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W' X . . l ' ,.-1.53 v " AL x 1 3' ' ' Q, , .. . nz ,. . A L , ,-,, ,V ,- ' ' -' '--W n ' " 1 tl , A ,h 'GL nl 4 Q ,W 4 .. P . x r 19+ I J Y s .- 11 -, .-jw .I 1, 5, 4 - 54, I 4. Q, m : , ' - .il if E gk! W w- I1 k. , " gh, 4 , fx,-A , -2 L, .- Wg! 1' 5 -V+ ,. 2:21 " 1 s s '-', ff ff' If A F51 'ii ' ng! -e.-S LE kr- ' envy , 55, .ir'- f -' f g-Q. f f., , lv' , Ai"-4 -f f-. MK, ' .. fu 1 'if ' , Lg ' 3 - ' Tii 1- 1 '-Q' f , , 4 5 f"- , .E .iii 1-. I Q. 55,1 : En,-f"".ff 7 " 1' ,i .fgf Q5 ' Q51 , . Qf. . ,' ff .' tis.: . -. s . , A ,499 ' , h' X 4 'yn E. . . , 11 I 1 'N , . A A Jig ' g. 1 A P,-rv 1 a P 1 t A ' -wfwf . -. F - Y W fr 'i ..2, , V. -li . fl. h , Ju., , . . l Nb.. ' .4 , ' 3. '11 ' ,. Vim ,' . J, , t, , , A Q , ' lf? V v . Vik- 1 ' i ,Wa Q4 5 . 4 4, 1 I . 1:37 H1 - X 'W in ' ' , " , ., Tiff W 1 A A , - , A . , . ' 1 ,'1Ljb' Lf TA .Li.T::!5'4Mh ,. V any A fm 1, I V' ' .Y 2 , M ' 4 . .x, V A .Wife 1- ,Q . . I x I al P "l , 5, N i 1 gif: 21559 - ,G vi .- 5715: 55:33-1 If 4, - gx.,5g.!-1 . R J 6 r 5 l 5 L ' w u- . -Alu.. . fi? Iff I fur' 4- xlx f . Y L av a Q V b H V.. ff. f-' " J FQ! ' --' --" "M, .6 n 'vii' ' . I I X is - A N "II 'P ,ir-f I I I Iv I XX XIII X It Ii i, ., gf., , - J V E 3555. V gg Y -g , I n i i- 9' . . ANALY UNION I-IIGI-I SCI-IGOI. SEBASTOPOI., CALIFORNIA 1 X Kr-ij ,gk I J I If '-X' " 1 ...of ...1 f V 1960 AZALEA STAFF "Mx 'NM N.. "'4.r,,,,,.,-. W.- - I 1 1 E X .NR x K if fx f . A Lf! m ., ' ' -,,,f Betty Gififord Mylinda Ramsey Patty Bei Gary TeSeHe Joyce Fi' 2' HDII1lI1li2QIBi1'II DI1 FIIBULTY X' X X H f . L if 3 9 C2 Mr. Duffield, Principal PRINCIPAUS MESSAGE March 28, 1960 Many prominent American business and professional men say that they gained prominence only after years of hard work. They came up the "hard way." Early in life These men learned that rewards are received only in proportion to the amount of sincere honest work that is expended. More and more business firms are turning toward men who have earned at least part of their education. The reason is obvious. A boy who has to work for his education is more likely to work for his employer. The attitudes and habits picked up during these formative years inevitably leave their mark. The ability to do hard work and like it, to stand alone and unafraid, must be developed early in life. The hard way still produces high caliber men. 4 . ADMHWSTRATORS SECRETAR ES . Sullivan Mrs Juanita Langham Novella Roberl Doris Rowe Russell Taylor, Presideni' l Y ,W Mr. Duffield, Principal Mrs. Heck THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Board of TrusTees of our growing school have a Tremendous job To perform. This is a iob of greaT responsibiliTy, long hours, for which They receive no moneTary compensaTion for doing such worthwhile work. The duties They perform are numerous. They conirol The money spenT by The school, and de- velop The policies for The school. They are doing everyThing wiThin Their power To make This school a leading educaiional planT. Walt Tischer Clerk WiTh our supporT, They can go a long way in making our school one which each and everyone of us can be proud. 45' Mrs. Korn Mr. Travis 6 Bus Drivers CLeft to rightj Bill Braga, Willie Knoxhime, Les Des Camp, Pete Webb, Charley Hillard, Rudy Gleissle, Mrs. Joyce Anderson, Claude Grives, Al Jewel, Charley Fellers. Cusroclians CLefr fo righfj Bill Dowd, Chester Enders, Gus Felciano, Mrs. Patterson, Jay Lewis, Head Custodian, Avery Dilly, Herb Dovver, Russel Alderson, Elmer Harper. Caleieria Srafl CLef1 To rightj Mrs. Weeks, Mrs. Seeman, Mrs. Felciano, Mrs Williams, Mrs. Facendini. MR. IRISH Dean of Boys The Dean of Boys iob is to advise and counsel any boy who has a problem and comes to him. Mr, Irish also has iurisdiction over The Senior class activities which occur during their graduation year. MISS LAURA LORRAINE Dean of Girls Miss Lorraine's duties include helping girls with their problems, whether it be personal, educational, or social. She also serves as the faculty advisor to the GirI's League of Analy. MR. EDWARD KAY Director of Guidance Mr. Kay, a new face at Analy, is the Director of Guidance. His main duty is to counsel with the Seniors concerning their program of studies, graduation requirements, and col- lege and career opportunities after grad- uation. Welcome to Analy Mr. Kay! k' MR. ADAMS "Keep it down to a quiet roar!" MR. ALLEN "Go ahead, they can't bite now!" MR. AMENT "Rise and hear the birdies" MR. BARNARD "May I have a double helping, please." FACULTY MR. BARRETT "Now you can call me coach" MRS. BARRI "Don't forget to shower." MR. BERTOLI "Which one of you guys has my fingers?" MR. BOSSERT "Shut those windows" MISS COVEY "Take out a piece of paper and a pen 'for a test." MR. H. DAVIS "I suppose those tools grew legs!" MR. T. L. DAVIS "Crimminey" MISS DEAN "o, K. Boys!" 9 FACULTY MR. DEBELLO "Rueben F" MR. DIEHL "Don't look at the keys" MR. DREYER "You call that a straight line?" MR. B. EVANS "Inprintable" MR. D. EVANS "What? You mean you actually know the an- swer?" MISS FALBO "Ah! Buenos Dios!" MRS. FLEMING "Do I smell some- thing burning?" MR FOSTER Knock it off' I0 MISS GARTEN "Hey, you aII" MR. GERBOTH "Remember, this is th California State Flag MRS. GERHARDT "Now, Girls!" MR GILLIAM That oe Cadger I. MR. H. GORDON "Isn't that right?" MR. S. GORDON "Quiet" MR. HOGENMILLER "Hee! Hee! Hee!" MR. HOHL "Are you questioning my authority?" FACULTY MR. HOLDEN "Park beside it, not on it" MISS HORVATH "What are all these people doing in here?" MISS JENSEN "Do you savy?" MR. JEWELL "Get your foot off the clutch." MR. KNIGHT "Someone over there IS flat!" MR. LENNOX "Remember what the 'good book' says!" MR. LEWIS "You want to get into A Cappella?" MRS. MATTHEWS "All right, girls" ii W 'lil' my FACULTY MR. MENKE f'Who cut the hole in the Table?" MR. MERSHON "All right, you boys" MR. PALMTAG "Who fouled the spark plug" MRS. PEDROIA "WelI . . . I dor1'l know, but I'll see." MR. PLANK "Open the window- l'm going out" MR. POPPE "We will now commence!" MR. SNYDER "There's talking back there." MR. SPEDICK "Think! lf may be a new experience1" l2 MR. SPILLANE "There will be a short story due Friday!" MR. WAKEFIELD "lt's a dandy" MISS WESEEN "l don't like to be a policeman-but . . ." MR. WHALON "l remember the time when . . ." FACULTY MR. WORMUTH Pay aiientlon back there!" MRS. GERBOTH Cut The comedy! MRS. ZWITZER Let me take your temperature." 13 FACULTY SNAPS 4 14 N 'I' F 3 Q ig xi' ff-- I , if 'Mg 4? ? 1" 14 1 rl rl r' rl LLIIQQN rf Ex we Q f Yi M xx 15 C. I QA 2' 12'-was as szif f CLeft to rightb Front row: Dan Fish, Marlene Morelli, Gary Ferguson. Back row: Dorrine Petersdorf. FALL SPRING CLASS OFFICERS The class of "I 96O" has many fond memories of their teachers and classmates. Our year has been pleasant and eventful. We had our Basketball Coronation for the first time. Our spirited games and wonderful activities will long be thought of as our Senior year comes to a close. Cleft to righ Dennis Kitchens, Maryanne Fiori, Pat SPRING Frayo, Gary Ferguson 1 T6 T3- .m? nn xg, - A Y ww ' ' P-M...-f I 5 -,,...Ar- Y: Q YK!- AQ! rw 5 aims , A Philip Alderman Arden Allen Doug Allred Bruce Anderson Bonnie Anderson Grant Anderson ,E J Bonnie Arnald Carol Ayresman Bessie Baker ww MVB W! WW 'v-411' 4'-0-A34 'I-14 Ernest Baker Homer Balsley Cora Barber Dorothy Baswell 17 Dale Beanie Patty Bei Faye Bigelow David Birkhcfer Julie Black jf 'f'fv"'W " It , A f al- V .. ., Q5 if 5 ,Y 33' 'im' fl Y 54 , , I ' Sf -mf s., W, -1-...Q Wt! l muy A r---ff'-1 gwirw' N A 0-0 ,, ,4 'hwwff 'if' Dick Blank Linda Bowen Franklin Brown S E N I O R S ,in I 'ln iff 4.1-' -I Douglas Buionaccorsi Frankie Burl Roben Buswell Ronald Butler Jan Caddel Domenico Carinalli ,.- vffqb 41, fgzan 4HHj ,W -Y '40 "-dvi' ,wfly my C W Kalvin Kazier Patricia Chenowefh Paul Chrisiensen 18 John Condon Mable Cook Carol Cookson N ff a Q, r V . ,I 3: yr? ff ff 3232? gli, V , , M. w "' f . ZW 1? J V , Earl Culler David Curshellas ana QUY 'L '-.,-,- N -if Wd ff -' nag! . - 1- X Z 5: .1 Jw fimqr ,e f , 'N iff . X M CJ , A Dianne Deegan Kenneth Dannaff Paul Davis , f, 2.5 SENIORS of f fa, ,fm u A sw ,ff Q f. N.: 5, ,Q , 1 ,I .. , ..,... ,4,.,., A if Freddie Sue Deramo Floyd Dickey Sharon Dillaha Dana Donavan Richard David Carol Druck wr KW' ,,,'-.QW .1 ' ' ,.-nw: 205- , .iw AV' 'VW' Leon Ellis Gerald Elrod Silvia Emmer! Elige English 1 9 Aileen Fiori Leland Faber Jean Famini Sharon Faylor Gary Ferguson W? 91 Hmm -fm 'v'j'.7' 5 Af, : 1, f x vmeri, ff 4 Maryann Fnorl Marcus Flres Danny Fish Charles Flannery harald Fleury Ben Faurler James Fox HO' linda Carol Garner Dean Garzol Beverley G: Joan Gaff Dianne Gnnella '-n tai I was -4678 , ..,, Nr . wa f I-tv 'Wi Vai? .1 1 mf-+ 4.-v"" -'-of M! Cheryle Gonella Mariorie Gonsalves Bill Grahm Raymond Green SENIORS Mary Hagle Nlargare! Hanson Dean Hardisly Sharon Hemphill MJ NW E :C Q N Dennis Hendrix Darlene Hincher Robert Hopkins Dennis Groff 21 Steve Horn Phyllis Hunt Edward Horslmann Vernon Hut! Sandra lngraham new .Af- 4.-ff? Sally Inman Shen Jackson Mardean Johnson larry Jollxff Jeffery Kendall Thelma Kurk Dennls Kitchens Raymond Lark Sharon Leavitt Viola Leker Donald Lingron ,J-" . 4 .I in . 4 Wqf w V Q'- .49 Q gs-ns: i""N if QS ' xi 1' x , if i , . 'll 9 'bf - -1 N- Sharon McCausiand Janet McCaw Saura McDivitt Curtis M-:Lendon Ellen McNamee Sharon McNieIl Dan Maguire Nicole Makaroff Joe Marshall 1: s W . Zn 40 U 'W ff? , 15:2 Kaye Maxwell 2 'r M1 ,Q A ..? . I--. W---7 AS Bruce Martin Donald Martin Steve Martin Michael Milat I I' ' nrlyx jf 1 . Z 53 .'5T11v K.: Caral Miller Gayle Miller Ads fi' l , ,. ,W 475 Via Q, 1713 Linda Martarana 7 R' 23 Jesse Miller MIT s-.- .Z chael Menassian Larry Mitchell 24 1,451 -' 1' W sf -.M :fi g M, l r ,K ,h Z el A SENIORS Michael Morton Norma Murlin Marilynn Murray f ...Y rw 'Q 1 L 1531 E -gi' T 'W' sl - Jim Mora Marlene Morelll Carol Nau 1-Q, 3 Q X- ff,-QW' dvi, 49 Nancy Naylor Conrad Nelson Larry Newbury Barbara O'NieIl Kimiko Onoyama Reuben Oversfreet Alan Paine Jim Pasfarino Joe Paul ,A-5 f --w 6-, .lv-Fr Wi? 5 ff? . .QD -1-114 .,,,,x.-e A "'ffT'r"vr,v' .vw ,ww Dwayne Pearsall Caren Pelletli Diane Peoples Irene Perry Dorrine Pefersdorf Joyce Peierson Carol Ploiner Lynda Porler Robert Prior Darleen Pryor Mickey Rabinoviiz Melinda Ramsey Anna Richardson Wanda Rickeifs GHYY Ririvli I 25 James Roberts Virginia Rodgers Benedicio Rodriguez .ws Wv,'22'.l 'Q' ww?-r be Bak 'mf' V, 4'f""" 3:1 fm: fi 523 ' f ff-.. ,,,t ex as AQ A1 "' 4- I ff an an ' -P QQ " .-.5 - T27 -N-7 i, ,,,,- MM' 'i iv-'Liga ur linda Rogers Sue Ross Jeanne Rossi Roslyn Rovere Paul Rupp Susan Sanderlin Gary Sanford Arlene Schaefer Carol Schmid -ing. 2? --'YP I .RR -QS! ,fl . Q 4-5 .ff 'fbi ,mf-. .359 vi is Lawrence Schuldf Sharlyn Schweger Ramona Seaman Reeda Seavers 26 Raymond Senn Kafhy Shelton Velma Mae Shepherd Barbara Shimizu Sam Simpson 4 eq, 5, ,415 Q Q.-1 Q-4' .pls 'Dxfwi -0 Sb- -x N! Q-'S' -s. Q43 '15 -xv-"'e 'l..:s.., wff'Rf' e -4' J ER guns -Q VAN its .,...,-fv if Carolyn Singer Ofelia Sledge Mack Sousa Linda Spanner Ray 5Pf3dl9Y Robert Stephan William Stephens Kathleen Stephens Nick Story Douglas Teal Fran Strong Steve Sullivan Barbara Summers Arleen Sundberg 27 Dennis Templeman Gary TeSeIIe Rosemary VanBima Lorraine VanCott 'wg -mg ay- -...W Y kwa., 'ar Elze V 28 Bonnie Young ,X "VX Y lr? eazey Gorge Vogel Victor Von Arx Stephan Wickham Maribefh Wilson SENIORS Rose Ann Wilson Leland Winkler Charles Wise Jane Witherall liz: 'YQ '..t'::1 1, 1 I . YJ' I Hank Witter Jerry Woods Donna Wrighi Margie Yamamaio Tom Young Clarence Younger 5 ,,. MW E Q E , Jr- W 9.5 i 09" Y,-'s s --.Q-r 'iw Q . 7, , A .tsl . 5, ci. 5: 33' ,,,.ff '93 qv in W ww , X , M. ,M ..f x wx ,X V V 452 my ,, . . ag. f I 5 ,,,., ,,.,.. M.. f I I am tl f , j - f.:,V 1 2 1, 2 ' ' W f .-L 1" 1 4:97, I 5,45 I J ,yi--' V Z ' A, -ew 1 '72."'1"'," W 'f' 51 .rf ' ,,., ' ff ' W H ,ff 73, 2, 11549 '.:,,.Q ,-25,2 I Ai 1 ,, f ' if 5 , ' ' SENIOR SNAPS MW ,,,,, ,.