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itvitti ° v XX » « « — l»f " 7 . J CqOOD- QHlisP- " PjNfcJVL Qooj£, fM w rav at foreword - jes, it is the brightness, not the darlmess, that we see when we look hack. " ' But time does much to dim the brightness of the past and so to hold each slveet and tender memory of our college life, the (fJtiother Qoose " OBoo shall serve to help us live again the joyous days when We were Anderson (College girls. ' iShe ROMAN Published by the Senior Qlass of cAnderson Qollege ' edicaW ' in %0 T r, K. N. Tmt 6 X 5 n expression of our iofe C L and gratitude to one ivKose noble example has ever inspired us to greater thoughts and deeds, who has opened to our minds new vistas of Spiritual Beauty, and who has eternally endeared himself to the heart of every stu- dent, we lovingly and loyally dedicate this volume of uc Qhe Sororian " DR. R. N. PRATT (fMjother Qoose ales cfoale One . c ale c Ijvo . ale hree Ddle tyour . (■Bale tyive . , he Qampus c he Qlasses . Organizations . . cAthletics . . features ONE THE COLLEGE ' Mirror. Mirror, tell me true, " What would our professors do If Goldilocks should come to class? Would she study? Could she pass? If she brought The Three Bears too. What would our poor teachers do? They couldn ' t walk th » campus lawn Just one look and they ' d be gone. For who ' d want three ferocious bears Sniffing at a prof ' s grey hairs? Mirror, Mirror, tell me, do? Sororian i 9 2 6 Dr. John 1 E. White, President 13 1 Sororian i g 2 6 Hv. p e|il ' V«n ' fla.sse)i 14 Sororian Officers of Instruction John Ellington White, A.B., D.D. A B. " Wake Forest; D.D. Baylor University R. H. Holliday, B.O., B.A., M.A. History, Sociology and Economics B.O., B.A., and M.A. Linwood College; Student at George Washington University, Missouri University, University of Chicago, and University of Tennessee. Webb von Hasseln Modern Languages Student at Clemson Agricultural and Mechanical College; Student in France, Germany, Austria, and Central America; Certificates in Spanish and French from Berlitz School of Languages, Havana, Cuba; Certificate in German from the Department of Military Intelligence, United States Army. John C. Calhoun Dunford, M.A., Th.B. School of Bible and Christian Service, Mathematics M.A. " Wake Forest; Th.B. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Pupil in French of Professor Henri Marion of Annapolis; Corresponding Member of the American Institute of Civics. Regina Cook Cowdrick, A.B., M.A. Literature A.B. Demin University; Graduate Toledo Normal Training School; M.A. George Peabody College for Teachers. Talmadge C. Johnson, A.B., M.A. Composition and Literature A.B. Furman University; M.A. Vanderbilt University. Roberta Crawford, A.B. Science A.B. Meredith College. Mary Adelia Fox, M.Acct., B.S. Education M.Acct Toiedo Business College; B.S. in Education Berea College, Kentucky; Graduate " Work Toward M.A. George Peabody College for Teachers. Charles S. Sullivan, A.B., A.M. Psychology and Ethics A.B. Furman University; A.M. Harvard University. Olga V. Pruitt, M.D. Physician and Hygiene M.D. Johns Hopkins University Rev. R. N. Pratt, A.B. Bible (Old Testament) A.B. Erskine College; Studied in Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. IS Sororian 9 2 6 Special Departments Grace Louise Cronkhite Dean of Music Department Professor nf Piano and Organ, Advanced Harmony, Counterpoint, History of Music and Analysis. New England Conservatory, Boston; Pupil of Carl Faelton, Edwin Klahse, Henry Dunham; Virgil Piano School and Metropolitan College of Music, New York; Composition with, Harry Parre Shelley, New York; Private Pupil of Monitz Moszkowski, Paris, Two Y ' ears. Annie D. Denmark Instructor in Piano Graduate Meredith College, Raleigh, N, C, 190S; Pupil Raphael Josseffy, New York, Virgil School,- New York; Pupil of Alberta Jonas, New York, 1916-17. Edith May Hall Instructor in Piano, Harmony, Ensemble, History of Music 1309; Pupil of Graduate Meredith College, Rl Piano School, New Y ' ork, 1912 leigh, N C, 190S; Postgraduate Meredith College, 1909; Pupil of Virgil Pupil Augusta Cottlow, 1918. Ouida Patterson Instructor in Piano, Dunning Kindergarten System Teacher ' s Certificate in Piano, Anderson College; Artist ' s Diploma in Piano, Andersen College; Dunning School, New York, Two Summers. Hattie Fay Instructor in Piano, Preparatory Harmony, and Euryllnnitics Certificate in Voice, Anderson College; Summer School, Columbia University; Dalcroze School, New York, Eurythmics. ISAPHINE M. RlCHEY Professor of Voice, Public School Music, Sight Singing and Director of Glee Club Graduate Normal Methods in Public School Music, New England Conservatory, Boston, Mass., 1910; Summer Course in Public School Methods in Silver Bordett School, Evanston, 111., 1910; Graduate in Voice, Chicago Musical College, 1910; Private Pupil of Frederick Briston and David Bispham, New York, 1921. Alleyne M. Hamilton Art Graduate Fine and Applied Arts, New Y r ork; Student Fine Arts, Columbia University, New York; Applied Design, Pupil Floyd Ackley, New Y r ork; Pupil of A. A. Frazzae, G. Estobrook, and others, Chicago, 111.; Fine Arts and Public School Drawing, Chicago Art Institute; Fine Arts, Studios of Cin- cinnati, Ohio; Pupil of Fine Arts, Hedgivic Leibrich, Berlin. Gertrude Pratt Expression A.B. Roist College, Vermont; Graduate Course in the Worchester School of Oratory. " Worchester, Mass.; Private Pupil of S. M. Haynes, Boston; Harvard University, Summer, 1922; Graduate Course in the Warden School of Oratory, Canada. Leona Halbert, B.S. Domestic Science, Domestic Art B.S. Peabody College; Graduate Student Uni- versity of Chicago, Summer, 1922. Mary Lucile Younge, A.B. Sub-Freshman Work A.B. Anderson College. Cordelia Henderson Director of Physical Education; Graduate of Sargent School of Physical Education. Ad Lene Jones, A.B. French A.B. Anderson College; Graduate Work, Colum- bia University. Sallie T. Cade Resident Nurse Velma Finch, C.P.A. Commercial Subjects C.P.A. Oxford College; Syracuse University. 16 TALE TWO «- THE CLAS Could Snow White pass in Botany Or Dummling write a theme; Would Rumplestiltsken study hard Or try to make the team? Would Thumbelina bust in math And Cinderella French; Would Sleeping Beauty nod and fall Asleep upon the bench? Would Fairies too, like mortals do Their troubles to abate. Bone and cram and bluff a bit In hopes to graduate? Sororian 9 2 6 TKe Seiruors of Arrv.Aer sotl Colleo Had a, crook like little Bo Pee p Fo r f ea. r " bke Turn, i o r s WQ uleil -f md it " TVievjlost a. tot of sleep. 19 Sororian -?K :VV ■-.:: ' , Medora Jordan, Mascot Senior Class Officers Colors: Blue and Gold Flower: Sweet Pea Kathryne Cannon . . . . . President Willie Sue Boleman .... Treasurer Cornelia Milam Vice-President Nellie Eskew Poet Frances Burgess Secretary Meryl Barnes Historian Ruth Todd Prophet Miss Edith Hall, Sponsor Sororian i 9 2 6 Miss Edith Hall, Sponsor Senior CI ass ISABELLE ARNETTE, A.B. LAKE VIEW, S. C. Lanier Society; Entered. ' 21- ' 22. Isabelle is hard to know, but when the barriers are once broken, what a change! She is a true friend, and will do anything in the world for you. She is a bit dignified from all outward appearances, but wh«n you know the real Isabelle she is " peppy, " jolly, and always ready for fun. We lose much when we lose her, but wherever she goes our best wishes are with her. MERYL BARNES, A.B. LODGE, S. C. Entered ' 22- ' 23 ; Estherian Literary Society; Treasurer Estherian Literary Society, ' 25- ' 26; President Athletic As- sociation, ' 2f)- ' 26 ; Class Treasurer, ' 24- ' 25 ; Class Repre- sentative Athletic Association, ' 24- ' 25; Wearer of Block " A " ; Executive Council, ' 25- ' 26; Class Historian, ' 25- ' 26; Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. A.; B. Y P. U. ; Class Basketball Team. ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; Captain Class Team, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25; Varsity Basketball Team, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; Class Volley Ball Team, ' 24- ' 25; Class Baseball Team. 2 4- , 25; Class Tennis Team, ' 2 4- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; Down State Club, ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- 25; Busy Bee Club, ' 22- ' 23; Span- ish Club, ' 24- ' 25. It would be useless to attempt to follow Meryl into the different phases of college life in which she took part. Perha,ps it is better to describe her in these words: " She loves everybody, and everybody loves her. " Because of her ardent love for " Math " we know that all of Meryl ' s thoughts are big ones. Anderson will miss her! And no doubt we will wish a hundred fold times for her, but we would not he selfish in asking for all the best things. We wish your whole life be one long bright summer day. Jenior CI ass WILLIE SUE BOLEMAN, A.B. TOWNVILLE, S. C. Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. A ; Anderson County Club, ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25; President Anderson County Club, ' 25- ' 26; Har- old Lloyd Club, ' 22- ' 23; Busy Bee Club, ' 22- ' 23; Dramatic Club, ' 23- ' 24; Sergeant-at-Arms Lanier Society, ' 24- ' 25; Fire Captain East Dormitory, ' 25- ' 26; Senior Tennis Tour- nament, ' 25- ' 26; Class Basketball Team, ' 25- ' 2( . " To know her is to love her " we c?n say of Willie Sue. Prom the time she came to us four years ago she has always held a large place in our hearts. She is a good student, and a pal to everyone. Loveable, dependable, and attractive, we wish for " Bill " the greatest happiness and success in years to come. DOROTHY BROWN, A.B. ANDERSON, S. C. Entered ' 23- ' 24; Lanier Society. Dorothy Brown, better known as " Dot, " is one of those select few who can complete a college course in three years. Aside from her ability as a student, Dot has also made many friends. She is conscientious in her work and in her play. She believes in doing well anything she starts. She is a girl who always has room for one more friend without neglecting any of her o ' d ones. The fact that Dot has been with us only three years does not pre- vent her from being one of the truest members of our class. As she leaves her Alma Mater, we are sure she will meet with great success. Senior CI ass FRANCES BURGISS, A.13. SAT GREER, S. C. Entered ' 22- " 23 ; Vice-President Freshman Class, ' 22- ' 23 ; Board Member, ' 23- ' 24; Pan-Hellenic, ' 24- ' 25; Assistant Business Manager Orion, ' 2 3- ' 2 4 ; Treasurer Estherian, ' 23- ' 24; Class Marshal, ' 23- ' 24; Assistant Editor Orion, ' 2 4- ' 2 5 ; President Estherian, ' 25- ' 26; Secretary Senior Class, ' 25- ' 26 Frances, you mean " Kitten, " who is just the girl we all want for a friend. She is very sympathetic and always present if we are in need. It is so much fun to be around her and it always puts us in a good state of mind for her to come around. Kitten has so very much " pep " and is one of the most energetic little creatures that has ever been to Anderson. She possesses the ability to do just whatever she undertakes and there could be nothing better than for her to be the great helper of a " doctor " in Greenville. CARRIE MARGARETTE COTHRAN, A.B. TONEY CREEK, S. C. Entered ' 22- ' 23; Lanier Society; Member Y. W. A., ' 22- ' 23 ) ' 2 3- ' 24, ' 24- " 25, ' 25- ' 26; Y. W. C. A.. ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- T 25, ' 25- ' 26; French Club, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25; Spanish Club, ' 24- ' 25; Educa- tional Club, ' 25- ' 26 ; Class Basketball, ' 25- ' 26 ; Dramatic Club, ' 25- ' 2(J; House President East Dormitory, ' 25- ' 2t ; Varsity, ' 25- ' 26. Who ' d ever guess how much is bound up in such a scrap of humanity? Yes, Carrie is small in body, but not in mind, and when it comes to pep and spirit, she can ' t be beat. " We ' re awfully glad, too, that she has sucli a big heart, and believe it was given her for a special purpose, for Carrie is House President. And if she manages her own home (which we secretly believe she will soon have) as successfully as she has her dormitory, she ' ll be a won- der. And our hearty congratulations to the lucky man. Senior CI ass GLADYS CROMER, A.B. ANDERSON " , S. C. Entered ' 22- ' 23; Estherian Society; Spanish Club, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; Secretary and Treasurer Town Girls Club, ' 24- ' 25; Glee Club, ' 25- " 26. Competent is the word that describes Gladys. She is frank and openminded, considerate and generous. With her winning way and genial disposition she has made many friends both among the faculty and the students. She is a good student, and her ambition is spurring her on to a B. M. Degree, after she gets her A.B. Gladys is tal- ented in both piano and voice and we predict for her a great musical career. KATHRYN CANNON, A.B. SAT WESTMINSTER, S. C. Entered " 23- ' 24; Estherian Literary Society; Sans Souci, •23- ' 24. , 24- ' 25, ' 25- 26; T. W. C. A., ' 23- ' 24, , 24- , 25, ' 25- ' 26; Athletic Association, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; Glee Club, ' 23- ' 24, " 24- ' 25; Vice-President Class, ' 23- ' 24; Vice-Presi- dent Class, 24- 25; Estherian Cheer Leader, " 24- ' 25; Junior Play, ' 24- ' 25; Secretary and Treasurer of San Souci, ' 24- " 25; Business Manager Orion, ' 24- ' 25; Vine-President Sorority, ' 24- ' 25 ; Member Pan-Hellenic, ' 24- ' 25 ; Class Basketball Team; President Class, ' 25- ' 26; Business Manager Sororian, ' 25- ' 26; College Cheer Leader, ' 25- ' 26; President Sorority, ' 25- ' 28; Critic Dramatic Club, ' 25- T 26; Dramatic Club, ' 24- ' 25; Pan-Hellenic, ' 25- ' 26; Sigma Sigma Sigma, " 25- ' 26. " Cat " is the kind of a girl that ' s hard to find — popular, sensible, and good looking. We admire her because she says what she thinks. When she thinks a thing she sticks to it. With all her frankness she is lovable and has made many friends among her classmates. Her popularity is not limited to college friends but extends into town and her winning smile has even captured the grocery man. She has proved her ability in college and we predict for her a wonderful success after she leaves us. Senior CI ass LORA PAULINE CHAPMAN, A.B. PELZER, S. C. Member of Lanier Literary Society; B. Y. P. U. ; Y. W. A.; Y. W. C. A.; French Club, ' 24- ' 25. Don ' t let your first impression of Lora be lasting ' . She may appear a bit indifferent, but after you Know her you find she is the opposite. She is loyal, sincere and true; the world gains where we lose. She is very studious and to see her studying psychology you would think she would be a philosopher. Yet the main philosophy with which she is concerned at present is love; we feel sure that what- ever she attempts to do she will be successful. So here ' s to her future. CORRIE MAE CHAPMAN, A.B. PELZER, S. C. Entered ' 22- ' 23; Lanier Society; B. Y. P. U. ; Y. W. A; Y. W. C. A.; Secretary B. Y. P U., First Term, ' 23- ' 24; Vice-President B. Y. P. U., Second Term, ' 23- ' 24; Secre- tary B. Y. P. TJ., ' 24- ' 25; Spanish Club, ' 24- ' 25; Baseball Team, ' 24- ' 25; Progressive Educational Club, ' 25- ' 26; Bas- ketball Team, ' 25- ' 26. " Come on, let ' s play a joke on somebody. " That ' s Corrie. But we ' re surely glad, she ' s a good sport because some- times the joke turns, and somebody else has fun. But if there is one thing she likes better than having fun, it is being in love. She ' s called the " King of Hearts " and that imp ies that she possesses many hearts, which she un- doubtedly does. But there is one which she doesn ' t have, and that one is her own. Sometimes she cries for it and sometimes she laughs lor the sheer delight of not having it. " We congratulate the fortunate man for he has cer- tainly chosen one who will be faithful, loyal, and true, for such she has proved to be to us. enior CI ass VENITA CUNNINGHAM, A.B. GREER, S. C. Entered ' 23- ' 24; Estherian Literary Society; President of International Relations Club, ' 24- " 25; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 24- ' 25; Orion Staff, 24- ' 25; Vice-President Junior Class, ' 24- ' 25; President Y. W. C. A , ' 25- ' 26. Venita is an easy-going and lovable sight; she is typical senior and possesses all the dignity of one, along with her humour and love for fun. She is always ready to enter into the different activities and do her part. Think of a girl who is loved by every one of her classmates, as well as all those who know her, and it is none other than our Venita. She proved her great ability to act when she played the part of Daddy-Long-Legs so wonderfully well in the play her junior year. ELIZABETH DAVIS, A.B. STARR, S. C. Entered ' 23- ' 24; Lanier Literary Society; Class Basketball Team, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25; ' 25- ' 26; Varsity Basketball Team, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25, 25- ' 26; Dramatic Club, ' 23- ' 24; Captain Varsitv Basketball Team, " 24- ' 25; Class Volley Ball Team, ' 24- ' 25; Class Baseball Team, ' 24- ' 25; Head of Basketball, ' 25- ' 26; Wearer of Block " A " ; Secretary K. O. E.. ' 25- ' 26; Assistant Business Manager Sororian, ' 25- ' 26; Executive Council, ' 25- ' 26; Class Marshal, ' 25- ' 26; Contributors Club, ' 24- ' 25; Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. A.; Anderson County Club; Secretary and Treasurer Anderson County Club, ' 25- ' 26; Treasurer of Lanier Literary Society, ' 25- ' 26. Elizabeth is a combination of many lovely traits, the kind that any girl would be proud of. Her attractiveness, unselfishness and dependability are some of the best. All who know " Liz " love her for her frankness and sincerity. Whether we remember especially her slick blacft hair, and voguish form dressed in the latest fashion, or whether we think of her as a star on the basketball court, we know that both memories are of one distinct and charming per- sonality and of a girl whom v e love. Jenior CI ass NELLIE REID ESKEW, A.B. ANDERSON, S. C. Entered ' 22- ' 23; Lanier Literary Society; Class Basketball, •22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 2 4; ' 24- ' 25, ' 2 5- ' 2 6; Varsity Squad, ' 22- ' 23, ' 24- , 25, ' 25- ' 26; Secretary K. O. E. Club, ' 23- ' 24; President K. O. E., ' 25- ' 26; Treasurer Anderson County Club, ' 23- ' 24; Delegate to B. Y. P. U. Convention, Greenwood, ' 23- ' 24; Nominating ' Committee, ' 23- ' 24; Exec " +ive Council, ' 24- ' 25; Captain Junior-Freshman Baseball Team, ' 24- ' 25; Volley Ball Team, ' 24- ' 25; Contributor Club, ' 24- ' 25; International Relation Club, ' 24- ' 25 ; Athletic Editor Orion, ' 24- ' 25 ; Treasurer of Lanier Literary Society, ' 23- ' 25 ; Circulation Manager of " Yodler, " ' 25- ' 2( ; Secretary of Student Gov- ernment Association, ' 25- ' 26; Dramatic Club, ' 24- ' 25; Vice- President of Dramatic Club, ' 25- ' 26; French Club, ' 25- ' 26; Class Poet, ' 25- ' 26; President Lanier Literary Society, ' 25--2G. EMMA FLOWERS, B.S. DARLINGTON, S. C. Estherian Literary Society; Theta Pi; Y. W. C. A.; Secre- tary Freshman Class, ' 22- ' 23. One day in ' 21 the September wind from that glorious old ' burg of Dovesville blew in a real Sub-Freshman. Emma is a typical blonde. When she is once known, you may depend on it — she is a good staunch friend. She is ready to do anything for her friends at any time. She never worries and takes almost everything good naturedly, even if it is a physics test. Being the only one in the class of ' 26 to receive a B.S. Degree we are all looking forward to getting an announcement saying she is putting her training into practice. She has a heart that is big, and a sunny smile that will never wear off. And besides her loveable disposition, she has the ability to do what she wants to do. Nelle is not lacking in athletic accomplishments. She, as forward on her class team, did much to make the seniors basketball champions. It is no wonder to us that she was voted the most competent girl in school. As Lanier Literary Society President, she has won the esteem and admiration of her society and all others with whom she has come in contact. With her sterling qualities, we are sure she will rock along to success in life! Jeruor CI ass MATTIE MAE HALLUMS, B.M. PICKENS, S. C. Entered ' 25- ' 26; Lanier Society. Quiet? Yes. Witty? Yes. Intellectual? Well, I guess. Mattie Mae came to us from G W. C. in ' 25, so not many have been fortunate enough to know her for she is re- served. But those who have been thrown into close con- tact with her declare her friendship to be a jewel of great value. Anderson claims her as one of her musical geniuses, and we are confident that she will rise to a high plane in the musical world. BERTHA LEOLA KELLY, A.B., B.O. PELZER, S. C. Entered ' 22- ' 23; Lanier Society; Glee Club, ' 22- ' 23; Mar- shal of Class, ' 22- " 23- Executive Council. ' 22- 23; President of Class, ' 23- ' 24; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25; Vice- President Dramatic Club, ' 23- ' 24; " Vice-President Lanier Society, ' 24- ' 25; French Club, " 23- ' ?4; Anderson County Club, ' 23- ' 24, ' 25- ' 26; Treasurer Y. W. C. A., ' 24- ' 25; Con- tributors Club, ' 24- ' 25; Y. W. A Cabinet, ' 25- ' 26; K. O. E. Club, ' 25- ' 26. It is almost impossible to find any suitable words which would sum up all of " Bert ' s " splendid characteristics. She has a merry disposition, a friendly word for all, and a fine character. We feel sure that in time she will become " a perfect woman, nobly planned, to warn, to comfort, and command, " oenior CI ass CORNEIXA MILAM, A.B. SANDY SPRINGS, S. C. Entered ' 22- ' 23; Lanier Literary Society; K. O. E. Club, ' 22- ' 23, ' 25- ' 26; Class Marshal, ' 23- ' 24; Class Basketball Team, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; Varsity Basketball Team, ' 24- , 25, 25- ' 26; Class Baseball Team, ' 24- ' 25; Member Executive Council, 24- ' 25; French Club, ' 24- ' 25; Contributors Club, 24- ' 25 ; Secretary Class, ' 24- ' 25 ; International Relations Club, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- 26; Secretary International Relations Club, ' 25- ' 26; Vice-President Class, ' 2R- ' 26; Chief Marshal, •25- ' 26; " Yodler " Reporter, 25- " 26; Vice-President Student Government, ' 25- 26; Treasurer Dramatic Club, ' 25- ' 26; Y. W. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Wearer of Block " A " ; Anderson County Club; Critic Lanier Society, ' 25- " 26. Blue eyes, with a mischievous flash to them, a mop of curly black hair that reminds you of a six-year-old, a sweet smile — that ' s Cornelia, of course. The honors listed above which show the active part she lias taken in every phase of college activities, are proof in themselves of the deeper side of her nature. With it all she is dependable and sincere. Sincerity like hers is rare and hard to find, like wild violets and other beautiful things. So, natural- ly, Cornelia, we all love you and wish you success. SARA ELIZABETH McGEE, A.B. ANDERSON, S. C. Lanier Literary Society; Progressive Educational Club, ■25- ' 26 ; Athletic Association; French Club, ' 24- ' 25; Town Girls ' Club Gentle, sweet, and jolly, that ' s Sara. She is loyal to her friends. We who know her love her most because she is what she is without pretense. She is one of the most conscientious girls in the class. With such a sweet dis- position, we are assured that she will meet success where- ever she goes. Because we love and appreciate her she has the sincere love and good wishes of all the class of ' 26. Senior CI ass MARY EUNICE RICE, A.B. PELZER, S. C. Member Lanier Literary Society; Secretary B. Y. P. U., " 23- ' 24 ; Member Y. W. A., Y. W. C. A., ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25; Substitute Senior Basketball Team, ' 25- ' 26. " Want to know more about " Bun " ? Just sleep in tin- suite with her for a few nights, she ' ll soon tell you all her secrets, if you don ' t get frightened and run. Beware of walking and talking in your sleep! Eunice has a very sunny disposition and seldom sees the dark side of life, when you get the blues just go to her, and the first thing pleasant situation, she bobs up with some humorous expression that makes you laugh in spite of yourself. So when you get the blues just go to her, and the first thing you know you won ' t have them at all. FANNIBEL RUTLEDGE, A.B. SELMA, ALA. Entered ' 25- ' 26; Lanier Society; Y. W. C. A. Fannibel is rather reserved and one is not struck by her great capabilities until one knows her intimately. She is quiet around the campus, but she must talk quite a bit in the classroom judging from the way Miss Cowdrick show- ers her with A ' s. Although she came to us just this year, she has already become a great favorite of Miss Cronkhite ' s, (which is saying a lot) because of her musical talent. It is safe to predict for this girl success in a world where worth and genius count. ' : S39EOBMn I Senior CI ass JOHNNY MYRTLE SMITH, A.B. FORT MILL, S. C. Entered ' 22- ' 23 ;Lanier Literary Society; Vice-President B. Y. P. " U., ' 22- ' 23; Sergeant-at-Arms Literary Society, first Semester, " 23- ' 24; Critic Literary Society, second semester. ' 23- ' 24; Delegate Student Volunteer Quadrenniel at Indian- apolis, Ind., ' 23- ' 24; Annual Debater, ' 23- ' 24; Orion Staff, ' 23- ' 24; Leader Student Volunteer Group, ' 24- " 25; Y. W. C A. Cabinet, ' 24- ' 25; Vice-President Lanier Literary Society, first semester, ' 24- ' 25; Treasurer of Student Government Association, ' 24- ' 25; President Student Government Asso- ciation, ' 25- ' 26. There ' s a girl in every college to whom everyone goes instinctively with every joy or sorrow. At Anderson she is Myrtle. Her honors will show you that the field of her activities is very broad. And the year 1925- 26 under her leadership as our Student Government President shall always be remembered as one of the host and most pro- gressive in the annals of Student Government at Anderson. Myrtle puts her whole soul into whatever she undertakes, so this renders us speechless to predict her future. " Long may we seek her likeness, but in vain. Nature formed but one such girl and broke the dye in the moulding. " RUTH TODD, A.B. EARKSDALE, S. C. Entered ' 21- ' 22; Estherian Literary Society; Athletic Asso- ciation; Y. W. C. A.; Class Basketball Team, ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25, " 25- ' 26; Manager Class Basketball Team, ' 24- ' 25; Varsity Basketball Team, ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; San Souci, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 2t!; Member Inter- national Relations Club, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; Devils Den Club, ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24, ' 24- ' 25; Wearer of Black " A, " ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 2 4, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25 - ' 26; Captain Hiking Team, ' 2 4- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; Class Cheer Leader, ' 22- ' 23; Vice-President of International Relation Club, ' 25- ' 26; Joke Editor Sorori in, ' 23- ' 24; Vice-President of Estherian, ' 25- ' 26; Picture Edi- tor of Sororian, ' 25- ' 26; President of Progressive Educa- tional Club, " 25- ' 26; Captain Basketball Class Team, ' 25- ' 26; Junior Play, ' 24- ' 25; Class Prophet, ' 25- ' 26; Class Tennis Team, ' 24- ' 25; " Yodler " Reporter, " 25- ' 26; Athletic Board, ' 25- ' 26; Vice-President Athletic Association, ' 24- ' 25; C. N. and L. Club, ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24; Pitcher of Baseball team, ' 24- " 25; Spanish Club, ' 24- ' 25. It took us quits a while to know this tall and fascinating girl; but when she is once known you may depend upon it she is a good staunch friend. Ruth never has a care or worry. She attends to her own business and " lets the rest of the world go by. " She is very fond of athletics which may account for her slenderness, and we know it accounts for the Block " A " which she wears. We often wonder what Ruth will do when she goes out into the wide, wide world. Senior Class MARTHA GERALDINE TRAMMELL, A.B. ANDERSON, S. C. Entered ' 22- ' 23; Lanier Society; Athletic Association, Glee Club, ' 24- ' 25; Progressive Educational Club, ' 25- 26; Pres- ident of Town Girls ' Club, ' 25- ' 26. Gerald in e is one of the most industrious girls of our class. In fact, it seems that she really likes to work but " Gerry " works and plays equally as well. Not only does she play for a good time, but she plays the violin almost divinely and the piano just as well for that matter. When we pause to think, we wonder why " Gerry " chose A.B. for her goal, but this is just another proof of her efficiency and her ability to do so many things well. It would cer- tainly be hard to find a truer friend, a sweeter companion, or a more diligent student than " Gerry. " She answers almost every requirement that we could ask for an ideal type of young womanhood. HARRIETTE JOSEPHINE WILKINS, A.B. 9 K 2 GAFFNEY, S. C. Esther ian Literary Society; Entered ' 22- ' 23 ; San Souci, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; Spanish Club, ' 24- " 25; Contributors Club, ' 24- ' 25; Editor-in-Chief Orion, ' 2 4- ' 25; Editor-in-Chief Sororian, ' 25- " 26; Pan-Hellenic, ' 25- ' 26; Sigma Sigma Sig- ma, ' 25- " 26. A whirl of business air, a dash of pep, and a whiff of love — yes, that ' s Harriette. She is always in a hurry, whether for the Annual or for Ross — you never can tell. If you are looking for capability then Harriette holds the stage. She makes grand marks and is ready to join all fun. Sororian Class Day Play Prologue Cans ' t thou not linger here, Oh, fleeting time ! The maiden sleeps, a sleep sublime. And in her dreams the memories dear Of happy days still linger near. The tasks accomplished, friendships made, The hopes, the joys, the toil repaid. The wondrous dream, the pleasant dream of life That bore her on in gladness, yet in strife. So sweet she lay and slumbered ' til there came A vision of a path to love and fame ; She struggles upward, onward, ever true, To the ideals, Alma Mater, That she learned from you. 35 Sororian ACT i Characters — Members of the Class of ' 26 Time— 1922-1926 (Class Day 1926) Place — Anderson College SCENE I Scene is a bedroom in Anderson College. It is comfortable, and artistically furnished. As the curtains rise, Fannibel, a Senior, enters with cap and gown on arm. Fannibel (placing gown on chair) : I can hardly realize that class day is here. (Sits on bed). For four long years I have dreamed of this class day. And now that it is here I find myself wishing that it were not. (Sighs) I must rest these few minutes before the exer- cises begin. (Falls asleep and has broken dreams oi the events of h r four college years.) (Frances and Cornelia, having just arrived as Freshmen, enter, throwing baggage on floor and removing hats and wraps). Cornelia: Frances, I want to go home. Why did I ever leave home to come to college? I am going to send for papa to come alter me. (Cries). Frances (trying to comfort her): O, don ' t cry, I am sure we shall like it here. Tiie room is pretty and the girls we meet are very nice to us. Look at the welcome we have from the Y. W. C. A., the Seniors and the Estherians! (Clock alarms). Cornelia: " What is that bell for? Frances: I am sure I don ' t know. We hnd better find out. I am certain I don ' t want to be late to anything. I hear they are very strict about that. Cornelia: Look, it ' s the clock! (They laugh, but soon begin crying again). Green isn ' t our name! (Estherian and Lanier enter with colors fly- ing). Estherian : We are glad you girls came to Anderson. Now we want you to join our so- ciety. These are the colors you must join! Lamer: Sne wants you, but I do, too. Let me tell you there are the colors for you! Estherian: Well, we aren ' t ging to fuss about it. We will have to let you girls decide. Lanier: Let ' s go to dinner, I am as hungry as a bear! (Go off with arms locked.) (Four rats enter and hide behind chairs. Two Sophs enter carrying initiation paraphernalia.) First Soph : Come out from behind those chairs, rats! (Creep out.) Second Soph: Stand in a row (blindfold them and wink at each other.) First Soph : Eat these worms! Second Soph: Shake hands with this dead man! First Soph: Feel his eyes. Second Soph: Now, I ' ll massage your face to be kind to you ( rubs face with old Dutch.) Now, a little rouge and lipstick for the finishing touch (uses smoot.) First Soph (t akes off blindfold and hands Fresh a mirror) : Now you are a fit specimen for the beauty contest. Get you to bed, for you ' ll need strength on tomorrow! (Fresh exit.) Sophs: Scared rats! (exit laughing. ) (Enter Carrie, Corrie Mae and Elizabeth in basketball suits. ) Carrie: We missed the cup by one point. Just wait until next year, we ' ll show them how- to play basketball! Corrie Mae: " Stella " knows how to coach. I am glad that she is our sponsor. Elizabeth: Wasn ' t the game exciting, though? Corrie Mae: I ' ll bet that Turkey dinners will be just about as exciting — um — um (exit singing) — " Five more weeks till vacation. Then we ' ll go to the station. Back to civilization, The train will carry us there. " (Emma, Willie Sue, Bertha, and Nelle enter dressed in evening dresses, sit on table and eat candy. ) Bertha: - Who would have thought a recep- tion could be so much fun? Jack was so good