Anahuac High School - Anahuaconian Yearbook (Anahuac, TX)

 - Class of 1947

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Anahuac High School - Anahuaconian Yearbook (Anahuac, TX) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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'xfv FN 5 AAN qfX fxxwfx' A, .gniahugiqgxfx ggi? ?lliI N-2' J, 5? 'Y Q EEQZOQQ. DOROTHY AN N NEWTON MARIE SANDLIN x, A R 5 T 5 www xX'k dm IU! Jggd YR- 'fly fk EQ - Hui! Sm X iii 5' Y A '7?4! E535 publahhed Elf f It if C765 Sfudezfzfb. O .,, ANAHUAC mon scnoon. 1947 Y, A 4X Ari 'N ii W iw V if '-,YJ ,Y - ,W 7 if i ' if 'iiiig ij-'4 - ...J v- if , I,-ff .Er - K -,J .. 'i f .. x J Qld- ,- E! -12 , A , 'f N. A A lt' V - .... fm 1- 3 - 1 -I - rg : T T A . Z' .- Frm - - - 1-K Q .la J L -Q ESQ X, -, - 1 , :H F t -. .5 mf: -1. G "-- F N.NN :f,f .-4 , 2 - -- Q.. H ., , 1 - Q, :FM 2 ' , Ml -iT lullll? " -ff' ,if ,'N.- it ' f 3, : - L. ...- 1' " 15" "" 'T- "QA .. agua 4 1 .,., -1, "' 5' '3- Q -'r!: T"'-.- -'- e' 'xvmun I w--- - 17 mussu, , S -l- 0,101 9 Q Q ,,. -,,, - ' ' ' ' - X l 1-5, 1 4-S x V Y V .3-, 7 1575- 1 ,lg x -, I- "'-'X X- ,-,fr L Y --,.-:-L . ig f J' 'T- A 1- 5 Q-1 , f f I S " ti X ,Q , ,X f :- f k nl'- I ,.. I f... ? -is ' I 'ia I.. -,D - u g -"':.. , ww -zfm 'K -,KA ,..- an ff '-X ... -Z WI ,-L -?-- "' N.. h -.: ' ,,.., 4511- ,ff ,,,V x ""' ..- .. .3 , cf .- Mg S """ ur-',,?-'1i f, --Y fd-gg, ,- .:.. r- XX Xxx X 7 -"'l.:-. Q N 'j,.. .- ,1- B E is I M - I l If ,, JSWW, ,,, ,L Z , ,-f-1 I : .11-H ,Vf-4-'ex--91, ,,, ,.f-vu X W -- rff-'18 -!, ,X if J 5 f . f ff - X "" - LiY,'kL'x:fj'fna',7i- zv ,,.., i -5 l-"", ,YY. Yi' Y ,y 7 ik-Q9 -fill nf i A W f , X -ffl A' fd' MX' X LZ "" I f -'-' -ff' Y- p vi ,Zfff 1 ..l" - ,G ' y zfffgi Lil X o 2 X ,,.... f c,.fff "' Dorofhy Ann New+on Co-Edifor 35 E331 Q Guy C. Jackson Business Manager ff :img alum rv' Elaine Wagner Phofographer Alfa Pa rlcs Sponsor Palsy Hall Assisfanf Business Manager Marie Sancllin Co-Edilor 'Z' Ann Forfner Ari' Edifor ,A g rv 'W'- I mn V tfflil' 3 i A, Roberl Nelson Lay-our Edifor QAQSTAH1 Pafsyrufh W'hife Assisianf Business Manager 1595 B- lris Rasberry Typisf 'QN- ,tm-.K 'its 11" Mary Louise Mayes V f' Typis+ s SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE To the Staff and Miss Parks: With dignity, patience and pride, you have wrought well in the production of the l947 Anahuaconian. Future readers of this book will join me in thawing you for preserving so many happy memories of our school life. This volume will serve as a lasting testament of your love and loyalty to our school. Sincerely, R. F. Riley Superintendent luiivffw V-P-M-'1L?wf!l4Kll7nWbr-lbivlfvl ' . zWPMI'U7Y9Q."f'l'llP5ll1 - ' 'gqggq A H S3+2iIiAiiUAlE-aJui-'-,-uweavnan.I1-Ih-,vsL+owumu..iawNpvv! AQQGDE ' ' i A MY PRAYER 3 By Nelleen Leggell 5 E 5 5 Day haslens on TIS lhe hour ol 'rwIlIgh'r My hour of communIon wI'rh HIm Momenls of release for me ThIs hme I brung nof requesls Fafher WI+h deepest grahfude I 'rhank Thee For love fha? replaces hale or sunshune alfer 'Ihe rams or flowers desIgned by God and lended by man For lears fhal wash away sadness or grIel lhaf makes faIlh slronger or momenfs of +ranquIlITy aller lurbulency or a deep abIdIng love of wIle and husband or lhe hrst cry of a new born babe or Influences Tha? sland for rIghT or expenswe lessons learned from expenence Ol sacrIlIces lhal have made us slronger or prIvIleges ol prayer al lhe loo? of God lhrone or fnenos made clear +o me 'rhrough lhe 'mal of rhe years or peace of rnInd lhaf comes from lovIng one s lellowman