-wx, f 29 QENIOK BEST9 AH1le'l'ia Milky LARRY MITCHELL MARGE YAMAMOTO Moe-I' Likely +0 Gucceecl 'l7er'gonali+y .. - K ix 89' CAROLYN SINGER CURTIS MCLENVON BESSIE BAKER GARY FERGUSON 'Voing Mod' 'For' Analy Q wr 51 .., MICKEY KABINOVITZ CVEANNE KOSSI NAME Philip Alderman Arden Allen Doug Allred Donna Andersen Biquce Anderson Grant Anderson Bonnie Arnold Carol Ayresman Bessie B-aker Jim Baker Homer Balsley Cara Lee Barbar Dale Beattie Patricia Bei Faye Bigelow David Birkhofer Julie Black Dick Blank Alfred Blevins Jr. Delmer Bloomquist Franklin Brown Frankei Burt Robert Bu'swell Jan C-addel Dominic C-arinalli Kalvin Cazier Bill Chaney Patty Chenoweth Sharon Clark John Condon Mable Cook Carol Cookson Earl Culler Ken Dann-att Paul Davis Dianna Deeg-an Sue Deramo Floyd Dickey Sharon Dillaha Dana Donovan NICKNAME Tuffy Baby Huey Mousey Early Bird Lead Foot Bon Bon Poopsie Logu Lo-u Buddha Corkey Beattie P-at Blondie Fingers Squirt Guzzler Frisco Del Brownie Frank Bob Janie Dom Crazier Billy Boy Hippy Clownie Moose May Cookie Hot-Rod Charlie Smokey Freddie Serg. Pinkie HGROSCCD AMBI'TION Sky-diver Live it up Ride Horseback Shoot Mr. Crump High society- Legal Secretary To live to a ripe old age Career of Music To be a million-aire Truck Driver To be a nurse Graduate M-arry Art Petersen Marry Dewey Policemen Wife To be a highway policeman Commission in the A1'my PE Get a million without working for it Successful Businessman Travel Lawyer To clean Chickens Dairy Man Pass Adv-anced algebra See the world Psychiatrist Beatnik See Analy win championship To pass Drama To work in a newspaper Own a Cadilac Grape Stomper Forestry To be a nurse Get married and have a doz Physical Education Te-acher Join the Navy 31 en children DOWNFALL No Parachute Advanced Algebra Mr. Crump No horse Policemen Whiskey, wine, women Excessive Homework Indecision when driving around a tree My younger sisters good looks Money Policemen A certain ex-Marine Homework Duroc Pigs College My record United States Air Force Empty bottle No Money 32 Ford Talking too much Homework C-an't Spell California Poultry Maney-dairy cattle Weseen Broke No co-uch Vodka 39 Ford, food, money Greek Words Mathematics Girls, cars, and Money No feet Fire-bug Sweets and Math No husband Don't like kids Can't Pass Physical NAME Dick Dowd Carol Druck Leon Ellis Gerald C. Elrod Sylvia Emmert Alice English Leland Faber Jean Famini Sharon Faylor Gary Ferguson Aileen Fiori Mary Ann Fiori Marcus Fires Dan Fish Dorothy Fitch Charles Falnnery Harold Fleury John F'orbis Danny Formica OR EUROPEAN WAY Ben Fowler James Fox Patricia Frayo Sharon French Lynda Fye Patricia Gardner Carol Garner Dean Garzot Beverly Gill Joan Goff Dianne Gonnella Sheryl Gonnella Margi Gonsalves Bill Graham Dennis Grofff Mary Hagle Margaret Hanson Dean Hardisty Sharon Hemphill Dennis Hendrix NICKNAME Sleepy Druck Cecil Jerry Innocent Kid Knuckle head Jeannie Shar Ferg Aileeno Mark Doc Suzie Chuck Rabbit Johnny Spagetti-Bender Spagetti-bender Benny Jimmy Pat Frenchy Lyndy Chris Garner J ocko Punky Jodie Bubbles Pee-Wee Charlie Bugs P.N. Marg Liberace Windy Dennis the Menace I-IOROSCOPE AMBI'TlON Rec-ard Sleeper Horseshower Oyster Farmer Bank Manager Artist To pass Shorthand Electronics Technician Legal Secretary Grammer School Teacher Learn English Beautician Bookkeeper Success Be a Jockey Finish scho-ol Sol-0 8: skydiver Not make a career of High School Graduate Business Manager Business Management Hipocrite To be a 'success in everything I do Marry a millionaire to Marry a Millionaire Get married To have a class in -auto mechanics Be able to fly Airline Stewardess Airline Stewardess To Marry Emil Legal Secretary Dairy Maid To be a park ranger Pass A.D. To be someone Missionary teacher First m-an on the moon Getting through college without getting married Surveyor 32 DOWN FALL Rip Van Winkle 23 Year Old Horse Closing of the lagoon ME. Sz J.H. 8a Fall Play No paint brushes 8: c.g. Mr. Gilliam Beer pocket book and a champagne appetite Allergic to lawyers Low I.Q. English IV Getting up in the morning Whiskey, women, cards Too much horsin around I'm married Too much money Miss. Weseen Geo. A.D.V. Algebra American girls Split personality Gambling up in Reno No Millionaires Can't find one School Parents will not sign Can't flap ears fast enogugh Jim Bo-ys Emil Mike Afraid of cows Lazyness in school Mr. Gerboth A. D. Not enough money No rocket Miss Weseen NAME Darlene Hincher Robert Hopkins Steve Horn Ed Horstinann Phyllis Hunt Vernon Hutt S-andra Ingraham Sally Inman Sheri Jackson William Jarvis Mardean Johnson Rich Johnson Wanda Jean Jones Jeffery Kend-all Walt Lander Sharon Leavitt Viola Leker Patrici-a Lemire Carol Leone Ronald Lingron Leah Long Sharon Ann McCausland Janet McCaw Laura McDivitt Curtis McLendon Ellen McN-amee Sharon McNiell Dan Maguire Nicki Makaroff Joe Marshall Bruce Martin Don Martin Stevan Martin Linda Motorana Kathryn Maxwell Michael I. Milet Carole Ann Miller Gayloe Miller Jesse Miller Mike Minassian NICKNAME Dollie Tex Hornie H. A. Egghead Dago Sandie Ski-jump Jack Bill "Patty" Jay Egit "Long drink of water." Hot Rod Charoni Vi Pat "Frenchy" Shrimp Lee Bunny Wabbit Kitten Blondie Curt Blondie, goldilocks Stilt Nick Hollywood Flats Stevorino George Kaye Tim "Pinkie,' Jess, Jay Masgmania HOROSCOPE AMBl'TION To have a car 'Io be a millionaire Sailor Build up a car Join the N-avy with the women Mechanic 8z Road Racer Satisfied teen-ager and Adultish-adult Secretary Marry N.D.S. Get out of school Success Sober To be a redhead 6: 6:7 Educated Bum- To make a good wife Airline Hostess Milkmaid Wear a pony tail Midget To be a ngurse High School Teacher Get a job as telephone operator Spinster Physicist Secretary be a Gym-teacher Be a receiver on the 'The Millionaire" Legal Stenographer Mechanics To have a funny ambition Architect Be a rich stockbroker Gym teacher Own a white M.G. Photographer Marry a millionaire To own a certain red low "5 Calif. Highway Patrol Butterfly Catcher 'S 33 5" Ford DOWNFALL No license To' be drafted into army Mr. Crump, Mr. Smith, Analy High School Money No men Chevy "6"s Sharon Le-avitt's beatnik code Slow cars Beginner's 'swimming class Grades Time Sherri Brown hair Head boards on a 6' bed Not the right education Can't leave a cert-ain thing alone T oo short No cows Scissors Too big Brothers Boys younger than I A certain boy Doug Allred Physics Too heavy for the boss's knee Jim People A certain lawyer Can't think fast Cars and women Mathematics, Mr. Irish Mice A black and white Chevy Being m-arried Texan without oil wells Brush Creek Road 1 a. m. Women who will not chase you NAME Larry Mitchell Ann Moore James Mora M-arlene Morelli Michael Morton Norma Murlin Marilynn Lee Murray Carol Nau Nancy Jean Naylor Conrad Nelson Barbara O'Niell Kimiko- Onoyama Reuben Earnest Overstreet Alan Paine James Pastorino Joe Paul DeWayne Pearsall Caren Pelletti Diane Peoples Irene Perry Dorrine Petersdorf Joyce - Peterson Janette Pitt Carol Plotner . Lynda Porter Bob Prior Darlene Annette Pryor Mickey Rabinovitz Melinda Sue Ramsey Ann-a M. Richardson Gary Ricioli Wanda Ricketts Jim Robert Virginia Rodgers Linda Rogers Sue Ross Jeanne Rossi Roslyn Rovere Paul Rupp NICKNAME Mitch Moore Jim Shorty Mike Nora Lee N ausie Nance Khahuna Bobbie Kim Rub Al Jime Pastorino Joey Rover Kettle De Shorty Disseldorfer Pete Jeannie Buffy Ill Lyn Censored Little Girl Blue Mick Shark-bait Ann Rick Ricketts Hey you Cookie Nena-Nina Susie Hoppa long Ros-Rosy Rupp I-IOROSCOPE AMBITION Go to M. I. T. Join the Men's Navy Get out of school Nurse Photographer To graduate Homemaker To have a cool cucuracha Be a millionaire Cross the Pacific on a surfboard Beautician Go to college Pro Rodder Build a real Kool hot rod like Kookie Byrnes Rod Run faster than Phil Ito Secretary Wife To be a secretary Foreign Correspondent Leave Analy Housewife To become "Great American Writer" of Century Marry a millionaire Be first man to the moon Be a conforming angle To be president of Mouse Mi1ker's Union Undercover worker at Lackland A. F. Base To be Mrs. Gary Phelps Mechanic Millionaire To own a good car News Reporter Marry -a rancher Medical Secretary Legal Secretary Hair Dresser Be a brain 34 DOWNFALL Men Cutting class and Sally Afraid of needles No camera Office practice The United States Navy '48 Chevie N-0 money One Lincoly Sop-homore Phil Money Beat Wheels No money Can't grow wings No husband Teachers Can't Write U. S. History Can't Wait Canlt spell Poor bo-ys Can't take high altitudes Gan't help being a living Beatnik There's no Mouse Milker's Union Scratchy covers Parents Girls Money "58" Chevy Stovebolt Spelling City Boys Blood Served too much time Boys Lazy brains NAME Susan Sanderlin Gary Sanford Arlene Scharferr C-arol Schmik Sharlyn Schweger Ramona Seam-an Reeda Seavers Raymond Senn Velma Mae Shepherd Barbara Shimizu Sam Simpson Carolyn Singer Ofelia Sledge Ray Spr-adley Bill Stephan Kathleen Stephens Robert Stephan Fran Strong Steven Sullivan Barbara Summers Arleen Sundberg Gary Teselle Dennis Templeman Lorrain Van Cott Elza Veazey Victor R. Von Arx Rosemary Gr-ace Lea Von Bima George Vogel Steve Wickham Maribeth Wilson Rose Ann Wilson Lee Winkler Chuck Wise Jane Witherell Hank Witter Jerry Woods Donna Wright Margie Yamamoto Bonnie Young Tom Young Clarence Wm. Younger NICKNAME Susie Skip Scharf Cat Sherry Rae Serious Ray Shorty Barb Sambo Bridgett Ofei Sprad Kathy Shorty Frannie iorty Barb Windy Timy Tim Bubbles Agile Greasy Von B-ogel Wick, Stickh-am Mari Rosie Casper Herky Bumstead Fobobalo Quince Woody De Moonhead Yammy Bon Young blood Clarabell HOROSCOPE AMBl'TION To be an actress T-o peel out Medical Technologist Teacher Navy wife Homemaker Get an "A" in English IV To be an architect or painter Teacher or career in the services Striving for something Big Dog Catcher Mon-ogomist To get my driver's License To stay single To pass Physics Drag-strip racer Climb the Empire State Building Get a job To play college basketball Get a driveris license To go to Paris College and Doctor Great C-artoonist To be a basketball coach To graduate Own a logging company Concert pianist flutist Get ont of school To- become a mechanical engineer Nurse Dietician Journalist Yo-Yo To pass shorthand Quit Drinking To stay single To be free Medical Secretary Dental Assistant To be a billionaire Make Money 35 DOWNFALL 39 Chevies 1953 Chevrolet Chemistry Boys When my husband is over seas Ray Russell Don't like homework Can't stand test Only 4' HM" Fleas T-oo many desirable boys Study Hall 36-22-36 Mr. Davis N o wheels 46 stories A certain boy Not scoring points Can't park A 1958 red M. G. N-avy active duty tour Can't draw No good plays Teachers No logs will be left worth logging A. D. Miss Jensen Schoo-l Being a bookworm, Geo. L. W. Chem. and Mrs. Matthews Girls and Mr. Ament Sally Sapersucker Shorthand teacher Vodka, beer, etc. Freshmen girls 14 years too late- Ilm seventeen Too many Plates C-an't find a rich girl Just plain lazy 12 SENIQR OLD CLQTHES DAY 'HISTORICAL CHARACTERS UP TO 1945" W 71, 36 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS SPRING Beverly Cook Karen Fellers Jack Tough Diana Mathews JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FALL Harry Polley Brenda Morris Helen Williams Carol Peterson JUIIIUBS MR. ALLEN QLeft to rightj Front row-Tom Byrne, Vicki Burgetl, Diana Clark, Linda Sue Chenowelh, Shirley Clark, Bonnie Carroll, James Christensen. Second row-Terry Chilwood, Tim Burns, Ca1herine Carlnalli, Terry Christopherson, Carol Clifford, Helen Clemons, Joann Bynag, Bob Clemens, Dave Clary. Back row-Nathan Buerer, Gene Cahn, Don Burris, Bill Brailsford, Larry Carrillo, John Calir. 37 Q0 L Cleft to r1ghtD Row l-Sandy Wnlllamson Bob Yarnal Doris Veazey Dianne Zande Martha Wood Ruta Wiley Ellen Travis Donna Wood, Art Wong Sally Tourady Row 2 VICl'iIE Young Thelma Wilson Aileen Whltlatch Jean Vidal Salley Wells Sherry Walkley Shirley Weeks Helen Wllllams Sallie Wrlson Row 3 Travis Whitley Barry Welch Duane Waters Allan Yeager Charles Wnthrow Ray Wernll Jack Tough rs' Dm? N' if hrlxggi ' - . ' Q .. -V vx v. . X X' xx A3 J: A - ' I ' MR. DeBEllO Cleft to rightj Row l-Frederuc Ebert Judy Curren Beverly Cook Joann Uerum Jean Eggers Sharon COX Karen Dascallos l-OU etta Dwight, Jon Duer Row 2 Clyde Denno Adra Ellis Cecelia Cross Joyce Denten Margaret Elmore Bernie Dickey. Row 3 Lee Donham Jack Corrigan .lam Erffert Bruce Ervckson Larry Dallard AZ CLeft to rightj Front row-William Rainey, Leroy Robinson, Viola Sacrider, Janet Seaman, Patsy Roberts, Georgianne Regnaud, Joann Schmidt, Richard Ramondo, Jim Schettler. Second row-Bonnie Roberts, Mary Richardson, Mary Rylee, Sandy Schaal, Elfriede Reinholz, Elaine Scheer, Janet Ross, Darlene Raphael, Back row-Ken Scobee, Scott Saxe, Dennis Samuelson, Jo Schrum, Lee Sanders, Bill Reynolds. MR. ADAMS 4 s MR. D. EVANS CLeft to rightj Row l-Ronny Germone, David Graham, Jean Gloeckner, Joyce Furusho, Elfriede Gio, Betty Gifford, Wilma Fugate, Dennis Goodsell, Ron Grindling. Row 2-Richard Frletas, Richard Gonsalves, Bonita Fenton, Carol J. Gibson, Karen Fellers, Jean Focha, James Ford, Bob Gloeclnner. Row 3-Gary Foster, Don Gaskins, John Gudiohnson, Ron Feige, Don Guerrero, Jerry Garcia. 