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Andalusia High School - Memolusia Yearbook (Andalusia, AL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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non an as 1"'l R' 1 va- V+ M ex t fs! X' . A - .. ' 5 N: .1 NQ F' 2 'iii ,, ixj. 13451 Memolusia 1 95 7 I, "ii gkrw AT..,N:-f -.N .A ,.. 'I TRN- -.:"- ' " .W A-. :M -'-. 4 N'-'-., 5 'M-.MA .sn -.. -,42':n..,v - - -. -.. .T -..,,Q'-'-4,,': .Tw TT fi-nf.: f -..-., if A-,lv -Q- , .- ..,.c.-!' X' , . Afiilf' I '9 fix. llll . 5555 ANDALUSIA HIGH SCHOOL Andalusia, Alabama CAROLYN BRAY CAROLYN MAY Co-Editors-in-Chief DORINDA DUGGAN ' , fBusiness Manager Table of Contents This Is Oar Town This Is Oar School This Is Uar Lyfe This Was Oar Lyfe In Memory' Faculty Classes Urganizations Sports Features Patrons Alma Mater Andalusia, our dear mother, 'Tis to thee we sing. Our true love and fond allegiance Ever we shall bring. CHORUS Thru the years, dear Alma Mater, This shall be our aim Always, ever to endeavor To honor thy fair name. Memories of happy school days Linger in each heart. Friendship's bond we ne'er shall sever Tho' we soon must part. Tho' we'11 tread life's separate pathways In the years to be This our pledge, dear Alma Mater, We'1l be true to thee. I Q , 'hll This I5 Uur Town Gas Company 'if 'r-v -mr Court House Ln.. C3 De Soto explored Covington County in his conquest, and the Spanish established a little settlement on the Conecuh River which came to be known as Montezuma. People from Georgia and the Carolinas flocked in after a Federal law of 1836 ordered all Indians to be moved west of the Mississippi. when the floods of the Conecuh and Patsaliga Rivers brought disaster and disease to Montezuma in 1841, the County Seat was moved to a place safe on the watershed. It was first called "New Site" and then "Anda1usia. " Andrew Jackson notched a trail enroute to New Orleans which is identified today with "East and South Three-Notch Streets" in Andalusia. Our town in the deep South is noted for its beautiful ,-..iank:.e-md-27"-.'-P M George Barns' Home rf homes and flowers, modern plants, and factories. t , sfo 1 x 1,.S'l"Q First Methodist Church Tufnefg This Is Our School In 1902 the first brick school was built in Andalusia on the present East Three-Notch Elementary School site. Before this, classes had been held in churches and small frame buildings. The tenth school to be accredited in Alabama by the Southern Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges was Andalusia High School now East Three Notch School built in 1914 Church Street School was built in 1921 and served as the high school until 1938 when the present building was con structed The latest addition to the school system in Andalusia is the h1gh school annex bu11t in 1955 .-,sf Annex Stadium This I5 Um Li e V S pend-the-night parties 0 23 Mfg. , . a'--- . These 'happiest days' of our lives are filled with many things. . . Studying A Qi Dating Drug store Working on cars 5 X Mailing letters Talking on the telephone X i gs -ggi Going steady ZX, ff X 1 - 1 IKM Sleepm BZZZ id. Must be s1x o C10 xl Workmg Q' ,fff ' QA Miss Homecoming A I Fr Sidney I une This Was ur Li e f 1 Billy Ray ku fu, X . - ' 'J' muh., M., 41 V - um. A. Sylvia Q President of Senior Class The Twins Student Council President Pe ggy Sue g-74 Donald Ray Nihmt. Win 'dll EQ' 671 K vfl Dan Miss Andalusla 'il l Jeanette ln-J YYY' Kenneth .af Easter Elizabeth Blame I a.I ' 614-rf -'. 'f v-R111 4:1 g . , v e W- -v V 4 I H - f -f--"'v-sr1j""w,- 5 T1 ff'-fu Q T . " Y , N Af ,Vai A L' .A .rv - - , h - h . . ' . .T K.-,,...-nr-an-14 R ln sincere appreciation of his 4. deivotloii to theinteaesrs ofhndalusirs young 1 A we dedicate the 1967 Memolmia in xmiinory of' Mr."Walter Francis Latimer, Sr. ... ja- This dedication expresses only a small part of our admiration and love for a person whom we shall always remember with grate- ful hearts. Among the many worthwhile projects which he helped promote is the Youth Center, a symbol of his untiring efforts to provide recreational facilities for the boys and girls of our community. Kit' AA' f .H A. r... X. fn- mw .' 4, 4-'J' .- is 'r 1 , . -.,,.:-.,.w- .a..... A rf' Y 1 I I 2 K xs, as 9' -I 1 -' 1 .pl iv- r ' X , 'i I - 'A 'yn .ff , 1 A A Administration --4 -, '- at MR J H JOHNSON MRS W H JONES Supermtendent Secretary Cit Council 'Y Left to rlght I R UTSEY G A SIKES H H LANE,I F COLQUETT MAYOR LELAND ENZOR W H BALDWIN ax 5, . Board of Education -1-1 ,ui-.ul v A HI I-, Front row left to Ilghl MR, E A RAY MR, L E BROWN MR,J V BELL Back row MR,I H JOHNSON MFL M I NEWBERRY MR, O L THAGARD JR, MRS GRA DY ELMORE Secretary 5"w.,4""55 - MR. JAMES A WILSON Pr1nc1pa1 41 17 -'G 1 A vu-.-If it MR, TYE ADAMS, Alabama College, B,S, 3 MR, JAMES A, ARMBRUSTER, Murray State, B. S. 5 MRS, GLENN AVANT, Troy State Teachers College, Miss ELLEN BARROW, Huntingdon, A.B.g ,Q-an. lm MRS, R, L, BAUGH, LaGrange College, 9 A. B. 3 MR, JAMES E. BAXTER, Troy State Teachers College, B. S. MR, HENRY GOODLETT, Troy State Teachers College, B. S. 5 MRS, J, IPLGREENE Troy State Teachers College, B. S., MRS. C. R. HARBIN. A if CTX 4 l val. 4. I . . ' X MRS. I. BRANTLEY, Draughns Business College, MISS J, CANNON, Alabama College, A. B.g MRS, C. H, CHAPMAN, University of Virginia, M, A., MR. GRADY ELMORE, Jacksonville State Teachers College, B.S. MISS MILDRED HART Alabama College B.S., MR, FOYL C, HUDGINSg MR, DEWEY M, JOHNSON, University of Alabama, A.B., M.A. MISS MERILYN JONES, Alabama College, B. M. 5 MRS, JACK MCGOWIN, Alabama College, A. B. g MR, JEFF MOORER, University of ,XlLIlJLil'IILi, A. B. 'R- Y W'-vt ' MISS MARGARET H. SESSOMS, Emory University, M.ofLib.g MISS P, SEYMOUR, "' 79 Alabama College, A, .- -.- , B., Miss A. R, SIM- , MONS, Alabama ' coiiege, B.S.g Miss A pf' ANNALEE SIMMONS, t f Huntingdon, A,B. I QV. ID. .xg ,,, ,i MR, CHARLES NORRIS, Troy State 6-"Y -- -v Q. 1 wry Teachers College, B. S. 3 MRS, H, A, PAGE, University of A labama, B. S. 5 MR, LACEY Ii, POWELL, Troy State Teachers College, B.S. ei-3 'VT' MISS PATRICIA WATSON, University of Alabama, M, A. g MR, JAMES A. WILSON, University of Alabama, M. A. g MR, JAMES A, YOUNG, University of Alabama, M. A. A A121 1 4 I. K' Q-1' MISS CLYDE SIMMONS, Huntingdon, A. B. g MRS, MARILYN W, SWARINGEN, Auburn Polytechnic Institute, M. A. 1 MISS JUDY TANKERSLEY, Auburn Polytechnic Institute, B. S. gg- Q. -.3 , ,I 1 : j" The Human Side Jw .M . ,, Tfgilb rf QQX Q1 bf :As 51'v',A NM-111. I 5 if " it 9 3 3, Qs! 0. 14? zqbgqtwn Cel! f n Ha 1 ulrffir ll U 1g,J 1. ., ' I - ' ,. 'K- .... . ,. A ,4" . QM. I A ,'-Q5 A f Vg-I ' I:-,s sl- A . g ,IJ ' 4. 5. 4 X Q -u'. -1 ' I A A I' I 5 , 'rl' , I -I , S J, 1 , gi 1, 4:3 - s ." . V , I ,154 Q' , A-ir I, ,A . , '-.aff--s5.g.,4g'-wwf B . . 'D ' 0' ., V ,t:3T'5f ' 5:37 ' iv "J 5:0 !wl "73""'-::"" "" - sf ' L' -' , 'I , , A ,t 1' l'3",5f" "VU, . I 2- ' -vt .rqfinil : , . -1 ,1'.'- 4JNi'.' n ,s F, 'Jkt' .t'i,,r':l W , r '-.IK ..' 1 'D I ,IS4 Midnight snack IH. .I H Young love? Y! Grading papers? ,rfw-arf fN,,, "f::::::r , www-f O' xl 5 -P ,X .-Pwr, fy. - .