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ANDERSON COLLEGE IDEAL A Healthy Christian Gentlewoman T)oing Her Work, jiccurately. Completely, and Happily oreM ora Cy HE Sororian Staff realizes that to those ' - of us Tvho have lived the life herein de- picted, no hool( will ever he needed to re- call the da s at Anderson. Bui if each read- ing of this volume should bring to light some- thing still to hind us closer to each other and to our college home, then this Sororian mill have fulfilled the hopes of its producers. May everyone see reflected in these leaves the vision and spirit of Anderson. r T £, rvith loyal enthusiasm, dedicate ibis ' volume of the Sororian to our beloved benefactress, Jurs. Charles S. Sullivan Tvho for these years has been an outstanding example to every girl who has come ivithin the realms of her goodness; who gave to us our Alma Mater; who is beloved by every- one who Ifnows her. Alma Mater Dear to our hearts is our Alma Mater, Loyal and true are «e; Truest devotion till life is ended, Wholly we pledge to thee. Though from thy halls far a va ' Ave wander. Thoughts back to thee will fly. And tender mem ' ries time cannot sever. Love that will never die. Heav ' n ' s choicest blessings ever attend thee. Dear Alina Mater mine — No shadows harm thee, no fears alarm thee, Always the sunshine thine. And though we leave thee, we ' ll never grie ' e thee, ' Truest to our trust we ' ll he, Our best endeavor, now and forever. Always to honor thee. Mrs. CharlIiS S. Sullivan. ■■ ' Hiift . T«b«iHanHlita " v ' ' :k 5 : » ■ ' -:■ : ' Si ' : : : WW tii - p : ,x.Ui v-a ' : .X ■i«tes ' ■SJ N.xrt V 4»,,il«( ,v .,v Mtj. Vj„ W vw;gj ft VvvvvNvxvv xvv vtfv v .vwxvtVXVJtf Dr. John E. White, President ;?.v» v!RA ' ClV : v. v 7Ka9 SORORIAN Hj VfO VM lA A%X NVV VtVVVVVV X N»?J OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION Omcers or Instruction John Ellington White, A.B., D.D. A.B.. Wake Forest; D.D., Baylor University. R. H. HoLLiDAY, B.O., B.A., M.A. History, Sociology, a?id Economics B.O., B.A., and M.A.. Linwood College: Student at Georgre Washington University. Missouri University, Univer sity of Chicago, and University of Tennessee. Webb von Hasseln Modem Languages Student at Clemson Agricultui-al and Mechanical ( ollege; Student in France, Germany, Austria, and Central America; Certificates in Spanish and French from Berlitz School of Languages. Havana, Cuba; Certificate in German from the Department of Military Intelligence, United States Army. Kathryn Copeland, B.M.T., A.B., M.A. Bible B.M.T., South-vvest Baptist Thtrologioal Seminary; A.B.. Baylor University; M.A.. Bayior University. Regina Cook Cowdrick, A.B., M.A. Literature A.B., Deniin University; Graduate Toledo Normal Training School; M.A.. George Peabody i cU.ege for Teachers. Mary Celestia P.arler, A.B., M.A. Rlietoric and Literature A.B., AVinthrop College; M.A.. University of Wisconsin; Graduate Work Columbia University. Roberta Crawford, A.B. Science A.B., Meredith College. Mary Adelia Fox, M.Acct., B.S. Education M.Acct., Toledo Business College; B.S. in Education. Berea College. Kentucky; Graduate Work toward M.A.. George Peabody College for Teachers. Cn.-iRLEs S., A.B., A.M. Psychology and Eiliics A.B., Furman University; A.M.. Harvard University. Olga V. Pruitt, M.D. physician and Hygiene M.D., Johns Hopkins University. Grace Louise Cronrhite Dean of Music Department Professor of Piano and Organ, .Advanced Harmony, Counterpoint, History of Music a?id Analysis New England Conservatory, Boston; Pupil of Carl Faelton, Edwin Klahse. Henrj- Dunliam; Virgil Piano School and Metropolitan College of Music, New York; Pri ate Pupil of Monitz Moszkowski, Paris, two years. Annie D. Deniniark Instructor in Piano Graduate Meredith College. Raleigh. N. C, 190S; Pupil Raphael Josseffy, New York, 1909; Pupil of Virgil Piano School, New York; Pupil of Alberta Jonas, New York. 1916-1917. Edith May Hall Instructor in Piano, Harmony, Ensemble, History of Music Graduate Meredith College. Kaleigh, N. C, 1908; Postgraduate Meredith College, 1909; Pupil of Virgil Piano School, New Y ' ork, 1912; Pupil of Augusta Cottlow, 1918. OuiDA Patterson Instructor i)i Piano, Dunning Kindergarten System Teachers Certificate in Piano. Anderson College; -Artist ' s Diploma in Piano. Anderson College; Dunning School, New York, two summers. Hattie Fay Instructor in Piano, Preparatory Harmony, and Eurytlimics Certificate in Voice, Anderson College; Summer School, Columbia University; Dalcroze School, New York, Eurythmics. Bertha Saunders, B.S., B.M. Director of Voice Departinent Lambreth College, Cincinnati; Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati; Oscar Laenger. New York; Madame Grocief, Rome, Italy; De Reszke School of Singing, Paris, France. Alleyne M. Hamilton Art Graduate Fine and Applied Arts, New York; Student Fine Arts, Columbia University; Applied Design, Pupil Flovd Acklev, New York; Pupil ot A. A. Frazzae, G, Estobrook, and others, Chicago, 111.; Fine Arts and Public School Drawing, Chicago Art Institute; Fine Arts, Studios of Cincinnati; Pupil Fine Arts, Hedgivlc Leibrich, Berlin. Gertrude Pratt Expression A.B., Roist College, Vermont; Graduate Course in the Worchester School o( Oratory. " Worchester, Mass.; Private Pupil of S. M. Haynes, Boston; Harvard University, Summer, 1922; Graduate Course in the Warden School of Oratory, Canada. Frances A. Crafton B.S. B.S., George Peabody College; Graduate Work toward M.A., George Peabody College. Mary Lucile Young, A.B. Sub-Freshman IVork A.B., Anderson College. Cordelia Henderson Director of Physical Education Graduate of Sargent School of Physical Education. Blanche Couessin A.B., M.A. Professor of French Brevet Superieur, 1921; Certificat de Fin d ' Etudes Normales, 1922; (Ecole Normale du Mans, France); A.B., Cornell University, 1924; M.A., Cornell University, 1925. Sallie T. Cade Resident Nurse Mrs. Wingate Underhill, A.B. Mathematics A.B., Louisburg College; Trinity College; State College Summer School; Work Toward M.A., University of N. C. Mrs. M. C. McMillan Librarian Miss Dolly Worthington Bursar North Carolina College for Women; University of North Carolina and University of Virginia Summer School. Miss Marilou Gower Commercial Department Fall ' s Business College; Bowling Green University. Miss Elizabeth H. McCall Kindergarten Statosville College; Philadelphia Institute; Graduate Work at North Carolina College for Women, University of Virginia and George Peabody College for Teachers. Miss Frances Crafton, B.S. Domestic Science and Art B.S., George Peabody College; Graduate Work toward M.A., George Peabody College. SORORIAN Hi V xvofetf »ccl vxvv x «v Nv .VAV vJ v ewfciR 35 D a. ».H Martha Thompson, Mascot Senior Class Miss Hattie Fay, Sponsor Colors: Old Rose and Silver Flower: Rose and Moss Officers Bessie Glenn President Martha Saxon Vice-President LuciLE Lee Secretary Margaret Poindexter Treasurer Marv Lawrence Poet Margare t White Historian RoxiE Murdoch Prophet 26 D i. V«ai., .CV, v.v. -J UA« llMilifTIl™™ Miss Hattie Fay, Sponsor 27 SORORIAN. NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN Senior Class I 5 ' BESSIE MARGARET GLENN, A.B. FAIR PLAV, SOUTH CAROLINA A fine Senior President is Bess, And each Senior luould like to confess, She ' ll do her best you can bet, She ' s the best president yet. She ' s a peach of a girl, nothing less. Entered, ' 23; Lanier Literary Society; Tennis Team, ' 23- ' 24, •24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 20, ' 2G- ' 27; Wearer of Block " A " ; Treasurer of Junior Class, ' 25- ' 26; Treasurer of Lanier Society, ' 25; Junior Play; Senior Play; President Lanier Society, ' 26; President Senior Class, ' 2ii- ' 27. z% llll!lllli;iliT!i)!iiilii!llllli(llilli|llllllltl!ll!illllillUil ORORIAN, NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN LOUISE BURRISS, A.B., S ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA ffirl of much charm is Louise, A talker, a dancer, a pal, and a tease. She ' s witty and clever. We ' ll love her forever — The one lue all love named Louise. Secretary Class, ' 23- ' 24: Nominating Committee, ' 24- ' 25; Member Executive Council, ' 24- ' 25: Literary Editor ■■Orion, " ' Z4- ' 25; Secretary Class, ■24- ' 25; President Y. W. A., ■24- ' 25: Vice-President Estherian Literary Society, ' 25; President Estherian Society, ' 25; Member T. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 24- ' 25; Preai- dents Forum. ■24- ' 25; Contributors ' Club. ' 24- 25: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ■25- ' 26: President Fan-Hellenic, •25- 26: Assistant Editor ■■yodler, ' ' 2G- ' 27; President Estherian Society, " 20; President Sigma Phi, ' 26. LAVINIA CHRISTINE CHAPLIN, B.M. RAVENEL, SOUTH CAROLINA There ivas once a girl named " Feliny " irho didn ' t talk much, if any; But should you ask her to play, She ' d gladly do tliat all day — And make a fat man dance ' till he ivas skinny. I -r- h Lanier Literary Society; Pianist, Member Down State Club, ' 26- 27; Red-Headed Club, 29 ■23- 24; 26- ' 27; Lanier Pianist, Class Marshal, 25- ' 26; 26- ' 27. Sunday School V )i!imillllllliinil;;;;iiJiiilliii;ill!;Mi;,,.:ii;;!;i:!ii:i:ii;:ili!ll!)lllli!llilHi ;li:il;!!l ;i !i .iiii(iiiiii!iin J SORORIAN, NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN J ' ' I ! WILMA COOKE, B.S. KERSHAW, SOUTH CAROLINA ij e search in every cranny and nook IVe ' d never find a girl like Jl ' ilma Cooke ; In her presence so gay ' No sorroias can stay — So ivhen you are blue for her you may look. Entered ' 23- ' 24; Lanier Literary Society; Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. A.; Class Basketball Team, •25- ' 26. •2(i- ' 27; Class Baseball Team, ' 25- ' 26; Progressive Education Club, ' 25- ' 2ri, ' 2G- ' 27; Vice-President Progressive Education Club, ' 2fi- " 27, ANNIE MARIE COTHRAN, B.S. TONEV CREEK, SOUTH CAROLINA Annie Colhran is one ivc all love and admire, For her poise and grace lue all ivould aspire; She is faithful and true In all she has to do ; As House President she is all we can desire. Entered ' 23- ' 24; Lanier Literary Society; Y. W. A., •23- ' 24. ■24- ' 25, ■25- ' 26, ' 26- ' 27; Y. W. C. A.; Inter- national Relations Club. ' 24- ' 25; Fire Captain, •25- ' 26; Progressive Education Club, ■25- ' 26, ' 26- ' 27; Class Basketball, ■25- ' 26, ' 2i)- ' 27; Class Baseball. ' 2r - ' 26; .Senior Play; House President East Dormitory, ' 26- ' 27: Nominating Committee, ' 27. 3° I -r:: i ORORIAN, iNlNETEEN TVVENTY-SEVEl- ( m- -w ■ ™w ■« t • ' M K, 1 I MARY ETHEL DIAL, B.M. OWINGS, SOUTH CAROLINA Tlierr ivas a younr lady named Dial, For tlic first timr gave lite Pullman a trial; The journey ' was exciting, And loi ' e pro ' ved inviting — She met " Bob, " she makes no denial. Entered, ' 23; B. Y. P. U. ; Y. W. C. A.; Lanier Literary Society; Executive Council, ' 25- ' 26; Vice- President Student Government, ' 2B- ' 27. META VIOLA FOGLE, A.B. COPE, SOUTH CAROLINA ' Tis I ' iola that ' s sincere and true, Loveabte, kind, and dependable, too; It ' ith her purpose to serve, And her stately reserve, She ' ll succeed in vjhate ' er she may do. Entered. ' 23; Lanier Literary Society; Student Volunteer Group; Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. A.; Progressive Education Club; OHicer Student Volunteer Union of South Carolina, ■26- ' 27; Treasurer B. Y. P. U., ' 27. -rA i 31 .i;;iii;; " i;i ' ii ' » 1 J f ji ■ ; 1 1 It M ( t,UKUKiAi . NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN J 1— The sweet, irresistible Fannie Glenn Is wooed by a host of young men; The girls think so, too. She has proven true blue, In all tlie many places she lias been. Enterpd, ' 23- ' 24; Bstherian ll,iterary Society; Glse Club, ' 23- ' 24, •25- ' 26, ■26- ' 27: Class Basketball Team, ' 24- ' 25 ■25- ' 26, •2G- ' 27; Varsity Basketball Team, ■25- ' 26; Class Baseball Team, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26, ' 26- ' 27; y. W.A.; President of Anderson County Club, ■2li- ' 27; Wearer of Block " A ' ; Secretary of Student Government Association, ' 26-27. ETHEL HEMBREE, A.B. ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA A member of our class wliose renown JVe learn from each part of the town; Ethel Hemhree by name, IVc think that her fame As a chorus girl will nuin her a croavn. Entered, ' 23- ' 24; Estherian Literary Society; Town Girls ' Club , ' 24- ' 25, ' 26- ' 26, ' 26- ' 27; Vice-President of Town Girls ' Club, ■26- ' 27; Art Club, ' 2G- ' 27; Class Basketball, ' 26. I l-: 32 hHi iiiiKiniiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniii-iiiiitiimi SORORIAN, NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN f MARJORIE CAMILLE JOHNSTON, A.B. ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA Marjorie is a Senior proud of lier wit, Slie should be, slie lias quite a store of it; S ie s { ii ' en to crushes Whom she lavishly rushes, And of nvritintj site does quite a bit. Entered, ' 26; " Estherian Literary Society; Progressive Education Club; Y. W. C. A.; Y. ' SN ' . A. ELIZABETH MARTHA JONES, A.B., S I FOUNTAIN INN, SOUTH CAROLINA Crinoline and old romance is Beth, So loi ' cly she most takes one ' s breath; She has beaux ijalore, All ivith jealousy sore, That demure, charming miss called Beth. Entered, ' 26; Estherian Literary Society; Progressive Education Club; International Relations Club. fiPT v-S 1 33 V; l|inil. ' l!)lillllilil!liill!!i!!!llllllillinilt!illlllHil!!li: SGRORL ' iNETEEN TWENTY-SE.VEl- 1 z ' ] ;vr. 1 LENA JOSEPHINE KING, A.B., ' I TA BELTO.V, SOUTH CAROLINA T iere once ivas a Senior quite eliarming IF lose baby ivays were really disarminij ; This little vamp Lena — And none was serena — Had a string tliat ivas greatly disarming. Entered, ' 23; Lanier Literary Society; Y. W. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Basketball Team, •25- ' 26, •26- ' 27: Volley Ball Team, •24- ' 25, ' 26- ' 27; Class Baseball Team, ' 25- ' 26; Class Marshal, ' 26- ' 26; Sergeant-at- Arms Lanier Society, ' 25- ' 2S; Assistant Captain Hiking Team, •25- ' 26; Treasurer Lanier Society, ' 26- ' 27; Class Representative Athletic Board, •26- ' 27: Anderson County Club; Belton Clulj, ' 26- ' 27; Pro- gressive Educational Club, ' 2li- ' 27; Sans Souli, •2G- ' 27; Junior Play; Senior Play. EDNA BERNICE KING, A.13. SENECA, SOUTH CAROLINA Judging her stature, she wouldn ' t be king, But judge her worth, she ' s quite a big thing ; Bernice came to us late, But we thank you, kind Fate, Better late tlian never, ive sing. Entered. " 20; Lanier Literary Society; Vice-President Sisters ' Club; French Club; Progressive Club. 34 ,SOT? ' r NINETEEN. TWENT :M ■ ' ,- ' f i fc - ' ' ' i mLfi: i ' i ' ' ! ' i ' ' ' m ' % , ,?i ? E ' - ' . E - J-: !-? LUCILE CLARKE LEE, A.B., T A POOLER, GEORGIA There was a little tjirl named Lee, Just as sjnart as smart could be; For Iter equal we find, But ne ' er could find One so very unusual, you see. Entered. ' 23; Lanier Literary Society; Delegate I. R. C. Conventions, ' 24, ' 25. ' 26. ' 27; Contributors ' Club, ' 24- ' 25: Lanier Debater, ' 25; Vice-President I. R. C. ' 24- ' 25; President I. R. C, ' 25- ' 20; President French Club, ' 25- ' 26; Spanish Club; Georgia Club; Editor " Yodler, " ' 25- ' 2G; Delegate State Press Association. •26; Statistics. •25- ' 20; Junior Play; Secretary Class. ' 2G- ' 27; Senior Play; Nominating Committee, ' 27; Statistics. ' 2(J- ' 27; Editor " Sororian. " •2G- ' 27. IDA MABEL LOVELAND, A.B. GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Of all the class t ie best is Mabel, To look at lier is to know site ' s able ; Anyihinrj slie desires to try. She does as easy as tlie t wink of an eye — And all of this is no mere fable. Entered. ' 23; Lanier Literary Society; Leader Student Volunteer Group. ' 25- ' 2(J. ■2G- ' 27; President B. Y. P. U., ' 2G; Y. W. A. President, ' 26- ' 27; Baptist Student Conference. ' 25; Religious Editor " Yodler. " ' 26- ' 27; House President West Dormitory. ' 2G- ' 27; Student Volunteer Conference, ' 24, ' 26; Southern Baptist Student Conference, Birmingham. ' 2G. 35 SORORIAN. NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN m 1 m MARY RIX LAWRENCE, A.B. EAXLEV, GEORGIA Noiu this Mary isn ' t contrary at all, She ' s ready to ansv. ' er each call; She spends her time ijivincj, She makes life ivorth livinij, And is happy, no matter luhat might hejall. Entered ' 23: Estherian Literary Society, Vice-President Estherian Society, ' 26; Glee Club, ' 24- ' 25- ' 26- ' 27; Y, W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 25- ' 2C- ' 27; Georgia Club, ' 24- ' 26- ' 20- ' 27 ; Pire Captain West Dormitory, ' 25; French Club. ' 25; International Relations Club; Junior Play, ' 26; Progressive Education Club; Assistant to Miss Fay, ' 26; Assistant to Miss Saunders, ' 27; Class Poet, ' 27. ALICE LINDER ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA There once lurtj a tall, stately maid, JFho was put with more maids on parade. And from the array She ivas Queen of May — ' Tiuas Alice ' s unrivalled beauty, tliey said. Entered, ' 24; Estherian Literary Society; IWay Queen, ' 26; Statistics, ' 26; McDowell Club. 36 l!l(llll!ll!!il!lllll SORORIAN, NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN RUTH McLEOD, A.B. CAMDEN ' , SOUTH CAROLINA Rutli McLeod is a girt of fine wit. Site writes and speaks quite a bit; In cliapel one day She showed us a way IV here nice words instead of slang would fit. ' Lanier Literary Society, Executive Council. ■26- ' 27: Senior " Yodler " Reporter ' Se- ' a?; Secretary of Progressive Education Club, ■1 --1T. President of Sisters ' Club. 2 (; Vice-President of B T. P. tt. Third Vice-President of Fidelis Sunday School Class; International Relations Club; Hikers club. EMILY COY MEEKS, A.B. ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA She ' ll argue the question to win her side. She ' ll get her references far and wide, She ' s a debater you bet. And site hasn ' t lost yet — Coy Meeks we speak of with pride. Entered. ' 23; Estherian Literary Society; Town Girls ' Cl " b;25- ' 26;Presi dent of Town Girls ' Club. •26- ' 27- Intersociety Debater, ' 26, ' 27; Glee Club. ■25- ' 2(i- ' 27; Spanish Club, ' 25-26; French Club, ' 24- ' 25- ' 2li. 37 .miii)iimiiiimimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!}!iili!iii!!iniii !n!!lllll!iilHlillli!ni!!iHII!!iHl SORORiAxN. NINETEEN TWENTY-SE ' 4 I I . ji« ji T.WT ntfTir »■ t«.V- GLADYS MOORE, A.B. PENDLETON, SOUTH CAROLINA . colonial maidrn, Gladys Moore, Has lovely loiiij locks as of yore; She is dainty and siacet, A (jirl nice to meet — To see her hair makes us ivish nve had more. Entered •Z3- ' 24; Lanier Literary Society; Basltetball Team, •23- ' 24; Town Girls ' Club, •24- ' 26; Pro- gressive Education Club, ■2e- ' 27; Y. W. A. ROXIE G. MURDOCH, A.B., ! T A PENDLETON, SOUTH CAROLINA Rox is a ffirl luith a smile, Thai just makes you know she ' s ivorth while. And she ' s interested, too. In all that ' s to do. The Seniors they do love that " chile. " Entered ' 23; Lanier Literary Society; Y. W. C. A.; Progressive Education Club; Y. W. A.; B. Y. P. U.; Athletic Association; Treasurer of International Relations Club, •23- ' 24; Secretary and Treasurer of Anderson Countv Club, ' 21 - ' 27; Secretary and Treasurer of French Club, ' 26- ' 27; Vice-President of Lanier Literary Society. ' 26; Lanier Cheer Leader, ' 2lj- ' 27; Class Baseball Team. ' 26; Sub-Captain of Hiking Team, ' 25- ' 2e; Captain of Hiking Team, ' 2S- ' 27; Junior Play; Delegate to I. R. C. Conference, ' 27; K. O. B., ' 24, ' 25, ' 26; Sans Soucl; Senior Play; Class Prophet; Assistant Business Manager of " Yodler, " ' 27; President of International Relations Club, ' 2S- ' 27; President of Progressive Education Club, ' 27; Elected Editor-in-Chief ot " Yodler, " for ' 26- ' 27; President of Senior Class; Phi Tau Delta. 38 SORORIAN. NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEI- i i w: ALLEEN MORRISON, B.O. ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Alleen is that good friend to all, Site ' s done so much, lue recall. To briffhten our life, JVhich we lliought was strife — Site ' s happy, no matter what may befall. Entered. ' 23; Lanier Literary Society: Dramatic Club; Anderson County Club; Junior Play. PEARLE MURRAY, A.B. ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Pearle Murray comes up with a smile That you won ' t find for many a mile; She ' s as briglit as a star. So, there you are — You just know! that Pearle is worth ivJiile. Entered, ' 23: E-stherian Literary Society; To%vn Girls ' Club. 39 illi SORORIAN. NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN v - y SARA ELIZABETH PEARSON, A.B., J T A ANDERSON; SOUTH CAROLINA An all-round good girl is she. This Spanish maiden, full of glee; She ivill sing and then dance, A home she ' ll enhance — Sara Pearson is as fine as can be. Entered, ' 24; Lanier I iterary Societj ' 26- ' 27; International Relations Club, ; Town Girls ' Club, ' 24- ' 25- ' 26- ' 27 : Progressive Education Club, ■25- ' 26, ' 26- ' 27; French Club, •24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; Junior Play, ' 26. MARGARET ELLEN POINDEXTER, B.S., GKS FREDERICK HALL, VIRGINIA Then up comes the modiste of fame. Miss Margaret Poindexter is her name; She can spin, she can sevj. She can make anything go — In fact, site ' s an unusual dame. Entered. ' 23; Lanier Literary Society; Executive Council, ' 23- ' 24, ' 25- ' 26, ' 26- ' 27; Assistant Editor " Sororian, " ■25- ' 26; T. W. C. A.; Y. W. A.; President Pan-Hellenic, ' 26- ' 27; Treasurer Class, ' 26- ' 27; Vice-President Cosmopolitan Club, ' 26- ' 27; Club. ' 24- ' 25; Secretary Sunday School, ' 26- ' 27; " Yodler " Reporter, ■26- ' 27. " -- ( 40 W ORORIAN, NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN 1 1 i tfi DAISY LAURA ROWLAND, A.B., I T A GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA H ' hen Daisy Roivland once gets the halt, A field goal you might as luell call; , She ' s a player iL-ith pep, Besides has won a rep. Doing Othello ' s and Julia ' s, nve recall. Entered. ' 23: Lanier Literary Society; Captain Basketball Teams, ' 24- ' 25- ' 26; Varsity, ' 24- ' 25; Cheer Leader Student Body, ' 25; Tennis Tournament, ■25- ' 26- ' 27; Glee Club, ■25- ' 26; Joke Editor " Sororian, " •26; Joke Editor " Yodler, " ' 26- ' 26- ' 27; Baseball, ■24- ' 25- ' 26- ' 27 ; Secretary and Treasurer Athletic Association, 25; Volley Ball, ' 25- ' 26; Vice-President Athletic Association, ' 26; Vice-President Lanier Society; President Athletic Association, ' 27; Picture Editor " Sororian. " ' 27; Sans Souci; Junior Play; Senior Play. MARTHA MILLER SAXON, B.S., 2 LAURENS, SOUTH CAROLINA This Martha is a blonde Of luhom the men are fond; She is so fair And of chance has her share, As if from a fairy ' s luand. Entered, ' 23; Estherian Literary Society; Sans Souci, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26. •26- ' 27; Pan-Hellenic, ' 24- ' 25, ' 26- ' 27; Secretary and Treasurer Sigma Phi, ' 25- ' 26, ' 26- ' 27; Vice-President Senior Class, ' 26- ' 27; Assistant Business Manager " Sororian, " ' 26- ' 27; President Sigma Phi, ' 27. 41 iir l lllllllllllllllllililllllll!llll(Hlilllll!i!l!liil!lllli!!llllimilllHlilllllli iiiniiiiiiiii . . SORORIAN, NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN GERTRUDE SOWELL, A.B., TA KERSHAW, SOUTH CAROLINA Gertrude Soweli is a girl ive all praise, S ie studies life in each and every phase; As a reader she ' s great, And, too, can debate — She makes much of each little plirase. Entered, ' 24- ' 25; Lanier Literary Society; Y. W. C. A,; Class Baslcetball, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 20. ' 26- ' 27; Captain Senior Basketball Team; Varsity, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; Class Baseball Team, ' 25- ' 26; Class " Volley Ball Team, ' 24- ' 25; Wearer of Block " A " ; Critic Lanier Literary Society, ' 24- ' 25; Nominating Com- mittee. ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 2a, ' 26- ' 27; Athletic Council, ' 25- ' 2G; French Club, ' 25- ' 26; Education Club, ■25- ' 26, ' 26- ' 27: Reporter Dramatic Club, ' 25- ' 26; Treasurer Student Government Association, ' 25- ' 2(i: Treas- urer Lanier Society, ' 25; President Lanier Society, 26: Secretary Class, ' 25- ' 2t ; Annual Society Debater, ■25- ' 26; Y. W. A. Council, ■26- ' 27; Executive Council, ' 26- ' 27; President Y. W. C. A„ •26- ' 27 LOUISE MARIA SHEALY, A.B., T A PERRY, SOUTH CAROLINA We think of little pug-nosed Louise As a vamp and a " Do as you please " ; But wait tilt you know her, My luordf you ' ll adore her — She captures all hearts with ease. Entered, ■24- ' 25; Lanier Literary Society; Y. W. C. A.; Class Basketball, •24- ' 25, ■25- ' 26, ■26- ' 27; President Down State Club, ' 25- ' 26, ' 26- ' 27; Baseball Captain, ■24- ' 25; President Junior Class, ' 25- ' 26; Junior Play; President Phi Tau Delta, ' 2G- ' 27; Senior Play; Statistics, ' 2lS- ' 27; President Student Government, ' 26- ' 27. :iiiiiiit!ii!!iiniiriiiiiiiiiiii!ii!ini imiiiMiiiMi nilKI!!!! SORORIAN, NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN r MARGARET WHITE, B.S. CHESTER, SOUTH CAROLIN ' A Hearken, men, iv w ivouhi look for a mate! If you luant a good cook, just you wait; Tliinys cooked by Mar jaret White, .