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g 3E8BBBBBBBBBBBBEBE DONATED TO ANDERSON COLLEGE LIBRARY BY KATHRYN COPELAND FORMER DEAN OF ANDERSON COLLEGE S IE I I ! I ! E 3B3E3E3E3E3E3E3E3E3E3E3QE3QJ3E- columns 1944 s FOREWORD Through our Columns we want to give a vivid, pictorial description of halcyon days at Anderson College. We hope this yearbook will serve as an accurate record of the past, and that its concrete form will never fail to refresh fading memories of aspirations, successes and some failures. Walking into the front hall for the first time, arranging rooms, settling to studies, October Day, filly visits, Crook Banquet, long weekends, Halloween, some parallel — ' this book helps us to re-live these and other experiences, then its purpose will have been achieved. FRANCES HARRIS, Editor CYNTHIA TODD, Business Manager MAIN WALK •A •• . ft . i i Pte-» , ; w ' tftti »«BP ' ROUND OUR ►» ' -,?.j CAMPUS These are typical scenes of the sur- roundings that do much to promote the friendly spirit of which all Anderson College students are proud. tm tTg£ DR. ANNIE D. DENMARK Why is she foremost in our hearts: . . . It ' s because we ' re foremost in hers; our interests are her interests; our problems, her problems. We like her friendly manner with all the students; her cordial smile, her timely sense of humor, her inspiring talks to us. We are grateful for her many accomplishments for Anderson College. ADMINISTRATION Elizabeth Tribble registrar Elsie Ragsdale dean of women personal adjustment, social sci] nci Grace L. Cronkhite DEAN OF MUSIC PIANO, ORGAN, HARMONY, MUSIC HISTORY, ANALYSIS Kathryn Copeland dean of faculty bible, english, journalism Ethel Brown physical education Merritt Edwards Boulware ART Clifford Jordan Brown librarian, history Evelyn Burrell high school FACULTY Katharine Culyer voice and solfeggio, director of glee club Estelle Burton matron and nurse Regina Cook Cowdrick ENGLISH 10 Margaret Linney secretarial science Maude Garner science Martha Linney assistant in secretarial -i ll.NCE FACULTY Claire Lucas english, psychology, latin Marian Payne student assistant in secretarial science Mary Fern Parris accompanist, piano public school music Rosa Catherine Paschal mathematics and education Gertrude Tullar Pratt speech Dorothy Pruit ENGLISH Olca Valeria Pruitt COLLEGE PHYSICIAN L. 4 k tft i .. ■ ■ Dorothy Sulliva dramatic art FACU LTY Carrie Sharp Salla fuLiA Baskin Taylor HOME ECONOMICS Webb Von Hasseln modern language, VIOLIN Sue Todd Walker dietitian 12 a asses SOPHOMORES OFFICERS Ann Dorsett President Cynthia Todd Vice-President Mary Brown Secretary Hortense Lawson Treasurer Jacquelyn Johnson . Marshal Julia B. Taylor Sponsor William W. Sullivan III Mascot ,r T) . Mascot Sponsor 14 SARA ANDERSON Anderson, S. C. Strawberry blonde . . . capable . . . likes photography . . . lucious in lavender . . . tennis fiend. DOTTIE ARMOUR Washington, Ga. Little in stature . . . reserved . . . always the same . . . cooperates well . . . forever calm. EVELYN AYERS Greenville, S. C. Good conversationalist . . . loves home ... up on the latest happenings . . . neat . . . sentimental. BETTY BALLENTINE Anderson, S. C. Pretty eyelashes . . . popular with boys . . . streamline . . . striking blonde. WILLIE BARNES Lovvndesville, S. C. Late to Lit . . . conscientious . . . never hurries . . . seldom heard from . . . unassuming. DOROTHY BLACK Westminster, S. C. Ambitious . . . prompt . . . generous . to know . . . one of our working girls. . a nice person ELIZABETH BRIDGEMAN Spartanburg, S. C. Full of life . . . likes excitement . . . not overly studious . . . liked by all w ho know her. MARY LOIS BROOME Westminster, S. C. Takes life as it comes . . . usually silent worker . . . modest. steady Anderson Ayers Barnes Bridgeman Armour Ballentine Black Broome Sopko mores 15 COLLEEN BROWN Anderson, S. C. Mild-tempered . . . amiable . . . cooperative . . . beauti- ful brown hair. GENEVIEVE BROWN Anderson, S. C. Willing helper . . . conscientious . . . saves recipes . . . high ideals . . . sincere and straightforward. MARY BROWN Westminster, S. C. School-spirited . . . serious leadership . . . quiet yet very friendly . . . capable . . . intelligent. ELIZABETH BRUCE Anderson, S. C. Studious now and then . . . pleasant to think of . . . a very charming girl . . . amazingly efficient. CAROLYN BUSBY Anderson, S. C. Walks with ease . . . not too quiet . . . neat as a pin . . . calm and collected. DORIS CARLTON Anderson, S. C. Looks at life through rose-colored glasses . . . beaming with pep and energy ... a gift for gab. JEAN CHASTAIN Liberty, S. C. A sweet understanding disposition . . . not so quiet — not so noisy . . . beautiful hair. SALLY CLINKSCALES Anderson, S. C. A tall girl with ideals to match . . . outstanding . . . always neat . . . collegiate. C. Brown M. Brown Busby Chastain G. Brown Bruce Carlton Clinkscales Sopk omores 16 JULIA COLEMAN Saluda, S. C. Sympathetic nature . . . smiles a lot . . . likes to have fun . . . laughs frequently. G. M. DAVONPORT Anderson, S. C. Very courteous . . . high ideals . . . lofty ambitions . . . conscientious. LUARA DICKSON Anderson, S. C. Poet of the campus . . . quietest in the class . . . wee small voice . . . very shv. ANN DORSETT Rocky Mount, N. C. Always on the alert . . . cram full of vim and vigor . . . witty and friendly. LILLIE RAE EARL Anderson, S. C. Tall and stately . . . good looking . . . dry wit . . . quiet as a mouse . . . gorgeous hair. MARIE ELLISON WlLLIAMSTON, S. C. Petite . . . likes journalism . . . curly bangs . . . little girlish . . . cute. MARY LEE. ELLISON Anderson, S. C. Friendlv smile . . . verv quiet ... a peaeciul sort of person . . . agrees with the crowd. RUTH ELROD Anderson, S. C. Short of stature but high with ideals . . . beautiful dark hair . . . reliable . . . ambitious. ■■■■{ 7 A Cole max Davonport DlCKSON DORSETT Earl M. Ellison M. L. Ellison Elrod CJx ' iYieteeYi Jorlij-foiir 17 EMMA LEE FELKEL Anderson, S. C. Brilliant-minded . . . quick friend-maker . . . tennis fiend . . . weakness for music. MILDRED FEW Greer, S. C. Blue-black hair . . . shy and sweet . . . reserved . . . decidedly neat . . . even tempered. VIVIAN FREEMAN Anderson, S. C. Unassuming air . . . quiet . . . intelligent . . . capable . . . has an expressive vocabulary. ALTA GARRETT Six Mile, S. C. Non-worrier . . . self-reliant . . . kinda on the shy side . . . studies when not otherwise occupied. MARTHA GLENN Anderson, S. C. She lives to laugh and talk . . . happy-go-lucky . . . cheer! ulness is her motto . . . specializes in loafing. MARGARET GRIFFITH WlLLIAMSTON, S. C. Well-liked . . . considerate ol everyone . . . accom- modating . . . good-natured . . . talkative. MARGUERITE HALL Anderson, S. C. Pretty wavy hair . . . individual looking . . . practical . . . interesting . . . ambitious. MARY ELIZABETH HALL Anderson, S. C. Well-rounded girl . . . constant favorite . . . eye- catching black hair . . . the lovable type. Felkel Freeman Glenn M. Hall Few Garrett Griffith M. E. Hall Sopko mores 18 FRANCES HARRIS Carlton, Ga. Brimming over with intelligence . . . has that stuff upon which success is founded . . . beautiful hair and eyes. F.LOISE HERBERT Anderson, S. C. Student that teachers dream of . . . does everything accurately and completely . . . intelligent. MARGARET HOLLIDAY Anderson, S. C. Loves plenty of fun . . . not easily exicted . . . excel- lent company . . . an attractive brunette. ESTHER HUNT Saluda, S. C. Constant favorite . . . has a beautiful voice . . . friends galore . . . brilliant personality. RUTH HUNTER Lanford, S. C. A friend who can ' t be forgotten . . . obliging . . . dependable . . . smiles a lot . . . sympathetic. JACQUELYN JOHNSON Galivants Ferry, S. C. Liked by all who know her . . . constantly lends a helping hand . . . sincere ... a perfect pal. ELIZABETH KEATON Anderson, S. C. Considerate . . . seldom heard from . . . sensible . . . unassuming . . . accommodating. HAZEL KEATON Anderson, S. C. Likeable . . . willing helper . . . steadv . . . placid . . . kinda on the shy side. Harris Herbert Holliday Hunt Hunter Johnson E. Keaton H. Keaton CsxLneteen forty-four 19 BLANCHE KELLF.Y Liberty, S. C. A friendly pal . . . conscientious . . . excellent student . . . .liming accurately at her ambitions. HELEN LAWSON Buffalo, S. C. Luscious hair . . . slow southern drawl . . . one of our efficient students . . . sparkling eyes. HORTENSE LAWSON Sandy Springs, S. C. Constant favorite . . . always the same . . . nice to have around ' cause she ' s loads oi fun . . . attractive. AUDREY LEVER Anderson, S. C. One oi our most capable students . . . always smiling . . . brilliant mind . . . accommodating. BEATRICE MARETT Fair Play, S. C. A very likeable girl . . . quiet-like . . . industrious . . . a good friend. MARIAN MARTIN Anderson, S. C. Reserved . . . intelligent ... a tall striking brunette . . . sweet and gentle . . . distinctive. MRS. ADNAH D. MASSEY Liberty, S. C. Determination and ambition . . . progressive . ideals . . . generous and helpful. ETTA MAE McCLE LLAN Anderson, S. C. high :autiful eyes . . . loves to smile . keen sense of dutv. never un happy Kelley hortense lawson Marett Massey Helen Lawson Lever Martin McClellan Sopk pnomores 20 frf.dda Mcdonald TuCAPAUj S. C. School-spirited . . . noticeably warm smile duper leader . . . plenty of will-power. super- JOAN McFALL Anderson, S. C. Dramatically inclined . . . cute figure . . . coopera- tive . . . always on the go . . . congenial. MARY McGILL Anderson, S. C. Good natured as can be . . . free-hearted . . . nevei out of sorts . . . considerate of others. FANNIE MOORF Pickens, S. C. Couldn ' t get along without journalism . . . sports hound . . . quiet ' til you know her. MARY ANN MOOREHF.AD Anderson, S. C. likes surprises and excite- Chatters like a magpie . ment . . . little and cute CONSTANCE MORGAN Westminster, S. C. Thoughtful of others . . . serious . . . excellent violinist . . . extremely conscientious . . . somewhat quiet. MABEL PAGE Nichols, S. C. Cheerfulness is her motto . . . she has a smile for every- one . . . allergic to worry . . . nonchalant. MYRTLE PARROTT Pickens, S. C. Gentle as snowflakes ... a sweet understanding dis- position . . . neat as a pin. McDonald McGill MoOREHEAD Page McFall Moore Morgan Parrott CJXiYieteen forty-four 21 MARY ROYAL Clemson, S. C. A dependable classmate . . . swell girl . . . has friendly smile . . . not easily exicted. SARA FRANCES SANDERS Anderson, S. C. Nice personality . . . good natured . . . everybody ' s friend . . . unassuming. ERNESTINE SHELLEY Nichols, S. C. good time seeker . . . friendly Rarely ever serious and generous. NORENE SINGLETON Belton, S. C. Dependable . . . excellent student . . . alert and agree- able . . . keen sense of humor. MARY CHARZELLF. SMITH Anderson, S. C. Quiet . . . considerate of everyone . . . cooperative . . . friendly smiles . . . attractive. NENA STEVENS Spartanburg, S. C. Steady chatterbox . . . keeps everybody well informed . . . lends a helping hand . . . likeable. MARION TYSON Florence, S. C. Contagious giggle . . . liked by all . . . chatters her way around . . . unexpectedly witty. CYNTHIA TODD Anderson, S. C. Personality plus . . . best kind of friend . . . capable . . . brilliant mind . . . accommodating. Royal Shelley Smith Todd Sanders Singleton Stevens Tyson Sopko mores 22 JANE VAN SICLF.N Pleasantvii.i.e, N. Y. Peaches and cream complexion . . . reserved . . . dignified . . . real beautv . . . man-killer. LUCILLE WATKINS Mountain Rest, S. C. She rates tops with everybody . . . neat dresser . . . looks swell in lavender . . . good-looking. SARA DELL WESTMORELAND Woodruff, S. C. Hasn ' t an enemy . . . high ideals . . . soft spoken . . . heart-catching smile. SARA RUTH WIGGINS Fair Play, S. C. Conscientious and dependable . . . usually quiet . . . pleasant to talk with . . . not afraid to work. TERRY JANE WILDER Anderson, S. C. Personality is terrific with a capital T . . . one of our most capable students . . . loval to her school . . . vivacious leader. cMinet neteen HANNAH LOU DARGAN Greenville, S. C. Third year music student jortij-fou r 23 Remember the teas — and the Air Corps? Something ' s lacking. . . . Playmates the cannon. . . . Bill and Sally D. . Suite?nates. . . . By the sundial. A man ' s hard to find. . . . On Swing awhile. JUST OFFHAND 24 .- Good to the last drop. Uptown. . . . Bye now. A nice background. That smile! . No luck! . . . Fernie Ma THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS 25 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Duchess Marcus President Peggy Picklesimer Vice-President Bobbie Manley Secretary Martha Holrovd Treasurer Evelyn Campbell Marshal Richard Rhule, Jr Mascot Mary Fern Parris Sfonsor Mascot 26 Katherine Able Saluda, S. C. Betty Anderson Spartanburg, S. C. Dorotha Lee Atkinson Six Mile, S. C. Vivian Ballard Fayetteville, S. C. Ruth Barnette Greenwood, S. C. Harriet Barton Anderson, S. C. Mam ye Earl Bell Anderson, S. C. Mar ri anna Bighaiv Anderson, S. C. Annie Frances Black man Mildred Bolding Pendleton, S. C. Pickens, S. C. Melba Brannon Inman, S. C. Hazel Brown ' Starr, S. C Lois Brown Iva, S. C. Mildred Brown Anderson, S. C. Sara Burriss Iva, S. C. Jreskmen 27 zfresk men Katherine Callaway Anderson, S. C. Carol Campbell Belton, S. C. Evelyn Campbell Greenville, S. C. Frances Campbell Starr, S. C. Irm aline Campbell Calhoun Falls, S. C. Margaret Carter Anderson, S. C. Ruby Cook Fountain Inn, S. C. J uan ice Cooper Anderson, S. C. Elizabeth Crocker Anderson, S. C. J u anita Davis Fountain Inn, S. C. Betty Dickson Piedmont, S. C- Louise Draughn Anderson, S. C. Eloise Ducworth Pendleton, S. C. Margaret Earl Anderson, S. C. Ruby Pearl Easterly Roebuck, S. C. 28 Annie Mae Edge Avnor, S. C. Essie Lee Ellis Iva, S. C. Sara Epps Charleston, S. C. Carolyn Fendley Clemson, S. C. Iris Folxhe Rock Hill, S. C. Robert Fred Fowler Anderson, S. C. Viola Gilreath Pendleton, S. C. Mary Frances Graham Washington, Ga. Vera Grainger Loris, S. C- Mercedes Grall Anderson, S. C. Dorothy Sue Greer Anderson, S. C. Ralph Griffin Anderson, S. C. Margaret Pearl Hall Anderson, S. C. Martha Holroyd Anderson, S. C. June Hylton Raleigh, N. C. CALineleen [jortv - four 29 [jresk men Laura Jackson Tignall, Ga. Myra Johnson Galivants Ferry, S. C. J u anita Johnson Greenville, S. C. Emma Jones Columbia, S. C. Helen Jones Anderson, S. C. Mary Sue Jones Anderson, S. C. Mary Louise Jordan Inman, S. C. Roberta Keaton Anderson, S. C. Jo Grace Keith Marrietta, S. C. Betty Kelly Anderson, S. C. Margaret Kelly Florence, S. C. Joan King Cateechee, S. C. Hazel Kirby Abbeville, S. C. Betty Jo Lawrence Effingham, S. C. Rose Littlefield Woodruff, S. C. 30 Marjorie Mack Bobbie Manly Mary Jean Manly Duchess Marcus Betty Lou Martin Gaston, S. C. Anderson, S. C. Anderson, S. C. Wildwood, Fla. Pendleton, S. C. Floride Martin Babbie Mauldin Wilma Miller Betty Mixon Anna Dean Moore Salley, S. C. Anderson, S. C. Galivants Ferry, S. C. Westminster, S. C. Due West, S. C. Evelyn Moore Vivian Nations Marcelle Norris Myra Perry Thomas Perry Starr, S. C. Pickens, S. C. Piedmont, S. C. Liberty, S. C. Anderson, S. C. CJxLYieteeYi [jortij-joiir 31 Z resk men Edith Petti grew Starr, S. C. Peggy Picklesimer Anderson, S. C. Edith Plunkett Saluda, S- C. E. B. Powell, Jr. Anderson, S. C. Evelyn