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WEST PAC Tn in Q 'Vx U5 xx 1X.k X. . - r N .slr Q.. , 'f'-dn--- '- --v A .fs ff' , . - .sux- Lf-'rf-f '- A' 1 V . ., ,Aw in - V-.MJ X 1 xx. Q r 45 3. X I ' X . liz X x X -fbi., X Q '-4 '. :I-5, XE 'QQ SUI Gi sq -'. S ' '- meffzsv-369 ol .f'I'- - .N wx., W 1 Q' .ff . z ' -G! n 1 ,Q --up 0--h'-5.1.3-- - 'U'-Q --5, ' fg aunt. :3v',,1, 'sf- .rf -1Ta.1. 'C' , s -.1-U' -va- REQ xxx. 'L vsfals 95- 96 -f W-!, , 1 X L.-ry V . - .,5'.hQ . , 1 1 .. ,xi ' . ' A . , A 2-- . A . x' V, 1,3 i ,, ' , .,, f t. , q M. - , 1 ,-1. M , v-4 ,x 1 E, . 1 , , , rf 'F 4, A .f ? Qs, ,U 5' .M .162 -,Q rt . vi E., :' 45 Q I 1 f , . 'i f 'eff f' ' ' -f f The Anchorage insignia fon the front coverj portrays both the origin and meaning of her name, including the reason for her existence and depicting that she is the first of her type in a new class of Dock Landing Ship. The Latin term Sui Generis is literally translated to mean of a particular kind or first of a class. It is the first ship to be named after the largest city in Alaska, Anchorage, which is represented by the star on the map. The ship's mission is to embark, deploy, and land elements of a Marine Landing Force in an assault by Helos, Landing Craft, Amphibious Vehicles or by a combination of these methods. 2. Commander Iohn A. Read n California, Virginia, and Rhode Island before entering the U.S. Naval Academy in 1973. HG was graduated and commissioned as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy in 1977. In his initial sea assignment 1978-81, Commander Read served as Weapons and Engineering Division Officer billets aboard USS Chicago QCG 115 USS Carpenter CDD 825 d US , 5, an S Coral Sea QCF 435. From 1981-84, he was assigned as an instructor of seamanship, navigation, and sailing at the U.S. Naval Academy Upon Graduation from Department Head School, Commander Read served as Weapons Officer aboard USS Brook CFFG ll from 1985-86, and as First Lieutenant aboard USS Frederick fLST 11845 from 1989-90, a part of the first Amphibious Ready Group on scene for Operation Desert ShieldfDesert Storm. . C From 1991-94, Commander Read was assigned to the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations QOPNAV5 in Wash1ngl0I1f D' ' as head of, Officer Policy and Programs Branch under the Di t ' ' ' A rec or of Naval Training QN75. Following that tour, he attended the Industrial College of the Armed Forces graduatin ' M Commander Read resided i , g in ay 1995. In Ianuary 1996, Commander Read assumed command of USS Anchorage CLSD 365. Commander Readwaas awarded a Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems from George Washington University 1n'May 1994. He also holds a Master of Science degree in National Resource Strategy from the Nauonal Defense Umverslty m,1995' Ccimmfmqer RQHCVS PSrsonal decorations include the lXleritorious Service Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal with gold star in lieu of second award, and various campaign and service medals. I I Commander Read is married to the former Ianet Sue Pulliam of Fairfax, Virginia. They ciirrontlx' reside in San Diego wif I their three children: Iames, Katie, and Rebecca. ' ..COlVlM.tXNDlNG OFIICIQIQ, .IAN 96-DDI7SlffN'f 'Q -.-'WEN' ii . A ---.H Ii :A COMMANDER READ ENJOYING ANCHORAGE l 1 xx I YT, NEW CO.. .3 Commander Paul C. Cassani Commander Cassani was commissioned in 1976 through the NROTC program at the University of Notre Dame where he earned a bachelor's degree in Government and International Studies. Following the Surface Warfare Officers Basic Course, he was assigned to USS ENGLAND fCG-225 as Gunnery Officer, First Lieutenant and Damage Control Assistant. ln 1979 Commander Cassani re t d t th N , por e o e aval Military Personnel Command for duty as a Junior Officer ASSigHment Officer. He was subsequently assigned as a Flag Aide and Administrative Assistant to the Vice Chief of Naval Material. H Following completion of Department Head school in 1981, he served as Chief Engineer aboard USS Waddell IDDG 247- 9 reported to Destroyer Squadron Thirteen as Material Officer in March 1984. Commander Cassani attended the Fletcher School of L d D 1987 aw an iplomacy at Tufts University from August 1985 to June earning a de ee in lnternat' l S gr iona ecurity Studies. He attended the command and staff course' at th Naval War College H019 198 ' ' e 7 to 1988, studying strategy. He was then assigned to USS McCormick QDDG 83 as Executive Officer. Q In March 1990, Commander Cassani to the Strategic Concepts Group in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. He subsequently served in the Current O erations D' ' ' ' ' ' p 1v1s1on of the Plans, Policy and Operations Directorate Completin the Senior Off' Sh' ' ' ' g icer ip Material Readiness course and Prospective Commanding Officer course in H1119 1993 Commander Cassani was assigned to the staff of Commande A h' ' ' ' ' ' ' r, mp 1b1ous Group Three as the Readiness and Training Off Commander Cassani was Commanding Officer of the USS Anchorage QLSD 365 from May 1994 to lanuarv 1996- H15 Ferbou decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Navv Achievement Medal and variOl1S campaign and service medals. ' Commander Cassani is married to the former Alexandria A T . . . , . .X .- , fini l nn rantalis of San Diego, to md ms two children, Alldllm Pau . K 2. . .COTWiWf,3lNC OFTICHQ, MM' 9-L-.MN 96. ... ICET OD CHO INVSSVD HEICINVWWOD :IO SEIIIIOWCIW f .fi Q I A N . V, , ,, , hz, Lieutenant Commander Stephen V. Burke Lieutenant Commander Burke is a native of Salem, MA. He graduated from Southampton College of Long Island University in 1981. He was commissioned through Officer Candidate School in 1983. During his initial sea assignment, Lieutenant Commander Burke served as the Comm ' t' Off' d D COHITOI unica ions icer an amage Assistant aboard USS San Diego QAFS 65 from 1983-86. From 1986-87, he served as the First Lieutenant aboard USS Sphif1X QARL 245. From 1988-90, he was assigned to Navy Recruiting District Boston as the Officer Programs Manager. Upon graduation from Department Head School, Lieutenant Commander Burke served as the Chief Engineer aboard USS Anchorage QLSD 365 from 1991-93 participating in Operation Desert Storm. From 1993-94, he served as the Chief Engineer aboard USS Comstock CLSD 455. Following, this tour, he was the Steam, Diesel, and Amphibious Engineer Instructor at the Senior Officer Shipboard Material Readiness course in Newport, Rhode Island. In 1996, Lieutenant Commander Burke becamf the Executive Officer aboard USS Anchorage QLSD 365. Awards include the NavyfMarine Corps Commendation Medal with gold star in lieu of fifth award, the NavvfMarine CorpS Achievement Medal, and various campaign and service medals. ' Lieutenant Commander Burke is married to the former Marylee Hughes of Lynn, MA. They currently reside in San Diego, CA. ' ' 6. . .lfXLCU'lilVlf Ol'l'IClfQ MAIQCH 96-DDlifcSl'Nl' Lieutenant Commander Michael J. Carlin Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, Lieutenant Commander Carlin enlisted in the Navy in 1971. After initial training as an aircrew survival equipmentman, he served the balance of his four year enlistment in patrol Squadron Nineteen, homeport at NAS. Moffett Field, CA. and achieved the rank of second class petty officer. Leaving the Navy in 1975, he enrolled in the University of Nebraska, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal justice in 1980. Having maintained his status as a Navy reservist, he applied for and was accepted to Officer Candidate School at Newport, Rhode Island. Commissioned in 1981, he attended Surface Warfare Officer School in Coronado, CA. His first shipboard assignment was aboard the USS Cushing CDD 9855 in San Diego, CA, where he served as the Communications Officer and First Lieutenant. Lieutenant Commander Carlin was then assigned to Navy Recruiting District, Omaha, as the enlisted programs officer. Upon completion of that duty, he attended Surface Warfare Officers Department Head School in Newport, and was assigned to the USS Reasoner CFF 1063i in San Diego as the Operations Officer. Following that, he served as the First Lieutenant aboard the USS Peoria QLST 11835, also in San Diego. Transferred to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, Lieutenant Commander Carlin served initially as a Company Officer, then as the Performance Officer in the Office of the Commandant of Midshipmen. Lieutenant Commander Carlin was Executive Officer from December 199-1-March 1996. His personal decorations include four Navy Commendation Medals, two Navy Achievement Medals, and various campaign and service medals. ln addition to the Surface Warfare Officers pin, he is authorized to wear the Craftmaster pin and the Recruiting Command pin. Married to the former Bobbi Bailey of New Boston, Ml. They reside in San Diego, CA. and have two children: Michelle and Richard. lQXlLl llll OI l lt l L. DIL 1994-AMD l996. +Lll Machinist's Mate Master Chief CSW5 Douglas P. Tibbitts MMCMCSW5 Tibbitts resided in Marin County, CA before enlisting in 1976. After a short tour aboard the USS Robert A. Owens QDD 8275, he became a qualified Nuclear Power Plant Operator, graduating from Nuclear Power School, Orlando, Florida and Nuclear Power Training Unit, Ballston Spa, New York in 1978. He has served aboard the USS Truxton QCGN 355, USS Carl Vinson QCV 705, and USS Dixon QAS 375 as a Nuclear Power Plant Operator, M-Division Leading Petty Officer, and leading submarine Nuclear Repair Planner. He also did two tours as a Prototype Instructor and Mechanical Systems Maintenance Manager at the Nuclear Power Training Unit, Idaho Falls, Idaho. Master Chief Tibbitts reported aboard the USS Anchorage QLSD 365 as the Command Master Chief in August 1994. He U established the LANDMARK NINE DUTY SECTION for the crew. As DCCT leader, he helped the ship set new records duflng OPPE and FEP. He spends countless hours counseling personnel in personal and professional development. Awards include the Navy Commendation Medal with gold star in lieu of third award, the Navy Achievement Medal with gold star in lieu of third award, and various campaign and service medals. Master Chief Tibbitts is also the recipient of the COMNAVAIRPAC Engineering Supervisor of the Year and many citations from the Navy and civilian nuclear power authorities during his career. Master Chief Tibbitts is married to the f ormer Carla Ewens of San Diego. They currently reside in El Cajon, CA with their W9 children: Sean and Christa. S. . .C,OMlVlAND MAQSTIYIQ Cflllfl' DEPARTURE ,, , 1 4. 