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0 n V I , xA?S Vf Q ,J- S QS f Ei 93 N Ns Q L-qui! gt ii MQ . QV ,W Cc gag lVIfHQ7751f1ff7 '70 H7754 W vi fi N W JN J Q' 1 4--, 1, -v 1 e ' , f' r l ir K. .--V922 ,- Y ,. TA - 5. K ,il . m' , 1 f, .fee , Li.: 1 4 . ,f. .f mn 1 .1 .,b4. ,A ,-. 1.1.2-,-'xa',,'.' . :Risk-Q fi- 1 , f ,CM ,, , -Vg., r 'Y w. 1 A 4 , 1 , A ' f , 4- , -'vw '!,r..,,.,., -.-1 . X 'img V 3521 642 J, 5 V THE AZALEA '1932 S VOLUME XXII ' Aviation Number Publubed Byt 5 ASSOCIATED S ANALY HIGH S 1' L ,, ' az An Q 7' MARION? X , -52 ' 1 has 1 .,. .Ti ,. J. ,, L 4. aim .im Dgdhicantzion TO THE TRUSTEES OF THE ANALY UNION HIGH SCHOOL WHOSE STEADFAST SUPPORT OF THE EDUCATIONAL IDEALS TO WHICH ANALY HOLDS HAS PROVEN TO BE ONE OF THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL FACTORS IN THE NURTURE AND PRESERVA- TION OF THE ANALY SPIRIT OF GOOD FELLOWSHIP . P. 'L 1 4 ,. AQ!"- , 'A 'f A f' agff . 'ki' ,f gf. ,, . ,, 1 " 4 IR'-. ..., .Z A: 1 4 ,, f. 3:55 .' A ' :Ll I, , -' 7.1, ' 1 V EA, . 'mf ,iai ff .A ' ' v 5.333 -- 1 - lf,-Q "UT 'sal 4ff.f,:. X , .. , , M ' 4 ARR A I 31, , F 'W .e . f 1 'E if , f 4 -,ff F Y! ki! 3 -: Lv 5' 1 'b XA.: , 32 ,I JJ! , ig wig' Y , . 1 'fv 4 wg .H '. :ff 3. fi . - ' X fl 1. Mg. 1 ml? A ' ig: , 1 -K I 5 I ' . . L , QT . .w ,zgfgzzg ,- 2 , ,Z . ki' . .W N. fra-1 M tg' . aft' flIllIHlllIlHlllIll.H AZALEA F OR 1 95 2 PAGE 8 MR. ARTHUR L. SHULL Message to the Students VER since the discovery of America a steady growth and attention in a clearer manner than the changes which have up lf taken place in the means of transportation Sea going vessels ,,fNf6", have changed from big awkward ships, that required weeks vi to make a voyage, to ocean liners that cross the same distance in a few days. Transportation on land has passed from the ox-cart stage, through various improvements until our nation is lined with excellent highways and traversed by limited trains that provide all the comforts of home. The progress demanded more and still more speed until the pony express, the fast train, and even the modern limited trains have given place to the transports of the air that now carry over great distances mail, merchandise, and passengers in fewer hours than earlier inventions took days or even months to carry them. Despite all this progress, leaders are still needed. Many of the young people of today so dedicate themselves to the service of the world that in the generations to come some may contribute as much to the progress as have such men as Watts, Edison andlwright. change has been taking place. Nothing calls this to our l, . A , , .Al f' ll i lr r f W 1 ' I ,If X' , A xr Top Row: Shull, Crump, Beach, Benson. Fourth Row: Carroll, Fredericks, Gale, Hensely, Irish. Third Row: Jones, Karlson, Knight, Lance, Lorraine. Second Row: Luman, Reager, Richardson, Schmidt, Snypp. First Row: Sovy, Thomas, Trezona, Weseen, Worwood. AZALEA FOR 1932 'N 1 ,lx f 1 -x PAGE 9 AZALEA FOR 1 93 2 PAGE 10 ELEANOR ANDERSON Oak Grove EMORY ALDERSON Oak Grove SAMUEL BANKS j jofzive LM, 1,11 JOSEPH ADGER Selmftopol THEODORE BRAGA Spring Hill CATHERINE BIZAL Eumlyptuf RICHARD BRIDGEFORD Selmftopol Li, 7, MII ff. 1,-' VIRGINIA BRANDIS F 0 reftvil l e LELA BROWNELI. A Sebfutopol BERTRAM BROWN Pleamnl Hill ANITA CIATTI Tramfer Girly High Ross CARR Sebaflopol My :rn I- I EDNA COATS Mt. Verizon CLARENCE CORDOZA Canjfeld GLADYS CORDOZA Cafzjfeld ELIZABETH CRAIG fonioe EIINICE CURTIS Longfellow fr. High KATI-IALEEN DOKA Pleafanl Hill MILDRED EDWARDS Oak Grove CLIFFORD ELPHICK Pleamnl H ill CHARLES EICHINGER Lifzroln fr. H. S., Honolulu FRANK FISK Mt. Vernon NYRA FRIEDIERICKS Sebaftopol RONALD GARLOFF Mt. Vernon ,gu- 363' ALBERT GILARDI Selmftopol ERNEST GARLOFF Mt. Vernon WILLIAM HIURA Mt. Vewzwz ANNA HENNINGSIEN Pleafafzl Hill THELMA JOHNSON Sebafiopol BEATRICE JEFFERY Petaluma H i gh JUNE KOBLER Vine Hill JAMES KEEGAN Fm'efl1'ill e CHESTER LAWRENCE Sebaxlopol LOLA BROWNELL Sebaxtopol BRUNA MAGRIN1 Dzznmfz Mill: FRANCES LINVILLE Sebafzopol ELIZABETH MANCINI Foreflville HAZEL MAORINI Dmzmfz Mlllf HARRY MAYHORN Sebaftopol 7 INEZ MCFARLANE Sebaflopol ISABELLE MENDONCA Gold Ridge EMILIA MICHELI Galileo Higla, MARTILLE MILLER Sebaflopol NORMAN MILLER Hall SAMUEL MOE Oakland H lgla MYREL MOORE Sebaflopol WILLIS NORTON Tolmzlef H igh DALE ORR Selmflopal ,679 AZALEA FOR 19 3 2 nav' PAGE 13 AZALEA FOR 1932 D0 . W ,nf Mix fn-Z ff PAGE 14 JEAN PORTER Sebaxtopol JOSEPHINE PALMBERG Oroville High ADELLA PIEZZI Hall 1iIZLEN PRIEN Ml. Vernon DOLORES REGO Sebastopol CLYTIE PYKE F 0I'6J'l1f'iU e THELMA SCOTT Ezmzlyptnf LoTTY SIEIZFELDT Ml. Vernon THEODORE SHATTO Sebputopol ANTONE SCHAFFER Canfield FRANQES STARKY Pleanznt H ill ANNA SCHILLING spring Hill M .M .,,, yn. 1 NELSON STONE MrFa1'la1zd H i gh N Q PAUL STRODE Parijic Cl9I'i.rtiafz Arademy MILDRED TALLMAN Oak Grove ELDORA'TAYLOR Dirkimon N orfmzl WESLEY TAYLOR S ebfuto 1170! WESLEY TEMPLE Sebafmpol LORRAINE THOMAS Sebaftopol CAROLINE VALENTINE Sebaflopol JOHN VAN KEPPEL, JR. Foreftzfille LEONARD VARANO Vine H ill , I, EMILY WEAIT I' IGEEVJUIZ High JENNIE VOLKERTS Canfeld ' AZALEA FOR 1932 u PAGE 15 I ,, . rn' 'PC "x R, isgzg A '- -IQ! AZALEA FOR 1932 -1 T, PAGE 16 HARRY WHITE. JR. Sebaftopul WL mum, YAMAMQTO Sebuffopol josus YATABE Spring Hill 1 Ross Y12Au1aR I7w'eJl1'ille 1iM1L ZANELLI Tomalei H igla Senior' Class Faculty Sponsors: Miss Richardson, Miss Reager, Mrs. Gal , CLASS OFFICERS Fmsr SEMESTER I.-A -A e, Mr. Hensely, Mr. Fredericks. SECOND SEMESTER Charles Eiehinger ....,., .,.,..... P resident .......... ........ C harles Eichinger Jean Porter ,,.,,,,,.., .....,.. V ice-President .......... ......... E unice Curtis Emily Weait ............ .,...... S ecretary-Treasurer .......... ......... I nez McFarlane Dick Bridgeford .....,... .......... .......... Y e ll Leader .........,.... .... .............. D i ck Bridgeford 4 AGER eyes are looking towards a clear, blue sky all-3 four years ago we entered the ground school. above the Analy campus. Only More than one hundred and anxiously ready to learn and as rr become ably prepared for our future Hight through life. Although a few. of our co-pilots landed before their training period was over, seventy-five of us havebeen successful in completing our four-year non- Q 'I' I fifteen students turned out on the training field, 9 ? fl rlliofizw stop flight. Our Student Body was effectively conducted by President Sammy Banks and Vice- President Dick Bridgeford. The Girls' League was also well represented with Thelma johnson acting as girls' representative for both semesters. Many of our flying companions were outstanding in but those who reached the higher altitudes by becoming different activities and clubs, members of the Honor Society were: jack van Keppel, Adella Piezzi, Albert Gilardi, jose Yatabe, Ross Yeager, Sammy Banks, Nelson Stone, Thelma Scott, and Harry Mayhorn. - Many seniors were stars in the field of sports. Those on the football squad were: Dick Bridgeford, Ted Braga, Wesley Temple, Frank Fisk, Ernest Garlolf, and Merle Moore. Those making good in basketball were: George Yamamoto, Leonard Varano, jim Keegan, Sammy Banks, Dick Bridgeford, and Ronald Garloffj Those who were on the baseball squad were: Paul Strode, Ted Shatto, Ronald Garloff, Frank Fisk, George Yamamoto, and Leonard Varano. Our senior track stars consisted of: Nelson Stone, Ronald Garloff joe Badger, Charles Ei , ch William Hiora, Dick Bridgeford, and Sammy Banks. And now at our happy landing, we the class of 32, hop into shiny new planes ready for a much longer and of future, with a determination to obtain fame in othe same time alwa s thankful for the encouragement we hav Swain, -Jw... 4 11.12, f WV4'-rn. .' ' '-17? We-afcvfawu -In-.722,f4L',v,, -WL 1, fyg-3-. Paul Strode, Norman Miller, inger, Sam Moe, Ted Braga, leave our grand aircrafts and more serious flight to the land r regions of the world, at the e received at the Analy airport. AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 17 AZALEA FOR 1 93 2 Junior Class i I Top Row: Pillow, J. Duckhorn, Brakes, jackson, jones, Paschich, Wegesser, Castens, Hoffmeyer, Martini, Narrow, Downer, Shoemake, Kingwell, Trembly, Monroe, Fisk. Fifth Row: Dillah, R. Diuckhorn, Varano, Stockberger, Stipp, Ono, Dorwood, Spillers, Doose, Berdick, Cordoza, Kirk, Fredericks, Slivkoff, Shelly, Strode, Mr. Knight, Carter, La Franchi, Guerazzi, Ungewitter, McDowell, Meeker, Roberts, Wagnon, Aslakson, Trembly, Hayes, Collins, Smith,- Harlow, Jones, Clayton. Third Row: Foster, Wright, Gunn, Valentine, Jones, Savio, Fisk, Watson, Davies, Narron, Dowd, Lummis, McCallum, Eltzroth, Pete, Foller. Second Row: Palmberg, Showalter, Dabney, Siemsen, Buroughs, Lombardi, Poggi, Furusho, Ameral, Shirk, Prosser, Taft, Harrington, Aho, Steward, Putney, Hagg. Reiter, Smith, Zanelli, johnson, Bollinger, jones, Fung, Frazer, Mendonca, Daverio, I. McKay, L. McKay, van Keppel, Davis. Fourth Row: First Row. Faculty Sponsors: Mr. Knight, Miss Schmidt, Mr. Lance, Mr. jones, Mrs. Trezona, Mr. Benson. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER .lill- PAGE 18 Marvin Frazer ....,,. ........... P resident ..,...., ....... R aymond Spillers Donald Daverio .,....,. .......... V ice-President ........ ....... H ubert Trembly Linda Fung ,,,,.,,....,,,. .......... S ecretary-Treasurer ........ ....,...,. L inda Fung Frank jones ...,...,,Y........ ............ Y ell Leader .......... .......... F rank jones Virginia Mendonca ,......., ........ S Ong Leader ......... .......... R uth Fisk - v - lg-.ill Junior Class P 9 URING the past year the Juniors have played a very prominent part in the S lj school life of Analy. Those representing the Junior Class in the Honor Society were: Dorothy Watson, Ruth Fisk, Walter Slivkoff, Barbara van Keppel, Linda Fung, Lilly Clayton, Frances Shirk, and Annie Ameral. Dorothy Watson held the office of president of the Honor Society during both semesters, while Frances Shirk was vice-president during the first semester, and Barbara van Keppel served as secretary- treasurer during the second semester of the school year. i , 'D , Q . p 41. ! ,Q 5,19 ,Blawg ik .. : fri Marvin Frazer was elected to the otfice of vice-president of the Student Body for both semesters and was also later chosen to head the newly organized Boys' Club in the school. Frank Jones was elected to the position of yell leader of the school during the entire year. In boys' athletics the juniors were well represented. Those who received block A's as awards for being selected for our team were as follows: Arthur Guerrazzi, Lawrence Downer, Marvin Frazer, Albert Carter, Sam Ono, Frank Jones, Gilbert Foster, John Duckhorn, john Shelley, Walter Slivkoff, Dale la Franchi, and.Donal Daverio. The outstanding Junior girls in athletics were: Genevieve Christensen, Dorothy Jones, Bonita Putney, Irma Savio, Marjorie Wagnon, Dora Lombardi, Virginia Mendonca, Frances Shirk, Rubye Vallentine, and Marion Wright. All of these Junior girl athletes were members of the G. A. A. and received awards in the form of letter A's for their play activities. The Juniors who participated in dramatics were: Ruth Fisk, Virginia Mendonca, Paul Meeker, Rose Trembly, and William Dabney. junior members of the Glee Clubs were: Adele Lummis, Evelyn Janson, Marvin Frazer, Donal Deverio, Frank jones, Paul Meeker, William Monroe, Lynn Doose, and Robert Perry. i The junior Prom, the most important social event of the class and of the school year, was held May 20th in the beautifully decorated gymnasium. Those in charge of the suc- cessful affair were: Ruth Fisk, decorations, john Duckhorn, musicg Virginia Mendonca, refreshments, and Glenn Dorwood, properties. The junior class eagerly look forward to their last yeariof school when they may uphold the dignity and studious reputation of past senior classes which we hope will equal if not better any previous graduating class. AZALEA FOR 1932 'PAGE 19 AZALEA FOR 1932 ,-li-f PAGE 20 Sophomore Class ,, Top Row: Fifth Row: Fourth Row: Third Row: Second Row: First Row: Howard, Roberts, Osborn. Masuoka, Miller, Morris, McDonell, Duck- horn, Seefeldt, Barnett, Foreman, Duer, Barnett, Avellar, Braudrick, Sullivan, Englehardt, Susoff, Ross, Greiner, Edwards, Iverson, Mr. Worwood, Lunceford. Cordoza, Neeley, johnson, Bonar, Carlson, Duer, Wasson, Lang, Fellers, Williams, Costello, O'Connell, Bately, Rickard, Miyamoto, Easdale, Weeks, Fisk, Hutton. Libby, Parker, Collier, Hess, Davis, Crocker, Simoni, Pluth, Hoffmeycr, Matsumoto, Arthur, Hicks, Rozeboom, Brady, Williamson, Rohrer, Blank, Edwards. Gonsalves, Sutherland, Hodapp, McGrew, McDowell, Grant, Shaw, Kunkel, Jeffery, Burroughs, Oehlman, Paletti, Piezzi, johnson, Miss Thomas, Buffalo, Matsuda. - Persons, Starkey, Shelly, Thomas, Souza, Stockberger, Oshida, Yatabe, Watanabe, Wilson, Hensely, Smith, Howard, Rather, McGrew, Wagnon. - Orr, Mariola, Stone, Rice, McFarlane, jones, Fore, Temple, Halberg, Bridgeford, Fisher, Tough, Gallagher, Pedroia. Faculty Sponsors: Miss Thomas, Miss Weseen, Miss Lorraine, Mr. Worwood, Mr Beach, Mr. Karlson. FIRST SEMESTER SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Walter Fore .......... ......,. P resident ................,. .........,.,, W alter Fora, Edith Temple ........ ....... V ice-President ......1 ,H ,.,.. ........., I ovita Hicks Louise Halberg ......,. ,...... S ecretary-Treasurer .,......., ....,... L ouise Halberg Mable jones ........., ..,.,,,,. Y ell Leader .,...,... ,r..,,,, M ableg jones SECOND SEMESTER :Fx i l iq A "' a 'ff fruit x ."- ..-- " ' LJ in Gr. .ral L . . AZALEA FOR 1932 Sophomore 'Class FTER going through a never-to-be-forgotten year as green freshmen at Analy, we at last started upon a Sophomore year in that same institution in September, 1931. As Freshmen, we were quiet around school and very significant, but upon becoming members of that lordly class of Sophomores a great change took place. The Sophomore is widely known for his proud and hauty manner around school, and this class of '34 has naturally lived up to that reputation during the past year. As far as social functions are concerned the year has been very successful for the Sophomores. Soon after school began in September, the Sophomores were hosts to the school at the Freshman Reception, which was held amid gay decorations and with a large crowd attending. ln March a Sophomore dance and card party was held in place of the usual class picnic. Everyone who attended the affair thoroughly enjoyed the oc- casion. The fact that the members of the class were ambitious and studious is shown by the number who gained membership in the Honor Society. These high flyers were: Leo Duckhorn, Leland Bonar, Toshiye Oshida, Dorothy Shelley, Ruth Thomas, Misaye Wat- anabe, Louise Halberg, Menora Matsuda, Gladye Persons, and Thelma Yatabe. The Sophomores who made a splendid showing in Analy athletics at the first of the school year on the gridiron were: jim Neeley, Stanley Blank, Art Iverson, David Foreman, and Leland Bonar. As the year drew on, football faded into the dim distance and basketball became the main attraction, The members upholding the class in this sport were: Leo Duckhorn, David Foreman, Walter Fore, Stanley Blank, Albert Lunceford, and Scotty McDonell. On the tennis court Leland Bonar and David Foreman brought fame to the class, while the cinder path saw Stanley Blank, Art Iverson, jim Neeley, Joe Greiner, Vernal Howard, David Foreman, August Englehardt, and Walter Fore racing for the honor of old Analy. Not only was the famous class of Sophomores known by their ability as students and athletes, but were also members of class functions such as glee club entertainments, school plays and in musical activities. After having established such a wonderful record throughout our first two years of high school, we, the members of the class of '34 feel that we have helped to maintain the honor of Analy and hope to preserve such a reputation during the balance of our high school career. V PAGE 21 AZALEA FOR 1932 I PAGE 22 Freshman Class , M. M 'l f ws' 1- W Top Row: Seventh Row: Sixth Row: Fifth Row: Fourth Row: Third Row: Second Row: First Row: De Silva, Lark, Lucietich, Rowe, Keegan, Respini, Franklin, johnson, Hagg, Kobler, Sharp, Souza, Harford, Pierce, Guidotti, McDevitt, Marshall, Urton, Ashdown, McBain, Lea. Mr. Irish, Bastings, Hall, Dahlbon, Ungewitter, McBai'n, Kelly, Fouts, Henningsen, Piercini, Howard, Pete. Miss Snypp, Kubuchi, Garloff, Badger, Wright, Barnes, Thorpe, Poggi, Butler, Hench, Macler, Reiter, McGrew, Carr, Drury, Graham, Keil. Miss Luman, Rowland, Beckman, Foreaker, Hudspeth, Searby, Garloif, Fouts, Thomsen, johnson, Gonsalves, Yeager, Garlc-ff, Greer, Bos- well, Lucus, La Font, Miller, Hiura. Fouts, Fung, Rather, Birkhoffer, Beattie, Kimura, Anderson, Ashdown, MeDevitt, Anderson, Jensen, Smith, Bacchini, Nichols, Middleton, Case. Bacon, Ameral, Arends, Bizal, Barich, Sako, Yamamoto, van Kepple, Dawson, Prosser, Medrano, jenkins, Hixson, Anderson, Tallman, Lopes. Chamberland, Arends, johnson, Shell, Peterson, Moore, Frazer, Mat- suda, Shell, Goss, Hall, Pharris, Rose, Tough, Gonella, Cave, johnson. Rozeboom, Howard, Lyon, Menini, Thomas, Mayhorn, Savio, Fore, Grey, Wetch, Fellers, Darby, Bollinger, Glenn. Faculty Sponsors: Miss Snypp, Miss Luman, Miss Sovy, Mr. Carroll, Mr. Irish Mr. Crump. FIRST SEMESTER CI-A55 OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER George Frazer ........... .......... P resident ................ ............ G eorge Frazer Thomea Matsuda .......... ,.......... V ice-President .......... ......... P aul Badger Shirley Shell ..,........ ......... S ecretary-Treasurer ........ ........ D onald Lark Maxine Goss .......... ........... Y ell Leader ....... .......... B obby Grey Freshman 'Class TINY spark may burst into a flame" is the motto of the Freshman class which has completed its first year of high school. A successful "take off" was made when George Frazer was made our pilot. I A I Lis The big event of the year, the Freshman Reception, made the members of L M A the first-year class feel entirely at home in their new surroundings. Jean Pharris, who represented the class, was united to the Student Body in a mock marriage ceremony to Sam Banks, Student Body president. After an entertaining program, dancing completed the balance of the evening. The Freshman girls entered into the activities of Analy in a lively way, by winning first prize at the Girls' Jinx, where they presented an entertaining stunt under the di- rection of jean Pharris, member of the program committee. In the second semester of the year, a tea was given to a large group of the mothers of the class which helped to acquaint the mothers with the teachers. An entertaining program consisting of a glee club number, a skit, piano selections, and a talk by Miss Schmidt was enjoyed by all those present. At the conclusion of the tea, refreshments were served in the cafeteria, which was decorated in green and yellow, the class colors. The members who aimed high in regard to marks in their subjects were few, 'but the number is sure to increase as shown by the large number on the honor roll during the second semester. Those who made the Honor Society were: Tamea Matsuda, Walter Fellers, Harold Thomas, Betty Graham, and Elizabeth Greer. Of those Freshmen enterting sports several have made a good showing during the athletic season. In football, William Fung, jim Jlubuchi, Franklin Garloff, George Lee, and George Frazer distinguished themselves on the gridiron. In basketball, Eddie Keegan, George Frazer, and Jim Kubuchi made good in the mid-winter sport. A number of Freshmen students exercised their golden voices in Glee Club activities during'the year which was composed of the following members: Mary jane Hall, Hyla Tough, Shirley Shell, Pauline Moore, Bernice Resnick, Maxine Goss, and Ellabelle johnson. Pauline Moore had a prominent part in the Washington Pageant. Upon concluding the first year, the class of '35 are eagerly looking forward to further activity during the remainder of their three years of school at Analy. Q-if-aw ' . ,gg AZALEA FOR 1 932 I PAGE 23 n 'i fy , f-ww vvrwfa-'rw':-'-r"'ff"f''xagfgmr,T3'?vz::3I3V7K!i'H " JVC: v wWm,Wv,,,I,W,-Dyk-naf-f'1vf1f"''fP'ff"!i1"3'ftff'f'f'Ts'Qa," " " U- ' l ' ' J ' ' "' f"' V A ti A, y?gViMT!,,'.ilpx 5 ., 1 N . ,. . V X X . . X T fl Q 17, , .-4. fix " f ffl' 'mp -5 ' 'sv " ' ' f"' 'F l H. '..J1 - -' ' - V 'W ,5- '21 Vw.-" ' ' . rg' ,.,.,1A 5. ,. E 32 Hi' ' Q jx' 'pw I QL-f5 'mf - f, , ,' . 1' 31.235 gt . 3i '35,.?' ' 1 Q, ." If x cf Sp., ' i" fl' if Q12 A FZ, ff" 17 ' FS' ,n 3-4' 5 I .M 'Sn T. , :-Q I V fv, ,, 5 A 1. iii' , k x 'zzgfk ., ' 9 I , X .Y ' ,V - fl' V V ,, :EZ R ,I 5 " tg! X4 1 ,df .'1 W ,tk ,- 'flf 1. ff, '22- ifz ' ' J, - H A P L ' ' 32 ' .sr i . y - .JL f ga- - "gif , +R NA: . :Wi l- 0 if 3 .ra U WJ lf, , g gf" -.,. - IH' 5.15. . , gg. . 5, ,T 5,. '.,, I I X . if - , ' ff ! gi 3 , . I 5 :A ' V . - i ' . , ! f ' E 5 'Z' , ' . Y-QW if . ' . I, 12 Q g f Mu ,, , ,- V lg 'fl . W i half A. H 5 , ' 3 .3iw"' f L 4 . W ii? VP K , V 1, gn V U , q.".,Mf,.Ii 4 ,if X, QA . . - , . ev ,,V. ,M - qu, M, . , 4 L ' X ' 'w ' s A-"' " -'A -1 .. fa- , - -I K , , 1 , u .vw , .- .1 rr. 1' ' Kp ,. V. .W-V HQ wwf" 'wx 1'-"rw-' "" 1 '-rv --f-w-wx -rw--'-"Q wwf! -' - vw- -'---' ------- -' ---1-v K :sq-5.-rr' 5 1 Ia' 'vwvvq w 'vw y, K L irrlw XH I I '4,,.F,,.L1 - A .,, ,wx .41 ,. 4 I, Ll'."" , - 1 .. 4 . . I X , , A , , .. V 'Inj gfrq:',a1v.R,g155?"' f ' X 1" " ' '- A Q , .lvl-f ,1 . H., .-4 , i jk I fr V. t ,2- 'G' 3 .WE v . fi Q ff? L ii gg 53 ' -5-'ff - ' 724 sag' Lua? .M w , M, J 'E 'f Lg' 'i if? Us I LN. 'fl luv , .Qu . A :fig .. 'Ya . .gn fa . ...Q-:X 1 , if-.-4' V. .,,.,L,., v a ' 3:4 , it . Q : ,J I5 K-ft: : ' 'J-,.jS,. -1 QL gh f. iw". ' fi' Jyh' 1, :,' 51.-, '. ' ' ' Xen -3 -5 f f r . ' :f..y-nk xv 'mmf K ' ' QW? -5. f .f , , Qi 7 A U fn If 1 , f . ,ig dj in 5 'ef 4 amaarf .. ..,f Wa mzhff , f '. Ls.:-. v ' 2' .ct , . 4 ,iii 5, .L '3 AZALEA FOR 1932 Top Row: Banks, Bridgeford, Frazer. Bottom Row: johnson, Orr, Gilardi, jones. Student Body Council Established 1909 Faculty Sponsor, ...,.,... Mr. Shiull OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER v SECOND SEMESTER Sam Banks ....,.... ....... P resident ........ ............... S am Banks Dick Bridgeford ..,..... .......... V ice-President ........ ......... D 'ick Bridgeford Marvin Frazer ..,...., ......... S ecretary-Treasurer ..,.... .......... M arvin Frazer Dale Orr .,.......... ..z.. Student Body Manager ...,... .............. D ale Orr Albert Gilardi ..,..... .............. H istorian ,........... ......... L eo Duckhorn Thelma johnson .....V.. ..,vs.. G irls' Representative ,,..... .. ..,.. Thelma johnson Frank jones ......... ........ Y ell Leader ..,....... .......... F rank jones ..l1 - PAGE 26 Student .Body .Affairs 'HE first Student Body meeting of the year was held on September 17. After a regular business meeting, Frank jones led the students in school yells. Gaiiawaghowah, better known as Mr. Freeman, gave an interesting talk ,digg . . . . L-'N ls, on Indian -life in an assembly on November 3. He displayed several Indian Y ' blankets and gave illustrations of Indian songs and calls. On the evening of November 10, a program was presented in the Gym in observance of National Education Week. A great amount of school spirit was shown at a bonfire rally held on the night of November 12, prior to the football game with St. Helena. On November 13, Healdsburg, Tomales, and Analy joined in the presentation of three one-act plays in the Analy Gym. The Analy students presented the play, "Dust of the Road." EY The installation of the Girls' League officers was held in the gym on November 18. Rose Hagg, former president of the League, installed the members the usual candle-light ceremony. of the cabinet in Both of the football teams enjoyed a banquet given in the school cafeteria Novem- ber 19. Mr. Thomas Bridges, president of Healds Engineering School, gave a very interesting talk on "Choosing a Professionj' on December 4. jack van Keppel won first place in the Book Week assembly December 8, when he portrayed Mr. Micawber from "David Copperfield." A large number of students partici- pated in the program and four books were given as prizes. "Why the Chimes Rangf' a beautiful religious play, was presented by the drama class on December 15. The glees also assisted in the program. The Student Body officers for the second semester were installed at an assembly on january 29. Aftr the installation the combined glees sang a number of songs. On February 16 the Azalea staff presented a brilliant radio assembly, advertising the 1932 annal. The program was unique, and proved a great success. Dr. Knoles, president of the College of the Pacific, spoke in an assembly on February 26, his subject was "Disarmamentf' Senior Old Clothes Day was held April 1, and an unusual number of Seniors par- ticipated. AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 27 AZALEA FOR 1952 N M XXI' -4 fi tc X, PAGE 28 X Top Row: Stone, Brown, Benson, McDonald, Spillers, Porter, Curtis. Second Row: Mancini, Mendonca, A. van Keppel, Daverio, Badger, Miller. Third Row: Lawrence, J. van Keppel, Watson, Ameral, Davies. Faculty Sponsor ....... jack van Keppel ......... Dorothy Watson ....... Chester Lawrence ......... Raymond Spillers ......... Nelson Stone ........ Eunice Curtis ........ Winifred Davies ........ Elizabeth Mancini ....... Annie Ameral .........,, Scotty McDonell ........., Alice van Keppel V.,..... joe Badger ............ Ted Braga ............ Norman Miller ......... jean Porter ............ Bertram Brown ........ Virginia Mendonca ........ Azallea Staff STAFF Benson ....................Editor ........Assistant Editor ................Manager Assistant Manager .....................Literary ........Organizations ........f.Senior Class ..,...........Junior Class ...Sophomore Class ........Freshman Class ....................Sports .........Assistant ........Snapshots .............Assistant ......................jokes ......Sales Manager The Azalea TH aviation the theme of the 1932 Azalea, t this very colorful book was possible. Under the supervision of the editor, Jack van Keppel, , and the advisor, Mr. Benson, the staff has pro- duced a very attractive book from both the artistic and literary standpoint. Improvement was made in all of the sections of the year book, and the staff feels that an achievement has been made towards a high school annual which depicts school life and history as it is actually found. I -a :- KM Ji- Ts- Y wa S P1 4. gf The Azalea for 1932 has adopted a blue color scheme for its division pages representing a departure from the division pages of past year books. Instead of the cover or fly shades of blue are to be found in the text which we feel v the color scheme of the book. The art work was done by the m Davies, our able and promising art student. Thanks and appreciation are also due to Miss Luman, whose valuable criticisms in the art work and whose kindly assistance in our publicity campaign are two of the reasons for the success of the book. in more harmony with the only color, asterful hand of Winifred The business managers of the Azalea, Chester Lawrence and Raymond Spillers, are to be congratulated very highly for the splendid work they have done in the solicitation of advertising space in such difhcult times as these. What they have achieved should be recognized as some kind of a record. Both of these able business geniuses have collected more advertising space and brought in a larger income than our entire quota of last year. The wonderful financial success of this project has made possible a surplus to be ad- vanced to the Analyan for the latter's support. 4 In January the editor and the advisor attended the California Scholastic Press Associ- ation at Stanford, where our last yearis book was criticized, and during the same session many problems pertinent to the plans of a year book were given special consideration. The Azalea is always unique in its method of publicity programs and this year adopted the idea of competitive sales activity among the four classes in the form of a horse race. At this writing the results of the horse race are not known but the latest reports indicated that it was developing into one of the closest races in the history of the Analy track. We, the Azalea staff, offer our production for your entertainment and educational en- joyment and may you spend many happy hours with the 1932 Azalea. AZALEA FOR 1 93 2 .. PAGE 29 AZALEA FOR 195 2 -ill- PAGE 30 Top Row: Benson, jones, Braga, Monroe, Keegan, Williamson, Daverio. Second Row: Craig, Parker, Davis, Simoni, Davis, Prien. Front Row: Savio, Badger, Weait, Frazer, Mendonca. The Aimaillyaum TI-lE STAFF i Editor-in-chief ,,..,r... . .....,,.,..,,,............ , .,.........,.........,....,....,. Emily Weait Associate Editors .,.....,, ......... M ax Williamson, Irma Savio Exchange Editor ..,,.,, ..,,...........................,.. B ill Monroe Feature Writer .,.,...... ........ H elen Prien Sport Editor .............,.., .,,.,.. ...,,.. .....,.... J o e Badger Braga Asst. Sport Editor ,....,, Club and Class Affairs ....,.. Dramatics and Music ....,.... .........,.,. ............r.... NEWS REPORTERS Clara Parker, james Keegan, jack van Kepple, Marvin Frazer, Donald Daveiro, Frank jones, Bill Monroe Vivian Perry Faculty Advisor ......, ..,...............,...,...........,. ......... R i chard Bens OUR PLATFORM 1. To encourage high scholarship. 2. To promote the spirit of co-operation. 3. To foster good sportsmanship through victory and defeat. fl. To form a closer relationship between the school and the community. .......Doris Davis, Virginia Simoni Virginia Mendonca OH if , . ij.: AZALEA FOR 1932 The Analyan scholarship practicing the spirit of cooperation fostering good sportsmanship through victory and M, ,yn defeat, and above all, forming closer relationships li? fl between the school and the community, the staff of the Analyan under the leadership of Emily Weait, editor-in-chief, is indeed proud of their accomplish- ment for the year. The efficient assistance of our assist- ant editors, Irmo Savio and Max Williamson, has also I been instrumental towards the success of the paper during the past year. Considerable credit is also due to our worthy sports editors, joe Badger and Ted Braga, who were responsible for our attractive sport pages which proved to be one of the high lights of our publication. The other scribes should likewise receive meritorious praise for their effective presentation of those activities which are associated with school life in the columns of the Analyan. V? naw IVING up to their. platform for .encouraging high lit! . 3 . . r s.J , S: , . . . EMILY WEAIT In addition to the usual holiday numbers, the staff issued a special bicentennial edition in honor of the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth. We called this edition the "Mt. Vernon Gazette," which dealt with the period of Washington being presented in the typical newspaper style in order to represent as vividly as possible the events during his life. Early in the school year, the members of the staff accompanied by Mr. Benson, our advisor, visited the printing establishment of the Press Democrat of Santa Rosa, where they observed the inner workings of a daily paper. Early in the spring, Mr. Benson took three delegates from the staff, including our Azalea editor, to the California Scholastic Press Association convention at Stanford, where problems pertaining to both publica- tions were discussed. Two copies of the Analyan and last year's Azalea were favorably criticized by those in charge of the convention. The Analyan is proud of their exchanges from other schools, having received papers from twenty high schools, two of which were received from Hawaii and one from the state of Iowa. Attention should also be given to a novel means of financing our paper this year whereby the income is derived from both the sale of Student Body cards and from the profits of the year book, a practice which has never before been tried in any other high school within our knowledge. The Analyan brings to a close a most successful year and we as Analyans are proud of our student publication for its successful attempt to portray the life of the school in a mature and entertaining fashion. rw V' Q V4 PAGE 31 AZALEA FOR 1 93 2 iii.-1 PAGE 32 Top Row: Meeker, Trembly, Shatto, Fisk, Mayhorn, jones. Second Row: Gunn, Palmberg, Tough, Mendonca, Fisher. Front Row: Taylor, Fredericks, Dabney, Gallaher. Faculty Sponsor ........,. President ....... Vice-President ..,.,.... Secretary ........ Treasurer. ....... ., 'llllhrespiaunl Cllulb Established 1927 ' OFFICERS Fmsr AND SECOND SEMESTIERS ........Mrs. Gale Y.......josephine Palmberg ..,.,.....Harry Mayhorn Genevieve Gunn Virginia Mendonca l Left to Right, Mendonca, White, Fisher, Bridgeford, Palmberg, Dabney, Fisk, Mayhorn, Tough, Broderick, Gallagher, Shatto. N Faculty Sponsor ..,...........,.,......,... Holger fa peasant boyj .............. Steen this younger brotherj ..,..,... Bertel ftheir unclej ..,..,.......,...t... An old Woman .........,..,.....,.....,. Rich woman ...,. Rich man .,.... Priest .......... King .,....,.... Sage .......,..,.... Young girl .....,, Courtier ......... Wyhy the Chimes Rang" CAST Gale ..,...........Harry Mayhorn Josephine Palrnberg ......,......Bill Dabney ......,..Nyra Fredericks .......Genevieve Tough .........Velma Fisher .....Dick Bridgeford ,.............Ted Shatto ..........,......Harry White .,........Virginia Mendonca ...Arthur Broderick Angel .....,t,. ............... R uth Fisk "Dust of the Road" CAST Pete Steele ...,,.,...,..,,...................,..... ,.....,..,.... .....,.... H a rry Mayhorn Prudence Steele ......,,..........,.......,..,..... ........ N yra Fredericks An old man funcle of Prudencej ......... ............ B ill Dabney A Tramp ......,...,..,,.......,....................... .......... P aul Meeker AZALEA FOR 1932 -.. . PAGE 33 AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 34 N 11- 77 x I Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Yatabe, Dokai Fourth Row: Mancini, Arthur. Commeireiall Club Faculty Sponsors ....... ,Y..,.,,,..... M iss Snypp, Miss Reager, a Established 1924 OFFICERS President .......,u Vice-President .....V,,,, ....... Secretary-Treasurer .....uu. V, Program Chairman ...Y....Y,...,,.,,,.,YY.....,,......,,.,....,.......,.. .,...,.. Winner of O. G. A. silver pin-Nyra Fredricks. Winner of O. G. A. bronze pin--Mildred Edwards. Reager, jones, Scott, Bizal, Foster, Monroe, Jackson. N x Tough, Seefeldt, Gallaher, Curtis, Valentine, Coats, Pashich, Varano. Easdale, Aho, Yamamoto, Thomas, Souza, Bately, Costello, Fredricks, Hensley, Piezzi, Brownell, Snypp, Miller, Piezzi, Davis, Rego, nd Mr. Hensely ....,..Adella Piezzi Nyra Fredricks r......Eunice Curtis .Nyra Fredricks Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Bottom Row: Stockberger, McDowell, Rohr, Blank, Iverson, Jones, Garcia, Howard, I-Iudsbeth, johnson, Cordoza, Castens, Burdick, Stockberger, Greiner, Perry, Ashdown, Harrison. Hessel, Sharp, Weeks, Osborn, Edwards, Doty, Strode, Menini. McGowan, Wagnon, jones, Frati, jones, Lance, Williamson, Cordoza, Future Farmers of America Faculty Sponsors Established 1929 OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Frank jones ......... ....,.... P resident .......... joe Greiner ,,.,...... .,...... V ice-President ....,.... Art Iverson ........ Chester Edwards Max Williamson ........ .........Treasurer.,.. ,,.,,.V..,Secretary....... ......,.Editor.......,. Lance and Mr. Jones SECOND SEMESTER ,,,......Stanley Blank .,,......joe Greiner .........Art Iverson ,...,..Chester Edwards ........Frank Jones AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 35 AZALEA FoR 1952 Top Row: Thomas, Braga, Moe, F. Fisk, L. Fisk, Mayhorn, Lorraine. Second Row: Fellers, Shilling, Wright, Smith, Maclar, Starkey, Wasson. Front Row: Narron, Jeffery, Parker, Johnson, Shoemake, Collier, Yatabe. Faculty Sponsor ....... FIRST S12MEsTER Thelma Johnson ........a ..,.a.... Dick Shoemake ....... ...,.... Florence Jeffery ....... ........ Clara Parker ....... PAGE 56 French Clliullb Established 1931 OFFICERS .President ........ .Secretary-Treasurer .....o. .......Reporter......... Song Leader ..... .Vice-President ....... ...... .......Miss Lorraine SECOND SEMESTER ...............Sam Moe ...Genevive Narron .......Anna Shilling .......Clara Parker ...Constance Smith Top Row: McFarlane, Sutherland, Putney, Hagg, Shirk, Ameral, O'Connell, Schmidt, Williams. Second Row: Magrini, Valentine, Palmberg, Bridgeford, Davies, Prosser, Lummis. Front Row: Fisk, johnson, Curtis, Coats, Watson, Mendonca. Gqiirlls' League Established 1919 Faculty Sponsor ......... President ....... Vice-President .,... Secretary ..,.,.. Treasurer ....,... OFFICERS Both Semesters ......,..Miss Schmidt Thelma johnson .,.......EuniCe Curtis ....,...Edna Coats Dorothy Watson AZALEA FOR 1932 li.1 PAGE 37 AZALEA FOR 1932 'E' '- 0 Top Row: Crowe, Monroe, Lawrence, Broderick, Banks, Doose, Harrison, Perry. Second Row: Cordoza, Gallaher, Brown, Tough, Daverio, jones, Taylor. Third Row: Tough, Gonsalves, Moore, Hall, Schell, Bately, O'Connell, Orr, A Harlow, Fisher, Volkerts. Fourth Row: Resnich, johnson, Bridgeford, Wilson, Kunkel, Mariola, McGrew, Cave. Fifth Row: Mayhorn, Lummis, Meeker, Weait, Frazer, Williams, Linville, Worwood. Faculty Sponsor ,.......c . FIRST SEMESTER Emily Weait ........ Dot La Franchi r,..... .,,,..... Frances Linville ,,,,,,,,. President ..,.............. . Secretary-Treasurer ,,,,..., Librarian .c,..........,.,, PAGE 38 Gllee Cllulb Established 1926 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB OFFICERS ..........President........, Vice-President .,,,...,, Secretary-Treasurerm N...i,..Librarian.....,... BOYS' GLEE CLUB .. ....... Mr. Worwood SECOND SEMESTER ............Gen Tough ....,...Emily Weait .,,..Bessie Williams .,...Frances Linville . .,..... Marvin Frazer Harry Mayhorn .......Paul Meeker Top Row: Norton, Duckhorn, Fisk, Garloff, Taylor, McDowell, R. Duckhorn, Hoffmeyer, Kingwell, Trembley, Fisk, Showalter, Varano. Middoe, Pillow, Orr, Shell, Banks, Yamamoto, Wegesser, Monroe, Moe, Mayhorn, Brown, Eichinger. Fifth Row: Palmberg, Spillers, Dorwood, Foster, Berdick, Varano, Fredrick, Kirk Guerazzi, jones, Downer, Braga. Fourth Row: Dilliha, Zanelli, Putney, McCullan, McKay, Davies, Aslakson Wagnon, Clayton, Hayes, Trembley, Collins. Third Row: Yatabe, Mendonca, Volkerts, Jeffery. Second Row: Cordoza, Taft, Burroughs, B. van Keppel, Eltzroth, Harrington, Aho Furusho, Ameral, Lummis, V. Mendonca, Harlow. First Row: Bollinger, Johnson, Meeker, Hagg, Shirk, Fisk, Jones, Beach, Gunn Sixth Row: Wright, Watson. Faculty Sponsor ........, FIRST SEMESTER History Cllimlb Established 1929 OFFICERS 7 7 a 7 Beach SECOND SEMESTER Frances Shirk .r...... ......... P resident ......i.. ......... F rances Shirk Ruth Fisk .............i ........ V ice-President ........ i.,.............. R uth Fisk Marguerite I-lagg .....i., .....r... S ecretary .... ....... ........ M a rguerite Hagg Paul Meeker ,,.....,. ......... T reasurer ......,.. ......... P aul Meeker AZALEA FOR 193 2 PAGE 39 AZALEA FOR 1932 -1 Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Bottom Row: Narron, Barnes, Urton, Meeker, Moe, Banks, Holfmeyer, Eichinger, Wegesser, Shatto, Hutton. White, Rohr, Elphick, Davis, Kirk, Lark, Hagg, Bonar, Prien, Lucas. Knight, T. Johnson, M. johnson, Bately, McFarlane, johnson, Clay- ton, Linville, Gunn, Weait, Perry, Bollinger. Wagnon, Stone, McCallum, Rice, Gilardi, Porter, Hayes, Putney, Volkerts. Baunndl . Faculty Sponsor ......... ..............................V.,-,---------.---'-, -------------- -------,- M f - Knight BAND MEMBERS Banks .....,..,.,........ ....., Bately .Y,..i... Bonar .,r,.... Clayton .,..... Dabney .....,, Davis., ...... . Eichinger ......, Elphick ........ Gilardi ...... Gunn .....,.. Hagg ....... Hayes ......., jeffrey .,.... Kirk .............. Hoffmeyer ....,, ..,, Hutton .....,.,... Johnson, K. .,.... . johnson, M ......... Lark ,,,,c.c,........ Linnville ..... Lucus ....,,,, PAGE 40 INSTRUMENT BAND MEMBERS INSTRUMENT .Bass Clarinet .,Tenor Horn .,.......Bassoon ...,...Clarinet ..............Horn .c......Alto Sax ..,...Y.i.Tenor Sax ........Trumpet .......Clarinet .......Clarinet ......Trombone ...,......Clar1net ,............Drum ,E Flat Alto ,...,,Trombone ..,,,,Baritone ..,,.....Cornet ....i....Alto Sax .......,.Cornet .......Clarinet .......Clarinet McCellum ........... .. McFarlane ........ Mariola ..,., Meeker ........ Moe ....... N arron ..... Perry ...... Porter ....,,, Prien ,.c.., Putney ......V.. Rice ,....... Rohr .....i Shatto ....... Stone ..........a. Stevens, C ........ Urton ....,... Volkerts .,..... Wagnon ...... Wegesser ,.... White ........ Weait ...., ..........Clar1net ............,,Piccal0 ,,W.,......,.,.Clarinet ,..,,..,.French Horn ..............Oboe ...........Bass .........Clarinet .........Alto Sax ..........Clarinet Fluegel Horn ..........Clarinet ,..,,.......Cornet .Baritone Sax ,........Clarinet ........Cornet ........Bar1tone ,c......,....Sax ........Cornet ..........Sax .........Drum .......Oboe Top Row: White, Bonar, Meeker, Moe, H. Hoffmeyer, Eichinger, J. Duckhorn, Shatto. Second Row: Budworth, Perry, Harford, L. Duckhorn, R, Duckhorn, Guerazzi, Porter. Third Row: C. Hoffmeyer, Hayes, Pierson, McFarlane, Putney, Darby, Knight. Front Row: Bollinger, Gilardi, Prien, Johnson, Clayton, Seefeldt, Perry. Faculty Sponsor .............. .. ORCHESTRA MEMBERS Bollinger Bonar ......... Budworth ....... Clayton ........ Darby ................. Duckhorn, I ......... Duckhorn, L ......... Diuckhorn, R ......... Eichinger ........ F rusho ....... Gilardi ........ Guerazzi ....... Harford ....... Hayes ....... Hoffmeyer, C ........ Urclliresrtira INSTRUMENTS ................BaSS .........Bassoon .....Violin 2nd .......Violin 1-B .....Violin 1-B .......Trumpet ........Violin 1st .....Violin 1-B ......Tenor Sax ..............Violin ...Clarinet lst ..........Violin 2nd ...........Violin Ist Bass Clarinet ....Violin 1-B ORCHESTRA MEMBERS Hoffmeyer, H. ............. johnson, T .......... Jeffery .......... McFarlane ...... Meeker ....... Moe ......... Perry, V ........ Perry, R ........ Pierson ....... Porter ......... Prien ..... Putney ........ Seefeldt .......... Shatto ......... White ...... Knight INSTRUMENTS .......Trombone ........Flut6 ........FlutC ........Cello .......P1ano ..............Oboe ,.........Violin 1st ......Violin lst .....Violin 1-B .......Alto Sax ..........Clarinet F luegel Horn .,.......Violin lst .......Alto Sax ........DrumS AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 41 AZALEA FOR 1 93 2 Top Row: L. Duckhorn, Mayhorn, Stone, Banks, van Keppel, Lorraine. Third Row: Fellers, Slivkoff, Bonar, Yeager, Gilardi, Paletti. Second Row: Graham, Yatabe, B. van Keppel, Fisk, Hallberg, Ameral. Bottom Row: Piezzi, Greer, Watson, Clayton, Fung, Jeffery. Faculty Sponsor ....... Fmsr SEMESTER Dorothy Watson ........ Ruth Fisk .......,,. Frances Shirk .....,. Toshiye Oshidan . .li PAGE 42 Honor Society Established 1925 OFFICERS ,.......,President......... .........Vice-President.Y....... .......Secretary.......... .........Treasurer..... ........Miss Lorraine SECOND SEMESTER ...Dorothy Wfatson .........jack van Keppel ........Leo Duckhorn Barbara van Keppel Top Row: Harlow, johnson, Crocker, Watson, Fisk, Starkey, Hallberg. Second Row: Shelley, johnson, Howard, Shelley, Pierson, Drury, Garlolf, Schmidt, Breaks. Front Row: Graham, Carr, Matsuda, Ameral, Rather, Stockburger, Persons. Faculty Sponsor. FIRST SEMESTER Annie Ameral ....... Marie Rather ....,..., Tamea Matsuda .,....... Gladys Persons... Latin Climb Established 1925 OFFICERS ........President....... ,, ..... Vice-Presidentw. Secretary-Treasurer ........ ., ,,..,,......Editor........ ....,..Miss Schmidt SECOND SEMESTER , ,...., Annie Ameral .......Louise Hallberg .....Tamea Matsuda ......Gladys Persons AZALEA FOR 1932 - PAGE 45 AZALEA FOR 193 2 M- PAGE 44 Top Row: Hoffmeyer, Teeby, Fouts, Kingwell, Miller, Searby, Matsuda, Lyons, Kirk, Wetch, Grey. Second Row: Fellers, Moore, Foracre, McFarlane, Barnes, Fouts, Hartford, Howard, Thomas, Mayhorn, Foreman. Third Row: Oelhman, M. McGrew, E. McGrew, Simoni, Shelley, Howard, E. Howard, Crocker, Williams, O'Connell, Richard. Fourth Row: Yatabe, Wilson, Gonsalves, Sako, Boswell, McDowell, Sutherland, Watanabe, jenkins, Conklin. Fifth Row: johnson, Oshida, Temple, Sovy, Hess, Hensely, Collier, Pharis, Case, Yamamoto, A. van Keppel. International Cllnlb Established 1928 Faculty Sponsor .......... ..,..... M iss Sovy OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Edith Temple .....,,.. .....,,.. P resident ......... .,........... E dith Temple Margaret Hess ...., ..,,..... Vice-President ......... , .....l... Kathleen O'Cor1nell Toshiye Oshida.. Secretary-Treasurer .T...... .....,... .Toshiye Oshida Top Row: I.aFranchi, Palmberg, Martini, Shatto, Fisk, Lunceford, Downer, Hoffmeyer, Dorwood, Foreman. Fourth Row: Englehardt, Orr, Neeley, McDonald, Guerazzi, Mayhorn, Kingwcll, Yamamoto, Varano, Buffaloe. Third Row: Braga, Foster, Thompson, Hicks, Hensley, Hess, Stone. Second Row: McCallum, Rice, Slivkoflf, Moore, Badger, Hoffmeyer, Paletti, Hayes, Watson, Sutherland, Yatabe. Bottom Row: johnson, Peterson, Pyke, Palmberg, Wright, Zanelli, Bridgeford, Micheli, Valentine, jones, Thomas. Faculty Sponsor ........ President ......... Vice-President ........ Secretary-Treasurer ....... Song Leader ....... Spanish Clliullb Established 1926 OFFICERS Fuzsr AND SECOND SHM1ssTnR .....Miss Lorraine Dick Bridgeford Caroline Zanelli .........Marion Wright .......Dale Orr AZALEA FOR 1952 PAGE 45 .yflfi . . - , , .- Vx,-qmfhgn. , ' f af i A L 'UWM-1 .. 1 I -.. 'IIIIHVIIIIHIUIIIICHE AZALEA FOR 1952 ill- O .I PAGE 48 A Class Football I I my OACH Cecil Carroll's Tiger varsity gave good ac- count of themselves in every gridiron battle even if they didn't win a league game last season. ,,.,. When the call for candidates was issued, a little over a full team reported for practice and it took a lot of pep talk to conduct a successful practice season. The Analy varsity was host to an unusually strong Healds- brg squad in a non-league contest at the start of the season COACH CARROLL with Analy on the winning side. The first league game was played with the strong Trojan eleven. Analy had the edge on the Trojans throughout the greater part of the game but lost the contest in the last few minutes of play due to a lack of reserves. The San Rafael Bulldogs traveled' to Sebastopol the following Saturday when again the lack of reserves proved a nemisis in the Tigers' defeat. E E The fighting Tiger varsity invaded the Apache stronghold determined to return home with a score and a touchdown was realized for Analy by a pretty seventy yard run by Marvin Frazer. A hectic battle was waged on the following Saturday between St. Helena and Analy, with St. Helena emerging victorious by a lone touchdown. Analy wound up the season with a post-season game with the Ukiah gridmen on Armistice Day at Ukiah. Analy played hard but the Ukiahans were the better team. Marvin Frazer, captain and varsity quarterback, played very hard and was in there all the time giving all he had. Marvin will be back next year to do his best to lead Analy through a successful season. Myrel Moore was one of Analy's outstanding backs on defense and his loss will be keenly felt next year. , "Chub" Blank, Ed. Pedroia, and the two Garloffs turned in some excellent brand of football and we are depending upon thc only survivor, Mr. Blank, to carry on next season in his usual ground gaining and punting. Although a tough schedule awaits the varsity next season, our chances are not bad considering the 1931 squad was one of the best since 1925. 1 Ar Twp Ruw: Scccmcl Row: Viral RHXY2 'Ilup Row: 'l'I1i1'cl Row: SA-cwumml Row' First Run: VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Conch Cflrrnll, Ilrmff111L'yQr, Vwlite. Hall, Fisk, Temple, l!x'im1gefrx1'4I, fXIcmrm'. Kuhlcr, l.:1 I"rnnn'hi, I'1l'IlZL'I', Ilrngzl. Illzmk, SmckIme1'gvr. Ivmjson, Shflllu, If. llurloff, R, G:l1'lmmIY. ROllI'L'I'. I,llIlCE'fU1'll, Pcmlrrwizl, F. KZZIFIOH, Moc, Sl1'mh'. LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL Punch Kilflhlbll. Flmg, I':1lmT1erg, Kulmuclmi, Jolmnsmx, Lu-. Jruhllsulx, 1-zlrcwn. Stnckbn-1'g1-1', 101195. Ilmlger. fl, lfrzwn-V, Miclrlzlugh, I,. Gzlrluff, Sl10XY2lI1L'I'. S111-llcv. I"ush'x'. Ycrlry, Xvilfflllfl. k4:11'ln'l', Ilm1:u', Slivlurlf, lhmh-1'iL'k. AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 49 AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 50 IB Class lFoontlballll OR the first time in the history of Analy a light- ia weight football team was put on the field of battle under the able coaching of Coach Elmer Karlson. The Analy "peer" had a very successful season, W 'M ending in a tie for second place with San Rafael. The Tigers lost but one game during the entire season. Petaluma was the first team to taste defeat at the hands of the Tigers. The Trojans did their best but returned to COACH KARLSON Petaluma the losers by two touchdowns. The following week, the Tiger "30's" traveled to the San Rafael Bulldogs' kennels to lose their only game of the season by a lone touchdown, made in the first quarter from a bad punt. The next Friday the Analy lightweights were hosts to the pennant winning Tamalpais Indians. Two more evenly matched elevens could not be found and the game ended in a one touchdown tie. In the next game at Vallejo the Tigers hit their stride and Vallejo went down before the Tiger onslaught. The Analy team left Vallejo with the only victory the Tigers have ever gained over the Apaches in football. On the following Saturday the little big game was staged between Santa Rosa and Analy on the Santa Rosa gridiron. Analy's strong offensive machine started clicking and after the game a badly battered Panther squad left the field in defeat. In the last game of the season, Analy took on Napa on the Analy stamping grounds where they played the Napa Indians to a standstill. The strongly contested affair ended in the darkness with a tie. Analy placed three men on the mythical all-conference squad. Walter Slickoff, speedy Tiger back was chosen as one of the best players in the league. James "Carrideo" Kubuchi, heady Analy quarter, was named second best quarter in the league, while William Fung also won a place as the next best full back in the conference. - George Lee, Ernest Showalter, and Lawrence Garloff, although failing to place in the first string in the conference selections, received honorable mention for theirsterling playing. Y. . Y ...YY .... ,h AZALEA FOR 1932 Football and Balslketzlballll Sports Calendar VARSITY Analy"' .............. 6 Analy .,....,....... 0 Analy .............. 0 Analy ......,..,.... 7 Analy .............. 0 Analyg ,..........v.. 0 Total 1 3 VARSITY Analyff ..,........... 35 Analyl' .............. 18 Analya' .............. 24 Analy"' .............. 26 Analy .....,........ 15 Analy .............. 26 Analy ............,. 18 Analy .............. 1 1 Analy .............. 2 1 Analy ..,........... 17 Total 2 3 2 Analy"' ,...........,, 1 Analy"' .,..,......... 14 Analyi' .,..........,, 1 2 Analyl' .........,..,, 12 FOOTBALL Healdsburg Petaluma .,.... .... San Rafael ............ Vallejo ................ 27 St. Helena ............ 6 Uklah ....... BASKETBALL Sonoma ....,v.......... 2 2 LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL Analy .............. 1 2 7 Analy ..... ..... 6 6 Analy ..... ..... 6 Analy .............. 14 Analy ........,..., .14 Analy ........20 66 Total 5 9 Petaluma ..... ..... 0 San Rafael ............ Tamalpias Vallejo ....... ..... 0 Santa Rosa Napa ........ LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALLT Analyl' ..,........... 9 Analy"' .............. 24 Tomales ............,. 7 Analyvs .---.,.---,-.. 2 2 Napa ..... ........ 2 3 Analy"' .............. 18 sf. James .....l........ ao Afwlyq' -------------- 18 Santa Rosa .......... 1 9 Analy """"""" 1 5 l .............. Petaluma ........,..... 20 Ana Y 28 Analy ,.,........... 10 Healclsburg .......... 3 1 Analy .........,..,. 1 7 Santa Rosa ....,...., 28 Analyst-.---D,----'28 Petaluma .............. 30 Analyse ',--4---v'---- 13 Healdsburg ........,, 26 Analyi' ,,,,,,,.,-,.,, 1 8 C Santa Rosa 269 Total 218 CLASS BASKETBALL Napa .................... 17 Analy .............. 21 Analy ....,.......,. 11 Analy ............,. 24 Santa Rosa Gyservllle ........,... 9 T otal 95 'W' Indicates non-league games Sonoma ...... Tomales .... Napa .......... St. Vincents St. James .... Santa Rosa .. Petaluma .... Santa Rosa Petaluma .... Ukiah ........ Santa Rosa St. Vincents Santa Rosa Petaluma .... Sonoma ...... THealdsburg forfeits to Analy. 25 ..21 ..11 ..19 ..19 ..17 ..18 ..27 ..15 .. 