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7 FOREWORD The fairies flittering from earth to sky, Winging their way where the song birds fly, With their tiny hands and their magic wands, Are helpers of Nature in the deeds she performs, They borrow from the sky a s ' mce of blue, Which makes the heart of the blue bell true. They partake of the radiance of the setting sun, And color the roses when the day has begun, A patch of gold sunshine on the distant hill Is snuggled in the heart of a daffodil. They gather from the deeps the bright pearls round, And scatter them us dew drops on the morning ground. In these and many ami many other ways The fairies throughout all the livelong days Gather the treasures that lie all around Nature ' s wonders, that by mortals aren ' t found, And place them before us that we may see How beautiful are all things — if we wish them to be. We ask dear friends that you observe us this way As compilers of Nature ' s gifts day by day, And remember, if you wish this book beautiful to seem, You will only the niceties and beauties glean. —MARIE NELSON, ' 18. SORORIAN YEAR BOOK 1918 Published by the Students o{ ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON, S. C. VOLUME V Sor orian Staff Gertrude Jones Editor-in-Chief Emily Sullivan Assistant Editor Gussie Jones Business Manager Caro Geeb Assistant Manager Goode Burton ... • . Advertisement Manager Rose Edge Art Editor Ruth Brownlee Literary Editor Clara Cook Jolce Editor Sarah Sanders Assistant Editor Gladys White Organization Editor - feS teMt ill|f»«W nB ' l, wLI Lil Jr i yJii ' W Pebtcatton Co ©ur olirters; anb jailors; toe bebtcate tfjis, tfjc Nineteen Ifunbreb anb Cigfjteen ororian, in Sincere esteem anb fjeartj) appreciation of tfjeir patriotism, manfjoob anb strength S — . :%■„ My S ' -• w jlllLMJwgja I rf t Sot Po-iC c j ' ULTY [!SB V 5 - JT aiffljfc = S: r i SS Faculty John E. White, A.B., D.D. President Zebulon J. Edge, Secretary and Treasurer John T. Miller, A.B. Dean; Classical Language, Psychology Malvina Elizabeth Lindsay, A.B. Lady Principal; Mathematics Ida Bell Williams, A.B..M.A. English Carolyn Jordan, Ph.B., A.B. English Catherine Love, A.B. Science Lois Cody, B.S., A.M. History and Economics John C. Calhoun Duneord, A.M. French, Bible, Sunday School Pedagogy Webb Yon Hasseln German Grace Louise Cronkhite, M.M. Piano, Theory, Harmony, Pipe Organ Annie Denmark Professor of Piano Margaret Brewer Professor of Piano and Ear Tramp HULDAH MlXTHOKX MARSHALL Commercial Course Marguerite Henry. B.M. Professor of Piano OUR PRESIDENT Faculty Karen E. Poole Professor of Voice Alice Bell Smith Professor of Expression Christine P. Jameson Professor of Art and Art History Annie T. Hill Professor of Physical Culture Mrs. Emma B. Scearce, A.M. Superintendent of Academy Lou Nell McGee, A.B. Latin Wilma Ervin, A.B. Mathematics Olga V. Pruitt, M.D. Resident Physician Louise Henry, A.B. Librarian Elise Bass, A.B., H.E. Home Economics Beatrice Warth Nurse Virginia Harrison Stenographer Mrs. Paul Gibson Matron Mrs. P. T. Stanford Housekeeper Lula Evans Music 23|Me A Thought It was only a little dewdrop, But it sparkled so bright and gay, That I gained an inspiration That lasted throughout the day. It might have been a baby ' s tear, Or a bride ' s on her wedding morn, Or have come from the heart of a mother, Or from God ' s heart — that spray of dawn. Perhaps — who can tell? — ' twas a mixture Of all these compounded in one, Mixed and purified in the mixing And blessed by God ' s own Son. I know not what you are, wee dewdrop, But your message has come home to me, That always we should be thankful For the gift of God ' s sunshine free. If we sparkle for joy of sparkling, One disheartened may catch the ray, And a song may be born in that heart That will echo ' til earth ' s last day. Gussie 0. Jones, ' 18. ■A t •1 4 [8BBB|(jp|ipj . , . IS ... fcf wit rw y ' »«ajwiii.i» ' . , raz z; 7 uj™ ! • ' ' » ' - rvv n - 1—. mmm Mrs. Emma Sceauce OUE SPONSOR Louis and Henry Sullivan OUR MASCOTS ' 7 J [iafeaisi:- ; ■ " ;, :.t I. " - " ? !K 5j KATHERINE LUCILE BURNETT, 2. $. A.B., H.E. Belton, S. C. ' ' She speaks, acts and behaves just as she ought to. " Treasurer Y. W. C. A., ' 18 ; Critic Lanier Literary Society ' 18; Class Basketball ' 18; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ' 18; Salutorian ' IS; President Class ' IS. LYDIA RUTH BROWNLEE, 2.2.S.,2.$. A.B., B.S. Anderson, S. C. " Lovely is the light of a dark eye in woman. " Estherian Critic ' 17; Class Basketball ' 17- ' 18; Pan-Hellenic; Vice-President Ger- man Club ' 16- ' 17; Leader German Club ' 17- ' 18; President Estherian Literary So- ciety ' 17- ' 18; Literary Editor " Sororian " ' 18; Editor " Orion " ' 17- ' 18; Society De- bater ' 17- ' 18. D. P. A. FLORENCE OREITA RICE, 2.2.2.,0.K,2. Certificate in Music Scott, Ga. " Music rises in me like a Summer morn. " Estherian ; Secretary Class ' 16- ' 17. aMfe GOODE GEIFFIN BURTON, £.2.2.,£. I . B.M. FRANCES RUTH BURDINE, A.B. Newberry, S. C. " Pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, and pleasant to think on. ' ' Chairman Music Committee Y. W. C. A. ' 15- ' 16- ' 17; Secretary Estherian Literary Society ' 16; Class Editor ' 16- ' 17; " Soror- ian " Staff ' 18; Secretary Estherian Liter- ary Society ' 16; Class Editor ' 16- ' 17; Class Historian ' IS; Saint Cecelia Club; Chairman Program Committee Estherian Literary So- ciety ' 17; " Orion ' ' Staff ' 18; Vice-Presi- dent German Club ' IS; President MacDowell T ' Club ' 18; Choral Club; D. P. A. Anderson, S. C. ' Laugh and grow fat. " Class Historian ' 14- ' 15 ; Secretary-Treas- urer ' 15- ' 16; Vice-President Class " 16- ' 17; Estherian Literary Society. KiilMfe S J S 3 j|B»=%rWf] 0, [ liliv lii isy] ALICE KATHLEEN BURRISS, A.B. CLARA COOK, A.B. Anderson, S. C. Iva, S. C. ' ' Up my friend and quit your books, or surely you ' ll grow double. " Secretary-Treasurer Class ' 14- ' 15; His- torian Class ' 15- ' 16, ' 16- ' 17; Vice-President Class ' 16- ' 17; Class Prophet ' 18. " Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow ice die. ' ' Secretary Lanier Literary Society ' 16- ' 17; Class ' Basketball ' 16- ' 17, ' 17- ' IS; Col- lege Choir ; Joke Editor ' ' Sororian " ' 18 ; Athletic Association Y. W. C. A.; President Mission Study Class ' 17- ' IS; President Lanier Literary Society ' 18. 