looking. Willie Sue: Did you meet a Mr. Turner? Talk about falling! He goes to Furman and is the most handsome man at that reception! Emma: Surely you didn ' t see Clarence! Bertha: Nor my Jack. Nelle: Gee! but those boys will have a time getting that cotton off their suits. I am sorry for the feilow that has to gat it off in time to wear the suit tomorrow. Bertha: I hear the house president coming. We had better get a wiggle on or we will get in trouble. Good night. (Exit all.) (Enter Meryl, " Cat " and Lora.) Lora: I wish I had studied during Christ- mas holidays. These exams will run me crazy. Meryl: O, exams, where is thy sting! " Cat: " I had the best time Christmas going to parties and eating plum pudding. Lora: Cut that out! It is hard enough to study when you have nothing to tempt you. (All study — examghost comes in and chases them off the stage as they study.) Eunice (enters with arms full of clothes and throws them in trunk): Another semester gone and holidays here again. Little do I care how these clothes get home, just since th y get there. Give me summer and the good old times and I ' ll be satisfied even if I do almost melt. (Shoves trunk and goes off humming.) SCENE II (Enter Frances, Venita, and Bertha.) Fiances: Back again, eh? Bertha: Well, I am glad I am not a rat. I caught it last year, and some poor rat is going to get the same this year. Venita: I said last year I wouldn ' t touch a rat, but I have changed my mind. When do we start ? Bertha: That ' s what this meeting is about. When do we start and what do we do? Frances: All I want to know is when do we start and who is my rat companion ? I can find plenty for her to do, such as: relieving me ■of a, little work, saying pretty speeches for the whole school, and eating nice juicy onions. Bertha: I have a list of things I want the class to do. I ' ll send a rat to get the list (goes to door.) Come here, you green young rat! Go to room 21S West and tell the girl there to send me the tablet on the table. Make it snappy or you might be sorry. By the way, get the first six Freshmen you meet and come to the gym. Venita: Yes, we will be there to receive you with all grace. (Go off.) (Nelle, Kitten, Elizabeth. Bertha, Willie Sue enter followed by Hallowe ' en Witch. The girls huddle together.) Witch: Will the Sophs please come forward? (Girls are afraid to move.) Nellie (coming forward and receiving card, reads): " Little Soph, listen here, I want you for my sister dear. Madge! " Oh, isn ' t that perfectly love- ly of Madge to ask me to be her sister? I ' m so happy I hardly know what to do. Witch : Come on, you other girls, and get your mail. Frances: Caroline has asked me to be hers. Elizabeth: And Grace has asked me. Bertha: Aren ' t the Seniors just the sweetest things in the world? Yes, I love every one of them. (Lock arms and leave stage.) (Enter Eunice, Cornelia, Eliz, and other Sophs and Seniors.) Cornelia: Gee! We surely had a lonely time 36 Sororian at the show. I ' ll declare I have been puzzling over that invitation ever since I got it. You see when I saw that the " college limousine " would be waiting for us, I couldn ' t make out what that limousine was since I knew the col- lege didn ' t have one. Eliz. : You boob, I knew all the time that these Seniors meant the street car. Eunice : You Seniors are too good to us. Look at that lovely Christmas tree and all those mysterious packages! " Wonder what is in them? Senior: Oh, you ' ll find out. Here they come, here ' s a big one for you. Cornelia Milam, Car- oline Par n ell. My here comes a package for each Senior, too. There is one more thing that Santa gives to each of you. " A wish for the merriest Christmas and the happiest New Year. " (They all leave stage calling Merry Christmas to each other.) (Enter Gladys with basket of daisies — enter Carrie, Cornelia, Bertha, Meryl and Elizabeth carrying a partially complete daisy chain.) Carrie: Whew! My hands are blistered. Next time I go to pick daisies I won ' t pick, I ' ll cut. Bertha: Don ' t mention blistered hands, mine feel like I " donna " what. However, let us forget hands for the time being and get this daisy chain finished. It will be time to don those usual white dresses, and we won ' t have this chain finished. Gladys: All these flowers remind me of the Carnival. I prissed around all night trying to sell all of my flowers. " Where there is a will there is a way. " I surely had the will, and I managed to sell them all, too. Carrie: The fortune teller made money that night. I think girls and boys alike must have been anxious to know their future that night. Meryl : Don ' t forget the vaudeville ! Mattie Moore and I were Indians. If we were not peaches I ' ll give it up. Elizabeth: And why was it some girls were so anxious to go through the crazy house more than once? Bertha: In the end we had a pretty good sum of money to our credit. Cornelia: Girls, we surely were lucky to get Miss Hall for our sponsor this year. She has helped us through thick and thin. How could we have done without her! Gladys: We never could have done without her! Elizabeth: Gee! My hands hurt! They feel almost as bad as my feet did October Day, when we " hoboed " to High Shoals. Bertha: Well, we are through with the chain. Now, let ' s practice our song to the Seniors. (Pick up chain and go off singing): " Oh, Senior class, we love you so. Though from our midst you soon will go. We ' ll not forget each dear smiling face ; There ' s no one else can take your place. We ' ll feel so lost without your aid, Memories of you will never fade. You ' ll always hold the strings of our hearts For we love you the best of all. " SCENE IH (Enter Nelle and Ruth.) Nelle: Ruth, how do you feel being an upper classman? Ruth: Why I feel so big until those Fresh- men to rne look like grammar school kids more than they do college girls. And another thing, the excitement of looking for the crook until eleven o ' clock. Last night " Cat " and I found a hen nest while we were crook hunting. Nelle: What did you do with the find? Ruth: I wouldn ' t ask you that. Louise (entering all excited) : Girls, keep quiet! We ' ve found the crook! You get the Juniors told, I ' ll get Miss Hall and it will be a hot time for the Seniors at dinner tonight. Ruth: We were just talking about the crook! Where did you find it? Louise: In the boiler room. (Go off skipping and singing) : " Once there was a Senior class who had a crook " — but they haven ' t it now! (Enter Venita, dressed as man, with " Cat. " ) Venita: Do I look like " Jervis " " Cat? " Come here and help me get this love making right. Miss Hall got peeved last time, but she will be worse than that if we don ' t do it right to- night. " Cat: " Yes, and it is tomorrow night that we jolly Juniors present the famous " Daddy Long Legs. " (They act final scene in play.) (Enter " Kitten, " Venita carrying lamp trim.) Kitten: How do you like this for a work of Venita: " Kitten, " that is beautiful Where is the rest of the bunch? It is high time these flowers were finished. (Enter Emma and Corrie Mae.) Emma: Here at last, any work for us enita: I should say so. All of you get busy. How do you think the hall will look decorated like this picture? Corrie Mae: I think that is just darling. I like the steps with those arches. Thev have always looked so bare at a reception. " Kitten: " We are going to have a May pole dance on the lawn and crown Margaret Wy- cliff, Senior president, queen. What are we going to have to eat? Venita: Lots of nice things. The shifters and girls who serve are going to be dressed in daisy dresses. There goes the room bell. Come back any spare minute you have and make some more flowers. SCENE IV (Scene changes to Mother Goose Land. Seniors enter dressed as Mother Goose characters.) Mother Goose: Children, I think we should select seme object that one of us particularly loves as an emblem. Something to stand for all of the things I want us to have — loyalty, good sportsmanship, generosity, and love. Can any one suggest anything? Polly: How would my kettle do? Humpty Dumpty: No, sir, that ' s too smooty. What about my egg? Jack Horner: That would break. I think a plum would be nice. Miss Muffit: A plum is too little, let ' s let it be a bone of curds and whey. Peter Piper ' s Son: Why " not have a good old pig? Jack: It would run away, you goose, a pail would be fine, though. Gill: Yes, it catches everything. The Queen of Hearts: Don ' t you think we would enjoy tarts more? King Cole: Queen, we ' d eat your delicious tarts up at once— but there ' s no friend like a pipe. Why not use that? Mother Goose : You see none of these will do. Can ' t some one think of something better? Bo-Peep: Oh, Mother Goose, I know, let ' s have my crook. Mother Goose: The very thing! Because, you see, shepherds use them to keep their sheep together as it signifies kindness and good fel- lowship, and all of the things we want. All: The very thing! Mother Goose: Now we must go and hide it in the very safest place we can think of. There are some naughty spirits called Juniors who will want it for themselves and try and try their very hardest to find it and take it away from us. So we must be very careful and if they ever do find it we won ' t stop look- ing a minute until we have it back again. Crooked Man: Come on, let ' s go. All: Three cheers for the crook. (Exit) (Enter Mother Goose and children singing Senior song.) Mother Goose: Children, what do you want to do most? Old Mother Hubbard: Go to college. Queen of Hearts: Me, too. King of Hearts: Ditto! Mother Goose: What college do you want to go to? All : Anderson — you bet ! Mother Goose: Well, it ' s nice you all want 37 to go to the same place, and to tell the truth I know you could never have found a better place. Well, suppose you were Seniors at An- derson. What would you particularly want to do during- that year? Polly Put the Kettle On: I had rather get out the annual than anything else. I think it would be the most fun. Mother Goose: Yes, Anderson ' s annual, the Sororian, is a very nice book of memories. Bo-Peep : Mother Goose, I believe I would enjoy the time when all the Seniors take their table. You know the night when ghosts and goblins walk. Cat and the Fiddle: And then it wouldn ' t be long before basketball. I would like to be a number of the Senior team, for I know we would win the cup from those Juniors, who are so anxious to keep it. Crooked Man: Remember when we mocked the faculty in high school. Gee! but I ' d like to have a " mock faculty " to greet the real faculty on April Fools ' night. SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY (Mother Goose puts all the children to sleep to dream of the future.) (Draw curtain.) (Mother Goose wakes up the children. Ten years elapse in their dreams.) C. Cannon : Oh, I had the queerest dream, why, I thought I was in Greenland, and guess what I was doing? All: Oh, Mother, what? Please hurry. M. G. " Cat: " I thought I was canning " fish, now wasn ' t that the most peculiar thing you ever heard? I. Arnett: I had a dream, too, but I can ' t think just how everything was now. I know I was on