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f orewor d FROM SCENES LIKE THESE THE GLORY OF OUR ALMA MATER SPRINGS; THAT MAKES HER LOVED AT HOME, REVERED ABROAD. 0rortait 19 3 1 lubliBI1r bu Srntor (dlafla AniirrsDn (Eollrgp AubrrBini. $. (£. WA Alma Mater Dear lo our hcarh h our Alma Malcr, LoMal and Iruc are Tve ; Truest Jevolion till life h crtjcd. Wholly rve pledge lo ihee ; Though from ihv halls far amay me mander, Thoughts bacl( to thee will ftxs. Arid tender mem ' ries time cannot sever, Love that can never die, Heav ' n ' s choicest blessing ever attend thee. Dear Alma Mater mine; No shadorvs harm ihce, no fears alcrm thee, AlTva;)s the sunshine thine; And though n e leave thee, we ' ll never grieve thee, True to our trust rve ' ll be; Our best endeavor, norv and forever, Aliuays lo honor thee. Mrs. C. S. Sullivan ra„ ' g Q,„ D § IIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIillllllll ORDER OF BOOKS BOOK ONE Faculty and Classes BOOK TWO Organizations BOOK III Athletics and Clubs BOOK FOUR Features and Jokes iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiit .0 i.H S pSill S M m 1 1 1 - ,-J f ' ■SI S) f i S loi i! -g ' giT I ga g V W S r [ BS ST] i gil SSX.T — r To Our Dean JAMES PRIMROSE WHYTE Who has greatly strengthened us by his firm, yet kind and wise judgment, and whoseefforts for our Alma Mater We value, we, the Senior Class of iQ2i, dedicate this volume of our SORORIAK 1 1 1 1 1 m E, ' mM ' ' mM M m. Wsff Tke Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One [in iiii imut ' K T .i.itm t un T it T minni iTT m}= A walk called straight that leads up to opportunity Page (en TKe Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One rT ' - ' -v ' T ' " ' ' " ' " " " ! ' ' ' i iT n m iinttmwiumnimi i i i ni f n f v i m i m JJ -- " i i Ui.ih.mmm,.i.,iiinuummm Lool ing from the TvindoTVs of light Page eleven m ' The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One I U I . |l ll l lL I U I L I Il l l l.liLl l UlM.»»l ll i »M»l.liti l |»lna»niHn i Lbn i»I.. I UMliat.i.Ul.lilUo.lLllhL I UUIUI I l l1ll l»| l tLl Lt»U l ll ll .Uii.l»lllUtii.....,.,,tll,i.ll..L,i..lll| p,l = ' The vear ' s at the spring and day ' s at the morn Page iTjelve TKe Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One =1 Kii ii iiiiriiiiiii ii ii» iii ,ii [ iri Fr ii iii i i " ' irr ihi ii ji i t i ii,..i i i i.j iii ii ii ii i iii..iHi i ii ir i ii i i i( rri i i[ i i ijiii i H .hi.illimiiiiirrTTn T ' ie house of a limdl ' ) administration — The worl shop of rvorl men rvho needeth not to he ashamed Page thirteen The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One iii v, ii i iii uui i mu.iiiUii r n.i ii »v i » inT7i i fir imnu»i ii a»»ii.iMiimiiLi|) »Mum i »mii»i. ii. i.iiti , - ..,»i i. ... .n. ' ' w T= " vou get simple beauiv and nought else. You get about the best thing Cod invents " Page fourteen The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One fiiiiit»iii).iii. ,i[,;»,iiiiiin H i7l iii i ii |ii7 iiJiitfjiff rTT » r " " » " " fn r[ tnili r n. i i [ HJi i ii " Where the quiet-colored end of evening smiles miles and miles " Page fifteen Tke Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One i r r ,uu iii ii imyii.ini»n i u» T ii» i n.miniiMii»i nn i n iTm t n i T iniiu. T t Tr . Tr i i uiiiwnL» iTr , i r iiu 7tr i iiiiTmi agj= " vou climb to our castle s top, I don ' t see rvhere your eye can stop Page iixteen The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One 1 — r ' Ml l=ivv -irvVf— mar W .Sir FACULTY Page he. iQn{Qe{ The Sororian, Nineteen Tw enty-One 1iTr; ' . j;nTiii iUiii,iiiiiii|ii,ti i i» i u i|li..iiili l l1 l l l |. l lL jl ,.ilhillLI . l ) . i mni l l ...hl. r .Uiliit.Hlt. l lilHULi n iH l mHiHililntt ll U lll iii JOHN ELLINGTON WHITE Presidenl Page eighteen Yrvo- i- ' - ' .si ' r i ---w-V . - . .c •■ y ' . - ' ■ - ' JL loX Aj: J - 1 ' hJiJU-ot uA S. " = 5 v A y UJLJi 0 c; . ' C ■ ■ f ? " V " . . O ? N - ' - " r ' V, X 1 y ? u . . u -xC --3ti S - St 2 o V ' Ui -Ci-vut, SEMSOM PWINTiMC COfvlP ' . M ' T ' . " . The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One CT ' i ' I ' f ' ' ' ' ' ■ ' ' " ' ' ' iW " t ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' H ' " ' i I WJ ' ihJJi ' iT ' r fr ' " ' I ' M " " Tmmrrrnpi TniuTi miiiuiiiiiii,uiimiirrr rimii " n ' ■ ■ ijiW v, -: vi— - Page iivcnly-lhree The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One it ii i i i iii i,ii i i» i i»u» ' i j iiiil " i i n i in n » n ti i mjN»ut Tr .iU ini H i mu. i i i ri.ui. »i i uniii tifi i nTini ii»ni i ii,tiui mi i i uLU T nii» Senior CI enior ulass Colors: Pink and Green Flonier : Sweet Pea Mollo: " Do a Liltle Bit More Than You Are Expected to Do " Officers Peggy Blanton PresiJenl Dorothy Burnett yice-Prcsidenl Carrie Bowie Secrelar -Treasurer Viola Trogden Historian Mildred Bearden Testator Clarice Townsend Prophet Elva Coleman Poet Edna Blume Critic Miss Elizabeth Richardson Sponsor Miss Frances McIntosh Sponsor Helen King Mascot j Page in ent}f-fouT The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One -== ri®ij ffl ' i flW« in n i l ■ II J..„H.»lit.lll,.„|,m,ilHHIJII»illillllilH itll|»lllll|l l i " ll " ' l ' miiilill i m.iaii ii MI.Ji ll lll JiilN.iiM ]ll i l J Oin iHl |l |» [ li,iiiMH|lii |]IIIJ]l |liiJI]|.ll|]J im il i l l l li||] | )ll l i li Miss Elizabeth Richardson Sponsor Helen King Masco I Miss Frances McIntosh Sponsor Page Ijvenly-five The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Peggy Osborn Blanton, Art Jacksonville, Florida Estherian Literary Society Honors: Art Club: Secretary-Treasurer Art Club, ' IS. ' in; President Art Club, ' 10, ' 20, ' 21; Coresponding Secretary Estherian Society, ' 1! , ' 20; Critic Estherian Society, ' 20, ' 21; San Souci Club, President ' s Club, ' 20, ' 21; Athletic Association, Dramatic Club; President oC Class, ' 20. ' 21; Editor-in-Chief of Annual, ' 20, ' 21; Member of Pan-Hellenic, ' 19, ' 20, ' 21; President Tramps ' Alley Club, ' 20, ' 21. " Life ' s a jest and alt things sboiv it, I thought so once and now I } nort) it " Page lv enl})-six TKe Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One 5IIiHiji iiinii(ii ' ,TWiiTTTii»Hii»jm»(iu)itiiiHiii»im ' nmiii jT g™ Mildred King Bearden, A.B. SAT Westminster, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Honors: Glee Club, ' 20, ' 21; Dramatic Club, ' IS, ' 19, ' 20; Treasurer Y. W. A., ' IS; Critic of Lanier Society. ' 20; Meiii- ber of Executive Council. ' 10, ' 20; Chi ( Marshal, ' 19. ' 20; Member Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ' 19; Vice-President of Y. W. A., ' 20; Assistant Literary Editor of Annual. ' 19, ' 20; French Club. ' 20. ' 21; Secielary of Tennis Club. ' 20, ' 21; President Stu- dent Government Association, ' 20, ' 21, " Devoted, generous, void of guile, and lailh her rehole heart ' s ivelcome in her smile " Edna Pauline Blume, A.B. e n, s s s Blackville, S. C. Eslherian Literary Society Honors: Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Associa- tion: Secretary and Treasurer of Class, ' 18. ' 19. ' 20; Executive Council, ' 20; Social Editor of Orion. ' 20; Presideni Barnwell Club. ' 20; Member of Sans Souci Club. ' 19. ' 20. ' 21; President mI Pan-Hellenic. ' 20. ' 21; President of Y. W. A., ' 20, ' 21; Y. W. C. A. Cabinri Member. ' 20; Marshal of Estherian Su- ciety, ' 20. ' 21; Critic of Senior Class. ' 20. ' 21. " Precious things come in small pacl ages " Page iwenl -seven The Sororian, Nineteen Tw enty-One miiiiu»i.iLin» i i ' taiiirUiiitiii i ini ii mmL i m)ni J= Sarah Lou Bobo. A.B. OWINGS. S. C. Lanier Literary Society Honors: Secretary of Lanier Society, 17; Member of Executive Council, ' 19, ' 20, " 21; Chief Proctor, ' 19, ' 20; Vice-Presl- dt-nt of Executive Council. 20, 21; Re- ligious Editor of Oiion. ' 20. ' 21; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Member; Member Student Volunteer Band; Alliletic Association; Class Poet. ' 17, ' IS. ' 19; Annual Staff, ' 20, ' 21; President V. W. A.. ' 19, ' 20. " Her life Ti}as gentle and the elemenh so mixed in her thai nature might stand up end say to all the roorld, ' This ruas a juoman ' Carrie Estelle Bowie Certificate in Piano :: A r Pendleton, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Honors: Marshal of Class, ' 19, ' 20; Music Editor of Annual, ' 19, ' 20; Treasurer of Society. ' 20; Assistant Business Manager of Annual. " 20. ' 21; Secretary and Treas- urer of Class. ' 21; Member of St. Cecelia Club; Tennis Club; Music Editor of Orion, ' 20. ' 21; President of Society, ' 20; Critic of Society, ' 21. " The light of ove, the puiil]} of grace, the mind, the music breathing from her facz " Page twenty -eight The Sororian, Nineteen T venty-One =@5S ii.iiimiji i i.ii i iiitii i HJu i iHii iri iii r N ii H iiir iui i i i iii iii.ii i ti Hui i i ii iinii.iinim ' iihitii i ii i iUiiniiitniiiiiti i ii i i ' iiiin Clell Allen Branham, B.S. T z, :i i; i; Raleigh, N. C. Estherian Literary Society Honors: Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Assocui- tion; Dramatic Clul). ' li); Vice-President Dramatic Club, ' 20; Sans Souoi Club. ' l:i: Vice-President Sans Souci Club. ' 20; So- cial Editor Orion, " 1(1; Assistant Busimss Manager of Orion. ' 20; Fine Arts Editoi ol! Orion, ' 21; Social Editor of Annual. ' 20; H. E. Editor of Annual. ' 21; Glu. Club, ' 20, ' 21; Class Basketball, ' 21; Sec- retary of French Club, ' 21; President ol Estherian Society,, ' 20, ' 21; President oi Special Class, ' 20; President of N. ( ' . Club. ' 20. ' 21; Member of Pan-Hellenic. •20. ' 21; Secretary of Red Headed Club. ' 20; Substitute Society Debater. ' 20; Assistant in H. E. Dcpt., ' 20. " To l(no}v her is lo love her ' Mabel Ruth Bridges, A.B. Anderson. S. C. Lanier Literary Society Honors: .Mhletic Association; D. P. t ' , ' IS, ' 19, ' 20; Secretary of T. G. C ' 2il ' 21. " Do i(, do il right. Jo il right now " Page Iwent -ninc The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One i..ummiiiUti.iimimmni.mhm.iiihi.hiiii i utii i m ii i i[TTr. iTnTnTm i ui.Hiuimi ii m " nl Dorothy Dayton Burnett A.B. e K :, i; i; i; Lanier Literary Society Honors: Secretary of Lanier Society, ' 20: Vice-President Lanier Society. ' 21; So- ciety Eflitor of Annual, ' 20, ' 21; Ex- change Editor of Orion, ' in, ' 20; Associ- ate Editor of Orion, ' 20, ' 21; Secretary and Treasurer Dramatic Club, ' 19, ' 20; Secretary of Glee Club, ' 19, ' 20; Class Basketball, ' 20, ' 21; Vice-President of C1.T.SS, ' 20, ' 21; y. W. C, A. Cabinet, ' 20, ' 21: Member of Executive Council, ' 20, ' 21. " Round her she made an atmosphere of life. The Very air seemed lighter from her eves " Julia Eliza Cade, Art e K i:, i; 1 Mt. Carmel, S, C, Lanier Literary Society Honois: Dramatic Club, ' 19; Y. W. C. A.; St. Cecelia Club; Art Club; Secre- tary and Treasurer of Art Club, ' 20; Annual Staff. ' 20; Treasurer of Lanier Literary Society. ' 19; College Choir. ' 20. ' 21: Secretary of Sigma Sigma Sigma; Vice-Prisldent of Y. W. A. " 7 love not man the less, hut nature more " Page thirty Tlie Sororian, Nineteen T-wenty-One ■ fcy " ' ' " ' ' ' ' " " " ' ' ' ll ' ' " ' ' " " " ' " ' " " " l " J " " ' ' i " ' " »ifi nf n t rn . rr ji i i ' i Tifriiiiiiiiiwiiiiirm; mmrmwmn- i i=..:v . ' :— Elva Watson Coleman, A.B. Starr, S. C. Eslherlan Literary Society Honors: CriUc of Class, ' 17, ' IS; Vice- President of Class, •]!). ' 20; Class Poet. ' 20, ' 21; Class Basketball, ' 19; Member of French Club; Athletic Association; Y. W. A.; Y. W. C. A. ' True as the needle to the pole Or as the dral to the sun " Lillian Elizabeth Deck, B.S. Belton, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Honors: Town Girls Club. " A heaut} ( e ihe cadence of s ' D eei music dii ells ever in pots and pans set out in neat arra j Page thirty-one The Sororian, Nineteen Twentv-One Tm;t:i i TrTnin m i u.i t i iT iiu ilu.mL i n.i.nii. ' ii ' .ti tn i nL | iUin» ' H " i n iiiiU m iniHTi..titii; tii ' ii iiit t ' .-ttn[iirmnmT » i uiimUiL i m i l imi i i nT.T7 ' i..mi;ni.Mi. : .i.r...w T= Elma Dunn, A.B. Donalds, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Honors: Y. W. A.; French Club; Keyne Klub; Secretary of Society, ' - . " The crimson glow of modesty o ' crspreaj her c iee and gave new luster lo her charm " Edith Lavinia Fincken, B.S. Gaffney, S. S. Lanier Literary Society Honors: Y. V. C. A.; Athletic Associa- tion; Assistant Helper in H. E. " The most manifest sign of wisdom is continued cheerfulness " Page thir( )-two Tne Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Mary Helen Harrison, A.B. Trenton, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Honors: Vice-President of Bstherian So- ciety. ' 20, ' 21; President of Athletic As- sociation, ' 20. ' 21: Member of Varsity, ' 18, ' 19, ' 20. ' 21: Manager of Varsity, ' 20, ■21; Y. W. C. A.: Marslial. ' 20, ' 21: Atli- letio Association; Manager of Class Team. ' 20. ' 21. " In small proportion we just beauties see, and in short measures life ma ) perfect he " Kathleen Curtis Haynie A.B. Belton, S. C. Lamer Lileraiy Society Honors: Y. W. C. A. ; Class Treasurer, ' 19, ' 20; Athletic Association. ' A smile is the irade-marl of a happ " soul " Page [hiriy-ihr Tke Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One -T vv, i Ji»LUl llll 1 1l l ,»I.J Il .lL I » l t. l .lt | li.iiiit,H ll ll | .n T m. iT . l U ll lh l l.i.i.. l l lTll li ri1 ..Uti. ' h J ili.ln.HUH. III in iT niiltiiU TTinTTnin . ]= Lucille Amelia Haynie, A.B. Belton, S. C. Lanier Literary Sociely Honoi-s: T. W. C. A.; Athletic Associa- tion. " Ccntte in manner and firm in realil i " RussiE Sue Hembree, A.B. Anderson, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Honors: Varsity Basketball, ■!!•. •20; T, G. C. ; Member oC Art Club, ' SO; Ath- letic Association. " May your cares he fern and your troubles light " Page thirty-four Tlie Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One = [g± " .uf •itl ' . ' ilii inr .i»i» rii i Ti» »ii i f nj »tiiiJJii i »»ti " " " " " " " " ii [ iiii ' ' i ' i i. i .ii i ..i [ii i i i i ii iiij r iii i Jiu r i.f ri i ir i i i mTTTi iiiiiiiiiiiiii.iiiiiiiJi ' i iiiiiinrr mmr : fc Florence Elizabeth Metric k B.M. e n, i; z 2 Walhalla, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Honors: Athletic Association:. Y. W C. A.; St. Cecelia Club, ' 18, ' I!), ' 20, ' 21 President of Special Class. ' 17, ' 1,S: Pan Hellenic; Cheer Leader. ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 Local and Joke Editor of Orion, ' 19, ' 20 Business Manager of Orion. ' 20, ' 21; As sistant Editor-in-Chief of Annual, ' l:i ' 20; Secretary and Treasurer of San Souci; President ' of Paradise Club, ' 20 ' 21; President of Oconee Club. ' 19, ' 2(1, ' 21; Secretary and Treasurer of Tenni. Club. ' 20. ' 21; Glee Club. ' 17. ' IS. ' 19 Business Manager Glee Club. ' 20. ' 21. " Worlf, slud ) and love — ihe greatest of these is love " Marguerite Gladys High A.B. Spartanburg, S. C. Estherian Literary Society Honors; Y. W. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Ath- letic Association. " A quiet, unassuming girl of sterling Toorth " Page llnrt )-five The Sororian, Nineteen Twentv-One mmini Tiii imLi[|t,.nu iT nm» - .i.iiiimii.,,....n;...ii...i ny ?]- Edith Mave Hutchison, A.B. Anderson, S. C. Estherlan Literary Society Hnnois: Member of Executive Council, ' 17; Class Historian, ' 17; Y. W. C. A.; y. W. A.; Athletic Association. " A woman ihal brings sunshine into the hves of olhers cannol f eep it from herself " Bettie Elma Long, A.B. Piedmont, S. C. Lamer Literary Society Honois: Jleniber of Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' IS, ' 19 ; Secretary and Treasurer Y. W. C. A.; Member of Executive Council, ' 19, ■::o; Y. AY. A. " She is so free, so f tnj, so apt, so blessed of disposition ; she holds it a vice in her goodness not to do more than she is re- quested " Page thirty-six The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Gladys Ann Mahaffey, A.B. Anderson. S. C. Lanier Literary Society Honors: Y. W. C A. ; Athletic Associa- tion; Anderson County Club. " Courage, comhineii with nx ' power, rvHl carry ijou as far as you desire lo go " Florence McDaniel, A.B. Anderson, S. C. Lanier Literary Society " Modest and stveel as ihe daisies " Page ihirly-seven The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One TnimTim.i.mmimim.iirm 1= Susie Maude McDaniel, A.B. TlMMORSVILLE, S. C. Eslherian Literary Society Honors; Y. Vt. C. A. Cabinet, ' 19, ' 20, ' 21; ?or(jeant-at-Arms of Eslherian Society: Jleniber of Student Volunteer Band; Class Basketball Team, ' 19, ' 20; Y. W. A.; Assistant Religious Editor of Orion. ■19, ' 20. " Revealings Jeep and clear are thine of Tvcalthxi smile " RossiE Caroline Milford A.B. Anderson. S. C. Lanier Lilerary Society Honors: Athletic Association; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 20, 21; Assistant Math. Teacher; Y. W. A. " An ounce of mirth ts xvorlh a pound of sorroTv " Page ihirl) -eighl The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One pr,Tii..ii.iniHfii[. .,„ tniii»iii.ii )iii ii iniiuii)i niFi ii i i i iU F j]iiii TiTinnT amimriii„(,.i i,iiiiiiniii.;iiiiii [ i,ii|i,i,i i.ii i ii(„iiii i iiiiiii,jii.iin,i,iij i itiii ii ji ir i i i [. Annie May Murray, A.B. Anderson, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Honors: Y. W. C. A,; Y, W. A.: Repor- ter oC T. G. C, ' IS. ■! ); Keyne Klub; Sergeant-at-Arms oC Society. ' 21. " The hlom of opej]in§ flojoers unsuUid! teau u, Softness and snreelest innocence she ruears And looI(s I ' e j]alure in the TDorld ' s first spring " OuiDA Cornelia Pattison B.M. Edgefield, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Honors: Vice-President of Y. W. A., ' 19. ' 20; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 20. ' 21; Vice- President Executive Council. ' lH. ' 20; Secretary of Executive Council. ' 20. ' 21 : Tjiterary Editor of Orion, ' 18, ' 19; Edi- tor-in-Chief of Orion. ' 19, ' 20, ' 21; Class Historian. ' 19, ' 20; Lanier Critic, ' 20; President of Lanier Society, ' 21. " None hut herself can he her parallel " Page thirty-nine mP " ' The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One , Jiiiiii,iiiiTrrTnTciimiiiTm,. i ima.u,..i...i.ii.....