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firextniin o fke 19 1 comw L ampu.6 J ceneS ■° aes - ■vimsmgigmM , X A. ffiffiti FOREWORD On the following pages we have tried to give a vivid account of a student ' s life in a year at Anderson College. We offer this Columns to you with the hope that your fondest memories will be awakened by the people, scenes, and situations found here. CONTENTS Dedication 5-6 Faculty 7-11 Classes 12-40 Clubs 42-62 Sports 64-68 Beauties 70-75 May Day 77-78 Sponsors 79-80 wm m DEDICATED TO 156 oLi tin rv cL lu because of her untiring efforts in trying to give us knowledge; because she succeeds in being a friend as well as a teacher; because she has given her life in service to youth such as we; because she has attained the qualities of an ideal teacher . . . Gladly wolde he larne And gladly teche. — Chaucer. OUR PRESIDENT A hurried figure seen in the halls . . . An understanding smile . . . An excellent counselor. These are those who give knowledge to the open and inquiring mind. Seldom thanked, taken for granted, they struggle to keep our minds on a high level. MISS KATHRYN COPELAND Dean of Students ADMINISTRATION MISS ELIZABETH TRIBBLE Bursar MISS GRACE CROXKHITE Dean of Music MISS CLAIRE LUCAS Student Counselor HC w ' v j ■ flS 1 , J Bl JBIr ITS . THE FACULTY MR. HERBERT ARCHER MRS. HERBERT ARCHER Piano MRS. CLIFFORD J. BROWN English MISS MARY MAJOR BURRISS Commercial MISS FRANCES CAMPBELL Secretary to President MRS. NELLIE CARSON Canteen MISS JUANITA DAVIS Registrar MISS NANCY DIVVER Librarian MISS RUBY EASTERLY Commercial MRS. LOU ELLA KPTING Housekeeper MISS HEWLETTE LIFSEY Nurse MR. WILLIAM GUEST Science MISS EVELYN JORDAN Physical Education MISS MARGARET GARRETT Bible MISS LULU McCLURE English MRS. LILLIAN McEACHREN Piano MISS FRANCES NICOLL Home Economics MRS. OLGA MARTIN ORR Piano THE FACULTY .MISS EMILY PEED Dramatics MISS GENE STRICKLAND MRS. COY MEEKS SULLIVAN Art En dish MISS ROSA PASCHAL DR. OLGA PRLTTT Education Physician MRS. ROSA POOLE Voice MR. HENRY von HASSELN Social Science THE FACULTY MRS. CHARLES THOMPSON MRS. BEULAH WESTMORELAND MRS. MAMIE WILLIAMS Bookstore Manager Hostess Postmistress MR. WEBB von HASSELN Languages 10 (Cp t.PT.II, W5ly ±jJia J2Z MURIEL MOORE, President; JOAN BURRISS, Vice-President; JOAN EDWARDS, Secretary; DORIS CASSELL, Resident Marshal; EUGENIA WALKER, Town Marshal. VL SOPHOMORE CLASS Excitement of returning to school . . . Bewildered presi- dents and editors . . . Slaving over Chemistry • . . Dancing breathlessly at Clemson . . . Pulling through dreaded exams . . . Feverishly counting quality points and hours . . . Tearfully packing diplomas . . . These things we shall remem ber, MISS JUANITA DAVIS Sponsor 12 Sophomores MARTHA BEEKS Greenville, S. C. MARY BOWEN IvA, S. C. SYLVENE BRAN YON Honea Path, S. C. LYNDALL BRATCHER Honea Path, S. C. Sophomores CAROLYN BROWN Iva, S. C. JOYCE BREWER Anderson, S. C. ROBERT BROCK BeltoNj S. C. WILLIAM BURDEN Anderson, S. C. JOAN BURRISS Anderson, S. C. 14 LYNWOOD CAMPBELL Starr, S. C. DORIS CASSELL Pickens, S. C. HELEN CARRIGAN MooRESVILLE, N. C. LEWIS CLEVELAND Belton, S. C. GERALDINE COOLEY Greenville, S. C. Sophomores Sophomores JAMES DUNLAP Pelzer, S. C. [AMES COX Pelzer, S. C. DOROTHY DUDLEY Thompson, Ga. JOYCE DYE Anderson, S. C. JOAN EDWARDS Saluda, S. C. 16 RAY GRANT Belton, S. C. MARION GRIFFITH Lancaster, S. C. ROSA GRESSFTTF Edisto Beach, S. C. HAL HALL Belton, S. C. DORA HANCOCK Donalds, S. C. Sophomores 17 s o H O M O R E t!M ost Intellectual JIMMIE STOKES LYNWOOD CAMPBELL (Most Likely to Succeed MURIEL MOORE FRED SPARNELL f 1 ' it t test TRACY SHAW MARTHA BEEKS ' Best - 111 -Round BETTY SHIRLEY ROBERT BROCK Sophomores FLOSSIE HARDEE Loris, S. C. GEORGIA HANNAN St. Paul, Minn. CLYTIE HARDEE Loris, S. C. ALBERT HASTINGS Anderson, S. C. AUDREY HAYES Anderson, S. C. 20 SARA FRANCES HILL Anderson, S. C. BETTY KELLY ToWNVILLE, S. C. HOWARD JOHNSON Anderson, S. C. EVELYN KELLY Pelzer, S. C. ALICE COPELAND KING Anderson, S. C. Sophomores 21 Sophomores MILDRED LEONARD Greer, S. C. DAISY MANN Avon Park, Fla. ANN MARTIN Anderson, S. C. MARGARET MIMMS Fountain Inn, S. C. MURIEL MOORE W ILLIAMSTON. s. c. POLLY NEWELL Baltimore, Md. 22 BETTY ZANE NIX Satolah, Ga. ELIZABETH PRUITT Anderson, S. C. EMMA SUE PARTAIN Belton, S. C. TRACY SHAW Belton, S. C. CARL PATTERSON LaFrance, S. C. BILL1E PUTlMAN Greenville, S. C. Sophomores 23 Sophomores BETTY SHIRLEY EDWARD SMITH FRED SPARXELL Anderson. S. C. Anderson. S. C. Columbia, S. C. SARA TANNER FAYE TYLER JIMMIE STOKES Greenville, 5. C. Miami, Fla. Abbeville. S. C. 24 DELORES TAYLOR Lancaster, S. C. JOANNE WHITWORTH Toccoa, Ga. LUGENIA WALKER Belton, S. C. W. A. WILLIAMS Anderson, 5. C. RUBY WILLINGHAM Anderson. S. C. Sophomores 25 SOPHOMORE Martha Beeks — Nice skin and beautiful naturally curly hair . . . week-ends dating Buddy . . . one of those