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'13 V 5' l E: K E PQ sf.. ef" ' -51 5 .e., -,- X Sig A ,..:f-6, e , 3 N 1. W: ,, - - V4 A -, J +- L,-' , vain 4- ..,f ,:.:' -v 1 U. N- A -ii , '-. .V , A A x. , J.-4: ., :"iff 3:22 ' ...i,.- EEZ: ' ' 1 -1.-SE' 5? L. V :.,.,:e"rff.- 'f ,. ,. , gr ily.-,,,a1., ,g,..l A V . ' f ffvrru,-' .rs M -1, .--., '- .',4wf:gbx3.., 531522 -3+ 'T- - gf, -- - -4'-u fp- ,Q I Q -E ,ll alaixbfr e2.iia1a?i5.iAsfL 4 -fx 1 : HC -B Q X ky .I N X X, ff' 77 jogsfgzz Qqgain V Vmf' ,,Lg1L., Amo ' JAELTAL, Vg f I-ff pawn mb 5r 1 ' 0:02 57 OFF ' Cz2AF1wc5 D ' ' li ' mm V VV N , V I, ilk V V' ,' u -IDKOAJ D405 nr U-W? 5" BOM' L RCW Lic if Lf:-C L- A , w, 1-:Rm , 1 Pe. so-wa. zquuok gs QQRSNGTR- P Au I 1 ima: M4 AM . wr- 0. O, 5 sw 5 mst BAND i H mm CHOQAL DU 1 P RB p 4 J Q - M CMVA 5 . E104 A4425 MIN' qYlA 1 GYM O 5PQ2F3C.H I h l h l q Tj- go'-ff QTAGE. fAiNi I 6 5 V 'mf:ATP.E F AME, + camvr - 5 A ' adrian "c-..oo' " LL., w wf w K... Ql , vm s A A IHHM A M ,, f , 5 l ' ' f Q54 Aajggh I A152 Aw ADM A 2 ANQL-mom BAY me F . 5 i i LH7 SU--ST. f""""'l Huw l STQDIE,-5 5oc,:mN 9 bum 'I NWT iC.s.JjTB.K. Q F , aw., My DFP? Cid? ,-.....Y. V I OMMOND r 1 Q5 'Off U09 CMO 510, N515 1AATFr Mm 'mUN 3 761:12-L-5 5 we UH .....L....J... ................- MATH ffm-5 CID4 UQ5 f'------ bw msg Cw,5gmm W we win 5 - J .,., ,- 254 5 'R 4 U' C111 suv 4-'CD 5 91 MATH fff' ill ,, ' - C..l.UjTE,RQL Tv A sr A PM wigaven Ami mm ' ww AHS Au! QPF , I4 yM m c Q A----1 J Hwfrpw 3 Pwr- ,-5 Am 5 , Sf: C G i ggi 1 5 V Sh'-0 Sfdk .4 5 rgnuw -H ' emi Mm ,2MR,c MQ ' .COMIC .4 i I wWlflfFfI" L s 5. L Q, g.. . I . . K-,w:21.:. ...V x ca4cM . ...- MECM aim LRZCQ 51'Zf I Bm A V V 5 ' , - ............,...-.. llp llw W- gm- lEUmBU I t:g Bmaizi .5-1-an-sin mm illllQ f..f,gy171y1y,r v ,wg .fygge-.,-X1 12. 1 ,g,'f,..,A,w gp vpn 1 ' 4 " 4 ', ' , 11' -,131-'H -ww-.1..' J, A A 1 1 I 1 L 1 J -ij, ' gi 1 ,M 1 ff. v. V 1 1 1 1 I , 1 1 I P 1 1 .- , Qi , k .17 ' 1 " 11 1 1 ' ' ' 1 H1 1 K 1 1 1.'1 i L .wk I ,-.IVA , A .- M1 1 15-. - ! , 1 kv' 1 1 . - '1 RT W q . 1 1 Y 1 1 E 1 va 3' A, ' 1 5 X 1 1 Y ' 1' ,110 1 ,1 1 f' A A 'V " '.'3i J '1 8 A n 060, Togefher Again Your friends say fhey'll keep in fouclv, buf you lcnow fhey won 'f. Your feachers say you should come back fo see fhem, and you lrnow you won 'f. Maybe someday if won 'f maffer, buf righf now, if hurfs a lfffle. C 'U -9 -C .975 I2 if go 0.2 fi Cm 'fx GJ Z Pre-School Lunch Posf-School The Year In Review Senior Flash Baclc School Board Foreign Exchange Junior Picfures Freshman Picfures Adminisfrafion Score Box Club Shofs Junior Index Freshman Index Closing Here's Where 'ro Find I+ El! E M M H Informal Divider Morning Affernoon Senior Flashbaclr Social Formal Divider School Help Senior Picfures Sophomore Picfures Faculfy Sporfs Group Shofs Awards Nighf Senior Index Sophomore Index Pa frons and Alumni INFQRMAL V. ....,,, Mn, ml T' 4 fy -V Q ,, ,mm 1 73W nl, V -. I ,,"'Wn, 'xl' DRS. WIEUNGA AND MAKS D.D.S., P.C. 51 160 Washington New Baltimore, M1 725-9821 4 1 Pre School BRUNO B. WISNEY OPTOMETRIST 51021 Washington New Baltimore, Ml 725-731 1 1 E 1 Too much resf " ifself becomes a pain Homer, Odyssey The sun rises over beautiful lake St. Clair. The school day begins, as students get on the bus, or in a car and head for the school. They are dropped off at the school and are walking into another day. Compliments of FRAN'S CERAMICS STUDIO 81 SUPPLIES Mallard Drive New Baltimore 949-1599 RUB-A-DUB LAUNDRY-DRY CLEANING-CAR WASH 35350 23 Mile Road New Baltimore, Ml Pre School f 5 L 6 I Preschool kv' 'J 45 ,f f"""A1fiu4-,W - ' , 1- M" ' ' V ini, 1 Lf K' - , ' ,, Y K Ax ,L W K. rv- w- ,, , V -gn , -+ . ,. 1. 11, , . y ,, ' . ,.r.. X . f 5, - ' , , 4 A . '1U53f rif f' A 'cfwlgi A5-"'f"5'tA.,,,'VQ , Graduation and Wedding Announcements by STUART BROWN COMPANY 36355 Main, New Balt. 725-0180 'hz-',1i,Qqfe:':?2f 4ew" e A1 ' 'I was 'H-f' -e- Q5 1 L .- 'Amr L 2' Our nation consisfs in mofionf complefe resf is death Pascal, Penies La if Then some of the students go to their lockers, Sue McCormick like other students go to class. After the first bell rings at 7:40 and it gives you five ,ig minutes to get to class and rings again at 7:45. - I Xxtt "'l . xv I 0, f ll 2 ' r N sf 1 I I O Q C 'N . O O . KN ' . . STRIEBER PHARMACY 51006 Washington New Baltimore, Ml 725.4642 says Congratulations Seniors Preschool I 7 - ' ' The Freshmen are I0 Z", fesfed on achievemem' v g , , 33 Every year the freshmen have to go through a series of tests of achievement. Not many people enjoy or even like them but everyone goes through it, MELDRUM BROS. NURSERY AND THE CHICKEN COOP 23 Mile and I-94 New Balt., Mich. 48047 949-9220 The Nautical Shoppe is now open Nr' s. ., ,V , ' A ' - . !.,2 . I 4 di, i- pf, , ,7 4,23 ' ' , ' v , ,jf F s , . lik hm 1 A. , , , , . s " ' CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '78 From SPORTSMENS BARBER SHOP 50185 N. Gratiot 949-9803 From birthday cards, albums to jewelry and T shirts, they sell a little bit of everything. lt's open during 3rd and 4th hour, but next year it will be open 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th hour. The coordinator is Mr. Robinet, he teaches merchandising which is required for 1 year and his approval to be able to work in the shoppe. Patty Leroy is the bookkeeper and generally keeps things running smooth. L Morning I 9 Healfh Uccupafions is a two semester course for boys and girls who are interested in a health career. The course offers a fundamental understanding ot basic anatomy and its relationship to health. The student learns basic skills such as taking vital signs, first aide, CPR, office skills, personal care of patients and aseptic technique CU- Y' Momma Congratulations to the Class of 78 for 12 years of high school from the MICHIGAN Fri! I V Robin Cosmetology - the Study of Beauty 'Ss ,E EDUCATION ASSOCIATION QMEAJ from the Anchor Bay School District f Cosmetology is one of many vocational courses offered to students at Anchor Bay High School. Students travel to lVlr. Clemens to study hairstyling and how to use cosmetics. There are many exciting careers offered through this vocational program. Students are licensed beauticians when they complete the program. ! "x A' x gb' i ,, ,X E , U V Eschenburg, Flobln Homier, L ti Hull J I as Morning ! I I Air Force Band Lands af Anchor Bay The Air Force band dropped in to put on a show for Anchor Bay students. The performance was held in the gym. The group played most of the year's top hits and a few of the more popular 50's and 60's songs. They were highlighted by a very good looking female vocalist. The students were really enthused about the band. The show was a big success. Q K l I2 Mom-ng Good Luck to the Class of 78 from ECONO CARPET, 1 151075 Washington New Baltimore, IVll 48047 ff gvix A. .. I 'HF lj 0 x J n , 0 i. 4 4482 m Q . .t O . 8,5- X. ,1 . xx . lg V, 5 'M l-Q ii7 ""-5 gfsr' ,G uf- . I . gf?f?Z6v . ' 'Zflit: ",gf " X if ' . -,ygyyft , - J: ,. Q '- 5rf.. ff!,Vf!T 'n ,'f faux, Avy r A f , if V xxj NTL' ,I 'VX a-Ax Vocational Child Care is a course designed to train stu- dents tor future employment in various child care centers. The students learn what young chil- dren are really like by working and playing with them two times a week for two hours a day. They will become knowledgeable about children and will learn more about themselves. Ms. Martz helps to get the puzzle together. C53 Kellie Dietz gives a little push 133. Get me out, she says to Pam Lee 449. Ms. Overhaul- ser is the child care instructorg she is teaching the proper way to put lin- coln logs together. C63 ff' ,A H f Merril'-s Congratulations from B J 81 COMPANY 46924 Just North of 21 Mile Rd Mt Clemens 949 9483 ,J -wif V l y fl "'?'- LEONG'S RESTAURANT 30546, East 23 Mile Rd. 949-3443 or 949-9781 tgt 1 1 ,J 4 2 You're in Good Hands VWH1 Nurses Aide Nurses Aide is a class beneficial to the students not only now but in future years. If they further their education in a medical field the course is much easier to understand, the terms and procedures learned are helpful to them. lf they choose not to further their education they can also use much of the information in everyday life. Whether in homemaking, home nursing, first aide or saving a person's life. Iva Gaedcke, Sandy Beauvais, Elaine Dalton, and Teri Cook transport Pam Meek by stretcher C1 J. Gayle O'Donnell, and Pam Holt watch as Molly Christiansen is wheeled off in a chair. 123. Kelly Wolshon, Esther Flasher and Lisa Mikolowski take vital signs of Mrs. Chase and baby Chase. C31 Paula Wiley takes Mrs. Baur's blood pressure. 145. Mrs. Rose teaches Nurses Aide 159. Morning I I5 "lf I Were a Carpenter Wood Shop is a two semester course taken by sophomores to sen- iors. A wide variety of tools and equip- ment are used in the preparation of the projects. Jerry Martin and Leroy Mikolowski sort out drill bits CU. Your wood must be silky smooth so the electric sander is used as the easiest method C21 Mike Sokalski and Frank Hamilton work with the drill 133. Ron Cuto is using the router on his project 141. Mr. Glassford watches and gives his approval CSJ. u 'W A 1' io f Morning ANCHOR BAY BEACON 51170 Washington New Baltimore Michigan 48047 725-4531 'yr K! G I 9 We Can Solve Your Mechanical Problems Small Engine Repair is a class designed to skill students in repair of outboard, motorcycle, lawn mower and other small engines. 8O'Mn ofthe class time is spent with hands-on work with small engines, with some lectures and demonstrations. Students must provide their own engines to work on. Auto Mechanics is a program designed to provide students with job entry skills in the auto mechanics field. It is a 3 year program that a student will start as a sophomore. The student will be able to use the experience gained in school to obtain a good paying, interesting job in the auto mechanics field. The FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN of OAKLAND would like to say Congratulations to the Senior Class. The Yearbook Staff would like to congratulate the Seniors of the Class of 1978 GOOD LUCK!!! fi' 5 M obm f. eteyer, Wend orner Q ' X , .. 'Y f , P I ' Q'-' I 13 , ., Y '0l'H'-- . Q ,av , ""l'l'd' Y, 'K W 5: Wx uf . .x, Q Q Q 'I ,X 3 .- 9 I I Y - X.4"gf fy. 5 g 5 R55 .H A 4 A 1-,nf 125 fx. ., H,-,-f-3.-':,: . - "' V T ,P 5 K ,V .. , .K , w.,1m,x,s1 X xffgif' H 9 f1?f:imgfig:s:faX.: Snlvua Howard k Wisney and Michelle if Trent Tehr ...nal ,Ai Wm, W 'S l t 1, W ,A V, Q . A ' " -.v an A . .wx SIP " K, N .env it HRK? 'Q 1 'fl Robin Scott -1 -lf an Humprey CITlZEN'S STATE BANK 32900 23 Mile Rd. 725-2294 New Baltimore, Michigan 48047 Bev M orning X my Although the lunch roorn hasn't quite calmed down, we find the kids still eating. Anchor Bay tar bugers are best, ftop-lefty at least to some ofthe braver souls. Mrs. Krantz ftoprightj keeps the line moving while Kelly Pagels fbottom-lefty just enjoys. But some think the bakery is a better idea on special occasions fbottom- rightj. L Q' fir 3 , L 1 I 20 l ! 'Y N Welcome fo Uur Nighfmare ig. .5-.211 ,.,.i.u- - f 5. ' K "This is my favorite restaurant, besides Mac's of course," says Rick Stevens. Qtop- Ieftj Yes, the food certainly does get eaten, but the milk seems to go the quickest. ftop-rightj Without the help of Mrs. Rivard and Mrs. Ward Qbottom-lefty Robbie Floyd Qbottom-rightj wouldn't be getting his lunch. Maybe soon we won't have to always eat inside and the nightmare won't be a nightmare anymore. 21 he AFTERNOON: t ' -1 f 'i Y E ff. If 22 Afternoon Congratulations to the Class of 78 From the INSURANCE CENTER 51026 Washington, New Baltimore A Time fo Relax? 2 4-Y QQX 2.56 THE NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY would Like to say Congratulations to the graduated Seniors Anemoon 1 23 is one of Anchor Bay's many vocational classes. It offers students the chance to actually build a full sized house. The electrical wiring and plumbing is all done by the students. Jeff Grambow C1 J works on the wiring while Dan l-lamiel C23 finishes the outside. At the bottom is the almost finished product 135. After the house is complete, it is sold to the highest bidder. NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE takes this opportunity to congratulate the graduating class H - v-are Q I it 1' L I Food Management' Another two hour vocational course offered at Anchor Bay. Learning to make a full course, well bal- anced meal isn't all that easy. Students learn every- thing from Apple pie to Zucchini. Patti Halt and Therese Marcero don't look too enthused at this job. Patti tries to take charge but Denise LaMar has her own ideas on pie making. Louise Combs shreds away. via ,.f-f1r"'?'5f Tifia- Go Ahead Show Off a Little With Your Class Ring From BALFOUR RING COMPANY Dan W. Burgess 'fa 'YW V N Q Mr. Perkins 5 "fi :Sl i - - K . 'S YE: . . QQ Q X in . - H X Q L ,5fg,.,.' R, ' E 3 Q . , 1' . C O '-'W A Prelude fo Homecoming xg, The homecoming assembly was certainly a success. Mark Holman ftop-leftj plans his attack for the pie eating contest. Janene Pollard gets some help eating her pie but Tracey Mitchell fbottom-Ieftj wins without any help at all, while the crowd fbottom-right! goes wild! :vm "zur--W W - --W ,.tt.t..t.,.,..,.t..,......,.. ., .,,,N, K my W 27 Pep Up for Baslrefball Seniors get involved in a spirited new cheer, "We are Anchor Bay." Qtopj Varsity players fmiddle- left! wait nervously to be recognized while the J.V. team stands. 1bot1omJToo excited to stay on her feet, Linda Humphrey fmiddle- rightj decides the floor is a safe place to stay. ar 9, 4 1- - -wi K ' ef?-3' W ,rs + X.. 11 M .-f. Rudolf l Hve Red-Nosed Reindeer l Yxl 'N The student council's version of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer Qbottom-rlghtj was fantastic, especially the good-looking reindeer. ftop-lefty Rudolf Qtop-rightj had some problems but all seemed to turn out well. They captured the attention of the audience including Tammy Floyd fbottom-lefty. Anchor Bay Prison - if' ... .L ,,. Ava Burden .fgizj Congratulations Class of 78 from FASHION HARBOR 81 LOOKING GOOD on 23 Mile Phone 725-7577. so Afternoon PETTICOATS PLUS congratulates the class of 78 for 13 years of hard work. Phone 725-9010. ,il 9 DJ PAROLE 2: I5 The work doesn't stop after 2:15 in Anchor Bay High. Many teams practice and club meet- ings are held after school. In the fall, uncertain of their con- tracts, the staff unified as shown, by leaving the building together at 2:30 each day. Pracfice Makes ? u i--Ll 32 Post School ecf re Mel: 9 lracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticeparticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepractice practice Yearbook photographer advisor, Mr. Abell gives good advice on pic- tures for the '78 Anchor. While other yearbook staff members discuss the color of this year's book. Student Council holds another use- less meeting to decide the "changes?" that should be made in the school. 