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ft resenting tb 7 Mimns ANDERSON COLLEGE, ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Nineteen Hundred mid Fifty Our College by Moonlight 9c orewoh d Grow old along with me The best is yet to be, The last of life, for which the first was made; Our times are in his hand Who saith, " A whole I planned, Youth shows but half; trust God: see all, nor be afraid " —Robert Browning. Rabbi Ben Ezra. JANET LETSON Editor JEAN GARRIS Business Manager DEDICATION ROSA PASCAL And on that cheek and o ' er that brow So soft, so calm, yet so eloquent, The smiles that win, the tints that glow But tell of days in goodness spent, A mind at peace with all below, A heart whose love is innocent. —Lord Byron. She Walks In Beauty. MRS. M. D. BOULWARE lnJt emonam A virtuous woman who can find? For her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband trusteth in her . . . She doeth him good and not evil all the days of her life She openth her mouth with wisdom, And in her tongue is the law of kindness. She looketh well to the ways of her household, And eateth not the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed. Our JrresLaent ANNIE DOVE DENMARK An inspiration to all who know her . . . Beloved by all who know her . . . We will never forget her for all she has done To guide us and help us in our individual needs. Of u minis tra Hon KATHRYN COPELAND Dean V k GRACE L. CRONKHITE Dean of Music ELIZARETH TRIBBLE Bursar CLAIRE LUCAS Student Councilor ANDERSON Receptionist BURRISS Secretarial BROWN English €L BAIRD Dramatics COLE Sciences CAMPBELL Secretary to President CARSON Housekeeper COOK Assistant to Dean 10 COURTNEY Assistant Librarian CULYER Music DAVIS Registrar FACULTY DEMPSEY High School EASTERLY Secretarial GARRETT Bible GURLEY Assistant to Bursar ;■ ' „ S a HILL High School Sciences LIFSEY Nurse MAJOR Piano XICOLL Home Economics PASCAL Education— Mathematics SKIXXER Music o te STONE Art SULLIVAN English WESTMORELAND Hostess WYLIE Physical Education FACULTY ORR Piano H. VON IIASSELN History, Social Sciences PRUITT College Physician W. VON HASSELN 13 « -.fl «r.f UM«J! SI «r MSfl ¥ Ufe • 3 r rt - -■w MPSBit P! - ' IraiwwTt. ' ' " - ii ' 2K £o a asses IS cJlh e SOPHOMORE CLASS DOROTHY HAIR President ROY GRIFFITH Vice-President SHIRLEY RROOKS Secretary JOYCE ALLEN Treasurer NANCY RAINEY Mascot MRS. CHARLES SULLIVAN Sponsor 16 Charles Aldrich Joyce Allen Frank Barnes 17 SOPHOMORE i Peggy Beckworth Shirley Brooks Harold Burden 13 CLASS Betty Chamblee Marie By id Joyce Christ ensen i? SOPHGMQBE Paul Duncan Joyce Gibson Jean Garris CLASS Dorothy Hair Roy Griffith Charlotte Hendley SOPHOMORE Carolyn Hendrix Lucille Holden Doris Holliday 22 CLASS John Howell Patricia Karel Beverly Lee 23 Janet Let son SOPHOMOME James Long Joann Loggins 24. CLASS Martha McGill Anna Jean McFaddin Janelia May field 25 SOPHOMORE Patsy May field Amette Peck Clyde Park 26 CLASS Andrew Pickens Clandette Peck Golda Sanders 27 SOPHOMOME Joan Smitli Frank Steele • Hazel Stone Doris Sullivan 28 CLASS Barbara Shurburtt Kenneth Taylor ■ Joyce Walker Jim Gray Watson 29 Jrrom ropneaj Turning the clock ahead ten years we see the class of ' 50 as they are in 1960. Among those who just couldn ' t leave Anderson are Arnette Peck, now prospering