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Bay of Beangal L6 Indian A- Ocean iii Sea of East China Sea JAPAN ona Da e L l'If6I'l73 Timor Sea AUSTRALIA Coral Fw 'SW Tasman Sea New Zealan -.-.l..i- P A C s a I as a s OCEA 4, . , . V ' V X... 'i.,1-.g-,,,Ii11 N '- Islands' "" " x 'Q , i' ,,- 4w::a.fh Christmas Equafoff Island f Phoemx Islands Samoa Islands Tropic of Caprlco 1 1 "Q if 'ggagi , .352 'Ex .. .vi d-' . "nfl I F r 4. 1 T , J 'Pascagoula ' of the Vletnam 1n K UBB. N E USS ANCHORAGE 1 . .XXX N X X. Q .Q sf L. wi 1 Q. X. - .Q Q NK' X .R .gcxx .X .RF Xt.: Xin. X 1 is Yi X X Xxx X Q, . ... . . XS . . .X . A v . .X ' Q 291,-, gi ,' 5 ':i4q"'gf2, f 7' wa. 'Q fa. A ' - 'f' . 4 x is . gi 5 xg., I Su gh' f gg .J gg. ,W , 'fy' ' , 3.1 . . . is ' .Y QW " 2 '55, 1 K - -AZ -2 'Wai-' Kwx f gy? 4 045 W PL f. 4 ' Q V. , , .'f"2,'f4' , Q33 T ' .EE X . Q5 ,, f .' . 1,1 g g, 4 V x' f ' fQS"'. A ' f ' , 4,g'i3Qg3-7 .Wd ,L v, v . -- qiiu yyy :L ,H ' . X 1 ' ' 'ffm 4' 4 13 p,.'fff,g7 ' ., W f I K 'fl-SYf"7H yr , '33 I I RY ,I .., iii, iigwuyirw Y 2 a ,ig-,J ' M 61 ,gms 135- g fr W- -J ,r "J aff' , ' . , A, , 1 . Az' f w, '- sf - , v . - 7. ,, .. 1 . V 4 H , fn- 4 ,ty lfiyn 'Yr f V . Evo A ffff?:,,ff girp. .-4 .Magi if 2, ,MJ-'ff w Q fav? x ' vw 1. , . .fx 3 X . YW ,.f. p f. , A f ff' 4-bl fi 24.5, iw? .ff -'C-'-'jl x -:aww 1 uv -A 4 ffm, ,gig 750.5 .2 H ,. .8 - r yfwn -Q3ggg.wg5w. Q. fi' '73i3ff2 Y iff-'i -QQ: ' Q. xi F35 air' ,7 egg -7151.3 fl , '-1,1,f".' f 1 2 USS ANCHORAGE .SA .Af we 'rxd "w1.. mu...-. msg, wr 'wx f w My? X X X ,,,, W W' " XLXXV Xi' , I -ff .QX ., XXXXXIMGX. WCM , X -E .WX . X XXM. ,, Xi, X,X XV ,X ,. , X fb A 1 , 15X xx Q AQ? ' E592 ' . 5755 ' 'XHfX'5'f-SEM f. -. XXX 'XX X. X 'ZX XXX -SX: 'Lf ,, X f XX XX- ', -:XX XXX XXX Xx Xi1i.n:X1X,.XX , XXX fi, QNX XXXX, L , 'f -1 XXX, XX ASX X . f' i I .-,X X-X , XXX fm X , wlwga ,XR V XSXQHQX XX . ,XXX Q1 'N' . ,H X XX, ,X w,QjXiX x YU ,X X ' Wu A 5335 x VX., A W XXXX 1 NX-4XX X X 1 eg 1f'12XXyfg" .six fly. X XX ,:fl1:gfX4:'g W I -'xQXXfQ A. X f X 3' X f f XX 4 X X X X xx 7 ,Wi , X X Q 1 XX 9 X X X X N X x 'X X X x XX f X X X X XX X X!!! X 4 x X 1 XX f X X X f X X X Z f 'X K X X S ,Q 5 X 1 X Q f , ,f ,, X X iffy X X XX 2 X A SMX, ,W-, ff, XWQXXXZX. ,SXMXX 9 ,X X X, XXX X f ,fff DMX' jig 2 5 V X XX X X f A , x M XX 7 fx xg X X XX X NQNN , X X X X Q f X X W , f Y X XX X X , X f X NN 'KX X N X 5' X 7' N X X X X , 3 X X Q X NX X X X J X fn X X X XX X EX X X N ' X N: KX AY S , 1 XXX :XX X X 1 XX X XX? N X XXX y X 'N 5 if XX X NE , X Y x YN XX X i Q lg X X xx K X X 6 5.X X J W XX X X QXX1 . xv X X XXX XHQXXQ PX X X 7 X XX NX X X USS coMMAND1NG OFFICER "CDR RONALD L. THOMAS" . . ' d - Commander Ronald Thomas is a native of Memphis, TN.. He IS a 1976 graduate of Wabash College in CrawfOI' S ville, Indiana, where h bt ' d ' ' ' e o aine a B.A. in History. Commissioned an Ensign in September 1978 after 8Tadufil53Ifg from Officer Candidate School, his initial assignment was in USS BRADLEY FF C1041D where he served -ES face Lieutenant and Main Propulsion Assistant. He completed his Initial tour in 1982 and was assigned to the UI' nt Warfare Division Officer School in Coronado, CA. as an Engineering instructor. Upon completion of Departme Head course of instruction he was assi d E ' ' , Elle as ngineering Officer in USS FRESNO CLST 1182i in March 1986 H9 was ordered in 1988 to s ' ' erve as an Examiner on the Pacific Fleet Propulsion Examining Board. In March 1990 he Te' ported to USS BRISTOL CLST 11985 as Executive Officer H . e served on the staff Commander, Amph1b1ouS Squad ron Nine from January 1992 to February 1994 as Maintenance and Readiness Officer. . h two Commander Thomas' awards include the Meritorious Service Medal and the Navy Commendation Medal Wlt gold stars Commander Thomas was m t . os recently assigned to the staff of the Chief of Naval OperationS,.Surf?Ei Warfare Division. He is married to the former Cleopatra Wood of Memphis, TN and they reside in San Dlegof with sons Matthew C75 and Marc C4D. 4 COMMANDING OFFICER EXECUTIVE OFFICER "CDR JOEL D. KING" Commander King received his commission in May of 1983 through the NROTC program at Rensselaer Polytech- nic Institute. After attending Surface Warfare Officer School he reported to USS LONG BEACH CCGN95 in Febru- ary of 1983. During his initial sea tour he served as X Division and then OE Division Officer. Split-touring off LONG BEACH in April of 1985, he next served in USS SAMPLE CFF 10485 from August of 1985 to June of 1987 as Damage Control Assistant and then Main Propulsion Assistant. Earning his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Monterey Naval Postgraduate School, Commander King followed by "lateral-transferring" to the Nuclear Power Program, attending Nuclear Power School in Orlando and Prototype at Ballston. After prototype he served as Elec- trical Officer in USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER CCVN 695 from March of 1991 to March of 1993, where he achieved his Nuclear Engineer Certification. Upon graduation from Department Head School, Commander King served in USS DENVER CLPD 95 from January 1994 to October 1995 as Operations Officer, and in USS TARAWA CLHA 15 from December of 1995 to July of 1997 as Navigator. He reported to USS ANCHORAGE CLSD 365 as Execu- tive Officer in September of 1997. Commander King's awards include the NavyfMarine Corps Commendation Medal, the Navy!Marine Corps Achievement Medal, and various campaign and service medals. CDR King is married to the former Kara Collins of San Diego, CA. They have two children, a son and a daughter. EXECUTIVE OFFICER 5 CGMMAND MASTER CHIEF w""""i HETCMCSW5 JESUS M. JUGO" Master Chief Jugo enlisted in the Navy in 1976. After Recruit Training at Recruit Training Command., San Diego, he attended ET A h l ' G ' ' ' ' sc oo in reat Lakes, Illinois and completed ET C school in Lowry Air Force Base in Colorado IS past duty stations include the USS PROTEUS CAS 195 in Guam, Navy Recruitin District Chica o Naval All' g gl 9 . Station Glenv1ew, Illinois, USS ACADLA CAD 425 in San Diego, Electronics Technician A School in Great Lakes, Uh' nois USS CLEVELAND CLPD 75 in San Die d Sh , go an ore Intermediate Maintenance Activity, San Dieg9- Mast? Chief Jugo reported aboard the USS ANCHORAGE as the Command Master Chief in December 1997. His awal' S include the Meritorious Servic M d l N e e a , avy Commendation Medal Ctwo awards5, Navy Achievement Medal UGOHT awards5 and various campaign service medals. He is married to the former Kathleen M ' H h fW1ldwood, ' orris ug es o linois. They currently reside in San Diego with their two children, Kyle and Chelsea. 6 COMMAND MASTER CHIEF l E8 th ar Tl w U1 AWAY WE GO. While the prospect of leaving our families and friends Above: CDR Thomas ensures that everyone is ready to embark on gave the day a certain emotional charge, on June 22, 1998, time While making last good-byes. the ANCHORAGE team set sail full of a sense of duty Middle: The ANCHORAGE prepares to pass under the Coronado and, in the case of some, a sense of adventures to come. bridge While Sailors and Marines man the rails. The ship was ready, the crew was Well trained, and what was to become a long hard journey began with much .cere- mony and quite a few tears. DEPARTING SAN DIEGO 7 Xml X--f' ..4""""q Top Left: Just a few of the well-wishers who came to see us de- part from pier 6. Top Right: The raising of the brow was one of the last things we did before leaving the pier. Above: Sailors and Marines take one last glimpse of downtown San Diego from the flight deck. Above Right: Saying good-bye from the starboard uarter-dec q k. Right: Ready to take in all lines and get underway to far-off lands. 