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Andale High School - Tekakwitha Yearbook (Andale, KS) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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1 r, H 3 E 2 5 2 ,z 5 'E!f1'?i'?'ffT o "4-!'5f"'1T '5""-Idllfl 5539 'gpg 94 I 4-4g , , , fr' 'FR P " L1-.2 , ,, '- V - f I '3 -.. 47,-.512 , V g:,w3,.,, 'Qi ' ', fd-,:"qff 1-1 ,-'3'vg-iw., x ' - ' ' I '!:l1F,c1.,,. , ' ' - - NL, 14"-'l"'?i:3f-:'!-"' ' 'Qfh r. fi ? , ' g :Km -pe, 1 ,. 11. 5 -, - Y f"-N '. . - 7 11 J V7 f . V I , ' X A -,E 4 54 12 "i - 4 ,- QQ: s,l4a . gl. n L ' ' E .H 'fi ,'.'-5:4-1 Q4 J -Lv Hi ..r lf: pf! . ,Z w . W L ' 1 f . ' 1- 'li f Qs-f - .vig w S 1 - 1 --w. 1i.g meg, 4 - u . . M-final KZ W LIEHFAMHE The Seniors of 1938 present the nShadowW-the first year book ever pub- lished by a senior class of the Andale School. In it you will find nearly all the memories of the school year of 1937- l938. The 1938 graduates are leaving this High School with many regrets and we desire that the suc- ceeding graduating classes may have the best of success. STAFF THE SENIOR CLASS Editor-in-Ch1ef...... .. .....Anna Wetta Chief Assistant. ...... ....Lou1se Wetta Department Editors: Administration... .......Mar1e Klein Classes ....... .. ........ Marie Lies Josephine Freund Frances Martin Mary Raple Athletics .... .... Wilfred Hommertzheim Activities: 'Music ....... , .... '..Bert1lle Winter Dramatics ..... .... .Marie Dofflng Pictures .......... ..,..Ablene Bean Mary Ann Lies Business Manager..... ...... Edward Andra Circulation Manager .... ...Jeanne Fouquet Business Assistants... .....M1ke Helten Oscar Peltzer Adv. Artist.. ...... ....John Nelses Product1on.... ...Typing Class fffff' 'sfw:'5fNf'qfwg xv xy N I xv xy xr xv xv X7 N7 W W W ' 4 l,f"""' , 1 K Q . i L ""' 2 LW K . NNv2?Ntjiig?Xy Q a ,g53? E4 -AIDWII II N ILW IR-ATVIIUN -J 'fa' vigil, we 3 THE 1, Ex cum We, the Seniors of 1958, ' respectfully dedicate this annual, 'The 8hadow', to the EACULTY of Andale High School whose untiring spirit and good will have made it possible for us to complete a most successful high school career. 1111 111 1 I N N I Bl if W 'aff W 'Ci W Vi my Nfl W 'iff W W Eff W W W W YK I II ll I 71 X V N V X V l pZff25OfvfvEL Gr' fAlDfV7fNlS TRATION Board of Education: Mr. H. J. Peltzer--nGha1rman Mr. Peter Horschf---Clerk Mr. Louis Gorges--suTreasurer Faculty: Mr. L. A. Brennan--M. S. Principal, Science Agnes Arensdorfe--UA. B. English, Dramatics Sister Victorinee--A. B. Language, Typing Sister Silveria----A. B. Home Economics, History Byron Jacquesm-w--MB. M. Instrumental Music Glendal Knoopse---B. S. Mathematics and Industrial Arts Raymond Stucky ----- A. B. Choral Music In Appreciation To the Board of Education and to the Facul- ty we express our sincerest gratitude and deepest appreciation. Especially do we ren- der due credit to the Board of Education,who, during their eleven years of constant service in our school, have shown wisdom and under- standing. Oftentimes were there difficult problems to confrontg yet, these did not hin- der our gallant knights of service in pro- viding us with every educational-opportunity available. , To them and to xthe faculty may this book symbolize our timeless appreciation! -f-risfv 3" 1 MQW . Q, wr ,-f'5',:??1 .f 232:12 Zwvfzzf 1 N P' '-99. , , "fy W--M-fr . t r 1 1 . 1 f 'f , -1 - . i . . ' s Nd Q , 3 ,A .. -wwf? I A ' 1 Af i ,.4,,,!'s gif 1 " . I A - .vm Q, ,f-ZeWe f 4 " iMj?jQi Zgwj QV l t le ?YF e gy! mx n on ag 5 if g.l,,j - gtggfiiwwi Mf fkiwg 55354 welll A..M liggkQQ OFFICERS President ---------- Edward Andra Vice-President----Marie Klein Seoretary---------Wilfred Hommertzheim Treasurer-----w---Jeanne Fouquet ---Agnes Arensdorf Class Color-- ------ Royal Blue Class Flower ------- American Beauty Rose Class Motto -------- nTon1ght we launch! Where shall we anchor?' I 1 Ev NZ lv 4525644 Aff' wfwffx Class History In the early fall of 1955, twenty-one shy little girls and boys made their way to take up a new and strange task, the begin- ning of their high school career. As freshmen, we knew very little of the curriculum of a high school besides feeling somewhat bashfuly h t we soon overcame these minor obstacles. After the painful Initiation of cur class, which took place the second week of school, we felt advanced in our school