39 Cleft to rightj Front row-Nick Sheridan, Lloyd Smith, Shirley Stange, Carole Stewart, Paulene Sharrocks, Shirley Short, Kay Spillers, Rebecca Shields, Nathan Swift, Steve Sherman. Second row-Cha'les Smith, Jim Shahan, Virginia Shelton, Jerrie Talant, Pat Silva, Jan Spear, Judy Tarplor, Faye Teal, Ester Tinney, Richa'd Raymond, David Smith. Back row-Stan Tillinghast, Pete Stefani, Jim Smith, Tom Stammer, George Stefan, Larry Tanner, Allan St. Marie, Dennis Shannonn. MISS WESEEN l l'-- 2 1 T. l. DAVIS LLeft to rightD . Front rovvfEIsa Hammer Beverly Hixson, Verlene Hutchens, Shirley Hunter, Donna Hayes, Linda Hutchunzon, Jay- ann Hobbs, Judy Horn,lBonnie Hixson. Second rowfJessie Hancock, Joyce 4HutchiI'1SOf1f Joan HONEY, Be'f16dil'19 Hognestad, Cynthia Hastings, Barbara Horn, Lorie Hatch. Back row-John Hirsch, Pat Hubbert, Steve Hoffman, Clayton Heflin, David Hale. 40 CLefi to righfj Row l-Tim McGreW, Carol Metz, Joan Maddocks, Cleo Mesenlarink, John Lynn. Row 2-Verla Meyer, Diana Maf- thews, Darlene Lovett, Christy Mendoza, Marilyn McKenna, Linda Loomis, Darlene Lunch. Row 3-Bob Mercer, Warren Marshall, Roger Mann, Bill McNeill, Bob McDonald, .lack McDonell. MR. H. GORDON Q , MRS. GERHARDT CLeft to rightj A Row l-Darrel Lewis, Phil lro, Linda King, Carole Laughlin, Dianne Karr, Beverley Johnson, Barbara Isaacs, Frank Lawrason, Chris Laughlin. Row 2fMalcolrn Lennox, Dave Koehn, Janet Jones, Sandie Kitchens, Freida Klaus, Jimmie Jones, Larry Kendall. Row 3fBill Koplin, Cal Kimes, Dick Johnston, Joe Karlin, Len Kneale, Bob Johnson, Ron Jensen. 41 -41 Cleft to rightj Row lwMax Moore, Joe Privitt, Pat Pruner, Carol Peterson, Pam Minassian, Joyce Middaugh, Carmelita Myers Judy Marlin, Dennis Patterson, Harry Polley, Row 2-Bret Mills, Ken Parmeter, Jim Packard, Sandra Peterson, Brenda Morse, Elaine Pinkston, Carrie Mill, Patty Papetti, Bob Newman, Eugene Price, Mike Paris. Row 3-Mike Porter Jerry Overstreet, Mike Pearce, Roy Peterson, Bill Newman, James Petersdorf, Chris Monday. MR. PLANK L- ,bes age, - , ---' mfs MR. SPEDICK Left to ri ht , . Pow l-Era goss, Barry Aldridge, Dorothy Braga, Sue Broadwell, Annie Bourland, Clharlie Barbour, Michael Albright. Row 2fJudy Barr, Barbara Acklin, Linda Braddi, Susan- Bleifusf K-Ven AU5l""f BETTY B'O"'5O"", Pam Betterton, Joan Barr. Row 3-Don Baker, Nick Boreta, Tony Bassignam, Sam Banks, Dana Allen, TOYTI AfCl1ef, RICl'16rd Austin, George Bouillerce. 42 was X SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS - SPRING Nancy Hevern, Dorothy Rose, Bill Finn Elaine Cockran SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS - FALL Pa? Sloan Charles Hagle, Cheryl Arvig Pat New I i3!JPilUIIlDBES "Wh MISS FALBO CLeft to rlglmlj Row one -Judy Petty, Donna Peterson, Linda Nyquist, Mabel Persons, Donna Morgan, Diana Mowry Par New Janice Ono, Maria Pennacchio, Gerrie Morelli. Second row-Ellen Ocacio, Frieda Peterson, Nancy Poncifg Art Paul' Bob Pitt, Jack Pere, Janelle Nichols, Norma Nystrom, Carol Paperti, Back row-Karen Osborn, Jerry Morifa Arnold Nobler, David Nelson, Bob Morono, Burch Oversrreet, Mike Noble, Jocelyn Pedroia. ' , 43 Cleft to rightj Front row-Peggy Weeks, Mary Woods, Janice Worthington, Beverly Wedge, Steve Witter, Linda Warren, Joan West, Mariorie Yarnell, Judy Woodbury. Second row-Alice Whitehead, Pat Wise, Robert Walker, Butch Wrlcox Dale Wells, Jim Whalon, Glenn Watters, Sandy Wilson, Carol Wallace. Back rowfMichele Watkins, Troy Winslow Ron Yoder, Rita Wernli. MR. GERBOTH A 'Or 5 We ff-: w a .iz',.,,53i: A, J T! . ' N mid' MISS DEAN CLett to rightj Front row-fMichael Connolly, Maryann Elder, Danna Dove, Elaine Cochran, Rita Dion, Jody Duckhorn, Shirley Elrod Gary Crowe. Second rc-wfDavid' Davis, Bill- Duckhorn,, Phyllis Conney, Joan Dickson, Carole Daverro,g.upeDCon treras, Sharon Elrocl, Cheryl Davis, Steve Dillon, Francis Connor. Back row Pat Cooley, Ken CFGVQIGI UY HWS Ken Collingsworth, Gary Curtis, Warren Dick, Jim Cobb. 44 9 MR. HOGENMll.LER CLeff to rightj Front row-Bob England, Duane Forget, Karen Furness, Judy Fenton, Karolyn Furness, Claudia Graham, Bill Finn Max Farrar. Second row-Ru1h Faber, Jerry Gossner, Connie Gilmore, Sharon Falk, Susan Griswold, Joy French Tom Fiori, Joyce Gonsalves. Back row-Robert Foreman, Boyd Garrison, Judy Garsee, Torn Feickert, Lee Gardner, -.. If 4 Q f iq! MISS COVEY CLeft 10 righfj Front row-Lee Hinch, Joy:e Knecht, Janet Howard, .Shirley Jones, Peggy Janes, Edith Leker, Natalie Kriuenka Diane Kerivan, Gary Howard. Second rowflien Leavm, Sally Hines, Penny Lamb, Joan Johnson, lven Keopke Karen Jacobsen, Patricia Lian, Nina Hall, Richard Jones. Back row-Johnny Klobas, Jerry Lawhon, Bill Inman Scooter Hill, John Lemire, Dennis Kalpakoff, .lack Lamb. 45 1 QLefT to rightj Front row-Vicki Hagen, Sharon Hale, Kristine Hall, Dolf Heck, Second rowfRoy Haas, Nora Hansen, Lorraine Guitschula, Judy sen, Charles Hagle, James Hardina, Gary Hayes. MISS GARTEN i .'.1...N- 4 ' px MRS. ZWITZER QLeft to righlj Front row-Linda McCaw, Joe McDonald, Clarence Lombella, Twinkle Matoba, Sally Miinch, Bonnis Meyer, Sharon Miller, Gary Lynn, Phil Marcucci, Carol Loomis. Second row-Sarah McDermott, Dennis Markarian, Michael Lowe, Tom Miller, Anne Mathis, Larry Kelly, Richard Mapes, Don Madronich, Linda Mellow, Dorothy Millerick. Back row- Jim IMartini, May Matthews, Eddie McCoy, Dan McBerty, Mike Marshall, A. H. MacKellar, Dennis Matcham, Bob Mar owe. 46 Margaret Harriman, Nancy Hevrin, Alice Hensley Hardin, David Gustafson, Back row-Keith Gvnder CLeft to rightj Front row-Paula Purpura, Ester Silvas, Sharyn Privitt, Roland Robbs, Tommy Pringle, Donna Rufino, Clara Shimizu, Patricia Ries. Second row-Carol Ann Roerden, Arlene Rupp, Sharon Schettler, Shirley Schuldts, Pat Sloan, Joy Ridgway, Charlotte Silva, Jean Shuck. Back rowAJim Reed, Lee Rigby, Richard Royer, John Scott, Richard Scheuman. MR. WORMUTH 1 ,,,-n-F ,, I we ,U M ,... , f 5 MRS. FLEMING Cleft to rightj Front row-Russell Taylor, Kathy Villar, Judy Volkerts, Sharon Tillinghast, Kathy Syrne, Paulette Trappe Gloria Tooley, Paul Van Guilder. Second row-Morris Van Billiard, Phil Venturacci, Fred Stewart, Pat Sorentirlo Gary Vogel, Skip Rarnondo, Jim Sprague. Back row-Gilbert South, Henry Stiefel, Larrie Van Lare, Steve Fudwer Jim Thompson, Don Stem. ' 47 1 Af CLeft to rightj Front row-Kathleen Buttner, Mariorie Brooner, Darlene Britt, Llnell Clumpner, Margaret Bevans, Ann Bisby, Joy Bobo. Second rowvPaul Clarke, Beckie Brown, Joyce Beebe, Bev Clay, Mary Boozell, Lauerne Bryant, Bill Clemons. Back row-Bill Beckman, Pat Clausen, Peggy Brown, Gene Brueggeman, Bob Cihos, Carroll Behannon, MISS JENSEN Q ,fs fxf' 'W 3, xg xx l A MRS. MATTHEWS CLeft to rightj A Front rowfLinda Baldaccl, April Anderson, Clwerl Arvig, Ann Albrlght, Floranne Bartlett. Secorgd rogvwlu-fly BSFESS, Dixie Ayers, Linda Auren, .June Anderson, Judy Balsley, Beverely Banthrall. Back row-San ra arf, lm a er, Ray Bagwell, Nancy Bassignani, 48 FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS - FALL Beiiy Roberts Cookie Rabinovitz Susan Badger Danny Williams Robin Nelson Kenny Murray Susan Lennox Danny Williams FilESilII1EI1 f for MR. BOSSERT Cl.eft to rightj . From row-William Bloomquisf, Roger Eurckens, Chris Aho, Judy Borgna, Barbara Barnharsf, Ann Austin, Diana Bourlley, Wayne Baker, Donald Alright. Second row-Ron Bake-r,, Lynn Begley, Gayle Booth, Judy Baker, Judy Birkhofer, Susan Badger, Linda Barber, Edwin Betger, Joe Albright. Back row-Erne Ballinger, Priscilla Bolen, Geraldine Bohny, Alan Bengtson, Joan Archer, Luba Balasow, Darryl Berfolucci. 49 Q FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS - SPRING ! ! QLett to rightj Front row-Bob Dougherty, Alex Douglas, Leanna Deegan, Jane Eldridge, Kathy Erickson, Ellen Fell, Larry Farmer Terry Dickson. Second row-Mike Dillaha, Jim Fahey, Carol Felsing, Linda Drummond Kathy Dion Vila Echols Shirley Everly Curt Dillon, Steven Eld . B k ' ' , I er ac roWfDennls Denham, Dick Derum, Bill Elmore, Charley Dillon George Dodge, Odell Evans, Dan Erlln, Edward Denten. MR. DIEHL nillf' -q A-r 3 It MR. DREYER CLeft to rightj Front row-Pete Pellini, Christine O'Brien, Paula Peterson, Peggy Osborn, Cheryl OHO, Robin NEISOW Donna N l K h ee ey, at y Paine, Claude Pere. Second row-David Pedotti, Richard Peter, Gayle Oakley, Ruisell O'mE1llf DBFVW Norton, Larry Packard, Bob Paris, Warna NeYman, Bede Neves, Leslle Nelson- Back 'OW' 'mea eson' 'm Nielsen, Betty Petersen, Leonea Papera. 50 MR. S. GORDON CLeft to rightj Front row-Susan Skarie, Beverly Strong, Michael Sundberg, Timothy Smith, Perry Simms, Richard Silva, Dorothy Strode, Caroline Smith. Second row-Dietra Silviera, Evelyn Smith, John Smith, Gus St. Marie, Tom Smith, Marianne Silva, Shirley Stephens, Emma Sparkes. Back row-Merl Sturgeon, Jack Stevens, Allan Steeves. ,Maki 'Wm MQW MR. KNIGHT CLeft To rightj Front row-Albert Manka, Jack Muege, Robert Meyer, Cheryl Melia, Joe Morse, Nancy Mapes, Mike Martor ana, Jerry Mill, Lucy Mendoza. Second rovvfCarolyn Ming, Janice Nau, Bill Mann Walt Maxwell Skip Marsh man, Paul Medrano, Bill Midgley, Mary Mora, Lorelei Mills, Back row-Alan Moore, Ralph Moreno, Gary Mo berg, Linda Marshall, David Naylor, John Moura, Rocky McDermott. 5l Cleft to rightj Front row--Janet Waters, Geneva Wright, Trudy Tolley, Mike Wasson, Bob Zande, Kenneth Thompson Vira Ann Rose, Sidney Wood, Linda Younger. Second row-Vicki Wilkerson, Merrily Van Vicel, Carmen Whitlaich Juanita Wright, Bob Williams, Bill Wong, Dan Williams, Ann Vidal, Darlene Thorne, Colleen Yates Back rovif-Cathie Willis, Lynetta Vessels, Bob Young, Kenny Thompson, Paul Werner, Jerry Weeks, Gary :l'aylor, Kathy Van Billiard, Judy Tinney. MR. WAKEFIELD 5 MISS HORVATH fxleft to rightQ V Front row-Pat Gardner, Norma Hackworth, Leellen Fleming, Pete Gio, Alfred Gonsalves, l'lU9l1 F0f?5m5"'f B'll Harris, Jan Ebert, Rita Hayes, Geraldine Gonsalves. Sezond rowfHarvey Henningsen, James Herrl-ng, Richard FYE, Phil Henry, Dolores Fiori, Marcella Hartsough, Rick Hankins, Bob Furness, JeffY Fires' Adnaf' G"'ff'n' Back 'OW' George Hendrix, Harold Goodson, Roberta Green, Richard Hardina, Monika Gruhn, Jeff l'l6fdISTY, Anna G0l'1S6lV9S, Pete Grace, Richard Fielder. 52 CLeft to rightj Front row-Dean Jones, Geraldine Hull, Carolyn Jurkewicz, Judy Kaster, Pat Howard, Frieda Jones, Sharon Johnson, Terry Johnson. Middle row-Jeanne Hutchinson, Ray Johnston, Suzanne Kadello, Frances Jinkes, Dreeta Hutchens, Joann Johnson, Patricia Horney, Helen lnman, Hugh Hiscox, Sharon Hunter. Back row-David Hirsch, Don Hogg, John Karlin, Glenn Hursr, Jerry Horn. MISS PEDROIA X 574 ,in it If fi Y MISS BARRl .'Left to right? Front row-Kathy Carnelius, Ronald Cobb, Sadie Cobb, Sharon Clemons, Jean Cornwall, Nancy Braxlsford, Tommy Brinkley, Shelleen Condon. Se:ond rovvfRuth Buerer, Nancy Christiansen, Ladona Burris, Rickey Crowder, Steve Buffham, Charles Coats, Verna Carpenter, Pam Cobb, Sandra Cleve. Back row-Don Burke, Dan Christensen, David Caswell, David Chitwood, Jack Chaney. 53 MR. WHALON CLeft to rightD Front roweDennis Robinson, Doug Porter, Lupe Rodriguez, Denise Rabinovitz, David Rubio, Sheri Ramondo, Bette Roberts, Bill Roberts, James Shannon, Second row-Evan Rohrer, Gerald Schutz, Karen Sheridan, Linda Shultz, Cathy Pruner, Anita Roberson, Charlotte Rand, Elsie Pinola, Gary Saxe, Don Rounds, Back row-Robert Rue, Ron Ridley Harold Roberts, John Polley, Dennis Reed, Jimmy Riggle, Ed Schofield, Frank Sharp. X ' f df 5 5" i sz 8- x "'-:Q MR. POPPE QLSH to rightj I H K H G Front rowfCl1arles Langford, Margaret Kernitzlci, Sharon Knapper, Rita Luong, K3ll"Y Kendnllf JO? en 9 VIS 90,299 Kirk. Second row-Margaret Lander, Teresa Linn, Bob Lunch, Karen Koplmf R059 Marla lewekl Back lowi lep en Lamb, Larry LaBlue, Peter Little, 54 UBBPIIIIZHT 10115 i1B'Il3l'IlEi3 g Q pf v i Dick Dowd President Mickey Rabinovitz Vice President Mariorie Yamamoto Secretary Mr. Crump Advisor f , ,A I, r C If 'Y T7 Xlsgtf X -r X if? ' s. ,. CLeft to rightj Front row: Susan Badger, Cookie Raloinovitz, Pat New, Carol Petersen, Marlene Morelli. Back row: Dick Dowd, Mickey Rabinovitz, Margie Yamamoto, Dan Fish, Larry Mitchell. FALL STUDENT COUNCIL The Fall Student Council under the leadership of President Dick Dowd ancl with the helpful guidance of Mr. John Crump has tried to improve our student government. The first big step was the planning and the actual revision of our out-of-date Student Body Constitution. Also, members of the Fall Student Council attended the North Bay League Student Leader's Conference at Montgomery High School. 56 . A 51,234 le.. QQX fs: f' X . C fa 5,511 liz. ,z I . 4 ! - rp 'J 7 ' :sp C ,Suhr f J ' J , --if , 'Hr - 4 Mickey Rabinovifz, President Harry Polley, Vice President Jeanne Rossi, Secretary Patty Chenoweth Head Cheerleader SPRING STUDENT COUNCIL During the spring months, the Student Council found Themselves under the fine leadership of Mickey Rabinovitz, Student Body President. The council devoted some time during the first few meetings to discussion about a nevv organization which would be under the title of Honor HA." This organization was established after approval. The council also sent 7 delegates to the North Bay Conference, held at Tomales High School. The council is also supporting the first musical to be put on by the dramatics department entitled, "The Boyfriend." Thanks for a well done job, members! Cl.eft to rightj Front row: Robin Nelson, Karen Fellers. Second row: Danny Williams, Pat Frayo, Jeanne Rossi, Mickey Rabinovitz, Nancy Hevran, .lack Tough, Third row: Mr. J. Crump, Bill Finn, Dick Dowd, Harry Polley, Gary Ferguson, Pat Chenoweth. 