9 ..19 ..13 206 ..14 ..24 --9 101 6. PAGE 5 1 AZALEA Fon 1932 I PAGE 52 g A Class .Basketball ARSITY basketball from the percentage standpoint this year was not very sccessful, but the Analy quintet provided many thrills for the fans, and kept the score down in practically every game. ill ll The season officially opened with Santa Rosa meeting Analy on the Analy court. The Tigers led throughout the greater part of the game but the Panther five nosed out the Analy varsity at the' last minute. The following games were all dropped, with the exception of the Petaluma game. e QW fllflll ll, all Lawrence Downer, varsity forward, was picked as one of the best forwards in this section for the mythical five. Sam Banks, Analy center, was picked as second best center in the league. B Class lB5asltetlb.all The Analy B class cage team had a successful year, finishing second in the race for league supremacy. The only defeats handed to the Tigers were ,by the Santa Rosa Panthers. Analy later defeated Santa Rosa in a non-league game. John Duckhorn was the high scorer for Analy, making fifty-five points during the season and thereby was rightfully placed on the mythical five along with his brother Leo, both of whom proved to be the two best forwards in this section of the league. Captain Ernest Garloif was probably the Tigers outstanding guard, while the entire team played a line brand of basketball throughout the season. Coach Cecil Carroll, B class mentor, is to be complimented for developing a first class aggregation, and our hopes for another successful season are very promising. The Analy "midgets" for Class lllasltetlbmall the second successive year have placed second in the per- centage column in the C class race. ' The "C" class under the able coaching of Daniel Hensley, defeated every league team except Petaluma. John Duckhorn was the outstanding player and with his teammates ran up some good scores against the opposing lives. Coach Hensley has been coaching his prospective next year's "C" class team during fourth period which will undoubtedly give any conference team a good game next COACH HENSLEY Season' A CLASS BASKETBALL SQUAD Top Row: Downer, Orr, Banks, Lunceforcl, R, Car10iT. I Second Row: Coach Karlsou, liridgeiord, Fisk, Frazcr, Braga, Trcrnbly, Fung. First Row: Strode, lilzmk, Hall, Shattn, F. Garloff. B CLASS BASKETBALL SQUAD Top Rfiw: Xvlilllillllllfib, Varauo, R. Duckhuru, Fore, Morris, Pete, Coach Carroll Second Row: Foster, G. Frazer, Guerazzi, J. Duckhoru, L. lluckhorn, Fimt Row: Daverio, Stockbergcr, C CLASS BASKETBALL SQUAD Tup Row: llcllonnell, Fore, Coach Ilenscly. Keegan, Iluckhorn, Badger. Sgco1ulRuw: L. Ducklmrn, Fellers, Lark, UI. lluckhoru, Frazer, Norwood, Souza. First Row: Kulmchi, J. Fore, Dabney, Kirk. AZALEA FoR,1932 PAGE 55 AZALEA Fon 1932 1. ..- I PAGE 54 'lfiraclk HIS year marked one of the strongest track squads in the history of Analy sportdom. Never before have we witnessed such an array of stars as those per- forming this spring under the careful eye and direction of Coach Elmer Karlson. The Analy A class tracters won all three of their preliminary meets in ad- dition to the sub-league meet by large margins having defeated Petaluma, Napa, Vallejo, and Santa Rosa in the order named. The C class track men made a comparatively good showing by winning two out of three preliminary meets. At this writing the Analy squad is given a slight edge in the North Bay meet on Nevers Field held at Santa Rosa on May 7th. It was difficult to single out any one performer for Analy in track this season, but there was never any doubt about the stellar work of Blank in the 220 and 440 yard runs and of Sam Ono in the pole vault and broad jumps. The following were the scores gathered by the Analy tracksters: A CLASS I S ' 5 'av vw' T? Karl' 3 . lx: Analy .......... ....... 7 5 3 8 ........ .... P etaluma Analy .......,.. . . ........ ,,,,,,, N apa .HLIOO 13 49 Analy ......... ....... 6 4 ........ .....................,,,,...,.,..,, V alle j 0 Analy ......... ........ 6 1 5 1 ............................................ Santa Rosa 25 ................ For other three high schools C CLASS Analy ....... ..v...... 2 6 1 f 3 23 2 f 3 ......... .... P etaluma Analy ....... ,........ 2 6 24 ...... ..,.,, N apa Tenpms Progress in tennis at Analy this year was in a state of metamorphosis due to the desire of the newly appointed tennis coach, Kenneth Knight, to find stronger arrangement of players for next year. Although we lost to Healdsburg and Santa Rosa this spring, the following tennis stars showed considerable strength in their matches: Paul Strode, William Hiura, Dave Foreman, and Norman Miller. Much is expected of Gilbert Foster and Leland Bonar next year as they gain in experience. Baseball The sun also shone brightly for Analy in another spring sport, that of baseball, with the Tiger nine winning nine out of evelen of its games, including eight preliminary contests and three league games. At this writing, the Analy ball players had just won a sensational game from Sonoma, where Dale la Franchi, supported by an air-tight infield, pitched a no-hit no-run game having struck out nineteen men, the final score being 6 to 0 for Analy. The best battery combination of the season was La Franchi and Downer while the hardest hitters on the squad inclded "Chub" Blank and Art Iverson, who also proved his worth Aon the mound. And last, but not least, a big ovation is due to Coach Daniel.Henseley for his work in bringing together a big-league ball team for Analy, jhnnnb Orww? ' s wtf- P,.'xaJa.....a-tl. 'W Www! if ,fc ZA. J AZALEA I 1232 ,WL f w Ui Laffy .hz Q- A , , P 55 fkvr-rnn. Cfrfvvv? hadnt Liv, f pzwxfczi, AZALEA Fon 1932 I PAGE 56 G. A. A. President .,....,.. ........A E dna. Coats Vice President ........ ....... R ubye Valentine Secretary .....,.... ..A...... C arol Valentine Treasurer ........,. .,,... ........ L i nda Fung Yell Leader .e.,..... ........ G en 'eve ' Christensen Miss THOMAS -q--.,.,, Miss Thomas Advisor ..,,.,.,. Eftab1iJlJedfam4ary 1928 Blloclk A Society Emzbliihed 1915 Faculty Advisor .....,.... ,,,r..,, M r, Karlson OFFICERS President ....... ,.,,.... M arvin Frazer Vice President ......... ...........w.. ........ E r nest Showalter Secretary-Treasurer ....,.. ...... ..,,,,.... W i lliam Hiura .,, AZALIEA Fon IQBZ PAGE S7 ,., S53 , fvfwwsxwfvx iffy: W", -Sf" " 'fiws A f' "'!?'1'!q'Tf?W""i?0P'f'fi ' ""' " - M- ' 1' "V 'f "TF - X YW ,, , ,J ,L K -4 1 . ,K if ' 5 N 'W W , , ,U wi fi:-4,.q,, . f -- v ' - ' . v - "- ' A , , , s, t ,f n a lit ,M H , yi f 'S F5 V 1. :ri vi' ff ,', . F ?' , 1 M W af A 4. Z .,f x 'S ' i. g, Q.. 1. s. , 5 , V e 4 1 n X v 4 1. -f x Q R if .s- P f ,cl .1 4 -L 'DJ' 4 ' 3, pu :iv X . Q. g,. J. 'Y v Y V . Y u o . 'i ' .RL 5 if '12 ,- ,- Z . W. x. 11' , i ' +4 .4 ,v - 'Q mf, ' , . xl-V5 ' . .1-: Q ' Wg- ,L 5 V: Y.-ff. tx wifsx ,,, 1 A! 4' Q - ffi Q1 ,yi , Q. ,S , ,ld L f , xr " ' A cf. I V . . U .' . ' - 1 ., ,, 1' ' "4" Q . g+ '.-V 41 .,, .. . n x 1 x ' , - i P , ' ' 7' " r 1 V' J -13' .'.,1 , .. Q, 14 " r 6 v 4 Y wJ-:xxgng5:'g3g:g'g5:f5-e'ggggnggagygglgwaaygyfgfwz-zwY1L37.-fM 4 nf,yegg-1,-iu:.qg5ff1w',v , S ,V fr5 4A,.,.k,?-Qqyqwg-LW my 2' wwqyf X IIIIIILIIIIIIILD s -2 x ,f P J 1 'Q Fc If I7 Gi .W 5'5" ,L W ,. fs" E - rf Q5 12? 'E 3. . 5?-. avg A392 , 3. .fn ii 55 ii ff fa? 331' Us .531 7, A 'La x , Y F' . T. 4 'PLZ f .ww 5 f as 4' my ,I r- sf., 8 .M .' N. . 1 ' LT' ' ..4,,.... JLLJ.- , - AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 60 ,P The Mail Goes Through By NELSON STONE ' OR DAYS the Sierras had been enveloped in terrific snow storms. The Lincoln Highway from Whiskey Flats to the State line was closed to traflic. 'AQ The railroads were fortunate if they could put a train through to Reno since 1 Q JL? the snow-sheds were collapsing under the heavy strain. The Eastbound mail planes were held up at Sacramento and the Westbound planes at Reno waiting for a chance to get over the Summit. Several loads of mail had been consigned to the Southern Division which operated from Los Angeles. And because of the traffic blocking conditions Harry Walker, the radio operator, and Charles Lettau, the teletype operator, of the Summit Airways Station were ordered to stand by and report any change in the weather to the Sacramento and Reno offices, immediately. Tick, tick a tick. Charles Lettau awoke from his day dream of a fast cabin plane with a snap. Ten minutes ago he had sent in his hourly report which read in teletype language: Smt, N. W., 18-, 2th, Sn. In clear English this means: Summit Station, Northwest Wind, 18" below zero, ceiling 2,000 feet and snow. Charles knew that his report was O. K. and he wondered what was up. On the repition of his calling signal he slid from his bunk and rushed over to the teletype receiver. He pulled out the tape to read more easily and what he saw made him whistle. "Borman will try to make Reno in a few hours. He carries important papers. International complications will result if not in Washington, D. C. at once. Stand by and advise radio operator to keep in touch with the plane, prepare for emergency in case of crack up in your sector. " A. C. Marts 31 B. Sacramento. "Oh, Harry! Wake up from that beauty rest of yours and read these orders. We've ot plenty of work ahead of us now . . . maybe we have." Thus yelled Charles to his friend Harry, the radio operator, who was asleep in his room. On coming through the doorway, Harry told Charles what he thought of a young Frenchman who would wake his best friend from a sleep. "What's the trouble with you and the teletypeg new orders or something?" The smile faded from Harry's countenance when he read the orders on the tape. "Those head division men must be crazy. Santa Claus couldn't get through this storm, let alone a Boeing Special." "You,re right, Harry. This must be pretty important if it has to get through now. Well, let's hope Al Borman can get through. If he doesn't we will llo the hero part for him." 4....l.......i.......-.... Now began a feverish haste to get things put together in case of a forced landing. Harry finished his share and sat by his instruments with the earphones clamped to his head. In the meantime Lettau began inspection of his snowshoes and first aid kit. The inspection Hnished, Charles noticed that it was time to send his hourly report.. The thermometer still read 18" below, the visibility was increasing, and in a half hour it would be fairly clear. The wind board showed a change in the wind. A weather vane, on a tower outside, records the direction and velocity of the wind board by an arrangement of four electric lights. , He had finished his report by a few minutes when Sacramento went on with a notice that Borman was now leaving the field. In a few minutes Harry had connection with the plane, now one hundred and fifty miles away. As the plane came closer, he re-adjusted his instruments. "Hello Summitt. Is that you Harry? I understood at the office that you would keep in contact with me .... What's that? . . . You say to give you a report from my instrument panel? Sure, here it is: Altitude eight thousand, plenty of fuel and sailing along about a hundred and forty. The old bus is acting pretty good." Harry, at his receiver, took the report happily. Al might get over the summit in fine style if things kept on as they are. Charles broke into the room with the words, "It's still clear outside but it is likely to change in a half hour. Do you think Al will get over here in time?" "You bet he will. He will arrive in about fifteen minutes. Everything was o. k. by his last report." Walker was going to tell Charles what he thought of politics in general when he was called again by Al in the plane. "I dropped a little lower and I must be over Gold Run by now. The visibility is getting bad up aboveg so I'll stay around three thousand feet. Do you remember the plane that crashed on Donner peak last summer? Well, I'll stay high enough to avoid duplicating that act. Bad accident that was, and on a day the visibility was forty miles." . Al speeding along at a hundred and forty average and Harry sitting in a comfortable house of the Department of Commerce, then began to jest each other to pass the time. The sudden sputtering and misfiring of the powerful radial motor broke into the conversation. Borman yelled. "The feed line is clogging up with sediment. She's getting worse every minute. I am losing altitude and will have to land soon. Got any advice?" "Sure. Do you remember that little lake we used to play in as kids? Well, there is a layer of ice six feet deep on it and a thirty foot snow pack on top of that. Try a 'pancake' landing on it. Itls the only chance this side of nowhere. We'll be waiting for you in case of fire or something serious. Here's luck, you will need it. I hope you can nurse her along this far." In a few minutes Harry and Charles were waiting at Lake Agella for the plane. Their intense excitement brought results. They heard the sputtering engine before they AZALEA FOR 1 93 2 PAGE 61 AZALEA FOR 1932 -... PAGE 62 could see the plane. As the sound came closer they could see the plane. It was just barely clearing the trees. Al was lucky to know the location of the snow covered lake. He stalled the plane and upancakedl' onto the snow. The plane nearly sank from sight. It was a half an hour before Borman was extricated from the wrecked plane. He was conscious but badly injured. It was another half hour before they got him to the station. "How is he Harry? All right?" "Yes. He has a fractured arm and a broken rib. We'll have to set them without a doctor." Before long Al was able to talk clearly. "Some landing wasn't it? Take that package in my jacket and get it to Reno. They'll