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A mm:,f.vw:-.'P1rm-1-f-fffffvf-mc1f'1ffvfY':r'2:e:1:-+2:11:1-:Hx11sfmes1+rs21:1s1zaGrmvrrlzlvzizaz-r-2546441-2eff-1-Qsteszfiz7.7Ls:131:aff5:::-:a-iff.1-wIi21f1A2?44-yfltffivififfiffiflffsi .. !iff?1Tf?l5F!i5.sJ?ETif5:l1?:5.?iiiS!3T'F'ififii-xiii-iiffiif-iigiif-lf'1 --ewfifvJ531551-4- wif-"'f'-::'7"T?'?"f5--5 , ,,,.., ...,. , ..., -, .,YA .,.., , . - . v. , .. f - .M . n 1 L.,-N u- rr-rr.:-lp 4 -A x-1-:gy-x-m-rs -r -1-sx'u 41 1 JUNE MORIMOTO Edi+or-in-Chief 'iw ffl 1 fir: 'XX X I f K X af , f Qi'-X-Il X 1 ,aff I is J, Publlshecl by The Students of the Anohelm Unlon High School VOLUME XLIV ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, JUNE l957 " :fig v"' I 'In-+ f- f .. ' 455 'I V f ,,4 4 X L . , , 4,-"'S.fv , I . f fp, ,ox - III II f ,, -1 I , , 'ffl f T' ' ' - , wzff- -RJ 11' ' 'XTR '- " ' I 'f . gli," 14 I A ' .XV I :ff x f I -X1 I ' ' . " , ,I 'gf 'II Ir I Ig 'I I-,V . IQ xx 'I ', f.:f' 3 , T-' ' ,' 1" l 1' I ' wg, ---1 Y' xv '-X 45 Qt' o f ,IIN -I A+ 11 ,,4 r , III, Zig 55315 43, '- I i 1' , , ' . I , 1 'Ns-3. 22, 1 ' fe' 2, H 1 .- , 'Ti-xg IE 4' X71 I- K. 22:4iv IQ 4 s L ,f .I T .Z .1 I 4 xxx. xl! Q N... . aiu J: ' A J- -1:-ff ,- : . 1 I In I 'vxzxj' ' ' A X mt. A - 3 I O 0 Book One THOMAS KUCHEL ADMINISTRATION JERRY MORGAN Throughout Anaheim High School's history of 59 years, men have been inspired to achieve greater heights through education developed at Anaheim. Although it seems that a minority obtain fame, it is up to the individual to take advantage of the opportunities offered in high school. Every person who graduates doesn't necessarily become used to the lime- light, but he can be a success in his own life. Education is a privilege and should become a working tool of everyone. Any boy can become the "local boy who makes good," as depicted in the following pages, if he will only reach out and take advantage of those opportunities afforded him. Education is the foundation upon which these opportunities rest. The men who have made good, pictured on the division pages prove the preceding fact. These men, all graduates of Anaheim Union High School, have used their education as the basis for their successes. BOOIK Two Book Three CLASSES DR, HARRY HECKMAN STEVE MORRIS CLUBS L A fFayJ LEWIS ACTIVITIES Success has not been limited only to one field. These successes range from administration, to an assort- ment of classes, it stretches to clubs of many interests, to a variety of activities. Men have reached prom- inence through sports, which con- stitutes a goodly portion of the book highlighting the four seasons, and the world of commerce spells out success as it offers many opportuni- ties to potential businessmen. Upon selecting these six men to represent the various divisions of our book, the staff considered diligently the qualifications of many past Anaheim graduates to merit this honor. Because of a limited number of divisions, the selection has been narrowed down to six prominent figures, although we realize that there have been many more who have climbed the ladder of success. Along with these men are shown six senior boys the staff predicts might well advance to higher posi- tions. Book Four Book Five SPORTS Book Six JERRY SHIPKEY MICKEY FLYNN CHARLES WALTERS DAVE BOURNE COMMERCE ARVAL MORRIS FRED BOROFF' DEDICATED T0 ln loyful recognltlon of a superb athletic group the seniors of 57 dedlcate the Colonust to the Central CIF co Champions In varslty football Thus team noted for thelr prowess as a well tram ed squad boasts a season s record of l2 wms no losses and one tue Many tnmes too llttle credut IS guven to the men behmd the scenes namely the coachmg staff These mentors Head Coach Clare Van Hoorebeke Lme Coach John Wallm End Coach Brant Cowser and Scout Coach Bob Hager contrrbuted much to the success of the club Thelr untlrmg efforts have produced results whach have brought about the re celvlng of numerous awards and trophues We are proud of the dlstlnctlon which thus team has brought to AUHS not only through thelr expert playing but also through thelr wonderful display of sportsmanshup So to you the coaches and the team we gave our congratulatlons for an unforgettable year In football Especlally for the nlght of Dec 14 l956 when you were declared the Central CIF co Champions In football . .. . . , . . I A . . . ' a . . . I - - , . I I . , . . . .. . 1 . . .. - - I . 1 1 . . 1 1 . I . .. . . .. . . .. . . . . I . . I . . ' I . . 1 . . . . ' I 1 . . - 0 ANAHEIM'S FINEST C I F roo1BALl. CHAMPS 'N Anaheim's class of I928 gradualed a fulure Uniied S'ra+es Senafor, Thomas H. Kuchel. His achievemen+s af Anaheim included +he following: sophomore class presidenl, presidenl' of fhe honor sociefy, annual edilor, yell leader, varsi+y fraclc, B foolball, and fhe coveled posilion as Sfudenl Body President He gradua+ed cum laude from USC. He +hen received his LLD from USC. Soon affer gradualion he filled 'lhe pos+ as Slafe Assemblyman from I936 fo I938. Folowinlg +his, he served as Sfale Senalor from I94I- l944. Kuchel was appoinfed +o 'lhe Uniled S+a+es Senafe in l952 by Governor Warren, where he re+urned in l954 +o fill na unexpired ferm. He has +opped his polifical career +o dale by being elec+ed +o ihe Unifed Sfafes Senale for a full 'I'erm. Wllilk IVQ -KN-I New W iklw 'CP' 2? MWHHD Popular well lllxed and capable are some of fhe quallhes fhai' dnshngulsh Jerry Morgan s+uden+ body presldenf a+ Anaheim Umon Hugh School Has +aIenfs are noi llmlfed only fo +he pollhcal world buf he has also proved has mern' on +he grldlron by playing guard and end on lhe varslfy foofball and B foo+ball squad Ofher sporfs Included B and JV baskefball and varsnfy 'lrack Hus admmlsfrahve poslhon Included such 'h+les as Men s Glee Presldenl' Junlor Choir Presldenf a delegafe +o ihe CASC conference for fwo years and an achve member of Varsniy A and Mozarl' Club 1 K n, . . - me, 1 . s. ly, 1 ,, yy, N 'WL ' L it 4 l, ll ft, fn. E yy. 'li ,,. gl t LXR X , , -.I 1, A '. g - , .' , 'I ' ' l If ' 'll , ' l ' E ,Q Q - 1 jg g :' y Q f ! yt. F, ig I, . Fl F-ll li ' ' 4' l : 5 "HI", ff' ill' l '. rl' My 1' 'f ,ll f? XY .l , 'xg' if Q-, -. fi ' 5,4 g 'E J 1.. . ' gy . V '+L .I . ' va me . " -.2 ' , r . . 1 - . , ,, - r ,l 1 y n e q - ' 1 4,1 Z K 3,5 ,,... jf . 1 " gs v 4 "LM e. W A .-ff H 5634 l l 1 , Q, 'vig -W Nm Qfqfmmyi J A 1 A A 4 Lg l 553 Aj v ffm A 1 1 M in if K' M X , My is V gfwf ' I ' I D . . . I 1 I , . a I I . Km CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I957' You have completed a very important part of your lute your hugh school education You have not only learned some important facts and developed some essential skills but you have been learning how to live and work with others The tact that you have lived successfully here opens the door to other exciting adventures lf you choose wisely the door you will enter and the path you will follow you will discover opportunl ties to make good lust as so many other Colonists have done. May the theme of this annual inspire you to accomplish your fondest dreams. Set your goals high and then enjoy striving onward and upward toward their accomplishment. Put your best into whatever you do. You too will be known as the local boy or girl who has made good! My best wishes for your success. Sincerely DQMZ 04 ZQMTZQQ Superintendent L FRANK KELLOGG Pruncupal Anaheum Unuon Hugh School wu Secretary Frueda Gay CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I957' The theme of your annual us very appropru ate for thus centennual year un the hustory of Anaheum It should be a contunuung unspura tuon to you as you face lufes problems T know that Anaheum Unuon Hugh School has had a part un producung men of dustunctuon us encouragung to those who would choose to follow theur example lt us well that you have focused attentuon on the worthy achueve ments of those who have gone before you Not alone because of uts unspuratuonol value but also for the courtesy you have shown un extendung to alumnu the honors they so ruchly deserve ln congrotulatung you on the successes of your hugh school career l extend to you my best wushes May you one and all be blessed wuth the opportunuty to make contrubutuons luke those of the alumnu who you have hon ored un your T957 Colonust Annual and may all of you fund happuness un servuce to mon un J' and Kellogg ' ' ' . o O . . 'uh . H k' d. KAY HERBEL Regrstratlon Secretary wswaaw NIILDRED SCHAFER Attendance Sec: etwr y MARGARET UTTER Attendance Secretary JUN E MAC KAY Records Secretary LOIS WHITTINGTON Vnce Principal and Dean of Glrls Gracious and ever helpful Mrs Loss Whittington kept the whee's ol the administrative organization running smoothly and ettlclently through her rob as vnce prlnclpal and dean ot gurls Registration ot students tor the tollowlng year was one of her maln tasks ln adclltron to this she administered and to the students with thetr attendance catuzenshnp and personal problems All new students came In contact wrth Mrs Whlttmgton as at wcs her duty to enroll new members ot the student body. She also contrlbuted to the big job of planning the schedule tor next year. "fs, RICHARD RYA N Vice Principal and Dean of Boys Vice principal and dean of boys, one of the most demanding iobs on campus, was competently filled by Mr. Richard Ryan. The tasks of helping boys with their scheduling and citizenship problems fell into his capable hands. He was in charge ot the chaperoning of the dances and in control of the supervision ot students at the games. Mr. Ryan served as adviser of Student Court in connection with his work with the merit and detention system. He used a counseling method so that boys who received demerits had a chance to discuss their problems. CLYDE NICKLE Assistwnt Superintendent RALPH KINGSBURY Attendance Supervisor HENRY WALSWORTH Maintenance Supervisor PHILIP AC KLEY Evening High School principal 13 ANAHEIM GEORGE ALLAN KEMUEL ANDERSON BILL ARMSTRONG SHIRLEY BAYARD BEULAH BAYLESS Mech Draw Swim Biology HISIOFY Driver Ed rs Phys EHQIISII DTBFTIB GREGG BEALE CLAUDE BOOTH LOUISE BOOTH VIRGINIA BORDERS Social Sfudues Machune Shop Englush Commerce WELDON BRAMLETT ROBERT CARLBERG JOSEPH CARTER LOIS CLIFTON Social Sfudles Aufo Shop Scuence Englush WILLIAM CLINE WILLIAM COOK JACK COPENHAVER BRANT COWSER CHARLES COX Commerce Music Tennns French Spannsh Afhlehqg Commerce 1-I , ,, -, ' ' ,' , ein' .ed. '. FACULTY ww., BARBARA CRANE MARGARET DALTON WILLIAM DALY THOMAS DARDARIAN LAURENCE DECKER Social Sfudies English English Lafin Machine Shop Social Sludies JOSEPHINE DERIGO GEORGE DE RUBEIS SHELDON DISRUD JOHN DRENNAN Grs Phys Ed Mefal Shop Vocal Music General Shop JAMES EDWARDS MILDRED ELLIOTT NORMA ELLIOTT MAXINE DU COTY PHILIP ENGEBRETSON FERDIE FERGUSON RALPH FOCHT RICHARD GLOVER DORA GENE GOLDER Typing Mafhemahcs Mathematics Boys Phys Ed English fn i l ' . . ' Spanish, Mafh Girls' Phys. Ed. Girls' Phys. Ed. Social Sludies SAMUEL GOSNEY WENDELL GREENLEE ROBERT HAGER GEORGE T HANLEY LELAND HANSON Commerce Spanish Driver Ed Aihlehcs Commerce Agrncuimre HG VICTOR HARBER GEORGE HEDSTROM MARY HEINLEIN MASON HENRY Social Sfudles Chemlsfry Sfudy Hall Social Sfudles f-qv-,Quoin .41 wif If fm HOWARD HOVEY VIRGINIA HUFF DONNA HUGHES HAROLD JACHIMSKI RICHARD JACKSON FRED JETER Engllsh Spanosh Homemaklng Commerce Wood Shop Mech Draw U S Hlstoy CAMERA SHY LESTER ALBON Commerce B F DAVIS Social Sfudles RAYMOND JANSEN Drnver Ed IMOGENE FORKER Librarian MARIE KEELER SAM KEITH ROBERT KELLY BETTY LANCASTER Social Studues Boys Phys Ed Englush Grs Phys d vv DON LIEBHART ROBERT MALLENDER DONALD MERRITT HOWARD MESSAMER DONNA NOBLE Aihlefucs Maihemahcs Druver Train Cadefs Wood Shop Homemakmg 'Ib , A Q . A QI I I I I 'ffl , ,, V, ,,,, fl 5 I ,A VK ' ' ' . . ' I I ' . E . FK 1 JOHN PETERS MARJORIE PIBEL ORVILLE POWERS LARRY QUILLE LLOYD S ROSS Socual Sfudles Mafhemahcs Driver Educahon English Journallsm Pflhf Shop WILLIAM ROWLEY GERHARD RUNSVOLD RENE SAURENMAN FAYE K SCHULZ Sensor Science Physucs English Glee Socual Sfudles Social Sfudues -is-'fggzl LESLIE SIM BUFORD SMITH JOSEPHINE SNYDER NEVA SOLT PAUL SPENCER JOHN STRAIN Druver Educahon Elecfrncnfy Math Grrls Phys1caIEducahon Homemaknng Mafhemahcs Maihemahcs FACULTY VERNON JONES Enghsh RICHARD KAYWOOD Drwer Ed GORDON SPIVEY Socnal Sfudies TAMAR TAVARAS Library ASSISTBTII HELEN WINDERMAN Nurse JOHN TONTI FRED TREBOW C A VAN HOOREBEKE CLYDE VINEYARD Driver Educahon Drwer Educahon Afhlehcs Soclal Sfudves TED WADE BARBARA WALKER JOHN WALLIN LESTER WAY ELIZABETH WEBB LOWELL WILLIAMS Ari' Phofoqraphy Homemakung AfhIehcs Commerce Nurse Auio Shop PRESIDENT RAYMOND B TERRY REX L COONS LOIS D VVARWICK ROYAL C MARTEN JOHN KNUTZEN BOARD 0F TRUSTEES Behmd every successful school as a com petent school board Two of The duties which fell unto the wade scope of the board s respon SlbIlllIES were hlrlng teachers and approprlat Even though no money rs awarded to members of the school board without their services Anohem Umon Hugh School would not be the successful school It us today The school board elected by the people of the community represent the people and deter mane the policy of the school ing school funds for various purposes. 1 I . . . 3 . . l I I I - qw H M48 ,pi Q ,f ,F .-JI' . 4K32:F"i3TiQ'l ' 6'- "5Q,,1 Q 1 , Q W M 1 ,J eb- JERRY MURGAN Sfudenf Body Presrdenf STUDENT CABINET 1956 1957 --rw ,fc ,vi ,.,. J .W ,M JERRY MORGAN PATSY COPE Student Body Presrdent Vlce Presrdent lvy league energetic and enthusuastlc these adlectlves aptly describe the l956 57 S udent Cabinet Thus years executrve body was unrque an that It had a drfferent personnel than p evrous years Glrls League Pres dent and Colonlst Club President replaced Secretaries of Glrls and BoysAthletucs respectlvely To help represent AUS grow :ng student body two entirely new posntlons were added Secretary of Assemblres and Anoranco Representatuve attendance of conferences The Cabinet or representotnves from the Cabunet went to such conventlons as the Governors Traffrc Safety Conference at Sacramento the Student Govern ment Conference at Redlands Umverslty a IOIUT meet wlth Fullerton and throughout the year worked wrth the Calrforma Conference Assocuatlon of Student Counculs Exchange assem blues sponsored by the Cabmet also helped gatn a better understandmg between schools One of the best ways of knlttlng Inter school relattons IS Frlendshlp was the theme of the tnrst dance of th year NANCY WALLACE KENT LOMBARD BOBBIE UNGER Secretary of Records Secretary of Assemblteg Secrgfary of me Treasury 20 n tl at I I ' I . L . . . . ' I . I . ' r . 1- , , , . ' Q ' 1 Z 1 I V , , N. F L ,t . LJ , i ul' A ,, jf t JOAN LIGHT PETE PEREZ ANNE LINDGREN Anoranco Representative Secretary of Student Affairs Secretary of Sifety and Welfare the Hello op Other dances were sponsored by the Cabrnet rncludrng the Sadre Hawkrns Dance and fun nrght The whole student body enloyed these dances as they dad the two full length movles, A Man Called Peter and The Robe, provrded by the Cabinet Every year thus group faces numerous problems Conges tron In the halls a serious srtuatron was solved bv mstallnng one way stairs To accommodate the overflow In attendance at Under mrscellaneous accomplishments, a freedom shrune, omposed of 27 plaques of actual photographs of hrstorlcal documents was obtarned and put up rn the front entrance Another commrttee, composed of members wlthln the Cabrnet revrsed the servrce pornt system Plans for a benefut show for 3.3 G29 -. V7 .f CN4 a.m ma 3- .. U-2 09 0-CD N4 NE' oe Em '02 'Dm -9- 2 a 9.3 go. D 402' La Q2 56 FD 3? 3 ics a W0 ,O 33 SLE' 20' KS 0-5 3 -out -1-w Oo vrarng muslc alurrng lunch perrods football games extra bleachers were procured Et' ff if F fsfififls i MICKEY FLYNN DORIS SONNIE Colonrst Club President Grrls League Presrdent it K we 1 I tw safe ua 'sea FRANK KELLOGG Advrser 21 .C as f . c , . - I I 1 I ' . . ' " C fg ' d .l 1' 1 at k :yer ' .,,. 'li - ' le 1 . .fi fp.. fi. A f ,Q 41 rj jf ' Fifi WJ ' ' aff ' , Q14 'ry s F 1 4 f . L . i C - .-. ' K L. . . . , . A STUDENT COUNCIL 1Left to rrghtj Row1 J Muller C Morre M Troster K Morrmoto S Boutcher C Morr-rs L Lombard M Watts Engstrom B erce 1 in 'rn r w2 B Salseda J ntrell 1 er K lw1s rta Wrlkrns Tewgue J 'rr ey wwnson 'rsso 1n rowne ow 3 A s rwdr v r n erson H rnrosr H Web Bennett P Cope 1nd advrser Mr Henry Shown 'rt left rre officers Kiy Morrmoto secretary Que Phwrrrs vrce. presrdent 1nd Pwtsy Cop presrdent Shown behrnd them 'rre Dive Bourne sergewnt 11 Arms wn M Henry 1dvrser ZZ STUDENT COUNCIL Unoer the leadershrp of student body Vrce Presrdent Patsy Cope thrs years Studen Councrl eltlcrently carried out rts rob as lr e representatrve umt of the errtrre student body Among the many actrons taken by S udedt Councrl were decrdrng the seatrng arrange ment rn assemblies, determrnrng the method of selectmg song and yell leaders, and favor mg keeprng the acllvlty period after school Th usual problems ol smokrng and clean campus were discussed add to help solve these problems a Safety and Welfare Com fm tee was establrshed wrth frft en fewrors ter' rumors and lrve sophomores as members 'Jer semester A ai J .r s l Jn' V T f EM 5. - , .Pre .P. Rcgl. a. . d N. Ptis. Ro' 4. ' '. .ca' - ', c. Swan.. s'. r-rams, 15. eng -, , nl. N' s. , ,.F1'I.B,Sf .R.P.-..dJ.B- rr.R -.Er.Q.c,Aro-d.K.Adr .G. e 'rro.. bA , . e . 1 ' 3 L r ' ' 'e . ' ', , . H . fd r-, W-., t K ' A ' STUDENT COURT 1Left to rxghtj Row1 Adviser Mr Ryan J Sympson L Mendez, J Wllllams and D Morgan Row 2 D McCormick, J Brooks G Koblltz B Wnlllams B Otta and J Baker zffsa Is ggi 53? gales Qt fm s. STUDENT COURT Every day this year a group of students met tor an entire period to carry out the IUdIClGl aspects of our student government Thus capable group was the Student Court They handled all problems of misconduct not taken care of rn the class rooms These problems Included smokmg gamblmg, cuttrng classes, and other unfavorable actlvntues partncupated ln by the tlve per centers The Student Court IS also responsible tor brown cards and the tulung ot all mnsconduct demeruts For years the Student Court has had the same dutnes, but every year It competently maintains ru'e enforcement Shown above are Chxef Justlce Bruce Wllllams and adviser Mr Ryan l b I I -' . , . , . . , . . -' . - . . . . . . . . . :Jvc rfssstallhwefffs ., ' ar gg rsgrzstfggt C t WMS M912 - 1:3241 '52 fegjft 3 fif V C M Lf, nl T 33'QissQWe3f,gf1.2 i .5321 32213 r- -A U ,lgflfk iss A I h . .. . . ' 9 . . ,. 1' "' f' 1 -- .- .ff , lt g l 4 11 f' ' tr 'At ' - - J . Q -- r ,ff , . , 1 ' I f T . . . . , i V . ' A 1 f BUS DRIVERS S DRIVERS iLeft to rxghtj Row1 H Pet key M Ltt ell B Morley E G-ree A Smale Oleso and W EII Row2 F Goff L Crnttenden B Rudoloh R Keefer R Jackson M Russom R Eason L Schulz R Howard 'md J Winslow LOUIS HANIANN RED HAMILTON ALEX DUTZI Book Store Manager Stage NIHYWQBF Warehouse Supervisor MAINTENANCE CREW wif, NIAINTEIXANC del hwusen and 24 ,Fx ,QW- nu-www hmm if fee ! I W Lefi to rnghtb R berts W Wnck A tz1 B urphy L Crosson B Scholten H Fledderman O I-hmruck V Bal E Roseberry BU V " - . ris . . i r , . . . r. . . E- V1-A . iS- - - K A 45? A A .'iz,, Q ' iii' gy , V I ' 7 E M., - i f K 'Z-, A A ,o,o ,.. W ' R .ff , W R fffl ,,,o,ff' W ' ' ,gf4 ,W was , WNWR ,,.1. ' r L A4 ,NW o,,,, 5 .3 hm., Q r .,,.,,-,.,.. V " ' v ' , ,,,, .M W M V rf' of Lge, ' R ew? gf 'H ' A 2 B s 'iii X Wig? ' E I 4 . Ro . . ' . . Du '. . Nl . . , . . . . . 4 ' . . - CAFETERIA CAFETERIA iLeft to rrght5Row1 G Flicker P Powell L Collms M Harvey, J Mlckle M Moscovltch A Kldwell N Overmyer, and E Looney Not shown rs M Sterba Shown on thus page are the personnel of the two focal: tres on campus whrch provide the students with hot lunches Every day these groups farthfully prepare balanced meals and snacks for recreatnon periods So Important ns the students welfare considered that a staff of ten plus a district dletlclan rs employed to ensure nutrlhous and appetrzmg meals Wlmpy s, a well known spot at AU provides both student employment tor some and snacks for all Colomsts MARIAN HICKS Dnstrlct Dnetlclan WIMPY S l l I WIMPY'S fLeft to r-rghtj P Merriman L Epperson K Clodt, P Northup S Palmer, T Moscovxtch, C Rogers, and B Hall Row 2 E Looney B Otta G Brookman, J Bentley D Bourne, M Daw, and D Hemze 25 5' R F , . ,W FT if 5 2 3 l A ..,,,. , k 'V -' . I , . , , V , . . I , . 1 , . ' , . . I . . . . . I . if S M- Among 'rhe many Anaheim graduafes who have reached a high posifion in fhe professional world is Dr. Harry Heclcman, class of I94l. Following his four successful years in high school, he furfhered his educafion af fhe Universify of California af Berkeley. Up-fo-dafe he is on fhe scienfific sfaff of fhe Universify of California Radiafion Laborafory, and is engaged in fundamenfal research in high energy nuclear physics. The principal insfrumenf he uses in fhe field of science is fhe parficle accelerafor. Among fhe machines in fhe lalaorafory is fhe Bevafron, presenfly fhe world's largesf accelerafor. Dr. Heclcman has proved a worfhy subiecf of our selecfion as one who has succeeded in class endeavor. ln ihe realm of scholashc achlevemenl' S'l'eve Morris has definrlely 'faken fhe lead of all male candldaies of Gold Seal Bearers He has obiamed a sfralghi A average during his four years al' Anaheim Hugh and has been an achve member fhree semesiers and presiden+ for one semes+er A+ press 'hme S+eve has advanced 'lo 'lhe seml finals of fhe Bulloclcs Leaders of Tomorrow scholarship con+es+ proving +o everyone his wor+hlness in fhe lead ershnp field as well as In fhe scholashc world. of Honor Sociely for eigh+ semes+ers, in which he served as vice presiden+ for wagnqggnnlf -vw-was -qw-spmmmhinnmtv' ' 64!!!!0!'9ll!l50l'N sus-iulnoww Q-l SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS QLeft ta right! Row 1 June Mortrnoto secretary Row 2 John Peters adviser Nancy Berger treasurer Susan Llllywhite vice president 1nd Steve Morris president The senior class of i957 will long be remembered as the last four year a record number of gold seal bearers the ordering ot senior rings entertaining brunch cmd barbecue Time Out for Ginger the senior class play and the rythmlc Junior Senior piom held at the Statler Hotel in Los Angeles are also among the memorable events partlclpatea in by these upperciassmen As this class composed of more than 500 students, continues along lifes path they will also recall being the first class to graduate at La Palma Park 5 5 f students at AUHS along with their many other outstanding achievements . . , . . . ' ' ' . . . an . . , . , -'fs' MARY ADAMS Commercial Mayor CARL ADKISSON CHARLENE ALLEN LAWRENCE ALLEN EDWARD G. ALLISON Mozarf Choir Colonial Coeds Band, O'chcslra English Mayor Trl-Hi-Y Sr, Choir, Mozarf Club Honor Sociely English Mainr Mafh Maior GAA Nalional Thespians GAA, Tri-Hi-Y Science Maior Colonist Club '-. CAROLE ANDERSON CLIFF ANDERSON S Debs 2 rs Varsliy Foofball Mqr Safelv and Welfare Varslly Baseball Mgr HI Y 3 Sclence Mayor HAROLD ANDERSON KRISTIN ANDERSON CAROLE ARANT Baskelball Gold Seal Bearer Buble Club Pres Baseball Sludenl Courl National Thesplans Social Science Mayor Colonial Coeds Senior Chorr AFM KENNETH L ASCH JOE AVALOS Math Mayor Wood Shop Mayor English Mayor Melal Shop Mayor Social Science Mayor Colonlsl Club JOE AVITIA Junior Class Pres English Math Mayor Foofball Baseball RICHARD ALMADA Malh Mayor Science Maior English Maior ANNE ARMSTRONG Malh Mayor Spanish English Mayor Spanish Club HELEN BAILEY JIM BAKER LouEu.A BAKER Junior Class Play Band Caplalfl Sub Dabs Sub Debs Colonist Knlghls TF' H' Y Offlfief FBLA Junior Class Vice Pres AdVEl'I'5"'l9 Sian ,qw W1 ROBERT BAKER RY JO BAKONIS LOUIS BADELLI MARIA BALDONADO CAROLYN J BARNES Mech Drawunq Mayor Science Mayor Science Mayor Commercnal Mal0" C0m"l"e"C'al Malo' Mefal Shop Mayor r H Y English Mayor I'l0Y'f1el'Tl6K'nQ Malo' E"9l'5l" Malo' Colonist Club panush Club Social Science Milo' 50C"3l SC'9"Ce Malo' FB A 4 Yrs RONALD VAN BARNETT Top of Pops Scp Dir Cclonusf Knights Junior Senior Play 29 40' Q.. av- I ub I y , , ' l .. D ' A Tri- -- I - . I A n . - - . . I 2 . :.r. is I ' I U u MA A . . I . , .