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THE SORORIAN 19 2 4 b .i i ?, 1 5 ' i i ■ ' | f 1 ' i I .; I i ij ; i 1 ? ) ? { j 1 PUBLISHED BY SENIOR CLASS ANDERSON COLLEGE tH ®lj? £ m at (£ln$B of 1924 Lovingly Dedicate This Volume of The Sororian To ®l iearrst Mm in % Warih • •ii •:•)■• «ii»; ii •.•!■•:• 11 :•■■•:• fe«.w ai. « ii • ■! •.•■!:•«■■ • • ii ' - ii •;• ii •.• 11 : . ■■ :« n rr «.• 11. . rari gm OPHELIA SMITH Editor MARION GRAY Business Manager The " So rorian Staff Dorothv Gronkhite Assistant Editor Marion Gray Business Manager Helen Brown Assistant Business Manaejcr Caroline Parnell Picture Editor Virginia Cowherd Literary Editor Colie Blease lssistant Literary Editor Eunice Leathers Social Editor Geralmne Bowen fine Arts Editor Ruth Todd lake Editor Louise Wrav Irt Editor Hattie Roberts Assistant Art Editor III M THE SORORIAN STAFF THE SORORIAN B uittm iaiuiuijiuiiJiinujii inianiiimimiii ptiii niTTrrrm mrmminnnim miuiimiiinii i iiiiii.i l u i las j l,, mm — DR. JOHN E. WHITE, President Page fifteen iftftTTTrrmnm g m f r ii m trmn THE SORORIAN Dr. Graves L. Knight, Dean Mrs. Samuel Lumpkin Dean oj Women Miss Grace L. Cronkhite Dean of Music Page sixteen THE SORORIAN Officers of Instruction John Ellington White, A.B., D.D. The Chapel Hour A.B, Wake Forest; D.D. Baylor University. John C. Calhoun Dunford, M.A., Th.B . Si haul of Bible, and Christian Service M.A. Wake Forest College; Th.B. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Pupil In French of Prof. Henri Marion, of Annapolis; Corresponding Member of the American Institute of Civics. Webb von Hasseln Modern Languages Student at Clemson Agricultural .-mil Mechanical College; Studied in France, Germany, Austria and Central America. Certificates in Spanish and French from Berlitz School of Languages, Havana. Cuba; Certificate in German from the Department of Military Intelligence, United States Army, Frances McIntosh, A.B. History A. P.. Ilnllins; Graduate Work Columbia University. Regina Cook Cowdrick, A.B., M.A. Literature and Composition A.B. Dentin University; Graduate Toledo Normal Training School; M.A. George Peabody College for Teachers. Talmadge C. Johnson, A.B., M.A. Composition and Literature A.B. Furman University; M.A. Vanderbilt. Mary AdeliA Fox, M.Acct., B.S. Philosophy and Education M.Acct. Toledo Business College; B.S. in Education, Berea College, Kentucky; Graduate Work Towa rd M.A., ' George Peabody College for Teachers. Margie Phillips, B.S. Science B.S. Shorter College; Graduate Work, Columbia University. Mrs. M. W. Hatton, A.M. Mathematics A.M. Howard-Payne College; Certificate in Mathematics Harvard University. Olga V. Pruitt, M.D. Physician, Hygiene Rev. R. N. Pratt, A.B. Bible (Old Testament) A.B. Erskine College; Studied in Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Special Departments Grace L. Cronkhite Dean of Music Department, Professor of Piano, Organ, Advanced Harmony, Counterpoint and Analysis New England Conservatory, Boston, Mass.. 1S90-93; Virgil Piano School and Metropolitan College of Music, New York, 1896-97; Pupil of Moritz Moszkowski, Paris, 1S9S-1900-U2-03. Page seventeen THE SORORIAN Annie D. Denmark Instructor in Piano Graduate • •: Meredith College, Raleigh, N. C, 1908; Pupil of Raphael Josefty, New STork, Bummer, 1909; Pupil or Virgil Piano School, New fork; Pupil of Alberto Jonas, New York, 1910-17. • Edith May Hall Instructor in Piano, Harmony, Ensemble, History of Music Qi i., .i .■ ... Meredith College, Raleigh, N. C, 1908; Posl Graduate Meredith College, 1909; Pupil ol Virgil Piano School, New York, Summer, 1912; Pupil of Augusta Cottlow, New Y ork, Summer, 1918. ()l IDA Pattison Instructor of Music History Anderson College Teacher ' s Certificate In Piano, 1920; Anderson College Artists Diploma, 1921. H wtie Fay Piano, Eurhythmies, Solfeggio Teacher ' s Certflcate In Voice, Anderson College, Summer School, Columbia University; Eurhythmies, Dalcroze School, New York. ISAPHINE RlCHEY Projrssor of Voice, Public School Music, Sight Singing and Director of College Club Graduate Normal Methods In Public School, New England Conservatory, Boston, Mass., 1910: Summer Course In Public School Methods in Sliver Burdetl School, Evahston, ill., 1910; Graduate In Voice. Chicago Musical College, 1910; Private Pupil of Frederick Briston and David Blspham, New York City. 1921. Mary D. Ramseur An ' rse College, two years; Academy of Design, New Y ' ork City; Chase School of Art, New Y ' ork City (Pupil of William Chase, Robert Henri, Edward Penfleld), two years; " Academic Colorossl, " Paris (Pupil of Henri Morrissey. J. Theophilactus and others), at different times; Lecture Courses 111 History of Art at University of Virginia and during extensive trip abroad. Gertrude Pratt Expression and Physical Culture A.B. Uoux College, Vermont; Graduate Course in the Worcester School of Oratory. Worcester, Mass.; Private Pupil of S. M. Haynes. Boston; Harvard University, Summer of 1922; Graduate Course in the Warden School of Oratory, Canada. Louise Jennings, 13. S., H.E. Domestic Art Graduate of Queen ' s. Daisy Daniel Domestic Science Georgia Normal and Industrial College; Graduate Work. Columbia University, Adlene Jones, A.B. Sub-Freshman Work A.B. Anderson College; Graduate Work, Columbia University. Sallie T. Cam Resident Nurse Graduate Greenville Woman ' s College; Graduate Nurse, Anderson County Hospital. Zanerian Fi nk, A.B. Commercial Course A.B. Anderson College; Graduate in Business Course, Columbia College, Hagerstown, Maryland. Gr ace Pearman, B.S. Physical Director and Athletic Coach Wlnthrop College, Harvard University. Page eighteen THE SOROR1AN I uN irnTTn ' inbiiirni mnmjnnniiiniiriiiui nnTiiimrrrrmrimiTnmiTT TiTirfirnnprTmii iriiiiiiirnTmiTg-. — Page Izventy-one THE SORORIAN Tmm iijii inTnrnnu iii ,ii iii n i im i nm» i nuirTTTnTTTnpTiiiinni)i i linmim ii ni mama Binnni i Miss Frances McIntosii, Sponsor Lila Mae Sullivan - , Mascot Senior Class Officers Caroline Parnell President Martha White Vice-President Babbie Sullivan Secretary Merdel Nix Treasurer Babbie Sullivan Prophet Emily Watts Histo rian Ophelia Smith Poet Page twenty-two THE SORORIAN Senior Poem ' Twas early autmn when so gay We entered thy great halls; Thy spirit seized us in its sway; We heeded fair Ambition ' s call. For four short years we ' ve followed fast Through work Minerva ' s path, And play as well. The end is near Our college days so dear Are o ' er; yet life is just before, And visions now are more — They ' re lofty, nobler, clearer, true. The best that we can do Our purpose is. We see the glad Faint star in glory clad Of future day. Our hopes are bright; So beautiful with light, And radiance of ideals we ' ve sought, Of Alma Mater we ' ve been taugh. ' Tis springtime sweet We stay our feet Before thy door In reverence meet For counsel given Ours no more. Thy gateways broad We brave alway, Yet soft one day Will memories golden Fill our lives in years to come And carry us back to days of the olden, ' Til evening falls and life is done. Senior Song Look out for us at Anderson, the Seniors, Rah! For we ' ll go on as we ' ve begun, the Seniors, Rah! We ' ll win as we have always won, the best by far, The finest class at Anderson, the Seniors, Rah! We are always first in work or fun the college star. The class that you can bank upon, the Seniors, Rah ! Of classes all the foremost one, that ' s what we are, The finest class at Anderson, the Seniors, Rah! Page twenty-three Jenior CI ass Caroline Campbell Parnell, A.B Estherian Literary Society Savannah, Ga. Entered. ' 20- ' 21: Sigma Delta Gamma: President Senior Class. ' 23- ' 24; President Junior Class. ' 2:i ; Vii e-President Class. ' 22- ' 23; Vice-President Sophomore Class, •21- ' 22; Class Poet, ' 21- ' 22; ••Sororian " Stalf. ' 20-21, , 21- ' 22. ' 22- ' 23. ' 23- " 24; ■■Orion " Staff. " 20- ' 21, ' 21- ' 22. ' 22- ' 23; President French Club, , 22- , 23; Seeretary French Club, ' ZZ- ' 28; Viee-Presldent Sans Soucl, ' 22--23; Dramatic club, •?l- " 22; President Georgia Club, ' 21- " 22; Secretary Georgia Club, ' 23- ' 24; Society Cheer Leader, ' 23- ' 24; College cheer Leader. " 23- ' 24; Sergeant-at-Arms Estherian Literary Society, ' 21--22; Pan-Hellenic, , 22--23. She ' s always first in work or fun, the college star! She combines beauty with brains, and is doubtless the most popular girl at A. C. It takes many qualities to be successful as class president — Carolina has these. She is a leader, too, with an abundance of enthusiasm, tact, energy, optimism and efficiency. ' 24 could not have done without her, and it is the underclassmen ' s lament " what will we do without her next year? " Jenior CI ass Lillian Bradley, A.B Mayesville, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered, ' 21- ' 22; Member of Busy Bee Club, ' 22- ' 23; Head of " The Stick Family, " •23- ' 24. The more one knows her the lovelier and more full of life she becomes. She has been a diligent student and a faithful worker. Most of her leisure moments are spent in taxing the serious thought power of her brain. Back of all her seriousness lies plenty of fun. Her greatest ambition at the present is to be a school mistress. Still, we would like to get some dots from her on the subject of " How to find an ideal husband? " We predict no dark future for you, Lillian, for nothing but success awaits you. )emor CI ass Madge Elizabeth Bradley, A.R Lanier Literary Society Helton, S. C. Entered, ' 21- - 22: President Busj Bee Cluh, ' Hi- ' ;::; Secretary Freshman Sunday School ' ' lass. •: ' i- ; Chairman Lanier House Committee, ' 21- ' 22; Anderson County Club, ' 21- ' 22, •22- , 23, ' 23- " 24; Vice-President College B. Y. P. IJ., r 22- ' 23; Presldenl K. 1 1. E. Cluh, ' 22- ' 23: Delegate i " Gruenvt I. ' 2S- ' 24; Type Editor " Orion, " ' 23- ' 24; Treasurer Lanier Literary Society, ' 23- ' 24; Literary Editor " Orion, " ' 23- ' 24; Group Captain B. v. P, [ ' .. ' 23- ' 24; " Sororlan " Type Editor, ' 23- ' 24; Captain Senior Basketball Team, ' 23- ' 24; College Correspondent " Baptist Student " Magazine; President Senior Sunday School Class, ' 23- ' 24; Fire Lieutenant West nmis,., ' 2S- ' 24. What would we dn without Madge? She is quiet and unassuming in her manner, but there is always a smile and kind word for everyone. There is not a more enthusiastic, loyal, and sincere member nt the Class of ' 24. She is capable, dependable, and always ready to do her part — and to do it well. Good student-hip is one of Madge ' s outstanding characteristics, and she nearly always makes " A. " There is just reason for the Class of ' 24 to be proud of Madge, for we know her determination and ambition. emor CI ass Greenville, S. C. ' 23; Assistant Art 24; Music Editor Geraldine Alberta Bowen, B.M Lanier Literary Society Entered, ' 20- ' 21; Eta Phi; Member Busy Bee Club, ' 21- ' 22 Editor " Sororian, " ' 21- ' 22; Fine Arts Editor " Orion. " " Sororian, " ' 23- ' 24. Perhaps to those of us who do not know her intimately, " Jerry " appears to be dignified, reserved, and somewhat timid. But her real self is quite the opposite, for she is truly a s jolly and lively as any member of the Senior Class. Geraldine is a hard-working and persevering girl, but not without compensation, for she has accomplished much in the art of playing the piano. She has an " Artist ' s Diploma " in sight, and we wish her every possible success. Senior Class Ruth Ann Heyward Bruce, A.B Anderson, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered. ' 20- ' 21; President of Town Girls ' club, ' 22- ' 2 ; Member or Home Talent Club, ' 20- ' 21; Member of Dramatic Club, ' 23- ' 24. By a personality which is attractive and good-natured, Ruth has won her way with ease into the companionship and confidence of all who have enjoyed her acquaintance. Her. enviable record as a student indicates the sterling quality and ability of this girl. As a friend, Ruth is " all wool and a yard wide. " Ruth leaves a host of friends when she parts from her classmates. Her genial smile and steadfastness have endeared her to all. May she pluck the best of fruits offered bv the world. Senior Class Virginia Cowherd, A.B Bianchville, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered, ' 22- ' 23; Member South Carolina Press Association, 22- ' 23; Member College Glee Club, ' 22- ' 23; Assistant Editor " Orion. " ' 22- ' 23; San Souci Club. ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- " 24; Critic Lanier Literary Society, ' 23; Secretary Senior Sunday School Class, ' 23- ' 24; Literary Editor " Sororian, " ' 23- ' 24. Virginia came to Anderson to spend her last two years of college life. She has made many friends both in college and town. She is very fond of her Alma Mater, but judging from the frequency of the letters she gets from Clemson, it seems as if she were also fond of another Alma Mater. We are sure that wherever she goes and whatever she does, she will attain much success. )enior CI ass Ethel Davis, A.B Honea Path, S.C. Lanier Literary Society Entered, ' 20- ' 21; Red-Headed Club; Anderson County Club; Y. W. A. Ethel is very wise and determined in all her undertakings, and is seemingly very quiet, but those who know her best can say something to the contrary. She is very fond of sleeping, and how she gets to breakfast on time is a mystery. She is a true friend and — well, we can ' t put any more on this page, but you should just know her. Senior Class Mary DeLoach, Art Johnson, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered, ' 20- ' 21; Eta Phi; Y. W. A.; Edgefield County Club, Devil ' s Den Club, ' 21- ' 22, ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24; Art Club, ' 20- ' 21, ' 21- ' 22 ' 20- ' 21. ' 21- ' 22; •22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24. We all admire Mary because of her lovely disposition and generosity. Nothing is too much for her to do for a friend. She is quiet and modest at all times, and this beautiful characteristic of hers commands respect and love of all who know her. Mary ' s artistic nature is expressed in the fact that she is a pupil of art. She paints well, to be sure, and no one could think of a better way to express the beauty of her soul. That happiness and success will always be yours, is the wish of all of us, Mary. Senior CI ass Martha Mblvina Dyches, P.S.M Lanier Luf-rarv Society Fort Mill, S. C. Entered, ' 31- ' 22: Member Glee Club, ' 21- ' 22, Council, ' 21- ' 22; Y. W..C. A. Cabinet Member, Delegate to Montreal, " 22- ' 2;t; Treasurer Y. W. ' 23- ' 2 i ; " Orion " Staff, ' 23- - 2 I. 2- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24; Member Executive - ' 23; President Glee Club, ' 22- ' 23; . A., ' 23- ' 24; President V. W. A.. We need not attempt tn enumerate all of Martha ' s virtues, all of her endearing characteristic;.. It is this trait of always " being merry " that endears one to her immediately; it is this, plus the ability to he serious with a purpose, and her real ivorth that makes one want to keep her for a friend. enior CI ass Sallie Marie England, A.B Westminster, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered, ' 21- , 22; Kappa Kappa; Ocoee County Club, ' 21- ' 22, ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24; Marshal Junior Class. ' 22- ' 23; Sans Souei. , 21- , 22, ' 22- ' 23. ' 23- ' 24; Devil ' s Den Club. ' 21- ' 22, ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24; Member Pan-Hellenic Association. ' 23- ' 24; Treasurer Student Government Association, ' 23- ' 24; President Kappa Kappa, ' 23- ' 24. Marie has a bright and cheery smile for every one. Her lovable manners and amiable disposition have ever held our love and friendship. Not only has she a fine personality, but she stands for leadership and friendship. If Marie is as determined and persevering in her activities outside of college as she is in chasing bugs for biology, we are sure success will attend her wherever she goes. Senior Class Helen Foster, A.B Roebuck, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Enton-fl. ' 21- 22; Member of Executive Council, ' 23- ' 24; Member Nominating Committee, ' u -2:: ; Member French Club, ' 21 ' 22, ' 22- ' 2:!; Member Glee Club. ■21 - ' 22. ' 22- ' 2S, ' 23- " 24; Vice-President Senior ' Mass, 23- ' 24 ; Vice-President Student Government Association, ' 2::- ' 2i. Truly Limestone ' s loss was Anderson ' s unin when Helen entered our Sophomore Class. An all- round girl, with winning personality, perhaps best describes the modest little woman we find working hard, playing hard, loving hard. Her character rings true to noble womanhood, and her soul finds expression in the richness and beauty of a pleasing and well-trained voice. But " those eyes! " It is no wonder so many manly hearts have implored, " Helen, I love thee; by my life, 1 do. " Senior Class Zanerian Evangeline Funk, A.B Hagerstown, Md. Estherian Literary Society Entered, ' 20- ' 21; Y. W. C. A. Zanerian, or as she is usually called " Miss Funk, " is the quietest member of our class. While others are playing she is always studying. Though she says little, she thinks much. We find her sincere and sympathetic, always attending to her own affairs, but willing at all times to do her part in anything the class wishes to do. As she leaves us she carries the best wishes of the Class of ' 24. Jenior CI ass LOVGI.ENE GLYMPH, A.B Estherian Literary Society Entered, ' 21- ' 22; Member Town Girls ' Club. Anderson, S. C. Who ever knew Lovelene to shirk? Nobody in Anderson College ever did. She is always on the job, always ready to do her part, and more. No one is more ready to lend a helping hand to her classmates, and you can ' t ask too big a favor of her, for it is a joy for her to serve others. The two words that best describe Lovelene are diligence and conscientiousness. Her aims and ideals are high, and she portrays the life of service, loyalty, and scholarship. y Senior Class Mary Goree Graham, A.B Piedmont, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered, ' 21- ' 22; Freshman Basketball Team. ' 21- ' 22; French Club, ' 22- ' 23; Senior Basketball Team, ' 23- ' 24; Estherian Reporter for " Orion " Staff, ' 23- ' 24. If you wish to please Mary, then start an argument. She likes to argue and always takes the " other side " of a question just for sport. However, she is an earnest worker, always accomplishing her goal. She is never frightened by an assignment and always keeps a cool head, no mater what happens. She is one of the brightest members of the class and a good, all-round sport. May she be as successful in her future work as she has been in the past. enior CI ass Georgia Harris, A.B Anderson, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered, 2l- ' 22; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Town Girls ' Club; Anderson County Club. Because she doesn ' t " live " with us at college, we don ' t know Georgia as well as we would like to, judging from our present knowledge. At any rate, we infer the rest — and just know that Georgia ' s the best ever. She ' s a good sport, a good student, and one of Anderson ' s most loyal daughters. Success is bound to come to her, and always, as now, we wish her the very best that life contains. enior CI ass Lola Mae Hellams, A.B Fountain Inn, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered, ' 20- ' 21: Y. W. A.: Y. W. C. A.; Member Executive Council. , 22- , 23, ' 23- ' 24; Member Student Volunteer Band; Secretary B. Y. P. U., ' 22; Basketball Team, •22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24. Lola Mae is a real, genuine, capable girl. When she puts herself to a task she always remains at it in steadfastness, constancy, and steadiness. She is neither a shirker nor a jerker, nor a lurker, hut a worker. Her potential powers are sure to give her a victory in whatever she undertakes to do. Her aim and purpose is to work on the foreign field, and we are all sure that her efforts will be crowned with success. Jenior CI ass Ruby Hembree, A.B Anderson, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered, ' -l- ' i;2 ; Town Girls ' run., ' 2i- ' :!2. ' 22- ' 2;i. ' 2Z- ' 2-l; Anderson County Club. ' 21- ' 22. ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 2l. " Boob, " we call her — not that the name is enviable, but just as a term of endearment. Hut she is one " dear old ' Boob ' , " and we love her " just a lot. " She is very accommodating and helpful, a loyal and true friend. " Boob " is like the rest of us — she doesn ' t like to work but she " gets there just the same. " If you want a friend who is a mighty good sport and one whom you can absolutely trust, you could not find a better one than this, " Our Boob. " Senior CI ass Ruth Hughes, A.B Donalds, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered, ' 20- ' 21; Treasurer B. Y. P. U., ' 22- ' 23; Exchange Editor " Orion. " ' 23- ' 24. Ruth is one of the most capable girls in the Senior Class. We can always depend on her for whatever task she is called upon to do. She is witty, bright, winning and gay, Never wearing a frown, even on a rainy day. She is a victor without oppression, A Christian without hypocrisy, And a girl without guile. And may she grow in knowledge, as she has in grace, And possess always the same charms of mind, manner and face. Jenior CI ass Winnie Mae Grace Keys, A.B Estherian Literary Society Entered, ' 20- ' 21; Anderson County Club; House President West, Nominating Committee, ' 23- ' 24. Starr, S. C. ' 21; Member The Class of ' 24 would not be complete without Grace. She is a sweet, lovable girl, and has always been among the best in her class. She has won for herself many life-long friends during her stay in Anderson College. There will always be a warm place in our hearts for Grace. We wish her great success, and shall expect nothing less. fgrnmumMmm m mmnm am mm m Senior Class Anna Dean McFall, A.B Anderson, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered, ' 22- ' 23; Sigma Sigma Sigma; President Town Girls ' Club, ' 23- ' 24; Sans Souci, ' 23- ' 24. In all the walks of life, it is hard to find so many qualities combined as here. Anna Dean is a good student, square, determined, and a true friend. Through her generous, kind-hearted and optimistic disposition, she has won a well-deserved warm spot in the hearts of all her fellow- students. She realizes " there is a time for all things. " Besides her sincere work, she delights in parties — and we don ' t blame her a bit. We predict for Anna Dean a very brilliant future. Senior Class Ada Merdel Nix, B.S Zirconia, N. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered, ' 20- ' 21; Member Glee Club, ' 22- ' 23: member Executive Council, ' 22- ' 23; Y. v. C. A. Cabinet Member; President B. Y ' . p. U., ' 24; Treasurer Class, ' 24; Leader Student Volunteer Band. ' 2 1; Chief Marshal, " 22. Merdel is one of the most conscientious girls in school. We have come to love her because of her high ideals and noble character. She always puts duty first, and whatever she undertakes she is determined to accomplish. She is a pure and consecrated girl, and is devoted to the best things in life. We treasure her friendship, and wish her great success in the future. Senior CI ass Ollie Nix, A.B Zirconia, N. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered, ' 20- ' 21; Member Y. W. A.; Secretary North Carolina Club, ' 22- ' 23; " Orion " Staff, ' 22- ' 23; Group Captain B. Y. P. U., ' 22- ' 23; Member Dramatic Club, ' 23- ' 24; Treasurer B. Y. P. U., ' 23- ' 24; Fire Captain, ' 23- ' 24; Vice-President Sunday School Class, ' 23- ' 24. Ollie is kind, sincere and loyal, and willing to help wherever she is needed. She is a very quiet girl who lets her actions speak for her; and yet, when you really know her, she has a wealth of fun at her disposal, and speaks freely what she thinks. She has kept faithfully at her task as a student all through her college course, and we feel sure that success awaits her in the future. Senior Class Mary Paget, A.B Anderson, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered. ' 21- ' 22; Sigma Sigma Sisrma; Estherian Debater. ' 22- ' 23: Winner of May Peterson Short Story Prize, ' 22- ' 2;t; Editor-in-Chief ■•Orion, " ' 23- ' 24. A student like Mary is one of whom Anderson College may be justly proud, because she is a girl of sterling worth. She has won the admiration of her schoolmates. During her three years with us we have found her a person of strong character, practical sense, and possessing a dominant will. And, although she can work, she is happy-hearted, jolly, and laughing. Truly, " none but herself can be her parallel. " We wish for Mary, after she has left the halls of our Alma Mater, all the joys and success of life. Senior Class Helen Richardson, A.B Pendleton, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered, ' 23- ' 24; Secretary and Treasurer Athletic Association; Member of Art Club; Manager Senior Basketball Team, ' 23- ' 24; Member Anderson County Club, ' 23- ' 24; Y. W. C. A., Y W. A.. ' 23- ' 24. Helen is one of our new Seniors, having finished in Art at Limestone in ' 23. She returned to them this year; but, desiring something better, decided to take Anderson for her A.B. Alma Mater, and we most royally welcomed her. Helen is one of those few creatures who seems possessed with many talents. She is a most artistic person, and an athlete