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' W ■: Qm $. %ummoA i r Q2S Published b;p the Senior Class of ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON, S. C. iriltnli to Mrs. put! dttHsmt " There ' s beggary in the love that can be reckoned, " " But the time shall not Out-go our thinking on you. " — Antony and Cleopatra itittaU Inrmiiirii ' Here ' s a rosemary ; that ' s for remembrance, " ' And let us not burden our remembrance with a heaviness that ' s gone, " ' But let these sweet thoughts refresh our la- bors. " — Hamlet — The Tempest intnli ACT I . Time and Place ACT II ... . Players ACT III . . Repertoire ACT IV . . . Features ACT V . . . . Comedy I ' What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel! In apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world! The paragon of animals! " — Hamlet. ' " i ' . ' -II. SHBSSSHi « ; t,. ,:,: ■ £ ' •» ' • «tZw IMHHnSMBlMlHHHHHnMHSK. ' .mmmKKKKKm mm J Wwm Wr- ¥ .-■ ' . -• ■ - v Jam? i W-i 1 " • ■. S ; 5 -- JC? vbw . ..=3 :ss 2s? m nr niis-».Vvj! hi nir u ntt ll ' fWiM t ' Wv, i s- - 8 3 5«: : - igr . 3m ' ! € J » V E»- i »v ' - »«. Ss »,Kda ' SBW :-■■ ' ' ' £(■ : -i » - i i - ' ;y; O sPftk I " M ftMflfl JE, «s u ■ i ' ' W ' : • V.1 mi x»- ■ • ? ' J " . JX • ■■■ . y«M4 IBM tSk« • ■ «4 ' -j r r .7r - : - a W3a«WI Tke Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian . 11 hl l iunn l l llll iT ANNIE D. DENMARK PRESIDENT Page seventeen The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian in ii nnnunmi i n i u Oeari of WotvieTi A|k W?i t yon Ha,sse)n Dean of Fa c - t}t i Mr. Charles S, Sullivan Bu,siness l%r, arid Tt-ea.%. Altss brace LCVonkkt-fce Dea-h of Music Pd e eighteen The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan Officers of Instruction Robert H. Holliday, B.A., B.O., M.A. History and Economics Linwood College; Wofford College Summer School Work; Graduate Work, University of Chicago, Uni- versity of Missouri ; George Washington University; Furman Institute of Politics; Williams College Insti- tute of Politics, Massachusetts; Graduate Work, Uni- versity of Tennessee. Charles S. Sullivan, A.B., M.A. Philosophy A.B., Furman University; M.A., Harvard University. Webb von Hasseln Modern Languages Student at Clemson Agricultural Collega; Studied in France, Germany, Austria and Central America; Cer- tificate in Spanish and French from Berlitz School of Languages. Havana. Cuba; Certificate in German from Department of Military Intelligence, United States Army. Grace L. Cronkite Director of Music Department Processor of Piano, Organ, Advanced Harmony, History of Music and Analysis, N w EngTand Conservatory, Boston, Mass., 1890-93; Virgil Piano School and Metropolitan College of Music. New York, 189G-97; Pupil of Mortiz Moszkowski, 1898-1900-02-03. Annie D. Denmark, A.B. Instructor in and Harmony Graduate of Meredith College; Pupil of Raphael Joseffy, New York, summer 1909; Virgil Piano School, New York; Pupil Alberta Jonas, New York, 1916-17. Mary Adelia Fox, M. Acct., B.S. Education M. Acct. Toledo Business College; B.S. in Education, Berea College. Kentucky; Graduate Work toward M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers. Cora Emmie Rawlinson Piano Artist Diploma. Anders ' on College. Hattie Fay Instructor in Piano, EurytJimics Artist ' s Diploma, Anderson College ; Postgraduate Work in Voice, Andrson College; Columbia University; Dalcroze School, New York, Eurythmics. Mrs. M. C. McMillan Librarian Graduate of Greenville Woman ' s College. Margaret Bell, A.B., M.S. Science A.B., AVesleyan College; M.S., Mercer University. Frances Crafton, B.S. Domeslic Science and Art B.S., George Peabody College; Graduate " Work toward M.A., George Peabody College. Page nineteen The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Officers of Instruction Olga V. Pruitt, M.D. Physician and Hygiene M.D., Johns Hopkins University. Lucile Young, A.B. History A.B., Anderson College; Graduate Work, University North Carolina and University of Virginia. Martha Todd Public School Music Graduate Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Hollins College; Blanche Couesinn, A.B., M.A. French Brevet Superieur. 1921; Certificate de Fin d ' Etudes Normales, 1922 (Ecole Normale du mans, France); A.B., Cornell College; M.A., Cornell College. Florence Underhill, ATB. Mathematics and Latin Graduate Louisberg College; A.B.. Trinity College (Duke University); Franklin County Institute; Sum- mer School State College three terms; Work toward M.A., University North Carolina. Marilou Gower Commercial Course Graduate Fall ' s Business College; Teacher ' s Training Course, Bowling Green Business University. Regina Cook Cowdrick, A.B., M.A. Literature and Composition A.B.. Demin University: Graduate Toledo Normal Training School; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers. Louise Burriss, A.B. Registrar A.B., Anderson College; Summer School Work, Cornell University. Gertrude Sowell, B.O. Public Speaking Artist ' s Diploma in Expression, Anderson College. Page twenty The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Officers of Instruction Kathryn Copeland, B.M.T., M.A. Bible B. M. T., Southwestern Theological Seminary; A.B.. Baylor University; M.A., Baylor University. Bertha Saunders, B.S., B.M. Director of Voice Department Lambuth College; Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; Oscar Saenger, New York; Wm. " Wade Hinshaw, New York; Madame Trocief, Rome, Italy; De Reszke School of Singing, Paris, France. Mary Celestia Parler, A.B., M.A. Rhetoric and Literature A.B., Winthrop College; M.A., University of Wisconsin; Graduate Work, Columbia University and University of Virginia. Ouida Pattison Instructor in Piano; Dunning Kindergarten Method Anderson College Teacher ' s Certificate in Piano; An- derson College Artist ' s Diploma; Dunning School. New York. Alleyne M. Hamilton Art Graduate Fine and Applied Arts, New York; Student Tine Arts, Columbia University; Applied Design. Pupil Floyd Ackley, New York; Pupil A. A. Frazzae, G. Esto- brooke, and others, Chicago; Fine Arts and Public School Drawing, Chicago Art Institute; Fine Arts Studios of Cincinnati; Pupil in Fine Arts, Hedgivic, Leibrich, Berlin. Gertrude T. Pratt Expression A.B., Rolst College, Vermont; Graduate Course In Worcester School of Oratory, Worcester, Mass.; Private Pupil of S. M. Haynes. Boston; Harvard University, Summer 1922; Graduate Course in Warden School of Oratory, Canada. Page iiventy-one The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian piiiiiTiiriimrTiiiTTriiiiiiiiiniiilllimilin ill Page ticenty-tivo •emora " The dignity of this act, Is worth the audience of kings and princes. The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian i amnnmiiinfla MISS MARTHA TODD SPONSOR Page twenty-six :j :-u. " : ' ' ' -.- , n Senior Officers Miss Martha Todd, Sponsor Colors: Green and White Flower: Gardenia Mildred Cunnincham President Louise McCoy Vice President Bernice Abercrombie Secretary Mabel Hilton Treasurer Nancy Evans Mascot Mildred McC. Cunningham GREER, SOUTH CAROLINA Entered, ' 24; Estherian Literary So- ciety; Estherian Debater. ' 24- ' 25, •25- ' 26; Statistics, ' 24- ' 25, ' 27- ' 2S; So- ciety Editor " Yodler, " ' 26- ' 27; Secre- tary Estherian Literary Society, ' 26- ' 27; Member Executive Council, ' 26- ' 27; May Queen, ' 26- ' 27; Vice-Presi- dent Progressive Education Club. ' 26- ' 27; President Estherian Literary So- ciety, ' 27- ' 2S; Assistant Editor " So- rorian, " ' 27- ' 2S; President Senior Class, ' 27- ' 2S. Ah! to be beautiful! Mildred has surpassed us all in this feat. Twice she has been voted the most beau- tiful girl in the college, once she has been chosen May Queen. But beauty is not all Mildred possesses. She has ability to lead as she has proven as president of the Senior Class. And as for histrionic abil- ity, she has heaps of it, as was dis- played when she took the lead in the Junior play. Besides being so gifted Mildred has a most lovable disposition which has endeared her to the hearts of all the Seniors and to the entire college. Entered. ' 27- ' 2S; Lanier Literary So- ciety; Y. M. C. A.; Y. W. A.; B. Y. P. U. Alice, yes, she is a new member of our class, but we feel already that we know her and we surely love her as dearly as any of the rest. She comes to us from our sister col- lege. Limestone, and no girl could fit in so well or seem one of us so quickly as has Alice. She has the sweet friendliness and pleasing per- sonality that wins for her the hearts of all who know her. We are glad that fate was kind to give her to us and all agree that Limestone ' s loss has been our gain. Virginia Dare Cooke FOUNTAIN INN, SOUTH CAROLINA A.B. Entered, 26- ' 27; Lanier Literary So- ciety; Vice-President Progressive Edu- cation Club; Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. A.; B. Y. P. U. ; French Club, 27- ' 28 ; International Relations Club, ' 26- ' 27; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 27- ' 28; Life Service Band, ' 26- ' 27: Hiking Club; Volley Ball Team. ' 26- ' 27; Baseball Team, ' 26- ' 27; Delegate to Student Volunteer Conference ' 27; College Choir; President Y. W. A., ' 27- ' 2R To us from G. W. C. in our Junior year came Virginia, to join the class of ' 28; and from the very start she made a favorable impression, which has lasted and has become deeper in the hearts of those who know her best. She entered at once into all the college activities and her dependability, willingness to serve and loyalty have been a great asset to her Alma Mater. Our belief in her may be attested through our electing her president of Y. W. A., which position she has filled with ability. " Gingia, " good luck! mmmammtmaaumm ■wimnininiTiWflnOTiiwwiMtiiiiHiHiiMii " M| qyn i i i iMHM ii i i n rTn nT- " , W ' " « " j " Willie Tripp Gentry ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA n $ a Entered, ' 24- ' 25 ; Lanier Literary So- ciety; Y. W. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Cap- tain Class Basketball Team. ' 2 4- ' 25. ' 25- ' 26; Varsity Basketball Team, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 2 i; Class Baseball Team, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; Manager Class Baseball Team, ' 25- ' 26; Wearer Block A; Win- ner of Two Stars; Vice-President B. Y. P. U., ' 26; Secretary and Treas- urer Athletic Association, ' 25- ' 26; Progressive Education Club; Vice- President Athletic Association, ' 26- ' 27; Author Community Play, ' 26- ' 27; Town Girls ' Club: Athletic Board, ' 27- ' 28; Dramatic Club, ' 2 6- ' 27; French Club; Anderson County Club. For two years " Bill " laughed and cried, worked and played with us, but all too soon she left us to be- come one of those much envied creatures, a town student. Since then we look for her coming with glee, for she always brings with her a shower of sunshine. She has an irrepressible and highly conta- gious giggle. Aside from all this she is a capable, dependable, and willing worker, showing marked ability in all athletics. In conclu- sion : We love her. ■HBRnBBMNt9UBHnN!B0MlMIMM(WnEtL " ' ' timMMMMNMI MMMfcMBMMMBRMUMMOHMHVnHMIMMMMIMMMtMMMMM Ruth Hill TAXAHAW, SOUTH CAROLINA A.B., B.O. Entered, ' 24- ' 25 ; Lanier Literary So- ciety; Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. A.; B. Y. P. U. ; Progressive Education Club; President B. Y. P. U., ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; Associate Director B. Y. P. U., ' 26- ' 27, ' 27- ' 28; International Relations Club; Class Basketball Team, ' 26- ' 27; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 26- ' 27; Y. W. A. Council, ' 2 5- 26; ' Dramatic Club; Art Club. ' 27- ' 2S; Down State Club; Long- Hair Club, ' 27- ' 2S; Glee Club, ' 27- ' 2S; Executive Committee for State B. S. C. ' 27- ' 2S; President Y. W. C. A., 27- ' 2S; Delegate to S. V. Conference in Detroit, ' 27- ' 28. In Ruth there is the wonderful combination of friendliness, sincer- ity, energy and ability. By her hard work she will receive two de- grees this year, which is indeed a splendid achievement. She is known as a girl of strong- character and high ideals, and as one who strives for the nobler things of life. As Y. W. C. A. president she has proved her ability as a leader and we know that in whatever she may attempt in future life she will be success- ful. Entered, ' 27; Estherian Literary So- ciety; Treasurer Student Government, ' 27- ' 2S; President White B. Y. P. U., ' 27- ' 2S: Progressive Education Club; Shriners Club; Long Hair Club. " Zealous yet modest. Patient of toil, serene amid alarm. " She is the kind of girl who you al- ways like better every time you see her. Very reserved at first, but when you know her. you are aston- ished to find that she has been your friend all along. Faithful in duty, sweet in disposition, unaffect- ed and kind in manner — this is " Bobby. " We wonder what her plans are f r her life ' s work, but whatever she does we know it will be for the help and inspiration of those with whom she comes in con- tact. MMHnniRfMIDanMMW Mabel Hilton EETHUNE, SOUTH CAROLINA A.B. Entered, ' 24; Lanier Literary Society; Class Basketball Team, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26, ' 26- ' 27; Down State Club; Progres- sive Education Club; International Relations Club. ' 26- ' 27, ' 27- ' 2S; Vice- President Y. W. A., ' 27- ' 2S; Y. W. C. C. A. Cabinet, 27- ' 28; Treasurer Lanier Society, ' 27- ' 2S; Treasurer Sen- ior Class; President Life Service Band, ' 26- ' 27; Secretary ' s. Y. P. U., ' 27- ' 28. Studious, dependable, lovable, sin- cere — these are the adjectives that describe Mabel. She is a girl who minds her own business and lets the " rest of the world go by. " She puts her whole soul into everything she does and does it well. She is a deep thinker and a broad-minded girl. Her great ability and per- i severance have won for her our 1; greatest esteem, and her fine per- ( sonality has gained the admiration of her felliw students and her | teachers. It is known that what- ever she will do will reflect honor on her Alma Mater. Judging from her past, we predict great things for her in the future. A.B. Entered, ' 23; Lanier Literary Society Down State Club; French Club, ' 24- ' 25; Spanish Club, ' 25- ' 26; Progres- sive Education Club, ' 26- ' 2 7, ' 27 Class Baseball Team, ' 26- ' 27; Volley Ball. ' 26- ' 27; International Relations Club, 27- ' 28; House President West ' 27- ' 28; Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. A.; Y W. A. Cabinet, ' 27- ' 2S. Four years ago Mamie Lou came to us from Bethune, bringing with her a sweet disposition and a kind heart that have made for her a big place in A. C. She is always digging at every task assigned to her, for she has that much to be desired power of stickability. She is a girl of upright character, and is loyal to her friends and to the " black and gold. " Ready for fun and ready for work. S?ie is extreme- ly interested in her studies espe- cially in history. Her versatility and friendliness are sure predictions of a future success, and we wish for her the realization of her brightest, most cherished dreams. V. Imi ■ RMnwHWWMMnMKnnBHMMwmimmtmwMmivwvnmni J f7+ ' TavF w y te ' T m ' M ft H rtttfrwyr Louise McCoy CAMDEN, SOUTH CAROLINA B.S. $ T A Entered, ' 25; Lanier Literary So- ciety; Class Basketball Team, ' 25- ' 26, ' 26- ' 27, ' 27- ' 28; Class Baseball Team, ' 25- ' 26. ' 26- ' 27, ' 27- ' 28 ; Class Volley Ball Team, ' 26- ' 27; Captain Baseball Team. ' 26- ' 27; Captain Basketball Team, ' 26- ' 27; Captain Volley Ball Team, ' 26- ' 27; Down-State Club; Hik- ers Club; Sub- Captain Hikers Club, ' 26- ' 27; Block A Club; Literary Ed- itor " Sororian, " ' 2G- ' 27; Executive Council, ' 27 ; Secretary Lanier Liter- ary Society ' 26- ' 27; Progressive Edu- cation Club; Junior Play; Business Manager " Soroi ian, " ' 27- ' 28 ; Presi- dent Athletic Association, ' 27- ' 28; President Down-State Club, ' 27- ' 28; Captain Hikers Club, ' 27- ' 2S ; French Club; Y. W. A. Cabinet, ' 27- ' 28. Who could help loving Louise? Her dependability, willingness to serve, and loya ty have won for her a host of friends among the facu ty as well as among the students. She leaves college with the distinction of having faced squarely every obli- gation by which she was con- fronted. Louise has been very suc- cessful as business manager of the " Sororian " and as president of the Athletic Association. So- ' 25- •25, ■25- Entered 24 ; Lanier Literary ciety; Town Girls ' Club, ' 24- ' 25, ' 26, ' 26- ' 27; Intersociety Debater, ' 2G, ' 27; Dramatic Club, ' 24- ' 25, ' 26 ; Debater ' s Medal, ' 26 ; Delegate International Relations Conventions, ' 25 - ' 2 6, ' 26- ' 27; President Lanier So- ciety, ' 27; Vice-President I. R. C, ' 26- ' 27; Junior Play; Anderson County Club; Spanish Club, ' 26- ' 27; French Club, ' 24- ' 25, 25- ' 26; Progressive Education Club, ' 2G- ' 27, ' 27- ' 2S; B. Y. P. U.; Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. A.; Pres- ident Southern Conference on Inter- national Relations, ' 2 6- ' 27 ; Delegate to Southern Institute of Politics; President Lanier Society, ' 2:7-28 ; Ad- vertising Manager " Sororian, " ' 27- ' 28; Class Historian, ' 27- ' 2S; President I. R. C, ' 27- ' 28; President Phi Tau Delta, ' 27- ' 2S; Statistics. ' 27- ' 2S. Mildred is a girl of unusual abil- ities, accomplishing what some would think was impossible. A brilliant debater, an enthusiastic Lanier president, or a competent president of I. R. C. is Mildred She is a girl that one could not help but love. One cannot associate with Mildred long without consciously or unconsciously having higher ideals. ■■■■■■MMMttMMBNHMNMnHRMM «« i miMIB »aiBMaaWM MM W W I «BMIOT Mig WfawtatoawmKKtrmtKt M f mx awwm Entered, ' 26- ' 27; Lanier Literary So- ciety; Town Girls Club; International Relations Club; Anderson County Club; Progressive Education Club; Junior Play; Town Girls ' Minstrel. Ethel came to us in the fall of ' 25 from Lander. She soon won our love and admiration with her indi- viduality, sincerity and firmness of purpose. Combined with these vir- tues she has a genial good nature which makes friends flock to her like bees to the honeysuckle. As a friend, Ethel is " all wool and a yard wide, " and as a student she is ex- celled by few if any in her class. Luck to you Ethel and may the best of everything be yours. Constance Pratt B.O. e K 2 Teacher ' s Normal Course Entered, ' 23- ' 24; Lanier Literary So- ciety ; Dramatic Club ; Sans Souci ; French Club; North Carolina Club; Spanish Club, ' 24- ' 25; Pan-Hellenic, ' 2 4- ' 2 5 ; President Sophomore Class; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 25- ' 26, ' 26- ' 27; Social Editor " Sororian, " ' 25- ' 26; Y. W. A. Council; Religious Editor " Yod- ler " ; President Spanish Club; Sec- retary Pan-Hellenic ; Member Presi- dents ' Council, 25- ' 26, ' 26- ' 27, ' 27- ' 28 ; President Junior Class; Adver- tising Manager " Sororian, " ' 26- " 27; Pan-Hellenic; President Student Gov- ernment, 27- ' 28; International Rela- tions Club. " Connie " has the combination of many lovely traits of which any girl would be proud, attractiveness, unselfishness, talent and ability. We predict nothing but success for her in whatever she may undertake in the future. mum m mmmimmmmm c Vera Elizabeth Strickland STARR, SOUTH CAROLINA Annie Lee Simpson CREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA A.B. Entered, ' 24- ' 25; Lanier Literary So- ciety ; Progressive Education Club ; Greenville County Club; Baptist Stu- dent Conference, ' 25- ' 26; B. Y. P. U.; T. W. C. A.; T. W. A. Annie Lee is one of our unknown quantities, we never have found out all of her good points, though we have been knowing her for four years and we see something new every day. She is just a happy-go- lucky girl who knows how to make life just a " flowery hed of ease. " Those who know her, value her friendship highly, and feel that whatever comes to her in life will be something good. A.B. Entered, ' 2 4 ; Estherian Literary So- ciety; Y. " W. C. A.; Y. W. A.; B. Y. P. U. ; Progressive Education Club ; Hikers Club ; International Relations Club; Class Basketball Team, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25 - ' 2 6, ' 26- ' 27; Member Executive Council, ' 25- ' 2(i; Nominating Commit- tee, ' 25- ' 26, ' 26- ' 27; Member Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ' 26- ' 27, ' 27- ' 28; Member Y. W. A. Cabinet, ' 26- ' 27, ' 27- ' 28; President Shriners Club, ' 2 6- ' 27, ' 27- ' 2S; President Sunday School, ' 26- ' 27; Business Manager " Sororian, " ' 26- ' 27; Vice-President Estherian Literary So- ciety, ' 26- ' 27, ' 27- ' 2S; Secretary and Treasurer Anderson County Club, ' 27- Social Editor " Sororian, " ' 27- ' 2S; Junior Play; Vice-President Interna- tional Relations Club, ' 27- ' 28; Secre- tary Student Government, ' 27- ' 2S. Pep! Ambition! Determination! The combination is Vera. Her mag- netic personality, her lovable and sympathetic disposition, her unself- ishness and sincerity make her a friend, real, true and lasting. OWpHKMMC mS! ■ ' " ' ■ L ■■■■■MiMNMiMHmMinwmiaMMamii The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian ! W O a o m Page forty-four The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian The Legend of the Crook The Tempest A happy company of maidens fair, Tho ' somewhat wearied by their chase, Sped hastily to reach the shelter crude Ere the approaching storm, Fast blackening the silvery night, Should break and drench them thru. One trembling maid, when they had reached their goal, Stood hesitating on the worn threshold Making her quaking voice at last be heard Above the laughing, chattering host of girls: " Methinks this is the haunt of spectres strange. Come, do not tarry, let us further seek A less sepulchral shelter from the rain. " But suddenly a voice in laughing glee — " Here is ale, beloved of Eve and Adam, Come quench your thirst with water ' s sparkling flow. " All unmindful of the warning given, Nor hearing the last of it, that water here, Would render those who drank unfit for reasoning, They left the quickly lighted fire and drank. THen, silenced by the roaring of the storm, They gathered round the hearth; The blazing fire picking their faces ghostily from the gloom. A sudden footstep at the door roused them, And shaking off a gathering drowsiness They looked to see who came seeking shelter. Thro ' the quickly opened door, blown by the wind, A strange fantastic creature, scarcely man, So bent and dwarfed was he, stood panting there. A shepherd ' s crook gave him support. He spoke: " Most fair and welcome visitors, I bid You take your ease and rest long as you may. The dripping gourd by yonder door tells me That you have drunk your fill from my sweet well. Long has it been since I have tasted it. There is a blacksome spell that bade me wait To taste the healing water till someone Should drink at midnight of all hallow ' s eve. And now, sweet ones, I drink your health with this Which gives me m ' ne, restoring my strength. This Crook which long has served me as a staff, I bid you take, and, for your merriment Forestalled by storm and rain, shall never cease. I give it power to bring you luck and joy. With all precaution hide and guard it from The rivaling Juniors, lest they profit by The gift it brings to those possessing it. " So saying, he left as he had come, except He was no longer bent, but straight and strong. Thus did the Crook I hold before you now Come into our possession. RUTHELMA MARCHBANKS. Page forty-five The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian A Winters Tale " HILE sitting by my hearthside, my mind was in a mystic maze as I gazed into the dying embers and dreamed of the days I spent at Anderson College and of my fellow classmates. Eut where are they all now, I wondered. As I was wondering, a wee voice came up through the embers and whispered to me softly, " Look now, and ' with a countenance as clear as friendship wears at feasts ' keep with me and I will show you. " I look and look, and then to my surprise my Alma Mater appears before my eyes. I see her as she s!ts in all her glory on the hill. The picture, as I see it, is encompassed by a ring of gold which I would feign remember, but the voice " The magic circle ' bout the scene, if you can but recall, is the ring you were devoted to as a member of the Class of ' 28. And now I have more in store for you, and until the toll of the ' witching hour of night ' I shall unfold before your eyes the passing picture of Fate and you shall see your classmates as they are now. " I watch a faint veil of smoke drift leisurely through the circle, carrying the vision of my Alma Mater with it, and then ... I hear the tinkle of wedding chimes, and through the circle walks, with queenly mien, Mil- dred Cunningham, down, down, to the altar. Good fortune has brought Ada Catherine Owings from her art and her Italy to this country, and she is lady of honor at this high occasion. Foolish? Nay, " she never yet was foolish that was fair, " and she is fair in that flowing gown of some strange fabric like ' twas made by Old Dame Fancy. Quite, quite fortunate also, that Nell Cunningham and Elizabeth Ledbetter, by some queer twist of chance, were allowed to steal away for several hours from Congress ' annual session. Delicate Melva McCarley bears the ring for this ceremony. As she tosses a kiss to her husband in passing, the picture fades away. Surely a storm is arising without, and I turn to look out the window, but my attention is drawn back to the vision, and I see a locomotive pull into a station, and Marjorie Johnston leans out the window from the seat of the engineer. I scarce knew her in her new role in life. The train pulls slowly out. I would feign believe I am gotten into a curiosity shop, for what I see is long ungodly looking whatnots, and I look about the circle with a sort of shudder which comes from discom- fort. As I am looking about, my eye by chance falls upon a quaint appearing creature, bent over a phantom-like portion of paper; I would inquire but my images do not speak. I am not at loss for many seconds for I see a date mark — " Mars, February 30, 1950. Observatory of Miss Edith Hilliard. " I could discern no further, for the scene was dimming. The yacht " Naomi " lies idly in the bay basking in the sun awaiting its owners, who are preparing to depart ere sundown for the fishing waters. And now they approach, Sara Chapman and Elizabeth Turner eagerly discussing their coming journey. As the picture fades, I hear cheering mobs, shouting and joshing, and rahhing for Louise McCoy, pole vaulter and record breaker. An athlete of world renown. I was scarce ready to give the old proverbial fifteen rahs when the picture faded from my view, and the majestic towers of Clemson College loomed before me, and standing in her old characteristic pose was Eloise Maxwell, leaning on the arm of her own dear " Professor " — watching the glorious sun " gallop apace " and sink below the horizon. Page forty-six The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian In a little country churchyard on Sunday morning my visionary power shows me another picture — Virginia Cooke swaying her congregation with her preaching. When she announces the song, Emma Hinson strikes the notes, and the congregation r ' ses — a preacher and a pianist — ah, strange are the workings of destiny. A hush in the courtroom, a rustling of rising and the sedate judge, Bernice Abercrornbie, stalks into the room and seats herself at the judge ' s desk. Order is called, and Nellie Wasson is brought before the judge for excelling the rate of speed as allowed by the law of the land. " Take her car, " storm the judge, and Nellie forfeits her new La Salle. Ah, would that I could fill my empty heart to overflowing with the story of my colleagues ' future, but the visions hasten by . . . what was that strange looking scene? A laboratory where Pearl Glenn, with her mystic fluids reeks wonders. The alchemists, and the chemists would burn her for a witch, but they fear her power. The tall towering walls of a manufacturing company which make me lean far back and look far up that I might catch a vision of the top, bears in large proportioned letters, " Findley and Major Chewing Produce Company, " and rumors ' round about would have me think that they have amassed great wealth. World famous are the Hilton scientists, for unto men they have done such great service as to compound a mysterious fluid which may be injected into the brains of those mortals whom circumstance has made morons, and immediately they will be numbered among the wise. Over the hills I see another strange sight appearing — Gladys and Vera Kneece mounted on fiery steeds are charging across the view. Behind them in almost equal fury dash their pur- suers, shouting in heavy tones, " Capture the Texas Terrors. " And then back to the old fami ' iar scene of my college days I am transported. I see my Alma Mater, but not as memory would picture it, but as good fate has made it — larger and even more majestic than in days of yore. Before the imposing conservatoire of music that some kind heart has built for the advancement of culture, I see two of my old classmates, and, though the dimming firelight makes the ' r features scarcely recognizable, I staft from sudden recollection — Alice Linder and Vivian Wiles. They teach now that art that " hath charms. " The glare, the glare — I scarce can see. Dim those flashing lights that I may read their message . . . " Concert Tonight by the Celebrated Soprano, Vera Strickland. " " Dancing by the World ' s Most Beautiful Ballet Dancer, Pauline Brown, " and I can bare believe my eyes. Ziegfeld Follies? What use has one for brains when one has beauty? Philosophy — philosophy — philosophy. Could one mortal desire so many books on such a sub- ject? Ah! But now I begin to see the light, for here are manuscripts, some hoary-headed prof must have some aspirations to become a literary light. What is this? Meeks . . . Meeks . . . I ' ve heard the name before. Surely, yes, it must be so. Bruce, can it be that — Mildred Meeks and Frances Bruce. Doctors — Ph.D. ' s; it can ' t be so. The only ones from our great class. Writing a book on philosophy. So. I hear laughter. I see children running about an enclosed garden. I see butterflies flitting among the roses and I feel the presence of joy. What is this? A kindergarten, and in her kingdom of children and flowers reigns, who but could it be, " Connie. " I see a peculiar paper tossed about by the wind. A newspaper, and here comes someone " with h : s mouth full of news, " and news from the senate. " What of the senate? " I asked, and he held up a paper to me on which was written in glaring headlines, " Hot debate in senate by Marchbanks and Pruitt on ' Resolved, that the earth is spherical in shape and that we live on the surface of it. ' " In the same paper I see the names of other members of that noted clas s Pdffe forty-seven The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian of ' 28. I find an announcement of the marriage of Annie Lee Simpson, and a statement that the wedding party was to be chaperoned by Willie Rankin. In rather sizable headlines I find such mention as this, " Ruth Hill, Evangelist, to Lecture on ' Where is the Younger Generation Going? ' " Far up in the aerial heights I see a mere speck that on closer observation I find to be an aeroplane. As it comes nearer and nearer to the earth ' s face, I see in bold painted letters " Furman Bound, " and I conclude that the air bird is being piloted by Willie Gentry. Webb ' s Wheezy