or hands TO work for +he helpless or eyes +o see and ears 'Io hear the beauhes of nafure or smIles fha? greel me on a busy day or smcere words Thai cheer 'rhe dIs+ressed or ease afler pam or a conscIence 'rhal prIcks my hear? or The Innocence of small chIldren and The knowledge of lhe sages or humIlI+y In lhe lace of pranse or courage In lhe face of danger or lhose who seek God s wIll I0 momenls of IndecIsIon or The sIlen+ love of lwo lrIends or puzzled mIHdS +ha+ daIly seek knowledge or work fhaf musl be done or 'lender love of Molher and Fafher For presence of mInd In momenls of danger For generosI+Ies marked by sacrmces or pahence ID momenls ol dIsappoIn+menJIs or hope thal comes from sIncere promIses or laughler lhal rIngs wI+h cheer or Thy llmIll6SS love and gIl'rs And even more Falher XM ThIs IS my prayer ""'r I.: ..4',H4-1 'lase- Y .ff ix' 1 l-,QXfM 5? vpxvalb' 'Q 2 Q . . . . F ' . 3 F . . ' E F , . , I i r I l F . . I F . . I F A . . A D H F ' ' s , F . .5 . S , I F ' ' I I P I F ' . F F ' I F . . I r ' , F . . W 3- F ' ' ' . F . I For honesl vicfory aller contesls, f P ' ' . P ' ' . g F I g F . . . . ' 2 P ' ' . E F . . I E F , . . ' E lf . . ' ' at "ff" "' Rx 2 ' l ' his s S ,,...,.....j ..... X A ff" "" YNQ ' X as MQNW jx DEDICATION Wilh deepesl gralilude for 'rhe beauliful life of a fine and noble Chrisfian who served and inspired many we dedi- cafe lhis 'rhe ninefeen forfy-seven edilion of fhe Anahuac- onian +o 'rhe memory of our dear friend and 'reacher Miss Neileen Legge'r'r. She will live always in fhe hearfs of all Anahuaconians H6 .ull-..A- - , fwv:"v- -f WW W 'za .. 25555 5555! i asses fm 'in ll , -5 Q ' ls ' N , ,., ,,. 7 c f . j o W I Z Lg C ' 4 in-fa ig ADMINISTRATICDN R. F. RILEY K. E. Whife Supf. of Schools Presidenf of Board Q' F 2 lb O. E. Willcox, Jr. Evelyn Edwards Tax Assessor-Collecfor Secrefary E. L. Nol+e G. Fahring, M. Harris Merriff ViCe-Pg-egidenf Z la, X Q? Q fkgoti 1!Qhll'- Paul M. Alexander, A. B. U. of Missouri Aeronauflcs Physics E. W. Eargle, B. S. S.W.T.S.T.C. Coach American Hislory Mrs. Mary Jo Marlin, S.l-l.S.T.C. Home Economics B. S. R. F. Riley, B. S. S.l-l.S.T.C. Superin+enden+ Dramaflcs A. C. Andrews E.T.S.T.C. Kansas Stale College lncluslrial Arfs S. E. Lee, B. S. S.F.A.S.T.C. Geomelry Trigonomefry Mrs. Earle May, B. Texas Unlversily English A Fred B. Mers, B. A. Louisiana Slale Normal Band Mrs. Nell Pry, B. S. S.F.A.S.T.C. Algebra Reverend Wade Slcinner Bapiisl Minisler Soullriweslern Seminary Old Teslamenl Weyman E. Marlin, B. A.: M S.l-l.S.T.C. High School Principal CiviCS Alfa B. Parlcs, B. S., M. Ed. S.F.A.S.T.C. Texas Universily Business Aclminislralioni Journalism Publicafions J. Oliver Sheffield, B. S. S.H.S.T.C. Clwemisfry. Biology General Science Mrs. Frances Walls, B. A. S.F.A.S.T.C. English Aflwlefics Eargle Mafh Lee and Pry Rev. Leslie LeGrancl, B.A., LL.B. Rice-Texas U niversily gggigf, , 5 . nce Sgglield CIDVIDCS Marffn Bible lNew Teslamenll English May and Walls Shop Andfews ' f?,,,.i 'X 1" -'Xs'T"'vi,i' ' -f QL L Cfmmercial Parks l naulll C5 Aero der Homemalflnq Alexan Marlin -4 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jack Sharp ...,. , . Presidenf Marie Sandlin A , . A .. Vice-Presidenr Nelda Rufh Walker . Secreiary Jimmye Jo Beaiy .. , Reporrer , .. Treasurer Gloria Jean Gaflln A X X. Q iz, 1, X vx? v..: :psy Everefte Aclams Foolball Track Baskelball Baseball Jesse Blume Dramalics Morse Code Palrick Casey Baske+ball Baseball Choral Club af js, Xi ,XA s , ,fir I? .z , .,.x A . or x C lC E f , "fly J X N03 ,gn-v 'Wd' J EI Ji ack