57 s 1 s , E! CLeft to rightj Front row: Arlene Schaefer, Sandra Front Row: Sue Ross, Jan Spear, Sharon Dillaha, May Cook, Diane G-onnella, Carol Nau, Bonnie Peterson. Back row: Jan Spear, Mary Richardson. Young. Back Row: Barbara Shimizu, Sharon McCausland, Margie Yamamoto, Pat Chenoweth, Mary Richardson, Anna Richardson, Sandra Peterson, Linda Hutchinson. GlRL'S 212 trmraswf f g H6837 111 rtruf A l Q in 3 1 it 5 unsung 'WF' CLeft to rightj Front row: Mable Cook, Sharon Dillaha, Nicki Makaroff, Sandie lngraham, Anna Richardson. Second row: Margie Yamamoto, Pat Chenoweth, Dianne Gonnella, Carol Nau, Bonnie Young, Pat Frayo. Back row: Barbara Shimizu, Sharon McCausland, Margie Yamamoto, Pat Chenoweth, Mary Richardson, Ann Richardson, Q1 G. A. A. .X AJ This year the G. A. A. has played hockey, volleyball, basketball, softball, bad- X7 minton, and tennis. Modern dance is a new activity which was included. X N February l wasqthe day for initiation of eligible members. Approximately i5 Zfqpw new members participated in a scavenger hunt followed by a pot luck dinner. ' Five senior members and their advisor Miss Garten attended a High School Sports Day at the University of California on March 19, 1960. Q19 All-Star players and championship teams for the various sports played, are X X45 'Q announced at the potluck dinner which is held to conclude each sport. The biggest event of the year is the Farewell Banquet which is held in May. Officers for the coming year are also announced at this time. 58 '69 Front row Sharon Dillaha Ba bara Sh mizu. Back QLeft to rightj Front row: Margaret Elmore, Joyce Furusho, Sandy Peterson, Pat Silva, Helen Wil row Dorothy Braga Sue Ross Bonnie Young Helen liarns, Kay Spillers, Jan Spear. Middle row: Dorothy Braga, Donna Woods, Chris Mendoza, Brenda Williams Morse, Vicki Young, Verlene Hutchins, Sandy Williamson. Back row: Elaine Scheer, Linda Sue Chenovveth, Bev Cook, Mary Richardson, Linda Hutchinson, Jean Gleockner, Mickie Headricks. it 0 i 1 Front Row: Karen Furness, Karen Osborn, Pat Sloan. Middle Row: Twinkle Matoba, Clara Shimizu, Donna Rufino, Elaine Cochran. Back Row: Dorothy Millerick, Claudia Graham, Ann Mathis, Donna Peterson, Sally Hines. Front row: Maryann Silva, Susan Skarie, Sharon Clemons, Jan Ebert. Middle row: Linda Younger, Dreta Hutchens, Cheryl Ono, Leana Melsen, Reede Long. Back row: Donna Neeley, Sidney Wood, Shirley Everley, Jan Nau, Dolores Fiori, Helen lnman, Rose Marie Lewek. .gi ,, fd x HZ-7' 'UQ 'ln Jocko Garzot, Harry Polley, Kent Frazer, President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer THE BOYS' BLOCK "A" The Boys Block "A" Society is mainly a service organization, its members consisting of boys who have earned a letter in any school sport. The Society's main goal is service toward the school. Some of our many events during the year were as follows: The Society raised funds for a school banner by sponsoring a Senior Faculty basketball game. The event was a large success and we hope to see the banner above our rooting section next year. Again this year we supplied members for putting Easter Seals in envelopes along with boys to supervise at all sport activities. We held our annual Father and Son chicken barbecue in the spring, which as usual turned out to be a big success and produced many full stomachs. This rounded out our year's events. Row I: Jim Hardina, Dale Welis, Darrel Lewis, Art Wong, Don Gaskins, John Gudiohnson, Richard Stevens, Bobby Dougherty, David Graham, Dave Koehn, Russel Taylor, Jim Whalon, Jim Sprague, Bill Finn, Steve Buffham, Ted Christionsen, Skip Marshman. Row 2: Larry Carrillo, Kent Frazer, Don Baker, Jack Tough, Gary Crowe, Roger Mann, Dick Johnston, Dick Dowd, Dan Fish, Dean Garzot, Dennis Groff, Larry Mitchell, Mickey Rabinovitz, Jeff Nelson, Nick Sheridan, Jerry Overstreet, Gary Howard, Ron Yoder. Row 3: Joe Privitt, Danny Williams, Cal Kimes, Bob Germone, Dave Curshellas, Tom Stammer, Gary Foster, Harry Polley, Sarn Banks, Steve Sullivan, John Karlin, Robert Morono, Jim Eiffert, Larry Kendall, Dennis Kitchens, Bill Stephans, Jim Packard, Henry Steifel, Jerry Morita, Duane Forget, Dennis Kalpakoff, Steve Dillon, Mike Marshall. Ai :egg :Wilt , rw U .H4Z.',gQ,5r . s , ' f ' I. ' ,MA ' ' " X v ui vy'i'Vli"v 'W Q-. ""'..r -Q. 5, 60 FALL Dominico Carinalli, President 'JS 412 -BQ sf Lee Winkler, Vice President Bruce Martin, Secretary Clyde Denno Treasurer , ,m Tom Byrnes, Reporter Richard Ro er 'f FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA CLeft to rightj Front row: Clarence Lombello, Richard Feidasz, Jerry Rainford, Bede Neves, Jerald Schutz, Bill Clemmons, Gerry Gossner, Jan Blau, Virgil Bowen, Ronald Cobbs, Darin Griffen, Jerry Straight, Adolph Heck. Middle row: Mr. Ament, Ed Rainford, Dan Christensen, Bruce Martin, Gary Vogel, Floyd Dickey, Jerry Morita, Richard Jones, Jim Hardina, Dan McBerty, Glenn Hurst, Dave Podotti, Richaid Fye, Mike Dillaha, Corky Denno, Tom Byrnes, Mr. Bertoli. Back row: John Calvi, Vernon Hutt, Jim Pastorino, Allen Bengston, Gary Mobe'g, Jeff Hardisty, Tom Stammer, Bill Brailsford, Richard Royer, Ron Grindling, Don Guerrero, Bob Heller, Lee Winkler. SPRING , f . ,.,. , W Lee Winkler, President Q we .445 1 5,1 I Y Q I Dominico Carinalli, 1 ,Mg ff' W. f Vice President 7 ,Him 3 ,ww Bruce Martin, V , ' Q Secretary A- 4 '- Q J 5 ' ' f fwwf- : -, , . ' Clyde Denno V .f I Treasurer X vi MW - x ,M xi' I' ' Tom Stammer, I , Z W, nf A Reporter V ' wf "mf--W gs, I , W ,N f: H wg Richard Royer, N,?Jjff,f.,f. ,1 - , , X Sentinel H g sf :"'f?E-f Y ,, J f f 1 61 FALL .vssvg na- , Hs. ,,. .f N. I 1 Carol Singer, President Carol Leone, Secretary ' f...+ g.i , T3 qv-M ' . ss . 'T 'T . 1' f Y 1 rf . ff vs. Q 5. B vi ' AZN: Q ith sv v iz? . Ke . S Fiqh 1 f 3' . Z 9 f Carol Nau, Vice President Sharon McNeill, Treasurer WCDRLD AFFAIRS CLU B 1959-1960 Tom Young, Analy's second exchange sTudenT, spenT Three evenTful monThs in Holland during 1'959. During This Time, Tom Toured many neighboring counTries with his family, and had an unTorTunaTe accidenT, which inTerrupTed his visiTl Danny Formica, from Sicily, was our Third foreign sTudenT To aTTend Analy. Danny spent The year in The home of Paul and Guy Davis, SebasTopol. BoTh Danny and Tom macle many personal appearances before clubs and organizaTions To Tell of Their experiences and countries. During October, "Exchange STudenT Week" was declared by SebasTopol's Mayor. The "Kick-OFT".BreakfasT sTarTed The week OTT and ended wiTh Sharon McNeill, Treasurer, deposiTing a very sizeable amount in The Exchange STudenT Fund. lnTernaTional Weekend occurred during February. Foreign sTudenTs from ln- TernaTional House in Berkeley spenT The weekend wiTh Analy sTudenTs Touring The SebasTopol region and Fort Ross, along with enjoying many oTher acTiviTies. Besides The evenfs menTioned, The W. A. C. had a monThly pot-luck dinner and meeTing in The CafeTeria. Many inTeresTing speakers helped To make The evenings a success. Miss Mildred J. Weseen, Advisor, and Fall PresidenT, Carolyn Singer, are just Two of The many persons who made The year successful. 62 SPRING , ,y y -T z gr ,. ,, V , Q 'fl 2-52 Y -A 'iz' , -. QTQXX Q as iff! ii.'TTf? if . . Steve Martin, Carol Leone, President Vice President Julie Black, Anna Richardson, Secretary Treasurer FALL K, , 'E' af' Mia !.v5 Danny Formica, Dana Donavan, President Vice President Margi Gonsalves, Linda Martorana, Secretary Treasurer PEP CLUB The Pep Clulo had a pretty successful year. They vvere very active at all The games and backed up our players with much cheering and encouragement. There weren't too many other activities, although everyone paid their dues, and enioyed all things provided. The numerous members formed different groups and took care of car caravans, provided food for the players after games, decorated The goal posts, cleaned up and worked on the rallys. 63 Ha ARI' If 41, "' ,W ,, f s. -W fi W ...W is-f X Linda Bowen, President Lorraine Van Coit, Secretary 4 5 A . v gs ,,,V f' , 14 -sgeifm' A SPRING s - V, 5 4' Q sf 4 ser , ' tim 4 rf W , I- 4. 393 fm... I . ' 1 4 2:44 ' , .K ' ' 1,1 Pat Frayo, Vice President Patty Pappetti, Treasurer Danny Formica, Sicily Mr. Davis, Mrs. Davis, Danny, Paul, Guy EXCHANGE By Danny Formica Dear Analyans: Above all, I musT Thank you and all The people in The school and ouT ThaT have made my sTay so unforgeTTabIe. A parTicuIar Thanks To Mr. and Mrs. Davis who have been, for me, as a second family. The kids, here in America, are so friendly ThaT iT was noT a hard job To geT, in shorT Time, so many friends, like I did. I am here as The Third foreign sTudenT, and wiTh greaT pleasure I have noTiced ThaT The pro- gram is increasing wiTh good hope for The fuTure. AIThough I am coming from a big Town, called CaTania, of abouT 350,000 people, I have en- joyed our small and nice Sebasfopol. I have noTiced a big difference beTween The high-school boys and girls here and in Sicily. As a general rule here, boys are calmer and more inTeresTed in cars Than vve. The girls, on The conTrary, are preTTy and .... Terrific. I do noT Think any expIanaTion is To be made on This IasT sTaTemenT. As a general rule, I prefer American girls To The European girls. Here boys have many jobs available, and, hence, They can afford what European boys cannoT. IT sounds preTTy funny for an American To hear ThaT, when we go ouT for a daTe, we use as a means of TransporTaTion, The ciTy busses or our . . . feeT. BUT we have The same fun ThaT you have here. I geT a kick from your radio and Television. UnforgeTTabIe for me is your channel 9l or ThaT small man coming ouT from your T. V. seT saying ThaT a "Burgie is so much more refreshing." In my counTry we have To go To school Monday Through SaTurday, and we have To Take abouT I5 courses every year To graduaTe. In ITaIy I found jazz more popular, especially among young people, Than her, and I was much surprised when I heard on your radio sTaTions all popular music. Well, I guess iT is a beTTer idea if I will finish wiTh my Terrible ITalian-American. Thank you again, This has been, for me, one year of wonderful experience ThaT I will never forget. Danny Formica Foreign Exchange STudenT 1959-60 ITALY 64 it Tom Young and all other American Exchange Students in Holland Tom Young, Exchange Student for the summer with the King of Holland. STUDENTS By Tom Young When informed that my destination would be the Netherlands, naturally my thoughts were of wooden shoes, windmills, and a quaint manner of dress, so you can imagine my surprise on arrival in the Netherlands to find, waiting for me on the pier, my host family in attire no ditcferent than that of ours. I found city life there similar to that of ours in many respects. One difference-the use of public conveyances-in that country is almost essential. The family car is used for trips, vacations, or for out-of-town purposes, and rarely for every- day use, The bicycle is used for going to and from places of work. It is interesting to note that there are highways exclusively for bicycles, since the bicycle traffic is quite heavy. I found the Dutch people congenial, co-operative and, as a whole, easy to get along with. Their mode of life does not seem as complex as ours and, from all appearances, they take a little more time to enjoy it. There is a considerably greater amount of family unity in so far as they enjoy family par- ticipation in their various activities. This is not to be construed that the teenagers do not enjoy their own activities. Most important, "food." Food is a subject of interest in everybody's mind. I-low was the food in Holland? It was very good. The one thing there is in getting used to Dutch food is acquiring an appetite for bread. Two out of three meals consist of a diet of bread-several slices of it in con- junction with thin slices of meats, spreads, etc. The hand does not touch the food. Everything is eaten with knife and fork. I enjoyed my stay in the Netherlands tremendously and look forward-someday-to return. I wish now to thank all my teachers, friends, and neighbors who made this splendid trip possible. To the next foreign exchange students, good luck, and may you enjoy many new, happy experiences. 