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Sf A M ff' f fm MW? as f-g44wQ,x QW? L 5? wif .E wx A.. ,J 2 AJ of if E E ff mg QWYTM5 Q 32.4 Q? x 4, : , -' 1 , Q My A L, ,L ,asf 315,152 56741 'uit-e1l:.1 4 ' um 2' .11 1 ,'Z11'1 ,Q f . '3 ww "fi, Q .1 , A J, f P 11 'if 1 'Q 16 ' "11 "' 111J'1-3 A 'c"?3- ' 521-3 5? ' i wjf 3 1 1s ,5 15 '..3jf.1.1g, 1 1 . A ff . 1: -1 I W '1 wi .13 ' 'U' 11 ' ' 1 .51 A ' wx-, 1 fi " k " if Mb- Mad - 1 515511-ff' "'53'?igQ7,'3gf me i 1 1 1 - 1 L 1, H 1. iv 1 W 17,1 Q fs: 11 ' 1157. ,A " A . ,1., 111. 1. . ra " -1 1 1, mm.. ., 1. 1 .3 1, 1 Q.. . rf WSW' W' ' 1- M-1-I 1 -41 1 1 . .1 ,M ' '51 '29 , .. 1 ' 'E rggfw 1 .A 1? Y . 4 v H . iff . A 1, .V , I 1.1 " ,. My ,1, . , M 1 Q 1, 1. mf-fi1Ju 1-1 .'-'AH -I X, . 1 ,. 1 Q! .1 i 1 "A f gm, 1. 1 .. W . 5 I A ', "P 1 1 L 'I 1 1 E . . S. .. 1-v X 1 - 1 - 1. , 1 .1 811.1 1, , 1' 0 ' '11, -- 111-351 acl' Q , --L 14hr11gQi.L Ke' ,155 ' gb g '51 - . nr A 1 ni! Q, .15 w SN, 9- 1- 1 ag 'L H. ,, 4, "ij "' , 3,19 -af Q 11 " :3?!.L,1Af'Y1 l.,3,, , lv .5-If t -'YA .1 'me -Ir" .1 -L' Q 1, ,.m1m-59. 15 . ,. ' + 1 1 1' ' 5129 ' 1+ ' -1 'g'Hw1v'1. ' ,1 514 ' P 1 1.2 K 1 1 4. J , ' 1. Q Q ' -1 V .1. X 5, V- 1 if ..q..l L-. 5 1 953, fm ww-kg ii 1 'iff If 1 'Mu ,X E 1 'QM' rx 1 f -14 . 1 A '11 ,... . 2395 NIM? 1. M 151, KI. A w n ' W 1 V, A f , . ,,.. M m , A ggi, , 3,6 I ,ra ,VL ,f 3f 50?'3 4 . 4 , . Q. . ,J 2 . men' ' aa- '1 Y ,..,5 ,Q 1 r l. ,,,Sv- Y ff Y' 1, ' -, .mr 'pl M ' 4' ' 1 ' ' - fm' L!-J w i .HM LM , A Qi I "sn 'H ,,,.fm,fm .w.lgffi.f,il,m. he - mam K v. - T, if ,W , Esc f ham ' yn, 1 uf 'fa ,E :rw Writ ,- X X 'K 'Cf Th 1958 1 ff .W , 0-X7 fX M, vm 7 XM W WX .mi-4asWwe,gW,bh V 1 L.-LX , X X X X Wg, 4 - - , X- X XX ' ' K 1 -1, w ww f '1 ,J " -f X- 5 f -W K , 1 X XX X, A A Xgqgs xg ,S A 'V fX4fjwV ,0 X- kffifgiiffs fi ,fi . x 4 ' " g 4 " I XAQQXE, ,iffy f- , ,,, XX f XX X ,,:XX'iNIj X .gggff -x,, fsffP'x'W3rX' T wh x "Y, X 'f X ww U ,fifinwff.-f,f,,'1XXff gf.ecfzMfX-WWX' 52 XX,-MX ff' QQ gin 2,4 1 X ff gf A gff gy ,fw,f,f,fff',f,+ff,,f , 4 XX XXQXX X XX WX RX Tfww XXXWQ X Y, X ffwwvff ,NXWsVzWWfwm XJ' fn- fdwxffffyffq , W f ffwffwwf, f X X' NX 51X-WNY. X Fixfw, XSWSQQX V, Af ff Q , W aw 5 'Qwx fi ,-5 ,X ,l M 'H' f 'LX x XX 4? X XU,-p, Ambiw s7'MXX6fzf, .f Xwz, '23 1' PWS - 'X ' ,acc 'fxff me ff 'N ff C, gf ,fp f MUN f iffy X , XX X ,. ,W MA- X , 1. ,W , uv., ,S ., fn. 13.11, I Q X , ww W- -4 Q, 4 ff V ff ff W, Xu, XHX ,X J-I XX-X - . Qiiw 14 M M .,-,. in 1 ,L .ww,:4gfe,f.f+:ffXf,Xf-ff W 4- Xfffffff f f ww f M, ww, ff. ffl X X M .. ,X , . XM, . sxmev ,.,,m, ig W -WffZ..pW,,yh ,V yy ' "" A- F ff-ff' ' ' Mxf' ,L 'V ,M ,vWv'f'6f: , in 3 Darlene Hein Rogers Edifor-in-Chief Nara? 1 fu ,ff ' f , 2 Z, ' "WH '- 1-'-' 1' -f-X-f X.-1-..-Xie ,.,,,,, 4 ff. f. 54' 1 'Q , 5. v ,F f . X' K' ALI CGLCDNIST Published by The Students of the Anaheim Uhieh High Seheel June I9 nn-nail v Q uv-- QS!" 'MH v .Uv -fiq - . , : .Cb 1-X A L . - i Q., if J N33 Xp 15, ww, 'L f iw is 5 W ,QW , ,, 593+ in 2 I ff , , 1 ' 2 ' 2,3 I W' W JN it Mu I ,.W xgwti -Y if E iff .1 KIM 1 n f fn' aff 5 ivy- QM yn M15 'F' Vw. 14' ,41- ww 57.11 Mrs. Lois Whittington Grocious Deon Honored by Students Becouse of her understanding ond concern for oll those who holve come to her with their problems, we dedicoite the 1958 Colonist to Mrs. Lois Whittington. Her completely unbiosed opinion in oll motters is odmired by oll. The responsibilities of Vice Principctl ond Deon of Girls could not be hondled by mony with the some ropport. Mrs. Lois Whittington hos done on excellent job in the 20 yeors she hos served in this copocity. Before being oppointed to this position, she tought Sponish, ond become the heod of the longuoge deportment. Before ossuming her responsibilities ot Ano- heim, she olttended the University of Colifornio ot Berkeley, she groduoted mognol cum loude ond therefore is o member of Phi Beton Koppo. She did groduote work ond received her moster's degree in history. After finishing her formol educotion she re- turned to her Almo Moter, Anoheim Union High School, where she hod groduoted os voledictorion. For her mony yeors of dedicoted service, we honor her. Long will we remember the helping hond thot wos given by Mrs. Lois Whittington. Focus on Our Alma Mater 1 ' U4 for This ls Anaheim High School . . . Where our leaders adminis+ra+e. n-we .-4""N The hub of Our Pafio. MN-I . Many ac+ivi+ies presenfed he-e n Qur Alma Maier. K Where We Hove Spent . hon 'Vs recffea .F-new ' . . . A las+ walk down AU's halls The Typical Teenage Times 135 V x N rv X X X ' ' xx .x . U X . . ,, . SXFX -Z w A , Q93 ya . Wf'xY N .T X xx Q .hx X- xg E A mmigflgz 3 as , X f f ,,, W ' , 'M' " ' Y ff 0 1 J 5 ,J H ,K f , ,nw N 1 'rw ,, Q' 74 ,, 'if' is ffffi ff fi W T. , f .4-5.f4j.hf iff' I W!! ff Q, f ' 0 W' y X , 0 2 WIQWQJ I wwwf W , ,I , , y , X ,,M4' X f ,, ,I , 'X W W 1,2 ,, f ' 4 fb wif ii X X 'VY 52 ,K If f - " 'ii ' inf! X ,f . Tired 'reenage ioes of Our Active Lives . . . . . . Noi' fhe McGuire Sis'I'ers, iusl' plain fun in a Girls' League assembly. . . . A school clay's romance. Working Toword Gools . . . . Frighfful frog finally disecfed -ff . . . Sfudy, sfudy, sfudy, for 'romorrow +l1ere's a fesf. S sw V N If X - X its N x Q 'ya x sv ,, af . Q + 1 4 , , Q3 . XX K X f 1 Ill X, ,A Y 55 ' 5 ,W f 3' .gf ' f fff' V ff ,4 XX M, SW' Q. O vs' ,W W Mf , ,+ M2014 Q .4 Tw. ,MX V QQ: Each ond Every Doy . . . Lunch fime jusf doesn'1' come offen enough' . . . To school, +o school and fhen home again E E "Loolc! H is finished l" Unusual? Yes! Rarely are Anaheim's 'rhree lop adminisfrarors found as They are piclured on +he opposile page. Members of The sludenl governmen+, represen+ed here by Bob Haffield, sfudenl' body presiden+, learn as 'l'hey lead Their fellow s+uden+s. Through ihe sfudeni' governmenr, Colonisfs may parficipafe in and learn democraric procedures. High school sfudenls now, will be fhe leaders of our "Na+ion of Tomorrow," and here +hey may gain valuable experience under The direcforship of The Colonis+ adminis+ra+ion. L. Franlc Kellogg, principal, is piclured represenfing fhe AUHS adminislrafors. Those who leach should realize fhe impor+ance lheir jobs play in Training The youfh of foday, and 'I'heir aim is fo sfarf lhe fufure adulfs in +he righl direcfion. Direcfion is impor+an+! Adminis+ra+ors receive direcrion from Paul W. Cook Anaheim's secondary superinfendenf. Mr. Cool: is +he coordinafor of fhe secondary sysfem for 'rhe Board of Truslees, which in 'lurn is elecled by fhe people. An adminislralor, as a sludenf or as an educafor, is imporlanl, and fo malce a success if requires hard worlc and leadership abilify .,.. ADMINISTRATICN N E Joint Efforts ot District and . . PAUL W. COOK DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT ANAHEIM UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I958 You have earned a high school diploma which will open many opportunities for you to advance in life. We all need to continue learning it we are to be successful and happy people who make a contribution to this great republic in which we are living. By all means, attend a school or college that will enable you to develop your native abilities to their limit. Even if you find it nec- essary to begin earning a living, take advan- tage ot the many adult education programs that are available throughout this country. Age sets no limits on our ambitions or abil- ities to learn. Both men and women with tam- ilies have demonstrated that it is possible to earn a college degree, and even do graduate work, in the evening classes that are available in all of our metropolitan areas. You have finished, yet you are beginning. I hope you will continue learning and contribut- ing for the rest of your lives. Superintendent MRS. MARIE STORY SUPERINTENDENT'S SECRETARY AUHS Leaders Bring Success . . . l. FRANK KELLOGG PRINCIPAL ANAHEIM UNION HIGH SCHOOL History making events have spotlighted attention this year, on the education and aspirations of high school young people. The "Sputnik," the first man-made satelite, has focused attention on the need for techni- cal experts in the fields of mathematics and science, and for the need for a better under- standing of scientific knowledge by all of American Youth. ln a larger sense the need is not alone in the comprehension of pure science. More importantly, it is to be found in the develop- ment of moral and spiritual values that will enable mankind to live peacefully without war. It is my hope that all of you will recognize these needs, that you will appreciate the important part your education plays in the drama of life unfolding before you, and, that all of you will aspire to grow spiritually and intellectually so that you will be able to make the right decisions to safeguard our civilization in the years to come. -'dig Principal MRS. FRIEDA GAY PRINCIPAl.'S SECRETARY 4 ,Iii 4 f 2 I g Busy, Busy, Busy Describes . . . LOIS WHITTINGTON VICE PRINCIPAL AND DEAN OF GIRLS Known by many as the most active woman on campus is vice principal and dean ot girls, Mrs. Lois Whittington. Many times her day starts with an early morning call from a teacher who will be absent and tor whom she must obtain a substitute. As her day progresses, she may be scheduled to visit classrooms, help the Girls' League hospitality committee, or act as adviser tor the Dress Board. In addition she is in charge ot the registration and programming ot students tor the coming year, in this capacity she comes into direct contact with our most vital problem-an enrollment which is growing by leaps and bounds. Through untiring, unseltish ettorts, she has given herselt whole-heartedly to the betterment ot our school and students. 'UK KAY HERBEL. LOVICE MACKAY GLENDORA LAU ELAINE BERGER Office Secretary Records Secretary Vice Principals' Secretary Registration Secretary Anaheim's Two Vice Principals RICHARD RYAN VICE PRINCIPAL AND DEAN OF BOYS Mr. Richard Ryan, at the telephone, is in the midst of one of his busy days. As dean of boys and vice principal, his tasks are many and they require his full capabilities. Perhaps his major responsibility is student conduct, and in conjunction with this Mr. Ryan is the adviser for student court. His many divergent duties include being in charge of the chaperoning of the dances, assigning all faculty extra-curricular activities, being adviser for the Colonist Club, and taking charge ofthe eligibility of athletes. This year our new Civil Defense program has given Mr. Ryan an additional job-namely, the responsibility of being the chairman of this program. Always fair and congenial, his enthusiasm and hard work have had a tremendous effect on our student body. WINIFRED ROBERTS RALPH KINGSBURY ORVILLE NELSON WINIFRED GRAFF Attendance Secretary Attendance Superviggr Attendance Officer Student Accounts ' 1, ' 7: " 1'-' Fi P- I E '-,M-'04,-,-,,,F..,..-M-f-f-M bailnnm., Mathematics Department . . . headed by Marjorie Pibel . . . From A to Z offers algebra I :md II, plane and solid geometry, trigonome- KEMUEL H. ANDERSON try. and DIISIC, general, :ind senior math. Biology G. DOUGLAS ALLAN C. J. ANASTASIOU Mechanical Drawing Biology, Chemisfry DOROTHY G. ARMSTRONG CLAUD L. BOOTH LOUISE BOOTH English Girls' Phys. Ed. FLORENCE BORROR Librarian Vocaiional Machine Shop BEULAH B. BAYLESS G. C. BEALE I Drama, English U. S. Hislory ROBERT E. CARLBERG Auto Shop LOIS F. BRADLEY MILES BRAKKE T Typing, Shorlhand U. S. Hisfory EVERETT B. COWSER Boys' Phys. Ed. WILLIAM A. COOK JACK W. COPENHAVER . LI JOSEPH L. CARTER WUILLIAMUH C NE Music' Band French' Spanish Biology, Chemistry Typing, Office Pracfice 24 Wi f Anc:lheim's Fclcully l Q' CHARLES COX Commercial THOMAS DARDARIAN Machine Shop ,ff .. J, .f Social Science Department . , . teaches us to live with ourselves and those about us . . . under the directorship of N Mason Henry. BARBARA CRANE WILLIAM F. DALY U. S. Hislory Lalin, English , GEORGE J. DE RUBEIS ' Melal Shop LAURENCE DECKER JOSEPHINE DERIGO JOHN L. DRENNAN General Shop ROLF J. ENGEN Commercial U. S. Hisfory Girls' Phys. Ed. NORMA LEE ELLIOTT Girls' Phys. Ed. JAMES D. EDWARDS MILDRED ELLIOTT PHILIP ENGEBRETSON Spanish Girls' Phys. Ed. Typing JOAN A. FEE FERDIE L. FERGUSON ROBERTA K. FINCH DORA GENE GOLDER Girls' Phys. Ed. Maihemafics Commercial English 23 ff I ' . KX 'I . J I . ,,,, f,,,,, , .,,-,,.f. M--rr" XTWMI ' I o 0 0 .. M U sl Ed c h Do y .FQ 1 .A V 'f ,, 5 V lil W 1 "': I - I' f 'I I me f' M ,X , ,, , . 'f'L , 'x4Z?,ji'I . ,lk . X VM-ingit s Q 4. , , ,I , I xx iw, i lf ri' xl L V V 3 Aifgl S sf? K .. ... ,ji ff? we Science Department . . . improved courses . . . well equipped classrooms . . . lab experiments . . . give added interest . . . George Hedstrom is head of this department. HOWARD P. GOODMAN SAMUEL H. GOSNEY Biology Bookkeeping W WEN DELL W. GREEN LEE Spanish ROBERT H. HAGER AARON D. HALEY Boys Phys. Ed. Senior Problems 'QI RALPH W. HARMON Arl, English VICTOR HARBER C. ELDON HARRIS C. GEORGE HEDSTROM World Hiswry Mafhemafics Chemislry 'Os J. MASON HENRY GLENN A. HEYNE HILDA ANNE HOLM HOWARD C. HOVEY Social Sfudies English English English, Speech 26 GILBERT J. GRANGER Driver Educalion LELAND HANSON Agricullure MARY HEINLEIN Sfudy Hall V. VIRGINIA HUFF Spanish ,, .I A, . . I ,Q W fi ,vm .V I , .,,f 4 ff lfyfdyyf 2 I 'ff .. 7 f DALE J. HUGHES History RICHARD G. JACKSON Wood Shop, Mech. Draw. RICHARD KAYWOOD Driver Education if I 5. 'Q . ix 4 , DONNA J. HUGHES HAROLD J, JACHIMSKI Homemaking Commercial VERNON D. JONES English FRED W. JETER ANNA M. JOHNSON U. S. Hisiory Hisiorv ROBERT L. KELLY English MARIE KEELER FRANCIS A. C. KELLOM Senior Problems Driver Education DORRIS LEMP Girls' Phys. Ed. DONALD J. LENT DONALD W, LIEBHART ROBERT A. LINN BOYS' Phys, Ed- Boys' Phys. Ed. HISTOVY 1 Virginia Huff, director of Language Department . . . French, Latin, and Spanish are taught . . , also appreciation of foreign culture, literature, and customs. BETTY L. LANCASTER Girls' Phys. Ed. ROBERT A. MALLEN DER Mathematics 27 A New, Enioyobie wr W 'f 'i I -.. lguw V futurc Homemaking Department . . . prepares girls for problems in the home . . . Nevn Solt directs the teaching of foods, clothing, needle crafts, homemnking I, II, and III, and sensor homenmkinq. MT? DONALD A. NIELSEN Hislory, Boys' Phys. Ed. ORVILLE M POWERS Driver Educafion MARJORIE PIBEL Mafhemalics GEORGE N. ROUSSOS WILLIAM B. ROWLEY Mafhernalics, Phys. Ed. Physics, Senior Science 28 DONALD E. MERRITT Cadefs, Rifle Team DONNA LEE NOBLE Homemakinq Arm, LARRY W. QUILLE English, Journalism DAVID E. SALISBURY Senior Problems G. HOWARD MESSAMER Wood Shop JACK D. PARIS Music MARY ANN RAKOSKE Homemaking FAYE KERN SCHULZ Senior Problems STEPHEN E. MITAKIS Boys' Phys. Ed. BONITA B. PETERSON English LLOYD. S. ROSS Print Shop LESLIE W. SIM Driver Educafion Six-hour Program , ff Qt 4Q W. BUFORD SMITH Electronics PAUL SPENCER Mathematics FRED S. TREBOW Driver Education BARBARA R. WALKER Homemaking NEVA M. SOLT Homema king GORDON M, gplyfy LOUISE S. STAMESON Senior Problems Commefdal 3 Industrial Arts Department . . . well trained teachers . . . new building . . . help boys learn practical skills. . , Claud Booth heads this department. L. JOHN TONTI History, Driver Education CLYDE D. VINEYARD U. S. History STEVE p, TURCHIK c. A. VAN HOOREBEKE TED W- WADE Bookkeeping BOYS' PhYS- Ed- JOHN M. WALLIN LESTER W. WAY Boys' Phys. Ed. Mathematics Art. Photography N ELIZABETH WEBS LOWELL T. WILLIAMS Nu,-se Auto Shop 29 i 1 A District Board Readily Supports PRESIDENT RAYMOND B. TERRY Lois D. WARWlCK ROYAL C. MARTEN DON R. LANGSON BEN H. si-moeoen BOARD OF TRUSTEES ANAHEIM UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT Chosen by the citizens of the Anaheim Union High School District, this Board of Trustees has for the past year directed the education of the youth in this ever-growing community. Volunteering for these iobs, the board members donate their time to the district without material compensation. At their meetings every second and fourth Thursday, these leaders have planned and guided the activities and functions for the five secondary school campuses. Although the needs of Anaheim High are not their only concern, the Board has given us much of their time and consideration. They are directly responsible tor the many improve- ments on our campus, and they also approve the employment of all personnel. The Board of Trustees has not only met our material needs, but it has also given its enthusiastic support to our administrators, faculty, and student body. They have sincerely strived to provide new and better educational facilities for the benefit and welfare of the students and com- munity. Our Active Student Leaders . . . BOB HATFIELD STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Elected to the top position on campus was Bob Hatfield. As Student Body President for i957-58, he was the leader at school and Anaheim High's representative to the com- munity. The positions he held in earlier school years laid the format for his understanding of student administrative duties. Bob was Student Body President while he was at Fremont Junior High School and upon enter- ing Anaheim, he was elected to the vice presidential position for the sophomore class. From his participation in athletics he learn- ed the sportsmanship so essential in all phases of life. He was captain for the C football team and co-captain for the C bas- ketball team in his sophomore year, This year, as a senior, he was a member of the varsity football team. Though Bob was active in many sports, his first love was baseball. As a two-year par- ticipant on the varsity baseball squad he made a fine showing in the outfield. His talent for teamwork enabled him to lead the Cabinet and in turn the school through a successful year. .. .tif fi' , ,ff " , f J' M! ,f , ff ' ,1'wJ,?f7: I A BOB HATFIELD ANN STORY Vice President Cabinet Sets the Student Body President KAY NIORIMOTO "Will the meeting please come to order? 'Counsin' Kay, will you read the minutes?" Such was the beginning of many Monday morning meetings ot the T957-58 Student Cabinet. Youthtul energy coupled with ever- reody wit made short work ot the tasks pre- sented to this governing body. A September trip to Camp Osceola to attend a Leadership Training Conference tirst brought this group together. There they shared ideas, learned from the experiences ot other student administrators, mapped out a rough draft for the activities of the coming year, and got to know one another better. Once back at school their plans rapidly became realities. The smooth functioning of the Cabinet was temporarily interrupted when Shirley Boutcher, Secretary ot Treasury, moved to Los Angeles. A special election was held and her vacated position was filled by Charlene Schutz. By combining their talents this group not only conducted a successful year at Anaheim High but they also gained invaluable knowl- edge on working together. Secretary of Records CHARLENE SCHUTZ Secretary of Treasury Second Semester JOHN GOODRICH Secretary of Student Affairs Pcice I O I BEVERLY WOODRUFF Secretary of Safety and Welfare we 'L fc, NllCKl MAC DONALD Anoranco Representative JOHN BAKER Colonist Club President ,um ,1...L,, f Girls' League President GWEN HALVORSEN BILL LARSON Secretary of Assemblies Z fx vii 4 l 2 2 1 i L. FRANK KELLOGG Adviser I u-v-4-0 +4 I. I A L. 41? 'I l .X kt- , , . I I I , , - . 2. STUDENT COUNCIL 'I'0I' IUJVV: Il, Kiiliutu, IP. 'I"lim-It-, IS. Slit-It-r, A. In-I f'i'ug'ii:il1-, IJ. . , Iluilslmi, IJ, livyliulels, K. IloI'I'm-r, :mtl Nl. III-iiry, 2lllYlSl'I'. SIGVONIJ ICOXY3 fl. Slit-p:ii'4I, l'. G r U r Q U I ' 1 I S Sw:-iisoii, .I. Milzrril, M. Sim-y, It, f'I'lHll1llI0, V. Q 9 Q l'ii-I." , 3. 'I 't, . fl l Q, I! .' 'I F 6, 34 sc I1 I I Iii If It Sl LII rt, . Smit 1, M. Ilaxzztirfl, :mil H. AlOl'Ill1'S. 'l'lllIilI IUJNYZ J. I'r-calc, S. Newlin, .I. I'I1itz, XV. Itrooks. Ii. .I:u-k- Active? You said it! The I957-58 Student Council can rightfully boast of a year ot noteworthy accomplishments. Along with their usual legislative duties, the Council found time to be the main impetus for the Foreign Exchange Student Program. They sponsored the Beachcombers Ball-a dance and tun night tor which the son, Ii. IIZIVSOII, U, Umiim, M, Kisltiyaimu, A. Story, :tml .I. XN'iI1izm1s. I"OIIIi'I'H IIOVVZ I'. ljflilillll I I ,imllcg M. INI:1rl'iii, .I. Mortf-iisvri, It. Vtfirrkzim, K. Quist, M. Ifostcer, K, Gzilizino, li, Swanson, 'I'. 'I'ziyI0r, M. Davison, II, Lorn- Imrd, K. I'1-rkins, :md U. Iflrirlicfott.. I"IIf"I'H ROXV: D. Hzmkiris, S. .lN1ZiI'OVif'lI, .l. Hilrlliet, K. lwashiln, II. Svhaff, S, Sorrick, S. Krzistrel, C. O'I.Srien, N. Paige, Il. Morgan, K. Ifllliotl. M. Koehli-r, F. Morris :md I". W'eI1sler. IIO'I"I'UM ' ' ' ' ' ' ROVV: J. Young, J. Smith, M. Jeter, .I. Iiocegf-, participants came dressed in their craziest attire. All proceeds from the J. Leach' J' HHH' A- Duffy' M. Fmmx C- Suw- Ball went toward the Foreign Exchange Program. -+ f 1 Twill'-251332: - , ,W..s,..... T I ,. , 'i"Lv""4" . Q-.guunmpn N sw, f-.1 :My M , .1 . , 4 ,8 I I I' 'glenn' f, R":.,5:""N - I' fy-W: e fawmwf.'.1-.- .. !!2S....-X331 my '1 " MQJQWS 'lf!llkl!lIll:zl 1. 'QV' AI. . g..U . l.,.,,,.J. - 'W' f .... N c lxliiiiiiiuai . ' rv g ler, Ii. Lykowski, J. Osborne, M, Carlzirse-1, IJ, Iiussone, J. Hodzirtv, :md T. Ilordeii. P' is . 1 . : I V I 5' X , , r - 1 t ,Q --:f m 1 N i A 3 'l 9 Y 9 1 ,V STUDENT OFFICERS: XYIIIIJIIII Ilrnoks, Vice ' if We llI'f'Slflt'III' Nlasmi I-Ivtii-5, :iclvisf-ri Keikulwzi- .I -x 72 shim, switlaryz l':i1Iiif' Morris, 1illPIIfldIIf'f: Y f swtri-lai'y: limi Staples, sm-graril-ut-:irriisg :tml ' .Xiiit SIUIW piw-sirlwiil. .gr ,. . 1. P... A JOYCE BOEGE. senior NANCY CHAMBERS, senior and Court's Action Chief Justice William Brooks wielded the gavel that brought the judiciary branch of our government to order. Meeting every morning during third period, the Student Court handled many of the campus misconduct problems. This year's new method of discipline-the citation system- lightened the duties of the Court. Their concern was primarily channeled toward the unfavorable activities reported to them by the Safety and Welfare Committee. BARBARA BLANKMEYER, sophomore LINDA HATFIELD, sophomore BOB BAKER, junior KEN FENTON, senior D-+R IRV KNOWLES, senior RICHARD RYAN, adviser WILLIAM BROOKS, Chief justice MATT DAVISON, junior KEIKO IWASHITA, junior ' 4 ' MAINTENANCE MEN -- STAND- .x ' - lNlli l., 1'I'OSSUIl, I. Hn-sl1'i4'k, .l, tim-lmnx, I.. Hillllllllll, Il, Ilolu-i'ls. Il. M111-pity, H. I4'Ivrio1'111:111, H. Hus- liins, and .I. lloxvutwl. ItO'l"l'0XI IOX: H. llzxilvy, N. Nlumxzlil. H. I Iilwllll It Xvlltlilitl, ll, Iflnmillcm, 0 I.. Putsir. It. lfzitvlu-11. Zlllll li. 4? Xll'1lllUNY!4. ,as , c. fl " rr' - vm-"W "f4 'hs "RED" HAMILTON ,- W -:.:f"fff'-fr. rfsffff, rr Stage Manager Their Faithful, Constant Lalaors . . . Shown above are the maintenance men who kept our campus in top condition. Maintaining our surroundings requires the labors of gardeners, electricians, painters, car- penters, and many more. The cooperation of the Anaheim students has helped them to niore successfully complete their jobs. Also an integral part of our school life are the 33 buses which transport approximately 35 per cent of our students to and from school. Along with the regular morning and afternoon runs, these buses are also used for many school activity trips. Pictured below are the bus drivers who cheerfully chauffeur the always-active students. WW HEI V. ,nk , BUVS DRIVERS-'l'llwI'w IIOSY: Al. I-'vle'il'rut-i. l.. S1-lmlz, IZ. Ilxuiulph, It, l'Ul1IlIJI', Ii. Prine, H.4Xixl A. James, H. .Inc-kson, 11:11-hler, XV. Furry :mit V., In:--isun. rl-,VHXIP HMM: lp. Sinlmurt, NI, Klum..-5, Ii, Imvts, A, Smale. IJ, liPllClXYlll, If. Mutt, H. Howard, ls. XXoo4lw:1r4t, and N, Chil- iim. l:U'I"l'UNl IIUXY: Il. llrwmks. li XYivslxf'rp H, XX'imti, M. l.i1lrvll, H. Eason, IC. Ole-son, and XV. Ellis. NOT SHOXVN ARIS: I-J, Martin, M Nosflazttt--I. l'. 'Jr-tin, IZ, S4'I1lltf'l1l'. I'. Siiitpsmt, I-Q ,-Xl'I1l1'llI7l, :init lf. Gllfli, lrzinsporlalion sllpvfrvisor. 36 pw CAFETERIA STAFF: E. Looney A, Kidwell, M. Harvey, X. Over- myer, G. Ricker, and .I. Mirfkle. Gave Anaheim A New Look New chairs' new curtains, new paint iob, and even a whole new food dispensary unit have been added this year to more effectively serve our ever-growing student body. Along with these improvements the cafeteria received a mural from the art department depicting Anaheim campus life designed by Jim Hopkins, a talented Anaheim senior. These addi- tions have created more pleasant surroundings in which the cafeteria has continued to serve well-balanced lunches and snacks for recreation. Wimpy's Junior was added this year to serve our enlarged student population. lt served one-third more students than last years Wimpy's. ,wa WIMPY'S STAFF-TOP ROXV: J. Centobie, L. Eppf-rson, J. XYi1Iiams, L, xY2lllill!S, I-Z. Her-kerinan. C, Llmni-yy :inrl J, In-nrly. SEVON1, IQQW L Collins M. Moscovilch, S. O'Neil, C. Chambers, and K. Lindsu-om. P. Xorthup. .I. Ilulderlwusen, J. .lnrfksoih H. AI'-nziv, lt, Smith, l'. Alerri ll Y mini. and D. Heinze. IIOT'l'OM ROVV: IN. YVelch, H. Jackson, L. Nyland, AI. Daw, J. Bell, and D. Dier'bf,-rg:-r. 37 45 BOOK STORE PERSONNEL - 'FOI' IQONY: Susan Nvilnns, Peggy He-nynn, Esther Uaroillo, Adviser Sillllllftl Gosney, Mnrllni Atictm-rson, :incl Nicki MacDonald. ISOTTOBI HOXV: Linda Ijuckus. and Narnia Snnnan. QI Something New-Now Essential Two i957-58 additions, which are already permanent elements in Anaheim High life, are the Student Book Store and the Inner-Club Council. The Book Store is financed entirely by and all profits go into the Student Body Fund. Seven girls representing all three classes, make up its operating personnel. The Student Store offers most of the necessary school supplies for the convenience of the Student Body at large. Also created this year was the Inner-Club Council. Organized by Student Body Vice President Ann Story, its membersgwho are the presidents of all campus clubs-have endeavored to establish uniform club constitutions and a harmonious relationship be- tween the clubs. 4 as My M4 ,LA shwansms ff we-am-wwmymwfw' ' T 435' ' 1 Z 4' X ' ' . ,, ,W K . it i , I. 1, Wy- fam fb I fffqgr. ,f .Q I ,A N f ,Q I ,, . '1 INNER-CLUB COUNCIL!-TNI' HUXY: A-tvis--i' H, Linn, IL fintifwili. X, RlUlIlPUIll4", Il. Larson, G. Koltlitz, IZ. Snrlrlv-rs, NV- lgrookgl ,md M- lioliinsnn, lgiyl-T031 IQUNY: A. Story, Il. Hzilxnrsen, .I. Iinlnnil, S. Dun-ly. Xl. Linqnisl, G. XX'1asighin, S, Iizilltnnn, L. Sli-vi-ns, L. IN-tm-son, Anil ,l. 'l'lnnii'isni1. 38 V "l-li! Whal' have you been doing all day?" is a s+a+emen+ +ha+ has probably been heard in fhe pafio everyday since il' was erecied. Everyone in 'rhe sfudenl' body, seniors, iuniors, and sophomores, has been or will be a parr of The scene on 'rhe opposife page. ln ihe paiio, ioys, sorrows, and problems are 'fold 'io symparhefic lis+eners. Wheiher if be The problem of winning 'ionigh+'s game or asking fhal' favorife girl for a special dale, +hey are s+ill big problems. A pep rally informally s+ar'l'ed in 'ihe paiio Friday 'ro cheer fhe local feam on +0 viclory is a living parl' of fhe school life. Monday coming baclc +o school wi+h lighf, gay hearls over a viclory or heavy and saddened over a hard-foughf loss are memories noi' 'io be forgoH'en. The paiio is a scene for many ihings, noi' only fun, buf serious. There are 'lwo girls now discussing how +hey can bring up lheir grades or how 'ro fell iheir clad +ha+ ihey scralchecl a fender. All ihese +hings are memories now as we leave our Alma Maier, some of us never 'ro refurn. Never again will we feel +ha'r same sympafhy when we are clownhearred nor will we feel fhe ioy when we have succeeded ...... STUDENT BCDDY 4 B 0 O K T W O Seniors Cherish Memories Combining the new and the old has been the key to the success of the seniors of 1958. With the aid of their new adviser, David Salis- bury, the senior class officers, and members of the senior executive committee, the seniors have successfully handled all their class activities. Not only was this class the first to graduate from Anaheim as a three-year high school, the seniors also had the privilege of upholding a new tradition, that of the Senior Circle. Upon their graduation, the seniors will assume the responsibilities of a rapidly changing world and will depend heavily upon the foundations instilled in them by their teachers, the wiser of the older generation. Ki OVERSEEING THE ACTIVITIES ul' thi- si-Him' class is Ibziviil SJLllSlilII'X, vluxs :lilvim-V, who luis: In-Im-il lu mzilw this yi-:ur s1li'c'1-ssflil for llii- svniorx. Aiilwi by vluss 0I'I'ir'i-rs, If-I'l In riiqlll, .Iim llmI:n'Ii-, lI'4'1lSlII'l'I'I Mnrslmll Sllirk, pri-Siili-lil: flztry 'I'lim'iilmt, vim' iwitsiili-lily uiiii Norlry Ke-iilulllii, si-1-r'i-I'zu'y, who is tml sltuwn, thi- su-niiii' vm-4-ulivv t'UIllllllll4'l5 plzmimci thu yu:u"s 4-vi-nts. Planned by Class Leaders . . . i 'ns 'If I t I x I ' it 4 is A .vs ,L -'s f , I -. , ,".,,,-5 " s, X- wr SENIOR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-'FOI' HOXY: IJ. Ko:-onli-S, IX. 14fOllllIl, BI, Hassan, I'. Ucmpe-t', Ii, Uzii-rm,-I I2 Bllislii-until. SIGVONIJ I-IOXY: KI. Shirk, G. 'I'I1m'n1on, .I. I-lorlzirte-, N, Ke-olnnui. THIRD HOXY: I.. XY00fll'0Illi'l, lt, Itnllti-iwli, I.. Waist-Iles-r, .l, Svhzill. IIOTTOM ROXYZ M. Mullnnvy, IS. Quallrini, I', Mr'AuIey, I.. Ifli-I'I'+-rin, .I, Niiniiil---II. 42 DON ABRAHAM MANUEL ACOSTA VIRGINIA MAE ACTON BILL ADAMS Math Maior. Music, Metal Shop Mirs. Spanish Maior Shop Maior Science Manor Mozart Club Commercial Maior Social Studies Maior Inglewood Transfer Dance, rep Bands Tri-Hi-Y Officer Colonist Club GEORGE ALLEMAN MARY ALLEN FRANK ALLISON CAROL ALVORD Math Maior. Commercial Maior English Maior Commercial Maior Science Malor FBLA Math Maior Flag Twirler, I yr. Colonist Club Work Experience Colonist Club Ad. Bookkeeper fm KATIE APGAR FRED ARCINIAGA JIM ASHTON MARY ELLEN AYALA English, French Maiors Art Maior Choir, Electronics Commercial Maior Tri-Hi-Y, FHA Colonist Club Top of Pops, 2 yrs. Social Studies Maior Future Teachers Mater Dei Transfer Senior Play, Track Girls' League VV Vfwf' MICHAEL BAILEY SHARON BAILEY ANTHONY P. BAKER JOHN BAKER Electronics Maior Music Maior Commercial Art Maier Math, English Maiors Social Studies Maior Girls' Glee, 3 yrs. Waterpolo, Swimming Var. Football, Baseball Colonist Club Girls' League Colonist Club Colonist Club Pres, X-'aff egycyev SANDRA LEE BALLMAN DUANE BARBER CARL BARTCHARD BILL BARTHEL E I' h M ' Math Maior ' Science Major English Maior Unscheietteileice Pres. Science Maior Ef19llSl1 MBIOF VBVSWY Fovfb-all ICC, Student Council Swimming Team Colonist Club Auto ShoP '78 pm--f ,7 LINDA AGREN EDDIE AGUILAR English, Science Maiors Auto Shop Maior Flag Twirler, 2 vrs. JV Football, l yr. Sub Debs, Tri-I-li-Y Track, 3 yrs. 3- RICHARD J. ANDERSON VALERIE KAY ANDERSON Print Shop, 3 yrs. English Maior B Football Honor Society JV Basketball Tri-Hi-Y ,-.- if' PAUL RONALD BAALKE BRUCE BAILEY Commercial Maior Science Maior Wood Shop Sigma Gamma Los Angeles Transter Latin Club M f Nqflf Y ugpfl X CLASS is!!! , J: 41. . ff 1 sc 1 'xy ll ll , , OF I 9 43 'P w 7 7, IX 'S T ti Q' I s.- 'L KEN R. BARTHOLOMEW JACQUELINE BELL JAMES LEON BELL MARY JO BENDER Commercial Major l-lomemaking Maior Music Maior Commercial Malor Music Maior Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs. English Maior Tri-Hi-Y, 3 y Work Experience Pep Club, Sub Debs Top of Pops FBLA, FHA JERRY BENTLEY RICHARD BEPRISTIS DONA JEAN BERGSEID MERIDEE BEUTLER Music Mayor Band Arl Malor Commercial Malor Commercial Malor Varsity Swimming Social Studies Mayor Junior Play Drlll Team Spanish Club Varsity A Club Colonist Club Tr Hi Y Tr HI Y 45" RAZIEH BINA GERALD BIRD ROBERT BIRDWELL FRANCES BJAZEVICH EDDIE BLAKE SHIRLEY BLETSO Science Maior English, Math Maiors Math, Science Maiors English Maior English, Woodshop Mirs. Drama, English Malors Math Maior Varsity Football Colonist Club Typing Maior Colonist Club Senior Play, Thesplans Girls' League Track Kinsporl, Tenn. Transfer Drill Team Long Beach Transfer Ohio Transfer ,.I, BONNIE BOATMAN RONALD BOBBET JOYCE BOEGE JACK BOHAN ALFRED BOJOROUEZ MIKE BOLINGER Commercial, Eng. Mirs. English Maior Colonial Coed Vice Pres. Science Maior Mechanical Drawing Mir. Agriculture Maior Language Maior Math Maier GAA Rep., Jr. Play Varsity Football, 2 yrs. Math Maier JV Football Girls' League Colonist Club Gold Seal Bearer Varsity A Club, 2 yrs. Colonist Club Colonist Club ju? if SHARON BONNER MELINDA BOOTH ART BRAEGER GEORGIA BRAUN BEVERLY BRIGGS JACK BROOKMAN Commercial Maigr Math, English Maiors English Maior Commercial Maior English Maior Metal Shop FHA Tri-Hi-Y Math Maior FBLA Science Maior Colonist Knights Qi,-ls' League Girls' League Colonist Club Tri-Hi-Y Girls' League Work Experience 44 . -eh-5 l l LARRY BROOKS WILLIAM BROOKS EUGENE BROWN JEAN BROWN NANCY BROWN SUSAN BROWN Social Sludies Maior Science, Malh Maiors Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Malh, English Maiors English Maior Junior Choir Top oi Pops Narralor FBLA Sub Deb Sec., GAA Honor Sociely, FTA Senior Play Colonisl Club Sl, Courl Chief Juslice Colonisf Club Junior Class Treasurer Usherefles Girls' League M 3 F' 'iq B if in 5 JUDITH E. BUFFINGTON RONALD L. BURCH JUDY ANNE BURGESS EDDIE BURKE GARRY BURKE JODIE BURNS Music: English Maiors English Maior Commercial Maior Malh, Aulo Shop Maiors Malh Maior Social Sludies Maior Colonial Coeds Aulo Shop Maior Junior and Senior Plays Colonisf Club Ari Maior Phys. Ed. Maior Mozarl Club, FHA Colonisl Club Senior Exec. Commillee Work Experience Language Maior Girls' League l LINDA BUTLER TRACY BYLSMA CAROL LEE CALL GORDON CALLAHAN ANGEL CALLEROS SANDRA CALO English Maior Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Melal Shop Maior Commercial Maior Junior Choir Homemaking Maior Homemaklng Maior Rifle Team Voc. Machine Shop English Maior Girls' League GAA, 3 yrs. FHA, I yr. FFA Colonisf Club Woonsockef, R. l. Trans. .2 .I ,f 'X KA 5' I , .nz Wg-f is lf ' V, Xczifibf bl," 8, f 1570 ff l JUDY CAMPBELL KAREN CAMPBELL RICHARD CAMPBELL ARMANDO CANALES I ' N Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Woodshop, Eng. Maiors Aufo Shop Maior 'f Senior Exec. Committee Social Studies Maior Colonisl Club Spanish Maior I l Q Tri-Hi-Y Girls' League Ridgefield Transfer Colonlsf Club ' 15 CLASS I . !, OF LINDA CANCINO MARVIN CAPELOTO DENISE CAPPRAET Rosskr CARLSON Spanish Maior Science, Language Mirs. English Maior English Maior Engligh Maior Speech Science Maior Tennis T,-i.Hi.Y B Swimming Tri-Hi-Y Colonist Knighfs 45 NWN' RONALD CARMEL GLORIA CARMONA SHARON ANN CARMONNE ESTHER CARRILLO RONALD CARTER COURTNEY H. CASEBEER SC'e,nCe- Mafh MGIOFS Commercial Maier Commercial Maier Commercial Maier English Maier Mafh Maier Senior Exfec. Comm. Ana, 'A Cappella l-lomemaking Maier Office Praclice Refe-Hi Club JV Feolball Senior I'l"Y. Annual Tri-Hi-Y Girls' League Sfudenf Sfere Worker Press Club Venice High Transfer LOIS CASEBEER VIRGINIA E. CASTRO DIANA L. CAVATAIO CAROLYN L. CHAMBERS NANCY CHAMBERS HOWARD W. CHANEY English Maier Hememaking Maier Hememalring Maier English Maier Sub Debs, Sfudenf Courf Lafin Maier Jr., Sr. Exec. Comm. English, Mal-h Maiors Ar? Maier Hememaking Maier Safely, Welfare Comm. Lafin Club Sub Deb Treasurer Clerical Assusfanl Girls' League Bible Club Tri-Hi'Y Officer Key Club 1 l l KAREN CHARLTON LARRY CLARK VIC CLARK JOHN CLAUSSEN RICHARD CLEMENTS DIANE CLIFTON Commercial Maier Archifecfure, Mafh Mirs. Mechanical Drawing Mir. Mafh Maier English Maier English Maier FBLA, Tri-Hi-Y Feofball, Track Mafh Maier Aulo Shop Maier Mafh Maier Sub Debs, Ad. Staff Top of Pops Senior Hi-Y Celonisf Club Celonisf Club Celonisf Club Y Council Treasurer sri? lx, ,S .ff . '-. ff 0,l" .1190 ,jf wr-' - 1 sc l i I x, U f I I , OF TOM CLODT JUDY COALE ANNA BELLE COBB EDWARD COCCA Social Sfudies Maier Commercial Maier Commercial Maier Mechanical Drawing Mir. Aule Shop Homemaking Maier Drill Team, 3 yrs. Social Sfudies Maier Celenisl Club Girls' League Pep Club Celenisf Club CLASS BOB COLE YVONNE MARIE COLE RONALD COLEMAN DANNY COLLINS Weedshop Maier Commercial Maier Science Maier Aufo Shep Maier Social Sfudies Maier Girls' League Aufo Shep Maier Social Sfudies Maier Coionigf Club Top of PGDS Mechanical Drawing Mir. Celonisf Club 46 f . I.. ,Jv'a.ffg. fi N: ' ' x I Il I 1 S ' BUD COLLYER Military Science Ma Rifle Team Torch and Saber PHIL COOPER English Maior Varsity Football Baseball PHILIP ROBERT COSNER LEO C. CRABTREE CHARLOTTE CRAIN Arl Maior Art, Photograohy Mirs. Homemaking Maior Colonist Club Anoranco Staff Senior Flay Glendale Transfer Annual Staff Girls' League JUDI CUMMINGS ROBERTA CURRIE BASIL DAHL English Maior English Maior Shop Maior. Senior Play Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs. Social Studies Maior Tri-Hi-Y Officer Sigma Gamma Colonist Club MICHAEL DAW RENE WALTER DE BRUYN INGRID V. DEGELMAN Science Maior Auto Shop Maior English Maior Band, Senior Hi-Y Woodshop Maior Honor Society Gymnastics Colonist Club French Club 4015 PATRICIA A. CONATSER DONALD I.. COOK GARY E. COOK ior Commercial, Eng. Mirs. Metal Shop Maior Math Maior Drill Team, 3 yrs. Varsity Football Varsity Cross Country Wimpy's Staff Varsity A Club Varsity Track is 'Q' ALTA MAE COPSEY CAROL ANN CORNWELL IRMA CORONADO Hornemaking Maior Commercial Maior English Maior Social Studies Maior Girls' League Commercial Maior Girls' League Long Beach Transfer Girls' League JOHN CRISTIANO English Maior B Football B Track JOYCE DARGATZ Commercial Maior FBLA Tri-Hi-Y N BETTY DE JAGER Commercial Maior Girls' League Cabinet Sub Debs CHARLES L. CROSS Science, Math Maiors English Maior Senior Hi-Y SANDI DAVILA English Maior Sub Debs, Tri-Hi-Y Honor Society MINERVA DE JONG Music, English Maiors Colonial Coeds Tri-l-li-Y xx L i SN cz .. L... ...TT y - fs , SYS WILLIS CROW Art Maior Auto Shop Maior Art Club BOBBIE DAVIS Commercial Maior FBLA Girls' League ERN EST DELANEY Auto Shop Maior Colonist Club Cross Country, Z yrs 47 ,ni .X fn: Q., gnu.. g 'Ui RAUL DE LA TORRE DIANA DENA GLORIA DE ORTEGA CAROL ANN DI PALMA GARY DIXON GEORGETTE J. DORITY Mechanical Drawing Mir. Science Maier Spanish Maier English Maier English Maier Commercial Maier Social Sfudies Maier Pep Club English Maier Girls' League Varsily Baskelball, 2 yrs. Social Sludles Maier Colonist Club Girls' League Girls' League Lalin Club, 2 yrs. Top of Pops GIFIS' LEGQUE 0' Pa' at" MARY DONICA KENNETH L. DOWNING ANN DUFFY CELIA DURAN JUDY EAGLESON NANCY EAVES Homemaking Maier Mechanical Drawing Mir. Malh, English Maiors Hememaking Maier Commercial, Eng. Mirs. Hememaking Maier Commercial Maier Varsify Feelball, 2 yrs. Sub Debs, Tri-Hi-Y English Maier Maiorelle, 2 yrs, Social SlUdleS Maier Girls' League Varsily A Club, Z yrs. Sfudenl Council Girls' League Tri-Hi-Y Officer Girls' League RAY EDWARDS , THOMAS EDWARDS JERI EHRLE DOUG EMIGH JUDITH J. ENGEL JOLENE ENGH English, Math Maiors Science, Malh Maiers Commercial Maier Music Maier English, Language Mirs. English Maier Key Club, FBLA English Maier FBLA English Maior Honor Sociely Sub Dabs, Pep Club Bible Club Celonisl Knighls Office l-lesless Mozarl Club Spanish Club Tri-Hi-Y GERALD ENZENAUER EVELYN J. ESCOBEDO BILL ESSEX ALICE ESTRADA Math, Science Maiors Commercial Maier English Maier Spanish Maier Var. Feelball, Bakelball Tri-Hi-Y, Drill Team Varsily Baseball, Feelball Commercial Maier Track, Varsily A Club Top of Pops, FHA Varsily A Club Girls' League FIACQ ROBERT FALKOWITZ NELDA FAULKNER JOHN S. FEAR DIANE FELLBAUM Melal Shep Maier English Maier Elecfrenics Maier English, Music Maiers Aule Shep Maier Tri-Hi-Y Prin1Shop Maier Fulure Teachers Celenisf Club Girls' League Weodshop Maier Senior Play 48 in xo 'x x 3: VY: 'XX Y y X v' I X If 1 J , W KENNETH FENTON JUDITH E. FETTERS BARBARA FICKLIN PRISCILLA FIDLER Malh Maior Spanish Maior English Maior English Maior Gold' Seal Bearer Tri-Hi-Y Girls' League Junior Play, Pep Club Varslfy Tennis, 3 yrs. Girls' League Spokane, Wash. Transfer Thespians, Tri-Hi-Y GENE FISCHBECK JACK G. FISHER MARY J. FISHER RUDY FLORES Agricullure Maior Mafh Maior Commercial Maior Machine Shop Maior Colonisf Club English Maior Sfudenl' Council Social Sludies Maior FFA Vice Pres. Colonist Club Glee Club Colonisl Club AUGUST A. FLUEGGE GWEN FORBES PHIL FORBES ROBERT FORTUNE RONNIE FRECK DOUG FREEMAN Mafh, Science Maiors Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Agricullure Maior Gold Seal Bearer Aufo Shop Maior Aulo Shop Maior Mafh Maior Sludenf Council Social Sfudies Maior Foofball, Z yrs. Band Colonisl Club Tri-Hi-Y Junior Choir FFA, Colonist Club Baseball, 2 yrs. Colonisl Club WILLIAM FUNKHAUSER SANDY GALLAGHER DIETER GALLE HERTA GALLIK BOB GALUSHA SHARON GARDNER Wood Shoo Maior Commercial Maior English Maior Malh Maior Math Maior Homemaking Maior Mefal Shop Maior Sludenf Council Malh Maior Social Sludies Maior English Maior Tri-Hi-Y Jordon High Transfer Girls' League Colonisl Club Girls' League Diving Team Top of Pops Am' RAE JEAN GARROW TOM GATE JAMES R. GEMMILL SHARON GEORGER KENNY GERINGER LILLIAN GLASS Spanish Maior Science Maior Math Maior Language Maior Agriculfure Maior Commercial Maior Girls' Rifle Club Mafh Maior Science Maior English Maior FFA Phofoqraphy Maior Fufure Nurses Colonisl Club Colonist Club Girls' League Swimming FHA if . "!"' W 5. WX wx., .4 X ,S x SANDRA GLASSPOOLE KATHIE GLEMAKER RON GOLDBERG JOHN GOODRICH Commercial Maior English, Music Maiors English Maior Gold Seal Bearer Student Council Tri-Hi-Y, Future Teachers Science Maior Sec. of Student Affairs FHA Pep Club, Sigma Gamma Sigma Gamma Varsity Football 'T IPP KX lc ix we f Seglfiivb 4' i X 1 . -I .1 , i if PAUL GONZALES BOB GORDY SANDRA GOWIN LYNDA GRAVES ' Machine Shop Maior Print Shop Maior English Maior Commercial, Eng. Mirs. Cross Country, 2 yrs. Mechanical Drawing Mir. Sr, Drill Team Leader Sub Debi Machinist Club Colonist Club Sub Debs Trl-HI-Y Wi. 