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U fi A , A GJ! fv,u,,x dx Q' 94612 WAKE' ' A M ffl An' ,-l . AZKDKJ 0 X k A- 2- , f , W 'Q-:'swf,fgf:'si1g, ,. iyjvlf- -- FJ I Af,-if 5 g if 43. ffl W 'R,44lW4me:'f''fsffregvp V JN , U I! 'W lg 'no-.5 I. f?"1'! yr- N ' 'L life- A 12:8 . M f Mfg ' A fy P , fy ff A f' ,fp -uw f H V ' , LD ,NM V A , SV: f 6. ix flufvifvfyb f X X oi .kfdh -A ,ff Q- ,iffgsh . Af 'MJI3 by 9-:EU gf! k 'AQPEID W ff 'Q fb NIM A ,li ff! by ff . W MW .1 jj! af' QP fu! Rmb 1 inf, . J W ., J 'J LPU x "J 'M V M W ,: PgJ' , W : pggvi My kg , yy V36 2 , 5,4 fxjf K4 vp Y -' - W' 1 my 'M if . A 7 U W b X ff 31ffJ f9f'jP W WWW Ky N 'ji 'ff ' in I ' f- A' . J .' .J fn' L I x Fw ppb 'M' YW? . IJ e 131 FL V IJ I, xx R i ' Q: I W v , .V ff 1 U l ' jjj AW! 4. 'J' 1 . x I j Q Q My X 'M fx 2 NJ ,ff C4 . MRA? ef fl Rfg W 3' im ,ZQT 1 V 3-'-'zfif In STS ' ANAHEIM ' COLONISTS ' ANAHEIM ' COEZNISTS ' AMNAI-lEiM ' COLONIST ANAHL I COLONlS'l'S-fhf.'g?R'PIlilI3-tx kl-gE.?APJ5?5LONlST , U , ' , fd-ci--E3 k,f4rw'??JJ -'50 .h 2-77112 -J . ' J .Z,cxL0c.,f k7'Df'7 sXf I ff 221' Q4 cwfa, Q' 'X' 3 5 .. Y , , , - '- -- .1 ARA,--.. gr.-.., Y g..,.Y,1. N .-, --,h. - ,- 1' , f 1 , ui wwf? 4,0 0-NLM A ,P - fy MQ J nik ij x 3 CL Yr v Jyyv b vi!! A C Mfffy 5 2225 . W' A tiCQ6'Zf' QU Elf" A Uri I KW? 0' 'fzdivi'-N W qJ1.PLL,'Mk A V602 ri WV fx Q25 ' y' X Y, J Q " A , NX xi. 7 M Mffffgllyw w www A A iw J W M QM uv AMW by! ff!! ff ,DMM A , W A M fx A ix? j 2 5Q'fff?25i52? 5 57535 U dame! 'J26LL 3 l I 1 A O :jd A jmck 00521 bike, ! QMELLLQQ. A X K cf1"Q?4'Cq I 0 fn CfZ1.c'w 'QKA-gA.,g,fx cu-1 N9 Hiya '7' KfzA,e4LJ,,3 avfgfg ffygfd V Q' U"Q LL-L, puff? I ,621 I I A I If I O5 f ,La vu ubogfi llff idd,-U16 Af 0 f CfL.C.,f6A'6LQ.,7 Allin 'Lf V 0 5? LN LL'-gif S41 2 jg-' ga ! 1 5 DRL fLf.'kv6f"Q-'C fgfguf i , x ' f lfcwgviv. ' NAHEIM ' COLONISTS ' ANAHEIM ' CO LONXSTS f ANAHEIM ' COLO AHEIM 1 C0 ONISTS ' A XJ ONISTS ' ANAHEIM ONISTS ' . A pl: J 60,6 I J r ' .x ' fx' A " , 94,161 A JM M ,U JW fi? he P' iffy JL x A xx , ' My 'ANN Wzifwd W xxx xxx fxfv xxx Qfjfjfwf JA M A A ' 'N j,xZ'!'Q , f jxxfx Jvc! I ' 'K xl-' C WVU NU Ax X ? f i ' P10569 ' WL " x ' fx J W . xl WJPNCX TX U - . ss xx K- s 1 ,I W xfffgw' A I ' 'v 1' ...f -- ,,, 7 'Q xv' I n - -I NR! Y,,,.g ". - 1 V Fw A I k kv, -GX' ' ,: , , I, -2, :df Xi.: 5 I, -Ti. I V . . -:SX ' Q-VL yy? . 'V X ' 'J - ' k ' '-J J -M x , f uf - w . X' x x V 7 .. -V J X , xx-V J x x I 7 JC D -D IZCL . Ji! , f x , Q x L X ' 'I v r I X J Q PX J L '94 'CJ XJ Q in ' fl S A ' I jx' -f xi' 'Q' Tw ,, .jf w J x :lj-f K 4 S 2' NF 4' - 3' 4 1 x x , 1 -f' Y Cf -4 'gr f ' W fx' A YA' " mx - at , K ', 1' ' .KJ jg . . 39 f N A U jf X lg ' PM ' ,L Q ,f I ' ' Q 1 N x 'xxx . X . I r x J x '- X 1.1 X f J 2" fxv Q- 7 'J 2 1 V . ' J-Q, L li- x 1 WLJX b xx X , 1 ,Q xdfbgk x 1 'x i V ' l A ww W ' N QVVWW mxlx f V5 A 'HEIM ' COLONI FS ' ANAHEIM ' COLONISTS ' ANAHE M ' COLONISTS ' ANAHEIM ' COLONISTS ' ' Xjx mi .SgQa v Tj by Ox , vE3 W QQ? F dm jf w vijEgWW f A Q SX? ij 31 5 53? WN Q3 Vk ?,5X vy M259 1 MQg P Q gli f F X N V, N.,xN x YU a xxx yi Ciimify fag, -x R3 XA5f 7 Y Q XTJK wb I d ?gi5ifW S? w ,ywQHgz ,W JM7 ZWQWJQ gg 31? , iff' ,K ff Wfjif WJ ff' ff ffvfflfwf! . , - fu ff? ,iii 91174 E ,J-JJ 136.75 3" J .Sk i yfwqywbkgk wywkfgysib "x9NxQQfSXNlX Y? Z? Q? ' M N ,X A'4'x f wx 'V 6 Nw fig RESWSQ f be ay vi Sy I Livxda Q5 oiwlfgf NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE Published by the Students of ANAHEIM HIGH SCHOOL U QQ, if f it J 'W X ' 'A 'f f? ' ' ' . v, v4,.,.f 1 i 271 Q 1, fLLY,gZffkJ. :Q , I 5- I 1 L1 Q K f f' F V 7 , u , A V-I ,u. ,fb L 1 .gf I 4,4f,g-, 1-2, 2,1 - -- ,.. Crvfvlxfxiy L,7" C .75 U-dl,f7x,7", ! ,ij 1 4 'W i In X I j K 9 , H ' V, 1 O - ,f , f V , E321 N C.UJ!-D if 'fbi-f K-LQKV Ld! vf' P49441-if Z1-CJ! aDf.,c..LQ,f Hi z!d'l?"'z4"J fi ""' if Lf I Lf' ff'f1l,L,- lyfk fa i fy? f' ff! 'L,4f' iifugf' fx .-'J ' 4 ff ' .-' I ' 4 ' i Y A If-ff Vi'-U fffwcf' tu' CLA, -JLAJQ tibia '7fff-,, , f Q ff' i , y J , 7 ' F 1,1 .. '- f fr, ag-.if ,fff:,.L,iwi4'-1 fvwffii -'-a dill! afN+,,f1t'QX7fL,,,f agua Ji '-I ,7 , ff-:' f, A' iiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiw ' Isl JV NUI IIM Illgiiq KNOW VOLUME L JUNE 1963 Anaheim, California DALE WESTBROOK KATHY BENNETT Editor in C laief Associate Editor 3 .Ci-, G .wdflgffft lib-1.42-yi, Pri!-if..,fl H. . - - -QRT 5 V --,,i1,fQ-QE,,,Q.?.TwT.! Q BOOKI ADMINISTRATION v I BOOK II ISTIIDIENT BODY ' w 1 , , A, A' .1 I N BOOK III CLUBS Throughout the 65 years that Anaheim High School has existed, much honor has been brought to its campus by the success and achievement of its students. At the very basis of this success is a unique SPIRIT which has devel- oped through the decades and which is found in every facet of the school's life. This SPIRIT is a combination of deep ,pride in and loyalty to the school and its traditions, devotion to high stand- ards, courage in the face of chal- lenge, and a burning enthusiasm, zeal, and earnestness to accom- plish worthwhile goals. The EXPRESSION of this feeling, which each year unites the students and faculty at Ana- heim, is found in the specific, tangible accomplishments that are realized by the individual, group, and team. Academics, athletics, music, forensics, drama, publica- tions, and student government each uses the SPIRIT in its own way to provide valuable expe- tience for its participants and to set high ideals for future genera- tions. During the 1962-65 school year, students at Anaheim inherited, kept alive, and promoted this SPIRIT in hopes that it would continue to live as a motivating force within the walls of their alma mater. BooK V ATHLETICS P W, A last look at the 26 year old pond . . . 181 arrivals and departures . . . A 24-minute lunch period makes things hectic ampus Scenes iee Memories Alive To seniors leaving Anaheim this year and to underclass- men looking back on 1962-63, these scenes, presenting dif- ferent areas of the campus, stimulate memories of busy, event-filled years. Represent- ing the old and traditional at Anaheim is the well-known iron fenced pond and statue which will be replaced during the 1963-64 school year by a newer fountain. Representing the new is the lunch area, completed this year, with its modern benches, landscaping, and bulletin boards. International pressures affect campus life. A Waiting-A part of every student's life. . l ., .,. ly J, 'E 1 i "' . E. n Ti -i , Science, a subject of modern importance . . The only silent campus corner 1 1 1 I new ' We -gm. i 2 aa. .see IT m ,H ...W N., i MACADE IC A ij' Encouraged Excellence Presenting a portion of the many different fields of study offered at AHS are these classroom scenes. Sci- ence, English, and Senior Problems are subjects taken by each student sometime during his three years at Anaheim, while art, music, and study hall are a few of the electives offered. An integral part of any classroom situation is the teacher. Representing the dedication and SPIRIT of Ana- heim's faculty is Mrs. Faye Kern Schultz. Mrs. Schultz graduated from Anaheim High herself in 1918 and began teaching here in 1922 making this het 41st and final year. The com- bination of knowledge, a searching mind, patience, and the desire to help each student achieve his best has made Mrs. Schultz loved and re- spected by all who have known her. This dedicated teacher guidance together with the finest and largest selection of facilities a school could offer, produced academics that truly encouraged excellence. sa Q Q . 1-rf"""":"" Creative talents materialize . . . P 5 3 C I Vg 4 -iicxwg -4394 .fs 0 X . Us '? H. Y gg! ' X Y'-1-1 H 1 ff -fe Y: A A -'fl 5 ' ei : '19 X x.:',: l m,'i"l',i!!' it fuzz? f '?ff v.ff:""' ' . ., c. , . 4623: w- . 'Q . I gX N 1 i2wfi5f2jfQ'M1?P HJ Exif, The Anaheim-Western victory bell rang in 12 football victories. YD-fi 'N , , fame wwf V yyyfmglfj gif fwfgjlgvy my 6? Org, i"Here we come Coliseum U realized before 19,000 f I0 TH nmn LLY PIRITEII Anaheim students this year had the chance to express their SPIRIT to the very fullest when the Colonist football team, after securing the Sunset League ' title, traveled all the way to the 'AAAA' division CIF finals and put forth an earnest fight against Loyola High School. Throughout the entire football season, the student body supported their team with record attendance at all games, en- thusiastic pep-rallies and assemblies, and clever pep signs and cards. Also adding laurels to the Anaheim name, this year's varsity basketball team again brought home the league 'cham- ionshi A new tradition created . . . P P- We're from Anaheim, cou1dn't be prouder! J ffl! Q Uur Expremon of .VPIRIT Incorporating school and district administrators, faculty, counselors, special services, and student govern- ment, the administration at Anaheim High fostered SPIRIT through per- sonal assistance to each student. Teachers, above all, had the oppor- tunity to encourage and promote in each student a desire to learn and to help the individual find himself, his abilities, and his interests. Many fac- ulty members and administrators took on the added responsibility of a stu- dent club, committee, or special ac- tivity sponsorship in order to offer personal assistance outside the class- room. By expressing Anaheim's SPIRIT themselves, members of administrag tion acted as an example and an in- spiration. 5 . V, THR 0 GH PERSUNAL f V I . ' SSISTANCE - ' N PAUL FRANK C o-Editor CHUCK CODOL C 0-Editor 5 s , 6 gf, Xwl , -X CQ Q, XTLXAEN 'KX CX -I 5 iilf 5m Q EA XNC15 XDQL iw Q, kg RQ Qi Am kjxbxfxv-XKAV XY QNE 6 Y' Q OVW J 'fuk 15 Xbmh' WW kXk,Nfb4X' WGQ2 ibYwc1c5N'Uf3f:i Qucgwfiis W' Abe xg S? R S Q 0 Q. QW BYNNQ Lux! 5 ? ig E Cxiofb EW 5 Sb Lu wxvvxif KP, YFN Q XML XO Q, xv 42 ,MCNQ go fxvq, 'T YR E Q Cm XM XVQ E N,-kg Q' lx in S22 qw Ram. w so F' 1 fc LQ ai HB uw 2 rag X7 RQ QIQXQTL X? l Y-X 1 'VI ll A u. fora Li -All ,vi ,Ili-It ITINVWZ---11157 N,If?jIli'TAl i W V ? ?' V ? 'e'?'f? fE? 'E!'T S1IE7E5mlmm7 1H Bl K H lm! E E ml E E ' 1 ,Q . -F-uf V ' '3J.L "J: ' nj '1 I3 ui 'lx li ls l j x QR .. QQUVXML wk GX trvvx 'c re CXLLQM KSLQ ' Mez 3 ii Qlwfmi fgclglx 3 Clmofxsflvlxkjvyox xibocs 3 X1Q5t3LQlX4di5XXj XR N ,.l,,. VNQJCDQ Qlcstfgis Q5 who l E,wJ xliQ-'lx YKQJKXT sfzQu'X . Stull, l ' R Xllcmfwmftxftgjtk il. XX Xi X if iq' 'ui , T Ax X, 'Xu ., 55552, lf. ' . ' .J . .-.. 1 Ja 'uBSioi6Nf4nl L 1 ' TOP PICTURE: Superintendent Paul W. Cook. BOTTOM PIC- TURE: Superintendent Cook confers with vivacious secretary, Marie Story. 1 4 NJ Mu Congratulations, Colonists- It is a real pleasure to pay tribute here to the record you have achieved and to express the hope that you will long continue to bring honor to your school. The spirit that has permeated the Blue and Gold's myriad achievements in every area of school endeavor has long been widely recognized throughout Southern Cali fornia, to say nothing of your Sunset League rivals. It is that spirit-the joint attitudes of students and graduates-that is refleced in your athletic prowess, your line student government your merit scholars, your outstanding marching band and drill team, and a host of others. May it continue to find expression in your competence as graduates and in the efforts of those who fol low you. Cordially, ,mira if-A Paul NW. Cook, Superintendent AUHS DISTRICT U0-IIIRDI ATEIIIJ 600K and lllllllll Preparing to begin a Thursday night AUHS Board meet- Terry, president, Ben Schroeder, Dr Kenneth Heuler ing are board members Royal C. Martin, Raymond B. and Williain Almond. Virtually unknown are the live mem- bers of the school board who have helped greatly the success of AHS. The board members work many long, pay- less hours every Thursday night effici- ently setting policies for five high schools and ten junior high schools. The results of their efforts have proved their capabilities, They have made the Ana- heim Union High School District one of the most successful in the state. Some of the matters discussed in the past year include administrative policies, employment, expansion, and financial affairs. ' Principal s Fir t Year S eeessful This Annual is an expression of the spirit of Anaheim High School, produced in a form which will constantly recall the activities, achievements, and memories of this very im- portant period of time in students' lives. The spirit one expresses shows in many ways and is a most revealing thing, even in such little things as the expression on one's face while sitting in class or walking down the hall, and friendliness in meeting people or in loudly and loyally supporting a team. It can show an at- titude of success or failure, determination, calm- ness, ever indicating one's innermost feelings. In much the same way as an individual is judged by the way his spirit shows, a school is also judged by the spirit expressed, and the at- titude manifested by its students, whether at school, at home, or in the community. The students of Anaheim are fortunate in having so many opportunities for study, ac- tivity, development, and for expression of their fine spirit. May the seniors of 1965 long remem- ber their alma mater and establish in their own lives high standards of action, and show appre- ciation of the privilege of living in a country where freedom to express spirit is an under- lying principle. Qxffgsa TOP PICTURE: Principal Chester R. Shirk having a friendly chat on the telephone. BOTTOM PICTURE: Ever-helpful Bernice Wentwtirth assists Principal Shirk. Vice-Principals Serve First Year IAMES MCNAMARA BOYS' VICE-PRINCIPAL .4 'U ii - r . gn X ,- 141. .',-i V .N ,ng Moving up from the post of attendance counselor, well-liked James McNamara served his first year as boys' vice-principal. Due to the district expansion program and the retirement of last year's principal McNamara is the only top level administrator re- maining from last year. Male discipline was the major responsibility of the boys' vice-principal, but his duties entailed far more than that one aspect. Campus supervision, parent conferences, classroom visitation, the study of curriculum revision, and the improvement of in- struction were all part of the dean's daily routine. Mr. McNamara also worked to improve the rela- tionships between home and school and planned fire and civil defense drills. GIRLS VICE-PRINCIPAL MISS DANA CHRISTESEN ...L fi -vyh EW 'fu-' sr A -'s resign! 4.125 5 ,g Q 5' Cooperation, friendliness, and harmony on the campus were three reasons Why Miss Dana Christen- sen liked Anaheim High School. According to her, a friendly and well-groomed campus has helped to make AHS a great school. Miss Christensen states that the high standards and traditions at Anahi dur- ing '62-'63 helped bring forth a better teacher-stu- dent relationship as well as inspiring 'a more spirited student body. Her personal conferences kept her in close contact with the immediate needs of all Connies. Although her major activity was establishing girls' discipline, Miss Christensen had many more jobs in- cluding setting up the entire school's daily schedule. She was also Girls' League sponsor, dress board adviser, and was in charge of the oHice staff. 17 ounselors, Social tudies Teachers Plan For Future During the three years that most students spend at AHS they meet new friends, study under many teachers, and participate in various activities, yet one thing remains constant - their counselors. The counselors administered a variety of tests that were helpful in planning for future occupations. Their aim was that every student would at- tain maximum potential. Their concern, help, and understanding in the forms of programming, per- sonal advice, help with college preparations, or short sessions of just plain talk were appreciated by every Colonist. MISS VIRGINIA HUFF Senior Counselor MRS. PAULINE COTA Junior Counselor 'I8 MASON HENRY Head Counselor CHARLES PURCELL Sophomore Counselor wigs .1 1 ' ,Q 1 I 'A ' .3 i I Q . -- I 9 ' V I .. ii 4... nn l , gs I 1 'l'f'?" ' ' 'C ROBERT MOHR Attendance Supervisor I I MILES BRAKKE junior Counselor MRS. MARIE KEELER Sophomore Counselor ,.,,,..,,,r,,. .,. .,,. . Y -. -- , e GREG BEALE B.S.-Murray State Teach- ers, College, U.S. history, 12 years at AHS, Junior class sponsor. 'v . 1.1 - WILLIAM BELL, JR. M.S. - Henderson State Teachers' College, U.S. his- tory, 2 years at AHS, Key Club sponsor. DENNIS A. FITZPATRICK A.B. - Long Beach State College, U.S. history, Ath- letics, 1 year at AHS, JV football coach. JACK L. JEPPESEN M.A. - Long Beach State College, Senior Problems, World Geography, 2 years at AHS, Veritas sponsor. Among the most important classes of- Films were one of the methods used in teaching social studies. fered at AHS were those dealing with the social sciences. U.S. history, required of juniors, dealt with the development of our country. American government, a one-semester senior course, gave knowl- edge of governmental and political prac- tices, while senior problems appealed to those whose interests lay in group rela- tions, personalities, and society. To those with individual interests world history, international relations, current affairs, and geography were offered. JAN KARL RATLIFF MRS. PAYE KERN L. JOHN TONTI BILL WILLIAMSON M.A.-University of Michi- SCHULZ B.A.--Indiana University, A.B. - Fresno State Col gan, U. S. history, Senior M.A. - University of U.S. history, 7 years at lege, Senior Problems, In Problems, l year at AHS. Southern California, Senior AI-IS. ternational Relations, Eco Problems, 41 years at AHS, Usherettes sponsor, Ana- heim graduate. nomics, 2 years at AHS, Senior class sponsor. LAURENCE P. DECKER M.A.-Huron College, U.S. history, Chairman of Social Studies department, 8 years at AHS. I9 E glih Wham Il ,A V 'Q ff' 'iff' ni u .1-f. l'f. .' A' .lil De MRS. LOUISE BOOTH Miss BETTY AMES B.S. - Indiana State Uni- BROWN versity, English, 15 years at B.S.-T-Chico State College, Pupil Creati ity English, Speech, 1 year at AHS, NFL sponsor. MRS. AILENE STANLEY DOUGLAS MISS DORA GENE CARPENTER A.B. - Long Beach State GOLDER M.A.-Michigan State Uni- College, English, 1 year at A.B.-University of Colo- versity, Resource teacher AHS, Anaheim graduate. rado, English, 33 years at for the partially sighted AHS, Sub Debs sponsor. and blind, 1 year at AHS. GLENN A. HEYNE VERNON D. JONES MRS. JO CAROLYN M.S. - University of Ne- A.B. - University of Cali- KENT braska, English, Physical fornia at Los Angeles, Eng- M.A. - Arkansas College, Education, Tennis coach, 7 lish, 7 years at AHS. English, Girls' League years at AHS. sponsor, 5 years at AHS. MRS. BLANCHE GORE A.B. - University of Cali- fornia at Los Angeles, Li- brarian, Library Practice, 1 year at AHS. MRS. CATHRYN KUHN M.S. - University of North Dakota, English, 4 years at AHS, NFL-Roto- Hi sponsor. 20 1 aw p f ' f , J S4 ' wk ,NW A RICHARD LOVEGREN MRS, KATHLEEN MRS. BETTE M. MLIMS LARRY W. QUILLE MRS. MARION L. M.S.-University of North MILLER M.S, - Jacks0nville,7Staie B.S. - University of Ore- TOMPKINS Dakota, English, 2 years at B,E,--University of Toledo, College, Math, English, 1 gon, journalism, English B.S. - University of Cali- AHS, Pep Club sponsor, Yell and songleader ad- viser. English, 1 year at AHS, Year at 'il' tgp f' ' ' Sophomore class sponsor. MU ffl ' W . Cru VVL JJ awk! 11 years at AHS, "Coloni ist", "Anoranco" adviser, Anaheim graduate. Under department head Fred Myers, the 'English department at AHS offered students an opportun- ity to experience all facets of learn- ing in our native tongue. Required of all juniors and sophomores were English II and III, both college preparatory and non-college pre- paratory classes were taught. For those who wished to specialize, theater arts, journalism, speech and public speaking, modern literature, often referred to as English IV, and reading improvement were of- fered. The Colony library, which boasted some 12,000 volumes, pro- vided an ample source of reference fornia at Los Angeles, Drama, English, 3 years at AHS, Thespians sponsor, Play director, Anaheim graduate. FRED MYERS M.A. - Chapman College, English, Chairman of Eng- lish department, 5 years at AHS, Yell and songleader adviser, Pep Club sponsor, Sophomore class sponsor. for the entire English department. ,s, W .XV X ,V If 'ffixx ,gif i iwvrf s - MRS. MARY O V LL MISS CAROL YOSHIDA WILLI E.D.B. - University of M.A. - Long Beach State Hawaii, English, 1 year at College, English, 2 years AHS, Sub Debs sponsor. at AHS, Colonial Coeds sponsor. I Paperback books were made available to students in the library. 21 G. DOUGLAS ALLAN B.S.-University of South- ern California, Drafting, 11 years at AHS, Anaheim graduate. HOWARD C. ANDERSON B.V.E.-University of Cali- fornia at Los Angeles, Automotives, 2 years at AHS, Colonist Knights sponsor. JAMES CRAIG THOMAS DARDARIAN M.S. - Arkansas State B.S. - Wayne University, Teachers' College, Elec- Machine Shop, 7 years at tronics, 3 years at AHS, AHS, Machinist, Bowling Radio Club sponsor. Clubs sponsor, N UAGE F0 TERS CULT RE, HOMEMAKI G, SHOPS F LFILLi A I HEIM STUDE T l EED The Industrial Arts department of- fered both pre-college and vocational training courses. Those who desired a job following graduation were given training and experience in such skills as auto mechanics, print shop, metal, and wood shops. Pupils learned the use of machines employed in their specific vocational field and com- pleted projects of their own. College- bound students found mechanical drawing and electronics useful., C. HOWARD MESSAMER M.A. - Long Beach State College, Wood Techno- logy, 15 years at AHS, Chairman of Industrial Arts department. 22 Douglas Allan taught drafting, one of the many courses in Industrial Arts offered at AHS. I. VXI ,.,2-- Qs' GEORGE DERUBEIS M.S. - Stout Institute, Metal Technology, Math, 10 years at AHS, Anaheim faculty president. -fir I LLOYD S. ROSS B.V.E.--University of Cali- fornia at Los Angeles, Printshop, 33 years at AHS "Anoranco" printers' ad viser. ' .M ff,-,,,,.. f FRANK J. VINEYARD B.A. - Long Beach State College, Drafting, Automo- tives, 3 years at AHS, Colonist Knights sponsor. X Very important is the need for communi- cation with and un- derstanding of peo- ples of other cultures and languages. AHS met the challenge by offering four years training in French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Foundations for reading literary, scientific, and profes- sional articles were de- veloped in each re- spective language. Providing ear training and help with oral ex- pression were the newly installed lan- guage labs. x' in l GENE K. HENDERSON A.B. - Ohio University, French, Spanish, 5 years at AHS, French Club sponsor. 'is MRS. BARBARA R. WALKER B.S.-University of Utah, Homemaking, Home Arts, 14 years at AHS, Chair- man of Homemaking de partment, Future Home makers sponsor. wav- llc, K Practical training for later life was given in the Homemaking Department in such classes as home management, self-improvement, chefs' class, culinary arts, clothing, foods, and general home- making. Extensive facilities were avail- able to students in modern, up-to-date home atmospheres. MRS. BARBARA C. SHUE B.S. - Purdue University, Homemaking, Chefs' class, 1 year at AHS, Servettes, Red Cross Committee sponsor. ALLEN L. BROWNING A.B. - Long Beach State College, Spanish, 1 year at AHS. MISS SHIRLEY SADLER A.B.-University fo Cali- fornia at Berkeley, Ger- man, French, 2 years at AHS, German, Russian Clubs sponsor. JAMES D. EDWARDS M.A.-University of Cali- fornia at Los Angeles, Spanish, 7 years at AHS, Spanish Club sponsor. MRS. AGNES SELLERS A.B. - Goucher College, French, Spanish, 1 year at AHS, French Club sponsor. MRS. GRACE WHI'I'I'EN M.A. - University of Alabama, Spanish, 5 years at AHS, Spanish Club, Usherettes sponsor. WILLIAM F. DALY M.A. - Merrimack Col- lege, Latin, English, Chair- man of Language depart- ment, 6 years at AHS Latin, AFS Club sponsorl 23 TED WADE A.B. - California College of Arts and Crafts, Art, Chairman of Art depart- ment, ll years at AHS. ANTHONY W. FREEMAN M.S. - University of Ari- zona, English, Photogra- phy, '1 year at AHS, "Colonist" photographers adviser. AQ lik . MISS SHIRLEY A. PARRISH B.S. -- University of Red- lands, Art, Ceramics, 1 year at AHS, Sub Debs sponsor. MISS JOSEPHINE DERIGO BS Universit of Cali . . - y - fornia at Los Angeles, Girls' Physical Education Chairman of Girls' P.E. de: partment, 27 years at AHS C. A. VANHOOREBEKE M.S.-Arizona State Uni- versity, Boys' Physical Edu- cation, Chairman of Boys' P.E. department, 13 years at AHS, Varsity football coach. MRS. DOROTHY G. ARMSTRONG B.S.-University of Illinois, Girls' Physical Education, 6 years at AHS, Girls' ten- nis team coach. RONALD L. AMSTER B.S.-Florida State Univer- sity, Boys' Physical Educa- tion, 3 years at AHS, Gym- nastics coach. MRS. JOAN FEE B.S.-University of Kansas. Girls' Physical Education, 6 years at AHS, GAA ad- viser. BRANT COWSER B.S. - University of Cali- fornia at Santa Barbara, Boys' Physical Education, 9 years at AHS, JV basket- ball coach. lfil'-.' , si . w 1 1 ,. ,, 24 MRS. MARILYN PAUL B.S.-University of South- ern California, Girls' Phy- sical Education, 5 years at AHS, GAA adviser. EUGENE L. DONNELLY M.S.-Colorado State Uni- versity, Chairman of weight development program, 5 years at AHS, Assistant 'track coach. A -1 ,, ..,-.Jr . 1 t L. LEFT: Accomplished projects were exhibited in the art room showcase. TOP: Carey Gibbs con- ducts an ardent singing group. v' MRS. FRA CES E. PI'I'I'S B.S.-San jose State Col- lege, Girls' Physical Edu- cation, 3 years at AHS, Drill Team instructor. ROBERT H. HAGER M.S.-University of South- ern California, Boys' Phy- sical Education, Health Science, 8 years at AHS, C football, Track coach, Var- sity A Club sponsor. MRS. DIANE D. TAYLOR B.S. - Oregon State Uni- versity, Girls' Physical Ed- ucation, 3 years at AHS, GAA adviser, Girls' swim team coach. DON LIEBHART B.S. - Pepperdine College, Boys' Physical Education, 7 years at AHS, Varsity bas- ketball coach, Varsity A Club sponsor, Anaheim graduate. TED A. CLARK B.S.-Missouri Valley Col- lege, Instrumental Music, Band, 1 year at AHS, Moz- art Club sponsor. CAREY L. GIBBS B.Mus,-Chapman College, Vocal Music, Chairman of Music Department,4 years at AHS, Mozart Club spon- sor. . rt, Music, Physical Ed. ffer Students Varied, Interestin lasses JOHN WALLIN M.S. - Whittier College, Boys' Physical Education, 18 years at AHS, Varsity baseball coach, Anaheim graduate. 'fi' L i The art department offered training in the fundamentals of art crafts, commercial art, photography, drawing, and painting. This department added "spice" to many an individual's schedule. The music department offered every student a wide variety of musical exper- iences. For those who enjoyed actual par- ticipation, Mozart, A Cappella, and the marching and concert bands were open, along with many other groups, both vocal and instrumental. For those with individ- ual interests, harmony, music history, and music appreciation were offered. Six semesters of physical education were required of each student with a variety of games being taught. Besides inter-school athletics, such courses as GAA, adaptives, and drill team were available. Vigorous conditioning programs were conducted for the purpose of promoting physical fitness. Highly skilled athletes were given the chance to develop their fullest potential through such sports as football, basketball, baseball, track, cross country, swimming, waterpolo, Wrestling, gymnastics, golf, tennis, volleyball, badmiton, archery, and hockey. 25 afety Taught In Driver Ed., Healthg Pupils NORMAN ROY F. BROWN BARRINGTON B.S. - Los Angeles State B.S.-Auburn University, College, Driver Education, Learn Basics In Business Health Science, Math. 1 Health Science, 7 years at year at AHS, Assistant AHS. DUANE CAIN B.S. - Occidental College, Driver Education, Athle- tics, 2 years at AHS, Assist- ant track coach. RICHARD KAYWOOD THOMAS A. DANLEY HAROLD T. Ed.D, - Columbia Univer- M.S. - Long Beach State FRANKLIN sity, Driver Education, College, Driver Education, M.S.-University of Cali- Health Science, Chairman 2 years at AHS, B basket- fornia at Berkeley, Driver of Health and Driver Edu- ball coach. Education, 1 year at AHS. cation department, 7 years at AHS. JOHN R. LEE MISS ELIZABETH WILLIAM MILLER A.B.-Fresno State College, MELBY B.S. - Long Beach State Health Science, Math, Phy- B.S.-Minot State Teach- College, Driver Education, sical Education 5 ears at ers' Colle e Driver Edu- , Y 3 , AHS. cation, 4 years at AHS. Physical Education, 1 year at AI-IS, Anaheim grad- uate. -IOHN HANGARTNER B.S. - Arizona State Uni- versity, Driver Education, Health Science, Physical Education, 3 years at AHS, Wrestling coach. MRS. ELIZABEH WEBB Public Health Works - Loyola of Chicago, School nurse, 15 years at AHS, Future Nurses' sponsor. .ii 26 Qllf' CHARLES DEE COX M.S.-University of Idaho, Typing, 10 years at AHS, FBLA sponsor. MRS. ROBERTA K. FINCH B.S. -- Southwestern State College, Shorthand, Typ- ing, 6 years at AI-IS, FBLA sponsor. CARL F. CRANE M.A. - University of Southern California, Busi- ness, Bookkeeping, 4 years at AHS, Audio-visual ad- viser. SAMUEL H. GOSNEY B.S.-University of South- ern California, Merchan- dising, Bookkeeping, 7 years at AHS, Student Store adviser. KEAN L. FARRER B.S. - Long Beach State College, Business, Book- keeping, 4 years at AHS, Law Explorer Post adviser. ,I HAROLD J. JACHIMSKI M.A. - Western Michigan College of Education, Busi- ness, Typing, 7 years at AHS. Required of all sophomores l Behind-the-wheel training in driver educa- tion contributed to the class. for high school graduation were driver education and health science. Driver educa- tion courses stressed safety and caution. By' meeting cer- tain standards students were free to take the driver train- ing phase of the program, actual automobile driving in various traffic situations. Health science was designed to meet the changing health needs and interests of high school students. It placed em- phasis upon all aspects of health that best contributed to improvement of personal and community health. l PHILIP S. ENGEBRETSON M.A. - Columbia Univer- sity, Typing, Chairman 'of Business department, 15 years at AHS, Chairman of admissions to athletic events. Training for the future was the key- note of the business department. Through its many courses, ranging from shorthand and typing to specialized fields such as retail merchandising, business law, and business machines, the depart- ment prepared many students for direct entry into the complex business world. Training was also provided in the form of clerking, bookkeeping, stenography, selling, business correspondence, and sec- retarial Work. ' w i l l Carl Crane advises a pupil as to the use of a business machine. 27 Fulfilling either graduation or col- lege entrance requirements, a wide variety of scientific courses were offered to all students. Such courses as life-physical science, biology, chemis- try, and physics were available. Excel- lent lab facilities made all classes more enjoyable and facilitated the learning processes. A special experi- mental class, Chem Study, was given in the field of chemistry, it concen- trated on laboratory work and appli- cation of principles learned in that RICH. Colonists were afforded ample opportunities to perform experiments in the many science labs. JOSEPH L. CARTER M.A.-University of Colo- rado, Chemistry, Chairman of Science department, 7 years at AHS, Zeta Sigma Science, ath iee Colonists In odern Era sponsor. Mt 611 A , CM gj ri J In lf. . f C1 O W 7' ,f N , 7 ef V910 J if W ,fy , Off PAUL GILLEY JOHN L. HAMMEN ' ' B.S. - University of Bris- M.A. - University of Red- 0 , W , tol, England, Life Science, lands, Biology, Physical ,L X1 Q A ji! Biology, 1 year at AHS, Science, 3 years at AHS, S ' British Exchange teacher. Zeta Sigma sponsor. If X, f A ' KEMUEL ANDERSON I 'E PAUL M. BAJEMA B.S. - University of Cali- B.S. - Western Washing- fornia at Los Angeles, Bio- ton College, Physical Sci- logy, Algebra, 15 years at ence, Chemistry, 3 years at AHS, Quo Vadis sponsor. AHS, Zeta Sigma sponsor. ROBERT L. MCMAHON M.S. - Colorado State Teachers' College, Biology, Life Science, 5 years at AHS, Zeta Sigma sponsor. WILLIAM B. ROWLEY M.S.-University of Wash- ington, Physics, Algebra, 8 years at AHS, Zeta Sigma sponsor. 28 Wai S' W 1... W-V. :',l --Q... 1.J.,,, "I:,... l ,iiQi'5T2.llL fa? Warren McCauley explains an algebra problem to his class. C. DOUGLAS EARL LELAND O. HANSON Chapman College, BS -North Dakota State M.S. . . Math, Physical Education, University, Algebra, Math, 1 year at AHS, Water 14 years at AHS, Colonist Polo, Swim team coach, Knights sponsor. Water Polo-Swim Club Mathematics, required not only for college entrance but for success in many endeavors, was available in all its varieties at AHS. For those who desired only a background in the sub- ject such courses as basic mathematics and first year algebra were offered, while college-bound students studied plane geometry, advanced algebra, trigonometry, and analytical geome- try. By inserting new materials into its more traditional courses, the Ana- heim mathematics department, under the direction of Miss Marjorie Pibel, informed students of new develop- ments while providing them with the necessary fundamentals of math-the oldest and youngest science. MISS MARJORIE PIBEL A.B. - Occidental College, Trigonometry, Geometry, Chairman of Math depart- ment, 29 years at AHS, Fu- ture Teachers' Club spon- SPOrlS0r- sor, Anaheim graduate. MARTIN L. HICKS ROBERT A. WARREN D. DONOVAN MORRISON WILLIAM B. SMITH M.A.-University of Den- MALLENDER MCCAULEY M.S. - Whittier College, M.A. - Peabody College, ver, Geometry, 5 years at M.A. - Long Beach State B.S. - Kansas State Uni- Math, 3 years at AHS, JV Geometry, Algebra, 10 football coach. years at AHS. AHS, C football, B basket- College, Geometry, Alge- versity, Geometry, Alge- ball coach. bra, 7 years at AI-IS. bra, 5 years at AHS. 29 Paul Frank, Student Body president, with his well rounded knowledge of campus life, proved an unbiased chief of the '62-'65 Anaheim student body. Public re- lations between students and faculty as well as be- tween school and community kept him in a constant state of business. Besides his regular duties of presid- ing over all student cabinet meetings, coordinating the jobs of cabinet members, and leading school as- semblies, he was a representative to the California Association of Student Councils and member of the Intra-District Council. He also attended an annual seminar on the subject of Easter Week Problems held in Newport Beach. 30 Frank led tudentllody to High Goal Student government can be purposeful, or it can be meaningless, the key to the ideal situation lies in the assumption of individual responsibility-the most important ingredient for success in any form of government, whether it be of local or national scope. At Anaheim High, student government is not only the medium through which views and opinions may be presented to the administration of the school, but more important, it is a vehicle for the further education of its participants, teaching the valuable lessons of responsibility and leadership. In keeping with past tradition, the 11-member student cabinet found itself in what seemed a con- stant state of controversy while attempting to ad- minister supposedly routine campus legislation. Cabinet's varied accomplishments for '62-'65 in- cluded intiation of daily lunch-time meetings, pre- paration of the student body budget, supervision of student body card sales, sponsorship of the Service Point Banquet, and supervision of student body elections. In addition, cabinet sponsored the newly- created Frank Kellogg Scholarship Fund, drew up plans and completed the ground work for a fountain which will replace the old pond, helped in the crea- tion of the Intra-District Council where student leaders of Anaheim, Western, Savanna, and Mag- nolia met to discuss mutual problems, sponsored the year's many assemblies, including Korla Pandit, the Town Criers, and the USC Concert Band, and took charge of the year's first dance, "The Keep Off The Grass, Pick Up The Trash Mash". A L I 133.3117 ww Q Wf , -,.:A-Jw AUM xg X f"' . , .x . ff Af 'N 16 Q1 -'fH.'luJ-,MI Y "W . .1 71,-1 1 gi,-ffff! u4sQ1!ff:3 .Qlgi,5,, F Q.. A 1 W ' an 'Ng Jen! dw LQ ., I1 Lg If I FLY-it wig lil 5--TEE fig 1-5' ' M " " ! Doug Daniels, Colonist Club presi- dent, strived to reactivate the previ- ously idle all-male organization. Forming a cabinet made up of two representatives from each grade level, Doug worked to involve the group in as many beneficial activities as pos- sible. Among these were arranging top Bight assemblies as well as assisting in the revision of the handbook. STUDENT CABINET HELPS KEEP ANAHEIM ONE OF TOP STATE-WIDE SCHOULS 32 ft-B Capable Charla Hindley, Girls' League president, concentrated on all events sponsored by this all-girl or- ganization which traditionally includes every girl on campus. Her responsibil- ities included heading Homecoming preparations, organizing GL assem- blies, and actively attending all stu- dent cabinet meetings, as well as chairing Girls' League Cabinet. ..1 Witli one of the best noses for news that the Anoranco has seen for a long time, Kirk Hanen, Anoranco Repre- sentative, kept the student body well informed as to the activities of the student cabinet. Kirk took charge of student body publicity as well as be- ing responsible for the newly installed bulletin boards which he kept up-to- date. E i 'L Ml, 'K-he i.An.s Receiving the largest number of yell leader votes cast, Janet Kier repre- sented student interests as Commis- sioner of Pep. Although not a voting member, she took much personal in- terest in all deliberations the group made. janet, who automatically was Pep Club president, used her cabinet position to help promote school spirit on the administrative level. During the year, Miles Brakke per- formed his duty of coordinating goals and programs of students and admin- istration-a vital rapport between two campus spheres. Furnishing guidance in the vast realm of student activities, Mr. Brakke included in his prograill, advising the Student Cabinet, Safety and Welfare committee, and Inter Club Council. ff C5 4 154,147 if LAW . ff I, -d 4512?-,f?!Zfig1ifsQzffey 356 Mfgjefaiffifi Jeff- 'ff 'if 'Zi QD if fa? ?,ZZf5L7r,,,f"L7 M0 if Q17 X, ,,.., V-X ff' -' ff ' X'LAf6Q7"i ,4f2faw4VL-QL! ' kgdfi ,jf ' 'ff --z1'Lt79f"fi! ,It fgjtfgj f V! A ,lbfaf :MW we--60 ., ff? I X45 A f ,,f M 1' 42511, ---""Jd4 ,s fe- ' 4,.---e',AQ' f ,f , ,,.-',,,,- :X .4 U -I. ,jus 3 .' -FSI? V is 1 g .