Sharp Senior Class Presidenl Junior Class Presidenl Foolball Baskelball Concerl Band. 3 yrs. Choral Club Senior Class Favorife berl Albrillon Pho+ography Club Slipslick Club Mimeograph Operalor Baskelball Choral Club mmye Jo Bealy Foolball Maid Baskefball Volleyball Dramatics Twirler Senior Class Reporler Tennis Choral Club Knilling Club Jack Dunman Foofball Capfain '46 Baseball Baskefball Track Choral Club Ernesf Ezer Foolball Baslcefball Baseball Track Freshman Class Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class Presidenf Gloria Gailin Senior Class Treasurer Baslcelball Band Quarlel, '46-'47 Ensemble, '47 Freshman Reporler Assislanl Humor Edilor Choral Club 2 yrs. Volleyball Senior Class Favorile Beulah Hand Band, 3 yrs. Sophomore Class Presidenl' Reporler, Panlher Roars, '47 Dramalics Club Sophomore Class Presidenf lmogene Harbour 'Band, Flaglwirler Choral Club ,,:..,, z. , , 4 xgfassrsirssgss Ann Forfner Arr Edilor Anahuaconian '47 Panfher Roars '47 Dramafics Choral Club, 3 yrs. Pholography Club Pep Squad Secreiary Band, I yr. Journalism Club Nafhan Granfom Foofball Baseball Pholography Slipsliclr Club Model Airplane Club Vocafional Guidance Club Science Club Choral Club Charles Harris Foolball Baslrelball Traclc 4-H Club Science Club Baseball Choral Club Clillon Henderson Band Model Airplane Club Pholography Slipsficlc Club Foofball, I yr. Amanda La Four Choral Club Flagbearer Sewing Club '45 Journalism Club Louis Luediclce Foo+ball Baslcelball Baseball Science Club Concerf Band Choral Club Bobby Miles Foofball. Captain '46 Baseball Mos+ Handsome Boy. Alice Marie Moss Dramafics Pep Squad Phofography Kniifing Club Volleyball Rodger La Four Foo+ball Baseball Baslcelball Choral Club 4-l-l Club Mar+ha Earle May Choral Club Dramafics Baslcelball Pep Squad Volleyball Layoul Assisfanl Laura Lois Mifchell Flagbearer, '46 Dramafics Secrefary-Treasurer Sophomore Class Pholography Dorolhy Ann Newion Drum Major, 3 yrs. Anahuaconian Co-Edifor Sexfel '44-'45 Ensemble, 2 yrs. Junior Class Treasurer Sophomore Class Vice-Presidenf Cheer Leader, '43 Panlher Roars Typist Choral Club Pres. 46 Pan+her Roars Mgr. Choral Club Mosf Beauliful Girl Delpha Lou Pills Pep Squad Choral Club Journalism Club James Sandlin Foolball Pholography Slipsliclc Club Model Airplane Band, I yr. Grady Shaffer Foolball Baslcelball Baseball , Junior Play '44-45 Sporls Reporfer '44-45 4-H Club Norman Sykes Band, 4 yrs. Pholography Model Airplane Club Choral Club Arlhur Marvin Pry Slipsficlc Club Band, '44, '45, '46 Junior Class Vice-Presidenl' Sophomore Class Reporler Science Club Tennis Marie Sandlin Senior Class Vice-Presidenl Dramafics Pep Squad Presideni '46 Band Co-Edilor Anahuaconian Panlher Roars Ari' Edilor, 4 yrs. Press Club Phofography Club Journalism Club Choral Club Basketball Volleyball Tennis Frances Sheffield Baslcelball Choral Club , Ensemble '45, '46, '47 Quarfel, '44, '45 Panlher Roars Edifor '46 Cheer Leader, '46 Journalism Club Assislanl Panlher Roar's Edilor '45 Tennis Dramalics Typisl, Panfher Roars Volleyball Besl All-Round Girl Annual Layoul Assl. Belly Jo Tennis Drum Minor, '45, '46 Choral Club Journalism Club Baslcelball Concerl' Band Choral Club Secrelary- Treasurer Flaqbearer, '44, '45 Volleyball, l yr. Tennis Ja mes Ea rl Weaver Baslce+baH, I yr. 4-H Club Mimeograph Edifor Choral Club 'Ph-Q D f I K-Wl . clunannqg. Q ,. "Q, +5 xml A isgsaafizwf ii E? 'M if ,MV 4, M1 ' V .L ,...