41' llll r ,anv- DI'1D1 'XQ'l'UQI'Q . . .9 J ww' XXX f, X W f XM X f XWX J f X ff KW I X ,, X, ff' H, MWW W , f ,f 5 f4V f X ZW ffm!! ,ff , f ffypf ,gf yf MW, ,K fd? ,ff X , K 4mX ZQNW UNM QMS wwf QW? , I , f yy ,f My V, MX, ,' V7 V175 f ff W 4, J Z ffzfff ff X ,W f 'f Hfzff f f ,f ,f , X , f H V' , fm 7 f f , f ,T 1 4, ' , f A ,Y X. x 'i'w- yvfx 4 V :ft M A p1,wf JA fic J I' r 'V K K ' A at ff' r N , 5 ,,.. M , A , , f' ,- ' .- ' iii f' 46 112,--3 -if X ff . , .,,,x, f , ' ff! m,n, X 1, f,, YM, vig-Y ' SAQLS ffx ,f X , X f ,.f KM vmgiykmw X Xwx S X X XX N , MXXXVWXX XX VXX N Xkxf - ,. K X. K XXXSNS N X - X Xsxk xx XXX F K. 1 Xxx VfQQX ,XX XX X 1 A. x SINGAPORE 555 114 114 114 44,1 144' 114' 144' 4-14' 1'-wi ,gm Ng. :Ad-: 1 14' 414, 4 ff' 4149 ,fej 4143, ,. 7 1, If? , E ww-, .1'li - I-. - , 112555 gi 1 - fa-1 .Q 5 -.---f -Q :, -- 1 ll I llllil Illlllllllllll Illilllillllll llllllill'lBRll lil!! Illll K Mmnm- .Vx -5 f I u K.fQ.xmuE HMP wsfexfv. 'l....:: 1 Y ! X' I L EEEQ- ., ::',, ......:.,.f,,. -- Y - ' we N ! ' ' xsmmgnqqr ll ff fi: V4 W, . 221-ES! giilii 1:2755 5 W! Viygff tiff, ' xiw hllivg' ,, T'- 4:2-, 4-2 ,. - --4-A- ' i-bf? '57 - ' , ,-'x',-V1:f, - -'x-, A','fe g-4: ' 1 L-T44 ww L! , .. .f-. ,. , --.-.... -4. -x ' . N...- fgffriaaem Qu' x. . 1' ' ,fQ -I .-I' ., M4 'fu' ' . 'ff CDIQIENT. . .15 .Ax A - NX X it Q ' x V lg if' Q i lf, 1 xx , I , 3 I Q gig! L, I . ,Q,3Q X . Q 32+-.L if . iq X gfifv W 0 ' A Q f f ' . I . .RJ kim .E Q tx '-4 ,mf 4- x 3 X N T' 1 53. ' 'x 1 A. K '- Q . . Q V Q I 3 Q I 'V -gskxifl xnxx . XXX. K. Tai vm X 1 DUBAIIJEBEI. All 1 w 1 1 l UPPER RIGHT: DID YOU BRING THE SUN BLOCK? RIGHT: HI MOM LOWER RIGHT HOW MUCH? BELOW NO PROBLEM f MW' J, 1 f 34 , i, M -T J, v W? 2 :ff W? ,,y,gnf'k,4af, Lfhiiffw' ' 16. . .MQAFJIIXINI GULF E BBBBB '- 'ki 7 ABOVE: IT LOOKED BIGGER IN THE WATER UPPER LEFT CHECK PLEASE LEFT HOW DO WE LOOK LOWER LEFI' NINE OUT OF TEN CAMEL HERDERS PREFER BARF DETERGENT OVER THE LEADING BRANDS BELOW: THE PARTY IS JUST STARTING -f . h I V ...H H , A... X. ,Q 1? XL I! :yr il L , wk ALQABIZXN GULF. . .17 BAHRAIN W. Q V, 1 ,X 5 V ,W v 1 4 2 5 fmmifp f '!.f .QU ,, .r , 1, -J Y' ,I Yf' 1 tk Q 43 A4 90, fray . , X Ii.. 'V A fl ' PQ as X P f .Wh n fn.. 18. . .APABIAN GULF ,Va f rguqw' 3 ff wif ff 1211425-A342115 .1' 7 fin: .Z , ,,,, ,A fig xmgz ' f .,.1, ,- ,, 52614421 L 'ff ' :ibm ,V .1 W fy, , , , 1 ,Aff , ,V f .517 4 ,Sr A ,A f 1' f f i 345 '15 ? S95 5, WM Ly. M, Q fn f f- HJ' ' V ' f 1 Q! r W mme. , X-,v ff A f w, X, ad. E Qaf'H:-.1 P 2. 'T L ' 5, 'Meg Q., - , gg. ,rf -My ,lhvsvxf ,V .QQ 41 sg i wx ..s, S., ,1.5g,h. -N, X ,..-X 'flfww 2?-fffwi'-Af aw , ikggxi .4 Hx, lm: 11, f x , X mm? E r , , .3 'tzmggq Hrlmi 1 1 f rw 'EW 1. i7?iJQ1!'i,:b1'5 'g' - . 'qM'1 m'Q7?ty,,kf:fY-55K,i I I f Q 'Y M' ' lil g q W Hf- . f ut , fi ? . 1 A ' I 1. 1 15 -K W . 1 ' ar! 1493 w , W NA N1 - '. , 1 G 'f we 'ni 4 1 .3 A X S ' Q X1 . W A E ,P 429: JE 3, ,ff-, ,sy 'war' x ,.X.,f KUWAIT 6lTY zo. . .mmm QULF WX A UPPER LEFT. I LL PAINT ANY TANK FOR 599.95 1 LOWER LEFT PICK ONE UP AT YOUR LOCAL CAMEL DEALERSHIP BELOW RIGHT IT S ALWAYS HOPPING AT THE HUNGRY BUNNY ABOVE MIDDLE THOSE IRAQIS ARE SUCH POOR TENANTS , sc 1 av 0 as as . , 1 u 77 . , cc 9 av . AQABIAN GULF. . .21 22. . .ARABIAIV GULF SUMMUNITY REM Tl0N A Q? I , . z U ' X' A D 6' 0955 www 4 ,,. Q UQJVANDXG P+? 4 56 TED ARP-9 0205 FAX '14- WE ARE ALWAYS GLAD TO GIVE A HELPING HAND DUBAI, LIAE. . .25 4 , 5 A ' t A 1-i ' ,,. -.' 24 N-.. X 25 AWARD: CEREMGNIES 26. . .AWARDS BRAVO ZULU! Xml f Z' i.. ,, gh 1 11,2gf-wfvffg .ff iff! Wg? X N' 1-Vi' , YRJIQJ ,191 . , .. V , 1-1, . X . or x W, aww 'f cw- Jw , V W cv 4, Q - 'ch Wa' 2241- C R-Mm nf fmffwf. 1 f AWARDS. . .27 v-umumgm-Y W mv, ., ! 4H4 Mem? MW CANDID6. . .29 y -Vg,.ff'ip t Q , I I g ' to-'rf' 4 1 ffff M ff D fn! lf, W f' fm ,ifh W , 5 ,,, I 1' ig X 1 Cs, J' , xii a . , , ' v 5- ,X 4-' ' 1 -5 NJ ww , 'G 4 F N ve' 'Af ,ga X-N gm I ! Y? Q fi rg: 9 i m -9:2 1' -f bfaswpfa .W A fem? f 9'1 vfzgwhfff 5 .54 1,-. ND fm-.Q :vat iff? ' :wwe viiwifg' ad.-275.5551 Mer Q. rr -:grain---P-iv V, Hmxxl .-5, S T M 'S ':?1f'?f 7 1 32. . .CANDID6 93 ET RM ,Af -1-I-ir ' w P LT.jOHN W. HERMAN LT. CHRISTOPHER B. GRAHAM OPERATIONS OFFICER QPRESENTQ OPERATIONS OFFICER QPASTJ Q' Sn Q NY -1-SM 53 f 'Ax ,r 1 1, -- fr, I' - I1 I. . A 1 ' I S4 .I F 1 A A Q J 1 A E , Q' . 1 ' EK MIW P 9 1 ' f 1 1 1- x., . L .HINES LT. STANLEY P. DILLARD II fx., Cf O, X ENS LIOESOG CICOXEWO X-f T ,A arena TIONS DEPARTMENT oc vlvlslou S L. CAIRNES smcqswy RANDY R. Mo0Ts RNO?DTVIidwITI?II,2AI'IlT:IJgS OFFICER OC DIV- LCP0 A 'Fi RADIGMAN RM MAINTAIN ALL INCOMING AND OUTGOING RADIO COMMUNICATIONS FOR THE SHIP. TO INCLUDE MESSAGES, INTELLIGENCE, DATA LINKS, AND VOICE TRANSMISSION S. SM SIGNALMAN SM ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS INCLUDING FLAGS, SEMAPHORE, FLASHING LIGHT AND INFRA-RED LIGHTS. SM'S ALSO ARE EXPERTS IN PLATFORM IDENTIFICATION THROUGH SILHOUETTE RECOGNITION. OPERA NON! DEPF '1'i- , V , 5 .V X',,' X Xfsfflp'jkgX.7VgXX.,XXf.X V4 X X. .XXX X. XXXX. X XXXX XXXXXCX5 f X X X X X X , X X X X X X X XX X X X X X X X XX X XX XX XXXMXXX X X X XXXXXXXQ X X X X X XXXX' X XXX XXXXSF X XM. X X XX XXXg X XX X X XXX X-X XX X XX fQX'XfXf X X X XXXX XXXXXXXXX3 X X XXX XXIXX - fXf'fw!fXFX XX XXXXXXT ,fx .V.', X My X XXXXXXX' 'X .EXX X X X XXXXXS I . ig X XX XX ,IW f X X 0 X.:-X X XXXXXXXXX fX ,V .I KX-xfff X X XXXXXXXX. V A .',- X LXXX j'XfgXfX 7 X XXXXXXXXf Q fff .rf'gX X XX XXXXX X X XXXXXXXX ' ' X X X XXX XXX XXXXXXXXQ f X. X X X X XVSX X X X X X X X X XX XX XX' XX XX XX XXX X XX X X X f f . I .- X X X XXXXXXXX ' f -, w ' A X Xrf,l'XXX,,1'XjXXXXXXXXXXQ , f I f I X I V',- X ' f X X.VXX,X'XXXXX . . f 4 ' fX.X5A:X H If XX va f- - , X 'X I X' XXX? VX V V., X X X .X X ,X Z4 ' ' f if XXX' A X ,X XXX X X if ' 'XX I -f X XXXX X-X . VV XX, ..:.XrXXXXXXgX.XX RM SMIQW5 THOMAS CARRION III RMI! WJ STEVEN L. KROH WILLIAM v. COSTELLO QMI KEVIN W. OLSON M2fSw0 KENNETH G. CLINE RM2 MICHAEL L. HARRIS RM2 DARRYL IL EGGERSON RM3 SHAWN D. BARRICLOW RMS RICARDO N. BLAKE RM3 WILLIAM v. EILLER RM3 TROY D. HANSON RMS WILLIAM SWAIN JR, ODEQATIONQS DEBT. . .35 SMS DUSTINJ. LOWE SMSJAMES E. STAFFORD RMSN TERENCE F. NEAL RMSN HEATH L. TAYLOR '72 i4f??fL'3':4'7'5 ' gl' 'x', '+ ! . M 5' Liv - Q ., -Y A 1 f 'i .Ll 4 A I ,Q-H, ,113 f f W I '7'.aQ., J, 114' ., , -,.,,, ' ' ' bf .-4r'f'f Q. av' 56. . .ODVQXIBION5 DIfD'If ABOVE: THE CAT GOT MY TONGUE LEFT: PSST! WHERE'S MY BELT? BELOW: SIGNALMAN COUNTRY S Q, 2 3 Nz f X. E W S s, A 1X 1' , ,M f WY fx U. fy T ' ' UE DIVI ION ETCQSWQ WILLIAM LEAL OE DIVISION LCPO ELECTRONICS TECHNICIANS ET'S MAKE SURE THAT ALL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT WORKS SAFELY ONBOARD. THEY KEEP TRACK AND SAFETY CHECK ALL ELECTRICAL DE- VICES FROM RADARS TO VVALKMANS. THESE SAILORS ARE ABLE TO FIX ANYTHING ELEC- TRICAL YOU BRING THEM. ODITIQIXTIONS DHDT. . .37 ET1 DAVID A. DOWTY ET2 JEFF M. JOHNSON ET2 BRIAN G. PETERSON ET3 TIMOTHY A. CLARK ET3 RICHARD w. JACKSON ETS BRIAN P. NEY ETS ROBERT A. EVANS JR. 58. . .OPVQXIRION5 Dllwlf Nr , .. by fm f y W7 'Ir -' 'Harm u. 19 - fun- I ' I ABOVE: ET2 IN SINGAPORE LEFT: BLOOD, S W E A T, A N D ET'S RIGHT: HOW'D HE GET IN THE PICTURE? Jr I OS rw QQ 01 ww mn T T L OSCQSWJ DOMINICK ALBANO OI DIVISION LCPO OPERATION SPECIALISTS OS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MANY DIFFERENT JOBS. THEY TRACE SHIPS AND PLANES, TALK ON RADIO TELEPHON ES, AND OPERATE IFF SYSTEMS. THEY ARE PRIMARILY AN UNDERWAY RATE. OS'S WORK IN CONIUNCTION WITH THE BRIDGE TO SAFELY NAVIGATE THE SHIP. THEY ALSO HAVE A LOT OF SPECIALIZED IOBS SUCH AS SEARCH AND RESCUE TEAM MEMBERS AND AIR DIRECTIONAL CONTROLLERS. ELECTRONIC WARFARE TECHNICIANS EW OPERATE AND MAINTAIN ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT USED FOR DETECTIN G AND LOCATIN G ENEMY RADARS AND PREVENT ELECTRONIC SPYIN G AND DETECTION BY THE