-iEi'i'f STUDENT COUNCIL - TOP ROW: D. Disbennet, M. Waldman, L. Pagano, L. Cannedy, R. Navarrette, K. McPhail, E. Craig, P. Williams, S. Hanlon, M. Freiss, V. Pewthers, and K. Larson. SECOND ROW: R. Carrillo, G. Cervantes, D. Laster, R. Bush, R. Walker, W. Harpole, A. Rincon, C. janzow, D. Schmidt, C. Graham, L, Gogerty, T DE T COUNCIL iorks For Anahfs Benefit and j. johnson. THIRD ROW: P. Buis, B. Schroeder, S. Peter, N. Smith, j. Williams, P. Kelly, j. Adams. P. Vandenberg, J. Schroeder, L. Serrani, and T. Mattingly. FOURTH ROW: S. Koff, P. Andrews, G. Hoeppner, C. Kolodzcske, C. Little, C. Davis, J. Navarette, D. Morales, II. Witte, and D. Clayton. Student Council met every other Wednesday during ac- tivity period with students representing each Senior Problems, U.S. History, and sophomore English class. Each class elected its own represen- tative. Following each council Working diligently for the benefit of all students on the Anaheim campus was the '62- '65 Student Council. These students worked actively all year keeping the high stan- dard of student government for which Anaheim is well- known. 34 meeting the representative re- ported to his class the activ- ities of the group. This past year, being differ- ent from previous years, the council was active in different facets of campus life. Its major contributions to the school were the appropriation S- xim- 'T X. I 1 at - l, XX 0 FIFTH ROW: M. Balmages, D. Jones, S. Haskell, R. Westforth, J. Raxlsback, N. Pecllar, S. Ishimaru, J. Scott, and B. jacobel. BOTTOM ROW: D. Koerner, P. Heybrock, R. Post, J. McNamara, T. Salness, M. Hutchison, D. Ford, ancl J. Dena. of 356,000 student body funds for campus beautification, the raising of victory flags in the patio area, and the suggested revision of the student body constitution. According to the Constitu- tion, the vice president of the student body is automatically president of student council. He works hand-in-hand with the boys? vice-principal, ad- viser to the council. The other officers are elected within the groupg these are vice presi- dent, secretary, and sergeant- at-arms. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS-TOP ROW: Marty Hutchison, vice president: Jim Dena, sergeant-at-armsg and Diane Ford, secretary BOTTOM ROW: Ty Salness, presidentg and james McNamara, adviser .4 --.- Q- --gr-F----ffv-51 EXEC TIVE COMMITTEE Represent Class Ideas Led by the class officers and Bill Williamson, class adviser, the Senior Executive Commit- tee planned all the activities of AHS seniors. The members were elected from each senior problems class so that each senior could voice his ideas through an elected represen- tative. The committee scheduled dances, planned Grad Night, bought the class gift, spon- sored Bermuda Day and the class play, and designed the first Sweetheart Ball which was held in February. juniors were well repre- SENIOR EXECUTIVE-TOP'ROW: C. Hickman, M. Kim- mich, B. Gabbard, and M. Miller. SECOND ROW: V. Robinson, B. Taylor, R. Lopez, L. Koleto, H. Whitney, and sented by their committee members elected from each U.S. History class. The com- mittee was advised by Greg Beale and led by the class officers. Traditionally the juniors are one of the most active classes on campus. Their main goal, which was to present the junior-Senior Prom, was a major headache in itself, but the committee found time to choose a class ring and spon- sor dances as well, they also sponsored the all-school play held in March. Sponsoring Sophomore Fun Night was the main objective of the Sophomore Executive Committee. Its members were elected from each sophomore English class and were led by the class officers and the class adviser, Fred Myers. Since the sophomores were new to high school life, orien- tation to student government was another purpose of the Executive Committee. They learned how to develop their own projects through contact with junior and senior class leaders. T. Hutton. THIRD ROW: D. Dora, S. Sowder, F. DeFalco, j. Heinrichs, and B. McWalters, BOTTOM ROW: L. Tor- res, J. McHenry, M. Fisher, and D. Branchaud. oi! 5 ' fs -9 Ali .JUNIOR EXECUTIVE-TOP ROW: C. Cano, B. Mark, G. Miller, j. Hurst, K. Stephens, and j. Wut- kins. SECOND ROW: V. Pewrhers, O. Ahumnda, J. Estrada, D. Porter, B. Wines, li. DeVos, and j. Achor. SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE-TOP ROW: C. Ken- nedy, R. Dzxvini, G. Pharris, and S. Turner. SECOND ROW: H. Cronin, S. Ervin, S. Turner, P. Franco, P. , P' THIRD ROW: G. Gollenger, A. Shiners, M. Fricker, P. Pina, C. Shearer, J. Peterson, and J. Reagan. BOT- TOM ROXV: B. Buis, C. Gay, J. Wilson, P. Pebley, S. Elliott, and M. Shirk. Kiphut, and D. Guyton. BOTTOM ROXV: M. Mahin- ney, M. Mitchell, K. Janzow, and J. Salness. .5 U .fl lf F l 5 Y! lf ' J K.. ' .' ---w , ,V 37 ampus Aid Work For Student Welfare Left? 1 1 we e e l 1 - A H ' , 1' .' ki .. 1 " ff All r , jr' F-14 d w' 1 ,I -ug fi ppfif 9 li .W 1 " 33125 " 15 '. l n' sfrgw ff A . ll E. NV.-,.-'Q 1 - . + "1 1Zi"v". - Nb' ,, .,-,-:,1 -Hr - . -.eff ,ifrzm Nl W ll 311'-lil.: 1' ' - Y 'fl'-T, 2 i , 1121: " ' u- Nx Mi' xx 1. ZWQ , I . OFIECE PERSONNEL-Elsie Parslow, Dorothea I-Iejnn, Margie Fnckiner, Bette Wisby, Khris Wiley' and Edna Dru e. LIBRARY PERSONNEL-Alta Isbell, Blanche Gore, and Bemndine Ross. 'Pl 'iM'Jf:'7f3 E W- X , , f fav-4 l A J '5x 'Q I "'Y'i 1...A-f L ,' fp li' 1 1 A y ' 1 . Asa' 4 5 UETTSIO . . L ' BUS DRIVERS-Natalie Wfoloson, Jeannette Merriss, Cliff Wright, Lila Smith, june Hubboard, Deb Kelly Carol Smith, and Eunice Weiss. Enlightening the atmosphere in the main office were six ladies who handled the secretarial aspect of the school. Their jobs ranged from assisting the attendance counselor and vice-principals to helping with the student budget and planning the daily schedule. The staff also handled tardies and absences. Every day many books were checked out of the school library. This procedure was handled efhciently by three librar- ians. They kept the shelves neat and clean and well stocked with currently popular books. They were also in charge Connies and Clems used in school work. Many students arrived at and left from AHS via the buses. This mode of transportation was handled by eight cheerful bus drivers. If it were not for their services many Colonists would have found getting to school a tiresome task. Lunch time presented many problems to fourteen women who worked in the cafeteria. They were faced with the duty of feeding nutritious meals to hundreds of hungry students in a short period of timeg they handled that task with great ease and poise. N opinion scuoo of all textbooks and paper-bounds that CAFETERIA LADIES-G. Ricker, M. Bauer, E. Kerns, H. Loard, G. Hamilton, S. Nakayama, G. Goss, H. Bris- co, M, Hood, G. Dennison, N. Hardy, E. Knuclsen, M. Kleinworth, and M. Kimmich. ." " ,fg 1 , ,fwjff I ii,--QT ," ' ,N M, - nl' K, 'T JT "' 'I Q: 1 'Aj' 5 "' an l E.- " , : S , , r F- 1 l ... J. ,X M , X K 1, .Q Y , ' ' P-. A - W . I I Y . il l .N X t M All ' ' ff f t N Q t V i T 'w i 4 -A y ' 5 ' if 'ix " e ' g Nj. ,uf -' ,- :. l ' c "' t this is H f is it .Lac - .. marie i 39 Um' Expression of SPIRIT Even with an enrollment exceed- ing 2000, Anaheim High provided each student the opportunity to ex- press his SPIRIT individually. Wheth- er it was in class participation or extra projects, each pupil had a chance to work to the best of his ability due to the wide selection of courses, first- class facilities, and guidance from a qualified faculty. Also connected with Student Body was the SPIRIT expressed among the three classes: sophomore, junior, and senior. Every student not only had a pride in Anaheim as a whole but also a personal identification with his class. The continued customs of buy- in class rings producing junior and g 1 Senior class plays, and excusing sen-I iors first in assemblies kept the tradi- tional side of Anaheim's SPIRIT alive. f g THRU GH IVIDUAL F1-TRT X . e JEANNIE CANTRELL . Senior Section SUE YOUNGMARK i Senior Section CINDY GILES junior Section CHERYL HICKMAN S 0 pbomore Section Binh' L.- C . QE 1 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS LOUIS TORRES, president, presided over senior execu- tive meetings, represented AHS at interdistrict cabinet meetings, and coordinated governmental functions of the senior class. JANE MCHENRY, secretary, recorded minutes of senior executive committee and all other committee meetings, and coordinated activities of the senior class. DENNIS BRANCHAUD, treasurer, recorded and provid- ed for disbursment of class funds, gave statements of finan- cial status to class and exercised over-all control and re- sponsibility for class budget. MARK FISHER, vice presidentg presided in the absence of the president, and assisted the president in various duties of office. Kffaim' E IQ Displayed Enthusiasm Durin ig... William Williamson Senior Class Adviser Final Year at naheim High S Spirited seniors proved themselves the most enthusiastic class in all their en- deavors throughout the three years at Anahi. Class officers, adviser, and Senior Executive Committee worked together to bring this year's seniors a year they will always remember as they go forward into a new and challenging world. A new tradition for coming years was set by the class of '63, as they sponsored the first annual Sweetheart Ball, along with two post-game dances. Also spon- sored by the class of '63 was the highly successful Senior Play, "The Man Who Came To Dinner". Trying to hold on to every day, the sen- iors finally came to the realization that their high school days were numbered. Senior Fun Night was held late in March, with only seniors in attendance. Announce- ments were ordered, Caps and Gowns measured, and all too soon came Senior Week. junior-Senior games were played, Senior Breakfast was enjoyed by all, and baccalaureate was held with the three other high schools in the district. Then came the final step, graduation. The end of three prosperous years was over with many mixed emotions, tears for the memories, and joy and pride at grad- uating from the "The School of Cham- pions," Anaheim High. J CATHY ADAMS Y Secretary Student Council English Major THEROIHLLHQY AQSFSON, A Cappella, 2 years Mozart Club, 2 years Drafting Major NANCY BABNICK French Club FBLA French Major ROBERT BALDONADO English Major Machine Shop Major Science Major '-ff' ,M-ART1N, Colfiiist Club Business Major English Major PHILLIP ANTON Sr. Exec., Hon. Soc. B, Var. Football Knights, Math Major DONALD ALGER AFS Pres., Key Club Treas., Tennis, 3 yrs. Annual, English Mjr. IRENE ARENDS Mozart Club Advanced Band Music Major Ill-5.1.31 ITA ALQUZQ Drama Major English Major Music Major SUSAN ARMSTRONG A Cappella English Major Science Major BOB ANDERSON Spanish Club V.P. Veritas, Tennis Eng., Math Mjrs. 13,m,uAaD.A1JQg1cH English Major Social Studies Wood Shop Major MBQ... - ,Sas . H, SHARKON HEAIHER BADGER ELAINE BAKER JOAN ELEANOR Inter-Club Council Coed, Hon. Soc. Pep Club BAKER GAA, 3 yrs., Pres. GAA, Pep Club Business Major Colonial Coeds English Major Science, Math Mjrs. English Major Pep Club Business Major LARRY BALLO Machinist lub Machine Shop Print Shop NORMA BAN EY Girls' League Servettes Pep Club ORVIN BARBER Machinist Club Pres. Bowling Club Pres. Math Major 'tsl' SU' R Hf A Cappella Choir Var. Manager, 3 yrs. Business Major "Ev . BEALE NEAL BEESON SUSAN BELISLE JEAN BELLINGER Water Polo Math Major Girls' League Transfer Student Swimming Science Minor English Major Music, Chorus, Band Math, Language Mjrs. Wood Shop Major Homemaking Minor Language Major 9, . li 4?-ghuiileu KATHY BOB BENSON SHERRY BENSON MARY BERGERON Assoc. Annual Ed. Football FHA Treas., Thespians Advanced Glee Gold Seal Bearer Bookkeeping Major Spanish Club Pep Club, Drama Coeds, S 84 W, ICC Science Major English, Math Majors Minor, Eng. Mjr. +C'..-'35 DON MARTIN BLAKE Council English, Band, Mozart Club GAA, Pep Club, Y Arts Majors Math Major Science, Eng. Mjrs. Science Majors Music Major - KENNETH BOCK V DARLE BOOTHE Auto Shop Major Girls' Glee Machinist Club English Major Y Club, English, Machine Shop Major Math Major Spanish Major Math Major ELAINE BLANKENSHIP Art Major Business Major English Major ROLINDA BORNE Senior Play Thespians English Major 44 1.24 , , , 41 MARGIE BENDER Drill Team Costume Chairman Business Major STEVE BETTS Knights Pres., jr. Exec., Var. Football ICC, English Mjr. JOAN BLEDSOE Tennis Team, GAA Business Major English Major MICHELE BRAKEN Safety, Welfare French Club English, Art Mjrs. DAVID R. BRANCHAUD Knights Wrestling Drafting Major If JERRJLBBQOKL Krights, Anoranco Annual: Math, English Science Major H33 ff? Ql- DENNIS BRANCHAUD WILLIAM BRANT DENNIS L. BRESS TERRY BRIDGES Sr. Class Treasurer Football English Major Football 2 yrs Var. Football, 2 yrs. Math Major Math Major Math Major English, Math Major Music Major Metal Tech. Major Science Major BETTY BROWN MARJORIE BROWNING SI-IERRY BROYLES PAUL BRUCE Banner Carrier Colonial Coeds, GAA Y u , P Stu. Council, 2 yrs. Safety 6: Welfare English Major Football Basketball Sub Debs, Bus. Major Pep Club, Math Major Math Major Mgr Baseball 2 yrs . -J ALLEN R CAROL BUCHANAN JOHN BUCKNER WILLIAM 1. PERRY BUIS '1' tudent Student Council Major BUFFINGTON Girls League Treas EI1gliSh MHIOI' Business Major Math Major Key Club President Mozart Choir Sec Math M21101' History Major Agriculture, 2 yrs. Varsity Mgr. Col Coeds Treas Social Science Mjr BILL BURKE TOM BURKE DENNIS BURKHART BURT LARRY BURTON Auto Shop Major Transfer Student Colonist Cl'f1l'3"k"' Pep Clu Var Baseball H1 Y English Major Law Explorer Club English Major Y Club Colonist Knights Colonist Club English, Math Major Math Major Spanish, Art Mjrs. JV Football 7:50 Ei? I x j LINDA CABALLERO Junior Executive Girls' League English Major A Cappella Choir Colonist Club Math Major MBA JUANI BA Wood Shop, 3 yrs. rojectionist JV Football Art Major English Major Science Major IQENI CABLE Girls' League Business Major English Major GEORGE CAMPBELL Advanced Band Colonist Club English Major IMI I KATHLEEN CALLEN Coed Pres., GAA Board, ICC Sec. Honor Soc., Eng. Mjr. HENRY CANALES Machinist Club, 3 Yrs. Machine Shop Major Math Major I CARMEN CANCINO LARRY CANNEDY Girls' League Law Club President Business Major Stu. Coun., ICC 'Math Major Basketball, 2 yrs. x all .J GIL CANO Football, Gymnastics Colonist Club Science, Math Major LANA JEAN CANTRELL Head Songleacler Annual, Anoranco Sub Debs, GAA, 3 yrs. L EL V K ,, ' I4 Wg! -, '31 I-, .I NANCY CARTER VIQQKI CASTRQ C Girls' League Girls' League Girls' Glee, 3 yrs. Coeds, Sr. Exec. Craft Major Business Major Girls' League GAA, Pep Club, Y English Major English Major English Major Business Major , 46 ,af A I, GN Wrestling, 3 yrs. Varsity Football Var. A, Eng. Mjrs. MIKE CANALES Auto Shop Major Machine Shop Major Science Major QPU' is if BOBBI CARBONELL Banner Bearer, 2 yrs. Sub Debs Business Major JULIE CLARK Spanish Club English Major Spanish Major sf ,X V L-,,, T17 V, . , .. I j Q - ,, 1 f 4 S Walt Ss PATRICIA CLUGSTON CHUCK CODOL -IANICE COELHO AUIO Shop MHIOI' Business, English Girls' League Yell Leader, Annual Roto Hi, FTA V. P. English Major Majorsg Music, English Major Anoranco, Knights Speech, Debate: NFL Math Major Math Minors Science Major Sr. Play, S Sr W Com. English, Spanish Mjrs. MARILYN C01-IEN B,QB..cQ1.L1Ns JOHN eoLLINs, JR, CONSTANCE STEVE CONE Student Store RCP- Latin Club Football, Track Mgr. ELIZABETH CONDIT Y Club Girls' I-Cflgl-IC Photographer Zeta Sigma, Quo Transfer Student English Major BUSUIGSS M11l0I' English Major Vadis, Art Major English, Math, Wood Shop Major Science Majors Fi I., E A., gl l JUDI COOK NANCY COOK DON COOMBES BOB CORNELIUS DEBBIE COSINDAS A Cappella, 5 yrs. GAA, Soph. Rep. Senior Play JV Football Business Major GAA, 5 yrs., Coeds English Major NFL, English English, Latin Drama Major Usherettes Sec. Spanish Major Math Majors Math, Science Majors English Major Q17 JOHN COX JUDY CREEKMUR DEANNA CREIGHTON THOMAS CROSS NANCY CUMMLNS Pfioto II English Major Senior Exec. Varsity Basketball GL Sec., Coeds Math Major Homemaking Major Pep Club English Major Y Council Secretary English Major Math Major Business Major Math Major Tri-Hi-Y, 6 years "Sn 47 Att. GAA, Sub Soph. Sec., Pep Club 'Y"1'tf L Inf..-. DOUGLAS DANIELS J JANET DAVIES Colonist Club Pres. Advanced Girls' Glee English Major Girls' League Var- F00fba1l, Girls' I-Cilglle Math Major Business Major Baseballg Knights Business Major Science' Major English Major Y ADRIAN DAVIS Pep Club Spanish Club Business Major LARRY DAY JV Football Gymnastics Wood Tech. Major ,ALLEN and Dance Band Music Major NANCY DECKER Stu3enfBoHy Sec. Sub Debs, Pep Club Language Major l i BOB DAVIS Gymnastics Gymnastics Club Wood Shop Major FRED DEFALCO Span., Math Mjrs. Var. Gymnastics Sr. Exec., Knights BEA DAVIS anner Carrier, Y Sub Debs, Pep Club Head Flag Twirler MARY ANN DEGROFF FBLA, Pep Club Girls' League Business Maior "H-.. 0 MARJORIE JEAN DAVIS Transfer Student Senior Play, Thespians Zeta Sigma, Pep Club RICHARD DEMATTEIS Electronics Major English Major Math Major 'Lg' V ,,:L ...K V - Varsity A Major 48 BARBARA DENHAM Transfer Stutlent Pep Club, Y Business, Eng. Mjrs. ,X D XYQNNLDQXELBISS P5T R English Major Pep Club Sec. Student Affairs Math Major GAA Var. Football, Knights Metal Shop Major I English Major Eng., Science Major DON Srudenr Council Mozart Choir, 2 yrs. Math Major .gp- CHARLES DITCHEY Colonist Club English Major Math Major OY DUESLER R.I LUNU ' enior Class P ay 'English Major Drill Team Math Major Business Major Science Major VICKI EDWARDS KARL ELLIOT1' Girls' League Colonist Club English Major English Major Music Major Math Major IH LEN EPPERLY TERRY ESTES Gir s eague, Usherettes Business Major English Major Homemaking Major Spanish Major GERRY DIXON English Major Math Major Spanish Major SUE DOLAN NFL ' Math Major Speech Major QA-VE DORA Swim Team, 3 yrs. Sr. Exec., Swim Club Math, Science Major .1 -Q: Cd' W w L, -...r - Sr-IERYL DUNN GAA Business Major Homemaking Mjr. BETTY ELROD AES, Servettes Drill Team, 2 yrs. English Major NANCY DYKESTEN Tennis Team, 2 yrs. AFS, 1 year Science, Math Mjrs. STEVE ENDICOTT Varsity Diving Team Math Major Science Major Y-. .H - .Q ELO EDWARDS Pep Club Girls' Glee Girls' League DANIEL G. ENGEL Colonist Club English Major Math Major 1 .Jr .-:QL DAVE ETTERS ISQYLEMANS. STEY English Major Marching Band, 3 yrs. Colonist Club Math Major Geology Club Auto Shop Major Science Major Music Major English Major N? MIKE FARRELL English Major Math Major Science Major KATHY FAUSER Honor Society, GAA Mozart Club V.P. Colonist Band, 3 yrs. NANCY LEE FERREE Pep Club, 2 yrs. Girls' League Science Major l . M ARK FISHER Varsity Football Sr. Class Vice Pres. English, Math Major LY E , :I , CAROLYN FISH Sub Deb Ollicer Tennis Team Business Major F v ? 2, ROSE MARIE FLORES Business Major English Major Homemal-ting Major 1 l BARBARA FINICLE SUSAN FISCHLE Drill Team, 2 yrs. GAA, 2 yrs. Student Council English Major Business Major French Major ERWIN FLUEGGE PATTI FLYNN Agriculture, 2 yrs. Pep Club, 3 yrs. English Major Student Council Metal Shop Major English Major BRENDA LEE FOLSOM ALISON DIANE FORD Quo Vadis Student Council GIFIQ' League Sec.g Coeds V.P. 130811511 MHIOY A Cappella Treas. GREGORY FOREMAN GARY FORT .IACK C. FRANCIS BAUL FRANK Football, 3 yrs. ' Language Major Roto-Hi, Latin Club Student Body Pres. English Major Baseball, 3 yrs. Math Major ICC Rep., English Colonist, Anoranco Math Major Math, Science Mjrs. Science Major Math Major Knights, Sr. Play Science Major ty' .4-f TT' 1 BILL GABBARD fH1Ll.ll ,E QDIE GANDX CHARLIE GASTELUM Sr. Exec., NFL Y, Girls' League English ajor Colonist Club Colonist Knights I Law, Key Clubs Business Major Machine Shop Major English Major Varsity Football English Major English Major Math Major Math Major Math Major jf -s-qi? -4' Q9-. aa JERRY GATEWOOD CINDY GILES ENR ,BQBQOODRICH Y GAIL GORCZYCA, Var. Football, 5 yrs. Colonist Staff A arsity Baseball Varsity Football French, Pep Clubs Colonist Knights Anoranco Reporter English Major Colonist Knights English, French, English, Math Mjrs. Press, Pep Clubs Math Major Hi-Y officer, 2 yrs. Math, Science Mjrs. E 'Y DAN GRAEBER Varsity Basketball Law Club English Major SHERI GOSSELIN GAA, 5 yrs., French Club, English, Math, Science Majors CHARLES GREEN Colonist Club Auto Shop Major if English Major t a I an 'Qi izffvx CLAUDIA GRAHAM Student Council Pep Club, Band GAA, Eng. Mjr. 47-I CAROL GRANDBERG Pep Club Servettes Art Major JAN GREGORY Pep Club, Y GL Council Rep. Spanish Major JIM GRIFFITH MORLEY GROSSMAN BOB GROTHE NANCY GRUTTMAN Water Polo Mozart Club Varsity Basketball Sub e , F' Swim Club Dance Band Cross Country, Track Usherettes Math, Science Mjrs. Music Major Math, Science Mjrs. Eng., German Mjrs. V. l . T' E 1 BOB GREEN Cross Country Track, Math, Science Mjrs. L Z' F, ,,,f23,.a, CAROLYN GUERRIERO Business Major English Major Social Studies M jr. 1 6 1-"9 J' :, .35-: ,. L- 324, JOANNE GUERRIERO HENB JOYCE HAGERBAUMER CAROL HALL CLAUDIA HALL J Business Major Jvfgogball Sub Deb President Girls' Glee GAA, 5 yrs., Pep Club English Major Colonist Club GAA, ICC, English, Homemaking A Cappella Choir A. Social Studies Mjr. Military Sci. Mjr. Math M3l0fS M2ll0f, Y MUSIC Mil'- 's qw- ' KIRK HANEN GLENN HANLON STEVE HANLON Bovylmg Clula V.P. Anoranco Editor Soph. Executive A Cappella Choir Business Major Vars. Golf, Knights English Major Student Council Math Major Stu. Cab., Annual Music Major Track, 2 yrs. LARRY HARNEY Hi-Y, Football English Major Social Studies Mjr. BOB HATHERLY Band, Drum Major Mozart Club Math Major MICHAEL V. HAUGHT MIKE HAVELES Electronics Mjr. Colonist Club English Major Automotive Mjr. Science Major English Major Ml CLYNN JOLENE HEINRICHS I-IECKENLAIBLE Gymnastics, Var. A GAA, 3 yrs. Senior Executive Architect Major Business Major Math Major ALBERT HENRY GRACIE HERNANDEZ Radio Club Pres. Student Council A Cappella Choir Girls' Glee Christmas Concert English Major ANNA SUE HENAGE Zeta Sigma Art Major English Major English Major Science Major MICKEY HERNANDEZ RAYMOND Pep Club HERNANDEZ English Major ,Gymnastics Homemaking Major English, Math Mjrs Wood Shop Major 52 '--Q., DAVID HARDY Track Cross Country Colonist Club ZZARD Mozart Choir Business Major Music Major 'K' KENNETH HENKE English Major Math Major Science Major YOLANDA HERRERA Girls' League Business Major English Major f Q Xt ' C CQ BILQILIHESSEB. 'iiansfer Student Key Club Math Major ,-.., . " 1. ' M 1 RUTH HILGENFELD School Organist English Major Spanish Major -Q-pi CONRAD..HI.lDGENS English Major Math Major Spanish Major MABTIN.HI.IICHISON Colonists Knights Varsity Football Math, Sci., Mjrs. WARREN HIBBARD Band Water Polo Math Major . , l V CHERYI. HICKMAN Annual, Assoc. Ed. Anorancog Coeds, GAA Dress Bd. Sec., Y DENNIS HIGGINS Transfer Student Colonist Club English Major H Transfer Student Senior Play Drama Major lj Q CHARLA HIN DLE omecoming Queen Girls' League Pres. Girls' State DAVID HOBSON Colonist Club Auto Shop Major English Major CHUCK HOLZWORTH English Major Metal Shop Major Math Major Science Major Social Studies Mjr. BILL HUDMAN Student Council English Major Social Studies Mjr. -QM Varsity Football Knights Var. A, Senior Exe CHARIN HULBERT Student Council FFA Chap. Sweetheart Business Major PENNY HULETT Spanish Club English, Math, Sci., Span., Mjrs. Business English Major MIDGE IRVIN SAYURI isH1MARU urls' League Bowling Club Foreign Exchange Stu. English Major Girls' League Student Council c. Speech Major English Major Coeds, AFS 'Qi 1' Bax 117 53 .IR 5: DAVE JACKSON Football Language Major Math Major PETER JENKINSON Nat. Forensic League Key Club, Veritas Science Major f , -x, N ACKSO Mozart C u Orchestra, Band Music Major J Pep Club Usherettes Business Major . 1- Soph. Girls' League Rep.g GAA English Major RICHARD A. JEWELL Lab Assistant Auto Shop Major Machine Shop Mjr. I f KN QNC., , sq' SUSAN ACOB Pep'CI'Bu Business, English, Math Majors JAROL DEAN JOHNS Bowling Club Sec. FBLA Business Major if BETH JOHNSON English Major Math Major Music Major 13, ,4-. ,-X .iifl tit , 'ZS' - 'C ROBERT L. JOHNSON REBECCA JOHNSTON GREG JONES Football, Track Quo Vadis Treas. Colonist Club English Major Medical Careers Club English Major Math Major GAA Math Major "f":Y i'v- T w-... LYNDA JUNGKEIT JAN KALDE RICHARD KANN ARD ENL Senior Play A Cappella Choir Colonist Club FHA, Pep Clubs Business Major Math Major Electronics Mjr. Business Major English Major Music Major Science Major English Major 54 ern. ,, fm 4,.+ in -945 SUZANNE JACQUES Tri-Hi-Y Business Major English Major ANSEL JOHNSON Wrestling Colonist Club Drafting Major RALPH JOSEPH Varsity Wrestling Business Major Math Major 'YP MICHAEL A. KASKA Water Polo Auto Shop Major English Major C' GLADYCE KAZDA Girls' League Business Major English Major PAM KEUP Student Council Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club English Major i Ev 1 COLLEEN KELL MIKE KELLY ir s eague Varsity Football English Major Varsity A, Knights Math Major Print Shop Major JANET KIER MARY HISIMMIICH Yell Leader, ICC Pep Commissioner Sub Debs, GAA Coeds, Senior Exec. Dress Board, Pep Club, Zeta Sigma 'Z T7 BILLY KERNS FFA Colonist Club Wood Shop Major IEAN KINQ FHA Business Major Homemaking Major DAVE KERS JV Foot a Math Major Science Major TOM KINGSBURY EEish Major Metal Tech. Major Social Studies Mjr. I 'xx 'TUP i ALAN KIPHUT LORENE KIRKHART F ER RICH KNIQGE ROBIN KNOTI' Yell Leader, Var. Drill Team English Major A Cappella Choir Swim Team Baseballg English, Sub Debs, Hi-Y Machinist Major Talent Assembly Business Major Math Major Bus., Eng. Mjrs. Geography Major Key Club, Eng. Mjr. English Major L. MICHAEL KNOX Latin Club English Major Music Major 'H-T j 'lv--f 1 Y Jr DAVE KNUDSEN LAVONE KNUTZEN MARY BLYE KOCH Varsity Football Drill Team, jr. Exec. Colonial Coeds Colonist Knights Songleader, Sub Debs GAA, S 8: W Com. Math Major YMCA, Servettes Honor Society RICHARD KOEBERT Science Club English Major Math Major gif' Y-' gf? 55 A 'asf , i 3: 1. , ,,l-,.-L,-:L JEROLD DIANE KOERNER LYNN LOWELL KUEHN Key, Spanish Clubs Future Teachers Anoranco, Annual Club Annual, Anoranco English Major Tri-Hi-Y Council Sr. Exec., Sr. Play Electronics Mjr. Tennis, Hon. Soc. Spanish Major Eng., Math Majors Press Club V.P. English Major Key, German Clubs EZAXN MARY LAKE .LIN RON LAMBERT ' olonist Club A Cappella Tri-Hi-Y A Cappella English Major Girls' League Business Major Automotives Mjr. Math Major Business Major Math, Science Mjrs. History Major Music Major PHILIP LANCE KW M.u4,E EDWARD A. LATHROP JIM LEDUC Veritas Yell Leader, Pep B Football Concert Band Tennis Team Colonist Club Club, Sub Debs Treas. Annual Staff Marching, Pep Bands English, Math, Social Studies Mjr. GAA, Sr. Attendant Photographer Eng., Music Majors Science Majors SHARON LEON Colonist Club Business Major English Major , nj , -,,- ,, i - CONNIE SHIRLEY LINDLER ep, Mozart Clubs Business Major Mozart Choir English Major Eng., Music Mjrs. Social Studies Mjr. 56 JUDY LINDSTROM GLORIA LIPPEN English Major Sub Debs Math Major Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club Social Studies Mjr, English Major KEN LIVINGSTON AN LLOYD A Cappella Choir JV Football Auto Shop II FBLA, 1 e Club Business Major Homemaking Major .e - I ug ' A I SYLVIA LOPEZ Pep Clubg Art, Business, Clothing Majors CARL MABS Student Cabinet Knights, Mozart Choir, Club Pres. T i GLENDA LOVELL Thespians President, Sec., Senior Play All School Play GAIL MACLEAN A Cappella Business Mjr. Music Major x I CLIVE MARK BOB MARKER Colonist Club English Major English Major Math Major Math Major Photography Major LINDA LOGA JIM 1 MAX LOPEZ ' ir s' League Key Club A Cappella Pep Club B Track English Major English Major Math Major Math Major CI-IERI usmess Major English Major Homemaking Mjr. DAVID EDWARD MADDEN Transfer Student B Basketball, Track Science Major ROY M. LUTTRULL Varsity Football Varsity Wrestling Varsity Track Water Polo English Major Math Major 'Nt lL QA. FBLA, 2 yrs. Pep Club Business Major DIANA MANCHESTER Tri-Hi-Y English Major Math Major STEPHANIE MAROZICK .' JON MARTENS ' DEE MARTIN Sub Debs, Pep Club Quo Vadis Sec. Student Council Girls' Tennis Team Business Major A- English Major Math Major English Major Homemaking Major 57 F. SCOTT MARTIN LYNDA MARTINDALE JESSE Hon. Soc. Pres., ICC Student Council Colonist Club NFL, Key Club Art Major English Major Gold Seal Bearer English Major Work Experience 4 tr" f DEANNA MASON Safe., Welfare Pres. DAR Award, GAA V.P. Gold Seal Bearer ldv A-,-.Y V ,L.. A I ut' SALLY MCAULEY MAUREEN LYNDA MCCQRMICK THERESA UISE Colonial Coeds, GAA MCCONAGHY Pep Club c ORRY English, Math, GAA, 3 years Business Major lfatm Club Treas. Language Majors English, Math, English Major Science Majors AFS, Pep Club, Sr. Play, Sr. Exec. 'Yf' -Egg., . . .,. . CHERYL L. McGREGOR JANE MCHENRY MARGARET MCHENRY DON MCLEAN Student Council Senior Class Sec. Transfer Student Track Y, 2 years Drill Team, 2 yrs. FBLA Var. Cross Country Business Major Sub Debs, Y Business Major English Major BARBARA McWALIERS GEORGE MENDOZA JACK MESSAMER ALLAN METZ Sub Debs, Sr. Exec. B Track Adv. Band, Mozart Varsity Track Colonist, Anoranco Electronics Mjr. Club, Tennis Key Club, Tennis Press, Pep Clubs English Major Mechanics Major Eng., Math Majors 58 LONNIEFAJJALO C6151-isfKnights jr, Var. Football Business Major I.. ,A JACK MCGREEVEY Wrestling ' English Major Spanish Major ' .xxxmuh nan LARRY MCMANUS Key Club English Major Math Major SANDRA MEY FBLA resi ent Sub Debs, GAA Dress Board, ICC .v 1 G Q"--vl 'Wf- 1 . 2. W, CAROLYN SUE MILES Coeds, GAA, ICC Latin Club V.P. S 8: W Committee DAVE MITCHELL -. Math Major Shop Major -o--3 L h J SYLVIA MOONEY English Major Math Major Music Major Welfare GAA, Club Soph., jr. Exec. Y 1 ll '. Q .nag ,.- lbs it if 1..- YZ' .QIBLS MILES. ELWOOD MILLER Head Yell Leader Mozart Choir, Club GAA, Sub Deb Sec. A Cappella Sr. Attendant -L TERRY MITCHELL Key Club Football Math Major 1 Music Major 3 JIM MILLER Varsity Football English Major Math Major MARILYN MILLER Coeds, Sr. Exec. Gold Seal Bearer Eng., French Mjrs. X, .X ve, .--.Adi l I Q -, g. . ELKE IVIITTMANN GILBERT MONTANO NICKY MONTANO Coeds, GAA Varsity Tennis Football, Track Tennis Team English Major Basketball Usherettes Spanish Major A Cappella if-if' X JEANNE MOONIER Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, English, Social Studies Mjrs. SE Quo Vadis Pres. Inter-Club Council English Major ROD MOORE French Club, 2 yrs. Zeta Sigma, 5 yrs. French, Science M jrs. KAY MOTLEY Adv. Band, Mozart Club, Eng., Music Majors I . " 5 SHARON MOORHEAD BRENDA EILEEN Head Usherette MORGAN FTA Pres., Coeds Pep Club, 2 yrs. Gold Seal Bearer Girls' League Eng., Math Mjrs. LARRY MUNSEY Girls' League Colonist Knights English Major Eng., Language, Math Major Math, Sci. Mjrs. 'E 5 f' --8, "N-ni -.ff rf' lg: , ,A - ms., ALICE E. MUNSON SHARON MURRAY V KS, Zeta Sigma Drill Team Swim Team, Pep A Cappella Pep Club Club, Choir, Veritas Business Major English Major ROBERT D. NEAMY GERALD E. NEARHOOD MARILYN NEILSEN Junior Exec: Zeta Sigma Club Mozart Club English Major Transfer Student ' Mozart Choir Print Shop Mjr. Math, Science Mjrs. Music Major BOB NAMANNY Mozart Choir, 2 yrs. Sr. Play, English Spanish Majors ROD NELSON- Colonist Club English Major Science Major -tt? 191-1 'TCR' LINDA NORTON SUSAN LYNNE OLSON JOY O'MALLEY EILEEN Colonial Coeds Sr. Exec., Pep Club Mozart Choir, Club Girls' League V.P. . . ' ' ' ' ' r Pr Eng , Stu Council, Girls Business Major D ess Board es. Music 0 D 1 MAUREEN A. PADILLA BEATRICE PAPPAS P TOM PARSONS Girls' League GL Cab., YQT's Girls' League Cab. Auto Shop Mjr. English Major Sec.g Pep Club Y Coun. V.P. Drafting Major I Social Studies Mjr. AFS, Coeds French Club Sec. Machine Shop Mjr. hx if Qiilfv- n 60 A xii , W .a 'Q , 1 'SHIRLEY NEAL Girls' League English Major Math Major HARYE NE W CQMBE. 'Chlojnist Club Auto Shop Major Print Shop Mjr, RON OWENS Colonist Club English Major Math QQNNIE PATTESQN Girls' League Card Section English Major SUZIE PAYNE English Major Home EC. Major Typing Major JEANETTE PERRYMAN FHA President Inter-Club Council Home Ec. Major ' Girls' League English Major Math Major is' 177 ,, Th... i e. , GRA ac inist Club Mechanical Drawing Machine Shop TT? l. at C I CHARLES PAYTON ARTHUR E. BARB GARY A- PERKINS Knights, Water Polo PEARSON III Pep Club, YQT's NFL, Varsity A Gold Seal Bearer Mozart Choir, Varsity GL Council Var. Gymnastics Harvard Book Award Tennis, English Servettes Eng., Speech Mjrs. Math, Sci. Mjrs. LOY MARK PETERSEN MADALINE PETERSON WALT PETERSON DONALD PHILLIPS Varsity A Club ep u Key Club Electronics Major Varsity Basketball English Major Art Major Math Major Student Council Historv Major Drama Major Science Major -5 I SHARON PLETZ INDA PORTER RAE GENE PORTER Colonial Coeds, GAA Trans er tu ent Girls' League Pep Club, Latin FBLA Vice Pres. English Major Club, Eng, Mjr. Business Major Math Major RONALD POST Var. Wresding Var. Tennis Math, Sci. Mjrs. JUDEE POTTER WILLIAM POWER ALLEN PREHEIM SAM PRENTICE Girls' League Transfer Student Varsity Football NFL, Latin Club Council, Art English Major Colonist Knights Pres., Sr. Play English Mjrs. Math Major Varsity A Club Key Club 1-0, 1. ,,7 , f L Q ks.. - . BEN PRUET1' SHABQBLQIHLLEN, IERRI RABEB. Industrial Arts English Major Yell Leader, GAA Math Major Homemaking Major Dress Brd., Sub Social Studies Mjr. Social Studies Mjr. Debs, Stu. Coun. gn-n ' V J 1 5 9 'DON RAU GARY RAUB HELEN REAL Transfer Student Var. Cross Country Tri-Hi-Y Colonist Club English Major English Major Math Major Girls' League English Major BILL REESE Zeta Sigma Pres. Eng., German Math, Sci. Mjrs, MIKE REESKE Varsity Tennis Hon. Soc., Veritas Math, Sci. Mjrs. TE RY REISH vagwmrteatn Var. Water Polo English Major itz:-f' . f. CAROL RICHMOND LIN RICKER RICHARD L. RICKER Transfer Student Student Council Colonist Club Med. Careers Club jr. Executive English Major Lan., Math Mjrs. Business Major Machine Shop Mjr. Mi. 62 kv S1 X Colonist Club English Major Metal Tech Mjr. 'ffvfrl ,f DONALD RATZLAFF Mozart C Mozart Club Bowling Club la-in-n GEORGE REBELLA Veritas, ICC Pres. S 8: W, NFL Eng., Lang. Mjrs. CHARYL RICHARDS Girls' League Business Major English Major if"Q- WILLIAM REED Transfer Student National Thespians Colonist Club MQ-Hl Swim Team GAA English Major L, g w .5 DENNIS RILEY THOMAS RISHER Colonist Club English Major English Major Drafting Major Math Major Math Major ,-6 f"1'!P my V I if cal' JACKIE RITTER sH1iLLzLMD.EiB1ML ALEJLH Thespians Transfer Student Tri-Hi-Y Business Major Girls' League Girls' League Math Major English Major Business Major RAY ROBERTSON Tennis, 5 yrs. English, Math Science Majors RON ROBINSON Gymnastics English Major Math Major rf' Eiasfsarqc S J VIRGINIA ROBINSON SANDRA ANN RODRIGUE FNA Treasurer English Major Science Major GAA, Senior Executive, Art, Spanish Majors LINDA RONSKO Girls' League English Major Math Major RON ROSCOM Colonist Club English Major Math Major c:?, Q'?' MANUEL RODRIQUEZ JAMES ROGERS sw...- DOUGLAS W. ROMNEY Var. Football English Major Sr., All School Plays Var. Track Latin Major English Major Math Major Science Major Drama Major JUDITI-I ANN JAMES ROSSI BARBARA ROW ROSENTHAL Transfer Student Card Section Zeta Sigma, 2 yrs. Law Club V.P. Girls' League Med. Careers Math Major Assembly Eng., Math Mjrs. E 3.-,s H . JK!!!-flxxssx DANNY ROZBORIL ANITA RUBIN ANCY JANE RUSSELL STEVE!- Drafting Major Pep Club A Cappella Girls' League e . I Machine Shop English Major Usherettes English Major English Major Math Majgr Math Major Quo Vadis Math Major Math Major ft! "iff .r -fff TY SALNESS Student Body V.P. Homecoming King Knights, Football 5. JOHN SAMSON Var. Football Knights Treas. Eng., Sci. Mjrs. -ds 'l""v SHARON SANFORD BILL SAUER KAREN SAVERIEN Foreign Exchange ,Colonist Club Pep Club FBLA Club, English Major English Major History Major Math Major Science Major 'l-1-:f Q-" v--,v MARGUERITE SCHAAL STEVE SCHLEY JUDY SCHMALL DONNA SCHMIDT ROBERT SCI-lMID'1 Coeds, GAA Electronics Mjr. FBLA Reporter, GAA GAA, 3 yrs., Council English Major English Major Math Major AFS Sec.-Treas. Pep Club, 2 yrs. Music Major Science Major Science Major Pep Club, Bus. Mjr. Bus., Eng. Majors Social Studies Mjr. BONNIE SCHROEDER Mozart Choir, Club Colonial Coeds Eng., Span. Mjrs. PATRICIA SCOTT GAA, Usherettes Colonial Coeds Eng., Math Mjrs. JANET SCHROEDER Span. Club Pres. FTA Treas., Thespians Treas., Sr. Play SHARON A. SELISKI FBLA, Pep Club Business Major English Major - -6 4.1.51 6'4l DENNIS SCHULTZ Law Club Var, Basketball English, Math Majors ,ALAN.SHAIBLE Var. Football Latin Club English Major "ws 95.4 H, A 43' FRANCES KAY SCOTT A Cappella Secretary English Major ' Student Council, Pep, Homemaking Major Mozart Clubs: Mus. Mgr. History MHIOI' SHIRLEY SHELLEDY 5H Transfer Student B Football FBLA Var. Track Homemaking Major English Major 64 5 'FDC .-.4 '17 ":? I 'mf JERRY SIGALA Veritas Track, 5 yrs. German Major bb 17" DON SMITH CAROLE SMOO CARL G. SNYDER Baseball ri-Hi-Y Football Math Major Girls' League Colonist Club Mech. Drawing Mjr. English Major English Major vu, . BETTE SOLBERG GARY SOLOMON ID SOWDE SID SPARKS Songleader, Sub Debs English Major Gymnastic Champ Transfer Student jr. Exec., Drill Team Math Major Gymnastics, E5 yrs. Band Pep Club, Eng Mjr. Science Major Eng., Math Majors Math Major ANN S UIBB nglis ajor Math Major Science Major TT' -J TERRY STANTON JOAN D. STARR DE-, , SANDRA LEE Sopb. Baseball French Club Sec. Business Major STEENSON English Major Spanish Club English Major GAA, Sub Debs Math Major Eng., Math Majors Math Major English, French, ARLIN STEINBRINK BILL STEPHENS LOREN STEPHENS LAREE STIDHAM Colonist Club Var. A Club Tennis Petite-Y-etres Metal Tec. III Varsity Water Polo Science Club Business Major Work Experience nglish Major Math Major Math Major Djs IS STEFA Arr Major English Major Math Major SUSAN STRODE jr. Exec. Girls' League Business Major 1,-32, i BILL STRONG MAR BARB SUTTER DALE SWAIN Football, 2 yrs. Girls' League GAA, Tennis Gymnastics Wrestling English Major Team, Girls' English Major Eng., Latin Mjrs. Spanish Major League Assembly Math Major C BARBARA TAYLOR HMABIL NANQ-Y-lllE4E5I'-ER. SW Pep Club Zeta Sigma Girls' League Business Major jr., Sr. Exec. English Major Business Major English Major Art Major Math Major English Major Social Studies Mjr. IRENE THILL LAURA JEAN THOMAS HAROLD JAMES THORNSBERRY FBLA Girls' League THORNSBERRY Colonist Club Girls' League Homemaking Mjr. Var. Gymnastics English Major Business Major Art Major Business Major Math Major Mar R is so-I .gnu-4 1' X s . ,s : w -F4 153 LOIS E. TINGLEY LLHS TORRES CATHERINE TOUPAL ELWOOD II. TRAVIS T '-H'-Y GA '-T ' Colonist Club Var Football Science C English Major Baseball: Science Math ri 1 A jr., Sr. CIai'P'res. Pep Club, GAA . ' ' lub if 1:7 66 IQIQERLAWSWAN L Business Major English Major Math Major ALIQREY TENO- Tri-Hi-Y Junior Exec. Senior Exec. PHILLIP THORNTON Colonist Club Auto Shop Major English Major ill? GARY TREECE Electronics English Major Math Major it Ivy? RAY,,.'1fB.EXL.EB.. JOHN TURNER PEGGE TURNIPSEED WILLIAM A. TUTTLE ROBERT ULRICH Cross Country Colonist Knights Future Nurses Science Club Key Club, Hon. English Major Mech. Drawing Mjr. English Major Math Major Soc.g Eng., Lang., History Major Social Studies Mjr. Language Major Science Major Math, Sci. Mjrs. ROBERIL, MARALYN VAN HECKE ILONA VANOS BARRY VANTIGER DON VARY NDEZANDE Girls' League Thespians Zeta Sigma Var. A Club Trac , oot 21 Business Major Pep Club Key Club, Eng., Water Polo Band, 3 yrs. English Major English Major Math, Sci, Mjrs. Swim Team Eng., Math Mjrs. 