Reeves Anderson, S. C. Drucilla Searcy Spartanburg, S. C. Fredda Thompson Anderson, S. C. Alice Tumblin Greenville, S. C. Martha Vaughn Lowndesville, S. C. Joyce Vaught Galivants Ferry, S. C. Monti ne ViCKER-i Hartwell. Ga. Harold E. Walker Anderson, S. C. Nancye Walker Sweetwater, Tenn. Eugenia Watts Avnor, S. C. Irene White Anderson, S. C. 32 Iris White Plymouth, N. C. Joyce Williams Abbeville, S. C. Edith Wiles Iva, S. C. Welda Wilson Inman, S. C. Carolyn Williams Sumter, S. C. Peggy Zurburg Lafayette, La. Virginia Beard Anderson, S. C. Special Student C Xineteen Jorhu-fy our 33 PREPARATORY Sen to rs DOROTHY ARMSTRONG Spindale, N. C. Everybody ' s friend . . . nonchalant . . . frank and earnest. M. A. GUEST Anderson, S. C. Attentive student . . . steady . . . ready to serve. MRS. M. A. GUEST Anderson, S. C. Quiet worker . . . industrious . . . friendly character. JACKIE HODGES Augusta, Ga. Magnetic personality . . . perpetual joking . . . our pal. HELEN JENKINS SlMPSONVILLE, S. C. Pert and gay . . . sincere and neat and cute. little LILLIAN MILAM Jacksonville, Fla. Friendly . . . sweet . . . pleasant but quiet. MAXINE RICHARDSON Galivants Ferry, S. C. Quiet . . . determined . . . slow and easy. ANNA FELICE WRIGHT Myrtle Beach, S. C. Chatterbox . . . dignified . . . sweet voice. 34 DEPARTMENT OFFICERS Lillian Milam President Jackie Hodges Vice-President Josephine Milam Secretary Dorothy Wells Treasurer Evelyn Burrell Sponsor Martha Jo Barnes Mascot Mascot Sponsor arbara Crittenden Mary Georgeo Josephine Milam Christine Shelley Dorothy ' Wells Lavonia, Ga. Charleston, S. C. Laurens, S. C. Sellers, S. C. Chipley, Fla. TENTH GRADE NINTH GRADE TENTH GRADE eighth grade TENTH GRADE 35 WHO ' S ANN DORSET T President of Freshman Class; President of Sophomore Class; Commercial Club, ' 43, ' 44, Treasurer, ' 43, Secretary, ' 44; Alpha Pi Epsilon, ' 43, ' 44, President, ' 44; W. A. A., ' 43, ' 44; The toiler, ' 43, ' 44, Re- porter; The Columns, ' 43, Advertising staff; B. S. U., ' 44, Publicity Director; Student Government Council, Sophomore Representative, ' 44; Denmark Honor Society, 44, Great Dane. Ann is one girl around the cam fits who really goes places and does things. No one could have made a better president for our Freshman and Sophomore classes than she. Her unusually good personality has made her a favorite of everyone who knows her. SARA DELL WESTMORELAND Glee Club, ' 43, ' 44; Student Government Council, ' 43, ' 44, Freshman Representative, ' 43, President, ' 44; B. S. U., ' 44, Student Government Representative; Y. W. A., ' 43, ' 44; W. A. A., ' 43, ' 44; Denmark Honor Society, ' 44. She is one of the sweetest and most sincere girls one would want to know. You can count on her being around when you need help. She has made a splendid president of the Student Government Association on the campus, in spite of this being a hard place to fill. Everyone loves Sara Dell! WHO FRANCES HARRIS B. S. U., ' 44, Secretary; Student Government Council, ' 44, Treasurer; W. A. A., ' 43, ' 44; Phi Theta Kappa, ' 43, ' 44, Vice-President, ' 43; I. R. C, ' 43, ' 44; The Yodler, ' 43, Advertising Staff; The Columns, Ad- vertising Staff, ' 43, Editor, ' 44; Dramatic Club, ' 43, ' 44, Secretary, ' 43; Dean ' s List, ' 43, ' 44; Y. W. A., ' 43, ' 44; Denmark Honor Society, ' 44, Great Dane. Frances ' brilliant mind has really been an asset tn our extra-curricular interests. She ' s one of our most capable students, versatile, and good natured. Fiances is very attractive, being blessed with the ability to arrange her hair in lots of becoming ways. HORTENSE LA WSON Commercial Club, ' 43; B. M. 10 Club, ' 43; Alpha Pi Epsilon, ' 43, ' 44, Vice-President, ' 44; Y. W. A., ' 43, ' 44; W. A. A., ' 43, ' 44; Treasurer Sophomore Class, Student Government Council, House President, ' 44; The Columns Staff, ' 44, Typist. Denmark Honor Societv, ' 44. Is Horty ever in a bad humor? To us she seems al- ways flay fully cheerful ; that ' s one reason for her popu- larity. She ' s a likeable, loveable girl, and with her beautiful black hair and dark eyes, she really looks good dressed in black. WHO ' S WHO CYNTHIA TODD B. S. U., ' 44, Second Vice-President; W. A. A., ' 43, ' 44, Vice-President, ' 44; Glee Club, ' 43, ' 44; Phi Theta Kappa, ' 43, ' 44; I. R. C, ' 43, ' 44; The Yodler, ' 43, Advertising Manager; The Columns, Assistant Business Manager, ' 43, Business Manager, ' 44; Vice- President Sophomore Class; Dean ' s List, ' 43, ' 44; Town Club, ' 43, ' 44. It ' s easy to remember Cynthia. She ' s the enthusiastic worker who -puts pep and interest in everything she backs. Her ability combined with eager willingness has certainly proved valuable to activities in our school. SALLY CLINKSCALES B. S. U., ' 44, President; The Yodler, Advertising Staff, ' 43; Glee Club, ' 44; The Columns, Advertis- ing Staff, ' 43, Photograph Editor, ' 44; W. A. A., ' 43, ' 44; Dramatic Club, Publicity Manager, ' 43, ' 44; J. H. A., Secretary, ' 44; Secretary Freshman Class; May Court, ' 43 ; Town Club, ' 44, President. We like Sally ' s tall and stately carriage, her poise, her winsome