- . . ' ' T i. 1. ' ' W 'f ' y ' ' . ' I . S - - ' ' L, . . JAMES BARTHELMES KAREN BASHARA KARLENE BECKMAN LEE BELK NANCY BERGER CHARLES BLACKBURN B nd 3 rs F A I r Transfe from El Sereno Transfer irorn Capysfrano Senyor Class Treas Jumor Choar Orchesira Junior Senior Chonr FBlA English Mayor Anoranco Adv Sfaff Senior Choir Mafh Mayor To of Pops 3 yrs T HI Y Social Science Mayor Trl Hy Y Officer T of Pops 2 rs LINDA BLAKELY RAMONA BLEVINS KENNETH BLUM BETTY BODE PHYLLIS BOETTCHER FREDRICK BOROFF Sub Deb Pres Bible Club Wood Shop Mayor GAA Mozart Cholr 4 yrs Commercial Mayor Siudenf Councnl Orcheslra Mafh Mayor French Club Mozart Club 3 yrs Colomsi Club Fresh Soph Treas Gurls League Soclal Science Mayor Comrnercua Mayor English Mayor Socyal Scuence Mayor DAVE BOURNE BOB BOUSE SAUNDRA BOUTCHER Honor Socyefy Band Foofball Songleader 2 yrs Mozart Club Pres Torques Senior Couneyl To of Pops 4 yI'S C0l0HlSf Club Cornmerclal Mayor BONNIE BOVEE DOROTHY BOVEE JONELL BOWEN French Mayor Science Malh Mayor Commerclal Mayor Mafh Mayor Top of Pops 4 yrs Sclence Mayor Gyrls League Honor Soclefy Girls League JEANETTE BOZARTH MARY ELLEN BRADLEY NINA MAY BRANDT T BRIGGS DON BROCKET GLEN BROOKMAN Commerclal Mayor Hornemakyng Mayor Homemakyng Mayor Musnc Mayo Englush Math Mayor Musuc Mayor Pep Cornmlffee Band English Mayor Mozarf Cho r Varsyfy Foolball 2 yrs Math Mayor Tr Hy Y GAA 4 yrs Tr1HlY Mozart Club Colonnsf Club Offycer Mozart Club 30 BARBARA BROOKS ROBERT BROOKS DAVID BRUST DAVID BULTENA BOB BURNS JOYCE BUSHNELL Engllsh Mayor Ar? Mayor Math Mayor Ban 3 yrs Baseball Trl Hu Y Spanlsh Mayor Tvpung Mayor Senlor Choyr Fulure Teachers Malh Mayor Radlo Club RICK BYRD RALPH CABALLER VIRGINIA CABALLERO Football Band 4 yrs Homemalung Mayor Music Mayor Varslfy A Club 2 yrs Junlor Choir English Mayor Cadets 4 yrs Top of Pops Maih Mayor Baskelball GAA FBLA English Mayor Cross Country Commercyal Mayor PEGGY CADY ROCHELLE CAGLEY RENE V CALLEROS Commercial Mayor Try Hy Y Machnne Shop Mayor GAA FBLA Englysh Mayor Social Science Mayor Lybrary Club Socual Science Mayor JAN CANTRELL SUE LYNN CAREY PATRICIA CARSON Sub Debs Trl Hy Y Glrls League Englush Mayor Siudent Council Socual Science Mayor Scyence Mayor Annual Anoranco Edlfor Junlor Choir I-BLA LINDA CHEATUM JACKY ANN CHERNEY JUNE CHRISTENSEN Gyrls League Vyce Pres FBLA FBLA 4 yrs Colonyal Coeds Safely 8. Welfare Com Homemalung Mayor Sludenf Councyl 2 yrs Commercyal Mayor Commerclal Mayor BARBARA CARTER Commercial Mayor Gyrls League Social Scrence Mayor DON CASEY LEE CHAPMAN French Club Vyce Pres Homemalung Mayor Math Mayor Socyal Scyence Mayor Scnence Mayor Gyrls League vs JUDITH J CHRISTIE Commercial Mayor Drlll Team 3 yrs Try Hy Y Top of Pops JOHN R CLARK NED CLARK Transfer from Oklahoma General Shop Mayor Band Colonlsf Club Malh Science Mayor Soclal Scyence Mayor 31 J, Dr , Q 1 . I f 0 . . . ' ' 2: "' ' " IW EVELYN CLAYTON GWEN CLIFTON ALLAN COLLINS GEORGE COLLINS LINDA CONE JULIANN CONNIFF I-Iomemaklnq Mayor Colonlal Coeds Mafh Mayo Transfer from Virginia Commercial Mayor Fufure Nurses Officer Girls Glee Girls League Rep Radio Club Junior Play Band Homerryaklng Mayor Safely and Welfare English Mayor Safely and Wellal Colonlsr Club Nafional Thesplans FBLA Commercial Mayor ATSY COP: Sludenl Body V Student Council Trl Hu Y Officer FLOYD CONYERS MICKEY COOK Varslfy Foolball English Mdlvf Varslfy A Cub Lahn Club Aufo Shop Mayor Adverllslng Sfaff CLARK C CORBIN ALFRED CORONADO BARBARA COSSEY Malh Mayor Baskefball T Hu Y Pres Science Mayor Machine Shop Mayor Commercial Mayor Tennis Colonisl' Club Pep Cornrrui ee NORMAN COUTURIER LOUISE COWEE Transfer from Social Science Colonnsl Club Mass Music Mayor Mayor English Mayor Mozarl Club JERRY CRUCE LINDA DAILY PEGGY DARGATZ Aulo Shop Major Honor Sociefy Commercial Mayor Wood Shop Mayor Junior Play GAA, 3 yrs. Colonisf Club Tri-Hi-Y '-H'-Y4 3 . DUANE CRITSER Social Science Mayor nqlish Mayor Colonist Club CAROLE DAVIS LEON DE ARMAN YVONNE DE ARMAN DIANE DE CONNICK ROSALIE DE GENNARO DOUG DE HAVEN Music Mayor Transfer from San Jose Transfer from San Jose Honor Sociely Tri-Hi-Y Eleclronics Mayor Top of Pops, 4 yrs. Senior Choir English Maior Colonial Coeds Homemakinq Major Radio Club Vice Pres Mozarf Club Colonist Club Senior Choir GAA English Mayor Draffing Maior 32 3 RON DE JESUS JAMES DICKEY BARBARA DIERBERGER DALE DILLON SANDRA KAY DOBNER TOM DOERR Varsity Yell Leader Varsity Football, 2 yrs. Art Mayor Hangers Tri-Hi-Y Football Math Mayor Sophomore Class Pres. General Shop Mayor Math Mayor Math Mayor Student Council Varsity Basketball Gold Seal Bearer Social Science Mayor Language Maior English Maior Science, Spanish Mayor K JUDY DOTY BOB DOUGAL STANLEY M DOUGLAS ROBERT DOWNEY LARRY DOWNS PAT DUFFER Tri Hn Y Swxmmxng Soclal Science Mayor Math Mayor Wood Shop Mayor Trans from Long Beach C0"'1""'E"C'al MSIOF English Mayor Colonist Club Science Mayor Math Mayor FBLA FBLA Track English Mayor Swimming Auto Shop Mayor Commercial Mayor RONNY DUMESNIL SALLIE LOUISE DUNCAN JERRY DUNHAM English Mayor Commercial Mayor Trans from Washington Math Mayor Girls League Social Science Mayor Language Mayor Social Sclence Mayor Colonist Club BIX DUNLAVY BILL DYKES TERRY DYMENT Auto Shop Mayor Math Science Mayor Math Mayor Social Science Mayor Football 3yrs Football Colonist Club Cross Country English Mayor GALE EAGEN RALPH EBERHARD BETTY ANNE EBERT JOHN ECKERSLEY LUTHER EINUNG CHARLES ELDER Try Hy Y Qffycey- Math Mayor Gold Seal Bearer Varsity Football Science Mayor Annual Photographer gpanysy-y Mayor Band Future Nurses Vice Pres FBLA D"5l7'f1Q MBIOI' Aff MSIOI' Spanygh Club Football Spanish Club Colonist Club Socla' Science Mayor Draillng Mayor 33 Q 5 fe Q In t z KAY ELDRED VIRLEE ELLIOTT ANDY ESTRADA NANCY FEIL JOHN B FERM DOUGLAS FINCH Gnrls League Treas Mozarl Club 3 yrs VBFSIIY Yell Leader Song Leader 2 yrs Varslly Baskefball Malh Mayor Colonial Coeds GAA Hn Y 4 Annual Anoranco Edllor Ari English Mayor Melal Shop Mayor Science Mayor Junlor Class Treas GAA 4 yrs Colomsf Knlqhls Z yrs GAA 3 yrs Commercnal Mayor Radlo Club LUCY ANN FISCHLE PAT FISHER COLEEN FITZGERALD GEORGE FIX JACK FLETCHER MEL FLINT GAA 4 yrs Transfer from Mlchuqan Sensor Chonr Junlor Senlor Choir Wafer Polo 2 yrs Englnsh Mayor Jumor Play Commercual Mayor Top of Pops To of Pops 4 yrs Swlmvung 2 yrs Mafh Mayor Malh Enqllsh Mayor FBLA Drama Club Mozarl Club Wood Shop Mayor Colonlsl' Club r iq- '+I JACK FLYNN ICKEY FLYNN MARK FOWLER Honor Socuefy Colonlsf Club Pres Colonlsf Knlghfs Sfudenf Court CIF Player o Year 2 yr Lahn Cub Varsufy Foofball Afhlele of Year Track WILLIAM S FRAZIER GARY FREDERICK JOHN FRUITS Mafh Mayor VBTSIIY Foofball 3 yrs Wood Shop Mayor Science Mayor Varslfy A Club V P Aulfo Shop Mayor Latin Mayor Varslly Baskefball 3 yrs Football JERRY FUERST BILL FULTS SHELIA FUNKHAUSER PATRICIA GARVEY SAUNDRA GATES MOLLY ANN GIBSON Wood Shop Mayor Wafer Polo Trans from Long Beach Socual Science Mayor Sub Debs Englush Mayor EHQUSI' MGIOI' 5W"'1'1mIf1CJ Homemalunq MGIOV Merrh Drawing Mayor Commerclal Mayor Soclal Sclence Mayor Soclal Sclence Mayor Colorusl Club GAA Commercval Mayor Tru Hu Y Gurls League 34 . - ' I Tri' .' YLS' ' .' . . ' A I - . . .. . . . . ' . - . . . p ' ' V . I I 4 ' 'I I ' - ' I . M I . . 5 f ,' ' 1 S DAVID GLENN PAUL GOEBEL HENRY GOODWIN MARY GRANADOS CHARLES GRAY JOE GREENE English Mayor Malh Music Mayor Rlfle Team Caplaln I-lomemaklnq Mayor Colonxsl Club Annual Pholographer Social Scuence Mayor Mozarf Club 2 yrs Military Science Mayor General Shop English Mayor Annual Section Editor Colonist Club Top of Pops 4 yrs Cadet Com Officer Malh Mayor Social Science Mayor Prunf Shop Mayor 255 GARY GRETEL THOMAS GUINARD NANCY GUSS PAT GUSTIN GABRIEL GUTIERREZ RAY HACK Music Mayor Transfer from Arlosla Trl HI Y Senior Choir English Mayor FFA Molarf Club Tennis Commercial Mayor FBLA Machine Shop Mayor Prlnf Shop Mayor Band Council Officer Ar? Club Homemakung Mayor Commercial Mayor Social Science Mayor Vocahonal Ag Mayor AF' LEE MONTELLO HALL DENNIS HAMILTON ARTHUR CARL HAMMERS Tr Hu Y Varslfy Yell Leader FBLA English Mayor Colonlsl Knlghls Music Mayor Social Science Mayor Safely and Welfare English Mayor TOM HAMNER BECKY HARRIS ZULETTA HARTMAN Mulylary Sclenco Mayor Trl H1 Y Homemakmg Mayor Colomsl Club Commercial Mayor Try Hi Y English Mayor Sfudenf Council Commercial Mayor mx HARVETY some HATANAKA nonsncs HMANAKA un-u.:sN HArHAwAv sos Hmucocx H nouyo HAWKINS Malh Mayor Math Mayor Sub Debs, FHA GAA, 4 yrs. Annual Sporls Editor Prln.l Shop Mayor . Social Science Maier English Maier FBLA Secrefary, 2 YN- Lafln Malo' Colcnm Knlqhfs Pres' Somal. Sc'e"C' Malo' Colonisl Club Shop Maior Gold Seal Bearer Science, English Mayor Colonist Club Vice Pres. Colonist Club 35 BETTY HAWLEY LINDA HAYGOOD AL HEDGES JO ANN HEDGES JUDY HEMSLEY SUSAN HENDRIX Socyal Sclence Mayor GAA Wood Shop Mayor Transfer from Oakland Commercual Mayor Sigma Gamma Girls League Colonial Coeds VBFSIIY Waler Polo Top f Pops Muslc Mayor Commercyal Mayor English Mayor Language Mayor VBFSITY Swimming Junior Senlor Cholr T of Pops 4 rs T HI Y BETTY HENRY GLORIA HERMOSILLO ELOISE HERNANDEZ LYNDA LEE HERRON JAMES E HEYES DAVE HINKSON Sub Debs Commercial Mayor Junior Senior Choir Junlor Choir Malh Mayor Prlnl Shop Mayor Jr Execufyve Councul Sludenl Council T of Pops 3 rs Spannsh Club Archyfecfure Mayor Machine Shop Mayor Commercnal Ma or FBLA H k M y omema Ing ayor Mafh Mayor Science Mayor Wood Shop Mayor JOAL HOARE DON HOKANSON SHERRIL HOLBRO VBFSITY Foofball 2 yrs Gold Seal Bearer Commercral Mayor Engllsh Mayor Track Try Hu Y Varsity Track Swummung Mafh Mayor GAA GEORGE E HOLETZ JEANNIE HOLLAND DIANA HOLLOWELL Foofball English Mayor Colonlal Coeds Nahonal Thespuans Snqma Gamma Mozarl Club 2 yrs Radyo Club FBLA Junior Play REBA HOOPER STEVE HOWELL KEN HOWERY JOYCE HUCKABEE ARLENE HUDSON CECIL E HUSTON JR Junior Senior Play Vocalyonal Ag Mayor VBFSIYY Foolball GAA Anoranco Sfaff Senior Council Aulo Shop Mayor FBLA Husfornan FFA Varsyfy A Club Tru Hx Y Song Leader Junuor Sensor Chour Homemaklng Mayor HI Y Sfudenf Councul Commerclal Mayor S1udenICouncuI Wafer Polo 3 yrs 36 D 'S 5 X s 'E' I .1 ' . 1 op ' . 4 Y A - . . A I 1 1 t . A . I , Q - .OK ,i. I Il, 5 6 X EVELYN HUSTON Homemaking Maior Commercial Maior Clerical Assistant ALEN HUTCHENS Cadet Officer Rifle Team Math Mayor 'Vu CARL IVERSON GEORGE IWASHITA Machinist Club Math Mayor Shop Mayor Voc Mach Shop Mayor Print Shop Mayor Colonist Club SHARON JOHNSON JACKIE JONES Sub Debs Student Council 3 yrs FFA Chapter Sweetheart Homecoming Attendant English Mayor Flagtwlrler DAVID KING FRANK KING Art Wood Shop Mayor Math Mayor Baseball Science Mayor Basketball Colonist Club y ff LARRY HUXOLL KEITH HYSOM GARY IMPLOM DORIS INGWERSEN Vocational Ag, Maior Colonist Knights Colonist Knights Sub Debs Colonist Club Social Science Math Maior Social Science Maior Honor Society Maior Science Maior Colonist Club Language, Eng, Maior 31 ROBERTA JACKSON JUDY GREEN JEPSEN PHYLLIS JOHNSON ROSS JOHNSON Enqlnsh Mayor Commercial Mayor English Mayor Water Polo 3 yrs Girls Leauue Sub Debs GAA Science Math Mayor Swimming 3 yrs French Club Annual Section Editor Future Nurses English Mayor JUDY JONES Music Mayor Syqrna Gamma Bible Club 'Vw X W .f M I JOHN KINN Math Mayor Enollsh Mayor Social Science Mayor PHILLIP JORDAN VIRGIL JUSTICE VIRGINIA KEELE Auto Shop Mayor Prlnt Shop Mayor Homemaklng Mayor English Mayor Social Science Mayor Commercial Mayor Social Science Mayor Colonist Cl FHA 3 yrs CAROLINE KIRVEN LORETTA KLIEVER ROBERT KOCH Mozart Club GAA Sub Debs Trans from Hunt Beach Junior Play GAA Math Mayor Colonial Coeds 2 yrs Commercial Mayor Wood Shop Mayor 37 'W JOANNE KOCINA JOHN KOEPPEN EDDIE KOONTZ JANICE KRAH HARRY KRUEGER GARY LA GREIDE Commercyal Mayor Vocahonal Aq Mayor Wafer Polo 3 yrs Furure Nurses Pres Malh Physics Mayor Math Mayor FHA Englysh Mayor Swymrnmq 3 yrs Enqlush Mayor Tennls 2 yrs Englush Mayor FBLA Malh Mayor Enolysh Mayor Ar? Mayor Youlh and Governmenl Mozarf Choir 2 yrs VINCENT LAMAS MARGIE LAMBERT DIXIE LANGE SHARON LANCASTER OTTO LARSON RON LARSON Football Hornemalung Mayor Gyrls R fle Club Pres Sfudenf Council Englush Wafer Polo Swymmmg Melal Shop Mayor Science Mayor Honor So rely 2 rs FBLA Language Mayor Drafflnq Mayor Wood Shop Mayor Soclal Sclence Mayor Fufure Teachers Commerclal Mayor Mafh Mayor English Mayor AUDRA Y LEA ED LEADFORD KAY ANN LEE Commercnal Mayor Radlo Shop Mayor Commercial Mayor Hornemaklng Mayor Aufo Shop Mayor Ari Mayor Gyrls League Colonlsl Club GAA ON RICHARD LEE CAROL LEIGH TOM LEIGH FF 4 rs Adverllsyng Sfaff Varsufy Foolball 3 yrs Socral Sclence Mayor Senior Councul Torch and Saber Club Coygryygf Club Sfudenl Councyl Socral Scnence Mayor NK JUDY LEMCKE DAVE LEONARD SUE LE VAN TODD LEVERICH BETTY LEWIS GARY LIEBHART Sub Debs Secrefary Baskefball Homemaklng Mayor Auto Shop Mayor Gyrls League Mafh Mayor Mozarf Club Foolball Drxll Team 2 yri Wood Shop Mayor Fulure Nurses Science Mayor School Organlsl Aufo Shop Mayor Gxrls League Soclal Science Mayor Science Science Mayor Sensor Cholr 38 fc 73' 'M nv I 5 3, I '. . ' . C' - Y - . , , ' .' .' ff' ga I A ,wh .' Q be 1 . 5- Y.- . . " . ' 1 - iii? an I is A JOAN LIGHT SUSAN LILLYWHITE Anoranco Edllorln Chlef Colonnal Coed Pres Gold Seal Bearer Sludenf Courl Junlor Play GAA Senior Class Vlce Pres M V BILL LOESSIN Mall- Enqlush Mayor Torques Basketball Track GEORGE LUGARO BOB LUKENS Wood Shop Mayor Varsuly Foolball Melal Shop Mayor Varsny A Club Socual Science Mayor FBLA 2511 Sec Safely 8. Welfare Soph Class Vyce Pres Sludenl Courl GAA ANNE LINDGREN ROBERT LINDSTROM JERRY LIPSHIN MARY JAYNE LOCKHART Trans from San Dlego Trans from Los Angeles Sub Debs Enqllsh Mayor Varsyly Foolball 2 yrs Tr HI Y Colomsl Club Varslly Baseball 2 yrs Social Sclence Mayor KENT LOMBARD CAROLYNN LONG SHIRLEY LOPEZ EUGENE LORD PATRICIA ELLEN LOUIS Secrefarv of Assemblnes Commercnal Mayor Buble Club Baskefball Tr Hn Y Mozarl Cholr FBLA Arl Club 2 yrs Malh Mayor Homemakynq Mayor Varslly Foofball Track Tru HIY Fulure Teachers Colonysf Club Spamsh Mayor STEVE LYONS Foolball Tennus Colonlsl' Club LARRY Fulure HI Y Englus .W MC CORD DAVID M MC CORMICK JONNIE MC CUBBIN Teachers V P Spanlsh Mayor Mafh Mayor Varsuly Baskelball English Mayor h Mayor Sludenf Courl Language Mayor 'mf 'lf ?f fs WAYNE MC DANIEL JACK MC DONALD JERE MC DONALD JOHN MC DONALD MELVIN B MC KINNEY DENNIS MC MILLAN Baskelball Studenf Councul Varsaly Baskelball Sfudenf Councul, 2 yrs Bowllng Club Pres Muslc MalOl' Socual Sclence Mayor Aulo Shop Mayor Varsuly Baseball Colonusf Knyghls V P VBFSITY Foolball Sludenl C01-Incll Colonysl Club Colonlsf Club S sence Mayor Honor SOCIETY Commercial Mayor Mozarf Club ,yy A x I 9 Q ' 'W 4 4' , A fd . I A . A 1 I . . . . l I I- .- - . Y X 9' . 0 I "l" f' 6 an A rf gf aa- . - 1 Y wh A Y A 1 MARGARET MC NEIL NORMA LEE MC WHIRTER ED MACIAS LOUELLA MADDOX JESSE MADRIGAL MARYLYN ANNE MAGER Transfer from Mychlqan Grrls Glee FBLA Pres FHA Wood Shop Mayor Gyrls League Rep Socyal Sclence Mayor Try Hu Y Football 2 yrs Girls League Prynt Shop Mayor Youth and Government Girls League Gyrls League Machlnlst Club Socyal Scyence Mayor Bo s GI Colonlal Coeds GAA 3' fi DANNY MALONE Varsity A Club and Saber P Mayor DON MALLONEE Annual Photographer Prynt Shop MGIOV Colonyst Club Torch Math ROBERT JOE MATA REDA ANN MATT Auto Shop Mayor Dryll Team Wood Shop Mayor English Mayor Junlor Cholr Math Mayor RAUL V Annual Photographer res Boys Glee Cadets MANRIQUE LARRY MAROLF BARBARA MARTIN CAROL S MARTIN English Mayor Commercyal Mayor Commerclal Mayor Latin Mayor Buble Club Sub Debs Vice Pres Junior Senior P ay Homemaklng Mayor HI Y 3 OLGA MARTINEZ BILL MASNEY JEANNETTE MASTERSON Safety 81 Welfare C Spanysh Mayor Homemalunq Mayo Art Commercial Mao English Mayor Englush Mayor Senior Councl Auto Shop Mayor Commercyal Mayor BILL MAUERHAN Math Mayor English Mayor Varsuty Letterman HARLEAN MAVER CHUCK MENLEY MAXINE MERRITT Future Nurses Treas Engllsh Mayor Future N rses 3 yrs Engllsh Mayor Math Mayor Trl Hu Y FBLA Mulytary Sceence Mayor B e Club 2 s Socyal Scyence Mayor Sclence Mayor Oftyce Hostess Engllsh Mayor Agriculture Mayor Red Cross Councyl Colonist Club Colonist Club Girls League 40 DAVE METSKER GARY MILLER HELEN MILLER 3 , . , .h .- . .' ' . . . Y . ee . I be K I ' . ' . I . I . . Tri- .- I yrs' ' , gwf , .- ' . 1 -, a om. ' ' ' ' r I . i r . . . . . .I . . . a My V A 3 4 'Q he . I . D . ibl l Yr-4 U .. . . . . . PHIL MILLER JACKIE MILLS SIGRID MITTMAN FRANK MOORE EUGENE MORFORD JERRY DEAN MORGAN Trans. from Inglewood Junior Play Sub Debs Treas, Track Varsily Foolball, 4 yrs, Sludenl Body Presidenl' Mech. Drawing Mayor Arr Mayor English, Malh Mayor Mefal Shop Maior Mozarr Choir, 2 yrs. Varsirv Foorball, 2 yrs. Varsily Foolball Fulure Nurses Honor Sociefy Sec, Aulo Shop Mayor Music Mayor Var. Baskelball, 2 yrs. JUNE MORIMOTO JANET MORRIS STEVE MORRIS MARY ANN MUMFORD RUTH MUNGERSON LUCILLE MURPHY Annual Edulor Colonial Coeds en or Class Pres Trans from Long Beach Commercial Mayor FHA Junior Senior Class Sec xec Commlllee Varslfy Tennls 4 yrs Homemaklnq Mayor Sub Deb Officer y-lomemakyn Ma gr Fl Hn Y Colonial Coeds T I GAA Honor Socxefy Pres Girls League Adverllsung Sfaff Top of Pop? I MARCIA MUTH KENNETH NATIVIDAD THEODORE L NATIVIDAD Homemaklnq Mayor Aufo Shop Mayor Commercial Mayor English Mayor Baskelball Varslly Baskelball Llbrary Asslslanr Mefal Shop Mayor Varslly Track 2 yrs LILLIAN NEIMAN DONNA NELSON JUDI NELSON FHA Fulure Nurses Sec Junior Choir Homemakung Mayor Ushererfes English Mayor Girls League Tr Hu Y Commercial Ma or V' Qhhawf' lbw PAT NELSON WAYNE NEWKIRK GERALD NIXON DELORES NOAH DAVE NOLL BESSIE NORLAND Commercial Mayor Mafh Mayor Photography Trans from Long Beach Radio Shop Mayor Buble Club Homemaklng Mayor Colomsl Knlghls Colonlsr Club Trl Hu Y Aufo Shop Mayor Homemalung Mayor Social Science Mayor Gold Seal Bearer Social Science Mayor FBLA Colonusl Club Furure Nurses 41 'Y it ig X T ' ' s z . . ' ' ', ' .Jf.,sf.e. ' ' ', . ' - ' , - - T '- '- , ' ri-H'-Y, ' . ' ' ' ' . H A - e 9' .ll A 1 i . . L 2 . ' . i .15 V H ffm , Y le ' " W ,, .vvl I gg I All , ill 1. A L Y , YVONNE NORRIS LYNN ODEN WANDA ODOM JOHN R O HEARN LAURA OKAMOTO JIM O LEARY Commercial Mayor Varslfy Tennis Homernalylng Mayor English Malh Mayor Girls League Rep Shop Mayor Pep Commnffee Colonlsl Knlghfs FHA Drafllnq Mayor Colonial Coeds Social Science Mayor Tr1HlY Officer Mafh Mayor Top of Pops Wafer Polo Head Ushereffe COIOHISI Club NORMAN ROBERT OLSEN MARGARET OLVERA LARRY OSBURN Trl HI Y Officer Transfer from Senior Hu Y Pres GAA Foolball Baskefball Colonial Coeds Hlsloryan Track 4 yrs Radio Shop Mayor Annual Secflon Edllor Mafh Mayor ELIZABETH O SH EA Be Senior Choir Languaqe May Trl H DARWIN OTRAMBO Voc Mach Shop Mayor Baskefball Baseball CLAIRE M OUELLETTE NELSON OWENS BOB PACKER FBLA Mafh Mayor Fulure Nurses Arf Mayor English Mayor Wafer Polo 4 LYNNE PALMER SHERRY PALMER ALTON PARKER Tri-Hi-Y Commercial Mayor Wood Shop Mayor Science Mayor Drill Team, 4 yrs. Social Science Mayor Senior Play Junior, Senior Play Colonist Club BILL OTTA Vars Levferman 4 yrs Mozarf Club Officer Sfudenl Courl xx:-Ira Mafh Mayor English Mayor rs Science Mayor Q, BOB PARKER SUSAN PARKER DOLORES PEARSON JUNE PEARSON PATRICIA LEE PEARSON DOUGLAS PELTZER Aufo Shop Mayor Commercial Mayor English Mayor Commercial Mayor Homemaking Mayor FFA Secrefary Colonisf Club U T '-l-li-Y Spanish Mayor Colonisf Club Social Science Mayor Machine Shoo Club Social Science Mayor Senior Exec. Commiffee GAA Social Science Mayor English Mayor Agriculture Mayor 42 DON PENFIELD PETE PEREZ DAROLYN PETERS CAROL PETERSON BOBBIE ANN PETTY SUE PHARRIS Varsyly Foolball 3 yrs Sec Sludenl Affalrs Buble Club Commercnal Mayor Engllsh Mayor Sfudenl Councll V P Varsllv Baseball 2 yrs Varslly Yell Leader Semor Choir English Mayor Malh Mayor Head Mayorelle Aulo Shop Mayor Pep Commullee Pres Girls League Sogma Gamma Soclal Scnence Mayor Sub Debs JOYCE PICA GARRY LEE PICKARD GAYNELL PIERSON ALBERT PIOTROWSKI LYNN ANN PLETZ PATRICIA PORTER Englush Mayor Baskelball Junlor Play Track Nahonal Thespyans Colonlsl C u TOM PRATT KAY LYNN PRICE Art Mayor Arl Commercial Mayor English Mayor verhsyng Slaff Aulo Shop Mayor r H1 Y Glrls League Trans from New York Music Mayor Engllsh Mayor Socyal Sclence Mayor Basketball GAA 4 yrs Tru Hy Y GAA English Mayor Sludenl Councll Sub Debs Sensor Choyr ERRY PRIDAY Football Track Aulo Shop Mayor BARBARA PROKOP LEONARD PROVENCIO MARY PROVENCI Commercnal Mayor Band Mayor Homemaklng Mayor Hoemaklng Mayor Dance Band Commercial Ma or Gyrls League Melal Shop FHA CAROL JEAN OUISOUIS NELLIE RAMIREZ DONALD S RAMSAY DONALD RAPP NORMA KERNS RAPP DALE RATZLAFF Trans from Escondldo Girls Glee Varsyly Foolball 2 yrs Varsnfv Foolball 3yrs Englysh Mayor Spanush Club V P FBLA Sagma Gamma Varslly A Club Commercial Mayor Lalln Club Varsity Foolball Girls Glee Commercral Mayor Colonlsl Club Scrlbe Varsnly Baseball 2 yrs Social Sclence Mayor Math Spanlsh Mayor AV' 426, 5 ZONA REA DAVID A REED III STEVE REED DARLENE REESE FRANCES REID hAY RENNIE FBLA Malh Mayor Science Mayor Malh Mayor GAA 4 yrs English MGIOV Tr HI Y Language Mayor English Mayor English Mayor B nd 2 s Drill Team Leader GAA English Mayor Colonlsl Club Hu Y 2 Social Science Mayor Sub Debs PATRICIA RETTIG JANICE REYNOLDS DIANE RICHARDS BRIAN L RICHTMYER DONNA RIECK BARBARA ROBERSON Mozar? Choir 2 yrs Colonial Coeds T Hy Y Fufu e Teachers English Mayor Fufure Nurses FBLA Mozarl Club Sec Mozarf Club GAA Vice Pres English Music Mayor Honor SOCIEIY Colonial Coeds Band Bible Club Future Nurses Colonlsl Club Lalm Club Pep Comrnllree JOYCE ROBINSON DONNA RODGER MADELYN RODRIOUEZ Commercial Mayor General Shop Mayor Commercial Mayor I-lomemakynq Mayor English Mayor Homemaklnq Mayor Girls League Social Science Mayor Girls Glee CLIFF ROGERS MAGDALENA ROMERO DENNIS RONGITSCH Varsnly Baskelball 3 yrs Soarush Mayor Varsufy Track FBLA 2 yrs Gold Seal Bearer Commercial Mayor SHARON ROSS English Mayor Mu sic Mayor Mozart Clu b 4-I CYNTHIA RUBERIO Hon-yemaking Mayor English Mayor Commercial Mayor Radio Shop Mayor Socnal Science Mayor Foofball DOLORES RUTHERFORD CAROL RYAN CHUCK SALLEY EILEEN SAMPSON I-lomemakjng Mayor Girls' Slafe Rep. Malh Mayor Homemaking Mayor Commercial Mayor Gold Seal Bearer English Mayor FHA FBLA Colonial Coeds V. P. Baskefball Girls' Glee, 2 yrs CAROL SAMSON CARMEN SANCHEZ PAT SAYLOR SALLY SCHAFER PATRICIA SCHANTZEN ROBERT SCHOLZ English Mayor Homemakmg Mayor Drlll Team Capfaln GAA FHA Treas Homemalung Mayor Varslly Baseball 3 yrs Socxal Science Mayor Commercnal Mayor Commerclal Mayor H1 Y 4 FHA Varsufy Basketball Fufure Nurses 2 yrs Spanish Mayor Homemaklng Mayor Homemaklng Mayor English Mayor Varslly A Club LORRAINE SCHULZ JANICE SCHUSTER JERRY SCHWILK JANICE SEAL HELEN SHRABEL ALICE SIDDLE Colomal Coeds Transfer from Reseda English Mayor French Club Future Nurses Trans from Hun! Beach GAA Offucer Commerclal Mayor Math Mayor Engllsh Mayor Commercial Mayor GAA Drull Team Tr HI Y Offncer 2 rs Glrls League Drafhng Mayor Malh Mayor Socnal Science Mayor Arl Spanish Club FLORINE MARIE SILVA GLENDA SIMONTON RUTH SIMPSON Colonlal Coeds GAA Honor SOCIETY Commercial Mayor Gold Seal Bearer Jumor Sensor Cholr Homemakmg Mayor Anoranco Assoc Edllor Tru H1 Y Sec GAA 4 yrs BARBARA SIMS MICHAEL L SMITH PATRICIA SMITH Glrls League Rep Mafh Mayor Trl HI Y Tru H1 Y Council Sec Varslry Foofball 2 yrs FBLA Colonial Coeds Varslfy A Club Commercial Mayor ROBERTA SMITH DORIS SONNIE JACKIE SPADY THOMAS SPARKS LORETTA STEC LAGRETTA STEELMAN Commercial Mayor Glrls League Pres Sub Debs Science Mayor Fr-A Chapler Sweelhearl Band Trl HI Y Colonlal Coeds Tr H1 Y Varslly Wafer Polo Clerical Asslsfanf FHA FBLA Mozart Club Commercyal Mayor Yell Leader Sllp Collecfor 2 yrs Homemalung Mayor 45 .' .' . - I' .' ' 1 Tri--,-'lynn I. - '. ' . . L i- .h l . I Y h . , I . . . . l . . . .. . . I' -. 