34 X Poll School practicepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticeparticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepractice practicepracticepracti Who ever said band people need a lot of wind? Laura Cichecki and Anette Debano playing the clarinets, Mike Hayes, Jim Keiling and Ron Abbey playing the trumpets, Paul VanAssche and Rick Williams on trombones, Brad Stratichuck and Randy Sliva on the french horns. Below: Matt Sliva practices on his marching drums. Mrs. Appleman supervises work for the foreign festival. Kim Beaudin helps out while Sue Smith and Wendy Johnson rehearse their lines for the play. , ii, ' Post School X 35 act:cepracticepracticepracticepracticeparticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticep Anchor Bay wrestlers always warm-up before their work out. Phil Neal doesn't let anyone get in his way, Randy Price Con his shoulderj finds this out the hard way. Pat McCarthy practices his winning smile for competi- tion. 36 f Post School mracticepracticepracticepartscepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepractice practicepracticepracticepracticepracticepractice Looking tired but still active the seniors basketball team practices with or without shirts. Carole Burkhardt and Michelle Moore reach for the ceiling, while Merrit Balfour and Vivian Abbey get ready for the tap. Kathy Gregory brings the ball down court only to be stopped by Michelle Balfour. Lynn Miller fin backb watches hopefully. Post School X 37 acticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticeparticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepractice practicep i .Q V. 1, ...O qgnv-ge-vvvf' -i -vi gi T73 s f I Always problems! Chuck Kay, Ian Waite, and Dave Ramalas struggle to get a tire changed while Diane Fiickel 'cheers them on.' Terry Baumgarten tries to get his car going too, bet he looks he's in worse shape. Mr. Cross and Mr. Vincent compare future drivers. 38 X Post School practicepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticeparticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepractice practiceparticepractice Q.,- Valerie Scott poses perfectly still while Mr. Abell finishes her make-up for a P.A.C. presentation. Amy Rice gets the powder treatment by one of AbelI's famous make-up persons. "'+N 4. 'W R Q Post School f 39 cticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticeparticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepractice practicepr Post school is a time for just about anything. Stacy Dres- chel works faithfully on local blackboards. June Beauvais gets a free ride down the hall. More make-up artists, Bev St. John and Robbin Zanger have no problems with their faces. - I 40 I Post School acticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticeparticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticepracticel Guy Kaminski studies the light board for future performances, while Chris Rice just relaxes and takes it easy after school like everyone should. Post School X 41 1 Seniors Gel Zapped Wifh Freshman Flashbaclrs Jan Wrightner, Rae Ann Kothe, Cathy Beattie. -WA W 'mi Bart Bauer Duffy Ross ii STUDENT COUNCIL Jan Wrightner, Vicki Sutton, Mark Wisney, Lori Stak. BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: Jerry Steiner, Joe Kinter, Rick Van Overbeke, Jim McPherson, Dave Smith. Middle Row: Bill Burkhardt, Gary Hildebrand, Chris Grajek, Doug Greens- late, Jim Hodson, Chris Barrund. Front Row: Tim Ryan, Matt Sliva, Aniello Aprea, Cameron Karry, Jerry Gilmer, Coach Wojcik. .............--,e,,. '21 131 Colleen Sakuta Kathy Schneider The Class of '78 as Sophomores Larry Gast and Miss Corder Rene Eschenburg 'Q' . -l 'T' ' -1-if Denise Stephens J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: Bill Burkhart, Gary Hildebrand, Rick VanOverbeck, Doug Greenslate, Coach Perkins. Middle Row: Ron Abbey, Chris Grajeck, Tim Ryan, Jim Hodson, Mike Yonka. Front Row: Bill Thomas, Duffy Ross, Dave Mikulski, Aniello Aprea, Cameron Karry, Jerry Gilmer. if 'aft LW ' " 'fax gxfnf ' STUDENT COUNCIL lan Waite Brian Parenteau and Jim Hodson. Dawn Maxwell, Chris Grajek, Bill Christie, Jim Hodson, Lori Stak. Sitting: Jan Wrightner. Turn t '78 as seniors. ,il-gy J, 44 1 Flashback Seniors as Juniors o page 90 to see the class of 1977 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: Ma'rk Psuik, Tim Ryan, IVlat1 Sllva, Bill Burkhardt, Kevin Alred, Gary Hil- debrand, Doug Greenslate, Jim Hodson. Front Row: Chris Sliva, Jeff Baumgart, Paul Hartner. YA, 'X fm-s.f"NF'X .kwa t N X X5 , ff .. S T3 5. . A A - A .W ff if E ff-of gk . l V: I lhin A 1-fi g ' Q Gil-.L " C l Bill Christie Kevin Lathum Jan Wrightner --.Q 8, at X 4 i 1 Q. . IQ V.. . 9' ' 5 l' K , V s Q -f .. ilfi A X -ff""' . - 1 'I - A 0 if G y 4. vw' Cindy Offenbacher Jim Barry Kari Dunlap iffy, M !"u KV il' who 5,5 rk. at we Art 5 . Q book. I! 3 FD us Z O -1- -1- O W fb 3' w HQ O -1- -I- CD 3 6 X1 Nl NVD ear dh 6 5 f '17 WINNER of ACADEMY AWARDS BEST PICTURE BEST Acmsss Qig-sffi BEST DIRECTOR BEST SCREENPLAY I I 1' 6 0 ol u H6 2211 lie ,oi N lA'.f1?' AQENAM ,962 OBO...-ww 'n'x lf'-asm. I f F .Whig .ri-Nfl Ae 1, 5 . F -D '71 f ,qdneieugtf m g .1 w,.,.. -w t ,4 - ,s ,E n M TN yn 51811 '3j:l M' r9ff'f"fl JI if L 'K l -. H a 1 3 I ,I . H i lag,-M. I -L 1978 on the whole was an interesting year. This year, with laced up shoes laced down, stick pins gleaming and double pierced ears becoming more popular than ever, khacki, sparkly, and silky were all shimmering in the nearest disco. Boxer style shorts and fashionable hats were also in style. Yes, this is the year spiked heels returned. A little higher now and most likely electroplated. Disco mania was the biggest fad of the year. If you weren't listening or dancing to disco music you were watching it in the nearest cinema. We were struck with the tragic plane crash of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and members of other groups, Chicago and Blood, Sweat and Tears also met with untimely deaths. ln the news, aside from usual soaring prices, economically 1978 wasn't so bad. The long coal strike was a great threat to us because we were freezing, but not as much as those south of us. Michigan recorded its worst blizzard ever. Last year the western states were struck with a serious drought, while this year they recorded record breaking floods. The Panama canal treaty posed the most controversial political issue, it was signed. One positive addition to A.B.H.S. was the Nautical Shoppe. An addition which was a great disturbance to many students was a cyclone fence with barbed wire at the top that surrounds the school grounds, to prevent vandalism. New Baltimore businesses are booming, but unfortunately two were burning, Kandlers and the Blue Whale. Next year will bring many new staff members, new fads, and new friends. We hope 1978 was a good year for you. 4 Cap 3's Company Love Boat Fantasy Island 8 is Enough Jaws ll Omen II As You Like H naw- .. lo! i AB Social E .s-...N ll Richard the Ill and As You Like It are the two plays that the Anchor Bay High School students saw this year. Mrs. Bandelean has taken students to the Stratford Festival since 1968. This theatre is the best in North America, and has profes- sional actors and actresses Maggie Smith and Brian Bedford. LiHle Ones Get Good Advice? The Varsity Baseball players helped out the Little League Baseball Players in the High School gymnasium. The players offered about a week of their time to give good advice! Jerry Dekker CU, Jim Flickel 135, Chuck Kay C41 Jerry Gilmer and Doug Greerislate C23 were some of the helpers. ,-, 'Ji . .Air "iw r K Q'- M it ' LQQQ .l 5,1 9 50 f Social Who Needs Caddies? M 'K' 0, N W . WW-so I U The Golf Team I Q ici 5, A . Y' Ak A f, -.,. i .F ' QQX . -H . ' t , , . , 5 , . ' 5 .tx , L V s . 1 A . . hx ' A , 1 , 'Q tx, ' T' i ,' ,' --,T What can be said about a team which holds 7 out of 9 possible team records which d te back 6 years! The only thing that can be said is that this team is the best team in the history of Anchor Bay. It even looks better next year because there will not be any players lost because of graduation. Tracy Mitchell CZD with a little improvement could be a candidate for All-State next year. He became All- Conterence and All Macomb Area this year. Gut of 5 possible individual records Tracy holds three of them. This makes Tracy an easy choice to be MVP for this year and possibly the best golfer in Anchor Bay history as a Junior! Jerry Decker QU is blasting his way out of a sand trap. While Dave Vandeputte C33 is waiting to teeeoff. kv ,mr gvaifdx-+ .'wuf'T"-'f "5 7 M f . " . M- r 51' A A V I' kr 'r" igE'2l lj, ' ' '- :ff . 2 1 ,.:v,,luk x 5 . O big- A , , ' , 1 . .4 ' """""""'4 K- ' 'f .Q K ' A , xx ' . . K ,i 4 4 . Q A W I' N.- . s - ' 1 ' A - .- i , .L-41" K ' ' - . L ' , ' x 0- if 1 - I . - ' 1 - Y k , A H S I - 5 Y .,, . ' ' . :Q 44 an in . 1-10- Q g 4 5-345' 5,,g',::X. Lgvyy- Z-wx.: Q 13 Zikvev - Lu v 4 4' ' -- an ' . 5, 355' ,ix-5 .- K .Efw C . ,,. , -.fn - lp 'gas ". V'-g,'.+i ,fy ,, .fb -1 5 ,Y ' A - 4 .Q k Q Y' yr ' j ' Q 5 ' 4' on 5, ...Q AA .E r - .. 1 ,fs-N '4 r , I, 'X Q ff ruff' . P ,Q-1 , e 'A Q: K ,.,H,g:9gXv-T, 1 A: L, "M Af Q? 15. 'r .I . V ":'. Y' 3 ' '-QQ X , 'Qu g r ' I . M A xdbl - 'fl' ' . Q, , " ' 1 Q f . i., P ' x , A ll - 5 v Fx? r ,xx - .y,, l A. ! f iff. ' 4a A. -. '. f .,, , :fm x4 1 .gr , -fi ' Aff PS -SX .'?3 .3 Q, 'rw T. -f". M L Kg. A -YJ -, 2... - - ,, - 4 - ' ' -,tx " 9 '-U v 1 as 4 -W of' , . - gg 'Xadf' 'U-O H.. 'A ,' " ' 1 ,,, nw- f mg 'mb . :'-'- Ng , ,, '1 I n' 'M - , A H. ' A - y.. Hr ,-r.,,,,'w ws. 'am 1,g,.f . g - v ,. . 'Q- - Q ,- ww. ,- -f v 'V ..- ' J " r' 1, ' '. . " ' -S ,- --,f ,. ' ' 41 -N., .. .,. , 'ffl Q' I 1 t Chrisfmas Around fhe World F, i lg., if vi! l 11 1 Social -.f4- QQ 2 l .. , , M What goes on around the world at Christmas time? Well, the Spanish and French classes showed the parents of the students. The 2nd year Spanish class acted out a walk that the people of Spain do. They had a nativity scene 11 J and a Pinata 123. The French class sang French Christmas songs 133. Matt Hare played Tiny Tim in "Oliver Twist" 145. They ended their show with a sing-a-long. 1: 1 SI ii 5+ if i yn f'ulF5nw4.' Q ,, 'S 'L.. an -,K -1' N .: fx '14 32,g,,31'2,.w:gif.ig+.,ib4- . -v wgi, 3 X ,f ,fx sg, K 99 it at . ff J. .M 5. . U ff ., W 'Y H " Mlm .W N 5 'nal pu- C gi 1 3 Freshmen Are Elecfed fhe Ugliesf Class Nt 4X 9 3 54 Social Leslie Pesta and Mike Turri C23 of the freshman class raised lots ol pennies for their class treasury and since they received the most votes Cpenniesj they received the title of "Mr, and Mrs. Ugly." At the Ugly dance sponsored by the art club, Mr. Kuchaski Cljannounced Mr. and Mrs. Ugly. Torn Lonnroth C23 dances to the music of Bad Ax. Guys and Gals Hifched af Sadie ,Sf .IQS 1. Mary Westermann, Carol Klonowski and Janine Tolman dance to the music of FunkYn'A. 2. Chris Grajeck and Kim Schmid get married while Miss Kaufman gives her congratulations. 3. Tom Semaan shows how he can move on a dance floor. 4. Valerie Scott and Lorene Aurand boogie to the beat of the band. 5. Chris Grajeck and Jeanie Schmanski wait to get hitched. Chris holds the record for getting mar' ned 15 times. The yearbook club sponsored the first Sadie Hawkins ever at AB. Finally all the girls were able to ask the guy of their dreams to the dance. Getting married and taking pictures were the two most successful promotions, not to mention the band, Funk-NYA, who played music to please anyone from a Disco Lady to an Acid Queen. Hard Worlc and Efforf Means Boy 's Track. ,NT A This year's boy's track team has a league record of 5-2. lt's the bus rides that make the team feel united. Mr. Cleverley's C21 coaching has helped Jim Holt C1 J do the hurdles and Bob Kuzminski C35 while he does the running long jump. Mike Yohka practices the discus. semi THE MT. CLEMENS BANK - Robert Fresior wishes to congratulate the class of 1978 for 4 years Girl 's Track Runs Wifh Pride 'v'w5.,.uir-an -- -M., :.-' -or 1 ...B This year's girl's track team had a record of 7-4. The team won the J.V. and league championship. The 1978 finalists were Kathy Schneider, Debbie McKinnon, Kari Dunlap, Cindy Strother, and Jackie Pollard. The most valuable player was Leslie Burgess. Some of the people that participated were: Mary Billock C1 J as she handles the shot put, Monique Dermaux, Kim Schmidt and Vivian Abbey C23 as they tackle the hurdles. Vivian Abbey Q35 survives the high jump. Bridget Bayer C43 and Leslie Burgess head the long distance line of runners. of high school and 12 years of complete school. North Bratiot, Mt. Clemens, Telephone 469-6900 Social f 57 4 "n:' Seniors Show Who 's Boss Seniors prove once again that they're boss, at least on the basketball court. Mysteriously enough, the score remained close throughout the entire game. Father and son Hodson make the opening jump shot and the hilarious contest begins. Since this is a non-sexist event, Jan Wrightmer is matched against Mr. Cleverley 155, and Miss Nasea maneu- vers around Aniello Aprea 127, Mr. Robinet, Aniello Aprea, and Miss Kaufman are awed by the foul shot capabilities of v 5 1 I I I I ,R . , .5 I 6'8" Tom Eutebach C-45, and Mr. Glassford slips through Gary Hildebrand and Mike Yonka C31 Other players for the faculty were Mr. Feldcamp, Mrs. Gregory, Mr. Sealey, Mrs. Natzke, and Mr. Teller. The stu- dents were represented by Matt Sliva, Allen Enderby, Kathy Schneider, Scott Gostovich, Tim Ryan, Doug Greenslate, Chris Grajeck and Peggy Henry. Mr. Buccelato and the refer- ees aided in keeping the score close and the calls legal. Varsify Dribbles fo Record Seffing Season S . "Q'?'l". I ffl-15.-. The 1977-78 Varsity Basketball team is something to be proud of. Tracy Mitchell C15 was named the team's most valuable player, all county lst team, Metro East Honorable Mention and All State 4th team, and Doug Greenslate was given the 2nd team all confer- ence, Matt Sliva Q33 was also given an Honorable Mention all Conference, and all county. The highlights of the season were the seven-game winning streak, and the team's first trip to Alpena, not to mention the capturing of the district title for the first time since 1968. Layups like Tom Eutebach's C43 help unite the team. Bill Wellman sprints across the court with some anxious players 125. 