(iui. i i.iii tm ni l i i i» i iiiiii,m,|[ i ii. i i lilui.. =11= Winnie Sherard Reid, B.M. 2 A T IVA. S. C. Lanier Literary Sociely Honors; Treasurer of Lanier Society. ' IS: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 20, •21; Y. W. A.; Atliletic Association; St. Cecelia Club; .Music Editor of Annual. ' 20, ' 21. " Music gcnilier on the spirit lies, Than lircj eyelids upon lired eyes " Martha Christine Scott, A.B. Anderson, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Honors: Athletic Association: Secretary of D. P. U.; President of T. G. C, ' 20, •21. " Cive me true friends and music and life lyi be a pleasure " Page forty The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One {j UJ ' .HH Hi,,iM..ii it " nJini»iiiHiiii»jiiiri»iiiiiii ' ii ' »i ' iiiimiiiai i iii..iu i» m i,iui iuimmiimmmii i iJ ui,wiiim i mimmmi,iiiim Annie Pearl Shirley A.B., Exp. BOWERSVILLE, Ga. Lanier Literary Society Honors: Secretary of Y. W. C. A.. ' IS. ' 19; Class Historian, ' 17. ' IS; Seci-etary of Athletic Association. ' IS, ' 19; Class Basketball. ' 17, ' IS. ' 19. ' 20; Y. W. A.: Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Cabincl Member. ' 17. ' IS. ' 19, ' 20. " The smiles that Tvirij the tints that glom, But tell of Jal)5 in gooJness spent, A mind at peace ivith all below, A heart jvhose love is innocent " Clarice Barksdale Townsend A.B. e K 2, 2 2 S Anderson. S. C. ElstSerian Literary Society Honors: Class President. ' IS, " 19, ' 20: .Sergeant-at-Ai-ms, Critic and Pi-esident of Estherian .Society; Cheer Leader. ' 19. ' 20. ' 21; President of Home Talent Club; President of Red-Headed Club. ' 19. ' 20, ' 21; Sans Souci Club; Pan-Hellenic: Sponsor of Sub-Preshman Club. ' 19, ' 20; .Toke and Local Editor Orion. ' 19, ' 20: Business Manager of Orion. ' 20: Social Editor of Orion. ' 21; Sub-Freshman English Teacher, ' 19. ' 20. ' 21: Class Bas- ketball. ' 17. ' IS. ' 19, ' 20, ' 21; Class Prophet, ' 21; Joke Editor Annual. ' 20; Literary Editor of Annual. ' 21; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 20. ' 21; Secretary of Glee Club, ' IS. ' 19; Vice-President of Glee Club. ' 19. ' 20; Publicity Manager of Glee Club, ' 20, ' 21. " As Tvelcome as sunshine in everp place, so the beaming approach of a gooj-naturej face " Page fort -one The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One m,i.t,iii.n...n[iii i .nn [i ..i. i u»i i u i i..-».ii i i.nin i t Tm ii.n.]»init iii uiummi.iimnmmi.L.,»mmi.„.. i...ii.iu,...iil -. T= Viola Trogden, A.B. Buffalo, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Honors: Y. W. A.; Class Basketball. ' 19. ■:i(l. ' lil: Class Htstorlnn, ' 20. ' 21; Treas- urer of Lanier Societj . ' l.S; Program Committee, ' lil; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ' 20; President o! Y. W. O. A.. ■21: Assi.itant Literary Editor of Oi-ion, ' 20; Annual SlalT. ' 20: Assistant Teaelier in Matb. " She hath a hcail to conceive, a heart to contrive, and a hand to execute " LlLA Foi RESTER WASHINGTON B.S. Pelzer, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Honors: At luetic Association; Class PresitU ' iit, ' 17, ' IS; Member of Executive Council, ' IS, ' 19; Secretary and Treasurer of Special Class, ' 1!). " 20; President of Y. W. C. A.. ' IS. ' 19, 20: Y. W. A.; President of Student Volunteer Band. ' 19, ' 2ii, ' 21; Tennis Club. ' 19, ' 20, ' 21; Chair- man Mission Study, ' 20, ' 21. " The siveetest lives are those io clut JueJ, IVhos ' ,; (jeeds. both greal ant? small. Arc close-l nii slrands of an unhrol en thread, IVhcre love cnnohles all " Page foriy-hvu The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One iiiiijirriirririii i ir ihiiiiiiiniii i i iii n i n rn ni r uim i ii, I ' ll " il ' Ui Ul IU,U]nl. hl Ui.,ilu H Annabel Wilson, A.B. Anderson, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Honors: Athletic Association; D. P. U., ■18, ' 19; T. G. C, ' 20. ' 21; Anderson CUib, ' 19, -20, ' 21. " May we ever he able to help a friend And noble enough to conceal " Elizabeth Arrington Woodle A.B. 2 A T Gree:nville, S. C. Estherian Literary Sociely Honors; Y. W. C. A.; Secretary of T, W. A., ' IB, ' 20; Class Basketball. ' lU. ' 20; Estherian Reporter, ' 20, ' 21; Atli- letic Association. mired; courteous, thorough, colj, and gen- ' Her air, her manners, all ivho sam ad- tie though retired " Page forl )-three The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One mTumimum ' iiiiiiiuiitHTiTiiTTmTniTTriiiinmnTi Ruby McMillan, A.B. Greenville, S. C. Lanier Literary Society Honors: Vice-President of Class, ' 17, ' IS; Secretary of Lanier Society, ' 17, ' IS; Varsity Basketball Team, ' 17. ' IS, " 19. ' 20; Glee Club. ' IS, ' M; Vice-President of .Athletic Association, ' 15. ' 20. " Her virtue and the conscience of her. ivorlh. Thai aould he mooed and not unsought he rvon ' Page foil))-fo,iT The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One -!s=Oil3i« ' ' ! ' ' S ■I ■ ui f Vij .J.„ 7 Hi.. i .itiiiri.ii.i.itli. il» il.n.ui H Jtil il fii itii ill iiii i ii m " " iii m rn ».i i i i iii i i i i i i Mi ..iii. i ii i[ ii i iih t iili i . li ii ll iiicl.i iii|ii. i ' iiiiiiiir i.iiijiii iiiiimhrirmfii)mr Senior Class Song Tlie Senior Class is best of all, We ' ll show lo those of every class Of course you will agree; Thai we will do our pari; We ' re young and old, and short aiid lall. We ' ll work and tighl up lo ihe lasl. As before you now you sec. Il comes from every hearl. We ' re full of pep, in every step. We ' ve made our class the very beil. And proud of ihat we can s?y: And we can hear you say: " We are the dear old Senior Class, " The Senior Class of all the rest The best in every way. " Is best in every way. " Chorus Seniors, Seniors, rah, rah, rah, rah, rah. Seniors, Seniors, the Senior Class we are. A-like-a-like-a-boom-boom, A-like-a-like-a-boom-boom. Rah, rah, rah, rah. Seniors! Class History jNCE upon a time, almost four years ago, about eighty mother ' s " Htlle gris " severed for the first time the sacred home ties and turned about to face life. In each girl ' s heart was a sigh of regret, mingled with a breath of hope and awe and expectancy. As she boards the train that was to carry from the home-nest a child and return a woman she felt a bit shaky about the knees and slightly dizzy about the head. But soon, almost before she knew it, her loved ones were left behind m a whir of smoke, miles were covered and she found herself on the soil of Anderson. On the way out to the college our swollen-eyed, resolute little freshman found herself in a throng of girls — some chaltmg gaily to their neighbors, while a few, like herself, were silent on-lookers. At the end of the car line she saw Anderson College, about which she had woven the dreams of her youth. The buildings appeared massive in comparison with the ones to which she had been accustomed. But on the inside the puzzle presented itself — the unending corridors, the innumerable doors. If she had been fond of solving problems before, she now had a pleasant means of recreation. The day after her arrival organization and registration began. When someone told her she must matriculate in the deans office at 1 1 o ' clock her knees played " Home, Sweet Home. " What could it mean, what was it she had lo do? She managed to live through it and came out classified as a freshman. The class was organized, Lila Washington elected president and pink and green chosen as the class colors. Our freshman was occasionally restless and homesick, so the different organizations tried to cheer her up. Both the college association and the Y. W. C. A. gave her receptions. Her circle of acquaintances was greatly enlarged, she began to like the place and to feel at home. She loved the impromptu way the literary societies entertained her and she began to love all the girls. She was happy and busy, so her first year passed rapidly. Besides her regular school duties she found lots lo do — athletic practice, glee club practice, work for the college magazine and work for her soldiers in Europe. All of the college activities were entered into heartily by her. Almost before she knew it. commencement was at hand, and she saw the seniors receive their diplomas, and with chins squared, face the world. As she looked upon (hose dark-robed figures she experienced a thrill and a bit of a heart-ache. Would she ever be standing there, as they were, on the threshold of the realization of her dreams? Page for( ) ' five The Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One " ' ]:;;; ' . ' ;■ " ■ ' ' ■ ' i ' ' " ' " ' " " ' i ' n »n.iitnni»i[ri.T.-.TiTii7i»ii " uu .u».tiiiHtn iv ii [» i m iii ii» T m in ini(iMii i .i.ti»a i iur r ;i In tKc fall of 1918 she returned to find herself called a sophomore. She was aware that her " green- ness " had worn off. and was even able to detect the smell of freshman in the air surrounding; the " new- comers. The early activities of her freshman year were ennaged in and she helped to entertain the others. Her sophomore year was one of sadness and of gladness. Memories were made which wdl last eternally. A short while after the opening of the session the terrible enemy of man-kind, influenza, entered the college. Our sophomore along with the rest was a victim. But by her dauntless courage, she rallied and was ready to celebrate the lifting of the quarantine on November 5. The greatest celebration of the year came a few days later when peace was announced on November II. Our sophomore had " Never dreamed though right were worsted, wrong would triumph. " And now she had kindled within her new faith, new courage and new hope. This year she saw her college win the state championship in basketball. She felt now that Anderson College was truly hers. As spring advanced the freshman-sophomore reception was looked forward to by our sophomore. She fell a bit mature as she donned her party frock and daintily found her way to the front halls and parlors, where she learned that a formal reception didn ' t have to be dull, after all. Her third year she was called a jolly, care-free junior. But in reality she was neither jolly nor carefree all of the time. She realized that she was nearing the lop rung of the ladder — there were two classes behind her and only one ahead. Our junior worked earnestly and found that, guided by her jolly, red-headed president, she always came out all right. This year she was introduced to the Rotary Club of Anderson and of Richmond. She discovered that there were no finer men to be found anywhere. The happiest and longest to be remembered event of the 1919-1920 session was the junior-senior reception. On a beautiful night in May our junior ' s toils of the day were forgotten as she promenaded in the starlight, supported on the arm of her Lancelot. But ah, how swift lime is! Almost before she knew it. the bell which spelt " good-night " was ringing, and the parting time began. One of the saddest words of the language was spoken as she slowly, reluctantly, said " good-bye. " Can it be possible that she is now a senior? It seems that it was only yesterday that she stood at the college threshold — a freshman — looking with awe and wonder upon those superior creatures called seniors. And now she is one of them. She feels her unworlhiness, she knows so lillle and ere long she will face life in its grim reality, without the protecting hand of her Alma Mater to shield her from every rebuff. But she does not shirk — rather determines to win in the life before her. as she has won in the past. Soon after the opening of the session the seniors were organized into a class. Miss Elizabeth Richardson elected sponsor; Peggy Blanton. president, and little Helen King, mascot. During the first semester the class was guided safely by the calm steering of its able sponsor, who was ever ready to help our senior out of any difficulty. But a short while before Christmas she gently broke the news to the class that she would not be able to return second semester, as she was about to become entangled in an alliance with a member of the opposite sex. Lucky guy that he was. our senior couldn ' t help disliking him a wee bit for stealing the most valuable possession she held. Tears, amidst smiles and good-wishes almost drowned Miss Richardson as she left on January 30, promising to return, as Mrs. Calloway, to see the class graduated in June. The entire class wishes for her all happiness and success during the coming years. One of the most pleasant affairs of the year was a dinner given the class In honor of Miss Richardson by the mascot, little Helen. Our senior will never forget the lovely affair, and will always remember the donor, who has been throughout the year the very best mascot there ever, ever was. Every senior wishes for her a beautiful and happy life. Miss Frances Mcintosh was chosen by the class to fill the vacancy left by Miss Richardson. To the new sponsor fell the responsibility of coaching the senior play and of guiding the class through its most perilous season, the spring semester. Through it all she has proved to be the true friend of the senior, Page foft ' six The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One lli»llll.[l»illMiiilii»lflT7HTTm liiTfjiiurmwi ' iwmmrr ever guiding, directing and inspiring. Though she may be loved by many during ihc years lo come, the affection of none w surpass thai of the senior of ' 21. What more is there to be said? Our senior is standing upon the mountain height, from which she can see the " sea. " Much of the way has been rough, and she has not come through unscarred, but the bitter and the sweet of the four years ' loil have formed a solution and the sweet has counteracted the bitter. Our senior is made sad when she thinks of separation from her classmates and her Alma Mater. with whom she has been so closely associated during the four years, but she is glad to feel that they have helped to prepare her to lighten the burdens of others. It will always be her supreme desire to live up to the ideal implanted by her Alma Mater and strive to be " A healthy. Christian gentlewoman, doing her work accurately, completely and happily. " Last Will and Testament NUGGLED close to the heart of e ery individual there is some gift which the possessor holds most precious. During her lifetime she could not be induced to part with it, but as she nears the inevitable gulf she seeks anxiously for some trusted person to whom she may bequeath her most cherished gift. It has been my pleasure to aid some of these poor souls in the dispensation of their final worldly possession. I ask that you to whom these articles fall will guard them zealously. 1 hink constantly of the one who, out of the bigness of her heart, thought of you in her last days, and be careful of the one whom you shall choose as your heir. Anderson, South Carolina, February 15, 1921. We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-one, being of sound mind, and realizing that departure is near, do hereby declare this our last will and testament. Item I. We do bequeath to the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-two, as a whole, the desire we exercised for measuring up to the ideaI " A Healthy Christian Gentlewoman. " doing her work accurately, completely and happily. " Item II. To the Juniors, also, we do bequeath three family heirlooms, much treasured and loved by us all: (1) TKe Senior table, where quiet and dignity have reigned supreme, may our spirits hover o ' er you! (2) The thrills and pleasures of the Junior-Senior reception, with our dignified places in the receiving line. 0) Our dear old Senior Crook, with which we have let you play for a few weeks. Item III. To the Sophomores we will our sisterly affection and the dignity that has characterized us throughout our Senior year. Item IV. To the Freshmen we bequeath the art of keeping silent and looking wise, bearing in mind that " all things come to those who wait. " Item V. To the Faculty as a whole we will our highest esteem and gratitude for the help and inspiration they have been lo us during these four short years. There are also several individual be- quests, as follows: (1) To our professor of philosophy, Prof. Trueblood, we do hereby bequeath a booklet entitled " The Art and Science of Vamping. " We also leave lo him our deepest appreciation for the thorough course in art that resulted from a study of the brain. (2) To Miss Cronkhite, Clell Branham leaves a new broom to be used only for " knocking " on the occupants of the room beneath, when they so far forget themselves as to whisper or talk in their sleep. (3) To Dr. Dunford, Rossie Milford leaves her sincere admiration, trusting that there may rise up another to take her place as his aide-de-camp. (4) To Miss Doddridge. Elizabeth Wocdie leaves three decollete evening dresses to be worn only after inspection by Miss Taylor. (5) To Miss Cowdrick, Lucile Haynie leaves her coy and winsome smile. (6) To " Mademoiselle. " we leave all our " deHcious " sweethearts. (7) To Miss Burriss, Bettie Long wills her love for Composition III, also several paragraphs to be used as models. (8) To Professor Whyle, we will all the water and electricity that we as an economical class failed to use. In addition, Julia Cade wills to him her favorite amusement at A. C. — thai of going to the little Page jorl ' -scven The Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One ,n.Mai ' .mimuui.mi;iu...».ii i imii.»i itiuiiut|.uiini.iiiioifii;ir.7ri7miiiTiimwi.i..ti..ti.itr.i[miniTTnTTnnnnT. ■f7r »u» ri i.ih.i »iiiuii i..),..iJ.Tr,viu.,.i..i..,...Tnpj- l= shop. (9) To Miss Taylor we bequeath all the rouge and lip-sticks we possess, thai she may distribute them equally among the girls, especially those going to town on Monday. Item VI. To the student body we will one thousand copies of the Alma Maler with the sincere hope that they may learn to sing it with the " pep " and feeling with which we sang it. Item VII. (I) To Isabel Cunningham, the Junior President, Peggy Blanton, the Senior President, leaves her high and exalted position, plus the senior privileges, with the request that she cherish them as Peggy always did. (2) To Zanerian Funk, Peggy wills her romantic inclinations accompanied by one of her numerous engagement rings. Item VIII. Edna Blume respectfully bequeaths