-y-w"'w' V N-W W,-,,,,,,au JUNIOR CLASS OFHCERS David Lynn Riley ,. ,, ,..,. .. ..,, .. , Pre-sidenl Johnnie Roberls A , A ,.,. Reporler Mary Louise Mayes ., , . Secrelary-Treasurer lris Rasberry ,.L........, . ,, , . , , . Vice-Presidenl Helen Ruin Jeofrfroy . Asssciafe Reporler Evelyn Nelson ., . ,, , Assf. Secrefary-Treasurer Jane Anding Dixie Jo Barnharl' Newlon Barnharl Lawrence Berry Richard Bruce Charles Cline JUINIICDIQS Dorothy Desormeaux Jewel Fowler L. D. Granfom Clyde Harding Tommy Harlow Carroll Harmon I fa w-X , .S sm X. Q g Helen Rufh Jeoffroy Guy C. Jackson Sam King Jeaneffe Kinser Rilda Kirkham Roy Lauderdale JUIXIICDRS Alva Marlin Mary Louise Mayes Bobbie McMillan Juanifa Mifchell Tommye Nelson Roy Nelson Roberl Nelson Doris Newfon Beverly Prevosf Iris Rasberry David Lynn Riley JUINIICDIQS Johnnie Roberls Harry Skinner Lowell Sykes Leon Smillw EW! Q 2 Elaire Wagner Jerome Wagner Hi' if 'mf-W W f "V?niei64ipl.b-as-an-Wi HH!- a V fs a ir, aaa a , M Z., A .4350 A 'Wx eow SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Ames Pippin , , , , Pregideni' Mary Jack Ransom . , Treasurer Patricia Sandlim ,,.,, A Secre+ary Lililan Rufh Sherman .,....,..,.,... , ....A.., ,.....,.,.. . Reporjrer if -5 'Q-fl Lee Abshier Slanley Barringer Edilh Blume New ll :QI bQ':' E Jimmy Campbell m1" ' .,.,. f Kirby Chamrev 7x .... ,, ....,, X A fy I , I il f' I Hilda Mae Farris Palsy Hall Bobby Ray Harmon Billy John Harmon SGPHCD Willie Mae Harbour James Berf Jackson Belly Jo Jeofiroy Gladys LaFour Viola Maddox Emilie Marlin Mary Sue Morgan V? Amos Pippin an H , Q 2 :a rv A :,, .E 'A , Mary Jack Ransom H Q it V ""' - :Ii 2 " MCDRES Pafricia Sandlin Lillian Ruth Sherman 'C' Evere+'r Turner Pafsyrufh While WMM. I . 'L 1 if af, Nrf:'qvY" ,mawx V-5' E5 i HUIIUIIIII wif 5 if " my " "hs 4 f W . AR qw 1 wif im., Q Allen Albrifton Elizabefh Anding Joan Ausfin Talmadge Barringer Alice Barnl'1ar+ Francis Ed Benson Sarah Blanseh' Deane Bosriclc Kirk Campbell Lena Mae Cline Jake Damron Joyce Devillier J. T. Fallce Lesier Foufch Joseph Gaspard Mary Margarer Gau Joanne Gray Wilborn Harris Edgar Kruger if nf' , 'rrn . ..,, you Q1-""7 I A Q3 : , v,.x:.' : ll: I ', : , .. s y Qq T 2 'V" ' ,.,2' ' , bg' N" 1 wifi. r lla ,. . Vlll zzzi . 5:"' .,::.:, y . gi., EEV I 1 I . f' , 3 ff 1 J .A-, , if W X Tavia Rae La Four Gerald La Four Ann Nolfe Joyce Pierce Margaref Ann Pugh James Arlhur Smilh Ruby Lee Smifh Alva Slanley Howard Sfengler Barbara Lee Slerling Vida Mae Slephenson Karman Sloclcwell Billy Sfrocle Harold Thompson Maurice Tucker Jasper Turner John Vance Franlclin Walson James Walls iw, and Q YQ 'I' in 'E .J-A 5 ka FALLS? J 3-'83 Q N 4 Q 'gf-nr! Q z- x .. ,. . . . ,, ww Aa' 'r 5 . ' K u t ?. 1" , N,-Q WMWMQX ,W V, ruwkw Q .Nl if, , Y? 'Q Q. .Q W' FEATURES ' 'f-"""f""""k"-f-'w-"-'-'-"-'1"""-vv'w- DOROTHY ANN NEWTON 'fe O O MUST BEATIFUL GIRL BO B M ' L l1OWMdvlz!!VDl!1CllfJ!N.NU'SlYWYWW00.V5 mv-v 1v7MrJwNr6l-"1'S2wUn0fD2XFH.!'h'i'W h MCDST HANDSOME BUY FRANCES SHEFFIELD BEST ALI. RCDUND GIRL Lf vi' Nga' ,A-H' DAVID LYNN RILEY BEST ALL RCDUND BOY 'xf nrmwv X-mkfmumvad R-www,fwux4n1u.-A.4,w-4.p4.M,,..,,.,,.,.,,,....,,.. -. 1-X am V x 32214 ' Y1 ,WIWW 'R W1 wg! ww Mmm 'W ,F ,txt If E Q lx ,V 1? 2 . ,Qs .X Q I K. 4. '1 L e 5 I XX. 4 x N' 2 Q5- X .:.,.: M.-wiki 'NX X f M- , axg 0? ng x s N Nr wifi x-far - "' ,,,,.annv""' 1 wr . J gp, 5 ' .y ii-'Q ' 1 rf. , ,I Why A,, K. fin,l54,v 'M +3 ,.. 'faq 'Z 'V 'fy A::wyv"'.'3' .x . Y g ,,, A Q -J . ' W A 'Q' 9 1' YU- 'ef 31" 9.1 M . J - - S ' f .Saw ,.f.T,'3' 3'I "SW WILBORN HARRIS ANN NOLTE PRES!-IMEN FAVQRITES Q3 as X 4' N V R HALLOWE'EN CARNIVAL QUEEN Queen Jeanefte Knnser 1 4. , King Roy Nelson :SVI A ,,. 