'F g , yesy A T I .. .I I I ' V. I in -- . . . - . . A K W, MARLYS STEWART SUSAN STOUT DAVID STOVALL KEN STRICKLAND TROY STUCKEY ROZELLA SUTHERLAND Mozarf Club Fulure Nurses Hnsforlan Soclal Scuence Mayor Englush Mayor Nahonal Thesplans Pres I-lu Y 2 Colonlal Coeds Sclence Englush Mayor Colonlsl Club Colonnsf Club Junlor Play F A 2 s Honor SOCIETY Tru H1 Enqllsh Mayor Social Science Mayor Senior Class Rep Pep Commlflee KAYE SWENSON GENE SWISHER BARBARA SWOFFORD JUDY SYMPSON TAKA JOE TANAKA TED TARDIE Commercual Mayor Trans from Long Beach Commerclal Mayor Tru Hu Y Councul Pres Math Mayor Shop Mayor GAA 3 yrs Varsrfy Football Homemakung Mayor Gold Seal Beare Varsnfy Foolball Mafh Mayor rlH1Y Science English Mayor Adverhsung Sfaff 2 yrs Sfudenf Courf Cross Counfry Track Colonusl Club NORMAN C TODD Raduo Elecfronlcs Mayo Mafh Mayor Radio Club Pres HOPE TORRES Ar Mayor Arf Club Commercual Mayor 46 MYRNA TAYLOR MARY THOMPSON AL TIKKER Mozarf Club 3 yrs Transfer from Texas Foofball s:AA Commercial Mayor Y Baseball Junsor Senior Choyr Tr H Mafh Mayor WILLIAM TODD LAVERNE P TOOMEY r Voc Mach Shop Mayor Transfer from Iowa English Mayor Band 3 yrs Social Sclence Mayor Sensor Choyr L 11 DIANA TRIMPER WILBUR L TRUELOVE RONALD TSUJIOKA PEARL TSUTSUMI JUDY ULLERY Sclence Mayor Machme Club Honor Soccefy Transfer from Hawan Transfer from New York Fufure Nurses Machine Shop Mayor Mafh Mayor FBLA Senyor Chour Buble Club Colonist Club Englush Mayor Tru Hu Y Drama Club ,P 4: , ar . . 1 . . . . I BL I f' . yy YN ,,,V3m . l . . .. l I . N2 .y ' H 5' I: I Er A . V . . i- I- . ' . , .i J I M ri X I 1 f . . . I ' . '. .. 52 BOBBIE UNGER MARY JESSICA VALDEZ SYLVIA VANDOR DALE VAN FOSSEN SHERIE VAN TASSEL JUNE VASOUEZ Sfudenf Body Treas. FHA Junior Play Cadets Sub Debs, Tri-Hi-Y Homemaking Maior Girls' League Rep. Art Mayor Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs. Rifle Team Sfudenf Council Social Science Maior Colonial Coeds Commercial Mayor Prom Commiftee Wood Shop Maior Anoranco, Annual Editor Girls' League MARCIE VINCENT KATHERINE WALKE NANCY WALLACE KEITH WALLIN DEBORAH WALTON JANE WARMELIN Mozart Club 2 yrs Colonial Coeds Secretary of Records Varsity Football Junior Senior Choir Arf Mayor Trl HI Y Council Officer Fufure Teachers Pres Colonial Coeds Varsity Baseball Top of Pops 3 yrs Commercial Mayor Colonial Coeds Tru HI Y Council Treas Trl HI Y Treas Social Scuence Mayor Grrls League Social Science Mayor CAROL WASSENMILLER DIANE WATKINS MARY LOU WATKINS National Thesplans Bible Club Mozart Choir Club Junior Play Sigma Gamma Music Enqlush Mayor Tr Hu Y Science Mayor Honor Society GEORGANN WATT ARLENE WEIDNER JACK WEIMAN Youth and Government Anoranco Slaft Trans from Gar Grove Junior Executive Com English Speech Mayor Honor Soclefy Sigma Gamma Treas Gr s Rifle Club 3 yrs Letferman 2 yrs HOWARD WEIR CAROL WHITE RUTH WHITING LINDA WICHMAN BETTY WICK BOB WIESER Mafh Mayor English Mayor Safety A Welfare Com Homemakmg Mayor Grs Rifle Club 3 rs Trans from Hunt Beach Baseball Social Science Mayor Blb'e Club Commercial Mayor Library Club Track Water Polo Wafer Polo Girls League English Mayor Girls League Social Science Mayor Auto Shop Eng Mayor Q R . 1 n u . i- .- n . ' '. . M lvl . qs 3: S - f y y - " , . , . s ' I s 5 ,Z ' g' . ' . ' . " I' ii l ' ' , y . . . 47 DICK WIESER BRUCE WILLIAMS JANET WILLIAMS JEAN WILLIAMS VIRGINIA WILLIAMS WALTON WILLIAMS Trans from Hunt Beach Mafh English Mayor FBLA GAA Pres Trans from Hunt Beach Raclyo Club Commercnal Mayor Varsyfy Foofball Track Englush Mayor Gold Seal Bearer FHA Ar? Club Math Mayor Shop Mayor Sfudenf Courf 2 yrs Commercial Ma or Colonlal Coeds Treas Tru H1 Y Science Mayor BOB WILSON DAN WILSON JUDI WILSON PAT WILSON REBECCA WILSON JAMES WINN Musyc Mayor Trans from Norwalk Trans from Long Beach Commercyal Mayor Englush Mayor Trans from Wylmmgron Pep Comrnnrfee Aulo Shop Mayor Junuor Play Tr Hy Y Junyor Senyor Play Maih Mayor Top of Pops FFA Future Nurses English Mayor Honor Socyefy Prynf Shop Mayor VERLA YET1' LYNN YOUNG SANDRA ZANDER Ushereffes Gyrls League Sec Trans from Long Beach Sigma Gamma Spanysh Club Officer Commer ual Mayor Tru HuY Arr Mayor Sfu Coun Gyrls League 48 DONNA WRIGHT Try Hu Y Pres French Club Pep Commlffee MARCIA DELRAE XANDER GAIL YATES Fufure Nurses Homemalung Mayor Soclal Science Mayor English Mayor Girls League Try Hn Y an ,, .. ' . I ' I 1 i n I 1- 'al . 1 3' DR I ' , . ' . . ' 5- .- D I .. I I. ' . l l ,E . Uni! .. 1 nIl 11 :ul snub JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS tLeft to Flghff Row 1 Gay Wlaschm treasurer Row 2 Fred Jeter adviser John Baker presndent Ann Story vxce presudent and Jean Brown secretary lmpresslng the student body with thelr many outstandmg actuvltues the tumors class of 58 staged the colossal Jumor Sensor Prom Thus event was held at the glamorous Statler Hotel In Los Angeles Fmances for the prom were attrnbuted to the success of the Jumor Play You Cont Take lt wuth You and the many after game dances Wuthout the help of Fred Jeter lumor class adviser they would not have accomplished the reschedulung of theur senior rung orders Under has dnrectlon orderly regular meetings were held X J ...X A V .... 5 i W ff f ' -- ...L 'Y f MP V V -nan , I yum GQ , , 2 'x 5 , T ' l ...- ....... ....... ...- ....... W ........ .r....... .....,..... 2. 4-.ww 'L . . 1 I. I ' , ' "' t 3 1 9 1 1 I I , , . , , '53 DONALD ABRAHAM MANUEL ACOSTA VIRGINIA ACTON WILLIAM ADAMS LINDA AGREN EDDIE AGUILAR GEORGE ALLEMAN FRANK ALLISON CAROL ALMEIDA CAROL ALVORD DICK ANDERSON THOMAS ANDERSON KATIE APGAR FRED ARCINIAGA BUD ARNOLD HERBERT ASHTON PAUL BAALKE CARMELITA BACA DAVID BAGNARD BRUCE BAILEY MICHAEL BAILEY JOHN BAKER ANTHONY BAKER SANDY BALLMAN DUANE BARBER BRENT BARENTS SHARON BARGERHUFF JOYCE BARNWELL 'U 'bv- vk., my 133' parm Gr-1. Q,-.1 ljfug M.. f-L. 49' '-up ,,,. 1-we '12 f I 1- i"'f9v 'WR nf me C' ma BA Q CARL BARTCHARD BILL BARTHEL 1.4 we 5 'fm 'WG 1-ru 'LW awww ,,.,. an 11411 W y... KENNETH BARTHOLOMEW JACKIE BELL 'GRY s-...A Extu - AU4 V1 L I Vid' 4: ""' 'v 'rw-f 'qv ww' wr' 4-Ar -nf .x ..I. - I 1, ' vI. -t V' 50: SL, H--v 1 - 'xfn an www Prw-r 'Lf' sm --..,,,, V 4? JIM BELL MARY JO BENDER AUDRA ANN BENNETT DONNA BERGSEID MERIDEE BEUTLER GERALD BIRD GEORGIA BISBEY FRANCES BJAZVICH EDDIE BLAKE ELAINE BLAKE JACK BAILEY BONNIE BOATMAN RONALD BOBBETT JOYCE BOEGE JACK BOHAN ALFRED BOJORQUEZ MIKE BOLINGER SHARON BONNER MELLINDA BOOTH MARLEEN BORDWELL SHIRLEY BOUTCHER JIM BOWLAN AL BREAGER JACK BROOKMAN LARRY BROOKS WILLIAM BROOKS EUGENE BROWN JEAN BROWN NANCY BROWN SUSAN BROWN JUDITH BUFFINGTON , ,-: V . I -' -1. ,,.. A 1, E A- 3 ! . ,I w- , ff g M - ' ,X N 'U' gf bl, ,fl -M 4 "1 -A "" ' ' ,,.I,, I ' , , , K Vx. wi Y X 5 is b W I I Q AX if A TX I N . g - , if - wp V 1 'Q . f .3 'i ., , I- A , ., ' 1 'IQ ie' X 'A If .4 A L g if. if - vw I, M . A I Jn- i 1 N .fl Q I A Y Q an ii mx.. , A I Nw :,G- :biz ' " V A . 1 -.wi -I . I A I A 4 4 F 11 f J A My 0 .X X xt - , . L . V , V- iv JL, I A .QI V 0 -2 a - Ks R' If ' .' ' "' , I 'Q A f 2 -I 5 V R- A ..:.,, V x 'xx - V ' I . I V- ,- ' -.12 f R' -I + IYL as f A ,, 4 is I LI' A I Q ...Nj " . 'A ' f ' ,gf My . A I I - A '15 1' Q ' 'f A, " "" ' 7 ,, I 5 -'13'xl1i"IZ- ,g .. ' 41 I aw Q' -I sr V v ii wx K1 K I I -. 4 ' ...,, Av . , -sux V yyy K I ff - , ax X, L I I A I W IJ , J A I K f ff :D , YR .,,,,. Il:-V -:A -:Taj - J in I V , :- Q :J 1 W Q N V 3 4 V , ,,,,. Z, Z: 1 4' M""W ' N . "f fx , 'V 1 Q'?k5I,'f A: z . "" A-4 ...I '3' K' K I' I Q Am? I , , 4 ff j . Q A I I 1' M ' WJ yy. ' I , Q N A N I 4335 KX Q Ex fy I' ,www 1 vi' ii, "- I .. 4 -3 'V' if E ju!! 'vi' G if .2 ' I P wwf' ' . 1 f ,I A 1 . Q N 41, " W ' zz I W 1 A ni I " , A A A IZ? RONNIE. BURCH JUDY ANN BURGESS GARY BURKE JODIE BURNS LINDA BUTLER TRACY BYLSMA TERRY CAIN GORDON CALLAHAN ANGEL CALLEROS JUDITH CAMPBELL ARNIAND D CANALES LINDA CANCINO BOB CARLSON RONALD CARMEL GLORIA CAMONA SHARON CARMONEE SANDRA CARR MIKE CARTER RONALD CARTER COURTNEY CASEBEER LOIS CASEBEER ALBERT CASTRO BARBARA CASTRO VIRGINIA PASTRO DIANA CAVATAIO CAROLYN CHAMBERS NANCY CHAMBERS ww. L...- wxQf Miifn gm HON 09 'M W' W-If -M, -61 -ai-ldv 'ivan' Xp I :QW 1 -N., A-.4 'PKK fd ,,-.,, -1" tw? aww up 'P f 4--.Q Xl -rf- so wif 'Ura 'E-xl' CQ S-A Wk -K., 1-We " x 154 Na wkdg, in 'vu F or Q Pin .4 A., .f 1 Q V I 4 -. 'Sv 1 an 1 2 . 1 1 I6 V vp I 3 xx X A ' Q S? "Q" ir' 'sf wa -Q! us- 'Q-,-7 WW My-'14, 'T JOSIE CIZNEROS LARRY CLARK JOHN CLAUSSEN JUDITH CLAWSON NOEMA CLAYTON RICHARD CLEIVIENTS DIANE CLIFTON TOM CLODT JUDY COALE ANNA COBB EDWARD COCOA YVONNE COLE BOB COLE RONNY COLEMAN DANNY COLLINS BUD COLLYER PAT CONATSER DONALD COOK DENISE COPPAERT GARY COOK PHIL COPPER ALTA COPSEY CAROL CORNWELL LEO CRABTREE JOHN CHRISTIANO CHARLES CROSS WILLIS CROW JUDY CUMMINGS BASIL DAHL BUD DANLEY ROBERTA CURRIE JOYCE DARGATZ SANDRA DAVILA MICHAEL DAW INGRID DEGELMANN 'S' 'H-1' f Q K I 1 :11 - 46 ,gk ,gg , Ds' A I I I.: X I U . W1 K 1 XJ wr W 'I ' I. N ,gg ,,..., Q' l ...V 'X , :Q -f . , 1 lv K Vw. I. 4 AI I I I I Q ax fm ,Q QV IX 1 Ia 'W by :Zz .1 I If ' WJ , A I - I l I ' ,gf - M .I ,S I . U 4 II I V, ' ,WI L, W A if W ' Q I ' I 'El ' ' I I A ' Y A 5' I 1 I -3, ' V 7 xi 'NLE "R ' A A J - X Q, 1 ' x fir 51.535 K .M 2 A 'iii t fm- -Qfrv' I L, ' I I3 4 4, ,,..,-v ' K ww, I A Axim Ax 5' W I ' A WI HowARo CHANEY wtlwg ,-...L A My 5 III. . I ,,'- ' I n F - iv I L1 ' .'.. ' 3 up ,V , I A I ff-A -f - I A I "A -sa. : I 1 13 an -4 I .I ' g IH: KA ?f X K H , Q. IA, , 1 I MII V 51 I if staff' I ... If I I AAIQ - if A 1 I A H. X V -V L QIJ. - N V, N: I bi, S , I Q 43. .III I A f A f T? ,,I, 'f?11I.: I 'mg ,X 5 2. - I kit? ,N A I V. 9. Q ,bg ,H . ,A w K" I X A ,I A Q 10 rv ' , I I ,V A IX , X .a .S 'I J I' ' W In ax' I ' -f I 'M I f 12: ' ' , I, ' ' 's IJ -.. .. 'gf ffl ww' ' ' I 5 ' Ii I YI F F NI ' E If I II: 1 X, A fa I iv 'N ' A av- 'QS 'I 1 - me lI I A Bar I DEH-GER f I I. H ' MINQX Q5-'OMG f ' I -- - I., . 4ERNgQSQ46g.-ANEY 5 4 W 4 M , 1: Q ff 'I .WM . I I""'a syfx -..,f - 03 I RALPWPBMAR00 W I -uf I -'Ami -W A W A E A: f pmvtiiigzgggxabn oemwem A ' ' 2 vouviiggmarvz 4 W I MARGARET DENA AQLLLI CAROL DIPAIMA GARY DIXON DEAN DILLION .--In MARY DONICA LINDA UOIJGHERTY AL DOWNS ANN DUFFY CELIA DURAN DIAN DUVALL JUDY EAGLESON VELA EDDLENIAN KENNETH EDGINGTON RAY EDWARDS MYLO EGGERUD JERIE ERHLE JUDY ELY GARETH EMERSON DOUGLAS ENIIGH ERWIN EMORY JOLENE ENGH GERALD ENZENAUER ,HWS 'N' JSBQQ .vb-W 'V mf nf' 1'-4 X5 -4' 1+ ,win lui 'V 'V 'V hunk LAX ww 3? 'gg 'bn -..f M Ayr 'YH 41' 'if J ft 4'- MWA sky, Lf ZAAAW Air ll' 'v 'vw 1.4 I L.. LL EVELYN ESCOBEDO BILL ESSEX ALICE ESTRADA BARBARA EWING ROBERT FALKOWITZ JOHN FEAR RUTH FEAR DIANNE FELLBAUM KENNETH FENTON JILL FERGUSON JUDITH FETTERS PRISCILLA FIDLER GENE FISCHBECK JACK FISHER MARY FISHER MARILYN FLOREA ESTHER FLORES RUDY FLORES AUGUST FLUEGGE PHIL FORBES ROBERT FORTURNE RONNIE FRECK PHILIP FREDERICKS DOUGLAS FREEMAN DOLORES FUENTES LARRY FULMER BILL FUNKHAUSER SANDY GALLAGHER DIETER GALLE SHARON GARDNER KATHIE GARRETT RAE GARROW JAMES GEMMILL KENNETH GERINGER LILLIAN GLASS ,rf as S V 5 1 - ' 45' 4 "4" 4 ' "" F "I, 4 .3 'z J Z2 Q 'E -. ,f Rx, I 4: ,445 4 ,..' ,Egg X5 445 44 54 Af' -f va I 1 . . N 1 I X ' qu 'Q .Y iam i H 4 ,Q -4: as 6' - - -. 4 fn . 4 J- :Is V I A'-3 ,ng I , 1 I 5 Q A .A - Q-me 1 A ' ' 1 4, Q- . . A ' Q! A .. , I J' Q 4 0 F xm 4 X X444-Q I A ' ' N A 4 5 4 .1 AAIG 4 4E , 1 P 4-., -I Q 4- R , ,,,,, 4 444 4 58 ,ba 4' 4 if -,ijt 4 9,4 Q I',:: 4 -lg. 4 44321 4 ff 4 A 'xzfex - I 1 N4 -' 44 E ,, 4,, .,,.., 4 .4 I4 4 , J A 4 ,,., 'Q ' WS' , 5 ' W 4 Us I . 3.1 , 1' A ,mf I , :fc ,,VA HW' It a f 1 I , .4 ,.., Q4 I: ,4 4 , 4 44 W 4 A I, Q 4 ' ' V75 I.,,4, 4 ,L 4 . :Q fs 4 ,wif 4 4 ' I I , , , 44 I A I4 N4 'f f A g 4 I f I A ' K - 1 . 'N I , f Q "' T' ' I 4 ,4 40 " ' , vw M 1 - '4 4 I ,, , , V 4. ' R .ti '- fy ..V.,L 4 ff: L ,, 4 . A, 24 M 4, W I I M .LA if 5 W' 4, 3 4., ..A. 4 4 Pia- ac 4 ,I 4 M4 fu, 4 .Vg , ,X A ' I 'I U 4 bw , . , .,,. 0 4 -1, - K 44 N 6 4 " ' . 5"',f ' YM. , , '1 , 0 'Q I:5,,f fi I If 4' , fi ' ' 4 44 I , A444 ' " " .lf l.v,. 4 . 1 2 P If . 'A 0 'V' ' J- " al' ,444 f 'Q 0 Q, H f A-1, 4,1 ... A , , , W- f' H 2. ' .. W: f I A I .,.,, 44 , 4 if. i 4 , 4 Are 4, H5 ,X 63,5 A 's X ,J A . LARRY GLASSEY SANDRA GLASSPOOLE KATHIE GLEMAKER RONALD GOLDBERG GWEN GOLLENGER JOHN GOODRICH BOB CORDY SHARON GOSS SANDRA GOWIN LYNDA GRAVES RICK GRUVER RAY GUERRERO NICK GUERRIERO BILL HALE BEVERLY HALL G-WEN DOLYN H ALVORSEN BILL HAMMATT PHYLLIS HAMNIERS SAUNDRA HANCOCK NORMA HAND SHARON HANEY CLEVE HARDIN ROBYN HARMAN ANN HARRIS JANICE HARRISON PAUL HARRISON DOLLY HATHCOCK BOB HARTFIELD .ar av 'Y '41 'bv ps- if Z ,nw wwf Wi 'mv' -RFQ me s- 'V fu- 99 ""'I ...nm .wo 'ul wwf ft lain Th A .railr- -fi 9335457 X 1 W, 'sf mf W1 A-Q., Q 'up M.: -v 'M JS' 1-'Q Iv Mr sf ski' wr 'nn my -1-Lf Q' wwf 'HI Nw QW 'WW 'wb 'mi my A342 'ig i""""!n..i ,vpn -Q- I 7-7 .A-"WS K .. N Q Q- k . . . 19 ' i D W . M .. V - 1-W 4 H N: " QQ! .: -P 1 , V if I W ,, ff 'Q' ' . in Zfp .. .ji .M ',., ' I 'Xp :QQ 1 Jw 4 I Q .. X X 5 3 A X I 4 VV Vx -,Z , V, : .. .32 .. I Z xr 1? I ' I "-f , - If ,Ml f A I 'i - I ,. ,ft H ,N , ' If .ff II 1 I H, M f If " fi? ww I I I I I V- ww I, L . , 5 l -. v 'fx 5, EY-I X' I, ":I Q' I 9' Oh! ' ' I v , ,Q A J, - -. 1 I -.., ,, A I , I1 fb KI V33 -V 1, t . 'I '-I I NNY' A Q M7 ' ' fi - 6 I 'Z I A , , 5 x . , My-II 1 ,X pkg' c '- , M 'I I I A -7 , I .iv W., 'W ' ' .M f .QTL .- 'V ' - I C I V H5 'X I ,.,,,,,. I . .V ' - 'A ' , . " ' :- 1 V- ' , x Q I I iw. , I - A' I A 'E In - jf A-I D M- ? I f' Qzh A A Ms - ' If A KI., I 'S I ., X: 3 ' A ,A ' , T D ,,x :fb SYN .zz .rl I I Q f I xxx A'-,IQ V S V, I W N4 f q 1- A I I If , ' f AY I I A ' ' ' If I A . I . '- F I HW' L I ' 1' . .,.. E- ,. I f IV iii 2 I I ' ' A, ,vt A ,taxa-,V -V 1 I-I 13' I , M X A I .M MW1 ...,,,,. ' V' ':f ' 6, if 1 W -f I. L, ,, Q I ' --V I ,, I gf , : W k " - -I A ,fi- ns M A me A 0 ,M I ,lk ww, Am - I E H M es 31 .5-ff. I I 1 'Aff' ,Y A' X 4 wwf M R 1 I W' my-I WV Yiwu' BRUCE HAWKINS CLAYTON HAZZARD ELLEN HEAD RALPH HECKERMAN LINDA HEFFERIN JOHN HEIDEN DARLENE HEIN STEVEN HELD PEGGY HENYAN RAYMOND I-IERRERA JOHNNIE HICKS CARL HILDEBRAND VICKI HILTSCHER ELAINE HINES BILL HOBAN WINSTON HODGE DENNIS HOLLYMAN NEIL HOOD MIKE HOOVER JAMES HOPKINS GARY HORTON ROBERT HUBERT NANCY HUGHES ROBERT HUISH DUANE HUKKALA WILTON HUMPHREY DAVID HUNT JESS HURTADO JOHN HUSHMAN HYATT BETTY ISHMAN BETTY JACKSON JANET JACKSON ROGER JACKSON SUSANNE JACKSON JACKIE 'Q PENNY JACOMIN ROBERT JAMESON JAMES JAY CAROL. JAYNES BARBARA JENKINS MARY JETER STEPHEN JOHNSON DAVID JONES RAY JONES ROBERT JONES ROY JONES RONNSE JOUBERT LAWRENCE JOY STEVE KAUFFMAN ROBERTA KAYLOE JUDY KEACH MARLENE KELLEY RUSS KELLEY NORBERT KEOLANUI SHARIAN LEE KERN H-al Q-...d '-"1 --I ,Id 'ms OSCAR Kev , II, DOYLE KING CAROL KING G-ERI KIRK OLAF KITCHIN NEAL KLEIN IRVIN KNOWLES Lad ww if by "" www X ff' ima A we pm. 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I W f' 'ff' " " I W +3 ' I I f'f'f'w! 5? I ' 5 WAN! H31 A ' ' " V--- ' A - A , ' .,,' ? f. A E ...:: It i 'I .I if 'M I I gm I ' :' A I 3 up 4. QI' 'W' -NN II I 4 " -. , ' Y bf ' Q f 1 5. 3 ' I .M 5 55 T I . I fn' 3 III If I ff II I A ' 9" III wir-rI A A gif! - . II 1 I N J A ,. I ,,: I , .rl WV . jfs I , , ., I Q' , f I r. 1 V 1 . , I 5. ,Ijf , ,NI f " 1: .I 2, - 311: ' 4 II I' I I II. I-I 2 .-,I ,. 3 2, I I V Q I II 45: A: I sl II I If 'wi if I " I 'HJ - ' if ,, ' f Y if GX ,If wi -, gf f n , 4:24 I Y Q. I , wh I, ff L4 gc "Wm , -'---:nr-xx. -gl X . K M' I A A A "" fy , A A , I , M A ,,, Za A, Q. In J 6? .II ,la .V .f X -Il 1 ,,,, V , jg ,gi ' Q ' A My :Q C" M ' ' " ,I ,QA ,-' XI f I , I, I Sw' .uf .gs . V' V IIII . ' 1 - A 'W MICKEY KNOX GARY KORN ROBERT KREAGER DIANE KRAUSS KENNY KUBOTA LINDA KUEBLER JAMES KURK PATRICIA LAIOLA RALPH LLAMAS BILLY LAMB BILL LARSON GLENN LASSLEY GERALD LAWLER LARRY LAYTON JANET LEACH GEORGE LEGG DANIEL LEGS LOUIE LEOS LINDA LINDLE EDYTHE LINDLEY MARY ANN LINDQUIST EUGENE LOLLIN EVELYN LOOPER GLYN LOOPER AL LOPEZ LUCY LOPEZ JAY LOWDER MARILYN LUKE BARBARA LYKOWSKI PAT LYLES PHOEBE MC AULEY SANDRA MC COMMONS PFGGY MC GRAW BILL MC INNIS JAYNE MC INTYRE 'WM' 'UNL 'ab CAROLYN MC LAUGHLIN DOROTHY MC MURRAY LAUDA MC NEELY MARILYN MACKENSEN TEDDY MACKENSEN MARY LOU MADRIGAL TOM MAGEE CHARLES MARKMAN BARBARA MAHAFFIE LINDA MARLOW JACK MARSTON MADELINE MARTIN JIM MARTIN ALFRED MASSICOTTE MATT MASSON WILLIAM MATHIAS CAROLYN MEGER DAVID MEISENHEIMER EVANGELINE MEJIA BILL MENLEY LYDIA MENDEZ JEAN MILLER JANICE MILNE RAMONA MIRANDA DAVE MOLLINEDO NORMAN MONTAGUE RHODA MONTEZ JOYCE MOODY 1. '13, 1352 ,,-.I 'Ah' A- nl 'N in nQk,...z av 'I ny' J,,,ae91'b :Qui IW ws "' utvugg' Y vs .1-0194-15 wwf ww 'IU' an x., 'V nf 'Sf' Bulk 1 A 'Gs' 'f'9' Mk -mv. 'V I in L 1 .9-Q Q,- ww-0 fa.. MI CARLENE MOORE DONNA MOORE MARILYN MOORE ANGELINA MORENO MARGIE MORGAN KAY MORIMOTO CHARLES MORRIS DIXIE MORROW THEODORA MOSCOVITCH JOAN MOSCHENKO GLORIA MOTE DAMON MOUNCE JOHN MUIR HARRY MULDER CHARLES MUNYON LARRY MURRAY PAULA JO MURRAY PATRICK MURTAUGH RICHARD MUSHEGAIN LINDA LEE NAHLEN DAISY NAKAMURA NORMAN NANCE HOPE NAPOLES WILMA NEHER JAMES NELLESEN DIANE NELSON GEORGANNE NELSON HAL NELSON JOANN NELSON LINDA NELSON JOHN NEWBURN DOUG NEWCOMB SHARON NICHOLSON LINDA NIELSON GAIL NORCROSS 'vu va' VM .I I W 5 -5 ..,:b , I M? ., fi N 1 p 1 ,.I, 55 I-1 M - ' V.. , f f A V I ,I f x I 'A , ff 1 IK -ff , il -:U -4 I I 4 W. ' K .Q I W , , D ,I W lb ' Y' 1 J, . V w f "1.. ..L WR 1 ' T I my My 9 Y Y A WN FQ u , ' . f I f ,Q - N e ' 1 . at 'Q I vw- ,fn 'D no 'bv N' A v I -v f V I . I VI Li L, -Q'J wg, , - gg? ., Inv' I as -M 1 A - -ef OF ' ' LY r Y ILM A A X A 1 .. 1,65 S., 3 La Q4 , ... 58 gf "ff f N1 f - R' f V xo? Rf' ' , 4 , - ,, -.r 4-A Q. I '-fa 1 J W ,f Q'-1, A A ,211 I L NS' A 5 v " I Y ix '- I " , x id- 1.1 ' ,,, ':,.' 'S 6. ,va M . :A :4 b W -5 4, W t A . ,LL ,fi all ' M ' W , I , NX Q lka. if I kg 'is Z , .,,.... g K A 1 1 5 J H 1 I. In L, X it Q r , ii, , L. A QM! , A A W ,gi WI I A 1 xi ,. .. I .. -s. gr. .A wp, Q, an --. - ,, ... 5 'v A - , 1 , 4 E 1 - A A 7 i A . Q. - -, I , , g lg' 7Q,, 1 .hw 'Aw Fl i ' K I 'Q I ' '. , v M4 'F l I . W ff- , , - as L -I, an .. M I ...- . 4: I K I V V . I ,ia , , -Iv ya x Vw 5 nr vw L -- ' H t if Q if "K" 5 Q ' . . 7 ii , b Q A xlvl In ? I V v ' . k it J . -. M E, ' " ' WM 1 A 7 :I K T", Us fl X1 -A -A - 'if I -A .4 I A T' "' A '. I If 'W I ' I f x ,R , , . - JIM SCHAMP BARRY SCHERER GARY SCHERER LARRY SCHLEY STEVVEN SCH LEGEL DEAN SCHOBERG KENNETH SCHOENFELD DENNIS SCHRECK CHARLENE SHULTZ SYLVIA SCHWANZ DOUGLAS SCHOTT JIM SCHWER JACK SEABERN BOB SEAPY GEORGE SEDIA ROBERT SENATRO DON SENEY JIM SETTERLUND NANCY SEWELL SHIRLEY SHAKOIAN SALLY SHANNON BOB SHIMEL MARSHALL SHIRK DENNIS SILKE DARNEL SILVA JACK SILVERIA A in wma ,xc i"O'pg X Iv Eu JK. 'V WE." 522936 vffiv 'H' 'nv 'Q 'sq Vu., V 'Q' pm 473 in www-I an wz V ww! 'J if 'bi 'Y 'SLK' iw 'lbw 'uv uv., if 5 15' 'ilu-53 1 . Q I lm Y , . - . ,, +I... - I I 1 S EIII Y 3 ,N U1 0- ' , if ws' . i ,. I VA L :4-:- TAL ag . VM, , M 11- 4 ' Q XM " r 4 V , jfs? - I' In I I I I we Q ,'Ix f f 'ft' s . and .,.,. p ,. 1-. ' , if 2 I i , ,J Q I . ,H , ...ln I 5 V4,. I j L Y , I v 1 , , V ' ' ' A U I gt Ii it : 1 A K 9 4 ,. ., 1 2 A I A 7? ' uf 9 fag' -A, ', SNK I .fr I A, I' , I I rw . , . I I I A V if I X w I 1 3 ,K f ,..:. iz ,Iii i I I Q. Y N! .. k , P , r Wk g A W A i Q i , ., I 'Q N, j ,.,. l w ' 1 A ' xi . .. ,. , I, , I I I Hr S, ,iw 1 Snag., whhnh X WW, b , . , ..,, , , X 1, IK X C 1 1 S X X12 Q u Q - , 4- A I 0 I x, ' 'W I 9 f I I ' S 1 ' I ' QW Nu. ' 'N IX 'Q is uv O 472 ? I' K I iw' M l 4: an i I A V I g gm Mgt ,Xxx ', , QQ I A Q I If 1' S I . . :I 5 m I Af Q. "1. X A Nt B I 8 -S I if i -1 ,i v,.,. , , K R I , f , K'-sq A R. H . A I ui M V V 6 i, Z I V I, 4 A 3 J I , ,. ' I I , I .- :i 1': S? I l 'X ' jg A ,M , ,SI ' ' ' 1 ' :S M" ' Q 1 9" ,,. , , A ff .i , I f S, .. 7, f-' " , , w . af I, , . fi If: ' . - A 4 4 clh- M- , F-,, X5 ' I ,, 1, Q I , - -I . N- AII., . .-" ' . ' ,:' I I M I ' 'I' L I Q 1 . 5 I,'4I1 ' A . S I Aw- P A -" '11 I I ., I inf A .. 2 I c j ,jf if I A ' ' , Y U1 Y , 4? f A? da fx ', 1' A , I, I A I I, 1:88 I .-Q. I I 'milf f 6, ., 6 2, . f I W J I I . Lg, 1 N., . . Ns A ora I ' '--4 ,TAI Q MM m Q V V E 1 , .I , x I 4 Y , X 2 , Q .,,, U I P " . 3 A cn I I luil A . I .V I 5 A f I '.II . - .,.:.,,,, f - ' A- X. W W 1 f. J Af. In 4.v4.vx X 4,.,.4,. , . ..,, A . my . Sm, 'U N +A I H. .1 Q' I un I " I ' . ,I f I . -. A K wi IM...V-fy I Y' YN. I , I N1 ' .," ' ' 'f - A ., , f' ,Van-v 'v ROBERT SIMMONS SANDI LEE SIMON VT if M21 '- LQ! if ne.,- JC? -S' 'an 1.41 1 Kr? '..'X'NX E.-1-K. .Q2fs1!4l!. 'ish .Wav an so FEES l 1 es., iv' W? 4--+1 on V7 'T ans 'sly eil' 'U' mmf? 'QW J' -qu ff-N. V? an-,r mf JACQUELINE SIMPSON CARL SKOV DALE SMITH DAVID SMITH EMMA SMITH JOAN SMITH JOHN SMITH JOYCE SMITH JUDITH SMITH LINDA SMITH WILLETTA SMITH DIANE SNELL KAROL SNOW DAVID SONNIE CARL SPEER LINDA SPEIGHT DONALD SPENCER JUDY SPENCER JUDY SPRAGUE ED SPRONG DALTON STAFFORD NORMA STAMAN RAE ANN STANLE DON STAPLES DONNA STARMER GLORIA STARMER GEORGIAN STEED CLYDENE STEELMAN PATRICIA STEENBERGEN JILL STEIGERWALT SUSAN LINDA CAROL JANET STELLHORN STEVENS STEVES STEYER 1-ra. LOREN NYLAND oAm.ENa OLSENQ' swarm o:.sEN JANET OSBORNE KEN one LINDA OWENS Boa ovzaoo ALBERT PAIN GREGG PARKER RICHARD PARKER JUDITH PARRA PATTY PARSHALL GAIL PARSONS GARY PATTSCHULL JUDY PELTZER BOB PENNING-TON LOU ANN PETERSON PATRICIA PETERSON KAY PETTY LAUREL PICKARD RONALD PIEDMONT BARBARA PIERCE FRANCES PIERCE CHARLES PIETSCH JOE PIOTROWSKI JIMMY POLLARD JUDITH PORTER CARLOS PORTILLO A- NU' au w-yr' Q an an-nas -n...m.x 1 +I .-if BAK D8 Y, sa Q A if-4 "? N! 'SI 4 ffl? 4. an bf X: pq. New V wha as if 'R -wa Q... X I - I ,, A ? ., N, ,E 'V I I ,WK 49- - " Q. , . vid if if :Q ,,,vA"sq,. ISC' -mr' " min 314. -sf pin 'NP' --r .rg 9 uv Uv 'kgs Wm Q it N 'Kb- lv be xr .,.,,,,, li 10" ww' ,Q I-QI ww if JAMES PORTZER DAVID POWELL KENNETH PRATT GARY PROCTER GRACE PRUETT GARI PUFFER GENEVA PURCEL JEAN QUAKENBUSH JEFF QUIGGLE JACK RAILEY JUDI RAU CYNTHIA REA JUDY REECE JAY REED CHARLES REEP PHYLLIS REI'-ISE MARILYN REMV ANDREW REYES EDDIE REYNOLDS MARTHA RICHMOND MARILYN ROBINSON JIM RODARTE BILL ROESCHLAUB JANE ROLAND SHIRLE ROSA RICHARD ROSALES ALLEN ROTTMAN RICHARD RUFFNER SIDNEY RUTHERFORD VICTOR SALAZAR BEATRICE SALSEDA FLORENCE SANTEI. SHARON SAUNDERSFIELD ROBERT SAVADRA I tb I 5 R I , 5 I fm X' , E :AI Q, 1: -,, , 1 - , 33 J If. , t .Wa ' X I ' ?!3ggI's s .u - :ag -.- -Im A I " I l ..-,..- I , + A A I A I I ,.,, fm X .W . . Vg bi t ' .1 A 1 - N, 44 gp ,v . -Q4 NT: I-Nh . .,.. I II :V Nye ' O M' wx' an ' Viv 5 I , 9 ,II , Q, - W r RN AQ nr .' if mfs? K - , or A I MMI . " ' , I' an I , '1-,- " n , ' 1:-I I 'I . F: vs f 32? 'I "M -, . In N ,IV Q A 'f , 'W' . xo, Q? H Q Q. ng 4' ' A 34 XTNZ "' " V8 A ' 4 , ..-." , 'lf xx I Id' :,- A K,,f !.i tyn m, V ff MI? 5' , WV KJ- ' 'Q ' I '. T' gy R , , . J iq I, - . .I.I C . I. ,I.,,,, , M- - ' X, 'f If I 'X I T . I I I ",. 'I A x Q A , ,I an-G ' I .- A I. ir 9,5 -'35 , k g. vi-gig can h , X ,Q E ' STEPHEN RANDOLPH 6. - K - - , S, .t 'tor It I .'.: f, ' In W, -' I I I 'v,V ,, - .I 1 1 - I I I ' - 'I ' . I ' 'K I as 'R 9i'?f3g'I t'. ff ,f y 'F " x ,, 1 -Ima Rf , , t f Q E? -. .. A t . ll ! ' I ' X ' f,. ff: , . ' , I I ' ,I V , Zi fl , A V J V ,Lg ,-N" .- ...Z I tv . . . I, - "" :-- I . A 'IL S, ' ' ' ' I ? I' 'S " YI" f 1. f I 'fr' ' - I I I I f , N I . -Q 'A 7 ."-' af ! 1 N I wi . wi ,mlb ,,., ,I Q I ....:.: , K I f 'A ' -' , Q ' A f I ff 5 1 .I OMR . Awe mann. STIEGLER Jo:-IN SVTIRRAT PAM s1-mnxr LYMNA s-roxas .ooAN svomsxmcs ANN svonv BUFFIE s-roav WILLIAM STOUDER JO ST PIERRE BILL STRICKLAND MAUREEN STRONG LARRY SUNDQUSST CAROLYN SWAN BONNIE SWANSON HARRY SWEET MARILYN TAGUE VERLAINE TAYLOR JAMES TEECE JIM TEMPLE NANCY TENNANT RICHARD THILL FRANK THOMAS JANE THOMASON SUE THOMPSON GARY THORNTON PRISCILLA TIBBETTS RODNEY THUESON CECILIA TIKKER had is-'P I 1 1 A ' I ' 1 Ny 105 'VV xi Y! K 'im 'sul '94 11" asf any .35 mv af , .qg. ,, A.: .A L44 13 I . H A .V V qv VVV Q 4 2 . ., .. 3' ,, I , 4 ,W I J? I 'A-'M-. i fl 4 x 4-4' NBR J- .wvsvw Nw 'Ly ,Av JOHN TIMMERS VAL TOLMAN FLOYD TREBIL I """'f 6.91 su. mf JUDIE TREMBLE "' ww 'O-r'-I l awww 0. Awnn RICHARD TREMBLE JUDITH TRIPPY CHESTER TRINDEL IRVIN TROPPER MAE. TROSTER RONALD TROSTER PERRY TROTTER ml was-2 as 'Nr' ...5 rw 3 .1 ml ROBERTA TROUT HELEN TRUJILLO DANNY TURNER SONDRA UNRUH JUDY URABE CONNIE VAN DALSEM CAROL VANDERBILT PMA 'V 'uw 'W' M W qc., surf La ,-5 .ry 1-A ' bqiffh ,Imwuv A ff X23- CLARA VAN DE WARKER CAROL VAN VERST LINDA VASQUEZ LUCY VASQUEZ ERNIE VERDUGO MARTIN VILLA MARGARET VILLASENOR LINDA VINSON JILL WAGNER MARY WAKEFIELD LINDA WALDROP SHIRLEY WALINO SHARON WALSH HENRY WASHBURN Ji 'L 54,3 nu BILL WASSON JILL WATERMAN MARY WEAVER ::9 .qql V - "' ,L W T X fusing' ,Tri A V 'T' 'Q d V 'V V, Q 1 ., I I - Hr 52 rt A :uf - W5 I f V I ,1 VVVV VVVVV VZ' VVV YV , VV V -v,. ,A I V I Q V xx X V ,,,..,.. . , V .ps V 0 , I ,ls A ' ' , 1 'A VA v ' T' L I f A A A ' ' 'H , I .I I ov- I -. bf f -2. wr 1 L5 'V' . A ,,,,f I :G f I , ., il - ' -5 V 4, 3- , . . 