way of makhig announcements in chapel . Her friendliness is one of the main reasons she ' s a campus favorite at Anderson College. Ctfter a asses B. S. U. B. S. I The B. S. U. is truly the connecting link between the chutch and the college. It gives the student opportunities for prayer, soul-winning and real spiritual experiences. All denominations share this influence. ' ' Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy ' Sally Clinkscales president 40 COUNCIL MEMBERS Sally Clinkscales President Hannah Lou Dargan Firs V ice-President Cynthia Todd Second Vice-President Mary Brown Third Vice-President Frances Harris Secretary Helen Lawson Treasurer Genevieve Brown Business Manager Ann Dorsett Reporter Esther Hunt Music Director P ' kedda McDonald . Baptist Training Union Representative Constance Morgan .... Sunday School Representative Margaret Griffith, Young Woman ' s Auxiliary Representative Sara Dell Westmoreland, Student Government Representative Mary Smith Town Representative Harriet Barton Presbyterian Representative Terry Jane Wilder Methodist Representative Mrs. Mildred B. Sponsor Going to the Mission O WM fr ! Mx Covenant Series Mildred B. Clinkscales sponsor 41 STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS Sara Dell Westmoreland President Mary Brown Vice-President Constance Morgan Secretary Frances Harris Treasurer Fredda McDonald Hou se President, East Hortense Lawson House President, West Ruth Hunter Fire Chief Sophomore Representatives Ann Dorsett . Esther Hunt Freshman Representatives Duchess Marcus Evelyn Campbell 42 DENMARK SOCIETY The Denmark Society was founded in February, 1 94+, to meet the need for a merit system in Anderson College. The three prerequisites for membership are a high standard of Christian character, a constructive quality of service or of leadership, and a maximum degree of individual scholarship. Members are called Danes, with sophomores who maintain a place on the Dean ' s list being known as Great Danes. The pledge of the society is: In recognition of the trust which has been placed in me as a member of the DENMARK SOCIETY, I promise to strive to keep constantly in mind the Anderson College ideal as an expression of the spirit of the college; to endeavor to uphold truth, honor, and service as positive virtues in my character; and to make Student Government true self-government. CHARTER MEMBERS OF THE DENMARK SOCIETY SOPHOMORE DANES Dottie Armour Evelyn Ayers Dorothy Black Elizabeth Bridgeman Mary Lois Broome Genevieve Brown Mary Brown Julia Coleman Jacquelyn Johnson Hortense Lawson Constance Morgan Jane Van Siclen Sara Dell Westmoreland Sara Ruth Wiggins GREAT DANES Hannah Lou Dargan Frances Harris Fredda McDonald Ann Dorsett Helen Lawson Blanche Kelley Esther Hunt Jean Chastain Fannie Moore FRESHMAN DANES Katherine Able Betty Anderson Ruth Barnett Harriet Barton Melba Brannon Evelyn Campbell Frances Campbell Ruby Cook Juanita Davis Iris Fouche Mary Frances Graham Laura Jackson Joan King Rose Littlefield Duchess Marcus Betty Mixon 43 THE hj OFFICERS Sally Clinkscales President Lillie Rae Earle .... Vice-President Peggy Picklesimer Secretary Audrey Lever Treasurer Ethel Brown Sponsor Mildred B. Clinkscales . . Tou-n Mother Mildred B. Clinkscales 4 Ethel Brown 44 TOWN CLUB The Town Club is the largest organization on the Anderson College campus. It is composed of all the students of the City of Anderson and nearby towns. This club serves to bring a better relationship between the day students and boarding students as well. 45 TOWN The 9:10 bus . . . late again THE mailbox All our boys 46 CLUB HE said . . . an ' 1 said Last minute cramming Ads for the minstrel 47 PHI THETA KAPPA OFFICERS Jane Van Siclen President Esther Hunt Secretary Lillie Rae Earl Treasurer Kathryn Copeland Sponsor Marianna Bigham Annie Frances Blackmail Elizabeth Bruce Jean Chastain Sallv Clinkscales Jacquelyn Cooper MEMBERS Hannah Lou Dargan Laura Dickson Margaret Earle Emma Lee Felkel Vivian Freeman Mary Frances Graham Dorothv Sue Greer Mary Elizabeth Frances Harris Eloise Herbert Blanche Kelley Fannie Moore Cvnthia Todd Hall Phi Theta Kappa, Junior College Honorary Scholastic Society, was inaugurated in Anderson College in 1932, as the Beta Pi Chapter. The Beta Pi Chapter consists of students enrolled in the collegiate department who are in the scholastic upper ten per cent of the students in this department. 48 ALPHA PI EPSILON SIGMA CHAPTER OFFICERS Ann Dorsett President Dottie Armour Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Linney Sponsor The purpose of the Sigma Chapter of the Alpha Pi Epsilon, the national honorary secretarial society, is to maintain and promote a high secretarial standing, and to pursue the highest attainments in the secretarial science field. Betty Anderson Dottie Armour Elizabeth Bridgeman Hazel Brown Lois Brown Mary Brown Sara Burriss Kathryn Calloway Carol Campbell Frances Campbell Ruby Cook Elizabeth Crocker MEMBERS fuanita Davis Ann Dorsett Louise Draughon Viola Gilreath Joan King Helen Lawson 49 Hortense Lawson Bobbie Manly Evelyn Moore Vivian Nations Mabel Page Marian Payne Peggy Picklesimer Sara Wardlaw Welda Wilson Grace Yon THE COMME OFFICERS Fredda McDonald President Mary Brown Vice-President Ann Dorsett Secretary Ruby Cook Treasurer Margaret Linney Sponsor The Commercial Club is made up of students in the commercial department who arc interested in meeting together once a month and discussing the qualities of their chosen field. Every year this club contains girls who after leaving school prove to be excellent stenographers and business women. 