2 -Jfe £SS GUSSIE OGLESBY JONES, 2 2.2.,0.K.2. A.B. Elberton, Ga. " Life ' s a joke and all things slum- it. I thought so once and now I know it. " Business Manager " Sororian, " 18; Lit- erary Editor ' ' Orion 18 ; Y. W. C. A. Cab- inet ' IS ; Vice-President Lanier Literary Society ' IS; Class Basketball 18; Society Debater ' 18; Glee Club ' 18; Treasurer Stu- dent Government Executive Board ' 18, NANCY KING, A.B. Belton, S. C. " She never said a foolish thing or did a icise one. " Student Government Executive Board 16- ' 17, 17- ' 18; Class Lawyer 18; Estherian ; Y. W. C. A. FANNIE SUE McCURRY, A.B. MARY DALE MILLER, 0.K.2. A.B. Anderson, S. C. Gadsden, Ala. " flow can I study with a love affair on my orain? " Estherian ; Student Government Executive Board ' 16- ' 17; Chief Proetor ' 17- ' 18; Sophomore Representative Co-Operative Gov- ernment ' 15- ' 16; Y. W. C. A. " And seem a saint when most I play the devil. ' ' Estherian Literary Society ' 16- ' 17, ' 17- ' 18; Choral Club ' 16- ' 17, ' 17- ' 18; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ' 17- ' 18; Vice-President Senior Class ' 17- ' 18; Chairman Program Commit- tee Estherian Literary Society ' 17- ' 18; Class Basketball ' 16- ' 17, ' 17- ' 18; Pan-Hel- lenic. MARIE NELSON, 2. . A.B.Exp. SARAH GWYNN SANDERS, 2.2. H.E. Charleston, S. C. Hagood, S. C. " 1 am Sir Oracle, when I speak let no dog bark. ' ' " Sororian " Staff ' 15; Freshman Editor ' 15; Student Government ' 15; Critic Lanier Literary Society ' 15; " Sororian " Staff ' 16; President Sophomore ' 16; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ' 16; President Dramatic Club ' 16; Editor-in-Chief ' ' Sororian " ' 17 ; President Junior Class ' 17; Critic Lanier Literary Society ' 17; Lanier Debater ' 17- ' 18; " Orion " Staff ' 17; Secretary Student Gov- ernment Association ' 17; Vice-President Y. W. C. A. ' 17; President Dramatic Club ' 17; President Student Government Association ' 18; President Y. W. C. A. ' 18; President Lanier Literary Society ' 18; Assistant Editor ' ' Orion " ' IS ; Va ' lectorian. " When Sarah and Rose together we see, We know they are as hap py as happy can be, Their motto in Life is clear to all ' United we stand divided we fall. ' ' Estherian Literary Society; Choral Club Y. W. C. A.; Secretary Choral Club ' 16- ' 17 Social Editor " Orion " ' 16- ' 17, ' 17- ' 18 Sergeant at Arms Estherian Literary Society ' 16- ' 17; Treasurer Estherian Literary So- ciety ' 17- ' 18; Joke Editor " Sororian " ' 18; Athletic Association. NANNIE SMITH, A.B. Anderson, S. C. ' ' The world were not so small but one little smile can make it sweet. " LOUISE SHEARER, A.B. Anderson, S. C. " Sometimes I sets and thinks, and some- times 1 just sets. ' ' Secretary Y. W. C. A. ' 16- ' 17; Treasurer Y. W. C. A. ' 17- ' IS; Treasurer Student Government Association ' 18; Student Gov- ernment Executive Board ' 17- ' IS; Secretary Estherian Literary Society ' 15- ' 16. College Choir ' 15- ' 16; Lanier Literary Society; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ' IS; Day Students Co-Operative Association ' 16- ' 17; Class Basketball ' 18; Dramatic Club; Sec- retary President ' s Class ; Athletic Associa- tion. ROSE ELIZABETH EDGE, 2.2. A. B. Art, Mexico, Mo. " Life is just one thing after another. " Estherian Literary Society ; Critic Class ' 17- ' 18; Art Editor " Sororian " ' 16- ' 17, ' 17- ' 18; Glee Club ' 17- ' 18; Y. W. C. A.; Athletic Association. AMANDA ELIZABETH SHIRLEY, A.B. Belton, S. C. " Thy modesty a candle to thy merit. " Editor Class ' 16- ' 17. ANNE WELBORNE, A.B. Abbeville, S. C. " Silence is golden. " Vice-President Class ' 14- ' 15, ' 15- ' 16; Historian Estherian Literary Society ' 15; Secretary Estherian Literary Society ' 18; Secretary and Treasurer of Class ' 16- ' 17, ' 17- ' 18; Student Government Executive Board ' 16- ' 17; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ' 16- ' 17, ' 17- ' 18; Secretary Estherian Literary So- ciety ' 16; Vice-President Student Govern- ment. RUBY AMANDA WARDLAW, A.B. Belton, S. C. ' The word worry is not in my vocabulary. " Student Government Board ' 15- ' 16. ' Si mmmz Senior Class History T HE Old adage — " History repeats itself " can be justly contradicted in re- viewing the past four years ' history in educational institutions of America, for in what oilier four consecutive years lias the college girl had so stirring an experience as in these years of beligerent history through which our country has passed, the salutary effect of which has been indelibly impressed upon her. During the past year, especially, have not these girls been imbued with such a spirit of patriotism, born of love and self sacrifice, as has never before been known in the history of the country? The girls of Anderson College have been privileged to contribute largely in spirit and in means to this great world movement. In this respect these years of her history will be recorded. In other respects, our history is unique. When Anderson College started out in her infancy, we. her graduates today, launched out with her. sharing her hopes, and grappling with her fears. But as we stand here we are proud to say that those fears, we have conquered, and those hopes, we have realized. To be granted the opportunity of launching out with such an institution is no small privilege, and no stereotyped history. The first two years of our college life we were privileged to come under the benign and uplifting influence and discipline of our honored and beloved ex-presi- dent. Dr. James P. Kinard, whose very presence was a benediction. As we were ushered into our Junior year, there came into our lives another strong personality, that of Dr. John E. White, whose connection with our Col- lege, and whose association with us has meant so much. We consider it a privilege to have been with such a great man for two years, for having known him has been an inspiration. The motherly love of a sympathetic woman is an influence that should not be passed lightly over, and in the personality of our beloved Sponsor. Mrs. Emma B. Scearce, this influence finds