9 ,L XS Q 1 2 ocial JV and Froslv Cagers Sociol i l I X l The JV basketball team played superbly this year. Their tremendous amount of teamworlf paid off because they placed lst in the league. If their good attitude and sportsmanship keeps up they will be a sure prospect for state next year. ln picture 212 the team is given help on some new tactics by coach Len Perkins. Chris Bauchan shoots for two C41 Jim Rickel CU dribbles around opponents. Rob- ert Duff shoots while Scot Bruce rebounds C3D. Develop Skills 9-if-'.g,.A..' WL" . ..2,,.,t, '1l'lQf'ffil if 5395 ft A sim be X 3" , 1 fa i yt .,,, l 3 IN, The freshman basketball team finished with a good season. Their record standing at 9-6 and their league record standing at 8-4. The freshmen show great sportsmanship and desire to improve for their future years on the Anchor Bay basketball team. Some great rebounding by Jim Ruhlman, C21 shooting by Tim Custer, 459, and passing by Bill Wenzell who is passing to Bill Kolarik, 135, Made the team feel united. The freshman cheerleaders CU, cheer the team on to a victory. Wresfler 's Ta ke Awards The wrestling team did an exceptional job ot defeating their opponents. Eight matches were won while only three were lost. Carl Michayluk was voted by fellow team mates most valuable player. He also picked up some awards for lst team SCAL, 4th State Regionals, lst team All Blue Water Area, lst team all Macomb County. Mark Holman C53 received lst team SCAL, 4th State Districts, 4th State Regionals, honorable mention Macomb County. L. V 1 .rf 'QQ' l Q., 7 Aj ll X 9 ,E 1 I Sq :fi 53,-ii A N' Q yi' . H ,, I I Xe WQ4- 'M 4 WP -.x Baslrefball and Volleyball Go fo Regionals The Varsity Volleyball squad finished the season with more losses than wins. They made it to the regionals for the first time at Anchor Bay. ftop rightj Laura Cates positions for a bump. Kathy Winkler ftop Ieftj sets up for a scoring spike as Kathy Peterson fopposite page - bottom leftj is setting up for a bump. The J.V. Volleyball team completed a very successful season. Team work was the key to their success, as they scooped up 14 wins and only 4 losses. This years captain Dorie Wellman held the team together through thick and thin. The J.V. Volleyball team looks like a promising prospect for the state next year. On the other court the Varsity basketball Players fopposite page - top leftj Doug Greenslate had 133 assists, while Brian Halligan had 105 rebounds and 13 steals. 64 i Social 'fa 'at F' 1+ 65254 Q nil' , "ff, .hx Gfrl's JV and Varsify. . . The vibration of a dribbling basketball and the yells from teammates and coaches were the sounds this year for the girls' Varsity Basketball team. Mrs. Natzke, the girls' coach stated that this year's captain was Jackie Pollard and the year's most valuable player was Cathy Schneider. The team's record stands at 10-9. Noel Billock 350 and Cathy Schneider 344 show their skills on the court in shots 2, 3, and 4. In shot irl Mrs. Natzke gives the girls a talk during the game. Dribble Up a Sform! A 31 KS Ls: .1 The girls' Junior Varsity had 5 wins and 7 loses. Even though their season was half over when the milage passed. Their team, was probably the first team to start the season one day, play a game the next, then have another practice, followed directly by a game. The most valuable player is Carole Burkhart and the captains were Karen Goldenbogen Cl , 37 and Michele Balfour. Coach Robinet C29 did a fine job with the little time he had as shown by Kathy Gregory C49 as she shoots for two points. 4 Q fl v ' .AVA 4 t s ' s . . -3 -- , , , , f I s I L-x M -5 .ms O 5, I ,,,, 5 ' aww Fd . '04 I x u 'M X I M. 'S .f J I 0 A :- 4 1 1' x 0 1 Wy, ' .f Q ' A-1 fi T71 ig' ff? 49 S1 Y. ' xpfz .. ' ,, X , ,V If , .J-- . . 'Q-it In-Q... . , , M V ""'i 'fn 'x " " Jiwitnl - ....1n1.,,,.4, J A, mJk1':: -A KMl.1,i..hnr..v-r t "UL " Q- A-f " mafia' Q --vu-Qi.. qv., 3 ' W Homecoming From Dawn . . . ff " W il! s 95? Kathy Peterson CU and some fellow senior classmates C25 worked hard on their float. Their spirit continued as the class of '78 hitched a ride to the game C51 Terri Trubiano C63 added her creativity to the Junior Class float. The floating balloons C31 signaled the kickoff to a decisive victory, 16-3, over the "Mighty" Muskrats. The tireless students danced endlessly to the sounds of Bad Ax. 'l'o Da rl: "S X . H, 1 -Q A vrb' R, ' NUHFI '. . ' fi AF' ,- -'Q . ,.4 .-wx' :Q3-!""rf. f . 1 ' YL, I Q ,. 1 .759 1 .gffq jus-M, swf ' Uv? , .. f, ,, ' r - , '.. -p I , Q 1 :B 5 5 1. 1 'eJ'v.' ig 71 lu-S .Lv A J-rf. A WAY 14 ai! 3 YI 3 W, YZ -Q ' 3 1 .r ,L ':,,:"f5I v ' XA , - r Q31 R '2ii.':g1'ii5'AiK3i' ., 7... 4.13 i 'JLL l K Tars Show Poise, Sfyle and Sfride on Field and Off l A This year's Varsity Football team had their share ot ups and downs. They won 4 games and lost 5 not a very good record, but the team worked hard together all year. As everyone knows they tried their best. The team had three captains this year, Mike Sparks, Bart Bauer and Mike Yonka. Nlr. Rogers, the teams coach, stated that this years most valuable player was Bart Bauer. The high light ofthe season was the defeat of Algonac for the Homecoming game 16-3. ,YY-4: ,ff . . is V .' 442:22 'N ", x v , 1 'vm' g.x is ,x N imz! N3 1 5 3 f ' N-4. 'S N I 1-Q' 3 -ur' xg 3 ' 3552 Y- J yi, 1 I in J if We 1 h 'r . X ' X X f 45: egg! 'MGX nr .ff A 1,.',x 1 .3 f W my x., A 54 QQ VA V its 5 - 'xg Af f A' 'K ' , 'Y """ 4 .- -'4 -s Y gf- . , vu M-1.-.,,, M L fx ix S '5 , 0 NF' x f A M04 A1 l1AJl .QA : 124' 0. Q.. v Q11 C 1 'U. I: , gf, M14 if-, " V l x .v Q U I v Cx, 1 4 ,A 4 ,- . I 1- . , I., v ' 8 .M ' I al is 'iii' fx 0 1 , . A' 1 -Q. 'Q' Sy' .425 x X 'If-'Q 'sn gwj, The Moves Are Made in Chess The team had one of their best seasons this year. They were 5th in the league. Tom Eutebach flower-middle! and Bob Black ftop-rightj are both on board one. Jeff LaDuke was on board two. Jesse Roberts played on board four. Rick William and Phil Litaker played boards 5 and 6. Mike Marks fbottom-lefty and Mike Grauman Qbottom-rightj are pic- tured. P.A.C. Presenfs: LiHle Women - I Flobin Zanger, Valerie Scott and Bev St. John give Holly Hills CU comfort during Louisa May AIcott's play "Little Women." Robin, Valerie and Bev gather around the piano while, lan Waite sits patiently on the table 133. ln shot 34 Bev and Holly look intense with what's going on, on the other side of the stage. Valerie and Robin take a quick look out the window to see what's happening 125. .le il' Y f ui , 1 ' -A-nl 5 ia 4 '1 'J 1 5 I :fl ml X 'MW I Tennis Anyone ? ??? --rv o vvvu V N Q 9 0 kv v 6 a 9 " ' The 1978 tennis team had a record sea- son of l 1'5. Tom Eutebach C25 swings with a strong left hand. Paul Meteyer and Jeff Pollard C33 doubled for more power. Brad Parwey C45 gets into the game. Dave VanD- eputte C15 dominates the court. wmv iol Who Won Regionals? ci 1 A... A ' ,i,a N.. audi! ' ,K , ." 'Q . - I it . WE For the 4th time in 11 yrs. the Varsity Baseball team C13 went to regionals , , and won. They had a season record of 18-9. Their captains were Doug Greenslate and Joe Kinter C41 Tracy Mitchell Q23 makes a slide to be safe while at the same time Cameron Karry C33 runs home and scores. Another point towards SCAL Championship. social Congratulations to the graduating Seniors of the class of 1978 from the TOP SHOP CREATIVE J. V. and Frosh Show Sfrong Team Work , - N A ,4 The J.V. baseball team had a great record season of 10-5 and a league record of 9-3. The J.V. team this year had excellent defense and good pitching. Coach Flog- ers says that part of the fun of coaching this year's team was that they were very unselfish and several teammates have shown good leadership, there were no cap- tians this year. When you add all this up you get the J.V. SCAL Champs. Some great hitting by Bob Black C13 helped unite the team. The pitching by Paul Socia C43 and catching by Matt Kinter C55 helped the team to become SCAL Champs. The Frosh team had a season record of 4-6. The captains and most valuable players are Richard Marcin and Kent Rivard C31 Dave Trubiano C23 really helped the team With batting. NEEDLE SHOP 23 Mile Road in New Baltimore, MI 48047 To find they're open call 949 1940 soc ol f aa Nafional Honor Society Expands On Nlay 3 at 7:30 in the Auditorium is where it happened. The National Honor Society inducted approximately 50 new members. Monika Bengsston C45 played the guitar for entertainment. The inductees stood to take the pledge 425. Nlr. McDonald gave a speech as the inductees listen intensely 133, Softball Has Besf Season Yef f . . , ., . . mu- , '.. 4- My . ' "9 ' ., ",- - gy rf , , vi - T. 1 ' ' - f at X 1 may 51' ' ,3, ' ' ' ' ' K .,,. n , W4 ' '14 1 f . . N , am if f 3 3- , l A via: 4 5 Os' ll This year's 1978 girl's softball team had a record season of 6-18 and a league record of 5-5. The most valuable player is Eileen Clark and the most improved player was Michele Balfour. Some great hitting like Janet Neubecker's C15 helps the team make lots of home runs. Evelyn Haslett C25 tries to make it to second in a pickle. Cindy Warzyhiak C35 goes for a fly ball. Coach Card shows the team how to hit? C45 Carol Burkhardt C55 goes to bat after that great demonstration. SCHURIGS SHOE CLINIC 31 171 23 Mile Rd. Chesterfield Twp. Phone 949-4849 q social f as Congratulations to the Class of 78 from the SHU BARN, INC. 33149 23 Mile Rd. Chesterfield Mall Thornfon Wilder Comes fo Uur Town Social P.A.C. did a great job on Thornton Wilders t'Our Town." Many hours of hard work went into the success of the play. The actors and actresses did some really deep acting which touched the hearts of each person in the audience. Here it is shown by David Gage, Denise Stephens and Heidi Bayer CU as they pantomime breakfast. Duffy Ross C23 takes a break during the play while Guy Kaminski C33 pro- poses to Denise Stephens. Ian Waite did a super job as the stage manager C41 Seniors Say "Pick Me!" in Toronfo Mr. Abell and Miss Kaufman braved another senior trip to Toronto. Sixty-nine students and five chaperones took advantage of Toronto's day and night life dur- ing our beautiful Memorial Day holiday. Some students Lori Stak, Michelle Burkhardt, Laura Mileski, and Rea Ann Kothe acted like monkeys C35 as they toured the Toronto zoo. Casa Loma still brought ooh's and ah's even though it is being reconditioned 129. Georjean Walerych, Laura Schrage, Denise Stephens, and Tammy Floyd found the tower a good place to pose. Those who ventured up the CN Tower Cl D and waited for the sun to set got a spectacular view of the city C51 Between discos people tried unusual food from Greek to Japanese and were entertained by the hilarious improvisational group, the Second City Players from which John Belushi and Gilda Fladner rose to Satur- day Night Live. The Ontario Place provided mind boggling reflection and cinesphere shows as well as a cool place to relax during our warm stay. Even "Mom" Kaufman, CMiss Kaufman's motherj flew in from Florida to join in the fun. A special thanks to her and friends Gretchen and Dave for putting up with us again. OC Elegance and Poise Dominafe Hue Prom X .ries ' 5 all f This year the senior prom was held at Nardos Country Club on May 5th, Seniors Heidi Bayer and Kelly Woodruff relax with their dates while listening to the band CU. Sue Flener can't turn down the offer to dance with Rick VanOverbeke CZJ. Joyce Keiling and Kim Plagens and their dates pose nicely for a group picture 135. Laura Schrage and Bob Nleldrum get down to the sounds of Bad Axe 145. se Social SIELOFF STUDIO 36366 Groesbeck Hwy. Mt. Clemens, MI 791-5000 GOOD LUCK SENIORS We Are fhe Champions! 1 Z - ' g . ,U--1. 2 mfg, K r. 1 nr - LI- 'U' ,V . J. if Y kj' "N" ., .J W' 'tt' Xa 11: .4 1 The class of 1978 was the 2nd class to graduate in the new high school gym. The gym was packed on June 11. It became almost quiet as everyone stood when the procession started C1 and 25. Then the band played the National Anthem as everyone remained standing. The very first speech was given by Father Wysocki 155, and after that the senior class co-valedictorian Bill Christie C45 gave his fi speech. Then Mrs. Westveld introduced the student council. Mrs. Balfour and the choir did a selection with Mr. Perkins and the theme from Mahogany was sung. The other coevaledictorian Linda Savoyard C35 gave her speech which was followed by the band playing the Fifth of Beethoven. Then the salutatorian Jean Schyrnan- ski gave her speech. Mr. Waldrop asked the school board, Tom Semann and Kathy Peterson to help present diplomas. Father Wysocki C53 gave his benediction. Then began the recession for the class of 1978. There were tears, some were happy and others were sad, after they were in the hall everyone seemed to be relieved. 89 . 4 -lf - -ff ,Q Q hi Four Years La fer! .5 THE 1975 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM IN 1978 Back Row: Jerry Steiner, Joe Kinter, Rick Vanoverbeke. Middle: Bill Burkhardt Gary Hildebrand, Chris Grajeck, Doug Greenslate, Jim Hodson, Chris Barrand Front: Tim Ryan, Aniello Aprea, Cameron Karry, Jerry Gilmer. T4 THE 1976 J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM IN 1978 Back: Bill Burkhardt, Gary Hildebrand, Rick VanOverbeke, Doug Greenslate Coach Perkins. Middle: Ron Abbey, Chris Grajeck, Tim Ryan, Jim Hodson, Miki Yonka. Front: Bill Thomas, Duffy Ross, Dave Mikulski, Aniello Aprea, Cameron Karry, Jerry Gilmer. lug ml 31311111--'W' Lisa Roberts and Nancy Hageman Tom Russell jf .rfb 0 Kathy Schutt Linda Savoyard K' . N Y 1 I I u.. Guy Kaminski Dave Dorkins Xi F Qozma ii .Wx Mr. Donald G. Ghazal President ' " 'tif ' --Aa: 0 ': x.- j H - 'N -'un . I. Mr. Frank C. Ruzzin Vice President Mrs. June M. Pollard Secretary :H-5 ate Mrs. Jena Matthews Trustee 24 Years of Service Ends School Boa rd Two members on the board are retiring after many years of service. Mr. Louis Gellasch has been on the board for sixteen years. He has served as Board President, Vice-President and Treasurer. Mr. Donald Ghazel has served for eight years and he's been President for six of Mr. Louis C. Gellasch them. They will be greatly missed as their Treasurer contributions to the community have been invaluable. 43 , . Mr. Norman Davis Rev. Albert Schinzing Trustee Trustee School Board X 93 Transpor+a+ion and Kilchen Help Nfl Pat DeGregory Mae Engel Carol Carpenter Trudy Farley Pat Gallager iw-f-""' . Sf t-7 Kathy Harnish Pat Jackson Barbara Knect Rickie Lester Mickey Mellon .F-ma? Robbie Olsen Jean Rickel Jan Ross Anita Schaldenbrand Jan Stuart nl Red Dobson Arla Wetter HEAD OF BUILDINGS, GROUNDS AND TRANS.: Mr. Kret " N--A TRANS. I COORDINATOR: Bernice Muller 1 -nm ASS'T. TRANS. COORDINATOR: Loraine Cataldi MECHANIC: Ken Steffen GROUND MAN: Robert fDukeJ Livernois KITCHEN HELP: Helen Hoppa Jean Rivard Alice Ward Helen Heitman Sonja Alexander w"' x . I Marilyn Hortos Gail Krantz Cindy Gagnon Mary Gregory si Not Pictured: GROUND MAN Bill Dennis and CUSTODIAN SUPERVISOR Buck Gilliam. The first bus driver started in 1949. His name is Red Dobson. Besides driving a bus he helps paint the school and clean up the school in the summer. Many of the students have had Red as a bus driver. So we bid him good-bye and thanks for many years of work from Anchor Bay. 95 Q00 , nv- ' x lCHchen u s KN G5uards S Mr. Charles Burch Mrs. Annette Ferraro l b I y ng' 1, .zf 322 1 Shirley Walter Sandy Johnson Elmer Rivard Irene Detrick 96 , ,,,,.....,m.n...