'Fa L t- 1, 73 t- CHERI VELARDO DEAlNIS.YQ,l,,L, KAREN VOIQQE11 CLIFF D. VOSBURG CAROL WAGNER Transfer Student Rifle Team FBLA Art Major GAA, 3 yrs. Girls' League Auto Shop Major Business Major English Major French Club Business Major Military Science English Major Math Major Eng., French Mjrs. wx 11-17 cf' 3 fa A x ,, . M EDDIE WAGNER MICHAEL WALDMAN PHILIP WALTHER ARDEN ALI-BNA WARNER gootlgalld Varsity Colonist Club Transfer Student GAA, 1 yr. an s ep Engli English Major Zeta Sigma 1 yr. Music Math Math Major Club lvfx Q 1 7-'af ,,-sv: as fr' ,wk 4,7 I '--In SDN DEE ANN WE I LAWRENCE WEBBER GAA, 2 yrs. 'GTA , Girls' League Art Major English Major Business Major English Major Math Major Spanish Major Math Major ALLEN WENTZ 'V5Eify'A Club Varsity Swim, Polo Teamsg Math Mjr. 'TTF3 DOREEN WESOLOSKY L Honor Society Coeds, FBLA Eng., Math Mjrs. BOB WHITE Varsity Football Varsity Track English Major WESOLOSKY F Business Major English Major IIQLLIL DONALD WHITNEY HOWARD WHITNEY ootball, Swimming Zeta Sigma V Varsity A, Basketball All School Play Senior Exec. English Major Science Major Eng., Math Majors DAMON WILLIAMS Colonist Club English Major Metal Tech. Mjr -7, -, -,,. ' ll. JAY L. WILLIAMS EHILLIP WILLIAMS Zeta Sigma Student Council English Major Knights, Wrestling Math Major English, Math Mjrs. ,fd .I -09 ti v-,Q f- , '15 as-I .r-'-lv Q. SUSAN WEINBERG JENNIFER WEISS Transfer Student Medical Careers Girls' League Sub Debs English Major English Major FEL, ff-f 'VA iii., A Ji'-' ' CF' sl 'iff 'E l1V'g"If fe . li- ix li lx Q4 ' lv .- Y V t PARTICIA J. WEST Colonial Coeds Language Major Science Major JUDY WHITE SB Treas., Dress Bd. Flag, Coeds, GAA Sec. junior Class Treas. VANITA WILBOURN Colonial Coeds Pep Club, Business, English Majors jr v . DALE WESTBROOK Annual Ed.-in-Chief Gold Seal Bearer, Y Anoranco, Coed, S 8: W ff? Y ,. in PETE WILBUR Baseball Auto Shop Major English Major ' n j Le X ,pr 1 P " L34-., fl .257 I R. WAYNE WILLIAMS ANDY WILSON Colonist Club A Cappella Drafting Major English Major Math Major Math Major WW -6 11-4' J if ,dll MARIE ANN WILSON GABX WIMBERLY English Major Law Club Music Major Varsity Basketball Spanish Major Eng., Math. Mjrs. MIKE, WRIGHT Football, Baseball Wrestling Colonist Knights Bw 'JS' PHIL WRIGHT English Major Math Major Welding Major ROBERT YOST Law Club Business Major English Major Spirited dancers do the "Pony" during a post-game dance sponsored by the Senior Class. GARY WISE, LESLIE WOLFE Language Major Transfer Student Math Major Business Major Science Major Music Major -W5 DUWAYNE YEE Mozart Club Band, 3 yrs. Music Major MARY YATES Girls' League Business Major English Major SUE vYOI.lNGMARIL Enimual, Anoranco Student Council Press, Pep Clubs CAROLYN WOOD Zeta Sigma, 2 years Pep Club, FBLA Business Major GH Drill Team Pep Club Y-Cuties if I ' A Senior Circle provides a pleasant place for seniors to eat lunch and have snacks during nutrition. TOP PICTURE: Members of Junior Exec make posters for the all-school play. BOTTOM PICTURE: Working as junior class oilicers for '62-'63 were jack Hurst, presidentg G. C. Beale, adviserg Bob Wines, vice president, Carole Gay, secretaryg and Janice Wilson, treasurer. 1-11 with pride on the past year, can truthfully say they have been success- ful. Traditionally the juniors spon- sored the junior-Senior Prom. The raising of money for this project kept them busy all year. The class of '64 held three dances, "The September Stomp," "The Con- querors' Clash," and "The Basket Ball." They presented the highly en- tertaining all-school play, "Ladies of the Jury." junior, dues cards were also sold to make money for the prom. During january, the juniors proud- ly purchased their class rings. The emblem, by josten Inc., was carefully chosen by the junior class officers and adviser. In the years past, juniors have also had class sweaters, but, due to the students' lack of interest in them, the sweaters were not made available for purchase. J UN Illll R TED HIGH SPIRIT Recalled by many as a sparkling highlight of the past school year, the junior-Senior Prom was held in the beautiful Embassy Room of the Dis- neyland Hotel on May 29, 1965. The affair was a formal dance and was greatly enjoyed by all who attended. The theme, which was carried out in beautiful decorations, was "Mardi Gras." Through the tireless efforts of jack Hurst, president, Bob Wines, vice president, Carol Gay, secretary, Jan- ice Wilson, treasurerg Mr. G. C. Beale, adviser, and the junior Execu- tive Committee came many achieve- ments and memories for the class of '64. I I I I I I y Ill I I I I M 9 l ie -I I I I f3u'fI Q, I we I ,II V ' X I ' 5 I I 1 A ill!-5 e I .. 'c'?i'f-T5-. I pf, ---- .I 1 I -mm N' I X I- .,, h e mfr, 7e. - Sandy A ,Sylvia judyi Bonnie Carla Carol I Susan A Abramson Acevedo Achor AE-leg-nga.. Adams Adams Adams . 1 I 'A I I I I ,af . , ' I rf' L' I -, up I 4. I 'I " G, I 5 A 'clear y . 3.4! U... r-,-I A' 1 W I I X., I W Q I lx ' ' f L13 If X'x I X I I Ofelia JoAnn Mike Jene john Linda Robert Ahumada Alderson Alderson Alexander Alley Alvarez 'Award -In A -B' Ri ww BWI , I 'I , I 76 ml I 1 I Richard Alan Terry Jimmie Andersen Anderson Andrews Antrim I - I ' ' "N I Ai' I .- as QT i 5 ' ' A rb i I ' W -sz" I 'ig' I I W 'I W1 L Henry- di Dennis. .Linda Dave Arnold Ashbaugh .Ayala Babcock ' ' I I I V I I5 I Y .. 4 A L , - f Q'-fl . ' no-M t3.' 'I 'F' ' 'nf' I ' r 5, I ' ,, I f A , ' I L A, ral. Rene Pete Carol Randy Babi Bagnarcl Baker BalEeg N. 3' r ' - Q I , 1' , :J L- sr' tl. 4 I '- ' be I --A . 5.9 I be I .qs ,f A ' I I '1. I I P Qfn I - Y All I LI "K Ken Batrieia Mike Carol Hun1,ph1:ey Don L 1- Balmages Barco., Banlle, Barrera. Barrett . . I I ' I , 5 I V D-ii! I I I - pl Gi ' I -t I 'gf' I 5 I I :L Q "' I A 1 if N- ' ' - "" ' "K I .A A 1 1 . r I V, , t I IL' N2 I I -. ' .-"'-'ia 'A R - 'VXI .FI T- A' I YI I .a., .I like III. :rr Ie' r J0hU- Don IDL Carol Nancy Rnnald. I-.ljillfl Baiiljl Bartsch Basse- Bnughman Beach Baal Bean .T ,W Y I I , " I W, may gi . ,L-31, il F. I " Q I wmv 1, 41-Yi lllxi i d f ill lli Se if Dave Karen Sonn Beaton Beaver Egayers I I .. "' it I 'B-'34, 'Z 5 .fl I '- -Z i I 'VD Eanice ever y Bqu eckett Beers Belanger ""i . I ,we y W J 9:22, tip ' I ' I ,- ,. Dennis Kenneth Qaml. Belisle Bengtson Bennett 'V x Q -fl M, . I . Carol Linda Dennis Bentley Benton Berg I In 'R' W A I X 7- J.. iz " t I I I. V i. I 'Y ' I -qt Gailen .Kay .Gngil Berg ly Beuerlein . I I I , I as I ' Q-Q i A "I 'sr ff I If I Ie .ee ' I I s.- 4 or "ii ' . a Laurie ir Birkland Bishop 71 u 7 0f'L,77jlQ"lLfT UZ I j V x UU i' fhffpf f 0 ff V OMUW Colonists are shown enjoying a junior sponsored dance. 'Q G' xx Q- nb V F r lf, fu .24 i 'L' 4,53 1 C has Mmm BN in Eileen Jody William Hans Janet Blackford Blake Blake Blank Brown , J ' iz! 'T 3 Q ' ni J: r :L 'Y , . ,-5 ,,.w. .ze ' 1 we x sy L' Helen Jim Fred Gloria Linda Blankenship Blanseu Blau Boehles Brown 1 TL.. f-1" f I ra A -2 C V If It X. 'prurr ll L, X 31 fi 4' " if . may KR L-. - ' L n ' ' Bob Sonia Leslie Doug Robert Boltuch Botner Boudreau Boyd .BQVEL if L, 4,2 4-5 ,Q 1' Q .. :wi L Q: v lg' 'yr f 7 x ' f ., X ja ' ' 3 M Xen- ' ' ' john Coleen Harald ,Kathy f ' Brady Brannon Bray Breghtel V ' wx W I 1 Charles "" "' ,U 4: all - . M K Burgess A 1 5 ., 72 5 .ff mlm 6 1 Gary Steve Bob Kathy Breed Breunle Brock Brookman , X ' """" 4 .+.. , 'i -' Caballero Q ,, P y r , Connie .Mike R8.triQ31 J0hf1 Brooks Brooks Brooks Broussard 72 5, 'Q ' 'A-Mig? 'BH ' rg as-A , 'V ' r, . 1- "NT s ASQ: 1 W N Kay Bob Dave Bill Brown Bryce Bryce Buchanan fully I N 1.5 G W .52 .K v x , ' L V, .' lgm Dianne Dorothee Betsy Brown Buckley Buehler Buis . .. 9 .-fn.. .- "' L 'JR er, ... ., X f p X , " r Virnell Nancy Ralph Benjamin Bruce Bulgrin Burch Burgess 5 M rr I Y 1 r 1 ' . , I' ' 'K s. , ff , - bt. 3 -- fsck! 5 1 L R "W ' 4:4 ,nz l K ,L-- . john jim Nelson Tom Gerald Burk Burke Burke Burke Bushore 5 l YT 'r 'P Q- 'f J , - if.. avxi' C R EUJYT'-S5f'X'm1 . Fil Leaf i YN ' Lo ella Mike Bill Ken ulerte Cablallero Calaway Caldwell Campbell Q .Y- ark i ,,. Sl ,. e-'v g Q tl,-L. . 5 X , new Mike G hr 4 .......,, is "5 AX-'rra H WAX Richard Carrillo X X X s .XXX M Ray Champagne -- v - f ,iw Cherney Cisneros ....... George Cano ,-if ,431 -if-. . .5 ' -i '- 1 .i Janice Carskaddon x go. !Qee Ann Chance :Lvlitk ' iii? W Beverly Chloupek L .- - 'Q' Steve Citron t 1 . X Bonnie Coffman X 1 'I Mike Collins Q v 1 l , 'W " :X 1: 4 4. 11,25 ,gl 1 ' X at "' , gf T r- if ' .:,.. gil! R 1 'xnxx v A ll-A Y fd' V ,A , W - -1,' i ft' Ll x f'XAf g X D' f ' Mike Lei Lani Mary Ann Jim LeRoy Dennis Joyce Cheryl Capps Carder Carli Carlson Carlson Carpenter Carpenter Carrell i ' V , W , X , ,fa ' ' 6 wa Q ,, - x ii " ' H? , v ef if or t J, t Z, Q i P X f C 0 . i 'lx I I A 1 X ' .ludy Judy Floyd Carmela ,loc Cecily Gloria Mary Nell ,Carte Carter Carver Casserino Catale Cedar Cervantes Chambers X T. A, X 5 Qt R W X ,, y , 3 , ,X - c if 1 .-e A G 1' 7 V X 'M' ., . R - tw e- we We ff " , mln Ls-51-, Bob Backs Jean Wayne N211 Anita. Chasn C C-llaygr-s D Coombs Cooper Corder .1 'I X 4-. X QX 3, Q -.2 '-an of 2 fl E, V -Q :ef :. i ff e k- r C Q' ' - s J'-kg? as .- ' x I Leslie Rohan Mag Sandra Linda Sandy Choi Christiansen Ciesluk Cordova Corey Corning , X A 1 : ' nu 'R-4' 1-Rf' V r- in 5 'xt '-T2 ily 1 .5 ' jg 1,3 ,.' . ' V 1 xiii ' 4 5 Dennis Doug David Dennis Richard Donna Q31 Clarke Clayton Correll Cotton Crabtree 4 F." C l' gr, l :V 'p-.if XX X N Xl Y if N t It H ," X ,.,V ' A Eddie im cami " ' D ' Craig Crist Cromie C 'Z :wa 1 i i ' f Alana Cherie Paul X 4 , Xl fi21'1,"-Q Cohrs Colburn Coleman W w , ,, . Q- 1 -2 .. t J, 'v' 'V' 'nh ' 3.24. XF X.Xx'g,::-EEL gl,.j.X,X. XX -1 ' 'C f JAH vi, ,,X-,m:a, -A11 . ,fin :Z 'Q Cv . lf lang Irene Bay.. Roland .Bag X ' rum X Cummings Dadeyu, -'l'ii'l'l'5E" Daly. fl 3 W i" . Viiv i fi I Y. im, ' - 1 . -.6-ima-ftizs X ---r'- . A :Q 4 t '+- Sherry Richard Ron X A - X f W' 1 XX Coltharp Cook Coombes X 'gf ..- X F- A 4 Q ' A "" qv ' ,Lg 1 - . 31 tl! , ' T l 5 iff 1 ,re in V A , fn LAK X Roger Shelley Steve Linda Terry D315-Q Davidson Davidson Davis Davis , The schedule of every junior includes a students' attention to bulletin board. , .,-.Y..,- W., I CONVHISF I ---A- - nw.: U.S. History class. Here Mr. Bell calls , Aff' ' ' ' W .. z. ' 2' i Q, sf? .iz I. I ,E-bg . . . 2. k N-. -. ii 74.1, X Kim Pat joe Ellen Dedic Delaney DelRosso DeVos 2 -i Q, ,Al WU 52 ,. M JJ., " 5 1 :if Dave Gladys Fred Catherine Dick Dickerson Dickman Dixon l l J- l .1 l ' 'Sl -,A 1: A V1 . CN .,- ':3 t gg vi F ff 3 gd W, f , ' , 1 , V 1- . t i Bob Don Linda Micgel Doepke Domries ,lQ9nne.l.L5L. ,Dora are J, . ' , , ,fav Q, if F g, ,A -, S ii D -' v 1 i vc? Ai VL W -.3 F 1 ,gif , ww. Q i I ,- . , ' fi e - Q 'i, "1 f Ellen I ,j gda M ike Lisa Drake Drought D21 M 74 ' 1' john Dow -fri at . . .xg jerry Eagleson --1 X. Y' 'X : V I 32- pix, Q .'f Patti Linda S1312 Edstrom Eldred Imlggd fl is-vial sri' ffl 'Q' 'nf I il E, c Susan Carol Don Elliott Ellis Ellis . 4 '- Q si - - - of fu .fp X ' ' itiffh l.i"4, Laurie Deanna Qnna Elstead Engelbrecht Escobar gg KI 5- , :L i ' l-51. It 7,2 k - 'j its ,J X N .1 Tony immie Bob Esquivel - stra Evans V -sa A., 'ff Carol Mary A Fackiner Fackiner Fankboner L I " X 1: --l-:df -wif!! .er -V, at 5 542 Tom joe Susana Farrow X elicione Eeliz W Mgt- i . X X5: V :J i , ! 3.1! l 1 , . Z' 's ., , I l it 1 x . Tom Tom Nmmy Downey Domus :L ixi-f I ' 5 L nd Pat Ruby Ecclestone Edgerton EQLBQIQQ1 1 ll N ' 'f G.- vs . f ar 4 'ffl' :L 'x i . 'ft' 1' 'ie 4 , 4 5' 1 si V' ' 'V i ' 4' l x- V -1 Q 'Y' ' V n , :L ' ti... , , 1 , i4-JZ, ,, X. vqxh ' I ' 1 1 V - - 'W 'we " F 1 'iw .l:IaL Ken Claire ar Mike Ron Carla Iellhmm Finley Fisher Ei Q19 Fitch Fleming Forbes , ' 1 'i f":i-wwf, X :dv 1L D ...iv l' l . in RFQ an-Q" X lv . --9, Wax X L 5,14 X if M 3. Ag' --' ' 'i ri -2 I ff' ij ' she-y - F ,z if' , . .. , - 'EE5' 1 , i W - , - -. 4 Wayne Dolores Ron Mark Terry Betty Ilgbara Margie Ford Forester Fortier Foucher Fowler Freemag If-ilglgh fmlV --.- Q 1' l 'E l .LY ' ' N I, - 'A -'fv .-Sl 4 n f I fe ti f ' 'l D W-3" 'Hi1 'vw' A . ' .Lf if "I ' ' 1 1 'i 'QU' -til .Li 4 G X L31 tif - 'X '1 ,, 1 s 5- --g H V il af. K aff .59 ' ,I W SYCVC Julie Mark Pam Douglas Delight Pete Friedlund Friel Friess Fuhrman Gear Gehres Gelkef ,. A 5 vi' ' w may -7 5, if-1 f 4- ' 3? - - 'JS 'L' g,1.' 31 'A' J f ,A J I -1' - 2. ' .., T' Tiff v , ' 1 ,f , , Y li ll .1431 . .L r x.: ' 1 i q 4 W, ' .4 Betty Cynthia Steve Don Dennis Jack Bill Eu ton Galer Galer Gamble Georgette Gesler Gibson 1 4 4 " ' i e, u S- D 'Q' qs-5 L f- ' laws 3-Q A 4-ra 1: :4 2: V - J? 11" 4. H i U, H .-.. A gk'-l,l .,,x vig, 'I ' ' 12' fi' -95. -Mile . I it if G Nancy Bqggig Paul Diane Bill Donna Gamble Gang Gann Garcia Gifford GiHord Gillard ,211 na hy :D if W - 3, ' ,ITL -1 - . -- 'N' , r Q.. is A , iii, i j l -"' ' ' ' 'iff 53'-1 fu' -if l 1-t, 45 X.- 1 M-Bibi!! Elizabeth Judy Carol 7 1 V F 1 M Garrett Gater Gates Gay E 5 ' K i at L, - -1 M' fx J 1 l V . -- -1 it F ,, Yi ' " ' Sq: ,uh L 5 - ,., 5 I X Q TEA,-'l' i X 'E' yr' K ' .Q-Jef? 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I I I I juniors listen intently to a biology lecture. l i x irq .Ll,.: I .149 I hs I I 2-at . he o 5 l "funk i i ' F 5' i 'Y T ' I IM ' , I V" Kenneth Robert .Dale Virginia Beverly Jones Igges. lordan jordan Joyce I I , 10- I..-2'-if ' I ,E - -. A . " I: V ' lv' I :Q ' , X ' I ,Jlff-ig I ' B . NIL I Y .N ' Jay Charlie David Barbara Jay junge Jurva Kannard Kagitzke Kaplan -1 .2 ,V :L QQN ty, I '1- I Ei- I I I 1 Ii!! Elizabeth Shelley Cheryl Dennis Katz Katz Keimach Kelley fl I im A A , - .. if Tif l- -V I' Q if - L-2' n 'L 'fi Q - ff, , y '.,,i1.: R-'Q P' - N I dxf rs, it -are .. . Charlene-. Bam. Bill I ISQHJL-' lisllsu Kennedy. Kerns J I I -. il A " , "1 . I I pi . 1 I m Chuck ' ardgle I Kilbarger Kimmich , King ,X 3 4: ' ,. ,, I ' F 'V iii Bob Herta Marvin RQ-gag, Kinsey Kintsch Klein Klisch I, fIs eIe I , I I Y 'C j I- X . 'h'l4i- v ' ' i'I-".- ... I t I I 6: K if I I I I llll I . I I I I ,-Aiwa . 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K' K I3 ,V 1 ,4 at Pelzer Peter P,eg'gm-, ,,1ffg.,IU h L A 1 ' ,V , - : If ,, 9111- ' -f' A " Hg' -H' 1 '8" 'J 7 L v.,,.L 4 lp , w W ' to -' , if .,-, ' "il" i f . 3' fl I Y 1 A ai "'l"'0""'F'?"'.,.- ' , ,E fire.. . P 'fggf' -I-2221. Lee. Dale. ! 1 , Peterson Peterson Petitt Newly acquired class rings gave juniors prestige. NU by fi, 79 W L 6 Vg, Q i rg ,ge .H .: . A N v . --P 5 i i , , ' ' I s ,Q Bill. V211 A A ,Mike Russel jleukerr, Pewthers Pezza.. Pfutzenreuter Phelps ,ca cl '..A , ffl! :kr QW' , Rain. Diana. Kenneth Diane, Joann Pina Pinelli Poling Porter Porto V QQ' I "P Q ui in V , ss.-,X Eng l ,., F LM Donna Bonnie Puccio Punt y -lx .gl karl ' .1 1 ,QQI1 ,lanisf Ras: Railsback . 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'Qs fa 'I Darrell Gloria Teresa Rupert Ryan Samaniego '-EA" . .al in rg. 1 ' Riff! h A A , .- L Y K A ink, Sn-.ue lune Louie Samson Q32c,hgL Sanchez as V: i o-c :a :t 1 AV - , ' 7 ' Georgina Luis Sylvia Sandid 5 Sando 1 Sandoval Mrs. Booth qulps w1th her junior English class. , Q A - A :C ' :L ' ll ' V . V 5, 4- A, 1 xlk x Judy Pete Jim osana Sandstrom Sgntivanez Sathoff SauEEBQ :G ,L - ,U " N .5 v ' "', Q . V xnv, f W Q N I, , I Y .-Lain-1 -I Y' .ul r- 1. A 4,3 'e Deborah Carolyn Bob Lynn Saville Sbardellati Scancarello Schaffer I if 5 ' 'gil' ix' ff a l - - dj-gm, LLdL Duane Bill. Sthamzm S,dLantZC1'1 SEHILIB-'L Schinsky G -f -V. W . if ' v 1 'm x F O 3A,..5 Q 5' 5 - Sl' u' 1 'Q c 'J' -'l' r I Eileen jeff Gary Sandra Schlegel Schley Schmidt Schmidt . , ' 55-. is-fx: 1 - 1 .. ry iii:-,V if , Y U ., is ip - f .. l Ig. l efif ii, inf. gg f ijfi -- H X15 ' sb Silyii Don Dottie Vera Ann Pat ,Schmidt Schneiaer Schoenfeld Scholl Scholz Schreiner -, g. " Q can gb Q -- Q, 31 L i ' ' ' A' .fn Jr- ' IF' Q. Q0 1 , W 3- ' Z-.I Xi:-4, tl: i f. 'X 5 . X ' Si '. YYEQ l - ' gLii'i, up" 1, V31 A lohn Bgggrla DQLIS-. Eleisg lim Carrie Q95 Scott Scott- kim 4 Se lmeyer Shearer '51, -ui T' V f V zwfi is 'S 'K J it .xv Q - l Y! ll' '. 4 , n , Sally Linda Ann , Shigekawa Shiners S l' l -si lr ll K Q xi, ..,.. ,JB- Margaret Gary Bernadine Shirk Shumaker Sigala I ' , I I2 , Lorraine Eligia K' Simmen Simoncini Sinicrope 1,.. A 5? i I v in V A i Sf' S ' S V,ixian. Allen Bgrbara .Ri.QS. Cathy Signott Slinkman Sicggg, Sloan Smith I . 'Q " ur. .Q 474 l 1, - --if l X NY. ,xl , ii D - X ' 'T 31 l S l ki- b 1 -- f avid Doris- Hargg Janis .Miki .Nancy QQIEH' Smith Smith Smith .Sing Smith I. I , 'rt F L l 1 . - ' 1 ' 1 ' ft S R es Inv rt .. ... a R X:-4 V .mx . :XTX QV, .S Y K -'Y 'I , ..- x -' -5' J T-' ' V' fp,-i 'xi 5 A Y . '- f '-53-. -,Q X 4-,X J, ' , -x 1, 17- -- r . - - A jf Elizabeth johnny Robert john gat Larry Sandee Sonny Snyder Snyder Solorio Sorrensen Stoc well Strait Stransel SYEISS V 4 V I -1 ,I f - Q ' 1 Lk ,, '. ," 4, yrs Q :K r -: :nl 4 G-- 5 f' I ' T' . .. , -- ..- , 3 1 . - l a e f.. ,. t-,I V Mk. ,, '- 'tu-AK,-x F : Joe Barbara Jim Ritchie Marcia Kent Bat.. Sovella Spence jp-gger. Spriggins Stuhaan Sutton Swanson Sjgeg, , 2, , .. ,J tw - -S se, QQ" Q' " tat .. f xt :fc 3- iv ff- y 1 f - A 4 M Ly, - . -:. R a tg- n il lg. 431, .gs lv-A 5-bv V N t ' W' " i .1 'bf' i I '5' Steve Ricky Judy Mike X XM Stanley Stanton Steed Stenger ....,. ts. lm., JA -Q Georgia Craig S1212 B,a.rbg'a - V K' A I -. 15 Swenson Symonds 'fa-lggrn 'Ifaylnr , ' , ",l4""- Y ,W ,,, R - I , ' ff ff tx L M . 44 I ?- W 1 S- - iv' I' -- nv I A 1, V 'R "1 ' R Q1 el sy, -2 R wg-1 if 1 VSV ., 54 - t ji y ' 53, Ken Tom Betty Mary- lv - ' 'Lf-, Stephens Stephenson Steuart Stewart ' - V ' Fred Jeff Larry Pat Taylor Taylor Taylor 'Ifaylor QL- - . It-vw y 'swf A It Y , . , 'xxdj ' -'iff is-if -Iii, '-511. Y William Rebel?ah Jim CQLCIL if S S ' ' l S k ' ' ' -' ' ' ' ,teyer txe Stie er Lqgign Roy Patricia Jerry Taylor 'Hlill Thomas Thomey , .- , N , --t A V A " john laneg Barbara S lvia Th0IUPS0Il T Torres I ,f I i' , , , , 3 X K . i W f 4: -A- l cy i it "' " . 'f' " l R sf , " '31 I 4.2, LII!! ,ir '- I ,. . V ,V "7.-NLT l'-L lJt,'5i:5E- . lumix X'-L' fl Daxid- Susa Karen Rick T,ogpaL Iroge 'lluskix Underwood I 5 ,gm -Q. V , Connies and Clems enjoy the excellent lunch facilities at Anaheim. , vs- W' 'L' . ivy 1 Q 3 Se: Q: . I , Robert in 'ciiafia ,Bat ' Jim Vail Valverde Vanglenllerg Vandezande -x- .nv- V v- t l , -rr, I -m , 14.-. ,-..,, .w :. .R 3. is 1 ' .- . , I f" """' ii M I g, H y , ' , , H N Carol Don ' . .ii -' l . , 21. ' I -A - Whitfield Whitmore E Q in ? 5 Pi V: f ' 'L , . U .. A IQ. L . rf . A Anita Bob Mike Linda Nlodris. Danny Magylgu, ,Lf P "'3"'l'.',-"fn, Van Fossen Van Vleet 55,6 Varner Vetsmams yegar Verdugo M K E Q? Y H - 4-, Q , W Y A 'EF' . IZ r- W M. V U ' " f: .1 . if ,c Vr. ., 1 il r- EM ' f. ' N ,, '7 " " 'N N y ii V I Cheryl M Jin v' Q51 s - l f' are J ASN " VWHdmd VWHmms O' .xsx iv , . Q ' VL Q Se . fr , M xl- ll ga, I-Q ,K V Janie Christine Tony Rosie Eleanor Marshall ,Karen Vermeule Vest Veyna Viescas Villafana Villafana Vince- ' 49 ,ix ' ki -in 'Y' I .Rtrha gamce Q Q 2 , fi t -ef .- 3:12 .IL :L 't' , 1' 1, F4 1 .X I "ji 5 1 ' , fs ,. Qvlgi-, .,.f' c ' , r YZ I ,I 4tv s Sb Qgifilgk I K NX K, Y": Steve Kathleen Carol Sheri Walter ,I.ohnn.y. Jean Vickie Don Vince Vollom Voorhest Vukelich Waid Walden Wallace Wilson Windle ,, 6 -, af, t 'F 2 , 5, -- 35. V -if W iii n ei. n if - I ff, f .Z '--, ,1'l r--iv X 7 ff ,QL -1 . J "gf-y I 1 -gf -P s:'i't-jr: .V , H ,' H- nl' l . 41' J 1' Q':ESifg!QiE5, YRNEEL "f ldihific lisa in f 2Es5ai????f Qs lift, 'gi . , R r l jimmy Carol Frances games Steve Pat Martha Randy Joanne Wambua Ward Ward a ms Watkins Watt Webber WISE' Wolff c it c f a f fire , r l 'iv R Qs 4 ., Q , '-P+. It I .:: ,rs ""'v' .A 1 ...,,,k, ang 91 -11 ' "3 5 Suv l' Q1 ii A :- Q 1' ' , ,r s W 1 r. ., v - ., - - ,J . Riagg., I , x .. Q 1 3533? L"N. L -t.l. .L ,Janet Susan Karen Nancy Aneita Steve Bill -Batry Sandy Webster Webster Weisman Weismuller Woodman YLSBLS Worthen XXL1:i.gl1t Wgzgal V I ' , ' 1 l t x P I , N 4. ,Q , tf":'5fl ff 'Q "1 V G'- V ' Z. R " ,vc xr. sf ., ' ' i, T , :Li va A x Y M-f kr! yy -lgl, ,Ms 2:6 A' -h ' Ki if - l L. -,, if ' Nh- i ffm- l ' Pat Gary Loretta Tari Judy Ronald Nancy Nancy Jo ic Wells Welsh Welton Wentworth Yellis Yonaka Young Young ayas All Y 1 ,,' , V a y Q 45: 'QA y t .ff-f 6 -eh -- V, an , ma Ae... .f ,A . ' at e :J - ra H W R - V ' t l: . ' ' A. " " xx' Q ' ' ' " 'A X , . Q 1 Q ' X jf' '21 'J' 've ' B a, E I .g 'T X 1 L K 7 ' lil Q13 ' Darlene RQ leen William Barbara john David Marsha Betty Richard Wessman Westiorg Westholm Wheaton Doering Cronin Menzie Welch Whelan at M if in 'np' L Sandra Wick , vp- gv, ' fs Pam Williams f,. if Q. xi ' 'Q Stephen! Wilson Q! 4'1" , , sur Bob Wines 1 +3 Sue Woodard Ni Ming: A Yarnasaki P331 5- br" R-Bri Brat-55 ,ss Jerry Wold 83 ci ps -v. 0PIIOM0lill l Becoming acquainted with the traditions, rules, and atmosphere of Anaheim High School was the main responsibility of the sophomore class. By maintaining high academic grades and exhibit- ing excellent citizenship, the sophomore class has helped support their high school. Always eager to cheer Anaheim's athletic teams to victory, the sopho- mores demonstrated their loyalty and devotion to AHS. After a period of adjustment, the sophomores be- came active in student government. Each sophomore English class was represented in the student council and Sophomore Executive Committee. upport Anaheim With Enthusiasm Under the guidance of Mike Mahoney, presidentg Mike Mitchell, vice president, Kathie Janzow, secre- 'taryg Jo Salness, treasurer, and Mr. Fred Meyers, adviser, theclass enforced its treasury by selling dues cards and sponsoring two dances. The traditional activities of serving at the Jtmior-Senior Prom and ushering at Graduation were among the activities for the year. From beginning to end each member of the class shared in making '65 a successful year. 84 The capable Sophomore Class Officers for 1963 were Mike Mitchell, vice president, Jo Salness, treasurer, Mike Mahoney, president, and Kathie Jan- zow, secretary. Standing is Mr. Fred Meyers, adviser. 4 J ' '3 fi' L. -. .fu ' ,, Q ,. "N'z.qzg B J . ja - -12 fe: Q. If--fre' .- :x,- ' , I 4 - - 'A-- - -, - - - 4' 'Sf s-g 1 Robert Jim Darlene Diana.. Grace ,V ' V , Z :Q , Abbott Ablott Abramson Acosta Acosta S- ,ff , 3 ,-A 1- If, I ' x X -, , s l Q ,.-as S- f- B - if M ' R ' Ann Clark Mary Mike ' ' 5. 1, L - gk 1 , gy gf 'MTIITETJEA Atkins Atkinson Avery ,J x- .h q S. to It ---, 'l"'.'.Ii1I-. Q- - blah Q, L ' Q -. l T4 . Si- 4W-...'Vk' f I, in ' X 3 ,, 5 Brenda Jim Phil Don Robert ,211 3-r. Y, , D ik V ' Adams Adams Aguilar Allen Allen ,hx A , ' ,. A" X ,ljgllx "'- 9 Glenn Sandy ,jEagL, Vicki Babcock Bailey Baker Baker Q - is A A 'El if f f v A .E - f-f .re if 7 3- " " ' 3' l ' Tin. fee? Paula Nick Beverl Penny Bam F d D R' h' d Almanza Alvarez Anderson Andrews Baum-n Baifad Bagllgggd ' l - - ' A l ' as ' - h" :R R' if J - 1 59 ',.- Qs- ' fl ,V ,fi Qi., X ' 'A ' -. ' . ,Q ir ' 'U I ., , in .1 .kk 1: V X 4 I - c v.v. Q., .'.k. fig H 'xl-Q Roland A1 - Sharon Linda Diane Robert Connie Dale MFHZE1' Anton Arbach Bargerstock Bartels Bashford Bayer X ' ' - . Y x x I Larry Richard Barbara Karen Richard lei-QL Ronnie Archey Arends Argo Armeson Beaucher .Beek Beckler I l ' , mia- 1 I -'ai R- -L B -- sr l fy' fa- 1 - - 'f , . H 4 ff . tiki, 'll :Q wt., 4.-,ini L: 3 . lv Q e f 1 A " L 5 55:55 X Sheila Suzanne Nancy Dennis, Ronnie John, Norman Michael Nick Bell Bellamy Bellinger Bello-gi, Bengochea Benner Benner Benson Berger 4. 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L. .. v'-L 'Z' '- l Brenda Loren Schultz Schutz . :VI bl . Lorraine ,Ma.t:k... Serrani Shall 3- f ' t eff? 1 John Sheff 5 P ' Q' I, . Judy Dennis Shugert -'Slftilff' . 'f ,E ' Vie 8 Cindy Di Smith Smith Mr. Fred Meyers discusses busy agenda with the sopho more executive committee. 1 1: ' A ,- 'V 8 1 .EK i' .- ' ' S1234 L' Kathy A Smith Smith J 1.-i. -1.. of A nf Ted Bob Smith Solberg . .G .r mp, , If . lil: ii' 1 - Jef.. tm. ,JN t Peggy john Southworth Sovella J - i v Z ' ' - ? V 'x:L:"A' John Gerald Spielman Spriggins Bob Smith 4 tc fi--i Q? Q,- U4 Vx 'K Steve Smith Brend . SOOICI' 1 ,vm .. A. Qin Gail Spadt 1. was Ss s + . , f I 4 ' 3' . ,, Connie Stapish MQ- V'-'-,1V,.l' ' r ,L - L. .. . Y fe., 2 Steve Sparks Q., 'sr v, ., Stu Stark Q QQMK ' . ' ll I 2' , ffl ',i I - ffl Q 5 . Q J 1 '-P '- - T.-, .fr '-gr -Y 33 gp ,z ' ff- ml . . ' 'qflg ' X -r i rg , X115 JN A x ' IH' Mike jon Susan Linda St. Clair Steelman Steib Stenovitch al-Q! -Ar. 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V W b fan 4: "4 " v ' -'Z -'Z ' " .u sid 'if I ' imdb Elizabeth Rick Darlene Rita Waite Walker Wallace Walters Z, ., .L .rf - M' tl , A if. 4 W julie Ken Linda Sandy Walther Ward Ward Ward X xi! QQ ' HU' i X -A 3 'N N '- '1 'J 0 1- 2, I1 1 - , :Z -,Q X "N' s. Q ana. Melinda Gayle Mithasl... .lim Watkins Watson Watsog, Weaver Q K I L ,gl gi .-, r. , .U 4, fm C. Q--v r :Q lgys: , Qi " I , 1 "' 'N...aN Nm 1 .Ka.thL Dawn Linda Bernard Weaver, Webster Webster Wechsler 2 1 ' ' , fl 0 'H' G, 1 A L ' "" glee L .ALA iE"i:7D' ' Gary Brenda Don William Wedeking Weiss Weslosky Wewer I . as xl ' A ' ? F' gs, ,Vw V ' Linda Loel re Kathy Wharton Wharton White r 3"i?a. we- "A . ggi ,. r r ' -1 ' ' A a K an il " ' gr , 've -. fe , xi .1 ' TF' ' I A Larry Patricia Nancy Ernie White White Whitney Whitteir ' " , W f t X -e -U 45 il - . ' A :F V .V A 4.1, ,H Y ,lg-,., A'.-',,L'8.' ' 4, e my -,-4. J -.5' Bill Debbie jeff Linda Wickliife Wight Wild Wiley Denise Williams 1? Gayle Wilson if w.- Gary Wise x Q, fi Robert Worley Francine Yankish ,Q .- ,JN on -'G' t-5t. Bert Zugg .ii tx , Y J Larry Williams -Y P X Tom Wilson '4 :- W t 1. 5 -f. Jerri' Witte O. if Alan Wright Q . sad' if '- W Steve Yeoman I S T77 VX irf.. Eugene Best fa cl. 1 Dennis Diana Wilson Wilson 'X 5 xx EE- pf, . you is 0 ,x uni! Nl ladona- Terry Yifinszhell.. Win30 QP J L- 1:9 . 1-4. Paulette Stan. Wood Wloodson ' Y tr, N -'ff' ff?- s Lx Diana john Wright Wright Mary Jack Yonaka Young '1 K Barbara Kendall if 32253.- x - - w iw .. Kathie Winslow Q ,z. Q E' 'ty I Jerry Worley Effie l L Sandy Wright X ea, Gloria Zigrossi THROU Our Expremon of SPIRIT Offering a chance for expression in many different fields were the 32 clubs on Anaheim's campus. These groups gave each student a chance to work collectively with others in areas of interest to him. The five service clubs provided their members the op- portunity to express SPIRIT through unselfish sacrifice of time and effort. They also were a basis for healthy competition. Exemplifying the initiative and broad interest of Anaheim students was the establishment of two new organizations on campus, German Club and Law Club. The ever-increas- ing awareness of Anaheim's SPIRIT was shown in the strong club support of the foreign exchange program the clothing drive and in the line scholarships offered to bound students. LOWELL KUEHN C o-Editor DON ALGER C o-Editor AMERI JMU 1 H ZEZ L '-T35 3 X Q I Q cumulus ff Rlvfw , .MARCH Z5 -27 - sufroar ,V 1 xt 4- 1 t gi E I TER CLUB COUNCIL ET HCL BP C Inter Club Council is the medium of ex- change for all of the clubs on the Anaheim campus. Each club president was the repre- sentative of his organization in the council. Through discussion and debate, many groups determined the ways in which they could best serve and be served. The unification enabled new clubs to learn from the past experiences of established groups. George Rebella was president of ICC. A member of eight AHS clubs, George was ably suited for the position. Miles Brakke was ICC's adviser. SAFETY AND WELFARE-TOP ROW: R. Hall, G. Rebella j P Bruce BOTTOM ROW B Reese vice president D Mason presi Lehan, J. Cates, M. Braken, M. Koch, D. Englebrecht, B Buns S dent K Bennett secretary and C Codol publicity chairman Moorhead, S. Morris, D. Westbrook, M. Browning, S. Haskell and 100 21. visa INTER CLUB COUNCIL-TOP ROW: B. Reese, G. Richards, G. Reese, G- Rebel, J- Kier, D. Daniels, S- Meyer, D- Alger, P- Jenkin- Lovell, P. Haas, S. Backus, C. Miles, B. Bufiington, S. Prentice, B. 500, K- Callen, D- MHSOII, J- Hiigefbaumef, and C- Mabs- Anderson, S. Martin, M. Smith, and C. Hindley. BOTTOM ROW: L. FETY, ELF RE ollects oney For Adoption Headed by Deanna Mason and advised by Miles Brakke, the Safety and Welfare Committee led an intense campaign for clean campus, but unlike other years, were success- ful. The committee was also responsible for the arrival of grass in the more barren areas on campus. In a drive to collect money for the adop- tion of a foreign child, the committee staged a Mr. Ugly contest with each student using money to vote for his favorite candidate. Ed Hazlett was this year's Mr. Ugly. Other worthy projects for the committee included a clothing drive for the needy peo- ple of the world and permanent fire drill signs which were designed, printed, and placed in all classrooms by the group. Voting was vigorous and heavy during the three day Mr. Ugly contest. Ed Hazlett, a good-natured basketball player, edged out Morley Grossman for the coveted title. Proceeds went to Safety and Welfare's drive to adopt a foreign child. 101 gs Hrva- 5' GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET-TOP ROW:j. Railsback, B. Buis, ROW: A. Mattingly, B. Peller, P. Parsons, H. Garcia, and S. Kofi, and J. Parslow. SECOND ROW: P. Turnipseed, D. M. Farrens. Chance, N. Beach, S. Richison, and J. Achor. BOTTOM DRESS BOARD-TOP ROW: S. Marozick, C, Hill, K. Lar- son, B. Pappas, E. Ortega, L. Reese, R. Walters, C. Davis, J. Peterson, and B. Buis. BOTTOM ROW: C. Hickman, M. Kimmich, S. Meyer, J. White, L. Koleto, J. Raber, D. Chance, L. Dutton, M. Fricker, and M. Webber. 102 M! F5 .,f., ff' ,-.,. -Q. s, xy l. H-v . XM u .-Q .V 1 , L :JL ,A if- . " "V" TH' -1' F? 15 1 2 A:"lrQ'i? :mf A. '? 1' , 1 -. .' ' . 0 x ' f-' -4- gf ,I ' .f ' . xx N iilliif . . . -t-1.5 Q, ' 35 -1' I , I 'Q '.Y J' 4 ' I . 7, sc :I - .2 ' rf. 'J FL " J - ' f .E -r ,Q -' Q " ' 1 f - ,, ffl' . ' mf A -- 1 1 fi. if .., X41 A' Q, , 44 4 ' 1.5-4 rw' -' " ' f' ti Q. V rL..:. ' -"' . F ' fl r l ' A V A -...r ap . 1 . I 1. n' X f , Y mi 1' 1 . Q. y wr ki l A-.L . f ' , , , . ' X- 1 - W"'-mw..'- A .Eli l t -- I . , . - f C, ' -- rf L- A z "r- .gd r x,f.,l,l X - GIRL ' LEAGUE VOICED VIEWS OF FAIRER SEX, UNIFIED A AHI CONNIE Girls, League is the co-ordinating body of the 1200 Coeds attending Anaheim High School. All feminine members of the school belong to this organization. The Girls' League Cabinet under the leader- ship of Charla Hindley, president, and Dana Christensen, adviser, worked to bring the campus closer to the students. Girls' League opened the year with the Big and Little Sister party held to famil- iarize new girl students entering Anaheim as sophomores. The League sponsored the Homecoming Dance, the annual Father- Daughter Banquet, the Mother-Daughter Banquet, and the Sadie Hawkins dance. Dress Board endeavored to raise the standard of dress among the students. Led by Eileen Ortega, the Board promoted good grooming among Anaheim girls. sf! United together to lead Anaheim's Girls' League through one of its busiest years were Perry Buis, treasurer, Eileen Ortega, vice president, Charla Hindley, president, and Nancy Cummins, secretary. DRESS BOARD ET FASHIO STYLE AT A AHEI gREGULATED CAMP TREND YN 103 COLONIST CLUB TREATS AHS MALE ENROLLMENT TO ASSEMBLIES, FILMS The versatile talents of Doug Daniels coupled with an industrious cabinet resulted in a highly successful year for Anaheim's Colonist Club. Long characterized by inactivity, this year's club earned the plaudits of the male student body. Organized to serve the male students of Anahi, the Colonist Club presented assemblies and films of interest to all young men. The club also spearheaded the United Fund Drive early in the year. Their major project was revision of the school handbook. Doug Daniels was elected Colonist Club president. Paul Bruce served as the club's vice president, while Al Kiphut filled the position of scribe. The junior class representatives were Tom Kilbarger and Dick Hough. Al Rincon and jerry Miller were the sophomore repre- sentatrves. B111 Wolf National American Athletic Union gymnastics champion, is shown performing in one of the year's Colonist Club assemblies. Wolf went through the paces with members of the Anaheim gymnastic team. COLONIST CLUB CABINET-TOP to BOTTOM: Tom Kilbarger and Dick Hough, gel? 'Q Doug Daniels, Alan Kiphut, Al Rincon, Paul Bruce, and jerry Miller. other contributions to worthwhile charities. PLEASURE, WORK ARE KEY WORD O CTIVE CLUB .J KMEIU - G 1' - ' 'l' ' MIGHTY mmm , r . V xr, Y IMEITI f ,rw ' ,il MIG? h' J-gf' o"'i KNIGHTS-TOP ROW: T. Salness, D. Hough, C. janzow, J. Hurst, C. Mabs, B, Wines, L. Torres, and D. Branchaud. SECOND ROW: P. Frank, A. Neighbours, B. jacobel, T. Hutton, H. Whitney, J. Stieler, and J. Samson, THIRD ROW: Al. Brooks, T. Kilbarger, S. Taber, B. Goodrich, K. Hanen, M. Fisher, J. Turner, and G. Gatewood. FOURTH Using a smaller but more industrious mem- ROW: L. Hansen, L. Mayo, C. Payton, M. Hutchison, J. Dena, D. Branchaud, D. Knudsen, C. Codol, and C. Gastelum. BOTTOM ROW: D. Daniels, R. Cotton, P. Williams, R. Post, M. Waldman, A. Kiphut, J. Estrada, L. Burton, and P. Dinkler. INSET: Steve Betts, Colonist Knighfs president. 7+ bership, the Colonist Knights had a year of hard work integrated with good spirit. During football season, the club sold con- cessions in the stands. They served at the Girls' League Father-Daughter Banquet, planted a number of shrubs and evergreens around the campus, and donated money to the AFS. The Knights also awarded many Leland Hansen and Frank Vineyard com- pleted their first year as co-advisers of the highly active boys' club. Steve Betts filled the position of president for the Knights. Jim Estrada was Knights' vice president. Marty Hutchison held the position of club secretary, while john Samson completed the executive quartet as treasurer. 105 CO ONIAL C 01111 If Q P Contributed to School, Communityg Set Pace For Colonist Service Clubs COLONIAL COED OFFICERS-LEFT: Perry Buis, treasurerg Linda Shigekawa, secretaryg and Diane Ford, vice-president. CENTER: Kathy Callen held one of the busiest ollices on campus as president of the Coed s. RIGHT: Elke Mittmann, 106 Margie Browning, and Ann Scholz study a small selection of programs that they sold during the football and basketball seasons. COLONIAL COEDS - TOP ROW: E. Drake, M. Koch, P. Buis, D Forester, J. White, D. Ford, K. Bennett, C. Hickman, and M. Willis. SECOND ROW: D. Mason, C. Hindley, K. Helms, B. Buis, J. Cook, M. Kimmich, N. Cummins, V. Wilborn, and K. Callen. THIRD ROW D. Wesolosky, E. Miltmann, B. I-Ieuler, C. Fisher, L. Shigekawa, S ,. Chance, C. Miles, S. McCauley, J. Baker, and P. Scott. FOURTH ROW: T. Hatherly, A. Scholz, L. Norton, D. Hartwig, M. Browning, J. Moorhead, A. Cohrs, M. Miller, and D. Westbrook. BOTTOM ROW: C. Fackiner, M. Carli, K. Loudon, S. Pletz, M. Schaal, H. Badger, S. Moorhead, B. Pappas, and S. Ishimaru. 7. fda The Colonial Coeds under the able leader- ship of their president, Kathy Callen, under- took a busy year of projects and social services. Comprised of over fifty members, the club put the versatile talents of its en- rollment to full use. Mrs. Marie Keeler and Mrs. Mary Willis, the club's advisers, con- tributed their services to become an integral part of the club's activities, rather than just supervisers. The Coeds sold programs at football and basketball games. Using their large member- ship for the benefit of the community, the club held a scavenger hunt for food for the needy at Christmas, sang Christmas carols at local homes for the aged, contributed their services at the three Sabin polio clinics, and served as hostesses at PTA meetings. Even the Coeds' annual Donkey Basketball Game served a purpose with the proceeds going to the organizationls scholarship fund. In a lighter vein, the Coeds took a snow trip and attended and sponsored a nmnber of school social activities. Officers for the Coeds this year were Kathy Callen, president, Diane Ford, vice president, Linda Shigekawa, secretary, Perry Buis, treas- urer, Bea Pappas, service point chairman, Betsy Buis, historian, and Claire Fisher, social chairman. 107 L! FUTURE TEACHERS-TOP ROW: M. Pibel, J. Coelho, R. Hooper, J. Moorhead, J. Routh, P. Edstrom, and B. Scholz. BOTTOM ROW: K. Loudon, S. Moorhead, C. Adams, B. Punt, T. Goldwyn, and J. Schroeder. .F Q' 9 L rr. -.,l , 3 .1 sig, 2 . 1 4 .5 wf M 4 , f Lk, H Www TU if lm. ,I W W x - ' ,Eff ----v--...- , . I v .xg 108 N V ' F I , 2- - :iff af 1 Q ' lf' ,N l Y .I X . ll el I5 ff: ' . -4' Q W 1. 1 L' .1 i ' i .fa-E-an D IF T - c .cilrv ' .14-!'v'E., Q Q55 123 We . gr ,vim li' 1 . fgfig, lsr s 4Ilr""" -J' -fa-'Aggie ' '-' -1-fx.-fm :saw-ebafsazzynuwilihiiif'-fnu'armQ-. J.,-Q-A-wer ' ' A N A, "' ' " Nba.. "....q-1 -:vfln . .... ' 1 -- ini' - f-+---- M..--.- -. ...., ,Q I 5 r X E e 4 J 5 r I I af I ,- THESPIANS-TOP ROW: M. Tompkins. SECOND ROW: B. Scancarello, M. Maxwell, S. Prentice, G. Richards, J. Estrada, and K. Loudon. BOTTOM ROW: M. Garrett, B. Namanny, G. Lowell, J. Schroeder, D. Bowen, and J. Ringwald. TA, THE PIANS Helped Members Develop Talents Members of the Anaheim chapter of the Future Teachers of America had an oppor- tunity to turn the tables and investigate the world of a teacher. The enrollment, made up of students interested in entering the field of education, swelled to a new high under the able leadership of their president Sharon Moorhead, and adviser Marjorie Pibel. The club attended lectures and made field trips to increase their knowledge of an educational vocation. Sayuri Ishimaru, Ana- heim's japanese exchange student, was the featured speaker at one of the meetings. Sayuri spoke on the differences and similar- ities found in American and Japanese schools. A student-teacher tea was the high- light of the group's active year. The talents of Glenda Lovell, president of Anaheim's Thespians, combined with the ex- perience and ability of Marion Tompkins and Louise Booth, the group's advisers, re- sulted in an active and rewarding year. As in past years, the Thespians presented their show. Proceeds from the show went into the club's treasurey to cover the costs of future endeavors. The show featured folk singing during the intermissions. The Thespians attended a number of private dramatic productions throughout the year. Most noteworthy of the productions at- tended was Arthur Miller's "The Crucible? Other Thespian officers were Marilyn Max- well, vice- president and janet Schroeder, secretary-treasurer. LEFT PICTURE: Singing for the sell-out Thesplian show was Teachers were Janet Schroeder, treasurer, anice Coelho vice an easy task for seasoned performers like Ric Knigge and president, Judy Moorhead, secretary, and Sharon Moorhead Sam Prentice. RIGHT PICTURE: Officers for the Future president. 