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.f,,,f4f,-4,,,f.. ff! 12904, 1,u,a4fZf'-1 ,Zim of fy g MM kfffylfffb M3252 Si W K NX KW 1 ' X . ' 1 M55 X iw PW? 5,5 3? 10FfMc0ifi' X55 N W J ?JMff74 JM pi yy kypdffjllmvf i 'Q WW M532 Gif F4 ipiwfw N M wwf. Q-E W4 JW MMM WW A 03,6 W W"'f"ff ""'r'r.rfAt 1 2 N 4? Vw L XX ff any FUAFF pg, SMA. gp XA Ll 35-WAC' ' ' X ' fix- ,, WYQQDJSD EX AAKJB Nj NKPX QQ jg: l 1 'yy 5 on if 9 ., .M . 179' 0 aww? Q5,MJp 'E9 Wfiiiggg BJ df S W wiv M555 SN M w X ' In P X 'Mex Q 'fi V R my Q 691 QQ We ff Awfgs waxy or ' Pvfjum xx 4, 1' CWM? 1 ,-I ' -1 '1- . .- 'P . ' v-5 h -.21 QD 1 6g4 2 5b5fMgLMWW kMM GLRMJU Fl LN '75-ff aJ,J,w .2 :wg bw f if? .2 Hz - 93"-,f "T 32 cr! g"v'f 'X Md Cv 'f ff 1 Mr -,,,x f f V. . M wwjkj M 4"MQfA Lfwfff fl' NN ,Vw !fQJ Ki, P 'VM u MQ. SSMWB ' h70L"'L'Jfl5 Hwy KS Alb.. ax! 9VW cww PJP iffy yigzff? V, yL105,,,1,:y ,L aff-LJKQ 3 X I If c 2' , QPdf 165 r v3..N2'r 54168 if-14 O A x A I 4 N 4. Rip i 1 L Vx N J Q-i lg T O gumm 5 l . t i Q 4 1 i 9 H 11 9 3 tl DEDICATIGN A long-awaited dream became a thrilling reality this year when the first football game of the season was brightly illuminated by our fine new football lights. The students of Analy Union High School would like to express their appreciation to the Sebas- topol and G-uerneville Rotary Club members who obtained the necessary funds so rapidlyg to Mr. H. L. Hotle, president of the Lighting Fund Inc., for his leadership and untiring effortsg to Mr. L. A. Duffield for his enthusiastic help: to the custodian staff of our school for their assistance: to the generous contractors who reduced their prices in order to aid the project: and to the many public-spirited citizens of our com- munity who purchased lighting fund certificates. The efforts and generosity of these people have made it possible for Analy Union High School to have the most modernly lighted football field in Northern Cali- fornia, and to them we dedicate this book. ' nj Y PRCDLCDGUE When seniors arrive at the end of their four year sojourn in high school, they often ask the question, "Wliat now is my part in the scheme of things?" You can help to distill some of the good out of the present world condition. One result may be that in your time you will be able to control this human plague called "War," just as men of our time controlled the yellow fever. You may help to erect a world order in which it will never be possible again for one man's wickedness to be- come all men's curse. Your own country thanks to the fathers who built ith-is intact. Never at any place, at any time, have any people developed so free a life as your people have developed in America. And with their original principles, they could develop it anywhee on eirth, if they had to. There are many who tell you that your country is imperfect, and it is, as the orchard in blossom is imperfect compared to the orchard in fruit. And in unreilegtive minds this often gives rise to a demand for radical change. Radical, violent change is the word of the destroyer who would burn the orchard down because blossoms have not yet become apples, and it is the "escape" of the weak-minded who would avoid the lnbog of cultivating the orchard. Arnerica's ruling word in her creative days was not violent change but development. Let the orchard grow and fulfill itself in fruit, give the fertile American principle roorn and the time, and an educated free electorate, and it will abundantly justify itself. This is where you fit into the scheme of things. MR. LAURENCE A. DUFFIELD, Principal. Left to right: Gladys M. Brown, president: Donald M. Scott, clerk: Laurence A. Duffield, principal: H. L. Hotle, Burton M. Travis, Lawrence W. Carrillo. PRCDDUCERS There is no greater public service than that rendered by the board of trustees of any public school. The school which we have at Analy today is due in a very large part to the public-spirited men and women who are serving now, and who served in the past as trustees. The board of trustees is the policy-making body of the school. lt is the func- tion of the administrative staff to carry out these policies. The board, elected by the pub- lic, serves for a threefyear term of office. Their legal authority comes from the state con- stitution and the education code. Their decision on school matters is final. Mrs. Gladys M. Brown, Guerneville, is president of the board and has served on the board since 1946. Mr. Donald M. Scott is clerk and has Served Since 1948. Mr. Burton M. Travis has served on the board since 1939. 1-fe has held the office of clerk and president for several terrns. Mr. H. L. 1-lotle was elected in 1946 and has served as clerk for several terms. Mr. Lawrence Carrillo has served since 1947. 1 I t 151 -1.1 E , I IN! Principal 'Laurence A. Duffield Cf, 'fl 7 v cf,' ll f If I VY... gig-iff!! Y' iff CDFFICE Vice Principal John Crump A I 4 STAFF . -f if x .1-5,-f, , ' : ' 5933 , 1 5 9 Y ' 5, 1 my ' , ATT '-211' Nj ,755 H '-5 ' f: 'sipi' Office Assistant Wilma Faccndiui and Office Secretary June Mendouca F"'?T"' 1-A if 1 XNIVQ -35 Q 3: Q I r M'.lf'n Allcn Glenn Amcnt George Bergen Yay Briggs Mcrlc Briggs John Crump lllll THE FACULTY 'iff' fl-Zi I ' vu so 4 1 X 1" W . x..J'4. n was W --fx. 'v -4' Alphonse Coenen Henry Davis Prank Donnelly Bernerd Evans Dolan Evans Roger Forssell Walter Foster James Fredricks Minnie Gale llll Erlwnrd Hnmpnl Lewis Iloinrichs Gerald H0111 Clarnnrc Irish Ruth Jensen David Kesler IKPIIIIPIII Knight Laura Lorraine Robert Maggiora, Nvllio Matthews Mary Miller William Pnlnxtng IILII bf if ,pr rw ,,-ww 'jgf Wu iggu ,,.v i mx 41' -Q. 3 -nb 41 4 CAFETERIA BACK ROW flcft to riglltj Lynn McLean, Floyd Roberts, Bob Fletcher, Joan Holloway, Mrs. Felciano, Mrs. Weeks. Mrs. Williams, Bill Murrav, Don Ameiit, Lowell Dawson. FRONT ROW: Eddie Felciano. Lois Pinkston, Jackie Harbeck, Carol Hodges, Nadine Wetch. Ruth Wcathcrs. Jackie Howe, Ray Kelsny. BUS DRIVERS Left to right: G. Thomas, K. Knighi, C. Hillard, S. Clausen, E. Willhlte, R. Kitchel. S, Lampman, B. Evans. CUSTODIANS Left to right: M. Moniz, R. Willhite, L. Lampman, G. Patteron. J, Lewis. C. Moisan. FALL STUDENT CQUNQII. Lett to right: Warren Carrotlmrs. Larry Clark, Karin Beskow, Don Ament, Marilyn Taber, Dick Ament, Harold Tilliughast. Dnn Starr, Gaea Freimund, JoAnn Illiugcr, Glorya Lund, Audrey Paulson. Sunny Hendryx, Nancy Robertson. Ron Crawford. Fall Student Body President: Standing: Mr. Crump. Don Starr Left to rigln.: Roi MacKenzie, Dick Shonc, Virginia New. Marilyn Taber. Valerie Spring Student Body President Saput, Dick Ament. Don Starr. Harold Tillingliast, Ron Crawford. Gerry Williams. Harold Tillinghast Pat Warner, Audrey Paulson, Nancy Robertson, Don Amcnt. Standing: qleft to right! Sam Little, Mr. Crump, Tom King. SPRING STUDENT CCDUNCIL . A ,,m,,, , 'gs B 1 " ' ff M if ' .. Q m '1 'x Q " 'Ns I - T391 19' Kaz, .0 ,, , . -'N h 3,3 -529525, 4 ' .- - .ff '14 . , -F :'z'.'4f-3' ""N+HxSg -,A ,,-lf:-Q, ' ,4 . N'-i,f1.s5 q, , X-vyff ,xbtb , Li: n -J ,N K"'6iQ 'T' '- 1, 1 ' x 33 U' ' . -V J. .X H.-. A -, ' 'Q I .' 4' r X M' x-A I V, . x Q X 'ff t In X 2 if M- Q P . Q QH ,N 3 . 'Wx' QJ W if IQ "i , ' U x . X Diane Alfau Richard Ament Richard Anderson Carole Arnett Mary Ann Ballard Harry Batlin Jack Batten Sally Bell Barbara Bennett Connie Biega Henry Bohn Bette Briana H81 Dale Brown Dave Bndworth Phil Burk Dorothy Canclis Faith Carlson Lawrence Clark Larry Clark Wayne Collinsworth Carl Cox Ronnie Crawford Fred Dnnncckcr Carl Dawfon Marianne DeGrood Lee Dickinson Isirlor Dotti Glenn Dnty Patricia Drnnnnonrl John Einigh Tom Ellgl0lllRll Harriette Faris Sherwin Farrington Mary Fogh Gaea Prcimnnd Genevieve Gaxnl-erm I 19 I 111111 Gxunlxoagx .Ynvkiv Gnrloff Gladys filIl1'Si Dlvk GUUKIIIIJHI II:-rm.u1 G1 1'n' Il R+-13.-11:1 f:l'f'l'lll' Bula II,11'd1n Dlvk II.xr:lir4try ll'-11-lx llnrris Ilnrnlcl Ilxussold Rlrlxurwl Hawks llzxrlzuul Hnyns 5111111-y Hayvs Ne-lcln Ilcaltllvrslmw' Sylvm II:-nxmixxgsvu Don Hvtts .hum Holloway Donald Hum:-s Mauiulyn Hunt B:u'hnrn IIIIYCIIIHS JoAnn llumgor Stove! Ito Curl .Izwksnn Rum-:um Jarvis lm! Q kr, XS XX ' Y K' 'K' 7 K SU' fx G' ,...wu,'f' ,, I V! WTI' wt' 'Q I H .S Q 1 S X.. ,:. s .Q J K YW -ig x ' is N., 'lu K Kay Jensen Margery Jepsen Rudy Jlminez Warren Johnson Clifford Jones Sharon Kellogg Ted Kiuyon Lillie Klrtley Lois Klstner Richard Kohler Jack Kramer Anna Lee Joan Lee Alfred Lefor Sam Little Troy Long Gloria Lund Rod MacKenzie Bill Maddocks Lois Mnnn Joyce Martiuelll Mickey Matsumoto Charlene Mazone Don McAuley l Bernard MeChristian Floyd McDaniel Berlil McLendon David McLean Burl Meune Bobbie Miller Clariee Miller Barbara Molino Paul Molge Toni Montcdeoca Eugene Moore Leanorc Morawski Elvira Mori Dorothy Marita Myrtle Myers Virginia New on .-Us A 'Q qs-v --iw-nun Af" 5- 'g 1 N he ow cy 17' Y.-r if r J X 1 William O'Cn11nell Roy Ottolini Jim Owens Audrey Paulson Ruger Pelissier Nancy Pera Rubert Perry Ronnie Perry ! 22 I Q-K v A QW.. Y K SZ. T." C Jim Pete Margaret Peterson Lidio Pozzi Viola Proschold Edward Ramsey Mary Re Buddy Reno Barbara Rlioadcs Floyd Roberts LeRoy Robertson Jamice Robinson Evelyn Rossini Doris Rowe Richard Sandretto Valerie Sapnt, Jackie Scheuer Nora Scott Ellen Searby Barbara Senn Juanita Shaw Imogene Shell Danny Shnstcr Sid Sicmer Norma Simerson Ili Dave Simpson Bnrnadcan Sloan Frank Smith Galen Stach Don Starr Barbara St. Martin Frank Strong Kc-iji Sngiyaxna Marilyn Taber Ray Terry Harold Tilllnghast Jack Totman Jackxe Travis Norma Tnlipani Bob Walker Carlcy Walker Pat Warner llclcn Watkins Mary Whelan James Wilkie Gerry Wllllillll8 Robert Wiltermood Dirk Winkler Louise Wood 114 1 t x 'JST Q dw' 6 N 1 ,ff vt, Ama 4 'uv W ,haw ,gyajfifgi ' -A3351 .wy- W. I "" 6 l x Xl 1 5 M 26 ,ca WN, an .- m IR , qu W 'Z s 'FY ' I f 11" L in, vm ' 5? 2 52 K 4 e iw HH M , r if - W 1 -1 '26 4 3 i S Q ,fa 8459 l Sharon Kellogg Hlnrlvv llayvs Lonisv Wooll Carole Arnvtt, Joan II0ll0W:ly Sylvia Henningsen 112. Leanore Morawski X 31525 111. Evelyn Rossini lil. Elvira Mori L25 ll, Mary Wlmlan ZH. Connie BICLLJI 26 15, Silly Bell 21. Gladys Gxncsi 117 lb. H1-ury Balm 212. Margaret Pm-tc-rsun 28 17. Harry Batlin 315. Ronnie Crawford 29 18, Nancy Pera 24, M y e 30 Q. ul' ,Ag is wg. E7 J fl "i 4: N . , 1 53 Failll Carlson Marilyn Taber Joan Luc Raul M:iL'Kc'nzi1' " Doris Rowe Don Starr Rcgcna Green Gaca Frcimnmi Harold Tillinghast Clzlriue Miller l25l is 2 Left to right: Shirlee Hayes, secretary-treasurer, first semester: Harry Batlin, vice-pre sident, first semester 5 Ronnie Crawford, president, first semester 3 Rod MK i reidt d t'M.Ith dis'BbW1k ' ac enz e. p s en, secon semes er, r rs, a v or, o a er, vice- president, second semesterg Helen Watkins, secretary-treasurer, second semester. SENICDI2 CLASS t-IISTCDIQY At the end of each high school year, a class of seniors in caps and gowns receive their diplomas. For three years we have watched graduation, but this year it is different. We are the class in caps and gowns on the stage. After four wonderful years of study and fun, it is our turn to graduate and leave Analy-to go on to college, to enter the service of our country, or to earn a living. We have been a busy class this year, beginning with the senior - faculty basketball game on November 30th, which we won easily, 48-38. Harold Tillinghast, student body vice-president, organized the game and the dance which followed. Our Senior Dance, December 8th, was a real success. The theme, "Snowball" was well carried out by the senior president for the fall semester, Ron Crawford and his committee: Dick Ament, Gaea Freimund, Marilyn Taber, Henry Bohn, Ellen Searby and Pat Drummond. We think everyone will agree that the senior play of l95l "Strictly Formal" was one of the best. On April 6th the confused plot, funny lines and fine acting appealed to all who packed our auditorium. The play was based on the efforts ot several girls to get dates for their prom. The cast was chosen by Mr. Coenen and expertly directed by Mrs. Miller. lt included Valerie Saput, Dorothy Canelis, Marilyn Taber, Bod MacKenzie, Sylvia Henning' sen, Harold Tillinghast, Virginia New, Ron Perry, Dave McLean, lackie Scheuer, Dick Gambogi, Bob Perry, Glorya Lund, Mary Whelan, Clarice Miller and Gladys Ginesi. Old Clothes Day, April 27th, brought the seniors to school dressed in costumes of the "Gay Ninetiesf' The student body thoroughly enjoyed the program presented to show off the amusing and original ensembles. On April 30th when the students took over the school and town government, it was the seniors who managed the "revolution." Under the leadership of student body president Harold Tillinghast, the seniors elected the following as city officials: mayor, Ron Crawford, and councilmen, Don Starr, Marilyn Taber, Rod MacKenzie and Larry Clark. Principals Harry Batlin and Henry Bohn and vice principals Wayne Collinsworth and Ron Perry ruled the school office. We all enjoyed the feast at the senior luncheon, May 8th, in the Masonic Temple. Swimming at Big Sandy Beach in Monte Bio made our senior picnic on May 18th the best school day we've ever missed. We thank the juniors for the wonderful prom they gave us. "Moonlight and Roses" was a super theme and they did a fine job with it. With baccalaureate Iune 3rd, graduation Iune 8th and the graduation dance we finished four years at Analy which none of us will ever forget. We appreciate all that our friends and teachers have done to make our years at Analy fun as well as worthwhile. 22. . S' y i? 5 , Barry Hocking JUNICDI2 CLASS HISTORY At the beginning of the 1950-51 school year, there were nineteen members of the jun- ior class in the California Scholarship Federation. Class rings were ordered the first part oi the school year, and were received in Ianuary. Every year, representatives from Analy attend Boys' and Girls' State in Sacramento in Iune. The girls chosen this year were Ftoxie Frazier and Karin Beskow, and the boys were Tom King and Iohn Ratclitte. In the "mental strain" departments, prizes for the best essay on "Freedoms Open Door" were awarded by the American Legion. First prize winner in this contest was Bev- erly Warner. Barbara Barborka and Ioanne Leland tied for second prize. Although the senior girls usually win the prize for the best skit at the Girls' Iinx, this year this "record" was broken by the juniors. The prize-winning skit was called "Cinder- ella" and was really hilarious. In the Scholastic Art Awards Contest, sponsored annually by The Emporium in San Francisco, several Analy students won prizes of gold keys. The juniors who received them were Rose Logue, Frieda Wetch, and Etsuko Akutagawa. The biggest event of the year was the junior-senior prom. The theme was "Moonlight and Roses," and was held on May 25. All the iuniors worked hard to make it a big success. Left to right: Karin Beskow, secretary-treasurer, first semesterg John Ratcliffe, vice-president, second semesterg Tom King, president, second semester: Sunny Hendryx, president, first semester: Mr. Knight, advisor: Arlene Harris, secretary- t d t . reasurer, secon semes er Not pictured: Virginia Johnson, vice-president, first semester. l27 0 M MR. KNIGHT'S ADVISORY BACK ROW: Gloria Badger, Barbara June Barborka. Muriel Baughman, Jewel Babcock, Christine Alves. Nancy Barker. SECOND ROW: Jinx Abeel. Robert Bettendorf, Mr, Knight, George Baker, David Brians. THIRD ROW: Ets Akntagawa, Jackie Bradley. Rose Albiani, Karin Beskow, Florence Bates, Bobbie Anderson. Joanne Bntnlia, MR. KESLER'S ADVISORY BACK ROW: Eddie Pelciano, Fred Falck, Dino Facendini. Albert Fletcher. Gary Clark, Robert Ccok. Bob Finch. SECOND ROW: Philip Favlor, Larry Coppock, Doris Franklin, Mr. Kesler, Jane Davis. Victor Dotti, Glenn Cooper. THIRD ROW: Dolores Cinqnini. LaRae Carrey. Nita Clary, Nancy Cnssins, Nancy Coombes. Pat Choate, Roxie Frazier. MR. HOHL'S ADVISORY BACK ROW: Harry Johnson, Irwin Hall, Roy Hcathershaw, Ei Johnston, Edwin Giovannini. Bob Horn. Norman Gliinberg. SECOND ROW: Ernest Jarvis, Ben Haley, Sunny Hendryx, Mr. Hohl, Dolores Hammell. Barry Hocking. Gerald Green. