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flieiiiffi 32325455 4' uw-A12-go fm Q16 052 Fffdf' f , Jw HJZQU X Hr if 1967 memolusia volume Xxxi andalusia high school andalusia, alabama faculty aaa., activities ,aa.. , . organizations , features .eee,,,e sports ...,...e...e student body A advertisements index .uu.... 1 this face-the face of time f fri ff! K -- 'sais' L ' ' x vig an XXX Y!! tfixjgl- .,., Q xx' Gxixxx xv NNW f E rx T3 wi it 5 'N IME' ,321 vans The dying heartbeat of moments passing beckons our generation to use our time for the infinite good of mankind. it this face-the face of reality The awareness of eternity singles us out and our time is devoted to a realization of others. . . --,.....,,,h ,,,,, ,W " .Lm??5,?-1,2 ,F may 'T ,:.dr,. 'Y " , " i",'?'f - z . , ' E, f . W' V Q ' 5 - 545' fr. , ----it-.,.... 'M-,,....,,..rnW4W I A. Mf...w.,.-,M f 'z f, x ' i f 'Q s rm f S W , f Q i k,,k W ,Q ...y , r - t r 5 , , .-.f 347,35 A ,',,. , HW .Ik ,,,, m,f,,,f i 1' - w as x 5. If f , 7 55 4 fx if iii ,E , i r 5 1 T Tlx 2 N. E B is 2 if ' Q 4 Ag? H ,Q 3 i 431 , ,, ,L ,L Wie N 4, A . W Y 'tree-2: it gf P i .vrffa wf K Y V., is ,ff s t ir' 7 . 3 tww u 5. f. Q F, S M a,,L -rw . .+L - . A - fi-Q Q LL 5 r -1 . , Y uri 1105 r. , q.l, uw, r Yr "M xx, M , , . 2 -v' 51 , ,Q ' riffs' i ist sg gi it 5 gisiige H53 +6 J 3 f L in .1 - irfgga sf ek at 1 gb sk M X .J 'ft s K f gk IM, li' 2 Y Fi twigs Qy ffr . '54 Q f ssrs 'Z J .-21:31 ii- .fi 31: QL - ' , 1' il is , 31, ' 'I' if 4 I ' ' 1, A H. 'Ji 3' vm X 'Y g 4 at f X 5. 1 +4 - + 4, ... . an 'r, 24 this face-the face of knowledge ig A ,-H'-mem' 7 e The zest for a tangible existence of truth becomes our highest goal and life- blood of our understanding. this face-the face of friendship -Q Y, im W .x 1 5955? aff .M 6 M A f F , if 6 ' f 9 5 Q fl. 1 M af QP Q ...TM -1 45 Fwy f 41 ,WN . Q ,ZW . gm 'fs-ff i -uv ' ' ww ,aw W ,sms 2 ff Lam qw :an 1 " 6!g' MWJQ1 ,L,,ewfafL1 W1 we nv ? M ,Um f ' ,.,, ff Fifi' 2 '34, M.W,, .hw ,,., -- this face-the face of and Y' 9 5' The term face in relation to Andalusia High School might give the impression of only the superficial facets of school lifeg hut, just as an individual face expresses what is insiclc the heart-wisdom, happiness, disap- pointment, lovc-so docs the face of Andy symbolize every phase of life at A.H.S. ! administration and faculty the face of leadership and guidance Administration Advances With New Principal On September 2, 1966, the 7:58 bell of the public address system was rung by Mr. I. Murray King initiating his first year as principal of Andalusia High. During the year, Mr. King strove to make Andy High outstanding in every aspect. Aiding him in his endeavor were Mr. Oscar M. Zeanah, superintendent of Andalusia Schools, Mr. Shelby Scrcy, assistant prin- cipal, and The Board of Education. Mr. Oscar M. Zeanah Mr. King outlines day's plans with moming announcements. Mr. I. Murray King Mr. Shelby Searcy '95 BOARD OF EDUCATION-SEATED: Mr. James A. Thompson, Mr. Oscar M. Zeanah, Dr. E. P. King. STANDING: Mr. john Hill West, Mr. L. R. Deal, and Dr. W. W. Wadsworth. Secretaries Prove lnvaluable To Administration Warm smiles and a readiness to serve were two qualities that labeled secretaries as complimentary assets to Andalusia High Schoolis smooth functioning. Super- vising work in the new principalys office was Mrs. Ken Nichols, while Mrs. Mark Gibson, Mrs. H. H. Iones, and Mrs. H. B. Roberts coordinated inter-school inter- ests for the superintendents office. Hand- ling special and routine correspondence, receiving visitors, and assisting students and faculty were but a few of their val- uable services. 1 ,ga-v' Receiving messages for Superintendent Oscar Zeanah is only one of Mrs. Gibson's varied tasks. - .1 .sf 1 ,..... ' 5 i , ,K Z Mrs. Mark Gibson Mrs. W. H. Jones R . - 5 . .gr 1 ,K Q g ire , NZ X, .- . 'S Q e F 'S Ei . f f p Q . , Q 59 Mrs. Ken Nichols Mrs. H. B. Roberts Recently remodeled e secretaries. vnQRx. principal's office provides spacious working areas for both administrators and Experienced And Devoted English Teachers To express oneself clearly, to read dis- criminately, to explore the primary philos- ophies of life-these were some of the needs of students which A.H.S.Qs English Department sought to meet. Instructors in this field believed that the mastery of English would provide tools that would not only aid students in all areas of their scholastic endeavors but would also serve to enrich their future lives, both vocationally and avocationally. Recognizing a need to avoid repetition of study, teachers planned coordination of English instruction throughout the depart- ment. The concept of team teaching was considered as a means to maintain a moti- vating course of study under the direction of new department head, Miss Winona King. Miss Winona King Miss Clyde Simmons Mr. Joseph Wingard Mr. Daniel Shehan Hi-Lite sponsor, Mr. Wingard, and Philip Wise confer over back issues of the paper. Accelerate New Interests Into Action Seniors Betty Searcy and Aurelia Scherf tackle English research papers. Mrs. Robert Anderson I ,.-,, ,::-: t,c4 AML f I r if Miss Ellen Barrow Recreating the tragedy of Macbeth from the Elizabethean stage, Miss Clyde Miss Lynda Latimer Simmons sparks her class with her own love of literature. Tides Of Histor The character of a country cannot be understood without a basic knowledge of the people and events that have shaped its history. Politics, Viet Nam, racial riots, and inflation are only a few of today's prob- lems, which will determine tomorroW,s his- tory. Keeping abreast of these changing times, an effective social studies depart- ment is a vital component of today,s cur- riculum. Courses offered this year in An- dalusia High School,s Social Studies De- partment are Alabama History, American History, civics, geography, government, and world history. Traoed By Social tudies Mr. William E. Kennedy Mrs. I. H. Greene Miss Annalee Simmons Mrs. james T. Syler Ronny Horton and Emily Albritton, elected Good Citizens by the junior Class, report to Miss Annalee Simmons on the State conference they attended in Tuscaloosa. Students As Current Events Create Interest Juniors john Northrop, Candy Bozeman, Margaret Sikes, Mike Wells, and Joy McDaniel show deadline anxiety over weekly American History outside Larry Tillery purchases materials for a study of Communism in Mrs. Pete Creene's Civics class. Mr. Phillip E. Brogden at-L. riie w....1 Mrs. Mal Browder ii!" 5- Mr. Fred A. Stearns Total Enrichment Program Recently Expanded Mrs. Eric Russell Mrs. Dave Lancaster 'V ""'-V A Mrs. Russell, librarian, refiles magazines used for research papers. ,I , S . . 3'- 6 is ra, 35 fur Mrs- Knox Campbell r rane , Mrs. C. C. Bennett Wi at is Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Bennett find the modern facilities of the reading laboratory true educational aids. 20 To Enlighten tudents, Cultural Interests The expanded academic and extra cur- ricular program of Andy High emphasized cultural enrichment. Art, A Capella Choir, audio visual training, developmental read- ing, and careers were claimed as valuable additions. Opportunities for a thorough ex- ploration of individual interests became possible, While ideas were formulated for even greater milestones of progress. Mr. Jim Nettles Mr. Charles Hinson wi. sr. ,3.:. "'X' 'W .. " -ws. ' 'X M' as ,, ,lp L QM- M .. ,Q " s 1 Bewvildered student is challenged by Spanish lab Mrs, Phillip Brogden Miss Ma,-go Russell equipment. Mrs. Phillip Brogden instructs a second-period student in the art of arranging color pattems. Mrs. M. D. Taylor Expanded Program And New Instructors The math and science departments boast an amplified curriculum after two years of re-evaluation. New teachers and courses hi-lighted both fields of study. A summer course for the junior high to facilitate un- derstanding of the new math was initiated by Mrs. Ierry Andrews, head of the Math Department. Mr. Clayton Thomas as- sumed the position of senior math instruc- tor, and Mrs. Lloyd Crawford, a new science teacher, instituted a ninth grade general science course to expand the total program. Mrs.. Jack McGowin E? ii' l Cl Th . . I r Mr. ayton omas A 1 i as I , , 5... 5 Representative of a teachers dedi- cation, Mr. Thomas explains a geometry theorem to Charles Bates after school. S., in 'EIT C . ""' . .-,' V gl ' . c ' Q 2 2.2 W.: -fi i mi Mrs. Jerry Andrews Mrs. Clayton ,MM Motivate Students Toward Scientific Thinking Mr. james A. Wilson Mrs- Lloyd Crawford Sammy Livings finds a "friend" in the science lab. Mrs. Albert Rankin Mr. J. A. Wison, head of the Science Department, demonstrates the art MTS- Lee Ballgh of making oxygen. Vocational Programs Accelerate With New L.- umm Li eif 2 if Mr. Mike Smithson Enjoying the facilities of the new industrial arts building, boys in the sixth period class work on individual projects. Miss Mildred Hart Characteristic of teachers, willingness to provide after-class assistance, Mrs. Pat Yeargain shows Francis Scott how to lay out a pattem. M' , em s Mx , H ,fi M fy li ' Mrs. Pat Yeargain is Courses Taught In Modern Classrooms Observing the current trend. in educa- tional concepts, the vocational program was elevated by several innovations. In home economics students found the newly remodeled classroom and air-conditioning motivating. New, air-conditioned rooms challenged distributive and vocational in- dustrial education students to improve per- 7-ll! Members of the fourth-period Vocational Agriculture class work on the model green house, one of the department's many projects. Paul Armstrong applies tedious care to an original mechanical drawing. formance. Vocational agriculture, initiated this year, provided four new courses with an emphasis on horticulture. The industrial arts and home economics departments ex- tended the total curriculum to teach junior high exploratory classes. Mr, W, C, Carr Mr. George Williams Mr. James Wyrosdick Commercial Courses ffer Vocational Training An important dimension of the business World provided by various commercial classes offered students practice in clerical skills. The expanding course of study was greatly facilitated by a new office occupa- tions classroom designed to challenge each studentis interest and performance. Fre- quently students Iended their services to other departments by typing programs and assisting in the administrative offices. Mrs. Robert Linder Mrs. lack Moore Mr. james T. Syler Mrs. Linder, who often lends her skills and equipment to various school projects, prints programs for the Choral Christmas Concert. 5 5 First year typing student Wyatt Reaves discovers the usefulness of correct posture and dexterity skill. r 32 .W 5? 5 Amplified Guidance Program Aids A.l-l.S. Mr. Curtis Thomasson Mr, Bill Ward Dedicated to the task of guiding stu- dents in laying the foundation of their future careers were counselors Mr. Bill Ward and Mr. Curtis Thomasson. They opened the doors of the newly remodeled guidance offices to students seeking aca- demic and personal counseling. A broad- ened testing program enhanced the coun- selors, role of helping students perform in accordance with their abilities and ex- pectations. The substantial growth of the department weighed heavily in contribu- ting to an outstanding school year. Guidance counselors Mr. Ward and Mr. Thomas- son confer with special education instructors, Mrs Grant and Mr. Stuart, on their progress. i , E Special Education Achieves Advanced Mark Mrs. Calvin Grant Mr.. John Stuart Exercising considerable initiative and di- rection, Mrs. Calvin Grant and Mr. john Stuart steared the special education pro- gram through outstanding accomplish- ments. The division of students into junior and senior high curriculums with regu- larly scheduled classes was an important modification. Upon occupying their new work area on December 14, they realized astounding progress. Continued efforts toward. providing an environment to reach and develop each studentis potential and to aid him in vocational placement identi- fied the department's program. I Physical education classes enable students to attain physical fitness and mental alertness through the daily, rigorous calis thenics. Mr. Leon Akins Mr. Doug Barfield Mr. Larry Hancock Physical Education Courses Stress Fitness Students enrolled in physical education A s P programs underwent vigorous routines of ss daily physical fitness emphasizing team- work and cooperation. Instruction in tra- 9 Am H ditional folk dances of a previous age an '1 y in motivated the girls, and the new mats Z ip 5 ":' f eased their tumbling exercises. New games 'f y K and sports added a fresh dimension to A li h the program. u Popular sports-football, basketball, diiii and baseball-were enjoyed by enthusias- ' tic participants in the boys' classes. Their ,1', r coaches endeavored to teach athletic if if skills and to coordinate an effective pro- Mrs. Howard Ham Miss Ca,.01ynHawkins gram. 28 Crew f Sixteen Maintains Andalusia Hi h VVorking to keep Andalusia High School's attractive appearance, the mainte- nance personnel under the supervision of Mr. Foyl Hudgens cleaned each class- room daily, kept the campus free from litter, and assisted with landscaping. The cafeteria workers proved their cul- inary abilities by preparing delicious, nourishing meals for the faculty and stu- dent body. Planning the menus and super- vising the cafeteria workers was Mrs. Billy Brooks. Through the efforts of these groups Andalusia High School was able to main- tain a high level of efficiency. Mr Foyl Hudgens Mr Jeff Lunsford MF- .lim Williams Mrs Paul jordan Mrs Bill Patterson Mrs Q P Pickron Nirs Isy Anderson, Mrs. Mozel Akins, Mrs. Rosa Goldsmith Cundrum Mrs Christine Lawson Mrs Mary Alice Boyd Mr. Louis Ioanson. and Mr. Sidney Blue. l activities 4 g gi W, :ig as if gi 2 6 3 E Q ,L ,, Q V' E 4:2 Vg K Q' X if . A 'X if R 1 , Mmm QE? ntieipation Fills Summer Months At And Tint HMIE YDU In preparation for home economics students, Mrs. Pat Yeargain and Miss Mildred Hart organize a bulletin board demonstrating new fall fashions. Early August brings with it sultry weather and an abun- dance of strenuous work as Andy High football players enter into daily exercises and scrimmages. A week of summer camp activities keeps Nancy Hair and Emil Albritton bus as the strive to Y Y Y perfect complicated cheering formations. Hustle! Deadline September ll Humming with activity on a sweltering summer afternoon, Anda- lusia High School could hardly be called dormant. Spirited cheerleaders, gasping with fatigue, strove to perfect their dynamic yells. Exhausted band members lugged heavy instruments across a baked field after another scorching practice session. A dust cloud hovered over the grimy football team as determined Bulldogs scrambled in organized confusion. The student council cabinet, suffering from aching backs, blistered hands, and broken fingernails, groaned as they again scrubbed the spotless book store. Accompanied by the sharp ring of the construction workers' hammers, the faculty labored with dedicated vigor over the flood of schedule cards. And then the first bell rang, the doors opened wide, and students, life, and laughter poured in. r l - QNQZ X V Lf 5 "" - XV E is Summer activities for student council cabinet members, Lois Adderhold and Philip Wise, include meetings with Mr. Ward concerning oncoming fall assemblies. W ,,.MV,.ww-.v..q. - W I Taking on new responsibilities as drum major, Steve Wiggins leads the band in a daily summer practice. Throughout the summer months workers continue con- struction of new annexes containing modern classrooms to provide additional space for the expanding curriculum of A. H. S. Members of the Andy High marching band participate in one of the regularly scheduled summer moming drills as they strive to reach perfection of their complicated marching procedures for the opening football game. Exuberant Students I nite Explosive Spirit me-diff! X- Bulldog fans raise five fingers to signify the number of seconds they must wait until they can officially hail their team victorious over the Troy Trojans. 'aim-" sg sms eisiwi y W A to v i ii! 'QM To tumble into the mud as the taut rope snaps signaling the end of Field Day, to warmly thank a magazine buyer who has just boosted your class earnings, to paste weird designs on a trash can hoping to attract some would-be litterbug, to plunge fearlessly into an impossible first semester test, to frown at the prospects of undertaking a gigantic float but to smile at the immense chal- lenge presented, to wave a poster bearing the name of your choice for president of the student council, to wildly hug a confetti-covered friend as the clock shows Zero seconds left in the game, to add your voice to the tidal wave of sound rising from the bleachers, to thank God for a democratic school and country as you witness the flag rising-this is spirit, our spirit-that spark ignited by whole- hearted participation and kept burning by school pride. Field Day tension is brought to a heated climax as determined Juniors and Seniors exert whole- hearted efforts in an attempt to gain final points for their class. A world of excitement and laughterg a world where voices blend in a mad chorus of victory criesg a world of school spirit-the world of a pep rally. wp FIRST ROW: Barbara Brooks, Betsy Banks, Evelyn Northrop. SECOND ROW: Barbara Daniels, Rhonda Herring, Mary Lynn Turner, Cherry Preston and Susan Studstill, assume the responsibility of boosting the spirit of Junior and B-team football fans. Alternates Brenda Tatum and Christy Waits show skill in demonstrating a new cheering formation used by Junior cheerleaders. Junior Cheerers And Alternates Add Pep An air of confidence, a determined spirit, and a flamboyant personality are all traits of an alternate cheerleader. She, whose key word is readiness, remained able to fill any vacancy created in the varsity cheerleader squad. The junior cheerleaders must possess these same vital qualities in order to successfully build Bulldog pep. With their rousing yells these girls have vigorously supported the junior and B-teams, thus assuming a multiple role in Andyis sports program. Recognized for boosting spirit through cheering and dedicated Pep Club work are varsity alternates, Janet Southwell, Martha Pittman, and Edith Bristow. PAM MARTIN-Senior 1745, QM W ,, ,f i ,, ,. if M 71,-my w, 6' , ..-""' I ' LQQQJ-v, Exciting Yells KATHERINE ANTHONY-junior EMILY ALBRITTON- Senior NANCY HAIR-Senior Captain 0 Varsity C eerleaders Spark Andy Spirit XVith hopes of heiug chosen, she demonstrated fear-tinged yells before the critical studentsg and when her name was announced. she shrieked with joy. Tired and sore. she worked in the midsummer heat to perfect a new cheer. Before her first pep rally, her stomach tightened with the fear that she might make a mistakeg and when her team took the field in the opening game, she feared the out- come. XVith damp hair and a strained expression, she pleaded support for the trailing Bulldogsg but when her team added the winning points, she smiled radiantly. She is a varsity cheerleader-9. symbol of the spirit of A.H.S. M521 mrpffiwf-2 ' - ' ' if wx 1 Mg. I M . -.opml w ,, A I' M S 'Q AMY RUSSELL-Senior THERESA ALBRITTON-Senior i J' wnwr .C rt me W .www rr tudents Blend riginalit With nd ff' 5 5 3 VW Marking the long awaited beginning of the fierce gridiron battle, the re- vengeful Andy football team bursts through the hoop tearing apart the words "Lick Enterprise", a slogan that well expresses their aspirations for a flawless homecoming day. The crowning of queen Judy Stokes by her escort Jerry Palmer is the climax of an evening preceded by an eventful week's reign. Tradition To Create Perfect Homecoming On Saturday morning the halls were bare. There were pieces of tape awkwardly cling- ing to the wall-evidence that some poster proclaiming Andyis invincibility had been torn down. The contrast of a practically soundless hall to the echoing blast "Beat En- terprisen was shocking. In the auditorium hung the banner saluting the classes of '27. '37, '47, and ,57, a reminder of the assembly that had honored the alumni who were spe- cial guests of the day. Outside in the parking lot stood the skeleton of a float-a float that had evolved from a thought in a closed class meeting to a masterpiece that rode trium- phantly in the rare fair-weather parade. The cavernous stadium was without the life that had filled it the night before to witness the crowning of the homecoming queen followed by the classic gridiron struggle. Scattered decorations were strewn over the old gym floor where the students had ended the day with a dance. Homecoming-1966. Iuniors labor on Bulldog cloud. Reigning over the 19126 homecoming festivities are seated: Lynn Gantt, Ballard Krudop, Lesa Snowden, flower bearerg Wyatt -Reeves,.Mary lxvelyn Waits, Senior Maid, Iudy Stokes, Queen, Kathy Barfield, crownbearerg jerry Palmer, Allona Gomillion, Iunior Maud, Greg Berry. Standing: David Moore, Edith Bristow, Candy Bozeman, Bob Brooks Antara Stan- ley, and Mike WVells. i Pep Squad-FIRST BOVV: N. Hair, P. Martin, K. Anthony, E. Albritton, T. Albritton, S. Franklin, A. Russell, R. Radcliff. SECOND ROW: E. Bristow, G. Etheridge, J. Hill, K. Lancaster, M. Martin, M. Pittman, S. Studstill, 181. King, K. McVVhorter, I. Southwell. THIRD ROW: C. Bonner, S. Jones, C. Griffin, N. Young, P. Meredith, C. VVaits, C. Ezzell, J. McDaniel, M. Faulk, S. King, J. Martin M. Palmer. FOURTH ROXV: Mrs. Howard Ham, M. E. YVaits, J. Bonner, J. Cotton, J. Moulton, A. Spencer, B. Barrow, S. Smith, B. VVilliamson, P. Taylor, B. Tatum, and A. Gommillion. Pep Club Spurs Andy Spirit To New Leve Each member lined the halls with unique posters that urged Andy to Win. Each mem- ber ripped up any available paper and stuffed it into a box. Each member wore red and White to school on Friday. The entire group, composed of each member, formed a solid unit known as the Pep Club. S :ii 3' The Pep Club, under the leadership of Mrs. ll Howard Ham, functioned as one of the largest organizations and as one of thc most effective in carrying out its purpose of boosting school spirit. Hoping to boost student spirit, Claudia Ezzell spends many hours preparing posters for the halls. Pep Club-FIRST ROVV: P. Messick, I. Eiland, K. Meeks, M. Boyett, E. Brunson. L. Brown, B. Banks, M. Turner, R. Herring, B. Brooks, E. Northrop, B. Daniel, C. Preston, A. Hogue, S. Stanley, S. Nelson, C. Hooper, L. ML-Daniel, B. Turner, B. Little, L. Merrell. SECOND ROW: K. Hassell, D. Glisson, L. Nelson, J. Stuart, G. Mullen, D. Griffin, K. VValler, D. Pebworth, E. Bullock, K. Merrell, L. Bates. B. McNeese, M. Reaves, M. Rabren, G. Gibson, S. Reeves, B. Ieffcoat, S. Tomlin. THIRD ROVV: S. VValler, D. Bush, K. Church. K. McDuffie. B. Buler, L. hlacon, C. Bates, C. Vickery, B. Story, J. Armstrong, L. Gr'ffith, P. Fuller, I. Fletcher, VV. Lee, L. Adderholcl, M. Taylor, V. Tholnpkins, S. Jones, B. Maddox, M. Sikes, A. Stanley. FOURTH BOVV: A. Maloy, E. Griffin, S. King, C. Browder, L. Taylor, L. Adams. D. Pippin, BI. A. Mclnnish, A. Pippin, S. Brooks, G. Smith, A. Broughton. A. Adams. G. jones, K. Chesser, G. Sanders, I. A. Allen, B. Suggs, P. Newman, B. Taylor, N. Martin. FIFTH ROYV: J. Grimes. M. Garrett, I. Studstill, I. Darby, C. Cagle, J. Brown. P. Murphy, S. Williams, B. Kyzar, H. Harvey, P. McCrory, M. Parks, I. Catrett, G. Corbitt, B. Gantt, J. Maddox, M. Mills, T. Sawyer, W. Fletcher, and B. Cook. Assemblies Spice Curriculum Of A.H.S. During pep assembly, captain Tony King as for Bulldog support at the Troy game. ks Assemblies, this year featuring programs on a variety ot subjects. reflected the well rounded program provided for the students of A.H.S. Prior to the Thanksgiving Holidays, Dr. Bob Marsh presented a talk on the patriotic duty of individual Americans. The Christmas season was highlighted by the Student Coun- cil's presentation of the movie, "The Unsink- able Molly Brown." The civic duty of young people was em- phasized both by a speech of a representative of the ABC board concerning the effects of alcoholic beverages and a program promoting Campus Clean-Up YVeek. The Student Body was also delighted by a homecoming assembly honoring the Classes of ,27, '37, 717, and ,574 the Travelin' Four, a folk singing group from Enterprise Iunior Collegeg and the Southern Singers, a male chorus from Birmingham Southern College. In a special assembly to boost Clean-Up Week at Andy, students mob the "lunchroom", wildly flinging trash to demonstrate the litter problem present at school. A folk-singing comedy team delights A.H.S. students in the assembly featuring the 'Southern Singers. S 5' . 51 ,, .s 5 Boys' State Emphasizes Civic Responsibilit r if X in uri 1- : -- During the first week of june, nine stu- dents of A.H.S. represented our school at the annual Boys State Convention at Ala- bama College in Montevallo. The program vvas designed to introduce the youth of Alabama to the operation of state government. The daily schedule in- cluded participation in calisthenics and at- tending meetings at which various topics vvere discussed or guest speakers were featured. Election of state officials, Who handled the affairs of the state for one day, highlighted the convention. At the conclusion of the Weekis activities the delegates had increased their knowl- edge of the civic responsibility of each citizen in government. tt'-si-.'1z Clarence West, delegate to the 1965-66 Boys State A' 0 Convention, reviews notes taken during the various .J t s -1 we 5, -I , me H A iv 4 fr, 33,9 - iff, , , , Q .,,.,,r-s ., . , ,X.f,r .,,..N.Q 1 K 42.