False Teeth Manufacturer; Carolyn Hendrix, who runs a dancing school for prospective can-can dancers; Joann Loggins, who is in the jewelry business (rings, that is). Claudette Peck now has six sets of twins with black hair, while Jim Gray Watson is still hav- ing a " Peck " of trouble. Hose Burden now runs a run-down theater for run-down actors. His Ex-leading man, Hokey Howell, now in Holly- wood is writing a play entitled " Ahhh (choo). " " Brother " Andrew Pickens is now world renown for his famous sermon, " Them bones gonna ' rise again " ; Lucia Ann Harris can be seen running around town in her red polka dotted convertible and protesting " Oh, I forgot it again. " Beverly- Lee is congresswoman for the state of East Car- olina, while Peggy Beckworth is mayor of Lower Slobbovia. Dot Hair has risen to fame as the first woman coach for Clemson ' s Tiger football team. Equally famous is Clemson ' s extra point woman, Hazel Stone. Paul Duncan is now 6 ' 5 " , and when we asked him how he got that way, he said that he merely took four bottles of Hadacol. Joyce Christensen is hying to pursuade Janet Letson to come home, but Jan won ' t do it as she ' s now a confirmed rebel. Charlotte Hendley and Doris Holliday own and edit the famous newspaper, " The An- derson Antagonizer. " Joyce Walker and Joyce Allen are secretaries to Ben Cromer, now an eminent house doctor. Frank Barnes and Charles Pruitt run a glue-factory for Ben ' s un- successful attempts. Jean Garris now works for " Inner Sanctum " as the squeaking door. Joan Smith has an excellent job in the Greenville zoo, training monkey ' s to do the ballet. Marie Byrd. Lucille Holden. and Patsy May- field now run a kindergarten for backward adults. Doris Sullivan, Betty Chamblee, Shirley- Brooks, Golda Sanders, and Martha McGill have all married their Wealthy bosses. Joyce Gibson has written a best-selling trag- edy. " My Three Years on ' Campus ' . " Mrs. Clyde Park is running for mayor of Anderson on the Tea Pot Party. James Long is her rip-roaring campaign manager. " Bugs " May-field has just finished painting her masterpiece, " The Goon. " We understand that Frank Steele is still in " Lit " . He couldn ' t bear to leave it. A. J. McFaddin has married a black-headed man— which one, we Don ' t know. Pat Karel has won the tennis championship at Wimbleton. And last, but not least, you can be run over any day in the week by stockcar racer, Barbara Shurburtt, who still screams in the night. Lewis Cleveland Floyd Jones SPECIAL STUDENTS Ray McDowell Ralph Sassard 31 FRESHMAN CLASS FAYE AYERS President HARRISON TUCKER Vice-President JULIA DOZIER Secretary JOY TOWNE Treasurer JUDY ADAMS Representative MISS HELEN RAIRD Sponsor TERRY MINYARD Mascot As we think back over the year at Anderson College, we remember onr first day vividly. Each of us had different first opinions, but the ones that occurred to all of us were the impres- sive white columns, the tree-shaded campus, the friendly sophomores, and die realization that we were all away from home for nine long months. Long months? There was so much to do that we wondered where we ' d fine the time. Con- certs, Clemson socials, receptions— not to men- tion the studying and hurried trips to the " filly, " dates, and recitals. Then home for Christmas holidays and back