•Ire simply clean out of sitjlit ; You ' ll be happy, for she ' s just first rate. ■ ' ■K Entered, ' 23: T. W. C. A. Cabinet, •23- ' 24, r;lub; Vice-President Sunday School, ' 26; ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26, ■26- ' 27; Lanier Literary Society; Sllrlners ' Vice-President Lanier Socie ty, ' 27; Senior Play; Class Historian. LLEWELLYN RITTH WEBB, A.B. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Rutli IVebb is a girl fine and true. Of her quality you find -very few; We deem her lieart best If it ' Were put to test — Surely all good things to lier are due. B. T. P. U. President, ' 23; Group Captain in Sunday School Class, ' 24; Group Captain B. Y. P. U.. ' 23; Quiz Leader, B. T. P. U.. ' 24; Poster Committee, B. Y. P. U., ' 20; Y. AV. C. A.; T. W. A,; Secretary and Treasurer Y. W. A, and Y, W. C, A., ' 27: Chairman of Poster Committee, Y. W. C. A., Y. W. A., B. Y. P. U., ' 27; Lanier Literary Society: Education Club. ' 27. 4-3 J ) 11, ' Senior P oem The grandeur of our college walls Will oft repeat itself in story; And though to us the outside calls, We ' ll never forget to see its glory. We hate to leave thee, Alma Mater, And make our place in this world, Yet for our mission thou prepared us. To cope with problems upon us hurled. Thy gleam will brighten our every path And guide us as a beacon light. And all the splendor which thou hath Will remain forever bright. We ' ll love and honor thee, Anderson, Our dear beloved Alma Mater; When worn and old we have become. Our memories will often linger On days we spent with thee. Ring, bells, ring, set the echoes flying. Answer, echoes, answer, dying, dying, dying. -Mary Rix Lawrence. Class Song We searched the wide world over To find a college true, Anderson is what we found. So, Anderson, ' tis you. Seniors we are now. Seniors we ' ll be, Loyal and true forever, Anderson to thee. Whither we wander, where ' er we may roam, Though in new places, Anderson ' s our home; May your glory always Shine as before, Is the wish of every Senior forever more. 45 Great Historical Events Chapter One The Landing of the Freshmen N September 12, 1923, after a rough and rocky voyage, worn and weary, fifty-five tired, scared freshmen were dumped from deck to land at Anderson College. Everything was in a whirl; we knew not where to turn. Mrs. Gibson took command, and soon we found ourselves scattered over the college in our rooms. They were bare, and not at all inviting. Before we were well within the comforting walls of the college, we heard the clanging of the sophomore weapons. They kept us in constant fear. No bribe we could offer was great enough to keep them out of our path. Indians were never as merciless as were those ferocious sophs. After a week of torment and torture, we were left to ourselves, but not free from pain and paint. During all the days that followed, we got our advice, both parental and accidental. Our way became easier, and we became able to find ourselves and our tiny place in the life of the college. We were allowed to look and wonder at the things done by those who had landed before us, but little chance did we have to join in the fun. We did get a little attention when we gave the sophomores a reception. It was a gala affair, and deserved much praise. To our surprise we received much. Miss Grace Pearman was our sponsor, and Sarah Pruitt our president. With these two good leaders, we came out with flying colors at the end of the year, and everybody knew that we were a lively bunch, for we held all honors in basketball and were ready and waiting for more ground to conquer. Chapter Two Declaring Our Superiority We came back to college on September 9, 1924, ready to join in once more the fight for knowledge. Another fight was on, too. A noisy bunch of new girls needed toning down, and the job was left to us Sophomores. Of course, we felt that our class was the best in school. We were told by the Juniors that we acted the part. Miss Pearman left us stranded ; she could not combat with Cupid, so she yielded to his charms. Miss Ruth Matthews took up the fight, with Sarah Brown, our president, and ably guided us through the second year of our struggle. The events of this year followed each other so quickly that I find it hard to enumerate and give to each its place of importance. The Rats afforded us much pleasure, for we took on the Indian spirit and gave them what they had been told would be given. They showed their good spirit by giving us a beautiful reception, which none of us will ever forget. Our honors in athletics made the other classes look on with envy. We won the basketball cup, and the song cup was ours, too. Of course, we were not conceited, but we were said to be — such is the life of a sophomore. Commencement was not all joyous, for we had to say farewell to our dear senior sisters, who had been our loyal friends. The daisy chain was our last token of love for the Class of ' 25. 46 Chapter Three Moving on Toward Our Goal As sophomores, ve thought there was little left to be learned, but early in our junior year many things that we had not expected rose before us and made our path long and rocky. Our battles were not easy ones, and we did not win in all we fought, but this did not dampen our courage. There was pleasure mingled in with the hardest tasks. The least little word spoken about the " Crook " sent a thrill tingling through us. The seniors hid it far away, but we searched, and not in vain. We experienced the joy of possessing that old crook for a long time, for the seniors wept and wailed many weeks before they recovered it from us. " The Knight of Dreams " showed the world that we were a class of real actors. Our play was a success each of the three times that we presented it here and at Clemson. To show the seniors that we loved them, we tried to give them the best reception that had ever been given at A. C. We owe much of the success of our junior year to Miss Hattie Fay, our sponsor, whom we love so dearly, and to Louise Shealy, that girl who was born to be a leader. Chapter Four Receiving Our Bond of Freedom It is with awe and reverence that I speak of our senior year. It was the one year that we had waited and worked so hard for, but when it came, we w-ere not anxious to take up the many great responsibilities that were laid upon our shoulders. The faculty expected much from us; the other classes looked up to us for an example and, last of all, we were supposed to be the embodiment of dignity. I think this was our hardest task, and I fear that the effort we made was rather comical. Bess Glenn maintained the dignity for the whole class. She was a typical senior and a president that we will always speak of with pride. All too fast we arrived at our last lap. We have at last reached our goal, and now as we leave our Alma Mater, who has shared our joys and sorrows, to enter into world affairs, let us leave behind a word of thanks to our teachers and those whose unending patience and faith- ful eflEorts helped to make our education possible. It is our wish that every member of the Class of ' 27 succeed in all she undertakes, and reflect only credit and honor to the college that has mothered us these four years. May we ever be loyal, loving, and true daughters to our own dear Alma Mater. Marc. ret White, Ilislorian. Tke Constitution of tke Ne Era INCE we have been thoroughly convinced that college students should change the world, we, the people of these domains, in order to form a more blissful bowery, establish justice, insure tranquility, provide for the common defense of wives, pro- mote the general welfare of husbands, to secure the blessings of liberty to our- selves and to our posterity, do ordain and establish this revision of the Constitution in this year of our Lord, 1940. Article I. Section i. All legislative, judicial, and executive powers shall be vested in the Roote, which shall consist of Will and Must representatives. Section 2. The Wills shall be members of the Class of ' 27 who have contributed one That to this Constitution. The Musts shall be a husband of a Will or a gentleman fairly well captured by one of the aforesaid. Section S- No meetings will be necessary. All business will be transacted by mental telepathy. Section 4. The duty of each Will is to promote the fulfillment of her desires and the desires of her co-worker Wills. The duty of the Musts is to be dutiful to the Wills. Article II. Section I. All Thats that have been submitted and undersigned have been approved by capable approvers. Article III. Section I. That all hotels shall be U-Drive-lts. Go in your room, then buy your parking place. For the benefit of hard dancers like myself. (Signed) Ruth Webb. Section 2. — That all Carnegie libraries be opened to gigglers only. I wish to develop my talent. (Signed) Lena King. Section j. That all kindergartens be decked with birds of love — chiefly Pollys. (Signed) Louise Shealy. Section 4. That all retired House Presidents be allowed to spend their time on the farm, sh ing chickens. The breaking of a strong habit brings unhappiness. (Signed) Mabel Loveland. Section 5. No marriages be allowed to take place before the proposal. Experience is a dear teacher. (Signed) Ruth McLeod. Section 6. — That only blondes have charge of the moon to flash lights on lovers. The assur- ance of a happy ever after. (Signed) Martha Saxon. Gertrude Sowell. Section 7. That the development of cities be stopped so that the country schoolmarm will have better business. (Signed) Lucille Lee. Section 8. That any woman that can take care of a family may choose any man that she wants for the next half. (Signed) Margaret White. Section q. That when the Possum Trot minister is employed that his wife also be employed as choir leader. (Signed) Beth Jones. 48 K VVVVW WINVNXVWXVVtV.S.VVk .XVV».XVMJvVJ« ftMgtf» Section 10. That no one be allowed to play my composition, " Monkey on the Keys, " unless she can illustrate it as well as the composer. (Signed) Ethel Dial. Section If. That all females under eighteen be forced to read " Advice to the Lovelorn, " especially " How to Win ' Em and How to Keep ' Em. " Sagacity! Sagacity! (Signed) Bernice King. Section 12. That the VVhichness of What be discovered before the next leap year. Research work has its place. (Signed) Wilma Cooke. Section 13. That a tax be set aside to protect the wives of all bugologists. My husband has gone from bugs to buggy. (Signed) Daisy Rowland. Section l . That my poem, " Beloved But Left, " take the place of Canterbury Tales in the school curriculum. (Signed) Annie Cothran. Section 15. That all people interested in the Rolling Pin Drum and Treatment of Husbands, write Sister Peg, Lavonia, Georgia, care of Lavonia Times. (Signed) Bessie Glenn. Section 16. That all Wills and Musts eat at my " Why Not Eat Cafes " — found anywhere from Pendleton, South Carolina, to Paradise, New Jersey. (Signed) Margaret Poindexter. Section 17. That each city of this domain sponsor a visit of the Redpath and hear me sing " Like a Nighthawk. " (Signed) Mary Lawrence. Section 18. That the Dan Cupid of Hollywood make it as easy to fall out of love as it is to fall in. (Signed) Sarah Pearson. Section JQ. That beside the Washington Monument a monument be placed to my memory. I found the needle in the haystack with my new Bilfan Specs. Wills with straying husbands, I can help you. (Signed) Fannie Glenn. Section 20. That only busy folks be allowed to go as delegates to the League of Nations and the World Court. I wish to continue my mopon of adjournment. (Signed) Alleen Morrison. Section 21. That pardons be given more easily. I didn ' t do anything but run away with a smoking lamp that goes out at night. (Signed) Gladys Moore. Section 22. That the world please recognize Dr. Kink ' em Quick ' s wife, inspiration and guide. (Signed) Pearl Murray. Section 23. That Spiritualism be accepted. After the pipe organ bursted I began teaching harmony to the angels. (Signed) Lavania Chaplin. Section 24.. That all mothers with naughty sons communicate with Captain Burriss ' Chain- gang, No. 13. (Signed) Louise Burriss. Section 25. That Sara Bernhardt not turn over in her grave since my name is being flashed over the Metropolitan. (Signed) Coy Meeks. Section 26. That the poem, " Lives of Great Men All Remind Us, " be changed to " Lives of Great Women, " so that we may have due recognition in our Salvation Army work. (Signed) Alice Linder. Ethel Hembree. Section 2y. That the world know " A New Broom Sweeps Clean, " and there is no harm in being divorced four times. (Signed) Viola Focle. Section 28. That no one be allowed to study Hy-Gene until the transference of learning takes place without friction. (Signed) RoxiE Murdock. 