-e,,i'wg2-,..Q i M f it is f at K' -an Z N 11 VS 19 "5 s 3,9 N .finial sr, K SY g r ' it 'te a i , E f in - l 1 f' If " A e:5F-: la . ' a ii-- -gf 2 L - I 9 V - l 1 l' ',' 1 C' i i f 5 gp-nail conferences and lectures he attended. Representatives to the 1965-GG Boys State Convention-FIRST ROWV: Clarence VVest, Robert Johnson, David Moore. SEC- OND ROVV: Don Holmes, Ronny Horton, Bill Cook, lN'Iark Glbson, and Phillip jones. tudent Trips Add Dimension To School Life Andalusia High School was represented throughout the year as special groups par- ticipated in various contests, clinics and other events. The Bulldog band carried the school banner in a special way by performing f""' in the inauguration parade for Governor Lurlecn B. XYallace. The choruses attended choral contests and select groups Were fre- quently featured at city functions. Other groups involved in out-of-town activities included the FTA, Whose mem- bers attended the District Meeting in Troy, and the student council officers, who at- tended a conference in Florence. During the summer months several stu- dents were present at journalism, music, and cheerleader clinics. Juniors Loye Zeanah and Mike Wells are accom- panied to Tuscaloosa for the statewide "Good Citizen- ship" assembly by Counselor Mr. Bill Ward. f" 'mmm Band members enjoy nutritious breakfast in school cafeteria Mr. Thomasson, advisor of the MEMOLUSIA, confers before leaving for inaugural parade. with staff members on embarking for a joumalism clinic. Controversial Topics Challenge Debators , 6 ,xsxswu xxx ""wat.L, Miss Lynda Latimer, debate team coach, discusses debate tactics with Dan Conger. Linda Gantt, Francie Marler, Van Stokes, jane Bonner and Charlotte Crimes research debate topic. Z 2 N a Q ' 5- , We We -iw r L xgwi QH N The Debate Club, organized during the previous school term, began its second year at Andalusia High School. Advised by Miss Lynda Latimer, speech instructor, the club emphasized the development of sound logic and the ability to express oneself clearly. The calendar of activities of this organiza- tion during the school term included a trip to Enterprise State Junior College Where the students gained ideas by listening to lectures and a sample debate. The debate topic for 1967 was '1Resolved: That the Foreign Aid Program of the United States should be limited to non-military assistancef, This topic was researched and debated in the clinics that the club attended. By attending these various functions throughout the state, the members not only gained invaluable ex- perience but also served as student repre- sentatives of the school. To keep well-informed about the current debate topics, Edith Bristow and lake Preston refer to the magazines in the periodical section of the library. Dr. Einstein CBill Canttl and Jonathon fDan Congerl prepare Mortimer fMark Gibsonl for torture. Abby and Martha Brewster played by Charlotte Grimes and Brenda Deason toast the success of their next murderous venture. Audience Aeelaims Arsenic And Old Lacewi The audience applauded as the lights shone on Miss Lynda Latimer and the cast of talented actors she had directed in the Drama Clubis production of Ioseph Kesselringis 'iAr- senic and Old Lacef, The tedious task of choosing individuals suited to specific roles, the labor involved in constructing stage props, the problems of applying make-up and cor- recting lighting, the hours devoted to learning parts, and the nights spent in rehearsing were all rewarded. This was the awaited day, De- cember l0, and the curtain had risen to reveal a cast who held the audience spell- bound throughout the entire comedy. Abby and Martha, the two charming stars of the play, had stepped out of their roles with the others to receive the sincere praise of the audience. This was the moment of success that had long been anticipated. Van Stokes and Tommy Eiland, members of the set committee, spend extra hours constructing a combi- nation casket and window box, one of the stage props. n FIRST ROW: L. Gantt, D. Tadlock, F. Marler, D. Smith, B. Bullock, A. Miller, A. Stanley. SECOND ROW: I. Wishum, P. Jordan, T. Miller, P. Taylor, K. Beasley, A. Pippin, E. Bristow, C. Crimes. THIRD ROW: S. Locke, S. Dubose, P. Rawls, M. Hatcher, S. Kirkland, S. Thompson. Philopadians Probe Wide World Of Writing mornin -:kinda As a program for a regular meeting, Journalism instructor Joseph Wingard lectures to members of the Philopadic Society on "Shakespeare's influence in Twentieth Century writingf' In an attempt to beat the deadline set by Mr. Win- gard, Phyllis Taylor composes an original short story for entrance into the Shakespearean Chapter of the Philopadic Society. The Philopadic Literary Society, organized at A.H.S. this past fall, was instituted for the benefit of students interested specifically in the arts of literature and creative writing. Activities of the P.L.S. included publication of the QUILL literary magazine, and meeting at members, homes to discuss literary works and topics as well as individual, original works. The Society, consisting of the Shakespearean Chapter for senior high students and the Longfel- low Chapter for junior high students, was under the direction of Mr. Joseph C. VV ingard, journalism instructor. Hi-Lite Headlines Campus Life At A.H.S. Articles were assi fned and rocrastination be fan. The deadline approached anal, the frantic rush ire- ceding it evolved into pressure upon reporter, editor, publisher and sponsor alike. Pressure ma- terialized into a school paper-the end product of which was relief and pride. So went the chain of events for the publication of another Andy Hi-Lite. A.H.S.'s newspaper has been rated as one of the best school papers in Alabama. Under the direction of Mr. joseph Wingard, new journalism instructor, the Hi-Lite staff strove to maintain its reputation for publishing an interesting as well . .,f-- as an informative paper for the student body. i Editors: Philip Wise, Charlotte Grimes, Steve Wiggins, lake Preston, Mike Wyatt, and Bill Cumbie. Business editors of the Hi-Lite Peggy King, Diane Simpler, and Mary Emma Posey count receipts of ads sold. Y FIRST ROWV: C. Bates, M. Faulk, C. Crimes, P. King, L. Zeanah, N. VVilliams, C. Baack, A. Stanley. SECOND ROW: F. Marler, L. Macon, M. Pittman, M. Sikes, I. Stokes, L. Adderhold, N. Young, A. Scherf, A. Miller, E. Ziglar. THIRD ROW': I. McDaniel, S. Kirkland, C. Campbell, T. Albritton, T. Raley, R. Walker, M. Posey, E. Albritton, S. jones, I. Northrop, B. Bonner. FOURTH ROW: S. Wiggins, M. Parks, P. Wise, B. Cumbie, I. Preston, M. Wyatt, P. Rawls, A. Till, N. Bennett, and jimmy Hallford. Audio-Visual Members Aid in Teaching Trends FIRST ROW: I. Harrison, K. Garvin, D. Hogue, C. Bos- well, K. Gantt. SECOND ROW: F. Bodie, I. Faulkner, M. Merrill, S. White, M. Rowell, M. Spitileri. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Dave Lancaster, M. Reynolds, T. Thomas, D. Brunson, J. Hinson, C. Catlin, C., Bass. FOURTH ROW: Mr. john Stuart, B. Cook, D. McNeil, S. Bozeman, L. Rawls, and T. Crimes. ...ww-wi' ,L-,,.,wf-"""' EPf9l'Pl'fSiI1g members of the Audio-Visual Club combine hard work With Pflgmallfy IH Creating the first float to be entered by that club in the homecoming parade. Sponsored by Mrs. Dave Lancaster and Mr. John Stuart, the Audio-Visual Club, com- posed of students from the ninth through twelfth grades, experienced a year of con- siderable expansion at Andalusia High School. With the advent of the modern trend toward instruction by use of both audio and visual aids, the club offered invaluable assistance to the faculty in performing their jobs ef- fectively. The members contributed much to the school through the organization of a new equipment room and a projection area. While gaining experience in the operation of the equipment, the club members benefited from the vocational training it provided. Tommy White dismantles a projector after show- ing a vocational film to Mr. Smithson's shop class. olunteens Find Service Is Its wn Reward Reading to patients, distributing juice, and running errands were only a few of the services performed by the Volunteens, a club organized at A.H.S. three years ago to aid in hospi- tals and nursing homes. Ranging from age fourteen to eighteen, the forty-six Volunteens served at the Andalusia Hospital, Co- lumbia General Hospital, and Colum- bia Nursing Home under the super- , vision of the Andalusia Grey Ladies. However, the girls work largely on i . their own. The co-secretaries, Kay . Stone and Joy McDaniel, were re- . sponsible for co-ordinating the sched- ule of hours. Devoting time and effort, the Vol- unteens gained not only experience but also self-satisfaction in achieving , , the c1ub's goal of service. At the Andalusia Hospital Stephanie Stanley and Marian Pope fill juice glasses, one of the duties performed as Volunteens. FIRST ROW: J. jay, L. Griffith, K. McDuffie, P. Martin, S. Stanley, C. Griffin, L. Gantt, P. jordan, C. Baack. SECOND ROW: L. Bush, N. Sikes, M. Pittman, K. Lansdon, V. Messick, M. Pope, D. Wiggins, D. Stanley, I. Southwell, M. Ma- hone, N. Williams, I. Allen. THIRD ROW: L. Zeanab, E. Bristow, I. Moulton, S. Jones, M. E. Posey, P. Murphy, I. McDaniel, I. Brown, N. Young, M. Sikes. FOURTH ROW: C. Campbell, I. Bonner, I. Cotton, H. Harvey, K. Stone, M. Parks, S. Keith, L. Stokes, E. McCord, L. Brown, and H. Patterson. G V4 , gm Q til Q l WEP E r ikgfi -f Q aaa fs ,, W 'Mia-L . n . ' 1 -V s 1 ' ,.: ' 1-.-,ef -:dn S XQAYQ ug- if .ff H9255 N, S-lar " fgf S, x gg, Q ,. ' 6-X' E? .??i"1- SP2 2? f ig, ' 1,155 1 wa.- , ,Wh organizations S Qi QQ ii. 5 3 g,i1?g34'igi- s,', m 'X 'W the face of accomplishment and service - J vivxlv Student Council Seeks Cooperation Between FIRST ROW: R. Russell, E. Brunson, K. Lancaster, D. Bush, A. Stanley, Mr. Bill Ward. SECOND ROW: E. Bristow, A Russell, R. Jones, J. McDaniel, S. Jones, N. Young, L. Adderhold, G. Smith, M. E. Palmer. THIRD ROW: B. Gantt, B King, C. Campbell, I. Cotton, S. Williams, I. Rodgers, P. Meredith, S. Smith, P. Murphy, C. Taylor. FOURTH ROW M. VVells, C. Wilson, T. Carroll, P. Rawls, L. Wilson, I. Preston, C. Sikes, P. Jones, P. Wise, and D. Moore. Vice-president Mike Wells reviews the calendar of GVBHYS Mid-morning break finds Student Council Treasurer David with Student g0Vemmel1t SPOUSOI' MY- Bill Ward- Moore selling popcorn to maintain the councills treasury. P . 3 E Q K X 4 1 Facult And Students The Student Council gave birth to many activi- ties this year which will, in years to come, become as deserving a face of A.H.S. as past traditions. As an initial project, the council recognized the Classes of '27, '37, '47, and '57 at a specially dedi- cated assembly and the homecoming battle with Enterprise. From football concessions, after-game dances, and homecoming festivities, the council, under the supervision of Mr. Bill Ward, considered such projects as a clothes drive, clean-up week, a spe- cial Christmas assembly, and the operation of the Red and White Book Store. These are only a few of the many projects which helped to make the 1966-67 faces of Andalusia High both enduring and, as yet, unsurpassed. President Edith Bristow tactfully moderates a council dis- cussion on the proposed motion for the Christmas assembly. 5 Lost amid stacks of clothing, cabinet members, Philip Wise, Mike Wells, Phillip Jones, Kaye Lancaster, Lois Adderhold, and Ioy McDaniel, sort articles collected during the Stu- dent Councills clothes drive. -sw Student Council Secretary, Sue Jones, diligently records minutes at the organization's weekly meeting. Inter-Club Promises rganized Calendar This year, in order to give more unity and consistency to scheduled activities at A.H.S., a new organization, the Inter- Club Council, was initiated under the' leadership of Student Council Vice-Presi- dent Mike Wells. Every club having a constitution was represented at the bi- monthly meetings, during which the school calendar was planned and other business involving member organizations was considered. From this new approach to scheduled activities, students will be able to enjoy a well-planned extracur- ricular agenda. Members of the Inter-Club Council, Pam Martin fseatedj, David Moore, Charles Martin, Charlotte Crimes Cseatedj, led by Mike Wells, meet to discuss plans for the coordination of organizational activities. Fellowship Promotes Christian Attitudes Climaxing a year of growth, the 1966 Andalusia Christian Fellowship sponsored a school-wide youth rally with Ben Mc- David, kick-off specialist for the Auburn Tigers, featured as the keynote speaker. This springboard enabled the 1967 Fel- lowship to gain school affiliation with Head Coach Doug Barfield as the campus sponsor. Each morning at 7:85, the mem- bers conducted inspirational devotionals in the auditorium. They also served the stu- dent body with impressive assembly invo- cations and daily devotionals over the in- tercom. Christian Fellowship Officers, President Philip Wise EXW and Secretary Antara Stanley, discuss a devotion to Et be given in the homecoming assembly. FIRST ROW: B. Deason, D. White, T. Rabren, A. Utsey, C. Crimes, C. Syler, Mrs. Jack McGowin. SECOND ROW P. Martin, A. Evers, N. Hair, B. Searcy, S. Jones, E. Albritton, N. Williams, T. Thompson. THIRD ROW: E. Bristow T. Albritton, C. McWhorter, S. Franklin, I. Cotton, C. Campbell, I. Rodgers, A. Russell, and M. B. Crimes. Tri-Hi-Y Serves City And World The Tri-Hi-Y, composed of selected Sen- ior girls, stands forth as one of Andalusia High Schoolis most outstanding Christian- service organizations. Supervised by Mrs. Iack McCoWin, the thirty members divided into committees and backed a specific activity for a month. Included were the giving of Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to underprivileged families and the collecting of reading ma- terial for inmates of the county jail. Nancy Hair, president fseatedjg Theresa Albritton, treasurer, Pam Martin, vice president, and Jatricia Cotton, secretary collect materials for their annual Thanksgiving project. FIRST ROVV: Alice Utsey. Nancy Hair. Nancy VVilliams, Gail Rodgers, Carolyn Syler. SECOND ROVV: Barbara Carter, Kathy McYVhorter. Peggy King, Emily Albritton, Carol Campbell. TIIIRD ROXV: David Jones, Mike Kinard, Sue Franklin, Theresa Albritten, jane Rodgers, Mary Emma Posey. FOURTH ROYV: Charles Martin, Mike VVyatt. Ronny Horton, Philip VVise, Criff Sikcs, and Don Holmes. luot pictured are Jatricia Cottonl. Edith Bristow, Moore, Phillip Clarence West, Sue Jones and Senior Honor Society Accents Achievement T3 oss -sg Nancy VVilliams, chaplain, Emily Albritton, secretary, David Moore, president, Ronny Horton, vice-president, and Theresa Albritton, treasurer, lead the Senior Honor Society under the direction of Mrs. NI. D. Taylor. Carefully making her way between rows of hopeful seniors, Theresa Albritton anticipates surprising a new member of the Senior Honor Society during the fall induction ceremony. A take-off assembly on both teachers and students and the management of the Anda- lusia-Straughn basketball concessions were the two money-making projects of the Senior Honor Society this year. By means of these funds, the society presented a hundred-dollar scholarship to a deserving senior. Under the leadership of advisor Mrs. M. D. Taylor, president David Moore, vice-president Ronny Horton, secretary Emily Albritton, treasurer Theresa Albritton, and. chaplain Nancy Williams, the returning seven senior members tapped nineteen new members into the organization on November 11. In an equally impressive spring ceremony these twenty-seven members inducted, on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and char- acter, the eligible members of the Junior Class. l'Mf"'f'f1YfMEaa1i7'1?Z3 Young Scholars Emphasize School Service One of the greatest honors awarded to a student in the eighth or ninth grade is to attain membership in the .lunior Honor Society. To be 5 eligible for induction a pupil must maintain a E high scholastic average and possess the qualities of character. leadership. and service. ' Under the guidance of Mrs. Robert Anderson, 4' members planned new service projects, main- tained the traditional assistance to the Senior Honor Society Scholarship and presented a gift Q to the school. To boost funds for these activities 3 the society sponsored a turkey shoot, a bake r sale. and managed concessions during a home basketball game. Members in the society motivated students to fulfill their academic potential and promoted virtues in character. r . Alan VVindham, treasurer, Steve Glass, vice-president, Christy YVaits. secretary, and Ben Barrow, president, work with Mrs. Robert Anderson in her first year as Junior Honor Society advisor. After bidding sixty cents for the first strike, Iody Dillard I slings vigorously at the dilapidated jalopy used by the Junior Honor Society to promote enthusiasm for the Opp football game. FIRST ROVV: I. Ferrell, B. YVhite, C. VVaits, P. Jordan, M. A. Mclnnish, C. Vickery, S. Neese, K. Lancaster. SECOND ROXV: I. Bass, A. VVindham, J. Syler, B. Mclnnish, I. Mason, P. Bush, D. Smith, E. Brunson, C. Browder, A. Carmichael, S. Bowman, NI. Pope, B. Brooks, P. Meredith. THIRD ROVV: B. Hicks, R. Tomlin, M. Newman, T. Miller, D. Andress, P. Cassady, K. Kyzar, A. Adams, B. Story, J. Johnson, D. Gregory, F. Terry, S. Brooks, I. Eiland, S. Smith. FOURTH ROVV: S. Hare, B. Tatum, L. VVadsworth, I. Kirkland, R. Herring, T. Till, D. Stanley, B. Daniel, B. Williamson, M. L. Turner, D. Godwin. R. Butler, C. Tisdale, D. Lord, R. jones. FIFTH ROWV: I. Eiland, F. Bodie, D. Chapman, T. Sawyer, S. Class, B. Parks, B. Barrow, B. Boatwright, VV. Jay, D. Maddox, B. Brannon, I. McDonald, C. Burge, M. VVatson, I. King, and L. Rawls. 1. -Ii iz . 'stat 5' II FIRST ROW: Rickey Russell, Mary Evelyn Allred, Evelyn Northrop, Iulanne Browder, Vicky Messick, Louis Norrell. SECOND ROWV: Malcom Suggs, Glenn Wilson, Alan Carter, Dick Mowbray, Van Stokes, jimmy Halliford, and Reese Broom. Broom. Library Club Stimulates Reading Interests Alan Carter, an active member of the Library Club, aids Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Lancaster by shelving books. "Books! Books! Books!" was the cry of every Library Club member after a year of service in the newly renovated Andalusia High School Li- brary. Under the guidance of Mrs. Eric Russell and President Van Stokes, participants worked at least once a day cataloguing cards, shelving maga- zines, and processing books. Library Club sponsor, Mrs. Russell, and officers, Reese Broom, vice-president, Iulanne Browder, secretary, Mal- com Suggs, treasurer, and Van Stokes, president fseatedl, add new cards to the book files. FIRST ROWV: Miss Winona King, A. Utsey, L. Gantt, A. Spencer, A. Stanley, L. Zeanah, S. jones, C. Cagle, M. E. Posey, C. Campbell, P. King, L. King, Mr. Dan Shehan. SECOND ROW: M. Pittman, D. Simpler, B. Barrow, C. Boze- man, I. Studstill, D. Moore, G. Williams, I. Rodgers, M. Mancil, M. Gibson, S. Hooper, I. Catrett, C. McWhorter, T. Albritton. THIRD ROVV: I. Palmer, P. jones, B. Brooks, S. VViggins, W. Wallace, C. Morgan, M. Wyatt, B. Cook, R. Davis, P. Wise, R. Johnson, and R. Walker. Ushers Create Spirit Through Service W.. Carol Campbell, president of the Usher Club, issues usher letters to Martha Pittman and Joyce Catrett. Ushering at home football games, concerts, and graduation were a few of the activities performed during the past year by the Usher Club of An- dalusia High School. Members were selected from the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades on the basis of their present activities, determination, willingness to work, and dependability. Guided by Miss Winona King and Mr. Dan Shehan, the Usher Club strove to promote school spirit through service. Ierry Palmer, vice-president, Martha Pittman, secretary, and Alice Utsey, treasurer, discuss plans for the Home- coming Parade. Key Club Reviews Full Year f Service ?i P511 ma- E5 2'2- P5 rise fr1!'3 512 92 PVP! Q5 fix ag- JRCIQ QD E? '82 Pa FA m Ea EU 5:11 V o 97 5? OFUW x 53? is E fa 2 9 FIRST ROW: I. Palmer, M. Kinard, D. Holmes, D. Gantt, M. Merrill, T. Kyzar. SECOND ROW: R. Gavin, I. Sanders, Gantt, D. Hogue, . Wise, B. Cumbie, Under the leadership of Assistant Principal Shelby Searcy, the Key Club not only tackled the Covington County Fair traffic, but also issued parking violations to A.H.S. students, staged a basketball game with the faculty, and managed concession stands during the hardwood season. To climax a year of service, the club served as sponsor for the annual city-wide "Go- To-Church Sundayf, MA" Club Recognizes Champion thletes FIRST ROW: E. Bristow, R. Radcliff, P. Martin, K. Anthony, E. Albritton, T. Albritton, A. Russell, S. Franklin, N. Hair, J. Southwell, M. Pittman. SECOND ROW: R. Kale, K. Horton, D. Gantt, J. Barrett, G. Sikes, D. Hogue, M. Kinard, M. Merrill. THIRD ROW: D. Holmes, M. Hudson, V. Stokes, M. Suggs, K. Gantt, T. King, T. Palmer, G. Boswell, R. Horton. FOURTH ROW: I. Smith. P. Arm- strong, I. Sanders, P. VVise, B. Cumbie, I. Wiggins, I. Pierson, S. Brooks, G. Wilson, T. Eiland, A. Carter, and R. Pitts. The "Av Club, an honorary organization recognizing the achievements of those ex- celling in the sports program of A.H.S., was composed of athletes who had received a letter in either football, bas- ketball, baseball, or track. The eleven varsity cheer- leaders took a spirited part in all of the clubs activities. These included the manage- ment of concession stands at sports events, a fund raising project for the Athletic De- partment. To climax its ac- tivities the 'KAU Club spon- sored annual sports banquets. ath lub dds Scope To Related Classes J' ' p sv LEFT ROW: Nancy Young, Mary Emma Posey. jane Rodgers, Emily Albritton, Philip Wise. RIGHT ROW: Malcom Suggs, Charles Martin, Philip Jones, Steve Wiggins, Mike Wells. In itis second year at A.H.S., the Math Club endeavored to in- still the importance of math into the minds of its members by pre- senting many interesting and fac- tual programs especially beneficial to students Who planned to seek a math major in college. The organization under the sponsorship of Mr. Clayton Thomas was restricted to students who maintained a "Cn average in math courses during their Junior and Senior years. VVhile under the alias "T Squaresv participants frequently tutored junior high students and sponsored numerous projects in an effort to promote school-wide en- thusiasm in mathematics and re- lated fields. FTA Motivates Interest In Teaching The principal aim of the Future Teachers of America is to generate an interest in education as a pro- fession. Members of this organi- zation are chosen from the Iunior and Senior classes on a selective basis. Under the direction of Mrs. Jack Moore, FTA,s were intro- duced to college life and scholar- ship possibilities. Attending district and state con- ventions, the future teachers ac- quired valuable information on teaching as a career. Connie Baack, Julanne Browder, Carolyn Syler, Stella Keith, Stanford Thomson, and lane Rodgers exemplify FTA. FIRST ROW: B. Jeffcoat, C. Grimes, I. Southwell, A. Comillion, S. Rabren, R. Radcliff, C. Register, C. Cagle, I. Moul- ton, A. Stanley, K. Anthony. SECOND ROW: B. Little, I. Brown, C. Bozeman, C. Baack, A. O'Neal, M. Pope, P. Fuller A. Scherf, D. Wiggins, W. Lee, I. Fletcher, Mr. Fred Stearns. THIRD ROW: T. Carroll, I. Rogers, S. Kirkland, B. Bon- ner, R. Walker, M. Mancil, L. King, I. Browder, M. B. Grimes, B. Searcy, I. Varner, D. Moore, I. Studstill, S. Hill FOURTH ROW: D. Thomas, K. Garvin, S. Davis, R. Kale, D. Hogue, M. E. Waits, I. Preston, T. Albritton, E. Albritton C. Corbitt, I. Catrett, and M. Parks. tudents Acquire Spanish Tastes fi fifr P: , ' It v A , i 'K VI. .. i ,f .,V "f' t .,.. ,.,.,,. . -,,., Maw? 'fVr.f' ':,5jr151siw.2,umwL92,5? ,Q f 'ZA Mr. Stems, sponsor of the Spanish Club, inspects equip- ment in the new Spanish lab. Anita O'Neal, second vice-president, Billy Little, sergeant- at-armsg Charlotte Crimes, president, Mary Evelyn Waits, secretary, Lynda King, treasurer, and Roger Walker, first vice-president, are the officers of El Sociodad Espanol. E1 Sociodad fdej Espanol was the springboard for pupils wishing to propel themselves into the study of Spanish-American culture. Sponsored by Mr. Fred Stearns and open to both first-and second-year Spanish students, the organization endeavored to promote an interest in the language and customs through meetings which were both entertaining and educational. A trip to Montgomery to dine in a Mexican restaurant and a Christmas party were only a few of the other activities heading the clubis social roster. 