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' Press of The Observer Printing House, Inc. Charlotte, N. C. FOREWORD THESE arc our golden days, days when we stand upon the threshold of life and look forward into the glorious future. But as the tide of years roll on and the fascination of the future fades, the time will come when much of our happiness will be derived from the pleasant memories of the past. And, in the sunset glory of after years, as we turn the worn pages of a musty volume, may we live again the days of our youth, may we keep alive the spirit of our College days. As this book goes forth it takes with it much of our time, our thoughts and our hearts. But if it shall insure a bit of future happiness, our toil zvill not not have been in vain. Pa CONTENTS « H4 ORDER OF BOOKS BOOK I THE COLLEGE BOOK II ORGANIZATIONS BOOK III ATHLETICS AND SOCIAL CLUBS BOOK IV SCRAP BASKET J I -I EZ3C 3C=I[=I Cfje orortan , J I IC33Z3C DEDICATION WE DEDICATE THIS, THE SORORIAN OF 1923 TO MR. R. S. LIGON To whose untiring effort in promoting the general •welfare of the College, each student owes a debt of gratitude. He has been to us the staunchest of friends, the never -failing source of help and strength, and we wish to express, in a small v?ay, our great appreciation for all that his life has meant to us. ■ OP , 3i=ac r aClje otorian , 3EZ3C= l[ 1 ] =3[n]l u nCfje ororian. SORORIAN STAFF Helen Watkins .Editor-in-Chief Frances Mattox : Assist ant Editor-in-Chief Sara Frances Stephens Business Manager Elizabeth Peterson Assistant Business Manager Lydia Burriss Social Editor Katharine Hagood Assistant Social Editor Malvina Hopper ' . Literary Editor Carolina Parnell - Assistant Literary Editor Louise Wray Art Editor Lillian Huee Picture Editor Colie Blease Joke Editor Mary Clement , .Music Editor FACULTY ADVISORS Miss Edith Hall Miss Marjorie Phillips Page FAght ■ i ItTT -a|ujlt n=ll =3 dje ororian. " " c ■■pahnb - ' ' .HAEOOO " ii ' ■- I ;—- 1 e ; == ] ■=3[5]fc=» " " " Page Nine " ■■ " aCfce ororian. IL BOARD OF TRUSTEES Judge H. H. Watkins : President P. E. Clinkscales Secretary UNTIL 1923 R. S. Ligon .- Anderson J. Dexter Brown Anderson G. E. Smith ' . -. Westminster UNTIL 1924 R. B. Curry Greenwood P. E. Clinkscales :. Anderson John C. Pruitt Anderson UNTIL 1925 H. H. Watkins = , Anderson T. Claggett Skinner Columbia Robert Black Bamberg UNTIL 1926 VV. A. Watson Anderson Graves L. Knight Anderson Mrs. J. D. Chapman Anderson UNTIL 1927 Mrs. W. H. Hunt Newberry Y. W. Sullivan Anderson I. M. Burnett Belton :c Page Ten 1 1=3 1 ?c=ic=. ' ii= [d1( ic ll BOOK I The College - y " " -CZ=IC=J Cije ororian r iczzzic " i ' i c ■ ■-■ 5 4 ■ sH 5 " -■ I " " -i I n i 4m= ■ " " - Page Thirteen ■ i ii i r- 3C=3C=3 CJjc Boeotian I ICJC 31=] [=31= 1 Page Fourteen ■ ■ —ii ir- 3Ut=« 31=31 — iqapc icz=j =JI r - • " — " iCfjc ororiatic 3CZ1C " ii 1 ! " =» 3 1 =3i=3t: Pagre Fifteen • i ■ ■ 3C=3C 3C31=3 CJ)c ororian I- I C=3C 3C=3I=3C HiSi Pape Sixteen ii i i JCZZ3I I gjfalt ll , lt=IC - " " " • 3 1 IC=3I 3C3I I Cf)e % ororian I I CZZ3C " " ' I The President: Dr. John Ellington White — " —l i— —ii- ■ c r=icrzz=r=nc3in ' p- ' i =ie=rjt= Pap Seventeen 1C=3I=I Ctje ororiaiii 11=31= m ■ i err Dr. Graves L. Knight, Dean of Faculty Mrs. Samuel Lumpkin, Dean of Women Page Eighteen - i —ii i i ii h=X)[d1E= " ie=3c: -» i " " Cf)e orortan 3C FACULTY OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION Dr. John E. White ' . President Dr. Graves L. Knight Dean, Business Manager and Treasurer Mrs. Samuel Lumpkin Dean of Women Miss Grace L. Cronkhite Director of Music Miss Winifred A. Stephens Director of Voice Dr. Olga V. Pruitt Physician Miss SaixiE T. Cade Resident Nurse William A. Giles Secretary Miss Adlene Jones Librarian Paul W. Gibson Auditor Mrs. Palil W. Gibson Matron Miss Nellie Barton , Assistant Matron Mrs. P. T. Stanford Dietist J. C. Wall Superintendent Buildings and Grounds OFFICERS OF INSTRUCTION Dr. John E. White The Chapel Hour Prof. John C. Calhoun Dunford School of the Bible and Christian Service Prof. Webb von Hasseln Modern Languages Miss Marv Dickson Ramseur Art Miss Frances McIntosh History Miss Regina Cook Cowdrick Literature and Composition Miss Zelma McCord Mathematics Miss Lucille Burriss Composition and Literature Miss Marjorie Phillips Science Miss M. AdElia Fox Philosophy and Education Mrs. Gertrude Pratt Expression and Physical Culture Miss Daisy Daniel Domestic Science Miss Anne E. C Gassawav Domestic Art Miss Anne D. Denmark Instructor in Piano and Harmony Miss Edith May Hali Instructor in Piano, Violin, Harmony and Ensemble Miss Hazel TuTTLE Instructor in Piano, Dunning Kindergarten Miss Ouida Pattison Practice Supervisor, Instructor of Music (Assistant to Miss Tuttle) Rev. R. X. Pratt Bible Miss Adlene Jones Sub-Freshman Work Dr. Olga V. Pruitt Physician, Hygiene Miss SalliE T. Cade Resident Nurse Miss Zanerian Funk Commercial Course Miss Stella Nixon , Director of Athletics Page Nineteen II II II Tl Jt tcflfcj l ' =3 1 . IC . . ' ' i i C= DC=4 =3 1 l t=tC 31=31 b Cf)e ororian ■ ■ ■ — " l Page Twenty i i ! ■ ■ i i ii i crjfn] - " " " -■■ — ■ ■ — ■ Cije §ororiattc==ii=3c 3CJI IIZ H 9MS,ts I I —ii ' i r II II =2C dN ' Page Twenty-one 11 1 C=1C " ■■ ■ Ci)e Boeotian c " i r- i i- ■ . ■. ■ ■■.:.■.:■: .: : ■ .-.. ■ ■ ■ ' ■■ -■:■ ■■■■:■:■ " ■■ i Miss Edith May Hall, Sponsor Page Twenty-two -■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ " =, ■ ' C i Q E3 mt - " ■ ' " =h=.e=i CJje § ororian i — n=ic 11 iczzrzjci 1 Bobby and Dickie King, Mascots i T ii- ; ■— — j i ' m = ;L=J ' T ' " Page Twenty-three r CJjc §)Otorian OFFICERS OF SENIOR CLASS Ruth Cunningham .■ President Marjorie England Vice-President Frances Mattox Secretary SylvEne Glenn Treasurer May Armstrong Historian Lydia Burriss Testator Elizabeth Cowherd ....Prophet Malvina Hopper Poet Miss Edith Hall Sponsor Bobbie and Dickie King Mascots RUTH CUNNINGHAM, A. B. Greer, S. C. V A T ■ " V " V Estherian Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Vice-President Class r 20 ; Secretary Estherian Literary Society ' 21; Secretary Class ' 22; Mem- ber Sororian Staff ' 22 ; Member Sans Souci Club ' 21- ' 22- ' 23; Member Nominating Commit- tee , 22- " 23; Secretary Pan Hellenic Council ' 23; President Senior Class ' 23. It is a rare thing to find a girl who possesses the qualities of brilliancy, honesty, and above all, the love and confidence of those with whom she comes in contact; but these and even more are found in Ruth. She is capable— yes — but that isn ' t enough for her high ideals and principles, good ideas and common sense have helped us all as individuals and as a class. We could truth- fully say : " An Anderson girl without change, a student without bluff, and a friend without sham. " Page Twenty-four Ir " ■ Clje ororian, VERA MAY ARMSTRONG, . Anderson, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Class Historian ' 22- ' 23 ; Literary Society ' 23. V ice- President Lanier May is quiet, courteous, and sincere with a smile and kind word for every one. To know her is to love her, and those who know her best love her most. We know we can depend on her for whatever task has been set for her to do, for she has both the willingness and capacity to do things. She has stood faithfully by her work all through her College life and we feel as she goes out that she will make the world in which she lives a brighter and better place. GLADYS ATKINSON, A. B. Estherian Literary Society Entered 1921-1922 Nominating Committee ' 21- ' 22; Business Mana- ger Glee Club ' 21- ' 22; Captain Junior Basket- ball Team ' 21- ' 22; Estherian Debater ' 21- ' 22; College Cheer Leader ' 21 - ' 22; Vice-President Estherian Literary Society ' 22- ' 23 ; Nominating Committee ' 22- ' 23 ; Business Manager Varsity Basketball Team ' 22- ' 23 ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ' 22- ' 23; Class Basketball Team ' 22- ' 23 ; Editor- in Chief Orion 22- v 23. After spending a year at Bessie Tift, Gladys came to Anderson to spend her remaining two years. She has the true conception of College spirit and is always ready to take part in any College activity. Her efforts have been concen- trated in student publications and Literary So- ciety. In both these activities her influence has been keenly felt. She is level headed, business- like; steady, good-hearted and kind. Anderson loses an all-round good girl when Gladys leaves " =3[n]t= " Page Twenty-five CJ)e ototian = ' OLLIE JANE BARTON, A. B. Lanier Literary Society Entered 1920-1921 Critic Lanier Literary Society, Spring Term, 22; Vice-President Lanier Literary Society, Fall Term, ' 22; House President, ' 22- ' 23. During the three years that Ollie has been with us, we have learned her true worth as an Ander- son College girl. She is " a happy Christian gentlewoman, doing her work accurately, com- pletely, and happily. " She is full of Class spirit, and is always ready and eager to do what is asked of her. Her studentship is worthy to be praised and we feel justified in predicting for her a happy and useful future. NELLIE BOLT, A. B. Ware Shoals, S. C. Lan ' .er Literary Society Entered 1920-1921 " Dignity is the sweetness of womanhood. " Xellie is quiet, dignified, studious, and very accommodating. She speaks but seldom but when she does it is always a remark worth re- membering. Hqvg is a gentle, sweet " better-half " for some young man. Rut we can imagine how painstaking, kind " and much loved she would be as a " school ma ' am, " or, in fact anything that she decides to do we know that she will do well for she is adaptable and wholesome, and has the ability of winning friends. We shall miss you, Nellie, but when we think of you it will bring pleasant memories and happy thoughts. Page Tiventy-six DC [DJSai 17= " ' CJje ororian, 1 BRIDGET BOYLESTON, A. B. Pendleton, S. C. CAROLINE BROCK, A. B. Central, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Estherian Literary Society Entered 1922-1923 Member Glee Club ' 22- 23 ; Y. W. C. A.; Secre- tary B. Y. P. U. ' 22; President " Busy Bee " Club ; Secretary " Down-the-State " Club. Just a little bit of Ireland from a South Caro- lina town came to A. C. in the fall of 1919. Bib brought enough sunshine to last through all the clouds of her four years, and I think she has enough to last her many years yet. At times Bib ' s a baby, again she is a school girl. And some days she puts on all the dignity in the possession of the Senior Class. So here ' s to Bib: May she win as many friends out in the world with those eyes and smiles as she won at dear old A. C. Caroline began her educational career at G. W. C. but last year she discovered that she had made a mistake in the choice of her College, so she came to Anderson for her Senior work. She takes her work seriously and does it well. Her words are never wasted on trivial subjects, and few are used on those more important. She thinks deeply, reasons logically, and talks well — when compelled to. Those who lave been asso- ciated with her, will never forget her pleasing manners, her hospitable disposition, and her true friendship. Page Twenty-seven ic )fp]j t C!)c otorian, RUBY BURRESS BROWN, A. B. Anderson, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Ruby has a wholesome, fun-loving disposition and a jollier pal can ' t be found. She is a great lover of jokes, and wherever she is there is bound to be fun and gaiety. She takes things as they come, and she is exactly what she is wherever you see her. Ruby is always diligent in her work, but no one takes life easier. LYDIA CHILES BURRISS, A. B. Anderson, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered 192 -192 Type Editor Sororian 1920- J 21- ' 22 ; Chairman Publicity Committee Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 1921- ' 22- ' 23; Social Editor Sororian ' 22- ' 23 ; Liter- ary Editor Orion ' 22- ' 23 ; Critic Estherian Lit- erary Society ' 22- ' 23 ; Senior Representative Executive Council ' 22- ' 23 ; Class Testator ' 22- ' 23 ; Nominating Committee ' 23. Where is Lydia? In the office, in the class- room, in her room? Wherever she be you may be sure it ' s where she ought to be, for Lydia is dependable — her outstanding trait. Talk? Yes, like a streak of lightning but she can also keep silent which is more than can be said of every- one. When it ' s a matter of business no one can carry a more sphinx-like face than Lydia. Am- bitions? There isn ' t any telling what ambitions are hidden away in the silent part of that mind. Musical and poetical — tho ' you might not guess it, but its in her blood and will come out some day. Humorous? Her red hair — either humor or tem- per which ever the occasion demands. Duty has first place in all she does. L Page Twenty-eight =mDt= " ;=i i 11=31 .1=3 [=3 Clje ototian i ie=3t= 3 1 11= Id 1 EUNICE CLAYTON, A. B. Central, S. C. MARY McDAVID CLEMENT, B. M. Belton, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered 1922-1923 Lanier Literary Society Entered 1920-1921 When one is as perfect a " Titian blonde " as Eunice, one is not expectd to shine in the class- rooms, but her excellent report belies the gen- eral impression. Her clever intellect and her persistence in purpose mark her for success in life. Her independence of everyone is one of her chief characteristics. Her most intimate friends never cross her path, for they know she must have her way in all things, however, her view- point is usually the correct one. Eunice has spent only one year with us but in that short time she has won a place in our hearts. Vice-President Eta Phi Club ' 22; Music Editor of Annual ' 22- ' 23. " Mary, Mary, quite contrary, " as Mother Goose has said, but not so with this Mary. She is not one who " advertises her wares " for the blue of her eyes shows bluer when you really know her. Quiet, sweet, and lovable — that ' s Mary. In her we find a friend as true as steel. She is a " born musician " and can master the piano with a skill almost equal to Paderewski himself ! The interpretation which she gives to you in her music reveals itself again in the delightful ring of her laughter. Truly, music dwells in her very soul ! Success will surely crown her, and her Alma Mater will be proud to call her one of her dearest children. " =4d Page Twenty-nine C e § ororian 1 KATHLEEN COOK, A. B. Anderson, S. C. DORSEY COWHERD, A. B. Branchville, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Vice-President Town Girls ' Club. Kathleen is one of the most conscientious and painstaking girls in our class. She is a town student but we know her well enough to realize her talents and capabilities. Kathleen has been constant and diligent in every branch that she has pursued. Her winning personality and her friendliness are sure predictions of future success. Lanier Literary Society Entered 1920-1921 Sophomore Basketball Team ' 21- ' 22 ; Senior Bas- ketball Team ' 22 - ' 2-3 ; Member Nominating Committee 22- ' 23 ; Member Executive Council ' 21- ' 22 ; Vice-President Student Government ' 22- ' 23 ; Varsity Basketball Team ' 23. " A cheerful disposition is a fund of ready cap- ital. " Yes, this is true of Dorsey, she loves fun yet when it conies to class work she is ready for the test. He i popularity is shown on the campus, basket- ball field, and in the class room. Optimistic, yet serious, she has a personality which makes her a friend of everybody. So of course she carries the good wishes of each of us with her — " we ' re betting on you, Dorsey. " Page Thirty =4 0=0 I I I C=Z=3C -t=3 ' l t Cfte §orotfan i i i ir i I n 1 [ ELIZABETH COWHERD, A. B. Branchville, S. C. MARY DILLARD, B. S. Greer, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered 1920-1921 Pianist Lanier Literary Society ' 22 ; Secretary Lanier Literary Society ' 22 ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ' 21- , 22; Treasurer Tunior Class ' 21- ' 22; President Y. W. C. A. ' 22; Leader S. V. B. ' 22 ; Prophet Senior Class ' 22- r 23. " Bess ' ' has been a loyal member of the Class of ' 23 for two years and a half, and we have but to look back on the record she has made to see that success has been her reward. She has entered most enthusiastically into every phase of school life, and her originality, humor, willing- ness, and ability have helped to " put over " many a doubtful situation. " Bess " is a sport of the right sort, a dominant figure in all religious activities, and as President of the Y. W. C. A., she works for the best interests of the school. We hope that her future will be as successful as her school days have been. Z Z Z. 2 2 S Estherian Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Secretary and Treasurer 2 - — ' 22- ' 23 Because Mary is rather quiet she might seem distant but when you know her she comes nearer being shy. Ready when ever needed she is a real asset to our Senior class. Her specialty has been the rather thankless and very hard job of being the chairman of all the committees on costumes and refreshments, and as such she is efficient to the last degree. She is always reliable and loyal as well as generous and charming. Mary is a girl whom all are glad to meet and all who know her love and admire her. So we are sure that everything nice will be Iter ' s in the future. Page Thirty-one =1[Ht= r 3c=ic ai — ii — » Cfte ororian c SARAH ELIZABETH ELROD, A. B. Anderson, S. C. MARJORIE ENGLAND. B. S. Westminster, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered 1920-1921 Gentle, sweet, and quiet of manners, that ' s Sarah. She is loyal to her friends and to her College. Those who understand this quiet, un- assuming girl, love her the most because she is what she is without pretense. We know that success awaits her, no matter what sphere of life she enters. K K Estherian Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Sans Souci Club ' 21- ' 22- ' 23 ; Certificate in Home Economics ' 21 ; Secretary and Treasurer Oconee County Club ' 21- ' 22 ; Pan-Hellenic Association ' 21- ' 22 ; Home Economics Editor of Orion ' 21- ' 22; Vice-President Senior Class ' 22. Which one ? Oh, that tall, slender, dignified Senior with a heart and head of gold. " Marj " possesses the qualities that make up a true friend. She is lovable, broad-minded, friendly, easy-go- ing and clever. Her cheerful personality adds joy to the lives of those about her. Her love of asking questions assures us that she will never be behind the times. We predict as a future for " Marj " a cunning li ' l bungalow, a quaint li ' l kitchen filled with pots and pans, and a handy " Hickey " in the corner. Ohj, you know ! And lo, her home will be complete and she will live happily ever after. Page Thirty-two =«= 31 IC3C 3C=I[=3 Clje otonan i lerrat KATHLEEN FOSTER, B. M. Roebuck, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered 1921-1922 Fine Arts Editor of The Orion ' 22- 23 ; Tennis Team ' 21- ' 22; Assistant to Miss Tuttle, First Semester ' 22- ' 23 ; Secretary B. Y. P. U. Last Semester ' 22- ' 23. Kathleen came to us two years ago from the famous old Limestone College. We welcomed her with outstretched arms for in her we saw the true type of womanhood. This impression has never worn off either, for " Teen " ' is the genuine personification of good humor, con- scientiousness, and general worth- whileness. She has a genius for the piano which may go to prove the fact that she is a " Cronkhite favorite. " Unassuming and sweet, " Teen " makes her way among her friends. This does not mean that she has no brains either. At the beginning of her Senior year she had the privilege of choosing to finish either in her A. B., or in obtaining her Artist ' s Diploma. It was not thought wise for her to try to finish in both courses the same year, so she chose the Artist ' s Diploma. For her we predict a brilliant future. BEAUFORT FOWLER, A. B. Lanier Literary Society Entered 1920-1921 Glee Club ' 21- ' 22: ' 22- ' 23. Beaufort is an ardent worker and is loyal to her friends and Alma Mater. We are proud to own her, for she has been constant and diligent in everything that she has undertaken. She ts so friendly and good that she makes everyone love her. W e know she is going to have suc- cess in whatever she attempts to do, and that her class and her College will have cause to be proud of her. Page Thirty-three [a 1 =n — ii — i Ci)c otorimii==3c=ic SYLVENE ELIZABETH GLENN, A. B. Starr, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Glee Club 1920 21 ; ' 21- ' 22; ' 22- ' 23 ; Secretary Anderson County Club ' 21- ' 22; President An- derson County Club ' 22- ' 23 ; Member Executive Council v 22- ' 23 ; Treasurer of Student Govern- ment Association , 22- , 23 ; Treasurer Senior Class ' 22- ' 23 ; Member Nominating Committee ' 22- 23. We must search far and wide before we find one as sweet and kind as " Tweet. " She sings as she does her work and wherever she goes she scatters sunshine and laughter. With such a sweet disposition and such a winning personality Sylvene will meet success wherever she goes. MATTIE JULIA GRAHAM, A. B. Lake City, S. C. e k s Estherian Literary Society Entered 1922-1923 Mattie Julia did not realize until last fall that Anderson College was the only place in the world that could best serve as her Alma Mater, so we have known her only as a fat, jolly Senior. Mattie Julia is a girl of fine poise and dignity in their proper places but she has an equal amount of excellent wit and humor at her com- mand. She is decided in her opinions but these analyzed are always sound and wise. We find in her a genuinely modern girl but peculiarly she cherishes an " open sentiment " ' for the " Shep- herds " of old. We are fortunate to have had her with us and we wish her great success and happiness. Page Thirty-four ' ■ " — »=4I!N 31 IC r I ICZZZIC 3C=3C =1 CDe ororian I ic:c zai irzz ic BLANCHE HARRIS. A. B. Dillon, S. C. MALVINA HOPPER, A. Belton, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Basketball Team ' 21- ' 22; Varsity Basketball ' 22- ' 23; Fire Chief ' 22- ' 23. " Her gentle speech and modest ways lead others to account her praise. " Four years ago Blanche came to us from Dillon and has during her stay here made many life long friends. She has never taken her College life seriously, no. not even her class work, but there she always comes out on top and when Blanche appears on the Basketball court the girls hail ! She has proven to be the finest of friends and most loyal of classmates. Would there were more like her. Success alone can follow Blanche in what- ever she undertakes and she carries with her the sincere love and good wishes of every mem- ber of the Class of ' 23. Lanier Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Class Poet ' 20, ' 21, ' 22, y 23; Class Marshal ' 20- 21 ; Vice-President Lanier Literary Society 22-23; Member Sans Souci Club ' 20, ' 21, ' 22, ' 23 ; Vice-President Dramatic Club ' 22 ; Presi- dent Dramatic Club ' 22- ' 23 ; Literary Editor I anier Literary Society ' 22 ; Lanier Debater ' 22 ; Sororian Staff ' 22- ' 23 ; Orion Staff ' 22- ' 23 ; President Lanier Literarv Society, Fall Term, " 22- ' 23; Winner Cox Debaters ' Medal 22. It is said that precious articles come in small packages, and Malvina is certainly a fair example of this. She is a little bundle of wit enveloped by a sunny disposition. Malvina is wonderfully gifted as a reader. Many have said that the stage will be a great temptation for her, be- cause of her unusual ability to act, as was shown when she starred in " AU-of-a-Sudden-Peggy " ' and " Every Woman. " She displayed her gift of Oratory when she so triumphantly carried off the cup for the Laniers, as well as the debaters ' medal. As President of the Lanier Society for ' 22, she has helped every Lanier to say, " I will go, and do, and dare. " d[5it= " Page Thirty-five =J Z3 I l l=IC 31=31=3 Cljc @otorian ■ ■■ — " ,1 II IC LILLIAN HUFF, A. B. Simpsonville, S. C. K K Estherian Literary Society Entered 1920-1921 President of Athletic Association ' 22- ' 23 ; Picture Editor of Sororian ' 22- ' 23 ; Varsity Basketball Team ' 20- 21; , 22- , 23 ; Athletic Editor of Orion ' 21- ' 22 ; Secretary of Sophomore Class ' 21 - ' 22 ; Marshal of Sophomore Class ' 21- ' 22; Freshman Basketball Team ' 20- ' 21 ; Member of Pan-Hel- lenic Association ' 21- ' 22- ' 23 ; Sans Souci Club. Lillian, the champion of the athletic field ! When she calmly raises the ball and takes aim at the goal, we all know it ' s going in — and this is true of all Lillian does. She ' s quiet and re- served, we ' ll admit, but her influence is felt by all who meet her. Lucky is the finder, for at heart she is pure gold. She possesses the ability of being the warmest, truest and most valuable of friends. LONIE HUFF, A. B. Simpsonville, S. C. K K; 2 2 2 Estherian Literary Society Entered 1920-1921 Varsity Basketball Team ' 21- ' 21 ; Class- Basket- ball Team ' 20- ' 21- ' 22- ' 23 ; Captain Senior Bas- , ketball Team ' 22- ' 23 ; Manager of Tunior Bas- ketball Team; Glee Club ' 21- ' 22- ' 23; Member Sans Souci Club ' 21- ' 22- ' 23 ; Tennis Club ' 21- ' 22 ; Secretary of Estherian Literary Society ' 22- ' 23; Marshal Junior Class ' 21- ' 22; Presi- dent of Devil ' s Den Club; Member Pan-Hel- lenic ' 22- ' 2 ' 3. Here ' s to one of our most talented girls. Lonie is a girl who never allows " business to interfere with pleasure, " but nevertheless she succeeds in everything she attempts. There is just one thing she can ' t decide and that is whether her heart lies north, east, south, or west. Her whole life is filled with love comedies and a few serious tragedies. She not only attracts everyone ' s eyes with her slenderness, caused by using Dr. Coue ' s method of reduction, but also with her lovely voice and her ability to play basketball. Page Thirty-six =4!DN C Cije ototiatti — m DORIS TURNER JEFFRIES, A. B. Clayton, N. C. FLORIDE KELLEY, B. S. Central, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered 1921-1922 Glee Club ' 21- ' 22; ' 22- ' 23 ; Pan-Hellenic Mem- ber ' 23. " She came, she saw, she conquered. " No truer words than these could be uttered of Doris, who since she first entered old Anderson has won the heart of us all. She is a girl of great charm ;md decision and has always been most active in all things of interest to the College whether social or business. When Doris decides to do anything she does it regardless of any dif- ficulties. " If I am your friend, there is nothing too much for me to do. " Estherian Literary Society Entered 1922-1923 Floride entered our class in the fall of ' 22, and she soon won her place in our hearts for hen a call for help is issued Floride is sure to respond regardless of how small or great the task may be. Floride does her part gladly and to the best of her ability. She has proven to be a loyal Senior. Her aims and ideals are high and she portrays the life of service, loyalty, and scholarship. We wish her luck always and we know that she has the qualities which will bring her success in whatever path her life may be led. »« U ' Page Thirty-seven 3C 3 „ I I II UC=3CZ=3 Clje foreman c 3i ic= cz MARY KENDRICK, B. S. Portsmouth, Va. VANN RAY ALLEN KENNEY, A. B. Rembert, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered 1920-1921 Lanier Literary Society Entered J919-1920 Secretary of Class 1920- ' 21 ; Secretary of N. C. Club 1920- ' 21 ; Society Marshal ' 20- " 21 ; Secre- tary B. Y. P. U. ' 20- ' 21 ; Society Editor of Orion 1921- ' 22 ; Secretary of Y. W. C. A. ' 21- ' 22; : !2- 21 ; President of North Carolina Club ' 22- ' 23. How could the Senior class get along without Mary? Although she does get " peeved " some- times she isn ' t " contrary " a bit, but is sweet, thoughtful, energetic and conscientious. She is one of these cooking and sewing ex- perts and, believe me, she knows her job. We ' re predicting a great future for Mary, for if the gift o ' gab will get you there she ' ll land all right. Her aim is the foreign field, but we ' re sadly fearing that some man will come along and persuade her that the " home field " needs her much more. She is everyone ' s friend therefore everyone wishes her happiness. Member Executive Council ' 20- ' 21 ; ' 21- ' 22 Treasurer Y. W. C. A. 21- ' 22; ' 22- ' 23 ; Secre- tary Lanier Literary Society, First Semester, ' 22- ' 23; Delegate to Montreat Y. W. C. A. Con- feience ' 20- ' 21. Here is one of our noblest examples of the true Anderson College girl. Her classmates may well envy her in that she has always been one " on top " in her classes. Vann Ray is one of trose affectionate little girls who always finds the " warm spot " in everyone ' s heart with whom she comes in contact. Her sweet disposition has been tested and proven many times, Vann Ray, how we hate to have you leave us ! Though we shall miss you much, we shall not be uneasy about you for we know that you will succeed in whatever you may choose to undertake in life. Page Thirty-eight mt= i nr=dl 31=11=3 Clje otorian i l ELEISE KING, A. B. Westminster, S. C. LULA LEE LEATHERS, A. B. Anderson, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Lanier Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Class Basketball ' 20- ' 21 ; Vice-President B, Y. P. U. ' 21- ' 22; Member Glee Club ' 22- 23 ; Member Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ' 20- ' 21 ; 22- ' 23 ; President B. Y. P. U. ' 22 ; President Oconee County Club ' 22- 23 ; House President East Dormitory ' 22- ' 23. Studious ? Yes, that ' s what they all say ; Student Body and Faculty alike, and some of us who know her better wonder what a little genius she might have been, had she slept less during study hour. What is she like? Just a wee bit of a girl, with a heart that delights to serve others. And are we afraid of her future? No, indeed, for when God gave her the heart of a woman, He gave her a head to control it. President College B. Y. P. U. ' 21- ' 22 ; Class Basketball Team ' 19- ' 20; v 20- ' 21 ; ' 21- ' 22 ; Mem- ber Glee Club ' 21- 22; Varsity Basketball Team ' 21- ' 22; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Member ' 22- v 23 ; President Lanier Literary Society, Spring Term, ' 22 ; Vice-President Y. W. C. A. ' 22- ' 23 ; Critic Lanier Literary Society ' 22 ; Busi- ness Manager and Secretary Glee Club ' 22- 23 ; Assistant Manager Orion ' 22- ' 23 ; President Lanier Literary Society, Spring Term, 1923. Lula Lee is dependable and capable and red- headed — and that ' s saying a whole lot ! She must have inherited a great deal of preacher- poise, for she can get up in Y. W. C. A., B. Y. P. U., or in class, for that matter, and talk or debate without the least ruffle of fear or self- consciuusness. And then on the Basketball court Lula Lee has the fiery determination and fight- ing spirit typical of red-headed folks, for as jumping center she can out jump and out reach anyone. IL =3[n]t=» Page Thirty-nine CJjc ororian c ,= 1 FRANCES MATTOX, A. B Elberton, Ga. 2 i Estherian Literary Society Entered 1920-1921 Glee Club ' 21- ' 22- ' 23; President Y. W. C. A. ' 22; Pan-Hellenic ' 23; Secretary Class ' 23; Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Sororian ' 23 ; Class Pasketball Team ' 23; Secretary Georgia Club ' 23; Vice-President Georgia Club ' 21; Sans Souci ' 21- ' 22- ' 23. Frances is an ideal school girl — one who be- lieves in " having fun " ; is full of " pep, " and she has many lasting friends in Anderson. With her sunny disposition she is a sure cure for the blues. All play and no work, however, does not appeal to her. She is a most conscientious stu- dent as well as an ardent supporter of all good times, and will stick to one through thick and thin. Frances has that determination which wins and our class looks with confidence to her suc- cess. RUBY BURRISS NORRIS, A. B. Anderson, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Marshal of Class ' 22- ' 23. Ruby is a quiet, congenial girl of an upright character. True to the precious stone for which she is named, she sends forth a sparkling light to all her friends. Quietly, she goes about her work with a purpose and a determination to succeed. Ruby has ever been one of our stand- bys, whenever we had a job on hand we knew we could count on her to help. She has been loyalty itself, and is always generous, kind and reliable. The Class of ' 23 appreciates and loves her, and we wish her happiness in whatever she under- takes. Page Forty m i .Oje ororian, EDNA PARHAM, A. B. Charleston, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered 1920-1921 ELIZABETH PETERSON, A. Greenwood, S. C. Z Z Z; 2 S 2 Estherian Literary Society Entered 1921-1922 President Freshman Class ' 20- ' 21 ; Nominating Committee ' 21; Secretary Down-the-State Club ' 21; Business Manager Orion ' 21- ' 22; Exec- utive Council ' ' 21- ' 22; Member S. " C. Press Association ' 21 ; President Cosmopolitan Club ' 22; President Orchestra ' 22; D. A. R. His- tory Medal ' 22; Pan-Hellenic ' 21- ' 22- ' 23; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet r 22- ' 23 ; Cheer Leader ' 22- ' 23 ; Sans Souci Club ; President Estherian Literary Society 22- ' 23. We do not wonder that Edna was voted our most attractive girl. Always smiling, always full of pep and ready to do her part when a call for help is issued. She has ever been loyal to her class, adding her share of Class spirit. As President for the year 22- ' 23 she has guided the Estherians by portraying in her life our ideals of loyalty, service, good fellowship, and good scholarship. In every phase of College activities Edna has had a part and has made a success of it. Junior Basketball Team ' 21- ' 22; ' 22- ' 23; Sororian Staff ' 22- ' 23. Pan-Hellenic Can fun and " Liz " be parted? We have yet to see the day ! You like her ' cause she ' s merry hearted, Love her for her winnin ' way. During the two short years Peterson has been among us she has proven to be a loyal little member of the Class of ' 23. She has won our hearts by that sweet smile — the smile that we fear has captivated numerous of the " tea-hounds " in town as well. Some of us envy " Liz " of her sunny light-hearted disposition. She believes in the motto : " Never trouble trouble ' til trouble troubles you. " We know that her life will be a happy one for as she goes on giving happiness to others, she will call back happiness a hundred fold to herself. . IL = NL= Page Forty-one Ctje ororiatti BONTE PHILLIPS, A. B. Hartwell, Ga. LOUISE POWER, A. B. Laurens, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Entered 1922-1923 Estherian Reporter for Orion. " A smile for all, a greeting glad, A lovable, jolly way she had. " When the Class of ' 23 returned in September we found among our number, Bonte. Bessie Tift ' s loss was but our gain for nowhere could tl ere be found a more loyal Senior. By her attractive personality and cheerful disposition she at once won the friendship and admiration of all. We are so glad you came, Bonte, even though you were late, for we are fond of you and are sure we could never do without you — you be- long to us. Study appeals to Bonte, so whether she con- tinues her studies in some University, or begins a career of School teaching, we predict for her nothing but success. K K Estherian Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Sans Souci Club ' 22- ' 23. Here is the addition that made our class com- plete. So here ' s to you Louise — you have been such as only a few can be and in leaving the " old school " you leave a vacant place which will be hard to fill. Knowing you as we do, we realize that by your loyalty to your friends and your trueness of character, we are leaving the test old pal we have ever known, and tf in your battle with life you conduct yourself as you have while with us, nothing but greatest success awaits you. Page Forty-two t=4[n]t=]E iCije ororiattc i CHRISTINE SCOTT, B. M. Anderson, S. C. Lanier Literary Society " Here is a girl we are proud to know — Precious Christine with fiddle and bow ! " Truly her wagon is hitched to a star, not con- tent with an A. B. degree she is now seeking a B. M, Christine is unselfish, attractive, am- bitious, and a favorite among her friends. She is one of our most conscientious day students and is beloved for her fine character. Onward and upward goes Christine and her College mates predict great things for her. HESSIE SEABROOK, A. B. 9 K 2 Estherian literary Society Entered 1922-1923 " Smile and the world smiles with you. " This is certainly Hessie ' s motto for life for one sel- dom sees her without a broad smile. Every Senior regrets that Hessie has been with us only one year for so jovial is her manner, so pleasing her " Charlestonian brogue " that we would like to have claimed her as a member of our class during our four College years. We don ' t know what Hessie ' s vocation in life will be, but she carries with her the best wishes of the Class of ' 23. " = =» Page Forty-three -ii n nCJje Boeotian i MAIMEE SHEARER, A. B. Anderson, S. C. SARAH FRANCES