for first semester exams. Second semester . . . Spring holidays . . . and now it ' s time to say good-bye for awhile. To Dr. Denmark, to the faculty, to the sophomores and to each other, our thanks for such a wonderful year. " Should auld acquaintance be forgot " . . . not for us . . . we ' ll be back as the sophomores next year. 32 Judy Adams Bessie Jean Bolt Jean Burriss Jenny Lee Cooper Broadus Arflin Katrina Boyd William Burden Vonccil Crihh Fay Ayers Eleanor Bradham Loni Carros Vance Cooley Martha Beeks Margaret Broome Patsy CI eland Bettye Denmark Patricia Bell Anna Marie Brown Claude Cook Louise Dickson 33 Julia Dozier Elizabeth Ferris Nannie Lou Gulledge Anne Herron Marion Dupre Fred Fowler Eva Lee Hampton Artie Mae Hester Betty Jean Dyar Estella Jo Gagalis Jane Hayes Charlotte Hipp Connie Eliopoulos Marilyn Gardner Julia Hayes Texie Holmes Sally Estes Ramona Gonzolas Clara Mae Herrin Atha Ann Hughes FMESHMAN 34 Mary Jane Jeffords Leila Jennings Charles Kay Thaylia Keasler Shirley Mathis Ned McClain Bobby Jean Meredith Foy Moore Emily Johnson Beth Kelley Jean McFarland Barbara Nugent Polly Johnston Dan Leach Barbara Martin Elaine Owen Jean Julian Marcia Lindsay Sara Martin Peggy Padgett CLASS 35 Dorothy Pratt Jack Smith Joan Thompson Sue Helen Whitefield Louise Hardwick David Roberts Anne Spicer Joyce Towne Betty Jean Whitten Nelson Henderson Morgan Rogers Sara Frances Smith Marion Van Eseltine Beth Wilder Mertie Graham Mildred Sayer Carol Ann Taylor Mary White Jacqueline Willard Jane Powell Patricia Simpson Mildred Taylor Juanita Whitefield Kathrine Woodall FKESHMAN CLASS 36 37 HIGH SCHOOL OFFICERS NADINE SCOTT President JOANN JENNINGS Vice-President JUNE KING Secretary JEAN FLOYD Treasurer MISS DORIS DEMPSEY Sponsor DUDLEY JENKINS Mascot 38 Jean Floyd Joanne Jennings Rosa Gressette Margaret Minims Nancy Schroeder Nadine Scott Marion Teel Faye Tyler Dorothy Wills €L SENIOK CLASS 39 Enna Cannon Shirley Lagerblad Fred Carlton Doris Lindsay Helen Hendley Glenda Osborne June King Mary Nell Patterson CL JUNIOR CLASS James Vaughn Charles Shepard Jacqueline Wellborn 40 SOPHOMORE CLASS Mary Jo Belcher Bobby Carroll Anne Jeffords Laura hooper SHHRIBi Jane Curry Nancy Erickson Nolene Grice Barbara Plowden Marylou Sessions Aurilla Wall FRESHMAN CLASS M Mary Ellen Burke Frances Carson Carolyn Grain Jacqueline Lyon Nancy Overton NADINE SCOTT Friendliest JOANN JENNINGS Most Attractive SENIOR SUPERLATIVES ROSA GRESSETTE Most Versatile FAYE TYLER Most Athletic GfctivLties 43 TUDENT RESIDENT COUNCIL PEGGY BECKWORTH President HAZEL STONE Vice-President ANNA JEAN McFADDIN Secretary JEAN GARRIS Treasurer JOYCE CHRISTENSEN East House President LUCILLE HOLDEN West House President CAROLYN HENDRIX Fire Chief MARIE BYRD Sophomore Representative ARNETTE PECK Sophomore Representative NADINE SCOTT High School Representative 44 GOVERNMENT TOWN COUNCIL CLYDE PARK President KENNETH TAYLOR Vice-President MARTHA McGILL Secretary GOLDA SANDERS Treasurer JOHN HOWELL Sophomore Representative Democratically pledged in allegiance with oneself 45 BAPTIST STUDENT OFFICERS JOYCE WALKER President JOYCE ALLEN Enlistment Vice-President ARNETTE PECK Social Vice-President LUCILLE HOLDEN Devotional Vice-President DORIS HOLLIDAY Secretary MARY JO BELCHER Treasurer ALTHA ANN HUGHES Pianist