of merit. We have had Helen but one year, and in spite of her lingering fondness for Limestone, we claim her as our own. Senior Class Lucia Richardson, A.B Simpsonville, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered, ' 21- ' 22; Kappa Kappa: Class Basketball Team, ' 21- ' 22; San Souri, ' ZZ- ' Zi; Bcrlbe Devil ' s Den Club, Vice-President Chiss, ' 22- ' 2: ' .: Member Executive Council, •22- ' 23; Pan-Hellenic, ' 23- ' 24; Secretary (Trench Club, , 22- ' 23; President student Government Association, " 23- ' 24. Simpsonville has made one ol the best contributions ever in sending Lucia to us, and we feel that we will always be under some obligation to her. Since Lucia joined us, there always seems to be a " Russcl " in the parlor. Me is not a rustle of spring-time, but a year-round " Russel. " Faithful is the word. Lucia is broad-minded, however, and does not shirk her duties. Our admiration and love for her grows constantly, and we fully expect to find ourselves cheering her many successes in years to come. Senior Class Helen Reichard, B.M Lanier Literary Society Enured, ' 21- ' 22; Member Town Girls ' Cluh. Ande s. c. We first knew Helen as " the girl from Maryland, " hut it was not long before we learned to know and distinguish her in many other ways. She is a perfect wonder at holding down three and four jobs at a time, and we are sometimes inclined to wonder which she would be most successful in leading — the life of a business woman or that of a musician. We have heard that Helen expects to continue her study of organ in New York this summer and, with her unusual talent, we know that she will make a name for herself. Jenior CI ass Ophelia Smith, A.B Madison, Fla. Estherian Literary Society Entered, ' 21- ' 22; Sigma sii;nia Sigma; President Freshman Sunday School Class. ' 21 - ' 22; Member dominating Committee, ' 2i- ' 22; Sans sou. i, ' 2i- ' 22. ' 22- ' 23. ' 23- ' 24; Member Cosmopolitan Club, ' 21- 22; Freshman Representative Tennis Tournament, ' 21 - ' 22 ; Class Basketball Team, ' 21- ' 22. , 22- , 23, ' 2.V24; Secretary Student Govern- ment Association, ' 22- ' 2:i; President Pan-Hellenic, ' 22- ' 2:s class Poet, ' 23- ' 24; Society Clitic, •23- " 24; Edltor-in-Cliief " Sororlan, " ' 23- ' 24; Glee Club; " 23- ' 24, A girl who can work and play, and do both excellently, is Ophelia. She has the proper determination to succeed in anything she sets about to do. All in all, she ' s the best ever! Her general ability is demonstrated in the splendid manner in which she has edited the College Annual this year. With all her business ability and good studentship, she is a good sport, and a true friend. Anderson College is proud to claim her as her own. jj NnmMH Senior Class Luta Barbara Sullivan, A.B Estherian- Literary Society Anderson, S. C. Entered, ' 20- ' 21; Sigma Sigma Sigma; President ot Class, ' 22- ' 23; Secretary of Class, •23- ' 24; Joke Editor " Orion, " , 22- ' 23; Basketball, ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24; Sergi anl-at- Arms Estherian Literary Society, ' 22- ' 23; Glee Club, ' 22- ' 23; President Estherian Literary Society, ' 23- ' 24; Secretary Class, ' 23- ' 24; Secretary T. W. A., ' 23- ' 24; Pan-Hellenic. ' 23- ' 24; Sans Souci, , 21- ' 22, ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 24; Member Nominating Committee, ' 23. Here is " Bab, " the curly-haired daughter of Venus, who has been a leader in the social activities on the campus during the last four years. She is possessed of traits which bring the honor and respect of her classmates and the love and admiration of the stronger sex. " Bab " has the inherent good nature and general smile which make her welcome wherever she goes. She has always played the game squarely and hard, no matter what department she is in. The great confidence which every Anderson College girl places in her is shown by the list of honors above. We feel sure that she will acquit herself in the same glorious manner when she goes into the world. enior CI ass Jessie Sullivan, A.B Anderson, S. C. Estiif.rian Literary Society Entered, ' 23- " 24; Sigma Phi; Town Girls - Club, , 23- ' 2J. The violets themselves hold no more rharni than her violet eves. She is a pleasure to look at, like a Pieree-Arrow auto ad. A sweet disposition, good natured, and well liked. The best type of sport, who has a world of friends. The Class of ' 24 was indeed glad to welcome Jessie into its fold, although she did not come to us until we were Seniors. A stranger at first, but it was not long before we considered her one of us. At A. C. only one year, yet we can saj this for Jessie: She did her bit lor the Class of ' 2+. Senior CI ass Helen Wallace, P.S.M Kinards, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered, ' 20- ' 21; Sergeant-at-Arms Lanier Literary Society, ' 21; Treasurer Junior Class, ' 22- ' 23; Glee Club, ' 22- ' 23, ' 23- ' 21; Sans Souci; C. N. and L. Club; Secretary Lanier Literary Society, ' 23; McDowell Club; Devil ' s Den Club; President East House, ' 23- " 24. Turn the lights off — there comes Helen! What a fine girl she is! One of the rare persons you may have a chance to know, who is always sunny, who can make others feel greatly benefited for having known her. Senior Class Emily Mary Watts, A.B Columbia, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered, ' 21- ' 22; Sigma Phi; Vice-President Freshman Class, ' 2i- ' 22; Vice- President V. w. A.. ' 22- 23; V. W. ' . A. Cabinet, ' 22- ' 23; Member Executive Council, ' 23- ' 24; Senior Class Historian, , 2::- ' 2i. An eager interest in all she does — and she does a lot— that ' s Emily. An all-round girl, studious, religious, athletic. The kind of girl Anderson College is proud of. She hails from the Capital City, and we all proclaim her a capital girl. )enior CI ass Martha White, A.B Miami, Fla. Estherian Literary Society Entered, ' 21- ' 22; Sigma Phi; President Freshman Class. ' 21- ' 22; President Y. W. A.. ' 22- ' 23; " Orion " Staff, ' 22- ' 23; President Y. W. C. A., ' 23- ' 24; Basketball Team, •22- ' 23; Pan-Hellenic, ' 23- ' 24; Sans Souci, ' 21- ' 22, ' 23- ' 24; Glee Club, ' 21- ' 22, ' 23- ' 24. There is personality in her smile, indicating both knowledge and atmosphere. Enthusiastic, fair- minded, and clever. She ' s done more than her bit for ' 24. We rarely find such modesty combined with such ability, especially when she ' s the best leader in the college. Her lovely voice is among her many accomplishments. Martha has made a good, all-round student, and we wish her success. Senior CI ass Susie White, A.B Hartwell, Ga. Estherian Literary Society Entered, ' 23- ' 24; Member Glee Club, ' 23- ' 24; Marsha] Senior (. ' lass. ■■23- " 2l; Member : gia Club, ' 23- ' 24; Member of Devil ' s Den Club, ' 23- ' 24. It was not until this fall that Susie joined the dear old ( ' lass of ' 2+. She came to us from Bessie Tift and Marvville. We have become endeared to her by her charming personality, and wc know her future will be a bright one. Because Susie gives good to the world, we are sure nothing but good can come back to her. enior CI ass Kathleen Wilson, A.B Anderson, S. C. Laniek Literary Society Entered, ' 21- ' 22; Town Girls ' Club; Anderson County Club. Some people are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them; but Kathleen is a favored daughter of Fortune, possessing qualities of them all. Warm- hearted, outspoken, generous, she is one whom we love to call a friend. She admires the noble, sincere, and genuine things in life, and goes about her work with a determination to win. She is one of the most original girls at Anderson College, and it would be hard to find a more consistent and diligent student than she. She is always ready to express her opinion, and never remains silent except when it comes to singing — ■ " Alas for those that never sing, But die with all their music in them. " THE SORORIAN The History and Prophecy of Class of 1924 To turn hack through numbered pages of four years To that first leaf, bordered in deepest green, And recount tales which must not be forgot Of all we ' ve done as classmates until now Is set my task as keeper of " The Log. " The Log Book The Sea of Knowledge lay as glass before The Port of Home. It was an autumn day In the ninth month of Nineteen Twenty, when The call of that wide sea brought us together To venture out as pirates on its deep. We commandeered a sloop, " The Freshman, " and We chose us one as Captain, bold and daring, To lead us in the quest of shining gold. So Edna Parham led our eighty-two Before a steady wind into adventure. Day followed day, until late November We met three ships and conquered in brave fight Their treasure, an enchanted cup, bequeathed To prowess on the field of basketball. Our flag flew high and black upon the sky, And with it rose our spirits victorious ! There came an angel, like the albatros, To sponsor and befriend us through the storms, And follow all our trials with her heart, And watch on us as guardian of our sails. Each day our hardy crew gave thanks to her Who is our sponsor, to Miss Mcintosh. On days and nights when all the sea was wild With winds of mathematics, history, Our captain and her crew were heartened by Friendly professor-spirits hovering To guide us through uncharted wastes of water. We anchored. On the far horizon shaped A ship, and came alongside and hove to. The captain and his crew were friendly salts And hade us make the good hook " Sophomore " Our own in merriment. It pleased us much And so we held reception and exchanged Friendly hostilities long into night. It chanced they carried prisoners, mere men, And to amuse us, lowered to the sea A plank, and bade them walk blindfolded down To doom (as men all do who look on women). The summer came and we sailed sunny seas Near to the Port of Home for our heart ' s ease. Another autumn came. In stern encounter We captured us a larger, better bark, Which was the " Sophomore, " a sprightly craft That cleaved the waves with a defiant air. At annual halloting we chose the brave " Bab " Sullivan to be our captain bold. Page fifty-eiy it THE SORORIAN In nameless ports some of our crew were left, While others were the toll paid to the sea; Our treasure chest held more of air than gold, And all the crew was desperate. We met And conquered in this hour of gravest need The rich ship " Public Fancy " with a play Conceived and called by us " Why Smith Left Home. ' The crew rejoiced, for from the exchequer One hundred silver pieces winked at us! Another summer, and we rode again Into the happy port of old " Vacation. " We lost familiar faces, hut gained Others who felt the lure of sailing seas Of boundless knowledge, seeking pirate gold. There came a ship, " The Junior " ; it we seized In bloody battles of examination. So once again we put into the deep, With Babbie Sullivan to captain us. Rumors came by devious ways which told Of the thrice famous " Crook, " a priceless thing, So through long months we fought the deep to find This shepherd symbol, but to no avail. Our leader left us, and again we met To choose a captain for our doughtv ship. To Caroline Parnell, who holds it still, We gave the bridge and compass of the helm. In numerous encounters did our crew Learn of the great adventure, College Life, Lived on the Sea of Knowledge. And the Sea Was new each day and taught us more and more Of how its treasure comes to bravest souls Traversing all its dangers, seeking goals. No water stops a rumor, and there seeped Into our minds a knowledge that somewhere The builders were preparing on the ways A treasure craft " Diploma. " In her hold A precious parchment of the ultimate Desirability would be sent forth. Each member of our crew began designs To sharp her sword for some eventful day When this great prize would float down on the breeze, An easy captive to our buccaneers. Our summer haven was again that port Whose friendly wharves are always cleared for us. Once moore with fall we set our sails to catch A friendly breeze and course the mighty main, For Fortune had smiled on us with a prize, A vessel, strong and sturdy, dignified And most seaworthy, the craft " Senior. " A veteran crew, we kept each one her watch, Shouldered responsibility that came To us as sailors of the " Senior, " With gladness in our hearts because we knew The touch of great traditions rising up To steer us on. Page fifty-nine THE SORORIAN i mrnTTmnTTT nnTT i i iiiiii ' n i in i Mtim i M i ii ii M i iii ui ii iiw i M iiiii i i i i i i i ii jiiin i iii mfrjti TnnTni 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 11 " ' " 111 On mystic Hallowe ' en We sat ourselves like brave King Arthur ' s knights About our chosen