'Y If A ' .A ' AI ' ' 5 J V .a V I V V Q .A QF 4' T' , if A IN -1 V. VV , b'. A V VL gyda Q 3' 7" ,L f Z1 A ff-4 I. IJI I I i fa ,I A - is I I f I f A 1 4. . f 'A M- , ' " ' ' , ,1 2, ' 1 -A A- I.. ' W A-"I II., kb! ' ' I .1 A IYf' - 1 I . .I -, . V W 5 V . , A ' , 'AL I ' - 3 L. XXI: ,ku -Va f g Q 3 .,. -I , I A f ' "7 ' .ff 5 IIA Q, N If " "i:., Lf? A-4 ' I , I , gigiwyi ,J zy -1- , W 5 In . v , A if AANIQI H I , I 5' 9 , I V -- b . IK . I W ,I A 'S V V VV . .I., V '.v,, .. ' V V , , . Q ,A QI V vw' , :-- V V Vf.: VVVV I V .V ZVV , V Vgx VV f , .,,, VIV VIIV Y"V ' . ,,fLM5f,,, ,V I-A'. ' .-'I I I. A T ' V.: I. V , f- -, ' VV lr A 'V-Q V :L , 1 1 -. - ' " f X' V XX V. If A A A in E': - Lam ss, W , A "" ' N V . ' 4' I fi ' I, I I I 7 I ' XL - If 'U' f 3: -LL,f,VV,J 'rs .'...,,, Af V 2 - 'fs , 'I , f I ,. . ":" ., I 'I' ' I -' 'Si if ing? If 60 1 XX K miggwwfa A ixwleifwgi?-Qi X an gg 'WXYZSFEA .ieamm waasvsa s.moA wswf-1 momma wamn LIMS XPAQENQ-IO!-Z www. wmv: aossw-r wesvanoovc uowum wa-nzuocx asmnuun wnsrsvcmz lumens. wmxes soared? wm'?sx-4sAn GARCL. W'l-l!'1"fAKER JAMES WICKER RONALD WQLBER S!-'HRLEY VIHLBURN MAUDE WILCE B!L.t. WILLIAMS DIAN WILLIAMS MARTHELMA WiLKlNS LINDA WINFREY GAY WALSCHIN LINDA WOODHOME BEVERLY WOODRUFF CRAIG WOODS PAUL. WOODS CLEO WOODSON Qs -not 'CZ' 11? .1 YU --wr Q' XYNXXXXKWQ ff' .1 fair Nw Swd f"'4p"2' 'QQ' 'U MM 'W 'ff' A"'Ei'WfW 'WY Signatures 'Simi' .fi- ages' WR we ,Z 'till' ia. ,qw- 4: Wulf' vw-pf Ak X RICHARD WRIGHT FRANK YAMASAKI TOMMY YATES MARILN YELLIS JUDITH YOUNG LAWRENCE YOUNG SHARON YOUNG STEPHEN YOUNG KAREN YOUNGMAN FRED YUNGKAUS SARAH ZEIDLIK SHARON IUCK CLARENCE ZYLSTRA ' x ?l X . N f . M J ' i 7 N ' "'-' Q , N ' , ,H X E 4 " ' . Q "' "?'1Y,. wif ' A A E, , 1" ' ' W7 ' f- 'i' ., 5,44 , 5, N4 44f N, - 4 A4 . "" ' 4 .7 M I V4 .. ,..: , 4 4 4 . 5, ,":',. .:- I ---A, 4 4,44 44 5 A 4 A A '4 N xxik If -ji ' I -.,.. U Sv : lx 1 Ei E5 2 , ' r 4 f Q N . : , A 5- 444 . 44 ., 4 . ' 4 . 4 ,4 44 , , . 4 . IQ, :. 4 44 ,gage J ,-,l 4 . 1 ! f ' fx f W V, 4 ' ...: ..V..i A ..,. ,....., . ,..A. V..,,. A . . f 1-ff-I MQ Y f N 'v ' , D . ,.,.,. " ' ' L M "L N f Q' f '-:f -V"'- . . I x' ' N ff-R ,.':' ' ' ii G' ,, 4 f , 4 4 4 .K 4 ., 4 3X4 44 ,.-, xx 4 4. X I 4 X N , N Q ' ' N - 1 L viizlfv' , is 5, 1. f My Q N Exif ff s fff' "1 V.QQ 1 ' X - ' Q Q mx 1 K I ' A Q b V ,wsizz ' 53, x QF N A N - ' 1 ,:-V- Pi 5 f , , 4 Q 4 4 4 44, 4 4 .I - ,4444, ff .. ., ' f Q 4 X' X X H L 4,444 . ... A W ,, 4 4 -1 4 4444v Ah: 4 4 4445- g ig 44m vw: 4 4 .:4 ' ji ,. R4 M 4 X4 444 4--' 4, ,,..E 2. ,44. , ' A 4 f, 4, 4 4 4 4 , if .. ,.., A , H 4 , K4 4 , Q, .. V 6? ,NA , 4 ..... . 1 ' 4 " , A ,744 A 4,4 x -' 5 4 4 R 4 4 4 N Q74 " . V 1 ' X , ' I N I4 -. , .ff 4 'T A .1"" J ,. I 4, . " QA A, fi -f , . 'X W . , ,A V ..,V, f V 4, 5 - G.. k 1 7-2, . 1 , 4 . ,R ., ,.,. 4 4444 Q ,Q ,, 4, 44 I4 4 4 44 444 44 44 . V 5 V O SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS tLeft to rlghty Row 1 Kelko Iwashlta secre president Mason Henry class advuser This year over one thousond students composed the sophomore class ot 59 the largest class to ever enter Anaheum Hugh School Its large snze caused such dlsadvantages as staggered session the first halt or the year Despite this they were active In sports and other extra curricular octlvltles Servung at the Junior Sensor prom ushering at graduatnon commencement and the Bug and Little Sister Party are three ot the traditional actlvltles In which the sophomores participated 2 l ,J- l X fi 5 f s 1 taryi Row 2-Lynne Lombard, vice' presidentg Jeri Pullman, treasurerg Bob' Baker. 5 V - , . . . . , . ' I - 1 1 MARGARET ABBOTT RICHLEY ABBOTT HENRY ACEVEDO ALICE ACOSTA JOHN ACOSTA BONNIE ADAMS DAVID ADAMS RAY AGUINAGA HUGH ALLEN MARCELLA ALLEN KAREN ALLEY JANET ALLMAN LEO ALPONTE LOUIE AMAYA JIM ANDERSON MARTHA ANDERSON MICHEAL ANDERSON SANDY ANDERSON SHARON ANDERSON GLENDA ANDREWS ROBERTA ANDREWS PATRICIA ANTOLIN DOLORES ARIAZ PATRICIA LEE ARNOLD ELIZABETH ARREY GARY ASHBY BILL ASHTON PILFIFRT ATHFRTON wwf may A' mv 'hw .-L in f N-. 'v , VV! fb Q! 24, i .nur I I-up 'HW vm, an vi' W al!" CD' ,vw RFQ if -Q lQ..I'..nH Nw I-hu YL.: 4'9" If TY vs' qu 5-.14 A95 419 'bfi 'SI s... pg 'V'-vs un. AQ. 1-. mf INILWENLI 'X' 'C' 'Qi .mar ov '1 41 BRUCE ATKINSON TONI ATKINSON RICHARD AUSTIN BRUCE BAILEY JANET BAIN JERRY BAINS BRUCE BAKER PAT BAKER PAT BAKER ROBERT BAKER LOUISE BAKKER JUDITH BALCI-I DANIEL, BALDONADO DIANE BALLENGER BARBARA BANDLOW LORETTA BARNWELL DAVID BARRIOS PATRICIA BARRY GAIL BARTOSH JEFFREY BATES PAT BATES JERRY BAYARD CECILIA BEARD RAYMOND BEATTY RAY BECKER LINDA BELANGER PATRICIA BELLMORE BONNIE BENOIST BOB BENTLEY NICK BERRY BONNIE BERRYMAN DAVE BERTCH KAY BIBBEE BILL BIELEFELD MARILYN BILLUPS "Qs...p!v 'Hmm 'N ISP Nh 63 JUDY BLAKE PATTIE BLAKE PAULA LEE BLAKE ORVILLE BLEVINS MARTHA BLIAZES RONALD BLUM DESMOND BOOTH DWEN BOOTH DWIGHT BOOTH TRUDI BORDEN BOB BOYD THYRA BOYD GENELDA BOZARTH DIANNE BRADD PHYLLIS BRADLEY DOROTHY BRANCH EDDIE BRANNON RICHARD BRANNON GLORIA BRAY BETTY BRISCOE BEVERLY BROWN BOB BROWN BYRON BROWN JUNE BROWN TERRY BROWN riff' WQ vs -nd ,,,., wfv X-1""54p-Q.: A4 an yxlfif an 'S qw 'Sv' ,gk 41" ma Kr vw' 'lu EARL BRECKENRIDGE M TANYA LYNN BRICKMAN as Q f-Fc: Wu J-'."' sv' .ix ww VT mf 'hu 'V 10's Qu XXX ws ,M K, I4 MP1 'N 'Hr 9 I Y Q Q Y 1 if Avg? 24 -fv uf: ,x 'QV L. , 'Nu 1... ' W 11 5 vH"'A' ,.z, V 'MAG , " jf' sw w 6 W X MMV' N-...r vw' 2-WI 4-4 M, qv- 'Q 'IWAQ sv 'vs gn'- JUDY BROWNELL DONNA BROWNFIELD MICHAEL BROWNING BILLY BRYANT MADELYN BRYANT DOLORES BUIS JOHN BUNNELL BARBARA BURG-ESS ROBERT BURGESS RUTH BURGOS JAN BURK NANCY BURKE EVELYN BURNETT HERB BURNETT RONNY BURNS JACOLINE BUSHNELL DARLENE BUSSONE JERRY BUTLER LOIS BYERS MARY ANN CABALLERO CRUZITA CABRAL MARILYN CADARET CLAUDIA CADDEL CARROL LEE CALDWELL JUDY CADWELL LINDA CALDWELL MARGARET CAMPBELL MERRILL CAMPBELL RAMONA CAMPBELL ROSE CAMPBELL TALMAGE CAMPBELL JR ROBERT CARLSON JANE APRIL CARMICHAEL SANDY A CARONNA WILNIA KAY CARROL ., K . 4 ,Q A E -- ,I',. X . Q 45 A . ' , . - I .. ' 'F 1 "':-, gg, .6 E i as-f' A I. , M V I if W' K + A - :fs A 'V' In A If' I ' W-'If' - 'B . . .A f ,.,.. I It :Nm K , - ,. V Q I 'f zu , , .. V 3 I ' 1 v. N' -.J rf -f If 5 I 3- Y-3 4 JL ,- -gsffw 5 ws' KH, 5 ' A A + 1 s .xx 'R ,gs I .:,' A A ' I , W - 'wr--f - ' W J: -. -A Y,"k"1 t , -,fx I , 1 ' li -si. Xe- 1 , '14 I . wi , - ' . J' - W, , Q L- 'f . . ' -I Q. ' A DIANE BRowN wg, Mfj ,Q - 3 'L' -Li f 'fm' V- ,.,. I" , - I gg, ,J i j A fx Q f A 0 " . J . 7' ' YF " ' ' , -f - 2 Ii ' W 'L I f A ' .N ' Q V - ' - 1 . if if ' A V Q if ---f If - A ,Q 5 - A N 1 ' " ' Z, .:..,V M A fx A '-.,. xi , 'QA , , J gg, ' f 'z f I fi- f V-vl- 'Tv-I I I 5 K. 5 N L --':, 1 ,E ,.:g 1 fg X .N , IZ' t l,-' gm' 1 1 V' N ' ' K is .,,,,,YW M I I 'Q K .Q KL 4: S X up H A iq... In W ' me N E 1, I-gf IM' 6 'L I-33,1 Vz, A I 'W ' ' E315 Baa r V ' AHL' ' A Y- I .. Q wal, 4 -we A if A - W.. A J Y 3? I M92 '- :ff Q, -231. 3 if J, T , , A in I A A -I x..i NANCY GARSON I PAT- cAHsw:-:LL JACK CARTER ROBERT CARTER' THOMAS CASHIN JOE CASTRO JOSEPHINE cAs'rRo OLIVIA CASTRO BOB CHALMERS MIKE CHAMBERLAIN BUDDY CHAMBERS PETER CHAMBERS DENNIS CHANCE JUDY CHANDLER CLARENCE CHAPMAN KAREN CHARLTON MARGARET CHAVEZ ELIZABETH CHOATE DAVID CLARK FRANCIS CLARK DENNIS CLAUSSEN PATSY CLAYTON DANNY JIM CLEAL DICK OLIVER KAREN CLODT LELAND CLYDE MIKE COCHRAN LOIS COFF-'EY K swing M, in f I . 'mi .W ,N ,, : 'T' -' I:' WML 151: Nudist- Q 4 ,- WPA 11 'Adv W vida 'wa 'N-0 '77 Lf N. K.. af' Na -sv an wmv, W., ii 'N 'V Na mini K ' af 'T' W iw ,-new lvigx ny., an wwf 'Sf 1 41 , 4 , .V x., f.. su.. my me - mm .N V wp 'Hip ww ww 'few V if '54 sb- ,, ..., 1 -- MM ' fi w A+-5 - WZ? -A . , ,Q ., , vu. 'luv' 'FY 'fP"G.,. 'Us 'uv T' RW' .nw '01 'LSI' Yr ELLEN COLBY DONALD COLE BELINDA COLEMAN JON COLLIER MICHAEL COLLINS RONDA COLLINS BETH COLTEN LYNDA COLWELL JANET COOKE CAROL COONEY LEONARD CORMIER RAYMOND CORN DOMINICK CORRADINO MARY EVELYN CORRELA GARY GORUM RONALD COSPER CHARLENE COUCH CAROL CRAIG DAVID CRANDALL JACK CRAWFORD YVONNE CRAWFORD AL CRIZ PAT CROFFORD KEITH CRONIN JUANITA CRUCE SEFERINA CRUZ TOMMEY CURREY MARTHA CUTHBERT ROSEMARY DAILEY MYRNA DAMERELI. MICHAEL DANIEL DONALD DANTICE BILLY DARNELL GLENN DAVIDSON BARBARA DAVIS if f r ,M-. Q, 4 35' "WY 'f ,E CKE I 5 i :I-5 ' , fi 7 I 'A my I7 2,, Q ' .34 ' 'A if A I ' L1 I W fa . I '-- -Z3 ' , I 'YI 'GQ if! I 'Q' ' 4- Q sy J. , -H",-' A J . D, ' A ,Tnh ' ft v f I , , or I I 1 , - Am -3 . N, ig ' : 3 Q ' Eff mp I ,fi , 'ZW' ' 'Z A 3, 2 ' ' , '1" . if . - - - . , f'V- A pz- .. - 'Y W . f I AIC.I Agfa , LOLI -'ff A E9 '-?A .9 Ha 'Z Y '3 T' N f I A - In W' :ww 'wg-3 : A New N 'fr' V, ' q I T' II: I 'gr' r.-I A Yi pkvi 3 , 4 .-45 "'Q A - f ,T 7 "ff 5, If I MEM aiz 3- z 1-' 'Nh ,'f, , 1 f X A .V P V K , ,Z WL , .. W A X 54 ' ' I , ," ' I: QQI Q " L- Wm- ,..,l- ' V VA:-I I 1 I It I tg' ' gf fl - -. I I A' if V Q .. A -1.' TT.. . I I 1.IV ..,T" I I ' 'E I 41 51 'Q f 'J 413:54 B A . ,.. , i , Q .,,.. 3 ig!! VA I' V VZ .,.,. I X I C? ' 3. Ag Y M: L K- K ,VV H V , S71 Ha" 41. gg 2 - ,f I 1 ,A w-. , " ' i' EW '54 -' 'Y-fl 3 A f:z2 gL5:g,,Z f" Y! Lv , ' 4, J I , , , ,fx , A A 'W' M ' by .I I I I I '-,., ' I .1 I fe A-LA L- 'Tk 'QI K ' A 'E W 6. A 6 I I M W f 1 W A ,611 21 vi .Off ' I ' TTII. A A I A - -TTT . ' W ,Y :IIYB4 A Q . I, I . - . ,f ' l - JN? A 'LTQ , Q4 ' 5 ' 'WS' CONNIE DAVIS JAMES DAVIS KATHERINE DAVIS PAMELA DAVIS RICHARD DAVIS RONALD DAVIS SALLY DAVIS PAT DAWDY SHARON DAWDY VIOLET DAWSON RDBERT DAY SUSAN DAYTON LARRY DECKEFI MIKE DECKER JO ANN DE MOSS ROBERT DENHAN LARRY DENISON DON DEWELL ORLAND DEWITT RAMONA DIAZ JAMES DICKENSON DON DIERBERGER RICHARD DILLON PENNY DINKLER LYNNE DOCKERRY I if ws I I, I, N., Q. M' Q, gi - - 4 M is 4'-N Q wr ,I, .V,V I . 1 X I iw 'Haw If--Q. dun '11 -ww. ,ga -v-. vw- 5741 we LINDA ANN DODSON ""'.'2" ANN DOESKEN KEN JAMES DOLAN HK? W4 vwfs' Q"lX wr :Sv-an Dv' is rr 'Jaw' mv if hw ia.-an ,46- x.- is 05 wx Q-.lp ww w-.A QW? win A-6 "1" 'Al Wfqumvbrf' 17 fgx be-Mm on ,WWE WS fu. Im. 'Q' .I SK 'Q 2Z'.-'iw N--.qi 'W 'MMR XV in., ww' ww 223' F I' -HI 1, - w I -- AR 'I' HW A if X5 an Nu WW 'V uw MGI 3... we M! 'ffi' LINDA DOLAN WERNER DOTTI.. JEFFERY DOUGAL SHARON DOUGHERTY ROSEMARY DUARTE DICK DUFFFY CAROLYN DUGDALE DIANE DIJNNING RAYMOND DU RON DU SSAU LT DYE MAXINE MAXINE DYM ENT EARP JOHN EASTON SANDRA GLENDA JUDY ALICE EAVES MELVIN ECKERSLEY JUDY ANN ECKLER BOYD EDWARDS THOS ELLIOT KAREN ELLIOT SANDRA ENGSTROM BARBARA EPPERSON LINDA EPPERSON TONI ESCARZEGA SAL D ESPINOZA LYDIA ESQUEDA MARY EVANS DOVIE FANNING VIRGIL FARMER LOUISE FARREL JACKIE FELDT WALTER FENNELL HELEN FENNER LYNN FERENCE JOANNE FERM . A 'lv' ' .if-fx I -f M V' ' I 1 'L I .. -I. Nr 31 I A 'V I I M A N-H 15 fix "5 ' ,ii I , 2 2 E I- V D I vs LA ' I . .:: ' 'I . ,. . I I I W wt Nw mr I , I "I,, I I W. , ., ' 1 .Ji H 3 jj ,W 'x . A A ' IS' 2 .-,,... VVT- I 7' I,, I , J '51, , If 4" L E t ' :I i J lvlq I In 1. is A bl I h ig W 'QT I I V A V . , it . M2 N' I S ... 2' QQ My .CQ f 1. iz , , I jf V ,',, I I ,,,,,,.t 7" . f II':" I 1 I " I ' I -I . I 4,45 I ' 1 Q. I' I ' ' 'I ' I - 4 ,I 4 . . ww ' - I I I I A Ili I I .A I 7 3 I I , ' Y -I ', 'L was I ' 'H ' ---- -Q I' ....., , f 'i" 1922? .Q D I x I K V - : I I.. f I I, 'I ' A A I . I I I , k M, K X -4' 5 Q Q gl ku II Q V K ! My F ,.,V S +225 'illf I I 1 I .QAV N' Ii IA K I . -3 ' - M ., A L - ' yr: I ' " QL L fa. If I 3 . 'I --v' .' - I I I- 'L , M 1 I V 1. I " at "' ku -'-, 2 'I Wxy vv 4 -I .25 vm g I If .:.-g . - 1 H W. 'S , -.3 M AL in vm- V -bzl In -I W J, ., -.-, K . SQ, .Q I I : . . it I JQQI A A NNM, Q I. I..V X, - ' Q . .,,I I ' A ' in A , I " ff? If -izef., 'I - -'Tl 1,i,- 'I .. ' A ,.,,. , , .A D Q If I 1 IV S ' 'Tfvf ' YJ " 1. ,F . E I Invx I " " -, 2 . I I fl V J , ' my -,,, VJ Q '--- :If P' YOLANDA FERNANDEZ JIM FIEBIGER PETE FIRTH ROSLYN FLACHMEIER LARRY FLATTEM CHARLES FLETCHER BETTE FLINT ANITA FLOCKEN SHARON FORD ROBERT FLORES DUANE FORTFN MILDRED FOSTER LYNDA FOWLER PAUL FRANKLIN BONNIE FRAZIER CONNIE FREDRICK ALEXANDER FREW LEROY FRY NIARSHA FURNESS YVONNE GALLANT NORMAN GALLUP GENEVA GARBER BARBARA GARCIA SANDY GARRETT JANICE GARRISON RICHARD GARVEY DYANNE GIBBONS NORMAN GIBBONS JIS V! 'VG' XWW S N-Q, E.-if :movq -of 41' ,444 Ev wav' 'Nm' GQ 4 -....,, 'U 'nj' -Q.. 4 A nrwv Q.. -ar -Q u.. N M Q... "N-f 'M 1: Nw. vu- 'Weiwg 'QTgw.LL 'img 4 ' Li' ,Zi j L G' f L J? Ji' L L53 ' ,Lg LL, ifi J 'Q LA L ' LLL, 2 K" L EL Q an A ' :gi ,Q -1'1" A V ,W LTL' 1.. in Ji? b Q ! QI. 5' LL .. V A, If A A . L I M LL R R V.... - I fl- I X f I J . . LLL ,--V E --3 . - s My ' 5 Q, 3 'I 'Y x L N .AI s I K Q L J., L LL-ff, A eq L.. 'M yd ,Ig - ip L L L .LI ..,,: I L A , A L I if A H? . A L. a A I 'M-B.,LL K. X A I I A .-,. K' ..,. S f :":' i A N- In V , , U Q 4' In . I -' -I 'T . f' 'I I ' I ,gg L M ' L if L H I Q A ,LLL L 'J I ' ' I A . " M h 2 .,.,Q. L Q, 7 , I , :Z 4 V i , ,. SX L A xl 'AAL L.,LL . If ,ia 1-'- 7 I' Tfg-. A' I 7-1 L ' Q .L A ' A.. N. , U ...L I 'V , M4 tg q rv V, 4 L ' I H-.1 ' V I f ' "' I' 'W' 1 "-H' , "' " Q N-nf: 'J f A ""A A I I L 'L,' , I I - ZR. V M , R, 1 , . :v.fEfLIL "Ix ..,L- fs Y I Xl xxx' VL: V.: 1 :L, -.:-' wi I if AAIV Q v E L 1 AI ' in V" - g A wifi! m I if 'E JQ:,:.,,- L' ' A LL., - -vL-V . f L - A L Y, n i R ,,. i Z I and L , . X .X ' L 2 .,L. I -ax ,LL L LLL. . I "' I ' ff 0 If I q, 7441. V D vu V, tu' if VA Q, 'N V i -W I L Mtv I L, O 0 I I I iff -fr f I Il , ff f Msg, Lf I 'f 2. Lf . I ' - Q LVAA- L L 4 , I QVGA! ' ' f I L , LLV. Q L. V gf 3 8 A I LH' '22 L? i " Q. L R I 7' I L V51 6 Vw iv- QZ. ,L M 'J' M ,NM N....' Q., X, 4 wg!-:EW mi "bf Q1 4?""'D mr Q! V. 1.1.1 D mv 'G' BECKY GIBSON ROBERT GILMORE NOEL GIRARD GLORIA GIROUX TOMMY GLISPIN DENNY GOFORTH JAMES GOULD DAVE ALBERT GOVOREAU DONALD RAY GRAEFF SUSAN GRAHAM ROBERT GRALISH STEVEN GRASTEIT CAROLE DENE GRAY MARVIN GRAY WILLIAM GRAY LES GREY RHONDA GRIFFIN CLINTON GRIGGS GLENDA GRIGGS BEVERLY ELLEN GROSS KATHRYN GROSS DON JOHN GROTHE ARTHUR PAUL GUILLET WILMA GULLION JUDY BOBBIE GURNSEY GARCIA EMMA GUZMAN STELLA GUZMAN STEPHEN HABENER NANCY BELLE HAGAN JOHN HALBROOK ETHEL ROSE HALL ,W SHERRI HALSTEAD JUDY HAM BLY RICHARD HAMILTON 2-X at BILL HAMM fr! '94 wud 'S-..-4 P !""'9'K 'MJ' 4801 mx Inf-'W -LVM 'ran HAMMERMn.u.ER MARQTA HAMME1' NANCY JANE HAMMOND PATRICIA HAMPTON n.vNN HARGROVE sRAm.ev HARKER ALICE HARPOLE LYNDA KAYE HARRELL FRANK HARRIS SHARON HARRIS CONNIE HARTEL JANICE HARTUNG CHARLES HASTINGS HARRY HATANAKA VICTOR HAUSMANINGER FLORENE HAYES WILLIAM HEANEY CARL HEIMBERGER GERALDINE LEE HEIN SHARON HEITSHUSEN RAYMOND HELD CAROLYN HELMICK CLAUDE HENDERSON MIKE HENROID GLEN HERBEL. RONALD HEROUX KENNETH HERRING LINDA HIGGINS an are 'Nl 'NP' '33 .Y 'V' f' , , wg -Af N NGA Q? '- X uf . M, y . W ' ,Q Q ' K' I 5 ,QL ,. I F ,px xi f.-,X,.X- I 3 .X 5 ly 'E -'-1 1 .133 ' , M 1: ..,. -'MH AW 'WW' s- el' X if ,Nr 'v' if-'N 'W 'T' -snap 55 .V- If if M., SQ, iv' pa vw Y-vw 'wm- 'V ff? 0M 'Sexy N Fw VW N A me -own na ,Mx 'G M-4' M Am Wm Q 1 F A My 'diy wv 1 ww M-7 'fv .veit 'MAD 'Uv' -QU' '34 V? TERRY LEE. HILDEBRAND MARGIE HILGENFELD SAIL HELEN HILYARD JAMES HISTED ELEANOR HITCHCOCK RICHARD JOHN HOBBS BETTY HOCK JERRY HOEPPNER JOHN HOLBROOK GIL HOLT ROBERT HORTON GERALD HORTON WILLIAM HUNT SUSAN HUNT BOB HUNTER DIANE HUNTLEY JUNE HUTCHENS DELORES HUXOLL SANDRA JANE HYSOM SHARON ANN IDLER CAROLINE IMBLER CARLTON H ING-RAM JACK INGWERSEN TERRY JEAN ISBELL KEIKO IWASHITA ALLEN JACKSON HERBERT JACKSON SHERRILL JACKSON VICKI JACKSON BETTY JAEDICKE KARON JANKE HELGA JARRELL DICK JENKINS BONITA JOHNSON r , ,Q 1, ,, 'I a r .V ,E K U W A 3 Lg, f , if :L I , A-.ff I I J" , ' 1. I ,, ' f I K .V.2 ri' 'f ' ' I I T- 'fr 1 'A Q , Y f l: 'X H, Ex ,f k X - K. . Q V, . f - wx , if , I :V W.. I , va- In ,kt 5 W M N, K 1g, , 45 I . .5 -:,v L ,Ja V in Q ..T,Q-' -- :X 4 , H 1 AN 4 'I f ' I,,. xl , 'I f ff " If-f ,, " If I . " 5' wh .. 'Tw IF I is Q X f , f A VW X - n 'K . is .M 'A ' 'Z' V V . Q Ii ,Q Q -.Klip I iff? 'ig' nga! g QB I A , , ' x I, f I K' TX b ' . I I . I I ' I 5' ? . I ,, I . I ,V :Q I I L x - vi, ,T ' I ",, D I , W L. I gay 4,13 I It jx - -:.f .ggf '-,RL , ' -I - , fi 'E X , ' IEII ' W! if I - , K. I M 64 Xx m SITA L 1 I I - ITI T4 I I I . ' . I X Z" MN? if -., I D P my I 'A' Us "" U1 I I 541 XI II: '.'2- .,-1 .,,- s - - I: VIV' - I 165-A I ywirx , I - I 3, 3 Q I caoncEANN a-aownmo A A ff K 4, I . I M V, ,,. F. in A I f ,..J,TT +39 A mf L9 ' :i .-:nf I Tm, I T , , A , AIVV, A Rx I4 l . A ,,.I I I I ' - I ' ,, -A if . Q- .. .. 3, 1 :wx wg --S Q -is ' I .J'lf5 ' .Q 1... . IEIIIQIVVA I E zuv I ' EVIVI I ":I:':'1:I:ZI1?'v' v 4 . , ,gg i x , I v W LJ IJ IJJ I f I A I A A 7 iw 4 A ' 2259, - M Ig jf' va? 5 A 71? CLIFFORD JOHNSON DIANE JOHNSON DORTHELLA JOHNSON LEOTA JOHNSON GEORGE JONES FRANK JORDAN PAT JOSLIN ART JOUBERT MARLYN JOUBERT PATTI JUDGE BOB KAIN THOMAS KEESEE RICHARD KELLER ARDITH KELLY SANDRA KELSEY JANET KENNEDY SHARON KENNEDY DAVID KENT WALLACE KENT DELMAR KENT KARRON KINARD CHARLENE KING JUDITH LAN! KING BARBARA KINSEY PHYLLIS KENSEY FRED KIRK JAMES KIRKHART MARGARET KISHIYAMA MJ ,Wm-Q Us uv' WP' ..-9 'f-wry I aP"h- f"- -I' uv-vu ,0- 'Nun' 3m wk 0' vu ima? I "x:S'2i'L ,-L 45 "' an un. -Q. ' hr sf' uu- 1'3" JUDITH KJELLBERG JOHN KLIESE CONSTANCE KLIORA .Wh nam' 'Sa' 'WH 4"P 'Lf -., 41: 2 'Jail -Q..-v Q. Wg' au- Q an Avvsvv WV Mkt L. fs- H., -da 'Sf' ow -ring? C7 Hun- N-LM, in-lNexX xl Wan? gs 1 A7341 S1 4'-in 'REQ is af 1 if fs M 1 '- x 42 xr, W jf M in ' -K 3,3 ' A - E 5 'K-' Yi? 10' Us-1 s.- .? '..' av 1 -... DON KLISS LEO KLOPFENSTESN RAYMOND KNIEFEL PHILIP KNOBLOCK WESLEY KNOWLTON THOMAS KNOX GORDON KORLITZ MARCIA KOEHLER JAMES KOENINGS GAYLON KOONTZ BEVERLY KOUBA CHARLOTTE KRAFT MAUREEN KRAMER DICK KREAGER LARRY KUBOTA ROBERT KUBOTA STANLEY KULA CAROL KUTTNER NIAUREEN LAMB IRENE LAMBERT THURNIAN LANIBETH NICHOLAS LAMITZ JANET LANDES RICHARD LANDIN DEWAYNE LARKIN KAREN LARKENS GEARLD LAROUCHE JONESIA LAWSON SUSAN LAWRENCE LYNN LEARNED PHILIP LE BEAU PRISCILLA LEFFLER nr .Q my "'1 - mf M-2 I Q' ' I M 1,-I Q' '11, IF" 5 'A' 4 A 'ffwi' ' 4 . I I QW! , 'V Lk, , WA f T33 f -"ff 'M . as ,. My 1 qblau , M Q X :lu Q , ..:,, ' ' Ar A A A ' '71 I A I 5? ' Q Q 'r Rf E R+-A Q WTI . : W 1 , '- ' 7"" A . v V 1- . .H-K, In T-A .I as v N, 4 I Y t ,I ww. .1 , mn: 1 I x..-A - vrl LQ 'W. 'g.f- W, O1 , I I W I Y A , W Rf A , Rini' .,!"i fiigfkfg 55g ::: ' '. mi "" ' : z ,.- i A, , . 34 V 3 R - - QL ' 3 5 , us .3 A V5 I' A M I, Q- fx f 'Qw- :" - I A , I' 'Lf' 5 . " ':',f K 'W' in -Q "W" f . 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MARILYN LONG DELORES LONN CHRISTINA LOPEZ HENRY LOPEZ JOSEPH KAREN ZENIDA JUDITH LARRY DONNA ROBYN INE LOPEZ IONE LOPEZ LOPEZ LOVERIN LOWE LUNDY LYONS C7-' W7 I? v kv X-QQ? wr Lu-s 'ES' 'MI MJ an 'QP wmv ar av- ,Y ,Cy 9 -'E ,aw f Y 2 , w0'54 5 fx Q Cf I. U T , If s I uf ,,. I N- , ,- , ' W - ""'7'jI A' 'if 3 I Y ".,-2 -. Q 1 S Q .sri Sm , .2 14. w :J if AQ- eYYr .Ev 'pw mll4"'w.., -ul 'Huis 'G' If .wi E.. nr ,Nw dv ,pw .L Q4 an If ,- "Y 1. in ?'4Q' 1-we vi 'SF QQ 1 Q Dv war Aft. .f- . 4 ,. ,R A, 4. ,- , 1. " ' A M an BEATRICE NIACIAS LULU MACIAS VERNON MACK CHARLES MADDOX LARRY NIAGDALENO JUDYTH MANG ROSA MARCONNET DAVID MARQUEZ ANTONIO MARRUJO ROYAL MARTEN MELINDA MARTIN BRENDA MARTINDALE JOHNNY NIATA DARLEEN MATHEWS SARAH MATOUK LEWIS MAUDSLEY RICHARD NIAUERI-IAN MIKE MAXSON ALBERT MAY MARILYN MAYBERRY JOSEILLE MC ADAM PAT MC CARTHY JOHN MC COMMONS LARRY MC COY JOE MC DANNIEL HARLEY MC DONNALD NANCY MC DONALD MARS?-'IA NIC GAUGHY BRUCE NIC GIFFIN JAMES MC INTYRE CHARLES MC KINNEV LESTER MC KINZIE DENNIS MC MAI-ION SUE MC MURRY LENA MC NEELY I v-Q ., 'mf P . 5' E , Y I W A I' s L.-I k . , I OIF A .... X - - ' - I, E A .f S1 I P' 1: -A . 2 I -Y- .JL M , ,,..,, :Q -,gf Q 'yr N:-A.. V -, x I S ' "I 'I A " .1 . -A Ex. -.I , A , A A I if . I Irs. ,gb W ,-.-s "' x Q 4 v, "- -f I IQ. - I I I --' K 4, M 5 A -51 if , ., - A N , ,' wr " ww I , 3 2 M54 J' xx . 5: Q .milk ,A ,H N YV Q I N f I 6- K . XL I 13, A I ,,:Q. I 'V .fi A ., M ' Y,.,1f: A I J, f a .W 1 . I .A . S. A I . " lp- ' -V V- 1 ' -"' if V Y I ' ' A- QW I K hi- .Q " .- My ' N-J '2 ' . Q-4 . p .fi g J E. ' K ,, W., Vw, , v K JA X .K 4 I 2 9.1 1 ' '. , , " I '-. ' , 'T , 5. - I , Qi , , . ' . V' -11 L .. . 'f If Ak V .J -1. Q, a- ' I ' 'I va A . Y I . f 5? Q-,sau - I 'A rf' M M ,,, , 'I I ., K . - A Qs "5 . ,g Q I A W . I - QTN1' , k ,..f A -'W 3 xi ' ' 'lag' K: V ' +R- I .VAP b W. S , I ,. , V Q, I, , 1, A h '::, h l,,,,,ff I 4 , X J if at I f ,bll A I' J? A 4:1 L w X I x in -: I 3 , .,. , , XXX Q X. sm 4 ul! - CAROL MC NEIL BOB MC PHILLIPS BUCKY MEACHAM JUDITH MEADE JIM MEGER JUDITH MEISENHEIMEFI JUDITH MELTON Eos MENoozA ToM MERRELL RAMONA MESA Juov METCALFE ELLA MEYER ALBERT MEvERs Bos MILBRAT JUNE MILLARD CAROL MILLER HOWARD MILLER KENNETH MILLIKAN DENNIS MILLoNzn DALE MILLS VERNON MINER .JOSEPH MINTZER ROBERTA MITCHELL CHRISTEL MITTMAN Boa MOEARRY aw f-Q. Q- ,ff Q, 'E'-1 'va X .ms X Q fi ,en an me--df Q0 "FN-r We vi ,. it-qf "If F8 .pg E4-LL QQ 51's -A mf L' was uw -me A WT? 'QQ -na' up --, -.of im, 'RTF' NORMA MONTGOMERY "' f RONALD Mooov if f A lx Q16 'V ww aM YK xx 'Y Wi , ! 45" . V 'v TUV.-f -my '15 , -no IQ M., 'v f"' xv ww iii' uNw"'v" XQEXNE AF'-vs 'Qu 5, in N , f .mag . ...- 'Y' 'cf VU fit MW A , A 3 I LINDA MOORE HENRiETTA MORALES DIANE NIORENO RICHARD MORENO EDWARD MORFORD BARBARA MORGAN DIANA MORGAN AUBREY MORRIS CATHIE MORRIS JOYCE MORRIS JEAN MORTENSEN JUNE MORTENSEN TERRY MOSHENKO LAURA MOSHOLDER JUDITH MOULTON WYLIE MOUTAFID BARTLEY MUMNIA PAT MUNYON BARBARA MURDOCH ALICIA MURILLO GAIL 'VIURPHY JANICE MURPHY JANE MURRAY PATSY MURRAY NANCY MUSHEGAIN JOE NAKAMURA TAD NAKATSUKA SHARON NALL ARLENE NANKERVIS VINCENT NAPOLI REYNALDO NATIVIDAD CHARLES NEELY MARGARET ANN NEFF SUZAN NEILANS ISABELL NEIMAN 71 ,. ,. 3 f ' ? 3 b I sh V L M, fx A as 3: 7. ' 5 I 61 - W .- Q' , Jw. , 's L 'S . , ,. 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I ' ' " Ky X 1.,u A ., 45 J H A h f SFQJ I A N X V A Q iv. t N R . V... x ,-It-QV J V LE E I f I .R vm KA Q V V, If mt V. Q.. G , .. , M YM . .V 1 I 61 Vg , x L, A A V? A " Ty ' . .VM " 1 J f I , KKZJHA A I ' 1? nw, ., 4 1 X I ' ' L -E ,g 4.,L . I .. , DAVID JOHN NELSON GARY NELSON MARILYN NELSON JIM NEUMAN DAVID LEE NICHOLSON BILL NICKERSON MARILYN NIERMANN DENNIS WAYNE NOAH DAVID NOE BARBARA LEE NORDNESS TOM NORRIS PAT JOANN NORTHRUP GEORGE NOTHEISEN JOHN NOWELL wma OGLE CHARLES CAROL ANN OLDERMATT CHARLENE OLIVER 4- JOHN MICHEAL OLSEN VERNON DALE OLSEN BETH OLSON FAYE LYNNE OLSON MARY OLVERA SHIRLEY 0 NEAL CONNIE ORENDORFF DONALD RAY ORTEGA CHUCK OSBORN SANDRA OTRAMBO GEORGE OWEN .Rin 'WEN rw 1' Ja: Wi '83, 'av V A.-4 As ww sawgnl if -ig C, wa: awww 4'-L' Q if """' 'Q'--Y' HARRY OWEN BILL OWN BEY ,-L bw 'W' fr.: PAUL PADDOCK we NANCY PAIGE .gg V-151 : -wg 55 X . I V ll If, jf' if , .nga-, ' W I 4 uk 'V W R Y . ' ' f . '. Ag I 3, if F I A I IIII I A III I I 'H' "- N' A " All n . fi A.. I ff A' A A VSA M A ' ' 'X , A A I H.. A , 7' 1 ,sf , - -V 5, , .11 I :Q "' E ,. 'E ,, A' X I I - ' I f' N A I f If 5 'Q f ii W 7 4 V X ' J ,. ' - my f 4' -"D V- -7 f : . ,K 'M' .. . IIT: 11" A M' 'fl . .,'- 'fs' Q A r ' - T . .. A 4 . A If i V' is -.'f:.. . . M5..'f:f1J95' , X I, Q K ci- "' -I I lv . K .: K ' 3235 "U A V A .1 -'Z' Q: , A I vi? Y A X I E , hi, .. Ii. -' -',:: 'V I ' 4 it ,,. t . ., , A3 mf 1 "4 ' .V . Uv 1. SWT? 'fwff ,zgzginl N ., x QU- ' it V V :I , '.., Q. ffm K M 1 Wlxk - ' Y M ' 5 T ' '- " af fi "':': - , I 1-vw ' QQ' I I A Q , A Q I , 2122: f I A A r a-A Q, Ri :-. 1 .:,. F Vg' , 1 ky R V 'r I , 55 : . K- L.. A-f ' I L., N. sf, ' L- I EIIQ. A up .W -A ' Q mf fix: 9 ' . ' 9 ijz. V , - f A ':'V ' ' ' ' 1 ' of f A r I X K !4sek x H H . '.,.. 1 A 'V A ,. - f l wif!! 'A , 6 A rf I -L V 5 mf A g ' I I f Y .,,. I. nj Q, ,.-I X . X411 ' ' "' ASW? 