'U-... PHYLLIS R. GROSSMAN ERIC GRUVER RAY GUERREO NICK GUERRIERO WILLIAM A. HALE BEVERLY HALL English, Math Maiors English Maior Science Maior Print Shop Maior Electronics Maior Commercial Maior Future Nurses Varsity Swimming Math Maior Basketball Woodshop Maior Homemaking Maior Nevada Transfer Cross Country Colonist Club Colonist Club Colonist Club Bible Club BARBARA E. HALLESY GWEN HALVORSEN BILL HAMMATT SAUNDRA HANCOCK SHARON HANEY ROBBI HARMAN Commercial Maior English Maior English Maior Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Girls' League Girls' League Pres. Mozart Choir Girls' Glee Tri-Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y South Gate Transfer Soph. Cl. Sec., Coeds Varsity Track, 2 yrs. Girls' League Ad. Staff Riverside Transfer 9 A-FVK 'FT' SHARLENE HARMAN ANN HARRIS Commercial Maior Efiqllfh Maior Homemaking Maior Girls League Sec. Girls' League Sub Debs, GAA 50 JANICE HARRISON Spanish Maior Commercial Maior English Maior RICHARD A. HARVEY BOB HATFIELD ZEDITH HATHCOCK English Maior English Maior English Maior Math Maior Student Body Pres. Head Maiorefle Colonist Club Varsity Baseball, Football Sub Debs, Ad. Manager BRUCE HAWKINS Malh Maior Machinisl Club Colonisl Club JOHN HEIDEN Malh, Science Maiors Varsily Tennis, 3 yrs. Sfudenl Council 55, CARL HILDEBRAND III Malh, Science Maiors Mechanical Drawing Baseball ma? M mf' MONTE HAZZARD ELLEN HEAD LARRY HEATH H. RALPH HECKERMAN LINDA HEFFERIN Colonisf Band Eng,, Commercial Mirs. Science Maior Science Maior GAA.Officer, FHA ' Mozarl Club, Pep Band Music Maior English Maior Prinl Shop, 2 vrs. Tri-Hi-Y Council Officer Dance Band Tri-Hi-Y Escondido Transfer Pholography, 2 yrs. Sub Debs, Red Cross GERALDINE HENDRIX Malh Maior Science Maior Girls' League ELAINE HINES Commercial Maior FBLA Secrefary FHA Q, PEGGY HENYAN JUNE R. HEPPE RAYMOND HERRERA JOHNNIE HICKS Commercial Maior Malh Maior Shop Maior Science Ma-ior . FBLA, 2 yrs. English Maior JV Football Social Sfudnes Maior Tri-Hi-Y Girls' League Track Bible Club Pres. f?' 1, .rls gym JAYNE HOARE BILL HOBAN WINSTON HODGE RANDY HOLSINGER Spanish, English Maiors English, Mafh Maiors Math, English Maiors Shop Maior Sub Debs Swimming, 3 yrs. Science, French Maiors Social Sludies Maior Tri-Hi-Y Sr. Exec. Comm. Senior Play, Key Club Colonist Club Q 1 m-"" ' NEIL D. HOOD JIM HOPKINS ROBERT HUBERT ROBERT HUISH, JR. Mafh Maior Ar? Maior Shop Maior Mafh, Science Maiors English Maior Annual Staff Elecfronics Club Mechanical Drawing Colonisl Club Key Club Tennis Radio Club in DUANE HUKKALA BOB HUNDLEY DAVID R. HUNT ALAN D. HUNTZINGER Commercial Maior Math Maior Mech. Drawing Maior Malh, Science Maior Social Sludies Maior Aufo Shop Maior Math Maior, Radio Club Senior Hi-Y Pres. Girls' League Colonisl Knighls Machinisl Club Y and G Represeniafive 5l 'V 'll' , QM if-17' JANET JACKSON ROGER JACKSON SUZANNE JACKSON Commerical Maior Math Maior Commerical Major Tri-HisY Officer Varsity Football Tri-Hi-Y Girls' League Student Council Girls' League 'di as-sq. BOB JAMESON JAMES JAY CAROL JAYNES BARBARA JENKINS MARY JETER Science Maior English Maior English, Spanish Maiors Commerical Major Student Council, 2 yrs. Football Junior Play Sub Debs Social Studies Maior Colonial Coeds, GAA Bible Club Colonist Club Tri-Hi-Y Girls' League Ana, A Cappella sk DANNA JOHNSON JUDY JOHNSON RONALD JOHNSON STEPHEN JOHNSON BOB JONES Homemaking Maior Commerical Maior Math Maior Social Studies Maior Commerical Maior FHA Tri-Hi-Y Social Studies Major Varsity Swimmng Football, Track Manager Speech Club Girls' League Colonist Club Compton Transier Colonist Club X 1",Li,,' il NINA JONES PAULA JONES RAY JONES ROY JONES LARRY JOY Comme,-cial Maier Science Maior English, Math Maiors English Maior Math Maior pg'-A English Maior Football, 2 yrs. Math Maior Yell Leader, Pep Club Gi,-ls' League Girls' League Colonist Club Colonist Club Varsity Track, 2 yrs. 52 JESS L. HURTADO JOHN R. HUSHMAN PAT IUDICELLA BETTY JACKSON Most Valuable Player Commercial, Math Mirs. English Maier Math Maior Varsity Football Captain Football, 2 yrs. Science Maior English Maior Varsity Track, 3 yrs. Colonist Club Girls' League Girls' League PENNY JACQMIN Commerical Maior Social Studies Maior Girls' League BILLIE LYNN JOHNSON English, Math Maiors Tri-Hi-Y, Rifle Club Sigma Gamma DAVE JONES Art Maior Ad. Staff Senior Hi-Y JACQUELINE JUHL Commercial, Eng. Mirs. Homemaking Maior Tri-Hi-Y ,vw "WW GENE KABAT STEVE KAUFFMAN ROBERTA KAYLOR JUDY KEACH PEARL KEITH MARLENE KELLEY English Maior Math Maior Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Machinist Club Officer Varsity Baseball, Track Homemaking Maior Social Studies Maicr Photography Malor Art Mayor Colonist Club B Basketball Top of Pops, Bible Club Girls' League Girls' League Girls League RUSSEL N. KELLEY MARGARET KENNEDY NORBERT KEOLANUI CLIFF KETTLE OSCAR KEY DOYLE KING Music Maior Commercial Maior Math Maior Auto Shop Maior Math, English Maiors Agriculture Maior Shop Maior Social Studies Maior Varsity Football, Swim. Social Studies Maior Science Maior Varsity Swimming Tennis, 3 yrs. Girls' League Senior Class Sec. Colonist Club Varsity Football Machinist Club GERI KIRK NEIL KLEIN IRV KNOWLES DENNIS L. KOCONTES SANDRA KONKOL GARY KORN English, Math Maiors Spanish Major English Maior Science, Art Maiors Commercial Maior English Maior Mozart Club, GAA Auto Shop Maior Student Court Senior Exec. Comm, English Maior Math Maior Pep Club, Thespians Colonist Club Baseball, Football Boys' Glee Pres. FBLA Colonist Club LX ,-'A' 17. S:-,tiff A . +23-t' ., ' .1-' ,. my W me A ll! I X , DIANE KRAUSS ROBERT A. KREAGER KENNY KUBOTA LINDA KUEBLER ' l . Art Maior English Maior Math, English Malors Commercial Maior ", Commercial Maior Math Maior Auto Shop Music Maior l H Girls' League, Drill Tean' Colonist Club Colonist Club Mozart Choir, Club ' ' fs. ciffiss l , OF X f JAMES KURK JAMES KUTSCHEROUSKY PATRICIA LAIOLA BILL LARSON Wood Shop Maior Industrial Arts Maior Commercial Maior English Maior Social Studies Maior Varsity Football Tri-Hi-Y Baseball, Football Colonist Club South Gate Transfer Girls' League Sec. of Assemblies i -ew, f 1 , U. . , ,wa V s .X f liar 5-G 9"-7 GLENN LASSLEY LARRY LEO LAYTON JANET LEACH GEORGE LEGG JOYCE LEONARD DANIEL LEOS Commercial Maior English Maior English Maior Music Maior English Maior Spanish Maior Social. Sludles Maior Commercial Maior Yell Leader, Sub Debs Elecfronics Social Sfudies Maior Aufo Shop Colonlsl Club Aulo Shop Sfudenf Council Tennis, Band Girls' League Wood Shop in x wr'-A' LOUIE LEOS LINDA LINDLE EDITH LINDLEY CLAUDIA D. LINDQUIST KAREN MAE LINDSTROM JOHN LINN Music Maior Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Malh, English Maiors Mafh, English Maiors Band Capl., Mozart Club Sludenl Council FBLA, Top of Pops English Maior Mozarl Club, Ushereffes Varsify Foolball, 2 yrs Dance Band, 3 yrs. Girls' League Ana. A Cappella Girls' League Fufure Teachers Varsify Baseball, 2 yrs aw MARY ANN LINQUIST ROBERT LITTLE BETTY R LIVESAY EUGENE LOLLIN GLYN LOOPER English Maior Mllllary Science Commercial Maior Malh Science Maiors Aufo Shop Sub Debs Pres Pep Club Prlnf Shop Maior Girls League Honor Soclely Pres Tennis Jr Play Thesplans Rifle Team nvllle ll Transfer Colonlsf Knights Pres Colonlsl' Club 1 f 'if fe JONI LOUIS JAY LOWDER LARRY LUCAS BARBARA LYKOWSKI English Maior Mafh Science Maiors Ar? Maior Commercial Maior Homemakinq Maior Honor Society Colonisf Club Homemaking Maior Tri-Hi-Y, Girls' League Track Hood River Transfer GAA Pep Club 07' - T' aff? 3- X PATRICIA ANN LYLES PHOEBE NAN MC AULEY SANDRA MC CARL SANDRA MC COMMONS Commercial Maior English Maior Malh, Science Maiors Commercial Maior Homemaking Maior Sub Debs, Ad. Slalf Annual Slaff FHA Vice Pres. Sfudenf Council Pep, French Clubs Anoranco Slaff Tri-Hi-Y 54 ur, ef-fr LUCY LOPEZ Spanish Maior English Maior GAA as , U40 CLASS OF I f f? .. ii, S355 ' l x a , I l PATRICIA J. MC KNIGHT CAROLYN MC LAUGHLIN BETTY JEAN MC LEMORE LAVADA MC NEELY Arl Malor Commercial Maior Mafh, English Maiors Social Slurdies Major Girls' League Homemaking Maior Puloski, Tenn., Transfer GAA Los Angeles Transfer Girls' League FBLA Bible Club MICKI MAC DONALD MARILYN MACKENSEN TEDDY MACKENSEN MARY LOU MADRIGAL Anoranco Editor-in-Chief Gold Seal Bearer Lalin, Y Club Treas. Spanish Maior Annual, GAA Girls' League Rep. Usherefles Commercial Maior Sfudenl Cabinet Sub Debs, French Club Pep Club Homecoming Queen 4 TOM MAGEE BARBARA MAHAFFIE JIM MANNING CAROLYN MANSELL JO ANN MARQUIS MADELINE MARTIN Woodshop Maior English, Malh Maiors Mechanical Draw. Maior Social Sludies Maior Commercial Maier Commercial Maior English Maior Colonial Coeds, GAA Foofball, Track Girls' League Future Teachers Science Maior Colonisl Club Bible Club Sec. Colonisf Knighls Scribe Dixon, lll., Transfer Girls' League FBLA, FHA MATT MASSON WILLIAM L. MATHIAS NANCY MATTERN JOYCE E. MATTHEWS VICKI MAUCH CAROLYN MEGER Malh Maior Prinf Shop, 3 yrs. Arl Maior English Malor English, Spanish Maiors Commercial Maior Varsity Foofball, 2 yrs. Track Homemaking Malor Social Sludies Maior Top of Pops, Tri-Hi-Y Sub Debs Colonist Club JV Baseball Girls' League Girls' League Exchange Assemblies Tri-Hi-Y 56511 "ff" DAVID MEISENHEIMER EVANGELINE MEJA LYDIA MENDEZ JEAN MARIE MILLER MIKE MILLS JANICE MILNE Mechanical Draw. Maior Spanish Major Sfudenl Courl' Eng., Commercial Mirs. Science, Mafh Maiors Spanish, English Malors Social Sfudies Maior Commercial Maior Sub Debs, Pep Club Songleader, 2 yrs. Radio Club Ad. Staff Colonist Club Girls' League Tri-Hi-Y Homemaking Maior Colonist Club Tri-l-li-Y, Spanish Club E 55 RAMONA MIRANDA NORMAN MONTAGUE RHODA MONTEZ CARLENE MOORE DONA MOORE MARILYN MOORE Music Maior Fufure Farmers Pres. Homemaking Maior English, Malh Maiors Homemaklng Maior English, Com. Maiors Ana, A Cappella Key Club Vice Pres. FHA Gold Seal Bearer Social Studies Maior Girish League Rep. Top of Pops Waferpolo, Swimming Girls' League Honor Sociely, Y and G Girls' League Colonial Coed Treas. KEN MORGAN KAY MORIMOTO DIXIE MORROW THEODORA MOSCOVITCH JOAN MOSHENKO DAMON L. MOUNCE Aulo Shop Maior English, Malh Maiors English, Malh Maiors Spanish, English Majors Music Maior French, Malh Maiors Social Sludies Maior Sec. of Records Safely, Welfare Comm. FBLA, FHA Top of Pops Senior Hi-Y Colonisl Club GAA, Colonial Coeds Tri-Hi'Y, GAA Fulure Teachers Band, Choir Rifle Team, Radio Club 47 cr-"' JOHN MUIR PEGGY ANNE MULLANEY CHARLES MUNYON PAULA JO MURRAY RICHARD MUSHEGAIN LINDA NAHLEN English, Language Mirs. English Maior English, Mafh Maiors English Maior Malh, Science Maiors Music, English Maiors Varsily Track Sr. Exec, Commilfee Anoranco Sporfs Edilor Lalin Club Key Club Choir, FBLA Senior Play Seallle Transfer Annual Staff, Press Club Tri-Hi-Y Sr. Exec. Commillee Bela Gamma DAISY NAKAMURA HOPE NAPOLES WILMA JEAN NEHER NORMAN NANCE Art, Homemaking Mirs. Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Mililary Science Maior Girls' League Hislorian Spanish Maior Homemaking Maior Woodshop Maior FHA, GAA Secrelary Girls' League Drill Team Torch and Saber 56 Nant' JAMES NELLESON DIANE NELSON GEORG ANNE NELSON JOANN NELSON Auto Shop Maior Ari Maior Music, Commercial Mirs. Commercial Maior Wood Shop Maior Tri-Hi-Y Mozarl Choir, 2 yrs. TriAHi-Y Swimming, Walerpolo Ana. A Cappella Mozarl Club Secrefary Pep Club 5 lx 'Q X f,yQ??g"1l' be Sw FK g 1 X 'I li ' H LINDA NELSON DOUG T. NEWCOMB SHARON NICHOLSON LYNDA LEE NIELSON English Maior Math Maior Homemaking Maior Math Maior M-ath Malor Science Maier Commercial Maior Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs. Girls' League Varsity Track, 2 yrs. Girls' League Senior Play GAIL DEE NORCROSS LOREN NYLAND ROBERTA C. O'DELL DIANE OLNEY Homemaking Maior Math Maior Homemaking Maior Commerical Maior English Maior Electronics Maier Ana. A Cappella Girls' League Fort Worth Transfer Radio Club Pomona Transfer Fullerton Transfer Sn-.W DARLENE J0 OLSEN JANET A. OSBORNE KEN OTTE JOHN OTTEN BOB OVIEDO DONNA OWEN Art Maior Commerical Maior Music Maior Math Maior Music Maior Social Studies Maior Homemakng Maior Choir, Student Council Choir, Mozart Club Junior Play Senior Council Girls' League Tri-Hi-Y Safety and Welfare Top of Pops Colonist Club Mozart Club Transfer if! 4 A ,. , wg, LINDA OWENS GREGG PARKER JOHN PARKER RICHARD PARKER JUDI PARRA PATRICIA PARSHALL English Maior Varsity Swimming Math Maior Wood Shop Maior English Maior Girls' Rifle Club Treas Commerical Maior Waterpolo, 2 yrs. Spanish Maior Typing Maior Tri-Hi-Y Latin Club Drill Team Swlmmer of Year Band, 2 yrs. Colonist Club Girls' League Roto-Hi Club ,jf Q .V-cv' GAIL PARSONS GARY E. PATTSCHULL JEAN PAVEY CAROLYN PECK JUDITH LEE PELTZER BOB PENNINGTON Commerical Maicr Wood Shop Maior Math Maior Commerical Maior Language Maior Auto Shop Maior Tri-Hi-Y Math Major Spanish Maior Girls' League English Maior English Maior FBLA Iowa Transfer Tri-Hi-Y Long Beach Transfer Pep Club Colonist Club 57 X W f Q Xvx XX ,X S fY: X X, was X- Fx V u x I, If IJ ' K PATRICIA PETERSEN LOU ANN PETERSON KAY PETTY JEAN PHILLIPS Commercial Maier Jr., Sr. Plays, GAA Mafh, English Maiers Commercial Maier FRLA Vice Pres. Sub Debs, Choir, 2 yrs. Fufure Teachers Girls' League Glrls' League Girls' League Treas. Tri-Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y ao" dd! ,Q 1 RONALD PIEDMONT BARBARA PIERCE FRANCES Y. PIERCE CHARLES PIETSCH Malh Maier English Maier Hememaking Maier Machine Shop Maier Science Maier Ari Maier English Maier Machinisf Club Vermonl Transfer Sfudenl Council FHA, Pep Club Celenisf Club JOSEPH PIOTROWSKI JAMES POLLARD JIM PORCHER JUDY PORTER CARLOS PORTILLO DAVE POWELL Malh Maier Mefal Shop Maior Malh Maier Annual, Anorance Siaff Social Sfudies Maier English Maier Varsifv A Club Auto Shop Maier English Maier GAA, FBLA, Tri-Hi-Y Shop Maier Foofball Walerpole, Swimming Varsily Foolball Celenisf Club Coeds, Usherefles Colenisf Club JV Baseball RONALD L. PRESTI GRACE PRUETT GARI PUFFER VONDA PUFFER GENEVA J. PURCELL JEAN QUACKENBUSH English, Science Maiors English, Mafh Maiors English Maier Hememaking Maier Arf, Music Maiors Science Maier Mafh Maier, Thespians Homemaking Maier GAA, Dress Board Social Sfudies Maier Bible Club, Top of Pops English Maior Sr. Class Play, Rofo-Hi Girls' League Tri-Hi-Y Officer Girls' League Washingfen Transfer Girls' Rifle Club ,.-as Us 0.0 'QI' GWEN QUARTON BARBARA QUATTRINI JEFF QUIGGLE STEVE RANDOLPH JUDY RAU CYNTHIA REA Commercial Maier Science, Mafh Maiors Mafh, Spanish Maiers English Maier English Maier Commercial Maier Sfudent Council Sr, Exec. Cemmiffee Sf. Council, Spanish Club Auie Shop Maier Head Yell Leader Social Studies Maier Tri.Hi.Y New York Transfer Foofball, 2 yrs. Celonisf Club SI. Council, Sub Debs Girls' League 58 'Wax' ci" "" GARY REDMEN JUDY REECE DEAN REED CHUCK REEP PHYLLIS REHSE ANDY C. REYES Shop Maior Homemaking Maior Music Maior English Maior English, Com. Maiors Football Social Studies Maior Social Studies Maior Band Social Studies Maior Music Maior ' t Cross Country Colonist Club Girls' League Senior Play Colonist Club St. Council, Tri-Hi-Y Ana. A Cappella EDDIE REYNOLDS ANNETTE REVETTE MARTHA RICHMOND CHARLES H. RILEY DONALD ROBERTSON MARILYN ROBINSON Science Maior English, Com. Majors Commercial Maior Shop Maior Art, English Maiors English, Com. Maiors Language Maior GAA, FBLA, Red Cross English Maior Cross Country Commercial Maior Colonial Coeds, GAA Senior Play, ihespians PNA, Girls' League FHA, Tri-Hi-Y Senior Play Colonist Club FBLA Pres, oemig lay y JAMES RODARTE Spanish Maior Varsity Football Varsity Baseball ,Z,Q'4 ," 7, Q.. 'te sififff-Za 4-in ' f' 1 ggi , ' 'J xr We I Y' ,Leg BILL ROESCHLAUB DARLENE ROGERS JANE ROLAND SHIRLEY ROSA RICHARD ROSALES Auto Shop Maior Annual Editor-in-Chief Girls' League Vice Pres. English Maior Shop Maior Social Studies Maior Colonial Coeds, GAA Annual, Anoranco Staff Spanish Maior Colonist Club Colonist Club Gold Seal Bearer Colonial Coeds, GAA Drill Team Math Maior ANNE N. ROSS ALLAN R. ROTTMAN Commercial Maior Electronics Maior Social Studies Maior Social Studies Maior Girls' League Colonist Club VICTOR W. SALAZAR BEATRICE A. SALSEDA Spanish Maior Commercial Maior Auto Shop Maior Drill Team, 3 yrs. Colonist Club FBLA, 3 yrs. RICHARD RUFFNER SIDNEY RUTHERFORD Photography Maior Mechanical Draw. Mir. Art Maior Waterpolo, 2 yrs, Ad. Staff Track, 2 yrs. H 1-5' DON SANDBERG SHARON SANDERSFIELD Math Maior English Maior Science Maior Drill Team Leader Student Council Girls' League 59 Q N,i Sax., my FLORENCE SANTEL DELORES SAYLES GARY SAVERIEN MARILYN SCHALOW Homemaking Mayor English Mayor Mechanical Draw Mayor Dramafics Mayor Glrls League Homernaking Mayor Prinlshop Mayor Senior Play Ohio Transfer Girls League Varsily Track 2 years Girls League X xo ...F MI l J y Y JIM SCHAMP BARRY LEE SCHERER GARY N. SCHERER JAN SCHIMMER English, Music Ma'ors Music Mayor Math Mayor Spanish, English Mayors Mozarf Choir, Club Junior Play Swimming, 2 yrs. Senior Play C, B Foolball Ana. A Cappella Walerpolo, 2 yrs. Ad. Sfaff STEVEN SCHLEGEL LARRY SCHLEY DEAN SCHOBORG JEANNETTE SCHOLL WILLIAM SCHUCHARDT ROBERT SCHULTZ Spanish, English Mayors Malh, Science Mayors Mafh Mayor English Mayor Mafh Mayor Science, Mafh Mayors Junior Play Spanish, Track, 3 yrs. Waferpolo, 3 yrs. Science Mayor Social Sludies Mayor Colonisf Knighfs Colonisl Knighls Baskefball, 2 yrs. Swimming, 2 yrs. Sr. Exec. Commillee Colonisl Club Senior Hi-Y DIXIE LEE SCHULTZ CHARLENE SCHUTZ SYLVIA SCHWANZ DOUGLAS SCOTT JAKE J. SEABURN BOB SEAPY Commercial Mayor English Mayor Commercial Mayor Music Mayor English Mayor Malh, Music Mayors Homemaking Mayor Sludenf Body Treas. Social Sludies Mayor Top of Pops, Band Swimming, Waferpolo Colonisf Knighfs Girls' League Songleader, Coeds Girls' League Swimming, Walerpolo Long Beach Transfer Mozarl Club GEORGE SEDIA DONALD SENEY JAMES SETTERLUND NANCY SEWELL SHIRLEY SHAKOIAN SALLY SHANNON Malh Mayor English Mayor Malh Mayor Commercial Mayor Ef1QllSl'I. Miill M6l0fS English Mayor Jr. Sr. Plays Social Studies Mayor Colonisi Knights GAA ANOVBHCO. Annual Sfaff Hf-Dmifrmdklhq Mayor Varsity Foolball Colonisf Club Var. Foofball, Baskelball Girls' League GAA. FBLA- I-l5h9'eIie5 GUI! I-959119 60 MQW L MARSHALL SHIRK DENNIS SILKE JACK SILVEIRA CARL SKOV BERNARD SLOOP DALE SMITH Malh, Science Maiors Mafh, English Maiors Wooclshop Maior Malh, English Maiors Music Maior English, French Maiors Sr. Class Pres. Shop Maior Social Sludies Maior Science Maior Top of Pops French Club Varsily Foolball, 3 yrs. Colonisl Club Colonisl Club Track Mozarf Choir. Club Press Club L DAVID R. SMITH EMMA SMITH JOANN SMITH JOHN D. SMITH JOYCE SMITH JUDI SMITH Science Maior. 1 Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Spanish, Mafh Maiors Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Walerpolo, .Swimming Tri-Hi-Y Y Council Sec, lnduslrial Arls Maior Fl-lA, 2 yrs. Homemaking Maior Colonisl Knights Girls' League Colonial Coeds, GAA Sfuclenl Council Tri-Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y WW X39 Ml LINDA R. SMITH PEGGY SMITH WILLETTA SMITH DIANE SNELL KAROL SNOW DAVID R. SONNIE Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Commercial Maior English Maior Melal Shop Maior Spanish Maior Girls' Rifle Club FHA, GAA Tri-l-ll-Y Arl' Maior Varsily Foolball, 2 yrs. English Maior Girls' League Glee Club Girls' League Tri-Hi-Y Baskelball, Track, 2 yrs. Colonisl Club ZW! if sv ,ze -.qu IN ffm' gn? ' .1290 'U-Jlf' - I xx A . U CHARLES L. SPAIN LINDA SPEIGHT DONALD SPENCER JUDY SPENCER ' l I Commercial Maior English, Spanish Maiors Malh Maior Drill Team, 2 yrs. " B Baskelball GAA, Fufure Teachers Band, Foolball Rifle Club Pres. l li Downey Transfer Tri-Hi-Y Baskelball FBLA Treas., FNA i ' CLASS I 1, J JUDY SPRAGUE DALTON S. STAFFORD GARY STALEY NORMAN STAMAN Commercial Maior Malh Maior Malh Maior Commercial Maior FBLA, 2 yrs. Machinisf Club Sec. Radio Club English Maior Girls' League Colonisl Club Montebello Transfer GAA, Girls' League RAE ANN STANLEY DON STAPLES GEORGEANNE STEED CLYDENE STEELMANN PATRICIA STEENBERGEN JILL STEIGERWALT Malh, Music Maiors Music, Math Maiors Commercial, English Mfr. English Maior Commercial Malor Science Maior Spanish Club, Bible Club Mozarl C'ub, Sl. Council Spanish Maior Ana. A Cappella Social Sludies Maior Honor Sociely Trl-l-ll-Y Colonisl Knighfs Girls' League Tri-Hi-Y Girls' League Hawfhorne Transfer mek SUZANNE STELLHORN LINDA STEVENS JANET STEYER CAROL ANN STIEGLER GARY STIRRAT PAM STIRRAT English, Com. Maiors Usherelles, FTA Pres, Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Science Maior Er1qllSh Maior Sub Debs Gold Seal Bearer, Coeds FBLA Coeds, Sludenl Council Melal Shop Maior Yell Leader, Sub Debs Tri-Hi-Y Annual, Anoranco, GAA Tri-HiAY Fulure Teachers Bela Gamma JF. EXQC. Commiflee JO ANN ST. PIERRE ANN STORY BUFFIE STORY BILL STOUDER MAUREEN STRONG JILL STUCK Commercial Maior English, Music Maiors English Maior Science, Malh Maiors Math, English Maiors Commercial Major Music Maier Sfudenl Body Vice Pres. Y Council Pres. Coluonisf Kniqhls Gold Seal Bearer English Maior Sub Debs, Red Cross Rep. Girls' Slale, Mozart Club FHA Pres., Sub Debs Lalln Club Ushereffes, Tri-Hi-Y FBLA xx 6' il ,css v, ,,v I' wwf Wx? I ny ' ,f 'UJI-' ' ' I XX 1 , O BONNIE J. SWANSON SHERRIE SWEENEY HARRY SWEET MARILYN TAGUE I l y Commercial Maior Commercial Major Shop Maior Commercial Maior I Sludenf Council English Maior Social Sludies Maior Pep Club, GAA l l, FBLA, Tri-Hi-Y Girls' League Colonisf Club Girls' League ' l CLASS l l X OF YERLAINEYYTAYLOR JAMES G. TEECE TIM TEMPLE DONNA RAE TERFEHR Commercial Maior Metal Shop Maior Malh Maior English Maior Gi,-ls' League Cross Counfry Sludenl Council Commercial Maior Garfield Transfer Colonist Kniilllls Key Club Glflf Leaque 62 4 f' ' raffle 0 'NY 'li Nw CARLOTTA TERRY RICHARD THILL FRANK THOMAS JANE THOMASON English Maior Malh Maior Malh, English Maiors English Maior Bible Club, Usherelles English Maior Walerpolo, 2 yrs. Colonial Coed Pres. Tri-Hi-Y Colonisi Club Mozart Club, 2 yrs. Y Council Worship Ch s 'VK ws sew' ' I .X , ! Q, N l i l l li r y m iff? GERRY THOMPSON JANET THORNE GARY THORNTON RODNEY THUESON Maih, Commercial Mirs. English Maior Sr. Class Vice Pres. English Maior English Maior, GAA Social Studies Maior Varsily Baseball, 2 yrs. lnduslrial Arls Maior Tri-Hi-Y Girls' League Varsify Fooiball, 2 yrs. Colonisf Club CECELIA TIKKER JOHN TIMMERS VAL TOLMAN FLOYD TREBIL JUDIE TREMBLE MAE BETH TROSTER Commercial Maior Malh Maior Social Studies Maior Music Maior Arl Maior Homemaking Maior Social Sludies Maior English, Science Maiors Mefal Shop Maior Top of Pops, Jr. Choir English Maior Top of Pops FBLA Colonisl Club Colonisl' Knighls Ana A Cappella Girls' League Sfudenf Council ROBERTA TROUT DANIEL TURNER SONDRA LOU UNRUH JUDY YOKO URABE CONNIE VAN DALSEM CAROL VANDERBILT English Maior Mafh, English Maiors Ari, Mafh Maiors Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Drill Team, 3 yrs. Varsity Basketball Phofography Maior Homemaking Maior Tri-Hi-Y Y Council Officer Drill Team Officer Varsify Track Latin Club FBLA Girls' League Girls' League CLARA VAN DE WARKER CAROL VAN VERST LINDA VASQUEZ LUCY VASQUEZ ERNEST F. VERDUGO LINDA LOU VINSON English, Com. Maiors English, Spanish Maiors Spanish, Com. Maiors Homemaking Maior Music, Lang. Maiors English Maior Homemaking Maior FTA, Pep Club Homemaklng Maior Commercial Maior Track, 3 yrs. Social Studies Major Girls' League Ushereffes, Tri-Hi-Y Girls' League Girls' League Cross Counfry, 3 yrs, Girls' League 63 ADELAIDE WAITE Commercial Maior Fufure Nurses FBLA HENRY WASHBURN Machine Shop Maior Machinist Club Colonisl Knighfs JEANIE WEBSTER Mafh Maior English Maior Tri-Hi-Y MARY WAKEFIELD LINDA WALDROP SHARON WALSH JUDY WAMPLER DOUG WASHBURN Commercial Major English Maior Math, English Maiors Homemaking Maior Key Club, Senior Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Drill,Team Commercial Maior English, Lang. Mirs. Honor Sociely Girls' League BILL WASSON Malh Maior Science Malor Ad. Slalf Tri-Hi-Y Girls' League Girls' League Safely, Welfare Comm. 414 wp' JILL WATERMAN MARIELLEN WEAVER HELEN ELAINE WEBB CAROL WEBER Commercial Maior Commercial Maior Music Maior Malh Maior Sub Debs, FBLA English Maior Commercial Maior Band Honor Sociely Tri-Hi-Y A Cappella Accompanisl Girls' League DV LINDA WELCH NORINE WELCH LOIS WENHOLZ LYNDA WENTZ RONALD WENZEL Com., English Maiors Commercial Maior English Maior Commercial Maior Science Maior Ad. Sfaff, FHA Tri-Hi-Y Ad. Staff English Maior Band, Radio Club Tri-Hi-Y Girls' League Usherelles Treas. Spanish Club Wisconsin Transfer 64 5 XX wwf ROBERT WESTBROOK DANIEL WHILES BILL WHITE ROBERT W. WHITEHEAD Maih, Science Maiors English Maior Mafh Maior Science Maior Foofball, Track Social Sfudies Maior Social Sludies Maior Social Siudies Maior Senior Hi-Y Colonisf Club Colonisl' Club Colonisf Club YN k , 9? aff' CAROL WHITTAKER JIM WICKER RON WILBUR SHIRLEY WILBURN Music, English Maiors English Maior Science, Math Maiors English, Science Maiors Homemaking Maior Jr., Sr. Plays Senior Play Sfudenf Council Girls' League MOIGFT Club Senior Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y I 1. Ni we W X I QW QQ ,ni Nfl MAUDE WILCE ARLENE WILKINS MARTHELMA WILKINS BEVERLY WILLIAMS Commercial Maier English Maior Lafin Maior Commercial Maier Tri-Hi-Y Commercial Maior Lafin, French Clubs Social Sfudies Maier Grossmonl Transfer Michigan Transfer Honor Sociely Girls' League xx X' ' . l X M , W BILL WILLIAMS DENNIS WILLIAMS LINDA WINFREY GAY WLASCHIN Mafh Maior Music Maier Com., English Maiors Spanish, English Maiors Social Sfudies Maior Social Sfudies Maior GAA, Sub Deb: GAA Pres., Coeds Colonisf Club FFA French Club Gold Seal Bearer, Annual 'Wu .l LINDA WOODROME BEVERLY WOODRUFF BILL WOODRUFF CRAIG WOODS PAUL WOODS PAT WRIGHT English, Science Maiors Sec. Safely, Welfare English Maior Social Sfudies Maior Science, Mafh Maiors Commercial Maior Homecoming Aflendenf Coeds, GAA Board Shop Maior Lalin Club JV Foofball, Line Capt, FBLA Flagfwirler, Sub Debs V.P. Gold Seal Bearer Colonisf Club Colonisf Club Key, Lalin Clubs Tri-Hi-Y FRANK F. YAMASAKI TOM YATES MARILYN YELLIS JUDY YOUNG LARRY YOUNG SHARON YOUNG Science Maior Auio Shop Maicr English Maier English Maier Malh Maior Social Studies Maiof Malh Maior B Foofball Anoranco, Annual Slaff Anoranco, Annual Sfaff Social Studies Maior Phys. Ed. Maier Colonisl Club Leuzinger Transfer Laiin Club Sub Debs, Si. Council Colonisf Club Girls' League KAREN YOUNGMAN SARAH NELL ZIEDLIK ELLA NORA ZEIGLER CAROLYN ANN ZIETZ CLARENCE ZYLSTRA FRED C. FARNEY English, Mafh Maiors English, Mafh Maiors Ari, Science .Maiors Commercial Maior English Maior Maih Mir,, Varsity Honor Sociefy, Pep Club La-fin-Club Thesplans, Trl-Hi-Y Drill Team, 2 yrs, Bible Club Track Baskefb Il Sr. Play, usnerehes Trl-HI-Y Highland Park Transfer Pep Club Colonist Club Varsify A Clube They Led the Junior Class in '58 Wi N MIKE ANDERSON President JUNIGRS C Starting the school year olt with a bang, the junior otticers L and their adviser, Fred Jeter, met and began making plans A concerning future activities. One ol the biggest events planned by the iunior class ot '59, S was the gala Junior-Senior Prom. The special event was held S on May 23, in the Wilshire Room ot the exquisite Statler Hotel in Los Angeles. The theme, Roman Holiday, blended in appro- priately with the huge white pillars. O With the aid ol their adviser, the juniors were able to order F senior rings early in the year. They also orderd iunior sweaters an old tradition which they have resestablished. '59 my -If f r r r 'WH 'wnaullf' N-auf PENNY DINKLER Secretary LA PAM DAVIS Vice President M wk, JERI PULLMAN FRED JETER Treasurer Adviser ,Q ,H .1 ,y, ff' W! ,I , f X f f f , X, , f f i 'Inf A f A X, B.. wwf, f RICHLEY ABBOTT ,,,f, , ,EW , fc' 55,3 KAREN ALLEY HENRY ACEVEDO I ,I ,W , f ff 2 f ,, f ,M W ,' f ,, ,' 7 ',V .' V 4 1' 7 .Tiff If , 'f 'C' ' fzfjww , H ,,V ,jfv,I,ff7fryj,w ' . , X f ' B , B ' f1vffL,'f 14 f' , ,, , ,4 , ,, ., L f I ,, 2' , , ' ' 'f ff B fff4'ff'95 f ,Q Q. ,, A ALICE ACOSTA 4 , ' , ww' .S 4, ,., ,,, 1 ' f , ,, , , ,,,,,, ., ,, ,iw W, 1,4 ,, X, , ,,,, JANET ALLMAN ,f f yi , ygf:-if l ,, , " ' 'iz GLENDA ANDREWS uf A , , ,,!,,, ,V ,, , WMM ,, , , ,gy M ff ' fl . g,5'lI,,f1 PAT ARNOLD 'Q I , JOHN AVITIA ROBERTA ANDREWS Gu A C7 f ,409 I3 X3 DIANE BALLENGER if A : I ' I B .. IJIWIIL ,, 3 I la Q,-7 X ' " 'B PATRICIA BARRY A' THOMAS ARNOLDUS ,M 1 Z , M fy I4 X 1 , wp.-mf 1 , If 45,-ew?-. I, LEO ALPONTE V' e 'WW' , I a n-'Vf f 'fav' ff ff, f ,ff W ' JIM ANGELLAR , WJ if ,,,. 7 ji 7 ELIZABETH ARREY DAVID ADAMS Z STEPHANIE ALEXANDER ' D . 0'-I f Z' iw ,WI W , 1242 -, ff ,WC f X 7 ,A , ' f 'VY 4' ,BQZ MARY LOU ALVARADO :f 4,442 .17 44 far if ' Z V +31 7 'lf 'f ff i' , , V f, W 3 Ll K 2 V W , f X , SHARLYN ANTHONY B ,W 4 M, ,fm , iff ' ' f , B fB,,fQ,f', , WW 1, ' J,,wf,27 GLORIA ARTHUR ,B ,,, ,f ,BI ,,,, MARTHA ANDERSEN f fn. A WC? C X B , 4 MARCY ALLEN f 'W Q: f I L B B, :ff , , Q ' f, K f .f,, JIM ANDERSON 72 ,QQ f 1 C1552 ' I ,f X, I f-fy ,f B in - ,f, I , X, ff 5115 W X ff f 7 T, f ' lfyiff, ,IHH A PATRICIA PEGGY ANTOLIN ARCHIBALD , Z ' ,, , , EL A . A ,, 'N GARY ASHBY ,I BILL ASHTON ,,, AZ 44 M i 'Lf ,NTT :Q RONNY ALLEN I MIKE ANDERSON ,VB A - ,WWE A ,, DOLORES ARIAZ wwf" 'fm ax 6 GILBERT ATHERTON A QR I :Q ' 3 CLASS I ' .x K - X Ik A ff' I X I! Il J F 9 BJ B ,1f?' ,Q B. 1 If f. 'AX I ' y 3 , A ADELE ARMSTRONG . I 'J f 1, A BILL ARNOLD A Fx H: R -. A Q wi 1 bn, i an , , TONI ATKINSON RICHARD AUSTIN I A , x , ,,IR 3,2 II,, 2 ,.:, A , , , , ff . Qi, I ,,,4 ,,,, f 7' I, - ' f BABE:-l:O5. BRUCE JERRY Boa BRUCE PATRICIA LOUISE JUDY A SEN BAILEY BAINEs BAKER M A BAKER BAKER BAKKER BALCH f ' , Q , -, fy , " ,H 4 fy! , ,, IX ,' " 'f A f f f f fl , - 77 ,W f ' W ' Q . ff as , A , ,Q 'W ' -I , I BARBARA IvIAuRIcE PHYLLIS SHERRY JEAN PHILLIP SUE BAQIU ' 'A BANDLOW BARNES A BARNES BARNES BARNEY BARNHARD BARNwEI.I, BARRIOS ' A IR ' A .. 1.. v -, . 3? V , V f A If f ,V V ,f 2 'Auf' ' If ' 1. , Q I Mvzyyf 5 I 'f -4-'f f j , Q,7 fQfQ, ' ' , H A I AI, , f I A 1 Q W ' , ,mx , U f 'B f In ' f fl V ' Z - v I I , , , A I A I 5-fx A ' X Ii X I 4 ' " ' A Z I Q ' , JEFF PAT BILL CECILIA RAY LINDA KATHLEEN HERBE T BATES BATES BAUM BEARD BEATTY BELANGER BELGIER BELL f ,,,,, ' ' V ,ey , ,, 7 ,, I , ,- , ' x , dxf, , ,, "AI , ,T L, fff f f'-- TA " f ., . ' ' ,T f X I ' " I' 1' .VVI r ,V I 2- 1' 7 1 A ,As , S f. I ,,- , Ml 1 f 'U ' .B . ::,,,.i B : -.1 B w I ' f 5 ,A ,L -QA, PATRICIA CLAUDIA BOB BELLMORE BENNINGER BENTLEY SAM BERGER NICK BONNIE BERRY BERRYMAN DAVE BERTCH KAY BIBBEE BILL BIELEFELD 67 9 I 'fx 3" CLASS I I M ,Q f ., Lily ,fx -.V Rx.?.Z, I Y I I I x II I F I I I an. I I Y ',. , I Jw. '- ,, Q1 I , r DWEN BOOTH I 1. 'Q "3" GEORGE BRAGG I 1 I., ,, A: 1 ' I X . LYNN DWIGHT BOOTH -4"N DOROTHY BRANCH . 'I' I Q 'llff NA JULIE BRIZENDINE BROADBENT ' we .ww f l A JERRY BUHER 4 EDITH BURKE W? '93 JERRY BYMAN 68 'Xian I . GEORGIA BUKER , 4 , it NANCY BURKE 4 . , I , , MARY CABALLERO I - :aw 4,5 MARILYN BILLUPS Q? ,am ff ' Ski xi ugly' V MARTHA BLIAZES ix,I ,I -3 A I BONNIE BLACKWELL ww ,. -1-. M ix , , I NANCI BLOOM -in Q +R CJ , W 1 Q i I, W J ILL TRUDI BORDEN ' Ni sl - nil --11 "Y R2- ,I K I If, . EDDIE BRANNON 4 fd A Q I BEVERLY BROWN X A N , ,C ax W 33316 'PTS I SANDRA BUNGER .Q , I, 'I f-1-LI EVELYN BURNETT Au 4 5 I Aff f MARILYN CADARET LYNETTE BORGOUIST w. 1 4- ,- Q v I GLORIA BRAY I ,Y ' v BOB BROWN :I V W...-, JOHN BUNNELL gy Iiiggm If ,M .f Az gi 4 n If HERB BURNETT W yv., , X 'kim ,fw If . 1 I WI" A , . JUDY BLAKE .XR 'J gf ,R 1 ff v RONALD BLUM ,,, CLAIRE BOURASSA I IIE!! EARL BRECHENRIDGE 4 'Q ,fav f 54581 'QA af., - If f 'J , I 17' f , 7' I, , , , , , 4 BYRON BROWN V' f.,.,,... ,' o ERNIE BUNTROCK mx-r B N' K- wr' x DENNIS BURNS Y "'-5 f- if rf' f " 1. 'fx ' I A ' X Q Lx Xbvx'X'X:PxXIi L LARRY CADY CAROL CALDWELL s h .- an '- JB"-. 5 PAT BLAKE 'ww vs , . - if JIM BOBBETT Q -xv. f 7,7 Q.. A I- f' AR BOB BOYD Ya, JERRY BRIAR ,Gulf I V ma JUNE BROWN .V 'Elf ROBERT BURGESS RON BURNS , , 1 I FEW, 294 JUDITH CALDWELL N32 EQ'-V ,fi RUTH BLAKE 'wsu N: N' 'A n 1 QQ. 'xi " xf X . I DICK BOBENHAUSEN , Ulf ,L r M 0 my GEN ELDA BOZARTH ve'-'Sip 'H 2 iv TANYA BRICHMAN 'QA iiivrw ,M TERRY BROWN f 'ZZ , , A ' RUTH BURGOS 4' , Q Q Qf , 3 BI QI ,. ,Q M 1 , I A I 1 M IQIxxi V L IX W JUDY ORVILLE BLANFORD BLEVINS . ..,.. .M 2 f sf , , xx X K X 5 .N MICHAEL BOLSTER x 5 Y Nl . Y: N DIANNE BRADD DESMOND BOOTH I .I , . I , I I QQ ,WA xvwn ., PHYLLIS BRADLEY ' I ""'Q "' IT . I 7, w J' ,,,1"f SHARON BETTY BRIGGS BRISCOE fe I '91 I 5 ff If-'EV I , , R JUDY BROWNELL y d, K' 4, PEGGY BURGRAFT DONNA BROWNFIELD f 5 ff A ,f f ,Z W f ,fir , 1 'V 'eng ' we gf ,, , Q 1 1,43 f ,f f f A f, N I ,Z JAN BURK ,MA ' ' ' f ' , f, M 5 'I'- , ., , ' X V 5 fy 52 '44, v, . 4 M wr JACOLINE BUSHNELL DARLENE BUSSONE ',,, I :Q " 1 f if, , , 4 ima Gy I A , ,V Ax W ' WZ 4 x 4, I , LINDA MARGARET JEANNE BYERS W ' f, Wf 1 I B MERRILL CALDWELL CAMPBELL CAMPBELL M42 I ,ff W' ROMONA CAMPBELL M JAN ICE CARR vm . OLIVIA CASTRO vw, hi ' A f R PAUL CILLEY -V, , 5 , DONALD COLE 'xi , N if Q may SANDY COOMB Q I 5 Q , 5' I F' v J, " vi Q- 1 Fifi. CAROL ANN CRAIG 'PY 'wx v . 9 ROSE CAMPBELL ,,, W WILMA CARROLL . ' 4 4 JOHN CENTOBIE ,F u MICHAEL cum: .M 1' JON COLLIER I Z, Q, V X 'T' Ari. -5' , CAROL COONEY A, x .., .v Q W WW mf, , Z, W, TALMAGE CAMPBELL if-ne, 3 A ,f ,f .. ,, ASW' 49" il, ,,,,7,f.,, X f,f. 1 I A .4 L. PAT CARSWELL , W .WC , ,' . ' I 'Qi if CARL CHADWELL ,, 'J M- , 15' - H 2 I 'X CMA, . f,-.M 'fr , h.S- n A DAVE CLARK I 'ww' wf,-Vg 1 Q, G ,Kb 1 MICHAEL COLLINS ' 1 '15 QQ., .tg , 1-,yrw A ,1 DIANE CORMELL Z DAVE CHARLOTTE CRAN DALL I NANCY' CURLER CREEL 'Iwi L 1 TOMMEY GORDON CURREY CURTIS A , W, 41 X ,fx I if f f f if a YOLANDA CANO Z Vw f I I W, 454 ROBERT CARTER M. 5 W , W I MIKE CHAI'-FEE "Ik if DENNIS CLAUSSEN ' Q , qw ,- wx H at HQ", -af RONDA COLLINS W' k iv ' ill? Q ,f GARY CORN , ., 5' if' fa' A , Wei 5 11 I ,i AL CRIZ MARTHA CUTHBERT f If If f g www, at 75, fu! ., 'uf , ' y K -4. I , , 'W , .W-M. A if Jqf '.,,f. A' BOB CARLSON Q wz,f MIKE CARTER I 40 Z ' 'if fx W ff DENNIS CHANCE '-Q , , wi ,- yy. 'sb K A Ng . ' 1. XIII' I PAT CLAYTON I f I ,I if ' SUE COLLINS my 'gf JIM CORNELIUS me KEITH CRONIN A-J' ff M X A E., 5, - B Gs"-Q fix ROSEMARY DAILEY LEWIS CARLSON JANE CARMICHAEL N", - 'vb I ' ""n"IZ f -V , I wwf TOM CASHIN I ,Wg f V , JUDY CHANDLER I ! mv I JACK CLEMENT Ji I BETH COLTEN mv ,- , V ' DICK CORRADINO ,W, 21 If, 'X - I JUANITA CRUCE 50' Q-mf sz TAD DAKATSUKA A vmcsm cAs1'Eu.uccl JL! X 1 X CLARENCE CHAPMAN - v-. ., , LL.. , QP ,-Y af DIANE COBB 'J -we LYNDA COLWELL ',.Zh RONALD COSPER ,, ,V i A ' 'MTTZ' i , ,2 If E JERRY CRUM vim? ,af ,X ag' . MYRNA DAMERELL ' vn- SANDY CARONNA ,..- f A , 35? f 1, , 'Q . f ., wa 5.x MICKEY CASTRICONE Ne MARGARET CHAVEZ M, mkfq, . Av, A LOIS COFFEY -vs. 'Si -.4 GARY CONNER ff- f 'NJ X -uv EMILE COUTURIER GAIL CARPENTER qv- IQ! -A4 -..-J A . JOE CASTRO , ,lf ' -Me . THOMAS CHAVEZ I .JV 'QS' ' 'I ELLEN COLBY .. V Y' ax 'N' ,Wx 9 I W'ff7 XQff5'f' V 'EBL JANET COOKE ff J 1 AIM, 5 72 fm M1 JOE COWLES ' f 1 ff s I I I K If 'V X I XXV, II CLASS I fl 3F I 9 v ,, .R I .KAI , N V .. : 4, , F T J ,. We , ' ' K -1 E K an 3, A' If will I I 1 .Eg 'S ff' K K jf in . 1? 1 JAMES PAM RICHARD SALLY DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS Y :N 5 f 'X' 21 -mp I A ..f f -A K J ' .1 , Ik Wx! A , .. A I 1 V I RX x ' 'Mi' ' i ' .. WARREN ANNETTE VIRGINIA LARRY DEACON DE IaoER DE IaoER DECKER I I I X I " I vw.- iv I A W 'WW , V li ' I, I...4.' 'Ji f ' is ' non ORLAND RAMoNA JAMES nEwELL nEwITT nIAz DICKENSON A J: -51 ' I I 1 WI Uk If I u. 3 4 I A 'I I LINDA KATHLEEN JEFF JOAN DOLAN noum nouGAI. nowus E y ' x I ,,,, , Li T-if ' -uf ' I I I f ' 7 5' A I f I,,I PAUL non DONALD MAxINE DUNPHY DUNTON DURANSO nussAuI.T A A 44' f " , if- V L, I M' " Q Ay f A Ii-A' 1 fy: V vi MEI.vIN MIKE SHARON EDWARDS ECKERSLEY EDWARDS EDWARDS TERRY I ,X I ' WT " .N . , V ,X 1 A, . 'Y' X'-nf? 4 f my f 1, ' lg I.YoIA RAYMOND 3 I ESQUEDA EsTREI.I.A I , ,,II, CLASS I mv f 1 , gf j I - w , , OF X JUDY I I O FARR EARRELL ' ' ff-uwqqk - new I f 4 I f If -vi "E 5: A 4, e Wi '- f QT -.A ' .. , Z A M-fl! Q H 5 Af , A . 1 ,if XX R' E MICHAEL LORETTA MARSHALL GLENN BARBARA DANIEL D'ANTOlNI DARNALL DAVIDSON DAVIS X -,Q ix . , ff A A if 1 3 f ig , up lx LARRY MATTHEW PAT SHARON VIOLET DAVISON DAVISON DAWDY DAWDY DAWSON Q ' V I. .Z ' , -,... ,MX 1' M f x 'A A f MIKE DON JO ANN ROBERT LARRY DECKER DELSOR DE MOSS DENHAM DENISON - 63' '. av' QQ' In Y 1 I 'C -Q. X' .. ,HJ 11' "' ' DAVE DON RICHARD PENNY LINDA DICKERSON DIERBERGER DILLON DINKLER DODSON I Qi " ,. f"'.f I 'L-ar 11 mf , Y .' ' A I ' ' Vvgfi 5 KW 1 xkxx hi A , ,K ELAINE ROSEMARY DICK CAROLYN DIANE DOYLE DUARTE DUFFY DUGDALE DUNNING I f ' me A I I, f 4:7 iff , ,.. N XM E V, , a R I In K "T . f ,K M!! VA. X lr 'X I ,,,, M R- i I.. K T, , X fg5"3.g+i.1Yfi. Iv E Qian MAXINE GLENDA JOHN JUDY CARLOS DYE EARP EASTON EAVES ECHAVES 1 K , f W iv.. Dirt. Abi? "S"' RI' v R, I . If I I" V I I S A A ' KZ TQ- ' NE KAREN SANDRA BARBARA LINDA GRACIE ELLIOT ENGSTROM EPPERSON EPPERSON ERHARD 7 Q 'za "l A '22 I A I Rf I -'1 v - - 5-.35 A -ff f I ,f 5 Z .A X X S, X v Q' I X I IX A PATSY novIE PERRY DEI.wIN WALT FANELLI FANNING FARDIG FARMER FARNEY 7h I M.-5 GALEN FORTIN V, -4 CONNIE FREDRICK ,vp , .1 J K za GENEVA GARBER I QQ, f W.- M., S , BECKY GIBSON gy X5 gg 7 JAMES GOULD 0 NANCY I GREY f."1f X KV Ik? cl W A V X I x I I I I. Nu ff.. aw ,fy ,W Q! f 'KW W W I? JACKIE FELDT ' 44 " , 'I fyf V ' I 7 QQ ?w Wg, ,,,,,,,, V, EM LOUIS FISHCHBECK ,X ' , 'Qlf A ,,,, ' 'ff' 1 MILLIE SHERRY FOSTER FOSTER , , . J -ZW? I , LINDA FREEMAN 4, Q 'L-M f in ' SAN DY GARRETT I. Q1 If :Af- JAMES GIDEON I N. K- s DAVE GOVOREAU ,O fsiiikil kg! CT GLEDNDA emacs f PAT FRENCH ax, ,N ,. '31 U .MW . W- I , I JANICE GARRISON mv ,,: I ... Q. f M, SUSAN GIFFORD DON GRAEFF 1?? ELLEN GROSS f , 0 MM, I I f f 7 A , xl , I ar 3 , MWX, , a ' BLAKE FENNELL , I, , 7,7 ,W ,, , f ' 7 ff, W' - ,ff f I ff 24172 Q ,fc ,f ff, , ,WF Y 7 BOBBI FITZGERALD W , ' 4 X 4' ,. 7 an ,ZZ-fly LYN DA FOWLER m f , '40 I 'QQ ,,,.,f I ,X ALEX FREW . MW, ,A I ,,-,Q , Q '27 RICHARD GARVEY N, iQ ly , --q-7 ROBERT GILMORE , . QI 1, 2.1 SUSAN HELEN FENNER w I, XI? f 1, 7 . f f LARRY FLATTEM ' f X dff ,Q X M ., I Q' MURIEL FRANCIS Q, ,six ,J me , I .,,m.,,, I . yi LEROY FRY 1 W - .. I V.. I f , ,ff 251 I SH ERA GAZAY 206 .Kr GRAHAM Q ,. 'U 1 GARY GLANCE L' I, , Q , R , I? ROBERT GRALISH H4 M H I 2 -tg xnnnvu I bon enoss canon-us LYNN WAYN FERENCE iii 'ml W, 2 f -.., CHARLES FLETCHER i I PAUL FRANKLIN y ff V B ' W3 'V f-a ff!! , I n In , l vg f ' Q, JOANNE FERM nf, , V ff V 1 W, 4, I , W f X ,,,,,W,, MARSHA FURNESS M.. .,y""f fgnol BARBARA GEER 1 gpg, I w if f BARBARA GODSEY JUDIE GRANGER TWG-'F 5 ,Inf ,X ARTHUR GUILLET BETTE FLINT 7 w, . I ., ZX J . fzff 0? DARLENE FRASER , 4:-ff' S Q ' 1' 4 x X YO LAN DA FERNAN DEZ ,uf - V I 'F - , 4. I Ni' if ,, 1.-1 1 -5 ,E ROBERT FLORES QI 'Z' S265 N 8? b X Q Q .f '-W f -, ,gil I I ,. 'X K BONNIE FRAZIER ,,, w ,,, H v I I M I -j A' 'I . , if . - , ' I PATRICIA FURTADO .0-f ,X, , 61, x XXII W GARY GEORGES 1216 f f 7 7 J fr, JUDIE GODWIN ELAINE GRANUM -'sd ' 7 A . is SHIRLEY GULLION Z, I fl A A MIKE GALKA AG ur my ' X BILL GIBB J , X' av 1 . Y, -A if K Q2 , , V DENNY GOFORTH f, if f V wif." f fl BILL GRAY 5. QI , if 'N- JUDITH GURNSEY A , 'G' f?e'?? I JIM FIEBIGER C3 SHARON FORD .li va ,-x CONNIE FREDERICO Ms,-2 fl NORMAN GALLUP 0' f' ' 'V ' my 23 DYANNE GIBBONS wi I VME? 2? LARRY GOIN nw' mrs I ., ,,' ' "Mfr, 1,4 ,, , f fu , ' CAROLE GRAY '44-fb , nf, QA: 3 I ,I-z 5 if sg ,I EMMA GUZMAN 7 I X .., K, 31' 'XI' 1 " ,J 3. Z1 : f fi' A NNN in V H . . 'nj H' Aw STELLA STEVEN ETHEL GUZMAN HABNER HALL lv:-1 N.. fi I ,K I fl Ji , I 7,2 I if ' A MARITA NANCY PAT HAMMETT HAMMOND HAMPTON Nu .W I Q , , xii 'X GEORGE ALICE LYNDA HARMAN HARPOLE HARRELL I A V 'sn . V1 an WILLIAM DICK TOM HEANEY HEARD HEFFERN .. 4, -A ,f fi. L ?xw'5XI5fE! 1 I MEREDYTH MIKE GLENN HENDERSON HENRoln HERBEL I Lf 5 f' . 'V I iff' ' 5 N mf X ' D SALLY JUAN RICARDO HIMEBAUGH HINOJOSY HINOJOSY Q A A V v , 'J i N. X X 1 BEVERLY JOYCE GILBERT HOLIDAY HOLSINGER HOLT hx Aaah? I -L I A W5 LS! 'NI , 'SV I GEORGEANN JUDY CURWIN HOWARD HOWELL HOY 72 . .Iv ,. fa sk y F SHERRI HALSTEAD 2 75' fr A-fr: f K M DICK HANKINS -J .,. 7 SHARON HARRIS ' .: a ' ., .- W CARL HEINBERGER 147' V v !I my QM? . 1 2' RON HEROUX I X I NX .f 1 x x JIM HISTED ,Vg N., X! E ,Q RONNIE HOPKINS -A PAT HRABACK I 41 E X my " If i' r N' ff TOM HALLSTONE " fun I MIKE HANLON x -wr I EQ I ..I ,jf X CHUCK HASTINGS 2' -3 if JERI HEIN KEN HERRING ,gh '- if " , .E nv ,k V Ra vi GEANNE HITCHCOCK JERRY HORTON -. 49' . an .QE T' I fr VERLEE HULL T' W 'I wx x , f JUDY HAMBLY A7 X.. SHEILA HANSON , E: 'QU' HARRY HATANAKA I SHARON HEITSHUSEN I "4"m'4'f I I-31,4 'M s uhh FRED HIBBERD Q gi :V we , BETTY HOCK N 243 If If A ROBERT I HORTON ' -u wef W WILLIAM HUNT xx: N. na X- 7? f 'V A W f W . M, ' 7 I 'T hx '- I I RICHARD BILL TED HAMILTON HAMM HAMMERMILLER ,A . A -A GY -san ,vgg Eg I ASQ 515 EETE A ,E NANCY LYNN BRADLEY HARDIN HARGROVE HARKER Q -. ,Q I .,,, .QRMIE S Q-4 .gf I +L?"-f A-T23 1 Yi S 'gm K. 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I, M .,7? , , 6 ,f Q ' , 1, V, X f I w, Q ., ,, ,I I , 3 x 1 - M I A 'In fifi A ' , 'S JOANNE JACK GLENN DARREL RILEY JANICE BONNIE STEWART STICKLER STOCKWELL STONE STONE STOTTS STRACHAN I I I 2 X Q? Lk I E Qi: E -yn: ,gf t V I 2, 'X L f .I K I , f 'I' ' ' Q s, 4 f ' I I gg f I hifi!! , A f I 'I - W I A fl-1 ,I . . L21 ' I Q 1.1 X I . " fi'f1Qfef'ffI'Qg '- I " I 2 I DAVID ROGER VICKI WAYNE TED DAVID CYNTHIA STEVEN RICHARD STRANDBERG STRICKLAND STROM STRONG STUDEBAKER STUMETZ SUMMERS SUTPHIN SWATMAN I , ' . r I I . , ' 'T M .- I Q.. , , , , X U U V , Z H S V I ' .1 . f,"Y2z ' - '-I ' Jax - , ff, ' I ' ', X N, ,,, jg ,ff 4 , V I, VW X 'Z X . I ,. M., I , ' 4 f f , 1 , -Q . , , . , ..,,, . I ' I JOAN FRANK BARBARA HOWARD RICHARD LINDA GEORGE JANE RICKY SWEET SWEGHEIMER SWENINGSON SWENSON SWENSON SWITIER SWOFFORD TADOKORO .1 TAFOLLA I I , , I A I I 3 . I n vu I .AJ f" X 2 'ZW -1 f 'WZRM WJ! . -Y A f 77' G.. I V V , WM, V' f "QW, nf! r I I - 3 . ,W sf, A 1 x. . W ,I 1. S FRED CORKI MARYJANE TONY SHERYLE LINDA BOB MELVYN GERI TAVARES TAYLOR TAYLOR TAYLOR TEAGUE TEKEL TERRY TESKE THIESSEN Q I ,Gm I M, ,N 4:1 my 3? , cf I gy f V nz I 4:7 ,, 4 1, Y Qqgxf Q57 Qi X g ,I I' I,,SS 1 NA! I X Qi W K f 4' V, f S I ' 0,17 V ff .v I I' 'I ' I 9. vii ' I 1 X W L., .ll Uh, KL SANDRA VIRGIL PAT CHERIE DICK LOREN HARRY JAN KATHLEEN THOMPSON THRONSBERRY TILDEN TILLEY TILTON TOOMEY TORGERSON TOUSSAU TRACY 'I Q, iw Ang, .A ,f , Bi ,Z ff S. X -A I , ,xy 1 , 5? 1" A L V , N' ,f .,,,J 714 ' A I., 0 Wy , , , , Q , Y f , IX,, y ! A X, Ik KK VX Kiki f' SHARON HARRY ANN BILL RODGER ELAINE FRED CARLEAN CLAIRE TROUTMAN TUINHOUT TUNNELL TURNER TURNER TURNEY TUTTLE ULMER UMINO W, .H .14Q?m:,,, I fl , A - Y L .. X 3 A-L 423, f 'f 34, , ff K Qyf X My X ,N X as I-S 2 k EM' T33' Rf. KQKKJ7 4 fq- ,Q 1 ' Q' .. I 5 I I A H.. ., A I I I I I5 fl I 4 I I - , ' K ' 1 . 1. K , , -1 GEORGE PATRICIA EDDIE JIM CLAIRE NEIL MARGARET JEANIE JOHN UNDERWOOD URABE VANNESS VANORNUM VANTASSEL VANZEE VERDUGO VISEL VISEL 79 47 I I ! DENNIS VOGEL Qi W TIM WALLACE ur , ., MORRIS WEITMAN 96 ' -f DIANE WHARTON an E , J- -5' PAT WICKAN af "" -if GINA WILLIAMS F M' ZETA WILSON ,N N ' 4 DEE WITTMAN 80 A 'ff .YJ ,4.. 4 K ' ' 1 ALLAN VOIGT xy' I "A CHARLENE WARNER I J ,ffxswg f 42' A i ,.v., uf 1 I TN DAVE WELTON I 'J I .5 fr.. I MARJORIE WH EATON I -1. N f JIM WIESER X . JANET WILLIAMS . x X9 1 H, Rx 25' CAROL WILTSIE BOB WIXON DENIS VOLLOM .-W Q J V JANIS WARREN 'wrj 1' . , A 1 HERSHEL WELTON av-vu. 1 5.41. n. ANN WHITE I x ififil LINDA WILBOURN S I Y -wmv few --., 4 .. xv JANICE WILLIAMS .Jw 4 LORNA WINKELMANN ,Till S C-h'1,s' ,- -9 ff JANET WOLFORD I 1 1' ' 13 arf' 556 Jw 2 " " Jn I , Ig ., I 83 ' .'f,fA ' T1 I E f I 1 ' A Q W-5' ' DAVID AUBREY FAT GEORGIA ROSALIE LYNN VROOMAN WAITE WAITES WALKER WALKER WALLACE I I A I A 1 5 ' ifpwii' - M' i Q g K W y '41 ,INN f--Q? 3 K S M , . N Q ,S NX 1 J I M M J A I J J. Q rv, J- ' mm x xt X-V I I...- xx .I A . A A - ..., wi L - J .J JONNIE LINDA LARRY MARY MARILYNN PEGGY WASSENMILLER WATERS WATKINS WATKINS WATTS WEBSTER I 1 I , X if nf Qi Q. I .gy Z kk VX .Sf E J Wm X, K 5 ' M ' 1 "4 f 7 4 -4. iff? , ,g f . 'f , v X A . 9 fx - JERRY BOB JUDY LARRY PAUL SHARON WELTY WENDELL WERNER WEST WESCHLER WESTMORELAND v' 1 'C J -3' ff- . -57 'Y' S gk 'if 4 'ff Q1 A 1,1 I ANNITA LINDA FRED JUDY MARY ARTHUR WHITE WHITE WHITNEY WHITNEY WHITTAKER WICHNER X ' ,fk, ,A 5-I fb, W-. , ,N it Wg, ,qw I 4 . U , J ', I 29, RW, '. ff - ,fqqx . 7 I A Q., .4 SF f , f I ,J Tffff M f al' 'L' "' ff I 7 ' I ,,,, " JOYCE SHIRLEY SHARON NONA SHARRON CLEORA WILBUR WILCOX WILEY WILKINS WILKINS WILLIAMS , I J I 07- vi I A M. "fL T' A , ,Z fi 2 f Q ,I x .,,, gf! V J MH -f J V7 K f I , - ' ,NL Q m 1 1 .Se - I 6 ,, ' ', I V ,f , 42 ' ' WNV QYSXK I M KU Q, I , W 5 ZX JERRY JIM TOMMY JUDY cARoLYN PAT wlu.lAMs wn.uAMs wn.uAMs wlLLls wu.soN wnL50N - I f f ' 2 - , 1 I A .,..,, ' - , 0" n S 5' - ' ,, r , I ,f f H , 'M ' . ' . f W A 'I ,262 Q'-mffy z I I I 'V ,, , ' W 'iffy 4' , w , ' , X I I ' A I Wx ' Q ANNE CAROL TOM BARBARA I I wlNNAno wlrsn. win wma 7 4' ' ,l I . Eg 9 5 :W X BRENDA STEVE GERRY JUDITH WOOD WOODROOF WOODS WOODS ' ' . , ,wwf Hen. f ' ,xwffq A , , A ff f , ' 'Q " " ' z , : W ,, ' , ,W , H V f, f "', -- 2 - - , ,4 4 ,4,,,.,,A ,, ,, 1 ., , A , , Q K W ' ,, fvyqx - , f -V A ' f 2' W' ', ,fy 0.