65 Gary Foster Elaine Scheer Row I: Richard Ramondo, Curt McClendon, Kris Hall, Stan Tillinghast, Julie Black, Carol Leone, President Vice President Jenette Nichols, Judy Ballsey, Elaine Colcrin. Row 2: Arlene Schaefer, Dorrine Petersdorf, June Anderson, Dianne Gonnella, Margi Gonsalves, Alice Whitehead, Judy Volkerts, Nancy Poncia, Joyce Jan Spear Miss Weseen Bobo, Anna Richardson, Lind Auren, Jean Gloeckner. Row 3: Elaine Sheer, Larry Mitchell, Dick Seqrefary.Trea5urer Advisor Dowd, Dennis Templeman, Gary Foster, Don Stem, Ken Collingsworth, Joyce Knect, Miss Weseen. FALL The Analy chapter of the California Scholarship Federation found itself under- taking one of the biggest proiects it has ever handled this year. On April 2, l96O, Analy was host to the 139 schools that make up the Northern Bay Region. Each year a conference is held and we had the honor to present it here on the Analy Campus. The chapter will end its year with a swimming party and picnic. The organization was under the fine leadership of Gary Foster, in the Fall and Carol Leone, in the Spring. 66 SPRING Read from left to right: Front Row: Shirley Stange, Carol Clifford, Mary Richardson, Ann Mathis, Judith Biekhofer, Kathy Kendall, Julie Black, Margi Yamamoto, Jeanne Rossi, Carolyn O'rear. Carol Leone Dorrine Petersdorf Middle Row: Nancy Poncia, Joyce Knect, Judy Volkerts, Jean Carnivall, Alice Whitehead, Susie President Vice President Lennox, Susan Shimmel, Carol Ayersman, Carol Leone, Carol Nau. Back Row: Ken Collinsworth, Stanley Tillinghast, Stephen Buffham, Don Madronich, Henry Stiefel, Larry Mitchell, Dennis Julie Black' Miss Weseen Kitchens, Dorrine Petersdorf, Miss Weseen. Secretary Advisor .H ' l E 5 3 t " YN'-al' N, Tim Burns, Linda Nyquist, X 'Ax ""9n-sf ,Q , Y s, , President . sf' President fig f' .,-rfgp Linda Nyquist . I, ' Judy Hardin, f, Secrelary Vice President ' 'xl Carol Metz, Linda Auren, We Treasurer Secretary -ii,-M Gary Foster, Dana Allen, .' I, Vice President Treasurer I f FALL SPRING Front row: Faye Bigelow, Alice Whitehead, Linda Auren, Jocelyn Pedroia. Back row: Tim Burns, Sharon McCausland, Linda Nyquist, Nancy Bassignani, Carol Metz, Claudia Graham, Ken Collinsworth. TEACHERS OF TOMGRROVV FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA 67 Marlene Morelli, I I I Zelma Leker President CLeft to rightj Front row: Zelma Leker, Linda Hutchinson, Marlene Morellr, Martha Wood, Elka Maxwell. Barbara Issack Martha Wood Back row: Dianne Gonnella, Joan Archer, Corkie Barber, Barbara Acklin, Barbara lssacks, Gayle Oakly. QM! ' HE:-LRF? l' Q ' in-Q4 wma fi-N'-"' -' .. Q 4 ka QT' XYQF g . S fa- , . 1 edgb -- - - ' . tQiQ?Mw.,f' 4 T 5- -52' r' 1 A Q Q i i-4. 5551- It .Y Rf A . W-5 +I. Y an 'L ' A 5 . i l aa N .... Q gf, O i 'T ,mam CLeft to rightj Front row: Max Farrar, Gary Sanford, Curtis McLendon, Jerry Mill, David Hirsh, Rich Curtis Mclendon, Stanley Tillinghast, ll Hardina, Robert Young. Back row: Joyce Bobo, Sharon McCausland, Richard Ramondo, John Hirsh, Stanley President Vice President i Tillinghast, Mr. Hogenmiller. Gary Sanford, Mr. Hogenmiller, 4 Secretary-Treasurer Advisor ' SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club sponsored many projects this year, one of These was the making possible for the entire school to watch the sun spot action on the sun by placing a Telescope on the little knoll behind the main building and overlooking the football field. The Science Club also sponsored Analy's first annual science fair, which was held Tues- day, February 18, in the new science rooms of the high school. From the number who partici- pated, the number who came to see and the amount of praise, the fair can be adiudged as noth- ing short of a complete success. A rough estimate of visitors sets the number at something above l500. Many schools participated and there were dozens of entries, attracting visitors from as far away as the Bay Area. t SCIENCE FAIR 5 68 'l l it li l IIN' Members: Flutes-Rosemary Van Birna, Pam Minassian, Susan Shimmell. Oboes-Ken Dannatt, Sandra lngraham. Clarinets-Judy Hardin, Fredrick Ebert, Boyd Garrison, Sharon Clark, .lim Schettler, Nathan Zackheim, Bonnie Hixson, Tim Martin, Ronald Yoder, Raymond Wernli, Martha Wood, Maria Pennichio, MHFY 30024-Bl, Paula Purpura, Yolanda Curshellas, Kathy Paine. Alto Clarinet-Vi0lB Leker, Claudia Graham. Bass Clarinet-Beverly Wedge, Bill Duckhorn. Bassoon-Faye Bigelow, Leloh May Deter. Alto Saxophone-Ken Collinsworth, Danna Hayes, John Lynn, Charles Priolo. Tenor Saxophone-Fred Hogg. Baritone Saxophone-John Calvi. Trumpets-Henry StiefeI,Dick Hill, Robert Stephan, George Stefan, Conrad Nelson, Linda Baldacci, James Petersdorf, Evan Rohrer, Robert Pitt, Lonnie Armstrong, George Ramondo. French Horn-Allen Yeager, John Polley, Kent Frazer. Trombones-Dennis Templeman, Cal Kimes, Jeff Nelson, Ronald Grindling, Stephen Marshman, Victor Von Arx, David Gustofson. Baritone-Joel Marlowe. Tuba-David Graham, Ronald Lingran, Dale Wells. Drums-Jack Tough, Richard Stephens, Larry Kendall, Gary Ricioli, Franklin Brown, Nick Sheridan, Jerry Overstreet. BAND 69 CLeft to rightj Row ln Shirley Pack, Sharon Hale, Gloria Tooley, Janet Seaman, Karily Furness, Cheryl Arvig, Beverly Nickles, Dolph Heck, Pat New, Diana Mowey, Luella Ross, Martha Johnson, Annie Bourland, Carol Rodern. Row 2: Kim Arvmic, Georgann Renauld, Kathy Buttner, Kardean Johnson, Carol Loomis, Judy Taylor, Jerry Talent, Beckie Brown, Alice Hensley, Judy Garcee, Lea Long, Carol Garner, Jean Vidal. Row 3: Mr. Lewis, Reeda Seavers, Jenifer Griswall, Mary Hagle, Margaret Hansen, Cheryl Davis, Pat Gardner, Sharon Waltz, Janet McCaw, Pam Betterton, Karen Dascallas, Nina Hull, Katy Villar, Row A: Ronald Elrod, Steve Doughty, Steve Paskell, Jon Duer, Bill Duckhorn, Jerry Gossner. MIXED Cl-IGRUS The A Cappella was a tremendous success in their numerous singing per- formances this year. Among these were their Spring Vocal Concert, Christmas Play, and Open House Night. They also performed at numerous grammar schools, clubs, and organizations in the community. They have been rewarded with picnics, partiesland trips to many colleges. A CAPPELLA CLett to rightD Row l: Roslyn Rovere, Rae Seaman, Bessie Baker, Darlene Pryor, Jan Caddel, Margaret Elmore, Nicki Makaroff, Linda Rogers. Row 2: Alice Whitehead, Jayce Middough, Judy Volkerts, Sharon Clark, Jack Tough, Dave Graham, Sandy Schaal, Cynthia Hastings, Sharlyn Swedger, Wilma Fugate, Joan Dickson. Row 3: Ruth Kirk, Linda Spanner, Linda Bowen, Dana Donavan, Sharon Hemphill, Bill Finn, Fred Hogg, Victor Van Arx, Diana Mathews, Sandy Kitchens, Row 4: Mr. Lewis, Lee Winkler, Ken Dannatt, Darrel Lewis, John Gudiohnson, Dick Johnston, Roger Mann, Harry Polley, Guy Davis, Gary Foster. 70 IIN CLeft to rightj Front row: Beverly Strong, Linda Younger, Frieda Jones, Kathy Kendall, Jan Ebert, Monika Gruhn, Judy Borgna, Jane Eldridge, Ann Vidal, Judy Kaster, Chris Aho, Darlene Thorne. Second row: Nancy Christiansen, Gayle Booth, Ellen Ocacio, Norma Nystram, Pat Pruner, Rosemarie Beebe, Pat Papetti, Mary Mora, Warna Neyman, Carolyn O'Rear, Sharon Forsythe, Pat Gardner, Judy Tinney, Phil Henry, Sheri Ramondo. Row three: Mr. Lewis, Linda Marshall, Carolyn Jurkewitcz, Michelle Bentzen, Alice Burton, Dietra Silveria, Carol Papetti, Joan Archer, Pamela Cobb, Joann Carpenter, Susan Skarie, Frances Jenkins, Bettie Roberts, Evelyn Smith, Joann Johnson. Back row: Leslie Nelson, Evan Rohrer, Alan Moore, Don Caswell, John Polley, Gary Te Selle, Bill Elmore, Dan Williams, Bill Midgely, Jerry Mill, Robert Myer. MIXED GLEE Mixed Glee is an establishing step toward being in and enjoying A Cappella. This group as well as the Ensemble contributed well to the music department, singing vocal exercises, Christmas carols, folk, Negro spirituals, and various popular tunes. Mr. Louis Lewis, director of the vocal department, has done a really fine iob this year, and we feel sure that his efforts are appreciated by the whole school. ENSEMBLE Read left to right. Front Row: Lorraine Van Cott, Ramona Seaman. Back Row: Mr, Lewis, Advisor, Bessie Baker, Wilma Fugate, Sharon Hemphill. Go f x pi! L W, 7l --Y 'a Cl.eft to rightj Row I- Ken D Foste K . annatt, Fred Hogg, Gary Sanford, Ken Collinsvvorth, Boyd G ' r, ent Frazer, Rich Hill, Bobby Stephan, Skip Marshman, Cal K' ' Mr. Lewis, Harry Polley, DANCE BAND CLeft to rightj Row I: Bobby Stephan, Jack Tough, Nick Sherid Stephens, Fred Hogg. Row 2-David Grah Donna Hayes, Jud arrlson. Row 2: Butcl lmes, Dennis Templeman. Row 3: Ja:k Tough, PEP BAND an, Kent Frazer, Larry Kendall, Joel Marlow, Rich am, Jeff Nelson, Dennis Templeman, Henry Stiefel, Dick Hill J' y Harden. Row 3: Ken Dannatt, Cal Kimes, George Steph ' , lm Shetler, en, Boyd Garrison, Ken Collinsworth. 72 Jan Caddel -f1':"'+""7'? am.. .- 1.14, "'444se,.:' .R 6 . Sheri Jackson Lorraine Van Cow 1' f Q I J. P .jhwlgifig , fa , M f x-gggrf .sr ' 1 y 'N J 1 , ' . 4 E W gffy,g,7 .-31, ' lv- av A -M, , iw ri 1? 1 rw- .L ,A , I, " ' , A H 'fr 3 cf V f'gfZ?f2,N 1+ Q ,, , , " zf2""' X 1 ,'f?' I 'Wifi w, me u f ff f l A2174 V f , W W y I .X y Wf 1 ff' ff 4 of f 4' I ff, l K , Av fir Diane Gonnella Barbara Shimizu ' 74 7 ,Ya rrrnr 454 Q L, 'f 'ji' ? fy' If QW ', 45 ' ,fkfifgfyg f X Hgyfs' fm, " -P , W Q - f - 25, , V -07, A 23, -1 :W I IV fl 3 ff , 0547 J A ,-,f 5 I ,gym-ga, , , 570' 1,5 " ,, . ,, .. . ,,, . V 7 Q, 1 ,ggi 6 any 1 ff 9 Roslyn Rovere Ellen McNamee Fran Strong Pat Chenoweth 73 z -- 'ff 1 T Q. ... . .1 7. w 'E .U -- 1:1 0, CLeft to rrghtj Dietra Silveira, Peggy Osborn, Judy Balsley, Margie Gonsalves, Cookie Rabinovitz, Bill Finn Nickle Makaroff Robin Nelson Susan Badger, DRILL TEAM Another year, another drill team. This year the drill team really showed their stuff. They participated in the half-time entertainment at almost all of Analy's football games. Their drills and stunts were also enioyed at one of our rallies, and at one of our basketball games. Annually, the drill team does a routine for the spring band concert. This year they did their routine to "Me and My Shadow." Much of the credit for the girls' success this year should be given to Mr. Kenneth Knight and Miss Greta Garten. They did a wonderful iob, and you can be sure they'll do a good iob next year too! The maiorettes and the Tiger and Tigerette have followed performing at the games, band concert, and other activities. All three groups have performed outstandingly this year. Cleft to rightj Row 1: Alice English, Jean Eggers, Ellen Ocacio, Dorothy Millerick, Linda Porter, Jeanne Rossi, Linda Hutchinson Row 2 Martha Johnson, Ellen Travis, Sharon Tillinghast, Elaine Pinkston, Pat Sloan, Marleen Morelli. Row 3: Becki Brown, Sandy Wil liamson Sandy Schaal, Darlene Rafael, Sandy Barr. FOOTBALL QUEEN Lunda Martorana Roslyn Rovere Aileen Fnorn Queen 4g,.,k,, M.. .-PWM inl- M AH QN. r ff we v ? sf, Q -Im' A '. if W 0. my YM, w W if M, .4 A, V. gsijyfl t 'ar , ,l s .7 2, ', page! a ,, pref ' , 'f ' f 'ful-.2122-w-M -W . , ,Ju , ,Wi i 4' .4 vm : y ph W 'HJ' ' wvfi fzifaeif . ., ' 5 H., WV, ,, Qc, V I 6 af. , J? , JNL. f fa I u " ' H' my , -. V j',5t'j' M . "'. ' f-.I '1' 3 v . x PM ,i fe in-ir .ll si" aw X fit' gf, es 9 . Carol Cookson Betty Bronson Fran Strong Wanda Jones Bonnie Hockett Troy Winslow S - ' v . t 'T Nu- :..: , rg X Q , ,E A X, Bonnie Young Carol Peterson Virginia Rodgers Paul Christensen Oliver Wilson Mike Morton Dorrine Petersdorf Carol Leone Editor Assistant Editor ANALYAN STAFF This year the Analyan started the year with a small staff of all girls. Within a few days, additions were made to the staff. These additions continued until, by the second semester, the staff was made up of a total of nineteen boys and girls working to serve Analy through the newspaper, as has been done in past years. Perhaps the Analyan's greatest accomplishment this year was the change in size and format of the paper, fa few years ago, the paper was only a mimeographed publicationl, which made it pos- sible for the staff to cover a greater number of school activities in greater detail. All in all, the year was a successful and enioyable one. fvki hw Mr. Plank, Advisor 76 r x 'five CLeft to rightl Front row: Susan Badger, Chris Aho, Robin Nelson, Bev Clay, Arlene Awender, Roslyn Rovere, Ellen McNamee, Linda Bowen, Sheri Jackson, Linda Martorana, Nancy Naylor, Cookie Rabinovitz, Nicki Makaroff, Bessie Baker, Sandy Ingram. Second row: Sandy Peterson, Sharon Dillaha, Cheri Ramondo, Gayle Booth, Fran Strong, Kaye Maxwell, Cherl Arvig, Coleen Yates, Carol Nau, Pattie Pepetti, Carol Petersen, Carol Pepetti, Gerry Morelli, Pat Silva, Bonnie Roberts, Nancy Hervin, Aileen Eiori. Bacg row: Barbara Shimizu, Joan Johnson, Jan Caddel, Dana Donovan, Diane Gonnella, Jean Famini, Arlene Schaefer, Pat Chenoweth, Mary Richardson, Margie Yamamoto, Anna Richardson, Sharon Hemphill, Jan Spear, Sandy Kitchens, Nora Hansen, Susan Shimmel, Beverly Strong, Kathy Paine. GlRL'S LEAGUE The Girls' League has had a very successful year under the direc- tion of President Patty Chenoweth and Miss Lorraine, advisor. This year a hush day was introduced and enioyed by all partici- pating. The boy that had the most tickets at the end of the day, Dennis Kitchens, was crowned "Mr. Desirable" at the annual Turnabout Dance the following