1 11... , and B. Campbell. BOTTOM ROW: B. Anderson, KEY CLUB-TOP ROW: B. Buffington, S. Prentice, T. Mitchell, B. Gab- Koenig, J. Kaplan bard, B. Vantiger, B. Ulrich, A. Metz, and W. Bell. SECOND ROW: D. Pearson, S. Schley, Disbennett, R. Knigge, R. Orlow, G. Lindstrom, S. Martin, H. Nuber, and' Rebella. B. Fischle. THIRD ROW: G. Rill, J. Waldon, L, Kuehn, B. Hesser, J. fi: 11? Bill Buflington, president, and Lowell Kuehn, secretary, have good reason to smile, for they have just finished counting the money made from the Club's benefit folk song concert. 110 L. McManus, W. Peterson, G. Richards, and ORK WAS KEY R L B PASSWORD Anaheim's Key Club used a large en-j rollment and vigorous leadership to ac- complish a number of projects that proved profitable to both the club andj the student body. Under the benevolent eye of William Bell, adviser, the club's membership ex- panded to over forty. As in past years, the club painted campus trash cans. The club's biggest money-making project was a folk-singing concert held early in the spring. Three of the nation's finest acts performed in the Key Club benefit, with the proceeds going to AFS and worth- while charities. Those performing were George Sesoko, Denny and Vince, and Bob and the Leveemen. 1 Experience Offered B PRESS LUB Press Club combined the vigor and experience of the an- nual staff with the enthusiasm and curiosity of the first year journalism students to result in a year full of journalistic work and play. Kathy Bennett, the club's energetic and vivacious presi- dent, coupled her talents with Lynn Koleto, vice president, Barbara McWalters, secretary, and Chuck Codol, treasurerg to form the nucleus of the club. Larry Quille acted as adviser for the group. During second semester, the annual staff members of the club toured the printing house where the "Colonist" was produced. The club's annual banquet was a well-deserved award for the hard-working "Colonist', staff. At this time the completed yearbook was presented to the staff for the lirst time. I lu i v l 1 - L I - - PRESS CLUB-TOP ROW: P. Frank, J. Brooks, V. Bruce, S. Adams, J. Roland, I.. Kuehn, and L. Choi. SECOND ROW: G. Giles, M. Shirk, P. Pebley, K. McLaughlin, N. Pedlar, K. Helms, E. Drake, and C. Rasmus. THIRD ROW: D. Westbrook, S. Youngmark, J. Railsback, ' 'i E V. -mx ,N C. McCallion, A. Mattingly, D. Mittmann, J. Achor, and C. Currier. BOTTOM ROW: C. Codol, K. Bennett, B. McWalters, L. Koleto, J. Cantrell, N. Smith, C. Heffern, and K. Loudon. 'I l l ZET Science Club Participated in Many Projects SIG Zeta Sigma led Anaheim clubs with seven sponsors. The active science club Put these seven ad- visers to full use as they investi- gated the complex worlds of life and physical science. Field trips and personal experi- mentation filled the hours of the members. Biology, chemistry, phy- sics, geology and astronomy were the main areas of study for the probing Zeta Sigmas. Joseph Carter, John Hammen, Paul Bajema, Kemuel Anderson, Robert McMahon, Paul Gilley and William Rowley were the seven Anahi teachers who volun- teered their time to sponsor Zeta Sigma. Officers were Bill Reese, president, Rod Moore, vice presi- dent, Sandy Warden, secretary, Kathie Post, treasurerg and Al Tuttle, social director. Zeta Sigma's biggest project was experimentation to find a pos- sible cure for cancer from the chemical compound Pyradazine. This project, under the student leadership of Mike Reeske, typi- lied the high quality of Workper- formed by the active organization. Three of Zeta Sigma's energetic oiiicers are gathered for an impromptu meeting: Sandy Warden, secretary, Pepper Reese, president, and Kathie Post, treasurer. H2 2 ,L , - it ,S' - 3 1-H D is J li rt ug.. .f 1 "5 PIL: ZETA SIGMA-TOP ROW: S, Maisth, J. Nearhood, S. Rees, P. Gelker, W. Rowley, B Van Tiger, I.. Knox, L. Choi, B. Worthen, P. Gilley, and K. Anderson. SECOND ROW M. Balmages, A. Cohrs, J. Friel, M. Kimmick, J. Carter, A. Tuttle, B, Wewer, C. De Jan xx QP I2 1-1 f .4 .. . . X 1. L , - , ,L g,, ,4,, if fy 1 it ' ' 7, 145:-E:-7 Z: A 5 1 ,, W ' M in E. Katz, D. Loomis, W. Coombs, and R. McMahon. THIRD ROW: L. kins, and D. Whitney. BOTTOM ROW: I. Ing, M. Davis, L. Katz, C. johnson, A. Henage, J. Rosenthal, C. Wood, P. Raab, M. Holden, J. Toupal, M. Taylor, M. Neighbors, A. Sellars, A. Munson, B. Reese, Robertson J. Kaplan, G. Rcbella, R. Clundt, J. Vandezande, S. Wat- K. Post, and J. Hammen. Experibmenting to find a possible cure for cancer from Pyraclazine are Ken Henke and Mike Reeske. I xgfl ' '. .3 .-ff ,t 1 i 4 Q Q 1 'Zin I .. q , V f--fsiaire 5 l gtg- Q , ' 5 FE". 5' i E l , . M r Q, fffiizil 1 HJ,'fw' , W x lr NATIONAL FORENSICS 8: ROTO HI-TOP ROW: Betty Brown, Rhonda Hooper, Bill Coner, Pete Jenkinson, and Craig Symonds. BOTTOM ROW: Don Alger, Garry Perkins, George Rebella, jerry Sigala, and Greg Richards. F L, ROT0 HI SET AHS SPEECH ARK Anaheim students desiring to improve their abil- ity to make speeches, or to compete against other schools and students in speech or debate, were naturally gravitated to the National Forensics League. NFL, a national speech and debate organ- ization, expanded its campus role to include Roto- Hi, another AHS speech group. Led by Sam Prentice, NFL president, and Greg Richards, Roto-Hilpresident, the clubs wiped out a 314120 deficit through hard work and industry of the club's membership. 'Betty Brown was adviser for the united clubs. 114 E . 5 ' , v NFL and Roto Hi combined to form an active Officers for the united clubs were Sam Prentice, NFL Greg Richards, Roto Hi president, Rhonda Hooper, treasurer, Don Alger, NFL vice president, Kathryn Kuhn, Roto Hi adviser, and George Rebella, Roto Hi vice president. QUO VADIS-TOP ROW Doug Roman, Maureen McConaghy, jon Martens, David Martens and Kemuel Anderson BOTTOM ROW Nancy Rudolph, Marilyn Morse, Linda More, Karen Linheart, and Faith Martens Members of the Quo Vadis club broadened their high school careers through a vigorous and sincere study of religions. Each student gained further understanding of the world and himself from this worthwhile exploration of the world's great religious bodies. Under the leadership of Marilyn Morse, the president of Quo Vadis, and Kemuel Anderson, the club's adviser, the group inaugerated a system of self-appraisal at group meetings. Through this open dis- cussion of problems and subjects related to life today, the club members were drawn closer together in a common bond so essential to a pure religious life. The club attended lectures, with the speakers talking on related subjects. The Quo 'Vadians also visited the inspirational "Last Supper" painting at Forest Lawn in Academic Abilit Stressed b '63 HO A OR OCIETY For 151 Anaheim students, Honor Society was the reward of many long hours of study and diligent scho- lastic work. Only students who carried a required total of grade points were qualified for membership in the society. The selectivity and enrollment of the group was a compliment to the excellent teaching and counseling facilities at Anaheim. Scott Martin, a 'Gold Seal Bearer, served as Honor Society's president during the two semesters. The other officers were Liz Katz, vice president, Marilyn Miller, secretary, and Christie Lundquist, treasurer. Sponsored by Virginia Huff, the group earned money from coke sales at the basketball games. As in past years, various regional and district conferences were attended. In the spring the group attended a Visitation Day at the University of California, Riverside. W" Scott Martin held the posi- tion of Honor Society presi- dent for two semesters. A Gold Seal Bearer and an Ana- heim honors student, Martin tiypified the quality of stu- ents belonging to the So- ciety. 116 , . ,, , X f . X f HONOR sciciiairv, FIRST SEMESTER - SENIORS: H. Badger, J. Bellinger, K. Bennett, R. Borne, P. Buis, K. Callen, B. Cornelius, D. Ford, M. Koch, R. Kcebert, C. Mabs, S. Mar- tin, D. Mason, M. McConaghy, C. Miles, M. Miller, E. Mitt- mann, S, Moorhead, M. Reeske, B. Schrmder, D. Wesolosky, and D, Westbrook. JUNIORS: L. Choi, A. Cohrs, P. Coleman, S. Coltharp, E. Drake, G. Eagleson, D. Forester, C. Gav. D. '7 "7 GOLD SEAL BEARERS FOR 1962-1963-TOP ROW: Scott Martin, Carl Mabs, and Charlie Payton. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Miller, Maureen McConaghy, Deanna Mason, and Kathy Bennett, BOTTOM ROW: Dale Westbrook, Sharon Moorhead, Heather Badger, and Diane Ford. S 4 'V 4 Q V' ' ' I .I Geheres, P. Gelker, D. Hartwig, C. Hintenberger, S. Hull, I. Ing, R. Jacobel, H. Jones, E. Katz, C. Lundquist, B. Merk, D. Moore, J. Moorhead, P. Pebley, B. Punt, A. Scholz, L. Shige- kawa, K. Stephens, and K. Vollom. SOPHOMORES: R. Bar- tcls, V. Boucher, B. Campbell, T. Chambers, C. Craig, D. Cunha, S. Cutler, C. Dejan, H. Dommer, M. Eliason, J. Free- -W . ' . u ,, sy . , , . man, P. Friedman, D. Guyton, P. Henke, C. Hill, M. Holden, S. Hosmer, A. Johnson, C. Kalb, C. Kane, C. Kolodzeske, D Loomis, M. Mitchell, M. Neighbors, L. Nelson, R. Nelson, N. Olson, J, Pharris, M. Raab, Robertson, J. Salness, L. Schriber, A. Sellars, R. Sarpe, S. Turner, L. Ward, B. Wewer, and D Wilson. HONOR SOCIETY, SECOND SEMESTER--Cnot including returning members from first semesterj SIENIORS: B. Anderson, A. Davis, K. Hanen, K. Henke, L. Kuehn, J. Martens, L. Munsey, A. Munson, B. Namanny, B. Pappas, M. Schaal, P. Scott, and J. Sefton. JUNIORS: C. Brannon, E. DeVos, P. Edstrom, C. Fackiner, M. Gruver, K. Helms, B. Heuler, K. Linhart, K. Loudon, M. Shirk, J. Vandezande, and R: Wise. SOPHOMORES: E. Argetsinger, W. Butters, C. Choi, R. Clundt, L. Espinoza, R. Giles, J. Hamilton, J. Hunter, A. Izzi, C. James, P. Kiphut, L. Landskron, C. Little, T. McLellen, W. Peterson, and P. Turnipseecl. H7 9' 1 5 5-'K - I-rw!-s 1 V If-A 2' fr, My FRENCH CLUB-TOP ROW: Diane Ford, Marilyn Miller, Jeff TOM ROW: Al Medeiros, Perry Buis, Vera Scholl, Pat West, Joan Wilde, Sheri Grosselin, Romelle Mulder, and janet Schroeder. BOT- Starr, Agnes Seliers, adviser, and Ken Bengson. c an A H Ms, -5 '1.' ' ' : 5 r -L ' F I French Club President Diane Ford goes over future Bill Reese, George Rebella, and Ron Novak served German Club as plans with her adviser, Mr. Gene Henderson. secretary, president and vice president respectively. 118 'V GERMAN LUB TRI E FOR UNIQUE GOALS Working separately, but for the same goal, the German Club and the French Club strove to obtain deeper understanding of the cul- tures, customs, and habits common to their language of study. Utilizing the excellent language facilities at Anaheim, the clubs worked outside of class on varied projects. Field trips, films, and lectures kept the clubs busy throughout the year. German Club stressed learning through unity, as the fifteen members attended films and meetings with German groups from other schools. The joint meetings with other Ger- man organizations gave Anahi's club a chance to contribute as well as receive. Led by George Rebella, German Club undertook its lirst active year on campus. Ron Novak was the club's vice president, Bill Reese filled the office of secretary-treasurer. Miss Shirley Sadler sponsored the club in its maiden year. Sponsors Gene Henderson and Mrs. Agnes Sellars contributed their time to assist the French Club. The 20-member group used lectures to bring members into direct contact with the language. French movies were at- tended in Los Angeles, and several parties were held. Diane Ford, Vera Scholl, and Joan Starr were the active trio who were elected president, vice president and secretary. BUSY FRE CH L B LEARN BY LECT BE GERMAN CLUB - TOP ROW: Shelly Katz, Lowell Kuehn, and Ron Novak. SECOND ROW: Diane Fergguson, Bob Campbell, and Marilyn Holden. THIRD ROW: Bill Reese, Jim Vandezande, and George Rebella. BOTTOM ROW' : Kathy Melcher, Linda Ward, and Michele Gruver. 119 1 ...awk - ' .ff J' PEP CLUB-D. Acosta, G. Acosta, B. Adams, C. Adams, T. Andrews S. Bailey, P. Baker, M. Bergerson, G. Beuerlein, S. Bloomfield, Vi Bruce, C. Calvy, J. Cantrell, M. Chambers, D. Chance, S. Chance, J Chapman, K. Cherney, C. Codol, C. Conliffe, K. Crowther, C. Currier, J. Dargatz, L. Denison, S. Elliotl, D. Engelbrecht, S. Ervin, J. Fancher, L. Fassel, M. Fariss, D. Fee, D. Ferguson, C. Fish, D. Fish, C. Fisher, P. Franco, S. Fankboner, M. Fricker, J. Friel, M. Garrett, D. Geheres, C. Giles, J. Gregory, Gorczyca, L. Grim, R. Guerrero, D. Guyton, 120 C, Hall, S. Haskell, P. Hatherly, R. Hilgenfield, G. Hoeppner, M. Hood, M. Horanic, B. Hubbard, J. Jette, K. Janzow, P. Kelly, J. Kier, M. Kimmich, A. Kiphut, P. Kiphut, E. Knapp, L. Knudson, L. Koleto, C, Kolodzeske, K. Larson, M. Lovell, P. Madley, A. Mattingly, S Marozick, C. McAuley, C. McCa1lion, K. McCallion, V. McGraw, B McWalters, L. Mendoza, C. Miles, S. Moore, S. Murray, M. Neighbors L. Nelson, Y. Osborne, L. Pagano, D. Patterson, P. Pebley, N. Pedlar: 'i 1 55 S. Peters, J P. Pina, P. Priske, B. Punt, C. Schmidt, S Schmidt, S Schnaible, A. Scholtz, A. Shiners, M. Shirk, N Smith, B. .......,.,,, ... Sooter, C. Sbardellati, M. Stewart, R. Stringer M. Svoboda, S, Swinney, P. Taylor, S. Torres, D. Trevor, K. Toupali C. Vest, R. Walters, J. Walther, S. Warden, S. Webster, T. Went- worth, L. Wharton, V. Wilbourn, C. Willeford, J. Wilson, C. Win- slow, C. Wood, D. Wight, and J. Yellis. K , . PEP ORIGI ATED GE ERATED S SPIRIT CL B Promotion of school spirit was the responsibility of the Pep Club. This year before every football, basketball, and baseball game brightly painted signs made by Pep Club members could be seen at many locations on campus. Under the direction of Janet Kier, president, Candy Currier, vice presi- dent, Lynn Koleto, secretary, and Margaret Shirk, treasurer, such proj- ects as selling booster buttons, "All we want for Christmas is the CIF" cards, and the organization of a card section were successfully carried out. These projects plus others raised money and helped to create school spirit. The money raised went toward the financing of the cheerleader's and songleader's annual trip to the sum- mer cheerleading camp at Redlands. For their work this year in helping with the direction of the Pep Club and its activities a vote of thanks was extended to the cheerleaders and songleaders of Anaheim High. 121 HERETTES Escorted A A School Functions At any function that required ushering in Anaheim's auditorium the Usherettes could be found. The junior and senior girls that made up this organization handed out programs and escorted people to their seats. For ushering at school concerts, plays, and any other per- formances held at the AHS auditorium the girls were given points. At the end of the year the junior with the highest point total is named head Usherette for the following year. During the year, Sharon Moorhead served as president, Diane Ford as vice president, Judi Cook as secretary, and Marilyn Miller as treasurer. I The Usherettes sponsored a bake sale and a year-end tea to invite new members and choose a head Usherette. USHERETTES-TOP ROW: D. Mittmann, S. Lewis, K. McElhinny, Quane, E. Mittmann, and P. Scott. BOTTOM ROW: J. Jette, M. I.. Dutton, D. Chance, G. Buerlein, C. Fisher, C. Miller, and D. Ford. Fackiner, J. Cook, J. Cook, M. Miller, S. Moorhead, and N. Rudolph. SECOND ROW: N. Gruttman, J. Moorhead, B. Smith, K. Vollom, M. 122 P:-'-""1 .1 . 4-lx-v -My ff. Qld U ,,,1 f yrs. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS-TOP ROW: S. Hill, B. Walker, K. Brec- BOTTOM ROW: L. Villalobos, D. Saville, V. Lara, L. Arbach, S. tal, L. Springer, and D. Porter. SECOND ROW: M. Nelson, J. King, Schmidt, and S. Benison. A GA N OMESTIC SKILLS D. Geberes, C. Kapitzke, J. Perryman, L. Mendoza, and 'L. McCray. CL B' TI ITIE Attending conventions at Asilomar and at Palomar, FHA officers learned about the ideas and activities of other Future Homemakers of America clubs. The officers in turn gave a report on these conventions to other high schools in the district. 1 As a project the club helped a needyfamily at Christmas time. Canned goods andgclothing were collected and sent to the family. Also in the vein of community service FHA members took presents to an old people's home. To learn more about the different facets of homemaking the club visited a Laura Scudders plant and took a trip to Knotts Berry Farm. Also a guest speaker was invited from the Gas com- pany to talk about utilities in homemaking. Mrs. Barbara Walker, adviser tor FHA, helps the c1ub's officers Margaret Nelson, vice presidentg Jeanette Perryman, president gand Debbie Saville, secretary, prepare their annual Christmas gifts for the needy. 123 P ' ' .. 5 A ,A 1 M mf M gh' x. , , . - ' I 1- '-Q . , L-gy ,.,' - .db W ' 'L - :G f ' ' V. ' - N 'H i H ,gf ', Ms, 'iigegm -, T . f' ,- , ' ' 4 , -Nw 6 M f - V . - Q f 'H V ,, .wg fp '+I . . "R" ' ff. L ' '-, - X E , f 1 f f if f f ' -A 5, XI-'f J" L. ' V 0 H 'x -HE 5 .' V 3 - ff 4A.:w2a,' y 1 - , 1 ., , ,Y -1 .M a :V xx xt .Q 551- Ulu ., .I-jx ' it . 4 r b I iggiff' if , ' . E. M ,F 1 '1'xfEQ ' J - --.n B DEB GI E HELP1 G D T0 MAN Starting the year off with a bang, the Sub Debs under the direction of president, Joyce Hagerbaumer, served at the first PTA meeting of the year. The Sub Debs also sold tickets for a wheelchair basketball game, programs for foot- ball games, and gave dolls to the Goodwill. They also col- lected clothing and gifts for Fairview Hospital at Christmas. To raise money, the Sub Debs sold mums at the homecom- ing game and sold candy throughout the year. All the money from the mum, candy, and program sales went for annual scholarships given by the club. These scholarships were made available to every girl in school. Besides campus service, such as cleaning the trophy cases, the club joined in the spirit of community service. For entertainment and information the club welcomed several guest speakers. One speaker was a beauty expert and another an airline hostess. These women told about their daily work and answered questions about their professions. The club also held a Christmas party, several slumber parties, and went to the mountains on their annual snow trip. 555' N-'S' ' ,bf 5 K 4 Sub Deb Officers, Candy Currier, vice president, Karen Larsen,' treasurer, Chris Miles, secretary, Carolyn Fish, historiang and Joyce Hagerbaumer, president, direct the making of mums for home- coming. 125 Radio Club gave Anaheim students an opportunity to improve skills in radio operation and electronics. As Well as offering experience in different electronic fields, the club gave its members a chance to pick up proficiency in areas that R B would be beneficial in future trades. The club was often a work-shop for members desiring to build skills for use in industry or the armed services. In its first year on campus, the club developed swiftly into an active body, eager to work and desirous to learn. Sponsored by James Craig, the group built a valuable training set for use in other electronics classes. RADIO CLUB-TOP ROW: H. Hines, D., Ratzlaff, D. Geer, A. Henry, K. Henke, and K. jones. BOTTOM ROW: J. Craig, L. Schmidt, B. Peterson, K. Swanson, R. Court, B. Gann, and B. Tefft. H D TOP YEAR 126 4 1. . 'V 1 Caught in conference for a future Radit Club project were Albert Henry, presiden Ken Henke, treasurerg Doug Geer, vic president, and Kent Swanson, secretary. ACHI ISTS The Machinists Club served a dual purpose at Ana- heim. Besides offering Industrial Arts students an op- portunity to develop hobbies related to metal shop, or other machinery and tools, it assisted many boys in learning skills to be used in future jobs. Utilizing Anaheim's magnificent machinery facilities, the members were able to start and LE R ED SIQILL .Om 1... outside of ..1.. -? P P I 8 class assignments. Students who wished to improve personal skills or ability in handling of other machines found the club a benefit and a pleas- urable experience. Thomas Dardarian was the club's adviser. MACHINISTS CLUB-TOP ROW: R, Bock, O. Barber, K. Bock, D. Rahn, C. Doering, D. Boothe, and H. Canales, BOTTOM ROW: T. Dardarian, F. Baliad, B. Klisch, L. Sanchez, and A. Pressel. ' 2911 g Nwi'i" Several machinists stop to discuss the marvelous machinery available to them at Anaheim High. They are Orvin Barber, president, Henry Canales, vice presidentg Bob Klisch, sergeant-at-arms, Art Pressel, secretaryg and Claude Doering, treasurer. l27 , OFFERED CO IE EW EXPERIE Always an active club on campus, FBLA did not let the year slip by. Club members sold football schedule pencils, shared the football concessions with the Colonist Knights, held a potluck dinner, sponsored three new FBLA chapters, sold annual covers, and attended the southern section conference at Cerritos Junior Col- lege' and the state FBLA convention at Berkeley, California. The money gathered by' FBLA from football concessions, sale of annual cov- ers, schedule pencils, Christmas cards, and FBLA-TOP ROW: M. McHenry, P. Geurin, K. Linhart, B. Spencer Miller L. M pep ribbons went to help finance the sending of members to FBLA conven- tions. FBLA also donated fifty dollars to the foreign exchange program. As part of their work in the city of Anaheim, the AHS FBLA chapter in- stalled three new FBLA chapters. The chapters that were added were at Savan- na, Magnolia, and Loara. Club members also took trips to the San Bernardino Mountains, POP, the beach, and held a party. oyer, M. DeGroff, D. Gifford, J. Close, L. Plante M. B. Anderson, L. Richison, S. Harpster, L. Alvarez, and D. Cox. SEC: Nielsoh, S. Troge, and L. Porter., BOTTOM ROW: S. Abramsoh, J. OND ROW: R. Finch, S. Sanford, J. Alderson, P. Delaney, S. Meyer, B. French, L. Bishots. C. Hellman, and M. Stoner. THIRD ROW: C. Schantzen, B. Gann, L. Osborne, B. Wesolosky, J. Schmall, L. Mendoza, S. Schmidt, and J. Gates. ' 128 L 1 ' f r , I N. FBLA OFFICERS-TOP ROW: Lynda Moyer, parliamentariang Sandy Meyer, presidentg Judy Schmall, reporterg and Linda Porter, vice president. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Osborne, historiang Judy Schantzen, treasurerg and Bernice Wesolosky, secretary. J 'C Suriv FBLA members line up for delicious offerings at tlxeir annual potluck dinner. V7 I Q 3243 Al Represented V old Cokes at Lettermen Sports Events Varsity A Club represented all varsity lettermen at Anaheim High School. Lettermen in any sport were eligible to join the athletic organization. Operating through a represen- tative council, the group strove to serve the Anaheim campus and community. The council consisted of repre- sentatives from each varsity sport. Their decisions eliminated the -gf necessity of having all varsity let- termen attend each meeting. Coach Robert Hager was the group's adviser. Loy Petersen was elected treasurer. Members of the Varsity A sold Coca Cola and candy at football and basketball games. 4-'Q ,ax cf A L VARSITY A CLUB-TOP ROW: F. De- Falco, T. Salness, L. Petersen, and P. Watt. - SECOND ROW: G. Pearson, B. Christian- son, R. Sloan, and L. Carlson. THIRD ' ROW: T. Hood, P. Dinkler, and L. Torres. BOTTOM ROW: D. Daniels, L. Callison, and K. Hanen. l30 -,sei 3. -'7 VERITAS-TOP ROW: P. Lance, D. Lookabill, G. Coner, B. Gab- Landreth, J. Kaplan, J. Lehan, L. Strait, R. Strickland M Reeske and bard, S. Prentice, S. Martin, P. Jenkinson, and C. Purcell. SECOND J. Sigala. BOTTOM ROW: S. Fankboner, J. Robertson L McLean A ROW: R. Novak, T. Burke, A. Medeiros, J. Coelho, F. Martens, G. Munson, G. Rebella, B. Reese, and D. Alger. Richards, L. Knox, and J. Jeppeson. THIRD ROW: K. Smith. B. EBIT Explored ll Facets of an ctive World Anaheim students with a desire to learn more about the world and themselves, found Veritas a worthwhile and educational club. Members of the club delved into thought- provoking subjects and presented their con- clusions to the whole club. Free discussion allowed each member to be heard. This in- tellectual exchange of ideas was not only in- formative, but highly educational. Officers of the club were George Rebella, presidentg Don Alger, vice presidentg Pete jenkinson, secretary, Bill Reese, treasurerg and Scott Martin, parliamentarian. Advisers were jack Jeppesen and Charles Purcell. .,g, .. 'T f n Q., R .uf l 'Q .,, . .- -.X AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE-TOP ROW: B. Daly, S. Wagoner, S. Bellamy. BOTTOM ROW: J. Schmall, S. Ishimaru, R. Hilgenfeld, C. Lewis D Mittmann, T. McCory, J. Forbes, and R. Nelson. SECOND McCallion, and D. Alger. ROW L Schriber, B. Gann, A. Cohrs, M. Carli, K. Taylor, and S. ERICAN FIELD ER ICE HELPED O SAY RI Although the American Field Service was not classified as a regular service club on campus, it is evident that the club was of service to the school, com- munity,and nation. The purpose of AFS was to promote goodwill for the foreign student pro- gram and earn enough money to support the same. The money the club received from donations by campus clubs and from the sale of foreign student shares helped to finance students abroad from Anaheim and to pay for the foreign exchange stu- dent the school has each year. This yearis foreign student was Sayuri Ishimauri from Tokyo, japan. Officers for AFS this year' were Don Alger, presidentg Betty Hueler, vice presi- dentg and Judy Schmall, treasurer. BO LIGCLB PRACTICED TO CAI BILITY Anaheim bowlers with a desire for friendly competition and eagerness to improve their games, joined together in Anahi's Bowling Club. These earnest bowlers met each week for individual and team play. Sponsored by Thomas Dardarian, the club built up a friendly rivalry. Trophies were given throughout the year to bowl- ers who had the highest game or highest series. Dardarian simplified the complex scoring system. Officers for the year were Orvin Bar- ber, presidentg Linda Hambley, vice presidentg jarol Johns, secretaryg Karen Tucker, treasurerg Don Ratzlaff, sergeant at armsg and Chris Kaloian, Red Cross representative. admirers are Jeri John? and Ann Armstrong? NA -rw as ' Y 'Kamik S BOWLING CLUB-TOP ROW: O. Barber, D. Ratzlaff, and D. Bel- Tucker, S. Skinner, L. Nocas, A Armstrong I johns L Hambley, S lotti. SECOND ROW: T. Dardarian, L. Kaloian, R. Palumbo, B. Wygal, G. Gorzyca, P. Taylor, andS Cram Hushman, D. Martens, S. Caruso, and D. Reuter. BOTTOM ROW: K. EM My CLUB Q . .. ,jr . DlV6rS1f16d Studies atisfied Members 71, fer' 1 , f ...sniff SPANISH CLUB-TOP ROW: James Edwards, john Gonzalez, Joan Starr, Sherry Benson, Eligia Simoncini, and Daniel Araya. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Namanny, ljanet Schroeder, Patti Edstrom, and Pat Delaney. Members of Anaheim's Spanish Club were given the op- portunity to learn more than the grammar and vocabulary of a foreign language. The club members, through outside work, were able to improve skill in the Spanish language, and at the same time pick up a little of the culture so rich to Spanish-speaking areas. President janet Schroeder Worked with the club's ad- viser, James Edwards, to co-ordinate the many activities of the busy group. Bob Anderson served as the club's vice president. Other officers for the year were Patti Edstrom, secretary, and Pat Delaney, treasurer. Mr. Edwards' informative lectures on Mexico and Latin America were of both educational and entertainment value to the organization. 134 LATIN CLUB-TOP ROW: S. Prentice, S. Wagoner, D. Loomis, G. Giroux, G. Butters, P. Hess, B. Collins, J. Magar, L. Heusinkveld, and J. Lehan. SECOND ROW: M. Holden, L. Shigekawa, C. Vorrhest, C. lenger, J. Robertson, and H. Dommer. BOTTOM ROW: J. Forbes, P Raab, L. McLean, M. Neighbors, N. Bellinger, M. Carli, C. Smith, C james, and S. Wright. Boughtmon, B. Heuler, A. Cohrs, K. Koboski, D. I-Iartwig, J. Bel- LTI Sold Slaves in Traditional Roman Auction Latin Club became the fifth club on the Anaheim campus to establish an affilia- tion with a national organization. Under the industrious leadership of president, Sam Prentice, Latin Club became a mem- ber of the National Classics League. Highlight of the club's active year was the week-long slave sale. First year Latin students were auctioned off to second and third year club members. Other officers for the club were Caro- lyn Miles, vice presidentg Linda Shige- kawa, secretaryg and Terry McCorry, treasurer. William Daly served the group as adviser. LB L . "W" ING, 1 Sam Prentice and Linda Shigekawa, president and secretary of Latin Club, discuss future plans with Betty Heuler and Bill Daly, adviser to Latin Club. 135 OZART REPRESENTED HS MU IC .. Mozart Club set the pace for the music minded at Anaheim. Membership was lim- ited to members of some Anaheim musical .J group, either instrumental or choral. Q :L Each month the club put on a performance for the members, with the acts being drawn "ff from the various campus music groups. One performance was held for the faculty only. Early in the year, the members sold candy to raise money to buy new robes for the Con- cert Choir. The annual Spring Show, held in late April, presented the varied talents of the membership to the public. Carl Mabs was Mozart's president. Ad- visers were Cary Gibbs and Ted Clarke. Other officers were Kathy Fauser, vice presi- dent, Perry Buis, secretary, Bonnie Schroe- der, treasurer, Diane Ford, historian, and Martin Blake, sergeant at arms. SERVETTES-TOP ROW: S. Cutter, C. Bashford, D. Dean, P. Mahaf- ROW: S. Bloomfield, C. Little, J. Lorenz, S. Turner, C. Templeton, D fey, B. Anderson, N. Roquet, S. Swinney, M. Koke, C. Kolodzeske, and Seale, P. Dorsey, and M. Rousse. BOTTOM ROW: j. Evans, L B. Brewer. SECOND ROW: T, Goldwin, P. Hatherly, M. Neighbors, Reese, and S, Eastman. J. Robertson, B. Pearcy, P. Raab, S. Bellamy, and L. Morse. THIRD 0 K l I7 all ,...... - - ' - 'S ...- :nfl MOZART CLUB-TOP ROW: D Blake, D. Yee, J. Blansett, D. Martin, B Hatherly, S. Wagoner, and B. Ramsay. . C. Mabs, T. Anson, E. Henderson, D. Ford, K. Fauser, K. Motley, C. Lundquist, L. SERVETTES OFFICERS-TOP ROW: Linda Hicks, vice president, and Susan Eastman, secretary. SEC- OND ROW: Linclec Reese, president, and Lynn Mc- lean, publicity chairman. BOTTOM ROW: Sarah Turner, hospitality chairman, and Debbie Dean, bouncerette. gr-v 3... L l w K 4 JJ -N...r' E , z ' - ' +L -- .-,, E' -3 5?L5-'W' ' -4-.fs , , . ' , - . A V A ."-'-'-w. .., . . 1. h, 'W Tw- g 151- ..,,,,.,,.4: ----16.5, , J. Wild, M. Horton, T. Jackson, E. DeVos, K. Vollom, L. Taylor, and M. Quane. BOTTOM ROW: M. Nelson, B. Namanny, C. Fackiner, B. Schroeder, D. Dis- llgennet , A. Scali, L. Schwacha, C. Libby, P. Buis, I. Arends, and,J. utters. SER ETTE OLUNTEERED TI E, ER ICE Servettes, composed of sophomore girls, served at formal dances and generally per- formed service for the school. Their projects, under the guidance of Lin- dee Reese, president, Linda Hicks, vice presi- dent, Susan Eastman, secretary, and Judy Evans, treasurer, included washing the cafe- teria windows, serving at the Sweetheart Ball and junior-Senior Prom, picking up trash, and as their main undertaking of the year, spon- -soring a needy family at Christmas and Easter. To earn money, the Servettes sold cokes at dances and basketball games, and checked clothes at dances. All the money that was earned by these projects went toward the c1ub's fifty dollar donation to the foreign exchange program. 137 T HROUG VA Um' Exlbremon of SPIRIT Talent, interest, leadership, and just plain hard work were the com- ponents of every AHS activity. Through their broad variety, Ana- heim extra-curricular events encour- aged the participation of every stu- dent body member. Music performances, publications, cheerleading, plays, and exchange programs represented just a portion of the diversity found at Anahi. En- tertaining assemblies, after-game and formal dances, and other special events provided pleasant recreation during the busy school year. Into the success of every function went hours of serious planning. Imagination and initiative were em- ployed to create the most and original activities for student joyment while the high Anaheim's SPIRIT was still tained. LYNN KOLETO C 0-Editor BARBARA MCWALTERS C 0 Eclztor 67" x X . X N 139 Producing a first rate yearbook was the uppermost thought in the mind of each "Colonist" staff mem- ber, from the first meeting in July until the last word was typed in April. Members of the "Colonist" staff consisted of journalism II students and photographers. The students had a year of journalistic training behind them before starting to work on the annual. Gathering information, photo- graphing students, teachers, and events, and meeting deadlines, man- aged to keep the staff busy every moment. Larry Quille, the journalism ad- viserg Dale Westbrook, the editor, and Kathy Bennett, the associate edi- tor, had the great responsibility of supervising all phases of the produc- tion of the yearbook. The members of the staff spent many long hours of hard work on the "Colonist" in creating an enjoyable memory book for the students of Anahi. 1 5 t Associate Editor Kathy Bennett, Adviser Larry Quille, and Editor Dale Westbrook discuss plans for the '63 "Colonist". MCULO I T" STAFF PROD CE ANNU UNDER EXCELLE CLUBS CO-EDITORS: Lowell Kuehn and Don Alger dis- ACTIVITY CO-EDITORS: Barbara McWalters and Lynn cuss a new layout. The clubs section was under their charge. Koleto were responsible for the recording of all of Anaheim's extra-curricular activities. 9 'E lillfl rs I I . . -. -ft in-4 V 'Q I ., X Tukkrl 5' Q jar IQ, V I l 3 7 Tl STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS: Hans Blanc, Bob Collins, Adviser Anthony Freeman, and Mike Larson were kept busy all year taking pictures for the "Colon- ist". CLASS CO-EDITORS: Cindy Giles, junior sectiong Cheryl Hick- man, sophomore section, Sue Youngmark, senior sectiong and Jeannie Cantrell, senior section, successfully presented the various classes at Anaheim. T TA DIN G UPERVISIO SPORTS CO-EDITORS: Kirk Hanen Candy Currier and ADMINISTRATION CO EDITORS Chuck Codol and Paul Jerry Brooks covered Anaheim sports Candy was in charge Frank handled all of Anaheim s administration as well as all of GAA while boys' sports were covered by Kirk and Jerry phases of student government FIRST SEMESTER ANORANCO STAFF-TOP ROW: P. Frank, H. Blank, and L. Kuehn. SECOND ROW: C. Giles, J. Cantrell, D. West- brook, S. Youngmark, J. Brooks, C. Currier, M. Larson, B. Collins. 4 fi f' . P' J C- '-if Q' N.-1 , , 1 ' R, J I . . lf fl ff" ' and C. Codol. BOTTOM ROW: D. Alger, B. McWalters, C, Hickman, K. Hanen, K. Bennett, and L. Koleto. SECOND SEMESTER ANORANO STAFFfTOP ROW: T. Jacobs, M. Shirk, E. Drake, P. Pebley, J. Roland, B. Buis, K. Helms, S. Web- ster, V, Bruce, 'and L. Choi. SECOND ROW: T. Bridges, J. Carskad- don, C. Rasmus, D. Mittmann, K. McLaughlin, S. Adams, C. Fisher, 'I42 wr' . 4' , N. Pedlar, and J. Achor. THIRD ROW: B. Westholm, J. Brown, A. Shiners, A. Mattingly, C. McCallion, C. Adams, J. Cook, and J. Rails- back. BOTTOM ROW: L. Strait, D. Engelbrecht, B. Sam, T. Andrews, M. Majka, N. Smith, K. Loudon, and C. Helfern. W3, News Reported LDYXXAHOPRHCO Staffg Photo raphers, Printers Combining their talents, the jour- nalism students, the photographers, and the printers produced the weekly edition of Anahi's newspaper, the Anoranco. Each week the reporters scoured the campus in search of news for the paper. When a particularly interest- ing story had been written, the photo- graphers took pictures of the subject. The completed stories and engravings were sent to the print shop where they were transformed into the form of completed Anorancos. Due to the advice and talents of Mr. Larry Quille, journalism adviser, Mr. Anthony Freeman, photography adviser, and Mr. Lloyd Ross, print shop superviser, the students were able to print the Anoranco. 1-A lrggi, ' ,g, xi ug ' L ' 1 ' Q: ,fl A 3 fit. l ANORANCO PHOTOGRAPHERS-Bob Col lins, Hans Blanc, Anthony Freeman, adviser Gary Hilbers, and Mike Larson. - , ., . g . .r ., , v -a .,5 .- - - A.--.-V , 1' .H-I ,, ,:5Kr.?,-1?-f..-G ,,, 1 L.. 1 A V . , Y A , f ifwbgg-Yqi pmt? .Ya1XkML,,,l. .-,Ll , H -p: Ma P, l I t. 1 V I in , QE N Q I 1, 1 5 ai Iv 1 " lil: 3' I A n l . I 4. . " P X , R pt n., NX' l ,x-C, - D . r-.-H " fl ! --riifri --"Qing Qihzig-as A ' 2, 1 '-ftp: 'Ig ' H" L ANORANCO PRINTERS-TOP ROW: E. Ricket, P. Hoffman, and L. Ross. BOTTOM ROW: D. De- fore, A. Wentz, M. Kelly, and L. Ballou. new 'F'-"1-, Preparing for a Christmas radio broadcast are Bob Namanny, Linda Borne, Dennis Higgins, Bonnie Hignett, Doug Romney, and Tom Nelson. 6 6 AN W H O C E T O DINNER Presented by SENIOR CLASS ' Bonnie Hignett listens to a conversation in the Stanley's living room. Under the direction of Mrs. Marion Tomp- kins, Anaheim's senior class presented its annual play."'The Man Who Came to Din- ner" was this year's excellent choice. Two performances of the fast-moving three-act comedy were given. The matinee was set for Wednesday, Nov. 28, .vnile the evening pres- entation took place on Thursday, Nov. 29. "The Man Who Came to Dinner" was centered around the contented family of Mr and Mrs. Ernest Stanley of Mesalia, Ohio. Noted critic and wit Sheridan Whiteside agrees to have dinner with the Stanleys. While at the Stan1ey's home, Whiteside meets with an accident causing him to suffer a hip injury. Forced into recuperating at the Stan- ley's home, Whiteside along with his secre- tary, Maggie Cutler, completely throw the household into chaotic disorder. Trying to convince the Stanley's servants to work for him, insulting everyone in sight, convincing the Stanley's two children, june and Richard, to lead a life of their own, and almost ruining the romance of his secretary are only a few of the disruptions Whiteside causes during his short stay. Special thanks go to jim Estrada and Mari- lyn Maxwell, stage managers, and all the stage crews for their help in this production. SENIOR PLAY CAST - TOP ROW: M. Davis, L. Jungkeit, B. S. Prentice, L. Koleto, J. Schroeder, P. Frank, B. Hignett, D. Romney, Namanny, T. McCorry, and L. Borne. SECOND ROW: D. Coombes, G. Lovell, K. Hanen, and J. Estrada. T. Nelson, C. Codol, J. Duesler, and D. Higgins. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Stanley .... Miss Preen ....... Richard Stanley. . . June Stanley ..... John ........... Sarah ............ Mrs. Dexter ....... Mrs. McCutcheon. Mr. Stanley ....... Maggie Cutler .... Harriet Stanley .... Cast For 'STHE MAN WHO CAME T0 DINNER" . . .Linda Borne Janet Schroeder Chuck Codol . . . Joy Duesler .Don Coombes . . .Lynn Koleto .Terry McCorry Lynda Jungkeit .Bob Namanny .Glenda Lovell . . .Tom Nelson .Doug Romney Dr. Bradley .......... . . . Sheridan Whiteside ..... . . . . . . .... Maggie Davis Bert Jefferson. . . Prof. Metz ...... Luncheon Guests Sandy .......... Expressman ..... Lorraine Sheldon ..... . . . Beverly Carlton. Westcott ......... ..... Banjo .......... . ...... Paul Frank . . .Sam Prentice Jerry Gatewood Dennis Higgins Kirk Hanen . ........ Kirk Hanen Jerry Gatewood .Bonnie Hignett . . .Tom Nelson Dennis Higgins ..Sam Prentice Plainclothes Man ..... ..... K irk Hanen l45 fir. , -4.6- uf' :: ig -1....'Zl,g73 15,2 37,1-1 H, ALL SCHOOL PLAY CAST-TOP ROW: B. jones, B. Goodrich, B. BOTTOM ROW: C. Hmtmberger, L. borne, M. Maxwell. G. Lovell, Namanny, W. Peterson, D. Romney, G. Richards, M. Tompkins, di- J. Schroeder, J. Moorhead, D. Lovell, B. Hignett, M. Garrett, and j. rector: J. Gatewood, J. Estrada, B. Scancarello, and H. Whitney. Ringwald. Cast For Mrs. Crane. . . Miss Pratt .... Mayme Mixter. . . Cynthia Tate. . Mrs. Dace .... Mrs. .MaGuire jay Pressley Spencer Dazey .... Alonzo Beal ....... THE JURY LADIES OF THE JURY Judy Moorhead l . . .Linda Borne Bonnie Hignett Marilyn Maxwell janet Schroeder Candy Hintinberger .. . . . . .Doug Romney . .Bob Goodrich . . .Bob Namanny Tony Theodophulus .... ..... J im Estrada Steve Bromm ........ . . .jerry Gatewood 146 Andrew MacKaig. judge Fish ....... Halsey Van Style. Rutherford Dale. . Mrs. Gordon. . . Evelyn Snow .... Suzanne ..... Dr. James ..... Officer Dobbs .... Clerk of the Court .... . . . .Bruce jones . .jim Ringwald . . . . .Bill Clark Bob Scancarello Michele Garrett . .Glenda Lovell .Dyanne Lovell .Walt Peterson .Greg Richards' . . .Howard Whitney Mrs. Gordon, played by Michele Garrett, is being questioned by attorney, Rutherfold Dale, played by Bob Scancarello. AHF ' .wif -If Marilyn Maxwell and Bob Namanny hold a quiet discussion while other jurists sleep. Dhnhnhhhhnn 000060 L DIES OF THE UU U UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU n0t'H1hf'ihfNr1hhh Uuuuuuuuuuuuu Second Annual All School Play Anaheim's junior class sponsored this year's entertaining all school play. Many talented students participated in this pro- duction of "Ladies of the jury." The fast-moving play concerned the mur- der trial of Mrs. Gordon, a one time Broad- way chorus girl accused of killing her hus- band. The second act opened when the jury went into deliberation. All but one member were convinced of the defendant's guilt. The lone jurist was Mrs. Crain, expertly acted by judy Moorhead. Many hilarious events took place during three days in the jury room. But finally Mrs. Crane quietly and subtly won the jury over to her side, and Mrs. Gordon was declared innocent. 1. .E janet Schroeder, Bonnie Hignett, and jim Estrada set- tle down for the night in the deliberation room. 147 7 , 3' i L 1, . y , 1. 1 2 - M 3 ,N rg 5 .A , f 2 . Z , I i X- v f 22.8 ' ' L 'JH .f 5 p ll? 5, . . , c ,vw ,gg fi' W 'W KTM? 1 L52 1 I. Homecoming royalty for 1962: Charla Hindley, Homecoming Queen, and Ty Salness, Homecoming King. 148 IIUMECUMI G li Climaxing several days of Homecom- ing activities was the 1962 Homecoming victory dance, where the class of 1957 was honored. Alpine Fantasy, the theme for this year's dance, provided a picturesque background for the festivities. High- lighting the evening was the presenta- tion of the King, Queen, and the court. , V.21,,,.',,v.l vl i , . H . .... l '-Til. - 9 . 'pq 1 . MW 5 l V Nlggffhs . v' . Lf' kkv-.lit . ffb. -Ml' ff . 'C -v 1 me rf N - . 1 1 ,J , " Q will ' 5 1 I . ' HT, K 4 FP A royal march was played while the at- tendants: Christine Miles, seniorg Karen Larsen, senior, Janice Wilson, junior, and Pat Kiphutg sophomore, came forward to take their places beside the throne. Fin- ally, Charla Hindley, escorted by Ty Sal- ness, marched to the royal place of honor. Paul Frank, student body president, crowned the Queen. W -'w ,-,2wP" Lf at M? J l ima W ,, ,. HOMECOMING COURT - TOP ROW: Janice Wilson, junior and Pat Kiphut, sophomore. BOTTOM ROW: Karen Larson, senior and Chris Miles, senior. E ll EEN CHARL H0 ORED T ROYAL CEREMO IE -1 joyful Charla waves at the crowds after receiving her royal bouquet of red roses ly y so , . e 1 ' ' E I l Queen Charla and King Ty lead student body in dance. 150 Student Body President, Paul Frank, crowns Queen Charla as King Ty looks on. 5, ., 0 " a f 1 X I3 W Y4A,. i 't SXWEETHEART COURT: Jeannie Cantrell, atrendantg Jerri Raber, queeng and Deanna Mason, attendant. Celebrating Va1entine's Day, the Senior class spon- sored the Sweetheart Ball. The dance took place at the city of Anaheim's Elks Club where the couples danced to the music of the Notables. The decorations, in keep- ing with the occasion, con- sisted of valentines, cupids, and Howers. Many weeks of Seniors Stage First WEETI-IE RT BLL work on the part of the Senior Executive committee members went into these decorations. Appropriately, the couples had their pictures taken in front of a large Valentine. Climaxing the evening's suspense was the crowning of jerriRaber as Senior Sweet- heart. Her attendants were Jeannie Cantrell and Deanna Mason. A portion of the large turnout for the first annual Sweetheart Ball are seen dancing and romancing to the music of the Notables. I 151 M Promoting spirit from the beginning of foot- ball season to the end of basketball season was the main duty of the seven yell ,leaders and the live songleaders, Besides leading yells and songs, they organized and participated in pre-game pep rallies and pep assemblies. Under the energetic leadership of the yell leaders and songleaders, Pep Club painted signs to remind the student body of the upcoming YELL . . . o o Promoted plr games. They also sold pep cards to students, which were worn during the week at school and at the games. Before every game the yell leaders and song- leaders decorated the team room leaving special messages for each team member. Participating in the City of Anaheim Hallo- ween Parade Was another highlight of the song- leaders' and yell leaders' activities. The yell TT L17 YT7 C5 ' ANAHEIM YELL LEADERS-TOP ROW: Alan Kiphut, Janet Kier, Jerri Raber, and Chuck Codol. BOTTOM ROW: Candy Currier, Chris Miles, head yell leader, and Karen Larson. . . . O G LEADER hroughout Year leaders rode in an old model car leading Colon- ist cheers while the songleaders marched with the Drill Team. The songleaders sometimes participated with the Drill Team during football half-time shows. During basketball half-times, the songleaders entertained the audience with their lively routines. Through the year, the songleaders and yell leaders proved to be two of the most active groups on campus. Under the guidance of their advisers, Dick Lovegren and Fred Meyers, the songleaders and yell leaders worked harmon- iously together for the benefit of the teams and the student body. ANAHEIM SONGLEADEIQS-TOP ROW: Bette Solberg, Jeannie Cantrell, head song- leader, and Colleen McCallion. BOTTOM ROW: Lavone Knutzen and Michele Garrett. ANAHEIM FLAGTWIRLERS: judy White, Lea Davis, head Hagtwirler, d Ch l H Majorettes, Banner Carriers, Flagtwirlers Aided Spirit Marching and performing in pa- rades and half time activities, three groups of girls, the majorettes, Hag twirlers, and the banner carriers, were an asset to Anahi. The majorettes marched with the band in many parades including the Anaheim Halloween Parade, the Orange Parade, the Arcadia Parade, the Hawthorne Parade, and the Corona Band Jamboree. They also participated with the band in half time performances and helped to pro- mote spirit at pep rallies and basket- ball game half-times. Leading the band in all parades 154 and at football half-times were the banner carriers. These girls Put in many long hours of practice with the drill team. The peppy flag twirlers marched behind the band in many parades and during the foolball half-times, They also performed their routines during basketball half-times and at pep as- semblies and pep rallies. Hours of practice were spent by these spirited girls outside of the actual performances. They were ac- tive and spirited representatives of Anaheim during the year. ANAHEIM MAJORETTES: Connie Bashford, Janice XVi1son, head majorette, and Cynthy jackson ANAHEIM BANNER CARRIERS: Roberta Carbonell, head banner carrier, Candy Rasmus, Bette Brown, Nancy Beach, Karen Weismen, julie Cook, and Gogi Beuerlein. ff. Gathered together for an informal meeting are Pat Haas, head leader, Lindee Reese, manager, Francis Pitts, adviser, Margie Bender, managerg and Cheri Colburn, junior leader. DRILL TE M Sparkled at Many Games, Parades Early in the spring general try- outs for Anaheim's drill team, the Ana Hi Steppers, are held. Dur- ing these tryouts the following year's drill team is chosen. Prac- tice sessions begin late in summer and continue throughout the school year. One of the main jobs of the Hi Steppers is providing entertain- ment during halftimes at football games. A total of nine shows were performed this year. 156 The drill team also participated in many parades. A few of these were the Hawthorne Parade, the Arcadia Parade, the Santa Ana Parade, the Anaheim Halloween Parade, the Corona Band jam- boree, the Orange Parade, and the Spring Invitational Show. In the Corona Band Jamboree the Hi Steppers placed third among the top -ten bands in Southern Cali- fornia and tied for third place in the Santa Ana Parade. The Southern California Drill Team Workshop was also success- fully hosted by the group this year. During the workshop, the participating drill teams ex- changed ideas and Put on demon- strations. Each year a girl is chosen as "Outstanding Girl of the Year." She is chosen on leadership, group participation, scholarship, and ability. This year the honor was bestowed on Barbara Finicle. DRILL TEAM-TOP ROW: M. Nelson, S. Vukelich, L. Alverez, J. Steed, A. Garrett, B. Hubbard, N. Roquet, and B. Finicle. SECOND ROW: L. Schriber, C. Smith, G. Yeoman,l-AJ. Williams, M. Bullington, A. Johnson, S. Cutler, and L, Brown. HIRD ROW-: C. Earp, S. Markland, E. Seim, C. Fisher, G. Gollenger, S. Erickson, S. Turner, and D. Patterson. FOURTH ROW: K. Winslow, B. Ackerman, G. Hoepprier, L. Espinoza, T. Milwood, S. Murray, T. Samaniego, and C. Kolodzieske. FIFTH ROW: B, Elrod, R. Walters, B. Pearcey, G. Zi- grassi, C. Hill, S. Burns, P. Wright, and M. Carli. BOTTOM ROWS C. Colburn, junior leader, and P. Haas, head leader. 157 MOZART CHOIR-TOP ROW: C. Filckiner, D. Ratzlaff, P. Buis, D. Disbennet, M. Quane, C. Mnbs, T. Hnthcrly, C. jzmzow, C. Libby, E. Mil- ler, M. Neilson, and C. Gibbsg adviser. BOTTOM ROW: J. O'Mallcy, B. Nnmnnny, P. Stockwell, D. Ruble, B. Schroeder, G. Pearson, A. Garrett, and T. Hazzard. 5 MOZART, PPELL CHOIRS Bron ht Acclaim to naheim Mozart Choir and A Cappella Choir brought honor and acclaim to the music de- partment of Anaheim this year. The two choirs required high standards of their mem- bers, both in and out of performance. Under the direction of Cary Gibbs, both Mozart and A Cappella Choirs were busy and successful groups. A Cappella Choir participated in the Thanksgiving Assembly, singing both tradi- tional and contemporary Thanksgiving songs. Both choirs took part in the Christmas assembly, which was held just before Christ- mas vacation. A Cappella also entertained two fifth grade assemblies held in March. One of the most exciting events of the year for Mozart members was the trip to San Francisco. There they performed for the YMCA, before church congregations, and for several schools. Occasionally Mozart and A Cappella per- formed together as Concert Choir. The Spring Show was one of their major performances. "T" A CAPPELLA CHOIR-TOP ROW: M. Koke, J. Perez, W. Buss, S. Tur- ner, R. Knigge, W. Goddard, D. Owens, E. Henderson, K. Livingston, V. Pewthers, C. Hall, K. Vollom, R. Hilgcnfeld, B. Briglio, and C. Mor- ris. SECOND ROW: S. Colthorpe, K. Miller, J. Kalde, L. Schwacha, D. Ratzlag, W. Ford, R. Decker, R. Pina, L. Chrystal, T. Patterson, J. Payne, J. Cook, N. Roquet, B. Ramsay, G. MacLean, and G. Swenson. THIRD ROW: V. Reed, P. Heybrock, J. O'Malley, L. Welton, T. Hazzard, G. Hanlon, T. Anson, J. Wild, T. Smith, S. Hanlon, S. Wagoner, K. Houk, R. Stief, and A. Munson. FOURTH ROW: E. Blackford, 1. Routh, C. Schmidt, L. Taylor, B. Schmidt, D. Carpenter, R. Bassett, J. Butters, T. Morris, T. Heinze, and K. janzow. BOTTOM ROW: D. Wilson, M. Wil- son, R. Lambert, 1. Schultz, L. Carlson, J. Knox, D. Stoufer, E. Seim, and P. Hatherly. Advanced Girls' Glee was a large and active group this year, performing before the United Church Women at the Jolly Roger Restaurant and entertaining at PTA meet- ings. AD ANCED GIRLS' GLEE, MIXED CHOR E TERTAI D AT C0 CERT Training Groups For A Cappella "' ."' lf?-. ' ., Q n, ' 4 '. 5 U 4 "lui 'iivsla 5 S wil 3 gil I 1' si. 6 'F Min B. Carey Gibbs was the adviser to all the choral groups. 160 u ,l, ' ,. 1 's I n.. l s Mixed Chorus, composed of Advanced Girls' Glee mem- bers and Mens' Glee members, entertained at the Christmas Concert and at the Spring Concert, which was held in June. Mens' Glee and Advanced Girls' Glee are stepping stones to A Cappella Choir. The groups worked on the same music as A Cappella and had the same high standards. Director Carey Gibbs took much pride in these two groups. MIXED CHORUS-TOP ROW: B. Mesnard, C. Brambly, D. Wil- P. Daniels, D. Brady, J. Weaver, and A. Miranda. BOTTOM ROW: liams, B. johnson, D. Crabtree, N. Whitney, P. Henke, D. Wight, J. R. Davini, C. Hewitt, D. Cronin, K. Sharples, C. Pfeiffer, I. Wambua, Friel, D. Dedic, L. Roland, and V. Castro. SECOND ROW: K. Nava, and E. Pitcher. C. Burgess, J. Alonzo, A. Scali, V. Boucher, A. Owens, D. McRenolds, ADVANCED GIRLS' GLl1E-TOP ROW: B. McLaughlin, Y. Os- B. Johnson, J. Alonzo, V. Boucher, D. Williams, C. Brambley, B. borne, L. Fassel, D. Crabtree, N. Whitney, P. Henke, L. Roland, D. Mesnard, V. Castro, D. Brady, and P. Dainiels. Dedic, J. Friel, and D. Wight. BOTTOM ROW: A. Owens, A. Scali, - 161 was vi ga ANAHEI CO O CO CERT, MABCHI G BAN This year, as in the past, the Colonist Marching Band compiled an impressive record of honors to continue its tradition of excellence as both a parade and show band. During football season, the band, under the leadership of Director Ted Clark and Drum Major Bob Hatherly, provided top- notch half-time entertainment. The band was invited to attend the Corona Band Jamboree, where it captured third place among the top ten marching bands in Southern California. A fitting climax to this successful year came when the Colonist Band was chosen as the l'Best Band In Orange County" for the fourth consecutive year by the Los Angeles Times. The concert band achieved the honor of receiving the top rating of superior at the District and Regional Bandand Orchestra Festivals. The concert band also presented several excellent concerts during the year, AWABDED HO OB including the Spring Concert, the annual Spring Show, and two fifth grade concerts. The highlight of the season was the annual Spring Con- cert which featured Rafael Mendez, "World's Best Trumpet Soloist." Although a small group, the Ana- heim High School String Orchestra was an active Part of the music de- partment. This year the orchestra was featured with the A Cappella Choir in the annual Christmas Concert as well as in performances for the Ana- heim High PTA. This fine group of musicians de- voted many rehearsal hours toward the goal of upholding the high standards set by past groups. 162 T 1 Q, 1 5 . A I af.-ggi , . ' fgnf' W The Colonist Marching Band, which captured third lace among the top ren marching bands in Southern California ang was chosen "Best Band In Orange County" for the fourth consecutive year by the Los Angeles Times, participated in many parades. .- if, 55 Al ifflln E ,J 'ff , K ki CONCERT BAND-TOP ROW: L. Sandoval, L jackson, P. Gorsky, R. Bush, R. Evans, and T. Clark, conductor. SECOND ROW: B. Fishcle, D Kirtland, E. Blackford, C. Keimach, K. Bengston, R Nelson, W. Horton, G. Campbell, R. Hall, J. Hau- sey, B. Campbell, J. Watkins, C. Mabs, K. Fauser, J. Taylor, G. Glass, P. Edgerton, E. Wagner, D. Yee, J. Alley, and J. Blansett. THIRD ROW: M. Blake, K. Motley, J. Messamer, N. Bellinger, E. DeVos, M. Veismanis, K. Bradford, D. Martin, K. Lindstrom, A. Davis, B. Hatherly, D. Bush, D. Bayer, and B. Blake. BOTTOM ROW: C. Lundquist, F. Mastro- matreo, J. Goodwin, K. O'Brien, P. Lilienthal, S. Webster, H. Dommer, and I. Arends. Music of Pep, Dance Bands Enjoyed by All Bob Hatherly Led Band in Parades Members of the pep band were active and talented stu- dents who provided music at pep assemblies held in the gym and at pep rallies in the patio. At home basketball games the pep band played Colonist songs and the Alma Mater for the students. Dance band, which forms early in the second semester, consisted of band members who were willing to play at school functions and off-campus activities. Bob Hatherly, Drum Major, led the Marching Band in its precision routines and also conducted the pep band dur- ing assemblies and pep rallies. All these students were members of the Anaheim March- ing Band, besides participating in these extfa band activities. BAND STAFF-TOP ROW: Duwayne Yee, Jim Watkins, Carl Mabs, and jack Messamer. BOTTOM ROW: Irene Arends, Kathy Fauser, and Kay Motley. 164 Anaheim's Drum Major Bob Hatherly , 4 -.. A 1 F l. l l y - J la ,. la H PEP BAND-TOP ROW: E. Wagner, J. Taylor, D. Yee, J. Alley, J. TOM ROW: B. Blake, I. Arends, K. Motley, M. Blake, E. Lathrop, J Blansett, G, Campbell, W. Horten, R. Bush, and L. Sandoral. BOT- Hausey, J. Watkins, K. Fauser, P. Gorsky, and B. Hatherly. ll ' 3 I . gn. .,.v.,7,Pi' . ,. ,Qi L ' - . A oT..g.2il7' f P ' DANCE BAND-TOP ROW: J. Hausey, J. Watkins, A. Davis, B. Hatherly, M. Malone, D. Bayer, B. Blake, F. Mastromarteo, G. Camp- Campbell, J. Blansett, D. Yee, and E. Wagner. BOTTOM ROW: B. bell, J. Lehan, and M. Grossman. 165 l 5. an vii, 'aa A gri, xii?-tHE! A A ' C' Anaheim x pf I .- ' we-ns? fl ,,,, j-at .3 Received Teacher, t --- E, tudents A arf as IH Exchange Programs im Wambua takes a break during track practice. 166 By means of the American Field Serv- ice, Anaheim High School received a foreign exchange student from Kochi, japan. Her name was Sayuri Ishimaru. Besides becoming "Americanized" and keeping up her grades, Sayuri partici- pated in many activities. She was an ac- tive member of Colonial Coeds, AFS, YMCA and Girl Scouts. During her stay, she lived with Mr. and Mrs. Malvin Hilgenfeld and their daughter, Ruth. Another first for Anaheim was a foreign exchange teacher from England, Paul Gilley. Biology and Life Science students thoroughly enjoyed Gi1ley's teaching. Teaching co-educational classes and getting used to the informal teacher- student relations were this English teacher's two greatest adjustments. Also attending Anaheim this year was jim Wambua from Kenya, East Africa. jim stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bradd of Anaheim. Paul Gilley instructs students on the use ot tne A microscope. I L V N I 1: 1 I2 . .EQ 'Ura 1 1:1 1 4111 f 3 Y I K . ft i 'V W ek 'x ' K . 1 1 2 E i ff 'H an Xl 3 1:37 1 V 4 N 5 B ' 2 H i 3 1 .. , K . 1 f 5 3 eg v .-Kp' 1 N 1 E W ,, f - A eggs Foreign exchange student, Sayuri Ishimaru, is seen with her foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Malvin Hilgenfeld, and Sister Ruth. 11' M1- 1 a ai! 4 AQ Q ' . X 1 , '-A 1, In A . ,Lui-:U X '1"f"1'2"'-41" Kia" L. 'A A 1 V35 c 'L' A if - 4 ' - - ff s ' ff .-4 31, " .H 'W .S .....,.. s., "-.-... -ew.-mana'-2' I P ' , " fi' 5- 'ml I ....,..., HW., ,,..,. I --" Y kg , Sayuri and sister Ruth paint decorations for an AFS party. Sayuri displays her national costume, the Kimono. i 167 4-. T fs If K-J t7 Y ACADEMIC HONORS GROUP-TOP ROW: M. McConaghy, B. ROW: D. Wesolosky, M. Miller, D. Westbrook, S. Moorhead, and H. Anderson, D. Mason, C, Payton, K. Bennett, and 'S. Martin. BOTTOM Badger. Not shown is Alice Munson. I I Judy White, Elks leadership award winnerg Peter jenkinson, Bausch and Peter Gelker, Orange Coast College math contest winner Laum Science Award winnerg and Charla Hindley, Girls' State Represen- and Sandy Meyer, Betty Crocker Homemaking Award tative. winner. 168 W RD PRE E TED O PERIOR T DE T 377 na mmm m EJ HUB!!! UJIUHIIUIII mhjmm Ummm nuumm wmllilil U1 II! illifilmmmgg Ullllmmmi mmmlllflltllfg mmfnmmmg DAR AWARD WINNERS: Deanna Mason and Carl Mabs. BANK or AMERICA AWARD WINNERS-TOP ROW: C. MA-bs, fine msg M Koch, vocational artsg C. Payton, science and rnathg and S. Martin, liberal arts SECOND ROW: K. Fauser, musicg K. Bennett, social studiesg and P. Buis, Eng- lish. THIRD ROW: J. Perryman, homemakingg M, McConaghy, science and D Ford, art. BOTTOM ROW: S. Gosselin, foreign languageg L. Kirkhart, business and S. Moorhead, math. Not shown are J. Buckner, agriculture and T. Parsons trades and industrial arts. 169 ANAHEI THE . . . SEPTEMBER Big and little sister party held . . . Student leaders spent two days at CASC Buckhorn Leadership Confer- ence . . . School begins . . . Forty new faculty members added . . . Chester Shirk is Anaheim's new principal . . . Anaheinfs varsity 11 beat Redlands 7-5 . . . Student Body cards are sold . . . Key Club donates bulletin boards for campus . . . Paul Gilley becomes Anaheim's first foreign exchange teacher . . . First dance of the year sponsored by Student Cabinet . . . senior class pictures taken by Arsene . . . Sayuri Ishimaru begins new career as foreign exchange student. . . - ' OCTUBER Deanna Mason receives DAR Good Citizenship Award . . . Mozart Club holds initiation . . . Journalism students attend OCC Conference . . . Vanmen defeat Westminster 18-0 and remain undefeated league leaders . . . New clock put up on auditorium wall . . . Sopho- more class elections held . . . Iowa test administered to juniors . . . Open House . . . Coach Wallin became "world's oldest cheerleader" when he led yell during pep assembly . . . ' NOVEMBER "Alpine Fantasy" theme for '62 Homecoming . . . Class of '37 honored . . . Charla Hindley and Ty Salness elected Homecoming Queen and King . . . Chris Miles, Karen Larson, Janice Wilson, and Patti Kiphut attend- ents . . . annual mum sale held . . . Organist Korla Pandit holds assembly . . . Football team defeats cross town rival, keeps victory bell, musket, and gun . . . Vanmen win Sunset League for fourth consecutive year . . . "The Man Who Came to Dinner" presented by senior class . . . Thanksgiving assembly by music de- partment . . . Anaheim enters CIF Playoffs . . . Beats Azusa 21-6 and El Rancho 14-6 . . . Organist Korla Pandit signs autographs after assembly. 170 99 Coach Van is given victory clock during Pep assembly. " DECEMBER Basketball season begins . . . FBLA holds potluck dinner . . . Anaheim beats Redlands in semi-final CIF game . . . CASC Conference held at Brea High School . . . Vanmen travel to Coliseum . . . School spirit at all time high . . . Varsity 11 runner-ups in 'AAAA' Division CIF Football . . . San Bernadino Basketball Tournament held . . . Christmas Concert held by music department . . . Varsity A Club sponsors Kris Kringle Basketball Tournament'. . . Christmas vacation starts . . . lr V ' e'3llQJgafall04,415i , A hx V l Mozart Choir seen during a recording session at KGGK radio station. I l JANUARY A ' Girls given assembly on fashions and hair styles . . . "Basket Ball" sponsored by junior class . . . Thespians hold "Straw Hat Carnival" in Little Theater . . . Basket- ball team enters second round Sunset League play with 6-1 record . . . Football awards banquet held at Ana- heim's Elks Club . . . Town Criers, folk singers, hold as- sembly . . . Judy White and Chris Miles win Elks leader- ship award . . . Father-daughter Banquet held . . . Ty Salness and Roy Luttrull given CIF honors . . . Colonist Knights plant trees in patio area . . . Final exams administered . . . FEBRUARY Second semester begins . . . GAA sucker sale . . . Ed Hazlett wins Mr. Ugly contest, crowned at dance . . . Basketball team Co-Champs in Sunset League . . . Cherry tart sale sponsored by Colonial Coeds . . . Varsity bas- ketball team enters CIF Playoffs . . . First Sweetheart Ball held at Elks Club . . . Jerri Raber crowned first Sweetheart Queen . . . Seniors order announcements . . . Cheerleading clinic held at Anaheim . . . A MARCH Donkey Basketball Game held . . . Sub-Debs and Co- eds clash in basketball game . . . john Goddard holds assembly on South America . . . Seniors order caps and gowns . . . CASSA Evaluation Committee visits Ana- heim . . . "Ladies of the Jury," this year's all School Play, presented by junior class . . . Senior Fun Night . . . CASC Underclassmen Conference . . . Loy Petersen named "CIF Player of the Year" in basketball . . . Bank of America award winners announced . . . Girls' League talent assembly held . . . Track team begins promising season with 5-0 record . . . Cinderella Ball held at Char- terhouse . . . Key Club sponsors Folk Singing Concert . . . Paul Frank and Charla Hindley attend Easter Week seminar in Newport Beach . . . Diane Ford was crowned "Cinderella for 1963" during dance held at Charterhouse. Judy Achor chosen junior attendant and Betty Hubbard sophomore attendent. " 1 APRIL- Petitions for Student Body foffices released . . . West- minster College Choir holds assembly . . . Sophomores sponsor dance . . . Spring vacation . . . Student Body elections . . . "Where in the World," this year's Spring Show, sponsored by Music Department . . . Cheer and Songleading elections held . . . Sadie Hawkins sponsored by Girls' League . . . Drill Team Workshop . . . Gradua- tion draws near . . . Senior girls sing during first Girls' League Talent Assembly. MAY GAA Banquet . . . FBLA Community Awards Contest . . . Colonist Knights and Pep Club sponsor dance . . . Girls' League Fashion Show held . . . Mozart Club Ban- quet . . . Spring Sports Banquet held . . . Disneyland Hotel-scene of junior-Senior Prom . . . Service Point Banquet traveled to L.A. to see "Lawrence of Arabia" . . . Talent assembly held . . . Sophomore Fun Night . . . Awards Assembly . . . JUNE New Cabinet installed . . . Annuals distributed . Annual signing party held in patio area . . . Baccalaure- ate for all schools at La Palma Park, Rev. Bob Richards speaker . Final exams . . . Luncheon for '65-'64 Stu- dent Cabinet sponsored by retiring cabinet . . .-Senior breakfast held at Santa Ana's Elks Club . . . Graduation practice . . . Graduation exercises commence at 5:00 p.m., All Night Grad Party . . . Summer vacation finally arrived . . . Dale Westbrook, Colonist Editor, exchanges annuals with Kathy Bennett, Colonist Associate Editor. ...AN G? nts:-ai! llbivtsl X r li I Qt 'X 1 u 'Ni S X ' Jlglll X Q rt f ri .1 NK K L J X x l X I X YY 1 x U H - - X ' 'N 7 Western Football Player meets his doom during pep assembly. Xl-ll K ,g . ,ff xx - , fini ' +- X F331 - X -y I All Fly - yn? A, ldii Vn" 'il . -i if Q1 s. f'f" me It 5: 5331 U, .p 'yf. uf MS, "1 Q., ,g I 'Y Wrap.: 11 1- rl . :--M- . A mer 'W-y r2,w.1 l ' i ., ,l'fX- X X If-41' ,gil jw,,:.g.j ,, of VMDLV V . 5 .. iw l13'1 Xil49 .3'. W . - .if la v ,1,l gM q'- p k S - gl- -- 5-sk U: kfl1 A' e'f. rg H.. 11, A if ' ,qaik ., .Iv Q.: .wi ly - il, -, ' ' " X -'.- 11, 'ar' '7: v, ' .- -.1 k, . ,'-wt,-B l if-A l lefwlltly pl-.L Wm:..z ,gn igw' Y ,gfrwfyyft-f- 4" ,- .1iiPl53hX , .yah K-1 -9 ,hi - ' lgvjff, , ,1... -l" lg' X X i, s X , S Students enjoy themselves at a dance sponsored by the Senior Class. Ed Hazlett was crowned Mr. Ugly, as Winner of contest to raise money for South American orphan elee H . y :iff ,-' . X . X E l " ', - l , f I vi ll l ' L A fry, yv f , , ,. i , , 5, - f H .- -if s l - - - l - ' s ' fn- ,' ,- ,JL X . U 111, l - ,,, ' 1 -ff A, F- , W . if at ,A 5 ' X Y! '. .I ' ' F. 1-i Y:-D V? XA QV: . ir - V. NH If J ' fx if . t p 5 'rixf :XI Nl v"-Pg. h ' vfl 41 , U l, I l gl 1 I' l 'tl' X 1 lg", V I X E- 'P l 4 I- ff - . V If , ,lx vi X W 5' nw I- Y n Q I my jg 29 Ly X 7 'V I ,ar will y in T 21- 4 1X f 3371 9 f f lc 'ff Y X ' 'W A ' ' 'Q ' ' ,fr :fry V W Jester Hairston, famous Negro spiritual singer, leads Concert Choir. t 1 ii , Anaheim's small but active string orchestra practices with leader, Ted Clark, for one of its performances. Pictures Review Highlights 1962-63 ,f .eff L Lf New GAA members "exercise" during initiation. Members of Colonist Knights plant shrubs in patio area 173 ombination Activities Provide pirited Year For onnies, Clems . Q4 '4 I 7' f a N f , t . ' ago EL... A group of Colonist Clems pose before playing at Donkey Basketball game Outdoor pep rally displays student spirit. Q Amusing skit put on by songleaders 'md yell leaders My 174 .533 fQ. MX 'Fl - H : V V A , just 5, , , . . . P 0 fi lef24k 5 s,.4v" J 'Www X Town Criers entertain at a Colonist assembly singing folk music. is ' i - W if W ,ESQ nv wfaff if "I I A i a i" f Ei W I E, K, qw' gu y ,.f., 55,5 'L I 1 Hfljgi L-vw ' 15 Q-.f-3 off, . . 'L i' I 'V sa ri 4-2 I fi lf. 1, ' 'Q ::a::a::qz-.:- Q 1 l Coach Wallin leads yell during pep assembly X Um' Exlbremon of SPIRIT Team effort has been the key be- hind many of Anaheim's greatest achievements. This year was no 'ex- ception. The SPIRIT students at Anahi felt for their school and class- mates was magnified in the successful athletic seasons of 1962-63. At the very beginning of this suc- cess was the diligent training and practice of the individual athletes. Then came the polishing of group techniques and co-operation among team members. When the season began, drive and confidence was not only expressed by team members, but by the student body who served by showing optimism and assuring vic- tory. Through the combined interests of coaches, managers, team members, and extremely important student body support, the successful, 'athletic seasons of 1962-63 were truly a "tea'm"i effort. y g. y THR 0 GH TEAM FFUR T JERRY BROOKS Editor KIRK HANEN Assistant Editor L 'Nu of nf",-J , 1 mfr' Q I, 'ff' w J .W- C' i . Z-. f NJ -XA ,AV i . i h " 'pf , A My ' ,.w 5. i ...M IJ, ,, fl -x J i K - 'ss , Q 1 i Y' ' Q., ,,. .- 4 ,. 'T' 5 .ak L ,N J , 1 .J N .. - .1 'tn V. has .I .,.,, 'EQ as 3 , ", " lf: MWQU, 'ki 'u!4.-U, tif.-.L-ff' 'iii ,-1? ll- , . '44 W W" H-44, ' 1 . H ,. 7 M '23 .....-- nv-f A P X, V, ,,,..,..- -..f. ...Q-.. ,.,....- A wma , ...fn - - - -,Q ..'- " ' 1'-J.. ' - f - f -,, ..a...u-mul V Q V f . A X V 1 . D , . " f - - L i .. , 5:13 ' 7 "i5f'--""ffa -5 .,..-I 'f I r- - A ' 3 I. L 3 w y , w 5 1+ 55? , f AMA . . ...Q L. , 3. + , W fl I lf A K Q 1 177 'lk K Us - 1 5 Q ti Q41 31,0 VARSITY FOOTBALL - TOP ROW: M. '.Thatcher, M. Fisher, T. B. Requejo, J. Miller, B. White, T. Kilbarger, M, Kelly, D. Hough, D. Salness, D. Branchaud, D. Daniels, B. Goodrich L. Minter, P. Anton, Clayton, and R. Bassett. THIRD ROW: W. Harpole, M. Avery, L. R. Luttrull, and H. Whitney. SECOND ROW: J. Witte, J. Navarette, Torres, R. Carrillo, R. Navarette, C. Murray, J. Dena, M. Hutchison, IF FI ALIST Line Coach john Wallin 178 V ,N fd, W-1-46 ..1 End C ouch Brant Cowser The Colonists brought home their first of seven Sunset League victories by trouncing the Newport Harbor Tars 34-0. Anaheim produced one of its finest offensive efforts of the season running up a total of 295 yards net offense, good for 12 first downs and five touchdowns. Anahi's defense was also in tune as the Tars were limited to only 89 yards rushing and passing. Halfback Dennis Branchaud led the procession of Colony scorers with two TD's. Also in the scoring column were Ty Salness, Marty Hutchison, and Larry Minter. and A. Schaible. BOTTOM ROW: G. Foreman, L, Callison, J. Sam- son, P. Dinklcr, A. Preheim, D. Knudsen, S. Betts, and D. Clayton. - 1 S- . f H end C ouch Clare Van Hoorebeke Special awards for the year went to Ty Salness, most valuable play- er, Doug Daniels, back captain, Roy Luttrull, line captain, How- ard Whitney, most improved line- men, Jim Dena, most improved back, Dave Knudsen, most inspi- rational, Marty Hutchison, rookie of the year, Dick Hough, Chaffey game, Richard Carrillo, Redlands, Mark Fisher, Newport, Doug Daniels, Fullerton, Howard Whit- ney, Rancho Alamitos, Pete Dink- ler, Westminster,, Dennis Bran- chaud, Santa Ana, Jim Dena, Costa Mesa, jerry Gatewood, Western, Roy Luttrull, Azusa QCIFQ, Ty Salness, El Rancho QCIFQ, Marty Hutchison, Red- lands QCIFQ, and Tom Hutton, Loyola QCIFQ. From Excellent Guidance Coaches Came Colon Success, Spirit Anaheinfs arch-rival of many seasons, Fullerton High, proved a closer match in losing than the final score of 25-0 would indicate. As in previous contests the Colonists' standout paved the way to Anahi's fourth victory by allowing the Indians only 76 yards total offense. Leading 7-0 on a touchdown by Doug Daniels, Anaheim did not appear to have a strong hold on the game as the first half ended. However, as the Colony defense began to jell late in the third quarter, Anaheim put the game on ice by scoring once in the third and twice in the fourth quarter. Laine C oath jack Lee apahle tiff im 5 ' l l Back Fielal C aacb John Hangardner l79 alness, Luttrull Earned Top pots In '62 CIF Honor Two of the finest football players in the Southland, end Ty Salness and tackle Roy Luttrull were named to the All-CIF first and second teams, respectively, at the end of the most successful Colony gridiron season in five years. The Orange County Sports Writ- ers picked Salness as the "Outstanding Line- man of the Year" and included Luttrull, Tom Hutton, and Jerry Gatewood in its All- County first team. Garnering further honors, Salness was named "Player of the Year" on the 1962 All-Sunset League team. In the first practice tilt of the 1962 season, the Colony footballers defeated the Chaffey Tigers 27-14. Anaheim's first TD came as jerry Gatewood plunged over from the 3- yard line after jim Dena had carried the pig- skin from the Anaheim 32 on the previous play. The Colony's second touchdown came when quarterback Doug Daniels engineered a 23-yard pass play in which Ty Salness rambled over for the score. Salness took a pass from Dick Hough at the Chaffey 30- yard line and raced through the defenders for the third TD. Luis Torres' conversion, followed by a Chaffey touchdown, set the score at 20-7. Marty Hutchison picked up the final score of the night on a tremendous run from the Tiger 23-yard stripe. The scor- ing ended as Torres converted to make it 27-14. Although picked as underdogs against the defending CIF champion Redlands Terriers, the Colonists brought home a thrilling 7-3 victory. Redlands scored on the Colony early in the second quarter with a 20-yard field goal. Anaheim did not score until the first half of the third when halfback Jim Dena scampered eight yards for the touchdown. Luis Torres added the extra point and the score stood at 7-3 for the remainder of the evening. However, on the kickoff following the Anahi TD Redlands moved the ball 80 yards for a touchdown, only to have it called back because of a clipping penalty. In the waning moments of the game, Ty Salness intercepted a pass on the Terriers' 9-yard stripe, but the Vanmen were unable to capitalize on it before the gun sounded. 180 Fullback Jerry Gatewood f35j tromps around Anaheim's right end to pick up the needed yardage for a first down. Phil Anton f59j, tackle, lends Gatewood a helping hand. Anaheim defeated Fullerton 25-0. Ty Salness and Roy Luttrull congratulate each other on CIF honors. Luttrull placed on second team as a tackle while Salness placed on first team as an end. p.. 1-"' jim Dena fl lj smashes into a Western offender in spirited try for yardage. This game against Western posted Anaheim's ninth successive win for the season. Anaheim defeated Western 27-14. 4' N b Qlmrterlmrk Halfbark Doug Daniels jim Dena Fda , H al fbnck C enler End Fullback Dennis Branchaud Al Preheim Tom Hutton Jerry Gatewood Q-A Charlie Gastelum Halfbacla Guard Richard Carrillo End Tom Kilbarger Guard Chuck Murray l82 H al fbnck Guard Larry Minter Steve Betts Anaheim moved to the top of the CIF ratings after an 18-0 de- feat of the Westminster Lions, considered to be the Vanmen's toughest opponent of the Sunset League season. In addition, the victory virtually squelched 'any hopes that Westminster had of winning the League crown. Play- ing before a standing-room-only crowd in Westminster stadium, the Colonists put together the team effort that they knew they would need to win. Although out- weighed in all departments, Ana- hi's defense held the Lions to 147 yards total offense as opposed to the 30-yard average they had rolled up against previous op- ponents. Fullback Greg Foreman Thanks to the heads-up playing of tackle Howard Whitney, Ana- heim managed to get by t-he sur- prising Rancho Alamitos Va- queros 7-0. It was not until Whit- ney pounced on a Vaquero fum- ble in the Rancho end-zone that the deciding points were scored. It was a game in which penalties were abundant - Anaheim being assessed 85 yards in rules infrac- tions and Rancho 40. Every time the Colony was in position to score a touchdown, a penalty would cut the drive short. As in other games during the season, the defensive platoon dominated Anaheim's play. The Vanmen held the Vaqueros to 90 yards in total offense during the game. Ty Salness Mil, Anaheim's rugged right end, tries desperately to capture a pass thrown by quarterback Doug Daniels, not shown. Anaheim defeated the Fuller- ton Indians, 25-0. A .T Tackle End Tackle End Bob Requcjo Dave Clayton Howard Whitney Dick Baney Colon Team Brings Home League Title For 15th Great Year Guard Guard Luis Torres Pete Dinkler T1 Hlllfbdfk Ccnler Bob White Mark Thatcher Combining top-notch defensive and offensive play, the Colonists defeated the always danger- ous Santa Ana Saints 34-6. The defensive unit limited the Saints to 164 yards total offense, and the offensive added 318 yards, good for five touchdowns, to complete the Colonist victory. Anaheim first drew blood with five minutes re- maining in the first quarter as Marty Hutchison plunged over from the four. Some three minutes later, halfback jim Dena set the crowd on its heels with a 79-yard punt return for the second score. After a sustained Colony drive of 80 yards, Bob White rammed over for the third score. Luis Torres' second conversion made it 20-0 as the half ended. In the third quarter Dick Hough sped 38 yards to up the score to 27-0. By then the game had nearly been decided. After long gainers by White and jerry Gatewood, Gate- wood plunged over from the one to insure the victory. Torres converted and the score stood at 54-0. With three minutes left in the game, the Anaheim bench cleared, Santa Ana received the honor of being the first team to score on the Vanmen during the Sunset League season. This important victory clinched the league title for Coach Clare Van Hoorebeke's Colonists. l83 Roy Navarrette Guard Larry Callison Tackle Steve Eldred 184 Tackle Mike Avery 5 l Tackle Phil Anton During one of its greatest scoring binges in several years. Anaheim crushed the Costa Mesa Mustangs 48-6. After the first quarter of play in which the Mesans somehow managed to hold the Colonists sdoreless, the Van- men unleashed a 7-touchdown at- tack that left Costa Mesa reeling. In all, five players scored for the Colonists - Jim Dena, Dick Hough, Dennis Branchaud, Marty Hutchison, and Ty Salness. One of the evening's finest perform- ances was turned in by Anahi's sensational 128-pound quarter- back Doug Danieis, who threw two touchdown passes, a 25-yard fling to Dena, and a 28-yard toss to end Salness. Jack Navarrette Guard Anaheim withstood a deter- mined drive by Western High to annex a 27-14 victory. In the sec- ond quarter, the Pioneers became the first team in the league to score ahead of the Colonists. Ana- heim got back into the ball game when Marty Hutchison raced over from the 5-yard line. In the third quarter Hutchison scored again for the Colony on an 8-yard run. "Hutch" also scored Anahi's third TD when he went over from the three. Luis Torres' conversion made it 21-7. More thrills were to come, however, as Dennis Bran- chaud raced 72 yards for the final score, some three minutes before Western racked up the game's final touchdown. Facing the new Sunset League members for the first time, Anaheim trounced Costa Mesa 48-6. As shown below, Doug Daniels 1551 yields to the hands of two Costa Mesa defenders. The game oflicially entered the Mesans as opponents for Anaheim. . 