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Johnson, Donna Johnson. Gerry Gnlledge. Norma Jackson, Ann Hull. Arlene Harris, Florence Haywood, - W vf ws- 1 MR. SNYDER'S ADVISORY BACK ROW: James Mt-Coy, Don Osborn, Ray Kelsay, David Knox, Lynn McLean, Prank Morabito, Leo Lefor, Tom King. SECOND ROW: Mr. Snyder, Joanne Leland, Ruth Morita, Alice Marshall. Ann Lorenzo, Pauline Kuninioto, Gloria Moyle, Pole Kimball. THIRD ROW: Elaine Owens, Bonnie Norris. Rose Logue, Bette Murray, Carol Kelly, Eileen Meyer, Olive Miller. MISS SCHMIDT'S ADVISORY BACK ROW: Charles Shore. Don Sondergaard, Peter Portniati, Ross Soniners, Richard Rutledge, John Ratcliffe, Joe Rust Lucky Parks, Hal Porter, SECOND ROW: Joe Perlrini, Dale Smith, Betty Porter, Barbara Shook, Miss Schmidt, Claudia Pasquinelli, Marian Reyn- olds, Anton Rust. Ed Pitt. THIRD ROW: Mary Lou Roberts. Bobbie Jean Roberts, Lois Pinkston, Mary Ellen Smith. Jeannie Ragsclale, Barbara Shelley, Ruth Richardson, Mary Senn. MRS. MATTHEWS' ADVISORY BACK ROW: Merton Tyrrell. Calvin Whitt. Stanford Speer, Cal Stinnett, Roger Stange, Bill Weeks, Gary Tier, Bob Triebel, Glenn Waller. SECOND ROW: Kittie Swanson. Volkine van der Star, Bernice Triggs, Frieda Wetch, Jeannette Vellutini, Mrs. Matthews Helene von Metiutz, Wanda Williamson, Florence Stefenoni. THIRD ROW: Thorn White, Leona Stocker, Ruth Weathers, Lavon Speer, Kay Valentine, Anita Tacldeueci, Marie Sugiyama. 1 I 29 - "THE -r --1" '5 ri' ' " ' " STARLETSH Left to right: Sne Abbott, secretary-treasurer second semester: Nadine Wetch, secretary-treasurer, first semester: Dick Shone, president, second semester: Warren Carrothers, president, first remesterg Mr. Forssell, zidvisorg Marvin Mays, vice-president, second semester: Ed Barrett, vice-president, first scrnestcr. SQPHGMOIQE CLASS I-IISTCDRV This year the sophomores gave the ninth graders and new students their usual wel- come with the Freshmen Reception on Septcmber 28, l95U. Everyone seemed to enjoy himself with the entertainment, dancing, and refreshments. The class officers for tho fall were: Warren Carrothers, president, Ed Barrett, vice- presidentg and Nadine Wetch, secretary-treasurer. The officers who were elected for the sprinq semester were: Dick Shone, president: Marven Mays, vicefpresidentg and Sue Ab- bott, secretary-treasurer. Sophomore students who won honors for their art work this year were Ioan Witlierell, Dolores Fullerton, Pat Roberts, and Terry Schulz. The students of the sophomore class who were members of the C. S. F. included: Laulette Evans, Harry Finch, Frances lohnston, Rod Matthews, ludy Mukaida, Bob Pauley, Robert Wetcli, Micheil Vidaver, Nancy Robertson, and Mary Kinq. MR. FORSSELL'S ADVISORY BACK ROW Cleft to right! Richard Brodt. Jerry Avila, Bob Caniff. Stanley Briggs, Warren Carrothers, Ed Barrett, Elbert Bressic. Mike Burke. SECOND ROW: Shirice Brandt, Gerry Andrews, Katie Brown, Mr. Forssell, Jennie Babcock. Barbara Call THIRD ROW: Carole Brzishcar, Sue Abbott, Francis Bentzen, Pat Bentzen, Mary J. Caddel, Rita Albinni. Mary Alderson. . , 1 .e , N--W ' , ...JE--C ' - --s ' rd 'Ti 9 N -M ' 0 if +-- Y - -4- MISS RICHARDSON'S ADVISORY BACK ROW cleft to right! Charlie Crouch. Feb Collins, Andy DeVilbiss, Toni Dannecker. Leonard Cobb, Joe Christensen, William Cook, Harry Finvh. Gary Drnninzoiil. SECOND ROW: Manuel Dames, Ronnie El.ler, Louie Di:1gw.ll, Jack Dei. Lowell Dawson, Calvin Deramo. Darlene Cooper, Miss Rivhardson, Norma Curtis, Bob Fletcher. Dnnie Coppock, Don Dnckhorn, Ronleigh Dale. Coy Deal. EHIRD ROW: Connie Falck, Linda Etchison, Helen Fisher. Shirley Faris. Connie Chamberlain, Barbara Collin, Lanlette vans. MR. MAGGIORA'S ADVISORY BACK ROW lleft to rluhtl Robert Hansmann, Henry Hoffman, Don Hansen, Dale Howard, Stefan Gndjehnsen. Don Gomez, Jlni Iliggins, Divk Gardiner, Herb Genelly. SECOND ROW: Lester Gooiisell. Roger Hicks, Marian Hodges, Carol Griffin, Pat Henry. Betty Goff. Jackie Howe, Mr. Maggiora, Thelma Garner, Gay Hillard, Barbara Heflin, Gwen Higinbothain. Joan Hardisty. Arlene Giovannini, Glenn Gaskins, Ted Hansen, THIRD ROW: Joan Helmstein, Barbara Gnalco. Dolores Fullerton. Frances Frigerio. Jean Hutton, Evelyn Haire, Shirley MR. B. EVANS ADVISORY BACK ROW lleft to right! Nivky Malahovsky, Bob Irwin, Albert Keith, Elbert Keith, Joe Kuppi, Marvin Mays. SECOND ROW: Mr. B. Evans, Allen Jolliff, Bernard Kinder, Carol Jordan, Patricia Kirk, Emily Martinelli. Larry Larson, Bill Kina, Franklin Lirklider. THIRD ROW: Lois Johnson, Dorothy Jones. Mary King. Frances Johnston. Barbara Keck. Margaret Kirtley, Norma Keeler. Hawk, Mary Lon Hahn. Gladys Hanks. rv Y Y ff - - 7 -wr '+- if 2 MISS THOMPSON'S ADVISORY BACK ROW cleft to right! Yoshi Oaoyaina. Wayne Nelson. Bob Pauley. Jack Monacelli. Jun McGee. Don McAuley, Derry Mullaly, Richaixl Nuttinq, Buh McDonell. SECOND ROW: Gene MvDougle. Marianne Mnscon. Virginia Pate, Doris McAlvain, Miss Thompson, Joan MIlllPYlllIlkCI'. Joyre McCuan, Ava McKean. Glen Newton. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Osborn. .Indy Mukairla, Ecltla Murphy, Drusilla Paul, Barhara Morris. Nunn-y MvDonall, Dorothy Nurfleet. Earlene Mm'Kenua. Jean Moberg. MR. D. EVAN'S ADVISORY BACK ROW ileft to riighti Paul Pete. Walter Rickett. Jim Pelniulcler, Dick Shone. Ed Scarhy. George Polley. Clinton Rose, Burnett Rohhins, John Root. SECOND ROW: Terry Schulz. Leslie Sienier, Eudora Ramsey. Margaret Roberts. Lucretia Roberts. Bertie Schultz, Mr. D. Evans. Nancy Rolmrtsmi. Pat Roherts. Grace Rust, Elsie Robcrtr. Robert Pitkin. THIRD ROW: Shirley Silva. Lorraine Silva. Glenda Rounds. Edith Ruch, Larlonna Svhieher. Iinaleta Rigqle. Mary Rnhoi-ts. MR. COENEN'S ADVISORY BACK ROW tleft to risilitl Glenn Ungewitter. Rudy Tulipani, EfIW1lI'lI Waller, Rnhert NVeti'h, Mivhael Vixlaver. Bill Sunke, Don Wester, Forrest Youiig. Gene Smith. SECOND ROW: Billie Waters. Marylane Williams, Norinale Smith, Mr. Cocnen. Ruth Winkler. Clnyono Yanianioto. Sharon Walker, Beverly Taft. THIRD ROW: Shirley Stahl. Ruby'Vaughn, Carolien van der Star, Jean Witherell, Joan Volt, Nadine Wetvh, .Tully Val entinc, Alexia Sokolis. Adrienne Smith. Barbara Shirlrler. f T ' fi-. X .xx T I-I E A " 'f'1"l'??a,' skis f . . , - -fi,-41, + . f 3 , .Jr-li? " 1 -ff". I-1 V,--.W 1 ' f ' ,ffrrr-a - 1 - T A'-2395723 1 ,wgx Q '43 v Left to right: Claudia. Gonsalves, secretary-treasurer, first sem- ester, Peggy Rock, vice-president, first semester: Don Ament, presi- dent, first and second semestersg Ken Taber, vice president, second semesterg Miss Jensen, advisorg Verde Doty, secretary-treasurer, second semester. PRES!-IMEN CLASS HISTORY The students in the class of l95-4 received their first taste of high school social life at the Freshmen Reception on September 28, l950 when the sophomores and faculty Wel- comed them to Analy. The dancing and refreshments were enjoyed by all. The main activity for the fall semester was the election of officers. The following were chosen to represent the class: Don Ament, president: Peggy Rock, vice-president, Claudia Gonsalves, secretary-treasurer. The officers for the spring semester were president, Don Ament, vice-president, Ken Taber and secretary-treasurer, Verda Doty. Freshmen who distinguished themselves by becoming members of the C. S. F. were: Phoebe Allen, lean Helmstein, Glenn Howard, Edward Knight, Raymond Sandretto, Agnes Shideler, Lois Veazey and Carol von Metnitz. Representatives from this class who worked on the committee to organize the school clean-up campaign were Don Ament and Ken Taber. This year's freshmen class is proud of one of its own, Phoebe Allen, who won second prize in the National Wildlife Federation Art Contest, junior high school division. MISS JENSEN 'S ADVISORY BACK ROW ileft to riglitl Don Anient. Larry Camotta, Marvin Carlile, Robert Barker, James Briggs, Tom Center, Eldon Brown, John Bressie. SECOND ROW: Donald Blank, Alfred Bohny, Zella Bradley, Della Ballard, Phoebe Allen, Irma Allred, Sylvia Busby, Lawrence Blron. Jean Badger. THIRD ROW: Ruth Baumgartuer, Pierra Borra, Dolores Bohdanov, Miss Jensen, Dorothy Bohdanov, Beatrice Buhler, Wilma Burris. , 5 33 t 3 Q-f qv fish' MISS LORRAINE'S ADVISORY RACK ROW tlvft tn riglitl .Iiniiny Cronsr-. Bill Clark. .Tal-k Clark, Lawrf-nc'v Fmtvr. Rivliarrl Dnvlriy. Sianlvy Daw-irn, Erin' Falvk. Jnlin Dolvln SECOND ROW: Dvnnls Dunipsvy, Lvroy Dnvv. Paul Davis, VVayn0 Cny, Mary Janv I"lf'tn'l1vr. Sllirlvy Clinin-li. Rarlxara Fowler. Jerry Ford, Clifford Evkcrt, .Talncs Flint. THIRD ROW: Pa! Dulan. Vcnla Duty. Anpgr-la :ln Maitvi. Br-H0 Clagg. Dvannn Dixon. Jarkir- Cnnmln-N, lilmrla 01.11-yi .Ir-.qu Cin-sins MRS. GALE'S ADVISORY BACK ROW llvft in rip-1litF Bill Gnri. Glvnn Howard. Ronny Glazirler, Jnstns Frr-ininnel. Harvvy Frvv-. Martin Gnllmlqv. Dirk Frvzlrirks, Ted Gnllllicvl-2, SECOND ROW: Elton Have:-1, Charles Horn, Aaggv Hoffman, Virkic' Prvvnian. Bolslnv lnfgraliani. .l.n'qnvlnn- Ilarln-vk, Bm-ky Grvz-iw. Carol Ilmlgos, Norma llvlgrvn. Vvrnnn Ilmlapp. Bill Hnff. THIRD ROW. Clanrlia Gonsalvvs. Hr-lon Ivvrsnn. .Ivan Ilcnslvy, Sliirlvy Harrison. lN'Irs Gala. I".iyv Ilall. .Ivan IIi'IlllhIi'llI, Yvnnnr' Harlgma. Sandra Iluslwy. MR. WORWOOD'S ADVISORY RACK ROVV tlvfi to right! l'rvs!fni Jnnr-S. Gvorgn Km-fn-. Mc-lvin Lvv. Hllwarrl Knight. Dirk M.1rinl,1. Bill I.:--wlikv, .Inn Javksnn. Dan Mnxwvll. Bill liirtll-y. SECOND ROW: LM- Keck. Arvil Martin. Jini Martin. Zita Kramer. Donna Loigliton, Mary Join-s. Vir-ginia Jarvis. Bnlrlry Lanv. Cliarlvs Marshall. Yllkin Kimura. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Makaroff, Virginia Lnzzi, Barbara Kawa, Jnyvv Kr-lsay. .Ii-.un INIili'Dflll.lI4I, Rn-vvrly .livin-R. .lnanita Lvaviit, MR. BERGEN'S ADVISORY IRACK ROW tleft to righti Bob Mclntire, Louis Perry, Troy Perdue, Alfred Nott, Bill Murary, Eddie Nevarez. Armando apcra, SECOND ROW: Louise Osborn, Arlene Mitchell. Paul Pell, John Pelmulder. Warren Powers. Frank Planer, Dale Noland, Bob Nielsen, David Mowry, Prank Montedcoca. Patricia Morse, JIIIIC Petersen. THIRD ROW: Caroline Peoples, Rose Morita, Pat Napoli, Nancy Petersen, Darlecn Purcell. Sandra Phillips, Jackie Pauley. MISS SNYPP'S ADVISORY BACK ROW tleft to right! Richard Skinner, Burl Robbins, Don Reed, Raymond Sandretto, Maurice Silva, Harry Silva, SECOND ROW: Mike Scully. Ernest Ruch. Barry Schmidt. Clyde Remstedt, Edith Renk, Norman Shuster, Elzie Recser. THIRD ROW: Ella Seavers. Mildred Smith, Peggy Rock, Laura Shelley, Miss Snypp, Shirlee Smith, Esther Schellenberg, Carol Smith, Agnes Shideler. MR. W1-XKEFIELD'S ADVISORY BACK ROW cleft to rmhti Jake Webb. Carroll Williams, Don Thompson, Clarence Vessels, John Van Ness. Hollie Tiede- mann, Regan Wood. SECOND ROW: Harold Lee Winchcl, Kenneth Taber, Roy Tingley, Doris Thomas, Lois Veazey, Carol von Metnitz, Mr. Wakefield, Louise Wetch, Phyllis Vaughn, Ruth Whitt, Lawrence Wclcli, Don Wright. THIRD ROW: Cynthia Tyrrell, Nancy White, Calista Stedman, Noralee Wagner, Normalee Wagner, Freda Wiggins, Carole Spangle, Donna Lee Winkler. 3 5 -5 381 BACK ROW fleft to right! Tom Engleman, Ronnie Perry, Dick Ament, Robert Wetch, Harry Finch, Pat Warner, Anna. Lee, Roseann Jarvis, Mary Fogh, Dorothy Marita, Charles Shere, Michael Vidaver, Rod Matthews, Harold Hassold. SECOND ROW: Ed Knight, Frances Johnston, Ellen Searby. Valerie Saput, Nancy Robertson, Sunny Hendryx, Carol von llgletiigwbolores Hammell, Lois Veasey, Agnes Shldeler, Jeanne Ragsdale, Marianne DeGrood, Lots Kistner, Merton Tyrrell, au o e THIRD Sow: Raymond Sandretto, Miss Weseen, Etsuko Akutagawa, Judy Mukaida., Foie Kimball, Jean Helmstein, Ruth glorttaiwlilorence Haywood, Roxie Frazier, Marte Sugiyama, Kay Valentine, Lois Pinlrston, Beverly Warner, Don Ament, o er e sei r. g e FOURTH ROW: Glenn Howard, Harold Tillinghast, Steve Ito, Richard Sandretto, Mary King, Joanne Leland, Karin Bes- kow, Rod MacKenzie, Dorothy Canelis, Nancy Coombes, Margaret Peterson, Marilyn Taber, Mary Ballard. S. F. To become eligible for membership in the California Scholarship Federation, a student must have three "A's" and one or two "A's" and two "Bs" with two activity points to make up the ten required points. A student becomes a life member after having earned mem- bership for six or more semesters, one of them in the senior year. A student becomes a novitiate member after having earned membership for four semesters, including one in the senior year. The C. S. F. began the fall semester with 45 members. On October 5, l95O, officers for the fall semester were elected and installed at a potluck dinner. The officers elected were: Karin Beslcow, presidentg Dorothy Canelis, vice-presidentp and Anna Lee, secretary-treasurer. On December 9, 1950 delegates with their advisors from thirteen schools met at Analy for the Northern District Conference. It proved to be a very interesting day for the C. S. Ffers. During December l, 2, 3, Mary Fogh, Ellen Searby, Marilyn Taber, Charles Shere, and Rod MacKenzie attended the World Affairs Conference at Asilomar. Twelve of Analy's C. S. Ffers attended the Regional Conference held at Santa Rosa on April 7, l95l. For the spring semester, the C. S. F. had a membership of 50. The officers for the semester were elected and installed at a potluck dinner February 8, l95l. The students elected were Rod MacKenzie, president, Pat Warner, vice-president, and Nancy Coombes, secretary-treasurer. In May a swimming party was held. This was the last of the C. S. F. activities for the year. There are eight life members and three novitiate members this year. The life members are Dorothy Morita, Dick Ament, Mary Fogh, Harold l-lassold, -Anna Lee, Ellen Searby, Harold Tillinghast, and Pat Warner. The novitiate members are Dorothy Canelis, Margaret Peterson, and Richard Sandretto. The C. S. F. members appreciate the help which their advisor, Miss Weseen, has given them during the year. BACK ROW tleft to right! Dorothy Morita, Ella Seavers, Nanzy White, Judy Valentine, Frances Johnstoi, Pat Henry, Ellen Senrby. Helen Watkins, Della Ballard, Dorothy Canelis, Nancy Coombes, Marie Sugiyama, Gloria Badger. SECOND ROW: Judy Mukaiia, Etiuko Akutagawa, Rose Morita, Karin Beskow, Frieda Wetch, Roxle Frazier, Lois Johnson, Irma Allred, Shlx-lee Hayes, Gerry Gulledge, Jackie Garloff. THIRD ROW: Mary Ballard, Valerie Saput, Mary Fogh, Marilyn Taber, Miss Lorraine, Barbara Bennett, Virginia New, GIRLS' LEAGUE The first event of the year was the Big and Little Sister Party, which was held during the first week of school to welcome all freshmen and new girls to Analy. Games, entertainment and re- freshments made it enjoyable and helped everyone to get acquainted. Past-president Alice Hansen installed the following officers at an impressive candlelight service in September: Marilyn Taber, president: Mary Fogh, vice presidentg Valerie Saput, secretary: Barbara Bennett, treasurer: and Virginia New, songleader. The following committee chairmen were installed also and they introduced their committee members: Sylvia Henningsen, programg Shirley Hayes, hospitality: Mary Ballard, decorations: Ellen Searby, school activitiesg Iackie Garloff, refreshmentsg Dorothy Morita, projectsg Etsuko Akutagawa, publicity and Helen Watkins. service. Varied programs were held during the regular monthly meetings. These included Analy girls presenting entertainment and speeches, outside speakers and group singing. Girls sold programs at home football games in order to raise funds, and after the games many girls served refreshments to the football players from Analy and visiting schools. At Christmas time the Girls' League presented wreaths to all the teachers, decorated a Christmas tree in the library and collected gifts of food, clothing and toys for needy families of the community. The December meeting was a Christmas party during which Santa Claus came with gifts for girls who had recently come to Analy. The Valentine candy sale on February l4 was a successful means of raising funds. Home- made candy was sold from an attractive booth in the hall that was well patronized by sweet- toothed Analy students. The Girls' League purchased sterling silver pins which were worn by the officers and committee chairmen during the year and will be worn by the officers and committee chairmen in the years to come. Everyone attending the turn-about dance on March 3 had a very nice time. The theme, "Spring Round-Up," carried out by cowboy decorations and refreshments, signified that