ENEMY. EW'S IDENTIFY INCOMIN G RADAR SIGNALS TO DETERMINE THE SOURCE OF THE SIGNAL AND WHAT THE RADAR IS USED FOR CLE. AIR SEARCH, WEAPONS SYSTEMS, NAVIGATIONJ. OPERA NON! DEPT . . .39 'lk Ley XX f X Q 2 I, 3 ' Nu ugwx W- dig WWA 0 in sal: 'lim nanny' Y Inf., 3, 9- lthl :Eiga '0- ,Kf h w I 7' fn 7 4 iff v A f , X cvzff-.yu w A Q, I ,gf Ag, , 'Q M- W. if f wtf, M? I f fauna U S f X if Nw ,xxx A uw. - .M- 'QN OS1 WAS MISSING DISNEYLAND JUST A LITTLE TOO OSSN TRAVIS W. BROSAM OSSN MATTHEW R. SMITH OSSA STACEY W. SANDERS EWSAJASON M. TEETERS OSSA GEOFF C. ONDER ODEIQATIONS DEDT. . .41 BM LT. RICHARD N. LARSEN JR. 1ST LIEUTENANT LT. FREDERICK L. BROUSSARD CWO2 TO ASST. IST l,T.f2ND DIV. OFFICER SHlPlFgI?6gEVVILLA DECK DEPARTMENT :sr ww ION I BMCCSWXCCQ ARTURO CAMACHO 1ST AND 2ND DIVISIONS BELONG TO THE BOASWAINS MATE RATING. BOATSWAINS MATES ARE THE BACKBONE OF THE NAVY. THEIR JOB IS TO PRESERVE THE OUTSIDE SPACES OF THE SHIP. THEY ARE A PART OF EVERY MAJOR EVOLUTION FROM GETTING SUPPLIES AND FUEL DURING UNDERWAY REPLENISHMENT TO CONTROLLING LCAC OP- ERATIONS. THE BM IS ONE OF THE HARDEST WORKING RATES ON BOARD THE USS AN- CHORAGE. THEIR MOTTO IS LIMA-TANGO-SIERRA . DECK DEDT. . .43 BMI STEVE MARTINEZ BMI C-KRLOS MARTINEZ BMI .IESSIE E. WILLIE BM2 MICHAEL D. FOLTZ BMS SEAN M. EVENSON BMS ANTHONY S. FRANCO BMS scorrj. Kluijcl mis KAISER STEWART III BMS EDWARD N. VASQUEZ SN NIEI. B. CARRIER SNJOIINNY I.. GORDON SN THOMAS A. HARRIS Wkhh WPI. SN JERRY L. JUSTICE JR. SN WILLIAMJ. LUNDQUIST SN TRAVIS A. MALDONADO SN BRENT s. PENNY SN ANTHONY POLENZANI III SN JESUS QUEZADAJR. SN SHANE A. SMITH SN JASON A. WARD SN MARK S. BOYCE SA SCOTT A. COLLINS SA STEVE L. HILLEGAS SA DONALDJ. SPENCER DECK DEDT. .. X Y 'ff-in 5 SYN. mx' Nga A N kv www: X WTSE Xp ls vi X ...' 1 B: ,953 W fn ZND DI I ION A 1 l 1 r Y BM1fSWj WILLIAM C. WIEBER BM1 TERENCE C. DAVIS BM1 JOHN D. ANGLES BM2 HAROLD E. GREEN BM2 ROBERT A. ARONALES BM5 THOMAS S. FLIPPIN BM3 JASON M. LIVENGOOD BMS BENJAMINJ. MORGAN BMS CHANNON M. POPP DECK DFIDT. . .47 BMS FRANKLIN C. RIGSBY BMS MICHAEL T. ROYER BMS LEONARDJ. SCHOENHOFEN IV BMS PATRICK C. SELDEN SN CLIFFORD M. ANDREWS SN VLADIMIR ANDRISSE SN JEFFERY N. BURGESS SN TONY H. DANG SN MICHAEL S. ESHLEMAN SN ROY V. FEELEYJR. SN SCOTT E. GUMMERUS SN TRAVIS I.. 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WEIR NAVIGATOR , X fi 5 X xx Ofwvsjxj Q XA' 8 D NS. 0- U . ' V' A fx sway Qi QQ , 9' Qgfyf , QQ!X'X4.PL- 1 NAWADMIN DEDT QM 54. . .XEXX'f'.NDFllX DYUI' NA WGA Tl0N DIVI ION QMCQSWQ JAMES M. GERSONDE Assr. NAVIGATOR THE QUARTERMASTERS QM'S OF THE USS ANCHORAGE ARE RESPONSIBLE PRIMARILY FOR SAFE NAVIGATION OF THE SHIP. OTHER DUTIES INCLUDE HOURLY WEATHER OB- SERVATIONS WHILE UNDERWAY, MAINTAINANCE AND CLEANLINESS OF THE BRIDGE AND SHIP'S CLOCKS, AND THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAINTAINING THE SHIP'S DECKLOG. QM'S BASICALLY MAKE SURE THE SHIP GETS TO WHERE IT'S SUPPOSED TO GO ON TIME. THE QM RATE IS ONE OF THE FOUR ORIGINAL RATES OF THE UNITED STATES NAVY. ........A.iL....4...-.,4.4.. E NO PHOTO QMICSWQ CARMEN O. PEREZ . AVAILABLE QMICSWJ JASON VILLALBA JR f X QM3 JOSEPH A. SUTTON QM3 LLOYD K. WALKER SN JUSTIN P. HUNTINGTON ' i L QMSN cHR1sTOPHER P. BELSON N A A 'P if I v5XfMif?fiSs5SFfi 014 0s'Fw,WFm Riff 5243503'efS.wFffT?c1KJsfS,Eofwiffsif ,Fmlsfw A f f L QS, ' f L' N, A fl L a Nw H-3 QM'S AT BOTH WORK AND PLAY L., N. .... -W L fb lifi 512 V ,L ,AQQA ....L 1 . 1 P'- -----' - :ww , Siiwxxz.. ' ' TT X T -f V.- 5 O A . NAWADMIN DFfl3'l'. . .55 A DMINISTRA new ww ION 56. . .NA VMDMIN DEPF I ,K I MACQSWQ JAMES H. KATZENBERGER CHIEF MAA ADMIN DIVISION PERSONNEL ARE NOT ONLY THE PAPER PUSHERS OF THE SHIP BUT ARE ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYDAY SAFETY THROUGH THE MAA FORCE, LEGAL ADVICE 8: GUIDANCE THROUGH THE CAPTAIN'S OFFICE, CAREER COUNSELING SERVICES THROUGH THE SHIP'S NC, COMPUTER SERVICES FROM THE ADP OFFICE AND SERVICE RECORD MAINTENANCE FROM THE PN OFFICE PNIQSWQ DALE B. MARIBAO YN1 JAMES W. SPEARS NC1 GEORGE T. ODELL QM1fSWj PAUL F. HICKEYJR. PNZCSWQ MICHAEL L. TONEY YNZQSWQ THORNTON M. GIBBONS YN2 ROBERTO MARTINEZJR. YN2 RUDY VASQUEZ PN2 ROBERTO G. DUMPIT YN3 TODD I. DOUCIMO PN3 EDUARDO E. MALLARI BT3 RANDELL K. MOULTON NAVXADMIN DEPT. . .57 ETS MARCUS L. PORTER PNSN RICHARD Y. RODRIGUEZ 5. O 1. 5 4A :E I 6 N .., FM 'rw W4 - O le -we Q- 1 .1 4: if . ff , -h. .A . R '. PNI :ANT WAIT T0 r - FM! IIT LAND. JUST LOOK AT HIS X Y H H in fy f X X ,ff nfl ff V ,V ...M W gun: HM2 BERNARD M SCHAUB MEDIL' L DEPARTMENT A I R I HMIQSWQ STEPHENJ. RICHARDSON SENIOR MEDICAL DEPARTMENT REPRESENTATIVE THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT IS CHARGED WITH PROVIDING ME DICAL CARE TO THE SICK AND INJURED. THEY MAINTAIN A SIGNIFICANT SUPPLY INCLUDING OVER THE COUNTER MEDI CINES LIKE TYLENOL AND DIMETAPP TO THE NEWEST ANTIBIOTICS AVAILABLE. THEY CONDUCT CONTINUOUS RECORD MAINTENANCE OF OVER 600 RE CORDS, CON- DUCT INSPECTIONS OF THE GALLEY, BARBER SHOP, AND BERTHING AREAS ONBOARD THEY ALSO HOLD FIRST AID TRAINING FOR ALL HANDS. OF COURSE, TAKING CARE 015 THE SICK AND INJURED IS THEIR PRIMARYJOB DAY OR NIGHT, AT SEA OR INPORT. READY TO ANSWER ANY CALL ff ff HM3 BRIAN W. RICHARDSON ,VV HEI! DEI ixgc-f ?Q.-, NAWADMIN. . .59 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 'Ir ENS. IXIUGL-KS I.. IVILLIAMS ENS. DAVIILI. DERMODY MP-I DIVISION OFFICER FNS. VIISENTF ff G.KRf'IA NIP-2llIN1SIONUFI'If'IER Cwoz THOMAS D. ROSS CW03 SAMUEL N. FERNANDEZ DAMAGE CONTROL ASSISTANT MAIN PROPULSION ASSISTANT I C E2 'Q' MR EM 3 qi 9u'i-'B mi' HI V, ENS. CARL w. DEGRACI ELECTRICAL DIVISION omu LT. ROBERT W. KEEFE AUXILIARIES DIVISION OFFICE r LT. MICHAEL T. TALAGA ,J CHIEF E NGINEER l A DIVI IGN V I I L R MRCQSWXAVVJ TERRY W. GREEN MACHINERY REPAIRMAN MR REPAIR MACHINERY, BY MANUFACTURING NEW COMPONENTS OR RESTORIN G EXISTING PARTS UTILIZIN G LATHES, MILLS, DRILL PRESSES, SANDERS, GRINDERS, OR A COMBINATION OF THESE MACHINE TOOLS AND THEIR ACCESSORIES. EN GIN EMAN EN OPERATE B8zA CRANES, THE STERN GATE, EMERGENCY STEERING DIESEL GEN ERATORS, 8: DEBALLAST COMPRESSORS. THEY ALSO PARTICIPATE IN LCAC OPERATIONS, HELO 8: LCAC REFUELIN G AND ANCHOR WINDLASS OPERATIONS. MACHINIST MATE CA-GANGQ MM MAINTAIN A!C'S, REEF ERS, GALLEY 8: LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT, WATER HEATERS, AND STEAM. I M ENCQSWJ WALTER L. BONERJR. ENG. DEPT. . .61 x1x11qsxx'U.u1lis v. mmm x1R1qswyRl'sslil.c.. Rllilllil. fix lqswp N1.X'l'l' w.j.u'xsox MNH liNRlQl'l-.Z li. llATl'lN 51511 SILXN P. Mll.l.lG.-KN MR! RIYIIARIJ T. S'l'0'l'l'l.liMlRli EN! lJONj. SAMPSON MHZ Mlfll.-Xlil. l.. S.-KXOFR liN,'r 51,-Yl'l'lllfNl' ll. GLYNN FNB .Xl BFRTU KXNIIREZJR. FN5 hliRN1.kN Slill.-'K FNS PXTRIFK R.SN1ITIl 4- av- E 1 i if V 1 My ff l, fi 'O 453 MIB JOHN A. BURROWS MMS JOSE B. BANIELJR. MMS CLEO F. CARRELL III MM3 CHARLES A. JONES JR. MM3 HAROLD R. RAINS ENFN JOHN J. PHILLIP ENFN GERARD V. UJANO x 401 A V ,1 1V ENC. DHDT. . .63 E02 obj K IES! 'S' ENG. DEPT. E DIVISIUN EMC ARTURO R. TEODORO E DIVISION LCPO ELECTRICIAN MATES EM ARE IN CHARGE OF ALL THE LIGHTING AND POWER ON THE SHIP. THEY MAKE SURE ALL OUTLETS AND LIGHTS WORK ON BOARD. THEY RUN THE SWITCH BOARD IN THE MAIN SPACE WHICH CONSISTS OF ALL THE POWER IN THE SHIP. INTERIOR COMMUNICATIONS ELECTRICIANS IC ARE RESP ONSIBLE FOR ALL PHONE WIRING THROUGH OUT THE SHIP THEY ALSO RUN THE CABLE SO EACH BERTHING CAN WATCH SITE WITHOUT PHONES, YOU COULD NEVER CALL US. J T 5. 3 ., ,gf . va 4, , I EMIQSWJ NUMERIANO L. DEGRACIAJR. ICZCSWQ LAMONT E. CHANEY EM2 ROBERT A ADAMS EM2 RAYMOND B. VILLAMOR ICZQSWJ BRIAN C. HITZEMAN EM2 MARVIN A. WOODWARD III IC2fSWj DAVID s. POWERS ICSQSWJ ANTONIO L. ASHLEY EM5 MICHAELA CARDENAS EM3 ARTHUR T. DODSON ICS KIMATE IQ RICHARDS EMS EDWIN R. FLOWERS ENC. DEPT. . .65 X K VF , gx X Ja., X2 4 ax 1 W. I.. .Q v -9 Ss x4 A Z B - A ' .1- FM5 ISIDRO T. MORALES ICS j.-XSUN I.. WAlJlJFl.l. FMS j.-LSON D. ZICKFFOUSE 773' 0 J ,L 5 FA ANTHONY GARCIA FA FRANCISCO D. Cl7EYASCASTll.l.0 5 PKEIIE- if-J ,gag cocoa 'fd I OOO.. , gnqao -J' Sn E -.r, .rf ,M T N 1? -4-. R DIVI l0N HTCQSWQ ROLANDO S. RODRIGUEZ R DIVISION LCPO DAMAGE CONTROLMAN DC PERFORM TASKS NECESSARY FOR DAMAGE CON TROL, SHIP'S STABILITY, PRESERVATION OF WATERTIGHT IN TEGRITY, FIRE FIGHTING, AND CHEMICAL, BIOLOGICAL, AND RADIOLOGICAL WARFARE DEFENSE. , ,HULL MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN HT CONTINUALLY MAINTAIN THE SHIP'S HULL, FITTINGS, PIPIN G SYSTEMS, AND MACHINERY. .ff'.'v . Ahffff' ENG. DEPT . . .67 rf .F Ax gk 1. Sl' - 43 its a 31 f is 9 I 2 'll vi-Tri' of an W 5 5+ ' Q inf. ,A 'IC 9 fm V1 lftl . I I I NO f PHOTO AVAILABLE HTFN DON E. SCHULER DCFA MICHAEL S. BINGHAM DCFA NVILLIAMJ. HALE DCFR LENNY C. FREER FN DONTERIO M. BROWN FN THOMAS J. CARLILE FN MICHAEL S. HIRT FN BENJAMIN D. KARNS FA CHRISTOPHER A. GEORGE N QXW ENG. DEDT. . . MPI DIVISIUN BTCQSWJ MICHAEL J. BENNER MMC MARKA' BAILEY MMCMQSWQ DAVID J. TROMBLEY MM BOILER TECHNICIANS BT OPERATE AND REPAIR MARINE BOILERS AND 'O' FIREROOM MACHINERY, THEY TRANSFER, TEST, AND INVENTORY FUELS, C OIL 8: WATER. THE NAVY RELIES ON BT'S TO KEEP ITS SHIPS MOVING. MACHINIST MATES MM OPERATE, MAINTAIN, AND REPAIR THE SHIP'S STEAM-PROPULSION AND AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT, THE OUTSIDE MACHINERY, AND THE SHIP'S REFRIGERATING AND AIR-CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT. YO. . .ENG DEPT BTIQSWJ HARLOLD W. WILLSEY MM1 ANDREW GRANGER BT1 FRANKJ. MCCOY BT1 DONALD S. MARSHALL BT1 THOMAS H. CRAWFORD BT2 JOSE A. CRUZ MM2 DAVID P. HOPKINS MM2 ALPHONSO LANFAIR MM2qSWy JASON R. MAY MM2qSW5 DAVID H. vOSS MM3 AARON F. BENSON BT5 JOHN O. ANTHONY ENC. DKDT. . . MM3 RODNEY W. FOSKEY BTS BRANDON A. BROWER MM3 ROBERT L. GALVAN BTS JAMES W. LEWIS III MMS MATTHEW D. HAKIN BTS SHELDON M. REID MM3 JEREMY A. HOLLANDS BT3 JEFFREY 1. UTCHELL MM3 HERIBERTO SANCHEZ JR. MM5 ROBERT Q. STELLA BTFN DANIEL L. DIXSON MMFN LEE M. MCGUIRE 72. . .ENG DPDT. I R M, ,f,.,.,-X ,WMM fi' ' ,, , ,, ff,,W.,, Mwiww'zwfM5 , 7 , X-gff,,,-V .1774 ffm,-, ,, f ,-.MW-f. f GH fwwfm' ff.f'7.!7547.077f f X M244 .,, ., , f V4.4 f Www f KQV? ww f ww ww: 4410 myjj WM ZVWQ BTFN MARC A. JONES BTFN KEVINJ. NOYES A BTFA CORY A. MCBROOM FN CHRISTOPHER D. ZIMMERMAN FN BRIAN T. KIERMAIER FA DARIO J. CHAVEZ ,fy ., 4f9W fffm WZ? 0 . MV., img inf-Vvwz-HM 7 gig, if 0, f nwffjf- www ff? 17 M vf FA WOODFORD W. KING JR. f , ff - M0177 . W jg-, 4 ,Am f fn,-- fmf, f , ,U f f I W ff M M - f, .ww f ffzfwff.