-' 1 ' f 01, ,, - , 1.-ref. W f M .1 JN 1 Q if I Q, f 5' "k 7 gif' ,- . A Q., - GERALD WOODWARD fwfg I f 4, Af? If ff if 'Q ff ,,,.,,, f, LYNNE ZEMOJTEL MARCIA WORRELL ,f, w A - 1 Wg, 1 .MQ Q A MYRN ZOLOT BOBBY WAN DA WRAY WYLIE . , kc If , 3 If fyy, I X A t p 25+ i .4 'HZ A Ar MARTHA STEVEN ' Rbnv A ADRENE :sn-ian WYNNE Youne vouue zeeveua zsLNAn W! 9 Ziff! . X3 V, 1 f ff 1' 1 E W x Officers 'W--9 x..-V , X . JOHN HATFIELD President X -seam 111 Lead Active Saphomores SOPHCMORES Since i958 was the year in which the second high school of Anaheim was opened, this sophomore class was the first to be divided. Although the size of the class was smaller than in the last few years, the part which it played in the success ofthe school year was just as great. Beginning the year was the "Big and Little Sister Party" when the senior girls welcomed the new girls. Throughout the year the sophomore officers led their class in many outstanding achievements in athletics and extra-curricular activities. Leading and working with the sophomore officers this year was their capable adviser, John Tonti. , 4 4 A,,,,,.,hK if 44b'm., 1 JOANN PEEK Vice President KAREN OLSEN Secretary 82 ANNE DAVIS JOHN TONTl Treasurer A dviser ROBERT , rw fa: I 1 4 M , Rh BMW! f F 2 E I I CAROL PATRICIA ACKERLY ACKLES Q my- 1 Q A iv ' .,,., A CLAUDIO ' LuPE AGUILAR ALCARAZ iff V , , N I "L .gf L I I? N SANDRA LEE suSIE ANDERSON ANDRES '47 - ,4 , - I.. ,f N-if . . YMARGIE SUE BAKER BAKER 9 '-V fi 4 , ' - KATHRYN EARLENE BATES BATTEN .sr Wx . 1 K if I RITA NANCY BEEMAN BELL Tw, u M - P V , N-1, V 'Tn DONALD JUDY BERG BERsEsoN ' is Q If an 1 - V I 3 A I B I Y '54 LV PAT MARLENE BOND BOUNOUS , , , "IF-47 l JULIO ACOSTA I fa JERRY ALLEN 'Falla ,, W0 f LARRY ANDREWS A, 1 ,5- W f W, ,R ., SUZANNE BAKER .fx af f A4 7 PAT BAUER L: L I V . E BS. ,W I LOYD BIBBEE V Y, B JEANNINE f If A I Af., I 'fd , bf B L K W" 1' of I g f ,Q v ,Av -2 f I ' " , Q, I I' ,-,K 54 , I V A SKIP JUDY PAUL GAYE ADAMS ADAMS ADAMS ADLER , Z ,E If L " 'I ,, L, 4 ff I I In, ,..-, X I y .LT X V i K4 411 I W.,-7!! G71 " Aga ffm ' A , M L x MARK CAROLYN JOHN SANDRA ALLEN ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON I law 1 2,4 A , f ,f V , -Sc. ,, If I 1 'l ALBERT DON PAT GLORIA ARCINIAGA ARMSTRONG AUSTIN AVILA ff ,, W I A I. I ,,,, . , A , ,,1, JOYCE BILL DIANNA MIKE BALDERHAUSEN BALLMAN BANDELL BARRETT H ,A yn. , W W ?I ., M W N3 I ,221 BRUCE SANDRA PAT ANDY BAYER BEACH BEALE BEARD I f I ff ' I In '-I ffm QI- A., , 1 ,Q Af' W ' , 'Vi ., Z ' -If-rf ,af U ggxff f -I .Q '7-' fR.N,w'r Z. f W ' I LOUISE LYNDA JIM KENDRA BEMILLER BENcocI-IEA BENNETT BENSON I f ,si I A-1 , 4 ,,, f 'V 5- QM I A fx Lyn .. f 1 7 , af.. 7' , FRANK LINDA BARBARA BARBARA BIEGLER BISSELL BLANKMEYER BOATMAN Y J ,: , g N ' LA XX J I , . V X I I xx NXYSI JOHN GAYLENE STEPHEN LINDA BOWMAN BRACE BRANDON BRANDT BOURASSA 'f CLASS ! I .X R v X BN ' , ff I X I7 ll I I ' 9 1 :I 'E' mg! fl LILLIE BACA 45' 2' .4 4 ANNE BARTOSH Ev Vx.: I ' K JACK BEAUCHAMP f 'fbi ig, A 5 wa 5 A A EDDIE BERAULT if I BETTY BOATMAN a Q. 4 ' 19 5 SUSAN BREWER 3' ., 44 ,,, Af, LINDA BACKUS fs -1 .. , " 'P A .ff BONNIE BARTSCH Ii Q - 'V Q 5 JANE BEDFORD .2 wa f X gg I 3 JOE BERAULT is .I NJ .fun 'W RoSALIE BOJORQUEZ I ,. giwinn V, 2 I ff '4 1 'A ' GALE BROEKER f . LJ 6 CLASS 9 XI ., ff X jf? jfggf IX R I I II XI I F Q Q I BARBARA BUTLER -C1 DICK CALO Q Q Ni X x KARIN CARMICHAEL MARY CHLOUPEK - "-TJ' Q , t Lyn if LARRY COLLEGES .sr I C Lil I " ii PRISCILLA CRANSTON QA 1 1: A53 ., My fi' 'ff 24 RAMONA BYGUM uu- '1 - 4 ,-f I' .WN X BRUCE CAMPBELL ..-N 'T ky, STELLA CARROCINO R X 3 X , X f .J 1 .wa IN GARY CHURCH f.a ' ff! C, X B GARY COLLINS X TOM CRISS J, A M T' xw- 1 ' Gy I , 1' S. AUDREY CHARLES BROWN BROWN ,L M Mfg f f .4 f NANCY MIKE BROWNELL BROWNFIELD I -J " '- ts' I E7 fi DWIGHT DEANNE BYLSMA CAGLEY . fu- ' ,A n , 1 -, G ,, , ' f 'L X1 . I I , E4 ELROY MARY CAMPBELL CAMPBELL . 3 .ai 46 .Aki 1 fax 7 ETHEL GARY CARTER CARTER CZ? I 'Q-fwfr, I ., ff L JACOUIE JEAN CLARKE CLARKE it gl wwf , - -fx ,f ...., - JERRY WILLIS CONNER COPELAND , V - -2 6-L v R N I L x'f -'7 BOB BOB CRISTIANO CRITCHFIELD fl 2 I A I 15 DONALD JANICE BROWN BROWN . R A' AM 3 2 MA S41 Fihgmg Q DOUGLAS DAVID BROWNING BURDICK T' 'Cx 1 -.2 ..-L ', 'I AQ f w I N? 'TQXX .- 1 I A LR L PATRICIA GEORGE CALDWELL CALL 'hi , -nd 5:7 f iv-'4 ESTELLA JOSIE CANO CANO iw 'hz 171 he V ,' A., if L. C, Wwv, M4 , 4 LARRY BILL CASTRO CATHEY - K ,gf , Q ,f LINDA TOMMY CLUFF COCHRAN .A Q Y KA 1 'ti 1' ,U Hx I RUSS JIM COUPLAND COUSINS Q i -.:,, I RALPH BARBARA CRONIN CROSS ,f M I fs px. viva ,Q K J , -ICQ , cgi 'RTV ' it X ML PENNY STEVE A IIIIII A sRowN BROWN BROWN A A i R , I .M Qc, ' :E X x 1 , ' I R 'fwizxx 'ltiixgiq JOAN WENDA PAT BURGESS BURGESS BURLINGAME I 'T V T , f' A' N ZA x NANCY BEVERLY TANYA CALLAHAN CALLAWAY CALLAWAY ,gaming ,A 'E M' I A I' ff, 9 ' -J 1 5, X , "fi ,I R7-V '59 N w' L, ' 3 ' DENNIS GAIL WAYNE CARLSON CARLSON CARLTON ,RQEJ I I J ' 1 , T? Q ma, V x xr ,ZZ M , as , ,A 1 CHRISTINE ALAN vANcE cAvE CHANCELLOR CHARVO X I "LGT -gr , WAYNE A CURTIS MARLENE coo:-IRuN coELI-Io COLEY V z, DAN BILL PAUL oowGER cox CRANMER A H' L, .rv-I 21' I JAMES A JAMES GERI CUBA CULLEN cuMMINs , GW M ' 7'1" , f f A , swf! H fc", ,fvgm fi CHARLES CUNNINGHAM X fif 1 Q ,MAE ANNE DAVIS " 2 AL DEL CROGNALE V 'T f TONY DORN A '13 11 f 1. X , ff W-w ,, 1 , f Aj. LINDA CURRANT AW? ,JJ 7 ' 1 -W A '. JANET DAVIS JERRY DEMING MZ? ' .Y , 1-nv ROGER DOUGLAS A TERRY DUMSER MIKE EISENHOWER ,mf 5, RUTH FARMER STEPHEN DUNLAVY Ah, .Wil my I3 DONNA ELLIOTT 3' lk W v::L7 A I 4 . I . 1. NANCY FAUGHNDER ., K 2 .Q If EDDIE FILADELFIA JOHN FIORENTIN Q If-nf , yr ff? X 2, f ,f,4',,f A if ,gay W, ,, 3,7 I, , W 7 f 0 K CAROL CURRIER Was, WU 71-' i f-If , SALLY DAVIS gg! Vw X , Q I ' CLYDE DICK .f ff ' f , ffh ff ,xg ,M ,W M, A e 121 fy x Wfwf ff ff f J U DY D RA K E w f W KATHLEEN DYE I 2.11 QP ff 6 , , A , CAROLE ENDICOTT X f,,,rg,. K , jg CAROLYN FEAR A -ff Z sw TOM FISH I M A - W, .ff 47 DIANA DANHOFF f . Sw uw W 7 I SHARON DAVIS ,KW I 4 'W' ' 'ww ,- DONNA DICKENSON kt, X I Hx 121:13 KEN DRIFTMIER W, , fi-if x 3,14 DONA EAGLESON BEVERLY EPPERSON L VS RICHARD FELIZ eg , 5 -v 'E ' ' , , ,, T J -if 2 H 1,4 I f A an I ik 1 ' I sq ly K 5 Y BARBARA FISHER " ' A V9 "WY, C BOB DANLEY m. fi ..' LEWIS DAWDY ,,. f Ay ,, U 1 , 4 DWAYNE DARGATZ Z wif ,,,,.,3 NANCY DEAN ,f k.,f.w ,W X ,V ff BOB DICKEY ,W - y 'QW , Z "W 4 v W, . , ,, MARTHA DRINGENBERG -f... rj-f ,,.., W ,W ,M 1 '01 ,, f RICHARD EAST GARY ETH IER KEN DIERBERGER my G AGE, A f Q' '96 .443 CAROLYN DARRAH ff I M , If PAT DEFFNER N-pw 1, ,X ' GAYLORD DOERCK Q1 ' in IQ f ' ff' "S 2 . 'NSY , K n J J X xg, X K W f sg! W 1 SHARRON DRIPPS JW. ik , ,H ., JAN ET EASTON ,H-,Is W-, fe' ' in 4, ,4 W I CAROL FANCHER 5 ' - ,,4 -.iiff I ' , , Y , I Y j M Q, ,Q ' ,av MARYANNE FELLBAUM -if-'A RONNIE FELLOWS 73 S K PRISCILLA DRYDEN 'Q KAREN EDWARDS f Av A JUDY FANCHER I' QW an , -M., , up '34, , ,,,, Z '+,, , W BILL FERGUSON , .th A if KA,V7 f A hw ,, ff, , ' s, may 'Q"ff'f S 'xx gi' Qty, ,, K Q A DENNIS FISHER LOU ANN E FLOWERS CHRIS FLYNN HERBERT DAVENPORT ,K ,. f 'Y S, , is JOHN DELAHUNT ,f-.V WA, In - .Mg PAT DONICA A , P"lb X S W0 I :Xxx Ik X BILL DU come ,J Q f 'XS' 4? 9 I , H25 LEE EnwARos I tw, ' '? I 'W , 2? , ff it HENRY DAVIE at u ...... X Q 'I Q JEWELLE DELANEY I 'sv'-3? Q. wr JACK DONKERBROOK N N , ARTHUR DUDKA JH- 'Cu if A ,,,M,,,, BILL EHRLE ",f,,.M 47' ' ma 452, ,, f M A ff f DON FARAM ' n'W fir' CAROL FARMER jf!!! X!! ff P 1 I , 1 85 3' Tv, Nw A , , 'ff M , W JANE FORBES 'C-Uk ,V , V ww.. , , ' TI Air' I ,VA 'hx JUDY FRY 4 I'-11 ! . I I JOHN GIBSON 'aa G 'J' BARBARA GOWELL .41-'OJ DICK HALL Q .Q ,f T :tx I I PHIL HART 13 3.4 JOHN HAVELES ,"-fn. 32 . fs R81 I, SUSAN HENRY 86 A 4: if A 1 , ' Fa :Ku A 'gmt .. O 'I '..nvI- lffwvn MIKE BILL FORBES FORD - ,Q ,WZ , . ,V , Q .Io ERIC FULTON FussELL JI- -iii f -TY' ARLENE cHucK GILGER GILLAM f" , L Q ' .Qnuiib I If G' rzx -mn 7 Q X , IV' f . CAROL SARA GRABER GRAvEs A T.:-A I , 4: , Q-I S I, M 5 4 J' ,X , fa. I TED I EDDY HALL HAM ww XX",-.QXI EVERETT BETTY HARTLEY I-IARTMAN VER 9 -f -sz I -ff A Y if I at ' I A BILL GWEN HAWKINS HAwKINs 'T T '3 LANA MARIAN HENSLEY HENsoN I W 4251? L TCW- FJ?" JOE PATTIE FORMICOLA FOURMAN A ,gg ,H-. W I X ,Q A., wx T54 A KATHY RACHEL GALIANO GALLEROS fv 7 -x 3 .V..,! t ,, ,ff rl LARRY BOB GODDEN GODOY H 'ar al X " , Ti T I ' FE, 7 , X f 47"',I 5".f.1, A GARY LEE GRAY GREENWOOD Ja 'fp KN' 5 I w f ..... 1 "'f7f .,u U F! Ita, x TERRY GENNY HAMMOND HANSEN r"W r"" Y A? T Y LIZ NORMA HARTMAN HARVEY "Mme ev s f 21, A' . A-ax 69 M- I ,Qfv x , Q W CONNIE DIANNA HEALY HEMINGSEN -A 1- 9 1. E1 1 LOLA DANNY HERRICK HERRING L 4' . . ,QI , Igvjgxzfxh x ROBERT JACKIE FRANCO FRASER PF DICK NANCY GARDNER GASTELUM 'au I"" X , , R:-: ,,"!..J,A7, A XJOAN PATRICIA GOODWIN GORDY 4-Q, , A-., , H: 5, If- f A AR ! LARRY KAREN GREGORY GROTEL M Q., 2 ' 44: glib. L x .. :ZA DOUG ILENE HARMON HARMON Mf ,X V, f ' ,ff A 1 "H PAUL JOHN HARVEY HATFIELD 1 ' W4 ' -1 - 5 f x ' , n Jud ' , NANCY CAROLYN HENDRIX HENNINGS Q V' , I I , f 'HOW L' 'ff ff QT., A 'WJ ff' A XF: LINDA JOYCE HEYBROCK HICKS , .- xx X NORMA FREEMAN -: A X E X .gag 1 , CATHERINE GATES 33.1-I,, I 'v . -rfj .I . GEN E GOTT 3.1 1 ROBERTA GUSTALOE WC H., Q SHERRY HARRISON ,gm 1 ZW MK ,f Z M f f f f ,K W f ,Cf 'wif J' 'J M WW mf-4 " -' LINDA HATFIELD I 9 E A x DON FRITCH K ...K . Y T .I - A I Ix,. A 11.1 . A TOM GELKER 3 , 'Y 'U' WILLIAM GOVE 4 , ' I 4 JUDY HADDAKIN we , f W4 , N. , , 1 ,X fy 4, GLEN DA HART fin- A ,gfgif ff 1 PAM HAUCK X fl -.ff ' I XX 4' 4 J' .,f ff m'2'l "Z fl . Xl ' I I I. B ,mess T I OF 1 ,Z I Z4 I H A R O L D HILLIARD ,M . .. f KI, """! Q 6 GERALD HOPKINS Y TERRY HUGHES xf ' i f KEN JACQUES 0 7, -W 4. 'Q , JEAN JONES M.. I Q .wav 144' HARLAN KINSEY f.: ,CJ G SHERRILL KRASTEL A , JERRY LEE 2 4 , 5 7 LARRY DIANNE HILsABEcK HIxsoN .fm , I , ' Aw -1,J A , f 4 Qs? SX' ff DOROTHY DICK HoucK HOUSTON JA. I I OW , I MZ 'Z X I JUDY JOHNNA A HULME HUNTER I ,MW 'f GQ X at If CHERIE MARIE .IEANNERETT JENKINS 5 , V M71 if v NANCY STEVE JONES KAELIN ,LZ I M f 1 A in SYLVIA JAMES KINzER KIRK , 'Dam r' K wav ,Ai fn 'H If .V ! f' -Irv-uf 5 I , I THOMAS rom LA FORTUNE LAMBETH frm I , I : ga, A 4 Wg :gx MV , -was Q 3 I , L14 MN ,, K , RONNY HOWARD LEHMAN LENON My M Aj' f ,f 4 , f-ww 24 TOM HOAG .Y , , ga 10' M' ' J-1.3 M y . ,, Mfg W 2,1 JOYCE HOWELL f .f If ,,., , 4 , JANNAE HURLBET 445' 5, CAROLYN JILES ,M-,.. ff 4 WK? 1 B DIANE KAUFMAN ,, A, , -ew 4 LAUREL KIRK 'K yi I BOB LAMPHER XA , if A f 1 ' - 4 J , 'I JUDY HOEPPNER fm , ,, ' THOMAS HOWELL DW IA 'V ROD HYDE .wiv C 'Sf' kk L BERNIE JOHNSON f 7 4 MM GARY KELLEY W 'wc 4 6 2' PAT KIRKHART ,,w"Vi7', Iv, DON LANGSON . in A ii , A , mn I ' X. A ROBERTA LENTZ GEORGE LEPPER i i YN-I f WJ f af f f X I IA" . " 4 'Z KIRK HOFFNER 1 ffQ I W fy 1+ xy , e 'Cuff 474-I ' f A my af 'iz A I7 C, X DIANE HOXSIE , V , .Wi .Af f, , of ,SM ix MIKE INGRAM DIANNE JOHNSON , H'- mi? I L . MARGARET KIDWELL 4, K, -.Tl Z LARRY KLEINWARTH ,,, Q, 2 -D , WW, KAREN LANGSON ,, ,, 9 .MW 0 CAROL LESSI I-tw 'Y X 1 A1385 Zz. Alam 'ix LARRY HOOD 4 eo ,f Azyfgf I Q , ,I J A 1 W f f my Q D. 'x SUSIE HUDSON 4, fm Q, -Z, F' W WALT ISAAC 'mf A JEAN JOHNSON 5-. we I . P ,,,. K ,,,, , , SAN DRA KILBARGER V I., W' 4 77 mf 1 'MZ DENNIS KLIEVER ww 31? Ag gwff 'ul' f .ff f JOE LARAMEE 'fx or ,f JACKIE LEVECK 3 V I :T ,I N .,- FT f 5 X I If II 1 F I 9 CLASS f I 1 'T 13" ' X,-pf, A L f I Q AIA ,Aix A, I BILL DON IVORY JACQUES QW: ,, A KATHIE FLORA JOHNSON JONES I 17 A 1 , CAROL DAVID KILLINGSWORTH KING 'A 1 vi? ,Hy ,cj Q , W ,fd Y ' ,Y I-K! KATHLEEN BILL KLISCH KNEIP I , fa .Ti , V ,vf PAT NEOMA LATHROP LATTEN , ' 'v f X , bg' J fr-21. fn. BARBARA RICKI LEVONSKI LICHTENWALTER 87 I. ,M .T 4.4 W3 Q, . ff, SYLVIA IONE DAVID LIEBI LILES LINN .ni I -' . f x SHR XX I . f I R . T xIf N PATRICIA ROSE GUY LOPEZ LOPEZ LOUIS are V 2 I Assam' I v' ' I S" f - 41 I Q H151 i w I O 'L ' , Lf? Qui A n SUSIE BETTY JOHN LUZADER LYKOWSKI MC BURNEY -1' ,,, -0 1, Ig, 1 -. H 1 - 'TV xx 1 . - X pl KATHY CHRIS NANCY MC HENRY MC INERNEY MC KAY H III. , I ,ul . F' '- I ,on 0 " ' -Z!! L. L ' X ,-I A x X Ax I A I NANCY SANDRA JIM MABS MACKENSEN MAGILL L ar It X -Ia A L R.. - , 'Uv' I X fe KATHIE VERA SHARON MARTIN MARTIN MASENY G OMNI , . .. ,p J, .I I . 3 I 'ij X I I-I: XM.. ' fl , If, ' .X Km I GARY SHARON MARK MEGER MEIER MEISSNER T In ,.': C' In m . 'S . , 5 - I Q, X X' b 2'-I.aiiiHI:1xxI XI ' I SYLVIA PAT ANNELI MILNE MISENER MITTMAN 88 ,, I7 If M - I ., , I , SXINIA X 'IS' A-.A I S S' 4 -I- 2 ' A-I x ,II . -s 'Q SLSWN I1 V5 'Sf Q A L X I BOB KAREN ROBERTA ANNABEL X LITZ LOLL LONG LOPEZ I fe, ' is L ff 1 A. 4' :R ' -'A A 1' L., Q W LT .Li l mv Q J Q fi I W I 42' A Y I I ,I F ' w NxX.-- ,. .' 1. 7 -Hug Q i K Q X TIM EDNA SANDRA JUDY LOVE LUMLEY LURNER LUTHER 1 'I '. S S X H3 Q- 'f I . .I A ' v , L.. K. X A , V ' ff ff I -wg I I ' . 'Q X ' ISE I A N If IIOII MARILYN GAIL cAROLYN BONNIE GLORIA Mc CANDLESS Mc CARVER Mc CLOUD Mc CORD Mc CULLOCH Mc CULLOUGH .D L 3 I 'Was , , I ,- ' II fi '1- 4-' J, ,, A fa- 'A A , f ! v 'V' 1 E' I ' 'W' p 'ff' iv Q ,K f MARGIE MARY DICK PAT EDDIE BOB Mc KEE Mc KEE Mc KINNEY Mc KINNEY Mc LAuGI-ILIN Mc LEAN L4 M 5 2 ,, ,, , ', 3 ,W V .4 ' . -.,, -L., . I f Z A wi 21, W I ff I, f I , ,f , V, M , 2 PATRICIA JOHN DAN DONNA SHIRLEY SAM MAGUIRE MAHER MALEK MALEY MARGERISON MAROVICH I 5 ,rf I A H A I , ' X AH W V Lf.. ' 5 A ,S ' , A fy ' H U 47 1 I f , .K ' M I I Iggy I , MW. I I A , .I Q I i f P T, ' I G, S , -WM., r L Mt ., C I f f AXA' I Z . FRED .IOI-IN RONALD JEANNETTE SONNY .IERONIMO MASTERSON MAULDING MAY MAYERS MEANS MEDEIROS ' I . ,,.' KW f I N x , 7 V , 4 4, x Ji I x 'W t A f ,,,,,,, I xi I ,f ROGER HELEN KAREN .IOANNE MARILYN wAsKAH MENDENHALL MENZIE MESSENGER MIOKELSON MILLER MILLER I A Y 1.1 A ,ff A ff 1 ,f Iv X 2 I . , A 5 , L .. L2 A I IS. X' A I CAROLE LINDA RONALD MIKE JERRY ROBERT MOEN MONELL MONK MOON MOONEY MOOR EDNA MOORE fi f W. ,Q I , MIKE MORTON 3 wi , ,P W", MARY MYERS ARTHUR N IEBLAS - --.av . Q. 5 I , N JAMES O'BRIEN X , ab SHARYLL OLSON R 'KX X . 1 f 1 V A I I f ,,f, 4 , , , , X In I .H ,, , fy ,bi ,f ,4 My- I J I 2 Y' M ' I 'f I'A I' A 'xx f,,Y 5 1 X D ' Z 'f V ' DAN ERNIE ELAINE CHARLES MAuREEN BILL MARILYN MooRHEAD MoRAN MORENO MORGAN MORGAN MORRIS MORROW I 'I .I M Af' I I YZ L. -L ROBERT BILL roM CECILIA JOE sos LINDA MOUTARD MuELLER MuLLEN MUNOZ MuNoz MURPHY MURPHY A I Y If , 4: ' L 4 cf ., was f - " jf' , A , ' ',,, L, ffl ,,,, if I L, ,., M I I ,ff , P y ' . DorrIE DON DANNY KAY MARILEE TIMOTHY SUSAN NANKERVIS NELLESEN NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NEWLIN V, ' I 5' I' Y' ' 4 3 If 5,2 I If , ', TAXI RUTH FRANCES BUDDY BRENDA SUNNY .IoI-IN MIKE NIEwoHNER NIxoN NOBLE NORMAN NORTHUP Non-IEIsEN o'IaANNoN "Q, L ' M ' I wtf, f ' 1,1 If MXN? A L Wx wig ,, ji, I 'TW " I R5 v 27 .15 1 9 I Lv fy! w X 7 ,,, . 'fvfg kvfff lw- ,, 'f--' , K JEAN .IoANNE CLYDE OLIVIA CLIFFORD KAREN BONNIE o'DELL OEFFINGER oLPHANr OLIVOS oLsEN OLSEN OLSON I 'Ti' 5 43: Q, A I 0 - ff,-P 2 I W... 'L I Q, If f N , ' MY f , , f I P-M' -. A R' 1 S, Y "Yw, f,V' . if -K? il I BILL BILL JOYCE JIM BETH PAY EMILY o'MALLEY o'NEAL ONKEN oRrIz ossoon OTEY PAEz Q I I ILE : I IW , ' ,, K L 5 L 1A My I , A. f 5, k. ami, ka , , M' ' , 1 A ,qv f fu I - ' Aw L f If "' 1 . , A A " 'M' 'II I - I If 5' fx I L. A MIKE SHIRLEY JOHN JIM DIANE SANDRA PARKER PARKER PARSONS FASSMORE PAroN PATTERSON " I .. gy I , if 1 I I I A X "Q I I TM? I 555 P, Q Iva, Q. if GARY VERNON L. PEcKEN- JOANN DAVID .IoANNE 1 FAULSON PAYNE SCHNEIDER PEEK PELLEGRIND PELLETIER N, ,L X Y X ff I H f Y X N. ,mf Pi r BOBBIE MORTON IDF ,US -., ., SEQ MERVYN MURRAY 4- .-.4 TOM NICHOLS K, COLLEEN O'BRIEN A px-:Rv ' 4 x W 'J JANET OLSON K xx fyf Ffv DONALD PAGANO if N1 'IPI 4 ADRIENNE PAUL ,LY4 J DONNY PERALTA 89 -av J , il I ,ki ! r is KAREN PERKINS 'M Q PAT PIOTROWSKI sf x I Q ROBERT POWELL 51 :AK w 1 41 KAREN ouusr ...- ,IX -w JUDI REED AA -nu g -M- Y MIKE RICE S, 'f', N if SM-fi NANCY ROBINSON W- 4' nf f ,Y -wwkin JUDY ROSAS 90 ...Q 'Q . f .1 A J R , X , I- .fix if Oxy XM NI FRANK DEANNA PERRYMAN PETER 'R W' ,, !"m' W nv- ww F31 I I Q 4 1 I I A xx t h I ff BILL BEVERLY PIPER PITl'S '17 ' 'T I E5 ,,H ,if XIX! Qs. V A MARIO ROBERT POZOS PRENTICE NxX:NzHI11 f VIRGINIA CHUCK RAMIREZ RAPP v , I,-.N '4 2 'f TQCQQSX A I5 ,'f"3s' , . I 'Avy T XX I X Dx' fx MARGARET PAMELA REED REED X 7 Mn f 'TI' sw MSX .A 4, I ' XEEE 37" X. TOMI SONDRA RICKER RIGGS if .33 .S 4 W , , -ff , A f A BRIAN KENNETH ROBSON RODE -V A PHYLLIS MARVIN ROSCOM ROSENTHAL 14' 'wr , 'A 2 X, fx - W-..., A DELORES PETERS x -'vi A-.Wa , , s KAY PITTS , 1, ..- f I GENE PRICE -442 I I X. I JIM RASMUSSEN va' JACK REINHARDT 12- h 4...-pa -My VIEN DELL RILEY A ...W B 5 ii A... X4 Q'- L. ,, 4' WAYNE RODERICK :si MIKE ROWE I , A f v A: I rx QSEQQAA A 4' A, BONNIE PETERSEN I wiiiw-'lg Vi gl.. ,I vm W' DONNA PLATT tp.. A, . fl -vi I v ARTHUR PROVENCIO ,ni -M - v Xxx .XX XX. JILL RATLIFF , .ffff 'fe , simm- V' ,iS T' ARLIN RENES W, .A , 1 M. "-if I RW ,Mf 4 PHLYYIS RITTER 59:2 ,sg 'R , wa BARBARA ROGALLA .ti .j FRANK RUDISAILE YJ! Q Q1 LINDA Psrsnssu Q A SB fs A A F 93 3 .+A wk 3 Jon-:ANN PLATZ if ' A, A JAMES PROXMIRE 'ACT ii! I f' , wt, RONNIE RAUB .Q ,L if V DAVID RENK I 4... A M4 Q V" f ,f WAN DA ROBERSON f 4 F X SM ev ERICA ROGERS t , "-. ?' 5 Wt, My xy Any! V ff 5 SANDRA RUMPH Aw s V D! 'T 5 V if-1-,'f 'MN Q,w'fXl1v I-,.R'y Q-S . I SUSAN DAVID BEVERLY PETITT PICHARDO PIERCE FGA'-Q' 1 I If RX ggi' "Q Q QI X I ' . Lx Vs X, A - f 'I f x XX DON DONNA SHEILA POOLE PORTZER POTTER , L -wx x CAROLYN I CLAUDIA BETSY PURCELL OUAILS QUIST 1 , l - ,dh V 71 5 ' I A x W "" ' JEFF DEAN JIM RAUS REAL REED ff I Wh , - if - 'MA V! ', AV 'V DICK JAMES GEORGE REYNOLDS REYNOLDS RICE I W 4- Fan j f ff in " 'J f , -w if I ww 'i aw Y ff, 'WH 4, I I beak 5 , wi! ' ' uf I x KAY BARBARA DENNIS ROBERTSON ROBINSON ROBINSON I I Iz..,2,,a 7 ' V W CAROLE ROLAND ff, 4 V W My ,,,, ,W DOUG RUOFF X, X ' K 1 677: 4' 4 V47 1 X . 1 .Ay u I I x If WSL' X, if . BERNARD MARIE RUPP sALIsnuRv N RAUL DOROTHY SAUCEDO SAVERIEN fl 92: Wa, mi. If jf - M 1 M' f enfwr , A GERALD MARY LOU scorr sEoIA f-.rv on PAMELA .Io ANNE sIRIc SLADE ia, G... ,.. I fd V , ,, ., ,I 9 N ,I WILLIAM GHARLENE SMITH SNAVELY K rg I Sm , -Q, Ax f: ,f gg .LINDA GAY SQUIER STAFFORD -fx R- ' iv I Y 3? DEANNA JON STEWART STEWART 9. JL ,fl some CASEY STROMQUIST suGGs iz ,Q ' faq A2354 -3231 .IANIcE PAUL sALvER sAMsoN A md I V, I ' ' RICKY LEANNE SCHEFFLER SCHLEGEL son wANnA sELsv SELF I ARE Q 1 'Q 4, 'fb I ffm x JACKIE SUSAN sLoAN SLOAN A.. if N K kv ,yy JIM SHIRLEY SNEDDON soRRIcII I X 1069 1 ? ' N :zz DONALD RICHARD ' STAGNER srAGNER as I 'ffff fr A GENE BRIAN srII:I-IAM srIELER IX I ' ' AI -MTL' R4 1. I5 VIRGINIA JERRY SULLIVAN SUMMERS S f . XQX R . xx QQIQQPK 'W ff ff I X X 17 Il 1 or f 9 , 4 3, , A M ly, , I , It , ' X, V ' A A PAT LORELI BARBARA SANDFORD SANTI SARAN A f, il ,M ' SH'-ARON PHYLLIS NEVA SCHMIDT SCHROTT SCHWANZ zz- N Q J- ! . I .. ,YF V KAREN BRUCE GERALD TARRY SHAW SHAWVER SHIGEKAWA SHOAF W 11 W 'S -ww ar, ff' 'V -4 . ,, N if L. ,V W7 'fl M NI ' , W. L. Y A7 CONNIE DAVID KATHY KAY SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH F I , M M 73, 4,5 rf M 1 x""' VL 5 -ji Q VJ 'XL JERRY BARBARA LARRY JOYCE SPANN SPATZ SPECRIST SPENCER ff , f. I 3, f ks! 1 I , ' I A , '- 'W' - 'I A 44 M Q I , KVI - ' L. , 'ixv ,A x A DUANE JIM STEPHANIE RUTH STARR STARR STEELMAN STEINBRINK ff fr' .ff If 203 " ,A If' ' i ' ff ' ,KG 2S5A"f5'?' VII' , Z - GX :fl Y I ,f f QXXB, . pM, RITA BETTY BILL DEAN STOLTZ STONE STORY STRAIN Lab- ' .7 , U: :J I ' f-Ia ar- Q-g, Q I E -1 Iii STEVE SANDRA PAT GARY SUNDQUIST SWEARINGEN SWENSON SWINT CLASS I 1 V'-wx VA' F ,. QQ , LARRY SIMPSON nf A+' Q '5 LEILANI SMITH X' W., 9 wwf BETSY SPIELMAN Z 5, -+1 , uw, Q! hw Q GARY STEINSHOUER ,Q , ,, , ,Wi V 47' W ff i 1 A - Q I 6 I2 LINDA STRATTON ' 4 -w ' UQ: JIM TARAVELLA 9I I ,ard , 2 ' f .V I I . 4.434 Z, vf I X XY ' x I , II ll X 0- .4- -.f-wr JEANETTE TIFFANY Q. , 4 l' I . ,A '94 A I I4 ffwig JUDY VERMEULE I N., N., 'wx PAT WARD xx sv. . K I .TQQ JUDY WHITE 92 C N55 ' TERRY TAVARES 11 D I In A 3 ., AI "fi x 1 A I DENNIS 1 mon: I 2 13 4.5 K Y A - I, 1 Y CHARLES Josl-I HNGLEY Torino W I -4 '97 .lg r .P I In I MAURO s1ANLev vu.LArANA vosauns 'F ,N f E W I '97 X .x Jem JUDY WARNES WATERMAN . I A ' A 3' 5 ,zz I 'ff ,y LADIIY 'I CHADINE wmv: wlcxusss I + , 'gf I ., Y I DAVID MARGARET wnss wmescu S nh' 'ix ,V QM, 13- If xxn ,W vs .fn Lewis wma:-41 2, I 'ff A 4 s A JEAN TAYLOR 9 SAUNDRA THOMAS '4- .gif TOM TRACZEK 'F KAY VOTRIAN A , SYLVIA WATERS Q ix f "'iv"f J A fi? KSA SAM DAVID WILLIAMS mx fi fn ' Q' KAREN WOLFE .x .4 'ad' ,J I i SHARRON YELLIS I ,-A., gf f TIM TAYLOR 3 IJ. QS 44 ., NP . 1 xg fx ffl' N 2 RONALD THOMPSON -V '11 , M . "JJ ,' JOHN TRAPP li", 'AI 47 , f JANICE VULCELICH -- .av 'Q a 'Q-I SUZANNE WATKINS V X 4-vw ws' W' mv Q SQ JUDITH WILLIAMS LINDA WOLFE s 'Aa Q-1 ,QE ,K Z- -, I x Yi. gg. 1i"'A l X 9 .uf , A. TIMOTHY YOUNG WI , Kat , I f .A RONALD TAZZA K 6455? . ' NI KAREN THORNTON Aw 40" x - I N-1 'xx BETTY UNDERWOOD .., -v ' 4 ' Nd T7 Dunn LYNN WAKEFIELD 1 " 1. .4 w. 1. , W, JUDY WEAVER I an Wh 1 MICHELYN WILLIAMS Am, Z W' , Nd ' -fav DORA WOLIN I , f ,ff .. , Q, ,. wi' Aw JEAN YOUNT -v Iv-rfx GEORGE TEECE KAREN THUESON J R Rf., arf I-a f Q LARRY VAN DENBERG ks I RICHARD WALIGA ,I , 22, 'f fa If LARRY WEBER f AM, V 1 -I BEVERLY WILSON A I X A SHARON WOODRUFF .. A I DON ZARLINGO , 'W ff f .I.x,,-.,, b A fi TERRY IDA THATCHER THIBODEAU A.,X,i 4 I X TOM STEVEN THUESON TIETGE QI 4-A V. SUSIE JAMES VANDERHOVEN VAN HOUTEN 1' an 1 'Fab 'VI' -cr f -15 if F fi ' YK. DARYOLD LARRY WALTERS WARD A., f A' ,W ,MJ ,' 'I x ALLAN ROSCO WEISS WHILES ' 17' f ' M JANET DENNIS WILSON WINSTEAD BEVERLY WRIGHT fu x lf' ffy uf! K Q46, es xx K Y M X 1 To Remember Classmates . Z A! X . U X ff m xx 0 93 Collect Many Autographs Here XTX 1 . VY? Xxx X513 af I If 1 , W- l ffm 0 sw-F ,, ' 'IW If I, 'XX fh 1 0 f CLASS ' SF K f e 1 94 E' "Wow! Lef's buy a piece of cake !" Anaheim's organizafions frequenfly hold sales supporfing fheir many worfhy proiecfs. Numerous graduafes will be fhanlcful for fhe help fhey have received fhrough scholarships, and as a sfudenf progresses from his sophomore fo his senior year, he will look forwarcl fo having fhe privilege of using fhe Senior Circle. These are only a few of fhe proiecfs which have falcen place on fhe Colonisf campus fhis year. Wifh over 30 acfive organizafions on fhe campus, fhe sfudenfs are lcepf full of cake, candy, cookies, and even popcorn balls. Picfured on fhe opposife page is a cake sale fhaf represenfs fhe many sales in which mosf of us have 'lalcen parf, whefher if be buying or selling. Those who are parficipafing in fhis simulafed calce sale are presidenfs of popular clubs on campus. Organizafions help fo round ouf an educafion as well as add fun and experiences fo each sfuden'r's lisf of memories. Through fhese organizafions, members can learn how fo be leaders or followers. Learning how fo gef along wifh ofhers is an imporfanf aim which can be fulfilled fhrough 'the fellowship fhaf can be found in endeavors . . ORGANIZATICDNS T H R E E r Pt ii' Y-2 MJT, 5- NY X 'QQ Y 3 1' 'LL bv-f GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET 'FUI' IIUXY1 lt. N:ili:iiiiiii':1, V. lliilir-Vlsriii, .I. Iiiilliiiulriii, Nl, Nl7l4'lil'llS"II, :iiirl II. IJ4-.l:i:.fvl'. SICVOND ROVVZ l'. Morris. M. Mrirliii, A. llurris, tl. ll:ilxoi'si-ii, :intl .l. liuI:iiiiI, I!U'l"l'UXI IZUXY: I.. Sziiili, li. luv, S. XYmiili'iiI'I', :riirl S, N1-xvliii. IXIICMIZICIQS NOT SHONVNZ M. l.iiiiluisl, I-'. Ols1'll,:ltlil l.. l'r-It-rsiiii. A Club for Every Girl and Every girl at AU is automatically a member of Girls' League, thus giving all the girls an opportunity to belong to one organization. Besides the officers, two girls are elected from each class during both semesters to represent all the girls. To start the year off, the annual Big and Little Sister Party was given to welcome the sophomore girls and girls new to the school, During the year Girls' League sponsored many events, including the Homecoming Dance and a Get-Acquainted-Tea. As in years past the competition assemblies between the classes were given, a fashion show was presented, and a Vocations Day was held. As a service to the school and community Girls' League sponsored a Red Cross Proiect and helped with a Salvation Army Drive. Attending a conference at Tucson, Arizona, were three members of the cabinet and both advisers. The girls who went were Gwen Halvorsen, Jane Roland, and Lou Ann Peterson. Advisers were Mrs. Norma Elliott and Mrs. Joan Fee. .vf 1 V as 'I , r , I s Wifi . mcg! I , 'W 7' ' mf I J f 5 .- 1 he ,av M 'N . . GWEN HALVORSEN JANE ROLAND ANN HARRIS LOU ANN PETERSK President Vice President Secretary Treasurer 98 Pictured ahove are several of Anaheim Highs Clems while viewing' a gymnastic assembly that was presented for the boys' benefit. Boy Can Be Found at AUHS . . . Every male student at AU is a member of the Colonist Club. ln this way every boy on campus has the chance to belong to at least one club. Adviser for the club is Richard Ryan, dean or boys at Anaheim. The purpose of this club is to provide act- ivities that are of interest to the boys. This year the club had only four or five meetings planned. At their first meeting, the boys invited the girls to see short sub- ject films on football. Highlighting the year was the assembly it U' S - r 5 1, J ' A "Xfi'm:"" V ' -R I A' Vw JOHN BAKER BILL HANINIATT president Vice President featuring a special gymnastic exhibition put on for the boys by the UCLA Gymnettes and Steve Mitakis, Anaheim coach. Another meeting held this year presented weight lifting as entertainment. The demonstration was furnished by Pacific Coast Gyms. Representatives of the armed services were featured at one meeting. The representatives spoke on the subject of the future in planning a military career. .wM,,' if? .,., NORBY KEOLANUI Jiruimig x,iANN,,gG Secretary-Treasurer g-,,p.,.,,, A ., 99 Mt., J I 'Qi ar Qu ws 4 , .,: Q 4 mais? aff W , -I, MM, g 4-,pw-. F sr W. V . M I ir., Tiffin ii ' 4 Q vi X' , 'I . + Qi' Ja , 'ie ., ,' .i six N - m .K sf ill il t l hawk N .- X: Q, J ,rf 1.-sir 1' S 0 M x. ,A ,ax Q ,, .-'91 :,..y ff tvs iff' wr X A . s x S . Q .1. sim! MOZART CLUB OFFICERS-TOP ROW: I3iIl Cook, adviser: Don Stnplt-s, S1.'I',2l'IlIll-ill-Zil'lllSQ and Jack Paris, adviser. SECOND IKOXY: 421-org Ann Nelson, sec-rt-tziry: Bernard Sloop, vice president: :ind Ami Story, president. IIOTTOM ROXV: Kathy Morris, histor- inng :intl l'i'lIll5' Itinklt-r, lrvxisiirer, 4? BILL COOK JACK PARIS Adviser Adviser IOO MOZART CLUB-'FOI' ROXV: A. Story, ll. Cook, D. Link, A. Morford, I lo Iiirl I ' 1 ni If ' , Z, Sloop, J, fixllman, .I. Selizunp, G. Nelson, zud J. Paris. SICUOND ROXY: I,, Leos, K. Linristroin, G. Kirk, R. Lurnlwlh, D. John- son, l'. llinkln-r, li. l'1-rkins, R. Pina, :ind I'. NV'0l1SlLfI'. THIRD ROXV: IZ. Holizin, M. Ilnw, IK. Iierryznzin, .I. 'l'll0IIl1lS0!l, J. Huffington, L. Kueliler, :uid l', Ibnwdy. IIOTTOM ROXV: 17. Hennings, D, Staples, J. Hurllwrt, M. Ac-oslzi, U. Morris, ID. Jenkins, L. vVlIllUxll"Il1lI1l'I, T. Taylor, C. Schulz, T, Knox, :inri I2 Murray, Ml'1MI!I'IllS NOT SHOWN: D. Einigli, C, Fun- .' tl I :nnmzill M. Hnzz: -ti .l. Morris, li. Oviudo, IS. Sen ny, 1ll1I,N,l0l1I,l.lsl , fix., 1 IJ Stew:irl, If. 'l'Iiom:1s, :ind J. Vt'ir-ker. U SIC CI C 9 FS . . . Music is the main thought which confronts the Mozart Club members. Only students possessing a greater than average interest in music and enrolled in a music class can become a part of Anaheim's only music club. Advisers for this active group were Jack Paris and Bill Cook. The purpose ot the club is to promote appreciation and enjoy- ment ot music among students while working together as a club. Started as a new tradition this year was the Mozart Club initiation of new members. lt was held at school and in a barn that night. Instead ot having the annual "Top ofthe Pops," the Mozart Club sponsored a musical program in the spring. This program was similar to past years in that it was written, directed, and produced by the club members. f 5 . .iil Qui-Qs :,.",fi . 3 vw X ,, 9' 'I rx l 'xiii' " W , My , f . ' i I f ,, :pf 5 f ' f X ,If .gp 1: -1 i- 1 rf, - , g I 'f 'Ae 5 t T if fl .nz 1 i i , . . , , ' 5 . 5 j.i,f'.f wi ,iiff A l - - iitgfwif ,mir , 2 7 f :'f:,?1 TQ' YHA , 'if if V 1 ff4fv5- ff' L., - -,. ff' 1:-5525. SERVETTES-TOP ROW: E. Moreno and M. Jenkins. SECOND ROXV: G. Broeker, J. Wilson, P. Fourman, C. Gates, M. VVittesch, L. Squier, and N. Dean. THIRD ROVV: S. Baker, T. Ricker, J. VVarnes, P. Brown, S. Henry, S, Brewer, B. Spielman, C. Roland, and L. Herrick. FOURTH ROVV: R. Steinbrink. FIFTH ROVV: 13. Lintz, S. Krastel. A. Bartash, M. Morrow, B. Fisher, K. Loll, K. Olsen, and P. Deffner. BOTTOM ROVV: C. Jeannerett, P. Hauck, M, Kidwell, K. Galiano, J. XVaterman, L, Stratton, N. Freeman, J. Hurlbey, and J. Luther. MEMBERS NOT SHOWN: S. Andres, K. Bates, P. Beale, K, Rensen, IS. Boatman, S. Carrocino, S. Davis, L. Harman, G, Hawkins, B. Long. V. Martin. S. Masony, J. Mickelson, W. Miller, M. McKee, A Mittman, I-3, Osgood, C. Quials, P. Reed. P. Ritter, J. Slade, J. Tiffany, and C. XYickliffe. A Soph Girl Club New on campus, the Servettes, a sophomore service club, have worked hard to organize themselves this year. This club is dedicated to the purpose of improving relations between the sophomore class and the upper classes and to promote various activities that will be of service to the school. During the school year of i957-l958, the club's main activ- ity was raising money for the foreign exchange fund. This was accomplished by the members by having cookie and cake sales. During the foreign exchange assembly, the money was pre- sented to the school. Servettes had a highly successful year under the guidance and advisership of Donna Noble and Mary Rakoslce. an ' was ap- SERVETTES OFFICERS-TOP ROXV: Linrlzi SfIllll'l', prefsiclf-nl: Betsy Spielman, red vross l'l"IJI'GSlol1lZlilV6I nnrl Czirole Ilolzinrl, pulilivity L-liuirnizin. lZO'l"l'OBI ROXY: Karen I.oll. secfi-i-lziryt :inrl Judy Luther, t're:isLir'e-r. OI-'l-'ICEH NOT Sl-IONVN: Kathy Iiatvs, vice president. DONNA NOBLE Adviser ,v- MARY ANN RAKOSKE Adviser lOl 0'V x 1 wi Or 3 1-'F .. COLONIAL COEDS-TUI' KOXV: J. Porter, ll. Stevens, .I. liuffingion, G. XX'l:iscl1in, M. Moore, and IS. ltlzihzilfie. SECOND ROXV: M. l7e.long, LJ. lirzidd, l'. Robertson, J. Lzindes, and J, Pullman. THIRD HOXY: M. ltoliinson, K, Rainey, M. Hilgenfeld, K. Schulz, and S. Troutnian. FOURTH ROXV: M. Klshiyxiinii, IS. Schaff, M. Hammett, lf, Olson, :ind J. Hein. I1'll"'l'H ICOXYZ K. Iwusliilzi, P. Davis, C. Morris, P. Joslin, D, Link, and l'. Dinkler. SIXTH ROVV: M. Jeter, K. Morimoto, C. Schutz, J. Smith, J. line-ge, :ind J. 'l'hoinason. BOTTOM HOXY: C, Stiegler, IZ. XVoodruff, G. llzilvorsvn, J. Roland, :ind 17. Rogers. MEMBERS NOT SHOXVN: L. Iizikker, J, l'!ll'lllll'llH9l, N. Pitts, and C. Stevens. COLONIAL COED OFFICERS-'FOI' RONV: Jovi-e limit-ge, vim- paw-siflviilg :intl .lane 'l"ll0lllIlSUll, prvsitlviil'. SIGUONIJ HOW: l'll!Il'll'lll' Srliulz, ri-cl 1-ross l'l'lJl'K'SOIlllLllV1'Q .lane Ilolniiil, lllSl0l'l!l.llQ :ind Sharon 'lll'0llllll1lIl, sr-lmol siwxfim- vliuii-iiiziii, liO'I"l'0M ROVV: Mtirilyii lvloorr-, in-:usi1i'1ei'g Keiko lxvusliilzi, svrvic-0 point vlliiirinxing :uid IVlzu'p.:zu'e1 Kisliiyziniil, st-ern-lzu'y. BETTY LANCASTER DORRIS LEMP Adviser Adviser Coeds Work Together for Others. .. This year marks one ol the best years ever tor the Colonial Coeds, a service club which girls are voted into. Two new ad- visers this year were Betty Lancaster and Dorris Lemp. At the tirst ot the year, Coeds sold tootball programs at the home games, held cookie sales, gave a Christmas party at the Orange County Hospital, gave an Easter party, and served at the annual football banquet. For social activities this year the girls had their annual in- itiation breaktast in October, and membership tea in May. l02 Their annual outing consisted ot a trip to Hollywood where they saw "Around the World in Eighty Days" at the Carthy Circle, As a gitt to the school, Coeds bought a l-li-Fi system tor the boys' gym to be used tor the dances. Topping att the year was the presentation or the senior circle by the girls, The senior circle is located on the lawn be- tween the music building and the auditorium. Only seniors are allowed in the circle, which was established to build up more tradition at AU. 25 7 KEY CLUUB OFFICERS-TOP V100 Dresideutc and Bob Baker, treasurer. BOTTOM RONV: bill Larson. Dresidentg and Tony Taylor, secretary. ROVV: Norman Montague, KEY CLUBQTOI' HOXYZ J, Qiiiizgle, J. Tonti, IJ. Stanton, :mil M, H4-nroifl. SIGUONIJ ROXV: IC. Iiollin, Ii. Miisltvsqain, H. Monk, IZ. Larson. zlnrl K. fi'l'Olllll. 'FI-IIHIJ HOXY: J. Shis'eka.w:i, S, .I:1nwic-k, XV. Hmlge-, ll. l':irkc-r, and N, 3101112151111--. l'OlfH'I'H ROXY2 J, Nzikzimiirzi, XV. Iirooks, T. Taylor, JOHN TON-I-I and li, linker. IZOTTOBI HONY: L, Kiiliota, ll. Vlizinn-y, .I. Hopkins, Il, Adviser Edwzarrls, and M. Dzivison. 1lI'IRlvlil'IHS NOT SHOQYN: T, Amis-rxon, li. lxciry. ln. I,:iml++-th, .I. IV-niple, IJ. XX ?LSl'llllll'll. aiiirl P. Homls. Key Club New for Colonist Boys... Formed at Anaheim High this year was a new branch ofthe Key Club. The AU Key Club, under the advisership ot John Tonti, is a part ot the California-Nevada-Hawaii District ot the Key Club International. Fifteen seniors, lO juniors, and tive sophomores were chosen from Anaheim to be the charter members. Once a week a dinner was held by the Kiwanis Club. Two ditterent members from Anaheim attended each week. Playing host at an inter-club meeting for the AU Key Club- bers was the Fullerton High School Key Club. At the luncheon, Superintendent Mann ot the Fullerton District gave a talk about teaching as a profession. Activities of the new club included a car wash to raise money to start a treasury, backing of a Civil Defense program, and giving canned goods to an organization to be used in the best way it could. Topping oft the years activities tor the Key Club was the sponsoring ot a basketball game between the Harlem Clowns and the Faculty All Stars. IO3 .seq ii fi X . 1 F , c :E is I , ' F 2 USHERETTES 'I'Ul' IQOVVZ Al. liuliinson, N, I'it'ls, M. Iirzmii-r, IJ. I!ruwnI'ivliI, .I. HoI'l'i-r, J. Hein, II. Jalmson, S. Hvitshusen, CT. Van Xirsl :mil .I. I'm'Ii-in ILO'l"I'UM IIOXV: If Sli-vi-ns, IJ. IXIm'i'ow, I,. Sli-vvlis, li, IIIIIIISIVUIII, S. Ilallmzin, C. 'I'e1'l'y, L. VVOIIITOIZ, 'I'. Mackensen, I Mlliillli init S 5IllIQUIlll 'XII Nll I I S INOI NIIOXXN 'X Il xiii I I llIIx I Iltl II I ll ICI I IJ I M INIIIIIII I 1 P z .'. .': ': . . C. EGL' ' .', l'u',., 2 ,. ia, I. f":iz'.e', '. .csin, . i", '. Iioorm-, . II'l'Ily, .I. I'lllIlil:i11, M. Strung, IS. XYUUIIVIIIIII, :incl K. XVUIIIIHIIIIIII. O O Ushering Was Their Service . . . Under the direction ot Mrs. Faye Schulz, the Usherettes have now completed their eighth year ot service to the school and community. At the beginning at the year, a get-acquainted-tea was held at which time the new members were welcomed into the club. Membership in the Usherettes is acquired only by appli- 'SJ cation. A tea was held in the spring tor the applicants, YNMY For unitorms this year, the girls chose aqua sheath dresses. This year the girls ushered at the home football games, the baccalaureate, and graduation. ic LINDA STEVENS SANDY BALLIVIAN Head Usherette Vice President .. ....., ,g i VV ,f a t 7 , ,X 'nv-We-qv .A t My ' 'A l I .X fini.. Y 1 I i . X JERI HEIN Lois WENHOLZ KAREN LINDSTROM Sect-erm, Treasurer Red Cross Rep. I04 senior play, the two titth grade concerts, symphony concerts, SUB DEBS-TOP ROW: S. Davila, A. Duffy, D. Clifton, L. Mendez, M, Linquist, J. Hell, M. Keeler, and D. Gelder. SECOND HOXY: I.. Nuev- lieer, L. VVoodrome, L. Hefferiri, B. Story, B. Delager, M. Mackensen, and L. Graves. THIRD HOWVI C. -l21yH9S. I-. PHIGFSOII. J. Yoiiml. S, Reagan, S. Stellhorn, M. Mayberry, M. Watts, and J, Toussau. BOTTOM HOYV2 J. VVMHFIIIHII. J. Engh, C. Mvger, D. Hzilhcovk, J. lirnwii, P. McAuley, VV. Wylie, N. Chambers, S. Gowin, and .I. St. Pierre. MEMBERS NOT S-HOXVN: P. Hurry, M. Martin, IJ, Morgzin, .I. Morten- son, .I. Mortensen, II. Murdoch, and CK Ulmer. Sub Debs, an Active Girls' Club . . . Sub Debs have concentrated their school service work to x finishing an S800 scholarship fund. The scholarships were . awarded to the recipiants at graduation. Other activities sponsored by the club this year were , vi if 7 i selling programs at all the home football games, serving at x M PTA dinners, and helping a needy family during the Christmas season. The girls also had dinner and attended a play in H Pasadena. qK3""'7 To complete their highly enjoyable year, the old members were hosts to the new members and new officers at their annual X welcoming tea. J -rim Dora Gene Golder and Marie Keeler were the sponsors 4-WM' l of the Sub Debs these last two semesters. MARY ANN '-'NQWST UNDA WOODROME President Vice President 1. . ' . i . ze . . 'hw W, g. .. X. ' 4 ..4" ., af. ' x JEAN BROWN LOIS CASEBEER JO ANN ST. PIERRE Secretary Treasurer Red Cross Rep. IOS I vt ., . .M 1 3 if iff ,i :M 1 . , tu We ef 4 u w V v I 127 ' .f if N . 4, S , if ji-' O4- i 43 SPANISH CLUB "l'Ul' ICUXYZ 'I'. Mi-rrill :mil V. Iloiisrrmiiinpgs-r. SIGVUNIJ ICOVV: K. 'l'rzii'y, J. 'l'hamzLsot1, .I. VVolI'or'ri, M, lil'Ellll0l', ll. Sod- Ioff, lt. ltrisi-in-, 11 llmirm, l,. lfzirr-i-ll, :uni I.. l'i-lr-r-son. 'l'Hllil1 ROXV: I.. NN':illzu-4-, IJ, Itrucld, M, McG:rui:hy, J. Milni-, N. C'hzirnlwrs, S. Ifurd, li. Sliinlvy, J. l':ilk:i, IC. Mori-rm, :mit I.. .lolinsinr Il0'I"I'0M IQOVV: .I. l':flXV!ll'fiS, IZ. Miirrim-h, I.. Ifreieriiiiri, U. Guli-s, A. llrown, IS. Muli:ll'l'iv, ll, l4'r:lzir'r', .l. f'1ll'1lli1'il1l1'i, l'. Stews-rls, .I. VYillis, :uid S. .I:ii'ksim. IVlI4IlVllZl'IliS NOT HIIOVVNZ S. Arlrlri-ws, K. f'1lI'l!lll'iHl1'l, M. 1'llllllN'l'l, S. Itilvilii, .l. f:00liXYiIl, L. llulfii-lil, l'. Hain-k, V. Ili-niiiiiiqs. l,. l.umIvuril, M, Miller, U, 0'Iir'ii-ii, .l, Iizilliff, li. Slzuili-y, :mil Nl. VVYIIIIU. Pupils Taking Spanish Corresponding with students in Southern and Central American countries was one activity which made being a mem- ber of the Conquistadors, or the Spanish Club so appealing. Recordings were also made of members voices and sent to their pen pals. This year the club held a Christmas party in the Spanish style. The center of activity at the party was the breaking of a pinata. New adviser for the club the last two semesters was James D. Edwards, Besides having a new adviser, the name ot the club, Conquistadors, is also new. Membership in the Conquistadors may be gained by a grade of "A" in first year Spanish, a grade of "B" in second year Spanish, or be a student in third year Spanish. IO6 KRS-. 7? X JILL RATLI FF Vice President aff, 2 uf gms f BARBARA MURDOCH President X 2 WW . RAE ANN STANLEY Secretary IN, ' i 1 COLONIST KNIGHTS-TOP ROVV: FI. Delaney, G. Koblitz, R. Carlson, G. Fook, IS. Larson, V. Tolman, and Ii. Schultz. BOTTOM ROXV: E. Isollin, T. Edwzirds, J, Goodrich, T. Taylor, J. Easton, S. Schlegal, :ind J. Iirookman. MEMBERS NOT SHOXVN: Il Iizirnhard, li. lloyd, WV. Ilrooks, M. Dzivison, S, I-laliener, IS. H:immat', Il. Mathias, fl, Ogle, D. l'ir':irfl, Ii. Sanders, li, Seapy, .I. Sk'llt'I'll1Tld, M. Sliirk, D. Smith, D. Staples. IS. Stoiirlr-r, and 'l'. XVitt. 'f , -unmrliv' ff EUGENE LOLLIN President an t I A . my L- U5 xr . if ir as BOB SEAPY Secretary-Treasurer A Club for Boys Only . . . Q , 5 ",.i-1 , -, 'ff . 42,-QV uv' I Q 'sw ,A Q1 WILLIAM BROOKS Vice President i'Service to the community, faculty, and to the student body" is the purpose of the Colonist Knights. This club con' sists of a group of selected junior and senior boys. The boys were selected on the basis of grades and citizenship, Activities of these boys during the school year have been the sale of "Anaheim Buttons" during football seasong the sale of refreshments at the football games, the decoration of the goal postsg and the changing of the main bulletin board in front of the school. Considered by the boys to be their most important project this year was the awarding of scholarships to deserving students Under the advisership of George DeRubeis the group had a very successful two semesters. 507 f l'll'l'l'l'. .. Q... JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL: th-ri Kirk, I,iml:i H4-ffl-rin, Gorrlen Kolvliiz, Karen Lilidslrom, Miki- III nruill, Ii:1i'II:1i':1 M:iI1:iI'I'i1-, :md Lou Ann I'1-ll-rsmi, MIGMIIICHS NOT SHONVN: Helly Iirisc-oe, Nvlllllllll liilmlis, Iivv-lyn Ilurm-lt, .loan Hullr-i', .Indy Nloiillmi, Ilriivv Suiirlvrs, Ulizwlviie Schulz, :incl .lo Allll Sl, Red Cross Helpers . . . NEVA SOLT Adviser 1 JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL OFFICERS: Lynn l.mi1l.zn'lI, so-1-i4i:ii'5: XX1Ill:m111 Ilrmulis. 5--I-mul Xlt'l' pin-sill:-ill, :mit l.ui1 .Xml l'e-it-Isola, piwsill--lil. Ol-'l"lm'l4Ill NOT SHUXYN: tluiwlvii Iiulllilz. llI'rl XlA'4-IlI'1'rl1li'IIl. I08 Composed ot one representative from several of Anaheim High's clubs is the Junior Red Cross Council. Helping needy people and hospitals is the purpose of the group, As in years past, the council was under the guidance of Miss Neva Solt. Red Cross Council suggested projects to clubs on campus such as contributing cookies, magazines, bean bags, and gift boxes to the Red Cross. Some of the proiects the Council worked on this year were the preparing of a scrap book for Japan, serving at the Red Cross dinner, and unloading blood for the blood bank. Two of the Junior Red Cross Council's members were sent to a Red Cross camp at Riverside. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA-TOP ROW: J. Iieziuthanlp, G. Swofford, F. Mr-Kinney, H. 'I'1iint1onl G, Callahan, B. Fortune, T. VVright, and N. Montague. SECOND ROXV: li. Murphy, T. Hzirninerniiller, H Swenson, T. Pearson, R. Cagley, G. Fischheck, R. Swenson, and J. Ingwerson. BOTTOM ROXY: I.. Peek enschneider, C. Brown, N. Piaisted, K. Garinger, .I, Raith, C. Rapp, J. NVilty, and H. Newberg. MEM HERS NOT SHOVVN: M. Bolinger. R. Boyd, T. Burrows, J. Carter, P. Harvey, D, King, 'IX Kirk, T Nic-Gee, G. Parker, and J. Gilner. Farming Enthusiasts . . . First place seems to be the adiective which best describes Anaheim's chapter of the Future Farmers of America. During the last four quarters, the FFA took first place in Orange County's Qlst Annual Co-op Quiz Contest and won a first prize at the Annual Orange Coast Field Day Contest. As a service project the FFA members prepared Christmas baskets for less fortunate families. Members of this club are boys interested in agri- culture and in the raising of farm animals. AU's chapter is affiliated with the national FFA. Under the leadership of Leland Hanson the club had an extremely successful year. LELAND HANSON QL Adviser fy ,IQ ' , Z ,:.! , M ,v k i 'V ' -1 A fi A I , I . " V X 'i We f ft. 4 :if fs . Q' ' f f?-Z5 4 S is ,K 4 I. 4. 1 fi .1 Q -X 3 Ksjwjff. T ' FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA- TMI Vive pri-snlenl: :wil Nornizin Aiunizouiie HOW: Greer: I'zu'kf-r, u'e:isi'i'ei'g Dmle K lngwersun, reporter. , in -. . IJJXX. Hunt- I-.sf-lil fl its A. ww-sivlviii l2rJ'I"i' ing, sl-1-rn-l:iV3i .wiiil I-tile f l09 ,NV M, 5: I 2. JANE ROLAN D President Press Club consists of the annual staff members and the journalism students having either an "A" or "B" average in journalism and is under the sponsorship of Larry Quille. The purpose of the club is to further interest and enthusiasm in writing forthe paper and annual. Among the many journalism conferences attended by the students was a yearbook conference held at Orange Coast College. Discussions were held on photography, artwork, and copy. These meetings proved very helpful to the producing of better annuals and newspapers. After the discussions, awards were presented for the best sports section, best photography, best artwork, best theme, most improved book, and best copy. Anaheim press j club students were proud to bring back a trophy won by the . Q Q '57 Colonists yearbook for the best theme. ,I .. T, 1 A j ! f il? - x K qxk JIM HOPKINS .. , ji ? s ii Vice President JUDY YOUNG A Secretary i lx! GAY WLASCHIN Treasurer Roving Reporters Get Together . . . , 0 . 