49 u 1 , ; , f; !■ i " - ' " -.iSSi " SOME FAVORITE HIMS 50 D Legend of tke Crook Listen, my friends, and you shall hear A story in the time when Paul Revere Took that dashing ride from street to street. To warn all the people he could meet. You remember the story, as history recalls, But methinks that history hasn ' t told us all. For in my fancy, as we turn back the clock. We see a shepherd attending his flock. ' Tis on that same day, there in that town, When they ' re watching the river both up and down. That over in the hills is this man with his sheep. O ' er the hills and country his vigil will keep ; Just away in the city, there will be Lanterns hung, so that the people may see, But in that town, where the lanterns will shine. Are also men, watching toward the hill line. This shepherd down there has his faithful old crook, For the wave of that, do these men up there look; If the army appears within sight from the hi ' l. His crook will he hold high, and stand very still. And it so happened, as approached the night. These men saw the crook raised high into sight. Then they knew that the soldiers were not far away. And probably would come up the river before day. Now, since this class has turned back to those days. We thought it quite apropos to adopt their ways. So this idea we ' ve taken, to use that same crook. Have one modeled in fashion of the one the man took. Place it here in our class to keep us from harm. Though we fear from the rules, we ' ll have cause for alarm. We ' ll hide this thing now, our joy and pride. And challenge the juniors to search far and wide, Inside and out, but be sure don ' t come near To that secret place which to us is so dear. But if you should find it, as thus reads the rule. In five days we ' ll search every spot in the school. To Seniors and Juniors, it ' s a spirit of fun, So here ' s to you. Juniors, the fun has begun. Crook Song Once there was a Senior Class, Senior Class, Senior Class, Once there was a Senior Class, who had a crook; They had them a crook, yes, they had them a crook, you bet. Once there was a Senior Class who had a crook. They found a little hiding place, hiding place, hiding place. They found a little hiding place to put that crook; They put it for keeps, yes, they put it for keeps, you bet, They found a little hiding place to put that crook. Poor little Junior Class, Junior Class, Junior Class, Poor little Junior Class looked for that crook; They searched high and low, yes, they searched high and low, you bet, Poor little Junior Class looked for that crook. Poor little Junior Class, Junior Class, Junior Class, Poor little Junior Class wept for that crook; They wept and they wailed, yes, they wept and they wailed, you bet. Poor little Junior Class wept for that crook. Then upon commencement day, commencement day, commencement day, Then upon commencement day, who had that crook? Why, who but the Seniors, why, who but the Seniors, yes; Then upon commencement day, who had that crook? 51 ;2 o a. o z K Bi o p 1-) o a. w 52 D srrrtv-.S Vi ' ' »NV ' - NVVVV ' VV VVVVNVVVN XVC .VX» V S3 ffilXP- V v fe V v« xN .v xv xxv x S,V!S. Junior Class Miss Dolly Worthincton, Sponsor Colors: Green and White Officers Constance Pratt President Ada Catherine Owincs Vice-President Viva McLeod Secretary Pauline Brown Treasurer 54 D vj x feitft.A%xgLNv ;vN NNxvvv ' j vvvv,vtvvvvvftVfcVVtf c«x « Junior Class Pauline Brown A girl of a sunshiny disposition. Cheerful ' word and friendly smile ; One lulio is capable, dependable, •witty, One ' whom ' wc kno ' w as ' worth ' while. Frances Bruce Her eyes, they speak of love. Sara Chapman A kind and gentle Iieart she has To comfort friend and foe. Mildred Cunningham In a lilac garden old, JFith flo ' wer fragrance faint, She might haife tripped — a little maid- Charming, svieet, and quaint. Nelle Cunningham By her merry disposition and ' winning smile, She has a friend for every mile. Helen Eskew A violet by a 7nossy stone. Half hidden from the eye! Fair as a star, ' wliere only one Is shining in the sky. 55 Junior Class Catherine Fowler True merit is like a river; The deeper it is the less noise it make Edith Hilliard It ' s not because you ' re jolly, And never a trifle blue; It ' s not because your words Are ever sloiv and fenu — But the reason ' we all love you Is just because you ' re you. Virginia Hull A pretty girl, a witty girl, a girl of fun, A brainy girl, a carefree girl, A thousand girls in one. Elizabeth Ledbetter She is kind, dependable and true, A very good friend for me and you. Gladys Long Tall, graceful, and handsome, JVith ideals as high as the sky; Brilliant, and far too charming For young Lochinvar To pass her by. Ruthelma Marchbanks To those luho know thee not, no words can paint! And those who ' know thee, know all words are faint. 56 Junior Class Eloise Maxwell You ' ll find her in tlie jokes, You ' ll find lier in the games; But no mailer luliere you find her, She ' s alivays just the same. Mildred Meeks Mildred has a ivay; Mildred has a smile; Mildred has a saucy look, our fancy to beguile. Melva McCarley She carries a smile and a nuord for all, Quite remarkable for one so small, Al ' ways the same luith womanly grace- irho could ive find to take her placef Louise McCoy Peppy, spunky, full of fun, Laughingly, merrily gay, Ready and good for any ivork. And just as good at play. Ethel Pruitt A perfect ivoman, nobly planned, To ivarn, to comfort, and command. Vera Strickland To play the game for all that ' s in it. To play tlie game, and play to ivin it. Elizabeth Webb There ' s magic in her fingertips, But of her charms that ' s one. She ' s --wise, she ' s ivitty, she ' s lovable, ,ind novj my story ' s done. Bernice Abercrombie Virginia Cook Mattie Fagg Willie Gentry Ruth Hill Mabel Hilton Mamie Lou Hilton Gladys Kneece Vera Kneece Blanche Major Nancy McAlister Willie Rankin Olive Thompson Elizabeth Turner Vivian Wiles 57 fk y,, - " ' " ■- ' . l«fc; ' ! Q«aQ«p ' «! C». n»KI«E«(SV!SKn(ae CM v ift to vv x .v v ■ - .v- - --■ -: % -V ' ;-A : r SopliamDre 59 iD smnyj. Sopnomore Class Miss Cordelia Henderson, Sponsor Colors: Red and White , Flower: Carnation Motto: " If you find the path of success slippery, use grit. " Officers Caroline Burriss President Clara Wheeler Vice-President Grace Brodie Secretary Mabel Watkins Treasurer 60 rl Ml mi % " 6i £) vjixvvv ' t Vt xvwif v .vvvvv v vvvv v xvA ' K 62 .1 . mm SORORIAN J ». ' »XNXjSS -J wifmim 63 Q ' ' JC VVXVfetg ™? ' ' ' - ' ' - ' ' - ' ' ' ' - ' resnma n CI ass Miss Dorothy Cronkhite, Sponsor Colors: White and Gold Flower: Yellow Sweet Pea Motto: " Beyond the Alps lies Italy. " Officers JOSEPHi.VE MiSNER . . President, First Term Bobbie Blomberg Vice-President Jinx Burgess . . . President, Second Term Alice Watkins Secretary Helen Wells Treasurer Roll Ellen Acker Gladys Beach Katherine Beckham LiLLiE Mae Bishop EVELY ' N BlACKMAN Bobbie Blomberg LiLLiE Mae Brown Jinx Burgess Eloise Carter Joe Chastaine Helen Clippard Catherine Cowherd Jessie Cox Clara Deck Aline Douglas Fay Downs Edna Durham Lois Frady Mildred Franks Marion Gittings Lillian Glenn Lucy Grant Mary Griffin Eather Hair Mary Lou Hamilton Janie Hawkins Esperance Holliday ' Lucretia Holliday Elizabeth Hughes Ruby Hughes Juanita Hursey Hazel Jeffcoat Louise Johnson Marie Johnson My-rtie Kay ' Marguerite King Louise Little Gladys Maddox Monteen Manning Ethel Mellette Hannah Merchant Josephine Misner Margaret Owings Clara Parrish Louise Patterson JosiE Belle Pittman Sara Platte Ada Powell Jacqueline Poole Mildred Price Jamie Quattlebaum Fronde Rice Annie Lee RiveRs Ethel Roland Lizzie Stevenson Grace Seymour Berta Strickland Evelyn Smith Ruth Smith Lucile Teale Mae Thomas Callie Thompson Lois Timmons Elizabeth Tribble Lena Watford Alice Watkins Evola Watkins Gertrude Wells Helen Wells Hazel Weigle Mary M. Wickersham Drusa Wilker Susie Wood Julia Nesmith Francis Haines JAWfe A a x ' vv x v v» x ' . 65 sD €2i SORORIAN n WwNVW . »t X VVV " ' ' ' ' -V ' V V V VV 66 Q VX X .Vfe r V««XV ' aX ' VNVJtV VJ . VWW W M .VVV ' WWai Presiaents Council Louise Shealy President oj Student Government Gertrude Sowell President of Y. IV. C. A. LuciLE Lee ■ Editor " Sororian " Edith Hilliard Editor " Yodler " Bessie Glenn President of Senior Class Constance Pratt President of Junior Class Caroline Burriss President of Sophomore Class Jinx Burgess Preisdent of Freshman Class Louise Burriss President of Estlterian Society, First Term Virginia Caldwell . . . President of Estherian Society, Second Term Bessie Glenn President of Lanier Society, First Term Mildred Meeks President of Lanier Society, Second Term Daisy Rowland President of Athletic Association Annie Cothran House President of East Dormitory Mabel Loveland House Presid ent of Il- ' est Dormitory 69 Vv vvv fa CTMCW v .vv vvvs vxx» vvvv vvvx vcsxw Student Government Association Officers Louise Shealy President Ethel Dial Vice-President Fannie Glenn Secretary Helen Eskew Treasurer Executive Council Senior Representatives Junior Representatives Ruth McLeod Melva McCarley Margaret Poindexter Louise McCoy Sophomore Representatives Freshman Representatives Mabel Watkins Alice Watkins Grace Brodie Gladys Beach House Presidents East West Annie Cothran Mabel Loveland Y. W. C. A. President Gertrude Sowell 70 SORORIAN ' « VV V ift-TOW»NVVgCtVV .ViXVVi.XVVVtV . ' BWa.Vro»»»WW»V LVa 71 Q, Young Women s Christian Association Officers Gertrude Sowell . President Helen Eskew Vice-President Ruth Webb Secretary and Treasurer Miss Annie D. Denmark Faculty Adviser Cabinet Mary Lawrence Caroline Burriss Mabel Loveland Constance Pratt Margaret White June Roscoe Vera Strickland Josephine Misner Pauline Brown Janie Hawkins 72 73 9 SORORIAN xxvfetA.A» g vJ vv v »v .v v The Sororian Staff LuciLE Lee Edilor-in-Clnef Catherine Fowler Issistant Editor Vera Strickland Business Manager Constance Pratt Advertising Manager Martha Saxon .... Assistant Advertising Manager Daisy Rowland Picture Editor Louise McCoy Literary Editor Virginia Caldwell Social Editor Helen Keating . Art Editor Virginia Caldwell Joke Editor Miss Hattie Fay Faculty Adviser 74 ' ' y ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' - " ' ' ' ' 75 SORORIAN S» V. fe ft ' «VN XV»XVVXVS.N . VViV THE YODLER . ■- 76 V«vv vvx x v■. ».v xv W V ■ ' vv ,V X V W »a» C B. Y. P. U, Members Jinx Burgess Helen Eskew Rox MORDOCH Mabel Hilton Evelyn BlAckman Eva Carter Vera Strickland WiLMA Cooke Virginia Cooke Mary Moore LiLLiE Mae Brown Mabel Loveland Aline Douglas Lois Frady Mildred Price Ruth Hill Alice Watkins Miss Annie Denmark Miss Cathryn Copeland Nell Williams Ruth Webb Viola Fogle Mary Griffin Edna Durham Fronde Rice k x feiA.bJW» NV .NV xv v xvV x Estkerian Literary Society Miss Mary Celestia Parler, Sponsor Officers Louise Burriss President, First Semester Virginia Caldwell President, Second Semester Elizabeth Vipperman Vice-President Mildred Cunningham Secretary Helen Keating Treasurer Bernice Abercrombie Dorothy Baldwin Lillian Baxley Gladys Beach Bobbie Blomberg Jinx Burgess Ruth Brown Nancy Bolt Pauline Brown Evelyn Branham Louise Burriss Caroline Burriss Eva Carter Eloise Carter Ruth Cathcart Virginia Caldwell Helen Clippard Margaret Crayton Nell Cunningham Mildred Cunningham Fay Downs Margaret Duckworth Katherine Fowler Mildred Franks Alice Gill Lillian Glenn Fannie Glenn Lucy Grant Mary Griffin Maude Louise Green Eather Hair Roll Willie Grace Hall Marion Hayes Ethel Hembree Esperance Holliday Virginia Hull ' Hazel Jeffcoat Mary Olive Jackson Marjorie Johnson Beth Jones Louise Johnson Marie Johnson Cleone Jewell Elizabeth Kay ' Inez Kay Helen Keating Pauline Kelly Elizabeth Ledbetter Alice Linder Mary Lawrence Louise Little Josephine Misner Ethel Mellette Vera Morgan Monteen Manning Louise