-.ffMZ-f,ffM?2 f f7Uf,V74Zf7y777fVWf'7' xy? 'f ik Hff fwfff Uni! f7z47' FA THEOPHILUS V. NORTHCROSS Ugg, f,'j92QZj',,f,'fw-.Z-f'wg- ZW W FA EARL J. SKIOLDAGER , ,, W, nw, MN, ..,, ,, ,f wh, ,, ,fp fffmf.ffgWw4'QH4!f mv, M, f MH ff-pq, Vf,.',ffwf-,f ,Mfym ,WWW f VV! ,ffm wwf fi! , ff Wir fgfgn, fffv wwf f f MM! fywm Khin ima, www ., fy, ,,, Q,,.,,,-m wwf VMTNfff'?7zf-ffffwzzwffffw WX, j7f55f4,,ffM-Xffg,,,gfw,g,f fff f WM f 1 ,f f f f f f f X f , f f f f f f f f f ff fi X X ,f f f ff f fff , fffff f f X f f 5 f f , .faff f f J444, ,M -, fffwykg , f' f' - wwf, , f X ff-Myyf f f 5g gf Q f Z ff y f f Hf 7 f f f Off X X f Z if 7 f f 1 f y f ff l f Z f f ff ,Z M f f ,f X ff, f X f f ,f 4 Z ? H . 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CORNELIUS BT2 EUGENE HALK MM2 CHRISTOPHER J. LEE BTZQSWJ VINCENTE R. MENESES JR. MM3 ALERED0 CARDONA BT3 MARIO IIERNANDEZ-REYES MM5 osIAs D. PADERAS ENC. DEDT. . .75 MM3 LARRY D. POLLITE JR. BT3 ARDIS T. TYSON MMS MATTHEW A. PREWITT MM5 KARLUS L. SMITH MM3 JAMES M. VANRIPER MM3 EDWIN J. VELAZQUEZ BTFN MATTHEW T. CRISP MMFN GARY A. VANDERBROEK BTFN JAMES 1. JONES MMEN GRANT v. YOUNG BTFA GOREY K BROWN BTFA BOBBY J. GALLEGOS ...ENG DPDT. A A -R.. X R A A Q Q' Q ' A A am, -1 .X , J L 4 I Q L A LO OK AT ALL THE PEOPLE THEY FIT IN HERE ffwffgff 1? .L !..f,y ,WW ,W,,, , f. , ff, W ff f fx X .X X X f f W ff ff X' XL A 7 f 'ff WWW fw iff - - , L. L. W WW ,X ,, J ,QQ W MW M f f -,W WWW fJ.AX.f 52,2 W5 f f ff KOH f f wwf X fd f fwWfWW , , fff ff ff ffffff f f f fW ,f f ffwvfw Wf M ff ,ff f ,ff f f w wf f ff ff W ff f fffff 1 f fffw f fff VW fy Ml! ffff f f f f ff fff ff MMFA SA'I'I'A VANNARAJ EIEFIERNLAHHEW R. BERGIN J MY W. 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BMIQSWJ TIMOTHY J. WHEELOCK SIG JULIUS C. LETARGO SIB EDWIN P. VERZOSA SKS MIGUEL O. PINTOR ,M A y, in BMS JOEL C. NELSON SKSR TRAVIS J. MOORE Q 1 'W AND THE GANG'S ALL HERE! 80. . .CSUDDLY DEBT. S-2 DIVI l0N I i - Mscsqswp JAMES A. DELZELL MESS MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS MS OPERATE AND MANAGE NAVY DINING FACILITIES. THEY ARE COOKS AND BAKERS IN NAVY DINING FACILITIES ASHORE AND AFLOAT, AND ORDER, INSPECT, AND STOW FOOD. THEY MAINTAIN FOOD SERVICE AND PREPARATION SPACES AND EQUIPMENT, AND KEEP RECORDS OF TRANSACTIONS AND BUDGETS FOR THE FOOD SERVICE IN LIVING QUARTERS SHORE. SUPPLY DEPT. . .81 MS1 ROBERT D. RANGER MS1 ODON M. MISOLA MS2 BERTRAND R. BASCO MS2 ORLANDO B. BELMONTE MS2 NATHANIEL R. OLLET MS3 TIMOTHY W. BASHA MESSYISZQ1 222215 T A R MSSWMIER- LOW- R RR T TT . TT T. , TT .T ,T TTT .T X X TT , A- X X T xi TTT .T X X XT T X- K X TT T. TT TTT XX A ' ff CTT TT X 'X . XX as T. T TN QA TT ' I T X . N 6 V T W T T N ,Tx TT .L - T. 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LOLWING SH3 SAUL TOWNSEND III SH3 DEAN L. SAYRE DK3 FERDINAND Z. LAGASCA SHS SHANE L. BLOCK LSUDDLY Dl'ID'l'. . .85 ff Fi J f ,ff W ' W ,W if V S ,f fy X Q AT WORK AND AT PLAY ,,f X 5 AULT CRAFT UNIT 5 DETACHMENT LT. ANDY CROWE ACU-5 DET OIC A NO PHOTO AVA!LABLE WILLIAM KENNEDY Q. Lc-57 CRAPTMASTER BMCQSWJ SANDY ACU-5 DET LCPO BMCQSWJ JAMES LC-72 CRAFTMASTER NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Skcqs A BMCQSWJ BINICKI AcU.5 M1113 EJIOCONCIO ALBA ACU-5 MAINTENANCE RDINATOR COORDINATOR ACU-5. . .87 W 'w Y . OSIQSWQ JOHN BOVARD CMIQSWQ BOBB DELACRUZ HT1 KURT GAIN GSEIQSWQ LOUIS JOHNSICK GSM1 GUILLERMO MEDINA ETIQSWQ PATRICK VADNAIS ETIQSWQ DEAN WILLIAMS HT2 BOBBY BUTLER GSM2 DOUGLAS HOLBROOK BM2 CHARLES HUNT YN2 ROBERT NOLAND BM2 CHRISTOPHER RHODES 88. . .ACU-5 . L-.X X. X W, Zwf T NX I - X X. 47, X 44 4 4 ,744 4!4ffWf7 'Vf4 WVVXH44 'Q44 444 Vf f 4ff4'f: ' 1 ' 477!! 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STEWART COMPANY FIRST SERGEANT B 1ST LAR N 1ST SGT. 1.11. RAPLEY BATTERY FIRST SERGEANT B 1!l1 MSGT. J. HERNANDEZ 92. . .EIWBAPKED MAPXNEI Gsm. G.T. SKINNER GSGT. A.L. Rmvns GSGT. R.N. BEAN BATTERY B I ll BEASTMASTER.S ' HEADQUARTERS PLATOON FRONT L-R: LCPL GREER, PFC GIBSON, CPL AYALA, CPL GWYN, CPL IAZENBY, LCPL CARRIZALES, SGT GREBETZ, SGT BALTAZAR, LCPL LANGE, CPL PITTMANN, LCPL IIARRINGTON, LCPL BOWEN, LCPL HABCHY, PVT ROD- KEY MIDDLE L-R: SGT FARRINGTON, LCPL WILLIAMS, CPL ARNOLD, SGT VALLES, CPL KINGSTON, CPL BENA- YIDES, CPL OSGOOD, LCPL WOOD, LCPL TREZWAK, LCPL WHARTON, LCPL TIGHE, LCPL BEALS, LCPL QMITH, LCPL PRAUSE, LCPL THIGPEN, LCPL COX REAR If-R: CPL GALLEGOS, CPL BUCAO, CPL FRITSCHE, CPL ITEVENS, CPL ANTONY, LCPL STOKES, LCPL CHASTEN, LCPL HELGERSON, LCPL GARCIA, LCPL AHENAKEW, LCPL NEUGENT, LCPL BARNETT lu.-.,.....L, - ..,,. OFFICERXSTAFF NCO'S L-R: 1ST LT. KEEHN, 1ST LT. DIETZ, 1ST LT. PRATT, CAPT. LARK, 1ST SGT. RAPLEY, MSGT. HERNANDEZ, SSGT. BERDUGO, SSGT VARNER, SSGT CAMPA, SSGT WILSON, SSGT BOUDREAUX, GYSGT BEAN, SSGT HESSLER, SSGT BORDERS, SSGT LEACH 41 GUNS PLATOON FRONT I,R: LCPL YEAGER, CPL MCCORMICK, SGT VANALLEN, CPL vAzQUEz, CPL LAWSON, CPL ROD- RIGUEZ, SGT MEJIA, SSGT BERDUGO, LCPL CASTILLO, CPL BALDONADO, CPL DAYTON, LCPL BARBOZA, PFC FAPETILLO, CPL KIDD, SGT BACA, PVT HARRIS, CPL GIL- BERT MIDDLE L-R: 1ST LT KEEFIN, SSGT VARNER, SGT MCFARIANE, CPL TURNER, SGT LEW, CPL GAXIOI-A, CPL HERNANDEZ, CPL FIOUMARD, CPL TIOPAN, CPL SPUR- LOCK, LCPL ANAYA, LCPL MOULTON, PVT BROOKS, PVT GILROY, LCPL GONZALES, CPL DOLAND, SSGT BOUDROAUX REAR LR: SGT NEUBAUER, CPL SMITH, CPL GEORGE, CPL BEUTZ, CPL GARRASCO, SGT MAT- TERN, CPL JOHNSON, HM3 BRIDGES, CPL COOK, CPL SELF LCPL SELF, CPL SOLIS, LCPL TENNANT, CPL SOL- TIS, SSGT BORDERS, SSGT HESSLER, SSGT LEACFI EJWBAPKED MARINES. . .93 OFFICERS STAFF NCO FRONT: SSGT LINDSAY, 1ST LT CARLSON, 1ST SGT STEWART, CAPT ADLER, 1ST LTJOHNSON, GYSGT SKIN- NER, SSGT REED, GYSGT REAVES REAR: SSGT CHAN- DLER, 1ST LT MORGAN, SSGT NASWORTHY GGMPANY B IST LIGHT ARMGRED RFCUN BA TTA LION W x X NK xx P W mxXxwKXXS Xxx XX Q N WNNQ X X XWNPNE Q NQQNX X X XEYXE w RxR NNN Xw ww P XE, XQNX 3-vc, QQw,wCxXX , ,- ., RN I ., -RL I ,,., N ,--I ,X NN PNAS-PNQNXNQX N- M , , XX Eg- ,V P VN, X Q, X I QM mMb,,,,, ,W ww - X, X3 A, . , , X, E 94,5 R Qgfyf - 1, , , Mx NRE N X f ' wffww., .X ,,,w,,.,,!M fffmmx ,,,, Xxx V , :V y ,A A E., l R X A fifQ,VAM,WW.,f,.Y.0,,,,g.,, ,,,.,bz,:m7, f K ,L , f XX , P A I ' 'A X Nfvfw xgxk MAWWR 'Vw ,WW sw R N NP mixwxx Sxw R'S '4'KfW M L. ...,,,WmE., .Y NSSNNQ QQWWM J 5 WE PM fv H NS .. 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QLYMDIC6 D C SYMBOLOGY PIPE PATCHING DESMGKING FIREFIGHTING ENSEM BLE STRETCHER BEARER AND THE WINNER IS ACU-5 's.....,-A CONGRATS! ,Ox RELIGIUU ACTIVITIES H W .QEU6l01V...111 :sw au LIFIERS oszqswy RICHARDS GSEBQSWJ WILLIAMS EMBISWJ DODSQN ENIQSWJ IACKSON GSMBQSWJ ASERMO BMIQSWJ WHEELDCK BMIQSWJ WIEBER oszqswy ROMULUS RMZQSWJ HARRIS GSEIQSWJ IOHNSICK QMICSWQ VILLALBA OS3QSWJ BLAIR oS1qSwp BOVARD MSSISWJ MICHEL BTZCSWJ CRUZ CMIQSWJ DELACRUZ DMBCSWJ WILLIAMS DKIQSWQ SANCHEZ PNZQSWJ TONEY ETICSWJ WILLIAMS ETIQSWJ VADNAIS CUNGRA rum news ra A u cum LIFIERS H NGIN' AROUND 2 K: , . Q if' . , ai, , ai 1,4-Adil Mil I ABOVE LEFT ALADIN S NEW LAMP US THEY WERE HAVANASW BELOW RIGHT HELLO MOM? L 'f VA, i 0' ABOVE RIGHT: WHITE OWLS? BUT THEY TOLD 9,-vs,,,,s.x 'N-X6 EK, X Ixjj-I HANCIN, AQOUND. . .113 ff 1 -'---:yu Q win Q , .X .. XR xi X XXX X 1 Y. ..:,..-A-.xf Ju. E f 3 1 . vi 17 ...Q- -I' gf ep 4. . .AROUND THE SMP 2 A - is . 'xx .- .fd 2 Vw Awxizkwn' '- 4 if , 4? f ' X fx.. f 7j5 -v 1. M agiyiff' f , 3 nun JUST HAVING FUN. . .115 MURALE, WELFARE, AND RECREA Tl0N T L I ' 2OOOCgH,l 1 BNLALL CQFLDS fm was :accom lavri' HT' SWTEL TV 4f i-, ami! 'A x.. bf' , L- ,- 4 , 04 l Wg sim asa cu Effie , f . x f A., wk - , -3 .. ' v A . Q ANN D 1' HAZ, h x x . Ak ' . ' -I AFTER A LONG HARD DAYS WORK - W. -M V '-AA x K, FXR . .gb , , W .- .2 vig xr' .,2N',,,,, A . . . ' Jr Wx - ,.-K4 K h E , ?Xxrf?. . - ' X 1 N Syl., , x-- I - , xg X 11: , I QGDWW 5 ' , , . , .jf , P, f1,u,'F. v s'f! .'F'L'wT? :5 azfvni' . Y?-X' :f:T'3r:?'715:i' f- k,7 ' f'-'- - '.1. --T -. T - 'I ' ' f. , T , - ffm- - . 1- A .Q fa'-5-,2,y..,. JP ' .