-v' ' 14" . ff ' U A ,ff I .. A I j L., Q JOE SHELLEY SHIRLEY CAROLYN BELL BLACK BLACK BRAY ff' ,Q Jw Q 1 JACQUELINE DELORSE RONNIE DOYLE BULLOCK BUSBEE CASE CASSADY U 4. A 0 ,4 'Z-Q L Seniors " was Qu, 1' 4 ,vi 'Sinha X I 1 MR. DEWEY JOHNS ON WA LTER LATIMER Vice President - - - - - ELAINE KELLY H ENRY MCELREA TH HARMON PROCTOR 1""f' 'i LOMAX SKIPPER CA ROLYN CASSADY CATON CLARK Y Th VONCILE DA VIS 4? DEMOND EA ST ER DORINDA JOHN EA RL DONA LDSON DREA DING DUGGAN DUGG AN 53,3 1"A up 'lg 19" ,CF C'-' If V 1' 'WK BILL EATON f PEGGY MARGARET ANN WAYNE EILAND ELMORE EUBANKS 195 cv' -f -M Ch MARY .IO DEANNA PATRICIA MARVIN FLOWERS FORD GANUS GOGGENS Cf", ?k ar' R'- N JUNE LEE CLIFF DONALD RAY GRIGGS HARRIS HOLMES HUTCHESON 'K ,sv V' 'X 'T Lv! my f' LA RRY JIMMY EL X INF JOEL JONES KELFEE KI LLY KING T an F' 41 5,1 w::""" ,J ...J WA LTER ANNE JIMMY LA VONIA LATIMER LINDSEY LINDSEY MACON fu 21? ' ti? Qin Q56 I ,vgx 41" f aux K T E- sv Ir - 'U ,V 61:3 f ,J 3 JEANETTE BILLY DONNIE MAX MADDOX MANCIL MANCIL MATHEWS ,yi qs I? .AAO HENRY MARY EMMA H XZEL EFF MCELREATH MOATES NORRIS O NI: XL :fix is 'N '75 Q 'Qt an af' EN VON EDDIE RONALD PIERCE POLSON POPE POSEY ,U ffl. 1 f mf' SY LVIA PAT H ARMON SIDNEY POUN D POWELL PROCTOR RAWLS ww., 'VS K-1 JY, -.1 DODIL IANICE CAROLYN ERNESTINE SCHERI' SI-IIVER SMITH SPICER ,Z 15' x Q ELIZABETH DAN PATRICIA EDDIE STRAUGHN STUDSTILL SUMMERLIN T 'XYLOR K '95 11' MA RY SUE PEGGY MARY BILLY RAY TEEL TUCR ER W ARD RN ILSOIN f -1 .' x A xli-ill If if Q A p Class 1957 GLENDA ANGELINE KENNETH WILSON WOOD HART Semor Dzrectory JOE BELL Key Club Juruor Play SHELLEY BLACK FHA Tr1 H1 Y Vrce Pres1dent Beta Club Athletrc Assoc1at1on Memolusla Ed1 tonal Staff SHIRLEY BLACK Andy H1 Ltte Busrness Manager Beta Club FHA Trl H1 Y Athletlc Assocration CAROLYN BRAY MCm0lUSl3 Edltorral Staff Art Edrtor Co Edrtor rn Chref Andy H1 Lrte Assxst ant Ed1tor Inter Club Comrcrl Sen1or Glee Club Lrbrary Club Secretary Jumor Glee Club Beauty Favorlte Southeastern Press Instltute Flor1da State Unrverslty Pep Club Semor Homecomlng Mald Art Comrruttee Chalrman Iunror Semor Prom IACQUELINE BULLOCK FHA Trl H1 Y Song Leader Momtor Glee Club Socral Chau man Inter Club Councrl Andy l-Il L1te Iuruor Class Play Bobcatechisno Staff lntermedrate Dramatrcs Club RONNIE CASE Student Councrl Boys State Varsrty Swlmmlng De Molay DOYLE CASSADY D O Club Vice Presrdent Reporter Key Club LOMAX CASSADY Key Club Student Councrl Treasurer Alabama Assocxatxon of Student Coun c11 Southern Associatron of Student Councrl SKIPPER CATON Iunror Honor Soc1ety Student Councrl A Club Basketball Baseball Football Co Captain Monrtor Key Club Outstandxng Semor CAROLYN CLARK FHA Treasurer Trl I-ll Y Lrbrary Club Treasurer Pep Club Girls State Lrbrarran VONCILE DAVIS Anchor Club FHA Trl H1 Y Student Councrl Secretary Glee Club Cheer leader Momtor Sen1or Honor Society Inter Club Councrl Student Councrl Work Shop Juruor Honor Soc1ety Outstandrng Sen1or DEMOND DONALDSON Football A Club Key Club DO Club EASTER DREADING Junror Honor Society FHA Trl Hi Y Sen1or Honor Soc1ety DORINDA DUGGAN FHA Glee Club Trr H1 Y Memolusra Busrness Staff Manager Anchor Club Junior Play JOHN EARL DUGGAN Football Jumor Play Boys State Basketball Momtor Glee Club Pep Club Basketball Baseball Track A Club Letter 1ngComm1ttee Key Club Pres1dent State Conventxon May Day Court Shop Club Out standrng Semor PEGGY EILAND Juruor Honor Soc1ety Secretary FHA Secretary Glee Club Memolusra Busrness Staff Senior Honor Socrety Presxdent Lrbrary Club Anchor Club Grrls State Edrtonal staff Typtst Good Crtrzenshrp G1r1 Outstandmg Semor MARGARET ANN ELMORE Trampoline Team Beta Club Jumor Entre Nous Study Club Cheer leader Anchor Club Memolusra Busmess Staff Andy H1 L1te Staff WAYNE EUBANKS Pep Club Library Club MARY IO FLOWERS FHA Trl H1 Y Andy H1 L1te Make up Edltor Anchor Club Student Councrl Student Councrl workshop Junror Honor Society Grrls State Lrbrarian Pep Club DEANNA FORD FHA Song Leader Parliamen tarran Glee Club Robe Chairman Monitor Pep Club Trl Hl Y , I 11, xy -.- , DELORES BUSBEE - FHA, Song Leader: Tri-Hi-Y, BILL EATON - Football, "B" team, Co-Captain: PAT GANUS FHA Trl H1 Y MARVIN GOGGINS Shop Club Vlce Presldent Llbrary Club JUNE GRIGGS FHA Trl H1 Y LEE HARRIS Football Baseball Band KENNETH HART Pep Club Monltor Llbrary Club CLIFF HOLMES Basketball Baseball Track Foot ball Key Club A Club Boys State Student COLlI1Cll Outstandlng Senlor DONALD RAY HUTCHESON Basketball Usher Club key Club Memolusla Bus1ness Staff Andy H1 Llte Boys State Jun1or Play A Club Baseball Track LARRY JONES Basketball Key Club Baseball Monltor Shop Club JIMMY KEEFFE DO Club ELAINE KELLEY Student Councll VICE Presldent Parllamentarlan SHSCConvent1on workshop Andy H1 Llte FHA Pl'CSldCIll FHA Conventlon Junlor Honor Soclety Trl H1 Y Monltor Band Anchor Club Glrls State Vlce Presldent of Semor Class Outstand1ngSen1or SCIIIOI' Honor SOCICIY JOEL KING Monltor Boys State Memolusla Busl ness Staff A Club Football Football Manager Nw ALTER LATIMER Presldent of Sen1or Class Key Club Monltor Outstand1ngSen1or Junlor Play Memolusla Buslness Staff Inter Club Councll Jun1or Honor SOCIETY A Club Football Basket ball Boys State ANNE LINDSEY Zeta Kappa Phl Sororlty Glee Home Ec Club VICE Presldent of Home Room Trl H1 Y Red Cross Usher Club Monltor JIMMIE LINDSEY Glee Club Shop Club Secretary Treasurer J11n1or Baseball Junlor Basketball Varslty Basketball LAVONIA MACON FHA DO Club JEANETTE MADDOX FHA Treasurer Trl H1 Y Treasurer BILLY MANCIL Usher Club Key Club A Club Baseball DONNIE MANCIL Key Club MAX MATHEMS Junlor Honor Soclety Key Club Treasurer A Club Andy H1 Llte Sports Edltor Junlor Play Momtor Football Basketball Boys State CAROLYN MAY Jun1or Honor SOCICIY Student Councll Momtor FHA Secretary Sen1or Honor SOCISIY Usher Club Anchor Club Secretary Memolus1a Edltorlal Staff Co Ed1tor ln Chlef Red Cross COLl1'lC1l Jun1or Glee Club HENRY MCELREATH Student Councll Jun1or Play Basketball Captaln Track A Club Jun1or Honor Soclety Junlor Class Presldent Senlor Honor SOCIBIY Treasurer Semor Class Secre tary Outstandlng Sen1or Key Club Usher Club MARY EMMA MOATES FHA Vlce Presldent Anchor Club Cheerleader Trl H1 Y Beauty Student Councll Senlor Honor SOCICIY Vlce Presldent May Day Court Junlor Play Glee Club Memo ll.Bl3 BUSIHCSS Staff Outstandlng Sen1or HAZEL NORRIS Glee Club FH-X DO Club Secretary JEFF ONEAL Football Co Capraln Track key Club Treasurer Vlce Presldent -1nnualConxen tlon A Club ll'l1Il3IlOII COIIIIIIIIICC Momtor May Day Court VON POLSON DO Club Reporter Glee Club Pep Club Inter Club COl.1I'lCll A Club DO South eastern Dlstrlct Treasurer Football Track Basket ball Baseball EDDIE POPE Student Councll Momtor Band Memo lusla Buslness Staff Junlor III Class VICE Presldent RONALD POSEY Key Club Boys State Pep Club Basketball SYLVIA POUNDS Andy H1 L1te News Ed1tor Ed1tor FHA Parllamentarlan Trl H1 Y Usher Club Sec retary Junlor Honor SOCICIY Memolusla Buslness Staff Asslstant Buslness Manager Glee Club Anchor Club MOHIIOI Junlor Play Southeastern Journallsm Conventlon Senlor Honor SOCICIY PAT POWELL Student Councll FHA Parllementarlan Tr1 H1 Y Usher Club Cheerleader Homecomlng Mald Jun1or Honor Soclety Glee Club Jun1or Play Pep Club Andy H1 L1te Junlor H1 News Edltor HARMON PROCTOR Junlor Honor Soc1ety Band Football Basketball Student Cou11c11 Good