it was the time of year for all girls to round up their men, and the dance was a big success. On Friday the 13th, in April, the Girls' Iinx was given, and the theme, "Superstitious Beware," centered around good and bad luck. The junior and sophomore skits were the prize winners, and prizes were also given for the best costumes. Following the skits, the gayly dec- orated concessions were opened in the gym. ln place of the annual Mothers' Tea, an open house was held in the cafeteria during Public Schools Week. All mothers were given very lovely corsages and folk dancing was presented for entertainment. The Girls' League helped to acquaint visiting eighth grade girls with Analy and enter- tained them with school talent, games and refreshments. The interest, assistance and leadership given by Miss Lorraine and the cabinet were im- portant factors in making this year's Girls' League activities successful and enjoyable. Sylvia Heuningsen. l39 l40l .,X.x, BACK ROW Cleft to right! Lynn McLean, Dick Gardiner, Becky Greene, Karin Beskow. Frieda Wetch, Mary Ballard, Frances gohnston, Sunny Hendryx, Ed Knight, Charles Shere, Merton Tyrrell, Leo Lefor, Richard Sandretto, Harold Hassold, Roger tango. SECOND BOW: George Keefe, Don Ament, Anna Lee, Carol Dougherty, Kay Jensen Sylvia Henningsen, Carol Kelly. Ann Hull, Marian Reynolds, Arlene Harris, Genevieve Gambetta, Pat Warner, Beverly Warner, Marie Sugiyama, Glorya Lund, L B C . a ae arrey THIRD ROW: Gerry Williams, Helene von Metnitz, Laulette Evans, Don Starr, Ellen Searby, Harry Batlin, Harold Tillinghast, Marilyn Taber, Rod MacKenzie, Margaret Peterson, Carley Walker, Miss Weseen. WCDRLD AFFAIRS CLUB The Analy World Affairs Club was started during the second semester of this year by a group of students who felt that they should know more about the world situation and foreign affairs. Eight students sponsored by the student body, California Scholarship Federation, Parent Teacher Association and Girls' League attended the annual conference of the World Affairs Conference of Northern California at Asilomar December l, 2, and 3. They were Don Starr, Harry Batlin, Marilyn Taber, Rod MacKenzie, Mary Fogh, Ellen Searby, Helene Von Metnitz, and Charles Shere. While they were at Asilomar, they decided that they wanted to organize a stu- dent world affairs council at Analy, and, led by Don Starr, consulted and received the approval of Howard A. Cook, director of the World Affairs Council of Northern California. The faculty and spring student council sanctioned the organization. Miss Weseen became faculty sponsor. Analy now has the only high school world affairs council in California. On Ianuary 3lst the World Affairs Club presented Dr. Miroslav Kerner, a Czechoslovakian who has been forced to flee his country three times, at an assembly. Dr. Kerner described Czechoslovakia and the Russian regime. The assembly was followed by a meeting of students who were interested in the club, at which Harry Batlin and Ellen Searby were elected tempo- rary president and secretary, respectively. Dr. Robert West, who worked with UNESCO and CARE spoke at an assembly on February 20th and told about youth of the world and their problems. On March 6th the club and its friends were very fortunate to have as speaker Mrs. Lee Ki Poong, wife of the mayor of Seoul, Korea, and Mrs. Chang Duk Soo, principal of a girls' school in Seoul. Their description of conditions in Korea made the war seem much closer to all who listened. A1 another meeting after school on March 28th, Mrs. Ruth Gage Colby, who recently re- turned from teaching in the Near East, told of the problems of Israel and Syria. A regular meeting was held on April 9th to elect officers. Don Starr was elected president: Harry Batlin, vice-president: Laulette Evans, secretary: and Karin Beskow, treasurer. The World Affairs Club had a potluck dinner May 9th at which time Miss Henriette Bor- denave, an exchange teacher from France, spoke of the situation and problems in her nation. Other activities of this organization included the writing and ratification of a constitution and a trip to San Francisco to hear a speech by Paul-Henri Spaak, Belgian Minister of Finance. The Student World Affairs Club has done a great deal in its short life. lt now has fifty charter members. Off to a flying start, it should go a long way toward making Analy students a more interested and enlightened group on foreign affairs. 4 BACK ROW tleft to right! Leo Lefor, Gene Smith, Bob Reynolds, Gene Moore. Sharon Bowers, Jim Pelmulder, Calvin Whitt, Robert Fletcher, Joe I1aedri2i,i.'mck Clark, Carol Smith, Muriel Baughman, Jackie Bradley, Jane Davis, Warren Johnson, Lester Goodsell, Bob Canifl, Ed Knight, r. n g . SECOND ROW: Marian Hodges, Normale Smith, Adrienne Smith Gerry Gulledge, Doris McAlvain, June Peterson, Mary Jones, THIRD ROW: Don Hurnes, at Henry, Joan Helmstein Eudora Ramsey, Marylane Williams, June Lee, Glenn Doty, Boo Perry, Juanita Leavitt, Jim Briggs, Victor Dotti. Clinton Rose, Jack Batten, Ed Johnston, Bob Triebel, Wayne Collinsworth, Steve Ito, Joe Rust. FOURTH ROW: Ed Ramsey, Lawrence Clark, Alice Marshall, Elbert Keith, David Brians, Glenn Cooper, Gary Clark, John Doble, Richard Brodt, Ray Terry, Sunny Hendryx, Ladonna Schieber, Dot Canells, Virginia Jarvis. Marilyn Johnson, Donna Johnson, Bob Hardin. IIQIETH BOW: Larry Clark, Marian Reynolds, Roger Stange, Betty Porter, Merton Tyrrell, Charles Shere, Walter Bickett, Becky Greene, Jean e msteln. BAND The Analy Band under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Knight started the school year in fine spirit by marching at the football games. With IoAnn Ihinger as head majorette, Roger Stange as drum major, and Toni Montedeoca, Carole Arnett, lane Davis, Frances Frigerio, and Nancy Pera as "twirlers," our group took sec- ond place at the Armistice Day Parade in Petaluma. Our band again appeared at the East-West football game, December 30 in San Francisco making a fine appearance. On Ianuary 2 all members went to San Francisco to witness a fine exhibition by the Michigan marching band. The concert on March 9 proved to be one of the best presented by an Aanaly organization in several years. We all felt honored when Ladonna Schieber, Charles Shere, and Ioe Rust were selected to play in the Music Educators' National Conference Select Band in San Diego during the Easter week. The next concert was given April 25 for the parents and friends at the Open House pro- gram. The County Festival, held May 8, proved to be another high point in the year"s activities. Besides presenting their own numbers, the members enjoyed the programs given by the other schools. Eighteen of our members participated in the Bay Counties Select Band in Vallejo, May 12 and 19. The picnic on the river, an annual event, was a most enjoyable time for everyone. The band ended a most successful year by playing at the graduation exercises on Iune 8. 'l41l 421 ,ti , .m,..,k, rg . .. BACK ROW tleft to rightl Mr. Kesler, Bob Triebel, Wayne Collinsworth, Joe Rust, Ed Knight. QECOHDMROW: Dot Canelis, Ladonna Schieber, Sunny Hendryx, Donna Johnson, Bob Hardin, Merton rre '1 J' h B H 1 . y , an yn o nson, en aey Not Pictured: Bob Perry. DANCE BAND The newest musical organization at Analy is the popular school dance band. This group was organized at the beginning of the second semester by Mr. Kesler. Practices were set for Monday nights. Members for the dance band were suggested by our instrumental teacher, Mr. Knight. Those chosen were Ioe Rust, a junior, as solo trumpet, Steve Ito, a senior, second trumpetg and Bob Triebel, a junior, for third trumpet. Later in the year Steve found he had insufficient time so his position was filled by Wayne Collinsworth, a senior. Ed Knight, a freshman, is first trom- bone, Bob Hardin, a senior, and Donna Iohnson, a junior, were selected for first alto saxaphoney La Donna Schieber, a sophomore, plays second tenor saxaphoneg Marilyn johnson and Merton Tyrrell, both juniors, play third alto saxaphoney Dorothy Canelis, a senior, plays fourth tenor saxaphonep and Sunny Hendryx, a junior, plays fifth baritone saxaphone. Ben Haley, a junior, plays the piano. After several trial drummers, Bob Perry was selected to handle the drums. Several new hit parade numbers were practiced, including "Tennessee Love," "Thinking of You," "No Qther Love," "All My Love," "Harbor Lights," and "Neverthe- "Bug1e Call Rag," Waltz," "Be My less." Several old popular stand-bys were brought out, such as "lam Blues," "In the Mood," "Dream," "Stormy Weather," and Glenn Miller"s theme song, "Moonlight Sere- nade." The first and only public appearance this year of the dance band was to furnish incidental music between the acts of the senior play. Plans were begun for a large vaudeville show to be given May 255 however, an extremely full schedule was the reason this program was dropped from the list of ending school activities. lt is hoped that a dance band will soon be put in the regular curriculum of our school. The fact that we are losing only three of the present dance band members through graduation indicates promise for a continuance of a good dance band next year. BACK ROW tlefc to right! Arlene Sommers, Ann Hull, Bernadean Sloan, Mary Ballard, Lucky Parks, Ben Haley, Frank Morahito, Mr. Kesler, Rod MacKenzie, Dale Noland, Dick Gambogi, Bill Weeks, Boss Summers, Ronnie Glander, Christine Alves, Carol Kelly, Louise Wood, Nita Clary, Llllle Klrtley. SECOND ROW: Sally Bell, Doris Franklin, Verda Doty, Nancy Robertson, Sunny Hendryx, Bette Mur- ray, Larry Coppock, Jim King, Jim Lewis, Bob Caniff, Ed Felclano, Sharon Kellogg, Nancy Pera, Arlene Harris, Lois Mann, Ann Lorenzo. THIRD ROW: Mary Senn, Carley Walker, Carol Smith, Joan Lee, Lawrence Welch, Maurice Silva, Jim Flint, Wayne Coy. Elton Hayes, Elvira Mori, Pauline Kunimoto, Norma Tulipani. FOURTH ROW: Jacqueline Travis, Kay Jensen, Clarlce Miller, Jean Pires, Doris Rowe, Wanda William- son, Gwen Higinbotham, Shirlee Hayes, Connie Biega, Darlene Husby. A CAPELLA The a cappella under their new director, Mr. David Kesler, got off to a good start on No- vember l8th when they traveled to Berkeley to participate in the Eighth Annual High School Singing Festival at the University of California. They sang three numbers: "It's Me, Oh Lord," "Dedication," and "Madame Ieanettef' After a picnic lunch, the braver members of the choir sat in the rain to see the football game between California and the University of San Francisco. On December 14 the a cappella made two appearances, one in the afternoon for a school assembly, and the other in the evening for the public. The songs sung at both performances were "Go Tell It On The Mountain," "Dry Bones," "Silent Night," and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." The choir also participated in the play, "Why The Chimes Rang," put on by the dramatics department. They represented the church choir in the second act of the play. For their Easter assembly the a cappella sang a group of numbers for the students. The spring concert was held on April 20, with the choir singing "Set Down Servant," "Dry Bones," "The Rosary," "Dedication," and "Madame Ieanettef' For the finale, the girls' glee and vocal ensemble joined with the a cappella to sing "Battle Hymn of the Republic." For their part in Public Schools Week, the choir sang "Madame Ieanettef' "Set Down Serv- ant," and "Battle Hymn of the Republic." The Sonoma County Spring Music Festival, in which eight high schools of Sonoma County and Santa Rosa lunior College participated, was held in Sebastopol on May first. The a cappella sang "Madame Ieanette," "Set Down Servant," and "Battle Hymn of the Republic." l43 441 BACK ROW tleft to rightl Don Sondergaard, Dave Budwonh, Glenn Cooper, Dave Simpson, Gerald groan, Warren Johnson, Joe Christensen, Irwin Hall, Bob Finch, Sherwin Farrington, Jim Perry, Bob e en SECOND ROW: Bob Bettendorf, Bob Perry, John Elmore, Vincent Perry, Warren Powers, Henry Hoffman, Melvin Lee, Harvey Frese, Jim Briggs, Ernie Jarvis, Bill Rhodes, James Cruse, Jerry Avila, Clyde Larson, Dee McKenna. Duane Coppock. Elbert Keith. THIRD ROW: Mr Heinrichs, Don Blank, Richard Ducley, Don Wester, Joe Pedrini, Elbert Bressie, Coy Deal, Don Ament, Mr. Qiment, Allen Clay, Jack Dei, Frank Licklider, Roy Tingley, Lawrence Welch, Ken Taber, John Bressie, r. Davis. FOURTH ROW: Richard Anderson, Carl Cox, Dick Shone, Larry Clark, Harold Hassold, John Emigh, Wayne Collinsworth, Don Hetts, Jack Batten, Dick Goodman, Bob Wiltermood, Bob Fletcher, Bob Irwin. F. F. A. The Sebastopol F. F. A. boys have done a creditable job this year. Most of the boys showed at Sonoma County, State, and Petaluma fairs, bringing home both individual and chapter honors. At the Cow Palace Iunior Show, which was held in April, the chapter brought home a total of 55,900 in prizes and sales from swine, sheep, and dairy. The chapter was also presented with the cup for the best pen of ten lambs exhibited at the show. Officers for the fall semester were: president, Larry Clark, vice-president, Sam Littleg sec- retary, Warren Iohnsonp treasurer, Dick Shonep reporter, Wayne Collinsworthg a n d sentinel, Gerald Green. At the annual Agriculture Ouiz Contest held in February, the chapter was represented by two winners, Carl Cox and Harold Hassold. Don Ament represented the chapter in the sectional speaking contest held at Santa Rosa for the Future Farmers of Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties. Don received second place award on his speech, "Soil Conservation." The judging teams took part in contests held in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Lodi, Davis, Napa, San Luis Obispo, and the Cow Palace in San Francisco. The Father and Son Banquet held on May 17, proved to be a success. Hearty congratulations were given to those who received cups and other awards. Delegates to the state convention were Larry Clark and Gerald Green. At the convention, Bill Taber received high honors being named Star State Dairy Farmer, Regional Star Farmer, and was given his State Farmer Degree, Also the Sebastopol chapter was presented with its sixth year Master Chapter Award. Others applying this year for the State Farmers Degree are Sam Little and Harold Hassold. Officers elected for the spring semester were: president, Sam Little: vice-president, Wayne Collinsworthp secretary, lohn Emigh, treasurer, Harold Hassoldy reporter, Larry Clarkg and sen! tinel, Dick Shone. Much praise and thanks go to our advisor, Mr. Ament and the shop instructor, Mr. Henry Davis. Through their hard work, the Sebastopol Future Farmer Chapter completed a very re- warding year. AZALEA STAFF Members of the AZALEA staff worked diligently at their assignments during the year. After the staff was chosen in the fall, it made important decisions concerning a theme, the lay- out of the book, and ways of financing it. This book was made possible through the combined efforts of many energetic students and advice from Miss Jensen, Mr. Hohl, Mr. Sewell and Mr. Maggiora. Producing the AZALEA requires much time and effort and is a very enjoyable and profit! able experience for those Who participate in this activity. BACK ROW rlcft to right! Mr. Holil, Henry Bohn, Harvey Frese, Roger Stange, Ed Barrett, Don Anient, Ed Knight, Ellen Soarby, Frances Johnston, Nadine Wetcli, Nancy Robertson, Rod MacKenzie, Harry Batlin, Larry Clark, Ronnie Perry, Mr. Sewell. SECOND ROW: Gerry Williams. Genevieve Ganibetta, Donna Johnson, Helene von Metnitz, Lruilette Evans, Arlene Harris, Carol Kelly, Roger Pelissier, Roxio Frazier, Sue Abbott, Nancy Coombes, Barbara Andersen, Christine Swanson, Lois Pinkstun, Mr. Maggiora, THIRD ROW: Karin Beskow. Marilyn Taber, Valerie Saput, Bette Brians, Doris Rowe, Charlene Mazoue, Joann Iliinger, Gaea Freiinund, Mary Whelan. Audrey Paulson, Dorothy Canelis. Miss Jensen. 