-,ff , A, . ,iftvf L T '..l 'VU EVERYONE ENIOYS, A LITTLE TIME OFF. pf - if Q.. T7'-ci:T.TT ...Q Q5 Q HS l 3 W 3 f y v X29 ff , N- ff g jf!! L 1 '- f ,,,, ' 'ff 2- f. V W 1 Q gg 2 f ,A f QQ W ! V ff ff ,Y , MW ,- .... . . f '71, X , 1 Xe Bm w, A 'X 1 sf . 3 .if ,. www A K ig' wasilw K, E X 'Rem 1 W. 4, wg! X Z K w ,N z A N! f X Z ' X-NM ff Y ' hX Qn xgymww, A vw Ax Uwfwk vw. f .vxf fxqalwgxgxgwy, ,, . L ,,, A 75 LOOK AT ALL THE FAMILIAR FACES naw. I I I 5 X 14 f'q5 as 1. ' ' xx New T. ' ,S mg qw., an ,nf Zsgiirv K x. K? ' -5 X4 :wx 'NN-A x iw , , 5 sp y- I N, ex .N X 2 kwa-X , z f . LN .N if , . 2 wx QX xyqllx LX A .N T I-L xkw, ,, . V ,L r xi ' A 1 V H M., , Ni., - - ' .' X , X - '- Q 1 ' 1 lffg 11 1 ' N 4 ,f- X. M-.X - ,X . . . . Q 1 vs. -297' L A ' . f - . ' ' '., P A J w'.:'V lf Q X XL , . .1 J .-+ A FACES. . .119 V L 1 V. .TSA 1' f A H 11 3 I I THINK WE CAN CALL THIS A FULL WORK DAY fm L+? ' 'L .A PIZZ NIGHT 3 A IWANT TO BE AN HMS . 100'XJ GOURMET Xu' -'x 1 ...xx -.J 9, CHEF BOYD AR DEE JUST ONE PIECE, PLEASE DIZZA NIGHT. . .121 X N PARTY I r ,Q fb' i ABOVE: THIS IS WHEN THE BOY'S ,. sw ,f Q' il' af' tn me A 12-, is J' 4- Q:- , in BELOW: .-KMERICNS GRISIZNEST READY FOR ANYTHING i l .-UNWIW5 -v-v-Y V3 P is W KING FOR WORK 'N- ECK L00 D KNEE DEEP IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT A I mf 4+ X 1 Q tx fi? WET'N'WILD ON WESTPAC .2 Z BLUE AND GREEN HAVING FUN DON'T LOOK Too EXCITED CANDIDQS. . .123 TIGER CRUISE 96 4. -um ' 1 4 Q..-. . r- al ' ,t - ,fix 44- '.Af 1 I , - X I -3.4. .t -uu 'wfvi ein R .,- ., ,. . 9, . -.... --A-f f ' ,4 , .. Y b .4-uh 4' ,g -X - - ' '-- '- .4-up . f x - ,,.4f, gs.. V'-Q L W-P' - ja ,,.. --f 3. ,, - M - -,, --, W ,at V 'L'-1 . .nr 1 . 51 fer? v a -Q01 , --r D. Q. .-or ',,.'sf ' Qu-f' .... fx. qi ,Mk ik SF' FH f Q , fa fiffiivwfi. ' ' . , Aff ,yt T3 - L mega Ln.. ,nn v A ' 5 ff fr iw!! VX I --Z. Fi fi' ' J . Y Y nj, H ' X I x. 35,1-E. -L lU'.rQj' 3' . 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AL FOLLOWING SEASIIASQNI 5 WAYS BE on 'fx' ml- + --1.1 -.. l Qi TE OF HARD TO OF wuo AND HI NT AND BOUTQM AND WQWHQH beat ,Em 3 Q NON V' MORTQ K I VA , U VC 5' ,, af- PM is eads ol niany ol the 186 member nations gather in filer.: York to celebrate the 50th .iiiiiai.ersar',f ol the United ltlations in October z l t ln a pon-3rtr.' ifvess fn'- ..l.., ...Z U ll s Fourth l. sr s' MSF Shock .' nit the Middle East rench transportation workers strike against their government throughout the month of December. shutting dovvn the airlines and the metro system, alter France increases the retirement age from 50 to 55 and lengthens the vvork vveek from 37 to 39 hours in efforts to cut spending. AP!Wide World D i A gt O -1 3 5 F'-4 ,-t Marxist Cuban President Fidel ' Slfff Castro aband n ' OU l,V0lllell ill Bstlxfjj LV fl , iid, nddin is Swv: HIM! Clqar and attended 39 O03 V. r. f-.-- qi, , L, , . ofa 430 Csumws Q S FNS my iq suit and tie on a diplomatic visit F- Ciizwr' C 'wt M .A is Ti mi ileff ffm 'll 0CtOber x here , g 3, 1Q,.12toigort.fncetlteU.S. to .gear-clit trade embargo ' 'Al 7'l iiSl Clybg NON M rap artist Christo creates Wrapped Reichstag for the city of Berlin by covering the former home of the German parliament vvith one million square feet of silver fabric in June. Philippe Giraud, Sygma ope John Paul ll visits New Jersey, Nevv York and Maryland , and addresses the United Nations. He speaks out on social, economic, political and moral themes. lW , ., ' A ri ll Qfx f kxv , ' N fig? ff it . Iix ' l l i0i rl 'ef 77 A 6 ir l s.fAvxf X ln late May, a doctor performs emergency surgery aboard British Airways flight 32 using a coat hanger, a knife and fork, anda scissors sterilized in brandy to save a woman whose life is threatened by a collapsed lung. i ahitian protests escalate into riots after France I detonates a nuclear test device. 750 miles from the South Pacific l island. Francets September resumption of tests attera three-year moratorium brinQS global condemnation. l l Madman Shoko Asahara, leader Of the Japanese apocalyptic ffflltilious cult, Aum Shinrikyo, is arrested on lvlay 15 and charged WITH the Tokyo Sljblfyay nerVe,gaS attack that left i2 people dogg ard ' ' r inlureri 5 500 more in llilarch. . World Fitty years after the end of VVar ll, Japan remembers those ii killed b the atomic bomb I fr droppexd on Hiroshima, A solitary .a building ren standing after than xi blast, novv a memorial calledl Z is Atomic Bomb Dome, Svmbollze the horrors of vvar and the price of peace. I rm uake kills 51 DGODIG 2:11he11es0n-studded Pacific '00, The quake Coast on the Richter Emggnd is felt 330 miles away in lllexico CIW- I U , Canada s largely French- Um ng p'0V'llC9, defeats an 1 Obeffeferendum on Quebec llld ltglindence by 3 margin of an one Dercent. Cn P- U3 Z rn .xc O 1 APlWide World ln July, without public explanations, Burma's military rulers free the country's most famous political prisoner, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, leader ot the pro-democracy movement and Nobel peace laureate, after six years of house arrest. ge fliSt Urs- lilresidentto visit Northern Ireland, resident Clinton receives a warm Christmas Welcome for his show of supportfor ea D Irish Protestants and Catholics. D Ce etween V 'Ulr,lCane Marilyn intlicts millions of dollars of fQ-:,d15l0i2tge inthe Virgin Islands in September Winds up to 127 miles per ho ' homes on St- Thomasur severely damage half the ope blooms tor peace in Bosnia when Bosnia's President lzetbegovic tleftl shakes hands with Serbia's President Milosevic on theiopening day of the November cease-fire talks in Dayton, Ohio. Croatia's President Tudjman looks on. The ensuing Paris peace agreement of December sends 60,000 NATO peacekeeping troops to the war-torn country. flash In November, the Republic of Ireland narrowly passes a referendum calling tor an end to the country's 1937 constitutional ban on divorce. While competing in an international balloon race in September, two hot air balloonists, one English and one American, are shot down when their balloon floats off course over Belarus. The Belarussian army sees the balloon as a security threat and fires without warning. The balloonists fall to their death. IVlore than four years after Desert Storm, lraq's President Saddam Hussein remains in power, though two of his sons-in-law detect to Jordan on August 8 and call lor Hussein's overthrow. 1 i1x.,'4 rv liti-1 Great Britain's Princess Diana- shocks Buckingham Palace with T 3 fel'-el BBC interview' Defying Securities trader Nicholas Russian figure skater Sergei Grinkov, 28, collapses and dIGS from a heart attackdurrng practice with his wrte-partner Ekaterina Gordeeva on November 20. The pair WON TWO Olympic gold medals and four world pairs titles. revel PVOJIOCOI' She mscusies Ser Leeson is arrested in Germany marriage to unfa'tmuI hug an 9 in lVlarch 1995 for fraud, forgery, Prince Charles, herstruggle with and breach-of-trust Leeson depression and bulimia, and an 1-32 ml- I extramarital affair, The maionty Iggiqiguuslgg fha C0Hgp'3gO?SS 0fEf1Q Sli eeeele GXEVSSS thaw Barings PLC, the 233-year-old surrrwd and Sympal V- errrrsn bank. San Francisco sewer line bursts under pressure from battering rarnstorms. creating a monster sinkhole that swallows a S2-million house inthe Sea Cliff district, One-hundred-mile-per-hour wirids knock out power to tens of thousands of homes and nearly blow a truck off the Bay Bridge, 1' 57 1 r'i,',,,r1 5,10 Fgirrcssce Chronicle Gamma Liaison ,ze ev 1 4.33 I L A ' ' V I x . ' - H cw ' ' frican-American men from across the country converge on Washington, O C . for the Million Man March on October 16 The march, led by Nation-oi- lslam minister Louis Farrakhan. hree days of drenching rains in the Pacific Northwest swell rivers to overflowing, caus- ing severe flooding in Washington in December. ln the town of Carnation, a pastor conveys a woman to dry land with a wheelbarrow. promotes African-American mf Domg Sigma umtj, tligruty and family values U S Senator Bob Packwood of Oregon resgns on September 7, the day after the Senate EITTICS Committee noted unanimeusl, to expel him for sexual misconduct em03rr3SStngl.. Cl-3l3ll'3G.f1 his diaries i.' .-.ere :wade ouolic AP!Wide World The nation comes to a standstil on October 3 as more than 150 million people watch live TV coverage of the outcome ofthe nine-monthvlong trial of the century After less than four cours of deliberation the tgp! finds former football star OJ Simpson cet guilty of the 'TUTCETS c' s ef-,-, fe 'hgh D fa'-afefeff-is af, . , r - , . , J Illinois suffers a record hear l-'IBVG lfl Juli, if ' h Q J nt temperatures 35 ll'Qli 33 1040. The heat takes the lives of 457 people mle de- Al VVTlQl9V Stadium llavarro helps faithful 5 Wt-fQ+D Cubs fans stay cool, AFPlBet'tl'Tlann After a year of fame as a conservative revolutionary, Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich slumps in popularity, tainted by the government shutdown, his stalled Contract With America, and investigations into his political action com- mittee and his financial affairs. E cu CD '6 stty WH ral' 1 ' The federal government repeals the national 55-mile-per-hour highway speed limit, enacted in 1974 during the oil embargo. The legislation allows states to set their own limits. On Montana highways, speed limits are eliminated completely. 