50 RCIAL CLUB Betty Anderson Dottie Armour Evelyn Avers Harriet Barton Virginia Beard Mary Brown Sara Burriss Katherine Calloway Evelyn Campbell Frances Campbell Doris Carlton Ruby Cook Juanita Davis Ann Dorsett Rubv Easterley Annie Mae Edge MEMBERS Mary Georgeo Vera Grainger Mercedes Grail Ruth Hunter June Hylton Myra Johnson Betty Kelly Joan King Helen Lawson Hortense Lawson Margaret Linney Martha Linney Floride Martin Fredda McDonald Josephine Milam Betty Mixon Fannie Moore Vivian Nations Mable Page Marian Payne Edith Plunkett Ma.xine Richardson Drucilla Searcy Christine Shelley Ernestine Shelley Alice Tumblin Montine Vickery Irene White Jovce Williams Welda Wilson Peggy Zurburg 51 JUNIOR HOMEMAKERS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Mary Smith .... President Jean Chastain . . Vice-President Sally Clinkscales . . Secretary Margaret Griffith . Treasurer Julia Coleman . . . Reporter Julia B. Taylor . . . Sponsor Our J. H. A., which was just organized this vear, is a collegiate chapter of the state association. It is composed of Home Economics Majors and those girls interested in Home Economics. The purpose of this organization is to develop a well-rounded personality for every girl and a happy home for every family. These are scenes from the initiation service. twnnm c MEMBERS Dorothy Black Genevieve Brown Carolyn Busby Jean Chastain Sally Clinkscales Julia Coleman Betty Dickson Mary Lee Ellison Mildred Few Iris Fouche Margaret Griffith Miriam Hamilton Frances Harris Margaret Holiday Blanche Kelley Hazel Kirby Duchess Marcus Mary McGill Marcelle Norris Norene Singleton Mary Smith Nena Stevens Lucille Watkins Irene Watson Sara Ruth Wiggins 52 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB MEMBERS Sara Anderson Willie Barnes Dorothv Black Genevieve Brown Carolyn Busby Jean Chastain Hannah Lou Dargan Lillie Rae Earle Emma Lee Felkel Vivian Freeman Mary Elizabeth Hall Frances Harris Eloise Herbert Esther Hunt Blanche Kelly Fannie Moore Constance Morgan Marion Payne Cynthia Todd Clifford Brown, Sponsor 53 DRAMATIC c i ■ 1 -i li | gag. lb ■■■ ■ nlU ' li 1 |tf If ill The Dramatic Club is one of the most popular and active organizations on the campus. It has established a reputation both in town and on the campus for its excellent productions. Among the outstanding plays presented by the group have been Little Women, Ladies In Waiting, Stage Door and Nothing But The Truth. These are scenes from Nothing But The Truth, presented this year. 54 CLUB OFFICERS Joan McFai.l President Jean Chastain Vice-President Harriet Barton Secretary Elizabeth Bridgeman Treasurer Dorothy Sullivan Sponsor Betty Anderson Harriet Barton Elizabeth Bridgeman Collen Brown Evelyn Campbell Jean Chastain Sally Clinkscales Jackie Cooper Barbara Crittenden Betty Dickson Emma Lee Felkel Iris Fouche Vivian Freeman Mary Georgeo Mary Frances Graham Mercedes Grail Margaret Griffith Mary Elizabeth Hall Frances Harris Jackie Hodges Margaret Holiday June Hylton Helen Jenkins Myra Johnson Marv Jordan MEMBERS Blanche Kellev Joan King Hazel Kirby Audrey Lever Duchess Marcus Joan McFall Lillian Milam Fannie Moore Marcelle Morris Edth Pettigrew Drucilla Searcv Jane Van Siclen Mary Smith Fredda Thompson Alice Tumblin Marion Tyson Harold Walker Lucille Watkins Dorothy Wells Iris White Terry Jane Wilder Edith Wiles Carolyn Williams Joyce Williams Felice Wright 55 n a a n A GLEE CLUB ANDERSON COLLEGE OFFICERS Kathrvn Culver sponsor Mary Brown Elizabeth Bruce President Business Manager MEMBERS Betty Anderson Evelyn Avers Harriet Barton Marianna Bigham Mary Brown Elizabeth Bruce Evelyn Burrell Evelyn Campbell Sally Clinkscales Hannah Lou Dargan Mary Frances Graham Esther Hunt June Hylton Helen Jenkins Emma Jones Roberta Keaton Betty Mixon Fannie Moore Mary Ann Moorehead Mary Fern Parris Myra Perry Drucilla Searcy Cynthia Todd Jane Van Siclen Nancye Walker Sara Dell Westmoreland Carolyn Williams Felice Wright 56 SPEECH DEPARTMENT SPEECH ARTS Etholfred Blackmail Hazel Brown Margaret Carter Lon Nelle Garrison Mary Gcorgeo Juanita Johnson Jacqueline Johnson Blanche Kelley Betty Lawrence Margaret Linney Duchess Marcus Floride Martin Lilian Milam Drucilla Searcy Christine Shellev Mrs. f. D. Taylor Harold Walker Carolyn Williams Nancye Walker Mr. R. Coffee RADIO SPEECH Virginia Beard Essie Lee Ellis Mary Frances Grahai June Hylton Martha Holrovd Blanche Kelley Floride Martin Drucilla Searcv Dorothy Wells Carolvn Williams Gertrude T. Pratt sponsor Sara Anderson Dorotha Atkinson Dorothy Black Annie Frances Blackmail Genevieve Brown Hazel Brown Man ' Lois Broome Sara Burriss Katherine Calloway Margaret Carter