4. T' i 'T -Q-'ff BACK ROW tleft to rigliti Jim Higgins, Ronnie Crawford, Don Gomez, Miss Jensen tstandingb Madolyn Hunt, Jackie Sclieuor, Donna Johnson. FRONT ROW: Claudia Pasquinclli. Marianne DcGrood, Janiice Robinson. Mary Re. Not pictured: Dick Ament, Charlene ANALYAN STAFF The ANIXLYAN has been published each Week of the school year by the journalism class with the help of their advisor, Miss lensen. The staff has had special football, basketball and student council issues as well as one for Qpen House. With approval by the student council, the journalism class has sent copies of the ANALYAN each week to Analy students and graduates who are in the service of our country. Papers have also been exchanged with schools in the N. B. L. Mnzone, Barbara Moline. l45l 461 BACK ROW tleft to right! Bob Perry, Mr. Kesler, Ross Sommers, Dave McLean, Dick Gambogi, Harold Tillinghast, Sylvia Henningsen. Helene von Metnitz. Muriel Baughman. SECOND ROW: Jrgce Martinelli, Jamice Robinson, Valerie Saput, Dorothy Canelis, Mary Re, Gaea Preimund, Jackie Scheuer, Barbara ennett, Virginia New, Sharon Kellogg, Mrs. Miller. THIRD ROW: Mary Whelan, Clarice Miller, Nancy Coom es, Lavon Speer, Pat Drummond, Gladys Ginesi, Gerry Williams, Joanne Butulla, Jackie Garloff, JoAnn Ihinger. FRONT ROW: Pole Kimball, LaRue Carrey, Joan Lee, Nancy Pera, Shirlee Hayes, Pat Choate, Norma Tulipani, Gloria Moyle, Mary Senn. Not Pictured: Carole Arnett, Toni Montedeoca,. DRAMATICS The dramatics classes started the year of 1950-1951 under the direction of Mr. Al Coenen, but the U. S. Air Force decided they needed him more than we did. Our sorrow over his de- parture was short-lived for he was ably replaced by Mrs. Mary Miller, under whose direction the dramatics group finished the year. The first presentation, given on December 1, 1950, was a rather unusual play, "The Skin of Our Teeth," by Thornton Wilder. ln the cast were Frank Strong, Elmer Cox, Shirley Hayes, Dick Hawk, Gerry Williams, Charlene Mazoue, Mary Whelan, Lillie Kirtley, Iackie Bradley, Harold Tillinghast, lack Brownell, Richard Gambogi, Bob Perry, Foie Kimball, Gloria Moyle, Mary Senn, Toni Montedeoca, lackie Scheuer, Barbara St. Martin, Nancy Pera, Nancy Coombes, Barbara Bennett, Ioan Lee, Sharon Kellogg, Clarice Miller, and Nora Scott. For Christmas, the music and dramatics departments presented a ioint program on Decem- ber fourteenth. The dramatics contribution was a two-act play, "Why the Chimes Bang." Ernest Buch, Foie Kimball, Iackie Scheuer, Rod MacKenzie, Bob Perry, Richard Gambogi, Iackie Gar- loff, Wanda Williamson, Sylvia Henningsen and Dorothy Canelis were the participants. After the start of the new year, work on the senior play began, but before very much progress was made Mr. Coenen left, and Mrs. Miller took over. The play, "Strictly Formal" by William Davidson, was a teenage mixup centering around a prom and two girls, lane and Sally, who are trying to get dates for it. Their slowly succeeding efforts are halted by a city girl, Marcia, who steals all the boys. The plot is further complicated by the entrance of a daffy country cousin, Cindy. The sub-plot centers around the rival neighbors who raise tulips and are competing to win the grand prize at a local flower show. Presented on April 5th and 6th, the senior play was a great success and was enjoyed by everyone. In the cast of "Strictly Formal" were Valerie Saput, as lane, Virginia New as Sally, Iackie Scheuer as Agnes, Rod MacKenzie as Andrew Cutler, Marilyn Taber as Nettie Cutler, Clarice Miller as Bose Tilton, Glorya Lund as Mrs. Tilton, Mary Whelan as Iosie Tilton, Bob Perry as Mr. Ahern, Ronnie Perry as lim, Harold Tillinghast as Elroy, Dave McLean as George, Dorothy Canelis as Marcia, Sylvia Henningsen as Cindy Collins, Gladys Ginesi as Marilyn, and Dick Gombogi as Lt. Bob Cunningham. In addition to the regular performances, a preview of it was given for the student body and a shortened version was presented for the visitors at Open l-louse in connection with the study of how plays are given. After the flurry and excitement of the plays died down, the two dramatics classes began the study of the history and management of dramatics. Work was also done on skits, one act plays, and other entertainment suitable for assemblies. Student Body Assembly "South Pacific" Christmas Program "Why the Chimes Rang" Fall Play The Skin of Our Teeth Senior Play "Strictly Formal" VQCAI. ENSEMBLE BACK ROW fleft to right! Bob McDonell, Ben Haley, Mr. Kesler, Rod MacKenzie, Bill Weeks, Frank Morabito, Eddie Felciano. SECOND ROW: Darlene Husby, Clarice Miller, Nancy Robertson, Doris Rowe, Gwen Higinbotham, Shirley Hawk. Q . n . A 9,1 BACK ROW Cleft to right! Carol Smith, Linda Etchison, Yvonne Hadges, Cynthia Tyrrell, Ella Seavers, Pat Dolan, Louise Wetch, Joan Hardisty, Agnes Shideler, Jackie Harbeck, Katie Brown, Barbara Call, Doris Thomas, Zella Bradley. Jackie Pauley, Sandra Husby. SECOND ROW: Helen Leschke, June Carman, Barbara Shideler, Mary Lou Hahn, Zita Kramer, Georgia Banks, Carol Hodges, Sylvia Busby, Mary Lou Roberts, Volkine van der Star, Claudia Gonsalves, Shirley Hawk, Judy Valentine, Lorraine Silva. THIRD ROW: Carol Jordan, Shirley Smith, Mary Roberts, Nancy McDonald, Joan Moneymaker, Lou Roberts, Margaret Kirtley, Ruth Whitt, Ruth Baumgartner, Calista Stedman, Chiyona Yamamoto, Virginia Pate, Gwen Higlnbotham, Mr. Kesler. GIRLS, GLEE BOYS' SPCDIQTS BACK ROW tleft to right! Norman Glimberg, Dick Winkler, Ted Kinyon, Henry Bohn, Dale Howard, Tom King, Gerald Green, Steve Ito. Bob Perry, Floyd McDaniel, Don Starr, Dick Ament Russell Dilley, Herman Green, Troy Long, Sid Siemer, Warren Johnson, Lawrence Clark, Charles Nuessle. SECOND ROW: Bill Weeks, Mr. Walter Foster, Dick Mariola. Harvey Frese, Bill Sunke, Warren Powers, Don Hetts, Don McAuIey, Dee McKenna, Joe Koppi, Ralph Ridenhonr, John Jeffers, Roger Hicks, Jim Jackson, Berhl McLendon, Dick Shone, Ed Barrett. Mr. Leo Whalon. THIRD ROW: Wayne Collinsworth, Jim Pete, Elmer Cox, Floyd Roberts, Warren Carrothers, Ronne Perry, Dick Hawk, Harry Batllm, .Rack gotrfian, Edwin Johnston, Clifford Jones, Rudy Tulipani, Al Lefor, Tom Engleman, Jim Tillinghast, Marvin Mays, Bob McDonell. oy ttolnl. FOURTH ROW: Marvin Carlile. Derry Mullaly, Glenn Gasklns, Yoshi Onoyama, Ken Williams, Ron Elder, Don Thomp'on, Duane Coppock, Dave Brlans, Bill Gori, Aage Hoffman, Harry Johnson, Harold Alberigi, ack Agus. l L 4 A A - - , 4 oafglu' Walt Foster Leo Whalon Coaches Walt Foster and Leo Whalon's l950 version of the Analy Tigers put out with both high andlow performances during a fairly sucsessful season on the gridiron. Nevertheless, with only an average record behind them, our boys came up with an astounding victory over our arch rivals, the Santa Rosa Panthers. , Dedication of Analy's new stadium started off the season with a game in which the Tigers met the Petaluma Trojans. During the contest, the Tigers had numerous opportunities to grasp victory but fumbled their way into a 13 to l3 tie. Al Lefor, Elmer Cox, and lim Pete showed up very Well for Analy. , , Our boys were nipped in their second appearance by a strong Mt. Diablo High team at ,X Concord by a 31 to 12 score. Floyd Roberts, Dick Hawk, and Ron Perry played a stylish brand -of ball for the Tigers. In the third, and final, practice game the Tigers showed their white, shiny fangs to a visit- ing Sonoma Dragon squad to the tune of 32 to l2. Among the many backfield stars who burned up and down the Analy stadium turf, lack Totman, Bob Hardin, and Dick Ament provided the main scoring punch. The Napa Indians Were the Tiger's next visitors. Our Analy gridders played a fine lnclian CContinuecl on Page 665 T501 H r V L5 I I aa " .U 4 if ' 1 Q- gr , . Q 9 y I' Q ' 1 . Q, , Ia gag, a k , . Y , aff . . f MHIY 3' C Petaluma at fs 2, Q' ' YY SQ? Via Mm afa a Y' 'P'-we .,-.U !v,4- 'Xi 5. . '.p ' V 5 'v ? Y 1 -- . 5 Q 1- 6 , f wus O 3 , 'K 'L .f , S mA,L ' Q. J S 1 HQ ,X . ly Aga X , Q . g ' ,. f : S8 .X x 4 4 v 3 ' X 1 A Q X 9 S :GCA iff' V. .wt h San Rafael a Napa at .. u 1: I . ' V ' Q X X ' ' 9 is I I- 0 Q Q x S f in 0 o . w' 4 -P 4 ' a 9 I . K I ' kv. xi 1' . ha 0 S if ' Q 4 v . K ,fp I 6 . ' -f m N ,Y , A r K 1 Qi -K wma, , Mi' ' f' '.: .9 x ' 1 I Q1 ' X N1 J E' -. nm. . : ,I 4 . I ,',v35 .,,-g.-, L . .X - L 1.0. ,A , . 1 W WN XE-.X 3 - Q? ,f Q J if x ' - o , A . ' 'fJ"4 S Hffx , .-. V V, :X - uf" . 'I 'Yu' ' -': "fi f'T , ' .. 'fl' Uv ' r ' ".Lhf' ' x Snr'- . fm la .xx at Anal A My dt dnt. H n S 'x 'o .wr ' -rv .vig -as x 0' lb - . .,. " W X P f in J .1 , J 4 , L x O ' xx ' A Q - I 1 x , I Q. .Q J I K r -.1 4 vig ! 1 . nr ' n xi ,eg ...,, Q 5 25" 1' 'Q lf!! . . 4 , .-li" Ag. ' x . 47- 1 A,"'?xf ':f.2.aaNx5 0 x 7 91' 1 s 1- M U I? K-, , W 3 ' Is I V , H 5: 5 .. . , 4, ' Rf " jf , .,,., . '.f ',' Q -ff Sonoma at Anal Analy dt Pctalum 45? is ff, 15. , qi, I . Q A K 15" 'Q of A J I l 1? 'Lge twig 4' Roy Oiiolini Ronnie Perry Jim POXO R' 6 Floyd Roberis Sid Sic-mer N . Don Siarr Rudy Tulipdni 541 it . 1 4 2 ' fl BACK ROW tleft to right! Richard Rutledge, Warren Powers, Roy Heathershaw, Dick Ament, Don Gomez, Gary Tier, Bob Pinch, Dale Noland, Mr. Dolan Evans. SECOND ROW: Harvey Prose, John Ratcliffe, Dick Gambogi, Ronnie Perry, Wayne Uollinsworth, Funk Mornbite, Rod MacKenzie. "A" CLASS BASKETBALL The Analy Varsity, under the leadership of Coach Dolan Evans, had a fair season this year, winning eight practice games and losing six. They defeated Sonoma once, Ukiah twice, Healds- burg twice, Armijo once, Lakeport once, and Petaluma twice. They lost to St. Ignatius once, Geyserville once, Galileo once, and Marin Catholic once. The Tigers opened the league on the local court against Vallejo. The Apaches' superior height paid off, and they went home victorious, 52-37. The Tigers were paced by All-League for- ward Dick Ament, who made thirteen points. Dick Gambogi, who played center, made ten points and played well under the hoops. In their second bid for victory, the Tigers traveled to Tamalpais. Again superior height paid off, and the Tigers were downed 53 to 44. Analy led throughout the first half but could not match Tam's speed in the last two quarters. Accurate shooting by Dick Arnent, Ron Perry, and Wayne Collinsworth carried Analy through the game. In their third league game, Analy captured its first league victory by defeating Petaluma. The Tigers led most of the way, but in the fourth quarter Petaluma tied the score. Dick Gam' bogi pulled Analy through by sinking a field goal. Don Gomez added a free throw as the buzzer rang, and Analy emerged victorious, 28-25. Dick Ament and Don Gomez paced the Tigers with twelve and nine points respectively. The Tigers treked to Napa for their fourth North Bay League contest. Napa outscored the Tigers but didn't outplay them, as they went on to win 47-36. Dick Ament again led the Tiger scoring parade with eleven points. Hon Perry sank ten points, and Don Gomez followed with nine. The annual big game with Santa Rosa was the next highlight of the season. The Tigers went into the game still smarting from the loss to Napa. The Blue and Whites fought hard, and tContinued on Page 66l fr if '39, .. 5 Q X A e 4 I X s 1 1 J .- 1 A D ' f f vi" f .: U 1 x. av it 5 ! ed ,400 , -ff' fy 4 Q W X Vx K -5 W -X ,N , 'yi' x " Q I In 'ii -1 xg 1 ' "1. , in X Q 0 CJ, Y W t f' gk. 4 1 J tl . jkq b 9 0 v ' E X NNN, 'BBQ fx .4 'A ix X W - 4 Q, N x E i 1: Eqqq ,S vi in F --iv 'Il' l ' ml Tx ' -gi, x 1' . L 5 3 6 is 'K te ink M""'i 4 1' ' f A I. 4 ef G' o J XA ' sf . C 8 V S .Z J K x .Aj in K V' yt XI,,3v :,sf ,,.iLL K .Z xii V 1 'i J 91' L., Q. 4 L "' BACK ROW Cleft to right! Jim Yokoyama, Jim Higgins, Jim Lewis, Richard Goodman, Bob Walker, LeRo Rbt BbMD l1EiJ 71 o er son, o c one , rn e arvls, Mr. Foster. FRDEIT ROW: Bob Wiltermood, Ed Felciano, Steve Ito, Ben Kimura, B111 Gori, Vic Dotti, Tom King, Bob oru. "B" CLASS BASKETBALL During the 1950-51 season, the Analy Tigers, under the direction of Coach Walter Foster, had a fairly successful season. With only a few veterans returning to the ranks, Coach Foster had a big job getting the squad in shape. Throughout the practice games, of which the Tiger Cubs won their share, Coach Foster relied on the few available experienced players he had. But as trouble began to mount, he switched to a new combination of inexperienced but hustling Cubs. For the most part, the first games were played by: forwards Ed Felciano and lim Higgins, guards, Steve Ito, Bob Wiltermood and Dick Goodman: and centers, Bob Walker and Iirn Lewis. In the latter part ot the season, forwards Terry Lutz and Bob Walker, center Ernie Iarvis, and guards Bob Horn, Bob Wiltermood, Bob McDonell and Carl Cox spearheaded the Tiger attack. These boys, though they failed to finish at the top, played hard and aggressive basketball, and gave a satisfactory account of themselves in every game. INDIVIDUAL SCORING League Total 15 21 Cox Felciano 17 110 Goodman l 23 Gori . 4 Higgins 26 123 1-lorn 14 25 Iarvis 6 10 Kimura 6 14 Lewis 8 25 Lutz 18 22 McDonell 2 5 Robertson 12 17 Walker 20 72 Wiltermood , . 18 54 League Basketball Scores Analy 2lePetaluma 19 Analy 33-Vallejo 47 Analy 21-Santa Rosa 44 Analy 25eeTama1pais 38 Analy 27eSan Rafael 28 n Q, f ,. g s 0 Z f bi' sfffqf Q Y .... ,Mg 5, Ia v 1 F f' I X. l Q - 'U " vi! 5 513' Wfsw 1 Y 0 JQV . ? Q-- my up sk 1 5 M: F' 5 . Q Q Si N W X 1 QQ . N 15 x X x S . -if 1 X Q u ix i ax 5 . , w , si. 8' . F? ni ' 2. L i 4 Q s Z' 5 ix s ,A 4 X 1..L "XS-1 . it i'lA y fx , ,gl b Q3 U ip . If , 5 f Lada iii in . 3 r' . i ,Hx .un . in ' ' 1 . A 'N ' 1 If Y ' ' . lv , M f J, -V 1. 1 's 4' 5 . 5,1 Q X, .. . 1 39 5+ . 581 BACK ROW tleft to right! Forrest Young, Terry Schulz, Ted Goldbeck, Don Blank, Stan Daveiro. SECOND ROW: Jim Yokoyama, Lucky Parks, Jim Abeel, Leslie Siemer. THIRD ROW: Coy Deal, Glenn Newton, Junior Kimura, Frank Licklider, Don Ameut. "C" CLASS BASKETBALL The Analy "C" basketball team opened league play on October l2, l95O against San Rafael. Coach Dolan Evans' team played good ball throughout the game, but San Rafael won out in the final seconds, 17-16. Coy Deal was high point man with six points. In their second league game, against Santa Rosa, the Tigers lost 33-25. Coy Deal was again high point man with eleven points. Tamalpais was the next team on Analy's schedule. The lndians forged ahead at the opening buzzer and maintained their lead to the final whistle. lim Yokoyama, Coy Deal, and lim Abeel sparked the Tigers. In the last game of the season, Analy engaged Petaluma in the battle for the "cellar." Stanley Daveiro and Iim Yokoyama paved the way for the Tigers, and they emerged vic- torious, 28-17. The first string consisted of lim Yokoyama and Ted Goldbeck, forwards, Stanley Da- veiro, centery and Coy Deal and lim Abeel, guards. With the exception of two veteran players, the team was without experience but dis- played much ability on the hardwood. WCW! 5 f lj I wr' S x Y Y Q X L' f 5 I- A . ix 3 M SASKKXXBL it ip .o ,L R ,f 9 2 4 L 5 M' 6 . K X 2? W' 7 0' 2 if K , ' 1 'Q H' f X T 1 wx H fe 'v 601 BACK ROW tleft to right! Keiji Sugiyama, Mgr., Warren Powers, Ted Goldbeck, Dale Howard, Frank Morabito Den is Dem s v M . Wh 1 . , n p e, , r a on SECOND ROW: Warren Carruthers. Bob Horn, Marvin Mays, Troy Long, Rod MacKenzie, Bill Maidocks, Ron Perry, Bud Reno, Terry Schulz, Jake Webb. THIRD ROW: Jim Pete, Dave McLean, Dino Facendini, Wayne Colllnsworth, Bill Gorl, Don Gomez, Roy Henthershaw, Tom King, Dick Ament. BASEBALL To date, with ten of twelve league games completed, Analy's 1951 baseball season has proved to be an exciting, close succession of games, but altogether, it has been a rather dis- appointing year. Of the first eight league games played, one run decided the issue in five of them, and two runs turned the trick in one other game. The 'Tigers dropped four of these five one-run contests, including a 10 inning game with Tam, and a 1-0 battle with Vallejo. They lost to Tam 5-4 in 10 innings, beat Santa Rosa in a 6-5 thriller, lost to San Rafael 5-4, dropped a 1-0 game to Vallejo, and bowed to Napa 3-2. ln their other five games the Tigers boat Vallejo for the first time in years, 3-l, bowed to Tamalpais and Santa Rosa, 10-4 and 10-3, and walloped Petaluma ll-6 and 11-0. With two games left to play, Analy can improve its league standings to a .500 mark, and hopes are high that such will be the case. The Tiger line-up for 1951 found five regulars returning to the line-up in the persons of Bill Maddocks, right-fielder, Wayne Collinsworth, first base, Roy 1-leathershaw, second base, Dick Ament, short-stop, and Ron Perry, pitcher. Up from the rarnblers were Troy Long, third base and pitcher, Marvin Mays, third base, and Don Gomez, center field. lim Pete, left field, and fresh- man Bill Gori, catcher, were newcomers to Analy baseball. INDIVIDUAL BATTING AVERAGES For the first ten league games AB H Pct. Maddocks, rf 36 10 .278 Gori, c 35 5 .143 Collinsworth, lb 32 8 .250 Gomez, cf . 