to Floience Settle. Todd Barton and others whom she has strung during her four years, with the request that she cherish them as she has done. Item IX. Sara Lou Bobo wills her dependability to Dot Makinson. Item X. ( 1 ) To Prucy Whyte, Carrie Bowie leaves one dozen hair-nets, guaranteed to keep all stray hairs in place; (2) An ivory comb in good condition, with the request that its custom of not being used before breakfast be revered. Item XI. Dorothy Burnett wills lo Helen Watkins her huge dimples, hoping that they may aid her in acquiring the " baby-stare. " Item XII. To Sophie Reams, Mabel Bridges leaves four feet of her height. Item XIII. I, Mildred Bearden, bequeath to Viola Pearman all my latent possibilities, with the hope that she will develop them — I never could! Item XIV. To Gertrude Schmidt. Julia Cade wills her splendid knowledge of " harmony, " realizing that when one is about to enter the bond of matrimony said knowledge will be useful in promoting peace in the home. Item XV. To Evelyn Cunningham, Elva Coleman wills her intense love for study, recommending that she never let it interfere with her Iri-weekly dates. Item XVI. Elma Dunn bequeaths lo Helen Gassaway the privilege of Sunday afternoon riding, provided that she has an approved chapjeron. Item XVII. Lillian Deck wills to Marcelle Lyon her unusual ability for cooking. Item XVIII, To Van Ray Kenny, Edith Fincken leaves her conscientiousness and her knowledge of evading proctors. Item XIX. To Lola Williams. Kathleen Haynie leaves her superb grace and dignity. Item XX. Edith Hutchison does hereby bequeath her boisterous manner lo demure liltie Bert ' ia Masters. Item XXI. To Mabel Dillingham, Mary Helen Harrison wills her genius in math, hoping that she may acquire a love for it as she did. In addition, she wills her burning faith in men. belieVing them all to be innately good (for nothing). Item XXII. To Eleise King. Gladys High wills her extraordinary discretion in choosing easy, one- hour courses. Item XXIII. Russie Hembree wills to Nettie McCucn all of her " A pluses " in history, that she may become acquainted wilh really good marks. Item XXIV. Florence Hetrick. who believes that the college library is in need of more interesting reading matter than it now contains, does hereby bequeath a volume of " Sunday Specials, " a rare collec- tion of four years, with the hope that every girl will take advantage of tSis opportunity. Item XXV. To Mary Kendrick. Gladys Mahaffey wills her talkative disposition. Item XXVI. Annie Mae Murray wills to Ruth Martin her " sterno " stove, with the request that it never be used during study hour for cooking candy. Item XXVII. And now. our own Susie Maude McDaniel leaves to her roommate, Sara Frances Stephens, six electric hair curlers, full of tender affection. Maude requests that these curlers never be used except on three nights each week preceding psychology classes. Item XXVIII. Florence McDaniel leaves to Madaline Kelly the inestimable joys of being a day student. Pa e fofi f-cighl The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One —l ' rT i» ' ..rirti » ' ■» ». . iiii..»iwiii)iii7]»wiirr?ffit»,ijirmrf;rrtmTfm»iriirt[nri7Tinni.»wmm Item XXIX. Ruby McMillan, bellcvinii thai " variely is the spice of life. " wills |o Mary Inez Tolar one dozen casl-off beaux. Item XXX. To Edith Herlong, Winnie Reid wills her interest in " Boy " (s). Item XXXI. Annie Pearl Shirley bequeaths to Aliene Chennauh her fluency in conversational French. Item XXXII. To Laurene Cook, Christine Scotl wills her " sweet baby voice. " Item XXXIII. To Moselle Jones, Ouida Patterson wills her place in the " A. T. Ten Club, " with the desire that she " make progress. " Item XXXIV. With the feeling of great respect for Mr. James, Clarice Townsend bequeaths to Dorothy Sullivan that in psychology which she holds most dear — the " James Lange theory. Item XXXV. To " Little Marie Hiott. " Viola Trogdon wills her " little old " bangs and all her frivolity. Item XXXVI. Lila Washington bequeaths her seriousness of purpose to Elizabeth Crossland. Item XXXVII. Anabelle Wilson leaves her promptness in class attendance lo Clara McGee — also her imperturbability at all times. Item XXXVI II. To the Athletic Association we will our season ' s ticket, with the hope that you will enjoy the garnes as much as we enjoyed them. Item XXXIX. To Mr. Gibson we leave all our gravy bowls, and lo Mrs. " Pet " we leave our waster-baskets. Long may they stand in the now desolate halls, a sad reminder of the days which are no more! Item XL. To our former sponsor we will our wishes for many years of wedded bliss, and to Miss Mcintosh, who took her place and helped us so faithfully to " Carry On, " we leave our highest esteem and gratitude, accompanied by hearts brimming full of love. Item XLI. And now. " the old order changeth, yielding place to the new. " To all a fond farewell! Witnesses: (Signed) Senior Class, Per Mildred BearJen. The Senior Crook. The Breakfast Bell. Mr. Pillsbury. Senior Poem Four years we have been together. Four years faded into the past. They went by, il seemed so slowly. But we ' ve come to the end at last. The other path is narrow. With pitfalls for those who transgress. But the sign we read on the guidepost Is this one word, " Success. " Four years we have spent in our college, Four years of work and play; But now we have come to the milestone Where is written, " Commencement Day. " ' So let us shun the pathways That down to failure lead, And follow the glowing loadstone And the guidepost marked " Succeed. A winding road we have traveled. And many ways has it lead, But now our road is dividing Into forks, as we gaze ahead. Our Alma Mater took us. An unformed and shapeless mass; And out of it she has made us Into her Senior Class. One path is winding and easy, And there no dangers assail, But we read at the end of the guidepost In flaring capitals, " FAIL. " Let us show our love for her always, And give through the years as they fly Our " tenderest memories time cannot sever, Love that will never die. " Elva Coleman, ' 21. Page orlp-nine The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Senior Propnecy L had never dreamed we would drift apart so. for we had slrongly purposed that no experience of real importance to any one of us should pass without the knowledge of each girl in the Class of ' 21. But twenty years had come, and we have filled each year separately and sent it back into eternity, and I longed to know what Gods golden decades had done lo our classmates. Now, Cleli Branham had been my colaborer in the Y. W. C. A. work, and by this time we had learned to call new York " home. " We had risen in our profession hand in hand and. try as we liked, we could not camouflage thai Y. W. C. A. look — we were never mistaken for anything else. Every year we pulled our hair back straighter. chose our clothes of a more sombre color, and lamented because we were rapidly losing our " girlish charms. ' 1 glanced at her over my rimmed glasses and confessed, " I ' m homesick. " Clell glanced at me sharply. " Oh, perhaps I should say, schooisick. Do you know what the date is? " My little calendar reminded her that twenty years ago we had stood in our Alma Mater and received our diplomas. " Now, I don ' t know how you feel about it, but I ' m going to catch the next aeroplane down to Madam LanoUes. " Clell became interested. " Do I understand that you persist in clinging to that Idiotic idea of calling each one of our class- mates on the ouija? Why, my dear, it would cost you a mint of money, and you know we can ' t afford — " " Afford — umph! Don ' t say this word to me again. I want lo do something that I can ' t afford! " She realized I was in earnest. " Well, you have three minutes before the next plane, " glancing at her watch. " And I guest I can ' t resist either. " Ten minutes later we were in the Xalooco of the wonderful Madam Lanolle ' s establishment. The green of the walU, the darker green of the draperies, and the creamy brown of the rich oriental rugs were reflected in the shining crystal. You could see a woman in dim outline behind the crystal, and I knew her to be the noted Madam Lanolle. " So you ' ve come lo me for a class reunion, have you? Then you must concentrate and remain very still and I ' ll help you. " A silence followed. Then, " Ah-ah, " she breathed, as she gazed long upon the crystal. " I see a woman, a ciiarming widow, traveling. She has traveled much in vain, hopes of forgetting. Since she has crossed the seas since the death of her husband. And you knew her as Dorothy Burnett. " On the same steamer is a woman of no small note. Mildred Bearden. She Is returning from England, where she has been addressing the Labor Party on the subject, " The Sanity of Clean Rooms and Clean Living. " " Clell smiles — " And I ' ll warrant she had something to say in regard to noise, loo. Force of habit. " " Now, I see in China two women, one in a hospital and one in an adjoining school. " " Lila Washington, " interrupted Clell. Madam Lanolle looked sharply. " Yes, or at leasl that was her name before she married. Sara Lou Bobo is ihe teacher. Florence McDaniel started out with their party, but she fell in love with an excavator. " " The old deserter, " this came from Clell. " ' hat happened lo Elva Coleman? You know she got married two weeks after school closed. " " Elva Coleman, " she replied, after searching her crystal. " Her marriage was not happy; her home was not the home she had planned. It seems that her husband complained ihat he had never been allowed Page fifiXf TKe Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One ' ii i » irr iiii. i t )i n nH i rf rTi[rrr fiM i i i i»iun [ii ni n r ii.ii T F r . ni ii nrrrnnTr iiiMii.ii ii i.jiijii ni n T , r »fif i iiiii i ifU ' iii injniii r »iii]ii T ».i lo have his fling and a very dark period followed, resulting in a separahon. Now she has become a public lecturer, urging all the young men to have their fling before settling down. " " It all happened because of that double wedding. Remember how we pleaded wJl ' i old Florence Helricki Double weddings always bring bad luck. Tell me, did Florence share it? " " No, Florence has had nearly twenty years of happy married life. I see she has entered into politics, loo. And she has recently defeated her husband in his race for Congress. " Now I see two sisters dressed tastily in black laffeta dresses with flimsy white caps and aprons, the Haynie sisters, who are at the head of the ' Ever and Never Run ' Cosmelics. Julea Cade is the attractive art designer, and il is believed ihal the succ ess is largely due to her attractive work. I see you know their efficient demonstrator, too. Lillian Deck. " " If I ever use paint again- what kind will it be? " whispered Clell. " And now, I see the coach of our All-American Basketball Team; yes, Mary Flelen Harrison is her name, and she has done splendid work in her chosen profession. " " I knew il; I always said she would! ' Madam Lanolle continued : " 1 come to an interest mg character. I sec the woman who founded ' Old Maids ' Retreat. ' " " Edna Blume had never planned anything like this. She was !o be marr.ed fifteen years ago, but alas! She was deserted at the altar and heart-broken, so she decided to devote her life to the alleviation of the suffering women who had been disappointed in love. The only man on the campus of her institution is the night watchman, Doc ' Watkins. " " Poor Doc, he was disappointed in love, too, " sighed the sympathetic Clell. " Russie Hembree is her recruiting agent. " " Now in contrast I see another class member in a home with six small children clustered about her. Winnie Reid married an unconsolable widower! " " Catch a man on the rebound and he ' s gone. I had always believed that, " Clell reminded me. " You know she always declared she d be a blessing in the home; but honest, do you believe she counted on blessing a ready-made family? " 1T remind you ladies I must have quiet to do the best. " " Next, my crystal shows me a great evangelist. She is a small woman, but her service is not in proportion to her stature. Her name is Viola Trogden. Carrie Bowie is her pianist. She plays as an accomplement lo her sermon, and the effect is quite dramatic. Betty Long began with them, but she had a very mleresting little romance. For long ago she fell in love with an Inmate of the Federal prison while holding a little service there. He was a fine looking young man and the great love surging in her bosom would not let her rest until the man of her choice was free. " Annabelle Wilson was the wife of the Governor, and it was to her that Betty went to unburden her heart. When she had accomplished her mission, she married the man she loved and they have been very happy. " " Well, ole Betty believed In specializing, even in the missionary line, and I wished her luck. " " Now again I seem to see two women, aeroplane conductors they are. They have been in this business for many years, and now are the sole owners of ' The Twin Public Aeroplane Service ' In three large cities. " " Elma Dunn and Annie May Murray! " Clell exclaimed, for she could not keep quiet. Madam Lanolle nodded and continued. " And now I see a famous violinist. " Clell jumped, and I knew she would exclaim ' Christine Scott! ' ' " Her success, however, has been due largely lo her ability to compose. " And 1 wondered aboul Oulda, for I knew her ability and stlckabillty would take her lo her deserved place of honor. Madam Lanolle surprised me by saying: " You want to know about Oulda Pattlson. She is the editor of ihe Atlantic Monthly. Her real name has been discarded, and you ' ll recognize her pseudonym as ' Orion Anderson. " Page fifi -one The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One TOiininuinutiii.i.imniinn " Good for Ouida! " I exclaimed, before Clell nudged me. " She has been writing a series of interesting articles on the work of Mabel Bridges. You know she made a special study of a small community and devoted her life to the betterment of that community. She has been very successful. The original name of this community has been changed to ' Bridges. 1 remember Mable ' s interesting study in Sociology. " Then next I see a very pretty woman, a doctor and a doctor ' s wife. You knew her as Elizabeth Woodle. They practice separately, and it seems that she has had the greater success. " " Rossle Milford — what became of her? " asked that inquisitive Clell. " Rossie Milfoid has just finished an interesting book entitled ' ' T " he Psychology of Math. ' Annie Pearl Shirley conducts a school for morones in this same connection, and the pupils who cannot learn math from Miss Milford are sent to Miss Shirley ' s school. " " Umph! math, umph! " sighed Clell, reminlscenlly. " Now I see a large sign. ' Pligh Mahaffey — Delicartessants. ' " They have both grown very round and fat. for it is their rule to sell a dollar ' s worth, then eat a dollars worth. " " Then their success is as great as their appetite, " said Clell. " Ah, now I see the mayoress of Lebanon, Edith Hutchinson. At present she Is conducting a very spirited campaign in behalf of votes for children. " " Doesn ' t Ruby McMillan live there, too? " " Ruby McMillan? Yes, Lebanon is the home office of the ' We Makem moving pictures. You know she was playing with Wallace Reid ' s son. " " Now I see a costume designer, talented and wonderfully successful. " " Peggy Blanlon. " of course Clell and I exclaimed simultaneously. " She designs and her husband carries out her ideas. Her gowns are called ' Peggy and are quite exclusive. " Now a tall, slender girl comes into my crystal. Il was Edith Finkens ability to cook that won her husband. People say that he was a confirmed woman-hater- but he ate some of her chocolate-covered lady fingers, and he liked ihem so well, he asked for her hand. " " Just like a man, give him an inch and he ' ll take a mile. " " Now, " concluded Madam Lanolle. " you know that Maude McDaniel is the wife of the President of the League of Nations, but she is sueing for a divorce on the grounds that her husband doesn ' t believe in the ' James Lange ' theory of emotion. Dame rumor has it that she is still intensely interested in the same old Psychology teacher. " I knew that those warm little drops, which followed in near succession were tears. I hastened to wipe away my confession, which came m form of tears, before Clell noticed and accused me of being sentimental. But to my surprise her face was in her handkerchief and I knew what her handkerchief hid. " Clell, sweet. " I whispered, " aren ' t you glad we did something we couldn ' t afford? " Page fifi ' ixifo The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One " - ' - ir jii ' m fU» ',pumin,iUummnti,iiinjtTilu»rnnn a " 1 s o i l k. ' V n W r -Blaii- D i s 1 Page ftfl -ihrcc The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Tiii L i u i inmu i muiiH. i imi.UMmi l l l-ltll mMI I U | i 1 1H 1l l in i HiiU l l[i l .iUl l lt l t lll UmiU.m,mtm i LUMi.iim» TiTT.T7:T;;m:ni ..,lii.t » rTT = Atlraclive and capable, possessed of a double talent- she has the admiration of her schoolmates. Junior Class Colors: Cherry Blossom Pink and Black Flower: Cherry Blossom Isabella Cunnnicham PresiJcnl Florence Settle Vlce-PresiJenl Evelyn Chnningham Treasurer Bertha Masters Sccrelar ) Miss Mary Prichard Taylor . . Spons-ir Page fifl )-four The Sororian, Nineteen Tv enty-One J ' ;i7t(i ' ii ttm i 7- iii. i . ;;nrni » ri iiiii.ih( n JiJiiii i ' ii ' »i i ' i ' ni i rirri in r ii [ i r »i» rt »MM..j r[iiiii H T7i Miss Mary Prichard Taylor Anna Berry j jnip i) cannot find her molcb, Nom tell me, honest, can I? Because the pattern ' s lost, I ' m sure, B } Tvhich leij matlc Anna. Isabel Boyd Everything comes to those Tvho Tltait, Therefore, whp should I hurr i? Evelyn Cunningham Wise of thought and fair of loolf. But hesf in finding our Junior Croof . Gatha Louise Davis A friend good and true, IVith alrvays a smile for ou. Mabel Louise Dillingham Loved ij) all — the jolliest girl in the class- A sure " cure " for the blues. Page fifty-five The Sororian, Nineteen T venty-One Deci Mae Earle Life ' s a jest, and all things shorv il, I ihoughi so once, but norv 1 I noiv it. Ruth Janette Eskew She ' s as neat and sTvcei as an one pou ever did meet. Bessie Mae Elgin Mee and gentle and altvay s the same. There ' s a note of love in her ver i name. Bessie Reid Garvin Not too quiet, not loo ga }. But loyal and true in everij mat). Helen Elizabeth Gassaway She ' s ove i), siveet, and all the rest That migJtt be said about her; But of all Td say, this is the best — IVe couldn ' t do Tvithout her. Opal Hall one bears the name of a precious jeTvel, Alrvays l(ind and never cruel. Page fifty-six The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Marie Esther Hiott She is ihc loveliest of flowers. Edith Herlong Athletics arc to Edith ' s mind The finest things that are — So on our field Tve shou) to }0u— Edith, our junior star. Lois Johnston Lois is liind, dependable, true, Aliiia )s doing just what she ought to do Annie Laurie Keasler None l{new her hut to love her. None named her hut to praise her. Julia Ethel Kempson And one so fair as she. Can scarce forgotten be. Mary Ellen Kempson So blue of elje, So fair of face, On fame ' s ladder She n i have topmost place. K ' K. ' - n Page fift -seven The Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One Bertha Masters A love for fun that ovcrshaJoTvs everything else. Nettie McCuen An aU-round maiden here you see. And one as jolly as can be. Vergie McClure She is alivays the same. In sunshine or in rain. Viola Marion Pearman rd rather have " Poll»cr " than linoivlcdge. Eloise Royall IDor f interferes milh your good limes — quit nior . ViNNiE Sanders Friendship and honesty stand central in her life. .V Page fifly-eighl The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One ,7 ,1 mi,,ti,m, ii im mi i mtii,wmiiiimm i wm ii muium( TrmmTm i u,M ] i.iimiwhWw. mm:iiti Florence Lee Settle " She halh a head lo contrive, a lieart lo resolve, and a hand la execute. ' Mattie Lou Simmons " Blest ponder of sunshine, genial da , What halm, rvhat life ere in thp raij, ' f To feel thee is such real hliss. ' Janie Strickland Mary Inez Tolar girls he young and fair The } htn e but the right lo l noju it. Mattie Lois Winter Camille Wood The girl rvorlh ivhile is the girl that can smile When everu Ziing goes dead Tvrong. Page fifty-nine The Sororian, Nineteen Twentv-One i ' ,iu..i.i.iui,.,i i,n,m imi...