-Q 4 ' 59 E ,M 'Wg 3. , fps U U Q ...J 2 l Dave Sacra Jim Mllles Gerald Goulette Roy Vantiem Seven Different Cultures Meet Together at A.B.H.S. Monika Bengtsson is 19 in a family of seven from Stock- holm, Sweden. She is not sure whether she likes the United States yet however she says it has been an experience indeed. To her it is very different and awfully cold here. For one example, here the food is different and is fried or is not very nutritional usually. The school is different because here you have a choice of classes. She likes Anchor Bay because there are many good teachers. The aspects she dislikes are having to have a pass to go anywhere, no smoking lounge, everything being so locked up, and the fact that the students have nothing to say about the way things are working out. Monika's hobbies are playing the guitar, sailing and all kinds of other outdoor activities. She's in choir and ensem- ble here at Anchor Bay. She likes classical music as well as folk, disco and easy rock. A foreign exchange is someone who visits our country from a foreign country. They stay for a school year. Their purpose is to learn our language customs, and ways of life. When every student leaves to return home, we hope they are going with a full understanding of the U.S. and its people, seh- Tom Lonnroth is from a family of four in Finland and is eighteen. He likes the United States because there are many new experiences offered to him. We asked Tom how he felt were the ways in which the U.S. differed from Finland he said "the people are nicer and always ready to help but peo- ple depend too much on cars here, sex isn't as open here, guys pay for a girl on a date here, people eat and watch T.V. here more." He likes Anchor Bay because of the many activities and the different methods of teaching the teachers use. He dis- likes Anchor Bay because there are no breaks between classes, he can't go outside, and it feels like he's in a jail. Tom's Hobbies are photography, soccer, ice hockey and volleyball. The food is basically the same here as it is in Finland except there is a lot of junk food here. He likes big hamburg- ers here like a "Big Mac." Tom likes listening to Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, Foreigner, Queen, E.L.O., and mostly mellow rock. Monica Pinto is from a family of six in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has lived there for fifteen years and has come over to the United States, in which she enjoys immensely. Monica likes Anchor Bay especially because of the teach- ers and classes. A few things she doesn't like about Anchor Bay, is that "the girls gossip too much" she says and some- times the food is not to her taste. For enjoyment she dances and teaches ballet, she even joined the Spanish Club and she likes any type of music. Veronica Varela is from Chile. Veronica enjoys swimming, reading and sleeping. She likes most all types of music and likes her American mother's cooking. Veronica is an active member in the Spanish Club. She feels this school is easier than the school in Chile. In Chile she has 13 classes a year, but most of the time she likes our school system. The people in Chile are more romantic, the U.S. people are always think- ing about money. But all things considered she says, this year is one of her best, shwill'always treasure and never for- get Anchor Bay. 98 5... nu-u Thomas Eutebach is 17 years old and he comes from Cologne, Germany. He feels there are many impressive things to see here and that the U.S. is big and has many places, unlike Germany. The U.S. has more quantity than quality in his eyes. The only objection to our food is that most of it is canned or frozen. As far as school goes he enjoys having a choice of classes, but does not necessarily agree with the security and regula- tions. Other than that the school rates as O.K. During his stay here at Anchor Bay. Thomas is on the bas- ketball team and chess club. He enjoys wind surfing and lis- tens to a certain music, depending upon what mood he's in. "This has been a big experience for me" replies Tom. Sandy Martinez is from the Philippines. She is sixteen years old and comes from a family of eight. When asked if she likes the United States she replied, "Yes, because it is different and is a really nice experience coming here and living here." Sandy likes Anchor Bay High because she has a choice of which subjects, teachers and hours she wants. She does not like the pass system here or the fact that Anchor Bay does not have a smoking lounge. The difference between the U.S. and the Philippines are the school system, the weather, the customs of the people, and all the fried foods there are here." replied Sandy. Sandy enjoys swimming, reading, playing badminton, biking, drawing and likes to listen to disco music. ki Tor Vage is 16 years old and is from Norway. When he was asked if he likes it in the U.S. he replied, "lt's not bad, really different. The food is good but there's a lot of junk food, maybe too much. The school here is too strict it's unreal. You are locked up in the lunchroom and never have a break during the day." "lt's too much like a prison." Tor is an active athlete here and in Norway. He speed skates and ski's during the winter, runs track, soccer ball and disco dances during the warmer months. He likes all types of music, from hard rock to classical and thinks the U.S. is great but is also looking forward to going home. Gerd Sarnes is 17 years old and from a family of 6 in West Germany. In Germany Gerd was a life guard, he taught little children to swim, he played volleyball and was in the folklore group. Not only is Gerd a yearbook photographer but also was involved in football and was a manager of the volleyball team. He has been doing a lot of camping with his American family on the weekends. In doing so he has had a chance to see Chicago, Washington D.C., Canada and is planning a summer trip to Arkansas. He is enjoying his stay here in America. I978 Senior Class Song Theme From Mahogany Do you know where you're going fo? Do you like lhe +hings 'I'ha1' life is showing you? Where are you going +o? Do you know? Do you gel' whai' you're hopin' for? When you look behind you +here's no open door Wha'I' are you hopin' for? Do you know? Once we were sfanding s+ill in +ime Chasing +he 'faniasies 1'ha+ filled our minds You know how I loved you Bu+ my spirii was free Laughing a+ +he quesfions 'l'ha+ you once asked of me Do you know where you're going +o? Do you like 'rhe +hings +he+ life is showing you? Where are you going fo? Do you know? Now looking back a+ all we planned We lei' so many dreams Jus+ slip 'rhrough our hands. Why mus'I' we wai+ so long before we see How sad 'ihe answer +o 'rhose quesfions can be? Do you know where you're going lo? Do you like 'rhe 'ihings fhal' life is showing you? Where are you going +o? Do you know? Sung By Miss Diana Ross Music and Lyrics by Michael Masser and Jerry Goffin -fb Q 3 'f I 8 I Q' A I QW ass H .M np- ill' J ii' L Q lg Q A of x sl 9 ga I Y o Ji ,Q as Q A I ww A ,D f 411 fp Q U 1 M, '91 O 1 I 1 ,gf if dh Q ,S 9 H9 af h M 1 . E ei Fi W f I A. M r in W rv 1 vs 31" ' RIG - 5 ge 4 ami Wy -- 5 . Q 1 vu V , 5 Q R 2. A A ' X .. 3. I NT Ji A 1 il it nfa T 4 Q, A 2, . 4. -f is A d -, A -. fg Av' "N 4- if fs 4 1 Q H, new n ' W h 'zz H . aw ' ' ' V " "5 ,W ,, E W1 A , ..,,, Jw I .ar 'Ae Q X , fa I Q WH N. I Q' ,ku ' -4' my .5 AL., v z 1 Q 'B we 'M , , 5 SE 1 vm V N ff" 45 fu f -mx x x Q x M. is 6. Juniors: Up and Coming is l JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Back Row: Vice president Jan VanOverbeke, President Jackie Pollard, Secretary Diane Rickel. Front: Treasurer Annette Debano, Representatives Jay Roberts, and tative Sue Rener. i Junior class sponsor Junior class sponsor Homecoming Prince and Princess Stan Lisica Ken Kucharski Chuck Kay and Diane Rickel Juniors I 113 Aiello, Mary Allor, Margie Alred, Jim Alsbury, Raymond Aprea, Carmen Arnold, William Austin, Michele Baker, Edward Balfour, William Barnett, James Barrett, Dale Baumgarten, Terry Beauvais, Sandra Beste, Michael Biebuyck, Joanne Billock, Noel Black, Peter Boledovich, Brian Boschma, Bret Brown, Douglas Browning, Julian Bryant, Gayla Bryzelak, Larry Buccellato, Mary Burden, Ava Burr, Rhonda Calabrese, Terry Calabrese, Timothy Carden, Mary Carlone, Gregory ll4lJ Cataldo, Annette Chambers, Dianna Chapman, Teresa Christiansen, Molly Churley, Annemarie Cichecki, Laura Cirello, Martin Clancy, Douglas Clapp, Denise Clark, Eileen Cole, Leigh Cook, Theresa Cooley, Timothy Corner, Wendy Couto, Robert Coyne, Craig Croskey, Mary Culley, Vicki Cunniff, Judy Debano, Annette Defever, Zelma Dekker, Gerald Delorge, Peggy Demick, Albert Deselm, Sandra Diaz, Ana Dreschel, Eric Eckert, Edward Edens, Beverly Edwards, Dora J!lI5 Edwards, James Eggert, Helen Elgin, Elaine Endres, James Engel, Matthew Eschenburg, Sandra Eslinger, Carolyn Fileccia, Nicholas Flasher, Esther Fournier, Michelle Fowler, William Gaedcke, Iva Gartin, Mary Gave, Brenda Gave, John Gave, Kevin Gave, Randall Genaw, Jane Gendernalik, Virginia Ghazal, Dora Gibleau, Rochell Gilliam, Darrell Goerlich, Linda Gostovich, David Grauman, Michael Green, Vickie Gregory, James Hageman, Shelley Haglund, Eric Halligan, Brian H611 Q""Y u ,S 4-X Ns..- Q fl gl Q.-v la wiv .X ,W 'x,.,,,,,C 'S I 'J' :A AL 'SP W""'Y 56' 9-- Hanna, Charles Haynes, Cathy Higgins, Cynthia Hilborn, Denise Hill, Lori Hilla, Annette Hills, Holly Hishon, Christopher Holt, Timothy Homier, Robin Hood, Kim Horne, Teresa Howard, Daniel Howard, Silvia Hubbard, Ronald Hutchison, Mark Hutto, Gregory Jackson, Robert Jahr, Arne Jeroue, Cathrine Johns, Orvan Johnson, Christopher Juip, Susan Kaminski, Richard Kava, Alan Kay, Charles Kennedy, Mark Kettel, Robert Kipke, Gerald Kirchhoff, John J!ll7 Kish, Rosemary Kolonich, Kathie Kowalski, Cheryl Kozlowski, Sally Kralik, Jacquln Kruger, Patrick Kunath, Linda Laforest, Denise Lanzotti, Geniene Lashbrook, James Leenknegt, Margaret Lemire, Susan Lerg, Elizabeth Lienert, Thomas Lochner, Cecelia Lowe, Douglas Lowery, David Lucardie, Carol Luther, Michael Mahn, Eric Major, Mark Mariotti, Annette Marks, Michael Martel, Lisa Martin, Gerald Martinez, Marianna McCormack, Daren McCormick, Patrick McCown, Gordon McDowell, Ralph ll8!J Z' diva S-f LA 9: ,. .M Q..- Dv- S- .J ln A Cr' ,asap 5.-:- fn- 13 ll xi ff -vm McHone, James McKinnon, Deborah McLaughlin, Dennis Meldrum, Kevin Meli, Claire Melkerson, Mark Miller, Donald Miller, John Milner, Sarah Mitchell, Tracey Monsur, Janice Morin, Raymond Morrison, Wandalyn Mullen, Mark Murray, James Myers, Carolyn Natzke, William Neale, Phillip Novak, Diane O'Mara, Patrick O'DonneII, Gail Olewski, Dawn Olszewski, Kenneth Pagels, Kelly Parrino, Vincent Panwey, Brad Paterson, Suzanne Paul, Keith Peacock, Janet Peterson, Lisa J!lI9 Pfeiffer, Julie Phipps, Robbie Pierskalla, Donald Pierskalla, Ronald Pollard, Jacquelin Power, Kim Prater, Denise Price, Randolph Radermacher, Tina Rairick, Robert Rasera, Nena Reinhold, Brett Rener, Scott Rener, Susan Reske, John Rickel, Diane Roberts, Jay Rockwell, Debbie Romas, Roger Rose, Daniel Rybacki, Chris Schehr, Jay Schmid, Cynthia Schmid, Kimberly Schrage, Lynn Seigneurie, Raymond Sellers, Alvin Senopole, Kathryn Shearer, Paulette Shelton, Wade l20!J Shipp, Coleen Siewert, Thomas Smith, Lori Sokalski, Michael Sparks, Sandi Steffen, Gene Stier, Cory Stinson, Denise St. John, Beverly Stover, William Suarez, Anton Sylwestrzak, Theodor Tatton, Gerald Taucher, John Thomas, Steven Thomas, William Tice, Paul Tice, Tim Tomczak, Kimberly Trubiano, Terry Tucker, Noreen Tupiak, Kevin Van Assche, Paul Vandeputte, David Van Kirk, Connie Vannuck, Michael Vannuck, Patricia Van Overbeke, Janice Wall, Linda Walters, Diane J!l2l Wellman, William Williams, Richard Wilson, Tammy Witteveen, George Wojtowicz, Julian RETAKES Blackshire, Anthony Darby, Allen Evans, Jean Geier, James Halt, Patricia Hornburger, Mark lgnasiak, George Kabat, Roger Lewandowski, David Najar, David Pollard, Jeffrey Stepnioski, Daniel Suess, Douglass Tims, Kimberly Tremlin, Kimberly l22iJ ii. QA PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE Walbecq, Brian Rivard, David Rundquist, James Scott, Timothy Strunk, Danny Taube, Jeffrey Van De Veld, Mike A Rx N Super? Sophis+ica+ed'? SOPHOMORE STUDENT COUNCIL Ctopj Dawn Mileski - Secretary, Amy Dunlap - Rep., Annie Kaminski - Vice President. fbottoml Janene Pollard - Treasurer, Mary Westermann - President, Barb West - Rep. fnot picturedj rep. Sandy Thomas. Sophomores! Duke and Duchess Carlos Aprea and Annie Kaminski Sophomore Sponsors Becky Nasea and Pat Trentacoste Class Quote: "We're the best ain't no l98O!" maybe 'cause we're the class of Sophomores X 123 Albrecht, Renee Allen, Anuta Alsbury, Dawn Alsbury, James Aplgo, Andy Aprea, Carlos Atknns, Jay Aubel, Coleen Aurand, Lorene Balderrarna, Connie Balfour, Merrnt Balfour, Muchell Bandy, Mnchael Barnett, Eric Baro, Sue Barr, Danny Batta, Claudia Bauchan, Chrls Bayer, Brudget Beaudun, Kam Belndlt, George Beundlt, Mlchael Beller, Ken Benner, Shlrley Benson, Scott Blland, Kathy Blllock, Mary Bing, Pat Bushop, Todd Black, Robert Bloss, Jurn Borke, Debbie Bosel, Greg Bowles, Fllchard Braun, Paul Broomfield, Gary Brown, Buck Bruce, Scot Burch, Chuck Burkhardt, Carole Burns, Debbie Burr, Karen Calabrese, Jeff Caruthers, Laura Cates, Laura Chrlstle, Clndy Clancy, Nuck Clapp, Duane f W , X t , I . , ,X f I e ,-5 5 u - 'le' H ' ,t I lf , w. fi . ... I S 2 , ly I VK Xrs. btw- C .. fi ' ." .3 s . . C 'X X' ' F L fl." if f X 3 Q t , A f-'A Cluney, Tim Cook, Tracy Corner, Linda Craig, Cindy Cunnifl, John Davis, Dawn Degregory, Dave Dermaux, Monique Dietz, Kellie Donaldson, Garry Douglass, Patty Dradzynski, Sandy Dubay, Robert Dudas, Cindy Dudek, Pam Duff, Bob Dunlap, Amy Edmiston, Kathy Endres, Paul Eppler, Flon Ferraro, Maria Figland, Marilyn Floyd, Robbie Folske, Antonia Folske, Vicki Franklin, Larry Fulker, Brad Furton, Laurie Gabler, Rose Gabriel, Kelly Gast, Shari Gave, Lori Gazdick, Patti Geimer, Tod Gilewski, Kirk Godin, Penny Goerke, AI Goldenbogen, Karen Gray, Chris Gray, Dale Green, Vicki Greenslate, Jeff Gregory, Kathy Grillo, Beth Grosso, Phil Grubbs, Jeff Halbert, Marty Hare, Matt Harrington, Lance Harrington, Mike Harrington, Flon Harris, Ed Harrison, Lisa Haslett, Harold Haynes, Mike Hefferman, Angela Heitz, Sandy Hill, Rhonda Hochstein, Stephanie Hoffman, Wendy Holzhauer, Lynn Hoppa, Karen Hopper, Jim Humphrey, Linda Huset, Kim Hutchinson, Sheree Jakey, Duane Jakey, Kim Janski, Bill Jasinski, Tim Johns, Cindy Johnson, John Johnson, Wendi Jordan, Mary Juzek, Woody Kaminski, Annie Karry, Chris Keiling, Jim Kilby, Tim Killmar, Kris King, Deanna King, Jim King, Jill Kinter, Matt Kirchhoff, Vince Klonowski, Carol Knapp, Heidi Kosinski, Dawn Koski, Kathy Kowalski, Don Kralik, Jay Kuhn, Kerry Kuzminski, Bob LaDuke, Carol Lamm, Shawn Lanman, Evelyn . 