STEPHENS, A. B. Anderson, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Entered 1920-1921 Secretary and Treasurer of Town Girls ' Club. Here is another of the Class of 123 who is al- ways as busy as can be. Maimee is a diligent student in every course that she pursues. Not only has she been successful in taking an A. B. degree, but she has also been a student of the violin and piano. Maimee is one of our most popular day students. She has the power of making friends and keeping them. Her sunny disposition has endeared her to all. 2 A T Estherian Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Member Nominating Committee ' 20 ; Treasurer Athletic Association ' 19- ' 20; Assistant Manager Orion ' 21- ' 22; Member Sans Souci ; Vice-Presi- dent Class ' 21- ' 22; Treasurer Estherjan Liter- ary Society ' 22- ' 23 ; Business Manager Annual ' 22- ' 23. A dearer, more lovable girl could never be found ! Through everv hour of the day Sarah is winning friends who will love her always. She has faith in everyone. Sarah sees the good in everyone ; their faults she never mentions. Her splendid success as Business Manager of the Sororian and the success with which she has held so many other offices in every phase of student activities proves to us her genuine capability, dependability, and, too, her popularity. If our good wishes for you could be dollars, and if all the joys you deserve could be dimes, then you ' d surely be a millionaire some day. Page Forty-four e-|[nlfcae =31 IC=3t .C=IC=ZJ C!je orotian " " I c MARY DELL STEWART, B. M. Pelzer, S. C. RUTH THOMPSON. A. B. Laurens, S. C. 9 K 2; 2 2 2 Lanier Literary Society Entered 1920-1921 K K Estherian Literary Society Entered 1919-1920 Vice-President Sophomore Class " 20- ' 21 ; Mem- ber Glee Club ' 20- ' 21; ' 22- ' 23 ; President Glee Club ' 21 - ' 22 ; Secretary Student Government Association ' 21- ' 22; Orion Staff ' 21- ' 22; Sans Souci Club ' 22- ' 23 ; President Student Govern- ment Association 22- ' 23. Mary Dell — just as quaint and gentle as her name suggests. One is . somehow reminded of an old-fashioned flower garden when Mary Dell appears. Yes, she is pretty and dainty, but un- derneath is a sterner quality which becomes paramount when Mary dons her cap and gown and appears before us as President of our Student Government. Though she scolds us everyone from the most dignified Senior to the naughtiest Freshman loves her. We once thought pink and blue were Mary ' s favorite colors, but they are cast aside and now in her estimation nothing can take the place of " Brown. " Secretary and Treasurer C. N. and L. Club ' 20- ' 21; Vice-President C. N. and L. Club v 21- ' 22; Sans Souci Club ' 22- ' 23 ; Member of Pan-Hel- lenic Association ' 21 - ' 22 ; Member Executive Council ' 22- ' 23. The same yesterday, today, and tomorrow — that ' s Ruth. It is not often that we know such a girl. Although she is very reserved, her ideals, noble character, and high ambitions have en- deared her to all her classmates. She possesses the record during her College days of being a good girl in every respect, except in her treat- ment of young men. There has never lived a finer girl, and when you have been fortunate enough to gain her friendship, she will stand by you forever. =4U ' Page Forty-five -J3 I I EZJ C zic=m t CDe ororian ■ " — " Z3E JC=3C HELEN WATKINS, A. B. Anderson. S. C. ANNIE MAE WHITE, A. B. Spartanburg, S. C. en; 2 S Estherian Literary Society Entered 1920-1921 Treasurer of Red Head Club ' 21 ; Treasurer of Class ' 20- ' 21 ; Member of Sans Souci 21- 22- ' 23 ; President of Junior Class " 2 - y 22 ; Busi- ness Manager of Annual 21- " 22; Class Basket- ball ' 21 - ' 22 ; Editor-in-Chief of Sororian ' 22- ' 23 : Class Scrub Team " 22- ' 23 : Glee Club ' 22- ' 23 : President of Red Top Club : Member of Pan- Hellenic Council ; President of Sigma, Sigma, Sigma " 22- ' 23. Look in the Annual room and you will find Helen. Her conscientiousness, business ability, tact, and determination will make the annual a success; and knowing her as we do. we feel sure that this member of our class will accomplish much in life. But behind all of this set deter- mination there is a bit of shy fun and a keen wit which few are so fortunate to possess. Estherian Literary Society Entered 1922-1923 The Senior class would be incomplete without Annie Mae. She is a girl of a pleasing person- ality, with a smile for every one. Perfectly contended she meets life as it comes and makes the best of it. Whatever she undertakes we know she will accomplish, for whenever she was called upon for anything she was always willing and ready, and during the entire nine months she was with us we never knew her to shirk a duty. If you ' re looking for someone you may depend upon, and who is always game find Annie Mae. Page Forty-six ic Pt=.t =ai ii M i — i i — iCfre ororian ■ — ■■ — ■■- CHRONICLE OF CLASS ' 23 Never till the fall of the year nineteen hundred and nineteen had Anderson College seen such a crowd of Freshmen. Seventy-two girls were enrolled and began their jorrney to the " land of graduation. " They were as fresh and green as any class had been, and perhaps more so since the array was greater. We came out of the ordeal of initiation, which the Sophomores imposed upon us, with flying colors, mostly green! We soon found that College life is not all work, neither is it all play, but we sure ' y had ot ' r share of the fun. We played with a zest and worked with a will. Homesickness was forgotten in the excitement of " getting settled " ; and throughout the year there were class plays, Lyceum numbers, recitals and many kinds of entertainments to keep us happy. Best of a ' l was the Freshman-Sophomore reception. We cannot measure the time for it was neither short nor long, but a day came and at last we went home, b ' dding each other good-bye and promising to be back next fall. Our class had somewhat decreased when we organized as Sophomores the following year. This year the Freshman Class looked up to us and we felt our importance as all- wise Sophomores. My ! we were glad to see old A. C. aj ain, but we felt a wee bit homesick when we found that some had not returned. Naturally, our course of study was harder this year, but our increasing dignity helped us over the rough places. The Seniors were our elder sisters and they were " mighty " good to us. We were certainly guilty of a feeling of pride as we took our places w ' th the Seniors in the beautiful class-day exercises. A second year soon passed in our journey and our love for our Alma Mater increased. The third year began with both increase and decrease in the membership, for a few did not return But some new girls took their places. Our rivalry with the Sen : or class he?an. Jolly Juniors? Well we guess! There were never any jollier! The Seniors hid the beloved crook, the symbol of rivalry between the Junior and Senior c ' asses. Anxious hours were spent in the wild search for the crook and at length the Juniors found it. Our joy had an end, for the Seniors found it in turn, hid it and kept it till Commencement day. That was our first great defeat. Our jolliness increased as the year drew to a close. Then came the Junior-Senior reception. Long hours of preparation were rewarded with a few hours of intense enjoy- ment. Juniors and Seniors, for once in sweet accord, dreamed happy dreams that night. The happiest of all the long year was the day when we received the Senior caps and gowns and knew that thereafter we would bear the proud name of the Senior Class of Anderson College. When we were organized, in the fall of nineteen and twenty-two, much to our joy. we found that our numbers had increased and now. with a membership of forty-six, we are the largest graduating class in the history of Anderson Colllege. As a class we have had our joys and sorrows, our struggles and triumphs. Of course, we felt in duty bound to get and use all privileges possible for Seniors to enjoy. Naturally, everybody did not agree with our wise judgments and occasionally we have had to yield a point, sadly if not always as gracefullv as we should have. And. thus this year has been filled with a few storms and much sunshine. Now, as the time draws near when we must leave our Alma Mater, when our journey is almost at an end. we depart, bestowing upon her our warmest love and our earnest promise for loyalty in the years to come. May increasing usefulness attend her days and may blessings crown her noble work for the education of our young women. May Armstrong. ' U Page Forty-seven — m ii- i i- y 1C=)I= 31 IE Cije otorian =c l s I ' V JOS ' VJ vJ Ok CL i . O °n i m HI J rm P- r =s t)«M L S a. c5U o - I lov MUDta t«3 » • - , 9 -fJlSL c . USJU , fA3 c JU,, UAvo W. £U ciW " W«U3L V jgg j? | j i j. ; r? |j 33 OJLO v -i „£ " t i- -ftArt -ua Vj rCLt , 1 j. j n UJ-JTJU, ovmu o-unvJL IviUL oSIaajAUA, F -s-s- ± n C JLv a, cS— -riU fl- y -- 4 e=f £ tLjL jjc a Juit- cvvnX Ja w a-fi-8- | 3 jJC " Sm. S 5 UCO- - - ' =V- vj-o-iaj SvuJb ciLoLA . ©i. 3 oJLSL. We study hard to make our grades, In fact we ' re sure to shine ; We ' re full of pep, we have the rep, That Senior class of mine. With loyalty sublime, With one accord we ' ll always say — When duties come we never shirk Whate ' er the task may be. We enter in. just full of vim And the reason why you see : We ' re as loyal as can be — With one accord we ' ll always say — 1 =3 = Page Forty-eight =mt= " Ci)e ororian i=.=.c CLASS PROPHECY The future of the Class of ' 23 is herewith solemnly stated, A little sprite appeared to me and said thus you would be fated : May Armstrong is a maid who has proven so fair, She dances in cabarets most everywhere. The path of Glady ' s ambition to the governor ' s mansion was laid. She ' s there, don ' t be fooled, not as mistress but maid. Ollie Barton is teaching school, not the kind we thought, ' Tis the newest dances, not old book lore that her chil- dren are taught. Xellie has a beauty parlor with patches and paint. Is making folks look like something they ain ' t. Caroline Brock sees much of the world In an airplane route each day she is whirled. Bridget Boylston, a gay widow is she, Seeks another husband ; she has only lost three. Ruby Brown has not roamed from her Alma Mater far. She now runs the newly painted Anderson College car. Lydia Burriss is showing us woman ' s new vocation, She blacks the boots on Broadway for folks of every station. Eunice Clayton has a shop nifty, fine and new, " Cigarettes and Accessories for Ladies " — she certainly sells a few. Mary Clement won much fame on the vaudev ' lle stage. She married a comedian and they became the rage. Kathleen Cook, instead of English teacher as some thought she would be, Is now Mayor of Anderson and a good one, too, is she. Dorsey Cowherd is back at Anderson — Dean of Women, of course, They have five hundred new rules of which she is the source. Elizabeth Cowherd, a bathing beauty, has taken to the wilds. She now stages pictures on the South Sea Isles. Ruth ' s skill with the Senior crook won her such fame, As a detective for crooks she has made quite a name. Mary Dillard teaches Theology and Doctrines quite well, The answers to any questions she can easily tell. Sarah Elrod we see amid much noise and clammer, For each day she is wielding her auctioneer ' s hammer. Marjorie England ' s fame has been won with a knife, As a veterinary surgeon she leads a busy life. Beaufort Fowler ' s life is following the fairs. She conducts a Bingo show and yells about her wares. Kathleen Foster has made good use of her tender heart. By establishing a house for stray dogs and cats, she has done a generous part. Mattie Julie, sad to say, has given her life to Trig, Her little professor deserted her so now she ' s having to dig. Sylvene Glenn has just invented a " Lady Principal ' s Radio " To keep in her office, each girl ' s words and actions to show. dla 1 Page Forty-nim ' CZ3 I 3 c=d - z=i r n =ii=a cfie orotiani=iiz=ic= Blanche Harris is in an asylum from her attempts to gain more knowledge, She lost her mind from studying so hard while in Anderson College. Malvina Hopper has attained high estate. She rides bareback and walks tight ropes within the circus gate. Lonie Huff in plain-back clothes is doing what she should, Way down in the jungles, teaching Africans to be good. Lillian Huff ' s at Coney and very gay forsooth, She can be seen by night and day in the ticket seller ' s booth. Floride Kelly is in a divorce court as sassy as can be, For she ' s trying to make the judge give her one from number three. Mary Kendrick, sad to say, is in a home for deaf and dumb. Her lecture courses overtaxed her and her senses became quite numb. Vann Ray Kenney leads a life, from care and trouble free, With grind organ and monkey she can all the country see. Eleise King ' s in Texas leading a cow-girl life, She helps friend husband run the ranch and makes a fine young wife. Lula Lee ' s invented a drink thereby acquiring wealth. It surpasses Coca-Cola — gives you happiness and health. Frances Mattox is lost from us, she ' s way up in the stars, Leading in the government ' s latest expedition to Mars. Ruby Norris ' voice is heard way off across the seas, For she ' s preaching by radio to the far off heathen Chinese. Edna Parham has become a typical old-maid teacher, She ' s adopted a cat and canary but still hopes to marry a preacher. Elizabeth Peterson, tiring of the monotony of a teacher ' s wife, Left one day for the gay Broadway and now is leading a gay life. Bonte has had much trouble — the hearts of six men won, So now she ' s running a charm school to show the girls how ' tis done. Louise Power, a reformer with much force and decision, Now conducts for the government reforms in every prison. Vinnie Sanders has world renown, the first woman to arrive At the top of Mt. Everest — we hear she ' s still alive. Christine Scott, conductor of the Scott Brass Band, Tours from coast to coast and is famous in every land. Hessie Seabrook as, in Mother-Goose, ought to live in a shoe, She has so many children she doesn ' t know what to do. Maimee Shearer has a job of saying " Go and Stop, " She ' s lofty and important as an airplane cop. Sara Frances from door to door does many patrons seek, She sells a book on " How to gain an Education in a Week. " Poor Mary Dell ' s a victim of the government ' s latest craze For putting up some blackberry juice, she ' s serving ninety days. Ruth Thompson leads the simple life raising chickens of all sizes. We ' re sure to see at County fairs that she takes all the prizes. Helen Watkins ' s in a tent — she preaches loud and long, She rivals Billy Sunday in her antics and her song. Annie May in overalls with grease from her head to her toe, Owns and runs her own garage and gee ! she makes the dough ! == 1 IL, Page Fifty i i II 11=3 1 n =J[p]fc= Cfce otorian 3C l LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Be It Known To All Men by These Presents, That we, the Senior Class of Anderson College, nineteen hundred and twenty-three, in the town of Anderson, State of South Carolina, being of sound minds, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament. Item I — We do hereby will to our Dean of Women, Mrs. Uumpkin, all of our Senior dignity with the instruction that she not abuse or under-rate it. Item II — To the Committee of Credits we leave all our records and grades, hoping that they will spend many more happy days counting up our hours. Item III— To the Juniors we solemnly bequeath our Senior Privileges, trusting that they will hold them in such high regard as we did and that they get to use them more than we did — at least more than we did during the quarantine. To the Juniors, also, we will the crook which they never found. Item IV — To the Sophomores we will all our sisterly devotion. Item V — To the Freshmen, we will all our Senior knowledge with the provision that they become wise young Sophs next year. Item VI — To Dr. Knight we leave all the Old and New Hymn Books. Item VII — To all the Faculty we leave our sincere admiration and appreciation of their earnest efforts. Item VIII— To Deanie West, May Armstrong wills her gentle and modest disposition. Item IX — To Zanerian Funk, Sara Frances Stephens leaves her Senior privilege of having two dates a week. However, this privilege is granted only on the condition that she have the two specified dates — no less — a week. Item X — Hessie Seabrook wills to Merdel Nix her powder and rouge compact, hoping that she will use this as freely as the former owner did. Item XI— To Margaret Burnett, Frances Mattox leaves her love and desire for romance. Frances firmly believes that this is necessary for every College girl to live happily. Item XII — Elizabeth Peterson leaves to Wadine Settle her accomplishment as a flirt- hoping that Wadine will be so fortunate as to receive sufficient votes for this statistic next year. Item XIII — To Ruth Bruce, Blanche Harris wills her ardent zeal and desire for study- ing, hoping that Ruth will pursue her courses with a little less vigor though in order to prevent a physical breakdown. Item XIV — To Mildred Murray, Dorsey Cowherd leaves her meek and modest man- ner, believing that she will be " toned down " a little by this addition of gentleness. Item XV — To Cora Emma Rawlinson, Eleise King leaves several surplus inches of her height. By this means, Eleise believes that Cora Emma will be able to reach the pedals and therefore pursue her course in music. Item XVI— Ollie Barton and Vann Ray Kenney do hereby bequeath to the College Library a collection of " Odes to the Flapper, " hoping that every Anderson College girl will not consider herself well read until she has mastered these Odes. Item XVII — Sylvene Glenn, after due consideration, leaves several pounds of her avoirdupois to Dorothy Cronkhite fearing that, after " getting thin to music " Dorothy will need something as a reminder of her former robust days. Item XVIII — Ruth Cunningham leaves one soap " Sud " in the protection of Frances Burgiss for one year. She has left explicit instruction as to his management. Item XIX— To Eva Blume, Caroline Brock leaves her garrulous disposition and ability of gab. Item XX— To Alice Pope Harris, Lula Lee Leathers sadly gives up her place as jump- ing center on the Varsity Basketball Team. Item XXI— To Octy Jeffries, Mary Dell Stewart leaves her seriousness of purpose and dignity. Item XXII— Nellie Bolt leaves to Colie Blease several of