The Confederates have been up against some very capable opponents and have shown themselves in a good light. Some of their 1953 opponents have been Joanna, Abney Mills, Appleton, Erskine College and Augusta Arsenal. 67 . . . The reflection of things . . . like the night of the Revue . . . little last-minute details . . . everyone congregated backstage . . . perfumes diffusing with each other . . . paper roses everywhere . . . tottering around in heels . . . mixed hues of evening groions . . . the curtain is pulled . . . blinding footlights . . . I cant possibly ivalk out there . . . Jhwviah tke 68 ...Features 69 m Li ■Hi, mMllr» am wUm m Sk M 1 Hta . 1 A mt - i fl sH A H rtii ideleine JJuL o i55 i v faaeteine U-JuK om MISS COLUMNS 70 166 Ljrace Jumiln SOPHOMORE BEAUTY 71 B -• 1 j- K »- ' .v » fi ■W JBBt .» fc .■■ ijfc j ' ! j ■ 1 ! m ■ i I ■ ■ ! I 3 T ' B ' i R f 1 (Detiu do i5S (Detiu joviei FRESHMAN BEAUTY 72 tfQ !rfc Iff ' ' w»- m HIGH SCHOOL BEAUTY 73 J V fc BILLIE PUTMAN, Maid of Honor, crowning the 1952 May Queen, HELEN CARRIGAN. OF man river, he just keeps movin ' along . . . The Showboat docked at the college one warm May afternoon at 4:30. MAY Queen Helen and her attendants were ready for the cruise. Faye Tyler, the ami- able Cap ' n Bill, steered the Showboat into pleasant waters. Several of the ship ' s hands frolicked and sang, much to the amusement of the lovely passengers. They went simply wild over Fran Stephenson, the ship ' s clown. Cap ' n Bill ordered the tumblers to appear and entertain the court. Miss Emily Peed and Larry Pearson, the sweethearts of the Showboat, duetted Make Believe. Fickle Miss Peed flitted over to Ed Smith and they soon sang Why Do I Love You. Evidently both men ditched her but she didn ' t care because she softly moaned My Bill into the mike. The Showboat dancing girls, costumed in blue and yellow, tapped gracefully. Then Ed, in blackface, sang Ok Man Biver. The Showboat eased back to land; the cruise was over. The passengers strolled down the gangplank and Cap ' n Bill guided the Showboat on to another destination. May Court of 1952 m ' . ' ' . ' .:■■■ ' ' . . . H « ' ■ ' ™ DAY ISA Ljrace Jumii May Queen tn is A (y fry J rice Maid of Honor Vfi ■ GRACE TUMLIN and JERRY PRICE May Day Attendants of 1953 Front row: Mary Ann Cromer, Betty Jo Kelly, Kay Flora, Jackie Schunk. Second tow: Julia Speares, Sarah Hayes, Bob- bie Ligon, Helen Hendley. Standing: Dorothy Weatherford, Ann Tate, Frances Stewart, Sara Jo Youngblood. DIRECTORY Faculty Herbert Archer 2301 W. North Ave., Anderson Mrs. Herbert Archer . . 2301 W. North Ave., Anderson Mrs. Clifford J. Brown Anderson College, Anderson Miss Mary Major Burriss .300 Spring Park Dr., Anderson Miss Frances Campbell Rt. 1, Stan- Mrs. Nellie Carson Ill Oak St., Lenoir, N. C. Miss Catherine Chiles Rt. 8, Greenville Rev. Claude Cook 925 E. Whitner St., Anderson Dean Kathryn Copeland Anderson College, Anderson Miss Grace L. Cronkhite Anderson College, Anderson Miss Katharine Culyer . . . . Anderson College, Anderson Miss Clara Dully Social Circle, Ga. Miss Juanita Davis Rt. 2, Fountain Inn Dr. Annie D. Denmark Anderson College, Anderson Miss Nancy Divver 509 E. Orr St., Anderson Mrs. Jav Epting— ' 661 University