Whipperjacks play while gay crowds dance the light fantastic till the wee hours of the night. Yes, Liz and her gay orchestra are in demand always. It nears the " witching time o ' night, " and I sense that the spell will soon be broken. The circle brightens and dims into obscurity as the twelfth hour is announced. The vision has faded, and I ... I, what am I ? A lonesome dreamer, robbed of reality, and left with only the memory of my dream. ' There ' s a destiny that shapes our ends, Rough heiv them tho ' ive may. " Gladys Long. CI ass roera As we stood pledging love in song to thee O Alma Mater, whom our hearts adore, I thought, " Was there a time you were to me A name, a place of learning, nothing more " Were we, thy daughters, ere without these ties That bind us in one sisterhood of love? Without this common aim which bids us rise Each day one step our yesterday above? " This class now moulded by affection strong, Like teaching and the same lofty ideal Will always with glad hearts, sing your love song And bear thru life your image as a shield. Dear Alma Mater, days we ' ve spent with thee Will always be our richest legacy. RUTHELMA MARCHBANKS. Page forty-eight The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian lne lempest Act One Anderson College: Thou Campus seat, hast thou heard that fifty-seven she-sailors have been tossed our way by the annual storm of graduation over in the sea of High Schools, and that we are likely to must harbor them awhile? Left Lamp Post: Nay! Nay! The gods could not wish us such bad luck. Surely we merit it not! I shall freeze them if they park upon my base or shall blind them with my shining eye ere they can walk the length of the entrance. Mrs. Gibson: Sh-sh ! No talking in such vile, unworthy language; thou must hold out your arms in welcome to these victims off the good ship Greenness, and nurse them in thy shelter ere the Freshman Storm has passed. Belike thou shalt be glad to bid them back again. The Campus and College nod their heads in resignation to a thing that seems must be, and the victims are washed ashore, each clinging to a pennant-marked bag, which they would fain have clung to or have died. The Pine Tree (down campus): Ha! They ' re a foolish crew of shipwrecks. The lighthouse did a poor business to take them in. The Fir Tree (near by): They ' ll never be Seniors. Why, Freshmen ever wear the badge of dumbness, and their ignorance breeds pity more than joy. Poor innocents! Bah! Throughout the year they were laughed at, teased, and taunted by the inmates of the light- house, and belike they would have become discouraged but for the good-hearted Juniors, who took them under their care. They had to do the work of seven sailors. Lit. I and History I were their cruelest masters. Anderson College: The tournament of the tennis players will be staged today. The rats, poor devils, should not attempt to win. The Campus Swing: But listen to the cheering. " Freshman, Rah! " it says. Can it be they win the tourney? Ah, they do — alack the day! The curtain closes. An uneventful year elapses. " Muck Ado About Notking " Act Two Anderson College: I vow I hated rats, but these Sophomores! The Campus Swing: How dost thou speak thus? They are sisters to the Seniors. Anderson College: Yea! I know, but hush your babbling. You would wreck my wrought-up nerves. Campus Swing: Well, they ' re back, but minus some of them, and teachers, too, I hear, have gone elsewhere. Anderson College: Ah! Woe is me. New friends, new faces. When I would fain retain the old ones. And so throughout a year of wisdom the College and the Swing philosophize together. Once more the class team wins the tourney for the college colors, green and white, for during this year " Connie " Pratt was leader of them. Then spring came and graduation for the sister class of them. Anderson College: Well, well, I feel quite as though I must commend the " goats, " for they have proved right worthy, and indeed I am surprised. Lamp Post: And though it hurts my ague, I ' ll say a word likewise. They have been quite duteous in gathering from round abouts of daisies and ivy for the Seniors, so I see they have laboured, and we needs must notice that right fitting is the chain they have produced. Campus Swing: Yea! Yea! And some faculties, while seated on me two and twenty hours gone by, remarked that they were really wise, and faith that is a great surprise. (Curtain closes for lapse of summer vacation.) Page forty-nine The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian " As You Like It " Chapter Three Left Urn: Faith, what cometh that I hear such rumblings seaward? It must needs be that the elements are griped. Left Colcnades: Nay! Good Urn, that is but the cheering on the good ship, " Joy, " that brings the Juniors back into port. For lo these two years they have right well passed up the work of Comp. I, Lit. II, and various other rare tasks that only good seamen can endure, and — mind you do not let this out they say that many have fallen into the bad trap of matrimony, teaching, and idleness, and return not with yonder creed. Anderson College: Hush! I needs sleep off the mental strain which I have till now endured. Time elapses for several months. Juniors win tennis tourney again. It is nearly Christmas. Anderson College: I must sigh with great relief that these Juniors must give up searching in my most cherished nooks for some ungodly weapon called a Crook. Campus Seat: And why, in faith, shall they be forced to do so? Anderson College: Hast thou not heard they fain wi ' l present " The Charm School, " a play for amateurs? Campus Seat: And when, dear A. C, shall it happen? Anderson College: Ah, brother, brother, your curiosity would drive me straight to drinking feared I not the prohibition laws. They ' ll perform tonight, they tell me, and we may believe it true. The play is called a success, and time elapses till commencement. Anderson College: You may call these upstarts jolly, romping through my corridors; but they ' re rowdy I should call them, with their whoops and ray-rah-rahs. Bulletin Board: Oh! Old man grouch, pipe down your fuss and smile once in a while. I ' ll explain their gay demeanor. They ' ll soon each be a senior. Now calm yourself and swallow all your griping. Hall Clock: Tick-Tock! See here, Tick-Tock! The new Seniors draw near Tick-Tock! With their caps and robes. Tick-Tock! We ' re proud of those. " All ' s Well Tnat Ends Well " Chapter Four Senior Class: Alma Mater, we love you dear, And we thank you for what you ' ve love; With deep heartache we say farewell, for our Four-year race is run. You ' ve given us many a lesson, And we ' ll profit by every one. Here ' s to our Alma Mater, With love from us every one. Anderson College (smiling broadly): Ah! Daughters mine, I ' m glad you ' re back, I ' m proud of you, one and all; I ' ve grouched and fussed because I love Only those who do not fall. You ' ve come back to me as Seniors, And now I ' m sure you ' ll win; You ' ve lost some games, but I know you have The pep and will within. Mildred Meeks. Page fifty ilunwra " With mirth and laughter Let old wrinkles come. " The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian n Tmimmim ii imn: Junior Class Miss Hattie Fay, Sponsor Colors: Red and White Cleone Jewell President Hazel Meeks Vice President Nell Cunningham Secretary Mary Acker Treasurer Page fijty-two The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan Junior Class MARY ACKER BELTON, SOUTH CAROLINA EVELYN BRANHAM, 2 A 1 ' RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA EDNA BRISSEY, n A ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA SARA BREAZEALE ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA MABEL COX BELTON, SOUTH CAROLINA Page fifty-three The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Junior Class VIRGINIA COX BELTON, SOUTH CAROLINA MILDRED FRANKS, JIT GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA HAZEL MEEKS ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA MARY MOORE PELZER, SOUTH CAROLINA MARGARET OWINGS CRAY COURT, SOUTH CAROLINA Page fifty-four The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Junior Class ANNE ELIZABETH PIKE, 9 K LA GRANGE, GEORGIA LAURA SHAW BELTON, SOUTH CAROLINA THELMA SHAW BELTON, SOUTH CAROLINA BOBBIE WORLEY, T A L0RIS, SOUTH CAROLINA CLARA WHEELER, T A LITTLE MOUNTAIN, SOUTH CAROLINA Nell Cunningham Margaret Cox Margaret Ducworth Mabel Hall Gladys Johnson Mary Olive Jackson Ruth Kelly Margaret McGee Nell Mitchell Page fifty-jive The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian a Page fifty-six npijflntmxB " For I never knew So young bodies with so old heads. ' The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian aa Sophomore Class Miss Cora Emmie Rawlinson, Sponsor Grace Seymour President Elizabeth Tribble . . . . •. Vice President Annie Lee Rivers Secretary and Treasurer Gladys Beach Katherine Beckham Mary ' Breedin Lillie Mae Brown Ruth Brown Ruth Cathcart Elise Campbell Eloise Carter Dorothy Chambers Helen Clippard Katherine Cowherd Jessie Cox Margaret Crayton Anne Dalrymple Leila Dodenhoff Aline Douclas Fay- Downs Edna Durham Emmie Fowler Lillian Glenn Louise Glenn Wilma Glenn Mary ' Glymph Maude Green Mary Griffin Janie Hawkins Marcaret Hawkins esperence holliday ' lucretia holliday Elizabeth Hughes Ruby Hughes Ruby Hunnicutt Juanita Hursey Ida Mae Hutto Hazel Jeffcoate Clara Jones Elizabeth Kay- Inez Kay Loise McClellan Annie McKeithan Ethel Mellette Hannah Merchant Elizabeth Owen Josephine Owen Clara Parrish Montie Pearson Sarah Platt Ada Powell Mildred Price Jamie Quattlebaum Fronde Rice Annie Lee Rivers Ethel Rowland Grace Seymour Carrie Smith Laura Shaw Grace Stewart Jennie Tate Lucille Teal Callie Thompson Elizabeth Tribble Harriett Vass Jennie Ruth Whitten Mary ' Ulmer Lillian Welborn Susie Lou Wood Page fifty-eight The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Page fifty-nine The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian 1Il | piLII!lllllllllllllllll[lllllMIIIIHTTIllllll]llllllin Page sixty 3Fr?0f?m?n ' Not yet so old, But that they may learn. ' The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian mil ' I I ilm IIII I IIIIIIII MH II I I Freshman Class Officers Miss Lucile Youkc Sponsor Jacqueline Poole President Eleanor Smith Vice-President Frances Stone Secretary Anne Roberts Treasurer Harriett Marshall Marshal Page sixty-two The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian s Page sixty-three The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian nnntnamnnmnrHmnn Page sixty- four The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Presidents Council Constance Pratt President of Student Government Ruth Hill President of Y. W. C. A. Edith Hilliard Editor of Sororian Gladys Beach Editor of Yodler Mildred Cunningham President of Senior Class Cleone Jewell President of Junior Class Grace Seymour President of Sophomore Class Jaqueline Poole President of Freshman Class Mildred Cunningham President cf Esiherian Society Mildred Meeks President of Lanier Society Louise McCoy President of Athletic Association Sara Chapman House President of East Dormitory Mamilou Hilton House President of West Dormitory Page sixty-seven The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Student Government Association Officers Constance Pratt President Pauline Brown . Vice-President Vera Strickland Secretary Emma Hinson . Treasurer Executive Council Senior Representatives Junior Representatives Bernice Abercrombie Margaret Owings Melva McCarley Virginia Cox Sophomore Representatives Freshman Representatives Gladys Beach Louise Nettles Elizabeth Tribble Milwee Welborne Page sixty-eight The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Page sixty-n ine The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian LlllllltlllNmimi-TTTTTTTT Young Women ' s Christian Association Officers Ruth Hill President Marcaret Owincs Vice President Mabel Cox Secretary and Treasurer Virginia Cooke Y. IV. A. President Mabel Hilton Y. IV. A. Vice President Virginia Cox Y. IV. A. Secretary-Treasurer Cabinet Lucia Loveland Melva McCarley Annie Lee Rivers Mamilou Hilton Mildred Lavencood Vera Strickland Gladys Beach Carrie Mae George Louise McCoy Lucile Teal Janie Hawkins Page seventy The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian m M ' l l rTT " Page seventy-one The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian II 1-imillMMMMI The Sororian Staff Edith Hilliard Editor-in-Chief Mildred Cunningham . . . ' . . Assistant Editor Louise McCoy Business Manager Mildred Meeks Advertising Manager Vera Strickland Social Editor Sara Breazeale Picture Editor Marjorie Johnston Joke Editor Esperence Holliday Art Editor Pauline Brown Literary Editor Miss Martha Todd Faculty Advisor Page seventy-tivo Tke Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian tTT I ll l llH l imiU lll iil ■ Page seventy-three The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian i n i HiiTmrin-ii.iiiMiTr Oft l?r Page seventy-four The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian irmm i m i urn i mi M i nim i mm ii irmTTm " S Pa f seventy-five The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Lanier Literary Society Miss Margaret Bell, Sponsor Officers Mildred Meeks President Mabel Cox Vice President Bobbie Worley Secretary Mabel Hilton Treasurer Mary Acker Anna Bass Virginia Banks Kathryn Beckham Evelyn Blackman Eunice Bowen Sarah Breazeale Lillie Mae Brown Frances Bruce Lois Campbell Beulah Cason Sarah Chapman Jessie Cox Mabel Cox Margaret Cox Virginia Cooke Vircinia Cox Catherine Cowherd Grace Coker Dorothy Chambers Mary Dupre Edna Durham Aline Douglas Leila Dodenhoff Mattie Fagg Kathleen Garrett Willie Gentry Carrie Mae Georce Edith Gunn Mabel Hilton Lanier Roll Mamilou Hilton Ruth Hill Edith Hilliard Elizabeth Holley Lucretia Holliday Juanita Hursey Janie Hawkins Ruby Hughes Elizabeth Hughes Ruby Hunnicutt Elma Josie Montez Kay Louise Keeler Ruth Kelly Gladys Kneece Vera Kneece Mildred Lavengood Lucia Loveland Blanche Major Gladys Maddox ruthelma marchbanks Gertrude Mann Melva McCarley Louise McCoy Claudia McSwain Mildred Meeks Hannah Merchant Mary Moore Laura Norton Margaret Owings Janie Patterson Clara Parish Elizabeth Parsons Josie Bell Pittman Constance Pratt Frances Powell Ethel Pruitt Jamie Quattlebaum Willie Rankin Annie Lee Rivers Ethel Rowland Hester Rogers Grace Seymour Gerttrude Sowell Thelma Shaw Fay Spearman Elise Sturkie Laura Shaw Annie Lee Simpson Lucile Teal Florence Tinsley Callie Thompson Milwee Welborne Lena Watford Edna Weidman Ruth Weidman Louise Weidman Clara Wheeler Ethel Worley Susie Wood Vera Wilson Page seventy-six The Nineteen Twenty-eignt Soronan Page seventy-seven The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Esthenan Literary Society Miss Mary Celestia Parler, Sponsor Officers Mildred Cunningham President Vera Strickland Vice President Ada Powell Secretary Elizabeth Tribble Treasurer Betsy Lamm Frances Stone Virginia McCullum Eleanor Smith Emily Earle Mary Keenan Hyatt Anne Elizabeth Pike Mary Alice Purvis Reviola Tillbrooke Vera Thomas Margaret Rainey Daisy Hill Ann K. Roberts Lucille White Nannie Mae Haynie Ruth E. Prince Eleanor D. Garrett Eva Kate Hall Allene Berrie Frond Rice Ada Powell Gladys Beach Ruth Brown Members Marjory Johnston Helen Clippard Ethel Mellette Elizabeth Tribble Mildred Franks Grace Thompson Eloise Carter Fay Downs Mildred Price Cleone Jewell Bernice Abercrombie Pauline Brown Evelyn Branham Nelle Cunningham Margaret Ducworth Hazel Tostensen Mattie Parham Louise Austin Margaret Earle Harriett Marshall Eloise Maxwell Claribel Parham Louise Nettles Lois Reed Ruth Thomas Nellie Wasson Minnie Lou Brown Harriett Vass Wilma Davis Nancy Hamlin Esperance Holliday Hazel Jeffcoat Mary Olive Jackson Elizabeth Ledbetter Alice Linder Mary Reid Norris Hazel Meeks Jaqueline Poole Ada Catherine Owings Vera Strickland Louise Johnson Elizabeth Webb Mildred Cunningham Emma Hinson Margaret Hawkins Page seventy-eight The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan Page seventy-nine The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Page eight] 3 m Arts ' There ' s nothing ill can dwell in such a temple. If the ill spirit have so fair a house, Good things will strive to dwell with ' t. " The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian nmmnmi mminni The Glee Club Miss Martha Todd, Director Officers Hazel Meeks President Nell Cunningham Vice President Ruth Brown • Secretary Ada Powell Treasurer Gladys Beach Business Manager Members Allene Berrie Gladys Beach Lillie Mae Brown Ruth Brown Dorothy Chambers Mabel Cox Gladys Cromer Nell Cunnincham Margaret Earle Miss Hattie Fay Emmie Fowler Mary Glymph Maude Green . Eva Kate Hall Harriett Vass Margaret Hawkins Ruth Hill Mary Hyatt Mildred Lavengood Harriet Marshall Hazel Meeks Ethel Mellette Louise Nettles Ada Powell Jamie Quattlebaum Margaret Rainey Eleanor Smith Reviola Tillbrooke Hazel Tostensen Page eighty-two The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan JTTiiunnjjiiLiiinmiai Page eighty-three The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Page eighty-four The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Elizabeth Webb Candidate for the Artist Diploma in Piano Program Italian Concerto, La;t Movement Bach Variations in F minor Haydn Sonata, Opus 53, First Movement Beethoven Etude, Op. 10, No. 3 Etude, Op. 10, No. 5 Nocturne in D flat Cradle Song Ponchinello Rachmaninoff Satyrs and Nymphs (Etude de Concert) Juon Rigoletto Fantasia Liszt Caprice Brilliant, Opus 22 Mendelssohn " Orchestral Part on Second Piano, Annie D. Denmark Chopin Alice Linder Candidate for the Artist Diploma in Piano Program Sonata, Opus 13 j „ ,, „ .,, ,. , , . Beethoven Grave — Allegro di moito e con bnol Adagio cantabile Allegro Polonaise in C sharp minor) Chopin Nocturne in B major ( Hark, Hark, the Lark Schubert-Liszt Rigaudon . MacDoivell Capriccio Hutcheson Cracovienne Fantastique Paderewski Gondoliera Scherzo, Waltz, from the Opera " Boabdil " Moszkoivski Page eighty-five The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian iiLu i m i iH-m-mi i M ii Expression Department Mrs. Gertrude Pratt . Miss Mildred Franks . . . Director President Harriett Marshall Lucia Loveland Susie Wood Margaret Owincs Constance Pratt Ogreeta Holliday Mary Griffin Virginia Cox Hazel Jeffcoat Ethel Worley Kathleen Garrett Lillie May Brown Mildred Franks Class Lucretia Holliday Gladys Kneece Ruby Brown Grace Chamblee Harriett Holman Grace McMillan Gertrude Sowell Nancy Hamlin Edith Hilliard Ruth Hill Reviola Tillbrooke Gladys Johnson Mary Acker Lucia Loveland Kathleen Garrett Elizabeth Owens Elizabeth Holley Katherine Coward Louise Austin Ethel Rowland Harriett Vass Ila May Hutto Fronde Rice Vera Kneece Esperance Holliday Mildred Meeks Annie Lee Rivers Page eighty-lix The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan " TTT " " " " " mn Dramatic Club Miss Gertrude Pratt, Director Officers Edith Hilliard President Constance Pratt Vice President Frond Rice Treasurer Reviola Tillbrooke Critic Members Susie Wood Lucia Loveland Constance Pratt Gladys Kneece Mildred Franks Margaret Owings Gertrude Sowell Mary Acker Ethel Worley Elizabeth Owens Page eighty-seven Tne Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian nimiuiiiiiiiiini Art Club Miss Alleyne Hamilton, Director " Ari wins the heart. " Edith Hilliard Art History Ruth Hill Helen Clippard Miss Cora Shirley Ruby Stephenson Specials Leila Dodenhoff Mary Moore Eleanor Smith Clara Wheeler Costume Design Mary Moore Ethel Rowland Maysel Kato Clarabel Parham Elementary Design Irma Watson Daisy Hill Edna Watson Laura Shaw Helen Clippard Industrial Art Marjory Brown Minnie Lou Brown Virginia Cox Wilma Davis Louise Johnson Gertrude Mann Elease Sturkie Ruth Thomas Daisy Hill Olive Brown Lilly May Brown Reba Campbell Gladys Johnson Lois Moore E leanor Smith Fay ' Spearman Beulah Cason Pa g e eighly-eight The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan I ' m m i n i m m i i mKii i Mnnni. i i ii nnann mna Page eighty-nine The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian H ome .economics Club Miss Frances Crafton Mildred Price . . . . Sponsor President Members Ethel Rowland Louise McCoy Daisy Hill Thelma Shaw Clarabel Parham Laura Shaw Mary Griffin Mildred Price Elma Josie Irma Watson Harriet Vass Edna Watson Maysel Kato Page ninety Gllubs The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian rmillllllliliiiirurn Pan-Hellenic Council Officers Nell Cunningham President Ada Powell Secretary Miss Hattie Fay Sponsor Representatives Theta Kappa Sigma Sigma Delta Gamma Constance Pratt Evelyn Branham Alice Linder Ruth Brown Sigma Phi Ada Powell Ada Catherine Owings Page ninety-tiuo The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian " " " " in I " - PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Page ninety-three The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian una innn 1 1 1 □ u n mi nnn i nfi l l 1 1 r 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 