27 6 .222 Perry, p 29 8 .278 Ament, ss 34 15 .441 Pete, lf 29 6 .207 Heathershaw, 2b 28 7 .250 Long, 3b or p 20 3 .150 Mays 3b 16 1 .063 Q Cool as a cucumber X1 Here's how, fellas bu-Q 2- '54-MA.-' 'X P -'f Safe! fl-3 ,,, For me. Coach? Ye olde pros The scoop ,V ,-fxhsq' MN", A sfifg Q su, f-...L Sire - ich Strike three! xi! P TTS' V6 F621 BACK ROW tleft to rightl Bob Foster, Ben Kimura, Bill King, Derry Mullaly, Ron Elder, Carl Cox. gloyd McDaniel, Jack Totman, Yoshi Onoyama, Don Pitt. 'I'om Engleman, Steve Ito, Jim Higgins, Victor otti. SECOND ROW: Jack Shiffer, Bill Gori, Jack Monacelli, Ron Glancler, Duane Coppock. Harold Tate, Richard Moyle, Ed Pitt, Gerald Green, Bob McDonell, Ruay Tulipani, Jim Yokoyama, .Tack Batten. Dick Ament, Jim Lewis. THIRD ROW: Cal Stinnett, Carl Jackson, Aage Hoffman, Coy Deal, Don Blank, Don Hansen, Sherwin Farrington, George Keefe, Don Ament, Mr. Foster, Harold Tillinghast, Harry Johnson, Angelo Torre, Isidor Dotti, Prank Smith, Jim Jackson. FRONT ROW: Andy De Vilbiss, Al Nott, Ken Williams, John Root, Terry Lutz, Nick Malahovsky, Jerry Avila. Joe Pedrini, Terry Alberigi, Joe Storey, Berhl McLendon, Dale Brown, Jim Tillinghast, Allen Jolliff. TRACK The Analy track squad, under the coaching of Mr. Walter Foster, did well this year by winning the "C" Championship of the North Bay League and taking third in the "B" class. ln the first meet of the season at El Cerrito, Bob Foster broke the class "A" pole vault record by going 12' 6" to take first place. At Martinez, the pole vault relay team of Bob Foster, Ken Williams, Carl Cox and Allen lolliff, took first place with a combined effort of 42'. The next big meet was at Davis. Analy took second in "B" schools with Angelo Torre tak- ing first in the 440 yd. dash, and Bob Foster Winning the pole Vault. Dick Ament took a second in the 220. The 880 relay team also placed second. The Tigers showed power in the sub-league meet at Santa Rosa on April 27, by placing second in both the "A" and "B" sections, and winning the "C" class. At the big N. B. L. meet in Petaluma on May 8, the Tigers won the "C" division and placed third in the "B" class. Steve Ito won both the 50 and l20 yd. dashes for the "C" class, and sparked the 440 yd. relay team to victory. Coy Deal placed in the 50 and l20. Don Pitt won the 8-lb. shot-put, while Yoshi Onoyarna won the l20 low hurdles and lim Yokoyarna placed second in the high jump. The "C" relay team consisted of Coy Deal, Don Pitt, Yoshi Onoyama and Steve lto. Carl Cox won the "B" class pole vault. Ken Williams and Al Nott also placed in this event. lim Higgins placed second in the 330 yd. dash, and Victor Dotti placed fourth in the 660 yd. run. Gerald Green placed fourth in the 150 and fifth in the 75 yd. dashes. ln the "A" class, Bob Foster took first in the pole vault, Angelo Torre placed third in the 440 yd. run, and Dick Ament placed fifth in the l00 and 220 yd. dashes. Bob Foster, who has been rated as one of the best prep pole vaulters in California this year, 'was the only Analy athlete to enter the Fresno State Relays on May 12. Bob took first place in his favorite event, at ll' 6", and walked off with the Cornelius Warmerdam Memorial trophy. Q r Open stretch Quick start 1-2-3 kick Up and over Determinaiion Well, here goes! Oops! Look out below 5. ,. .Ki " -. - - Q1 . g P' 4 A , 4 1 I gab ill- X . U 90" 641 BACK ROW lleft to right! Mr. Bergen, Elbert Bressle, Lowell Dawson, Bob Nielsen, Ed Searby, Lynn McLean, Harold Hassold, Robert Wetch, Jim Pelmulder, Rod Matthews. FRONT ROW: Bill 0'Conne1l, Carl Dawson, Ronnie Crawford, Don Starr, Dick Gardiner. TENNIS The 1951 tennis team ended the season with 25 matches won and 25 lost. Although this is only a SUCK, average they have done well, as this is their second year in the first section of the North Bay League. The team was composed of seven members, three who played singles, and four participating in doubles. Under the guidance of Coach George Bergen, the netsters lost to Santa Rosa 3-2 twice, to Petaluma 3-2 twice and to Tamalpais 3-2 twice, but took San Rafael 3-2 two times and Napa 3-2, 4-l to end their league competition with a 502 average. They played five practice matches winning all of them, and even taking Santa Rosa lunior College, 4-3. On April 28 the Tigers attended the Napa Invitational Tournament in which Dick Gardiner received a cup tor taking second place in third singles. Earlier in the year the school sponsored a tennis tournament to stimulate interest in tennis. More than thirty students entered. Dick Gardiner won the singles trophy with Harold Hassold taking the runner-up medal. Don Starr and Bon Crawford took the doubles, while Bill O'Con- nell and Carl Dawson received runner-up medals. A second team was fielded this year and played three practice matches, two with Sonoma and one with Tornales. They lost to Sonoma twice, 4-l, and beat Tornales once, 3-l. Players on the varsity were: first singles, Don Starr, second singles, Ron Crawford, third singles, Dick Gardinery first doubles, Carl Dawson and Bob Wetch, and second doubles Bob Nielsen and Harold Hassold. Alternates were lohn Pelmulder and Lynn McLean. The second string included Elbert Bressie, Vernon Hoddap, Lowell Dawson, Edward Searby, Dick Kohler. Bod Matthews, Ronleigh Dale and Glenn Newton. BLCDCK A BACK ROW cleft to right? Ed Barrett, Carl Cox, Marvin Mays, Dale Howard, Don Gomez, Roy Heather- sliaw, Warren Cnrrothcrs, Ed Johnston, Victor Dotti, Steve Ito, Jim Higgins, Dick Gardiner, Bob Hardin, Richard Goodman, Jack Batten, Bill Gori, Keiji Sugiyama. SECOND ROW: Bob Horn, Frank Smith, Bob Wiltermood, Ron Crawford, Rod MacKenzie, Bob Foster, Dick Aincnt, Dick Shane, Derry Mullaly, Harry Batlin, Roy Ottolini, Warren Johnson, Angelo Torre, Isidor Dotti, Troy Long, Floyd McDaniel. Ed Felciano, Jim Yokoyama, Jim Lewis. THIRD ROW: Bill Maddocks, Jake Webb, Tom King, Don Starr, Jim Tillinghast, Harold Tillinghast, Dale Brown, Gerald Green, Bob McDonell, Bob Perry, Rudy Tnlipani, Henry Bohn, Floyd Roberts. Irwin Hall, Al Lefor, Herman Green, Tom Engleman, Harry Johnson, Ken Williams, Ed Pitt, Ron Elder. Allen Jolliff, Don Pitt, Yoshi Onoyama. FRONT ROW: Wayne Collinsworth, Carl Jackson. Berhl McLendon, Don Hetts, LeRoy Robertson, Jim Pete, Dick Gnmbogi. Bud Reno, Jack Totman, Bob Walker, Ron Perry, Lee Dickinson. so ,. .W Left to right: Bob Walker, Andrey Paulson, Virginia New lalternatel, Roxie Frazier, l,65 , I 661 FCDGTBALL CContinued from Page 501 team on an even scale, but lost through failure too convert, 14 to 12. In this game, Steve Ito, Henry Bohn, and Don Starr led a rugged Tiger defensive team to an impressive showing. After taking an early lead, the Tigers faltered in their second appearance against the Peta- luma Trojans to lose 27 to 7. Troy Long, Dick Hawk, and Warren johnson gave out with one of their better performances. An undermanned Analy team took the field against Vallejo's Apaches, only to be 'com- pletely outclassed 48 to 0. Vallejo, later to claim league championship honors, put a number of our fellows on the sidelines. Again at home, the Blue and Whites proved to be poor hosts to a weak San Rafael High team. The Tigers were never threatened as they won easily, 27 to 6. Tom Engleman, Rudy Tulipani, Roy Ottolini, and Herman Green led an aggressive Tiger line, while Gerry Green led a flying Tiger backfield. Analy reached its all-time high in the rough and tough Santa Rosa-Analy rivalry when it astoundingly outclassed the Panthers on the latter's own home field. The 19 to 6 score might not sound like a hugh triumph, but it could just as well have been 190 to 6 from the action that took place that night. A very happy aggregation of players and fans returned to the Tiger's stomping grounds, and because of this triumph, the Tam game, which had been cancelled be- cause of rain, was never missed. "A" CLASS BASKETBALL fContinued from Page 541 never more than four points separated the teams during the entire game. The regular game ended in a deadlock, 39-39. ln the overtime period, Santa Rosa sank three quick points while Analy was unable to hit the hoop, and the score ended 42-39. Don Gomez had fourteen points and Wayne Collinsworth, nine. In an effort to salvage the last game, the Tigers traveled to San Rafael. The team, behind the shooting of Dick Gambogi, scored an easy 36-29 victory in a foul-filled game. Dick Gambogl counted twelve markers to take scoring honors. Altogether Analy won two league games and lost four. The first string consisted of Dick Ament and Don Gomez, forwards, Dick Gambogi, center: Ron Perry and Wayne Collinsworth, guards. Roy Heathershaw was a capable substitute on the team and played well at any position. INDIVIDUAL SCORING ' 283 Dlck Ament, ..... ..,............................ s eason league games 57 Don Gomez . ..., . .... . season 153 league games 47 Dick Gambogi .............,. ......... s eason 145 league games 43 Ron Perry ....................... .... ......... s e ason 131 league games 40 Wayne Collinsworth .... .... . ......... s eason 103 league games 28 Roy Heathershaw ....... ..,...,.. s eason 46 league games 3 GIRLS' SPCDIQTS 681 BACK ROW tleft to rightj Sunny Hendryx, Louise Wood, Mary Ballard, Volkine van der Star, Etsuko Akutagawa, Kay Valentine, Arlene Harris, Roxie Frazier, Carol Kelly, Pat Choate, Jane Davis, Marian Reynolds, Roseann Jarvis, Mary Fogh. Doris Rowe. SECOND ROW: Sally Bell, Barbara Brewer, Marilyn Johnson, Karin Beskow, Helene von Metnitz. Marie Sugiyama, Eileen Meyer, Toni Montedeoca, Carole Arnett, Joan Lee, Joan Holloway, Dorothy Morlta, Beverly Warner, Lois Pinkston. THIRD ROW: Miss Thompson, Regena Greene. Jamice Robinson, Joyce Martlnelli, Lois Kistner, Mary Whelan, Audrey Paulson, Myrtle Myers, Shlrlee Hayes, Connie Blega, Sylvia Henningsen, Joanne Leland, Margaret Peterson, Carley Walker, Ruth Marita, Miss Tarchinl. FOURTH ROW: Faith Carlson, Margery Jepson, JoAnn Ihinger, Gaea Freimund, Bette Murray, Bonnie Norris, Norma Jackson, Donna Johnson, Valerie Saput, Glorya. Lund, Dorothy Canelis, Mary Re. G. A. A. Officers for 1950-bl elected by the G. A. A. members were: president, Dorothy Moritap vice- president, Valerie Saput: secretary, Donna johnson: treasurer, Etsuko Akutagawag eligibility chairman, jackie Garloffg and yell leader, Mary Re. The program tor G. A. A. this year started off with a big bang with hockey, but this ended in a drip. It was possible to have only two practices before the wet weather forced the sports minded girls indoors. The captains of the volleyball teams were: seniors, Doris Rowe: juniors, Beverly Warner, sophomores, Ioyce McCuanp freshmen, Verda Doty. In the play-offs, the seniors came in first with flying colors while the juniors and the sophomores tied for second place. In basketball, the captains of the teams were: seniors, Sally Belly juniors, Marie Sugiyamag sophomores, Nancy Robertsong and freshmen Angela De Mattei. Again the seniors came in first without much trouble in the final games. Initiation for new members was held in March when fifteen girls went through the routine of joining the organization. During the day at school, they had to wear football helmets, jerseys and shoulder pads, and short skirts. They certainly couldn't be mistaken in this garb and with the initials G. A. A. printed in lipstick on their foreheads. ln the evening, initiates as well as members enjoyed a tasty dinner. May 12th was play day. The seniors and juniors Went to Santa Rosa Iunior College, while the sophomores and the freshmen went to Petaluma High School. In the afternoon all met at Petaluma to go swimming. Analy's sophomores gave a skit during the entertainment period, and Mary Re led the group in yells. The season was ended with baseball. BACK ROW tleft to rightl Miss Tarchini, Nancy Robertson, Virginia Jarvis, Gwen Higinbotham, Deanne Dixon, Emily Mar- tinelli, Ruth Winkler. Marian Hodges, Della Ballard, Miss Thompson. SECOND ROW: Verda Doty, Doris McAlvain, Ruby Vaughn, Carolien van der Star, Frances Johnston, Sue Abbott, Chiyono Yamamoto, Judy Mukaida, Judy Valentine, Beverly Taft, Norma Jean Helgren. THIRD ROW: Frances Frigerio, Joyce McCua.n, Laulette Evans, Claudia Gonsalves, Bobbie Ingraham, Nancy Peterson, Angela DeMattei, Carol von Metnitz, Rose Morita. GIRLS' SPGRTS The first eight weeks of the school year were wonderful for those who really liked swim- ining. This year junior and senior life saving were not offered. During the rainy season the girls were folk dancing and practicing calisthenics. Among the new dances learned were "Iessie Polka" and "Canadian Barn Dance." In calisthenics, the students did everything from push-ups to jumping jacks. In the first few days it wasn't a bit unusual to see the girls limpingp no doubt they were stiff from using "new" muscles. Soccer and marching were attempted but rain forced the gym classes to give them up. Volleyball lasted for about a month and a half. The classes were divided into teams which pro- vided much competition within each period. New teams were chosen for basketball in March which the girls continued to play until the first of May. Softball, tennis, and archery finished out the season. This year the girls had a softball diamond on the football turf besides the one on the upper field, so it was possible to have two games played at the same time. The girl who won the athletic medal for outstanding sportsmanship and ability last year was a freshman, Nancy Robertson. Dorothy Morita, a junior, received honorable mention. These awards were given out the day before school closed last Iune, consequently could not be in- cluded in last year's Azalea. l69l 'H I F l i A on - "4 wqwvlrzsw . 14 Exit .Q , 'Y' al' X r in - ' A 5 N, ,, N i L1 W. pv- x I-IUMQIQ AND SIXIAIDS 2345 U Q l7l NAME NICKNAME I-ICRCSCCPE MAIN CHARAC TERISTIC AMBITION CAUSE 01' FAILURE Diane Alfau 7,7,,77,A,,, ,,,,,,, D iane ,7,, ,,,,,AA7.AA,.....,., S weetness .,..,,,,.,,,, .Cow-girl .A......7,w,,7wAAAA.,....,... F ell off her horse Richard Ament ,,,.-.E. E,A.... D ick ...,... .. 7,E.EEAAA Athletic ability . .... Carry Val over threshold .Val Richard Anderson ,,,,o,,,, Dick ,..,,,,.. ,,o,,,,,o L oafing oooooo,7o.oo, ...r, S leep ...,,o..oo,.....,.., ,,.., ..o.,,,o,o T o o many sleeping pills Carole Arnett ,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,, Arnutty .....,,, .a.a.,a,, H er smile tta...,..t..,,. Be a model ,a,o...........,77, Camera broke Mary Ann Ballard ........., Red. .,,.taa ..,,,,,.o R ed hair oooo,aooao7.oooo.r Nurse ..,.. . .....o ....... N ot enough doctors Harry Batlin. ............,aara Q ...Harry .,..,.. ..,..7,. .L oud voice .,..... .Gag writer ,o,.,. ..o.o.,. M r. Wakefield Iack Batten .,......,. .....,,a,aaa I ack ,aa,aa ,......,a O uietness aaa.aaaaaaa.aa Farmer aew,,a.a . aa.aa.aaaa. ...... . ..The army Sally Bell . ,,,. ar.,,,,,,,, .,,,aaa, B o ng a,v,a.,a ,,,. A thletic ability aaa,,, Gym teacher ,,a,aaaac a,..... B roken leg Barbara Bennett aa,,.aa,r,ai,a .Barb ...,..,c, .Lady-like manner Deep sea diver ,. .,a,. acaaa,,a . Octopus .Life guard , ..,,,a,,,, ...,..,. I ohnny Weismuller A. D. grade a.aa She did! ....."Green! " .Yel low Mercury .Lost stuffing Connie Biega ............,,..,,, Tallulah ,a,.aa ...aa.., S wimming ,,.ee,,,,,., ' Henry Bohn cac, ,ca, B o ne .,a, .. cc.,..aa. Sad look . ,...,........... To be happy .....,. gaiai. . . Bette Brians .a..,..,, .,a,.,.... Z iggie ..,.,,... ......... S hort hair .a,..,...,.,.,. .Marry Bill aaa.... Dale Brown.. ............,a.,aa Brownie ...... ,,....... P rolile ...c,..a.,.i,,,..,,.. Girl scout .ac.,a .. Dave Budworth .........,,...a Dave aaa.i,.. .,.,,..,. R eckless driving ..Be a cop r..r.,a .. Phil Burk ,,,,.. ............,...., P ill ,,,.aa...aa....,..,. Good shape ........... Model ............,..,,. .. Dorothy Canelis. a...a.,..,ac Dot ia.,.,...aa......,....,a... Her voice ,..,,,.....,.., Oboe teacher aa.,.,., ........e H it Wrong note Faith Carlson ,aal,a.,,.l.a....,, Hope G Charity Teeth ,c.a,a.,a,. .r.,..,a Pepsodent ad a,,..,... ........ .False teeth .Record got stuck .Hairy legs .......Slitzy Lawrence Clark ............,.. Larry ........................ Noisy ..... ....... D isc jockey ............. .. Larry Clark ....................... H op-a-long ..,............ His cast ....... ........ . Model stockings ..... .... ,... Wayne Collinsworth ..... Lover ........... ......... C urly hair .............. Frances ....., . ................... Carl Cox ........................,. -Carl ....... ......... S hyness ...... ....... M r. America ...................... Miss America Ronnie Crawford ........... .Ron ........... ....... .-Laugh ....... ............ . An "A" in journalism Miss Iensen .......No women .Women there .High school Fred Dannecker .............. Danny .......... .....,... L oud shirts ............. Get married ................ Carl Dawson ................... .Emily ........... ........ .H aircut .................... Swim at Sutro's .......... Marianne DeGrood ........ Marianne ................. Bashfulness ............ Go to Cal ............... .. Lee Dickinson ................. Blondie ........ ......... H is hair ................... Lawyer ............. . .... ........... . .. Isidor Dotti ...................... .Izzy ........... ........ .Ever on the run Win N. B. L. miles ,.......... .Women clients Horses not allowed Glenn Doty ...................... Doty ......... ......... H air-do .................... Wrestler ................. ........ G orgeous George Patricia Drummond ......., Pat ............... ......... W edding ring ....... Sell her car ........ .. .No buyer Tom Engleman. ............... Muscles .................. Shoulders. ......c....... .Football star. ....... ...... . The bench Iohn Emigh. ...................... Johnny ......... ......... E yes ........................ Jockey c.............. .. Horse too small Sherwin Farrington ....... Red .......... ......... G lasses ................... Be a farmer ..... .... ........ , F . F. A. Harriette Faris .................. Harry ..........c ........ E mbarrassed .......... Hermit .......... .. .No cave Mary Fogh ......... .......... F roggy ..................... Brains ............... .... D octor .................. ........ K nife slipped Robert Foster ..... ............ H igh-jump .............. Track ability ..... . Pole vaulter ........................ Short pole Gaea Freimund .....,.......,. Ducky ...................... .Figure .............. Pyramid opener... ....... Her Ajax can opener Genevieve Gambetta .... .Gen ............. ......... W alk .. ......... Street cleaner ......... .. .Flood Dick Gambogi ................. King .......................... Sings ........ ....... C rooner ............... . ..... . Laryngitis Iackie Garlotf. .................. Iotchy ....................... Dimples ....... ........ B aseball pitcher .... Sally Gladys Ginesi ................. Marshmallow .......... Flirt .......................... G et married ....................... .The draft Dick Goodman ................. Goody ..................... Drives fast ............. Highway patrolman .. Too many tickets Herman Green. ......... . .... Herman-Herman ...Mole . ..................... -Dog catcher ................. .Fleas Regena Green .................. Lefty ......................... Muscles ......,........... Lady furniture mover She slipped Bob Hardin ..,... . ...., .Robert .......... ......... S axophone ........... Band leader ..... . ...... ...... . .. Kek Dick Hardisty.. .............. .. Helen Harris .... Harold Hassold ..... ..... .Helen . Hal .... Shorty. ......... ...... . . Height ................... .Black hair ..... Levis .. ........ .. Pole vaulter ......... ........ P ole too short I. C. ........... ......... . Report card Bubble dancer ....... ........ . Guess! Muscle man. ....................... Charles Atlas Cadillac ................................. Wrecks Happy married life ........v. Chickens and fishing Richard Hawk ................ Dick. ...... ......... Build ............ Harland Hayes ......... .. Harly ....... ......... ' 39 Ford ........ Shirley Hayes ............. ,Squeak ....... ......... , Figure ...... ....... Nelda Heathershaw ....,... Nel ...C ........ ......... M o le ........... . Sylvia Henningsen.. T721 Syl ........ ........ .Dramatic . ............... . Model ....l....................... . .... Gained weight Fish. ............................ . "1 1 1 .....,"Fish and Chips" f . 4 it NAME NICKNAME f'l'f-'WF 'LF 'afrwxvr-wllwfzwwyrsvf qv: - t-, ,T A vwwwqggqvrwwwf 'WM ' - - lv A n? ' . I-IOROSCOPE MAIN UHARAC TEBISTIC AMBITION CAUSE 01' FAILURE :Don Hetts .............. ........ D onny ......,,.,,........... His high voice ...... Be successful ..,.,,, ...,..,,,, H ad to work loan Holloway ................. Ioanie ...,...... ....,.... E arrings ,..........,...,.., Cook. ,,...,..,,.,.,,.,. ........... S chool cafeteria ft Donald Humes ................ Don. ......... ....,.... .P osture ,...,..., c...,.. P at.-. .........,,.....,....... ........... H enry W Madolyn Hunt ,......... ....... S ki ....... ...,,.... H er nose ,.,,,-,,-..-.,.. .Get married. ,,,,..,.. .,.,.,..., N o man Barbara Hutchinson ....,. -Babs.. ...,.. c.,..,,.. N eatness .,.............,, Housewife .,,.,,,.,. .,,,.,..., I . D. Ioanne Ihinger ................ .Pup ......,... ......... S mallness u............... G row taller ....,... ......,,.. B ob Steve Ito ......................,... Stevie .......... .Speed ....., . .,.. ,....... T rack star ccc.c . c,cc c,.,,...,, M issed a hurdle Carl Iackson ........,............ Iackson ..,.... .,,...... T .egs ....,.......,... .......... A rtist . ,,.,i,.,,........ .......... M r. Hohl Roseann Iarvis. ,...,..,..,...,. Rosy ...,.,.. ......... L ittle feet. ,,..,.,,,....,.. Design shoes .....,. ..,.,..,.. B ig feet Kay lensen ...,.......,.......... K .........,,.... ......... B ashful .......... ....... M ath teacher .,...., .. .,,....,,. Geometry Margery lepson .......... ..... M arge ,........ ......,.. L ong hair .,.............. More school ..,. ..,.. ......,.., M a rriage Rudy Iiminez. ..... . .....,...,.. Iim ,.......,..,... ......... S huffle, ..,.,.,,,, ,.,,.,. , Crooner ,..,,,,,,,,., ...,-.. . .Mike fright Warren Iohnson .... . ........ Redhead . .,......,..c,,. .Freckles ov..,...c,cccc ,....Fire chief cc.,.c, ...,c,.cc, N o fires Clifford Iones ,,..... ........ C liff .......,.............,..,., C urly locks. ....i..... Bus driver ...,. .....,.... Women drivers Sharon Kellogg ............... Post Toasties. .,..,.... Smooth voice ....... Actress ,,......... ....,.,,... C ecil B. DeMille Lillie Kirtley ........., c....... L il ................v............ Kindness ................. Work .... .... .........o D e ath Lois Kistner .,.....l. ....,.. B londie ,...... ......... . Expressions ............ Eat .............., ........... U lcers Richard Kohler v.,,.c,.,..,,... Dick ......... His car ..........,....,..... Actor c.......r....v.......,,.,..,c,,,,... Cars lack Kramer ..................... lack ..,..,..,..... ......... . Physique .c... . .,,,,,.ci Food taster .. c.r,..,c.,,, .Garlic Anna Lee ..,...,.,.. .. ........ Analy ..,,..,... ......... L ittle nose. ..,.,c.c,c,,. Radio commedienne... ..., T. V. Alfred Lefor ...,................. Sam Little. .....,.... ...o... Al .... ..,.......,.. .Troy Dee ......,..,....... .Samson ................... Bashfulness ,...,...,Y . Big appetite. ........, . Glorya Lund ........ ....... . Glo-worm. .,.,.....,,.... Troy Long.... .,.... .... . .. Rod MacKenzie ,............. Bill Maddocks .............,... .Mac ..............., .Strike-out ,..... .......... Lois Mann ...................,..... Lois. ....,.....,. . Ioyce Martinelli .,...,........ Mickey Matsumoto ....... .Marty .......... .Mick ......... Charlene Mazoue ,,,,..,..... C ookie ..,...,. Don McAuley ........,... Bernard McChristian .....Bern1e........-- Floyd McDaniel .....,..,,.. ......Don -Mac .,........ Song leader .......... .lmmensity ,....,.c,...., -..-..-.-Neatness Smile ,.c,..,,...........,.. .Gabbiness ............. Boxer. ....... . ,.,.. . .,.,.,....,,,...... . .Ag. teacher , Dog catcher Animal allergy Nancy ...,.,...,,., .......... P lymouth .Go to Cal, ...... . ....,.... Monachino graduated ,Preacher ,.......,.... ..,...,,., E mpty pews .Baseball pro c.c,,,,,,. .,,.,..,.. B atboy Happy home ...... ......,.,,..,...c T wins ---.-.-..Soft voice..-.-..--------.Yell leader......-..--.-..---------- .......-.Hot rod ...........-........Speed through Main St.. .......-..Loud voice........-..-.Secretary-.--......-.....-...-.-.--.- -.--.-....Red hair......,........-.. Always eating. s,,,, . Quietness ,.......,.,.,. Minister ,,,....i.,............ N o megaphone .No gas -Couldn't type Go out with Analy girls..Too many S. R. girls ---.-....Slept on job Groucho Marx II ................ Harpo Marx Berhl MCLendon ............. Pat ....... .......... H is laugh. ............... Electrical engineer ............ Pooling around in schoo David McLean ................. Dave ........ .,....... M umbles ..,..,.......... Be an actor ......................... Senior play Bud Menne ........... ........ B ud .......... ......... S hy .......................... Husband ......... .......... S he accepted Bobbie Miller ........ ........ B obbie ........, .......... C uteness ......... A. D. teacher ,........ .......... , No seniors Clarice Miller .................. Cricket ........ ........ - Her toenails .......... Be a soilor ......... .... . Obvious Barbara Molino. ......... Bubbles .................... Her short hair ..... Iournalist. ............................ Too newsy Paul Molge. ...................... M oldy ......... ......... B ig hands ............... Basketball player . ........... Couldn't find ball Toni Montedeooa ............ T oni .... ......... . Long fingernails ...To be Toni twin ............... Her mother Eugene Moore ................. Gilbert ......... ......... .R ed hair. ....... . ........ .Drummer .,....................,...... Chop sticks Leenore Morawski .......... Lea ........... .......... H er shoes ......... .... T oe dancer ...... ...,.. ........... T w o big feet Elvira Mori ........ ............... V era ......... ......... , Shrimp size .... ......... T o be twins .......... .......... ' 'There's no two-Mori" Dorothy Morita ................ Dot. ....... .Very shy ............ .... E xecutioner ..................,.....c Scared stiff Myrtle Myers ................. -Myrt ......... ......... F reckles ................... T heater cashier .................. .Counterfeit money Virginia New .................. William O'Connell .. Roy Ottolmi ..... .....c.......... lim Owens ............ ..... Audrey Paulson. ....... Roger Pelissier ............... -Virqie ..,,.,.... ......B1ll .Otto ......... .... Little Audrey ......... .Rodge ............ i l1'I'1.. ....,..........,......... ., Blonde hair- ........... Drene shampoo ads .......... No more peroxide His beard. ............ . .-....-...H1S w1t.......... .Smile ........ .. Azalea editor ......,... .Lumberman ...... Height ......... Comedian .......................... Politician .............. ....,.......... shaved Bob Hope Kissed too many babes Pro tap dancer ....,.............. Stubbed her toe Magazine publisher ......,.. .The Azalea ' 15' !"'T37 '7 mm l i731 NAME Nancy Pera ..,..,,,. Bob Perry ............. NIOKNAME .,..,.-.-Nancec...c.,, I-ICRCSCCPE MAIN CHARAC TERISTIC Lazy .,,w......7..,.....,,... AMBITION CAUSE OF FAILURE .To be serious ,.AA,.....A,..,,..,, Laughing gas -Hobo A,....,.,AAA.A..,...,.w..,,A..,,...v Io-Io Ronnie Perry ,V................A Ron, .,,....... ..,....., L ow voice AAA,v7.,AA,AA Marry Paul's daughter .... Paul's son lim Pete .......g...........e......... C hiefie ,,....,,. .,..,... B ig eyes ,,......,......... C urled eyelashes, .......,...., Foggy day Margaret Peterson .77,...... Maggie ........ ........ . Camera crazy, ,,.,o,,, "Esquire" Photographer...Mr. Sewell Lidio Pozzi g..g77v ,,...........,. P ete or 7.., .,...... . Car a,..,,...,.......,.. ...,... M echanic ..........,......,....,.. .,Mr. Palmtag Viola Proschold go,,,,,....... -Vi Y,..... ........ H er cheeksv, o,.,,,.. To be famous. ........,.....,..... Ve ask you, Vil Edward Ramsey v,,........., Ed ,..,..oo,,,,.i ,,i.. . .His legs 7....,,........., Bar-tender, ,..v.. . .... Prohibition Mary Re ...,.,...,.,..,,.....,...... Sad-Boo ,..... ......., P ersonality .,............ Housewife, ,,.,vo. .7,,7,,. N o "guy" Buddy Reno ..................... C. K. I.. ..,..... ,..,ooo S traight hair ...,....... Draftsman. ......,. ,oo.7,.. D raft board Barbara Rhoades ............. Dusty ...,..,, ...,..,. . Her walk ..,.....w,..o,,,, F loorwalkeru.. ..... .... Flat feet Floyd Roberts ,....i........... .Floyd o,,.i,.. ..,.,,., D isposition aii...,,r..,r, Ball player ,.l,..,, .l,o,.oo N o balls LeRoy Robertson ...,...... -Lee ..,,..,.. i.,..... E Short ..,.,,,. ,..a.,.v..,,l., N avy officer ,........ ,l,. . .... W aves Iamice Robinson ..,.,,....... Iam ,l..ogv. oo,o,i,. D ogs .......,.. ,..,..,.., D og-vet ......,...r... .oll.... R abies Evelyn Rossini ..............,. .Eve .... ..,. .,..,... S l eepy g,,,,l,.oo,.a,...,..,g Housewife i,,.ig.i ..,.,.,. M arriage Doris Rowe ..............,.,...... D orrie ...r.., ......... V oice oo,...l.,.............. Soloist ,.............. ...,.... I-I er debut Richard Sandretto ........... Sandy ....,,.... ,....... A . D. speeches ,...,c Be a speaker c.,c,ctc T ongue wore out Valerie Saput .,...........,.,... V al l.,..l,., ........ .D ieting ..,...,,...........,, To lose 20 lbs .i,r..,c .,l..,., R an out of rye-crisp Iackie Scheuer i,...,,....,.... Iackie ,.a.,v,. ..,,.,.. A cting ability .....i,lc Go to Hawaii l.c..c,.i, ,,,Ship sank Nora Scott ................... ..... .S usie ...c......,. ,,...,.. T iny waist ,, ,ccc..l.,. Model Corsets cc,.....,....ic,.... Forgot to exhale Ellen Searby ,,,.... ......... S eabiscuit ...,..........,, H orses. ........., ......,. W in Beaumont Stakes 7 wlvfuddy track Barbara Senn ....,.,.,.,,,,..... Babs ..c.oco,lll. ccc,..,. H er ears ccc. ci.lli.i Telephone operator ....,.,.... Hadacol Iuanita Shaw ...o..........,.,.,. Pee-Wee ...........,...,.. Feet, l, ,,,,,.. . Swim English Channel .,.. Low tide Imogene Shell ,,.....,........,, G ene ,,...,........,,........ Tiny face. ..,.......,..... Librarian ....r..,..,.,,.r..,...,,..,... Bookworms Danny Shuster ......,......... Shoestring Fore r,rrrccc.,..r,.,r,....... -Pretzel-bender .....,,..,..,r,.r.o Foiled! Sid Siemer ,.l.............,,,..., Sid g,,..... s,,,v.,..,......,c. I-I ands in pockets.,.High jumper,,.r,.g, gr,,, 'I' he crossbar Norma Simerson ............. Norm ,.........,. ......... H er husband ........... O ld maid ............................ Chanel No. 5 Dave Simpson ...,...,,.,,..... Dave .,, , Wandering ro,,..,...,... T rips to Santa Barbara ...,,, '34 Ford Bernadean Sloan ..,......... Deanie ......... ....... . Eyes ,.......,,.....,.....,.... Artist ...,. .,.,...,...........,.., .... .... I R e mbrandt Frank Smith ......,., QL... ...... ,Smitty .......... ........ . Curly hair rlrc,,,.....,.g Own laundry ,............,,...,,, Refused "undie" taking Galen Stach ..,..... ...... .. Gallon g.o,,, .... .....,... P i gmy size ..........., Grow smaller .l.r.,... rr,r,,.r A bottle of hair grower Don Starr .i..,.,...... .....,... D on vr.....,... .,.,,,.., T ennis racquet ,,i.i Play tennis iiivii,..,.... ........ N o "guts" Frank Strong .,................. -Frankiem ..,i. ,...,.... G lasses .i,.........,t..ii. Wolf ................,.................., Eyes "on last legs" Keiji Sugiyama ..,..,...,,..... C agey .....,..,, ........ V ery agreeable Manage Yankees ,...,.,ic,..i Became water boy Marilyn Taber ,..,.....,,....,, Marilyncc ,,i... ,...,..., I nnocence ..,........... Learn Charleston ,ri..ii,.i..,, Rod wouldn't teach her Ray Terry ...............,.......... T erry ....,.... ....,... H is head. ............ ,...cModel hats .....................,.. Got conceited Harold Tillinghast r,,...,.... Tilly i...,..... ......... U kelele c.c,r ic,ccor B e auty contest judge .i..,. No good with figures lack Totman ,i.v.r...,........,.. lack ..,.ii..., r,i.i.iii I-l is carve. .ii.,,.,......... Be busy as a beaver ii,,..... Badger Iackie Travis .,ii ....,.ii,i,..,v. I acque ....,... . ......,.. Grey hairs, ii,.i,,,,.... Be graceful as swan c...ic. Iackie-quackee Norma Tulipani .........,,.... Norm ,,c.,,,,c .,.,...,. G ood nature .......,.., Get a ring,i...,,,,,.,,c......... No phone Bob Walker ....,,... ......... B obbie ........ or cc,,,v,c Dark eyes. .,....,......, Make a basket, ........ R an out of straw Carley Walker ....... .i..,i.,. C arley .......... ......... S hortness .,..,,,...c,..... To be 6 ft .,,...,,.... ........ S tilts broke Patricia Warner ,...,...,...... Pat .,,i.,,,.ic.. ....c,.., H er grin ....,. ...,... D entist ..,,.... ,,...., c,,..... P l iers cracked Helen Watkins, ,cc.c..c. .. ,,,,.. Helen ..,,i,c.c,, ,,,,.cc, C lothes ,.... .. ,cc,i,. Marry Ioe cc,,,.,, , .,,,..... Church burnt down Mary Whelan ...,.,,.,.,....,. Big eyes .,.......c.....c,, Her stare cc.c,.,.,,..cvv. -Nurse .........,....,.... ..c,.,,, C hemistry Iames Wilkie .,c,,.....,,.i..... lim ,,.. ...,.,... ..,,.,... E a rs,... i,.c.., , Work in circus ici... c,ccccc D umbo Geraldine Williams ......... G erry ,,....,, ..,.,.., H er face ...... ........ B athing beauty ,.c.......,,,,..., Nose peeled Robert Wiltermood i,,, icc. B ob .cc.,cc.c,,. c...,.c . Quiet .c,c,ccc ,.,..,.. U ndertaker ccc, E c.,cc,c,,... . .cc..,. Business died Dick Winkler. ccc.,cc,cc,cc,,.,.. W ink ci..., ,c,,,,,cc L azy .,c,c, ,.,, , .,Own hot rod, i.i.,cccccc,,c,,cc..,, Too many wrecks Louise Wood ,c,.,,...c,,.i. . ,.Lou-Louc..., I74l ,..,..., Hair .... ....,,,Longest hair in school Scissors .75 ' X f ., Il f?ucz1lly Hfzrlogruplzs f f ff 1 j if f' I l75j 'FIICIIIM Jqu tog1rr1 pl1s I n . ,f -Q..." 1 if r . Wx fi 93 ff .Q ' 4 fix ' , Q x fl f' ! V Vx , .1 Us l , 1 G-5 N f w W. 1 14" rrvf f' f 1251 , ' - jg .. -- 1 E X ,U x . 'N x ' V: . 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Musical Demons MONRQY bee, M0Y1li0Y U0 f 1 z1l og1'r1pl1s M . fy M' JY 5' JJUJJM J L Vx, f21 llfJfjI'I1l7ZIS R 'U ll QUE BACKEIQS fx, ffm!! ,f f 7 X . ,f l811 i iff x i W clmzwr 51,4 PHIL' My Q .11-52:1 Kaly llc-0" llc-ylmhls Studio and r3lllll'l'il Slmp WISHES sUccEss T0 THE ssmon cuxss OF '51 Al,I."xl.IIA H14 W Fl 3Fi.1XE'Ii'11' BY "KAY DEE" J' I 1 VaffwzffffwyffpaflxfefeQfffiiwPWR??'2?2'a?2GY.w11aszvafaiziffiyffiiiviafg Q U STARR 3 f FURNITURE Co. 1 ,, 1 A F' 'd ' A 1' - 2 RF-'E A fl Q Q , A Xggiigaeljveoodpfggiilgigs A Q 5 1 .,.--2g--'T Q - :':'ftTwN .X. Ne .. , Maytag Washers S 1 gf tpfi A Beauty Rest Mattresses Q A 1 U . Q4 qbbl Q, Englander Air Foam Rubber Q t w't . A V Mattresses X V Koehler Living Room S y Furniture E O LEARY espn cuss? 3 FUNERAL HOME A1 5 2 if V i 'S S Ray L. Spillers Q 1 Lloyd Q. Hayes airr A A Q A . X 151 BODE GA AVENUE A,,,,,,,,,,,,, f X . 1 X , in ur: S 0 0 X IJh0ne Q ,. BIG4B"LONG -i Q 4 CHEST nown ' A X Sebastopol No' mg Q . The Perfect Gift... Q fswmyua vzaswaw2Qsff?eYsf.-waQQf-zv,-k1':fg4.ff-GffwwaV nfzeeraazzzfffffewiwyfzfaiierec i Q COMPLIMENTS OF A 3 MONIZ SERVICE STATION Q 196 North Main Street Sebastopol, California S A-I - A f , V- ,V - - . Q SEBASTOPOL MODERN APPLIANCE A and FURNITURE COMPANY gy A 186 North Main street Phone 7820 W A A Aammee A we A BEST WISHES from I Q W E s T E R ' s it S Quality Men's Wear kg tb 146 North Main Street Sebastopol A 1 X A K ,,,, V V 1 X 05 Q L. L. ARNETT 1 E REALTOR E 168 North Main Street Sebastopol KB 1 Phone 3021 of 2607 Ky, ix' 5Q4'f"eQ"e'f'al"e1i'.?29f?f?'f?f'42?45:W3SL:1?ff'8dc'1:i5'e'4:l?-84L:7f5'ff25eZc'4 l"58ff15'15'ff'19'f5Q'1?,6'6'A??'f?-2?"" Q F I Compliments of Compliments PRIZELLE-ENOS f O HAY - GRAIN - FEED RUSSELL B. TAYLOR Petaluma Ave., Sebastopol Pi lx f'8275'i7g?76?"f'1eG'Yiiiiiiiffg'gQ6'g'.?.6Ypf,4'p'Q'?'ic'8'8'8'k'i'f'.5'.2'p'a'115816-52",-'."p',vfwpwffffgi l f KITCHEL - MILLER Q MOTOR TUNE-UP - BRAKES - WHEEL ALIGNING R. D. lfitchel - H. R. L. Miller 131 McKinley Avenue Sebastopol, California i Mama A . EEEE .A ...S A Congratulations to Class of '51 GEORGE L. REEDY, D. D. S. DENTISTRY Q Eorestville, California Phone 2572 ix riff.-f,-.offsz2QQwsoQf.Q.e1swvfffmoiiwwffwmwfiwiwrnzfffffwfw Q, i COMPLIMENTS OE 23? R. C. HENRY, Building Contractor lg Scbastopol 2902 530 Elphick Road il W -:2".f??'f"ififff2"i'?f2'9",f'.o",-f',.'f'f,Q,gf,9:??122f5.f2ff'fo'fvi3'i'.??2?"ff.2'??',2.v,f'i7iQff,2'S6f46f,v..',-z':'w l x Compliments of A N BODEGA AVENUE BARBER sHoP ll l 1 I3 Bodega Avenue GEORGE PITTS bi 2838328-?,'86?e'e6eZd8da.5f5cQie1eG3!,?i'1'ffzzizwiziilffffyfewiiziiezfzffafifffffs I n Z' .!.7'.A7'.!' .!.7' .A7' .AI'J.7' .A7'.f.7'.!.7' .A77.7'.!' J' .A!J.7'.A7J.7'.f.7'.f' .A7'.!.7J.7'.A7'.l.7' .!.7J.7J' .A'f'.f7' .A'f'.!.7J.7'.f.7J.7'.A7'.l.7J7'.A7'.!.77.77' FRANK W FINN n y r DR FRED P OTT DD f 30 : 2426 DR CARL W La FORCE D. C Ph. C. M. C. 162 S SEBASTOPOL, CALIFORNIA W M WOGMAN REALTOR FARMS AND CITY HOMES 152 S fry . vyafaQfa2f-9925 1-fiaysfif an A F1564 QQQY .C-fn . in F A Jaya ANALY SHOE REPAIR 107 BODEGA AVENUE v.2mf.fa2afa9?29fffiffif1e'a'i12sfaW22fz11sfa2'21'fQsf1aQ1wif-nfa2fpsff1v1zeQQ WOHLER'S DEPARTMENT STORE SEBASTOPOIQS FRIENDLY STORE Sebastopol, Ca i ornia .I.7'.A'f'.A7' .A7'J.7' J.7'.A7' .f .A7J7'.l' J7' J' .f .A7' .A'f'.A7'.!' .f.7' .A'f' .I.7'.!.7'.f' .!.7J7J.7'.f7'..A'f'.A7'.!If' .l.7'.!.7'.!.7'.A'!'.Al'.!7'.A'f'.f7'.!.7'.A7'.f7' Compliments - of Complxments of ' Attor e -a -Law D - S. Scbastopol. Calif. Class o 19 w??af12QQ1v2a.fsa.?s'aQfsf14w,fzeeiapfffefeaaieyieifffaffwewwe-vfiweeeewgaee Phone anta Rosa Avenue l 0 o 9 anta Rosa Avenue Sebastopol Y 1-wa A-f ..Q2ff11Q 22' ff .fi-'9zvG'2'Sfv1ee1 Complzments of 1 f Q S 1 is fs if N 1 lx iz E COMPLIMENTS OF l c 5 DONAL C. ANDERSON fl u Q D. D. s. A IN I PALM DRIVE CURTAIN LAUNDRY A ' We specialize in Curtains. Silks and Linen 1 Everything is given special attention-hand ironed 1 ALFRED LACRAMPE 503 PETALUMA AVE. PHONE 2297 1 A I A A Ag IS - DAN CHIARONI I SEBASTOPOL DODGE - PLYMOUTH AGENCY l i' , 1 Compliments of RAY O. KELLY, Manager 1 BANK OE AMERICA NTBSA Sebastopol, California lux I 1 H V I , 'Y N . PHILLIP if o o 1 I A PONTIAC - GMC Sales and Service ' A 499 HEALDSBURG AVE. l Bus. Phone 2356 Res. Phone 3002 I l Sebastopol, California , ll. Y 2 'lf il il N 55 l 5 l X. it ll 4 A 'iff2'?'i?5'f"i'P'i5?'f'e'i10'8'Pi'i9??i'i'e?'??'299?'?'1?6'84"81??'6'?6'i'i2?5i'Iifiiiiiiiiiiii? J'.I:?7:795f'55" ,f857'?'cKf55':5E9" 4?f'f QQEQQZC ., J!!! I Compliments to the I Class of 1951 HIGH sCHooL CHESTERS STORE JEWELERS Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Johnson I 502 - 4th St., Santa Rosa LUCKY DIAMOND RINGS The Railroad Watch Repair Shop 91"0'f'35'f"P'f"1"1"?29 BALLENTINE'S MOBIL SERVICE Q GAS - OIL - LUBRICATION - BATTERIES S ACCESSORIES - WASHING I ' 300 So. Main St. Clarence D. Ballentine Sebastopol A I I J , SKS.-- .... S SCI-IMIDT'S STATIONERY E5 GIFT SHOP 455 BEST WISHES TO ALL THE NEW GRADUATES BQ Al and Dorothy Schmidt KK ll5 N. Main Street Sebastopol Phone 2113 is efiwpwmfe'11215'??2'2aa111e2Q?S'?21e'a'???28??2aaeG?f1ifYf'9rvfiaazwm , ig COMPLIMENTS OF A I Q ANALY THEATER gl -fwfr,-ffwfza?2'22feQP9ai1e??f22ff,???1e?Q2??2Qf'?6Q1ff?Q2'ff992QaQQQQ I EDWARD GRAHAM if ffff Q, PE ts, fl fi ft fl, fb ig Vw I S Q 'if 5 Str I gi, ip gt I 51 fl ES, LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER 305 South Main Street Sebastopol, California Another mileslone is reached in your life M May many more be your happy lol. 59 CONGRATULATIONS BILLWILLIAMS WESTERN AUTO STORES JERRY ROWE, Mgr., ANALY, 1943 COMPLIMENTS OF BEN A. ABBOTT 1 P 1 E HEATLY'S SHOE sHoP SHOES AND REPAIRING 123 South Main Street Sebastopol P II: 'x.'wx .'x.N'.x.'v,xN',x.'x'.xx. Nxxx "x'xv.x..'wxNx.-x'xN.x.'v,xw,x.. -xzx..-xxx. 'x1x..'x'xx. xx.-xx. I g WESTERN CLEANERS "Send Where You Have Confidence" 150 North Main Street Phone 2516 Sebastopol, California H. A. OXLEY. Prop. f-,N TO THE CLASS OF '51 BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE I F oumne o uqoa QD GUERNEVlllE'SEBASTOpOL' FORESTVILLE THE HOME BANK jieeeaeeazzziafzfygzeeiifwsmazzefQ1e5Ow5eweez,efe,5e:9v,e,5.5esie2ea 1 1 O w i v v 7 J v l l 1 i J? l x 1 -'J8f5".f" f9'?'f" g1f.11vi'2Q.f2QQz?QQzfffffffffi-wzffefffffffewefzfff-f,-w.f'11i-fiiffiefffffww,-wwf S5 l l QB CONGRATULATIONS Q3 kt Xxx ,, r, Si X . f . . 5EBA TIME5 LANE li if ell PRINTERS - - PUBLISHERS 5 Q S all . S ' Q Rf E SL Printers of 1951 "Azalea" HOME FURNISHINGS Q N lx, APPLIANCES R bb 0 E ' Y . he H - li il Telephone 7845 Times Building is gg l23 Petaluma Ave. Sebastopol N i f W 3' li X X, f if vliffffffQ222.fzvivsfezefawfaiaffyagiffzlfiisiefffaffeezefiaiefiffmfa'ewf.'x2f.fw:-'.fw l XI l il 3 Henry Hess Company EF X, , Q T. R. KLINKER, Mgr. lx li ik l l RQ l is Lumber and Building Material fx E1 fl N Y , E Telephone 7811 Telephone 79 S Q , Q SEBASTOPOL, CALIF. GUERNEVILLE, CALIF. l in ll S S S ,cf5cd!dd5e?'ddd5'5-!ddd5-d8bff',eee6df'1fe'5e1,5ff42-'fmvwffzxzzzafziiffzffwgdxf I A I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ee an Bros. Hari. Schaffner 8 Marx Clothes Fourth and B Streets Occidental Holel Building SANTA ROSA CONGRATULATIONS SANTA ROSA FURNITURE lVhere Good Furniture ls No! lfxpensive 330 Fourth St. Santa Rosa, Calif. Egwf-wf,www,.w1,w,f,w,',-pwfzzzfzsfffzfpwfgwz I - if E congratulutzons class of '51 on to college or beginning qi your business career it you'll find your RQ Xi personal appearance a great aid Q Ky to your success. li I I Y ii Bwleggaowvfcffgea it - F i -' E Q V 5 ff unramvs mmm. is Mendocino Ave. at Fifth Street S Santa Rosa I If Q 4-'M'w2z'sw.2f,ff,.w,,.'fQiiiibfflfifzeviaigf in ig I I COMPLIMENTS I X' Xi S1 OF I I I I if Q J. C. Penney Co. IQ li I I Ii I ' I I I gl SANTA ROSA I I xl . - ly Q3 CALIFORNIA ,ii x if It gl K "-'i"f5-'J!'1'J"15'1"4?Q'Cf'-'5"f?'f'iP'ffL'L: 2'3?L9Z?Z'C"f'9'Q?'Jt'f?'f?'f" .P ,'P. -i A f,5f-ff'f35f",65!'ft'xf'f5'f'f5'f?'f5'!'A!'f".ff'x?16f' fi5'1"J'J5f'J'L'J'L?',d'L'L5'?'f5'J'J?'f'J" A "f?'fL"f9'99"f'J9'?'51"f59"J'J'J55'1?lPL 1 x I I fi I I I I 'I I ft O if I ft I gl 5 .Q ,Q P. I gf.?i1fJyy9',e'fJ55Z2'11f',5"f11,-:iff .l.7'.A'fJ.777'.A!'.A'!'.!.7'.A'fJ.777'.!77?'.A7J.7'.f .!.77:!'.A'f.A!Z7'.A7'.!7'.!.7'.!.7' WETCH BROS PLUMBING SHEET METAL ' I ' I W OCCIDENTAL GAS RANGES AMERICAN KITCHENS ph 33 14 Sant R A SEBASTOPOL ???9?"e'??9' RAYBURN S MEAT MARKET d DELICATESSEN , .!.7'.l.7'.f.7'.A7'.f.7'.A7'.A7' , . . R5 3 PU S D 2 :s SD -T1 Q 1: 1 5' 3 O 3 : 3- M ,.i RQ 'bv Z fl, fa 2 , 2 9-' fT J :J 3 2 N 2. a- 2 A O f 4 . . . V D . E . ru N Q Q O fb fb . xg 3 50 G , O. Qs N N C ... 'U N R 5 5 g ag 2 -A Q -.. " 'J S 'U 12 N 2 fs B LC Q 0 w 'P 2' ' X T oo M .A7'.f.7'.A'l'.!.7'.l.7J.7' J' .A7'J.7' .A7'.f' Open Sundays and HO11d3YS Ry R ll4S -1' 25 E N E 35 E 4 5 ,c?E7':,'5" IQSQQT -f:5?2'8f""' .gag C r A Congratulations to Class of '51 NEWELL'S BARBER SHOP "Haircuts That Fit" RALPH NEWELL I 153 North Main Sebastopol COMPLIMENTS OF MORAN'S CIGAR STORE ,aiieeev 423331566 !ddd?16a'3dd5!I,dd?I!!dd6!!Nldd!f f v 12? A' J? Q27 cazyf JQQQZQQC- ,aszfzec ,assi A i asf' ' 6122" "" 'E Q Q Q 'Q 1 Q 2 Q sf X 2- 1 X N UH fv N X Q - U IT! 1 S- 5 53' 5 0 T1 21 Q 2- 0 5 Q, 39' O 0 'Y , - 3 O ft' H 'U UQ 3 C - E U . 1 O I 0 3 N 6 O '14 ' B , 5 2 Q E 0 13 3g Q- o U, v-U Q '5 95 'E 1 c ., S E g- -1 U-5 5 gn m 2 x Q Cn 2 2' xg 3 O 'Ox O D .Y 54 E Q fn :U D2 5 nw Q lg Q 'N E m V5 Lg m Q Q m Q 5 2 E if 5 5 5 E, gfgsfgfffffaerffwff .aY4ffQ5fdEimzff,sffQ?'gfQQ2Q1fi ifffffgzsf z22 2QQz5 Af fx Q U1 "4 ' Q- 'N N S, 0 N wx x -I 2 0:1 2 1 2. '14 XE gg 3 U1 Q N N- W N If S yo Cn 1 m 'Q S ggi Zi 710 O fl. m r-3 lx E Q 3' 0 OJ E' 'Q Q Z 'JP' ft m Q yi 50. Pi. 3' Q- R Eg Us cn 5' If 3 V1 3 it :4 UH O 22 - 0 c: m GP. wg - -3 O 'L 1 O "1 D ' 3 Z U3 . ADX v-va '-'- b 3 o 'Q 5 Q U Z .5 -1-1 1 U 4 B 4 n a' T1 N 2.2. fn 3, Y ' S 1 1 Q - Q F11 Z U1 Q Q ,, y, ky' -- "' 2 02' 0 'E Z m Qt - O 3 m rn 32 N 3, lx if 72 2 N 1 I 2 Q Q 2 Cn 2 2 Q :1 E W' ,X oo Q A3 'N A A 6' Qfzzfadiffefffffffwuvfevfff sexe' xfefffffziz ' Zvffff ' Ny555J"J5".fQez,Q" ifzd' I "f'Qfz'J".1" K M W Wm Ye LE O F W E m M P W or W P H 2 ,F my O D J W m H N N V, m Q S E w W Jw M M R m 6 ' V M m M M vm W C A G E W E A R M R W J A K E g T M M y R M M 7, in 78 8 M Y R 1 78 5 N E M W O M L M L W h O W O E P W y P T W 0 A H W YH 0 mm vm B M E M . S NM 0 A nw 0 E M N SERVICE SALES Edman O . E Wm I I II I I I I I I I I I I ik I I I I I I I I I I ,QI TELEPHONE 2423 POL CALIFORNIA SEBASTO get It I I I I If I I I I I3 I I I If I I I, I Ir I If I I I I I I W WM M N J, H J! dk X M K ,Q M A W M JA W M H 8 ,e'41'3el3f?e'i560'A9'f'.it'4',e3eli?e'-?',e',01deLe' M R It W 0 W W W W J! 8 YN Ik N 0 1 X, W 8 7 W X W YM CONGRATULATIONS 5 W K W M M if f i W M J W M I '51 OE CLASS SCOTTY'S SEBASTOPOL COLD STORAGE CO., INC. I I DRIVE-IN 0 CAR SERVICE I 0 FOUNTAIN W N W W I I 0 SHORT ORDERS 1 M W N W M i W W W J BEST WISHES TO THE '51 OE CLASS I EI FI I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .I I I I Es. I I I I HI SIU I III UW IH EH IIH I I gf I I I gli I I I gl ft' I I ga I gi if If W I I I I X I c'2'i'f'f'7!2'2' I I I c'6?' QQQFQ I I I I I 'Q 5. I I I I I 1 I I Q4 I cfdfff 2? I I I V. I I I I I I 'Y I I I I I 1 f'6755?'f:'iJE' FLEMING'S MARKET O 0 Z f-'U Or' 25 Z '-I cn CLASS OF 19 51 GROCERIES f,i'c'67?','ffe5':'1?'fQff",1Kf:Z'ff'f"f BUTLER AGENCY MEATS VEGETABLES IDAYTON BUTLER Class of 1940 108 North Main St. Sebastopol 'iff' "n56'w50'2v'f3".0'.'Ya'.'Z 9.9'w'p'Y0'n'f'4f'p2'Q0lQ "fC0'n'n'n'n.f.fg79S"f".'7"f'n'f'.'Q"w' 'fiiliifww' p7v'p59'1L Colombo Lumber Co. DEALERS IN BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS 'I'I51-1sPHoN1s S1sBAs'1'oPoL 7859 651 SOUTH MAIN STREET SEBASTOPOL, CALIFORNIA 255' ' f"ff52'8ES3'.f' I I I I I I I S I I I I I I I I I I I I I Q I I I I I I I I I I I I - , Zfyflfff I v ,J , Jr ,J 1"f'L?L" XwzfiilizfieWidiiiiiiiliiidViiiiiqfiiifiiiiiff2'?2"a'ii'e'i'n'A'p'4'g'p'p',oY,vi'p'n'fmi JACK'S Q0 CONGRATULATIONS I I kv CENTRAL CLASS OF 51 IN CIGAR I RIB Sv A ' I r i STQRE CARLSON S 5 ' I Department Store hi Jack Daveiro I Q. Don Dgvgiro "33" Outftters for Ihe Entire I gl Jack Daveiro Jr. "48" Family 5 I I Tx 'if N 15 3 NORTH MAIN STREET 9 2 If SEBASTOPOL QQ QQ Telephone 2292 SEBASTOPOL, CALIFORNIA xl 5 I Tx I f Compliments of hi w I NURSERY gg APPLETON 5 I N 'w L , 3 BAKERY 53 I S jN if NURSERY STOCK Sz . . , NV in if GARDEN SUPPLIES L E 128 North Main sum fi , at fo, . if Sebastopol, Calif. fi N Ig Il. R. Marlin 145 Healdsburg Ave. PHONE 2361 RQ 1 1 I . kwfzfiiwzfdvfzizifyavqssvf22222,-z?f.:gl-L-J-Jezz,a:viievfzezadeffiyff-JveezAeQgN 1 1 1 1 1 1 Compliments 1 CARPENTER'S . , 5 AND lOc STORE Guerneville, Calif. 1 PSQ?5Q2????10?922aP iaQ?Q?I0Ww1f69Mfff0iJeQ?Q8 ', SWIFT'S RADIO and ELECTRIC SHOP I I ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING - RADIO REPAIRING 1 Phone 157 Guerneville, Calif. :QI 92223 ' . 1 ' NOONAN S MARKET :N H. D. Noonan -:- A. J. Andrade fr' Phone 32 Mom Rio, Calif. Lv v?ffii3QQ??e??88aie??eVe??2ff1ae??292Q??Qzzi111fc?Q2ff1eQQ?2?26 1 LOUVRE CAFE HOME COOKING , FINE FOOD - HOME-MADE PIES Main Street, Guerneville Frances Nicholls - Ollie Marshall JENNER RESORT 11 : 1 1 1 1 1: 1: DINNERS - LUNCHEONS 1 Sea Food Our Specialty , BOATS CABINS GROCERIES GARAGE SERVICE 1 1 TORR'S DEPARTMENT STORE MONTE RIO A GOOD PLACE ON THE RIVER GUERNEVILLE FOOD CENTER A complete line of QUALITY FOODS Rudy Lagemann Percy Buttner Red Gambetta GUF RN EVILLE F FLOWFRS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Prompt Attentzon Gwen to Ielephone Orders Guerneville 15-W Gucrneville, Calif. ??'iJ68!?8?8 !?8? i!8??97e?'???1!i8? !Q -. LOWER SHOP J!-de. ,8?id!d65838d?f? Z66881d8d6d!dd8e?1!1d,d!i?86fZ??d5dd"z6d86??1 ' ' ,.?,?f?'-.A'!J.7'.A'!' J' .JIf'J' .f.7'.!' .A'f.6fJ.7.A'f'.!.7.A'fJ.?JJJ.7'.!.7'JJ.A'f.A'l'.AfJ7'.fJ'.f-7! J' J' .A'l'.A'!'.!.7'J' .AIJ-VJ-7'-AV' J-7'-1' -47'-AV'-I-7' 1 1 1 S 1 m1 Q 435' 'Z' J- 1 PJ9"'," PJQJQQ' ,i ""' 'A "" """' , Q fr , is 5 5 as 5 -Q v-Q 'I H 2 l 5 cm? N33 mm 5 on 5' :H if Q, ma C53 P gfifeg ig E Q FU E Y Q53 mm om 2 pox Q 5 U 5 Q , ,.4 Q. ... N., Y R z Zpi S :Z S C,,Ql"p, I N an 0 Ogmx P-3 Q EIT! Q QUNUQQ .U 2 po 5, Q 82.55 ION ESNEQEETAE E S3 Em L 1 N mg 1,s 11Qf2Q2-5 Q aww S 5 E gi Om '583oo"Q 'O ' EUJO E N S QSM WE? ZEASSQEES Q E ESF? S N "1-+ ' S 22 4 ' Q7 1 3, 012755 on on 2 -UEEJUPQ ff' 2 p ,-1 H. 5, , 2 I 0, 'EZ 5-75 ZZ0 3' O Z m ? 