life and eagerly we proceeded to work with the best of our abilities. Our first venture in the social life was the Ha1lQwe'en Party. It proved to be just as much fun for ourselves as for the upper classmen. Naturally after having been suc- cessful, we were looking forward to more social events. As freshmen we were ably sponsored by Sister Victorine. We also note that our class members were drawn from the greatest number of different parishes: for example: St. Leo, St. Marks, Colwich, and St. Mary's. At the beginning of the school term of '55 and '36, we proudly acknowledged the fact that the twenty-one class members from the previous year had resumed studies. This was a record not ever duplicated. Mr. Knoop was our sponsor and it was ,under his supervision that our most enjoyed edu- cational tour to Hutchinson was taken. This proved one of the outstanding events of the year, as it was spent in visiting and view- ing many places which most of us had never seen. As we entered into our new role as Juni- ors, we eagerly looked forward to many in- teresting events. Our Junior play, nRose of El Monten was successfully staged on Ap- ril ll. The Junior-senior banquet, which carried the nautical Qtheme, was very suc- cessful as well as enjoyable to the guests and classmates. It was during this year X X. xv W xy v xy y A',v'4v.z'4f.4'4v'4f ,r,,f,f yu that the idea of taking classes out into the country groves for a picnic was orig- inated under the supervision of Miss Brady. with our class motto, 'To-night We Launch, Where Shall We Anchor,W in mind we took up our studies as seniors of '58. As we hoped to make this our most cherished year of high school tra1n1ng,work was taken up more seriously and whole-heartedly. We presented one of the most beautiful Christ- mas Pageantsg and with the proceeds, we started another tradition by presenting the school with a class gift. Ours was a radio. Our class was always well represented ln all school activities such as music, sports, and dramatics. Four seniors were chosen as the participants for the Eagle Dramatics Contest held at Wichita. The play 'Orv1lle's Big Date' was rated fourth out of the twenty-one plays given. On April 28, we were the guests of the Juniors at the annual junior-senior ban- quet. Scattered among these activities were numerous Biology tours,of which the two-day trip to Manhattan and Hays was outstanding. Combining our Biology trip and Sneak day, our tour was more than successful. More- over we are quite proud of the fact that our class has been the first to instigate an educational tour of this nature. Much to our sorrow, two of our original freshmen, Norbert Focke and Francis Meyer, died during our final school term. Thus far, ln the history of our schoo1,our class is the only one which has some of its meme bers deceased. We shall never forget their friendly influence and lovable disposition. And now we finally reached what we might say the goal, but it might also be termed the beginning--graduation. We seventeen students received our diplomas on the night of May 22,l938. This is only the beginning. Yes! The beginning of where we hope to an- chor and be the greatest pride to our Alma Mater--the Andale Rural High School. Actors Not Dreamers BERTILLE WINTER t is worth doing at edietorian or Roll '55 '56 '57 'ee ' . Staff'55 '56 '57 tor--spring of '58 ee-President '57 c Festival '55 '56 '57 '58 5 Orchestra '55 '56 '57 '58 Sextette 5 Octette '56 '57 '58 . unior Play '57 Senior Play '58 ey Center Drama . stlval '58 - Eagle Play Festival '58 Softball '56 '57 '58 MARIE KLEIN 'Humorous sayings are linked with her name' Chorus '56 '57 '58 Operetta '56 '57 '58 Junior Play '57 - Senior Play '58 Shadow StEff'55 '56 '58 Editor--Fall of '57 Vice-President '58 Music Festival '56 '57 is worth doing well' MIKE HELTEN 'The same yesterdays to-day,and tomorrow Chorus '55 '58 eretta '58 QP . Junior Play '57 Senior Play '58 Baseball '58 I Softball '56 '57 Shadow Staff '58 Annual Staff '58 Cheer Leader '58 MARIE LIES 'A girl who is petite popular and pretty'- Chorus '56 '57 '58A Operetta '56 '57 '58 Senior Play '58 Shadow Staff '55 '56 '57 '58 Secretary '55 ' Music Festival '56 '57 '58 4 Annual Staff '58 Eagle Play Festival'58 Valley Center Drama Festival '58 Band '57 - Sextette '57 Softball '55 '57 '58 All School Play '58 'ae ' oscma PELTZER Softball '57 WOh!to live at ease' www Chorus '56 S57 55858 ,faq aff: .