full expression. We have been singularly fortunate in that we have come in daily contact with her understanding and sympathetic- nature. She will always be held in memory by the Class of 1918 as one of the most influential and uplifting features of our colle ge life. To be disciplined, coerced and guided by such personalities, thus having our lives chiseled and carved at so many different angles, is out of the ordinary. We shall have to confess, however, that we have not always responded to such leadings as we should have done,-. I ut have indulged in many ' ' Quips ami cranks and wanton wiles. Noils and becks and wreathed smiles, Sport that wrinkled eare divines, And laughter holding both its sides. ' ' The Class of 1918 boasts of having made a most excellent record. It contains some of the best literary talent in College. There are among our Class of twenty- one, three Presidents and one Vice-President of the Literary Societies ; two Editors- in-Chief of the Sororian, and all the Staff with the exception of two; the Editor-in- Chief of the Orion; the President. Vice-President, and Secretary of the Student Government Associ ation ; the four Societv Debaters, and the President of the Y. W. C. A. We have toiled together, sharing both work and fun. The four years have gone in swift procession out of the depths of an invisible past until at last an in- audible judgment upon our college career is passed. There pervades an indefinable solemnity as this important epoch in our lives comes to a close. We have finished the long school discipline which has brought us to this day of our college maturity, and to a new outlook on life. We have come to a place in cur lives from which we can look back upon the past. We have achieved to some degree, for if we are not more learned than some, we are less ignorant than others. With the knowledge we have gained, be it little or much, we shall now launch out into life with a fortitude and hope in keeping with this knowledge, and with a determination to share in this great world action. The girls of the Class of 1918 will enter various avenues of life, and will go out to demonstrate to the world the practical value of a college education. Every line of activity is calling us to come and join its ranks. As we go to work, wherever it may be, let us always be as loyal to our Alma Mater as she has been to us. ' ' What is that which we should turn to, lighting upon days like these ? Every door is barr ' d with gold and opens but to golden keys, Every gate is throng ' d with suitors, all the markets overflow, We have but an angry passion, what is that which we should do? " Goode G. Burton, Historian. ?.£• %rr --SX THE Senior Picnic was a great success and will long linger in the minds of every one of us after we have left the College, no more to return as students. Even our Sponsor, Mrs. Scearce, forgot to he dignified and entered into our fun with enthusiasm. How diligently all of us searched for four-leaf clovers with the hope of meeting good fortune as we go out into the real battle of life — but Marie was the only lucky one — the rest of us searched in vain. I was so glad to have my new kodak so I could take a picture of each girl to have for my album. What fun we had in getting the different poses. Marie, out of the goodness of her heart, stuck her four-leaf clover just above the lens and bade the kodak bring good luck to each of us. I could scarcely wait to get the prints from the photographer, and then on taking them home, you may imagine my disappointment on finding I had the wrong pictures. I promptly returned them and demanded my own but was assured that I had the right ones. Not being able to convince the photographer otherwise, I again took them and somewhat disheartened, went home to examine these strange pictures that had fallen into my hands. What a surprise was in store for me for I soon recognized every one and found my kodak had peeped into the future and had taken our pictures for 1923, the date I found on each print. How did it all happen? Of course it was Marie ' s four-leaf clover that had cast its magic charm about the lens and brought good luck to us that day. The first picture I picked up proved to be Goode ' s. Yes. there she was in the theater door and to on e side. 1 could read the poster — ■ ' Concert to-night by the celebrated Soprano, Goode Burton. " Funds to go toward the endowment for Homes for the Soldiers totally disabled in the late war. " Ann was easily recognized, as she stood at a window with a broad smile covering her face. Several children were crowded around, ami I read over the window. " Get your Thrift Stamps Redeemed Here. " And I knew that Ann must now have a Government position. The picture I now held in my hand seemed to be a movie actress upon the stage and I saw some of the scenery marked. " The Belasco Co. " I was anxious to know which one of my school-mates was starring with this company and I was not long in recognizing Mary Dale. I could scarcely get to the pictures quick enough now, I was so anxious to know what each one was. In a large sun parlor stood a trained nurse and a man in soldier ' s uniform. Around them was a number of convalescing men in rolling chairs. I soon grasped the situation for the woman was Gladys, and she had evidently been a trained nurse in one of the Government Hospitals where soldiers were cared for after the war was over, and by her tender ministerings she won the heart of one of them. I was now looking at a neat two-room school building and in the doorway stood Ruby while in the yard in the midst of a group of children at play Amanda was seen. They had evidently given themselves to training young Americans and helping to make " Democracy safe for the world. " My eyes were soon gazing upon a very familiar scene, the buildings of Ander- son College, but there were more than at present. Ruth Burdine was standing at the entrance to one of the new ones with a violin case in her hand. It was not hard for my imagination to supply all that was suggested in this picture. I was sure the new building was the Conservatory of Music, and Ruth, after teaching in the city schools, found time in the afternoons to pursue the study of violin