Cltlaen sh1p Boy Senlor Class Treasurer Key Club A Club Jumor Play Semor Honor SOCICIY Outstand mg Sen1or SIDNEY RAWLS 4 HClub Secretary FFA Treasurer Beta Club DODIE SCHERF Memolus1a Buslness Staff Band Stu dent Councll Presldent Trl Hl Y Band Councll Majorette Cheerleader MOHIIOI Anchor Club Semor JANICE SHIVER Trl H1 Y FHA Glee Club CAROLYN SMITH FHA Trl H1 Y Glee Club ERNESTINE SPICER Student COUDCII Junlor Honor Soclety Presldent Senlor Honor Soclety Secre tary Anchor Club Secretary Presldent Glee Club Memolusla Edltorlal Staff Glrls State Junlor Class VICE Presldent Jun1or Play Momtor MISS Home comlng Outstandlng Senlor ELIZABETH STRAUGHN FHA Trl Hl Y Junlor Red Cross Glee Club DAN STUDSTILL Key Club Football A Club Band PAT SUMMERLIN Student COl1I'lCll FHA Treasurer Presldent Cheerleader Junlor Honor Soclety Semor Honor SOCICIY Anchor Club Momtor Head Mom tor Beauty Outstand1ngSen1or Trl H1 Y Secre tary Andy H1 L1te Feature Ed1tor EDDIE TAYLOR Boys State Football Glee Club Basketball Track Baseball Pep Club Momtor A Club SUE TEEL Cheerleader Pep Club FHA Trl Hl Y Glee Club Secretary Treasurer Favorlte PEGGY TUCKER FHA DO Club MARY WARD Junlor Red Cross Trl H1 Y Glee Club Memolusla Edltorlal Staff typlst Pep Club BILLY RAY WILSON Football Track Key Club A Club Basketball Baseball Student Councll Out standlrlg Senlor GLENDA WILSON FHA Llbrary Club DO Club ANGELIINE I-.OOD JUDJOK Red Cross Trl H1 Y Presldent Band C0l.lIlCll Head Inter-Club Councll Pep Club - - I l, .- ' , in ,, , .. . . Q . i ' 9 . ' - ' - , : : ' i " " ' : - - ':" " : , ' - ' F F - ' ' 2 : : - - : ' : ' . g , I - : : : - - 'J ' : : - : 2" " : ' : ' ' g ' ' ' , 'F ' F ' - - ' : ' : : - : : . , : - 4 . 5 ., - .-. v . I I 3 ' Q ' : ' :" " : : , ' ' Q '- '- g , '- I F . . Z . . '- : z : , ' ' : : ' : . : ' : ' : - .' , , ' - .3 i . . . . , , y 9 .- .- 5 i : . '- ' 9 . ' , ' : ' : ' ' ' : : ' ' 5 ' ' : '- '- z ' s : : '-' : ' ' ' . : ' ' : ' ' I ' - ' ' : : 1 ' ' :' ' ' . : 9 ': "' - - ' : ' : ' '- ' s ' : :" " G" " G I . : ' 5 ' ' ' : - , I . . S . . h ' : ' : ' ' : ' : - - , : . . . : - - .1 U ' ' 2" " : : - ' - ' ' : s' - : ' . '. ' a '- '- : ': - ' ' : A : : A : : Club? Wl'iI6l'S' Club. SCCICIHIY. Vice Pl'6SiCl6fll: Girls' State: Senior Honor Society: Outstanding : ' ' 5 ' . '- '- : : 1 ' . - '- '- 5 g , ' S' 1 - - : '- '- : . : ' : ' s - 'g ' . . . l . : . . , - ' I - : , ' . ' : : - y i .- .- , . . . S . , 1 . - ' ' : ' : ' : ' - - : 2" " : ' g ' ' . ' - ' ' I , - : :" " : :" " : '- ' . ' : . ' : ' : : : ' - A: . . - - , P : , . S, . - . . F . 3 g . ' .- ': ' : , : ' : : A ' : '- '- . - ' : : . : : '-' . ' . ' ' ' - ' ' " ' ' I - ' : : : 'S ' - : : : : ' : ' - ': ' : " " . I ' 2 2" " I ' - : : : '- '- : ' : ' ' I ' , , : ' . ' - I A ' - : . : ' ' : : . - ' g '- '- 5 - . ' ' : : ' ' ' . ' : . : : '- '- : : '- : : :" " ': ' ' ' . ' ' : : : : A: - : ' : : - ' ' . ' ' 3 ' ' . - : ' : . - : .: ' .' - . ' ' - ' 2 '- '- . ' - . - " : "1 ' ' ' : '. : - , . " " :. ' - ': . V' vi, Y !"g.1dl , 4 I 45, L ,J ,i Angehne Mary Jo Delores Pat Powell Memolusla 0- 1 . x N Doyle e 7 Jamce B111y and Donrue C0 Edltors in Chlef .Fla V ' -xx J ff ' r 4 , V. ' 11 2 . -. A, I' C' 1 1 5' , I .3 A ' 3' '- . 'Z ,Hi 'QQ 4 f , xi 4 R , V.. ,Y Q ,Y HK ., f " .A , V , -' - I 1 8, 1 . ' 1 A 'I .q-.- 1 'TJ-nl 9 045 K f 1 Xffftsx , "" ' Elias J Q lxlffl I 1 ,I I 4.45 1, 4 -4 Q Y J- , I 11 W- fa ,..-4 -vin ve' ' - ' ' X w ' - :sw . - 5:-2 1' 'f' 1'j4':-vf2ff'n'f'f v-I ll L K . . AA M, A grxf V, ,. A U H . Q ' Q, " - - .Lur- ' I , , ihninxilxsvnw-.-na..-u...v vl' lv 1 - iiiiiiii-ann-can--up.-u..L, R , Rh .V MMA.,-A 1 . CQCSIQCCQCD-liililllllhllilf 'l.--. lull! A qv Y Y, - -D231--15311 f I . , W- ,-,, ,A , , V Y T , W v 111431111 :- -,u- L, K 1 1111-:anus-4.w'---2 -.-, - M . in K., ri - . . . 1 L ginnniucf .. , d,?,,,, YW , , , J 5 - 1 ,-' ul -I- xl . ,,Il1fl.1,.-':l.LJ J. .. - I MARY L. ALBRITTON BOBBY ARMSTRONG ROGER ATCHESON SHIRLEY BA SS JUDY BENTON CHARLIE BLACKMON MELANIE BLALOCK JAMES BOSWELL RONALD BOWEN LELAND BOWMAN BARBARA BOZEMAN JO ANNE BRANNON KATHERINE BROUGHTON DAVID BROWN I-4,9 JIMMY BRUCE EA RNESTEEN BRYANT 5, JAMES BULLOCK CLAYTON CAMPBELL PATRICIA CARTER TOMMY CARTER PATSY CARROLL PAT CARROLL BARTHYNE CASSADY JERRY CATON DARWIN CHAPMAN MOLLIE CHARLES GAYLE CREECH ERMA NELL COLLINS LYNDA DARBY RICHARD DA VIS .Q. f: gf.3'v-' I -1,-A -x L 'x X -'T 1'-v ' 1 4 if xr 4' "pf .f Ns 'W Q l EQ 5 x .nufil 1? wvx 1L""" 5 L- 5 ADEQ 'Z l Q f"N E' -'E' A ,AL I MAJORIE DIXON , 4.- fx REX EvERs A PAUL FLOYD ,V X . , 5 AE A Og. ,A 1-. Vw 1-s :fx JANICE EORE - " v- DANITZA GARRASON V MERLE GIDDENS I r-'E "T, ' 'Y' JT JEANETTE GOMILLION JOHN GREENE JIMMY GRIMES Q6 Eq. . - . rw IEANETTE HALL WAYNE HARP 5' LANETTE HART '47 DON HASSELL GEORGIA MAE HOWELL B.. 6 X ANDREA JOHNSON .,f- -9 AE r-'I' QMJ A 1 , V vy- Z' wil A 1 Q I v X If I 'U' Kf- 9 ,Q LARRY JOHNSON JIMMY JONES LANA JONES MARGARET JONES STANLEY KIERCE BETTY ANN KIMBROUGH BYRON LAMBERT IACQUELINE LANKFORD HARRIET MADDOX BUDDY MCGOWIN JANE MCGOWIN CAROLYN MOORE KENNETH NICHOLS CURTIS NORTON LENORA O'NEAL if 1:- ,-4 'ip' 2:2 TS ,- ff' 119 JC' fx W 5 'ltr 4 vo, f r ,- Eli J 'iv W- an E- as gf-at R.. 5 X W A-. .IOHNNY OWENS LULU PATRICK FAYE PATTERSON IANICE PATTERSON CAROLINE PELH.-XM ANNETTE POWELL TRAVIS PRUETT FERROLYN RALEY SUSAN RAWLS LUCY DEIL REID JO ANN ROGERS OPHELL-X RUSSELL RUBY SANDIFORD CAROLYN SMITH JIMMY SMITH fo, N if BOBBIE soRRE1,Es ,. DAN STRAUGHN 1 KATHEMNE TIMMERMAN ' M4 MARY ATHA TIMMERMAN Q H, at 1- CHARLES TURNER Q 5 ' if , , ' , JOHN vlcx - .. 1, ,N sw ' E 4 NORMA JEAN WATLEY LT ' GAIL w1GG1Ns CHARLES w1LL1,xMs , ' C N. JO WILSON JOAN WISHUM w ROGER YOUNG I. 115 'N G arf' G' S J Senior I ..l1s, First row, left to right: C. Anderson, R. Merrill, M. Snowden, B. Hansford, M, A, McCraw, D. Giddens, P. I. Hutcheson, H. Lambert, B. Williams, H. Carter, Second row: M. J. Prestwood, F. Avant, G, Jones, S. Lee, A, Weed, K, Barton, C, Henley, B. Grimes, J. Peterson. Third row: R. Saunders, J. Taylor, B. Kilpatrick, M. Hornsby, N. Riley, AL, Bradley, J. Enzor, L. S. Tyson, Miss A. R. Simmons. Senior I sl -4 X" A mimi First row, left to rightg D, White, A. Cook, D. Pelham, G. Kendrick, A. Gibson, B. Campbell, J. Meredith, T. Hattaway, B. Rawls. Second row: P. Crowell, D. Jay, T. O'Nea1, H. G. Ziglar B. Powell, J. Turner, E, Barnes, B, Hand, P. Godwin, J. Billings, D. Martin. Third row: Mr. Baxter, W. King, D. Miller, R. Smith, I. Miller, I. Sutton, V. Hurst, C. Ward, G.Hooper, M. Lawson, D. Lawson. 'W bk Junior III .QT T u 1..... . ,.i1..-, First row, left to right, J. Cooper, M, Mason, L, Purdy, M, Kendall, S, Merrill, J. Register, T, Stickney, D, Sims, B, Albritton, Second row, J, Jeffers, G, Barton, K, Bush, J, Fuller, R, Everage, P, Brooks, J. W, Norris, Mrs, Chapman, J, Webb, Third row: M, Carter, W, Lee C, Sturgis, G. Bulger, B, Dreading, J, Wilson, S, Tucker, L, Rogers, J, Watley, R, Rutledge, J. Blackmon. funior III N! First row, left to right: E, Dorman, G, Robinson, D. Evans, R. Harris, C. Wilson, J, A, Watts, H. Studstill, B, Merrill, K, Cook, S, Stephens, Second row: K, Bell, V, Rawls, R. Butler, G, Ward, S. Norris, M. Brogden, Miss Watson, J, Barton, J, Russell, Third row, P, Neese, J, Foshee, K, Marcellus, A, Patterson, P. Tisdale, E. Mills, B. Rue, J. Shivers, J, Maddox. ...