1 W S L ,Q ' S' N vs ,, 5' I sf N i A: A 'ffl ' 4 .,. t if , . y . Vo ! wx S QQ 15 is ,N XCR' , N 'R uf., X ,J4 L22 4' kv, 1' I , . f-4 rf vw . q,.f kiwi 1 ', I K . - ' .,.. A. ef- ' e it Q t sag ,4,. f Learst, Bill Lee, Dennis Lee, Pam Leroy, Patty Lynn, Jim Litaker, Phil Lochner, Earl Lovalvo, Steve Loveless, Brian Luther, Kathy Maes, Chris Maltese, Ben Maly, Shawn Marcero, Kim Marcero, Kurt Martell, Angela Martin, Karen Martin, Kelly Marushak, Betsy Maxwell, Dave Maze, Gene McGowan, Joan McAfee, Becky McComb, Janette McCormack, Sue McDermott, Lisa McGough, Steve McHome, Diane McNally, Jerry Messer, Sherry Meteyer, Sandy Mikolowski, Leroy Mileski, Dawn Miller, Bob Miller, Jim Miller, Lynne Miller, Randy Minauro, Marcy Mink, Pat Mitchell, Kim Moore, Jim Moore, Nora Morales, Maria Morrison, Shelia Moses, Barry Neuman, Pat Novak, Brian Osogwin, Laurie S!l27 Ottenbacker, Jim Palin, Scott Parnick, Jim Parwey, Dorie Pawlaczyk, Yvonne Pearson, Tammy Penley, Betty Perry, Debbie Piar, John Pippin, Rick Pletcher, Bob Pocket, Janet Pollard, Janene Poosch, Theresa Popour, Jackie Popowski, Celeste Powell, Ron Rabbit, John Rasera, Dean Reichenbach, Debbie Remsik, Pascal Reuter, Warren Richards, Burt Rickel, Jim Rinkenberger, Kurt Rivard, Scott Rivard, Stacy Roberts, Jesse Roberts, Julie Romaniuk, Chris Romine, Angie Romine, Bill Roney, Barb Rose, Gary Rosin, Greg Ross, Stacy Rostow, Sheryl Rudolph, Debbie Rudolph, Richard Ruhlman, Jay Russell, Jim Salters, Rhonda Sariol, Jorge Sawyer, Jim Schneider, Len Schuetze, Alan Schutt, Wanda Scruggs, Bob Selleck, Joe Sellers, Wayne Semaan, Sharon Serra, Dina Sliva, Randy Smith, Andy Smith, Randi Smith, Sue Snyder, Gene Socia, Paul Spanski, Mike Spiga, Ann Spillane, Kathy Spranger, Keith Steerzer, Caroline Steezer, Wayne Steffen, Marie Stephens, Ken Stepnioski, Mark Stratichuk, Brad Strauch, Alice Strocsher, Ken Strunk, Dennis Swistak, Michele Terrace, Curt Teschler, Donna Thomas, Janet Thompson, Geraldine Thompson, Mark Tinson, Joe Tolman, Janine Toward, Dean Trobaugh, Doug Trombly, Dee Dee Trommater, Brian Tysar, Lisa Tyvaert, Ron Van Assche, Sid Van De Velde, Steve Vanderbossche, John Van Sullen, Tom Veith, Lois Walerych, Gene Walters, Keith Ward, Larry Wawrzyniak, Arthur Weller, Andrea Wellman, Dorie l3O!S Wellman, Phillip Wells, Mark West, Barb Westermari, Mary Westfall, Cindy Wheeler, Rhonda Willey, Keith Willey, Paula Williams, Curt Williams, Deanna Winkler, Kathy Woehlert, Vickie Woytek, Margie Wright, Randy York, Todd Zielinski, Alan Kral, Robert Kennedy, Jim Miller, Lynn Morgan, Frank Narkevich, Rick Reid, Greg Schankin, Roy Shaw, Aggie Stewart, Mike Thomas, Sandi Uleski, Sharon Urcavich, Collette Waller, Juan Wayne, Larry Whitely, William Wright, Wendy ' if Q. i . s' 1 ,N ' K xi' ,TX .a . Q.. F G Q ,B i A p ui. f i! ,wt -13" lm .- 1' 0 'T' "' gli , +- , if -jj 'M ' , X , ' A 'm'X, .ixy X , ' vi X. ' 4' wk I K ,f , ' ' ' 'W' Shore, Matt z Air ,i., , Scott, Russel his 'L 5 ' N Purta,Julie Miller, Lynne Marcero, Paul Manning, Thomas Keffalo, Kathy Keffalo, Josephine Kabat, Kathleen Herman, Terry 'Q TOO SHY Haslett, Harold Fournier, Steve Evola, Keith Carrow, Don DeGrandchamp, Bill Carlton, William Bonam, Kenneth Bonam, Keith Amatayakul, Savit Freshmen: The Underdoqs? No I FRESHMAN STUDENT COUNCIL AND REPRESENTATIVES f . Top, Left to Right: Mary Lou Hodson, Kevin Schmid, Amy Rice, and Jon Bruce Bottom, Left to Right: Maureen McMinn, Chris Fellows and Shelly Brown, v Toi Freshman Class Sponsor Freshman Class Sponsor Homecomlng Lord and Lady Char Baur Roger Cross Melinda Donovan and Tim Smith W WI, 0 ii T ' l fa f . u K -T l Y i K Y' A Abbey, Vlvlan Alqar, Hubert Allard, Trmothy Allrnendungr, Mary Alred, Thomas Alshury, Melissa Arnold, Robert Atl-nns,Tan1rny Austrn, Mark Bii1lIl,WIlll3lT1 Balley, lynnett Baker, Stephen Bandlow, Lon BtiVfl1'S,WlllliilTl Barry, Babette Baxter, Klrhy Beadle, Raymond Belndat, Karen Belndlt, Sherri Benner, Kevin Bertosst, Cheryl Hester, Sandra Bend, Cheryl Blurn, Joe Blunden, Tanya Bode, Kenneth Books, John Bowrnan, Brenda Brooks, Anita Brown, Karen Brown, Shelley Browning, Kathy Brute, Jon Brurnrn, ,llrnrny Bryant, Carol Bum ct-Ilato, Peter Bud1ynslo,Sherrl Bughee, Jeanne Burgess, leslle Burkhardt, Mary Burkhart, Hobert Burns, Donna lin-x, lfxlrttlrvrly Buxrnan, Laura Calln, Ronald Caruthers, ,James CdV.ll1dllg1lW,BYl3fl Charnlters, llrnothy Chapman, Kathy Chnstlansn, Nancy Cole, Wendy Cnrm-r, Charles Coyne, Beth Crean, Klrnberly Custer, llrnothy Cutshaw, Mary l32 F I' U , 1 Q V a ' v 1',e..ff if .W N r.,2,',! H g I .Wi v Q. fx 1 , I S MN 6 Q W A Y 'V t at ,N : gg , A ' A' Nz.. , ' l I M ,556 , 1 ke l ,s li " 1,15 X r 1 f . R 2 rm- Y A at, ...' - 3 l 43,7 pf F Ugmrfgl L , , Nb gf x ax L: Q-hd l ..-, Lf' 1 l A QA 1 1 .al .A td l fs. In .,. ss, . Q..-v I by Q Q C ., i , 4 n pp gf M i I fa' A A 4 f Y e K 54" ,M X X, G.. HX V195 ,fs J' 'KV' yg fZf4L....5e 'US 't Na A fit 'a L. ' 4 J Darby, Gene Davrd, Darlene Davus, Thomas Debano, Danlel Debano, Mark Degregory, Cathy Deisz, Deborah Delsz, Mark Dellow, Michael Donovan, Melinda Dorklns, Chrlstopher Droplk, Rlchard Dudas, Vlckl Duell, Jlll Duffy, Jennller Dupell, Kenneth Dusett, Russel Eckert, Elleen Eckert, Thomas Edwards, Llsa Erde, Robrn Elwarner, Lynn Erhardt, Eric Eschenburg, Karen Eslinger, Krlstnne Evans, Kevun Evola, Rebecca Earns, Richard Fellows, Chrlstlne Flasher, John Folta, Lora Forehand, Keith Forgrave, James Franklln, John Frater, Barbara Fulker, Melissa Furton, Elrzabeth Gaedcke, Douglas Gano, Wes Gardner, Kelly Garruson, Tum Genmer, Trent Godwrn, Allcla Goldenbogen, Carolyn Golembewsku, Tracey Goodruch, Llsa Grabowski, Francls Green, Elrzabeth Gregory, Danrel Grewe, Carey Grosso, Steven Gulzar, Larry Gunst, Gerald Haberek, Patncla Hageman, Stephanne Hallrgan, Gary Fx' T33 Halt, Deborah Hammond, Kathleen Hanna, Kenny Harris, Timothy Haslett, Evelyn Haymen, John Hefferman, Edward Hengy, Daniel Higgins, Charles Hilborn, Desire Hill, James Hill, Renee Hodson, Mary Lou Hogan, David Homier, Thomas Horian, James Horne, Sonya Hornibrook, Kathy Howcraft, Dale Hunt, Thomas Hurst, Barbara Huwe, Jacquelin Jackson, Daniel Johns, Dena Johns, Durenda Johnson, Kelly Joles, Nancy Kandler, Steven Kapdistrias, Adrianne Karp, Chester Kava, Bradley Keck, Constance Keller, Robin Kethe, Tammy Kettel, Daniel Kipke, Shirley Koehn, Michael Koenigseker, Cynthia Koger, Jeffrey Kosinski, Monica Krantz, Todd Kreiss, Gabriel Krol, James Kuefler, Scott Lalewicz, Andrew Lange, Janet Lashbrook, Leann Lebeau, William Lee, David Lenhusen, Julie Lerg, John Lienert, Anthony Lochner, Mary Lodrick, Kathleen Long, Kevin Longo, Tina l34!F Oro 1. S 3,' V is fill S.. 4 4 -6- i ,fx ,, i 1 .1 XS . Q, x X K 0' vs by-4 N."'L t. fx 4 Zh Longo, Toni Lucas, Alvin Ludeman, Jean Lynch, Vivian Major, Sherrie Marcin, Richard Martinez, Joseph Maxwell, John May, Darryl Mayville, Paul Maze, Beckie McKenzie, Joseph McColley, Blythe McCormick, Eileen McCulIa, Kathleen McGonnigal, Ann Marie McMinn, Maureen McPherson, Heidi Mecum, Tamela Medinger, Tammy Nleldrum, Glenn Meli, James Mellon, Teresa Michayluk, Chris Mikulski, Duane Militz, Scott Miller, Randy Miller, Theresa Miner, Michael Mink, Susan Mitchell, Thomas Moore, Brenda Moore, Lawrence Moore, Linda Moore, Michele Moore, William Moran, Shannon Morin, Carolyn Morisette, James Murray, Kimberly Nadolski, Joseph Narkevich, Randall Natzke, Linda Nixon, Kimberly Nofs, Stephen Norberg, Lorrain Novak, Steven Oden, Robin Oflenbacher, Jeffery O'Mara, Kitty O'Neil, Brian Ona, Angel Ottenbacher, Dennis Pagels, Randy Parnick, John Parton, Karen F!l35 Paterson, George Pesta, Leslue Peterson, Kart Petrous, Jeffrey Pungel, Make Prenmsbrger, Tamara Oumn, Susan Rabbutt,L1sa Rabtne, Kum Ramos, Tuna Retnhold, Lea Rettell, Tracie Rlcie, Amy Rune, Chnstopher Rtchert, Carol Rrvard, Julie Rtvard, Jan Rtvaro, Kent Rtvard, Robert Roberts, Amta Roberts, Larry Romas, Eltlabeth Ross, Chrustopher Ross, laura Ructuger, Cathrtn Rohlman, James Russetl, Debbue Sakuta, Joseph Sanfonetta, Eltzabeth Sc,halm,Je1tery Sehanktn, Sandra Schehr, Gayle Schenk, Muke Sc1hmrd,Kevln Schraoe, Ltsa Sr hulte, Jerome Schwartz, Carol Sehtmeyer, Kevin Seroneurle, Robert Selk, Rachel Semaan, Robert Stewart, Cynthua Slkor1,WtIItam Smlth, Dale Smtth, Kathleen Smtth, Pamela Smith, Ttmothy Sokatskt, Steven Sperry, Urzabeth Spuekttout, Pam St John, Janet Sta1thorst,Ruf.hard Stak, Thomas Stetner, Thomas Stephens, Catherine Stephenson, Robert l36 F SX s ati. , ' fs., S xx' 1 , .V Q QQ! xx' 9 ki R vc SL ' x Q., , gqkvi fftvs I ' Lin' mv, 1"" fs' 4 'T M J SW' - 'X ts ,4 A g f.. I br 1 fs- , ft , . , ss mix ,IM . fk fkwbx to 51" 45 4, 5. ,J V gn ' . .1 , ' 3-, Q 6 , tt, , A F Y X x ,L '2. , N X xxv K lx W a TE f X ,kwavtlnl x -9. .- x 5: 5 X! l if .4 Qs K W st. fi it Stirling, Allan Stone, Bryan Stone, James Strauch, Dennis Strother, Cynthia Sykes, Ronald Sylwestrzak, Joseph Szablowski, Arthur Tanner, Diana Tatton, Karen Tatum, Lisa Taube, Judith Taucher, Dennie Teague, Patrick Telenko, Trent Teller, Jane Terrace, Craig Thomas, Julie Thomas, Michelle Thomas, Randy Timmons, James Toward, Dale Trommater, Randall Trubiano, David Trybus, Theresa Turri, Michael Tysar, Jay Wagner, Robert Walbecq, Suzanne Wall, Brenda Wallace, John Walters, Sandra Waltz, Fredric Warnick, Rozalin Wass, Carla Washington, Cathleen Wawrzyniak, Cynthia Wayna, John Weaver, James Westra, Kathleen Wheeler, Gregg Whitaker, Judith Whitfield, Brian Wilbur, Mike Williams, Laura Williams, Lisa Williams, Robert Winther, Sheri Wirtz, Daniel Wittebols, Cochell Woitowicz, Cecelia Wolak, Ward Wolf, Daniel Woodruff, Robin Woodside, Karen Woytek, Rebecca F1137 RETAKES Bandlow, Randall Beadle, Raymond Blair, Martin Domec, Susan Jahr, Mary Anne Jensen, Cindy Klauss, Michael Ya? Wrigley, Anne Xerri, Leonard Zanger, Erin Zelensky, Brian " 4 Q K l ' 'X X 5 I' J ' E WL :gl 'A MISSED THEIR CHANCE frightj Jackie Huwe. I Bandlow, Randal Beadle, Darryl Blair, Martin Endres, Richard Fresh, James . Haas, Karla Kay, Danny McCown, Carrie Miller, David Paquett, Thomas Piche, Greg Scott, Brain Serra, Sheri Shelton, Karrie bottom rightj Jim Forgrave. Cbottom leftj Freshman Float. nm ,fri 'wa I " fbi' if Fi Qczcllfgy Faculty: Making Us Work Mr. Abell teaches English and Drama. If you can't find him in the theater or the English office, he might be behind the lens of a camera taking pictures, or maybe under water scuba diving. Mr. Abell's idea of a student is someone whose thirst for knowledge cannot be quenched. Mr. Abell also directed the very successful plays "Little Women" and "Our Town." Mrs. Appel was a counselor but now she is a vice-principal of the Junior High School. Her idea of a student is an individual who lives each day to its fullest extent and not for tomorrow. She enjoys skiing, bridge, travel, golf, and read- ing. She feels when students get out of school, they can expect a challenge, opportunities to pursue goals, and freedom to meet and accept responsibility. lf Mrs. Appelman isn't speaking Spanish in the U.S., she is probably speaking Spanish in Spain or Latin America because one of her hobbies is traveling. Besides traveling, she enjoys reading and water skiing. She feels that when stu- dents have finished school, their chances for employment are better if they have studied a foreign language. To relax, Mrs. Balfour fishes, swims and also sews. She enjoys working with stained, leaded glass and, also, teaching Music Appreciation, Girls' Glee, Junior Choir and Concert Choir. She also directed "Benefit Night." Mrs. Bandelean teaches Advanced Composition, Basic Composition, College Writing and Shakespeare. Mrs. Bandelean also is the English Department Chair- person and organizes the bi-annual trip to Stratford, Ontario. l 40 1 Faculty JP 'D 'D SL T N To-. O C 1 P 'U m E. JP U no 'U m 3 m 'T m U m c :S as U7 N -? JP U 'CJ fl 3 m 3 T N 1 U' N 1 N ueajapueg I 2 rn 3 gl 4 s Laurie Beauvais 8 BYO Mrs. Baur is a counselor. You might also find Mrs. Baur on a basketball court, knitting, or reading at home. Also she enjoys writing, and craft-making. When she's not doing her hobbies, you might find her in the woods camping. She feels that a student is someone who is actively involved in his or her studies, school, and community activities. Ms. Beauvais teaches Accounting, Clerical Lab and Typing I. She has many hobbies which range from reading to traveling. She enjoys swimming, cooking, skiing, bowling, and sewing. Her idea of a student is one who attends a busi- ness class to learn a skill that will make that person employable. Auto Mechanics I and ll are the two courses Mr. Campbell teaches. Outdoor recreation including hunting, fishing and boating are just a few of the many activities Mr. Campbell participates in, when he's not teaching. His favorite sports are golf, racquetball, football and many more. If you look on a mountain, a race track, or a softball diamond, you might find Mrs. Card. But at school she is an Algebra I and Pre-Algebra teacher. Her idea of a student is somebody who wants to learn. Mrs. Card is also the Math Depart- ment chairperson. neC 0 .K Basic skills, Freshman English and Practical English are the courses Mrs. Childs teaches. When she is not teaching, you can find her doing ceramics. As far as Mrs. Childs is concerned, a good student is one who takes responsibilities for his studies and classwork. If a student lives up to these responsibilities he can look forward to a successful future. Mr. Ciske teaches Government, 20th Century Political Thought, and Research Methods in Social Science. He has only one hobby, and that is politics. When Mr. Ciske isn't teaching, he practices law and is involved in political activi- ties. Faculty X l4l Mr. Cleverly teaches 10th grade Physical Education, 10th grade Biology, and Human Physiology with the Juniors and Seniors. When Mr. Cleverly isn't in the gym or science office, you might see him on the tennis courts or with the track or cross country teams. You might also see him looking for exotic birds or just reading. He feels that students can look forward to many years of hard work when they graduate. Miss Corder teaches Geometry, Advanced Math I, and Advanced Math ll. She is on the Bible bowling team and also the Quiz panel that competes over mate- rial from the Bible. She also enjoys playing the guitar, sews, reads, and likes embroidery. '1 - . ' Mr. Couto is a Teacher's Assistant for Small Engines. One of his hobbies is repairing anything that is mechanical. When he is not teaching, he enjoys being with his family. His idea of a good student is one who really has a desire to learn. He says that when Va student gets out of school, they can look forward to a long parade of jobs and when they find the right one they will find happiness. Mr. Cross is a Drivers Education Teacher and is a Counselor. Mrs. Eckstein teaches Steno Lab, Typing I and Office Co-op. When students get out of school, they can expect a big shock. Mrs. Ford teaches the following classes: Shorthand, Notehand, Personal Typ- ing and Typing ll. ld? Fo ulfy O SE 4 m3 'fm gm Q? 32 fb: ':s cn 35' Q: C2 ga !"" I O no CD 1 O 1 0 3 CD E rn ca 1- CD FO 'B 3 Z '1 V' ? cu :s co Tl O 7 Q. L 2 3 O LL N L N .Q L Q m ,Jo gh Susan Ann 'U L O +- in U7 2 CD d cv .Q cu 7 x .Q Z L E To 1 P- L L fu -I C CU en Kaufm Kar Freedman Dr. Fowler teaches Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science. One of her favorite hobbies is tennis which she enioys doing when she is not teaching. Dr. FowIer's idea of a student is one who is always inquisitive and is always searching for answers. Mrs. Freedman teaches Reading Lab and 9th Grade English. Her hobbies are skiing, golfing and going to all types of movies. Her opinion of a student is one who is self-motivated and achieved. She thinks that students can look forward to a tough world and no easy breaks after getting out of school. Mr. Glassford teaches Basic Woods, Wood Tech I, ll, Ill and IV. Some ofhis hob- bies include coaching football and skiing. When he is not teaching he is usually doing some kind of construction work. Mr. Glassford's idea of a student is a per- son that becomes positively involved with the school. Mr. Jabe teaches Biology and Botany. His hobbies are tennis, snow skiing, hik- ing and wood working. Mr. Jabe's opinion of a student is a person putting out an extreme amount of effort to obtain some form of information or skill to help him or her through life. He thinks that students can look forward to experiences of uncer- tainty when they get out of school. Mr. Jabe is also one of our wrestling coaches. Mr. Kalmar teaches Algebra and Pre-algebra. He also collects coins and runs a bingo in his spare time. He teaches adult education at Lakeview High School. He is an avid sports fan, presently a football statistician at Lake Shore and Servite High schools, basketball statistician at Servite, and a track and baseball statistician for various invitational meets. Miss Kaufman teaches Reading Lab, Mass Media and Basic Composition. When she is not teaching she enjoys outdoor activities such as, skiing, hiking and camp- ing. Anyone who is interested in learning, is Miss Kaufman's idea of a student. Making many decisions that were usually made for the students is what they have to look forward to after school. Faculty X I 43 144 Fa: Mr. Kenney is our American Studies teacher. He teaches American Studies I, Il, lV and V. His hobbies include reading, gun shooting and boating. When he is not teaching he enjoys traveling and relaxing. Mr. Kenney feels that all students who are prepared have a bright future ahead of them. Miss Kirst teaches French I, ll, lll, IV Clndividualized Studyb. She took the French students to France this year, and speaks German, English and French. Miss Kirst spends the little spare time she has skiing, traveling, dancing and playing racquet ball. She has been teaching here for five years. When asked what students have to look forward to after graduation Miss Kirst replied, "Anchor Bay's students will be facing not only a great deal of responsibility but also competition in the outside world. Their success will depend largely on how well they have prepared themselves during high school." Mr. Kucharski teaches Design, Crafts, Jewelry and Advanced Jewelry. When he is not teaching Art he is practicing Art with a camera. His favorite hobby is photography. Mr. Kucharski enioys art to a great extent and 99010 of time he spends on art. Mr. Lisica is a Librarian. His hobbies include libraries and philately Cstamp collectingj. His idea of a stude.nt is one who is curious. Mr. Lisica enjoys resting, reading and working. When students get out of school Mr. Lisica said they can expect to survive without friends from High School. You might find Mr. Loman building or skiing down a mountain or lust reading because that is what he enioys doing when he is not teaching. Mr. Loman also coaches football and volleyball. Mr. Loman's idea of a student is an individual who has the want and desire to learn new things and not a person constantly trying to defeat the system. Mr. Loman teaches Basic Metals, Machine Technol- ogy, Basic Wood and Metals Technology. Mr, MacDonald teaches Psychology, and Sociology. His hobbies are tennis, reading and yard work, His opinion of a good student is one who has academic ambitions, or alternatively, values education not for its economic value, but for g its intrinsic merit. ull' Q D! '4 0 eg Aauuay auiioi U51 ixisieuon S0 cn 2 . 2 cu S C lf . n O"l 'JW LU U9 ULl0l' 'H Mr. Miller teaches Geology and Earth Science. Some of his hobbies are fishing, golfing, shooting pool and hunting with bow and arrow. The hobby he enjoys the most is winning at cards. Mr. Miller says that "When a student graduates he can look forward to experiencing life, its highs and lows, and learning how little any of us really knows." Mr. Munson teaches Small Engine Repair and Basic Mechanics. He enioys pho- tography, silk screen printing and motorcycling. Miss Nasea teaches Typing I, Exploratory Typing and Shorthand. ln her spare time, she enjoys playing solitaire, 300 different ways. She also enjoys getting involved in some of her favorite hobbies such as skiing, playing tennis and raquet- ball. Her idea of a student is a person that is willing to learn and get involved. Mrs. Natzke teaches gym. Her idea of a good student is one who tries to improve him or herself and can accept constructive criticism. When she is not teaching, she is cleaning house, bowling or swimming. She says when you get out of school you can expect BILLS!! Miss Overholser teaches Child Care. Her hobbies are reading, swimming, rac- quetball, running, backpacking and dancing. She likes to read, write ffor fun and profitj, and sleep. Her idea of a good student is someone who is cooperative, has a positive attitude, is responsible and has a sense of humor. She thinks students can look forward to an increase in self esteem and confidence and a rewarding and sat- isfying career when they graduate. Mr. Pancoast is a Teacher Consultant and he also teaches Math and Civics. His hobbies include photography and camping. His opinion of a good student is one who gives him 100fXi of his capabilities. ln his spare time he works in his dark room and plays with his son. Faculty X 145 Mr. Papierski teaches Welding Technology, Machine Technology, Power Mechanics and Basic Metals. When he isn't teaching, he enjoys golfing, scuba diving, fishing and camping. Mr. Papierski is a volunteer fireman also. Mr. G. Perkins teaches Zoology, Biology and Natural History. Besides sailing, tennis, and skiing, Mr. Perkins enjoys the theatre, opera, designing, and spend- ing time with his family. He also seeks out new areas in which he feels he needs developing. His ideal student is someone who asks questions and then waits to hear the answers. He replies, "Students will find many questions but no one to give out the answers. If they have the ability to seek their own answers, they will be survivors." Mr. L. Perkins teaches Physical Education and Coaches the Junior Varsity Basketball team. His hobbies are singing, traveling, fishing and coaching. When he's not teaching, he likes to work at home, do things with his family, and work with his church. His ideal student is one that can get along with others, whoever they are. He says students shouldn't expect their future to be handed to them on a gold platter. Poverty and welfare can be very frustrating. Mr. Pietrzak teaches Radio and TV Broadcasting, Communications and Debate. Some of his hobbies are bowling and golfing. His idea of a student is someone who wants to learn and will work hard to reach his goal. Mr. Price teaches Algebra I, Business Math and Basic. When he isn't teach- ing, he enjoys coaching, canoeing, golfing, fishing and camping. He also likes to participate in pistol target shooting. "A student is one who studies and wants to get an education, and if they work hard enough, they can go on to bigger and better things," comments Mr. Price. Mrs. Reeves teaches Interior Design, Sew Easy and Foods. Her hobbies are painting and sewing. When she isn't teaching she likes to ski, go camping, go to parties, and visit with friends. Her idea of a good student is a person that turns. homework and projects in on time, cooperates at all times and shows interest in class. O l 46 Faculty e U3 GJ 'C cu .C O U7 L GJ O7 O I 1 E N CL cv in O OS an C 2 cv I C CU D- I C KU O 7 2 GJ vo- -4- Mr. Sche th ed Mer 0 4-f Q9 .E .Q O I Sealey Mr. Robinet teaches Merchandising l, DE-Co-Op, and he is in charge of our school store. When he isn't teaching, he enjoys participating in sports, especially basketball. He also likes to spend time working on his '53 Ford. Mr. Robinet's idea of a student is one who tries to cut in the lunch line. "When students get out of school, they'll find a world a whole lot different," comments Mr. Robinet. Mr. Rogers teaches Minority Cultures, Newspaper and 9th grade English. Some of Mr. Roger's hobbies are coaching football, officiating, and taking part in politi- cal activities. His idea of a student is an activist who aggressively goes after his! her own development as a person. Mrs. Helene E. Rose, RN., is our Nurses Aide instructor. Boating, fishing and snow mobiling are lust a few of her hobbies. ln her spare time, she does volunteer work and pursues whatever sport is in season, as well as spending time with her family. Mrs. Ryan teaches Physical Education and coaches Girls' Track. Her hobbies are oil painting and crafts. When she isn't teaching, she enjoys golf and tennis. She says that when students get out of school, they can hope to take an important part in society. Mr. Scheffels teaches the .lunior and Senior Band. His hobbies are golf, cars-Iso Rivolta. He likes to listen to music, read, golf, and work on cars when not busy. He says seniors are going to work hard and have fond memories. If you want to find Mr. Sealey away from the high school, you might try look ing in the library, on a baseball diamond, a bowling alley, or even on a golf course. Mr. Sealey teaches American Studies, Western Civilization, Government and Economics. His idea of a student is one who is "ready to learn, is prepared to learn, will not quit in adversity and is willing to learn from his mistakes." Faculty 4 Mr. Serafinski is our first Graphic Arts teacher. He enjoys water and snow ski- ing, cycling, camping and also sailing. Mr. Serafinski's idea of a 'student' is a person who wants to learn, therefore we are all students of some kind. He is so busy we're lucky to have him as a teacher here. He coaches a girls' swim team, is a Red Cross Safety Programs Instructor in W.S.l., and is a ski patrolman at Alpine Valley. Mrs. Shaieb teaches Basic Composition, Vocational English and 9th grade English. Some of her favorite pastimes are working out at a health club, playing tennis, skiing and sewing. "Each student can look forward to having the oppor- tunity to pursue his goals in the areas he chooses, and reaching his own poten- tial," says Mrs. Shaieb. Mrs. Sorensen teaches many subjects. They are Pottery, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Commerical Art and Indian Art. She has many hobbies also, such as sewing, square dancing and enjoys any kind of art. Her idea of a student is a hard worker, a talented and intelligent person. Mrs. Sunderland teaches Algebra I and ll. Her idea of what a student should be is one who strives to reach his highest potential and makes a positive con- tribution to his class, school, family and community. She enjoys reading about the latest scientific and medical developments. Mrs. Taube team-teaches Nurse's Aid with Mrs. Rose. She also teaches courses at Northern Macomb County Community College. Mr. Teller teaches one hour of Physical Science, and three hours of Earth Sci, ence. The rest of his time he spends being active in sports, photography and reading. He comments that, "Society puts a lot more responsibility on a person than what was required of him or her in school." H8 Faculty puejiapung Z N 1 CD S o ar U7 cb 1 m 2 3 an 5 Z m i -4 F- CD :r E. co O' F77 U7 O 1 CD 3 U3 CD I! CD I! CD !"" CD C N CD D 3 CD -I N C 9q J. UOPIH Il9 JS 5 E r 8 Trentacoste D. ent Zi 35 .Q I f t v 3 0 -1 L es E53 gi' C 4 .2 5 E Mr. Texley is our new counselor. His hobbies are boating, fishing, and hunt- ing. When he isn't counseling, he attends classes. His idea of a good student is one who thinks for himself. Mrs. Trentacoste teaches 9th grade English, Reading and Business English. She enjoys playing Mah Jong, painting, bowling and sewing. When she's not teaching, she's visiting friends or working on her house. She believes that a stu- dent is a composite of the following traits: con-artist, dreamer, genius, procrast- inator and a seeker of fun. Mr. Vincent teaches Machine Drawing l and ll, and also Architectural Draw- ing. He has been teaching here for fifteen years. He believes a student is some- one who is willing to work and learn. When asked what a graduate has to look forward to when getting out of school, he replied, "Responsibilities and etc. Mrs. Wesolowski is one of our English Teachers. She teaches Basic Compos- ition, Creative Writing and Individualized reading. ln her spare time, she likes to stain glass, hook rugs, bowl or play Mah Jong. Mrs. Wesolowski's picture of a student is a 'bundle of energy with a few giggles thrown in.' She thinks that when students get out of school, they can expect trying to find a job and wishing they had tried harder in school. Mrs. West teaches Home Economics. Some of her hobbies include sewing and gardening. When she isn't teaching she enjoys reading. Her idea of a stu- dent is an individual in a situation where he or she is permitted to learn what is being taught. When a student gets out of school, they should be able to accept the responsibilities of the adult world in which will be a member. Mrs. Wilkie teaches Physical Science and Earth Science. Her hobbies are boating, fishing, swimming and ice skating which she enjoys very much. Her idea of a student is a person that wants to learn. Faculty I l 49 Mr. Wisdom teaches the following subjects: Introduction to Social Studies, American History and Geography. A few of his hobbies are playing chess, and watching students participate in activities at school. When Mr. Wisdom isn't teaching he spends time on investments. His idea of a student is a person trying to acquire knowledge. Mr. Wojcik teaches Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and Algebra Il. He is the freshman basketball coach and helped coach varsity football this year. Mrs. Wrosch teaches Pre-Algebra, Algebra ll, and Geometry. When she isn't teaching she's probably involved with cheerleading or teaching adult education, or she may be involved with some of her hobbies such as bowling, swimming, rug hooking or sewing. Her idea of a student is a person who sets aside his years in high school to look back and reflect on them for wisdom. uosoJAA 5 E Ui Q. o 3 O 3' m r-0 1E Q. mo euuezng 'Z Dr. Fowler baffles us with her physics problem. l50 Faculty High bchool Administration Says Good-Bye +o Mrs. Westveld I Mr. Robert Hodson Mr. Jerry Waldrop Mr. Jim Feldkamp Principal Ass't Principal Athletic Director Y f Y., 5 I ia 1 ...