her cast off beaux, hoping that Colie will be enabled in this manner to avail herself of the privilege of having dates. Page Fifty-one =11=31 — ) C= M H =d[a1t ' t tt==L T =H 3C J Ci)s%ororiaiii 1 Item XXIII — Gladys Atkinson leaves to the History Department one epochal chapter in Modern and Contemporaneous History in which attention is given to the South Carolina House of Representatives and especial attention to one of the Representatives. Item XXIV — Edna Parham sadly gives up interest as stockholder in the Carolina National Bank to the Junior who answers all the requirements. Item XXV — Lonie Huff leaves to all the Juniors her motto for the past four years : " Abolish Care and ' Eat, Drink and Be Merry for Tomorrow Ye may Die ' . " Item XXVI — Marjorie England and Louise Power leave their most cherished posses- sion — their love for Brissey ' s to Pheme Blanton and Emmo Flowers. Item XXVII — To Myra Lee, Malvina Hopper leaves the art of flattery — which art the donor had up to a state of perfection. Item XXVIII — To Professor von Hasseln, Mary Dillard bequeaths a treatise — " An Appreciation of the Spanish Language — Its Beauty and Simplicity. " She requests that Professor von Hasseln have all of his future classes acquaint themselves with this article. Item XXIX — Bonte Phillips and Floride Kelly leave their love for bobbed hair to Mary and Emily Watts, trusting that they will seriously consider the problem of cutting theirs. Item XXX — Ruth Thompson leaves her love for Drs. Thorndyke and Pillsbury to the future Psychology Classes. Item XXXI — Bravo for Mattie Julia ! She leaves to Lovelene Glymph her independent nature and liberty loving disposition. She also leaves a memorial to the Library of Ander- son College lest it forget the often mentioned name of Charles Farrington Shepherd. Item XXXII — I, Lydia Burriss, after due consideration, do will to Caroline Parnell all the letters I never received and all the dates I never had. Item XXXIII — Ruby Brown, Sarah Elrod and Maimee Shearer leave their privilege and freedom of being day students to any girl who is wise enough to profit by their example and escape life in a dormitory. Item XXXIV — Mary Clement leaves all of her surplus pep and vim to Cleone Clayton. Item XXXV — Eunice Clayton leaves her place in the red-headed club to the first Freshman who comes up to the standard. She asks that Mr. Gibson act as judge in this matter. Item XXXVI — Doris Jeffries leaves the memory of her ardent love for John Powell to all the student-body. She forgets that he is a woman hater. Item XXXVII — Mary Kendrick leaves her book of " Styles and the Art of Millinery " to Miss Gassaway ' s Domestic Art Classes. Item XXXVIII — Helen Watkins leaves her success in avoiding hard three-hour courses to Ophelia Smith. Item XXXIX — Kathleen Cook leaves her consciousness and perseverance in her studies to Sara Tribble. Item XL — To Nelle Craddock, Elizabeth Cowherd leaves her earnestness and serious- ness of purpose. Item XLI — Ruby Norris and Annie Mae White leave their romantic and pleasure- seeking dispositions to Catharine Hagood and Elizabeth Jones. Item XLII — Beaufort Fowler leaves her art of being at class on time to anyone who may have a tendency to be late. Item XLIII — Bridget Boylston leaves her soft, gentle voice to Ruth Todd. Item XLIV — Vinnie Sanders leav es her love for her Alma Mater to anyone who wishes to receive this gift. Item XLV — Kathleen Foster leaves her place at the Senior table to her sister, hoping that she will cherish this place of honor as she always did. Item XLVI — Lillian Huff leaves her athletic powers to Helen McGill, hoping that she will be successful in making the Varsity next year. Item XLVII — To our Sponsor, Miss Hall, we leave our love and devotion and appre- ciation for her untiring efforts to help make this the best Senior class ever. Item XLVIII— And now " The old order changeth, yielding place to the new. " To all a fond farewell ! (Signed) SENIOR CLASS. Per Lydia Burriss. Witnesses : Every Woman, the Beels, and Mr. MackiE. Page Fifty-two ii ii ii ii i c= fo1 =3 i r=Jcr=i r i c=i t =ic: J Cfce ororiatti: 31 l l IE SENIOR POEM Our hearts are sad, dear Alma Mater, As we come to these last days, For we know we are soon to leave you; " Tis the parting of the ways. How swiftly the years have flown, Since your gates to us swung wide, And now we must say, " Goodbye ' ' ; ithin them no longer abide. e are proud of the visions given Of the needs of the world today, And a shower of many rich blessings For you we humbly pray. To the duties which lie before ' Tis our wish that all may be true. For our hearts will surely grieve If we bring no honor to you. The road is rough and long, The travel very hard ; Our work, we know, is just begun — And we must be on our guard. To service we give our lives, Our Alma Mater, dear, From you we learned this lesson To guide us year by year. So, " Dear to our hearts is our Alma Mater, " We love you as never before, For you it was who showed us the way hich we ' ll follow forever more. — " —■■ " Page Fifty-three IC =1IID ' ' I " =1 Cfje ororian ■ " — " II IC=IC: Po(7e Fifty-four " ■ ■ ' 3t=3i ' gj[n]E= " jcni ii " " " a Cije § ororian ■= " " — " JUNIORS l, ■=» Page Fifty-five i » iqDpi =3c=3c -i i ii — " C e ororian , " OFFICERS OF JUNIOR CLASS Miss Frances McIntosh Sponsor Babbie Sullivan President 1922 Coroline Parnell President, 1923 Violet Welborne Vice-President, 1922 Martha White Vice-President, 1923 Caroline Parnell - Secretary, 1922 Colie Blease Secre ' .ary, 1923 Helen Wallace Treasurer ° S m° Page Fifty-six i i i i . Ufcai F " iCfie oronaiic: RUTH BEEKS ' Ready to join in all the fun Little caring if lessons be done. " COLIE BLEASE " Her friends— they are many, Her foes- are there any? " LILLIAN BRADLEY " All great persons are dying; I don t feel very well myself. " MADGE BRADLEY A smile for all — a greeting glad A lovable, jolly way she had. " RUTH BRUCE This lass has a heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute. " VIRGINIA COWHERD " Of all the joys I am able to recall Being in love is the best of all. " NELLE CRADDOCK " Was there ever a girl with all her whims Who was not rather fond of hims? " MARY DeLOCAH ' ' It is better to love that which you can not have, Than to have that which you cannot love. ' MARIE ENGLAND " Work, study and love, And the greatest of these is love! " =30N Page Fifty-seven Ctje orortan. HELEN FOSTER To her life is a chain of sunbeams, Banishing all clouds with her sunny smiles. " 2ANERIAN FUNK " A countenance in which did meet Sweet records, promises as sweet ; A creature not too right or good — For human nature ' s daily food. " MARIAN GRAY " She ' s lovely, sweet and all the rest, That might be said about her, But of all I ' d say — this is the best — We couldn ' t do without her. " ALICE POPE HARRIS Here ' s a girl with a heart and a smile That makes this bubble of life worth while. " GEORGIA HARRIS A glad face is the best letter of recom- mendation. " HELEN HARDEN " Leave silence to the saints — I am but human. " LOLA MAE HELLAMS " No day is short but I may do Some little kindly deed or two ; No heart so bowed with grief or fear But I may somehow lend it cheer. " RUBY HEMBREE " My love ' s so true That I can neither hide it where it is — Nor show it where it is not. " EMMA HILTON " Merry, happy, thoughtful, gay, Steady at both work and play. " Page Fifty-eight " " - 3 mt " RUTH HUGHBS " She is sweet in temper, Calm in soul and will never give up ' Till she reaches " the goal. " GRACE KEYS " Continually finding kind deeds to do. Shielding others like a friend true. " ANNA DEAN McFALL " Here ' s a smile to those who love me And a sigh to those who hate, And whatsoever sky ' s above me Here ' s a heart for every fate. " HELEN McGILL " Just being happy is a fine thing to do. Looking on the bright side rather than the blue. " iCt)e ororian c MERDEL NIX ' Around her radiates the friendship. " varmth OLLIE NIX " A girl who can smile — And still have a serious thought — Whose friendship is worth while But cannot be bought. " MARY PAGET " She is pretty to walk with, Witty to talk with, And pleasant to think with. " MARTHA RAST " It ' s the song ye sing, and the smile ye wear, That ' s making the sun shine everywhere. " CORA EMMIE RAWLINSON " To know her is to love her; For nature ne ' er made such another. " =mt " Page Fifty-nine : Ci)e§otoriatti HELEN REICHARD " The reason firm the temperate will — Endurance, foresight, strength and skill, A typical girl, rightly planned To warn, to comfort and command. " CARRIE SEXTON " Joyous natured — mischievous, fond of thought — Enjoying things not cheaply bought. " OPHELIA SMITH " Give her of the fruits of her hands And let her own works praise her. " DOROTHY TRIBBLE " Tl at same face of yours looks like the title page to a roguery. " EMILY WATTS " Tall — self-possessed, looking blase — But she is not as dignified as she would play. " HELEN WALLACE " Give me true friends and music And life will be a pleasure. " MARTHA WHITE ' Methinks she looks as if she were in love ! " KATHLEEN WILSON ' Common sense jn an uncommon degree Is what the world calls wisdom. " IL Page Sixty 3C " =3d£= =31 I EZZ3C .1=31=1 CJjc otortan ' " — " II Id 1 c " II " - 3[|] a« " ■ " " — ] p r-i i — " ■ ' Page Sixty-one IC=1I =ZH= 3C=3CZ 3C=3C Cfte ororian c 3C=3C " ■■ " SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Miss Adlene Jones Sponsor Martha Dyches - President Lucia Richardson Vice-President Eva BlumE - Secretary Sara Power - - - Treasurer Anna Dean West Marshal P age Sixty-two HDN ' U l H=3C l l i ■ Cf)c ororian c 31 IE 1 1 1 1 = t H lissi u » Pajre Sixty-three ii ii " " " -II II 1 Cije otorian c DC=1E D 1=11=31 r m%vp i m mn Page Sixty-four u l e jnjfr: 3C=ltZDC ,J - " " " Cfte ororian I ICT3C 31 IC= It 31 jcnc: Si . ' cjfn 1 Pagre Sixty-five I JC =J 3I=IC Cije ocociani .{ l=3C 1 A SONG TO THE SOPHOMORES Here ' s to the class that we love best The sophomores — dearest of all And though of course we like the rest. You ' re ours, whether large or small. We ' d tell you how much we love you As we say farewell to you all, We want you to know we ' ll miss you too. Though we ' re not back next fall. Our College days are over now, We leave ' our standard to you, Don ' t lower it ever, for you know how To hold it high, and keep it true. Now the senior class will have the crook, When first ' tis hidden away. But we ' re sure that you ' ll know where to look, And will find it in ' bout a day. Keep up our rep — hide it so well, That though search for it they may On corrtmencement day, you all will tell Where that crook was hidden away. You ' re the sweetest sisters a class e ' er had The best sports we ' ve ever seen ; The thoughts of leaving you makes us sad, We " fell " for you as freshies green. So here ' s to you, sophomores so dear, Don ' t forget us when we ' re gone. For we ' ll come back to see you next year, ' Cause our love for you is so strong. Lula Lee Leathers, ' 23. Page Sixty-six ]i= = m= -» ■ — " — " 31 I CZUI 3C=3C=3 Clje ororian I l l=H " " " — e TTie [o 1 ' qp ' fc ' i , i r= c Page Sixty-seven - ' 1=3 1 ICT-l T " - " — ii ■■ Ci)e Boeotian I IC=3I ■ i ii if OFFICERS OF FRESHMAN CLASS Malinda Aiken President Frances Burgiss Vice-President Emma Flowers Secretary Louise Wray .: . Treasurer Bertha Kelly Marshal Stella Nixon Sponsor Page Sixty-eight i i ' i — =30t= I 31 ' IC - " " " - ' I II ■ Cf)c %iorotian I I C3C 31=31 I C FRESHMAN CLASS Ruth Adams Frances Baldwin Meryl Barnes Edith Banks Euphemia Blanton Evelyn Barnhill Willie Sue Boleman Myrl Barnes Myrtle Brown Dessie Butler CorriE May Chapman Cleone Clayton Gladys Cromer Nellie Eskew Lois Evans Maxie Gambrill Frances Harris Thelma HeaddEn Claija Hilton Willie Frank Hooten Irene Jones Marion Keys Page Sixty-nine -i i —i i " - = =3[a]t=H r i i t=it " " — ■ Cfie ororian c Kathleen Keys Bertha Kelly Winifred Lloyd Myra Lee Cornelia Milam MattiE Moore Florence Murray Kate Rainey Jennie G. Richardson Eunice Rice Annie E. Stevenson Myrtle Smith Moloy Smoak Lii.a Sullivan Ernestine Tarkinton Geraldine Trammell Sara TribblE ElliE Waites Addie Lou Wates Ruth Webb Harriet Wilkins Page Seventy - " - -■■ ' ■ sjj5Sjfca« i i r BOOK II Organizations ■■ ' ■ " =■ Cftc §ororian I I CZZ31 31 II— IE " " " imt= 3E=3C= i rin ta i imi Page Seventy-three 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ' Cfje § ororian , LANIER OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Malvina Hopper President Ollie Barton Vice-President Vann Ray Kenney , Secretary Margaret Burnett Treasurer L ' ula LEE Leathers Critic Gladys Xtxon Sergeant-at-Arms SECOND SEMESTER Lula LEE Leathers President May Armstrong Vice-President Frances Harris .Secretary Gladys Nixon Treasurer Eleise King , Critic Willie Frank Hooten Sergeant-at-Arms Page Seventy-four J iCfje orotian I 1 1=113 LANIER LITERARY SOCIETY May Armstrong Isabele Arnette Elizabeth Adams Ruth Adams Madge Bradley Velma Bridvvell Lucille Baldwin OlliE Barton Geraldine Bowen Bridget Boylston Nell Bolt Margaret Burnett Maybell Barnhill Evelyn Barnhill Willie Sue Boleman Ruby Brown Norine Brock Corrie Mae Chapman Mary Clement Elizabeth Cowherd Dorsey Cowherd Virginia Cowherd Nelle Craddock Dorothy Cronkhite Lela Cltrtis Evelyn Cox Ethel Davis Mary DeLoach Carine Dominick Ezelle Dorn Martha Dyches Sarah Elrod Nellie Eskew Lois Evans Beaueort Fowler Annice Fulmer " Mother " Hall Frances Harris Blanche Harris T helm a Hedden Lola Mae Hellams Emma Hilton Clara Belle Hilton Thelma Hite Willie Frank Hooten Malvina Hopper Ruth Hughes Adlene Jones Irene Jones Bertha Kelly Mary Kendrick Julia Kempson " ann Ray Kenney Virginia Kennedy- Marion Keys Eleise King Helen King Jack King Lula Lee Leathers Myra Lee Corinne Mason Melva McCarley Sara McGee Ruby Middleton Cornelia Milam Mattie Moore Mildred Murray Ollie Nix Merdel Nix Gladys Nixon Stella Nixon Mildred Pilat Gladys Posey Constance Pratt Vivian Pruitt Cora Emmie Rawlinson Helen Reichard Eunice Rice June Roscoe Wadine Settle Carrie Sexton Christine Scott Elizabeth Small Mrytle Smith Moloy Smoak Vinnie Sanders Mary Dell Stewart Mary- Strickland Geraldine Trammell Ellie Waites Ruth Webb Kathleen Wilson Jewell Willie 3=3 D|p3C Page Seventy-five ,J =■ Ci)e orotian ' I — " " " " Page Seventy-six i i — i ' i r- =3d!t= 31=31 — icj DICsiizz: i e=ji= n cm c==3 c r iCfie oronati, OUR MASCOT Bright blue eyes, baby face — Yellow curls, fairy grace — Dimpled cheeks, face aglow — Is it strange we love you so ? Each girl ' s heart, you ' ve won forever — Here ' s to our mascot, Frances Wevver. •h h -h OUR DECEMBER ROSE " God gave us memory so we might have roses in December. " If that is true, one of the most fragrant and most lovely December roses in every Estherian ' s heart will be her society. It is one which will not lose its fragrance and beauty all down the years. No wonder ! Its root is founded in a big undertaking and it is nourished by ideals that are real and imperishable and as high as the stars. The blue and the white of the forget-me- not — purest truth and truest purity — they color our lives. The gleam of the Star with its " spirit, fire, and dew " — it guides our lives. " Not of the sunlight, Not of the moonlight, Not of the starlight! O young Estherians Down to the haven Call your companions; Launch your vessel And crowd your canvas, And ere it vanishes Over the margin, After it, follow it. Follow the Gleam. " Page Seventy-seven = " =] r ' CT3 I JEJfp][ J I II | i I I |i J Cjje orotiani ESTHERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Motto: " Follow the Gleam. " Colors: Blue and White. Emblem: Star. Flower: Forget-me-not. Miss Lucile Burriss Sponsor OFFICERS Edna Parham President Gladys Atkinson 1 Ice-President LoniE Huff Secretary Eunice Clayton issistant Secretary Sara Frances Stephens Treasurer Lydia Burriss Critic Babbie Sullivan ;. r., Sergeant-at-Arms Eva Blume Marshal Mary Owings Marshal Ophelia Smith Custodian of Property Malinda Aiken Gladys Atkinson Frances Baldwin Mryl Barnes Ruth Beeks Pheme Blanton Colie BlEase Eva Blume Laura Blume Florence Boykin Lillian Bradley Caroline Brock Helen Brown Myrtle Brown Frances Burgiss Lydia Burriss Cleone Clayton Eunice Clayton Kathleen Cooke Gladys Cromer Ruth Cunningham Mary Dillard Susie Drake Marie England Marjorie England Emma Flowers Kathleen Foster Helen Foster Zanerian Funk Sylvene Glenn Loyelene Gymph MEMBERS Mary Graham Mattie Julia Graham Marion Gray ' Katharine Hagood Helen Harden Alice Pope Harris Elizabeth Harris Georgia Harris Ruby HembrEE Zoe Hill Lonie Huff Lillian Huff Eloyce Hutto Doris Jeffries Octayia Jeffries Irma Jeffries Elizbeth Jones Floride Kelly Lauree Kennedy Grace Keys Frances Knight Ruth KyzER Winifred Lloyd Frances Mattox Cora McCown Anna Dean McFall Helen McGill Ruby Norris Mary Owings Mary Paget Edna Parham Caroline Parnell Elizabeth Peterson Bonte Phillips Bobbie Phillips Sara Power I ouise Power Kate Rainey Jennie Richardson Lucia Richardson EloisE Roy all Mary ' Sadler HessiE Seabrook Ophelia Smith Sara Frances Stephens Babbie Sullivan Li la Sullivan Ernestine Tarkington Ruth Thompson Ruth Todd Dorothy TribblE Sarah TribblE Helen Watkins Emily Watts Mary Watts Violet Welborne Anna Dean West Harriet Wilkins Margaret Wickliffe Annie MaE White Martha White Louise Wra ' Sarah Yeargin Page Seventy-eight : .-.-L TT " " [lfc= ZJi i cz ic: iCfje ororian c=ai=ic " " " THE ORION C « Poo W ' " 1322 STAFF 1923 ■ Bcmte RKilliPs Mw Bell B»nA4 LstkeTiein Recoi | Lanier Report e Miss Oiudo. PaUersort Aiu " mn4e Reporter LiPTessiotl dept. Reporte Joke Editor Home- LCO-no-mk S " DEPARTMENTS , A A»c(fA . ...MW ch.