Greenville girls . . . enjoys her own jokes . . . graduated at end of first semester. Mary Bowen — Happy-go-lucky nature . . . hates opposite sex . . . smooth, golden tan . . . undiscovered piano talent . . . hails from Iva. Sylvene Branyon — Very friendly . . . her many boy friends prove it . . . Joan and she together at Gator Bowl, Clemson or most any place . . . worked at Independent afternoons. Lyndali. Bratcher — Wonderful personality . . . house president of East dorm . . . many love affairs . . . resided in Honea Path, S. C. . . . practically lived with Betty Kelly. Joyce Brewer — Drives a Pontiac . . . sweet per- sonality . . . works at Judson and Minyard ' s in afternoon . . . day student. Robert Brock — Mechanical brain . . . friendly greeting to all . . . Vice-President of Town Council . . . a Belton romeo . . . voted Best All-Round. Carolyn Brown — Editor of Xodler . . . quiet, sweet and innocent . . . another brain . . . take a look at that hair and those eyes. William Burden — Haunting eyes . . . plavs piano . . . veteran . . . always hurried. Joan Burriss — Drives a Buick . . . winning per- sonality . . . Freddy ' s her steady . . . big brown eyes . . . quite a character. Lynwood Campbell — Slow but sure . . . Phi Theta Kappa guy . . . Sophomore superlative . . . drives a Plymouth. Helen Carrigan — Invisible when turned sidewavs . . . Co-Editor of Columns ... a Tarheel ... an unruffled beauty . . . weakness — Clemson! . . . cruddiest of the Cruds. Doris Cassei.l — Sophomore marshal . . . hails from Pickens . . . quiet and wears a smile . . . pretty eyes . . . sweet and neat. Lewis Cleveland — Pastor of a church . . . family man . . . makes every word count ... a Beltonian . . . robust in physique. Geraldine Cooley — Another Greenville girl . . . another of the Cruds . . . treasurer of Student Gov- ernment . . . little angel with a dirty face . . . nice long hair. James Cox — Tall, nice-looking fellow . . . always smiling . . . studying for the ministry . . . married man . . . always late for Miss McClure. Dorothy Dudley — Long, beautiful hair and nice, clear features . . . week-end trips to Georgia . . . she and Whitworth were inseparable . . . Canteen at 9:30. James Duni.ap — Quiet type . . . Chemistry whiz . . . ministerial student . . . family man. Joyce Dye — Secretary of Town Council . . . study- ing to be a Lab technician . . . dreamy eyes and lovely hair . . . day student. Joan Edwards — Turned-up nose . . . sweetheart lips . . . full of mischief . . . Sophomore beautv . . . helped McClure . . . one of the inseparable Cruds. Ray Grant — Another of the Ministerial Association . . . married his freshman year . . . transfer from Erskine . . . tall, lanky, Jimmy Stewart type. Rosa Gressette — Miss Columns . . . better half of the Di Mucci ' s ... a winning personality from Columbia . . . good Delta Psi member. Marion Griffith — Secretary of Student Govern- ment . . . another of the Cruds . . . weekends with Geraldine . . . se rious look is deceiving . . . really quite a character: Hal Hall — No hair but he ' s cute . . . Miss McClure thinks he ' s just a jewel . . . hails from Belton . . . drives a maroon Dodge . . . studies with Joan Burriss, heh! heh! Dora Hancock — Prexy of Resident Student Govern- ment ... a friend to all . . . favorite pet — Tater Bug . . . chats with Miss Lucas . . . neatness to perfection. Georgia Hannan — Prexy of I. R. C. . . . an Army gal . . . West Point fan . . . Business Manager of the Columns . . . dimples . . . dates. Clytie Hardee — One of those sweet, innocent- looking Hardees . . . always up to pranks on certain teachers . . . hails from lower part of the state ... a future teacher. Flossie Hardee — Cousin of Clyde ' s . . . also room- mate ... in West dorm both years . . . one of the dining room girls. Albert Hastings — Pastor of a church . . . very friendly . . . zest for life . . . BSU Representative . . . married with a family. 26 PERSONALITIES Audrey Hayes — A future church secretary . . . Representative on Town Council . . . pretty blonde hair and blue eyes ... a friendly greeting for evervone . . . likes good jokes. Sara Frances Hili. — Beautiful hair . . . drives an Oldsmobile . . . day student . . . Jack and she were inseparable freshman year. Howard Johnson — History bound . . . nice blue eyes . . . snatches smokes between classes . . . slim. Betty Kelly — Prexy of W. A. A. . . . has a pretty white radio . . . sweet smile . . . always ringing those fire drill bells . . . hails from Townvillc. Evelyn Kelly-— Quiet and reserved . . . black hair . . . spends many week-ends at home (Pelzer) . . . never gets into trouble. Alice King — Town student . . . favorite conversa- tional piece, Larry . . . member of Yodler staff . . . married . . . green Ford convertible. Mildred Leonard — West house president . . . home ec major ... a future bride . . . better known as