at her Alma Mater. I held in my hand the picture of a section of a desolated city with the hull of a building in view, and the ground a mass of wreckage. In the center of this scene was a group of women directing some laborers. I recognized the familiar faces of Rose and " Sallie " and I knew they had joined the scores of American women who were helping to rebuild the war-devastated cities of France. In the next picture there was no person at all but the entrance to a large building was seen and a sign read, " Xelson and Jones. Attorneys-at-Law. " This was all sufficient for me, and I knew Marie ' s and Gussie ' s practice in argumen- tation and debate had not been in vain. The familiar scene of the Clemson Campus met my gaze and there stood a man and woman. Beneath the picture was written, " Prof, and Mrs. Brown. " Can you guess who the woman was? Why, Sarah Sanders, of course. In another picture I saw a beautiful college class-room filled with boys and girls. In the teacher ' s chair sat Katherine Burnett. I knew it was a Co-Educa- tional College, but where or what she taught I am still in the dark as to that. I was interested in a Chautauqua tent scene and wondered which one of my class-mates 1 was going to discover here. Some noted singer was on the stage and there sat Oreita at the piano as her accompanist. A picture thai was good to look al was thai of a beautiful country home in a large grove of oaks. Everything had the air of prosperity and happiness about i(, and there in the yard stood Nannie, the farmer ' s wife. The next picture I picked up was thai of a Good Will Center in a slum districi with crowds of little children at the door. In the midsi of the group were two women, the messengers of Hope and Happiness for this neighborhood. You will mil be surprised when 1 tell you these two were Fannie Sue and Nancy. The picture I next examined seemed indistinct, but Looking at it more closely I read the following advertisement: " College Algebra by Louise Shearer, price, $2.00 net. " I knew this was not a misprint for mathematics always was Louise ' s strong point. There were only two more pictures left. One was that of a well furnished business office, with the president at his desk. Beside him was his private secre- tary, Miss Clara Cook. The last picture was in my hand. Some college girls were intent on an experiment in a chemical laboratory. The face of then- enthusiastic teacher was that of Ruth Brownlee. All this had been so interesting to me that I was sorry I did not have a picture in the lot but I had a dream the other night in which I was giving a recital in Arthur Friedheim ' s Studio, in Xew York. That sounds impossible, but sometimes dreams come true, and that is all J have to depend upon for my future. What a pity Marie ' s four-leaf clover was lost and forgotten when the picnic was over, and 1 have now only a plain Brownie No. 2. Kathleen Btjrriss. S e n i o r Will 0 8 e «e r RE B E it known to all men by these presents. That we, the Senior Class of Ander- son College. Nineteen hundred and eighteen, in the Town of Anderson, State of South Carolina, being of sound minds, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our last Will and Testament: Item One: To our loved and honored President, Dr. John E. White, we do will and bequeath Sarah Sander ' s fluent manner of speech. Item Two: To our beloved Lady Principal, Miss Lindsay, we do will and bequeath all of our Senior dignity, provided she will not abuse the same. Item Three: To the Junior Class, we leave all our good manners and bril- liant marks, hoping they will shine, at least half so brightly as we. Item Four: To the Sophs., of our Sister Class, we bequeath all of our cast- off lovers and stray boxes of candy. Item Five: We do will and bequeath to the Freshmen all of our hard knocks and difficulties. Item Six: Gussie Jones bequeaths her ability to be prompt at meals, to Miss Cronkhite. Item Seven: Nancy King wills Loreen Thompson all her surplus avoir- dupois. Item Eight : Fannie Sue McCurry leaves her most ardent and loving admi- ration of all things connected with a " starr, " to the future astronomy classes. Item Nine : Clara Cook leaves her slow and deliberate manner of speech to Eossie Milford. Item Ten: To Lucy Pinson, Goode Burton bequeaths her loud and harsh voice, requesting that she will not crack it. Item Eleven : Nannie Smith leaves her punctuality at Gym. Classes to Florence Hetrick. Item Twelve: Euth Brownlce leaves her ability to argue to Mary Lee Norris. Item Thirteen: Euth Burdine leaves her position as private secretary to Mr. Yon Hasseln to Emily Sullivan. Item Fourteen: Gladys White leaves her care of the Cat to " Teddy " Jones. 1 1 cm Fifteen: [Catherine Burnetl bequeaths to Dr. Dunford her expres- sive motions and fancy gestures to be used only in Sunday School Pedagogy. Item Sixteen: Gertrude Jones leaves her condescending manner to Lucy McPhail. Item Seventeen: Sarah Sanders and Rose Edge bequeath their love Eor each other to Mrs. Stanford and the Dining Room Girls. Item Eighteen: To Lois Stanford, Ruby Wardlaw leaves her accomplish- ment as a flirt. Item Nineteen: Amanda Shirley wills her large Vocabulary to Mr. Miller. Item Twenty: Mary Dale Miller leaves her meek voice to Miss Cronkhite. Item Twenty-one: Nancy King ' and Clara Cook leave their love of Short- hand to Etta Watkins and Essie Cook. Item Twenty-two: Anne Welborne wills her loud and shrieking voice to Miss McGee. Item Twenty-three: Louise Shearer leaves her " Old Black Slippers " to her much cherished roommate. Elva Coleman. Item Twenty-four: Oreita Rice wills her sweet smile to Mr. Gibson. Item Twenty-five: Gertrude .