the race track, riding the most beauti- ful horse I ever saw. Oh, my shoulders hurt I was Ieaning over so far. M. Barnes: You don ' t know anything about queer dreams. I thought I was in some great conservatory working with the hypothesis that there is another planet, and do you know I found it. F. Burgiss: All that does sound far fetched, but I can tell one better than that. Why, little me was the champion disc thrower. I won the first place in Paris. (Struts around.) W. Boleman : I could see myself so plain, there in the White House, and not as a visitor either. What do you think I was doing? The first woman president of the United States. G. Cromer: And, Mother, you know how hard it is for me to get the right time in music? Why I had no trouble at all there before that big crowd. I was a famous opera singer. D. Brown : Aeroplanes! I never saw so many in my life, almost as thick as flies; I could hardly give the exhibition. It was the most fun, turning over and over, then drop al- most to the ground. I am still dizzy. V. Cunningham: I was the most popular doc- tor in the whole city of New York. Just one little pill a day, no more cooking, etc. I was a rich woman, because I was successful in put- ting enough food value in a pill to do the same good that we get from three meals. Li. Chapman: I was Madame Fashion. I designed gowns for the wealthy women of the world, the president of the United States. Wil- lie Sue Boleman came to have her spring outfit designed. C. Cothran: I was in the Senate pleading for the Divorce Law, as I had had so much trouble getting my last two. I was doing all I could to get it through. E. Davis: Good night, I am still going over Mother Goose: Then there is a play the Seniors usually give. How would you like to give " Alice Sit by the Fire? " Mary Had a Little Lamb: And I ' ll go with you and be Alice. What about privileges, ■ don ' t Seniors have some? Baker: Yes, they do, but even then they have a few strings tied to those privileges. Tom Tucker: The Junior-Senior reception is a bright light in Seniors ' lines, too. I know there is lots of fun among those gaily dressed girls and all the handsome boys who come. Mother Goose : Well, all those things would make a wonderful Senior year, of course, there are lots of funny things that happen during the year to fill in the gaps, like icing on a cake. How many of you would like to know what you will do after vou finish Anderson? All: All of us! Mother Goose: You shall know. (Waves magic wand and puts them all to sleep.) ACT II — I thought I was at the world ' s diving con- test and at the last minute I tried and turned over ten times before I hit the water. That is some record don ' t you think? N. Eskew: Of all things, would you think; of me as a preacher — that ' s just what I dreamed I was doing. C. Chapman: Now look old C. M. Chapman over. I was the assistant to Dean Fox at Har- vard University. Don ' t you know things caift be true in dreams? E. Rice : I knew all the time I could dis- cover something about spiritualism, and I did in my sleep. I talked to the spirits — I even talked to George Washington, Ty Cobb, and lots of the people that have been dead long years. R. Todd : I know why I dreamed such a funny dream. Ever since I found that I had a short life line I have been almost worried to death, and in my dream I could see into the future. All I had to do was take the hand and everything was there before my eyes. I was telling lots of people about their future. B. Kelly: I thought all the women had got- ten bald-headed, and I discovered a great fluid that made hair grow on any bald head. I made a fortune, and was still raking in the dough. M. M. Hallam : I put Mr. Zeigfield out of business. I had the most noted follies in ?iie world, wonderful figures, no need of costumes. E. Flowers: Anderson College was at its height in my dream. All that any one had ever thought that she would become was fulfilled. I was the president of my dear old Alma Mater. M. Smith: I thought after all my struggling that I lived in Paris in the Latin quarters. There I was smoking, drinking, playing cards and going to the very dogs. Sara McGee: Oh, how glad it is only a dream after mine was the worst one yet. I thought I was in prison in Atlanta Federal prison for spreading some outlandish talk. I have to pinch myself to be sure that it was only a dream. Oh, how glad I am. Why, I was edi- tor of the New York Times, and you, Fannie Bell, were the social editor. We were making the paper the best in the world. C. Milam: I was only a bell hop in the hotel of Sandy Springs, but the suit was stunning, I did look rather chic in it. Mother Goose: Oh, aren ' t we all glad that it is all a horrible dream — come let ' s go have some fun after those nightmares. Senior wakes up and finds it all a dream and that it is time for class day exercises. ACT 1 1 1 CLASS DAY AT ANDERSON COLLEGE 3« Sororian Legend oi the Crook This is the town of Anderson. This is the college built in the town of Anderson. These are the girls of the Senior class, who went to the college built in the town of Anderson. This is the crook that belongs to the girls, who went to the college, built in the town of Ander- son. This is the story of the crook that belongs to the girls of the Senior class, who went to the college, built in the town of Anderson. Once upon a time, in Mother Goose Land, long, long ago, Mother Goose called all of her children together and she told them she wanted something for an emblem, something they could keep, that would stand for loyalty, comradeship, generosity, fun and all the nice things that they could think of; and she wanted them to suggest something. Polly thought of the kettle, but that would not do; Jack Horner suggested a plum, but that would not do; Miss Muffet wanted it to be a tuffet; Jack Spratt spoke of some fat, but none of these seemed right. Finally, little Bo Peep thought of her crook and Mother Goose said that was the very thing because shepherds use them to keep their sheep together, and that it would signify kindness, good fellowship, and all the things they wanted. So she told them they must hide one away to keep for their very own, and if any one ever found it and took it away from them, not to rest a minute until they had it again and put it back in a better place. Therefore, the children of Mother Goose will always try to keep their crook. 39 Sororian g 2 6 y. c H 3 c 40 Sororian 9 2 6 UVniors, Jn. " n.ioes, Jo y Jtuaiors, now does your gat-cleTi crow? With, lots of work a icl.7ione who shirk f -n i p e J maris aAl itx ?i row- 41 Sororian Miss Hattie Fay, Sponsor Junior Class Officers Colors: Old Rose and Silver Flower: Rose and Moss Louise Shealy President Bessie Glenn Treasurer Nellie Claire Woodle . . Vice-President Gertrude Sowell Secretary Lena King Marshal 42 Sororian i 9 2 6 Junior Class Nancy Bolt anderson ' , s. c. " A heart at leisure from itself To soothe and sympathize. " Lavinia Chaplin ravenel, s. c. ' What I must do is all that con- cerns me — not what people think: ' Wilma Cooke kershaw, s. c. " She frowned and every look was sad, She laughed and every heart was glad. " Annie Cothran tony creek, s. c. " You ' ll always find her true and just, A girl whom all will love and trust. " Eleanor Cathcart anderson, s. c. she will, she will, and you may depend on it; If she won ' t, she ' won ' t, and that ' s the end to it. " 43 Sororian 9 2 6 Junior Class Bessie Glenn fairplay, s. c. " The reason firm, the temperate •will, Endurance, foresight, strength and skill; A perfect ' woman, nobly planned, To warn, to comfort, and com- mand. " Ethel Hembree anderson, s. c. " Here ' s to a girl with a heart and smile, That makes the bubble of life worth while. " Lena King belton, s. c. " A comrade blithe and full of glee, Who dares to laugh out full and free. " Mary Lawrence baxley, ga. " Her heart is like a singing bird. " Alice Linder anderson, s. c. " More fair are they than any star, Thy beaming eyes divine. " 44 Sororian i g 2 6 Junior Class Coy Meeks anderson, s. c. " She has a natural, wise sincer- ity ' A simple truthfulness. " Alleen Morrison anderson, s. c. " Soft and loving is her soul- Swift and lofty soaring. " Roxie Murdock anderson, s. c. " So jolly, blithe, and debonair, She adores the boys I do declare. " Pearle Murray anderson, s. c. " Of manners gentle, of affections mild; In wit a •woman, simplicity a child. " Sara Pearson anderson, s. c. " A pretty girl, a witty girl, A girl so full of fun, A brainy girl, a carefree girl, A thousand girls in one. " 45 Sororian Junior Class Margaret Poindexter frederick hall, va. " Her loveliness I never knew Until she smiled on me; Oil, then I saw Iter eye so bright, A well of love, a spring of light. " Gertrude Sowell kershaw, s. c. " Success is her ' s who says little, hears much, and thinks deeply. " Frances Thomas anderson, s. c. " Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low; An excellent tiling in woman. " Ruth Webb AIKEN, S. C. " Of soul sincere in action faith- ful, and in honor clear. " Margaret White chester, s. c. ' The way to have a friend is to be one. " 46 Sororian i 9 2 6 Junior Class Nellie Claire Woodle delray, fla. " ' Twould take ' volumes to ex- press What I ' d like to say about Iter, But of all I guess the best Is, we couldn ' t do without her. " Lucile Lee savannah, ga. " The fairest garden in her looks And in her mind the wisest books. " Daisy Rowland belton, s. c. " One who achieves success in all that she undertakes. " Martha Saxon laurens, s. c. " But so fair She takes the breath of men away Who gaze upon her unaware. " Louise Burriss anderson, s. c. " Something in every pari o ' thee To praise, to love, I find, But dear as is thy form to me Still dearer is thy mind. " Louise Shealy perry, s. c. " To know her is to love her And to love but her forever. ' 47 Sororian i g 2 6 )oronan 49 oronan i g 2 6 Miss AdLene Jones, Sponsor Sophomore Class Officers Colors: Green and White Constance Pratt President Mary Power Vice-President Mildred Cunningham Secretary Mary Hunter Marshal 50 Sororian i 9 2 6 h ' 0T7fZA A Qt Si Sororian i 9 2 6 52 Sororian i 9 2 6 S3 Sororian i 9 2 6 Senior-Sophomore Class Songs To our Sophomores we bring Just a heart full of love To our sisters we ' ll always be true, For when things go amiss Just come tell your big sis, And we ' ll take all your heartache away. For the Seniors are yours and we want you for ours, For we know we can ' t do without you. Soon we ' ll leave you alone While the wide world we ' ll roam, But our thoughts will oft fly back to you. SOPHOMORE-SENIOR If you knew the Seniors Like we know the Seniors, Oh — oh — oh, what a class. There ' re none so classy As these fair lassies. Oh, oh, oh, Senior sisters, What a class: they are our sisters, We love them so. They ' re fine class It ' s their pep that makes them go. If you knew the Seniors like We know the Seniors, Oh — oh — oh, what a class. SOPHOMORE-SENIOR The Senior class is peppy As any little class you see, They are there in everything From A to Z. When it comes to Seniors You ' ve a treat in store ; You ' ll get all that ' s coming to you. Umb! and a little bit, Umb ! and a little bit, Umb! and a little bit more. 5+ loronan i 9 2 6 " Ride a aock- horse to Ue on Towvi To see a line Senior wear cap and o wr . To learn some E-n li h arid Tnootio-tnetxu too, RticL Ire a good Fr e sK " m art , what e ver we q.