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r Published My Zhe journalism Class Of Anatone Ml School Anatone, Washington THIS PAGE SPONSORED BV HOLZMILLER’S GARAGE, anatone, wash. Zhe Wildcat 196$ 2Dedication This year, as usual, many Anatone boys are heading for the far corners of the earth on business for Uncle Sam. Others have recently returned home. We at home want you to know that we are standing behind you one hundred percent. Very soon some of us will join you or take your places and you can resume the life you interrupted for service to your country. We have had no demonstrations, sit-ins, nor draft card burnings to portray our dissatisfaction with events and ideologies. We may not always have been in per- fect accord with each facet of these, but since you are defending with your lives the basic concepts of democracy, we believe that we can be expected to do no less than to carry on to the best of our abilities on the home front whatever we can do for the total war effort. Though it is an undeclared war, we know that you and we may still have to give our lives before it ends. As our year concludes, we have renewed hope that the war in Veitnam is nearing its close. For this we reverently thank God. We also thank you, our class and school mates, for being what you are and doing what you are doing. To you, friends and brothers, we dedicate the 1968 Wildcat. The Staff ’’Here rests his head upon the lap of earth A youth to fortune and to fame unknown. Fair science frowned not on his humble birth. And melancholy marked him for her own. Large was his bounty, and his soul sincere, Heaven did a recompense as largely send; He gave to misery all he had, a tear; He gained from Heaven ('twas all he wished) a friend. No farther seek his merits to disclose. Or draw his frailties from their dread abode, (There they alike in trembling hope repose) The bosom of his Father and his God." THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY KENT JONES INSURANCE, asot.n, wash. 34foreword As editor of the 1968 Wildcat I feel that I can best express my feelings by a poem called ’’Little Town”, which I found in a "little book. ” ”1 like to live in a little town, Where the trees meet across the street, Where you wave your hand and say ’’hello” To everyone you meet. I like to stand for a moment Outside the grocery store And listen to the friendly gossip Of the folks that live next door. For life is interwoven With the friends we learned to know, And we hear their joys and sorrows As we daily come and go. So I like to live in a little town, I care no more to roam, For every house in a little town Is more than a house, it's home.” Author unknown You students probably think of yourselves as ordinary American young people, and that you may be, but from a more transcendent point of view, you are the products of democracy at work. You have attended public schools whose paramount pur- pose is to develop thinking individuals willing and able to accept responsibility and to use their initi- ative. The success of our community — yes, our nation — is dependent upon people like you. You know the value and effectiveness of freely thinking and working together. When people plan and tri- umph together, or even when they plan and fail to- gether, they develop a unity that is strength. Robert H. Quiggle, Superintendent THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY MIDWAY GROCERY, asotin. wash. 5High School faculty LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Robert Quiggle, Mrs. Beatrice Taplin, Mrs. Jeanne Bud ig, Mr. Ronald Cummings. (grade School THIS PAGE SPONSORED BV DICK HOLLENBECK , ASOTIN, WASH. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Agnes Bacon, Mr. Duane Maynard, Mrs. Ilene Matson, Mrs. Dorothy Bezona. School Board SCHOOL BOARD, left to right: Don Floch, clerk; Bruce Hostetler, chairman; Don Hendrickson, A1 Baker, Bill Nelson, and Ivan Botts. This year two new school board mem- bers were elected. They are A1 Baker and Bill Nelson, Their terms will last four years. The next school board elec- tion will be held in the fall of 1969. Although the school building was built in 1928, people still remark about its well kept appearance. This year the student body voted to buy a new flag which is seen here in the picture. It was put up and taken down each day by designated stu- dents. The school banner with the Wildcat and school name on it was used in the Asotin County Fair parade, and during the rest of the year it hung on the wall of the school gym. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY WASHINGTON WATER POWER COMPANY, clarkston, wash. 9CINDY VOTAW Valedictorian Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1 Basketball 4 Inspirational 3, 4 DAR Good Citizen 4 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 4 Masonic Achievement Award 3 Asotin County Fair Princess 3 Publication 4 Carnival Queen 4 Class Secretary 2, 4 Student Body Treasurer 3 Student Body Secretary 4 Cheerleader 3, 4 Student Council 4 JIM HOLLENBECK Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Inspiration 4 Band 1, 2 4-H 1,2, 3, 4 LARRY REEVES Salutator ian Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Inspiration 4 Band 1, 2 Honor Band 2 Boys' State 3 Masonic Achievement Award 3 4-H 1,2, 3, 4 4-H Record Book Award 3 Student Body Vice President 4 Class President 4 Student Council 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Paper Staff 4 TOM APPLEFORD Student Body President 4 Class Officer 1, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Inspiration 4 Inspiration 4 Student Council 1, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Paper Staff 4 Carnival King 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 4-H 1,2, 3, 4 RICK APPLEFORD Class President 2 Class Vice President 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Inspiration 2,4 Honorary Captain 4 Band 1, 2 Yearbook Staff 4 Paper Staff 4 4-H 1,2, 3, 4 Student Council 1 DEB SANGSTER Band 1, 2 Chorus 1, 2 Honor Chorus 2 Plays 2, 3 Beef Princess 3 Asotin County Fair Princess 4 2nd Place Soil Conservation Speech 3 Cheerleader 3, 4 Class Secretary 1,3 Basketball 4 Paper Yearbook Staff 3,4 Yearbook Editor 4 Paper Asst. Editor 4 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary Junior Leader12Commencement Dr. Albert L. Ayars, Supt. of Schools of Spokane delivered the commencement address. Graduation was held May 24 in the school gymnasium. Cindy Votaw was valedictorian and Larry Reeves was salutatorian. Baccalaureate was held in the church May 19. Reverend Frank A. Nash, Jr. presented the Bacca- laureate address titled ’’Free At Last.” Peggy Torrez and Debbie Boggan played a clarinet and cornet duet at Baccalaureate. Donna Floch sang, ''Panis Angelicus." THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY R. E. FLOCH INSURANCE, clarkston, Washington 410 DRIVE IN. CLARKSTON. WASHINGTON Sneak Rain, snow, wind, but no sun; however the seniors had fun in the heated pool. It looks like as old as the seniors are they would learn to control themselves. This is where dances and some basketball games were held. The country air must have gone to the seniors’ heads; they act a little squirrely. The paddle for the boat was used for several different things. Larry and Jim had fun on the pond but they also got wet feet. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY INLAND METALS, CLARKSTON, WASHINGTON WASEM’S FURNITURE, clarkston, Washington{Juniors LEFT TO RIGHT: Doug Boggan, vice-president; Rick Floch, treasurer; Barbara Floch, president; and Cheryl Benedict, secretary. This is a good example of what high school did to these innocent, young children. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY GRIME’S APPLIANCE, clarkston, Washington CLARKSTON BEAUTY NOOK, clarkston, Washington18{Junior Here, Mr. Maynard is helping Doug put up the ceil- ing. The juniors, along with help from several upper classmen, worked several nights after school in preparing the gym. The Stone Garden, a band from Lewiston, provided the music that night. A large aqua and white basket filled with multi-col- ored roses occupied the center of the gym. The theme of the prom was ' Moonlight and Roses." A moderate crowd attended the prom held May 3rd. The colors were light green and white. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BV TOM SMITHTS, CLARKS TON, WASH. LEE MORRIS COMPANY, clarkston, wash. 19. -t iSophomores Freshman initiation was held September 15, in the school gym at 7:30 p. m. A party was held after the initiation. FRONT ROW, left to right: Kathy Mallory, Luella Scoggin (Secretary), Diana Browne, Mildred Shumaker (President), Mary Torrez. BACK ROW, left to right: Gene Baker (Vice President), Dave Weissenfels, Jon Nelson, Dan Luther, Buck Hostetler. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY MERCHANTS FUNERAL HOME, clarkston, wash. 21Jreshmen FRONT ROW, left to right: Debbie Boggan, Joanne Browne (Treasurer), Carl Sangster (President), Betty Mallory, Jane Votaw (V. President). BACK ROW: Cheri Baker (Secretary), Peggy Torrez, Marge Nelson, Donita Hendrickson, Jolene Holzmiller. The Freshman Return Party was held Septem- ber 29. The party is given in return for the initiation. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY ASOTIN TELEPHONE COMPANY, asotin, wash. 23Student ftody FRONT ROW, left to right: Betty Mallory, Jolene Holzmiller, Debbi Boggan. SECOND ROW: Mary Torrez, Kathy Mallory, Barbara Floch, Marge Nelson, Donita Hendrickson, Millie Shumaker. THIRD ROW: Peggy Torrez, Cheryl Benedict, Jane Votaw, Deb Sangster, Cindy Votaw, Cheri Baker, Diane Browne, Luella Scoggin, Joanne Browne. FOURTH ROW: Jon Nelson, Jim Hollenbeck, Rick Floch, Carl Sangster, Rick Appleford, Larry Reeves, Tom Appleford, Buck Hostetler, David Weissenfels, Dan Luther, Doug Boggan, Gene Baker. STUDENT COUNCIL: Tom Appleford, Rick Floch, Cindy Votaw, Barbara Floch, Millie Shumaker, Diane Browne, Carl Sangster, Larry Reeves. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS: President, Tom Appleford; Vice President, Larry Reeves, Secretary, Cindy Votaw; Treasurer, Rick Floch; Asst. Secretary, Diane Browne.Qrade School FRONT ROW: Chris Budig, Sena Johnson, Valeria Ramsden, Ken Thornton, Chris Floch, Carl Hendrickson, Tracy Botts, Dale Floch. SECOND ROW: Cindy Blair, Diane Murray, Becky Thornton, Kay Browne, Jeff Scoggin, Jay Holzmiller, Kris Murray, Randy Johnson, Kathy Boggan, Donna Floch, Edna McCullough, Patty Floch. THIRD ROW: Karen Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Marlyn Hendrickson, Kim Benedict, Sean Nocerini, Judy McCullough, Robbie Appleford, William Long, Gwen Nocerini, Vince Holzmiller, Laura Barkley, Steve Floch. FOURTH ROW: Carrie Thornton, David Browne, Robin Sangster, Randa Botts, Jody Kroll, Nancy Appleford, Vicki Hendrickson, Mark Nocerini, Mark Appleford, Becky Buckley, Toni Boggan, Renee Scoggin.28Qrade School Sports Although few in number, the grade school did a tremendous job. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BV LANCER LANES, clarkston, Washington 29 Zitle During its second year in operation, Anatone's Title III project has gained mo- mentum. Nearly three years ago Supt. Henry Charbonneau was quick to realize the possibilities of a government grant and formulated a project which could be submit- ted for consideration. He enlisted the aid of the School of Education at W. S. U. and by our combined effort an application was made for the grant. Title in was part of Public Law 89-10, the Aid to Elementary and Secondary Education bill. The Anatone project was called ’’High School for One". It provided education in self contained packets which could be elected by students on an individual basis with or without a fully qualified teacher. In other words, the course was available at all times whether a teacher trained in that subject matter was hired or not. The pack- ets were largely programed material called "systems" by their originators. They included the multi-media common to the modern classroom everywhere. During its first year, Mr. Chuck Miltenberger of the Anatone faculty was the coordinator. By the second year Dr. Arnold Gallegos of W. S. U. took over most of the directing. The subjects which were completed and field tested at Anatone were speech, plas- tics, electricity and welding the first