(ones and Hose Edge leave their comfortable back seat in Sunday School Pedagogy to Teddy Jones and Swanee Hillhouse. Item Twenty-six: Marie Nelson leaves all her spare time to Mrs. Gibson to be used in bringing Mr. Gibson to the table fit meal time. Item Twenty-seven: Kathleen Burriss wills to Edna Thomson her hilarity and boisterousness. We hereby constitute Nancy King Executrix of our Last Will and Testament. In Witness Whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 28th clay of May, nineteen hundred and eighteen. Class of Nineteen Hundred and Eighteen. Witnesses : Etta Watkins. Lola McPhail. Louise Campbell. Mabel Jones. %fl WLSBBSM Society Debaters ESTHERIAN Gertrude Jones Ruth Brownlee LANIER Gussie Jones Marie Nelson ssjiwiijg? • cls igps ; mmm A N J £ T J Sigma Sigma Sigma Ruth Brownlee ■ . . . Anderson, S. C. Goode Burton Newberry, S. C. Gertrude Jones Richmond, Fa. Gussie Jones Elberton, Ga. Okeita Rice Scott, Ga. Gladys White Anderson, S. C. I L ' ft : 1 f flp ' J jllwil F IffS — ■ E! ?»S=3a rtTHELETICS Senior Basketball Team Kathkine Burnett Center Mary Dale Miller Center forward Ruth Brownlee Forward Nannie Smith Forward Gussie Jones Guard Gertrude Jones Guard Clara Cook Substitute Louise Shearer Substitute Not in picture. P " - ' ' : ' - J, Aj. H i 9 ■■ ;;:;;«• I, ■■■pani ' ll " Sigma Sigma Rose Edge and Sarah Sanders Rose Edge OFFICERS UKMlsKKs ' President I Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sarah Sanders ij LllllTOt fc - l-a- w§ . 1 1 V 1 J - WJlllfM] —- ;; — : 41 1 1 S.lfc.-jJiift Uc pjifrt 933 aasU-Atil ' 1 111 6b.4,ti = " | ; -V 1 1»,| UjP ll ' Mri ' -S " Ji.g. J £03 JUNIOR Junior Class Colors: Purple and Gold Motto : ' Tout Bien oU Pien ' Flower: Pansy OFFICERS Emily Sullivan President Martha Owings Vice-President Luct McPhail Secretary Edith Hubbard Poet Edith Hubbard Martha Owings Lois Anderson Lucy McPhail Lessie Moore ROLL Pauline Smith Essie Cook Hazel Pruitt Caka Geer Vivian Cox Lucy Pinson Etta Watkins Anna Belle Strickland Emily Sullivan SBs,-- ,.. - :..-. I pr , ; ».-j MIBI3P! nussigs When Day Is Done When the day ' s irksome toiling is ended, And the sun sinks at last in the west ; Then the laborer with brow free from worry Trudges home for a welcome rest. He is hailed down the road near the mile-post By the scamper of eager feet. And enveloped and almost half-smothered With embraces both bear like and sweet. Oh ! ' tis for this that the hot summer ' s glaring Is borne with a Spartandike smile. And the thought of his happy home-coming Keeps his weary heart gay all the while. With the tiniest boy on his shoulder And a lad and a lass by each hand, They hurry on home to mother. Would he change with the prince of the land . ' Would he give that sight in the evening glow For a share of the world ' s esteem ? No! a single hour of honest joy Is -worth all of sin ' s false gleam. For the gambling chance of the counting house Is but chaff in life ' s ocean ' s foam, ' Tis but naught when weighed in the balance With a poor man ' s happy home. E. L. H., ' 19. " J i i S I " , ' - !OT MiLffl 5DPHDMDRE [BPS Sw JT " fflB. aiftahiSSs i 3»?» Sophomore Class COLORS: Purple and Silver Flower: Violet Motto: " Start right, aim right, and keep pegging away. " OFFICERS Myrtle Workman President Mabel Jones Vice-President Edith Hutchison Historian Glad 1 , s DugAn Poet Rebe Adair Macie Bolt Clelia Bannister IIvka Anderson Dewey Bruce June Cromer Helen C ' hambleb Nancy Evans Margaret Evans Mary Edge ROLL Jennie Goddard Swanee Hillhouse Bertha Hall Edith Hutchison Mabel Jones Lila King Norma Myers Ethel Mosely Willie Fay Moore Irene Martin Stella Nickson Mary ' Lee Norris Madeline Parrish Mary ' Smith Annie Simmons - Daisy " Shearer Irene Simmons Carmina Shearer Myrtle Workman Helen Willis • " - . ■-. y ' W " i TT i i 30 Jg i |p5SB7il? a»= Fv PPE5HMAN lj§ f!5 3p- . y r-y C aaBf - Freshman Class Colors: Green and Pink Flower: Sweet Pea Motto: " Not merely to exist, but to amount to something, is life. " OFFICERS Lila Washington President Ruby McMillan Vice-President Edna Blume Secretary and Treasurer Annie Pearl Shirley Historian Sara Lou Bobo Poet Catherine Wright Rosa Lee Parrish Marie Black Viola Trogden Eleanor Jones Mattie Poole Mildred Poole Lucia Sullivan Emmie Yeargin Catherine Ramsey Clarice Townsend Elva Coleman Bessie McMahan ROLL Annie Pearl Shirley Lila Washington Betty Long Ellen Butler Viola Perman Sara Lou Bobo Anna Dial Zadie Rogers Carrie Godfrey ' Gladys Mahaffey Madeline Smith Edna Welborne Lois Campbell Edith F. Hubbard Beatrice O ' Dell Ruth Owens Ruth Martin Macie Strickland Edna Blume Helen Shirley Gladys Bolt Fannie Holcombe Mellie Mayfield Lucile Hayne Kathleen Hayne ROSSIE MlLFORD Louise Geer ; ' 3 = ' •- •- . .-.. ' Iffr---,, • i. . " ■ .. : . ' i ' .iai sr IT p; 00 " r j wl B 1 j m GD ====n|H pi -v 1 In : « ' -, - -Jlf ' RfctjP t | . - ., Star x vw Ki J - MK Sviflu ■ ' W fojz ?i ' ii sa g : - - • ' ' 2 t- s • ■ ■••- " I lfllftj NJfe Special Class OFFICEES Florence Hetrick President Edna Summerall Vice-President Winnie Reid Secretary Pauline Miller Treasurer Lois Stanford Poet Cleo Ford Bernice Cannon Ad Lene Jones Edna Brock Edna Summerall Winnie Reid Oreida Patterson Pauline Miller Victoria Miller Lola McPhail ROLL Mary Paschal Julia Cade Bessie Mae Chandler Meyda Jackson Elise Jackson Lucile Devlin Mildred Boyd Virginia Watkins Lois Stanford Sylvene Callahan Evelyn Brown Gladys White Gertrude Jones Bessie Pruitt Marion Pitts Lorene Thompson Grace Keller Sara Spearman Florence Hetrick Orena Guest Executive: BDARO 3R X I Marie Nelson, President Student Government Executive Board OFFICERS Marie Nelson President Anne Welborne Vice-President Lucy McPhail ' Secretary Gussie Jones Treasurer MEMBERS Nannie Smith Myrtle Workman Martha Owings Fannie Sue McCurry Annie B. Strickland Nancy King Helen Willis Edith Hutchison rmmm l - A. V 1 ! — : — l iggrg Q InJk f ; f Je sT awcL Jo l u Stella N. : " Lila, how long did the Hundred Years ' War last? ' ' Lila W. : " I declare ' Hon, ' I don ' t believe I remember. " " Louise, how are you getting along at College? " " Oh, all right, I am trying to get ahead you know. " Inquirer: " Well, goodness knows you need one. " Elva Coleman (Out on basketball field): " Oh, Miss Hill, let me ' review ' (referee) the game? " Mrs. Scearce : " Sarah, what is this absent doing after your name ? " Sarah Sanders: " Oh, Mrs. Scearce, that was the clay I wasn ' t there. " Nancy King : " Fannie Sue, did you know Mrs. A. has T. B. ? " Fannie Sue : " Oh, no, she hasn ' t, she has consumption. " Teddy J. : " Gladys, you know I always keep my word. " " Sallie: " " Of course, because no one will ever take it. " Miss Love (in Biology) : " What are the three preventions of disease? " Catherine