table. On that night We hiil the mystic " Crook, " which is the right Of all who rriann the " Senior " at that time. From Hamelin town ami its strange history We chose an idea, changed it to a play With which we captured loot and approbation. From acting well " The Piper " cast among The members of our crew, we then passed on To annual reception with the class Which follows us from the Sea of Knowledge. Then as joint hosts of merriment we made Acquaintance and renewed our friends at sea And on the friendly coast of Anderson. The spring drifted toward summer. With it we Drifted before the breeze until we came I ' pon a ship. We captured it and found Most precious of all wealth, diplomas there. Then to each member of the crew was given Of precious parchment as she so deserved. Into the heart of each tried buccaneer There comes a joy and some of gladness, too, A longing for to quit the Sea of Knowledge, And yet a sadness that the end has come. In Commencement ' s tears and smiles we touch our souls Once more together ere we close " The Log " And see disbanded all our chosen crew Which is for aye the Class of Twenty-four. Now you ' ve heard the tale Of these gay buccaneers, How they sailed the briny blue. We ' d ne ' er believe they ' d settle down, But what I tell is true. Rumors of peace soon reached their ears In the year of twenty-four, And they left their ship, the Old A. C, And their treasure land mark bore, So each with the trophies he had won Departed from his mates, And I am going to tell you Something of their fates: Listen to the startling news, Believe it if you please; She ' s in the race for governor. Who? Our dignified Grace Keys. Madge Bradley is efficient In the role of traffic cop; She tells the people when to go And when they have to stop. Georgia Harris owns a farm; She ' s sad and quite forlorn ; Her life is just an endless round Of hoeing beans and corn. Just take a glance at Broadway And Merdel and Ollie Nix; Ziegfield now presents them In the " Follies of ' 26. " In a far and distant country Is pretty Susie White, Diligently trying To teach the heathen to do right. And what of shy Zanarian? Listen to what I say: Every night at twelve o ' clock Her dances shock Broadway. Page sixty THE SORORIAN mn Ethel is an actress, And she ' s a hit, you bet. You ought to see her playing In the role of Juliet. Alas, for Emily Watts, How disappointing she has been. She was recently discovered In the cellar brewing gin. The name DeLoache is heard On land and sea as well ; Her paintings now are equal To those of Raphael. A great career has Helen Reichard, For music she was made ; She ' s quite a, brilliant artist, And lays Hoffman in the shade. Helen Wallace ' s high ambition Has vanished in mid air; She now supports her family By cutting flappers ' hair. Marie studied Bible In Dunford ' s Class with us; She ' s now an acrobat In Barnutn Bailey Circus. As for Anna Dean, With her ever-ready smile, She now devotes her life To a study of Carlyle. Lucy Helen Foster Lives a most exciting life. On a visit to the capital Became the president ' s wife. Our dear Ruth Hughes Has fulfilled our expectation. She is teaching little heathens Far away from civilization. Glance into the future, And Lucia you will see With a tiny, wee, small husband Reaching barely to her knee. Our brave and bold Virginia, So bright and full of fun, To the great surprise of all, Has now become a nun. The praises of Ophelia We heartily proclaim: She ' s entered the chautauqua now, And as a speaker has won fame. Our fascinating Caroline, Tired of this gay life, Hast cast aside her flippancy And become a preacher ' s wife. But where is Lovelene Glymph? You ' d be surprised to know She ' s starring in the movies, Playing opposite Valentino. Alas for G eraldine, Her life ' s a tale of woe; She seeks her fifth divorce In the city of Reno. Martha White devotes her life In a most useful way. To the study of the little birds, Especially the " Jay. " Success comes to a few. It has to lucky Lillian, For she is now the owner Of her wealthy uncle ' s million. And what of Mary Paget And her oratory rare? She has entered politics, And in Congress has a chair. To launch a noble work Is the purpose of Ruth Bruce. Now she ' s paying off the convicts In the city calaboose. The fame of Martha Dyches Almost reaches the skies. Would you believe it when I say She ' s singing lullabies? A successful business Has handsome Kathleen. She makes enormous profits By selling gasoline. Lola Mae intended To teach the heathen to do right, But now she ' s in the Baptist Church Assisting Dr. White. Helen Richardson was voted By all our best athlete. Today she ' s taking honors In the international meet. Jessie, when out West, Fell in love, so I ' m told, And has settled down for life With a cowboy brave and bold. Babbie has seen much of life; She looks at it very well. For years and years her job has been Goods from a pack to sell. Page sixty-one X Page sixty-two THE SORORIAN BiiiuiiiiiiiiiiipiiimimnniiHiiiiiiiminiiiiHii | iiiininnriiii)im injmiJnini ' ininmrni7iiroiimTiTTTi y .. juNiors Page sixty-t ircc THE SORORIAN ■iui m i I N ir i|lrr =: — -Ul I n 1 II F ■ 1 11 ■ HTfj iiiirrriiiniin mini limit ri n iiTi nm liTi i lunnm ' -Tim | Junior Class Officers Miss Hattie Fay Sponsor Dorothy Cronkhite President Helen Brown Vice-President Jewel Wyllie Secretary Margaret Burnett Treasurer Page sixty-jour THE SORORIAN JUNIOR CLASS Veola Bridges ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Carine Dominick BELTON, SOUTH CAROLINA Margaret Burnett Janie Burris BELTON, SOUTH CAROLINA ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Page sixty-five THE SORORIAN JUNIOR CLASS Olivia Drennon ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Octavia Jeffries CLAYTON, NORTH CAROLINA Frances Harris Zoe Hill greenville, south carolina tucapau, south carolina Page sixty-six THE SORORIAN j mipiuimmimnP " 1 ™ ' ™ " 1 ' 1 " " 1 ' 1 " 1 ' ' 11 ' ' - -1 ' 1 ' ' 11 " IIU JUNIOR CLASS Ruth Kyzer Annie Lee Martin PELZER, SOUTH CAROLINA ANDERSON ' , SOUTH CAROLINA Eunice Leathers Carine Mason ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA WESTMINSTER, SOUTH CAROLINA Page sixty-seven THE SORORIAN O KninmnnrnrS pmii W L MmmHriHnim iu mm i JUNIOR CLASS Mildred Murray CAMERON - , SOUTH CAROLINA Wadine Settle POINT PETER, CEORGIA Mary Owings LAURENS, SOUTH CAROLINA Sara Power laurens, south carolina Page sixty-eight THE SORORIAN JUNIOR CLASS Elizabeth Small JEFFERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Jewell Wyllie LOUISVILLE, GEORGIA Sara Trieble Mary Watts ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA I ' aye sixty-nine THE SORORIAN m i mm ifc - pmi mi diii minim ill mini iiuiimui iilinil ll l lll l l ll ll Ul lli m illlllli mi li nh l .n i nTrm A Eulogy to the Crook Of wondrous worth, thou art, Crook! Of more than wood thou must be made; For how could thing inanimate Cause feeling strong around it laid? The Senior Class of great renown Adores thee, noble crook, you see, For holding thee; it stands supreme O ' er other classes, as it should be. Thou ' t placed within a hiding place, Where hands nor eyes will desecrate Thy noble person, no, nor lend Thee to a trite or worthless fate. Another class which loves thee, too, Would like to have thee in its hand; But no, thou lovest best the one Which keeps thee safe from Junior land. But thou ' t a versatile old crook! This year thou lovest ' 24 ; But next year ' 25 will be The one that then thou dost adore. So, long may thou be sound and well, And may thy presence be the one Which keeps a friendly rivalry ' Tween classes at dear Anderson! Page seventy THE SORORIAN SOPHOMORES Page sczcnty-onc THE SORORIAN C! n 11 ife ull mil urn I i iiiiiiiiii.iiiiit linn mi ' Sophomore Class Officers Miss Edith Hall Sponsor Bertha Kelly President Louise Wray Secretary Frances Burgiss Treasurer I ' agc seventy-two THE SORORIAN i Branm Miujujuuiu i immii i i iii i i n i i i i i inmuiui ii iiiii ii iN i n m muu i iim mninnnrr Sophomore Class Meryl Barnes LODGE, SOUTH CAROLINA Dellie Batson TRAVELERS REST, SOUTH CAROLINA Cathryn Cannon WESTMINSTER, SOUTH CAROLINA Cleone Clayton central, south carolina Gladys Cromer anderson, south carolina La Blanche Corbitt LYONS, GEORGIA Grace Cothran BELTON, SOUTH CAROLINA Venita Cunningham GREER, SOUTH CAROLINA Page seventy-three THE SORORIAN HE e llimilMite q mTHIinilini iimiini n mum iiiii.iniiiiin i iimm Sophomore Class Elizabeth Davis starr, south carolina Nellie Eskew denver, south carolina Lois Evans CENTRAL, SOUTH CAROLINA Clara I5ell Hilton HARDEVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Grace Kelly CENTRAL, SOUTH CAROLINA Winafred Lloyd ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Nellie Martin pelzer, south carolina Cornelia Milam SANDY SPRINGS, SOUTH CAROLINA Page scvcnly-jour THE SORORIAN jjmiiiiu mn mimun Tniniini Sophomore Class Emma Flowers D0VESV1LLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Alma Rawlinson COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA Harriet Wilkins anderson, south carolina Arnett, Isabel Bridwell, Velma Chapman, Laura Cox, Evelyn Curtis, Lela Dill, Tessie Hinson, Emma klllingsworth, bessie McGee, Sara Murray, Florence Smith, Myrtle Todd, Ruth Trammel, Geraldine Yeargin, Sara Young, Lucille i$ -e " — e —e; ■■9- 0 Page seventy-five THE SORORIAN Songs Often Sung Oh, Senior Class, we love you so, Though from our midst you soon will go. We ' ll not forget each dear smiling face; There ' s no one else can take your place. We ' ll feel so lost without your aid, Memories of you will never fade. You ' ll always hold the strings of our hearts, For we love you the best of all. Sophomores, we sing to you, as we gather here. We, your Senior sisters, pledge all our love and cheer. Things in life sometimes go wrong, Sometimes go amiss. If your world turns upside down, Just come tell your " sis. " For it ' s there you will find, just you keep it in mind, You ' ve a place in each Senior ' s heart. Just you keep up your pep; it will win you a rep. Oh, Sophomores, just keep up your start. Page seventy-six THE SORORIAN iii mjiinnniriniijiuri, — FRBHHEN Page sei-emy seven THE SORORIAN C f ' fc - « mrTTniiiiMi h it ininnii ii n. iii i ni m m i m mrmnnr Freshman Class Officers Sara Pruitt President Vonnie Bridges Vice-President Louise Burriss Secretary Reba Breedlove Treasurer Miss Grace Pearman Sponsor Page seventy-eight THE SORORIAN i nnmnmiJii fflmimimnimi nm iuiii iii iii nu i JMi iiiiuji ' rmrriinnm i w i M iuii i tag j BEnmnnnniD Page seventy-nine THE SORORIAN rmTTnTTTrnTTfe S TrrniliiiiMifflmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHii Liiin mruTnniun | i.imm i n )i uhmmnm in n i ' m T ' T T T TpTT m 1 T i|rrp | Page eighty THE SORORIAN Par c ritjlity-onr THE SORORIAN J )lllll ) !lll l i milU1 l] 1 l » lI II IU 1 l lllllini1 II I II U)iMiiiiiiii)i:»iiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiinTn-fTmmiiinmiii[[iii][ifiiii ' resnman ci ass Bates, Carolinda Baxley, Pearl Boko, Mary Sue Boleman, Willie Bolt, Nancy Bomar, Jennie Bowie, Cynthia Breedlove, Reba Bridges, Vonnie Brown, Dorothy Brown, Sara Burriss, Louise Carter, Eva Chapman, Lavinl •7C0THRAN, Annie Cothran, Carrie Cox, Sara Croft, Mae Dean, Ruth Dial, Ethel King, Hazel - King, Lena Knight, Frances Sue-Loveland, Mable Lawrence, Mary Lee, Lucile Meek, Coy Members Dickson, Clara Dodson, Louise Duckworth, Marcuerit Daniels, Ruth Eskew, Helen Focle, Viola Gibson, May Belle Mitchell, Margaret -Glenn, Bessie Moore, Dorothy —Glenn, Fannie Moore, Mattie Hamby, Louise Moore, Gladys Hardin, Alice Moore, Verley Hardin, Eloise ■Morrison, Aleen Hardin, Sally iMurdock, Roxie -Hembree, Ethel ' Murray, Pearl Hendrix, Sue poindexter, marcaret.hilton, mamie lou Pruitt, Sara Holland, Kathleen Ramey, Kate Knight, Mary Rice, Eunice Jolly, Bertha Roberts, Hattie Keyes, Marion -Rowland, Daisy Salley, Lillian e-Sa ' xon, Martha -Shealy, Louise Smoak, Moloy Stevenson, Evelyn Strickland, Annie Todd, DeLores Todd, Eunice Watkins, Mary ■ Webb, Ruth Westmoreland, Sara L. Woodle, Nf.lle Clare Williams, Nell White, Evelyn White, Margaret Vandiver, Lucia McMillan, Elizabeth Christopher, Virginia Page eighty-two THE SORORIAN Alma Mater Dear to our hearts is our Alma Mater, Loval ant! true are we, Truest devotion till life is ended, Wholly we pledge to thee. Tho ' from thy halls far away we wander, Thoughts back to thee will fly, And tender mem ' ries time cannot sever, Love that will never die. Heav ' n ' s choicest blessing ever attend thee, Dear Alma Mater mine — No shadows harm thee, no fears alarm thee, Always the sunshine thine. And tho ' we leave thee, we ' ll never grieve thee, True