McClellan Eloise Maxwell Coy Meeks Hazel Meeks Pearle Murray Ada Catherine Owings Elizabeth Owings Ada Powell Jacqueline Poole Sarah Platte Mildred Price Florence Reeves Fronde Rice Martha Saxon Grace Stewart Ruth Smith Vera Strickland Evelyn Smith Mae Taylor Mae Thomas Elizabeth Tribble Grace Thompson Olive Thompson Lois Timmons Drusa Wilker Mary ' M. Wickersham Ernestine Weigle Hazel Weigle Alice Watkins Mary White Martha Wyatt Nellie Wasson Elizabeth Webb Vivian Wiles Velma Woolbright Elizabeth Vipperman Julia Nesmith Francis Haines 78 SORORIAN n vjiN x ' cU« v vxxv« vvv .xvvvvvvvj .vvv A ' .vMroJroa» ». M 79 D tOXi Lanier Literary Society Miss Roberta Crawford, Sponsor Officers First Term Bessie Glenn . Daisy Rowland Louise McCoy . Lena King . . LuciLE Lee . . . . President Vice-President ■ . Secretary . . Treasurer . . . Critic Second Term Mildred Meeks President Margaret White Vice-President Mabel Watkins . . Secretary and Treasurer Gertrude Sowell Critic June Roscoe Pianist Mary Acker Ellen Acker Lena Bricgs LiLLiE Mae Bishop Evelyn Blackman Eunice Bowen Sarah Breazeale Grace Brodie Lillie Mae Brown Katherine Beckham Lois Campbell Lavinia Chaplin Sara Chapman Annie Cothran WiLMA Cooke Mabel Cox Margaret Cox Virginia Cox Joe Chastein Virginia Cook Catherine Cowherd Jessie Cox Sarah Crenshaw Ethel Dial Edna Durham Aline Douglass Leila Dodenhoff Helen Eskew Mattie Fagg Lois Frady Viola Fogle Willie Gentry Bessie Glenn Lanier Roll IvA Hartley Mabel Hilton Mamie Lou Hilton Ruth Hill Edith Hilliard Euralee Holliday LucRETiA Holliday Juanita Hursey Janie Hawkins Ruby Hughes Elizabeth Hughes Mary Lou Hamilton Montez Kay Cecelia King Louise King Lena King Bernice King Gladys Kneece Vera Kneece Margaret Kugley LuciLE Lee Mabel Loveland Gladys Maddox Ruth Elma Marshbanks Nancy McAllister Melva McCarley Louise McCoy Viva McLeod Ruth McLeod Mildred Meeks Alleen Morrison Hannah Merchant RoxiE Murdoch Margaret Owings Clara Parrish JosiE Belle Pittman Sara Pearson Margaret Poindexter Constance Pratt Ethel Pruitt Jamie Quattlebaum Willie Rankin Annie Lee Rivers June Roscoe Daisy Rowland Ethel Rowland Loire Seay Louise Shealy Grace Seymour Gertrude Sowell Berta Strickland Thelma Shaw Bessie Taylor Lucile Teale Evola Watkins Ruth Webb Clara Wheeler Helen Wells Gertrude Wells Nelle Williams Lena Watford Ethel Worley Susie Wood Margaret White Mabel Watkins Mary Moore Grace Coker 80 tw vvc xv xNV xxx 8i ' v v fe A» xv v vJ vi .vJ vvvvJW v vv v Sunday School Miss Kathryn Copeland, Sponsor Officers First Semester Vera Strickland President Sarah Platte Treasurer Margaret White . . . First Vice-President Margaret Poindexter Secretary Ruth Hill .... Second Vice-President Esperance Holliday Reporter Constance Pratt . . Third Vice-President Mary Lawrence Chorister Second Semester Mary Jane Moore President Ruth McLeod .... Third Vice-President 5arah Crenshaw . . . First Vice-President Viva McLeod Secretary WiLMA Cooke . . . Second Vice-President Elizabeth Tribble Treasurer Alice Watkins Cliorister Q Il ' fine Arts 83 Glee Club Miss Bertha Saunders, Director Officers Mary Lawrence Hazel Meeks Catherine Fowler . Gladys Beach Glenna Barrett Lucia Carlisle Gladys Beach Sarah Breazeale LiLLiE Mae Brown Mabel Cox Gladys Cromer Nelle Cunningham Rebecca Daniels Members Catherine Fowler Emmie Fowler Fannie Glenn euralee holliday Esperance Holliday Mary Olive Jackson Cleone Jewell Mary Lawrence President . . . . Vice-President Business Manager . Secretary Consuelo Lollis Edith Martin Coy Meeks Hazel Meeks Ethel Mellette Jamie Quattlebaum Drusa Wilker Daisy Rowland Frances Haines Program PART I Pale Moon Logan Glee Club Springtime of Love (Arranged from E Flat Waltz) Moszkowski Miss Consuelo Lollis Two Clocks Rogers Glee Club Thoughts Have Wings Lehmann Miss Hazel Meeks Reading Selected Miss Mary Lawrence Gondelieri (from Day in Venice) Ne ' vin Glee Club A Spirit Flower Campbell Tipton Miss Mary Lawrence Waltz Song (from Romeo and Juliet) • . Gounod Miss Norine Brock Blue Danube Waltz Strauss Glee Club Reading Selected Miss Esperance Holliday Old-Fashioned Garden Porter Glee Club PART II Toy Land (a Doll Shoppe) Wx vvfe V-fe ' x»NN»xv v-xvv v v ' v x 85 MISS CRONKHITE S STUDIO 86 mifi Tke Artist and Lecture Course HE Artist and Lecture Course has long been a conspicu- ous part of the attractions old A. C. has for the student with imagination and love for music and the beautiful in literature. Here is a partial list of the famous men and women who have been our honored guests, and held us spellbound with their charm and inspiration: Dr. Granfeld, the fa- mous Labrador explorer and friend of the frozen North; Powys, the English poet; Dr. Howard Griggs, the philosopher and essayist; Frederic Losey, Henry Southwick, and Maud Scheerer, impersonators and read- ers of eminent standing; ensembles of such fame as the New York Cham- ber Music Society, the Letz String Quartet, the Cherniawski Trio, and the Sittig Trio ; pianists of the first rank, among them Augusta Cottlow, Yolando Mero, John Powell, Olga Steeb, and Dorsey Whittington. The singers who have won first place in our hearts, among the many who have sung in our auditorium, are: Madam VanderVeer, Reed Miller, Cecil Fanning, and May Peterson. But the great Cossack Rus- sian Chorus will always stand out from the rest as the most unique event among them all. 87 ' v xxv vC »o «».vv sv v■ v v vVJJ v» V « VJ Dramatic Club Mrs. Gertrude Pratt, Sponsor Officers Gertrude Sowell President Mary Lawrence . Vice-President Esperance Holudav Secretary Emma Flowers Treasurer Members Ruth Hill lucretia holliday Esperance Holliday EuRALEE Holliday Ocreeta Holliday Mary Griffin Minnie Seigle Margaret Hawkins Alleen Morrison Mildred Franks Gertrude Sowell Gladys Kneece Grace McMillan Velma Woolbright Mary Laurens Susie Wood Constance Pratt Bobbie Blomberg Emma Flowers Sara Crenshaw Ethel Worley Mary Lou Hamilton Lena Briggs Grace Coker Margaret Kugley Mabel Hilton Julia Nesmith Ila Mae Hutto Coy Meeks Margaret Owincs Viva McLeod Willie Rankin v S Awvvx xvv .vxxv vvv v vclX x vv vw Miss Alleyne Hamilton, Director Art Club Helen Keating Helen Clippard Special Art Estelle Grimes Ruby Stephenson Margaret Owings Lillian Baxley Carey Shirley Constance Pratt Art History Gertrude Sowell Alleen Morrison Industrial Art LiLLiE Mae Bishop Lillie Mae Brown Eloise Carter Sara Crenshaw Edna Durham WiLMA Glenn Mary Glymph V ' elma Foster Fda Hutto Ruby Hughes Elizabeth Hughes Juanita Hursey Janie Hawkins Inez Kay ' Viva McLeod Jennie Ruth Martin Annie McKeithan Louise McClellan Hannah Merchant Elizabeth Owings Constance Pratt MoNTiE Pearson Clara Parrish JosiE Belle Pittman Willie Rankin Mamie Rogers Berta Strickland Jennie Tate LuciLE Teale Susie Wood Nell Williams Bobbie Worley Jennie Ruth Whitten Gertrude Wells EURALEE HoLLIDAY Ruth Hill 90 K vvv Nxvv vv vv v » vv vl .v x■ v 91 D amrf . ' P Vl v s v v v v .x . ■v»? Pan-Hellenic Council Officers Margaret Poindexter President Nelle Cunning?iam Secretary Miss Hattie Fay . . ., Sponsor Representatives Theta Kappa Sigma Constance Pratt Margaret Poindexter Sigma Delta Gamma Evelyn Branham Nelle Cunningham Sigma Phi Martha Saxon Virginia Caldwell 92 SORORIAN T)% ■ PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL 93 £ . yp.. W v •fet»»t ' vv ■ » v» vvv » xvvwv Tneta Kappa Sigma Colors: Light Green and Silver Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley Miss Edith Hall, Sponsor Officers Lucy Grant President June Roscoe Secretary and Treasurer Members Constance Pratt Margaret Poindexter Charlotte Orr Members in Faculty Miss Hattie Fay Miss Roberta Crawford Town Members Georgia Harris Edna Thompson Mrs. McDougald Ruth Lassiter Pledges Grace Seymour Dot Baldwin MS V;jwx ft As x .xNXva»xv x Nvvjw Sigma Delta Gamma Colors: Red and White Floitier: American Beauty Rose Miss Sallie T. Cade, Sponsor Nelle Cunningham, President Members Marv Margaret Wickersham Evelyn Branham Pledges Cleoxe Jewell Ruth Brown Grace Stewart 95 c S J . ' ■ JJ f " ■ .!• SMJ XVCV ' VVWV .V«»XN V XX XVa.V ' »NVt. ' VJN »» Floiver: Killarney Rose Sigma Phi Colors: Killarney Pink and Silver Miss Babbie Sullivan, Sponsor Officers Martha Saxon . President Mildred Cunningham , . . Secretary Helen Keating Ada Catherine Owincs Louise Burriss Members in College Elizabeth Vipperman Ada Powell Virginia Hull Virginia Caldwell Elsie Poole Beth Jones Mrs. N. B. Sullivan Mrs. Clyde Smith Mrs. Cordas Seabrook Mrs. Sam Sullivan Babbie Sullivan Members in Town Mrs. Lawrence Hammett Mrs. John Russell Mrs. William Sullivan Jessie Sullivan Emily Sullivan Mrs. a. B. Rivers 96 Elizabeth Ledbetter Alice Gill Lucia Sullivan Mrs. p. W. Ellis Dorothy Sullivan Mrs. Glenn Lassiter Lila Sullivan Sans Souci Martha Saxon, President Virginia Hull Mildred Franks Dot Baldwin Lucy Grant Buck Rowland Rox Murdoch June Roscoe Jack Poole Sarah Platte Ada Powell Members Bobbie BLOiMBERc Pauline Kelly Esperance Holliday Jo MiSNER Gladys Beach Virginia Caldwell Elizabeth Vipperman Sarah Crenshaw Grace Sey ' mour Ethel Mellette Catherine Cowherd Alice Watkins Jinx Burgess Helen Keating Edith Hilliard Lena King Caroline Burriss Hazel Jeffcoat Evelyn Smith Cleone Jewell Lillian Baxley 97 PKi Tau Delta Mademoiselle Blanche Couesinn, Sponsor Colors: Gold and White Flower: Daffodil Officers Louise Shealy ' President Edith Hilliard Secretary and Treasurer Buck Rowland Lena King ROXIE MuRDOCK Louise Shealy Gertrude Sowell Members Lucile Lee Clara Wheeler Catherine Cowherd Leila Dodenhoff Pauline Brown Bobbie Worley 98 Helen Eskew Sara Pearson Mildred Meeks Caroline Burriss Edith Hilliard S »N XVj:S gJiiWVVg V iXVVOA X N VVVV il .. ' • Red Head Club Mr. Paul Gibson, Sponsor Evelyn Branham President Members Lavinia Chaplin Lucretia Holliday Melva McCarley Sara Platte June Roscoe Margaret White Cecej ia King Alice Watkins Ellen Acker Hannah Merchant Catherine Beckham 99 D Mrri Town Girls Club Mr. Charles S. Sul-livan Sponsor Motto: " Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. " Mr. R. H. HOLLIDAY Mascot Officers Coy Meeks President Elizabeth Ledeetter Secretary Ethel Hemeree Vice-President Frances Bruce Treasurer The Town Girls ' Song We ' re the " Town Girls, " bright and gay, And we sing dull care away. As merrily along life ' s way we go. All our hearts with love aflame At our Alma Mater ' s name, We pledge ourselves to her forevermore. When the four years all are done, And the honors have been won. And the dear old college days are in the Lingering in the memory still There ' s an ever wakening thrill Of days that live as long as life shall last. pastj Refrain Then, hurrah for the " Town Girls, " The very best all-round girls, Here ' s a health to them every one; With their hearts true blue. To their college they ' ll be true ' Till the day of life is done ; Always ready, one and all, At the Alma Mater ' s call, Just as loyal as can be ; Altogether then, three cheers, Let it echo down the years, For the " Town Girls " of old A. C. XV; « « NNV ' ' .NXVVVXXVt VA VAV»XVA W.V WV N ' 0 ■ H o O SCENES FROM TOWN GIRLS MINSTREL D Wcsx X iw»t ?J ■vv v VJ v NV ' Da.rk-T owr SCENES FROM TOWN GIRLS MINSTREL 103 | JJA vvJfe«»-fc X X v x vvsx.x VVJJ ANDERSON COUNTY CLUB JWfLM.TvgTon NORTH CAROLINA CLUB Do-wn State Club Louise Shealy, President Members Louise Johnson Marie Johnson Mildred Price Ruth Smith Ethel Mellette Cecilia King Louise King Catherine Cowherd Louise Shealy Catherine Beckham Annie Lee Rivers Hazel Jeffcoat Sara Platte IvA Hartley Grace Brodie Bessie Glenn 105 r P.:..j,o., V» tj.V. :.. - 1 W Colors: Red and Yellov Motto: " So ' s Your Ole Man " Officers Virginia Caldwell President Marion Gittings Secretary io6 D v ' vvvviXxx .y vjvva C eor§ia Crackers Mrs. Gibson. Sponsor: Jacciueline Poole, Atlanta, President Pauline Brown, Hartwell; Edith Milliard, Athens; Mary Olive Jackson, Tignall; Mary Lawrence Baxley; Lucile Lee, Pooler; Ada Powell, Savannah. 