r i: . .. Theta Kappa Sigma Colors: Light Green and Silver Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley Officers Alice Linder President Miss Hattie Fay Sponsor Constance Pratt Alice Linder Mary Alice Purvis Members Grace Seymour Katherleen Garrett Catherine Cowherd Edith Gunn Anne Elizabeth Pike Milwee Welborne Gladys Beach Town Memrers Georcia Harris Edna Thompson Mrs. McDougal Ruth Lassiter Page ninety-jour The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan Sigma Delta Gamma Colors: Red and White Hravr: American Beauiy Rose Helen Brown Sponsor Nell Cunningham President Members Evelyn Branham Margaret Hawkins Ruth Brown Mildred Franks Grace Stewart Lucile White Nell Cunningham Vircinia McCullum Page ninety-five The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian miMmnn i M ii m ii u II I U " 11 " " Colors: Killarney Pink and Silver Sigma Phi Officers Flower: Killarnev Rose Ada Catherine Owings . Mrs. N. B. Sullivan . . President Sponsor Ada Powell Mildred Cunningham Ada Catherine Owings Jaqueline Poole Elizabeth Ledbetter Mrs. N. B. Sullivan Mrs. Clyde Smith Mrs. Cordas Seabrook Babbie Sullivan Mrs. Lawrence Hammett Members in College Frances Stone Anne Roberts Louise Austin Eleanor Smith Members in Town Mrs. John Russell Mrs. William Sullivan Jessie Sullivan- Emily Sullivan Mrs. A. B. Rivers Clarabel Parham Mattie Parham Emily Earl Betsy Lamm Louise Burriss Lucia Sullivan Mrs. P. W. Ellis Dorothy Sullivan Mrs. Glenn Lassiter Lila Sullivan Page ninety-six The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Sans Souci Betsy Lamm " Oney " Smith Frances Stone Ada Powell " Jack " Poole " Pop " Norton Margaret Rainey Anne Roberts " Jeff " Jeffcoate " Ree " Tilbrooke Cleone Jewell Lucile White Mary Hyatt Ruth Brown " Al " Berrie Eva Kate Hall " Esp " Holliday " Charlie " Rowland Virginia McCollum Ann Elizabeth Pike Mildred Franks " Tommy " Hawkins Emily Earle Clarabel Parham Connie Pratt Gladys Beach Nelle Cunningham Evelyn Branham Mary Alice Purvis Leila Dodenhoff Ethel Mellette " Specks " Hilliard Clara Wheeler " Bobbie " Worley Page ninety-seven The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Phi Tau Delta Mademoiselle Blanche Couesinn, Sponsor Colors: Gold and White Floiuer: Daffodil Officers Mildred Meeks President Edith Hilliard . . Secretary and Treasurer Clara Wheeler Catherine Cowherd Leila Dodenhoff Members Pauline Brown Bobbie Worley Mildred Meeks Louise McCoy Edith Hilliard Susie Wood Edna Weidman Page ninety-eight The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan U U IIII IIII D III MIU IE Color: Silver and Rose ruthelm marchbanks Ethel Pruitt . Pi Phi Delta Mr. R. H. Holliday, Sponsor Flower: Sweet Pea . . . President Willie Gentry Frances Bruce Dorothy Chambers Members Edna Brissey Gladys Long Eloise Maxwell Secretary and Treasurer Mary Breedin Ruby Hunnicut Mary Glymph Page ninety-nine The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian annmammmmmnii ii DEVIL S DEN CLUB GERMAN AND SPANISH CLUBS Page one hundred The Nineteen Twenty-eignt Soronan ELIZABETH LEDBETTER Page one hundred one The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Town Girls ' Club Officers Mr. Charles S. Sullivan Sponsor Elizabeth Leddetter President Elizabeth Webb Vice-President Margaret McGee Secretary Gladys Long Treasurer Page one hundred two The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian " TT ' ..imii.n ►J o ►J is o H fa ? on;? hundred three The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian •| II II 1 1 1 1 ht 1 1 [ 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 mam ANDERSON COUNTY CLUB GEORGIA CLUB Page one hundred four The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian DOWN STATE CLUB PRESBYTERIAN CLUB Page one hundred five The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian .. ' ,.,;„..». . . . ' .. , . . . . v :.;■,,« i El p ►J u S5 o o D Q w w w b! o c ■« 7£ onf hundred six The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian im ,i ■nn.TTr..:;jnjr i |ii r GREENVILLE COUNTY CLUB LONG HAIR CLUB Page one hundred seven The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Egn iimmi I " TTTTTT Page one hundred eight The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan if A £38 £ S3 ■ofi -§ W OJ u cO HccS-c ..KKS .H C D d § PS s5 W Z ..g 2 sm w »s V3A t, d d d MS cri t-. a en 05 5 " sS OA,za Pa on« hundred nine The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan mm " " " - " ' lii.i rrrm Page one hundred ten The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan m,,TUUjninjnu lumen (Uomntprrial Cdkh Page one hundred eleven The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan i riT " " 1 " " I iiTimmiiniiinmiiiUMMIIllTTm ■■ " " ■ ' ■■ ' " nmrnmo INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Page one hundred twelve The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan Min.juuiiij-rir.rirriiiriiiimTiiimiiTprnTI ' - " LOUISE McCOY MOST ATHLETIC Page one hundred thirteen The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian miihiii jinrniillHU Athletic Association Louise McCoy President Jaqueline Poole Vice President Mildred Price Secretary and Treasurer Willie Gentry Senior Representative Mary Moore Janie Hawkins Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Louise Austin Freshman Representative Page one hundred fourte en The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan ' mum nnmm ATHLETIC OFFICERS Page one hundred fifteen The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian mnmmmn " " " i -nrnrm 03 o Pa on? hundred sixteen The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian ■nTnTTiiiniliiiriiiiiiiiniiiirmrrriinniiiiLnmiiii . w Z Z fa f one hundred seventeen The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian i i ni ' iM " ' NMinLmimrrimmiu Page one hundred eighteen The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Page one hundred nineteen The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Page one liundred twenty 3riXtxm% " Here is the scroll of every man ' s name, which is thought jit to play in our interlude. " Statistics Prettiest . ........ Mildred Cunningham Wittiest Milwee Welborne Cutest Frances Stone Sweetest Mildred Meeks Most Intellectual . Edith Hilliard Most Popular Constance Pratt Most Popular Town Student . . Elizabeth Ledbetter Most Athletic Louise McCoy DESDEMONA Posed by Mildred Cunningham BEATRICE Posed by Milwee Welborne ROSALIND Posed by Frances Stone CORDELIA Posed by Mildred Meeks PORTIA Posed b y Edith IIilliard JULIET Posed by Constance Pratt The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Calend enaar SEPTEMBER 14 — The new arrivals — new teachers, new girls, new clothes, new experiences. The green young Freshmen are the centers of attraction. Wet handkerchiefs galore! 15 — Wisdom of Sophs is manifested to the freshmen. Freshies forced to suffer at- tacks of inferiority complex. j 6 — Opening exercises. New teachers intro- duced. Mayor Fant gives key of Ander- son to college girls. 17 — Organization of classes. Which course shall I take? Have you any MR. ' s? I ' ll take A.B. then. Y. W. C. A. gives new girls party. 18 — Our first Sunday at A. C — first visit to Baptist Church. Dr. White will leave us. 24 — Estherians entertain new girls with vaudeville. Much fun, plenty of confetti. 28 — Freshman Day! Red noses — green dresses — riding the brooms — Mr. Gibson ' s lovers — dining-room solos. NOVEMBER 5 — Balloons and canes! Everybody is off to the Fair. And what did the fortune tell- er say? 6 — " The Jolliest Class you ever saw can ' t find the crook. Ha! Ha! Ha! " 11 — Get your canes ready for the marshmal- low toast. Miss Denmark and Mr. Hol- liday entertain the girls. 12 — Hurrah for Frances and Mary Reid ! An- derson wins over High Point in a de- bate. Much excitement! 13 — Everything in readiness for the Baptist Student Conference. Delegates from over the state here. Many speeches. 13 — Delegates leave. 23 — Hm ! Time again for another turkey dinner. Not long till Christmas. 29 — Better times. The town girls present a good minstrel. Hurrah for Mr. Sulli- van. 30 — Miss Cowdrick welcomed home! OCTOBER 1 — " But give to us October. " 3 — Quarantine for Diphtheria. 8 — Laniers turn to gypsies and entertain the new girls in the gym. Fortunes told. Indian dances, and plenty to eat. 10 — Quarantine raised. 16 — New girls decide between societies. Which shall I be: an Estherian or Lanier? 20 — October Day at the Country Club! Danc- ing, eating, hiking. Gee, but how we love October Day! 24 — Reception at Calhoun Hotel for college girls given by Baptist W. M. U. 25 — Students enjoy " Ben Hur " at Imperial through hospitality of Mr. Sullivan. 30 — " Spooky and scary, that ' s Hallowe ' en. " Seniors take table. Hide that crook. Seniors enjoy theatre party. DECEMBER 1 — Sixteen more days till vacation — then we ' ll go to the station. S — College girls join in Anti-Tuberculosis campaign. 10 — College is turned into a Spanish town with Spaniards promenading the halls. The Freshman-Sophomore reception. 11 — The auditorium a scene of sacred beauty when the Christmas Cantata was pre- sented. 13 — Junior Class presents " A Kiss for Cin- derella. " 14 — " A Message |rom Mars. " 15 — Y. W. C. A. has a Christmas tree in dining room with interesting program. Seniors entertain Sophs with kid party. Christmas tree. 15 — Most time to go — no studying, no sleep. Serenades. Merry Christmas. Page one hundred thirty-one The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Calend ar JANUARY 3 — Happy New Year! Miss Denmark our new president. Much success to you, Miss Denmark! 4 — Heartaches and homesickness continue. Memories of last week linger. 7 — Spanish Orchestra gives program. 13 — Dr. Dorsey talks to us " What Price Ig- norance? " 28 — Everybody is studious. Exams are begin- ning. " ' Fessors, we love you. " 30 — Linger Longer Lane entertains unwel- come visitors. We wonder why? 31 — Students are delightfully entertained by North Carolina Glee Club. No recep- tion. Too hungry. FEBRUARY 2 — Paderewski in Greenville. Many go over to hear him play. Miss Fay meets mis- fortune. 2 — Ground hog appears to bring bad weath- er. 6 — Louise Stallings makes a hit with A. C. girls. 9 — University of Alabama here with enter- taining program. Fatty makes a good Juliet. 14 — Valentine Day. Candy, packages, tele- grams rush in. 15 — The B. Y. P. U. entertains with a Val- entine Party. Heart dice. 23 — Everybody anxious to know her daugh- ter ' s name. Mother Daughter Day in college parlor. 