-n. , W r k, onsOrf-, T aT» fe . ' fc in fc ' L B -ii i r- i c [D] I I I I C Page Seventy-nine mi i r ic 3C=3C C|)c ororian i 1 Y. W. C. A. Elizabeth Cowherd : President First Semester Lula LEE Leathers — President Second Semester Mary Kendrick Secretary Vann Ray KennEy Treasurer Mary Watts Under-Graduate Representative Miss Annie D. Denmark Faculty Advisor CABINET MEMBERS Martha Dyches Lydia Burriss Eleise King Gladys Atkinson Martha White Edna Parham Merdel Nix nc Page Eighty Z=3 I I1==1C ■ C==ll I CI)C ororian c 31 ic: n Pa 7e Eighty-one ■ - " " " =10 iczz3i=z: iqptai — iczjc 31 11= ic 3 i ■ ■ — i c ' i — ii 1 CI)C fenrnrimt. ■ ■ — ■■ , . — ■ ■ . STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Mary Dell Stewart President Dorsev Cowherd . " . ' . V ' ice-President Ophelia Smith ... Secretary Svlvene Glenn ..Treasurer SENIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Lydia Burriss Ruth Thompson JUNIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Babbie Sullivan Merdel Nix SOPHOMORE CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Lucia Richardson Mary Watts FRESHMAN CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Bertha Kelly Myra LfiE Page Eighty-two = i i n=i i ' t=j i , i e [5] i 1 1 i 1 i ■ ■ ■■ ■ c Z3 I I C=HZ J 1=1 1 I Cftc § ororian I I IZZIC " " " - 3 1 3CJC ;i i cr= i d[5V Page Eighty-three 1 ii " — ' II 1=3 [=3 Cf)€ orotiani " ' c 1 B. Y. P. U. OFFICERS FOR THE FIRST SEMESTER Eleise King President Myrtle Smith First Vice-President Edna Parham Second Vice-President Lola Mae HEllams Recording Secretary Corinne Mason Corresponding Secretary Robbie Phillips Treasurer Wadine Settle Quiz Leader OFFICERS FOR THE SECOND SEMESTER Ruth Webb President Madge Bradley Vice-President Kathleen Foster Recording Secretary Nellie Bolt Corresponding Secretary Velma BridwEll Treasurer ElEise King ' . Quiz Leader Gladys Atkinson Chorister Helen Wallace Pianist Page Eighty-four i i j i ]t= [n]( i[ = J I I I C=H 31=31=] Cbe ©ororian ■ " " II IC=ZI[ DRAMATIC CLUB Malvina Hopper President Elizabeth Jones Secretary and Treasurer Merdl Nix Ollie Nix MEMBERS Josephine Anderson Frances Baldwin Sadie Ballard Myrtle Brown Frances Harris Malvina Hopper Elizabeth Jones Irene Jones Bertha Kelly Helen King Jack King Frances Knight Annie Lee Martin Cora McCown Ollie Nix Mildred PilaT Mary Sadler Lila Sullivan =JP « Page Eighty-five t=n=: r =1 1 I E Clje orotiani 3Sg 1 C 1 ' 3 4- c o p c3 — a OJ J3 B C rtl a u J3 (J u bO -rt o % OJ A! c C - 5 -S IL Page Eighty-six ' ii i i- 0t= ■ ■::■: ■ ' : o ' w o u -d S e . D l u e en u • £ o o o 3 CO CD 3 ■a CD •a c 5 9 ... H M-i o i . o +-i ,»«:; " .: : 0 O i-i o o c« CD u 3 bo bo •a — 1 o .3 o 33 H o •a OJ 5 : « ! J; C 3 -a " D " ! W bo ? c ■ •■-». S tri to en o fe ■ •—■ -,«, O « u r Q s •a in o .C M-4 o en if OJ bo 3 4 o to £ by OJ CT3 4J o 3 O yi " ■■■■■■■■. 3 TJ rt -■ ' flj , rt CD en X. t 1 " -Ii bo rt is " II c o O en en o in s ffl T|— — If ■ ,J J l I I 1 c= u CIjc oror.tan ■ " — " " " " ityViTiiM " -» ■ — ■ ■- »esj[n] it=iir= iq □ pcrmirai: Page Eighty-seven acair: i c 31 I C=3C it=3c==j Cije ororiatic ZU=1C=1C ART CLUB Miss Ramseur Maybell Barnhill MEMBERS H ....Sponsor .President Mary DeLoach Helen McGill Louise Wray Maybeel Barnhile Sltsie Anderson Martha Rast Heeen King Martha Parks Mrs. J. L. Parks Elizabeth Harris Zoe Hill Page Eighty-eight - " " ' ■ ■■ ie3[n]t=ic - " " " - 3cni=i Ci)e foreman I H=3C II II I C = [n]t= 11 i r- Page Eighty-nine ' I ■ ' II- " ■! ■ Cfte §ioronan c =11=1 1=1 C 2 ci O Page Ninety i i—i i 0t=» =■■ — ■Ct)e ' Ororian c " ■ ■■ 1 r- I r U ai=l|n] 3C Page Ninety-one -■■ ■ ■ =. Cbe otorian 3i .1 1 i i -ir— i i 1 VL-m gUtUUail i hzz=ii ii it=ic p. THE GLEE CLUB Martha Dyches - - President Lula LEE Leathers Business Manager Merdel Nix Treasurer FIRST SOPRANOS Malinda Aiken Susie Drake Elizabeth Small ColiE BlEase Lonie Huff Sarah Tribble Norine Brock Bertha Kelly Helen Wallace Virginia Cowherd Mendel Nix Martha White SECOND SOPRANOS Martha Dyches Lula Lee Leathers Doris Jeffries Carolin Parnell Eleise King Mary Dell Sewart Helen Wat-kins ALTOS Bridget Boylston Sylvene Glenn Beaufort Fowler Helen McGill Helen Foster Frances Mattox DIRECTOR Winafrid A. Stephens ACCOMPANIST Alice Pope Harris Page Nine-two -i i ii ii ' i ii I F j[J2lh " " — " iCfje Sototian c ■■ n = o o 1C [D| =1I 11=31= Page Ninety-three jcrrzi i 3i — i CJ)e §)Otorian c KINDERGARTEN MUSIC DEPARTMENT HAZEL TUTTLE For three years the Dunning System of Improved Music Study fcr beginners has been taught in the Anderson College School of Music. In that time this department has grown from fifteen to forty- eight members. In this department Dalcroze Eurhythmies is also taught for two hours a week. Everyone recognizes this as the age when more attention is given to the education of children than formerly. It has rightly been called " The Children ' s Age. " In keeping with this progressive move- ment Miss Carrie Louise Dunning has successfully solved the problem of presenting the difficult parts of music study so that they may be apprehended by the child ' s mind. The object of The Dunning System is to teach the child the scientific rudiments of music which is the most natural and interesting, and to endeavor to efface the difficulties which have heretofore confronted the child during the first years of music study, and to supplement that which will nourish and develop the nature on all sides, spiritually, mentally and physically. By the kindergarten idea as carried out in this system, we mean teaching the truth by symbol. That by this means each lesson shall contain something to do and something to be remembered. Some of the facts are expressed by verse and song since rhythmical forms are more easily remembered and game have been invented which makes the point clear forever in the child ' s mind. We find Dalcroze Eurhythmies a great asset in developing a sense of rhythm and a physical poise and ease so necessary to self-expression. Page Ninety-four ii ii ji— i ,c =1[I]fc= iCfte ororian POST-GRADUATE PROGRAM ELOISE ROYALL Prelude and Fugue in D Major Bach Sonata Op. 31 Xo. 3 — First movement Beethoven The Spinning Chorus from " The Flying Dutchman " Wagner-Liszt (a) " The Minstrels " I Debussv (b) " Reflections on the Water " veouss} Turkey in the Straw Car pen ter (a) Nocturne in F sharp Major { Chopin (b) Scherzo in B flat minor ( Concert Etude MacDowell SENIOR PROGRAM KATHLEEN FOSTER Italian Concerto — Allegro Animato ? . Bach Sonata (appassionata) Op. 57 — Allegro assai Beethoven Kreisleriana — Molta agitato, Molto adagio, Molto vivo Schumann (a) Nocturne Op. 37, Xo. 2 ) Chnbin (b) Etude Op. 25, No. 7 t L r Elektra Tensen Romance Sibelius Capricclo Brillant Op. 22 Mendelssohn Orchestral parts on second piano — Miss Hall -1- -1- -1- SENIOR PROGRAM MARY CLEMENT, MARY DELL STEWART .Old Irish Sonata Opus 31, No. 3 — First two movements Beethoven Miss Clement Bendemeer ' s Stream Molly Malone i Should He Upbraid Bishop Miss Stewart Prelude and Toccato Lachncr Hark, Hark the Lark Schubert-Liszt Brer Rabbit McDowell Miss Clement Cradle Song McFayden Little Son of Mine inglcss Homing del Riego Miss Stewart Polonaise C sharp minor -«. •.. Waltz A flat major Chopl " Parie Ninety-five ■ i ii ii n jcJ[l5] 3 ' . " " • " " =ic=jc=j Clje ororian ARTISTS ' COURSE Our " Artist Course " this year was one of the things we all looked forward to when we returned to school and what we look back upon as we leave as bright places of enjoyments amid study, examinations and other worries ! It seems as though this year we got more from the course than any in former years. Was it that four years have made us respond better to these splendid artists who come to us? The first number called us to the First Baptist Church to hear that grand organ played by Charles Courboin — the Belgium organist. Mr. Courboin stayed at the College while he was here, so we had a near view of this big, wholesome looking, giant. He is a giant from every point you see him — intellectu- ally, spiritually, physically. We got a lesson in abstentious liv- ing from him to help us study and use our brains better, when he let us know that he did not smoke and only allowed himself one cup of coffee daily! He uses his head for memorizing all the organ literature ever written ! We never supposed anything could sound like that organ did when he played. We could easily have listened another hour to him. Everything about Mr. Courboin inspired us to try to be perfect, for that is what he seemed to us. We knew what to expect when the name of Augusta Cottlow was announced for the second number of the Course and we could scarcely wait for her day to come. It seemed to those of us who had seen her before and heard her play that she looked lovelier and played even more sublimely than she did two years ago. We have adopted her as our ideal woman and artist and put in our vote for a future return of Augusta Cottlow. More inspiration, to become better in every way, was felt among us because of her than we can get from grinding at books twenty-four hours a day. For the February Concert the " Griffes Trio " gave us a lovely and refreshing enter- tainment, entirely new to Anderson College. This trio consisted of Olga Steeb, pianist — Edna Thomas, contralto, and Sascha Jacobinoff, violinist. It is not easy to characterize them fairly for we fell in love with each one. Miss Steeb does not play in Miss Cottlow ' s manner, yet Miss Steeb captivated us entirely. She has tremendous brilliancy and power — a colossal memory and is yet so young that one can prophesy that she will become one of the very greatest. Miss Thomas has a beautiful quality of voice and by her charm of manner — and especially her Creole Songs, she gave a most unique entertainment. Mr. Jacobinoff plays the violin wonderfully — we were entirely carried away by it. Those who know how to truly value violin play ing place him with Elman. On the whole, this variety of concert pleased everybody, and we want more of its kind. We had heard much about the Zoellner String Quartet and so were prepared for a rich feast when in March this family of musicians at last came to Anderson College — the father with his daughter and two sons. They are Belgian-American, and have played together for twenty years. No music on earth seems so nearly of Heavenly stuff as a String Quartet inspires. We listened spell-bound and could hardly let them go. The concluding number of our Course was a lecture. We do not care much for lectures in general, but when the name of Edward Howard Griggs is mentioned hereafter, no girl in Anderson will ever groan, except with joy. Whatever he might choose to talk about we will gladly sit and drink in his words. He is the handsomest man ever on our platform and uses the most beautiful diction. His thoughts are not only clothed in English that sounds like music at times but they are fascinating, original and compelling. Just let us have Dr. Griggs again. We envy the Anderson College girls of the future as we think of those Artist Courses they will enjoy. Page Ninety-six 0N J BOOK III Athletics and Social Clubs 3 1 icuc: i " ■ C!)e ororian ■ ' i — " 31 HZZJC 1 ATHLETES II — " " mt ii i irr: iqp ptr ie=3t: Page Ninety-nine IT a Cfie otortan ■ ■ ■ ■- a i ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Lillian Huff President Ruth Todd Treasurer Anna Dean West Secretary Gladys ' Atkinson ) , T , - .....-} Cheer Leaden Edna Parham ) Who ' s that coming down the field Fast as can be Who ' s pep and vin a sight Just watch and see ! Who ' s going to win girls? Just get me told. Old black and gold, girls, Old black and gold! Whoop ' em up, whoop ' em up, Whoop ' em up some more. The Newberry girls are the ones The Anderson girls adore. Their team ' s a peach They ' ve won our hearts They surely play the game. They are not rough They are not tough But they get there just the same. Thunder, lightning, rain or sleet, Anderson, Anderson can ' t be beat ! Two, four, six, eight. Who do we appreciate? Team, team, team. Strawberry short cake, huckleberry jam We got beat but we don ' t give a — Rip Van Winkle and his little bull pup. We got beat but we won ' t give up. With a vevo, with a vivo With a vevo, vivo, vum. Its just as plain as plain can be We ' ve got old Charleston up a tree With a vevo, with a vivo With a vevo, vivo, vum. Rickety, rickety russ, We ' re not allowed to cuss But nevertheless we must confess There ' s nothing the matter with us. Page One Hundred ii i i = H]|Sa« If - • " " 3i=3l I CJ)e ororian i i cz jc: 11 ictjc: 3i -i e=ac ic [o ' | i i c Pagre One Hundred One .1 l cr i c 3i i i djc Boeotian c .1 — ii i VARSITY SQUAD Lillian Huff Forwards Alma Rawlinson Blanche Harris Guards Dorsey Cowherd Lula LEE Leathers Centers Myrtle Brown Carrie Sexton Sub-Forward Marion Keys ; Sub-Guard Sara Power Sub-Center Mattie Moore -, Sub-Center Miss Stella Nixon : Coach Gladys Atkinson Business Manager Anderson, S. C. — Charleston vs. Ander- son College. Rawlinson played an excel- lent game and was the star of the contest. Charleston. S. C. — Charleston vs. Ander- son College. Huff carried off the glories of the evening, every goal throw being successful. Columbia, S. C. — Columbia vs. Anderson College. Brown, center for Anderson, played a fast game, and proved to be one of the quickest men on the team. Newberry, S. C. — Newberry vs. Ander- son College. Cowherd, guard for Ander- son, proved invincible against the onslaught of the Newberry girls. Newberry, S. C. — Newberry vs. Ander- son College. Leathers, the tall center for Anderson, played an unusual game. Columbia, S. C. — Carolina vs. Anderson College. Harris playing guard on the An- derson team, was an excellent example of what a good guard should be. Page One Hundred Two ' =»= " 3 1 i i=ic: 3i=ii==i Clje ororian ■ — Hac ' I " ir Senior Basketball Team Sophomore Basketball Team IWfc 3Q n Cat Pa£fe One Hundred Three J r c 1 =11=1 Cfie ororian c - " " — " i A Junior Basketball Team Freshman Basketball Team Page One Hundred Four " i i — i n=j[D]fcat r 3= Cijc ororian c SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM I onie Huff, Captain Forward Gladys Atkinson Forward Dorsey Cowherd Guard Blanche Harris Guard Sara Frances Stephens.. .Jumping Center Frances MaTTox Running Center Malvina Hopper Running Center Helen ' W atkins Forward JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Martha White Forward Carrie Sexton Forward Ophelia Smith Guard Nelle Craddock Guard T ola Mae Hellams Guard Emily Watts Jumping Center Caroline ParnEll Running Center Balbie Sullivan Running Center SOPHOMORE TEAM Alma Rawlinson Forward Carine Dominick Forward Robbie Phillips Jumping Center Sara Yeargin Guard Sara Power Running Center Gladys Nixon Guard FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Cleone Clayton Guard Marion Keys Guard MattiE Moore Jumping Center Clara Hilton Myrtle Brown Running Center Nellie Eskevv Forward Myrl Barnes Forward-Substitute Forward - .. a Page One Hundred Five Cbe ororian I l uZ=U " " " - Page One Hundred Six ii ii =30fc= ■ • " " 3 1 1 1=31 . I I I I Cfje ororian 31 11= 1 t= % ■ w (I CREEK LETTER CLUBS ' iCf- 2» ro ■=t[llt= " Page One Hundred Seven ' ■ ■ ■ ■■ r 31=31 1C=3C Cf)e %ororian c JC=II=3C 1 PAN-HELLENIC OFFICERS Katharine Hagood — - President Ruth Cunningham Secretary •j •£• -jr COUNCIL 2 $ Edna Parham Doris Jeffries Frances Mattox SAY Ruth Cunningham ColiE BlEase Caroline Parnell ® n Helen Watkins Mary Sadler Elizabeth Jones ® K 2 Anna Dean West Katharine Hagood Alice Pope Harris z z z Mary Dillard Eva Blume Elizabeth Peterson K K Lillian Huff Lonie Huff Zoe Hill Page One Hundred Eight lt=IC 30fc= - " " 3t=3 l——J Cfte orortan I IC=3I " " — ! 1 " -i l—li- n=d[ajfc= I H=DC Page One Hundred Nine ii — ii — i Ctje ororian ■= =:= == j ZETA ZETA ZETA SORORITY Flower : Rose. Colors : Pink and Silver. Miss Annie Gassowav, Sponsor MEMBERS Mary Dillard Eya Blume Elizabeth Peterson Anna Dean McFall Marion Gray Page One Hundred Ten 31 ii 11 j i ic= ' I e UN " -» ■ " " 3 1 U TT 1 Ci)c % otorian = " l i ' £ 1 K. " ILac 3c=3i — ie [gf] =3[ Page One Hundred Eleven -i i — " " ■ " - - " " " Ct)C ftor-nrian. ■■ — . . , . — . . . . ■ THETA KAPPA SIGMA Colors: Light Green and Silver. Flower: Lily-of-the-V alley. Miss Edith Hall, Sponsor FACULTY Member in College Miss Adlene Jones MEMBERS IN COLLEGE Margaret Burnett Alice Pope Harris Katherine Hagood Mary Dell Stewart Anna Dean West Mattie Julia Graham Hessie Seabrook June Roscoe Georgia Harris MEMBERS IX TOWN Laura Glenn Edna Thompson Mrs. Harrell Wilson Page One Huwxred Twelve -i i -1 1 ■ ■— ■ ■ i i = j [d] 3 i rzacsa i irm e 3(=3C JfTT: — II 3 Cfre ororian c -11 — ii — ii- Page One Hundred Thirteen 3 i — ii ii — n=i Ci)£ ororiani=ii — n — ■ ■■ — ■■ — n = ' a THETA PI £ Colors: Gold and White. Flower: Yellow Chrysanthemum. Mrs. T. H. Lyon, Sponsor MEMBERS IN COLLEGE Elizabeth Jones Helen Watkins Margaret Wickliffe Mary Paget Mary Sadler Cora McCown Dorothy TribblE Frances Knight MEMBERS IN TOWN Mrs. Wilbur D. White Maude BallEntine Page One Hundred Fourteen ii ! ■ ■ ' M l t=j[p]| 3 l J l If- ii i l= it - " ' I " -1=3 1 I Cf)e % ororian l c=iz: " ii ii — ■ " —ii ir- Page One Hundred Fifteen ' cSJ[Dlfc=H i cz=ic=: 31 t= i t 3c=3i ii — ii==3 Cf)g fenrnrfan. ■ ■ — .. .r— „ . ,- KAPPA KAPPA Flower: Daisy. Colors: Blue and Gold. Miss Bessie V. Jones, Sponsor MEMBERS IN COLLEGE Marjorie England Lonie Huee Louise Power Lillian Huee Lucia Richardson Marie England Sara Power Zoe Hill Rltth Thompson Page One Hundred Sixteen 3i - ic=ic= n =i i =3e fp]fcji =ii IE r = =iCJ)e ororitincr c " " ir- " " T Page One Hundred Seventeen ' ====JC [n]| =3C====ii==» r- , ■ , . r- =3 1 11=31= =11 11=3 Cfce § orortan I IC lC 3 1 HZZZZ3C SIGMA PHI Colors: Killamey Pink and Silver. Flower: Killamey Rose. Mrs. Nim B. Sullivan, Sponsor .MEMBERS IN COLLEGE Edna Pari-iam Mary Owings Emily Watts Mary Watts Babbie Sullivan Octavia Jeffries Frances Mattox Martha White Malinda Aiken Ernestine Tarkington .Lila Sullivan Pheme Blanton Doris Jeffries MEMBERS IN TOWN Mrs. P. W. Ellis Mrs. Lawrence Hammett Julia Ledbetter Mattie Mayfield Mrs. J. C. McKeller Bertha Masters Mrs. A. B. Rivers Mrs. Clyde Smith Lucia Sullivan Emily Sullivan Dorothy Sullivan Mrs. -Sam Sullivan Mrs. William Sullivan Page One Hundred Eighteen n= [n]t=ii= 31 c=3c: .1 ih=zj Gibe orotian c - " ii — i i i 5 t= " Page One Hundred Nineteen II JC I I ]C CJ)e §orotfan c SIGMA DELTA GAMMA A Colors: Red and White. Mrs. Charles FanT, Sponsor MEMBERS Colie Blease Frances Burgiss Helen Brown Ruth Cunningham Caroline Parnell Martha Rast Ophelia Smith Sara Frances Stephens Louise Wray POST-GRADUATE MEMBER Eloise Royal; Page One Hundred Tiventy 11 ii - i ii ie [p] 3 i— I tZTZll =3C=K i t J 3 1 ie=ic: 3C=3C=I Cfte otorian l, , imc JC=1I IE " I I T " Page One Hundred Tiventy-one =1 — 7 I 1 1 I I J 1=31= 3C===JI=Z=I Cl)£ %ororian ■ ■■ — " ' " ■ 1 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Helen Watkins Mary Dillard .... President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Mary Deee Stewart Ruth Cunningham Elizabeth Peterson Mary Dillard Helen Watkins Lonie Hufe Page One Hundred Twenty-two i i !