'Xi -il: ,I ' ' Train-Bearer Mary Phoebe Syer -r ' -,gl 4..' 'V 5 V Crown-Bearer Jack Hinman :mx H if ., .d 1 f . ' ' . . ,, . ,f , .44 Qoofbaff Sponaoi mf 7WaZcZQ, ,,,,,,1,h,f. , , W. ,,..-. -..A- X, . .. .---mmf-. vi'-.-,.-:A-f--f-4.,-,Ax .1 , f , ,v A v--T .14-.fx .fm :,wv".-Hx 1-4----v-v.:1fx,.v-Q41-1w:.w.-Q:- -4-,:A.,,-:.a4-A iiwv-654-k' Sea+ed: Nelda Rufh Walker, Sponsor. Sfanding fLef+ 'ro righfl Pafsyrufh Whife, Ann Noffe, Doris New+on. panzflzefzf Ronan .Waff- 'uf -V 4 'W ' gg Q 9 W T99 Beulah Hand Humor Edifor Gloria Gaflin David Riley Sporfswrifer Q Mary Mayes Sporfs Edifor Edilorials f O is iw' Dorolhy NewlOV1 sQj Elberf Albriffon Business Manager Mimeograph 'Q' 'G - ru 1 Q A , " .. ' I V ":.. V AQQ, ,:..-'1 if ' ' , Q Ann Former James Weaver Co-Arf Edi+or Mimeograph -If kv' Frances Sheffield Rilda Kirlcham Edilor-in-Chief Assi. Edilor Mrs. Laura Mifchell p fR d JOURNALISM CLASS roo ea er Produchon Marie Sandlin Co-Art Edifor s M. ,, ! film 5 ' ag, I 1 is , I X Nelda Walker Gen. Assl. 453' Miss Alfa Parks Sponsor Q "1 l- '014.tWwP,,Q' ' Dorofhy Ann Newfon Drum Maior Fred B. Meri Direcfor "A-1939611 ak Belly Jo Tennis Dorolhy Ann Newion Nelda Ruih Wallcer V ik Iris Rasberry Laura Lois Mifchell Amanda LaFour 'E K 4 X. ,vw .F ' . 1 - ' Mft- .' A ,Q was W '- -fa' ,, ,qw ,f s W, . ,Q H lyk,-63 Q! y - Sex xii. Asa, , ' f Qi X ,' 5 '-Q.-e-Hfav wwf 1 . 4 , n 4 x i 9 . W. W... W xp af , Y". I-' V 'ai Q X f .V f x Maiorelfes Nelda Ruth Walker Belly Jo Tennis Rilda Kirlclwam Gladys LaFour Pafsyruili While CONCERT BAND MARCHING BAND , 'Q X 'N ga Q Ar . 5 ,,,.., M ,i , an S Q ,ir 1 F' J e 5, ' I ' b ' ' ilmflflflk u'c fu,u'a I1,fl sn, we hi-4 'T H -455. Qu 539 wa' -v 31 f X Xi gil 58 4. . Q ii' q ' ' 'i .5 W W ,+, Alf Q A . ' ,una-do ls 1 Dunn- WA . -1 4. W" f ' vw - -dwuwz, 1 , fa K .,.,4 Q .5-sv' 4 . 3- 9 f ar.. n. W- ft Qatlwu malt. Q , nwaw of up-vu m-what-num 01'l5f"if"51Wl f W 'f A W' vffflllww ff ' f X I N wv.?mma+0m:r uwwsw1llnd!vv-Hlil-ff' if L "' " vvkwww-1' fm Q X x X. Q' B I , 'fig' as 14 'Q' , XY. an s s Q, 4 .2 f i "N 'm ry E 3 I 4 1 PEP SQUAD CHEERLEADERS L f ghf: Elaine Wagner, Doris Newion, Frances Mary J. Ransom Sheffield 43, ' 'Tuu- 'Af F rf-:L,,pl ff.-,, gm . uv' U HRX FX Mrs. L. Vs. Nl'rXXer0e1, Marxaqer R. B. Long Ska-mXeq Mrs. . Ycvewrr A Moss Mrs V aXXre Jokrxsorx Mrs. Mrs. EVGXMYN aw n , 1 W.. Wm'-.V .5 wg.: VW. .,,-...,wf.--v-'-'lf'-iw'-M W A Km, , f . .3- . - 'f .s f' 4""' f . H- 'EE ' W 4-wa' , , Mgt A-31 I f' -c L11 YW ff , V ., 5 M' 'W ' , Q gi: .,,, i n , .. 'W ' M, fy - ' 'f2.,,f "fl ' -vw, ,iw it ., j V ff V ' I " 212 .5 " ' - li., V ,,,, 4. ' ,V an ' Y A -1- f A .. gg, gf - , 5 f ff SPCDIQTS Sonny Ezer, Co-Capf. All Disf. Back f' -.. X. , WM 4' QXSOU OYN FMU sk- End Anahuac Anahuac Anahuac Anahuac Anahuac Anahuac Anahuac Anahuac Anahuac Anahuac SEASONS RECORD Liberfy, , Dayfon ,, Newfon Cleveland Kirbyville Woodvllle Clnesfer Barbers Hull Por? Acres Sour Lake D 2 avid Rlfey ndA0D Bobby MU eg, C All Dfsf' Guaoljcapf. F BQYVY Lawerence End :sf Tacfrfe Nafham Granrom ,ind MX DM 2nd AH Dns+ Back as Q N Whig my kd grew -mf R3 Jack Dunman Grady Shaffer Roberf Nelson Charles Harris Roy Lauderdale Kirby Chancey Wilborn Harris Tommy Harlow Carroll Harmon Rodger LaFour Bobby Ray Harmon James Sandlin Karmen S+oclcweII Gerald LaFour Louis Luediclce Alva Marlin Guy C. Jaclcson Lesfer Foufclw Deane Boslick James Berf Jackson Floyd Cline Andrew Hodges Charles Cline Maurice Tuclcer K El nmol I' Q at Q ,,..,. 