3 Drama lub Committees Coordinate Pla Under the direction of Miss Lynda Latimer, speech instructor, the Drama Club began to pre- pare for their fall production, "Arsenic and Old Lacef' weeks before the initial performance on December 10. To begin the two month endeavor the club's membership, consisting of students who had participated. in previous plays and those in- volved in an advanced speech course, was divided into six committees. Each club member was given a specific assignment in at least one of these six areas: props, publicity, lighting, make-up, costumes, and sets. Pam Martin, president, Alan Carter, vice-president, and Judy Stokes, secretary-treasurer, review the details of the fall production. Roger Walker is intrigued by the crude coffin to be used in the club's production of "Arsenic and Old Lace." FRONT ROW: Miss Lynda Latimer, C. Bates, I. Bonner, D. Hudson, F. Marler, P. Martin, C. Grimes, S. Hooper, L. Gantt, A. Miller. SECOND ROW: B. Searcy, N. Williams, I. Rodgers, P. Henagan, L. Briggs, G. Bass, C. Grantham, S. Keith, J. Stokes, W. Brooks, B. Gantt. THIRD ROW: A. Carter, B. Krudop, R. Davis, T. Eiland, I. Preston, C. Bass, J. Barrett, B. Cook, I. Wiggins. FIRST ROW': Mrs. Pat Yeargain, I. Morgan, G. Harrison, K Hassell, S. Grissett, D. Watson, I. Greene, M. Boyett, E. Hodges, P. Fuller, C. Syler, Miss Mildred Hart. SECOND ROW: T. Rabren, L. A. Griffith, L. Carpenter, E. Northrop, B. Daniels, I. Southwell, I. Allen, C. McDuffie, V. Messick, L. Gantt, L. Zeanah. THIRD ROW: C. Bass, R. Herring, H. Grissett, S. Franklin, M. Langford, C. Register, E. Rowell, D. Stanley, B. Searcy, A. Scherf, B. Adkison. FOURTH ROW: L. Berry, S. Lambert, S. Hicks, S. VVilliams, M. Parks, G. Corbitt, S. Kieth, T. Tompson, B. Deason, D. Bates, and I. Grimes. Future I-Iomemakers Develop Domestic Skills Aiming to provide a thorough under- standing of domestic arts for its members, the Future Homemakers of America ar- ranged a varied program of activities and projects. Through these innumerable opportuni- ties, the members were able to contribute funds for the expansion of the modern Home Economics Department. Sponsored by Miss Mildred. Hart and Mrs. Pat Year- gin, the organization boasted a calendar hi-lighted by hot dog sales at football concession stands, a Christmas faculty tea, and an annual spring picnic. LEFT ROW: Carolyn Syler, president, Diane Bates, vice-president, Sandra Hicks, parliamentarian, Linda Rabren, recreational leader. RIGHT ROW: Evelyn Hodges, historian, Janis Greene, reporter, Cynthia Bass, secretary, and Sandra Taylor, treasurer. l!l II ew Greenhouse Project Inspires F.F. . Boys interested in vocational training in the field of agriculture found in the Future Farmers of America opportunities to de- velop their biological and physical talents as they applied them to rural and suburban living. Teaching its members the qualities necessary for leadership, cooperation, and citizenship Was the primary aim established by this organization. Instituted this year under the leadership of Mr. George XVilliams, the FFA under- took many beneficial projects. Among them were the construction of a greenhouse and the landscaping of the school campus. Phillip Langford and Gary Hicks diligently labor over the model for the future A.H.S. greenhouse which they designed. FIRST ROW: Mr. George Williams, B. Spears, R. Walker, I. Hixon, D. Tillman, M. White, M. Powell, W. Phillips. SEC- OND ROW: C. Babb, D. McNeil, C. Moody, D. Glidewell, I. Rowell, I. Terry, B. Thomasson, B. Locklier, L. Maddox, P. Langford. THIRD ROW: I. Eiland, D. Prevett, C. Musgrove, F. Smith, C. Meadows, C. Hicks, D. Bullock, M. Rowell, 1. Smith, C. Catlin, and L. Fendley. D.E. Students Stud In Local Businesses As a new organization at A.H.S., the i D.E. Club opened a different area of s vocational opportunities to its participants. Its membership, limited to students in the junior and senior classes, was composed of those wishing to enter vocational fields dealing with the distribution of goods and l services. Leaving school daily at twelve-fifteen, these students reported to offices through- out the community where they gained val- : uable experience through on-the-job train- 2 l lI1g. -ah-.. The Andalusia High School Chapter of Distributive Education, advised by Mr. W. C. Carr, joined both state and national y chapters of the Distributive Educational V Clubs of America. tan I Q HH E Q ' Janice Sikes, enterprising member of the D.E. Club, mx if l stocks cologne section at Village Prescription Center. l FIRST ROVV: Joe Hixon, Martha Murphy, Carolyn Easley, Debra Edwards. SECOND ROVV: Ronnie Edwards, Janice Sikes Diane Bates, Mary Anne Bledsoe, Calvin Hall, Mr. W. C. Carr. THIRD ROYV: John Eiland, jimmy Smith, Larry Findleyl Philip Mott, and Carey Meadows. FIRST ROW: F. Tucker, I. McDuffie, L. Hinson, I. Mitchell, L. Short, Mr. Wyrosdick. SECOND ROW: W. Brooks, W. Grantham, P. Langford, S. Smith, A. Hall, B. Dauphin, G. Tucker. THIRD HOW: I. Dillard, L. Sowell, G. Hicks, T. Veasey, M. Cook, T. Lawson, and J. Donald. .I.E. Holds Banquet To Cap Year Of Growth Vocational Industrial Education, its mem- bership open to senior high students, was a training program designed to introduce students to Wage-earning trades and in- dustrial occupations. For the length of the regular school term, each member was employed under a competent trainer in such Wide-range areas as radio and television repair, ma- chinery, dentistry, mechanics, electricity, and photography. Meeting every first and third Tuesdays, the V.I.E. members planned activities of which a Christmas party and an annual Employer-Employee Banquet at the R.E.A. ,,,...... Lodge were only a part. Driven by Marcus Cook and accompanied by Presi- dent Cary Hicks, Phillip Langford and Wynona Brooks represent their club as "Mr. and Miss V.I.E." in the Homecoming Parade. , I Future Business Leaders Tour Local Colle es Composed of students engaged in studies in- volving officc occupations, the Future Business Leaders of America offered participants a chance to delve into the aspects of the business World. Under the direction of Mrs. R. F.. Linder, the 1966 club entered an exhibit in the Covington County Fair and visited Enterprise and Brewton Junior Colleges and the Opp Trade School. Through these opportunities the young adults gained the experience, leadership, and confidence that Will help mold them into the business leaders of tomorrow. President, Joanne Rodgers: secretary, Iackie Beck, and vice-president, Vickie Carter proof letters typed by FBLA members, a service sponsored by the club. FBLA members, Barbara Carter, Teresa Reymundo, Clara Dozier, Betty Thomas, and Linda Gantt, leave school to work in various business offices. FIRST ROW: Mrs. R. E. Linder, J. Fletcher, G. Rodgers, T. Reymundo. SECOND ROW: A. Dubose, R. Gavin, B. Mad- dox, S. Taylor, V. Carter, K. Garner, S. Lambert. THIRD ROW: I. Findley, B. Thomas, I. A. Rodgers, I. Beck, D. Sharpe, W. Lee, J. Bass. FOURTH ROW: B. Carter, H. Patterson, B. Gibbons, B. Dean, I. Syler, S. Keith, and L. Rabren. FIRST ROW: Mrs. I. H. Greene, K. Anthony, D. White, C. B.ites, I. Grimes, A. Gomillion, B. Searcy. SECOND ROW: H. Jay, C. Vickery, S. Bowman, K. Merrell, P. Fuller, B. Daniels, S. Bass, D. Gregory, E. Northrop, I. Terry, A. Evers, L. Macon. THIRD ROW: B. Story, S. Bristow, B. White, I. Bass, M. Langford, A. Pippin, C. Waits, M. Pressley, A. Scherf, R. Radcliff, I. Southwell. FOURTH ROW: T. Till, S. Smith, G. jones, S. Keith, R. Herring, P. Taylor, B. Kyzar, M. L. Turner, C. Campbell, C. Allen, B. Tatum, L. Stokes, B. Adkinson, and G. Corbitt. Business Staff Shows Salesmanship kills Ordering a record number of MEMOLUSIAS is a thrilling experience for Business Staff manager Betty Searcy. Exhibiting skill in salesmanship, the forty-three- member Business Staff worked diligently to finance the 1967 Memolusia. lndustrious participants sold annuals to over seventy percent of the student body and collected a rewarding sum from local businesses and professional men. To increase their earnings, the staff assisted in the sale of Junior and Senior portraits and sold protective plastic covers for the yearbook. Members, each of Whom contributed many hours of time, could proudly boast of a Memolusia completely self-supported. if Q 'iq Fig, rgm- Linda Stokes, leading ad salesman for the 1966-67 MEMOLUSIA, proudly presents her outstanding record to Business Staff advisor, Mrs. I. H. Greene. X 5 . 1 is , Members of the feature section, Mary Ann Martin, Nancy Hair, and Amy Russell, discuss the scenery to be used for the beauty pictures. Phyllis Taylor, Molly Faulk, Alice Utsey, Ann Spencer, and Carol Campbell labor on the plans for the class sec- tion of the MEMOLUSIA. Yearbook Editorial Staff Seeks Perfection Uf Members of the ad section, Mary Evelyn Waits, Joy Mac- Daniel, and Nancy Young, plan a schedule with the photog- raphers, Mike Wells, Dan Conger, and Roger Walker. Becky Kyzar, Sue Jones, Brenda Barrow, Anita O'Neal, and Stephanie Stanley plan the organization section while Lois Adderhold and Nancy Bennett labor on the activity part of the yearbook. 5. v ,f' Margaret Sikes and Candy Bozman proofread copy for the Faculty Section as Theresa Albritton and Antara Stan- ley confer about introduction pictures. "",.i., , "' ..f- W f - S A nk , .x ,S ix Sports editors Charles Morgan and John Northrop explain their copy to the prompt typists Iatricia Cotton, Jane Rodgers, Aurelia Scherf, and Betty Searcy. 1967 MEMOLUSIA -. The Face 0 Andy Working diligently to surpass the excellent rating of the 1966 yearbook, the 1967 Memolusia Staff labored many extra hours to fulfill deadlines. Com- posed of thirty-four senior high students chosen from applications submitted last year, the organiza- tion xvas counseled by their sponsor Mr. Curtis Thomasson. Moving into new facilities at midyear the staff endeavored to keep pace with modern trends in yearbook editing. During the summer, chief editor Peggy King and picture editor Loye Zeanah at- tended the communication Workshop held at Sam- ford University in Birmingham, Alabama. In the fall Mr. Thomasson accompanied four editors to the Alabama Press Association Clinic at Binningham Southern College. From informative sessions much valuable information was gained and later applied in Working with staff members who sought to pro- duce their best yearbook, the 1967 M emolusia. Emily Albritton, copy editorg Mary Emma Posey, layout editorg Mr. Curtis Thomasson, sponsorg Loye Zeanah, pic- ture editorg and Peggy King, editor-in-chief, criticize pages for the final shipment. ft? Senior Choruses Add To Cultural Atmosphere Mixed Chorus-FRONT ROW: R. Norris, I. Terry, L. Nelson, C. Taylor, F. Marler, B. Deason, W. Fletcher, J. Teel, R. Rudd, C. Bates, M. A. Mclnnish, E. Albritton, S. Waller, E. Rowell, I. Greene, B. Ieffcoat, S. Tomlin, A. Stanley, N. Williams, J. Ferrell. SECOND ROW: H. jay, M. A. Martin, I. Grimes, M. Pittman, I. Darby, L. Hamm, N. Hair, C. West, P. Rawls, B. Wooldridge, M. Mancil, D. Moore, C. Waits, L. A. Griffith, L. Brown, B. Brooks, M. Pressley, B. Banks, L. Taylor, B. Maddox, B. Adkinson. THIRD ROVV: R. Herring, B. Barrow, I. McDaniel, K. Williams, E. Bristow, T. Albritton, I. Teel, J. Barrett, C. Gatlin, W. Mills, H. Martin, G. Lunsford, M. L. Tumer, B. Suggs, D. Ieffcoat, P. josey, A. Pippin, A. Evers, D. Moore. FOURTH ROVV: A. Spencer, K. Merrell, D. Fuller, T. Ballard, M. A. Warren, I. Stokes, M. Parks, L. Wilson, R. Johnson, D. Conger, B. Cook, L. Maddox, S. Thomas, I. Bonner, D. Stanley, S. Smith, L. Rabren, P. Murphy, M. Faulk, S. Hall. FIFTH ROW: B. Butler, N. Young, E. McCord, F. Terry, H. Harvey, N. Bennett, S. Wiggins, M. Hatcher, I. Cotton, K. Stone, S. jones, I. Cattrett, P. Meredith, S. Bowman, M. Pope, L. Jay, S. Taylor, B. Kyzar, and D. Dupree. Girls' Chorus-FIRST ROW: I. Grimes, H. Jay, D. Stanley, J. Ferrell, D. Dupree, A. Stanley, B. Maddox, D. Wiggins, F. Marler, A. O'Neal, F. Terry, L. King, K. Merrill. SECOND ROW: I. Terry, N. Hair, B. Deason, L. Brown, A. Pippin, A. Evers, L. Taylor, B. Adkinson, L. A. Griffith, B. Ieffcoat, S. Tomlin, J. Southwell, N. Young. THIRD ROW: R. Herring, M. Pittman, B. Barrow, A. Spencer, B. Kyzar, E. Albritton, B. Brooks, M. Pope, N. Williams, C. Waits, S. Smith. FOURTH ROW: M. A. Martin, J. McDaniel, P. Taylor, S. Wiggins, M. L. Turner, S. jones, S. Iones, K. McWhorter, P. Murphy, B. Ieffcoat, D. Fuller, S. Bowman, M. Faulk. FIFTH ROW: E. Bristow, C. Ezzell, T. Albritton, M. A. Mclnnish, I. Stokes, J. Cattrett, S. Williams, Kay Stone, I. Cotton, I. Bonner, H. Harvey, P. McCrory, and E. McCord. .H.S. Campus Choruses comprising the 1966-67 Choral Depart- ment slate were the Senior High Mixed Chorus, the Girls' Glee Club, the Male Chorus, and the A Cappella Choir-all under the excellent direc- tion of the new choral head, Mr. Charles Hinson. These choruses combined with the two junior high choruses to present three concerts-the Fall Concert, the colorful Christmas concert entitled, "The Music of Christmasv, and the annual Spring Concert. Early second semester, seventeen members of the A Cappella Choir were selected to attend All- State Chorus in Tuscaloosa on March 13-15. Their anticipation proved instrumental in the depart- mentis preparation for the annual District Choral Festival held on March 4 at Andalusia High. Male Chorus-FIRST ROW: I. Barrett, C. Grantham, D. Simmons, C. West, C. Bates. SEC- OND ROW: R. Rudd, P. Jones, I. Teel, C. Mor- gan, T. Fontes, B. Gantt, J. Teel. THIRD ROW: J. Hallford, F. Deason, " B. Wooldridge, P. Rawls, Andy's new choral director, Mr. Charles Hinson, outlines music for the Fall Concert with accompanists Charles Bates, Emily Albritton, Mary Ann Mclnnish, and Ann Spencer. Pl iq 'if W. Fletcher, M. Mancil -- H. Greene. FOURTI-T V" ,L gm., '4 ,T Mg is M ROW: M. Bowen, B. 9 . 1 .,- Krudop, D. Moore, G. 'iff tt' fy is Lunsford, L. Faison, W. - . 5 'O Mills, B. Little, R. 'N "' N Johnson. FIFTH ROW: if , - 'E' C. Bass, C. Catlin, M. g Y --.., f 4 K . Gibson, L. Wilson, W. ""' 5, Britt, L. Maddox, B. 'H' Q iifi-. T Barton, and D. Conger. V 'Q ,,. A Cappella Choir-FIRST ROW: N. Hair, I. Mc- Daniel, C. Bates, B. Gantt, R. Rudd, M. Man- cil, N. Williams, I. Terry. SECOND ROW: M. Pope, N. Young, W. Fletcher, C. West, G. Bass, A. Evers, D. Wig- gins. THIRD ROW: M. A.. Martin, E. Albritton, T. Albritton, R. Johnson, D. Moore, B. Wool- dridge, B. Barrow, D. Dupree. FOURTH ROW: E. Bristow, I. Stokes, S. Wiggins, D. Conger, L. Wilson, I. Cotton, and B. Deason. 91? utstanding Choral Students Displa Talent FT ! gi DEBONAIRES-FIRST ROW: Ruben Rudd, Mike Mancii ANDAIRES-FIRST Row: Nanc Hair Edith Bristow Charles Bates- SECOND ROW: Clarence weft, Davld y , , Moore Car Bass THIRD ROW- Bill Wooldrldge Bal Diane Wiggins. SECOND ROW: Joy McDaniel, Nancy t y ' ' . ' Williams, Anne Evers. THIRD 'ROW: Iatricia Cotton, lard Kmdopi Dan Congert and Lam Wilson' Theresa Albritton, Judy Stokes, and Emily Albritton., GOSPEL GROUP-FIRST ROW: Debbie Dupree, Diane Wiggins. SECOND ROW: Nancy Williams. THIRD ROW: David Moore, and Clarence West. NU-NOTES-FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Martin, Ann Spencer, Martha Pittman. SECOND ROW: janet Southwell, Brenda Bar- row, Lynda King. THIRD ROW: Mary Anne Mclnnish, Ange- lyn Pippin, Nancy Young. FOURTH ROW: Pat Murphy, and Patti McCrory. H In Ei ht Ensembles Delighting concert audiences and civic clubs again this year were the Andaires, Debonaires, and Nu-Notes, popular Senior High Choral en- sembles. Dressed in colorful outfits, these groups, their membership based on audition, displayed both talent and individuality in their perform- ances. Newly organized groups, each sponsored by members of the Choral Parents Club, included the Gospel Group, the Senior High Septet and Sextet, the Foreignettes, and the Madrigal Group. By participation in these ensembles, students gained experience as well as a deeper appreciation of music. Senior High Cirl's Septet-FIRST ROW: Barbara Brooks, Harriet jay. SECOND ROW: Sharis Smith, Ian Ferrell, Faye Terry. THIRD ROW: Rhonda Herring, Susan Wig- gins, accompanist, and Christy Waits. I Senior High Girl's Sextet-FIRST ROW: Kathy Merrell, Donna Fuller. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Taylor, Ieron Darby, Susan Jones. THIRD ROW: Becky Kyzar, and Emily Al- britten, accompanist. Foreignettes-FIRST ROW: Janice Greene, Myra Langford, Barbara Ieffcoat. SECOND ROW: Diane Ieffcoat, and Becky Adkinson. Madrigal Group-FIRST ROW: Antara Stanley, Lynda King, Debbie Dupree. SECOND ROW: David Moore, Susan Wiggins, Brenda Deason, Charles Bates. THIRD ROW: Dan Conger, and Larry Wilson. DC Q1 LQ i 75 Advancin Junior High Choral Students Junior High Mixed Chorus-FIRST ROW: L. jimmerson, S. King, M. Rabren, C. Hooper, D. Bush, K. Lancaster, C. Bonner, E. Lambert, T. King, S. Nelson, J. Young, A. Hogue, S. Whiddon, K. Fuqua, D. Whiddon, C. Thomasson, G. Straughn, M. Reaves, K. Portemont. SECOND ROW: T. Little, I. Moody, P. Kelley, D. VVindham, I. Hill, M. Eiland, G. Etheridge, I. Martin, R. Barnes, L. Monley, J. Lawson, A. Powell, L. McDaniel, M. Bullard, P. Hudson, S. Merrill, E. Griffin, D. Peb- worth. THIRD ROW: R. A. St. Jean, D. Dewrell, G. Odom, C. Browder, G. Mullins, M. King, M. E. Palmer, K. Mc- Whorter, I. Hutto, R. Holley, A. Adams, D. Grissett, T. Brooks, P. Howton, D. Griffin, D. Bodiford, J. Clark, A. Maloy. FOURTH ROW: K. Coale, S. Teal, L. Tillery, B. Copper, J. Armstrong, D. Glisson, A. Broughton, P. Howell, N. Hobson, D. Simmons, P. Newman, K. Church, D. Ryals, N. Pace, S. Studstill, A. Hallford, K. Nichols, N. Martin. FIFTH ROW: A. Baker, J. Johnson, M. Garrett, I. Edgar, L. Schuft, V. Tompkins, F. Rabren, M. Mills, D. Pippin, S. Grantham, I. A. Mad- dox, T. Davis, L. Varner, G. Sanders, K. Chesser, B. Russell, I. Ezell, D. Reeves, and K. Meeks. junior High Girls Chorus-FIRST ROW: D. Bush, L. Hallford, C. Thomasson, K. Lancaster, G. Straughn, S. Nelson, L. McDaniel, S. VVhiddon, K. Fuqua, M. Reaves. SECOND ROW: D. Grissett, S. King, I. Hill, I. Martin, G. Etheridge, A. Hallford, D. Whiddon, C. Hooper, M. Rabren, P. Newman. THIRD ROW: A. Powell, S. Teal, D. Pebworth, K. Church, M. King, C. Browder, B. Copper, D. Ryals, J. Young, K. McWhorter. FOURTH ROW: G. Sanders, A. Broughton, M. Mills, F. Rabren, L. Varner, T. Davis, K. Chesser, I. A. Maddox, D. Pippin, and I. Armstrong. .... 3: Y H if r . ' f I JJ J X V. .g , A . , :U .Q 2 Y Mc.. V 5 . --C B- -1 ai . ff s "ai H" "W . fa. si f ..1'1s , 1 fi: V, ee" jiri ,,,, 3 nrr A o ' R a i N s i be is .A .aa r 'i , Master Musical Theor The junior High Chorus provided many students with an opportunity to study music technically, while advancing their vocal skills. Although the mcmhcrs were young and inexperienced., they presented outstanding performances in the Fall, Christmas, and Spring Concerts. Enthusiastic Junior Highs formed various vocal ensembles: the Harmonettes, Melodettcs, Sextones, Nonettes, and Rhythmettes. Performing again this year was the popular Bell Choir, adding variety to choral programs. Participation in these groups pre- pared students for advanced training in the Senior High Chorus. Sextones-FIRST ROW: I. Young, C. Ethridge. SECOND ROVV: S. Bowman, C. Browder, S. Teal. THIRD ROW: J. A. Maddox, and K. Chesser. 'T ..,-O Li Harmonettes-FIRST ROW: I. Martin, I. Hill. SECOND ROW: D. Pippin, I. Johnson, M. L. Tumer. THIRD ROW: C. Hooper, and D. Ryals. Bell Choir-FIRST ROVV: I. Martin, S. King, K. Lancaster, I. Young, G. Etheridge. SECOND ROW: M. Mills, K. Chesser, S. Studstill, K. Coale, A. Maloy. THIRD ROW: K. McWhorter, M. King, D. Pippin, and B. Cooper. Nonettes-FIRST ROW: B. Copper, K. Coale, A. Maloy. SECOND ROW: T. Davis, G. Sanders, M. King, K. McWhorter. THIRD ROW: M. Mills, A. Broughton, and F. Rabren. Melodettes-FIRST ROW: G. Straughn, M. Reaves. SEC- OND ROW: K. Lancaster, S. King, S. Studstill. THIRD ROW: A. Adams, and F. Terry. R Q .,, .. .Xe 53 gun.- x ,af , 1 W,,.w 1 R s 5 ,Qmws 'S iX- Y P4 I Xxf , 1 Q QQ , , ' If "'- ' ' I . ,J if I AA i ff , A HJ ",.:' - ,- if , - N If 'fm ' 4 , Mi' if ' I 'P 1 Q I 4 Q . , w g 5 W, 'V 'Aff V 4:1 YH: "' :A f AA xi ,H YA V . 3 I -. fy-N' 1 K f V I W W ,A . yi Jil' 1.5 . M g cl 11 we Q 3 5 , i I v, i x :I f' 1 L 5? ,W 4. ,af . Q M 8 xi 4 . CQ d ' J' as 0 ' uw ,' 1 J x Sf' :eg A , E: l M5541 H Y ja yi ,jfif l S 3 11 f wx wx f Q, , was H , 'J 'fx If if u SQ ,A r in J S 1 ' A x 4 1, ,fm SW' 5 X Vi E YI , N , ,QE My X Q51 Q ig-352355214 wp. ,Q ,wg V3 ,Qi A I 'ifijg if S f? V. 'ifxiflwligf f fm iff! WY 'Wa " L? 1 , if Z1 131356 ai - TQ-1 31- if- 5 ' s I V : ' ik 5 K "si . 17, w 3 f . fi My 3 ,Q , 5 S-f, L ,gf -4 .. Q -. - , Q-Q45 - gf, V, , 115: K Vw wwgr 5-fy 11355, ,,.-1 if x L ' Z2 - f ,fffx Eiga' iA.'f'1Q- 1 , ,xvu S- Ei1'H: U AP-,V ..,k...V 'Z Y fn ,M 'Q 1 I J W - v I if ew, L, , fi Woodwind players strive to perfect instrumental quality and choreographic movements. Attentiveness of the entire band is a necessary element in regular practices. Symphonic Band Accentuates Rehearsals A member of the tuba section is characteristic of the concentration each individual must exercise in order to maintain a unified class effort in rehearsal. A baton was raised and horns snapped into po- sition. The directoris hand gave a slight upsweep and then there were sounds-the masculine founda- tion of the low brass and Woodwinds, the mellow blend of trombones, baritones, and saxaphones, the bold attack of the French horns and trumpets, the clear resonance of the upper Woodwinds. Those were the sounds of practice-that ever imperfect routine that sought perfection in perfonnance and gave to the Bulldog Symphonic Band that quality by which it maintains an outstanding record. French horn players dembnstrate the importance of playing one's part and blending with the parts of other instruments. nQ"ffL41z:,,,4N , I 'l 3f W' V1 lm .1 M1 ' .EL Experienced Senior, Nancy Williams, ably heads the An- dettes in their skillfully planned performances. Mary Ann Pine, a Sophomore, displays remarkable poise in her second year as a majorette. Sparkling ndettes Appl Twirling bilities Sophomore, Diane Simpler, contributes her twirling abilities to the creation of delightful Andette routines. f 1 Strutting across the field in their new pink and white uniforms the 1966 Andettes added a flavor of excitement to the football games. To create and perfect such outstanding routines as their in- dividual fire twirling, the girls Worked long, tiring hours. Their efforts made sparkle, shine, spec- tacle-the Andettes of 1966. Patsy Cassady, although a Freshman, excels in her first twirling season. E lit Bulldog Displaying leadership and musical ability, accomplished Drum Major Steve Wiggins, a junior, skillfully directs the 1966-67 Andalusia High School Marching Band during marching performance. Senior Council Members: FIRST ROW: P. King, T. King, I. Wiggins, C. West, B. Cumbie, M. Posey. SECOND ROW A. Schcrf, H. Patterson, I. Rodgers, S. Boles, D. Holmes, M. Gibson, B. Krudop. THIRD ROW: C. Campbell, B. L. Gantt, M. Wyatt, N. Williams, C. Martin, P. Jones, and R. Pitts. Band Excels In Precision Marching Throughout the football season the Andalusia Bulldog Marching Band, under the baton of Drum Major Steve Wiggins and the instruction of Band Director jim Nettlcs, continually captivated each Friday night audience. The Elba show, planned by the senior members, featured favorite arrangements of such songs as "The Lonely Bullv and "The Stripperf, To climax a season of superb entertainment the band, with the Choral Department, presented a gripping program of patriotic music-a grand finale for a magnificent season. Members of the Andalusia Bulldog Marching Band proudly step to the rhythm of the popular "Brasses to the Four.', it - .si za ' W ,mv - qwmafwsa:'Rainierffasxveasaasfrmf..rx2:tasareaaa-wailswawxwemsrawaaaawrfwerweszrws'fffix.,:ffsvearfsff:fw vi - 9 junior Band Members: FIRST ROW: K. Class, G. Thagard, C. Pitts, D. Boatwright, C. Dickenson, I. Eiland, L. Enzor, L. Merrill, S. Reeves, B. Taylor, B. Little, G. Cibson, E. Mullins. SECOND ROW: M. Hinson, VV. Haynes, R. Powell, R. Phillips, J. White, M. Taylor, B. Turner, B. Snowden, N. Pace, C. Sullivan, B. Ieffcoat, D. Rabren. THIRD ROW: W. Beasley, L. Patterson, A. Smyly, M. Dubose, E. Horton, R. jones, F. Henderson, V. Butler, D. Stewart, B. Waller, D. Padgett, T. Shaw, T. Grantham, H. Jones, and B. Jones. Junior Band cquires arching Techniques 'hm Early in the 1966-67 school year, members of a most promising Iunior Band eagerly be- gan finalizing their foremost ambition- membership in the Andalusia High School Band. The band members began practicing for their first appearance in the Homecoming Parade. Under the experienced supervision of Mr. Jim Nettles, the troop of seventh graders marched heads high-second only to their senior colleagues, the Senior Band. The Junior Band also accompanied the Bulldog Band in the Andy cheering section for the Bulldogis final battle with the Opp Bob- cats. These rapidly maturing bandsmen also marched in Andalusiais Christmas Parade and joined with the Senior Concert Band to pre- sent two concerts. To climax the year, each band member who 73 passed his Third Class Bandsmcn Test gradu- ated to a long-desired position in the senior band. .M kibkllffg at l 67049 The junior Band members confidently march through downtown Andalusia in the Homecoming Parade. egg ft features M... V the face of glamour and recognition X is ,f Wh'g"-11 6' K , , ,GIS 'rw S - ' F ,L 'Wm . K ,. L,,. ' A 4 v 91 . ' f ,..ff' ,E 4. 'dim P. ' it t Q, 'X A.,-. my 1 , Q ! , 1, .mm 2 f .ff frkff m J P y F 5 24 is 3-A L- img, Sis- '- ' . . M ff EH: L 1 .2 A 1? ff. . m. F' A 3' :V .- 'Q W ' A if ,Q :- A SH A 'ffm LW., f Q, , - ,. -11 f f wg L fm, Q f , Q W I , A ,,.. M Q 'tk - 1 f 34 . s X I .27 A . My 3 'T -mfr . A , W LV U Liv , , 1 3 2, ,U W A fY .Q Q M52 4 f 'gifwx K H 4 X 'x W 1, Q. .Yau 5' 112 1 4,1 .- Q 4 M f ' 1 'Q r ' :., ,, I if 1 5 A6 . vw V . SF V gf 1 y M A f , gp Ji. , xi +A, X in vis? ,xii 4. 15.5 A ,, Wi s x if 4 'i H t A A in f K.. 'W x ' , . 1 5 , '51 .' x 5. iv 4 1 .f ' A s . K Q rin g xx 4 f i A 1 , we W . a -f' 'Vx'v9".ffa ', f .WAN ff W max 1' ' ' ' 3 sig 1' U K , L ,ik it qs , 1. Q ' V s 5 F 5 N, 4 yi is xy L K Ma 9 wk wily - X 3. K 1 if L, X, Q 44 ' 4 E f w . fn A Q Q1 G ,' -K ' m ."' A9 s 1 ,I ,nl 4 V f ,' ' Q 5 , . , Q gi' -, as , A I S' N 'L A 1 iv A f 55 XR- ? , ' 4' , 1' 5 5 , - va H.. f .. 1' ff' fs., ,L s A 4 1 , t fr Q ,7 , x . V . nf. "wwgu' 7 M"f. if 9, Q' ,M ,L 5. I '- Vi .1 K , K , . ,iw A t-ar . w,,,.E , Y mg' ig K , JA- -4 , Q A 'Ax vw. 'W 1 . , ' Ng-. A, ,. 1 s N V , X. K1 wi K A lhwnggvgg G, Luge. f 7 Q V. ,f . , K , x K. .f 5,43 X, A W Yf . li wg -x f Q - 7 -.. ""5g'Li VN t Qt: qfx I 'JF YY 1 : ,M mf 'EH - X, X 4- N' tw X N ,dfxyih ,V K, 1 X K , X Vi lb ,gg K5 A Q' X 1 fs, - 3 ,y WKA M ' ,L Vw, 5 K ? its E K,.X1lX fri' inf? the Y, " " 2- 1 X .. 'Mgt A '4 if ,, . K x . f f v g V Q , Q, Af X WW N . , 5 S3 as X A 'pk 5 ,, Q X " X ,g K x .Z N-1 X , I X , . P .X H . 1 Y . ,W Wm A51 , , it f , , , ,Z iwgxg 1 1 , W , I ima Y 1, . M ., 2 Wir"-N 9 N , , l k 5 M W X V. 5' 5' , W, 15 f N' f f'x N 1 x .5 A , X w fn Mx M., Q 4 , 7 5 K Ng 4 ,vw-n... gy . S ,, A M W 5 A K' A ig x Ad .Vu as - 1 I 0 .calf Q 4' -5 Y M, Zu. 1535 V in felis! V 3 5 A.. 1 4? L L A ,W H ar L ' nv., w . w N A , , 3 Wh r ' ' Q f .L A? , wh., fa' ff r, ., 0 'If Y ff A P W -, " 'H " ak. U YQ W3 amz YW, 'W QW J TH mi w ,, M 1 I , , V A A , 1,-X 'I J 5 if K it Q E ws, ! w w , " ' A' 4 ' W Q M -S' Q Y M' ,Y fu Q A f X 1 ' A! W ' my ,S My Q 'ef A Q X V , K M '42 WIQQ Q , -H, :M a a M? Q V s at K Q I, 7 f gag, 1 ' 'Q ,V Q. 5 ' f M fm H X ,K 'N V - Q W, M4 4 'E Homecoming Court Homecoming Queen Miss Judy Stokes f V Senior Maid Miss Mary Evelyn Waits Junior Maid Miss Allona Gomillion Campus Favorites Seniors Carol Campbell Jerry Palmer F , 5 A Q . 4 Seniors Edith Bristow Ronny Horton Seniors Nancy Hair Mike Kinard Campus Favorites Seniors Sue ,I ones Phillip Jones Seniors .lady Stokes Dick Mowbray Juniors Antara Stanley Mike Wells 1' 9 f Q ' 13 . if .1 in if 4' f , 6 3 ' 6 Q, I 'M ' wx zif + M if . ' g ' '-2, 1 31 2 , 4? 