43 Ii Ada ESS CLUB'--'VIII' INIXY: IZ. l'il"It'I', BI. Hirrwoiil, I'. Joslin. Il. Sr-half. V, Irlulrewtsrm, :md M. Zolot. SECOND HOXV: G. Mur'I9hI', -I. NYiIlis, .I in. .l, Milne. I.. 5Ii'SIwl'i1'I'. :Iwi S. lnlllllll. I!tt'I"l'ORl HOW: .I, I,4'tl'l1'I', S. Sliakoiun, G. NYlaschin, D. Rogers, J. Hobkins, J. Ymimz. .I lnlimi I Nl N it intl NI Xrlli XII Nll II N01 HOXXN Ix All G Io Il I fa I Q Ddvi I IJ1 k" I' I'l ' III I I' e I i , J ...'vf-S.: . -I. ISIS .' " S ', A ey, 'A lzar 1, 1. ' rmf-, ' .. ,iff er, rc. una- 5, ,. ij-ti, mm. l'. xllllljlill, Xl. Blau-I mist,-I. X. IIIIIS, l.. XX el-li, Jimi V, XXIISII. IIO i Open to all boys enrolled in the vocational machine shop classes is the Machinist Club. , M b . . . . . . em ers ofthe club are helped in securing 'obs because they are skillfully trained in many ways f such as on-the-job practices, research projects, industrial practices, and production techniques. The L boys also receive instruction in the uses of special machines such as: surface grinders, turret lathes, tool and cutter grinders, and milling machines. , ...M ,ac Prizes were won at the Orange County Fair by Andy Fenton 1 with a combination gear and wheel puller, Eddie Aguilar with A' E , I! a ball peen hammer, and Paul Harrison with a surface gauge. "'. ., i 9 i " Under the advisership of Claude Booth and Tom Dardarian, ,' J the Machinist Club had another successful year. As a service project the club fixed toys mf i K 'x . for n e e d y children at if jf X . . . f My HENRY WASHBURN Christmas time. A A .,,,,,w nt president " -Q. ,, fi WW , . . , A f . . , f r, f y' It 4:23, rm , BOB GILMORE """ if Vice President I f-,V .W, y Q X , 'Af f -nhl I Z9 X y f f fy 1 f V Z J EFF BATES Secretary TED STUDEBAKER Treasurer Boys With a Flare for Machines . . . MACHINIST CLUB-TOP ROXV2 C. Pietsdl, D. Hawkins, T. Chavez, G. Stockwell. alirl D. Alt'lS!'Illlf'lIllt'I'. SIit'UNIr ILHNV: VI. X -tr, l I I l H. XX'usl1lmL1r'11, J. Dickenson, L, Mc-Coy. R. Gilmore, and F. Rzimm. BOTTOM HOXY: D. Hiiiikiiis, 13. Vlurl-Q. T. I'2lI'llHlil1lTI, IL, Vlrlir-ti, 11, Nita and XY. lfarney. MEMBERS NOT SHONVN: J. Bates and T. StL1delJaker. -1- -'Ur OCA Wi 4 3, . if 'aff' -, 4 'v., is ,igig ,ig 1 i-B5 S. 4 BETA GAMMA 'I'UI' HOW: .l, 'l'ultvl1t, .l. XY'-riii-i-, V. Nm-ly, fl. Stirrzil, Il. Shzxwvf-r, It, Monk, C, Frederica, C. 0'lSrien, M. Miller, L. WVmest- iiiuiw-l:imI, :mel Ii. .Xinlvi-suit. SIGUUNIJ IUJW: Ii, Iii-:i-lil, S. fliillinn, I., Nulili-ii, S. f:llZlll?Ll1, I'. Anlolin, .I, Moulton, L, l,45lf5l'SOI1, U. Summers M, l'ri4-vu, I.. King, :init til. llilliiiis, l!U'l"l'UM HOW: I.. XY1-iilmlz, li. film-nintu-i-, Il, .Iolinsun, l,. Iinkkvr, M. Rupert, J. Iinu, M. Calnplwll, M. Nil-rniniiii, :incl J. lllivlwlsnii. Biology ls Their Interest . . . BETA GAMMA OFFICERS-'FOI' HOXY: Louise Ilnkkvr, ser-4 svlltvslvl' m'l'I't'I!il'j'1 :intl Blnrilyn Ilillilps. sw-uint ss-1111-st:-1'1l'v:1silin-i' l!U'l"l'UNI IUDXYZ Uullw-ii lTISi'ii-ii, sf-vuiiml svilii-ste-I' Vive 1111-sifti-it! llonailii Monk, sw-on-t si-im-si--i' pi-Q-silt'-iil :init tirsl St-'IIIVSIUI' Yiw- iiwsi-ti-iil' :init Nl--rrill Qiiiiiwlwll, tirsi sent--slei' ti'vz1si1i'+'-it Olflll- Vlitl XQVI' SIIUXYNQ Sin- tlrziliaiin, lilihl sniiivsli--1' iiresiflviil. KEMUEL ANDERSON Adviser Something new has happened to the AU science club this year. Instead ot changing the name at the club so that it would include chemistry and biology students, the club was divided into two separate groups. One club is for physical science students, Gamma Pi, while the other is tor biology science students, Beta Gamma. Beta Gamma gives students the opportunity to learn about science by direct observation ot nature. This was accomplished by the many field trips taken to near-by park areas. With the able leadership of Kemuel Anderson, Beta Gam- ma had an exceptionally successful year. ,www WK' riyf 9-4- NATIONAL THESPIANS-TOP ROVV: VV. Hodge, IS, Johnson, G, Dorily, G, Sedia, .I, l:llI'X-If-'SS, R. Presti, S, Iiletso, and FI. Lollni. VO TOM ROXV: J. Carmichael, M. Capeloto. P. Dinkler, C. Morris, I.. Nielson, M, Czidziret, J. Olson, XV, Brooks, :ind K, Fenton. MICH!!!-Il-ss NOT SHOVVN: J. Boege, C. Crain, C Cnnninfzlizirn, .l. Euston, ll Ficllr-r', li. Hamnizitt, ll. Holiday, G, Kirk, M, Linguist, I., l'eler-san, Pettit, R. Quinn, E. Reynolds, J. Roland, ll. Sr-lir-rr-r, C. XVai-in-r, ZUlli.1.Xxvli'kt'l'. Actors and Actresses . . . BEULAH B. EAYLESS Adviser "To promote interest in dramatics among high school stu- dents" is the purpose of the National Thespians. Sponsorship ot the senior play, "The Night ot January l6th" and co-sponsorship of the play, "The Curious Savage," promoted more interest in dramatics and more members for the club. To be eligible tor membership in the National Thespians, a student must appear in a major part ot a full length play, or he must have appeared in the major roles ot two one-act plays, Points are also given for work as director and work on com- mittees such as make-up, scenery, and props. Miss Beulah B. Bayless has been adviser for AU's Thespian Troup No. l674. Under her leadership, the Thespians had a very successful yea r. 'sf C NATIONAL THESPIAN OFFICERS. Willizun lirooks, Iii.-sirlrni George Seilizi. si-i':e':iiil-nl-urins: :inrl I-Iiigwrie Lrillin, vi:-+A yn-ifslilenr Ulfl-'ll'I"lf'4 YIVI' YHOXYY' liirlx I'iirrwee ei-vi' -rwrv lu -- ' - .... . h ,,.,,. r.4,.j4rl,4u,.+ ll'1'!lSlll'ktl'I Ln-ri lurk, twirl c-ross i'vpiv'r-sr-iulallxf-3 .Inn NK Il'l-it'li. nslnr :intl 1.u1i Ann l'PlHl'Stlll. svriliis, II3 ' . til . -Nl 'W' ' saw ' 4 z E s 'PV f , my S, m, g .s in PM rliiflg.. sp!! ,kiw- 1 RFI sv- ' , ff Y!! ' If FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA-SENIORS-'POI' IIOXY: I, Nalllen, M. Marlin, J. .Eh1'le, C, Van Verst, S. Shzlkoian, M. llulfinsnn, Il. lfivlxlin, IS. Sulsf-fl:1, :und AI, Iivmlvup Ii0'I"I'0IXl ROXV: G, llmun, l'. Slivgler, '1'. Mosvovltch, .I. Spencer, P. Peterson, J, Uralve, 43, I,1lI'HHIlH, Il, I'Iflxx':11wis, :mul .I. I'fn-If-I-. SIGNIIJIQS NOT SHOXYN: Ii. 1'l1:nr'llon, .l 1'i1'I'l.fllSOl1, Ii. Hines, S. Konkol, -I. SDI'21g'llf', und L. NVen- lmlyz Students Taking Business Courses f I . S . if ss' QS FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA-JUNIORS AND SOPHONIORES-TOT" HOXV2 E. Hall, G. .-XIlljI'f:NYS, J, Iirown, l', Xymsh. :unqi li, XXX-list--V, SICCUXIB RUXY. .l. l!l'i:11', ll, ,3nI'I1llll'. S. Iiv:1r'4lo11, I.. i'JlI'I'I'j', M, NIf'GuL1tZh5'. V. UlIllf'I'.v1lnf? J. HofI'er, IEOTTOM LOXY S, H4-llslmsvn, In I':m1'vnl, IP. Iiuolh, li, lwzxshim, 31, Ixfllllli, S. Iinnuwr. and NI, Slngner. .IUNIOIYIS ANI! 5OI'HOMOIiI'IS NOT SHOXYN S link--V, I,. llukkf-1-, I! l:llHv!1,LZUI', 11, Iixxrrn-s, V, IS4-llxmlmw-, .I. Iiurk, .I f'hanrIler, Il. Vffllilwv U- VVOSS. -I. D1ffNIOss, J. Downs, Ii, lJo5'l1'. Y fjilllillll, 13. 4:S1l'lvv'I'. .l. 4,1liI'I'iSUI1, 1', Gnylw. C, .IUl'4lOll, V, Impn-z, ,I, Mr-Aflnzn, M. M:nc'lJo11:1Ifl, .I, Nlclntosh, H Moorfz V. Munoz, F. Ofler' lllljll, li, Ulsnn, Y, lmlsvh, 1., ll.--wi, mi SQ-In-x'-L1'. 15. Smmn, and V. XVui11-S, II4 Activity seems to be the theme of the Anaheim Chapter of the Future Business Lecders of America. During the i957-T958 school year the Future Business Leaders of America have had many food sales, besides their annual Chrfsfmas card sale and football pencil sale. Delegates from the club have attended workshop conventions, and have hosted a conference. The two workshops attended were the annual fall Future Business Leader Workshop at Chaffey and the Southern Section and College Section Workshop at Redlands. CHARLES COX Adviser Have Anaheim sent ten delegates to the state convention at ' Fresno, where the club won quite a few honors. Awards won were for Best Annual Chapter Activities, first place, Outstanding Project Contests, second place, Best Exhibit at Convention Contest, third place, Most Unusual or Original Proiect Contest, third place, and the club was presented the Gold Star Award for the second consecutive year. Members of the club had the honor of hosting the An- nual Southern Section Conference. This was the first time Anaheim had the privilege of presenting a conference. Their sponsoring of a l-Iello Day and addressing of en- velopes for Easter Seals were their major service activities. 1 Under the advisership of Charles Dee Cox and William l WILLIAM CLINE Cline, the group had an exceptionally active year. Advigpr Their Own Organization Too 2, 'f QQ MARILYN ROBINSON PAT PETERSON ELAINE HINES JUDY SPENCER Treasurer President Vice President Secretary , . . at , - .I ye in rt, i f . ,f'f ' ' s 1 y r 'A Wrg,-wr W -f W f "X f I my , . 6 My W g Mez-0 N -if-wx? J. ...xv tix., Vg, f X , ff It k ff L , 5 , .-, V 5 Q is ' xl: 'mg ' LUCY PARENT DWEN BOOTH JOAN HOFFER Historian Reporter Red Cross Representative II5 ,ith yi i KA auf C1 HONOR SQCIETY SENIORS FOR FIRST HONOR SOCIETY JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES FOR FIRST SEMESTER-TOP ROXV: SEMESTER 'FUI' IUJVXH li, lX':isl1Iiin'ii, l-1, ll, Uliinssi-n, l,. l'1lIlIlli'l', IZ. Sliriwver, .I. l'ilUl'1tllllll, S, Janwick, and IJ. lJ'QI'0lN'6. Sidi'- l,,,Hi,,' HI ln,-,,,-kr ,Hui J 4g,,,,,g,-ivy, glqpfyyly UNI! IIOXY: IC. All'j'l'l', Nl. Ilnvismi, J. lflnslmi, 'lf 'l':iyln1', and li. Szindurs. 'I'7HlllIJ ROVVI HOW: XY, Ili-nuke, Ii. IM-iiliiii, J, lim-gt-, :mil .l, J. XY4'l'lIl'l', J, illll'li4'lSlHl, A. .'Xl'lllSll'0lUl', U, l'l0llIllllL!,S, M, Milli-r, U. Umino, U. Oute, G. l.imtIi-in 'I'lIIItlJ HOW: It. XX'imrlriiI'I', AI, lioli- llmlgr-rs, !1ll4l,l. l':ilk:i, l"fJl7Il'l'll HOW: lb. Ilrzirtct, I.. Joliiismi, S, 'I'r'ouln1:i11, S, Krzislil, i,,S,,,,' ly' H,,,4,.,-5' ,md ll ly..,4,.l,,,,,,,,,. ln4y1'1g'g'1i V. U'Ili'i1-ii, l,. l'iIll'l'I'll, M. lflSlllj'!llIIIt., M, I'm'ker, ll, l"l'!i,Zll'l', :incl .l. f'1Ll'IIllK'llll0l. I3O'l'- HUXYZ N. lll'uxx'i1, N, f'l1!ll1Iln'l'S, AI, Xyillring, 'VOM IIUXY: .l. ll:-iii, V. liiiliiwlsim, l'. lbiiikli-V, I'. Joslin, U, Mm'ris, M. lXfl'llIll0I'. N. Pills, :intl .l. Sli-iiqi-rwull, l:U'l"'l'ftM IUJXY: K. Mori- Nl, Xlnylii-ri-y, .I. llurllii-rl, N, l"i'c-4-mnn. :mil U, Stevens. MEMBERS NOT SHOWN: M. nmln J, 'l'l'min:isun. ll XYl:isvliin, :intl l,. Nlwv- .Xnil--mmm, l'. ltuiilmrt, l'. lmvis, S. filhllillll, S, Hulienur, R, Kubota, R. Keller, T. Kee- ,.,,5, VAIIQIXIIQIQIQQQ N4y1"gHr,XyN ilk' MI Mm., si-1-, ,l, Iiluslmi, l', II:ili-x, .I, flumlwiii, IJ. ll:ill'il'vlfl, K. HoI'l'l'm-V, II, Ivory, II, Kite-ip, I.. li.-ns.-ii, U. Alum-1-, M. Hlroiisl, :intl .I, XN':ilt-i-infill, Nan'-ll, .t. li:iIlil'I', li. 'l'llHl'1Il4'll, Ii. llillllllvlll, J, Morris, M, Smith, .I. XrVlllIlll', 'I'. Vl':ilt, I iiiil XI ' iilitl : ,.A. Honor Pupils Are Recognized . . . SECOND SEMESTER HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS - SEN- IORS: Valerie Anderson, Joyce Boege, William Brooks, Ken Fen- ton, Larry Joy, Eugene Lollin, Jay Lowder, Marilyn Mackensen, Car- lene Moore, Kay Morimoto, Dar- lene Rogers, Rae Ann Stanley, Linda Stevens, Maureen Strong, Jane Thomason, Marthelma Wil- kins, Gay Wlaschin, Beverly Woodruff, Paul Woods, and Frank Yamasaki. JUNIORS: Mike Anderson, Adele Armstrong, Bon- nie Berryman, Diane Bradd, Jane Carmichael, Dennis Claussen, Dick Carradino, John Easton, Louise Farrell, Bonnie Frazier, Stephen Habener, Jeri Hein, Sharon ldker, Leota Johnson, Tom Keesee, Marilyn Mayberry, Cathie Morris, Joyce Morris, Charles Ogle, Judith Polka, Mau- llo HONOR SOCIETYAOFFICERS -'VUI' IHJXYZ Tir nx I ixlni wr-czrirl ---ini-si--r xiv- 1-iw-1-lt-111: Vziilii-i Nlorris, tirsl si-nie Iii ure IlI'f'4I 'ti-lit. :intl lnixviii- lmlliii, lirsi si-1114-sit-1' ii'--irluit l3fJ'I"I'f V l l-UV' li"Y"'l5' Wwitlri1t'l', st-vunfl Srlltl'-lK,'t' stir' I tix ltr tsiirwiu IH-mix llllllilvl' iii'-1 si-ni--sri-r ---1-rt-l'11'x-liewsilrii, .mil ls.i5 Mutt inuin. st i-unit si-itil-ski-is1111-siiietil. rine Parker, Nina Pitts, Carol Robertson, Gary Rodgers, Bruce Sanders, Beverly Schtatt, Tony Taylor, Sharon Trautman, Claire Umino, Jeanie Visel, Lynn Wal- lace, Hershel Welton, Judy Werner, Tom Witt, and Myrna Zolot. SOPHOMORES: Gaye Adler, Karin Carmichael, Ethel Carter, Russ Couplancl, Anne Davis, Robert Dickey, Janet Easton, John Fiorentin, Norma Freeman, Catherine Gates, Joan Goodwin, Carolyn Hennings, Su- san Henry, Jannae Hurlbert, Claudia Jordan, Sherrill Krastel, Joanne Mickelson, Marilyn Miller, Mike Morton, Linda Murphy, Col- leen O'Brien, Sandra Patterson, Bruce Shawver, Gerald Shige- kawa, Donita Smith, Charlene Snavely, Josh Totield, and Mar- garet Wittesch. "av -vu Lat' za I fr PMT? -cw All :ave l I Q E 1 l FUTURE TEACHERS-TOP ROW: K. Rainey, LI. Hilgenfeld, L, Dolan, J. Hein, .I. Follittr. N. Pitts, and D. Ifelllmzinrn. SECOND ROXV: IC Meyer, H. Sedloff, L. Stevens, J. Tadokoro, S, Richards, R. Kemp, and B. Frazier. BOTTOM RONV: C. Stevens, K, Linlnstroni, II. Mahaffie K. Glemzxker, C, Stiegler, J. Milne, N. Chanltmers, and M. Krurner.EI5'IIZEHS NOT SHONYN: N. Ili-own, P. lfidler, lt. Flint, .I, Granger, .I Patka, K. Petty, C, Van Verst, and J. VVerner. 5 Their Main Goal ls Education . . . Future Teachers of America Club is made up ot students wish- ing to go into the teaching pro- fession. The purpose of the club is to help the members planning to be teachers to become better acquainted with the duties of a teacher. Through the Teachers' Service Bureau the girls obtained work experience by grading papers, wk. 536.1 '.,, A S FUTURE TEACHERS OFFICERS-TOP HOXY: Iilzirxirl Hilgt-ntl-lit, secretary: and Jeri Hein, vice president. lSO'FTOBl HOXY: 3ifillI"'+'tt Kramer, treasurer: Ilzirbaru Mzlliziffie 1-led Cross t'e11t'+-st-iilnlixv-f and Linda Stevens, president. recording grades, and helping the teachers in any way possible. At one ot their meetings the girls enjoyed hearing a talk about the University ot Redlands. For a Red Cross project the girls each brought a dozen cookies tor hospitals in Orange County. Under the supervision of Mar- iorie Pibel the club had a suc- cessful year. ll7 BIBLE CLUB OFFICERS-TOP HONV: John Hicks, lm-side-til: and Clarence Zylstra, vice president. l3O'l"1'OM ROXY: Marilyn Miller. second semester liw-nsiiiw-i'3 1i1ll'lHtI'ii Mnhaffie, first semester sec- retary: and 4':1rlo1t:i Terry. second semester sec- retary. Olfl-'ii'ICli NOT SHOVVY: Larry XVatkins, first S1'Illt'Sik'l' treasurer. Q KEMUEL ANDERSON Adviser 'Q 'Www -R f , . i 1 BIBLE CLUB 'FOI' IUJVV: .I. lirizir, G, Allfilllllll, U, Zylslrn, I., XVatkins, und K, Anderson SICUONID ICOVV: li, .I:i1x1c:scm, li, ldriwzirrls, C. Meely, :mtl J. Hicks. Tlllllll HOVY: M. Miller, lt. .I0ilI1SUIl, :ind G. l'urc-cell. l'OIiIl'I'H HOVVZ t'. .l4'2llllH'l'l'ii, U, O'tirii-ii, K' Terry, K, Limtslrom, :uid IS. Polls-n. I-!O'l"I'OM HUXYZ S, Kr-nm-fly, F. Sli-vi-tis, li. Slnnlt-y, .l. Ilivks, :mtl li. iviiiilfliri-i4', Bible Students . . . Bible Club, which is open to all religious denominations, has been an active club on campus tor nine years. As in the past, the club was under the leadership of Kemuel Anderson. Meetings were held Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the study hall for Bible study and every Monday after school. At their meetings they enjoyed many and varied activities such as panel discussions or skits. To be ot service to the school, one member of the Bible Club read a scripture from the Bible every Monday morning over the school public ad- dress system. Promoting Bible study in the home, furthuring Christian fellowship, and studying the Bible is the club's main purpose. Many social activities were held, one ot them being miniature golfing, and one being a six-mile hike near Lemon Heights. 1 , 'A . " f X W 2. FUTURE NURSES-TOP ROXV: D Brownfield, XV+flili, H. Gai-row, A, Kelly. and S. Alexander. SECOND ROXV: C. Lessi, E. lluinett, ll. Hof-k, .I, Speiirier. and C, Mittman. BOTTOM RONV: T, Hill, S Dawdy, E Hall, J. Ho1'I'er, l'. Dawdy, and S. Schwilk, MEMBERS NOT SHOXYN: .l. Adams, S. Anderson, C. Baurasezi, D Drown, .I, lirown, Ii. lipperson, P, Grossnizin, J. Hzulokin, IG. Hall, C. Kiefer, .I. King, M. Lumix, .I. SIN'llf'l-'I', 13, Ouzillrini, li, l':ilni4-V, zinfl M. Stearn . Nursing Ambitions Under the guidance of Elizabeth Webb, the school nurse, the Future Nurses have had a successful year. At the beginning of the year the initiation of the new members was held. Future Nurses helped the Colonist Knights prepare the food and drink for a sale at the football games. ln following with the purpose of the club, to promote nursing, the girls visited the Rancho Los Alamitos Hospital and El Rancho Los Amigos Hospital. During the year, they held a Valentine cake sale, made baby clothes for hospitals, and helped support the foreign exchange student program. .-eq - . Q 1 if f T 6 3 . " X -s z. 92 ' , O 'fsfiti - M J 'Al -we-AWS Q vii. if FUTURE NURSES OFFICERS: Vlwllltljilli Hill, sw-- i'el:ii'y: Sliiiron lluwfly, pri-siili-iil: :init llmiiin liI'l7XXlllAl1'lfl, Vic-P presiclvrit. Ol"lflt'l'IliS NOT SHOXYN: l'iil llnxxfly, lr'e:1sui'1-r: l'Ix'e'Iyii lillI'lll'll lcrl rio iipiesi-iililiu intl lem Hulfii pill if 'ss lioity wliziiri .,. . Y, . .. .- ,, N ELIZABETH WEBB Adviser -if us. an " 1' 1 if lx fl 'Kia X 2 aj' J -s i c,. ll I. . ' Q ,..,,,.s W SWIMMING CLUB 'POI' IIUXYS If. 'l'Imnms, ID. Sf'Il0Ii0l'f.Q, 41. Sr-In-1-4-r, Ii, IIUIIIIIIIIHI, :uid II. Alilroll. SIGVONII IIUXY: li. Ilnlmii, IJ. Grille, II. 4'arlm-r, IJ. I'I0lISI'0Il, II, .l:if'ks0n,:uitl IG. Itnilsli:u'li. 'l'lIlIilI IIUXVI ll. l':i1'k1-r, M. Iforlws, M. lNIoi'trin, S. Iirowri. and IJ. S1-ntl. llO'I"I'UM IIOXYZ U, XVIIII, IJ. IJIl'I'IN'l'LIl'l', .l. IH-iiluliiu, .I, SIIVPIWIIZIII, :uid IJ. IiI'0XN'lI. r t ,c .. IXIICIXIISIGIIS NUT SHOXYNZ IT. King, I7. Smith, :tml I.. Ibukli Swimming Ad NF l t is sc., 6 , 'vii R nt, E, .5 x li ,fi SWIMMING CLUB OFFICEFZS4'I'UI' HUXY: llrvuu I'iirke-V, vim' pre-side-til: and Iteziii Svlmliuru, Il't'2lSIlI'6l'. I!U'I"l'U5l IUIW: Itrzink VINIIUIIIZIS, st-vi'vt:ii'5. :intl Russ Umiiilzui-I. si-rurfziiit - :ll - urnis. Ulfl-'IPI-Ill NUT SHOXYN: Imxw Smith, pre-siilz-iii. I20 i l O O -wif' l ,. L vo- I l i V, if , , 6' . ' 'Mr i I fr I , Iiii 3 r c.'wfYt:"yMiW' 7M We 44 ff arf ROY BROWN Adviser Eligibility tor membership in the Swimming Club was limited to boys out tor swimming or waterpolo. One ot the main purposes of the club was to form a jury to discipline group members it the regulations for training were broken. Publicizing AU's swimming and waterpolo meets was the main activity of this years club. Other activities included the running ot a refreshment concession at football games, and two beach parties. One of the beach parties was held in the early spring. The other party was held as the tinal activity ofthe year. This year the club was under the able supervision and adviser- ship ot Roy Brown, AU swimming coach, with the help of Steve Mitak- is, gymnastic and diving coach. Group activities during the last tour quarters were very successful. 4 ww fi! M QL' BARBARA WALKER Adviser This year the Future Homemakers of America club was built around the following three projects a personal proiect, a home proj- ect, and a community proiect. During the year many activities were enioyed including a cup- cake sale, a Christmas party, visiting hospitals, and having a popcorn sale. One of their meetings included a talk on clothing. Representatives from Santa Ana, Orange, and Covina high schools were hosted to a conference at AU. The girls also attended conferences at Asilomar and Pomona. Bringing honors to Anaheim High this year was Phyllis Bradley. Phyllis was elected public relations officer at the annual FHA conven- tion held in Kansas City, Kansas. Serving as adviser for this active club was Barbara Walker, J' I fir, ,i ,- FUTURE HOMEM-AKERS-TOP RONV: K, Lindstrom. J. Huffington, M. llendvr, A, Kelly, ' and S. NVaters. SECOND HONV: M. Olvera, H, Rojarquez, M. McGuughy, ll. .Iaodic-ko, ll. Nakamura, and C, Umino. BOTTOM ROXV: D, Johnson, C. Sliegler, '1', Mosvovitf-lm, K". , Munoz, I. Carrillo, and K. Smith. INIEMIZEHS NOT SHOXVN: P, llrzicllvy, T. Ilylsrna, I.. Dodson, E. Excolwdo, D, Fanning. L, H6ffQI'iIl, M. Lnmli, M, Oshalwn, C. Simvely, S. Solo- mon, B. Story, and U. NVickliffe. Homemakin Ex erts.. I +. ' FUTURE HONIENIAKERS OFFICERS-'FOI' HUXY1 Daisy Nakamura, secretary: and Claire Umino, treas- urer. SECOND HOXV: Charlene Snuvely, reporter: and Mzlrslm BIcG:Lughy, pzirlizuns-ntsirizin. HOTTONI HOXY: Phyllis Iirudls-y, Vice pri-sident: Iiuffie Story. president: and Linda Heffe-rin, Red Cross r'kIll'+fStAIllf1- live. Ol-'FICEH NOT SHOXYN: Judy Iluftinglon. Fit- porter. I 2 I mm QQ Jill. T lei gi , JA ,gs-U, Q1 ,vw S .rw J fs pg, .., J .M LATIN CLUB 'Pill' HOXY: S. .l:u'ksmi, S. Iluxvrly, .l. K1-lllwfly, N. Iinlifwls, .l, H4-ifl, :xml I.. lll-ri'ir'k. SICUONIJ HOVY: IG, l,llXYll, l. 'l'lllliUllt'Illl, li, l,i1ullm-y, ll. lJ:1i1l1-y, fl. Gola, .l. iXllI'lU'lSflll, :mil I., Mllrliliy. 'l'lllllIJ HOVV: IJ. G0l'oi'll1, ll, f'0HIH'I', S. .l:ll1wic'k, ll. lTl2lllSS1'll, l,, Slrzmllmi, ll. liriii-I1-I, 'l'. l'1llXY1ll'llN, :mul .l. 'l'1lll01l0l'0. l"0llli'l'H HOXY: IZ. Ibuly, G, Alll1tl'llJll, IJ. liootli, Ii, Gully, li. lilllllllll, .l. limlgzxl, Il. lil-l'Vy111:111, ll. l'1Il1is'lQ, :mtl ll, .Imwlivlu-. li0'l"l"OM IUJW: G. flriiziqs, l'. l'Ill'SllJlll, T. Mm'k1'n:se1i, l'. Vvomls, XV. Iirooks, M. lbzivison, :mtl l'. llzirmis. Xll'IXll1l'ZIi NUT SllUXYN:lXl.Y1-Ilis. 'Y R TV fi if . Nxc,.b.,,,Nw is i 'lrfftff--wr. ." Qi.. R G B. . I . ss l 4 K . . in A W 'fm s .. fx. . JEFF DOUGAL Vice President DENNY GOFORTH President P. K. BARNES TEDDY NIACKENSEN SECFMHFY Treasurer Servi, Magistri Work and Learn . . . Variety is the spice ot lite especially where the Latin Club is concerned. This group has had a large and varied selection ot activities these past two semesters. To start the year oft right, the club had a Halloween party, followed by a punch and cookie sale at the senior and Roto-Hi plays. The money acquired from the sale was donated to the toreign exchange fund. Soon atter the sale, the group sponsored a dance called l22 "The Roman Dance ot Dimes." The money derived from the dance was donated to the March of Dimes. Two initiations were held by the club this year. One was held at the beginning ot the second semester ending with a trip to the snow. The second initiation was held at the beginning ot the fourth quarter. The finale ot this initiation was a swimming party. During this school year the Latin Club was under the lead- ership ot Bill Daly. X Wa .ff n PEP COMMITTEE-TOP ROXV: L. Joy, ii. Molizirry, T. Taylor, .I. Easton, and M, Henroid. SECOND ROXV: IJ. Iirudd, P. Munyon, N. XVilkins, IS. Gibson, H. Briscoe, A. XVhite, H. Petnick, and .I. Salger. THIRD KOXV: L. XVinks-lrnann, F. Munoz, G. Kirk, S. .Iac-kson. T. Blau-lu-nsa-n, .I. Milne. und L, Squier. FOURTH ROXV: P. Murray, S. Reagan, IZ. Murdock, I, Carrillo, I'. Ifidler, S. XYilc-ox, f". Wilson, and C. Yun Vvrst. FIFTH ROYV: L. NVenh0lz, L. Mosholder, S. Haney, P. Joslin, II. Schaff, Ii. Leinf-r, S. Milne, S. Ford, and BI. Morrow. ISOTTOBI ROXY: .I. Rau, .I. Leach, K. Olsen, M. Sedia, K. Dolph, S. Gazay, D. Ilallenger, N. Pitts, L. I-'reem:in, :intl Ii. Smith. NIIGNIIEIGRS NOT SHOXVN: li Paldxxell, S, Davis, M. Davison, D. Dunning, S. Plngslroii, S. Ifarel. K.G:1lion:i, K. Gleniaker, IS, Hanimsilt, S. Iflauizi, .I. Kenm-ily, IZ. Koulia, IK Kutltiier. L. Learned, .I. Leonard. K. Lindstrom. IB. Loard, L. Lomliarfl, S. Bluckensen. I". 5Il"f'HI'illX, .I. 11+-arte, .I. Miller, IJ. Mills, IG. Moore-, C. Munyon, L. Pannier, .I. Pellelin, L, Peterson, IS. Pierre. N. Raise, I'. Hour-h, .I. St"lliYtlIIlttI', U. Sc-tiulz, D. Sligr, K. Snow, .I. Stewart, D. Sli-zinlierg, S. 'TQ?l,E1'Llt+, .I. Visel, M. XX':1tkins, .I. XViIli:1ms, and L. XV.lliorn 7 ' 5 iz'.'Aiftg , JOHN GOODRICH MIKE HENROID President Vice President ' .I + 6 1 g li 2 I 'I Lima l v BECKY GIBSON PAT MUNVON Secretary Treasurer Supporters of Our School Teams . . . "We need pep, pep, and more pep" seemed to be the slo- gan under which the Pep Committee worked. First and a very important activity of the year was the for- mation of the committee. The 'sign up campaign,' as it was called, was very effective in recruiting new members. Pep rallys and assemblies were held to promote school spirit. Multi-color posters with alliterated slogans were posted throughout the campus. Skits showing the Colonists' ability in sports were given during the assemblies. Special emphasis was put on the traditional Anaheim-Fullen ton football game. A pledge to "Beat Fullerton" was placed in the front hall and was signed by most AU students. ln addition a pep rally was held in the patio. Activities were held throughout the year under the able supervision of Robert Mallender. l23 Made up ot boys taking a cadet train- ing course is the Colonist Torch and Saber Club. Adviser tor the cadets is Donald Merritt. Highlighting the year for the boys was the Tenth Annual Military Ball held Satur- day, March 22, in the school study hall. Reigning as queen was Joan Moschenko. Participating in several rifle matches kept the cadets busy this year. Military and i TORCH AND SABER-'FOI' RONV: Henry Goodwin, Robert Little, Hill Mvnle-y, :md Nm'111:111 Gallup, SICUUNIJ RUVV: .lim A111le1'so11, I!11r'ky lVll'2H'l1ilI', have G:1v01'e:111, :md ltuvid liuswi. li0'l"l'0M ROVV: .lov Kmil, .lorry SllVQI'lIl!lll, 1321111011 lVl0llllK't', :ind Howard Milla-1'. Radio Minded Boys . .. s s RADIO CLUB 'FOI' ROXYZ .lim l'111'Izv1': Gary Sli1'1':1!3 :mil llllli0l'll S111i1l1. KtiI,l'N. SICVUNIF IIUXYZ liiljlllltllll H4-ld, Kl1l'll.X: l.01e11 N5'l:1111l: :incl K1-illi f'I'fJlIllI, l!O'I'- TUNI IIUXYZ liii-l1:11'4l 'l'l11ll, KHYNY3 .Im-1'f111i111u Klwls-i1'os, KIQSXYQS 111141 1.51111 XY:1kv-- Iii-lil, KNIIKUII. NllCXllZliliS NUT SHUXYN: 11111: Ke-iIl1, IiX15KlDY:z111-l .lim l':1ss111u1'c-, 14xta1.x'1' l24 Open to boys interested in radio oper- ation and to boys taking radio as a sub- ject is membership in the Radio Club. The club has been under the leadership of Buford Smith during the last tour quarters. This groups main purpose is to help each member get his "ham-radio" license and to help in their radio operation. GIRLS' RIFLE TEAM-TOP ROXV: Billie Johnson, Linda Nahlen, and Limln Smith. SECOND ROVV: Joan Moschinko, Donna Ray, and Beverly NVeTisTer. ISOTTOM HOW: Patty Purshall, Janet Allman, Geneva Garber, :ind Judy Spi.-ncrer. MEMBERS NOT SHOXVN: Rae Garrow, Drenie Katz, Judy Kc-:ic-h, Delores Lonn, and Judy IXletf'riIT'e. Armed with Rifles or French Open To any girl aT Anaheim High is The Girls' Rifle Team. This year The girls were supervised by Mrs. Cora WaTTers. To Teach The girls The proper way To handle and care Tor a rifle is The purpose of The club. Working with The Torch and Saber Club in many acTiviTies including The Mililary Ball kepT The girls busy This year. "Bonjour Mon Ame," is one of The ac- knowledgemenTs used by French Club mem- bers To greeT one anoTher. This club's main purpose is To creaTe an inTeresT in The French language and culfure. Membership in The French Club is open To sTudenTs who are Taking French or have Taken iT. During The last Tour years, iT has been under The sponsorship of Jack Copen- hover. . l FFEENCH CLUB-TQP ROXVZ G, Kolilitz, C. Ogle, D. Starr, and .IA C'opei1liaY44r'. SET'- OINDYRQXX: MQ. Sedia, K. Galiani, D. Lumley, A, Iixirtosli, and All Uzimpliell. BOTTOM ROXK : X. Martin, S, Gazay. P. Brown, and A. Mitiman. l25 l 'ith ' A f tw Qs: " 1 A Z ROTO-HI 'FUI' HOW: 'l'. Will, tl. ,liilirismn :mil 'I' Nlvriw-II SICVONID IJJXN. I.. XYilImr. U, Ogle, Ii, l'rc-sli, G. AI'llllll', l", Olson, :uid F. 1'uim.ngli:im. 'I'llllll1 IIUW1 XY. llmlui-, .t, Viiinniinus, 'I' tl'll, N. Iluorl, .l. l'1lliI, lb, .lotmsun, N. ltlontgotm-ry, :md .I. Godwin. If'OUli'I'I-I HUXY: .XI. xYl'llIlI1lII, .I. l':nIk:t, V. XK':it'tivi', XY. lit-mtllm-, S. lili-lsil, M. llllltilillltr l,. XX 'nllruw-, :intl l', l5m'lttt:1rd. l!O'l"l'0lXl ROVV: 'l', lVluc-kensen, S. .l:u'limm, .l. Ililmgi-res, J. l':ii-mivlimrl, 1' 'IH-ri-5, 41, ltmilg. lt. IwIllv:ulm,.l. VYIll1lll', .l. l'Ullll'l',1lllIl IA. Nivlson. MItlMl!ltIliS NOTSI-lONVN: .l. Asltlim, M. llllllllN'I'l, K, Ititlpli, .l, l'I:islmi, lt. .linltntg li, Ki-mp, V, Kit-Il-i-, .l, Mivln-Ismi, ti Morris, I.. Nnhlvn, IZ, Slwrvi', :ind .l. VYillis. Speech and Drama Main Obiective as it ,exe f, ' af W 1111 X. ms. ROTO-HI OFFICERS -'FOI' ROXY3 Neil lloml, S1ll'Lf"llIll-Ill-Jll'!llhf llillie- ,liyhnsintl ttiisiuvss lll2lllZlQt'l'f :tml limi l'l':-stu, pri-si-l-'lil. li4Vl"l'OXl HONY' ,Img Vfilkfi, st-t-it.-1:1135 and Shirley lilertsoy xiu- pri-sill:-ut. IZ6 Having the distinction of being the newest club on campus is the Roto-Hi. Roto-Hi is a campus branch ot the Rotary Club and is sponsored by the Anaheim Rotary Club. Plans for the club were made early in the first semester, but the actual formation of the club was held back until the beginning ofthe second semester. Roto-Hi is primarily a drama and speech club. A good many ot its activities were related to speech and oratory contests. Any student interested in speech and drama is welcome to join the club. This semester's activities were highlighted by the presentation of the play, "The Curious Savage." This play replaced the traditional junior ploy. Both Nat- ional Thespians and Roto-Hi sponsored the play. Howard l-lovey is the instructor who was chosen as more adviser for the club. HOWARD HOVEY Adviser lb IUXY: It t'l:1t'lx. GAlVlNlA Pl-'FOI' ROXY2 II. Shzlwver, V, Nei-ly, R. 'l'l1ill, Ii. Held, ll, Sliriwil, IJ, llomlgf-, 'l'. XX'ill, :tml Il, Xlmik. SIGUOY .l. XX ermfr, .l.P2llk21, T, Hill, N. Holmerls, J. Alif'l11tl!-KOH, NI. Miller, :init V. O'lli'2i-ii ISO'I"I'ONI HOXYQ J. l':irl--r'. .l. 'l'u1iieIfi, li ISzii'uli:ii'il, ll Suit' tiers, C',g0glt', M. llolsler, :ind G, Gr'lg.:f.Es, INIEMIIIGHS NOT SI'-IOXYN: A. Nlassivullfl, M. All'lS1l4'l', IZ. Nlnxxllmi, ll Slut-ll' r, li l'li:i'i, I,. Simil- son, D. Starr, .l, Sl6lI'IlllI'Kif'lll'l', and D. XVh:1rlmi To Learn about Another new organization this year is Gamma Pi, a physical science club. The purpose ot the club is to stimulate an interest and knowledge in physical science. Chosen as adviser for Gamma Pi was Joseph Carter. Any- one that had had or was taking any science was eligible to ioin, At the meetings the members discussed current science topics, and participated in projects and activities deal- ing with physical science. lnstead of only hearing speeches given by teachers and seeing movies, they also enjoyed talks and demonstrations given by their tellow members about private collections or proiects. Among the several tield trips that were taken by the group was a trip to the Richfield Research Center and one to the Los Angeles County Museum and Grittith Park Observatory. For a service project Gamma Pi donated a bioscope to the school. JOSEPH CARTER Adviser Science Was Fun Q 5 .1 , Edu' ,,, - V , XM 1 ' tv V' 'XV 02. 1 ,Y ' t ' 3 5' ' fi i f ' g jy ef f , ,445 .I me .i ,gy f X- m.,..' J, Y- , ,twffy Y , VIM,ykAJ,,s....,uhm.,f.,, We 1 f UM, ,X K , .,,,,.,,,,4pWu,..w M. U p" 5, 4, 'V "' 'n"'6"" , 2 K I , 7 lx ,Z I . V-- '9 QP V C J' 'cf ' i . 1, , X f ,,x. Q ii , Q ,.r, , . 1 I . 6, ir-2, ' " it , ff 1 . f' -' , W Q i 7 fyia :pg I f - i L :fe if A- 1- f , Q, ff i ea f array 1 C71 Q., H -z'i"i"f?Ei'5.W? ff f fs--s', -.Mon A, GAMMA Pl OFFICERSZ liiiliw rriiii I iiivslfa- ,i, 1 :fiiim 'ii ri-1zLi'x-tix--islitx-I1:tml l'lilll1ii lluiiilwiiil xlw pit-sim nt. .1 .Jf" l27 .Ml a t QNX 7 1 I ,f al' I 6 'f :' ..,.f" 'TAF' N... 'U IYIEMBERSVAND QFFICERS: IZ1-xi-rly XYumIi'liI'I', prvslrli-lil: :tml Imax JXIIII It-It-rsim, xim- pri-sith-ul. UI-'I"Il'I41Il NWVI' SIIUXYN: Lynn I,ltIlllHll'1I, sm-r1-- l:1l'y. Now completing its second year ot existence is the Safety and Welfare Committee under the direction ot Lawrence Decker. Any student at school was eligible to sign up tor membership on the committee. By separating into ditterent committees during the year, the members took care ot the halls, patroled the school boundaries and cafeteria during the lunch per- iod and recreation, and watched the parking lot and the tront lawn. One week was set aside tor a satety week, during which a car check was held. Cars failing to pass the check were not allowed to park in the school parking lot. Working Together tor Safety . . . SAFETY AND WELFARE COMMITTEE-'l'ltI' IIHXY: ll, Iiulvlilz, IS. S:i11iIi-Vs, RI, Itnvismm, 'I' 'I':i5I.n-, li. XX'unlI1'i1lt', BI. IQISIIIAIIIIIIL :in-I IZ Iliws-1-nt. SIGVUNIJ IIUXYS .I, I'1lIIm:i1i, I.. IIUIPI' sim. V. l'Il1wl'. Ii. S1-itlolilf RI. IiI'2III11'I', :mil Ii Ixxusltitn. 'I'llIICIt IIUXY: If, Olson, Ii, Itvriiiits I', ltnmixlvr, I.. tIvI'l'i-rin, A, Itiilty, V. .luyn--s Il. I'11I'I't-r, :mit S, IJ:ixiI.1. I4'UI'Ii'I'II IIONY: IL lil-l'i'5111:i1i, Il Nlllrrziy, Il. I'iI'2iZIt'I', .I. Nliliw. N 1'I1:mxlwt'f, :Intl lt, Slmwuxx. I!U'I"I'ONI IIUNYZ 'I' Ihnwli-li, I,, XYIIIIXUIIIIIIII, V. Klorris, I'. .livslni Il. Svlizililf I.. I.umlt:i1'1l, :uni I', I:llI'IIt'S. NIICNI- IIICIIS X1l'I' SIIOXYXZ NI, .Xllnli-Vsult, .I. lim-Qi' NI. I!i'vmt:11-, Il. Ilroxxxi, I,, l':isn-In-vip .X. Vis- ' IIKI'ltb, .I. I-Iiiuli, .l. l"I':tM'l', S. IIJIII11, XI, Hitti- rui-I, IC, .In-liliiiis, I'. Iiitlwvll. I., Iiiilmlxi. Ii I,i1iitsti'int1, XI. Nlrlrliti, l'. RIIZXIIIUQ, .I. XI'-'iii-A XI Nlimlwq 'If Nzikzulsiitm, IZ. Ulm-ii, .I llrlrUI'IIv' V, Ilziiiw, .I. Iicrvlu-, Il. Iluuullzl. XI, Sntislliiry .I Sl-xxsirl, I,, Yilisrti, V. XX':ir't1t'1', :intl It Xtnslilliirvi l7Q Though the membership of Hi-Y is small, this group had a very busy and eventful year. Members of the club worked in conjunction with the Tri-Hi-Y in some of the most important projects. Two of these were the Y Carnival, the purpose of which was to raise money for the World Service Fund, and Youth in Anaheim Day, which is the day that the youth takes over the duties of city officials for one day. During Easter vacation members of the group took a trip to Yosemite National Park. Any boy of high school age was able to become a member of this group. VW, Wx """'-had HI-Y SENIORS-TOL' ROXV: Ron NX'i1lv111', and Imvict Jones, SICVUNIP ROXY: lloug' XVasl1liurn, Iiill Mathias. and lAlI'l'y Vlzirk. IIOTTOM HOXY: Vit- k'l:n'k, Alun Hlll!lZlll,!EI', and Iiolv NX'e-sllmnuk. MI'IMl5IiIi NOT SHUXYN: Ilunmn xlUlll'N'i'. Hi-Y ls Gpen to Every Boy . . . M1 f l gg! c Q lift HI-Y JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES - 'FOP HOXY: Flint Stark, unri .Iohn Visel. SICFONIJ HOXV: Mike Maxon, George- tirngiq, and tilnke Ifenni-ll. THIHIJ HOXV: Loren Pzmnnivr, Mutt Davison, and Tony Taylor. BOTTOM KOXY: Dave Iivrtch, John Euston, and Vhuvk ftstvorrl. MEMBERS NOT SHOVVN: Hay Ilwilly, Gail Uurlson, Alan l'l1:inc'ell0r, Ilvfl' Vope-lzuirl, flil Gerard, Mike: Henroifl, Gordon Kolflitz, 'I'hrmms Knox, Tom Leo, Gail Mr-Vloufl, Rudy Iwrm, ,lim l'r'oxmire. .lim Reed. .lzxvk Huirihnrflt, Ibivl-4 Svaliy, Gary Sc-hultz, Gary Sll"IJJlF1l, lilr-ml Stockwell, ltzivisl Slrzimllwrf, :mil Iiill Tlifmia- SUN. l29 Any Girl A Having another successful and fun-filled A--Q. year were the Tri-Hi-Y girls. As in years 'vi 'Q' past the girls were guided by Nan Moore. WN, Q Any girl at Anaheim is eligible to join one Y ,Y of the many separate clubs in Tri-Hi-Y. Starting off the year was an installation of officers for the officers of all the sep- arate clubs. Training sessions were also BUFFIE STORY Lou ANN PETERSON JOANN SMITH held for the Officers To better acquaint Council President Council Vice President Council Secretary them with their duties. Induction for all the girls was held in January. As always it wosa worth-while and memorable occasion. Ten students were chosen to represent Anaheim at the Youth and Government Conference at Sacramento. The bill that the delegation presented was passed by the committee and the assembly. Highlighting the year was the Cinderella Ball which was again held at the Disneyland Hotels Gourmet Restaurant. Lois Casebeer was crowned "Cinderella" with Marsha McGaughy and Dora Wolin chosen as iunior and sophomore representatives respectively. Dr. Clara B. Hale spoke to the senior girls and the mothers at different times of boy-girl relationships. Among the many proiects supported by the girls was a world service carnival. 44 Can Belong to a ss, DIANE CLIFTON LINDA HEFFERIN i Council Treasurer Council Historian '-W' .f WW ' an -1. aj If 'sf WW -, ,Y ,I X .1 TRi.Hi.v SENIORS-TOI' IIONY: .I, Porte-r, .l, Young, J. Holanrl. I..Stex'ens, 13. Johnson, M, Bender, N. XVelch, D. Olsen P Laiola M. Keller, .l. Iiairlvsnn, A Haney, li Stivgler. and M. De-Joni. SI-IPONIB HOW: L, Mendez, L. Peterson, R. Stanley. J. Burgess, L. Nahlen, J. .I:u'kson, N, Vlniitilie-t's, .I, Milne-. J. Ifltirle. G. Pzirsons, if Yan V+-rst. TI-IIHIJ ROVVZ E, Flscohedo, J. Boegfi V- ACf0IL D- MOI'I'0Vl', G. Kirk. P, Ifiiiler, V. .Iaynvs, A, l7nI'l'y, S. Davila. II. IPeJap:er, K. Gif-maker, I,. XVenhoIz. :ind V. Schiitz. FOURTI-I ROVV: G. Carmona, H. XVoodrL1ff. IJ. lf:-Ill-niirn, I,. XVnIilrup, M. Linqiiist, G. I'iiffer, .I, IVat+-rrnnii, L. .X2'I'f'll, L, Uziselieer, L, VVoodrome, J. Smith, K. Morimoto, J. Thomason. I", Mr-Aliley, and M, Jett-r. IIO'I'TOMH0IY1 U. Te-rry, Ii. Story, K. Linrlslroni. ID. Vlifton, I., Hefferin, J, Campbell, J. Brown, J. L4-fzuzll, J. Rain. IC. Sniitli, .I, Svliiinniifr, M. AI2il'IittlISt'Il. T. Mac-kensen. I', Murray, and N. I-'niilknf-r. MEMBERS NOT SHOVVN: C. Moore, M. Robinson, J, Iinffinuton. Ii. IH-tty. S. Sliakoinn, RI, Strong, K. Yoniigrnnn, IC. Ze:-gler, Ii. Garrow, I Phillips, D. Rogers, D. Bergseid, J. NYelJSter, .I Spenu-r, I.. Nelson, .l. llnruzitz, 43. Kinsi-5, U, Meyer, A. Story, I'. Stirrsil, V. Ilnlsem, J, Hoare, J. St. Pierre, V, Mauck, F. Vanderbuilt, H, NVQ-lvli, M. Iientler, J, Usborne, Il, I'rori-1-, S. Mi-l'omnion. .I. Scholl, .I. I-'iori-ntino, G, Ilrnnn, .I. Smith, C. Steelmun. D. Olnev, .T, Stzmley. G. xYlHSi'IlIIl, .I. Iingli, IC. Hint-S, K, Apuzir, S, Str-Ilhorn, D, Snr-ll, S. Ilrnwn, G, Halvorsrfn, P. Rehse, E. Head, P. Henyon, J. Fetters, J, Npierm. U, Ni-lson, J, Smith, M. XYnkv-field. and M, XYilr+-. I30 TRI-Hl-Y SQPHOMORES-TOP ROVV: P. Cranston, S, Stl-elman, S. Patterson, K, Smith, C. Jordan, Ii. Cross, and S. Krastel. SICCONIW HOVV: VV. Miller, A. Bartosh. L.VSquire, M. Morrow. R, Hojorquez, t'. Munoz, L. Hensley, D. Stewart, J, Hatliff, K. Thornton, S. Ik-titt. :intl N. Callahan. THIRD ROVV: M. Sedia, D. Danhoff, K, Perkins, M. Jenkins, G, Hawkins. D. Peter, A, Davis, G. Adler .l. Easton K Nlt Henry, J, XVaterrnan, J. Maas, J. Mickelson, and S. Vande-rhoven. IZOTTOM HOXV: IS. Olson, I,. Monell, P. Hauvl-Q, S.'Luzafler, Ilrlown R. Iieaman, M. Fellhaumr, D. Vtfolin, P. Kier, P, Deffner, J, Peek, R. Long. K. Olson, and S, Milne. AIEMISERS NOT SHOXYN: I.. Herrick D. Dickenson, M, Deed, S. Sorrick, J. Slade, V, Martin, N, I-Iarvev, S. Yellis, I-Z. Tumley, P, Schrott. J, Yotingmark, H. Uustalov, I.. H+-liroke H. Mievahner, H. Lindle, C. Healy, M. Coley, N, Iiell, C, Currier, Q". Endicott, S. Woodruff, J XVeaver, P, Ott-v, G Slaffortl, t' Paslanti It Motty, G. Cummins, D, Nankervisi, P. I-iilter, .I. I-'1-ancher, A, Davis, D. Iiagleson, T. Callaway, S. Olson, K. Pitts, If. Strwtnn, A.,I'aul, .l, llfrii- , ser, L. Peterson, M. Bounous, Sloan, and I. Kirkhart, 45" Tri-Hi-Y Group " JANE THOMASON CAROL VANDERBUILT ,. V Council Worship Chairman Council World Service Chairman 1 TRI-HI-Y JUNIORS-TOP ROXV: L. Fzirrell, H, .lV'4:'tlllCl'i, li, l3rist'0e, A. XYlftite, J. Visel, S. Svhwilk, M. liI'Hlll+"f', M Nlzirliii, l., XYiiiltwlrii:iiili 11. Johnson, P, Murray, C, Stevens, K. Sc-hultz, and S. Troutman. SECOND HOXY: L. Ilakker, M. Hilge-iifelal, IS. S.Atlloi'l', Ig, l,q,,,y-il, gr 1g,,Q pert, J, Rau, .I. Moore, IC. Zelnar, K. Larkins, A, Armstrong, L. NVallace, M. Nic-rmann, and U. Sinnmf-rs, THIRD IUJW: t'. l'iiiiii-i, AI, Olvt-ra. IZ. Scliziff, P, Joslin, C, Morris, P, Dinkler, M, Campbell, S. Ford, L. Freeman, M. Pitts, I., Moshnlfler, t', t'.,lilwf-ll, '11 Iznrfll-ii, :iii-I 13, llerrymzin, FOURTH ROXV: L, Johnson, J. Kennedy, C. Frederico, D. Ilallenger, M. Maylierry, Ib, Alorzan. S. H--:i,::iii, I', liar-ry, .l, 'l'UllS- sau, S. Engstrom, S. XVilt'ox, M. Mc-Gaughy, S. Barnes, K, Rainey. J. Hitchcock, and L. Peterson. IitJ'I"I'URI Iitaw: Ii, Iii-pt-isnii, .X, .xfnsizt .I. Brownell, IZ. Murdoch, XV. XYylie, N. Mushegain, G, Howard, S, Davis, M. Xllitts, S. Javkson. V, XYiltsi-, Ii, Sniirli, K, 1.4, wx, :intl ,II XYillis. MEMIBERS NOT SHONVN: K. Elliott, J, llalcli, J. Ilurk, BI, Koehler, D. Link, X.Haninic,nitl. P, lit-llinure, X, I:i,flfl,iii,IS I4x'.snin i 17 I1 ilt I .l. Downs, J, Louerin, J, Meade, S. Peterson. P. Davis, .I. Pullman, Il. Sedlott, C. Srlif-iw'-, , .'s', ', Iiitriitls, I., I,.,,xl.:.tAfl, AI, 'I.:iiilI. sv 2 Harris, M. Haminatt, I, Ilaker, L, VVilliurn. J. Godwin, N. Montgoniery. P. Carswv-ll, G, I-Earp, ti Frelliliri, l', Nliirplix. .l, .NIiiii..i, 1, l,.'.,,,-. ned. IS. liandlow, L, Fowler, S, Nall. J. Chandler. IS. Johnson, P, Iilake. Il. Steel, l'. Hzielantl, V, Kraft, IZ, Kiiif. I. Xliifirv-, li, f:i.ri.,.A',, .l. Godwin, K, Larkins, C, XVilson. D. Hill. V. Strom, J, Sctiglione, I.. Hamilton, X, llnrke, S, XX'ilkins, .I. Bloor-t-, li, xx'iii,,,,,,,- lj. g.'li,,,V jr Collins, H, Pusso, M. NVynne, G. Hein, P. NVebster, J. XYilliams, I. Laiiiliert, ll, Huntly. IZ., I-'rnziviy I.. I-Iiiiwistiil, X, Sri-nm, tl. wgii,,,,,,,' -5, Allniatn. and .l. Palka. l3l xi x fix f J 'RX X4 gt?f"p I ff 5 ff i m f x Recall Clubmcates with ' Q Y Signatures N 0 UR J -I ' X ,I , X. if X if Ai U U I X f N l32 "Ticke+sI Would anyone like Io buy a +icke+?" is The en'I'husias+ic plea of sludenfs selling Iickefs for +he varied evenfs. Dances, plays, shows, and many more, +hrough Ihese, Colonisfs learn as fhey play. Here, I'he accenl' on ac+iviI'ies, is educafion "beyond Ihe classroom." When serious sI'udy is coupled wilh exfra-curricular acfivifies, Ihe Colonisls presenl' 'Ihe plays . . . speak +he speeches . . . no+e fhe news . . . make +he music . . . sing +he songs . . . and conquer Ihe challenge. Picfured on Ihe opposile page are s'ruden+s preparing +o decorale for +he Chrislmas formal. Behind fhe mosl' successful ac'I'ivi'Iy is efforl' and cooperafion. Connies and Clems appoinled hard-working commiH'ees Io make possible 'rhe decorafions +ha+ were admired by all and +aken home by some for a scrapbook. Relief of The 'Iension each has borne since fhe plans were made 'For fhe big evenl has finally come. Now 'Ihe gym is dark and Ihe decorafions are gone-only I'he memory of Ihe las? dance remains. Many have worked +hroughou+ ihis year Io make each even? Ihe besl ever and 'ro make il possible for each of us 'ro reap Ihe benefifs of a full campus life .... ACTIVITIES 7-.WN . , ff. ,,..,,w6m -f-W. ,., , -5 -1--...M 2 f,- ff , , , ,gc M' Z q,gfLjI5,gr'1 The Colonist Sioff LEADERS AND LENSES-Apparently highly pleased with their work, Leo Crahtree, yearbook photograph- er, :ind Mir-ki MacDonald, administration editor, look over pictures of the executive and faculty personnel. Huw l 'S xy XVI:1scfl1i11, ,DFYA1 t N f, t h f- y pro venrliook swf , ,ij i - ,. ptr ' We , at ' I A., e Q , lab i Q ss, ff-'I PSF EFFICIENT EDITORS-Darlene Rogers, right. 