- Junior III 114 Q "' 'Ti' lx 'ie . if ' First row, left to right: B, Fuller, A, Johnson, J, W, Bundrick, J. Johnson, T, Floyd, M, S, Vick, L, Blackman, M, Dubose, R, Chisum, Second row, R, Anderson, M, Mathews, W, Culpepper, M, Merrill, D. Rowell, M, Rabren, J, Godwin, J, Wiggins, Mrs, McGowin. Third row, J, Nichols L, Smith, D, Rawls, J, Teel, T, Little, R, Pate, B, Maddox, B, Kendrick, Junior II ZA First row, left to right, R, Bowman, D, Straughn, H, Wells, J. A, Billings, C. Barnes, C, Crowell, F, Rentz, F, Edwards, S. Pruitt, Second row: M, King, L, Ryland, G, Bundrick, A, Jackson, R. Hall, M, Cauley, C, Gantt, S, Albritton, Mrs. Page, Third row: R. Messick, O. J. Sellers, M. Freeman, J. Lewis, D, Patrick, E. Peterson, K. Taylor, W. F. Mitchell, P. Wilson, Junior II 17, I First row, left to right, S. Alexander, W, Fussell, C. Wilson, G. Elmore, L. Taylor, T.J.Saulman, G. I. Durell, R, Lambert, W. Gatlin, L. Campbell. Second row: F. Helms, P, Nelson, L, Walden B. Knowles, J. Riley, M, Cotton, M, Barnes, L. Curry, A, Pierson, Miss Seymour, Third row: D, Straughn, E, Rabren, C, Lindsey, J, Mixon, I. Curry, A. Bozeman, M, Johnson, D. Smith, S, Tirnmerman, Junior II af' JT J IWW First row, left to right: B. Adkison, B. Henley, B. Kilpatrick, J. Bailey, K. Childree, B.A.Fowler, M. Cassady, J. Galloway, A, Powell, Second row: M, Roughton, J. Tatum, R, Madrid, S, Boyd, B, Crowell, B, J, Brown, R. Rawls, L. Wiggins, Miss Annalee Simmons. Third row: M.Wi1liamson, R. Echols, R, Taylor, B. Bess, D. Ward, J. L. Driver. I. Nelson, R, Leonard. funior II A i A., 1 First row, left to right: J. Smith, F. John R. Holly, W. Graves, K, Newberry, P. wif son, N. Andress, W. Scott, N. Moore, L, Starnes, Conger, J. Jordan. Second row, Coach Moorer, G.Huggins, P. Rawls, B. Prevett, C. Cook, P, Donaldson, S, Wiggins, W, Wiggins, L. Adams, W, Reynolds, G, Franklin, C. Carmack, J. Smith. T M. Russell, B. Alderman, S. Taylor, S, hird row, W. Mancil, A. Hair, A. Cook, B. McDonald, Brown, M. Stanley, C, Starnes. Junior II First row, left to right: A, Gunter, C, L. B. Hair. M. B. Merrill, R. Brodgen, A. J. A. Bennett, B, A. Hughes, R. Posey, Third row: S. A. Jones, M. Bullock, B. B. Curts, M. Merrill, N, Brooks, Clark, L. Waller, B. Renfroe, P, O'Nea1, Mr. Norris, Wison. Second row: S. Yonce, A. Bowen, P. Ross, L, D. Bishop, B. R. Stroud. L. Garrason, C. A. Mitchell. Dunn, E, Williams, S. A. De Loach, J. Brooks, B. J. Peevy, furzior II Mai '-s....f1'!s. First row, left to right: J. Gillaspy, S. Wallace, R, Taylor, J, Pittman, R, Henderson, J,Robinson, C. Gallaway, L, Brogden, W, Moore, R, Fletcher, Second row: A. Easley, R. Diamond, B. Chavers, D. Cargill, C, Kelly, K. Adams, J, Scherf, J, Rabren, Mrs. Swaringen, Third row: R, Kelly, G, Atkins, L, Maddox, J, Wiggins, C, Sutton, B, Macon, J, Copeland, Junior I Ynziis. 3 .EW gi' . , sk l. V X LL-Q'-9" Y in First row, left to right: H, Blackman, H, Chavers, L, Smith, R, Stroud, J. Holmes, I, Lowman, C. Fore, L. Parker, C, Hart, Second row: S, Jay, K, Carter, P, Lee, E. White, S. Lord, H, Wise, L, Larson, S. Johns, E. English, Mrs, Greene, Third row: G, Grace, S, Smith, J. Turner, J, Allred, M, Bryant, S. Williamson, J, Wilson, S, Williams, S, Young, F, Feachen, -x 'ul 1- 5 Junior I sf, .5--al First row, left to right: I. Terry, W. Watkins, C, Holland, J. Atcheson, W. Carmen, J, Briggs, P, Linzy, R. Turner, J, Bowman, J, Smith, Second row: Mr. Armbruster, J. Beck, E, King, N. Case, J, Hall, B. Adkison, D. Scroggins, L, Odom, L, Everage, Third row, C, Hiers, S, Adams, M, Jones, J. West, D. Upchurch, R. Battle, B. Wilson, Junior I SC 9 'Af t Y.. AL +V Q' ,-wr QQ First row, left to right: J, Wilson, J. Hussey, D, Harper, A, Boles, J, Warren, M, Johnson, B. Hollis, M. Holmes, P. Holly, H. Worley, Second row: L. Henderson, D. Teel, B. King, J, Proctor, R, Sanders, J. Livings, Coach Adams, Third row, T, Engle, C, Pelham, N, Barfoot, B. Tipton, W, Childree, M. Covin. 1 clam, . ,, .lvl 5- 1-SJ fzmzfor I C .5 r'lf?7re Q . . gi W gg B A ' 'rv-J 45' if X-Yr' q I' First row, left to right: M. Bryant, M. Gunter, R. Wells, L. Law, I. B. Grantham, B. Stokes, C. Caron, G. Blalock, D. O'Gwynn. Second row: A. Williams, H. Williams, A. Floyd, J. Jeffers, C. Deal, C. Meadows, M. Gordan, K. Saulmon, Miss Barrow. Third row: G. Webb G. Wilson, P. Holland, L. Iernagen, D. Eubanks, B. Barrow, S. Pitts, J. Allen, C. Wishum. funior I Wi! 'Q x , ,'Vvx,,. First row, left to right: P. Stephens, W. Jones, P. Carter, R. Lane, M. Shirey, R. Henderson, A. Byrd, W. Ham, C. Threatt, R. Weaver. Second row: J. F. Hamm, I. Bryan, A. Jones, K. Dewalt, D. Teel, R. Scott, B. G. Boykin, Mrs. Baugh. Third row: L. Andress, E. Smelley H. Ammons, I. Vinson, I. R. Peterson, T. Spears. - 6 so ff , 'wid v"' 1 , , ,,' 1,12 li? 1 QV' it ' 2 1 +rf:1y.,1.Q.,x , X 5 W f MQ- - . - W 7 , S' ini Q . Annual ' .B-5 If there is one word which could describe this year's MEMOLUSIA, it would have to be "change. " The goal set by the 1957 MEMOLUSIA staff was to produce for you an accurate and interesting pictorial record of this school year, The staff wishes it had been possible for each of you to have worked with them so you could understand the work which confronted them in producing the annual and the prob lems which were encountered and solved during this process. As we put down our pencils and layout paper, our final wish is: "We hope' you enjoy it!" Left to right: Mrs. Greene, Sponsor, Carolyn May and Carolyn Bray, Co-Editors-in-Chief. First row, left to right: J. Benton, Edworral J. Enzor, L. Darby, L. Tyson, C. Bray. Second row: Mrs. Greene, L. Jones, L. Hart, P. Carroll, S. Black. Third row: J. Barton, R. Everage, P. Eiland, C. May, G. Howell. .dr A Sta First row, seated, left to right: S. Meredith, L. Thagard H Maddox A Johnson second row G Johnson M. A. McGraw, C. M. Anderson, M. Elmore. Third row P Eiland M Dixon Standing A Cook G Roberts, D. R. Hutcheson, K. Bell, J. Brannon, I. King, Vx Latimer D Scherf 5 Potuids Mrs H A Page D. Duggan, A. Weed. Business The Business Staff worked constantly the first months of school selling ads to the businessmen of our town, an- nuals to the students and teachers, and pages in the an- nual to clubs. The money it collected helped to pay for your annual which actually cost much more than you pay for it. The Business Staff, handling some 33, 000, paid the MEMOLUSIA bills which included photography, printing, supplies, and covers. .......-..-..-..,............,...... . W U. X 4 , X '41-Q Dodie Schert President Mr. Goodlet Sponsor The Student Council, made up of one repre- sentative from each Junior High homeroom and two from each Senior High homeroom, carried out a number of successful projects this year. In the school's first Community Chest Drive, every homeroom tnore than reached its goal, bring ing a total of 3763. 80. Left to right A Johnson V Davis L Cassidy Front row left to right K Cook H Proctor J Bruce I Riley. Second row: J. Pittman, E. Kelley, N. Rabren D Scherf L Darby C Turner A Johnson J Vick, J. Turner. Third row: P. Powell, L. Cassidy, M McGraw C Holmes L Jones D King H Maddox R. Case, S. Brown, S. Rawls. Fourth row: C. Car- mack T Little S Yonce G Kendricks B Hand E Barnes, E. Spicer, T. Hataway, P. Summerlin, W. Cancer i 1 2 I i "'s ,...g-sn-Q ...