VONCEIL CRIBB Chorister BETTYE DENMARK Sunday School Representative JULIA HAYES Training Union Representative CAROLYN HENDRIX Publicity Chairman TEXIE HOLMES Girls Town Student Representative FRED FOWLER, JR Boys Town Student Representative ANDREW PICKENS Ministerial Representative VIRGINIA TUCKER Nurses Representative SHIRLEY PARHAM Assistant NADINE SCOTT Presbyterian Representative MARIE BYRD Methodist Representative MISS FRANCES NICOLL Faculty Advisor 46 UNION COUNCIL YWA CIRCLE LEADERS Margaret Mimms Elaine Owen Eva Lee Hampton Peggy Beckworth Dorothy Hair Nannie Lou Gulledge Joyce Walker Charlotte Hipp Judy Adams Anna Marie Brown Vonceil Cribb Margaret Broome Frances Carson Know a Scholar by his knowledge, and a Christian by his service. 47 P%4 ,1 . METHODIST CLU MARIE BYRD President DOROTHY WILLS Secretary-Treasurer MARY JANE JEFFORDS Program Chairman The Methodist Club is an organization of Methodist students seeking to spread and provide for the spiritual, moral, and social needs of the students in every way. MISS FRANCES CAMPBELL Sponsor " 8 PRESBYTERIAN CLUB ANNA JEAN McFADDIN President JUDY ADAMS Secretary-Treasurer MISS POLLY WYLIE Faculty Advisor This religious organization unites the Presbyterian girls in a religi- ous sisterhood for a more complete Christian life on campus. 49 MINISTEHIAL BAND REV. W. A. WILLIAMS President REV. BROADUS A. ARFLIN Vice-President REV. PAUL DUNCAN Secretary-Treasurer MRS. WESTMORELAND Faculty Adviser Though the music ' s not immortal, it is ever mixing with the ele- ments of the spiritual that make a song complete. 50 THE CHORUS MISS KATHRIXE CULYER Director With a hope in my heart horn from faith that is sure, springs the song that has dwelled through the beauty of the years. R u :- f 51 COLLEGIANNES In recognition of the trust which has been placed in me as a Col- legiAnne, I promise to strive to keep constantly in mind the Anderson College Ideal as an expression of the spirit of the college; to endeavor to uphold truth, honor, and service as positive virtues in my character; and to make student government self-government. 52 PHI THETA KAPPA MRS. CLYDE PARKES President CHARLOTTE HENDLEY . . . Secretary-Treasurer The Phi Theta Kappa is a national honor scho- larship society corresponding to the Phi Beta Kappa for four-year colleges. A member must be in the upper ten percent of the student body. MISS KATHRYN COPELAND Sporisor 53 ALPHA PI EPSILON HAZEL STOxME President DORIS HOLLIDAY Vice-President DOROTHY HAIR Secretary GOLDA SANDERS Treasurer MISS BURRISS Sponsor The beats of success are precise and ring true. MISS MARY MAJOR BURRISS 54 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS CLUB PEGGY BECKWORTH President ANNA JEAN McFADDIN . . . Secretary-Treasurer MARIE BYRD Program Chairman Let not the spoils of men lock the gate; For the key of freedom is purchased for a price. HENRY VON HASSELN Sponsor 55 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB BESSIE JEAN BOLT President TEXIE HOLMES Vice-President JOYCE TOWNE Secretary EMILY JOHNSON Treasurer ARTIE MAE HESTER Social Chairman MISS NICOLL Sponsor To seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion . . . to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, to bear all cheer- fully . . . to do all bravely and graciously. 