Mickey . . . head dining room girl. Daisy Mann — Sunny South girl . . . likes groves and Grover . . . Furman bound . . . Phi Theta Kappa brain ... a canteen girl ... a friend to all. Ann Martin — A town girl who is a resident student . . . Treasurer of A. C. P. . . . long telephone con- versations . . . likes those 10:00 to 11:00 studv halls. Margaret Mimms — Talented musically . blue eyes . . . nice long letters from Larrv . to Furman during summer. Muriel Moore — President of BSLI . . blonde hair . . . leader of Sophomore Class . , sky- went pretty never misses a church conference hails from Williamston. Polly Newell — Big things come in little packages . . . mail from Maryland . . . cute smile . . . loves to work on plays. Betty Zane Nix — Tiny, devilish, and sweet . . . one of the best dining room girls . . . always laughing . . . one of the Peach State gals. Emma Sue Partain — Commuted from Belton . . . plans to teach . . . quiet, reserved type . . . spattering of freckles. Carl Patterson — Future minister . . . nicely man- nered . . . dark hair and blue eyes . . . married plus new baby daughter, Paula. Elizabeth Pruitt — Petite and neat . . . brainy but ou ' d never know it . . . lovely hair and eves . . . May Court attendant last year . . . Vance is her steady. Billie Pitman — Greenville gal . . . editor of the Columns . . . pretty black hair and eyes . . . all out ior a Marine lieutenant . . . Clemson on the sidelines. Butler Shaw — Better known as Tracy . . . voted wittiest of the Sophomore class . . . married . . . one of the ministerial association . . . transferred from Fur- man mid-semester. Betty Shirley — Prexy of Town Association . . . peaches and cream complexion . . . very intelligent but never studied . . . plans to be a missionary . . . pretty. Edward Smith — Mario Lanzo of A. C. . . . hot lips . . . crew cut ... a stranger to none . . . better known as Nuffv . . . one of the favorites. Fred Sparnei.l — One man among many women . . . talented in many respects . . . favorite pastime, art and music . . . Delta Psi member . . . seen in canteen. Sara Tanner — Scatterbrain . . . lots of boy friends . . . left after first semester . . . originally from Arkansas. Faye Tyler — Beautiful face with features one dreams of . . . Prexy of Delta Psi Omega . . . dates one of A. C. ' s traditions . . . personality w ith Biliv kid. Jim.mii: Stokes — [ust a tiny brain . . . Vice- President of Student Council . . . longest eyelashes at A. C. . . . natural blonde curly hair . . . Phi Theta Kappa deb. Delores Taylor — Ambition in life, Al . . . hails from Lancaster . . . B. S. L r . Council . . . Prexy of Methodist Club . . . blonde hair and blue eyes. Lugenia Walker — Very intelligent . . . lovely blue eyes . . . day student . . . very neat . . . future medical secretary. Joanne Whitworth — A Peach State gal . . . never seen without Dot . . . does dirty work quietly . . . likes those week-ends at home and T. M. W. A. Williams — Ministerial student . . . very dignified . . . black, wavy hair . . . interested in people. Ruby Willingham — Brainy . . . shown by the fact of being president of Phi Theta Kappa . . . steady is David. 27 BETTY ALLISON , President; DON ' HUEBARD, Vice-President; JUNE ELXHAXAX, Toten Marshal; BETTY JO K.ELLY, Secretary; LARRY PEARSON , CLARA LOL HARDWICK, Cheerleaders; JERRY PRICE, ' Resident Marshal. Jke FRESHMAN CLASS MISS RUBY EASTERLY Sponsor Confused, homesick fresh- men . . . Orientation and Miss Lucas . . . Exciting Clemson Y socials . . . Crook ban- quet . . . Christmas first night . . . Cramming for exams . . . White dress for Baccalaureate sermon . . . Commencement . . . Laughing to keep from crying. 28 BETTY TO ALEXANDER BETTY ALLISOX JO HELEN BILLINGS ANN BISHOP BARBARA ATKIN PATRICIA BLAIR KAY BART CAREY BOLT BETTY BEACHAM FELTON BRATCHER GLORIA BRELAND JUNE BUCHANAN GLENNA CHANDLER JACKIE CHILDS M AR ' LYN BUNCH KATHLEEN CAMPBELL MORIECE CANTRELL BETTY CLAYTON ROSALYN COOK ROSE CRESWELL FRESHMEN 29 MARY ANN CROMER MARTHA DAVIS JACQUELYN FRANKLIN WILMA FREEMAN PEGGY DbSHIELDS CORNELIA GABLE CLAUDIA EVANS PEGGY FIELDS THALIA GAMBRELL DORIS GLENN TERESITA GURDIAN ANN HAMLIN CLARA HARDWICK HELEN HENDLEY WILLIAM HORTON BARBARA HOWARD CLAUDETTE HOWARD RACHEL HUTCHISON HELEN HORXE EMMA JEFFORDS FRESHMEN 3C SARA JO JOHNSON JOAN LANGFORD BOBBY LOU JOHNSTON MARY ANN JONES FRANCES McABEE BARBARA McALISTER BETTY JO KELLY ANA McCLENDON nancy king nira Mcdowell ANNE McGILL VERA LEE Ml ' LLIKIN ELEISE OWEN MARY NELLE PATTERSON LARRY PEARSON LORIETA POOLE JO ANN PACE JERRY PRICE SHIRLEY PALMER LUNETTE SARVIS FRESHMEN FRESHMEN BETTY SPROUSE FRANCES ANN STEPHENSON FRANCES STEWART BETSY STILL JANET TISON GRACE TUMLIN MARY WATKINS JOAN WILSON JANIS WRIGHT CHARLES SAYLORS BETTY SINGLETON CLARENCE SMITH EDWIN SMITH 32 Wh ' S SHARON GLANTON, President; BECKY HAVGOOD, Vice-President; SARA FRANCES MAGILL, Secretary; GRACE BRANTLEY, Treasurer; AGNES BURGESS, Marshal. HIGH SCHOOL MAX FRAMPTON Mascot MISS MARCARET GARRETT Sponsor Welcoming friends . . . Electing officers . . . ACP . . . Those wonderful afternoons at the Soda Shop . . . Week- ends at home . . . Rough exams . . . Class rings . . . Exciting graduation . . . Pass- ing out Good lucks! ... It was so good while it lasted. 