'Ex H iff ,. X fa ,NM -487' K xv z x 'ami K Campus Favorites Juniors Candy Bozeman Bob Brooks Sophomores Diane Simpler Phillip Murphy Sophomores Nancy Sikes Kenny Horton Campus Favorites Sophomores ,Ieron Darby Donnie Radcliff Freshmen Mary Lynn Turner Joe McDonald Sophomo res Mary Ann Pine Kyle Gantt Freshmen Betsy Banks Donnie Wiggins Campus Favorites Junior II's Kaye Lancaster Tony Miller Freshmen Christy Waits Frankie Bodie Freshmen Pam Meridith Ben Barrow 8 1 vu J ' I Junior II's Nancy Ptomey Ricky Russell Campus Favorites Junior II's Kenny Mc Whorter Mike Newman Junior Ps Cindy Bonner Neil Gunter m"4"'T,Im-v- '-u9i1 sw'v" ffiijik-.Vlxkf'-11x.SP',Q'1 .' Junior I's Gail Etheridge Jerry Eiland Junior I's Joan Hill Gary Griffin , , ag in Good Citizenship Girl Edith Bristow The Good Citizenship Girl, selected by the senior class and the faculty, was Edith Bris- tow. Awarded annually by the Andalusia Chap- ter of the Daughters of the American Revolu- tion, this award is presented to the senior girl who displays the qualities of leadership, patriotism, service, and dependability. As president of the 1966 Student Council, Edith led the school in a determined drive against campus littering and launched a for- eign exchange program. Active in many choral programs, Edith was a member of the An- daires, the A Cappella choir and participated in All-State Chorus for two years. After graduation, Edith plans to attend Auburn University to major in journalism. Uutstanding Scholasticall As Selected By The Faculty This year the faculty departments recognized twenty-two seniors outstanding in scholarship, aptitude, creativity, attitude, initiative, and appli- cation of ability. The areas in which they excelled Were: Commercial Arts-general typing, office occupations, Cultural Arts- art, dramatic art, foreign languages, reading, English-grammar, journalism, literature, Mathematics-advanced math, algebra, geometry, Music-chorus, concert Science-biology, chemistry, physics, Social 1 'lsf1: f lll Sciences-economics, government, history, Voca- tional Arts-diversified education, home econom- ics, mechanical drawing, vocational agriculture, vocational industrial education. band, marching band, Physical Education, SOCIAL SCIENCES NANCY HAIR, PHILIP VVISE, DAVID MOORE, THERESA ALBRITTON, ALICE UTSEY lezgsfgwxwg 1laew W. , . -5, sf'-f:f:f1,w1 wfmwmiu, 3 fl, f- 1.:fse2?fs?s?4wfzf ,. .121,':.21'f,. fwz:1,:f.1'x1M1a KAW' ,,gg,g,, V , zn,,Q,,.a,. ,. ., - 1,2-flaws' fmaiisialzsiytflziszx 3.3! -A N, la MATHEMATICS DAVID MOORE JANE RODCERS RONNY HORTON VOCATIONAL ARTS SUE JONES GARY H 7 uv PHYSICAL EDUCATION CATIIY MCWHORTER SUE FRANKLIN MAC ROWELL VAN STOKES ICKS 6 ARCHITECTORAL rc QE GRAW fy SJANUARDS 'Enix' I 1 8 3 I s i 1 z I MARTHA MURPHY I 1. """"'i EW -6 TONY KING S1 ,V MW ,, ,ga Af MWMZ. ZIP' is A my an I Q an I I I I lM A ,- A Y ,fa AURELIA SCHERF CHARLES MARTIN CHARLOTTE CRIMES DALLAS BERRY CULTURAL ARTS MUSIC z EMILY ALBRITTON NANCY WILLIAMS MARY EMMA POSEY RONALD PITTS 104 utstandmg Scholastlcall 'INN I . 4' 4' ENGLISH CHARLOTTE GRINIES EMILY ALBRITTON ROGER WALKER PEGGY KING SCIENCE JATRICIA COTTON Boxxx HORTON PEGGY KING BILL CUNIBIE RONNY HORTON fhf M 3 + SIfl0I'tS WM M,,,anvi-"frm W5 Wm' 'N WNW' Q ndy Gridmen Start Strong, Finish 6-3-1 Andalusia Ozark Andalusia Selma Andalusia Luverne Andalusia Troy Andalusia T. R. Miller Andalusia Greenville Andalusia Florala Andalusia Enterprise Andalusia Elba Andalusia Opp Head coach Doug Barfield ffrontl and assistant coaches Larry Hancock and Leon Akins concentrate on Andy-Ozark play. K :H Sil ,, +A M - HW. if FIRST ROVV: C. Wilson, M. Kinard, R. Gavin, D. Radcliff, B. Dannelly, C. Sikes, P. Murphy, F.. Rabren. SECOND ROVV: D. Holmes, P. Armstrong, R. Kale, G. Petty, B. Boswell, G. Waits, C. Boswell, K. Carvin, L. Faison, I. Barton, K. Gantt, T. Bozeman. THIRD ROW: C. Floyd, R. Brooms, I. Tisdale, D. Gantt, M. Merrill, D. Miller, K. Horton, R. Horton, B. Boles, T. King, D. Hogue, I. Barton, W. Mills, T. Palmer. FOURTH ROW: J. Lane, L. Bundrick, A. Carter, I. McDonald, W. Wallace, T. Eiland, H. Tipler, M. Hudson, V. Stokes, J. Smith, I. Pierson, I. Barrett, and M. Suggs. Making an over-the-shoulder grab, wing- back Alan Carter steps off seven more for a first down. rr, ' r 'O 2-25 . yy, Ozark tailback George VVells is driven out Scrambling for short yardage, of bounds by Andy defenders Ricky Kale quarterback Tom Palmer dis- 141D and Paul Armstrong 1423. plays his running style. ndy Slips ver zark 7-6 A mettlc defense proved to be the key to victory in the 1966 grid season opener as the Andalusia Bulldogs slipped by Ozark 7-6. After the Eagles had chalked up a six-pointer late in the first period, the hard-fighting Andy line successfully made two goal-line stands-one just before the half, the other near the gameis end. Andy's sole touchdown came in the early fourth quarter as fullback Kyle Gantt made a three-yard plunge into pay dirt following a hand-off by quarterback Tom Palmer. Guard Tony King booted the Point After Touchdown and the winning point flashed onto the scoreboard. Quarterback Tom Palmer is assisted from the field after receiving a knee injury which plagued him the rest of the season. Dogs Punish Parrish 20-10 Hoping to duplicate their 1965 win over Parrish High of Selma, the Andy Bulldogs took the field in the second match of the year and came off ahead of the Rams 20-10. Andalusia scored first on a three- yard sweep by quarterback Tom Palmer, climaxing a 71-yard first period drive. The Piarns answered in the third quarter with a touchdown good for seven, and a 17- yard field goal. In the fourth quarter, fol- lowing a fumble recovery by Andy tackle Malcom Suggs at the Selma three, fullback Kyle Gantt carried the pigskin through the middle for another TD. As the clock ticked off the final minute of play, quarterback Griff Sikes handed off at the two to Gantt who plunged for the final touchdown. Rover Alan Carter halts Selma carrier Don Ingram. Andalusia Licks Luverne 13-0 Again displaying an energetic defense, the Andy Bulldogs battled to a I3-0 victory over the Luverne Tigers in the seasonis third contest. After an early Bulldog drive had been stymied by a Luverne pass interception and return, the alert Andy defense spotted a Luverne fumble and pounced on it at the KDog 29. In the second quarter, Tommy Eiland latched onto a deflected pass from Tom Palmer and sprinted 23 yards for the first score. In the last period, a blocked Luverne punt wobbled into the Tiger end zone and was promptly covered by Eiland for the second TD. The PAT by guard Tony King capped the score. After a gain of 12 yards, wingback Paul Armstrong is pulled down by Tigers Charles and Steve Miller. sf? Bulldogs Topple Trojans 13-6 Determined to kccp their record spotless, the Bulldogs halted the Henderson High Trojans of Troy 13-6 in a battle of the undefeated. Andy was overpowered in the first quarter as hard-pushing Troy executed a 60-yard drive. However, a four- play goal-line stand slowed the advancing Trojans and prevented a score. In the second period, after maneuvering the Bulldogs from 55 yards out, quarterback Tom Palmer made a three-yard sweep for the gamels first touchdown. The PAT by guard Tony King put Andy ahead 7-O. Early in the fourth quarter, following the recovery of a Trojan fumble by Andy linebacker Dewey Hogue, quarterback Griff Sikcs directed the Bulldogs from the 23 to another score. The Trojans bounced back minutes later with a TD of their own, but failed to follow up with another before the final whistle blew. Fullback Kyle Gantt rushes over Trojan James Flowers. Andy Mangles Miller 40-14 Maintaining their solid defense and dis- playing a potent offense, the Bulldogs rolled over the T.B. Miller Tigers of Brewton in a one-sided 40-14 victory. Trying for their fifth straight 1966 win, the Bulldogs opened the scoring on a 24-yard pass play from quarter- back Tom Palmer to wingback Paul Arm- strong. ln the second quarter Armstrong struck again from the one. Minutes later quarterback Griff Sikes completed to wing- back Alan Carter in the end Zone for the third Andy TD, and shortly after connected with end Tommy Eiland for the fourth. Full- back Kyle Gantt scored on a short plunge in the third period, and in the fourth B-teamer Gary Petty landed a pass in the end zone for the final touchdown. Andy defensive men Alan Carter 1889 and Criff Sikes C151 draw a bead on Miller fullback Iimmy Campbell. In first period Greenville play fullback Kyle Gantt records ten. Florala Falls To Andy 21-0 Bouncing back after their surprising draw with Greenville, the Andy Bulldogs walloped the Florala YVildcats 21-O. Play in the first quarter was listless, but grew lively in the second as Andy quarterback Tom Palmer engineered two sizable drives -the latter climaxed by a three-yard touch- down by fullback Kyle Gantt. XVingback Paul Armstrong provided the most exciting offensive feature of the game as he re- turned the second halfis opening kick-off 92 yards for a TD. Only four minutes later the Bulldogs recorded their final score on a 40-yard pass play from quarterback Griff Sikes to wingback Alan Carter. Fighting for extra yardage, wingback Paul Arm- strong tries to shake off a clutching Wildcat. Tigers Tie Bulldogs 13-13 Losing their chance for a perfect record, the Andalusia Bulldogs battled the Green- ville Tigers to a 13-13 tie in the sixth match of the season. Andy opened the scoring on a 51-yard pass play executed by quarter- back Tom Palmer and wingback Alan Car- ter. Guard Tony King supplied the PAT, and the Bulldogs led 7-0. Fiery Greenville charged back minutes later to execute a 74-yard drive capped by a TD. At the half, the score stood 7-7. In the fourth quarter, Andy earned six more points on a one- yard carry by fullback Kyle Gantt. How- ever, hopes of a sixth Bulldog victory were cooled when hard-fighting Greenville scored again with only one minute left in the game. Bulldogs Bow To Cats 7-0 Encountering their first damaging set- back of the season, the Bulldogs fell to the powerful Enterprise XVildcats 7-O. The Dogs, fighting for a homecoming victory in the seventh game of the season, shone defensively as they held the 1965 con- ference champions to only one TD. First quarter play was strictly defensive With the VVildcats managing the single first down of that period. As time in the first half drew short, Enterprise intercepted a Bulldog pass and began a successful 47-yard drive to the end zone With the Winning points being scored in the last three seconds. Andy set up daring drives in the third and fourth periods, but the tenacious Enterprise defense put the hex on all Bulldog scoring possibilities. Enterprise back Larry Cocks is pursued by defensive back Paul Armstrong. Encountering a duo of Wildcat defenders, halfback Mike Kinard attempts a midfield turn. Tommy Eiland prepares to intercept speedy Enterprise half- back Dewayne Moore. amp In yrrrr I K kkry ,i 77 Z V. - . we V It .,,. yg 1- 5 .V . . A- if' .k,, I. V gbgkki A 5,AL, .. , .,,.r 5 . .,,., pkg, ., vpf- if-ix if ,ink N, In .1 .5 ' ' Q gl ' nl ' ' 4 i Elba Edges ndy 7- Falling to the Elba Tigers for their second. loss of the year, the Bulldogs came out on the short end of a heart- breaking 7-6 score. From the beginning it was a defensive battle, and neither team scored until Andy fullback Kyle Gantt tallied on a two yard carry with just 36 seconds left in the first period. Elba put a hard rush on the PAT at- tempt, and Andalusia was held to a 6-O lead. Three minutes before the half, the Tigers struck back on a six-yard end- zone pass play. XVith a successful point after attempt, Elba led 7-6. The high hopes of offense-minded Andy for a better second half were extinguished as the obstinate Tigers prevented the Bull- dogs from even establishing challenging drives. Place kicker Tony King attempts the PAT following Andalusia's first quarter touchdown in Elba. Al Ct'd 'd Elb dL Sd fll' lfyardaiasgs Crsriijleggvg a en any an ers 0 owmg a Running through a broad hole in the line, fullbac Kyle Gantt picks up a first down. S '-X is I k? . '33 xB fr X X X S VS. 1 it J ,s if A N. W X Q. i , .5 . WA , . bww - :L -F , Q , ,- ISSN? 9. fffw A Q. ,U 431513 5 1 .. . .R .RQ x X S 2 Z X '.:E: .3:' Q ax X s YR fa w Thoroughly checking Ronnie H0rton's locker for defective equipment are managers Dozier Simmons and jerry Bul- lock. Robert Rudd, team trainer, aids defensive end Glen Wil- son's injured knee. anagers Assist thletic quads Five essential elements to Andalusiais 1966-67 athletic season were the Bulldogs, corps of man- agers. Appearing on the scene at all sports events, these conscientious students saw that the teams remained in first-rate playing condition. Bill Mc- Innish and Al Pelham were managers in charge of uniform maintenance While Jerry Bullock and Dozier Simmons repaired the equipment and kept the lockers in order. Robert Budd, a manager for two years, assumed the role of trainer for the Bulldog athletes. Clothing managers Al Pelham and Bill Mclnnish find their work made easier by the newly acquired heavy-duty washers. Junior Team ains Experience 'ff GREENVILLE 13 ANDALUSIA 6 ,, LUVERNE 13 ANDALUSIA 6 OPP 20 ANDALUSIA O OZARK 20 ANDALUSIA 7 ENTERPRISE 19 ANDALUSIA 0 ENTERPRISE 13 ANDALUSIA 6 OPP 0 ANDALUSIA 27 junior team coaches, Phillip Brogden and Clayton Bryant, examine the day's practice schedule. FIRST ROW: Tommy Griffin, Curtis Wilson, Larry Oliver, Hoke Smith, Johnny Bass. SECOND ROW: Steve McGiffert, Tony Miller, Levon Glisson, Bruce Strickland, jerry Eiland, Lester Bullock, Robert Holley, Wayne Strickland, George Tisdale, Donald Hinson, Benny Dunn, Mike Pope. THIRD ROWV: Tim Hudson, Al Adams, VVayne Walden, Ricky Russell, David Andress, David Feachen, David Lord, jimmy King, Buddy Brannon, Frank Bodie, Steve Glass, Mike Newman. FOURTH ROW: Sonny VVyatt, Eddie Bass, Clark Wilson, Kim Bryant, Louis Norrell, Lewis Rawls, Malon Wilson, Frank Bundrick, Donnie WViggins, Charles Burge, Johnny Fuqua, Tommy VVhite, Steve Bozeman, Bob Pursell. at me 7 f -mms ,ff.f -- 5 - gg' f I v-ef' 'und' is Q55 eff- .5 if Baskethallers Bounce To 10-10 Split Season Andalusia Opp Andalusia Hartford Andalusia Troy Andalusia Pleasant Home Andalusia Straughn Andalusia Geneva Andalusia Straughn Andalusia Greenville Andalusia Pleasant Home Andalusia Florala Andalusia Ozark Andalusia XY. S. Neal Andalusia Luverne Andalusia Samson Andalusia Dothan Andalusia Enterprise Andalusia Elba Andalusia Opp Andalusia Kinston Andalusia VV. S. Neal Varsity basketball coach Mr. Clayton Bryant, in a post-game conversation with the Enterprise coach, discusses Andy's 80-55 victory. Going up against Pleasant Home, senior center Steve Brooks adds two to the Andy score gznng 'L 7 t "M""w-Wf.,..... an Q 'V' X 4, SMZYM ,I pa, tl 1 1 SJ S f V U- .6 5' 3 fi -n , X ' .er 5 5 N.. N.. '-.. X ' if 1 :.. X Q X K N ig,ft ?x i Q? I Y " 'Q sg 3 3, H ,-A, i 35 F- S' M ,- M . Q - K " -bf 55: 2 5 5 , :MTWIQQ -,Nr QL .gli 1 i M 5' W T? Q ,mf M, Q The B-Team Basketball Squad-FIRST ROW: B. Dannelly, D. Tillman, B. Brannon, B. Thomasson SECOND ROW S Bryant, D. Wiggins, I. McDonald, L. Craig, H. Tipler, L. Bandrick, and manager E. Eddins. B-Team Builds Impressive Record Under the capable leadership of Coach Larry Hancock, the B-team basketball squad maintained an excellent record by Winning their first eleven games. Larry Craig headed the team in rebounds with an average of sixteen per game. Pivot man Harvey Tipler, teamed with guard Donnie Tillman, came through with a nine-point game average. Steve Bryant led the team in free-throws by making fourteen out of sixteen in the first eleven games. Football line coach Larry Hancock also super- vises B-Team basketball. 1' Jumors Propare For Varsity Play Tho Iunior haslwthall tcauns have up- held Couch Leon Akins' philosophy of learning to play und lcarning to Win 21 ganna-. Through participation in the sport. invmlwrs have gained valuable lessons in tactics and sportsmansliip, les- sons which will prepare them for future varsity play. FIRST ROYV: J. Eiland, J. Tillman, G. Pitts, A. McWVh0rter, I. Eiland. SECOND ROVV: J. Carter, B. McDonald, K. Curry, W. Kale, E. Horton. FIRST ROYV: V. WVOodham, M. Pope, G Brooks, L. Tillcry, B. Brannon, I. King, A VVindham, G. McNeese. SECOND ROYV: E Turner, C. Burdgc, P. Fleming, I. McDonald D. VViggins. FIRST ROW: D. Tillman, M. Goodson, W. King, H. Smith, D. Jordan. SECOND ROW: T. Miller, A. Adams, D. Andress, M. Wilson, M. Newman, S. Wyatt, C. Wilson. w7 nn- ff-1 ,,.. 5 .A Aa... 11 - - 1a..sunsuni:., .,..1gw..1i Andy Finishes 15-5 Season ANDY ANDY 4 VIGOR 3 4 TROY 3 9 VIGOR 2 5 LUVERNE 6 1 DOTHAN 2 9 GREENVILLE 6 4 T.R. MILLER 6 7 DOTHAN 5 9 GREENVILLE 4 8 W.S. NEAL 6 5 TROY 4 11 ENTERPRISE 1 1 LUVERNE 11 3 ENTERPRISE 2 3 McGILL 4 5 ENTERPRISE 4 5 VIGOR 4 12 LUVERNE 1 10 T.R. MILLER 0 5 ALL STARS 4 Coach Akins observes play from third base in the first Troy game. Members of the 1966 Baseball Team who will return for the 1967 season are as follows-FIRST ROW: Mike Kinard Kyle Gantt, Mike Merrill. SECOND ROW: Ronny Horton, Harvey Tipler, Tommy Eiland, Ricky Kale. NOT PICTURED. Tom Palmer, Griff Sikes, and Philip Wise. 3' FIRST ROW Ewell Turner Buddy Brannon Donnie Wiggins Nlike Kinard, Criff Sikes, Kyle Gantt, Mike Merrill. SECOND ROW joel Rodgers Larry Bundrick Ben Barrow loc Sanders, Malcom Suggs, William W'allace, Tom Palmer, Tony King., Clyde Bass THIRD ROW Joe McDonald Ric y Ixale Yan Stokes, Paul Armstrong, Tommy Eiland, Alan Hardballers Win Conference Title After recording a season of fifteen wins and five losses, the Andalusia baseball team defeated Enterprise in the South Alabama Conference play-off. Andalusia played host to Enterprise for the first game in which pitcher Danny Little struck out twelve men to win the game by a score of two to one. The second encounter of the series was held in Enterprise where pitcher Philip XYise sparked the team to an ll-1 victory. The highlight of the game came in thc fifth inning when Tom Palmer slamed a homerun over the left field fence. Aftcr the fifth inning, the Enterprise team forfeited the game and the Conference championship to Andalusia. Andy second baseman Mike Merrill awaits ball to tag out Vigor runner. Season Yields Team Stars The 1966 baseball team, coached by Mr. Leon Akins, ended its season with outstand- ing individual records. Terry Dubose had the best overall batting average with a 430. Lead- ing the team in scoring with a total of six homeruns was Ottis Griggs. Mike Ray tallied twelve stolen bases during the season While Dubose and Griggs each finished the year with twenty runs batted in. After the season Griggs accepted an offer with a bonus to play major league ball with the. Boston Red SOX. Sophomore center-fielder Kyle Gantt readies to grab a deep fly to the outfield. During pre-game batting practice Griff Sikes slams a In a Pre-season warmup ace southpaw Tommy Eiland fastball to left field. tests hls fastball. l 4 967 TEANI FIRST ROW Vary Ani VVairen Loretta Nelson Call Smith Ioanne Stuart, Mary Allen Beasley, Sponsor Mr. layton Thomas SECOND ROW Mike Wells Stan Davis Larry Faison Phillip jones, Iudy Stokes, Carol Campbell, Nancy illiims Kathy VValler THIRD ROW Wayne Mills Mike Wyatt WV1lliam VVallace, Don Holmes, Charles Martin, Mark Tennis Draws New Interest Tennis, for years a popular though un- organizcd sport at Andalusia High School, finally became a co-ordinated activity in 1966. Following extensive court improvements, a tennis club and later a tennis team were initiated under the direction of Mr. Bill Ward, guidance counselor. Activities of 1966 consisted of an inter- school tournament sponsored by the club and two team matches which were both lost to Dothan. Mr. Clayton Tho- mas, new coach and past member of the Troy State College tennis team, ex- pressed hope for expanded program in 1967. Mike WVells, the number two man on the 1966 tennis squad, limbers up during fall practice. aw The 1967 Track Team coaches, Mr. Larry Hancock and Mr. Doug Barfield, review plans for coming season. Traeksters Attend Three Seasonal Meets During the 1966 season, the Andalusia Track team participated in three regular season meets- the South Alabama Conference meet in Enterprise, the Second District Track Meet in Troy, and the Three-XVay Meet in Opp. In the first encounter the Bulldogs ran fourth in a field of thirteen with Troy carrying away the honors for first place. Troy tallied seventy-two points to win the second meet, While Andalusia held third place with a total of fourty-four points. The tracksters capped the season hy winning over Greenville and Opp in the final contest. Wlhile Tony King and Tom Palmer ranked second and third respectively in the discus, Terry Duhose placed second in the shot put to lead Andalusia to a victorious score of seventy-two points. 'aw 1- The 1966 Track Team-FIRST ROW: Ray Gavin, Tom Palmer, Tony King, Eddie Rabren. SECOND ROW: Bill Cook Reese Broom, and Clyde Bass. 'P 5 sh Q: ,img Senior Tony King demonstrates to junior Tom Palmer the art of throwing the discus. E . Senior Clyde Bass speeds down the track during the 100-yard dash. Anticipating the next three, senior Bill Cook rounds the first lap of the mile. at . fi v ,-"' V .9 , . N . 3 6 ' X "1 Q' ..,, . . .,,Ac x X ." W, .I '-U "i,, H . F , . I 2 -'i 'A Q rg , .esse ' T .-L,: I i l l ' Q13 ' ' 14" -T 1 1 -, A 3., - 'Af' if .gi if - 1 Hurdler Eddy Rabren demonstrates excellent fonn. junior broad jumper Reese Broom warms up before a meet. ., y at . i, K V WMA .. t ' "5"'w-'M' be " - W . -.Q X xfrsagk .., , ...awk-:M 'Winnie -V :Wirral W Sprinting down the home stretch of the 220-yard dash is junior Ray Gavin. Six Cindermen Return For 67 Season Although the 1966 Track Team lost two of its three meets, each of the members gained valuable experience in his own field. Reese Brooms special- ized in the 880-yard dash. While Eddy Rayburn and Bill Cook each ran the mile. Tony King and Tom Palmer excelled in the discus by placing second and third respectively in the Three Wfay Meet held in Opp. Ray Gavin held down two important positions, the 100-yard dash and the 220-yard dash. Of the above mentioned cinder- men, all six returned for the 1967 track season. .W " 'V" 1 am, Golfers Garner . . 9 . ',, . v f Five Wins ln 66 5 V ,, 3,4 fl In regular season play consisting of two 18-hole A matches each with T. R. Miller, Enterprise, Opp, ' M' 1 , A -' K Y J' . and Ozark, the Andalusia High golf team topped , 'HSQB Miller both times while splitting 1-1 with the other , ' 1 ' three teams. ' Participating in the conference tournament in - ' Ozark, the Andy linksters came in second behind 7 5l,',1'E:W,'f,. Enterprise. However, in a regional tourney held pii 1 V . as , in Auburn with a field of thirty-one teams, Anda- 1 A gtg! lusia failed to place while Lee and Lanier of Mont- gomery captured first and second place honors. 33 The top four men of the squad for the 1966 r M y ,tfuri .A Q if 0 season were Bill Cumbie, James Kyzar, Byron 3, .. 6 Mathews, and Kip Pine. " ' if S' Hr 6 ,flffw ,gs in a late fall practice round. M , 7 ,Q 1 it .gs ,E 1 " , '-1 ,Q 1 ' Clarence West follows the path of his ball after teeing off 3 . I,5',.TIiV P' " ,':v"1a':" V",1ive fwzafffvffwfas Y,ff,r.1'. ,, .1 . . - L 1 ri Y 3 my , ...Q ' -. , f.., we hi ' 'A7iw'rQ ' ifttfifff A A fa?" is ' F' , Q . V X 'V x E313 . 'aiqiiflf emi A, ' f I' -f- 'Yi tiff I " ' " 'Y' -Q" k - ,x g ,' ., , . Y gfs gfg 1. " '! f wr 7 rib J' as 4 i x fi ' afa xi 'Q fa my M W I if ill' 0 lv J' -ll Q ' M ., K.. K I , ll .EI Members of the 1966 golf team retuming to Andalusia High School for the 1967 season are Clarence West, James Kyzar Bill Cumbie, and Scott Kirkland. Not pictured is the '66 coach, Mr. Doug Barfield. if 1 'HK if,-qi, X 2 . 2 hL'L ft 1 'M' 7 - ,A 1 A A .,.., r. A A - In T E xl X . Cited 35 BGSY Blocking Back, S0Ph0' The varsity football Scholastic Award more fullback Kyle Gantt was also an Went to center Rgnny H01-ton, able runner. Receiving All-Conference mention were tailback Paul Armstrong and end Tommy Eiland. - ,gr L Wx xr Senior guard Tony King, awarded the Best Blocking Lineman Trophy, was also an AP All-Stater. Junior tackle Jimmy Smith received the Most Improved Player Award. Outstanding Andy Athletes Acclaimed Several of Andalusia's senior high athletes re- ceived recognition for achievements during thc 1966-67 sports, year. All 1966 grid awards were made at the annual football banquet on Friday, January 20. The Most Valuable Player Award went to guard, linebacker, place-kicker Tony King. Fullback Kyle Gantt re- ceived the Best Blocking Back trophy while King was named Best Blocking Lineman. Tackle jimmy Smith was cited as Most Improved Player and center Bonny Horton took the Scholastic Award. Three Andy gridmen received All-Conference or All-State honors. End Tommy Eiland and tailback Paul Armstrong received top conference positions while Tony King ranked as an Associated Press All-Stater. In basketball Philip VVise was an all-conference pick at forward, and lcd the Bulldog roundballers in scoring by consistantly shooting over twenty points per game. To complete the list of outstanding Bulldog athletes, Andyis 1966 baseball team had three all- staters. Terry Dubose won noticc at first base, Otis Griggs at catcher, and Criff Sikes at shortstop. .vsp ,,,, 2 Griff Sikcs, short stop on the 1966 baseball team, received All-State notice. ,,. A I . L gl' ty ..- of, ii A , . ! ' .tr tg 5 aw-' j ' ,ae - ,.,,, at 14,5 V vryy 5 ,t .we K, ,X X I R3 me A E Tony King was voted Most Valuable Player on the A four-year veteran of the varsity basketball team, Philip Wise 1966 grid squad. rated an All-Conference position. 1? was Frrffflrr 'fffnn 'VFFYVYFI FFEFFYE' FFFFFYFF 'YFIFYVFF Y F I 51,511 F 5:'T,g"i"ia r r r 5' 1 1 r I ' student body Qf'?F'fffHw Q fi J., ww M ,,-W, , QE, V, .. Q -+W,,, A W W, gpg af an z1i?,fQ'f'?fF .fm """f2"+M -.. ., . mm. . www ummm . .,,, . . .fM,.,k,g, ffw..w,,.,,L-fwwM,, ,1aw,,,, , , .- ,, , .,1,5'f, pw QL 1 13' Www YQ? Wi W 5:73 M HHS gf., , " FW W . A Sm . ,SX Jw- f . is fawwgiwk-1.w,Wk,gwmfMW1f12fmM 'M -, ,:' M , whmmw A Vfwfrfwf M' -1 in 1' 11: -, -fm ,,5,3'-wk .V .. U -Q, K .W ,rfKff1ffM.3Y1.,,f,5"W-PMM:,g'wwffwZT'l1fT.,?f?,fH f W .ig rf" ff TT 1' 'Wh-mf ':'ww ,fi Mffww .J ,.'mM-ww.W1f" -L. K' 2+ .,," '-1 'Lu ,K .5 igf21f'Lf1wwg-Wig-Q wi.. ...K iq3wmW,,h'.:' I -, ,WMw,f A Y f - U K V . hy , .f-M, VM, 5-5w,,.m,v, I 'ay my S .., . , ,A Q gf, few Nw - f MM nge-fq,f,,,,, LM, , . Q fu, , , ju , .H g my . yy Q f'wW'wwM-,V S L'-f 'H .J'i 'f - .TZPW W Q in-3kQk4i,fWFmfwmf,14 fag 1, 'YW K-35-,,,gg -W " M M- f'fW',i , 5 . Ag IIV' ,t,.,g,ffM-.w..3,g:ig Mag' 'n ,T ,Q Yr ff ww4.,. wa-, , f - -, ., WM-vang. fmffw ,fm -fww--f nf' f. W -M M, - wx ,, wm,,M"1' -f ., ,W V... , , L , ,.,.. . . .I ,, . iw, gum ., ., .,,,.,,q5gM:... A J 1-swf-vw f' y , -ww www, , M ww W, Y df 2 V ?'Wwww www, V L ' my www-H , - . M lx ,, ma, 1 'f wwlif :W ' A . W1 mwfwmmmq-IE, awww ffm 'Wfww .Q .ZZ.fZgMf?2a:ep:Q2vw2W 4 AK Ywiwwuw ,ae -N wg, M A ,. , 3gafa9Ql'fJ1 be-1 W fnQiQvf'2v?T4mff J A gffjii imma M fm W nv, K, 3 mf fm- M wp A . fm in M' Q M ., fn- , -W. V Mm my J, ww 'W .Mb R Ai as N' mm M WMM . .M 1 W A w " k H- ' A . ,f 'N-j'Ff1ip.Lfwf,,"2"'1" K ,,f:.1, Q, www-.. w-.A2u"'f"U" . A "5 Wvsvu , ' SLTWN 3 . '3.,.,. awww? In zb as -. 