-."'? vs If f- f' 4 g X ...a,.,. A1 153 6lKh.S--1--YET? .inul DVD'-li i w.- A -..'uu.,1aan-rdnsf-.. r-livin-ills. ,f-.uv - f. f W .,,. -Q.. - -f na hlllwilnlfm x-l9ou-uxwlluliv .1139-gala .noel Q '--A-m.'..-+ fi 1 Mr. Powell- Director Band Council, left to right: A. Weed, A. Wood, J. Jeffers, A. Hair, K. Broughton. F H gg- Band A ,. z- - fs , A 1-QS I r 'P f N-in 1,IemLb H , . -va. we Marching Band f .-. 1 ,v 1- If A "' "' 4-Q' 0.3.46 1 jun zfor Band Sectional: Oboe and Bassoons Ge 19oNo 1, W e Sectional: Comets and Drum Sectional: Saxophones and Bass Clarinets FHA. cl-fi Sen 1 0 r.s Learning to live better today in order that their lives and those of their families may be better to- morrow is the main goal of the Future Homemakers of America. To help accomplish this goal, the Andalusia Chapter carries out a special project each month. First row: H. Maddox, Vice Left to right: D. Ford song President. Second row: E. leader: L. Hart, Reporter B Kelly, President: Miss Hart, Hand, Historian. Sponsor. juniors W 6 fl i O I' P. Eiland, President: M. Moates, Vice Presidentg Miss Simmons, Advisor. 'rv- 'hav' Miss Simmons - Sponsor Society The National Honor Society is founded on four basic principles: Character, Scholarship, Leader- ship, and Service. Each year the Honor Society awards a scholarship to some deserving Senior to help him further his education. Money for this scholarship is obtained through concessions at ballgames where the members sell drinks and candy and through their new fund- raising project, selling pennants. H. McElreath, Treasurer: E Spicer, Secretary. First row left to right S Pounds M Moates E Spicer C May P Summerlin Miss Simmons ad visor Second row D Scherf D Duggan H Proctor H McElreath P Eiland E Dreading E Kelley s9f favs. LL b , X g N. i xg Q is X . Mr. Baxter, Sponsor The Diversified Occupations Club helps students to prepare them- X selves for earning, through voca- tional education. These students are better able to Q TI carry economic weight in their com- munities at the time of graduation and they have gained valuable prac- tical experience before entering college. Officers, left to right: D. Officers, left to right: W. Harp Cassidy, Vice President: Mr. Treasurer: H. Norris, Secretary Baxter, sponsor: D. Donaldson, V. Polson, Reporter. President. 'af' 4. Front row sitting left to right J Rogers C Moore H Norris L Macon J Hall P Tucker Second ro kneeling S Bass Vw Harp G Wiggins D Donaldson I Keeffe D Cassady Third row standing D Griggs S kierce B. Armstrong D. Hassell Mr. Baxter. W N if Af 'f 5 1 Q W1 X f 'V v G' 2' 5 A ' Q fc .U 'f 'A " Y Q ' -'lq ,Q-13, Qi' lg g Q7 :g'i.f,, 54 1 1"-f ' ,J -L' 5 - 'ff-iff at -Q fx '29 M f ' N sf W , At R- Y ii i L , 'A . X A , , +1 ' L r 1 V Ha H! ' ' 1 " 1 Qu, . L L nl - .1 --l Q on I T Front row, left to right: J. Turner, S. DeLoach, J. Watley, S. Williamson, S. Young, S. Williams, S. Jones, D. Eubanks. Second row: R. Butler, S. Lord, M. Merrill, A. Gunter, P. Ross, M. Mabry, E. Smithson, J. Brooks, B. Peavy, L. Larson, M. Bullock, C. Hart. Third row: C. Deal, P. Lee, E. English, R. Brogden, B. Curts, L. Garrason, R. Posey, C. Mitchell, S. Yonce, B. Dunn, C. Clark, J, Watts. Fourth row: A. Williams, P. O'Neal, J. Wilson, A. Wilson, P. Brooks, S. Johns, M. Jordan, J. Fuller, B. Renfroe, B. Hair, J. Godwin, L. Waller, A. Weed, Accompanist. Back row: B. Stroud, J. Bennett, M. Mason, M. Mathews, B. Stokes, B. Hughes, L. Bishop, R. Patrick, K. Bell, J. Kelley, L. Brogden, A. Bowen, B. Rabren, Miss Jones. Junior Glee Club . 41 H if '11 Miss Jones - Director Junior High students make up the Junior Glee Club, which participated in choral festivals this year for the first time. The club appeared in a joint concert with the Senior Glee Club at Christmas in addition to their annual spring concert. N N .. Left to right: B. Stokes, Social Chairman: L. Brogden, Presi- dent: P. O'nea1, Vice President: R. Brogden, Secretary- Treasurer: S. Williams, Publicity Chairman: Director, Miss Jones. ,fzuzfor II l1l'fll7Z.llllfC Club YE, Xing... Front row, left to right: R, Posey, M. Merrill, N, Moore, M, Russell, P,O'Neal L, Garrison J, Pittman, A, Easley. Second row, A, Bozeman, S. Timmerman, S. Jones J, Bennett S, Brown B, Alderman, A, Bowen, Rabren, Third row: Mrs, Swaringer, L, Campbell, F, Helms, G, Elmore M, Johnson, B, Macon, J, Scherf, R. Henderson, R. Diamond, W, Moore. junior Honor Society . 4. E Q46 I.. First row, left to right: L. Brogden, B. Eiland, B, Dunn, K, Marcelius, C, Carmack, J, Barton, M, Matthews, P, Conger, J, Webb, B, Maddox, P, Ross, Second row, M, Merrill, T, Floyd, D, Rowell, G, Barton, A, Hair, B, Merrill, B, Raley, L, Thagard, S, Yonce, J, Register, Third row: T. Stickney, D. Sims, B. Rue, S. Meredith, G. Johnson, W. Culpepper, J, Kilpatrick, J, Jeffers, P. Donaldson. Fourth row: C. Donaldson, R. Holley, R. Everage, R. Anderson, B, Albritton, :K WI U11 l.fUl'S F 1 plfvy LJ' if First row, left to right: M, L. Albritton, T, Hattaway, H, Maddox, D. Ford, L, Campbell, D. Busbee T. Little, P. Summerlin, J, O'Neal, M. E. Moates, Second row, L. , , , , y, D, Cargile, V. Davis, J, Jacobs, L, D. Reid, R, Smith, S. Yonce, W. Latimer, F, Paterson, Third row, A, Lindsey, T. O'Neal, B. Dunn, P, Godwin, S. Rawls, M, Mathews, L, Garrison, Library Club D, Martin, K, Timmerman, Jones S Merrill E Kelle 'BY First row: I. Fuller, P. O'Gwyn, B. Stroud, I. Gillaspy, D. Eubanks, B. Tipton, J. Warren. Second row: E. Smithson, A. Gunter, S. Lord, B. Lambert, M. Dixon, I. Stokes, B. Rabren, G. Creech, L. Reed, A, Williams. Arzafy' HI'-111.16 ra' ,1 6,.,,.s "ir --B 2 Miss Seymour, Sponsor: S. Pound. Editor-irv From left to right: L. Bradley, writer: J. Chief: M. J. Flowers, Make-Up Editor. Wilson, News Editor: S. Black, Business Managerg M. Mathews, Sports Editor. The Andy Hi-Lite has been one of the top school newspapers in the state for many years and this year was no exception. The number one newspaper in the "B" division of the AHSPA contest, the Andy Hi-Lite has progressed far as a high school newspaper since the addition of an accredited journalism course to the curriculum at Andy High. The policy of the Andy Hi-Lite is to present an interesting informative news coverage of Andalusia High School activities each month. Sh- ' Front row, left to right: P. O Gwynn, C. Hassell, J. Wilson, L. Bradley, M. J. Flowers, S. Black. Second row: S. Sasser, M. Elmore, G. Johnson, D. Garrison, N. Watley. Third row: M. Mathews D. R. Hutcheson, D. Straughn, A. Johnson, R. Harris, S. Vick, S. Pound, Miss Seymour. V 0 A N. Inter-Club Council ,AQ First row, left to right: A. Johnson, S. Rawls, P. Summerlin, L. Reid, C. Bray. Second row: E. Kelley, A. Wood, F. Patterson, D. Busbee. Third row: V. Polson, L. Henderson, W. Latimer, J. O'Nea1. This year, for the first time in Andalusia High School, an Inter-Club Council was formed. Made up of one representative from every functioning club in the school, it is organized mainly to work with the Student Council in promoting co- operation and unity among the organizations of the school. Andrea Johnson, Presidentg Lucy Deil Reid, Pat Summerlin, Secretaryg Delores Busbee Vice President. Treasurer. Wg,J . ' of 5 ' Q V' 0 , ,, Q 1 S 1 3' 5 ' s 'Oh Q 5 ,LG -aiu , , , . 