34 ZL SENIOR CLASS MARY BELLE BAK.ER GRACE BRANTLEY AGNES BURGESS NANCY ERICK.SON BETTY JEANNE FREEMAN SHARON CLANTON DOROTHY GREEN ANN JEFFORDS MARY JOHNS LAURA LOOPER JESSIE MYERS 35 Z)L JUNIOR CLASS FRANCES CARSON MARTHA DYKES GALE ELLIOTT KAY FLORA DONNA HANNA BECKY HAYGOOD SARA FRANCES MAGILL CAROL MANCHESTER JEAN McSWEENEY ELAINE NEILSON CAROLYN PECK ELEANOR REYNOLDS JACKIE SCHUNK JULIA STUBELEFIELD SPECIAL STUDENTS CHARLOTTE BREI.AND J. T. CAMBELL MAX COMPTON NELLIE SHULER ARTHUR TROTTER J. P. TURNER 36 Most Talented LAURA I.OOPER ■ l OSl • 1 1 1. . : l h AGNES BURc;i SS SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Friendliest GRACE BRANTLEY ■Most Intellectual DOROTHY GREEN 37 H0V. 16 195t STUDENT TO STRIVE TO MAKE STUDENT RESIDENT COUNCIL DORA HANCOCK President JIMMIE STOKES Vice-President MARION GRIFFITH Secretary GERALDINE COOLEY Treasurer LYNDALL BRATCHER East House President MILDRED LEONARD West House President HELEN CARRIGAN Faculty Representative CAROLYN BROWN Sophomore Representative DOROTHY GREEN High School Representative 40 GOVERNMENT GOVERNMENT TRUE SELF-GOVERNMENT TOWN COUNCIL BETTY SHIRLEY President ROBERT BROCK Vice-President JOYCE DYE Secretary LYNWOOD CAMPBELL Treasurer AUDREY HAYES Sophomore Representative 41 BAPTIST STUDENT B. S. U. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL It is through the Baptist Student Union that the religious activities on the campus are correlated. Its purpose is the promotion of the spiritual lives of the students. Everyone is given opportunity for active Christian service. MURIEL MOORE President BETTY KELLY Enlistment Vice-President MARION GRIFFITH Devotional Vice-President DORA HANCOCK Social Vice-President GERALDINE COOLEY Secretary DORIS CASSELL Treasurer DAISY MANN Sunday School Representative CLYTIE HARDEE Training Union Representative LYNDALL BRATCHER V. W. A. Representative DELORES TAYLOR Methodist Representative BETTY SHIRLEY Day Student Representative JOYCE DYE Publicity Chairman ANN ABELLE FOUCHE Poster Chairman BETTY ALLISON ' ,.... Magazine Chairman VERA MULLIKIN Library Chairman REV. ALBERT HASTINGS Extension Chairman HELEN HENDLEY Music Chairman MISS FRANCES NICOLL Faculty Advisor UNION COUNCIL MISS FRANCES NICOLL Sponsor Y. W. A. LYNDALL BRATCHER President EMMA SUE PARTAIN Vice-President BETTY ALLISON Secretary MARTHA DAVIS Treasurer BILLIE PUTMAN Social Chairman CLYTIE HARDEE Community Missions GERALDINE COOLEY Mission Study SARA JO JOHNSON Publicity FLOSSIE HARDEE Stewardship JIMMIE STOKES Yearbook Chairman DELORES TAYLOR Music Chairman CIRCLES HELEN CARRIGAN MARY NELLE PATTERSON BETTY KELLY BECKY HAYGOOD The purpose of the Young Woman ' s Auxiliary is to unite Baptist young women to advance missions by bringing young women to study about missions in program and mission study course, to pray intel- ligently for missions, to give to missions, to serve diligently as witnesses to the power of missions among the spiritually and physically needy, to live for Christ consistently and convincingly. THE METHODIST CLUB MISS FRANCES CAMPBELL Sponsor The Methodist Club is an organization of Methodist students seeking to spread and provide for the spiritual, moral, and social needs of the students in every way. It also provides a homelike atmosphere to those Methodist students at Anderson College who are away from their own churches. OFFICERS DELORES TAYLOR . . President ANN ' HAMLIN Vice-President GRACE BRANTLEY Secretary-Treasurer POLLY NEWELL Program Chairman 44 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club has for its aim to help college students who are interested in this field develop initiative, leadership, and professional pride. OFFICERS I , 1 MILDRED LEONARD .... ... President L- ' i DAISY MANN Vice-President BETTY ALLISON . . Secretary MISS FRANCES NICOLL Sponsor FRANCES CARSON Treasurer 45 PHI THETA KAPPA OFFICERS RUBY WILLINCHAM JIMMIE STOKES . DAISY MANN . . . President Secretary Treasurer In 1932, Beta Pi, of Phi Theta Kappa received its national charter. A student to be eligible must be within the scholastic upper ten per cent of the students enrolled in the college division. To maintain active membership, a student must at the end of each semester have a B average. The society also endeavors to promote fellowship and develop character. MISS KATHRYX COPELAND Sponsor 46 DELTA PSI OMEGA The purpose of Delta Psi Omega is to stimulate interest in dramatic activities and to secure for the col- lege all the advantages of a large national honorary