B. : " Vaccination, inoculation and intoxication. " Mrs. Scearce: " I hear they are feeding the Germans on sawdust. " Mattie Boole: " That accounts for them being so blockheaded. " Sarah S: " Clara, there ' s one good thing about being editors of this depart- ment. We won ' t have to put any jokes in on ourselves. " Clara: " No, we are the jokes. " Mrs. Scearce (in English VI): " Who was the beautiful bad woman, whom 1 [omer wrote of ? " Ruth Brownlee: " Cleopatra. " " Queenie " Godfrey: " Oh, isn ' t thai sunsel cute? ' ; Edna Thompson (in class) : " One-half of one-half is one-half. " Miss Henry: " ' Sallie, ' is your friend going to marry right away? " " Sallie " .limes: " No, she isn ' t going to marry ' right away. 5 She is going to marry Edward Smith. " Lucia Sullivan: " Just look how those gabels ' deject ' over that house. " Dr. White: " The reaper was II ne Ruth used in the Garden of Eden. " G. Jones: " Edison lias invented an invisible ship. " Miss Cody: " I would like to see it. " Miss Love: " Luis, what kind of salts do you get from ic acids? " Lois: " Epson. " Rose Edge: " Sarah, why is papa like an octagon? " Sarah: " I don ' t know, why? " Eose: " Because he has eight Edges. " Clarice : " Gussie, you know I have poetic feet ? " Gussie: " How ' s that? " Clarice: " They are long fellows. " Queenie Godfrey : " Ruth. 1 look so yellow, I believe I am taking ' Jonquil. ' " Senior: " When I die. I want my Ford buried with me. " Fresh: " Why? " Senior: " Because it has never failed to pull me out of a hole. " Lola McPhail : " Well, I ' ve got to go dress for ' Gym. ' " " Sallie " Jones: " Why, is ' Jim ' coming? " Naniline Parish: " Do you guarantee these colors to be fast? " New Clerk: " Certainly not, madam, black is never considered a fast color, you know, but 1 can show you something swift in stripes. " Edith Hubbard: " What does Dr. Dunford teach? " Lucia S. : " Synagogy " (Pedagogy). Essie Cook: " Clara, pull clown that window, I am cold. " Clara: " Oh, shut up Essie, you must be reading Breezy Stories. " rrfr ,. As Heard on " Tramps Alley ' " I haven ' t never saw such a . " " Where ' s the cat? " " Who borrowed our broom? " ' " Well, you are the wreck. " ' " That ' s the big scandal. " -Let ' s I and you . " ' " That ' s a good thing. " " Sh-h-h. Here comes a board member. " " Shut up. you . " " Teddy, come sweep the floor and wash the dishes. " " Got anything to eat? " " Waiting on Dan. " " If we had some ice cream, we could have some ice cream and cake, if we had some cake. " ' " Well, here we all are. " " This certainly is strange. " ■rSRf 5 [ndictments Mr. Miller: Shaving with a can opener. Mary Lee Norm: Loud Talking. Annie Bel] S. : Flirting oui of two windows al the same time. Marie Nelson: Having " blues " while in Melton. M r. Edge : Loss of appel ite. Sarah S. and Rose E. : Having a fuss. Miss W ' arili: Failing to use sarcasm. Mrs. Miller: Causing waiters at Cafe to strike. Miss McGee : Going five minutes without speaking. Goode Burton : Failing to sing at recital. Mrs. Gibson: Not looking ' after Paul. Lucy M ' cPhail : ( lussing. Martha Owings: Same. Inez King: Clumsiness. Fannie Sue McCurry: Raising voice above a whisper. Caro Geer: Being too religious to steal a kiss. Teddy .lones: Failing to meet with the board. Helen Shirley: Answering question in history. Lizzie Bullard: Wearing socks. Miss Cronkhite: Playing " Bag. " Dr. Dunford: Breaking arms while jesticulating in S. S. Pedagogy. Miss Lindsay: Chewing gum. laughing, talking and loud clapping during chapel. Miss Love: Failing to send Sarah Sanders and Mary Dale Miller from class- room. Annie lVarle Shirley: ' Wearing a thimble for a hat. Mr. Edge: Not waking up at the conclusion of Dr. Wnite ' s sermon. Mattie Poole: Xot receiving over six letters in one day. Miss Lindsay: Wearing " hip pads. " Catherine R. : Hiding on motorcycle while in Greenville. Edna Summcrall: Trying to keep her heart from " Aiken. " Clara Cook: Writing too many essays (S. A. ' s). Edith Hubbard: Not passing in Trio MMMS t t-i Classified Advertisements WANTED More gravy. — Student body. A well dressed colored girl to answer telephone. — " Preps. " A little salt to use on my letters. — Miss Lindsay. A check from Dad. — Teddy Jones. A square meal. — The faculty and student body. A cure for homesickness. — Mattie Poole. To know what S. S. Club signifies. — " Faculty. " A seat at the Senior table. — Edith Hubbard. A man. — Mabel Jones and Lila King. A repetition of the Senior stunt. — Miss Cronkhite. A new revised edition of Webster ' s Dictionary. — " Bed " Shaw. More light in Education room as ray of apprehension seems dull. By Glee Club : Some one to make peace between Miss Poole and Goode Burton. Some one to argue with. — Ruth Brownlee. To be able to " bluff " like Marie Nelson. — The Freshman Class. More members. — The Why Worry Club. For any information concerning Cox, Shorter, State of Washington. Georgia, South Carolina, Missouri. North Carolina, Virginia and Camp Wadsworth, apply to Rose Edge. Some one to teach me dancing: lessons. — Pauline Miller. LOST, STRAYED OR STOLEN A copy of " Jesse James. " — Mr. Jno. T. Miller. Some time in getting to breakfast. — Gussie Jones. Viola Pearman. Return to Bessie Mae Chandler. A Senior ring between Anderson College and Evans No. 3. If found, don ' t tell any one. — F. S. McCurry. One diamond ring. Return to Miss Smith. A rattle— The College Ford. Five pounds of avoirdupois. — Miss Bass. The Cat. Return to Tramps Alley. Locals Mr. Joe Klvin Shaw spent last week end al his home in Andersonville. We hope thai he has become pusilaneous and has had a mosl delectable time during his brief stay in " The Fair Metropolis. " Miss M. E. Lindsay is spending the week end at Camp Sevier. Miss Lou Nolle McGee is spending several days with one of her friends in Columbia (Asylum ). Ex-Governor Cole L. Blease is the guest of Dr. White. Mrs. Bankhursl was the week end guest of Miss Mary Lee Xorris. Napoleon Bonaparte made a speech in the Chapel last Friday. (I wish to state that Mr. Bonaparte has deceased.) Geraldine Farrar gave a recital in the Opera House Thursday evening. We are all glad to know that Miss Goode Burton has recovered from a sprained