8 DEPARTING SAN DIEGO xg. . 'W sf ,.,. y 2 . 'f V f iff '97, f if ' ' . ' 1 ' we ..,... ,. ' . ' . "f" 3 1 '+' f 5 f 'EET an 5 1 f ' ' A WA II FJQJFK 4446141 ig '-i,,' L.,x. if is Our first and last Hoverseasl' port was the tropical Vacation wonderland of Hawaii. Although both Visits were short in duration, we were glad to say "ma- ha1o" to our friendly hosts after long stretches at sea. Above Left: BM3 Justice and SN Burton show why Hawaii is the "Rainbow State." Above' Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to gain a sweet reward as this native Hawaiian demonstrates the art of climbing a coconut palm. Middle Left: Just one of the many places in Waikiki where natural beauty meets art as FN Pineda discovered. Left: The International Market Place in Waikiki is a shopperis paradise for all those special sou- venirs. HAWAII 9,....-...IAf.s,:.'.f..., wmv - .i+....f.i1..,'.-,.e,. wwf f, .153 1 - , f ' ' " K- V .. 1. ..--. ,ga , QM . , , ,,1,.,,.' Q ' vi: 2 1.1 ,, 5 .,ng,,et Q-V , .jf gcgprc, 3 ,' fl , A. . X gv t ,fs .,,,,,.. ., 5, Q, V , Qs. f - 1 - HAW II Q I 'ff' 1 Q' 1 i.. -..A 10 HAWAII Top: Another typical day of fun and the sun along beautiful Waikiki Beach. Next Page Top: Kaneana was thought to be the birthplace of the world by the ancient people of Ha- Waii. Above Left: Hawaii's architecture ranges from colo- nial castles like this one to modern luxury resortS along the beaches. Right: Diamond Head rises majestically above the hotels and tourists on Waikiki Beach. Above: Mountains, Sea and good friends, who really could ask for more? Left: Examples of Hawaii's Polynesian roots can be found still, such as these native dancers in d0WU' town Waikiki. fibove Right: PN3 Rodriguez tries his luck with some of Middle: Hey everybody! How do we get to the North Shore? t 610631 Statuary- ' Above: Here is "lei-dyi' hard at work on her art. MiddIe.' SN VVhite, HM3 Barnes, SN Burton, SN Drewci- zak, Onder and BM3 Justice enjoy another gorgeous Hawaiian afternoon. HAW A11 11 44...,u, .,.,L,,-.+. - HO GKO G , 3...-1--A .' ,,...-.fa-a.M,,.,vfY ff- Top: Hong Kong harbor as seen from Victoria Peak with a small View ofthe ANCHORAGE, middle left. Above: The Jumbo Floating Restaurant serves diners in the mid- dle ofthe Aberdeen Harbor. Above Right: Public art is common in many Hong Kong districts such as Tsim Sha Tsui. Righ t: The skyline of Hong Kong while pulling in. 12 HONG KUNG iff, , -:Ji-j K' Mr"-'X.'t,-N-X , is if QT gif. 'Y xi, 531157 Q i T2 Our first taste ofthe Orient on this Voyage was in Hong 191155. Even though the Chinese reclaimed the colonyi , 97, the hustle and bustle of Kowloon or the shopping 'QW Top Left A few members of ship s pla toon enjoy some of Hong Kong s night 1 e Top R1ght BM2 Martel and SN Maul enjoy the Meditation Garden at the Won Tal Sin Temple in Kowloon M1ddle Left SN Burton BM2 Polen zani and HM3 Roby add to this colorful scene at Jumbo Floating Restaurant Middle Right SN Bonnett and this ket tle make a line pair at Won Tai Sin Temple Left The brilliance of the skyline at night on Hong Kong Island JOYS of St 1 ' ' an ey still remain. HONG KONG 13 1 1 f 1 54' 'H 1? . X 55-,C i , 1 vi 99 ge I 2' 1- E V Nu l N allil ' v s .uliil M c- L, -, R ....-f'-,.. PHILIPS it - , 3- -,,,..1-1-- Y -- .5 Top Left: LCPL Brown stands on one of many sky bridges in the Wanchai District. Above: Statue and offerings at the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddha's in Shaitin. Left: The New Convention Center on the wa- terfront as seen from the ship. '- 1 . -" 5'-f -S llUNlQ lil I 4 .I.f Left: ENS Kelley and DKSN Carlyle having a good time in Kowloon. Below: Fashion is easy when shopping at Stanley Market- i s 47-1 v I SINGAPORE IRE! Top Left Hlndu temple 1n Smgapore s In d1an D1StT1Ct Top R1ght A busy street 1n Clnnatown one of Smgapore s many ethn1c enclaves Left A plcturesque scene along the rwer bank 1n downtown Lower Left The Terror Club on base 1n Sembawang was a popular dest1nat1on Below The Merhon Statue the symbol of Smgapore draws many V1S1tOI'S to Sentosa Is and ff ,fw- SINGAPORE 15 -iii? Klum-' lt' ' 'nlwww 1-'uw to Und il littlc hit of' America aboard as ICFN Moran, '1-N xg.-1,.-QQ xmiizi sLLj.',nf41,w-, rm 1,imf1, FA sm-1-91, MR3 Schmidt and HTFN llollvwo Ula-xx pl'uX'u'41I l'l:1m-l h ocl. H1g,'l1r"l'lu-Swim-o1'Si1-.lohn Rufflvs, ioundcx' of'Singapo1'e, amidst the modern lllllliilllpfs illl1HXN'l1lUNN'HSillg.filDUI'l'. ..' 'M fl -4 s T .Www I'lUllQ Hu - - A ' ' 2 WMF N UM' Ul'1l"1I1'1l 'mwllu' 'NI " . h 1 w 1 I . Cll1OVl along the river' m mlmxrxtoxxxz ff,' X fy, H. v.v'.'. ,t'.l ,tuulk .-.N . -,Jn , my 4 1 4 yu!-93,1- Zlcillci .. L 'xy' V ,y I ' 1' Y "l"f"'1IW1:N H ml H1 mk Q' ill uhm I1 Xu htxudge can always be found ' "L L '- " " 4 ' ' ' j L1z11'vovorsoas. 1'45lXlQ4Xl'1l1 Q1-1 Wu , A . ---frffizvxgii :1::w:1,-::::7.: 41 ,F Q 1 .L-42.22 ,.,,,,5 -ffyffw. ,mm f,',':,' , Mg --145-Wwr,,y F -,...,.D5' .fs La THAILAND -- ,, ,Wwgmgi '5- f Q ,xg Top Left: ENS Luna, EN2 Brown and FN Hodo explore the rainforest on a tour of Phuket Island. Top Right: SA Keller enjoyed this elephant ride while at the Thai Cultural Center. Above: These gold covered statues of revered monks are held sacred by the devoutly Buddhist Thais at a temple outside Phuket Town. Left: J enga was a popular diversion at the many watering holes in Patong Beach. THAILAND 17 g..Q....t, ',L.,-vx,a5l:,f.,.,-ML-'W 'f-4 ..,.......-.--lvl-aim, ' ' ' , nut' I i Lf ?!.,eQik g if-'f -5 D ,ar Q g ,f , - 5211: ' - Q, gy: - oil Q 5,6 "M" PM-X -1 1 Top Left: FN Hodo poses with a Hawk in Patong Beach, Above: What's Thailand without monkeys and palms? Left: ENS Skelton introduces himself to an elephant. Bottom Left: Relaxing on a nice day at Patong Beach. Below: This prime example of Thai architecture is the main Buddhist temple in Phuket. !,' 'qi -' . f 1, A , .,j4- . X. n s T I - lb THAIL-XX D Q If . ' V Vf"q,,zZ,,,?iw,g, 'fif5:EZi', , ' 3 541 1 - 4 ,.4"3ff VL, EQ' QV 5 1 'J '. .. . 1 ,x .,,,., 1 ffi, ffl", ' ' 7 Af, IQ if X K V ri, ygy. Qkfffsatk L' N. X I , ,Mfg 'ri' was 2:11 LV, if swam Top Left: SN McDougle makes friends with one of the locals in Patong Beach. E Top Right: These Buddhist Priests look happy to be having their pictures taken. Middle Left: Over 98011 of Thais are Buddhist and Worship at shrines like this one. Above: Phuket Island is renowned Worldwide for its lush tropical beaches. Left: Above all, BEWARE OF THE MONKEY! ,,.A ,,.nc,.,., M V THAILAND 19 PERSIA GULF Above: FN Soto, CPL Almora, YN3 Lujan, SN Castillo and PC3 Robles enjoy Mexican food in Dabai. Top R1gh tr Night view of the Kuwait Towers. Righ t: The Gulf was a gold buyer's paradise in the many souks. Below: Kuwait City as viewed from the ship pulling in. I i 20 PERSIAN GULF 1 "-----...- V .-. all A 9 .,,,,,,.., '..1-vindnni ,v V L" - ,A-,-.-Lv-sr, ,Q - " --., ,fy Q- "" "' ,.,"W' ',7" Z:f1a- jt: Lf' 'f"'rf' 1 ' F "' " ' 6tdI.Ls'N::' i' 4 "N . . - 4 P-..-.- . - ff f . , . - f '-. 