- Operetta 5 5 aria 'Ei Qi? WEN Junior Play '57 fe' ' Slgge Senior Play '58 ' Caja Treasurer '55 52 Shadow Staff 'sv 71 H01101' H011 '55 MUS10 Festival '55 P EDnARD ANDRA uStud1ous? yes, but not a bookworm U JEANkn 'Showed her good sportmanship on all President '38 Honor Roll '36 '38 Junior Play '38 Senior Play '38 Football '38 Baseball '38 Softball '36 '37 Shadow Staff '37 '38 Annual Adv.-Mgr. '38 Typing Pin '37 MARY ANN LIES occasions W Qmnm 66'37 Operetta '36 '37 Junior Play '37 Senior Play '38 Softball '36 '37 '38 Treasurer '36 '37 '38 3ggdow Staff '36 '37 Music Festival '36 Annual Cir.-Mgr. '38 Cheer Leader '35 X7 X7 W Wx'x'N.N.Wx'x 7's:wQ 'Q 6 5 'Cred1tab1y distin- guished herself in athlet1cs.' Chorus '36 '37 '38 Operetta '36 '37 '38 Junior Play '37 Senior Play '38 Softball '36 '37 '38 Shadow Staff '37 Cheer Leader '37 '38 Huslc Festival '36 '37 LOUISE WETTA 'Known sweet and friendly manner.' Chorus '36 '37 Operetta '37 Music Festival '35 '37 Senior Play '38 Softball '36 '37 '38 Shadow Staff '37 '38 Honor Roll '35 '36 '37 ANNA JETTA Nmischlef glitters in her eye.W Chorus '36 '37 '38 Operetta '36 '37 '38 Music Festival '36 '37 '38 Senior Play '38 Softball '36 '37 '38 Shadow Staff '38 '37 '38 Annual Editor '38 Honor Roll '37 Vice-President '35 Orcnestra '35 '36 '37 '38 Octette '37 '38 JOHN NEISES 'Men of few words are best after al1.' '38 Junior Play '37 President '35 Senior Play '38 Eb 45 Baseball 38 QQBX 4,fQfY ff? Annual Adv. Artist '38 wg -' A A C .... .a.-av a.'.-...- , ' ,, n.....,....... 8 ""l--- 7 ...P 5.!:z.:i:.:2q2:Q'21-1--f WILFRED HOMMERTZHEIM 'A small body often harbors a great sou1.' Honor Roll '35 '38 Chorus '35 '38 Operetta '38 Junior Play '37 Senior Play '38 Valley Center Play Fest- ival '38 Eagle Play Festival '38 Football '38 Baseball '38 Softball '36 President '37 Secretary '36 '38 I Shadow Staff '38 Toastmaster of Jr.-Sr. Banquet '37 All School Play '38 JOSEPHINE FREUND 'Dependable and sincere- a friend of true worth.' Class Salutatorian Chorus '36 '37 '38 Operetta '36 '37 '38 Honor Roll '35 '37 '38 Music Festival '36 '38 Senior Play '38 Softball '37 MARX RAPLE 'Quiet persons are wel- come everywhere.' Chorus '36 '37 '38 Operetta '36 '37 '38 Music Festival '36 '37 Senior Play '38 Softball '36 '37 Q, as ' 2. 4 .. FRANCES MARTIN 'Quick in word, act, and deed,' - Chorus '36 '37 '38 Operetta '36 '37 '38 Music Festival '36 Senior Play '38 Shadow Staff '38 Softball '36 '37 '38 BLENE BEAN 'Always happy and smiling' Chorus '36 '37 '38 Operetta '36 '37 '38 Senior Play '38 Shadow Staff '38 Music Festival '36 '37 '38 MARIE DOFFING 'And she loved keep- ing company.' President '36 Chorus '36 '37 '38 Music Festival '36 '37 '38 Sextette 8 Octette '38 Junior Play '37 Senior Play '38 Shadow Staff '37 Softball '36 '37 '38 Lions' Club '35 Eagle Play Festival '38 Honor Roll '36 '37 '38 Cheer Leader '37 '38 All School Play '38 4 At Parting uFour long years before us did lie, But all too soon those same years passed by. With soldierly stature we gaze to the future, Oh what, oh what shall it be! Finding not a single answer, we bow And are happy to recall a grand memory. Together all hardships we did subdue: But now, each must paddle his own canoe. Oh--why worry? Why despair? We sought this goal, and now we are there. With a cheerful smile and a thankful heart, We bid you farewell, for now we must part.' --Marie Klein - xy X 'X of fc' V W J!!Lll1nJJ4.lL.s Nj XG, X., X. y f A lore than can be realized, school' 11fe is Xl X the building of a treasure house of memor- Q7 X les. As one grows older year by year, these , J grow more precious than material treasures, Xf Xl and at length build the happiness of inao- ' V yy tive old age. Four years of association , Y. have brought two types of memories: 1.those Nl if that make us glow with pride, 2. those that N7 X, make us glow with the fire-red of embarr- , YV assment. :J Y? Nw, 'Vlfwf i!5yef X! Xi, Xa, W xg - -s ,sz Memories that Bless Leadership for good Co operation with the faculty Trail blazing in traditions Mary Raple's golden quality of silence at class meetings Wilfred Hommertzhelm as Estoban, the Mexican, and as Orville the clever bro- ther of three sisters. Also his popu- larity with the girls. Ablene Bean's chalk talk on cartoons. Mary