year. During the second year, physical sci- ence, mathematical analysis, computer math, and Spanish were added. It is hoped to have business education in operation soon. In the past year, the Anatone project has been the subject of many reports at widely separated educational conferences. Much publicity has appeared in news- papers and national education journals. These have brought about great interest in the project which in turn has brought many visitors to the school. Nearly every week there have been visitors eager to view the project. They have come from as far away as Alaska and as nearby as Asotin, Clarkston and Lewiston. Much favor- able comment has ensued, and most of the visitors have gone away deeply impress- ed, not only by the project but by the atmosphere of the school and the conduct of its students. More than any other single thing, the project has made the name of Anatone stand out in educational circles, a positive thing in people's minds. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY N.B. OF C. BANK, ASOTIN, Washington COLUMBIA ELECTRIC, clarkston, Washington 31 Kathy is using the math console. Speech and Drama is also taught. Welding is taken in several steps. The teletype is connected to a master computer in Seattle. Deb is working on plastics. This is the physical science class.34Publications Class The editor of the annual was Deb Sangster and Mrs. Taplin was the advisor. The rest of the class helped on the annual and the Hi Breeze, a monthly paper. Rick Floch was editor of the paper. 3536English J V Algebra 37 v r.-Wi V i. 'ii i U.S. History 3tench 1 THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY FRANK’S UPHOLSTERY. CLARKSTON, WASH. TAYLOR’S CLEANERS , CLARKSTON, WASH. 39 Zrig THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY J.B. LUMBER COMPANY, clarkston, wash. FOUSTE PLYWOOD, clarkston, wash. 4142Maud They also played at graduation May 24, and marched in the parade at the Asotin County Fair. The thirty seven members of the band played at the Christmas program December 21, and at Open House May 9. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY DON’S PLACE, asotin, wash. DR. HAROLD KING, clarkston, Squad BASKETBALL SCHEDULE FOR 1967-1968 Anatone 64 Weippe 74 Anatone 74 Kahlotus 87 Anatone 59 Weippe 45 Anatone 71 Prescott 51 Anatone 65 Culdesac 35 Anatone 73 Lewiston B 74 Anatone 56 Asotin 60 Anatone 49 Columbia 64 Anatone 43 Lewiston B 52 Anatone 46 Touchet 45 Anatone 64 Prescott 65 Anatone 67 Washtucna 49 Anatone 57 Columbia 42 Anatone 68 Kahlotus 63 Anatone 59 Touchet 55 Anatone 56 Asotin 76 Anatone 59 Washtucna 55 Anatone 51 Culdesac 56 Sub-District Tournament Anatone 51 Touchet 45 Anatone 71 Waitsburg 57 Anatone 50 Asotin 61 District Tournament Anatone 51 Oakesdale 50 Anatone 42 St. John 51 Anatone 72 Endicott 64 Anatone 41 Oakesdale 62 THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY INTERSTATE ENCO STATION, clarkston, wash. C and S TIRE COMPANY, clarkston, wash. 4546Sports Page Our Senior Boys holding the second place trophy they won Buck Hostetler shoots a foul shot to give the at Sub-District. Wilcats another point. Teammates gather around to congratulate each other after a victory. The cheerleaders provided the team with a lot of spirit and helped lead them on to victory. Rick jumps up for the tip off at the opening day of the Dis- trict Tournament. Our Cheerleaders for this year were Diane Browse, Cheryl Benedict, Cindy Votaw, and Deb Sangster. CLARKSTON, WASH. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY ARCTIC CIRCLE DRIVE IN. ASOTIN COUNTY TITLE COMPANY, clarkston, wash. 47Zop Trn Larry Reeves, Guard Basketball Inspiration Jim Hollenbeck, Guard Basketball Inspiration Rick Appleford, Center Basketball Inspiration Honorary Captain Tom Appleford, Forward Rick Floch, Forward Basketball Inspiration THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY VALLEY COMMERCIAL BANK, clarkston, wash. KIP MCQUARY INSURANCE, clarkston. wash. 49500irls’ basketball GIRLS’ 1967-68 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Anatone 19 Lewiston 27 Anatone 25 Moscow 15 