0 fx , , - , A 4 -i: . l 4' F .Vi - :I gf, ' In Q 5 - ll 31 :VV 1 . s , M W ,.., ,,,,iq. J ,. 1. :Tipsy-s-u i -I ul " ,. , . l '----...Q-.sw Althffugh we mostly saw water during our mally long' hot stays in the Gulf, there were a few interesting Slghts 111 the desert. Photo opportunities were scarce in Bahlwn' Dubai, Jebel Ali and Kuwait, so most of us can OI1lY keep these places in our minds until we go back again. Top Right: Western style buildings meet the Arab World in down- town Kuwait City. Top Left: A more traditional mosque graces this corner of Kuwait City. Middle Left: Food, transportation and shelter, the camel is dear to the hearts of most of the Arab World. Above: A daytime glimpse of the intricate Kuwait Towers. Left: It may look cooling, but even the hot water at the water park in Dubai couldn't dampen these guys spirits. PERSIAN GULF 21 Q X P1 V X TIQXQXU i A fu XX s I Al" 'Y ,W FLIGHT QUARTERS Above Left: Members of the flight deck crew relax on a RT during a wel1-de- served break. Above: BM2 Schoenhofen signals a helo as night falls. Left: Marines swing to the deck during training. Below: Chocks and chains removed-ready for green deck! th? mam .Part of ANCHORAGE'S mission is on hcapilhllity to launch and recover helicopters dan er fllght deck. The work is tiring, tense and .,R5er0US, but the flight deck crew keeps NWAY 36" ready at a moment's notice. FLIGHT QUARTERS 23 ' " 'W' f ff., ,, ,M Top Left: SN Allen, Landing Signalman Enlisted, motions to a helo the required actions. Top R1'ght:PN3 Rodriguez surveys the scene around him. Above: Personnel in silver "hot suits" stand by during refueling. Middle Righ t: SN Barron is stylin' in his cranial and vest. Righ t: sometimes you just need a little levity. 24 FLIGHT QUARTERS , W,1,.,7fV.- V ' :ff .. ,..,, . 4 if n-n..g,!.- 135' imiiima 5 1 1 1 1 L i -'wwf fr' , 4, ,. ' " Q , - 1.4 .,,.- 1 .., 1'Qq,, Q' ' ' .- K ,,.. ' K fs' W I t K -" .V . ' -:ii '4 ,' ' ki. i , riff: .,...- X Top Left: MR3 Schmidt, HT3 Land, BM2 Selden keep everything attached how they are supposed to be. Top Right: The crew spells out HRUNWAY 36" in this aerial View of the ANCHORAGE. Middle Left: What a fine lookin' bunch o' fellas! Above: SN Allen just keeps on signaling. Left: A lone Marine conducts his exercise well. FLIGHT QUARTERS 25 N I 1 i l Left: Greeting VIP,s is an ' important job, I especially the Commander, l Fifth Fleet. i HAND it SALUTE! Below: This i ship is also a floating gas i station to needy helos. l l I "f '. ,. .A ?w,L.4... .Jxhx Above and Righ t: The flight deck also served as our lifeline to the outside world by bringing food, supplies and mail to us D ' . uring VERTREP Operations, all hands Worked to keep everything in its' proper place safely. i i l s l i 26 FLIGHT QUARTERS i ' A ,MN -. 5 ,-1wistQser'+'-1-- 3 :il 4 WESTPAC '98 BABIES Natalie A. Belmonte Angel Dustin Marvin Payne Father: MS1 Orlando Belmonte Father: LCPL Juan A. Orduno Father: LCPL Payne Mother: Maribel A. Belmonte Mother: Maria Pascencia Mother: Sheri Payne September 20, 1998 September 4, 1998 August 25, 1998 1 h Q f. Q. as K -f ,ffll V -. F 4 ,- J u l, Wi, F F 12 1 A y , , ci 0 .1 S JS, I .E I . V I F 8 tt" tt . . ' ' M Cl Justin A' Samuel Rhodes Kirk Davis Adkms ' Fat?1Iel'1? 33honcMo1Sl-:ure Father: SH2 Karl Rhodes Fatheri BM1 Stephen Adkms Mother. Tana A. Mcglure Mother: Terry Rhodes Mother: Veromca Adkms December 6 1998 June 30, 1998 Uctobef 3, 1998 ' WESTPAC '98 BABIES 27 James H. Lant, Jr. Father: MM1 James Lant Mother: Maria Lant September 24, 1998 UL SKXPYER J errod Alan J erabek Father: MM2 Jerry A. J erabek Mother: Shondra J erabek August 18, 1998 28 WESTPAC '98 BABIES Jasmine Danielle Morris Father: ET3 Leonard D. Morris Mother: Anita Morris September 5, 1998 Jason Tashon Green Father: LCPL Quentin Green Mother: Christine Green July 13, 1998 I I r w V l 1 4: 'Z' ...-.4 V ' '-" M y Garrett Tyler Miller Father: BM3 James Miller Mother: Christine L. Miller December 9, 1998 Left: Mason Kane Drewiczak Father: SN Jakub M. Drewiczak Mother: Toni Drewiczak Right: Victoria Cheryl Barnes Father: Jeff A. Barnes Mother: Sara H.K. Barnes - 1 w 1 1 Lauren Christine Bigby Alexis Ann Demery . R h 1 B' b Father: EN3 John R. Demery Fatilfiailxliiejfa gigbbig y Mother: Michelle C. Dernery September 22, 1998 August 22, 1998 WESTPAC '98 BABIES 29 l RETUR T0 SAN DIEGO V z 5 3 X 1 5 l , , -ERT i , F e , E 5 ' if lu Q A f - i im 1-'All n top left: The Coronado Bridge never looked better! top righ t: LTJ G Ray and LT Clark expressed the feeling everyone had that morning. above: Sure it was cold, but no one seemed to mind. middle right: The best day in Deck Department is when you're on land. righ t: CDR Thomas and CDR King are pleased by a job Well done. After 180 days away, the ANCHORAGE team returned from our Odyssey on a chilly December morning half world aw 33' from where we went. Even though We didn't see allzjhe things we wanted to and the sting of separation from our loved ones was al 'th ways W'1 us, we could take pride that morning in our accomplish: ments. 30 RETURN TC SAN DIEGO I l 7 L1 i i 1 , I 3 A la l .. t I is li I V V1 , 1 A - N .- - --. 5 ' l ,.. Xxx 'wg ., X top left: Old Glory flies high as we go under the Coronado bridge on that glorious morning. top right: QM2 Belson was pleased to see his wife on the pier for the first time in six months. middle right: Everyone was ready with flowers for that special someone thanks to the SH,s. above: The bridge was full of excited people when we finally got pier side. left: MMC Konkle was happy to take his family up to the bridge While MM2 J erabek looked on. RETURN T0 SAN DIEGO 31 H10 DECK DEPARTMENT . 'ff Q 'E E we - 15. I , A 5551 LT.Didier A. Legoff First Lieutenant 'Naa- s if I Q as - ,.., LT Ca1'1W- Deeface BMCSCSWJ Larry D Youn - - - 8 CWO2 Gary G. Gunlock Asst. First Lieutenant Department LCPQ Ship,S BOS,n roizhoard the CHORAGE, Deck Department's responsibilities are many. and diverse. In fact, Deck plays an integral In every major evolution the ship carries out. From launching LCACS, landing helos, and anchoring to firing CIWS, l h t f th hi and themselves thafging VehiC19S, and yes, even painting the sides. Deck's sailors always try to prove to t e res o e s p anythmg can be accomplished with a little bit of elbow grease and a whole lot of know-how. DECK DEPARTMENT 33 FIRST DIVISION ENS Lauro Luna Division Officer gg, I Yr BMICSWD Gaetano Vacchio BMZCSWD Reggie Carreker BM2 Elliot W. Martel Wm.. K, S x X 5, t V . I I v 1 Q9 BM3 Scott E. Gummerus BM3 Mickey L Louis BM3 Jo h R N. k ' s ua . 1C s 34 FIRST DIVISION xi? BM2 Anthony Polenzani III SN Terence D. Allen I Q I M I I if 1 de Ph 4 'K 4 SN Jason D. Bonnett SN Steven E. Loertscher SN Matthew J. McDouglc Armin Pudzilo I f X L W. y I I L.. SN Carlos A. Thomas SA Douglas R. Brooks SA Michael A. Keller SA Eduardo P. Mora .52 l SA Justin E. Nicol SR Javier B. Rodriguez Fulsit Division's BoatsWain's Mates and Seamen are re- Zponsible for the foc'sle, port wingwall and mezzanine 9012 Of the ship. These areas include line handling, an- Chormg, IA ops and unrep. ' -1- Al -IM. -V, -A si-reg-w La-: 44.