Ave., S. W., Apt. 7, Atlanta, Ga. Miss Margaret Garrett Box 81, Simpsonville Miss Doris Hawse . Yancey Mills, Va. Miss Hewlitte Lifsey 2132 Vineville Ave., Macon, Ga. Miss Claire Lucas Anderson College, Anderson Miss Lulu McClure Anderson College, Anderson Mrs. Lillian B. McEachern Raeford, N. C. Miss Charlotte Moreland Rt. 4, Box 395, Atlanta, Ga. Miss Frances Nicoll 109 Perry Rd., Greenville Miss Rosa Paschal 100 Marietta St., Canton, Ga. Dr. Olga Pruitt .306 W. Franklin St., Anderson Miss Gene Strickland ... 1908 N. Main St., Anderson Mrs. Charles Sullivan 1805 N. Main St., Anderson Mrs. Charles Thompson . . 810 Woodrow Circle, Anderson Miss Elizabeth Tribble . 209 Greenville St., Anderson Henry von Hasseln . . 1102 W. Whitner St., Anderson Webb von Hasseln 1102 W. Whitner St., Anderson Miss Sue Todd Walker, 312 N. 7th St., Columbia, Tenn. Mrs. Sloan Westmoreland Anderson College, Anderson Mrs. E. M. Williams 314 S. Gregg St., Columbia Mrs. George Wilson 2706 Pope Dr., Anderson Student Nancy Jo Ackerman 1 Home St., St. George Betty Jo Alexander Salem Catherine Avent 419 St. Franklin Dr., Florence 3 Kathryn Bailes Box 26, Kannapolis, N. C. Betty Ruth Baker Rt. 1, Box 286, Mt. Pleasant Kay Bart 316 East 51 St., Savannah, Ga. Sibyl Bauknight 4 Y. M. C. A. St., Greenville Jane Beaty Rt. 1, A nderson Patricia Bell 1017 Fourth St., Anderson Patricia Blair 2705 Plainview Rd., Anderson Carolyn Bouchillon 802 Elizabeth St., Anderson Betty Joyce Boyles 1207 E. Whitner St., Anderson James Brashier Dendy St., Pelzer Felton Bratcher 609 Summit St., Anderson Charlotte Breland Holly Hill Alice Broome Rt. 2, Westminster Sara Broome . . Rt. 2, Westminster Paul Brown Rt. 1, Starr Truman Brown 417 S. Boulevard, North Charleston Judy Bryson 402 Bennett St., Greenville June Buchanan Rt. 2, Anderson Sarah Ann Byrd 411 Simkins St., Edgefield J. T. Campbell Belton Kathleen Campbell Rt. 1, Stan- Lyndon Carey 1620 McDufBe St., Anderson Barbara Carries 303 Townville St., Seneca Shirley Channell Prantley Hwy., Opp, Ala. Margaret Chapman 513 Evans St., Anderson Jennie Ruth Chatham . . . . 20 Highland Ave., Sumter Mary Christensen . 215 Wilson Ct., Menomonie, Wis. Barbara Christopher Rt. 1, Campobello Glenda Cobb 326 Moultrie St., Anderson Calhoun Cole 2708 Pope Dr., Anderson Rebecca Connally . Bankhead Hwy., Douglasville, Ga. Rosaline Cook 5 Peachtree St., Batesburg Barbara Comwell 309 Moultrie Sq., Anderson Rose Marie Creswell Box 83, Plum Branch Man- Ann Cromer 408 E. Morris St., Anderson Bill Cummings 719 E. Whitner St., Anderson Pennv dArmand— 1205 South Gate Rd. S. W., Knoxville, Tenn. Martha Davis Rt. 2, Fountain Inn Milton Davis Rt. 3, Belton Joyce Dill Washington, Ga. Judy Dinkins Box 53, Eustis, Fla. Madeleine DuCom Rt. 1, Box 92-A, Sumter James Dunlap Rt. 1, Pelzer Sarah Frances Elkins 1507 James St., Durham, N. C. Dolores Ellis 3514 Powelton Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Truman Ellison Rt. 1, Williamston Margaret Emanuel. . . .47 Illinois St., Youngstown, Ohio Jimmie Erskine 822 N. Fant St., Anderson Marian Etheredge 230 27th St. N., St. Petersburg, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. Mims Evans 403 Boulevard, Anderson Alice Farrar 2811 Ninth Ave. W., Bradenton, Fla. Peggy Fields 609 E. Orr St., Anderson Marian Findley 105 Maxwell Ave., Anderson Kay Flora . . 