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K, Wy' v-s..v B K""" 72 ? -sv, x- 1? -Aa .,,,,, W'-9' vw 'V S7 vw an JUDITH PALKA LANORAH PALMER LOREN PANNIER LUCY ANN PARENT LANAE PARKER LISSIE PARKER SUE PARKER EDDIE EUGENE PARVIN BILL PASSO RAYLEEN PASSO DON PELSER RUOY PENA RALPH PENNELLA JUDY PERONA AL PETER DONNA PETERS DORINDA PETERS PAUL PETERS SUE PETERSON TOMMY PETERSON BRENDA PIERCE RAMONA CAROLE PIERCE DOUG LEE PIERRE VIRGINIA PIETSCH NINA SUE PITTS MARVIN PIATINGA THOMAS POE JACK POLLEY MARLYN JOYCE POOR PAT PORTER CRESPIN PORTILLO JUDY RUTH POTTS FRANK POZOS MARK ALLEN PROCTOR ANN PRUITT JERI ANN PULLMAN EDWARD PUNT ROHOENA QUANDT NANCY RACHUNOK PAT GALE RAGLAND TERRY RAIDY RUSSELL LEW RAILEY KATHERINE RAINEY BEN RAMIREZ FRED RAMM GARY RAMSIER CHARLOTTE RANGE JOHN GILBERT RANGEL DUANE FREDRICK RAPP KAY RASMUSSEN LEROY RASMUSSEN MARY ANN RASMUSSEN YVONNE RAUSCHKOLB SANDY REAGAN SUZANNE REARDON FRENCI-IIE REASONOVER JANE KAY REINEMANN PATRICIA REQUARTH GLENDA RHEA an we 3' Q 94' Q11 Nfl! .as-. ""Y ,-. ww -,V Xl 'wh-f fvv qw ww' -...Q I we 'Duq- J, an N-s.. R 1- vs.. . Xl' , fig A 31' -me .g-1 Alix NV- .a-.. so 'Yi' "-wh H040 uv .nxqn Qi. ,V 321 L.. Iqdxvix X 'Uv 'W ws. Ava- rw 4' .E+ ,., sf -uw we .nr W9 'T' 'EAA .f '5 ,196 vv 'nfs' md 'vw 'V r'N WANDA RHEA SARA RICHARDS MIKE RICHARDSON ELSIE RIDEOUT COLLEEN ANN RIFFEL RICHARD RIGGS RITA RING JOAN EMILY ROBERTS RONALD KENT ROBERTS PAMELA ROBERTS CARL ROBERTSON CAROL ANN ROBERTSON JIM ROCHE JOSEPHINE RODARTE NEOMA JANE RODDAM ADALENE RODIN DARLENE RODIN LOUIS GENE ROEPKE CONNIE ROGERS LARRY ROGERS VICKI ROGERS IRENE RONGITSCH ALLAN ROSE DICK ROSEBERRY JAMES ROTH SHELDON ROTHKE TOM HIRAM ROUSE JUDITH MARY RUCKER DWAIN RUPERT MARGARET RUPERT JANIE CATHRENE ROBERT G RYAN MELVIN SADLER FRANK THOMAS SALAZAR BRUCE DAVIS SANDERS ,ik mr 'V' 10' 'sa M '1- 7+ Q ,pv JENNIE SARAGOSA JOE SAUCEDO JIM SAUNDEFIS BEV SCHAFF EDWARD TOM SCAUFFLER CAROL SCHERER DAVIS SCHMIDT JON SCI-'IOENFELD KATHLEEN SCHULZ VERLENE SCHWANZ SYLVIA SCHWILK JOHN E SEABERN BONNIE SEDLOFF RUTH ANNE SHANNON LARRY SHAVER GARY SHEPPARD JIM SHIGENAKA JIM SHIOTA HOBY SHOLL GENE SI'-IRABEL BOBBY SHROEDER LAURA HELEN SIEMENS JERRY MARK SILVERMAN ED CLINTON SIMMONS LEON SIMS DIANE MARIE SLIGER BETTY ANN SMITH rm NY' my HY sf 'Wk Mun ,,,,-QI Z5-'Gm 36 93? JW Sw' 'Sig' X .ag -Q-'J' ga an--as v- 'QV' ww Qu N.. X vw M- 'rw 6'-od! wnpq ws. -a"'? 'R Vu S-.J W4 2-sa 1-'P auf 'v M -ww' -4-'ia WN' 'iv' , I 'J 1 E ,p I ,, , 1, sf 2' T. Q' A Q , M 4: S ik - 'S' 1,1 ww WBT! 0'-W 'Ii LN, -4 M " as ', I 4' If ? 3 T Q N gg' " X w A uw 'V ...qu El BILL SMITH DENNIS SMITH EDWARD SMITH MILES E SMITH ROWENA SMITH SHARON SMITH STANLEY SMITH KATHERINE JOAN SNOW JESS SNYDER SHARON SOLOMON KAREN SOLT RONALD SORENSEN JANICE ARLENE SOFIRICK JEANETTE SPARGUR ARIVIL SPARKS DAVID SPENCER BILL SPICER JEANNINE SPORNHAUER ROY DON SPRUILL JOYCE SPYKSNIA MICKEY STACY TOM STAFFORD DOUG STANTON CLINTON STARK ROBERT STARR GENICE STATON DAVID STEBBINS BECKY ANN STEEL SHARON LEE STEIN JOHN STEINBRECHER CAROL STEVENS JOANNE STEWART JACK STICKLER GLENN STOCKWELL DARREL STONE WNW N 4' nw A yY JJ- , - JA ASS I '. ,,. M" ' K I I W f: I '1 . ., , I f J' v V AA. W! Q .F V. E. Jw ' I T A '. -IV'I ' -M" 51 . A V TJ: V. ,.',.,,,..,. ix r Y I 'iii' f M ,, K6 "I.v K ,gi .af T'. Y I , ..: IVQII In 1 QV 7 W. I W . 'Q ' Q .., 1 fs- in fl, A,,, Q. ,W i. H Id lin I. W 1 H I ,:. I 3 M A I . 'A JV , -1 I Q ' 4:-1: -A -' Y , .,.. E. at .,f 5 ' Q. ff I 4 1 ' - I , ,.., . I D I 1 AES ,nf E23 - vmg W wJ I 1, A li J ix 'fi XV ' K H, ,ff 335 b 'TZ A I FEE, 'izv 1 ' ' A ' QF ! 1, k ' - in I IJ - 4 X l ,, . ' -J A pf- i M " . M , -M LYNN sums A ...J 6, J nf y ., , J -..-- ,pp , SW, W, 4, M A g A F I W Q .k I., . an . as ., R 1 -ve K rf f , If ' ' f - 1 fi L , , V s 41" w ' qw I vs Y 3 -I , v K k """ - t fx .1 im I I ,, W, A N4 K . - 9 XI. I f " - I 5 . Q- il." -v ni -5' 'I X.. ' - 5 H' . I, I' Q 1 ,, N V, V A "-' 1 ,Q ,Q . 'A E: 55 , 'M 1 yrs I . qliz A V X W.. :Z 8 Q In , kkxr .3 A 1 if A Ha V I, , . 5 1' 3 52.-' '71 i A ., ff 'Lf 4, 'A-'F I ge? ,4.: I M wig, I si q I :Vu - :in I V. U F 1 A , 'Ear if I 3 .:v' .:,, . 1 if ' A A if M, :,. ' 1? If , I me V me , ' 31, ' 1' 2 ' I' I X11 LX L 2 ff? ""' 1- W A , , V U, BONNIE STRACHAN DAVID STRANGBERG ROGER STRICKLAND WAYNE STRONG TED R STUDEBAKER CYNTHIA SUMMERS BARBARA SWANSON FRANK SWEGHEIMER BARBARA SWENINGSON 1? '08 MX! X FBQF 1 HOWARD swemsom W -1- 63 -v' '- RICHARD swewsom Q--f 1,7 V V GEORGE SWOFFORD JANE TADOKORO HENRY TAFOLLA FRED TAVARES CORKY TAYLOR MARY JANE TAYLOR TONY TAYLOR SHERYLE TEAGUE GLORIA TENNANT BOB TERRY MELVYN TESKE GERI ANN THIESSEN VERLYN THORNSBERRY DICK TILTON LOREN TOONIEY HARRY TORGERSON JAN MARIE TOUSSAU '01 1 vm Q4 9 li' -4 ef . ps ind' 'vw ...- we-In, uw 'weve 1 lil it L. X qfu pig Y' 'fbdl rv' ! uf 'Ali if Sv, V' -P6 TIX in ,ma v,,v,s. If MI "'-4 -ls we X Q -vw -v KATHLEEN TRACY DONALD TREVET HARRY TUINHOUT ANN TUNNELL BILL TURNER RODGER TURNER JOYCE TURNEY FRED TUTTLE CARLEAN ULMER YASUKO UMINO GEORGE UNDERWOOD LARRY UNGER WELDON UPSHAW PATRICIA URABE GAIL VAN DERMOST EDDIE VAN NESS CLAIRE VAN TASSEL EDWARD VAN ZEE LUPE VERDIN MARGARET VERDUGO JEANIE VISEL JOHN VISEL DENNIS VOGEL ALLAN VOIGT DENIS VOLLONI JACQUIE VON ESCHEN DAVID VROOMAN WENDY WAGNER PATRICIA WAITES TIM WALLACE CHARLENE WARNER JANIS WARREN FRANK WARRICK JONNIE WASSENMILLER 'rl-is .fa 11' In :QI ,T fl. , I-2 , L Q Q ,N x in n A: S , 'Q hi Q' T I ,- I f Rffffge :L L... ' I. :fp f . I ' ' Qi N , X ZQAQQTQTI, J N , mf? I I Nfl x. E A 2 , ,. O K va- I. K, , M I . M M 4 ,N- "' ' ,, Tl? , A," 'I M' I ' 1 ' N UL I A ' ' xx A ' ' . . . .KI . il K, 'V -V Q r "'. ,, ,, -' .. K: nw A A I " .gs IM. -I , . ', Q 73 "' . '- ' If Q, - 1 53 N- ' ,K - 5 4 If I I. ' - ' -. '11, I, . f' .. -, '- , - ' M- I XX gf9"'."i Iffxlfaf' X 'li I x .. .. Q 6 ' V , Q :Q I K ...T 3.1, R ' 4 :IL ic., ,. :ga 3 Y- A I Nqr' 425' Q any A1 -. -I Av -149 ' 4 1 'III I .. A-M - I I Q Av 3 P mm Q, , mx 4 , QA ss-:Anon TROUTMAN ' H 'V f : mf- tffy vii 4. 4-1 , .5 I 'W :yi , ,P I qw! ii V , ,bb A fi: ' fi Q-I. f , - -I A Q- - . vfgiliafifg -a n .. ' , c ' Q a. ,Q at Ig, 1 ' f ff, -nv . ' v Y 1 A ,W ,Xu , I tw 3 4. x Q ' 'yi 2? Bxx 1,7 ' an I - X til ' " 2 'W I 'I ASI I '53 A ,f I., YJ: ' ,I QQ -V xlg 1 , I M A ' ' . , , f S X , W ' k 'fx I . 4 A 4 I X f I 1 I .mv ' A Q fx., H Q47 A It "' 3 t tex, ' S 5 f. 5 '-2 Z.. , I . 1 Nxrv S: H wil , M' f? JV . ' kim I . f I gif 1 I 1 I , A ,. I A sm x A-A- A A K xx Q xx' i a, 3' ' A sw N M K in W .. "" ,J - 'f R " ,ltgx jj' N sa.: I, I ,, ,' F H 'L Af I J J A 8 fx 4,-fa i . K ' Q L g Q LINDA WATERS LARRY WATKINS MARY WATKINS DON WATT MARILYNN WATTS DEANA WEAR RONNY WEATHERMAN STEVE WEBER BEVERLY WEBSTER PEGGY WEBSTER JIM WIESER DON WELLS DAVID WELTON HERSHEL WELTON JERRY WELTY JUDY WERNER JIM WEST SHARON WESTMORELAND DIANE WHARTON MARJORIE WHEATON CAROL WHITE GENE WHITE LINDA WHITE SHIRLEY WHITEHEAD FREDERIC WHITNEY JUDITH WHITNEY MARY WHITTAKER ARTHUR WICHNER vwvu 6 vw- mu 'ii' If rv T" an in X "vs ...It an Q34 ,Q wa-ac' 'M 'N' 'v -N, swf? 'V sf er --f 'TC Y' 'T ,pl 3,5 V 41 '31 S ti gala L gh, d"1 AWS.,- X-w zniirw- uv- AA -If uf., sf "A if A4 5'-or I wif 4 A-'Z Q 'lx w-N., 05 N1 N-v 'vu sf 'N 'XX 0, LINDA SUE WILBOURN JOYCE WILBUR SHIRLEY WILCOX SHARON WILEY NONA MAE WILKINS CLEORA WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIAMS JANET WILLIAMS JANICE WILLIAMS JERRY WILLIAMS JUDY WILLIS PAT WILSON SHELIA LYNN WILSON CAROL WILTSIE LORNA WINKELMANN ANNE WINNARD CAROL WITSIL TOM WITT DEANNA KAY WITTMAN ROBERT WIXON JANET WOLFORD BRENDA WOOD JUDITH WOODS GLORIA WOODS MARCIA WORRELL BOBBY WRAY BARBARA WUESTNECK WANDA WYLIE MARTHA ANNE WYNNE RONNIE YARBROUGI-I STEVEN YOUNG ADRENE ZEEVELD ESTHER ZELNAR MYRNA ZOLOT Ps as 'ul 1 3: I 'WI' In- ,, xg I 4. Q -- T f- ' I I NL, 1 I I -1 gr 5 4 A -wo N ., K - I , -C 1 , V, ff'-je x 72552 I, Y . D - Sk I A x A - I I, A -ev 2' - T' -51 A -' .- , ' ' I 1 'E' I I 1 I K W 7 , A . , any 52 WWI , ga . 5 4 A Q M P' tk . , 1:4 f I A --Sf! -, A ,4 1 Q' I V I. - ,..1. ,F , , "'s'H,' 1-,,' 3 1 ' ' . 3 V, nf' -:I T. - S - - . ' O2 1 I ,YE .Q W ,- -,,,,. ,- N db K Lb U ew- , A t 1 - I , QI :L 5 ,ff , -P 4 up 5 2 " 3 - , A-ff Q I ' I? .QQ 1513? ' s I I In x - -- - --V r 1 QA ' V' Y V K Hg -I1 L' Q gg . t. x ' 5: 5 J 'I 'M' .,,, f - 3 K. 33, W-nv! . Q , X I n , Vqf fx as -" -f was N 4 , ,. Q., qs 7 , ,- V? V, '75 -4 xc' . T' uw., T ' 'J ,vi I T' .V , I w fs.,'h I Q Q , - , 4 1 'uf I I I' A .vi fa 1: qw .. I ' dw, 'Z'-I N vu ? ,,x xt, f., . P si 7 'Q Q, A? Q H 20 W 1 Q30 Because of oufsfandlng leadershup shown fhrough 'lhe capablllhes of Lynn Oden he was selecled as a person who can ruse fo 'rhe success of Mr L A Lewls nn +he orgamzahon s field Lynn can proudly boas+ of such achlevemenfs as Buble Club preslden+ durmg fhe has he held offnces In many clubs buf he has also enloyed falung parl In such achve groups as Colomsl Kmghls Honor Soclefy and Spanish Club One can well predlcl lhal wlfh a record such as lhls Lynn will assume higher poslhons In his lafer years l Hrsl semesler, Sigma Gamma vice presidenf, and Men's Glee president Nol only GIRLS LEAGUE CABINET ILeft to rughtj Row1 G Clufton P Davus M Jeter M Moore D Bradd and M Kushuyama Row 2 L Oka moto C Ryan L Young D Sannue L Cheatum K Eldred L Woodrome and P Dunkler GIRLS LEAGUE Startung oft the year wuth the Bug and Luttle Suster Party the Gurls League composed of all the AU Connues kucked off theur eventful year Wuth the successful Homecomung Dance tollowung the annual Orange County Gurls League Conventuon thus year held on the Colony campus the League contunued the bug 56 57 year The purpose of the Gurls League us to provude the Anaheum Hugh gurls wuth extra currucular actuvutues and entertaunment Thus years actuvutues uncludecl the competutuve assemblues fashuoru shows dances competutuve prouects and many other actuvutues Two gurls from each class whuch serve for one semester make up the Gurls League DORIS SONNIE Cabunet Thus years cabunet was under the able supervusuon of Mrs Norma Lee Elluott p'es'de"t and presudent Dorus Sonnue LINDA CI-IEATUM LYNN YOUNG KAY I:I.DRED Vuce Presudent 5eC,pgq,y -u-,easurer 80 I 7 L : 1 .. I i f A f' h ff Srvlpped above are the Colony Clems at one of their typlcal Colon st Club as emblles Through thus shot lt was dec ded thwt none of Anaheim s boys are camera sh, COLONIST CLUB All boy students at Anaheim Hugh are automatically mem be s ot the Colonxst Club which gives them all cz chance to below to at least one club on the campus Act vltles ol special Interest to boys were provlded by thus well known organlzatlon whnch nncluded vxewlng fllms on sports hlghl ghts, and the Unlted States Olympuc trlals held IH Los Angeles One assembly was devoted to the armed services who sent representatives to speak ln choosing a career ln the armed forces Rlchard Ryan IS the adviser of thls tune club whose able MICKEY FLYNN Dreslden' was Mickey Flynn pmsldem 1-31: BOB HATHCOCK DON RAMSAY DON BROCKETT Vnce Pvesldent Scrape Serge1nt it Arms 81 . I ' . X! . s . . , . . lr 1 , c . . 5 . . . ,W ' vi uf S: ,ww Z ,Am ,., 1, E Eff 4 he rf inn... LONIAL COEDS tLeft to :ghtl Row 1 S L:lIvwh t L O4am'sro G CI fton 'VI V nt B S: L Sch I L Cheatum B Un er ow 2 C Ryan B Woodruff J Sympsor: M Stewart J Reyn Ids W1Iker K E dred D Sonnre and M Olvera Row 3 J Wrllrams Wlaschrn D :shards J orrmoto J Thomason K Nlorrmoto L Stevens D Hen 'md J Nlorr: w 4 C Krven A Lrngren .4 I N Q fi' ' .wsu I Q 4 ' 'N ,. i syexf' yy: , 1 CO r' -. '- 'e. . I L, . i . . :nce , . 'ms, . uz. . . . g. R -. .. .. . . .. n .K. C . .I .. . . . -. " . G. . '..R' ,.M' .. .. ' .. I.. . s. Ro -.i .J. ROI, , . ' ', .' ' .VI. '. , rs -. . ., . hutz, r . ,, . in. Ib el A . ,, r r . , I , , . . r and D :Jepannrcn ri Anderson : Jeter V Hrt cner J uoege and C Sc COLONIAL COEDS OFFICERS QLeft to rrghtl Row 1 S Llllywh te Pres :dent J Nlorrmoto Secretary J Wrll:-:ms Treasure: Row 2 C Ryan Vrce Presrdent I. Cheatun: Servrce Pomt Cha rman and M Olvera Hrs tor an 82 COLONIAL COEDS One of the most famous and popular clubs on campus :s the Colonral Coeds whrch rs a servrce cruo composed of grrls who must be voted Settrng the spark to :ts eventful year, the cu h d therr tea and :n:t:at:on breakfast The rest of the:r actrvrtres Included sellrng proarams at football games holdmg cookre sales and havrng therr tradrtronal Easter Party rn Aprrl Ther. annual outrng was a tr:p to Beverly I-Irlls to see the The Ten Commandments at the Fox Warner Theater Advrse' of the c ub rs Mrss Maxrne DuCoty and her assrstant :s Mrs Josephrne Snyder vw . ., -. is 'Chef' tt -' ' , . COED ACTlVITlESA1Upper lefty During a hot day this meeting was held on the front lawn. 1Upper righty Officers discuss th lst of appll cants for .membershlp. 1Lower lefty Officers planning annual outing to see "The Ten Commandments". r1Lower rightj lnitiatlon of new t I . . I r X ir . . . Iv . .U . . - . , A, ., GROUP ACTIVITIES Holdlng regular meetungs every Thursday tue Colonial Coeds were kept busy wrth many worthwhile protects thus year Durlng these meetlngs members were requlred to wear their Co omal Coed puns which they recelved at the begmnlng of the year A bug event IU whlch the Coeds pa 'uct pated was the annual tootball banquet held an Decembe At this event the Coeds served the many parents and trlends who turned out For the annual feed Closung out the year the Coeds staged the annual membership drlve whlch was leld ln April Aspiring members were re qulred to have at .east a B grade average and a ment record of 95 or better MAXINE DU COTY Advser JOSEPHINE SNYDER Adviser COLONIST KNIGHTS iLeft to vrghtp Row 1 I: Lollin W Brooks K Lombard B Hathcock M Fowler D Hamilton and K Hysom Row Per D Smit S Schlege J Baker D Ratzlaff G Coo Goodrich and B Larson Row 3 R Barnett A Estrada Bruce Wil liams G DeRuoes 1dv1ser V To'n1an G lmplom and W Newkirk the Colonist Knights are ci group of selected Colonist boys To apply for membership a boy ma t be a iunior or senior with a good grade and citizenship standing H must also fill out an application and must be voted in by the old mern ers. Activities of the Knights for this year includ-d: decorating goal posts for football games selling an COLONIST KNIGHTS retreshments at football games and changing the main bulletin board in front ot the school The club contributed a S200 check to the Umtea Fund and gave out ci total of tour scholarships to deserving students After much hard work the Knights were treated to a dinner and the movie "Around the World ln 80 Days " as their reward tor putting in another fine year. GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK GK 84 H JW? ms.- MHZ- 'HHH if -av sos HA'rHcocK JOHN Mc DONALD PETE PEREZ Prestdem vme presmem Secretary Treasure CLUB ACTIVITIES lllllillkul IIIIIIIIIIIE IIIIIIIIIII sz Shown above on the left IS advuser George DeRubels, adnser, cock, president of Colonist Knights Bob IS donatmg a S200 check TFIDUTIOPS to charntles gnven by the Knights thus year On the ng ot changrng the mann bulletln board located at the front of the X 'KI time Jef' Q I f - I . ' ' 5 f l W b.,. F Q , mf . q S I I - 2 we ' f ,.,- ....,...w.w I ' 5 WM 5 H ' W' is 5 I H W 1 5 - I AV ..,. gif 1 , 7-135 A 3 Q W 4 . gm-Q - I Y K' . . A K ' . . . Avon Carlson, chanrman of the Unxted Fund Druve, and Bob Hath from the Knlghts to the United Fund This IS only one of the con ht are some members of Colontst Knights who had the responsnbzllty school 85 FUTURE NURSES lLeft to rightb Row1 S Sioux D Trimper B Ebert D Nelson Dawdy and N Tennant Row 2 S Nlittman J Conniff J Krah P Johnson M Merritt P Dwwdy 'md S Wilson FUTURE NURSES To start off this year the Future Nurses held a progressive dinner party which served as the initiation for new members In November they attended a Nurses tea at Fullerton JC the club provided refreshments and entertainment at a party for handicap children held at Santa Ana, and towards the close of school they decided to travel to Long Beach to visit a Navy hospital ship docked in the harbor Under their adviser, Mrs Elizabeth Webb the nurses also held cake sales, and made waste baskets for the Jr Red Cross to complete a very active year uw FUTURE NURSES lLeft to rlghty R w 1 M Merritt treasurer and D Nelson secretary w 2 J Kr president and B Ebert vice president S6 where they discussed nursing as a career. At Christmas time L - I ,. as . . 0 - . A v - -. . . y H. Ro - . ah BIBLE CLUB OFFICERS 1Left to rightj Row 1 D Wat kms secretary and C Arant president R w 2 C Zyl sara treasurer J Hicks vce president and K Anderson a viser BIBLE CLUB Students of all faiths may be members of the AU Bible Club under the direction of Kem Anderson. Its main function is to further its members knowledge of the Bible and to bring one closer to religion. At their meetings different portions of the Bible are read and discussed among the club members. On Tuesdays, a special study and verse memorization were held. Whenever possible, for entertainment, the club went to the mountains and miniature golfing, which all the students enjoyed very much. BIBLE CLUB lLeft to right! Row'i C Stevens N Brown B Mahaffie R Whiting D Peters D Watkins and C Arant Row 2 B Flint B Frazier K Anderson adviser R Edwards G Alleman, J Hicks C Zylstra, C Neely L Johnson and G Purcell - , . , . 0 1 , - . V . 1 l . . . - 4 -' . . . , . A . . , . , . , . . , . , . , , . , . . , . . , . , . , Q -as FBLA tLeft to rightl Row 1 L Nliilow J Keach P Fisher D Hollowell C Ouellette P Peterson J Sprague R Hooper L Owens A Cisnios Row 2 E Ivlwc ws J Steye F Hatanaka T Moscouiteh G Hermosilo D Fellbaurn M Robinson L Wenholz K Charlton D Cox 'tdvlsei w 3 G 0 etz wards I u I Fe K Fix and R Nloo CHARLES COX Adviser 35 Q .wb , ,i,' T ,,,,. , iii is '.2f:E:s.r' , -- ,A - WILLIAM CLINE Adviser 88 f i 3 t Q FUTURE BUSINESS Students enrolled in commercial subiects with an A or B average who are interested in securing business iobs during and alter they get out of school may be members of the Future Business Leaders of America. To kickoff the year the group held its installation ot new officers and members and then undertook many money raising projects, such as selling pencils and Christ- mas cards. The club also sponsored the annual Hello Week to help all students to become better acquainted. Members attended conventions at Palo Alto and Long Beach and the Business Education Day at Santa Ana College to complete a perfect year under Charles Cox and William Cline. ED NIACIAS DOROTHY BOVEE PAT FISHER Presvdent Vice Presldent Secretary il ummm, GEORGE HOLETZ REBA HOOPER MARILYN ROBINSON JOHN ECKERSLEY Treasurer Historian R porter Red Cross Rep LEADERS OF AMERICA FBLA ACTIVITIES 1Left to Flghfl Caught In actnon are some students enrolled In a cornmercual class usmg adding and comptometer machines Presldent of FBLA Ed Nlaclas and Pat Fusher secretary, are shown working together 89 FUTURE TEACHERS J i i EE The main purpose of the Future Teachers Club is to help , students planning for teaching as a profession to become f A , better acquainted with the duties of a teacher. It maintained a Teachers Service Bureau to help them 4 WW' fi X A is ,.,. , s ..,,, of in order to Qain experience doing this kind of work. Most ' ot their work consisted ot grading papers for teachers, which . ,..,,,,.,, helped gain extra service points. f As one of its last activities the club visited a college KATHY WALKER LARRY MC CORD campus with Marjorie Pibel, their adviser. . , President Vice President SUSAN LILLYWHITE MARY ANN LINQUIST LYNN YOUNG Secrewry Treasurer Red Cross Rep F TURE TEACHERS tLeft to rlghtj Row1 B Mwhaffte N Pits L Lombard B Schaff J IIn1'in Wi rams S Llllywhl tlegler and B Frazier w 2 N rown L Young L Schulz N C umbers M Kramer J Morris J Ika R W 3 D Rich ards J Sympson J Hein K Rainey J Roberts J Reynolds and L Stevens Row 4-C Ryan K Walker C Kirven L McCord and K Eldred 90 U ' -. C '. . i . , . . , .Pu :.J. 'II' , , ' 'te.C. S' . . '.-Ro f.B .. .. ..n. .. .. ',,Pa.B..FIint. o -.'- '-'XC' 3 VARSITY A rLeft to rrghtt Row1 R Barnett K Lombard G LaG-rerde M Flynn J Morgan G Frederick J Hoare D Brockett M mtth J Dckey and D Hokansort R w 2 L Oden J Marmmg D tzlaff B Wllllams B ta K Fent G Morf l'v Shir auerhan ind R Cabulero R w 3 B B rns B Ar ld J Bo J Ecker y Tanaka Know es B Essex J Avntra G Thor n T Doerr J B1 VARSITY Boys who have earned a varsrty letter rn any sport are members of the Varsuty A Club, another of the several servtce clubs on the AU campus Thus year the club sponsored another boxrng tournament and also provided plctures of past varsnty teams that were put on drsplay Members also asslsted un officiating track meets to com plete a very terrlfrc year of service to the school Drrector of athletrcs, Duck Glover, as advlser of the club and servung as presrdent was Joe Avltla, Vlce Presrdent JOE AVITIA Gary Frederick, Treasurer Marshall Shlrk Scribe Bruce President Williams and Sergeant-at-Arms Joal Hoare. wel 1-0 l rr' GARY FREDtRlCK Vice President 'Mir BRUCE WILLIAMS MARSHALL SHIRK JOAL HOARE Scribe Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms SWIMMING CLUB lLeft to right! Row1 J McCubbln F Thomas, D Mlllonzl, D Bultena T Marten B Hoban J Seabern and N Keo lanul Row 2 D Schoburg L Unger H Jackson J Bunnell E Emory T Leo J Plotrowskl, and L Decker Row 3 D Galle G Park J Bentley B Day Ashton, D Smith R Simmons P Baker and J Welman Row 4-R Brown adviser N Montague D Scot! S Johnson E Koontz, R Gruver R Johnson R Abbott, and D Allan, advlser WH-.q..4 SWIMMING CLU J Seabern Vlce OFFICERS lLeft to r Presldent IN Keolanul lghtj Row 4 Vice Pres: dent Row 2 D Smith Sergeant at Arms N Mon tague Secretary and D Schoborg Serg Mussxng In plcture us Eddle Koontz who for both semesters 92 eant at Arms was president SWIMMING CLUB One of the new clubs on campus making nts debut was the Water Polo Swlmmlng Club Boys out for water polo or swimming are ellglble to be members ot thns club under the co cdvlsershrp of Doug Anon and Roy Brown One ot the mann functions of the c ub was to form a qury un oraer to dlslplnne members whenever traumng regulations were broken Some or the r ClClIVIlIGS were publlclzlng theur water polo and swam meets, and operctlng a refreshment stand at the home football games To tmrsh a perfect year, the swimmers purchased royal blue lackets which made their club stand out from all others lLeft to I ghtt Advlsers Roy Brown and Douq Allan ,fy of ' Q . 1, - I -. ' , . . ' ' . - , . ' , . , . . . . 1 . , . , I. A, . , . . . A . . . A. 1 . . . er, . . . ,B. . , . , . , . n . . , , . . . Wt I I II . . I . I mv I , .. , .. . , , : . xii, 'uf FFA CLUB lLeft to rlghtbRow1 L Hanson advlser R Grlmare J lngwersen S Howell J Koeppen N Montague R Newberg and J Welty Row 2 T Hamrnermlller D Peltzer G Parker G Ptschbeck H Turnhout T Anderson B Fortune B Hamm and R Swen SON Boys Interested In ralsmg farm ammals and dorng agrlculture work may be members ot the Future Farmers ot Amerlca Anahelm s chapter IS attlllatecl wlth the state and rtatlonal FFA Attending places where competrtlon exhnbltlons were held the tarmers compared thelr products with other schools ancl qualttled tor awards glven The only change takmg place this vear was the choosung of a chapter sweetheart It was the ttrst tame '1 several years that a sweethart was chosen by the group fLeft to rlghtb D Kung L Hanson, adviser, and M Bolmger FFA OFFICERS lLeft to rtghtj Row 1 J Koeppen Presldent N Montague Vice Puesldent and G Fusch beck Secretary Row2 G Parker Reporter D Peltzer .sentinel and M Bolenger Treasurer 1. . . . '.. . . . - . . . . . . 1. . . , . . . , . , , , , ' . V 1 , . . . . 1 . ll F f ' . . . .. . . , . . , . - MRS BARBARA WALKER Adv-ser FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Wnrh lhe combmnarlon ol work and pleas ue the Future Hornernakes acconnpllshed many lane thrngs thus year under fherr advns ers Mrs Barbara Walker and Mass Donna Hughes me of thear actrvmes fo Thus r Included holdmg cake sales, helping a needy lamrly at Christmas fume, partrcnpatlng rn a rashron show and going on several held trrps Tnese traps included going 'o Asrlomar for the stare FHA convenfron, and lo Los Angeles for the sec'ron convenron Darsy Nakamura brougwt nonors To AUHS when she was elected to serve as repo .er at the secrlon conventron Se vang as president of This hard worlung club rs Linda Hefrerrn n 'wr rm 45? vs' MISS DONNA HUGHES Advrser -ff'-wif-5 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS 4Left to right! Row1 D Nelson D Nakamura J Morrmoto, R Nlontez and M Kelly Row 2 J Buffrngton N Clayton N Hardnn M Valdez J Smnth L Hefferrn and J Dargatz Row 3 N Montgomery, S Schafer, G Snmonton T Bylsma S McCommons L Welch and B Story 94 ' I ' ' , " - fzjl I I V X , Q gy Avfn .A , ' f' M So ' ' A ' r ' yea L F . A . , , . c . . , . ' , I l 1 TL r , . . , . 5 Y I .ss ' s 1-is 'E 2 X . 