4 4. 1 I ef xg? WT F Q YW' alit . nd Person of indi iduall a th face Senior Memories Are Made 0 . . . Leading the 1967 Senior Class through an outstanding year were Officers Phillip jones, vice-president, Carol Campbell, secretary, Jatricia Cotton, treasurer, and Sponsors Mr. James A. Wilson, Mrs. M. D. Taylor, Mr. W. C. Carr, and Mr. Kenneth Nichols. -vm., W , E WK? ww fjxafjgfgt sg 3 Wk Senior Class officers Phillip Jones, Carol Campbell, Ronny Hor- ton, and Jatricia Cotton discuss plans for ordering invitations. Serving the Class of 1967 for two years as President, Ronny Horton practices his graduation speech. ' Mgsisww- Leading And Being Led N. oi! Albritton, Emily Albritton, Theresa Allred, Mary Evelyn Armstrong, Paul Barrett, Jimmy Bass, Clyde Bates, Diane Beck, jackie Berry, Dallas Bledsoe, Mary Ann Boles, Sandra Bonner, jane Feeling Proudly The Unaeeustomed Weight ffiwiieli ' ' 4l12rgi?i2?1f 5 ,LE 5 1 I OUTSTANDING IN PERSONALITY- PAM MARTIN Briggs, Larry Bristow, Edith Brooks, Steve Brooks, Wynonia Campbell, Carol Carter, Alan JERRY PALMER Of A Senior Class Ring Un A Finger - - - Carter, Barbara Carter, Vickie Coleman, Irene 'ffm ,J J f .Q 3 gm no fair- Q, we 'Si -1 M . f '15, my -, -af -- r, rL Cook, Bill h C i""j7 ' Cook, Marcus it Cotton, jatricia Cumbie, Bill Y l Dauphin, Betty , , syn I fy, OUTSTANDING IN TALENT- EMILY ALBRITTON CLARENCE WEST Working Into The Night To Put Winning Davis, Richard Dean, Brooks Deason, Brenda i tie. ,,.f Donald, Ioey Dozxer, Clara The Senior Homecoming float, "I Came, I Saw, I Conqueredn, conquered all competition by defeating the Junior Class float and being judged the best entry in the parade. X Easley, Carolyn Eiland, Tommy Evers, Anne Touches Un A Final Homecoming Float Findley, Larry Franklin, Sue Gantt, Linda Gantt, Lynn Gibson, Mark Griffin, Carolyn in Grimes, Charlotte Grimes, Mary Beth Hair, Nancy Hamm, Linda Hicks, Gary Hicks, Linn ff M11 OUTSTANDING SENSE OF HUMOR- Horton, Ronny Hudson, Mike johnson, Robert jones, Phillip jones, Sue Keith, Stella CAROL CAMPBELL BALLARD KRUDOP Experiencing The Hinson, Larry Holmes, Don Torment Of Macbeth And Pondering Hamlet... Kelly, Sue Ann Kinard, Mike King, Peggy King, Tony 'W K A " ' , f Kirkpatrick, Earl hh- I 'IL' A ' I ' A OUTSTANDING IN VERSATILITY- NANCY HAIR MIKE KIN ARD Krudop, Ballard Kyzar, Terry Langford, Phillip Mailing A College Application With The Little, Billy Limsford, Gary Martin, Charles Martin, Pam McDuffie, jimmy McWhorter, Cathy Mitchell, john Moore, David Mowbray, Dick Murphy, Martha Nowling, Wayne O,Neal, Shirlene Hope Of Receiving Letter f Acceptance... Palmer, jerry ' Parrish, Ronnie Patterson, Hazel Peavy, Joanne Pitts, Ronald Posey, Mary Emma '11 , , kv Big vzrflf. . . , X I ,D Q . .11 - 1 .NH ' I-, ' " , , Ui, . V N .6 Yes-. 9, :Vi 'll I ,,-,f f 1 s offs- f uw Sponsors for each of the home football games were chosen by popular vote of the Senior Class. Those elected were Edith Bristow, Carolyn Syler, Judy Stokes, Kathy McWhorter, and Sue Jones. Sharing With Special Friends A Last A.E.A Rabren, Linda Rabren, Tina Reymundo, Teresa Rodgers, Gayle Rodgers, jane Rodgers, Joanne -an Rowell, Mac , Runyan, jimmae -H R "' Russell, Amy Q Sasser, jennifer Scherf, Aurelia R Searcy, Betty Holiday... Short, Lamar Sikes, Griff OUTSTANDING IN APPEARANCE- SUE FRANKLIN DICK MOWBRAY Sikes, Janice Smith, joan Smith, Sue Sorrells, Dale Sowell, Larry Stanley, Stephanie OUTSTANDING IN SERVICE- EDITH BRISTOW RONNY HORTON Syler, Carolyn Taylor, Sandra Teel, Jerry Thomas, Betty Thomas, Tommy Thompson, Terry Marching To The Strains Of Stokes, Judy Stokes, Van Stone, Kay Suggs, Malcom The Traditional '6Pomp And Circumstancew Tucker, Frankie Utse Alice Y Waits? Mary Evelyn Walker, Roger West, Clarence White, Dorothy Wiggins, joe Williams, Nancy Wilson, Glenn Wilson, Larry Wise, Philip Wyatt, Mike Class Officers And ponsors Guide Senior ,Y 3 'd ' MQW junior Class Sponsors, Miss Lynda Latimer, Mr. William Kennedy, Mrs. Mal Browder, Mr.. Clayton Thomas, and Miss Winona King total magazine sales' earnings after a successful six weeks of selling. Entering the Scherf home, Junior Class Officers, Bob Brooks, presi- dent, joy McDaniel, secretary- treasurer, and Steve Wiggins, vice- president, plan to discuss theme ideas in preparation for the Junior- Senior Prom. llis Through Memorable Year Of Activities Adderhold, Lois Anthony, Katherine Baack, Connie Barnett, Gloria Barton, Bobby Bass, Gary Bass, jackie Bennett, Nancy Berry, Greg Berry, Lajuana Bonner, Becky Boswell, George Senior Il's Struggle Through Preliminary Bozeman, Candy Brooks, Bob Brooms, Reese Browder, Julanne Brown, Jan Butler, Brenda Cagle, Carol Corbltt, Glorla MOST ATTRACTIVE- ' LOYE ZEANAH RICKY KALE College Entrance Examinations Danford, Joyce Davis, Stan Dillard, Jody Zi" MOST POPULAR- MARTHA PITTMAN CHARLES CRANTHAM : - . - T Iea D ki, Dubose, Anita M y Dupree, Debbie :HI Edwards, Ronnie . aael D ,,,,.e'e 7 ieei fl 'Ee teee D F 155 College Day Opens Doors To Educational Eiland, John Ezzell, Claudia Faison, Larry Faulk, Molly F endley, Jimmy Fletcher, juamta MOST MANNERLY- MOLLY FAULK MIKE MANCIL And Vocational Training For Senior Il's F ontes, Tommy Fuller, Pat Gantt, Barbara 5 Gantt, Danny Garner, Kathy Garvin, Kenny Gatlin, Agatha Gatlin, Chris Gavin, Ray of Gibbons, Barbara Glidewell, Danny Gomillion, Allona Sharp-Shooting Junior Girls '60utring" Grantham, Charles Griffith, Lou Ann Hall, Ann Hall, Calvin Harrison, Ginger Harrison, john Harvey, Helen Hassell, Kay Hatcher, Marie Henegan, Pat Hixon, joe Hooper, Scotty Seniors ln Powder-Puff Basketball Battle Hudson Diane Johnson, Billy MOST FUN-LOVINC-- JANET SOUTHWELL BILL WOOLDRIDGE Johnson, Gloria Johnson, Patsy Kale, Ricky Kelly, Cathy Kilpatrick, Mary Ann King, Lynda Junior Class Adds Gaiety To 667 Homecoming Kinosian, Diane Kirkland, Scott Lawson, Tommy 5596 Lee, Winola A McDaniel, Carolyn L McDaniel, Ioy 1 McNeil, Danny Macon, Linda Maddox, Brenda Maddox, Judy Maddox, Larry Mancil, Mike Festivities With Colorful Float Entry Marler, Francie Meadows, Cary Michaux, Alma Miller, Ann Moody, George Mott, Philip Y ' 3 ! i i nf ll I pm' W J r t n t 4 i 4 . ff'-'X ' t,too K i Q . Lib! Representing the completion of an imaginative idea, "The Calm Before The Storm" brings recognition to the Junior Class Class Of '68 Looks Forward To Upcoming Murphy, Pat Musgrove, Gary Northrop, John Nowling, Eugene Odom, Donald O'Neal, Anita Palmer, Tom Parks, Marlbel MOST TALENTED- ANTARA STANLEY TOM PALMER Year As Urders Are Placed For Senior Rings Parrish, Charlotte Patterson, Mike Phillips, Wayne Pittman, Martha Pope, Marian Preston, jake Prevett, David Rabren, Shelia Radcliff, Robin Raley, Theresa Reaves, Wyatt Rek, Millicent uBushmen" Provide Music As Juniors Stage X N Anticipating a wonderful evening, Tommy Eiland and ' Linda Macon share thoughts before leaving for the Junior- Senior Prom. Rosen, Hannah Rowell, jimmy Sanders, joe Sharpe, Diane Shaw, Gary 1 Sikes, Margaret Smith, Frank Smith, Iimmy 164 Spectacular Spring Prom For Seniors Southwell, janet Spencer, Ann Stanley, Antara Stuart, Andy Syler, jimmy Taylor, Cathy Taylor, Linda Term Jewry ev MOST DEPENDABLE- JOY McDANIEL STEVE WICCINS Junior Magazine Sales Hi-lite Drive To Iulanne Browder, Bob Brooks, Katherine Anthony, Molly Faulk, and Candy Bozeman receive prizes for outstanding maga zine salesmenship. Term Judy Thomasson, Bill Thompson, Stanford Tucker, Genna Varner, Judy Veasey, Tony Increase Funds Of Class Treasury 'til' Wallace, William Waller, Kathy Wells, Mike Wiggins, Diane Wiggins, Patricia Wiggins, Steve Wiggins, Susan Williams, Gene Williams, Sue Wooldridge, Bill Young, Nancy Zeanah, Loye Enterprising Sophomores Score Victor Over Adams, Lynn Adkinson, Becky Allen, Cynthia Allen, Wayne Armstrong, Linda Babb, Greg Barrow, Brenda Barton, Jimmy Barton, Ioe Barton, Larry Bass, Cynthia Bass, Sallie Bates, Charles Beesley, Mary Allyn Berry, joseph Boles, Billy Bond, Alan Boswell, Bobby Boyett, Marion Bozeman, Darrell Bozeman, Thomas Britt, Wayne Brogden, Eddie Brooms, Mack Brown, Nancy Bryant, Steve Bullard, Bill Bullard, Iudy Bullock, David Bullock, Elaine Bundrick, Larry Bush, Lynn Carroll, Tom Catrett, Ioyce Conger, Dan Craig, Larry Cross, Larry Curts, Nathan Danelley, Bill Darby, Ieron Deason, Frank Dorriety, Everett Edwards, Debra Edwards Michael f ff I . 1, .mg 1 .i . 'S T.. .Q r ' f-We A". 5' a ', Q! A .. A . U if , A 1 1+ .X at Q 'ar .W f-we aw , an N ' JV, 5 t 7 Q -V t ff .. A Ni . - , K - kk jk . Q h Ar., H ri: i .V . ..r-- t t 'B . r A f - - ' ,abil A 6552, 1 f A lt- - lit K ,J s wir X ,-. 'ff' ' .. K 9 H ,wail i'5!eH".' K ' nu : - do -t alias 5'5QMEXT7's3?3i '?i?3iX?k 5-E 11 "' "' 'M rx . 1 N X -5 , 1 an EQ' Q A , -. -a Q- ff . X Y I all Nr Ds A A wi : . W 4' W A 1 r. F arg. K I 'V' fi X QM '...f:m I 3, ! - E lx' A -In K dxffr fr was 2 , ,,,, ' , 'T F -a f W ,L 1 asu,.ifi':'w 1. yr, t X as, fig i In mf we. as . A -f in 228 , Aj, K r 5 A , ' are W . . ,-, "-if 51" ,...,,, . .. 1 ,Q I .- L Faulkner, Jimmy ' ' ' ' r B" X - X 07 Findley Larry Fletcher Winston 9 ' A K if w gs K 40' 41 a , rf Q Floyd, Clayton i .fha 4, SE AWK E K X p ,x W A 85, gi 3 m .r , ., ,, , M .5 . l'3.Q3 1 - if 'll r-- at ' I if sir V 5 list 'S 1 Freshmen In Homecoming Float Competition ,release 1 f as at 1: ff? gf, I wp' , ., , ' l ! . x ,Q Fa: if " - Q X.. 1ff1e,f 1 w 3 g Q. , se 'i B S . , 1 ' A ,, V? .M . -1 as Fuller, Donna Gantt, Bill Gantt, Kyle Garrett, Wade Givens, Ricky Greene, Huey Greene, Janice Grimes, Iune Grissett, Sheila Hare, Peggy Hallford, Iimmy Harrison, Toni Helms, joe Henderson, Gloria Hicks, Sandra Hill, Craig Hill, Sharon Hodges, Evelyn Hogue, Dewey Horton, Kenny Jackson, Margaret Jay, Jane Jay, John Jay, Linda K if 'eaas M 5 'Q i S 5 J' S 'Q 5 Q3 5 Q' ' 1 K 39 X -A - il' S' 5.2 if , ' 3' fi Ax . E .5 L Qgtra. " X M HQ, X ., f ..,. .. g Q -5 S V N' i ' 'ii X if S , , . .f in G' Q -3 1 .SSW I . . Z , , -a. x -e'1 e if or 1 Q .,t, I . , A' N L, .La 'gf we g B 2:1 s . e 'A , - s G H 'ay Ieffcoat, Barbara Q Q K' e 'N 3 Johnson, Alan L ,-me ii 'g johnson, Diane . ack ' ' - :N RN lg-a A .A Iohnson Laymon t t is , -carl'-,g or S as , , K i a'?'32!w- ,WW i' ,, Jin' '35 'mi-S J ii -- i i johnson, Raymon . ,,,, , . gf g ,,,, jones, Bettye if 4, ' A Jones, Gail 4 ,, W i i I . Ig N : one jones, Susan I . g S jordan, Gerald , f A f il A in Jordan, Ronnie 1 Q ,X s ,V 1 Keig, Iqhn i K W L Y King, B111 wk , f -s, i 1 M' ' I Q Y. mx Q Kyzar, Becky Lambert, Susan Lane Ierry Langford Myra Examining pictures exhibited by art classes, students survey the ,-sv ' . , .V ,g ig u in ykv"1 " ,HRW , . I Scif lf- ig first annual spring art show Sophomores Explore Lansdon, Kathy Leslie, Brenda Locklier, Billy , McCord, Elizabeth A McCory, Patti McDuff'ie, Ronnie Mack, Bill Mahone, Molly Martin, Hal Martin, Mary Ann Matthews. Gary Merrell, Kathy Exciting Dimensions f -- ., -. . . ev g lgfgfi -s 'fs , - 1 if f :1--- X1 Es V- - ,, 5, Q si, . , ,. P , rw . L ls . 'L 1 .X X e K .-.- Qs! ks t . ig as is y r ., fs ' " i I , - Q iii s P , L. - f rm- .. 1 K A .f Q . , :' if ' kkk EW., k 1: ,Ztj A : max r gi - li Q Fl P as 5 Jax 1' lil K 1. r, L . tifl tl While enjoying lunch in the school cafeteria, sophomores and freshmen meet and talk with friends. Oswalt, Barbara Pace, Tony Peavy, Jimmy Perdue, Steve Petty, Cary Pierson, Jerry -'FS tm Pine, Mary Ann Pippin, Angelyn Portemont, Suzette Powell, Danny Powell, Ien'y Rabren, Eddy Merrill, Mike Messick, Vickie Miller, Devon Mills, Wayne Moore, Dianne Moore, Larry Morgan, Charles Moulton, janet Murphy, Phillip Mullen, Pat Neese, David Norris, Rhonda Odom, Mickey E si Y W nrwiif .: .J "':a?:':' Y . . 9 . .. ' i 255 413 34 . " -- S - . ' ,.::,r,a, if , HQNQ-1 lx , if Q, Q ,E kiwi X Senior High Activities - ,Q A ,z ,a Radcliff, Donny 7 '-' ' LN Z 69 Raley, Hinton 4 1-, l , is f Rawls, Claudette ' . we . A ..,,.,, :-it X - - 3"-f A A fzggfa ww, ,,'- 1 ex. ' ,. K i I . , 01' '33, ' . Rawls, Joanne ' A - I 9 Rawls, Phillip C 4, 'W V Register, Cheryl Q 1 A :fi Reymundo, Johnny ' A ix Rodgers, Joel p f if Y b Rodgers, Joyce if qz. A. ,XZI 4 5 f M A A-sw ,,. J Q Q as 5 Q -B , J 1 ,id yyli pn - J Capturing the judges' approval, the Sopho- f L more float, "A Victory Saved Is A Victory A ' Pglldd, Robert Earned," passes in review during the , ' it - 2tk63ieNall5Q:ne Homecoming parade. , - ix im r, 1 ,aei -kk. W .p- - N, kk . kk pk Q ,k,,:' , - K. A A , 1 H J if ' 'J A Spears, Bobbi' " "' ' " . gs g . A s J Q. A Spitaleri, Mike 1 il A - J - r in , Stokes, Linda R' A sf it Stuart, Jo Ann ps Studstill, Judy J y I X if 3 aaaaefe?ea:ifsfi' . X I 'L - Sutton, Linda ' ' ' L ,, if Taylor, Phyllis ' ,g A - ' f Teel Jen'y , 3? 3 Thomas, Danny ' ,, V I - ' V -- ' - Till, Allen i +R- x -, K, K -, X ,Q A iti N QV Tillman, Donnie N 5, 955 Q A s , e. ' - ,L . , , X -. x K . . A A Tipler, Harvey D Tisdale, John ! Tomlin, Sandra Tumer, Martha Vamer, Jammie as AW r Q Waits, George :fix S S' ,sg Walker, Malcolm Watson, Elbert Ray White, Danny White, Marshall White, Steve Ziglar, Emily mbitious Freshmen Allen, JoAnn Armstrong, Bob Ballard, Annilois Ballard, Terri Banks, Betsy Barefoot, Jackie Bames, George Bames, William Barrow, Ben Bass, Benny Bass, Johnny Bledsoe, Bill Bledsoe, Wanda Boatright, Bud Bodie, Frankie Bowman, Susan Bozeman, Steve Brannon, Buddy Bristow, Susan Britt, Donna Brooks, Barbara Brooks, Cary Brooks, Shelia Brown, Lynne Brunson, David Brunson, Eva Bullard, Charlotte Bullard, Pam Burge, Charles Bush, Frankie Bush, Paula Butts, Shirley Carmichael, Asher Carpenter, Linda Cassady, Patsy Chapman, David Chapell, David Cleghorn, Gerald Cook, Norma Cooper, Teresa Ann Cumbie, james Daniel, Barbara Daughtry, Mike Driggers, Sylvia Eiland, Iohn Feachen, David Ferrell, Ian Fleming, Paul -is If , WM 9 .. B ,,,. Earnestly , 5, r t X . K , . K KK , , - ',....- . . . i 5 I -ts Z " 'N . :' ii- 1 K KK rn b Ki K , .. is r 'sg-a s ,QE 3 ' ra M 1 X X if f if' " ww K .M - K x rf- a A N YV.: H, 1 fins, as 3 ' 2 K fi QQK ..L- W ..Q KK KK A A VN? ji lxlifiif 1 . 'Q W8 X 35, 1 T' , .'j,4 a:.x K .- Q. s ' ,.,f: f mi :zi KK KK K K W X KKK . .. ' KK satt r A s s B at Q F y ,S ssr K ,, s.,,. K K KKKK - KKSQKE 5 is e-'-e B " 'E'e - Q , : rt t Tackle New Xyl ,,,K .tiff t r,' 'ss- , ,...,. B 5: i?2 f'ii2l ag. at ,wma f Ke-r A AKFFA 5 K S fi . - . was S A A ssss s Gasp as 41 S f 3. .s:,:,' , as .- X r 2. 3 4546, .K, . t ,KKK R W so fi F B s a f 1e,L.. w e ., ff Ks KK E., K .. K Y..KK if Subjects Offered In Expanded Curriculum vi- Fuqua, Johnny Gibbons, Gary uh. L . K W. 1 ' 'lj " H' A Glass, Stephen ,Q V ' 1'-F Q ' -. 5 Godwin, Diane i D X Gregory Debbie - "1 -v 1 ' . X -, 4 f l -L55 - Q: Q - Grimes, Zfed aka. if 1 ff be a s QS ,fist Q 1 ' Grissett, Helen ' 4 K ' r A A - . Hall, John s " f A A fi? Han, Shirley 4, Q.-rl 21 'T' r Ham, Vincent ' A M A' IQ 5 D Hare, Sharon G- Dfw .f A Henry, Barbara gi X --f A more-,X . ki ix X fat, Herring, Rhonda L G Hicks, Ben -' X r A Hinson, Donald ffeagt. , 5 Sli - s A Q, .X Q 5 Hinson, Iohnny i . I L. ' L ' Howton, Patricia A V - u ' . Jackson, Mike --nl' 1 L,-., .4 an '-K . ,. 1 ' - li , S S X N 3 .. it 'hiiififg , X ?Q,a,9a as , .. Q ,NA S, .- Shifts. ' 3 ,ee e, . .ca I . mi' ,: " . " . cn, - K 5 .se . - 81 X '2 ' X--X ?I" sF I 1 ' ,A '- ar..t?5 '!'1A?'!"3-4--5 " ' I if jay, Harriet Iay, William Ieffcoat, Diane jerkins, Debra johnson, Donnie Jones, Ricky J- M., Utilizing extra lunch time, ninth grader Alan Windham brouses through the wide assortment of popular paperback books found in the Student Council's Red and White bookstore. 5, Jones, Terry Jordan, Glenda Jordan, Paula e L L 3 Iosey, Patricia .im vu i . A R A aa. i ' e - - i Keig, Dianne - r. .ta .r . A ,.,,,, ,.,, . . n Ki11g,Iimmy " ' 'N I 5 Kirkland, jamie : ,K x Lawrence, Lois . . M .. - . - X LeMay, Ronnie . K 1 V Lisenby, Clyde ,A ,gg-A p r ' Little, Betty , i 1 ' G' -..v ,: Q 1 sf .. is ' ,, e sss n X ,I I" ' , ' as an H A 1 a Afpp ,af 4 'MN V, S 'f' U ':l"'i"" , Freshmen Gain Insight To Aptitude From Lord, David Lowe, Patricia McDonald, Joe McDuffie, Kathy Melnnish, Mary Anne McNeese, George Mack, Kathy Maddox, Donnie Maddox, Jerry Martin, Gene Mason, Jenny Meadows, Mike W qL,g,Qaa,3N,Eaaasf , ' Curiosity Killed the Cat," the Freshmen float theme, displays remarkable skill and ingenuity. Powell, Andy Powell, Mike Pressley, Maria Preston, Cherry Pursell, Bob Raley, Angeline Rawls, Lewis Reynolds, Mike Riley, Andy Rowell, Elinor Russo, Manny ta 'W' Wx ,, . 35 l ififfstf I I 4 XX wig ix w, A 3 R Et it Meredith, Pam Morgan, Iudy Neese, Sue Nelson, Loretta Nichols, Iudy Northrop, Evelyn Oliver, Lan'y Parks, Bill Pelham, Al I P 6 5' I fd' , , N iggccxr , as ERXQ., ., :ka E if -. aw. .i W S AFL, ,, T Q I Q ' . is U X E.. of ss' W' xx PJ ggi? 11, fi: eaee P . 5 X K K sw 'X . .. . f- ,Q J , ,g" 111- I' s ' k f . in ' , 1EtfE?i95'f:l:l3,'W' 17? i as M - ,X ' :il - ' Phillips, Richard A fp, ,,, ,gs Pitts, Sheryl R . Pope, Mike s x , iii S7 ., S like f it-invfi ' f A 5 , P if :QQ I ' :si i 1. -sis ii my r s 3' ,. , ,, , , A ,V - ' : AL Q Q ,N,k,::, P P R f,-it ' fr L' ":?"" ' ational 3 t as 3 -iv . 0 am gf. 35x 'Q t if ' is' lx X l til 1, ts. SR ,ks a sp- X , ' . vs ew- K 'R sk., .31 . 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Armstrong, Johnann Aughtman, Bennie Faye Aughtman, Billy Ray Barnes, Roy Barnette, Teresa Barrow, Mike Bass, Eddie Beasley, Karen Beck, Cathy Beesley, DeWayne Blackwell, Pete Bodiford, Dora Bozeman, Becky Bozeman, Craig Broughton, Adele Browder, Cynthia Brown, Charles Bryant, Keith Bryant, Kim Bullard, Mickie Bullock, Becky Bullock, Ierry Bullock, Lester Bush, Donna Butler, Rex Carter, Mike Catrett, Travis Chesser, Kathy Church, Kathy Clark, Johnnie Cleghom, james Coale, Kim Cooper, Sandra Copper, Betsy Cotton, Alan Crews, Patricia s Spirited Eighth Graders Adams, Al Adams, Ann Ainsworth, Eva Mae K lf KR may 3 P , i Andress, David ,L ' ,, Andrews, Patricia 5 H Archie, Jerry ii Q' ' n f sy 'EP iv. ' g S., -as ,af if i I. A C Z.. V - t rac A yl el A ' S A A ' A t ' i ii' . "- ,. i , Wag es, ., K : ,Q -II fl.. , it " a v 3 , Q :XA z A , Yt,' ff A Q ' 'i 7' . v t, " E ' i i . ei ,X ' -. , 'xy ra .V Izi y y fi N , W - R'iq"k - Q 1 A ig . 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I Goodson, Micky A 4,os V -':i G ' ,. --- '-i Grantham, Sheila A a a x. ...Ga ' . if . -Q ' Greene, Bernice ' I G 'Q L ,, V V ' ay v Greene, Myrtice G: - if-575 , l G 4, G Griffin, Elaine A I G- "f" ' G Griffin, Tommy , V ,,,, p, , ' A Griggs, Ozie G G - 'gf V, Y - ' G f . ff' A E Grimes, Tommy Q 54 ' Grissett, Danny 1 ' ' V Mi V Grissett, Diane X' at ' 'N Hamm, Brenda Q. f G Henderson, Eugene ,G G V V V, ' V65 V VV Hobson, Norman ,X VV, . Holley, Robert V V , V V . V V K A "' VV G Hooper, Christi ' ,. - I . -' 'W K ' W V Howell, Peggy 4 A , 6, V - M af' -7' , G i V V" Hudson, Karen ' l G , ,,., ' Hudson, Tim V- V , ' I , ' s ' an Hughes, Greg V : 'k 51G :-in .V Huttos Jerry r,, GG 'GVi Gr G X ' , ,V ' Ingram, Duane 3V V, VV If-V 9 ,V ,. V Jackson, Steve Hi D - GG,G , an H 5- ' Johnson, Janet 1" of X. .J X , 7' l0l'd3Il, 2011150 'fig' .' - 5 ' ' K J 4 G. V ' G King, Me gf-Q .E G ..'V- G M W ' V King Sherman 3 - 5 " f VH , If ' V ci VP N-if M Q King, William Kyzar, James 1, Kyzar, jimmy ,ry Lancaster, Kaye Lee, Cathy VVr s v G as if VV X W 'Ve Lawson, Ioan ' Ev- ..,. ,-ry lf 1 764 Cfuffi Outstanding Displa Of Enthusiasm Merits Lembke, Eleanor Little, Tamara Livings, Sammy Lock, Sidney McCart, Larry McDuffie, Karen McGiffert, Steve Mclnnish, Bill McNeese, Becky McWhorter, Kenne Maddox, Io Ann Maloy, Ann Miller, Tony Mills, Myra Moody, Ioan Mott, Jimmie Mullen, Gail Nall, Denny Newman, Mike Norman, jeff Norrell, Louis Pace, Cheryl Palmer, Mary Evelyn Parks, Charlie Perrett, Lee Pierce, Marlon Portamont, Kathy Powell, Lenora Ptomey, Nancy Rabren, F reeda Rabren, Margo Raley, Don Reaves, Marcia Reeves, Dana Register, Martha Rodgers, Brenda Rolling, Linda Gail Rolling, Patricia Russell, Beverly Russell, Ricky Sanders, Gail Schuft, Linda Scott, Frances Selfridge, Susan Sharpe, Darrell Simmons, Dozier Sizemore, David Smith, Hoke i i' ,,,. K: ..,, , S x i - lim fi-M , no ,,- D R L ,-.,,::, S s G ,-'L R t ,P R M , " 'G n ' R f aa, ' e R A R as .. ,1V' 3 H idii L 'E S it S , ..,, -J s R. RR :" L ,R E m y Q . t . XX I E K f W ' R, ssi T 'iff V ,f tk -1 ' , gn .1 A 'Q cp' ' . ' A tu.. .,,:. A I an rc K , y X. ,tk fx I "" 2 W ,, , N ' f ag '-.. l -' N Y' kyias - t Ax v V A 21 5 51. .. R N. , L 'i ' ,,:. W V , ,.,, 5 A ' Q' L' j. QT r.,V , 1 I I I I xi: I r: N:HIg.,, " lf , A' . " f M V, ,V i f , V, R. R :ZV 2 I . W R X i. Kia "'3'1W"-Wa 3"-'12 wi 'Zigi if fa Av '.A : D R 6:- ' :,u- R R XT- A if , ' M R ,gs ,. W .- if R ' 'R ' 71 415 R W' Wi :V 9 ,V,, gi A --H ,s',. R . 3 R 'S p.'i7'u'i35a'i3 f i R f L a ae ' ec RR as ids na 1 ena' ' R R R R f f :-- ' R -ryi Emi Ti-: RR it E if X PRR P s ef .lt l ll 3. 1 i 1 H g 2 'iw-V1 15 it ' vig- X 'ggi fx jg it . I R ir ' . ,Q Q - ,A 559 Qi, S ,wif i f ws" -wwf. ' 4,z,fs'iQf"":j f . qliflsjfsfy E 'SMA gm- i , 1 " 'f N K ,yR:L'f A 'ljfiisl' "1 -12:4-,, L , , ' S. R , 'f 42931 '3'i?e?'.'1fTe, ? fl fi . 2 r, ' ' Eiga Coveted Spirit Stick For Eighth Graders A I A . Smith Iaunice Al i, V L . .. V I ,,.,' I .M Sp0rt,9Linda . K - 'tj A V N ig, Still, Ronnie , , ' ,, - , -1 . 2' Stokes, Mike S X . , V . A K Straughn, Gail VA : H di-A ' F H L Strickland, Bruce fk I l'- -, 4 S V ' 'A ' ' A , ' Strickland, Wayne 1 P ' M .. - -1 g 3 I Studstill, Susan i 3- .- g K Q I t '.': 4 , Syler, Johnny. ,Q ' - Q- . ff" at ,g a Tadlock, David - .539 5 M 1 1 t,.,. 4 ' M Taylor, Chris V, L ,ii gt, 'A .'. I, 5' if. x a,,.,, U, g,,,,,V Thomas, Shirley , ' ' ' Qi' ,. Thompson, Shelia ' C ff, ' Tiller, Norman f 'f ,V W, I , - " A- Tillery, Linda . KJ " t ' I 7 'S f - ' 'W Q - . gg, Tillman, Dennis .M V. , Y Trawick, Diane - Tucker, Tony I - L, V, Varner, Laquita ' , f ' Wadsworth, Bill - is Walden, Wayne ei: ' W U it .A .awk R, J A - ""'1 Vs' 5- ' , 'W Whiddon, Sherry X f Waite, Vlqflel Screaming frantically junior II's struggle in ' ill 3, , . 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J. aQ...f' jg ' E B ".l "" ' W Bond, Dennis A " 4 f mM1..', 5 Bonner, Cindy I gp' K Z ,EW X5 ' Brannon, Stella ,K 6, , -A if ' iw C an is W Brawner, David i lf' ' I ' 33 Brogfiens Jimmy - ' zii ei ' f , n 'ia-.. Brog en, Ricky a :" ,af eayy 's syyn c C J Q ,BL a.. ae, 1 ia B it lrea X B i ngzi gr zliisa . Brooks, Texanna f . A , Bryant, Rex " I k 4, 7 I A ,W 3 0 , . .W Burgans, Mary il if Q ' . L, .., aw -- , ,L Butler, Von f xc, A ' fd '- Cagle, Lee C R D -- K , -at X , , camley, Eddie X Ji I , ,Q RJ, yy In 1 I ' W ' 4' ' V 1 rr ,sn , ,.- Q I - i Carter, Johnny ,',? if 'X B C - Cawley, Gerald K ' B X , Q ' , il, Clark, jack A N " ' A l 'X ' , ' W , Clatto, Mary Io ' ':. V 'Q 1 c gleghom, Bzlrbara I - 'V If at -A .Q . , QT, V A I lmyf Dona d if il li C a fm V1 "' fi"'i il-i' if fQiCxXiiW4?Jlifl"'n ,li' E M Curry, Kenneth I- - Darby, Brenda ff sig, Q B f C 'Q 1 .-t-. ' f ' ,sfAiirt.,tffaXa, ea r - i ri Dewrell, Dorenda , C n ,V A I Dickenson, George 4 , ' Q Absorbed in the "world of readingv, John McClelland, David Brawner, Sam Johnson, and Sandi King acquire new reading skills. Dubose, Mike Duncan, Bobby , fu, .E ,Q B lrua ,KA L wg me ffered B Different Surroundings ' if - ' A '-'. ,, 'W in : A fs. ff xi. L- ' .asm 53' L. mf. vs I , - ,rf QS-'wif -w , an 1 'H' ,U ir- 6 W it if X He x ff, X, , " .' Rt kwik-xiiifi ' fi - 53 ,yi 1' , Q -L Q e .1 an ' .f as , X Q-.ji U if at , L,-miirstwa wi . we., " Lg I . -P 4 , df gp, - 5: f,,'h7,2. - '-.5 I i I at - 'sail -Z .1 "'-v- ' 31- .5 Yu' "--' 1 tti i i e rw'-V. ,, .f ,. Y -f'W 2 S M. 4 Q W my l. - F il H QW K f '54 s al- ' it . 4+ Y ,, ikef as :me si- 3, Us ' r L 'Hy ,A s 5 is liffissg fi 'A K 5 at if W at .. 'W " ." x iv.. . L- G ,th 3 Edgar, Judy Eiland, jerry Eiland, Jimmy Eiland, Martha Enzor, Lee Etheridge, Gail Ezell, Jean Fendley, Roy Findley, Larry Findley, Steve Fletcher, Rickey Fore, Kenneth Foshee, Dewayne Franklin, Randy Freeman, Lyndell Fuller, Mel Fuqua, Kathy Gibson, Gail Gilmore, Susie Girdner, Montez Glass, Kenny Glisson, Carl Glisson, Debbie Goodson, Steve Grantham, Terry Griffin, Diane Griffin, Gary Gunter, Neil Hallford, Anita Hallford, Linda Hamilton, John Hammonds, Henry Hammonds, Shelly Hart, Ronnie Hatmaker, Carolyn Hattaway, Brenda Hayes, Gary Haynes, Wilson Henderson, Bobby Henderson, Clara Henderson, Frankie Henderson, Geneise Dorenda Dewrell retouches Mrs. Baugh's homeroom car, 'iAndy Hitches Her Wag- on To a Star", which won first place in the Homecoming car competition. Howell, Jerry Hudson, Patsy Ieffcoat, Brenda Ierkins, Patricia Jimmerson, Lydia Johnson, Iimmy Johnson, Ray Jones, Bill Jones, Henry Jones, Lan'y I Jones, Richard ' M I fx? K. in .V Jones, Susan Iordan, Brenda -- Kale, Wayne Keig, Debra A Kelley, Jimmy Kelley, Patsy X Kilpatrick, Sarah r H' King, Sandra King, Terry A "' Lambert, Eddie Langham, Melvin J Lawson, Debra -I Linton, Ricky Linzy, Sheldon Little, Beth Locklier, Mike Lucas, Billy McDaniel, Lesley 5' Flew N! md' ' 'ss K -if llf-f Junior Ps Pursue Elective Herring, Joe Ben Hester, Clark Hill, Ioan Hinson, Mike Hitson, Barbara Hogue, Angie Holloway, Hubert Holmes, Mike Horton, Eric , . ,mf ,.--., sz V, il N ., f.f.Ii'Qr1-2 - Q z ,,V H ,V ' "' 'QL - I x WH Q V. I i"i V -'I eik. -aw of ra- p fe ., . vs . - V Q -as -'- B ' few A -aria. ak f sm ji X W J... m :UNIX W Q A , I ,Q Q H fi rm, sf .1595 .re' f N ev . .. L r .- r 2 "" 5, ' ' S- 1 '. l rsrr rw wi 5 ., 1 a. ' Q 'B . , , is .fl ry E V - ' he leaf JM , . W In p w QA I K f - - , - , .1 MH, ,V ,an na ki. ' 2 . ,,,, i we -1 sE,f.f1' ,V-. 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B M ff , J 1 s p V .21 f e i W' A V, ,V I ' ' ",. 4. s .'.' 