107 RoxiE Murdoch President Mildred Meeks Vice-Presidenl INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Virginia Caldwell . . Secretary and Treas. R. H. HoLLiDAY Sponsor Members: Frances Bruce, Pauline Brown, Virginia Caldwell, Virginia Hull, Edith Hilliard, Caroline Burriss, Ruth McLeod, Mildred Meeks, Roxie Murdoch, Ruthelma Marchbanks, Lucile Lee, Ethel Pruitt, Vera Strickland, Gertrude Wells, Helen Wells. ' ' fej? Shriners io8 VJ VVfe v v vvv v x x v v v Emciency Club Marie Johnson . . Miss Marilou GOWER M EMBERS Louise Johnson Virginia Caldwell Louise Little Mabel Cox Esther Hair LuciLE Lee Irene Gray Ruth Smith Lois Timmons Evelyn Smith Mae Thomas Maude Green Aldene Bowie Sarah Platte Emmie Fowler Mary White Evelyn Branham Margaret Alexander 109 D j rw B.vTg gvtTinm iTO i;y Tyrt ' ( mPjj «VNNV ' ' ' P VVNV VJv ' VVVV VVQLVC ViXVV VfcNVAVLV.VWWMa Helen Eskew . . ■ Mildred Cunningham RoxiE Murdoch . Progressive Education Club Miss M. Adelia Fox, Sp onsor First Semester Officers . . . . President Ruth McLeod Secretary . ■ ' Vice-President Edith Milliard Treasurer Second Semester Officers . . . . President Wilma Cooke Vice-President Louise Shealy Ethel Melleite Beth Jones Helen Eskew Daisy Rowland Lena King Sara Crenshaw Mary Lawrence Mildred Price Alice Watkins Viola Fogle Bernice King Mable Loveland Fay Downs Margaret Owings Members RoxiE Murdoch Helen Wells Susie Woods Josephine Misner Gladys Beach Viva McLeod Pauline Brown Louise King Cecilia King Ruth McLeod Gertrude Sowell Euralee Holliday Margaret Kugley ' Bessie Glenn Virginia Cook Edith Milliard Marjorie Johnson Catherine Fowler Gertrude Wells Jinx Burgess Pauline Kelly Bobbie Worley Ada Powell Caroline Burriss LiLLiE Mae Brown Frances Bruce Mildred Meeks RUTHELMA MaRCHBANKS Ethel Pruitt SORORIAN a VVVVVV.NVVVXXNV. XXVtV VXVVV X X ' »X . L . »a. N.V a FRENCH CLUB SPANISH CLUB VA.vs V -TOx vv x v v vvvvvv M»x»xlav ' V ' «o v vvs - »M«vvvvvvvv vv v JX v x Miss Cordelia Henderson Pliysical Director " 5 ' iv ' a.xvJ tA c» x vvvvvvvvvxxvvv vv vJ «vv v .vvx Atkletic Association Daisy Rowland President Willie Gentry • Vice-President Caroline Burriss Secretary and Treasurer Caroline Burriss Clieer Leader Clara Wheeler Cheer Leader Lena King Senior Represeniati ' ve Edith Hilliard Junior Represeniati ' ve Thelma Shaw Sopliomore Representative Alice Watkins FresJiman Representative ii6 y«vv J vv x v .v . v JW ATHLETIC OFFICERS 117 Block " A " Club Grace Brodie Caroline Burriss Leita Cathcart Florine Duckworth Willie Gentry Edith Milliard Lena King Louise McCoy Daisy Rowland Loire Seay Gertrude Sowell ii8 Q a.. W v v «A- a xvv vv vv vxv v v v . vv ZDein Y " Koi-o a,na ©pHo Aov-e i CUcer Laa.t eir ' S, V lVxee er- Ull - 1 C r 5 rv-e ' iW lV e. vA. 1 TENNIS TEAMS 119 rJrrrw. v ' J v x vC rt■A ' xvxNv vvvNvv vvvvvc v xvvv v . c C ««W BASKETBALL Junior Lin --U p—LoviSE McCov, Capt.; Edith Hilliard, Willie Gentry, Nellie Wasson, Gladys Long, Willie Rankin Senior Line-U p — Gertrude Sowell, Capt.; Daisy Rowland, Fannie Glenn, Lena King, Gladys Moore, Wilma Cooke • ' wJ voJfa j PX NNV vvJv xvLV x v vvv BASKETBALL Freshman Line-Up — Jinx Burgess, Capl.; Jo Misner, Rusty Watkins, Lois Fradv, Mildred Price, Bobbie Blomberg Sophomore LineUp — Caroline Burriss, Capl.; Montez Kav, Leita Cathcart, Grace Brodie, Florine Duckworth, Iva Hartley SORORIAN n i «vv» ; l . x . xNN .vvx vx vvvvv NVN xv Roxie Murdock. Captain ; Louise McCoy, Sub-Captain. Members: Helen Wells, Gertrude AVells, Pauline Brown. VlA ' a McLeod, Ruth McLeod, Ethel Worley, Louise McCoy, Sarah Platte. Mary Moore, Jinx Burgess. Ellen Acker, Mary Acker, Mabel Cox. Pauline Kelly, Catherine Cowherd, Vera Strickland, Vera Morgan. Catherine Beckham, Lucile Lee. Daisy Rowland, Lena King. Caroline Burriss. Roxie Murdock. Mary Lou Hamilton, Marjorie Johnson, Ethel Rowland, Euralee Holliday, Lucretia Holliday. Thelma Shaw. Clara Deck, Edith HiUiard, Susie Wood, Joe Misncr, Mary Margaret Wickersham. SORORIAN n 125 ?C) SORORIAN n Statistics Preitiesi Helen Eskew Most Aitraciive Virginia Caldwell Most Talented June Roscoe Most Intellectual LuciLE Lee D , n (Sarah Crenshaw Best Dancers i o Grace Seymour Best All-Round Constance Pratt Most Athletic Caroline Burriss Most Popular LouiSE Shealy 126 ' w v v:M »t ?» v oxv ■vv vJ .VL rf« ' s " " ' " ' 1 - A " " Dolly Madison — Posed by Helen Eskew 127 Martha Washington — Posed by Virginia Caldwell 128 %€) « ' TO | v »J v vv vv vv » Spirit of ' 76 — Posed by June Roscoe 129 ..JWflL v xvv Wa-tsa»»xvv Nvvv vxN viwv v vvv .-vvx NVj.vaiMjaXWW» Thomas Jefferson — Posed by LuciLE Lee 130 xccvx v iAA JAvvv a x x v vvvv s vx ■Ww» The Minuet — Posed by Sarah Crenshaw and Grace Seymour D €fIE Va NX fe tV. AX ' VVVS XNVV XNV V V VV».VV Bets Ross — Posed by Constance Pratt 132 4 l xv xvx xx v vvo. x v .vc WJ P3 o O ai 133 D VJ«VV Vfe A ?jroNNNNNV XNX V. XV V»SX X VVJWMMWJWWWa George PVashington — Posed by LouiSE Shealy 134 m. smf . SORORIAN WJ Nxv xv vx » v . ■vs VlXVJCWXWW«C« MAY DAY FESTIVAL 135 tvVvv v v N ' vv v v vxv V 136 rrrwfL iv ' ifiwr ie «Mi-«iSM 7 :yj!3 ' ' ' S , " 5 ii J a o Z 3 O 137 D n.vwfc ' aiRAMnMnKEraiGKci VMLXV fe« .TOyvv«tfg.X XV VV XVV VXV»VXVVVO ;C0C Calendar SEPTEMBER 14 — Hail! Hail! The gang ' s all here! New teachers, new girls, new faces, new clothes! Much kissing among elder inmates of the insane asylum. FreshieS spend first night away from home. Several tears shed. 15 — " Rats " try to become accustomed to the college and their superiors. Oh, boy, how these sophs can show off and be collegiate! 16— Stragglers gradually come back. Opening exercises. New teachers make their soap- box speeches, and Mayor Fant presents us with the keys of the city. 17 — Classes organize. Get your order straight. Did you say Chemistry a la mode? Short- hand cocktail? Botany au gratin? IS — Laniers entertain new girls with a radio party. Plenty of fun. confetti, and horns. 19 — Our first Sunday at A. C. Everybody off to get ' ligion with Dr. White, What medita- tions during quiet hour ! 22— Miss Mary Wilheit entertains at tea for the Cosmopolitan girls. 24 — Our hearts are ge-busted. Gene Tunney wallops Jack Dempsey. 27 — Oooooo! Watermelons on the back campus, girls! Wagons full of ' em! 30 — Alas, poor freshmen! Your doom is come! Ghostly figures pace the halls, moan g and groaning and pulling poor " rats " out of bed at midnight. Froshies, you have a harrow- ing week ahead of you. 31— Freshmen make their first appearance as tragediennes, comediennes. dancers. etc, Mr. Sullivan is proposed to but fails to ac- cept. OCTOBER 1 — Everybody joins in on the chorus, " Oh, give to us, October! " 2 — All the pretty I ' il co-eds (?) don their best for the opening reception. Who fell in love? 6 — The gym is transformed into a night club when the Estherians entertain the new girls. Balloons, confetti, ice cream, horns. Charleston! Charleston! Freshmen fin- ished up in good style after the party. 7 — Whee! Everybody throws her books in a pile, dons her knickers and makes a 100- yard dash for Cater Park. For ' tis really and truly October Day. Picnics and ants are a wonderful mixture! 9 — Everyone lucky enough to get a bid departs to see Clemson wallop N. G. State. Ain ' t football grand and glorious? 10 — New faculty is initiated properly. 13 — New girls join societies. Clubs rush! Gee, ain ' t it too exciting! 16 — Red Grange ' s football team makes its de- but on the front campus. Evelyn Branham proves she ' s red-headed and likes ice men. 20— Mile, from, gay Paree adopts Mr. Thomas Cat. 25 — Two months till Christmas. Everybody bored with this dull life. We crave excite- ment. 27 — Delegates off for Birmingham, Ala. Girls, watch out for the bicycles! 28 — Town Girls ' Minstrelette proves biggest suc- cess in history of school. We discover some of our girls are really handsome dusky fel- lers. 29 — " Once there was a Senior Class. " Seniors take their table amid much applause. Sophomore sisters are chosen. Theater party for the lucky dorgs. 31 — Halloween, and on Sunday! But, honey, they ' s witches in the air and goblins in them shadows. Be mighty keerful how you NOVEMBER 1 — Delegates return from Birmingham full of knowledge, but, oh, how sleepy! Too much night life in the big city. 2 — Helen and Connie make a hit with the stu- dent body as speakers. Thank you, Mr. Strand, for the comp. tickets! Bebe was a wow in " The Campus Flirt. " 3 — Red lemonade! Cotton candy! Everybody off to the fair. Nell gets chance to travel with the carnival as the world ' s tallest fe- male. Poole wins the Charleston contest. Jackie, we ' re proud of you. 4 — Much electioneering. Who is going to win in Statistics? 5 — " Help! Help! A burglar under my window! " " Nay, nay, fair one! ' Tis only the little Juniors looking for the Crook. " 6 — The campus a rainbow of taffeta frocks as the pretty Seniors pose for their pictures. S — Education week begins. Dr. Sykes gives us the low-down on the Clemsonites, 10 — Kay ! Rah ! The Juniors conquer the Sen- iors in tennis. Make your bows, Speks and Liz, 11 — Old memories with Armistice Day. What ho ! Our friends, the Juniors, have the audacity to take the cup right out of the lordly Sophs ' hands. 12 — Basketball enthusiasts caper about on the courts. Practice begins in earnest. 14— Connie, why is your face so dirty? Did you sho nuff find it? 16 — Delegates off to the B. Y. P. U. confer- ence in Greenville, 19 — Town Girls repeat their minstrelette. It ' s a huge success. Fifteen rahs for Mr. Sul- livan! 20 How can we raise an endowment fund? 2 5 — Thanksgiving! Home! Turkey! The rain doesn ' t quench our spirits. Gee, back at it again. Simply can ' t wait till Christmas. 27 — Annual Athletic Association tacky party. Hui ' k Finn, rag dolls, fairies, niggers, and Rudolphs all join in the revelry. DECEMBER 1 — " Sixteen more days till vacation! " Girls, don ' t be so restless! Get to work. Every- one is uplifted by the harp concert. 4 — Estherians entertain Laniers with dance in the gym. Much fun and punch had by everyone. 5 — Nelle still sings, " Bye, bye. Blackboy! " 6 — Basketball ! Crisp and cold! Sophs and Freshies in bloody battle. Feeling runs high ! Sis! Boom! Bah! Hssssss! Hurray! The Sophs win! 7 — Sophomores defeat their sister class in whirlwind game. " Dem bones will rise agin! " 11 — The parlor is no more. Instead a miniature Iceland, where Sophs and Freshies stroll about under a harvest moon. Congratula- tions, Freshmen! The reception was mar- velous! IS GIee Club renders contata to a packed house. Bobbie shows us she has a wonder- ful vocal quality in her discords. 138 ' wc v vC A Vvv x .vv v w .vv 14 — The Senior Class presents " The Goose Hangs High. " A huge success. Mabel Loveland takes her whisky straight and in large quantities. 15 — One more day! Impossible to study. Santy appears in person at the Christmas dinner. Seniors entertain Sophs with a kid party. 16 — home: Nuff said! JANUARY 3 — Back to prison again. Home and " him " only a pleasant memory. 4 — " Gee, I wish I were where I was this time last week! " Everyone settles down to cram for exams. 10 — Heart throbs! " U hich shall it be. Rudolph Valentino in " The Eagle, " or John Gilbert in " Flesh and the Devil? " 14 — Miss Fay ' s pupils present a Eurythmic re- cital. Caroline really should be in the Follies w ith her grace. IS — " U ' hat ho! Where is this new girl? 19 — Miss Newberry steals into the College at daybreak. 20 — Miss Newberry is taken to the infirmary. 21 — Bzzzzzz! Scandal! Did she really try to elope? 26 — Tra, la! Tra, la! Spring has came! 27 — Miss Saunders has visitors. Who put ' em there? 28 — Brrrrr! Everyone jumps into red flannels. Mrs. Gib turns the water off. We ' ll bathe in milk hereafter. FEBRUARY 1 — So far so good. 2 — We ' re in for it now. The ground hog saw his shadow, 5 — Howls and groan issue from White House. Mrs. Underhill can ' t quite locate it. " Moon- light on the Ganges! " 6 — All great people were born in February. Miss McCall announces that her coat hang- ers have mysteriously disappeared. 7 — ' Tis Laughing Clay! Who greased the door knob and tied the coats in knots? 9 — Girls fall for the Cherniavasky trio. " My dear, the celloist had eyes for no one but me. " 10 — The Rambling Wrecks — pardon! The Georgia Tech Marionettes present. " The Show Off. " These Georgia boys aren ' t one bit bad. 12 — Why weren ' t we all born carrot-headed? Mrs. Gibson entertains the Red-Headed Club at dinner. 14 — Thrills! Be my valentine! Who ' ll ex- change hearts with Red Ligon? 17 — Men, girls; Real, sho-nuff live men ! The A. C. Glee Club girls are hostesses to the Alabama songsters. Beth has " It. " 18 — June covers herself with glory (as usual) in her recital at Greenwood. 21 — Leaping lizards! B ' gorry, if it ain ' t Better Speech Week! T ' e ' ll have to shake a meaner tongue. 24 — Three rousing cheers! Mildred Meeks is elected president of the Southern Interna- tional Relations Convention. 