to our trust we ' ll he, Our best endeavor, now and forever, Always to honor thee. Page eighty-five THE SORORIAN jiiiiiiiiiiii Ti sS aggamrmTi i i i iiiiiiii iii iii iLUiuiuiuuii uui i ii i iii i i i ii ii nmminiiiimiii ii i iiiiiiiiiiii i ii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiroa i Student Government I.ucia Richardson President Helen Foster Vice-President Marie England Treasurer Frances Harris Secretary Executive Council Senior Representatives Lola Mae Hf.llams Emily Watts Junior Representatives Mary Owings Dorothy Cronkhite Sophomore Representatives Bertha Kelly Frances Burcess Freshman Representatives Margaret Poindexter Helen Eskew Page eighty-six THE SORORIAN Page eia In ' y-s even THE SORORIAN ] rmmiuiiirrfeg Tg g nminmiimnHMTriTTTm Page eighty-eight THE SORORIAN I innmnr iminiiiiii mnnrmiTmn:mirm mim mTimiin iiiii iiiiiiiii n i n iii n i n i i iiii n ii u - nnnpjp Estherian Literary Society Officers Babbie Sullivan • President Colie Blease Vice-President Louise Wray Secretary Franses Burgess Treasurer Miss Margie Phillips Sponsor Page eighty-nine THE SORORI AN Esthenan Literary Society Aiken, Malinda Barnes, Meryl baxley, 1 ' earl BLANTON, 1 ' iiKMi; b lease, colie Blume, Eva Bradley, Bessie Bradley, Lillian Brown ' , Sarah Bobo, Mary Sue Bomar, Jennie Burgess, Frances Burriss, Louise Carter, Eva Cannon, Kathryn Cromer, Gladys Clayton, Cleon CORBITT, LaBlANCHE Cunningham, Vineta Dean, Ruth Drennon, Olivia Flowers, Emma Foster, Helen Funk, Zenarian Glymph, Lovelene Members Glenn, Fannie Graham, Maun Grai , Marion Hardin, Eloise Hardin, Alice Hardin, Sallie Harden, Helen Harris, Georcia Hembree, Ethel Hinson, Emma Hill, Zoe Holland, Mildred Holland, Kathleen Jeffries, Octavia Kelley, Grace Keys, Grace Knight, Frances Kyzer, Ruth Lawrence, Mary Lloyd, Winifred Martin, Annie Lee Murray, Florence McFall, Anna Dean McGee, Gf.raldine McCown, Cora Owtncs, Mary Paget, Mary Parnell, Caroline Power, Sara Rast, Martha Riciiardcon, Lucia Roberts, Hattie Royai , Eloise Saxon, Martha Smith, Ophelia Sullivan, Barbara Sullivan, Jessie Tarkington, Ernestine Todd, Ruth Tribbi.e, Dorothy Tribble, Sara Watts, Emily Watts, Mary White, Evelyn White, Helen White, Martha White, Susie Woodi.e. Nellie Clare Wray, Louise Yeargin. Sara Young, Lucile Esthenan Song A star for our name, onward, upward, let lis go, Overcoming all that in our pathway lies. With our hearts all aflame, We ' ll the goal at -last attain, And through all our difficulties reach the skies. Chorus We will follow the gleam though faint or bright the beam, Through the shine or in the cloudy weather, And forward, one and all, When we hear Estherians call, Oh, Estherians, Estherians, forever. With the good and the true, let us always have to Ever stand or fall for that which is the right, And the gleam of our star, Beck ' ning to us from afar, Leads at last to endless joy and light. m Page ninety THE SORORIAN Lanier Literary Society Officers First Semester Dorothy Cronkhite President Helen Wallace . Frances Harris Vice-President Madge Bradley . Vircinia Cowherd Critic . Secretary Treasurer Second Semester Jewel Wyxlie Hme-Prcsidenl Alma Rawlinson . . Madge Bradley ' Vce-President Martha Dyches . . . Myrtle Smith . Critic Miss Frances McIntosh Secretary Treasurer . Sponsor Paye ninety-one THE SORORIAN en amrnminnife iLiiwumimmuLiii Lanier Literary Society Members isabelle arnette Madge Bradley Norine Brock ( .1 raldine Bowen Margaret Burnett Velma Bridwell Vonnie Bridges Ruth Bruce Willie Sue Boleman Cynthia Bowie Reba Breedlove Carohnda Bates Dellv Batson Evelyn Cox Sara Cox Corrie Mae Chapman Virginia Cowherd Dorothy Cronkhite Lela Curtis Livinia Chapman Mae Croft Wilma Cooke Carine Dominick l.i 1 aheiii Davis Martha Dyches Mari DeLoache Ethel Dial Tessie Dill Nellie Eskew Helen Eskew Virginia Christopher Viola Focel Bessie Glenn Mae Bell Gibson Clara Belle Hilton Lola Mae Hellams Frances Harris Ruth Hughes Mamie Lou Hilton Linda Hopper Eloyce Hutto " Mother " Hall (Hon.) Sue Hendrix Iouise Hamby Lillian Sally Iva Hair Annie Mae Hale Bertha Kelly Marion Keys Mary Knight Lena King Mable Loveland Lucile Lee Eunice Leathers Elizabeth McMillan Melba McCarley Mattie Moore Louise Martin Cornelia Milam Mildred Murray Gladys Moore Aleen Morrison Roxie Murdock Nelle Martin Dorothy Moore Verlie Moore Ollie Nix Merdel Nix Mildred Pilat Constance Pratt Sara Pruitt Margaret Poindexter Eunice Rice Helen Reichard Alma Rawlinson June Ro:coe Helen Richardson Daisy Rowland Elizabeth Small Myrtle Smith Maloy Smoak Eunice Todd Louise Sheely Lucia Vandiver Helen Wallace Ruth Webb Kathleen Wilson Wadine Settle Geraldine Trammel Christine Scott Jewel Wyllie Lamer Song Oh! We are Laniers; We ' ve answered the call Of a spirit so daring and brave; His standard is ours. Forward, then, all While above us His banner shall wave. His challenge we heed, And with tremulous speed We haste from the hills Through the valleys o ' er rills; Downward, where duty lies, We hurry again To reach the plain, where courage never dies. Laniers! Laniers! We are Laniers; We ' ll never heed Folly ' s call; We turn aside when she cries abide, Never lured by the voice that enthralls; For the voice of Lanier Crying linger not here In Folly ' s wild train, but go on to the plain, Away from the glare; so, with hearts all aglow, Laniers! We will go! and Do! and Dare! J Page nincly-two THE SORORl AN j wvwimimjwmmuiwunmmwmauu:n;UYuni:;mimmmi;iLnuinii:n7 Inter-Society Debaters Laniers — Affirmative Estherians — Negative Ruth Bruce Babbie Sullivan Myrtle Smith Ophelia Smith Query: Resolved, That unpaid convict labor should be abolished in the United States. Page ninety-three THE SORORIAN ORION SWF Page ninety-four THE SORORIAN i uiiiinimuuiirognminiamimiiwuNiuiuffimit mnnTTnT Page ninety- five THE SORORIAN Glee Club First Soprano Grace Cothran Elizabeth Small Mary Lawrence Norine Brock Sue White Sara Pruitt ' Martha White Nell Martin Ophelia Smith Helen Wallace Second Soprano Martha Dyciies LaBlanche Corbitt Colie Blease Caroline Parnell Kathleen Holland Cathryn Cannon- Alto Helen Foster Eva Blume Nellie Clair Woodle Fannie Glenn Itinerary Clemson College April 1 1 Anderson College April 14 Greer, South Carolina April 18 Elberton, Georgia Ma ' 2 Hartwell, Georgia May 5 Page ninety-six THE SORORIAN Page ninety-seven J0 THE SORORIAN - S$3n ini rilnmnMiimfe OTllllnni Hum iniiiii f i i ll l u l lH II I i n i n i l l l l l l l lJ I I I Il ll imi ll Ul l ll llllll l llll l l illllllll llli m i l l UI I U I Glee CluD Program Dawn Tschaikowsky Morning ' Speaks After Sunset Dorothy Herbert Clee Club Grandma ' s Minuet Beethoven Glee Club Minuet Mahaley King, Rachel Babb, Marguerite Crawford, May Barton, Mary Johnson, Sara Rice Dream o ' Day Jill (from Tom Jones) German Mary Lawrence The Secret May Barton, Marguerite Crawford Didn ' t It Rain? — Negro Spiritual Wake Thee Now, Dearest — Czecho-Slovak Folk Song Glee Club Summer Chaminade Norinf Brock, Voice Tenth Rhapsody Liszt Eloisf. Royal, Piano The Quaker Maid Sprcss Sextette Jerry and Me M- Otis Sarah Pruitt, Reading Cycle of Springtime Daniels i . The Awakening 2. Apple Blossoms Solo and Obligaio — Mar ' s Lawrence 3. The West Wind 4. The Spring Heralds 1 1. til to Thee, Anderson . M. Riehey Alma Mater (arr. by director) Mrs. (J. S. Sullivan Glee Club Minuet danced by pupils of the Eurhythmies Class of Anderson College Page nincty-cigld THE SORORl AN in Tg nrn grrir mimmi mu n h i innpiii mi nim mj i .L i J i i. i i. i j nji i nmimnnTDiru ' juuiui mm i o i c mnm igg. - z D Z u o z z a z •i - o a « a o " Z i-l U w ft. o O — C95S S co B»;S u i w - 0. ; CO p Vif e ninety-nine THE SORORIAN Tn| ii i fi|li L |ii n " M TiTTii(rTTTiTTTrTmTTnTTTt T Tii:inTninintmiiiiimnii»TtnmiiTTiii[i»iiinniTB | Graduating Piano Recital By Geraldine Bowen May 9, 1924, 8:30 P. M. PROGRAM Bach Prelude and Fugue in C sharp major Beethoven Sonato Op. 19 No. 3 Allegro Con brio Schubert Impromptu in B flat Chopin Fantasie Impromptu MacDotaell Polonaise Scott Dance Nigre Paderetaski Cracovienne Mendelssohn Concerto in G minor Orchestral parts on second piano played by Miss Hall Candidate for Artist ' s Diploma Postgraduate Piano Recital By Eloise Royal May 1, 1924, 8:30 P. M. PROGRAM Smetana Concert Etude " By the Sea " Mendelssohn Jugglers MaeDowell The Witches Dance Debussy The Gold Fishes Ravel The Fountain John Powcl The Banjo Picker Liszt Rhapsody No. 10 Candidate Postgraduate Diploma Page one hundred OX THE SORORIAN Y Graduating Organ Recital By Helen Reich ard May 7, 1924, First Baptist Church, 8:30 P. M. PROGRAM Bach Roccata in D minor Mendelssohn Sixth Sonata for the Organ Choral and Variations Lemmens Fanfare Guilmant March Religense Funeral March and Seraph Song Wagner Vorspiel Introduction to the Third Act with Wedding Music Graduating Piano Recital By Mary Clement May 23, 1924, 8:30 P. M. PROGRAM Beethoven Sonata Op. 27 No. 1 Andante Allegro Molto vivace Adagio con expressivo Allegro vivace Schumann Novelletten in D major Schubert-Liszt Hark, Hark, the Lark! Weber Rondo Brilliant Chopin • Nocturne in D flat Reinecke Ballade in A flat Mendelssohn Concerto in G minor, first movement Orchestral parts on second piano played by Miss Denmark Candidate for Artist ' s Diploma Page one hundred one THE SORORIAN O C ITTT TTTTrrmTh jiinilll lNS I lllll ll Nin i l i n ill ll lllli nillll ll l lll lll ll l l Miiiui iiiim I m|| bm MISS FAYS EL RHYTHMICS CLASS MISS PATTISOX S KINDERGARTEN MUSIC CLASS Page one hundred tivo THE SORORIAN j niiuiunuiiijiujiiiuiiijuxnuiiiuiiiuiiiiiimjji;uia!.::uii Artists ' Course UR Artists ' Course, from which we have come to expect so much, started off early in September with a violin recital. Sol Marcosson, the eminent American violinist, and his wife, Dorothy Frew Marcosson, herself an artist of distinction, played a most delightful selection of compositions from the wealth of violin literature, in which each revealed qualities of exquisite musicianship, and high rank as artists, particularly Mrs. Marcosson. She was proclaimed a pianist of rare individual, gift. Here was shown true marriage of spirit in perfect ensemble of interpretation of great music. Olga Steeb, the pianist, another American musician, whom we had heard last year in the Griffes group, gave the second number in the course. Everbody was glad to greet the quiet little black-haired, black-eyed lady, who was such an amazing surprise, as soon as she s ' at down before a piano — that ' s the place where she scores. Her playing is dazzling. Rhythm, tempos, thunderous octaves, scintillating glisomodos, powerful chords — everything she does arouses her hearers to a high pitch of enthusiasm, and all acclaim this little California!! to be in the front ranks of women pianists. The third number of the course marked the climax of our desires — May Peterson came back to us — for the fourth time. The warm, hearty enthusiasm with which each girl welcomed back this great artist brought forth such smiles and words of pleasure from her, that all the new girls were won at sight, and her singing did the rest. A poem from one of them expresses what -we all felt, but could not say so beautifully. It was composed by an alumnae of 1917, Mary Riley. Here it is: TO MAY PETERSON Do you know what it means to hear you sing? Can you guess what a strange, sweet joy you bring To the heart of a girl? To some your voice may seem only a gift; To me it is like a shining blue rift In the grayest of clouds That God ' s sun may smile through! Do you know what it means to see you smile? Can you guess what your clear eyes tell the while To the soul of a girl ? It ' s truth and happiness, beauty — and more, So gentle you are that you open a door With the loveliest grace That God ' s love may shine through ! The Letz String Quartet brought our concerts to a wonderful close. There is something about this sort of music we can not truly describe, but it seems more nearly heavenly-sounding than piano or violin music. These four musicians certainly Page one hundred three THE SORORIAN ' ift S UIIIIIII iiiiimnumiiiiniuimmiiimriiniimimmi i iiniiiii BnnnmBgM have (.harmed us into admitting there is very little that can be preferred to a string quartet. Mr. Letz had chosen splendid players upon each instrument, and we richly enjoyed and profited by this elevating type of music. The final number of the course was a lecture by Dr. Edward Howard Griggs, who closed the course last season. This time he gave us a Shakespearean drama to think about. " Shakespeare ' s Spiritual Awakening " was the subject, and, to illustrate, he chose " The Merchant of Venice. " Words are not adequate to tell how we enjoy Dr. Griggs. His language reminds one of