Anatone 32 Touchet 46 Anatone 10 Lapwai 8 Anatone 25 Asotin 26 Anatone 4 Lapwai 5 Anatone 10 Touchet 32 Anatone 16 Moscow 0 Anatone 23 Asotin 16 Anatone 10 Moscow 8 THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY WASEMTS DRUG, clarkston, wash. ORIN’S RADIO AND ELECTRONICS , CLARKSTON, WASH. 51Plays The members of the drama and speech class under the supervision of Mrs. Taplin presented the play "Clue of the Red Ribbon" January 18. Miss Summers was played by Luella Scoggin; Mary Beth was by Diane Browne; Betty Mallory was Sissy; Joanne Browne was Carol; Jolene Holzmiller was Janet. The speech class also gave a skit at the banquet March 28. Marge Nelson was Mandy; Jane Votaw was Jane; Cheri Baker was Angie; Donita Hendrickson was Jerry. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BV REX DIXON’S, CLARKSTON, WASH. THILL’S JEWELRY , CLARKSTON, WASH. 5354Awards Tom Appleford, Rick Appleford, Larry Reeves, and WCTU Essay winners. Jim Hollenbeck, Coach's Award. Deb Sangster, Asotin County Mildred Shumaker, Asotin Fair Princess. County Beef Princess. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BV JERRY MILLING COMPANY, asotin, wash. GAY’S GROCERY, asotin, wash. 55J wards Several of our students received special recogni- tion during the year. May we, the staff, add our con- gratulations to those you have already received for the honors which have been awarded to you. Tom Appleford, Boys' Inspira- tional Award Rick Floch, Boys' State, Junior Achievement, and Voice of Demo- racy Awards Cheryl Benedict, .Masonic Junior Achievement Award. Jane Votaw, second place winner in both the Elks and Tuberculosis essay contests. Gene Baker, second place winner in the Asotin County Soil Conservation Speech Contest. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY ADAMS’ PHARMACY, clarkston, Washington DAVE’S BODY SHOP, clarkston, Washington 5758banquet Girls’ basketball awards were given out by Mrs. Jeanne Budig. Boys’ basketball awards were given out by Mr. Duane Maynard. Guest speaker was Mr. Harley Williams, head coach of foot- ball and baseball, Clarkston, Washington. All the boys received basketball letters for such an outstand- ing job. The Anatone Basketball Banquet was held on March 28. A skit was given for Mr. Maynard by the Speech class. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY VALLEY HERALD, clarkston, wash. BOYERTS CLARKSTON FURNITURE, clarkston. wash. 59 Open Mouse A selection, "Tick-tack-toe, " was presented by several clari- Open House was held May 9, at the school, netists. The Juniors provided the ceiling decorations. A dance was presented by part of the grade-school.Carnival I Crowned as King and Queen at this year’s carnival were Carl Sangster and Cindy Votaw. At the queen's booth the carnival pa- trons voted by ticket for king and queen and received many lovely prizes in the drawing at the end of the coronation. Lots of work went into this year's carnival which was on Friday, October 13. Funds received from the carnival will be used for school activities during the year. Some of the booths were bingo, ham, cake walk, basketball, crazy ball, and many others. The juniors and seniors solicited for prizes for the Queen's booth. 63flaHitor, Bus 'Drivers, find. Cooks UPPER RIGHT: Mr. John Torrez served as janitor and kept the school clean all year, be- sides driving a school bus. UPPER LEFT: Our cooks this year were Mrs. Earl Cooper, Mrs. Pat Watkins, and Mrs. Robert Sangster. MIDDLE: Mr. John Torrez, Mr. Donald Dodd, Mr. Stanley Reeves, and Mr. Russel Boggan drove the four buses this year. LOWER LEFT: Here are three children and the "driver" about to leave the school. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY HAROLD’S CHEVRON. ASOTIN, WASH. 65V 'V r  68Notice who was first thru the line. Before Winning form After 69 My girdle is killing me. It hurts right here.R R at the Bar M Ranch Normal pre-game entertainment. Youth of yesteryear Simon and Garfunkle at Pasco Dan, Buck, and Carl after the game. A candid camera catches the seniors 73 r W  76 sm 2 2?SP  78 

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