5 ll -., L ,A f ' ,., M rrr' me N McDonald, Bob McLelland, John McWhorter, Ashton Martin, Iolaine Martin, Nancy Matthews, Larry Meeks, Kathy Merrell, Lesa Merrill, Susan Messick, Pam Michaux, Steve Monley, Lance Morgan, Billy Mullins, Evelyn Nelson, Sue Newman, Patsy Nichols, Karen Oakley, Bob Odom, Danny Odom, Greta Odom, Ien'y Odom, Levon O'Neal, Brenda O,Neal, Glenda Owens, Steve Pace, Nancy Padgett, David Parrish, Larry Parrish, Terry Patterson, Levon Pebworth, Debbie Perdue, Barbara Phillips, Rodney Pierce, Lynette Piland, Virginia Pippin, Dottie Pippin, johnny Pitts, Gary Powell, Angelia Powell, Roger Preston, Kathy Rabren, Donna Junior I's Confronted With Semester Exams La Reaves, Sabra , ff .eei ,V ,,'-,,,:. , V Ro ing, Steve ,ve ip, , f f V ' i V if " 'V , ,. V Rose, Mike 1 gee V 1 teze .52 .,Q Z LL : , Rowell, Tommy NIL' L' ' '.- ig L V ' '1 Rushing, Elaine V L V VV QE if A X f e1,L V KL V L Ryals, Deborah Wi itee L V e,,L a V f my V M .g ' W V 1 x ,R 5, L A M! 1,WIfLf+- A ,ra Lf' til, f e ee eeee S Q.-,AK Shaw, Terry ,V . V V V V Sellers, Donna A -7' Shiver, Patricia L ' A i- 'K ' A ,H . , 3 f 1 V Slkes, Susan ,K if V iw , VVVVV V V VSV V , Smith, Jimmie , L or ees V , ,VV, V r V Smylya SVA I 2 Ai: - V i I a 'H in S iesr f Snowgen, liarbara ' u 0 Sowe , Ric y VV VV VY V V -I ' Story, Lynn 5 mf I ,,.,, ., ,V 'wr V ., i Aa VV Y Stone, Cary j-f f V 19 ' A ' V St. Jean, Roxie Ann .V V , hi R "tr V VV ,- Stroud, Brenda VV V 5 ,Vi. vii- 2 VV . V 5,6 ,V' H ,fi-K ol! S V V il ti. ' '5""' xifsi .L S Us-E V i 7 7, L' B Stuart, Donald V . Vff,eV'e ' 51 1, ' Sullivan, Charlee 5 V A V, ' cj Taylor, Bari f W' Q K V ,V V f- A ' S' Taylor, Glenn 5 Tayfor,hMferrily V W V if X ' ' W T , S ' .- ' 1 , ea " ey a,a eeee M ' if L X Thagard, George , V 5 . f i il Thomas, Marsha 533 'fa Q V. li f ' ,, V Thomasson, Cynthia V ' L, 'S M ' 1 -fi F V W, Thrash, Chet V A -V.V'..V ' V VV. S . 1 Tillman, Jeff , rm V 'ki jf gi 'rri ' SWL' Tompkins, Vicki S L ., V Z f V VR 1 K L ,i f " , 5 as L wx ... as Tubberville, Larry A . A r if f' , - "'L' ' Turner, Becky -, V L Q.-,WV M VV, I i xv I WV 1 Turner, Terry V .. , :VV MV AV 1 ,:-v-:- V i : :V I , Z ,MV N VV A- .V Viz We Tyler, Mike ' ' VI! V " ' . " ' I , Wagcer, Annie Maude - o f . V V , ' ' " V ,VVV V -gm Wa ace, Ric y 'SLV fV V'L. AV QV EZVV Fi V . ,. QV i Q ' 1f"'i if' f " is X Allux Waller, Buddy "" HV V . "1 V V in N V Weaver, Billy Ray Q ff V V ..VV 'V V1 f ,K V Whiddon, Debra V L Q V ' 7 White, Jerry . r LVL VKVV K I -:V, xg :.VV-: ::, :VS . Wiggins, Mike L A Q V L f ' . '- L i V Windham, Donna ,- WW me 0 . giiiiir 'V Sw. A ' - L' '2:. I ial IW' r 11: An.. 0 jp f 1 A A K X Af ,Vi VLVA VVVV V X A gi- ..,, if x ,1 A f A A s?'??'A 'wqfkw'K,,1'fmA:w?vwmfzaww ' :AH-2 1 A Q A, G X ,A , mv . WWQIWQQEQWW Zwigzwiggv 0321 h A - ,Z . - K,-H A A f-, . View 'Vi !AVf ff, Cf , , zK A,:, f ' f AA .- V., - A' ' M' ' we ,-A., A '1 ' 155 QQ? A ,,,,A. ,., A AA AA Mm A Affnfvvww X, we if ,A,. A A7-'7':'fT'w 5? V-.--f11-. .,,.,. .,., A A A-1.,A A A In Q? 14,5- L A! x 7 ,N N A 4 1 X 0 X 4, ,N x A 4? , , x All f er- Q, K M.. V iw 95 u Q' ' f ' Q ff' QQ. ' Alma Q 472' Q ff' L :SQ X gxx W I 3 X A ff A f 'V ,ix pa, .df ., -1 " A 111 A1' -AAAA e ee ' i i i ee e e ' A AAA , A 'IA i A . 'A f 'A " e ANDALUSM CNY SCH09LS if advertisements 7 m,,.,N, 'WE f"'wv ,L, ,,,, ' f :nf n n 'ma n, Q Wa M mn ' 'Km' ,-,'f"" 'Nw nm 1f"',,Lf M L32' the face of advancement and enterprise BOOSTERS ALBRITTONS 8. RANKIN ANDALUSIA GIN COMPANY, INC. ANDALUSIA HIDE 8 JUNK COMPANY ANDALUSIA SERUM COMPANY ATTORNEY WILLIAM H. BALDWIN BOWMAN'S RADIO LABORATORY BOZEMAN'S BARBER SHOP MR. JOE M. BROOKS BUTLER'S FEED 8. SEED COMPANY CREDIT BUREAU of ANDALUSIA CREECH JEWELRY COMPANY DR. WILLIAM G. CUMBIE DR. L.V. CURTS DR. JOHN H. ESTEP DR. RAY EVERS DR. JOSEPH K. FONTES DR. D.L. GANTT JAY REALTY COMPANY JEWEL BOX DR. R.A. JOHNSON GORDON S. JONES, C.P.A. ATTORNEY J. FLETCHER JONES KENWIN SHOPS, INC. DR. E.P. KING 8. DR. CHARLES BRUNSON DR. W.G. KING DR. J.H. KYZAR LIB'S BEAUTY SHOP DR. M.E. MACKMILLER MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP DR. JUANITA B. McDONALD DR. D.L. McINNISH DR. THOMAS A. MELTON DR. L.L. PARKER P.K. HOME BUILDERS POWELL 8. SIKES ATTORNEY JAMES M. PRESTWOOD ATTORNEY ROGER PRESTWOOD REID 8. COMPANY REX POWELL GENERAL INSURANCE DR. W.R. ROLAND THEO WELCH GROCERY 81 MARKET TIPLER 8. FULLER, ATTORNEYS TURNER SUPPLY COMPANY DR. W.W. WADSORTH WALKER ELECTRIC COMPANY WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE WEST HIGHLAND VARIETY STORE WHOLESALE SERVICE COMPANY DR. TOLBERT E. VICKERY Mliffflu.. f' i.:aLz:.0. P r ........m. ..ZL'j1'2I.,. ' ,V l s,.,,s,,,s,,,,1,.w.- " 'ff l -we X TAYLUR -. ,f iPARTS SUPPLY COMPANY -W msseyp-my W I Merrily Taylor shows that Taylor Parts is stocked with charming ..:z1i:ZQ.' ' jf salesmen as well as the finest in iwdhirkbl b automotive equipment. l Y! 411144,- CAMERA SHOP ll6 Covington Ave. Opp, Alabama Phone 2-362i he beauty and favorite pictures 1 the Memolusia were made by the 'aft of Virginia's Studios and amera Shop. 189 COVINGTON COUNTY BANK Demonstrating the new NCR posting machine, Mrs. James Barron explains the bookkeeping system at Covington County Bank to Don Holmes and Ann Spencer. B.E. Faulkner, President James A. Young, Asst. Vice Pres. LR. Deal, Exec. Vice Pres. Col. E.M. Pollard, Dir. of Pub. Rel. Mrs. John C. l'l0lmeS, VP.-COSlIier Mrs. Jack Brawner, Asst. Cashier CDMPLIMENTS DF STOKES AND BRDGDEN STOCK YARDS SDUTH-EAST ALABAMA GAS DISTRICT -i5'NH:ux wa Rauf 'ms FRS 6660 A TSKTSAAPGEK 23158 XV lili-lfinxron K A 'f0P SAMSDN a X, L. H i a---- ,,..--V F.-: K rw, X Q rj mV' ,x Af South-East Alabama Gas Company, Jennifer Sasser and Lynn Gantt admire The map and dials Thai' give the line pressure in Towns ofher than Andalusia. COLUMBIA NURSING HOME rw J . 'vii' I .swag A t'Yft7'?ixS 3, 'QL In' Nancy and Margaret Silces find that visiting with Mrs. Patricia Riley, Mrs. Mattie Moore, and Mrs. Lena Moore while on duty as volunteers at Columbia General Nursing Home is a rewarding ex- perience. COLUMBIA GENERAL HOSPITAL QQU u . rv Q . A wwf a ,fat .1 eerr A I y - . 2 , 1 ' ' - ' . :Af s:ss,ss,'g 1 ' t , SEE I "'-- .1 , I - . - in , ' i W ' iflfigllifl . I , I ,E V ' 53? U Q 1 I I ' f, I 2 V f f V Wi'-siLfiA5Iiifi:ati! 32 'inf I 'z 2 A UM, V -W Y,.-' ' H Efr h A5 , ' W A I aare zfi ff I , u , ' -A I M W---1 g I I I A 5 , S' .., ' I . 23,-:G,i-'fi' , S A 'W . A S- - f -, , f ' I A 5 in . 51 r. 'rtt f I I 't I II 1 Ti .t I i S E ' f V 2 "'i II 5 . Eg T f I 4 , , -fi-9' 2 'W 1 I 5 L I g zz we r 'xr .,. Q g A Queue, A wwe r' iilie Q aww 5- 55 '.:"-"-idibiilvi A 'f.?,N:'f:i.9ii'l'TQ'f 23157: f . - . t,.i .4 1 , ,- . ' 1 '-,. V. I " I '7" "" A' AW WW, I, .M ,, , - M ., J U K iw: K 1 ' A , . ,A . . , x . V " Nm: ,W ::., . 5,1 : .: . H M ., :I V . ,. n,. lv ' ni-, . - K' no .MBT """'VI,m - K xv . ,-npr' i Anne Evers, representing the Columbia General Hospital Staff, demonstrates present x-ray equip- ment soon to be replaced by a new model which is the seventh like it in the world. 7544 491: SAM CARROLL 'WON S MEMORIALS SIGNS 300 Sanford Road "Mark Every Grave" is , 'ja Alu, M BENSON 8: COMPANY INCORPORATED 117 East Three Notch 301 Chwch Shea' Andalusia, Alabama Andalusia, Alabama ANDALUSIA LAUNDRY 8: DRY CLEANERS ,,, 31 ,ff-'ff ai 4 'wi Theresa Davis explains to Sherman King how she can mix business with pleasure when she brings her clothes to Andalusia Laundry and Dry Cleaners -- maybe even get a red and white bulldog booster! :gli : I of finance. gh. Adele Broughton, enioying the comforts of her father's office, pretends to be a big wheel inthe world OFFICERS e.e ANTHoNY,sR. ------- J.B.SMMONS ---------- E.E.ANTHONKJR. ------ O.R.HIPP -----.------- H.T.LoRD ------ - ------ ROY Reeves ------------ T.A.BRouGHToN,JR. ----- w.e wHALeY ----------- President Vice President Vice President Vice President Vice President Cashier Asst. Cashier Asst. Cashier PRUCTDR AGENCY A tree house will do for Jo Beth McDaniel and Shelby Searcy while they are young, but when they are adults they'll need to insure with Proctor Agency. i ME'N'S WEAR i AndaIusia's Preferred t Men's Shop 81 RESTAURANT Mrs. Floy B. McCrory-Owner -Room Telephones- 31 Beautiful Units Wall-to-wall Carpeting Air Conditioned-Swimming Pool Commercial Rates 222-3113 Located on Hwy. 29 3 mi. North of Andalusia h Cotton Street Andalusia, Alabama LUWRY MARINE Home ofthe Fabulous No. 6 'LTI Q T '. McCulloch Arista Craft Out-Boards Boats 62I River Falls Street QUALITY SERVICE IS OUR PLEDGE TO YOU! BUSW ELL INTERIORS South Three - Notch Street W 5314.4 M224 74522K Cbmforl and Cowvfuifnci Phone 222-I 123 Mrs. Grace Larson BEN WILLIAMS EUUIPM ENT COMPANY 'I344 River Falls St. Put to work by his father, Taylor Williams "keeps the store" at the Ben Williams Company booth at the Caving ton County Fair. THRIFTY CAGLE STORES IEWELERS I ll xg 5 E Everyone is happy about the il, T7 ek lfgfllfflhfldibgl ANNETTFS 1 - oo pr BEAUTY Q , SHOP no 106 South ' Three Notch -, 605 River Falls Street 1 In ,J BROOKS HARDWARE mff' IK Need that special bolt, that certain iron skillet, or any other un personnel, like Bob and Barbara Brooks, of Brooks Hardware. usual item? Just contact the friendly A'- ALABAMA TEXTILE PRODUCTS CORPORATION Incorporated 1929 Andalusia, Alabama J, A, THOMPSON ------------ Executive Vice President PAUL SCHERFI -------------- Vice President JOHN G. SCHERF, JR. -------- Vice President J, R, TAYLOR -------------- Vice President S. A. CARMACK ------------- Vice President A. M. RILEY --------------- Vice President JACK M. STUDSTILL ---------- Secretary L. O. FAULK --------------- T recsurer BEATRICE W. BRANTLEY ------ Ass't Sec.-Treas. Congratulations to the Class of '67 Alabama Textile Products Corporation The Andale Company Finest Quality Dress Shirts THE JOHN G. SCHERF Sport Shirts, Paiamas, Shorts Matched Uniforms, Semi-Dress INDUSTRIES Slaclcs and Jackets "Commerce is the equalizer ofthe wealth of nationsl' - Gladstone Area Code 205-222-SIII TWX 205-570-03I0 ANOALUSIA TIRE COMPANY I I 'Z' ' 7" Who says a girl can't change a tire? Certainly not Lois Adderhold and .Ian Brown! Both agree, however, that Andalusia Tire Company can do a much better iob. THE CHILOREN'S SHOP "INFANTS TO TEENS" OPERATORS UTILITY Cf C4 if COMPANY ll A I R93 I in 1 201 Church Street Andalusia, Alabama 'KJ X ELECTRONIC SERVICE COMPANY City Hall - Andalusia 226 South Cotton St. FAUSTINE 8r LUCILLE'S BEAUTY SALON Operators Fausfine Hunter Lucille Jordan Opal Flemming Lynda Bulger 205 B. Church Street Andalusia, Alabama TOWN LINE MOTEL dw 0 fhg "Fine Accomodations At A Reasonable Price" EAST BY-PASS ANDALUSIA ALABAMA VILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER "I iust know I1e's going to love this"' Maria Pressely tell popular perfume. s Lynn Adams as she gives I1er a whiff of a W 5 N ,, 2 ,i ,,, my AM ,ir ... m.ei.W..,k-f.'2....z...jP......Nh........e...... V ll ... 3- ... 2 ...L 2 -- -M- l"""'l e 'ls " M ' Q-M F2 "' ' " an R :Jn "' !"""' " FN me We -,Wwe s---R--'-..,---...J-in W 2 ' M W -wp. ,.-,......,,.f-'!.s.,,.,.,..,.,-..,'-,, gina: an Koihy and Lesa Merrill enioy a ride on The hydraulic lift at the Andalusia Lumber and Supply Company, where Their father, Mr. Thomas Merrill, is manager. ANDALUSIA D 416 So. 3-Notch St. - 222-3060 .lonell Brunson Florence Boyefte LM. MERRILL MOTORS Q sfsiexsian nudge 238 South Cotton Street 201 gee COLLINS REALTY CARL'S AND P T BAR B u cousmuctiou ' ' ' 819 River Falls Street 213 Dunson Street 218 South Cotton Street 1 1 THE M it ff 'lf , ' STORE 1 9041 ML "Money-Saving Bargains" L It FINDLEY .IEWELRY STORE Judy Varner shows Becky McNeese what to buy for a special friend from the wide variety at Findley Jewelry and Gift Shop. . W, wwf-WWIHNY ,A A .wwfdqm-www .7 1: gk Q WN Ig K? in xy A w Q LS ly V'-exsfxww Q , QQ? 555' . .4 . A wi- Wk W M,gwm, S mg W at fl ei 14,2.f.,,J3ggQg5ggL. ww- M- 5,-gM-w1mq12:.- A. .. fem , ,..,. . 'L Lf- J N ROBINSON CITY TRACTOR DRUG COMPANY STORE 1607 EQS13-Notch sffeef 201 SOMA 3-N.,fCh ST 1 COVINGTON STORES CO., INC. ANDALUSIA'S OLDEST CLOTHIER A Merchandise Of Dependable Quality 5- CONECUH RIVER CHAIN sAw co. i, MASTTZE-ifw' A 'eli M0XQ7EHJN." ISIO River Falls Street A I Phone 222-6115 - P.o. Box 878 POULANSAWS HOMELITESAWS SALES S PARTS S PARTS -SSEPVICE THE HARRIS'S CHARM CENTER BARBEOUE BEAUTY SALON 4I'I South 3-Notch Sfreef ANDALUSIA Jw Q. I , B' , ' H forheb 1 XX food inf PENNEY' ALWAYS F!RST QUALITY! A Nation Wide lnstitution Which Serves Over Sixteen Hundred Communities ln The U.S.A. Serves You ln Andalusia, Alabama SHOP AT PENNEY'S AND SAVE! TURNER'S Your Store "The Doorway To Fashion" Court Square ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Are they real? Of course they are! These "mannikins" are actually Hannah Rosen and Sheila Rabren modeling the lovely clothes to be found at Turner's. Q JOHNSON BROTHER'S JEWELRY K m Cocle examines a s lver fro Thaf Y Jonef Johnson sug- 1' 1' 1 ges s as a mos ap- proprlcfe gif? for c dese ng Teacher. ANDERSON KL N r , x f Ne N PEANUT CU., INC. gl if J , . N Z N 44 ..--- ' E ca 5 N, L, ' ' ' HEL. I i N N V . The well-dressed mon has his clothes cleaned and pressed ct ,X 'rx H PROFESSIONAL N ON E-HOUR CLEANERS 206 SOUTH EASTERN BOX CO. 3' X A R W 4 0 2 NXT GULF STATES MOBILE HOMES Brewton Road - Andalusia Q L 5' vbn V , - SQA lf ---M. 3: ls: ' 555 E Lu,i.v.1 is 15-.5 may sHERwlN-wlLuAMs . N fx Boxes for all needs come from the Southeastern Box Co. PAINTS COVER me EARTH A 'Sa '4 . . A T16 East 3-Notch WHlTE'S AUTO STORE A X ,ll-QRS!! l JS ATTN '59 XX Wi Q Nt t K iw? .E tsxxllhl ll Nllllllll 'P' W B --Xu ffl! l 2 fl x ' " ' S . fr' "We even sell guns of all makes." HAM'S MEN SHOP FOR THE MAN OF DISTINCTION H7 East Three Notch 20 7 X I , . , FASHION VJ. ELMORE BEAUTY 5 81 IOC STORE S HOP 502 Stanley Street X 1v"'77' A "- , fi ,X S72 Even a crystal ball can't tell you a better 'I place to shop than S V.J. Elmore F OR Q rm KY AGENCY :QW 4 South Three Notch Street 306 East Three Notch SULLIVAN FURNITURE STORE "You'II find it easy to relax in a chair from Sullivan Furniture Store -the working man's friend." KYZAR MILLING COMPANY Custom Grinding Mflnufacturers Ot "Big K" Feeds Distributors Of Nutrena Feeds And Concentrates Phone: 222-382I Andalusia, Alabama ,Q -f BASS-CATON INSURANCE AGENCY i ! 1. s 3r fs l it i i i i i s Jerry Teel shows Mary Lynn Turner, Gary Lunsforcl, and Sally Bass bow they may plan for the future by pur- chasing life insurance from Bass-Catan Insurance Agency. Di ' hi Phone: 222-1020 .A SPICER DRIVE-IN CLEANERS EXPERT DRY CLEANERS Alterations and Repairs Mr. 81 Mrs. J. M. BARTON GRUCERY 81 MARKET Barton OWH6 Staple 8- Fancy Groceries Fresh Fruits 8. Vegetables 8. Top Quality Meats Phone: 222-51121 532 S. Cotton St. Andalusia , Alabama rs 8. Operators 209 L 174 , 2 if If , ,E :L 'Y 'fi' ' ug? Ai J I' ,fgff rf QMQMLUSLA +A TALL 1' ,W if Ly f' , fpyqyLgt9AsTlKa,'f, kj ELECTRIC I fi ,' ,q9m'PANi, mc. mc. i wcTA Mft wusx I 920 KC T' 98.1 Mc: 5000 Watts 26,000 Watts ABC RADTO NETWORK F000 Fuiltime Stereo Sanford Road 106 East Three-Notch Street 2 DANLEY FURNITURE CO. Energetic iunior high students boost school spirit and support the bulldogs with megaphones donated by Danley Furniture Company. 'IO l BAXTER'S SHOES l04 South Three-Notch Street Andalusia At Baxter's Shoe Store Debbie Dupree demonstrates to Bill Gantt the "magic machine" that automatically indicates his correct shoe size. XXS CUMPLIMENTS 5 X a i 1.5. MCDONALD i . 'W 'X 'f ' 1 of -i 0 F ix ' .'n A i HI-STYLE BEAUTY SHOP i029 East Three-Notch Street VME 2'I'I STARLITE RESTAURANT THE BEST FOOD IN TOWN NU: W Lk T g D I H d P BOZEMAN 0'NEAl. AGENCY TIRE SERVICE CENTER 949 River Falls Street O'Neol Building ANDALUSIA CHAMBER UF COMMERC T, Il . A 1 jf f ' A ' HW! . .RA . gnu ' . I 1 2 I ui Ki ' E'!Ii -- ""' I , Rl-Zuqr ..' ? :'!: Av I A A -,JIQM--f.r-r::::::.1:. 'W -E?- -Wm.: Ski?-:::::::.::. ' :E- -1-"-il 4 - ' ffff"f2f ---- A -, EZ. CITY HALL ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA .mwmvfff .. ' PIGGLY WIGGLY SUPERMARKET DON'S RECORD best for less" "Where you buy the stones sALvAsE ll5 East Three-Notch Street Andalusia L. C. Stokes 940 South Three-Notch Street By-Pass 29 222-5609 TERRY'S GARAGE Although most girls know very little about cars, Judy Terry has resolved to delve into that "no-girl's-land" under an automobile hood. Here, Judy takes a lesson from her father, owner ot Terry's Garage. -4 WALLER consmucnon i 3 Q COMPANY l Q 1 THE SHAMROCK HAMBURGER G T Th The "in" crowd! Join all your friends for a quick, delicious snack af The Shamrock - "Home off 15 TB rgerlu A 1 1, 1 nn-. . ' -A plllillf D PM CATON if -,L-:.,,, N - if -H 7A ' l 'flfg lmm' I B , West By Pass Andalusia, Alabama O.K. BARBER SHOP s'We need your head . b . ,, R I: II S TRADE MARK OF GOOD snub FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATES Q, E CQ ETB - I Q5 , R' EE I W.,-gs? ,Y 51.1.- li-va--'.' 'V K'-3,3 5 'gr"w" b:-:.:x- - x', "Runnin '3' '- 552211: :xx .:-5 o 0 o 1 fN Q fx' Q- O N ,. - Sc' FA S533 23, 6 4 COMPLIMENTS cnoss Q I W9 As.,,:"'-L OF Bonv IQ SHOP Q W JERNIGAN JUNK coMPANv CLYDE DUGGAN M Q ,S GARAGE CL S Aff Nat Waller, Manager REFINING O1 9 C S'U"'+ S T outh hr CQ gi? Notch Streeeet 41092. BROWN AND HAIR TIRE COMPANY, INC. A. H. S. varsity cheerleaders, Katherine Anthony, Pam Martin, Nancy Hair, Robin Radcliff, Theresa Al- britton, and Emily Albritton demonstrate that buying tires at Brown and Hair Tire Company is something to cheer about. COVINGTON I A - X FOR ALL YOUR G Bur Lama BUILDIN 4 . 7 NEEDS l 1 7 7 East Three Notch Street JAMES HENRY GROCERY Thoughtful shoppers, Ginger Harrison, Barbara Henry, Eva Brunson, Patsy Cassady, and Kay Hasseil buy all their A.E.A. supplies at James Henry's Grocery and Market. INDEPENDENTIJFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY I' X! .e 'f fs S .gee I S, ' 1'-.I 5, i 2 I f I ai? ,ff A 5' f,-iimlif - T' Vai' Feel Safe No Mutter Whef You Do. H. R. Hinson District Manager 100 Opp Avenue 222-4158 ANDAL USIA STAR NEWS FN T501 K Q Q Q Yi, ja "Well Informed Kids Read The STAR NEWS, Too!" 202 Dunson Street 222-1101 COUNT DARLING CHEVROLET Ricky Russell steps into the driver's seat ot a 1967 Corvette at the grand opening ot the new Count Darling Chevrolet Agency on the West By-Pass in Andalusia. LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. W. L. Hatcher Associate Manager Agents J. A. Godwin Mike Maddox Charles Watson Elton Carter Andalusia District Representatives W. H. Carpenter Manager C. P. Cope Associate Manager Agents Frank Ferrell Charles Hair Jake Boatwright Louis Norrell UFIIRV IIUEEN A TREAT FOR TASTE QA FOOD FOR l'lEMTYl Best Sandwiches ln Town QUICK SERVICE -Phone your order in- 222-591i 9 f N S - Oueen .M x y V L, live a little! 202 East Three-Notch Street WEST BROTHERS DEPARTMENT STORE Planning a party? lt so, Phyllis Taylor, Kyle Gantt, and .leron Darby will tell you that the best place to buy your decorations is West Brothers in Towncrest Plaza. 0. A. SALVO Manager W 'lOl South Cotton Street Andalusia DELTA Fl T -. ,tif ' ' S I Q Phone: 222-1135 BARBER'S MILK Knowing th t the best. a Bclrber's Milk is so nutritious, Scott Nettles makes sure that his boby sister, Ginger, gets onIy wk WW4fdWJZffJ , i. , fa LIFE!-mEP.Si WV I i 9 W A in I as jievzfal Service Phone 220 222-II88 gww TYPEWRITERS Walker Business Machines 119 N. Cotton-222-6255 Andalusia, Alabama 36420 BEESLEY PACKING COMPANY, INC. 5 5.-.35 - f 4 N - 222-4751 45 222-57 5U1Itl'IR1'I1 Qlrzxftsmen gliurniiure Un., Zinn. A B A M A MANUFACTURERS POST OFFICE BOX 229 Us ffffZi1fffli'f,'f1S',ha'f'a zffiil OUGH STRE F ARM BUREAU f5Zf,ff'I'L',5Ui" E:2:z::,..,,.S INSURANCE AUTO FIRE LIFE BLUE CROSS ALABAMA FARM BUREAU INSURANCE COMPANIES 20l East Watson Street 4 Court Square Phone: 222-5500 222-M33 THE wILLIAMs I V? Seniors Judy Stokes, Nancy Williams, Mary Evelyn Waits, Nancy Hair, Edith Bristow, Theresa Albritton, and Jatricia Cotton set fashion trends with clothes and accessories from The Williams. FOREMAN-BROWN SERVICE FUNERAL HOME LEE A FURNITURE COMPANY lf AK f- TW -u Z! F Fizcexi- 2 ' Complete Funeral Service B P R d A d I i "The Best Used Furniture" - ass ou - n a usla Y 223 South Cotton Street 222-4567 222-4568 222-4440 1 HHH' - Rb YRAQTYW, nfl I fr COTTON FORD TRACTOR COMPANY Florala Road 222-4183 .lat IC a Cotton can vouch for the fact that Cotton Ford Tractor Company has a wlde variety of farm equipment plus tractors of all sizes. 222 mf- fr' 5"5'475"W'5'f"5"fw T "aft 'N"'Nc V5 FUNSTEN PECAN COMPANY i 222-4137 XX d d ffh I h el "mfs it 5 1 W" JACK wlLuAMs i' AUTO-SAV HUDSON'S SU6ZEffM'Z,ff,ET . Three Mechanics . Road Service FLETCHER'S STORE upickupa ,,e,ive,, Uwe All Work Guaranteed Brewton Road 421 South Three-Notch Andalusia, Alabama CCH 222-1855 223 ANDALUSIA READY MIXED CONCRETE Prompt Service Ready Mix Co., Inc. Just off Sanford Road Dial 222-5941 or 222-6241 CAMPBELL-UTSEY INSURANCE AGENCY For that AEA holiday, Alice Utsey, Charlotte Grimes, and Cathy McWhorter feel secure, knowing that their cur is insured with Campbell-Utsey. EDNA S BEAUTY SHOP There s no need for any lady to when she can , , b i at ' 'lv ' KJ A e fg' A .kj 'ibfgl X , X t A E look like a witch look like o queen 4' 4 -l W W I W g ffiigiil 1? get I 2 S ' QJJAM 4 Amusement I wAnEHousE I Qgifnft fi I 'iii iii j -'fm L it Mtv 'Tib- Florala Road 222-5935 CENTRAL OFFICE SUPPLY , ,.,.?.,...? .,.,. Wai., i - -I-'sill'-vuuulul -,aiu-un :url luuzndw . my 1 'Z'- -I -0" .. Q 207 South Three Notch 222-1313 BRADLEY'S BIG "R" Eat and drink at BRADLEY'S BIG "R" 901 River Fails Street Phone 222-5549 Santa's treats are inspected by AngeIyn and Dottie Pippin as they arrange the dispIay in the window of T. P. Flower and Gift Shop. T P FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP 'B.4.WIRE 5 - -A 'b 15' Q Qt -'A' - 5' S M E T A J 4, eff Q 1, Qs-' 4' rt s 0120111515 0 120 East Three Notch Street 222-3174 225 g gi? ' K A all 5 F kk ,Aa gr Kf- ,gsm 5 1-""' i ,,..-M M ,X jf- i ni. -Q.---n Shopping for refreshments at King's IGA tor a Christmas party, Linda Macon receives heip from Jerry Palmer, Joe Wiggins, and Tommy Eiland. KING'S IGA FOODLINERS "Two Locations To Serve You" 403 South Three Notch 809 River Fails Street 222-1625 222-4451 W0 fdiffz Hare ANDALUSIA HOSPITAL Completed in April, l966, the forty-bed Andalusia Hospital, a non-profit organization, is one of the most well-equipped hospitals in the area. L Charles Little H dT I A6 E KQV 'SQHAN lfllfflk i3'A?l GUNIIAL VIS Ml CQ! 2l8 Church Street is the new convenient location for Little Agency, a long-established insurance and real estate agency managed by Charles Little and Haywood Teel. asf" - S . Gimme. I 1 yn, " ff fx T111 T 'wg ' l1 X A v ff? 1 Suzette Portem t h f ly d p t J h y d UrdSh port p phtg ph dptg f If .lOHNNY'S UNITED SHOWS 228 BAND C AUTO PARTS fffsffvgfxik-C'Nw2vQw QWMICE Pr O 'HM J M 'I kj I .1 l L9 as oun f 39 FIRST X! THOUGHT 814 River Falls Street 222-3661 MALOY-BECK HARDWARE COMPANY, INC. APPLIANCES xx -,-. A f East Three Notch Street Phone 222-3171 'T l MI-LADY BEAUTY SHOP 5 fllig l 1 OPE RATORS: Midge King Elaine Hughes Sue Bullock Gwendol Bryant Charlotte Dredding When you get that "rushed" look, relax as you become beautiful at MI-LADY ANDALUSIA ROOFING COMPANY ' X I X 310 East Watson Street Phone 222-54lO Cinderella? No, it's Mary Ann Martin trying to keep her floor from Cross Tile Company in top condition. CROSS TITLE COMPANY Montgomery Highway Phone 222-l4ll ,,,,-,-'F-"J C' ANDALUSIA MANUFACTURING COMPANY South Central Street Phone 222-I I7I Reid Merrill, Cecil Bullock, anc Henry Merrill testify to the superior quality of homes buil' by Andalusia Manufacturing Company. ELLIS FLYING SERVICE Route Three Phone 222-5820 The aerial photograph of the school was made through the courtesy of Mr. James Davis of the Ellis Flying Service. E f'Qf'l,a x ANDALUSIA MOTOR COMPANY 112 Church Street 222-1200 or 222-1201 Leaning against his 1967 Ford Mustang, Chris Taylor enioys a lazy, early spring agternoon serenading Adele Broughton. bbw. Af. D A I ,Q .-. 1 , I, . 4 f ,V+ , . . fn. V VN, 2 l Y :A JV" V 'W Y , ww .. 'K ALABAMA ELECTRIC CO-OP INC. Montgomery Highway 222-1191 Jolaine Martin and Jane Hill examine the electric mixer they use in home economics exploratory course. 231 Faculty Index MR. LEON AKINS-University of Southern Mississippi, B.S. 128,l08,1261 MRS. ROBERT ANDERSON-University of Alabama, B.S. 117,571 MRS. JERRY ANDREWS-Troy State College, B.S. 1221 MR. DOUG BARFIELD-University of Southem Mississippi, B.S. 128,108,1331 MISS ELLEN BARROW-Huntingdon College, A.B. 1171 MRS. LEE BAUGH-La Grange College, A.B. 1231 MRS. C. C. BENNETT-Moody Bible Institute, Shelton College 1201 MRS. PHILIP BROGDEN-Auburn University 1211 MR. PHILIP BROGDEN-Auburn University, B.S. 1191 MRS. MAL BROWDER-Alabama College, Auburn Univer- sity, A.B., M.A. 119,1521 MRS. CLAYTON BRYANT-Troy State College, B.S. 1221 MR. CLAYTON BRYANT-Troy State College, B.S. 11191 MRS. KNOX CAMPBELL-University of Alabama, Au- burn University, B.S., M.S.Ed. 1201 MR. WILLIE CARR-Troy State College, B.S. 125,66,1381 MRS. LLOYD CRAVVFORD-University of Alabama, B.S., M.S. 1231 MRS. CALVIN GRANT-Troy State College, B.S. 1271 MRS. J. H. GREENE-Troy stare College, B.S. 118,19,691 MRS. HOWARD HAM-University of Alabama, B.S. 128,401 MR. LARRY HANCOCK-University of Southem Mississip- pi, B.S. 128,1081 MISS MILDRED HART-Alabama College, B.S. 124,32,641 MISS CAROLYN HAWKINS-Judson College, B.A. 1281 MR. CHARLES HINSON-Copiah-Lincoln Jr. College, Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi, Louisiana State University, A.A., B.M.Ed., M.M.Ed. 121,731 MR. NEIL HYCHE-University of Alabama, B.S., M.A.. 1131 MR. WILLIAM KENNEDY-Troy State College, B.S. 118, 1521 MR. MURRAY KING-Auburn University, M.A. 1141 MISS WINONA KING-Samford University, A.B. 116,59, 1521 MRS. DAVE LANCASTER-University of Alabama 120,48, 581 MISS LYNDA LATIMER4Mississippi State College for Women, B.S. 417,44,63,152J MRS. ROBERT LINDER-Oklahoma College for Liberal Arts, B.S. 126,681 MRS. JACK McCOWIN-Alabama College, A.B. 122,551 MRS. JACK MOORE-Troy State College, M.S. 1261 MR. JIM NETTLES-Auburn University, B.S. 121,791 MRS. ALBERT RANKIN-Alabama College, B.S. 1231 MRS. ERIC RUSSELL-Huntingdon College, University of Alabama, A.B., M.A. 158,201 MISS MARCO RUSSELL-University of Alabama, B.A. 1211 MR. SHELBY SEARCY-Troy State College, Long Beach State College, B.S., M.A. 1141 MR. SHELLIE D. SHEHAN-Bob Jones University, B.S. 116,591 121158 ANNALEE SIMMONS-Huntingdon College, A.S. MISS CLYDE SIMMONS-Huntingdon College, Columbia University, A.B., M.A. 116,171 MR. J. M. SMITHSON-Murray State University, B.S. 1241 MR. FRED STEARNS-Samford University, B.A.. 119,621 MR. JOHN H. STUART-Troy State College, B.S. 127,481 MR. JAMES SYLER-Troy State College, B.S. 1261 MRS. JAMES SYLER-Troy State College, B.S. 1181 MRS. M. D. TAYLOR-Florida State University, A.B. 121, 56,1381 MR. CLAYTON THOMAS-Troy State College, B.S. 122, 129,1521 MR. CURTIS THOMASSON-University of Alabama, B.S., M.A. 127,43,711 MR. WILLIAM C. WARD-Troy State College, B.S. 127, 33,455,521 MR. GEORGE S. WILLIAMS-Auburn University, B.S., M.S. 125,651 MR. JAMES A. WILSON-Samford University, University of Alabama, A.B., M.A. 123,1381 2fIl17JOSEPH C. WINGARD-Samford University, B.A. 116, 6, MR. JAMES WYROSDICK-University of Alabama, Cali- fornia State College, B.S., M.A. 125,671 MRS. PAT YEARCAIN-Alabama College, B.S. 124,32,641 MR. OSCAR ZEANAH-University of Alabama, B.S., M.A., A.A. 114,151 Senior Director EINIILY ALBRITTON Mixed chorus-4, Girls Glee Club-4, A Cappella Choir, Andaires-3, Rhythmettes, accompanist-6, All-State-3, Jr. Chorus Award, All-State accompanist, Arion Award, Jr. Honor Society, secretary, Sr. Honor Society, secretary, ANDY H1-LITE staff, copy editor, reporter, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff, copy editor, Tri-Hi-Y, Ir, cheerleader-2, Varsity cheerleader, Pep Club, vice president, Student Council, Homeroom programs, Math Club, Spanish Club, UAH Club, The QUILL Staff, art editor, "Bye, Bye Birdie,,' Ir. Who's Who, Most studious, Sr. Who's Who, Outstanding in talent, General Science Award. 