1.3 "'N ,Y il:,gy,,,. . i , , ,nf QE ""'essm.,.,,x l ' 1- f Q3 5 1 - X ' X vw'l5f4 r ,I .J "Q, J' 'X Q i x w 6 Q0 fs? Q8 0+ fb OS xox X 0 C? Q- O6 Q' '6 os QP fo' QM 5 CN SX .a+QQy5v sw 40 5 5, O Q V XG' OO Co Q fo iw " 440 Q00 Cp ,jx X 4400 44F5C5wQ X000 in fo R00 Q, of 2, , ,oo fx 1. lu X 0 4, ,Oo CO9 bo Lex X 21 Q Qc Q Xl: X231 N CF .fx XJ-T Q 'SQ' . Q 50106 Qfwog 25? soc Y' X50 x? SX 0 5 A' Q CJ 'KJV-fa X? Xb Qgoo X xc 'X N Q95 55 gf XVOOQQOQ ff 45 V Sf? YN 440 0 QN 50 Sf Noi '39 Q Qffb Q5 x9 5? 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I5 Warren ,I,. .,.,. 2 5 21 Fanneff W-'W 17570551 'mif1-!?f'ii3fi'5""'Y7X71253914i5f- i'W'1'I- ' Af'gJvftvH!il3' fN'5:"-:ff1S:9fr5Kf1i4"'?f'?46C4.496F4 Q r4lafh6QQs.s!-lanid,-syvywhznal .,wnnm.av: fen,-.+w-ff4ea:-g5-smQ-':0 Mwv:nv1vrxeau-evf-ww--2 ' www nm . , I ,L ELEMENTARY GRADE SCHCDCDL FACULTY Hazel Bacon, B.S., M.A. S.H.S.T.C. Third Grade Virginia Bell, B. A. Baylor Universily Second Grade Mrs. Mae Cruse. B.S., M.A. S.H.S.T.C. Fiflh Grade T. W. Prescofl, B. S.. M. A. Texas Universily Elemenlary and Jr. High Principal Malhematics Hallie Barringer Universiry of Arkansas Fourlh Grade Ari Penmanship Marian Cearley Texas Universify Junior High Social Sludies Mrs. Freddie Hill S.L.l. Firsl' Grade 'L1 -1-1.---1 .1---"" ...---1' ,..-v::L""7, ,- QQ.,--"' li. ,-',,..f-v- , ,,,...- A. ifi nv-.-Q' , V I W -, ,. ,WHICH Mrs. Vera Marshall B A S.R.S.T,C. Firsl Grade Mrs. Berlie Phillips, S.H.S.T.C. Fourflw Grade Mrs. Susan Sipes S.M.U. Second Grade Firs+ Row: Juanira O'Brien, Kalherine OH'er, Dorofhy Colley, Jimmy MaH'hews: E I G H 'I' H SECOND ROW: Jesse Haynes, Willye Mae Brecheen, Doris Blume, Elaine Pierce, Jeannerle Slockwell, Monlie Miles: THIRD ROW: Ardlh McBride, Elma Moss, Jack Carroll, Ladell Siareham, Miss Marian Cearley, 'leacherg FOURTH ROW: Glen Sre- G R A D E vens, Ray Miller, Harvey Warson, Charles Ellisor, Eugene Wiley, Claude LaVergne. 3? qv FRONT ROW: Dickie Wilcox, SECOND ROW: Joe Whifeheacl, Theresa Turner, Don- E I G I--I T H nie Smilrh, Peggy Whi++en, Jo Ann Nelson, THIRD ROW: Thelma Tucker, Margaref Joyce Gay. Sara Rufh Willcox, Ann Chambliss, Melvin Kruger, Joe Sancllin: FOURTH ROW: LaJuan Lowe, Jimmy Fregia, Lean Belle Conglelon, George Benson, Eugene G R A Rushwamm. Mrs. Laura Milrchell, feacherg FIFTH ROW: Kafherine Johnson, BenneH' Smilrh, David Wallace, Annie Lee Mierzen. Nicky Wolf. ' be 9 if -Pi! FIRST ROW: Ofis LaFour, Buddy Wolf, Clinie Johnson, Jean Roberls, Jerry Bell, S E V E N T H Frances Walls, Lillian Allman, Nancy Skinner, Erline Allman: SECOND ROW: Frances I Desormeaux, Archie Ellison, Allen Harbour, Juanila Bruce, Nelda Gillespie, ,Anna Rush- waming THIRD ROW: Glenn Fosler, O. D. Tucker, Delores Adkins, David Gau, Maxine G Q A D E Smilh, Joan Roberls, Lydia Miller: FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Jewel Sheffield, Teacher, Les- +er Hargraves, Perry Smilh, Marionne Neal, Marlha Woodral, La Vonne Dean, Sarah Walson. s ,, 5 SQA N Q if A s FIRST ROW: David Gau, Richard Mouboules, Mary Lynn House, Jennifer Edge, S I X 'I' H Gylene Wilcox, Dora Ray Slanley, Zora Belle Maddox, Juanila McMillan: SECOND ROW: Lucille Kociian, Lillian Walson, Ada M. Land, Charlolle Oldham, Leonard Vin- son, Howard Towns: THIRD ROW: Mrs. Bessie Lou Taylor, leacher, Howard Ledoux, GR A D E Charles Guidry, Jim Bob Jackson, George Wafson, Oscar Sullerlield, Edward Jeof- froy, Charles Johnson. FIRS.T ROW: Thelma Maddox, Glynda Merle Neal, Mary Lee Denn, Belly Jo Tread- F I FT I-I way, Bobbie Whilehead, Jo Ann House, Delberl Laslqoslqi, George Turner, Jerry Den- neyg SECOND ROW: Mollie Blansell, Joe McBride, Rogers Shandleyg THIRD ROW: Virginia Rae Fallfe, Sylvia Crain, Palsy Bradley, Helen Young, Ginger Fay Smilh, G R A D E Marian Jane Merrill, J. B. Capps, Leroy Benson: FOURTH ROW: Everell Cain, Eugene Shields, Louis La Vergne, Bruee McManus, Harley Wayne Miles, Douglas Auslin, Billy Norlhcull, Mrs. Cruse, leacher. i FRONT ROW: Harrom Nipp, Roberl Reese, Shirley Ann Miles, Evelyn Jo Edwards. FQ U R T H James Lee Perry, Palricia Harris, Leon Nelson, Mary Jo Dolson, Berlie G. Phillips, Teacher. SECOND ROW: Bobby Smilh. Margie Simon, Belly Welherill, Ollie Jean Wallace, Genevieve Brugger, Jerry Thompson, Charles Hill, Tommy Welherill: THIRD ROW Emma Lou La Four Elhel Walson Wilma Jean Smilh Charles Jenkins. G R A D E James Renlroi Finis Marlin, Alex Berlrand, Floyd Cook, Billy Campbell. .1 FQ U R T I-I FIRST ROW: Sabra Wiseley, Glenda Kerce, Ida laynn Dugger, lvlozelle Parker, Bobby Scherer, lvlarlha Rupp, Alice Fahrlng, Anna Sue Ellisor, SECOND ROW. David Peddy, Donnie While, John Archie Tibbils, Sylvia Ezer, Lloyd Tucker, Jane Whillen, Holly Bell Jack lvIcCune' THIRD ROW' Frank Blume Kennelh Slanley Henry Kociian G R A D E Charles Forlner, J. Carroll Willcox,.Juanila Clymer, Kalhryn Blansell, Bubba Willcox: Leon Weaver. THIRD GRADE 'I 3 2 FIRST ROW: Joyce Marie Smilh, Audrey Ann Mallell, Edward B. Slephenson, Vir- ginia Mclvlillan, John W. Burgess, Eva Jane Walson, Louis DiCarlo, Linda Fancher, Belly Ann Slouder, Trudie Lolzg SECOND ROW: Arie Oldham, Virginia Desha, Jay- nell LaVerqne, Silvia Simon, Belly Joyce Gau, Joyce Fraser, Roberl Walson, Belly Sue Thrash, Jevveldean Rushwammp THIRD ROW: Wanda Ooll, Donald Terrell, Bobby Walson, Fred Guyeweski, Billy Kociian, Joe Nelson, Fred Mills, Marcus Desha, Elmo Peddy, Donald Gay, Wilborn Tucker, Winslon Ouidryg FOURTH ROW: Wayne lvlan- ning, Melvin lvlouboules, Caryl Ann Clore, Linda Lowe, Hazel Bacon, leacher, Belly Gail Clark, Carolyn Marrow, Lulher Young, Eugene Canlrell. SECOND GRADE ElRST ROW: Janice Chancey, Sharron l-larris, Ann Eranlclanol, Bobby Simon, Ida Pearl Benson, Peggy Sue Passmore, J. E. Parkerg SECOND ROW: Edward Lyn Milchell, John Warrs, Dannie Wallace, Ben Nelson, Palricia Ann Smilh, Thurman Capps, Miss Virginia Bell, Teacher. Tl-llRD ROW: Eloise Clymer, Cleo Lowe, Delmar Joe Rogers, Donald Marlin, Mary Belh Willis, Mona Dean Semar. SECOND GRADE FIRST ROVV: Tommy Thompson, Barbara Gay Vinson, Mary Ellen Slcinner, Barbara Ann Erezia, Permelia Ann Sraniey, James Laskosizie, Peggy Mills: SECOND ROW: Ann Smilh, Valerie Ann Clarlf, Joan Morris, Pali-icia l-lall, Philip Baker. Marshall Gresham, Senya Morrow, Leon Manuel, THIRD ROW: Herman Conrad, Ronald Lee Edmonds, Anita James, Palsy Derrick, Mrs. Susan Sipes, Teacher, Marion Rae Low, Gerald Ripkoslci, Mary Lo,1 Fonlenof. FIRST GRADE FRONT ROW: Edna Belh Nelson, Linda Laughlin, Henry Taylor, Ann Cunningham, James Slrahan, Lanelle Hill: SECOND ROVJ: Edgar Grey Haynes, Waller Scherer, Emery Ledoux, Shirley Sloclcwell, Jane Nolle, Barbara Gau, Rulhie Gresham, THIRD ROW: Leo Land, Virlie Walson, Annie Lee Tibbils, Shelby Desha, Cliflon Maddox, Belly Lou Gillespie, Mrs. Vera Marshall, leacher. FIRST GRADE FIRST ROW: Palsy Fraser, Kalhy Jo VVilliams, Elizabelh Muller, James House, David Jeollrey, Kennelh Hargrave, Herberl Mauboulosg SECOND ROW: Ray Dunman, Jr., George Earl Clore, Lynn Ray Guidry, Juanila Young, Donald Munson, Genie Wiselyg THIRD ROW: David Walson, Bobby Hall, Emmy Lou James, Jaclcie Low, Jo Helen Lilly, Bobby Fosler, Mrs. Hill, leacher. E W Xu my ?f a ,gh 'mms 'elf ni ,SQ Xi R55- if ip' nl' 6, ,, v sr Pl -f5ff"'Q,p Z' 'ff f f D 1,1 i 1 Amp, -3 5 ,H . N , . ' x I 'Z gg' -Y! , Q 'fu , Y 44 ,,.,,ffE?" 4 --pa-. 