take it on." Walker telephoned to Reno to have a car sent up as far as it could come and then Charles was elected to ski to that point, fifteen miles away. Lettau made the trip down in record time. The three mile descent took him just one quarter of an hour but the other lap was a little slower because it was level going. A few days later the newspapers of the nation told how a national disaster had been averted by the timely arrival of a little package at the Capitol from the west. Theme Songs of 119311 and 11932 "Music in my fingers" by Charlie Eichinger. "In the 'heap' bye and bye" by Lola Brownell. Louise" by Bill Dabney. Sing Song Girl" by Pauline Moore. "I want a little girl" by joe Badger. "Little girl" by Clytie Pyke. Honey" by Helen Prien. "just a blue-eyed blonde" by Chub Blank. "Blah! Blah! Love" by Ted Shatto. "Sleep" by Bill Monroe. "All of Me" by Laura Taft. "Me" by Paul Strode. "Tiptoe through the Tulips" by Ruth Fisk. "I got rythm" by Al Gilardi. "Making Whoopee" by jo Palmberg. "How can you say you love me" by Hazel Barnett. Lovable" by Marvin Frazer. "Sam the accordian man" by Eunice Curtis. u u u u u I apologize" by Iovita Hicks. i vi? Some Senior Statistics The total number of Seniors is 77. There are 41 girls and 36 boys. Brown eyes are prevalent among the girls, but the boys have more blue eyes. A greater number in both have dark hair. The total 'weight of the class is 10,092 pounds, or 5 tons. The boys weigh 5021 pounds, the girls 5071, or 50 pounds more than the boys. If the Seniors are worth their weight in gold, they are worth 33,069,768 Average weights are 124 pounds for the girls, and 140 for the boys. Those who dance number 44, while 33 do not. There are five 16 year old Seniors: Josie Yatabe and Jennie Volkerts among the girls, and James Keegan, Ross Yeager, and Clarence Cordoza among the boys. ' a. - . - . p 4 J The average 'age his 415.53 yeais. V, Y 47 The total height of the class is 427 feet. In comparison with the Hotel New Yorker in New York, the Seniors are only 15 feet shorter. If the Seniors were laid down their full height, starting at the school, they would extend to some spot between the Analy Grill and the Bank. More Seniors were born in the month of November than any other month, with February a close second. The average height of the girls is 5 feet 6 inches, and with the boys 5 feet 8 inches. AZALIEA FOR 1932 PAGE 63 AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 64 Stupid llntdlllligence Test Iverson does not always have: faj A smileg fbj A new girlg fcj A marcel fd, An A in history. Gold is more costly than silver, because it is: fa, lighterg Qbj in falre teetbg Qcj in Shelly's hairg fdj in the Junior ring. At a wedding there is always: Qaj Celeryg fbj Gen Gunng Qcj sponge cake. The opposite of graceful is: faj Frank Firkg Qbj a muleg Qcj Soldate. A Senior is always -- than a junior: Qaj wiserg fbj more conceitedg fcj dumberg fdj more clever. A polar bear comes from: fab Africag Qbj the Russian Riverg Qcj Pekin. Which one of these five things is most unlike the other four: Qaj Beachnutg fbj Peanutg fcj Hickory nntg Qdj Ernest Kirkg fej Brazil nut. At Analy it is safer to judge a person's character by his: Qaj carg fbj girl friendg fcj actions in auernbly, The opposite of fickle: faj Ted Bragag fbj Hazel Barnettg Qcj Wet Temple. A gymnasium always has: Qaj dumbbellsg fbj noifeg fcj fnnric. If Garloffls Ford cost 76c, how many kiddie cars can one buy for 77c? faj 105 fbj 3503 fcj 1g Qdj 0. A If Sw yards of Miss Lorrainels coat cost 312 how many ermine pelts are there in Miss Luman's coat? QFor answer, call Parkside 3333 in St. Louis.j Lemonade is to Varano as a blonde is to: Qaj Euniceg Qbj june R.,' fcj Marie R.g Qdj Francis Shirk. If Frazer is a matinee idol then cross out the 27th letter of the alphabet. Analy Hi is to Santa Rosa Hi as: Qaj Cupid is to Psycheg Qbj Fly is to fly paperg fcj Candare if to Daley fdj Strode to football. GLOSSARY OF TERMS TEST. QU Graduation is a process of Qaj Getting rid of anderirable reniorry fbj Listen- ing to the validictoriang fcj Awarding a class gift. Q25 Commencement is a boring function because: faj There is pretty mtusicg fbj all the pretty flowery fc, plenty of tears. ' QQ Seniors are: fay winners of a mental endurance contestg fbj equal to the battle of lifeg fcj a thankful lot. My Knowledge consists of: faj illusive materialsg Qbj all one can possibly absorbg fcj that wlairh if left over after the firrt taite. If Miss Reager can ride a bicycle 300 feet while Mr. Henseley runs 200 feet in four flat, how many feet can Miss Reager ride in L minutes? faj 50 centi- meters: Qbj four rqaare milefy fcj ten fathoms. School bus is to Garloff's Ford as a new high school building is to the present one. To belong to the Honor Society one must be: faj An athlete: fbj Intelligent: fcj A mzuiciang fdj A bookworm. One who always studies is regarded as: faj A marvel: fbj a freak: fcj a Fresh- man. America was discovered by: faj George Washington: fbj Mahatma Ghandig QC, Columbus. Radium is noted for its: faj volor: fbj sweet odor: fcj salty taste: Qdj activity: fej flexibility. ' ' l Analy would be lost without the: faj Old flivers: fbj study hall: fcj "y0fyo'J." Study hall is where we: faj Eat candy: fbj make up lor! .rleepg fcj study: fdj tell gossip. Mr. Knight's automobile could be used as: faj Delivery car: Qbj truck: feb a submarine: fdj war tank. During the noon period most students: faj Cut school: fbj eat lunch: fcj tell stories: fdj sit on the lawn: fej exerrife fiiverf. Grape-nuts are to bananas as Freshmen are to: faj Knowledge: fbj shief: fcj Phi Beta Kappa: Qdj Napa. If two gallons of gas cost 34c how many miles per gallon can a junior obtain in a trip to the Russian River? faj 30 miles: fbj 160 miles: fcj 1424 mile: play roller Jkaief. Mr. Irish claims his car will go 40 miles per hour. It will actually go: fab 85 miles: Qbj three blorkf: fcj 90 miles including the turns. The oil for the construction of Analy Avenue was obtained from: Qaj Pennsyl- vania: fbj Bill Dabneyk Hair Shop: fc, from a Willys Knight. If the following statement is true, cross out the letter "t" in the word Uwisdomf 'A word of wisdom to the Sophomores is sullicientf, Dick Middaugh's mathematical genius was recently shown by his ability to: faj square a circle: fbj trifert an angle: fcj abstract a cube from a cucumber. Pekin is: faj A city in Asia: Qbj a name of a sash and door factory: fcj a breed of dogs. ' AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 65 AZALEA Fon 1932 ,ll I PAGE 66 Ye 'Campus Life ,Xl I PON peeking into the private life of some of our bosom companions and fellow students, it was found that it would be unadvisable to print any pictures of their natural life. These pictures are not as embarrassing as they would 4, llii be if taken of their private and everyday life. They are to be found in full 'tial' dress, half dress, and . . . pants. The "shot" adorning the upper corner of the page is a genuine imitation of that well known character, Mr. Micawber, posed by the late fto classj Jack van Keppel. The center shows the little innocent girls of which there are three in number. You can tell that they are freshmen because they still carry dolls. Alone stands the "Lone Eagle," the pilot who flew the spirit of Analy across the ocean of blue ships. The only difference is that the real Lindbergh flew across blue wawer. What's this! Two playful little girls. Anyone would want to play with them. The next snap is taken from the girls' jinx. Sort of oriental only it reminds rus of last year's beach costume. The next one recalls to our mind that old saying, "In the days of old when knights were bold." He really isn't vicious, he wouldn't dare do this at home. ' Glancing down to the third row we notice one of the "twins," Which one, we don't know, but it looks as if her clothes were not made during the depression. Believe it or not, the center one in Gen. Tough, you see even if the camera was a little shy. The other is a fair yoiung racqueteer from the big, bad city of Forestville. We wonder what her racquet is. Perhaps it is hearts. The trio look like co-eds of 1898 but they really have modern ways. In fact they are only impersonating characters during the book week contest. The next picture may be a worm's eye view, but it proves that even Fords can go wrong, especially Gene Porter's. The Ford isn't shown here because he forgot to give it a bath. Lastly we see the three prize winners of the book week program. Mr. Micawber on the left fthe one with the earsj. And last but not least, we gaze upon "slim" Lindbergh and Chief Fly Swatter of the Blackhead Tribe, a daring warrior if there ever was one, which goes,to show that the Indians are still with us despite our immigration laws. g " ' Well, our day's work is done and we thereby close our roll-top desk, dismissldtiur gum-chewing stenog and stroll home in the moonlight with an umbrella in one hand and an owl perched on the other knowing that the Greeks must have had a word for it. AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 67 AZALEA FOR 1952 r PAGE 68 Aunt .lP1runclllla1's Collumn Dear Aunty: What are the chances of my marrying my lover in Minneapolis? -Emily Answer: Excellent, providing you can procure the railway fare. Dear Aunty: Will I ever be able to bake an apple strudel?-Mary Sutherland. Answer: Yes, providing you include the apples. Dear Aunty: What does my future hold for me if I stay in at night?-joe Badger. Answer: Not much for you are a night owl already. Dear Aunty: What are the chances of my being an organist in a big church? ' -Mr. Worwood. Answer: Good if you don't blow too hard. Dear Aunty: Who will be my playmate during the summer?-Wesley Temple. Answer: It will be hard to tell but you don't need much encouragement. Dear Aunty: Will I ever hope to have a IOOWQ efficient journalism staff?-Mr. Benson. Answer: You have no cause to worry. Dear Aunty: What do you think of our new Year Book?-Chester Lawrence. Answer: It is unquestionably the greatest contribution ever born from the fertile brain of man. Dear Aunty: I-Iow far is it to the nearest star?-Raymond Spillers. Answer: About half the distance to a delicious kiss. Dear Aunty: What will I find in my diploma?-Jack van Keppel. Answer-A gift order from a freshman girl. Dear Aunty: How many pecks are there in a bushel?-Al Gilardi. Answer: Depends upon the price of eggs. Dear Aunty: What steps shall I take to insure a happy marriage?-john Shelly. Answer: Try jumping off a cliff. Dear Aunty: Whom shall I write to for a position?-Lela and Lola. Answer: The Smith Brothers. Dear Aunty: Should I live to a hundred, will I be able to produce a Sara Bernhardt? -Mrs. Gale Answer: I am sorry, I cannot answer this question. Dear Aunty: Who was it who said: "I take thee to be my lawful wife?" -Genevive Answer: Mr. Christainsen. Whoopee Post Card A Time Saver For Busy Analy Girls and Boys. Use check mark to avoid bad pen- manship and poor spelling. Dear It Is Very I Need Sweetie Mother Dad Friend Teacher Sheba Stormy Cold Hot Dusty Pleasant Nice Loving Money A good grade Clothes Sleep Exercise Yours or Your I Spend My Time Thanks For The I Am Very Lover True Blue Kid Always The same Respectfully In Church On the River At the rink Studying Thinking of you Grade Tip Hot Cha Letter Money Tooth Paste Hungry Thirsty Glad Sorry Mad Shy AZALEA FOR 1932 0 I. PAGE 69 AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 70 Z 1 For the BRIDE . . . with our very best C -. wishes . -af .... A-. H ..,.,.. ,UA f,,,.'3:v"'fw-l",gN. - t . ', A ai, ff'-1. ' + ' '3E3E35lE5E3f52555255125 g . - 5" " I . :AEIEIEZEIEIEIEIEIEIEIQ 'riff 3525122525221?1:2EI:4.v Si , ,.1.315S3E'f?:'1'E5E555E5E5EgE5:533,2315E5:5353525E525E525E1E5E3EgE5:3:3E V , 525555225551 ffffffiffffffif :Qfi2122fEig:57f7EflQfffffifiiiffiiiffiifif 1. ' 1215152525251-..'i'ifIE3E1EIEIf2wf'I'iIE2E5E2i5EiE5E5i5E2?2E2i2E2:-. ' . . :f:7:f:? .5:f:3:7t7:7:5:5:7:113:31-5:-7155425 't7. 'I:I:I:1:1:f:i:1:T:3:5:1:f:5:3 :::::::: ::1X:::::::::::E .:::::::::::::::::J Siiisfafaiaiaiarafrie ieisieiiiiaiaiaiaiaiiii, I25222112522SzEa5s:5Ez25s2225EzEzi5: 245:5:2:2:2:s:25a:2:s55g:5:2:s:2f:s:e:2:a:5:14 ,:a:2:2:i5:5:515:a:s:a:3:5:5:::3:5:z:ii :3:2:5:f:1:3:5i:Z5513:Tiff-.'":5:5:5:f:f:?:f:Z, '5:5:l:5,-13:I:1:3:1:1:i:f:5:3:5:5:3:5:i 5:2:5:5fiEEEEEEEEFEEEQEZEEQEEEIZQ 125222352525Eiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ' :Q.IE5E555iiE?i5QE?E?51f' 1555323E52555E55?55535?Ei'i'i' 5122225121:1E5E25525231151:12-2232222352329IErf'ErE1i1EIQIEIEIEIEIQQIEIEIE1E1E-E2ErEr? 15252525252562525ifmeseff-ri25ilifaaiaiwfii2ix:22523995525fEf5iE2i2i2f':'1' -:f:f,-:-:-:-.':-:-5t-:-:+:':4:-:- :-:-:,-:-:-:3c?:- -'-I:-E-1-:-:56:v-1-N:-:-'-:-:-: 1 E.QQQEQQQQQSQEQz5,5s?s5z5Se5:Qs5:i2 fiifi55525253515E53i5EfEi5iQ5Iffi :iii25s212z2i2:5E?e52:EQFEEMESFZSEQ V.rSiS5SESfiE?f"tiE2?ii25iE5ff53222 5252515252i?SfE2iiEEii1?22:E2?Zsi2i1S5ii2EZ?1sE1 iifiiififiiifiiifivfii31525 355551552575233555554525E5i?:5i3ii5E55fi5i3fE5E5E 2353552525252EjE?f3:1E5EiE55 5255353235232512533E52E555kfg:2:22g:r25E2EgE5E5EIEIEI.-.