25 — Last resort for Freshman Class is rum- mage sale. 26 — Stratford players here from Wofford. MARCH 1 — Beginning the windy month by having Davidson Glee Club here, sponsored by Sororian Staff. 8 — International Relations Conference of South here at Anderson. Mildred a good president. Dr. Hamilton Holt. The Rus- sian Baron with us. 10 — Banquet at Calhoun in honor of dele- gates. 14 — Miss Fay with us agian after months in hospital. 16 — Spring vacation almost here. Think of a whole week of " rest. " 20 — Billie Dove in " The Love Mart. " 21 — Where ' s that crook, Juniors? 22 — Freshman dance ! Good music — good eats — plenty money. 24— Carnival in Main Hall by Y. W. C. A. 27 — Seniors present " Mr. Pirn Passes By. " Good talent. 28 — Miss Fox takes girls to hear Dr. Mors- men in Greenville. 29 — Off for home! APRIL 5 — Back again. Blue — homesick — but only a few more weeks and we ' ll go for good. 8 — Easter Day! Whar ' s Bre ' r Rabbit? New clothes. 9 — Gladys Beach elected President of Stu- dent Government. Goes to Randolph- Macon to convention. 11 — Edna makes new discovery. 12 — New Council goes into office — old ones re- tire. They need a pension. 20 — Glee Club beg ' ns a tour. We ' re proud of our songbirds! 28 — Connie gives her Expression recital. MAY 4 — Melva shows wonderful ability in giving her recital. 9 — Ruth shines tonight. 12 — Chautauqua is here. 22 — Exams are over. All is finished. 25 — Annual debate. 27 — Class Day. Maybe we will. 28 — The Seniors pass out from A. C. into the world. Page one hundred thirty-tvio The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian H umor Polly : " Vera went riding with Ralph last night. " Clara: " They say he is a rounder. " Polly: " Yes, almost every night. " t i i Pop : " You can ' t even imagine how many boys wanted to dance with me last night. " Ree: " No, dearie, you always could imagine things better than I. " 4? 4: 4? Diner (to waitress) : " Hullo, angel, what do you recommend for my bachelor roast — grass-widow sauce? " Waitress: " Did you ever try flapper salad? " Diner: " No, what ' s in it — pepper and spice? " Waitress: " No, just lettuce alone. " 4? 4? 4? Poor Satt, on being told of his sad fate by his fiancee, Edna Weidman, fell to his knees and pleaded with her to take his diamond back again. Even this failed to soften Edna ' s determined heart. " Well, Edna, " said the brokenhearted suitor, " if you refuse to be my fiancee, you might at least pick me up. " 4? 4 4? The Prodigal ' s Philosophy " Mid pleasures and palaces Though we may roam, When the stomach is empty There ' s no place like home.! " V r r " Watchagotna package? " " Sabook. " " Wassanimavitt ? " " Sadickshunery, fulla naims. Wife ' s gotta plecedog angottagetta naimferim. " 4 4r 4r Fond Mother: " Yes, Dorothy is studying French and Algebra. Say, ' Good morn- ing ' to the lady in Algebra, darling. " 4 4 4? Miss Parler: " Why don ' t you answer me? " Jack Poole: " I shook my head. " Miss Parler : " Well, you don ' t expect me to hear it rattle way up here, do you ? " 4? 4? 4? Bobbie Worley: " What is the difference between ammonia and pneumonia? " Frances Powell: " Well, one comes in bottles and the other comes in chests. " Page one hundred thirty-five The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan ■ ■i n n i l i uTTi-rii i.. ■ ■ i ili-j ijiji i m.LLjiiJiiiiiiTiMllli ii rt i i iiLii iT .i ummii i n i ni ii i ii n i i rn i i ii i i ii i HViiuiiiiTrTTiririimnu nm.iiTi n nmTTmrninja H umor Mrs. Holliday: " How do you girls like this soup? I got the recipe over the radio. " " Doc " Welborn: " I can taste the static. " 4. 4. 4. Miss Todd (in public school music) : " Louise, you held ' Mi ' too long. " V V V The year 1927-28 has brought to Anderson College a class of freshmen so green that they make blue and yellow feel like purple when they are mixed. And yet this class has taught even the wise sophs a thing or two. The following are facts from Napoleon ' s life which might be interesting to outsiders. The Napoleon whom the Freshman Class knew was: A great man who won a few unimportant victories in war. The biggest mistake he ever made was that he married twice. He was quite ugly, but he must have had IT, because all the women were crazy about him. He was shot in the battle of Waterloo. •t fr ■ Sherwood (on the road last summer) : " Let m-m-me dem-dem-on-strate this va- vacuum cleaner for you. " The Lady: " I don ' t want it; I ain ' t got no vacuums in the house. " 4- 4 4- Don ' t let this good advice be lost, To grab it you should try. The things you get for nothing Cost you more than the things you buy. 4- 4- 4 " See dat fist, Useless? " said Mose. " When Ah hits you wid dat you gwine see down your back ' thout turning your haid. " " Huh? " grunted Jasper. " Izzat so, Street Sweepin ' s? See mah foot? Onct Ah kicks you wid dat, ev ' ry time yo sits down you leaves a foot print. " 4r + ■ ■ Melva, hearing a splashing noise in the bathroom one day, went in to investigate, and finding Virginia frantically dipping water out of the tub and throwing it on the floor, demanded the reason for such activities. Virginia: " Foolish, can ' t you see that the tub is running over and that I can ' t get the water turned off? " 4, 4. 4. Benevolent Old Lady: " Well, Tommy, how did the game come out? " Tommy: " Aw, we put de party on ice in de nint ' . De guy what was in the box fer them blew up like a hot air balloon, ' n we biffed ' em fer a row uv yellow brick dugouts. " Benevolent Old Lady: " Yes, but who won the game? " Page one hundred thirty-six The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian H umor PROM In Three Acts Act I. Syncopation. Lubrication. Sweet Flirtation. Fascination. Act II. Provocation. Inclination. Situation. Osculation. Act III. Indignation. Explanation. Condonation. Restoration. 4. 4, 4. My old man puts a crimp in things, I ' ll tell you the reason why. I wire him, " I can ' t meet my bills. " He wires back, " Neither can I. " ♦ + .♦ Betsy Lamm: " Well, I can ' t see why Al Smith shouldn ' t be President; even base- ball is getting to be controlled by the Catholics. " Frances Stone: " How ' s that? " Betsy: " Well, aren ' t the Saint Louis Cardinals appointed by the Pope? " 4 " 4e 4? Who was it that said, " Gentlemen prefer blondes, but they marry brunettes " ? 4. - . 4. To the Out-Going Senior Class That They May Be Inspired to Greater Things It happened on a day when Saint Peter was guarding his post rather carefully that a great many people were continually knocking at the door, at which the good Saint would inquire, " Who is that, " and he would be answered, " This is me, Saint Peter. " The gate would be opened and the applicant would enter. On one occasion when a knock was heard and Saint Peter asked who was there, some one answered, " This is I, " at which Saint Peter yawned and said, " Aw, go on where you belong, you darned school teacher. " Page one hundred thirty-seven The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Jok es Mil dred (studying foods): " Bernice, what does putrefaction mean? " Bernice: " Why, don ' t you know that? " Kat B. (boastfully) : " Why, Mildred, it means to purify your dummie. " » » Ben: " Am I the first boy you have ever kissed? " Kat B. (questionally) : " Now that you mention it, you do look familiar. It ' s so hard to remember faces. " » Mr. Sullivan (in Educational Psychology class) : " Now I ' m no authority on rearing babies but I think this new invention — the chicken coop — is a very favorable one for the mother. " Leila D. : " Oh, you strong and grand-looking man, what sport did you make your letter in? " Henry: " None, dear, that ' s for Good Gulf Gasoline. " Sam C. : " I came to college to know more about women. " Eloise M.: " What course are you taking? " SamC: " Zoology! " » Speaker (at chapel) : " Ladies, did you ever stop to think? I ask you again, did you ever stop to think ? " Student (tired and sleepy) : " Did you ever think to stop? " Mildred L. : " Turn out the light quick. " Mary Acker: " Why? " Mildred L. : " Cause I wanta write Marvin a night letter. " Little fish to Ma fish: " Oh! Mama, we are so hungry. " Ma fish: " Don ' t worry, you young dears, some more of those crazy aviators from the mainland will be by before long, and we will have a good meal. " » » » Esperance : " I won a beauty contest last year. " Tom: " Were there any other entrants? " » » I call my best girl Easter Egg because she ' s hard-boiled and painted up. » " Men aren ' t so much, but unfortunately they ' re the only other sex that we have. " • Edith H.: " I want a shorter skirt than the one you showed me. " Clerk: " That is the shortest one we have. Have you tried the collar department? " Miss Cowdrick: " Blanche, contrast gossip and culture. " Blanche Major: " Gossip is talking about live people, and culture is talking about dead people. " The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian PLEASE PATRONIZE THOSE WHO PATRONIZE US ROLLINS Anderson, South Carolina HARPER MOTOR COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina IDEAL LAUNDRY Anderson, South Carolina BARTON GROCERY CO Anderson, South Carolina CRYSTAL CAFE Anderson, South Carolina DR. CAMPBELL Anderson, South Carolina COLUMBIA DRY CLEANING Anderson, South Carolina ECONOMY SHOE STORE Anderson, South Carolina CAROLINA NATIONAL BANK Anderson, South Carolina ANDERSON STEAM LAUNDRY Anderson, South Carolina NE-HI BOTTLING COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina PEOPLES PHARMACY Anderson, South Carolina D. GEISBERG Anderson, South Carolina MAC ' S SERVICE STATION Anderson, South Carolina HARRY G. MACBRAYER , Anderson, South Carolina TOASTEE SANDWICH SHOP Anderson, South Carolina RUBENSTEIN ' S Anderson, South Carolina MOORE WILSON COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina THE FLEISHMAN COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina GALLANT-BELK DEPARTMENT STORE Anderson, South Carolina WEBB-CASON DRUG STORE Anderson, South Carolina SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina G. F. TOLLY AND SON Anderson, South Carolina ORR-GRAY COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina SOUTHERN PUBLIC UTILITIES CO Anderson, South Carolina TOWNSEND LUMBER CO Anderson, South Carolina PURE FOOD BAKERY Anderson, South Carolina STRAND THEATRE Anderson, South Carolina STAR DRY CLEANING CO Anderson, South Carolina SAM ORR TRIBBLE Anderson, South Carolina EFIRD ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Anderson, South Carolina SIDDELL STUDIO Raleigh, North