432 Broadway, Carlisle, Ky. Barbara Forbes 1638 Geraldine Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. Cornelia Gable Rt. 4, Abbeville Thalia Gambrell Box 228, Pendleton Patricia Gasaway 508 N. McDufBe St., Anderson Farrell Giles . 3610 S. Main St., Anderson William Giles 3610 S. Main St., Anderson Christine Gore Rt. 2, Loris Ray Grant 708-A Arcade, Anderson Dorothy Gregory Kate Fowler Rd., Ninety Six Norma Rae Hampton N. Main St., Belton 76 DIRECTORY -Continued Lillian Hanks Rt. 1, Pendleton Palmyra Hardin 510 Calhoun St., Anderson Sarah Hayes Rt. 1, Stan Helen Hendley . 253 Glenndale, Decatur, Ga. Helen Home . 507 Main St., Allendale Claudette Howard Rt. 2, Piedmont Don Hubbard 3 Diamond, Anderson Rachel Hutchison Rt. 1, Lowndesville Bernice Powell Isbell . . 110 Maxwell Ave., Anderson Shirley James 1730 W. Market St., Anderson Tommy Jaynes 406 Calhoun St., Anderson Emma Jeffords 314 S. Jarrott, Florence Sara Jo Johnson 204 Choice St., Greenville Bobby Lou Johnston . . . . 202 Berkley Ave., Greenville Sarah Keaton Rt. 5, Anderson Betty Jo Kelly Birmingham, Iowa Mrs. Elsie King 212 S. Calhoun, Florence Grady King 39NBA, Clemson Nancy King 800 E. River St., Anderson Charles Kirkham 702 Crescent Dr., Anderson Vernette Land 1915 Greenwood, Savannah, Ga. Jane LeGates 5412 Annapolis Rd., Bladensburg, Md. Bobbie Ligon 408 West View Ave., Anderson Mrs. Rebecca Liverman 196 Woodridge St., Clemson Carolyn Locke Rt. 5, Anderson William Lockaby, Jr. Rt. 1, Pelzer Jacquelyn Lumpkin, 3211 Mobile Rd., Montgomery, Ala. Carol Manchester . 516 Almena Ave., Ardsley, N. Y. Robert Marshall 802 Bleckley St., Anderson Barbara McAlister 45 Second St., Greenwood Frances McCall Rt. 1, Pelzer Norma Jean MeCollum 110 Roosevelt Dr., Anderson Patricia McDonald Box 1225, Chapel Hill, N. C. Anne McGill Rt. 2, Anderson Betty McGregor Starr Jean McSweeney Railroad Ave., Allendale Bobby Meredith 2502 W. Whitner, Anderson Eleanor Moore 414 North St., Anderson Miriam Munn Rt. 3, Lamar Mary Alice Myers Rt. 2, Simpsonville James Nash 516 E. Orr, Anderson Clyde Nichols 6 Stewart, Pelzer Louise Nimmons Walhalla Guy Overcash 211 Simpson Dr., Anderson Eleise Owen Rt. 1, Central Shirley Palmer Box 53, Sandy Springs Ruth Parrish Rt. 1, Martinez, Ga. Marjo Patterson 235 W. Broad St., Darlington Mary Nelle Patterson Box 481, Norcross, Ga. Betty Phillips Big Creek Rd., Williamston Martha Phillips 1 Broad St., Williamston Carole Pope 201 E. Henry St., Savannah, Ga. Jerry Price 701 Rudolph St., Goldsboro, N. C. Peggy Pruitt 107 Concord Ave., Anderson Rozane Query Williston Julia Ann Reeves Rt. 3, Seneca Eleanor Reynolds 20 Ware St., Ware Shoals Joan Riley 3316 Abingdon Rd., Columbia Nadine Robertson Rt. 2, Travelers Rest Philip Rogers 796 Wilson St., Anderson Frances Roundtree, 6742 Belkenton Ave., Silverton, Ohio Charles Saylors Rt. 1, Williamston Jackie Schunk 2090 Barnes Ave., Bronx 60, N. Y. Aubrey Shaw 312 Frederick St., Anderson Johnny Shearer 514 Calhoun St., Anderson Emmie Lee Shelton 909 E. River St., Anderson Betty Ann Singleton Rt. 2, Pendleton Peggy Ann Small 708 Central Ave., Lancaster Clarence Smith Rt. 1, Williamston Edwin Smith 17 Hampton, Pelzer Eugene Smith Rt. 6, Anderson Nancy Smith Rt. 3, Kemersville, N. C. Patsy Southerlin Rt. 2, Travelers Rest Julia Ann Speares. . 