-I 225255222?552'l5i:ifi?5isi12?ig555253222222siieiaiiilii'fMiE245SQEQEQEEEQEEEEEEEQSESE 32555555212:2.2??5E5i5'S?2l5s2ir25525552222isEsisieieiatziaif5s2?"1E2?2.1-'EEE??zisiE?E2E5fiE2z5 :A:-:-:-:-1-,cr at '-:-1-5: 73 25,3'-:g:g:g:::515:5:g:5:5: '-:g.g:-: :-: .5:::,g5E'-15:-:-14:-A:-:sq z:s:5:z:2:2:5:2:255:saf:1:sfZA:::::::::::f:s1:1:::Z:.::e:.:5:fEigftgifmsgzfzgsgsgzggef rf 4 v i:".f:5:f25:?:'i:ii:1:f '':1:32:13:11:3:5:5:T:i:5:f:5:?1:1:1:1:?:5.f:2 3:-:-:-:-:f:51t-:-17:-1-'-:Az-5 '-:rE1ErE'E.E127322522-Er:-f1EfE21r' 21222562E1E'E2ErE2Er?2rErESrES 1151522121i1lE12rfvE:EIE1EvEj Siii4E2'252?.FfI1EI'CZ2E fiffri-E 1E2E2525E2E2:2iIE22f2Ii2E1EIE1E5Iiliiifililfifiiifiiliiii Dk-.395-.lztjzvgiziz-' 'Q 1 zv:-:42:4:5:Ii:1:QI:1:-:2:"g31:pz-'-::iifvftf:I:1:-:5:::S:-zz.: ttf "Art-Point" Visiting Cards FREE with each order of "Art-Point" Wed- ding lnvitations or An- nouncements. The Season's newest in Socially Correct Wedding Invitations and Announce- ments, illustrated in our "Art-Point" Guide For 1932- Consult it without obligation. Sold by LEADING DEALERS Everywhere A WEDDING is the most conventional of all Social Occasions and is the one time when everyone wants to be absolutely "Socially Correct." CORRECT STATIONERY plays an important part in the appointment of the Seasonis Brideg now as always, the workmanship must be exquisite. THE WEDDING FOLDERS must be of just the right texture and color, and Ivory is the pre- ferred shade for Wedding Invitations and Announcements this season. "ART-POINTH SOCIAL FORMS are unques- tionably Socially Correct and are sold by leading Stationers everywhere. ASK YOUR DEALER to show you the "Art- Point" Line, of Visiting Cards, Betrothals, Party Invitations . . . a complete line for all occasionsf V Charles R. Myers SEBASTOPOL, CALIFORNIA .llolkes Norman M.-But why did you buy a dachshund for the children? Mr. jones-So that they can all pet him at once. ae an at Max W.4Oh, grandpa, what a lot of whiskers! Can you expectorate through them all? Grandpa-Yes, sonny, I can. Max-Well, you'd better do it now 'cause they're on fire from your pipe. as :ie wk Anna Henningson-You remind me of the seas. Ted Shatto-Wild, restless and romantic? Anna-No, you make me sick. af wk :ie Dale Orr-Did you ever stop to think that animals have much in common with automobiles? Mr. Irish-How's that? Dale-Well, a balky mule has four wheel brakes 5 a billy-goat has bumpersg camels have balloon tires and kangaroos have rumble seats. ff as sv Walt Fore-What's the matter, kid? Gen Gunn-I got hitched up in a companionate marriage. Walt-And you find he's not to your taste? Gen-He's marvelous, but I've lost his phone number. an as an Pilot fof falling planej-Where's the parachute I told you to take with you? Clarence Cordoza-Parachute! That's funny, I thought you said, "pair o' shoes." wk as ae News Item-Railroad employees will soon be obliged to take a cut in wages. We'd hate to be the motorist at the crossing just after the engineer hears about it. 42 wk wk Mr. Beach-They framed the constitution in 1787. I joe Badger-The dirty crooks! ae se wk Dick Shoemake fin planej-Say, your wheel fell off! Pilot-That's all right. I don't have to worry about it until we land. sk ak wk Emily-I've got a perfect news story! Mr. Benson-Did the man bite the dog? Emily-No, the bull threw the congressman. an ae is Charlie E.-When do you plan to get married? Jean Porter-Well, if all goes well I won't get hooked for a couple of years yet. AZALEA Fon 1932 PAGE 71 AZALEA FOR 1952 PAGE 72 Y 1 Good Health --THAT YOU MAY EVER STRIVE Smumeeess -THE FRUIT OF LABOR Prosperity -THAT YOU MAY HELP THOSE LESS FORTUNATE IS THE XVELL WISH OF W. S. Olhmdlio Billllj BOIRBA SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA SIENIORSY THE ALUMNAE RETURN AND YOU WILL TOO- THE NELSON STUDIO SATISFIES YOU! NELSON STIUDJIO "PHOTOGRAPHERS OF QUALITY" PHONE S. R. 1535 - 312 MENDOCINO AVE. SANTA ROSA, CALIF. L I AZALEA FOR 1 95 2 PAGE 73 AZALEA FOR 1 93 2 PAGE 74 Y R lB5lISOlRlDll 61 MORAN TOBACCO ICE CREAM CANDY BILLIARDS 0 SANTA ROSA AVENUE SEBASTOPOI., - - CALIFORNIA -2 Betty Qto one arm driverj -For good- ness sake, use two hands. Ted B.-Can't. Gotta drive with one. Ik wk Ik Dentist-I'm sorry but I'm out of gas. jo Palmberg-Ye gods! Do dentists pull that old stuff, too? if wk ak Jack Long-I hear that Al started an- other fire in a waste-basket? Jack Wegesser-Yeah! just "arson" around, as usual. PF Sk ak GLOSSARY OF TERMS GRADUATION is the process of getting rid of undesirable seniors in an honorable way by the process of . . . COMMENCEMENT, a boring function devised for testing the waiting stamina of... SENIORS, gents who have spent four uneventful years at some school or other in a feeble attempt to get some . . . KNOWLEDGE, an illusive muse who can not be secured by just a little . . . WORK, what the graduates are about to do at last after they finish with such things as . . . SENIOR SINGING, an outdoor form of vocal exercise. :E an ill Helen S.-How did Ellabelle get all mussed up? "Fifi"--She was out with a crude oil salesman. wk ar as Jovita H.-How do the college fresh- men keep those dinky little caps on? Marvin-Vacutun pressure. SAN TA ROSA OIUL AND RIURNIER ICIOMPANY 101 SANTA ROSA AVENUE PHONE 973 SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -...,gQgg.,.- BRANCHES Petaluma OII and Burner Company sz FOURTH STREET PHONE 425 PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA Pioneer Oil and Burner Company 415 NORTH STATE STREET PHONE 331 UKIAH, CALIFORNIA An OiI Burner for Every Purpose Free Serzfire lo All Oil Patron: Ifzmzllatiom in Dixtribzzlofw of DEHYDRATORS STOVE PRUNE DIPPERS FURNACE BOILERS DIESEL FURNACES SPRAY RANGES FUEL STOVES OILS AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 75 AZALEA Fon 1952 X X 25 5? X X Nik PAGE 76 Qf,,M'4,.0 0f1..45fJ'E' 3 Q Jw, W 1.4.1 ,, at W K lt COMPLIMENTS ' OF lE. lF. U'lLeaury an-dl Son ARCHIE F. O,LEARY, Mgr. FUNERAL M DFRECTORS . f, - - . .1 My 4 QZZZTIQ' Q fb-QC. . F., la Q Z4CZffMff-at PHONE 27-W 151 BODEGA AVENUE Things to do while waiting for your girl to get dressed for a date: Fix your tie. Smoke one of her father's cigars. Fix the fire. Get gas for the car from the family bus. Use her phone to call up another girl. vp af if Mr. Worwood-I was just shaved by a barber that wasn't a gentleman. Mr. Lance-Why, what makes you think that he wasn't a gentleman? Mr. Worwood-Well, it was a lady barber. an as sf Mr. Shull-What's the matter Chester? You look worried. Chester Lawrence-Oh, Christmas is coming. Mr. Shull-Ah, so you are thinking of the future. C. L.-No, sir. It's the present that bothers me. I 3 We Solicil Your Trade Dealers in Associated Oil Products and Complete Car Servicing I A110 Agent! For ff' l Firertone Tire: ANALY Service Station F. D. BALLARD S AsToP - CALI ORNI ' Santa Rosa Avenue Z' . Sebastopol - - - California. I K -4 -A-A A Gil Foster-See that cop over there? He pulled in the Yale crew. Chas. Fellers-Yeah? What had they been doing? wk Pk Ulf Bill Dabney-Do you object to petting? Louise-That's one thing I've never done yet. Bill-Petted? Louise-No, objected. FK 34 Pk Ted Shatto-Boy, my fortune is made! Mr. Beach-What now? Ted Shatto-I've invented a fountain pen desk set with the table attached. Pk Pk wk Top Showalter-Gee, dear, with a moon like that there are only two things to do-and I don't feel like writing poetry! I S CONGRATULATIONS Class of ' 52 I Y Dr. E. C. Rogers Defzlin' Sebastopol - - - California 24-HOUR SERVICE IFIEILILIEIRS' GARAGE FRANK L. FELLERS, Prop. o AUTO REPAIRING LATHE WORK o ACETYLENE WELDING GAS, OIL, ACCESSORIES Tow SERVICE PHONE 315 SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA K 'IK I AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 77 AZALEA FOR 193 2 M COILONIIBSO llaulmlbeir Co. QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS Dealefar in PINE LUMBER REDWOOD LATI-I LIME PLASTER CEMENT REDWOOD AND CEDAR SHINGLES WALL BOARD PATENT ROOFING -S Mr. Fredericks-I cannot sleep at night. The least little sound disturbs me. I'rr1 a victim of insomnia. Even a cat on our back fence distresses me beyond words. Druggist-This powder will be effec- tive. Mr. F.-When do I take it? Druggist-You don't. Give it to the cat in milk. ae an ae Her Father-Young man, can you Sup- port my daughter in the manner in which she is accustomed? Paul Meeker-Yes, Sir. You See, I use Listerine tooth paste and the saving is something wonderful. fNot an adj Pk :ie vs Jack Fore-I came upon a tiny hamlet that seemed to be asleep on the edge of the misty valley. Jack Mayhorn-Was it asleep when you got there or after you came? PAPER WINDOWS U DOORS COMPLIMENTARY TO THE MILLWORK CLASS OF 1932 HARDWOOD FLOORING We wish to recall again the SPLIT SH'-KES immortal words of our beloved SAWED SI-IAKES Abraham Lincoln: SPLIT POSTS "Let uf have faith that right SIEWER PIPE maker might, and in that faith BRICK let ur to the end endeavor to ETC do our duty ar we underftand ' it." This thought be to you as it has PHONE 62 been to us, a living inspiration toward a sturdy and healthy and o permanent growth. O CCUJLCOMIBKU Frizelle Eales and 9 lliumbcr TCO, 'Company h . SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA P one 1071 "BETTER FEEDS AT LESS COST" S- U K -I PAGE 78 .W ,.. -,, ,,,, Merle Moore-Did you have a nice time at the party? Jo P.-Well, I had a nice party at the time. ak wk as Lela-What's always in the hole, but probably paying the investors a profit? Lola-I don't know, what? Lela-A subway. av FF ae Miss Schmidt-Now, wou1dn't you be surprised on the final day if St. Peter asked you, "What is a participle?" :xc ak :ie Cop-Can't you see the sign? You must be blind. Bill M.-I got signlus trouble. wk as Pk Dick B.-Can you get me a date with a good girl?" "Chub"-Well, I can get you a good date. Y ' 3 THIS SPRING THERE IS A WAR ON BE- TWEEN STANDARD MER- CHANDISE AND "NO NAME" AND NO MATTER WHICH WINS THE PURCHASER WHO BUYS "NO NAME" IS THE LOSER. IT PAYS TO BUY STANDARD SUITS, SHOES, SHIRTS, AND OTHER AP- PAREL AND IN SO DOING YOU HAVE THE ASSURANCE OF VALUE AND SATISFAC- TION. SUCH GOODS WILL BE I N FOUND HERE AT VERY REA- SONABLE PRICES. LET'S GO TO THE- I Apple Blossom "UNDER THE KOFFEE KUP" .y 23 Frexb Candief H ot Lumber Ice Cream and Drink: . o B. D. lhnnltllenrman CLOTHIER Open Until Midnight SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA L. GAINER, Prop. PHONE 46-J K 2 K --I AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 79 ' AZALEA Fon 1932 F' N BANK WITH Selbasrzopoll National Banlls and Savings Bank Bank of W Gueirneviilllle Inverted Capital Over i54oo,ooo.oo Banking Rerourcer Over jB2,500,000.00 Combining security with a helpful, personalized banking service to over 400 residents of Western Sonoma County Banking Officer SEBASTOPOL, FORESTVILLE, GUERNEYVILLE, MONTE RIO s -1 PAGE 80 PHON EY FRUITS A-assafoetida fvery decided flavorj. B-bunanoes. C-caiullyflower foccasionally earsj. D-dates fseldom a fruitj. E-epples. F-faculty. G-grapes ffrequently sourj. H-horseradish. I-ipecac. I-julep fespecially mintj. K-kantelope. L-lemons fnot always a fruitj. M-malt. N-navels Qorangesj. O-olive Qsometimes a sweet young thingy. P-pineapples Qoften taken for datesj. Q-qucumber. R-razzberries Qhardly ever a fruitj. S-scrabapples. T-tobasco sauce. U-ureka Qtry and find itj . V-vatermellon. W-wanilla beans. X-experegrass. Y-yokel Qfruit for the city slickerj. Z-zauerkraut. SK if Pk Eunice C.-I'd like to get some soap please. Sam Banks-We have just the thing for that delicate peach blossom complexion. E. C.-Oh, it's not soft soap that I wanted. V 14 Pk Pk The visitor was talking of aviation when little Grace interrupted: "I was up in the air once myself, but I forget how it feels." "Why, Grace," spoke up her mother, "you were never in the air in your life." "Mother," corrected Grace, "you have forgotten that the stork brought me heref' X 1 jean Porter-I've no use for that fel- low, Temple. Inez M.-fWhat's the matter with him? Jean P.-He's the sort of chap that pats you on the back to your face and hits you in the eye behind your back. FK Sk wk Henry Castens-just attended a great house party. We had apple cider, lemon- ade, grape juice, and punch for refresh- ments. Ross Carr-Not bad, but did you have anything to drink? Pk Pk PF Valet fat 3 a. m.j--Beg pardon, sir, but there's a burglar downstairs. Y 3 Cleanliness Delivered At Your D to o ir YOU OWE IT TO YOUR FAMILY'S HEALTH TO HAVE YOUR CLOTHES WASHED IN A SCIEN- TIFIC WAY. LET US DO Chet Roher-All right, james, lay out IT FOR YOU, my 30-30 and my tweed hunting suit. I I O Nauman's Paint Store WALL PAPER, POINTS AND GLASS SIGN WRITING Selmstopol lFireneli1 Laundry Telephone 56-J 147 Bodega Avenue PHONE 288 Sebastopol - - - California K' I K I 4 AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 8 1 AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 82 s z -1 an CALL OR PHONE MTUTCVWI N Mazzuchi POOL AND SNOOKER Ml at .. G C0 Cigars, Tobacco, and All Makes of Soft Drinks WHOLESALE "SeMfife With zz Smile" AND RETAIL F or Sebastopol, - - California FRESH, CURED, AND E U COLD MEATS B.. :N FOster's 98c Stone - Sc - 10c - 15c NOTHING OVER 98C O PHONE 54 SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA 2 B -- 3 Wes Taylor-I got the copper residue in Exp. 7 and guess how much it weighed? Wes Temple-Five grams? 1st W. T.-No. 2nd W. T.-Seven grams? lst W. T.-No. 2nd W. T.-Ten grams? lst W. T.-No. ' 2nd W. T.-Well, how much then? lst W. T.-I don't know, I didn't weigh it. Joe B.-I have a beastly cold in my head. Clytie P.-Never mind, Joe, that's something anyway. if PK af Lyle F.