56 ANDERSON COLLEGE PLAYERS .1 MARILYN GARDNER . President BETH FERRIS Vice-President DOT HAIR Secretary JOYCE CHRISTENSEN Treasurer DELTA MISS BAIRD Sponsor Imagination, understanding of human nature, dra- matic inspiration appliance ■ ■ ■ and after that the play. OMEGA " HOKEY " HOWELL President CONNIE ELIOPOULOS Vice-President MARCIA LINDSAY Secretary-Treasurer MISS BAIRD Sponsor Not Pictured: HOSE and MITZI BURDEN. 57 The cast of " Cinderella " STAGE Just Hose and Mitz playing Mr. and Mrs. Is someone proposing? 58 ' ° " « busi nes ' »o ik 6y hl «ine SsP BEHIND SCENES A Scene from " Stage Door 59 COMMEMCIAL CLUB DOROTHY HAIR President RAMONA GONZOLAS Vice-President ESTELLA JO GAGALIS Secretary-Treasurer MISS BURRISS Sponsor Energy behind the business world accumulating into a combustion of commercial success. 60 COSMOPOLITAN CLUB JOYCE CHRISTENSEN President KATRINABOYD Vice-President JUDY ADAMS Secretary MARIE BYRD Treasurer MISS RUBY EASTERLY Sponsor Personalities mingled into a friendship that emerges from a com- mon understanding and extended graciousness. 61 Bottoms up. TOWN You find men in the strangest places. THE CHARLOTTE HEXDLEY Editor-in-Chief MISS KATHRYX COPELAXD Sponsor Advertising Staff NIAR1LYX GARDXER Feature Editor FRED FOWLER. JR. Sports Editor 64- YODLEM DORIS HOLLIDAY Associate Editor FAY AYERS. Circulation Manager BETTYE DENMARK, Advertising Manager MARCIA LINDSAY, JOY TOWNE News Editors PEGGY BECKWORTH JAN LETSON Reporters 65 JANET LETSON Editor-in-Chief JEAN GARRIS Business Manager MISS RUBY EASTERLY Sponsor THE MARILYN " GARDNER Literary Editor JOYCE WALKER Assistant Literary Editor Advertising Staff 66 COLUMNS MARTHA McGILL Advertising Manager GOLDA SANDERS Sports Editor DOT HAIR Head Typist HAZEL STONE Associate Editor r ' -■■■■;■■ : :: ? CAROLYN HENDRIX Art Editor 67 features 69 Peggy Beck worth SOPHOMOBE 70 Anna Jean McFaddin PERSONALITIES 71 Hazel Stone SOPHOMORE 72 Dorothy Hair PERSONALITIES 73 Arnette Peck SOPHOMOME 74 Kenneth Tayloi PERSONALITIES 75 ffl T fO» : J tfrn 1 j Hf 11 ' -4m « — aaiirti» j9 .. ; i II Jjll H m| ■ i JH IraSf BERNIE GRAHAM Sponsored by JANET LETSON The Columns Jnaij ffle trove ■ " ■ CHARLES CANNON Sponsored by MARIE BYRD Methodist Club J. E. HENDLEY Sponsored by CHARLOTTE HENDLEY The Yodler PAT STEWART Sponsored by JOHN HOWELL Delta Psi Omega Jrresent + BILL KING Sponsored by ARNETTE PECK Woman ' s Athletic Association DAVID TISDALE Sponsored by NADINE SCOTT High School r ' ■ " • , T C. L. CHRISTENSEN Sponsored by JOYCE CHRISTENSEN Cosmopolitan Club MRS. J. E. HENDLEY Sponsored by HELEN HENDLEY Glee Club JOE D. BOLT Sponsored by BESSIE JEAN BOLT Home Economics Club Jnaij Ye 1 resent MR. LEON B. BOZARDT Sponsored by DOROTHY HAIR Sophomore Club MR. AND MRS. L. S. GARRIS Sponsored by JEAN GARRIS Business Manager of the Columns MR. AND MRS. A. S. WALKER Sponsored by JOYCE WALKER Baptist Student Union 78 SmaKmm ' SaBaf fSalEuiaa aBiSH BSS nSBalD Sport. 79 WOMAN ' S ATHLETIC -i? ?; ARNETTE PECK President GOLDA SANDERS . . . Vice-President JOAN SMITH Secretary PAT KAREL Treasurer HAZEL STONE Recorder MISS WYLIE Sponsor Fit in body . . . shining, clean . . . Strong and staunch she stood there, With sportsmanship her theme. ,.i ■ ' .. . 