28 — One more month over with. MARCH 1 — March comes roaring in like a lion! Deep snow and plenty of ice. Galoshes make their appearance. Miss Copeland shows us she ' s from Missouri . 2 — AVow! More snow! " V e ' re almost snow- bound! Masculine snow critters bedeck the campus. 3— Our deepest sympathy is extended to Mr. Von Hasseln in his bereavement. 5 — Squabbles! Fights! Quarrels! AVill spring vacation never come? 7 — The junior play, " The Charm School, " is a huge success. Gladys Long is dashing as a " he. " 8 — Lillian Gish in " The Scarlet Letter. " 10 — Practice! Practice! Practice! Both Es- therians and Laniers. 12 — Juniors, why don ' t you find that crook? l(i — Glee Club off to Pelzer in a hubbub. Who fell for whom? 17 — Greeny on you! Hello. St. Pat! 18 — Juniors become a stock company and take play to Clemson! Deah ! Deah ! I do like khaki! Glee Club makes hit in concert. Congrats, Miss Saunders, 23 — Mr. Holliday imperils his life by compar- ing Ted Shawn and Babe Ruth. 24 — Snow! Snow! Go away! Miss Fox in- jured in bus accident. 25 — Glee Club off to Clemson. Aileen Morrison covers herself with glory in her graduating recital. 27 — Four more days till vacation! 28 — Freshmen carry off volley ball cup. Good for you. rats ! 29 — Everybody sees " It. " " Oh, do you s ' pose I really have ' It ' ? " 31— Hurrah! It ' s home again! APRIL 5 — Prodigal daughters return dead tired but happy. It won ' t be long now. 7 — Mildred Cunningham is elected May Queen. Oh. to be beautiful! 9 — Ex-secretary delivers lecture. 10 — Rain! Rain! We stay home from church. 11 — Constance Pratt is elected president of the Student Government. Atta girl! Connie! 13 — Gertrude Sowell ' s graduation recital. And how she can express! 15 — More boys! Clemson Glee Club gives pro- gram. How ' bout a date, honey? 17 — Easter! Whar Bre ' r Rabbit? Everybody sports new clothes. 22 — Clemson Dramatic Club presents plays, sponsored by International Relations Club. I move we make A. C. and Clemson co-ed. 24 — April. April, weep thy girlish tears! MAY 2 — May Day! Fairies, elves, and gnomes dis- port themselves. Mildred a dream of beauty. 7 — Junior-Senior reception. Flowers, dates, and gaiety! Sophs hang jealously out of the windows. 17 — Ethel is not only beautiful, but plays beau- tifully. 19 — Lavinia Chaplin rivals Rachmaninoff in her grad recital. 21 — A week of horror ends. Exams are over, and we can breathe freely. 22 — Baccalaureate sermon. 23 — Class Day! If that prophecy should come true! 24 — Annual debate! ' Tis! ' Tain ' t! 25 — All glory to the Seniors! They have crossed the bay and the ocean lies ahead. 26 — Missouri bound! 139 Miss Henderson: " Leita, those girls are not taking the proper exercise I asked. " Leita: " You told them to exercise vith dumbbells, and I saw them out walking with a couple of Clemson boys .yesterday. " .{. 4. 4. Caroline: " Who is that letter from? " Lena: " What do you want to know for? " Caroline: " There you go again! Honestly, you are the most inqui;itive person I know of. " 4; 4. 4. Beth: " Don ' t you think those open petting parties should be stopped? " Helen: " Yes, it seems to me public sentiment is against sentiment in public. " •ic •t Sara: " I thought Margaret and Roy were to have been married last spring. I heard that she hoped to reform him. " Grace: " That ' s just it. He heard it, too. " •!■ " l " •1 ' Poole: " Mrs. Gib., you ' ve made a mistake in my washing this week. You ' ve kept my shirt and sent me half a dozen old ragged handkerchiefs. " Mrs. Gibson: " Bless you, child, those aren ' t handkerchiefs. They are your shirt. " •h " ir " t Ethel Rowland: " I want some of that medi- cine that reduces weight. " Druggist: " Anti-Fat? " Ethel : " No, it ' s for my uncle. " ' h ' h ' h Virginia H. : " Say, where has my vanish- ing cream disappeared to? " Martha S.: " Have you looked behind the invisible hair nets? " •ir -t -i- Bobbie: " I ' ve sent back your letters, your gifts, and your ring. Is there anything else I can do? " Kelley: " You might return my love. " •ir " if Miss Denmark: " Young lady, do you real- ize this getting marreid is a very serious prob- lem? " Louise S.: " Yes, but not getting married is a lot more serious. " ■h -ir -h Her face was happy, His face was stern. Her hand was in his ' n, His was in her ' n. " Teacher ' s pet! Teacher ' s pet! " " No, they don ' t. I tried it. " •ir. " h " ir Mr. Jewell : " How is it, young man, that I find you kissing my daughter? How is it, I ask you ? " Jimmie: " Oh, it ' s great! It ' s great! " •h •i ' Old Skinflint: " Hey, boy! What ' s this you were shouting? ' Great Swindle! Sixty Vic- tims! ' " Newsboy: " Great Swindle! Sixty-one Vic- tims! " -t " •1 ' •!■ Motor Cop: " Hey, here, young lady! What ' s your name? " Florene: " Oh, my name ' s Flo. What ' s yours? " •h -ic " h Cy: " Do you favor clubs for women? " Touchstone: " Yes, indeed, if kindness has no effect. " •jc ir " h Mr. Sullivan: " What evidence have you for your belief in heredity? " Ada: " I go with a violinist ' s son. " Mr. Sullivan: " Well? " Ada: " He ' s always trying to string me. " •ic " ic " ic Alice (on board a ship) : " Say, this boat ' s sinking. " Jinx: " That ' s all right; I have a cake of soap and we can wash ashore. " •If -if Butterfly: " Cm on, kid; gimme a kiss. " Cuthbert: " Oh, no, I have grave trepida- tions. " Butterfly: " Aw, that ' s all right; I ' m vacci- nated. " •h " ic •if Bessie: " How ' s your nose? " Margaret: " Oh, shut up! " Bessie: " So ' s mine; must be the cold weather. " 4 4. 4. Coy: " This has been a trying week. " Sarah: " Yeah? What you been doing? " Coy: " Trying to pass exams. " •ir -ir •ie Bill: " You should see the altar in our acad- emy chapel. " Evelyn: " Lead me to it. " •jc -Ir -h Many a true statement has bee n uttered through false teeth. 140 ' v ' ' fe v vvJw v .v .vvvv vv Worse Verse This is a . Typical Bit of col- lege blank verse ; It doesn ' t rhyme Or have any sense Or anything. I think its Called blank verr.e Because it Doesn ' t rhyme. I don ' t know And don ' t care. I ' m c ' llegiate! —The Blue Prim. r i ' ■ !■? A certain countrv minister posted this no- tice on the church door: " Brother Smith de- parted for heaven at four-thirty a.m. " The next day he found written below: " Heaven, nine a.m. Smith not in yet. Great anxiety. " 4 " •!■ •!■ He: " The scene would be wonderful if I had brought m ' glasses. " She: " Oh, that ' s all right. I ' d just as soon drink out of the bottle. " " t ■!■ •!• Miss Gower: " Waiter, here ' s a tack in my doughnut. " Waiter: " Why, the ambit ious little thing! It thinks it ' s a puncture-proof tire. " •ic " h " ie A strong-armed, gallant young Prussian Loved a shy and girlish little Russian. From the sofa one night Came a sound of delight — The Prussian the Russian was crushin ' . •i " " i " " i " John Gilbert: " Do all pretty girls pet? " Evelyn Smith: " I don ' t no. " ' h ' h ' h " Do I bore you? " asked the mosquito, as he sank his bill into the cheek of the gentle- man. " No, but how do I strike you? " said the latter, as he smacked the former with a book. 4 ' 47 -t " Shaw: " We have divorced milk at A. C. " Melv a: " Divorced milk? " Shaw: " Yeah. Separated from the cream. " 4 ' !• rt Ruth Brown (relating her travels): " And in Florence I visited the Pitti Palace. " Red: " Oh, did ' urns? " Future Occupations Tight-Rope Walker .... Mary Lawrence World ' s Fattest Woman . Elizabeth Ledbetter Second Greta Garbo . . . Eloise Maxwell Governor of S. C Evelyn Smith Traveling Salesman .... Mr. Sullivan Ziegfeld Follies Girl . . . Sara Chapman Missionary Jack Pool Rat-Trap Manufacturer . . Miss Saunders Keeper of the In:iane .... Hazel Meeks Bolshevik Mary M. Wickersham Matron of an Orphan Asylum . Virginia Hull Serpent of the Nile Maud Green Bathing Beauty Mattie Fagg Dog-Catcher Miss Cronkhite 4. 4. •(. Miss Young: " And was your father really a policeman ? " Ambitious Pupil: " No, ma ' am, he wasn ' t exactly a policeman, but he went with them a great deal. " ■!• " l " " t Miss Crafton (to clerk) : " I want to buy some lard. " Clerk: " Pail? " Miss Crafton : " I didn ' t know it came in two shades. " 4. 4. Mr. Gib.: " That new farm hand h terribly dumb. " Mrs. Gib.: " Hov» ' ' s that? " Mr. Gib.: " He found a lot of condensed milk cans in the grass and insisted he had found a cow ' s nest. " rt- 4 " •1 ' Margaret Hawkins; " Oh, I ' m sorry, but I ' m afraid I have cut off your right foot. " Chivalrous Male: " That ' s |uite all right, madam, I had a corn on it anyway. " •i- -t -t Esperance: " Mother, there ' s a blind man at the door. " Mrs. Holliday: " Well, tell him we don ' t want any. " (Better read this one again.) •i- 4 " 4 " Old Man: " Aren ' t you ashamed to be smoking a cigarette, little boy? " Boy: " I sure am, mister, but what ' s a man goin ' to do when he ain ' t got the price of a cigar? " 4 4 4 Lois Frady: " What should I do for a girl who had her nose broken in two places? " Miss Cade: " Tell her to keep out of those two places. " 141 ' w» v ft vviw vvs. v aVkX ». xx v sx xv »xVJiM«W Our Faculty at L eisure Dr. and Mrs. Pratt — We are so interested in that new dance, the Blackbottom. All our extra time is taken up in practicing on new steps. That is why we were so anxious to take up our old quarters in White House. We could be sure of not cracking the plastering when we Blackbottomed extra hard. Mr. Holliday — What could be greater than a chicken farm and a waffle iron? Give me a drove of Rhode Island Red roosters and I ' m divinely happy. I have lately discovered a new kind of chicken feed that helps the fowl ' s indigestion. Miss Fox — Nothing touches my romantic heart more than to glide over the ice on skates under a witching winter moon. I have such a cunning red cap and scarf which light my complexion up and make the roses in my cheeks come and go. Miss Copeland — I received such a hand- some six-inch cigarette holder Christmas. I ' ve tried every brand on the market, but have de- cided that Chesterfields satisfy. Like Velvet, they don ' t bite the tongue. Mr. Sullivan — I have three very dear girl friends with whom I play stud poker every spare moment. Miss McCall — I enjoy sitting on the front curbing and flirting with the handsome trav- elling salesmen that pass by. Miss Saunders — Lately I ordered a dozen white mice. So adorable, with the dearest lit- tle pink eyes! I am planning to train them and take them on the stage with me next win- ter. Mr. Von Hasseln — I have often been told of my grace as a toe dancer. Now I spend spare time in taking Arthur Murray ' s danc- ing lessons through the mail, and I am plan- ning to become popular over night. Miss Gower — When I was a child I had a wart on the end of my nose, so now I spend hours in cutting the warts off pickles. Hav- ing struggled so to get rid of mine, I am now devoting my life to that noble service. Miss Parler — I am inventing a non-ex- plosive fly-paper. I refuse to say anything further on the matter, as some one is liable to steal my idea. Miss Cowd:;rick — Give me a box of Whit- man ' s and an E ' inor Glyn novel and I am di- vinely happy. By the Ads Shall Ye Know Them " Thick Lips Made Thin " — Helen Cippard. " Roll That Fat Away " — Margaret White. " Be a Movie Queen " — Velma Woolbright. " Fascinating Womanhood " — Sara Platte. " A Perfect Looking Nose Can Be Yours " — Iva Hartley. " They Laughed When I Started to Play " — Hazel Jeffcoat. " Mellins Food " — Ruth Smith. " Grow Taller — Reduce Your Weight " — Nelle Cunningham. " Be the Jazz Queen of Your Town " — Ma- bel Loveland. " The History of My Dainty Feet " — Vir- ginia Caldwell. " How I Became Popular Over Night " — Mr. R. H. Holliday. " I Can Teach You to Dance Like This " — Alice Watkins and Jinx Burgess. " Do Good Looks Count Against a Business Woman ? " — Miss Worthington. " I ' d Walk a Mile for a Camel " — Miss Den- mark. " Touch a Corn With This Amazing Liquid " — Mildred Franks. " You, too. Can Look Younger " — June Ros- coe. " Please Send Me a Set of Elinor Glyn " — Miss Cowdrick. " Saved From Baldness " — Dr. White. " Be a Detective " — Lucile Lee. " Are You Thin and Weak? " — Sara Chap- man. •ir " t Grace Stewart: " Where are you from? " Old Grad: " New Orleans. " Gracie: " Oh, I ' ve heard so much of the Mardi Gras. Have they a good chapter down there? " 142 PLEASE PATRONIZE THOSE WHO PATRONIZE US STRAND THEATRE Anderson. ANDERSON FLORAL COMl ' AN Y Anderson, PEOPLES PHARMACY