9, is 1 1 x R - N Q 5 'S C Q - I S 4. A ew' fre? LINDA HEFFERIN President SALLY SCHAFER measures SANDRA NIC COMMONS Vice President 'ma-P" wo! DAISY NAKAMURA H stornn BU FFI E STORY Secretary MQW JOAN SMITH P11-llamentarlan , ,wa ?4S ,A Shown above rs a typical 3CfIVIfy nn whlch a homemaklng class partlcxpated Under the watchful eye of Mrs Barbara Walker advnser preparations for the Easter holiday were made 95 HONJOR SOCIETY FIRST SEMESTER ILeft toughtl Rowl M Stewvt J Sympson D DeConnIck K W1lker B Woodruff J Roland AndeIsor1 OIVCI1 I w Ite 1 'I I'II s R w2 N P ts P DInk e I I I os e nen11nn 1n es Ioutn11n Kmmeu OIIIS 1 ev w Imonton nne y IS I ann IU s Iurl S Nlliilllan D lngwerson F Hat1n1k1 'Vl1ckensen D SONNIQ J nolds M I r r Ir 1 an J WeI CI w -I B 'In ers Ol W Broo s 1vIson R KellcI N wn I1 L M1r ht B Wlson R TsuIIck1 T Wtt 1nd D I-lokans HONOR SOCIETY l ,R HONOR SOCIETY SECON SEMESTER ILeft to Ilghlf Rowl D HeIn M Stewart J Sympscn D DeConnIck K Walker B Wood f J Roland K An er n M trong P slm St ens S I whIte WI Iams n P Gustm Row 2 L Scholz C Robertson ts I B Maha I L Stev s W s In H aka R II mann an es S Ioutn an Iamer M lI'l ert Nl Robrnson and M Cuthbert Rw 3 D radd C M FFIS P Dunk G SI nton S Mlttman D Ingwerson M Nlackensen SOHHIE J ynolds S er a erner 'an Irxen w J DICKS D I-Iokanson C Oge B Sanders Iooks E o I VI I IS su o 1 Wltt C UVTIIHO 1nd L Johnson 96 . i if I K. ' . Nl. ' M. Strong, C. Moo'e. P. Davss. J. Carmichael, C. Stevens. S, LIlly h . ,nd J. NA Il . Tl . o -- . it . . ' - I II. J. He n. B. Mahaffe. L. Stevens. G. Wlascnn. B. Schaff. P. J Un. L, Daily. J. R . . . J. L. d . S. T' . . M. f '. J. M A . .nd B. Eb 't. Ro 3-G. S . J. Ke d . M. K' hy .. Nl, B'Il p. N. B'a . . . . . . . . .. lvl. I . . . . , Rey . Pa'ke. B. F aze. J. Palk.. d . 'n 4. Ro - . S. d '. E, L Iln. . k. M. D, . . J. 'ak. wux. . . olf. J. Lig , . . . 1. . I .. , on. 3 F5 x Q-A I . W S 5 .5 g f I?- J. Q ,J ' . . 1 2 , A .1 . .I-'N I . Q., ,. I i . ' I 'Y 1 , . 'Q' ' 1 IJ I Q I 3 ' .L fr x v "4'n,f' '1 at Z. in Ill gf . A D ' - . , . . . . . ' . . . . - ruf . . . . d so . . S . . Jo A . C. ev . . L'Ily ' . J, 'll' , a d . ' . - . , - . N. Pit . J. He n. . ff'e. . en , G. la ch' . F. atan , J. e 16 . J. L d . . T' 1 . M. K- -, J. 0- 's. B. Eb . . . . . o - . B . . 0 ', . ' Ier. . mo . . . . , . . D. ' , . Re . . Park . B. FFHZICF. J. P lka. J. W . . d C. K ' . RO 4- . y, , , I I l , - , W, Bn . , L II n. M. Da son. J. L ght, B. WI on. R. T j. k.. T. . . .. . . FREN H CLUB WMWW ENCH CLUB cLeft to rngbty Row1 F Harpole L Panent M Neff D Clnito mcent B :ms and J Pulman Row 2 G Smonton M Mackensen J Koclna, S Ballman M Rupert and M Martun Row 3 G Ko lutz R Hamnlton and C Oge RADIO CLUB .r RADIO CLUB ett to rlghtj Row1 R Tl N Todd D Del-laven W lllams and S Rothke Fl w 2 G txrrat Hed D Ree and B Smnth adviser 9 ' 'Mx D, . wflmewwfy ,V 1 501 , , Y Q. ' sr ' iv. X ".,' 1 Q 1,5 f W 1 ,,,,,.Qe FR ' V - . . . . . , . ' H. M. V' . . S' , . l . . z , . , . ' . , . , . ' . - . b' . . , . E . I 3' 'Q-,, Mfr' K K P , Q . K L+ X iw, I K Q lu .A ,f V I 1Lv' -. h'Il.. .. . .wr , . . Q -,5' ,R, n,, d HI -Y CLUBS Even with such a small membership, the Hi-Y boys had a very busy and eventful year. Donating can goods to the Salvation Army, participating in Youth and lndustry Day, contributing money to the world service, entering a float in the annual Halloween parade, and entertaining the Oakland Y boys were some of the many activities of the club this year The club also sponsored two boys to go to a Y conference and Bob Hathcock t Boys State at Sacramento For entertainment the boys planned a trip to the mountains in the winter and a beach party in the Spring to bring an end to a very ambitious year HI Y JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES iLeft to right! Row 1 A Hunt 5ingertB Hammatt W Daw Row 2 K Geringer C Osborn and as on IY ENIORS tLeft to FIQHIHROW1 C learns D ultena L den and McCord w 2 L Fowler S Howe Hathcoc Olsen and K Howeiy o g , f ' A -We A ,M , , ' ' 1 i. at it 4 ii S t . ,Q if ik . c , , ,we I ,iffy 1-'wg tl A V Y Qw'Y A 6 , .,.-. "ily-J it 'rs ,. , g -TT, , A X tat . V i I ' -.S ..B ..O. L. .RO -. .. lI.B, kN TH ESPIANS W As head of the drama department, Miss Beulah Bayless made a change in the Drama Club for this year. She affiliated AUS Drama Club with the National Thespian So- ciety as troupe No. l674, an educational organization composed of teachers and stu- dents. The clubs purpose ns to promote interest in dramatic activities among boys and girls in high school Any student who has played ln a full length play or has played two malor roles in one act plays is eligible for membership The tumor and senior plays put on by NATIONAL THESPIANS oFFlcEns u.en to r-ghtp T Stuckey members of lh'5 0'9cn'zol'On proved h'9hl7' president J Sympson vlce president C Ryan treasurer and C I Arant secretary SUCC955lU I Mk A-G Hayek? ,fr 4f NATIONAL THESPIANS lLeft to rlghtj Rowl L Cheatum L Blakely N Wallace C Wassenmlller G Clifton M Taylor P Fader an S Palmer Row 2 S Lnllywhtte C Ryan, D Hamilton L Marolf and J Burgess Row 3 B Wilson J Sympson G Kirk and J Boege Row 4-J Roland C Arant T Stuckey B Scherer L Daily and L Peterson Row 5-L Palmer G Holetz G Collins W Brooks J Wicker M Llnqulst and J P a 99 gg s , , 'A l ,1 - ' ' l g ' i , " 5 J 5 WE ' L 1 I l X, Q fi. N will J V ' , ,nfs J , ISS. liifi d . . -. ' , . . ' . . V . . . - . ' . . , V. ' , , TRI-HI-Y , All girls belonging To The Tri-Hi-Y had one olher very evenTTul year under The super, vision of Nan Moore. A big membership drive was held aT The TirsT of The year which helped To sTarT off o fabulous year. This year The group sponsored many social evenTs. Some of Them were The formal in- ducTion ceremonies, The YouTh and Govern- rnenT Day, The world service carnival, and The unTorgeTTable Cinderella Ball held aT The Disneyland HoTel. Several service proiecTs concluded an evenllul year Tor The Triel-li-Y girls.'fff .fr . T' Fi-.r"A'1"'f.farw..w..'1 TRI HI Y COUNCI lLeft to rig w 1 S Lil hite worship ch1rr mein C Ryan vice president 'und J Sympson pres dent Row 2 K Wwlk rewsur r Vincen r tarnn an B S ms secretu 'bs NIOR TRI HIV lL.Eft tc rr ntl ow 1 r w r 0 t rncen IS B Norris Anderson J Bozwrth D Nelson B Cossey S Hendrix, F Hatanaka and D Wright R w 2 J M rrrs S Lopez S Zuck L Herron S rmonton J Kocrni M ew1rt P r n v ern 'nsse e son '11 y Re s O vera J ly P Gustrn L Schulz ind K Rennie Raw 4 L Cheitum K Hathwwiy S Schafer P Dargatz D DeConnick K Anderson S Pwlm M atkins M aylor out e Tsutsunrl an EI re Row 5 K Walker C Rywn L H1ygood A Lindgren C. W'it s Mwger D onnre rrr o r r L L, Wilson ind NI Lockhart 100 .. f y w. 1 W. . - - L htl Ro - . 'Iyw ' . ' ' f '- eri tl' fi 'e':l M. t, his: 1 I: d . i 1 .A i . ry. U ,,-s. I I . ' f Q, j I I 5.. ' T Q 'w SE - F ' 'g R -S. L'lly hte, L. Okamot , S. Vandor, V. tzllrot. M. V t. B. Sin . N. erger. Y. ' ' . C ' . . f' . . . . . . ' . v - . . 0 - . o ' . . . . . . . Ross, R. Cagley. R, Sutherland. S. Parker, P. Porter, M. Bakonis, L. Young. P. Fisher' P. Rettrg. and P. Cope. Row 3-J. Williams, G S' . . ' .. . St f '. . Iso . S. Pharis. S. V. T. I, L. Blak ly. J. Symp . L. D1 I , J. ynold , M. I - . . Far e . . , , . . . . - , . , . . I . . S , . ' . . ' . . , . . er. .W ' . .T ,S. St .Z. R zz. P. ', d K, do d. - . '. . . . . . . . ' - , , .Q B. C . . S . J. Mo'r1ot . B. Ungey C. Kr ven. J. ight, 1. , . . . TRI-HI-Y JUNIORS " ff TRI HI Y JUNIORS fLeft to rrghtj Row 1 G Wlaschrn, B Woodruff J Roland J Campbell M Wakefreld L Casebeer J Rau C Meger D Clrfton J Errgh S Boutcher L Hefferrn K Morrmoto J Smrth J Tnonason C Alvord and M Jeter Row 2 C Moore M Strong Hathcock G Krk P Fr L Agren J Leach P McAuley C Vanderbrlt L Sperght V Eddleman M Mackensen B Prerce A Bennett and M Bender Row3 V Hrltscher C Schutz A Story J St Pierre B lshman, L Waldrop R Stanley L Wenholz D Fell baum C Van Verst J Porter M Robrnson and V Acton Row4 S Davxla J Young N Chambers J Mrlne, J Sawtell S McCommons C Terry L Welch J Brown J Eagleson, B DeJager G Parsons, K Glemaker, and S Shakoran R w 5 L Nelson L Mendez J B f flngton J Burgess D Bergserd B Swanson J Boege M Lrnqurst S Stellhorn H Webb J Curnmrngs and C Stregler TRI HI Y SOPHOMORES W' Vg,-s 9 r3mx IRI HI Y SORHOINORQS L gntj Row Lo s ' V I Dn er rlbard C 'Vlorr S 1 r wne I r s c ' w Brovl we 1 R Coll Freeman I lNhrte ortr dge S Reagan N Roddam B Murdock M Koehler S Ford M Kramer M and Sedduff Ro w ' lz 1 u rners ro IN e r a 1 B Brrsc P 0 e N Wrlklns D Dummrng S Jw ew1rt A Flocken D Lrnk and ea w -r C e s r Rm ,Andrews R Andrews M Hammwtt avcl-t r s 1 Romer s Swenrn n axe Mos cr ev N Hammon an R'1rn y Row :r L Wrnkel inn P ' ur P Div r Lrs 101 . ww' 4 .v X Y A ' A li kg ' Q " Q 1 'iq it .H 'X K x D1 ".'.z3.-dren. ' 3. .2 . - - 1 - b' . - , . . - - - - - - r -- - - v - ' 1 1 1 . A 7, v in ' 2 . fix Q Q -fr by . 1 K . 1 v . N9 v re . M ' T I .. W' + W " 4 1 - . J Q P . , ' Q A' 1 5 4 5 . , . 1 f., ' . 4 V . A 3 ,K ' " is 4, 1. N gf-s I-, It Q f KV 5, V. it H- 8 .Y f M . " SW W.. rr' ' :. li 4, 3, ,N A " wg ' .4 " f'-2: ' F - f G P r eit to rw .. 1-B. Fl nt. L. Macras. C. ' pez. A, Aco ta. K. oanke. W. Jyhe. M. Watts, P. kl . L. Lo. ' . . . "1 . G. l-lcwvarod. J. To.rssau. R. Passo. J. B'o l. P. K. Ba 'nez and B. S haf.. Rc 2-J. 'a l?'l, M. Ol' r.. . I'ns L. ' . ... ' . G. Sh ' oi . . . . . . . . . . . . '. . Martin. C. Schrer. B. . . 3-K. Scnu. . S. Troutrwan. L Johnson. C. S 'rw ' J. EV ulton. Nl. Ca pb II. S. G-amrr. . ' o.. S, Teagu . . . . . K. nf . J. St C '. . . . ' , J. M de. Ro '- . St ven . J. V'sel, R. Q. G. ' ' . . ' . . 1 . . L. B ' fe. S. Hy cn . J. Ate. B. X ' gso . P. BIA . L. lr ld '. . d, d K. C e . '- . - nr. . . .Vl ':'ay. . '. rs. J. Bu'k. P. Joslin. and D. ' .k. ,M 'W ff' 1 xg MOZART CLUB 4Left to rlghtj Row 1 Nl St wut K Ande son D Sonnle S Ross M Vuncent B Sums D Hallowell 'md P Boettcher w 2 V H1 scheu C P utz omison P an 'ev om 11 .n 1 Johnso 'un Nels Row 3 C Klrven L wh te C ywn I nl son e no s e I 1 x w 4 e t Gre e D Stwples ewpy C Stew n 1 eu B I B Soop und F Tnonms MOZART CLUB SHELDON DISRUD Advise: MOZART CLUB OFFICERS 1Left to right! Row 1 M Vincent hustorxan P Rettlg secvemry A Story vice presrdent Row2 B Otta sergeant at Arms D Bourne presrdent and S Morrns treasurer 102 Z. 1 F 2. ia ,iv- ' K 5 ff . ik . ' . I .Q an I . .. g . " I s. -3, 3 4 I fm' X .1 xii., fx M' X . .gm , , , ,ff f K X' . ' - . e . Q . , r . . ' . . . . ' , . ' . . . . . , Flo - . 'lt 1 . 5-11 . J. Th 1 . . D k '. L. I. bf 'd. D. L k. C. fWAOI'FlS. D. r1. 1 d G. on. - . ' , S. illy : . . R . , K. Mfnike . J. Sy p , J. R y Id . P. R tt-g, M. Taylox .nd G. Fi . Ro --R. Barn t , G, ' t I, . 1 . B. S . . . ft 5. J, B1 k f. D. ouhe. . . 1 . ' 4 . The biggest project of the year, as in other years, is the presentation of the annual "Top of the Pops" a musical production completely written, directed, and produced by the club members. This year's theme was "A Tour ot the United States". One ot the many other activities was the purchasing of a new Steinway piano for the new music building which was not com- pleted until this year. Sheldon Disrud is the adviser of the Mozart Club, which is the only fully or- ganized music club on the AU campus. L Students who have a greater than average interest in the field ot music may qualify for membership to this well-known organi- ZClllOr't. With "Top of the Pops" comes the chorus lines. Above are several stu- students trying out for one of the many chorus lines. GROUP ACTIVITIES Shown above are the Top of the Pops directors discussing the plans for the record breaking show 4Left to rightb Row 1 Ann Story Pat Rettug Duane Johnson Charlene Schutz, Dennis McMillan and Carol Ryan Row 2 Marlys Stewart Glen Brookman Caroline Klrven, Vick: Hlltscher, Carole Davis Rudy Pena, and Carl Adklsson 103 I. vi ' - - ' ' ..- A 1 , , F v - 1 v 1 v , . EWS' QQ' NIACHINISTS CLUB 1Left to rrghtj Row 1 G Implom L McCoy H Washburn, T Dardarlan advrser B Otrambo, G Gutierrez and Calleros Row 2 A Ca eros L Unger T Peterson R Rosales G lwashnta, and G Fores Row 3 C Booth, adviser, R Davis, L, Wyan D Clark R Rarley, D Vogel and C Chapman 104 MACHINIST CLUB A boy noprng to secure a rob as a machrnrst rs helped by rornrng the Machinists Club under the supervrsron of Claude Booth and hrs assrstant Thomas Dardarran The club rs composed of boys from the vocational machine shop classes, where they are skrlltully trarned Members ot this club cover observation ot Indus trral practices and productron techniques, research prolects, on the 'ob practices, toolrng of speclal machines, such as, turret lathes, mrllmg machines, surface grrnders, and tool and cutter grrnclers Tr ps to Kwrkset Locks U S Electric and varrous other places were engoyed by the club, and at the end ol the year the club had Its annual party at a local park C BOO-I-H T DARDARIAN Advrser Advrser .ff T. .ig I 35, L 4 l . ' 1' L ' , , L . . , . . ' - . , . , . I . A , A , . I . ' 3 x R. . - .- ll . . , . , . , . . l . - . . . r - r - - , - . 1 I , . . . , . . Q ' 1 QQ GARY IMPLOM HENRY WASHBURN RON RAILEY TOM PETERSON Presldent Vlce President Treasurer Scribe OFFICERS AND ACTIVITIES -SNLWCWS Caught at one of their many meetings are the members of this orgamzatnon, at the left At the right, two of Machinist Club members work on one of thenr projects, whale another looks on 3 EI ' 1 if W , I, . Aj - K' M A I N f - I A Ww.mi'k v f , -N . , V P. Q r ' W I 'I , S Ll 5 , 1, by Q 5 1 I g I I' lx A 3 ! M.. i ' " ' ' '1'.Q3ffgf'Z.f'.vkfQii1fL? 14T1"s?f4'f'iff-'i i fi Mk ' BILL LARSON President st. ""'U' DA'-l: RATZLAFF LYNN YOUNG V P 'ce resldent Secretary Treasurer SPANISH LUB Taking a tield trip to San Juan Capistrano Mission was voted the biggest activity ot the Spanish Club for the year This was one of the many activities for the club who had c very busy school year In order to be a member ot this club stu dents should be taking Spanish ll or Ill with a good grade average A student enrolled in second semester Spanish I with an A grade can also apply tor membership The main purpose of the club is to help students to become better acquainted with the language and its customs Acting as ad viser of this popular club for his second straight year was Jack Copenhaver SPANISH CLUB 4Left to rightj Row 1-L. Herron, P. Davis, P. Joslin. B. Schaff. V. Hiltscher, J. Williams, M, Olvera, C. Schutz, B. Brooks, and L. Young. Row 2-J. Quiggle, N. Pitts. B. Ebert, B. Woodruff, J. Roland, J. Hein, P, Dinkler. C. Morris, P. Webster, and A. Armstrong. Row 3-B. Hatfield, R. Keller, B. Mahaffie. M. Billups. J. Light. D. Sonnie. C. Ryan. C. Kirven, J. Reynolds, and B. Frazier. Row 4-J. Copenhaver, adviser, A. Estrada, J. Nakamura. T. Merrill. D. Hokanson. B. Hathcock, C. Warner. J. Palka, M, Bakonis, and J. Mclntyre. 106 iw. +-'CU A.. '-1' ff vi 1.-:yr C one sl' if A if- ik cz:- FK ,ng .Jam .f---. .an nf 4""'9 Perez Peterson C rv n C Ryin and VV Broo s RED CROSS Ardlng needy people Hungarrans and hosputals are a few purposes ot Anaherms Junror Red Cross Councnl under the drrectron ot Mass Neva Solt Thus councll not only arded IH the blood drrve but also sponsored a drnner the Umted .und Drrve and the Hungarran Relnel Drrve Another tunctron ol the councnl rs to gave the dllterent clubs on campus hosprtal pro, COUNCIL ects such as makmg cllp boards coolaes tray favors lun ooxes and puttrng on partues for the small chrldren Wrllram Brooks, councll presrdent was one of the sux student representatrves chosen out ot three states, Nevada, Oregon and Call forma to attend the Pacrtrc Coast rea Councrl vvhrch was held at San Francrsco rn Decernber ,Avi 'bf' WILLIAM BROOKS SUSAN LILLYWHITE LOU ANN PETERSON Pvesrdent Vrce Presrdent. Secretary RED CROSS UNCIL 1Left to rzghth Row 1-J. Morris. B. Nlahnffre. S. Lillywhate. G, Slmonton. L. Young. and N. Solt advls r Row ' C . Ka' e . . . . . ' Ki , 1 r f , A I l 1 H ' I I' : . I 1 . , . . . I F.. A rrrlt V ,,,. MUN' f fl , 7 'fr 'C-Q? LATIN CLUB 1Left to rrghtj Row 1 B Jaedrcke B Berryman M Mrrckerrsen V Eddlemzn T M'rcken en J Krellburg K Youngm'rn P arshall 1nd N Tennant w 2 N own F hom'ts P obel M f J Baker D Hamrl o Barnett D Rogers and Stevens Row 3 W D'rIy advrser B Frazer G Sedn M Davrson J Protrowskr B Danley B Stouder E Lollrn 'and B Hoban VEDA EDDLEMAN Consul NANCY TENNANT Secretary 108 LATIN CLUB Thrs year the Latrn Club was oft to a slow start and drdnt get organrzed untrl the sec ond semester The reason for thrs was lrrte rnterest grven to rt by the Latrn students on campus Latrn Club trnally became organrzed at the start of the second semester to have rts tradrtronal prcture rn the annual ln Aprrl the club rnrtrated new members by havrng a slave auctron rn the Lrttle Theater Money from thrs went rnto the club treasury and also was used to trnance the Latrn Club ban quet held n Aprrl Even wrtn such a slow start the club had a good year under rts new advrser, Brll Daly EUGENE LOLLIN Consul in"""""'? X BUD DAN LEY Treasurer 4.33 M P , . . . Ro - ..Br , l. . . .'G. ,L. arbI,. . . 1 tr1,.R,l ' l V, - , 'lf ' a 1 W 1 ' K t ---' PRESS CLUB lLeft to s ghtt Row 1 D Smtth L Stevens G Wlaschm J Morlmoto A Llndgren J Light S Van lassel M Olvera an S Shakomn R w 2 J Greene D Rogers J Roland G Clrfton J Wtlllams P Co e M Watkms P Rettug D Hathcock and J Porter Row 3 P Perez A Estrada J Hopkins C Munyon R Carmel B Hathcock and advuser L Qutlle HERIE VAN TASSEL Presldent JAN CANTREL Treasurer PRESS CLUB Students composed ot the annual statr and lournansm students wlth an A or B grade are members of the Colonlst Press Club wnose advlser as Larry Qunlle Thus year the club attended a yearbook conference at Orange Coast College IH the fall and a Iournallsm workshop at Santa Ano College rn the sprung At these meetings ex perlenced lournallsts were on hand to lead dlscusslons In different types of lournalusm work The purpose of tnese meetings was to help students put out better annuals and news papers Awards were given to the best annual and newspaper and also to the top wruters on paper staffs from each school rn Orange County that entered ln the competnon ANDY ESTRADA Vvc Presdent ANNI: LINDGREN Secretary Vu f I .. . ' A S - ' . A L GIRLS RIFLE TEAM 1Left to rnghtl Rowl J Keach R Gurrow J Spencer 'md J Moshenko R w 2 D Roger B Wrck P Parshall and L Nah en COLONIST TORCH AND Fits lllviqif N--'ii' TORCH AND SABER tLeft o rlghtt Row 1 Barnett and B Darden 110 GIRLS' RIFLE TEAM Any gurl on the AU campus may be a member of the Girls Rrtle Team under the gurdance of Mrs Cora Watters Teochrng the gurls the ways of handlrng a rrtle and also partrcrpatmg rn numerous rrfle matches rs the mam purpose of thus club The Rrtle Team works along with the Torch and Saber In therr actlvrtles The Torch and Saber rs composed of boys takrng cr cadet trarnmg course Therr advrser rs Donald Merritt Both of these clubs worked together to sponsor the annual Mrlrtory Ball whrch proved very successful Helprng wrth the dedrcatron of the new Walt Drsney School was one of the last oc trvutres ol the Torch and Saber SABER CLUB Hutchens H Goodwrn an D Malone Row2 B Lrttle D Merrrtt advuser . . o - . . . ' . . l . l L .I U. L K Your R " 5' ff? l l A qmzsgffmft p .W A '--' 5 , N'- A o L A -4 Q . A 'x 1 N , I 1 3 1 , G A . in K .X fm I Q 1 1. . I f ' I r ,V 57 K 'I Ay 55' - , , ' .I A xv, , 'Egg if kb ' im, , sq ru I L ' f i 1 4 L j f 3, D A f t ' -Fl. , A. . . . d . . - . ' . . ' . GAA GAA is composed of all girls en- rolled in seventh period physical edu- cation who participate in interclass competition as well as going to other high schools in the county for play . days. This year Anaheim played host to a Color Day lor all senior girls from several other high schools. The purpose of this is to promote friendliness besides teaching the girls the fundamentals of different kinds of games played. As the last outing of the club, under the guidance of Shirley Bayard and her Qggigtqntg Mildred Elllottl Qnd Betty GAA SENIORS lLeft to right! Row 1 S Boutcher V Elliott D DeConnlck K Anderson :VI OLve'r:a M Taylors tl: Haygoocg and K Hathaway Row 2 L Pletz J Morris M Brad T ey ischle ic ards K ldred L Schulz and J Sympson Row 3 S Schafer P Lonccs er me glrls amended 0 GAA Dargatz J Farley N Wallace K Walker R Simpson L Cheatum and C Ryan Row 4 F R Conferenfe O, Bevedy Hills High Schooi end J Light A Lindgren C Kirven J Williams and S Lillywhite man B Lykowski M Moore C Schutz K Morimoto M Jeter A Harris J Smith D Sllger M Koehler, and G Howard R w 2 J Reinemann M Pierce, B Berrymann, S Schwulk P Dinkler D Morrow T Bylsma, B Mahaffie V Hiltscher, J Boege L Peterson L Hefferm J Thomason, P Barry, and C Lopez Row3 M Billups J Meade A Story S Boutcher G Halvorsen, D Nakamura Spe ght D Hein J Roland J Porter M Robinson L McNeeIy S Ragan N Roddam and D Bradd Row 4-J Kennedy S Hysom J Roberts S Graham, J Hutchens S Ford and J Toussau Row o B Jaedicke, G Thiessen M Rupert B Schaff B Gibson N Wll kms and M Campbell Row 6-K S hulz B Briscoe J Werner, J Moulton K lwashnta C Robertson M Kishiyama D Mills B Wood ruff and J Brown Row 7 M Parker M Niermann S Troutman J Landes S Heitshusen J Cooke J Willis M Hilgenfeld M Wat kms K Snow L Harymel J Vlsel L Freeman and J Stewart 2' x K, Li it ff wp '73 GAA JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES ll-eff to Fi9h!J Row 1-P. Davis. P. Joslin. M. Hammett. G. Wlasch'n. M. Tague, L. Winfrey. N. Sta- .. ,. . -0- . V . i . . I , . I V h . v V - V - - v - i 'V . . . I. - . V - V - V - V - - V L I ll - 1 i - I n . l i v -l I - l -I - 1 111 P PCOMMITTEE QLeft to rlghtt Row1 N Berger E Mejla Y N rrs C Anderson C Meger J BH M Lunqulst S Boutcher D outcher and S Pharrls R w3 K Youngmwn S Haney M Tague A Cobb B Lykowsku C Swan J Mnlls J V I J Meide 'an Lydla Mendez Row4 D Clsfton C Osborn B Hathcock N Fell D Hamllton B Wllson P Dwrgatz L Biker A Estr1d1 B Carlson T Edwards and P Perez PEP COMMITTEE Maknng nts hrst appearance an the annual thus year as the Anahelm Hugh Pep Commnttee who chose Bob Malender as nts adviser To start off the year the club held a huge membership dnve sugn up but the lust had to be cut down to a selected group of outstondlng students These members met throughout the year to promote school sprrut by maknng posters and puttmg on skits nn assemblues A small group of these members rnet to make the tradrtuonal pledge to beat Fullerton lt was a terrnflc year for the pepsters, who recerved their PETE PEREZ paper for maklng posters free of charge from Peterson Presnaenr Rotary Offset Prtntnng of Anaheim NANCY FEIL ANDY ESTRADA MARGARET DENA 5eC"ef3rY Vtce President Treasurer 112 l I r C 1 X ' 1 ' 1 5. Fax gf 2 -t . .Q " wg. V l 4 v W -lm' . A ' sx . Yi E ' -. .."..oi.. .. ..e..",. .- Hathcock. and C. Alvord. Row 2-B. Woodruff, J, Light. B. Cossey. J. Bozarth, C. Leigh, S. Davis. L. Peterson, L. Fischle, J. Engh. S. B . . '. O - . 1 . . . . . . , . '. . . - ' . - ise- - - - - U I - lla. X, SUB DEBS 1Left to rlghty Row1 L Agren L Baker, C Anderson C Meger S Boutcher P IVlcAuley, J Young and J Brown Row 2 J St Plerre D Hathcock, S Boutcher L Kllever, K Rennie J Cantrell, L Hefferln, 'md J Mclntyre Row 3 L Pletz, A Story, Woodrome J Rau L Casebeer M Lockhart, S Gates R Nlungerson and P Stlrrat Row 4-M LIYIQUISI, S Pharrns F Hatanaka D lngwerson J Leach L Blakely J Bell J Lemcke and D Golder adviser SUB DEBS Thus year the Sub Debs, under The advlsershnp of Dora Golaler and Marne Keeler, had another successful school year Achvlhes ol Th Sub Debs Included sellmg programs al all home football games, servmg al several PTA dmners, conlnbullng S200 to the Umled Fund helping the Hungar lan Clothing Relnef, and laklng bean bags lo the Velarans hospital In Long Beach The Sub Debs held many money ralslng prolecls Most of the profil Went lnlo the clubs treasury and al the end LINDA BLAKELY of the year, four scnolarshlps were gnven to The most de presldent serving gurls SIG-RID MITTMAN CAROL STRACHAN JUDY LEMCKE Treasurer V'Ce PreS'de"'t Secretary H' J I A 'E rf AM lm' sf " lf -' 2 Q e . z . 