©- 55 Sororian i g 2 6 Miss Velma Finch, Sponsor Freshman Class Colors: Red and White Flo-wer: Carnation Motto: If You Find the Path of Success Slippery, Use Grit Louise Jeffreys President Alice Grill Secretary Euralie Holliday .... Vice-President Caroline Burriss Treasurer Inez Boleman Evelyn Branham Sara Breazeale Mary Lou Brewer Grace Brodie Eunice Bowen Una Mae Burriss Caroline Burriss Virginia Caldwell Lois Campbell Loreen Campbell Leita Cathcart Katherine Crawford Ruby Cothran Mabel Cox Margaret Cox Virginia Cox Florine Duckworth Leoline Elrod Mattie Fagg Class Roll Velma Foster Gladys Freeman Selwyn Geer Alice Gill Frances Grant Estelle Grimes Lillian Guyton Iva Hartley Euralie Holliday Jeanelle Hogg Robbie Inman Mary Olive Jackson Louise Jeffreys Gladys Johnston Montez Kay Helen Keating Pansye Keating Cecelia King Louise King Jennievieve Langston Margaret Kughley Jennie Ruth Martin Hazel Meeks Sarah McCarley Margaret McGee Marie McLean Ruby Norris Mary ' Lee Price Florence Reaves Nettie Rogers Loire Seay Dorothy Smith Bessie Taylor Olive Thompson Dapfine Wilson Marie Wilson Mabel Watkins Mary Woodle Vivian Wyles 56 Sororian i g 2 6 5 7 Sororian i g 2 6 58 Sororian i 9 2 6 Presidents ' Council Myrtle Smith President of Student Government Vineta Cunningham President of Y. IV. C. A. Nelle Eskew Editor " Sororian " Lucile Lee Editor " Yodler " Kathryn Cannon President of Senior Class Louise Shealy President of Junior Class Constance Pratt President of Sophomore Class Louise Jeffreys President of Freshman Class Nelle Eskew President of Lanier Society, 1st Term Gertrude Sowell President of Lanier Society, 2nd Term Frances Burgiss President of Estherian Society Meryl Barnes President of Athletic Association Carrie Cothran House President of East Dormitory Sue Hendricks House President of West Dormitory 6i Sororian Student Government Association Myrtle Smith President Cornelia Milan Vice-President Nelle Eskew Secretary Gertrude Sowell Treasurer Executive Council Senior Representatives Elizabeth Davis Meryl Barnes Sophomore Representatives Vera Strickland Pauline Brown Junior Representatives Margaret Poindexter Ethel Dial Freshman Representatives Selwyn Geer Marie McClean rrie EAST Cothran House Presidi m ■nts Sue m WEST Hendricks 6 3 Sororian i 9 2 6 Young Woman ' s Christian Association Officers Venita Cunningham President Nellie Claire Woodle Secretary Constance Pratt Treasurer Miss Annie D. Denmark, Faculty Advisor Cabinet Louise Burriss Mary Hunter Bertha Kelly Mary Lawrence Elizabeth Ledbetter Margaret White 64 Sororian i 9 2 6 «5 Sororian 9 2 6 The Sororian Staff Harriette Wilkins Editor-in-Chief Margaret Poindexter Assistant Editor Kathryn Cannon Business Manager Elizabeth Davis Assistant Manager Nelle Eskew Literary Editor Constance Pratt Literary Editor Florence Murray Art Editor Daisy Rowland Joke Editor Ruth Todd Picture Editor 66 Sororian i g 2 6 6 7 Sororian i g 2 6 Lanier Literary Society Miss Roberta Crawford, Sponsor Officers FIRST TERM Nelle Eskew President Bertha Kelly Vice-President Louise Shealy Secretary Gertrude Sowell Treasurer Dorothy Cronkhite Critic Viva McLeod Serejcant-at-Arms Aleen Morrison . . . Scrgeant-at-Arms SECOND TERM Gertrude Sowell President Nelle Eskew Vice-President Willie Sue Boleman Secretary Elizabeth Davis Treasurer Cornelia Milan Critic Rena Brannon .... Sergcant-at-Arms Lena Kinc Seryeant-at-Arms Fannibel Rutledge Pianist 68 Sororian Lanier Literary Society ISABELLE ArN ' ETTE Lillie Mae Bishop Inez Boleman Willie Sue Boleman Eunice Bowen Rena Brannon Sara Breaseale Grace Brodie Dorothy Brown Euna Mae Burriss Lois Campbell Grace Cawthon Lavinia Chaplin Lora Chapman Sara Chapman- Annie Cothran Carrie Cothran Ruby Cothran Wilma Cooke Mabel Cox Margaret Cox Virginia Cox Catherine Crawford Elizabeth Davis Iola Day Ethel Dial Nelle Eskew Mattie Fagg Gladys Freeman Members Selwyn Geer Willie Gentry Bessie Glenn Frances Grant Lillian Guyton Ivy Hair Mattie Mae Hallum Iva Hartley Sue Hendricks Mabel Hilton Ruth Hill Edith Hilliard euralee holliday Jenealle Hogg Mabel Hall Montez Kay- Bertha Kelly ' Cecelia King Lena King Louise King Gladys Kneece Vera Kneece Margaret Kucly Lucile Lee Mabel Loveland Mae Martin Ruthelma Marshbanks Nancy ' McAllister Melva McCarley Sara McCarley Louise McCoy Viva McLeod Marie McLean Mildred Meeks Cornelia Milan Alleen Morrison Roxie Murdock Ruby Norris Sara Pearson Marcaret Poindexter Constance Pratt Mary ' Lee Price Ethel Pruitt Willie Rankin Eunice Rice Nettie Rogers June Roscoe Daisy Rowland Fannie Belle Rutledge Loire Seay Annie Lee Simpson Louise Shealy- Myrtle Smith Gertrude Sowell Elizabeth Sullivan Bessie Taylor Frances Thomas Ruth Webb Clara Wheeler Margaret White Lanier Song Oh! ll z e are Laniers, We ' ve answered the call Of a spirit so daring and brave ; His standard is ours, Forward, then, all, While above us his banner shall wave. His challenge we heed, And with tremulous speed We haste from the hills Through the valleys, o ' er rills; Downward, •where duty lies, We hurry again To reach the plain where courage never dies. Laniers! Laniers! We are Laniers! We ' ll never heed folly ' s call; We turn aside when she cries " Abide, " Never lured by the voice that enthralls; For the voice of Lanier Crying, " Linger not here In folly ' s wild train, but go on to the plain, Away from the glare " ; so, with hearts all aglow, Laniers! Laniers! We will Go and Do and Dare! 69 Sororian i 9 2 6 Esthenan Literary Society Miss Luta Barbara Sullivan, Sponsor Officers Frances Burgess . . ' President Ruth Todd Vice-President Nellie Claire Woodle Secretary Meryl Barnes Treasurer 70 Sororian i 9 2 6 Estk enan Roll Bernice Abercromie Sara All Bon Barton Gladys Bible Alice Bolt Evelyn Branham Mary ' Lou Brewer Caroline Burriss Louise Burriss Virginia Caldwell Eva Carter Kathryn Cannon Mary Cantrell Nell Cunningham Mildred Cunnincham Venita Cunnincham Gladys Cromer Marguerite Duckworth Florence Eckleman Emma Flowers Katherine Fowler Fannie Glenn Alice Gill Lula Fae Goodwin Lucy Grant Ethel Hall Frances Herndon Rozedna Hill Esperence Holliday - Mary Hunter Marie Huff Robbie Inman Mary ' Olive Jackson Hazel Jeffcoat Louise Jeffreys Mary Jolly Helen Keating Pansye Keaton Jennievieve Langston Ruth Lassiter Mary Lawrence Elizabeth Ledbetter Alice Linder Flora Matheny ' Eloise Maxwell Clio Mayfield Coy Meeks Hazel Meeks Florence Murray Pearl Murray Ruby Myers Rowena Newman Ada Catherine Owings Elsie Poole Mary ' Power Florence Reaves Martha Saxon- Evelyn Smith Dorothy- Smith Vera Strickland Ruth Todd Nellie Wasson Elizabeth Webb Vivian Wiles Harriette Wilkins Mary Woodle Nellie Claire Woodle Lillian Young 7i Sororian : ' Tke Yodler Staff Lucile Lee Ed ' tor-in-C iief Catherine Fowler . . Business Manager Nellie Claire Woodle . . . Social Editor Constance Pratt .... Religious Editor Elizabeth Ledbetter . . . Athletic Editor Daisy Rowland Joke Editor Caroline Burriss Joke Editor Virginia Caldwell . . . News Reporter Ruth Todd News Reporter Nellie Eskew . . . Circulation Manager 72 Sororian i g 2 6 A-nder; oU ' r l fl " n l Tnei-ru old girls dre we, We love overwork, we love oar -Pun, We love ou.r Societee, 73 Sororian i 9 2 6 Miss Isaphine Richey, Director Glee Club First Sopranos — Sara All Mary Burton Nelle Cunningham Katherine Fowler Selwyn Geer Mary Olive Jackson Pansy ' e Keaton Mary Lawrence Dorothy Smith Margaret White Ruby Cothran Second Sopranos — Eleanor Cathcart Mabel Cox Gladys Cromer Fannie Glenn Ruth Hunnicut Mary Woodle Robbie Inman Elizabeth Ledbetter Mattie Mae Hallums Coy Meeks Daisy Rowland Alt os- Sara Breaseale Euralee Holliday Alice Linder Nancy McAllister Hazel Meeks Nellie Claire Woodle 74 Sororian i 9 2 6 75 Sororian i g 2 6 MISS CRONKHITE S STUDIO 76 Sororian i 9 2 6 JUNIOR MUSIC CLASS 77 Sororian i 9 2 6 Dramatic Club Officers Bertha Kelly President Nelle Eskew Vice-President Carrie Cothran Secretary Cornelia Milan Treasurer Kathryn Cannon Critic Gertrude Sowell Reporter Sara All Bon Barton Gladys Bible Caroline Burriss Pauline Brown Grace Cawthon Ruby Cothran . Members Carrie Cothran Kathryn Cannon Leita Cathcart Mildred Cunningham Florine Duckworth Nellie Eskew Louise Felkel Alice Gill Pearl Glenn Willie Gentry Mary Griffin Sudie Grant Ruth Hill Edith Hilliard Marie Huff Mary Hunter Ogreeta Holliday Nora Lee Johnson Bertha Kelly Mahalie King Gladys Kneece Mary Martin Cornelia Milan Alleen Morrison Mildred Meeks Cora McCown Mary Power Constance Pratt Louise Shealy Gertrude Sowell Evelyn Smith Ruth Webb Sororian . ■ 79 Sororian i g 2 6 Art Club Art History Bertha Kelly Alleen Morrison Gertrude Sowell Specials Florence Murray Estelle Grimes Esperence Holliday Helen Keating Ruby Stephens Public School Drawing Ethel Hembree Virginia Ligon Edna Mays Elementary Design Martha Saxon Selwyn Geer Eunice Brown Margaret White Marguerite Duckworth Margaret Poindexter Emma Flowers Annie Cothran Lois Campbell Mary Martin Rena Brannon 80 9 $ Sororian g 2 6 Pan-Hellenic Louise Burriss President Constance Pratt Secretary Sigma Phi Ada Catherine Owings Venita Cunningham Theta Kappa Sigma June Roscoe Harriette Wilkins Sigma Delta Gamma Kathryn Cannon Nellie Claire Wooule 83 1926 Sigma Sigma Sigma Vineta Cunningham Harriette Wilkins Frances Burgiss Kathryn Cannon 84 Sororian i 9 2 6 Colors: Killarney Pink and Silver Sigma Phi Mrs. Nim B. Sullivan Sponsor Members in College Flower: Killarney Rose Vineta Cunningham . Martha Saxon . Louise Burriss Mildred Cunningham Mrs. N. B. Sullivan Mrs. Clyde Smith Mrs. Cordas Seaerood Mrs. Sam Sullivan Dorothy Smith Rowena Newman Helen Keating Alice Gill Elizabeth Ledbetter President Secretary and Treasurer Virginia Caldwell Alice Bolt Members in Town Babbie Sullivan Jessie Sullivan Mrs. William Sullivan Emily Sullivan Mrs. Lawrence Hammett Mrs. A. B. Rivers Mrs. John Russell Lucia Sullivan 85 Mrs. P. W. Ellis Dorothy Sullivan Mrs. Glenn Lassiter Lila Sullivan Sororian i 9 2 6 Colors: Light Green and Silver Miss Hat-tie Fay Constance Pratt Harriette Wilkins June Roscoe Mary Watkins Edna Thompson Theta Kappa Sigma Miss Edith Hall Sponsor Members in the Faculty Miss Ad Lene Jones Members in College Margaret Poindexter Lucy Grant Charlotte Orr Members in Town . Mrs. Harrell Wilson Marion Gray Georgia Harris Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley Miss Roberta Crawford Marie McLean Ruby Norris Ruth Lassiter Anna Dean McFall Sara Mattison Sororian i g 2 6 Sigma Delta Gamma Colors: Red and White Flower: American Beauty Rose Miss Sallie T. Cade Sponsor Cat Cannon President Nellie Clair Woodle Secretary and Treasurer Members Frances Burgiss Ruby Myers Mary Hunter Nelle Cunningham Evelyn Branham Robbie Inman Mary Cantrell Mary Lou Brewer Loula Fae Goodwin Mary Woodle Town Members Helen Brown Mrs. J. S. Padget Martha Rast Sara Frances Stephens I ' Sororian i 9 2 6 Anderson County Club Fannie