-Dad, buy me a drum. Dad-But son, if I get you a drum you'll disturb me very much. Lyle-No, I won't. I'll drum only when you are asleep. B N IFILIEIMIIINGJS MARKET "THE BIG STORE WITH THE LITTLE PRICE" -wm- Q.- EVERYTHING THE MARKET AFFORDS IN HIGH GRADE GROCERIES. FRESH MEATS, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AND OUR PRICES RIGHT. KEEP THE INDEPENDENT MERCHANT IN BUSINESS- IT WILL PAY YOU NOW AND IN THE END. "BUSINESS IS GOOD-WE THANK YOU" SEBASTOPOL, - - - - - - CALIFORNIA B- H AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 83 AZALEA Fon 1932 PAGE 84 S WATCHMAKING Chas. E. Piburn 125 NORTH MAIN STREET SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA S- -1---I Y S U Catherine B.-What does a kiss on the ear denote? Thelma-It denotes that the girl has dodged. wk wk an Beneath the spreading chestnut tree The smith works like the deuce, For now he's selling gasoline, Hot dogs and orange juice. wk ak ak Ruth F.-I simply can't appear in this Costume. Harry W.-Maybe the manager will let you take your hat off. wk wk va "Now, boys," said Mr. jones, "if you'll just put a few crazy answers in your examination I can sell them to a magazine for 35200 each." wk ak are K. E. K.-How is a trombone like a ball game? Howard H.-You have to slide to base. S The Most Spalding , , Sporting Essential Thmg G I of Including EooTBALL AND BASKETBALL Health EQUIPMENT at ' The Royal Bakery W D COX I 2 S Burglar's wife-Wake up, Slim, tbere's a cop in the house! vs :E an Gladys C.-I should think you'd feel as happy as a king when you're up in the air. Aviator-Happier, I'm an ace. Pk Pk Pk Tony S.-Did you lose that case about fishing properties? Clarence C.-Yes, the courts wouldn't give me a herring. Pk vs Pk Then there was the aviator who wOuldn't wear a crash suit in the summer time. :E :Ie as Alice O.-What big eyes you have, grandmother l Granny-And that, my dear, is how I caught your grandfather. ll' l George Pease THE PRESCRIPTION STORE A110 THE HOME OF THE SHEAFFER LIFE TIME PEN PHONE 40-W SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA rx- --2 kl s In za Be C owen!! y Attire!! and Prefentable By Patronizing The Best Present for THE a Graduate Westiem Cleaners an I,yerS A PRUDENTIAL d LIFE INSURANCE CLEANING AND PRESSING POLICY RELINING AND REPAIRING HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED o "We Call and Deliver" . See H. B. Scudder 156 MAIN STREET Phone 35-W PHONE 249 117 N. Main St. Sebastopol SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA S -2 sl 2 AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 85 AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 86 Z I Phone 304 or 305 For FANCY GROCERIES FRESH F RUITS AND VEGETABLES Spooner's Grocery A There certainly is a depression. To date Al Capone hasnlt killed half as many people as he did last year. 1: wk wk Visitor-What's your son's average in- come? Mr. Bridgeford-From 2 to 5 a. m. an an ak Miss Richardson has discovered a new way to cook sea gulls. A brick is placed in the pot with the gull. When a fork can be thrust through the brick with ease the gull is done. as wi: sf Mr. Carroll entered the lab, and spot- ting a student busily engaged in what appeared to be pouring water on himself, he approached nearer and asked, "What is the trouble, my boy?" Ted Shatto-Well, you see, sir, I spilled wet salt all over my pants, and as it is soluble in sulphuric acid-gosh, where are my pants? SB 8 C. F. Chase INSURANCE O PHONE 3 1 132 NORTH MAIN STREET SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA IE Wetch Bros. THE NEW RADIANT ELECTRIC BROODER 115 SANTA RosA AVENUE TELEPHONE 167-W SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA -H AZALEA Fox 1932 8 H For The Ben In CONFECTIONS, LUNCHES AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES Trade at the I Hugh School Srtzore Fresh Sandwiches Pie Cakes . Candies Ice Cream We Carry a Full Line of Soft Drinks E WRITING MATERIALS FOR SCHOOL USE M. SIMONSEN Pm . 7 Sebastopol California I S We Are Headqzzarlerr For Kroehler Made Living Room Furniture 2: Majestic Electric Refrigerators ' Simons S rin s :: Ma'estic Radios zz Beau rest Mattresses P 8 I Wed ewood Stoves and Ran es 8 ,,,. tiff-'53, .4 k ,55:la. g-a- af:r1:f:,5.,h:i.Y , i ' , ,ME-far, :R ix , of F x f ,A ,Q1,,qgff I. R--.fe 4--Af .f " . . .,., I I Scar Furmturle Co. "Service With 4 Smilej' Sebastopol, California Phone 136-J .V PAGE 87 AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 88 Y I Complemcnts of ED. HENDERSON Union Uill Company of Calyiiliornia Mannfartzrrerr of Union "76" Sebastopol California U A Y 3 E I IF YOU WANT YOUR HAIR CUT NICE AND NEAT G0 to 1-2-3 on North Main Street There'J 4 Barber there By the name of jim. Yorfll he treated right If you go to him. We trim your hair- Not your Pocketbook. Jim The Barber Sebastopol, - - California We Extend to the Class of 1932 OUR BEST WISHES for Prosperity and Happiness Purity Grocery Store Sebastopol - - - California s I A N E WE EXTEND TO THE 1932 CLASS ICE OUR CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST wIsI-IES FOR sUccEss "QUALITY" O BULK BRICK ' DIXIES PIES O 501101113 County Golden Rule Grocery Ice Cream CO' P. J. WEGESSER, Prop. AND 234 SOUTH MAIN STREET Sebastopol Creamery PHONE 540 Phone 280 O en Evenin s SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA P 8 -:U S -Z F I OUR EXPERT SHOE IF YOU WANT A- RE-BUILDING WILL CUT YOUR SHOE Bm IN HALF EOXY HAIRCUT TRY OUR SERVICE AT CANIFPS Shoe Shop Fox Barber Shop 111 BODEOA AVENUE SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA L I S I AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 89 AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 90 S M ausvnnunown ' 9 Mlller s Garage and Q Service Station We deem ii u pleuiure to Jerue you NORTH MAIN when in need of foot wear BROWNBILT Aeroff from the Church BUSTER BROWN , BLUE RIBBON 5132155 STANDARD GAS AND OILS "KEDS" U. S. TIRES are the liner we Jloek eomplele, Auto, Tymk and Thu-,of to be able to ji! more feet Repaiying Come, be our customer. O Oscar's Shoe Store 154 NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE 6 SEBASTOPOL 2 E 1 5' " "' ' 3 E FOR THE BEST IN DAIRY PRODUCTS Secure the Beit in AND CONFECUONS FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES Brr ef AND GROCERIES . The Home Dalry P Silvas Home Made Ice Cream Af If: Dijjrerent , + Moore s Meat Market 312 NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE 269 PHONE 201 SEBASTOPOL, CALIFORNIA - - C SEEASTOPOL, ALIFORNIA Milk - Butler - Cream - Egg! g- I s --- Y I R 1 Henry Hess Company T. R. Klinker, Manager SEBASTOPOL AND GUERNEVILLE On Your Way lo the River STOP AT R. D. Haun1dly's LUMBER Auto Camp MILLWORK BUILDING MATERIAL On the Highway at Graton Intersection + Sonomaco Ice Cream Fresh Candy Offfe Soft Drinks Lunches Served SANTA ROSA AVENUE, SEBASTOPOL, CALIF. Telephone See Om' Zoo SEBASTOPOL 380 n -I n 'ii BUY A CHEVROLET TRADE AT for Pay 'gn Talks It SPEED, ECONOMY, AND COMFORT FOR YOUR T A B L E NEEDS R. KC. Meyers Somelhing Saved on Everything" AGENTS New Low Prices + Virit Ozzr Urea' Car Dept. Main and Bodega Sebastopol 223 Santa Rosa Ave. Phone 12 Sebastopol - - - California I I Y I AZALEA Fon 19 32 PAGE 91 AZALEA FOR 1952 PAGE 92 Y S Z -1 INSIST ON- Union Brand For BETTER QUALITY AND BETTER PRICES A C o o peratioe Markelin g Organization Sinee 1911 Sebastopol Apple Growers Union Y 1 Toughs Garage OFFICIAL HEADLIGHT AND BRAKE TESTING o Expert Repairing Shell Gai O PETALUMA AVENUE PHONE 188 SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA .I I -I MEN'S WORK SHOES AND GLOVES A! Spillers Harness Shop 119 BODEGA AVENUE PHONE 290 SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA 1 E ' 5 li OUR WORLD WIDE SERVICE For the Afking W. L. Benepe A gent! For THE AMERICAN EXPRESS Alfa DEALERS IN COAL AND WOOD O PHONE 375-J SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA Y N B WHERE SERVICE E SERVICE FOR EXPERT HAIR DRESSING Call at Gravenstein Service The Home Beauty Station Shoppe SHELL PRODUCTS Permanent lVa1fing Marrelling Paper Carling Manicaring Wafbirzg - Greafirzg - Polifhing Facia!! Finger W-Wing Tiref - Batterief HATTIE E. SMITH O O 466 SOUTH MAIN STREET PHONE 169 M- J- SMITH, PVOP- SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA I K' I 1 Y I Sebastopol Feed Company Sellerr of All Popular Brandy of Poultry and Dairy Feedf To Serve All Liveftofk and Poallry Needr Feed Mixed to Order Telephone Orders Promptly Filled RALEIGH EDWARDS, Mgr. O PHONE 205 SEBASTOPOL, - - CALIFORNIA Santa Rosa Business 'College SECRETARIAL COURSE STENOGRAPHIC COURSE COMMERCIAL COURSE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 555 Ross STREET SANTA ROsA, - - CALIFORNIA i 'IK I AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 93 AZALEA Fon 1932 PAGE 94 n -- a SENIORSJ Our Best Wishes For a SUCCESSFUL AND PROSPEROUS CAREER Dr. C. lE. Molm DENTIST Dir. W. M. Jewell DENTIST sebasfopoi California '- 'l ' L lEll Rey Theatre. SEBASTOPOL 0 Showing only the finest and most outstanding pictures from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Para- mount, Fox and United Artists. New sound and projection equipment just installed. 0 PHONE 37 Sebastopol - - California Y N WOOk's Hardware Company MYERS PACIFIC WATER SYSTEMS MOTORS - PUMPS - PIPE 0 SEBASTOPOL, CALIF. . l I AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 95 AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 96 SPECIAL PRICES TO ALL STUDENTS Prompt Service Q Superior Quality JL G., THOMPSUN The fnllrzzwifzg ,fchoolf hare had my jieuonal and Jzzrcefxfzzl altefztiofz for Year' Book Plmlograpby for the pail Jix yeari- Santa Rosa High School 4 yearsg Analy High School 3 yearsg Ursuline College 6 yearsg junior College 1 ycarg Sonoma High School 4 yearsg Ukiah High School 3 yearsg Tomales High School 5 yearsg Boonville High School 5 yearsg Geyserville High School 2 yearsg St. Helena High School 1 yearg Cloverdale High School I year. Amid a few other'gnzd11a!i1zg,r. VISIT OUR STUDIO SANTA Rosfx. ------- CALIFORNIA EHEALJZW. .riieni CHARTERED TO CONFER DEGREES-Accrediied, Co-Edumtiolzal OFFERS Degree Courses in Business Administration, B. B. A., Secretarial Science, B. S. S., Higher Accounting, B. Accts., in two years of 48 weeks each. OFFERS Diploma Courses completed in from six months to one year-intensive, concise and comprehensive for the student with limited time. DAY SESSION 5 Al-D H63 Ay EVENING SESSION A COLL GE Van Ness Ave., at Post Telephone ORdway 5500 San Francisco - - - - - California z S CONGRATULATIONS TO THE QCTIUN-SERV 91 l SENIORS or 1932, ,mM""'WA'- Avro, V 'C' -9 f Q E1 Q AND BEST WISHES FOR ,.1' 1 q i! V YOUR sUccEss ,, S, 12 QQ' 4474 :Maron II' YP Cnuwrv FAH A nation-wide mutual Legal Reserve system of Auto, Life, and Accident Insurance that saves you nearly half your insurance costs. It costs you nothing to investigate this rapidly growing company consisting of over 800,000 members and assets of over 5S6,000,000.00. M Chas. H. Kung Drsriucr AGENT S. MAIN AND BURNETT Avis. Sebastopol ----- California L 2 AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 97 AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 98 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of lo the S E N I O R S Garbro AND ANALY Fruit Company V V Dr. E. C. Rogers DENTIST Sebastopol - - California Sebastopol - - California Dr. Chester Marsh Your School Dortor PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON SODA FOUNTAIN Candies, Ice Cream Delicious Special Drinks SCHOOL SUPPLIES To answer the needs of every Analy student 7 W7orth's Rexall Drug Store Phone 52-W Sebastopol - ' California 109 No. Main St. Sebastopol S I K I 7 8 I I Frank J.-Over in Morocco they re- cently convicted a man of murder and executed him in forty-eight hours. Frank G.-Ah, a Morocco brief case. Pk PK PK Candace-I don't like to ride with you, you're too reckless. Dale Lafranchi-Yes, we've had some tight squeezes, haven't we? C. E. Hallett GENERAL MERCHANDISE Pk X FK I Frank F .-We'd better get this dog out of here. Art B.-Why? h S . --F-4 P one eb 7 Frank-Oh, that man-said to stop pooching on his property. Graton - California ek Ik Ik Mrs. Crump-Oh, Johnny, the baby's swallowed a penny! Mr. Crump-Well, let him have it, to- morrow's his birthday. ' I Q I Metcalf DON'T BUY ANY CAR UNTIL You HAVE DRIVEN Hardware Co. th C 0 N E W F O R D V - 8 Hardware, Plumbing, Sheet Metal Work, Electrical Supplies T. M. Jones Member of PACIFIC Authorized Ford HARDWARE COMPANY Dfalef Phone 393-J ' Sebastopol - - - California I 1 I H 2 AZALEA FOR 1932 PAGE 99 xm 6 ! yaphs i9,,Qf"":' MI' . fbiU7--LTRS ifwio- J Cow-lbs44MJ Qnmzff LD MM gg M453 Way jaw WJ K GLW Zuma., GMP-we 5,6-MU 74fL4J1f'wW -345 ' 4 . al I 'r ,. ' WWW ' . 311 N A Q ' ' . 9 Q . S Q W , 5 3 ' Y ,-" . 1 ' s ' E1 ' , -57 ,. a . ' f as J ' - 'D 5 3 Wgjylm AEM? gf WSE! , M62k'MiEMff We 'xyjzgigb mixxy M K S , :man-mlmrw fb W' QQ no H if Auwgraphs Ai 5 J dk P za' ' ff. "S:- 'W L. , QW figgsy, . !,, ,,f, wb, ri Q. K I , wi- xx aw fl MMM vb ,qvhi ' M Aw YM if XxV?WA W AWN ' 1 N ff! gf? www QQ M wif 5' 413 QW X wbv-9-W-x'K" bww - 'wwnaumi mmnsmcmxnm. , 'w-,..Lunav:1wwz.,1:4x,, Lf m,w--,v-a-.wr 11 wa, ,.m-wwnr,.JafxmH:,un. f ww- .-Q--. :,.nw,.,vea.f A - v,v,-Mwf .1m-gv- M aquavwsfisfzls ' ' FU We x r J .1 I I K I

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