-. g ,.,i-,.g .,.,. ,,,,,..., . T Am X g L12 ta Q A A. Vi A ' , I L .f 4 I f' X . ,... J A I , A If ... V 5 FIRST DIVISION 35 sEcoND DIVISION X! Q4 j BM1 Stephen M. Adkins K N5 BM2 Leonard J. Schoenhofen IV 36 SECOND DIVISION I ENS Sharn R. Skelton Division Officer S2 I BMICSWD Dick R. Higginbotham Z f . Q5 Yr BM2 Jorge A. Gomez 'if 4574 3 l r BM2 Patrick C. Selden BM3 William B. Buetow BM2 Christopher D. Lee w. BM3 Jerry L. Justice Y N351 'i' Q5 QWLH- A X! BM3 Jason M. McClure BM3 James D. Mill 91' SN Marcus J. Buchanan SN Michael .-X. Van-r I if X, SN Matthew E. Dembsey SN Jakub M. Drewiczak SN Jack P. Graves SN Brooks J . Thomas . J, l , ' SA li 'z D. Pugh SA Jeremy S. Maul SA Torshel D. Morgan SA Jeffl ey D. O Neal l m SECOND DIVISION 37 f f L xr-w 'rl ' xi SA Dejon T. Booker S gm AN-'N X 7.0 lvgvs K I f 'Q Q31 Second Division has a lot to deal with, includin th b 15 starboard wing wall, flight and well decks. But egen Svitljiatiiisclvgldlfllij load, they still find time to enjoy the l' ht f - Drewiczak shows us above. lg er S1 e O the Navy' as SN 38 SECOND DIVISION -ff fb 'Q-A ,, Q fl 7 9 o I f 1 A Noriel M. Rafael SA Shamon W. Tojver SA Erwin VVhite 4 middle: BM2 Schoenhofen keeps a vigilant Watch' above: BM3 Miller loves that Navy coffee- Q f THIRD DIVISION xy ENS James T. Hamlette Division Gfficer fi: IK If ., M I I Y M 1 V I GMICSWJ Steven Maynor FC2 Kenneth M. Gorsline FC2 Steven R. Pardines GM2 Dnniol 'I'. West X . I vr. A F03 William H. Caddell FC3 Jeffrey J. J oubert GM3 JHCQU9 ITL:- X11 S T. L00 FITS .-Xinwy J. Persson THIRD DIVISION 39 :Q S x l S SN Chad Burton SN Sammy M. Castillo l MNX sl ,IW A ,u...,.. 40 THIRD DIVISIQN top: Hard at Work and hard at play ih Singapore' middle left: FC3 Persson loads up some roundS- middle right: Hey! We handle lines, too! left: SN Burton helps ready CIWS for action. above: GM3 Lee' does his PMS. 4 f ? i ibtwrv.-'aiwwam i V ' ' In we-.,.....q U. f v , ' 2 s E s 5 2 'W I . 44 'N 4 it ,. if f . ,, , 5 5' xx? ' 4 if - F'?f+i1,Qf2m ' ffm' e ti, ,J ,J A i V Cpu ZPJBVGH a fresh water wash down can be fun. ago f9f BM3 Louis is ready for business. ri hve' BM2 Mertel makes sure SN Loertscher does 8 12 thing pulling into Hong Kong. top: BM2 Carreker is making a list and cheeking it twice. middle: BM1 Vacchio. hard at work supervising. bottom: BM3 Miller likes to burst out into song while getting the job done. the DECK CANDIDS 41 ENGINEERING DEP RTME T EE ,., if A f 1 Vlf gig M, 9 i '5 2 is F is H s Y' l ' h - O2 Leonard J. Long . . low CW . . LTJG Wllham P' Allen LTC?1?rfy Ciiiegr Main Propulsion Assistant Damage Control Assistant ie ngi , Nw l I fl, 5n,!I3. :I e 'Us MMCMCSWJ David J. Trombley Department LCPO Engineering is the largest department on board the ANCHORAGE ,and 'th d .F ' tb '1 tothesmal part in the MR shop, the en 'neers ke th' h' ' W1 goo reason mm glam O1 ers ' . S1 SP IS S IP 1T1OV1Hg, powered, ventilated and with working indoor plumbing. Most im presslvely, they prepared for and completed a grueling Mid Cycle Assessme t h'l d ' h dt l f h h h af below decks gang works when the Job needs completion. H W 1 e ep Oyed, a eat W lc proves OW 42 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT lest i MP 1 DIVISION 'La l V' M ' Zu, Ia. - X D J I yi . -N, ,I 4 'I ' I n MMCSCSWJ Dana H. Coomey I 1 I 411 E ENICSWD David D. Alda .' Y I Y . IA ' ' MMICSWD Timothy S. MMI Robb W. Ross Luttmers LTJG Lester A. Brown MMCSSWI Paul G. Konklv Division Dfficer fl, 1 y :ff 'L' Y fi MM1 Todd A. Baase MM1 Robert D. Dorsett 4 MM1qSWx Michael L. Szucour Y S4 MMIKSWI L00 C. Holmvs H"Fu 254 NINI2 .-Xnglol D. Dorama MP1 DIVISION 43 x vllyff, yh nf!! ' MM2 J A Jerabek MM2 Lee M McGuire MM2 Alexander H. Olimpo MM2 Eusebio M. Santos Jr. erry . - 45 Ill N N' - A Y s..f21 MMZISWJ John Welch MM3 Darrell J. Benge MM3 Francis P. Francisco MM3 Bobby J. Gallegos MM3 Gerald M. Palos MM3 Sheldon M. Reid 44 MP1 DIVISION Y l MM3 Earl J. Skjoldager FN Anthony G. Best I I I I I I I I f I I I I I I I I FN Stephen W. Hunt Q. VIFI S MMFN Jeffrey D. Towers A I I I 12" I -1 ? . S 6' l 7 FN Byron Lemus MMFN James D. P1-etasky MMFN Bobby J. Hima- 'r 'S 8 MMFA Miguel R. Douglas MMFA Damon R. Kraft FA Arthur D. Mata i 'eo t 7' FA Gilbert C, Pastrano MMFA Hugo R. Ramirez MMFA Abraham J. Soto MM FR Scott D. Carpenter MP1 DIVISION 45 'Y al'- 4., 53gfwf,.i jf Ns. . MMFR Douglas J. Hlatky FN Ryan Williams MMFR Wesley E. Hall FR Zachary S. HHFTIS i 'T jv- top and above: FN Mata and FN Pastrano display two of MP1's award-Winning smiles I 1 ?, I s 4 L i iai- I tl- , MP D1v1s1on's main area of responsibility 1S the starb03f Hill plant and all associated propulsion equipment. HOW' l ever, in these pictures you'1l also see personnel from the 01 lab, like MM2 Olimpo and MM1 Saxour above. 46 MP1 DIVISION i 4A . MP2 DIVISION 3 I l v 1 Ljlstgn X It .Ns-., 'Nf MMCCSWD Alex S. Salenga I V X '-I x5'1 . MM 1 James H. Lant MM2 Euclide Hyppolite i -1. LTJ G JQhI'1.F. Van J aarsveld DIVISION Officer SZ MMICAWD Vicente R. Meneses 'sw X U MMZCSWJ Jeffrey A. Rice Q7 V MM1 James B. Viloria mf-,Q Y MMZCSWD Daniel K. Thomas MM2 Eugene Halk A .94 MM3 Corey K. Brown MP2 DIVISIGN 47 Yr 'Qu R g'8'1 MM3 Andrew M. Gillen " ' 'Y MM3 Ramon T. Vasquez -1' r MM3 Kellie L. King -Q -.l MM3 Christopher J. Wagner ss., N ? A :- MMFN Nathaniel T. Martinez FN Silverio Muriuo 48 MP2 DIVISION MMFN Weyland G. Chumley if . Q7 "'-u Z MMFN Marcus L. Davis 2 .it 8 Z MMFN Jose C. Gjeda MMFN Jose E. Pineda f W V i' MM ah"- lx 'VR QQ y X imwil FP Nu MMFN Cory J. Pree MMFN Mark E. Southhall MMFN Landon W. Willims MMFA Michael D. Biddle MMFA JOShua M. Gutierrez FA Richard L. Hodo, Jr. MMFA Bryan P. Martin FA Matthew W. Newport we e 9 ,M 9 HY' x C . MMFR Keenan Y. Taylor ,li bl. MP2 DIVISION 49 I Q sf 2? . 5. R .. N S .-,-qc. ,-A .1---i .as .af " ,,-of 1 ,,,.4,-vu-P'-""" sg i . T .1 ft K 'Q Mg, ,- 5 2 A 1 Q E 4 50 MP2 DIVISIO L N t ,s S . . m V Y Q X XX x 5 s ss S sf ,M A XN.xX F aww., get s as t, s vase-'Q 'tx X XY M i WWW s 5 ,Za ZKQ Wm W,,MW,,,W5 has sf 5 W . i ,fl was WEXNMWMW A X X X X .vm aww fi X 5 M s-N4 Z?' XQX12N3rgXf,-X , .. 17 V Y 1 sf fsfwsfsf Q Q 9 0 ' ss fs wix B , 7 fs TQQX vf st X 6... i -X: K Nywsg SM-ass-5 ' X wsqfs-:cf - V s z f ss . -f , , f as-LW W fp gsm .2 f I fr - sg " WRX MN if X Svs 'QQ F X f A A ' xc A X f 3? f X , J xx t. assi xx Www K A S K 0 asf NNY X f ffm' My NV, 2 s L VQQSQQ .sf X, t .V r . Egan ' SS X 'X Y ,X N f Zf + "ti, W 1 '-3 ' 'xvk ,. - sms sw it rf - s sy W, X ,X 'ia , s I X X ,ff sy X f N Q s v 2 ws? 6 Aw 2 WS ay s xx wk sy , as ' X NW f' N Z -K -tv sm sf- , "- : wmv f - k V 4Yw5Y Z f v :QA Q- 4 , +: ,SQXQANX up 4 . ZS -, cf gk if 5 ,ga r. Q s 4 w Q, X 4 X v Zi' XS x v fzyff f -Wg-S Q s g its z QS, VV s W ag Qi? S S1 , ' R ,Q r .hw r Qtfsgffssy, H a sf i f f J -. Q' X. I , ag,-f .,f : f 'H y is -Q1 ffff , Z .nsfsgw N X 'W r- A 2 MP2 Division is in charge of the port CW? plant and its associated propulsion GQLUP' ment. This includes the machines that Ulak? water, power and keep everything lubm' cated. As youican see from the above ph0'f0Sf they are also renowned for their smi16S- Q 1 A Qi!! lf' ' 9+ WM lx In LTJ G Michael E. Santos ENCCSWD Randy P. Bishop f af 5 A , 2 In MMICSWJ David W. Morris MMICSWD James J. Ridgley DIVISION i . 'H MMCCSWXAWD Leopoldo T. Saldana hx 'Gai , ' " 1 kv! f ,' '5 M. LW? . . 4, . - N, . H. -I gf.: ,av F--YJ .Li fi 'V Lf' t ,'f'5Q'1- UF' T' wt ,-5, 1 , -. 1 ' "5-M. ,V Qtr. w.- gh: m' 5 . 