fraternity. OFFICERS FAVE TYLER President FRED SPARNELL Vice-President ROSA GRESSETTE . . Secretary BILLIE PUTMAN Treasurer MISS EMILY PEED Sponsor 47 ALPHA PI EPSILON Alpha Pi Epsilon is a national honorary secretarial society. Its main purpose is to professionalize the status of the college-trained secretary. The society stresses superior achievement in stenography and encourages its members to carry high ideals into business relations. The Sigma Chapter, which was organized at Anderson College in May, 1941, is the only chapter of this national organization in South Carolina. OFFICERS JOAN BURRISS President LLGENIA WALKER Vice-President MARION GRIFFITH Secretary CAROLYN BROWN Treasurer MISS MARY MAJOR BURRISS Sponsor 48 MISS MARY MAJOR BURRISS Sponsor THE COMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club is composed of students regis- tered in the Commercial Department. Its purpose is to promote the welfare of the members and of the depart- ment. It encourages its members to become competent secretaries and to develop judgment and discrimination, so important in every position. Monthly meetings are held to discuss problems related to the commercial field. OFFICERS GERALDINE COOLEY President HELEN CARRIGAN Vice-President MARION GRIFFITH Secretary MURIEL MOORE Treasurer 49 % ■ ' v. V- - TOWN CLUB FOOD IN THE CANTEEN . . . FUN IN THE REC . . . FURY AT THE BASKETBALL GAMES. 50 MISS EMILY PEED Sponsor • ANDERSON COLLEGE PLAYERS The Anderson College Players is a dramatic organization to further the knowledge of students in dramatics. OFFICERS DOROTHY GREEN President LAURA LOOPER Vice-President NANCY ERICKSON Secretary ANN MARTIN Treasurer 51 MRS. FRANK POOLE Director THE GLEE CLUB The Anderson College Glee Club, which is composed of students interested in choral and ensemble work, is under the direction of the Head of the Voice Department. The Choir is much in demand for programs in the city and surrounding country. OFFICERS HELEN HENDLEY President BETTY JO KELLY Vice-President JERRY PRICE Secretary-Treasurer 52 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Ministerial Association of Anderson College provides for the ministerial students of Anderson College fellowship, inspiration and opportunities for service. Some members of this group are pastors of full-time churches, some are interim or supply pastors, while others are serving as officers and leaders in Sunday Schools and Training Unions. The Ministerial Association is a potent factor in moulding the spiritual life of the College. OFFICERS First Semester MAX COMPTON President TRACY SHAW .... Vice-President CARL PATTERSON Secretary-Treasurer JAMES COX Chorister Second Semester MELVIN H. TIMMS President W. A. WILLIAMS Vice-President RAY GRANT Secretary-Treasurer BROADUS ELLISON Chorister ALBERT HASTINGS B. S. U. Representative 53 MRS. SLOAN WESTMORELAND Sponsor ' V5 »- ' 1 V4 X FRED SPARNELL, Art Editor; JOAN EDWARDS, Sports Editor; HELEN CARRIGAN, Associate Editor; BILLIE PITMAN, Editor. 1952 COLUMNS STAFF ADVERTISING STAFF BETTY CLAYTON, JERRY PRICE, SARA JO JOHNSON, FRANCES STEPHENSON, BARBARA HOWARD, MARY WATKINS, GFRALDINE COOLEY, BETTY BEACHAM. SARA JO JOHNSON Advertising Manager 54 1 i Jf - ' i Hz W : -i -- ' - nira McDowell, marion Griffith, betty jo kellv GEORGIA H ANNAN Business Manager MISS RUBY EASTERLY Sponsor ACTION SHOT 55 HH ■ I REPORTERS WILMA JO BETH FREEMAN, BILLIE RUTH TAYLOR, LYNWOOD CAMPBELL, BARBARA ATK.IN, HELEN HENDLEY, and BETTY JO KELLY. 3L YODLER RUBY WILUNGHAM A sso date Edit o r ADVERTISING STAFF ANN MARTIN, SHIRLEY PALMER, BETTY SINGLETON, SARA MAGILL, FRANCES CARSON, BETTY ALLISON, GRACE BRANTLEY, and SHARON GLANTON. 56 CAROLYN BROWN Editor STAFF FRANCES STEPHENSON, Circulation; ALICE KING, Advertising; VERA LEE MULLIKIN, Typist. MISS KATHRYN COPELAND Sponsor 57 THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS GEORGIA HANNAN President ED SMITH Vice-President TRACY SHAW Secretary FAYE TYLER Treasurer The International Relations Club is a national organization for the purpose of furthering under- standing of national and international affairs. The Anderson College chapter of the I. R. C. is composed of all students with an interest in discussing questions of international importance. MR. HENRY von HASSELN Sponsor 58 COLLEGIANS An Honor System composed of students with a C and above average bound together by the desire to make student government true self-government. 59 O BE OR NOT TO BE ...THAT IS THE QUESTION HAMLET FEB.! g CE DYE, 1«« ' R , f0r( ,r. , p V :TMAN, Tr.«- » ETT K S Av ' LOR, Secret- D DOLORES 1A WOMAN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The W. A. A. sponsors tournaments and games between the students. Its social cal- endar includes supper hikes, parties, and May Day exercises. The aim of this organization is to promote a friendly, sportsmanlike understanding ' between the students. MISS EVELYN JORDAN Sponsor 62 THE HIKING CLUB. TYLER, Chairman AND WHERE ARE YOU GOING, FRANCES? THE TENNIS CLUB, LEONARD, Chairman 63 THE TUMBLING CLUB, GRESSETTE. Chairman NOT TUMBLING, SARA, TENNIS ' WHERE IS THAT BAI SOME OF IHE ARCHERY SQUAD 64 THE BASKETBALL CLUB, BEEK.S, Chairman SHOW ' EM HOW IT ' S DONE, MISS JORDAN! READY, AIM, FIRE!! ! 