Ann Lies' sixth sense at baseball and unreproachable sportsmanship. Louise Wetta's sweet shyness, hard work, and that Wheavenlyn blue banquet dress. Oscar Peltzer, the villian black and bold in WRose of El Monteu. Frances Martin as she sang her way come- dienne fame. 4 Jeanne Fouquet with her Wpitchingu arm and her ability as a financier. Marie Klein, the real literary artist of her class. Edward Andra, capable senior general, shouldering the troubles of his band. Marie Lies, and her engaging child-like manner as a freshman. Josephine Freund--eyes of real beauty after she broke her glasses and their mischievous twinkle. She starred as the Madonna in the Christmas Pageant. Mike Helten-deep bass voice that thrill- ed the hearer. He was ideal made-up as the Gypsy King. Bertllle W1nter,her enthusiasm at learn- ing something new. What fun her foreign correspondence was! Anna Wetta--her complete unselfishness in assuming responsibility and work. John Neises--beautiful work at lndus- trial arts and his infectious grin. His role of Wong in the Junior Play. Marie Doffing--her solo in WKentucky Babe" s ' 3? 4. 5, 6, THAT BURN Josephine botllng eggs Ablene worry at not knowing her lines perfectly the first night of practice Bertillew-falling many times, Her wed- ding march for the Athletic stunt! John.-gu1lty look when Wcaughtn Marie Doffing--losing her evening lib- rary Mary time visitor Raple's blushes at Uoral themeu T, 5, 9, 10, 11. 12, 15, 14. w 15. 165, rn. Anna--odd pronunciation of 'chcresu and tilted head ever Willy'-dancing with the dreamy schemy widow in 'Old Vlennan , Marte Lies--Hand she always chewed her gumn even during the contest play! Jeanne--cats and snakes for her class sponsor Loumse--fear near to tears at not being perfect tn-all her work during her freshmanryear Marie Klein-rumors cldent breaking out Frances--fumble at talks Mike--any' test-any fires with empty darling! Oscar--sleeping through class and being locked in the laboratory during noone hour Edward--the response to the juniors at the banquet Mary Anne-being tardy because she had to walk to school because she refused to get up when called of being in an: ac- at school words in giving time! and chasing extinguishers--the Blessed even are memories that burn! ff K 5 fi 1 E F - ' 2 5. . V ,K -LJ I -x ' 5 1 Q -A ff JJ' S 1 . Q. Q f-, . 4 , AA: QV Tk ,, ' I L gif" 3 1 k 4 , Yr. , L ,.?, MF, Yf5"'31,tiv - 1 313 , . U , 1 'a ,. 1 5 1 4 : s Y V ' 5. f, . 1, J. , ,, .. -"far 'ff Sir' 31-:ff fi 4 5 4 .1 J 1 I 51 I, l ki Q i 11 f I 1 - - e '- E Y 2 - -jg1'5P:1TSCK5 ff , . Sh! - ' ' N fi .SWK '.f'S...""f . ' - ,rf 1 fu- - ,. ':,. 3 3 ' A Fe JE, ,- ,U , . Q ,A...f,.w. ,,5, .,,, 5 3 M ..,. v.,, , T. x...,.. ,TT 4 ,V A Y . , b if L s 5 l ...,,.M,,,g5g, Q ,lx Q Q za..v.x .,I..1..w,v Q! 'Q 4 1 .sf 1 i -fvfw 4 Ay. W, LDvL'Q.,v X 1 i 1' f' ra. -can ' I2V"'f'?fE?f7'73"','3C"5'With? fL'S5I,7""'1'f5'l7FQ!?C,'?3Y3f".'-1i1'Ef5f?i,-Q,J-'.i'QvP"'225 1' -"V ' 7 ' , 1, ',.:g V,--,Q--f,,.--'.. - -3. . .v 2. 1, N ,lgaii My 1 f . . .Y fi. , M- ' .zfzyiili 1111 1 Q N N X X V Nl . 24, Xi: EE? g sgiaiglx Wjg tf ijigisggqa JJ vii LQ-3 OFFICERS Pres.-- ------ Clarence Dye-lst Semester Helen Winter-2nd Semester Vice-Pres.---Leo Bugner-lst Semester Max Kocour-2nd Semester Sec. Treas.--Jeanette Reichenberger Sponsor ----- wS1ster M. Silveria CLASS ROLL Nick Strunk Emma Hilger Otto Winter Harold Orth . Theresa Lies Vincent Kraus Betty Seiwert Peter Preisser Herman Peltzer Alfred Bergkamp S. Orchestra: ' JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENTS tricalsx Junior Play--Leo Bugner Herman Peltzer Jean. Relchenberger Max Koccur Emma Hilger Alfred Bergkamp Nick Strunk Betty Seiwert Play Festival-Leo Bugner Max Kocour-Superior A11-School Play-Max Kocour Helen Winter Jean. Reichenberger Operetta Leads-Max Kocour Max Kocour- Otto Winter Herman Peltzer ----------Alto Horn ----------Flute Vincent Kraus -------- Violin Herman Peltzer ------- Trumpet Betty Seiwert -------- Violin Pete Preisser ------ -Alto Horn Jean. Reichenberger--Clarinet Boys' Quartette: Max Kocour Athletics: Football-- Leo Bugner, Captain Max Kocour Otto Winter Harold Orth Baseball--Leo Bugner Max Kocour Nick Strunk Harold Orth Otto Winter Softball--Betty Seiwert Theresa Lies Subjects: English III, American History, ' Typing, Sewing, Industrial Arts ' 'wf'nfw:'nfwQ15fw:'gf:E xv xy v xv xv X7 W W W W , N, , 3 ,fm , ,, . fi ' ,455 X ,f 'a , 5 . l 1 ,JJ W fill yn .Nw 3 5 X 3 ii, mi, 1, fa Q r ,-Mar' ' 4 - ft . ' ' K X so Q N my X vi .. ., LM if J aa. Q 5 X Q mf 'K . 