■ " - =HJ=Dfc= " =31 l izzie: 3C3C=3 Cfre ororian r ic=3c: 3 1 icr [ fe I iPnrKift Llub Georgia bouise Vray - ?re lidys Aumson LliZclMhAdilYns H£7T,aryM«wl«-i-S Willie Fra-nk HooJo» MissBessfe Jont-s AlitePofc Harris MissAjeline Jones Uroliw Rrwll A is; VjomPUps BmlePlillips M;»DaB DaV le ls WaJiwSefll,- M«Ln»pU- s ,»««- Jl T =4 e? Page One Hundred Twenty-three 3C =4 =I(=JC Cije %ordrian ■ " — " ANDERSON COUNTY CLUB Sylvene Glenn Helen McGill . SUSIE MAE ANDERSON EVELYN ARCHER ALICE ASHLEY MAY ARMSTRONG NORINE BROCK RLTTH BRUCE MARGARET BURNETT VEOLA BRIDGES FRANCIS BALDWIN JANIE BURRISS RUBY BROWN LYDIA BURRISS HELEN BROWN WILLIE SUE BOLEMAN SADIE BALLARD CORRIE MAE CHAPMAN KATHLEEN COOKE GLADYS CROMER MARY CLEMENT OLIVIA DRENNON ETHEL DAVIS THELMA DUCWORTH NELLIE ESKEW SARAH ELROD MAXIE GAMBRELL ..President Secretary MEMBERS MARY GRAHAM BOVELENE GLYMPH SYLVENE GLENN MARIAN GRAY LENA HOGG THELMA HEADDEN ELOYCE HUTTO RUBY HEMBREE HELEN HARDEN MALVINA HOPPER GEORGIA HARRIS FRANCIS KNIGHT BERTHA KELLEY MARION KEYS WINNIFRED LLOYD CONSLIELO LOLLIS EUNICE LEATHERS LULA LEE LEATHERS CORNELIA MILAM FLOREXCE MURRAY ANNA DEAN McFALL HELEN McGILL MELBA McCARLEY SARA McGEE CORA McCOWN RUBY NORRIS VIVIAN PRUITT MARY PAGET LAURA MAE HUDSON KATE RAINEY EUNICE RICE MARTHA RAST HELEN REICHARD MAIMEE SHEARER BABBIE SULLIVAN SARAH FRANCES STEPHENS CARRIE SEXTON MARY STRICKLAND EVELYN STEPHENSON FANNIE STEPHENSON LILA SULLIVAN MARY SADLER MARY DELL STEWART DOROTHY TRIBBLE SARA TRIBBLE ANNA DEAN WEST VIOLET WELBORN HELEN WATKINS KATHLEEN WILSON Page One Hundred Tiventy-four i ' " " ii — =30fc= 3 1 IE IC 31 1 1= 1 Cijc Boeotian i i e=rnr 31 11= IE Ofte M T)oris JeffexiM iiary Keniiick Ernestine TaritfTisfrflh Evelyn 1?am ritt " ' — ■ ' " - Page One Hundred Twenty-five 31=11= l e fg|| i l i cn r " ir— . r- =i Clje otorian c THE FRENCH CLUB Motto : " A qui vent, rien n ' est impossible. " MEMBERS OLLIE BARTON MAY ARMSTRONG VANN RAY KENNEY BEAUFORT FOWLER CAROLINE PARNELL MARY GRAHAM MYRTLE SMITH LYDIA BURRISS MARY WATTS HELEN FOSTER RUTH THOMPSON LUCIA RICHARDSON MARGARET BURNETT HELEN WAT KINS EDNA PARHAM RUTH CUNNINGHAM ELIZABETH PETERSON EMILY WATTS GLADYS NIXON Honorary Member: Mlle. Marguerite Breton Page One Hundred Twenty-six sec;fa]pnc J 31 II IE " " ' Cije ororiati! II C=3CZ 1 HAROLD LLOYD CLUB Dorsey Cowherd Frances Knight President Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS MAYBELLE barnhill LUCILE BALDWIN CARRIE SEXTON WILLIE SUE BOLEMAN ANNA DEAN WEST ZOE HILL ANNIE BROCK MARJORIE ENGLAND MARY OWINGS PHEME BLANTON LOIS EVANS IRENE JONES EUNICE CLAY ' TON HELEN WATKINS SADIE BALLARD VIOLET WELBORNE JENNIE RICHARDSON LOLA MAE HELLAMS RUBY NORRIS ANNIE MAE WHITE DORIS JEFFRIES MILDRED PILOT =3[D]t=3C Page One Hundred Tiventy-seven J l II IC ac=3i= Cbe § ororian c 3i iczzji: ' THE SECRET ' Motto: " Daisies won ' t tell. " Flower: Shasta Daisy. Colors: White and gold. MEMBERS Violet Welborne - The Daisy Ruth Todd Second Mary DeLoach Leaf Emma Flowers Stalk Helen Wallace ..Scribbler Miss SalliE T. Cade, Sponsor Page One Hundred Twenty-eight -S=3 1 =3i=ic - icn i , — = 3E |d]( 3I " =3 ' " 31=31= IC aClje otoriaricz c 3 ' I E= IE " " " Page One Hundred Twenty-nine 3e fg " |}) " .- ..- =ni ,„. i l i i i czzrr -■ ■ " " Ci)e§ otorian.= " " " TOWN GIRLS ' CLUB Dr. J. C. C. Dunford, Sponsor Ruth Bruce President Kathleen Cook Vice-President Mamee Shearer Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS FRANCES BALDWIN EDITH BANKS RUBY BROWN TANiE BURRISS " HELEN BROWN VEOLA BRIDGES GLADYS CROMER OLIVIA DRENNON THELMA DUCWORTH SARAH ELROD MAXIE GAMBRELL LOVELENE GLYMPH RUBY HEMBREE GEORGIA HARRIS LENA HOGG FRANCES KNIGHT EUNICE LEATHERS FLORENCE MURRAY ANNA DEAN McFALL MARY PAGET HELEN REICHARD KATE RAINEY EVELYN STEVENSON DOROTHY TRIBBLE GERALDINE TRAMMELL LUCY BELL MARTHA RAST KATHLEEN WILSON HARRIET WILKINS ADDIE L. WAITES HELEN HARDEN FANNIE STEVENSON MARY SADLER HUTTO LAURA MAE HUDSON SARA TRIBBLE GRACE KEYS Page One Hundred Thirty = [51 Ir 3 i C e Boeotian c m ii— IE 1 3 = .c Pt= Pa e Owe Hundred Thirty-one — " " - ' i ii i i l ezmr: 3 Clje §orotian ■ 31 nzrrzic mi 111$ - THE TRAMPS Aim — See America by Ankle Express. Motto — Eat all you can; Szvipe all you can ; Live out of a tin can. Meeting Place — Tramp ' s Alley — Box Car 2, 123, 456 HOBOES Big Boss Owings Blazing the Trail Nugget Stephens Gift Grabber I key Parham Crap Shooter Pop-Eye Wickliffe Chief Bootler Knock-Out Blanton Blues Driver Bohemian Bab Virginia or " Bust " Seats Sullivan Jester Happy Atkinson ■. Soap Box Orator Mike Mattox : Soup Sip per Chin key White Forever Yachting Bruno Phillips Piece Broker To Get ' Em McCown ....: Round ' Em Up You Tell ' Em Watts Chief Pleader Hard Track Watts Parson L Page One Hundred Thirty-two i n — ii = 3C 3d ji=3[a]fc=it ■ ■ — .. — ■ - - r — ■ , — , whe ororian ■■ ■■— -■■ — « — ■■ ■ HBP i K. E. O. KLUB Colors: Pink and White. Flower: Pink Rose. Motto : Root, little pig, or die. Meeting Place : Linger Longer Lane. Time: Any time there ' s Eats. MEMBERS Madge Bradley President Nellie EskEw Secretary and Treasurer MattiE Moore Captain of Bats Sylvene Glenn Singer Helen McGill Artist Marian Keys I ' amp Cornelia Milam Poet Julia Kempson Letter Writer Vinnie Sanders Prophet Nellie Bolt Scholar Page One Hundred Thirty-three 3 1 ' 31=31 — IC=II H = [p]fcs3 l ' 1 1=3 1 I C= 3 i 1 31=31= 31=3=3 Clje §otot:ian c 31=31 31 ICZ IC DEVIL ' S DEN CLUB Motto — Have all the fun you can. In all the ways you can, All the times you can. Placz— " Sweet " 132. Time — Any time. Flower — " Onion Tops. " MEMBERS Lonie Huff Grand Master Lucia Richardson " Scrubber " Louise Power " Judge " Lillian Huff " Brother Moderator " Marjorie England " School Mam " Mary DeLoach " Soloist " Ruth Todd " Devil Sara Power " Speed Cop Marie England " Elephant Seller Ruth Thompson " Police Force Helen Wallace " Organist Sara Yeargin " Time Keeper ' Zoe Hill " Lady in Waiting " Page One Hundred Thirty-four i i — i i -i r !C =1I!fc= -■ ■ " " iCtic ororian I ,, i CZrjC T " ' 1 RED TOP CLUB Mr. Paul Gibson, Sponsor Master Edward Brown, Mascot HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Adlene Jones Miss Margie Phillips MEMBERS Helen Watkins President Eunice Clayton Vice-President Winifred Lloyd Treasurer Jewell Willie T Secretary Ruby Norris Lula Lee Leathers Ethel Davis Cleone Clayton Ruby Middleton Lydia Burriss Page One Hundred Thirty-five ICZZ3 I — ii ic , i cj[a] 3 L 113=1 1 , cz=nc= I I C=3CZ a=3I=J Cl)c ototian ' ' 1= c SISTERS CLUB Marjorie England President Doris Jeffries Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS ADAMS JEFFRIES BURRISS LEATHERS CLAYTON NIX COWHERD NIXON ENGLAND . PHILLIPS FOSTER POWER HUFF WATTS Page One Hundred Thirty-six i i ii ii 1 =30t= [?= ' " " " — II- Clje %otoitan ■ — n — ■«= Zll ICZZZT31 SANS SOUCI CLUB OFFICERS Katharine Hagood Marion Grav President Secretary and Treasurer RUTH ADAMS ELIZABETH ADAMS MALINDA AIKEN GLADYS ATKINSON MAYBELL BARNHILL RUTH BEEKS COLIE BLEASE 1 ' HEME BLANTON VIRGINIA COWHERD DORSEY COWHERD DOROTHY CRONKHITE RUTH CUNNINGHAM MARJORIE ENGLAND MEMBERS MARIE ENGLAND MATTIE JULIA GRAHAM MARION GRAY KATHARINE HAGOOD ZOE HILL MALVINA HOPPER ALICE POPE HARRIS LILLIAN HUFF LONIE HUFF OCTAVIA JEFFRIES FRANCES MATTOX CORA McCOWN EDNA PARHAM CAROLINE PARNELL LUCIA RICHARDSON JUNE ROSCOE ELOISE ROYALL HESSIE SEABROOK ELIZABETH SMALL SARA FRANCES STEPHENS OPHELIA SMITH LILA SULLIVA N ERNESTINE TARKINGTON HELEN WALLACE HELEN WATKINS MARTHA WHITE dfn 1 ! ! Page One Hundred Thirty-seven ir — " • 11= :,c=4 i=n=3 cfje ororiani=3c=i( C. N. AND L. CLUB ColiE BlEasE President Helen Wallace - - - Secretary Mrs. Graves L. Knight, Sponsor MEMBERS LUCILE BALDWIN RUTH TODD COLIE BLEASE HELEN WALLACE LAURIE KENNEDY MARY WATTS LOUISE POWER EMILY WATTS RUTH THOMPSON SARAH YEARGIN Page One Hundred Thirty-eight BOOK IV Scrap Basket j i ii ic I . — ■ ■ — . Ci)e ororian i COLLEGE CALENDAR Sep. 11. " Breaking Home Ties " — Many a fond but sad farewell. 12. " Never a cloud without a silver lining " and so these forlorn creatures reach Ander- son College and she opens wide her arms to them. 13. Many a homesick Freshman — Tears come and plenty more just ready. Room- mates become acquainted. Classification begins. 14. We are really in College. We sign the Constitution and pledge oiirselves to obey its rules, but sometimes — we forget. 16. Everybody has a big time — we forget to be homesick. The Y. W. C. A. gives big party in the Gym. 18. We are guests of the Liberty Theatre and the Betsy Ross Team Room — Sometimes it really is nice to be College girls. 23. The Laniers show the new girls how nice it is to have a yachting party. 27. Oh! you green young Freshman! Initiation has begun. 29. Rubbing, scrubbing, sweeping, cleaning — The opening reception to the town people is given and afterwards our rooms are on display for inspection. 30. The Estherians honor the new girls with an attractive garden fete. Oet. 1. The girls begin to count the weeks until they go home. 2. John Townsend gives a delightful recital. 6. New girls are debating : To be an Estherian or a Lanier — " That is the question. " 7. Decision Day ! All girls go one way or another, there ' s no sitting on the fence. 14. October Day ! No lessons today. Dr. Knight and Mrs. Lumpkin take us out to the Country Club for a picnic. 23. Miss Stephens shows us how she can sing. She gives a most beautiful and artistic recital. 28. Seniors take their table — all are masked even our crook. " Once there was a Senior Class, Senior Class, you bet! 30. Everybody goes to the Strand to be sure and why? Rudolph Valentino is there, of course. Lessons are forgotten while girls, their hearts all aflutter, see again their idol of the screen. Nov. 4. Saturday night Miss Barton has to open the parlor. ? ? ? ? is having a date with Ruth Cunningham. Can anything be more unheard of? Everybody is shocked. 6. Miss Kate Lumpkin, Y. W. C. A. secretary is our charming guest. 12. Edna welcomes Sara Frances home and the welcome is so warm that the firemen have to rush up and cool it down. They are astonished to see girls gayly tripping about with their hair on curlers. 14. Courboin — the first of our Artist ' s course — gives an organ recital — Girls stand off and look at him ; he is good looking as well as an artist. 23. Mrs. Pratt gives a very entertaining and original recital. 27. It is Monday and Caroline Parnell has gone to town. Wonders never cease. 30. Thanksgiving day ! Seniors show the Juniors that they can play ball. We win the cup and Dr. Knight has a turkey dinner for everybody. Dec. 7. The secret is out — now we know why Miss Jones is so happy. Her engagement to Mr. Dargan is announced. 9. The night! The night many girls have lost sleep over and dreamed of has come The Freshmen give the Sophs the biggest reception ever. 11. The Gym is full of booths. The Y. W. C. A. has a bazaar. 13. The Sophs are given a Christmas party by their devoted Senior sisters. Santa is there and a tree full of gfits for our younger sisters. 14. Oh! Joy! It isn ' t much hard to say good-bye, noiv. We leave for home — the holidays are actually here. 25. The College is lonesome — nobody gives it a thought. All girls everywhere are happy and why not? Christmas comes but once a year. Jan. 2. Sadly we return to A. C. but our thoughts are at home. Lots of girls have acquired new beaux, possibly their thoughts are with them. 3. Quarantined ! No one but an A. C. girl knows how terrible that is. We are shut up and kept away from civilization — sans town, sans Strand, sans dates — sans everything. Page One Hundred Forty-one 31=31= ci)e otociani l IS. The Faculty team leads the Senior Scrubs a lively chase. The Basketball game ends a tie. 20. All girls get serious ; we hold our breath — Exams begin ! Horrors — Mrs. Gibson hear girls walking around at 2 :30 A. M. 21. Everybody takes a ride, even though we are quarantined. Mrs. Lumpkin has everything from Cadillacs to a Public Service car at our service. 23. The quarantine is lifted ; we feel like human beings again. 29. Augusta Cottlow gives another exh ibition of her masterful art. Feb. 2. The Juniors give a very entertaining play : " A Scrap of Paper. " 12. Dr. Grenfell lectures and makes us all stop to think. 13. We know how to take defeat. The Anderson High team beats ours — but accidents do happen. 14. Cupid ' s day! The mail is flooded with valentines. Mr. Gibson entertains his red-headed club. Blondes and brunettes try to dye their hair — but unsuccessfully. 19. We take a trip to Holland — the Estherians artistically present an Operetta — " Wind- mills of Holland. " 23. The Griffes Trio is a wonderful treat. Sasha may be little, but — He knows how to play the fiddle. Mar. 3. Miss Cronkhite plays in Chapel — all the girls are overcome. The Glee Club has a wonderful time. Miss Stephens gives them and their young men friends a delightful informal reception. S. Our Varsity defeats the College of Charleston and Newberry, so why worry over the Carolina defeat. 8. Dr. Truett talks to us as his " fellow-students " — the greatest privilege we have ever had. 15. Seniors present " Everywoman " — a wonderful success. 16. Red Letter Day for Helen Watkins— the Senior play is over and the Annual has gone to the publisher. 17. Edna accepts a ride home in an Essex instead of walking — as usual(?). 23. Zoellner String Quartet gives us a rare treat. 28. The Easter holidays begin. Books are forgotten for awhile. 31. Miss Jones and Mr. Dargan are married in the College parlor. Apr. 2. We begin the last stretch of the journey. Seniors can dimly see their diplomas not very far away. Laniers give a very attractive entertainment. Dr. Griggs, the last number of our Artist ' s Course, gives a very interesting lecture. Mrs. Gibson fails to make an 16. 20. 21. 23. Doris Jeffries and Lydia Bur- table is relieved since they May S. " The event of the whole year 6. Mary Kendrick always sings and " there ' s a reason. " 15. Seniors have examinations for glorious feeling. 27. Commencement Sunday — Sen- and gowns. 28. The Inter-Society Debate — ly — nothing like it in Congress. Immigration question. 29. The Class Day Concert. 30. The Baccula- get their diplomas midst 31. Seniors as stu- lege adieu forever ; the three months. announcement in the Dining Room, riss leave for Grand Opera — the Sen- talked of it so much. — the Junior-Senior Reception. " Carry Me Back to Ole Virginny " — the last time. A shaky but kind of look very dignified in their caps biggest debate of the season, decided- The Estherians and Laniers debate the Exercises and The Grand reate Address — Seniors chee rs and tears, dents bid Anderson Col- others say au revoir for Page One Hundred Forty-two =n=3[n)l= Ctje ororian. SENIOR STATISTICS Hessie Seabrook „ Cutest Nellie Bolt Most Studious Doris Jeffries Sweetest Sara Frances Stephens Most in Love Mary Del Stewart Most Conscientious OlliE Barton Most Dignified May Armstrong Most Modest ElEise King Most Ace ammo dating Sara Frances Stephens - Most Generous Edna Parham Most Talkative Mattie Julia Graham Most Interesting Elizabeth Cowherd Most Sympathetic Malvina Hopper Biggest Flatterer Helen Watkins - Biggest Dreamer Elizabeth Peterson Biggest Gad-about Dorsey Cowherd - Biggest Bolshevic Helen Watkins Biggest Gossipcr Hessie Seabrook Biggest Gum Chezver Dorsey Cowherd Biggest Bluffer Elizabeth Peterson Biggest Flirt Lvdia Burriss - Faculty Pet Marjorie England Faculty Goat Blanche Harris - Laziest Ruth Cunningham Busiest Lonie Huff Best Sport Mary Dillard Greatest Painter (Rouge) I ydia Burriss Greatest Man Hater Page One Hundred Forty-three igjfpl J ' i c=ii= r=ic=z n Cljc §iororian c [—=11 I C=II H =J I I KL,l)V g lUlLltltlll i i i ii i r i i i r-i EVERYWOMAN A MODERN MORALITY PLAY BY WALTER BROWNE PROGRAM ACT I. Everywoman ' s Home. ACT II. A Street— New Year ' s Eve. ACT III. Stage of a Theatre in the Forenoon. ACT IV. Everywoman ' s Apartment in the City. ACT V. Same as Act I. CHARACTERS (ORDER OF THEIR APPEARANCE) Nobody Gladys Atkinson EVERYWOMAN ' S COMPANIONS Youth Eleise King Beauty Ruth Cunningham Modesty Van Ray Kenney O — Every woman , Malvina Hopper Flattery Sylvene Glenn Truth— A Witch Helen Watkins King Love the First Doris Jeffries THEATRE MANAGERS Bluff Doris Jeffries Stuff Edna Parham CHORUS GIRLS Pert Bridget Boyleston Flirt Ruth Thompson Dimples Mary Kendrick Curls Nellie Bolt Giggle .....May Armstrong Shape „ Lillian Huff Curves t Floride Kelly Smiles Blanche Harris O Time — A Callboy - Louise Power Wealth Worth — A Millionaire Francis Mattox Witless Withers — A Nobleman Bonte Phillips Conscience — Everywoman ' s Handmaiden Mary Dell Stewart Passion — A Play Actor Mattie Julia Graham SERVANTS Grovel Lydia Burriss Sneak Dorsey Cowherd Puff — A Press Agent , Lome Huff SOCIETY WOMEN Age Mary Clement Greed Elizabeth Peterson Self Mary Dillard Vanity Sara Frances Stephens O Vice, " Gay White Way " — Siren Hessie Seabrook POLICEMEN Law Ollie Barton Order Ruby Norris O Charity — A Minister of the Gospel Eunice Clayton ROGUES AND FOOLS Beaufort Fowler Annie Mae White Carolina Brock Bonte Phillips Kathleen Foster Sylvene Glenn O We wish to thank Mrs. Gertrude Pratt and our Sponsor, Miss Edith Hall, for their invaluable assistance in this production. Page One Hundred Forty-four " — " ! ■ — i i— i e i tsjfcTlfcnc »t=n =3 =3 ! i i V - " ■ ■ i r = Cljc ororian ■= " " ■ " — ■ ' " • Page One Hundred Forty-jive " — — ii ie fp]fc3irr i crr m -» ■ " " 3i ie=nz =n=n= cfje ororian c - " " 1922 1923 THE GLEE CLUB PROGRAM PART I Chorus : " There ' s a Lark in My Heart " — Spross. Quintet : " The Cat and the Sparrow ' - — Misses Dyches, Stewart, Jeffries, Foster, and Glenn. Solo : " Husheen " — Miss Mary Dell Stewart. Chorus: " The Dreamland City. " Duet: " The Nightingale and the Rose " — Misses Dyches and Stewart. Trio : " Bye Lo " — Misses White, Mattox, and Glenn. - Reading: Miss Bertha Kelly. Solo: " There ' s a Hole in the Fence " — Miss Dyches. Choruses : " Mammy ' s Song, " " Wonderful Wonderland " — Harriet Ware. PART II PANTOMINE— " A SPRING FANTASY " Caroline Parnele Pierrette Doris Jeffries Pierrot ColiE BeEASE Harlequin Martha White The Strange Woman Interlude : " The Belles of St. Mary ' s " ; " The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers. " PART III— A ONE ACT PLAY Finale : " Chorus from Carmen. " = !Z Page One Hundred Forty-six r=u ii ii i gjfplEat =JI fr " =iC{)c§)Otouancz=. c w - " " i r- 3 11 1= I ■ HHN " Page One Hundred Forty-seven -i i ir— i - ■ ' ' I T 31 II I Ci)eS ororiani J I II IIZ Junior-Senior Reception, 1922 Page One Hundred Forty-eight " » " " .e P 17= " iC e ororianc 31 Id IE ty. V, 4 ' !i ;{ , -) ' =iEt= Pa re Owe Hundred Forty-nine J 3 1 1 1=31 ii= Cfce Sioronattc c " " — " First in Fiction ' cuilvduj ' MOST POPULAR MARY DELL STEWART JUNK Page One Hundred Fifty " -l | I CZ 11=1 1 I C [n1 l =11 IIZ 31 IC= IE II ICJC aCfje ororian ■ — pc V O G 1 H Kathcrijxc HagoocL ,F,,„ a inT Pest Ut csscd. D . -w , . ' ' Iw m l l lll .i: H 3i zhzzjc: Page One Hundred Fifty-one icn i iej[n)E=n=ic=] i 31 — -JC= r-j=3i=icz=ic 31=31=3 Cf)e otorian I 1 1=31= 31 II IE .UU " £!b PfaATf swurv- p c «ne 2$C " Prettiest CAROLINE PARNELL L Page One Hundred Fifty-tivo n= [n]fc= - • — ■■ " -■■ — ■■ — " 3C=nczic -CZ3C=J Ctje orotian ' " — " )i icr 1 ; GOOD HOUSEKEEPING JUKE, 1923 IS CENTS " MOST talented " U at bell Barnhill 3cz=icr= c: Page One Hundred Fifty-three mi ii ]C I—J3 I IC=U 3CZIC=I Cfjc § ororian I 1 1=31= ra SATURDAY EVENING POST An I Fourvded jWeekly nj. Fi-arvklin Elizabeth Cowherd Best All ' Round Pac e Owe Hundred Fifty-four I I I I T JE=T3l= i e [p1 =i l lc=ic: -■■ ■■ — ir- -■ ■ ■ ' " 31=31 — 1 Ci)e ororian i ie=jc: " ■■ ■■ ' i DKost Attractive Edna Parham i- il= Page One Hundred Fifty-five cdFpK-c =J r " " — " 3C=JI=3 Clje ororian ■ ■ — " ■ i — i ■ ' - 1 Page One Hundred Fifty-six — i c=3 i icjfn1E= n iir=ic: :c=3t=ic 31 zair ■ . — ■ Cfre %otortan =31=1 - " " ' 3 zi i =n=n= J CE3 C==3 t=d [O 1 £= Pajre 0?ie Hundred Fifty-seven ■ r— -11 ■ (— r l I 3 It 3E=3 I I Cfte Sororian i icm c . i ICT II " Ijfsol veg , 1 hat Ike 15. fjrwer tjn» ?TiT Should Etact " ws 1 » ruxlnev IlesrricT itn-mi Jrat« .10-n ■Pajre Ojte Hundred Fifty-eight ! ■ I I I I — ' I " ■ 1[d]E=i ' i tr jc ,J1 Ci)e ororian ■ — it — n= 31 II- IE 1 JOKES - " ■ ■ ■ — ' 3® ■ ■■ — " Page One Hundred Fifty-nine — " " — i e r 1C C!)e oronan c " A little laughter now and then Is relished by the best of men. " Frances M. : " How do you like solid geometry, Anna Dean? " Anna Dean (in all seriousness) : " How can I tell, when this is the first year I ' ve had it. " HessiE: " You know the Saint Michael ' s chimes have been across the ocean six times. " Sammy (dumfoundcd) : " Good gracious, I didn ' t know sounds went that far. " Psychology Student (to Miss Cade, excited after attending court) : " Do you know psychologists say a bullet on a man ' s brain will cause him to be unsanitary? " Miss McIntosh : " Where was the declaration of Independence signed? " Brilliant Sophomore (thoughtfully) : " At the bottom. " Do vou recognize these sayings? 