65 A CB 1, 195 Miss Columns ELECTED BY POPULAR VOTE . g MISS ROSA CRESS ETTE 69 MISS JOAN E DWARDS Sponsored by the Sophomore Class 70 MISS BILL IE RUTH TAYLOR Sponsored by the Freshman Class MISS MARY JOHNS Sfonsored by the Preparatory Department 72 au =UJavi at Aryidi eMon MAY COURT, 195! W Me Put, man Maid of Honor ■o eae . . . 1952 166 J relen K arriaan May Queen MAY COURT, 195 2 MARY JOHNS, LUNETTE SARVIS, GRACE TUMBLIN, JOAN EDWARDS, KAY FLORA, SARA JO IOHNSON, MADELEINE DuCOM, TERESITA GURDIAN, ELIZABETH PRUITT, JANIS WRIGHT, DELORES TAYLOR, GEORGIA HANNAN, JIMMIE STOKES, JACKIE CHILDS. MRS. VELTA BURRISS Sponsored by Joan Burriss President of Alpha Pi Epsilon LT. GEORGE E. HANNAN Sponsored by Georgia Hannan Business Manager The Columns MAYOR WILLIAM C. GREEN Sponsored by Dorothy Green President of Anderson College Players GLENDA MOORE Sponsored by Muriel Moore President of Baptist Student Union MISS GRACE CRONKHITE Sponsored by Helen Hendley President of The Chorus JANICE ELAINE McWHORTER Sponsored by Geraldine Cooley President of The Commercial Club LINTON J. TYLER NAVAL AIR CORPS Sponsored by Faye Tyler President of Delta Psi Omega SPONSORS ALFRED CONNELL Sponsored by Delores Taylor President of The Methodist Club J. E. MOORE SUPERINTENDENT FOR DANIEL CONSTKUCTION Sponsored by Muriel MooRE President of The Sophomore Class ROY KELLY Sponsored by Betty Kelly President of W. A. A. . j. V. 38 $ t M «tfX» V ! . ■ : ' - % y BECKY BROWN Sponsored by Carolyn Brown Editor of The Yodler PFC JACK. BRATCHER Sponsored by Lyndall Bratcher President of Y. W. A. m S f ft TOMMY GLANTON Sponsored by Sharon Glanton President of High School Department JIMMIE LEE LEONARD Sponsored by Mildred Leonard President of Home Economics Club SPONSORS 77 Our lives are albums Written through with good or ill With false or true, And as the blessed angels turn The pages of our years, God grant they rode the good with smiles, And blot the ill with tears. — -Author Unknown. 78 V HAV % %mt DUKE) POWER COMPANY y-vvvvn the, JJLoOrrtcmX. K aAxduruiA. COMPLIMENTS OF CALHOUN HOTEL Jack G. Craft, Jr. Manager PHONE 322 ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA 81 SULLIVAN-KING MORTUARY Established 1932 PHONE 378 401 NORTH MAIN STREET ANDERSON, S. C. GENE ANDERSON ANDERSON, S. C. Quality Costs Xo More ANDERSON, S. C. PHONE 25 McDOUGALD-JOHNSTON FUNERAL HOME Incorporated Funeral Directors Douglas McDotgald KINGOFF ' S, INCORPORATED JEWELERS ! 123 N. MAIN PHONE ANDERSON, S. C. 292 : F bank Galloway, Manager | B. F. GOODRICH Tires • Batteries 82 83 Anderson Colle ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Ideal: A healthy Christian gentlewomen doing her work ac- curately, completely, and happily. An accredited Junior College offering terminal and transfer courses leading to the Associate in Art degree. Buildings and equipment are unexcelled. Dormitories are spa- cious and modern with private baths. Library and laboratories are splendidly equipped. TRANSFER AND TERMINAL COURSES Liberal and Fine Arts Music: Piano, Voice, Violin, Organ Dramatics and Radio Dramatics Speech and Radio Speech Home Economics and Home Furnishings Secretarial and Medical Secretarial Pre-Nursing and Pile-Journalism Primary and Elementary Teachers Physical Education ANNIE D. DENMARK, President 84 Furman University is a college of liberal arts and sciences. Its objective is to offer under distinctly Christian influence an opportunity for the realiza- tion of personal values and the achievement of social competence. FURMAN UNIVERSITY GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Serving in This Section for Over 65 Years 85 Jffi ' ff ■office mncmriES e, EquipmEriT STORES ANDERSON SPARTANBURG GREENVILLE GREENWOOD 86 87 COMPLIMENTS OF S. H. KRESS AND COMPANY 5-10-25 Store ANDERSON, S. C. 88 FACULTY and STUDENT DIRECTORY FACULTY DIRECTORY Herbert Archer 2301 W. North Ave., Anderson Mrs. Herbert Archer 2301 W. North Ave., Anderson Mrs. Clifford J. Brown Donalds Miss Mary Major Burriss 300 Spring Park Dr., Anderson Miss Frances Campbell Rt. 1, Starr Mrs. Nellie Carson Ill Oak St., Lenoir, X. C. Dean Kathryn Copeland — 2825 9th St. S., Apt 123-A, Arlington 4, V.i. Miss Grace L. Cronkhite Anderson College, Anderson Miss Juanita Davis ' Rt. 2, Fountain Inn Dr. Annie D. Denmark Anderson College, Anderson Miss Nancy Divver 509 E. Orr St., Anderson Miss Ruby Easterly Roebuck Mrs. Jay Epting 1692 Brewer Blvd., S. W., Atlanta, Ga. Miss Margaret GSrrett Box 81, Simpsonville William C. Guest 1402 West 17th, Pine Bluff, Ark. Miss