[ i .LLm i ni)im,i.nunntihmmii i .u. wTtiTin; Lucy Primrose Whvte Age cannot iDither her. Nor custom stale her infinite variety. Page six J) TKe Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Page sixt ' one The Sororian, Nineteen T ventv-One vr. iii j, i Mi i iM i , i iii i u ii i i i.; iTT . ini mi in i |ii u.iiiin iiri h i " ' l ' ii i ' " -i i it " i t " " i- ' " i ' ' ' ttiiiii .uMLiiimimini„..i.fnuiii.iT..iimi m= Sopkomore Class Homer: Red Chrysanthemum Colors: Red and White Mollo: " Win, But Win Honorably " Officers Dorothy Sullivan Presidcnl Mary Dell Stuart Vice-President Madeline Kelly Secretary) Helen Watkins . . . Treasurer Malvina Hopper Poel Miss Dorothy Bell Sponsor Page sixt -ltvo The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One — |l J M, .f ..l■lJlr,,,il, . , ( ,tll l i]||li |ll))j»|,i j l» l|nlmTr[lIlll lillll .. HITT1 l l l l rlllrl » ll lii .l)ll l[ | r[ il [ r [| Armstrong BoLjlesboru Bocoen Clemciih CunnirK Kam. E.Pavis I.Davis Dillard Drake- E.llis Encjiand Gwiti HaLjni(2, Harris Holcomb« Hufh Page sixl -thrce The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One , Tn iuunh i .» i WH..MtHUi ii . i i i ini.i. ii . i »uMi.iM.Ji i i i u iUi.i.u iLt.nUi. :TnT7T7iinTmCTiiimitiu ..»it iiiii.iiHjitnm = Jones U Kinni Kinq Leathers UPS Povocr Li on COarhru Povocr Rice I Smith Stephens LStroap A.Stroap r ' r mmk Thompson OOKIthen. WilliFord Owen Page stxl -four TKe Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One iss ii 7r i T .»iiiii ii »iiii»N i ii m )Jii ii [ » rm iM r i r i i ii [ ji iii[i |itii r iii 7 nniii i .rini [[i m T i 7 fi 7 iiii]i riTm m ' i m n Tip f»i»idi|iiUiii i ' ' ' ' r frf r m»ii rr Page sixl )-fivc The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One TEmr ' — ' ' — ' ' — Fresn resnman CI ass Colors: Green and W ' liile Floaer: White Carnation Mot ' o: " Not Failure, But Low Aim Is Crime " Miss Louise N ' rooman Spoor. Sponsor Officers Edna Parhaiw President Katherine EvERlTT Vice-President Mary Kendrick Secretary; Owen Bristow Treasurer GwEN Bristow Poet Ruth Acker Beth Anderson Sadie Ballard Norma Bass CoLiE Blease Nellie Bolt V ' elma Bridwell GwEN Bristow Annie Brock Mary Brown Ruth Bruce Norma Bunch Clara Belle Burley Lydia Burriss Cornelia Cannon Lora Chapman Laurene Cook DoRSEY Cowherd Lucille Cox Esther Craddock Elizabeth Crosland Nora Belle Edwards Sarah Elrod George Erwin Annie Estes Virginia Evans Katherine Everitt Katherine Fisher Elizabeth Ford Beaufort Fowler Class Roll Virginia Frank Zanerian Funk Marion Gray Helen Harden Alice Pope Harris Georgia Harris Emma Harter Lola Mae Hellams Virginia Hancock ZoE Hill Emma Hilton Emma Hinson Thelma Hite Evelyn Hubbard Lillian Huff Ruth Hughes Julia James Gertrude Jones Mary Jenkins Mary Kendrick Grace Keys Neva King Helen Leverette Dot Makinson Sara Mattison Curtis Mattison Frances Mattox Anna Dean McFall Helen McGill Ruth McLeod McCrary Moir Emma Ruth Moore Merdel Nix Ollie Nix Ruby Norris Edna Parham Caroline Parnell Ethel Perry Lois Poore Dorothy Prevost Cora Emmie Rawli son Sophie Reams Gladys Roe Bessie Sanders Gertrude Schmidt Carrie Sexton Maimee Shearer Fannie Stevenson WiLMA Stevenson Elva Stewart Marie Stuart Babbie Sullivan Georgia Thackston Helen Wallace Lucy Washington Margaret Wickliffe Hilda Wolfe Christine Wright Mary Young Page sixt -six Tke Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Page sixl -seveu The Sororian, Nineteen Twentv-One i m, i i i m T nnii i u.iUuiiil l l . l » ili l»Litii i i U l ll l . iii i n i. i i»iLNi . l |i : . ..» i itt i ii». l " W " " ' 1 IL...,.-imim mr Sub-Freshman Class Colors: Pink and Lavender Flower: Lilac MoHo : " Let Nothing Discourane You, Never Give Up " Officers Avis Lippincott President Ruby Middleton Vicc-PresiJenl Connie Berry Secretary Katherine Hacood Treasurer Miss Adlene Jones Sponsor Members Ruby Middleton Katherine Hacood Avis Lippincott Alberta Geer Connie Berry Carrie Lee Porter Page sixl )-ciglit Tne Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One to — ' -■■— ' - tr y ' L " ii ' i " ' ' ' ' ' iii iiii ri ' ' tJiin iHii iiN|i [ »jii rj7» i 7 r i| i i iri » [[rT ir» ii wiH i iH.i ' [ iiii iii ii ninT[ mi ii f ri]ii [r m» T[ f [F i T r n ii Fr jiiJ r iirii | ii]iiiiJ i iin Home Economic Specials, Ca-l(ea-tas Miss Amelia Doddridge, Sponsor Mary Dillaid: " Those blisiht. beaming, laughing eyes. Marjorie England: " So joyous and gay always. " Bessie Garvin: " Sunshine drives the clouds " away. " .Taisy Holcomhe: " Straight as an arrow, true as steel. " Lois Johnston: " Ho can, who thinks he can. " Poge sixl f-n ' ine The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One ' ,iI ' -. " ' i ' i ' i ' L ! " ' ■ ' " " ' ■■ " ' 1 ' i.imiiii.min.n.nii TiLiii muiiiiii..iiii ' ■Tir7.nv.mmni unmi.tni|Him ii |m...nim ii n...t " ' " i-il — Page scYcnf]} «r ' The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Page sevenly ' one The Sororian, Nineteen Twentv-One Executive Council Officers Mildred Bearden Prcsidcnl Sara Lou Bobo Vice-President OuiDA Pattison SecretarX) and Treasurer Members Isabel Cunningham ' a Ray Kenney Helen Gassaway Janie Strickland Gena Gwin Dorothy Burnett Moselle Jones ■ ' age sevent ' tivo The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One =] ' rT ' ' ' ' i ' r 7 ' " ' " ' ' " ' " i ' i i i n ir ui i i ft miiu,iium t uwi i iii t iw m t uii ' ' f iii ' -ii " mumim7mi ii i trm mi m mmii f i ' u ' iUi (t ' ' Jni Page 5cvcn )-( iree The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Lamer Literary Society Colors: Purple and While Motto: " Add to Virtue, Knowledge " Miss Frances MacIntosh, Sponsor Officers First Term Carrie Bowie PresiJenl Dorothy Burnette Vice-PresiJent Lottie Stroup Secretary Mattie Lou Simmons Treasurer OuiDA Pattison Critic Officers Second Term OuiDA Pattison PresiJenl Viola Trocden Vlce-PresiJent Elma Dunn . . . .■ 5ecre(ari! Nettie McCuen Treasurer Carrie Bowie Critic Flower: Violet Page scventy -four The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One =1 iiit»Hiii»iiiiiilfn;jiJii»ifrTT»iirirT7iiirTrT7nrnntrm i u unn i t uiiu i i }} iiiiuuit f i ] iiimiuuiu..iiii}i t u.iiiimiiwm t j TmTT Page seVeniy-five TKe Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One iMitTiiniiiii»r fiMi .niiimi».r[;fim i.tLumniiinmn .i.ii.uUTnui m . 1= Estherian Literary Society 1920-1921 Officers Clell Branham President Mary Helen Harrison Vice-Pres ' idenl Ruth Cunningham Secretary IsABELL Cunningham Treasurer Peggy Blanton Crillc Caroline Parnell Sergeanl-al-Arms Prof. E. J. Trueblood Sponsor Page sevent )-six The Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One iHi» i i »- i n ,; i il] i i n .ii. ip i iiFi ff iiii n i[ri[ ui ii iii,iJi ' .»i i7T il[ i r (i [r ; ri r ii r[| ii r i [i | iHi.ti]i r ii i ii;Mi i iii)ii.|i ii i niimiii F .iJ tr f r Page seVer.t -seVen The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Y. W. C. A. Officers Viola Trogden I residcni Mildred Bearden . Vice-PrcslJenl Bettie Long Secretary and Treasurer Moselle Jones Corresponding Secretary Miss Denmark Faculty Advisor Cabinet Members Edna Blume Maude McDaniel Sara Lou Bobo Rossie Milford Dorothy Burnett Ouida Pattison Winnie Reid Annie Pearl Shirley Clarice Townsend Lila Washington Lola Williams Page scvenl j-cisiil Tne Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One |5= = ' " " r J ■- --y .;. - ,i 7 ni 7 i i .iii ii i„, i , i „in tiimr rn iiii i i| iF »»ii,ji i H rrT ( tii i i i ir i FT » i n [ |f [ ii i i.jJt i i ia fr fl [iiiii m F i n j ; NN l ll l N [| J [l m f l . [ l(l | |lljHll J | lll llil r Nil ,l ITl l lJ; i|li i r Jim II7 rTTr7T Page sevenl})-mne W " The Soronan, Nineteen Twentv-One TT m»in-uni i ii i .» ii iii.i iiii» l t i imi n imn.i i ..Mi|. ' i = ' ' ' fa « «o.- : -. " - - v -gS5 j5as »St2j . ■ ' B Student Volunteer Band Jong.- " Have Thine Own Way, Lord " lValchn orcl : " Service ' Officers LiLA Washington Prestdenl Sara Lou Bobo Secrelcrv and Treasurer Members Elizabeth Cowherd LuRA Ellis, Bridget Boylston Mary Kendrick. Annie Pearl Shirley Maude McDaniel Annie Brock Viola Trocden Velma Bridwell Lola Williams Lola Mae Hellams Mae Armstrong Pa c ci ' g ?(V) The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One aid i iJiljii»iiirjN|nTTTrir77i ' i n m ii r ff Tiir iHUi r .iii ii HiJi i ii rnirnim irmiiiiiii n | .w l i l [[ |l l 7 l »nl|.ilt.l l] F f m lll mm.i.l l l t]t rTr » l ; )l ff - ' ■■ — r- Y. W. A. Officers Edna Blume PreslJcnl Julia Cade Vicc-PresiJcni 1 he Y. W. A. is a missionary branch of the Y. W. C. A. This work of Service is managed in a definite way. The full purpose of the Y. W. A. is to bring the student to a realization of the needs of the " lVlission Field. " The spirit and ideal that reigns in this phase of Christian worship has had a great influence on the girls, bringing them into stronger work for the Foreign, as well as the Home Fields. The meetings are held once a month, in which the Y. W. A. student feels it her duty to render service when needed. Interesting programs are thoroughly enjoyed by the mdividual student, as well as the faculty. This active work is being strengthened from time to time, and the splendid work accomplished by the students is in itself evidence that Anderson College endeavors to embody great ideals in the minds of the students. Julia Cade. Page ei ' g i(j)-one The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One i- " " i " - ' " H n .i i n i ini t i i Lnii i m.i UiiHtu.u i mi niri nii[ | Lm.i..itt inTfTi 11= Sororian Staff Peggy Blanton Edilor-in-Chicf Lucy Primrose Whyte Aaociale Editor Evelyn Cunningham Business Manager Carrie Bowie Assistant Business Manager Clarice Townsend Lilerarp Editor Eloise Royall Assistant Literarv Editor Katharine Everitt. Eslherian Society . Asst. Literarv Editor Viola Trogden, Lanier Society . . Assistant Literar)) Editor Sara Lou Bobo, Y.W.C. A. . . Assistant Literary Editor Dorothy Burnett Social Editor Dorothy Sullivan Associate Social Editor Caroline Parnell Jol(c Editor Lois Mims Art Editor Mattie Lou Simmons Art Editor Winnie Reid Music Editor Faculty Advisors Professor James Primrose Whyte Professor E. J. Trueblood Miss Dorothy Bell Page eighty-trvo r -, Tke Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Page eighth-three The Sororian, Nineteen TAventv-One ii »iiimi i .HiiLi ii iiii,nn, T iUii» ' .u i » ii iiiiLn r H ' .[it iii ii iTni — i ' ' Sy -=l " " iimiiinmm m ii ni Tmn n iT - .tii m iim r .ixi imm mt Tke rion Staff OuiDA Patterson Editor-in-Chief Dorothy Burnett Assistant Editor Florence Hetrick Business Manager IsABELLE Cunningham Assistant Manager Sara Lou Bobo Religious Editor GwEN Bristow .... ... Lanier Literar ' g Society Reporter Kathekine Hagood f ' .slherian Literary Society Reporter Clell Branham Fine Arts Editor Clell Branham Home Economics Editor Clarice Townsend College Neas Editor Moselle Jones Athletic Editor Miss LuciLE Burriss Alumnae Editor Dorothy Sullivan Exchange Editor Mabel Dillingham o e Editor Faculty Advisors Professor E. J. Trueblood Miss Regina Cooke Cowdrick Page eight )-four Tne Sororian, Nineteen T venty-One Page eighly-five The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Personnel of Glee Club Miss Louise Vrooman Spoor ......... Director Miss Hazel Tuttle Pianhl Mrs. Herbert Harris Violinist Lucy Primrose Whyte President Florence Hetrick Mar ager Caryl Cox Secreiar ) and Treasurer First Sopranos Norma Bass Caryl Cox Cornelia Cannon Gertrude Schmidt Clarice Townsend Second Sopranos Edna Brock Alice Pope Harris Moselle Jones Mary Dell Stewart Violet Welborne First Altos Clell Branham Mildred Bearden Lucy Primrose Whyte Second Altos Sylvene Glenn Florence Hetrick Frances Mattox Page eighlXf ' six The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One - mm ■• i m ' a , wu »m , { m m } n m i Uxi i ,txMn m m x, ,u u Page eigjity-sevcn i i ii i i i i [ i L i[ ii Tn Hi i iiit» T iiu»iiiLiLii n ii . [iTTn The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One i iiin r iin,M ; . -i 50= d!Sw = ' " " Art Club Colon : Chinese Blue and Gold Mollo: " Have Nothing Around You But What You Know To Be Useful and Believe To Be Beautiful ' Officers Peggy Blanton President Lots MlMS Vice-Preiidenl Mattie Lou Simmons Secrelat)) and Treasurer Members Peggy Blanton Lonie Huff Julia Cade Lillian Huff Kathleen Cooke Mattie Lou Simmons Zenith Freeman Lois Mime Elizabeth Harris Mary DeLoach Opal Hall Clara McGee Isaeell Boyd Florence Smith Fa c cig itjl-d ' c ?! •r,; ' ...,,, ' V. K.lA. ' . The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One I — I ' • ' " ' l ' .,Vg V | — Page eighty-nine The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Varsity Officers „ , , Caplain Edith Herlong ' ..II ... Manager Mary Helen Harrison . ■ ■ « Forwards Guards E.D1TH Herlong Annie Lauriz Keasler Lillian Huff Sara Hammond Ruby McMillan Mary Helen Harrison Centers Nora Bell Edwards J ' " " P ' " ' S Cenfer Kathleen Havnie . • " -P ' " ? cnfer Georgia Thackston Center LonieHuff Runnmg Cen .r Page ninelu The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One l u ' " " I II -■ ■ M ■ ■lr| Ji)v,iHi. att i » i i, ii j,.j t i» i H iii ia i ' .i» [ii ) F »iJj i f rrrn n ' ' n Tiiii v ii iii[i ii T t.M ii ri..i r » i[f i iTiT mhini i iH i riNi Senior Basketball Team Clarice Townsend . . -. Caplaln Mary Helen Harrison Manager Forwards Guards Elva Coleman Annie Pearl Shirley Dorothy Burnett Clell Branh mvi Centers Kathleen Haynie Jumping Cenler Clarice Townsend , . . . Running Cenler Sophomore Basketball Team Elise King Forward Lula Lee Leathers Center LoNiE Huff Forward Blanche Harris Cenler Sara Frances Stephens Guard Lonie Huff Manager Helen Watkins ....... Guard Sara Frances Stephens Caplain Page ninct one The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One I I i i i. ;.m in iinnn.iL i u,..n|i„..iii.imin. i iu n i»iwi ii mi i l ii ' i-»i i u»»Uitit ' »»iti» ' i uii i ' i » r i iiii i ii HL ,T7Ti i.Uiii |i i ii i i»» i it.L.»., „ .-. - . i i i .. T i... t i,..i n l= Junior Basketball Team Officers Mabel Dillingham Captain Bertha Masters Manager Members Annie Laurie Keasler Janie Strickland Lois Johnson Mary Inez Tolar Mattie Lou Simmons Freskman Basketball Team Georgia Trackston Coal Dorothy Makinson Guard Lillian Huff Nora Belle Edwards Center Sara Hammond . . . , CuarJ Corrie Cannon Center Substitute Captain Nora Belle Edwards Mary Brown Page ninclv-tJuo The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One W " ' c ±2u H " ' i ' r " " iMHimii, ii,iia i i)»]||, i i ii irii | |rrrmiriit i ii t ii i i iiiii,.JHii„n,.iriimTnmjr. iiliri|iiiiiiriMll llliNlll( r i.lli;il | iH.,ii i i i i]iiji,i i ij,,;,j,i)iiii(j|iiii]ri|;iifrrf Page ninety-three The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One ..iii.nMiiL,ni)i,i..iiminimTnin Pan - Hellenic Officers Edna Blume President Dorothy Sullivan Secretary Council e n Evelyn Cunningham Edna Blume Florence Hetrick 2 ' I ' Dorothy Sullivan Peggy Blanton Lucy Primrose Whyte T Z Mabel Dillingham Clell Branham Edna Brock e K 2 Clarice Townsend Dorothy Burnett Edna Thomson 2 A T Mildred Bearden Marcelle Lyon Eloise Royall Page ninct f-four The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One =T g Tiri ' ii-it ■TT.T. ' itiiJ.)»iif7Miiitii |i i H ii»ji» nr Mn iii i ir[ii i i in i ]i r i 7F ..»niiiii i Mj [iiii nini r 7 i|ii i H ii [i »il FT T7 Ti i rii i i f»iai iM . . ' ' x V ' Page ninet ' five Tke Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One ii ii . i iu i uuiii i ' LHiii ii t i i iiii uimi»iiH tT?r . - . i i i t i tiii».ai i i Tnu.i.tiiiuiitriLiiii»iiiii]iiiiiii i,MtiUintiiiMiTTitnin.i |!»5™I5 I= Sigma Pni Colors : Kilarney Pink and Silver FloTvcr : Kilarney Rose Members in College Norma Bass Peggy Blanton Leila Chennault Aliene Chennault Katharine Evebitt Frances Mattox Bertha Masters Edna Parham Dorothy Sullivan Babbie Sullivan Lucy Primrose Whyte Members in Town Lois Anderson Ruth Brownlee Catharine Fretwell May Ligon Julia Ledbetter Mattie Mayfield Emily Sullivan Lucia Sullivan Mrs. Sam Sullivan Mrs. Nim Sullivan Gladys White Pa%c nincfy-ji ' r The Sororian, Nini;teen Twenty-One Pa e ninciy-sevcn The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One At»a. lll iitmmi lT Mi ' tH T it 77 i ' TT H TT ti r ni l l ' " ' l " ' ' I HIi Tmi Color: Yellow and While Florver : Goldenrod Tketa Pi Motto: " Nihil sed Optimus " Miss Mildred Lide, Sponsor Members in College Isabel Cunnmncham Florence Hetrick Marie Hiott Helen Gassaway Elizabeth Harris Elizabeth Grossland Virginia Evans ■ Margaret Wickliffe Helen Watkins Edna Blume Evelyn Cunningham Page ni ' nc Ji-cig il The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One riTriU li)llifl)illt|[H][ ' lii];ii ' ll| iiil]Jlllflrirl»il7; Page n ne ?