6dilQ"' in-chief: and Jane Roland, her associate editor, wlnlv being.: supervised by Larry Quille, adviser, check prog- ress ot' the annual. X 'fn 'If ma-1 RD, P' .gf l , K .ggi ,g ..,. e ETAR- IES--lxmlping' tails on :ull school, soc inl :ict- tivitifes ko:-ps Marilyn Yellis, right, :incl .Iucly l'cn'tvr, center, club , editors: a n fl fl :L y lt-It, nvtlv- ities 4-ditor lnlsy :ls pure lhvir 'tions, f r l t C socmt SIECR UICIS 'IIS ook.. . B . I T O B 'X SPORTS SCOREKEEPERS-Kick-offs, free throws, ,, ,,. and home runs appeared in copy, pictures, and page K , .K ,, layouts, when the sports division was completed, .lim f "5 q, Hopkins, athletics editor and annual artist., works it 1 f ' "ff with his associate editors, Chuck Munyon, and Ron Carmel, at the right. ll , , ,,4c- , tc M X 'K il t-.-... Q-it ,4,,, CLASS CHRONICLERSiAdluirimZ ons- of thvirt'l:1ss- nmtf"s pliotogrnplxs, Sliirlwy Shakoinn, left, junior 4-lass wiitor: Judy Young, cn-ntvr, senior class editor! und Linda Ste-H-ns. right, SO1JllOIll0l'+' vlass 1-rlilor alplinlvetizv, tile, and paste down a total of 2,3011 pie- tnrt-s xxhilv coniposing the student body portion ot this book, I36 M144 .. f V r f -N r e 'ffgrwf lf' , f ' K nf, fr, f are f-' it if j nmgfgf, A .,.' ' "'Q'2,l' nn ggfifvf- ,E ' 44 xr. t 6. yd- r F-nnrir ,,,,t if ,vfaglsp M , :J ,., , t 4, I, -gtg yfrefglgk fl - ,f. , rr rr X f A V' L. f, 'ill JL,-H bg? Nw. Completing his lust year at AU, llill Fook is shown with several ol' his music' organizations, Hvzltl of Ihv' music department. Mr, Pook has instructed the instrumental musir' students at Anuhe-ini for 19 years. His plexus- unt' personality and guiding' hand will be missed next year. Directors Lecicl the Way to Music Q. ffm .. 3 wf N Q- in f . ' F 4' New lllis yeur nt Anulivim High S-vhool was .lamli Paris, vocal insii-nc'lor. Hv iii:-wtwl tlnl inf-nk :lf--, at girls' glnw Class, the Iivl-Airs, and the Anaheim A Cappella. Colonist. and Mozart Ulioirs, It is xiii-it-1-smml rlirii nvxt year hw will take over the guidnnve of the instrumental nuisic civpux-tiin-rit. l'lt'llll't'll :tllmv :uw Nitin uv' the groups he has assisted throughout the year. I37 ,.- .. .,.. -... ...... W . .ef 14 1 mm f J V, , f f, .y T f ,, fx 1.4 fg, ig, 199' W F f W" 1 hr, W, W, Mmm Z l wi 4 W C 1 'i C9 x 1 1 Q., Vmfw mf 'Salk gb, .,,fES5S3la 'Z 1 12 YI Q E fx -1 Hx -4 as :c 3' li .1 'X -1 zi Q 2 2 as Q -- 6 f- cv E 'l. f5 6 E ,LC 1, 0 Q 'E C11 f- - P. 4, ,.. .- P. .- 'JJ r-l Z Q, m: - ,li 2 E ,: .. 4 Z .T .V 1 ? .1 4- 1 2 I U7 a: m m E m 2 Q z 4 m r- Z' Z O .J O O A 1 S 2 ki .J .J QD 5 Q4 H cl 's C 'S Q 14 4 C as 3 O E 5 o iz Z 5-L1 6 X C ua .IZ 'L O -1 4 P4 fi .C E Z ill O ,. 6 6 5 fl - 1, 5 1 .Q Qt C C1 .. W oi .J L. F If Q, +1 73 A :E 2 cz cd 0-3 un 3 sl Q9 O : GJ Q w A 5 U C aa Q1 Ch Q L., 7' E rg mv .5 - H C fn O ui Q1 C O E Jill! Cf 6 6 O C lf O 4 ni -- u L. 4 .-.4 6 fi 2 E L Q A -Q Z. L 7: L, Q. A CJ Q Q, :L 5 '11 fn SG .. 71: N '73,- ': : ,- - O m C11 d 4. 4. 9 Q W Q 2 w C as -4 .- 5 c Z - 11 E -, .- ' . J -f. 1' 'C w I V, P 1 I1 .. 2 Z, fv- -,, ...LF wi if P' E if r ? P' 0 T: ..-,. 4---Z vi ... - CD u C O U tl? 'O O l- CJ fifth in two ed GT port cip hey T ond Tv O .C u .A SD .C 2 45 GJ - u U lx .E U .- L Q2 u osm ond were U5 enth 'U C U it sployed fine spzr L5 VI .. an .Q E GJ E 'O C 0 .Q E C 2 o U cv .C -4. ident, S Fe P eir th U1 O an if Q. E Lf! C O D 'U C C I- .9 U CD .': 'O 6 5 U1 C .X O O U 2:5 E -I1 LI1 L .I- 'Lul 7 , - '..-4 4 Z 5 -A i-1 P 5 :T ai : o W 75 1 : 'Z Z N T: E .v ,J A 'ri C if fl 5 3 Q I '15 5 Q D H 4 6 5 F' o r L3 Z O U Q Z 11 N Z' 11 P f 7. -4 C : d C Z 4: Q H-4 PH P. u .L I -J -. P f A V M ,-1 ,- .f T D Z 4 CD D .1 O C3 fd LIJ IJ .I LD ."T' ., Lim A 7 4 i-. 4 Q -o Z'u 1, M .i .J ... o U I Q 5 aa I : an A. ,-4 -5 E O E If Q, CU U 4-1 A Ci 12 W L 5 f. ,- H l r O I fx -1 I .- IE F f. E L 'v Q A E-1 5 L" 1' ..... Z .f Z 1 -v- -. L Z O GJ w -Q 'f L Z if ff E Z I P Q I. ll : S U Q: 'E Z U 4: F5 rf' ii 5 : o E ,- I O Q i.. A '-S m. 2' S Lr- r-I A Z UL o DZ .i 5 .1 ai "s -4 'U 0 o 5 : la L 5 o ,J Z Lf. P Z A cf M ffl Mx 7-1, 37: . A .,r' .fi 'zz Z, LvL L: a great deal. mplished CICCO Band Gold nd heim's Blue a I'1O nce, A year of existe .- va L -4- its 9 urin D 6 C ff aa 'E ... O .- 'E D U V, 42 15 .fl .: Q3 -E ..- o .. L o a. o 2 a V1 0 3 V1 .Q 3 E ua VI I0 a -a C o V1 ru E .. Q. GJ Q. .. o c.. U3 .E Fx 2 CL ei 'c GJ .. U .: Q2 .C .. o .. V1 .9 ..- 'S ': U o CD E ': . r a .C rx .71 'O C O V1 ID u C O .. o rv a. Q. a CU E a ov tbcil OO ine D have 97' Th -+- 'ri E U .a ffl VI cs L .Q 4 o C o GJ .. o Dx an .C .. .. a .C .- 'G the ta in U6 uniq Fe they a Band, U9 orchi hool M Sc gh helm Hi rlorrncinces have pe HC f Their be proud. th s band has a great deal of which to Cook, eir instructor Bill th by uided G S. O Le uie Lo sident fe P eir h s t G elected FS ernbe ITT The l. wel S SG eopl nsp l'OW he AU but by t f YO OCUT t students and by the enjoyed not only been Lx! -0 S 1 STRING ENSENIBLE 'l'0l' IUJXY: li. ldmtslruin, V. Sl'-vm-its, l', W1-Instr-r, li. Cook, M. Prof-lor, U. lflyrm, K. Milllulti, f'.f'llIITllltlIll2lH1, 'l'. Mor- l'ilI, :tml 42 XX'mulA. ILIt'I"l'1tM HUXY1 l'. l-tzmvlti-V, V. Nlurris, ll, .lirlllnsmn M, M:11'4'mim-l, S. l'iUSl1'l', li. .l0llllSOll, IS. Sll'1lI'll2lI'l, :md l'. llinklvr, Strings, Spirit Prove Entertaining . . . VQWHEJ ff? ,...,..4..3i PEP BAND Jroi' now: H. .im-ksun, :mil 11. XXX-itz:-l. SIGVUNIP HOW: ll. Unptrtzltiit. A. .l:wkson, Ii. Smith, li. Sl1rodc.r. IJ. the-t, :ni-t It, I3--rlvlm. 'l'HIlilt ROXYZ .I. Mctkwitiitmtis. IC. I'z1rx'1n l' Turn --ry IZ. Xl.-Vnnrtl--es, Xl. l'1lI'lfU'l', :unit ll. .lu-411--s. lfOl'll'I'H HOXY: T. Xloslt--rilxu, It. Svoll, I.. l,i-us, ll. S1-:il-5, lt. Slzllil--s, Bl. lluw, :mit Bl. Il:1zx:u-tt, Iggyl-'1'0Nl HOW: Xl. Su-ettlflm-lx, l.. 111'-Leiiwaori, D. V.-nlnt.i-A, li. IH-rw-x, :uni .I th-nllvy. STRING ENSEMBLE-Providing pleasant melodies tor all the school plays, the Girls' League Fashion Show, a YMCA Easter tea, AU's annual tootball ban- quet, and baccalaureate was all accomplished by this year's String Ensemble, under the capable baton of Bill Cook. Also on their schedule were performances for the Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions Clubs, church meet- ings, and the PTA. PEP BAND - Twenty-six members made up the Colony Pep Band. Guided by Bill Cook, this school- spirited group brought enthusiastic music to all bas- ketball games. ln addition, they were featured in the many recreation pep rallies presented in the school patio. f X r MOZART CLUB-TOP ROVVI .I. Paris, D. Link, J. Shump I Iullm I S1001 TOM How: 11, Jenkins, P. mwriy, 'ii Knox, L. tcm-ip, .Him on ,H 0" H"l'ml Singing Specialties Featured Often MOZART CHOIR-Entertaining at the fifth grade concerts, AU's Christmas and Easter assemblies, and the annual spring "pops" concert provided Anaheim's Mozart Choir, guided by Jack Paris, with an active year. They also made many special appearances in- cluding the opening of the Walter Knott School and the annual music festival at Naples, where they re- ceived the first place award. BEL-AIRS-l-larmonizing their way through the ex- change assembly and the annual spring "pops" con- cert was the Bel-Airs. Accompanied by Rudy Pena, under the supervision of Jack Paris, this quartet of juniors sang for service clubs, the ICC dance, "Spring Fever", and the YMCA Easter tea. GIRLS' GLEE 'VIII' IIIIXY I', I'l':4l1.-blml, .I S:lI,xf-I, X Ilulnwlwr, I., Mmnn-, .I. IZ:1I4'II, M l':un1pIn-II, N. Ilulrirlsml, I NIIIII N NIIIIINII II:wx'1s U, All-Im-V114-,x, .I, XXII:--1m,.I .XIllu'lvIu5, IP, Inu-xw-5, .I I'l',x, I. Ixlrlx, .I. IIHIIII-I, :uml .I, XX'1I:1x4el'. SICVUNII IIUXX' NX Illll.,I . H. 4.5. ' Imp 1 X, Rlnrllu, N Ivnpgm-, XI H IIII II, A Ix Im N 141IIIns:, AI, ,XII-Iv-4-, I., IIINN-II, Ix, I'lIIs, Ix, Ilznxxsmu, S. Null I IIIIIIII XI IIIIIlI,lII IH'l'1.1 9 IIVIIIIIX 5. I1-Illl, :IIIII I IIIIIIIIIX. IIIII II IIIIX I" Xlmmlw- I' XI 1 , I W. I III I Irnni, II, I4-nlx, N, .Ium,., N I Ill Inulsu I Ilulluul N. NIllsIu'z1:Iul1 I I,I.nII1, I., WIIIIIX III 'N IIIIIIX I XIIIII5, Il, IAIIIII, I, Iufsfmu, lx, II54-, :IIIII lx. XIIII IUI IIIII IUXX N IIIIIIIJII N Iiulnpll N I unmnm, If NImxxnIII1u, I, Ifnsln-r, .I, 4'1u'v', NI, .II'IIIxIIIr1, I1 I'Ipg---I.sfu1, .I, I,l:II1m-, Ix, IMJIIIII, II. Vulxxvll, V I nll1ln I N1 1 1 lx Numhls IUIIUXII IIN I Iilnf I Ilxnlmx '4 "run I' I'1lIwnI Y I'uuxxluII II I'Iull X' I'Ilvli1'r7 NX' I'x'l'sm I Iumlll I Inlmnl , I I I . I. Il1m'II:1luI I. I'4II4'I'YlIII Il. H11-x 'In-I I. XXII 6 S? fs 233: L I l, . I . AIIII .N Il- ,: . Y I Successful Season of Songs Was FQ-ws ,, , 1 ilk Q, Tl., swf, I W ,YUUQ 17, Is. ...- 1 -..I 4- ,.:.. . Q as sII,,,,s 2, Q53 S441 W, In nv- , 4 , If Zh V ,f I W? I . 2 BOYS' GI-EE 'I'-I" Ignxx +1 VIII-we, X XEIII Zwv, Il I.--fIm:III II, Iiyvvmr, If SIIIIIII, I1,1I'1IIu1rI .Iy11I.I.I.oxxm,ur1, IMI HMI IUXX 1 IIIIII .I Mwms, Ii Hy.. ll Ig.,I.1I.,l,, I VIIIIIIIIQII-mw, It III'-4. ,lm II, Iwplxwlpml IA? ff gffwg f , f If f' ff , . 27. L, , If .I ,YQ I , . , f . , .M fr-nw W7 , 4, ' , , f X ,.., V Z I!! 3 , , ,, , f ww uw. A. , ' I "' , 7. QNAVHEIM A CAPPEI-LA CHOIR --'FOI' HOXY: .I. S+-llf-rlllrld, .I. HMI, .I. I'lr1x+111:wllx-ly I". 'I'V+AI+iI, .I. XX'I1'Ifu-V, :nhl Ii. lI:11'lIloImm-W. SICUUNIJ hQVX:V.X, Hvyes, .I, Ashlon, li. Holnzm, I". 'I'h01m1s, G. Ilivm, .I. SVIIIVIIIII, mul IZ, Hzlllim-Irl 'I'I-IIIEIJ VUXY' I.. I'e-lm-r-gun' 13. qyluf-ll, Ill 1:4-pu, svlfi, Ixi. IlIE'Hlllkf'I', H. XY:-hh, G. Kirk, IS, IJc1.I:11:v1', K, Alorinmto I.. Sie-wuxs, and Il. AIh':uIrI:1. I!fJ'I"I'0NI HHXY: .I. I':1u'vs, II, Slnnln-v, ,I lim-- K1-SS. ff. I4.l'I1:ur4I, IJ. IJVIIIIZIIIIII, .I. 'l'h0m:ns4m. NI. IJ1-.Io1r:1, .I. Smilh, If Svhlllz, AI. .If-lvr, :UNI I-1. I'1sn'oII+wlu. I Completed by Anoheim's Choirs if' -ff' fvif' "ff ." .W f-'W f H.-Q., , . ,. ., ,-,f., .fum .1 f gm W-MH , ,I..f...... MW .. .uw hu. f. WA, -A. ,,. 4.1 I I I ' fi 43 I II I it X jf II I Q12 ,I f I f 3 V ff. ,QQ W I , ,, M , Y- rw ' In . 5 . M fe 'I I 2 I . If W 'f I I Yi, , , . ' yw - 5 QVYI , M., 2 4 . , .M , - y 'I 5 :Z ' 1 , W f S f W I gk f I T ' I 1, I ' f L -.4 X-1w-"mfwf- ,... ..Amu1vF0v COLONIST CHOIR-T01' IQONV: D. NViIIiams, D. Yom-I, .I. Hinojusu, 1I.II:m1f-I, .I. NIEISIVU, XI, Nlewfom, 1' Sifwi, NI .X14I.,...I,- Ig I,II1Ijwy' IQ Muulus, IJ. Smith, C. Johnson, D, Crzmdall, :md C, Whitlukvr. SICVONLJ IIHNY- XI, L':11Ih.r'-I, I. I.mmf:u--I. II SI.:--rg IL Ny-MII, H, X vm.. 1, XYUIIIIOIZ, S. Svhwilk, S. PL-lerson, Ii, Haillcy, J. Ifc-rm, IS, Ifirisn-oe, Ii. IH-rkinb, IJ Suxx-wx, Iv, I'12lIIIIIIlf. I. XIX.-I, I'. I1+qh.IIIrI, ln, Ip,-.,.H,y,,..1v K. QN1ll'lllIi'IlZMfI, :md .I. Paris. ISOTTOM RONY: .I. Ifurr, l.. Colvumzm, V. III-ur'-I, If UIsuu, IS. Smrb. I.. I1m':'lI.1iXI, I. In 1. -I-,-r. X Imwr. 4' Terry, S, Ilzillman, .I. Hitchcock, .I. Meudc, G. Howard. I- XVi11keIn1:uur1, IV Sluvruy. I. Zr'IlIUjlf'I,!lII1I I. llxnmm WS I43 SEPTEMBER- "Some faces were old, Some were new, Some faces were sorrowed, Some were blue". So it was as the T957-T958 school year began . . . Number of faculty members increased by 26 . . . New man on campus is Paul W. Cook, superintendent of the Anaheim High School District . . . Big and Little Sister Party was sponsored by Girls' League . . . "Hello Hop" was held in Study Hall . . . Colony eleven defeated Redlands . . . New system of citation replaced merit system . . . Student Cabinet took over management of book store . . . Sophomore PTA dinner was held. OCTOBER-Flu-weakened Anaheim squad was con- quered by Redskins . . . "Tomahawk Stomp" proved to be a sad gathering . . . Mystery, "Night of January l6th," was chosen as senior class ploy . . . Sopho- mares, seniors selected class leaders for the year . . . Marilyn Robinson was chosen FBLA president . . . Sen- ior class dinner was sponsored by PTA . . , Anaheim, Newport gamed ended O-O . . . Student Court Chief Justice was William Brooks . . . Phyllis Bradley elected state officer at FHA conference at Asilomar . . . Van- men defeated Huntington . . . Colonial Coeds held initiation . . . Eugene Lollin was voted Honor Society SCHOOL BEGINS WITH REGISTRATION TRADITION FEATURED IN COLONIAL COED INITIATION Highlights of the i958 School Year E' is SCHOLARSHIP FUND AIM OF SUB DEB SALE SPIRIT GROWS WITH PEP ASSEMBLY I44 prexy . . . Jane Thomason was honored as GAA Girl of the Month . . . Students began work on cafeteria mural. NOVEMBER-Anaheim stomped Saints in T7-O victory . . . GAA initiation took place . . . Sophomore girls' service club was organized . . . New members welcomed by Future Teachers and Usherettes . . . Beta Gamma traveled to O'Neil Park . . . Jean Miller, Norby Keolanui were homecoming royalty . . . Col- onists victorious against Garden Grove - placed second in Sunset League . . . Coeds served at football banquet . . . Roto-Hi, new speech and drama club, formed . . . Senior play cast announced . . . Bill Lar- son disclosed as Key Club president . . Marching band and Ana-Hi-Steppers participated in Arcadia and Santa Ana parades . . . Mozart Club initiated novices . . . Anaheim's B's took Sunset League title . DECEMBER-Senior play was rated big success . . . Spanish and French clubs enjoyed Christmas parties . . . Anaheim Youth Employment Service Organization received Disneyland award . . . AUHS band marched in Anaheim and Disneyland parades . . . Colony students captured four places at Novice Speech Tournament at La Habra . . . Music department gave annual Christmas assembly . . . William Parker, William Brooks, and Karen Youngman made semi- finals in the National Merit Scholarship competition f 7 GAA INITIATION IS FULL OF SURPRIZES . 4 "HELLO DAY" CONTEST WINNERS PICKED student body . . . Cinderella Ball enioyed by many . . . Danny Turner received appointment to Annapolis . . . Swim team took 8th place in CIF . . . Sophomores conducted Girls' League assembly . . . Faculty All- Stars played Harlem Clowns . . . Student Council sponsored Beachcombers' Ball . . . FFA won first place in Southern California competition with parliamentary procedure team . . . Cadets staged annual Military Ball, Joan Moshenko voted "Miss I45th' '... Benifits of foreign student exchange program told at assem- bly . . . GAA honored Daisy Nakamura as Girl of Month . . . Girls' League entertained with annual fashion show . . . Varsity club sponsored Judo exhibi- tion . . . Varsity tracksters defeated lndians for the first time in I9 years. APRIL-GAA held picnic at Irvine park . . . Open- house conducted at AU . . . Annual Easter party for handicapped children given by Coeds ...' 'Spring Fever" dance sponsored by ICC . . . Delegates from Anaheim GAA attended GAA conference at Newhall. MAY-Connies and Clems enjoyed Vocations Day . . . GAA banquet rated a success . . . Youth Day sponsor- ed by the YMCA . . . Junior-Senior Prom held at Staler I-lotel . . . JUNE-Baccalaureate attended by seniors . . . Barbe- cue and brunch enjoyed by seniors . . . Commence- ment exercises held at LaPaIma Park. Revealed in Pictures and Story . . . . . . "Greetin' Meetin"' sponsored for new Girls' League . . . Sandy Swearingen chosen GAA Girl of the Month . . . JANUARY- Shirley Boutcher left vacancy in cabinet- Charlene Schutz elected new treasurer . . . Anaheim won trophy for Beverly Hills Basketball Tournament . . . Cinerama viewed by Honor Society . . . Becky Gibson featured as GAA Girl of the Month . . . Seniors entertained with first Girls' League assembly . . . Music department presented program for fifth graders . . . ICC was organized . . . AU's chapter of FBLA took five awards at Anaheim-hosted Southern Section Conference . . . Gamma Pi went on a field trip . . . FEBRUARY-Roto-Hi, Thespians, and the drama de- partment took over sponsorship of spring play . . . "Curious Savage" was play selected . . . FBLA promot- ed friendship with Hello Day . . . Junior varsity won I8 straight contests to become first Anaheim JV basket- ball team to capture league championship . . . Carolyn Hennings selected GAA Girl of the Month . . . Youth and Government delegates traveled to state capital . . . Bill Page gave concert at AU . . . Cadets went on naval tour . . . Gamma Pi donated bioscope to school . . . Varsity basketball ended season tied for second place, B's tied for first in league, while C,s finished second. MARCH-AU presented its Exchange Assembly to CINDEFtELLA'S DREAM COMES TRUE L T ,ts - .,....,....,..,..,.......,..,,........,w,. ,.M..-..,,.....,...........,n.... ...-,,.,.... ..,. u,.....,.u . ,L .,,- ,., , .W,..,,...,.,,.-.... ,., , .... iw " ' g t i f T""'ii, 1 1' ff, -' I 2 BILL PAGE PEFKFORMS IN PATIO l45 ,M Colonist Songleaders Nlourn Defeated Foe ji! A 4 l v i X vi Jean Duranc Sings for Connies and Clems Juniors Entertain with Girls' League Assembly Schools Sociol mme I X is , ,,g?5wi4QSiQ.w'QiWf ,V A . ,, 52 5 Mira. 4 Play Presented by Drama Class fx JM, 55: '1 Av, I Q V 1 w 'iff' 2 o I gsoav-f.,,,,i,F,I 6 I if s ..-,..,,tW,...t ,, . f' 'Af vm,-: 5-I' n I- , f V K ' Bob Hatfield Featured in Exchange Assembly Nw Girls' League Put on Annual Homecoming Dance "Highland Fling" Enjoyed by Students of AU Cinderella Ball Held at the Disneyland Hotel A 3 ,, "Autumn Leaves" Was Sponsored by Junior Class 'fi' JD "Beachcombers' Ball" Brings out the Best . 'gr . 1 1-f -1 -, ' 55 ' V . Q31 ss MICK! MACDONALD Editor-in-Chief JUDY YOUNG Associate Editor FIRST SEMESTER ANORANCO STAFF-'FOI' now: M. Younis, 1.. Slvvons, I.. Quillw, D. lwg-ers, li. fun-mm, J. llimkins, 1,, w:n.n-W-, fnni 41 Mn,-yon. l!O'l"l'OM now: S. Slwlwiflll- -1- l'01'lffI'. J- Young, .I. Roland, M. M:1r'lJ0l1- :1I4i, :uni H. XX'lilSC'llill. Journolists' Efforts Were Joined by ECOND SEMESTER ANORANCO STAFFfTOI' HOXY' I Quille H Petuif-k .I XYil1is, M. Zolot, J. Milne. S. Smith, J. Hein, C. Robertson 5 . ,.. , . , ., . P4 Hmx-ill, rg, Mm-pliy, :uni 1.1, liozurlh. SIGVONIJ ROXY: I.. XVelr'h. L. Freeman, S, Davis, L. Mosholder, N. Pitts, P, Joslin, lj. Schaff 111141 U, XX'ilsil. IZOTTOBI HOXY: J. Muir. li. Edwurwis, .l. Vowles, IJ, N+-lson, M. Henroid, and H. l'a.r'ter. I48 E PRINTERS-TOP ROVV: J. Angellar, G. Saverien, D. Sens-y, R. Anderson, F. Farney, R. He-f-kerman, 12. Mathias, B. Gibb, and J. Fear. BOTTOM ROVV: D, Dmitrieff, L. Sims, R, Giordano, N. Gm-rriero, and .l. Kurk. MEMBERS NOT SHOVVN: R, Newlmerg, D. Mounce, G. Shaw, P. Baker, I-Z, Gordy, L. Yun fjSff'Yl, L. Goin, A. Moss, D. Jones, R. Liftle, J. Jay, A. Canales, T, Hall, T. Haugen, D, Harmon, Ihmirock, .l. Hall, R, VVixon, VV. Graham, V. Vlfehlm, and T. Lennrz. Prinlers', Phologrophers' Work LLOYD S. ROSS Adviser ART COM BS Pressman 2 as PHOTOGRAPHERS-TOP ROXV: Leo Crabtree, Chris l-'ly1m, Robert xYill'.E'ht'Zld, and Richard liuffner. IIOTTOM HOXY: H21l'iiiIlIl liinwx Ted VVade, adviser, and Larry Secrist. I49 Amateur Dramatists Displayed A murder trial was the scene of action, as the senior play, "Night of January l6", unfolded. The purpose of the trial was to determine whether or not Karen Andre had murdered her former employer, Biorn Faulkner. Bjorn Faulkner was a man who had swindled his way to success. ln his climb to the top, he had married Nancy Whit- field, in hopes of obtaining money from her wealthy father. He did so even though he was still in love with his secretary, Karen . Andre, who had been his accomplice in several misdeeds. Later, MARILYN sci-iALow Faulkner learned that even the loan his father-in-law arranged for him could not save his crashing business. From this point on, midnight plane rides, mysterious disappearances, mistaken identities, gangsters, and a rendevous in South America were all included in the fast-moving drama. With Beulah Bayless encouraging them as their director, the seniors turned in a performance that was rated a tremendous success. SHIRLEY BLETSO SENIOR PLAY CAST-'FOI' ROXY: D, Heed. IC. Reynolds, Ii. Johnson, F. Crain, and J. Roland. SECOND ROXVZ J. Muir, J, Ashton. .I, NYM-k+-r, G, Sediu, and Ii, If'-nton. THIRD HOXV: N, Hood, J. Cummings, S. Bletso, R. XYiIIiur', tl. Iiorily, Il. If:-llliauin, Il, Presti, :intl t'. Riley. BOTTOM ROXVZ H, Heckerman, XV. Hodge, K. Young- man, S, Itrown, :intl .I. Burgess. I50 Talents in Courtroom Scenes F F L ks ,,.,....,.-at -Mvw 7 W,-,::1s.a-if 5 i ,. .3 C 4.5 -D'l" L In the above picture are featured some of the r-ourt room sw-ni-s from the senior-sponsored play, "Night of January IG." An inter- esting highlight' of this show was the fast that the jury me-niln-rs wi-rv vliosen from the ziudienrei they :ire shown above in the- middle 506118. JIM WICKER RON PRESTI CAST FOR "NIGHT OF JANUARY l6" Prison Matron ........,.......,......,,.............w..........w.w...... Karen Youngmcrn Bailitt .,,,.,.......,....,...,...... .i..,.,.. ...,,,, N e il Hood Judge Heath ,,.........,.,,,.,.. ......... E ddie Reynolds District Attorney Flint .....,., ...,,.,,,,..,,, R on Presti His Secretary ............,,..,,,,,.... ..,..,. D lane Fellbaum Defense Attorney Stevens ...,,... ...,..,,...,. J im Wicker His Secretary ..,...,..........,o,...,.. ......,... ........,..r.. J udi Cummings Clerk of the Court ..,,i.,.........,..,.........,...,.......,...,,.....,i,,,,,. Dean Reed Karen Andre..Shirley Bletso lMatineel, Marilyn Schalow lEveningl Dr. Kirkland ...........,,,..,.,.......,..,,,...........,.,.......,,,......,, Winston Hodge Mrs. John Hutchins ......,,. ....... . Georgette Dority Homer Van Fleet ,.,..... ,...,s..,,,,, J ohn Muir Elmer Sweeney .........,.. ...........,.,.. J im Ashton Nancy Lee Falkner ,.c...... .........ic......i,. J udy Burgess Magda Svenson .........,,.,i,Y.. .,,Y...... B illie Lynn Johnson John Graham Whitfield ......,. .,...,,,,,..,... K en Fenton Jane Chandler .,................... ...,..... C harlotte Crain Sigurd Junquist ......,..i,.. ..,,,......, R on Wilbur Larry Regan ...........,,...,....... .....,. G eorge Sedia Roberta Van Rensselaer ,....... ,......,s. S usan Brown Stenographer ........,..,..,.... lst Policeman.. 2nd Policeman s,,ss., ,s,,....,Jane Roland .. ..,, ,,,. C harles Riley Ralph Heckerman l5l SP was QW 'hs ,MW CARLENE WARNER CATHIE. MORRIS ll Curious Sovogeu Sei Loose on RING PLAY CAST-TOP HOXV1 Cathiv Mori-is, Iif-rt Quinn, Ifziyv Olson, Jim Pettit, Marilyn Fadaret, and zirles Cuiminghaiu. 1!O'I"1'OAl HONY: l'a1'leni-XVz1rner, Lymiu Nielson, Marvin Capeloto, Penny Dinkler, and Ill Easton. MARVIN CAPELOT0 MARILYN CADARET ' AU Stage lay Thespians, Roto-Hi Shown above enacting' scenes taken from the spring play, "'The Curious Sziva,ze" are members of the IfIiSlA It was presented this year by the Roto-Hi and National Tl1ESDl3.l1S2 the Iuculty sponsors were Howard Hovey and Louise Booth, while Beulah B. Bayless served as director. "Welcome to the Cloistersf' said Nurse Wilhe- mina as Mrs. Savage, clutching her teddy bear, entered the sanatarium where she had been placed by her step-children. After her husband died, Mrs. Savage had begun to spend her inheritance on the things she had missed in her youthg she had even produced a Broadway show so that she could be- come an actress. The efforts ot her step-children to take the money away from her plus the antics of the guests at the sancitarium added up to make "The Curious Savage" an evening of hilarious comedy. CAST FOR 'ATHE CURIOUS SAVAGE" Florence .,.,.,........ Hannible ...... Veva May ..... Jettrey .......... Mrs. Paddy ...... Titus ......,........ Samuel ......, Lily Belle ....,,,........ Ethel lMrs. Savagel Miss Wilhemina .... Dr. Emmett ,........ Dinkler Pettit ..................Cathie Morris Charles Cunningham ...........,.Lynda Nielson ..........Bert Quinn ...........John Easton ......Marilyn Cadaret .,,....Carlene Warner . ........,,,. ...... F aye Olson .,,....,.Marvin Capeloto QUEEN JEAN MILLER KING NORBY KEOLANU! ih lfloai Queen Jean Miller a'H'ended by Senior Linda Woodrome, Junior Barbara Adorning e roya . Murclocln, and'Sophomore Edna Moore, was presenfed fo her subiecfs a+ -l'he halffime fes+ivi'l'ies during fhe Anaheim-Garden Grove fooiball game af LaPaIma Park Stadium. BARBARA MURDOCK Junior Ahendonf ugqpg woonnome Aifendoni' EDNA MOORE Sophomore Aiiendoni' 'W rw f . I "" 'ii wma' l'rc-tty, perky pvoplv wt-re Annlu-ini's song leaders for 1958. .lean Miller, t'hzirlene Schulz, Shirley lloutuher, und Diane Slim-1' fuliillvti their clutic-s clizxrminfzly and 1-ztpztlwly, although Shirley left at the end ol' the first semester. During: the yvur, these girls attended pr:1c'ti0:xlly all of the sports events bringing with them enthusiasm und spirit. 'l'h1-ir vlever routines and colorful costumes were :tu assi-t, as they lezul inns in the Alma Mater. Working: with thx- l lilies :uid pop rallies. Merry JEAN MILLER 'vp t'omrnit'tee and the yell leaders, they built school spirit through many rousing pep assem- VVlierevvr they wt-nt :is rl-prcsenlztlivvs of AU, these girls made :L line showing, Maids Gave Zest io Songs N-A CI-IARLENE SCI-IUTZ DIANE SLIGER 'UV f? SHIRLEY BOLITCI-IER Staunch supporters of strong school spirit were Mike Henroid, Larry Joy, Janet Leach, Judy Rau, and Pam Stirrat. Cutting capers for loyal Colonists at each football game these AU yell leaders also attended many bas- ketball contests. Appearing in Pep assemhies. at many Booster functions, and acting as envoys of good will when dealing with rival schools, they became the symbol of the school hy-word, "spirit," "Spirit" took them three hundred miles over desert dunes to cheer at the Las Vegas-Anaheim battle. This "spirit" helped them keep the crowd in voice as they rallied the teams on to victory. Cheerleaders Enihused the Throngs PAM STIRRAT mqnnnn 6-my 'Q ff M X I I JUDY RAU tQ,. y R JANET LEACH 2 X ' ff i 5, V, ,VVJ T Vg, Ltqxr -,691 , 3 MIKE HENROID LARRY JOY its., ii I57 CQ , tt Q ,Q i id QC: K ftri Q N f sf 2 1 3 ' rf-ia' 'ts' f Nw 3 X 9 in 11 Q Q f AZ .ii xp.,-, ,, ",, .-f,Vx , Lively Lovelies Lead Colonist .K xy! With batons spinning, costumes sparkling, and smiles flashing, AU's maiorettes displayed talent and teamwork. During the year they Hstrutted their stuff" tor many tine performances. l-lalttime activities were highlighted by their energy and enthusiasm. Lead by Dolly Hathcock, head maiorette, they appeared with the marching band in many parades. They also represented Anaheim in a performance at Disneyland. Next year's maiorettes will have a high standard ot showmanship to live up to. DOLLY HATHCOCK Head Majorette IS8 nf' 3' y ,Wy 5 www ll 1 uv' f I t 4 fr I ' in , 'B hm g f .. V' . s , X , - f , x '1 L Se .Q SANDY REGAN LINDA AGREN LINDA WOODROME CAROL CALDWELL Supporters in Peppy Holftimes . . . Flags flying and banners billowing described the flag twirlers and flag bearers of Anaheim High School as they marched their way through a successful year. Their spirit and skill were a definite asset to AU's Marching Band during their frequent appearances together. ln addition, they participated in the halftime programs presented by the music department. An active year full of outstanding performances was ac- complished by these six lovely young ladies. LYNNE LOMBARD PENNY DINKLER l59 Hi-Steppers' Routines Complimented 1-Q wg tf......,..-..L, . Senior leader Sandy Gowin worked with drill team ad- viser Mildred Elliott and iunior leaders Alice Acosta and Sharon Sanderfeld in planning one of the polished perform- ances presented by this group. They combined with the Blue and Gold Band to enact many entertaining halftime programs. Included in their schedule were the Arcadia parade and the Santa Ana Thanksgiving parade. l60 - sms ' Q. Mu-mn--u an ,W 6 f DRILL TEAM-TOP ROW: B, Martindale, P. Conatser, A, Davis, R. Trout, B. Salseda, B, Brown, and M. Allen. SECOND ROW: M. Liles, J. Spencer, P. Deffner, D. Bergseid, N. Bell, G. Lehman, and S. Kelsey. THIRD ROVV: B. Epperson. F. Bjazevich, G, Hawkins, R. Long, P. Ritter, P. Dawdy, and D, Lundy. FOURTH ROW: N. Hardin. S. Brown, S. Rosa, S. Engstrom, P. Northup. and E. Turney. FIFTH ROVV: S. Har- ris, L, XValdrop, M. Fellliaum, S. Stein, and P. Ragland. SIXTH ROW: C. Swan, A. Cobb. J. Soverin, W. Neher, and A. Zeeveld. SEVENTH ROW: .I. Campbell, R. Reeman, V. Moreno, and J. Hoeppner. BOTTOM ROVV: Sandersfeld, S. Gowin, and A. Acosta. Performances of Marching Banol MARCHING BAND MEMBERS: M. Acosta, S. Anderson, S. Anthony, B. Bayer, J. Bently, B. Berryman, D. Birch, G, Broeker, G, Carlson, D. Centobi, D. Cole, M. Collins, R. Cosper, R. Coupland, J. Cullen, M. Daw, N. Dean, C. Dugdale. B. Ehrle, L. Ferrence, R. Flores, M. Forbes, M. Francis, E. Fussell, J. Goodrich, L. Greenwood, B. Hammatt, J. Hatfield, M. Hazzard, C. Hennings, J. Horton, J. Hurlhet, S. Idler, A. Jackson, H. Jackson, D. Jacques, B. Jeter, R. Kelly, K. Kinnard, I. Lambert, N, Lamitz, G. Legg, L. Leos, J. Lewis, R. Lindley, B. McCand- less, G. McCloud, J. McCommons, T. McFeely, B. McPhillips, D. Mitchell, M. Miller, E. Moreno. M. Morgan, J. Moshenko, T. Moshenko, F. Nixon, H. Owens, M. Parker, E. Parvin, R. Perez, A. Provincio, T. Pruett, E. Railshak, D. Rapp, D, Reed, D. Reynolds, K. Roberts, C. Robertson, L. Rogers, R. Rosales, D. Scott, S. Schmidt, B. Seapy, B. Shroeder, E. Smith, D, Spencer, J. Spencer, D. Staples. M. Steenblock, J. Stewert, R. Stone, B, Storey, S. Swearingen, G. Swofford, T. Taylor, T. Tavares, B. Thomason, B. Turner, M, Voslin, C. VanT:-issel, G. Verdugo, D. Vollom, R. Wenzel, A. W'hite, D. Williams, G. Williams, and J. Vvilliams. Ninty-two high stepping Connies and Clems compose Ana- heim High Schools Marching Band. An active year was chalked up by these talented teens as they took part in many activities. Traveling to Long Beach to compete in the All-Western Band Review, they were rated 6th in a total of 69 bands. A first place award was given them for their fine showing at the Santa Ana Christmas Frolics, and at the Huntington Christmas Parade they recived second place. Parade participation included Anaheim's Halloween and Christmas festivities and an Arcadia appearance. Special events attended were the Palm Springs Desert Circus and the May Festi- val in Orange. In addition they ably performed twice at Disney- land. Under the directorship of Bill Cook, this ensemble gave continuously fine performances throughout the year. I6l Awards Concludecl Active Yeor A ..,. X... .- U . MW-, ,. -,, . ,ff 5 . .ii fo Qi i K f ' 'f' W ' IM - f ,, " ! X 4 W ii is i'1'llll'I'lIll.1 1LI'UlIIlfi llim- Svlllfll' k'iVc'Ie3, :I in-wly vslzilllislif-fl lrzuliiioii :il ,Xl', xx:-rv iimiiy of llio zwlivilim-s ul' Ilia- ! t ,Q svliuul yn-:iii ll is lmpvfl lhzil :is Q., 8' 1, vlnssvs 1-0 - 1 ' , , 1, - f lllll4ll ifiiicliiluiwl lllll nl llil ll N liool if ' ' III1 . r - Ag' llilgli sf-Iuml "Om-:ii"' XXllllll'l'S www- .lzlliv Uni'- lll1m'li:ivI, luis! :ir-lrvss, :uid lil-x'ol'l3' lloliliny, luis! siimmrlingg :ivtrvss slimxii :ilvmf-. 'l'li4-y xvviw- will-il 1 -W Ili:-sv lluimrs :il Ilil- Ur- A 'N' Illlgt' Umiiily lligli Si-limi! Um--.M-I lllziy 'l'mil'ii:i- lllvlll spmismw-ml lly Ur- , Hlll-Il' Fuusl Full.-go. x f-rw Qu . -ow .. 1' ' 2. ,QQ-X,-Q s V -. ff-1-S i . 1'il-lm-mi above is Noriiiuii Nlonlzigll--. jll'Ull4ilX slmwillgl Ihr- plslflllv- ihzii .Xim- li.-im's I-'l-'A won for Ill'Sl plnf-e liomirf in the- 21st :iiinuul U0-up Quiz Cmiti-fi. RIoii1:i:1iee, pi"-siiiq-iii ut' l-'I-lx, wan liigli- poinl xxiiiii--r :uid has niariy ollici' :1w:u'-l- to his Crvdii. I62 I-lupgl-iw l.olliii dis- plays thu :iwmwl lim- ce:u'mecl for lmiiig' sehr-- mirl plums XVlllllUl' in Hue se-001111 Zlllllllill Ol'- uiigi- Primal' Uollvlrl' Mzilliuliizilivs Nlmzl f0l' Oi'mi1.:u Uouiily I-lipfli Svliool siildolils. v H4111-iviniq f-0m:i'aIL1l:itions from L, Frank Kellogg are XVilliam Brooks lxan-ii YOIIIIHITIHI1, and VVil1i:-im Parker. These Winners of Ceriflcates oi' Bl:-ri! from the- National Merit Scholarship Association were so honored lie- wiuse of lhwir high acadenmic promise. "Boy! Wish +ha'r bus would gel here!" During every sporfs' season, +his weary plea is heard while alhleles wai+ for buses. On fhe opposife page is a represen+a'rive from each spor+ in which Anaheim feams fake par+. Each sporl' is imporlanl' 'lo each Colonisf, whelher he be par+icip'a+ing as a spec+a+or or a member of +he leam. Aclually, each is an impor+an+ par+ of lhe leam-one dependenl on fhe o+her. The 'leams on lhe field or cour'I' depend on fhose in +he sfands for supporf and encouragemenf. Pride in +heir school is gained by 'rhose observing fhe game. Noi' only +hose in +he fhick of ba++le and 'rhose walching are acfive on +he spor+'s scene, bul' lhere is also a grea+ coaching slaff behind every hard -fighfing feam. Each well-coached group of a+hle'res work +o win, al+hough fhis is lesser in imporlance +han +he experience lhey gel' 'From working wifh olhers. Each Connie and Clem likes fhe feeling of success, whe+her if be oblainecl by winning +he game or parlicipafing in a clean well-played sporf. The I958 'reams have broughl honors 'ro Anaheim 'rhrough +heir excellenl playing and wholesome, compe+i+ive spiri+ ..... ATHLETICS B O O K F I E ,Hu t I Kicking off The Sports, Year ga ,Aw g ,gi X I -am. rqx. -gf is aaa :A ' x 'Nu Q f Ja kv A f X E tg I L A -X AW 4 if .XXx. XS 5 xixk M K ,S , .W XS . Y 'Q X-oi 3 X W. ,, xx.x., Q jg X EW- ., , lee 3 l l Ana 'l l1eim's Varsity Football Squad 4 l 1 l l I I l l VARSITY FOOTBALL-TOP ROVV: J. Kuts fl Enzenauer, K D ' ' C lerousky, J. VVoodward, M. Shir-lx, J. Iloh . V OXXHIHX, M. Castricone, and A, Snow. SECON1 ' " ' J. Gibson, K, Snow, T, Thues ' ' ' U 'VI ' ' D KOH . J. Alillllllllg, l son, G. Sedla, J. Ssfstlerlund, J. Shiolu, and IZ. Baker' 4 cPh1ll1ps, J. Pollard, J. Avilia, IZ. Larson, M. C' ' h.1ml:er1.11n, D. NIc'Knig'ht, und' www SW X Z .1n, X. kvolzlnlli, H. Jar-kson, G. Iirzlgg, ll. XVOoflr'11l'f, .I 3, Essex, BI, Amlerson, J. Ilakm-V, G. 'I'hornlnn. l'. fullllllkll' IIOTTOM ROXV: Ii. Ifwnnell, .I. Hurtzulo, l. Knowles T. Larnlwlh. Line coach John NVallin fleftb and end coal.-11 lirant' Cowser discuss final plans lwfore an important ganlf. 5 nf" Instrumental forrle lwlminl ' 1 the- lnlnnisl fuollmll success is head coax- " - ' .h ll.u+- Kan Hcmy-+All.414.-, Al' mentor for the- past flight seasons. I67 Featured This Starting Senior Eleven X X X 44435 rr 'U Karol Snow, LE Jaclc Bohan, LT Gary Thornton, LG Bill Essex, C X I I X 5 X X X 3 X X X l957-58 GRID RECORD Anaheim 34 Redlands 6 Anaheim 20 Las Vegas 13 Anaheim 0 Fullerton i3 Anaheim O Newport 0 Irv Knowles QB Anaheim 3-4 Huntington 6 I Anaheim 37 La Habra 7 g If H Anaheim l7 Santa Ana O Anaheim 28 Garden Grove O 170 45 IAQ X X 41 Jess Hurt-ado. LH Jim Pollard, FB To Spearhead the Colonist Attack Norby Keolanui RG Marshall Shark RT Jerry Enzenauef. RE This year's starting eleven varsity football players consisted of all returning lettermen except for Jim Pol- lard, and Jess Hurtado who was Most Valuable Player for the undefeated B football squad last year. Five of the eleven Colonists were chosen to fill seven of the All-Sunset League '58 grid squad positions. Marshall Shirk, Norby Keolanui, Irv Knowles, .lack Bohan, and Gary Thornton were the five Colonymen selected for the team. Shirk and Keolanui were named to the first team on both offense and defense at the tackle and guard positions while Thornton was listed on the first club as a defensive line backer. Jack Bohan and lrv Knowles, who played terrific ball during the past season, received second nominations by the sportwriters, with Bohan being placed at the tackle slot and Knowles honored with a backfield listing. In the selection of Thornton to the defensive unit of the first team, the club featured a man who has given some real four-star effort throughout this year. So spirited was Thornton's play during the past season that Gary was presented with the Roy M. Mendoza "Most Inspirational Player" trophy at the Boosters Club football banquet. A brief insight into what the Colonists will have to face next season is the fact that all the starting eleven are seniors and will force the local coaching staff into finding replacements for them in the rugged Sunset League season next year. I69 ' 4. : E: - 1 11 V if ,aa X M , on. Phil Cooper Jim Rodarte Bud Arnold Bill Larson Backed by l2 Experienced Seniors REDLANDS - ANAHEIM Burying their opponents under a heavy scoring attack, Coach Clare Van l-loorebekes chargers proved that they were not to be fooled around with after clobbering the Redlands Terriers 34-6 in The opening contest of the i957-T958 grid season. Jim Pollard, fullback for the local eleven, ran the pigskin for a total of T20 yards to set up 3 home scores. Bob McPhillips twice scored after running the ball T5 yards for a tally and again on a Terrier fumble. LAS VEGAS - ANAHEIM Maintaining their early season win-streak, the home eleven marched 70 yards in the final period to take a spectacular victory over the Las Vegas Wildcats 20-T3 at Butcher Memorial Stadium on the losers home grounds. . Irv Knowles, hit by the flu, was replaced by the able Jim Rodarte at the quarterback George Sedia . . . . slot. Jim chose to use a stick-to the-ground strategy which paid off, The Vegasmen, were not to be under-estimated as they took a second period lead T3-7 after running 68 yards in six plays for the vital points. After knotting the tally l3-l3, AU unleashed their fourth quarter victory drive and downed the Wildcats 20-l3. Roger Jackson J h G d - h On his way :again Ilolr 1FcPhillips fnumlmcer 123 ramps his way down field into 0 n oo rlc em-iiiy territory during.: the Redlands Terriers encounter' which the Colonisls won 34-6. V John Baker Gritting his teeth, Jim Pollard lnumher 235 prepares to evade an Indian tackle as Gleorge Bragg comes up behind him to give a hand in the Colony's birterest defeat of I e season. FULLERTON - ANAHEIM Jim Sefferlund Putting a damper on Colonist hopes for a no-loss season, an avenging Fullerton eleven broke the Vanmen's string-of-wins record of 34 games by a very decisive i3-O score. lt was also the first time that anyone shut out the Colonists since i949 when the same Fullerton Indians scalped AU 33-0. Several chances arose for salvaging the game. The first c-ame when Norby Keolanui ' picked up a Fullerton tumble and galloped over the goal-line only to have the score nulli- fied bcause of an Anaheim clipping penalty. NEWPORT - ANAHEIM Holding the Flu-ridden Colonists down to a non-scoring game, the Newport Sailors were also unable to score points for their own cause in the second league game at LaPalma Park. Jim Pollard and Jess Hurtado did most of the Colony ground work as they worked the ball down to the l-yard line at one point in the game but were unable to get the pigskin across for the needed 6 points. Jim Kutscherouslry And 2l Up-and-Coming Juniors 5 -0 Ken Downing Don Cook Bob Hatfield Bill Woodruff , , . V , . , he-wlry lX4'tJliIIlllI illlllllllvl' .mt VIISIIVN trust :1 1lUll'l'lilIl14'ti jLlIJll'tl llllI'IIl2l llii- 5-:inln Aim llll In vital ai rim tix' :iii lllll4ll'IIllfll'll Saint li:ilI'l1:u'k, 'l'li4- Uulmiisls ivvil tht- voir- li-Ql I7-tt HUNTINGTON BEACH - ANAHEIM Anaheim's varsity traveled into Huntington Beach territory and returned as decisive winner after clobbering the Oilers 34-6 to mark their first win in Sunset League competion in the i957-58 season. Roger Jackson, defensive end, started the scoring attack when he recovered a fumble deep in Oiler territory and stepped into the end zone for TD num- ber one. Irv Knowles galloped for six digits on an interception and then took to the ground a few minutes later and raced 34 yards for another Colony score. Norby Keolanui picked up an Oiler fumble after the halftime break and charged 35 yards for scorcher number four. Karol Snow dashed over for the last Anaheim score. LA HABRA - ANAHEIM With a first period drive that seemed to stymie the La Harba Highlanders, the Anaheim football squad completely baffled their opponents with a near shut-out score 37-7 as the Colonists displayed their best offensive and defensive drive of the season. Minutes after the kick-off, defensive halfback, Bill Larson, picked up a fumble and carried over the first Colony tally. Mike Castricone tallied the last TD for Anaheim. l g i is 8 . . iw i fi ffm. i . i 1 K John Linn Blake Fennel Mike Castricone Who Will Challenge for Tomorrow's exft K a 7 C, Q :I1 , i g . i . y.ii W f . I ,.f Q ' , wr.. AIAA 4515 nf Zh Mc Af1deI'SOI'1 Chamberlain Bob Baker I72 f ,, .. , John Avitia Ray Aguinaga Bob McPhillips Jim Shiota Starting Eleven Gridiron Positions SANTA ANA - ANAHEIM Showing their best defensive power of the season, the Anaheim Colonists won their third league game by a score of l7-O, as they defeated the Santa Ana Saints in a rain- !! drenched game on November 2. Scoring the first AU tally, with the help of Don Cook and Mike Castricone, was quar- terback lrv Knowles. ln the last quarter Knowles passed to Jess Hurtado, who went over for the second Anaheim score after which John Baker converted. GARDEN GROVE - ANAHEIM Winding up their '57 operations with a one-loss, one-tie, and six-win record, the Van- men clobbered the Garden Grove Argonauts 28-O on the Colonists' field November 8. Don Cook, AU fullback, ran the kickoff to a profitable spot in the Argo territory, Cook, George BF699 after a series of plays, raced over the end-zone to score, only to have the points nullified. ln period two the home eleven traveled the remaining distance in eight plays. The other three Colonist scores were made in almost the some way with Bill Larson intercepting a Grove lateral and ramping 30 yards for ci tally. Jerry Woodward ! an if 5 Mike K':isIt'1coue l'iiI'I'lHS the piesl-uit tor :L sizvgrlili- xaiiner :is two .xiuniiriitts 1 harm- in for the kill rturiiiz the i':ir'riett Gi'ax'e battle :ts miuilter T222 lmri Sp'-itil-lr, 1 nt A, ti, Managers: B. Erhle, B. Punt, and B. Jones his aid. ' ' I73 ll I . . sg. 4 P-I r ff. 'ff' 'rt -F H.. "A ,- - -J f A "' " - Gt ,1 ' s. " . f 'f 2 - u .- . 4 "1 f I ' 9 5 A1 - ' - . ' 'I . 1 ' ' .jf if ,A :I 1 C . I Q, I . 'i t ii V fs . ' , if if 'L J 5' , 'ch 't c .4 . F an 2. I Q zz , A - -1 I: L1 ,-I g xl v ' xx' J M J . i.- x , . ' , 1 I L j 5 vf , W - 4 - gy., . ' - X - ' A s -f me . Vt.. i .. I . Fe ,X I .- f . . v - QI . 4 1 , f Q . ,,,. 2' i lsfl V rr R Q , N Jr- Q Q . , l,5...,-,,.qn,k- s . 1 - if M , - H . 'i , -. f . ' , 1 ' 1 ,, t X - tic' " -QS , ' . ., A , , I I x , - . .1 M - ' I 'A , ., ' ,' ' ' ' pw P- J ' Q 'L Y ' ,, B I tt J' I I '.-A . ' ,.- . - . 'F ii. "' I ' 48- so .. 4' -42 23 an . A ie ,S , .-W' , . ' " - me ., . e I . its it 8 F5 J " 'f 'ui .. -X 45 i ' in ii i : ' t Q +3 'I 3. .. fs - x4sli.a t-- . 1. .. if M f Y . .,,,, . F .. .- -ef X: qs , sf: 1+ I . F ts: 'S sf '- Q' ' f .. N, L' l A I N ' 3, ,' jg, 'f gf,"nQjg,I-J,:A-I.-,:,,...g PM ffl A mR1,4,,,g,g1 -sw 1 x ., . Q . 4 ' ' "fa , , . 'Mi'3Q, ff , . ,-,1, ff -'Q f"ft'3Tt f'f"""Ai" 'V-.Tiff--Qwytfl-s.'M.?'g.,.1ff '-iXf.if"531'-?siw7i?'1.,.k,,f,..sgAiXS' 'T' fs, " M -- -f"f""'Q-l1'17'f.a?i:w 'xl ' If 'A 'EG " ' N" 3 '. , Q'fiC'ff"fS'ffif."1'f5f"'L"l,e" it if.-E if ii x i y ii I I , , ' Mui, V E . M g, H, ,V , W L elk., in Il .l,M.,.Mk yy, ,y 'Y...x,,,X,-R glwgbx X .N , . .ia 9. 1 V' , M M x 1 V , , . M 4, 7,,j,,In In I U .-rgnn.. ,g vfkl. C :Ff'xmrf,1l,ihgm,, 3-q'r,.?E',,1:p::t Z,EFlWkwt,5.,i .. W d,,i,,! P. 1 .f. , .Law J'i'5',Mhy2 MA in IV .A ' A hgilwg, V up isbn kiwi .-keg-ngw'.jQ.. . hang. :g:1i..3gI:k R .5 , . I i. ' ' 1 fl ft 2 "- f- '. . - s . " I -. s 4. 'W . ' ' Q "i f""'tf'9?"v.. frf'fL'. Y -I .9 'X ' T I 21: 'ffm 't""""f"""""Q'Ws '-'S 1'-rf --it-. t L .Z':sQiB' -ff.. , 'sl "'fgt'.'s Y-wr-"4'f-t'f' 'tt - Lv-'iivxlmlf' S , wtf . ,f ,rs 1 it v- -. 3: J. . - sfw... . msf.,e,i,::'f A A A y , ' 'L " Lf?-7'l'4.Q.t "7 we ,.',.r'.t?J.---4, -I CV' . ' , f. ,-f.........gfQ .,.. ii xi' ,i V' "Al 'i .ef Lf'Qt'g!!'i.s.gfss:.a.Q".f...NT.1f, QSIW- ss 'X F K ' ' X Q- I. B FOOTBALL SQUAD---'l'0I' IIUVV: Mgr. Ii. l'l1'C'k4t'I'IIl2lI"l, R. VV00dI'llfli, Ii. Harney, U. I-iolwrtson, L. Sims, D, Dargatz, D. Vollom, II. 