3 33' '1' 1UQ8wQ,J' Q E O 3 "T Q S 5225 PU 2 mvvgg 'QM PU 2 0 5 N QEEA i 2-4152585 Q 'D H 5 :Q g PM Q QQQEMSS 5 Q Q 5 X 4 K "1 Z 3 a 0535- -U52-saw 5 Q, f- 5 5 ,Q Q22 Q5 mf gf fn 3 E as A 'U 3 53 1 N 0 QE? QE NN ff 5 2 CD S2 3 A12 25: 3 N x - . N lx. ZQS L E E 3 S Ai N 8425?i??' !eyiiPf4?9?i18??!87a782xf'!6??'Hi???9Ce?!E'?E'Q8 !82'J I E 3 Best Wishes to Class of '5l Q Q Follow thc grads of '50 to Q 5 FGRESTVILLE 3 S 3 MARKET 3 S Q PORESTVILLE o Q S 3 LUMBER, Inc. M, ,me O, Q Q Tb MEATS - CROCERIES E X and . S E S S BUILD TQ THE FUTURE Complete Fountain Service S Q l FORESTVILLE S Q S 3 S X Compliments S X of COMPLIMENTS LARNER'S OF Q UNION SERVICE Q . X LUERICAT1oN - TIRES TOM KING BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES Q g GENERAL T lik CONTRACTOR "R1p" Larner Phone 185 ' , Guerneville, Calif. 1 l A 1 1 A x A' g' 'f Q ,if if uf gglizf S Aalf Q ww? M UH ffm x ?S5 S' 3 :Q Q - ff I '12 2 5 QE gage X 3 aw' 'eg' a ,gy if EQ-gl? F-' : Q D-33 2' 2,12 Ap if E 1 239 R 'fy x 5' N 24 fl A it C5 inn' Q fy N 3 ga 25"-ng ug xt 8: .gig -. f fn U1 V, QE 5 28 glow 5,032 Q3 ii Q 9' D fy We-gm 5-aw ' ggggz ' iggmgvsgz x S 2 :D 5 x 20 052033 A S 5 55? :C 3 555 mic? Ai' SS 4 gg,-U I-75 H 5? O Cx: 4 X H.m H' -DE ci?-5 ff? EE 5-I Q ??'122?1s'mE"Q2 224 121!,D,L: cz, 25 msg gmgswgxfg we 3 MN S-za 'V R af E-' 20322 HF- 2 : 4 xi ."x 6 mmm TX Mix P1 ps-'J mtg' ki ggi ggagfcw 0, MQ 223, gui I NX QS.-5 I-,ln V 353 gm B'2-2 3 1 My kj gJ 29963 5- Easy' 35? 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Main sr., Sebastopol Phone 2429 COpen every day and Sundays, 9 - 63 X?5'8d'e'????PP?9?'J3Q?'e?'??2Pf'."3'?5'2'i'e5?Q9"6'a'i9f-'95-'Ii'Ii'b'e?'?'?'8?'i?Zfli!l6'??'!Q?'6l'3'?'A'i,E'fE83 BEST WISHES OF CLASS OF '51 Metcalf Hardware l EVERYTHING EOR THE EARNI AND HOME Telephone 2432 118 North Main Street L ,f?A??'c'4ic'ddci:'de'-!l?'e'f!f5c'6e'c?8?!iI!!?f5J?Z!66Q21f'J6d5e'!1ddd?!6!d6d!888e' N T 1 iz Compliments Compliments of of ii DONALD M. SCOTT CHESTER MARSH Attorney-at-Law M' D' d I Sebastopol, California an A J. W. DERBYSHIRE I Class of 1920 M- D. K fs I I 6 56618810 PANIZZER1-YS MARKET C. V. PANIZZERA and SONS The Best in Food Lines Livestock Dealers Phone 2521 Occidental. Calif. if All i OCCIDENTAL ELECTRIC '55 PLUMBING PAINTS - HARDWARE - APPLIANCES gl Phone 2351 occidemal, Calif. Q19 P2ff'?'SQ2e'5?:2'2iff'Mvz91 01iI6'ii6QZf'i115?2'?'Z.f,Wew11av?1e: I I COMPLIMENTS OE 1 1 ll I 1 .qi l f- ll ""' N 3 2 UDQQQ ov? :Hal Qsl F155 :wwf Ol E715 Q if 5 33 N ii N T? sg. Yi f,f5"J9fiQ3',?f'-QCVJJJQ GRAHAMS CHEVRON SERVICE E S S I S. 23 ll Q Q sl 55'f?f53J8' A When you see the dog catcher lurking around run to Jim the Barber .!.7'.f.7'.f.7'.A7'.A7'.A7J.7'.A!'.A7' V .l7'.A7'.A7'.A'l7.7J.7J.7'.A'fJ.V'.A7'.A'!'.A!'.AfJ.7' .I.7'.A7'.!.7'.!7'.A'!'.!.7'.I' .Aff E 1 N 1, E 2 I E 1, X I I 55 M I E Et. If if lv F i I 72 fi I 1, Congralulations Io as-ur Class of 51 24 Q, I Complete Lint ' ,L-j,',lfi CLARIVIARK FLOWER sHoP Students' Sport Coats ROUGH RIDER CORDS and SLACKS South Main Street S A Telephone 2417 Sebastopol At Former Electric Depot 122 N. Main Street FLOWERS for all occasions Phone 2123 Sebastopol also PLANTS and GIFTS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '51 HESSEL STORE Ben and Margaret Luzzi 4fa'1t-1-ff.e2f,9fpf.v2aaz9?fia'Q2,4f.v?Qie'H wifi.-Y.-wnfzfff1,Gf-fffzgfifyyzfiffm CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 FLESHER'S STORE GRATON, CALIFORNIA we-122:55wwwwmfiafawefnwfeffawwfwfffwsffmfwfgffwfsyzwf LAWRENCE MEAT MARKET GRATON. CALIFORNIA John Wetch Phone 3549 COMPLIMLQNTS or YOUR lg DESOTO AND PLYMOUTH DEALER gf R. A. HANKLA MOTOR COMPANY ,3838 H1QdS!!6d55d8cZd!i5'1?'cfde'AQ'1f'4266',cCf'15'1?'ff'f?',4'f!',!'e'f'x'6!'ff'6f!'f".,6?'A!6dcC!'1"4' ?i?????'?0i'iQf251P3'89?'?.G'i,vA'1818?iiwwfiiiiiifiiffofywziiiiiiiiiiefiiliiiii , J' .!.7'.A'l'.A'!'.!.7'.A'f'.f' .!7'.!.7'.I.7'.!.7'.!.7J' J7J7A'fffJY.f7.!ZCfZ!'.l7!7.f7JZl7Zf.!7.fZ!7Zf'.!7'J7J7Z!f J' .l.7'.A'!'.A'f' qv, fi .qi 95 IJ 'K 5 3 ' I O I 2:3 HH ft AY S ' YY ' 54 if AN is kt 3? 5 5 'XF I A 'lf' EO- 7 FI, it 3' 4' T "-.455 L , E I ' 9 Av A l T 'Y Q f I I if 35" 12' 101 A 1 f'10'4'30',0'f"f0'f0'f"4'?'Z03"f0'ef'e0'1'fe"1",0'f"45D"e'Z0'e0'ff Jiiiifffw :".v',"e6',v',6'.v',v'4v,v',-1' Wfwiiiirifw wwwziifn he ev 11 1 1 1 X it F Q1 Qcenqfmivzfaflliand. .. BEST WISHES lm? , ee TO THE 1 if 'Io the class of 1951 T, A , me 1, gt CLASS OF 51 Q tl if 1 Q from :Q 5 1 eeee 1 R x X ly . gl I n M 4 E? APPARITI, IIIEADQUARTERS VOR E Tllli MOST DlSCRlNllNA'lJ1NG lV1lEN 1 1: CHEVROLET Co 1 S Telephone 3180 S 0 120, 1 1 ff. .1 1 : - . . 5 S NEAR Eli REY THEATRE Q SLBAS 1 OPOI-, CALIP. ix Y Seb1sto ol Ceiif Phone 3320 1 it X 2 P1 1 it -wwwofzoDown',6'n6v',v'.v'.v'.':".",v',",v',5co',o',o'.o',v',v',v',oWifi Lfliiifffnwfw Wiiifzrfpwliiiflrzzn SQ COMPl.11VlEN'1'S TO Cl.ASS OF '51 1 SlLVA'S STORE K X K E Opposite Gramnvur School 11 Q P11oNE 3240 E 3"n3"n'n3",0','D0'n'n'n'20',O',030',0Q'?'J"J4'e0'n'e07Q70'.0Q0'e'2"f9Z0',5',"e'7575'."ef'e7'e'Z"e5'.0',0'A'e5'e3'e0'e0'.'?fQ?3f'e"e'33'e0'.i5- E J. E. POZZI - R. F. WINSBY, JR. Q E Bulova Watches - Keepsake Diamonds - Hamilton Watclmes 5 lVc1lc'hn7ukers and Jewelers RQ: Q 117 No. Main Street Phone 2124 It if Enjoy Bl.OSSOlVl BRAND ICE CREAM and other dairy products is 1 SEBASTOPOL CREAMERY d DAIRY 1 x an X Q Delivery Dial 3248 or 9985 1 it Amos Hively, Prop. 1' z'zvn','w',ozozv',o'g'Jo',oc6',o',o',",o',o'eozo',o'g',v',o7o',v',fzou",'2oQv',v'.v',5',v'.5'n',v',v',v',y'pzv'.",v'Iv',vCv'p'n',v',oz",ozv:"."if rl - VOGUE STYLE SHOP 1 Q The S'l'YI.lf CENTER Q21 For the Junior Miss-lDEAl- FOR SCHOOL WEAR Y le' Skirts - Blouses - Sweaters 22 gi 216 seem Mean Street Sebastopol. Calif. 1 1bf.fM0f.f.f,,,,,.f,A-f,,,,,f,w,,Afd.yff1f,v,,fm-w,,,,,5,,,w,y,.f,,,,fff,,-131 I E I I I I I I I I I 4 I I I I I I It I I I I I I I I QZSEI I , O'BRIEN EMPIRE C0mp'i'm I PAINT FACTORY PAINTS - WALLPAPER and PAINTER'S SUPPLIES 28' .53- -I O 70 'FU FU rn D2 I- f-I '-4 n O of I Spray - Sanding Machines and , Floor Polishers for Rent Wholesale Retail PJZSQ' I I Lee O. Torr, Jr. Lee O. Torr, III -iii , 192' I I I I I I I I I Phone: Factory Pet. 87-E-4 I-Iomc: Santa Rosa 6241 COTATI, CALIF. Clare Torr Monte Rio I --.,1" 0 O Z 'U F: Z m Z '-I CD O rm 5' C-' V1 'U IT' N44 Us C3 C 3 f-r W 93 5 C 7' - 'Ziff Cu C IT1 :U Z TTI S I' I" P7 rm 2 'E o :O Z an ,PB 91 ,d"fi?8L?f?f3'?' ' L,-QQ?-522919 .,-Sf?,9' f 2291? 259 I I I I I I I I I I I I X I 1 I I I I I I I I If I I I I I I Ii I3 I I? -Wi I?2,:E.f, Er ISPS Inge Jn IOS? All AO ED- mm igf If S C3 mlgfg n-1C!Ji FQ Dix Ima, fi -1 I VMI EZZI ESWE II 43A EFTIVSI AHIQID3 In ff: 75 . l"15. DP' ou... O IQ.. I AIwrf1Cf1gIQmm.:R I 750 E"'CI3I 0 N2 1 HSN nal 1050-1 ITIN IT! wo I I-IES ja:-I" Qt-'I'7:g I '-4oIgSl'4g5ol-1150 Q P' m :I wal EMI A-ZI 2 I v-lv: OITIN P 'HO I OAI ERI ESI Isvgka sfwimslwg IQ IQ IQ I IR I w"'IJ9AS,13AE.f3',!f,3"'.,9J6'i - Porestville Electric 25 Building Supply p BENELLI'S GENERAL STORE L. E. HUGHES and J. P. PEARSON, Props. GROCERIES -- MEATS - FEED Phone Eorestville 2911 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '51 Jw IDEAL HARDWARE FORESTVILLE, CALIFORNIA COMPLIMENTS OF X TALLlVIAN'S STUDIO 5 SPECIAL GRADUATE RATES f'f'Q?1?f" LIS' lei Is 'J' If X 5 I S I iCD N ':: f8 Q71 118 N? IQ I3 B391 AL NICHOLSON . TOLEDO SCALES -- REFRIGERATION "A Complete Line of Store Fixtures" Odd? I I I I I I I I I gig? 305 Sebastopol Ave., Santa Rosa, California Bus. Phone 1116 0 Q Books - Greeting Cards - Gifts Staiionery - Oflice Equipment and Supplies Home of Fine Dinnerware O 527 Fourth-526 Fifth St. Santa Rosa, California Congratulations to Class of '51 .5'llIflR05'l Fealuring a Complete line of MENS CLOTHING You'II never get los! in one of our Hawaiian Shirts 517 - 4th Street Phone 1627 ,62026'i.5'.v'.6'.o'.oco'.oQ- 16?'.9i'2'.6'.i'f'.",",v',",oz".o',f.".".o'.-',o .-',v',oz6 zliriiiiyfffn zv'.6',o'.6co'i'n'.vp',- ze'.6z-'?'2.2Qv I FOR QUALITY FURNITURE SINCE 1892 S CC PEDERSEN FURNITURE CO. 635 - 4th Street Budget Terms Santa Rosa , -'wwQex41"iivT?.6'.3'.P7375'p:fQ4QS'IoXi25'.56ff73'.i'.y',e16' vipwfpwf.vfa?'a'1iiA7-'rffpkwitviz-'A6-'aw If Cx",- 7 29 Fourth Street Compliments of L. IVI. BRITTON JEWELER Santa Rosa Wie!!1'yi'aT563'i75'i'k'.e20Q320TiZV.5'w?76fnfv'.vZf'.5'f"5'iQ973'i'??'i'e'0'8i15?5',o',3'."n'I".y1gQ3??7992'i'7- '?89'd!' ,eff f'J5':6'ZE7E" 707 - 4th Street Compliments of the NATIONAL DOLLAR STORE Shop Here and Save 619 - 4th Street SANTA ROSA Phone 640 f"4"v"'A'nZ0'n'2vQ'5'2"a'4'i'p756"0Z". '20Q0'Z0T3',5'k735575'.5Q5'g75I3'?Z3'-575?'07"w'.0301'2f'P'g'.5'.679'n'a'i'f'6'45? Compliments of J. J. NEWBERRY E5 CO. fs - io - 25c STORE Santa Rosa, Calif. i E 3 I N il Qi B 5 N in 2 Q Q N I tl fl, fl I3 Ay 11 5 1 X 1:5 :gp 2 it N I I -AV' .f.7'.A7'.!.7'.dl' .A7'.l.7J.7'.A'f'.A'fI' Zl'.El77.!?!.7J7ZfJ7'.!7J7.f7ZlJ?ZfZf.!7.Cf'.!7'J?!7ZfL'fZff 'w so Rf 2 E S to ri' fi I it E I1 I 2 It E E Q 2 ft it ti 2 iv Z e. S w 25 W 5 E is 'ff N S N 5 Q, Q 'N N 5 N it E li Q Q 2 2 Q, Y .f5'J'L" f9T'Q'fQ'f!'1" Q71 ,Q,2???'e'iiQQ1S'?f'i5f2'11129Qf-9fv2fe???' , - . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' f l 5 E Q 2 2 Q 2 Q S 2 S 5 V5 E W 3 9 5 Q A Q. 5, f-r D: U3 5? fmf mov Q as 2 moe Q PS-O22-03701 wg-5-O22 Nl Z D' U1 Q O FU m 3,- 5 9 as M Q 2 U1 2 ff 9 3: Q 'U P11 m I fu ff M aa. w 31 PU S 0 E 52 N M it TS Q , if dvfvfzff , ,QQZ-9122-Y ' W YT Q if 11 N 3 N E N 2, I m 1 ffl E El m rn 5 5-O fn : 5 a- kl Q Sf? Cn -,U C 'X o 3' O 'TJ po x H 2 -H O '-4 4 2 E ' m Q Q 0 'J o m E 3 'U TU 'N 0 3' is 0 E E D: N 55 2 W -1 f-1 3 Z fl 3 21 3' -4 5,1 C Q- 2 - U 5 D 'R 3 9 Q aw- I" 1 N m 2 9 m Cn Q3 L P 2 E W U Q w :U Da- Z O 9' fn T' ' 1 D T r- R 3' V9 Q 3 Q '-H Z ga D W Q w m 5 Q Q ff 1 D Q Y 23, A f x A U r i A I P w 7 l e l 32 lf N J S Q Q SPOONER'S f l lb Compliments ax lf of K is HORACP P. sHARRoCKs , Q M. D. S is S1213As'roPo1. GRATON 5 Phone 3038 Phone 3549 A lv 1 le in S v 3 ll R 5 We S 5 gg L1-xsH's sHoE sToRE ge ll: Extend their best wishes and success to the 'X A4 GRADUATINC1 CLASS OF 1951 is lg BUSTER BROWN - ROBLEE - LIFE STRIDE mx Qi Phone 2365 154 No. Main S wainfifaaewzavsmfifffa:11efoffff1f1fa'?9a2'fGff1f',a15Q2'R9Q??2?1ez L ei J. F. TRIGGS '55 SON 1 S4 AUTO - TRUCK and TRACTOR PARTS A XY Telephone 2282 Complete Machine Shop Service Sebastopol Q five-vewavvwyzffo1-vez-Yamvfze-rvzafezvaffpaffiafevzzwiifiwfffaaifizevff ll A. H. SILVA 1 Q , lg Watch Repairing -:- Jewelry QQ S 1 15 Bodega Avenue Res. Phone 3215 Sebastopol, Calif. is fvziwffafiefvvwearezfffvefebviefoz4v??'2.4'M2ffi2f152??'a2f4Q??f-zfieia A' SPROUSE-REITZ CO. YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLY STORE 5, 10 and 15c Store S.wffeszzfedeeeeeeazzzfzeffdvfazffiavzfn-wxwfffffazzgazzzzfaafzzdeai Ef 'if - "P?'A'A'5"."n'nD"I0T0'.5'A'k'n'n'20',0'n'.436'I5',"i'k75'p70',i'n'nZ5367i',iZ5',6'i',97474b0D"L43'75'AZ5'k',3557v'I"f'n3'3070VnD3'Af"P'k'P'nQ Compliments S. H. KRESS '25 CO. JfIf". !f?' ,J X A, SANTA RosA. CALIE. Ry -,vffgfwfffwzfzfffpafffgo1fzfzfsof-'12,w.v..f112f,s4f,s4w,f,f,w,1.:ff,.f-f,-f.-w.ff.ayeas COMPLIMENTS TO CLASS OE '51 RIVER BAKERY is MARKET Q Cuucrneville, California BEE SIMONS, Prop. wzzasf-vzfffQwzzvfafnfz-M-warifffffffggwzzffnfzfggvyavoiafgg SULLlVAN'S DELICATESSEN AND DO-NUT SHOP S BEST DO-NUTS ON THE RIVER if Guerneville Phone 266-W 6'f-6-'w'e'??'.i'7Q',3',o,G'."',66-'P:y',y',PIYi'fo',-f"f-'f-f".",f'.e:e'i'.'E3'.46f6'.i',vf'p'.6'p76'i',6'n63',5'f'f'f',f'p:"i'."2"n'S 3 THE ANCHOR -- AT HILTON 5 FROZEN FOOD - GROCERIES - SODA FOUNTAIN Q Picnic Ground - Ciood Beach - Swimming A Good Place for Children Peter l-louser - Margaret l-louser and Family We -ffywffyzgzwffffffwgyvvff-f.-wffpwfff1,v1.-favezvwzfuaaff-Q,ff..wgffz,..4f.a:sw.ff.g3,1 CONGRATULATIONS from :Q HHOLLYDALE PK RESORT" QQ Joe and Turline Cook,,v.f,f,9wf.vxf,Gf-wQg,Qw:v,f,2f,aMf,v.vf.v,.:sqa1f,6r-f.-ff,w,z-w-z2:2G1- RIO NIDO NIGHTLY DANCING - FREE EN'I'ER'l'AINMEN'1' :asf-f.-'zewwarnsmvfewiwwwefwwrafvfweaWefffewfgvfzvz RISTAU'S GROCERY FANCY AND STAPLE oRoCER1Es Cunningham California -b3'.09Io",o',q'w'e'e2?7'Ci'li'a?'f9".!v,f',f',y.y1-fJ2'.+',5'.67o',v,v.y'.e3519313',o',4','fp'f'f'ff??i?'i'i,3'.".5'f',v',Q'f'.g'.f'.i"i' - X 'M - I , ' Compliments l t A Guerncville. fy v ' """1- - to T..-n-unlink., K, ,...m..,.h.E'., Calif. Class of '51 C . - Phone 77 RIO NIDO ' GUIINIVILLI GUIINIWXD MONT' lla iREAL ESTATE ' RENTALS ' INSURANCE l 4f1'f'f'1'L"f"f"f .-'f'i0i5L5' "-?ff'-9'fL!J".,-e'1:'e'4'1'i92"1"f'2fQe'4L9ie1'S0',4'S9C"f"-9'f +f'1f4f'ek92e n"f"f3'4'A'4'1"ffGe'fC9"P'fJf'f'4'f'4'4'4",0C9'.v',",o',vf'!: 66 I x fly 1 E I 1 I N E fx' i E I I 1 3 3. E I is 1, I 'Of 1 I I E RI xx, I I I I I I E 1, BJ E I I ,elf .15 .f'L8'C15'ff!'f5" I f9'1'J'L5ef ,dddi I I J9'?'J25" f 1 Q' . Congratulations To Class of '51 F I I 'f 993 GRUWING ULDER 4' Q , CONGRATULATIONS gg Txue, shes a year older, Q1 1 . . - ?Sll5SIIfefhieIfaS1Ii1f5f to TO THE CLASS OF A it not hir aiu, ggind gnu, 1951 X 6 JusI er Qllft ay. al 225:35 20322422123 55355 I LeT3nSp3Zf5 REDWUOD EMPIRE Tx ' X' the ' 'th . Y , 1 2 Qxfffiw OIL CO. I la' ' ' 4- fx M A N A 1. Y I v f y F L 0 R I S T 327 Petaluma Avcnuc M- :R 697 Bodega Ave. Ph. 7909 Sgbgsfgpglv ' "A: the ciiy limits" Q fx om Sly' Ir Ifuth Flowem A fx I REX BARBER SHOP 5 I I '52 Santa Rosa Avenue Gus and Ray Q UNION HOTEL ' Carlo and Mary Panizzera 'xx ITALIAN DINNERS Qs Phone 2371 Occidental, Calif. EI' "BABE" SPOONCER'S SERVICE COMPLETE TIRE SERVICE I GAS - OIL - BATTERIES - TIRE RECAPPING qw Just back of Chamber of Commerce Scbastopol Phone 2504 I I OWL RESTAURANT Q52 X3 IZ7 Bodcga Avenue Scbastopol, California PQ 1 fi X Xi X, I I N 1 1 E2 gr CONGRATULATIONS PALM DRIVE HOSPITAL MR. AND MRs. A. Hiauvica RALPH TI'-Ili NURSES AND STAIIII 'J"4'Z'C'C5f" f'f4'1"1!'1"f5'ff'1?If'5?'f'f"PS"P'1?'1?'1fff?Z!L95"'f" ?3"f"f"f"1"1?'1' NEIL GREENE INSURANCE SPECIALISTS AND ADJUSTERS 124 South Main Street Sebastopol, California 5viwwwxffgizfddfiffdxyvzfwz--'i"'e',5'f"f9"4'fieL:ifi""Mf'1e'ffr'ffff,e'fi'f"."ff',e',e'f'fw'fff D '85 L CLEANERS TOP QUALITY CLEANING AT EAIR PRICES WHY PAY MORE Sonoma Countys Economy Cleaner I ,gzyaiifwwfffwg z-1-',e',".v,o',o',o6o',v,",f,oz-'p',v,".o'.v.",v6".'v-'.o w'5f,".",-',v,o',-',-',o',f',- w',o',-'.v,v,",-f,-cof,-Q-v-w'."w,o'.f X lVIAXINE'S EASHIONS IN COTTON Ladies, Children Todlers -:- Kayser Hose Alice of California Dresses Best IVi.shes To Class Of '5 I 149 No. Main St. Maxine Gonsalves. Class of MVS" I C H V H 'P T Ohh Y i T P fi E K I BEST WISHIES TO THE CLASS OE '51 I THE WETCH AGENCY 55"45'4"nG"A',"nQ"f5',",3'A73'40'kC5'. 6536030',0'465',0757675',",0',",'3'7056'15'n'w'wC0'20Q0Q'D33v'iCi33'n'n'.'3"JO'f39'ADv7"wZ BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 5 l H. U. GONNELLA '26 SONS Groceries - Harclware - Electrical and Plumbing Conlracling Telephone 237ml Occidental In Occidental it's EIORI'S Excelling in Italian Dinners - Cocklails -H Mixed Drinks I George and Raymond Eiori Occidental, Calif. I 3 1 1 st 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 3, 3. 3, 1 1 'Y 1 1 l 3, 3 5 1 3. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ..- Y 5 1 1 1 l 1 1, 1 1? '5"1'if' -5J'J"J'J!'1' 15t'1"Jf5" i V' :fl bv il1 it 1 'l 1 'Q all 55 Q if 5 ff 91 .1 1 1 -'Q 1 11 I if 2 1 it 'I 'I 'xt 1 'fl .1 L1 1 it 1 il 'Q I 1 1 1 1 llpffffgyyef.-Jyvffvffffzkidfefevizu fauafffoz-:ave Qifavfvfdffzaezfayffffiz I 1 4 w , 1 1 i 1 .-. 'Q 1491? ,V V N , X S' XXL 3? Q5 x A 0-f Q if A ,y A! L J1M NMMA? ILI. 1 JL! N' 4 ,LJ ,ADW M. Y U3 I X - x KX Y ffl' f WI' , Z 8 A fda-lcv ,bwclf 4 A 52 I JPG j lf! 'JY L f .- I, "" ' 1-. " x. yn, , n-,f f 'V C X 1 ul 1 L , ff iff CV 'XX !f,!ikdA1'f!41 5 V . n. 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Suggestions in the Analy High School - Azalea Yearbook (Sebastopol, CA) collection:

Analy High School - Azalea Yearbook (Sebastopol, CA) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


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Analy High School - Azalea Yearbook (Sebastopol, CA) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


Analy High School - Azalea Yearbook (Sebastopol, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Analy High School - Azalea Yearbook (Sebastopol, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Analy High School - Azalea Yearbook (Sebastopol, CA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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