-ni ' no toikilli nO The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One ifi ' hclpL i..n..iit lin hlHimnmii,.ti,.iiHi» i ii»L liim.Mi II n Tketa Kappa Sigma Co ors .- Light Green and Gold FloToer : Lily-of-llic-Valley Miss Edith Hall, Sponsor Members in College Dorothy Burnett Julia Cade Clarice Townsend Katherine Hagood Isabel Boyd Moselle Jones Alice Pope Harris Dorothy Prevost Adlene Jones Members in Town Edna Thomson Laura Glenn Page one bunJ(c-I The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One ' HP CfW r j. ' -.MtfTni;7 n ii,..ii,J..( ll iNii i r u j Jiil.lJll iri ll [ri n» ' » ' li i ' ' l hi i lin... i iii»ii.. ir iN ii »i i .,..»iii i in F i F n r ii;Mi [r i r ili]»ii.l lilll ' i iillliitMi,., j|iiiii,.iiiiiiiiiiiiim)ij 7iTF — e Page one hundred one Tke Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One i imMi i i i .ii i rH n i ii i Tii inii i i»iiut i tt 7 .»aiu»ii i u..iiia.iiiMii.|ii)uL.ii»iLiiM tii im .. UiMt ti i it ' iii»iiiitiiuitt..i »..n...) iii;rm Qr= Tri Zeta Floa cr: Aster Colors: Blue and Silver School Members Clell Bran ham Caryl Cox Edna Brock Mabel Dillingham Mary Dillard Viola Pearman George Erwin Gertrude Schmidt Marion Gray Virginia Frank Anna Dean McFall Members Out of School Hattie Ruth Cannon Ellie Mooneyham Bernice Cannon Page one hundred nnj The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One -mj-Uf jt]..„tj,;.i„mi)„n |iiiilllllnll|jiiiii;)jiiiililiiiiii»iiiillir i.i l lM» ii ii l i iilrii n i . li » l| i;UIIIJM I HI I JN I »l;r,iJ i j|Mi i iiui i mw iiiii iB»j iii T 3; Page one hundred three The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Sigma Delta Gamma Colors: Red and While Flower: Red Carnation Members in College Mildred Bearden Carrie Bowie CoLiE Blease Ruth Cunningham Marcelle Lyon Caroline Parnell Winnie Reid Eloi e Royall Sara Frances Stephens Mary Inez Tolar Allie Whitten Elizabeth Woodle Miss Mary M. Savage, Sponsor Page one hundred four The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One lyT JiWiiT niF.iiriiiJi.iii iii]»ii;iiui i ii) in ;iniii|iiJ ii iii iiiini iij ii iij [iF ff nT i nii Ji i n ii if i rmm »rrifiuiiii»ririJnTTrrmimrrpTnrTT7iTrrTTi iim i nN i »; [ n]i i jiiiiiifiM;i rrr iii|iiiii] [ !r=b Page one hundred £ve The Sororian, Nineteen T ' w enty-One Sigma Sigma Sigma Florence Hetrick Clarice Townsend Members Edna Blume Julia Cade Clell Branham Dorothy Burnett Pafe sne hundred iix The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One a ff g;H; ».i.tii i ii, ' ,i l . i .,,miin) if7 mi. i rii n? ; r iitiijiiJ ii » mi inn m iit uminu iuiiii i m mm.,nm,H uwum umwii iuin Mmmiimhumi Page one hunirei seven TKe Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Presidents ' Council I Senior Class Peggy Blanton . . . . | , uf. Isabel Cunningham Junior Class Dorothy Sullivan Sophomore Class Edna Parham Freshman Class Mildred Bearden SiuJeni Government Assoeialion Clell Branham Eslherian Literary Society OuiDA Pattison Lanier Lilerar Society Viola Trogden Y. W. C. A. LiLA Washington SluJenl Volunteers Edna Blume Y. W. A. Avis Lippincott Sub-Freshman Class JaISY Holcombe Home Economics Lucy Primrose Whyte Clee Cluh Page one hundreJ eight The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One ry- ' ' " i i iii T ' " ,ii i ,„,u } iii ii )ii i »ni»o nn mi i i iin r ii iii m ir r iT iiiM i n i n r iiiiF i ii i Mii iiiiiii i rT w rni i»ii [[ ir i »h r[ iii i ii i ii ii ' i ' ni " »fHiii[»iiiiJ[iii iii!fff Page one hundred nine Tke Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One iiHiiiimiiniiHi.viuuiniii.i.i.ium Home Talent Club Dorothy Burnett Caryl Cox Bertha Masters Edna Thomson Helen Watkins Madaline Kelly Anabel Wilson Marion Gray Elva Coleman Clarice Townsend Janie Haynie Mary Jenkins Viola Pearman Sara Frances Stephens Lucy Primrose WH ' iTE Mabel Dillingham Martha RaSt Virginia Frank Ruth Bruse Members Annie Mae Murray Annie May Williford Nettie McCuen Sara Mattison Fannie Stevenson Lydia Burriss WiLMA Stevenson Lucy Bell Winnie Reid Dorothy Prevost Helen Gassaway Mary Dell Stewart LiLLiE Mae Gregory Lois Johnston Jaisy Holcombe Sara Hammond Mattie Lou Simmons Carrie Bowie Sylvene Glenn Ruth Eskew Christine Wright Gladys Mahaffey Emma Ruth Moore Mary Clement Edith Hutchison Deci Mae Earle Florence Smith Annie Laurie Keasler LuRA Ellis Neva King Cutis Mattison Ruby Norris Carrie Sexton Grace Keys Lois Poore Helen McGill Dorothy Sullivan LuciLE Cox Pa£e one hunjrcj ten The Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One if-.M{k =ir-i ' ' ' ' " ' ii " Ii l " l» " i " ll ' i Hli r m llililiri i iiili l i i ] l ii l il l l l[l lltli r ii»iirii.i)iiii]i iiiirii iii»i|i,iii i iii]iniiiiiii, ii ,i]i l ii.l MIII tiiiill l liiii iiilli.ji,i,.. ii i i;]j irii ;if,i) 1 .v-.A. aiA " ' " ' " I — === Page one hundred eleven TKe Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One - - i i i i iMu ii i i u,,ULiiil l i.iii.i» iii i.iutLlliLi.ill i l ll lih iii i l i..ii»ii»l.l l )i..»i i i i uii.i i ...niiiutii.,uiiLlti rnTT Uiiu i l ii iLli i l»llitiU» l ll lli.i.i.iin i iii ii.tti. .i...., H Tl= San Souci Officers Lucy Primrose Whyte President Florence Hetrick Secretary) ami Treasurer Edna Blume Clarice Townsend Helen Watkins Clell Branham COLIE BlEASE IsABELL Boyd Dorothy Prevost Caroline Parnell Edna Brock Members Virginia Evans CoRRiE Cannon Dorothy Makinson Peggy Blanton Bertha Masters Viola Pearman Edna Parham Marcelle Lyon McCrary Mom Katharine Hacood Alice Pope Harris Marie Hiott Helen Gassaway Mary Inez Tolar Allie Whitten Mattie Lou Simmons Avis Lippincott Page one hundred iTvclve The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One in — - ' ' V !r,7Tr„miiT;.n ,,,n i.nNiiM.ifiiit) [t f»,7TT? F iii r Mi(ni rii ii [ir t i ii ii inf Tn7 . ii[ . - iiiii.ti [ iiiiji i[ i;»,iii, TTfn Wf ih ' iiimmtu,,ni,niuiiiim i im i w iW!q ii-..:liai Town Girls ' Club Officers Christine Scott PresiJenl LuLA Lee Leathers yice-Presidcnl Mabel Bridges Secretary Mattie Lois Winter Treasurer Mrs. Herbert Harris, Sporuor Members Ruth Acker Virginia Frank Clara McGee Mae Armstrong Marion Gray Florence McDaniel Ruth Bruce Ruth Hughes Martha Rast Ruby Brown Russie Hembree Christine Scott Mabel Bridges Lula Hammett Maimee Shearer Lucy Bell Louise Harrison Wilma Stevenson Mattie Burdine Helen Harden Fannie Stevenson- Sara Culbreth Neva King Annette Thomas Kathleen Cook Lula Lee Leathers Mattie Lois Winter Lillian Deck Hazel Murphy Annie Mae Williford Deci Mae Earle Helen McGill Anabel Wilson Page one hundred thirteen P , Q. - The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One r !iii n i m iiiii L i nn,tuii. i m.l ll immniiLn.i..uilHmui i l liii i.iu i i ii n.Jt n i iuimt T L i -.n.i.u i l nm inmiunui.ii Liii,,.,.. .. .ii L h= ==fcfe» " " ' ' i i Oi Le Club Francais Floiver : Fleur de Lys Moth: " En Avani " Color: Bleu, Blanc, Rouge N4ademoiselle Marguerite Breton, Sponsor Officers Nettie McCuen PrcsiJenl Clell Branham Secretary and Treasurer Mildred Bearden Dorothy Burnett Clell Branham Isabel Cunningham Evelyn Cunningham Members Elma Dunn Helen Cassaway Marie Hiott Nettie McCuen Madeline Kelly Annie Laurie Keasler Mary Inez Tolar Helen Watkins Lucy Primrose Whyte Pa e pnp fiandrcJ fourteen Tlie Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One T, ' !ni, T - , m,, j] ' j,.,hi»nii Tni hiiimwu,n t imn i " " " ' ' n " t Birds oi ParaJise Motto ; Never to trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you. Insignia : Pair o ' dice Colors: Black and White Aim: To slick together Officers " Florency " Hetrick President " Broc " Brock Vice-PresiJent " Mike " Cunningham Secrelari; " Blondie " Schmidt Treasurer " Classy " Townsend Historian " Frenchie " Parnell Poet " RuFus " Cunningham . . Sergeant-at-Arms " Burlap " Burley .... Sergeanl-at-Arms " Dillie " Dillingham Prophet " Tubby " Wickliffe Janitor " Slim " James CooIj; " Breezy " Blease Dish IVasher " Heck " Watkins Dish Washer " Dode " Boyd Bed Maimer " Siiimmie " Prevost Jester " Red " Royall Bell Hop " Bloom " Blume Bell Hop " Jinx " Gwin ) ..,. „ ..T .. - Discipline Committee IzzY Cunningham j " Cell " Branham Doctor " Camel " Wood Nurse Mrs. Prevost Sponsor Mr. Prevost Mascot Page one hundred fifteen The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One ri ;ii i m n i 7 iipf uitiMi i i ii m i m» i ii .iiiit. i T7r; i T i i iiiii» .ri.r.iL 7T7T M ' i ; nnn ' imu inn i i i» i iiiii .iu [m inutii T7 ii i i i i.h.... :. i ii. .. ' .. ' .i....ii .-;-) = Oconee Club Officers Florence Hetrick Eleise King PrcsiJcnl Secreiarv ami Treasurer Members Edna Brock Mildred Bearden Clara Belle Burley Gatha Davis Marjorie England Ruth Martin Margaret Wickliffe Camille Wood Page one hur drej sixteen The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One n™iSii!i ' ' iwil, ji a,u ri »uvmi ln mn JW iih IBnt ui }iit nm n m uiir r,m inMii mmm i ,iiu Down-tke-State Club Officers Edna Blume Pmsidenl ELdna Parham - 5ecrefan) and Treasurer Sponsors Miss McIntosh and Dr. Dunford Maude McDaniel Vernon Stephens Blanche Harris Anni,e Brock Emma Hinson Emma Hilton Emma Harter Members Edna Blume Elizabeth Cowherd Edna Parham Nelle Cra ddock DoRSEY Cowherd Cora Emmie Rawlinsox Nora Belle Edwards Virginia Hancock Van Ray Kenney Ruth McLeod Evelyn Hubbard Mary Inez Tolar Nellie Boylston Connie Berry Bridget Boylston Page one hundred seventeen Tke Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Bobloed Hair Club Officers Carolinl Parnell PrcsiJenI George Erwin Vice-PrcsiJenl Avis Lippincott Sccretar ) and Treasurer Mrs. Louis Ledbetter Sponsor Members George Erwin Avis Lippincott Virginia Hancock McCrary MoiR Sara Hammond Elizabeth Ford Virginia Evans Emma Ruth Moore Cornelia Cannon Elizabeth Crosland Gertrude Schmidt Dorothy Sullivan Elise King Lillian Huff Annie Mae Murray Eloise Royall Zoe Hill Viola Pearman Caroline Parnell Lydia Burriss Meeting Place Barber Shop Mascot Scissors Aim " ' ' o keep ' em short " Motto " Worry no! with pins and nets " Page one hundred eighteen Tne Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One " " ■ ' ■ ■ " — |g f? ' " ir. l ■■ Ml■lnJlll■ t ll ( JlJl| | lllIllln " ' ■ ' ' ' ' [ ff l l.■l l l MJ ll mmlll . T Ml l »l r J l ll ll | lI mi »l " l ' r ' | ml . " ■ ' .■ ■ " ii C. N. L. Club Colors : Scarlet and Gray Flomxir : Red Roiebud Molio : " So Run That Ye May Obtain " Officers CoLIE Blease Presidenl Gena GwiN Vicc-PresiJenl Ruth Thompson : Secretary) and Treasurer Louise Flower . . Historian Miss Anna W. Pierson Sponsor Nervbcrr -iles Chesler-iiei CoLi,E Blease Gena Gwin Bessie Sanders Bessie Garvin Helen Wallace Elizabeth McDaniel LaurenS ' ilcs Nelle Bolt Esther Craddock Louise Power Gertrude Jones Ruth Thompson Lola Mae Hellams Page one hundred nineteen The Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One i iiiitiiiii .tii ii ii iU ' ii " i " - i nit i ' i» ' i i f ' ' ' ' ' T ' " " ' nnn7 n i in ii i..m i n iinT T i im oi i iii imLLm,naim i mp Nortk Carolina Club Son! ' : " The Old Norlh Slate " Colors: Blue and While Florifcrs: Mountain Laurel and Rhododendron Motto : " Esse Quam Videri " Officers Clell Allen Branham PresiJent Bernice Shields Vice-President Mary Kendrick Secretary Mary Brown Treasurer Members Clell Branham Ollie Nix Mary Brown Eloise Royall Mary Kendrick Bernice Shields McCrary MoiR Alma Stroup Merdel Nix Lottie Stroup Julia Wingate Honorary Members Dr. and Mrs. John E. White Miss Mary Prichard Taylor Miss Annie D. Denmark Mrs. J. C. C. Dunford Prof. E. J. Trueblood Pag2 one hundred tmenl ) The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-On r5} " iiiiiii)i,.ii . . ;n t iii i »ii.l i » i ti) i i»iJiiilJiff i i»nmHiimiiiJii[|[| n,ijr (in.iT i Page one hundred tment -an£ The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One mii.iiiti iiTTni mnniiiin- i mii i t ' i i iiniiniiiiiiitt»- .iUi utini mmn iiiii mmi T iiitm tnT " i ' t T i Ti i»n irnr iimi.tit i t».i p, [= The Red-Head Club flomer: Red Rose Colors: Pink, Red and Cerise Mollo : " To Be the Brightest Spot on Earth " Time of Meeting: Any Time We Are Read(y) Mr. Paul Gibson Sponsor Mr. H. H. Watkins ' Mascot Officers Clarice Townsend President Eloise Royall Vice-President Clell Branhaivi Sccrelarv Melen Watkins ■ . . . Treasurer Aliens Chennault Historian LuLA Lee Leathers Poet George Erwin Critic Mattie Lou Simmons Sergeant-al-Arms Anna Berry Marshal Ruby Norris Marshal Advisory Board Ruby Middleton Leila Chennault Lydia Burriss Ethel Davis Page one hundred tJi cnt f-tTvo The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One pJ-.HtJ.Hi. liTi i.,iij.,.intii i niii l l I I H r H)Jiihlj l l llip |f» t »i ' M ilii iaMl i n i l.. » i . i »ii r M iiii u i l. iiMI l ll ii ii r i ri l r[| i r n il l ll »iMlhll l ini.liii i l ii i iH l l y i i,i,i i i m TT Bacneloress Club Molio: " My Kingdom for a Man " A ' u:i : " To Gel a Man " Flomer : " Bachelor Bullon " Mascot: " Ouija " Officers Eloise Rovall President Katherine Hagood . . ' Vice-PresiJeni Gertrude Schmidt Secretary Caroline Parnell Treasurer Mlle. Marguerite Breton Sponsor Members Isabel Boyd George Erwin Evelyn Cunningham Mabel Dillingham Katherine Hagood Bertha Masters Caroline Parnell Viloa F ' earman Dorothy Prevost Eloise Royall Gertrude Schmidt Sara Frances Stephens Dorothy Sullivan Mary Inez Tolar Clarice Townsend Page one himihej twenlv-ihr. The Sororian, Nineteen T ' wenty-One .mimiiiimTi..i mn . iiinmimi Georgia Club Song: " There ' s No Slate Like Georgia " Colors: Pink and Green Officers Caroline Parnell President Frances Mattox Vice-President Norma Bunch Secrelar ) and Treasurer Miss Elizabeth Richardson Sponsor Members Florence Settle Leila Chennault Annie Pearl Shirley Aliene Chennault Frances Mattox George Erwin Moselle Jones Marcelle Lyon Zenith Freeman Norma Bunch Caroline Parnell Hilda Wolff Alice Pope Harris Page one hundred twenty-lour Tke Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One = cf ' ' " i " ni T} . j 4i,iii muhi,», f hi t nin hilwui n iiTi ii m ni ni mih u Tim .. ..uu ] um i . Fage one hunJreJ tweniyi-fiYe The Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One Trnii»iHiUnmii nn.ii,i.niimili»uiiiTT-.Ti.iiih.l)u u.miitu.i iii iiULt.i[ni|inui ' n.i.utmii»imi ' niniTrr mr Keyne Klub Colors: Blue and Gold Flower: Daby Motio: " Each Ollier ' s Joy Each lo Imparl, Each Other ' s Grief lo Share " Members Ruth Thompson Anna Berry ZoE Hill LoNiE Huff Marjorie England Mary Young Louise Power Annie Mae Murray Gena Gwin Elma Dunn Lillian Huff Mary Brown Page one hundred lTvcnl )-six Tke Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One =¥! :ri7; n h i.ih,,it.,ifiiiii iimuniiUtim)hu7Ui i iuin iiTJinuniu niiiUif ' nHi i uin immiMiu Page one hundred n en j-seven TKe Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One iTTT:LiimiiTTTmr iCTviiiii;n " mTMH.iiiiiUiii»iiKiMNtmTn.rnnnTi UTtt.iuinim m», T= V " T 72e] Page one hundred ln eniy- eight Tke Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One = M .il ll )lili IJ.I I I| I JJ»O l ill l li lir im ill lilli lF li lil|rilllril.lliH .llii rF Hl ll Ml l li)i.(j | | | li ll l l li r l,l t| l |[ i [ iH I |illi(jMl | IHH r ii l If nTIi Tlie Tramps from the Alley Moilo : Tramp and the Tramps tramp with you. Work and you work alone. Aim: 0. Meeting Place: No. 207. FloiDer : Lady Slipp-er. Mascol : Pup Color : Mud. Peggy Blanton His Majcsly Sara Frances Stephens Court Advisor Pards " Major " Coleman Pic}(poc ei " Gus " Erwin Pantry slipper " Ted " Masters Coop lifier " ZacIc " Moir Bootlegger " Bob " Parham Crapshooter " Jim " Blanton Windoii Jimmy " Bert " Pearman .... Second -slory man " Max " Stephens Rum hound " Jake " Lyon Safe cracker " Sam " Everitt Card shark " Roy " Whitten Bones " Carl " Reid Poker chips " Bill " Sullivan Hoho " Blacicie " Woodle Bolsheviki " Red " McDaniel Big fcoji Page one hundred tutenly-nine The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One i.i.»iiim.LmiTr.iimiirnii ' »n ' nii iiinii ' i ' " ' i " i " it mmini im nn i i niiL.... tinim. u»ti.. 1 m ■■liji ■ mmw w M . ■; - - ' i i ' - " him JlMlfciMh ' j iiii II f liifS " " iX , ■ St. Cecelia Club Geraldine Bowen Ollie Barton CoLiE Blease Carrie Bowie Members Edna Brock Mary Clement Laurene Cook Carol Cox Harris Zenith Freeman Evelyn Hubbard Florence Hetrick LoNiE Huff Alice Pope Harris Lois Mlms Sara Hammond Ouida Pattison Julia James Cora Emma Rawlinson Ruth Martin Winnie Reid Mamie Pilley Eloise Royall Mary Dell Stewart Bernice Shields Georgia Thackston Helen Wallace Allie Whitten Julia Wingate Violet Welborne Hilda Wolff Page one hundred thirlv Tke Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One In — i ' r- Y-.Mrt i r i,,iiii,.H.i II I HliMdiiii lri l»]»iii i il l T» llll l i »ii ri i iiriiT ltil l .ii. l i ii.Ji.iiiji i ' L] irii i.;..ill.ii lii ij i iiiii iT ti. li ' i ll . tiii | .l.,iiN]Jiilli,,lljiiiji.,iij i ]ilM Fii miii i i i 7 ADMIRAL McCULLY ' S BANQUET THE ENTERTAINERS Page one hundred lhirl )-one The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One l " : " " " " ' " ' ; " ' " " ' ' " ' " ' " " ' ' ' " ! " " I ' Miiimi...i,m.iiiiim u i.iai.i.iuiiiiii.iiiiui.iiiil uni miimimS; 1= H D a z CQ D ■ Oi O a: " " agj one hanJrcd thirty-tmo The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One =;{ij .