2-:gr ,, . , X ,vii ' ,, cf" ' "... - x K ,Z Mgr ni' , A agwa 115- U lk ggi' was at -v- fl fs- .5-saaiwtafar JF ldg -ff Jaw RW u A , if 3, .fi ft dv '1'9'a "A 1 .1 1 A s ' -'n .1 M V' 0 , uf ffm ,',,'., , I. yy . m:n:3Qf,z,:,- ' 3, -1" is J., 1-1' "'?"if': -, - .tw r ' i -- qfzjavf-f x at .GH Wi., ' Z- , A -, , a My T' A Lean 'QF 5 V1 rj- a ,yd ,J sy, 'Q 4, 5 H X v i L:-K . :x A it I 'Wa -2 H arf . f L :. aft g SPR . . . , W R Y , .,: .,, ,, 7 .girly f-'g' ' ' " arrive y f re. - .Si ,am-Hf'4.y w...a,. - 'Q-7.463 .rs ., E' 'fe ' ' ff W i.- ev..-W.. n' :-UP'1'::.: ' 'Q"'-a'+pw':- 'L--wi'-. '-3.-.r -.Mi ': - -Q: -LS-v . - ' 1' ' 'if - at .":' .f 1'-f .- ' -' ' ,." .1 T 1 .. . Q5 , 1. ' 5 w .' - fi ,T 'T-if? T T-'WEEE .. W fr- .. 1 f i'-mi 1" is t-fi . +-:1L2,f1.-- .'+1'l?5.w1ff'l-'f'i"l?1 -t5'i'3.'..- e.: f. - - " rs- . , --aasfeiwv -,A '-1. gf sf- azz: wwf -'fi' 1, ' -' " g ig K , g'i-Hr' 03.11 , --wi" I' ' E 1f'f,,,..','.,.,r '. " ' ' - -' Ni"-t l '-ffY1.,"- Yffiirzfiw ". a- . --m,f'1iHiS-viei'-'J' 'ffi 1 J , 4- ',, g. 1' , , ui..-rv' 4.-., l aff, nv iq 1.1. gi , .- --4 -w. , .H -4'i55f"'?' if -- .f-:.:-+..'-Qi'-fi,"1H--H' " rv-AS-'lf?':1x'.P'.. 1"fSi'-"l'-g"f"5 ,, I-,r , -Pla.,-.g'.-1 , . ,. ., ,,. ,.,..r ... , , - .- , ,. sa, 234 -74 P A Q I N Pu yin, ,1 6 2 A, -Q 32' . ,,, f .,.,f.,.-f -. , P-4 wc.: ?:,4-,L,,.e f.. - fy. - Making their bid for the CIF Championship, the Anaheim Colonists faced the El Rancho Dons. Here, Marty Hutchison 140, plunges for critical yardage. Other Colon- ists pictured are Roy Luttrull C505 and Howard Whitney 1201. Anaheim dumped the Dons 14-6. anmen Win 1 Tilt Sparked once again by the Work of the de- fensive platoon, the Colonists moved to a 21-6 win over the Aztecs of Azusa High School. This game entered AHS in CIF com- petition. Anahi's first TD came when Marty Hutchison plunged over from the 1-yard line. In the second quarter, Ty Salness intercepted an Azusa pass and raced 60 yards for the score. The third TD resulted from a 22-yard pass play from Doug Daniels to Salness late in the third quarter. Luis Torres' third con- version of the night set the score at 21-0, be- fore Azusa scored in the final minutes of the -S game. In the CIF quarter-finals, the Colonists Halfbmk scored a 14-6 victory over the rugged E1 JimMi11ef Rancho Dons. In the second quarter, Ana- heim was forced to punt' from its own 55- yard line. The El Rancho safety called for a fair catch but was unable to hold onto the ball. Howard Whitney quickly pounced on the fumble, and Anaheim took over on the Dons' 21-yard line. Anaheim scored with eight minutes left in the half, with the help of a 15-yard run by Dennis Branchaud, and a goal-line plunge by Marty Hutchison. The half ended with Anaheim leading 7-0. With consistent passing, quarterback Tom Eagan moved the ball to the Colony 7-yard line. --5 However, defensive half Ty Salness inter- -1 cepted Eagan's pass and ran 98 yards down flfglf the sidelines for the second score. 185 End Dan Clayton A fighting Anaheim Colonist football team met its Waterloo in the finals of the CIF "AAAA" championship. Outweighed and run- down by the Loyola Cubs and their star tailback Steve Grady, the Colon- ists expended every ounce of effort they had in com- ing out on the losing end of a 14-3 decision. This, the final encounter of the CIF gridiron season, was played before some 19,000 fans in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Colony dominated play in the first half, scoring on Luis Torres' 28-yard field goal in the second quar- ter. Marty Hutchison picked up most of the first half yardage for the Col- onists. Anaheim held its lead'until the clock showed one minute re- maining in the third quar- ter, when Grady raced 28 yards for the first .Loyola TD. Grady also added the extra point and the score stood at 7-3. Then, mid- way in the fourth stanza, Gradyliterallycrashed through the Colony de- fense for the second score. The PAT made it 14-3. The proud Colonists had gone down to defeat- fighting from start to fin- ish. Anaheim met its long- time rival, Redlands High, 186 C efzler Bob Goodrich for the second time in 1962. This time it was for real blood in the semi- finals of the California Interscholastic Federation championships and, for the second time, the Col- onists brought home vic- tory, this time with a 21-9 decision. Before a turnout of some 15,000 football fans from all over the Southland, the Colony took a 7-0 lead by the end of the first quarter of play. 'Anaheim scored with 1:35 left in the first period as fullback Marty Hutchison ' Halfbark Alan Schaiblc End Ty Salness Guard Wtmcidy Harpole raced 26 yards for the touchdown. Luis Torres converted to make it 7-0. Redlands scored early in the second quarter, but failed to get the PAT and the half ended with Ana- heim in the lead, 7-6. Ana- heim fans received a scare when Redlands took a short-lived 9-6 'lead after Kurt Zimmerman's third quarter field goal. After Colonists Win Larry Minter 1341 yields to the hands of two Costa Mesa defenders as Jim Miller 1521 prepares to lend Minter a helping hand. Anaheim defeated the Mesans 48-6. the kickoff following the score, however, the Col- ony built up a lead that was never relinquished. Anahi star Hutchison moved the ball 28 yards in hve consecutive plays to make it 14-9, after Tor- res converted. In the final stanza, quarterback Doug Daniels, went to the air on a 23-yard pass play that moved the ball to the Ter- riers' 13-yard line. On the next play he flipped the pigskin to end Ty Salness, who raced into the end- zone for the final score. The PAT ended the scor- ing at 21-9. Center Mike Kelly lj. 1, . l ,1 1 , .l -... N. sb' J X iliitl-i Y 557: , - -E - 'ill N h 1 ' f' . L e Halfbarle Mark- Fisher 119' fzix Z' ...LX Emi Bob jacobel Tackle Roy Luttrull Halfback Manuel Rodriquez 0 . . .Manager Manager B111 BUMHHIOI1 Ronald Bassett unset Lea ue Titl 3 'UE ,SP 'Ya Manager Larry Fisher A host of Colonist defenders pursue a Western offender in the game where the Colonists defeated Western 27-14. Ty Salness 145, gets a firm grip on the Pioneer and hauls him Manager down. Other Colonists are Tom Hutton f17j, Dan Clayton 1371, and Luis Torres f46j. Paul Bfufe Qualifying second 'for the Sunset League title, this year's JV squad of Anaheim High tallied six wins, two losses, and one forfeit. The first loss came in a pre-season game when Chaifey dumped the Colonists, team 13-0. Making a quick recovery and managing to keep their spirit high, 'Anaheim rallied back with five consecutive wins. The first win came against Redlands, 7-6, followed closely by Newport, 20-0. Then the Morrisonmen faced the 9 9 Fullerton Indians whom they downed 26-0. And next came S S a Rancho Alamitos which proved to be Anahi's biggest upset, 9 34-6. The last of the five consecutive wins was Westn ister, 52-20. Then the winning streak halted as Santa Ana for- feited. Finally 'came Costa Mesa whom the JV's defeated 14-0. Then Western defeated Anahi 27-14. U W gp' ' 9 A W " Biii gi 'Eg Btfffibsgllqzss Q qi . l ..-, - fi " .muh ,V ,... Q ' -. my Qi I W 'F-' 7-Q .. J., .IQ X ,TA I -15 0 I I s'?q, x Z"'aA , R a 392 .E Sa t- , fv for fxc' fiifsr-vffs in n J gh, f Y JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL - TOP ROW: B. Monaco, R. Owens, D. Scott, L. Peter- son, T, Rodgers, J. Hamlin, P. White, B. Welcher, and H. Smith. SECOND ROW: T Davis, J. Runsvold, R. Giles, J. Hamilton, L. Day, G. Palmeri, L. Nolan, and G. Breed THIRD ROW: T. Jacobs, R. Baker, M. Wright, J. Del Rosso, A. Camba, J. Hudleson, R Scheen, B. Vandezande, B. Cornelus, and B. McKinesey. Head Coach As,v't. C oath Donovan Morrison Dennis Fitzpatrick 188 . l -v 1- . , -34- Strog, and R. Bodine. BOTTOM ROW: J. Antrim, R. Shotr, C. Minter, J. Sullivan, B. Posting a six win, two loss, and one tie record, this year's Anaheim B squad captured a third place in Sunset League. Pre-season play predicted a successful season as Anahi romped over Chaffey 27-0 and Redlands 7-0. At the start of league play, however, the going got rough, but Anahi managed to pull through with a 20-14 win over Newport. Long time rival, Fullerton, ' . proved unsuccessful against Anahi as the Colonists downed g e the Indians 18-0. Rancho Alamitos fell to Anahi 15-0. West- minster almost defeated the Colonists in a dual that ended 13-15. When the time rolled around for the Santa Ana Saints to face the Liebhartmen, the Saints captured a 17-0 win. The disheartened Colonists then defeated Costa Mesa 13-6, and dropped their final battle to Western 14-6. Q , Yr . 46 , ,I Q 4 I bu ,,- V4 A I 1 '31 , MJ N' 3.3! ' j 4! . PE. 5 ,, , B FOOTBALL - TOP ROW: J. Wright, D, Eager, R. Davin, T. Collins, A. Anderson, R. johnson, G. Howell, D. Holden, and T. Larson. SECOND ROW: T. Patterson, H. Epp, j. Miller, A. Rincon, B. Cross, B. Abbott, D. Magill, L. Burnett, and A. Wright. THIRD ROW: B. Merk, M. Brooks, P. Power, J. Eagleson, P. Meger, D. jones, and J. Spielman. FOURTH ROW: J. Pharris, G. Graham, S. Stanley, M. Mahoney, E, Graig, B. Thornton, D. Harding, and D. Ashbaugh. BOTTOM ROW: V. Pewthers, J. Estrada, T. Mattingly, A. Anton, P. Edgerton, A. Neighbors, D. Curtis, and M. Pfutzenreuter. As.t't.' C oacb Head C oacb William Miller Don Leibhart 189 C's Win First Place on 6-2- '+ Record for '62 Head C oarb Marty Hicks Anaheim's C's used a sparkling defensive unit to pick up another Sunset League first place title which they shared with Newport. In nine games Coach Hick's team yielded only 45 points. The inspired boys shut out six opponents on their march to the league championship. Chaffey was the Colony's first victim, falling by a score of 19-0. San Gabriel hit Anaheim with its first setback. Anaheim opened league play by tying with Newport 13-15. A near miss by the Colony came when they defeated Fullerton 2-0. Rancho Alamitos fell easily 20-0. C FOOTBALL-TOP ROW: E, Hernandez, L. Chrystal, B. johnson, S. Carmelo, N. Alvaney, F. Mastromatteo, E. Pitcher, G. Farrens, J. McClure, and G. Schnaibble. SECOND ROW: J. Neidiger, G. Nei- diger, J. Koss, D. Reed, F. Figueroa, B. Lappe, D. Mann, S. Potts, B. '17 L A.ts'l. Conch Bob Hager With spirit and goals set high the C squad faced West minster who whalloped the Colony 25-7. Santa Ana found it impossible to find pay dirt as Anahi defeated them 18-0. Costa Mesa, new members to the Sunset League, fell to the Colonist graces 49-0. Last but not least, the Colonists faced Western whom they clobbered 20-0. Coaches Marty Hicks and Bob Hager found that their efforts to produce a championship team were not wasted. At the season's end, Anaheim's C team tied with Newport for first place. This rating was attained through a spirited team drive. Ruine, and j. Collins. THIRD ROW: H. Zellbaum, J. Freeman, C Atkins, L. McLellan, B. Kliss, N. Burke, R. Pina, L. Bressler, and A Kinker. BOTTOM ROW: R. Brown, H. Renner, D. Worley, R. Lussiei B. Gillard, J. Van Rv, A. Rodriquez, and L. Hawkins. . 31.5 Q Y 5' . 5 l T fs t ff ' 'T " 1 A, . , S .. .. v'lf 'F 'FJ if l90 .....,.-is-3. .. .- v- - .- --. L F-: ' - -Nl as ---7. - I-1 :S -- X Y V N W J V1 '1'1 .fig ' ,- Y. F -.. .jf-ifii' iff A ' '4 l ' ,4.I " 'BY' gf1'1kStf' -' A V' S ' r f "'1 4 ' ', f V' l ' .ff 1 " 4.-f A -H ' ' V V. V 'W I 5 N I ,:', I BE 5 . 1 " ..-gg-r, --- . ' . il ,," -- - '.,' 4' I - I l 1 1 ' -. 'f-f ' ' 1- if 1 - ' X 4 X ea -.wff ill Wi- lwwf x twin txlbffo, l .l la ll f li . .. ....f,...:'- . 11 -1-l VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY - T. Hood, V. Zayas, M. Rowland, B. Chase, D. Weslosky, and D. McLean. Anaheim High's varsity cross country squad ended time for the Anaheim course - 10:42. Those earn- an otherwise losing season on a high note, winning its last meet of the season, 15-47, against Costa Mesa. The thinclads lost their f1rst six meets of the season, suf- fering defeat against West- ern, 15-47, Newport Har- bor, 17-45g Fullerton, 27- 285 Rancho Alamitos, 25-31, Westminster, 15-50, and Santa Ana, 19-37. fNote: the lowest score wins in cross countryj. Although the Anaheim varsity compiled a disap- ointing record for the 1962 Duane Cain season, Coach Duane Cain is looking forward to next year's team with great expectations. Next year's var- sity team expects to have six returning lettermen, whereas this year they had only two. Another bright spot for the Colony was Tom Hood's record tying I H end C oam P ing varsity letters this year were Mark Rowlandfl' om Hood, Dick Herr, Don Wfeslosky, Bob Chase, Don McLean, and Vic Zayas. Of these men, Wesolosky, with 23 pointsg Chase, 355 and McLean, 37, were the team leaders in the Sunset League finals. Finishing strong late in the season, the Colony junior varsity cross country team ended with a 3-3 won-loss record for the season. Although the junior varsity team started out the season slowly, losing its first two meets of the season to Newport Harbor, 19-52, and Fullerton, 20-123, the harriers started their winning ways by annexing three of their next four meets, beating Rancho Alamitos, 2-34, losing to West- minster, 19-44, and then taking decisions from Santa Ana, 17-46, and Costa Mesa, 15-63. Jerry Sigala tied Tom Hoodis record-tying performance of 10:42 for the Anaheim course en route to victory in the Costa Mesa meet. Anaheim's nine lettermen for the 1962 season were Gerry Bushore, Jim Graham, Larry Landskron, Tom Saver, jerry Sigala, Jim Wambua, Rick Sloan, Craig Symonds, and Walter Waid. ainmen Build for Future l X 'N,IHlEf0f 1 i . C. ms P-H51 Vtoxrsr UWNIS1 W ' ' i 0 'V' ! -'u , .,- 4.1, N "" ' Ulla I Q39-Hffkl H' I M QXWH7 H - Mr f l -, . --s.,-fag f 4,1 7 . i ,mm V .'-1.2176 ' 1' . -lm ff Ann.. I' .!XbH.ClA. JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY-TOP ROW: R. Sloan, T. BOTTOM ROW: C. Symonds, J. Bushore, W. Waid, J. Greedy, J. Saver, j. Wambua, L. Peterson, B. Grothe, D. Shultz, and L. Cannedy. Graham, J. Bushore, R. Moy, and R. Strickland. 191 ar ity Poloists Post 3-9 Record Although 196-5 proved to be a disappoint- ing year for the Anaheim varsity water polo squad, the team showed touches of brilliance at times. After losing their Hrst fivematches of the season to Upland, 11-0, Lakewood, 6-5, Newport, 5-3, Fullerton, 11-1, and Milli- kan, 5-1, the polo- ists won their next A . three by defeating ,-?'i'ff ' Santa Ana, 12-O, ' Jordan, 4-3, and V Western, 8-4. .p However, defeat U , ' stepped into the 1- 5 P- ' iff picture once again X. p V as the Colonists .Q K A Q lost to Santa Ana, -, K., 5-4, Newport, 17- ' H. -- -- 2, Western, 6-1, Head Coach d F ll t 12- Doug Earl an u er On, 3, to finish the sea- son with a 3-9 won-lost record. Lettering for the varsity were Leroy Carlson, Don Laster, Wayne Goddard, Bill Stephens, Mike Smith, Bill Crist, Chuck Payton, Jon Radke, Roger Decker, Terry Reish. Allen Wentz, and Chuck Ianzow. l 1 I l 1 VARSITY WATER POLO-TOP ROW: B. Stephens, J. Radke, W. D. Laster, R. Decker, and M. Huggins. BOTTOM ROW: J. Burke, L. Goodard, and Coach Doug Earl. SECOND ROW: M. Smith, T. Reish, Carlson, R. Wise, and B. Crist. 192 T ,, , i N ,mfg .. aaa., a?c..w,.ga Em Wm 'gb 1:5-a S? A W is ig' W' -- W ...E has Q ! B WATER POLO-TOP ROW: D. Kannard, K. Richardson, P. Poznanoer, T. Morris, and D. Stouffer. BOTTOM ROW: D. Miller, j. Johnson, and D. Karch. Colonist B, C Pole Teams in Average Year C WATER POLO-TOP ROW: A. Pressel, S. Lambert, and S. Turner. BOTTOM ROW: C. Davison, and T, Smith. rife? Wrestlers Showe Excellent Abilit , aried Technique Although 1965 did not prove to be a winning sea- son for the Anaheim wrestling team, it was a year of building for future teams, since much experience was gained. On the season, the Anahi grapplers com- piled a two win, 10 loss record. The Colonists' wins came against Santa Ana 47-8 and Costa Mesa 30-27. Losses came at the hands of Newport, 46-155 Rancho Alamitos, 37-16: Sierra, 41-153 Upland, 50-6, West- ern, 32-19: Garden Grove, 53-21, Fullerton, 41-17: Bolsa Grande, 31-21, Westminster, 51-0: and El Rancho, 48-11. Their two win, 5 loss put them in sixth place in the Sunset League standings. In the League tournament Roy Luttrull won first in the heavyweight class, Larry Callison placed first in the 141 lb. class, and Sonny Beavers took third in the 130 lb. group. WRESTLING TEAM-TOP ROW: D. Morrison, coach, D. Clayton, and J. Hangartner. SECOND ROW: R. Carrillo, H. Smith, and D. Rogers. THIRD ROW: R. Post, L. Callison, and M. Kelly. FOURTH ROW: J. McGreevey, M. Pfutzenreu- ter, and B. Strong. FIFTH ROW: D. Harlow, T. Mattingly, and J. Koss. SIXTH ROW: T. Krauss, J. Huesca, and G. Schnaible. BOTTOM ROW: B. Worley, R. Renner, and B. Matlock. Ass't. C oath Head C oath Don Morrison john Hangartner At the Orange Coast tournament Ana- heim placed fourth in the team competi- tion. Larry Callison and Roy Luttrull finished first in their weight divisions, while Sonny Beavers took third in the 150-lb. weight class. One of the few bright spots in the season was Callison's fifth place finish in the CIF finals held at Long Beach State College. Anaheim's other outstanding wrestler, Luttrull, who went undefeated during the season, was unable to compete in the CIF finals be- cause of a separated shoulder. Lettering for the varsity were Mark Friess, Randy Renner, Bob Worley, Ron Post, Sonny Beavers, jerry Koss, john Huesca, Mike Pfutzenreuter, Tom Mat- tingly, Tom Krauss, Dave Clayton, Dan Clayton, Darrell Rodgers, Roy Luttrull, and Larry Callison, team captain. JV let- termen were Val Camarillo, Steve Sparks, Gary Schnaible, jack McGreevy, Bill Matlock, Dick Harlow, Bill Strong, Mike Kelly, and Harold Smith. Anaheim Wrestlers demonstrate their abilities at various matches. Larry Callison, top right, gets a good hold on his op- ponent in preparation for a pin. Callison placed fifth in CIF. Other Colony wrest- lers attempt to gain points in every weight division where points were desperately needed. Leagu C - hamps F01 VARSITY BASKETBALL-TOP ROW: P. Bruce, P. Watt, G. Miller, G. Wimberly, T. Salness, K. Stevens, and L. Petersen. BOTTOM ROW: D. Schultz, E. Hazlett, R. Sloan, B. Grothe, S. Carpenter, D. Hough, and T. Cross. Guard Guard Center Ty Salness Dick I1 , ' - """, 4 2: 'p 1 .sim , --M "F" 'll' I , 63 Forward Pat Wan '15 'tw' f VE? xl" . .L - --4 in , ' .r Head Coach Don Liebhart Forward Loy Petersen Anaheim's Loy Petersen, Sunset League Player of the Year, earned his title through a superb xperson- al eiiort. Loy tallied 528 points breaking the Sun- set League scoring rec- ord. Petersen played a style of ball all his own and was the main driv- ing force for the Colon- ists. At the end of the sea- son, Loy garnered the top honor when he was named "CIF Player of the Year." 197 n 1 J H , V Q . -L g ,L -4, Forward Ken Stephens Ty Salness 1341 hustles over his opponent for two points. Guard Tom Cross l l 1 Anaheimls hopes for a CIF bas- ketball championship were squel- ched when the Colonist basketeers met defeat at the hands of the West Covina Spartans, 61-47, in the opening round of CIF "AAA" competition. Except for the opening moments, when the Colonists jumped to a 5-2 lead, they trailed the Spartans during the entire contest. By the end of the first quarter, West Covina had built up an 8-5 lead, and the half- time break saw the Spartans ahead 24-16. At one point in the second half, the Colonists cut the Spartans' lead to six points, but were unable to catch them. Ana- heim's Loy Petersen, named Sun- set League "Player of the Year", paced all scorers with 25 points. The loss gave the Colonists a 25-5 won-loss record for the season. i ,gi Forward Dan Graber Tom Cross 4255 goes in strong for much needed field goal. Starting out the season, Coach Don Liebhart's varsity basketeers traveled to Redlands for their first practice tilt. Leading the Terriers at halftime, 15-10, the Colon- ists broke away in the second half to bring home a 42-29 win. Anahi found its next opponent, Ventura, more difficult. By the end of the first half of play, the Colon- ists trailed 25-18. The Anaheim defense made a bfiiiiam stand in the last Colony Basketeers quarter holding their op- ponents to four points. However, the damage had already been done and the e Colony five went down in defeat, 49-45. In their next encounter the Colonists mana ed to hold off a sec ond ialf surge by the Santa Barbara Dons to an- nex a 52-50 decision on the loser's court. In the first round of the Beverly Hills High School tournament, Anaheim blew a 35-26 first half lead to come out on the losing end against Montebello, 63-51, even though Loy Peter- sen scored 29 points that night. Anaheim entered the Consolation flight of the Beverly Hills tournament against Morningside and staged a fourth quarter rally that produced a 52-48 win. Paced by a 21 point effort by Petersen, the Colonists grabbed a close one from Redondo, 52-48, enabling them to enter the finals of the Consolation flight. Anaheim finished second to Bell- fiower after losing a 51-45 decision. Though leading 24-19 at the halftime break, the Colony fell back three points by the three-quarter mark and couldn't make up the deficit. In their first home game of the year, the Colonists held down the Alhambra Moors 51-47. Anahi met early season foe, Redlands, in the first round of the San Bernardino tournament at Pacific High School and clobbered the Terriers in the second half to win easily 51-36. With Petersen scoring 21, and Dick Hough adding 15, Anahi held off Centennial High in the second round. Though ahead by 10 points at half- time, the Colonists saw their lead dwindle to four points before winning 62-58. After leading 28-23 at the half and 41-37 at the end of three quarters, the Colonists faltered in the last minutes to suffer their first defeat of the tournament, losing to San Bernardino 46-45. Anahi met the Santa Ana Saints in the battle for the tourna- ment's third spot and won 52-35, finding the Saints a much less difficult opponent than they were to become later in the race for the Sunset League title. The Colo- nists finished up their practice schedule with a record of eight wins and four losses, paced by the 19.8 point-per- game scoring average of forward Loy Petersen. In the first round of action in the Sunset League race, Anaheim traveled to Newport and made short work of the Tars, winning 56-36. The following week, the Colonists hosted the Fullerton Indians and won 52-44, largely by virtue of Petersen's 26 point scoring effort. Forward Glenn Miller Guard Rick Sloan Guard Bob Grothe Lu...-.J Liebhartmen Posted 13-1 unset League Record The Colonists continued their winning ways by crushing Rancho Alamitos 53-32, on the loser's hard- wood. The Vaqueros trailed Anahi at halftime by an almost insurmountable margin of 12 points. Carrying a 3-0 record into the game, the Colonygcompletely routed the Westminster Lions 65-27. The Lions, total would not even have held up against the combined efforts of Anahi's two top scorers, Petersen, who had 19, and Ken Stephens, who had 11. After trailing at the half 33-18, Westminster managed to score only 9 points during the entire second half, as com- pared with Anaheim's 32. The Colony met its only defeat of the season at the e hands of the Santa Ana Saints in a close 34-32 de- cision in the Anaheim gymnasium. After Santa Ana jumped into the lead at the end of the first half, the two teams played ,r if 'TP - head-to-head ball for the remainder of the game. Leading scorers for the Colony were Petersen, with 13, and Hough, with 11. On the night Anaheim managed to hit for only 25 per cent of its field goal attempts, while Santa Ana scored 27 per cent of the time. This important encounter dropped the Colonists one full game behind the Saints in the race for the Sunset League championship. The league's newest addition, Costa Mesa's Mustangs, invaded Anaheim in hopes of victory, but were stunned by Loy Petersen's 29 point scoring spectacle which paced Anaheim to an 83-69 victory. The Colonists met cross-town rival Western in the last contest of the first round of the Sunset League championship and breezed to a 62'43 win, after leading by 15 points at halftime. Anahi sported a 6-1 record but was still one game behind the Santa Ana Saints. The Colonists opened up the second round by defeat- ing Newport Harbor 66-52, with the help of Petersen's 24 points. The Tars trailed at the half 28-3, and were ., - I -f,-,I-an 5,1 4 . . ,p-as if fp., Manager Tom Patterson 200 never able to close the gap. Anaheim traveled to Fuller- ton and beat the Indians for the second time in the year. Leading 31-22 at the halftime break, Anahi put the game on ice in the second half for a 57-40 win. Anaheim came back to the home courts for the Rancho game and smashed the Vaqueros 75-41, with Petersen's 21, and Pat Watt's 14 points setting the pace. Liebhart's forces vanquished the Westminster Lions 88-26, though, for all intents and purposes, the game was really over at halftime, when the Colonists had amassed a 52-10 lead. Anaheim now faced its most important test of the season. Anaheim carried a 10 win, one loss record " ' 7 i into the Santa Ana Col- ' . lege gymnasium knowing ,. . 2 N that a win would be neces- N I sary in order to gain a first place tie with the Santa Ana Saints. Anaheim, en- tering the game a slight underdog after losing to the Saints earlier in the year, jumped to a 13-8 lead at the end of the first quarter. By halftime the Colonists had extended the advantage to 19-12. In the second half the Saints fought desperately to even the score but could get no closer than four points of Anaheim on any occasion. Leading Anahi in the scor- ing department were Dick Hough, who tallied 14 points, and Pat Watt, who added 10. The Colonists' 49-40 victory put them in an exact tie with the Saints for the Sunset League's first spot, both teams sporting 11-1 records. After defeating Costa Mesa 81-52, and Western 65-36, to finish out the season, the Colonists were still tied with Santa Ana. It was decided by the flip of a coin that Anaheim would be ranked first in the Sun- set League in CIF play-off competition. At the, end of the season, Anahi's Loy Petersen was paid the highest tribute afforded a player in Southern California basketball circles, being named CIF "Player- of-the-Year." ' N QW - Qs.. . F4 0 lr Manager Paul Bruce Gary fr 4' c Y M Q ' t 1 Wimberly 1501 fights against a Westerner for a re- bound. Forwurd Dennis Schultz Pg, 1.. .. -, . 4 N Yu 4 h, as ? Q...-4-. kj 4 , V. 4 , ' 1 4 ,,.Q ,I d gy ..X, 1 ' X-I Dick Hough Q31 goes in for a possible Ken Stephens C531 captures a re two points on a lay-up. bound from a Newport Sallor Guard Forward Steve Carpenter ,fx 31 J Ed Hazlerr I A , 4 Q71 U J AH ' X! X 1 .fE. NA , ' if A 3 f CoWser's Charges Win 1963 unset League ,IV Title IV Coach B Coach Brant Cowser Tom Danley Coach Brant Cowser's Anaheim junior varsity basket- ball team wound up another highly successful season, winning the 1962 Sunset League championship with a 15 win, one loss record. The Colonists' over-all record for the season was 19-2. In practice competition, Ana- heim lost its first game to Ramona 47-55. However, the Colonists bounced back to take their next six in a row, defeating in the process La Habra, 55-265 Santa Ana Val- ley, 72-265 Costa Mesa, 64-515 and Santa Ana, 52-28, to win first place in the Santa Ana junior varsity tourney, and Savanna, 47-51 and 61-29. Anahi started off the season by trouncing Newport, 52-28. The Colonists then added six consecutive wins, beating Fullerton, 59-275 Rancho, 54-525 Westminster, 66-555 Santa Ana, 46-165 Costa Mesa, 61-415 and Western, 54-455 before losing to the eventual runner-up, Newport, 52-45. Fullerton, 60- 585 Rancho, 57-425 Westminster, 74-555 Santa Ana, 42- 555 Costa Mesa, 56-525 and Western, 47-405 then bowed to the Anaheim live. Butch Bray served as captain, and at the end of the year, Tim jolly was selected "Most Valuable Player." Earning junior varsity letters were Jene Alexander, Bray, Bob Chase, jack Hurst, Bob jacobel, Jolly, Russ Koch, Larry Minter, Rick Nelson, Mark Thatcher, Bob Wines, and manager Tom Patterson. 202 Tim jolly f52j teases a defender at a home game. The Colony JV's placed first in their division for Sunset League. B's Annex Crown With 14-0 Record Compiling a perfect 14-0 record, the Anaheim B's completed the Colony's sweep of three out of four divisions by following the varsity and junior varsity teams to the Sunset League championship. Anaheim swept its first eight practice games, handing losses to Loara, 47-185 Sierra, 44-565 La Habra, 41-20 and 51-245 Alhambra, 47-565 Magnolia, 45-495 Santiago, 58-50 and Buena Park, 56-545 before losing to Western, 59-485 and Magnolia, 55-54. Anaheim wrapped up first place by' twice defeating the Newport Harbor Tars, who finished second in the league race. In the first round of Sunset League action, Anahi beat Newport, 46-595 Costa Mesa, 45-525 and Western, 54-55. Coach Tom Danley's charges ,did equally well in the second round defeating Newport, 51-245 Fullerton, 65-545 Rancho Alamitos, 68-255 West- minster, 50-525 Santa Ana, 44-595 Costa Mesa, 46-595 and Western, 65-59. Those earning B letters for 1965 were Mike Alderson, Al Anton, Don Barrett, Ron Davini, Dick Herr, Charlie Jurva, Larry Landskron, Larry Markland, Bill Merk, jerry Pharris, Bob Solberg, Stu Stark, and Mike Stenger. 'i 5 1' .Vg CT 5 M X-I J M lx 2' if Vslilifiilli T-'5'f3QNL.i,'1l QBMRT " 'L A 1 pull! ' " ,M JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL-TOP ROW: J. Alexander, J. Hurst, L. Minter, B. Jacobel, R. Nelson, and B. Chase. BOTTOM ROW: R. Koch, M. Thatcher, T. Jolly, H. Bray, and B. Wines. B BASKETBALL-TOP ROW: S. Stark, M. Alderson, D. Barrett, C. land, and D. Herr. BOTTOM ROW: A. Anton, B. Solberg, M. jurva, and J. Pharris. SECOND ROW: B. Merk, R. Davin, L, Mark- Stenger, and L. Landskron. M F il if- V1 'F '1 C Basketeers Placed Second In Sunset League Head C oacb Marty Hicks C BASKETBALL-TOP ROW: K. Dye,'S. Ravencamp, B. Kliss, and A. Rodriguez. SECOND ROW: L. Chrystal, M. Colgate, K. Ward, and D. Mancinelli. BOTTOM ROW: L. Schmidt, J. Weaver, B. Gillard, and R. Pina. 204 C SEASON RECORD PRE-SEASON GAMES Anaheim 34 Loara 12 Anaheim 21 La I-labra 35 Anaheim 32 Magnolia 24 Anaheim 35 Santiago 24 FIRST ROUND LEAGUE PLAY Anaheim 31 Costa Mesa 34 Anaheim 27 Newport 25 Anaheim 20 Fullerton 25 Anaheim 27 Rancho Alamitos 14 Anaheim 15 Santa Ana 19 SECOND ROUND LEAGUE PLAY Anaheim 32 Costa Mesa 28 Anaheim 27 Western 21 Anaheim 26 Newport 36 Anaheim 41 Fullerton 34 Anaheim 24 Rancho Alamitos 18 Anaheim 45 Westminster 27 Anaheim 37 Costa Mesa 35 Anaheim 18 Western 47 Anaheim 32 Santa Ana 30 Anaheim's C basketball team, the defend- ing Sunset League champs, placed second in the 1963 league race, one game behind the Santa Ana Saints. The Colonists finished up their schedule with an 11-3 record for the season, as compared to the Saints' 12-2 record on the year. Off to a slow start in the first round of competition, the Colonists posted the best record in the second round by win- ning their last six games of the season and closing the gap between them and Santa Ana. At one point in the race, the Saints were three full games ahead of Anahi. Two of the C's most impressive wins came against Santa Ana 31-29, and Costa Mesa 39-57. Ron Pina, Anahi's leading scorer and defensive ace, was named "Best All-Around Player." Be- cause of his outstanding ball control, leader- ship, and defensive and scoring ability, Art Rodriguez was selected "Most Valuable Player" for the C's. Leading the team in the rebounding department were Steve Raven- camp and Bill Gillard, winner of the "Most Improved Player" award. Mike Colgate, an outstanding shooter when the going got tough, and Kenny Dye, who displayed fine all-around ability, filled out the starting "six." Track Became Most Improve port A A After winning their first Sunset League meet in three years and compiling a 3-0 record as this yearbook went to press, Coach Bob Hager's varsity tracksters appeared a large threat to beat some of the finest teams in the League. Hager, with assistant coaches, Duane Cain and Norm Barrington, stated that the new-found success could be attributed to the fact that his team was no longer handicapped by the lack of talent brought about by the split-up three years ago when Savanna and Magnolia were formed. Anaheim picked up its only loss of the season when beaten by Magnolia 60-44. In this, the first event of the year, the Colonists were sparked by Jim Watkins, double wins. In all, Anahi won five out of 12 first places. In their first Sunset League meet, the Colonists defeated Newport Harbor 56-47. Anaheim showed good depth in this outing, though only winning five out of 12 events. Rick Sloan set a new broad jump record in this meet. At Fullerton, the Colony tracksters scalped the Indians 64-40, with Watkins, Manual Rod- riguez, Ty Salness, and Dennis Ruble turning out their best performances in their respective events. In defeat- ing Rancho Alamitos, Anaheim took 11 out of 12 firsts, and five out of eleven seconds. The Colonists finished fifth in the Santa Ana Relays. if llfvfi ' 'K - . .F-.rn A , '1 '4 VARSITY TRACK--TOP ROW: A. Metz, D. Clayton, T. Salness, J. Samson, C. Sides, M. Fisher, B. Chase, O. Barber, and B. Sauer. SEC- - ' . -'N' .- I ,nf - .J,.- .-W' 4 '.-' "'- -rea. , - - w, ,-,ig-X-. -.. .wr as ..., ' .5 -.1 Ez. ,A . -., swrrs, fe. ,.., .xi . ' 'P is . ., - ,., V.. , .,,. . ' l. " Y -r r, .. ., .- M. --. .v-.4 J V5 up is , gf, , . 5.50 gli' -.yi " . : 1, . Q - xv Legs 3-xr-3, 1.12.- ' r 1 -A , 1 . . L - t -... ,. .. ,.'.w.3fiL-.lil ' -' LLL? S. Rees, R. Balmages, J. Wambua, and J. Snyder. BOTTOM ROW: R. Bassett, J. Sigala, D. Wesolosky, M. Rodriguez, J. Dena, M. Hutchi- OND ROW: B. Wechsler, H. Whitney, B. Jacobel, R. Sloan, J. Witte, son, M. Rowland, D. Ruble, J. Watkins, S. Hanlon, and J. Collins. 205 7' ,y gi. ,t A , '-mg. uni is i 'N. fl' A Q lianQ ssl' Head Coach Bob Hager Rick Sloan, top varsity, high jumper, strains to clear high jump bar. Marty Hutchison, left, and Mark Roland, right, leap for victory. Sprinter, Ron Negrette, comes in first. J P4 X xiii- .' J 1 '--, -,i,, .--i- sl ,, .E .4.,,, 206 4-.. ,"": ' , ,. W., . V- Q--.-.W 1 - 1' --.1 -. ' . , . :X e .-, A.-f 5 i, . on , . ,i,-,.T ' 3, 3" mx- J N pirited printers Posted Improved TRACK SEAS N Rick Sloan easily clears the bar in a pole vault event. Q.. Ass't. Coach Dwain Cain Manual Rodriguez finishes first for Anaheim. One of the highlights of the 1962 track season was Rick Sloan's record-setting high jump effort in the Newport Harbor-Anaheim track meet. Sloan jumped to a record height of 6'5", bettering the school record of 6'2V2" set in 1959 by Dennis Vollom, and tied by Bill Brittain in 1961. Also among the record-Setters was the C 440 yard relay team, composed of Gary Glass, Mark Nitchke, Gary Schmidt, and Frank Figueroa. They came in with a time of 46.9 topping previous bests. Ass't. Coach Norman Barrington 'I Q, A 41 - ,J . his L 4 C pole vaulter easily clears for a successful jump. 207 B TRACKSTER Showed Potential As Year Proceeded Anaheim's B's compiled a 5-0 record in Sunset League competition and looked like a team to watch in the loop race. In the first meet of 1965, the Colonists defeated Loara 66-51, and Magnolia 60- 55, in a double-dual outing. Though weak in the field events, Anaheim eked out a 49-46 win over the Newport Har- bor Tars, paced by the double wins of Darrel Hickman and Bob Vandezande. Picking up nine out of two first places, the Colonists won over Fullerton 64-51 Bill Cross, Tom Mattingly, Gary Howell, Dick Herr, and Stu Stark were all win- ners. Anaheim won first in every event to beat Ranch 81-10. B TRACK-TOP ROW: J. Bushore, C. Symonds, O. Kennedy, D. Hickman, J. Hamilton, and L. Burnett. SECOND ROW: S. Fowler, S. Stark, G. Cano, D. Harding, M. Mahony, P. Peterson, and R. Conrad. BOTTOM ROW: B. Cross, B. Vandezande, D. Herr, T. Hood, J. Estrada, J. Veyna, G. Hewitt, and J. Eagleson. 208 ex hi .'Q .Jn . r. . S, wp? 32 i X W xii, C Thinelads Built For 1964 Season ll' 3 I x ,, -P' l . l I X- v " A 5" . ' A A . ' h U , V ' ' '- 'V A ,fu xuu. is . f - -J! - y 5 EJ .ll ' lg l P .'. -..-74 A 'FQ C TRACK-TOP ROW: R. Negrette, B. Gillard, j. Lawson, C. Kelly, A. Vega, A. Schaible, and R. Pina. SECOND ROW: E. Hernandez, J. Bushore, S. Carmelo, J. Koss, S. Koellen, R. Nitchke, R. Moy, and J. ., Q I ' Y , wiza- Though not as successful as the Varsity and Bls, the C's fashioned a one win, two loss record at presstime. The Anaheim contingent lacked experience, but will provide valuable material for next year's higher division teams. Anahi started out the year defeating Magnolia 64-21, and Loara 69-16, in a double-dual meet. Against New- port, the C's lost a close one 45M-42V2. Russ Moy, Gary Schmidt, Ed Hernandez, Bob johnson, and Leroy Stewart all picked up wins. At Fullerton, the Colonists showed a definite lack of depth, though they picked up six out of a possible ten first places. Frank Figueroa was a double winner, taking both the 100-yard dash, and the 180-yard low hurdles. The Colony lost to Fullerton 55-31. Anahi annexed a 64-22 win from Rancho Alamitos, on the strength of wins by Steve Fowler, Ron Negrette, Alex Vega, Hernandez, Stewart, Johnson, and Figueroa. Huesca. BOTTOM ROW: L. Reineke, G. Glass, L. Schmidt, F. Figue- roa, S. Fowler, F. Bressler, T. Fredrick, and L. Stewart. I x 3 , y , 4 sl JS 05 ik t X 4 x . . J U L .L Q if V' E 4. -E . I x ll-ll A rl rq .,, .ef -1,1 5 . up , fig? at V 31, vp 1- M f . 