Carolina MAC ' S DRY CLEANING CO Anderson, South Carolina ANDERSON PAINT COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina REUBEN SEIGEL, GROCER Anderson, South Carolina THE AWNING SHOP Anderson, South Carolina RICHARDSON ' S BATTERY SERVICE Anderson, South Carolina J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina ANDERSON HARDWARE CO Anderson, South Carolina LAWRENCE AND BROWNLEE Anderson, South Carolina WILLIS AND SPEARMAN Anderson, South Carolina ANDERSON COLLEGE Anderson, South Carolina MeDOUGALD-BLECKLEY CO Anderson, South Carolina MeFALL GROCERY COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina KEESE-COCHRAN JEWELRY STORE Anderson, South Carolina B. Y. P. V Anderson, South Carolina ANDERSON FLORAL COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina GLUCK MILLS Anderson, South Carolina ANDERSON FRUIT COMPANY Anderson, South Carolina MacGEE AND BOWLAN Anderson, South Carolina ANDERSON FURNITURE CO Anderson, South Carolina ALTMAN PRINTING CO Anderson, South Carolina SOUTH CAROLINA SAVINGS BANK Anderson, South Carolina BAILES DEPARTMENT STORE Anderson, South Carolina THE JOHN C. CALHOUN HOTEL Anderson, South Carolina The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian ROLLINS ROYAL RAIMENT The One Specialty Snofi Where You May Feel " At Home " Where the College Girls Are Always Welcome ROLLINS 1 10 North Main Street Harper Motor Co. CHEVROLET AGENTS Anderson, South Carolina PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS IDEAL LAUNDRY Telephone 41 WET WASH THRIFT WASH ROUGH DRY Dry Cleaning and Pressing 103 West Reed Street For Eye Comfort and Better Vision see DR. CAMPBELL Maxwell Building ANDERSON, S. C. Barton Grocery Co. WHOLESALE GROCERS Federal Street Anderson, South Carolina CRYSTAL CAFE AND LUNCH 118 North Main Street Phone 800 Anderson, S. C. YOUR PATRONAGE WILL BE APPRECIATED The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian COLUMBIA DRY CLEANING CO. ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA DRY CLEANING You Will Appreciate and Enjoy C. W. Smith R. B. Findley NE -HI Bottling Company EXCLUSIVE BOTTLERS OF QUALITY NE-HI BEVERAGES CET IT AT Chero-Cola Bottling Co. ANDERSON, S. C. We Carry All the New Styles in Ladies ' Ready-to- Wear and Shoes ECONOMY SHOE STORE YOU ARE WELCOME Anderson Steam Laundry Cleaners ana Dyers 102 W. EARL STREET PHONE 7 NEW SAFE STRONG CAROLINA NATIONAL BANK ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Member Federal Reserve System NEW SAFE STRONG The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Peoples Pharmacy Expert Soda Service NUNNALLY ' S CANDY The College Girls ' Store n. main street Macs Service Station THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE " service with a smile " Harry G. MacBrayer INCORPORATED The Men ' s Style Store of Anderson On the Square D. GEISBERG EXCLUSIVE Ladies ' Ready-to- Wear Toastee Sandwich Shop A Place lo Eat That ' s Different WAFFLES SANDWICHES N. Main St. Anderson, S. C. Exclusive Apparel Moderately Priced AT RUBENSTEIN ' S Anderson, South Carolina The Best in Everything for Women Ready-to-Wear, Millinery, Piece Goods Footwear, Etc. «=nac= We appreciate your patronage just as much, possibly a bit more, than anyone. We are always glad to have you visit our store. Mail orders and phone orders receive special attention. «=3DC=» MOORE-WILSON COMPANY ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian ANDERSONS BETTER STORE Invites Your Inspection of the Correct Styles in Women ' s Wear, That Are Always on Display at This Good Store. Ready-to- Wear and Millinery of the Better Kind Always Costs You Less At FLEISHMAN ' S Dainty Feminine Footwear All Styles, Leathers, Widths and Sizes FLEISHMAN COMPANY Anderson ' s Better Store Gallant-Belk Company Department Store DRY GOODS, CLOTHING READY-TO-WEAR MILLINERY Keyser Slipper Heel and Pointex Hose, $1.50. $1.65, $1.95 A Modern Up-to-Date Store Thai Sells Everything and " Sells It For Less " A FRIEND OF THE COLLEGE WEBB-CASON DRUG COMPANY Drugs, Toilet Articles Sodas, Candies, and Stationery CALL 741 Prompt Service and Courteous Attention You Are Always Welcome At Our Store The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian SULLIVAN ' S HARDWARE GO. ANDERSON BELTON GREENVILLE GREER Hardware, Mill Supplies, Athletic Supplies Household Furnishings YOUR PATRONAGE IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED G. F. TOLLY SON We are always glad to have the college girls visit our store, and will be delighted to furnish their own homes for them when they have left the " home nest. " Anderson College girls make the best of housekeepers. Boys, take notice! G. F. TOLLY SON Established 1858 ORR-GRAY AND COMPANY Headquarters For PUREST DRUGS AND High Grade Toilet Articles WHITMAN ' S SAMPLER Best Candy Made Telephone 216 And Always Remember FOR ANYTHING ELECTRICAL Phone 223 Southern Public Utilities Company The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan " Homekeefimg Hearts Are the Hafifciest " WE BUILD THE HOUSE " " YOU MAKE THE HOME " Townsend Lumber Company CONTRACTORS AND BUILDING MATERIAL PHONE 267 ANDERSON. S. C. Pure Food Bakery The Home of AUNT MARY ' S CREAM BREAD Pure Food. Bakery Anderson, S. C. STRAND THEATRE America ' s Finest Pictures ALWAYS WITH THE LATEST Paramount and United Artists Producers CLEAN ENTERTAINMENT THE YEAR AROUND STAR DRY CLEANING CO. Cleaners, Dyers and Hatters Phone 359 301 E. Benson St. ANDERSON, S. C. Diamonds Watches Jewelry Sam Orr Tribble 140 North Main St. ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Cut Class Silverware China The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian EFIRD ' S Anderson ' s Most Popular Store Sells Everything in Ladies ' Ready-to- Wear We Sell the Better Kind of Merchandise Lower in Prices The College Cirls Find This a Good Place to Shop We Sell Everything Worn by Women, Men, and Children Come to See Us EFIRDS DEPARTMENT STORE Anderson, S. C. PICTURES IN THIS ANNUAL MADE BY SIDDELL STUDIO Your Photographer Raleigh, North Carolina MACS DRY CLEANING CO. Cleaning and Pressing Hats Cleaned and Reblocked — Ladies ' Clothes a Specialty Phone 172 1075 S. McDuffie The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian Compliments of the Anderson Paint Co. ANDERSON. S. C. RICHARDSON ' S BATTERY SERVICE FOR ATWATER KENT RADIOS FRIGIDAIRES Phone 457 J. C. PENNEY COMPANY ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA This Store is One of a Nation-Wide Chain of Department Stores THE LARGEST OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD ' Buying Most We Buy For Less ' ' Selling Most We Sell For Less ' If You Want Good Groceries, Get " En From " Seig " REUBEN SEIGEL Phone 896 THE AWNING SHOP Phone 77-W 22Y 2 W. Whitner Street Compliments of the Anderson Hard-ware Co. Phone 253 ANDERSON, S. C. " Better Be Safe Than Sorry " LAWRENCE AND BROWNLEE AGENCY INSURANCE Phone 900 Willis Spearman Music House Records and Popular Sheet Music Portable Victrolas and Teachers ' Supplies Bleckly Building Anderson, S. C. The Nineteen Twenty-eight Soronan And erson Coll ege ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA " The College Where Mothers Love to Send Their Daughters STANDARD COURSE LEADING TO THE A.B. DEGREE Diplomas in Piano, Voice, Violin, Organ, Public School Music, and Expression. Secretarial and Home Economics Courses. Anderson College is splendidly equipped and aims toward the mental, spiritual, and physical develop- ment of every student. For Information and Catalogue, Address ANNIE D. DENMARK, President The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian MacDougald-Bleckly Company FUNERAL DIRECTORS Anderson, South Carolina McFall Grocery Co. Anderson, S. C. " A Busy Jeaelry Store " THE PUBLIC APPRECIATES A FIRST-CLASS JEWELRY STORE The Fact is Proven Day By Day Because of the Fact That Our Store is a Busy Place THE REASONS WHY: The Public Knows That We Carry the Largest Stock in the City, and If It Can ' t Be Found Here It ' s Not in Anderson. Not Just a Few — But Hundreds of DIAMONDS All Sizes CLOCKS All Prices WATCHES All Makes STERLING SILVER All the Leading Patterns RINGS All Kinds LEATHER GOODS The Best Makes FINE CHINA Many Patterns Thousands of Other Articles From the Cheapest to the Best. Trade Here for Service and Satisfaction. We Lead, Others Wonder. KEESE AND COCHRAN " Your Jewelers " WHEN IN GREENVILLE VISIT W. H. KEESE AND COMPANY Those WM vjq love plove roster Love and flowers are closely inter- twined. Fragrant flowers can better tell the story of your devotion than the poetry of the ages. Phone 252 Anderson Floral Company ANDERSON. SOUTH CAROLINA Enlist in the Baptist Young- Peoples Un- ion; it is the greatest training ' for young- Christians, because we are developed spiritually, socially and in Bible study. We are interested in you, and want you to attain the higher and nobler things of life. " Don ' t Procrastinate! " Ask Miss Ruth Hill or Miss Copeland why this training is so helpful. Weekly meetings every Sunday evening. " We Study That We May Serve " See II Tim. 2:15. " Let us study to show ourselves approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed. " Patronize Our Advertisers The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian GLUCK MILLS ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA MANUFACTURE LAWNS, VOILES, ETC. EQUINOX MILL ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA MANUFACTURE ARMY DUCK USE COTTON GOODS ANDERSON FRUIT COMPANY Wholesale Phone 569 ALL KINDS OF PRODUCE Bananas, Grapefruit, and Vegetables of All Kinds MacGee Bowlan Wholesale Merchants FLOUR, GRAIN, HAY, AND FEEDS Anderson, South Carolina COMPLIMENTS OF THE Anderson Furniture Company ANDERSON, S. C. The Nineteen Twenty-eight Sororian ALTMAN PRINTING CO. Phone 160 Anderson, South Carolina Bailes Department Store The Home of Beautiful Shoes Largest Assortment of Patterns in the Upper Part of South Carolina All Styles from $2 to $10 G. H. BAILES CO. ANDERSON GREENVILLE SENECA South Carolina Savings Bank OF ANDERSON. S. C. Total Resources $5,000,000 Interest Allowed on Savings Accounts THE John C. Calhoun Hotel ANDERSON, S. C. NEW— MODERN 125 Rooms— 100 Baths banquets solicited A Cordial Welcome Extended Anderson College Faculty and Students THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE ft COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS i ■ ' -• ' ■■■ " ■ : i . . . ' ■ iHljr lEtti ■ .■: ■■■-■ ■■.,■■ ' ■ : ■ ' ■ ' ' : ' :■■ ' ■■■■ ' :■ ' :- : : ; ' - ;

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