118, 32, 36, 40, 47, 55, 56, 60, 61, 62, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 104, 105, 139, 141, 2161 THERESA ALBRITTON Mixed chorus-4, Girls Glee Club-4, A Cappella Choir, Andaires-3, Rhythmettes, All-State-3, Ir. Honor Society, treasurer, Sr. Honor Society, ANDY HI-LITE Staff, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff, Tri-Hi-Y-treasurer, Ir. cheerleader, Varsity cheer- leader, Pep Club, Pep Squad, Spanish Club, "A" Club, Usher Club, The QUILL Staff, "Bye, Bye Birdie,', Inter- Club Council. 132, 37, 40, 47, 55, 56, 59, 60, 62, 71, 72, 73, 74, 139, 216, 2211 MARY EVELYN ALLRED Mixed chorus-2, Girls Glee Club-4, Ir. Honor Society- Library Club, Math Club, Monitor. 158, 1391 7 PAUL ARMSTRONG Ir. Honor Society, Football-Ir.-2, Varsity-1, Basketball- Ir.-3, Varsity-1, Baseball-Varsity, Student Council, Li- brary Club, monitor, Key Club, "A" Club, Drama Club, 'iArsenic and Old Lace,,'. Foley High School, Foley, Ala- bama-Male chorus-2, Football-Varsity-2, Basketball- Varsity-2, Baseball-Varsity-2, "FH Club-2. 125, 60, 108, 109, 110, 112, 113, 114, 127, 134, 1391 JIMMY BARRETT Mixed chorus-2, Male chorus-2, Varsity Football, Audio Visual Club, "AU Club, Drama Club-2, "Our Town," "Arsenic and Old Lace." 160, 63, 72, 73, 108, 1391 CLYDE BASS Male chorus, Track-2, Tennis Club, Audio Visual Club, monitor, Drama Club. 148, 63, 73, 130, 131, 1391 DIANE BATES F.H.A.-2, Vice president, D.E., secretary. 164, 66, 1391 JACKIE BECK MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, F.H.A.-2, F.B.L.A.-2, sec- retary, Pep Club, monitor. 168, 1391 DALLAS BERRY VVoodson High: Marching band-4. 1104, 1391 BIARY ANN BLEDSOE Girls Glee Club-3, F.H.A.-3, D.E., treasurer. 166, 1391 SANDRA BOLES Tuskegee High School: Marching band, Concert band, Library Club. Macon Academy: Student Council, Jr. Class treasurer. Reeltown: Marching band., Opp High School: Mixed chorus. Andalusia High School: Marching band, Concert band. 178, 82, 1391 JANE BONNER Mixed chorus-3, Girls Glee Club-4, Youth Christian Fel- lowship, Andy Hi-Lite Staff, typist, Memolusia Business Staff, F.H.A.-2, Pep Club, Pep Squad, Student Council, Volunteens-3, Debate Team-2, Drama Club-3, secretary. 140, 44, 49, 63, 72, 1391 LARRY BRIGGS Football-"BH, Ir.-2, Ir. Basketball, Pep Club, Drama Club-2, 'lOur Town," "Arsenic and Old Lace." 163, 1401 EDITH BRISTOWV Mixed chorus-4, Girls Glee Club-4, A Cappella Choir, Andaires-3, Rhythmettes, All-State, Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, Youth Christian Fellowship, Andy Hi-Lite, Exchange Editor, MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff, Editor of Feature Section, Tri-Hi-Y, Alternate cheerleader, Pep Club, Pep Squad, Student Council, secretary and president, Home- room programs, "AH Club, Volunteens-3, Debate Team-2, The Quill Staff, make-up editor, Drama Club, "Bye, Bye Birdie," "Our Townf Good Citizenship Girl, Ir. Favorite, Sr. Whois Who, Outstanding in Service, Homecoming Court Attendant, Philopadic Society, Sr. Favorite. 135, 39, 40, 44, 46, 49, 52, 53, 55, 56, 60, 72, 73, 74, 94, 101, 140, 147, 150, 2211 STEVE BROOKS Ir. Honor Society, Basketball-"B", Varsity-2, Student Council, HAH Club. 160, 118, 119, 1401 VVYNONIA BROOKS Girls Glee Club-2, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, V.I.E., Reporter, Miss V.I.E., Drama Club-3. 163, 67, 1401 CAROL CABIPBELL Marching Band-5, Concert Band-5, Band Council, Li- brarian, Girls Glee Club, Ir. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, ANDY HI-LITE Staff, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff, Classes Editor, Tri- Hi-Y, Tennis Club, Pep Club, Student Council, homeroom programs, Usher Club-3, secretary and president, Volun- teens-3, The Quill Staff, Ir. Who's YVho, Most Enthusiastic, Sr. Whois VVho, Outstanding Sense of Humor, Inter-Club Council, Favorite, Ir. Class, secretary-treasurer, Sr. Class, secretary. 147, 49, 52, 55, 56, 59, 69, 70, 78, 82, 94, 129, 138, 140, 1441 ALAN CARTER Mixed chorus, Male Chorus, Football-Varsity-3, "B"-1, jr.-2, Basketball-Varsity--1, "B"-1, Track-2. District and Conference Mile Relay Team, Baseball, Library Club, monitor, Key Club, Sergeant-At-Arms, "A" Club, Debate Team, Drama Club-2, vice-president, "Our Town," "Arsenic and Old Laccf' jr. Who's Who, Most Enthusiastic. 158, 60, 63, 108, 109, 110, 111, 114, 127, 1403 BARBARA CARTER Ir. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, MEMOLUSIA Busi- ness Staff, F.H.A.-2, F.B.L.A., office worker, Office Occu- pations. 156, 68, 1411 VICKIE CARTER F.H.A., historian, F.B.L.A.-2, Vice-President, Office Oc- cupations. Opp High School: Opp High Band. Fleeta High School: 4-H, vice-president. 168, 1411 IRENE COLEMAN Woodson High School: F.H.A., Secretary, Student Council, Homeroom programs, Library Club, Pep Squad, Science Club, Secretary, Ir. Who's Who, Best Dressed Girl. 11411 BILL COOK Mixed chorus-2, Male chorus, Youth Christian Fellowship technical officer, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, Track-2- mile 4:57, Pep Club, technical officer, Audio-Visual Club, BRENDA DEASON TOMMY EILAND 4 Senior Director auditorium technician, Student Council, cabinet-technical advisor, Library Club, Spanish Club, Usher Club, Debate Team, Drama Club-3, officer, keeper of the points, Boys State. 440, 42, 48, 59, 63, 72, 130, 131, 1411 MARCUS COOK V.I.E.-2, vice president, Drama Club, monitor, 4-H-2. 467, 1411 IATRICIA COTTON Mixed chorus-5M, Girls Glee Club-5M, A Cappella Choir, Andaires-14, accompanist, Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, Youth Christian Fellowship, MEMOLUSIA Edi- torial Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, secretary, F.H.A., Pep Club, Pep Squad, Student Council, homeroom programs, Volunteens, "Our Townv, Sr. Class officer, treasurer. 440, 49, 52, 55, 56, 71, 72, 73, 74, 105, 138, 141, 221, 2221 BILL CUMBIE Marching band-5, Concert band-5, All-State-5, Male Chorus, jr. Honor Society, ANDY HI-LITE Staff, Sports Editor, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, Basketball-Varsity, "B", Golf Team-4, Audio-Visual Club, Student Council, Key Club, "A" Club, Ir. Who's Who, Most Artistic. 447, 60, 78, 82, 105, 133, 1411 BETTY DAUPHIN F.H.A.-2, v.1.E.-2, monitor. 467, 1411 RICHARD DAVIS Mixed chorus, Male chorus, Pep Club, Usher Club, Drama Club-2. 459, 63, 1421 BROOKS DEAN Mixed chorus-2, Male chorus-2, Evergreen High School, Evergreen, Alabama: Football, Baseball. 468, 1421 Mixed chorus-4, Girls Glee Club-3, A Cappella choir, Andaires, All-State, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A.-2, F.B.L.A., Pep Club, Drama Club, 'iOur Townv, "Arsenic and Old Lace." 445, 55, 64, 72, 73, 75, 1421 JOEY DONALD V.I.E., monitor-2, Spanish Club. 467, 1421 CLARA DOZIER Mixed chorus, Girls Glee Club-3, accompanist-3, ANDY HI-LITE Staff, typist, Tri-Hi-Y, reporter, F.H.A.-2, recrea- tion and song leader, F.B.L.A., Pep Club, monitor-2, office worker, Office Occupations. Evergreen High School, Ever- green, Alabama: Student Council, Pep Club. 468, 1421 CAROLYN EASLEY MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, F.H.A., D.E.-2. 466, 1421 Football-Varsity-3, captain, Most Improved Player, Ir.-2, Baseball-3, pitcher, Student council, Library Club, monitor, Key Club, "A" Club, Drama Club-2, Ir. Who's Who, Most Athletic. 445, 60, 63, 108, 113, 114, 115, 126, 127, 128, 134, 142, 164, 2261 ANNE EVERS Mixed chorus-4, Girls Glee Club-4, A Cappella choir, Andaires-4, Rhythmettes-2, accompanist-2, All-State, Ir. Honor Society, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, F.B.L.A., Pep Club, "Bye, Bye Birdief, 455, 69, 72, 73, 74,142,1911 LARRY FENDLEY F.F.A., D.E.-2. 466, 1431 SUE FRANKLIN Marching band-3, Concert Band-3, Mixed chorus-2, Girls Glee Club-2, Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A.-4, Junior Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader-2, Pep Club, Pep Squad, Student Council, homeroom programs, "Av Club, Jr. Whois VVho, Most Attractive, Sr. VVho's Who, Outstanding in Appearance, Junior beauty--2, Senior beauty-3. 437, 40, 55, 56, 60, 64, 87, 103, 143, 1491 LINDA GANTT Marching band-5, Concert band-5, Band Council, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Pep Club, monitor-2, Spanish Club, Volunteens -3, Debate Team-3, Drama Club-3, office worker, Office Occupations. 449, 63, 68, 78, 82, 1431 LYNN GANTT Ir. Honor Society, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, F.H.A.-2, Pep Club, Usher Club, Homecoming Court-Sr. Attendant, Betty Crocker Homecoming Award. 439, 59, 64, 143, 1911 MARK T. GIBSON Marching band-5, Concert Band-5, Male Chorus, Jr. Honor Society, Youth Christian Fellowship, MEMOLUSIA Busi- ness Staff, Tennis Club-2, Pep Club, Audio-Visual Club, homeroom programs, Usher Club, nArsenic and Old Lace," Boy's State. 442, 45, 59, 73, 78, 82, 129, 1431 CAROLYN GRIFFIN Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Youth Christian Fellowship, Pep Squad, Volunteens-3. 440, 49, 1431 CHARLOTTE CRIMES Girls Glee Club-2, Ir. Honor Society, ANDY HI-LITE Staff, copy editor, reporter, editor-in-chief, Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Student Council, homeroom programs, Spanish Club, president, Debate Team, The Quill Staff, Drama Club, "The Curious Savage," "Our Town," 'iArsenic and Old Lace," Ir. Who's Who, Most Fun-loving, Inter-Club Coun- cil, Philopadic Literary Society. Carolina School: Beta Club. 444, 45, 46, 47, 54, 55, 62, 63, 104, 105, 143, 2221 IXIARY BETH GRIMES Mixed chorus-2, Girls ANDY HI-LITE Staff, typist, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, monitor, Spanish Club. 455, 62, 1431 NANCY HAIR Mixed chorus-4, Girls Glee Club-6, A Cappella Choir, Andaires-3, Rhythmettes, All-State, Ir. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, Youth Christian Fellowship, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, president, Ir. Cheerleader-2, Varsity Cheerleader-2, Pep Club, Pep Squad, homeroom programs, Math Club, "A" Club, 'iByc, Bye Birdie," Jr. Who's Who. Best All-Round, Sr. Who's VVho, Most Versatile, Inter-Club Council, Ir. Favorite, Sr. Favorite. 432, 36, 40, 55, 56, 60, 70, 72, 73, 74, 94, 143, 145, 2191 LINDA HAMM Mixed chorus-4, Girls Glee Club-3, jr. Honor Society, Glee Club-2, jr. Honor Society, F.H.A.-3, Spanish Club. Niagara Science Club, Girls Glee Club. 472, GARY HICKS Mixed chorus, Male chorus, Jr. president, V.I.E.-2. president, Mr. eil. 465, 67, 103, 1431 LINN HICKS F.H.A., V.I.E., secretary, Pasco Ir Florida: Youth for Christ Club-2, Cool Club. 41431 Wheatfield High School: 1431 Honor Society, F.F.A., V.I.E., Inter-Club Coun- . High School, Dade City, Band-2, Coolest of the LARRY HINSON V.I.E.-2, Librarian. 167, 1441 DON HOLMES Marching band-2, Concert band-5, Band Council, Ir. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, Football-Varsity-2, MBU, jr.-2, Tennis Club-2, Sr. Tennis Champion, homeroom programs, Key Club, president, "A" Club, Boy's State, 16161--Club Council. 142, 56, 60, 78, 82, 108, 129, 144, 1901 RONNY HORTON Marching band-4, Concert band-4, Ir. Honor Society, president, Sr. Honor Society, vice-president, Youth Chris- tian Fellowship, vice-president, Football-Ir., Jr. Scholastic Award, Varsity-3, Varsity Scholastic Award, Ir. Basketball, Baseball-4, outfielder, Student Council, Cabinet, Chaplain, homeroom programs, Math Club, "A" Club, secretary, Ir. Who's VVho, Best All-Round, Sr. Who's Who, Outstanding in Service, Boy's State, Ir. Class president, Sr. Class presi- dent, Favorite-3. 118, 42, 56, 60, 94, 103, 105, 108, 126, 127, 131, 138, 144, 1501 MIKE HUDSON Mixed chorus, Football-Varsity-2, "B", Ir., Student Coun- cil, monitor, "A" Club. 160, 108, 1441 ROBERT JOHNSON Mixed chorus, Male Chorus-2, A Cappella Choir, All- State, Jr. Honor Society, Memolusia Business Staff, Ir. Football-3, Golf Team-2, Pep Club, Usher Club, Boy's State. 142, 59, 72, 73, 1441 PHILLIP JONES Marching band-5, Concert band-5, All-State-3, Band Council, Equipment Manager, Superior ensemble, Superior Duet, Male Chorus, Ir. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, Youth Christian Fellowship, Tennis Club, Student Council, vice-president. Cabinet, parliamentarian, homeroom pro- grams, Math Club, Usher Club, Sergeant-at-arms, Ir. Who's VVho, Most Dependable, Boy's State, vice-president of Sr. Class, Sr. Favorite. 142, 52, 53, 56, 59, 61, 73, 78, 82, 95, 129, 138, 1441 SUE JONES Mixed chorus-3, Girls Glee Club-4, Ir. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, Youth Christian Fellowship, ANDY HI-LITE Staff, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, MEMOLU- SIA Editorial Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A., Pep Club, Pep Squad, Student Council, secretary, Usher Club, Volunteens, co-chairman, The QUILL Staff, "Our Town", Jr. Who's Who, Most Dependable, Favorite. 140, 47, 49, 52, 53, 55, 56, 59, 70, 72, 95, 103, 144, 1471 STELLA KEITH MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., F.T.A., monitor, Volunteens, Drama Club-2, office worker. 149, 61, 63, 64, 68, 69, 1441 SUE KELLEY V.I.E., D.E., Library Club. 11451 MIKE KINARD Marching band-2, Concert Band-5, Superior ensemble, Band Council, Ir. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, Foot- ball-Varsity-2, "B", Scholastic Award, Ir., Baseball-3, second base, Audio Visual Club, Student Council, home- room programs, Math Club, Key Club, secretary, "A" Club, Ir. Who's Who, Most Studious, Sr. Who's Who, Most Versatile, Sr. Favorite. 156, 60, 94, 108, 113, 114, 126, 127, 1451 PEGGY KING Marching band-5, Concert band-5, All-State-4, Band Council, Librarian, Ir. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, Youth Christian Fellowship, ANDY HI-LITE Staff, busi- ness editor, MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff, editor, F.H.A.-1, Student Council-1, Usher Club, Ir. Who's Who, Most Mannerly, Inter-Club Council. 143, 47, 56, 59, 71, 78, 82, 105, 145, 1541 TONY KING Marching band, Concert Band-5, All-State-4, Band Coun- cil, Football-Varsity-3, All-State, All-Conference, Best Lineman, Most Valuable Player, captain, "B", Jr.-2, Track, Third District State Meet, homeroom programs, Key club, "A" Club. 141, 60, 78, 82, 103, 108, 114, 115, 127, 130, 131, 134, 135, 1451 EARL KIRKPATRICK Woodson High: Mixed chorus-4, Sr. Honor Society, F.T.A., Student Council, Drama Club-2. 11451 BALLARD KRUDOP Marching band-5, Concert band-5, Band Council, Male Chorus-3, Debonaires-2, Key Club, Drama Club-2, "Our Town", jr. VVho's WVho, Most Fun Loving, Sr. Who's Who, Sense of Humor. 139, 60, 63, 73, 74, 78, 82, 144, 1451 TERRY KYZAR Mixed chorus-2, Male chorus-3, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, Audio-Visual Club, monitor, Key Club. 160, 1451 PHILLIP LANGFORD F.F.A., club reporter, V.I.E., Mr. V.I.E. 165, 67, 1451 BILLY LITTLE Male chorus, Ir. Honor Society, Spanish Club, sergeant-at- arms. 162, 73, 1461 GARY LUNSFORD Mixed Chorus, Male Chorus-3, jr. Honor Society, MEMO- LUSIA Business Staff, Ir. Football-3, Student Council, monitor-2. 172, 73, 146, 2091 JIMMY MCDUFFIE V.I.E.-2. 167, 1461 CATHY BICWHORTER Girls Glee Club, Sr. Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Usher Club, Drama Club. Madison High School, Nashville, Tenn. and Seneca High School, Seneca, South Carolina: Beta Club-2, Christian Youth Fellowship, Latin Club-2, French Club, Girls' Varsity Basketball-4. 155, 56, 59, 72, 103, 146, 147, 2221 CHARLES MARTIN Marching Band-5, Concert Band-5, Band Council, Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, Tennis Club-2, Audio Visual Club, Student Council, homeroom programs, Math Club, president, Inter-Club Council. 154, 56, 61, 78, 82, 104, 129,1461 PAM MARTIN Marching Band-1, Concert Band-1, MEMOLUSIA Busi- ness Staff, assistant business manager, Tri-Hi-Y, vice-presi- dent, Jr. Cheerleader-2, Varsity Cheerleader-2, Pep Club, Pep Squad, Student Council, homeroom programs, "A" Club, Volunteens-4, Drama Club-2, president, office work- er, Ir. Who's VVho, Most Athletic, Sr. VVho's Who, Out- standing in Personality, Ir. Beauty-2, Sr. Beauty-3, Inter- Club Council. 136, 40, 54, 55, 60, 63, 86, 140, 1461 IOHN D. MITCHELL V.I.E.-2. 167, 1461 Senior Director DAVID MOORE Marching Band-1, Concert Band-1, Mixed Chorus-3, Male Chorus--3, A Cappella Choir, Debonaires-3, Barber Shop Quartet, All-State-3, Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, president, Youth Christian Fellowship, Basketball-"BD, Jr., Student Council, treasurer, cabinet, parliamentarian, home- room programs, Usher Club, "Bye, Bye Birdie", 'lOur Town,,' Boy's State, General Science Award, Inter-Club Council. 439, 46, 52, 54, 56, 59, 62, 72, 73, 75, 103, 1461 DICK MOVVBRAY Marching Band-1, Concert Band-1, Mixed Chorus-2, Male Chorus-2, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, Jr. Football, Pep Squad, Student Council, Library Club, Spanish Club, Drama Club, Sr. Who's Who, Outstanding in Appearance, Sr. Favorite. Marion Institute: Science Club. 458, 95, 146, 1491 MARTHA MURPHY F.H.A.-2, Parlimentarian, D.E.-2, president, Miss D.E., Inter-Club Council. 466, 103, 1461 WAYNE NOWLINC F.F.A., Pep Club, Spanish Club. 41461 SHIRLENE OTNEAL F.H.A., V.I.E.-2, monitor, Jr. Whois Who, Most Artistic. 41461 JERRY PALMER Mixed Chorus-3, Male Chorus-3, Jr. Honor Society, treas- urer, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, Jr. Football-2, Jr. Basketball-2, Pep Club, Pep Squad, Student Council, Key Club, treasurer, Usher Club, vice-president, Jr. Favorite, Sr. VVho,s Who, Outstanding in Personality, Sr. Favorite. 438, 39, 59, 60, 94, 140, 147, 2261 BONNIE PARRISH Poitiers High School, Portiers, France: Jr., Varsity Basket- ball. Mannheim High School, Mannheim, Germany: Jr. Basketball, Track. 41471 HAZEL PATTERSON Marching Band-5, Concert Band-5, Band Council, MEMO- LUSIA Business Staff, F.H.A.-2, F.B.L.A.-2, Pep Club, monitor, office worker, Office Occupations, Volunteens-4. 449, 68, 78, 82, 1471 JOANNE PEAVY MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, F.H.A.-2, D.E., monitor. 41471 RONALD PITTS Marching Band-5, Concert Band-5, All-State-3, Ir. Honor Society, Basketball-Varsity-3, Jr.-2, Audio-Visual Club, We Club. 460, 78, 82, 104, 118, 121, 123, 1471 MARY EMMA POSEY Marching Band-5, Concert Band-5, All-State-3, Band Council, Librarian, Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, ANDY HI-LITE Staff, business editor, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff, lay-out editor, homeroom programs, Math Club, secretary, Usher Club, Volunteens-3, co-chairman, The QUILL Staff. 443, 47, 49, 56, 59, 61, 71, 78, 82, 104, 1471 LINDA RABREN Mixed Chorus-2, Girls Glee Club-2, Jr. Honor Society, ANDY HI-LITE Staff, typist, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, F.H.A.-3, recreation leader, F.B.L.A. 464, 68, 72, 1481 TINA RABREN MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A.-3, Pep Club, monitor-2, office worker. 455, 64, 1481 TERESA BEYMUNDO F.B.L.A., Office Occupations-1. 468, 1481 GAYLE RODGERS Sr. Honor Society, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, F.B.L.A. -2, Office Occupations, Troy Jr. High School: Glee Club, 4-H Club-2, National Jr. Beta Club-2. 456, 68, 1481 JANE RODGERS Marching Band-5, Concert Band-5, Band Council, libra- rian, Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, F.T.A.-2, Student Council, homeroom programs, Math Club, Drama Club-2. 452, 55, 56, 61, 63, 71, 78, 82, 103, 1481 JOANNE RODGERS Girls Glee Club, Jr. Honor Society, F.B.L.A.-2, president, 468, 1481 MAC ROVVELL Male Chorus-2, F.F.A., vice president, Audio Visual Club, president, monitor, Inter-Club Council. 448, 65, 73, 103, 1481 JIMMAE RUNYAN F.H.A., Pep Club, monitor, Etowah High School, Gadsden, Alabama: Pep Club, F.H.A. 41481 AMY RUSSELL Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club-2, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff, photography editor, Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Cheerleader, Alternate Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, Pep Squad, Student Council, Cabi- net, social chairman, Spanish Club, HA" Club, The QUILL Staff, Drama Club, Homecoming Court, Jr. Maid, Jr. Band-1. 437, 40, 52, 55, 60, 70, 1481 JENNIFER SASSER Jr. Honor Society, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, F.H.A.-2, Jr. Alternate Cheerleader, Pep Club. 4148, 1911 AURELIA SCHERF Marching Band-3, Concert Band-3, Band Council, ANDY HI-LITE Staff, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, MEMOLU- SIA Editorial Staff, F.H.A.-2, Spanish Club-2, The QUILL Staff, Assistant Art Editor, Philopadic Society, Secretary. 417, 44, 47, 62, 64, 69, 71, 78, 82, 103, 1481 BETTY SEARCY Marching Band-2, Concert Band-2, Jr. Honor Society, ANDY H1-LITE Staff, Typist, MEMOLUSIA Business staff, manager, MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A.- 4, Spanish Club-2, Drama Club-2, "Our Town," General Science Award, Pep Club. 417, 55, 62, 63, 64, 69, 71, 1481 LAMAR SHORT Granger High School, Granger, Washington: F.F.A., V.I.E., Jr. Basketball, Baseball-2, Catcher. 467, 1491 GRIFF SIKES Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, Football-Varsity-2, "B"-2, Ir.-2, Baseball-3, shortstop, All-State, Golf Team, Student Council, "An Club, General Science Award. 452, 56, 60, 108, 111, 126, 127, 128, 135, 1491 JANICE SIKES D.E., vice-president. Vigor High School, Mobile, Alabama: VIGOR III-LITE, representative, Girls Sports Club. 166, 1491 JOAN SMITH F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Pep Club. 11491 SUE SlNIITI'I D.E., secretary, Drama Club. 167, 1491 DALE SORRELLS Monitor, office worker. Brantley High School, Brantley, Alabama: F.F.A.-2, F.B.L.A., Football-Varsity, "Bn, Jr., "Bn Basketball, Track-3, Baseball, pitcher. 11491 LARRY SOWVELL v.1.E.-2. 167, 1491 STEPHANIE STANLEY Jr. Honor Society, Youth Christain Fellowship, ANDY HI- LITE Staff, BIENIOLUSIA Editorial Staff, F.H.A., Pep Club, Volunteens, Drama Club-2. 140, 42, 47, 70, 1491 JUDY STOKES Mixed Chorus-3, Girls Glee Club-4, A Cappella Choir, Andaires, Rhthymettes, All-State, Ir. Honor Society, ANDY HI-LITE Staff, Business editor, Pep Club, Student Council, Drama Club-2, secretary-treasurer, Homecoming Court, Queen, Miss Andalusia-1967, Favorite. 138, 39, 47, 63, 72, 73, 74, 92, 95, 129, 147, 150, 2171 VAN STOKES Male Chorus-3, Youth Christian Fellowship, Football- Varsity-2, HB"-2, Library Club, president, monitor, "A" Club, Debate Team, Drama Club, "Arsenic and Old Lace." 144, 45, 58, 60, 103, 108, 127, 1501 KAY STONE Mixed Chorus-3M, Girls Glee Club, Ir. Honor Society, F.H.A., F.T.A., Pep Club, Volunteens-3, secretary, Drama Club, Inter-Club Council. 149, 72, 1501 MALCOM SUGGS Male Chorus, Track-2, Baseball, outfield, Audio Visual Club, Library Club, treasurer, Math Club, monitor-3, "A" Club, Football-Varsity-2, HBH, Jr. 158, 60, 61, 108, 127, 1501 CAROLYN SYLER Sr. Honor Society, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A.-2, president, F.T.A., president, Math Club, Inter- Club Council. McKenzie High School, McKenzie, Ala- bama: Beta Club, Tiger Talk, School Newspaper Staff, F.H.A.-2, social chairman, Outstanding Home Economics Student in 1964, Pep Club, Student Council, Secretary-3, 4-H Club-4, county president, Outstanding Sr. 4-H Girl in 1964. 155, 56, 61, 64, 147, 1501 SANDRA LANE TAYLOR Mixed Chorus-lb, Girls Glee Club-IM, F.H.A.-2, treas- urer, F.B.L.A., monitor, office worker, Office Occupations. 164, 68, 72, 1501 JERRY TEEL Mixed Chorus, Male Chorus-2, Jr. Honor Society, MEMO- LUSIA Business Staff, Pep Club. 172, 73, 150, 2091 BETTY THOMAS Marching Band-5, Concert Band-5, Band Council, MEMO- LUSIA Business Staff: F.H.A.-3, F.B.L.A.-2, Pep Club, Drama Club, Office Occupations. 168, 82, 1501 TOMBIY THOBIAS Audio Visual Club. 148, 1501 TERRY THONIPSON Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club-4, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A.-2, Pep Club, monitor. 155, 64, 1501 FRANKIE TUCKER v.1.E.-2. 167, 1511 ALICE UTSEY Mixed Chorus-2, Girls Glee Club-4, Rhythmettes, Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Student Council, Spanish Club, Usher Club, treasurer, Drama Club. 155, 56, 59, 70, 151, 2221 NIARY EVELYN WAITS Mixed Chorus-3, Girls Glee Club-3, Rhythmettes, Jr. Honor Society, Youth Christian Fellowship, MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Pep Squad, Spanish Club, secretary, Homecoming Court, Sr. Maid, General Science Award. 