evening. We are sure next year will be as good as this year. Pat Chenowelh President Arlene Schaefer Secretary Carol Nau Treasurer Barbara Shimizu Vice President Aileen Fiori Song Leader Miss Lorraine Advisor 77 ' - ll CLeft to rightj Row 1: Margi Gonsalves, Dana Donovan, Cynthia Hastings. Row 2: Dorraine Petersdort, Carol Peterson, Sus Sanderlin, Joyce Hutchinson. Row 3: Jerry Elrod, Gary Foster, Steward Long, Mr. DeBelIo Row 4: Gary TeSelle, Phil Alderman. FALL PLAY The Fall Play, entitled "Family Circle," was presented in the high school cafeteria on November 20, l959. The play was written by Anne Coulter Martens and was dramatized from the book by Cornelia Otis Skinner. The comedy presents the life of the young Cornelia Otis Skinner, and her efforts to follow in her parents footsteps to a career in the theatre. The three-act comedy was adapted for the Theatre-in-the-Round by Mr. Angelo DeBello. The stage setting was simply a platform in the center of the cafeteria. All the 325 seats which were placed on the four sides of the platform were sold out. The Dramatics department felt the production was a success for the following two reasons: CU The production provided an educational experience through the adaptation of a new mode of presentation, Central-Staging. QD It also provided a challenge to the fine students who participated on stage and also behind the scenes. MR. DeBELLO, Director Sleep Talking is dangerous! ff l 78 SPRING PLAY To say the least "THE BOY FRIEND" was a smash hit! It was one of the greatest productions in the history of Analy High School. The show played to almost S. R. O. crowds for two consecutive nights--April 22 and 23. Long weeks of hard work paid huge dividends. The main credit goes to Mr. Angelo DeBeIlo who directed the musical. Working with Mr. DeBeIlo were Mr. Louis Lewis, musical director, and Miss Greta Garten, choreographer. The play, without their efforts could not have been the success it was. The story was a truly old-fashioned love affair and the heart warming happy conclusion brought the boy and girl together. The entire cast did a beautiful iob of portraying the various characters. This year's play "THE BOY FRIEND" will stand as a hallmark for other school plays put on here at Analy. CLeft to rightj Row I: Bessie Baker, Margi Gonsalves, Pat Frayo. Row 2: Lorraine Van Cott, Oliver Wilson Sharon Hemphill, Cynthia Hastings, Ken Dannatt, David Graham, Pam Betterton. Row 3: Judy Balsey, Bill Finn, Gary Foster, Stan Tillinghast, Jan Caddel. If x 79 Mickey Rabinovifz Dick Dowd Steve Wickham Jeanne Rossi BGY'S AND GlRL'S STATE The annual Boys and Girls STaTe was held during The week of June 17-29. Being chosen To aTTend This evenT sponsored by The American Legion, RoTary Club, and American Legion Auxil- iary is The highesT honor ThaT can be besTowed on a sTudenT in Their junior year. Each year a girl is chosen by The FaculTy aT The school and Three boys are chosen afTer being inferviewed by a group selecTed by The American Legion. The girl spends her week on The campus of The UniversiTy of Davis, and boys spend Theirs aT The STaTe Fairgrounds. The week is packed full of evenTs That will be remembered for a lifetime. The main purpose of Girls and Boys STaTe is To sTudy, learn, and pracTice whaT a good cirizen should be like. The girls and boys elecT all The officials To fulfill The oTTTces in ciTy, counTy and sTaTe branches of our governmenf. We are very graTeful and appreciafe The op- porTuniTy afforded To aTTend Boys and Girls STaTe. We hope ThaT This program will be continued and ThaT all fuTure delegaTes will gain as much as we have from This program. 80 'QVGA f f ' T Dennis Kitchens, Mr. Desirable Dorothy Rose TURNABGUT DANCE One of our mosT successful dances was held on February 5, 1960, in The caTeTeria. This year a king and queen were noT chosen, buT a Mr. Desirable Took Their place. Dennis KiTchens was Mr. Desirable Tor The evening. He collecTecl over 300 TickeTs from clifTerenT girls on Hush Day. Sl fr 513 533' nib N ll CLeft to rightj Front row: Dick Dowd, Ellen McNamee, Danny Fish, Margie Gonsalves, Linda Bowen, Roslyn Rovere, Nicki Makaroft, Bessie Baker, Nancy Naylor, Aileen Fiori. Second row: Dana Donovan, Linda Morfarono, Carol Nau. Third row: Curtis McLendon, Steve Sullivan, Jocko Garzot, Gary Ferguson, Larry Mitchell, Mickey Rabinovitz, Jan Caddel, Dianne Gonnella, Jeanne Rossi, Lorraine Van Coit. SENIOR BALL The Senior activities have once again begun. The first sign of this was on December 4, 1959, when the Senior Ball was held. Entertainment, refreshments, and dancing to the music of Peter Dutton's Quartet provided a very enioyable evening. ig. 82 L .N X SPORT Na ff Qing 2? we fl A f Y , ' X K, xg? K 7Lf ,x X, X x x R . . K X Hx L 1 'E X :fr gg -:Xl ,I i g nl ce Q ft., :fs 83 19 VAR 00 Harry Polley Dennis Kiyghens Walt Foster, Coach Jim Packard Dick Johnston Larry Mitchell Dave CU,fSh9H35 George Bouillerce Darrel Lewis L99 Wmklef Jim Mora Don Burris 84 v all i l l i 1 TY l l l li Tom McAlvain Don Boszerf Coach Dan Fish Smale, l.llll Darell Steele Phil lto Jeff Nelson Doug Allred Bill Stephan Guy Hulchens J0l"l" Condon Bob Gloeckner 85 L-14' Larry Mitchell Guy Hutchens Tom McAlvain John Condon Co-Captain Most Valuable Player Most Valuable Player Co-Captain VARSITY BASEBALL The Analy Varsity Football team, coached by Mr. Walt Foster and by Mr. Don Bossert, showed a lot of spirit, determination, and sportsmanship this year. The overall season record for the Tigers was 4 wins and 4 losses. The backtield was led by senior quarterback Larry Mitchell, hard hitting backs, Jeff Nelson, Dennis Kitchens, Darell Steele, Dick Johnston, and Dan Fish, and speedster Phil Ito. The hard charging rugged line was headed by John Condon, Doug Allred, Tom McAlvain, Roger Mann, Jim Mora, Dave Curshellous, and Jim Packard. Play- ing the end positions for the Varsity were Guy Hutchens, Gene Burris, George Bouillerce, Harry Polley, and Scooter Hill. Star defensive men included Lee Winkler, Larry Kendall, Jack Tough, Don Gaskins, and Darrel Lewis. Co-Captain for the team were John Condon and Larry Mitchell. The most valuable Lineman was Tom McAlvain and the Most Valuable Player was Guy Hutchens. "We have a lot of boys coming back next year and we should be a tough team," says Walt Foster. Front row: Skip MacKellar, Dale Wells, Dave Clary, Phil Ito, Jeff Nelson, Nick Sheridan, Al Blevins, Bob Gloeckner, Mike Porter. Second row: Clyde Denno, Guy Hutchens, Larry Mitchell, Duane Waters, Joe Privitt, Dan Fish, Jack Tough, Jim Packard, Bill Stephan, Bruce Martin, Lee Donham, Nick Boreta, Charles Withrow. Third row: George Tillinghast, Jim EiFford, Scooter Hill, Gary Foster, Larr Carrillo, Jerry Overstreet, Harry Polley, Gene Cahn, Jim Mora, Dennis Kitchens, Max Moo'e, Mr. Walt Foster, Mr. D. Bossert. Bac row: Don Gaskins, Darrel Lewis, Don Baker, Darell Steele, Dick Johnston, Roger Mann, Doug Alred, Tom McAlvain, John Winkler, Don Burris George Bouillerce. Condon, Lee 5 i i A , ein ri sew T3 iff? ytitie-aiisifiiirlggiir fa! ie f MR. BARNARD MR. BERTOLI FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL The Analy Frosh-Soph, a host of rugged football players, had a good season compiling a 5-2 record under the leadership of Mr. Barnard and Mr. Bertoli. "The team was consistent and showed a lot of poise and teamwork," commented Mr. Barnard. "The only teams we were beaten by were Drake and Petaluma and we defeated a strong Vallejo team," he also added. Boys outstanding on the team were Henry Stiefel, Duane Forget, Jim Hardina, Max Mathews, Jim Hannon, Eddie McCoy, Charles Hagle, Bill Duckhorn, Troy Winslow, Tom Fiori, Bill Clemons, and Jim Whalon. Freshmen returning next year are John Karlin, Dan Williams, Steve Buttam, Bob Lunch Ralph Morono, Eddie Columbo, Jeff Hardisty, James Nielson, and George Dodge. Row I: Student Coach-John Gudiohnson, Roger McDermott, Ron Yoder, Bede Neves, Paul Medrano, Clif? Wilcox, Te'ry Dickson, Paul Clarke, Jack Pere, Eugene Albright. Row 2: Jim Whalon, Henry Stlefel, Charles Hogle, Keith Gunderson, Duane Fo-get, Jim Hardina, Lee Rigby, Wayne Baker, Bill Clemmens, Bob Morona, Joe Freeman. Row 3: Mr. Bertoli, Eddie M:Coy, Arnold Nobles, Steve Dotie, Bill Duckhorn, Gary Hays, Danny Williams, Larry LaBlue, Tom Fiori, Evan Rohher, Mr. Barnard, Gene Brugeman. Row 11: Ted Christiansen, Max Matthews, Troy Winslow, Skip Ramondo, Dennis Clary, John Karlin, Jeff Hardisty, Ralph Medrano, Jerry Lawhon, Ed Colombo, Ken Collingsworth, Tito Delporto, Dennis Kalpakoff. g,- -Dm - 88 VNU 2,1-U4 f " I 3 vqw' f fgh' f 'Q ,A 'Wx f' K QV, ff ,, , ' SZ: "" 44,5 5 1 .. I ,, I X sb-.N E., ...Ht -L A , N y fqffwfl , Qu s A it ,,w, j ?:5vI- 1. , wp , ,H W Q5 I z flligyj ff W 'WM "ua ' at ' 5 w" , 'W Y, V . . .A A I Y - ...L ....,. ,. .,.,.,.. in. ..,.. ...J-,- GUY Humieus MIKE Mormon ALY MERLE STURGEON 'WC K JOHNSTON 'ROGER MANN STEVE SULLIVKN MICKEY KAB INOVITZ BASKE 661111 Wafirs B06 Enyfanaf ZZAHM Sfifrens 4 MAMA oaks GARY FERGUSON Tex-xu. JOHN KARLIN VEAN omzzov VAIZSH EUGENE PRICE 1 TOM STAMMER MAX MOORE :roE KARLIN ,,-. 4-up 'PICK 'DOWD B mm, -uf M, :V wwf Z' X' ies it 244 1' 2 T. A-fp 1 LAW L. Davis, Coach ana., 'Vx Q , no T 2 afwi , Guy Hutchens, Gary Ferguson, Most Valuable Player Captain VARSITY BASKETBALL The varsity, under the instruction of Coach T. L. Davis, encountered a tough season this year. The Tigers placed fifth at the end of The season. Altogether, the most exciting game was the Redwood game in a double overtime and sudden death playoff. Analy was victorious. Mickey Rabinovitz Gary Ferguson Guy I-lutchens Jocko Garzot Steve Sullivan Roger Mann Dick Dowd Max Moore Dick Johnston 92 , 5, J Wi no i .W Z Vi Zz 7,-'f ,v 4 9 465594, fm Sz fa 4 94 4 , f .- ' ,.,, V M ME, , f rg 3, .- , 9 ' gr 5 ' 1 f ji T ..A. if ": Q. , MR. DIEHL DUANE FORGET Coach Most Valuable Player "B" BASKETBALL The "B" Team was under The direction of a new coach This year, Mr. Diehl. The Team had liTTIe experience aT The beginning of The season but at The conclusion of The season, as Their victory over Sonoma showed, They gained much experience. "They worked hard and never gave up," said Mr. Diehl. "This was one of The finest groups of boys I have had The pleasure of working with. These boys should prove very valuable to Analy's basketball Teams." Read from left to right: Front Row-Robert Walker, Phil Ito, Dan Williams, Duane Forget, Kent Frazer, Steve Anderson. Back Row-Mr. Diehl, Larry Carrillo, Shad Overstreet, Sam Banks, Richard Royer, Ken Murray, Gary Crowe, John Scott. 4 95 ,l4.g-nl Row l Bull Fnnn Don Madronlch Bob England Glen Watters Bell Wong, Jerry Fires, Jerry Moma Row 2 Skip Marshman Russ Taylor Mnke Marshall Phll Marcuccn Paul Van Gullder, Bob Dougherty . C BASKETBALL The C Team dld very good under The dlrection of Mr. Dolan Evans They placed second In The N B L League Although They are losing some players, vve i mf Q Q fsfy WMV: J Mr. Evans Coach W MP1 J 'mu' 1' 57" 19" lyk we xg ,J 1. fl 2 V 'S IKEK Y ,A g I W f ,:' C . iam' f 5 ,,, f A - . . 1 -5, g fee my ,ss X. Q sf. Aiea? ' "1-'fig - v ,, .' , eww " 5 ip 15 .,', ff, -' ' Q-:is V 72, 4, ' , 1' gf T 5- I ' , ., ,,Q.f'p,f"Q.'-if .1 5' EG" Wir 'fn ,f Hn, .nu 5, . '-- 1? ' 1331: 1 , 1492 ,ff , 5 ff ,,2g- K. - I if yn, T . ' jgiaflzgif . 1 s, ' ,, vf-I . f . , I lv r' . ' ' f an int' . , . , Lf! I . JU 5, fl A' g ,jnff t N205 B O v K ?:- 'if, 41 1 if fi "S 5. . K gm x 92 v , ,,ff ,' 5, A K ' is :rl ATN? 1 ww: - W. 491 . .,,.,, '- "'TYfif' ' vw Cleft to rightj Read from left to right: Peter Little, Mike Marshall, Glenn Watters, George Stephan, Paul Clarke, William Rainey, Mr. Whalon. GOLF TEAM Analy has acquired a new athletic team this year-golf. There was a fair turn-out for the team, and they have been doing pretty well considering that they are a new team with new golfers. We know that they will do better as they grow older. "Hats Off" to Mr. Whalon, coach, and the whole team. MR. WHALON Coach ft GD A, l . 98 l MR. T. L. Coach rw? Cleft to rightj Row T: Richard Stevens, Gene Cahn, Bob Heller, Gerry Gonsalves, Duane Forget, Mickey Rabinovitz, Duane Waters, Jim Packard, Robert Forsman. Row 2: Bob Germone, Harry Polley, Larry Mitchell, Charles Hagel, Mike Paris, Mike Morton, Joe Karlin, Jim Whitheral, T. L. Davis. VARSITY BASEBALL The Tiger baseball team has had a little hard luck thus tar in the season. The first of the bad luck started last year when three of our starting infielders moved away and left us with a relatively inexperienced infield. We hope to im- prove and have luck toward the end of the year. DAVIS '29 '-1 -1- iy 1, 1, '22'R2f5'5l2l QM4-W. Mangr- , A 2 1,1 Q f , an V. '-flung: E ' 44 42? 