Juanice Cooper Laura Dickson Louise Draughn PUBLIC SPEAKING Essie Lee Ellis Lillie Rae Earl June Hylton Jacquelyn Johnson Juanita Johnson Margaret Kelly Betty Lawrence Rose Littlefield Marjorie Mack Beatrice Marett Floride Martin Lilian Milam Wilma Miller Mabel Page Maxine Richardson Drucilla Searcy Christine Shelley Norine Singleton Nena Stevens Marion Tyson Joyce Vaught Eugenia Watts Sara Ruth Wiggins Edith Wiles Carolyn Williams Felice Wright 57 COLUMNS EDITORIAL STAFF Frances Harris Editor Terry Jane Wilder Associate Editor Audrey Lever Literary Editor Duchess Marcus Sports Editor Sally Clinkscales Photograph Editor Julia B. Taylor faculty advisor 58 p lpr ' 44 ADVERTISING STAFF Peggy Picklesimer Mary Frances Graham Betty Mixon Toan McFall Carolyn Williams Juanice Cooper Bobbie Manley TYPISTS Alice Tumblin Mary Brown HoRTENSE LaVVSON BUSINESS STAFF Cynthia Todd Business Manager Jane Van Siclen Assistant Business Manager Betty Anderson A advertising Manager 59 THE YODLER EDITORIAL STAFF Fannie Moore Editor Mary Elizabeth Hall Assistant Editor Terry Jane Wilder Feature Editor Laura Dickson Literary Editor Peggy Picklesimer Sports Editor Kathryn Copeland Faculty Adviser BUSINESS STAFF Carol Campbell Advertising Manager Elizabeth Bridgeman, Marie Ellison Circulation Managers The Yodler is the campus newspaper, published hv the students of Anderson College. Writing for the publication affords opportunity tor experience to those who are interested in journalism. STAFF WRITERS AND ASSISTANTS Betty Anderson Dottie Armour Vivian Ballard Melba Brannon Colleen Brown Evelyn Campbell Julia Coleman Ann Dorsett Lillie Rae Earl Emma Lee Felkel Vivian Freeman Eloise Herbert Mary Sue Jones Roberta Keaton Helen Lawson Martha Linney Marjorie Mack Duchess Marcus Babbie Mauldin Betty Mixon Felice Wright 60 Leading him home. . . . Wrapping up Gertrude. . . . Miss Hunt. . . . A. C. Technique. . . . Thoughts back to thee will fly. . . . Taking life easy. . . . Ready to ride. . . . Thoughts do wander. . . . Hannah. 61 S. T. WESTMORELAND Sponsored by SARA DELL WESTMORELAND President of Student Government Association BILL HUBBARD Sponsored bv SALLY CLINKSCALES President of B. S. V. Council CLYDE BRIDGEMAN Sponsored by ELIZABETH BRIDGEMAN President of Woman ' s Athletic Association 62 WILLIAM of. KELLY Sponsored by FRANCES HARRIS Editor of The Columns ARTHUR J (. REECE, JR. Sponsored by FANNIE MOORE Editor of The Yod er ■r. f. Mcdonald Sponsored by FRF.DDA McDONALD President of Commercial Club W I LB URN KING Sponsored by JOAN McFALL President of Dramatic Club 63 JAMES g. BROWN Sponsored by ANN DORSETT President of Sophomore Class QEORGE THEMAROS Sponsored by DUCHESS MARCUS President of Freshman Class DONALD OLSON Sponsored by LILLIAN MILAM President of High School Department 64 EDWIN COLLINS Sponsored by MARY BROWN President of Glee Club IACK LEE Sponsored by CYNTHIA TODD Business Manager of The Columns I AMES B. LAW SON Sponsored by JANE VAN SICLF.N President of Phi The a Kappa CLYDE QAILEY, JR. Sponsored by MARY SMITH President of J. H. A. 65 Back to back. . . . Cutis Pie, . . . That forlorn look. . . . Don ' t believe a word of it. . . . Camera shy. . . . Leaving? . . . Talking it over. . . . Aw, come on. . . . From another angle. 66 QYc oman s CftkLetic Ofssociation SPORTS The Woman ' s Athletic Association is one of the largest organizations on the campus. The underlying purpose of this association is to develop a love for play that will persist in post-college days; to develop sportsmanship and a healthful attitude toward living. In order to fulfill its purpose the W. A. A. sponsors the sport activities and other such big events as supper hikes, a Halloween Carnival, parties and the May Day Festival. 68 W. A. A. COUNCIL President Elizebeth Bridgeman Vice-President Cynthia Todd Secretary Fannie Moore Treasurer Duchess Marcus Business Manager Ruth Hunii R Recording Manager .... Constance Morgan Program Chairman Lucille Watkins Social Chairman Sally Clinkscales Ethel Brown director Elizebeth Rridgeman president 69 HOCKEY . . . Ground sticks, ground . . . sticks, ground stick, and that begins the A. C. ' s major fall sport of Hockey! It affords plenty of exercise as well as fun. 70 BASKETBALL SQUAD 71 TENNIS Comes spring — comes the ball, comes the racquet and a good tennis game for all! Call it, umfl SOFTBALL 72 ARCHERY Bull ' s eye! . . . How exciting . . . Archery is pleasant pastime for Anderson College athletes as well as non-athletes. The archery range never fails to draw the attention of the mam- girls. VOLLEYBALL Hands up! Sun up, ?iet up, hands up — 4 volleyball game is under way! 73 W. A. A. ACTIVITIES . October Day Gang and their coufon No. 18. ... 2. Good to the last Dru pe. . . . 3. Picking cotton on October Day. . . . 4. The Fall-outs. ... 5. Whatcha got there Butch ? . . . 6. Four Knock-outs! ... 7. Bringing in the Sheaves. 