1HF.Ll Nffllfisf EN2 Harold S. Brown MM2 Timothy E. Cornelius I 0 EN3 Mi el Arreola EN3 John R. Demery MM2 Noel A. Peralta EN2 Anthony Stewart Su A DIVISION 51 N H--if sf Y ey l EN3 MiChae1JurkOWSlQl EN3 Brent A. Lamarque EN3 Nicholas N. McKibben MMFN Kenneth D. Batog a, 0 Q ' ! l. ENFN Nigel L, Bryant ENFN Antonio D, Davis ENFN Bradford G. Lewis FA Billy W. Dover x FA Walter W. Walas A Division, most commonly known as A Gang, provides some of th t ' d ' ' ' choring, and stern gate equipmentg ventilation, refrigeration, and hot waterg dieesdiftdiigiliilddeaniledrfdhiess tdlrdetgltl lliielQi'n1?drEif1ieW- foil iflllqgg Ulidu abm 52 A DIVISION fopr T i i Xa 1 1 R WCQFEQCX .V f 1 . ' . 8359155 is IIQAM1 Ridgley, MM1 Morris and MMFN Batog pay middle I'1g'hf.'BHtOg and his mighty beard. ' above: LTJG Santos relishes his free time. ggggflgigt-' EN3 Lamarque relaxes in the shop. top Fi' h ' 3 MCK1bben teaches FA Walas a lesson. 3 5' What a nutty bunch! A DIVISION 53 Xhgjal L2 . J ENS Eric M. Kelly Division Officer EMCCSWD Bienvenido M. Camilon K 'Z' 4 ' EMICSWJ Robert A. Adams IC1 Joseph M. Demeester EMZCSWJ MiCha91A- Cardenas DIVISIGN ENS Joanna Zuhoski .32 EM2 Scott A. Eide Y I 4 I J A mms 'a' 0 ICZCSWD Powers EM2 Jason D. Spenny EMZCSWD Raymond B, Villamor 54 E DIVISION IC3 Arif 'ff r atm! g "M" Y IC3 John C. Caddell EM3 Michael T. Fairbanks . Q -'fu R. . I Y ElN3l3 Alexander Washington, r. 6 FN Marty D. Colina 'ss as O ICFN Colin L. Moran ICFA Adam J. Beran EMFA Eric Castillo FR Kendrick A. Tankerson above" EM3 Washington keeps the lights on. Ughf-' EM2 Villamor and EMFA Castillo hard at work. E DIVISION 55 I R DIVISION I L 1 1'-lm f., 3 n ni! k sb- M ,,.. ,... ,X,,x K . DCCCSWJ Charles o. Herrier HTCCSWU Duane R' Bhss ms , T11 L. Y I mf S72 , v MRICSWJ Joseph M. Foster HTICSWD Douglas R. Mason VA QM WMM. 'Z sf, DCZCSWJ Michael S. Bingham HTQQSWY Michael T' Gmesenbeck Y Q5 -. Y i 47 Y 'Y 5 Z xl A A A QM n I gf DCZCSWD Ian T. Heady HTZCSWD Matthew S. Malec HTZCSWD Richard D. DC3CSWJ Lenny C. Freer Merriman 56 R DIVISION .DQ U 4 HT3CSWD Chip E. Land 'VF' I I FN Clay D. Nielsen FACSWD Adam M. Gaidaa MR3CSWl Robert P. Schmidt HTFN Patrick D. Olsen FA J ohshua L. Sorrell . IEFN Garcia, HT1 Merriman, DC2 Heady enjoying 63011 0 ers Company While on liberty. n,,ll'1'1lF.n DCFNCSWD Ricardo Garcia HTFNCSWD Scott L. Kopelwitz HTFN Beau B. Roberts FA Gery N. Adkins Lw.,....,...a.Y...W R DIVISION 57 , ,?'W'M Z J 1 9 A K ,ll 541 top left: EMI Adams and FR Tankerson do a little f'1xin'. middle left: Beer Day! Who can say more? above: HTFN Roberts creates something from metal. I I above right: FN Nielsen has some quality computer time. Jmddle Hgh t: Communications 101 starring ICFN Moran- b : MMFN O' 't ll Was- 58 ENGINEERING CANDIDS a ove Jeda proves how hot the p1 rea y A OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT fait? yi. . E Q LTJ G Robert Sanchez LT Grant W. Kluzak LTJ G David M. Ray Asst. Ops. Officer Operations Officer Communications Officer sssiisvf 1 J I5 pt.. ENS David J Adams OSCSCSWD Dominick Albano ENS BriaE:1nll?OEngesser OI Division Officer Department LCPO I , . - t t' , d e- HS In Pair the high tech computers and electronic equipment aboard. roug ing other ships to keeping the sailorphone in Cmost1Y5 Wwking Order' K OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT 59 OC DIVISION what RMCCSWXPJD Jeremy A. Long Division LCPO viii? 2 'His Y Y f-'ff gl, by 24, RMICSWD Rodriguez RM2 Ricardo N. Blake RM2 Anthony D. Fuentes i A fe. 'if if M A S11 i RM2 Layne A. Myers RMZCSWJ Jonathan A. Rienks RM2 Timothy A. Wiley 60 OC DIVISION I l C K 4. L gs ' --1 Y RM3 Dallas C' Bowie RM3 Shawn L- Faunfleroy RM3 F ranciscus Futrell Quai Y gi Q Y x Q kniil n ' RM3 Tommy L. Love RM3 William Swain RMSA Jason A. Grimshaw RMSR Corey R. Dannel RMSR Matthew A. Le 5 J hnoff RMSR Garry L. Pierce OC DIVISION 61 OE DIVISION III Km., 5 I OSICSWJ James M. Acerra ET1 David A. Dowty . I ' . ff E? Il , f 55 J.ei E ldll s X' I so II ' I IIII li i 3 ETZCSWJ Shane D. Black FC2 James A. Englernan ETZCSWJ Richard W. Jackson ETZCSWD Jeff M. Johnson nga nil, E.. Y E! E'1SSElCiJI'a11CiSC0 J - ET3 Leonard D. Morris ET3 John A. Nevers 62 OE DIVISION ! 1 I 1 .N g . l I I I 1 li 05 I J . OI DIVISION . V 1 -Ja sz 11 D. . Evgigivvgnhgerre OS2csWp M1chae1 L. Gardner OSZCSWD Jean B. Romulus M L Y . . QV EW3fSW5 Chester A' OS3 Geoff C. Onder EW3 Jason M. Teeters Bolinger, Jr. N O PHOTO AVAILABLE .fer USSN Gregory L. Sanders OSSA Wesley A. Tuiasosopo OSSR RiChff11'd R- Avila amid. Y S2 OS2 Matthew R. Smith .L YL OSSN Hector G. Aleman, Jr. OSSR Jose I. Fraga OI DIVISION 63 0S DIVISIO 1 l l i l 1 AA4 . G61 SMIKSWJ Kevin W. Olson SMZCSWD Kenneth G. Cline SMZCSWJ Darrelle D. Moore ,i . i,. I 'amz S 4" SM3 Scott A. Collins P SM3 Henson ,,,2 V 7 n r li. M rj , f P, Q 1 of ft .5 . ,i 'llf H i ,o i o,ll 'sll mf' 3 ll vvvf 'vv' ff!" f r f X1 1 , Q it i X X 7 , i r f i e s Awww MW, I 3 K? W W , f ,, f 1 smwf ' f We s I , 'V ' - , ff r. i l n if a ll I ff f f Www' WMM? f if l ff 1 i 5 , , , 1 3 .- , V I 'f my f f I I ,' sMsN Guy W. Terrell ,eeo f i f f f 4 1 64 QS DIVISIQN 17811 if SM2 Moore stands watch on the signal bridge- l i i '-I fi i l i i ab su de Y Q I QF, -,,,f K Qi , Y., Q r above: This is one of the few times we saw all of OI - t t since they stood port and starboard watches all throiiielqliit above.. O32 Romulus and EW3 Boling h 91' express t eir cam- deployment. radery. 4 1 Ll middle left: The communications crew of the ANCHORAGE strike a pose in Kuwait. above: OS2 "Wildman" Gardner shows off his beard. left: ENS Adams points out some high dust in CIC. Q OPERATIONS CANDIDS 65 ...fu s-:uma X ,U 'su top left: OSCS Albano, OS2 Romulus and EW2 Bolinger have ful in CIC. top r1ght:RM3 Futrell beats the desert heat. above: The Combat Gang on homecoming day. above Hgh t: RM2 Fuentes accepts his award. Hgh t: SM3 Collins was one of the much decorated OPS personnel. 66 CPS CANDIDS SUPPLY DEPARTMENT LTJG Robert V. Henderson LT Michael L Anderson MSCM - ' ' ' CSWD J D l ll Dlsbursmg Officer SUPPIY Officer Departme13il:nEf2PD Ze was I f' , "wk SKCCSWD Alfredo C. Limpin SHCCSWD Edwin L. Turla S1 LCPO S3!4 LCPO w il- I l f On board the ANCHORAGE Supply Department played many different roles during delptloynient. Frlclnmhgeidigg isiaggghplng 315' SOUIS to washing the linenj getting the right part on time to keeping our pay St?-918 , CU 1118 0 Stamps, Supply always came through. l SUPPLY DEPARTMENT 67 S1 DIVISIO fl 2 2 Qty Z ,J 1 SKICSWXAWD RiCa1'd0 J- SK2 Mariano S. Arceo SKZCSWD Joseph M. Duenas SK3 Travis J. Moore Posadas SKSR Allan D. Laurel M W MIK! . M , mhmf, fd! SK2 Arceo does a good deed by participating in the community service project in Phuket, Thailand. HQ N ,za "" s I VV"Q f-LXS ""'u.,,,f"" fi sl W . X Y R ff bm ,faq Lf!- mulf fe" K6 R' iw! EEEE ssww X The SK's look "bad to the bone" in this Kuwait h t 68 S1 DIVISION 'WU' R 5 A I X sssi xg fs I XX X . X- A se Q -I do X P 0 Ograph. 