-jT7 faT7;T ,iiiii h,,hmuiUuium iiiniiii Tm i t unnmn im uii J Uimi m,ii mm i i iioiiin it Rotary Banquet Songs Way down yonder in Yankely-Yank A bullfron jumped from a bankely-bank Just cause he had nothing else to do. Stumped his toe and m he fell, And folks all thought he ' d gone to — well, Just cause he had nothing else to do. CHORUS Just like some folks who are always fooling, This frog of mine Jumping ' round in other frog ponds. Just to kill the time, And the bad-man ' s always lurking round here Just to find the kind Thai never has got nothing else to do-oo. CHORUS There ' s a Rotary Club in Anderson Who ' s object in life is to have some fun. Just ' cause they ' ve nothing else to do. So, tired of their wives and the life at home, They thought they ' d to the college roam, Just cause they had nothing else to do. Just like some folks who are always fooling. These Rotarians of mine Jumping round in other frog ponds. Just to kill the time, And the bad-man ' s always lurking round here Just to find the kind That never has got nothing else to do-o3-o. CHORUS When the girls were told of the Rotary They tried to see how cute they could be, Just ' cause they had nothing else to do. So they powdered their faces and fixed their curls To set some poor fish ' s heart in a whirl. Just ' cause they had nothing else to do. Just like some folks who are always fooling These girls of mine. Jumping ' round in other frog ponds Just to kill the time. And the bad-man ' s always lurking ' round here, Just to find the kind. That never has got nothing else to do-oo-O. 1 want everyone to make a lot of noise, I want everyone to be among the boys, I want every day to be a holiday — Let ' s all cheer when the band begins to play. I want everyone to wear a silken gown. Let ' s have some fun in a wide-open town. Hip, hip, hooray! On the gallant ship ahoy! Let ' s be happy, happy, happy. Make a lot of noise! Cause, honestly, Rotarians, we ' re mighty strong for you. And when you go cway we ' re going to long for you. Won t you please encourage us with just a word or two? Do, do, do-oo. we ' re mighty not hing Don t tell us that you love us, ' cau sure you don ' t; Just fell us that you like us and there ' that we won ' t Be glad to do, yes, honestly and true — We ' re going to long for you, we ' ll do no wrong for you. Because we ' re mighty strong for you. One little, two little, three Rotarians; Four little, five little, six Rotarians; Seven little, eight iiltle, nine Rotarians; Here comes the Rotary Club! ¥ ¥ Nine little, eight little, seven Rotarians; Six little, five little, four Rotarians; Three little, two litlle. one Rotarian; Here comes the Rotary Club! I want to go back to Anderson, To Anderson, I do; Back to all the folks I knew, To the Rotary Club and the college, too; I want to go back to Anderson, To Anderson, I do; i Titaniter go back, I goll:r go back To Anderson. Page one hundred thirly-lhr ' ' e Tke Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One T iuin i n ii L i uu ii ihiUiimiitiitiiUnm.iiim miiii ' l iiiiT MmUi»u i it»nu i it nmm ii t.i i i.ii .HiiiiLtmimnmmunm nnimiimlhiinniiil»imui u»..i ' n i=rF= Artist s Course I UR Artist ' s Course this year seemed more wonderful than the advertisements said it would be! The course started off with a lecture-recital given by John Powell of Richmond and George Harris of New York. Mr. Powell gave a most original and unique lecture on " The Folksong of the Anglo-Saxon Race and its Place in American Music. " He has made considerable study of the folk songs of the mountains of Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina, and traces them back to their English source. As the music of all nations is founded upon its " folk son " s, " he argues that we must save these folk times if we would really have anything to build upon in our American music of the future. The lecture has been reprinted in tvi ' o of our most repre- sentative magazines, and is looked upon as important in its import and scope. The lecture was illustrated in a rarely artistie manner by Mr. Harris. 1 he next number of the course was the " song recital " by our May Peterson. She is a member of the Metropolitan Opera Company and an honorary member of Anderson College! Her advent was ardently anticipated by those who had heard her before, and now she has added hundreds more to her long list of lovers. If Miss Peterson were an ordinary singer she would win evei-ybody anyway by her smile and cordiality, but she really does possess a lovely, beautiful voice and manages it so perfectly that it is ravishing to hear her sing anything she chooses to put on her program. She was re-engaged for next year, of course! Mr. Cecil Fanning, the eminent bantone, sang for the third number in the course. Mr. Fanning opened his Southern tour at Anderson, and came direct from London here after having given ten concerts to " sold-out houses " in London. Could we feel more honored? Mr. Fanning sang seventeen numbers, and to " rest his voice " gave one of his original poems that revealed the choice spirit behind the voice which had so captivated us. He won out at Anderson and will aKvays be welcomed whenever he comes. The fourth concert was one of the greatest moment, for it brought the New York Chamber Music Society to Anderson for the first time. Miss B , the founder and director, has gotten together eleven artists of the first rank. They play rarely heard com- positions by the masters, and thus enable music lovers to hear compositions that were not written for orchestras of large dimensions, but none the less lovely and desirable to know. It was a great opportunity for learning, as well as enjoying, for many of us had never seen an English horn or an oboe. Some of the combinations of instruments, such as the flute, the ' cello, and violo were exceedingly beautiful. The " Molly on the Shore " of Grainger was especially enjoyed and encored. Miss Augusta Cottlow, the celebrated American pianist, played to us for the fifth number of the course. Miss Cottlow was a marvelous revelation, especially to the eager piano students in her audience. Many had never heard a greal aiiisi play on the piano before, and what an inspiration she was! She had the power to inspire rather than dis- courage, and not a few piano students resolved to persevere more strenuously than ever. Miss Cottlow ranks very high among the younger pianists of America we are told. We shall never forget the splendor of her playing, nor her gracious responses to our enthusiasm, and we hope to hear her again. From these musical treats we draw richly for our own artistic growth. Page one hunJreJ lhirl )-four TKe Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One = ' -fij m.7; ' rii nr .i,iiu,,n,t.u Tnim niiimmm n mhn ' T inm f ' f in ' The House Blessing " The Beauty of the House is Order, The Blessing of the House is Conlentment The Glory of the House is Hospitalily, The Crown of the House is Godliness. " stiiving lo le how to gain ihe ideal expressed above the girls of ihe Home Economics Department have worked out this year some ver,y practical problems in the courses in Food and Textiles. The new courses offered this year n Dietetics, Costume Designing, Interior Decovalion, and Millinery have added much interest and many nsw pupils to the department. To be of lasting value, and subject must be practical, and in these days of readjustment after the war, it requires a real knowledge of values in order to purchase wisely and to " carry on. " The girls in this department have not only prepared and served several luncheons and dinners, but they have prepared diets for the sick and convalescent. They have learned how to select nutritious steaks and roasts by seeing a demonstration on cutting a side of beef. In the Textile classes they have learned nol only how lo use the needle and sewing machine, but how to detect adulterations in cotton, silk, and woolen materials. A trip to a cotton mill was interesting to find out how cloth is actually woven. The Easter dresses and hats made in classes proved lo be very becoming and stylish, and the girls were pleased in being able to save a few dollars by their thrift in " making a home. ' In the minds of both faculty and students of Anderson will long chng the memory of the exhibits given throughout the year by the Home Economics Department. These exhibits showed the work accom- plished by ihe various classes in Cookery and Textiles in a visible and live way. In the sewing room were tables of undergarments, aprons, and Christmas gifts made by the girls. Of even greater interest were the rows of dresses — georgette, silk, gingham, organdie, and linen — displayed on racks around the large room; and the hats made of silk, organdie and georgette, each with the cost price so far below those to be seen in the shops, drew many admiring compliments. In the Cooking Laboratory and in the hall were displayed the work of the girls in Cookery. Tables showing necessary and balanced diets for health for the school girl, for a family of five; a tray for the sick; dishes showing food values, others attractiveness and ways of combining flavors. All were interesting and educational to the visitors. As comprehensive a survey as possible of the actual problems of the home-maker has been cooked this year. Anderson College is proud to have five girls receive this year the certificate in Home Economics- representing a two-year course, and four girls received a degree of B.S. in Home Economics. The lalter represents four years of college work with a major in Home Economic subjects. These girls should add much to the happiness of living by helping to raise the ideals of modern American home-making. Page one hundred ihni ' -five The Sororian, Nineteen T venty-One tTTT iii rTiiiii i i »i " i u»i ti [T ii ' »iiiin iii; ni mi ' ' - ' » " iit it " i " - " i ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' i ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' t ' ' ' n»iiiuii), iu n 1= d ex A da SEPTEMBER J 4 — The old girls ihink — because of (he flock of new faces and the new dormitory — that the Blue Ridge lo5t lis way. 15 — Everybody is " dyked up " to make the best impression upon the boys at the opening re- ception given by ihe Town Association. IC — The Y. W. C. A. give attractive stunts, afterward ice cream cones were served down in the gym. 17 — The new girls were suddenly awakened from their slumbers by a chorus of lovely voices outside iheir windows singing: " Eslherlans, Estherians, Forever! " The Lanlers ' give a regular bat! down in the gym. The last of the society " rush " ended with a children ' s party by the Estherians. OCTOBER -Miss Taylor begins her lectures on p.iinl, lip stick, and rouge. -Picnic in Cater ' s wood! The celebration of the fact that the three hundredth girl had arrived at Anderson. -John Powell lectures on " American Music. " George Harris introduces. " Oh ! No, John, No, John. No! " -Baptist girls are given a lovely party down at the church by the Town Girls. -Everybody fell in love with May Peterson. She captivated everyone by her charming manner and lovely voice. -Seniors, bedecked in festive costumes, lake their table. The " Crook " leads the proces- sion. NOVEMBER 6 — Maude ' s curlers go on a strike! They feel that they are overworked — especially on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. We wonder why ? 10 — Cecil Fanning delights a large audience with his wonderful voice. His biggest hit was, Oh! No, John. No. John. No! " 18 — Big lime! All the girls had dinner with the Rolarians. 27 — Class games! Freshmen walk off with both basketball and tennis honors. A ' sure-nuf ' dinner! Page one hundred lhirl f-six The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One HilllHliM.H i r fjjiii.i|ii ii nf [TmrniiilFi ij iii i i i ii t.ii li l.i.i i if nTiTnT.iii i iii i i.iii i iiiii i Jniiili. il i lir ' i llllitl | i ii lililii ' l ' .ililri 30— Alas! Poor llllle juniors. They came in to dinner weeping — for ihey had found— the " Crook. " DECEMBER II — The freshman-sophomore reception. A great success! All the freshmen agreed that il was the biggest event in the life of a fresh- man, especially — Gwen. |5 AI1 the best friends of the college Were invited to the Xmas dinner. Things were so gay and festive that everybody just naturally " got " Xmas in their bones. 17 — At breakfast everybody sang, " Happy Birth- day, Santa Claus! ' 20 — Desertion! A few faculty members re- m.Tined for the holidays " to hold the fort. " JANUARY 5 — Girls again " infest " the place. The old college halls ring again with laughter — and bells! 15— Goats! " Nuf said! " 18 — The mascot surprises the seniors with a lovely regular dinner. 19 — " So Long OO Long " was presented by the Estherian Literary Society. This play was a great success, and everybody agreed that it was the best thing of its kmd ever given at Anderson. 21 — The Chamber of Commerce gives a banquet in honor of Admiral McCully. The seven little Russians cause great excitement. A flock of " sainted " negroes, and some Mother Goose characters appear also on the scene. 22 — Epidemic of Cold Chills — The Cause — Final Exams! 25 — Mildred Bearden and Ruth Martin start the fashion and mumps become popular! 28 — The seniors shower Miss Richardson with many gifts and a host of good wishes! Maude ' s tears cause the party to break up for fear the parlors would be flooded! FEBRUARY 2 — Barber shop opens — George Erwin obtain ' 5 great distinction in bobbing hair, and ex- hibits much talent along this line. II The Young Men ' s Business League Ban- quet. Stunts again played a prominent p.irt — but no eats! |7 Miss Richardson— the beloved Senior Spon- sor — becomes the wife of Mr. John Callo- way! 18-21— The Slud;nl Volunteer Conference! Words can ' t quite express what that meant to us. 28— ' Wonders never cease! Can you imagine il? Anna Dean McFall actually passed on a Trigonometry test. MARCH 1— The month has a good beginning! The Laniers give a " howling " good vaudeville. 10— The Glee Club give a delightful program. They make a decided hit! 17 — Miss Hobbs: " The best play ever staged at Anderson College " was presented by the seniors. " The sponsor and the class are cer- tainly to be congratulated. " 23— The Blue Ridge, P. N., and C. W. C. are rushed. The girls go home for Eastsr holidays. 28— The return! APRIL I — " Just another little family matter " ? 4 — Mrs. Lippincott starts the ball to rolling. She gives a lovely voice recital. 14 — Ouida Patterson proves that she can do more than edit the Orion. 21 — Augusta Cottlow, a noted pianict. gives a delightful concert. 28 — Florence Hetrick gives her graduating recital. 30 — Annual junior-senior reception. It is de- cidedly the biggest social event of the season. MAY 10 — Sophomores give an unusually good play. We always bet on the " Sophs " ! 24 — The saddest day in the year — Final Exams begin! 29 — Commencement exercises begin. The seniors at last become dignified. 31 — Class Day. Who comes up with the " Crook " ? My! What a foolish question! Who but the seniors! JUNE 2— Scho forev for thr days are over — tor three months oi nths Page onz hundred thiri -seven The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One t u i ih i im i u i n ii i i ,, i u.uiim i i i i ii m iii n n m. ii [»i i t mm»im..iitii.L i.imiiiuii»miiimnnimii.miiimniihu»m i..i. 3®- ,7 " " ]= NORMA BASS Mosl Stvlish CLARICE TOWNSEND Best Ail-Round SARA LOU BOBO Mosl Reliable Page one hundred ihirly-eighl The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One ' • iiii.i.H.i.;iiii iirTn7nn imju ) Hm» Ji » PmTii m T iin n[rnTTiTnnn i f r i i i.iii i i»ji i i ] » ; ]ii, Fi ii r i r ifH rf7n pif )]»i i iji [[ ,»i»i n5r™m™ MARCELLE LYON Most Beautiful FLORENCE HETRICK Most Attractive MILDRED BEARDEN Most Popular Page one hundred thiri -nine y The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One ' ' Tilings Tkat Never Happen 1 — Miss 1 aylor encourages noise in the halls. 2 — Dean Whyte urges girls to go to the " Little Store. " 3 — Dr. Dunford fails to let his rich bass voice be heard in doxology. 4 — No test in psychology today. 5 — Professor Trueblood has a date with his girl. 6 — Seniors look for Crook. 7 — Seniors fail to use their privileges. 8 — Maude fails to curl her hair three times a week. 9 — Corrie never gets a letter. 1 — Bertha passes on psychology. 1 1 — Norma never has anything to eat in her room. 1 2 — Dorothy Sullivan failed on education. 1 3 — Edna Parham talks below a whisper. 1 4 — Sara Lou flirting with men on the boulevard. 1 5 — Announcement is made in dining room. 1 6 — Clarice fails to make a hit. 1 1 — Elva fails to go on the boulevard at 5 :30 every afternoon. 1 8 — Rough dancing in the gym. 1 9 — The board has no trouble. 20 — Edna Blume fails to do her " Christian duty. " 2 1 — Peggy never has a date with the same man. 22 — Miss Cronkhile fails to knock on Room No. — . 23— Breakfast without breakfast bacon . 24 — The gravy barrel is empty. 25 — Fried chicken for dinner twice a month. 26 — Miss Taylor fails to look over the mail. 27 — Florence is without a lover. 28 — Dr. White let us out of chapel at 1 I :30 sharp. 29 — Prof, and Mrs. Whyte are on time for breakfast. 30 — The Anderson girl fails to do her duty. Page one hunJrcJ forl f The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One i .11 i..iii»in..n.n.iTTn;riiir|»i[tfiiniimi i.iiuui r mmi t u i imuiWiHiiiiWHtiniiin i H u o C . - o s ■ - IJ ■J e e o ■2 e 5 M i .5 -S ■— " ° o -S 3 -n ji " 2 ' n : c n 03 aj (J CQ ■- TO . Id. HO, X a c„ CO n r- c a DO , £ ■ = rt " 3 2 CO UJ CO U E Xb- X CO J- u . - 1 : 2- n a- a=; c • .O -3 i OR (C .2 — on DO DO-- iJ 00 Cf. (- — " .S .c ■=. p= Spc o uOv-o ' fC— « ' U OOQU UD-QO UJ o V C (ti QJ OZt EZliZZQDK SZOS I QH ZZ u z c c n o 5 — r- ' J «J ™ lU 1 O O ,0 O -2 a,- E ooo ooo ' - ' ■2 E » " i l-s-g-g t §■ ffl W (0 u u u u w w w w . www HHt-HHHi-IiHHH o o o o " o HHHH H oj O OH a --S ' e 9. a. c c -: r ' c c c (L) U c (L •t ■ 5 S E ■u =r b o o o o o S " I J P o i; S U ' 3 !: -a .■ " f 3 O O - 1 - -J 2 ■ - f= J ' E S.9-S 2? 3 13 - «r= t; jEnOH-lU, ZQu, LuIUCQ 2 UJ O n Ilmoa DiO-IU. I S g -J h O -1 o J;i f-oaul E- " HHHH H HHH «i3 = B ° — S s O 0) o : o : -S S OJ OJ ' -i! a S 3 aJ o -J Dim :6 =r e; Q s ID o cQcj m FT CQH U I E E « o -g O ,0 lOOcn i2ffl2u: 5 = i d Page one hundred forl -one The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One p;!!: ' " . ' . ' - ' ! " ' " ' " " " " ' ' ■ " I " " " ' " II " " " " ' nmm mm ,m , m i,,,.,,,,,,, i g if -CA — « . ' -c -c i - ' % m fage one hundred fort )-lJ»o The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One af ' ! iii ' » iin r. , m T .u i iimm, i umii n} fmhniwm TTi nwmnm } n Have You Ever Heard Tkese Words Before? 