ankle after sev eral years of illness. Misses Beba Adair and Willie Fae Moore are attending grand opera in Belton. Mr. Paul Gibson is visiting at the State Penitentiary in Columbia. It is not known just how long he will remain. Miss Euth Brownlee is spending the week end on " Tramps Alley. " The Tramp ' s Rags " Teddy ' had a little suit Of color, very brown, It never went with ' ' Teddy But it often went to town. ' ' Sallie ' ' had a pretty fur Of a color, very gray; ' ' Sallie ' ' never went to town, But the fur went every day. Lola had a new sweater, Of color, snowy white ; But when the ' ' gang ' ' finished wearing it, It was as black as night. Lucy had a lovely suit, Of colors, white and black, The suit was always down town, But not on Lucy ' s back. Now Goode had a pretty hat, Of colors, gray and pink ; She seldom ever wore that hat, But others did " By dink. " Sweet Martha had a middy suit, Of color, navy blue ; Though Martha was seldom seen down town, The suit always greeted you. Now Ruth, she had a sweater, Of colors, pink and deep; And the way the girls wore it Was enough to make you weep. Ami Edith had a checked coat, With collar very green ; Though Edith never was down town, The coat was always seen. Now Sarah had a pretty dress, Of colors, gray ami white; She didn ' t like to wear it, But the others did all right. Old Gladys had some ' ' gym ' ' shoes, And they were black and flat; As to wdio would wear those shoes There was always a spat. Little Lucia had a lot of clothes Which were admired by all; But no one ever borrowed them Alas! they were too small. tT " -L " - , .-,•„; teaSfeg ill f.C4 9 e. ATTENTION!! WE PATRON I SE THOSE WWQ PATRONISE us THE COLLEGE GIRLS KNOW THE OWL DRUG COMPANY TOILET ARTICLES, PAPER SODA WATER, CIGARS MONO ICE CREAM NUNNALLY ' S CANDIES CASH PRICE Phone 636 ANDERSON, S. C. ' Memorize It " " THE WISE ADVERTISE " ! The " Owl " Drug Store gave the first ad. for the first annual of the first college in Anderson, also the first ad. for the second annual, the first ad. for the third annual and the first ad. for the fourth annual. | t t t r -f t ORR-GRAY COMPANY DRUGGISTS The Place Where the College Girls Love to Go UP-TO-DATE LINE OF THE FINEST CANDY— WHITMAN ' S IF YOU EVER NEED ANYTHING Phone 216 RAYMOND FRETWELL, Pres. and Treas. J. J. FRETWELL, Jn., Sec. and Asst. Treas. L. M. FRETWELL, Vice-Pres. JNO. S. WALL, Manager THE FRETWELL COMPANY DEALERS IN Horses and Mules, Buggies, Wagons and Harness All Kinds of Harness Made to Order REPAIR WORK OUR SPECIALTY ANDERSON SOUTH CAROLINA EVANS PHARMACY " The Rexall Store " Agents for HUYLER ' S CANDIES ANSCO CAMERAS WATERMAN PENS HUDNUT ' S, REXALL, and RIVER ' S TOILET REQUISITES Diamonds Watches Jewelry SAM ORR TRIBBLE 140 North Main Street ANDERSON, S. C. Cut Glass Silverware China THE BOOTERY " Smart Shoes " J Shoes of Distinctive Individuality Phone 655 121 N. MAIN ST. LlGON AND LEDBETTER BUILDING ANDERSON, S. C. W. W. SUM, IVAN J. W. SULLIVAN President V-Pre ' S. and Treas. S. B. SULLIVAN Secretary H. S. SHI MATE zf.s.s . Treas. »NDCHSON,5C I t t t i— IT PAYS TO BUY MERCHANDISE FROM A RELIABLE HOUSE One whose reputation is established; one who treats their customers as they would be treated themselves; one who delivers what they claim — standard mer- chandise of quality — with prompt service and at a price that renders them a legitimate profit. Thirty years ago our business was humble, our quar- ters were small, and our offerings were limited ; but the spirit that dominated, and the policy of our merchandising, has won for us a reputation of which we are proud. Confidence in the quality of our merchandise and reliability of our word has caused our customers to solve for themselves the mystery of our growing success. SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY ANDERSON BELTON GREENVILLE THE BUSY STORE Bailes ' big busy store is kept busy all the time, be- cause they buy the right goods at the right time and keep complete stock all the time. GOING AWAY Add to your wardrobe one of our pretty sweaters — $15.00 values at $8.00, and some pretty $10.00 sweaters at $6.00 each. Prettiest wash skirts in the City of Anderson — 98c each to $4.00 each. Pretty silk skirts, plain or sport styles — $3.50 to $7.50 each. We sell Gordon Dye, Buster Brown, Phoenix, Niagara Maid and Onyx Silk and Lisle Hosiery; American Lady and Madam Lyra Corsets; H. W. Rountree Trunks, Suit Cases and Traveling Bags. We solicit your inspection of our immense stock and promise you ' ll be satisfied THE BEE HIVE G. H. BAILES, Proprietor ' : ' - ' " ■ " ■,:,■ ' f. TOWNSEND LUMBER COMPANY Building Material and Contractors Phone 267 ANDERSON. S. C. PETROLEUM OIL COMPANY Gasoline, Grease Pure Pennsylvania Auto Oils BIG GUSHER 117 N. Main St. The Efird Chain Columbia. S. C. Durham, N. C. Rock Hill, S. C. Charlotte, N. C. Concord, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. High Point, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Anderson, S. C. SHOP AT E F I R D ' S Twelve Department Stores Selling It for Less The Efird Chain Columbia. S. C. Durham. N. C. Rock Hill. S. C. Charlotte, N. C. Concord, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. High Point, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Anderson, S. C. r i ANDERSON ' S BEST STORE EOR WOMEN who desire to be al all times well gow I. Ml the year round you ' ll find this store ready in serve you with n l high-grade siylisli merchandise. Our specialties Millinery and, Ready-to-wear A Complete Line of Dress Fabrics, Trimmings, Silks, etc., La Camille Corsets, Gordon Hosiery, Cousins High-class Footwear, etc. Special Attention Paid to College Girls ' Wauls MOORE-WILSON COMPANY ANDERSON, S. C. Mcdonald seed house J. F. McDONALD, Proprietor We Keep Fresh Stocks Garden, Field and Flower Seed Plants and Bulbs t t Call, write or phone Mcdonald seed house j Maxwell Bldg. ANDERSON, S. C. i t REECE-WELCH PIANO COMPANY j ANDERSON, S. C. t t Kranich Bach, Ivers Pond, Milton Pianos Grands, Uprights t t Musical Merchandise Attractive Terms [ THE NEW EDISON The Phonograph with a Soul " I t ANDERSON, S. C. We invite you to make our store your headquarters when down town We carry a complete line