17,- ET, F ,HL W .il X nl 7 Xl n. I pq' I l 'X i X X A .. N . -1' . lm-fl! ..x uh A 209 Hand Coach John Wallin Pitcher Dick Baney delivers a fast ball during competitive action at La Palma stadium. VARSITY BASEBALL-TOP ROW: D. Bryce, L. Burton, D. Baney, naheim Baseballers ade Hustling Bid For League Honors Coach john Wallin's Colonists looked like a sure bet to finish high in the Sunset League standings, when, at deadline time, the Anaheim nine sported a record of one win, no losses, and one tie. Trailing 1-0 in the top of the first, Anaheim came back with three runs in their half of the inning, added four more in the second, and scored the final marker in the fourth to whip Paramount 8-2. Colony flinger Dave Bryce got credit for the win. Able to collect only five hits, the Colonists went down in defeat against the Whittier Cardinals 5-3, in the season's second practice game. After going the regulation seven innings with neither team scoring, Anaheim fell as La Mirada scored twice in the eighth to win 2-0. Behind the pitching efforts of Dick Baney and Bob Monaco, who allowed only two hits between them, the Colonists nipped Chaf- fey 3-1. Highlighting the game was Ron Davini's first inning home run. In the Hrst game of the Sunset League season, Anaheim battled Newport Harbor to a 1-1 tie for nine innings, before the game was called on account of darkness, and rescheduled for a later date. Anahi trailed 1-0 for six innings, but tied things up in the sixth. Unloading a 13 hit attack sparked by Gary Schmidt's third inning homer and second baseman Doug Daniels' four hits, the Colonists beat Fullerton 9-2. res. BOTTOM ROW: G. Schmidt, T. Cross, J. Sorenson, D. Daniels, B. Monaco, P. Bruce, A. Kiphut, D. Clayton, R. Davini, and I.. Tor- S. Betts, P. Dinkler, T. Morales, E. Gonzales, and D. Schaper. ' f-W 210. j Itjefy I I iiitylffliltanlsrhk f7inlIfini..f.i Gary Pete Schmidt Dinkler . Nirur : if L uoilfinistfi il,nUcinit-Toi Dick Alun Baney Kiphut if tu, ' , i Terry David Morales Brvce Steve john Betts Sorenson i 7 Q?jQ L, i fill isfii F! B e t wil WM 151512 Bob Monaco pi W Vn,e Hr V 'ox-:Ax i e"CoI1 dnishi Collcfnzsfg 1. Ron Louie Davini Torres , I 51552 , i?U1ifi7l1Sfs IH n..t sIfS'fSZf Dliiiis 7 X W fm v ' U . f i fb On ci ll mfr Q Ou fin lsfei fgiflifs cifffln BLarry 'gem 5' -I flbi'A'T I i'-- B iifoilbnwfpke 'uollinifi 211 .,.- Q Pj! XX SOPHOMORE BASEBALL-TOP ROW: B. Solberg, R. Saugstad, T. Rincon, -I. Miller, and J. Navarrette. BOTTOM ROW:,J. Adams, S Collins, L. Nolan, M. Thatcher, J. Pharris, and K. Vanderwest. SEC- Knoeller, A. Rodrigues, J. Feazel, G. Graham, D. Curtis, N. Berger OND ROW: R. johnson, L. Markland, B. Abbott, B. Sheehan, A. and G. Monroe. ,Q 5' 4 . . ,, . .1 ' U w uf JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL-TOP ROW: M, Merk, J. Hurst, H. Gregg, T. Stephenson, J. Alexander, and R. Carrillo. BOTTOM ROW: M. McGuire, R. Kock, E. Craig, D. Kennedy, D. Dick, and D. Hough. 212 1 l Colony Horsehiders Sought Top pot in Sunset League Race With Two Early Wnls After compiling a mediocre 2-1-1 record in practice competition, Coach jack Lee's junior varsity baseball players jumped into the first spot in the Sunset League standings with two straight wins against no defeats, as this book's deadline arrived. The Colonist liorsehiders hosted Paramount in their first encounter of the season. Paced by left fielder jim McGuire, who -scored three runs and contributed two hits, Anaheim soundly whipped the Pirates 6-2, on the Colony diamond. In their next practice game, the Colon- ists whalloped the Whittier Cardinals 8-2, with effective pitching from winning flinger,Hal Gregg. Anahi scored four times in the sixth inning to put the game on ice. Scoring once in each of the first three innings, the jV's held a 3-2 lead i ntheir clash with the La Mirada Mata- dors. However, La Mirada scored twice in the fifth to grab a 4-3 lead before the Colony tallied the tying run in the sixth. In their last practice game the Colonists lost to the Chaffey Tigers 5-3. After leading 2-1 through four innings, Anaheim blew the contest as Chaffey scored four times in the fifth. Anaheim started our the regular season with a close 3-2 win over Newport, being led by Bob Abbott's three hits. Anaheim grabbed its second straight win by beating Fullerton 3-1 in back of the spectacular no-hit pitching of Jene Alexander. The Indians' only run was unearned. Pitchercilene Alexander takes his turn at bat against Santa Ana. Alexan er pitched a two-hit shut-out. i., 22:-0 IV Coarb Sophomore Coach Jack Lee Bill Miller ophs Started olid Season Anaheim's sophomore baseball team got off to a fly- ing start in the 1963 season. Under the expert guidance of first year coach Bill Miller, the sophs had compiled a 7 win, one loss, one tie record as deadline time arrived. In their first skirmish of the year, a practice tilt, the Colonists clubbed Magnolia, 11-3 on the home diamond. The sophs followed this up by shutting out the Sunny Hills Lancers 9-0. Traveling to Whittier for their next non-league contest, the Colony nine held the Cardinals scoreless to annex a 10-0 win. Though trailing 3-1 at the end of the second inning, Anaheim scored 17 times in the next five innings to Walk away with a 18-5 win from the La Mirada Matadors. The Colonists battled Chaffey for eight innings, only to gain a 2-2 tie with the Tigers. The sophs found the go- ing rougher than in the early season as they absorbed the first loss of the season, bowing 7-3 to Sunny Hills, a team which they had shutout earlier in the season. The Colonists got back into their winning ways by defeating Santa Valley twice 12-2 and 12-1. Turning in a couple of steady performances, Pitcher Reg Saugstad received credit for both Anaheim wins. Rancho Alamitos proved no match for the tough Colonist contingent, losing by the one-sided score of 10-2. 213 naheim Swimmers howed Fine Potential nder New Direction VARSITY SWIMMING--Bill Stephens. Paul Frank, Mike Smith, Wayne Goddard, Randy Wise, and Bill Crist. Anaheim's B and C swimming teams compiled records identical to that of the varsity, each having three wins and two losses. In their two practice encounters, the B's were beaten by Millikan 45-37, losing out on the last event of the meet, but downed Upland 68-11. During Sunset League competition the B's were defeated by Fullerton 51-34, and lost to Newport 45-37, again dropping the decision on the last event of the meet. Anahi then won the next three, out- pointing Rancho, 72-95 Westminster, 62-28, and Santa Ana, 67-10. The C's lost to Millikan 52-249 and defeated Upland 55- 22. League competition found them losing to Fullerton 54- 255 and Newport, 54-27, before whipping Rancho Alamitos, 54-243 Westminster, 53-24, and Santa Ana, 55-22. Bill Crist broke the existing school record in the C 50 yard butterfly with a time of 27.6. 214 Anaheim's varsity swimming team rode the crest of a three game winning streak as the dead- line for the "Colonist" rolled around. Under the capable leadership of first year coach, Doug Earl, the Colony tritons recorded their triple victory string after losing their first four meets of the season, two of these losses coming during practice competition, and two in the course of the regular season's action. The Colonists lost their only two non-league meets of 1963 to Millikan 63-30, and Upland 54- 27. Anaheim lost in Sunset League competition to Fullerton and Newport Harbor by identical scores of 62-32, before defeating Rancho Alami- tos 82-16g Westminster, 79-16, and Santa Ana, 54-40. Coming in with a time of 1:37, the varsity 200 yard freestyle relay team of Terry Reish, Wayne Goddard, Bill Stephens, and Chuck Jan- zow eclipsed the previous school record. In other Sunset League contests, the Colonists tangled with Costa Mesa and Western before competing in the League finals at Newport. X N Xl --4,-I A Y W' -. - 'M .. r.. 4 A, :ewan B, C SWIMMING-TOP ROW: T. Morris, S. Lambert, R. Decker, J. Murray, and A. Pressel. BOTTOM ROW: D. Stouffer, L. Carlson, G. Farrens, D. Magill, J. Burke, B. Fischle, and D. Laster. SECOND R. Cook, H. Fellbaum, D, Karch, and D. Kzmnard. ROW: K. Richardson, D. Dom, D. Miller, S. Turner, P. Poznanter, Z1 W' 11" Q K PT' - ,V E: .. X 1 A -, - A ' ,,,1, ci" ' .- -F --- ----- --- ' g. ' W., , gb. new-' -I" ,. J.. .Q - , ,'-,J .A , --,.v -- - :'ftn.T'f-1 D ll 1+ I- V ,-A. -'GP' .n...,.. , M, .Y LA- rr, lr-uni' +3 '.---' ""-1' '3""aE" --.-.- ' 4' I fx Head C ouch Doug Earl W Q' I .f lv 5 , D Tb W if j.. .pf ' x 1 W d I V - GYMNASTICS-TOP ROW: D. Bayer, J. Payne, D. Rodgers, T. Smith, D. Fager, R. Walker, R. Renner, and Coaches D. Morrison and R, Amster. SECOND ROW: R. Hernandez, B. Worley, J, Mason, M. Malone, D. Araya, F. Carver, S. Breunle, and J. Wright. THIRD ROW: F. Mastromatteo, J. Long, L. Day, B. Runion, G. Hopkins, K. Colon mn asts ree or Lanius, F. DeFalco, and E. Knapp. FOURTH ROW: G. Schmidt, J. Butters, G. Giroux, T. Harding, B. Davis, S. Wilson, P. Coleman, D. Swaine, and S. Sowder. BOTTOM ROW: W. Anson, L. White, B. Hoyt, B. Bryce, G. Heckenlaible, P. Stevens, G. Proctor, G. Perkins, and J. Sovela. Displaye kill fe Although handicapped by a shortage of experienced gymnasts, 1 Coach Ron Amster's Anaheim gymnastics team compiled a respectable 2-2 record in dual meets as the deadline for this publication arrived. The Colonists started out the season against Lakewood, losing 75- 45, despite Sid Sowcler's four firsts. After losing a three-way meet to El Rancho and Wilson, Anahi placed second in' the Long Beach tourney, defeating Santa Fe 89-51, nabbed sixth, at the El Rancho Invitational, and defeated Ganesha and Long Beach Poly 47, 45V2, to 27, before losing to Excelsior 61-59. ..: 4 .tiff .5 ' - 1443 51 1' . ug? rf W 7:2-iigfjfgge.. f "' "H L4 if 'f T""'f ill uc"--"iff: Fixx Head Coach Ronald Amster ABOVE: Sid Sowder, CIF finalist, demonstrates ms excellent technique and f ability while executing the "Iron Cross." In the first photo Sid begins the diffi- cult move, and the second photo shows a successful completion. RIGHTS' Ed- - ' ward Knapp, varsity gymnast, demonstrates his ability in a parallel bar hand stand. 21 6 A Anaheim golf coach, john Hangartner, views the form of first man, Kirk Hanen. Golf gain Made Part of naheim thletic Program The Colony fielded a golf team in 1963, after golf's two year absence from Anahi's interscholastic athletic program. This two-year lay-off had a noticable effect on the teamis performance, but there was no lack of interest on the part of the team members who turned out for prac- tice in surprising numbers. Though the Colonists lost their first two matches of the season, both practice encounters, to the Sunny Hills Lancers 27-9 and 26-10, Coach john Hangartner was hopeful that the experienced gained would be of value in Orange County Golf League competition. Kirk Hanen played in the number one spot for Anaheim, fol- lowed by Ken Dye, Conrad Hudgens, Bob Wines, Ray Giles, and Larry Harney, who rounded out the starting six. VARSITY GOLF-TOP ROW: R. Giles, R. Orlow, M. Farrell, B. Bartels, C. Hudgens, R. Aulerich, and L. Harney. BOTTOM ROW: K. Hanen, j. Parsons, K. Dye, J. Graham, J. Freeman, and T. Chambers. 7 . ,W 1' l 5- r if f : 1 1 " . .X 4 . , . 'Y 33 217 zu., .. 5.-. . Y 7--1. , .1--1 - 1 ' 7:-'ll'--H, 4 1 ,z: .A?l'7" ' is-nw-.1T. f l 779. . - M1 ' A x ll pa--'W -' ,. A X ' 1,4 A. ' 1 . -bfi ' ., ' ' V - 'tg ' H ' 'g,, , 5: .ggzfvwb D Ill :Q 'QQ-1 ' !A lr ' Y , " 'A I- ,, , J - . V 'Jill x ii" , "-I" i' :1 1. "' ' .Thai TC'IlIli.Y Co zrb ""' N ,V ' Glenn Heine , --! 1 .slll .ll iw 5' ills RACKET " ' d A I R P f 1 J k M 11' 1. f h ' h 3 6 H HIPPGSSIVQ ailinnissfgfifnafffem Sifiifffedlill plleillggdgnpliglli Efiiifif howing For naheim al- VARSITY TENNIS-TOP ROW: Larry Uhlich, Mike Reeske, Gene Pearson, and Charlie Jurva. BOTTOM ROW: Jack Messamer, Gil Montano, Mike Wfaldmun, and Ron Post. 218 l JITJNIOR VARSITY-TOP ROW: Bill Bufnngton, Robert Anderson, Lowell Kuehn, and Bill Kliss. BOTTOM ROW: Don Alger, Don Bush, Ray Robertson, and Ron Bush. Hey11e's Junior arsit Team ained EX rience . f ' N l 1 A I . 3 A - 1 , ' gl T 2-1, i . ., 5-14 1 ...Q im x 1 X - - t - " " l. T. ' I M ,- . K' QL, v -N q,n-'rr fy..-..' . ,-... ' f '-rv as X-in N A' te5ST5?'RQ,f5e1s , 1 -Q 3 iff" , n i A 5- Q. One of the surprises of the 1965 athletic year at Anahi was Coach Glenn Heyne's tennis ag- gregation. Long held in the background by rea- son of poor performance and lack of interest, this year's tennis squads were a constant threat to most of their opponents. The varsity started off by losing a close match to Newport Harbor 17-11. Bounding back from defeat, the Colonists wiped out Rancho Ala- mitos, 25V2-2V2g and defeated Westminster, 20- 8g before losing to Santa Ana in a rout,25V4-223. Jack Messamer, Charlie Jurva, Gil Montano, and Larry Uhlich composed the starting four in singles, with the Gene Pearson-Mike Reeske duo and Mike Waldman and Ron Post competing in doubles. Anaheim's junior varsity lost by V2 point to Newport MM!-1323. The Colonists then defeated Rancho, ZIVZ-5V2g and Westminster, 25-23 though falling to Santa Ana, 19Mi-SM. lil l 3.0 -tr 4 , ., I M. wi. V, ' ' 1 effvfvf-'iffl'-i -?- Tris.,-,,si-f V I Q13--tg if "ith Sri? an - i it ' 1 t swear- a oh, ,, -,. jxg ,I 'Q xr-'ii FM fisejgj X L 's W5 pu 1 sr 5 f,'L.':E-ggi J' ,,. .. , ' g 2 -as -- W , v V - V .- fl, A L 'O ' " ff" I . , ,. 1 ,.,-,g 1 1 E - 1 A ,.f,,7 rw, , 4 rr rr- 1255:-'i.',-'-.1iP1' 219 w -1g'f-----W l . GAA CABINET-TOP ROW: E. DeVos, L. Shigekawa, K. Larson, L. Katz, M. Miller, J, Cook, C. Lund- quist, and L. Wiley. BOTTOM ROW: E. Drake, D. Mason, S. Backus, J. White, K. Callen, and J. Salness. A , .M .'. , aj -1 H 7 ' 3 ' Uinghw I - - 5 F! . . 2-OLODHSTS GAA President Sharon Backus Mrs. Diane Taylor, junior adviserg Mrs. Joan Fee, senior adviserg and "Girl of the Year" Mrs. Marilyn Paul, sophomore adviser. Gi-LAC BI ET Led Group to Success Developing team spirit, cooperation, and sportsmanship through participation in competitive sports were the members of the Girls' Athletic Association. Mrs. Joan Fee, senior adviser, Mrs. Diane Taylor, junior adviser, and Mrs. Marilyn Paul, sophomore adviser, offered guidance during the year. GAA members enjoyed an eventful year, which was well planned by the GAA cabinet headed by President Sharon Backus. The other officers were Deanna Mason, vice president, who acted as general chairman of all the GAA events held in school, Judy White, secre- tary, who kept a record of all proceedings of the association and the executive board, Ellen Drake, treasurer, who had charge of all funds of the association, Christie Lundquist, sports commissioner, who was in charge of all play days, Karen Larson, publicity chair- man, and Kathy Callen, Girl-at-Large, who helped with all the service projects. Each class had a board representative who reported back to their class all the happenings that occurred at each cabinet meeting. They were Marilyn Miller and Judy Cook, seniors, Linda Shigekawa and Ellen DeVos, juniors, and Kathy Smith and -Jo Salness, sopho- mores. Sport managers were also elected to be in charge of the equipment and various play days scheduled for the year. Managers chosen were Liz Katz, basketball, Royleen Westforth, hockey, and Pam Turnipseed, volleyball. Climaxing the year was the annual GAA banquet held at the Jolly Roger Inn. At this time officers for the coming year were announced and awards given. The main award given at the banquet was the "Outstanding Girl of the Year" award which was awarded to Sharon Backus, GAA president. The board members traditionally present four four-year passes based on skill in sports, high scholastic standards, sincerity, cooperation, high ideals, good sportsmanship, and contribution to GAA. Only qualified seniors were eligible to receive this special privilege. Kathy Callen, Claudia Hall, Charla Hindley, and Judy White were honored with this award. 221 X .y , l 'x, V . NX I SENIOR GAA-TOP ROW: S. Richirdson, j. Cantrell, S. Gosslin, C. Toupal, K. Fauser, M. Shapiro, N. Dyksten, C. Hickman, K. Callen, J. Cook, and M. Koch. SECOND ROW: J. Heinrichs, S. Meyer, J. Hagerbaumer, S. Pletz, M.' Schaal. C. Wagner, M. McConaghy, C. Graham, C. Hall, E. Mittmann, and P. Scott. THIRD ROW: N. Cook 1 E .IORS SET E D RI CTI E YE R Displaying exceptional athletic ability, the outstanding senior players were selected by their respective teammates. Sharon Backus, this year's "Outstanding Basketball Player", is the first girl to ever receive-this same award three years in a 222 S. McAuley, S. jackson, H. Badger, M. Browning, S. Chance, D. Schmidt, C. Miles, D. Ford, M. Miller, and C. Hindley. BOTTOM ROW: C. Currier, J. White, J. Kicr, S. Backus, K. Larson, C. Miles, 1. Raber, E. Ortega, S, Morris, V. Robinson, and D. Mason. row. Chosen for her exhibition of hockey skill was Cathy Toupal, who played the position of center on the second team. After completing their third sport of the season, the senior class chose Eileen Ortega as the "Outstanding Vol- leyball Player." The mighty seniors were successful at the basketball and hockey sports days, where they won all but one game. Seniors also participated in archery, golf, softball, tennis, and badminton. Selected for their fine performance throughout the year were the senior "Girls of the Month." They were Sheri Gosslin, Virginia Robinson, and Kathy Fauser. Recognition for their praiseworthy abilities is certainly deserved by each of these GAA "Girls of the Month" and "Outstanding Players." X72 -nk, eqblvgs-.,,xx E Q Seniors take careful aim. I 52. "GIRLS OF THE MONTH" were Kathy Fauser, Virginia Robinson, and Sheri Gosslin. Sharon Backus dribbles in for another basket. "OUTSTANDING PLAYERS" were Cathy Toupal, hockeyg Sharon Backus, basketballg and Eileen Ortega, volleyball. .- M ' ' x aj R O N3 I ri. .A Q giNvf'fi?': 223 4 1 I , . ' 1- 1 . . I Ak J -7-'--, ' ,. 1 4 9 Z W ' A fi ,- M ' l ,k v . PY i""v 1 I ' Hifi ii 1 X -A l i i i l iii :Il E ' Q M Yi U , N 'Th If , - .IT 1 J k I 1 W - wg! L , , L ' g,14f3.j,: llf, n A ,,.+ FHM sw fi 1 is QL-it .ijrzff "'s"""' 'cr' ' '- A ' .,., 1,, - "il" , g, 'HY' -na-ef' ' V, "Outstanding Players" of the junior Class were Liz Katz, hockeyg Nancy junior center goes for ball. Pedlar, volleyballg and Susan Peter, basketball. UNIOR Led the Way for Future GAA Teams A homer for sure. 1 i 224 wi GAA. "Girls of the Month" were Liz Katz, Ellen Drake and Susan Peter. Body mechanics keep girls trim. 1 4 I i l ' A Q . N ' ' S. 5. ' 5 I ag. ' 25 V 9 . fi? il, ljpa ' , Q 6 Ea' 5 25 ei? ' 'I 5, in ii'-'7' Q E A X' fl Y. , 7 if iw' - 4 '11 ' A . ' 5, ,r Q Q ng r j L' Q Q 5' U - ffl 3 f . . I " Y , 4 A' A fl . :' is H l , -' ' I--f 9 ' ' S- a t 4 4. Cf? - l W' L A" ' 1 W W I . it - ,. Q!!! ' 1? f ' -lv ' ,f "N i--lf. u Q p . ,I PM p j I' fp Mx M 4 . Q? A' - vf-i-.X arp,-: is-A: , ,Y at I up V E, JUNIOR GAA-TOP ROW: V. Legg, K. McLaughlin, M. Shirk, C. Fackner, M. Quane, G. Ryan, S. Peter, J. Achor, R. Westforth, L. Elstead, and A. Shiners. SECOND ROW: C. Lundquist, S. Hale, R. Stief, P. Vandenberg, D. Moore, K. O'Brien, D. Mittmann, L. Shige- kawa, K. Helms, A. Scholz, and I. Ing. THIRD ROW: C. Gay, C. r1"'.,P'F 79.- Henderson, J. Webster, M. Majka, B. Punt, C. Vest, K. Loudon, R. Stringer, and J. Parslow. BOTTOM ROW: S. Schmidt, V. Bruce, N. Pedlar, J. Railsback, P. Pebley, E, DeVos, H. Kinstich, and T. Went- worth. Performing various sports with true ability and form were three jun- ior GAA girls who were selected as outstanding players. Chalking up many baskets for her team was the "Outstanding Basketball Player", Susan Peter. Susan helped lead her team to victory by urging them on with good team spirit. Energetic Liz Katz, displaying good sportsmanship and excellent hockey skills, also quali- fied for the title of "Outstanding Player." Nancy Pedlar was chosen by her junior class for her fine and ad- mirable display of volleyball tech- niques. The junior class also participated in tennis, paddle tennis, swimming, and softball. Due to an early dead- line, softball's "Outstanding Player" is not represented here. Throughout the school year, a GAA girl has been chosen once every three months from each class as "GAA Girl of the Month." Cooperation, skill in sports, sincer- ity, high scholastic average, good sportsmanship, and high ideals make up the qualities of a "GAA Girl of the Month." The first junior to re- ceive this important award was Liz Katz for November. Susan Peter, a pert junior was given the honor in February. Selected in May for "Girl of the Month" was Ellen Drake. These girls deserve recognition for their talents. 225 'zu ' a A me . 'M " -1 ' NS f J -A ."3,5L- -A el Q 1 , ...S ng. if '-'rg N. f 325' . -L' A . W 3. , f , . 3, M S.. A 5 .Q ,Y 4,-,, bu . , re .f I 985. 2 V 5 5.1 . 4 I . 4 W. . F , . K l 1 'J i 'V 'W I .ap-A, SOPHOMORE GAA-TOP ROW: K. Smith, B. Briglio, B. Ross, J. Evans, S. Larson, C. Kane, D. Fish, C. Schnaible, P. Turnipseed, and J. Salness. SECOND. ROW: L. McLean, L. Wiley, H. Perkins, C. Quarry, L. Herold, M. Farrens, J. Robertson, L. Nelson, and S. Koff. Let's have a set up! 226 THIRD ROW: H. Garcia, T. Golclwyn, M. Reinemann, K. Weaver, V. Fiene, J. Scott, J. Bystrom, J. Brown, and J. Halapaff. BOTTOM ROW: K. Armeson, K. Foster, J. Fredrick, B. Kendall, C. Miller, C. Schmidt, and M. Mzlncusi. OUTSTANDING PLAYERS: Karen Foster, volleyballg and Mary Farrens, basketball. 1' R,-J ff 12:3-3' . f-'Y A v,, 4 yu! M 1 .V I. 1 il GIRLS A1 OF THE MON 'Q .. TH: Karen Foster, Jo Salness, and Mary OPHO ORE Sophomores bully for the puck. Farrens Newest members of GAA, the sophomore class, also car- ried out the tradition of select- ing outstanding players for the year 1962-63. Mary Far- rens, forward, won the honor of "Outstanding Player" in the competitive sport of bas- ketball. Contributing her tal- ent to the hockey team was hard-hitting Jo Salness, who was selected by the sophomore class as an exceptional athlete. Helping to subdue many op- ponents was swift sophomore Karen Foster, who excelled in the sport of volleyball. Be- cause of an early deadline, the "Outstanding Player" for soft- ball is not represented here. There are several require- ments that each "Outstanding Player" must fulfill. These all- important factors are high ideals, cooperation, good Work, Gain Experience During Active Season sportsmanship, sincerity, high scholastic standards, contribu- tions to GAA, and skill in sports. The outcome of the selection of every "Outstand- ing Athlete" is based on those qualities. Selected from the sopho- more class to reign as "Girl of the Month" were Mary Far-- rens, jo Salness, and Karen Foster. All these girls are to be con- gratulated for their skill and contributions to GAA. 227 "1 w- x A' 'Fl i' f 1 i P' ' s .N' l ac-, GAA BASKETBALL FIRST TEAMS-TOP ROW: J, Cantrell, K, V. Robinson, D. Mason L Stedium K Vollom M Quane P Van Larson, M. Farrens, T. Goldwyn, H. Garcia, C. Vest, J. Robertson, C. Schmidt, D. Fish, J. Webster, and C. Henderson. SECOND ROW: C. Hindley, S. Gosselin, A. Shiners, L. Katz, S. Backus, J. Wfhite, 1. Kier, P. Turnipseed, V. Fienne, C. Currier, and G. Ryan. THIRD ROW- SE IO S T OPPED F PORT During the first quarter of school all GAA girls were seen prac- ticing basketball. The first three weeks were devoted to drills, putting everyone back in shape after summer vacation. After this ,tedious chore was over the competition began. One of the favorite sports in GAA was hockey. Since this game was entirely new to the sophomores, lack of experience hindered their first season greatly. Hockey to the juniors was no longer new and they were always prepared to meet any challenge. This year their season record showed much improvement. The senior hockey team one completed the year with no losses in any sports day which undoubtedly made them city champions. 228 denberg, S. Peter K Fauser J Scott J Salness and P White BOTTOM ROW K Callen, C Hall S Morris R Westforth J Raber, T. Wentworth C Miles E DeVos and K Foster en- ' 1 I . .1:. 'iii QW 'J .X I . SOPHOMORE HOCKEY - TOP ROW: C. Schmidt, K. Foster, C. Kane, J. Scott, L. McLean, and J. Salness. BOTTOM ROW: H. Garcia, M. Reinemann, M. Farrens, j. Robertson, and T. Goldwyn. JUNIOR HOCKEY-TOP ROW: L. Elstead, A. Shiners, K. Mc- Laughlin, C. Vest, C. Henderson, and C. Lundquist. BOTTOM ROW: N. Pedlar, G. Ryan, j. Par- slow, J. Railsback, and J. Webster. SENIOR HOCKEY-TOP ROW: C. Hall, K. Fauser, S. Backus, K. Callen, J. Cantrell, M. Browning, D. Mason, and C. Currier. BOT- TOM ROW: J. Raber, C. Miles, and C. Hindley. F1 ' W Q?" F L - - 4 ' X by I , NS' " f ' " W V -L..k .- .rlxfv .. G . I., l. . . an 1. Eff.. .v gn f F eil gl ' -"f'7""TY" 'K 1 ..f . . N Cu: if ....- V 'B SQA f A . '24 . ug' . Y' T Q' ' f .QX - 3 GQQA GQLA . it ,. ggi. If f,f .E i i' 2 4 fl. ' ::i::5' t . W S I 'z H- ' ' H 4 ' ,f vii ' , '. F f MA. qi. V13 . -at few ' . E X , Y Z tx V ,fl lg. 1 ., iyy. diff' if . L'l,..,v,-1 if I --1-11-.41 f up mug: '-V V . ,ff ai ' . - . ..-. . 'e w - 1, 1 . .zi242f+ 2' fed Q.. filil'-T?'5'1. . W . ' fi." 1,...z..a'2z.f..ffffLa-x?f'?:C'-42i1hz1k'f!!fi3H 3 -pe. .-. A .1 '-- - '1-.if -.- C ii C I E 2 5 l E R . 'V 1 ..... S fi? 'W . iw , GBA- . v . A f 1' Sl -L' ,I fi: 'r 1 3.-" . ,A 1 .,,.5- P i f . . V a V - . , .. I CULDNISTS " iw . 229 rf-.- . 5 N V N I. a 7 R E x. if A i i V Rf 'I an K" 1 fi' Q -1 . f ' f 4 1 O l'i7?7 K7 . wi . I if Q I f , 'sig :ffl . ' REF' f-. ' I Q' ','4 I it I-.-1 Ny! , 1 . 1' I 5 Q. f .', ,J , A TENNIS TEAM-TOP ROW: L. Katz, I. Ing, J. Salness, B. Sutter, E. Mittmann, J. Kier, P. Temple, K. Smith, C. Miles, and S. Marozick. SECOND ROW: K. Larson, C. Voorhest, A. Clrk, J. Robertson, C. VARSITY SWIM TEAM-TOP ROW: Jane Scott, Claire Henderson, and Ellen Devos. BOTTOM ROW: Kris Buhbe, Colleen Kane, and Jo Salness. ,ii , . . -ze 3 Q- 'f 2. .. f K 1 ,, V f' A 2-sz -' Q 1 230 Henderson, J. Webster, C. Schmidt, and M. Miller. BOTTOM ROW C. fish, C. Currier, D. Mittmann, B. Heuler, N. Dyksten, and J Ble soe. "OUTSTANDING PLAYERSN: Susie Morris, swimming, and Marilyn Miller, tennis. M.5-firm' f j-ve,?f,rj,T,f:f15:eeFiE ,QQZK-in-J V: bi -A g-'Qs 5152 I 7 , 'vt H V! 'il K 1 g 1 f- R3 1 f 4 ' rl kIe..:1l ,... I .1....1 x '- ,N ' I' X vi 'i V . ,' r I ' W 9 ' . Adviser for the girls swim team was Mrs. Diane Taylor. Mrs. joan Fee was the adviser for the girls badminton team. GIRLS SHO ED TOP SKILL THROUGH TEAMWOHK Under the leadership of Doro- thy Armstrong, the spirited Ana- heim tennis team fmished its sea- son with a four win, no loss record. The team had meets with Western, Savanna, Magnolia, and Tustin, two of which were held on home courts. Chosen as "The Outstanding Player" by her team- mates was Marilyn Miller, a sen- ior GAA member. Stroking their way to victory, the girls swim team brought much honor to the AHS campus. They placed first over Western and Savanna and came in second in a Tri-meet with Santa Ana and Savanna. The only loss was to Tustin in an away meet. Diane Taylor did a superb job of coach- ing her girls with the help of captain jo Salness. Susi Morris was elected by her swimmates as "The Outstanding Player." Because of the deadline of the "Colonist" the Anaheim badmin- ton team, under the advisory of joan Fee,had not yet competed in any meets. Much potential was shown by this group and a victor- ious season forseen. Participation on the tennis, badminton, and swim team was offered to any girl who attended Anaheim and was willing to stay after school for practice sessions. The success of the 1962-63 squads left many high goals for the com- ing year. VARSITY BADMINTON TEAM-TOP ROW: S. johnson, J. Peter- Kapitske, V. Wilson, C. Adams, and L. McCormick. BOTTOM ROW: sen, V. Sinnott, B. Wheaton, N. Young, C. Wood, P. West, A. Hen- J. Bledsoe, J. Friel, J. Cook, S. Backus, G. jordan, H. Kintsch, J. age, C. Toupal, and D. Cable. SECOND ROW: P. Mattingly, V. Dibble, C. Currier, and M. McMullen. Scholl, J. Sandsrrom, P. Turnipseed, B. Holsinger, F. Martens, C. ,, al, .M . S 522-1 H rag .N QQ.. g.if'f --ESF, ,VW K .- - 1 fig - i 1 t., -4:1 ,L .1 B... .W-...MLW . '. FQ' .-i F V 'EN . g '75 ,- ' -4,11 23,1 Acknowledgments Fifty years of memories, created and recorded- this was the impetus behind the '63 Colonist staff as it attempted to produce a fiftieth volume climaxing the high standards of a half century of journalistic effort. To record clearly yet creatively the events, participants, and atmosphere of this outstanding school year was ever first in the mind of each staff member. Although the publication of the '63 Colonist was a single effort, the workers behind the scenes were numerous. To all those who offered their time, con- centration, and co-operation, a warm thanks and sincere acknowledgment is extended. To the Western Yearbook Company true ap- preciation is expressed for the individual attention we received throughout the year. The personal in- terest held by the printers for the book made work withthem enjoyable and results profitable. Personal attention was also displayed by the S. K. Smith Company who reproduced every detail of our beauti- ful cover to perfection. Special thanks is given to Mr. Ted Wade of the Anaheim art department who designed numerous pieces of art work for the book. f W'-W' W W' -' 'A ""- mf ff -f nv' 'ph'-' I 1'1f:s3":-jf--?,:':yFwj:1j-gn 177, 7"s Yi .midi f W 2 1. ai ll' Z H wr- '. .4 -'r ' 5- .gig 1 5 K 1 l i l 2' - . --w ' - I I W W., T.-, x .- If if-if' 64' -A L X .-ll 5: . 1 . -- -SKA-6533 W , ,, , .. , .v ,. -, , - ...,,-1--.Ling-',,.t.g-I.-W l-' , ,. ski jf? 4--1-irq." L. 15--L"f - 2 . -fa-W 3.1: ,nj 1.14 - . gr-r.-,.' Rf .-,, ,:,.e. .4 "'5- wvl.. I., Q-,H .E . ..:.f if-"4 --11 T -' ' A-fl". . 'P ' - j ., ' ,' L. --,z,q:.lq': - ,I - ,V X: 1? 8 41- ' ,' 1, 'xffxj 5" , 1- i , gnu: uni" , " - -'H' L' ,gi ,v','5..X- A 33,37 y. '2.,,', : 1' . . ':.'1 r. - 51: -if 2 , . if ' , gag , I Y , , 9,4 - -Htl: Lg wp- M .L . HEY "N x. W' s - - ef . I 44-Q ' l " ,rg .5 :M e i - ..., ll l i' J ,- 232 Photography, perhaps the most important phase of yearbook production, was handled this year with efficiency and outstanding co-operation under the leadership of Mr. Anthony Freeman. Hearty apprecia- tion, felt by every staff member, is extended to the photography group composed of Hans Blank, Bob Collins, and Mike Larson who submitted superb work through the sacrifice of much individual time and effort. Also contributing to the fine photo- graphic job was the Arsene Studio whose personal interest and first-rate work was again offered this year in the provision of senior portraits, several studio shots, and special group shots. Acknowledg- ment is also given to Don Loomis and the Anaheim Bulletin for various sports glossies and special ac- tivity shots. To the administration, teachers, and coaches, ap- preciation is accorded for the help and co-operation they were able to offer the staff in all its endeavors. It is difficult for me to express appreciation to "my staff" because as all of us worked together through the year and developed a closeness from the com- mon purpose we strove toward I felt that our posi- tions became unimportant and that we were helping each other achieve success through a combined ef- fort. However, by necessity, the work was divided into sections and through the individual efforts of the editors our completed goal was realized. For their countless "extra" hours, devotion to high standards, and outstanding co-operation and good humor through the entire year, I offer my insufficient thanks to the staff for a job so well done. Thank you Paul Frank and Chuck Codol, administration, jean- nie Cantrell and Sue Youngmark, senior section, Cindy Giles, junior section, Cheryl Hickman, sopho- more section and index, Lowell Kuehn and Don Alger, clubs section, Lynn Koleto and Barbara Mc- Walters, activities section, Jerry Brooks and Kirk Hanen, athletics, and Candy Currier, GAA section. My special appreciation is given to Kathy Bennett, associate editor, whose endless optimism, common sense, and sympathetic ear carried much of the year's burden and was a great asset to the finished product. Finally, speaking for the whole staff, I extend warm and sincere thanks to our adviser, Mr. Larry Quille. The vast journalistic knowledge he offered us, and the great confidence he had in our abilities was an integral part of our final success. To the 1962-63 Anaheim student body we say thank you for creating the year that we were privil- eged to record. May we have succeeded in keeping alive your memories in a book which was to the '63 Colonist staff "Our own Expression of SPIRIT." mdk 5f4FO0L F 205 ADAMS, C., 45 AICHROTH, M., 43 ALGER, D., 45, 101, 114, 130 131, 155, 140, 142, 219 ALONZO, J., 45, 160, 161 ANDERSON, D., 222 ANDERSON, R., 45, 101, 110 117, 168, 219 ANSON, T., 45, 137, 159 ANTON, P., 43, 178, 180, 184 ARENDS, I., 45, 157, 163, 164 165 ARMSTRONG, S., 43 AULERICH, R., 45, 217 BABNICK, N., 43 BACKUS, S., 45, 101, 220, 222, 225, 228, 229, 231' BADGER, H., 45, 107, 116, 117 168, 222 BAKER, E., 45 BAKER, J., 45, 107 BALDONADO, R., 43 BALLOU, L., 45, 145 BANEY, N., 43 BARBER, O., 45, 127, 155, 205 BASSETT, R., 45, 159, 178, 187 205 BEALE, J., 44 BEESON, N., 44 BELISLE, S., 44 BELLINGER, J., 44, 117, 155 BENDER, M., 44, 156 BENNETT, K., 44, 100, 107, 111 116, 117, 140, 142, 168, 169 171 BE1I:1fEON, R., 44 BE ON, S., 44, 125, 154 BERGERON, M., 44, 120 BETTS, S., 44, 105, 178, 182, 210 211 BISSELL, C., 44 BLACKWELL, G., 44 BLAKE, M., 44, 157, 165, 165 BLANKENSHIP, E., 44 BLEDSOE, J., 44, 222, 250, 251 BOCK, K., 44, 127 BONNER, v., 44 BOOTHE, D., 44, 127 BORNE, R., 44, 117, 144, 145 146 BRAKEN, M., 44, 100 BRANCHAUD, D., 45, 105 BRANCHAUD, D., 56, 42, 45 105, 178, 181 BRANT, W., 45 BRESS, D., 45 BRIDGES, T., 45, 142 BRQOKS, J., 45, 105, 111, 141 1 2 BROWN, B., 45, 114, 124, 155 BROYLES, S., 45 BRUCE, P., 45, 100,. 104, 187 196, 200, 210, 211 BRUCKNER, A., 45 BUCHANAN, C., 45 BUCKNER, J., 45, 169 BUFFINGTON, W., 45, 101 110, 186, 187,219 BUIS, P., 54, 45, 103, 106, 107 117, 118, 137, 159, 169 BURKE, T., 45 BURKE, W., 45 BURKHART, D., 45 BURT, L., 45 BURTON, L., 45, 105,210,211 BUSS, W., 46, 159 CABALLERO, L., 46 tudent Picture Index E IOR CABLE, D., 46, 231 CALLEN, K., 46, 101, 106, 107 117, 220, 222, 228, 229 CALLISON, L., 46, 150, 178, 184 194, 195 CAMBA, A., 46, 188 CAMBA, J., 46 CAMPBELL, G., 46, 165, 165 CANALES, H., 46, 127 CANALES, M., 46 CANCINO, C., 46 CANNEDY, L., 54, 46, 191 CANO, G., 46 CANTRELL, J., 46, 111, 120, 124 141, 142, 151, 153, 222,228 229 CARBONELL, R., 46, 155 CARPENTER, S., 196, 201 CARTER, N., 46 CASTRO, A., 46 CASTRO, v., 46, 160, 161 CHANCE, s., 46, 107, 120, 222 CLARK, J., 46 CLEMENT, J., 47 CLOSE, J., 47, 128 CLUGSTON, P., 47 CODOL, C., 47, 100, 105, 111 120, 141, 142, 145, 152 COELHO, J., 47, 108, 109, 150 151 COHEN, M., 47 COLLINS, J-, 47, 190, 205 COLLINS, R., 47, 135, 141, 142 145 CONDIT, C., 47 CONE, S., 47 COOK, J., 47, 107, 122, 220,222 2.51 COOK, N., 47, 222 COOMBES, D., 47, 145 CORNELIUS, R., 47, 117, 188 COSINDAS, D., 47 COURT, R., 126 Cox, J., 47 CREEKMUR, J., 47 CREIGHTON, D., 47 CROSS, T., 47, 196, 198, 210, 211 CUMMINS, N., 47, 105, 107 CURRIER, C., 48, 111, 120, 124 125, 141, 142, 152, 222, 228 229, 250, 231 DANIELS, D., 52, 48, 101, 104 2105, 130, 178, 181, 184, 210 ll DANIELS, P., 48, 160 DARGATZ, J., 48 DAVIES, J., 48 DAVIS, A., 48 DAVIS, A., 48, 117, 165, 165 DAVIS, L., 48, 124, 154 DAVIS, M., 48, 112, 145 DAVIS, R., 48, 216 DAY, L., 48, 188, 216 DECKER, N., 51, 48, 124 DEFALCO, A., 36, 48, 150, 216 DEGROEF, M., 48, 128 DEMATTEIS, R., 48 DENA, J., 54, 48, 105, 178. 