1 — Girls, you must not run down the halls. 2 — Please don ' t scream, girls. 3 — Girls, you mustn ' t sit on the curbing. 4 — Mr. Whyle doesn ' t like for girls to run across the grass. 5 — Girls, you must not roll your hose. 6 — I do wish the girls wouldn ' t use so much paint and lip-stick. 7 — Girls, you mustn ' t tangle your hair so badly. 8 — T hat ' s a senior privilege, my dear. 9 — My dear, you must get permission from home. 1 — Beg pardon! 1 1 — AH right, all right, young ladies. 1 2 — There ' s some girl here in the audience who has something more important to say than I have. 1 3 — My dear, you must keep your shades pulled down. 1 4— Light bell. 1 5 — False alarm ! 1 6 Setting-up exercises begin in the morning — the bell will ring at seven-thirty a. m. 1 7 — The regular mass meeting will be held this afternoon at five-thirty p. m. 1 8 — There will be an important Student Government Meeting in chapel immediately after lunch. 1 9 — You are wanted by the board. Miss . 20 — Too much noise, girls. 21 — The bell will ring tonight at 8:15 — the marshals will take charg . 22 — Did I get any mail? Page one hundred fori -lhree The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One n nm i m T .,.. iTTnTTmTi g]= PRESENTATION OF ROBES, COMMENCEMENT DAY DAISY CHAIN Page one hundred forl -fvur The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One iiiii i ; t ijriiiiiniJN i iiiM| i i imT i i i r i r i [ ii [ )f T i Page one hundred forly-five The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Tiii ir i m i u ii » TiTii |i TTTi n H i ; .i i » i " ' i n i ai i uiui»m iii ui iTnTTnTi niii ii ii i it -Mi i imiit...i )...i t.,...TY n ' l — Student Volunteer Conference L THOUGH the Conference which met with us on February 18-20 was spoken of as the Student Volunteer Conference, yet its influence and blessings went far s ' ider than to the number of Volunteers present. From the beginning the very atmosphere was contagious, and no one could resist that spirit of happiness and enthusiasm which prevailed. We had with us almost three hundred delegates, representing twenty-seven colleges of South Carolina, and these had really come vvnth the purpose of studying world needs and of making the Conference count. The real purpose and keynote of the Conference was sounded on Friday night when Dr. J. L. Murray, in his open and mfluential manner, gave the Conference something of the real meaning of Service and Surrender. World needs seemed very close to our hearts. and the call seemed more distinct as those workers from the needy fields brought us face to face with the existing conditions there. Six fields were presented to us: Mr. Reeves, coming from Africa ; Mr. Parsons, from the Philippines ; Mr. Lawton, from China ; Dr. Lander, from Brazil; Mr. Erickson, from Japan; and Miss Love, from Mexico. What wonderful messages God gave us through these workers! Prayer was truly the power of the Conference. Before each meeting the delegations meet together for a few moments of talk with God. The final meeting on Sunday night was a fitting climax for the glonous meeting together, for a spirit of God ' s presence was felt. Many decided then and there the long-debated question of life ' s work, and declared their purpose of keeping alive in their o sti lives and colleges the Conference spirit. Will the influence of this " mountain-top " ' ' experience wane? In Anderson College there are six new Volunteers. Each night at 9:30 prayer services are held, and these are becoming a living power. " May God help us to carry on the wrok which has been given to us by those workers yonder. God forbid that we should be unworthy where they have been true and met their trust. The ancient summons to Isaiah is speaking still to us: " Whom shall I send, and who will go for me? " May God grant each of us grace to answer, " Lord, here am I, take me, make me, send me, for Jesus ' sake. " Page one hundred forl )-six The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One i mf 7ll ■tl rTr o li g lf m lHh lll m» n | I »Hl F l H l l mlm m l m ' ff fn ln»Hll " llP l l ' ' ' r | H » l rr ll» Tl m l lm Tke Road to Learning Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary. On Eome trigonometric problems I had never seen before; While I did on failure ' s brink stand, straightway I upset the inkstand And it spread its darksome footprints all across the dress 1 wore. Oh. that inkipot kept increasing, with its spreading never ceasing. Though just where it spread and touched I am afraid I cannot tell — With respect to all convention, there are clothes I cannot mention, So suffice It for my purpose thai the ink deluged them well. " Trig. " said I, " you thing of evil — oh, I hate you like the deevill " For I knew I ' d work those problems, but I ' d solve ihem — nevermore; So I left the ink lo sinking;, and I sat and fell to thinking Of my trials and tribulations as I ' d often thought before. Page one hundred forl -seven The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One iiiuniiniiiiii innniii.nii,».i.iTnnmi» s = Oh Glee Club Program Alma Mater Mrs. C. S. Sullivan Vcnelian Waltz Song Bronle To a XX ' ild Rose MacDowdl ArrangctJ fct; Ambrose The Night Has a Thousand Eyes Woodman Glee Club Selected — Misses Branmiam. Bkock, Cannon. Harris, Hetrici Schmidt, Stewart, Townsend, Wu ' ite There Are Fairies at the Botlcm of Our Garden Lehmann Norma Bass Mellican Man • C rg i Glee Club INTERMISSION The Birth of the Opal Recil Glee Club Hejre Kali Huba ) Mrs. Herbert Harris ! Oh! Lady - Lucy Primrose Whyte Spring Kricns Carolina RccJ Miller Glee Club Page one hunJrcJ forl )-clglit The Sororian, Nineteen TAventy-One , - - — .i pf-nik ■-J(wTIW=A jT ' -;iirnTim.i.t,n.i..ittHi i »ri»l»iii inff7iiiiTpnnf(; »i ' iriiniiini|ii|ir.iJiiiiiiinT7iiTTTnTffT] [ »in» r H rn f " " ifcLvwa.Vf— ■ 1 i Hill Page one hundred forty-nine The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Brigkt Sayings From M. T. Domes Dr. Dunford: " In what part of the Bible, Miss DiHingham, is it taught that a man should have only one wife? " Mable Dillingham: " I guess it ' s the part that says no man can serve more than one master. " V- -v Comp. Teacher: " Avis, will you tell me what a conjunction is, and compose a sentence containing one? " Avis Lippincott: " A conjunction is a word connecting anything, such as ' The horse is hitched to the fence by his halter ' . Halter is a conjunction because it connects the horse and the fence. " V » V " Do you like nuts? " asked Buck. " Sure, " answered Colie, " didn ' t I tell you I liked you? " No, Gertrude, Rex Beach is not a summer resort. " Red " Royall (day after board meet- ing) said: " Hey! Colie, how are you feeling? " Colie Blease: " Kinda — rankish. " Fresh.: " Are you a freshman? " Soph.: " No, I ' m a sophomore. Do I look fresh? " Fresh.: " No, you look a soph., but I thought you ' d been sick and that caused it. " History Teacher: " Have you read Adams ' Civilization? " Dot Provost: " Didn ' t know Adam was civilized. " Prof.: " What is density? " Stude. : " I can ' t define it, but I will give an example. " Prof. : " The example is good. Sit down. " — Bun. Babbie: " How near were you to the right answers, Anna Dean? " Anna Dean: " Just two seats away. " V v iS Love is the only game in which one pair beats three of a kind. V V V Senior: " What makes you so little? " Fresh.: " My mother fed me on canned milk and I ' m condensed. " — lVasl}biirn RevleTv. v We wonder if every time there ' s an earthquake in California the cows give milk shakes. — Cleveland NeTvs. V V No, Catherine, a chemise is not a dance. « Camilla (reading from a magazine) : " Our primitive ancestors had the denosour, a slimy animal 1 00 feet long and 40 feet high, as a household pet. " Isabelle: " As a household pet! Good- ness! I ' d almost rather have a baby. " Miss Taylor: " My dear, isn ' t this dress a trifle extreme? " " Mac " : " Yes ' m (to herself). Ex- treme! Huh! I put this on in order that you may become accustomed to the one I ' m having made. " V ¥ If trouble were a needle in a haystack, some people would find it easily enough. •V ¥ Blume: " He ' d make a model hus- band. " Clarice: " Yes, a last year ' s model. " V V V Brock: " Is he an interesting, proper sort of man? " Florence: " He ' s interesting! " Page one hundred fifl} Tne Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One =1 ' iiinihiiiiiimiiniiiiiiiiiiiiriiMfiiiim .. il t liiir i i i.lii, l lil l i ll i l [i i .li |j rl i [i l l i| r ,, Dentist: " Excuse me a minute, please. Before beginnihg work on you I must have my drill. " Camille: " Good Lord! Can ' t you pull a tooth without a rehearsal? " •V -Y- •¥ Professor: " Miss King, who founded the school of the stoics? " Miss King (Eleise) : " Sto-us. " V V V Bertha Masters (in written report) : " The Last of the Mohicans ' was written ' durning ' the war between the English and French in America. " V Julia Cade: " Florence, did you hear Cecil Fanning? " Florence Settle: " Yes, he had the most beautiful barren-tone voice. " • Dean Whyte (at flag-raising cere- mony) : " Miss Spoor, do you know Dixie? " Miss Spoor: " Dixie who? " Anna Dean: " Babbie, how many are there in a pair? " Babbie: " Pair of what? " - ¥ V- Clemson Rat: " Carrie ' s face is the kind that grows on one. " Some(?) A. C. Girl: " Well, it cer- tainly never grew on her. It ' s hand- made. " w V- . Dr. Dunford (Ped. class) : " Miss Wickliffe, who was Esau? " Margaret W. : " He ' s the man who swapped his copyright for a partridge. " V V Mary Jenkins: " Mary Inez, you make so much racket in the morning when you get up to play tennis. " Mary Inez: " How can you expect me to play tennis without raising a racquet? " If. Vi.: " Oh! Bertha, I saw my affinity Bertha (sweetly) : " Yes — which cage? " What Is Love? " Vague wishes. Unexpressed ; Strange fancies. Sweet unrest ; Verse making — Solitude; Sleepless nights. Little food — That ' s love ! ' Page one hunJreJ fifl f-one The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One ui.i.H,L.uii.n i .n ii m.LiHii um i u ifn n i rn i tr n nTi iuniMt.tnmni i iiiin i mihiiiui i uiunium T n T i i i ii in i i ll i mim ms= A Lullaby Close your eyes, my Baby Lam ; close and shet ' em tight. Snuggle close to mammy, ' cause ' tis raining hard dis night. Mammy ' s room am full of shadows and am leakin ' , loo, But no drap she ' ll lei touch you. My precious little Lam ' . Go to sleep, my baby chile, my own black baby chile, Mammy ' ll hold you clos ' lo her an ' rock an ' sing awahile — Dis here fire ob hickory logs am burnin bright an warm. Nothin ' ll come to you for harm. My precious little Lam ' . Great big wolfs am howlin ' an ' am passin by our do ' . Sniffing al de trail an ' lookin wid big eyes — jes ' so — - But don ' t you frar, my baby chile, dat latch am firm an ' strong, An ' , fer sho ' , dey can ' t stop long. My precious litlle Lam ' . Dream of ripe persimmons an watermillions fine. Of sweet old yam potatoes what am growin on de vine — - Den you ' s glad, my honey, jes ' as glad as angels am, Good night now, my Baby Lam ' , My precious litlle Lam ' . OuiDA Pattison. rage one hundred fifl f-tmo The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One rr- •iii y»m , %hT mmwWi » mm hmmm »f nnnm m lnmmm ijA - %i Sfl-ci ( ■ oJe-v Page one hundred fift ) -three The Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One ,»i.i ii .»»»iir » ii Miiii i mnuh ' » i ' if i t n , niii , i ' i i " ' ii ' " ' i i i n " ' " ' ' ' " ' T " " ' ii ' " i " " " " " ' " ' H rTTiT. ; i iii i rr[ »n.. ! i T7 ni i i i m ,,■ 1= Our 1921 Annuals Vanderbilt Universily. University of Alabama, Virginia Military Institule, University of South Carolina, Louisiana State University, University of Ken- lucky, Marion Institute, The Citadel, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Mercer University, Transylvania College, Judson College. North Carolina College for Women, Wesleyan College, Gulfport Military Academy, Furman Universily, Sewanee Military Academy, Tennessee College, Greensboro College for Women. Converse College, Birmingham-Southern College, Kentucky College for Women, Meridian College, Lynchburg College, Central College, Woman ' s College (Due West, S. C), Woman ' s College (Montgomery, Ala.), George- town College, Millsaps College, Wofford College, Martha Washington Col- lege, Bessie Tift College, Maryville Coll ege, Bellhaven College, Elizabeth College. Coker College, Louisiana College, Blue Mountain College, Ouachita College. Presbyterian College, Elon College, Mississippi Woman ' s College, Roanoke College, Tusculum College, Anderson College, Henderson-Brown College, Winthrop Normal and Industrial College, Westhampton College, Hendrix College, Kentucky Wesleyan College, Stonewall Jackson College, Hillman College, Porter Military Academy, Chatham Training School, Fas- sifern School, Ashland High School. Middlesboro High School, Maryville High School, Ramer High School. Dublin High School, Wilmington High School. Centenary College. " College Annual Headquarters " The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One [l j -. 1. II - ■■ M ■■ jg| l,Hlntirtirtir ifj i j,,, nii i n » i M M. i n iTn7 iJi iiiH FT ff iriii ' ii » rrr[[r[i M iTTnTT imiiiTTiiiiiifinirrrnfnfrfrfrfirninnitliiifrrrrniiirtrrrm W. H. Belk, PrcsiJcnl Dr. J. M. Belk, Vice-PresiJcnt W. E. Gallant, Cen. Mgr. and Sec ). p. M. Gallant, Aal. Mgr. and Treas. GALLANT-BELK COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE ONE OF THE TWENTY-SIX BELK STORES ANDERSON, S. C. Dry GoocI,5, Clothing, Shoes Reaay-to-Wear ana MilKnery Anderson ' s Nervesl, Largest, Busiest and Best Department Store. A Modern Up-to-date Store That Sells Everything and " Sells It for Less " A FRIEND OF THE COLLEGE GALLANT-BELK COMPANY Belk Brothers Charlotte, N. C. W. H. Belk Brother Monroe, N. C. Brown-Belk Company Greensboro, N. C. Kirkpatrick-Belk Company York, S. C. Parks-Belk Company Concord, N. C. Parks-Belk Company Kannapolis, N. C. Hudson-Belk Company Raleigh, N. C. Stephenson-Belk Company Rockingham, N. C. Belk-Parks Company Albermarle, N. C. Belk Brothers Laurinburg, N. C. Stephens-Belk Company Burlington, N. C. Belk-Johnston Company Lincolnton, N. C. Belk-Hudson Company Durham, N, C. Belk-Kirkpatrick Company Greenville. S. C. Matthews- Belk Company Gastonia, N. C. Belk-Harry Company Salisbury, N. C. Williams-Belk Company Sanford, N. C. Johnston-Belk Company Slalesville, N. C. Belk-Williams Company Wilmington, N. C. Belk-Stevens Company Winston-Salem, N. C. R. J. Belk Company Waxhaw, N. C. Liggett-Belk Company Danville, Va. Belk-Kirkpatrjck Company Grier, S. C. Hudson-Belk Company Rocky Mount, N. C. The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One :jaj|7g, . " ;;j ' i ' i ' . ' ; ' i ' ' i " ' ' »i " ' U ' " | ii " ' liiiniillliiliiiiiui um i " i w i .m mii!«ainnnnii iiiiiiiiiiiii[iimiiii,iiiiiuiii,i„„iiiiii , . la THE GLUCK AND EQUINOX MILLS BELIEVE IN ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON COTTON COMPANY INCORPORATED COTTON MERCHANTS ANDERSON. S. C. The Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One It , I Ml -- c y ai ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' " " ' ' -rH.i " ' ' n;rit.,ii , i i i | ii );iiiijiji» r f; |Fii " i " m i n r[i| i t ii»i,, i i(f .ii., irii[tr w i ii ' iho intit THE BETSY ROSS TEA ROOM Most Attractive S ot in Town PROMPT SERVICE TEMPTING MENUS DELIGHTFUL LOCATION Entertain Your Friends Here. Drop in For a Social Hour I 19 NORTH MAIN STREET LONGFELLOW BROCK LADIES ' HATTERS I 34 N. Main Street Anderson, S. C. ANDERSON ' S ONLY EXCLUSIVE MILLINERY STORE LONGFELLOW BROCK We Cordially Invite You to Call When In Greenville and Inspect Our Complete Line of Coats, Suits, Dresses, Blouses, Corsets and Silk Hosiery YEAGER S QUALITY SHOP 209 N. Main Street Telephone 424 Greenville, S. C. The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One Tke Baskm SKoe Company Anderson ' s Newest and Most Up-to-Date Shoe Store WE SPECIALIZE IN LADIES ' FINE FOOTWEAR Telephone 153 Call to See Us ANDERSON SOUTH CAROLINA The Mutual Benefit was established over seventy years ago. It has gone from " Strength lo Strength. " It has a long and honorable record which its management will take pride in maintaining. It is conspicuous for its economical management and for fair dealmg with its members. An impartial investigation will convince you that it is " A COMPANY WITHOUT A PEER " Every Woman Should Read Our Leaflet " When I Am Forty-Five, " Which Can Be Had for the Asking The Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co. NEWARK, NEW JERSEY M. M. Mattison, General Agent, Anderson, S. C. E. E. ELMORE FANCY GROCERIES Telephone 56 269 Greenville St. ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One .-— =Oi ' i rf4 4l ' ' " ■ " 1 " ' " ' " ' ' ■ " ' ' ' t ' ' » ' ' ' ' i ' l ' ' ' i ' irillili " ' " l ' irililliiri t ' l ' lli» ' i ' ' rilli i i il i iWJil i iiji ir[ i rr i i il t[ )ii r . ii iilti l ,i l il iill i l tj i ii ll l i iiiii ri,i ii .iii. i i [ i iiiii Tn THE PHOTOS IN THIS ANNUAL MADE BY HARRY WALLACE Pnotogra ner Two Doors Above Blue Ridge Depot LIGON LEDBETTER ANDERSON, S. C. Distributors Unitea States Cartridge Company ' s Shells Snowariit Lara : AND Wesson Oil WHOLESALE GROCERS Notions, Hosiery, Overalls Shirts, Etc. The Sororian, Nineteen Tw enty-One ]i ii m i mn iinm ' .iL nir.ini;tHi»iuii.i.iir i.itiit ii Hn iii i n » Ti r. T m. iii iu i p r .m i iin ii »i n..ii..i,i,.in DO YOUR BANKING AT THE BANK OF ANDERSON ANDERSON. S. C The Strongest Bank In the County B. F. MaULDIN, President J. A. Brock, Vice-PresiJenI A. M. Sharpe. Firsl Assislanl Cashier P. E. CuNKSCALES, Cashier FRANK E. Todd, Second Assistant Cashier S. N. GILMER CHEVROLET AND PEERLESS AUTOMOBILES ANDERSON. SOUTH CAROLINA The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One - ■-, FOR ALL KINDS OF FOOTWEAR FOR WOMEN SEE THOMPSON TK e Man Who Fits the Feet and Selh 5 the Shoes WE SELL ONLY FOR CASH DR. W. H. SHERARD Dentist ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Telephone 346 W. W. ROBINSON STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES -- FRUITS AND PRODUCE Telephones 573-74 124 East Benson Street ANDERSON. S. C. WE SPECIALIZE IN LADIES READY-TO-WEAR Also in Gage Fisk Millinery Frolaset Front Lacing Corsets MRS. B. GRAVES BOYD The Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One mi uiuniTiu i | i iHUii ni n i ,iii n mm.. - , !i msr I Can Always Find the Style You Want Y (J U " 1 C " Always Find the Finish You Want [ Can Always Find the Wood You Want AND VOU CAN ALWAYS FIND Any Kind of Furniture Made AT G. F. TOLLY SON The Cheapest Furniture House in South Carolina WHEN YOU COME TO ANDERSON STOP AT THE SALLA HOTEL AND CAFE Rooms $1.00 and $1.50 U. G. SALLA, Proprietor CELY-RICHARDSON, Gents ' FurnisKings " The Home of Good Clothing ' ANDERSON. S. C. Tlie Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One " ' " " ' {«-T f " »il ii " iHn ' i;;iui.iiimimii;iiiiiii[i iHJnmm i[it ii iii i i i i ii ii ' i ii i rii iii iii iuimini ri ii miim t w»imiit mi miiiliimtmm,immmimt mmrmm =. 