1. " My child! " 2. " You hadn ' t oughter do that. " 3. " Well-er-er-er. " 4. " Now, young ladies, we want you to understand that we would do anything for your pleasure and comfort. " 5. " Girls ! this is the last time I ' m going to let you get your laundry after breakfast. " 6. " For heaven ' s sakes, didn ' t yoga learn that in Freshman History? " 7. " Girls, don ' t you know we came to this class to study and not to frolic? " Topsy (hearing Sammy play a neiv piece): " Oh! Sammy, I heard that on the radiator. " Liz Jones (reciting in psychology class) : " Yes, he was in solitary confinement, all by himself. " WE WONDER— Why Cora McCown is so interested in Al-Ford ' s. Also, why she comes back in hysterics after having gotten advice from Miss Cowdrick on love affairs. Why Mattie Julia takes exercises to music. Why Sara Frances feels so at home in the ocean. Where the crook is. Why Irma didn ' t Cadillac to Columbia. How Miss Stephens keeps her hair up with one hair pin. THE GREATEST THINGS The greatest sin — Fear. The best day — Today. The biggest fool — The boy or girl who will not go to school. The greatest deceiver — One who deceives himself. The most beautiful ' woman — The one you love. The greatest mistake — Giving up. The most expensive indulgence — Hate. The cheapest, stupidest and easiest thing to do — Finding fault. The greatest trouble maker — Talking too much. T)ie worst bankrupt — The soul that has lost its enthusiasm. The cleverest man — The one who always does what he thinks is right. 1 he best teacher — One who makes you want to learn. The best part of any one ' s religion — Gentleness and cheerfulness. The meanest feeling — Jealousy. The most important training — Training in democracy. The greatest need — Common sense. The best gift — Forgiveness. DR. FRANK CRANE Helen McGill (at Miss Daniel ' s table): " Oh! why don ' t you eat pineapple, Miss Daniel, it won ' t make you fat. " . Page One Hundred Sixty ic icj[n]|=3t - — ■■ — ■■ — ■ Cfte ororiani — » — u — ie=n — ic Lila Suuivan : " Helen, you ' ve got fat on the brain. " Octavia : " Oh! Miss Cowdrick, I just love Tennyson ' s essays. " There is a man who never drinks, Nor smokes, nor chews, nor swears, Who never gambles, never flirts, And shuns all sinful snares. He ' s paralyzed. There is a man who never does a thing that isn ' t right His wife can tell just where he is at morning, noon, and night. He ' s dead. — Selected. Some sage remarked : After man the Lord made woman, and she ' s been after him ever since. — Selected. Ruth (during senior play): " Sara Frances, are the headlights on? " Sara Frances (in dumb-bell manner) : " You mean the headlights at the top. " Editor of the Sphinx to Helen: " What kind of Finis are you going to have in your annual this year? " Helen (rather puzzled) : " Oh! er-er-we ' re not going to have that in our annual. " Miss Fox (absent-mindedly in bath tub) : " What did I get in here for? " SOMEBODY " AUTO SUGGEST " TO The " Huff Suite " to try to make a little noise. Mr. Mackie to do his sleeping in the daytime. Mrs. Stanford that we like chocolate pie. Hessie Seabrook to use some rouge. Sara Frances Stephens to buy a gold " Fish. " Topsy Hagood to get some chewing gum. Kathleen Foster to practice a little. Eunice Clayton to buy a red hat. Miss Stevens to try a " crush " or two. Miss Cronkhite to get a metronome. Bridget Boyleston to walk easy. Mary Kendrick to talk a little. Bonte Phillips to fall in love. Caroline Parnell to cut her hair. Peterson and Dillard to lead the college songs. Student Body — a new " Birthday Song. " The faculty that breakfast is served at 8 A. M. Dr. Dunford there are other notes written in his classes besides notes on the lesson. Dr. Knight to stay in his office. Cora McCowan to curl her hair. Octavia Jeffries to powder her nose. Mrs. Lumpkin to give a talk on etiquette. The Annual Staff — some jokes. COLLEGE LIFE We get points for lack of neatness Such a life as they do lead us ! In our rooms, and closets too, Bells, and bells and bells some more. And the proctor, with untold sweetness, And sometimes the meat they feed us Gives us one if we don ' t " sho-o-o-o. " Reminds us of the goat of yore. Every time we turn we ' re fearing But we ' re having lots of good times That some pesky rule we ' ve " broke " Plays, and dates and feasts and things And we live in dread of hearing And we ' d cherish all our lifetimes " You ' re restricted " — that ' s no joke. The happy thoughts old A. C. brings. College life is swift and fleeting A diploma is our aim And though classes still are meeting We ' ll have fun — and play the game. . Page One Hundred Sixty-one 3 i 1 1=31 — " == " icJ[d1 =ii ii — i i — ■■ — " " The Lament of the Crook Woe is me! My life is lonely In a far off corner, sad I ' m waiting Hoping for some change and sunlight, Fearing — for I love my Seniors. ( Still I know that they ' d soon find me Should the Juniors hide me from them.) But the days are long and dreary, For I love so to be talked of — To be grasped by dirty, cob-webby Hands, that tingle with excitement. But here I stay alone, neglected — Even on Hallowe ' en where once I was the center of attention There in person, and a copy, I was denied the thrill of appearing A poor, wobbling imitation Took, that night, my place of honor. Not a whiff of air or pleasure Not a thrill nor yet a tingle Not a scrap of college gossip. Sometimes I see a light a-glimmering And I wonder if ' tis my Seniors Come to see if I rest safely — Or perchance some naughty Juniors Come to bring me in the limelight. And their light comes oh, so near me. I can hear the whisperings, gigglings — And so hard I try to tell them — I am weary of the cobwebs, Of the spiders, frogs and earwigs, Weary of the dark and dampness, And I want a little freedom, To hear a song, a yell, a clamor ! But commencement will be coming And they ' ll t ' e me up with ribbons And my Seniors, my dear Seniors Wid proudly carry me before them. But in the meantime I am lonely, Feeling hurt that the gay Juniors, Do not get me, cannot find me. Is commencement never coming? - r ,= J , -1=31=3 Ci)e§ oronan c - " " " C==3C==3l= [a] =lC Page One Hundred Sixty-three ,J r= c Cije Sororian i FINIS At last the 1923 Sororian is finished and in your hands for criticism, both favorable and unfavorable. We hope that you will not be too harsh, however, for we have done our best and wanted to make it the best volume that has been published. You .may find parts of it uninteresting; you will find mistakes. But all we ask is — " Be merciful, be just, be fair To the Sororian everywhere, Its faults are many Nobody ' s the blame. " Page One Hundred Sixty- four I II — =] Clje §)Ototian c " ir- li- 1 " —■■ ■ » Pa e Owe Hundred Sixty-five le fnlfca t i cz=3i =ic=] i z n i e=nz CJje § ororian i icz z3i= II II IIZ w e Submit for Your Approval THE S RO RIA N It is a fair specimen of our pro - duct and ' we invite your critical . . examination. OUR WORK IS OUR STRONGEST ADVERTISEMENT Our facilities are unsurpassed for producing the better class of College Annuals, Catalogs, Handbooks, Booklets, Blank Books, Loose- Leaf Systems of All Kinds, Engraving, Lithographing. Ob server Printing House Incorporated CHARLOTTE, N. C. Page One Hundred Sixty-six " " — " — ' CJ[olfc3l 3 ' " ;si=3i=i l. - e=!c=iCt)c § ororian ■ — ■ ■ — ■■ — ■ ■ — ■■ — ., WEBB-CASON DRUG COMPANY We carry a full line of — Drugs — Toilet Articles Sodas Candies Stationery c J) Our prescription department is complete in every respect. In fact our Drug store is the most up-to- date in South Carolina Prompt Service and Courteous Attention You are always welcome at our store Z) WEBB-CASON DRUG CO. Phone 741 We serve Costa ' s delicious ice cream just a little bit better 3i ii=j i n acr n=3[nlfc3i==n=u Page One Hundred Sixty-seven " ii ii — I 3C=)C 3=1 Ci)e ororian ■ — . .- STRAOLEY ' S In GREENVILLE (Since 1882) A Nice Place to Purchase Good, Dependable Ready-To -Wear For Women and Children Dry Goods Hosiery — Underwear — Gloves Now on the Corner — Main at North Street MAIL ORDERS SOLICITED ANDERSON PEARMAN HUDSON ESSEX AUTOMOBILES TELEPHONE 378 ANDERSON, S. C. Page One Hundred Sixty-eight ■ i i i i i it- « [Ufc= Cf)e ororian —T i ■ ■ ! ■ ' " - a -yr- UCUllttU i i c=ic ii=n=i The Rotary Club OF ANDERSON Feels a vital interest in every- thing that pertains to the up- building of ANDERSON COLLEGE and is ready at all times to lend a helping hand and do its best in adding to the happiness of the dear girls and promoting the best interest of the College. TOM HILL, President v. Page One Hundred Sixty -nine ■ " ' -i i ! ■ — ! ■ — 2 1 ucj[n] 3i — ii ■ ' ' i ' ■ • 3 1 11=3 C J 1=3 I U CJ)e lororian ■ ■ ■ — " 3C=ic=ic: Carolina National Bank OF ANDERSON J. W. NORWOOD, Vice. Pres. and Chairman of the Board E. P. VANDIVER, President JNO. A. HORTO.%, Vice-Pres. T. S. BANNISTER DONALD E. BROWN, Asst. Cashier WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS Bntel 3mpmal GREENVILLE. S. C. (eLJfcJ) EUROPEAN PLAN Safe and Sanitary, the Biggest and Best Best Welcome — Best Service Best Rooms Best Cafeteria Webb Electric Company Sell and Repair ELECTRIC Curling Irons Grill Stoves Heating Pads Flash Lights Percolators Toasters Irons Fans And Other Electric Devices 12 WEST WHTNf R STREET Phone 58 WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF Over-hauling Mattresses Os j for Colleges, Hotels and Hospitals Look over your Mattresses when school term is over and let us quote you our prices for over-hauling. Our Carolina Felt Mattresses are sale at all good Furniture Stores. Call for them Carolina Mattress Factory Anderson, S. C. Page One Hundred Seventy AW =HZ=3C 3 1 I CZZ3C =■1 — ii — i CJje ororian i — u — n= THE BIG FOUR of a real automobile party An Anderson College Girl Hi-Vol Gasoline Viking Motor Oils Kelly Springfield Tires PETROLEUM OIL COMPANY Busby ' s Filling Station Old Hickory Motor Inn Quality — Service — Courtesy WE CATER TO THE WANTS OF THE COLLEGE GIRL Novelty Footwear at lower prices For your convenience an up- to-date repair shop doing neat repair work on time ECONOMY SHOE STORE " True To Its Name " Next Plaza Hotel WE SELL AND REPAIR SHOES THAT SATISFY Give us a trial and you will be convinced « vj GEISBERG SHOE COMPANY Under Masonic Temple -i i ' i i r Page One Hundred Seventy-one • H?||- " -. " " — ' ■ " 3i=3 ct)e ororiani=.c=ic: ' " 1 (=; FOOTWEAR The very best shoe department in the city — showing at all times the newest styles and leathers as the}- appear in the Fashion Centers. We especially cater to the College Girl who desires something different, with a little touch of sportiness in footwear and at a reasonable price. HOSIERY TO MATCH Very Exclusive Ready-to-wear and Millinery of the better kind in styles that suit you best La Camille Corsets and De Be Voice Brassieres Piece Goods and Trimmings Toilet Articles, Etc. Glad to have you come in any time Moore -Wilson Co. Page One Hundred Seventy-two ' i ii ' i i i ii=3[n]£=i 3C3C: ic - " ■ ■ " DI=JC=ZZ3 Cfte ororian c ' COOK WITH ELECTRICITY " All Types of Ranges for Sale Southern Public Utilities Company 136 North Main Street ANDERSON, S. C. The Smith Counts Company We cordially invite you to call and inspect our Exclusive READY-TO-WEAR AND MILLINERY Todd Motor Company Ford — Fordson — Lincoln Authorized Sales and Service EAST ORR AND EARL STREETS ANDERSON, S. C. 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" Our advertisements are backed up by real merchandise " IL Page One Hundred Seventy-four ■ i !■ ■ ■ ii =101= ,J If -■ ' " " 31 I C= 1 Cfje ororiani 3C=1I=]C TIME TO RETIRE Buy FISK TIRES VULCANIZING Stuart ' s Tire Shop Phone 360 123 W. Earle St. Compliments S. H. KRESS AND COMPANY F. C. FISCHRUPP, MANAGER Don ' t Pass Through Greenville Without Stopping at the A V Y 104 SOUTH MAIN STREET Batson - Cook Company CONTRACTORS WEST POINT, GA. -■■ " " " i=3[nft: Page One Hundred Seventy-five 1 " — 2 i . " -I d r " — " — ,r jcmirz it Cftc ororian, ji ic=i i i i =3 HL,UK. ggLltULtail . i i 1 . . . 1 . 1 WE TREAT YOU SQUARE ALL THE YEAR ROUND GET IT AT BRISSEY ' S ANDERSON S. C. 1 Page One Hundred Sevtnty-six S-i i ii ii ii ii icj[D]fcsi= i r— — ii — n =3C= ' i c =i i — n=3 i- =.c=3i — i Ci)e ororian ■ n ■ — ■ ■ — ■ ■=■■=- BUICK MOTOR CARS " DEPENDABLE SERVICE EVERYWHERE JOHN E. SADLER WHEN IN ANDERSON We Ask That You Make Our Store Your Store TATE HARD WA RE COMPANY " ON THE SQUARE " STRICTLY PAINT VARNISH STORE DISTRIBUTORS FOR DUPOINT PAINT AND VARNISH PRODUCTS ANDERSON PAINT COMPANY ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Page One Hundred Seventy-seven J i 3c=ic= l t== gi ' e Fol ii =3J=3t: • ' i i i i- 31 I C=ZJC =11=11=] C!)e ororian c 31 IC=3C: CITIZENS NATIONAL CAPITAL AND SURPLUS, $325,000.00 + Member of Federal Reserve System INTEREST PAID ON SAVING ACCOUNTS GRADUATION— THEN WHAT? Bring " Him " to Our Office at 223 West Market Street, Select the House Plans and Leave the Rest to Us + BUILDERS LUMBER SUPPLY CO. INCUKI ' OIiATKI) DAN BROWN, President Telephone 771 Page One Hundred Seventy-eight ■ ■ -■ ■ " - " ■ ' — " J nc C e ororian ' " — " - • i " — ■■- ANDERSON STEAM LAUNDRY 120 EARLE STREET Laundry Dyeing Dry Cleaning =n DR. FOREST D. SUGGS DENTIST ANDERSON S. C. PHONE 1189 DR. CARTER Osteopath Phone 168 ANDERSON, S. C. T ■ ' " Page One Hundred Seventy-nine I I 1 1=11= =1£=IIZ=I Cbe ororian I i cznc 31 II ICT GLUCK MILLS Lawns and Dimities EQUINOX MILL Ducks BOTH BELIEVE IN ANDERSON COLLEGE Page One Hundred Eighty " -ii—n i crrni uejfalfc i i =h ic: " " " r .CJ)e iototian I=t -» ' " " • i ltman printing oompan QUALITY— SERVICE 107 WEST EARL STREET TELEPHONE 176 FURMAN UNIVERSITY A christian college of recognized standing, with courses leading to the degrees of A.B., B.S., and LL.B. Strong faculty, splendid student body, beautiful campus, modern and attractive buildings and equipment. Courses in Education, Pre-medical Work and Law. None better. For catalog, address. PRESIDENT W. J. McGLOTHLIN GREENVILLE, S. C. OPTOMETRY Optometry is the science of determining the patho- logical and refractive status of the human eye and the art of correcting refractive errors. We specialize in this work, so bring us your eye troubles and broken glasses. Complete laboratory for making every kind of ophthalmic lenses. DR. M. R. CAMPBELL LOUISA S. HILGENBOEKER MAXWELL BUILDING ANDERSON, S. C. =41]fc= " Page One Hundred Eighty-one ,J 3 Cbe Boeotian c IL PEOPLES PHARMACY Nunnally ' s Candy — Toilet Articles Up-to-date Soda Fountain Service Eastman Kodak Phone 636 N. Main Street SEE S. A. McCOWN FOR STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES Shoes and Fertilizer ANDERSON STORAGE BATTERY ANDERSON, S. C. BETTER BE SAFE THAN SORRY ANDERSON COLLEGE IS SAFE ARE YOU? HORTON, McMEAN COMPANY GENERAL INSURANCE Telephone 900 Anderson, S. C. Page One Hundred Eighty -two - ii i i- Hrflfr— i t— i mc ■■ ' i i " 3 iCfje ororian ■ ■ — " i — " i tfj yy uiuuttu i n =3i ic=i i 1 1= W. H. BELK, President W. E. GALLANT, Gen. Mgr. and Secy. DR. J. M. BELK, Vice-President P. M. GALLANT, Asst. Mgr. and Treas. GALLANT- BELK COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE ONE OF TEIE TWENTY - SIX BELK STORES ANDERSON, S. C. DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, SHOES READY-TO-WEAR MILLINERY Anderson ' s Newest, Largest, Busiest and Best Department Store. A Modern Up-to-Date Store That Sells Everything and " Sells It for Less " A FRIEND OF THE COLLEGE " Home -Keeping Hearts Are Happiest " " We Build the House You Make the Home " TOWSEND LUMBER COMPANY CONTRACTORS AND BUILDING MATERIAL TELEPHONE 267 ANDERSON, S. C. Page One Hundred Eighty-three ii=j[cHE=n = " " " " =3C fr " " 31=31 I Ci)e ororian I IC=3C 3E=3CZ31[: 1 THE COLLEGE GIRL ' S HEADQUARTERS is F ANT ' S BOOK STORE WATERMAN ' S IDEAL FOUNTAIN PENS A REAL HOUSE OE HELPFUL SERVICE What we can do for you is the first consideration here; what service we can render comes before what we are going to make ouS of it. STATIONERY ALBUMS KODAKS KODAK FINISHING PICTURES AND FRAMING PRINTING AND ENGRAVING DARGAN PRINTING AND STATIONERY CO. ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA B. O. EVANS COMPANY OUTFITTERS FOR MEN AND BOYS The Store With a Conscience " ANDERSON, S. C. Page One Hundred Eighty-four -i i =3t=i r- ' [=3 1 =ZJI= |T5]t ' t - " " " ,C=1I J Cfre otorian ■ " — " • =31 IC= 1 The Straod Anderson ' s Foremost Picture House ALL OUR PICTURES ARE SUPERIOR PRODUCTIONS Selected from the Hundreds of Pro- ducers Troughout the United States ALWAYS A FRIENDLY WELCOME TO THE COLLEGE GIRLS— BEST ACCOMMO- DATIONS—ABSOLUTELY INDEPENDENT Page One Hundred Eighty-five =» qD c rji ie=3C JI=JI=J CJ)c ororiaiTc 3C3I 3C=3I=I[ ' SAY IT WITH FLOWERS ' Anderson Floral Company J. K. POSTMA, PROP. CASEY FANT Architects 112 N. Main Street ANDERSON, S. C. DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY 140 North Main Street ANDERSON, S. C. CUT GLASS SILVERWARE CHINA n Page One Hundred Eighty-six — -irr i c i fp] 1 " • - " " i n id il c=z ic ? 3 1 I C=3C: 1C=3C=3 CIjc otocian 3i=ic=i nderson V ' .» ■H ers©n, South Carolina L= Page One Hundred Eighty-seven I I jt j — lejfepfcnc: it I I i ] J =31=31= a Clje ororian ■ ■ ' — " 1 I I K OR R CRAY COMPANY Headquarters for PUREST DRUGS and Highest Grade Toilet Articles WHITMAN ' S SAMPLER Best Candy Made 1 l l, Packard Nash GEORGE W. SHELOR SPALDINGS ATHLETIC GOODS Basket Balls Tennis Goods Basket Ball Uniforms Bathing Suits Sweaters PARKER CLOTHING COMPANY Exclusive Agents IL. Page One Hundred Eighty-eight =z3im r i i i i ic=j[a]fc=n ,J Cbe ororian i ,=, To Hie Sweethearts of Anderson: We will gladly help you with your gift selections. Trained by long ex- perience, you can be assured that our judgment is correct, ' our ' suggestions appropriate. Jewelry is beautiful, enduring, and of lasting, intrinsic value. In price, it is suitable for every gift requirement. Feel free to visit our shop and ask for suggestions. JEWELRY GIFTS THAT LAST Let Keese ' s Be Your Gift Counselor Warier H. Keese and Company) YOUR JEWELERS QUALITY FIRST AND LAST AND AN HONEST PRICE FOR IT. Pri Gos ntzess Suits sard Corsets Van Raalte Hosiery- Vanity Fair Silk Underwear Sunshine Suits IMJg Betty Wales Dresses Gentermeri Gloves Munsingwear D. GEISBERG Page One Hundred Eighty-nine r £=3C=IC 3C3CZ3 Cfte § ororian E=3I=IC il II IE II V andiver Company GENERAL INSURANCE AND ' BONDS Office 13854 North Main Street ANDERSON, S. C. Page One Hundred Ninety : i ictji: J i I CZZ3 a " " 1 Cfte otorianc HI II IC ll 1 DR. W. M. SIII1ARD DENTIST Is Telephone 346 A N DE RSON, S. C. 1 II J. D. RAST, President and Treasurer $10,000 CAPITAL The Anderson Furniture Co. Incorporated EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME AND THE PRICE IS RIGHT Bigby ' s Pharmacy No. 2 " The Open Front Store " Agents Norris Exquisite Candies We serve only the best at our fountain A Trial will convince you Toilet requisites— Stationery, etc. Bigby ' s Pharmacy No. 2 Successor to Beck Drug Co. Phone 1187 WE CARRY ALL THE NEW THINGS IN Fine Footwear for Women IF IT IS NEW, WE HAVE IT Thompson ' s Shoe Store " ' -ll— —l r 31 J I Page One Hundred Ninety-one " " " -■ ' " " = .= Cfte § oronan c Zll U=3C IF YOU WANT THE VERY LATEST STYLE IN FURNITURE THE VERY BEST WOOD IN FURNITURE THE VERY FINEST FINISH ON FURNITURE COME TO G. F. TOLLY C SON ANDERSON, S. C. THE OLDEST FURNITURE HOUSE IN SOUTH CAROLINA " ANDERSON ' S BETTER STORE " Invites your inspection of the correct styles in Women ' s Wear that are always on display at this good store Ready -to- Wear and Millinery of the Better Kind Always Costs You Less at " Fleishman ' s ' ' DAINTY FEMININE FOOTWEAR All Styles Leathers, Widths and Sizes THE FLEISHMAN BROS. CO. ANDERSON ' S BETTER STORE Page One Hundred Ninety-two — —ii icr i [d| e i c=3c - " " " " 3I=IC ii=ai=a Cije ororian ■ — ic 11 i c=ic Fretwell-Wall Furniture Company = 3 T SERVICE— QUALITY— PRICE vng T 5 208-210 South McDuffie Street ANDERSON, S. C. THE NEW BEE HIVE G. H. BAILES CO. —WHOLESALE AND RETAIL- ANDERSON, S. C. Dry Goods, Notions, Millinery, Shoes, Etc. WOMEN ' S READY-TO-WEAR CHARMING INDEED: It is a charming sight and a joy to all people of Anderson when her College Girls begin pouring into our midst. We too welcome every one of them on every occasion into our Big Department Store, where we en- deavor at all times to be able to show them the new things commensurate with their good taste. Our novelty footwear Toggery is unsurpassed in style and fit by any store in upper South Carolina. THE NEW BEE HIVE G. H. Bailes Company -11 - - — —i mt Page One Hundred Ninety-three n n ' - i i ir — - =31 ICZZJC i-=Cf)c§!oronan c 3C=1IZ=3C G. 13. KONDUKOS Fruits, Confectionery, and Lunches Next door to Blue Ridge Station 118 N. Main St. Anderson, S. C. Phone 800 LYON BROTHERS " The Gift Shop " Watches, Diamonds, Cut Glass, Silver and Jewelry WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING A SPECIALTY GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Engraving Done Promptly Brunswick and Emerson Records The Home of the Brunswick and Sanora Phonographs WHEN VISITING YOUR GIRLS CALL ON US " FREE ROAD SERVICE " Phone 798 115 W. EARLE ST. BROWN ' S TIRE SERVICE HOME OF GOOD TIRES Page One Hundred Ninety-four !— " — ■■ " : ■ i ■- c [lT| =h =J - i ic r=3 Cfje ororian I 1 1= 31= ■■ ' 1 1 ■ l GEO. W. SFEER Calcium Arsenate — Dusting Machinery Office Ligon-Ledbetter Bldg. Local and Long Distance Phone 513 QUATTLlBAUM COCHRAN ATTORNEY ' S AT LAW ANDERSON, S. C. DO YOUR BANKING AT THE BANK OF ANDERSON ANDERSON, S. C. THE STRONGEST BANK IN THE COUNTY P. E. CLINKSCALES, President J. A. BROCK, Vice President R. E. LIGON, Vice President A. M. SHARP, Assistant Cashier FRANK E. TODD, Assistant Cashier C. S. MAULDIN, Assistant Cashier =U Page One Hundred Ninety-five Z3 i i c i i ii — =■ Cije orotian t Page One Hundred Ninety-six i i ' ■ — i g ii PN ' .Cbe ororianc i PUREST OF THE PURE McCALL ' S Dairy Products CHOCOLATE AND PASTEURIZED MILK IN BOTTLES Mr. Retailer : If you are wide awake you had better get on to this one. Everybody will want it. Phone us at 72 and we will send it to you. We have Pineapple and Vanilla. Book Your Orders Now. McCalTs Dairy Products JUST WHOLESOMENESS Phone 82 West Earle St. ANDERSON COLD STORAGE CO. Manufacturers of CRYSTAL ICE And Distributors of the CELEBRATED PURINA CHOWS In Checkerboard Bag ' s LZ PHONE 492 ANDERSON, S. C. « Page One Hundred Ninety-seven ■ i i i " ■■ If — ■ ■ " " = Ctje gjororian . -4- 1CZ=IC 31 II IE Brogon Mills Are the Sole Owners Of the Registered Trade-Mark LADLASSIE It Is Your Guarantee MDE BV Brogon Mills qpSDERSON, s.c. 60LD B LL GOOD MERCHANTS Jt=3C J cj [ol ac II ICZ Jl ■ CZZJI I Ctje foreman ■ ■ ' — " l Phone 636 N. Main Street E. R. HORTOK, Pies, and Treas. W. F. MARSHALL, Second Vice-Pres. L. S. HORTON, First Vice-Pres. T. E. HORTON. Secretary ANDERSON REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENT COMPANY Capital and Earned Surplus $125,000.00 Stocks Real Estate Bonds ANDERSON, S. C. THE ORION IS AN EXHIBITION OF THE WORK OF ANDERSON COLEGE STUDENTS Drink Coca-Cola and Soda Waters mm Bottled in the cleanest plant in Anderson 31 n i ic: = jrzjc: iqDpc t=2t Page One Hundred Ninety-nine 31=31=3 Ci)e otorian = 3C3C 31 ic: IE 1 REED C GAILEY BROTHERS, Inc. PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS PHONE 245 TERMS CASH 111 WEST CHURCH STREET DEXTER GROCERY COMPANY Wholesale distributors of food products of every description Attractive offerings on Canned Fruits, Canned Fish, Canned Vegetables, Dried Fruits VJe take this means of expressing our appreciation of those who haue helped to make our annual a success vve Patronze ' Those vvno ' Patronize Us Page Two Hundred 3 1 31=11= i c=3i l gj[p] = ■ -i i i i- -i i i r- i r- 3 1 H=Z=IC -i — IC=Z=3 Cfce ororian 31 IC 31 I I I I T £ ££ ST ADVERTISEMENT FOR ANDERSON COLLEGE IS THE ANDERSON COLLEGE GIRL II 1 C=3C Ul . 1 =ii i cz i a p fai= h =jc Pa e Tiuo Hundred One ii id it: c j=s i e=3t -ii ii 1 Ctje ororian c 3I=IC aizzicmc 1 Equipped with many years experience for making photographs of all sorts, desirable for illustrating college Annuals. Best obtainable artists, work- manship and the capacity for prompt and un- equalled service. To 1 Address requests for information to our Executive Office, 1546 Broadway, N. Y. C. Page Two Hundred Two -i i — ■ ' i ' )i icrr i |N ■ i i i r- 3i — nc ic J 3 1 I CJC " " ■ Cfjc ororian i I CZ3C: II II ic I [ Burh - kVebjr.-„Conapany WI II College Annual LnctaaveKr 111 IvLjLl, K L J Tt CKY " V. S. A. • tj co " : f ..— r nK- r Prt,9e ftt ' o Hundred Three -■ i zr- i ii ji — i i — i i =n=ac=iCi?e ororianc n ■ ■= ' 1 DIRECTORY OF STUDENTS ELIZABETH ADAMS Tignall, Ga. RUTH ADAMS , - Tignall, Ga. HELEN ALLEN Anderson, S. C. JOSEPHINE ANDERSON Anderson, S. C. SUSIE ANDERSON - Anderson, S. C. MALINDA AIKEN Greenville, S. C. EVELYN ARCHER Anderson, S. C. MAY ARMSTRONG Anderson, S. C. ALESE ASHLEY Anderson, S. C. ISABELLE ARNETT Lake City, S. C. GLADYS ATKINSON Macon, Ga. LUCILE BALDWIN Gray Court, S. C. SADIE BALLARD . ' Pelzer, S. C. CYNTHIA BARNES I.Anderson, S. C. ELLEN BARNES Anderson, S. C. MERYL BARNES Lodge, S. C. EDITH BANKS Saluda, S. C. EVELYN BARNHILL Robersonville, N. C. MAYBELL BARNHILL " Robersonville, N. C. OLLIE BARTON Tigerville, S. C. NELLIE BARTON Anderson, S. C. MAY BARTON , Anderson, S. C. SARAH BARTON ' Anderson, S. C. MILDRED BEARDEN Westminster, S. C. RUTH BEEKS Abbeville, S. C. LUCY BELL Anderson, S. C. CAROLINE BELL Anderson, S. C. FAY BETTSWORTH Anderson, S. C. FRANCES BALDWIN Anderson, S. C. PHEME BLANTON Jacksonville, Fla. COLIE BLEASE Newberry, S. C. EVA BLUME Blackvilie, S. C. LAURA BLUM Liberty, S. C. NELLIE BOLT Ware Shoals, S. C. WILLIE SUE BOLEMAN Townville, S. C. FLORENCE BOYKIN Boykin, S. C. GERALDINE BOWEN Greenville. S. C. BRIDGET BOYLSTON Pendleton, S. C. LILLIAN BRADLEY Mayesville, S. C. MADGE BRADLEY Belton, S. C. DORIS BREAZEALE : Anderson, S. C. VELMA BRIDWELL Mountain Rest, S. C. VEOLA BRIDGES Anderson, S. C. ANNIE BROCK Graniteville, S. C. CAROLINE BROCK Central, S. C. NORINE BROCK . ' Iva, S. I, RUBY BROWN Anderson, S. C. HELEN BROWN Anderson, S. C. MYRTLE BROWN , Anderson, S. C. RUTH BRUCE - Anderson, S. C. MARGARET BURNETT : Belton, S. (. LYDIA BURRISS . ' . Anderson, S. C. ELIZABETH BLTRRESS Anderson, S. C. JANIE BURRESS Anderson, S. C. DESSIE BUTLER Saluda, S. C. FRANCES BURGISS Greer, S. C. BERTHA CARLISLE Anderson, S. C. CORRIE MAY CHAPMAN Pelzer, S. C. CLEONE CLAYTON Central, S. C. EUNICE CLAYTON Central, S. C. MARY CLEMENT Belton, S. C. KATHLEEN COOKE Anderson, S. C. DOROTHY COCHRAN Anderson, S. ( DORSEY COWHERD Brancheville, S. C. ELIZABETH COWHERD Brancheville, S. VIRGINIA COWHERD :... Brancheville, S. C. EVELYN COX Woodruff, S. C. NELLF. CRADDOCK : Fairfax, S. C. ROSALIND CRIST Anderson, S. C. GLADYS CROMER Anderson, S. C. Page Two Hundred Four • — ' i i ii j i i i — ie [q]t " — i i i i =3 — - " - — Cfte foreman i l DOROTHY CROXKHITE St. Joseph Mo. RUTH CUNNINGHAM Greer. S. C. LELA CURTIS - Vi if ' c r ETHEL DAVIS H ° " ea p ? th - f- C - MARY DeLOACH .-...Johnston, S. C. MARY DILLARD a j " ' o r DOROTHY DICKSON Anderson, S. C. CAROLINE DICKSON - Anderson, S. C. ELLA SUE DOBBINS Anderson, S. C. CARINE DOMINICK - Neeses, S. C. EZELLE DORN Epworth, fa C. SUSIE DRAKE Anderson, S. C. THELMA DUCWORTH i-f™!? ' f- £■ MARTHA DYCHES - F ° MlU . §■ C - OLIVIA DRENNON Anderson, S. ,C. SARAH ELROD - ...Piedmont, S. C. MARIE ENGLAND Westminster, S. C. MARIORIE ENGLAND - Westminster, S. C. EUGENIA ENTRENKIN Anderson, S. C. NELLIE ESKEW = Anderson, S. C. LOIS EVANS -Central, S. C. EM MA FLOW ERS Dovesv.l e, S. C. HELEN FOSTER Roebuck. S. C. KATHLEEN FOSTER - Roebuck. S. C. I ' .EAUFORT FOWLER Campobello, S. C. ANNICE FULMER - ...Neeses, S. C. ZANERIAN FUNK Hagerstown Md. FRANCES GAINES .....Anderson, S. C. MAXIE GAMBRELL - ........ Belton, S. C. ELIZABETH GABLE Anderson, S. C. SYLVENE GLENN ■ £ tarr ' g- Jj- MATTIE TULIA GRAHAM Cades, S. L. MA RY GRAHAM Piedmont, S. C. MARION GRAY Anderson, S. C. MAUDE LOUISE GREEN Anderson, S. C. LOV ELENE GLYMPH Anderson, S. C. LILA GUEST - Anderson, S. C. KATHARINE HAGOOD Easley, S. C. HELEN HARDEN Anderson,- S. C. ALICE POPE HARRIS Elberton, Ga. CLARA FRANCES HARRIS Greenville, S. C. BLANCHE HARRIS Dillon, fa. L. ELIZAi! ETH HARRIS Greenville. S. C. GEORGIA HARRIS - Anderson, fa. C. THELMA HEADDEN v; -Pelzer, fa. C. LOLA MAE HELLAMS 1-ountam Inn, S. C. RUBY HEMBREE Anderson, fa. C. ZOE HILL -. ;; Tu P al) ?, u ' I " S - CLARA BELLE HILTON Hardeville. fa. C. EMMA HILTON - Kershaw, fa. C. THELMA HITE Johnston, fa. C. LENA HOGG Williamston. S. C. KATHLEEN HOLLAND ' . Anderson, S. C. HARRI ET HOLMAN Anderson, fa. C. WILLIE FRANK HOOTEN Montezuma, Ga. MALVINA HOPPER Belton, S. C. MRS. E. R. HORTON, JR Anderson, S. C. LAURA MAE HUDSON Anderson, fa. C. LILLIAN HUFF Simpsonville, fa. C. LONIE HUFF Simpsonville, S. C. RUTH HUGHES - Donalds, S. C. ELOYCE HUTTO Anderson, S. C. DORIS JEFFRIES Clayton, N. C. IRMA TEFFRIES Gaffney, S. C. 1RMA JEFFRIES ; Gaffney, N. C. MARY JOHNSTON ,. Anderson, S. C. CAROLINE TOHNSTON - Anderson, fa. C. FRANCES JOHNSTON Anderson, S. C. IRENE TONES » Liberty, fa. C. ELIZABETH JONES Abbeville, S. C. BERTHA KELLY Pelzer, S. C. FLORIDE KELLY Central, S. C. TULIA KEMPSON Silver Street, fa. C. MARY KENDRICK Portsmouth, Va. VIRGINIA KENNEDY Williston, S. C. LAUREE KENNEDY Laurens, S. C. VANN RAY KENNEY Rembert, S. L. GRACE KEYS Starr, S. C. KATHLEEN KEYS - Starr, S. C. Page Tivo Hundred Five n=j|aH 3 i 1 1=11 ' i cm i — =21 cmai -j c=ic=i C!)e oronaiic nc MARION KEYS Belton, S. C. ELEISE KING Westminster, S. C. HELEN KING : Anderson. S. C. JACK KING u Anderson, S. C. CORA JANE KING Anderson, S. C. SARA M AH A LIE KING Anderson, S. C. FRANCES KNIGHT Anderson, S. C. RUTH KYZER ..., Lodge, S. C. LULA LEE LEATH ERS Anderson, S. C. El ' . MCE LEATHERS Anderson, S. C. MRS. LOUIS LEDBETTER Anderson, S. C. MYRA LEE Long Creek, S. C. MARY BEGG LIGON Anderson, S C. WINIFRED LLOYD Anderson, S. C. CONSUELO LOLLIS Anderson, S. C. RUTHELMA .MARCH BANKS Anderson, S. C. AXME LEE MARTIN Anderson, S. C. CORINNE MASON Westminster, S. C. MARY FRANCES MATTISON Andeison S C FRANCES MATTOX Elberton, Ga. RUBY MIDDLETON Meriwether, S. C. CORNELIA MILAM : Sandy Springs, S. C. OLIVE MINOR Anderson, S. C. MATTIE MOORE Lanford Station, S. C. GEORGIA LEE MULDROW Anderson, S C SARAH MURPHY „ •. Anderson, S. C. MILDRED MURRAY Cameron, S C. FLORENCE MURRAY ,. Anderson, S C. MELVA McCARLEY ,. Anderson. S. C. CORA McCOWN 7. Anderson, S. C. MAUDE McCOWN Anderson, S. C. SARA McDANIEL . ' „ Andeison, S. C. ANNA DEAN McFALL Anderson S C. SARAH McGEE Anderson, S. C. HELEN McGILL Anderson, S. C. MARY McGREGOR Anderson. S. C. NANA MePHAIL Anderson, S. C. HELEN McPHAlL Anderson, S. C. MERDEL NIX Zirconia, N. C. OLLIE NIX Zirconia, N. C. GLADYS N IXON North Augusta, Ga. RUBY NORRIS Anderson, S. C. MARY OWINGS Laurens, S. C. MARY PAGET Vnderson, S. C. EDNA PARHAM ... " . Charleston, S. C. MRS. J. H. PARKS Anderson, S. C. CAROLINA PARKS Anderson, S. C. MARTHA PARKS Anderson, S. C. CAROLINE PARNELL Savannah, Ga. ELIZABETH PETERSON Greenwood. S. C. BONTE PHILLIPS Hartwell. Ga. ROBBIE PHILLIPS Westminster, S. C. MILDRED PILAT Doyleston. Pa. GLADYS POSEY Graniteville. S. C. LOUISE POWER Laurens. S. C. SARA POWER Laurens, S. C. MARTHA PRINCE Anderson, S. C. KATE RAINEY Starr, S. C. MARY RAST Anderson, S. C. MARTHA RAST Anderson, S. C. ALMA RAWLINSON Lykesland, S. C. CORA EMMIE RAWLINSON Congaree, S. C. HELEN REICHARD Anderson, S. C. EUNICE RICE Pelzer, S C LUCIA RICHARDSON Simpsonville. S. C. ELIZABETH RICHARDSON .. Anderson, S C. JENNIE G. RICHARDSON Piedmont, S. C. SELIMA REID Belton, S. C. MARY RICHARDS Union Point, Ga. JUNE ROSCOE Wilson, N. C. ELOISE RO YA LL Salemburg, N. C. MARY SADLER Anderson. S. C. MARY SALLA Anderson, S. C. VINNIE SANDERS , Silver Street, S. C. CHRISTINE SCOTT Anderson, S. C. HESSIE SEABROOKE : Edisto Islands, S. C. WADINE SETTLE Point Peter, Ga. CARRIE SEXTON Starr, S. C. Page Two Hundred Six iizzzj i icr=n= ' trjfLTlfcji ' ' " " " — " J ■ Ci)e§ orouan c MAIMEE SHEARER ■ Anderson, S. C. COMNENA SHEARER Anderson, S. C. DAISY SHEARER Anderson, S. C. PHOEBE SHERARD t - Anderson, S. C. CARA SHIRLEY - Anderson, S, C. DAVID SIMPSON. JR Anderson, S. C. DOROTHY SIMPSON " Anderson, S. C. ELIZABETH SMALI Kershaw, S. C. OPHELIA SMITH Madison, Fla. MYRTLE SMITH Fort Mill, S. C. SARA FRANCES STEPHENS Anderson, S, C. ANNIE EVELYN STEVENSON Townville, S. C. FANNIE ALBERTA STEVENSON Townville. S. C. MARY DELL STEWART Pelzer. S. C. MARY STRICKLAND - Starr, S. C. CALLIE FREEMAN STRINGER ' . Anderson, S. C. BABBIE SULLIVAN Anderson, S. C. LILA SULLIVAN Anderson, S. C. PAULINE SULLIVAN Anderson, S. C. ERNESTINE TARKINGTON Lanrinburg, N. C. RUTH THOMPSON Laurens. S. C. RUTH TODD Laurens, S. C. OLIVE TODD - Belton. S. C. VIRGINIA TODD Anderson, S. C. SARA TOWNSEND Anderson, S. C. GERALDINE TRAM. M ELL Anderson, S. C. DOROTHY TRIBBLE Anderson, S. C. SARA TRIBBLE Andersen, S. C. SARA VANDIVER Anderson, S. C. HELEN WALLACE - Kinards, S. C. SARA WALLACE Anderson. S. C. ELLIE WAITES Dyson, S. C. HELEN W ATKINS Anderson, S. C. ADDI E LOU WATES Saluda. S. C. EMILY MARY WATTS Columbia. S. C. MARY EMILY WATTS Columbia, S. C. MRS. L. D. WEBB - Anderson, S. C. RUTH WEBB Aiken, S. C. VIOLET WELBORNE Anderson, S. C. ANNA DEAN WEST Belton, S. C. ANNIE MAE WH ITE Spartanburg, S. C. MARTHA WHITE Miami. Fla. MRS. J. E. WHITE, IR Anderson, S. C. MARGARET WICKLIFFE West Union, S. C. VIVIEN WILES Anderson, S. C. ELIZABETH WI LES Anderson, S. C. TEW ELL WILLIE Louisville, Ga. HARRIET WILKINS Gaffnev. S. C. KATHLEEN WILSON Anderson, S. C. LOUISE WRAY Elberton, Ga. JANE WRIGHT Anaerson, S. C. MARTHA WYATT Anderson, S. C. TOSIE YOUNG . Anderson, S. C. SARA YEARGIN Gray Court, S. C. Page Two Hundred Seven 3 c= | [5] | =i ' ii ii " " 3i — i. 1 Ct)C fenrnrian. .. — . . — .. — , . . .. AUTOGRAPHS 1 : 19. 2 : 20. 3 .....: 21. 4 22. 5 7. 9 10 11 12 13 14 15. 16 17 18 Page Two Hundred Eight " i i " " «=KDN 23 24 25 •.. 26 " 7 28 29 30 31 32 33. : 34 -. 35 36 :. ■—ii ii ii ii ii ir- ' . t=i i — it=3i = =» — iC e ororian u n — n = n — lc= -i AUTOGRAPHS 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 S3 54 - " —i i i r- =» 55 56. 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 •. 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 Hi Page Two Hundred Nine -ii ii ii ii ii — '

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