7 ir Force Captain Scott lllt 5 pg, oteradv lflgllll is fesclled pursuing Bosnian Serb ,M forces by U.S. Marines on June 8, six days after his plant is shot down over Bosnia, O'Grady survived on insects, plants, and rainwater. Two-thousand volunteer firefighters battle a faglnlgland wildfire in eastern I-009 ln ' New York, for three Gals' a August. The fire, followlllgs 21-dayorouohfi,C0'lSl a 5,500 acresdof nlhzgle ze , ' damagesa 0 fatalities' are no injuries or . f' f' hter Chris Fields holding he llnagf-sid Ig2ly?ee Almon, who later dies, delle - 11 A l19 b IIZG the horroroft e prl lom0?t03m9toklahoma City Federal lg0IQ'ff,'Q,glhal killed 150 adults and 19 children. UI As more Americans invest, Wall Street Hniovs a bull market. In November the Dow lones Ind ' I I I - ustrla Average hits 5000, a mileston ' d' ' E m 'serine healthy C0rporate profits and low interest rates. I e l 'WA .-'4 META SIl0wfall paralyzes the 991111 January 1996 Ifllllutlavelels and klllllig lleopl ,5 lliniatoeM even States' from assachusetts llfltfeem - ' llilau I ergenmes ysnoslllhla OBIS 30.7 inches Warren E. Burger, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1969 to 1986, dies in June at age 87. Though appointed by President Richard Nixon, he ordered Nixon to turn over tapes in the Watergate hearings that effectively ended the president's career. Zielenbach,Chicag0 Tribunefrom Gamma!Liaison FTCT Q, , fm flJC ,l1x Jw 1 fx . V-JQgILe T 0, 2 is lg ll April 30, the adoptive parents of four ear ol A H -y - d Baby Richard comply with an Illinois court order to turn the child over to his biological parents. I hegovernment shuts down for six days in November after the . President and Congress fail to agree on how to balance the federalbudget. The shutdown affects non-essential federal services, Cliaflesll- POW- IV- Sygma including the National Park Service. A longer shutdown follows in December. 'U . , C E f e, sf x..! , 5 , , I lk , , Q -, f' , , ,-1, ,ww Q LL ,lfegggigy , sf.. 1 4 ruin. . a f ef -sy , X J? ,P- 1 N X .- , - - ,ffl I r , sf . The Washington Post publishes a manifesto written bythe identified killer known as A Chicago commuter train slams Hghe Unabomberf' at large into the back end ofa loaded since 1978 and wanted for 16 school bus. The accident, mail bombs that have killed 3 allegedly caused by H POOIW n'ured 23 FBI agents timed stoplight placed T00 'leaf gggutiliize the article for clues to the tracks, kills 7 SEudlZlgS and the bombefg identity. lnlures 28 on Octo er . . ,V ,ex l . i fl Despite Americans' iloubts and fears, U.S. frooris,,l1e,ad,.for Bosnia in Dec,ergtgeQr3Tbne 20,000 U.S. fofcesjiserving under NATO command beside 40,000 European allies, face the task of keeping peace among the country's warring Serbs, Croats and Muslims. The State of South Carolina sentences Susan Smith to life in prison for the drowning murder of her two young sons in 1994. An anonymous donor sends St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis S1 million in the form of a winning ticket from McDonald's November Monopoly sweepstakes game. In the wake of a growing number of random attacks from assailants with knives and guns, White House security is forced to close Pennsylvania Avenue to traffic. After allegedly ignoring federal pollution regulations for years, General Motors agrees under threat of an S11-million fine to recall 500,000 Cadillacs at a cost of S45 million. American women celebrate the 75th anniversary of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which granted women the right to vote. Women's suffrage leader Susan B. Anthony 11820-1 9065 first organized the fight for suffrage in 1848. I IW rl-,mo of Jeno Her P.troolir0ft15L'Qm3 s the result of an improperly cleaned fest tube at a fertility clinic. a woman in the Netherlands gives birth to tvxirt boys, each from a different father. 'Verb NASA stunning photograph from the Hubble Space Telescope captures a orneni in the birth ofa star in the Eagle Nebula, 7.000 light years from Earth Light from the young stars nuclear furnace lifts towering pillars of hydrogen gas and interstellar dust. li ii i i l f . Fossils of a iawbone tleftt and ' leg bone lrightl found in Kenya b Xi in August reveal a previously - s X A f ' unknown species of upright hominid that lived four million The uworldis first test-tube gorilla .ears ago pushing the is born at the Cincinnatt Zoo in emergence of bipedalism back October as part oi an effort to half 3 mnlign 3.935 Walking sa.e the .uestern a.'.fan15orita ,ought is a key adaptation that an endangered spec es tmz ggoqrgteg htinfans from ape-5 tener tes 443 ar ni 1 ERE i? Q ' I 5 , vas ff' V 4 Hwtiif -I Ummifoitoic, 4 a TF 5 . f d aw. -- ' in We -4-Ttii e . Vi'-i,.,f'iAf 1 5,14 ip- '. 'Ek' , f i .1355 Q ffl 'tif' xrttfi sg A-4' I If A Media attention focuses on melatonin. a naturally occurring hormone used to induce sleep and slow the effects of aging, Lauded as 3 tfjonder drug a 'ill0Qrarn of synthetic melatonin sells for as much as Sf0,000. APlWide World Dr. Jeffrey Fried, Gamma!Liaison if P Sa' -ti... ! I ? way gc, f ' 5 .. 1 ' f 2 eg 4 I. x P .' . In March, the Federal Drug Administration approves a chicken- pox vaccine. Rarely fatal, chicken-pox affects 3.7 million Americans annually. .A 't rchaeologists discovera , yc.r'o 3,000+year-old tomb in May that isbelieved to hold the remains of 52 sons of Ramses ll, Pharaoh of Egypt. esearchers announce that they have isolated a gene in i mice linked to obesity. Mice with a mutated OB gene are injected with the hormone leptin, resulting in dramatic weight loss. The public is tantalized at the prospect of leptin as a slimming treatment for use in humans. i agHillSf I 1 t've measure . . AS a pro ec I the era ofdI0l3' counterfeiting in publishing, the TYQHSUW .S. Department redesiQD5SHed Ove, ' currency bills, to be IS . em ln alprocedure known as tissue the next five years, SWWH an 9flQineering, scientists grow 21 1996 with the new S10 ' human ear under the skin ofa laboratory mouse. Researchers hope the procedure will play an important role in the future of transplant surgery. fl ivals in space become e e ' in space after the Wlstoric dockinQ of the U-S' .space Shuttle Atlantis and Huggins Mirspace station on JUn929, Astronaut Robert Gibson lin redl greets C Ugmonaut Vladimir Dezhurov. , uyers rush to stores for the l new computer operating system Windows 95, spurred by Microsoft Corpfs S700-million publicity barrage and the promise of a friendlier interface. cw: C O . lttlune, volcanic eruptions give birth ro 3 bay, - V island. A new member ofthe Tonga Islands emerges near New Z l d ' 140 feet Wide. ea an ,900 feet high and t. A. Tannenbaum, Sygma he movie Apollo 13 opens in the summer atter filming many of its scenes inside NASA's zero gravity plane, which mimics the weightlessness astronauts experience in space by diving into a 23-second freetall. flash After a decadeelongwsearch, scientists isolate what may be the most important cancer- related gene. The defective gene known as ATM is associated with cancers of the breast, colon, lung, stomach, pancreas and skin, and may be carried by two million Americans. Astronomers using theHubble Space Telescope observe new moons orbiting the planet Saturn, adding at least 2 moons and possibly 4 to Saturn's previously known total ot 18. A team of French and British explorers believe they have found an ancient breed of horse previously unknown to scientists. In November, the tour-foot high horse with a triangular head, which resembles the vanished horses of European Stone Age drawings, is named Riwoche for its home region in Tibet. October satellite photographs show the recent rapid deterioration of the earth's ozone layer above Antarctica. Pollutants produced mostly by the U.S. cause the hole in the atmosphere's protective layer to increase to the size of Europe. Sf -'S . -- fs , - ' 'E f ' i . 'Q fs Q ' ' e.. 2 ' . 4 .gr fi at r i 1.-g .sy :I get fe .. .. E if ,K -f' ' It r ' ' 'fm 2 ff. sg ' , . Y' , ,twig ' -- 4 ' A f '. ' ' 'G 4 if ii' - ' S ' . 'api ' we 115' effing 1- 2 SKLU X ' r l 'l 'f'-ff-1 '5 ,mr 'fa 55 A A s , sl l .t ' A ,, 'fr-1 .7 V t - - L - ' ' ' it 5 ,. ' l' y tl-A, S ,yi W, ' r H ' Q , it if ,H 'Hgh stef -.- .V 4 ll l 5 .r-rfffl' f1A:fi'?.ss1?i5L, r 't f 1 7'g: if 45 . it :ii ' 93t 't' Q lx lt. fain?-l J-- E .1 'A ' ll? of A niai A 'fs ttf. ' A- ' if 5-' A. I 'E 3' V: Z .A L1 rs. Eilaf 3 ,5 if M MA 'K Z X X X I X3 l Ltffffi X b at .2 ' ff , ,, - , afrrrvsuft vttftdrrrifif il i: .-ct' , l' 'l 1 l i -4-fs 131 2 K , . . .,. ...M , . g r L .. . . ,., -' ' as ff' J ,- t f r1ItZ:airfffEz' 1 r L ' .l lit i f s rel? I JY: L,gf's,X.,,4,7.- ,V Q 4: ' V ,.. get V, . , , y I iiygys A , N '34, ,Ar-ti-,a ,i I' Mft gl yu A- Q , I 1 ' ti ' i 5. 5 Q y 2' r t..-'fag -A ' 'if' ' fa 1 P? 