1 if s ff was F 9,41 J i .fy ? , , Q 1 S 0 lD4H1?qrjgQfQ4ES I W ?4,QEf. ' V nz? 4 E Ea! Susan Martina Raple- ------ President Hargaret Mary Kooour-Vice-President Mary Margaret Polan--Seo.-Treasurer Viola Ast Leo Wetta Viotor Ast ' Rita Batka Urban Falk ,Leonhleyer Esther Orth Leo Betzen EdnaNRaupsh Richard Orth porothy Orth ' Doris Gorges WaoHath11da Lies ' Rita Bergkamp Eugene Uinter Gertrude Kruse Margaret Bogner Junior Schmitz Josephine Neises a ' Ray Reiohsnberger Alphonse Bchaplowsky 8 nsor--Glendal Knoop K I 5 f' f ,fu g an -'Q 0.- N 1' Sp ,,, I . . 15:55:51: rj.'Z1?1Lafg. .fi"-'-'--:L-?sf:1'f::ff.'-4f:f1fff'i.F-,LLLfikvfftiiigf1-.1Jf?:fi'eS9SN:+21'si:v5'1r'-25:11f?fsf-fsfff?.:'.?f.':f:F:-f-f-'--f-' ' ..-"'.',.If.::::.-4:,:-:I:f.::f".'.:J!' ..::,:1'Z7" " - Class Party Theatrlcals' Sextette: Orchestra: Athletics: Subjects: sopnomomz Acnnzvmmmtrs , Initiation of Freshies-Sept. 18 Operetta Leads--Marg. Mary Kocour Leo Wetta All-School Play-Leo Wetta Mathilda Lies Margaret Mary Kocour Rita Batka Leo Wetta --------------- Clarinet Susan Raple- ------------ Clarinet Saxophone Eugene Winter ----------- Alphonse Schaplowsky ---- Alto Horn Football---Eugene Winter Ray Reichenberger Alphonse Schaplowsky Jun1or'Schm1tz Leo Wetta Richard Orth Urban Falk Baseball---Eugene Winter A Leo Wetta Softball---Margaret Mary Kocour ' Mary Margaret Polan Mathilda Lies Dorothy Orth Latin II, Sewing, English II, Industrial Arts, Modern History 11 Si S .1515 z'4'4'4f4v4f4f.f.r N:WlW:NfNfWfNSNfwQwx W W W W V V X X X '66-6666 66666 , 'Q ITM -, ' Q ., X I Q e s Q Nr ff xii 'fe W yi .e gg fi Q iii tv 4 Q 'ff 6 f r 6' V A , -N' in I .. --iq: gr, 73? 6 P 'f Ei ' 5 i 33' K A V. L I K : ...' T hkb up A I ' Ji-Q if f f Q gf? Lorraine Horsoh ------- President Archie Forster---Vice-President Esther Seidl ------ ----Secretary Virginia Ast ---------- Treasurer Busan Lies John Forster Wilfred Hay Paul Fouquet Herman Bogner Werner Haukap Mary Palsmeier Francis Raple 1 Martha Seller Gerald Kerschen Vernon H. Kraus Vernon P. Kraus William Peltzer Hose Earle Faber Vincent Hoheisel, Victor Breitenbach Melvin Stallbaumer Sponsor--Sister M. Victorine FRESHHAN AGHIEVEHENTS trloalss Christmas Assembly Program All-School Play--Lorraine Horsch Operetta --------- Gerald Kerschen William Peltzer Lorraine Horschp-------Clarinet Gerald Kerschen- ------- Coronet lillian Peltzer------Coronet Archie Forster-- ------ Glarinet Virginia Ast ---------- -Plano Melvin Stallbaumer ----- Drum Virginia Ast Lorraine Horsoh ' Quartette: William Peltzer Gerald Kerschen Football---Gerald Kerschen William Peltzer Melvin Stallbaumer Archie Forster Vincent Hoheisel Vernon P. Kraus Vernon H. Kraus Softball---Lorraine Horsch Mary Raple Virginia Ast Special Achievement: Presented statue 'Study' to library. Planted 41 trees. Subjects: Building Citizenship, English I, Applied Iathematics, General Science 1- :N . If 'N + J 'xx' ,1 16 K N ' V, 3 'Q 'lu : , . fs. - .S- 4 . '. . .....,.. 11""?EfE?25'??'?ef?f?2-:fu112 ' T-LL:f:3:f::::::f:.zr??i?' V " . ' -L1 "wxx: fa1e.f?fZsmm1Hw::44+qeaant 'A Zz, V 1 ,ld '11:?',':".-., QM ,x If I III 11 S X X X X V V ff ,NW " , I., - Z, f 1, ' , L. 3 ,- ' f ' :. ,X - ,,-' ,,, wg n H' - 5-. - f ', . ' Af- if f I , g 44 A - 1 . , i x A 4 H: I '59 l JE, x Y f, gg Mus IC DRAMA TIC 5 SOC! AL 'rms Pina 0'?ffLR,vQ X84 Pagans' 'va 4- M m H f , ':1Lg.,.:.,-tff fQ1ff3 4-' f x I Zflf 'aijig JE. -AA..-an , , , Q, , -,wi fwf- - - -. wtf Jgt K, K f lak' ,jj -uni, -K Q' fn ' .i x 1, - - I ,fqmgymg 5 K 5. L Yi H 1f a'ff'f " , r ' M1 Lg ' , - 1 g,-11" , - ' " YY QNX f 4: l1fg'3?' 5 ' ' -' : Q f' is igffgif. 3,5 ' ' . 4 - "- 1 - 5 3 ,..' if J '-. D f ' , Q Qi - 5 1 4 : F qggw- ,Jw ..w:5Af1,.f.-...,, 1 ' 1 2 .. 1 'A 1 , ,af 7 R 5 2 ,,,gi5...,,,..,..,..,.4,., 'x .,.. Y n'L I .1 . . f . 5 i - f.ifxg A ' ji .. xr " w.'1:fgf?? -315323 'L-1 A W53jfi3T 2 Nlfyfx.,-xy?-Q ' A ' ,f :ff A ' w.,fh.,.......,,.m .3 w. 4 I A su ,Q - .1 Q, ...-..,.......:..,1-b ..,. , w 1 A 2 , 5 - .1 r . ,ff -i I iw.. Y, u 'uf 5Mx Y 29' ,W W jf,ix,4X Qf 1 lf? ' mgzgziz 7, L .1 15' A ?. '9 i Q , . . f'fT"E.,'S CLE? CLUB fi 4 1 , 32 fs r L. -5 Q25 95 Ei i , i"'3',,". H1411 Q . , Q , . 