305 Broad St., Anderson Frances Stephenson . .409 S. Mt. St., Union Frances Stewart Box 276, Six Mile Dollie Stone Box 56, Donalds Julia Stubblefield Hartsville, Tenn. Ann Tate Norris Margie Teasley 304 Jackson St., Anderson Carolyn Thomas 84 Calhoun, Joanna Barbara Trincher 176 Victoria Rd., Spartanburg Arthur Trotter Rt. 2, Belton Charles Trotter Rt. 2, Anderson Grace Tumlin Rt. 1, Fountain Inn James Turner 205 Norris St., Anderson Nan Waters 2306 E. 39th St., Savannah, Ga. Barbara Watts Box 186, Lugoff Dorothy Weatherford Rt. 4, Darlington Frances Whitten 304 Wellington St., Anderson Helen Williamson Dinwiddie, Va. Robert Williams 1207 Tribble St., Anderson W. A. Williams 308 Vandiver, Anderson Frances Earle Wilson 20 Pickney, Abbeville Mary Sue Wise Trenton Bettie Jo Woodall Rt. 3, Westminster Marilyn Moore Woodward— 2005 Northview Ave., Anderson Sara Jo Youngblood 223 Ann St., Pickens 77 1 SULLIVAN - KING MORTUARY 1 I Established 1932 PHONE 378 g | 401 NORTH MAIN STREET ' I Anderson ' s Oldest Funeral Home g « s I KINGOFF ' S, INCORPORATED JEWELERS « » s 123 N. MAIN ST. PHONE 292 x | ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Frank Galloway, Manager £ » Better Be Safe Than Sorry $ » 1 Lawrence and Brownlee I »■ a | INSURANCE AND BONDS | I 112 N. MAIN ST. PHONE 900 | | ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA | $ 5X « 5X $ 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 $ 8 $ 8 8 8 8 8 £ 8 8 8 £ ■ 78 ' »: ' o: : :« : : ► ' :«• : « ' : ►: : :o: «■ o: :«•: x :o. « :« t . ;« $ » «■: : « ' : ;«■: :« « :« ' : «■ $ : s : : : : x : : « :o: $ x « ' m « . )« $ : »■ « %. . « x 1 COMPLIMENTS TO THE 1 1 1953 GRADUATES 1 « FROM « « » I THE CITY OF ANDERSON § » William C. Johnston James C. Cathcart m 8 | Mayor Major Pro-Tern 1 ALDERMEN | « CLAUDE E. GREENE CLARENCE L. PRESSLEY $ | GKORGE S. MACK WILLIAM H. EMBLER | RALPH P. JEWELL RUFUS H. MOORHEAD a x « x S « » a m m $ $ x » . : ' : ; x ' : . x x $ ; : ; « $ x x - x : : $ $ $ x x xx ■$ x x $ . x x : x $■ ■£ x $ x xxxxxx .xxxxxx«xxmm Sxxx Xx axxxxx« «mx xxx »«x »»»»««•««»»»!«»»»«»«»»■«;««»» « a » x x 1 x m Phoxf. 9132 || | I HARRISON ' S RESTAURANT I I MAC ' S SANITONE CLEANERS I M MX M | HA1UUSON CARNES, OWNER « B » a 101 W. Calhoun Street a « as „- a Lowr Dining Room Away from Home n » « » x yx s | « « Anderson, S. C. | » 115 E. Main Seneca, S. C » £ a X MM M « » ■« )X X« W « -a »«mmxm»x»»«»««»«X(»»«WmS x»mmm««x«»« «»««»««««»»m«»«»»«%X(-«}X-«»»W»m)Xm-«»-«« w « x 1 SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY 1 » ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA | ! . | Serving in This Section for Over 65 Years «m x xx m m m m-x x m-xx Sm «m m-xxx mm m »m x x-x mm 79 a a a a a a a a a w 51 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a MILLICENT COMPSON STUDIOS COLUMBIA ANDERSON HELEN HORNE Columns Editor SOUTH CAROLINA a a a a a a $ % $ a a a a a a a a a a a a £ a a a a a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa » a a a 1 SHOP AND SAVE 1 a » 1 GALLANT -BELK COMPANY 1 a « a a a a S J ndersovfs Largest and Best Department Store % a • a QUALITY MERCHANDISE ALWAYS AT a LOWEST PRICES 1 a saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa » K yx » »» »»»» » »»» a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Anderson, S. C. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a .« a a o a a a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa»«aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 1 BAILES 1 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 80 ftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftft ft £ftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftft.ftftftftftftftftft ' ftft ft X % X X 8 X X X X ft X ft « ft GENE ANDERSON ' S Quality Costs No More X X X X ft X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X VIC ' S BARBECUE X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ftftftftft-ftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftft ftftftftftftftftftftftft ft ft ft ftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftft coooooooo X o o c- O O ttftftttftftftft ft X X xxxx Mxxx xxxxxxx xxa x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1 X g PALMETTO PUBLISHING COMPANY I ft X X X X X X X X X X X X X ft 215 W. CHURCH ST. PHONE 160 ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA ' We Print Anything But Money ' X X X X X X X X X X X X X X xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X XX X X X X X X X X X X xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DUKE LOW COST SERVANT! a-i 1 m POWER COMPANY 81 a a a a a a a % a a a a a a a a a a a % a ORR - GRAY DRUG CO. 120 East Earle Street Anderson, S. C. Phone 216 a % a % a K a a % a a a » a a a a a % a a a a a % a a % % a a a a a a a a a a a a a a $ a a a a a a a a a a a K K a K CAMPBELL CATON SINCLAIR GAS AND OILS Corner N. Main and Calhoun Sts. 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Plyler, President a | GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA a a a a a a a A Co-Ed, Standard Liberal Arts College offering B.A., B.S., B.M. a in Music, M.A. Degrees § a Special emphasis on Business Administration, Art, Music, Speech a Arts, Home Economics, Teacher Education, Religious Educa- « | tion, Pre-Med, Pre-Law, Pre-Engineering § a Reserve Officers Training Corps a a a a a a a a For Catalogue Write a g a a Miss Eula Bartox, Registrar Mr. C. L. Rasor, Registrar » a Woman ' s College Men ' s College a a a a a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 86 a a a a a a 8 a 8 a a a a a 8 8 8 a 8 £ 8 a a 8 a 8 St 83 a 8 8 a 8 a a a a 8 a £ 8 a a 8 8 a a a a a a a a a a a a a 1 ORR MILLS 1 a a a a a a a a » ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA | a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aaaaa»aa«a««aaaaaaaa»»»aaaaaaaaaaa«aaa«aa»a«aaa«aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa»a»aa» aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a a a a a a | POLIAKOFF ' S 1 a a a a | For 4ZZ Your Musical Needs | a a a a 301 S. Main St. Phone 655 a a § Anderson, S. C. a a a a a a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 37 Aru toqrapks Printing by THE R. L. BRYAN COMPANY COLUMBIA. S. C. Engravings by PHOTO PROCESS ENGRAVING CO. ATLANTA, GA. 88

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