'c ' t'5 '4'f 'Silt W . ' ' ' t 5 f . L wi ' ' ' 'iffft le' 5 i Q . ' -1 tl. . it E , , . ' r ' i 1.5 . i . ' ,X i 1 ,I f 5 5 f . its 6 QUE , Now virtual reality comes in a - , g . ,gy ,ll November, Visa introduces a Ef't'Sl0faQe card that mgnilnates a pocketlul of loose ha ll chip in the plastic card Hgh Wh? amount of available 'mer tlch is accessed with a The H the place of purchase handy travel size with Nintendo's latest, Virtual Boy, a portable 3-D video-game system with stereophonic sound. f - , ,if ,gays W . sa - f u 1 .,, ty - -5- . Y. . New research shows that the meat-QHUHQ Tyrannosaurus rex did not loom upright,.but stalked along lower to the ground. The discovery is reflected in the reopened exhibits of the famed dinosaur halls of New York's American Nluseum of Natural History after three years ot redesign . -gf. 1 ua ' Ctr can be taken to th r . Ag 2 it e .V W T3 i ttllfsi 5' link and reloaded. 2 Z ,,,,, I J 3 'txt ts -t-,. c i .- W O 5 t .: , ...w .. ,K I, 's ign' to ft X t re, at M . nz., at 1 115' s . , , . 1, E eil ,ye : 'RJ l'A in the NEWS lready well known for her ppearances in Aerosmith music videos. 19-year-old Alicia Silverstone achieves stardom i.-.ith the 1995 summer movie ltll Clllc'lc'SS nf tw wi'-at Millions of Americans tune in to Martha Ste'.'.art's W show. subscribe to her magazine and read her books The popular cooking and home-decorating entrepreneur builds an empire b. packaging 3 jlSllllCll'.E American nostalgic sh'e Bill Gates. founder and chairman of the computer giant Microsoft. becomes the wealthiest man in the world on the success of his companys software His book The R030 Ahead hits The tllew lore Tlnves best-seller list J.L. Bulcao, GammalLiaison Bill Jordan, Charleston Post Courier from Sipa Press Hot actor Antonio Banderas fall S in love with another screen sex- symbol Melanie Griffith during the filming of hvo Much. Banderas will co-star with Madonna in the film version of :mira and :fill star in Sleiygn 3UtflWU-Droduced Zorro. Seventies superstar John Travolta's motion-picture comeback inthe 1994 hit Pulp Frctlon continues with starring roles in Get Shorty and Broken Arro W. ith Sl50,000 saved during her 75 hardworking years as a washervvoman, Oseola lVlcCarty establishes a scholarship fund for African- American students at the University of Southern Mississippi. For her self- lessness, she is awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal. amela Lee of f'Baywatch fame and husband' Tommy Lee, Motley Criie drummer, are the life of the party this year, frequently caught bythe press engaging in public displays of aftection. , Q-railblazer Shannon Faulkner lhand to headl . . f Qlvvithdravvs from the Citadel after collapsing afiduring hell week. Faulkner singlehandedly attempted to bust the gender barrier affhe all-male South Carolina military institution. sandra Bullock foIlowS UP 'lf' y star-making role in SP9?d A the gentle romance While if Were Sleeping- BU 0Ck,S wholesome image tg' Entertainero f 9 . ny .' nomination from Entertainme tr Weekly magazine. 'Ca is disappointed in its high hopes for Colin Powell's 1996 mmdential candidacy. At the close of his whirlwind book tour for preslrican Journey, the General and his wife Alma announce in mmierthat he will not seek the Republican nomination. Pete Souza, GammalLiaison Sitges Demi Moore becomes Hon Ighest paid woman in s12i'gN09d, able to command anemtnilllon per movie, even me Years flop at the box based 6 Scarlet Letten loosely 00 Hawthornes classic. World Favorite of Americas heartland for his You Might Be A Redneck lt.. jokes, Georgia-born stand-up comic and author Jeft Fokvvoflhy gets his own ABC sitcom in which he plays himself. AP!VVide World E55 0-year-old St. Louis schoolboy, any Champagne Ill becomes a by taking control of his school bus after the driver suffered a stroke. Champagne is later awarded a S10,000 scholarship by the bus company. -'T 925, J iyf ff Model Beckford Tyson, sintlled out by Ralph Lauren for his all- American looks, siQ0S an exclusive contract with the fashion designer In 1995- tand-up comic and sitcom star Ellen 0eGeneres makes the best-seller list with her book My Point...And I Do Have One. Sandra Johnson, Retna hristopher Reeve, in a wheelchair and hooked up to 'a portable respirator, appears with his wife, Dana, at the American Paralysis Associations annual gala on November 9, less than five months after a fall from a horse left him almost totally paralyzed. Miss Oklahoma Shawntel Smith is crowned Miss America on September 16. During the broadcast of the 75th pageant, viewers phone in their votes to retain the swimsuit competition. flash Calvin Klein's provocative CK Jeans campaign causes an uproar in August, bringing nasty headlines, threats of retailer boycotts and an FBI investigation. The scandal only seems to help sales. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley announce their divorce almost a year after their surprise marriage. The tabloids have a field day speculating about the reasons for the marriage twas it a cold- hearted career move?J as well as the causes for the break-up twas he after Elvis' tortune?i. Breaking the Surface, the autobiography of Greg Louganis, former U.S. 0lympic gold-medal diver who revealed earlier that he has AIDS, debuts at No. 2 on the best-seller list. Popcorn magnate Orville Redenhacher, who transformed popping corn into a gourmet item, dies on September 19 from heart failure. Two Chinese women set a new Guiness world record in November by living in a room for 12 days with 888 poisonous snakes. The previous world record, set in Singapore in 1987, was 10 days with 200 snakes. John F. Kennedy, Jr., is cofounder and editor-in-chief of George, a glossy new magazine covering American politics. Hounded all his life by the press, Kennedy joins their ranks, contributing a feature interview to each issue. Eflteflallllllem MK atrnan Forever, with Val Kilmer in the title role and Chris D'Donnell as Robin. hecnrnes the third Batman rriovie and the stirrtiiieis top- nrnfgfainrt lilrn After an unpromising start, Conan D'Brien quietly gains popularity as host ol NBC's Late Nightf' a slot pre-.fiotrsly titled bm Da-nd Letterman Lettermans current shox. on CBS slo'.'.l,i loses vie,-,ters 'Q,iirn.i Whitney Houston stars inthe December lilm release, Waiting to Exhale adapted from Term t.tct.1illan's best-selling novel about the lilies ot tour middle- class African-American .women Houston Qlli1'ISfF'E title gong fgr NTC' ' 7.15 iCli'T'1T'f1 . .'.i f'. af- rn .1 t . Denzel Washington, critically acclaimed for his performances in films Crimson Nde and Devil in a Blue Dress, receives highest praise from the City ot L03 AVlQeIes, which honors him with the tilartin Luther King, Jr., A.-.rard tor his philanthropic work 'iii 5195551 ot children, United Artists from Shooting Star f' i i Disney Pictures from Shooting Star Although ABC cancels her TV series My So-Called Lite, 17-year-old Claire Danes hits the big screen in How to Make an American Guilt, To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday, and Romeo and Julietvvith Leonardo DiCaprio as her co-star. l l i l X 4 l he fitth actor to play 007 in the enduring film series begun in the 1960s, Pierce Brosnan abandons his Aston lVlartin for a BIVIW Z3 Roadster in Goldeneye, the latest and, some say, best James Bond movie. hree 1995 movies bring Jane Austen classics to the silver screen: Clueless, based on Austen's novel Emma, and Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion. Cjlivsig 1 ym,,,,.Mfg Z J -.lm x,,,,.r xv . , ,ggi rf 'Ns A ,llt T7'f'?1ff ' riff B -it lin ' ' aj! .Zlll1'g,.A7mW isney Pictures continues its line ot animated blockbusters with the Native American legend Pocahontas. The picture previews in New York's Central Park to an outdoor audience ot 200,000 V 1 .. ,s lf. , , ln the suspense-thriller SEVEN' heartthrob Brad Pitt alfffflcls a wide male audience with his H performance as a detective 08 the trail ot a serial killer wl105en murders are based OH the SEV deadly sins. BC's hospital drama EB continues to draw iiioh ratings throughout 1995 thanks to its dramatic realism and the appeal of handsome GS0iQe Clooney lmiddle righti, Supermodel Cindy Cravvford's latest date. Disney Pictures from Shooting Star Jeff Katz, GammalLiaison TTTSE THE SECRET' T0 l-uxPPlNESS SS gg smvip 535-iNTEl2EST! gg Teil years after creating the Horror-fiction author Stephen li0lJular comic strip Calvin and King signs a deal with Signet Wines, cartoonist Bill books to release his upcoming atterson retiree in Deeember, story, The Green Mile, as a paperback series. Sam Jones, GammalLiaison Fox TV's The X Filesn stars David Duchovny as an FBI agem who investigates supernatural phenomena. The show beC0iii6S a surprise hit, giving millions of viewers reason to look forward to staying home on a Friday riitliii- T , , i, , G get if-H'-w' f To -Z- .ll Yi'-s?f? -if-i Efitffiq 4 H 2' 'QB-f :game- Disney Entertainment spends Si9 billion to purchase the ABF television network in luly. oy Story is the worlds first entirely computer-animated film. Released by Disney during the Christmas season, it features the voices of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and Don Ftickles. im Carrey earns S20 million for the starring .role in the comedy Ace Ventura: When ,Nature Calls, a sequel to the extraordinarily fpopular Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. he popular NBC TV series Friends returns fora second highly rated season. Its runaway success inspires less successful imitations by other networks. flash MTV introduces Singled Out, an over-the-top dating game show where contestants ask random, pointless questions of a crowd of suitors, sight unseen, until the zany answers have eliminated all but that one perfect love match. According to a Roper Youth Poll, the two hottest TV shows among teens this season are the daytime soap Days of Our Lives and the evening soap Melrose Place. The Jon Stewart Show, a late-night talk show aimed at Generation X, fails to catch on. During the final taping, host Stewart says, To all those people who said my show wouldn't last, I have only one thing to say. Good call. Devoted fans will not be denied another season of NBC's sitcom Seinfeld after all. Creator Jerry Seinfeld decides to keep his show about nothing , going for an . eighth season. Pacha. LGI APlWide World ocker Melissa Etheridge follows lop- selling Yes, lAm with her fifth album, Your Little Secret. 