'rlltllllllt-lltll, G. Own-n, IJ. Illlrflivk, IL Pusso, Il. fllII'4lIlPI', S. Tivtgv, I,.Magdelan0, I... I-Iilszxlreck, :md mgr. T. Hammond. SECOND ROW: 'I'. Lzunlnflh, V. 'I'Ilorn1-slvm-rry, Il. Shrovrlvr, II, Goin, IJ. Montoya, F, Osborn, R, Keller, I.. Roepkv, W. Farney, G, Herbel, W. COChI'IlH, and fre-w. lt0'l"l'0M ROW: lt, llf'I'Il'll, M. Ilim-, A. IJ--l Crognal, Ii. Dir-key, S. Smith, P. Samson, .I. Iizxldonudo, E, Nlomn, R. Ortega, and A. I li. Svlu-l'flvl'. B Squad Had Undeleated Season SVR l l. I Glen H4-Vlwl, must X lim- 4-zxptzuu, FIYll'lIf'4l lllvll' 74 'ziluulllv plznyer, IM-nis Vollom, liavklivlcl le-:un niznll-s luzlttcvtlte-t'y1-111' ul' llIlfl+'lAf'2Il. VUIJIIIIYI, :lnfl XY:xlt Ifarney, Anaheim's B football squad extended its second year of undefeat under the able hands ot Coach Don Liebhart and Coach George Roussos this season and in the process, walked off with the Sunset League crown. As the strong arm of the middle- weights swept across its league these teams fell under the Colonist might: Newport Harbor, Huntington Beach, Lo Habra, Fullerton, Santa Ana, Garden Grove. and Western. Glen Herbel was unanimously chosen by his team mates as the most valuable player tor his outstanding accomplish- ments on the gridiron this season, Serv- ing as backlield and line captains re- spectively were Denis Vollom and Walt Forney. SEASONAL RECORD Anaheim 7 Redlands O Anaheim 59 Fullerton I9 Anaheim 20 Newport Harbor 7 Anaheim 4l Huntington Beach 0 Anaheim 40 La Habra 6 Anaheim I3 Santa Ana O Anaheim 7 Garden Grove 6 C FOOTBALL SQUAD-TOP ROXY: G. Ethier, J. Reinhardt, G, Faiflsoii, IJ. t'owg:ei', .I. Villufanu, T, Young, IJ. Sti-uin, C. Kingely, R, Miller, D, VVieser, and D. Real. SECOND ROXV: IE. Fristiano 13. Mc-Fandless. S. Adams C Fr'1nr-o D IH-rano T Vngx I Q1 '---1 -k D. Danace,,A. Chancellor, D. Spf-uni, und G, Komirz. THIRD HOXY: I.. Muiien, s, Y0tmg,'n. Mendenhall, 17 Mitiit-tt, ii Eimiit-, .iihgiiigfl Kava. J. berault, Y. Pkwne, R. Hyde, and T. Hughes. BOTTOM HOXY: A. Provencio, G. Uhui-1-h. .I. Munoz, R. Smut-eiio, D, Lungsnn. J. I-'or'niicu1a, and D. King. And the Cs Had a Building Year Having a year uncomparable to last season's undefeated league play, the Anaheim C squad lost five of their six Sunset League games. Starting with a completely new team and coaches, the Colony Cs improved steadily through- out the year holding their opponents scoring down more and more. The Mighty Mites, under the able guidance of coaches Don Nielsen and Don Lent, defeated Western High School in a practice game by a score of Ql-6. Don Nielsen, head football coach, transferred from Fremont where he was teaching and helped with the B squad a few years ago. Most Valuable Player for the '58 sea- son was Art Provencio, halfback for the Mighty Mites, Elected co-captain by the team were Don Dantice, backfield captain, and Claudio Aguilar, line cap- tain. SEASONAL RECORD Anaheim 0 Fullerton 7 Anaheim 0 Newport l3 Anaheim 0 Huntington Beach l9 Anaheim 6 La Habra 13 Anaheim 0 Santa Ana 6 Anaheim 6 Garden Grove 0 ......-O Leading the Mighty Mites through the 'SX season were, from I+-ft to right, Imp lmnlifst, haekfield vuptaiu, Art Provinc-io, most valuable player, and Claiurlin Aguilar, lint- captain. l75 if H 'Q 6 A Y L mn, Q N X R A K -.J Q mr gag" PII: , mpg Fi f 9 f .x, 6 by 25' Second in League Play Sparlced by a fast moving and high spirited first string, Coach Don Liebharts Colonist varsity basketeers racked up an impressive league, tournament and practice record of 23 wins and only six losses to give them the second place birth in Sunset League Competition. Liebhart's charges surprised even themselves when, after having won ten out of twelve practice games and dropping their first league game to Fullerton, entered the Beverly Hill's invitational Tournament, scourged all opponents faced and came home with the coveted trophy. FULLERTON Faced with a tough Fullerton five in the opening Sunset League play the Colony played a heart-breaking up and down game to lose by a single basket 53-5l. BEVERLY HILLS TOURNAMENT NORTH HIGH In their first game of the tourney Anaheim clobbered the Norsemen 80-27 and set themselves up for the second round and eventual victory. BEVERLY HILLS Still in high spirits from their previous game the Mother Colony was set back on its heels in the first quarter but, after a short talk by Coach Liebhart, settled down and won the tilt by a close 55-5l tally. VENTURA This game was very close for the AU quintet as their opponents were well coordinated both on offense and defense but were unable to cope with the Colonist drive and the Lieb- hartmen won 35-34. Vmmer Hiulil GARY DIXON Guard Vi-iili-r Ililqlil KAROL SNOW Guard Lower Rishi DANNY TURNER Forward Holding clown a jump shot attempt by George Jones in the l-'uller'ton- Anaheim hassle is an unidentified high-jumping Redskin player. Karol Snow looks on to see if he can assist while Jerry Enzenauer pri-puree for rebound which never came. The Indians defeated Anaheinfs quintet by one bucket 53-51. liltlivl' l,e-lil GEORGE JONES Forward 1'1'Illl'I' ln-lil DENIS VOLLOM Forward lmxx i-i' I.i-lil JIM SETTERLUND Guard 'l'llI"'1' lllllllllluliiil llvzivli Oili-rs Sl1I.l'1' iii opt-ii-iiioiillii-fl :imiim-muiil :LH Slew- lX2lllliIIl2lll li-:ivi-s l'h4- li:ii'ilxx'uoil In Hllilll 11 ri--lmiiiiil iii this lOlll.Qil lill which lho- Viilfiiiiszls wmi hy :i Iwo-iioiiil IIlJll'l.fill, 12-itll. .lim l':u'l1:i' NVJIS high point mziii liltl' thi- All CFIIISG' :Ls hi- liiivlci-tml lf! puiiils to li-:ul lhi- l'cilii1ix'1li'ix'i-. Colonist Varsity Quintet HUNTINGTON BEACH Gary Dixon sparked his team to a 74-5l victory in their second game in league com- petition by buclceting i8 big points tor his cause. LA HABRA Visitors to the Colony gym, the Highlanders, comparatively new to Sunset play, were completely bowled over by the stronger home quintet 69-27. NEWPORT HARBOR Anaheim thought she had met her match when taced by this tough casaban squad and it was a nip-and-tuck battle to the tinish with Anaheim winning 49-48. SANTA ANA Liebharts changes did meet their match and more in this tussel with the Saints and although the Blue and Gold baslceteers led through the tirst three frames the victors burst ahead in the tinal seconds ot the last quarter and won 48-42. GARDEN GROVE Anaheim lett home tor this battle with the Argos and in doing so came back victor- ious with a 58-48 score. Jerry Enzenauer and Gary Dixon were high point men. FULLERTON Fullerton hosted the Colonists tor the first game ot the second round ot play and were beaten by their arch rivals in the middle ot a scoring barrage by Fritz Zwiclc of the Indians and Jerry Enzenauer ot Anaheim. HUNTINGTON BEACH In their second meeting the Oilers were out tor revenge and fought long and hard toward that obiective, but Jim Carter ot the AU baslcetballers would have none ot it as he racked up l9 points to lead his team mates to a winning 42-40 tally. LA HABRA Continuing in their winning ways the Liebhartmen rolled over a highly improved La Habra tive, despite a 2l-point scoring barrage by Doc Blanchard of the Highlanders, 59-40. NEWPORT HARBOR Newports Sailors proved in this tilt that they were better than a match for Anaheims Blue and Gold squad as they bucketed 50 points to the visiting Colonists 46 to come out victorious atter a tough battle. SANTA ANA Coach Liebhart's proteges played host to the Saints for this quest in which the home squad came out on top by a diminishing 46-38 score. GARDEN GROVE Garden Grove was out in force for this game to avenge their previous meeting, Wells Sloniger and Jim Semon tallied i4 digits apiece to help their cause, but it wasnt enough, Anaheim won the final league game ot the season 50-33. CIF PRELIMINARIES - SWEETWATER ln this their one and only CIF game, the Colony was laced with a strong defensive unit which held them down in scoring. The last minutes were very close and when the buzzer sounded the Sweetwater quintet held a slight advantage 4l-37. Has Commendable Year , , . I ppt-r Itlglil BOB HATCH Guard llii.:'l1lt'4-iilf-I' STEVE KAUFFMAN Forward Ltixxei' liillll JERRY ENZENAUER Center Denis Yollom leaps over the heads of his teanmuites as well as two startled Santa Ana. players, as he comes in for a quick layup an-d two more Colonist' points. George .Tones prepares for reliound while Clinton Stark looks on from mid-court after passing the ball to Vollom. , W Q. N -H so-l li' QQ 36. .gl ff APO. mips My H-f.,,4. .wi I, . 40, Q5 Q W, 41' JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD--'FOI' ROXY: I.. Iiifiwe-II, .I, Starr, IJ. Grnllie, J. NVoociw:ird, M. Maxson, R, Ag1li11z1r.:'fL, IJ. lillDl'I'l,1HHl'l'. 'I'Ii:itvIi4-r, ISO'I"l'0IXI IIUXY: I., Hunt, 'I'. 'l'Iiiu-son, ll, Harker, IJ. Maxson, G. Horlim-I, G, Sm-hullz, G. Rodgers, and C. Stark. N0'l' SHOWN: Nom-I1 Iii-:ml t'ows0i'. With 20 Junior Varsity Victories . . . f A 3 ,. f . '. .fi Wigf s, . .fikiii ,, it V,- Q . . e 9 'I 1-'15 1 CX: 5 ii! , ' gf? . Q. ff , St-If-4-In-it Iiy his tezim I1liI1k'S :is vaplzxiii wus Ilrad Harker 11+-fly while the most vulualile IIlIIj'Q'l' Si'lt'f'IIltll fur' tliv season ue-nl In IBUII Grollie-. I8O Being the only Anaheim iunior var- sity squad ever to take a tirst place spot in Sunset League play, the Colon- ists won 20 games and lost none in the loop season. Under the guidance of Coach Brant Cowser, the squad racked up some l,O20 points compared to the 713 for their hard-fighting op- ponents. Usual starters tor the .IV crew were Don Grothe and Jim Starr, forwards, Terry Thatcher, center, and Brad Hark- er and Glenn Herbel, guards. Clinton Stark and Mike Maxson also got into action in the forward and guard slots, respectively. For his high-scoring and good sports- manship, Don Grothe was elected by his teammates as Most Valuable Player tor this year. Brad Harker, whose scor- ing was a great asset to his team, was elected captain ofthe squad. B BASKETBALL-TOP ROVV: G. Kohlilz, Mgr., P. Ifztrdig, S. Habner. H. XX'elton, Ii. Th :s li. L't' ' i V1 -I 11- -f 1-1 -Q 1 BOTTOM ROVV: V. Thornsberry, B. Cristiztno, D. Montoya, IZ. Gocloy, 'Ii Lzimlveth, and J. iier'EiItiifififiQi'. I L' dm UH I tolli? UUN05' A Second Place Tie for the B's . . . Tying for second place in Sunset League basketball play with Newport Harbor High, the B roundballers made it their third consecutive year in the first division. In tournament games the Colony team placed third in the Samohi Tour- ney defeating a powerful Inglewood squad 30-26 and knocking down River- side 3l-28. During the third playoff game the Anaheim five lost to a tough Long Beach Poly quintet by a score of 37-2l. The Roussosmen downed Santa Monica in their last game 44-30 to clinch their third place position. The B squad wan 19 out of 24 games this year losing to San Bernardino, Long Beach Poly, La Habra and two tilts to a strong Huntington Beach league team. George Roussos, head coach for the middleweights, in his first year has led his quintet to a total of l,O62 scoring points compared to only 847 points scored by their opponents. 4 'I' 5 L f , , 7 .ii 4 5 if 1:-1. ' - -. , ' . ' T y T ti' T Pictured above hall team for this the playing ability who received these are the two boys Voted Most Yziltialilt- 1'l:tyt-r and Vziptziiii ot' thi- I: basket- year. They were voted to these positions by their tw-:ininiutes ln-rfriiiste ut and high scoring of eat-h. They zirf- Stan Kula on the if-ft and lint. Gminy ttwards. l8l J ,X g at 5 f',, 4 ,wth sew svn fr- Al C . C' ,, 5 45- dtrxs, 4-A-E' at- 'sl'- '-? 2 1 11 Laser 'fi C BASKETBALL 'l'Ul' HUXY1 'l'. linux, ll. 'I'lli'm-V, I,I XX'IIili-, lt, Ni-lsrm, IJ. l':ii'ls0n, IJ, lilii-x'el', :intl Y. Vziyiw. SICUONIJ ROVV: .I. A11- us-ll:l,i', ll, S2llIl'1'llU, XY. lssziv. M. llosviillixil, M. lilcw-, li, XYlllSl1'1Ul, :mil ll. l'liiii'c'li. lZU'l"l'OM IQONVZ li. I"1'ulH'0, li. Nolrlv, 'IX Mullen, 4" 1 "' ' I I 144 1 lx, llollli 1 I I xiiulil l Iziii i--, :itil ll, Km-iii. NUT SHUXYN: lt. NVQ-iser. And a C Lecigue Second Place . . . Sliowi lliw-ir' tim- SPlvt'le'd l l82 i sifw we 1 4' I! 4 1 x 47 7 ew' 'f i abou- zfiri- two of the main slizirkplilgs of the l'olunisi's l' liziskettizill squad. Due lo .frm-is :ind sirevlziviilzir- playing Iiolr Ifrziiivo, on lllv' left, and Vernon Payne were il I iii l x o ln- must vziliiiilile plzivi-r :uid wir z-iiii 'est H ivvl 1 ln his first year as C coach, Don Lent led his charges to a 20-win and two- loss seasonal record as they captured the number two spot in Sunset League competition and amassed a 43-point per game average as opposed to their opponent's 29. Garden Grove was the only team to stymie the Colony 'Midget' drive as they were able to beat the 'Mites' by a single point in both ot their encoun- ters, but the continual fighting spirit ot Coach Lent's proteges carried them over the toughest battle in their con- quest tor victory. When the team voted for Most Val- uable Plcyer and captain, it was de- cided that Bob Franco and Vernon Payne should hold those posiitions re- spectively. , E X if f 44 , .ig . 53, . 35 f si 'M' ii VARSITY TRACKMEN-TOP ROW: J. Manning, A. Snow, B. Fennell, A. Reyes, H. Acevedo, D. Vollom, M. Castricone, B. Mathias, L. Hunt, P. Snyder, G. Shepard, G. Bragg, G. Saverien, G. Bird, M. Maxson, G. VVoodward, K. Snow, G. Shrabel, D. Turner, D. Uagnard, L, Clark, B. Hammatt, and T. Traczek. BOTTOM ROW: E. Verdugo, E. Aguilar, R. Aguinaga, J. Hurtado, D. Pichard, B. McPhillips, D. Dmitrieff, D. Newcomb, J. Goodrich, B. Smith, D. Hankins, J. Cristiano, F. Farney, S. Habener, L. Joy, and Mgr. J. Rangel. Colony Thinclads Place Third . . . Placing a high third in Sunset League competition this year, the Colonists collected many awards and broke a few records in varsity track. Jim Manning, Anaheim's excellent pole vaulter, captured a first place in the Chaftey Invitational Track and Field Meet when he cleared T3 feet 65f8 inches. Manning broke the existing Anaheim school record, set by Gary LaGreide last year at T2 feet 4lf2 inches, three times ending with his final height at the Chaffey Meet. He also holds the Chaffey Meet record. Coach Bob Hager's relay team broke the old school record of l:32.5 with a new time of l.32.4. Bob McPhillips, George Bragg, Gary Shepard, and Bill Smith composed the all-iunior relay team. This year's track team was the first Colony squad in T9 years to defeat Fullerton and Santa Ana in dual meets and also in the league meet. DUAL MEET RESULTS iff " Anaheim 67 Fullerton 37 Anaheim 802f3 Huntington 23lf3 I 1 Anaheim 54M Santa Ana 493A Anaheim 88 Garden Grovei6 Anaheim 48 LQ Habra 533f5 Anaheim 4l Newport 63 V suNsET LEAGUE Results First-La Habra .................. ...... 5 l ,il, : Second-Newport Harbor ...... ...... 4 352 Third-Anaheim ..,... 32 Fourth-Santa Ana ...... ...... 2 l Fifth-Fullerton .......... ..... l 8 UQ Sixth-Garden Grove ........... ..... l 5 aww, SeV6l'1ll'1-l'lUnTlnQiOf'l B9UCl'l -A----.----- pictured above. Carrying much of the weight for the Colonislls l95N track squad were the sew-n rnen TOP RONV: Bill Smith. Gary Shepard., George Bragg and .Iim Manning. liO'l"l'OBl ROXV: Bolt McPhillips. Ernie Yerdugo, and Jess I-lurtado. Manning and Verdugo will graduate this year, but the other five. lieinu juniors, will lit- back to form the core of the Hager coached team next yea r. l83 1W'f5h il ,rm -W sl ,fir , . Y'-,f R9 is '15 1 sr 11 0 .... 'te X XE if' s Q 4 X iam ' 1 - XX .,. .X x V G ,,,f X x 5 K i 4, X is Q g ,. j in za , V 1 f ... A 4 A -, a, X, ,. X i -. 5 x .- X, 5 as . f I ' "f y, 'N ,vis JV Q .3 F Qi - ,i me s bf' 5 I X 2 , , Q it by ,4 M! fi- R5 S5 .i iw ,jf is g U, X W f . ' flyers. , i i in C .J i s fs 6 , f 5 , I 5 . J ' 'L . I fy V I L C x f' .. fi 'L ., -..zu 1 'ie fs ff'4 sf 4 is '5 A s .S Xl Ni S5 "xi i X' in it s is X . .. B TRACK --'FOI' HOW: lt. I.iti'lixx:iIli'r, lt. Iliri-li, W. Fai-iii-y, S. Halle-xii-i-, I", lfarni-y, .I. Maher, C. Robinson, D. Thomason, J. Lowder, ll. llzinini, IJ. Nvlsoii, and U. X'z1ii'l':nssli-. l!0'I"I'0AI HOXY: .l, Munoz, IJ. lXlrKniLfht, A. May, L, Mullen, J, Quiggle, D. VVells, S. Hartley, D. SlN'lllHll'fl, ll, Xiisllirook, lt. Ili-rri-rsi, ll. More-iio, :ind .I. 'l'i-vw-. MIGMIZIGRS NOT SHOVVN: H. Owen, and U. Dick. B and C Squads Hold Their Gwn . . Carrying the load for the C tracksters this season were Jim Shigekawa and Don Ortega, backed up by Larry Muller, and Bill Parker. Shigekawo was the only participant in the B or C squads that made the ClF competition. He was placed in the broadiump division in the CIF but competed in the broadiump and low hurdles in league meets. Don Ortega was the very best the C's had to offer in both the 660 and high iump. Larry Mullen and Bill Parker were tops in the sprints and relay with both turning in good times. Holding their own in league competition the B squad register- ed a fairly good account for themselves this year. Bob West- brook, high-scoring man on the middleweight squad, did his best in the lO0, 220, relay, and the broadiump. Ray Herrera was top man in the l320, but Ernie Verdugo, varsity CIF elective, broke the old l32O B record this season in the time of 3:2l.9. Rick Robinson was tops in the 660, Gary Frye and Dave Wells did their part in the pole vault division. Walt Farney and Al May were the two better men on the shot put tandem. ' 4 .. . A f . x .. . S i N' 1... -ass i f ,ti ii, ,.i',, il , f ,W . f i f .. is ,. - I 'I - fmt. F f A I .Q , 1 X., 1 in , , .,, ii so , Q . -, 4 I if . 4 f 7 V- , 'WV 'W ' . . 'i ff I' , if i if A "' 'f 7" 7, A fr it 1 ' J ' 'F ' f 111 A j Q . 16 -wp rf 1 'V 11 tv 5 ig WN N W I . M x , YV, H i I Av I an y , W ., ,M ' V fr M , f V . .ff Vik! """ ' i ,, 5 1 r 1, 7 :il 4 'F' 1 l f ' f i -r, f Q 'Q' . ' 44, B ' , 5: 4 Wi , ' f fy , M 1' i '23, F 'ff' i F ' , ' . - f 2 V, . 3 5 i o 4 . C s 0 . , ,tl W f C i B f i ' F ,- 1? f M Q .X 3 I 9.x ' , Q k. V 5' ,f ,M 4 h I rpm: X 35 ,s n ii ,, 'f " g i 2 0 , 'ly ' -flew ya. - in - - v .0 H ' . fe. af, Q Q1 . ' if as ' ,fm I V X ' j i , ' I, sv 'V . " X s ,ii 5 rig x , K I rl f L 4 1 Q ' ,f ' mil 4 , f Rl if ? M , :Zane ii 1 3' ii . f' ' J fi 5 'V' H" " . . i'. 1 JA? g A Q v . . W f 74" ks ,aging ,464 V, K lb xg ." - - q 4' , ly' fy 4 X W ff f si' ' Z "ii ' f' I .f E 'fi A f ' f?"'ff ' is t , ,fm is. . I 'Q ' K I ii, I l W I . , l , ' P s 9 I " ir . f, 'ix , f 7, ' 'cf 5 , he " ' i . ' V , A , ' V 'i 1 ' , ,li-1: s ' ' i Li. 'H l I ' lf A f nw, ' I I I . 5 4 vp Q ' s. J .eu Q X .V G J, V! f -ur 7 l ' ' ' w ' ' , if ' - " if r ' I 1 - ge' .sb-1 ' F.-' , f ' 1 . , r e . ,, f s ..' .v .. r " . ' '- ' 1' f ' r X ' , ' ' ' -15' A 'a',vf.4e.: .c.'x5'LJ H' R ' ' 'B 'I' - .Re 'i 'I 2" ' ' Z . 1 ' Q C TRACKMEN-'FOI' ROXY: Nl, 1':irker, 'l', Mullen. ll, Real, S. Adarns, I.. Mullen, G. Shigvkawa, S. Young, A. Chancellor, G, Kglylilz' ,md Ib, .lm-qm-5, BOTTOM HOW: J. Shigennkzx, T. Stafford, R. Sheffler, A. Provenczio, L. Schley, J, Quiggle, D Ortega, and C. Aguilar. i I84 f tk Z if CRQSS COQNTRY TEAM-TOP ROVV: Coach F5011 Hager, IC, Delanr-Y. H. Estrella U. Riley, R. Gruver, Ii, Mathias, J. Ashton, C, Dick, H. FPQCQ. ls OISCTI. and J. Rangfel, mgr. HO'I"I'OM HOXV: G, Horton, G. f'0Ok, D. Dmitrieflf IC. Ye1'dii25o, If. Ifziriiey, It. Hzimnizilt, H. Acsuedo, and A. Reyes. As Pacers, Ritlem Coach Bob Hager had due cause to be proud ot his ian- proved cross country squad this year as they advanced from the fourth place position they acquired last year in league meets, to a second place in the Sunset League finals With the territic cross country running of its team captain, Ernie Verdugo, who took third in CIF preliminaries and seventh in the CIF finals, the pacers were helped in their ever-improving advancement tow- ard the top ofthe league. asp., en Follow Suit Turning in a line performance ot marlcsmanship, Anaheims live-man rifle team returned from the Sacramento state finals with the highly prized state championship trophy, shown in the photograph below. The team also garnered military medals during the South Coast shooting meet and planned to shoot again at the El Monte meet before the year ends. Lieutenant Don Merritt, adviser, has done an outstanding job in bringing about the superior rifle team lor Anaheim. ,ix ' 'A' -.c ,W K., Y RIFLE TEAM-TOP ROXY: Lielltenzant Don Merritt, IS. Menley, .I. lilllvdl, ll. Mueller, .I. l.2lI'itIllts". :incl V. Riley. i1fVI"l'U,Xi IUJXY: Il. i.i1il+-, IS. Mem-ham, M. Gallup, D. Clark, and D. Moiince. I85 wx, ff I , at I ' Z 4 , 5-116 0 -sf." " ir' -., . 5' ,' "w VARSITY BASEBALL-'FOI' IIOXY: .l. linker, U, lflilmielirund, .I. Ili1'l1'I'4'lfl, :uid i'0:lr'l1 ,lolm Vt':lllil1. lI0'l"I'ONl HOXY: Mgr, Il, I Uiisni-r, ll. lizirllu-I, :tml lllixr, IE. 'IR-rry, Varsity Horse As the baseball season reached the halfway point, the Ana- heim Sunset league defending champions poured on the heat as they set out for another winning year and another trophy. Although complete seasonal results could not be printed be- cause of press time, prospects look good since the Wallinmen have won five and lost one to put them in the leading conten- tion spot. Posing as the big threat to the AU baseball express was Newport Harbor who dumped the Colonists 3-2 in a game VQ ss is X- .. l C 'zirtr-r, IZ, Larson, G. 'l'h0rnton, ll. Essex, IZ. Baker, C. Stark, B. oiiimlino I Hitfl I .., , 1. z old, Unit. I. Knowles, J. Rodarfe, G, Dixon, J, Linn, B. hiders Defend Title which had to go into an extra inning. Santa Ana presented a threat only if an upset occured when they played Anaheim later on. As the situation stood then, their chances appeared slim. The Wallinmen still had another round of ball to play. The first string consisted of Clint Stark and John Baker, pitchers, Gary Thornton, catcher, Bill Essex, first base, Jim Ro- darte, second base, Bill Larson, third base, lrv Knowles, short- stop, Bob Cosner, left field, Bob Hatfield, centerfield, Bob Baker and Bill Barthel, rightfielcl. l l -Tagging Um un ,m,,i,.ii1iti1-il La Hail-rn rumn-r is liill l.arson, tliiril liaseman for the Uolonists. Larson, a returning letterman for 11,6 Uuiuny lmll ti-zum, lagged the Higlilziiiiiei' out-utter he lriwl to steal an extra base during the La Halirzn-Anaheim game April 17. Big John linker, Anzilieinrs prize pitulier, was on his toes as he saw the runner trying for the extra base and tired the ball to Larson who nimle the out. l86 3 ----...-W...-..,-V- --.. .f W-rr-v 1'-7 'ffff 5 is-we .5 v M ' riff , if f i4"V'i-"df it W 1 7' 4 . A - 8 . 1' v. 1 fi ia? 'if' 5: K. MW 9 , - .5 . ,, ' r 4"-W' ' , i, .. . s,.x.:-A ' KX' xi 'w X , if X f Aw 'Af' X X ff 2 A' M K aw ff A l , X If - V I X . f I ll X .v. I p our f , gfiuifm 5 lim, R 'mum X W .f I lima 2 5 ilfljf,-Z if i QVGA -all l .ll 1 l M .r" X .V wx on .' . 'fir' A . is if . A 51-Li ,, 1 , . t X- i 4 A gh, 4 Q AK X., 44 'V LQ 'll qi I if N V, F, A ANL 7 V NX , ,.,. - ll 6 v- ' ., J ' M Q' . ', ' "" f - ,,, ,Z V 1, ' .. f i Q' f 4 my A ..-gl -1 D ff' 3 .,, J. . ' ' .3-i i t V . ' ii A 'A ' M f x --.- tif Agar- i ' , A ,b ,. . . f 3 . -59" H" 3- V " ' fs' , N '!.,,l db. j V- ' ' A JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL-TOP ROXV: Coach G, Roussos, M. Hailey, D. Grothe, J. Starr, IJ. Kreziger, I.. Lowe, ll. Smith, G. Schultz, and H. VVelton. BOTTOM ROVV: G. Herbel, Gimino, J. Avitiu, L. Magdalena, 15. Ramirez, B. Gocloy. R. Hopkins, :ind M. Lilly. With JV's First, and Sophs Midway Press time not allowing complete results, Anaheim's junior varsity horsehiders were rolling over their opponents with their eyes on the Sunset League championship which the Colonists have captured the past two years. Tied with Huntington Beach for first place, Anaheim had a 6-2 record for league play with tour contests yet to go. Hunt- ington Beach and Santa Ana were responsible tor the two losses. Hurling tor the Colony were Don Krueger, winning tive and losing two, and Jim Starr, who carried a one-tor-two record. - Vx. QW-, -- .UM Oo., ,..,,. .4 fa. 5... Y,.,,,M-.Q f With tour games still 'emaining, at presstime, the Colonist sophomore baseball team prepared for their remaining encoun- ters with high spirits even though their season has been only average. A win-loss record ot seven and six didn't exceed last years ot twelve and three, but the experience gained playing this year will be invaluable for those boys desiring to go to the JV or varsity teams. A few of the members stand out from the rest as they supplied much of the strength for the team. They were Tom Lambeth, Ricki Schetler, Raul Saucedo, Bruce Hamer, and Ron Lehmen. . . ,X I ' ' frfwef-M1 , ,fr . . B. T, t ,, , ., ' ' X. . .. . ,... f . "rr .1 1 .. 9' . 'P' . - fs --.N g .. . - W Q , -if f r i V sf... g VV, 5 !,7.4..ggh 1 sg 4 l +, f . -f., .. V,-Wm, W fgqb, g- , I . -gg JL., V lb ggi?-, .T IWQQ f - ,sf W, :Rf fl , ,V I ,M i- t ', ii A ' 'ii J' ' '35 ' .--in ' , I .-. ' WV" I 4' . ' 1 1 in a 'L , I. J, Q if .,. s. lf- ,i' 7,76 . 1 . if fe I f ,V I .X Wa .: , fy . J 3 ' v iv .v 4,1 . f i if q I X l itil-f' QA-4 , V. X V. , 7 V -5:10. QV , i- - . Q r r s X Q v 1.1 if w f - 4 , . j - l ,X E+ 1 xg. F 1 If i fl . i ' Rf 6 f im X "I WJ l fz,,. K J .Ky I Vi 4 1 J Q .ff NH, 1' '1 141121--, . ' W- . V 1 4? i K ii A I I i , A H x K I iii i ? 5' .Y ff., f ,s ' . I 2 .-1.-sf' Q' fi -L r ?,, ' .v f. Z x J Q at t :if 5 N A x R is A K H , f is , X y I z , 1' A Q 4 1. " , . X if Nj' - -..A Q, ' " 2' '. , .,, , A f Q . . SOPHOMORE BASEBALL-TOP ROXV: Mgr. T. Hughes, T, Lamlietli, ll. Johnson, li. Hariivy, ll. l-'Q-ruiisoii. li. ln-iiulas. :intl :mai-li lt Nielsen. BOTTOM ROXV: G. Ethier, R. Saucedo, 13. Hawkins, L. XVhiIe, M. Hasenlluil, G. Cliiii-i-li, li Nlorszziii, 'IT Sziiii-f-viii. li. l.i-liiiiriiii :ind L. Hood. l87 3.3 . 'V 'Q ..., Having a fairly successful season, . the varsity finished fourth in league 72.5 ' vw.. competition. Three records were broken by the varsity, the l0O-yard backstroke which Doug Scott swam in a new time of l:07.4. Another record by Scott was the T50 yard individual medley which he lowered the time down to l:48. The last record was set by the varsity free style relay team, which was composed of Dieter Galley, Gregg Parker, John Bunnell, and Dean Schoborg, in a new time of l:43.8. V , VARSITY SWIMMING 'l'Ul' IKUNYZ tlury Svlic-1'1-l', lillss killlllillllltl, 'l'mn In-rr, Iloyll- Kim: :uirl .lullli llllltllvll. I!U'l"l'0lI IQOXYZ limi Slllllllllrl, lliw-ln-t' tlztllv, ln-:un ST'll0ltUl'l.1', llltllg Sf-ull, firm-gg l'JlI'lil'I'. :tml l'l7!lC'll Huy l!i'nxx'n. A, B, C, Swimmers Set lO Records... Showing a terrific season the B's finished third in the league, and also broke six records. John Centobie, Don Watt, Bob Day, Don Dierberger, and Herb Jackson were the record breakers for the B's. Although the Cs didn't have a too successful season, one record was broken and one was tied by Bernie Johnson, who set a new 50-yard free style time of 26.6 and tied Bob Day's record for the lOO-yard free style of l.OO.6. The man who coached these teams to their most successful season was Coach Roy Brown. l88 --u-wi' rpm t , A 1, V Z! A 'W .ap i .W fa ,, .V C 5WlMlVllNG ll'llI1QY' Pholot, TOP HOXV: IJ. Johnson D NVinste:1d D Smith NI N1 tziitiw. and J. cousins. 1:oTTOM HOW: D. L2 ', ' D ' - 7 A ' A Orton' L' IgOggXTlll1l'vklllll1il0z1Cl1 Hoy Iirown, lngson winger' ' brown' D' Henk. T. NG SQUAD llJ0XYf'I' Photot, TOP ROVV: B. Day, Ii. Hot , L, D tk. Y 11. Houston. Miimnlc How: J. Silverman, mgr., K, Ipieritergeiglaili. .tar-kZbii',r'c'lJ'.lhifgigg ily. Ixolleiv, mer., Coach Hoy Brown. BOTTOM HOXV: D. VVatt, D. Dierberger, J. Centobif- --ind 1. ,: Sl DTT. Y' 1 Q vi Tix ? -ni 1 With the maiority of the varsity squad playing their last year for Ana- heim, each member gave his best effort and annexed the most successful season in the Colonist's water polo history. Playing Fullerton twice, the AU frogmen dropped both decisions to the Indians, each one by a slim one-point margin. Due to the efforts of Norman Montague, captain, Dean Schoborg, most valuable, Frank Thomas, most in- spirational and 'iPlayer of the Year," the l958 squad gave Anaheim a rep- , utation that will have to be lived up to V by the Bs and Cs that will form tomor- row's varsity. vu Q., VARSITY WATERPOLO-TOP ROXV: R. Couplund, G. Scherer, B. Hotian, D. King, G, Parker, G, Carter, and J. Bunnell. BOTTOM HOXV: R. Shamas, T. Leo, D. Sc-holiorg, D. Galle-, D. Scott, D. Smith, and Coach Roy Brown. As Waterpoloists Have Best Year . . , , . , , LZ., ,, milf! I , ' A 2 is... f:,......., , .,-L f 'P -3,""""' www, f ..,, ' , H Wi'i45'i C WATERPOLO-TOP ROVV: Sonny Means, Loyd Bibhee, Mike Morton, Bernie Johnson, Stevi- Brown, Mike Forbes, and Ron Sh amas. BOTTOM ROXV: Coach Roy Brown, Tom Hoag, Daw Renk, Dennis Millonzi, Dave Smith, and Jim Cousins. B WATEERPOLO-TOP ROW: Dick Houston, and Tom Martin tobie, Don XVatt, Cliff Johnson, a Larry Decker, Doug Centobie, Bob Critchfield, Ken Dierhereer. . BOTTOM RONV: Coach Roy Brown, Don Dierberger, Jim Cen- nd Ed Railsback, The B's managed to finish fourth in league competition. Although their sea- son was not as successful as the varsity's or Cs, everytime the B's played a game their opponets knew they had been in a fight. Some of the outstanding play- ers were Don Dierberger, most valuable, John Centobie, "Player of the Year", and Don Watt, captain. The fighting Cs finished in third place. The most-outstanding player on the Cs was Dennis Millonzi who cap- tured all three awards of most valu- "PIayer of the Year," and captain. able, i'Player of the Year," and cap- tain. I89 2 W t t Z 'tr ll ' ve Q A M ,li .5 3 Q, ' i J if P If ii V i ' ii i Qi .sqm Q U :Li if i' Wx VARSITY TENNIS- 'Htl' IKUVVZ Unzii-li ll. Nook, K. l"s-nlon, G. Imupm-my L. l'!LIlllli'l', IZ, Unrlson, Capt. .I. Heiden, S. Kula, :md Mgr. II. Mv1':uriflli-ss. IlU'I"l'0M IIUVVZ IZ. Km-ip, 'lf 'l':1ylm', .l, Nilsloli, l'. fYSllOl'lt,1lllflfi, I,0m.:'. Netters Vie For League Honors . . . With the tennis season drawing to a close, the Anaheim varsity racketmen carried a l7 for l9 record and had cinched a second spot in league competition. Surprising a confident Santa Ana team, the Colonists dumped the Saints who were the previous Sunset League champs, and became a definite threat to other hopefuls for the league championship. Outstanding seniors on the squad were Glenn Looper, Ken Fenton, and John Heiden, captain, who gave top performances on the court. Promising juniors were Don Kliss, John Easton, and Stan Kula. Although their season wasn't outstanding, the junior var- sity netters managed seven wins in l9 tilts and were classed as having an average year. Press time wouldn't allow final sea- sonal results, but Coach Bill Cook, who will be leaving this year, wasn't counting on a top position in the league standings. Hopefuls for next year's varsity are Bill Piper, Bill Ivory, Kirk Hoffner and Brian Stieler, as they return to face the op- ponents which the varsitymen have so ably defeated. E t l , 2, W 4 I , 2 2 Y in .enemy , s, Z 5 ,tif ff of K " me 'iff rj' fr ,f .WW-ww JUNIOR VAFKSITYJTOI' HOXY: Nazis-it li, Hank. ll, l'iper, li. Stiitler, S. Sm-ll, IJ. Holiitison. Ii. Kelley, E. Smqith, D. Kniefel, J. Ililtl--rltaqgk, IZ, Ivory, :init tl, Mi-Vziittili-ss, I2U'l"1'0Bl IIUXY: G. lif-lley, 1'. lfilley, Ii. Hufiner, J. Tofivldl, J. Slfrckli-F, 13. batiders, und T. Mosheiiko. l90 BETTY LANCASTER Senior Adviser MARGARET KISHIYAMA Secretary GAA Advisers, Officers Promoted GAY WLASCH I N President Although membership is limited, most of the girls who are interested in sports at AUHS may join the Girls' Athletic Association. Under the leadership of Betty Lancaster and her assistants, Joan Fee and Dorris l.emp, this association has emphasized good sportsmanship and team spirit in the many sports which have been offered to the members. Included in these sports are basketball, hockey, volleyball, softball, badminton, tennis, swimming, golf, shuffle- board, and archery. GAA members have participated in many activities this year through the organization. ln addition to taking part in several playdays, they staged a Red Cross drive which proved very suc- cessful, they held a picnic at Irvine Park, and cli- maxing an active year they held the annual ban- quet. DORRIS LEM P Sophomore Adviser JOAN FEE Junior Adviser SHARON WOODRU FF Sophomore Representative JANET COOKE Treasurer LINDA HEFFERIN Sports Commissioner i BEVERLY SCHAFF Publicity Chairman Lively Year . . . V791 PAM DAVIS Vice President Promoting an active year for the Girls' Athletic Association was Gay Wlaschin, president. Gay led her cabinet capably and proved a great asset in making this year a very suc' cessful one. Her cabinet consisted of Pam Davis, vice pres- ident, Margaret Kishiyama, secretary, Janet Cooke, treasurer, Linda Hefferin, sports commissioner, Beverly Schaff, publicity chairman, Beverly Woodruff, historian, Judy Moulton, red cross representative, Joyce Boege, senior representative, Sharon Troutman, junior representative, and Sharon Wood- ruff, sophomore representative. Repesenting AUHS, members of the cabinet attended two conferences this year. They attended the seventh annual GAA Conference at Huntington Beach and the GAF Con- vention at Newhall. Also they led the girls in the many activities which were planned and undertaken for the year. SHARON TROUTMAN Junior Representative JUDY MOU LTON Red Cross Representative r J, .f . O JOYCE BOEGE Senior Representative BEVERLY WOODRUFF' Historian l93 GAA Girls Kept the Bull Bouncing SENIORS -'FOI' ROVVZ Gwen Hz-Llvorsen, .loan Smith, and Linda Stevens. SICUUNIJ ROW: liurlmru Lykowski, June Roland, June Thomason. und llnrle-ne Rogers. l!0'l"l'OM ROVV: Linda Heffl-rin, Daisy Nukamllrzi, Normal Staman, and Marilyn Taguo. JUNIORS-TOP ROVV: J. Landes, Troutman, L. Bakker, K. Rainey, H, Petnick, M. Campbell, and J. Hein. SECOND ROW: M. Kishiyama, J. Visel, J. Moulton, J. Nvillis, M. Parker, B. Gibson, and B. Briscoe. BOT- TOM ROVV: P, Joslin, B. Schaff, T. Borden, P. Dinkler, D. Mills, N. VVilkins, and P. Davis. Participating in the first playday of the -N' year, the above teams traveled to Hunting- 7 gs, ton Beach as first and second teams. Because . is of limited space, the third :and fourth teams ,W . 5 I U Q could not be shown. s Since three sports were offered this quar- ter, the girls were able to choose either tennis, swimming, or basketball. After the Q basketball teams were chosen, the girls com- T peted in interclass games. nfifi' -- ,YQ .l L x SOPHOMORES--TOP ROXV: S. Krastel, B. Morton, B. Spielman, B, 1-"O,-- sythe, :md S. Steelman. SECOND HOW: M, Sedia, K. Nelson, B. Cross, C. Gulf-s, and P. Macliinney, BOTTOM ROW: M, NVittesch, C. Currier, S. Newlin. K. Olson. and J. White. l94 Until Competitive Volleying Arrived SENIORS-TOP ROVV: J. Porter, B. NVoodruff, A, Story, G. Kirk, T. Byls- ma, M. Robinson, and L. Stevens. SECOND RONY: G. Halvorsen, IZ. Lykow- ski, D. Rogers, and L. Speight. BOTTOM ROXV: L. Hefferin, N. Staman, M. Tague, and D. Nakamura. ' il Q' ,' v"t47325W' fav ' ' Mil' 34 JUNIORS-TOP ROVV: J. Landes, L. Bakker, H, Petnick, and B. Gibson. SECOND ROW: E. Houshmand, J. Visel, D. Sligern J. Hein, and M. May- berry. BOTTOM ROW: P. Joslin, T. Borden, P. Dmkler, D. Mills, and N. Wilkins. Shown above are the first and second vol- leyball teams. Due to the lack of space, the third and fourth teams could not be shown. Traveling to Fullerton on March 26 and March 27, the girls completed the playday successfully. Preceding the playday the girls competed in the various interclass games which pro- moted class spirit and prepared the girls to meet their opponents at playday. MORES-TOP ROW: M. Jenkins, C. Roland, C. Hennings, 3l?ol?JL'r?lff, B. Blankmeyer, M. Miller, and L. Hensley. SECOND ROXV: I. Liles, J. Mickelson, C. O'Brien, C. Jeanerrett, S. Watkins, and N. Dean. BOTTOM ROW: K. Dye, M. Reed, A. Mittman, L. Smith, S. Meier, and C. Jorden. l95 They Kept the Boll Rolling and . SENIORS--TOP RONV: J. Porter, M. Robinson, G. Halvorsen, A. Story, B. Woodruff, J. Roland, T. Iiylsma, and L. Stevens. SECOND ROVV: S. Sha- koizin, G. Kirk, li. Story, M. MacDonald, G. Wlaschin, D. Morrow, J. 'I'horn:ison, L. Peterson, :ind B. Lykowski. THIRD ROW: L. Speight, B. Mahnffie, D. Nakannirzi, G. Puffer, J. Young, D. Rodgers, N. Starnan, and M. 'l':1g'ue. BOTTOM RONV: Q". Schulz, L. Hefferin, M. Jeter, A. Harris, li. Morimoto, J. Smith, and J. Brown. JUNIORS-TOP ROW: J. Willis, J. VVilliams, J. Cooke, S. Troulman, K. Schutz, M. Campbell, L. Bakker, H, Petnick, K. Rainey, J. Downs, and M. liillups. SECOND ROW: L. Freeman, C. Lopez, K. Iwashita, M. Kishiyama, J. Reinemann, J. Landes, J. Hein, J. Meade. P. Davis. J. Moulton, 13, Uris- coe, and J. Blake. THIRD ROVV: J. Hoffer, M. Parker, J. Vv'erner, E. Houshmand, J. Visel, D. Bradd, M. Mayberry, B. Gibson, M. Koehler, and C. Robertson. BOTTOM ROVV: H. Berryman, J. Kennedy, li. Schaff. P. Joslin, T. Borden, P. Dinkler, D. Mills, N. VVilkins, S. Teague, and P. McCarthy. This year the hockey playday was to have been held at Orange on Wednesday, Feb. 5, tor the senior and iunior girls and on Thurs- ,Xe 4 day, Feb. 6, for the sophomores. Due to the ' abundant rains throughout that week, the playdioy was canceled. On the days that the weather permitted, the above teams entered into competition and completed the hockey season with inter- class games. SOPHOMORES-'FOI' HOXV: C. Gales, S. Steelman, J. Mickelson, J. Hunl- er, K, Perkins, S. xV00liI'lll'f, IE. lllankme-ye-V, :md C. Hennings. SEFOND HOYV: l. l'arrillo, M. Hevd, A. Blllllllilll, IE. Morton, K. Nelson. L. Blurphy, D. Pe-ters, S. NYatkins, M. Morgan, M. Miller, L. Hensley, S. XVhite. Il. Qpielman, S. S4-lnnidt, and S. Sw:-uringren. THIRD ROXV: N. Malls, M. Seriia, M. N'S'itt1-svli, I. Liles, C, O'lIrivn, U. Jvzinnerett, L. Smith, N. Ilezin, fi orden, li. Vross, P. Mcliinm-y, l'. Ilolund, and IE. Fisher. ISOTTOM Roxxvi k' K D S X ul' 1 flll I Easton. S. Kraste-l, ll. lforsytlie. M, .Ie-n'1ns, . ye, fe 'll1. '. ' '- ier, l'. Emiivotl, K. Olsen. S. lluke-r, I.. Schle-gal, S. Meier, and S. Henry. I96 Really Got into the Swing of Things ' " ' -A fi C,g . 'L ,,,.A "5ff1f".iA ff f V .fs , V V A Vi.. IV,5j3'2:Z,ZL.3V31V52212.4 . ,T t i V Q1 'N 'f' . s I ' ,X f 7 , . L ' K li SENIORS-TOP ROW: J. Porter, M. Robinson, G. Halvorsen, A. Story, B, Woodruff, J. Roland, T. Bylsma, and L. Stevens. SECOND ROW: S. Sha- kofian, G. Kirk, B. Story, M. MacDonald, G. Wlaschin, D. Morrow, J, Thomason, L. Peterson, and B. Lykowski. THIRD ROW: L. Speight, B. Mahafne, D Nakamura G Puffer J Young D Rogers N St . , . , . , . , , , m , d M. Tague. BOTTOM ROW: C. Schutz, L. Hefferin, M. Jeter, A.2TIa.ii'rf'isf1Ti. Morimoto, J. Smith, and J. Brown. it55'5'-35? 'ff3?7M--"'T',:g7giI1'Z-'-'Iii":gT.5i1' "7 -- r.TT - fy I M ,.,, . QE ' 't x I ii 'ai my A' ' 337-7"9'i'i'.:f sl' RD: as V- I W -is-.1 ' i . f 2211 'A fb , -A I... ,G , G5 .. l ch: t ' 'I 4.2, 15,7 .Q.'i XVWV' ,.. . I '--r--H ft. nficln.--.. s T' . It L-' 5 1: 2' "' vw 9 K2 " ' 'srf "' 'V . 1 i, , 5 ' W- 1 xl. at 'x ,fl Q A E .I ,- .14 ,I 'N 'xi' 5 -W ' if '- WW551-..l4L"'.f,..?'7?-Htlezt ,:'f.--I+ Q '-A' . . ...s.-:Q-,fill JUNIORS-TOP ROW: J. Willis. J. Williams, J. Cooke, S. Troutman, K. Schulz, M. Campbell, L. Bakker, H. Petnick, K. Rainey, J. Downs, and M. Billups. SECOND ROW: L. Freeman, C, Lopez, K. Iwashita, M. Kishi- yama, J. Reinemann, J. Landes, J. Hein, J. Meade, P. Davis, J. Moulton, B. Briscoe, and J. Blake. THIRD ROW: J. Hoffer, M. Parker, J. W'erner, E. Houshmand, J. Visel, D. Bradd, M. Mayberry, B. Gibson, M. Koehler, and C. Robertson. BOTTOMVROW: B. Berryman, J. Kennedy, B. S h'ff P. c a , Joslin, T. Borden, P. Dmkler, D. Mills, N. Wilkins, S. Teague, and P. McCarthy. T' '...?ii.f':5f"?T':::::.ZRL1ir"t Completing a successful year, the GAA members entered the softball season that was climaxed by the softball playday which was held at Valencia on Tuesday, May 27, and Wednesday, May 28. The above teams rep- resented Anaheim at the playday. In order to practice for the playday and to promote competition between the various class teams, they held the interclass games before the softball playday. .3533-3ji1,j:g1,.31'i,.,, ..,.. -..W .... .. ,...w:33'-lfjwqfwe-wjN+bw-,:Awgb,u,wM,,.-,v,, ,,,,,,,,.,, .. izfgqiaafn "'Z'::J1'ff1. ffigf at ff! .3 Lf '13-elf ' . .. 52 'FF lm :LC Qc .- 7' TCE " ' gg lb: inf' 'sg A Hflfimff if 1 f ir zz , V 1 ' ksyhfhi, p.u.,4it-i nab- . " ' SOPHOMORES-TOP RONY: C. Gates, S. Steelman, J. Mickelson. J. Hunter, K. Perkins, S. XVoodruff, B. Blankmeyer, and C. Hennings, SECOND ROW: I. Carrillo, M. Reed, A. Mittman, B. Morton, K, Nelson, L. Murphy, D. Peter, S. NVatkins, M. Morgan, M. Miller, L. Hensley, J. VV'hite, B. Spielman, S. Schmidt, and Swearingen. THIRD ROXV: N. Mahs, M, Sedia, M. VVittesch, I. Liles, C. O'Brien. S. Jeannerett, L. Smith, N, Dean, C. Jorden, IS. Cross. P. McKinney, C. Roland, and IS. Fisher. BOTTOM ROVV: J. Easton, S. Krastel, B. Forsythe, M. Jenkins, K. Dye, S, Newlin, C. Currier, C. Endicott, K. Olsen, S. Tinker, L. Schlegel. Meier. and S. Henry. I97 . , . . 5 .. -Q, If tg 9 l ' ' 'A ' A . 3 ' ' 'xv . -z' vt- 4, -A fn., .. -- ."-- - if' I' -l 1, . 'U' -1, O ,' , , , X"4 Aan' s 4-A Pl ?' ' xr, 3 N , . . Q - X I Q1 at t . . X , 1 I X' I W7 if X . V A N., ,L . f -?v - . .X if x V ,a tl. l fm-L 2 J fee' pr: i A- w A 'H i '25 if if ef' Q tai . . , e ' 'dl '29 f A 'f ., i Y Q s A . . . , X f 0 tr .1 X, ,f -. . N, f . . M . i 1 ,., , J -J g A I 'W ' ' -V dx , .x., w x .A tv kk -'gy - Q S- V Q 4 ,Q . 55. W J if ip 71. .Hai .- ,Q L I ,II lv Q f ,J . ,QQ , xl . ce, xg 1 , , vo- 2 f. . 1 x - .. ' . 1' H f " .. N A ' ,f lr A ml 'P ,K if Y I J ' ' A 'fa - Ai X 2 X JI xi 1 in-J 42 ff X .li K 4 1 , :Z K i v, Q , I i, . 4" l' 1 1 C. N ' 4' - I, .Q , rn, 'S ' i- l' X ' , 1 . , ' eg Av, ,A 1 I , .. L l"" F L-f ' .. .L . J ' . if TENNIS-TOP ROVV: G. Kirk, T, llylsmn, K. Rainey, M. Robinson, J. Visel. J. Cooke, J. Easton, P. Joslin, and .I. Meade. SECOND ROVV: M. lW0.4'l,0lI2llll, S, Slmkoinii, L. I'etvrson, J. l'oi'1er, .l. l.mid4-s, li, St'lllllZ, S, 'l'routm:in, J. Heinemann, :ind I'. Davis. THIRD ROVV: C. Schulz, ll. lit-rrynimi, 'l'. liordm-ii, K. Morimolo, .l. lirown, M. Mnylierry, ll. Gibson, and M. Koehler. BOTTOM ROVV: D. Morrow, M. Jeter, ll. Mziliziffic-, M, Moore, J, llot-1:11, A, Hzirrix, L. Spf-igllt, and li, Srliufll They Were on TENNIS-This year saw these GAA girls in tennis action. Many paired off to play doubles while others entered into the singles division. Early in December, competition began when the girls had their first tennis playday on AU's tennis courts. The girls saw plenty of action from then on until the end of the season. the Ball, Real Cool SWIMMING-These lovely GAA bathing beauties represented Anaheim High in a swim playday held at Garden Grove, February l8. Most of these girls were given the chance to decide whether to go out for tennis or swimming. Earlier in the school year, GAA members enioyed o swim party held in the school pool to get acquainted. .. " 1. e g , sf, 'ti .ar a,,.z,. of,-:gy ' 'se,,,,, ji . 'f if Z, t A Ht, f. '4 ... it it it it 'ttf ut tl ii' A Lfluf N..,,.,- M J .y" SWIMMING-TOP ROVV: S. Teague, L. Freeman, LiptraDD. J. VVerner, J. Downs, C. R01 d B. B ' an , riscoe, L, Bakker, J. Kennedy, D. Mills, D, lsmdd, P. Mot arthy. P, Haut-k. li, Morton, k. Nelson, ll. Hlankmeyer, C. O'Hrien, M. Reed, M. Miller, C. Gates, C. .leannermtl S, Schmidt, :incl S. Swenringen. SECOND ROXY: N. XVilkins, l. Liles, C. Lopez, M. Kishiyama., K. Iwashita, M. Morgan, B. Spielman, .I. Hunter, .l, XYilli:ims, N. Dean, S. Steelmun, L. Murphy, A. Mittman, L. Hensley, S. Meier, L. Smith, M. Sedia. S. NVQ-Ltkins, L. Schlegel, I. Carrillo, C, Hennings, and S, liaker. BOTTOM RONV: S. Krnstvl, C. Jordan, li. Cross, M. NK'itte-sch, S. Henry, ll. Fisher, N, Malls, K. Perkins, D. Peter, M. Jenkins, S. XVoodruff, C. Currier, S. Newlin, C. Endicott, K, Olsen, IS. NYoodruff, A. Story, P. Dinkler, and M. Campbell. I98 l x r Q 1 A. .u A .,,, vf, , 1. A, A . A . SX. . 