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O I 0 f' 1 s Cifbmwif in IUDP Nl IE STAMP' 1C MNIAIL 4C4UVIMILP1MNI V 'W 5 ffmihyfawm, HJ, W KIRKHAM FLOWER SHCI-9 Q 752 PROGRESS ADVERTISING BGOKLETS l I , 1 1 I , I Y Y -ANAHUAC, - TEXAS 4' ' ' 'pf ll O x V22 Fx , 'H GIFTS 02.4 ANTIQUES 6 X ANAHUAC "' TEXAS U 1. E , - pR,'.34l.YC,- ' ' SEIIJEET ANAHUAC - TEXAS omg KN ANU HEJE BA R4-4, af' 49' STE-:m.aNe s HEADQUARTERS a.?f FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES GIFTS svomswenn snoes wonKcn.o-ru-ne-s STERLING S COMMUNITY STORE ANAHUA T XAS ABSHIER SERVICE JAMES L ABSHIFR HANKAM P. xAs -FLOYD WILLIAMS COUNTY JUDG-C' ANA!-4uAc TEXAS 'FRED-ff MW MULL '- ANAHUAC ERIIVIES ERUCERY FOR GOOD OOD AT REASONABI. c.os'r' I TEXAS -HANKAMCR TEXAS .2 a .....,--1 l-- -..ln-5' -ll-o YS'-':'4r Q.,,.,5f S 1 1 an O , I . " 9 C. "' E COMPLIMENTS OF' 0 . ' Q' oo UL. - s o i..l N E " o . . . E "' TE '- COMPUMENTS QF' U f' P E Il jw, I G A Cm lmif-E RUSSELL M f KIRKHAM RADICJ SERVICE WESTING-HOUSE RADIOS RECORD SHOP ANAHUAC TEXAS ILAWHQIENCIQIE CCll.lEA.NlEIRS Q SPEl6HT5 GCNERAL MERCHANDISE VVALL SV Ll-C TEXAS 55Y5 6 " one or' OOD FOOD " ANAHUAC TCXA c Q I' O I O 0 0 0 MONROE- QTY' FRIGIDAIRES- ffzxzxs Rgmos.. ANAI-auAc - TEXAS Compunmenvs ' . . ' "ferr axnurr wOQK.f" - - ANI-NHUIAC-TEXAS 0 QMPLIMENTS Q Ol? , A - G if I I -- - - s TRINITY VALLEY MATERIAL COMPANY SHELL. 0 GRAVCL ' SAND BUILDING MATERIALS Lanark om' HARDWARE 'PHONE 36 at C53 0' Kwik, CDCRN KX? ron Mu..Az:Y Le. 'rc-mc u-vrcsv Amos TD Mmcc: You Loose ecAu-rnrue.. ous TRAINED OPERATORS ARC A-r Youa scavncc Lcv us senvc Youf QM 93 ,af ANA!-QUAC TEXAS M ' fi bC3UJfL1 SLIOPIDC A i - . CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SCNIQR CLASS OF IQ4-7 MR Md MRS C R WALKER. ANAHUAC TEXAS MARTIN pm CAR HOME Suifrrzzc C k P CAUMONT BOTTLINC-r E,5?y',12',,'?6-EHS OMPLIMENTS Srcumrv Smrf BANK :Macs F' D I C ANAHUAC TEXAS O fm 0 I 0 '- C O M P I.. I M E. N 'I' 5 I e .. ' - "How D a o e " 5, ' , CELWHQZ x .......,.... M ' ' s s 1 0 CAST RUG- DRUGS 10 ANDY IQANKLAND WATER WELL DRI LLI NG- ANAH UAC TEXAS -RICE- Drgyc-I ZEMRIRCCDW GZQOCEZQV MARKET GRO IES MEATS FRESH V KES 1 'fl U 140431521 " YOUR FR CND Y 5 ORC ANAH A A o o o 0 - KF O ' A I J ull.. RY UR HAMsunG-cns- nec CREAM- Fouw-rmw onmns ANAH ANA!-wAc - 'T'axAs D U D . V .ll fl, I FH ' -'fd I L IX I , X-", 'fx' Q - 1 - 1. 'r' - " U C 0 -" 'I-E' X 5 OML diffi- BE 1' WI HE W I-I SHERMAN GRCICERY KWQ' MARKET IVIOVIES I6 HW? ONE gl srov .SE ICC FLOYD TIIURMAN MILES PROPRICTORS M I LE 5 SERVICE Smnon IG S M ogigof EITIITPANY -PLYMOUTH DE SOT B05 SCHERER OWNER E QTY I C P IMENTS Q Age: Your. GREATEST 5 5 '5 ENTERTAINMENT., I I I K I I QUALI-rv Fool: AT 46 Tl-IE. gENIDR6-ASS REASONABLE PRICES we OFFER CONGRATULATIONS ANA:-4uAc - TEXAS ANA:-4uAc - TEXAS I . Cl I I All 9 ,, 0 - 0 1 5 ANA!-luAc, - 'r'a:xAs I .... ... 0 - 0 GR on voun I GROCERY NEEDS . A ' LUB ' Ol L. MUNROE. CITY -' TEXAS IF WRU GROCERY O f A RCD 2 wl-err: STORE ANAHUAC. TEXAS COMPANY HARDVVARE SAN D FURNITURE GRAVEL FEED SH ELI.. LUMBER 7 BUILDING- MATERIALS P440 N es TUMBER -man 44- OFFlcc SHOP 27 HARDWARE 63 ANAHUAC TEXAS no V In CHARLES C. BELLAR 1 I Q.. W 'I' ' 74' '.f2:fefw'g'.,, f, -1 1 1 .4.'fff.' 'flff .J 2 ' A , " , a J A f if mf ' ,, f , , r xi V 2' , F, wa.. ,O 3' ss? ff A ix-W 1 4:5 x ,J V 51-vc J 1'

Suggestions in the Anahuac High School - Anahuaconian Yearbook (Anahuac, TX) collection:

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