1 Qi i .nose sell-titled Ca .J af LE YJ G O v- aio-rrn and single I S , rf ',,.r .h, H ..,'o.'.'ri hit high onthe 3.'.ef:p1t e first 1 ,Ami rjg in , . , . , A rf, f WJ vi Zin I 'V 1 Beatlemania returns in 1995 with ABC's six-hour documentary The Beatles Anthology, the video releases of A Hard Days Night and Helplarid the album collection Anthology featuring Dreriouslf unreleased material lues Traveler emerge lrgni the underground scene to widespread popularity with llwr album Four and the single Run-Around. leveland-based rap group to the top of the charts with some old-fashioned harmoniziniz on the album E. 7999 Eternal oko Ono and Little Richard join a host of celebrities at the opening ofthe glitzyllock- and-Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland on September l. The chart-topping movie . soundtrack Darl99f0U5 'mfs features Coolio'sjl8PI?mee Gangsta's Para 159- number-one single of the ying, according to Billboard mall Bone Thugs-n-Harmony vault With the record-setting sales of H th S le movie soundtrack Kiss Froma ive dedicate their single Lightning Crashes to 1 victims ot the Oklahoma City bombing. The rock bands Thmwjng Copperalbum yields 1 three hitsinglesg Billboard Music Awards names them Bock Artist ofthe Year. lettrey Scales, LGI he Chicago.-based rock band Smashing Pumpkins release their epic double album M ll ' lm7nite Sadness to critical and publicitccclaghwe and me Mark Hauser, LGI Ronnie Wright, LGI Q .5 ormer Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl plays a new llz sound as guitarist and lead singer in the Foo kii flantas TLC is honored at the Fighters, an alternative rock band that enjoys three Efg5gteg,lf1Billboard Music Awards for singles oh' their selt-titled debut album in 1995. two ofthe year's biggest hits. Creep and Waterfalls both lead the Hot 100 singles charts for weeks. - L E UI on c: 33 O O .C U3 . .15 5 D r: O DZ 1 I lhard-luck story turns into tvernight success in the case of ranadian Shania Twain born in r to an Irish mother and Iggsllhlllay lndianltather. Twain's 1aVeYl S include Whose Bed .An Mftur Boots Been Under?,'i .ungto rvg Mine and the time lbw Tr. .r1T.llQn.T??l'.'1Q L Seals hit 011 the Batman Forever Success doesn't me ow e ty ,, . ' er ot alternative rock band Green Rlosigtf igeogfrfgigepiggg the Day, who release their anxiously 9 ESV , ' H-med album to me awaited fourth album lnsomniac, amst S Se their fastest and darkest album to date. double-platinum mark. .I his album Fresh Horses, only three musical acts in U.S. history outsell country music icon Garth Brooks: the Beatles, the Eagles, and Billy Joel. ariah Carey's Daydream sells over 5 million copies. taking number-one spot on the Billboard album chart. Carey performs with Boyz ll Men on the hit single One Sweet Day. flash Ft.E.M.'s summer tour is interrupted by medical emergencies tor three ol the hand's tour memtJers.iThe tour, their tirst in tive years, is eventually completed with all members in good health. ln October, David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails wrap up the U.S. portion ot Bowie's world tour. At each show, Bowie and Trent Fleznor's band play a set together. ln December, Bowie tours Europe with Morrissey as his opening act. The Fted Hot Chili Peppers tone down their trademark bawdiness in their newest album, Une Hat Minute. Selena, the 23-year-old Tejano music queen, is gunned down in Corpus Christi in March 1995 by Yolanda Saldivar, former president of her tan club. The July release of a collection of Selena's hits, Dreaming of You, sees some of the fastest sales in music history. n L its ll Ulla!! Z Hitittcll he New Jersey Devils win the National Hockey League's Stanley Cup, beating the heavily favored Detroit Red Wings in tour straight games. Clark C.1rnnliell,Sin.iPres n Super Bowl XXX, the heavily favored Dallas Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17, Dallas cornerback Larry Brown ices the game for the Cowboys with -5 the second ot his two interceptions, and is named MVP for his heroics. , se LDXL J..1.,. ,.. it T ?DW'fJne-year-old tennis CDHVDO Monica Seles, returning ?.,.1 - tor I 'G 1 fflliflelltlve play txvn years lf . r Hx , xt , p 'ff -fill-fi 'ilflfilrifi fit d , . ,, ' 'J'ff5 tVl,' .JIDS 7 F 7 'riri Cliff! Y-v AM.. 7 L, , 3 ..,. X Ez' ,,, .... ,..--' . -ig r X L :' O O 19 5 N77 0 :xO O EO O f .,fX'l'-XQKX X A' Xia .fd ' -- --V , .x' -, 1, ,n 5-Q,,,..x 1 E Q The most controversial moves are off the tield this season as the Cleveland Browns NFL franchise announces its move to Baltimore and the Houston Oilers announre their move to Nashville. n May 1995, Peter Blake's Team New Zealand in Black Magic 1 defeats Dennis Conner's team in Young America in the first 5-0 sweep in the 144-year history ol the America's Cup. 'A i I ls Hall-of-Famer Mickey Mantle. L1 switch-hitter and one of the Of sluggers in baseball hrstofllt mfs of cancer on August 15. Mant Er hit 536 home runs in hlS1f3'Vea career and compiled 3 mme batting average of .298. helAtlanta Braves edge the Cleveland Indians 1-0 in game six to vvin the World Series on October 28. Closing pitcher Mark Wohlers leaps for lov- Ftic Stewart, Allsport ' i IF' it -I B. .., e National Basketball Association fines the Chicago , r t.BUC1lS3525,000 when Michael Jordan wears his previously 4 ' Q91 e ire number 23 jersey for luck during championship . playoffs against the Orlando Magic in May 1995. We if., f Vincent Laforet, GammalLiaison n September, Baltimore Orioles shortstop Cal Ripkin, Jr., achieves a record-setting 2,131 consecutive games. rs 41 f. erman tennis star Steffi Graf, who won three of five Grand Slam titles in 1995, ends the professional tennis season ranked number one in the world. National Basketball Association referees strike against the league for much ofthe autumn. Fill-in officials spark complaints of substandard refereeing. Q , . f x Q, , i -Q 5 ,A : -.,,A- Q .1 f Former L.A. Lakers point guard Earvin Magic Johnson announces a return to basketball in January 1996. Johnson retired in 1991 when he discovered he was HIV positive. it The Northwestern University Wildcats-long a gridiron laughingstock-pile up ten victories in 1995 and go to the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1949. In his first fight in tour years, former world heavyweight champ Mike Tyson disposes ol challenger Peter McNeeIey in 89 seconds. Tyson, who in March finished a three-year iail term for a rape conviction, earns 325 million for the August boxing match. Pete Sampras, winner of the 1995 men's singles championships at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open, ends the professional tennis season with a number-one world ranking. Master of the sinking fastball and still learning to speak English, L.A. Dodgers pitcher Hideo Nomo, formerly with A the Kintetsu Buffaloes in Japan, is named Rookie of X the Year. Nomo is the i Betsy King wins her 30th 1 ' I r fl g I .. 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Cafe, Planet Hollywood, Harley- . Davidson Cafe, and London's sf I Cyberia Cafe where patrons sip coffee and su x 'Q ,hsvif sf 22 F T . EEST. Young people continue to followtile wide-leg jeans trend, forsaliirlg tigllt he most recent fad in purses I Q' f takes the form of small ' um . , JGHHS 0r2ll00Se baggytit. backpacks. 9 A s '. Q 6 Q at esiQner water 9 g X.. 164 1 spreads to the Q L A A g , , f f pet world. Doting , , ' ' . thx., get pet owners buy flrstln J' Q .W ff . ty? tuna-flavored the long, 1, A l, all bottled waterfor DODUIHV UISTOVV Of 'i N - if Fluffy and beef- flavored bottled water for Spot. lVl8ilVl's candies: a new blue , I lVl8.lVl joins the colorful candy- . , X ll coated mix. X' AlllUl l jr ll' ' The tattoo craze leads to some regret l but recent laser developments keep people from being marked for life. 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N 1: lnoliflla vt issafgw Philippines 5 fi' CBI hsmallii CFUISG ANCH 1995-96 USS Anchorage LDS-36 WEST PAC 95 - 96 OKINAWA, JAPAN - - - DEC. 95 SINGAPORE-----H nec. 95 JEBELALI, U.A.E. - - - - DEC. 95 JAN. 96 KUWAIT'-H-H ---FEB.96 BAHARAIN ' - - - ' - ' - ' FEB. 96 DUBAI, U.A.E. - 0 - - - - MAR. 96 MUSCAT, OMAN - - - - MAR. 96 KUALA LAMPUR, MALASIA - - APR. 96 MANILLA, PHILLIPINES - - ' APR. 96 HONG KONG - - - - - - - APR. 96 PEARL HARBOR - - - - MAY 96

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