Anderson, McGEE BOWI N Anderson. GLUCK MILLS Anderson, THE PLOWEB SHOPPE Anderson, HAKRY G. MeBRAYER Anderson, HARPER MOTOR COMPANV Anderson, ELECTRIC MADE CREAai COMPANY Anderson, G. P. TOLLY COMPANY Anderson, AMLLIS-SPEARMAN Anderson, BARTON GROCERY COMPANY Anderson, RCBENSTEIN ' S Anderson, n. GiaSBERG ' S Anderson, TO« ' NSEND LIMBER COJIPANY Anderson, PURE FOOD BAKERY Anderson, SULLIVAN HARDWARE Anderson, THOMPSON ' S SHOE STORE Anderson, SAM ORR TBIBBLE Anderson, GALLANT-BELK CO Anderson, W ' BBB-CASOX ' S DRUG STORE Anderson, FLEISHJIAN BROTHERS COMPANY Anderson, G. H. BAILES COMPANY Anderson, J. C. PENNEY Anderson, KEESE-COCHRAN .lEWELRY STORE Anderson, STAR DRY CLEANING COJIPANY Anderson, ECONOMY SHOE STOItB Anderson, W. W. ROBINSON ' S GROCERY STORE Anderson, DR. M. R. CAMPBELL Anderson, OBR-GRA Y DRUG COMPANY Anderson, ALTMAN PBINiriNG COMPANY Anderson, CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Anderson, LIGON-LEDBETTER Anderson, EFIRD ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Anderson, MOORE- WILSON Anderson, ANDERSON STE1. JI LAUNDRY Anderson, PANT ' S BOOK STOBfi Anderson, THOMSON ' S ELECTRIC COJU ' ANY Anderson, TOASTEE SANDWICH SHOP Anderson, COLUMBIA DRY CLEAN NG COMPANY Anderson, LAWRENCE BROWN ' LBE Anderson, McDOUGAL-BLECKLEY ' Anderson, B. O. EVANS Anderson, S. H. KRESS Anderson, BURSON-EBERHART Anderson, LUCAS-KIDD MOTOR CO Anderson, CRYSTAL CAFE Anderson, ANDERSON FRUIT COJIPANY ' An lerson, EAGLE BARBER SHOP COMPANY ' Anderson, CONTINENTAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Anderson, THE MARCEL SHOPPE Anderson, J. C. JONKS Anderson, CAROLINA NATIONAL BANTJl Anderson, CASEY S: FANT ' S Anderson. CHERO-COLA CO Anderson, ANDERSON HARDWARE COMPANY Anderson, MAC ' S SERVICE STATION Anderson, ANDERSON INDEPENDENT Anderson, DR. MOORE, Chiropodist Anderson, ANDERSON JLACHINE FOUNDRY Anderson, SOUTHERN PUBLIC ITILITIES CO Anderson, McPALL GROCERY COMl ' ANY Anderson, IDEAL LAUNDRY Anderson, MARCHBANK ' S JEWELRY STORE Anderson, ANDERSON COLLEGE Anderson, s. C s. C s. c. s. c. s. c s. c. s. c s. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s. c s. c s c. s. c. s. c. s. c s. c. w c. s c. (»■ c. s, c. s, c. s. c. s. c. s. c. .• c. ■« ' c. JW c. ! c. c. w c. ,« c c. ,« c. s. c. ■ c. s. c. h; c. s. c. s. c ,w. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. 3 c. l " - c. , c. , c. ■i c. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON B»r COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS «wxvi vvvN . xv x a v xvvv a. .vcwcw«w ANDERSON INDEPENDENT ANDERSON, S. C. " Read It Daily ' Moore Marinello Beauty SKop Second Floor, J. C. Penney Co. PHONE 148 ANDERSON, S. C. Dr. Moore, Chiropody Anderson Mackme Foundry Co. JylacJiinery ana Su hes IRON, BRASS AND ALUMINUM CASTINGS ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA And Always Rememher FOR ANYTHING ELECTRICAL Phone 223 Southern Putlic Utilities Company McFall Grocery Co. ANDERSON, S. C. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS D BmviWBwwT waagsag» c v a vx xv x v v v vxv«v xVl.vcw«WJwaa LUCAS-KIDD FORDS FIRST " Your Ford Dealer CRYSTAL CAFE AND LUNCH 118 North Main Street ANDERSON, S. C. Phone 800 Your Patronage Will Be Appreciated ANDERSON FRUIT COMPANY WHOLESALE Phone 569 ALL KINDS OF PRODUCE Bananas, Grapefruit and Vegetables of All Kinds Eagle Barber Snop Co. We Have Three Shops EAGLE, PLAZA AND ROYAL GIRLS, COME TO SEE US J. C. Jones Co. COTTON PHONE 400 Anderson, S. C. Why not guarantee that girls education by making a small deposit each year with Tne Continental Life Insurance Company F. W. Felkel, R. C. Ellington Anderson Building ANDERSON, S. C. Information Mailed on Request Tke Marcel Skoppe PHONE 57 FOR BEAUTY ' S SAKE Permanent Waves 100 w. Benson St. Anderson, S. C. D VKv J AU»xvvvvvvvvv x v v vv.v ax NEW SAFE STRONG CAROLINA NATIONAL BANK ANDERSON, S. C. fdemher Federal Reserve System NEW SAFE STRONG CASEY FANT Architects ANDERSON, S. C. Archilecls for Anderson College NEHI Bottling Company Exclusive Bottlers of Quality NEHI Beverages Get !t at Cnero-Cola Bottling Co. ANDERSON, S. C. MAC ' S SERVICE STATION Thai Good Gull Gasoline " Service with a Smile " Compliments of the Anderson riara are Co. Phone 253 ANDERSON, S. C. ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON. SOUTH CAROLINA A COLLEGE FOR GIRLS AND YOUNG WOMEN OUTDOOR SPORTS THE YEAR ROUND Delightful Surroundings Thorough courses of study leading to A.B., B.S., B.M., B.O. degrees. Two-year courses in Pre- Classical, Pre-Scientific, Public School Music, Ex- pression, Home Economics, Secretarial, Physical Education, Art. ' ' Send Us the Girl and We Will Return the Woman " For Catalogue, Address REGISTRAR Q Anderson ' s Most Popular Department Store Sells Quality Mer- chandise. Lowest in Price. Millinery, ReaJy-to-Wear, Footw ear Hosiery, Toilet Goods In fact, everything for the College Girls. We say it again — No place like " Efird ' s " for values. Our Big Store al Your Service EFIRDS DEPARTMENT STORE Tne Best m Everything for Women Reaay-to-Wear, Millinery, Piece Goods, FootAvear, Etc. We appreciate your patronage just as much, possibly a bit more, than anyone. We are always glad to have you visit our store. Mail orders and phone orders receive special attention. MOORE-WILSON COMPANY ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA m?- j VW. fci a.AwN NvxVvvvVV vvvv »x .v;i XVV ALTM A N PRINTING COMPANY ffl Phone 160 ffl Anderson, South Carolina CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF Anderson, S. C. Capital and Sur- lus $325,000 INTEREST ALLOWED ON SAVINGS ACCOUNTS ORR-GRAY AND COMPANY Headquarters for PUREST DRUGS ana Higkest Grade Toilet Articles WHITMAN ' S SAMPLER Bcii Candy Made TELEPHONE 216 LIGON AND LEDBETTER COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS n ANDERSON, S. C. VJ v A ' J xvvvv v. xv« xv Wg x». Vfc ANDERSON S BETTER STORE Invites your inspection of the correct styles in Women ' s Wear, that is always on display at this good store. Ready-to-Wear and Millinery of the Better Kind Always Costs You Less at FLEISHMAN S Dainty Feminine Footwear — All Styles, Leatners, Wiatns ana Sizes FLEISHMAN COMPANY Anderson s Better Store Bailes Department Store The Home of Beautiful Shoes Now Showing Exactly As Design. Highest grade patent or satin, at .$6.95 pr. No. 2 grade patent or satin as above, at .$3.95 pr. Largest assortment of pat- terns in the upper part of South Carolina. Ail Styles from $2 to $ 1 G. H. BAILES CO. Anderson Greenville Seneca J. C. PENNY COMPANY ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA This Store Is One of a Nation- Wide Chain of Department Stores Tne Largest oi Its Kind in tne Worla ' Baojing Most We Buy jar Less, Selling Most We Sell for Less ' KE !. «e.vw« a, ' $iY :A t swMCim;SS ANDERSON STEAM LAUNDRY Cleaners and Dyers 102 W. Earl Street PHONE 7 Engraved Visiting Cards and Engraved Invitations Fant ' s Book Store Established 1851 Tkomson ' s Electric Company Contractors and Dealers Electric Appliances 121 W. Whilner Street ANDERSON, S. C. Toastee Sandwicn Shop A Place lo Eat That ' s Different Waffles Sandwiches North Main ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Columbia Dry Cleaning Company ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA DRY CLEANING You Will Appreciate and Enjoy " Better Be Safe Than 5orr ) " L awrence Brovi nlee Agency INSURANCE Phone 900 MacDougald-Bleckly Co. Funeral Directors Anderson, South Carolina B. O. EVANS CO. Outfitters for Men and Boys " The Store ailh a Conscience " Anderson, South Carolina KRESS 5-10-25c STORE Candy, Toilet Goods, Stationery, Notions, Ribbons, Jewelry S. H. KRESS CO. Anderson, South Carolina Jj«XNXv XNVxvs.vjv . vxv vw N?» ; Willis Spearman jyiusic House Records and Popular Sheet Music Teachers Supplies Bleckley Bldg. Anderson, S. C. Exclusive Apparel Moderately Priced AT RUBENSTEIN ' S Anderson, South Carolina HomeKee mg Hearts Are the Ha iest " we build the house " " you make the home " ToAvnsend Lumter Company CONTRACTORS AND BUILDING MATERIAL PHONE 267 ANDERSON, S. C. Barton Grocery Co. WHOLESALE GROCERS federal street Anderson, South Carolina D. GEISBERG exclusive Ladies ' Ready-to- Wear Pure Food Bakery The Home of AUNT MARY S CREAM BREAD PURE FOOD BAKERY ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA D KiX X ' ' fe »- W .VVV XXVVVVNVVXXXN V V XVVV X SULLIVAN S HARDWARE COMPANY ANDERSON BELTON GREENVILLE GREER Hardware, Mill Supplies, Athletic Supplies, Household Furnishings Your Patronage Is Always Appreciated We Carry All the New Things in Fine Footwear for Women THOMPSONS SHOE STORE GALLANT-BELK COMPANY Ue artment Store DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, READY-TO-WEAR MILLINERY A Modem, Up-to-Date Slore That Sells Everything and " Sells It for Less " A FRIEND OF THE COLLEGE Diamonds Watches Jewelry s am Orr Tribble 140 North Main Street ANDERSON, S. C. Cut Class Silverware China WEBB-CASON DRUG COMPANY Drugs, Toilet Articles, Sodas, Candies and Stationery CALL 741 Prompt Service and Courteous Attention You Are Always Welcome at Our Store Q arrrw.l. xvK;M,bJ N v » xxv x vv v x vv vV JJJJ X v ! fa " A Busy Jetvelrv Store " Tne Public Appreciates a First-Class Je velry Store The fact is proven day by day because of the fact that our store is a busy place. The Reasons Why: The public knows that we carry the largest stock in the city, and it " it can ' t be found here Il ' s Not in Anderson Not just a few — but hundreds ' of Diamonds All Sizes Clocks All Prices Watches All Makes Rings All Kinds Sterling Silver All the Leading Patterns Leather Goods The Best Makes Fine China Many Patterns Thousands of Other Articles from the Cheapest to the Best. Trade Here for Service and Satisfaction. We Lead ; Others Wonder. KEESE AND COCHRAN " your jewelers " STAR DRY CLEANING CO. Cleaners, Dyers and Hatters 359 301 E. Benson St. ANDERSON, S. C. We Carry All the New Styles in Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear and Skoes ECONOMY SHOE STORE YOU ARE WELCOME IF YOU WANT GROCERIES CALL 573 W. W. ROBINSON For Eye Comfort and Better Vision see DR. CAMPBELL Maxwell Building ANDERSON, S. C. SORORIAN STRAND THEATRE America ' s Finest Pictures ALWAYS FIRST WITH THE LATEST PARAMOUNT AND UNITED ARTISTS PRODUCERS CLEAN ENTERTAINMENT THE YEAR AROUND And He Said It Witk Flow ers— - Lover ' s quarrels are like June showers. Before they ' re un- der way the sun comes peek- ing through the clouds. And erson Floral Company ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Peoples Pkarmacy Expert Soda Service Munnally s Candy The College Girls ' Store N. MAIN STREET MacGee Bowlan Wholesale Merchants Flour, Grain, Hay ana Feeds ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Q GLUCK MILLS ANDERSON. SOUTH CAROLINA Manufacture Lawns, Voiles, Etc. EQUINOX MILL ANDERSON. SOUTH CAROLINA MANUFACTURE ARMY DUCK USE COTTON GOODS The FloA er Shoppe Mrs. S. T. King ANDERSON. S. C. Phone 129.J 325 E. Whitner St. Harry G. MacBrayer, INCORPORATED The Store for Men On the Square Harper Motor Co. ANDERSON. S. C. Electric Made Cream Company Anderson, South Carolina G. F. TOLLY SON We are always glad to have the college girls visit our store. and will be delighted tc fur- nish their own homes for them when they have left " home nest. " the G. F . TOLLY Established 1858 SON Q v J v fe AsA» x .vv Nxvv N v SHEET MUSIC Mail Orders Filled Burson-Eberliart Company Anderson, South Carolina IDEAL LAUNDRY Telephone 41 WET WASH THRIFT WASH ROUGH DRY Dr ) Cleaning and Pressing 103 West Reed Street For dependable merchandise at rea- sonable prices and prompt and satisfactory watch, clock and jewelry repairing. SEE MARCHBANKS J eivelers At the Sign of the Big Watch Phone 444 North Main St. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS fe-Sf ' N Forembst - Ih x %• ' .■ :u M Kw ' J IN THE YEAR ' l IS THE IRSOh THE FIELD ' )if " IM V k M n Has Kad more tKan trtenty Jears of successful experience in Year -Book Designing and Engraving. The are recognized as the leaders in the creation and production of tne better class of annuals. TKeir experience, equipment, corps of artists, designers and engravers are entirely) at ; our disposal n " S%} WpF Ij j 4 Capitol Enqravinq 130.132134 IM FOURTH AVENUE, NORTH NASHVILLE TENN. M SjA xvfei tVAWXvvvvvvxNvv vv ft.N vi a. xvw f y . ' a:i]eEnd „». 4v mmmmmimmmm c.iam;iMSimwaMi«m.iiW!iBr?sgatit«iaTL..;

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