80 ASSOCIATION TENNIS A racquet, some balls, a pair of tennis shoes, and some shorts . . . that ' s al l you need for the exciting game of tennis. HOCKEY One click— two click- three click — and the Sophomores have the ball. Look at that drib- ble down the field— she passed the ball— they ' re almost to the striking field — circle — Hurrah! The Freshman team has the ball— more passing and dribbling. They ' re playing real hockey todav! 81 The East Dorm Wet Hens FOOTBALL Get that hall . . . Oh. she missed it. Hey stop that goon . . . Boy, did you see that pass? Ran Lucille— it ' s a touchdown. We ' ve beat ' em, 176 to 71 The West Dorm Dead Pigeons BASKETBALL " Our team is red hot! " How good can a team be. . . . Just watch Gertie dribble, everything would be perfect. If we could only win, « SPEEDBALL SOFTBALL " One, two, three and you ' re out at the old ball game. " Softball is the perfect spring sport. Anyone, skilled or unskilled, can play. ABCHEEY Stand tall — sight the target, raise the bow arm— draw— aim —release! This is the secret of the perfect form of the modem Robin Hood. Anna Jean McFaddin MAY QUEEN Jylau JJa y y ATTENDANTS Joann Loggins Joan Smith Charlotte Hendley Arnette Peck Martha McGill Mildred Taylor Glenda Osborne Judy Adams Betty Jane Dyar Joy Towne Sara Martin Marion Teel Dorothy Wills Beth Wilder MAY COUBT ATTENDANTS, 1950 84 ' 95° GL-A ■ Barbara Shurburtt MAID OF HONOR MAY COURT, 1949 Barbara Timmons, May Queen; Betty Stout, Maid-of -Honor 85 HI, GRADUATES ... Let ' s Go! You lucky guys and gals have places to go in our Piedmont of Opportunity, and I ' m going with you. (Fact is, I ' ve been right along since your bottle warming days.) Lift your chin . . . you ' re graduating into the freest economy on earth. The only one left where you can pick your own job and work out your own ideas about making it more productive and more profit- able. Your diploma is a challenge to understand Our Way ... to Keep It Free and Make It Better. DURE POWER COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF Calhoun Hotel ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA 86 DILLARD ' S SPORTING GOODS 127 East Whitker St. Anderson, S. C. " Better Be Safe Than Sorry " LAWRENCE AND BROWNLEE INSURANCE AND BONDS 112 X. Main St. Phone 900 Anderson, S. ( ' . McKEE ' S SHOE SHOP " Fine Shoe Repairing " 111 W. Benson St. Anderson, S. C. Compliments of EFIRD ' S DEPT. STORE Anderson, S. C. Compliments op THE HOLLY STORE LADIES ' APPAREL G. H. BAILES CO. " sin Old Store with Young Ideas " NOTED FOR OUR SMART FASHIONS AT YOUNG PRICES PHONE 3131 ANDERSON, S. C. C. M. GUEST AND SONS I } Builders ? ANDERSON, S. c. GREENSBORO, N. C. ; I :■ ' . " . " ' ■ " ' . " I. " . ' l. ' " . " ' " ..F..r., .,M.M.r,.M. 1,......M.M.ii.M.r ., 1 . M.M.I .l 1 • l.ri. 1 1 . F 1 . M .. 1 . M . M , r . 87 HARPER BROTHERS, INC. STORES Anderson — Greenville Spartanburg — Greenwood Compliments of McLEESES CHINA - - CRYSTAL Anderson, S. C. SMITH ' S CUT RATE DRUG STORE 108 X. Main- St. AnDF.ESON, S. C. Compliments of BYERS MEN SHOP ANDERSON, S. C. Compliments of MAYFAIR GRILL ANDERSON, S. C. Compliments of McLESKY TODD Anderson, S. C. COMPLIMENTS OF COLLEGE GRILL ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA .-..■. ' ,. . ' ., ' , , ' . ' . ' ,.■,,-,,■., ' ,, ' ,. ' ,. ' ., ' ., ' , ' ,-,,■.. ' ., ' ,. ' .. , ' ., ' ., ' ., ' .,■ . ' . . ' .. .-.. ' ..