of BOOKS, STATIONERY, KODAKS and supplies, and also do developing Your patronage will be appreciated COX STATIONERY COMPANY THE LEADING STATIONERS AND PRINTERS WEBB-CASON DRUG COMPANY 114 N. MAIN ST. Makers of Ice Cream, Ices and Sherbets AGENTS Johnston ' s, Lowney ' s and Page Shaw Candies j ( » DIAMONDS WATCHES | j MARCHBANKS BABB ! JEWELERS t ! Fine China Sterling Silver FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK Capital $100,000.00 Surplus 150,000.00 ANDERSON, S. C. The Farmers Merchants Bank would like to have the bank account of every teacher and student at Anderson College. We pay interest on deposits in our Savings Department. Your business will be appreciated and will have our best attention. Come to see us. FARMERS MERCHANTS BANK, J. I. Bramlee. Cashier. r -T Blosser Williams Co. MAKERS OF Illustrated Catalogs Booklets and Folders OUR QUALIFICATIONS FIT ONLY WITH THE BETTER COLLEGE ANNUALS AND CATALOGS aH 63 North Pryor Street, Atlanta, Georgia T— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — .................. „— — — .... Sfargtng altrafc in Intatttpas SIIic foundation of our aitrrpHa for tlie paat tlurntu ifrara Ijaa brrn fbtpxaxt Dealing Hear tlfta in ntinb: W? gtnr ymt 111 IT rents for ntpry dollar yon appttd mill) ua (girla, l?t ua br your dlruirlpra The Mutual Benefit was established over seventy years ago. It has gone from " Strength to Strength " . It has a long and honorable record which its management will take a pride in maintaining. It is conspicuous for its economical management and for fair dealing with its members. An impartial investigation will convince you that it is " A Company without a Peer. " Every woman should read our leaflet " When I am Forty-five, " which can be had for the asking THE MUTUAL BENEFIT LIFE INS. CO. NEWARK, N. J. M. M. MATTISON, General Agent ANDERSON, S. C. G. B. GREENE C. B. EARLE GREENE EARLE Attorneys and Counsellors at Law Masonic Temple Building ANDERSON, S. C. Place 1 our Next Life Insurance Policy with AMERICA ' S OLDEST COMPANY, The New England Mutual Life Insurance Company Chartered 1835 Boston, Mass. HORACE J. McGEE, General Agent for South Carolina | Offices: Brown- Building ANDERSON, S. C. | ( t r ■» : BANK WITH A NATIONAL BANK Enjoy the security and prestige of being affiliated with tin institution that has " Uncle Sain ' for a partner CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK I ANDERSON, S. C. Capital $150,000.00 Surplus 50,000.00 Interest Paid on Savings Accounts i D. GEISBURG ANDERSON, S. C. Everything in the College Girls Line You will get style — You will get a fair deal This has been proven in the past and we stand ready to prove it in the future Give us a trial i i t i ! PEOPLES BANK OF ANDERSON i i ANDERSON, S. C. ! WITH A PAID-UP CAPITAL OF J $200,000.00 Solicits and Will Appreciate Your Banking Business ».——.... . . . . . .... .. DO YOUR BANKING AT THE BANK OF ANDERSON ANDERSON, S. C. The Strongest Bank in the County B. F. MAULD1N, President J. A. BROCK, Vice-president A. M. SHARPE, 1st Assistant Cashier P. E. CLINKSCALES, Cashier FRANK E. TODD, 2d Assistant Cashier The Photographs In this Annual were made by Green Haynes Our specialty School and Class Pictures, Home Portraits and Studio Photography KODAK DEVELOPING, Dull Matte or High Gloss Finish GREEN HAYNES, Photographers 105% W. Benson St. ANDERSON, S. C. BE SURE AND CALL ON OR WRITE G. F. TOLLY SON ANDERSON, S. C. The Cheapest Furniture House in South Carolina CAN FURNISH YOUR HOME COMPLETE We Brush Aside All Competition THE COURIER PRINTING COMPANY Phone 543 East McBee Ave. GREENVILLE, S. C. Service First, Satisfaction Always i DR. J. A. McCURRY Dentist ANDERSON, S. C. t QUATTLEBAUM COCHRAN Attorneys Wh ' h NORTH MAIN STREET BONHAM, WATKINS ALLEN Attorney s-at-Law ANDERSON, S. C. t t T. F. WATKINS S. L. PRINCE WATKINS PRINCE t Attorneys and Counselor s-at-Law Anderson Building ANDERSON, S. C. ( ( t A. H. DAGNALL • • Attorney -at-Law I ANDERSON, S. C. ! ! t t DR. HENRY R. WELLS ! Dentist t t i Office over Farmers Merchants Bank 1 Lady attendant Phone 527 ! t 1 J. M. PAGET Attorney -at-Law 112 North Main Street ANDERSON, S. C. ! t t » DICKSON MILLER Attorney s-at-Law t i t ANDERSON, S. C. t ( ( Outfitters for Men and Boys B. 0. EVANS CO. » " The Store with a Conscience ! ANDERSON, S. C. GEISBERG BROS. SHOE CO. " Sell Shoes that Satisfy " ANDERSON, S. C. L. N. Geer .1. Fiilvvar Watson B. B. Babb Pres.-Gen. Mgr. Vice-Pres. Sec.-Treas. ALL QUOTATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANCE WITHOUT NOTICE PEOPLES OIL FERTZ. CO. INCORPORATED Cotton Seed Products Ginning a Specialty Bell Telephone 256 ANDERSON, S. C. SAMUEL M. WOLFE Attorney and Counsellor at Law Offices: Peoples Bank Buildinc ANDERSON, S. C. J. L. SHERARD ANDERSON STEAM LAUNDRY Our DRY CLEANING is as good Attorney -at-Law as the best ANDERSON, S. C. Phone 7 120 EARLE ST. JAMES F. RICE Attorney -at-Law ANDERSON, S. C. FANT ' S BOOK STORE Headquarters for College Girls WHEN DOWN TOWN ANDERSON, S. C. . 1 W. W. ROBINSON RUBENSTEIN ' S Staple and Fancy Groceries The Peoples Stoic DEALERS IN Fruits ami Produce Dry Goods, Shoes. Hats and Ready -to-W ear Phones: 573-74 124 E. Benson St. for the whole family ANDERSON, S. C. AND ERSON, S. C. LA VOGUE Quality Suits and Coats MRS. B. GRAVES BOYD DR. W. E. GODDARD The Office Specialist 130% North Main Street ANDERSON, S. C. ANDERSON COLLEGE A High-grade Institution for Young Women Special Courses in all Branches of Literature, Science, Music, Art, Expression, Domestic Science, Domestic Art, Normal Training and Commercial Course A Faculty of Trained Specialists The equipment is unsurpassed in the Southern States; three large brick buildings, steam heat, elec- tric lights, a connecting private bath with each room, cold and hot running water in abundance. ' Anderson is located in the celebrated Piedmont J section, near the Blue Ridge Mountains; secluded recreation grounds; tennis courts; basketball field; on two car lines, and is specially noted for its beau- tiful scenery, splendid climate and fine citizenship. For catalogue with full information, address JOHN E. WHITE, D.D., President ANDERSON, S. C.

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