'f nag f M 'ill r'1 55" W Q X W ' X-,Hu Q.. I if 1 'C N X111 , , KU' VA" J W' hif is 5 W 'YJ Eff' xg? 5 tqaif I 1. . ivy 3f 455 if I 1? I 1., Km NPG fsx Ji, 1 ,ul 1. n ji' V '-5: N IE' A, , xx!! f' 1 E X1 .NX X ,. I, a ai f :f ' Vxx f.X ..,. ? CHORUS ROLL CALL Anna Wetta Marie Klein Marie Lies Ablene-Bean Mary Raple Betty Seiwert Helen Winter Theresa Lies Emma Hilger Mary B. Raple Esther Seidl Martha Seller Susan Lies Susan Raple Edna Rausoh Rita Batka Gerald Kersohen Billy Peltzer Alfred Bergkamp Hike Helten Leo Wetta Vincent Kraus Eugene winter Marie Doffing Josephine Freund Frances Martin Bertille winter Virginia Ast Lorraine Horsch Mary Palsmeier Rose Marie Faber Mathilda Lies Margaret Bogner Margaret Mary Kocour Mary Margaret Polan Jeanette Reichenberger Mary Ann Lies Gertrude Kruse Esther Orth Wilfred Hommertzheim Urban Falk Oscar Peltzer Herman Peltzer Max Kocour Harold Orth Melvin Stallbaumer ORCHESTRA DLL Max Kocour Herman Peltzer Bertille winter Otto Winter Eugene Winter Lorraine Horsoh Anna Wetta Leo Wetta ' BOYS' QUABTETTE Mike Helten Max Kocour Billy Peltzer Gerald Kerschen Vincent Kraus Archie Forster Susan Raple Betty Selwert Gerald Kerschen Mary Margaret Polan Jeanette Reichenberger Alphonse Schaplowsky GIRLS' SEXTETTE Earle Dofflng Virginia Ast Margaret Mary Kocour Bertille Winter Lorraine Horsch . Rita Batka AX MUSIC NOTES A d S 's music departments have gone places and done things Included in these departments are an orchestra directed by hr Jacques, a girls' and boys' glee club, and a sextette, all directed by Mr Stucky, a grad uate of Bethel College at Newton. The or- chestra group has sectional and group prac- tices on Monday with group practices on each Tuesday and Thursday. The girls' glee club has rehearsals each day while the boys prac- tice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The three highlights in the music schedule ln order of their appearance were: First, the operetta, Wln Old Viennan was presented quite successfully on February 27 and 28. This colorful comic operetta, had a cast of twelve and choruses of Vienese maids, burgers, gypsies, and tourists. Next the music students worked on their selections entered in the County Music Fes- tival held March 29. The orchestra tied with the sextette for first place among our groups. The selections by the orchestra were UOperatic Starsu, nF1nland1au, and nOverture Gems.n The girls' sextette sang nKentucky Baben and WRock1n T1me.n The girls' glee club's numbers were UCome Where My Love Lies Dreamingu and NFrom the Land of the Sky Blue Water.' I Last but not least was our entry 1nto,the district music festival held on April 15. The glee club and sextette sang the selec- tions as named before. Besides this the solo nLullabyU by Mozart was sung by Ber- tille Winter. , Our ratings were: Girls' Glee Club, su- periorg Sextette, goody Solo, excellent. The last music affair was the Boys' Quar- tette's song, UGood-byen which they present- ed at the Commencement. X31 .I .1 .1 DRAMATICS This Year was heavily sprinkled with dramatic productions. One was hardly fi- nished when another was started. The first was a contest play entitled UOrv1lle's Big Date.u This was entered at the Wichita Eagle Yuletide Festival where we tied for fourth place. The cast included Wilfred Hommertzheim as Orville, Marie Lies as V1- vian, Marie Doffing as Ethel, and Bertille Winter as Beatrice. The best Christmas program ever given was presented by the seniors of '38. This program consisted of three one-act plays which included, WM1dn1ght Clear,nUOrv11le's Big Date,W nChr1stmas Pageantn. The cast of WM1dn1ght Clearu included: Reddy---Louise Wettag Limpy--Anna Wettag Granny---Ablene Beang Angel--Mary Rapleg Gop's Angel--Marie Kleing Cop--Edward Andre. The cast of WOr- v1lle's Big Daten has been mentioned above. The cast of the NGhr1stmas Pageantn includ- ed Josephlne Freund as the Vlrging Edward Andra as Josephg Bertille Winter as Angel Gabrielg Wilfred Hommertzheim, Mike Helten, and Oscar Peltzer as the Three Kingsg Marie Lies as the readerg John Neises as leader of the shepherds.The remainder of the class participated as angels and shepherds. Under the direction of Mr. Stucky the angels ren- dered quite heavenly music. The juniors created a news item when they presented 