'F 5 Q -4-:LJ . . -1 . H P N f':If"' b X 3 I I I Qt. ' .f ' 4 5 .1 ' 'V' -Lau" Lk: v ' wax 4 ' 4 Xl 4 , s ,I , a , 1 ' '1 , jygflv :try 5 9 9 :NHL ' ' ' 'Us ' fd: 7' PLWM dWJ'W 'V .W 1' 0 is ww ,Q If ,959 CZ T S . L Z W -XX if 'Q A COACHES First row: I. Vick, C, Holmes, D, King, D.Cargi11, Standing. C0achE1m0re V. Polson, J. Palmer, M. Thomas, J, Jacobs, Sitting, Coach Moore: B, Hansford, Second row: B. McGowin, G. Ken- drick, R, Bowen, L. Jones, J. Smith, T,Hattaway E. Barnes, A. Wells, T. O'Neal, Cl L O O C X W33, Third row: J. O'nea1, D. Dcmaldscn, D. Srudstill, S. Caron, B. Eaton, D. Hassell, M, Lawson, L. Harris. Fourth row: Csach Msorer, B. Wilson, R. Merrill, C. Ward, E. Tajrlcr, Proctor, I. Bruce, P. Godwin, M. Mathews. Fifth row: Coach Elmore. CO-CAPTAINS Standing, IeffO'nea1 Sitting, Skipper Catan M 'Q ' ,Tuff-is N 4- -Q rfx .' .14 H11 fl ak L' z ju- Av- Mft, f.'q 'f ,. -- Q ,gif " A I ,A -N 2 -ug 5 . v if 4 bv if 1-','g , , 1 "iw 4, ,r belt-, ' . fr x ,R , 1 - L s - ,,A'-Q.. 1,-. 4 - K , ,L ! ' E . . Iii? ug N I In V O! o W' Y 5- 16 . V, ,5 .JW n if -'ng -.. .fini .N . -'Z i .I WJ' ilk I an SQ PL, 1 'qi ,- i ,JVIJ 53 "f V f. . , ,A V, .'ixE,1,. 1 'J I ''ff?:f0"Mf8'7i-:,,tfMih, 'wk' . PWA . ,3 - jvbwggf - 'ifilwf ., s"ss in -tif' - f g. - 1 3, 'x ' A .. t , Sw' . fy, , I . x , ,I , . . Y V ' .s' , -" ' .,g .1 ,A ,"'x, ,. , jf. , 'v - " W AQ v X , - 4 7 ,I I L , , ' ,hi , ., . 1 v . , , , x fx! X . f ,J - . ' 5 k ' rg. 5 . .1 Q, . I I . r VX f L - :-5' Q w 1 iATT I f H Q- .s, 1 he A Q Q93 194 '7f3,' '51 Q15 lxix '!2 II .6 3 53 LV gf I ,T ,y - , , . I I x 3 fn 'K Sv ywisfl ' I -. , N p I 1 . A L .' Q Q . 3, n i wb 'Kahn ,. 'ata R55 'faq I . Q ' 1x1,.llA 'Aj -83 V43 fini' ' x . 3 A 1 .ni we f 3 .sf 2. EF 'iw 1 , ' . 3 ,,. f me-Qi 13 71, 3, f g v N 3 If W .5 , -' X V lk , 4 - PTT", , FQ-m EAA YO ,f-lg , in R Caton has the ball. Crowd at homecommg game. 41 'sv u fr- W i1.a u Q. lg ,LL tu NW ' ihir Miss Homecoming, Emestine Spicer O 777, 6 C O 777, i n 3 0 LL I' Junior Maid, Lynda Darby. Senior Maid, Carolyn Bray Varsity Basketball 1 I eff, N " 3' Team Front row left to rlght R Bowman J Bullock X Wells T Hattaway G Kendrrck Second row D Chapman R Sanders J Jacobs D Martrn Coach Moorer funzor H Lgh Front row left to rrght B Rue C Ballard J Nrchols D Sharpe K Bush Second row Coach Searcy K Cook R Anderson T Strckney B Albrltton , : . , . , .- . , . , . . . , . , . , . , . U 0 , : . , . , . , . , . . . , . , . , . , . . Yr S. -41 "vw- T-, mr .f' 7,4 I , 9 . . ,ag f 5, I H in ' iftgfx fa w + '.A fifs. - ,- " 4, fJQS"2' -g JG' 3-,Mall-'eg , .Q ., k . fy , - ,, .3 -,,g,Q5.,-.,- - ,M t., - 2-v ,h -- .- a . ' , .ri,,, ,- 1 R 'S-' . ' g 6 wa' .., midi A , ' .. f A s 5, . W . ,UQ fs .. -' ,, , . "ga , -,V n- : . , if . "' ,V 315.4 ,, aw .Ng ' " Qhl, nf Q '. ,b . Q, "5v,A- :. Tb! X - ' -from " f"Y9f7i-'41, " ,' fr V, 'H' ,spa '10 4f"3 f- M.. I " .1 , 1-:,a..4:A.s.s , -' 5- P is fhylqq I 1 , ' ' .1-f'4Hix1 ' Q . . t ' X'txs"if-Q . Q4 Y ' ' """5"."x ha V .. v. x , A-wily, " Q - , n ,. 3 J.-1' - N- '. - . - fo Q-1 J Ph sical s ' J L Nh' . '. .g ' -1 . 'S-'W 1?-'f N573 N., "So this is Baseball" 1 Q J jbvwat IW 5.4 a . "Dig those positions" QQ., .z 1 --. f asm Education . A 'R .,-mu-ew v I Kp!! V f. -. ,..' -Q., ... Ih- Play Ball H .Ai - 'f'1221"f" N Q - x """ .-- ... '-1 A ,fc NZ-, V? " 'I 2 L.1f'2F-Q ' Football? ZA. .Y rf 4,5- 4"lAI- ' v 'gif' Tlzrough the Year ., ?'s X ll! Clk' i" 4' I ,fa-QQ?-A , , , W x , Q xv- f . . fx ,J-' -,,,,'-.., ,f,':af.-,V .w, M A , , r i-wiv K :"','X'f'1f"""'Q"T"f"'H Wh'-' '-,jim-'fv'-M-1 rg-'fg'-'7-:-1ze- .,. ,. 4 Y . ' . x A " , T . ,. .,, . . ,', 'g ' ' ' -., - ' ' 4, " .I ,--f"- ' ' ' f - -'W - - f- -v-wr-1 f"vv'--'vflhunr '-k,ivex1'vkv!v iwU'4'i'1r"'1' "" 'NY1-' 'J 1--l'-'q-v v. --q'kq1, g"xf-., ,e..r,:..'.::,.:..::..:..:..f.:..z.z.:," '.J!..e...'L.!..1'.i..'L.r..L'-'vh vv ,, -1 .. ?"""' ?""""? g,.,.,..,...... ,.........,...,... .......,... ,.-.. PM WN . -BB BB ik- Q Features -as---.,,,,,. 9- ,gpg :BUD HB5 BGB .LLLL1 S I Ll TZ BILLY RAY WILSON Q5 ERN EST INE SPICER n O L 0 T ll d . L BILL EATON 'E-'-" ' ww ef 'M PAT SUMM ERLIN e nl e L 0 r S I II ll d 1 HA RMON PROCTOR 5 xx .-- X PEGGY EILAND 6 n 0 L 0 Z G VL SKIPPER CATON film-fu! 'Ni MA RY EMMA MOATES n I L 0 I ll IZ d . L HENRY MCELREATH 52 T gy DODIE SCHERF 6 ,Z O L 0 7' 0 IZ Ci . L IZ CLIFF HOLMES f""'N vii ELXINE KELLY ,Z C L 0 ar.-SQ fs I' cz ll rl W .-X LT ER LA T IM ER ld' f"?' VONCILE DAVIS e nf e L 0 r Uutslarzdirzg ljlLCl6l'C!LlASSlfLf?fL Senior U 10 ANNE BRANNON ' JIMMY BRUCE senior 1 BARBARA MEREDITH - ASHTON wELLs ff ,, f? Il1I1iOl' III CLARENCE BALLARD - GLORIA BARTON will-A 3' H-Bw 9, o TNR? Junior II AB POWELL - KATHRYN TAYLOR junior 1 MYRALANE JOHNSON - RALPH WELLS Boy H XRMON PROCTOR X "II 4 'wr' ,. ulnusf- -,. .- P . Ah Flfluunsiln' . 1 ., Girl PEGGY EIL XND Beauty Judges These sxx ICICVISIOH personahues from MSFA TV ID Montgomery Alabama served as our 1957 beauty Judges x '16, -11:4 -er' LEROY PAUL CRAVN FORD RICE QC' CATHERINE WRIGHT IDELLE BRQOKS 05. HINES WOLTERS FMNK MCGHEE ,A 1 J' 5 ' V M RY SNOW DEN Y f JO ANNE BRANNON ff ' 1 ff' 1. . N ' fx . l,, V ,M . 4.7 -af , R n u CA ROLYN BRA Y xx' " 5 fat' 'K ,fp f BA RBA Ri. MEREDITH 6 1. , L Q , ."ffs"f 'ra A wa Q I FA YE PATTERSON W' .. JOY STRAUGHN ,495 'C' LULU WALLER MARIANNE MERRILL funwr Beautzes YN -4- BEEBEE O-4' MERRILL 'QFY' fumor Beautnes BETTY RENFROE Q PW '1N X "Cf" CLA IRE ROBERTS 6:5 'fy' P-' gc ., ng 'W -5 LYNDA DARBY SUS AN R.-XW LS -26? 'fl-13' SANDRA SASSER NELL RABREN 4- 1' Andy Fcw0rite5 AR MARY ANN MCCRA-XW S-XLLL BOYD J MARGO RUSSELL PAT O'NEAL BUTCH MCDONALD Beautw Ball i The f1rst beauty ball at Andy I-hgh rn four years was sponsored by the Memolusra Ed1I0f131 Staff December 15 1956 Hundreds of stars and snowflakes hung from the gym cerlrng Snow covered trees mlstle toe Chrlstmas tree ornaments and a huge Chrlstmas tree transformed the gym rnto a Wmter Wonderland The announcement of the beautles and the floor show hrghlrghted the formal dance whrch was attended by the largest crowd rn A H S hrstory f r--' un 'I , . h 1, 1 J -T' 4 L A i 3- 35333 gf ,B .1 .,.'L'1?:grQfiQ L .MM fbi' Kf""5':L y .Q 1-.1 S. 5 ,pg will 1 CZITOHS r-' 111 I-3- Cong ratulat1or1s to the Class of '57 ALABAMA TEXTILE PRODUCTS CORPORATION THE ANDALA COMPANY Fulest Quahty Dress Shlrts Sport Sh1rts Pajamas Shorts and Matched Umforms 7'I-IE JCDI-HX! Q SCI-IE-131: IIXIDLJSTTQIES "The Learmng and knowledge that we have, 1s, at the most but 11ttle compared wlth that of wh1ch we are 1gnorant " Plato Ladies Blouses I - I 1 .mm ogaw oifzmke Qfywjf Bu1ld1ng Matermals Mlllwork Cl-I12lS'f'CDS 5 10 SISTORE "Completely Self Serv1ced for Convemence' Andalusla Alabama CANAUEELL LJTSEV AGENCY General Insurance Plate Glass L1ab1l1ty Bonds Phone 556 Anda1us1a, Alabama H L CAMPBELL J R UTSEY 1 I Your Shopping Fire Auto . , . . . . , . TAY LCE PARTS 8: SUPPLY CO INC Dothan DeFun1ak Spmngs Anda1us1a Fort Walton Beach Panama Clty ti Congratulatnons to the 1957 Graduatmg Class of Andalus1a H1gh School From I-II LLCQEST I NIT: IQINAATQY Andalus1a Alabama