74 Jjoohij Jjrown, may queen C viui (foneSj maid of honor Jncaj Uourt of 75 C kose ( Toko jteLp L s TO OUR ADVERTISERS, WE OF ANDERSON COL- LEGE EXPRESS TRUE APPRECIATION FOR YOUR SUPPORT TO THE COLUMNS. MAY YOU DE- RIVE SOME SATISFACTION FROM KNOWING THAT YOUR COOPERATION HAS MADE OUR YEARBOOK A REALITY SYLVAN BROS. WHEN YOU WANT THE BEST QUALITY, STYLE, PRICE AND SELECTION IN DIAMOND JEWELRY, STERLING SILVER, WATCHES AND E1NE CHINA. CALL OR WRITE SYLVAN BROS., COLUMBIA. S. C. WE SELL ONLY QUALITY MERCHANDISE SINGLE STONE DIAMONDS ALL PEREECT. WHICH MEANS NO ELAWS OR IMPERFECTIONS. ALSO PERFECT CUT REMEMBER PRICE IS SOON FORGOTTEN, QUALITY NEVER SYLVAN BROS. COLUMBIA, S. C. SUGGS INSURANCE AGENCY Forest D. Suggs Arthur E. Holman, Jr. GENERAL FIRE AND CASUALTY INSURANCE 207V2 S. Main Street Anderson, South Carolina Pee Gee Paints A Southern Made Paint for Southern Climate Sold By SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY Anderson, S. C. Sensing in This Section Over 54 Years Compliments of GALLANT-BELK CO. Compliments of MACS DRY CLEANERS 121 E. Whitner Street Phone 172 Anderson, S. C. Compliments of KRESS 5-10-25 Cents Compliments of WESTERN AUTO STORE 77 FURMAN UNIVERSITY GREENVILLE, S. C. Founded 1836 JOHN LANEY PLYLER, President Opportunities for Cultural Growth, Development in Christian Living, and Pre-Professional Training. Courses Leading to the Degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts in Music, and Master of Arts. Pre-Medical. Pre-Nursing, Business Administration, and Home Economics Course Groupings- Fifteen Weeks Summer Session Beginning June 1 offers Opportunity to Make Fifteen Semester Hours. For Catalogue Write R. N. Daniel. Dean of Men ' s College Eula Barton. Acting Dean of Woman ' s College McDougald-Bleckley Mortuary Anderson, South Carolina Lady Attendant Phone 378 ELECTRIC CITY PRINTING CO. ANDERSON ' S PROGRESSIVE PRINTERS Since 1920 Telephone 177 Anderson. S. C. Compliments of STATE THEATER Compliments to the Class oj ' 44 JOHNSTON FURNITURE COMPANY 123 E. Whitner Otrner— W. C. Johnston Better Be Safe Than Sorry LAWRENCE BROWNLEE I nsurance The Compliments of ANDERSON CREAMERY DAIRY Compliments of GALLANT-BELK BEAUTY SHOP All Methods of Permanent Waving Facials Shampoos Manicures Telephone 1600 HENRY B. HARPER Office lachines and Equipment Anderson. S. C. c OMPL1MENTS OF THE ANDERSON FERTILIZER COMPANY 78 ' LOOK SWEETER IN A SWEATER FEATHERKNIT SWEATERS • • • At All Leading Stores Product ol BROOKLYN KNIT SPORTSWEAR CO. 1 372 Broadway, New York City McDougaid Johnston Funeral Home, Inc. Anderson ' s Finest Funeral Home Douglas C. McDougald Mrs. Viola P. McDougald 600 S. Main Street Phone 25 Compliments of DAVIS FLORAL CO. Phone 101 Compliments of SEARS-ROEBUCK CO. BUY MORE WAR BONDS PEOPLES PHARMACY Successors to Owl Drug Co. Corner North Main an d Earl Streets Phone 636 Anderson, S. C. J. ELLIS EVANS GEORGE W. EVANS Photographs by RICHARD CASTLEBERRY Anderson. S. C. Compliments of STANDARD DRUG CO. Compliments of EFIRD ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Anderson, S. C. Congratulations to the Class of ' 44 Fant ' s Boulevard Service Station C. A. Fant, Proprietor Phone 9106 79 DUKE POWER CO. • • • Electricity— The Servant in the Home Shop and Save of BAILES 107 S. Main Phone 4] 2 Your Patronage is Appreciated CAROLINA THEATRE Anderson s Only Home-Owned Theatre HUBBARD DRY CLEANERS For the Best in Cleaning SUITS . . . DRESSES . . . HATS Phone 42 1 16 W. Whitner St. EAGLE FURNITURE COMPANY Your Best For a Bargain On The Square Anderson, South Carolina CONVERSE COLLEGE Spartanburg, S. C. A Nationally Accredited Liberal Arts College or Women Wifn an Accelerated Program to Meet Wartime Needs Degrees Offered: B.A.. B.S., B.Mus.. M.Mus. Eleven Week Summer Scliool— June 10-August 26 For Catalogue and Farther Information Address Dr. E. M. Gwathmey, President SMITHS Andersoi iion. Ma» CUT RATE DRUG STORE s Busiest Prescription Department St. Anderson, S. C. Meet the Gang at the . . . CALHOUN SODA SHOP McLESKEY-TODD DRUG CO. Phone 918 S. Main Street Compliments of COCHRAN JEWELRY CO. Anderson— Greenville— Greenwood It ' s Jusl What We Say It Is 80 ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON, S. C. Ideal: A healthy Christian gentlewoman doing her work accurately, completely, and happily. An accredited Junior College offering terminal and transfer courses leading to the Associate in Arts degree. Buildings and equipment are unexcelled. Dormitories are spacious and modern with private oaths. Library and laboratories are splendidly equipped. TRANSFER AND TERMINAL COURSES Liberal and Fine Arts Music: Piano, Voice. Violin, Organ Dramatics and Radio Dramatics Speech and Radio Speech Home Economics and Home Furnishings Secretarial and Medical Secretarial Pre-nursing and Laboratory Technician Primary and Elementary Teachers Physical Education ANNIE D. DENMARK, President 81 THE R. ' L BRYAN COMPANY COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL PRINTERS COLUMBIA SOUTH CAROLINA as portrayed in the above composite photograph pictures a century-old institution that has ever had as its objective the reproduction of the author ' s words, and the artist ' s creation, through the medium of the printed ' page. •:• • ■:■ Ofutocfrapks Ojutocjrapks

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