'mfmfjgygi ,L Q I I Mr. Barnard, Coach Mr. Barrett, Coach Ricky Crowder, Jack Parie, Henry Stiefel, Skip Ramondc, Gary Crowe, Bill McNeil, Mr. Bernard. JUNICDR VARSITY BASEBALL RAMBLER BASEBALL CLeft to rightj Row iz John Polley, Skip Marshman, S1eve Buffham, Bill Mann, Curr Dillon, George Hendrix, Darrly Burto- Iucci, Bob Daugherty, Ken Thompson. Row 2: Richard Fye, Ray Johnson, Jack Stevens, John Karlin, Ken Murray, Meryl Siurgeon, Bob Paris, Ron Shultz, Mr. Barren. Z. , Row 1: Jim Whalon, Dennis Kalpalcoff, Gene Brugeman, Don Madronich, Steve Dillon, Tom Fiori. i. 4 " fri" A4 Row 2 -W msg lOl l Row I: Don Burris, Dennis Kitchens, Nick Boreta, Michel Andrews, Leanard Neal, Lee Rigbea. Row 2: Mr. Bossert, Gary TeSel!e, Dan McQuire, Ron Yoder, Stanley Post, Mr. Foster. Cleft to rightj TRACK The Analy High Track team had a very good season this year. Prospects for next year's team are very bright. Coach Walt Foster says that there are many Freshmen and Sophomores which means that the teams will be very strong in the future. Some outstanding Seniors that are graduating are Dennis Kitchens, Dick Dowd, Dan Maguire, and Elza Veazy. MR. FOSTER Coach 102 as is C 13, -15 . 5 W tg --,- x L K Q K x,,s5Q::g:f. 2 x C fmxs A X K . . l CLeff to righij Row I: John Lynn, Lon Armstrong, Boyd Garrison, Steve Horn, Jerry Woods. Row 2: Fred Ebert, Dave Kyhn, James Petersdorf, Joe Paul, Marris Van Billiard. 'B' Class TRACK 'C' Class QLef1 to rightj Row 1: Bob Clemens, Bob Pitt, Pete Gio, Gary Sax. Row 2: Jim Sprague, Mike Dillaha, Mike Wiiter, Danny Williams, Gus Mesignbrinh. i 'UR5,aywf"f"'V Qkllif Xxiillff' ggi ill mi i g Q W , WSF? l . NMI? ls 'S " Q gl. l Yafell T nfl - ig iifsfff 103 A . 4 ,,,- A,, Cleft to rightj Row I: Ron Germone, Bill Wong, Art Wong, Danny Formica. Row 2: Cal Kimes, Dennis Hendrix, Tom Young, Calvine Kazier, Mr. Gilliam. TENNIS Tennis is a sport played with a racketg Tennis ball, and players placed on both sides of a net. The net is approximately waist high. The game can be played with one and not more than two players on each side ot the net. The obiect of the game is to hit the ball where your opponents or opponent are not. To keep score is quite simple. The game starts out O to O. The server calls the score every time he serves. lt starts out O to O then to T5 to O5 30 to Og 60 to Op 61 to O and the server wins the game. The game can also end out 40 to 60 and the game must be played on until one or the other breaks the duce and wins by two points. To win a match one must play and win two out of three sets. A set constitutes six games won. A set has to be won by two games. iv? MR. GILLIAM Coach ' Q , 'r W . ' ,. K ,, , . 4 , f A. W . I I , 'f VK .L H ,frm ,U 5. . rl is v f f'f'2fw2'i7 ' W: s Mia -' ' ,,.. , ' ' Q H: ' 5 fwgfifl , f ' fi! , I i s "" ' T04 was in-H A 23 f X A x U 7? ' 5' U Y SIIHPS ,., x, EEN, Syst, HW L1 l x Q 1 E., QF? E? lx O5 Classes Indoors and QUT f , M I ,L .,v,, !Jq51g27 l 1 ,, U T1 Q A 1 v4 , ,IN 4.3, v .,3.vha,.,ufi,.- - -, ga-x t ,V z .... ,,.4-fl , mfg... ,ff f pg.-wfzfgab iw . 14 I + ls--' rms- 1-., QL ff P if . ' :ga 4 'fyffr-av'-Q sau "j ' f , ,f fm sip iff-"wQQm..,2' 1 f U 4 ' f Y : s 7, ff .I ' X I 1 W ,M I mi 1 RX s x g rxzx A 5' i . xg Y s ' 1 ff if f ' W ' ff- M' , K I L , .:is :g- .Eg f' A. , Q D bf i Q A 1' mx 'f f h , N gr "--'M' 2' - I .,.-,-.. .,.s -.., . A 5 Q ! sfjzf.. 1, S W, ' lm. ' , , -I . N.-N " - ,a -Q , nv y 4 f-Ks W 7 s ss 'A L3 f , ' 'H S 1 'Q X 'gf' - s W - A. s Q- A , . "VW fx ,Unix Tx - , df X Q L, -2 - 'cal H fi X 1 - . A 1 D "'2fJi"i3? Sf 1, ---5' W' in sw. .iff -il 106 Music and Dance Go Hand in I-land Q5 A, 25 ': 3 V f 107 Try To Find Yourself and Your Friends .' 'r-H1 ra?-H'-Q - 108 ' IlDVEB'IIi3EII1EI1'Ii3 M R V331 X 1' X , xi? NxxK5 X f Xxx N ix fy fusfvnaunfugfanfunfwufenluafwnfuelanfwgfwgzanfunfu -.1u.fvuf1n4-neu:-1.1: me-use-u.pnfu.f-nfn4u1an.fufufu.1a FREDRICK'S BEAUTY SALON ADVANCED STYLING 124 Santa Rosa Ave. VA 3-4714 AL'S SHELL SERVICE AL RABINOVITZ 196 N. Main St. Phone VA 3-9986 CARLSON'S Department Store 195 North Main Street Phone Sebastopol VA 3-2119 ufwnfuufwnyugfunfuefwnlunewufwuzeufusfwnfenfnkfwnfu Sebastopol 1 1 1 1 1 S S S 1 S S S S 1 1 S 1 1 1 1 1 1 S 1 S 1 1 S S 1 1 S 1 S S 1 1 1 S S S S 1 S S S S S 1 S 5 1 S 5 1 1 g,.,,.,,,.,e,,.,e.,..,e,.,..,.,.,. mmmmmmw .,.,..,.- 1 S S 1 1 5 1 S S 1 1 SEBASTOPOL COOPERATIVE CANNERY 440 Santa Rosa Ave. Sebastopol, California Phone Seb. VA 3-6421 World's Largest Packers of Gravenstein Apples nfunlcnlwnfaufunfnnfnnewnywnfuefcnfenruuysnfenewnywgpnpfu has nfunawne-queen! nfuyumpappu p.fu.fu.fn.f1..fc..'u ANALY AUTO PARTS 8. MACHINE SHOP 136 Santa Rosa Ave. Sebastopol Phone VA 3-6214 .luis Lyn.:-..,ufu.1-1 .11 Lyn.:-5.10:-u.fu.'n .fu.fu4u.f-u.f:-is :ful-:ruff-.fu.'ufu.fuJ-nfs.. Best Wishes to the Class of '60 JERRY ROWE AUTO PARTS and SPORTING GOODS WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '60 TURLEY'S BAKERY .fu urn.:-..1nfu.fa..1uJ-n.pnfnyu.,-u.1w nf:-fu4-ufahzupfv nfufug-uywgz-5.1-1 nanny:-.fanfwnfupa-1 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '60 lf! PELLINI CHEVROLET CO. SEBASTOPOL, CALIF. Phone VA 3-3320 .lu .1-uf-.fa nywsfufc-fu.auf-syn.,-u.,-.yu.1u.,-up-..fu.fn nfu.fu.f1..,-ns.:-u.1n arrays.:-any-:plugin POZZI-WINSBY BULOVA - HAMILTON - WYLER KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS 117 North Main Street Watchmakers 81 Jewelers Phone VA 3-2124 Cocktails Mixed Drinks NEGRI'S Original Occidental Italian Dinners Serving from 12 Noon on Luncheons - Dinners - Banquets Phone TR 4-9904 Occidental, California .104-vmany:-.zu-4-uf--.fourn.:-n.1n.fun4-neun.,-u.fw.znfun4-I 1.1-uywkfvspn .ruff -.fur-.fc-.zulu SPROUSE-REITZ CO., INC. A Western Organization-Operation Limited Price Variety Stores. The employees of all our stores and especially this store wish to congratulate each and every student in their class achievements. TO THE GRADUATING CLASS - Good luck in your future achievements. .11my-u1.1-vLinz-1..11nf::feny-ufufu.1w-.auf-.1-n.pu.1-n.4-1 -.fu.1u.fnfu.1-u.fa-.1u.fu.1-u.fu.1-uu.1n1 Lpusfugfwnfwsfwufw-1-111.11541-.p--4-v Lf:-fu-feufvnfunfugze-is-fwslepfugfunfv HERRICK HEALTH FOODS GOOD HEALTH IS NO ACCIDENT Sebastopoi, California 159 N. Main VA 3-6478 .1-un.:-.fs .rw-.1-1.1-:Lea-.1-n.fu 'au-.1-1-.1-uf:-.1-uf-I zu.:-1-.J-n.:-1.1-np:-,whiny-.fa-.1-uf: -1-.fall-n. WOHLER'S DEPARTMENT STORE DRY oooos-RADIO and rv. SERVICE-PRINTING SebastopoI's Friendly Store Phone VA 3-2679 139 - 141 North Main St., Sebastopol punfuy-1-.eufu-4-u.,--fua-u.fa-J--.1-u.p1uf--4---.rn.f1..p1..1uneaefukfunfunfvgz-.en-fun.:-1-1-neva, SEBASTOPOL LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER - MILLWORK - BUILDING MATERIAL PAINT AND BUILDERS' HARDWARE SEBASTOPOL, CALIFORNIA Sebastopol Yard 306 Santa Rosa Ave. Phone VAIIey 3-7811 Guerneville Yard P. O. Box 383 Phone UNion 9-2855 ,,,,,,,,,...pun.fw.,,u.fap.fwn.rn -.1-1 ..fn.fn.1-w..fw-.,-u.pu.p- nf- -ru:-Q SCHMIDT'S Stationery and Gift Shop 115 North Main Street Phone Sebastopol VA 3-2113 "Year Round School Supplies" "Different Cards for Different Occasions" up:n.l1n4-1nl1n.4-n.f1u.4-u4-.fu4-ulnfu.1-u.,urn:--.4-u many:-.1-u.r-1 up-nf'-.runes-Jqnfanzwnewnfnneaufanpugfu SV 4 'f - ,Yi ' TIL.-1 ,Lf . A nfuf1.fn,...1'cnlv nfu.fn.11ny-u.pu1--f-pawn.:-Q. :new L,-. ,,,,. ,,. . ,I.fI..1-I If-I -,I .,I I 'II1-I .1-I III I1-IIfI I rul- ..fu.pI-.fu.1 II.fII.pI Ifn.,-u.fI..1 I IfIIfI I4-Isfa .104 I I1II.zI IfIIfI..fI.yI IrIIfI I.fII.fI..fu.1I Ifulufu BENELLI'S STORE LOU HUGHES JOE PEARSON Foresfville, Calif. 1wn.fII4-u.fw..1- IfI..fI.fI I.,-I..1u1I IfII.fII1IIfI .fa-.1 I If: IQIIJI .fare-:I IJIIII IfIIf:.fu.1ufII RUSSIAN RIVER REALTY CO. E. J. "Nm" ouioorri Real Estate Insurance Guerneville Ph. UN 9-2848 THE WHITE HOUSE 4th Sfreer SANTA ROSA .fur-u.fI-.fun1-II.fI..fI-.fu1I.1-I..pu.1-I-fI..1-I.fII1w..f--1-II.fIIfIIfIufI-.fn.pIn1-n.,-ufIgzwgfupu. ROSALIE'S DRESS SHOP House of Lucky Wedding Gowns 515 41h ST. downtown 719 Village Court - Montgomery Village 'I gruppen.:-II.fIp.1-IIfI I1-u.fIIfIIfI I.fIIfI -fIsfII.fI Ian.:-IIII I 1-0.1-I III .1-II.,-II.zII 1-u.fu,IIfIIfI.4 JOE SILVA'S GROCERIES 81 YARN 353 Bodega Ave. Phone VA 3-3240 ra Ifu.fII4-nfu.fu1 I If-I IfI I4-I-yu:-I I1 I Ifnluy-I .ful-04 I Ifufu I1I Ian.,-uf I Ian.,-ufsnfc-.fu4 F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. SanTa Rosa, Calif. ,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,...,..,..,..,..,..,..,.- For Fas? Dependable Service LARNER'S FLYING "A" SERVICE Box 325 - Guerneville, Calif. Rip Larner Phone UN 9-2656 Ben Larner iIfu.fu1I IfII.fI.1I If-u.,-15.1 I Ifufufuy ALDRIDGE VARIETY STORE BOB ALDRIDGE, Owner Phone Foresfville 28Ol I.,-uf I IfI If-I -fa IfI If-.4 I .fIIfI IfI I.,-us.:-uf I Ifufufu IA1-II.zII4-I-fu rII.fI-.fII.fIIy-IIfII1-wAya.,- -.enfuf-1-4-n.1-.y-.J-.-.,-n:u.f- I 0 . A.,-v-.1--1 Complimems of The MEDICAL STAFF of PALM DRIVE HOSPITAL Sebasmpol, California .fw-.1-.4u.fn.,uf-.:-.fs.yu1w..1nf-Lf-.fn -. I. -. I ..fuJ-.104-.fur-1 1.1-u.:-..,--.1-ufuyuhl-u.:-.1-u1u.fu 1 u -I .1-wgfuyufu CONGRATULATICDNS Class of H6011 Barbers of Sebastopol CONGRATULATICDNS TO CLASS OF "6O" RUSSEL B9 TAYLDR l . . Q.,-.ful--1-.fu -..y1.1-urn:--.1 . -. - . -. . . 1 5.11 1- -lf -1- -fu Lp- .1 - .fu .fn .fu .yu .fu .fe .fu COMPLIMENT5 OF LUMBER CO. BODEGA PHONE VALLEY FORD TRoian 6-3236 Save For Patty and Linda . I .f- fur- ,o.f-..,--.,-.1-.Inf--.Q.1--1--o1"f"f"f"-"'-' "" ' ' -.1---1,--4- .1- fnxlunfcpfunfuufunin .fu 1:41.11 11: -11.41.11-.fella :fur-mln uf:-ful: nf-...fn .4-ue-u.yu.1n nluyufuy-shiny:my-u-4---fun!'wn.:u.fu.fn.f1n.1-u.fw 111.4-.4-nn 1-uf-nf: -.zu ..1-u.z-n.r- nf-4 -4-z.fn.v--fn .faux-1 .4-n.zuy-uf-u.fu.f-1 'fa ..:-.J-nfu.fu1w urn.,-a ..fu.fu.fu1- :ruin ANALY SHOE REPAIR INVISIBLE HALF SOLING A11 Work Guaranteed 107 Bodega Ave., Sebasfopol STAN'S MEN'S STORE 122 NorTh Main StreeT Phone SebasTopoI VA 3-2123 PENDLETONS, MCGREGORS and JARMAN SHOES fn -.1-...iw nf- 1.1-u urn .101-w -11.11 .4-uf: mln!-w 1 J. C. PENNY CO. INC. Always First In Quality "CongraTu1aTions To The graduaTing class of 1960" 490 Mendocino Avenue SanTa Rosa, Ca1if. LARK REXALL DRUGS Guerneville UNion 9-2490 HANSON'S PAINT STORE 238 SouTh Main STreeT Phone Sebastopol VA 3-2514 "Buy Your Paint From A Painf STore" 11 ul' nf. inf:-fu Lfnfnlu syn.:-nf: n.z-u.1-u.fu.'- n.fuf1..11n.fnfu.11..1wn.1-u.fu.1-n.fu.1-u1sufwnyunru4-n ANALY PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE 186 North Main Street Sebasfopol PAUL'S SERVICE STATION 778 Petaluma Avenue Sebastopol 4-u1u.1-u.1--fu.:-...fue-L1-u.f1nfufufufwgfwkznfn -y-u.1-n1u.fny--yuan.:-nf-n10.1n4-:Lf-ana-v LELAND H. FLEMING GENERAL INSURANCE AND LIFE fHeirCortcIitionir1gI Next to Post Office Guerneville UN 9-2060 .4-fp.,,-..:u4-nfnywnfc ALICE'S LITTLE HIGH SCHOOL STORE May Your Future Always Be Bright North Main St, Sebastopol .1-rn.,'..1u.fu.zufny-qn.pu.pne-u.fu4ufa-.yarn GALLEN KAMPS SANTA ROSA'S FRIENDLY SHOE STORE 480 Mendocino Avenue Santa Rosa nz---fe-.pu.,u.,-u.1-1-fu.f-u.1--.fa-.rv-.fu.1u.1-u.1-n4-pre.:-1-.f-Lp..fu-ruin-I'-I'-I'--"'f''-'Wu-fu.: 4 llflllbfwnlwpfnnfnmfsnfwnfuhfwgzvnfngfwhfa fa ..l-sp.funfna.f-un.1nny1..f-an.f-.4-n.fcn1n.y:.fu.'snfu.fu.1u.1-1 .fun.:-syn:-u.,-u.1u.1n4n1u:-e 1.1-011 .4-ufn.pufu.fu1c -.1-un.,-u-.1-uf: -.ze-104: ul-un.:-uf: -1u1u.fufu.fu.1-u .1-are .ful-1 urn.:-u.fu1u.z-ul-u n.zu.1-u.,-ny-urn.:-uf: CLARMARK FLOWER and GIFT SHOP 261 South Main Flowers and Gifts for All Occasions -ef' FFF. Compliments of RIVER THEATRE Guerneville, California my-ul-:farivals-fenfznfnnfunfcgfunfvnlunl-nfs IDEAL HARDWARE Open Sundays 9 a. m. - 1:30 p. m. FORESTVILLE P. O. Box 402 Phone 2071 Builders Hardware - Lighting Fixtures Plumbing and Electrical Supplies -.pnul:nf-uf:L1-us.,-n.:-ufsn1u.fng11p.1-u.:-n..pu.fu ul:nf:.J-uf::la.fu14-ulnkfc-.1-w-fn.J-nnfnnf--.1-u.1e:1n.:ufs-f-..fu.11 nfufu.fa-.1-u.:-ua Compliments of LOUISE APPAREL SHOP 305 South Main St. By Mary Trigeiro .fn 5.11-.1-u1u.1-ul-n.pu..1-u.:-u.fn n.:-ufufuz-1Rf:-.1-:pls.fnuf:plogrcpfnnfnnlunfngfqgpunpnpfsnlnnluulvgf r .yup-0.1-u.:e ..1-u.fu1-ufu.po-.fu'Lf' N1-11.11 KEEGAN BROS. Fourth and B Streets Phone Santa Rosa Ll 2-5850 Home of Hart, Schaftner, 81 Marx SUITS Llwseufufn .1-nf-.,...'-s.,-..,..,,-..,.-,.,,,..,. 1.10.1-uf-urn.:-1n4-urn:-uf-a -.1-nf:-.1-n .lu -lu -fu.:-.4-n ..,--5.1-1-.pu -an ..1---.fur-a-.1-u.'n name- .4--.4--Lfwulu .fn 1.1--1.1-1 -fn Compliments of -J--.,u.,-new..'nyu.,pu.'