■ . . . ' .. ' .. ' .. ... , ............. ,.,■„-„.„.„.. •: PHONE 25 5 | McDOUGALD - JOHNSTON FUNERAL HOME Incorporated 5 •: FUNERAL DIRECTORS 5 600 S. Main Street Douglas McDougald Anderson, S. c. 88 Compliments of S. H. KRESS AND CO. 5 - 10 - 25c Store Anderson, S. C. MARILYN SHOE STORE 2005 Main Street Anderson, S. C. Friendliest Place in Town Compliments of WOOLWORTH ' S AxDERSOX, S. C. Compliments of SEARS. ROEBUCK AND CO. Anderson, S. C. Compliments of CALHOUN SODA SHOP Anderson, S. C. Compliments of ROGER ' S HARDWARE 131 W. Wiiitnkr St. Anderson, S. C. MARTIN AND COOPER ROOFING CO. Roofing, Heating, Sheet Metal " Winkler " Heating Equipment " Barrett " Approved Roofers 110 " . MURRAY AVE. Phone SVi ANDERSON, S. C. ORR - GRAY DRUG COMPANY I ? Prescriptions a Specialty 120 EAST EARLE ST. PHONE 216 r ANDERSON. S. C. 5 : =; ■ " ■ ' ■ " ■ ri,»»,ii,n.«,«.n.n.«,n.M,ii i .n.n.n.n.n.i i - .,,...,..... Mi,ii.n,n,ii.i«.n.i«,ii.M.n.n.M,ii.(i.n.ri.M,n.n. i.ii,,M.n. i.M,n.r 89 HARRIS SHEET METAL CO. Roofing, Sheet Metal Work and Heating Phone 2590 510 W. Market St. Anderson, S. C. Compliments of COCHRAN JEWELRY COMPANY Anderson, S. C. SULLIVAN - KING MORTUARY Established 1923 Phone 378 401 North Main Street Anderson, S. C. MARETT FLOWER SHOP 110 W. River St. Phone . ' 3344 Anderson, S. C. WM. HUGH ROBINSON Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York ANDERSON, S. C. YELLOW CAB CO. Large Buses for Charter Trips CALL 108 James Wells, Manager 90 GENE ANDERSON Anderson, S. C. Quality Costs Xo More ,-,, ' , .-.,■,, ' .,-,, ■., ' ..■,,- .-..-,,- ,-..■..■.,■..- ,■ ,■ .-,,■.,■ ,- .- ,-.,■ I ' ,, ' ,,-., ' ■„• 1, WELLS MOTOR CO. ■: 210 S. Murray Ave. Phone 102 Used Cars Bought and Sold Charlie Wells, Manager ; ' • " ■■ ■•••■ " ■ " " • " ■ " • ' • " SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY ANDERSON, S. C. Serving in This Section for Over 55 Years ' l, ' ,, ' ,, ' .,-!, ' ,, ' ,,-,, ' ,, •„■ ■„ ' ,,■ ■ 1 , ' |l ' H-|CU ' ..-M-l.-..-|,-.|-.,- 1 l ' ,, ' l, ' .,-,|-|. ' l.-|.-.- " .I ■.!■..■..■. l-.l ' ll ' .. ' • •■•. ■..-,.■ ,, ' .. " ■ KINGOFF ' S, INC., JEWELERS J 123 N. MAIN STREET PHONE 292 ANDERSON, S. C. | { Frank Galloway, Manager ' • " • • " . ' ..,. , I.M.M ' .1 SHOP AND SAVE GALLANT - BELK COMPANY Anderson ' s Largest and Best Department Store QUALITY MERCHANDISE ALWAYS AT LOWER PRICES 91 ANDERSON COLLEGE AXDERSOX, S. C. Ideal: " A healthy Christian gentlewoman doing her work accurately, completely, and happily. " An accredited Junior College offering terminal and transfer courses leading to the Associate in Art degree. Buildings and equipment are unexcelled. Dormitories are spacious and modern with private baths. Library and laboratories are splendidly equipped. TRANSFER AND TERMINAL COURSES LlBERAL AND FlNE ARTS Music: Piano, Voice, Violin, Organ Dramatics and Radio Dramatics Speech and Radio Speech Home Economics and Home Furnishings Secretarial and Medical Secretarial Pre-Xursing and Pre-Journalism Primary and Elementary Teachers Physical Education ANNIE D. DENMARK, President 92 BRYN-ALAN STUDIOS Photographers for 1950 Col lAWlVlS Duplicates Available from Annual Poses « « % » 138V2 Main St. 420 West Lafayette St. Spartanburg, S. C. Tampa, Florida 93 % i Ofutocjrapks ii -IHh. . rwn

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