music or poetry, it flows in such beauty of diction and thought. One could listen hours and never tire of it. This particular lecture, chosen from a list of eighty-six he gives, proved to be very fortunate in connection with our special studies in English literature. On the whole, this course of five events stands out as a mountain peak of inspiration. We could not imagine a college education minus an " Artists ' Course. " Page one hundred four THE SORORI AN i i i iii rMiiBi ii n i iimrnmTnTinTTnnTimtnrinntranui Jiiiiiijtj ii iJ i i ii N iiiMi i i i iMiNiniiiiiiiiiiiiiii nniiJ - rmmimnmiD mj Art Students Members Louise Wray Marv DeLoache Hattie Roberts Martha Rast Zoe Hill Margaret Shirlev Margie Letherbee Georgia Lee Muldrow Susie Anderson Page one hundred five THE SORORIAN CD rtnmniTT i Tni i fS Ss ijiun m iiiii i i mnmnnnm i D ramatic Club Officers Sarah Pruitt President Carolinda Bates Secretary and Treasurer Josephine Anderson Louise Babb Velma Bridwell Sarah Pruitt Members Bertha Kelley Frances Harris Annie Lee Martin Frances Knight Nellie Eskew Elizabeth Davis Constance Pratt Hattie Roberts Ozelle Whisenhunt Carolinda Bates Mildred Pilat Mildred Murray Cora McCown Ruth Bruce Willie Sue Boleman Mary Griffin Babbie Sullivan Page one hundred six THE SORORIAN 1 mT pni iig i un m rnniiirTLnniiiimFiiimiirTfnfOTTTTTTTT Page one hundred seven THE SORORIAN DC Cllimimillllfe - j mmi Imnlll inn i iiirrmu n il . numum l m inm SCENE FROM DOMESTIC SCIENCE DINING HALL SCENE FROM DRAWING ROOM Page one hundred eight THE SORORIAN San Souci Officers Marion Gray . . . . Octavia Jeffries . President Secretary Cleone Clayton Pheme Blanton Catherine Cannon Nellie Clair Woodle Constance Pratt Nell Martin Grace Kelly Martha Saxon Members Carolinda Bates LaBlanche Coxbitt Hattie Roberts Louise Burriss Colie Blease Dorothy Cronkhite Virginia Cowherd Marie England Zoe Hill Octavia Jeffries Caroline Parnell Lucia Richardson Eloise Royall Helen Wallace Ophelia Smith Martha White Page one Iiundred nine THE SORORIAN " N i MH nrfe ?S= gpimill llMMmilll l M lllllli n i l ll I I MI I Ii m il UHin ' l 1 lnnm..ii[mnMiii. l t „ in7TT» u ' a o O Page one hundred ten THE SORORIAN tB nnmnmann i ii m TiTTrmnniinTiin nnmiTiirrTTTTiTrTrrrTTn i iiii i T TiriiTimrT TTmmrTTnT T Tiir d i ii iri y . Page one hundred eleven THE SORORIAN ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' " ' ■Th lijlillllllllirTTtTllfilllllllllllMIll IW]Ill[n Ill l ll | i;TITTT11lll)ll m ilT| H |IIIIIIIinTm T n T " " " I " " ' n i I Pan-Hellenic Officers Ophelia Smith President Babbie Sullivan Secretary Council 2 e K 2 Martha White June Roscoe Emily Watts Margaret Burnett e II Cora McCown Frances Knight 2 A T Helen Brown Frances Burgess K K Marie England Lucia Richardson Page one hundred twelve THE SORORl AN Page one hundred thirteen THE SORORIAN « | ' ii ' i ' ii g gnTTT I IIIM III I II I i mi ll M lllll l lllll l llllll l llll im il Ml l lii ' iNi.iiimTiiimiiiiiiiiiiiii mmrni Sigma Sigma Sigma Members Babbie Sullivan Anna Dean McFall Mary Paget Lucia Richardson Georgia Harris Ophelia Smith Page one hundred fourteen THE SORORIAN gg )l |i i n n inr ' inii) ' Ti " ' " " " " " i " » " » " " " " " ' " : " " " " l " L l . l , ' l!!gg ? 11 Sigma Pni Colors: Killarncv Pink and Silver Martha White Octavia Jeffries Miss Emily Sullivan, Sponsor Members in College Malinda Aiken Venita Cunningham Flower: Killarney Rose Babbie Sullivan Jessie Sullivan Ernestine Tarkincton Emily Watts Mary Watts Martha Saxon Mary Owings Pheme Blanton Louise Burriss Mrs. P. W. Ellis Mrs. Lawrence Hammett Julia Ledbetter Mattie Mayfield Members in Town Mrs. Roy Clark Mrs. A. B. Rivers Mrs. Clyde Smith Mrs. J. C. McKellar Lucia Sullivan Dorothy Sullivan Mrs. William Sullivan Mrs. Sam Sullivan Mrs. Nim B. Sullivan Page one hundred fifteen THE SORORIAN Cu ui iii u iaia sa g nm iiiiii iru i m ij mm ] | Page one hundred sixteen THE SORORIAN Tketa Kappa Sigma Colors: Light Green and Silver Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley Miss Edith Hall, Sponsor Members in Faculty- Miss Hattie Fay Miss Adlene Jones Members in Colleoe Eva Blume Dorothy Prevost Georgia Harris Marion Gray ' Anna Dean McFai.l June Roscoe Margaret Burnett Constance Pratt Members in Town Edna Thompson Mrs. Harrell Wilcon Page one hundred seventeen THE SORORIAN mT i mm miiaStt g iiminiii ii iii i M i iii iiiii in iii imi iiiiii i i i ii i i i i ii i i iii i i ii ii i. " i i mmsmmi " Page one hundred eighteen Tketa Pi Colors: Gold and White Flower: Yellow Chrysanthemum Miss Ella Mae Tribble, Sponsor Members in College Mary Pacf.t Cora McCown Dorothy Tribble Emma Flowers Frances Knight Pledge Cleone Clayton Members in Town Maude Ballentine Mrs. Wilbur D. White 1 Helen Watkins Mary Sadler Page one hundred nineteen « i THE SORORIAN nrniiiiinmrfcg ss j u u uim!iiiiii»mn Page one hundred twenty THE SORORIAN Sigma Delta Gamma Colon: Red and White Flower: American Beauty Rose Members in College Martha Rast Caroline Parnell LaBlanche Corbitt Ophelia Smith Louise Wrav Frances Burgiss Colie Blease Cathryn Cannon Helen Brown Hattie Roberts Nellie Claire Woodle Postgraduate Eloise Royal Member in Town Sara Frances Stephens Pane one hundred twenty-one THE SORORIAN mnnimiiirrfcg S?»j imriiHiimimnminnniriiiiiiimi M Page one hundred twenty-two THE SORORIAN Colors: lilue and Gold Kappa Kappa Miss Daisy Daniel, Sponsor Members in College Lucia Richardson Sara Power Marie Encland Zoe Hill Helen Wallace Jennie Bomar Floivcr: Daisy Page one hundred twenty-tliree THE SORORIAN fi p iTnr n | |H ipS5 Nj p iMi m ini|W|i|i || q||r»i ( Page one hundred twenty-four THE SORORIAN NDRTH-a ROLINA-CUUB Page one hundred twenty-five THE SORORIAN ffilTnTrnTTii m ja gmTTmiHiiimmirinmwTitniiTMnm Georgia Roses DO z$9$ Jewel Wylllr-rk L ' Blanilu-CorWI-v ' Lou; sr VVrav-T.« ) ' hch cbWoi Locilc L« Mffi )Ulk Dean Cumpki JWifBri c Utnpl " S ponsov Prtf c o«c hundred twenty-six THE SORORIAN mmrnuimnmmmjmmmimuimummmnnunniunmnnimiununin rnrmnnmm mn m i n ing STATE CLUB Page one hundred Ivjcnly-scvcn THE SORORIAN TTT mn rnrT £? CTTTTTT7T , M ' ' iq m 1 Page one hundred l wcnty-cighi THE SORORIAN i iiTifmTmmmr .Tr rc ' nTrmrTmnmTnimmrniiii m t ru TOWN G I RLS CLUB i he L—lecT ! Page one hundred twenty-nine THE SORORIAN Anderson County Club Helen ' Brown Madge Bradley Nellie Eskew Babbie Sullivan- Helen Richardson Frances Knight Grace Keys Margaret Burnett Members Neli.e Martin, President Elizabeth Davis Aleen Morrison Kathleen Holland Cynthia Bowie Louise Hamby Roxie Murdock Sara L. Westmoreland Helen Eskevv Cornelia Milam Sara Pruiit Bertha Kelly Eunice Leathers Fannie Glenn Cora McCown Louise Burriss Marion Gray own Girls ' Club Marion Gray Evelyn White Sara Tribble Winnifred Lloyd Florence Murray Bertha Jolly Kate Rainey Sara McGee Dorothy Tribble Jessie Sullivan Georgia Harris Pearl Murray- Helen Harden Mildred Murray Members Anna Dean McFall, President Nancy Bolt Bessie Killincsworiii Dorothy Brown Ethel Hembree Gladys Long Coy Meeks Veola Bridges Ellen Adams Mary Martin Marguerite Duckworth Lovelene Glymph Ruby Hembree Gladys Cromer Lena Hogc Annie Lee Martin Ruth Bruce Geraldine Trammell Kathleen Wilson Janie Burriss Harriette Wilkins Hazel King Olivia Drennon Helen Riichard Martha Rast Dorothy Prevost Clara Dickson Florence Murray Gussie Poliakoff Page one liundrcd thirty THE SORORIAN m wiuinm m i ' mi n ' ' n ™ imn Hmmnimirmiratiu iHirrmn IDj v . !, msS Miss Grace Pearman, Athletic Director Page one hundred thirty-three THE SORORIAN aji l l lll l ll NIII II NII II U IIII II I III II II I I I I I I I I IIIMIIIIIIIIIII n m iwiiMiuiin i nim Athletic Association Officers Helen- Richardson Sara Power . . . . . . . President Ruth Todd Treasurer .... Secretary Blease Cheer Leader Caroline Parnell .... Clieer Leader Page one hundred thirty-four THE SORORIAN amill l inuil l i i n iminmnmiin.uiu Varsity Squad Daisy Rowland Forward Alma Rawlinson Forward Hazel King Sub-Forward Mattie Moore Guard Clara Belle Hilton Guard Cleone Clayton Sub-Guard Louise Hamby Jumping Center Ruth Todd Sub-Jumping Center Sara Power Side Center Elizabeth Davis Sub-Side Center Alma Rawlinson Captain Colie Blease Business Manager Page one hundred thirty-five THE SORORIAN rrrrat mn ir im i m i M ii iMm m n n mii i tiimm iirinmmnTim I ' agc one hundred thirty-seven THE SORORIAN Senior Basketball Lineup Madge Bradley . Helen Richardson Mar i ha White Emily Watts . . . . . . Captain . Fonvacd . . . . Forvidrd . Jumping Center Caroline Parncll Babbie Sullivan . . Lola Mae Heli ams Ophelia Smith . . Madge Bradley . . Sub-Running Center Running ( ' enter ■ . . Guard . . Guard . . Sub-Guard Sophomore Basketball Lineup Meryl Barnes Clara Hilton Meryl Barnes Mat he Moore Gladys Moore carixe dominick Eunice Leathers . ( ' arise dominick colie blease . . . . . Captain Forward Forward Jumping ( ' niter Running Center Nellie Eskevv . Elizabeth Davis Marion Keys . Viola Fogle . . Tessie Dill . . Guard Guard . . . Sub-Guard Sub-Jumping Center Sub-Runmn i Center Junior Basketball Lineup Mae Croft . . Hazel King . Daisy Rowland Louise Ham by . . . . . Captain . . . . Fonvard Forward Jumping Center Margaret Burnett Sara Power . . . Olivia Drennon .. Norine Brock . . Jewel Wyi.lie . . . . . Sub-Guard Freshman Basketball Lineup . Captain Forward . . . Forward . Jumping Center Sara Brown . . . Ozelle Whisenhunt Mae CRorr .... Helen Eskew . . . Ruth Dean . . . Sub . Running Center Guard Guard Sub-Running Center Running Center . . . . Guard Sub . ... Sub Page one hundred thirty-eight THE SORORIAN STATISTICS Page one hundred forly-one THE SORORIAN If We Envied We Would— The beauty of Caroline Parnell. The grace of Cat Cannon and Marion Gray. The influence of Lucia Richardson. The friendliness of Babbie Sullivan. The talent of June Roscoe- The style of Colie Blease. The attractiveness of Mary Owings. The good sport that Dorothy Cronkhite is. Page one hundred jorly-lnxo r fcfc- m ,« . ...... THE SORORIAN The Calendar SEPTEMBER 11. Teachers arrive. Activities begin. Mrs. Lumpkin and Dean Knight start " plot- ting. " 12. Anderson in a whirl. College girls are here. Boulevard receives quite a rush. 13. All girls appear before classification com- mittee. The new English professor and family on exhibition. 14.. Freshmen awake to the sad reality that college is not high school. Great event, signing constitution of S. G. A. 15. Formal opening. We receive parental ad- vice — makes us homesick. 16. Y. W. C. A. party for the new girls. As if my magic, homesickness begins to disappear. 17. Mr. and Mrs. Sol Marcosson played to an enthusiastic audience. We like you. Come again. 19. Miss Daniel feels encouraged. " Dave " calls again. 22. New girls attend Estherian birthday cele- bration. 29. The Laniers entertain new girls at roof garden fete. 30. Martha suddenly finds herself elevated to " Seniordom. " OCTOBER 1. Ice cream and cake. Webb-Cason enter- tains the college girls. 5. Parting of the ways — Lanier, or Estherian, which ? 10. The Juniors turn " black " in their effort to make money. The negro w ' edding — wasn ' t Dorothy a dainty little bride? We " hobo " to high shoals. Much fun and a good lunch. Thanks to Mrs. Crossland. 1. Sophomore Carnival. Why was it some girls were so anxious to go through the Crazy House more than once? 5. Princess evades the Sea of Matrimony. Lucia goes home for week-end. Why is everybody so excited ? Hallowe ' en. Seniors take their table amid much pomp and ceremony. Juniors honor Seniors with a masquerade party. Four uninvited ghosts accompany the parade to town. Board meeting. Ghosts serve restrictions. ' 5 3i NOVEMBER Seniors hide crook. " Poor little Junior Class looked for that crook. " Mrs. Davis and Miss Mather guests of Y. W. A. 7. Miss Scurlock visits us in behalf of the V. W. C. A. 9. Holiday — we all went to the fair, inci- dentally the carnival. .10. Dean Knight suddenly overcome with fear — student body inoculated for typhoid. ir. Sore arms galore. 13. Olga Steeb plays her way into the hearts of the Anderson College girls. 14. Y. W. A. delegates go to convention in Florence. 15. Kiwanis banquet. College girls make dainty waitresses. 20-25. Mission study work. 29. Thanksgiving Day — turkey and cranber- ries — all that we could eat. DECEMBER 4. Davidson Glee Club — Seniors have a good time. 7. Miss Fay ' s Eurhythmie Class ' gives exhi- bition program. 8. The Freshmen and Sophomores thrilled. Every girl had a man and a good time at the recept ion. 9. Impressive Christmas service in chapel. 11. Juniors present " Mrs. Bumpstead-Leigh " for public approval. 13. Seniors invite Sophomores to Christmas tree. Every " Soph " gets a present. 14. Christmas holidays. 