4 fm N9 MSICSWD Orlando B. Belmonte l MS2 Nathaniel R. Ollet 2 Q S2 DIVISION MSI Scott A. Lawson M MS3 Jupiter F. Bongolan l Y JM fy xx MSMSWJ Benny A. orauo M32 Silvio Y. Montoya :Mmm vi Y MS3 Gabriel S. Gemenez MS3 Jonathan D. Hermosura l Z i , 1 SSN Yamani E. Smith MSSN Phillip R. Whittier MSSN Christopher C. Moss MSSN Thomas P. Ryan M A S2 DIVISION 69 9 1 rew J. Davis MSSN Jonathan R. Valdepena MSSR D 2' ' 09 .I . . A at ,f Cf, . , ff . t. f f ft mf , fm 1 WM ,, 1 VJMJ W 2 .4-- X , 2 Z ' 70 S2 DIVISION ix MSSR Douglas R. Mingori Q above left: MS warriors are a hardy bunch H1 this photo. , above: MS2 Montoya and FA Walas have fun 111 the galley. left: SN Keller and MS3 Hermosura with the fruits of a hard night of baking I . if S 3 4 DIVISIUN 'Ind 1 :ff 'S f L 4 DK1 Adell O. Alcazar SHICSWJ Duc V. Dao SI-I1 Alberto D, Pamintuan SH2 Karl Rhodes E SL 2 'Y Y Cf fam' '1- W ilfgli SH3CSWJ Brandon J. Miller DK3 Walter L. Moore DK3 L3gaSC3 PC3 Jose M' Robles V x PCSN Erasmo M. Barron DKSN Robert L. Carlyle L S 3X4 DIVISION 71 s ,X X X Xi x X o X 72 S3 CAN DIDS 1 4 1 v S Z f ' J waxzl gg I 1 X f l ,AXE ?4i 5555! ' , v i S0Pk16ff.' SH1 Dao checks the stores on the mezzanine, ec . 75019 1'ight:SH2 Rhodes says "Come again, bring a friend." bottom left: SH3 Miller is hard at work during stores. l K E l f1b0ye:PCSN Bai-Oii minds the post office with his giant Jug 1n hand. middle left: PC3 Robles lookin dapper as always. K if NAVIGATICN saw QMCCSWl Kevin Mersereau LT Tracy L. Clark DIVISICN "mi jill 'N Y xg! ' A V QMICSWD Jason Villalba QM2 Christopher P. Belson QM3 Raphael L. Bigby QM3 Casey N. Hamilton ima 5 A1 , l . . . . y N though the navigator is in charge of NAVXADMIN Department, We split them up into separate divisions to show each awp S Hnlque positions Quartermasters in Navigation Division get the ship around the oceaniiwhile the corpsilnien in Medical n1n smoo y. 1 if l .i GP US healthy. Finally, .the Yeomen, Personnelmen and Navy Counselor keep all the paperwor run g NAVIGATION DIVISION 73 ADMINISTRATIUN -I - 1. ,ef 6 P i ix I K L I MMCMCSWD Leoncio P. Baroy i PNCCSWD Emmanuel M. Aque , , X Y Yr NC1 George T. Odell YN1 Darren A. Foster YNZCSWD Kevin D. Marshall PN2 Danny L. Reyllado N, 'Flag Q S N E 'W -1 ' YN3 William L. Lott YN3 Luis V. L ujan PN3 Richard Y. Rodriguez PNSN Omar N- Saliba 74 ADMINISTRATION DIVISION i I 1 I V l I l l fm 3 he l I . i MEDICAL HMC Michael F. Jones DIVISICN I 7 ii' "vu HM2 Kelly M. Smith HM3 Jeff A. Barnes HM3 Jason L. Roby l l The HOSpital Corpsmen did a lot of chores on deployment, including anthrax vaccinations, emergency stitching, watfir gest- mg and shipboard vermin removal. These hard Working sailors also contributed to MWR act1v1t1es while keeping a o us X healthy and fit to fight. I MEDICAL DIVISION 75 pf N WWWQ A QW ,,,, t o of W Q : 1-121-4-L : f f' y , : he at t f W .IVVI WM. I H ' .f " if 5' , FBI27433 .WN , NJ Wests , s r . ' N f 4, , sg-sw , i H! W 76 NAVXADMIN CAN DIDS . f k top left: Although their jobs are very dlfferent, NaVfAdm1n wor s as a team. c top righ t: HM3 Barnes hard at work at rnedlcal. above left: QM1 Villalba ,could still be cheery OH hls thlrd w CHORAGE Westpac. above: QM3 Bigby enjoys some fine NHVY Chow' left: HMC Jones promises that it will only hurt a 1 F l if ACU-5 ft Unit 5 are the West Assflugwggfoperators of the Navy's Coaffs craft Air Cushioned CLCACD. Lal? laid working bunch of camou- Thlsed Sailors put themselves into Ejjnis Way Transporting the Marlne Corps, troops and equipment to beaches around the world. l LTJ G Paul Hoffman gl' CHAR' I INTFIQO DETACHMENT With an incredible amount of speed and power, these hovercrafts are the epitome of American Naval technology. However, it is the skilled technicians, Loadmasters, navigators, engineers, and craftmasters of ACU-5 that are the heart and soul keeping these highly complicated machines flying over land and sea to complete their mission. With the fine crew of ACU-5 and the feat of engineering which is LCAC, the Navy and Marine Corps can live up to ACU-5's motto: NO BEACH OUT OF REACH! . ' h The mission of the LCAC's and their crew are to prfwlde t e . d t amed well- operational commander with an f:1l:iyIiHgXgege2::chn:ent rgady to mainfainedv and properly suppor e d non-combat 0Pe"ati0ns' conduct prompt, sustained combat all 5 ACU-5 77 e f e hx X e 2 LC -2 9 X, , osccswb Peebles UNIT 1 I 1 ! is Y Y I X Y gel , QM1fSWD HGCIIIIHH GSM2 HaSSe11 BM2 Stika GSM2 Vasquez e I e Ny i ' GSMFN A011118 GSEFN Snider lst Row: Snider, Hassell, 8a Vasquez 78 LC-29 2nd Row: Acuna, Peebles, Stika, 82 Hedman J if LC-3 5 tfw, Af? i QMCCSWD Curtiss e 2514 BM2 Foltz 1 OS1 Larson : 1 I 3 dm, na I A GSEFN Sheets GSE1CSWJWoo1eY 3 i Familiar faces at ACU-5 who make it all possible. IT GSM2 White GSM3 Wright ,, W, We gagqas ww 'XXX zm XXm+4,f4M ..,.. ,.. '-' M ,., :,, ,. . TS'iiiJ'32fT5 .iii as .451 'Z.lJ,lY,1Rx' s-s--- s ssss Q P. MW-N - i7 Xf . R kxxx x -, X V K ' -f " LC-31 79 ACU-5 N , N e X 3 S GSMCCSWD Sheehan X91 1 HT1 Smith ET2 Guenther Y 8.9.4 HT2 Smith GSE3 Lahey 80 ACU-5 MAINTENANCE 7, 2 X. Y GSM2 J erke at 2 I HTFN Burnham MAINTENANCE , . GSM2 Magbag K HTFN Elmore 15, P -N f X N i X X - N ix . - wiv -it 5 X- is V X x X f gf an or is 'X Q, - Ex -fx '. l-an k I l as M, . W .mm W , N V 1 f. it N - ' HL. Q. dx ,,,, M ,, X W A- 'fi x lfll ' XX W' W ' xi? QNN 4 swsvwfwwwimwrrxsys QQ- , ww , TS www, f ' N . - ,, sg, f sk fi ,I cps XY. Hi: W, W Q, f, i , pg ' Q .gee --an...-.. . .... M Sir-lf fy - fx fu. f V2 X sa'-1 af ' 4 -ev: :Q-WW. ..,L r,- " - fv -afTZx3F.ic ' 'fx J' , . J:-"1 . 'via J'2'avfgg 421.16 2 1 - .. fff- , nvmvyww Z . .sag -Q I. V v .4 .Alf Y " ' 'fl' 2. . 5 wlrggiglr A Q 4512, 5 . - X 1 .. - . f'1?pf I.. ' . 5' ' 9312.-a A ' " Q: '1 .X f . wg2,5fff', , n ,f 2 - . ' " ' ' " ,f ' ' 'G' ',f' ri' Q '1 .JN : :Qu 5,2391 . ' U W ' ""'"4"+v1?i4q,545,l-Qlff, 2 K , ,jeg -. . 9.-fiffsiiv A 1 ' Az - ' Wig' ,: ' f '-559: 4 , V . MII? my 23. an ,f QM, ,. vv. .ff--f . ., if 1 , .. , aw' .fb- Z 5 Q- ' .. if f ,gl ' "" gift its 3 I , 15" ff ff .I , t MQ.: ,t A Q-,Wei V k fa . 4,15-'13fq.,L .Q - f ,M f' 'W f - rg .Ltr-'1'1:'ff Q ' 1-. . , . f R, V V yaff - , , ,, f r-gffilfi' , if ' f - 'rw . . 5 . , i X-W',,W7,5,, Y ,yi V, 9 V hm, H' 5 .K M- f L 1 ff ,fxa X, .w :1 ,.., Q ff Q, ,Mn Q ffl 5, Q 3 V ..- X . . my i 4 iff" - -- -f .lofuih .7 ,wsu .4 ..Wd,,! f .Q , iiugaigr ff? "H: 41 new iww Q, 1 'S top right: QM1 Hedman is attached to his temporary home, above left: Which of these chiefs is not like the others? above: HTFN Burnham Works hard for the money. above: LCAC in full operational thunder. 1eft:HTFN Elmroe keeps the metal shiny. ACU-5 CAN DIDS 81 top left: CDR Thomas and VADM Moore, COMFIFTHFLT, ad- dress the troops on the forecastle in the Gulf. top right: MR3 Schmidt and HTF gapore. above left: LCPL Brangaccio and GSM2 Jerke show a little blue! green friendship. N Roberts having fun in Sin- above 1'1'ght: ICFN Moran dons his battle gear to go Fix tele- phones. righ t: HT3 Land keeps an eye out in DC Central. 82 CANDIDS , WM. " ' A ,V ,..,.."f"'r' 4" Sw.-MA ,':1,:,v' w -fiijiip ' I felis 2 1 ' 1 .K if : firm' top left: ENS Skelton and QM1 Villzilhu share ai Laugh while on watch on the bridge. top 1'1'ffht' EM2 Spennv is all tied up in his work. D ' - above left: SN Carr enjoys zi beautiful view while on forward look- out. above: SH2 Rhodes was the friendly Shins storcoporzito1'. left: My brain hurts from all the fun we've heen having. CANDIDS 83 N . . r V.-, PV Y ' N 84 CAN DIDS Q ,W . X . Q i -Q Z'iQv- s ' f W QS " fax wx '.Q,.,t ' . X f ir! if LE me , X - f . f. , 5 y - Stieff ,, I si WS- ' , 15019 1Qff5.' BM3 McClure takes care of the Hazmat office. f0P 1' 13115-' EN3 Bryant proves engineers do go topside. m1dd1e left: YN3 Lujan raises his hand at the USS ARI' ZQNA Memorial. fglddle 1' light! All of the Master Chiefs pose in the ward' om. above: MS3 Hermosura styles down the ladder. . fsftgl LTJG Santos and ENS Kelley offer peace in The' n . is R' ru ,- l l. f l . ' r Z I3 X X ,fb f 5 1 vu l R. ll?