Evelyn Jordan Ridge Spring Miss Hewlitte Lifsey 2132 Vineville Ave., Macon, Ga. Miss Claire Lucas Anderson College, Anderson Miss Lulu McClure Anderson College, Anderson Mrs. Lillian McEachern Raeford, N. C. Miss Frances Nicoll 109 Perry Rd., Greenville Mrs. Olga Martin Orr .208 Whi tehall Rd., Anderson Miss Rosa Paschal 100 Marietta St., Canton, Ga. Miss Emily Peed Saint Lucie, Fla. Mrs. Frank Pool 209 Lavinia Ave., Greenville Dr. Olga Pruitt 306 W. Franklin St., Anderson Miss Gene Strickland 200 King St., Anderson Mrs. Charles S. Sullivan 1805 N. Main St., Anderson Mrs. Charles Thompson 810 Woodrovv Circle, Anderson Miss Elizabeth Tribble 209 Greenville St., Anderson Henry von Hasseln 1102 W. Whitner St., Anderson Webb von Hasseln 1102 W. Whitner St., Anderson Miss Sue Todd Walker 312 W. 6th St., Columbia, Tenn. Mrs. Sloan Westmoreland Anderson College, Anderson Mrs. E. M. Williams 314 S. Gregg St., Columbia STUDENT DIRECTORY Betty Jo Alexander Star Route, Salem Betty Allison Box 117, Ridgecrest, N. C. Geraldine Ashley Ellis Ave., Williamston June Ashley 601 Grier St., Greenwood Barbara Atkin 1209 White St., Anderson Mary Belle Baker 323 Fifth Ave., Jacksonville, Ala. Kay Bart 316 East 51 St., Savannah, Ga. Betty Beacham Ill 5th St., Easley Martha Beeks .- 710 Rhett St., Greenville Jo Helen Billing 89 Simmons St., Anderson Ann Bishop 5 Miller St., Inman Patsy Blair S22 Bleckley St., Anderson Nell Boatwright 816 Bluff St., Marion Carey Bolt Box 104, LaFrance Cynthia Bongirne 329 Jamaica Ave., Brooklyn 7, N. Y. Carolyn Bouchillon 892 Elizabeth St., Anderson Mary Bowen Iva Pat Bowie 1312 Ligon St., Anderson Grace Brantley 704 E. Walnut St., Goldsboro, N. C. Sylvene Branyon 107 Sayre St., Anderson Felton Bratcher 609 Summit Ave., Anderson Lyndall Bratcher Rt. 2, Honea Path Charlotte Breland Holly Hill Gloria Breland 108 Brownlee, Walterboro Joyce Brewer 90S Osborne Ave., Anderson Robert Brock, Jr 604 O ' Neal St., Belton Carolyn Brown j va Hilda Bryant. Sox 142, Iva June Buchanan Rt . 2, Anderson Marilyn Bunch 62 Cherokee St., Abbeville William Burden 502 Caughlin Ave., Anderson Agnes Burgess Rt. 2, Box 40, Kingstree Joan Burriss 331 Tribble St., Anderson Evelyn Cabe Prentiss, N. C. J. T. Campbell Rt . 4 Be j ton Kathleen Campbell Rt. 1 Starr Lynwood Campbell Rt . ] ' Starr Monece Cantrell 221 Brockman, Greenville Helen Carrigan Salisbury Dr., Mooresville, N. C. Frances Carson Ill Oak St., Lenoir, N. C. Doris Cassell Rt 2 , Pickens Mrs. Ruth Castellaw 207 Grimes St., Anderson Mrs. Glcnna Chandler 811 Greenville St., Anderson Mrs. Jackie Childs 706 Windsor Ave., Anderson Betty Clayton 1 14 Wallace Ct., Union Lev, is Cleveland Rt Bclton Calhoun Cole. 2708 Pope Dr., Anderson Virginia Coleman.. 1310 Phoenix St., Greenwood Max Compton R t. , Anderson Rosaline Cook Batesburg Geraldine Cooley 118 Tremont Ave., Greenville Betty Jane Copeland 232 McGhee Ave., Greenwood James Cox Rt ] p eIze| . Rose Marie Creswell Box 83, Plum Branch Mary Ann Cromer 408 E. Morris St., Anderson Dorothy Ruth Daniel .... 1 502 Columbia College Dr., Columbia Martha Davis Rt . 2 , Fountain Inn Peggy DeShields Rt . 5 Greenville Mary DcWitt Rt . J, Mjddleton, Ga. Madeleine DuCom Rt. 2, Box 92A, Sumter JoAnn Dowis 211 Saluda Rd., Greenwood Dorothy Dudley , Rt . 3, Thomason, Ga. James Dunlap Box 304, Williamston Joyce Dye 1 1 1 5 white St., Anderson Martha Dykes Gap Creek Plantation, Farrar, Ga. Joan Edwards Church St., Saluda Gale Elliott 1115 W. Tenn. St., Evansville, Ind. Broadus Ellison Rt. 1, Williamston Nancy Erickson 50 E. DiLide Dr., Miami Beach, Fla. Claudia Evans Rt . 2, Anderson Peggy Fields 609 E. Orr St., Anderson Kay Flora 43? Broadway, Carlisle, Ky. Anna Belle Fouche 605 York Ave., Rock Hill Jackie Franklin Tallulah Falls, Ga. Betty Jeanne Freeman 298 Moreland Way, Hapeville, Ga. Wilma Freeman Rt. 1, Anderson Cornelia Gable R t . 4, Abbeville Thalia Gambrell Box 228, Pendleton James Earle Garrison 1000 E. Whitner, Anderson Carolyn George 1017 E. Orr Ext., Anderson William Wesley Giles 3610 S. Main St., Anderson Sharon Glantcn Box 135, Grantville, Ga. Doris Glenn Fair Play Ray Grant 304 N. McDuffie St., Anderson Dorothy Green 2846 20th St., W., Birmingham, Ala. Rosa Gressette 236 S. Harden, Columbia Marion Griffith 15th Brooklyn Ave., Lancaster Jean Gunnells 126 N. Main St., Greenwood Teresita Gurdian . . 