6, .Y ' L I i 'A , 'Awmifi ' ' N , 5.f A F r I I " 5 . -r U 5 5 . I ' A 1-V8-.VV , W V V Q , 6 V 3 8 , Q S3 3,5 , .E A Q sf 1' in irq' i'4?ffr,:f4'1 A ' n .-fl 'i -H ' ' it A. i ' f 'it A i ' 2, F -V ' 'I -. I . iftgjjt ' ' ' 4. filly," Xi.. x . ' ,' 'J l ' ' "T f S., 3 -P-, A .5 i 'mfg 5. - . 5 A ,putt z ,QL-.x L l t f ia:-H i af' A "N if' ft? 4 QA 'Za . 3,1 I Q-it vi J" g y .. l. 1 he A A 1-A - if ' P 4 jg f h . 1 fa--+ 'gif 'tv . ,f ' t 'I A fr . gg, Q Kia I l , " A 2 sg ' x, A A 2. l if if 11-Q, 'F 4A y y Q 2 - 1i', A K -A 'mid 'A ' ' A y 1.-LN, D--1 . A A aa, Q . ya 1 gy 4' ,, 1 251-,AA is t 0 - . A t A Ai I f' 1 , "sQx,- - ' l A . ,.,..Q. . 1 af .A 1 Q W frxk .K Q "f'f'1 ' il A-, 1 A . 4 fri hr A i 1 8 . 'l f 'I A i 3""fL"."2fS- i' 'I i .ug i'."' Y P 41, .L A . A L. an ik ii: BADMINTON--TOP ROW: L. Stevens, M. MacDonald, S. Shakoian, J. Porter, L. Peterson, J. Roland, B. Lykowski, G, Kirk, T. Hylsma, M. Robinson, and G. Halvorsen. SECOND ROW: C Schutz, Ii. Mahaftie, D. Morrow, L. Hefferin, N. Staman, M. Tague, D. Nakamura. and D. Rogers. BOTTOM ROVV: J. Boege, A. Harris, M. Jeter, M. Moore, J. Young, K. Morimoto, J. Brown, and L. Speight. And Kept Their Eye on the Birdie ARCHERY AND GOLF-This year the seniors were introduc- ed to two sports, archery and golf. ln archery the girls got a big kick out of trying to hit the target. Not having a real golf course to practice on, the girls, with their swinging clubs made desperate attempts to hit the ball only to up-root the grass. 511 115 GOLF-Fighting for the ball in an apparently gruesome golf game are, from left to right, Jean Brown, Beverly Woodruff, Joyce Boege, and Micki MacDonald. BADMINTON- -These GAA girls, along with other GAA mem- bers, kept their eyes on the birdie as they swang their badmin- ton rackets to and fro. By the toss of the racket this game of skill and chance be- gan in which the girls vied to see if they could beat their oppon- ets by reaching the final fifteenth point first. 5 A L,,- t ' if if - '- lg .gyaq . A. 1 Q 4 , ig - , f ,. in 1 1 l1l -4 5 ,ggvdff-9' are ' wal? ,gf 3'L m., M A T -f .JZ L l , b .1 f 4 - - . ' . , i 1 i 1 1 i f ,t-"' it ' ' ' i ' '73 i . A -...aigw ... Al i,"'7 ' ' ...A ' '- i"f'.1,: , rfb' - Aj ' ', ' "A A ' gaupsfv' 1. ' ' n - V - ,.- ,. ,Ly .- f.1.A:fg 4 A. . .-. if 1 ' ' ' .LA , ,-' 1" 'S-. .W -3 ', ', A .ygarvf .P . Q A in' . - Y llfh i 'J' YL, A .4-i 1- .fflff 1. .-if iv: 'fn 1' 11- A-vis - , - .-.-,ia me - fi . -Y ,, .1 5 YM ' .1-f.f,,Q'QE4gQ, -' Q ,Qfff 15,2325 .. ,F 3' " ' Q:--lf ' " "if ff -L' :if . . - A e - 1. -. -. . - ,' ',,i' , , art' H 'JF Qfvpewfiiwwrst "weT w1x " . '- ijggd-"'f'5 :LL 55" 'T AS ARCHERY-"Ready, aim, fire!" The lVillia.m Tells of Ana.heim's senior GAA are, from left to right, Judy Porter, Daisy Nakamura, Tracy Bylsma, Charlene Schutz, and Mary Jeter. I99 Looking Bock on GAA's Activities .. 5 , x .LL l fi "Q"Y 1 Q , Y "' Y. rf N I ,LJ N ,, -i . Lv ""' ' r-. I -'I - -.- T. in Q lx 1 M "'T" l . X' ,ALX I 'lr win , -A h Eff XX ' t -f If ' i Girls initiated into GAA on November 5 wore two skirts, a clashing blouse with a con- trasting scart, nylons and boots, a hat and a sign designating the sport they went out tor, and no makeup. 7 I This year's GAA cabinet was constantly in focus making plans for the year's activities. Some ot their many achievements were the GAA picnic, the senior barbeque, a color playday, and several playdays with other county schools. .J I zoo g Y'-Z In promoting school spirit these and other GAA girls participated in several play- days in the various sports. In this scene, the girls are involved in a game of softball, preparing for the last playday of the year. "Gee I Whaf a beaufiful ouffif l" This represenfs a fypical remark given fo qualify merchandise and services offered by Anaheim's fine refail, inclusfrial, and professional represenfafives. These have chosen fo adverfise in fhis division of fhe Colonisf and on campus in fhe window picfured on fhe opposife page. The I00-plus firms, fhaf see fif fo supporf fhe school fhrough fhese mediums of adverfising, merif fhe supporf ofvfhe sfuclenf body and faculfy for helping fo make fhis book fhe success fhaf if is. An Anaheim sfudenf reviewing his collecfion of yearbooks sees many familiar commercial business firms on display year-affer-year in fhe Colonisf. This is a 'rribufe fo fhe yearbook's marked influence on 'rhe communify's "Cifizens of Tomorrow." These annuals have welded fogefher innumerable years of sfudenfs, each wifh his own cusfoms, usages, and preferences, info a bloc of pofenfial cusfomers. Sfudenfs look favorably foward fhe producfs made and sold by supporfing agencies wifhin Anaheim's orbif of influence. Affer graduafion, many will seek ouf fhe firms herein represenfecl fo become a parf of fhe cify's producers, sellers, and buyers . . . ADVERTISING x R i rx v Ad Staff Helps to Pay for Book ANORANCO and COLONIST ADVERTISING STAFF af" JIM HOPKINS I JAN SCHIMMER JANICE MILNE Hard work and determination of the I3 members of the advertising staff helped to make possible the 1958 Colonist. Under the guidance of Larry Quille the contacts were made and the details prepared for the printing of this section of the annual. Unknown by many, this section is highly important to the annual. Funds that are brought in as the result at the untiring efforts of this staff make a large portion of the financial details of the book possible. OX LOIS WENHOLZ JUDV YOUNG BILL wAssoN 204 DOLLY HATHCOCK CAROL ALVORD Manager Bookkeeper in SHARON HANEY DAVID JONES i RICHARD RUFFNER DIANE CLIFTON PHOEBE MC AULEY -T 5, if A . 11-...-".:'-'J-L' Q-...sf a J , , 205 A LARGE HOME CONCERN SERVING You FLYING "II" PRIJIIUIITS FLYING "A" TIRES FLYING "A" BATTERIES If iff- 4--X. A Effii-fin i : A 4 7 Y ' 4 -F Aga XL ' N - 1' finvlus f HIIME 0IL CIIMPANY I422 Wesi' Broadway Anaheim, California DOLLER'S RADIO SERVICE PACKARD BELL RADIOS and TELEVISION MOTOROLA AUTO RADIOS 726 So. Los Angeles S'I'. KEys1-one 5.3353 B. B. 8 H. IVIUIUR PARIS, INC. MACHINE SHOP SERVICE MAIN STORE BRANCH STORE I20 Wesf CI1es+nu+ I30II Cen+ury Blvd. ANAHEIM GARDEN GROVE KEysIone 5-2828 JE 7-0203 206 Your Hosfess Mrs. Lin CH UNGI-'SING CAFE OPEN I2 A.M. fo 2 A.M. DAILY FRIDAY-SATURDAYS I2 A.M. to 3 A.M. 327-331 E. CenI'er Phone KE. 5-4519 A N A H E I M M9 liinley7 I66 W. Cenler Sl. Urange County llrug Cu, DEPENDABLE PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 0 Agenfs For EASTMAN KODAKS PENSLAUR REMEDIES STANDARD HOMEOPATHIC CO. KE. 5-2408 236 W. Cen+er S+. ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA George Norwine gl Sun Farmers Insurance Group Aufo - Fire - Truclc , Life - Burglary - Compensa'I'ion BOB MARTIN, Agenl' g 433 Wesl' Cenler S'free+ KEysl'one 5-2326 MOVING STORAGE GENERAL TRUCKING w v CASEY-BECKHAM 'nee 'lm Dependable Through 'Ihe Years I' ' Ax SALES AND SERVICE ?1AR'jj,,'Q1,'QfUf,Qfl "A GOOD DEAL AND A GOOD DEAL MORE" 505 S. Los Angeles S+. Phone KE. 5-2863 Phone KEys+one 3-3I2I 336 S. Los Angeles S+. Anaheim, California ANAHEIM AGENT - Allied Van Lines, Inc. 207 Congrafulafions fo fhe Graduafing Class of '58 ..f R, fl. S "' E E ,Q S i 1, E A' E N-L., ' Q s MERRIFIELD ,MN,,eee, TRUCKING commmy A 3 v , L , 1 REEEIGERATQ seavigsga sg Q A-,Ji Ui ' ri ? X'-s"A" I ." x lyi ', 'A ' 'L - " ...ff 1,-gs f fr 2--'Ar """' MERRIFIELD TRUCKING COMPANY 1122 Norl'h Lemon S+. Phone KE. 5-2121 -'J X 2 W' ,i Q44 , Ax , If A ,4 lf .All Q X, FIVE PUINT l'HAlllflACY , Nw ss, IIOO Lincoln Ave. Phone KE. 5-36ll . ,QQ ' yf ldv .U CONGRATULATIONS COLONISTS lg ' - Msg X CCNE BRCJS. lf . if f .!'l'f'3 4 cHEvRoLET-SINCE 1933 iw L A I iw E "Your Sofisfacfion ls Our 7 A 7 Future Business" SPORTSWEAR 215 North Los Angeles St. 2l9 Wesl Cenler S+. KEys+one 5-2305 KEY5lone 5-1143 208 ,!,,!c 1 Q ei? II T 4 gas I i A A of A ' Ie, ti f I J ' M. in 4 L, EXTENDS I I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE EAITHEUL, couRrEous ORADUATINO CLASS SERVICE OE I958 Hllgenfeld IInrIuary to Better Insure 120 Easff Broadway Phone KE. 5-4I05 Your Future Anaheim,CaIi'Iornia 00 ii , I s MAY WE SUGGEST AN INSURED SAVINGS ACCOUNT WITH "HOMES, AIVIERICA'S LARGEST ASSOCIATION I Mira IHIUME SAVINGS and LOAN 4,33 e 3 Y . . . ,,Xg ,,f1Q A A A nfnctq A yfvqg -cn-,fxfw I A U A n 1 Smeg . AESOEIAYIQN of L05 ANGELES No' 2II EAST CENTER STREET ACROSS FROM CITY HALL A N A H E I M ER I CH 'Dug Cfeanern KARL F. KNAPP, Prop. We Operaie Our Own PIan+ HIGH QUALITY WORKMANSHIP Cash and Carry Pickup and Delivery I'IeacIquarI'ers for Sweafers Since I926 II7 W. Cypress KE. 5-46I8 350 W. Cenfer HCJIVI E - Pr1'n fers ' Announcemenfs ' Publicafions ' Brochures 338 WEST CENTER Phone Anaheim, California KEys+one 5-4I I7 209 Complimenfs of fhe IIIISSIIIII FIIIINIT IIE PRESSEL, ROGERS and PRESSEL FINE FURNISHINGS AND INTERIORS HARDWARE WELDING 117 Soufh Clemenfine KEys1'one 5-4206 223 EaS'I' Cenfer Phone KE. 5-6166 A N A H E I M FOR THE MOST IN DRY CLEANING COMPLIMENTS OF S E D L O C K gxjf- JEWELERS ,milk DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVERWARE the mm In DRY CIEAIIIIII: WNWWI f'1 ffx'fN"':W"m' PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE PHONE KE. 5-74I3 I26 E. CENTER ST. 3I4 E. Cenfer S+. KE. 5-7306 DIAMONDS 1 WATCHES , 5-Le . , SILVER QVWI4 0 EDN? - Q Ig L ' JEWELRY gx S Your REXALL Sfore 7 I AFT ' -, W1 gigeyef 91- PRESCRIPTIONS ai! JEWELER5 I44 West Cen+er S+ree+ '55 W. CENTER ANAHEIM Oscar W. Heying Herman J. Schafer KE. 5-4403 Let Us llelp YIIII with Your IIz1I'IIening Needs 3 'V FYEMWMYAYA- AYA' W -A-AN'-"MN-"""-T-F "T"' ' 'C' House of I ' - IIIIY L. IIIIIII I II EIIY f -.J I28 Wesf Broadway-Anaheim Phone KEyS'rone 5-5IO8 a -YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD NURSERYMAN- and SPECIALIZING IN Germain'S Flower and Grass Seeds-Roses-Trees ' Bedding PIanIS-Nursery SIOCIQ Garden Tools, e+c. KE, 5-49 2IO LA DUNA BEAUTY SALUN 'The Salon of Surpassing Beau'ry' OppOSITe The SOR 84 Safeway 25 l22 S. Lemon KE. 5-9227 VISIT KNUTTS BEHHY FARM J-XND GHOST TOWN wg 2-J ws? V.-Ei' v 1,, A S A A E STEAK HOUSE CHICKEN DINNER Open Daily Excep+ Friday GHOST TOWN- RESTAURAN1' Full-fledged gold mining open Every Day fown of l849 vln+age. EXCEPT MONDAY SHO? TOSNN G'R"'L OPEN DAN-Y e and TUESDAY P H very av uz+09p.m. vlsn oun BUFFET SOUTl'I GRAND AVENUE, BUENA PARK, GALIFURNIA PHONE JAckson 7-2211 - LAwrence 2-1131 2Il Dewev's Men's Shop - hllifilf 13. I . ,gi A A I ALI: r I ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA PROSPECT 4-7200 . U Y is A LE CHILI nmxnaunoen cnuaev Doo TAIVIA I I I . , ,ffl FRENLA DIP 35 4 ' surfn rm urns -57:71 :mnn ITIRDE THCUS 9' , I " If , f 1 -I., T. 5 -7 T Ji- -I Wm Y r 'ef' ' .e gu x -i- wr' f .x , ,,.,....Ln I I . , I5 I , A' Complimenfs KING'S DRIVE-IN 1008 W. Center SI. KEysfone 5-4273 PM 2 I I I A I I I 2I6 E. Cenfer S+. KEys+one 5-5465 DISNEYLAND HOTEL KEysfone 3-T932 2I2 L. M. PICKEL 824 WI Cenfer Phone KEys+one 5-30I3 ANAHEIM, CALIF. Choice Meafs For Discriminafing Cusfomers BBIIWN and HASKINS D E A L E R SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS "Service Is Our Business" CENTER AND PALM KEys+one 5-2977 W FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 4II S Walnut St Anaheum K 5 2I 8 Open Days and E g 604 W. Center Street KEystone 58532 WFWGVG 'V16HChGS+9f' and Santa Ana Meet Ons Ohana t-Up h Y h FIV I0 INTEREST GAIIYINI CHARGE I Alllll ill' if U45 Mqegjjggsf V FREE ESTIMATES J E WE Ll RS AIIAHK-KI. 3-3107 ii1HQ'lIlPl. Congratulations To The Seniors of Anaheim Union High School CARL'S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 1200 North Palm KE 5-4848 Anaheim "Finesf in Foods Since 1944" CARl'S JRS'. Self-Service Drive-Ins A N A H E I M B R E A 605 W. Center KE 3-4335 707 S. Pomona JAsper 9-3781 S T A N T O N 10922 Stanton Blvd. JA 7-0162 nj 1.-sf . I - ' 4 'T . Ai . . s'e I " 8, ' A ' I ll' H V 1, O ,sy....L...4...'I ' - ' ' .-1, A ,V - I . , IM FF is 12111:-?'1'.mmi! .M-- ,Z 3 Lili 'I if - A - 1 Ku , ,I-, K' - 3 if in D 6' 4 4 1, n fx V an-' ,I GiImore's Coffee Shop . 11 AND FOSTER FREEZE s T . 'A OPEN DAILY 7 TO 11 - BEEF LUNCH 8. DINNER I, CHARBROILED STEAKS a BURGERS 7 CHICKEN - SHRIMP - FISH STICKS 727 No. LOS ANGELES ST. " 1 FOOD To Go Phone KE. 5-0614 i " I 1910 East cemer si. KEystone 5-9715 'if I 3 Q Howard Gilmore James c anne Iy 214 AUI-IS I907 I.. N. WISSER SPORTING GOODS AND CYCLERY SPORTSMEN'S HEADQUARTERS 169 W. Cenfer SI. Anaheim, California Glen Rahman Slop-Wear Lubricalion U. S. Royal Tires and Ba'I'l'eries Aulo Accessories FREE PICK-UP and DELIVERY Palm al' Cenler Phone KE. 5-3465 I -ez. SHIPKEY6 PEARSON S- , ..,....44hi-Q-... . ..., ,,,.,,,,, . ... ,f.....L,,. ,.,, , M. ,,,. ,, , ,an ...ML ,..,.- , -I SHIPKEY 81 PEARSON Tire Refreading GOODYEAR TIRE DISTRIBUTORS if 420 W. Cenler SI. Keysfone 5-1 '67 ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA I Besf Wishes fo fhe Class of '58 WALTER 0. JIIIIIIIIIIIT LINOLEUM FORMICA SHADES Phone KE. 5-4434 2II S. Palm S+. VISIT . . . Orange CounIy's 2 new I8 hole MINIATURE GULF GUURSES Anaheim Garden Grove I9IO E. Cenler SI. IO03I Garden Gr. Blvd Inear Place-nIiaI Ine-ar Broolchursil KE. 5-97l5 LEhigh 9-6054 WIIIIIIII IIUIIII IIIIE PENS CARDS STATIONERY SCHOOL SUPPLIES 139 W. Cenler S+. Anaheim ZIS Eongfmtulcztriaac to ide Zhao of 1755 Q? AERONAUTICAL and INSTRUMENT DIVISION ROBERTSHAW-FULTON CONTROLS COMPANY E. J. TYREMAN General Building Contractor Women's Apparel Latest Styling 'Lend 0' 7a446aa Specializing in Tilt-up Construction 121 Orangefair Mall ORANGEFAIR SHOPPING CENTER T I ph KEyt 56356 Phone LA 5 8985 717 Grafton Place Anaheim, California Props Je gd k L HARDIN OIDSMOBILE .lAY'S "Your Authorized Oldsmobile Dealer" B E A U 88" Oldsmobile "98" SALQN 252 N Los Angeles St. ZI6 KEyStone 57211 139 N Los Angeles St. KE 5-2463 ANAHEIM Qt Qomeclor Specializing in ine Besf Phone Ks. 5-zsoa B. Joe Quast 8: Sons of PLUMBING - REPAIRS SPANISH AND MEXICAN FOODS CLOSED TUESDAYS Befween Anaheim and Fullerfon Joe Quay' i306 N- l-05 ANQGIGS phone LAmbe,,+ 5-778' Phil BoeHcher ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA Bus. Kliystone 5-5529 Res. KEstor1e 5-2456 Klflfczffacs Uzacfoz Safes Tim Wfallare 110 N, Manchester Al1ffJOI'jZ?d Deafer For FERGUSON TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS Anaheim Fullerton 145 W. Center 219 N Spadra swanberyers WALKER' 220 No. Los Angeles S+. KE. 3- Band and Orchesrra Headquarlers lnsrrumenls - lnslruclion Renlals - Repairs Sales Vesey Walker Disneyland Gail Beverley Deparfmenl Manager l49I Fighfing Rainbows Year Around Fishing I535l Anaheim-Olive Road Anaheim, California River Trout Pond No License - No Limil' Day KE. 3-l253 Nighl KE. 5-207i We Furnish Tackle Clean and Box Your Fish Marieis and Gm! BEAUTY SALON "Beau+y ls Our Business" EAST ANAHEIM SHOPPING CENTER Wesl' Side of Alpha Bela IZ63-B E. CENTER Phone Anaheim, California KEys+one 5-7878 2l7 "FOR THE WOMAN WI-IO CARES" 47 'I ami! CJ Zfgeaully 551011 Q c l02 E. Center-Anaheim Phone KEystone 5-62l5 Tinting - Brow and Lash Tinting I-lair Styling - Ivlanicuring-l'lair Cutting - Permanent Waving BASKIN-ROBBINS Baton usic Co. if-ia ! I IC E C R E A M HALL OF THE HITS and EARL MCNAMARA IVIOST OF THE IVIISSESD 933 South Brookhurst Anaheim, California l57 West Center KE 5-3784 KEystone 3-9942 xx 2 9 HO S Anaheim Specializing in Bener Men,s Apparel KEystone 5-7020 Office Planning WALKOVER and KEITH HIGHLANDER SHOES Headquarters forthe IVY MINDED 929 S. Brookhurst St. Brookhurst Shopping Center Telephone PRospect 4-4902 Anaheim, California Alfernandez Office Equipment 220 E. Commonwealth, Fullerton Rental Typewriters - 56.00 per Month ART SUPPLIES - COMPLETE LINE PICTURE FRAMES CUSTOM MADE FLOOR POLISHERS - RENTALS J Sz L Paint 81 Wallpaper 2233 West Ball Road PRospect 4-8128 FRIDAYS 9:00 TILL 9 OO ' SUNDAYS 9:00 TILL 2:00 John Stires Lawrence Blanford 2I8 Congratulations from 5'oclmt's .le welers Orange County's Most Beautiful Jewelry Store FEATURING Fine Diamonds, Watches, and Gifts for the Bride and all occasions 2128 Anaheim Olive Rd. PR 4-4997 Center at Placentia Ave. eangnafulaliiand efadfi of '55 Q sz Q nf Q Anaheim Daily-Herald 'QQ 'ij Orange County Plain Dealer Q -Q 'A Excel!! I N I N I l Sunday El :Evening I eaagfcalufa Liana la 2346 66444 ag 79557 NIARTE 'ET HARDWARE SINCE I9I0 323 Wesl Cenler Sfreef, Analfxeim KEys+one 5-2303 41, 9 Sales' and Service KE. 5-282I 6I6 No. Los Angeles S+ Anaheim, Calif . Zoa'o's DAIRY "Home delivery in refrigerafecl Trucks To Orange Counly Home-makers" FOR SERVICE Phone KI 5-5523 2 I NORTRONICS . . . GEARED TO THE SPACE AGE Scientific knowledge of the highest degree, proved development tech- niques, and precision production abil- ities are demanded in today's space age. Nortronics, new Division of North- rop Aircraft, Inc., is a unique combin- ation of these required capabilities. Exploration and discovery in every field of aerial science and weapons systems is represented in combined experience of two operating units of Nortronics. svsTEMs SUPPORT DIVISION NORTH ROP AIRCRAFT, INC. AN N O N N CES 2Z05EZ'li3 'tZZ"iLT? THE FORMATION OF I Appointments PENN EY' I24 W. CENTER - ANAHEIM YOU GET TO KNOW A THING OR TWO IN 38 YEARS . . . ABOUT STYLES . . . ABOUT QUALITY . . . ABOUT BARGAINS . . AND IF YOU'RE PENNEY'S YOU GET TO KNOW A THING OR TWO ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE PEOPLE, YOUR CUSTOMERS! OUR CUSTOMERS ARE A SPECIAL BREED. THEY'RE SMART SHOPPERS FROM WAY BACK . . . I24 W. CENTER - ANAHEIM Kllystcmc 3-1552 Ant0n's Beauty Salon 2237 XVEST BALL ROAD ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA FOR YOUR BUILDING NEEDS G E X419-Si Anaheim Fullerton Placentia n-- -- 'ff-ffvrvvxrnfv-U-1,7-gg Ik gr v S- sf ' , ' 2 H-fl +- 9 . ,N-ga" W A V, f ,,a?1Tr!f.g j 4 -' , -- Av- V ' C 2 N .Ay ., , sfffrw few Sesvwi A H , "1iM""7 A. 4 f' T, f', ,N , , ,. , H ....--,.-..... 'JA viii-?i2.'f-' . , .., ,W r -1 45-j. " 1. :mbf auf PWZIIW-mc ' --- ' In A ff- "W" , ssss A' A QA i t 'MEniBiihWdaS A A Qc gz 'S S T- - as T f ig E Azlb -P D, . T x ,sm . . Mx glflffnigff ierffkmf ch T -v"x 3' 'E E ,N ,, ,. - W ' Congratulations Class of '58 ln Palma Drive In The first in real Mexican food 940 NORTH LOS ANGELES STREET, ANAHEIM 1 I .764 ll I lr, I ga in In :AR Q, .1-is A, r l M ffihfnz ,Q U ff A 'xg' 4 BON EY and MELLETTE DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS DODGE PASSENGER CARS 328 W. Center St. and 718 S. Los Angeles Sf. ? - Tu 'Q TE A B 'U A M -uh ,aff 4-- ,iw-3 3 pl 4 .Q 1 xp' - ' i .le ,wuwkfgzf Alfxx havnt.. ' GOLF A Z g Lessons um, QW J O O I I COMPLETE LINE OF GOLF ME l.. KIM YOSIIITOMI A E Golf Professional A A CA O N A HIGH NOTE OF FASHION ' P MANUFACTURING OF ANAHEIM COMPANY, INC. FOR DISTINCTIVE SHOES Broadway Orange Tdephom sn MST LA ,AUM COUNTY Cenfel' Phone KE 5-8433 Kimono I-2039 Anmrm, cAuroamA on the Mall ' NEFPS PAINT AND WALLPAPER GUMPANY 200 Norfh Los Angeles Sfreei' Phone KE. 5-32l9 222 Tie Racks Garment Hangers Plastic Moldings KE 5-4410 ,,, el i Y' '??1 2 A f s.2-' 1 A Q7 Eg e AQ2,f,1 3 2 , , 1 W si ' ' .4.... A ' , V 1 . 0 is e fl If ff as Vs '-,,.,.,g. , ., , p,, , '....ga1,,- L an """" , 5 s 2 R Cc .2 A " W' J' ' ' I l' 03 If I we I 5 X Q M ,u .LZ A. I 1 I V A . w' u n ', 'K Hi! f ., 4' ' '51 ' 1 'V 7' ' 2 4 A " - ffm- ' I Y I I Wv l- 5 r V.VVV 5, ' v ii' A' , r I HY "4 af MQ A A' 2 ' ' ilu fl 21321 Mi! wx! 1 'IP O ,fx L ,O .- . 1 ' 1 5 aegig , ,V yt V 1 -' A , N - A-A" L E I QA' V AY Yly, ,,,,,,-wH ,swam- U Z. i f Ln z. 1 K km?-1 :A ' V f , , I K 27' f:,m 'P" fLl' f 2 . O J McCOY MOTOR CO. Holy williams Your FORD Dealer SPQRTS GQQDS 320 Nor+h Los Angeles S+ree+ A N A H E I M 3l Wes+ Broadway Anaheim Phone KEys+one 5-2288 Congra+ula+ions Class of '58 almene Sluclio 222 E. Cenfer S+. 223 ' T California Barber Shop Efacgl tv, E W-1 S MoDERN ' AIR-coNnrrloNED A T 6 1 JN , L L BARBERS A . if Xl 3l4 W. Cenier Anaheim A ,ik TNS . dj Bill Jackson, Owner QQ ' . , aa Major s DINNER JACKETS FOR PROMS AND FORMAL AFFAIRS T COMPLETE RENTAL SERVICE OPEN EVENINGS Kimberly 2-5764 By Appoin+men+ loelfz E. FOURTH ST. AND W0 ,QQ EAM' SANTA ANA YSZDWQSTDEQEFJZF Ziff? Congratulations Class of '58 Lund 8m Sons Co. Manufacturers of High Grade Paints and Enamels GLASS WORK OF ALL KINDS FINE QUALITY WALL PAPERS 1120 LINCOLN AVENUE PHONE KE 5-2831 224 The . 0 9 Anaheim ' lson S Permanent R x PP Wave Shop E COMPLETE FOOD MARKET 5PEC'AU5T5'N HALR STYUNG "All Your Needs af Lower Prices" Where You Gef "The Besf for Less" 555 South Los Angeles St Anaheim 103 Easi Cenfer S+. Phone KE. 5-4022 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS In Anaheim Since 1933 HMM-WENHOLZ LUMBER ON, COMPANY BALLMANS "Everyfhing for fhe Builder" FOR THE FINEST BRAND OF HOME PAINTS - HARDWARE - SASH and DOORS APPUANCE5 and TELEVLSKDN ROOFING - PLUMBING SUPPLIES LOPPOSHB 'he P0S'Off1feJ 12254 E C BI d HA 5 3952 122 West Broadway . GYSOYI V . - 4- 290 ARTESIA Phone PRospec! 3 OOD L CKE CLASS OF '53 FROM Q1 ' ..-J .....,f-.wav . -if A EXCEL IOR Creaniery Colnpany W 'iw , ig. L 3 rw 5 .sE 5 f ,,g4p5f f ' Y 926 Easi Firsf S+. San+a Ana 225 OFFICE BARBER SHOP MODERN AIR CONDITIONED VIRGIL ISBELL I29 E. Cenler SI. KEysIone 5-8951 ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA ee .I . I ...T ,Ill Is . I P ' I 1 I 5.- , . I ii' I I I I I L I ' A J.. I I PI. I I 'Ii' i"I " I iff 'I if 2' Ii I' if '- 5' si, I I I . I will i, BRIDALS F0 M Cwzinneife is SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA I T' KIMBERLY 3-5484 3riJes ikeqisfry Service KEysfone 5-7426 LAmberI 6-1267 Confracfor's Safely Associafion ' Ze mf Ze S G I F T S ed' 4 ed' FOR ALL GENERAL BUILDING coNTRAcToRs I OCCASIONS 894 South Palm 1668 Gregory 239 W. CENTER ST. KEys+one 5-4648 . Anaheim Fullerton Commercial Real Eslaie DAVID S. COLLINS REALTOR 116 South Los Angeles Sf. PR 2-0144 Anaheim 226 Congrofulofions Seniors - PETE 'S BARBER SH 01' PETE HERNANDEZ KEysI'one 3 I976 507 No. Los Angeles S+. OPEN 8 A.M. TO 7 P.M. ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA One of Anaheim's ,EZ FINEST HARDWARE fe' SUPPLIES OUTLET I 0 HOUSEWARES ' GARDENING TOOLS . I E ' PLUMBING SUPPLIES l A , ,, H: 2' A, V E 5-MINUTE KEY SERVICE WHERE PRESCRIPTIONS ARE FILLED SCIENTIFICALLY f flung, Ga. EARLE T. JACKSON - AUI-IS 'QI E. Cen+er S+. KE- EBSI' Cen+eF S+. KEYS+One AND - A N A H E I M - I820 Lincoln Ave. PR 4-3773 ANAHEIM SAVINGS J .,'!"Q2fqa I 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION nog, ek Moran u. S I . 8 MIIPEIJ S E 'I87 W. CENTER ST. 19 - I KE 52159 lain!!! KE5258o CURRENT PAID on SAVINGS 0 ED Funds Placed With Us RATE COMP UND bla tha 1xh of Any 4 cf., 4 fo ont ill Draw I t rest From th 1t sL0'000 PER YEAR TIMES A YEAR RAY O. LINK Anaheim LOCK AND KEY SERVICE "YOUR PHONE IS OUR OFFICE DOOR" 24-Hour Service KEys+one 5-7052 M. E. "Tb BEEBE 81 CO. Offife of Peryofzaf Serzice B' L' Jeffers 549 So' Los Angeles S+' 132 North Los Angeles Street Phone KEystor1e 5-7221 227 For A Cool Treaf- 'C as a'--iw X '-5 , , L., .nhfs 1 3 gi. ' 11 l S Dl H JA' H l l ,f "r C- ls - SNACK Kilim A ws .1 .E-. 5 , 2,5 . - I 1 5 an ll A is 1 XE E.. l l A. -H U .P l V E h M A -f 'fr-ff -1. ' - 1-mal ' 'E 5 , - 1 Y' 1' le All 1 ' ' W, be A ' 1 ,E 1 1 . n 1 ' E bl AL ,Q " 'f '. . 'xx'-m., i -L, '- --n,,,,,,,.,gyfrfv"f' , '13 V ,X V V I 'f qu l L lalfllfrmlw 'vlql Tl - A A -11121- - R",--iv.. i'l'1,' Dornalfs Foster Freeze 735 N. Los Angeles St. KE 5-5588 Walla 26444 CASH and CARRY Locally Owned and Operoied Compleie Line of Dairy Goods .ncludinq Goals Milk 10072 E. Crescenl Ave. KEys'rone 5-2391 Congrafulofions Seniors - R. W. Marsellus INCORPORATED CONTINENTAL LINCOLN MERCURY 626 S. los Angeles Sf. Phone KEystone 5-2859 with mfsnzfdcr EURNIJUISE 72,155 151 Norlh Los Angeles S+. KEys+one 5-2409 GANAHL LUMBER CQ. 501 E. CENTER s'r. PHONE KE. 5-2256 SOFTWOOD HARDWOOD MILLWORK FULLER PAINTS KWIKSET LOCKS 228 WALBURGKS JUNIOR MISS-WOMEN'S WEAR "Where You Con Shop Wifh Confidence" ' Coals ' Swealers ' Suils ' Skirfs ' Sporlswear ' Blouses 9 Robes 181 Wesf Cenfer Sf. KE. 5-4041 "LOOK YOUR BEST BE COTLER DRESSED" CONGRATULATIONS GRADS OF '58 The Store for Men 118 West Center Street L' L L 8 Wi L+ L"W.iXL' 1 1 f f if 5 1 4 v S E 1 H Q yes X V4 z ' 4 CRISS BUSINESS COLLEGE 5I2 East Center Street Phone KE. 5-520I naheim arpet AND DRAPERY SHOP FLOOR COVERING SPECIALISTS 139 N. Los Angeles Street KE 5-4084 HARDWOOD FLOORS RESILIENT FLOORS Ambassador Enterprises We Can Solve Your Flooring Problems KEystone 5-0755 CLIFF ANDERSON 811 S. East Street Res. KEystone 3-4246 Anaheim, California , 229 L BEST WISHES TO THE GFIADUATING CLASS OF 1958 I. f-iii I v-WET ijifllllf 'I ell gb ,A he 1, A 'ri A r-4-7-ll-he ' ,"'1'lEl-Q,lk?:?."1""" K . ' Tiki 4 xi.. I O if --was -1-f AMEIlICA'S LARGEST SELLING RESIDENTIAL LOCKSETS 516 EAST SANTA ANA ST., ANAHEIM Q, .. V J w . ' JZ 'ff J-, Q .411 4 - If gf? A f A ' , A e pk , - - A 4 - lf 'r 24' ' ,a '41 3 ' +121 S i .. .I I ,,-, ,,,, i 1 I 1 I E " I 4 S1 - .v l -E- .Q-I F-m.,A , 1 u ll1lLLllllll'S Sl'llll'l'SWll1lll FEATURING DARLENE SWEATERS AND SKIRTS TO MATCH IO5 Wes? Cenler Sireel KE- 5-3361 230 Jans COFFEE SHOP - RESTAURANT KEys1one 5-5190 136 E. Center St. EMIL W. FOUST Anaheim, California DOUGAN GLASS COMPANY . Arcadia Steel Sliding Doors ' Steel Sash ' Mirrors ' MediCineCc1lJinet.s' ' Shower Doors ' GlassirGlazing Q Telephone KEystone 5-2249 22-4 No. Los Angeles St. KEN DOUGAN Anaheim, California BUENA PARK L QS p 4 ffl, ,f Rollertorlum f l .2 Q ' f 7951 Commonwealth Ave. If xii OPEN Niei-iTLYd I K I XX Except Monday and Tues ay X 5 XX X 7:30 to I0:30 ' Fri. and Sat. 7:30 to I2:00 Sat. 8: Sun. Matinee-I:3O to 4:00 P.M. and All School Holidays SKATE INSTRUCTIONS Class or Private By National Champions BILL and AVIS ICookI HOFFER WEDNESDAY FAMILY NIGHT SI.00 per Family-Plus Shoe Skate BEAUTIFUL LARGE MAPLE FLOOR PHONE LAwrence 2-I042 For Parties and Group Rates WE GIVE BLUE and GOLD STAMPS M II II K E T 55'I'I E. LINCOLN Phone JAcIcson 7-I57I CYPRESS I0 AN BURDICK3' 5l'llDl0 the arts- dance - baton - music 200 West Broadway Congratulations Seniors HARVE'S BARBER SHOP Expert Flat-Top and Crew-Cut Haircuts 11903 Harbor at Chapman Avenues KE 5-5504 Anaheim ANAHEIM Congratulations Graduates M o g H X 1 H 6 S ,Del Mar BEAUTY SHOP ' MAXINE CRAMER, Owner 201 South Clauclina Street COSTUME JEWELRY 1 HANDBAGS Anaheim, California 50I N. Loara SI. KE 5-9448 Broadway-Orange County Shopping Center FOR APPOINTMENT CALL: KEystone 5-545I KN OWN fofvmues my Good Luck to I 'i t Anahiimk Graduates ANAHEIM PARK SHOPPING CENTER Anaheim-Olive Road - Placentia Avenue SESMA CLEANERS AND SHIRT LAUNDRY I I Branch u PIM . fuunnvcmunna Em 130 W- f APPROVED Alpha Elm Beta KE, 5- ' Center . . ' 3819 KE. 5- New Family Shoe Store In Anaheim 'l?Eliv,lE,Eof'- BROADWAY-ORANGE COUNTY SHOPPING CENTER 1717 WEST LA PALMA 459 North Loara Street "Sooner or Later Your Favorite" PR0SPeCf4-624 Anaheim METERED PRQPANE SERVICE - fern- Brake Servlce ,, WG 951 WHEEL BALANCING DQN R, 95 AND ALIGNMENT DORNQN W' 930 North Los Angeles Street H o R N , IN C . ANAHEIM 1251 No. Palm, Anaheim, Calif. Phone KEystone 5-1514 KEy5tone 5-2173 232 I 1 I ' C0 atulations Seniors : Con retulatlom me L fo +I1e I i I Cl f ' 3 I 352' 1 """" "'4--WW' ' I. , 1 f I fx- K v, 3 5. WW If E A O A ANAHEIM 3-Min. CAR WASH coggr OPPOSITE ANAHEIM UNION HIGH SCHOOL . PROFESSAONAL wAx1NO ANO POLISHINO . Rlcr-nF1E1.O PRODUCTS OPEN EVERY DAY Ill ELM STREET KEYSIOFI6 5-280l OO WEST CENTER ST EET SEY OUR AN EM. FORNA M GER KE. 5-0932 H. H. STABBERT X KEy 9 5 1165 L Insurance Agency BUILDERS HARDWARE li N's 10031 LINCOLN ,WEN E 124 West Broadway G------9 B U Q f ANAlI"IEI1IQ,'Co:LkI':rC?l:NIA KEyStone 5-43-I5 A ll FISHHIN H. H. STABBERT GORDON L. JONES 4 No job too large or too small. F INSURANCE AGENCY SPRINKLER SYSTEMS LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR INSTALLED BUTTS NURSERY 312 West Center ANAHEIM' CALIFQRNIA "Our business is growing." Phone KEys+one 3-3I88 1228 Lincoln KE 5-5450 233 f? 17 7x .f X i 1-il? L kj F: I rf N Y J , GQ.iFj'l6Jrri14Oi ' X ,V-1 Q g ' V XX f 1 I It rfhgfefxfga A MESSAGE TO YOUNG PEOPLE and Parents FROM A GREAT AMERICAN ' '.... today's exciting era of rapid discovery and almost unbelievable technological prog- ress oflers young people with inquisitive minds-and a good education-scores of richly rewarding opportunities that were not even dreamt of in my youth. "One Thomas Edison in a generation is no longer enough to sustain our kind of progress -today we literally need thousands of well- trained young people with the kind of vision, imagination and courage that took Edison on his lifelong conquest of the unknown. "This is why I am constantly urging boys and girls to go on to as full an education as possible-not only in science and engineer- ing, but in the arts, the social sciences, the humanities or any other field that fits their talents .... 'l -By Charles F. Kettering Dean of American Inventors, now past 80 "Boss Kett" is still active as a General Motors Research Consultant Delc o - Re my VISION OF GENERAL. MOTORS CORPORATION 0 ANDERSON,INDlANA LCD BA RY PLANTS MUNCIE, INDIANA - NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY A ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA - OLATHE, KANSAS y Professional Di rectory J. NIELS BOEGE, D.D.S. I05 Wesi Sycamore S+ree'r KE. 5-84I2 JAMES W. CUMMINS, D.D.S. 600 Sou'l'i1 Palm Slreel KE. 3-IOOO HAROLD C. NESLUND. M.D. 503 Norfh Los Angeles S+ree1' KE. 5-2524 E. H. KERSTEN, M.D. 200 Norlh Palm Sfreel' KE. 5-4l I4 HOMER A. NELSON, O.D. WARREN M. HOLLINGSWORTH, O.D. II4 Norfh Lemon S+ree+ KE. 5-8404 M. GAYLORD BROWN, O.D l6I Wesl' Cenler Sfreef KE. 5-3607 MARTIN J. MILLER. D.D.S. 305 Norfh Palm Slreel' KE. 5-978I HOWARD A. TEWS, D.D.S. California Bank Building KE. 5-3986 D ' Af :-. -w,.x.wa,, -w.msm: 5 w Advertisefs Index A 81 E BEAUTY SALON ..... -..-- .... - ......., - .................... -. ALFERNANDEZ OFFICE EQUIPMENT.. ALLISON S FOOD MARKET ..................... - ......A.... - ..... AMBASSADOR ENTERPRIZES .....,,... ANAHEIM ANAHEIM ANAHEIM ANAHEIM ANAHEIM ANAHEIM ANAHEIM ANAHEIM ANTON'S BRAKE SERVICE .......... BULLETIN .,...............,........... CARPET 8- DRAPERY ....... 3-MIN. CAR WASH ........, LOCK AND KEY .......,................ ....... PERMANENT WAVE SHOP ..,,..A ......, SAVINGS 8. LOAN ........,... TRUCK 81 TRANSFER ,........ BEAUTY SALON ..............,..Y.. ARSENE STUDIO .........,..,......... .. ......... -...... BALLARD S ,.,...................... - ......... BALLMAN S ......... - .... - .,....... BASKIN ROBBINS .......,..,...........,........ BATON MUSIC COMPANY .,.....,......... B. B. 81 H. MOTOR PARTS, INC ......... BEEBE, M. E. 81 CO .............,,...........,,,.. ...... BLACKS .....YY.,.A,.......,.,.... .- ..... - .... -..-....... BONEY 8- MELETTE ..,,,.., BOTT'S NURSERY YY.................... BROWN 81 HASKINS ....,,...YYY...,..,... ...,...................,.. . .. BUENA PARK ROLLERTORIUM ....... .....-..--....... CALIFORNIA BARBER SHOP ............. ..... ...... .....---- CARL'S DRIVE IN .,....,.......A..,.Y...... - ...... ..-.... ...........-- .- CASEY-BECKHAM PONTIAC ......,, CHUNGKING RESTAURANT ........ .....-- CLARICE'S .......................,........... .....-...... COLLINS, DAVID S .......,........ -..... ..... ...-... CONE BROS. CHEVROLET ......... COTLER'S CRISS BUSINESS COLLEGE ..,..... DELCO REMY .....,......Y.V........... DEL MAR ACCESSORIES ........ .......... - .-...- DEWEY'S MEN SHOP ....4VVY...... DOLLER'S DORNAN'S FOSTER FREEZE RADIO SERVICE .......... ....4.. DOUGAN S GLASS ................ EL COMEDOR ................... ERMISCH CLEANERS ........,. EXCELSIOR CREAMERY ...,..,,,, FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP ........-----,-- - ---- ---'-- FIVE - POINT PHARMACYN- .-...- A - ---4-4 A------H GANAHL LUMBER ................... GIBBS LUMBER ...........f----.---.---- ------- GILMORE'S FOSTER FREEZE ....,...... GRANT'S DEPARTMENT STORE .....,... GUDE'S SHOES .......v..............A.---- -- HARDIN OLDSMOBILE...- HARVE'S BARBER SHOP ........ HEYING'S DRUG ...............---- - ---- -----,----------- ----- I - -v--- HILGENFELD MORTUARY ....... - - .......- -- ------,-- HOME OIL COMPANY .......................... ............ . - ,.--- -- HOME SAVINGS 81 LOAN HOME TOWN PRINTERS ........ HORN, HARRY I ..... HURST .IEwELERs .......... JACKSON DRUG .......... .. - -------------- A ,IAN-5 COFFEE SHOP ........,..... .... ..-,---------- JAY-5 BEAUTY SALON ........... . ...... - ..... .. J. s. L. PAINT s. WALLPAPER ....... JO-AN BURDICK STUDIO -,----- -- --------------------- ----- ----'- - JUU5 BODY AND PAINT SHOP.- ............................. ---- JUNGKEIT' WALTER O. VENETIAN BLINDS ............ KENDRICICS JEWELERS ....................... xmas DRIVE-IN ..................... ....-,.... KIRK, ROY L. NURSERY. ..----- -- --A- -- 218 21 B 225 229 232 219 229 233 227 225 227 207 220 223 230 225 21 B 218 206 227 224 222 233 212 231 224 214 207 206 208 226 208 229 229 234 231 212 206 228 230 217 209 225 207 208 228 220 214 232 232 216 231 210 209 206 209 209 232 213 227 230 216 218 231 213 215 210 212 210 KNOTT'S BERRY EARM...-..- ......................... 211 KWIKSET LOCKS...-- .............. - ..,..... --..- ........ 230 LA ooNA BEAUTY sALoN.- ..................... 21o LANGSON'S TV s. APrLIANcEs-.- .... - .......... 219 LA PALMA DRIVE-IN- .......................,.. ,...... . 221 LIN-BROOK HARDWARE ....... -- ...... - .... - ...,.... - .... -. 233 LINCOLN AvE. DRIVING RANGE ........ ............,..,..... 2 22 LUND a. SONS, co ........ - ...... -..- ...... - -- ..... --... 224 MACRES FLORISTS ............... - ............. ...... ........ 2 1 3 NIARIE's cur I. CURL..- .... - ...,. --- ..... - .-- ........... .. 211 MARSELLUS, R, w ....,...,....... --- .,..,...,.... -.. ........ . 228 MARTINIZING CLEANERS ................ - ....... ........ 2 10 MAXINE'S BEAUTY SHOP ........... - ......... ........ 2 31 Mc coY nRus...--.- .,... - ...... --..--.- .,..... --. 219 Mc coY MOTORS.- ...... - ......... .......... - . ...... 223 Nc KINLEY'S...- .... - .... - .... --.--. - ........ - ..... 207 MAJQR-s Tux SHOP.- ........,.,. 224 NIARTENET HARDWARE ......,.. 219 MERRIEIELD TRUCKING ......... .......... . .- ....... zos H. s. H. NIARIcET...---..- .................. --- ....... -.-.-.. 231 MINIATURE GOLF couRsEs.- ................ ....... 2 15 MlNETTE'S ...-- ........ - ........... --- ..... --.--.- ........... 226 MISSION FURNITURE ..... --- ......... 210 MITcHELL's GIFT SHOP ................. 226 MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY ......... -...-.--..-....233 NADORFF'S HARDWARE-.M ....,... - .... , ..... -.- ......... --. 221 NEEE's PAINT.-- .................. ----...-..- ...... -----...-... 222 NORTHRUP AIRcRAET.---..-..-...-...--..- ...... 22o OFFICE BARBER SHOP ....... -.. .... ........... - -- ....... 222 ORANGE COUNTY DRUG.-- ....... - ...,. 201 PAUL ALLAN SHOES ......... - ..- ...... -..-..- ........ ---... 222 PENNY'S ..... -..- .... - .... ---.- ....... -.--..-..-.- .......... -... 220 PETE-s BARBER SHOP .......... ..- .......... - ......................... 226 RIcREL, L. M. MEATs.-- ........ -.--....-..-...---... 112 R. a. L. MANUFACTURING...--..-..- ....... - .......... --. 222 RREssEL. ROGERS I. PREssEL .................................... 210 PROFESSIONAL PAGE ..... -..--.--.-...-..------... 235 OUAST II. soNs...- ...... - .... -.---.--....- ...... -..-.-... 211 RENWOOD sTunIo...-- .... 214 REX CONSTRUCTION co .... -..- .................. - ........ --... 232 RIVER TROUT FARM ..... -..- .... - .... -- .... -- ,................... 211 ROBERTSHAW - EuLToN...-...-..-...-................ 216 RoaINsoN, GLENN.- ......... 215 SEALE a. sEALE .... -..-...--.--..-...-......-........ 226 SEDLOCK JEwELERs...- ...... -...- .... ...--...-..-..-..-... 210 sEsHA cLEANERs.---..- .... - ...... - .... --.-- ................. .. 232 sI-IIPREY s. PEARsoN.- ............ -..-..- ...... .......-.- 215 SILZLE, E. A.. CORP .... --..- ..... - .... -........-..-.-.... 213 SMITH - REAFSNYDER FURNITURE ..... -..-...- .... - ...... . 220 socHAT-s .IEwELERs.- ................ ---..-..--.--...-.. 218 sTAaIIERT INSURANCE AGENCY ....... - ...... - ........ ---. 233 STILL'S MEN'S APPAREL...-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- ....... 218 swANsERGER's . ..-.... - .... --..-..-.....-..-.-..-....... 217 TAYLOR, WALT LUMBER co .... --- .............. -..---..-... 213 THE s. Q. R. STORE .... - ......... - ........ ........ ....... 2... 205 TIHH . wENHoLz LUMBER co ............ - .............. -... 225 1-ooo's DAIRY ....... -..- .............. --- ...... --..--..-.-.. 219 TREND o- FASHION ....... - .................. ---..-.....-. 215 TYREMAN, E. .I .... -..-...-...-...- ........ ---. ...... 216 wALI1uRG's .-..- .............................. - ....... - -....... ....... 2 23 wALRER's HOUSE ov MUSIC ....... -- .............. - ...... -... 217 WALLACE TRACTOR..- ...,.......... - ...... ---..-....-. 211 WAYNE'S FOR FLOWERS ......,..... - ...... ---..-..-.-.-. 212 wEsER's nook STORE...- .............. - ...... --.-.,.-- 215 WILLIAMS SPORTING Goous ....... -..-..-..-..- -..-... 222 WILLIAMS MANUFACTURING ....... 222 wIssER-s SPORTING eooos ....... 21s YELLIs DAIRY ....... - ...... - ....... ........ 2 23 Acknowledgments Although the work is finished and the i958 Colonist is completed, memories of the staff's constant co- Operctive efforts live on in the finished product. By assigning the work to different editors and into depart- ments, a successful annual was produced. Because these division editors have worked so well as a team and have done such a fine job in tying our yearbook together, each deserves special commendation for the iob they have done. l can do so only in words, but sincerely wish it could be done by some greater tribute. To be without Larry W. Quille, journalism and advertising adviser, would have resembled being with- out your right arm, for without his guidance and overall knowledge of yearbook production, it would have been all stumbling without accomplishments. His patience and understanding throughout the year made each of us do our job better. "Get that copy in!" "Where is that headline?" These are but a few of the remarks that could have been heard coming out of the print shop from Lloyd Ross, printing instructor, as he good-naturedly but firm- ly "got us going" on the annual. Teasing was not only heard from Mr. Ross but Arthur Combs, pressman, had a great feeling for humor also. Without the aid of these two, we could not have overcome the many mechanical obstacles that were set in our way. Print shop students who worked on the annual were Jim Angellar, Richard Anderson, Gary Saverien, Ralph Heckerman, John Fear, James Jay, Dan Dmitrieff, Nick Guerriero, Bill Mathias, Damon Mounce, Bob Gordy, Larry Goin, Robert Little, and David Jones. Pictures galore is the key to making a theme concerning photography successful. Mr. Ted Wade, pho- tography adviser, and his staff of photographers, Leo Crabtree, Chris Flynn, Robert Whitehead, Harland Kin- sey, and Larry Secrist, met deadlines and took pictures for us. Sincere thanks and appreciation go to the Arsene Studio for the excellent colored transparencies for the division pages, various activity shots, the new individual faculty pictures, and a few other "special shots." Both Renwood and Arsene studios deserve recog- nition for the fine senior pictures. Also the Anaheim Bulletin contributed a number of sports action shots. "You can't tell a book by its cover" so the saying goes, but we hope you could tell how good the inside of our book would be by the wonderful cover the S. K. Smith Company made for us. Jim Hopkins, staff artist, deserves special Commendation for designing it for us. Bindex Binders ag-ain did an excellent job in binding this book. Who else but Peterson Engraving Company could give us the top-notch engrav- ings they have this year and for the past 27 years. Peterson's gave us what we asked for and also pro- fessional advice on disputed points. Our deepest gratitude to them for the four-color process engravings that were used for our division pages, they were exceptional. The last-14 pages of the annual were print- ed by the Lithographic Arts in Santa Ana. To all of these companies go our deepest thanks. To make these printed pages possible, the advertising staff worked long, hard hours to raise necessary funds. My sincere appreciation goes to the following staff members for their excellent salesmanship: Dolly Hathcock, business manager, Carol Alvord, bookkeeper, Brenda Clifton, Sharon Haney, Jim Hopkins, David Jones, Phoebe McAuley, Janice Milne, Jan Schimmer, Bill Wasson, Lois Wenholz, Judy Young, and Chuck Munyon. Without my able-bodied staff none of this would be possible. No one person is responsible for a com- pleted annual. lt is the many individual section editors working together for a common purpose - the completion of the best annual ever produced at Anaheim-that makes a year of hard work worthwhile and successful. My excellent staff members include Jane Roland, .associate editor, Micki MacDonald, ad- ministration, Judy Young, senior class, Shirley Shakoian, iunior class and co-girls' sports, Linda Stevens, sophomores and co-girls' sports, Gay Wlaschin, activities, Judy Porter and Marilyn Yellis, clubs, Jim Hop- kins, Ron Carmel, and Chuck Munyon, boys' sports. As you, the student body, review the i958 Colonist, we hope our efforts have been a success, and you will recall your many happy experiences during this past year. Our many thanks go to you who actually made possible an annual this year by first doing the things that we have recorded here. dT!6n6 Ogetzi Editor Abraham, D.-43 Acosta, M.-43, 100, 138, 139, 161 Acton, V.-43, 130 Adams. B,-43 Agren, L,-43. 130, 159 Aguilar, E.-43, 183 Alleman, G.-43, 118 Allen, M,-43, 160 Allison, F.-43 Alvord, C.-43, 204 Anderson, R.-43, 149 Anderson, V.--43 Apgar, K.-43 Arciniaga, F.-43 Ashton, J.-43, 143, 150, 185 Ayala, M.-43 liaalke, P.-43 Iiagnard, D.-43, 183 llailey, B.-43 Hailey, M.-43 Baker, A.-43 liaker, J.-33. 43, 99, 167, 171. 186 liallman, S.-38, 43, 104, 143 Barber, D.-43 llzirgerhuff, S.-43 Barnwell, J.-43 liartchard. C.-43 llzirthel, li.-43, 186 Bartholomew, K.-44 liell, J.-44, 105 Bell, Jim-37, 44, 143 liender, M.-44, 114, 121, 130 llentley, J.-37, 44, 138, 139. 140, 161 Ilepristis, H.-44 Bergseid, D.-44, 143, 160 Ileutler, M,-44 liina, R.-44 liird, G.-44, 183 Student Picture Index seunores Callahan, G.-145, 109 Calleros. A.-45 Calo, S.-45 Campbell, J.-42, 45, 130, 160 Campbell, K.-45 Campbell, R.-45 Canales, A,-45 Cancino, L.-45 Capeloto, M.-45, 113, 126. 152, 153 Capparet, D.-45 Carlson, R.-45, 107 Carmel. R.-42, 46, 136, 148 Carmona, G,-46. 130 Carmonee, S.-46 Carrillo, E.-438, 46 Carter, R.-46, 110, 148 Casebeer, C.-46 Casebeer, L.-42, 46, 105, 130 Castro, V.-46 Cavataio, D.-46 Chambers, C.-37, 46 Chambers, N.-35, 46, 105, 106, 116, 117, 128, 130 Chaney, H.-46, 103 Charlton, K.-46 Clark, L.-46, 129, 183 Clark, V.-46, 129 Claussen, J.-46 Clements, R.-46 Clifton, D.-46, 105, 130. 204 Clodt, T.-46 Coale, J.-46 Cobb, A.--46, 160 Cocca, E.-46 Cole, D.-46 Cole, Y.-46 Coleman, R.-46 Collins, D.-46 Collyer, B.-47 Iiirdwell, R.-44 lijazvich, l+'.-44, 160 Blake, E.-44 Illake, E.-44 Bletso. S.-44, 113, 126, 150 1-Soatman, B.-44 Hobbeft, R.-44 l-ioege, J.-34, 35, 44, 102, 116. 130, 193, 198, 199 Rohan, J.-44, 167, 168 Hojorquez, A.-44 ilolinger, M.-44 Bonner, S.-44 Booth, M,-44 llraun, G.-44, 114 Hreager, A.-44 Briggs, 13.-44 llrookman, J.-44. 107 Brooks, L.-45 lirook, NV.-34, 35, 38, 45, 103. 