-pl U 553 sew x ye th top left: BM3 Miller relaxes on the smoke deck in the top righ t: Keeping a careful eye on well cleck opc-ratio above left: HM3 Roby is mild mannerecl by clay, but per Corpsman by night! Gu l f. ns. becomes su- above: Keepin a careful eye on the bar well operations. left: MMFN Pree keeps the ship running smooth. CANDIDS 85 Vg: , top left: Important training taking place In Repair Locker 2. middle righ t: CMC puts on a happy face. right: BM2 Selden proves Boatswain's Mates still practice their seamanship skills. 86 CAN DIDS f0p righ t: The band rocks out at a steel beach Pi bottom left: SN Carr is too cool for school. H iknhmmmd, jx., st . . -Q-ii. ""'-- 'Q-...Q 1 I A l ? 1 2: ,ff ""f-fx 'H www , . -V ,:x,. 1f-x-.. so-o A top left: CDR Thomas and CPT Kendrick provided much leader- ship during deployment. middle left: A show of superior force on the flight deck. left: LCAC with USS ESSEX in the background. top right: ENS Hamlette keeps the troops in line with this tough pose. above: LTJ G Henderson proves he's the czar of the flight deck. CAN DIDS 87 ee Q E 4 ,,:f'KMv wp A Y' 13 my 3. 1 top left: BMCS Young gets ready to unrep. top righ t: A "rock n' jam" at the steel beach picnic. above righ tr BM3 Louis answers the call for sweepers above: Everyone loves yummy Navy chow! righ t: BM2 Gomez keeps an eye on things. 88 CAN DIDS 1 i x u. If 6 2 fl I l 1 w -i 1 E 4 V Q , X, be top left: SN Dembsey takes his best shot, but it doesn't seem to bother PC3 Robles. top righ t: Now that's what I call a big gun! above: SN Padalo says "hoWdy" While BM3 McClure stands fast. above left: After preparing the meal, it's nice to see people enjoy- ing the food. left: MSSN Moss and FA Dover make ravioli-a classic dish. CAN DIDS 89 i It H555 . A,:N x.,, Z KE f .., .4.f 21f-f f' fn.. I- x 4 - Q top left: It's a rump shakin' good time. middle left: Watch out, or the 90 CANDIDS Sack Monster will getcha! l K . Q. W "F nn . ' .' ,ex it x - h rp! ,. top mlgh t: Protecting our freedom and 10Q1f1ng f liawalwn above: "CoWabunga, dude!" is tfadltlona speak. left: The boat crew is keepin, if F931- Wifi' -' 'wf ' lv . fi- -1i5y7gf:lS:1.1?i6,'. 1, -Wi, ,f x , ' 'f:.,f-,Qv ',g',z:'w:n.1p ,LW ., , ' , 4, ' f.ffy,l35 . g,ff,Q.g.g,,,,g ,gp 7,w,i- . I V top left: GSEFA Snider shows off his beard. top righ t: BM2 Foltz says "Aarggh!" above left: It may itch, but BM1 Adkins said it was for a good C3.U.S6. above: The beard growing contest made for a motley crew. left: Facial hair doesn't prevent you from doing a safe job. BEARD DAYS 91 MOORE rs V top left: VADM Moore meets ENS Luna and "1 Alpha." top righ t: MMFN Batog chills with his MS buddies. above: LTJ G Sanchez likes the vittles. above nght: GMI Maynor and OSSA Avila Watch the quarter deck. righ t: BM2 Martel proves the importance of quality deck time 92 CAN DIDS K. i 1 J iw l I ll 1 i I 3 l s i l 1 f E . F F l A l 2 l l 5 C ,, N top left: Just chillin' on a Singapore boat. top right: SK1 Posadas and MS3 Hermosura relax on the mezza- nine deck. above left: CDR King and QMC Mersereau at Captain's Call. above' CMC keeps a keen eye on the proceedings. left: Tlhailand is renowned for its cooling tropical beverages. CAN DIDS 93 - 2v::4ews::,:.n'f" ' 'LJ ' ' s 5.21 'fir' ' i, Af 1 7 R N ,,,. , , ..,...,.., ,,., .4,.. Nw ,V v W .V ,if 40. .qw ..,,ff- - ""' , V ,ijg V-45: .. ' ' ,. Zz-,: 5. A g ' w.3g?ff9f1,J4? Q- ' ' -:wc 1: 142' 1- 2 -H--. W wfa....L'- " f'--2 ' ' -. ...ww W RKED ,,. 94 EMBARKED MARINES f ' f 4 ,L MARINES X r X p EMBARED MARINES 95 x lst LT Cowart Executive Officer TV lst SGT Santiago i GYSGT Herrer 3. 'R J ff"A" ""' I f' Kiqx hx N T in Y J-1g QQ? I , ff X K 1 I V X., ,Fifi A 5 X Q 6 fr j' -will 'MMV K' W'f' 1 ,lf Q TA ' ml" K f ' I JAM. ' J ' V. 1 , JJ' '4 ,4,4,, - V ,ff ,mn 4' - Ag if If Q , . L L- ' f , ' l 4,-1,-LT-Tngq' T ' "7 A ,abit L T ' T N RNC pf :d uh JI' ax I faux EAS MASTERS 96 BRAVO BATTERY GUNS PLATOON 1ST LT Harvey SSGT Bel-d A, Sl ugo GUNS PLATOON 97 GUNS ONE XX SSGT McNeely GV xi 6 Q .X XC X VV , -5 .X fff' KXA ljiy gm? X, KJ x XA E Q C 2, Q W A , f -E x 2 CPL G' t -' - - In U CPL L1tw1n CPL Palaciosreal LGPL Damron ,C V ! 1 1 ,, 'z .. I , , LCPL Darnell LCIJL Hunter M LGPL Longmife LCPL Wren 98 GUNS UNE GUN S f QM TWO T 9 f V I1 2 f Q f if I 2' ' L c YJ I Y f Q 1 f"'X Zfsx if CPL Foster 'LCPL Lamb LCPL Mottola LCPL Ojedareyes I 'FI' ', z Q '. 1 E N fer ey fr A ., .4 LCPL Pearson LCPL Steele LCPL Wells PFC Jones GUNS TWO 99 GUN THREE T Rx ,N Q f , 'fx 1-. T N ffx K ,, Q X350 H SGT. Torres A .ry 'fxzxf CPL Carrion LCPL Carpenter X , 1 , , 2 V' 2 '47 7 al ,,,. Y V, LCPL Lopez LCPL Luna 100 BTRY. CIN THREE I LCPL Diaz LCPL Diazlarui LCPL Morgan LCPL Taylor GUN FGUR f N Q 1 SQ E w N N CPL Lucio CPL Rodriguez CPL Stonework LGPL Diaz, L. LGPL Oliver LCPL Schreiner W W LCPL Thanasanchai PFC Norton GUN FOUR 101 GUN FIVE f ,-V f 'ZX Wgx, X I, Q f X K , 5, .--f-X?f.!,X! X' X , 'K A X fa LCPL SGT Castillo 'VN ..... ll A 5 ,g 1 dwdkxs 'Q LMMW' 1 ,ff 9 R9 , ' N' A Ni ,,f N, ff A, w ff' 1 4 CPL Morgan, J. CPL Schulte CPL Thygesen LCPL Brummett i 'If -496 T ff 1 N' LCPI, Layton LCPL Mumley LCPL Tanner 102 GVN FIVE LCPL Wilson n GUN XS QW 0 f SSGT Quinn Q Q7 IX AR . ,Q LBJ ,X Ab K X ,f K ff 4 f X A if if K xx' f I j 'rf Q 05 ' -. we XE S7159 f i 2 Z 1 f 2, , , 55,4 , , '73 K f ' ' , Li.....,Jm.L,,g,...Z. .4 CPL Doland LCPL Clugsten LCPL Heck LCPL Hensley LCPL Martinez LCPL Moellering 0 Q! T n 4a,n n ,t .g , Ar , , , ' 1 LCPL Rios LCPL Salazarlopez BTRY. GUN 6 103 1 QL '21, .A HEADQUARTERS PL T00 1ST LT Klinge SSGT Witt 'Z 4 -Q A ,K ' ' ' I ui, 3.3! v-, ,Hmi 'Y - , , X :mf - , - ", 1 . .w- .1 - , Yu, W 4 :A 41' 104 HQTRS. PLTN. -1 "' ' ',f'f4f ,V Mo.. -,M '-1 ' io 'C 6y..W C4 1 ' 1' H-, 4 Headquarters Platoon standing tall on the flight deck , 41' l Ah. , , , " 6 , '- Q V Q . fy, WZ' ' f fa BATTERY FDC SGT Swoveland LCPL Deaton 70- srf X .5 ,z-,-..-I Q. K ,I 3 'z X' - f ll A As. SGT Lillie SGT Noonan , 4 4-J f--S 5 . xx- X T , A, 1 CPL Herndon LCPL B362 .L 5 fa f X p A 5 H Q A L. . 4 I L s " ,- 5 5 x f o - " Q ox S - , L X -, fa f ' f A of LCPL Gavaghan LCPL Hatfield , L f x 'vi' if , "x, X. L i LCPL Conti LCPL Watson BTRY. fFDCD 105 MOTOR ,Hy X J ', .Vi . -J' 7' X ,. 'K ' f 7 L 1 x SSGT Casillas r-"' K i a y,J . X A 1 f, Z I 1 , ,if 1 2 f 1 .X SGT Bucao CPL Isbell CPL Pittman CPL Stokes i 1 A I L A gx X I P 1 Z P ! 4 .J,-,fi Q L P, LCPL A1-Al' ' ,X A I 1 LCPL Ahre LCPL BH8T1esch1 LCPL Bratton 106 BTRY. MOTOR T I 1 I 1 1 ,4 Ninn -...., ZX A f x XL-J , 3 1,,,Jg' ' LCPL Cobarruvias LCPL Cunningham LGPL Elsbemo he tr,-ar A I J"X N X ,f f "'A ' J LCPL Hull LCPL Larry LCPL Schermerhorn 'E' L i LCPL Freeman A 441 I 5 , ,ss SE . x i 4 -I LCPL Stafford R 4 f , 2 X X ,, Ml 1, ' LGPL Taheri LCPL Talley PFC Berg PFC Lynch BTRY. MOTOR T 107 , i- CGMMS. DEPT. New XTX SSGT Watson f'N -ni! f-fxfxff SGT Clark SGT Nelson SGT Phelps Af SGT Trzeciak ,fxxi f f ...-"H f N-' 1 X lgu. 3 I 556.1 1 . N. Q CPL Brown CpL Burnett 108 COMM. CPL Henley CPL Hinson e 1 ...v"S- ! J, Wax, ff' i X , 2 4 Xi I, A S, Pj f if 5' '1 A' ,,,, , ,,.4 v CPL Tarwater LCPL Ballot LCPL Beezley LCPL B. d 1r L14 N z 3 ' I Q 'MTE 1 I Q I 4,4 Q 1 J s , 4 Q. .L , LCPL Celetti LCPL Clipps LCPL Clukey LCPL Furrowh s. .