1755 Harvard St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Hal Hall Blue Ridge Ave., Belton Joseph Hall 601 Ridge Crest Ave., Anderson Ann Hamlin Box 181, Tavares, Fla. 89 DIRECTORY— Continued Dora Hancock Box 42, Donalds Donna Hanna Gifford Mrs. Georgia Hannan.1731 Princeton Ave., St. Paul 5, Minn. Clytie Hardee Rt. 3, Box 213, Loris Flossie Hardee Rt. 3, Box 215, Loris Clara Lou Hardwick Rt. 2, Galivants Ferry Joan Harris 1205 S. Filmore, Little Rock, Ark. Albeit Hastings 512 Evans St., Anderson Audrey Hayes 2210 S. McDuffie St., Anderson Becky Haygood 1793 S. Lumpkin St., Athens, Ga. Helen Hendley 253 Glenndale, Decatur, Ga. Sara Frances Hill Stan- Mary Ann Holcombe 207 S. Franklin Rd., Greenville Faye Holcombe 320 S. Mt. St., Union Helen Home Old Barnwell Rd., Allendale William Horton Rt. 2, Pendleton Barbara Howard Cedar Rock Rd., Easley Claudette Howard Rt. 2, Piedmont Donald Hubbard 3 Diamond, Anderson Rachel Hutchinson Rt. 1, Lowndesville Tommy Jaynes 406 Calhoun St., Anderson Ann Jeffords 275 R. R. Ave., Florence Emma Jeffords 314 S. Jarrott, Florence Mary Johns 1134 Fairview Shores Dr., Orlando, Fla. Howard Johnson 9 Prince St., Anderson Sara Jo Johnson Box 1 34, Pelzer Bobby Lou Johnston 202 Berkley Ave., Greenville Floyd Jones 307 Hill St., Anderson Marion Osteen Jones 1011 N. Main St., Anderson Mary Ann Jones 121 Pendleton St., Easley William James Keel 109 Maxwell Ave., Anderson Betty Kelly Townville Betty Jo Kelly Rt. 2, Birmingham, Iowa Evelyn Kelly 4 Fuller St., Pelzer Josie Kimsey 115 Gulf St., Greenwood Mrs. Alice King 1206 White St., Anderson Barbara King 700 S. Fair Play St., Seneca Nancy King 800 E. River St., Anderson Charles Kirkham 70 N. Crescent Dr., Anderson Joan Langford 1201 E. Gadsden, Pensacola, Fla. Loretta Latimer 100 Lyman St., Greenwood Mildred Leonard Rt. 3, Greer John Lindsay, Jr. 1013 E. Orr St. Ext., Anderson Rebecca Jane Liverman Clemson Laura Looper Rt. 1 , Easley Sarah Magill Woodland Dr., Lancaster Carol Manchester 516 Almena Ave., Ardsley, N. Y. John William Manly Box 544, Williamston Daisy Mann 121 N. Verona Ave., Avon Park, Fla. Sylvia Manning Rt. 1, Calhoun Falls Ann Martin Rt. 1 , Anderson Frances McAbee Rt. 2, Pendleton Barbara McAlister 45 Second St., Greenwood Bobbie McAlister Rt. 2, Central Ann McClendon 504 Penn St., Edgefield Frances Marguerite McCall Rt. 1, Pelzer Kate McDonald 238 Grace St., Greenwood Nira McDowell 23 First St., Greenwood Anne McGill Rt. 2, Anderson Jo Ann McKir.ney 2310 N. Main St., Anderson Jean McSweeney Rail Road Ave., Allendale Doris Mills Rt. 4, Elberton, Ga. Margaret Mimms Box 231, Fountain Inn Margaret Moore Rt. 1, Starr Muriel Moore Rt. I, Williamston Vera Lee Mullikin Rt. 1, Greenville Jessie Myers 1 300 Duke St., Georgetown Frank Nelson 3103 McCollum St., Anderson Ruth Newell 1430 Carswell St., Baltimore, Md. Elaine Nielsen 609 Watchung Ave., Plainfield, N. J. Louise Farmer Nimmons R. F. D. Walhalla Betty Zane Nix Box 7, Satolah, Ga. Eleise Owen Rt. 1 , Central Shirley Palmer Rt. 2, Sandy Springs Emma Sue Partain Smythe St. Ext., Rt. 2, Belton Carl Patterson Box 99, LaFrance Mary Nelle Patterson. Box 102, Norcross, Ga. Larry Pearson 1 108 E. Whitner St., Anderson Carolyn Peck 109 Jackson St., Jefferson City, Mo. Hillma Phillips Long Creek Lorieta Poole 3205 S. Main St. Ext., Anderson Dixie Poore Rt. 1, Middleton, Ga. Connie Ann Price 516 E. Orr St., Anderson Jerry Price 701 Rudolph St., Goldsboro, N. C. Elizabeth Pruitt 223 E. Orr St., Anderson Billie Putman 49 Mt. Vista, Greenville Mrs. Gertrude Ramey 310 Shockley Ferry Rd., Anderson Eleanor Reynolds 20 Ware St., Ware Shoals Betty Joe Rogers 703 E. Main St., Walhalla Eve Rollins Box 111, Pooler, Ga. Lunette Sarvis , Rt. 3, Loris Charles Saviors, Jr Rt. 1, Williamston Jackie Schunk 2090 Barnes Ave., Apt. 10, Bronx, N. Y. Mary Shaver 35 W. Main St., Ware Shoals Tracy Shaw Rt. 4, Belton Betty Shirley Ill Webb St., Anderson Nellie Shuler Rt. 2, Taylors Betty A. Singleton Rt. 2, Pendleton Angeline Smith . ' Rt. 1, Hartwell, Ga. Clarence Smith Rt. 1 , Williamston Edward Smith Rt. 6, Anderson Edwin Smith 17 Hampton St., Anderson Margaret Smith 1846 N. Main St., Anderson Fred Sparnell Gonzales Garden, Columbia Betty Sprouse Rt. 1, Fountain Inn June Steadman Rt. 6, Anderson Frances Ann Stephenson 409 S. Mt. St., Union Frances Stewart Six Mile Betsy Still Due West Jimmie Stokes 37 Magazine St., Abbeville Warrnett Strom 210 Magnolia St., Greenwood Julia Stubblefield Hartsville, Tenn. Freda Tallent Franklin, N. C. Sara Tanner 906 Pendleton St., Greenville Billie Taylor 607 Blair St., Anderson Dolores Taylor Box 269, Lancaster Grace Taylor 607 Blair St., Anderson Harry Thompson Seventh Ave., E., Hendersonville, N. C. Mclvin Timms Rt. 2, Hartwell, Ga. Janet Tison 930 Boulevard, N. E., Orangeburg Arthur Trotter Rt. 2, Belton Grace Tumblin Rt. 1, Fountain Inn James Turner 205 Norris St., Anderson Faye Tyler 105 E. W. 20 Rd., Miami, Fla. Bobbie Vaughn Rt. 1, West Union Lugenia Walker Rt. 2, Belton Louise Wardlaw Rt. 2, Liberty Mary Watkins Box 301, Pelzer Joanne Whitwcrth Tugalo Rd., Rt. 3, Toccoa, Ga. Lawrence Whitfield 412 Maple St., Anderson Joyce Wideman Box 253, Greenwood Grace Williams Rt. 2, Box 8, Callison W. A. Williams 308 Vadiver St., Anderson Ruby Willingham Rt. 5, Anderson Joan Wilson Box 242, Taylors Janis Wright Box 486, Taveres, Fla. 90 Mutoaraph r a P

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