Gleiin Vera Strickland Roxie Murdock Lena King Margaret Cox Carolyn Burriss Selwyn Geer Melva McCarley Mary Moore Catherine Fowler Inez Boleman Willie Sue Boleman Sara Crenshaw Mae Martin Nelle Eskew euralee holliday Dorothy Brown Nancy McAlister Bertha Kelley Margaret Kugley Lillian Guyton Virginia Cox Willie Gentry Elizabeth Davis Mary Burton 8S Sororian i 9 2 6 own Girls Club Officers Geraldine Trammell President Alice Linder . . . Vice-President Gladys Cromer Secretary and Treasurer Mr. C. S. Sullivan Sponsor Members Alice Bolt Nancy Bolt Dorothy- Brown Frances Bruce Euna Mae Burriss Lois Campbell Eleanor Cathcart Gladys Cromer Florine Duckworth M. Duckworth Leoline Elrod Pearl Glenn Lula Fae Goodwin Estelle Grimes Ethel Hall Rubye Harris Georgia Harris Ethel Hembree Esperenxe Holliday Ruth Hunnicut Glady ' s Johnson Pansye Keaton Geraldine Trammell Elizabeth Webb Vivian Wiles Daphyne Wilson Ida Marie Wilson Jennie V. Lancston Ruth Lassiter Estelle Layton Elizabeth Ledbetter Virginia Ligon Glady ' s Long Margaret McGee Sara McGee R. Marshbanks Jennie Ruth Martin Eloise Maxwell Coy Meeks Hazel Meeks Mildred Meeks Florence Murray ' Pearle Murray Charlotte Orr Sara Pearson Ethel Pruit Babbie Sullivan Frances Thomas Olive Thompson Sororian i 9 2 6 Efficiency Club Officers Cleo Mayfield President Elizabeth Sullivan Vice-President Estelle Layton Secretary Ruth Lassiter Treasurer Mary Burton Reporter Members Jennie V. Lancston Ruth Lassiter Elizabeth Sullivan Catherine Crawford Georcia Harris Mary Burton Vircinia Caldwell Mary Lou Brewer Rozedna Hill Alice Bolt Cleo Mayfield Estelle Layton Euna Mae Burriss Evelyn Fletcher 90 Sororian i 9 2 6 3»-©w v Civb 91 Sororian i 9 2 6 North Carolina Club June Roscoe President Rowena Newman Alice Gill Constance Pratt Ruby Myers Grace Cawthon Lucy Grant Miss Denmark Miss Crawford Cleo May-field Flora Matheny Louise Jeffreys Iola Day Gladys Freeman Mary Lou Brewer evely ' n branham Miss Hall Miss Henderson Miss Finch Dr. Pratt Mrs. Pratt 92 Sororian i 9 2 6 1 L • - ' French Club Lucile Lee President Mr. Webb Von Hasseln Sponsor Margaret Cox Mable Cox Nelle Eskew Bessie Glenn Lula Fay Goodwin Lillian Guyton Bertha Kelley Ruby Norris Lucile Lee Mae Martin Marie McLean 93 Sororian i g 2 6 ill Club Opanisi Constance Pratt Mr. Webb Von Hasseln President Sponsor Willie Sue Eoleman Corrie Mae Chapman Cecelia King Nancy McAlister Virginia Caldwell Mary Power Lucile Lee Down State Club Louise Shealy President Sara Theo All Iva Hartley Marie McLean Grace Brodie Louise King Bessie Taylor Rena Brannon Viva McLeod Hazel Jeffcoat Meryl Barnes Louise McCoy Sororian San Souci Club Lucy Grant " Bobbie " Inman " Chink " Herndon Mary Cantrell " Jack ' Poole " Dot ' Smith " Flo " Eckleman Alice Gill Ruby Myers Hazel Jeffcoat " Lula " Goodw in " Esp " Holliday " Cat ' Cannon " Sa " All " Red " Burton " Ro " Newman Mary Brewer " Red ' Branham " Spee ks " Hilliard " Liz " VlPPERMAN Louise Jeffreys " Va " Caldweli Helen Keatinc 95 Sororian i 9 2 6 9 6 ' ■ « cr t - T C: sm TALE FOUR to e c " ATHLETICS Who could beat a Flying Trunk, Or ride a Butterfly; Who could race for a pace With creatures of the Sky? Could any mortal climb like Jack. Outswim a Mermaid fair; Would Magic Cloaks in basketball Make other teams despair? And don ' t forget Cinderella who At tennis beat them all. The reason being (excuse the pun) She didn ' t miss the BALL. n C=J 1 J v Sororian i 9 2 6 We don ' t Tieed a, p o " nu " tke. Tva-me of D a. ip p e va ) |e cLa-rvce a lo " t -plai a ot T n4 h i Ve. a. mile anani, 99 Sororian i g 2 6 Sororian Athletic Association Meryl Barnes President Daisy Rowland Vice-President Willie Gentry ' Secretary and Treasurer Kathryn Cannon Cheer Leader Louise Shealy Cheer Leader Ruth Todd Gertrude Sowell Senior Representative Junior Representative Edith Hilliard Sophomore R cprcscntalive Caroline Burriss Freshman Representative m Sororian i 9 2 6 BLOCK i Sororian i 9 2 6 Basketball E. Davis, Head of Basketball Senior Junior N. Eskew E. Hilliard M. Barnes L. McCoy R. Todd W. Gentry C. COTHRAN M. Burton E. Davis P. Brown C. Milan V. Strickland Sophomore Freshman D. Rowland C. Burriss E. Cathcart L. Cathcart F. Glenn I. Boleman G. SOWELL M. Martin L. King G. Brodie 103 Sororian i 9 2 6 ! 1 ) i i i 6 " al b £1 vp -4 jR jJ95™ !Tj K 104 Sororian i 9 2 6 E. Ledbetter, H W o Tennis e n n i s Senior Line-Up Willie Sue Boleman Mervl Barnes Sophomore Line-Up Elizabeth Ledbetter Edith Hilliard Junior Line-Up Bessie Glenn Daisy Rowland Freshman Line-Up Carolyn Burriss Margaret McGee 105 Sororian i 9 2 6 33s- me s lied better esj£fc 106 Sororian i 9 2 6 Pi-ne d the iau o fter ofjth-e Kjh o-P Spd ' i-n, Here re " the girls of greatest fame, Tret+u to see. £ olee, We ' re prou.a o- them a.s we tAn be. 109 Sororian i 9 2 6 Statistics 1926 Alice Linder Prettiest Kathryn Cannon Most Attractive Myrtle Smith Most Popular Constance Pratt Best All Around Nellie Eskew Most Competent Lucile Lee Most Intellectual Caroline Burriss Most Athletic Ada Catherine Owings Daintiest Virginia Caldwell Most Original Sororian i g 2 6 " Cinderella, " Posed by Alice Linder Sororian i 9 2 6 $gfiBi " Bo-Peep, " Posed by Kathryn Cannon Sororian i g 2 6 " Queen of Hearts, " Posed by Myrtle Smith Sororian i 9 2 6 ' Mother Goose, " Pose 63 Constance Pratt 114 Sororian i 9 2 6 ' Polly Put the Kettle Ox, " Posed by Nellie Eskeiv us Sororian i 9 2 6 ' Early to Bed, Early to Rise, " Posed by Lucile Lee n6 Sororian i 9 2 6 " Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick ' Posed by Carolyn Burriss 117 Sororian i 9 2 6 " Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, " Posed by J ' irginia Caldicell His Wife, Posed by Ada Catherine Oivings n8 Sororian i 9 2 6 Social Calendar SEPTEMBER 15. Back again eager (?) for work. Now members of faculty and new girls given a look over. Guests at Imperial. 19. Y. W. C. A. Party program in auditorium made exciting by presence of some " rats " from Clemson. Games and refreshments on campus. 21. Entertained at Strand — saw " The Lady Who Lied. " 26. Estherian Treasure Hunt. 29. Freshmen placed in " Dunce " class — in evidence to all. 1 2 3 10 14 15 17 21 22 23 30 OCTOBER Freshmen " fun " ends with grand final in gym. Many shaking " rats. " Open reception given by College Association — inspection of rooms. Lanier party — a visit to Fairy Land. Which ? New girls join societies. October Day spent at Country Club. Ride in Brissey ' s trucks in pouring rain. Mrs. Davis and Miss Mather visit us. " The Elixir of Love, " Thomas McGranaham makes " hit. " Juniors have picnic at Cater ' s Park. Sophomore " try-outs " have table of their own-diet. Tragic Jomeo and Ruliet presented by Seniors. Seniors take their table — costumes — songs — pep. Choose " Sophomore Sisters. " 119 Sororian i 9 2 6 NOVEMBER 3. Fair Day — Carnival, hot-dogs — pop-corn, cotton candy. 13. Dr. Southwick reads " Hamlet. " 15. Begin Mission Study work. 16-20. Education week. 20. Delegates go to Baptist conference in Greenville. 24. Class games in basketball. Freshmen and Seniors highest score. 25. Girls who " live near enough " going home for Thanksgiving. 26. Thanksgiving — turkey dinner — Furman-Clemson game. 28. Freshman-Senior game. Seniors carry off cup. 4- 9- 13- DECEMBER Athletic Board given " tacky party, " Tea room, fortune teller, boys! Junior class presents " A Night of Dreams. " Freshman-Sophomore Reception. Christmas trees, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clauses, " beau-lovers " galore. 16. Christmas tree in dining room. Many " useless " gifts. Sunday dinner. Senior- Sophomore tree in West Colonnade later — much fun. 17. Classes all morning — home in afternoon. JANUARY 4. Return — glad to see friends again, yet hate to leave home and " him. " 18. Our doom — examinations!! Break all records for " cramming. " 22. Relief! Exams are over, but, oh, those grades — yet to come. FEBRUARY 10. Edgar Allen Guest at Boys ' High School. 14. Valentine ' s Day. ' Nuff said. 25. Mrs. Pratt ' s recital. Miscellaneous program — original composition. Assisted by Miss Denmark at piano. MARCH 5. Senior play — Alice Sit by the Fire. 19. Piano recital — Miss Hall. McDowell Lecture recital. Bertha Kelly — graduat- ing recital in expression. Recital — Expression Department. MARCH 31-APRIL 5 Easter Holidays MAY 1. Junior-Senior Reception. 23. Baccalaureate Sermon. 24. Annual Debate. 25. Class Day. Sororian i 9 2 6 The da.rne m a de a. cartsij, The Aop " made (row, Th = dame -b ' vd, " R JoKe, Si r. The d. o o = a,i d. , " R o w- WovV. ' Sororian Sayings We Never Hear at Anderson College i. Girls, you must not walk on the Boulevard — 2. There will be a student government meeting — 3. Don ' t forget to ' vote for Proctor — 4. Has the mail come — 5. Is there any hot water — 6. Where is my dress — 7. Please leave my soap alone — 8. Girls, you must check up — 9. Now for the sake of discussion — 10. Sh — shh — shshsh — 11. Has the bell rung — 12. " Gee, " I ' m so hungry — 13. Girls, don ' t forget your laundry — - 14. Please sign off for me — 15. There will be a meeting of the Executive Council — June and " Dot " Cronkhite (on the street car coming from town. Three old ladies en- ter). Dorothy: " June, why don ' t you get up and let one of those ladies sit down? " June: " Huh! Why don ' t you get up and let them all sit down? " I wish I was an icicle, Hanging on a shack, And if my rival chanced to pass, I ' d drop right down her back. Mis s Cowdrick dreamed she was the " Faerie Queen " and went to the dentist and got her a crown. A woman marries a doctor to get doctored for nothing — A woman marries a railroad man to ride for nothing — But a woman marries a preacher to be good- for-nothing. If a woman has a double chin, how does she know which one to scratch? Sororian i g 2 6 Wanted — A pair of " bell-top " pants. Prof. Holliday. Mr. Johnson (to class) : " You girls have a great many more advantages than I had when I went to college ; for instance, you have much better teachers. " " Lend me your ear, " said the mother, pick- ing up a bar of soap and the washrag. Lucile Lee: dig holes? " Lena King: Lucile Lee: " Lena, do you know how rats " Naw. " " That ' s right. " Emma Flowers and Nellie Clare Woodle were discussing some of the teachers at An- derson College. Nellie Clare said, " Miss Fox is old, isn ' t she? " " Ys, " answered Emma, " they say she taught Caesar. " Miss Crawford told Miss Fay that she al- ways had colds in her head. " Yes, " replied Miss Fay, " you always have them in the weakest spots. " Kiss me cute, Kiss me cunning, Kiss me quick For daddy ' s coming. You sit apart; the dance goes on; You ' ve been betrayed by one you trusted. You cannot dance like a gentleman When your suspender ' s busted. " Fair one, will you thrill my epidermis, by allowing me to embrace your tender form for the next wiggle? " " Kat " Cannon: " How did you catch a cold? " Mary Burton: " Some one played the ' Star Spangled Banner ' when I was taking a bath. " Willie Sue Boleman: " Margaret, what makes you so little ? " Margaret White: " My mother fed me on canned milk and I ' m condensed. " Virginia Caldwell