107, 108, 113, 116, 122, 162 lirown, E.-45 Drown, J,-45, 105, 130, 106, 197. 198, 199 Drown, N.-45, 116 Brown, S.-45, 150, 160 Huffington, J.-45, 98, 100, 102. 121, 141 Burch. R.-45 Burgess, J.-45. 113, 126, 130, 143, 150 Burke, E.-45 Burke, G.-45 Burns, J.-45 Butler, L.-45 liylsma, T.-45, 195, 196. 197. 198, 199 Cain, T.-45 Call, C. 45 Conatser, P.-47, 160 Cook, D.-47, 171 Cook. G.-47, 107 Cooper, P.-42, 47, 167, 170 Copsey, A.-47 Cornwell, C.-47 Coronado. I.-47 Cosner, P.-47 Crabtree, L.-47, 136, 148, 149 Crain, C.-47, 150 Cristiano, J.-34, 47, 183 Cross, C.-47 Crow, W.-47 Cummings, J.-47, 126, 150 Currie, R.--47 Dahl, B.--47 Dargatz, J.-47 Davila, S.-47, 105, 128, 130 Davis, B-47 Daw, M.-37, 47. 100, 138, 139. 140, 161 DeBruyn, R.-47 Degelmann, I.-47, 116 DeJager, B.-47, 98, 105, 130, 143 DeJong. M.-47, 102, 130, 143 Delaney, E.-47, 107, 185 DeLaTorre, R.-48 Dena, D. -48 DeOrtega., G.-48 DiPlama, C.-48 Dixon, G.-48. 143, 177, 186 Dority, G.-48, 126, 150 Donica, M,-48 Downing, K.-48, 167, 171 Duffy, A.-34, 48, 105, 128, 130 Duran, C.-48 Eagleson, J.-48, 130, 158 Eaves, N.-48 Edwards, R.-48, 103, 114, 118, 148 Edwards, T.-48, 107, 122 Ehrle, J.-48, 114, 130 Emigh, D.-48, 141 Engel, J.-48 Engh, J.-48, 105 Enzenauer, G.-48, 143, 167, 169, 179 Escobedo, E.-48, 130, 143 Essex, B.-48, 167, 168, 186 Estrada. A.-48 Falkowitz, R.-48 Farney, F.-65, 149, 183, 185 Faulkner, N.-48, 130 Fear, J.-48, 149 Fellbaum, D.-48, 117, 126, 130. 143, 150 Fenton, K.-35, 49, 113, 116, 150, 190 Fetters, J.-49 Ficklin, B.-49, 114 Fidler, P.-49, 123, 130 Fischbeck, G,-49, 109 Fisher, J.-49 Fisher, M.-49, 34 Flores. R.-49, 138, 161 Fluegge, A.-49 Forbes, G.-49 Forbes, P.-49 Forturne, R.-49, 109 Freck, R.-49, 116 Freeman, D.-49 Funkhauser, B.-49 Gallagher, S.-49 Galle, D.-49, 120, 188 Gallik, H.-49 Galusha, B.-49 Gardner, S.-49 Garrow, R.-49, 119 Gate, T.-49 Gemmill, J,-49 Georger, S.-49 Geringer, K.--49, 188 Glass, L.-49 Glasspoole, S.-50 Glemaker, K,-50, 112, 117, 130, 143 Goldberg, R.-50, 142 Gonzales, P,-50 Goodrich, J.-32, 50, 107, 116. 123, 138, 161, 170, 183 Gordy, B.-50 Gowin, S.-50, 105, 160 Graves, L.-50, 105 Grossman, P.-50 Gruver, E,-50, 185 Guerreo, R.-50 Guerriero, N.-50, 149 Hale, B.-50 Hall, B.-50 Hallesy, B.-50 1-Ialvorsen, G.-33, 38, 50, 98, 102, 194, 195, 196, 199 I-Iammatty B.-50, 99, 139, 141, 161, 183, 185 Hancock, S.-50 Haney, S.-50, 123, 130, 204 Harman, R.-50 Harman, S.-50 Harris, A.-50, 98, 196, 197. 198. 199 Harrison. J.-50 Harvey, R.--50 Hatfield, B.-31. 32, 50, 143. 171, 186 1-Iathcock, Z.-42, 50, 105. 158. 204 Hawkins, H.-51 Hazzard, M.-34. 51, 138, 139. 140, 161 Head, BI.-51 Heath, E.-51 Heckerman, R.-37. 51, 149. 150, 174 Hefferin, L.-42, 51, 105, 108. 121, 128, 130, 193, 194, 195, 196, 197, 199 Heiden, J.-51, 190 Hendrix. G.-51 Henyan, P.-38, 51 Heppe, J.-51 Herrera. R.-51 Hicks, J.-51, 118 Hildebrand, C.-51, 186 Hines, E.-51, 115 Hoare, J.-51 Hoban, B.-4 2, 51, 100, 120, 143. 188 Hodge, YV.-51, 103, 113, 126, 150 Holsinger, R.-51 Hood, N.-51, 126, 150 Hopkins, J.-51, 103, 110, 136. 148, 204 Hubert, R.-51 Huish, H.-51 Hukkala, D.-51 Hundley, B.-51 Hunt. D.-51 Huntzinger, A.-59, 129 Hurtado, J.-52, 167, 168, 183 Hushman, J.-52 ludicella, P.-52 Jackson, B.-52 Jackson, J.-37, 52, 130 Jackson, R.-34, 52, 167, 170 Jackson, S.-52 Jacqmin, P,-52 Jameson, B.-52, 118 Jay, J.-52 Jaynes, C.-52, 105, 128, 130 Jenkins, B.-52 Jeter, M.-34, 52, 102, 130, 143, 196, 197, 198, 199 Johnson, D.-52, 112, 113, 125, 126, 130, 150 Johnson, D.-52, 121 Johnson, J.-52 Johnson, R.-52 Johnson, S.-52 Jones, 13.-52, 173 Jones, D.-52, 129, 178, 204 Jones, N.-52 Jones, P.-52 Jones, R. 52 Jones, R.-52 Joy, L,-52, 123, 157, 183 Juhl, J.-52 Kabot, G.-53 Kauffman, S.-53, 179 Kaylor, R,-53 Keach. J.-53 Keith, P.-53 Kelley, M.-53, 130 Kelley, R.-53, 138, 161, 190 Kennedy, M.-53 Keolanui, N.-42, 53, 99, 154, 155, 167, 169 Kettle, C.-53 Key, O.-53 King, D.-53, 188 Kirk, G.--53, 100, 108. 123, 130, 143, 195. 196, 197, 198, 199 Klein, N.-53 Knowles, I.-35. 53. 167, 168, 180 Kocontes, D,-42, 53 Konkol, S.-53 Korn, G.-53 239 J.-58 Krauss, D.-53 Krearzer, R.-53 Kubota, K.-53 Kuebli-r, L.-53, 100, 141 Kurk, J.-53, 149 Kutscherousky, J.-53, 167, 171 Laiola, P.-53, 130 Larson, B.-33, 34, 38, 53, 103, 107, 167, 170, 186 Lassley, G.-54 Layton, L.-54 Leach, .I.-34, 54, 123, 130, 157 l-eR'14'. G,-54, 138, 161, 190 Leonard, J.-54 Leos, D.--54 Li-os, L.-54, 100, 138, 139, 140, 161 Llndle, L.-54 Lindley, E.-54 Lindquist, C.-54 Linclstrom, K,-37, 54, 100, 104, 108, 117, 121, 130, 140 Linn, J,-38. 172, 186 Linquist, M.-38, 54, 105, 130 Little, R.-54, 124 Livesay, 11.-54 Lollin, IC.-54, 103, 107, 113, 116, 162 Looper, G.-54, 143, 190 Lopez, L.-54 Louis, J.-5-4 Lmmler, J.-54, 116 Lucas, L.-54 Lykowsltl, li.-114, 54, 194, 195, 196, 197, 199 Lyla-s, 1'.-54 lN1t'Aul1-y, P.-'42, 51, 105, 130, 201 Mct'arI, S.-54 Mct'ominons, S.-54 McKnight, 1'.-55 Mc'Lauglilin, C,-55 lNlcl.einorc, 11.-55 McNevly, L.--55 Biacllonuld, Mf-33, 55, 130, 148, 190, 197, 198, 199 Nliickenscn, M.-55, 98, 105, 130 Mackensen, T.-55, 104, 122, 123, 126, 130 Madriiral, M.-55 iVlug'ee, T.-55 Mahaffie, B.-55, 102, 104, 106. 108, 117, 118, 196, 197, 198, 199 Manning, J.-55, 99, 167, 169, 183 Mansell, C.--55 ltlarquis, J.-55 Martin, M.-55, 114 Masson, M.-42, 55 Mathias, VV.-55. 129, 149, 183. 185 Mattern, N.-55 Matthews, J.-55 Mauch, V.-155 Meger, C.-55, 105 Meisenheimer, D.-55 Mejia, E.-55 Mendez, L,--55, 105, 130 Miller, J.-55, 154, 155, 156 Mills, M.-55 Milne, J.-55, 106, 110, 117, 123. 128, 130, 204 Miranda, R.-56, 143 Montague, N,-38, 56, 103, 109, 162 Montez, R.-56 Moore, C.-56 Moore, D.-56 Moore, M.-56, 102. 198, 199 Morgan, K.-56 Morimoto, K.-32, 56, 116, 130. 143, 196, 197, 198, 199 Morrow, D.-56, 104, 128, 130, 196, 197. 198. 199 Moshenko, J.-56, 125, 138, 139. 161 Moscovitch, T.-56, 114, 121 Mounce, D.-56, 124 Muir, J.-56, 148, 150 Munyon, C.-56, 136. 148 Murray, P.-56, 130 Mullaney, P.-56 Muslicgain. R.-42, 56, 143 Nahlen, L.-56, 112, 11-1, 125, 130 Nakamura, D.-56. 98, 121, 194, 195, 196, 197. 199 Nance, N.-56 Napoles, H.-56 Neher, VV.-56, 160 Nellesen, J.-56 Nelson, D.-56 Nelson, G.--56, 100, 141 Nelson, J.-56 Nelson, L.-57 Newcomb, D.-57, 183 Nicholson, S.-57 Nielson, L.-57, 113, 126, 152 Norcross, G.-57 Nyland. L.-37, 57, 129 O'1Jcll, H.-57, 143 Olney, D.-57 Olsen, D.-57, 130 Osborne, J.-57 Otte, K,-57 Otten, J.-57 Oviedo, 11.-57 Owen, D.-57 Owens, L.-57 Parke-r, 13.-57, 103, 162 Parker, 41. w M57, 109, 120, 188 Parker, J.-57 Parker, R.-57 l'arra, J.-57 Parshall, P.-57, 122, 125 Parsons, G.-57, 114, 130 I'allsm-hull, G.-57 l':ix'i-y, J.-57 l'1-ck, C.-57 l'cltzcr, J,-57 l't-nuinixlon, IS.-57 l'c-tt-i'sefii, 1'.-53, 114, 115 i'i'li-VSUII, 11.-3H, 58, 98, 105, 108, 128, 130, 143, 196. 197, 198, 199 lk ilv lx -58 1'hiIlips, .I,-58 I'1f-tlniont, R.-58 1,1l'l'C't-', ll.-58 Pierce, F.-58 1"etsch, C,-34, 53, 111 Piolrowski, Pollard, J.-58, 167, 168 Porcher, J.-58 Porter, J.-58, 102, 104, 110, 114, 130, 136, 148, 195, 196, 197, 198 199 Portillo, C.-58 Powell, D.-58 Presti, R.-58, 113, 126, 150, 151 Pruett, G.-58 Puffer, G.-58, 128, 130, 196, 197 Puffer, V.-58 Purcell, G.-58, 118 Quakenbush, J.-58 Quarton, G.-58 Quattrini, B.-42, 58 Quiggle, J.-58, 103, 184 Randolph, S.-58 Rau, J.-34, 58, 123, 130, 157 Rea, C.-58 Redman. G.-59 Iteece, J.-59 Reed, D.-59, 138. 139, 140, 150, 161 Reep, C.-59 Rehse, P,-59 Revette, A.-59 Reyes, A.-59, 143. 183, 185 Reynolds, E.-59, 150 Richmond, M.-59 Riley, C.-59, 142, 150, 185 Robertson, D.-59 Robinson, M.-38, 59, 102, 104, 114, 115.116, 195, 196, 197, 198,199 Rodarte, J.-42, 59. 170. 1S6 Roeschlaub, B.-59 Rogers, D.-59, 102, 110, 116, 136, 194, 195.196.197,19R,199 Roland, J.-38, 59, 98, 102, 110, 130, 136, 148, 150. 194, 196, 197, 199 Rosa, S.-59, 160 Rosales, R.-59, 138, 139, 161 Ross, A.-59 Rottman, A.-59 Ruffner, R.-59, 149, 204 Rutherford, S.-59 Salazar, V.-59 Salseda, B.-59, 114, 160 Sandberg, D.-59 Santel, F.-60 Saundersfield, S.-59, 160 Saverien, G.-60, 149, 183 Sayles, D.-60 Schalow, M.-60, 150 Scherer, B.-60 Scherer, G.-60, 120, 188 Schimmer, J.-60, 130, 204 Schlegel, S.-60, 107 Schley, L.-60, 184 Schoberg, D.-60, 120, 188 Scholl, J.-60 Schuchardt, W.-60 Schultz, D.-60 Schultz, R.-60 Schutz, C.-32, 60, 100, 130, 143, 156, 196, 197, 178, 199 Schwanz, S.-60 Scott, D,-60, 120, 138, 139, 140, 188 Scaburn, J.-60 Scapy, 11.-60, 107, 138, 139, 140, 167 Scalia, G,-60, 113, 150, 167, 170 S1-ne-y, D.-60, 149 Se-tterlund, .1.-60, 1-13, 167, 171. 178 Sewell, N.-60 Shakoian, S,-60, 104, 110, 114. 136, 148, 196, 197, 198, 199 Shannon, S.-60 Shannon, S.-00 Shirk, M.-42, 61, 167, 169 Silke, D.-61 Silveria, J.-61 Skov, U.-61 Sloop, 13,-61, 100, 141 Smith, D.-37, 61 Smith, D.-61, 143 Smith, E.-61, 130 Smith, J.-34, 61, 130, 143, 195. 196, 197 Smith, J.-61 Smith, J.-61 Smith, J.-61 Smith, L,-61, 125 Smith, P,-61 Smith, VV.-61 Snell, D.-61 Snow, K.-61, 167, 168, 177, 183 Sonnie, D.-61 Spain, C.-61 Speight, L.-61, 195, 196, 197. 198, 199 Spencer, D.-61, 138, 161 Spencer, J.-61, 114, 115, 119. 125, 138, 160, 161 Sprague, J.-61 Stafford, D.-61 Staley, G.-61 Staman, N.-38, 61, 194, 195, 196, 197, 199 Stanley, R,-62, 106, 118, 130, 143 Staples, D.-34, 62, 100, 138, 139, 140 Steed, G.-62 Steelman, C.-62 Steenbergen, P.-62 Steigerwalt, J.-62, 116 Stellhorn, S.-62, 105 Stevens, L.-38, 62, 102, 104, 110 116, 117, 130, 136, 143, 148. 194, 195, 196, 197, 199 Steyer, J.-62 Stiegler, C.-34, 62, 102, 114, 117, 121, 130 Stirrat, G.-62, 124, 127 Story, A.-32, 34, 38, 62, 100, 141, 195, 196, 197, 198 Story, B.-62, 105, 121, 130, 143. 196, 197 St. Pierre, J.-62, 105 Stouder, WV.-62 Strong, M.-62 Stuck, J.-62 Swanson, R.-34, 62 Sweeny, S.-62 Sweet, H,-62 Tague, M.-62, 194, 195. 196, 197, 199 Taylor, V.-62 Teece, J.-62 Temple, J.-62 Terfehr, D.-62 Terry, C.-63, 104, 118, 126, 130, 143 Terry, C.-63, 104, 118, 126, 130. 143 Thill, R.-63, 124, 127 Thomas, F.-63, 120, 143 Thomason, J.-38, 63, 100, 102, 106, 116, 130, 131, 143, 194. 196, 197 Thompson, G.-63 Thorne, J.-63 Thornton, G.-42. 63, 167, 168, 186 Thueson, R.-63 Tikker, C.-63 Timmers, J.-63 Tolnian, V.-63, 107 Trebil, I",-63, 143 Tremlile, J.-63 'l'roster, M.-63 'l'i-out, R.-63, 160 'I'urner, D.-63, 177, 183 llnruh, S.-63 Uralie, J.-63, 114 Van Dalsem, C.-63 Vantlerbilt, U.-63, 131 Van De- Walker, C.-63 Van Verst, C.-63, 104, 114, 123, 130 Vasquez, L.-63 Vasquez, L.-63 V1-rtlugo, 111.-63, 183, 185 Vinson, L.-63 XV:iite, A.-64 Wakefield, M.-64 NValdrop, L.-64, 130, 160 1Valsh, S.-64 1Vampler, J.-64 1Vashburn, D.-64, 116, 129 Washburn, H.-64, 111 Wasson, IE.-64, 204 Waterman, J.-64, 105, 130 Weaver, M.-64 1Vebb, H.-64, 143 YVeber, C.-64 VVebster, J.-64 Nvelch, L.-64, 148 Welch, N.-37, 64, 130 Wenholz, L.-64, 104, 112, 123, 130 143, 204 Wentz, L.-64 1rVenzel, R.-64, 138, 139, 140, 161 Westbrook, R.-64, 129 Whiles, D.-64 Whit'e, B.-64 W'hitehead, R.-64, 149 Whittaker, C.-64, 143 VVicker, J.-64, 143, 150, 151 Wilbur, R.-64, 129, 126, 150 Wilburn, S.-64 Wilce, M.-65 W'ilkins, A.-65 Wilkins, M.-65, 116 Williams, B.-65 Williams, B,-65 Williams, D,-65, 143 Winfrey, L.-65 Wlaschin, G.-38, 65, 102, 110, 116, 136, 148, 192, 196, 197 VVoodrome. L.-42 65, 105, 130, 154 155, 159 'W4'04ir'11ff, B.-33 65 102 116 128, 130, 193, 195, 196, 197. l"X 101 xx" f",- 1 I' r -Go YYolni, ll- ,-3 122 x,, Abbott, R,-67, 120 Acevedo, H.-67, 153 Acosta, A.-67, 131, 150 Adams, D.-67 Alexander, S.-67 Allen, M.-67 Allen, R.-67 Alley, K.-67, 142 Allman, J.-67, 125 Alponte, L.-67 Alvarado, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Andrews, Andrews, Angellar, Anthony, M.-67 M.-38, 67 J.-67, 124 M.-66, 67, 143, 167, 172 G.-67, 114 R.-67 J.--67, 149, 182 S.-67, 138, 161 Antolin, P.-67, 112 Archibald, P.-67 Ariaz, D.-67 Armstrong, A.-67, 116, 131 Arnold, B.-67 Arnold, P.-67 Arnoldus, T.-67 Arrey, E.-67 Arthur, G.-67, 114, 126 Ashby, G.--67 Ashton, B.-67, 188 Atherton, G.-67, 122 Atkinson, T.-67 Austin, R.-67 Avitia, J.-67, 167, 173 Babenhausen, C.-67 Bailey, B.-67 Baines, J.-67 Baker, B.-67, 103, 167, 172, 186 Baker, B.-67 Bakker, L.-67, 112, 131, 194, 195, 196, 197, 198 Balch, J.-67, 142 Ballenger, D.-67, 123, 131 Bandlow, B.-67 Barnes, M.-67 Barnes, P.-67, 122, 128 Barnes, S.-67, 131 Barney, J. -67 Barnhard, P.-67, 126, 127 Barnwell, S.-67 Barrios, D.-67 -67, 131 Barry, P. 67, 111 Bates, J.- Bates, P.-67 Baum, B.-67 -67, 143 Beatty, R.-67 Belanger, L.-67, 143 Belgier, K,-67 Bell, H.-67 Bellmore, P.-67 Benninger, C.-67 Bently, B.-67, 138 Berger, S.-67 Berry, N.-67 Berryman, B.-67, 100, 122, 128, 131, 138, 161, 196, 197, 198 Bertch, D.-40, 67, 129, 174 Bibbee, K.-67 Bielefeld, B.-67, 188 Billups, M.-68, 112, 196, 197 Blackwell, B.-68 Blake, J.-68, 196, 197 Blake, P.-68, 142 Blake, R.-68 Blanford, J.-68, 142 Blevins, O.-68 Bllazes, M.-68 Bloom, N.-68 Beard, C. '.Vright, P.-65 Yamasaki, F.-65 Yates, T.-65 Yellis, M.-65, 110, 136, 148 Blum. R,-68 Iiolmlietf, J.-68 Bolienhausen, D.-68 Bolster, M.-68, 127 Booth, D.-68 Booth, D.-68, 114, 115 Booth, D.-68, 122 Borden, T.-68, 131, 194, 197 Borgquist, L.-68, 143 Bourgassa, C.-68 Boyd, B.-68 Bozarth, G.--68, 148 1 Bradd, D.-68, 102, 106, 112, 116, 123, 196, 198 Bradley, P.-68, 121 Bragg, G.-68, 129, 167, 173, 183 Branch, D.-68 Brannon, E.-68 Bray, G.-68 Breckenridge, E.-68 Briar, J.-68, 114, 118 Brichman, T.-68 Briggs, S.-68 Briscoe, B.-68, 106, 123, 143, 194, 196, 197, 198 Brizendine, L.-68 Broadbent, J.-68 Brown, B.-68, 160 Brown, B.-68 Brown, B,-68 Brown, J.-68, 114 Brown, T.-68, Brownell, J.-68, 131 128, 131, Brownfield, D.-68, 104, 119, 143 Buher, J.-68 Buker, G.-68 Bunger , S.-68, 114 Bunnell, J.-68, 188 Buntrock, E.-68 Burgess, R.-68 Burgos, R.-68 Burgraft, P.-68 Burk, J.-68 Burke, E.-68 Burke, N.-68 Burnett, E.-68, 119 Burnett H.-68 Burns, D.-68 Burns, R,-68 Bushnell, J.-68 Bussone, D.-68 Byers, .I.-68 Byman, J.-68 Caballero, M.-68 Cadaret, M.-68, 113, 143, 152 153 Cady, L.-68 Caldwell, C.-68. 131, 159 Caldwell, J.-68 Caldwell, L.-68 Campbell M.-68 Campbell, M.-68, 112, 131, 194, 196. 197, 198 Campbell, R.-69 Campbell, R.-69 Campbell, T.-69 Cano, Y.-69 Carlson B.-69, 190 Carlson, L.-69 Carmichael, J.-69, 106, 113, 116, 126, 163 Caronna, S.-69 Carpenter, G.-69 Carr, J.-69, 142 Carrol W.-69 Carswell, P,-69 Carter, M.-69 Carter, R.-69 Young, J.-34, 65, 105, 110, 130, 136 148, 196, 197, 199, 204 Young, L,-65 Young, S.-65 Youngman, K.-65, 150, 162 ORS fashm, F.-69 Castelluc-ci, Y.-69 V:-istricone, BI.-69, 167, 172, 183 Castro, J.-69, 143 Castro O,-69 Centobie, J.-37. 69, 120, 161, 188 Chadwell, C.-69 Chaffee, M.-69 Chance, D.-69 Chandler, J.-69 Chapman, C.-69 Chavez, M.-69 Chavez T,-69, 111 Cilley, P.-69, 190 Clare, M,-69 Clark, D.-69, 111, 127 Claussen, D.-69, 116, 122 Clayton, P.-69 Cobb, D.-69 Coffey L.-69 Colby, E.-69 Cole, D.-69, 139, 161 Collier, J,-69, 117, 126 Collins, M.-69, 138, 161 Collins, R.-69 Collins S.-69, 142 Colten, B.-69, 118 Colwell, L.-69, 142 Conner, G.-69 Cooke, J.-69, 193 ,196, 197 198 Coomb, SZ-69 Cooney, C.-37, 69 Cormell, D.-69 Corn, G.-69 Cornelius, J.-69 Corradino, D.-69, 186 Cosper, R.-69, 122, 139, 161 Couturier, E.-69 Cowles, J.-69, 148 Craig, C.-69 Crandall, D.-69, 143 Creel, C.-69 Criz, A.-69 Cronin, K.-69, 103, 124 Cruce, J.-69 Crum, J.-69 Curler, N.-69 Currey, T.-69 Curtis, G.-69 Cuthbert, M.-69 Dailey, R.-69 Dakatsuka, T.-69 Damerell, M.-69 Daniel, M.-70, 143 D'Antoni, L.-70, 143 Darnell, M.-70 Davidson, G.-70 Davis, B.-70 Davis, J.-70 Davis, P.-66, 70, 102, 193, 194, 196, 197, 198 Davis, R.-70 Davis, S.-70, 131, 148 Davison, L.-70 Davison, M.-34, 35, 70, 103. 116, 128, 129 Dawdy, P.-70, 100, 119, 141, 160 Dawdy, S.-38, 70, 119, 122 Dawson, V.-70 Deacow, NV.-70 DeBoer, A.-70 DeBoer, V.-70 Decker, L..-70, 188. 189 Decker, M.-70 Delsor, D.-70 DeMoss, J.-70 Denhan, R.-70 Denison, L.-70 Zeidlik. SWJSS Zeigle-r, 13.40-Y Zietz, C465 A5'lstr'a. C,f05, 118 Deuell, D,-T0 Dewitt, O.fT4i Diaz, H.-70, 142 Dickenson, J.-70, 111 Dickerson, D.-70 lJi+-rbvrger, D.-37, 70, 120, 158, 189 Dillon, R.-70 Dinkler, P.-66. 70, 100, 102, 113, 116, 128, 131, 140, 152, 159, 194 196. 197, 198. Dodson, L.-70 Dolan, L.-70, 117 Dolph, K.-70, 123, 142 Dougal, J.-70, 122 Downs, J.-70, 196, 197, 198 Doyle, E.-70 Duarte, R.-70 Duffy, D.-70 Dugdale, C.-70, 138, 161 Dunning, D.-70 Dunphy, P,-70 Dunton, D.-70 Duranso, D.-70 Dissault, M.-70 Dye, M.-70 Earp, G.-70 Easton, J.-70 107, 116, 123. 129, 152, 190 Eaves, J.-70 Echaves, C.-70 Eckersley, M.-70 Edwards, M.-70 Edwards, M.-70 Edwards, T.-70 Elliot, K.-34. 70 Engstrom, S.-70, 160 Epperson, B.-70 Epperson, L.-37, 70, 131, 160 Erhard, G.-70, 143 Esqueda, L.-70 Estrella, R,-70 lfanelli, P,-70 Fanning, D.-70, 143 Fardigy P.-70, 181 Varmer, D.-70 -'arney, XY.-70, 111, 174 Farr, Jn-70, 143 farrel, L.-70, 106, 116, 131 ....,.-4 l"eldt, J.-71 lfennell, B.-71, 129, 167, 172. 183 Fenner, H.-71 Verence, L.-71, 116, 138, 161 Ferm, J.-71, 143 Tj... 1 Fernandez, Y.-71 ieliiger, J.-71 Fishchlmeck, L.-71 l' itzgerald, B.-71 ll laftem, L.--71 Fletcher, C.-71 l"lint, B.-71 Flores, R.-71 Ford, S.-71, 106, 123, 131 Fortin, G.-71 Foster, M.-34, 71 Foster, S -71 Fowler, L.-71 Francis, M.-71, 138, 139. 161 Franklin, P.-71 Fraser, D.-71 Frazier, B,-71. 106, 116, 117. 128 Fredrico, C.-71, 112, 131 Freeman, L.-71, 106, 123, 131. 148,196, 197.1971 French, P.-71 Frew, A.-'71, 174 24l 1-'ry, L.-71 Furness, M.-71 Furtodo, P.-71 Gall-ta, M.-71 Gallup, N.-71, 124 Garber, G.-71, 125 Garrett, S.-71 Garrison, J.-71 R.-71 Gazay, S.-71, 123, 125 Garvey, Hildebrand, T.-72 Hilgenfeld, M.-72. 102, 117, 131 Hill, T.-72, 116, 126, 127 Himebaugh, S.-72 Hinojosy, J.-72, 143 Hinojosy, R.-72 Histed, J.-72 Hitchcock, G,-72, 131, 143 Hock, B.-72, 119 Hodes, B.-72 Hodge, D.-72, 127 Hoffer, J.-72, 104. 114, 115, 119. 196, 197 Holiday, B.-72, 162 Holsinger, J.-72 Holt, G.-72 Hopkins, R.-72 Horton, J.-72, 138, 161, 185 Horton, R.-72 Hosea, D.-72, 124 Howard, G.-72, 131, 143 Howell, J.-72 Hraback, P.-72 G+-er, 13.-71 Georges. G.-71 Gibb, li.-71, 149 Gibbons, D.-71 Gibson, 11.-71, 123, 194, 196, 197, 198 Gideon, J.-71 Gifford, S.-71 Gilmore, H.-71 Glance, G.-71 Godsey, Il,-71 Godwin, J.-71, 126 Goforth, D.-38, 71, 122 Goin, L.-71 Gould, J.-71 Govoreau, D.-71 Grae-ff, D.-71 Graham, S,-71 Gilmore, H.-71, 111 Granpri-r, J.-71 Grunum, E.-71 Gray, Ii.-71 Gruy. U.-71 Grey, N.-71 Grii-Hrs. G.--71, 122, 127 Gross, E.-71 Gross, K.-71 Grothe, D.-71, 180 Guillel, A.-71 Gullion, S.-71, 112 Gurnsvy, J.-71 Guzman, S.-72, 112 Guzman, S.-71, 112 Habner, S.-72, 181, 183 Hall, E.-72, 114, 119 Halstead, S.-+72 Hullstone, T.-72 Hambly, J.-72, 142 Hamilton, R.-72 Hamm, B,-72 Hammermiller, T.-72, 109 Hammet, M.-72, 102 Hammond, N.-72 Hampton, P.-72 Hankins, D.-34, 72, 111, 183 Hanlon, M.-72 Hanson, S.-72 Hardin, N.-72, 160 Hargrove, L.-72 Harker, B.-72, 180 Harmon, G.-72 Harpole, A.-72 Harrell, L.-72 Harris, S.-72, 160 Hastings, C.-72 Hatanaka, H.-72 Haugen, T.-72 Hausmaninger, V.-72 Hay, C.-72 Hayes, F.-72 Heaney, VV.-72 Heard, D.-72 Hefferon, T.-72 Hein, J.-72, 102, 104, 116, 117, 148, 194, 195, 196, 197 Heinberger, C.-72 Heitshusen, S.-72, 104, 114 Held, R.-72, 124, 127 Helmich, C.-72 Henderson, C.-72 Henderson, M.-72 Henroid, M.-72, 103. 108, 110, 123, 148, 157 Herbel, G.-72, 174, 180 Heroux, R.-72 Herring, K.-72 Hibberd, F.-72 Hull, V.-72 Hunt, VV.-72 Hunt, S.-72 Hunter, li.-73 Huntley, D.-73 Huson, M.-73 lluxoll, D.-73 Idler, S.-73, 138, 101 lmbler, C.-73 lngrnm, C.,-73 lngwcrsen, J .-73, 109 lnmun, L.-T3 Isbell, '1',-73 Iwushitzi, Ke-34 128, 196, 197. Jackson, A.-73, Jackson, H.-37, 188 Jackson, S.-73, Jackson, V.-473 Jacobi, J.-73 73, 102, 114, 130, 1-10, 161 120, 140, 101, 122,123,131 Juedicke, 13.-73. 122 Janwick, S.-73, 116, 122 Jarrell, H.-73 Jenkins, D.-73. 141 Jett, K.-73 Johnson, C.-73. 188, 189 Johnson, D.-73, 131, 140 Johnson, L.-73, 106, 116, 118, 131 Jones. G.-73 Jones, N.-73 Jones, R.-73 .Iordon, C.-73, 198 Jordan, F.-73 Joslin, P.-73, 102, 110, 123, 128, 131, 148, 194, 195, 196, 197 Kain, B.-73 Kandel, D.-73 Keesee, T.-73 Keiser, W.-73 Keiser, W.-73 Keith, D.-73 Keller, R.-73, 174 Kelly, A.-73, 119, 121 Kelly, S.-73 Kelsey, S.-73. 142, 160 Kemp, R.-73, 117 Kennedy, D.-73 Kennedy, J.-73, 122, 131, 196, 197, 198 Kennedy, S.-73, 118 Key, D.-73 Kiefer, C.-73 Kinard, D.-73, 139, 161 King, C.-73 King, J.-73, 112 Kinzer, F.--73 Kirk, F.-73 Kirkhart, L.-73 Kishiyama., M.-34, 73, 102, 108. 116, 128, 192, 196, 197, 198, Kliss, D,-73 Kmet, J.-73, 124 Kniefel, D.-73, 122, 190 Knoblock, P.-73 Knox, T.-73, 100, 141, 175, 182 Koblitz, G.-38, 73, 107, 108, 125, 128, 175, 181, 184 Koehler, M.-34, 73, 196. 197, 198 Koenings, J.-73 Koontz, Q.-73 Kouba, B.-73 Kovacervich, G.-73 Kraft, C.-73 Kramer, M.-73, 104, 106, 116, 117 128, 131 Kreager, D.-73 Krueger, E.-74 Kubota, L.-74, 103 Kula, S.--74, 181, 190 Lahey. G.-74 Lamb, M.-74 Lambert, I.-74, 161 Lambeth, R,-74, 100, 141 Lamit'z, N.-74, 139, 161 Landes, J.-74, 102, 194, 195, 196, 198 Landin, R.-74, 122 Lane, 13.-74 Lapaint, S.-74 Larkin, D.-74 Larkins, K.-74, 131 Lawrence, D.-74 Lawson, J.-74 Learned, L.-74 Lelieau, P.-74 L4-ffler, P.-74 Legaroff, K.-74 Lehmann, G.-74, 160 Leiner, E.-74, 123 Lentz, N.-74 Leo, T.-74, 188 Leonard, J.-74 Lewis, ll.-74 Lewis, J.-74, 138, 161 Lewis, S.-74 Liebi, M.-74 Liles, M.-74, 160 Lim, J.-74 Link, D.-74, 100, 102, 141 Lisik, D.-74 Loard, B,-74, 131 Lombard, L.--34, 74, 100, 108, 128, 143, 159 Lonn, D.-74, 142 Lopez, C.-74, 196, 197, 198 Lopez, K.-74, 131 Loverin, J.-74 Lowe, L.-74 Lundy, D.-74, 160 Lykens, J.-74 Lyon, T.-74 Lyon, S.-74 Lyons, R.-74 McAdam, J.-74 McCarthy, P.-74, 196, 197, 198 McCoig, K.-74 McCollum, D.-74 McCommons, J.-74, 139, 140, 161 McCoy, L.-74, 111 McCue, E.-74 McDonald, M.-38, 74 McDonald, N.-74 McFarland, J,-74 McGaughy, M.-74, 106, 114, 121, 131 McGiffin, B.--74 McIntosh, J.-74 Mclntyre, J.-74 McKinney, C.-74, 109 McKinzie, L.-74 McKnight, D.-74, 167, 172 McMahon, D.-74 McMahon, J.-74 McMurry, S.-74 McNeely, L.-74 McNeil, C.-74 McPheeters, D.-74 McPhillips, B.-75, 138, 161, 167, 173, 183 Maahs, R.-75, 143 Maas, D.-75 Marconnet, R.-75 Marrujo, A,-75 Marten, T.-75 Martin, G.-75 Martin, M.-34, 75, 98, 131 Martindale, B.--75, 160 Mata, J.-75 Mathews, D.-75 Matouk, S.-75 Maturino, M.-75 Maxson, D.-75, 143, 180 Maxson, M.-75, 129, 180, 183 May, A.-75 Mayberry, M.-75, 105, 116, 131. 158, 195, 196, 197 Meade, J.-75, 143, 196, 197, 198 Meger, J.-75 Meisenheimer, J-75 Mendoza, B.-75 Merrell, T.-75, 106, 126, 140 Mesa, R.-75 Metcalfe, J.-75 Meyer, E.-75, 116, 117 Milbrat, B.-75 Milbrat, M.--75 Millard, J.-34, 75 Miller, C.-75 Miller, H.-75, 124 Miller, L.-75 Miller, R.-75 Miller, R.-75 Millonzi, D.-75 Mills, D,-75, 194, 195, 196, 197. 198 Mitchell, M,-75 Mittman, C.-75, 119 Montgomery, N.-75, 126 Montoya, D.-75, 181 Moody, R.-75 Moore, D.-75 Moore, J.-75 Moore, J.-75, 131 Morales, H.-34, 75 Moreno, D.--75 Moreno, R.-75 Moreno, V.-75, 160 Morford, A.-75, 100, 141 Morgan, li.-34, 75 Morgan, D.-75, 131 Morris, A.-75 Morris, C.-34, 75, 98, 100, 102. 113, 116, 128, 131, 140, 152 Morris, J.-75, 141 Morrow, B.-75 Mortensen, J.-75 Mortensen, J.-75 Moshenko. T.-75, 138, 139, 140, 161, 190 Mosholder, L.-75, 110, 123, 131. 148 Moulton, J.-75, 112, 193, 194, 196 197 Moutard, W.-75 Mullen, L.-75, 184 Mumma, B.-75 Munyon, P.-75, 123 Munz, V.-75 Murdoch, .-75, 106, 123, 131 154, 155, 158 Murillo, A.-75 Murphy, G.--75, 110, 148 Murphy, J.-75, 142, 198 Murray, L.-76 Murray, J.-76 Murray, P.-76, 100, 123, 128, 131, 143 Mushegain, N.-76, 131, 142 Nakamura, J.-76, 103 Nall, S.-76, 142 Nankervis, M.--76 Napoli, V.-76 Neely, C.-76, 112, 127 Neff, M.-76 Neilans, S.-38, 76 Neiman, I.-76 Nelson, D.-76, 148 Neuman, J.-76 Newberg, R.-76 Nickerson, B.-76 Nickerson, J.-76 Niebala, R.-76 Niermann, M.-76, 112, 131 Noland, K.-76 Noonan, V.-76 Nonnweiler, C.-76, 142 Nordness, B.-76 Norris, T.-76 Northrup, P.--37, 76, 160 Nowell, J.-76 Oakes, D.-76 Ocosta, J.-76 Odermatt, C.-76 Ogle, C.-76, 116, 125, 126, 127 Okeefe, J.-76 Oliver, C.-76 Olsen, V.-76, 185 Olson, B.-76 Olson, F.-76, 102, 113, 126, 128, 143, 152 Olvera, M.-76, 121, 131 0'Neal, S.--37, 76 Orendorff, C.-76 Osborn, C.-76, 129, 174, 190 Oshaben, M,-76, 142 Otrambo, S.-76 Owen, H.-76, 138, 161 Ownbey, B.-176 Paddock, P.-76 Paige, N.-34, 76 Palka, J.-76. 106, 116, 126, 127 Palmer, L.-76 Palmi, M.-76, 114 Pannier, L.-76, 116, 129, 190 Parent, L.-76, 114, 115 Parker, L.-76 Parker, M.-76, 116, 161, 194, 196 197 Parrish, D.-76 Passo, B.-76, 174 Passo, R.-76 Pearson, L.-76 Pena, R.-76 Pennella, R.-'76 Perez, R.-76, 139, 140, 161 Perona, J.-76 Perrella, C.-76 Peters, D.-76 Peters, G.-76 Peters, J.-76 Peters, P.-76 Peterson, L.-76, 106, 112, 131 Peterson, S.-76, 143 Petnick, H.-77, 122, 123, 131, Peterson, T.-76 Petnick, H.-77, 122, 123, 131, 148, 194, 195, 196, 197 Pflug, J.-77 Pierce, R.-77 Pietsch, V.-77 Pitts, N.-77, 104, 116, 117, 123. 131, 148 Platinga, M.-77 Poe, T.-77 Pomeroy, L.-77 Poor, M.-77 Port'er, P.-77 Portillo, C.-77 Potts, J.-77 Prondzinski, D.-77 Pruett, T.-77, 161 Pruitt, A.-77, 143 Puglisi, J.-77 Pullman, J.-66, 77, 100, 102, 128 141 Punt, B.-77, 173 Quandt, R.-77 Quattrini, M.-77 Rachunok, N.-77 Ragland, P.-77, 160 Railey, R.-77 Railsback, E.-77, 120, 189 Rainey, K.-77. 102. 117. 131, 143, 194, 196, 197, 198 Raith, J.-'M Ramirez, B.-77 Ramm, F.-77, 111 Range, C.-177 Rangcl, J.-77, 183. 185 Rapoza, J.-77 Rapp, D.-77, 139 Rasmussen, K.-77 Rasmussen, M.-77 Rau, J.-77, 112, 131 Rauschkolb, Y.-77 Reagan, S.-77, 105, 123, 131, 159 Reardon, S.-77, 114 Reasonover, F.-77 Reed, S.-77 Reed, L.-77 Reeker, S.-77 Requarth, P.-77, 143 Reinemann, J.--77, 196, 197, 198 Rhea, G.-77 Rhea, W.-77 Richards, S.-77, 117 Richardson, K.-77 Rideouty E.--77 Ridgeway, L.-77 Riffel, C.-77 Riggs, R.--77 Ring, R.-77, 158 Roberts, N.-77, 122, 127, 142 Roberts, R.-77, 138 Robertson, C.-77, 138, 161, 174 Robertson, C.-77, 98, 102, 110, 116, 148, 196, 197 Robertson, J.-+77 Roche, J.-77 Roddam, N.-77 Rodgers, G.-77, 116, 180 Roecker, A.-77 Roepke, L.-77, 174 Rogers, C.-77 Rogers, V.-77 Romero, R.-77 Rose, A.-77 Roseberry, D.-78 Ross, J.-73 Rote, T.-78 Roth, J.-78 Rouch, P.-78 Rucker, J.-78 Rumph, N.-78, 142 Rupert, M.-78, 112, 131 Russell, L.-78 Ryan, B.-78 Salazar, F.-78 Salmon, H.-78 Sampson, J.-78 Sanders, B.-38, 78, 116, 127, 128. 198 Saucedo, J.-78 Schaff, B.-34, 78, 102, 110, 123. 128, 131, 148, 193, 194, 196, 197, 198 Scherer, C.-78 Schmidt, D.-78 Shoenfeld, J.-78 Schultz, G.-78, 180 Schultz, M.-478 Schulz, K.-78, 102, 131, 196, 197. 198 Schwilk, S.-78, 119, 131, 143 Seabern, J.-78 Sedloff, B.-78, 106, 117, 128, 131 Shamas, R.-78, 188 Shannon, R.-78 Sharp, D.-78 Shaw, G.-78 Shaw, K.-78 Sheppard, D.-78 Shiot'a, J.-78, 167, 173 Sholl, H.-78 Shortridge, G.-78 Shrabel, G.-78 Shroeder, B.-78, 138, 161, 174 Silverman, J,-78, 120, 124, 180 Simmons, E.-78 Sims, B.-78 Sims, L.-78, 149, 188 Sims, L.-78 Sliger, D.-78, 143, 156. 195 Slocum, G.-78 Smalley, D.-78 Smalley, Y.-78 Smith, B.-34, 78, 123, 131 Smith, D.-78, 142 Smith, E.-78, 138. 139, 161, 190 Smith, M.-78 Smith, R.-78 Smith, S.-78, 110 Smith, S.-78, 138, 148 Smith, S.-78, 174 Smithton, D.-78 Snyder, P.-78, 183 Solomon, S.-78 Sorrick, J.-78 Spargur, J.-78 Spencer, D.-78 Spicer, B.-78 Spruill, R.-78 Spyksma, J.-78 Stacy, M.-34, 78 Stafford, T.-78, 184 Stagner. M.-78, 114 Staley, R478 Stanton, D.-78, 103 Stark, C,-78, 129, 143, 180, 186 Starr, R.-78 Staton, G.-79 Seams, M.-79 Steel, B.-79 Steenblock, M.-79, 161 Stein, S.-79. 160 Steinbrecher, J.-79 Stevens, C.-79, 104, 106, 116, 117, 118, 131, 140 Stewart, J.-79, 138, 161 Stickler, J.-79 Stockwell, G.-79, 111, 139 Stone, D.-79 Stone, R.-79, 138, 161 Stohs, J.-79 Strachan, B.-79, 140, 143 Strandberg, D.-79 Strickland, R.-79 Strom, V.-79 Strong, W.-79 Studebaker, T.-79, 111 Summers, C.-79, 112, 131 Sutphin, S.-79 Swatman, R.-79 Sweet, J.-79 Swegheimer, F.-79 Sweningson, B.-79 Swenson, H.-79, 109 Swenson, R.-34, 79 Switzer, L.-79 Swofford, G.-79, 109, 138, 161 Tadokoro, J.-79. 117, 122 Tafolla, R.-79 Tavares, F.-79, 139 Taylor, C.-79 Taylor, M.-79 Taylor, T.-34, 79, 100, 103, 107. 116, 123, 128, 129, 138, 161, 190 Teague, S.-79, 142, 196, 197, 198 Terry, B.-79, 186 Teske, M.-79 T'hiessen, G.-79 Thompson, S.-79 Thornsberry, V.-79, 174, 181 Tilden, P.-79 Tilley, C.-79, 142 Tilton, D.-79 Toomey, L.-79 Torgerson, H.-79 Toussau, J.-79. 105, 131 Tracy, K.-79, 116 Troutman, S.-79, 1021 116, 131, 193, 194, 196, 197, 198 Tuinhout, H.-79, 109 Tunnell, A.-79 Turner, B.-79, 139. 140, 161 Turner, R.-79, 182 Turney, E.-79, 160 Tuttle, F.-79 Ulmer, C.-79, 114, 128 Umino, C.-34, 79, 106, 116, 121, 131 Underwood, G.-79 Urabe, P,-79 YanNess, E.-79 Vanornum, J.-79 VanTasseI, C.-79, 139, ltil VanZee, N,-79, 142 Yerdugo, M.-79 Visel, J.-79, 131, 143, 191, lim. 196, 197. 198 Visel, J.-79, 129 Vogel, D.-80, 143 Voigt. A.-80 Vollom, D.-80, 138, 139, itil, 174 178, 183 Vrooman, D.-80 NVaites, P.-80 VValker, G.-80 YValker, R.-80 VVallace, L.-80, 106, 131 NVallace, T.-80 VVarner, C.-80, 126, 152 VVarren, J.-80 XVassenmiller, J.-S0 VVat'ers, L.-80 NVatkins, L.-80, 118 VVatkins, BI.-80 XVatts, M.g80, 105, 131 WVehster, P.-34, 80, 1041. lil' VVeitman, M.-80. 126 VVelt0n, D.-80, 188 XVelt0n, H.-80, 181 XVelty, J.-S0 XVendell, B.-80 VVerner, J.-80, 112, 1143, 127, 196 197, 198 XVest, L.-80 XVeschler, P.-80 XVestmoreland, S.-80, ll2 NVharton, D.-80 NVheat'on, M.-80 XVhite, A.-80, 138, 139. 'lil XVhite, A.-80, 123, 131 NVhite, L.-80 NYhitney, F.-80 1Vhitney, J.-80 NVhittaker, M.-80 XVichner, A.-80 XVickam, P.-34, 80 VVieser, J.-80 Vlfilbourn, L.-80 VVilbur, J.-80, 126 NVilcox, S.-80, 123, 131 VViley, S.--80 NVilkins, N.-80, 123, 194, 195. 196, 197, 198 Wilkins, S.-80 Williams, C.-80 Williams, G.-80, 161 NVilliams, J.-37, 80, 196, 197, 198 VVilliams, J.-80 Williams, J.-80 VVilliams, J.-80 VVilliams, T.-80 VVlllis, J.-80, 106, 131, lI', 191. 196, 197 VVilson, C.-80, 123 Wilson, P.-80 NVilson, Z.-80 NViltsie, C.-80, 114, 131 Xvinkelmann, L.-80, 100, 123. 128 131, 143 Vvinnard, A.-80 VVitsil. C.-80, 148 NVitt, T.-80, 126, 127 VVitt'e, B.-80 NVittman, D.-80 XVixon, B.-80 Nvolford, J,-80, 106 VVood, B.-80 Xvoodruff, S.-80. 174 XVoods. G.-80 XVoods, J.-80 1Voodward, G.-81, 167. 1-3. Wi, 183 NVorrell, M,-81 XVray, B.-Sl 243 VVylie, W.-81, 105, 131 XVynne, M.-81 Ackerly. C.-83, 142 Ackles, P.-83 Ac-ostu, J.-83 Adams, J.-83 Adams, P,-83 Adams, S.-83, 184, 185 Adler, G.-83, 131 Aguilar, C.-83 Alcaraz, L,-83 Allen, J.-83 Allen, M.-83 Anderson, C.-83 Anderson, J.-83 Anderson, S.-83 Anderson, S,-83 Andres, S.-83 Andrews, L.-83 Arcininga, A.-83 Armstrong, 11,-83 Austin, Ile-83 Avila, G.-83 Baca, L.-483, 1-12 Bat-us, I..-38, 83 linker, M,-83 linker, S.-83, 101, 196, 197, 198 linker, S.-83 I1H,1dt'l'1lJlllSl'l1, .I,v!17, 83 llnllnmn, ll.-83 lluudell, D.-83 llarrt-tt, M.-83 llarlosh, A.-83, 101, 125 llurtsch, B,-83 Hales, K.-83 Batten, E.-83, 142 Bauer, P.-83 Iltlyer, 12.--83, 138, 161 Bench, S.-83 Beale, P.-83 Beard, A.-83 Beauchamp, J.-83, 109 Bt-dford, J.-83 Beenmn, R.-83, 131, 142 Bell, N.-83, 160 Bell, R.-83 Bemiller, L.--83 Bengochea, L.-83 Bennett. J.-83 Benson, K.-83 Berault, E,-83, 175 Beraultj J.-83, 181 Berg, D.-83 Bergeson, J.--83 Bibbee, L.-83, 188 Biegler, F,-83 Bissell, L.-83, 142 Blanknxeyer, B.-35, 83. 197, 198 Boatrnan, B.-83 Boatman, B.-83 Bojorquez, R.-83, 121, 1 Bond, P.-83, 142 Bounous, M.-83 Bourassa, J.-83 Bowman, J.-83, 142 Brace, G.-83 Brandon, S .-83 Brandt, L.-83 Brewer, S.-83, 101 Broeker, G. -83, 101, 138 Brown, A.-84, 106 Brown, C.-84. 109 Brown, D.-84, 120, 188 Brown, J.-84 Brown, P.-84, 101, 125 Brown, S.-84, 120 Brown, V.-84. 131 Brownell, N.-84, 142 Brownheld, M.-84 Browning, D.-84 Burdick, D.-84, 174 Burgess, J.-S4 ,131 ,160 195, 196 31 , 161 Young, R.-81 Young, S.-81, 175, 184 Zeeveld, A.-81, 160 Zelnar, E.-81, 143 SOPHOMORES Burgess, VV.-84, 142 Burlingame, P.-84 Butler, B.-84 Bugum, R.-84 Bylsma, D.-84 Cagley, D.-84 Caldwell, P.-84 Call, G.-84 Callahan, N.-84, 131 Callaway, B.-84 Callaway, T.-84 Caloi, R.-84 Campbell, B.-84 Campbell, E.-84 Campbell, M.-84, 125, 142 Cano, E.-84 Cano, J.-84 Carlson, D.-84, 182, 187 Carlson, G.-84, 139, 161 Carlton, VV.-84 Carmichael, K.-84, 143 Carrocino, S.-84, 142 Carta-r, FZ.-84 Carle-r, G,-81, 120, 142 Castro, L,-84 Catlwy, ll.-84 Cave, C,-81 Clutnct-llor, A.-81, 175, 184 Clutruo, V.-Nl Chloupek, M.-84 t'l1urc-lx, 11.481, 175, 182, 187 Clurkt-, .If-81 Clurkv, J.-N4 Cluff, L.-84 Covltran, '1'.-81 Cochrun, XV,-8-1, 174 Coelho, C.-84 Coley, M.-84 Colleges, L.-84 Collins, G.-84 Conner, J.-84 Copeland, VV.-84, 187 Coupland, R,-84, 120, 139, 161, 188 Cousins, J.-84, 188 Cowger, D.-84, 175 Cox, B,-84 Cranmer, P.-84 Cranston, P.-84, 131, 142 Criss, T.-84 Cristiano, B.-84, 175, 181 Critchfleld, R.-84, 189 Cronin, R.-84, 142 Cross, B.-84, 131, 194, 196, 197, 198 Cuba, J.-84 Cullen, J.-84, 138, 161 Cummins, G.-84 Cunningham, C.--85, 126, 140, 142, 152 Curranf, L.-85 Currier, C.-85, 194, 196, 197, 198 Danhoff, D.-85, 131 Danley, B.-85, 122 Dargatz, D.-85, 174 Darrah, C.-85 Davenport, H.-85, 142 Davie, H.-85 Davis, A.-82, 85, 131 Davis, J.-85 Davis, S.-85 Davis. S.-85, 142 Dawdy, L.-85 Dean, N,-85, 101, 138. 161, 195. 196, 197, 198 Deffner, P.-34, 85, 101, 131, 160 Delahunt, J.-85 Delaney, J.-85 Delcrognale, A.-34, 85, 174 Deming, J.-8 Dick, C.-85, 185 Dickerson, D.-S5 Dickey, B.-85, 174 Dierberger, K.-85, 188, 189 Doerck, G.-85 Donica, P.-85 Donkerlnrook, J.-85 Dorn, T.--85 Douglas, R.-85, 187 Drake, J.-85 Driftmier, K.-85 Dripps, S.-85, 142 Dryden, P.-85 1JuCoing', 13.-85 Budka, A.-85 Dumser, T.-85 Dunlavy, S.--85 Due, K.-85, 98, 142, 195, 196, 197 Eagleson, D.-85 East, R.-85 Easton, J.-85, 131, 196, 197, 198 Edwards, K.-85 Edwards, L.-85 Flhrle, Ii.-34, 85, 138, 161 ldisenhowvr, M.-85 Elliott, D.-85 Endicott, C.-34, 85, 196, 197, 198 lipperson, B.-85, 142 l'Itl1iel', G.-85, 175, 187 Funcher, C.-85, 140 l"tLnc-licr, J.-85 Ifuratu, D.-85 l":u'nn-r, Cf-85, 142 l"arln1-r, R.-85 l"a1lgl111der, N.--85, 142 Fear, C.-85 I"t-liz, Ii,-85 lfelllvztuin, M.-85, 131, 160 Fellows, H.-85 I-'t-rguson, B.-85 Filtndelfia, 10.-85 lfiorentin, J.-85, 116 Fish, T.-85 Fisht-r, Ii.-85, 101, 142, 196, 197 Fisher, D.-85, 198 Flowers, L.-85 Flynn, C.-85, 140, 149 Forbes, J.-86 Forbes, M.-86, 120, 139, 161 Ford, B.-86 Formicola, J.-86, 175 Fourman, P.-86, 101 Franco, R.-86, 175, 182 Frhser, J.-86 Freeman, N.-86, 101, 116 Frit'ch, D.-86 Fry, J.-86, 142 Fulton, J.-86 Fussell, E.-86, 138, 139, 161 Galiano, K.-34, 86, 101, 125 Galleros, R,-S6 Gardner, D.--86, 188 Gastelum, N.-86 Gates, C.-86, 101, 106, 194, 196, 197, 198 Gelker, T.-86 Gibson, J.-86, 167 Gilger, A.-86 Gillam, C.-86 Godden, L.-86 Godoy, B.-86, 181 Goodwin, J.-86 Gordy, P.-86 Gott, G.-86, 122 Gove, W.-86 Gowell, B.-86 Graber, C.-86 Graves, S.-86, 142 Gray. G.-86 Greenwood, L.-86, 138, 139, 140, 161 Gregory, L.-86 Gretel, K.-86 Zemojtel, L.-81, 143 Zolot, M.-81, 110. 148 Gustaloe, R.-86 Haddakin, J.-86 Hall, D,-86 Hall, T.-86 Ham, E.-86 Hammond, T.-86, 174 Hansen, G.-86 Harmon, D.-86 Harmon, I.-86 Harrison, S.-86 Hart, G.-86 Hart, P.-86 Hartley, E.-86 Hartman, B.-86 Hartman, L.-86 Harvey, N,-86 Harvey, P.-86 Hatneld, J.-82, 86, 138, 161, 187 Hatfield, L.-35, 86 Hauck, P.-S4, 101. 131, 198 Haveles, J.-86 Hawkins, B.-86, 187 Hawkins, G.-86, 131, 160 Healy, C.-86 Hemingsen, D.-86 Hendrix, N.-86 Hennings, C.-86, 100, 116. 138, 139, 161, 195, 196, 197, 198 Henry, S.-86, 101, 142, 196, 197, 198 Hensley, L.-86, 131, 195, 196, 197, 198 Henson, M.-86 Herrick, L.-86, 101, 122 Herring, Dv.-86 Heylrrock, L.-86 Hicks, J.-86 Hilliard, H.-87 Hilsaheck, L.-87, 174 Hixson, D.-87 Hoag, T.-87, 188 Hoeppner, J.-87, 160 Hoffner, K.-34, 87, 182, 190 Hood, L.-87, 187 Hopkins, G.-87 Houck, D.-87 Houston, D.-34, 87, 120, 188, 189 Howell, J.-87 Howell, T.-87 Hoxsie, D.-87 Hudson, S.-87 Hughes, T.-87, 175, 187 Hurlbet, J.-34, 87, 100, 101, 116. 138, 161 Hyde, R.-87, 142, 175 Ingram, M.-87 Isaac, W.-87, 182 Ivory, B.-87, 190 Jacques, D.-87, 139, 140, 161, 184 Jacques, K.-87 Jeannerett, C.-87, 101, 118, 138, 195, 196, 197, 198 Jenkins, M.-87, 101, 131, 142, 195 196, 197, 198 Jiles, C.-87 Johnson, B.-87, 187, 188 Johnson, D.-87 Johnson, J.-87 Johnson, K.-87 Jones, F.-87 Jones, J.-87 Jones, N.-87, 142 Kaelin, S.-87 Kaufman, D.-87 Kelley, G.-87, 190 Kidwell, M.-87, 101 Kilbarger, S.-87 Killingsworth, C.-87 King, D.-87, 175 Kinsey, H.-87, 149 Kinzer, S.-87 Kirk, J.-87 Kirk. L.-87, 142 Kirkhart, P.-87 Kleinworth, L.-87 Kliever, D.--87, 182 Klisch, K.-87 Kneip, B.-87, 182, 190 Krastel, S.-93, 87, 101, 116, 131, 194, 196, 197, 198 LaFortune, T.-87 Lambeth, T.-87, 167, 174, 181, 187 Lampher, B.-87 Langson, D.-87, 188 Langson, K.-87 Laramee, J.-87 Lat'hrop, P.-87 Latton, N.-87, 142 Lee, J.-87 Lehman, R.-87, 142, 187 Lenon, H.-87 Lepper, G.-87 Lessi, C.-87, 119 Leveck, J.-87 Levonski, B.-87 Lichtenwalter, R.-87 Liebi, S.-88 Liles, 1.-88, 195, 196, 197, 198 Linn, D.-88 Litz, B.-88, 181 Lintz, B.-101 Loll, K-88, 101 Long, R.-88, 131, 160 Lopez, A.-88, 142 Lopez, P.-88 Lopez, R.-88 Louis, G.-88 Lentz, R.-87, 142 Love, T.-88 Lumley, E.-88, 125, 142 Lurner, S.--88 Luther, J.-88, 101, 142 Luzader, S.-88, 131 Lykowski, B.-88 Mcliurney, J.--88 McCandless, B.-88, 138, 140, 161. 175, 190, 198 McCarver, M.-88 McCloud, G.-88, 139, 161 McCord, C.-88 McCulloch, B.-88 McCullough, G.-88 McHenry, K.--88, 131 McKay, N.-88 Mclnerney, K.-88, 142 McKee, M.-88, 142 McKee, M.-88 McKinney, D.-88, 194 McKinney, P.-88, 196, 197 McLaughlin, E.-88 McLean, B.-88 Mabs, N.-88, 143, 196, 197, 198 Mackensen, S.-85 Magill, J.-88 Maquire, P.-88 Maher, J.-88 Malek, D.-88 Maley, D.--88 Margerison, S.-88 Marovich, S.-34, 88 Martin, V.-88, 125 Masony, S.-88 Masterson, F.-88 Maulding, J.-88 Mau, R.-88 Mayers, J.--88 Means, S.-88 Medeiros, J.-88, 124 Meger, G.-88 Meier, S.-88, 195, 196, 197, 198 Meissner, M.-88 Mendenhall, R.-88, 175 Menzie, H.-37, 88 Messenger, K.-88 Mickelson, J.-88, 112, 116, 122, 127 131, 195, 196, 197 Miller, M.-88, 112, 116, 118, 127. 138, 161, 195, 196, 198 Miller, W.-88, 131 Milne, S.-88, 123, 131 Misener, P.-88 Mittman, A.-88, 125, 195, 196, 197, 198 Moen, C.-88 Monell, L.-88, 131 Monk, R.-88, 103, 112, 127 Mooney, J,-88 Moon M.-88 Moore, E.-89, 142, 154, 155 Moorhead, D.-89 Moran, E.-89, 174 Moreno, E-89, 101, 106, 138, 161 Morgan, C.-89, 187 Morgan, M.-89, 138, 161, 196, 197, 198 Morris, B.-89 Morrow, M.-89, 101, 123, 131 Mort'on, B.-89, 194, 196, 197, 198 Morton, M.-89, 120, 188 Moutard, R.-89 Mueller, B.-89 Mullen, T.-89, 175, 182, 184 Munoz, C.-89, 121, 123, 131 Munoz, J.-89, 175 Murphy, B.-89, 109 Murphy, L.-89, 122, 196, 197 Murray, M.-89 Myers, M.-89 Nankervis, D.-89 Nellesen, D.-89 Nelson, D.-89, 182 Nt-lson, K.-89, 194, 196, 197, 198 Nelson, M.-89 Nelson, T.-89 Newlin, S.-34, 89, 98, 194, 196, 197, 198 Nichols, T.-89 Nieblas, A.-89 Nie-wohner, R.-89 Nixon, F.-89, 138, 161 Noble, B.-89, 182 Norman, U.-89 Northup, S.-89 Notlieisen, J.-89 O'llannon, M.-89 O'ISrien, C.-34, 89, 112, 116, 118, 127, 195, 196, 197, 198 O'l,lrien J.-89 O'Dell, J.-89 Oeffinger, J.-89 Olivos, O.-89 Olphant, C.-89' Olsen, C.-89 Olsen, K.-82, 89, 101, 123, 131 194, 196, 197. 198 Olson, B.-89, 131 Olson, .I.-89 Olson, S.-89 O'Malley, B.-89 O'Neal, B.-S9 Onken, J.-89 Ortiz, J.-89 Osgood, B,-89 Otey, P.-89, 142 Paez, E.-89 Pagano, D.-89, 175 Parker, M.-89, 139, 140, 184 Parker, S.-89 Parsons, J.-89 Passmore, J.-89 Paton, D.-89 Patterson, S.-89, 131 Paul, A.-89 Paulson, G.-89 Payne, V.-89, 175, 182 Peckenschneider, L.-89, 109 Peek, J.-434, 82, 89, 131 Pellegrino, D.-89 Pelletier, J.-89 Peralta, D.-89 Perkins, K.-34, 90, 100, 128, 131, 143, 196. 197, 198 Perryman, F.-90 Peter, D.-90, 131, 196, 197, 198 Peters, D.-90 Peterson, B.-90, 142 Peterson, L.-90 Petitt, S.-90, 131, 142 Pichardo. D.-90, 183 Pierce, B.-90 Piotrowski, P.-90 Piper, B.-90, 190 Pitts, B.-90 Pitts, K.-90, 142 Platt, D.-90, 142 Platz, J.-34, 90 Poole, D.-90 Portzer, D.-90 Potter, S.-90 Powell, R.-90 Pozos, M.-90 Prentice, R.-90 Price, G.-90 Pronvencio, A.-90, 138, 161, 175. Proxmire, J.-90 Purcell, C.-90 Quails, C.-90 Quist, B.-90 Quist, K.-34, 90 Ramirez, V,-90, 142 Rapp, C.-90 Rasmussen, J.-90 Ratliff, J.-90, 106, 131 Raub, R.-90 Haus, J.-90 Real, D.-90, 175, 184 Reed, J.-90 Reed, J.-90 Reed, M.-90, 195, 196, 197, 198 Reed, P.-90 Reinhardt, J.-90, 175 Renes, A.-90 Renk, D.-90, 188 Reynolds, D.-34, 90, 138, 161, 182 Reynolds, J.-90 Rice, M.-90, 174, 182 Ricker, T.-90, 101 Riggs, S.-90 Riley, VV.-90 Ritter, P.-90, 160 Roberson, XV,-90 Robertson, K.-90 Robinson, U.-90 Robinson, D.-90 Robinson, N.-90, 142 Robson, B.-90 Rode, K.-90 Roderick, W.-90 Rogalla, B.-90 Rogers, E.,--90 Roland, C.-90, 101, 195, 196, 197, 198 Rosas, J.-90 Roscom, P.--90, 142 Rosenthal, M.- 90, 182, 187 Rowe, M.-90 Rudisaile, F'.-90 Rumph, S,-90, 142 Ruoff, D.-90 Rupp, L.-91 Salisbury, M.-91 Salyer. J.-91, 142 Samson, P.-91, 174 Sandford, P.-91 Santi, L.-91, 98, 142 Saran, B.-91 Saucedo, R.-91, 175, 182, 187 Sauerien, D.-91 Scheffler, R.-91, 174 Schlegel, L.-91, 196, 197, 198 Schmidt, S,-91, 138, 161, 196, 197, 198 Schrott, P.-91 Schwanz, N.-91 Scott, G.-91 Sedia, M.-91, 123, 125, 131, 194, 196, 197, 198 Selby, B.-91 Self, W,-91 Shaw, K.-91 Shawver, B.-91, 112, 116, 127 Shigekawa, G.-91, 103, 175, 184 Shoaf, T.-91 Simpson, L.-91 Sirk, P.-91 Slade, J.-91 Sloan, J.-91 Sloan, S.-91 Smith, C.-91 Smith. D.-91, 138 Smith, K.-91, 121 Smith, K.-91, 131 Smith, L.-91, 195, 196, 197, l'lN Snavely, C.-91, 121 Sneddon, J,-91 Sorrick, S.,-34, 91 Spann, J.-91 Spatz, B.-91, 142 Secrist, L.-91 Spencer, J.A91 Smith, VV -91 4 Spielman, B.-91, 101, 194, lil! l.M 198 Squier, L.-91, 101, 123. 131 Stafford G.-91 Stagner, D.-91 Stzirr, D.A91, 125 Starr, J.-91, 180 Steellnun, S.-91, 131, 1511, lil! 198 Steinbrink, R.-91, 101 Steinshovcr, G,-91 Stewart, D.-91, 131, 143 Stewart, J.-91 Stidham. G.-91 Stieler, 12.-34, 91 Stoltz, R.-91 Stone, ll.-01 Story, B.-91, 138, 101 Strain, D.-91, 175 Stratton, L.-91, 101, 1232 Stromquist, ll,-91 Suggs, C.-91 Sullivan, V,-91, 142 Summers, J.-91 Sundquist, S.-91 Swearingeu, S.-91, 138, llll, 197, 198 Swenson, P.-91 Swint, G.-91 Tziravella, J,-91 'l':lx'zu'e-s, T,-92 Taylor, J.-92 Taylor, T.-92 Tazza, R,-92 Teece, G.-92 Thatcher, T.-91, 180 Thiliodeau, I,-92 Thoele, D.-34, 92 Thomas, S.-92 Thompson, R.-92 Thornton, K.-92, 131 Thueson, K.-92 Thueson, T.-92, 167, 180 Tietge, S.-92, 174 Tiffany, J.-92 Tingley, C.-92 Tofleld, J.-92, 112, 127, 190 Traczek, T.-92, 183 Trapp, J.-92 Underwood, B.-92 Vandenberg, L.-92 Vanderhoven, S.-92, 131 VanHouten, J.-92 Vermeule, J.-92 Villafana. M.-92 Voshurg, S.-92 Votrian. K.-92 Vukelich, J.-92 VVakefleld, L.-92, 124 WValiga, R.-92 WVard, L.-92 Vllard, P.-92 NVarnes, J.-92, 101 XVaterman, J.-92, 101 Vlfalters, D.-92 XVaters, S.-92, 121 VVatkins. S.-92, 195, 196, 197 VVeaver, J.-92, 142 Vlfeher, L.-92 XVeiss, A.-92 XVhiles, R.-92 XVhit'e, J.-92 lllt l'l4 198 245 whine, 1. -92, 182, 187 wilson, 11.-92, 101, 142 X"flk"ffe' 5--92 NVi1son, J.-92, 142 'i iams, .-92,138,161 ,. X , 4 wvmiamsv J.-92' 161 XX1nstead, D.-92, 182, IM4 VVilliams, M.-92 V ISQ- D4-92 NVhite, J.-92, 194 XVittesch, M.-92, 101, 194, 196, 197, 246 XV0lfe, K.-92 VV0lin, D.-92, 131 XVoodruff. S.-92, 98, 197, 198 XVright, B.-92, 142 192, 195, 196, NVrig'ht, L.-92 Yellis, S.-92 Young, T.-92, 175 Yount, J.-92 Zarlingo, D,--92 I ' ' . ' , E' ' T52 L 17' 7 f m Wgfiga iimm if . Q I 'q b,' . , . Q ff WY ff r? L, 4 W W lb T Q 2 Ei yy ab"' " J3 0 XE E biz: 5 Ki gb ,, WNW . gf Y fifwf nfl

Suggestions in the Anaheim Union High School - Colonist Yearbook (Anaheim, CA) collection:

Anaheim Union High School - Colonist Yearbook (Anaheim, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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Anaheim Union High School - Colonist Yearbook (Anaheim, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Anaheim Union High School - Colonist Yearbook (Anaheim, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Anaheim Union High School - Colonist Yearbook (Anaheim, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Anaheim Union High School - Colonist Yearbook (Anaheim, CA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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