26. Delegates go to Indianapolis. JANUARY 1. New Year ' s Day at home. 2. The return. Why was it that everybody was back on time? 6. Has anybody found a tiny Madeira hand- kerchief? 14. Class basketball games. Seniors and Soph- omores forfeit game to Juniors and Freshmen. Then Juniors bow down to Freshmen. 15. Lost — A pair of white trousers belonging to " Paul. " 18. Our own May Peterson sings to us once more. We cannot claim all of her now, because she is wearing a " tell-tale " stone on the third finger. 19. " The administration has carefully consid- ered your petition for a holiday, but we decided that you could honor the mem- ory of Lee better in class. " — Dr. Knight. 20. Examinations. All students receive one Senior privilege — " burning the mid- night oil. " 29. Mrs. Lumpkin goes to Atlanta. " When the cat ' s away, the mice will play. " Page one hundred fifty-one THE SORORIAN 1 6. 25. FEBRUARY America saddened by the death of Wood- row Wilson. Memorial services at Presbyterian Church. Dr. White pays beautiful tribute to President Wilson. Valentine Greetings! Juniors made their initial appearance in society. Tech Marionettes visit Ander- son. Sara Power falls for " Myrtle. " Seniors shine. Clemson Glee Club enter- tains. Though it is against the rule to borrow, rules became secondary in the " wild rush " to see the " Covered Wagon. " Washington seems to be losing in pres- tige. We received only a half-holiday. Anderson plays Charleston. We prove to be " game losers. " " June, you pleased your audience tonight. Keep on, you will make A. C. famous yet. " The college family greatly decreased. Del- egates to Greenville, Due West and Raleigh. Miss Pearman takes advantage of Leap Year privilege. We wonder if Mr. Bovd ' s name can be " Gim. " MARCH Hale Bewley brought " Red " home. How- did it happen ? Furman boys visit Anderson in interest of B. Y. P. U. Large attendance that eve- ning. Seniors proved their " mettle " by the suc- cessful way in which they presented " The Piper. " Spring holidays. Girls greatly in need of rest, 17. Work begins once more. 20. Student ' s recital. Voice and piano. Norine does herself honor. 21. " In the spring a young man ' s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. " 26. " Swing your partner, Junior. The Fur- man Glee Club is here. " Their pro- gram was very good. Jewel, especially, thought so. Miss Jenning ' s popularity grows in leaps and bounds. She even rivals Miss Daniel. APRIL 1. Our " New Faculty. " Seniors and faculty exchange places at the tables. 14. 29 28, 29. Dean Crane closes services which he has been conducting. " Mr. Crane, we all love you, and want you back again. " Faculty decides six days shalt thou study and have all thy lessons, and on the seventh thou shalt go to church. The girls miss their Mondays and week- ends. Letz Quartet. Our Glee Club goes to Clemson in the rain. " Elberton " calls Colie. Our Glee Club gives a concert here. It scores quite a hit. Louise Wray and Zoe Hill bring fame to A. C. through their art. Good Friday. Bad weather. Glee Club cannot go to Greer. Ophelia in her new Easter costume goes out for the day. The Glee Club goes to Greer. A warm reception and lots o ' fun. Y. W. C. A. delegates go to Winthrop for convention. Helen Reichard gives her organ recital. Mary goes to Student Government Con- ference in Mississippi. MAY Many " crocodile " tears shed because An- derson cannot be represented at Clemson Junior-Senior banquet. The brilliant event. Junior-Senior recep- tion. The Juniors see the fruits of their toil when the campus bursts into a veritable flower garden. Romance and moonshine walk hand in hand in the balmy land of flowers. The Glee Club ends successful season, with entertainment at Hartwell. Dr. Griggs reads " Merchant of Venice. " We are still wondering if Miss Cow- drick will ever come back to earth. Red Royal gives recital. Geraldine Bowen also covers herself with glory in her recital. Virginia does not have a date tonight. Something possessed her to study. " Girls, you must have a written permis- sion from your parents to go home after commencement. " — Mrs. Lumpkin. Baccalaureate sermon. Grand concert. Annual debate. Class Day. Seniors get their " sheep- skin. " Grand finale. ■ Page one hundred fifty-two THE SORORIAN iipmmiiiirmiTirrm mirmnT m " " " 11 ' " 11 " " : ' ' 1 ' ' 1 ' " 111 im Page one hundred fifty-three V — Anderson College Directory Picture Show — Geraldine Bowen and Martha White. Brissey ' s — Zoe Hill and Sara Pajver. History Room — Miss Mcintosh. In Her Study — Mrs. Lumpkin. herever Miss Me. Is — Miss Jones. The Library — Lucile Young. Playing Tennis — Ruth Todd. At a Committee Meeting — Madge Bradley. Talking — Louise Wray- (living Points — Frances Burgiss. Anywhere During Chapel — Lucia Richardson. He: " Won ' t you give me a kiss? " She: " Certainly not! I never kissed a man in my life. " He: " Pshaw! The same old tale. " Sara Power: " You know I don ' t like Lois Wilson " Lucile Young: " I don ' t believe I know her. Is she Kathleen ' s sister? " Hattie Roberts at basketball game: " What ' s the score? " Charlie Daniels: " Six-six. " Hattie: " In favor of who? " Colie Blease: " Jerry McGee, I wish you would come out of that transom. " Pheme Blanton, while reading a novel, said to Cleone as she came into the room: " Oh, I ' m just revealing in this book! " Lucia Richardson, at the Anderson-Carolina game, yelled : " Sara P. " Zoe Hill: " What is it that is planted in fields? Oh, you know what it is! Oh, Salpataca! " - The basketball team, while in Charleston, were being toured over the city by the College of Charleston girls and boys, when Daisy Rowland said to the young man sitting next to her: " Are the Bailey boys visiting here this week-end? " Young Man: " Why, no ! Those are Porter boys. " Daisy: " Well, I have never seen so many porters in one town in my life. " Mary England, studying Art History for a test: " Oh, my Lord, these gods! " Page one hundred fifty-four THE SORORl AN rrmnmmniinmimnnTHHTTrTi illillllllllllllUlllimuilllNIIIIHnTTTTrng anllm Signs oi the Times " They Satisfy " — Louise Burriss and Frances Knight. " A Skin You Love to Touch " — Carolinda Kates. " Delicious and Refreshing " — Mary Owings. " I ' d Walk a Mile For " — Lucia Richardson. " Start off the Day With a Smile " — Mary Lawrence. " Here ' s a Dandy " — Marion Gray. " That School Girl Complexion " — Nell Williams. " Has the Fountain of Youth Been Discovered Yet? " — Nell Martin. " Don ' t Tell Mc You Never J lad a Chance " — Dr. Knight. " It Hardly Seems Possible I ' ve Worked All Day in the Office " — Madge Bradley- " Broad Views " — Dorothy Cronkhite. " Eat Soup " — Fannie Glenn. " There ' s a Reason " — Floise Royal. " Fifty-seven Varieties " — Mr. Giles. " Lucky Strike " — Martha Dyches. " Time to Retire " — Ophelia Smith. Who ' s Who at A. C. Dinner Engagements — Caroline Parnell. ' Phone Calls — Virginia Cowherd. ■ " A " Reports — Zanerian Funk. -Boxes — Helen Foster. Specials — LaBlanche Corbitt. Call Downs — Cleone Clayton. Visits With Mrs. Lumpkin — Colie Blease. Letters — Cat Cannon. Dates — Eloise Royal and Miss Pearman. Lifts From Town — Martha White- Frisky Ways — Octavia Jeffries. Short Stories From Everyday Life " Dr. Dunford, will you excuse me for a few minutes? " (That means the rest of the period). " I went to the library at least six times and the book was always in use. " " I left my notebook in the room. " " I didn ' t know we couldn ' t do that. " " I know it, but I can ' t explain it. " " Yes, sir, that ' s what I meant. " " I ' m sorry I was late, but I had gym last period. " " Oh, has the light bell rung? " Page one hundred fifty-five THE SORORIAN ■■ jUTiminiiniimiiiiimi»niT ■in " " " " TT|| " " i i | i ' " i | " ||| i | - , " r " in " " i " " " " | " | " i ' " TmT T | APPRECIATION THE " SORORIAN " STAFF WISHES TO THANK ALL OF THOSE WHO HAVE HELPED IN MATE- RIALIZING THE PLANS OF THIS BOOK. ESPECIALLY DO WE APPRECIATE THE HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS AND UNTIRING EFFORTS OF MISS FRANCES McINTOSH AND MISS HATTIE FAY. TO OUR ADVERTISERS WE SHALL ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL, FOR WITHOUT THEIR ASSIST- ANCE WE COULD NOT HAVE THIS SORORIAN. Pat e one hundred fifty-sixi THE SORORIAN i iiii iiiii i i i iiimTTiTTTTTTnTmimrmmTmMJiiiiiiiiiiiiilumiJHIimJ -tf 5Siiiii i i » irT Trii j ]i Page one hundred fifty-seven THE SORORIAN rmimm;imrRa= S j a liuiU!mmiNnmTmi»THniiiT™ WE TREAT YOU SQUARE ALL THE YEAR ROUND GET IT AT BRISSEY ' S ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA THE SORORIAN I fmnrrmnrninT .rmTnnTmmT TTnTTTriiitrrrmii: i imiiiii iiiiniiuuiimTnmTU llllimiMU " y-. m TTTiTmimim u[| W. H. Belk, President Dr. J. M. Belk, Vice-President W. E. Gallant, Ceneral Manager and Secretary P. M. Gallant, Assistant Manager and Treasurer Gallant-Belk Company DEPARTMENT STORE One of the Twenty-six Belk Stores ANDERSON, S. C. DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, SHOES, READY-TO-WEAR MILLINERY Anderson ' s newest, largest, busiest, and best department store. A modern up-to-date store that sells everything and " sells it for less. ' A FRIEND OF THE COLLEGE 1 THE NEW BEE HIVE G. H. BAILES COMPANY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ANDERSON. S. C. DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, MILLINERY, SHOES, ETC. WOMEN ' S READY-TO-WEAR CHARMING INDEED It is a charming sight and a joy to all people in Anderson when her college girls begin pouring into our midst. We too welcome every one of them on every occasion into our Big Department Store, where we endeavor at all times to be able lo show them the new things commensurate with their good taste. Our novelty foo ' .wear Toggery is unsurpassed in style and fit by any store in upper South Carolina. THE NEW BEE HIVE G. H. BAILES COMPANY V THE SORORIAN q || iiiiriiMii»ft j4mrnmiiiiiinipnin!TTTTpiiTini!iinnTTiii nTiTTTtTTTiin]i:iiiTpiniI " ni ' Tt ' IT1IIL lll BB THE STRAND ANDERSON ' S FOREMOST PICTURE HOUSE All our pictures are superior pro- ductions, selected from the hundreds of producers throughout the United States. Always a Friendly Welcome to the College Cirls Best Accommodations Absolutely Independent THE IMPERIAL THEATER The Home of Paramount Pictures THE SORORIAN Bigby s Pharmacy No. 2 " The Open Front Store " Agents Norris Exquisite Candies We Serve Only the Best at Our Fountain A Trial Will Convince You Toilet Requisites, Stationery, Etc. Bigby s Pharmacy No. 2 Successor— lo Beck. Drug Co. PHONE 1187 WEBB-CASON DRUG CO. We Carry a Full Line of Drugs, Toilet Articles, Sodas, Candies, Stationery Our Prescription Department Is Complete in Every Respect prompt service and courteous attention You Are Always Welcome at Our Store WEBB-CASON DRUG COMPANY PHONE 741 We Serve Costa ' s Delicious Ice Cream — Just a Little Bit Better. THE SORORIAN BmmnnTimiag 5a TOnniii miiimiiiiiTmiiiiiTTiiii iiiiiiiiiipfiitiiT TTTtrrTiTTTTTiTm ii ii i Tii n i Tii itTTnnnBnrn COMPLIMENTS OF J. STUBBS BROWN THE LIBERTY THEATER B. 0. EVANS COMPANY OUTFITTERS FOR MEN AND BOYS " The Store With a Conscience " ANDER SON, S. C. t rgays eJMxny c4nnuaAs attain perfection through the help .nd personal super vision, of out- expert i D« cinnua.l " Uesigners a nc - Engravers - PRINTED ON DILL AND COLLINS CO- " Louisville. K BLACK AND WHITE COATED BOOK " the INCOMPARABLE PAPER . FOR COLLEGE ANNUALS " THE SORORIAN iii uurann rm i irjm i mim n mnnm nim WE CARRY ALL THE NEW THINGS IN Fine Footwear for Women It Is New, We Have It Thompson s Shoe Store New Styles Here at All Times THE VERY LATEST IN NIFTY FOOTWEAR At Prices You Like to Pay Modern Shoe Repairing SHINE PARLOR For Ladies and Gentlemen ECO NOMY SHOE STORE I Iarry Geisberg, Manager ANDERSON, S. C. THE ROTARY CLUB OF ANDERSON Feels a Vital Interest in Everything That Pertains to the Upbuilding 01 ANDERSON COLLEGE And is ready at all times to lend a helping hand and do its best in adding to the happiness 01 the dear girls and promoting the best interest of the College. TOM HILL, President THE SORORIAN n nn m mriftS o gnmTili ]iiii(if]iiftii]i[rii|ii| iiiimiiiiniii[iiiHiiii || ;mminiiiiinmiiiiiimirintnnnniim;nunTnii | " ANDERSONS BETTER STORE " Invites your inspection of the correct styles in Women s Wear that are always on display at this good store. Ready to-Wear and Millinery Of the Better Kind Always Cost You Less at Fleishman s Dainty Feminine Footwear ALL STYLES, LEATHERS. WIDTHS AND SIZES THE FLEISHMAN BROS. CO. ANDERSON ' S BETTER STORE LIGON LEDBETTER WHOLESALE GROCERIES ANDERSON. S. C. THE SORORIAN unnmuiniiiirmniiiiJiimiimjn rimiri m rinimminnrnn iiLmjjiui i iimmim. 