'Behind the News', a three act comedy for their Junior play W N e by the papern that there are some up and coming Junior dramatic stars The cast for this production was Elmer Scott Herman Peltrer, Petunia Blossom Alfred Bergkamp Ruth Roberts Emma Hilger, Jane Cooper Jeanette Reichenberger Joe Hudson Max Kocourg Mrs. Small ------ Betty Seiwertg Sam Barnet---Leo Bugnerg Officer---Nick Strunk. The one-act play WWho Gets the Car To- nightn was entered at the Valley Center Play Contest, It went off with a rah! It rated ngoodn along with all the rest of the plays entered. Even though they all played their parts very well, Max Kocour was the only actor who was rated individually. The cast: Mr. Jones--Wilfred Hommertzhe1mgMrs. Jones---Bertille Winter: Mary---Marie Lies Paul---Max Kocourg Jack---Leo Bugner. Last but not least of the dramatic pro- ductions was the all school play entitled uSpr1ng Feveru. This clever comedy of Mo- ther and home life was particularly appro- priate since the date of production was Mother's Day. The cast: Jacky Howard--Leo Wettag Price Max Kocourg Ray Butler-Alphonse Schaplowsky Mr.Kn1ght--Wilfred Hommertzheimg Peggy-Lor- raine Horschg Bertha---Jeanette Reichen- bergerg Eulalie Barnes--Helen Winterg Don? na Howards---Marie Doffingg Spring Bying- ton---Marie Liesg Tessie---Mathilda Lies. 17X XO xv xr I 'QXX fff 'xfwfwx xx xy N I xv W xv xv xv X7 W W SOCIAL AFFAIRS Social affairs are quite an important factor in making the school term a pleasant and educational one. Probably the student has forgotten about some of when these are brought to mind, call that he had a uswelln time To begin with, as usual, our social event was the freshmen which we know the freshmen will these, yet, he will re- very first initiation, never for- get. On Sept. 18, at 8 o'clock the poor freshmen were forced to go through the an- nual routine of so-called torture. The program consisted of ttricks and stunts played on them, games, dancing, and the serving of refreshments. This ended this year's version of initiation, and twenty- four boys and girls became full-fledged members of our student body. Several weeks later, on Oct. 29, the seniors with their advisor, Miss Arensdorf, sponsored a Hallowe'en party. The auditor- ium was artfully arranged with such decora- tions as Jack-o-lanterns, black cats, wit- ches, and autumn leaves, all suggestive of the season. For the first time in the his- tory of our school, the guests attended the party in costumes. Emma Lee Hilger was se- lected as the prettiest costumed, and Ha- rold Orth, as the funniest. The Christmas Party, Dec. 22 was proba- bly the most enjoyable and appreciated evening during the year. It was wholly in charge of the faculty. Mr. Knoop and Mr. Stucky furnished the entertainment, Sister Vlctorine and Sister Silveria, the decor- ations, Miss Arensdorf, the lunch, and Mr. Brennan, general supervisor. It was at this occasion that the seniors presented a radio to the school. Santa Claus came in person and every student, good or bad, was fortunate to receive a gift from him. The sophisticated Juniors showed a frac4 tion of one of their true 'characteristicsg that of being independent, on January 16, by having a skat1ng,party. The all but warm Wmoonlit night was spent at WH1dden Laken, southwest of Andale. From several reports as, to the happenings at the party, there were many amusing and many painful antics. Mr. Stucky's acrobatics featured the event. Imagine the great thrill we received when we entered the annual Junior-Senior Banquet Hall on the evening of April 28. We had been,kept in such long suspense about what the theme was to be that we could hardly wait. The hall was beautifully and cleyer- ly decorated with the most popular charac- ter USnow Whiten and her WSeven Dwarfsn. A large castle surrounded by wishing wells, forest scenes, dwarfs' huts, and smaller castles centered the auditorium. Victrola music from the motion picture added to the effectiveness of the theme. The president of the junior class, Helen Winter, was toastmistress. After the most enjoyable program, favors were drawn by all from the wishing well and the rest of the evening was spent in dancing. The all but cool afternoon of May ill proved to be just the day for the high school students to close their social a - fairs for the year. At twelve noon all got into cars and with lots of laughter and noise went out to Albert Winter's Grove where the annual Knights' of Columbus Pic- nic was in session. A delicious and bounti- ful basket lunch followed during which snappy numbers were played by the Andale High School Band. ,During the afternoon a most interesting field meet of races and ball games was held. ,, A r A W , . . -I, Q 21-QQ ffl 4' TJ 5 'p 2 A ' fy 1 A Q 2 v 5 ' - -A l r 'FQ -mg .