'K il 113 SIGMA GAMMA Wnth the changlng of a few letters last year s Lambda Slgma Club became thrs year s Srgma Gamma Club Students enrolled In a brology or scuerce course were eligible to 'om thus science club whnch IS under the supervrslon ot Kemuel Anderson Many held traps were IU store tor thus years members as they rourneyed o O N rl Park the Scnence Farr at Santa Ana Cnty College, and on an overnxght trlp to Joshua Tree Natuonal Parr lt was a very excrtlng yea. for the Slgnna Gamma Club whose capable president was Bob Burns in .wiwwmf J and SIGMA GAMMA OFFICERS tLeft to Ightj Row1 G Watts treasurer L Oden vlce president and P Rettrg secretary Row2 B Burns presudent D Hokan son vnce president and advlser K Anderson A-14' tt'-r fn We Wie st-M M WI SIGMA GAMMA fLeft to right! Row 1 L Mendez, R Wrlght, and D Fellbaum Row 2 D Hokanson R Westbrook, B Burns and L Oden 114 X v E, 1 . F Q 4' w E5 in sa if g 5 6 J Sk f sf 'U 53 " gs S' if f W Q E A fi xv mvk 6 1? E x 1 Y 3 a ng l .V i V 4' .Mfr if X 42 if 5 If 5 V ,. g f gb if ' 2 vs V4 , Q W F I 1? E IW Q i 'E f 'fi Wm ggi fm 5 sw ig., Qt 1 .41 is , 34 K W Q ri ig A 3 VA QV! , ggi E , i Q '15 5 if I A 4 .1?A fm? E E ,, Rza , .Q wiv. wx, .3526 - ,. 'h , A4 ,ff-My ' .Q 'Ii are rbi. .-, A T i Mg.,-qw y , , M, .M,,,3gi,, J W ,N df , V . 4 if . 3 5 5 g. is 'L ::?ai'lgs??gLX . .1 , M? ,M ,,:f ,,.,V N . M X X M af. f l'f1f:Qk?2"f?? " "xr 4' 4 .if Mr? 1 3 . W .-yy., l li - '.l 1 J ' - llz' ""'. wi ex, Y I x I I N R I y Q ' . , 1 X, ' ' ' I U l l 2 .ik x , '55 9. - XM' . . ' 1 - - " " Q - ' ' ' ' . i 1 't . ':' 2 , s if v , -" . v LW-, . . , 1, 'f -A .Xi f 5 as 2 Q, N I lt Nof io be equaled are ihe many falenfs of Dave Bourne, prominen+ AUHS senior. During his four years ai Colonyville, he has gained recognifion ihrough his par+icipa'l'ion in many assemblies and musical produc'l'ions. His versafiliiy has gained him +he role of Mozarl' Club presideni, Mozari' Choir member, and "Mas+er of fhe 88" in 'lhe dance band. He is noied for his abilify fo play fhe irumpef, frombone, bariione and sfring bass, sousaphone, and ihe piano. His ambifion in life is 'fo wriie music and pla piano professionally on ihe side. Dave is now srudying piano under Sam Saxe of Hollywood, one-+ime insfrucior of fhe greai' Eddie Duchin. JUNE MORIMOTO Editor m Chlef ANNE LINDGREN LARRY QUILLE Advlser Associate hdltOF COLONIST STAFF JOAN LIGHT JAN CANTRELL JUDY JEPSON Admmlstratuon Senior Class SHERIE VAN TASSEL PETE PEREZ ANDY ESTRADA Sophomore Class Clubs Clubs FLORIN E SIL Actlvmes ROBERT HATHCOCK Boys Sports MARGARET OLVERA -'UE GREENE Girls' ports Snapshots ' ' ' ' Junior Class A l J l VA . . . , . S LLOYD ROSS TED WADE ART COMBS Adviser Adviser Pressman PRINTERS iLeft to Fight, Row1 T Campbell L Ross, adviser B Smlth B Mathias L Oburn 2 Pressman A Combs, R Hack R Joubert, V Justuce, J Wmn P Perez J Greene Luvmgston Row -P'-if 31. 'srl in Ill PHOTOGRAPHERS fLeft to rlghtj To row C Elder D Mailon Mxddle row Greene G Nixon H ,,.. M., T Wade advuser Bottom row J 119 ' - . , . H ' . . ' , . ' , . 2 . R. ' ' . ' -1 P' .. A , .elf , K .W V V K 4 A 15 . Q- , - :- F sf. 'H V ,J. A 1, ' -- A - V ' 'H --Tiffin' f . Y Q' . 3 4 ., A ' - 1- V I ,. V. 1 f . ff, .9 f mfr! 'V Q I A i f-1.-h e agfaa- - A Gig 3,5 Q. , YB... " - ' f I 2 l l I : it -- ---. .1 I .lk .,., 'N - ' Q' Qi- :,-3.4.1, 1 gg . . , f ' k I I . . , ?, E. . ' 1 f ' 1 1 ,T K k 'VX K LSI A - ., . I t Q ' p - . , . Ce. . ' - . v ' - - G-WEN CLIFTON --:::' CARL ADKISSON BECK! WILSON LARRY MAROLF 120 SENIOR PLAY CAST rLeft to rrghtj Row1 L Palmer N Wallace L Cheatum G Clifton B Wilson Row 2 T Hutto D Hamrlton L Marolf R Barnett C Adkrsson and stagehand G Collrns SENIUR PLAY TIME DUT FUR GINGER Tlme Out for Glnger IS o story of a small town glrl who strlves to gel on the local hugh school football team All the hubbub caused by thus l4 year old athlete makes this play a hrlarnous comedy Ginger played by Gwen Cllfton rs the center of attractuon an the Carol household At lust her slsters Joan and Jeanme played by Linda Cheatum and Nancy Wallace re spectlvely resent Grngers athletic Ideas But as the play progresses the family accepts the Idea and become very proud of Ginger The many unusual events ID thls play made for an rnterestlng and hrghly enloyable evening of entertalnment Llzzre the maid Lynn Palmer Agnes Carol Beckl Wllson Howard Carol Carl Adkrsson Joan thelr daughter age l8 Linda Cheatum Jeannle thexr daugrter age l6 Nancy Wallace Ginger therr daughter age 14 Gwen Cllfton Eddie Davrs an athlete, .loan s boyfrlend Dennls Hamilton Mr Wilson, the hugh school pruncrpal Ron Barnett Ed Hoffman, bank presrdent, Howard Carols boss Larry Marolt - I ,1 t Q., 7 NVQ fy, r 4 'V A , Y 4 I A A V A A I ' f ,ffl ' V ,- r - 4, V swf- iw? ' ' UML A J . ' , f 1' r r rr .551 z , V. ' fr ' . A f y g':"i'i -I K r Y Q. , 'W ,L :' X , ',,, , I 1- 1 ., - s -re X: oi. Zsirasg wh f 3 . sw A Q I , ................. . ............ .. I I I "" I I ' ' . . 1 1 A ' . . I I "" I I . . . , . . I --.--,.4-- . , . , . . I , . JUNIOR PLAY CAST QLeft to rnghtj Standmg J Burgess Hammatt B Hoban P Fld er Llvmg ton B Woodruff G Sedla B Scherer' W Brooks B Bay ess adviser Sltt ng 1Left to I ghtt Im Schlegel Wicker M Lmqulst J Boege Bergseld JUNIIIR PLAY YOU GANT TAKE IT WITH YIIU Penny Sycomore Essne Carmrchael Rebra Mr DePnna Ed Carmuchael Donald Martzn Vanderhof Aluce Sycornore Mr Henderson Tony Kurby Boris Kolenkov Mr Kirby Mrs Kirby Olga Mary Ann Lmqutst Joyce Boege Prlscllla Fldler Jlm Wacker Steve Sch'egel Barry Scherer Bull Hoban Eugene Lollm Judy Burgess George Sedta Bull Hammatt Robert Llvnngston Wllllam Brooks Donna Bergseld Beverly Woodruff Two G Men George Sedua Ron Barnett A ballerma a playrnght a snake collector a tnreworks manufacturer these were the In grednents whnch went Into maklng You Cant Take It with You a rolllcklng comedy The Sycomore tamlly consisted of a house ful of mduvlduals each with has own Interests and hobbies Ot course no play would b complete without a love Interest Thus was taken care of by Allce Sycomore and Tony Klrby her bosss son The unpreductable events which occured throughout the play made It a thoroughly en Ioyable presentatuon Beulah Bayless adv: er and the tumor class should be congratulated tor their fine work on thus play 'VIARY ANN LINQUIST FRANK THOMAS JUDY BURGESS BILL HANIIVIATT 121 A 1 4 't gf V., l ' A7 or J I' L lf' Ulf' L I v x I t, I V I , , I . f I I -I rf , , , Q ' Q ' -- . B. . . b , . ' I -, R. G. Lol' ,'s.' ,.l. " .' f ' f .'D.' ' ' 4 ' ' H - 5 H -----"TT"-T'--'T I I I ............................ ' 7 ' - Paul Sycamore .........................,.... .... ' ' , H , . . W , . ' . , I Q . - ' I A I ' r . . .c E . Y .A..--...4--...----...-.-...---.. ' I ' I - .,,...--..,. I . 1 2 Z CU C O A U 4 U3 U7 .J I -1 I D O Ll' J GULUNIST BAND Dsney 0 c CSO V CS L Chrs nos VW JO OD C cmd po no ode hc Ano em Ho owcen s mos po ode Son G Awe Ch TC OHHUG ded ,. cn oyo WC UQ TCD wo wonde S -,wx Q. 3 -'Uv Q -w in-ff' ,I y-gp O O Q1 C u can UI 1: -5 We 1 , o .-15, O.-5 :EO 207 mf-i sy gig LU 5 El . had . J 5 5.3 SEQ' ., U 3 045 - ' he , :O . M J! gig H 53: E b Q -- gm ri .4 IDU ,-fill 512 aol .-- OE' 1 Q .c 1, ' '05 ,A ,Q .1 b ,rf 1 E. , QQO , 3 . lol uagw is ' 4 322 52 5 Xa L 55121: 1 QM ' 1555 QQ 'V 3? -If IDL - , -EO CC JE E55 SOC XNJ of"10 PE mio dag V U :AJP .EUS Zgu' if cokgj E555 fmfi 2 EU ES' . ' fu - Emm mo . fx .Im M, -3 ,E Q lv K -ms C if, 3.555 4?- vo .Q O 3 N C am? - '- C , " E-95 1 Us: V 445, WJ. 2, GC55 , ff , I Leg U A Doa' f :mf A 32417 i I D , 2"C0 , 10537 K L Z Egg F10 grim IDE. EI! -'ci . E23 'gg ull-LL I: Q36 moi, O -E D 'l l DANCE BAND DANCE BAND lLeft to rnghtj Row1 J Marston D Staples D Adams G Brookman R w 4 L Provmcuo D Bourne J Baker L Leos PP BAND PEP BAND Standing fLeft to rughty C Van Tassel M Da D Staples J M lston J Bwkel R Kelley n L eo 0 el ea Ree Slttmg G Brookman Co Ins L PIOVI cno 124 I I ' - . , . . . . . . o '- . E , Q ,JL Q K A 4 " ff D l L l l l A X l X A 5 a ' A ' ' , X ' ' . , . w. . . . a+ . , I '. . . .L:..P.Gb.B.Spy.J. d. .G. Il'..' '. JUNIOR JUNIOR BAND iLeft to Flghtf Row 1 J McCommons R Thueson B Leggett D Bal onado M Castrrcone R w 2 P Cllley A Jackson J Bentley J Wllluams I Lambert C Range Row 3 lSuttlngJ J Lewts D Reed B Logsdon fStandmgJ adviser B Cook R Kelley D Freeman G Van dermost J Marston Belng small dad not hmder thus group Although small In number the musrc the band produced could be heard all around campus Some of the members nn thus organrzatnon hope to be In the Colonist Band un the future and under the guidance of Wrllnam Cook they are preparung for the time when they will don the umtorm of the Colomst Band Although thrs group does not perform for any school functlons they are considered an Important part of the rnusuc department PE Although the Pep Band dld not partrclpate In too many actnvrtues thus year they were a well organized and practiced group Under the capable supervision of Wllluam Cook they accompl shed much this year In the way of bulldlng for the future lt IS hoped that next year they wall be able to partnclpate at basketball games as well as other school functions A very busy group thus year was the dance bond, otherwise known as the Clefs Some ot the many actlvttues thus group partucrpated ln were the talent assembly, the ex change assemblnes, and a televusuon appearance on the Spotlnght on Youth program The musuc produced by thus group was always a treat Apprecnatron tor the hard work and hours of practlce put ln by thus group was expressed by the students ln their applause at assemblles y i t J BAND t I . ...U . . I l . ,mg vfawuhr A J' 1 EAN BROWN EUE PHARRIS DOLLV HATHCOCK Head Mwjovette MAJORETTES x.1""' X.- gy- i JLDY EAGl.l:5ON FKITA RING MARILYN MAYBERRY "N-N-uh CAROL ALVORD LINDA AGREN JACKIE BELL Seppmg Ngh andlookmg wnan an therr colorful costumes were the Malorettes Flag Twlrlers and Flag Bearers Their splrlt and enthusuasm contributed largely to the tune ap pearance of the Colonist Band Wuth Head Malorette Sue Pharrls leadung the way thus aggregatron presented a strlklng plcture wherever they went and usually brought back trophxes to exempllty therr abllltles Parades and haHhnm shows were two of the many events ID whnch tney parhclpated MARGARET OLVERA NANCV BERGER if A FLAG TWIRLERS - BEARERS Nj' SONG LEADERS tLeft 'KO lghtj A Hudson le? OU che' 'WI ' 8 SAUNDRA BOUTCHER NANCY Fein. ARLENE HUDSON JEAN MILLER Bringing beauty and enthusiasm to AU were the above girls who acted as song leaders for the year 1956 57 With a combinaton of Saundra Boutcher Nancy Fell Arlene Hudson and Jean Miller plus spirit and unique routines the result could only have been fabulous These girls could always be seen at the many football games in which the AU team played lead' ing the crowds in support of their team. In their stunning unitorms the girls presented ci colorful and exciting picture to watch Along with the yell leaders band and Pep Club they participated in the many pep assem- blies held during the football season. Other activities included marching in parades with the band and also performing during half time activities at football games, The standards set by previous groups have been high, but this years song leaders may proudly say that they lived up to those standards. fLeft to rlghtj R De Jesus P Perez A Estrada D Hamllton T Sparks RON DE JESUS ANDY ESTRADA DENNIS HAMILTON PETE PEREZ TOM SPARKS MakIng up thIs year s yell leaders were Ron De Jesus Andy Estrada DennIs HamIlton Pete Perez and Tom Sparks Thus quIntet was largely responslble for the fme school Splfll dlsplayed by the AU student body WorkIng In congunctuon Wllh the Pep Club these boys put on many pep assemblIes and pep rallIes to enthuse the students and help AU wIn many athletlc contests Pepperdnne College was the Slle of a yell leader conference whIch was attended by thIs aggregatIon From thIs conference many new Ideas were brought back and Introduced to the student body Another InterestIng event whIch thIs qUInl6l partIcIpated In was an appearance on l6lEVlSIOD ID competltlon for a S750 scholarshIp All In all thIs year may be consIdered as a red letter year In ochlevement by these fIne spIrIted boys E' WM E lp 53' snag' I' rf f f Nm. fin. fax-X S KW ,in ,WW J,-f as if ? M We! ANA HI STEPPERS qLeft to rnghtl Row 1 L Belanger J Campbell, A Acosta M Donlca M Wakefield C Swan A Cobb J Loverm Matt K Janke L Whute S Olsen M Cadaret P Northrup P Dowdy R Hooper Fl w 2 L Owens S ONeaI B IIPPSFSOH d L Fowler S Palmer D Johnson M Long B Martmdale P Mushegam J Spencer W Wagner L Lombard S Kelsey B Ban low Conatser R Trout B Salseda DRILL TEAM af 4 5 9 PAT SAYLOR SANDY GOWIN SHARON SANDERSFELD Senior Leader Junior Leader Sophomore Leader 130 Under the excellent supervision of Mss Mildred Ellnoll the Ana Hu Sleppers were a fine precusloned marching unll Always a pleasure to watch In theur smart umlorms these gurls made a fune shownng In the many evenls In which they par lsclpaled , gn , . . if ' ff' hi . .- . , Q Ugg? Q " ' Qs, ' Q f N . J ff ,gif , - M, ' , , H., , A . Q X .,.. KV, 'eg 'N V , 4 , , yi -:., is I fi f , . . l 5 --AA f b J . f so f' D ' z ' , X ' H ' YQ fic, 'il ,, ' U A Q ,.:,. ymfr O A ig A flf ,r W' l . V 1 I Z an r .41 "' ' ' . 1 ' A A ll.. A ' J ' A A J 1' .,,, 3 I N N . 7 ' f ' , E y '- ' ' ,, F " 2 :IV h .1 f ' ,, TA A l 'V fl fi' , ,...,,. - -I cj? , V ifuvg.. g ' I Y, N i I , , we x "" jjj' is V . . . 4 . 5 5 F M get , 5... ,.,, t 5 at x Q 25.3 Mayan, ' I 7 ' I 3: , A' ,is . ag - fm 0 ',ry,AA , , u -2134 .A , , . A ,, accocsacasoa L arg . L W soso fi - ' e ll A A A Q J A L ' F' , o ' . ' . -T 552 fi ' A ffl 1-A ,.l..,,l 5 W c""'s . L ff? Q,"-1-w9'?mx , . J . aff .. L 7 f ' A ' A ' ,. ,:.:. .ri ,-,. s.,. ,,.,. - ' . ' . ' 5, 'fr fgi' ' lf L , 3 "v' . , s D Z. f fl f V ' f K ' ,L eN,.. ,J 21-:Ll-iswm ,'.. . ., ' A A- A- -L Has l-lrghness Joal Hoa e and Her Malesty Nancy Fell were chosen by thexr loyal sublects to reign as kung and queen of homecoming testuvx tres tor the season ot l956 57 Makung up the royal court thrs year were Nancy Wallace sensor attendent Jean Mxller rumor attendent and Marlyn Mayberry sophomore atten dent The royalties made a plc ture of regal charm and love luness as they appeared before theur sublects on the nught ot November l6 prior to their reign over the homecoming dance nn the AU study hall At thus homecomung game the court was driven onto the tootball tneld and Her Males ty Nancy Fell was presented wuth a boquet of lovely roses by sensor class president Steve Morrus The royaltles were then drxven ott the field theur sublects applaudlng thelr ap proval HOMECOMING ROYALTIES Y---. ""s.c .,--F NANCY WALLACE JEAN MILLER MARILYN MAVBERRY Sentgy Attendent Junior Atlendent Sophomore Attendent . . s I , av K T l I ll 7 V .-.'- 25: ff 2 5 l ' s ttat l rrtt 5 Y ' N l:'f"' ' ' l il - - , - N .. ..-V 1, . 'S -jp rw st? l ' I 'N 'W' " 3 1 Muslc Groups Attend Christmas Festlval at Disneyland , . A t ., :Ss .tj dj - ' . . im, '11 t f'Y' F29 -Z -1--. K 1"-.s K ng, ,N ,. 3 x., K si V 'EL Q -M T .mm .Q A as X, , KAW SENIOR CHOIR 4Left to nlghtj Row 1 Y De Arrnan S Sherman S Ros P Gustm V Elllott N Berge B Sums A Hudson P Cope S Llllywhnte L Okamoto E Hernandez J Morumoto Row 2 J Hemsley D Hollowell J Morris J Hedges M Taylor M Vincent K Bashara J Reynolds G Slmonton C Fltzgerald H Muller P Porter G Hermoslllo S Vandor director S Dlsrud Row 3 N Wallace J Lemcke K Eldred K Anderson R Larson T Sparks G Holetz, C Blackburn, A Hammers D Ramsay J Morgan M Stewart R Unger D Peters A Lndgren Row 4-J Light D Walton C Davls S Shafer J Avutla B Otta G Llebh d D Br t J Hoar B unlavy G Flx C Hustm D onnle V WI rams C yan w Aran Jo es E OSh a S Morrs G Morfo D Rap Frederlck D McCormack C Adklsson G LaGreude B Wllson K Walker J Sympson C Klrven L Flschle SENIOR JUNIOR CHOIRS M..-v ...ff JUNIOR CHOIR 'Left to rlghtj Rowl P McAuley J Burgess, D Nelson E Yeager C Scrutz S Boutcher M Jeter M Troster E Escobedo Row 2 R Stanly P Kelly I: Smlth G Carmona J Thomason M DeJong E Lindley C Steelman J Smlth K Morlmoto, R Miranda Row 3 E Head D Fellbaum N Cnambers S Stellhorn, J Ashton, A Reyes A Freck K Fenton P Fldler R Garrow, K Glemaker Row4 I Moshenko R Kaylor J Buffmgton K Charlton D Emngh G Dixon B Hatfleld B Larsen G Looper K Bar tholamew L Kuebler Butler R w 5-G Kurk P Rehse H Webb J St Pierre F Thomas B Sloop J el K Otte J Scham Wicker P Forbes G Purcell V Hlltscher 133 -' - . ' . . , . 2. . . . ' . . r. . ' . . . . . I . .y I , . V . . I . . ' . ,l , v .I . V ,I . . . I In . . . .. . A , BF' . .Q LIS .I . ev, D I. . ' . . - ' . . sl . . 'lr . . R. . Ro 5-C. 1. J. n . .b ' e. .I i , . rd, . p, G. - R A f S -f if E 5 ' ,. 4 4 g , K, A , v ' ' l ,. Q sg ' Q 5 , 5 , 5 , " is ' W ' W EZ 1 . 1:1 e 1 . I . A --,,v, Wu, .,.,e,. . , .e.,,se,- .. ...H ,LM ,.,.,,,- , , ilk, .V.,,, ,.,., J of ,,4,,,,iWv, . . , - 1 . .' . 'Q' . '. '. ,'. '. ' ', '. '.'. ,' .'B I, .' '. . ' 'p. Jf Wx V Xml' BOYS' QUARTET in 'Wifi 5, BOYS QUARTET fLeft to eighth R Lambeth A Nloufovd D Jenkins and T Knox M 'wp W GIRLS G-LEE tLeft to rnghtp Row 1 J Burns L Belanger A Rodarte, K Gross E Gross, C Duran E Clayton, B Tlemotel P Mur Fay E SHYUDSOH, G BHFIOSH and J l1CKlEr Row 2 E Burnet! A Pruett J Erhle, M Furness, S McCommons M Caderet S Coombs J Woods B Geer B Wuestneck, L Murphy, K Ellnott and C Whittaker Row3 P Dawdy B Webster M Muller C Duran, M Damer ull J Wood J Mallard P Blake L Wmkelmann E Burnett J Wulllams J Mang S McMurry and N Mcwhnrter Row 4-F Klnzer D Glbbs V Acton W Odom J Morrls L Lombard C Olnver J Perm P Bradley L Moore J Parra S Reardon M OShaben K Clodt and P Munyon Row :r-P Ragland C Wnlllams J Melton C Davls, C Muller D Wear and S Fowler 13-I o, A l lf " iz 5 i on , 1 E I I Q mm . 1 7 , Y ,fs ww 'X ' ' of n J. we Q 7, f N., A N iz Q ' y ' MOZART CHOIR wa X? 5 E MOZART C'-IOIR 1Left to nghtp Row 1 S Boutcher G LaGrelde P Rettng R w 2 M Watkms K Lombard P Gobel D Lmk Row3 G Nelson, G Morford C Ryan Row 4-D McMlIIan Bovee P Briggs K Otte Row5 C Adklsson A Story D Bourne BOYS GLEE Radowntz B Muller T Arnoldus A Morford M Daniels A Fenton D Vogel Row3 D Genklns R Pena W Strong J Castro M Sadler, B Hammatt R Thlll L Pomeroy Row4 R Maahs J Anderson J Bunnell J Vlsel M Baxley R Hlnojosa R Lambeth O DeWltt 135 . " - . , . ' . . ' . o - , ' , . .I . . . ' . - -. . . . . ' . ' . D. BOYS' GLEE fLeft to rightj Row 1-L, Oden, T. Knox, J. Lewis, T. Marrujo, D. Williams. J. Hinojosa. R. Shroeder. Row 2-J. Heiden, E. , , . I , . . " . . . . . , . I , . V . . ' I . . I , . ' , COLONIAL COED INITIATION MX.. .sn-.-,-.Q ,,,..W., PEP ASSEMBLY WWA Q Q :Sift BEAT FULLERTON PLEDGE GIRLS LEAGUE CONVENTION HIGHLIGHTS SEPTEMBER Anaheim started the year by welcoming 2300 students and a stagg red session became nec essary because of Iarg enrollment Approxlma ely 30 new teachers were added to the alreary large fa ulty Big and Little Sister Party was held to welcome girls after registration Changes were made In the Student Cabinet by adding the offices of President of Girls League and President of Colonist Club Also added were Secretary of Assemblies and Anoranco Representatife Positions dropped from the Cabinet were Secretary of Girls and Boys Athletics respec tively First sport dance of year was held In study hall New buildings at AU began to take shape Bruce Williams was chosen Chief Justice of Student Court AU was in upset win over Redlands 60 OCTOBER Cabinet took action on enlarging seating facilities at La Palma Park Pep Club organized pom pom section Las Vegas was trampled by Vanmen l9O Honor Society boasted of 95 new members Sophomore feed was attended by record crowd Pep perdine College was chosen site for Youth and Gov ernment meet Colonist Band readied for performance in Coliseum New Girls League Cabinet was intro duced National Thesptans formed a new club on campus Girls League convention was sponsored by Anaheim Cabinet held at AU Bill Larson was elected to lead Spanish Club Colonist Knights donated S200 to Anaheim United Fund Drive Harlem Hop was sponsored by Pep Club held in study hall NOVEMBER Dedication of La Palma Park Stadium was held PTA held lunlor dinner in cafeteria Colon ual Coed initiation was held Nancy Fell and Joal Hoare were chosen Homecoming royalties Sub Debs served at senior dinner Team of the Year trophy was presented to AU student body by Ira Walsh Los Angeles Examiner Scholastic Sports Association Coord inator Doris Sonnle was chosen Young Careerist Annual student talent assembly was held Eugene Lol lin placed first in Junior Chamber of Commerce Voice of Democracy contest Sue Pharrls took over duties as head maiorette Pam Davis was chosen first GAA Girl of the Month Anaheim coped sixth straight Sun set League title defeated Compton in first CIF play offs Anaheim defeated San Diego Hoover in second round of CIF playoffs Time Out for Ginger was chosen as senior play You Cant Take It with You was selected as tumor play DECEMBER-Sixty members were chosen for Safety and Welfare committee. Junior girls presented assem- bly in first Girls' League assembly of the year. Mer- chants who sold football tickets were thanked by AU students. Anaheim and Downey became co-winners in CIF playoffs. Flynn was chosen CIF player of the year with Randy Meadows of Downey. Band and AU OF 1956 57 choirs attended Christmas festivities at Disneyland Christmas formal was held in boys gym Chris mas vacation began Mickey Flynn Joe Avitia Gary Frederick and Gene Morlord made all CIF teams JANUARY Senior play tryouts were held AU went back on single session First exchange assembly was given by Santa Ana City College Juniors ordered senior rings early in order to receive them by May National Thespians held installation in library AU students took CEEB tests Colony Cagers defeated Huntington Beach Sen or play cast was chosen Journalism students took over 'ob of putting out the Anoranco Lorraine Schulz won Betty Crocker Home maker of Tomorrow contest at AU Mickey Flynn won l956 SSA Thom McAnn award for second year in a row FEBRUARY Fans honor Varsity As at banquet Hun tington Beach was first for AU exchange assembly Music department staged concert for Anaheim fitth graders Theme was chosen for Top of the Pops to l957 Junior lournalism students put out first paper of semester Sophomores gave annual Girls League assembly Weldon Bramlett left Anaheim High Sen lor Council kept busy making graduation plans Cinderella Ball was scheduled for March 23 at the Gourmet Restaurant ot the Disneyland Hotel Honor Society boasted largest membership ever Colony band performed at rumor high schools All choirs held open house for new music building MARCH Cinemascope movies were shown for students at AU Senior Choir held dinner to help finance trip AU got Driveotrainer in driver education program Dance band appeared on TV show Spotlight on Youth." Susan Lillywhite and Carol Ryan were sel- ected as Elks Award winners. Military Ball was held in study hall. Twenty-two students were named Gold Seal Bearers. Mary Lou Watkins received gold cup to best editorial at journalism workshop. Chorus line for "Top of the Pops' was chosen. Junior play cast was announced- cast of I9 were chosen. Bill Tracey starred in "Rock and Roll" assembly. Sheldon Disrud announced plans to take leave of absence to obtain Doctors Degree. Cinderella Ball was rated a success. Senior play was presented in auditorium, it was rated best in tive years. Connies and Clems received polio shots in immunization program. APRIL-Junior class play, "You Cant Take it With You," was ably presented, Girls' League vocation day was held. Fullerton gave exchange assembly. Colony baseball team in tirst place. MAY-The "Y" sponsors Youth Day in Anaheim. Cab- inet presented the lirst Sadie Hawkins dance. JUNE-Senior week concluded with commencement service at La Palma park. FIFTH GRADEPS ATTEND CONCERT AT AU TALENT ASSEMBLY CIF CHAMPIONSHIP GAME BLUE AND GOLD DAY RALLY JOAN LIGHT LARRY QUILLE F'-ORWE SH-VA Edltor Adviser Associate Editor Q. rw' is f-.Q "Yusuf WIP? Maki IFIRST SEMESTER 1Left to rlghty Rowl P Perez S Van Tassel J Mornmotc A Lindgren J Cantrell J Greene Row 2 A Estrada M Olvera J Llght F Silva J Jepson and B Hathcock ANORANCO STAFF Wind' was ..-v 4.-Q SECOND SEMESTER lLeft to rlghty Row 1 C Leigh N Berger J Wllllams :ton Cope Re tug Bailey, A Weldner M Flynn Row2 N Welch M Yellls S Shakolan J Porter D Bergseld D Rogers E Looper J Fetters, S Haney Row 3 D Smith J Bell, C Alvord D Hathcock L Woodrome G Wlaschm J Ro and J Engh L Mendez Row 4-L Qullle, aavuser J Hopklns C Munyon R Carmel, G Brown M Watkms, M Taylor 'll 1 I if if W in Q. I meg K f Q B k ,M in 'Q is L ' ' 5 U' K J , Av' K Q' -,Q I 3 up lr Q- N vi, I , 'ef ' Q , 57 2 Q , A . A I LWMWAM .- yjswlil Q ei , 4. -r . H' , . V V J 1: 6 Y Y L Q 4 ' - . ' - 4. Q . 