1 ' ' na g. G. B. KONDUROS FRUITS, CONFECTIONERY AND LUNCHES Next Door to Blue Ridge Station 118 NORTH MAIN STREET ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA TELEPHONE 800 EFIRDS ' Anderson s Quality Store — It ' s Different The and Goo place to find, at all seasons, the newest in Ready Gloves. Better quality at better prices. Also ds. Novelty Jewelry, Etc. toWear, Shoes, a large line of Hose, Toilet YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT EFIRDS DEPARTMENT STORE ANDERSON, S. C. G. F. TOLLY SON . We are always glad to h ave the college girls visit our stor 2, and will be delit hted to furnish th eir own homes for them when they have left the " home nest. G. F. TOLLY SON Established 1858 THE ANDERSON FURNITURE CO. EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME And the Price Is Right J. D. RAST, President and Treasurer $10,000 Capital ANDERSON COLD STORAGE COMPANY Pure Crystal Ice THE SORORIAN || [| || | ||| !IUnniUJmilUU II IUIU I » l inmw " i " i ' " »TTn:iiiimmiiiininiiiiiminiiiMMiijiii|iiwm inTrn| | ANDERSON CREAMERY ORR GRAY AND COMPANY HEADQUARTERS FOR Purest Drugs AND Highest Grade Toilet Articles WHITMANS SAMPLER BEST CANDY MADE THE SORORIAN The Best in Everything for Woman " READY-TO-WEAR, MILLINERY, PIECE GOODS, FOOTWEAR, ETC. We Appreciate Your Patronage Just as Much, Possibly a Bit More, Than Anyone We Are Always Glad to Have You Visit Our Store Mail and Phone Orders Receive Special Attention MOORE-WILSON COMPANY ANDERSON, S. C. To the Sweethearts of Anderson We will gladly help you wilh your gift selections. Trained by long experience, you can be assured that our judgment is correct, our suggest ons appropriate. jewelry is beautiful, enduring, and of lasting, intrinsic value. In price, it is suit- able for every gift requirement. Feel free to visit our shop and ask for suggestions. JEWELRY GIFTS THAT LAST Let Keese Be Your Gift Counselor WALTER H. KEESE AND COMPANY YOUR JEWELERS THE SOROR1AN OT rMH TinTTTf iii nn ii mnH i m iii m ii m i ninirTTTtim I FRETWELL FURNITURE GO. Service — Quality — Price 208-2 1 South McDuffie Sheet ANDERSON. S. C. Altman Printing Company Phone 176 ANDERSON. S. C. COMPLIMENTS OF D. T. WEST IDEAL GROCERY COMPANY " COLLEGE GIRLS AND FACULTY ALWAYS WELCOME " AT D. GEISBERG ANDERSON, S. C. Dr. Forest D. Sugg DENTIST Anderson, S. C. Phone 1189 SPALDING ' S ATHLETIC GOODS Basketballs, Tennis Goods, Basketball Uniforms, Bathing Suits, Sweaters PARKER CLOTHING COMPANY Exclusive Agents Dr. Maude Louise Tipton OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Anderson Building Anderson, South Carolina The Colle ge Girl ' s H eadquarters IS Fant s Book Store Waterman ' s Ideal Fountain Pens THE SORORIAN B iTir ti rnmr i r , r TTTpTiiir " iii iinn iiiimT[ J M III U lJ1 U ll l WirrM III IIJI f lll jn UIIU UfrTm m n iUliJluJJn 5tfSJ5 Mnrr i llT li IK UlII uu W. A. SPEER Agent for THE FRANKLIN AUTOMOBILE Pure Food Bakery THE HOME OF AUNT MARYS CREAM BREAD PURE FOOD BAKERY ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA ffl U I , nnipn l re =;: " " " ' ' ' ' ' ' mn ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' m THE SORORIAN DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY Sam Orr Tribble 40 North Main Street Anderson, S. C. CUT GLASS, SILVERWARE CHINA GRADUATION— THEN WHAT? Bring " Him " to Our Office at 223 West Market Street, Select the House Plans and Leave the Rest to Us BUILDERS LUMBER SUPPLY CO. Incorporated Dan Brown, President TELEPHONE 771 Strictly Paint and Varnish Store DISTRIBUTORS FOR DUPONT PAINT AND VARNISH PRODUCTS ANDERSON PAINT COMPANY ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA THE SORORl AN HI irupmnnnimmii miuimiimj Anderson Steam Laundry 120 EARLE STREET . Laundry Dyeing Dry Cleaning Barton-Thomas Grocery Co. WHOLESALE GROCERIES " Better Be Safe Than Sorry " McLean Insurance Agency W. D. McLEAN, President V. If. LAWRENCE, Vice-President J. BOYD McLEAN. Secretary THE BANK OF ANDERSON ANDERSON, S. C. J. A. Brock, Chairman of the Board P. E. ClINKSCALES, President ROBERT E. LiGON, Vice-President A. M. Sharpe, Vice-President Frank E. Todd, Vice-President J. M. Sutherland, Cashier C. S. Mauldin, Assistant Cashier STRONGEST BANK IN THE COUNTY THE SORORIAN ' lli n i lTm gaagjjUUmii i i ' n ii m i immiiiimn ii m ii iii uiin iin r n iii i i i — CROMER SULLIVAN a? CO. Creneral insurance ANDERSON. S. C. George W. Shelor PACKARD NASH HUPMOBILE THE PLAZA HOTEL Bob King, Prop. Time to Retire BUY FISK TIRES VULCANIZING Stuart s Tire Shop " Homefyeeping Hearts Are Happiest " " WE BUILD THE HOUSE. YOU MAKE THE HOME " TOWNSEND LUMBER CO. TELEPHONE 267 CONTRACTORS ' AND BUILDING MATERIAL ANDERSON. S. C. 4 V THE SORORIAN im tiumnmniaiiiiniiLi THE BIG FOUR OF A REAL AUTOMOBILE PARTY An Anderson College Girl Hi-Vol Gasoline Viking Motor Oils Kelly-Springneld Tires PETROLEUM OIL COMPANY Busby ' s Filling Station — Old Hickory - Motor Inn QUALITY— SERVICE—COURTESY STRADLEYS IN GREENVILLE (Since 1882) A nice place to purchase good, de- pendable Ready-to-Wear for Wom- en and Children. Dry Goods, Hosiery Underwear, Gloves Now on the Corner MAIN AT NORTH STREET Mail Orders Solicited Hotel Imperial GREENVILLE, S. C. European Plan Safe and Sanitary, the Biggest and Best , Ottaray Hotel -Greenville, S. C. s THE SORORIAN THE BEST ADVERTISEMENT FOR ANDERSON COLLEGE IS THE ANDERSON COLLEGE GIRL THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON «» ■•! LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE ENSOfJ ' PRINTING CO.; NASHVILLE, COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS THE SORORIAN I 1 ! miMiiiimiTimtimiinnin Ellen Adams . . ISABELLE ArnII 11: Susie Anderson ' . Josephine Anderson Evelyn Archer ..... Anderson, Helen Allen Anderson, Mrs. A. J. Amos Anderson, Piieme Blanton Atlanta, Colie Blease Newberry, Ruth Bruce Anderson, Frances Burgiss Greer, Cynthia Barnes Anderson, Pearle Baxlev Lodge, Sara Brown Blvthewood, Janie Burriss Anderson, Dorothy Brown Anderson, Madge Bradley Belton, Norine Brock Belton, Ellen Barnes Anderson, Nelle Barton Anderson, Mae Barton Anderson, Sara Barton Anderson, Eva Blume Blackville, Batson . . . Travelers Rest Meryl Barnes Lodge, Veola Bridges Anderson, Velma Bridwell . Reba Breedlove . Cynthia Bowie . Jennie Bomar . Geraldine Bowen Nancy Bolt Anderson, Lillian Bradley .... Mayesville, Bessie Bradley .... May esville, Helen Brown ...... Anderson, Willie Sue Boleman . . Townville, Mar Sue Bobo Woodruff, Fay Beitsworth Anderson, Carolinda Bates .... Randleman, Margaret Burnett Belton, Louise Burriss Anderson, Elizabeth Burriss .... Anderson, Louise Babb Anderson, Rachel Babb Anderson, Virginia Christopher . . . Duncan, Evelyn Cox Woodruff, Sara Cox Woodruff, Grace Cothran .... Toney Creek, Carrie Cothran .... Toney Creek, Annie Cothran .... Toney Creek, Mm Croft Brunson, Lela Curtis Dillon, Jane ChambLEE Anderson, Directory of Students . . . Starr. S. C. VIRGINIA COWHERD Lake View, S. C. Dorothy Cronkhite . . Anderson, S. C. Elizabeth Casey . . Anderson, S. C. Lora Chapman . S. C. Mary Clement . S. C. LaBlanche Corbitt S. C. Dorothy Cochran Ga. Vineta Cunningham S. C. Corrie Mae Chapma S. C. Eva Carter . . . S. C. Lavinia Chaplin . S. C. Bertha Carlisle . S. C. Kathryn Cannon S. C. Wilma Cooke . . S. C. Cleone Clayton . S. C. Rosaline Crist S. C. Marcuerite Crawford S. C. Gladys Cromer . S. C. Olivia Drennon . S. C. Ella Sue Dobbins S. C. Nellie Dobbins . S. C. Mary DeLoache . S. C. Tessie Dill . . S. C. Margurite Ducwori S. C. Martha Dyches . S. C. Clara Dickson Mountain Rest, S. C. Ethel Dial . . . Rowesville, S. C. Ruth Daniel . . . . . Starr, S. C. Elizabeth Davis . . . Portsmouth, Va. Ruth Dean . . . Greenville, S. C. Louise Dodson . . S. C. Ethel Davis . . S. C. Carine Dominick S. C. Claudiana Evans S. C. Marie Encland . S. C Helen Eskew . . S. C Nellie Eskew . . S. C. Lois Evans . . . N. C. Zanerian Funk . S. C. Helen Foster . . S. C. Emma Flowers S. C. Viola Fogle . . S. C. Mary Graham S. C. Bessie Glenn . . S. C. Elizabeth Gable S. C. Fannie Glenn . S. C. Lovei.ene Glymph S. C. Sue Henorix . . S. C. Helen Harden S. C. Eloise Hardin . . S. C. Alice Hardin . . S. C. Sai.lie Hardin . . S. C. Frances Harris . Branch vi lie, St. Joseph, . Anderson. . . Pelzer, . . Belton, . . Lyons, . Anderson, . Greer, . Pelzer, Ashton, Ravenel, . Anderson, Westminster, . Kershaw, Central, . Anderson, . Anderson, . Anderson, . Anderson, . Anderson, . . Starr, . Johnston, Tigerville, . Anderson, Cross Anchor, . Anderson, Gray Court, . Anderson, . . Starr, Martin, . Anderson, Llonea Path . Neese, Anderson, Westminster, . Anderson, . Anderson, Central, Hagerstown, . Roebuck, Dovesville, . . Cope, . Piedmont, Fair Play, . Anderson, . . . Starr, . Anderson, Patrick, ' . Anderson, Lowndesville, Lowndesville, Lowndesville, Greenville, S. c. Mo. s. c. S. C. s.c. Ga. S.C. S.C. s.c. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. Ga. S.C. s. c. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. Md. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. THE SORORI AN Ethel Hall Anderson, S. C. Clara Belle Hilton . . Hardeville, S. C. Annie Mae Hale Piedmont, S. C. Ivv Hair Blackville, S. C. Emma Hinson .... Timmonsville, S. C. Mamie Lou Hil ' ion .... Bethune, S. C. Zoe Hill Tucapau, S. C. Rubv Hembree Anderson, S. C. Lena Hogg Anderson, S. C. Mildred Holland .... Florence, S. C. Ethel Hembree Anderson, S. C. Lola Mae Hellams . . Fountain Inn, S. C. Georgia Harriss Anderson, S. C. Louise Hambv Denver, S. C. Elovce Hutto Anderson, S. C. Ruth Hughes Donalds, S. C. Kathleen Holland .... Anderson, S. C. Octavia Jeffries . - . . . . Clayton, S. C. Bertha Jolly Anderson, S. C. Carolina Johnson .... Anderson, S. C. Frances Johnson Anderson, S. C. Mar Johnson Anderson, S. C. Grace Keys Starr, S. C. Bertha Kelly Pelzer, S. C. Marion Geys B elton, S. C. Grace Kelly Central, S. C. Hazel King . . . ' . Rocky Mount, N. C. Bessie Killincsworth . . . Anderson, S. C. Ruth Kyzer Paxville, S. C. Mary .Knight Pelzer, S. C. Frances Knight Anderson, S. C. Lena King Belton, S. C. Mary Lawrence Baxley, Ga. Winnifred Lloyd .... Anderson, S. C. Mabel Loveland Piedmont, S. C. Lucile Lee Savannah, Ga. Eunice Leathers Anderson, S. C. Gladys Long Anderson, S. C. Roxie Murdock Anderson, S. C. Mary Louise Martin . . . Liberty, S. C. Pearle Murray Anderson, S. C. Gladys Moore Pendleton, S. C. Dorothy Moore .... Gainesville, Ga. Mattie Moore . . . Lanford Station, S. C. Cornelia Milam . . . Sandy Springs, S. C. Aleen Morrison Anderson, S. C Coy Meeks Anderson, S. C. Annie Lee Martin .... Anderson, S. C. Nell Martin Pelzer, S. C. Corinne Mason .... Westminster, S. C. Florence Murray .... Anderson, S. C. Elizabeth McMillan . . Gastonia, N. C. Mildred Murray Cameron, S. C. Geraldine McGee . . East Orange, N. J. Anna Dean McFall . . . Anderson, S. C. Sara McDaniel Anderson, S. C. Ml-LVA McCARLEY .... Anderson, S. C. Cora McCown Anderson, S. C. Sara McGee Anderson, S. ( ' . Merdel Nix Zirconia, N. C. OLLIE Nix Zirconia, N. C. Mary Owincs Laurens, S. C. Marcaret Poindexter . Fredericks Hall, Va. Sara Power Laurens, S. ( ' . Mildred Pilat Anderson, S. C. Sara Pruitt Anderson, S. C. Mary Pacet Anderson, S. C. Dorothy Prevost Anderson, S. C. Caroline Parnell .... Savannah, Ga. Hattie Roberts .... Marshall, N. C. June Roscoe Raleigh, N. C. Daisy Rowland Belton, S. C. Eloise Royal Sale mburg, N. C. Kate Rainey Starr, S. C. Alma Rawlinson .... Lykesland, S. C. Martha Rast Anderson, S. C. Helen Reichard Anderson, S. C. Elizabeth Small .... Kershaw, S. C. Myrtle Smith Fort Mill, S. C. Ophelia Smith Madison, Fla. Evelyn Stevenson . . . Townville, S. C. Moloy Smoak Branchville, S. C. Babbie Sullivan Anderson, S. C. Martha Saxon Laurens, S. C. Lillian Salley Perry, S. C. Christine Scott Anderson, S. C. Louise Shealy Perry, S. C. Jessie Sullivan Anderson, S. C. Dorothy Tribele .... Anderson, S. C. Venetia Tribble Anderson, S. C. Geraldine Trammel . . . Anderson, S. C. Sara Tribble Anderson, S. C. Eunice Todd .... Gray Court, S. C. Ruth Todd Laurens, S. C. Lucia Vandiver .... Antreville, S. C. Helen Wallace Kinards, S. C. Martha White Miami, Fla. Ozelle Whisenhunt . . Orangeburg, S. C. Kathleen Wilson .... Anderson, S. C. Evelyn White Anderson, S. C. Harriet Wilkins Anderson, S.C. Nelle Williams Bethune, S. C. Nellie Clare Woodle .... Lyons, Ga. Louise Wray Elberton, Ga. Ruth Webb Aiken, S. C. Sara Lou Westmoreland . . Pelzer, S. C. Susie White Hartwell, Ga. Emily Watts Columbia, S. C. Mary Watts Columbia, S. C. Margaret White Chester, S. C. Lucile Young Spartanburg, S.C. THE SORORIAN ni ii n ii m mT J gS S SnT H ' tntiTmTtTiTTiTTTTTTriiiTiirTTiii iiiiMiMiii i iiii[i:iiiiniTiiTTiiniiiiiriiniinMiiiiiiniiiiiiimiJTTTini |

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