BASS KTQLJDCDD INSURANCE AGENCY 0 Pear Street Flre Casualty Bonds CHARLIE BASS BELLAIRE KRUDOP c.B. KFAYJ cAToN E 1 1 P W' 2 . I 1 6 LITTLE O NEAL INSUIQANCE AGENCY 'We Specxahze IH All Types of lnsurance O 'Neal Bu11d1ng Phone 1378 CHARLES LITTLE ROBERT O'NEAL Make Your Select1on of the Flnest Flowers Chlna Crystal and S1lver a the T P FLOWER 8 Phones 1074 1075 GIFT SHOP ,,,,,, Andalus1a Alabama Corner East Three Notch and Central Avenue ANDERSON PEANUT COMPANY Bama's Prlde Fert1l1z.ers or Lawn, Garden Flowers and F1e1d Crops EJENSCN AND COMPANY INC " e Serv1ce Everyt lng We Se " Dealers Sales and Servlce Fr1g1da1re Fa1rbanks Morse Maytag Johnson Outboard Motors Thompson Boats Shakespeare F1sh1ng Tackle Sportmg Goods Andalus1a Alabama I , . . . H t .. f I . W ' h' 11 KINGS CAG-Jr: I 1:1-QIAN Hours Breakfast 5 30 to 10 00 Lunch 11 00 to 2 00 Dinner 5 00 to 8 00 'VI-4-E CATCDN 'IQJEIXI lil. Real Estate Insurance " our Protection Is Our Andalusia 735 Profession Montgomery 3 7571 Mobile Z 3104 505 Commercial Bank Building Troy 8 8 Andalusia, Alabama . ' v Q 5' .griig ' V. 1 . I J. 0 Air Conditioned - Home Style Cooking . Y ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - n - - - - 6 i , l L 4-LE l.l'!j aaa: Ay? Q 6 LW 'effigy' -LEP? lNQll'lR1XXCI QQEHPXXVK When You Th1nk of Insurance Th1nk of Equ1ty L1fe Educatlonal Plan Mortgage Protectlon Juvemle Estate Bullder Buslness Insurance Savmgs Plan Retlrement Plan Phone 1417 502 East Three Notch Street THE THE CII--IIL..EDT2ElXIS SHOP We Major 1n Mlnors 201 Church Street Andalus1a Alabama ..J,45xPNvf1IE25E5 STORE Trade and Save at the James Store for the Entlre Famlly Just Down the H111 From Hlgh Prlces Andalus1a Alabama Comphments of 4:l.ll:-CTI-ZONIC SERVICE CO. Ph1lco Telev1s1on Sales and Serv1ce 806 R1ver Falls St. Andalus1a , Alabama Phone 344 Kadima BUS TERMINAL "Travel by Bus" Andalusla, Alabama f Ah ' v------...........,.,, A -"Q , ' 'I H l ' " " I ll ll ' . , I ' i rx 21121 :s I fy' . - ax ' 9 f' I I gl' Sf ass ""i ,- f , gg X a. A Q ' ' Z 9 3 ,-1 fl "if 'fl' 'TQTZQO If , gpxaq- 9 . -.f--5-i -, -In I w . - JL ...L .11 f.: 3-13 1 - ' L.-- new omzf ArmfuL,54A 1:7 MABAMA II ' . . . H . I ll ll ' ' ' ll . . H ll ' ' ' ll I I I , - COVI IXIGTCDIXI CCDLJ INITV 't:5QJ'I I LJ:-.TQ 5 ASSCDCIATICN mfr TI IACAQD DTQLJCS CCDINXIIDDJXIV Andalusia, Alabama , lit 9'4" a H W 4. Ui We Fill All Doctors' Prescriptions, Let Us Fill Yours Phone 97 ECDIXIIXIETQ GROCERY Phone 1102 J 1522 E Three Notch Andalus1a Alabama I-IATQQISS BARBECUE Hxghway 29 North 538 R AndaIus1a Alabama EVEQS CREDIT CLOTHING Terms Pay Wh11e You Wear 'Enggest Lxttle Store n AndaIus1a Phone 439 130 No Cotton St STATE FINANCE CO Loans S5 and Up 201 1f2 So Three Notch Over Clty Drug Store IXAAQIE Welcome You Sl-IIIXFE ELECTRIC COMPANY Dependable Servlce to the 1029 lf2 E Three Notch st IDLE HOUR GRILL Phone 26 Andalusla Alabama VVOOD AMUSEIVIENT COMPANY 220 So Cotton St Ph 751 Andalus1a Alabama Your Fr1endly Record Headquarters CJ .J INAOATE5 AUTO CO U S Tlres and Tubes C1t16S Serv1ce Auto Repa1r1ng Bendlx Home Laundry Phones 1 94 19 . l..l.E "Quality Appliances :- . . . 1. , 1 T .. , . . 1 1. 5 Comphments of FOREMAN FUNERAL HOME L C STOKES GROCERY gl FISH MARKET We Speclallze ln Quallty Meats and F1sh Phone No 64 216 South Cotton Street Anda1us1a, Alabama BROWN APPLIANCE CO Your West1nghouse Dealer Phone 1375 228 Church St Andalusla, Alabama PARKER BROTHERS STANDARD OIL SERVICE Wheel Balanc1ng Atlas T1res, Batterles and Accessorles 400 East Three Notch Phone 279 Anda1us1a Alabama V J ELMORE STORE Anda1us1a Alabama TOWN 8: COUNTRY or Fashlons Heaven to Seven Department' Phone 840 O'Neal Court YOUNG'S CAFE Foods You W11l Engoy Phone 18 110 East Three Notch St Anda1us1a, Alabama Compllments of LIB'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Commerc1al Bank Bu11d1ng Phone 72 . , . . . I 2 Compliments of . i HF ' H ll I ll ' ' Il AIXIDALUSIA READY MIX COMPANY Concrete - Sand Gravel Andalusia, Alabama Compliments of AIXHDALLJESIA AUTO PARTS 205 Church Street Phone 602 Compliments of amiga Compliments of CFPEDIT' ELJQEALJ ANDALUSIA Compliments of GUNTET2 DLJIXIIXI COMPANY Furniture and Appliances Andalusia Alabama CTQEECI-I JEWELRY CO Bulova, Elgin Watches Rings and Jewelry Engraving of All Kinds Phone 770 5815 "We Specialize in Short Orders" Where Friends Meet, Good Food to Eat' " I-4 LJDSOIXI OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Office Outfitters Printers Office Machines 207 So Three Notch St Andalusia Alabama Phone 1313 I OF l 3 CAFE "Everything for the Office" The Pictures in This Annual Were Made by rv1cJun.ToN'S STUDIO Bought . .. Used Cars . .. Sold IQECOIS USED CARS E. 3-Notch St. Andalusia, Alabama Day Phone 85-W Night Phone 85-J CJ 'I' ALEIQITTOIXI D1str1butor GULF OIL PRODUCTS Comphments of MR AND MRS JOHN G WRIGHT SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Andalusla Alabama AIXIDALLJSIA JEWELRY CO Your Headquarters or D1amonds Watches R1ngs S1lver Ch1na and Crystal Phone 510 BCDVVIVIAN RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICE ZOZ Church Street AndaIus1a, Alabama Telephone 664 shop at - Tl-I12lT:'l'XK STORES UPHOLSTERING SHOP Upholstermg Sl1p Cover s Drapenes S 3 Notch at Salter Rd Phone 1104 W a Ji EBOSWELL f Complxments of SL.Jl.l..IVAlXl FURNITU RE COMPANY YOUR STORE THE DooRwAY TO FASHION The Workmg Man'S Fmend' Stores 1n Andalusla Florala Ladles' Ready to Wear Shoes and Accessorles JACKSON PONTIAC COMPANY 232 Church St Telephone 485 Andalus1a, Alabama W GTA F M IOUXW cffvfmz 98 1 M C 1 JM! Awfvfwli Aw' STUDIOS RADIO CENTER Telephone 1340 sooo watts Day P OMS? 29 500 Watts Nlght 920 K C Ar1dalus1a Alabama I BEESLEY PACKING CO INC Home of Stellar and Debro Meat Products Andalus1a, Alabama Compl1ments of Compl1ments Western Auio Assonaie Store J 755 BEAUTY SHOP Anda1us1a, Alabama Home of W1zard Appllances , , WQTQ I - . I ' ' of I I W Andalusia High Graduate There's Great Opportunity for You in the South! By Supplying Low-Cost Electric Power to Seven Municipalities, and to Five REA Cooperatives, We're Proud to Be Assisting in Making Our Area and the Entire South Land and Even Greater Land of Opportunity ALAEANAA ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE INC to the Class of '57 Em WZZZWJ ECQCIDNAEIN-V CQ, HXIC 1609 East Three Notch Phone 1350 Contractors and Industrial Equipment - ! Cong ratulations ' I I Comphm ents of EWS MEN SHOP WEST HIGHLAND GROCERY Fresh Vegetables and Produce Phone 369 617 Rlver Falls Street Andalus1a, Alabama Compllrnents C:CINNJE5L.HNv4EEF2E5 ICE AND COLD STORAGE COMPANY Andalusla Alabama Comphments of JOHNSON! BQCDS JEWELRY CO Andalusla Greenv1lle Brewton Pascagoula AIXIDALUSIA HIDE AND JUNK COMPANY P O Box 843 Telephone 300 Wd BEAUTY SHOP 5ll Second Street Phone 463 Compllments of LAUNDRY 8: DRY CLEANERS Phone 888 Andalus1a, Alabama TDETEQSEN FLOWER SHOP or-115 BY Qwmwqi Phone 954 or 762 J So Cotton St Andalusla I ' of . I I - I 5 Established in 1925 I - .bb Q 'E s W1Sh1I1g the Class of l957 the Best of Everythlng Mya Andalus1a Alabama The Complete Bullders COMPLIMEN TS OF w MQTQQ CQ., Church Street Andalus1a, Alabama IIXICI CONSTRUCTION COMPANY I 2606666 Qewg QEAL.. 1:55 IA! I: llXlSLJl12fAlXICE Where Your