- I 5 x x ' Mrs. Barbera Doll Mrs. Dorthy Thomas Mrs. Jeanine Bardy Secretary Secretary Counseling Secretary A , A E mfg J . Y' .si alia N Mrs. Gayle Georke Mrs. Joyce Genaw Mrs. Mary Anne Woodard Secretary Typist Typist Mrs. Jean Westveld has been a member of the Anchor Bay staff for twenty-tive years. She has served as a teacher, coun- selor, and more recently as we all know her now, vice- principal. She has helped out with many activities and directed all night hap- penings in the school. Mrs. Westveld deserves all the recognition in the world, and we will miss her greatly. Thank you Mrs. Westveld for your years at Anchor Bay. vi . Mrs. S. Jean Westveld Ass't Principal Administration f 6 rl Central Adminis+ra+ion , H ...anal Dr. Elkins Bruce Mr. James Meli Mr. Joeseph Farr Susan Chio Superintendent Ass't Superintendent Director of Personnel Bookkeeper i ., 1 JN l !! of Patricia Gendernalik Patricia Polak Nancy Reyes Adelaide Gagnon Secretary Secretary Secretary Bookkeeper V xx 'U 1 , X X at lla Heinemann Joyce Steffen Sheila Perry Irene Bryeans Bookkeeper Bookkeeper Bookkeeper Secretary L52 Ad nnistrcmon ...----- Qauiiuiiiii 4' H52 -7? Library Aides Front Row: Lori Cailett, Tom Siewert, Marcy Minauro, Kevin Dupell, Vickie Green. Second Row: Dan Stepanowski, Ron Hubbard,BeUiGrMo,EarIBrown. Back Row: Stephen EIIiott,Dave Low- ery, Ray Morin. eE,,,. . ., EGUEPSS CQE1mwZ E -O,:.?g C ,-gm "' :gtg 52 O-wmzgcm Q-SESS' 555523635 Igigagggg 13530-105-Q C Q NQ'3C.D 8': .-Egg? vaE'5w"c2 m'-m3w5m .3054 - U, -- ,mb EQEQEP-c 507552.52 9exg,QN ZQL--5g:cQ 5232252 A-o ,Q-'mesa P-1"'.'2ECDE2 56222340 guasswox -ZSOQQQQ '5 - b-O ND: 222302: Emg"ci5.0.'2 IDC-wif!-T-'EE .CD mqjqo Ewfggrgu. ci-'Jgfvn 2 CVQQUJOQJ' fgmCCD QJULLII :UL UO ..'-up N f5995,'rsE .gm .C .C fc- N Ntiv CUDSZNSQKD 5551822 '- 3 .."" 07531115324 EOwO30ci Eff-Qian L 5'- EGJW 'Ulf gz.5Q,Ui5 cnfwggvi' cmgqfngg Szydgg- 22132 ,CLS vs -Sqjm-CESE fi mwgcggm u U60 m7i .G cgmifzce va 'S ,EKUOSN gf GJ:--D-'cw if-'C , SL." V' ULF'--CQ? '5 Sm -imzo ..c OEECE U54 U m,,cu',:,E12.-2 vo g,:3y.-,QgU CD Qmofjw-Cbw P- I-1IU3ICDu..D . . - - . v W 1 - . A Q hgxf.. 165711 eq , JS. Qgiclf Tfn J L 15" 4,3 -'H .W Ai., 1 . . 'L E ' ,Q ,pb 9, M, v-4 P !..l'J'fP-' ,"v,Vi ' h A .- ,,.J.,,,, ,gl t 1",.?'f'-fer-fiiiw:-:"f'f'f ft r k f .Rr ..-4 2, .jrfifl-Q ,E jW?h'VfJff 4 M.fJ7 ',e'967lW " 19 CBTEJ-f'f"35.i231J24 h?S.f1i:'-' T 'fy -4?-43 'Tse ' I . . ' Q' ' Q - X -Qg-5 Adi X ,L "1'vV'gl 'V V xg ei xi .- FW- is 422' rl .' f. T ' .. L'-'S an 1 id' '3'y'f? ' ff . .. '. .' .' " Varsity Football Front Row: Bob Semaan, Jim Ruhlman, Phil Neal, Bart Bauer Ccaptainj, Jeff Pollard, Mike Sparks Ccaptainj, Bill Wellman, Jorge Sariol, Mike VanDeVeIde, Bob Rarick, Tony Blackshire, Scott Renner, Joe Sylwestrzak, Bill Balfour, Mike Duff. 2nd Row: Ass't coach Papierski, Head Coach Rogers, Chris Michayluk, Cher Carp, Ken Bode, Joe Kinter, Brian Walbecq, Rick VanO- verbeke, Mark Holman, Dave Gostovich, Jim McPherson, Ralph McDowell, Steve Thomas, Jim Parnick, Jay Roberts, Ass't Coach Glassford. 3rd Row: Scott Gostovich, Mike Yonka, Ccaptainb, Gerd Sarnes, Chris Bauchan, Jim Hodson, Chris Grajek, Ken Hopkins, Carl Michayluk, Jeff Greenslate, Jim Rickel, Chris Hishon, Bret Boshma, Charles Hanna, George Witteveen. 4 www: NOOQbf'Dg If JIT3-jjg ., 03491 o 2. 553 93373 2 a'mSte- QHQPO Q 2 if-x'r3" rn .3?'U-,BO Q Om ix? ' 'Y oggbox Ei' Qfglsgi-': 0' ws S02 Q- Fa' 'CD : 12358: 3 'S ng? wgggfvg 3-0.5 -lj omdn snags .. ni-.-1 353-' 35232 :3cu.w' Anchorefles Back Row: Marge Lanman, Lisa Miko- lowski, Kay Stephens, Terry Mellon, Sheri Budzynski, Cathy Rudiger, Con- nie Keck, Kari Peterson. Second Row: Carol Carpenter Cadvisorj, Colleen Shipp, Darlene David, Leslie Pesta, Pam Dudek, Beth Grillo, Lisa McDermitt, Shawn Lamm, Sonja Horne. Front Row: Theresa Trybus, Kim Rabine, Becky Evola, Sarah Mil' ner, Evelyn Lanrnan, Becky McAfee, Tracy Golernbewski. 54 FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS Standing: Robin Woodruff, Leslie Pesta, Laura Ross, Cindy Strother, Chris Fellows. Kneeling: Les- lie Burgess, Karen Beindit, Sue Walbecg, Jill Deull, SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS Janene Pollard, Jackie Popour, Lynn Holzhauer, Debbie Perry, Wendy Hoffman, Linda Humphry, Patty Douglass, Dawn Davis. JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL Standing: Merrit Balfour, Michelle Balfour CCap- tainb, Clndy Chrlstle, Vivian Abbey, Katie Cutshaw, Pam Smith, Michele Moore, Michelle Thomas, Cindy Wawrzniak, Coach Flobinet. Kneeling: Evelyn Haslett, Mary Burkhardt, Lynn Miller, Kathy Greg' ory, Carole Schwartz, Marie Steffen, Carol LaDuke, Carol Burkhardt. VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL Standing: Elleen Clark, Jackie Pollard CCaptalnJ, Debbie McKinnon, Kathy Schneider, Stacey Rlvard, Sandy Meteyer, Coach Natzke. Kneeling: Annette Debano, Shelly Hageman, Marla Ferraro, Mary Bil- lock, Noel Bullock CCo'CaptainJ. Va ris+y Basketball Standing: Coach Feldcamp, Jeff Greenslate, Doug Greenslate CCOA Captainj, Jim l-lodsori, Tom Eutebach, Chuck Kay, Tim Ryan, Bret Boschma Mr. Price. Kneeling: Tracy Mitchell, Bill Burkhardt, Bill Wellman, Gary Hildebrand, Tim Nielding, Dave Vandeputte, Brian l-lalligan. Missing: Co-Captain Matt Sliva and Trainer Bill Thomas. J.V. Basketball Standing: Pat Bing, Jim Rickel, Russell Scott, Jim Hopper, Chris Bauchan, Jorge Sariol, Leroy Mikolowski, Mike Bandy, Coach Perkins. Kneeling: Ron Eppler, Jay Ruhlman, Wayne Sterzer, Paul Socia, Scot Bruce, Steve Lovalvo. Sitting: Robert Duff, Ken Strosher Freshman Basketball Back Row: Jon Bruce, Craig Terrace, Gary Halligan, Jeff Koger, Jim Ruhlman, Mike Franklin, Coach Wojeck. Front Row: Rick Marcin, Kent Rivard, Tim Smith, Bill Wenzell, Rick Farris, Tim Custar. Golf Back Row: Allen Enderby, Tim Ryan, Doug Greenslate, Duffy Ross, Dave Gustin. Front Row: Coach Grayson, Ron Pierskalla, Jerry Dekker, Tracy Mitchell, Don Pierskalla. 1 ' Y f U B' hyklifrfk j ' V .calvin lt 'W XXCHQ . , F28 .wlgffa-4 ville' wife V-luv l BA . 4 - Q2 an BAY BAY .S-A-x ,ii l x -,rl x Y . l. Varsity Volleyball Back Row: Eillen Clark, Kathy Kaherl, Jackie Pollard, Dora Ghazal, Kathy Schneider, Janet Neubecker. Front Row: Cathy Peterson, Debbie McKennon, Kelly Wolschon, Laura Cates, Maria Ferraro, Coach Miss Lee, Coach Loman. J.V. Volleyball Back Row: Dawn Kosinski Cmanagerb, Sandra Scruggs, Katie Cutshaw, Jane Teller, Claudia Batta, Linda Corner, Gerd Sarnes Cmanagerj, Coach Miss Lee. Sitting: Merrit Balfour, Julie Flivard, Dori Wellman Ccaptainj, Mic- helle Balfour, Cindy Wawrzyniak, Mic- helle Moore. All Sports Club Front Row: Mrs. Hagemann, No Id, Mrs. Greenslate, Mrs. Rudiger, Mrs. Yonka, Mr. Pollard, Mr. Kotlowski, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Pollard, Mrs. Boschma. 2nd Row: Mrs. Prize, Mrs. Mikolowski, Mrs. Michayluk, Mr. Michayluk, Mrs. Geier, Mr. Greenslate, Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Yonka, Mrs. Psciuk, Mr. Psciuk, Mr. Folske, Mr. Boschma, Mr. Feldkamp. Girls Softball Front Row: Coach Card, Evelyn Has- lett, Carol Schwartz, Deneen Trombly, Sue Walbecq, Dawn Davis, Cathy Peterson, Sherry Messer, Janet Bickel Cbat girlj. Back Flow: Kelly Pagels, Rhonda Wheeler, Eileen Clark, Sherry Beindit, Cindy Wawrzyniak, Wanda Morrison, Diane Rickel, Merrit Bal- four, Michelle Balfour, Janet Neu- becker, Wendy Hoffman, Carole Burk- hardt. Tennis Standing: Coach Osadchuck, Larry Gast, John Reske, Ken Beller, Brad Parwey, Tom Eutebach, Kathy Gregory, Charles Hanna, Sandy Meteyer. Kneeling: Angela Heffernan, Paul Meteyer, Sid VanAssche, Earl Brown. Sitting: lan Waite, Jeff Pollard, Dave VanDeputte, Dave Ramales, Ed Harris. Varsity Baseball Back: Coach Perkins, Jerry Tatton, mgr., Joe Kinter, Jim Bickel, Jeff Greenslate, Doug Greenslate, Tracy Mitchell, Jerry Dekker, Chuck Kay, Mike Marks, mgr. 2nd Row: Julio Enderby, Ron Pierskalla, Cameron Karry, Jerry Beaudoin, Mike VanDevelde. Front Row: Pete Black, John Kirchoff, John Gave, Rob Flairick, Tim Holt, Fred Balderrama. J.V. Va rsi+y Standing: Tom Lienart, Flon Eppler, Jorge Sariol, Chris Bauchan, Ben Maltese, Paul Socia, Chris Karry, Steve Lovalvo, Matt Kinter. Kneeling: Robert Duff, Dennis Strunk, Kurt Marcero, Steve VanDeVelde, Mike Haynes, Bob Black, Jon Cunniff, Shawn Bibee, Scot Bruce. Frosh Baseball Back Row: Coach: Steve Price, Dave Trubiano, Kent Bivard, Chet Karp, Bryan Stone, Tim Smith, Jon Bruce. 2nd Row: Jeff Petrous, Chris Boss, Jim Morisette, Craig Terrace, Richard Marcin, John Hayman. Kneeling: Ward Wolak, Ed Heffernan, Bill Wenzell, Mark Diesz, Wes Gano, Tony Lienert. l58 Concerl' Choir Back Row, L to R: Rhonda Ritter, Rose Gabler, Kathy Kaherl, Cindy Struzyn- ski, Mark Holman, Jack Townsend, Ray Siegneurie, Albert Gerow, Kelly Woodruff, Lisa McDermott, Virginia Gendernalik. Middle Row: Jan VanO- verbeke, Kelly Pagles, Robbin Zanger, Cory Stier, Brian Boledovich, Dave Kraft, Theresa Flasher, Monika Bengtsson. Front Row: Mrs. Balfour, Bev Edens, Janet Peacock, Patty Van- Nuck, Sue Asselin, Dave Gage, Matt Engel, Doug Stewart, Patty Kipke, Helen Eggert, Tammy Koger. Girl's Glee Back Row: Aggie Shaw, Heidi Knapp, Cindy Struzynski, Linda Kunath, Julie Pfeiffer, Sue Baro, Lori Furton, Shari Gast. Middle Row: Merrit Balfour, Tra- cie Rettell, Sharon Semaan, Liz Green, Debbie Reichenbach, Kelly Wolschon, Tracy Golembieski. Front Row: Julie Rivard, Lisa Tysar, Mindy Donovan, Betsy Marushak, Dawn Davis. Boy's Track Back Row: Colleen Shipp, Dean Toward, John Parnick, Glenn Meld- rum, Bret Boschma, Len Schneider, Chris Hishon, Bob Kuzminski, Chris Michyluk, Jay Kralik, Randy Sliva, Pat Bing, Keith Spranger, Ray Ameel, Jim Geier, Tom Hunt, Doug Lowe, Steve Baker, Jim Parnick, Dale Toward, Ralph McDowell. Front Row: Coach Cleverly, Jim Holt, Chris Grajeck, Duffy Ross, Matt Sliva, Neal Toward, Mike Yonka, Ken Hopkins, Ron Abbey, Scott Gostivich. Girl's Track Back Row: Terry Trubiano, Kim Nixon, Vivian Abbey, Robin Zanger, Lisa Schrage, Jackie Pollard, Kathy Schnieder, Kari Dunlap, Kim Schmid, Karen Goldenbogen. Middle: Robin Woodruff, Pam Smith, Gale Schehe, Bridget Bayer, Debbie McKinnon, JoAnn Biebuyck, Monique Dermaux, Leslie Burgess, Cindy Strother. Bot- tom: Mary Burkhardt, Caroline Gol- denbogen, Janene Pollard, Tracie Ret- tell, Linda Humphrey, Laura Caroth- ers, Lynn Miller, Elizabeth Green, Mary'Billock. xy law, Mm., . , qv Q . 4 ,.-Jw! ' X , " rg . ' 4 .aQ5:1?'e:':l XJ' ""?'!'f""'f4ff-551. , ' . 84 VV f ,f,i'ff' T3 rj - .'-is?" ' A - . 'ff' me ,'pfW..24,,-f,gL,,,- A, .4 - V f lk,,f. swf- "-, A W., ,lf,Qf.Q,,, ' A , ""f "'3 - w .'7Z'j44",?"0'? 'gf-H .-:g h , ,. C :mf 1 :i'ib+4,:Qe-Q, , .. -- ,x..' 1 1 Q Qg,vk9"1,,,,.j ,--T" -' -.,,. I " f J - 2- ..- A , Q 1 fqsgm .V vin. .a,,,.,g'1a-" -5, H , lf: . M S .....5.y, l,, '4- b -Ml , 4' 7 I . ' 4' 'f'3',x" '7 ',-'?'fKh?,' ,f -4' 'f .- MQMLY-,Q ' ,3 gf ' A- . - '. :ff , 4 fffnrari' 1 ff ' W gag? - wi- 1' " 0 -241-W4-,. f 'fl 1311 Av fp.'ff,11Tf ,f J k i "gg, '21 .-.ww ' -I '- 71 - L' 'Z' M33 ' je ux ffm , ,aww . 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V, ,L fumes 9. 4 27,5 .. W 4 V f Q mm Ku s Qs O at1S 9 if Y SCHO 4 ' te I . xr-1.4, ,,w. 'T 2 - , .J Q gkif.. . ,y f xg E358 - iii" Tu' ! Q, . ' 5, , - -1625 . QMULJ 4354 Y '14 -F' f' i ' L J mx- '. -gf? T. L A W, x' WGS 4552 at 511- fjg , Q. 6- xg. 5' E 4 5 3 v Q . YQ ., Spanish Club Back Row: Kim Schmid, Cindy Christie, Denise Stephens, Jorge Sariol, Lisa Mikolowski, Bill Thomas, Tom Meldrum, Scot, Bruce, Dean Toward. Front Row: Mrs. Appelman, Jon Bruce, Monica Pinto, Karen Hoppa, Colleen Shipp, Mary Hayman, Evelyn Lanman, Linda Savoyard. French Club Back Row: Jerry Tatton, Mary Westerman, Becky Evola, Beth Sperry, Carol Klonowski, Deanna Williams, Mary Jordan, Paul VanAssche, Don Gaston. Third Row: Miss Kirst, Leanne Leashbrook, Randi Smith, Carolyn Goldenbogen, Liz Green, Lynne Rivard, Mark Major, Carol Schwartz, Laura Cichecki, Patti VanNuck, Linda Goerlich, Dave Ramales, Kathy Hammond. Second Row: Becky Woytek, Lori Osogin, Amy Rice, Brenda Eppler. N.H.S. Back Row: N. Billock, B. Eppler, L. Schrage, P. Meteyer, H. Hills, D. Ghazel, B. Christie, I. Waite, K. Schmid, D. Greenslate, K. Dunlap, L. Schrage, C. Lochner, D. Steffe. Middle Row: L. Rifenburg, L. Savoyard, P. Krol, J. Schymanski, D. Ramales, C. Sakuta, L. Mikolowski, T. Ryan, D. Rose, D. VanWinkle. Front Row: D. Stephens, A. Debano, C. Schmid, C. Jeroue, S. DeSelm, L. Gast, K. Paul, M. Grauman, D. Gillman, R. Pierskalla, L. Goerlich. Kneeling: M. Hayman, M. Silva, L. Kunath, G. Steffen, M. Melkerson, P. Black, E. Gartin. Chess Club Back Row: Jesse Roberts, Jim Moore, Mike Grauman, Ron Abbey. Front Row: Lisa Mikolowski, Ed Harris, Phil Litaker, Bill Learst, Rick Williams, Larry Gast. Seated: Robert Black, Tom Eutebach. Not Pictured: Mr. Sealy Cadvisorj. '78 Anchor Staff Front: Evelyn Lanman, Co-Editor. Mid- dle Row: Marge Lanman, Karrie Militz, Yolanda Scott, Miss Kaufman, Advi- sor, Mr. Abell, Mary Westerman, Bridget Bayer, lan Waite. Far Back Row: Brian Parenteau, Bill Thomas, Co-Editor, Gerd Sarnes. Missing: Patti Gazdick, Sheree Hutchison, Tor Vage, Jim Hodson, Lisa Mikolowski, Gayla Bryant. Ski Club Back Row: T. Metinger, D. Gregory, S. Messer, B. Bayer, K. Lodrick, C. Koe- nigseker, L. Green, C. Bing. Middle Row: Miss Kaufman Cadvisorb, I. Waite, S. Loveless, D. Kowalski, L. Harrison, M. Westerman, K. Gilewski, K. Beller, L. Schrage, G. Bosel, Fl. Gabler, D. Ross, M. Jordan, C. Grajek, K. Schmidt, M. Hodson, H. Hills, A. McGonnigal, S. Wisuri, Mrs. Card, L. Lashbrook, D. Williams, T. Pearson, K. Hammond, Mrs. Cochran. Kneeling: N. Floss, J. Kieling, T. Vage, B. Paren- teau, L. Savoyard, D. Ramales, L. Schrage, K. Shlmeyer, J. Tolman, S. Kowalski, S. VanAssche. Service Club Standing: Dr. Fowler, J. Teller, G. Sar- iol, N. Billock, C. LeMire, M. Jordan, L. Mikolowski, L. Miller, M. Hodson, C. Christie, P. LeRoy, A. Orta, D. Ramales, S. Winther, N. Moore, M. Westermann, L. Veith, L. Pesta, Mr. Waldrop. Kneeling: P. Meteyer, L. Goerlich, D. Ghazel, V. Gendernalik, L. Fiivard, M. Lashbrook, Our Town Cast Back Row: A. Rice, S. Martinez, T. Trubiano, L. Kunath, E. Dreschel, R. Abbey, P. Schmidt, M. Lashbrook, D. Aubel, P. Krol, H. Bayer. Middle Row: J. Neubecker, P. VanAssche, P. McCarthy, J. VanOverbeke, D. Floss H. Hills, G. Kaminski, D. Stephens. Seated: I. Waite, R. Floyd, T. Lienert D. Gage. 1 I 164 Debate Team Sitting: Evelyn Lanman, Janine Tolman, Lisa Mikolowski, Sue Wisuri, Lynne Rivard Ccaptainj. Standing: Bob Scruggs, Mary Hayman, Mary Sue Lochner, Karen Hoppa, Sue Patterson, Laura Cichecki, Paul VanAssche, Coach Mr. Pietzak, Tim Allord. Art Club Back Row: Carrie Eslinger, Jim Stone, Donna Burns. Third Row: Kay Stephens, Anita Brooks, Wendy Cole, Cathy Rudiger, Leslie Pesta, Lisa Schrage, Mary Westermann, Leonard Xerri. Second Row: Kim Power, Babette Barry, Carolyn Moran, Mindy Donvan, Rochelle Gibeau, Chris Eslinger, Erin Zanger, Karen Brown. First Row: Mr. Kucharski, Amy Rice, Michelle Fournier, Lynn Schrage. Front: Laura Schrage. B.O.E.C. Back Row: Wendy Coal, Julie Lenhausen, Anita Jo Brooks, Joyce Burns, Lori Stak, Karrie Militz, Kathy Kolarich, Cindy Christie, Collette Urchavich, Lisa Harri- son, Debbie Rludolph, Cindy Strother, Karla Haas, Becky Woytek. Second Row: Cathy Rudiger, Sandy Drezynski, Vicky Culley, Jane Huwe, Mary Johnson, Sharon Semaan, Rosemary Kish, Lynn Holzhauer, Kelly Johnson, Tim Allord, Mary Lochner. Front Row: Mary Jordan, Margie Woytek, Lois Leaver, Cathy Jer- oue, Coreen McKeever, Bill Christie, Nora Moore, Zelma Defever. Anchor Bay Today Standing: Cindy Oftenbacher, Bev St. John, Anne Maire Eggert, Helen Dawn Oleski, Mike Marks, Yolanda Scott, Ken Schnieder, Kim Tremlin, Lee Cole. Sit- ting: Rick Stephens, Beth Rice. 165 SENIORI Abbey,R0H': X 01 1 Band 1, 2, 53 ck2 4 2, 3, 4, Eemian 2, Joe 101 Nancy 10'1 Fr d 4 Chris 1, 2,,3, 10143 Fwball1 Bauer Bart 42 75 FootbaII1 2 3 4 Track1 Baskett, balI1 2 Class Royalty4 f Bayer He1d186 88 101 164 Drama1 Cho1r2 TA 1 Girls Basm ketball 3 Class Officers 1 , ciubz 1 1 f'Borke, Mike 102 1 Bowles, Nsfwown, Earl , Class piub 2, sm Club f-92, 3, 4, 'BOEC 4, N.H.S. Q, 3, T.A. 4, , Tr 1, Louise 25, 1 2 Bruce 102 X r andy --Off' Asst. 1 T.A. ix ij 1 XE' 1. "fl A Q fifbuto, "0 0 J Band 1, Ski Club 2, T.A. 4 Wreqig 1, Art Club 2 Club 1 ennis 3, 4 Jim 1 choir 1, T.A. 4, Track 1, 2 f'2'??5-its y -4 gmmw ' 6381881 1 Crampton, I l 102 D09 1288331 , nm Dalton E ' W 172gx-S1314-gi1g."2ii Band , 'I H1231 Q, L K, -astmfmww . .axiihhuaw Davis Ju - . 4-HAM' ,Stu Q .if Q' 2 '52 Deffen JeffP1O -'." ,, , 4 4 A WBaaebail,,1 'F F1 31523353 1 - r if ' ' wltiwxw b D swaem council 1 56 , 1, 5, Ps is-'J' rx 'ra I 'Q x we I K ' 1 In I . Q 2 1 .9 1 ' its A , 1. E A3 e 1 Q 19 o V , Q, 0' A v : . H 42' 1 1 0 1, Football 1, ardt Bill , 43, 44, o ss keiban 11PQ,m3f 4, T.A.,,4,,,aaae- so 7 i ' in 4 art M ZVL , QV1, xy, l Drapik, Nadiria-TWU3-N--4. Dunlap, Kari 29, 44, 103, 163, 159 Track 2,1 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Student 3, 4 Dupell, Kevin 103, 153 Library Asst 4 ,4, 4 vgdgtbal1f12.gECiatss EQQGYLAHH Marie 103. 155 alfy 4, Qhoghg Newspaper 3, 4, Yearbook 1, N.H.S. , 2 D' ill 7 . ,lrs 3' , - 4. Office Asst. 2 1 Joyce s 51014 103 's - -i-1 1 aaas. - f 3, 152 i,' seball 1, 2, Wrestling 1 ' ,. Barbara E d -" Q ' 1- f 3' 4,,,iil i .J on Fi ""i"' . bers Scogfkfli iiiii ip' iil' A 1 it Bellomo, Debbie 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3, T.A. 4 Bengtsson, Monika 97, 101, 159 Drama 1, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Skiing 1, 1 166 I Senior Index T.A. 4 -E-.-fi, 2- glam, 2, 3, Baseball 3, 4, Year- Golf4 Track 1 ef T '22T.A. Flasher, Choir 1 Club 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 2 1' rack 1 Rene 4m O3 Yearbook 2 N.H.S. 2, Co-op 2 ss Huljttham, Marki105, 1 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Foo, l4mt ,twig 29 105 Chess 4, Spanish Tennis Aff Club 1, DBbate4 Gaston, French ljeinzm 1 ,Jeq 104, 153 TA 43013 ' 2 Wres 105 . 3 1 3 Class Offic 1 Chi Cho" 1' 2' 3' 4' B059 4' J 1 Knapp. Laura 106 MZrk32g746-tg 3 , Choir 1 Karry, Cameron 42, 43, 90,11 , , 82 3 Basketball 1, 2, Football 2, 3, Base- ubbtu M 88 TV . f . 1 1'1 1 2 , ,Q . 4. 9 Kgnter, at 82 Basketball 1, 1 1 1 2 3 4 TA 4 Kipke, Patricia 106, 159 ,154,1 Asst. 3, TWtW4,,.D.Cb31e 3 T.A'. 3, cadet 2 XX- -4 H f 1 Senior Index ! Ski Club 1, 2 Mille Nlarcero, Theresa 106, 125 3, BOEC 3' 4, Marten, Donna 89, 107, 89 Track 2, Cheerleader 2, Class 3, T.A. 4 Kolhgc 76' 87' 106' 154' Martinez, Sandy 99, 107, 164 1, 2, 3, 4, T.A. 4, Class QftdC'Utb4l' 2' D'am31'fl ' E Royalt 4 , U en r",, 1 ,, Kan, ,' ' t " 048112, Alicia 'f'l'll -I 3 If - Maxwell, Dawn 43, 107 Kraus' Bob 4 Class Rep. 2, 3, T.A. 4 ,, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, N.H.s. 3, 4, T.A. 4 McHOne,Mary107 Krueger, Kevin 106 Mclntre' Jay 107 Kuzminski, Len 106 Track 1' 4' Footban 1 McKeever, Coreen 107 , Laouke, Jeff 1025 Chess Club 4, Ten 4, Cross Country 2 LaLonde, Jerry 106 T.A. 4 nis 1, Track 2, 3 Lamar, Denise 25, 106 Lanman, Mar e 105 154 Q , Drill Team 4, Yearbook 3, 4 La ntz, Kath 106 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4 153,156 Y 5 Messer, Latham, Kevin 44, 91 Leavgr, Lois 106, 165 Lemife, Cathy 106, 164 V0lleyball,3, Ski Club 4, Service Club 4, Band 1, Co-op 4, T.A. 4 BOEC 2, 4 Lewis, Ruth 106 1 Lonnrqm, 54, 97, 106 ,gf L0ve1ess,szeve,,9o, lg' Ski Club 4, Track 2 j Lucardie Ed 15 if ,,.. PAVM Lynch, Darlene 106 ' T.A. 4 . '4"' f k R.0.T.C. 1, 2, 3, Newspapeffl Team 1, 2, Chess Club 1 Lorie 1125+ Q Cl'l9QlflBBd0Y2,T.A.4, SfQ!819T','lf07 1568 f Senior lndox 0 Toole Cindy 108 Cindy 44, 1 1, Track 1 2, Volleyball 18, 87, 107, 153, 87 :Que ww -ll 69, 70, 77, Officer 4, Soft- 3, Volleyball 3, Roger, Kim89 112 grin' -141 11 WKMBQ18 1, 2, Cheerleading 2 ,,,,-g'3,""5g.., fig: X Q yn X ' mu. JT ,Q i ,KF qegax . 'W -I' X 4 . ' o Q. A ff , 'u,Pa W . x., x 5 if' - X 5, 11' 4 X , iq M, 5 .,' Q. ,r Q v f 0 ..-v's.1,f 4 332, Chess GI p Fileccla Flasher, Fournier 153 1 Fowler, 30,11 Teresa115 5,115 115,153 115,163 Clark Cole, elgh 'L 1 15, 165 Judith 115, 153 Darby, AI 122 3 Debano, Annette 11 , , 155, 163 Defever, Zelma UQ, Dekker, Jerry 49, 50, 1 , 154, 156, Delorge, Dernick, DeSelm, Diaz, Drew Eckert, Edens Elgin, va ggi 11451 78 158 5 Ry5a61il011r1s 52, 120 Schehrjgjay 120 scnmsiiacynrhaa 120, 163 Schm1cffKimberIy 22, 52, 120, 154, 1H,164.,153,159 schra f1WiWf129,163,164,165 Seigngi ,,, i , nd 120, 159 Senopold 1 20, 1 53 Sheafen? 0 Shelton? 1 20 SNpp,CQilQ3EQN21,153,154, 159iwfJ3TZV 5 1 ' I Q ? 'Ks Snug In ,4l'bf ' l:1 Rf s19x16, 121 X ' WN ,x',"!vxK!:i'vNGJi a t X K Q .S 6 nv'- ui H 15' M, 1 ' 3 3' 911 1- mb 136121 11114.14 sn66hn,Beveny19,79,121,153, 1650 6---r , 1 . 51-"" Stover, WiIIiam12f1'f5 im 1 Suarez, AntQ17t121g 1, . Suess, DQuQlasf1'22jj , 31 YQ 111661161 121 1.636 6119 121,,5158, 163 ' Janice 30, 113, 121, 164 122,153, II71 Q W Scott Parnick, Parwey, Wiwlaczyk, 52,312aNj J, 128 Jim 28, ' kenberge, Kurt 21, 128 ott-4-98 , Stacy 128 155 E' -Roberts, Jesse 1 163 ' Roberts, Julie 1 Romanuik, Romine 30, 128 19, 128 Rose, Gary 128 Rosin, Greg 128 Ross, Stacy 128, 164 wow, Sheryl 55, 62, 128 delph, aebbie 128 6 Ridolph, icharqL1,28, 165 Y if hlman Ja 28 ' A 1 I Q K mtlx ussell, Jam' '1 1 akole, Ja of ' A I 1 Yerff es 128 W 22 n, 21340 M YS, Rmb . in A T5 ' 1 'C schneidef, rglrd 1 9 , Schgetze, at . y S Q . 1 1 Ay wi C11 133 1131 1 '- r . 'Z -, ,nf Semaan Serra, Dina Shaw, Aggie Sliva, Randy 51 Smith, Andy 129 Smith, Randi 163, Smith, Sue 129 Snyder, Gene 129 28, 83, Mike 129 Kathy 1 Keith 51, Carol 1 , Wayne Alice 129 , Ken 129 Dennis 128, 158 Michell 129 Curt 129 Donna 129 ' Janet 129 .2 Sandy 52, 1 Geraldean Mark 129 Joe 129 Tolman, Janine Toward Dean Trommater, Tysar, Lisa 1 ffyvaert, Ron Urcavich, Van Vandevelde VanSullen, Tom 129 Vieth, Lois 129, 164 Venettg, Bri Waller? J, 30 allefsf A L ,,1k,,1,29, wrzyfi a , itii ur 129 Wayne, Rrry 12 ' WelIma1s?Dorie 29, 157 Wellman, Phill' 130 Weusf . West, , 130 Westerm Mary 55, 123, 163, .,' 165 c dy13O x . X 3 . ner Kev4jn132 , 'C1'tpryI132 , . Aw S 0 :Q " gf" . - gl 32,164 A , Bair, artin 138 Blum, Joe 132 is 1 Blunden, Tanya 132 F Bode,kep132,1 4 , ,.,,,. 1 Books, John 1 -Q Bowman, B ' 32 1 Brooks, A 1 ,: W Brown, Ka 165 at A Brown, Larry if Q 1 Brown, Shelley 1 T82 Br wning, Kathy 132 si'qrJon 29, 131, 132,1'56, 158, i E3 1 Brumm, Jimmy 132 gl Bryant, Caro1 132 Buccellato, Peter 132 Jeanne 1 Leslie - " , Cavanaugh, Brian 1 4 Chambers, Tim 132 Corner, Charles 1 ers, Jim 132 5le, avid, Darlene 133, 154 D Davis, Tom 133 Deb ano, Dan 133 Mark 133 , Cathy 133 133 133, 158 131,133,1 ,Halt, Debbie 134 Hammond, Kathy 134, 1 3, 164 'Alv Hanna, Ken 134 K ka-nm Harris, Tim 134 Hauen,Evayns5,67,134,156,151 Hayman, John 134, 158 Hengyf Dan 134 Higgins, Charles 134 Hilborn, Desiree 134 Hill, Renee 134 Hills, James 134 3 Hodson, Mary Lou 29, 131, 1 ,, - f' Hogan, Dave 134 ' 'A 1 1 Homier, Tom 134 i Q Horian, Jim 134 F14 g P Horne, Sonya 134, 154 Hornibrook, Kathy 134 Howcroft, Dale 134 Hunt, Tom 134, 159 Hurst, Barbara 134 Huwe, Jackie 134 Jackson, Danny 1,34 Ann.,138 Jensen, in y 138 Johns, Dena 134 Johns, Durenda 134 Johnson, Kelly 134, 165 Joles, Nancy 134 Kaminski, Denise w:if1.fiMeldru m, Glenn 135, 1 ,k'4?'f" 7 Melissa 133,155 v .-LQ Martinez, Joe John 135 Darryl 135 Paul 135 Joe 135 McCown McCulIa, Kathy 135 McGonnigal, Ann Marie 135 164 McMinn McPherson Mecum, Tamela 1 Medinger, Tammy Men, Jim 135 Mellon, Teresa 135, 1 ,fgHiQ5qyluk, Chris 135, 1 yicy ,C 1 i, Duane 135 ott135 Qi- xJ35 Mn ,Tne1fg3,5 Miner, Mike T 4, Mink, Sue 135 f X i: 1 Moore 5renda 135 KandIer,Steven1 Mitchell Tom1 Kapdistrias M ,L 135 1 Kar , 5 V58 oore, arry 5 Kavg Nloore, Linda 135 au, M Moore, Michele 135, 153 iq 1 ',VYVA H Eioofg l I 135 Keller ilil 4 e or y nnon135 7 r 135, 16 Wi em Jim 135 15 134 143 Cindy134, 154 Natzke, Linda 135 Nixon, Kim 135, 159 Nofs, Stephen 135 Norberg, Lorrain 135 Novak, Steven 1 Oden, Robin 1 1' Offenbacher OMara, Kitty O'NeaI, Orta Angela Pagels Murray, Kim 135 , dolski, Joe 135 rkevich, Randy 135 I Wolak Ba ide Da-Eid P Wilbur, Mike 137 Williams, Laura 137 'lliams Lisa 137 Williams Winther Wi rtz Toni Krantz James Lanman Joe Scott Doug Wargo Kathy Beverly David A. Koch ,, The end of the book is here, It tells a little of what happened this year, Whether you dribbled a basketball or kicked a football, or ran track, or played on a baseball field way in back, Some students took an academic look And they are also in this book. Not just athletes, not just scholars. This book is for you to remember, The test the freshmen had to take, The sophomores' float that was hard to make, The money the juniors raised of the Prom date, Also don't forget the seniors vs. faculty basketball game Who really got raked? All four grades are Together Again And now, this book is at its end. By Evelyn Lanman The final page of the 1977-78 Anchor was submitted on June 23, 1978. Many unusual ideas are employed in this book including a new delivery date. I hope the summer reunion was fun. There is one special person who taught the photographers most of what they know, substituted for them at a moment's notice, and in general held me together during numerous crucial periods during the past four years. He gets no pay, no credit, and very little thanks except when he looks through this book and sees the expertise of his students. Thank you so much J. P. Abell. Working on this staff for the last four years has made me scream, cry, laugh, and most of all beam with pride when l see the finished product and think back on the year and how hard everyone worked. The 77-78 staff had to cope with a room change, new publisher, and more students. They worked endless hours after school and in the summer. I know their efforts created the best "Anchor" yet. l'm proud to say that the following people designed, wrote, and produced the 1978 Anchor: Co-Editors Staff Yolanda Scott Photographers Bill Thomas Marge Lanman Patti Gazdick Brian Parenteau Evelyn Lanman Bridget Bayer Mary Westermann Gerd Sarnes Sheree Hutchison Karrie Militz Tor Vage lan Waite Jim Hodson Pat Jackson Thanks for a great year - Miss Karen Kaufman, Advisor 176 E104 A445 LJ Crm 5PE?EL" .... 'Aug 5 -, , , - .- . -, ',,-. w,,:k,f,'71-f.,- Du0g94 D107 eo nx --- ' 7 T ow: bmw. mug T K P Tawvrsz, P Cm A ' Amo JAETALN DlO5 POWER 2 IM Y' D102 iT GQAFDMQC5 QF ..DQRi:DK6 if cwgream' '44 o. cs. A145 A BAND M AO CHOKAL , P RB ..........' CNS' 5 IA X RAD10 Ta. ww snare TJAIN1 6, 5 M PE AML f:TAac . CRAFT A 1 on-u----L V M561 N54 eu ww ---, l BIO. FNY'3V-5 :INS in LV h , 'A .... we iFL'm?:EEjf" -nn-.-Q..--1 bc-5 . CJO14 -V --+ l E510 L.e:c,. ffrf'-N-1 J .A r ' VLVL K ji, m OFF ,um9 MW e-nuns-nni-nu-an-up l 1.103 mmH C!Q7 5 ,v--uv A-ATUs CHE ,ni 6.422-. .2 i Y UH Li L"-'Uf'7ff-R U..' City me, Af47 5' mv f v 'AHC1 pummb f f GUM f Cub 602 QT Mm! cum ....f......,.........1 CU? . V 44, L Y 5OC.lALN1,5Tota-46.5 - + Y-.J-4-.,:..f,,:-, ..--...,-.. M il 1.1.5 3 Qzzzaf ,K 3 5 .,p,,,- ..,. .- , - , n.,, .. Munn I 5? ,M ., f1+2f1Te,1-ac 5.1214 fm 4--.-'-a'r fl 6.451 Q45-37' i fxgfig If f:P?? css.: ,....r.....T......, 0 , 1 ' , 5 Y ge., . yi W A' m AHXA A ' , " .,j . ' mmfgg 4..- g 55 ' 5 N SF,vNQ 2 PERISL-I , V' ig. L , H... Q L -IH A , V M L 77 f ., 1 Mi T If -l Q0-4 , . , 5 f.ggga:o Q LR I CR f7'f-lb of Asif V gunz fam A QC- . , Ae N- Hm4.A f M' X' 4 4 ., mi . , Qqwxa k,.m h A 1 , peg Im-'1"" sw. J A Bm , fn , V YH6 ' 4 : dOlJFQ-0. J ' f Q ... MFFQFLIQW , V ! CR q CR L 51oo ' V, 5- f . 3 k . " uit I SCI-KOOL, . . mob :am .805 H u1 nR l ca. .am , ',.l 1, . .,n-1 1

Suggestions in the Anchor Bay High School - Anchor Yearbook (New Baltimore, MI) collection:

Anchor Bay High School - Anchor Yearbook (New Baltimore, MI) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Anchor Bay High School - Anchor Yearbook (New Baltimore, MI) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Anchor Bay High School - Anchor Yearbook (New Baltimore, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 7

1978, pg 7

Anchor Bay High School - Anchor Yearbook (New Baltimore, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 9

1978, pg 9

Anchor Bay High School - Anchor Yearbook (New Baltimore, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 153

1978, pg 153

Anchor Bay High School - Anchor Yearbook (New Baltimore, MI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 9

1978, pg 9

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