came in the college office and purchased a Freshman-Sophomore recep- tion invitation. A few minutes later Vir- ginia came rushing back and told Nelle Es- kew that she wanted an invitation with " Freshman Class " in the corner and not " Sophomore. " Senior: " I hope we get to the fair tonight in time to see the trapeze acts. " Daisy Rowland: " What is a ' trapeze, ' an animal? " Louise Shealy: " I hope Miss Fay doesn ' t put me in the Junior play, I ' m so con- scientious " (meaning self-conscious.) Freshie No. i : " Are you going to have your picture taken for the Sororian? " Freshie No. 2: " No, I don ' t have anything to do with those old sororities. " 123 Sororian i 9 2 6 Dumb Bells at Anderson College " Flo " : Wanted to know if the banks busted on account of having " so much money. " Louise Shealy: " Would it be appropriate to write some little ' epitaph ' on this snap- shot? " • Lena King (writing to " Roddy " ) : The crook is something to keep up " repitition " be- tween the Juniors and Seniors. When Dr. Dunford went to Richmond to marry his son, on his return Roxie Murdock was worried, and asked if he married his son, who gave " him " away? -x- Daisv: " Have you ever seen the ' Damrosch Dancers? ' I saw ' em last year in Greenville. " Jonah: " How far are we from land? " Whale: " About three thousand miles. " Jonah: " Don ' t leave me big boy. " Poor Robbie ! She thought the doctor was trying to natter her when he told her that she had acute appendicitis! The speed cop at last pulled up beside Car- oline Burriss. " I have chased you a mile, " he shouted, " to tell you that you were going sixty miles an hour. " " Gee! " said Caroline. " Bad news sure travels fast, doesn ' t it? " Great aches from little corns grow. Lula Fay to Emma: " I see Johnnie is on the scrub team. " Emma: " Well, the poor thing would never wash his ears at home. " Still a woman never makes a fool of a man without his whole-hearted co-operation. The modern girl knows as much about a needle as the modern boy does about a brick- saw. steps office post- the up walk you i. When your like 2. And heart going this, hoping is you ' ll get one from him, 3- Your enthusiasm wanes when you find it ' s only from Dad. 4- And when you hold it up to the light, and see it ' s not a letter, but a small piece of folded paper, again enthusiasm the goes 5- Up needing! been you ' ve check that 6. It ' s But when you open it and find that it is your first report with two E ' s and a D on it, and a good hot roasting at the bottom, 8. I ' l say, its quite a come- down, isn ' t it? 12+ Sororian i 9 2 6 When uou advertise it oar odoe We bavj 1,0-nn ach ■fro rn oar patrol Thevj -r ever have, " " to Ire ? 125 Sororian i g 2 6 pi ease Patronize Those Who Patronize Us Townsend Lumber Company, Anderson, S. C. G. F. Tolly and Son, Anderson, S. C. Gallant-Belle Company, Anderson, S. C. Ligon-Ledbetter Co., Anderson, S. C. Sam Orr Tribble, Anderson, S. C. Grubb ' s-Nelson Company, Richmond, Va. D. Geisberg ' s Department Store, Anderson, S. C. J. C. Penney Company, Anderson, S. C. Anderson Floral Company, Anderson, S. C. Altman Printing Company, Anderson, S. C. Pure Foo d Bakery, Anderson, S. C. Anderson Cold Storage, Anderson, S. C. Star Dry Cleaning Company, Anderson, S. C. S. H. Kress, Anderson, S. C. Thompson ' s Shoe Store, Anderson, S. C. Orr-Gray Drug Company, Anderson, S. C. Moore-Wilson Company, Anderson, S. C. Sullivan Hardware Company, Anderson, S. C. Efird ' s Department Store, Anderson, S. C. Fleishman Brothers Company, Anderson, S. C. Carolina National Bank, Anderson, S. C. H. Susman Company, Richmond, Va. Citizens National Bank, Anderson, S. C. Anderson Hardware Company, Anderson, S. C. Economy Shoe Store, Anderson, S. C. Webb-Cason ' s Drug Store, Anderson, S. C. Anderson Steam Laundry, Anderson, S. C. Green Haynes, Anderson, S. C. Mac ' s Service Station, Anderson, S. C. Barton Grocery Company, Anderson, S. C. Plaza Barber Shop and Eagle Barber Shop, Anderson, S. C. Calhoun Soda Shop, Anderson, S. C. Casey Fant ' s, Anderson, S. C. McGee Bowlan, Anderson, S. C. Dr. Moore, Chiropodist, Anderson, S. C. Fretwell Furniture Company, Anderson, S. C. Strand and Imperial Theatres, Anderson, S. C. J. Reed Fowler, Anderson, S. C. Southern Public Utilities Companies, Anderson, S. C. Chamber of Commerce, Anderson, S. C. Bailes Dry Goods Store, Anderson, S. C. Gluck Mill, Anderson, S. C. Anderson Independent, Anderson, S. C. Fant ' s Book Store, Anderson, S. C. Anderson College, Anderson, S. C. Sororian g 2 6 ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON. SOUTH CAROLINA CHARTERED 1910 A College for Girls and Young Women Outdoor Sports the Year Round Delightful Surroundings CO Thorough courses of study leading to A.B., B.S., B.M., B.O. degrees — two-year courses in Pre-Classical, Pre-Scientific, Pub- lic School Music, Expression, Home Eco- nomics, Secretarial, Physical Education, Art ' Send Us the Girl and We Will Return the Woman " FOR CATALOGUE, ADDRESS REGISTRAR Sororian i 9 2 6 Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry Sam Orr Tribble 140 North Main Street Silverware — Novelties — Art Goods G rubbs-Nelson Co. Incorporated • Monogram Bran d Food Products 77 Varieties RICHMOND, VIRGINIA D. GEISBERG EXCLUSIVE Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear ■ STlDEEMUnEWTSTORES ANDERSON, S. C. 676 Department Stores Buying Most We Buy for Less Selling Most We Sell for Less Anderson Floral Company " We Have the Florvers to Say It With " Anderson, South Carolina Altman Printing Company PHONE 176-J Anderson, South Carolina John C. Calhoun Hotel Anderson, S. C. 125 ROOMS Anderson ' s Leading and only Fireproof Hotel 100 BATHS Excellent Dining Room D. T. Cannon, Manager Sororian i g 2 6 PURE FOOD BAKERY THE HOME OF AUNT MARY ' S CREAM BREAD Pure Food Bakery Anderson, South Carolina ANDERSON COLD STORAGE COMPANY Pure Crystal Ice Star Dry Cleaning Co. We Carry All the New Things in Cleaners, Dyers, and Hatters FINE FOOTWEAR FOR Phone 359 301 E. Benson St. WOMEN ANDERSON, S. C. IF ITS FABRIC OR FUR, WE CAN CLEAN IT FOR YOU THOMPSON ' S SHOE STORE KRESS ORR-GRAY AND 5-10-25c STORE COMPANY Candy, Toilet Goods, Stationery, Notions, Ribbons, Jewelry Headquarters for Purest Drugs and Highest Grade Toilet Articles S. H. KRESS CO. Whitman Sampler — Best Candy Made ANDERSON, S. C. TELEPHONE 216 Sororian THE BEST IN EVERYTHING FOR WOMEN Ready-to- W ear, Millinery, Piece Goods Foot-wear, etc. We appreciate your patronage just as much, possibly a bit more, than anyone. We are always glad to have you visit our store. Mail orders and phone orders receive special attention. MOORE-WILSON COMPANY ANDERSON. S. C. SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY ANDERSON— BELTON— GREENVILLE— GREER Hardware, Mill Supplies, Athletic Supplies Household Furnishings YOUR PATRONAGE IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED " EFIRDS " Anderson ' s largest store sells Everything Worn By Women, Misses, Children, Men and Boys Toilet Goods, Jewelry, and Novelties of All Kinds " EFIRDS " WE WELCOME YOU TO ANDERSON AN D OUR STORE MANY THINGS FOR THE COLLEGE GIRLS Sororian i 9 2 6 FLEISHMAN BROTHERS CO. " Anderson ' s Better Store " Invites Your Inspection of Late Correct Styles in Women ' s Wear that are Always on Display at this Good Store Ready-to-Wear and Millinery Of the Better Kind Always Costs You Less AT FLEISHMAN ' S Finest of SILK HOSIERY and Underwear in the Wanted Shades THE FLEISHMAN BROTHERS CO. " Anderson ' s Better Store " NEW SAFE STRONG CAROLINA NATIONAL BANK ANDERSON, S. C. Member Federal Reserve System NEW SAFE STRONG H. Susman Co. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Distributed over 2,000,000 cans of food products last year to schools and colleges. DID YOU EAT ANY? CITIZEN ' S NATIONAL BANK of anderson, s. c. Capital and Surplus $325,000 Interest Allowed on Saving Accounts Sororian i 9 2 6 ANDERSON STEAM LAUNDRY 120 EARLE STREET Laundry Dry Cleaning Dyeing WEBB-CASON DRUG CO. WE CARRY A FULL LINE OF Drugs, Toilet Articles, Sodas, Candies and Stationery Prompt Service and Courteous Attention YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT OUR STORE COMPLIMENTS OF THE ANDERSON HARDWARE CO. Phone 253 ANDERSON, S. C. MAC ' S SERVICE STATION THAT Good Gulf Gasoline " Service With a Smile " New Styles Here at All Times ECONOMY SHOE STORE Green Haynes Official Photographers for The Sororian ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Sororian i 9 2 6 Barton Grocery Company wholesale grocer FEDERAL STREET ANDERSON. SOUTH CAROLINA The College Girls Shop Especially We Serve You Calhoun Soda Shop McGee Bowlan Wholesale Merchants Flour. Grain. Hay, Feeds anderson. s. c. Fretwell Furniture Company ANDERSON S. C. Moore Marinello Approved Shop Second Floor J. C. Penny Co. Phone 148 ANDERSON. S. C. DR. MOORE Chiropody Plaza Barber Shop AND Eagle Barber Shop SPECIAL attention to Ladies ' Hair Cutting Casey Fant Architects ANDERSON, S. C. Architects for Anderson College Fountain Pens. Pencils, Station- ery, Inks, Kodak Films, Flash- lights and Accessories. FULL LINE CANDIES Telephone 3 98 and We ' ll Deliver J. Reed Fowler Co. N. Main St. Anderson, S. C. FOR BETTER MOTION PICTURE ENTERTAINMENT IMPERIAL AND STRAND THEATERS Sororian i 9 2 6 AND ALWAYS REMEMBER " COOK WITH ELECTRICITY Southern Public Utilities Company t ANDERSON COLLEGE " Anderson ' ) • Own " 300 Reasons Why Anderson is " Our Town " WHY NOT MAKE IT YOURS? FROM A COMPANY THAT IS A FRIEND OF ANDERSON COLLEGE Sororian g 2 6 G. H. BAILES COMPANY Anderson ' s Biggest and Best Department Store THEY SELL E. P. REEDS SHOES AND PEGGY PAIGE DRESSES FOR WOMEN WHO CARE If It ' s New, It ' s Here The Bee Hive, G. H. Bailes Co. 107-109 Court Square GLUCK MILL ANDERSON, S. C. Anderson Independent ANDERSON, S. C. ' Read It Daily " The College Girl ' s Headquarters is Fant ' s Book Store WATERMAN ' S IDEAL FOUNTAIN PEN PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Sororian IBBO! £ complete orq ' aniz ' afion of oLleqe ' annual experts ' assurina uglify Lnqr ' avinq s, Prompt blivery, Helpful Cooperation ana Personal Interest m each on a everv ' annual produced. you Delr pro CAPITOL ENGRAVING CO. NASHVILLE TENNESSEE r " c 3S Sororian " Homeheefiing Hearts Are Haziest " " we build the house " " you make the home " TOWNSEND LUMBER COMPANY CONTRACTORS AND BUILDING MATERIAL Phone 2267 Anderson, S. C. G. F. TOLLY SON We are always glad to have the college girls visit our store, and will be delighted to furnish their own homes for them when they have left the " home nest. " G. F. TOLLY SON Established 1858 GALLANT-BELK COMPANY Department Store DRY GOODS, CLOTHING READY-TO-WEAR MILLINERY A Modern, Up-io-Daie Store That Sells Everything and " Sells It For Less " A FRIEND OF THE COLLEGE LIGON AND LEDBETTER COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA I! " 1 .-: ' .: - ' ■ ' - 7-7- THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON i COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS Sororian i g 2 6 Sororian i g 2 6 .%»»» « ' -Hl , t,,. mm ill m mWm mi

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