-A',.,., ' " V -M BASEBALL fQorsAu SOFTBALL RACK 1' f . ,Q k ' Jw ' E-1' gf:53gZjfq:g,:1 ' yffs' E1 s'ef.5f'5,7i4 :t tl' ,A 1 , . .., Eg -, 'XA V' -1.5 4 xl W4 f 1 , N sf' 'f y"Q'5 gl-f,,ez,A5r --Q 4 qv gy -1?- 1 J fy -f ,4 ff N 'g If f.:X1X.. . , 1 -11 A- 2 ,. -ww.-K. W, .,f,-.qfQy.-..:,..-...w-m--1 ' ,., N A Kg? "Z -x -4 5 x I j ,I 4 F . 4 f 'i , I . Nr -vlan A A , 6 . ,, ' Q 7 x 9 IF'f'3l7fff - r NX x 3 X -gy, . .,3- 5 ' w- 2 3'4" 'i -I 1 ' 1:33-if 4. 1 N A v . 1 ff Q Q' 1- ,-Ai, 54 'J rl r rj g if -aifif 3 5 4 es 5' 66666666 Zufcmsefff J FOOTBALL After one year of delay and through the ef- forts,of Mr. Khoop, coach, football has a- gain come back to our school as the ,leading sport. At the beginning of the season, twen- ty-two players reported for practice. This was indeed a splendid number to have out, and they all helped,great1y in making the season a success. Considering their inexperience the summary is good. SUM ARX . ANDALE OPPONENT Valley Center IZ 6 Walton 14 6 Sedgwick 6 53 Mbunt Hope 6 44 Maize O 6 Valley Center 14 26 FOOTBALL SQUAD Coach ------- 4 ---- Mr. Knoop Captain QB ------- Leo Bugner Wilfred Hommertzheim RG Alphonse Schaplowsky HB Ray Reichenberger RG William Peltzer Sub Gerald Kersohen Sub Pete Kraus Sub Paul Fouquet Sub Matt Kraus Sub Vincent Hoheisel Sub Melvin Stallbaumer Sub Edward Andra LE Max Kbcour QB Otto Winter HB Harold Orth RE Vincent Kraus LT Herman Peltzer RE Urban Falk LT Eugene Winter RT Richard Orth LG Leo Wetta RE . TRACK Although we did not enter track in a big way we think it should at least be mentioned. we attended three track meets, at Cheney,at Wlchn ita, and at Clearwater. , TRACK TEAM Coach- ----- Mr. Knoop Leo Bugner Alphonse Schaplowsky Richard Orth Leo Betzen Eugene Winter BASEBALL Probably the best liked sport by the players of our school was baseball. This team was or- ganized under the leadership of Coach Brennan, who helped make it a great success. SUM ARY OF SCHEDULE Andale Opponent Sedgwick 9 9 North High 0 14 Sedgwick 5 4 Garden Plain 18 5 North High B 5 7 Severy 6 12 Garden Plain 9 4 BASEBALL TEAM Coach---Mr. Brennan Leo Bugner C Wilfred Hommertzheim TB Otto Winter P Eugene Winter CF Nick Strunk SS Urban Falk CF Mike Helton FB John Neises RF Edward Andra SB Archie Forster RF Max Kocour LF Harold Orth LF - - GIRLS' SOFTBALL The girls' softball team, under the leadership of Miss Arensdorf had much fun. Although they played only four games, which were with St. John's Academy, they won two, lost one, and tied one. SOFTBALL TEAM Marie Doffing Betty Selwert Jeanne Fouquet Dorothy Orth Frances Martin Mathilda Lies Bertille Winter Mary Margaret Polan Mary Ann Lies Margaret Mary Kocour Anna Wetta Virginia Ast Theresa Lies Lorraine Horsch QW M99 O 5 QWM idmwlwm X , F 1 0 4 , . 4 ' I ' sy A A lr '21 Q .,,,x Y ' f fm A. K S fmnswv - f wry' ,122 .f n - ,IL , I 7 ' W 0 'A , X A ON QQQIAI : X W I ju J! , a N 6Wvf'l,aP' 'N W MQMH PJ is N 'WV F QQWXOWJ 05 5 f N N N if N Ev F t 3 , A I N N X N X '1 64, .f " I Q Q . -Q"Q I I x Rx' 1 . wfilb if 5' fa' j 5 X 'A JW N X 1, XX QA! Mfg' 3 Q 6664" ' 4QGQQQi'1i'C'Q wwf vw' .- V W- s J mf' X., ,i bunny :vw-xuvmnuuqli A I f ' Q 4, ax .Ig A ui A35 .wg ij . X ,r 'E H as 2' 1-' V-.. ,sf if if 'ff , i 'Y 5 ri , 2, N gf Y W ,,. uv- , "1 3? H 1. ,lu .Xa 'eg .E Q-Egfr 1.x": If iw, 4, . X ,X af .47 is 3 If Q J 1 I wg ' 5' , "3 1 u 4' 4 Q E5 ,'?. ,L we Eg 5 f Q A ,. ". 5 Y, ,, Zi N, Qg7 , s N is .. 1 . K? W' 5,2 AAI- . e s d x -AIDWE-IQ IN Q. X F . KV 'X 2 ,Y . ., . ,YR .Y X K: To our many advertisers in this last section of our annusl we extend our sincerest and ebest wishes for success and prosper- ity. It is due to their whole- hearted spirit that we are able to publish this Wshadown. Show your appreciation by patronlzing BULovA-HAMILTON-ELGIN , , A ' . I WATCHES H r ' A I p . mmf bAf1fX14.f SHO! 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