...z-e-.1-nf-ufu-.fn.1n.f-a MORAN'S CIGAR STORE -ew-.fu-.1-rr .fn-.Q aan.,-uf-n -I-0.1-.JM nf- -.1--.I Sw iff 5' i TX M . . pu kv I 4 Q M 1 4 FOOD CENTER Guemeville-Rio Niolo HEART OF TOWN .fur-u .11-fuer .yu 1.1-nfs nfukrnfn .fufu nf- .ful GAY'S MUSIC CENTER 149 Norfh Main Street Phone SebasTopoI VA 3-2597 Sebastopo-1's Musical Headquarters" MEDICO DRUG STORE 125 North Main Streef Phone Sebastopol VA 3-2340 FILM SERVICE - COSMETICS gf:-in-fu:-aurn.:-un.:-urn.,-uf-amy--4-un.:-uv-ul:- fu.:-u-for-u.:nfw n.fu.1-nine: A.. -P R!VER BOWL GUERNEWOOD PARK UNion 9-2405 OPEN YEAR 'ROUND "Bowl Where Bowling Is Best nfufumz-u.fu.fa kr- 1:-1 -1--.4-Q .rug-uf I n.: nf-1 -fur-a.,-uf n :ruin 5.1-u Lyn.,-uf: .ful-u.fufu.I-uf ' 'Inf' rf- -fur.. -fu., u .41 .fu -fufu.fn.1-u 11:11.14- .fn 11 -11 -.1-e-.1 --1--1- -1--1- -1---1 - -1- -1- -1- -1--1- -1 - -1- -1--1--1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1- -1--11 -1 s -1- -1- -1- SEBASTOPOL GARAGE OVERHAULING ancl MOTOR TUNE UP 'Y:T 24-Hour Service - Towing and STorage Phone VA 3-3328 Day or Nile Corner Main and Burnett, Sebasfopol, Calif. Dex-7:4 W S r . N - P . . Bob Zanoline wwfamy, Bill Nielsen 4010 1-'J XQXQ B 8- B GARAGE 8- BODY SHOP BODY PAINTING -TOWING- BODY 8- FENDER REPAIRING T40 BurneIT, Sebaslopol, California Phone VA 3-24I4 -1-1-1-1-.1 - -1--1- -1- -1-- -1--1 - -1- -1- -1- -11-1--1 - -1- -1- -1- -1-e-1--1 - -1- -1--1- -1- -1--1 - -1- -1--1- -1- CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I96O BUONACCORSI GARAGE v---1--1--1- -1- -1--1w -1--1--1-- -1- -1- -1--1 - -1- -1- -1- -1--1---1 - -1--1- -1- -1---1--1 - -1--1- -1--1--1 RESIDENTAL COMMERCIAL SEBASTOPOL HOUSE "O" GLASS I IO PETALUMA AVENUE PI-IONE VAIley 3-5333 Aluminum Sash Auto Glass Windows Replaced Table Tops Mirrors Shower Doors MARVIN CATES ROBERT LAWRENCE .,--1---1--1--1--1--1--1--1 --1--1--1--1--1--1 --1--1--1--1--1--1-.1--1.-1--1--1--1-.1--1--1--1 - 1-.4-..z-u.,--,-'..f-..,-1.fu.fv.,nfu.pu.'-.yu.:u.1-.4011 Th Barlow Company ' ' ' ,451 0 Bv 9 V . ff' ' vensrem - PIE Sl-ICED APPLE8 ISIYCWESLIIQ, AGISRLESAUCE 'I f READY T0 use -- Tom Barlow, Jr. 5OO McKinley SI. Ph. Seb. VA 3-2665 Sebasfopol, Calif. .1--.f1..,-.4-..f--1-.4-up--.1 -.f-..,--.4-uf--.1-U., urn,-.f-.fu.,-0.1 . -fu.,--.4-up--.fenz-.1-.4--Jw-pw DAN and MEL CHIARONI SWEPT-WING DODGE- DODGE COMPACT DODGE DART-ARROVVHEAD HOUSE TRAILERS Sebastopol VA 3-2366 :-u.fvn1ufu.1-n.pnf1-.4-u.z-nfufw.4-0.1-Lf-p.,--1-.., -fu:-.1 MlllER'S TRUCKING SERVICE Rooc - SAND - GRAVEL I98 High ST., SebasTopol Phone VA 3-2686 TOTMAN'S TEXACO SERVICE 5OI So. Main ST. Phone VA 3-3043 THE BEST FRIEND YOUR CAR HAS EVER HAD f .fufwkfwlfurugfulnIf-..1-nl.:-u-.fs-.zuluau.:-1-,uf--.pnfuany-uf-n.zn-1:-I.. fq-ln4n4n.1-0 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS BASSIGNANI NURSERY Phone SebasTopoI VA 3-3984 .z A.,-uf-.f-.rug-nf-'Lp'.J-.1--f--.puny---.1-L1 ---fur--lf'-I'-101 """""""""' "' """"' l fu.,-.1 --11.1-.1-sf-.lug neu.:--.1-U.:-.4-as., -.fu efchfa-.fwsf n.fu.z--1ufu.fu.1-If-U.,-..f-..,-..f-.101-ef-.4-w..f1L.,-0.1-.fa..fuyufu.1-u.1ufu4-u1a.4-u.y- S S S S Compliments of Q Complirnems of 5 s EDWARD C. Q TRIGEIRO E EDGAR J' g HERRING Class of '37 S S S S S BEST 8. FEAKS INSURANCE S '38 BEST 81 FEAKS REALTORS 162 SanTa Rosa Avenue Telephone VA 3-5335 f 162 SanTa Rosa Ave. Ph. VA 3-3886 S 5 Foummeu M1045 I SEBASTOPOL I Branches aT Guerneville and Foreswilie -.fnf...fu., uf:-.fu-fur-u.fu., -.ful--.fn-.yu.1-ap.,, -.4-1-.1-u.,u1u.pu.,-.4-u.:-mln.,-1 1- .fn -41 e.,-us., - hz--.1--.Jw urn.,-nl urn.,-nl-nf-15.1-0.1-1 ufamlwnfwnfvnlv,- .1u.11-J-ufu.1-u.,- -any-MQ FIRCREST MARKET Eeawrirlg "BOB 81 RAYSH Choice Graded Meals and Firc:resT Qualify Assorrmenr of Groceries T AT LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES also Besfr Vegerables in Town ,,-,.,,...,-.,..f-.,-nf...,-.,-.y--f..y..yuyn.1--I-nf--1--fu.,-.1nfuf--fn4-ufnauy-.f.-f- . :qi , .1-.fu-.A neu.,-1-,ua-nA11..1n4w 1.1-ul: 1f11f11.fu.f-11,111.1-ua-u.z-111-11 .fu 111111 111 111111 1fu 14- 14-1 1:1111 Lau.:-114-v1.1-1 .fc 1.1111-1 1111x114-1 1.fu.fu.pv1ru.f11f11.fu.1-v1.11 urn:-1 uf:111111mln:-11.fu:-111-u.fa11-'1.fu1.ru1fn1fu1-w1.1- urn.:-w PAT'S RESTAURANT, FOUNTAIN 84 COCKTAIL LOUNGE Dick Hines ..,..,..,1.,..,..,..,..,..,.. Open All Year Guerneville, Calif. Virgil Franceschi 4-11111:11111.111yv1fufu11u4-n.,-s1.fu14-1f11.f11.,-u.1u.1-1fufu.:- SUPERIOR FRENCH LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING T90 Keating Avenue Phone VA 3-2297 All types of laundry done. We specialize in curtains. 4-,ful 1441:-1:-11.pufu.111f11.1-1 11-n.:u.1n.z-1 1111:--14-nys.:-11.11 12111 WILLIAM E. EDMAN 38l Santa Rosa Avenue Phone Seloastopol VA 3-2423 9 Ford Sales and Service Headquarters 11-114 S I S S I I IF its ANALY SPORTS I its IN THE I I I PRESS DEMOCRAT S . s s I WETCH BROS. Plumbing, Sheet Metal and Heating Occidental Gas Ranges 1 yu1uyu.1-11.f:1yn1.fn1f11fn IAO Santa Rosa Avenue VA 3-3324 111 1.1-1 11: 11-1 14:11-11.1-11.111 111 11: 14-1 1:-1 .11 1.1: 111 11- 1.11 111 1.1w1.zu 14 Congratulations Class ot '60 "N EELEY'S" THE GUERNEVILLE SHOP 1,111.1-1 1111.1-1 1.1uru.fe14-n11n1.1-111-xLf11f-111111111111 1.1-urn,-.,,,-..,-114 -11.f11111yu.1-11.11 1f11.:114-114-11.1-ur: 1111.1-1 14-11.1-.Ly-11: 14-uf-near: mln.,-u.fu.rn:n-4-u.fv .4-1-.4-1-1u.1w u4uLru11n.au1n.pu.:u.f-u.1-ufa urn.,-uf:-.1u.f-n.:-urn.:-u.,-1 L1-up-.4-nf: u.1u.,-n., nfrnfwnfunfnnfnnfn .1-.4-nf:-4-u.,-14-1-4-nfs.:-1-4-uf-...fu-fufqnpuf-Q.:--.anna-sn.: BENELLI'S STORE Lou Hughes Joe Pearson Forestville, Calif. -vs.f-u.f-,-anznrufufuf nf-uf: :fuyu.1-nfu.1-u:- nfufufuy- RUSSIAN RIVER REALTY CO. E. J. "Nin" Guidotti REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Guerneville Phone UN 9-2848 THE WHITE HOUSE 4th Street SANTA ROSA .z-.fn .4-u-ful nf- .fn -fue: -10.11 .4-nf: .fa -ful. .Jw nf- .ruf- ROSALIE'S DRESS SHOP HOUSE OF LUCKY WEDDING GOVVNS 515 - 4th St. clown town 719 Village Court, Montgomery Village urn.,-...fur-..fa 14: .1-.ruin-fu .fn nfufnf-uf: -fur: .fn -4-u4-n.1- nf-nfufuf-1.4-...fe -fue. .fu JOE SILVA'S GROCERIES 8. YARN 353 Bodega Avenue Phone VA 3-3240 :J-newnfn.ru1nfue-ur-ue-awful: zfnf- nyufnfmrnfn .inane-a mini- -fn .4-a .fu ne---.fufu u.,-u. Compliments F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Santa Rosa, California ,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,. For Fast Dependable Service LARNER'S FLYING "A" SERVICE Box 325 Guerneville, California Rip Larner Phone UN 9-2656 Ben Larner ..,-nfnyufuy-.Ju v.,-uf:-.pu.:-u.fu ALDRIDGE VARIETY STORE BOB ALDRIDGE, Owner Phone TUcker 7-2148 - Forestville p uf-.fu -fur: -fur .4-n-pure -an 11- .fn nz-un.,-auf: new 1. ,,. ,,. , .1-n -4-.fs azure- uf MANY HAPPY YEARS AHEAD TO THE CLASS OF 1960 YOUR PHOTCDGRAPI-IER FOR ANY OCCASICDN SHERWOOD STUDIO n.,-ui-uf--I-n n -.fu.fu.1-ul--fn,z..z-a..fv-f -.1-a-.zu .4--.I-nfs.:-.1-.fu-funfwnlvzfw n .1-.fu -fu-4-1 -4-n-.fury-0.1-u .fuzz me-L,-1-.r -ruf- I I I I DWIGHT SMITH MEN'S WEAR 400 Mendocino Avenue .fur-hp-nfs.:-u4u.fw..1ufu.pu.1-n-4-u.pwn.zohan.,-u COLOMBO LUMBER CO. Dealers in BUILDING MATERIAL 651 South Main ST., Sebasfopol Phone VA 3-7859 Phone LI 5-0676 new .4-.14-1 neniuyufu afu4u4-u.fu4u1so.fu.ru4-an-:marc .1-new I I I I I I I I I I I S S I S ,..,.,..,.,.,,. I I I I I -I I I I I I S I I I I S I I I 'U IB ga E5 'E Mr. and Mrs. A. Helvvig Carl Lindgren The Nurses and Staff Q4-a ny: .4-u ny- new n.,-1 -luis .fu .fu FRED ESSELINK ELECTRIC CO. SEBASTOPOL "County-Wide Service" P u-rwnrufwnf-vu.:-1 nfufuyua-11.4-n.1a 111.4-04-neu.,-...fe ne-un.:-n-fu.,-up-.Ju .ruin nr-n Clara Greene I58 North Main ST. Ph- VA 3-3115 DRESSES -LINGERIE - BLOUSES - SHIRTS Lan!-.fe -fn Lin.,-1 1.1-c npr.:-uf pf-a -fur: -fn nf-u -4-.1-1 .4-1-.zulu-yup. -.rule-full :ll -In-Il rfvlfuf uv-uyufuf 11-1111 111111111 1 11 1.1-1 11-1 111 111 1111.111.1111-1111 111111 1.1111 1 111 1111.11 1111111.1 1 111 11-1111 111 11-1 1.11 111111 111 111 111111 11111111-1 Glenn Klineman Tel. VA 3-6019 Gl.ENN'S METAL WORKS SHEET METAL - HEATING - VENTILATION 833 Petaluma Ave. Sebastopol, Calif. 1.1111- 11111-1111 11111-111 1 111111111 11111111 1111 111 111 111111 11 1 11-1 11-11.1111111011 1111 LASH'S SHOE STORE 133 No. Main St., Seb. VA 3-2365 Glamour Debs, Roblee and Lite Stride Shoes 1111 11111 L11111111111 1 1-11.111111111111111 111.1-1111 1111111111111.11111 11111-111-1111111111111111 ANALY SUPER MARKET GROCERIES F MEATS - VEGETABLES 123 Petaluma Avenue 1 1.1-1111111111 111111 111111111111111111 11-1 1.1-11111111111111.f11111.11 11111111111-1111 1.111111.1-114 BUCHANANS Restaurant, Fountain, and Cocktail Lounge Open all Year Louis Evangelisti Box 302 Guerneville Bob Evangelisti 11111111 .111111111111.1-1 111 11-1111111111 1.11111 Rayburn's Meat Market and Delicatessen IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC FANCY GROCERIES ..1-1 1.11 111111 111111111111 111111111 11111111 1 111 1 O'LEARY FUNERAL HOME RAY L. SPlLLERS LLOYD C. HAYES Telephone VA 3-7806 151 -159 Bodega Avenue Sebastopol, California 1 1111111111111-1111 11-11.1-11.11 111111111 E111111111. 11 111 111 111 11 1 111111 11111-11.1111 1 111 111 111 1111 1.11111111.111111111111111111.1-11111111111111 111111111111111111111.1-11.1 maui:me-nfufaufunyqnlwsawnfqnfqnfunfwnfunfunlauynnyqnywnev fanfare eufnfufu-Jaap' Lfuslanyanfvna-:leur-nfqlyumf-wapn4-u4-u.rufu.1-u.l-urn.:-uyu.fu.pu.1n.1-urn:-0 ' U I I I GRAHAM'S I I Chevron Service WEEKS s YoU'II Find HARDWARE CO I Lusnicf-mom I I Gail W. Buel 84 Consiance Buel GAS -OIL-TIRES I' .I BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES I Phone VA 3-3817 1, I E? n X' C 'U on D Q. G 2 2. fD -1 C11 -5 Cn on 3 -0' on Z O U7 on JP 4 Q 3 C Q ..g.,-.. Sebasfopol, California CD na 0' QI U7 -0 o 'U 2 'U P' 4 JP 9' OJ CQ 0 oo Iii' Ib O O O U 'o I1 31' 0 I'I'l -4 O -I 70 ID U I'l'I I I I mlwbfwufeufvsfqpywnasnlwnfnnlanfwnlwmzw u-I ufufuf-1.1-uf. 14-uv-u.fu4-...en5.1:-fu.fu4-...auf-uf: neu.:u.fnfu.f-...rv STARR FURNITURE CO. 138 Norfh Main Sfreef Phone Sebasfopol VA 3-3030 I :Inna-aufuufunfcnfwn IN OCCIDENTAL IT'S FIORI'S ITALIAN DINNERS Room for I To 400 Occidental, Calif. George and Raymond Fiori TRini1y 4-9908 wufwuponfunrunfanfunfwpfrnllnfsnfane 4-spares:-zu.:-04-nfn.:vn4-I1.1-ufufny-:grain n.fu4-n.f-n4- GUERNEVILLE HARDWARE CO. SERVING WESTERN SONOMA COUNTY Second Street, Box I97 Guerneville, California UN 9'22I5,,.,.ufn.'-,.,...f-u,-.ul-1 .rw nfwufanzwlfualunl yn:ful-1Cru.,-n.pu.1-u.:-u.pu1u.pnfu1u.fn ,pw-fcgpwkpanfn Cfulul- 0.1-ulufu -.fulufu INSURANCE THE BUTLER AGENCY DAYTON K. BUTLER Analy Class of 1940 Phone VA 3-7832 s l 2 2 ANALY THEATER 5 5 S S For Entertainment l Q and Comfort visit l i The Analy Theater often l S l S Q Best of Luck to the 2 Class of "6O" l S S l n.f1p.r-u.1u.p1..1s u.f1.,-nnfsnfwufukzwnfuplwny-unfumzwmzw 14-nnfunfcnfcpfumzw'u.1- nlcnlenynuysuyagzu 9 , Bank nf Amemru NATIONAL Ii'3,iL'5: Associmou SEBASTOPOL BRANCH South Main and Santa Rosa Avenue Phone Sebastopol VA 3-7876 11: v.,-u.:-o-.inlay-uf: ..zu.pu.fu4-a-.fufn -.1-:gray-u.:n.zu4-1 .1-0.1-c DIAMOND NATIONAL CORP. 212 Depot Street nlunfn-.fu VA 3-7831 Formerly the Diamond Match Co. :rua-...form 5.1-11.11 :ful .fupu.1-ue-aural: nrcnfcaf--are-.pearl nl-u.1-ws.:-en.:-uynfu ..en.1-v-fnf-L1v..1-nf-..1-u.1-n.fu-.1w-.1nfu.fu:u ""'g""""f"-"lf'l-"1Al1uJsufu ilfl 5.1-hfukfus.:-v l l 5 flrlg 1OOlllll 1 WEDDING INVITATIONS i SOCIAL FORMS NURSERY 2 1 l i - 5 1 2 lr' NURSERY STOCK E lll S Quality Since 1917 S GARDEN SUPP'-ES At your Stationers or Printers 1 1 S l It. R arlin 145 Hcalclsburg Ave. Sebastopol, California l 1 l ufw..f-..1v.fu.fu.1-aff.:-u.,uf--4-1-.zuf1-f1..1u4-u.1u.fn4-1..,-u.1-.fnfuf-nf-A.,-u.,n.4-any-.fs-yan.:-5 Compliments of HORN'S GROCERY Earl and Flora Lasater Erla Jean GROCERIES 851 Petaluma Avenue Phone VA 3-3269 RED AND MARY FOWLER'S TWIN PALMS CLEANERS VAlley 3-2242 861 Petaluma Ave. Sebastopol, California fuur-.11.41-fu-.1-ul:newnina-ny:Nrculvufnnffnfnnfwnyunfnnfnnlenfenfqnlenpwup- DOTY'S SERVICE "A Mobil Service" 961 Gravenstein Highway - Phone VA 3-3265 Gas - Oil -Lubrication - Tires - Batteries - Accessories ua-urn.,-0.1-If-my-uf .rw-.1-1-.zunf-.fnnfv-is-.1--n.rnf-u.,-u-I-rl"-I'-l""" "' "' "" "' "' "' "' "" S.,-u.fu .1-u.:-..fn.fu.fu.z-:fn-.1-n ..fu.,-nnfcppnfnf-n n.fu.fu4u.f-1.1-u.1u -.1-ap.:-u.fu1u.fw n.l'n..fu.1-u 1.1-u.:--11.1. .fur-u 1-u.1e.4uynn.z-nf-u.,1u.le-.fn .lc Leu.:-u.1-u.:-5.1-u1u.fu1c n1-u.l-u1-u.z- Phone: SebasTopoI VAlIey 3-6414 - Guerneville UNion 9-2578 THOMPSON-COSTA CLEANERS PERSONAL SERVICE WITH EVERY ORDER John B. Uackb Costa, Owner Plant: Sebasfopol Delbert-Class of '28 Georgia-Class of '29 J. F. TRIGGS 8. SONS AUTO - TRUCK - TRACTOR PARTS-MACHINE SHOP Gas Engines - Sales and Service T30 So. Main ST. Sebastopol Ph. VA 3-7814 .11-.11 nfu.zu.fn4-u.,-u.'- 1:-u.fw..1-u4u.fn.1u 1-1-ua-x.1-nnyvgfwnranfapfzkfuaywplu-Jwzlunfumywnyuk ROSE BOWL 765 Sebastopol Road SanTa Rosa Ll 5-2662 Sfudenfs RaTes 5.1-uff my-u.rn4-uf-warn.,urn.:--my-urn.,-u.rn nf-u.fuy-uf-u.:-nina-u.:-Cf. nf-..fu.zufu1-urn,-u.f1 1.11 .lu xi f 3 D F s.- lg If-. JY H r 1. 'fn 'Wx 4 4' Ls 5 wtf' 47 'f - I3 3 R: .' I h 1511 ,..?jr3, l S, , iv 1 if K ' O . I 13' .1 ,. s-. ' 4. ,:, yy-ff., "'w,'.,-.M lf f g. .5 A B yr, F, LN - NL, P .. fp 'Y' ' 'E -4. '11 , F , " Q 5.6 ' - V : ! 34.1 N' I 1 Ll 59,7 ' , x3 " . A Q JSF . 1 . ,.,. ,, X- X' Q 1" l mf. Y 9'-Qffi, f 1... 'fl f f 2i7." L ' . ,,G4,,..g, A I gif-Y f' Y Y 154' ,-"1 7 1 X 1 .,, A U H' .- , 4' 'f' f Egg.: E. A 1' A 55' ,' i1f ':I , itll 2 ' ':,,,Pf:S2 '. ' ,I ?'3f 3" jf?" 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Suggestions in the Analy High School - Azalea Yearbook (Sebastopol, CA) collection:

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