-4-X fV"f"'i' I 4 X31 --,..-.. , X f 4 M X ,JA LCPL McMahon LCPL Ramirez LCPL Stoneburner BTRY. COMM. 109 MIMMS AMMD 'N XX s "'N 2 ' ' , Abi.-.W .. ' , V WwbwJ i, SUPPLY ,4 f E n 1 ui W 9 J LCPL DeSilva LCPL Betancourt LCPL Putignano ARMORY ,I fi SSGT Lutze ARMORY 1 1 i. I I SGT Marquez CPL Gibson ,. Q. N i HNI MSS' I:.dw lrdi 110 BTRX CORPSMEN . lg! HM3 Smith I . ,J-Rin? . .q , ex I X 'ie x'5r4T"e' " X ,A wff 5 Y xx, 'L f O A I r k I . f 1 7 I C I J 9- NL q X A X ,K j -. Q 1 . e J: lx Ll ' 1 W . M, ,, , Teamwork is the key to success. , .1 ,, W 'q ffwk :XZ V D 'U T, A if WSJ, 1? ,U A -2115 l 341 h - f' . f .1 Vg so '15 1 be 11 " A S, x f s , 1 1 i M H . X , skx ,mfffx I 5 1 p 1 s 1 5 - ' ' he desert. Bombs! HOW1tZ6TS! Balloons! Just havmg fun 1n t BTRY. 1 1 1 i f7' f , 4 f f U A fm ffvfldbf X Even at sea, the marines keep up to speed on warfare. - ally . . t S actll The chow is fine, the VIEW IS gfeat, afloa 1 e pretty cool. 1 12 BTRY. 4 n .x h G Za e f A I 5 I Q X ' i w - A 1 e l 1 e 1 4 A 'Q 9' 'i 1: 5 VP 'sn Af X .-.e ' ' , 5 Yf M, - R H 3 4 ,I ' t xx "Wy e sw e ,X x w I - l K 1 r. K , ' n i K 1 And we still can keep a smile on our faces. WHHW At SGH or on shore We get the job done. l BTRY. 1 13 Y Vw v r ur- V ,W-www, I f S X fax swim f -'Q '4 6 E L I 114 BTRY. I -vm 5 -f A arf XS y YXYX X ' - , w XX Q Battery out takm care of busmess. Above: So yummy, you can eat it with a f0I'k! l xg I' 'CF ,A . xx -f: X 6 , 5 1 1 1 I 77 - 1 ,QAM f Qff 1v , 1. - . . . L0I1gm1re-san, Ninja Warrior. 2' LGPL Brummett relives his childhood. 5' REACT course in Hawaii. an-y , R ,, ,' 'Q ,+- i 2 -fw- U Q s 5 an Q Qi WW, . I Y 1 X , .www -wfwwfm SVN ! gist! N- 1 , sf-sy NZM , D Xxxx W f R W! N 1 6 4. -4+ 3- 77 "That'll teach you to eat my MRE! Uh could somebody give me a hand? LCPL Layton attempts to "blend in." Almost ... there! BTRY. 115 Q f Ilf ,i 2 .sr - f I 4 wg . u. Vwww.. QY f f , 0 wk sfww L N V . ff, ' .ss 1 Q S 1 W N ff. S me KW N 'Q , . . N Ny, We N .Nagy . -1, .N . Wx: Q g ,Wx f .W X , N f we Sioux :www g1f"W?-.,,gfFS XS e s We N is W M Q fw'-fa iv AW wks NWA, N IQ 'qw 0 N nwvf-sw W s wi. .W -Q ,ss is 4 W G- X. f W s ww ,ws .swww wssmms mam sAUQgz4ywQN is '73 121 'N W ,W WN, wmv Nw We 'NW ,1 .Q-1 ,. .wf A.. - . ss sp f' xv 1 ww, h X, .f ,.. 2 x 1 iff N MXN . S N Q S Q A N XX . .Q F sw .-L . WMS 'sz nm vwwws -WAV X W w e A Q -.2 ask 1 A,- .Mf Wg, Vw ws, QQQANXX X w wp ii . TQXWXKQX .:.:V - Xxxx 5- X sw New-Nw f, .fy x X 1 wmv X N mx X Awwk xx.. N XfAiw,,s,5xXN. vi..- WN 1 ., . vw , sf X ,, ffm ww . SEN ..,Q..' A .5 p X . xQv,Wq,, jfs ygaykmw. N Q sw x lfyvwiby VQNXX X . :M Nmxx , Wwe X X33 vf b-2 . 3y+Qfs9ff'ff.w'.? ,' N smwRf4,J4'f:,.Mx, XM sp N WWW -N vai n- : i 1 mi ss Y 'gs ew. X . . YWJ .vvxw xx N. X QQ MEWXX, S Ngss N- mwq fx .Avg X-sg 'Mage L ,,,ge.,, I E .X y Q my mg. Ngxglxx, .K ff. M5155 QBXXMQAN,..,.,M,,mq .- X XX s ww qw v il WM an f XX ,Ms XQJ, X p s- i . 1 - ,gzgw V, 1 X srfy,gf4g,,t V W 5, X BV, Aj . 3 sf., ,egg 1. xx-f --,, - A sf-'1 X W ss ' , X161 NSW-ff .WF X --S fssw NXN MSW WM- xxvx , X 2 ,. KM vwfwfv 1. Oscar Mike at Udairi 2. This is my howitzer, there are many like it, but this one is mine! 3. That's it-two pepperoni pizzas to grid 347989. 4. Look Out Below! 5. Last round downrange at Udairi. 116 BTRY. M '5iVR 1.03 Wm.. O its + X Q 25x 3 , 5. Qa- ii' Q M, 5 .r'szsmM1 if Naya ,fl U f. W, f H W X " Zfifwzyfwv ' if 2' QW f -. W X. .1 9' fs! dt-A X sf, 3 R ME xg. 4 N FIRST LAR DELTA COMPANY LT Daniels Platoon Commander SSGT Donaldson SSGT Craft CPL Ward CPL Stewart .fl LT Hayes nf ,Q I g C1 , f 'rf 4 V, 1 4 f y v 4 , ww, M 1.55, SGT Gonzales X Jll f f l AX1 XA 2 ' Y .J I CPL Swindell 4 f f ,ff M9 ' CPL Trolinger CPL Drake 1ST LAR DELTA CO. 117 TW NO PHOTO AVAILABLE in I , X CPL Santiago CPL McQueary CPL Sheppefson J If i,,QJJ wg Q7 LCPL Price CPL Aylesworth HM3 Paulino LCPL Johnson LCPL Solid 118 1ST LAR DELTA CO. ,,ff,,f f - , 7 f 2 , ' ' 2 , F PHOTOPZ1 AAA' J A , AvA1LABLEA A Hy LCPL Borr CPL Bailey -7 LCPL Spray LCPL MUHCY 1 W ,..1 ,.- LCPL Mitchell LCPL Roe LCPL Kristopher LCPL Defoor II LCPL Hall LCPL Adams Wallace Z' 23 " XJ , LCPL Gaylean LCPL Shivley LCPL Ford LCPL Spangenberg LAR119 I X 4 7 V 6 1 ug . ,L C' A ri f 4 I ,ggi H Q l Lf Y l W LCPL Farrell LCPL Frost LCPL Sherlock LCPL King LCPL Kevorgianpour LCPL Cohndres 120 1ST LAR DELTA CO. W 5 1 LCPL Minkler LCPL Walch LCPL Le LCPL Lockrem ,fx f ,,,l 3 , , X LCPL Bell LCPL Brangaccio wi . v 1 7 5, S I v ! 1 X 1 l l I 3 x 1 I l F 3 -A .Wd Bama 'In Z .fy 2 .. ' ' -' ' M gf yy .X 9 V . as 585- WH -. Xf. . ,, , SS, I 'Sf fix. Z -ff ' if :UAV . .wif K .N Rx if lx S ki ' ,J V ,4 o Aizfvx . , Y 2. ff f f ' .NSN .gg S Ks. r -N, 5 M Iv ' -S' lv 1 -v ,sv 1- .1 :L xg , p , ' " ' -J "' X ' .nl " XPQQNNQSNQ . Q ' . 1- . X if I . .fsfl N S. 5 . 1335: Q- . xNN5 Q wuz , , f T 'nh K 9525 . ' 1 '- 2 z 5 bi X X' :11 1.3.6 rf f wi., . 4 . .. if f, l , , I .-5 S 'K f -ff .. QSHQYF - 5' K Ss5Q 3 . 5 ' 1 f K Q X Ninjas Ca v d r S, and good friends 121 13 T LAR DELTA CO 1 f' X. ws V' wk V xv-'NX X X - 1 ,L X :fx XNX W ' A iw Q dawg i X A N N -pig X Q K wx . VQXNWM,-3 . xr fff "3f'X"xzQ.-Msg xx- NNNWMQQ N' 2 2 isp! X 2353- X ,rx f' fi ' Y A f A X: - ss " . A xr.-X :NX-:xT,Qsx-xglw xg 4 1. ' Q, S Nj , :WN ',xSiS5 xXijY3w3IN News X X X X Mxxw -f Q XXQR Ax . X My ,Mx W A LAR relaxing and having fun. 1221ST L-XR DELTA CO i 1 XXX 1 I 1 1 4 7 f a ,fb 4 .iffy 'Z L? ff' 'fr X 59, y , , , f , , 1 I Q ' ' 0? Qdfm .W Q MA V 'if nil, w r J 1 W, L.. fx 4' X 'N new, uw' IST LAR DELTA CO 123 fat 33 uf ig hnwwff WEAPONS CCMPANY 3X1 CAAT PLATOON SSGT Davis SGT Clark SGT Harper 5 h mir I I x SX- FIRST SECTION fyf. . ,ff A121351 SGT Silva CPL Coyne S J R ,A CPL Kr ft CPL Dallas CPL Dammen CPL Demello II H WPNS. CO. 3X1 125 CPL Nesaasen LCPL Gordon II 26 LCPL Torres CPL Wauer CPL Weyef I LGPL Green LCPL Mitchell LCPL Yonai PFC Ayon v W LCPL Beverett LCPL Stone PFC Weatherford 7 HN Warlick In at ? G iw ,vu ., fl 5' f 5 'A ,J H in If --. -ry H iw' 4 ff C 43010 Top ROW Standing L-R: Davis, Silva, Coyne, Neraasen, Dallas, Weatherford, Harper. Kneeling L-R: Damman, Stone, Beverett, Yonai, Walters, Gordon, Kraft. Sitting L-R: Weyer, Clark, Warlick, Mitchell, Green, Torres, Ayon. f"'!57'Z"'2 1 WMA WPNS. CO. 3X1 127 Y 2 128 WPNS. CO. 311 'Q 'CD ww v f N . rriiiggfwkbav ri wwx WX - YNNT-'mx ' u Ea Q. Q X, R Q af, j: j f. , l, an fi S, -1, 'ui , '51, QA 1- ? if 'dh 1 'pf , f 5 I X Mk, 1 ' .f W ' w r Work hard, then play hard. That's the Marine COYPS way. 3 W f 'u.,,,,, ,lu f ' 4 W 4 7,4 W f X fa X ff f , W ff pei' W 2' f liao j '6 f X 1 f,,,,,4,, ,Mar f ?f1Zff'e,, 5 ggiz., , I 'ff 1 , fr'fV,'1 " W ., 1"1'i""'a - a . .MX 4 .. ,,' .. "ff-- . W KWFQ xgH'5" S 2 ,1 D U" :bay 5 5 E -4 X ,041 Workin' hard and takin' names! Hoo-rah! W I 1 WPNS. CO. 3!1 129 MSSG 15 SSGT Graf L-I 'ol f A SGT C0ttI'9ll SGT Buenrostro 1 SGT Crockett SGT Puckett pw!! f W , ,,,,. I If K I , 'E X f . mn I ,am I ' F. , g Q 'n I Q' ft, 1 PL F' h C ISC GI' CPL Saunders CPL Plew CPL Davis 130 MSSG-15 -"'XfYN Z5 4 5 -Q .i + CPL Lewis CPL Unterkoefler CPL Esparza CPL Fm-bee . s V ,xx .M f f ff 'VPQ-X N ,ff , Q. X X 1 J f Q 1.41 4 7' e 0 N I WX " L F1 CPL Collier CPL Zuniga CPL Madril LCP L R11iZ 4 , , I! 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