139, 40, 62, 70, 93, 151, 2171 ROGER WALKER Ir. Honor Society, ANDY HI-LITE Staff, feature editor, photographer, MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff, photographer, Pep Club, Pep Club Council, Spanish Club, vice-president, Usher Club, The QUILL Staff, Drama Club, 'iArsenic and Old Lace," General Science Award, Philopadic Literary Society. Carolina Ir. High School: Beta Club, treasurer, vice-president. 147, 59, 62, 63, 70, 105, 1511 CLARENCE WEST Marching Band-5, Concert Band-5, All-State-4, Band Council, Superior-Band Solo, Band Ensemble, Mixed Chorus-2, Male Chorus-3, A Cappella Choir, Debonaires -2, Barber Shop Quartet, Gospel Quartet, Jr. Honor Society, Golf Team-3, Pep Club, homeroom programs, Math Club, Ir. Whois Who, Most Mannerly, Sr. Who's YVho, Outstanding in Talent, Boys' State. 142, 56, 72, 73, 74, 78, 82, 133, 141, 1511 DOROTHY VVHITE ANDY HI-LITE Staff, typist, MEMOLUSIA Business Staff, Tri-Ili-Y, F.H.A., Pep Club, Student Council, homeroom programs, Drama Club. 155, 69, 1511 JOE VVIGGINS Marching Band-5, Concert Band-5, Band Council, Male Chorus, Ir. Football, Basketball-Varsity-2, "B", Ir.-2, Pep Club, Key Club, "AH Club, Drama Club, jr. Who's Who, Most Attractive. 160, 63, 78, 82, 118, 121, 122, 127, 151, 2261 NANCY WILLIAMS Marching Band-5, Concert Band-5, Andettes-2, head, All-State, Band Council, Mixed Chorus-3, Girls Glee Club -3, A Cappella Choir, Andaires-2, All-State-2, Gospel Trio, Gospel Quartet, Ir. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, Chaplain, ANDY HI-LITE Staff, feature editor, MEMO- LUSIA Business Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, Ir. Cheerleader, home- room programs, Math Club, Volunteens-3, The QUILL Staff, Drama Club-3, "The Curious Savagev, "Bye, Bye Birdie," 'KArsenic and Old Lace," Miss Andalusia-1966. 147, 49, 55, 56, 63, 72, 73, 74, 78, 81, 82, 104, 129, 151, 2171 GLENN WILSON Football-Varsity-3, UB", Ir.-2, Ir. Basketball, Track-2, 7 Senior Director Baseball, Audio Visual Club, Library Club, Key Club, NAU Club. f58, 60, 108, 116, 127, 1511 LARRY WILSON Mixed Chorus-2, Male Chorus-2, A Cappella Choir, Debonaires, All-State-2, Ir. Football, Pep Club, Student Council, Cabinet, sergeant-at-arms, Drama Club-2. K52, 60, 72, 73, 74, 75, 1511 PHILIP WISE jr. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, Youth Christain Fel- lowship, president, ANDY HI-LITE Staff, co-editor, sports editor, MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff, sports editor, Ir. Foot- ball, Basketball-Varsity-4, Ir.-2, All-Conference-2, All- District-3, High team Scorer-2, All-Tourney, Mobile In- vitional and Ozark Invitational Tournaments, Baseball, Pitcher, Tennis Club-2, Vice President, Student Council, Cabinet, Chaplain, homeroom programs, Library Club, Math Club, monitor-2, Key Club, "AU Club, Usher Club, The QUILL Staff, Inter-Club Council, National Merit Finalist. 133, 47, 52, 53, 54, 56, 59, 60, 61, 118, 120, 122, 123, 126, 127, 129, 135, 1511 MIKE VVYATT Marching Band-4, Concert-4, Male Chorus-2, Debonaires, All-State, Ir. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, ANDY HI-LITE Staff, features editor, reporter, art staff, MEMO- LUSIA Business Staff, MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff, Usher Club, The QUILL Staff, art editor, "Bye, Bye Birdie," National Merit Finalist. 147, 56, 59, 60, 78, 82, 129, 1511 ELEVENTH GRADE Adderhold, Lois 133,40,47,52,53,70, 1551 Anthony, Katherine 136,37,40,60,62, 69,96,153,166,197,2161 Baack, Connie 147,49,61,62,1531 Barnett, Gloria 11531 Barton, Bobby 173,1531 Bass, Gary 163,73,74,1531 Bass, Jackie 168,69,1531 Bennett, Nancy 147,T0,72,1531 Berry, Gregg 139,60,1531 Berry, LaJuana 164,1531 Bonner, Becky 147,62,1531 Boswell, George 149,60,108,1531 Bozeman, Candy 119,39,59,62,71,97, 154,1661 Brooks, Bob 139,59,97,152,154,l66, 1941 Brooms, Reese 158,108,130,132,1541 Browder, Julanne 158,61,62,154,1661 Brown, Jon 449,62,7s,l54,1961 Butler, Brenda 140,72,1541 Cagle, Carol 140,59,62,1541 Corbin, Gloria 140,62,64,69,1541 Danford, Joyce 11551 Davis, Stan 162,78,129,1551 Dillard, Jody 157,67,1551 Dubose, Anita 168,1551 Dupree, Debbie 172,73,74,75,155,2111 Edwards, Ronnie 166,1551 Eiland, John i1G5,66,1561 Ezzell, Claudia 140,72,l561 Faison, Larry 173,108,129,1561 Foiilk, Molly 140,47,70,72,156,1661 Fendley, Jimmy 168, 1561 Fletcher, Juanita 140,62,68,1561 Fontes, Tommy 173,1571 Fuller, Pat 140,62,64,69,1571 Gantt, Barbara 140,73,1571 Gantt, Danny 160,108,1571 Garner, Kathy 168,1571 Garvin, Kenny 148,62,108,1571 Gatlin, Agatha 11571 Garlio, Chris c4s,65,72,73,1571 Gavin, Ray 160,68,108,130,132,1571 Gibbons, Barbara 168,1571 Glidewell, Danny 165,1571 Gomillion, Allona 139,40,62,69,89,93, 1571 Grantham, Charles 163,73,155,1581 Grantham, Wayne 1671 Griffith, Lou Ann 140,49,64,72,1581 Hall, Ann 167,1581 Hall, Calvin 166,1581 Harrison, Ginger 164,1581 Harrison, John 148,158,2171 Harvey, Helen 140,49,72,1581 Hassell, Kay 140,64,158,2171 Hatcher, Marie 146,72,1581 Henegan, Pat 163,1581 Hixon, Joe 165,66,1581 Hooper, Scotty 159,63.96,1581 Hudson, Diane 165,1591 Johnson, Billy 11591 Johnson, Gloria 11591 Johnson, Patsy 11591 Kale, Ricky 160,62,108,109,115,118, 123,l26,127,154,159J Kelly, Cathy 11591 Kilpatrick, Mary Ann 11591 King, Lynda 159,62,72,74,75,1591 Kinosian, Diane 11601 Kirkland, Scott 146,47,62,78,133,1601 Lawson, Tommy 167,1601 Lee, Winola 140,62,68,1601 McDaniel, Carolyn 11601 McDaniel, Joy 119,40,47,49,52,53,70, 72,7:3,74,152,l60,165l McNeil, Danny 148,65,1601 MHCOII, Linda 140,47,69,160,164,2261 Maddox, Brenda 140,68,72,1601 Maddox, Judy 178,1601 Maddox, Larry 165,72,73,1601 Mancil, lN1ike 159,62,72,73,74,156,1601 Marler, Francie 144,46,47,63,72,1611 Meadows, Cary 165,66,1611 Michaux, Alma 11611 lN1iller, Ann 146,47,63,l611 Moody, George 165,1611 Mott, Philip 166,1611 Murphy, Pat 14o,49,52,72,74,1621 Musgrove, Gary 165,1621 Northrop, John 119,47,71,78,1621 Nowling, Eugene 11621 Odom, Donald 11621 O'Neal, Anita c62,70,72,1621 Palmer, Tom 125,G0,96,108,109,110, 12G,127,131,l32,1621 Parks, Maribel 140,47,49,62,64,72,1621 Parrish, Charlotte 11631 Patterson, Mike 11631 Phillips, Wayne 165,1631 Pittman, Martha 135,40,47,49,59,60, 72,74,96,155,1631 Pope, Marian 149,62,72,73,1631 Preston, Jake c47,52,62,63,7s,144,1631 Prevett, David 165,1631 Rabren, Shelia 162,163,1921 Radcliff, Robin 137,40,60,62,69,96, 163,211-sp Raley, Teresa 147,1631 Reaves, Wyatt 126,39,1631 Rek, Mellicent 11631 Rosen, Hannah 1164,2021 Rowell, Jimmy 165,1641 Sanders, Joe 160,127,1641 Sharpe, Diane 168,1641 Shaw, Gary 178,1641 Sikes, Margaret 119,4O,47,49,71,164, 1921 Smith, Frank 165,1641 Smith, Jimmy 160,65,66,108,134,1641 Southwell, Janet f32,35,4o,49,6o,62,64, 69,72,74,159,1651 Spencer, Ann 140,59,70,72,73,79,165, 1901 Stanley, Antara 139,40,43,46,47,52,54, 59,62,71,72,75,95,162,1651 Stuart, Andy 11651 Syler, Jimmy 168,1651 Taylor, Cathy 172,1651 Taylor, Linda 140,72,1651 Terry, Jerry 165,1651 Terry, Judy 169,72,73,166,2131 Thomasson, Bill 165,124,1661 Thompson, Stanford 146,61,72,1661 Tucker, Genna 167,1661 Vamer, Judy 162,166,1991 Veasey, Tony 167,1661 Wallace, William 159,60,108,118,121, 122,l27,129,1671 Waller, Kathy 140,78,129,1671 Wells, Mike 119,39,43,52,53,54,61,70, 95,118,121,122,129,1671 Wiggins, Diane 149,62,72,73,74,1671 Wiggins, Patricia 11671 Wiggins, Steve 133,47,59,61,78,82,96, 152,165,1671 VViggins, Susan 159,64,72,73,75,1671 Williams, Gene 159,78,1671 Williams, Sue 140,52,64,72,1671 Wooldridge, Bill 172,73,74,159,1671 Young, Nancy 140,47,49,52,61,70,72, 73,74,1671 Zeanah, Loye 143,47,49,59,64,71,78, 88, 1 54, 1671 TENTH GRADE Adams, Lynn 140,168,1971 Adkinson, Becky 164,69,72,75,1681 Allen, Cynthia 169,1681 Allen, Wayne 178,1681 Armstrong, Linda 11681 Babb, Greg 165,1681 Barrow, Brenda 140,59,68,70,72,73,741 Barton, Jimmy 1108,1681 Barton, Joe 1108,1681 Barton, Larry 178,1681 Bass, Cynthia 164,78,1681 Bass, Sally 169,78,168,2091 Bates, Charles 122,40,47,49,63,69,72, 73,74,75,1681 Beesley, Mary Allyn 1129,1681 Berry, Joseph 11681 Boles, Billy 1108,1681 Bond, Alan 11681 Boswell, Bobby 1108,1681 Boyette, Marion 140,64,1681 Bozeman, Darrell 11681 Bozeman, Thomas 1108,1681 Britt, Wayne 173,1681 Brogden, Eddie 11681 Brooms, Mack 178,1681 Brown, Nancy 11681 Bryant, Steve 1124,1681 Bullard, Bill 11681 Bullard, Judy 178,1681 Bullock, David 165,1681 Bullock, Elaine 140,1681 Bundrick, Larry 1108,124,127,1681 Bush, Lynn 149,78,1681 Carroll, Tom 152,62,78,1681 Catrett, Joyce 140,59,62,72,1681 Conger, Dan 144,45,70,72,73,74,75, 1681 Craig, Larry 1124,1681 Cross, Larry 11681 Curts, Nathan 178,1681 Dannelly, Bill 178,108,124,1681 Darby, Jeron 140,72,75,98,168,2191 Deason, Frank 173,78,1681 Dorriety, Everett 11681 Edwards, Debra 166,1681 Edwards, Michael 178,1681 Faulkner, Jimmy 148,1681 Findley, Larry 165,1681 Fletcher, Winston 140,72,73,1681 Floyd, Clayton 1108,1681 Fuller, Donna 172,75,1691 Gantt, Bill i45,52,63,73,169,2111 Gantt, Kyle 148,60,98,108,l11,112,114, 118,120,126,l27,128,134,169,2191 Garrett, Wade 11691 Givens, Ricky 11691 Greene, Huey 173,1691 Greene, Janice 164,72,75,1691 Grimes, June 140,64,69,72,1691 Grissett, Sheila 1644691 Hare, Peggy 190,1691 Hallford, Jimmy 147,58,73,1691 Harrison, Toni 11691 Helms, Joe 1118,120,1691 Henderson, Gloria 178,1691 Hicks, Sandra 164,1691 Hill, Graig 11691 Hill, Sharon 162,1691 Hodges, Evelyn 164,1691 Hogue, Dewey 148,60,62,108,1691 Horton, Kenny 160,78,97,108,1691 Jackson, Margaret 11691 Jay, Jane 149,78,1691 40 Jay, John 178,1691 Jay, Linda 172,1691 Jeffcoat, Barbara 140,62,72,75,1691 Johnson, Alan 11691 Johnson, Diane 11691 Johnson, Laymon 11691 Johnson, Raymon 11691 Jones, Bettye 11691 Jones, Gail 140,69,1G91 Jones, Susan 140,72,75,1691 Jordan, Gerald 11691 Jordan, Ronnie 11691 Keig, John 11691 King, Bill 152,1691 Kyzar, Becky 140,69,70,72,75,1G91 Lambert, Susan 164,68,1691 Lane, Jerry 1108,1691 Langford, Myra 164,69,75,1691 Lansdon, Kathy 149,1701 Leslie, Brenda 11701 Locklier, Billy 165,1701 McCord, Elizabeth 149,72,1701 McCrory, Patti 140,72,74,1701 MeDuffie, Ronnie 11701 Mack, Bill 178,1701 Mahone, Molly 149,78,1701 Martin, Hal 172,1701 Martin, rim Ami i40,7o,72,73,14,170, 2291 Matthews, Gary 11701 Merrell, Kathy 140,69,70,72,75,1981 Merrill, Mike 148,60,108,126,127,1701 Niessick, Vickie 149,58,64,1701 Miller, Devon 1108,1701 Mills, wayne 172,73,108,129,1701 Moore, Dianne 172,1701 Moore, Larry 11701 Morgan, Charles 159,71,73,1701 Moulton, Janet 140,49,62,1701 Murphy, Phillip 197,108,1701 Mullen, Pat 11701 Neese, David 11701 Norris, Rhonda 172,1701 Odom, Mickey 11701 Oswalt, Barbara 11701 Pace, Tony 11701 Peavy, Jimmy 11701 Perdue, Steve 78,1701 Petty, Gary 1108,1701 Pierson, Jerry 160,l08,1701 Pine, Mary Ann 170,78,81.981 Pippin, Angelyn 140,46,69,72,74,170, 2251 Portemont, Suzette 1170,2281 Powell, Danny 178,1701 Powell, Jerry 11701 Rabren. Eddy 1108,130,132,1701 Radcliff, Donny 198,108,1711 Raley, Hinton 11711 Rawls, Claudette 11711 Rawls, Joanne 11711 Rawls, Phillip 146.47.52,72,73,1711 Register, Cheryl 162,64,1711 Reymundo, Johnny 11711 Rodgers, Joel 159,62,127,1711 Rodgers, Joyce 11711 Rudd, Robert 172.73.74,116,1711 Sikes, Nancy 149,78.97,171,1911 Simpler. Diane,97,1711 Smith, Gail 140.52.129,1711 Spears, Bobby 165,1711 Spitaleri, Mike 148.1711 Stokes, Linda 149.159.1711 Stuart. Jo Ann 140.129.1711 Studstill. Judy 140.59,G2,l711 Slltton, Linda 11711 Taylor, Phyllis 140,46,69,70,72,75,171, 2191 Teel, Jerry 172,73,1711 Thomas, Danny 162,1711 '1 ill, Allen 147,'18,17 11 Tillman, Donnie 165,124,1711 'i1pler, Harvey 178,108,124,126,1711 Tisdale, John 1108,1711 '1omlin, Sandra 140,72,1711 Turner, Martha 11711 Varner, Jammie 11711 Walts, George 1108,1711 Walker, Malcolm 11711 Watson, Elbert Ray 11711 White, Danny 11711 White, Marshall 165,1711 White, Steve 148,1711 Ziglar, Emily 147,1711 NINTH GRADE Allen, JoAnn 140,49,64,1721 Armstrong, Bob 178,1721 Ballard, Annilois 11721 Ballard, Terri 172,1721 Banks, Betsy 135,40,72,98,1721 Barefoot, Jackie 11721 Barnes, George 11721 Barnes, William 11721 Barrow, Ben 157,99,127,1721 Bass, Benny 11721 Bass, Johnny 157,117,1721 Bledsole, Bill 11721 Bledsole, Wanda 11721 Boatwright, Bud 157,1721 Bodie, Frankie 148,57,99,117,1721 Bowman, Susan 157,69,72,77,1721 Bozeman, Steve 148,117,1721 Brannon, Buddy 157,1 17,124,125,127, 1721 Bristow, Susan 169,78,1721 Britt, Donna 11721 Brooks, Barbara 135,40,57,72,75,172, 1941 Brooks, Gary 1125,1721 Brooks, Sheila 140,57,1721 Brown, Lynne 140,49,72,1721 Brunson, David 148,1721 Brunson, Eva 140,52,57,172,2171 Bullard, Charlotte 11721 Bullard, Pam 11721 Burge, Charles 157,117,125,1721 Bush, Frankie 11721 Bush, Paula 157,78,1721 Butts, Shirley 11721 Carmichael, Asher 157,78,1721 Carpenter, Linda 164,1721 Cassady, Patsy 157,78,81,172,2171 Chapman, David 157,1721 Chappell, David 11721 Cleghorn, Gerald 11721 Cook, Norma 11721 Cooper, Teresa Ann 140,1721 Cumbie, James 178,1721 Daniel, Barbara 135,40,57,64,69,1721 Daughtry, Mike 11721 Driggers, Sylvia 11721 Eiland, John W. 157,1721 Feachen, David 1117,1721 Ferrell, Jan 157,72,75,1721 Fleming, Paul 170,78,125,1721 Fuqua, Johnny 1117,1731 Gibbons, Gary 11731 Glass, Stephen 157,78,l17,1731 Godwin, Diane 157,1731 Gregory, Debbie 157,69,78,1731 Grimes, Ted 148,1731 Grisset, Helen 164,1731 1Iall, John 11731 Hall, Shirley 172,1731 Ham, Vincent 11731 Hare, Sharon 157,91,1731 Henry, Barbara 1173,2171 Herring, Rhonda 135,40,57,64,69,72, 75,1 131 Hicks, Ben 157,1731 Iiinson, Donald 11731 liinson, Johnny 148,117,1731 Howton, Patricia 176,1731 Jackson, Mike 11731 Jay, Harriet 169,72,75,1731 Jay, William 157,1731 Jeffcoat, Diane 172,75,1731 Jerkins, Debra 11731 Johnson, Donnie 11731 Jones, Ricky 152,57,78,1731 Jones, Terry 11731 Jordan, Glenda 11731 Jordan, Paula 146,49,57,78,1731 Josey, Patricia 172,1731 Keig, Dianne 11731 King, Jimmy 157,117,125,1731 Kirkland, Jamie 157,78,1731 Lawrence, Lois 11731 LeMay, Ronnie 11731 Lisenby, Clyde 11731 Little, Betty 11731 Lord, David 157,117,1741 Lowe, Patricia 11741 McDonald, Joe 157,98,108,124,125, 1211741 McDuffie, Kathy 140,49,G4,1741 Mclnnish, Mary Anne 140,57,72,74, 1741 McNeese, George, 1125,1741 Mack, Kathy 178,1741 Maddox, Donnie 157,1741 Maddox, Jerry 11741 Martin, Gene 178,1741 Mason, Jenny 157,1741 Meadows, Mike 140,57,99,1741 Meredith, Pam 152,72,1741 Morgan, Judy 164,1741 Neese, Sue 157,1741 Nelson, Loretta 140,72,129,1741 Nichols, Judy 11741 Northrop, Evelyn 135,40,58,64,69,1741 Oliver, Larry 1117,1741 Parks, Bill 157,1741 Pelham, Al 1116,1741 Phillips, Richard 11741 Pitts, Sheryl 11741 Pope, Mike 157,117,125,1741 Powell, Andy 11741 Powell, Mike 165,1741 Pressley, Maria 169,72,174,1971 Preston, Cherry 135,40,1741 Pul'sell, Bob 1117,1741 Raley, Angeline 11741 Rawls, Lewis 148,57,117,1741 Reynolds, Mike 148,1741 Riley, Andy 11741 Rowell, Elinor 164,72,1741 Russo, Manny 178,1741 Sanders, Randall 11751 Sawyer, Tom 140,57,78,1751 Sikes, Peggy 11751 Smith, Debbie 157,1751 Smith, Sharis 152,57,69,72,75,140,1751 Spielman, Mary J. 11751 Sport, Donnie 11751 Stanley, Diane 149,57,64,72,1751 Story, Becky 140,57,69,1751 Suggs, Barbara 140,72,1751 Tatum, Brenda 135,40,57,G9,1751 Terry, Faye 157,72,75,77,1751 Thomas, Charles 11751 Thompson, Gary 11751 Till, Tamar 157,69,78,1751 Tillery, Larry 119,125,1751 Tisdale, George 157,117,1751 Tomlin, Joann 11751 Tomlin, Roney 157,1751 Tumer, Ewell 1125,127,1751 Turner, John 178,1751 Turner, Mary Lynn 135,40,57,69,72,77, 98,175,2091 Veasey, Ricky 11751 Vickery, Christina 140,57,67,1751 Wadsworth, Laura 157,1751 Waits, Christy 135,40,57,69,72,75,99, 1751 Walker, Kathy 11751 Walker, Robert 165,1751 Waller, Sheila 140,72,1751 Walls, Regina 11751 Ward, Anita 178,1751 Warren, Mary Ann 172,129,1751 Watson, Micky 157,1751 Watson, Debbie 1641 White, Becky 157,69,1751 White, Tommy 148,117,1751 Wiggins, Donnie 19s,124,125,127,175, 1971 Williams, Kathy 172,1751 Williamson, Carolyn 11751 Williamson, Brenda 140,57,1751 Windham, Alan 157,78,125,1751 Woodham, Van 1125,1751 Ziglar, Cornelia 11751 EIGHTH GRADE Adams, Al 1117,125,1761 Adams, Ann 140,57,76,77,117,1761 Ainsworth, Eva Mae 11761 Andress, David 157,117,125,1761 Andrews, Patricia 11761 Archie, Jerry 11761 Armstrong, Johnann 140,76,1761 Aughtman, Billy Ray 11761 Aughtman, Bennie Faye 11761 Bames, Roy 176,1761 Bamette, Teresa 11761 Barrow, Mike 11761 Bass, Eddie 1117,1761 Beasley, Karen 146,1761 Beck, Cathy 11761 Beesley, DeWayne 11761 Blackwell, Pete 11761 Bodiford, Dora 176,1761 Bozeman, Becky 11761 Bozeman, Craig 11761 Broughton, Adele 140,76,77,176,191, 2311 Browder, Cynthia 140,76,77,1761 Brown, Charles 11761 Bryant, Keith 11761 Bryant, Kim 1117,1761 Bullard, Mickie 176,1761 Bullock, Becky 146,1761 Bullock, Jerry 1116,1761 Bullock, Lester 1117,1761 Bush, Donna 140,52,76,1761 Butler, Rex 157,1761 Carter, Mike 11761 Cartett, Travis 11761 Chesser, Kathy 140,76,77,1761 Church, Kathy 140,76,1761 Clark, Johnnie 176,1761 Cleghom, James 11761 Coale, Kim 176,77,176,2031 Cooper, Sandra 11761 Copper, Betsy 176,77,1761 Cotton, Alan 11761 Crews, Patricia 11761 Davis, Theresa 176,77,177,1901 Dorriety, Gail 11771 Dubose, J. V. 11771 Dubose, Steve 146,1771 Dunn, Benny 1117,1771 Eddins, Eddie 1124,1771 Eiland, Joe 157,125,1771 Ellison, Althea 11771 Ezell, Diane 11771 Findley, Roy 11771 Flowers, Wanda 11771 Gantt, Lamar 146,1771 Garner, Gail 11771 Garrett, Melanie 140,76,1771 Glison, Lavon 1117,1771 Goodson, Micky 1125,1771 Grantham, Sheila 176,1771 Greene, Bernice 11771 Greene, Myrtice 11771 Griffen, Elaine 140,76,1771 Griffin, Tommy 1117,1771 Griggs, Ozie 11771 Grimes, Tommy 11771 Grissett, Danny 11771 Grissett, Diane 176,1771 Hamm, Brenda 11771 Henderson, Eugene 11771 Hobson, Norman 176,1771 Holley, Robert 176,117,1771 Hooper, Christi 140,76,77,1771 Howell, Peggy 176,1771 Hudson, Karen 11771 Hudson, Tim 1117,1771 Hughes, Greg 11771 Hutton, Jerry 176,1771 Ingram, Duane 11771 Jackson, Steve 11771 Johnson, Janet 157,77,177,2021 Jordan, Donnie 1125,1771 Jordan, Glenda 11771 King, Mel 140,76,77,1771 King, Sherman 40,76,77,177,1901 King, William 1125,1771 Kyzar, James 1133,1771 Kyzar, Jimmy 11771 Kyzar, Karen 1571 Lancaster, Kaye 140,52,53,57,76,77, 99,1771 Lawson, Joan 176,1771 Lee, Cathy 11771 Lembke, Eleanor 11781 Little, Tamara 176,1781 Livings, Sammy 123,1781 Locke, Sidney 146,1781 McCart, Larry 11781 McDuffie, Karen 11781 McGiffert, Steve 1117,1781 Mclnnish, Bill 157,116,1781 McNeese, Becky 140,178,1991 McVVhorter, Kenne 140,76,77,100,1781 Maddox, Jo Ann 140,76,77,1781 Maloy, Ann 140,76,77,1781 Miller, Tony 146,57,99,117,125,1781 Mills, Myra 140,76,77,1781 Moody, Joan 176,1781 Mott, Jimmie 11781 Mullen, Gail 140,76,1781 Nall, Denny 11781 Newman, Mike 157,100,117,125,1781 Norman, Jeff 11781 Norrell, Louis 158,117,1781 Pace, Cheryl 11781 Palmer, Mary Evelyn 140,52,76,1781 Parks, Charlie 11781 Perrett, Lee 11781 Pierce, Marlon 11781 Portamont, Kathy 176,1781 Powell, Lenora 11781 Ptomey, Nancy 199,1781 Rahren, Freeda 176,77,1781 Rabren, Margo 140,76,1781 Raley, Don 11781 Reaves, Marcia 140,76,77,1781 Reeves, Dana 176,1781 Register, Martha 11781 Rodgers, Brenda 11781 Rolling, Linda Gail 11781 Rolling, Patricia 11781 Russell, Beverly 176,1781 Russell, Ricky 152,58,19,117,178,2181 Sanders, Gail 140,76,77,1781 schnfi, Linda 176,1781 Scott, Frances 124,1871 Selfridge, Susan 11781 Sharpe, Darrell 11781 Simmons, Dozier 173,76,116,1781 Sizemore, David 11781 Smith, Hoke 1117,125,l781 Smith, Janice 11791 Sport, Linda 11791 Straughn, Gail 176,77,1791 Still, Ronnie 11791 Stokes, Mike 11791 Strickland, Bruce 1117,1791 Strickland, Wayne 1117,1791 Studstill, Susan 135,40,76,77,1791 Syler, Johnny 157,l791 Tadlock, David 146,1791 Taylor, Chris 152,179,2311 Thomas, Shirley 11791 Thompson, Shelia 146,1791 Tiller, Norman 11791 Tillery, Linda 176,1791 Tillman, Dennis 1125,1791 Trawick, Diane 11791 Tucker, Tony 11791 Varner, Laquita 176,1791 Wadsworth, Bill 11791 VValclen, Wayne 1117,1791 Whiddon, Sherry 176,1791 VVhite, Vickie 11791 Williams, Taylor 1193,1791 Wfilliamson, Ronald 11791 Wilson, Brenda 11791 VVilson, Clark 152,117,125,1791 VVilson, Curtis 1117,1791 VVilson, Malon 1l17,l25,1791 Wingard, Rex Allen 11791 Wishum, Jerry 146,1791 Worek, Terry 11791 Wyatt, Leslie Sonny 1117,125,1791 Young, Jan 176,77,1791 SEVENTH GRADE Allen, Donnie 11801 Ammons, Donna 11801 Archie, Ann 11801 Archie, Terry 11801 Baker, Angelia 176,1801 Ballard, Darlene 11801 Ballard, Gary 11801 Barnes, Marion 11801 Barton, Tim 11801 Bates, Lynn 140,1801 Beasley, Wynn 183,1801 Boatwright, Doug 183,1801 Bond, Dennis 11801 Bonner, Cindy 140,76,100,1801 Brannon, Stella 11801 Brawner, David 11801 Brogden, Jimmy 11801 Brogden, Ricky 11801 Brooks, Texanna 176,1801 Bryant, Rex 11801 Burgans, Mary 11801 Butler, Von 183,1801 Cagle, Lee 11801 Carnley, Eddie 11801 Carter, johnny 1125,1801 Cawley, Gerald 11801 Clark, jack 11801 Clatto, Mary Io 11801 Cleghorn, Barbara 11801 Curry, Donald 1125,1801 Curry, Kenneth 1125,1801 Darby, Brenda 11801 Dewrell, Dorenda 176,1801 Dickenson, George 183,1801 Dubose, Mike 183,1801 Duncan, Bobby 11801 Edgar, Judy 176,1811 Eiland, Jei-ry 1100,117,125,1811 Eiland, Jimmy 183,125,1811 Eiland, Martha 176,1811 Enzor, Lee 183,1811 Etheridge, Gail 140,7G,77,100,lsn Ezell, Jean 176,1811 Fendley, Roy 11811 Findley, Larry 11811 Findley, Steve 11811 Fletcher, Rickey 11811 Fore, Kenneth 11811 Foshee, Dewayne 11811 Franklin, Randy 11811 Freeman, Lyndell 11811 Fuller, Mel 11811 Fuqua, Kathy 176,79,1811 Gibson, Gail 140,83,1811 Gilmore, Susie 11811 Girdner, Montez 11811 Glass, Kenny 183,1811 Clisson, Carl 11811 Glisson, Debbie 140,76,18l1 Goodson, Steve 11811 Grantham, Terry 183,1811 Griffin, Diane 140,76,1811 Griffin, Gary 1100,1811 Gunter, Neil 1100,1811 Hallford, Anita 176,1811 Hallford, Linda 176,1811 Hamilton, John 11811 Hammonds, Henry 11811 Hammonds, Shelly 11811 Hart, Ronnie 11811 Hatmaker, Carolyn 11811 Hattaway, Brenda 11811 Ilayes, Gary 11811 Haynes, Wilson 183,1811 Henderson, Bobby 11811 Henderson, Clara 11811 Henderson, Frankie 183,1811 Henderson, Geneise 11811 Herring, joe Ben 11821 Hester, Clark 11821 Hill, Joan 140,76,77,100,l82,2311 Hinson, Mike 183,1821 Hitson, Barbara 11821 Hogue, Angie 140,76,1821 Holloway, Hubert 11821 Holmes, Mike 11821 Ilorton, Eric 183,125,1821 Howell, Jerry 11821 Hudson, Patsy 176,1821 Ieffcoat, Brenda 183,1821 jcrkins, Patricia 11821 Jimmerson, Lydia 176,1821 johnson, Jimmy 176,1821 johnson, Ray 11821 Iones, Bill 183,1821 Jones, Henry 183,1821 jones, Larry 11821 Jones, Richard 183,1821 jones, Susan 11821 Jordan, Brenda 11821 Kale, WVayne 1125,1821 Keig, Debra 11821 Kelley, jimmy 11821 Kelley, Patsy 176,1821 Kilpatrick, Sarah 11821 King, Sandra 176,77,1821 King, Terry 176,l821 Lalnbert, Eddie 176,1821 Langham, Melvin 11821 Lawson, Debra 11821 Linton, Ricky 11821 Linzy, Sheldon, 11821 Little, Beth c40,83,l821 Lockier, Mike 11821 Lucas, Billy 11821 McDaniel, Lesley 140,76,1821 McDonald, Bob 1125,1831 McLelland, john 11831 McWhorter, Ashton 1125,1831 Martin, Iolaine 140,76,77,183,2311 Martin, Nancy 140,76,1831 Matthews, Larry 11831 Meeks, Kathy 140,76,1831 Merrell, Lesa 140,83,183,1981 Merrill, Susan 176,1831 Messick, Pam 140,1831 Michaux, Steve 11831 Monley, Lance 176,1831 Morgan, Billy 11831 Mullins, Evelyn 183,1831 Nelson, Sue 140,76,1831 Newman, Patsy 140,76,1831 Nichols, Karen 176,1831 Oakley, Bob 11831 Odom, Danny 11831 Odom, Greta 176,1831 Odom, Jerry 11831 Odom, Levon 11831 O'Neal, Brenda 11831 O'Neal, Glenda 11831 Owens, Steve 11831 Pace, Nancy 176,83,1831 Padgett, David 183,1831 Parrish, Larry 11831 Parrish, Terry 11831 Patterson, Levon 183,1831 Pebworth, Debbie 140,7G,1831 Perdue, Barbara 11831 Phillips, Rodney 183,1831 Pierce, Lynette 11831 Piland, Virginia 11831 Pippin, Dottie 140,7G,77,183,2251 Pippin, Johnny 11831 Pitts, Gary 183,183,1251 Powell, Angelia 17G,1831 Powell, Roger 183,1831 Preston, Kathy 11831 Rabren, Donna 183,1831 Reeves, Sabra 140,83,1841 Rolling, Steve 11841 Rose, Mike 11841 Rowell, Tommy 11841 Rushing, Elaine 11841 Ryals, Deborah 176,77,1841 Sellers, Donna 11841 Shaw, Terry 183,1841 Slliver, Patricia 11841 Sikes, Susan 11841 Smith, Jimmie 11841 smyly, Al 183,1841 Snowden, Barbara 183,1841 Sowell, Ricky 11841 St. jean, Roxie Ann 176,1841 Stone, Gary 11841 Story, Lynn 11841 Stroud, Brenda 11841 Stuart, Donald 183,1841 Sullivan, Charlee 183,1841 Taylor, Bari 140,83,1841 Taylor, Glenn 11841 Taylor, Merrily 140,83,184,1891 Teal, Shirley 176,77,1841 Thagard, George 183,1841 Thomas, Marsha 11841 Thomasson, Cynthia 176,1841 Thrash, Chet 11841 Tillman, Jeff 1125,1841 Tompkins, Vickie 176,1841 Tubberville, Larry 11841 Turner, Becky 140,83,1841 Tumer, Terry 11841 Tyler, Mike 11841 Walker, Annie Maude 11841 VVallace, Ricky 11841 Waller, Buddy 183,1841 Weaver, Billy Ray 11841 VVhicldon, Debra 176,1841 White, Ierry 183,1841 Wiggins, Mike 11841 Windham, Donna 176,1841 1967 MEMOLUSIA Editorial Staff MR. CURTIS THOMASSON PEGGY KING MARY EMMA POSEY FACULTY ADVISOR EDITOR-IN-CHIEF LAYOUT EDITOR EMILY ALBRITTON LOYE ZEANAH ROGER WALKER COPY EDITOR PICTURE EDITOR STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHER GENERAL PERSONNEL SPORTS INTRODUCTION Theresa Allbritton ,..7,,I, Antara Stanley or FACULTY Margaret Sikes ,777.... Candy Bozeman ..I..... ACTIVITIES Lois Adderhold oooo, Nancy Bennett o.toooo, ORGANIZATIONS Sue Iones ,, .I7.t,,o.. .. Becky Kyzar ....,,. .. 77o,. L Stephanie Stanley ,....,o. Anita OlNeal . ,o,7,,7 t,7o, Brenda Barrow ,. ,oot, FEATURES Amy Russell oo,t7, Layouts Copy Layouts Copy C o7..,. Layouts I Copy Copy Copy Layouts C o,oo, Layouts Layouts Editor Nancy Hair F ,o..,..,....., Assistant Editor Mary Ann Martin 7 Assistant Editor In Appreciation To: Mr. lim Owen ..o, Our Paragon Press Representative Tri-State Studios of Enterprise Our Professional Photographers Virginiais Studio of Opp Our Featurels Photographer John Northrop Charles Morgan STUDENT BODY Carol Campbell Ann Spencer ,sss,... Alice Utsey ,,o.,, , Molly Faulk 7 Phyllis Taylor ,o..,oos ADVERTISEMENTS Nancy Young C Joy McDaniel oo,o F .oss C Editor Assistant Editor . ,soss.,,. Editor so s,ss, Layouts , ,s,. Pictures Pictures Copy Editor Assistant Editor Mary Evelyn NVaits oss. Assistant Editor SECRETARIES jane Rodgers rto,,, Iatricia Cotton ooo.s Betty Searcy oors,. ART WORK Aurelia Scherf ,s.,,s PHOTOGRAPHY Typist Typist Typist Artist Mike NVells s,oo Assistant Photographer Dan Conger ,,so Assistant Photographer The Business Staff s,s.o,os, Our Yearbook Co-VVorkers Mrs. I. H. Greene o,o.,oo,, Our Business Staff Advisor Mr. Murray King,os, Our Understanding Principal and the Faculty .,,.,....o,,o,,o,,or.s,,.., Our Patient Friends WM QQQEHXESQNQ, , Qu L WQWF2x4 m V 4 LH wwxsi 1a l Q J 1 1 3 2 O 255 5 s 3

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