Dollar Buys More X, f 0 W A Q Phone 381 dalusia, Alaba GOO X Zfigsx- Y X' if I X lf! ! fx Xf H NX , X Op d X, .f -. ,N ra -- wr ' a -Q 1 0 X , V f' rf' I ,X X xg f'- Y I """"' Owner and Operator Andalusia, mrfimf 1.1112 INSLJIIQANQE AND XZUZJW 9764556 OQSJZJJJZJW Andalusla, Alabama Yes an 1nvestment of a few cents per day 1n a L1berty Nat1onal L1fe Insurance Pohcy w11l pay B1g D1v1dends for your fam11y 1n Representahves of L1berty Nat1onal J L KEAN C K HAIR W E JOHNSON L J REEVES V P FLOYD D A O'GWYNN MIKE MADDOX W H CARPENTER J A GODWIN J M RABREN I 1 1 1 , . the future. KVZAQ IXXIILLIIXICS CCD Custom Gnndlng Manufacturers of Bxg K' Feed Phone 16 3 Andalus1a Alabama AVAIXIT 1:LJl2lXIITL.JC2l-E CCD East Three Notch Street Your Crosley Dealer Phone 278 J. VETQIXIONI EEEl.I... GQOCEFEV On Carlton Street Comphm ents From WJZZJ South Alabama's Most Complete One Stop D12 LJ G STOQE Andalus1a, Alabama I ...nv I ' " ' Complete Home Furnishings I I 0 : 1 . Compllments of I2 LJ E5 SCD S STANDARD SERVICE STATION 1 C' SUPER MARKET Atlas - T1res and Tubes Batterles and Accessomes Brewton Road Anda1us1a, Alabama LENTON PRUITT - Owner Phone 93 CGI CDL JFTT Your Standard O11 Agent MEN'S WEAR Comphments of VVI LSCDN Gal-QCDCE-.-I-JN! Phone 373 Phone 134 SOUTHERN CRAFTSMEN FURNITURE COMPANY NACCQAVV TRUCK 8: TRACTOR CO Furmture for Churches, Inst1tut1ons, Homes ,owing-ERE Etc Custom Bu11t O P BANKS John Deere Phone 521 Andalus1a, Alabama Farm Implements ll ll 6562 Andalusia, Alabama IIE-ight Olclock Coffees: . . , 5 T E23 'u fin Pkg, 5 Jw' 58,9- 5 EXXXMALI. WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT Congratulatlons to the 1957 Graduahng Class of Andalus1a H1gh School From W Qmmeecmf QA L!!! ul-xmlg, Anda1us1a, Alabama Member Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporatlon 5:7 513 E21 'Q - 1-. 51911: -T . 5 E .1!Q2f:f::fb.u:, EEE E11 5+ ,-3 ?':-.'-2.55" - -- H1 ' 21:1 ' 1 x',v s...-, q Q I -2 E' ---- :2nEffg 2 N 'E :Q 5 0 0 0 0 O Q . OR E O5 CT: f V Lays A A X A I VVILSOIW DIESEL AND TRACTOR SERVICE Phone 713 J Andalus1a Alabama ZMZZMZ EAKEPV Home of Better Breads Phone 282 Andalusla Alabama JC PENNEY C0 INC A Nat1on W1de Inst1tut1on Commun1t1es m the U S A WBGLERUESEN PURITY Serv1ng You 1n Accuracy Prescrlptlons Andalus1a, Alabama Engoy Our Fountaun Serv1ce Shop at Penney's PELHAM DRUG C0 and Save' Court Square . 3 O O O, . Serving Over Sixteen Hundred Compliments of 7243.40 DIQV CLEAIXIEES Compliments of A NDA I. LJ E5 I A MANUFACTURING CO. Compl1m ents of AIXIDALUSIA MOTEL COURT and DINING ROOM Phones 696 79 IIAIQINAEQS SUPPLY Hardware Pa1nt Farm and Garden Supplles l 07 Coffee Street LAQ7 4:18 STARTER Sz GENERATOR SERVICE 2.22 East Three Notch St Compl1ments of THE Mew CCDTTON QI L. CCD FASHION BEAUTY limi? ,, fin Phone 36 X 'f O D Call Us for Complete Beauty Servxce if COLJINIT COMPANY INC Andalusla Alabama Tel 366 Chevrolet Cad11lac - l . I f 72 -.- .I .IM P515 . f I-4-If' ?' ewcg. sHoP wr West' -I '22-SJ, DAQLI IXIG ' ' ' , 4 15' Q, ' I V3 ,-. N - .,: C-" 5' Q. I 3.5, , . pb, , a - 1:1 ' ,x-rf I U O NAVAL S FQ 1:5 CGNADAN Manufacturers and D1str1butors Steam Dxstllled Wood Turpentxne Steam D1st111ed Pxne O11 FF Wood Rosm Andalusla, Alabama Gulfport, MISSISSIPPL ECONOMY AUTO STORE 119 East Three Notch Street Anda1us1a Alabama Telephone 10 THE SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO 116 East Three Notch Street Wallpaper Kemglo and SWP Phone 1198 Super Kemtone VINYL SALES CO Floor F1n1Sh1ngS All Types Floor Coverxng Sales and lnstallat1on Servlce THE BOOK AND CARD SHOP 300 East Three Notch Street Andalus1a Alabama THELMA MOATES Manager G1fts Blbles WALLACE'S "On the Square for Your SBFVICS Compllments L M WEST 5 81 1013 STORES ANDALUSIA GIN COMPANY INCORPORATED O. R. HIPP - Pres1dent Prestwood Street Andalus1a, Alabama Comphments of DAIRY QUEEN D 5,37 - , QQ? Andalusia, Ala. 1. . 0 9 ' ll BELL.. S SUPER MARKET For Super Servlce SAM CARROLL Memorlals Bullders of F1ne Monuments L-'ik- ann! Phones 222 J 222 W oe Compllments of nt dfnefy 7u.-2 mae Phone 668 EAQTONS GROCERY AND MARKET Quahty Meats Grocenes Produce 552 S Cotton Street Anda1us1a, Alabama We Dehver Phone 828 I F09 Lg.. I' ' 4 I I " l , ' Op GI' IW DEDICATED TO COMMUNITY SERVICE --'X Alb a .X fl V rms X II IIIIIC - I Telephone ANIDALLJSIA LUMBER 8: SUPPLY COMPANY 1038 ver Falls Road Andalusla Alabama VVAQD EE I. L. TELEVISION APPLIANCE CENTER For the Best 1n Telev1s1on and Rad1o Sales and SCTVICC 600 Rlver Falls Street Phone 995 ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION CO INC STUART and ELAINE CULPEPPER Complunents of SKIN NETQS FURNITURE STORE ere Good Furmture Is Not Expens1ve Andalus1a, Alabama WAYLONV HAM Manager Ri Cgmhaaiew 544,12 X Scwe VVATSCDNS ' On the Square Phone 469 ANDALLJSIA TIRE COMPANY Front End and Frame Servlce Enjoy the Pleasure ln R1d1ng on Andy's F1nest Recapplng BYRON HAIR Manager Phone 62.1 Comp11m ents gwazgmaffew BOX CO. The Qnnalusna btar e 5 The Newspaper W1th the Largest C1rcu1at1on 1n Covlngton County Pub11shed by THE ANDALUSIA PUBLISHING COMPANY Job Pr1nt1ng Offlce Supphes South Cotton Street Phones 911-912 QW VIN fm and MEX Armstrong Tires at .. 1 H . I I ll , ' m of Compllm ents of Q S SHOES 104 s Three Notch st Ph 119 BE C K Dothan Onindalusla HARDWARE C0 Ba1nbr1dge, Ga Shoes for the Entlre Famlly Compllments of DTE LTA THREAD COMPANY C If Nashv1lle, Tenn N Andalus1a, Alabama LUMBER CO Dallas El Paso V1dal1a Ga St Lou1s Comphments of STAR CLEANERS ooner or Later Your Favonte Cleaner ' C ITV DRUG STORE Phone 7 HEMI? COVINGTON THVHVIETQIVIAN STORES COMPANY INC INSURANCE AGENCY Merchand1se of Dependable All Forms of Insurance Quallty Phone 100 Andalus1a , Alabama Andalus 18 Alabama . . , 0 . . Approved Sanitone Service IIS ' I , I . . , C Ong ratu1at1 ons to the Semors of 1957 X hii 1,4 Qfzwgyw Zami? EA N uc The Bank of Fmendly Serv1ce xV5""44:, f 92 Ng.. og! Andalus1a, Alabama Member Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporatlon "ygL':-75, .f' 'fuw A- . s ' K ' v -- V fig- 1 A fi :ML -J' ' ,lain in -: g-Q Z 1 YXL X an ? 11- L ' - en J,X1UgQi,ulL ' 1, ' z .n !l...Ml I X . IQIL N iii Q BOOSTERS Dr W G Cumbie Charles E Wilson Ed Brogden, Jr. Edward Reid Hiram Brogden J Dr W G King Dr J H Kyzar Carl's Pit Bar B . Dr W R Roland Allen Cook Dr R A Johnson Dr W W Wadsworth Andalusia Electric 8: Water Co Dr Juanita McDonald Frank J Tipler Ralph A Clark J Fletcher Jones Abner Powell J M Merrill Motors Wilson Cleaners The Smart Shop Bozeman's Barber Shop Hutcheson Barber Shop Dr Ray Evers Brantly's Key Shop Brown's Texaco Center F M Smith Dr D L Mclnnish Williams Meredith Service Station . Il . ' , r. . . ' ' - -Q City Bus Lines Dr. L.L. Parker Autograpphla 'I if Autographs TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO X-V .. N. mn nn. I I"a s- -be 1 W- F 1 'vv 'L .FZ ' af V' . I. T ' 1. pri 1 EW 4 513 T31 .,, . 5? rf: ffiEE if 'i' 'L :fi wav: 772

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Andalusia High School - Memolusia Yearbook (Andalusia, AL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Andalusia High School - Memolusia Yearbook (Andalusia, AL) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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