9y. . Faskion Park Clotlies ' ' Alco " Clotkes Emery Shirts In terwoven Hosiery Stetson Hats Centemeri Gloves K napp Felt Hats Roundtree ' s Luggage We Make a Specialty of All-Wool White Sweaters for College Girls PARKER CLOTHING COMPANY — ' Printzess Suits Sunshine Suits Gossard Corsets Rosemary Dresses Van Raalte Hosiery P. Cantenier Gloves Mar Hof Middy Suits Munsing Wear D ( EISBi iRG The Sororian, Nineteen T venty-One ]lll [|[ml l M T m. l i, l 1l i l .a l l l l » l . l7 [ | u l llu l | mTml m . Tlf(T l l |.. innf pn ii ntLLi.L.t,.ti.iL[inui ii m. iitTii L.miHiiii..a i m ii ..iiMi» iii , c TT .M , f .,r.i iig T=: EFIRD ' S DEPARTMENT STORE The leading department store in Anderson invites the young ladies of Anderson to make EFIRD ' S their shoppmg headquarters. The latest styles, the best materials, the most pleasing colorings are to be found in our Reaay-to-Wear Department and these three requisites go far toward making this department a real favorite with Anderson College, as well as with the City of Anderson and the surrounding country. A SPECIAL Millinery Department affords an unusually large selection from which to choose, and the excellence of our milliners, augmented by beautiful patterns from exclusive manufacturers, makes EFIRD ' S Millinery altogether not to be excelled. Remember, there are Efird Stores over the two CaroUnas, and the]) sell for less and give better values everplp iere. EFIRD S DEPARTMENT STORE West Side Square, Anderson, S. C. The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One la—-— — • — ■ " -- i-- yJl.iirfiiJ ' im,.,i mii»ii Hii|iiif;i»iU " ' i " ' i ' ri|liiiTiiiniiiirii|ihjr i» i iiii.iiMini [nii i t ..i, 7 i(fi i i ii i n [ir | fTf i i ir r iil)| i iitlii.i. irTiP t» r i Tn THE WEBB-CASON DRUG CO. Cater to TKat Class of Trade That Demanas tne Best In DRUGS TOILET REQUISITES SODAS CANDIES STATIONERY We Cordially Invite You to Make This Your Shopping or Meeting Place You ' ll Receive At All Times Courteous Treatment and Prompt Attention And Above All You ' ll Find Everything Cleanly WEBB-CASON DRUG COMPANY ANDERSON, S. C. The Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One TT ' !! ' ' " " ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' " " " ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ™ ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' " ■ .i 7Tr i - .m...i.. rr ;i;;ui F ?l: niie Rotar) Club OF ANDERSON, S. C. Takes tnis opportunity of tnank- mg the students and faculty of Anderson College for tneir gener- ous kospitality and kearty co-op- eration m tne several meetings of Rotary neld in tne Anderson College Dining Hall. " DAN " BROWN, President ' ' He Profits Most Who Serves Best " The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One -4r-i ' ' ' " " ' " " ' ' " ' " ' ' ' .J. ' TriWm i rM. i i ' i ii inpjiii.iJiiinfiii iri ni umtmm i i mimmimmi.ii.i u i u n mm } mmi ]miuitiu,wnhinimiUfiithiHr ii z zz::: IMPERIAL THEATRE ANDERSON ' S LEADING MOTION PICTURE PLAYHOUSE ALWAYS BETTER PICTURES SKowin exclusively in this city the world ' s most famous screen stars, and the finest productions. THE HOME OF PARAMOUNT PICTURES The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One |iii; u i a i n iii a n;i ,,iiiii;iiiiTni.itiiiT n.»ii,ii,j.n iiniiimn i i ii i i ti i i»i.. miimHH.;Tir,Li ii.t..ii.nnnuuui nT nn ii in i imitii m nm.ih. " uim ' iii .■■■.i i i.., i . ' ;..,j..ffn p [= : CITIZENS NATIONAL CAPITAL AND SURPLUS $325,000.00 TKe Only National Bank In Anderson County INTEREST PAID ON SAVING ACCOUNTS FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA CAPITAL, $100,000.00 SULPLUS, $150,000.00 The Farmers and Merchants Bank would like to have the bank account of every teacher and student at Anderson College. We pay interest on deposits in our Savings Department. Your business will be appreciated and will have our best attention. Come to see us. FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK J. D. BROWNLEE, Cashier The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One " lUl■ WlBlb .. »ll l ff 1 li ll n l l Jllm rmr lr " m t H lT II r[[mll ll lll[Nm[ lr l l, .l|» [ llrlTF|nr»r.|lN B. FLEISHMAN BROS. DEPARTMENT STORE THE STORE OF TRUTHFUL ADVERTISING EXCLUSIVE READY-TO-WEAR FINE FEMININE FOOTWEAR In fact everything usually sold in a modern Department Store. Prompt deliveries in the city. Orders by mail sent same day order received. Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed LYON BROTHERS " The Gift Shof Watcnes, Diamonds, Cut Glass, Silver and Jewelry WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING A SPECIALTY GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Engraving Done Promptly Brunswiclf and Emerson Records The Home of the Brunswick nd Sonora Phonographs " W«B ' — - ' kiftii " =- TKe Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One a WWg K ,i,j;iiii, , " ;;;;;mi..,m„m„i nni ' ii ' ,i;7mt.i, ' [|J mii, i i miiim.ii .. tiiiiiniLimmm l mi i nm lliHtmmiiiiiii.iimmtiit i .i.iin..u.aiti.. WHO MAKES Milady ' s Wearables AND MAKES THEM — Best m Style — Best 771 Q uahty — Best in Service — Best in Price? MILLINERY? RAWAK CORSETS? LaCAMILE BRASSIERES? De BeVOISE GLOVES? CENTEMERI HOSIERY? GORDON FOOTWEAR? COUSINS Outer anJ Undergarments From the Most Exclusive Manufacturers in New York City. Showing at All Times Only Merchandise That ' s Different and Absolutely Correct " Just Everything For Woman " MOORE-WILSON COMPANY ANDERSON, S. C. Dressmaking Beauty Parlors The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One 1 r ' ,[ S£|-- |i i,i,.,iiuiiiini,«i,iniin»Jiiilliii iiiiiiiMiirii iiii iUHhnm a i m t . ,.Mmmm ,mMm HMum»mm m,mui u , um PEOPLES BANK OF ANDERSON ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Capital $200,000.00 Lee. G. Holleman .- — President E. P. Vamdiver Vice-President and Cashier H. H. Watkins - Vice-President T. S. Banister Assistant Cashier Donald E. Brown Assistant Cashier SERVICE IS OUR MIDDLE NAME W. L. BRISSEY LUMBER CO. ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One rTTi mn niif i ii im.j |i i | » i .,i i w i m i n l .» | ili l l lM n H I in " Ti - n ' " " ' ' l ' i " ' " ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' " ' ' t — Mnii..i..i7». ' .TTiF ir[ =: PETROLEUM OIL COMPANY Up-to-Date Filling Station Victory Visible Pumps — See What You Get, See That You Get It MOTOR INN Main and Greenville Streets Main and Earle Streets Main and River Streets ALL FOR ANDERSON COLLEGE E. R. HoRTON, Pres. and Treas. L. S. HoRTON, Firsl Vice-Prc W. F. Marshall. Second Vice-Pres. T. E. HoRTON. Secrelar ) ANDERSON REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENT COMPANY Capital ana Earned Surplus $125,000.00 REAL ESTATE STOCKS BONDS ANDERSON, S. C. The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One ■ j : r i. ' f ,iuU,,iiiii:r Uh Tii iumu ii imim tnp iuiiiiin n ini The Strand Anderson s Foremost Picture House ALL OUR PICTURES ARE SUPERIOR PRODUCTIONS — Selected from tne Hundreds of Pro- — ducers Throughout tlie United States ALWAYS A FRIENDLY WELCOME TO THE COLLEGE GIRLS — BEST ACCOMMO- DATIONS—ABSOLUTELY INDEPENDENT The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One iiii ii M,Mu i m i . i i,M» ;|Ti u T i»ai i ii i i.i.Uii.Hu.n , K n i ii . mm mmi ii Liu i |.;.i..n i tui irn;T...»t.. TODD AUTO SHOP Garage, Modern Equipment, Supplies, Service FIRESTONE TIRES SOLID AND PNEUMATIC ACCESSORIES Ford Work Sohcitea East Orr and Earle Street Anderson, S. C. D. P. SLOAN SONS, Inc. AutomoDile ana Truck Distributors lor North and South Carohna PARTS, ACCESSORIES AND SUPPLIES Sloan s Service Satisfies " SAY IT WITH FLOWERS " RODGERS FLOWER SHOP Telephone 2516 Ottary Hotel • Greenville, S. C. The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One ' rT ' ' ' " ' 7 ' r " ' " ' ' i . »M 7 - [ »i iir Hi i i ii if m iJii if i ) rm H Tiiriiirirt i rrrF[itmr iiJ. if i ii [i i.i riiitii mi r i. 7 i|i. i ii [rin mi n inNf i li Fr ii»lihi ni M i n)»i ir J.i l ir rTrTi -m I — I ' " irj- .,v5,V| ORR-GRAY COMPANY DRUGGISTS The Place Where the College Girls Love to Go UP-TO-DATE LINE OF THE FINEST CANDY— WHITMAN ' S K You Need Anything Phone 216 " COOK WITH ELECTRIC ITY " All Types of Ranges For Sale Soutnern Public Utilities Company 1 18 West Whitner Street ANDERSON, S. C. WE DO OUR BEST We do our best to serve our patrons promptly and satisfactorily and en- deavor to carry a full supply of parts for all electrical equipment on all cars. We overhaul and change any make battery, repair any and all starters and generators, switches, horns, and lights. We think a trial will convince you that we do our best on each indi- vidual job. STRIBLING ' S ELECTRIC SHOP ANDERSON, S. C. J ' -fy i i r-v The Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One if i i A -aSi COOK WITH GAS GAS FUEL IS CLEAN AND CONVENIENT AND EVER READY Rudd Automatic Gas Water Heaters Are Perfect ANDERSON GAS UTILITIES COMPANY TOWNSEND LUMBER COMPANY BUILDING MATERIAL AND CONTRACTORS TELEPHONE 267 TKe Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One — —■■ f P Jil ' • ml ! • l«lo J r •m l lnn ilmnlmJl l hlV ' ' Tf n ll l l ' t um l unlll•m REECE-WELCH PIANO COMPANY ANDERSON, S. C. Ivers and Ponds, Milton, Clarendon and Haddorf Pianos Grands, Uprights and Players Musical Merchandise Attractive Terms TKe New Edison " The Phonograph With a Soul " PEOPLE S PHARMACY Formerly Owl Drug Company Neatness Our Specialty Fountain Drinks, Kodaks and Supplies Toilet Articles and Stationery North Main Street Telephone 636 ANDERSON STEAM LAUNDRY 120 Earle Street LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING DYEING The Sororian, Nineteen Tw enty-One ii|Uti.uiiipi H | i iitiii .i T m mi i.i i iMi,. tni ii i [i i m.iiiiUi i -itt t i iT iit i Hit ii iiii ii i ii| im . (ToinTtT nmiiin»iii i i rTTMT7M 1= BIGBY S PHARMACY East Benson, Three Doors Above Bleckley Building We Carry a Complete Line of Drugs, Medicines Toilet Articles, Stationery Sodas, Etc. It ' s lo he Found in a Drug Store, We Have It Agents Norris ' Exquisite Candies Telephone 203 MOBLEY LAWRENCE Successors to Marchbanks Babb JEWELERS FINE REPAIRING A SPECIALTY All Work Warranted Anderson, S. C. BEFORE TURNING THIS PAGE We want lo impress upon you the fact that our store is the service slore of Anderson. Maintaining the largest line of Jewelry in the upper section of the slate. You shoud never lose sight of the fact that quality and dependability are the first essentials in purchasing from a jeweler. Lei us he } our je ' weler. WALTER H. KEESE COMPANY YOUR JEWELERS The Largest Diamond Line in ihe Piedmont The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One f g ■— -- . II ' . »■ p» B J| C ' Si ' i7r,iimiri n Jittffii in in i . l » ni |nf jf i i i iH i » ri H» i ' mii itiii m i[ i i ii i m 7i in» n i i niriii i ir ij»nii i M ii i F i [i ijn F i ff B. 0. EVANS COMPANY OUTFITTERS FOR MEN AND BOYS " The Store With a Conscience ANDERSON, S. C. THE COLLEGE GIRL ' S HEADQUARTERS IS FANT S BOOK STORE GARRETT BARTON " WHERE QUALITY REIGNS- CLOTHIERS AND FURNISHERS The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One iii viU i mL ' " u ii i.iiiii iiii i ;.i ii LiLnMiii.» | i.,i.i,uIii iiii i min m. i iii i iiu i |.iHi. i mmimv. t ii - ii Tn77 nixe Ottara ? GREENVILLE, S. C. Hotel THE MOST COMFORTABLE HOTEL IN THE CITY J. L. ALEXANDER, Proprietor s. H. ALEXANDER, Manager Diamonds Watches Jew elry SAM ORR TRIBBLE 140 North Main Street ANDERSON, S. C. Cut Glass Silverware China Tke Soronan, Nineteen Twenty-One == crt ' ' ' ' ' ii ' " ' ' " ' i ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " " " ' ' i " f ' ' ' ' ni ' hninm AUTO ACCESSORIES AND VULCANIZING Miller Tires, Goodyear Tires STUART BROWNE 1 15 West Earle St. Telephone 798 R. F. BROWNLEE COTTON AND FERTILIZERS ANDERSON, S. C. McDonald seed house J. F. McDonald, Proprietor WE KEEP FRESH STOCKS GARDEN, FIELD AND FLOWER SEED, PLANTS AND BULBS Call, Write, or Phone McDonald seed house Maxwell Building Anderson, S. C. The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One T " ' ' ' ' M i ii i i.tirw i[iiimiimTmv »t | itiiMih ni |[ i i »i Ti .. i i n i ii iLijt.i..y i HauLML.i i aii i ' ii...ui t iimiii i u»n iiii TiTi iii|tiii a tTT i n v.» itn.ii.... " t-i| Kodak Developing, Memory Books, Note and Ring Books, Stationery Fanors, Place Cards, Crepe Paper, Napkins DARGAN PRINTING AND STATIONERY CO. Anderson, S. C. DR. FOREST D. SUGGS ANDERSON, S. C. Phone 1 189 CASEY FANT, Arckitects 1 12 N. Main Street ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA THE ANDERSON COLD STORAGE CO. Manufacturer of Pure Crystal Ice AND DEALERS IN Purina Checker Board Feeds Tlie Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One :,, ' t ity,ii, m.,,»,u ' i,mmi n uUum iTJf! imiUi " i I i " ANDERSON-PEARMAN COMPANY DEALERS IN ESSEX HUDSON ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA LIGON MOTOR CO, AUTOMOBILES AND TRUCKS 206 SOUTH MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 1043 The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One TTTTLr.illlllUI. 111,1,, iU.iilli..L» U1llllil.i ll iiililtltllll|mil iiiiiiinnmiuii..i.Hiuii»i. " nrfiTr L.H,uii»..»..iiL i;;;n,i. i: ..ii.. - ..... !i T= ANDERSON STORAGE BATTERY ANDERSON. S. C. BUICK Pioneer Valve-in-rleaa Twentyi-second Successful Year JOHN E. SADLER GOODYEAR TIRES ACCESSORIES BECK DRUG COMPANY QUALITY, QUICK SERVICE Drugs, Toilet Articles, Rubber Goods, Fine Sta- tionery, Cigars, Tobaccos and Cigarettes AGENT HOLLINGSWORTH JOHNSTON ' S CANDIES Accuracy and Pure Drugs in Our Prescription Deparlmenl ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA TKe Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One . == wf; ' |ii« l!iM| Sullivan Hardware Co. Carolina ' s largest dealers in General Haraware Farming Implements Mill Supplies Plumbing Supplies Stoves ana Ranges Housenola Hardware Through twenty-five years of experience in the Hardware Business we have had for our guiding motto the words: " Quahty and Service. " Our large trade, alid our many friends and patrons testify that we have in no small measure lived up to the true inner meaning of these words. SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY ANDERSON BELTON GREENVILLE STRICKLY PAINT VARNISH STORE DISTRIBUTORS FOR DUPONT PAINT AND VARNISH PRODUCTS ANDERSON PAINT COMPANY ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One lTt l l lm lll Mlln l l l; T u r »ll■ UL l ln l L.w lllllt .tl |n l mm ■ n n ■l l lUl l t ■.l.■ l M » lT U. ll ll lt H m ll » ll » Sr J. D. R ST. ProiJc-nf an.l Treasurer $10,000.00 CAPITAL THE ANDERSON FURNITURE CO. Incorporated EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME And the Price is Right Skoes and Slippers for College Girls Designed and made by manufacturers of long standmg. Every pair of our shoes are fitted properly and carry Geisberg ' s Ironclad Guarantee. GEISBERG BROTHERS SHOE COMPANY Under Masonic Temple Anderson, S. C. Horton McLean Fire Insurance The Best College in the South, Anderson Col- lege, Is Insured With Us ANDERSON, S. C. Quattlebaum Cockran C. ANDERSON. S. The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One , — — — --- ' v( - ' V ' lS ' -•- 1 " " ' J " - — -nMirt m » »nijii».i tiMMn iji ii i;i» r J» [ i i J i »iiii i nn] ii i i ii]„ijiiii,iH,ji riiF M i ff Tr7 iiii». i ii ii M [ M i i ii ;ii i i i HM | i J n it l iiiii i iii r iiiiiiiN i i,iiM iiiijiij jJ ii JiJ ii ii iii J [ Tne Aftermath of College Life When the halcyon days of college life are over and our girls return to iheir homes brimming over with higher ideals, one of the first things that awaken their mterest is the improvement of their home environment. Most parents who can afford the distinction of a cultured daughter in their home respond with pride lo this perfectly natural and laudable ambition. li is the desire of the Freiwell-Alverson Furniture Company to do all in its power to uplift the home life of this vicinity by malting the home more sanitary more convenient more comfortable and more beautiful — in shorty an alluring spot where one loves to linger. You are invited, one and all. to make a tour of inspection of our store. If you are like the hundreds of others who have visited it, you will be struck by the beauty of the artistic designs of our period furniture of mahogany, walnut, oak and ivory — also hand- some suits in reed and fiber. The wealth of beauty shown in the upholstering of this fur- niture is truly wonderful. You can ill afford to pass the rugs, draperies, lamps and table runners without drinking in the richness of their color schemes. To make this a very practical suggestion — our prices are extremely reasonable, because of the fact that our business is run on a strictly one-price cash basis. Fret vell-Alverson Furniture Co. One Price Cask Store ANDERSON, S. C. The Sororian, Nineteen Twenty-One i , Ji r.»mTiii.»i n.i.nti i nm i . i in Ti iim i mitti i i iniiai. i itiiu i.iTiniiiiiii uniiin in inni i iiim ' nniT Hiiiiimniiit r .i. i i i »iiti»ii.. fTO mr THE BEST ADVERTISEMENT FOR ANDERSON COLLEGE IS THE ANDERSON COLLEGE GIRL " ' a

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