181 DRENHAM, B., 48 DENISON, D., 48 DEVELBISS. Y., 48 DINKLER, P., 51, 48, 105, 130 178, 183, 210, 211 DISBENNET, D., 54, 49, 110 157, 159 DITCHEY, C., 49 DIXON, G., 49 DOERING, C., 127 DOLAN, s., 49 DORA, D., 56, 49, 215 DUESLER, J., 49, 145 DUNN, R., 49 DUNN, s., 49, 222 DYKESTEN, N., 49, 250 EDWARDS, F., 49 EDWARDS, v., 49 ELLIOTT, K., 49 ELROD, B., 49, 157 ENDICOTT, s., 49 ENGEL, D., 49 EPPERLY, H., 49 ESTES, T., 49 ETTERS, D., 49 EVANS, R., 49, 65 EVANS, S., 49 FARRELL, M., 50, 217 FAUSER, K., 50, 137, 163, 164 165, 169, 222, 223, 228, 229 FERREE, N., 50 FINICLE, B., 50, 157 FISCHLE, S., 50 FISH, C., 50, 120, 124, 125, 230 FISHER, M., 56, -42, 50, 105, 178 187, 205 FLORES, R., 50 ELUEGGE, E., 50 FLYNN, P., 50 FOLSOM, B., 50 FORD, D., 54, 50, 106, 107, 116 117, 118, 122, 137, 169, 171 FOREMAN, G., 50, 178, 182 FORT, G., 50 FRANCIS, J., 50 FRANK, P., 50, 50, 111, 141, 142 145, 150,214 FRISBY, R., 50 GABBARD, B., 56, 50, 110, 150 131 GAGEANT, P., 50 GALBAN, B., 50 GANDY, E., 50 GASTELUM, C., 50, 105, 182 GATEWOOD, J., 51, 105, 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54 KAZDA, G., 55 KELLY, C., 55 KELLY, M., 55, 145, 178, 187 194 KERNS, B., 55 KERSEY, D., 55 233 KEUP, P., 55 KIER, J., 33, 55, 101, 120, 124 152, 222, 228, 230 KIMMICK, M., 36, 55, 102, 108 112, 120 KING, J., 55, 123 KINGSBURY, T., 55 KIPHUT, A., 55, 104, 105, 120 152, 210,211 KIRKHART, L., 55, 124, 169 KLAPPER, J., 55 KNIGGE, R., 55, 109, 110, 159 KNOTT, R., 55 KNOX, L., 55, 113, 130, 131 KNUDSEN, D., 55, 105, 178 185 KNUTZEN, L., 55, 124, 153 KOCH, M., 55, 100, 107, 117 169, 222 KOEBERT, R., 55, 117 KOENIG, J., 56, 110 KOERNER, D., 34, 56 KOLETO, L., 36, 56, 102, 111 120, 124, 140, 142, 145 KRAJACIC, J., 56 KUEHN, L., 56, 110, 111, 117 119, 140, 142, 219 LACOUNTE, W., 56 LAKE, M., 56 LAMB, R., 56 LAMBAISO, W., 56 LAMBERT, L., 56 LAMBERT, R., 56, 159 LANCE, P., 56, 130, 131 LARSON, K., 34, 56, 102, 120 124, 125, 149, 152, 220, 222 228, 230 LARSON, M., 56, 141, 142, 143 LATHROP, E., 56, 156 LEDUC, J., 56 LEON, s., 56 LIBBY, C., 56, 137, 159 LINDLER, S., 56 LINDSTROM, J., 56 LIPPEN, G., 56, 124 LIVINGSTON, K., 57, 159 LLOYD, J., 57 LOGAN, L., 57 LONGWITH, J., 57 LOPEZ, M., 57 LOPEZ, R., 36 LOPEZ, s., 57 LOVELL, G., 57, 101, 108, 145 146 LUCAS, C., 57 LUITRULL, R., 57, 178, 180 185, 187 LYNCH, B., 57 MABS, C., 51, 57, 101, 105, 116 117, 157, 159, 163, 164, 169 MACLEAN, G., 57, 159 MADDEN, D., 57 MAFFUCCI, G., 57 MANCHESTER, D., 57 MARK, C., 57 MARKER, R., 57 MAROZICK, S., 57, 102, 120 124, 250 MARTENS, J., 57, 115, 117 MARTIN, D., 57, 222 MARTIN, S., 58, 101, 110, 116 117, 130, 131,-168, 169 MARTINDALE, L., 58 MARTINEZ, J., 58 MASON, D., 31, 58, 100, 101 107, 116, 117, 151, 168, 169 220, 222, 228, 229 MAYO, L., 58, 105 MCAULEY, S., 58, 107, 222 MCBEE, R., 58 MCCONAGHY, M., 58, 115, 116 117, 168, 169, 222 MCCORMICK, L., 58, 231 MCCORRY, T., 58, 133, 145 MCGREEVEY, J., 58, 194 MCGREGOR, C., 58 MCHENRY, J., 36, 42, 58, 124 MCHENRY, M., 58, 128 MCLEAN, D., 58, 191 MCMANUS, L., 58, 110 MCVVALTERS, B., 36, 58, 111 120, 124, 140, 142 234 MENDOZA, G., 58 MESSAMER, J., 58, 163, 164, 218 METZ, A., 58, 110, 205 MEYER, S., 58, 101, 102, 124 128, 129, 168, 222 MILES, C., 59, 101, 107,222 MILES, C., 59, 117, 120, 124, 125, 149, 152, 222, 228, 229 230 MILLER, E., 59, 137, 159 MILLER, J., 59, 178, 185, 186 MILLER, M., 36, 59, 108, 116 117, 118, 122, 168, 220, 222 230 MITCHELL, D., 59 MITCHELL, T., 59, 110 MITTMAN, E., 59, 106, 107, 117 122, 222, 230 MONTANO, G., 59, 218 MONTANO, N., 59 MOONEY, S., 59 MONNIER, J., 59 MOORE, R., 59 MOORHEAD, S., 59, 100, 108 109, 116, 117, 122, 168, 169 MORGAN, B., 59 MORRIS, S., 59, 100, 115,222 228, 230 MORSE, M., 59 MOTLEY, K., 59, 137, 163, 164 165 MUCARIA, C., 59 MUNSEY, L., 59, 117 MUNSON, A., 60, 113, 117, 130 131, 159, 168 MURRAY, S., 60, 157 MYLOTT, S., 60 NAMANNY, B., 60, 108, 117 134, 137, 144, 145, 146, 147 159 NEAL, S., 60 NEAMY, R., 60 NEARHOOD, G., 60, 112 NEILSEN, M., 60, 159 NELSON, R., 60, 203 NELSON, T., 144, 145 NEWCOMBE, H., 60 NORTON, L., 60, 107 NOVAK, R., 118, 119, 150, 131 OLSON, S., 60 OMALLEY, J., 60, 159 ORTEGA, E., 60, 102, 103, 223 OWEISS, L., 159 OWE S, R., 60, 188 PADILLA, M., 60 PAPPAS, B., 60, 107, 117 PARSONS, P., 60,' 102 PARSONS, T., 60, 169 PATTESON, C., 60 PAYNE, S., 61 PAYTON, C., 61, 105, 116, 168 169 PEARSON, G., 61, 110, 130, 159 218 PELLER, B., 61, 102 PERKINS, G., 61, 114, 216 PERRYMAN, J., 61, 123, 169 PETERSEN, L., 61, 130, 196, 197 PETERSON, M., 61 PETERSON, W., 61, 110, 146 PHILLIPS, D., 61 PLA'I'I', P., 61 PLETZ, S., 61, 107, 222 PORTER, L., 61, 128, 129 PORTER, R., 61 POST, R., 34, 61, 105, 194, 218 POTTAGE, G., 61 POTTER, J., 61 POWER, B., 61 PREHEIM, A., 61, 178, 181 PRENTICE, S., 61, 101, 108, .109 110, 114, 130, 131, 135, 145 PRUETF, B., 62 QUILLEN, S., 62 RABER, J., 62, 102, 124, 151, 152 222, 228, 229 f RANEY, S., 62 RATZLAFF, D., 62, 126, 133 137, 159 RAU, D., 62 RAUB, G., 62 REAL, H., 62 REBELLA, G., 62, 100, 101, 110 113, 114, 118, 119, 130,131 REED, W., 62 REESE, W., 62, 100, 101, 115 118, 119, 130,131 REESKE, C., 62, 112, 117, 130 131, 218 REISH, T., 62, 192 RENNER, R., 194 RICHARDS, C., 62 RICHISON, S., 62, 102, 222 RICHMOND, C., 62 RICKER, L., 62 RICKER, R., 62 RILEY, D., 62 RISHER, T., 62 RITTER, J., 63 ROBBINS, S., 63 ROBERTSON, A., 63 ROBERTSON, R., 63, 219 ROBINSON, R., 63 ROBINSON, V., 36, 63, 222, 223 228 RODRIGUE, S., 63 RODRIQUEZ, JR., M., 63, 187 ROGERS, J., 63, 188 ROMNEY, D., 63, 144, 145, 146 RONSKO, L., 63 ROSCOM, R., 63 ROSENTHAL, J., 63, 112 ROSSI, J., 63 ROW, B., 63 ROZBORIL, D., 65 RUBIN, A., 63 RUDOLPH, N., 63, 115, 122 RUSSELL, J., 63 SALEMI, S., 63 SALNESS, T., 31, 34, 64, 105 150, 148, 150, 178, 180, 182 186, 187, 191, 196, 205 SAMSON, J., 64, 105, 178, 185 205 SANFORD, S., 64, 128 SAUER, W., 64,.205 SAVERIEN, K., 64 SCHAAL, M., 64, 107, 117, 222 SCHLEY, S., 64, 110 SCHMALL, J., 64, 128, 129, 133 SCHMIDT, D., 64, 120, 222 SCHMIDT, R., 64, 159 SCHROEDER, B., 34, 64, 117 137, 159 SCHROEDER, J., 34, 64, 108 109, 118, 134, 145, 146, 147 SCHULTZ, D., 64, 191, 196,201 SCHWACHA, L., 64, 157, 159 SCOTT, E., 64 SCOTT, P., 64, 107, 117, 122, 222 SEFTON, J., 117 SELISKI, S., 64 SHAIBLE, A., 64, 178, 186, 209 SHAPIRO, M., 222 SHIPPEN, C., 222 SIDES, C., 64, 205 SIGALA, J., 65, 114, 130, 131 205 SLAGLE, K., 65 SMITH, D., 65 SMITH, M., 101, 192, 214 SMOOT, C., 65 SNYDER. C., 65 SOLBERG, B., 65, 120, 124, 153 SOLOMON, G., 65 SOWDER, S., 36, 65, 216 SPARKS, S., 65 SQUIBB, A., 65 STANTON, T., 65 STARR, J., 65, 118, 134 STCLAIR, D., 65 STEENSON, S., 65 STEFAN1, D., 65 STEINBRINK, A., 65 STEPHENS, J., 65, 192, 214 STEPHENS, L., 65 STIDHAM, L., 65 STRODE, S., 65 STRONG, W., 66, 188, 194 SULLIVAN, M., 66 SUTTER, B., 66,230 SWAIN, D., 66, 216 SWANSON, R., 66 SWEGHEIMER, C., 66 TAYLOR, B., 36, 66 TAYLOR, M., 66, 113 TEETER, N., 66 TENO, A., 66 THILL, I., 66 THOMAS, L., 66 THORNSBERRY, H., 66 THORNSBERRY, J., 66 THORNTON, P., 66 TINGLEY, L., 66 TORRES, L., 36,112,66, 105, 130 178, 178, 183, 210, 211 TOUPAL, C., 66, 112, 120, 222 223, 231 TRAVIS, E., 66 TREECE, G., 66 TREXLER, R., 67 TURNER, J., 67, 105 TURNIPSEED, P., 67 TUTTLE, W., 67, 115 ULRICH, R., 67, 110 VANDEZANDE, R., 67, 113, 118 119, 188, 208 VANHECKE, M., 67 VANOS, I., 67 VANTIGER, B., 67, 110, 113 VARY, D., 67 VELARDO, C., 67 VILLENEUVE, D., 67 VOLL, D., 67 VOLLMANN, K., 67 VOSBURG, C., 67 WAGNER, C., 67 WAGNER, E., 67, 163, 165 WALDMAN, M., 34, 67, 105 218 WALTHER, P., 67 WARDEN, S., 67, 113, 120 WARNER, A., 67 WATSON, P., 68 WEBB, D., 68 WEBBER, L., 68 WEINBERG, S., 68 WEISS, J., 68 WENTZ, A., 68, 143 WESOLOSKY, D., 68, 107, 117 168 WESOLOSKY, B., 68, 128, 129 WEST, P., 68, 118, 231 WESTBROOK, D., 68, 100, 107 111, l1G,117,140,142,171 WHITE, J., 31, 68, 102, 107, 154 168 220,222,228 WHITE, P., 68, 188 WHITE, R., 68, 178, 183 146, 178, 183, 185, 205 WHITNEY, D., 68, 113 WHITNEY, JR., H. 36, 68, 105 146, 178, 183, 185,205 WILBOURN, V., 68, 107, 120 WILBUR, P., 68 WILLIAMS, D., 68 WILLIAMS, J., 68, 157 WILLIAMS, P., 68, 105 WILLIAMS, R., 68 WILSON, A., 68 WILSON, M., 69, 159 WIMBERLY, G., 69, 196, 201 WISE, G., 69 WOLFE, L., 69 WOOD, C., 69, 112,231 WRIGHT, M., 69, 188 WRIGHT, P., 69 YATES, T., 69 YEE, D., 69, 137, 163, 164, 165 YEOMAN, G., 69, 157 YOST, R., 69 YOUNGMARK, S., 69, 111, 141 142 ABRAMSON,S., 71, 128 ACEVEDO, S., 71 ACHOR, J., 57, 71, 102, 111, 124 142, 171, 225 ACKERMAN, B., 71, 157 ADAMS, C., 71 ADAMS, C., 71, 108, 120, 142 231 ADAMS, S., 71, 111, 142 AHUMADA, O., 37, 71 ALDERSON, J., 71, 128 ALDERSON, M., 71, 203 ALEXANDER, J., 71,203,212 213 ALLEY, J., 71, 165, 165 ALVAREZ, L., 71, 128, 157 ALVORD, R., 71 ANDERSEN, R., 71 ANDERSON, A., 71, 189 ANDREWS, T., 71, 120, 142 ANTRIM, J., 71, 188 ARAYA, D., 154, 216 ARNOLD, H., 71 ASI-1BAUGH,D., 71, 189 AYALA, E., 71 BABCOCK, D., 71 BABI, R., 71 BAGNARD, P., 71 BAKER, C., 71 BAKER, R., 71, 188 BALDWIN, K., 71 BALLOU, P., 71 BALMAGES, M., 34, 71, 112, 205 BARCO, C., 71 BARILLE, J., 71 BARRERA, H., 71 BARRETT, D., 71, 203 BARRINGTON, A., BARTSCH, D., 71 BASSE, J., 71 BAUGHMAN, C., 71, 124 BEACH, N., 71, 102, 155 BEAL, R., 71 BEAN, L., 71 BEATON, D., 71 BEAVER, K., 71 BEAVERS, S., 71 BECKETT, J., 71 BEERS, B., 71 BELANGER, R., 71 BELISLE, D., 71 BENGTSON, K., 71, 163 BENNETT, C., 71 BENTLEY, C., 71 BENTON, L., 71 BERG, D., 71 BERG, G., 71 BERRY, K., 71 BEUERLEIN, G., 71, 120, 122 155 BIRD, M., 71 BIRKLAND, W., 71 BISHOP, L., 71, 128 BLACKFORD, E., 72, 159, 163 BLAKE, J., 72 BLAKE, W., 72, 1-65, 165 BLANK, H., 72, 141, 142, 143 BLANKENSHIP, H., 72, 124 BLANSETT, J., 72, 137, 163, 165 BLAU, F., 72 BOEHLES, G., 72 BOLTUCH, B., 72 BOTNER, S., 72 BOUDREAU, L., 72 BOYD, D., 72 BRADY, D., 160, 161 BRADY, J., 72 BRANER, B., 83 BRANNON, C., 72, 117 BRAY, H., 72, 203 BRECHTEL, K., 72, 123 BREED, G., 72, 188 BREUNLE, s., 72, 216 BROCK, R., 72 BROOKMAN, K., 72 UNIOR BROOKS, C., 72 BROOKS, M., 72, 189 BROOKS, P., 72 BROUSSARD, J., 72 BROWN, J., 72, 142 BROWN, K., 72 BROWN, L., 72, 157 BROWN, T., 72 BROWNELL, R., 72 BRUCE, V., 72, 111, 120, 124 142, 225 BRYCE, B., 72, 216 BRYCE, D., 72, 210, 211 BUCHANAN, W., 72 BUCKLEY, D., 72 BUEHLER, D., 72 BU1S,B., 57, 72, 100, 102, 107 142 BULGRIN, N., 72 BURCH, R., 72 BURGESS, B., 72 BURGESS, C., 72, 161 BURK, J., 72, 192 BURKE, J., 72, 215 BURKE, N., 72, 190 BURKE, T., 72, 150, 131 BUSHORE, G., 72, 191 CABALLERO, L., 72 CABALLERO, L., 72 CALAWAY, M., 72 CALDWELL, W., 72 CAMPBELL, H., 72 CAMPBELL, P., 72 CANIPE, M., 73 CANO, G., 57, 75, 208 CAPPS, M., 73 CARDER, L., 73 CARLI, M., 73, 107, 155, 135 157 CARLSON, J., 73 CARLSON, L., 75, 130, 159, 192 215 CARPENTER, D., 73, 159 CARPENTER, J., 73 CARRELL, C., 73 CARRILLO, R., 54, 73, 178, 182 194, 212 CARSKADDON, J., 75, 142 CARTE, J., 73 CARTER, J., 73 CARVER, F., 73, 216 CASSERINO, C., 73 CATALE, J., 73 CEDAR, C., 73 CERVANTES, G., 54, 73 CHAMBERS, M., 75, 120 CHAMPAGNE, R., 73 CHANCE, D., 75, 102, 120, 122 CHASE, R., 75, 191, 203, 205 CHASSAGNE, B., 73 CHAVERS, J., 73 CHERNEY, K., 73, 120 CHLOUPEK, B., 73 CHOI, L., 73, 111, 113, 117, 142 CHRISTIANSON, R., 73, 130 CIESLUK, M., 73 CISNEROS, M., 73 CITRON, s., 73 CLARK, D., 73 CLARKE, D., 73 CLAYTON, D., 75, 178, 183 COFFMAN, B., 73 COHRS, A., 73, 108, 112, 117 133, 135 COLBURN, C., 75, 124, 156, 157 COLEMAN, P., 75, 117,216 COLLINS, M., 73 COLTHARP, s., 73, 117, 159 COOK, J., 122, 142, 155, 159 COOK, R., 73, 215 COOMBES, R., 73 COOMBS, C., 73, 113 COOPER, N., 73 CORDER, A., 73 CORDOVA, S., 73 COREY, L., 73 CORNING, s., 73 CORRELL, D., 73 COTTON, R., 75, 105 CRABTREE, D., 73, 160, 161 CRAIG, E., 54, 73, 189, 212 CRIST, B., 75, 192, 214 CROMI-E, C., 73 CRONIN, D., 85, 161 CRUM, J., 73 CUMMINGS, I., 75 DAILEY, R., 73 DALLAS, R., 73 DALY, P., 73 DANIELS, R., 73 DAVIDSON, S., 73 DAVIDSON, S., 73 DAVIS, L., 73 DAVIS, T., 73, 188 DEDIC, K., 74 DELANEY, P., 74, 128, 154 DELROSSO, J., 74 DEVOS, E., 37, 74, 117, 157, 163 220, 225, 228, 230 DICK, D., 74, 212 DICKERSON, G., 74 DICKMAN, F., 74 DIXON, C., 74 DOEPKE, R., 74 DOERING, J., 83 DOMRIES, D., 74 DONNELLY, L., 74 DORA, M., 74 DOW, J., 74 DOWNEY, T., 74 DOWNEY, T., 74 DOWNS, N., 74 DRAKE, E., 74, 107, 111, 117 142, 220, 224 DROUGHT, M., 74 DURKIN, M., 74 DUTTON, E., 74, 102, 122 EAGLESON, G., 74, 117, 189 208 ECCLESTONE, L., 74, 124 EDGERTON, P., 74, 165, 189 EDMONDSTON, R., 74, 225 EDSTROM, P., 74, 108, 117, 134 ELDRED, L., 74 ELDRED, S., 74, 184 ELLIOTT, S., 54, 74, 120, 124 ELLIS, C., 74 ELLIS, D., 74 ELSTEAD, L., 74, 225,229 ENGELBRECHT, D., 74, 100 120, 142 ESCOBAR, A., 74 ESQUIVEL, T., 74 ESTRADA, J., 37, 74, 105, 108 145, 146, 147, 189, 208 EVANS, B., 74 FACKINER, C., 74, 107, 117, 137 159, 225 FACKINER, M., 74, 122 FANKBONER, S., 74, 120, 130 151 FARROW, T., 74 FELICIONE, J., 74 FELIZ, S., 74 FELLBAUM, H., 75, 190, 215 FIGUEROA, F., 209 FINLEY, K., 75 FISHER, C., 75, 107, 120, 122 142, 157 FISHER, L., 75, 186 FISHER, R., 75 FITCH, M., 75 FLEMING, R., 75 FORBES, C., 75 FORD, W., 75, 159 FORESTER, D., 75, 107, 117 FORTIER, R., 75 FOUCHER, M., 75 FOWLER, T., 75 FREEMAN, B., 75 FRENCH, B., 75, 128 FRICKER, M., 57, 75, 102, 120 FRIEDLUND, S., 75 FRIEL, J., 75, 112, 120, 160, 161 251 FRIESS, M., 54, 75 FUHRMAN, P., 75 FULTON, B., 75 GALER, C., 75 GALER, S., 75 GAMBLE, D., 75 GAMBLE, N., 75 GANN, B., 75, 126 GANN, B., 75, 128, 155 GARCIA, P., 75 GARRETT, M., 75, 108, 120, 146 147, 153 GATER, E., 75 GATES, J., 75, 100, 128 GAY, C., 37, 70, 75, 117, 124 225 GEER, D., 75, 126 GEHRES, D., 75, 117, 120, 123 GELKER, P., 75, 112, 117, 168 GEORGETTE, D., 75 GESLER, J., 75 GEURIN, P., 128 GIBSON, W., 75 GIFFORD, D., 75, 128 GIFFORD, W., 75 GILLARD, D., 75 GODKDARD, W., 75, 159, 192 21 GOLLENGER, G., 37, 75, 157 GONZALEZ, J., 75 GONZALEZ, R., 75 GOODWIN, J., 75, 163 GORSKY, P., 163, 165 GOTHARD, E., 75 GRABER, L., 75, 124 GRAHAM, S., 75 GRAVES, JR., N., 75 GRAVITT, M., 75 GRAY, B., 75 GREEN, R., 75 GREENWELL, M., 76 GRIGGS, S., 76 GRIM, L., 76, 120 GRUTTMAN, W., 76 GRUVER, M., 76, 117, 119 GUERRA, R., 76 GUINN. E., 76 HAARDT, H., 76 HAAS, P., 76, 101, 156, 157 HAKE, R., 76 HAIL, S., 225 HALL, E., 76 HAMMARBACH, R., 76 HANGER, J., 76 HANSEN, J., 76, 105 HARPSTER, S., 76, 128 HARTWIG, D., 76, 107, 117 135 HASKELL, S., 54, 76, 100, 120 124 HATHERLY, T., 37, 76, 107, 159 HAWKINS, L., 76, 190 HAZELTON, V., 76 HEFFERN, C., 76, 111, 124, 142 HEFFNER, J., 76 HEINZE, T., 76, 159 HEINZE, W., 76 HELLMAN, C., 76, 128 HELMS, K., 76, 107, 111, 117 142, 225 HENDERSON, C., 76, 225, 228 229, 250 HENDERSON, E., 76, 137, 159 HENDERSON, M., 76 HENEBRY, D., 76 HENLEY, N., 76 HERNANDEZ, D., 76 HERNANDEZ, E., 76, 190,208 HERRERA, G., 76 235 HERRING, B., 76 HEULER, E., 76, 107, 117, 135 230 HEUSINKUELD, L., 76, 135 HEYBROCK, P., 54, 76, 159 HIGGINS, R., 76 HILBERS, G., 76, 145 HILL, S., 76, 123 HINES, H., 76, 126 HINTENBERGER, C., 76, 117 146 HIRSH, M., 76 HITCHCOCK, M., 76 HOERSCH, S., 76 HOLSINGER, B., 76, 231 HONEY, C., 76 HOOPER, R., 76, 108, 114 HORTON, G., 76, 165 HOSKINS, G., 76, 216 HOUGH, R., 76, 104, 105, 178 185, 196,201,212 HOUK, K., 76, 159 HOULE, E., 76 HOWARD, G., 76 HOY, J., 76 HOYT, R., 76, 216 HUESCA, J., 76, 194, 209 HUGHETT, C., 76 HULL, S., 76, 117 HURST, J., 37, 70, 76, 105, 203 212 HUSHMAN, B., 77, 133 ING, I., 77, 112, 225, 230 JACKLIN, M., 77 JACKSON, C., 77, 155 JACKSON, J., 77 JACOBEL, R., 54, 77, 105, 117 187, 203, 205 JACOBS, T., 77, 142, 188 JANZOW, C., 54, 77, 105, 159 JENTS, M., 77 JESSUP, R., 77 JOHNSON, L., 77, 112 JOHNSON, S., 77, 231 JOLLY, T., 77, 222, 203 1 6 JONES, B., 77, JONES, D., 54, 77 JONES, H., 77, 137 126 JONES, K., 77, JONES, R., 77 JORDAN, D., 77 JORDAN, V., 77, 231 JOYCE, B., 77 JUDD, R., 77 IUNGE, J., 77, 203 JURVA, C., 77, 218 KALOIAN, L., 153 KANNARD, D., 77, 192, 215 KAPITZKE, B., 77 KAPLAN, J., 77, 110, 113, 130 131 KARRAKER, D., 77 KATZ, E., 77, 112, 117, 220, 224 228, 230 , KATZ, S., 77, 113, 119 KEIMACH, C., 77, 165 KELLEY, D., 77 KELLY, C., 77 KELLY, P., 54, 77, 120 KENNEDY, R., 77, 212 KERNS, W., 77 KILBARGER, T., 77, 104, 105 178, 182 KIMMICH, C., 77 KING, C., 77 KING, K., 77 KINSEY, R., 77 KINTSCH, H., 77, 225, 231 KLEIN, M., 77 KLISCH, R., 77, 127 KLOPEENSTEIN, G., 77 -KNAPP, E., 77, 120 KNAPP, E., 77, 216 KNOX, J., 77, 159 KOCH, R., 77, 203, 212 KORY, P., 77 KRAH, K., 77 KUHN, M., 77 KUNGL, A.,-77 LAELIN, R., 77 LANDRY, R., 77 236 ' LANEY, G., 77 LANKARD, R., 78 LAPP, H., 78 LARSEN, L., 78 LARSON, T., 78, 189 LATHAM, B., 78 LEAR, D., 78 LEDBETTER, A., 78 LEGG, v., 78, 225 LEHAN, J., 100, 150, 151, 165 LEINER, K., 78 LEO, W., 78 LESWICK, R., 78 LEWIS, S., 78, 122, 133 LIGHT, D., 78 LINDSTROM, G., 78, 110, 163 LINHART, K., 78, 115, 117, 125 LIONELLO, G., 78 LITTLE, B., 78 LONGBARDI, D., 78 LOPEZ, C., 78 LOUDON, K., 78, 107, 108, 111 117, 142, 225 LUDWIG, S., 78 LUNDQUIST, C., 78, 117, 137 163, 220, 225, 229 LUSKEY, L., 78 LUSSIER, R., 78, 190 LUTZ, J., 78 MACARAY, P., 78 MACEARLANE, T., 78 MAGAR, J., 78, 135 MAGILL, D., 78 MAISCH, S., 78, 112 MAJKA, M., 142, 225 MALLARD, D., 78 MALONE, M., 78, 165, 216 MANN, D., 78, 190 MARKLAND, S., 78, 157 MARQUEZ, Y., 78 MARSHALL, C., 78 MARSHALL, C., 78 MARTENS, F., 78, 115, 150, 131 251 MARTIN,-D., 78 MASIN, T., 78 MATLOCK, L., 78 MATTINGLY, A., 78, 102, 111, 120, 142 MATTINGLY, P., 78, 231 MAgiWELL, M., 78, 108, 146 1 7 MCCALLION, C., 78, 111, 120 124, 153, 142, 153 MCCLURE, J., 78, 190 MCCRAW, S., 78 MCDANIEL, S., 78' MCELHINNY, K., 78, 122 MCKIEEIN,,B., 78 MCGRAW, B., 78 MCGUIRE, J., 78,212 MCLAUGHLIN, K., 78, 111, 142 225, 229 MCLAUGHLIN, R., 78, 160 MCMANUS, T., 78 MCMULLEN, B., 78, 231 MCNALLY, M., 78 MCNEELY, D., 78 MCREYNOLDS, D., 161 MEDEIROS, A., 78, 118, 130 131 MENDOZA, L., 78, 120, 123, 128 MENZIE, M., 83 MERCER, S., 78 MERK, B., 57, 78, 117, 189, 203 212 MESTON, P., 78 MILLER, C.,'78 MILLER, C., 78, 122, 128 MILLER, G., 57, 78, 196, 198 MILLER, J., 78 MILLER, R., 78 MILLWOOD, T., 78, 157 MINTER, C., 78, 188 MINTER, J., 78 MINTER, L., 79, 178, 182, 186 203 MITCHUM, s., 79 MITCHUM, S.,'79 MITTMANN, D., 79, 111, 122 133, 142, 225, 230 MOHLER, A., 79. MONACO, R., 79, 188, 210, 211 MOORE, D., 79, 117, 225 MOORE, M., 79 MOORHEAD, J., 79, 107, 108 109, 117, 146 MORALES, T., 79, 210, 211 MORGAN, S., 79 MORRIS, D., 79 MOYER, L., 79, 128, 129 MUELLER, S., 79 MULDER, R., 79, 118 MULLIGAN, M., 79 MURRAY, S., 79, 120, 124 MURRAY, JR., C., 79, 178, 182 NACHTIGALL, A., 79 NAVA, G., 161 NAVARRETTE, 184 R., 54, 79, 178 NEIDIGER, G., 79 NEIGHBOURS, A., 79, 105, 189 NELSON, K., 79 NELSON, M., 79, 123, 157, 157 NIELSEN, M., 79, 128 NIX, E., 79 NOGUERA, R., 79 NUBER, H., 79, 110 OBRIEN, K., 79, 165, 225 ODONNELL, B., 79 OLYNYK, D., 79 ORLOW, R., 79, 110,217 OSBORNE, L., 79, 128, 129 OTELLIO, T., 79 OWENS, B., 79 PACKARD, R., 79 PALLITTO, N., 79 PALMERI, G., 79, 188 PAPPAS, T., 79 PARKE, D., 79 PARKER, M., 79 PARSLOW, J., 79, 102, 225,229 PARSON, M., 79 PARSONS, J., 79, 217 PASSWATER, D., 79 PATTERSON, D., 79, 120, 157 PATTERSON, J., 79 PAVLOVICH, M., 79 PAYNE, C., 79 PEBLEY, P., 37, 79, 111, 117 120, 124, 142, 225 PEDLAR, N., 54, 79, 111, 120 124, 142, 224, 225, 229 PELZER, J., 79 PETER, S., 54, 79, 120, 124, 224 225, 228 PETERSON, J., 37, 79, 102, 120 231 PETERSON, L., 79, 118 PETERSON, L., 79 PETITE, D., 79 PEUKERT, W., 80 PEWTHERS, v., 54, 37, 80, 159 189 PEZZA, A., 80 PEUTZENREUTHER, M., 80 189, 194 PHELPS, R., 80 PHILEN, P., 80 PIERCE, G., 80 PINA, P., 37, 80, 120, 124 80 PINELLI, D., POLING, K., 80 PORTER, D., 37, 80, 123 PORTO, J., 80 POST, K., 80, 115 POWERS, P., 80 PUCCIO, D,,,80 , , PUNT, B., 80, 108, 117, 120, 225 QUANE, M., 80, 122, 157, 159 225,228 A RADKE, J., 80, 192 RAE, D., 80 RAILSBACK, J., 54, 80, 102, 111 142, 225, 229 RASMUS, C., 80. 111, 142, 152 RAUS, T., 80 RAY, J., 80 REAGAN,. J., 57, 80 RECKAHN, C., 80 REDDEL, L., 80 REED, V., 80, 159 REES, S., 112,205 RENEAU, R., 80 REQUEJO, B., 80, 178, 183 RICH, J., 80 RICHARDS, G., 80, 101, 108 110,114,130, 131, 146 RICHARDSON, K., 80, 192, 215 RIGDON, J., 80 RILL, G., 80, 110 RIPPETOE, P., 80 ROBBINS, C., 80 ROBBINS, W., 80 ROBERTS, D., 80 ROBERTSON, R., 80 RODRIGUEZ, M., 80, 205, 207 ROLAND, J., 80, 111, 124, 142 ROMAN, D., 80, 115 ROSENTHAL, R., 80 ROSSI, C., 80 ROUSSE, R., 80 ROWLAND, M., 80, 191, 205 206 RUBLE, D., 80, 159, 205 RUNION, JR., R., 80, 190, 216 RUNSVOLD, J., 80, 188 RUPERT, D., 80 RYAN, G., 80, 225, 228,229 SAM, B., 142 SAMANIEGO, T., 80, 157 SAMSON. S., 80 SANCHEZ, J., 80 SANCHEZ, L., 80, 127 SANDIDGE, G., 80 SANDOVAL, L., 80, 163, 165 SANDOVAL, S., 80 SANDSTROM, J., 81, 231 SANTIVANEZ, P., 81 SATHOFF, J., 81 SAUCEDO. R., 81 SAVILLE, D., 81, 123 SBARDELLATI, C., 81, 120 SCANCARELLO, R., 81, 108 146, 147 SCHAEEER, L., 81 SCHANTZEN, J., 81 SCHANTZEN, J., 81, 128, 129 SCHAPER, D.. 81, 210,211 SCHINSKY, W., 81 SCHLEGEL, E., 81 SCHLEY, J., 81 SCHMIDT, G., 81, 210,211 SCHMIDT, S., 81, 120, 128, 225 SCHMIDT, S., 81, 123 SCHNEIDER, D., 54,81 SCHOENEELD, D., 81 SCHOLL, V., 81, 118, 231 SCHOLZ, A., 81, 106, 107, 117 120, 228 SCHREINER, P., 81 SCHOEE. J., 81 SCOTT, B., 81 SCOTT, D., 81, 188 SEIM, E., 81, 124, 157, 159 SELLMEYER, J., 81 SHEARER, C., 37,81 SHEPPARD, S., 81 SHIGEKAWA, L., 81, 106, 107 117, 137, 220, 225 SHINERS, A., 57, 81, 142, 225 228, 229 SHIRK, M., 81, 111, 117, 120 124, 137, 142, 225 SHUMAKER, G., 81 SIGALA, B., 81 SIMMEN, H., 81 SIMONCINI, E., 81, 154 SINICROPE, D., 81 SINNOTT, v., 81, 231 SKINNER, S., 81, 155 SLINKMAN, A., 81 SLOAN, B., 81 SLOAN, R., 81, 150, 191, 196 199, 205, 206, 207 122 SMITH, B., SMITH, C. 81,135,157 SMITH D., 81 SMITH, D., 81 SMITH, H., 81, 188, 194 SMITH, J., 81 SMITH, M., 81 SMITH, N., 54, 81, 111, 120 SNYDER, E., 82 SNYDER, J., 82, 205 SOLORIO, R., 82 SORENSEN, J., 82, 210, 211 SOVELLA, J., 82, 216 SPENCIE, C., S2 SPENCER, B., 82, 128 SPRIGGINS, J., 82 SPRINGER, L., 125 STANLEY, S., 82, 189 STANTON, R., 82 STEED, J., 82, 157 STENGER, M., 82, 205 STEPHENS, K., 57, 82, 117, 196 198, 201 STEPHENSON, T., 82, 212 STEUART, B., 82 STEWART, L., 209 STEWART, M., 82, 120 STEYER, W., 82 STIEF, R., 82, 159, 225 STIELER, J., 82, 105 STOCKTON, C., 82 STOCKWELL, P., 82, 159 STRAIT, L., 82, 150, 151, 142 STANSEL, s., 82 STRAUSS, E., 82 STUHAAN, R., 82 SUTTON, M., 82 SWANSON, K., 82, 126 SWEET, P., 82 SWENSON, G., 82, 159 SYMONDS, C., 82, 114, 191, 208 TABER, S., 82, 105 TAYLOR, B., 82 TAYLOR, F., 82 ABBOTT, R., 85, 189, 212 ABLOTT, J., 85 ABRAMSON, D., 85 ACOSTA, D., 85, 120 ACOSTA, G., 85, 120 ADAMS, B., 85, 120 ADAMS, J., 54, 85, 212 AGUILAR, P., 85 ALLEN, D., 85 ALLEN, R., 85 ALMANZA, P., 85 ALVAREZ, N., 85, 190 ANDERSON, B., 85, 128, 156 ANDREWS, P., 54, 85 ANSON, R., 85, 216 ANTON, A., 85, 189, 205 ARABIAN, S., 85 ARBACH, L., 85, 125 ARCHEY, L., 85 ARENDS, A., 85 ARGETSINGER, E., 117 ARGO, B., 85 ARMESON, K., 85, 226 ARMSTRONG, V., 85, 155 ATKINS, C., 85, 190 ATKINSON, M., 85 AVERY, M., 85, 178, 184 BABCOCK, G., 85 BAILEY, S., 85, 120 BAKER, P., 85, 120 BAKER, V., 85 BALDWIN, P., 85 BALIAD, P., 85, 127 BAMFORD, D., 85 BANEY, R., 85, 185, 210, 211 BARGERSTOCK, D., 85 BARTELS, R., 85, 117, 217 BASHFORD, C., 85, 136, 155 BAYER, D., 85, 163, 165,216 BEAUCHER, R., 85 BECK, J., 85 BECKLER, R.,85 BEDFORD, R., 85 BELL, S., 85 BELLAMY, S., 85, 155, 156 BELLINGER, N., 85, 135, 163 BELLOTTI, D., 85, 155 BENGOCHEA, R., 85 BENNER, J., 85 BENNER, N., 85 BENSON, M., 85 TAYLOR, J., 82, 165, 165 TAYLOR, L., 82, 157, 159 TAYLOR, P., 82, 120, 155 TAYLOR, R., 82 TEFFT, W., 126 THILL, J., 82 THOMAS, P., 82 THOMEY, J., 82 THOMPSON, J., 82 TOMMINELLE, J., 82 TORRES, B., 82 TORRES, S., 82, 120 TOUPAL, D., 82 TROGE, S., 82, 128 TUCKER, K., 82, 155 UNDERWOOD, R., 82 VAIL, R., 82 VALVERDE, G., 82 VANDENBERG, P., 54, 82,225 228 VANDEZANDE, J., 82, 117 VANFOSSEN, A., 83 VANVLEET, B., 83 VANZEE, M., 85 VARNER, L., 83 VEISMANIS, M., 85, 163 VEJAR, D., 83 VERDUGO, M., 83 VERMEULE, J., 83 VEST, C., 83, 120, 225, 228, 229 VEYNA, T., 83 VIESCAS, R., 83 VILLAFANA, E., 83 OPHO BERGER, N., 85, 212 BERLIN, J., 85 BESHELL, C., 85 BEST, E., 97 BIRCHER, V., 85 BLACKBURN, R., 85 BLAKE, E., 85 BLAND, B., 85 BLANK, M., 85 BLOOMEIELD, S., 85, 120, 136 BOCK, R., 85, 127 BODINE, W., 85, 188 BORDEN, R., 85 BOSWELL, C., 155 BOUCHER, V., 86, 117, 160, 161 BOUSLOG, P., 86 BOWEN, D., 86, 108 BRADD, R., 86 BRADFORD, K., 86, 165 BRADLEY, S., 86 BRADLEY, S., 86 BRAMBLEY, C., 86, 160, 161 BREITWEG, K., 86 BRENNAN, M., 86 BRENNAN, P., 86 BRESSLER, L., 86, 190, 209 BREWER, G., 86, 156 BRIGLIO, B., 86, 159, 226 BRINKMAN, R., 86 BROCKMAN, N., 86 BROOKS, S., 86 BROOME, J., 86 BROWN, J., 86, 226 BROWN, M., 86 BROWN, M., 86 BROWN, R., 86 BROWN, R., 86 BROWN, R., 86, 190 BROWNLOW, R., 86 BRUNNING, R., 86 BRUNOT, R., 86 BUHBE, K., 86, 250 BULLINGTON, M., 86, 157 BURLEIGH, B., 86 BURNETT, L., 86, 189,208 BURNS, S., 86, 157 BUSH, D., 86, 163, 219 BUSH, R., 54, 86, 165, 219 BUSHORE, J., 86, 208, 209 BUTLER, C., 86 BUTTERS, W., 86, 117, 155, 137 VILLAFANA, M., 83 VILLALOBOS, L., 125 VINCE, K., 83 VINCE, S., 85 VOLLOM, K., 85, 117, 122, 124 157, 159,228 VOOREST, C., 85, 135, 250 VUKELICH, S., 85, 157 WAID, W., 85, 191 WALDEN, O., 85, 110 WALLACE, J., 83 WAMBUA, J., 85, 161, 166, 191 205 WARD, C., 83 WARD, F., 85 WATKINS, J., 57, 85, 165, 164 165, 205 WATKINS, S., 85, 115 WATT, P., 85, 150, 196, 197 WEBBER, M., 85, 102, 124 WEBSTER, J., 85, 225, 228, 229 230 WEBSTER, S., 85, 120, 142, 163 WEISMAN, K., 85, 155 WEISMULLER, N., 85 WELCH, B., 83 ' WELLS, P., 83 WELSH, G., 83 WELTON, L., 85, 159 WENTWORTH, T., 85, 120, 225 228 WESSMAN, D., 83 WESTFORTH, R., 54, 85, 124 ORE 159,216 BYSTROM, J., 86, 226 CALL, J., .86 CALLAHAN, R., 86 CALVY, C., 86, 120 CAMARILLO, V., 86 CAMPBELL, B., 86, 110, 117 119, 163, 165 CAMPBELL, C., 86 CAMPBELL, M., 86 CAMPBELL, R., 86 CARLEW, L., 86 CARMELO, S., 86, 190, 209 CARPENTER, D., 86 CARR, E., 86 CARTER, C., 86 CARTER, P., 86 CARUSO, S., 86, 155 CASEBEER, C., 86 CASEBIER, J., 86 CASTANEDA, P., 86 CASTILLO, C., 86 CAYER, D., 86 CHAMBERS, S., 86 CHAMBERS, T., 86, 117, 217 CHAPMAN, J., 86, 120 CHAPMAN, S., 86 CHOI, C., 86, 117 CHRISTIAN, J., 87 CHRXSTAL, L., 87, 159, 199 20 CIESZKO, T., 87 CIRAFICE, L., 87 CLABAUGH, J., 87 CLARK, A., 87, 250 CLARK, G., 87 CLAYTON, D., 34, 87, 178, 187 194, 205, 210, 211 CLOWERS, L., 87 CLUNDT, R., 87, 113, 117 COLGATE, M., 204 COLLINS, T., 87, 189, 212 CONER, W., 87, 114, 151 CONIGLIO, M., 87 CONLIFFE, C., 87, 120 CONNOLLY, R., 87 CONRAD, R., 87, 208 CONTRERAS, L., 87 COOK, K., 87 COOK, K., 87 COOK, M., 87 225, 228 WESTHOLM, W., 85, 142 WHEATON. B., 85, 251 WHELAN, R., 83 WHITFIELD, C., 83 WHITMORE, D., 85 WICK. S.. 83 WILLEFORD, C., 85, 120 WILLIAMS, G., 54, 85, 124 WILLIAMS, P., 54, 83 WILLIAMS, R., 83 WILSON, J., 57, 70, 85, 120, 124 149, 155 WILSON, S., 85, 216 WILSON, V., 85, 251 WINDLE, D., 83 WINES, R., 57, 70, 85, 105, 205 WISE, R.. 85, 117, 192, 214 WOLD. J., 83 WOLFF. I.. 85 WOODARD, S., 83 WOODMAN, A., 83 WOODS. L., 83 WORTHEN, W., 85. 113 WRIGHT, P., 85, 157 WYGAL, S., 85, 155 YAMASAKI, V., 83 YELLIS, J., 85, 120 YONAKA, R., 83 YOUNG, N., 85, 231 YOUNG, N., 85 ZAYAS, V., 85, 191 COOK, T., 87 COSKERY, L., 87 COURTEAU, E., 87 COX, P., 87 CRAIG, C., 87, 117 CRAVENS, T., 87 CREIGHTON, G., 87 CRISS, J., 87 CRONIN, H., 57, 87 CROSS, B., 87, 189, 208 CROUSE, M., 87 CROWELL, K., 87 CROWTHER, K., 87, 120 CUNHA, D., 87, 117 CURTIS, D., 87, 189, 212 CUTLER, S., 87, 117, 136, 157 DANIELS, M., 87, 161 DARGATZ, J., 87, 120 DARGATZ, V., 87 DASARO, S., 87 DAVINI, R., 57, 87, 161, 189 205, 210, 211 DAVIS, C., 54, 87, 102 DAVIS, D., 87 DAVIS, S., 87 DAVISON, C., 87, 192 DAYTON, P., 87 DEAN, D., 87, 156, 137 DEAN, G., 87 DEARY, P., 87 DECKER, R., 87, 159, 192, 215 DEDIC, D., 87, 160, 161 DEJAN, C., 87, 115, 117 DELGADO, L., 87 DENEVAN, K., 87 DENISON, K., 87 DENISON, L., 87, 120 DERAGON, R., 87 DIBBLE, J., 87, 231 DICKEY, W., 87 DOAN, S., 87 DOLAN, p., 87 DOMMER, H., 117, 135, 165 DORN, G., 87 DORSEY, D., 88 DORSEYLP., 88, 136 DOWNEY, N., 88 DREHER, G., 88 DRENNAN, F., 88 DUCOING, S., 88 DUKE, M., 88, 237 DUNLAP, L., 88 DUNN, D., 88 DUNN, D., 88 DYE, K., 88, 204, 217 EARP, C., 88, 157 EASTMAN, S., 88, 136, 157 EBERT, M., 88 EISENEERG, D., 88 ELIASON, M., 88, 117 ELLIOTT, M., 88 ENGELERECHT, M., 88 EPP, H., 88, 189 ERICKSON, S., 88, 157 ERVIN, s., 37, 88, 120 ERNSTING, J., 88 ESCABEDO, I., 88 ESPINOZA, L., 88, 117, 157 ETCHANDY, G., 88 EVANS, B., 88 EVANS, J., 88, 136, 226 EVANS, M., 88 EAGER, D., 88, 189, 216 FANCHER, J., 88, 120 FARISS, M., 88, 120 FARRENS, G., 88, 190,215 FARRENS, M., 88, 102, 226, 227 228, 229 FASSEI., L., 88, 120, 160 FEAZEL, J., 88, 212 FEE, D., 88, 120 FERGUSON, D., 119 FIELDS, J., 88 FIENE, V., 88, 226, 228 FIGUEROA, J., 88, 190 FISCHLE, R., 88, 110, 165, 215 FISH, D., 88, 120, 226, 228 FISHER, R., 88 FITCH, K., 88 ELEISCHER, J., 88 FLEMING, M., 88 FLETCHER, D., 88 FORBES, J., 88, 155. 135 FOSTER, K., 88, 226, 227, 228 229 FOSTER, T., 88 FOUCHER, M., 88 FOWLER, s., 88, 208,209 FRANCO, P., 57, 88, 120 FREDRICK, J., 88,226 EREDRICK, T., 88, 209 FREEMAN, J., 88, 117, 190 FREEMAN, J., 88, 217 FRICK, J., 88 FRIEDMAN, P., 88, 117 FROBENIUS, R., 88 FRY, L., 88 GALBAN, R., 88 GARCIA, C., 88 GARCIA, H., 88, 102, 226, 228 229 GARLAND, A., 88 GARRETT, A., 88, 157, 159 GEACH, A., 88 GEORGETTE, s., 88 GERSTMAR, G., 88 GESLER, C., 88 GILES, R., 88, 117, 188, 217 GILLARD, C., 88 GILLARD, W., 88, 190, 204, 209 GIROUX, A., 88 GIROUX, G., 88, 155, 216 GLASS, G., 88, 163, 209 GLASS, M., 89 ' GODDEN, N., 89 GOGERTY, L., 54, 89 GOLDWYN, T., 89, 156, 226 228, 229 GORCZYCA, G., 89 GORD, T., 89 GORDON, R., 89 GOTHARD, s., 89 GRAEFF, M., 89 GRAHAM, G., 89 GRAHAM, J., 89, 189, 191, 212 217 GRAUPMANN, R., 89 GREEDY, J., 89, 191 GREEN, G., 89 GREGG, H., 89 GREGORY, J., 89 GRIFFIN, N., 89 GRIMES, C., 89 238 GRUVER, J., 89 GUERRERO, C., 89 GUERRERO, R., 89, 120 GUSHWA, M., 89 GUSS, M., 89 GUTTIERREZ, J., 89 GUYTON, D., 37, 89, 117, 120 GUZIEIKA, E., 89 HAEFNER, L., 89 HAGGART, J., 89 HALAPOFE, J., 89, 226 HALL, R., 89, 100, 163 HAMILTON, J., 89, 117, 188 208 HAMLIN, J., 89, 188 HANEY, D., 89 HANGER, D., 89 HANNON, B., 89 HARDING, D., 89, 189, 208 HARDING, J., 89 HARDING, T., 89, 216 HARLOW, R., 89, 194 HARMON, E., 89 HARPOLE, W., 54, 89, 178, 186 HARRIS, E., 89 HARRIS, W., 89 HATHERLY, P., 89, 120, 136 159 HAUSEY, J., 89, 165, 165 HAY, W., 89 HEALD, D., 89 HEFENER, C., 89 HEIN, J., 89 HENKE, P., 89, 117, 160, 161 HERBIG, s., 89 HERGET, D., 89 PIERMAN, C., 89 L-IER1N.1NDEZ, L., 89 HEROLD, L., 89,226 HERR, D., 89, 203, 208 HERTZLER, P., 89 HESS, P., 89, 135 HEUSSER, D., 89 HEWITT, G., 90, 161, 208 HICKMAN, D., 90, 206, 208 HICKS,.L., 90, 157 HILL, C., 90, 117, 157 HILL, s., 90 HILLIARD, J., 90 HIRDLER, B., 90 HNIZDIL, S., 90 HOEPPNER, G., 54, 90, 120, 157 HOHENBERGER, M., 90 HOLDEN, D., 90, 189 HOLDEN, M., 90, 115, 117, 119 135 HOLDRIDGE, C., .90 HOLKO, M., 90 HOLT, W., 90 HOMMEY, B., 90 HOOD, M., 90, 120 HOOD, T., 90, 130, 191, 208 HORANIC, M., 90, 120 HORTON, B., 90 HORTON, W., 90, 137, 165 HOSMER, S., 90, 117 HOUSEGO, R., 90 HOVDE, L., 90 HOWARD, D., 90 HOWELL, G., 90, 189 HUBBARD, B., 90, 120, 157, 171 HUDGENS, J., 90 HUDELSON, J., 90, 188 HUGGINS, G., 90, 192 HUGHES, M., 90 HUNT, N., 90 HUNTER, J., 90, 117 HUTCHINSON, T., 90 HUVLER, J., 90 HYLAND, P., 90 IZZI, A., 90, 117 JACOBS, lu., 90 FACOBSEN, M., 90 MMES, C., 90, 117, 155 AMES 0 jf 9 Jw 9 ,!ATH'ZOW, K., 37, 84, 90, 120 ' -9 JARVIS, D., 90 JEFRIES, D., 90 JENKINS, D., 90 JEWELL, G., 90 JEWELL, R., 90 JOHNSON, A., JOHNSON, J., 90 JOHNSON, J., 54, 90, 192 JOHNSON, L., 90 JOHNSON, M., 90 JOHNSON, R., 90, 189,212 JOHNSON, R., 90, 190 OHNSON S., 90 90 90 90, 117, 157 J , JONES, A., JONES, D., JONES, J-5 90 JONES, L., 90 JONES, T., 90 JOSEPH, C., 90 JOYAL, R., 90 KALB, C., 90, 117 KALVIG, C., 90 KANE, C., 90, 117, 226, 229, 230 KAPITZKE, J., 90 KAPS, V., 90 KARCH, D., 91, 192, 215 KARDIAK, K., 91 KASKA, L., 91 KEEFER, J., 91 KEIRNAN, K., 91 KEIRSEY, M., 91 KELLY, C., 91, 209 KEMP, C., 91 KENDALL, B., 97, 226 KENNEDY, D., 37, 91, 208 KENNEDY, E., 91 KERR, J., 91 KERSEY, M., 91 KESSLER, J., 91 KIPHUT, P., 37, 91, 117, 120 149 KIRK, W., 91 KIRKER, A., 91, 190 KIRTLAND, D., 91, 165 KLAPPER, T., 91 KLISS, B., 91, 190, 204, 219 KNOELLER, S., 91, 212 KOBOSKI, K., 91, 135 KOELLEN, S., 91, 209 KOFF, S., 54, 91, 102,226 KOGLER, K., 91 KOKE, M., 91, 136, 159 KOLODZESKE, C., 54, 91, 117 120, 136 KOSLOWSKY, C., 91, 157 KOSS, J., 91, 190, 194, 209 KRAUSS, T., 91, 194 KUCHLER, A., 91 LACOUNTE, B., 91 LAEUENTE, A., 91 LAMEERT, S., 91, 192,215 LANDRETH, F., 91, 150, 151 LANDSKRON, L., 91, 117, 205 LANGSON, R., 91 LANIUS, K., 91, 216 LAPP, M., 91, 190 LARA, A., 91 LARA, V., 91, 123 LARSON, S., 91, 226 LASTER, D., 54, 91, 192,215 LAWSON, J., 91, 209 LAWSON, J., 91 LAZENBY, J., 91 LEE, R., 91 LEMONS, D., 91 LIBERIO, L., 91 LILES, G., 91 LILIENTHAL, P., 91, 163 LITTLE, C., 54, 91, 117, 136 LOGAN, S., 91 LOGSDON, M., 91 LONG, J., 91, 216 LONG, R., 91 LONGWITH, T., 91 LOOKABILL, D., 91, 130, 131 LOOMIS, D., 91, 113, 117, 135 LOPEZ, J., 91 LORENZ, J., 91, 136 LOVELL, M., 92, 120, 146 LUND, S., 92 LYNAUGH, P., 92 LYND, C., 92 MACKENZIE, B., 92, 188 MADDOK, M., 92 MADLEY, P., 92, 120 MAGILL, D., 92, 189, 215 MAHAEFEY, P., 92, 136 MAHONEY, M., 57, 92, 189, 208 MALLONEE, D., 92 MAMMEL, C., 92 MANCINELLWI, D., 92, 204 MANCUSI, M., 92, 226 MARKLAND, L., 92, 203, 212 MARQUEZ, L., 92 MARSHALL, L., 92 MARTENS, D., 92, 115, 155 MARTIN, L., 92 MARTIN, P., 92 MARTINEZ, C., 92 MARTINEZ, G., 92 MARTINEZ, L., 92 MARTINEZ, R., 92 MASELINE, M., 92 MASON, J., 92, 216 MASSMAN, J., 92 MASTROMATTEO, F., 92, 165 165, 190, 216 MATLOCK, O., 194 MATTINGLY, T., 54, 92, 189 194. 206 MATULIK, R., 92 MAYERS, F., 92 MCALLISTER, P., 92 MCAULEY, C., 92, 120 MCAULEY, R., 92 MCCALLION, K., 92, 120 MCCLENAGHAN, D., 92 MCCOMMONS, J., 92 MCCRAY, L., 92, 125 MCDOWELL, M., 92 MCGEE, D., 92 MCGRAW, V., 92, 120 MCGREAL, C., 92 MCLEAN, L., 92, 150, 151, 155 157, 226, 229 MCLELLAN, L., 92, 117, 190 MCMANIGAL, P., 92 MCPHAIL, K., 54, 92 MCVARISH, N., 92 MEALY, T., 92 MEDINA, L., 92 MEGER, P., 92, 189 MELCHER, K., 92, 119 MENDENHALL, S., 92 MENDOZA, S., 92 MENTH, R., 92 MERRILL, L., 92 MESNARD, R., 92, 160, 161 MIDTBRUGET, J., 92 MILES, D., 92 MILLER, C., 92, 159, 226 MILLER, D., 92, 192, 215 MILLER, D., 92 MILLER, J., 92, 104, 189,212 MILLER, J., 92 MILLER, M., 92 MILLER, S., 92 MILLINER, R., 92 MIRANDA, A., 92, 161 MITCHELL, M., 57, 84, 92, 117 MITTEN, C., 92 MONROE, G.. 92, 212 MOORE, S., 92, 120 MORALES, D., 34, 92 MORLEY, J., 92 MORRIS, C., 92, 159 MORRIS, C., 92 MORRIS, T., 93, 159, 192, 215 MORSE, L., 95, 115, 156 MOSHER, G., 93 MOY, R., 95, 191, 209 MULLIGAN, P., 93 MUNOZ, R., 93 MURDAUGH, B., 93 MURPHY, K., 93 MURPHY, K., 93 MURRAY, J., 93, 215 NACE, B., 93 NADEAU, J-. 93 NAFFZIGER, P., 93 NAUGHTON, C., 93 NAVARRETTE, J., 54, 93, 178 184, 212 NEAL, K., 93 NEGRETE R., 93, 206, 209 NEIDIGER, J., 93, 190 NEIGHBORS, M., 93, 113, 117 120, 155, 136 NELSON, G., 93 NELSON, L., 93, 117, 120, 226 NELSON, R., 93, 117, 133, 163 NEWLON, B., 93 NICHOLS, J., 95 NICHOLS, P., 93 NICHOLSON, N., 93 NIMS, R., 93 NITSCHKE, M., 93, 209 NOCAS, L., 93 NOLAN, L., 93, 133, 188,212 NOTTINGHAM, s., 93 NYE, R., 95 OLANDER, R., 93 OLSON, J., 93 OLSON, J., 93 OLSSON, N., 93, 117 ONEAL, C., 93 ONEIL, S., 93 ORDUNO, M., 93 OSBORNE, Y., 93, 120, 160 OSTERMAN, E., 93 OWENBY, N., 95 OWENS, A., 93, 160, 161 PADILLA, J., 93 PAGANO, L., 34. 93, 120 PAGE, L., 93 PALUMBO, R., 93, 133 PARIS, D., 93 PARKER, P., 93 PATIN, C., 93 PATTERSON, T., 93, 159, 189 zoo PAYNE, J., 93, 159, 216 PAYTON, D., 93 PEARCY, R., 93, 136, 157 PEARSON, R., 93 PEREZ, J., 93, 159 PERKINS, H., 93, 226 PERKINS, J., 93 PETERS, L., 93 PETERS, W., 93 PETERSEN, C., 93 PETERSEN, S., 93, 120 PETERSON, D., 93 PETERSON, J., 93, 120 PETERSON, R., 93 PETERSON, W., 93, 117, 126 PETERSON, P., 93, 208 PEEIEEER, C., 161 PHARRIS, G., 37, 93, 117, 1119 203, 212 PHILLIPS, D., 93 PHILLIPS, D., 93 PIERPOINT, J., 93 PIERSON, M., 94 PINA, R., 94, 139, 190, 204, 209 PITCHER, E., 94, 161, 190 PITCHER, L., 94 PLANTE, L., 94, 128 PLATKO, P., 94 POOLE, H., 94 PORTER, G., 94 PORTER, S., 94 PORTER, T., 94 POTTER, B., 94 POTTS, S., 94, 190 POZNANTER, P., 94, 192, 215 PRATT, M., 94 PRESSEL, A., 94, 127, 192, 215 PRITCHARD, R., 94 PRISKE, P., 94, 120 PROCTOR, G., 94, 216 PRUETT, S., 94 QUARRY, C., 94, 226 RAAB, M., 94, 115, 117, 135, 136 RADICHEL, S., 94 RAGLE, P., 94 RAHN, D., 94, 127 RAMSAY, B., 94, 137, 139 BH, RASMUSSEN, D., 94 RAVENKAMP, S., 94, 204 RAY, J., 94 REAGAN, J., 94 REAL, C., 94 REED, D., 94, 190 REESE, L., 94, 101, 102, 136, 137 156 REEVES, C., 94 REINEKE, L., 94, 209 REINEMANN, M., 94, 226, 229 RENFROE, D., 94 RENNER, R., 94, 190, 216 RENNIE, B., 94 REUTER, D., 94, 133 REYES, R., 94 RICHISON, L., 94, 128 RICKETTS, P., 94 RINCON, A., 34, 94, 104, 189 212 RINGEISEN, C., 94 RINGWALD, J., 94, 108, 146 RITTER, R., 94 ROBERTS, M., 94 ROBERTSON, J., 94, 113, 117 130, 151, 156, 155, 226, 228 229, 230 ROBERTSON, S., 94 ROBINSON, S., 94 RODGERS, D., 94, 194, 216 RODRIGUEZ, A., 94, 190, 204 212 RODRIGUEZ, J., 94 ROGERS, J., 94 ROLAND, L., 94, 160, 161 RONNEELDT, P., 94 ROQUET, N., 94, 136, 157, 159 ROSALES, M., 94 ROSENKRANZ, K., 94 ROSS, E., 94, 226 ROUSSE, M., 94, 136 ROUTH, J., 94, 108, 159 ROUW, B., 94 ROWLAND, K., 94 RUBIN, G., 94 RUEN, R., 94 SAENZ, M., 94 SALNESS, J-., 37,-84, 94, 117,220 226, 227, 228, 229, 230 SANCHEZ, L., 94 SANCHEZ, M., 94 SANDOVAL, B., 94 SANTIVANEZ, M., 94 SAUER, T., 93, 191 SAUGsTAD,.R., 95, 212 SAWYER, B., 95 SCALI, A., 95, 157, 160, 161 SCHAEEER, G., 95 SCHARDIN, B., 95 SCHEID, C., .95 SCHLEGEL, E., 95 SCHMIDT, C., 95, 120, 159, 226 228, 229, 230 SCHMIDT, G., 93, 216 SCHMIDT, L., 95, 126 SCHMIDT, L., 95, 204, 209 SCHMIDT, S., 95 SCHNAIBLE, C., 93, 120, 226 SCHNAIBLE, G., 95, 190, 194 SCHOLTEN, B., 95 SCHORR, R., 93, 188 SCHRIBER, L., 93, 117, 133, 157 SCHULTZ, B., 93, 108 SCHULTz, J., 159 SCHUTz, L., 95 SCOTT, J., 34, 95, 226, 228, 229 230 SEALE, D., 95, 136 SELLARS, A., 95, 113, 117 KL, E2X...,.,11 i4.111...,,,, L .JD 32123, Q., ,WJ 13 -.1 1,0 . J . S SERRANI, L., 34, 95 SHALLHORN, M., 95 SHANNON, L., 95 SHARPE, R., 93, 117 SHARPLES, K., 161 SHATZER, W., 95 SHEEHAN, R., 95, 188, 212 SHEFF, J., 95 SHEPPARD, K., 95 SHERWOOD, N., 95 SHOLL, S., 95 SHUGERT, J., 95 SHULTZ, D., 95 SIEKIEL, J., 95 SLAGLE, L., 95 SMALIfEY, C., 95 SMITH, C., 95 SMITH, D., 95 SMITH, K., 93, 130, 131, 226 250 SMITH, R., 95 SMITH, S., 95 SMITH, T., 95, 159, 192,216 SOLBERG, R., 93, 205, 212 SOOTER, B., 93, 120 SORTORE, N., 95 SOUTHWORTH, M., 95 SOVELLA, J., 95 SPADT, G., 95 SPARKS, S., 95 SPIELMAN, J., 95, 189 SPRIGGINS, G., 95 STAPISH, C., 93 STARK, S., 93, 203, 208 STCLAIR, M., 96 STEELMAN, J., 96 STEIB, S., 96 STENOVITCH, L., 96 STEPHENS, P., 96, 216 STEPHENSON, B., 96 STEPHENSON, C., 96 STEVLING, D., 96 STEWART, R., 96 STOCKWELL, P., 96 STONER, M., 96, 128 STOUEER, D., 96, 159, 192, 215 STRAW, S., 96 STREIT, C., 96 STRICKLAND, R., 96, 130, '151 191 STRICKLAND, S., 96 STROUD, G., 96 STROUD, S., 96 STROUD, T., 96 STULL, L., 96 SULLIVAN, J., 188 SUTTER, D., 96 SVOBODA, M., 96, 120 SWAIN, C., 96 SWANK, S., 96 SWANSON, D., 96 SWANSON, J., 96 SWINNEY, S., 96, 120, 136 TAFOLLA, E., 96 TAKACS, K., 96 TALBERT, J., 96 TALBERT, J., 96 TAYLOR, S., 96, 133 TAYLOR, T., 96 TEETER, R., 96 TEMPLE, P., 96, 230 TEMPLETON, C., 96, 136 TENO, R., 96 TETERS, D., 96 THATCHER, M., 96, 17s, 183 203, 212 THOMAS, S., 96 THORNE, M., 96 THORNHILL, C., 96 THORNTON, B., 96, 189 TORRES, M., 96 TRAIN, M., 96 TREVOR, D., 96, 120 TUBEK, P., 96 TURNER, S., 37, 96, 136, 137 157, 159 TURNER, S., 37, 96, 117, 192 215 TURNIPSEED, P., 96, 102, 117 226, 228, 251 UHLICH, L., 96, 218 VANDERWEST, K., 96, 212 VANRY, J., 96, 190 VEKA, A., 96, 209 VEYNA, J., 96, 208 VIOLETT, A., 96 WAGONER, W., 96, 133, 135 137, 159 WAITE, E., 97 WALKER, R., 34, 97, 216 WALLACE, D., 97 WALTERS, R., 97, 102, 120, 157 WALTHER, J., 97, 120 WARD, K., 97, 204 WARD, L., 97, 117, 119 WARD, S., 97 WATKINS, M., 97 WATSON, G., 97 WATSON, M., 97 WEAVER, J., 97, 161,204 WEAVER, K., 97, 226 WEBSTER, D., 97 WEBSTER, L., 97 WECHSLER, B., 97, 188, 205 WEDEKING, G., 97 WEISS, B., 97 WESLOSKY, D., 97, 191, 205 WEWER, W., 97, 113, 117 WHARTON, L., 97, 120 WHARTON, R., 97 WHITE, J., 97 WHITE, K., 97 WHITE, L., 97, 216 WHITE, P., 97, 228 WHITNEY, N., 97, 160, 161 WHITTIER, E., 97 WICKLIFFE, B., 97 WIGHT, D., 97, 120, 160, 161 WILD, J., 97, 118, 137, 159 WILEY, L., 97, 220, 226 WILLIAMS, D., 97, 160, 161 WILLIAMS, L., 97 WILSON, D., 97, 117 WILSON, D., 97, 159 WILSON, D., 97 WILSON, G., 97 WILSON -9 1 T 97 WINCHELL, L., 97 WINGO, T., 97 WINSLOW, K., 97, 157 WISE, G., 97 WITTE, J., 34, 97, 178, 185, 205 WOOD, P., 97 WOODSON, S., 97 WORLEY, J., 97 WORLEY, WRIGHT, R., 97, 190, 194, 216 A., 97, 189 WRIGHT, D., 97 WRIGHT, J., 97, 189,216 WRIGHT, S., 97, 135 YANKISH, E., 97 YEOMAN, S., 97 YONAKA, M., 97 YOUNG, J., 97 ZIGROSSI. G., 97, 157 zUGG, B., 97 E X Ucflb .if . .f My WMJLMW Qvfwfafi QZLW4 faffffyl F5 I ou uc Lol M! Jrfjcggvg glM5,gQ6 JN LQWXA I 'ect M 'fypfhifh W 'rs ai F0 'DF P 5 r A S be-ew 1jfE5i?PZr5fNLi'?fo-K' L"2f5WfN06 xlxlbl XE Q Piijfxgfw ,ffl 'fad 1151! PN' . Cl-,QA ww txxwxs QW u 'N pf! NM' K ' DQR Q:-K nw mi ilk vxQS'm'Ww+Q,N U59 , ilyvxgmf MM, A ffxgf wzfwfg had WW 4, ,Wig WZ il! -nu,ql,,fQ47L,W1f ,aff A205 72041 ,f214f,drAZf+ffc'j ,g14v4af.fc'Z0-447, I, , , , V qbflwffif 10241 'ff WA ffwil Mwwgfjfmwf f,,7f,!-ff,f1wf If My MM ffhwfwf f-0470'-ff f 41 'ff jig , A f-fe " fffzv, 1 fd! 'dz 2 iff ,955 A511 AVZLZJ 'fadfffyzxf lf, 21M jZ jf?46W jr fivfffdywffvffgz AM 7 f f ckyflbflfff aff!! 1 A, X564 Jaffa! 5!-fdflffylfbff MV .ffowfj X WfffW'ffffff,idfffzf7f ,ff fkffnfwz Aww nf! mf gin AIMEMWXMMQ L EI .C .A ,CQ - ffm Afff 41 M Hlwdxfxcjdflwjxj 41M,Mfi f9f! JM Hwmimafww U JWWWJ ,MW M 'W ' VX , U f My V PALE X N 5 QW QM HM QXXQQM Wg F W , f Q ww Q4 GQ ,Qgysgw Q , BA lj fx 35535 E gigs? 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'P 4' 'N ' u 'N F'-N Q xx'x,N4 'Y U V W, -. mi, -, . 1 '- i i V ,

Suggestions in the Anaheim Union High School - Colonist Yearbook (Anaheim, CA) collection:

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