7 ' ' , G. Cl'f , AP. , P. t' . H. OUTSTANDING ASSEMBLIES fLeft to rlghtj Top vow AU presented wlth Team of the Year trophy for 1955 56 Chapman College Madrlgal Singers present repertoire for students scene from annual talent assembly Bottom row B ll Tracey stars n Flock and Roll assembly Swiss Bell R ngers come to AU SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES Qfgiin-eip '.'WUl ,411 OUTSTANDING ASSEMBLIES fLeft to rlghij Top row C 'ls lne In Arvahelm exchange assembly Jerry MOFQBH poses for makeup man Carol Whittaker sings In Anaheim exchange assembly Bottom now Charlene S hutz and Vlckl Hlltscher nn scene trom Anaheim excnange assemnly l i - . - I '- " . ' 1 . 744 1 fl l ix Il! ,,. ,. yas 7 W , , A A Q l 5 , . X, J , ' ' ' V1 K . ' 1 Q fc Shown above are two scenes from the Starlight Stomp and the Hello Hop" At upper left hand corner ns the rock and roll Pep Comrnxttee sponsored Harlem Hop Next to It football season was kicked off wlth Kickoff Kapers ' A scene from the Pngskm Bounce as shown above A. vu .. . - - .1 rr A 4 - .4 ' I fl - - vu - Tm, Exemplifying a local boy who made good in sporfs is Jerry Shiplcey. A brief synopsis of his afhlefic career includes fhe following achievemenfsz he is one of fhe very few men nofed for playing in fwo Rose Bowl games wifh fwo differenf feams. These evenfs foolc place in I943, as a freshman wifh USC and again in I947 as a senior wifh UCLA. ln l948 he furned pro, carrying fhe ball for fhe Piffsburgh Sfeelers, where in I95I he was fhe recipienf of fhe "Dapper Dan" award for being 'ihe oufsfanding player in foofball. Lafer he joined forces wifh fhe Chicago Bears unfil I953, when iniuries forced him ouf of pro ball. 'S' l . -nl Q has A P g ' ' 1, A . I : if ' - ' -ii ' ' ,F ' j I f r ' 'f,, , .f-pm ," - 3 ,. 2 t ,' ' 5 Afwfri-f .' ,M -,- Hua-f' ' ' - , L Comparing favorably 'lo fhe greaf hisfory of local boy, Jerry Shiplrey, is much honored and versaiile Mickey Flynn. Mickey noi only excels in fooiball, bui has proved his afhlefic abilify in varsify baskerball and frack. During his four years af AUHS, he has enjoyed lop billing in foofball by being recognized as fhe mosf valuable feam player for +wo years, a member of 1'l1e Sunsef League firsi' feam for fwo years, and was fhe recipienl' of ihe Cal Va Dairy's "Foo+ball Player of +he Year" for iwo years. ln CIF play he achieved The disfincfion of "Player of +he Year" and "Mos1' Valuable Player" award for fwo consecufive years. Climaxing his afhlefic awards in high school, he was honored by being selecied a high school All-American halfbaclc for I956-57, wifh honorable menfion The pre- vious year. JOH N WALLIN Line Coach V 1956s SEASONAL RECORDS Anahelm Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheum Anaheim 144 RedIands Las Vegas Newport Huntington La Habra Santa Ana Garden Grove Orange FuIIerton Compton S D Hoover Redlands ANAHEIM'S BUILDERS OF CHAMPIONS CLARE VAN HOOREBEKE Head Coach YEAR AFTER YEAR THE CIF CHAMPIONSHIP CAME SO NEAR UNTIL IT WAS ATTAINED ,dw BRANT COWSER End Coach F BOB HAGER Scout Coach Muckey Flynn Thus spectacular runner has receuved many honors for hus outstandung abuluty Muckey Flynn captured the CIF Player of the Year for two years as he dud tn the Sunset League The Gallopung Ghost of LaPalma Park was pucked on the furst strung of hugh school All Amerucans Flynn many tumes out raced dodged and bull dozed hus opponents to be one of the funest Southern Calufornua hugh school backs sunce Glenn Davus Joe Avuha Joltun .Ioe Avutua was the maunstay for the Colonust squad thus year Joe was one of the ruggedest lune backers ard fullbacks un the CIF as he was pucked on e furst team for that posutuon Several of the opponents who had been tackled by Joe were quoted as sayung When Joe huts you you know you ve been hut Avutua was co Cal Va Player of the Year un Orange County three years furst team mates and was second strung CIF fullback last year Gary Frederick Gary Frederuck was a rough and ready end that went both ways for the Colo nusts thus year Hes a two year all Sunset League furst strunger that has the funesse characterustuc of good tall receuvers Frederuck caught many clutch passes that were necessary for Anaheum s explosuve type offense Frederuck was pucked on the second strung CIF squad for hus outstandung play Gene Morford Acknowledged as a bug fast and rugged tackle Gene Morford played both ways and was the tower of strenath on the lune He was a repeater thus year on the all Sunset League furst strung selectuon Hes played three years tn the CIF play offs and thus year gathered a thurd strung berth on the CIF selectuon of tackles mari. 4 at X WNW S' .Q Simi sw ...W .Reins-Q wsu 9 W v ii 545, W5 'esfrwse we we 'W I fi if 53 2 MX Ill. n... 24 sf sw? 145 ll . . a , u ' ' ' ' ' I , W, Q . WH gilflfmwz, 'ttf e2:.s....s.W,..- I J . - - - - - ,Mp -gtw zf- 2 .I 'Hs ' .... 3 , , . ' - fl ?-E.: 'Y , Wx, . 'II ' 'Tut . X y M 'N H, L s "3,,:e'T1' .Q ' f, taurus ,gets ' ff-Mt ' H M. I..-w , f Lia, K t ua v K 4 x Wf5sfl:,f?f"- fs f u xI't"'u 'MW "1 fix r 4 s 45 gf, ,M-niques, X'-. Q' Nu, IQIF W-, SVN t if 'Q Ye " - o 0 xt ' V u sri Q M. ' - . ' , ' th '5 Y L I I . A, . . ., . I 2, :- x 31.155 strung on the all-Sunset League teams, elected Most lnspuratuonal Player by hus ,A ' e M f"'y'35 ., +..g.e uqgv , z ' ., A ' 1 Q ' . mug' 1. Wi! I. I , ,f Q L ,musi 1' , X 212:12-fl' H -0 'J' Q , , , YT1,.,, ' Mx. -ij5Li'.' W ' - . - W-f,.,' 2, M QL, - Q I , gf. N, ,M ' X V It-44. .VW If -'IPM' 'Liang' V .TY te, ,V iff fl. A., I 5, egg, , r if Wi, ,aslf N, Ag lfqifigh ,355-1' V ,1"w"tM:-:'H"x' 'f ',v ,w3,g'b,15,. rx' 3: Wf nfi '7'.ff"f I- TW ?" sl'-fi 1 ' ' JOAL HOARE Guard DON PENFIELD Halfback JOHN MCDONALD Quarterback 46 MARSHALL SHIRK Tackle ANAHEIMS VARSITY HITS 59 YEAR ALL TIIIIE IIIGII AS G0 GIF GIIAMPIIINS SUNSET LEAGUE GHAMPS Thus years mlghty grad team ran over every oppon ent ln Sunset League play for their slxth straught champronshlp They then went Into CIF play wan nlng all their games and met Downey In the fmals whxch ended In a co CIF champuonshlp and a 1313 te The game was played un the huge Los Angeles DON BROCKETT Center Coluseum REDLANDS Wuth only a few mmutes remalmng un the game gallopnng Mackey Flynn romped 7l yards for a td Anahenm proved to be very rusty but showed plenty of great potentlal LAS VEGAS Fnghtmg a hard fought battle with the Las Vegas Wuldcats the Vanmen captured vlctory with a 190 score Jerry Llpshln and Flynn rambled for the Blue and Gold Llpshun playing has best game of the year NORBY KEOLANUI Guard drove hard and scored the turst sux pointer on a 22 There he goes' The Galloplng Ghost of La Palma Park " Nllckey Flynn, dlsplays some of has famed broken held running an the RedIand's game Anahelm defeated the Terriers 6 0 In Anahenm's flrst game of the year 5 - I ' ' I I - , i . ' - I T A to pull the tilt out a O-O tie, to victory for the Colonist. ll M ,L I lt I iW....fQ!?sf gin-ta? :gms ,, JW? T 41 Y H355 " -4' if if. IRV KNOWLES Quarterback P--J BOB MC PHILLIPS Halfback yard dash The thlrd peruod flnlshed the Wldcats off as Flynn and Ltpshm hut the scoreboard once agam The fnnal score was l9O NEWPORT Startung league play Oct 5 agaxnst Newport Har bor at Orange Coast College Anaherms va sry football team easily over powered the Tars 38 20 It looked as If It would be a rock and sock ball game as the Tars hut the scoreboard flrst From then on Anaheum rolled along scorung their fnrst td on a pass play from John McDonald to end Gary Fred erlck Mickey Flynn Bob Lukens and Bruce Williams scored the rest of Anaheums touchdowns HUNTINGTON BEACH Dlsplaylng almost perfect tumnng and blockung the Colonlsts tromped the Huntlngton Beach Oulers 42 l3 The Blue and Gold squad was sparked by Don Pen fleld Bob McPhllltps and Mackey Flynn all of whom scored two td s aptece The Oller squad found the Colonlst defensive team almost lmpregnable being able to score only IH the Flynn made Anahenm s flrst touchdown In the open ang period Penflela scored soon after the second quarter began and then again before halftlme Fabu lous Flynn tallred un the thlrd and McPhullaps hut the Orler goal twtce In the fourth John Baker AU kicker made sux conversions IH sux trles to help gave the Vanmen a -12 l3 vrctory BILL ESSEX Center Draggmg the Anchor " Colonust joltln' Joe Avntla tambles for a few needed yards an the Newport Harbor game Anahetm walked away wlth the victory, 33 20, but knew they had been nn a battle BOB LUKENS End 33 W' -ww f EMM 352 wx W A s'3'5ftg's?ii! W ' -Q. fs-'W se as 'W' ei-fn Eli" sis, , DALE RATZLAFF H1Ifb'1ck 1 'UQK Miha, KEN DOWNING GU'll'd was - fe 147 3 . A f , wise' L I X , 4 -sg, , ,. M, ,, ,:s.,Q.s' ig... r 4' A L,..Q,,.. g - ., , . , ..,,,,, , " -" ' Y I , ,s.,t,.. M, ,eft s,,rv r U N : .. I in I F I if if Y, . . , 3 'ffimil' T5 I., Ql:::r"'7 U 5 'wf-jf' ' ' ff Neff' 72' . "?Qif'1?fe,'g'fi'rf . . . l. ug. V if b r ,-...,-.,,,": ,q,Me.-,,4- . .4 X ng-t -I-J 4s,yq,,sg - V ,. ,yr s . . . . ' I I x - ps T f lf' , - M M A gvu. .E , . . W f 1 - ""' 'QE' : cf ft. ,,,,,7fZ .r XJ f 'xxkgmjgiggg-Xia-Law ma quarter against reserves. . l 1 -2 , . .pf r ' 'fifyj' - gf' .st 't . ' -as ,, 'f .. ,. . . . , , . 'Ii .f-g.g.f1T' "f.j.rjl'f, . . . - . 1 I p I I , I A - . - I . ' . We' ,Q ' ' V f 1-ws. Q-A x' 3 f Z. 'A c - 1 9 ' ' my Y N .X . X , 'T S it X r k , Q, ,, V f.,,,rg5Vfj e hit wr .1-fgivvvk Thu 5' :tif K :WN Y,-7,xJkkx,Lf A 4-lx ,. V' QA s I ff-'env 'W' use we 4 - I r , M ,. tif' i "L ' , in fa My an WV? . , f his I .M , 4 " f .C A! ' A ' tg ' ' e , 6 I 4 . A F ,gsm , 1 A wid' ts u S Q MIKE SMITH End KAROL QNOW End ii wtf STEVE VONS Guard di 42195 if gf we -bis? W if SM wwf' X Vi' in as T' giezftif V5 WH is 4? W,.,wf",3,ttf-K, we .sf Q aw'-1-W W' 'Hamm 148 BOB BAKER Center SW Sknttng wound end Don Penfleld scampers for long yavdnrge against the OIWHQE Pwnthels The Colonlsts trampled Oringe 50 7 LA HABRA Grven therr frrst lntroductton to the defendrng Sunset League champrons the La Habra Highlanders were trampled by the stampedrng Colonlsts 547 Rocking up Anaherms pornts were Joe Avltra Mickey Flynn 'L N Ken l-lowerv Karol Snow and John Baker ,ggp After La Habra had thought they were pushed around enough they started to drrve The Highlanders frmshed therr 70 yard dnve wlth a td pass The flnal score was 5-'1 7 Anaherm s favor SANTA ANA T' wwf di' kk: 'H F3576 'digg www? were present to see the Vanmen wln their fourth FLOYD CONYERS Tackle strarght leaque victory Thzs one was over the Sam s of Santa Ana with a 41 14 score Ramblung for the Colonusts scores were Bull Mauer han Don Penfleld Bob McPhlllrps and Mickey Flynn the latter two tallled twrce mn? Flynn and Penfleld tallied In the flrst quarter whsle McPhllllps and Mauerhan scored In the second annum McPhl'llps scored has second and final td of the game for Anaherm rn the thrrd peruod on a 36 yard ramble John Baker kicked fave out of sux extra points to and the Colonist cause Also being dedicated along wuth the huge staduum was the excellent scoreboard The scoreboard was donated by Kwlkset Locks Inc JERRY MORGAN Guard s , , ,- T U MZ! N ,ow , K ' L, --Mi' fr , K Y Q , Ywtcf Mfsmvm gt, - 7 - A ' up 1 " W Q A A - so if J, V ff- , .,u,. RW W I, , -,Q ' , ' 'Ages If I , 35.1 ' ss ff- A A t jf ' N' te 1 v I . 5 4, 1 I as P t f ff 1 3 4 5 A . l K . 'Qi' V f . 91- -4 ' 2 , A : - gf A If .,, A . ig I . 'kc , . .l ' --.-tt. .. -1 W , I . v.... . - -- I Qwest, L A U A g A Q B 'I 5 , ik A V .I H WV M, vita, . . 7 'S' , 4 V4 vi , T if . . 5' 7 , '. ' a 7 . I A k 7 3, 7 . . . - ' ' r ' . ' ' ' ' 1 I f ' . W can me ' 1 - . ,L , . . A .Q in , h ,K t W 'it H . 'X 1 15 A . t X ,I yt., vw. L ft W' Vi ' " ' - 1 , E Jr- J s 1 I I as-A , I K it S , - ,.., 'wet ""' ip r . ng.. 'W-A' s 3 Q -flTTfS65l'?',ffN"1ff,iAf'2333tX ft fr fl? .f - Q f " ,T ,tt .t 1 T . - sr., , ' ' -ff . ' - rf A ' W ' in - , A we I ' ,.,. , I i, K A ml N: Y H V J J K, ' , - 1: , . v A, A. xg H ,tk ' , , K Q , . VN , ygfisj 'va V s , fy A X V egg f c M is GET , sggjtfftxig, '1 .,, , f K 3 . . , 4,2-'35,-F, My W e- 'r ' gym, ' Y ' s sf' 'fi' s At the dedrcatlon of the new stadium 7 200 eo le .:f'xw45ww1f5 r' K . r ' lrrrrffff . , .ok t 1 I X. ,. N . U, ww, 'lily , 'W F K A . . . ' A " r'5l"'1' , 1' L i . . . , I T - - ' - f i , I 4 5 ge .tt Q: , -2 ' fl?.'3,,,.t V 1 V x A , I ' ' f V Ks" ..., ' - . V 9, ' 7 rf- I Wtigfii. H . ' U .f-:::'f2-"f' Jr A f , Q-"' r iziffftfeiekiif l " ' :7 X 7 SEI, W" 1 A -- , I zrzisltrffis ' ' f f 'st X j We 1 - 'T ' ' ' - ' ' N7 f - tit? sc rt' X7 ' ' ' ' ' K in T - - - c "9gktZg,,t3'r X -ie,5,g.,:- ,lg - V -rn M rt Z'aeM"2l' .gsm ., ' fats, . 1:3511-f s , . . , - V ' ' ' ' .Wifi-Q fi - iff 1',tg qv M51 W 1 5 sgigili'-Twig, if 'si 1 , M X57 X if " ... I ' - Hugh steppung Bob McPhlII1ps snde steps a Las Vegas Wlldcat as the Blue and Gold squad won ts second strasght game The Wlldcats lost In a hard fought battle by a score of 19 0 .sn 'Saws ight 'QM W v-gm sslflvi My-.s.N ay M J vs M Qt ' wkwig DON COOK Fullback BRUCE WILLIAMS End GARDEN GROVE Shutout agaln' The Garden Grove Argonauts were agaln s opped cold from crosstng Anaheim s goal llne Thus year the Mother Colony ran up 44 polnts to the Argo s O ORANGE Mackey Flynn belng hurt ID the last game was not a serrous lolovv to Anahetm s varsity because the Co'o nusts trampled the wunless Orange Panthers 550 FULLERTON Then Anahelms butter rlval Fullerton faced a 21 7 loss Thus victory once again gave Anaheim nts sixth stralght Sunset League Champlonshlp and a great trubute to Coach Van Hoorebeke and has statf John Wallln Brant Cowser and Bob Hagers coachtng The Blue and Golds mnghty grld team played Btll Mauerhan ln Flynns va ant spot Mauerhan played luke a regular on both offense and defense as he pushed over one ot Anahetms touchdowns Gary rederlclc and McPhnlltps made the other scores whale Baker lacked over three conversions Frederick made has score on a pass play from l9 yards out McPhnl Ilps galloped around end for sux pomts Ron Fuluno ot Fullerton made theur only td as the game ended wnth a 2l 7 score X tl Z, FE 5,291 , g ., ' Q A 4 K ' lx .Kc SV ttkgwfwsmwi J fi' 3 ', I l ': s,, :-s:,: I - , F F 'TFT I is :fulfil JMX -mwfifxm JOHN BAKER Knckeu i Ain!" Md, TAKA TANAKA Gund KEN HOWEFIY End fa 654' i'J.,....1.H A """N .W -,fi 9 3' 14 i?3'vGfiv I 2 T' 'Y wkffi 1'-s ,Aki 'fu If BILL MAUEFIHAN Hilfback 1-I GARY THORNTON Tackle ,Edin YV 'V Y' 'J DON RAPP T1ckle A? A-we Q 1250 -'lv' JACK BOHAN Tackle aff' CIF PLAYOFFS COMPTON Under the captaln and co captannshlp of Gene Morford and Gary Frederxck the Colomsts won an easy vrctory over the Compton Tarbabes 327 Thus was the frrst game of the CIF playoffs and ut was played at La Palma Par SAN DIEGO HOOVER Vuctum after vrctrm this time the San Diego Hoover Cardunals were the unfortunate ones The Vanmen hut the scoreboard wrth 34 pornts to the Cardinal s sux Mackey Flynn got back rn the scoring habit as he pushed over two tds lrv Knowles Joe Avma and Bob Lukens made one score apiece REDLANDS Once again Anaheum moved to the sem: finals of CIF play In two of the last three years the Colomsts had hope of gamrng the CIF crown but were defeated by one frrst down The T956 season saw a dnfferent story Anaheum s mnghty grad machine marched to vnctory 42 20 over nts yearly foe Redlands The game was played at the Orange Bowl rn San Bernardrno 4 JOHN ECKERSLEY Guard K JIM MANNING Halfback SSE Just a fractron of the fabulous turnouts for the Anaheum games are shown above Anaheum had IM DICKEY G d an average of more than 10 000 people attending their games In the last game with Downey the ua' two squads pulled over 40 000 people to see the two teams fnght to 13 13 deadlock rn the L A 150 Memorual Coliseum z pa . ae. ' I ' MA 4 A M W ,ff N k. - MA . 1 , 1 "Q -. . , , . Q A X - 'f 1 , ' r , 4 4 1 f K A ! ,R . . . . K .. .., .4 .r I . Y wr . T . . ' f -A M . :T 1 n . X J, J, K . M . . . A - I :' ,tk A ' 8 on OS -1 ' 5' ' ' ' ' ' ' e- ' fa" 14. A. -A-iw, In ' :Q K V., :Mg ' ' 1'W3ivg-Li'Lvgi..u . . 3 .. E fi - . vs rs ,A am- , C ' 7, 1 2 ,-. 3?'M'.s. ' ' . ' L ea J - . . l ' I a - ' '. . DOWN:Y Two great teams met rn the Calrlornra lnterscholastrc Federatron trnals These teams Anahelm and Downey ad met earlrer rn the year but rt was rn a scrrmmage Botw teams had two of the greatest Calrtornxa hrgl school backs developed rn Southern Calrtornra rn he last decade They were Anaherm s Mackey Flynn and Downeys Randy Meadows these teams taught to a 1313 tre to become CIF co Champrons Flynn scored the Blue and Golds tds whrle John TONY HUTTO Tackle Baker kicked the extra pornt Meadows and Ron Russell tallred the Vrkrngs pornts Th s game was a trrbute to good sportsmanshrp and to great teams lt was wrtnessed by a crowd ot over 40 OOO persons rn the Los Angeles Colrseum Soon after tne ball game started Mrckey Flynn broke loose on one of hrs usual raunts Flynn gallop ed 62 yards up the mrddle of the Vrkrngs defense to score the frrst Colonrst td Few mrnutes had elapsed after Flynn s score when Downeys prrde Randy Meadows was ott and run nrng around the Colony end tor a 69 yard score Thus game also saw such Anaheim greats as Mrckey Flynn Joe Avrtra Gene Mortord Gary Frederrck Joal Hoare and Don Pentreld end therr grrdrron careers for PHIL COOPER Center The Colomsfs N""'w-fm Seveml members of the r9o6 football squad carry Co1ch Vin Hoorebeke off the glrdrron after t1krng therr srxth strargnt Sunset Leigue championship The game w1s played agarnst the Fullerton In drrns who were defeated 21 7 sr? este ,A fgtvs 'Ml fx M '39 sw 'War eg: 'exif' A gif fs- ew v 2 if! 4,2 N' kv 'T auf? Jl:RF!Y LIPSHIN F'uIIb1Ck GEORGE HOLETZ Trckle s! sr fhgfgpe mn are an DON RAMSAY Guild T Mi- 4 I ' tix, n Q R. 3 3 4 sf? 'iv I A 44.15, BUD ARNOLD Center 151 ' ' ' ' v We - f V TJ V , V , r r r fwgtlf T ,- V 'MT 1 T A T 7 3 li , . , i 2 4 rm qi -V f , c T A ,T D. ,K , ' -- ,, , , . . . f , V -W 4 ' F .T 2 'r Mn ' .. F r A F s ' ' ' ' r ww' - ' " ' A T 7 T . 'sm ,wx ' W f . V ' ' 4 4 Q ' ' ' 1555: in Q A 4 1 . ' 1' If - rug, 5 - r ' J-,eu V vis V5-rwrik .QW . Q v x 'K+ A , . 25-'Nk fn' 22 f 7924 IPM -sir 2 .A N-A af, , T Ng, wwf nil! -,gb ,wg ek K - ww? 5 zen T. r F 7' '-r wrf5"fbfe- -as ' K --f:,:. Nr! Xi, - -.- - we ffv'1,,Ts I 15:5 Q, ,cr-fri ,st - 'f :.. , 'Mgrr 'fr 'safer wg, ::T-: Us Mc rs ..,,, , Q . w3,w.f'.-A ,f :fig 2: esiitrgdgsrff - - " Y gy. , e r T. ,fl A 'wr :'r,ij:: -'sTT.g. ' ' 155 . - T i - - K Tvi?f'srr9g3,. W, I A , ' ' - ss M, ,. r ' f 7 ., r I , y .rf ,Tee y , fx . 0 W . ' . i NPT W Nw f vt .rib I I - H ' r r 1 1 r K I , . wr Qu.:-: : T. l K 5 K' T g ,V N by X 8 T T , sg 5, , 4 X ,Q X - i in T V nf I L , - T T, rt . 3? r 3 V -fs T , J i t F A T ,Tm MM 4 T, I r 4 .. ' F F X A K V, A ia. ,Y ,, gy Tk 4 ,- T ... , - Golng through the season without de a 2 fa'M?S9 r?Qea'?9sG?s 'Yao ' ,,, T. RQ :Fifi G QIQQSEQ- M 2 'Q fm B FOOTBALL fLeft to rlghth Row 1 G Dlxon M Cochran H Owens F Acosta R Godoy R Takeno R Kubota J Castro J Rodarte L Oden A Frew andH Nelson Row2 M Eckersley B Darnell B Murnrna D Nlcholson R Agulnagua B Mllbrat T Kessee M Smith G Sedla R Jones A Peter B Ramirez D Roseberry J Pollard J Hurtado and B Hatfield Row3 H Carlyle assistant coach B Oviedo J Chrlstlano M Anderson B Hammatt A Myers B Larson G Shepard J Goodrxch J Schamp J Setterlund C Stark B Boyd N Chamber lam l: Agullar T Maudsley and D Llebhart coach Row-1 B Brown D Rupert D Spencer L Shaver D Strandbury M Maxson D Vollom J Wlcker B Bentley D Smnth B Burnett J Meger O Blevms and V Thornsbury B FOOTBALL -- UNDEFEATED SEASON hflfg 91 JESS HURTADO Most Valuable Player Anaheum Anaheim Anaheim Anahelm Anahexm Anahelm Anaheim Anaheim 152 RECORD Redlands Newport Huntington La Habra Santa Ana Garden Grove Orange Fullerton feat, the B Football squad would have been league champlons, but several players were meluglble due to the wrong exponents being given The ellglbles were from the reserves .nl 4 1 JIM RODARTE Backfleld Captam Hal Carlyle from Fremont Teams that were defeated by the powerful mlddlewelghls were Redlands, Newport Fullerton, Orange, La Habra Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, and Garden Grove Elected by thelr teammates as Most Valuable Player Backfleld Captam and Lune Captain were Jess Hurtado, Jam Rodorte, and John Goodrich, re spectlvely -divas-nl. 'K' JOHN GOODRICH Lune Captam se' lx v Q in ' , n Q I 4 Q 1 ' A W' A.. , ' Q ,1 ' s. ' of ' , , ' ' 'F 3 il ff it 1 ' wt 5 fl J if ,Q 3 , t 1 ,-1, ww .vli JU, W 5 Q,-5mar.q6,,Qf 3 - 2 g J 4 ,., I ,W ., , Vg Y V V Qt 4' K r L, V' ..,,, l , - . ' V wifi? .-.C l Y, as fi A H Q ll' A fi' J' - -1 Q H . L , 9 but , 5 inf' f 'V 'F . 15.1 vszf X is jf 1 4- S: f- ' " A . 2 ' 'HV -114' teh, , in 4- A t J R up A 9 itll' I l ' , rw if fs 1 -1 .fl ,Q la, -'rs'-'mfs' ..a.............,... ' ' . in- , 1 , , fr Maritim S ' . 122 A , l, f 1 ex, V l J if fa y F ' 20 . o '4 l ' 13 o ' ' ff - 25 - O , ,V.., T Q lg In ' 27 o ' ' , 21 0 ' f' ' 14 7 , M ' 7 O ' 27 7 ' A RECORD - A .. - Q A C FOOTBALL fLeft to Flghty Row1 T Taylor S Schllegel D McMahon C Robertson R Weatherman B Mclnnls B Harker B Own bey M Proctor D Walton and L Kubota Row 2 S Espinoza T Gllspm T Knox J Rangel R Burns M Olsen D Crandall B Mo barry D Duffy G Ramsler B Seapy J Williams P Paddock and B Blelefleld Row3 M Campo D Baldanado D Bertch J Lowder D Sprulll T Nakatsuka L Simms R Freck J Martin J Lawler J Quxggle L Schley D Dantlce D Nelson G Herbel and Coach Bull Arm trong C FOOTBALL - - UNDEFEATED SEASON Exactly as thelr bugger brothers Gary Ramsler and Don Sprunll were the C football squad ran over voted upon and elected as Most everybody nn league play But Valuable Back Co Captaln, C as the Bs they also had several Captain, and Most Valuable Lune mellglble players on the roll man Coach Bull Armstrong trained thus team to be one of the hlghest scoring squads to be seen at AU HS They scored 249 dlglts to thelr qw W, opponents 14 Jerry Williams, Carl Robertson, GARY RAMSIER Co Captain we JERRY WILLIAMS Most Valuable Back CARL ROBERTSON Co Captam Anaheim Anahenm Anaheim Anahelm Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anahelm Valencia Newport Huntington La Habra Santa Ana Garden Grove Orange Fullerton ' . , - ' o- 6 4 i l ' 40 ' o 4,4 5 ' l4 Y . r ' 25 ' A ' 18 ' 46 ' 39 , ' 28 A 5 J' ' 39 ow 1 Fly R De Jesu and S Morrns and J Enzenauer Row 3 B Natlvldad Row 4-Coach D Llebhart T VARSITY BASKETBALL tLeft to rugh Dixon Row 2 J Ferm D McCormxck Sc olz G Frederuck B Otta and T Kessee B Punt and D Corradlno B b Scholz I ps hgh mto the axr to dunk two pomts for the Colony Has effort was In a losmq cause as the Newport Tars downed the Ioc1l cagers 60 38 VARSITY BASKETBALL Under the coachlng ol Don Llebharl the Co'onusts casaba qunntet won ll practice an The squad played well untll stalwart Clutl Rogers was lnlured rn the Fullerton tllt wrth a badly spranned ankle Rogers was hugh ponnt man In most of the games before his lngury Laterm the season John Ferm came unto has own Anahelms first strung usually consnsted ot Ron De Jesus, Gary Frederlck Cliff Rogers Dave McCorm1ck and Muckey Flynn Also seeing considerable action were John Ferm Jerry Enzenauer Gary Dixon Bob Scholz and Ted Natmdad Ot the players lasted above Clltt Rogers was elected the most valuable player and Ron De Jesus captam In the practice games wth Mrlllkan Ruver side San Bernardlno Calltornla Chatt y 'Santa Barbara and Ventura the Colonrsts won halt ot their games HLJNTWIGTON BEACH TOURNAMENT Playrng Tustin In the tlrst game ol the tour namenl the Blue and Gold baslcetballers 154 COACH DON LIEBHART - .ms 1 T . , . an ,, -fc uh ' tj R fM. nn, . s. G. 0 ea 5 f ' . . I I ' ' ' ' d league games while dropping TS. . A L ' T ' . the , , , , , .x. . , . . I . . . - ' I 1 r I 9 1 ' . ,f N 1. X Playmg n the local gymnasium Cliff Rogers and Dave McCormlck fumble with a sllppery cage ball That IS the way the game seem ed to end as the Colonlst could not g ab hold of vlcto Th S A S y e anta na aunts won an easy vlc ory wlth a 61 44 score SEASON IN REVIEW CLIFF ROGERS Most Valuable Player won by a slum margin of 59 53 ln the next game Anaheum met the powerful Orange Panthe s and battled to a heartbreaking loss of 45 43 NEWPORT HARBOR Opemng Sunset League play Anahelm laced the to be champions Newport Har oor the Sailors ran over the Colontsts by s orlng 60 dlglts to Anahelm s 38 HUNTINGTON BEACH A hlghly determlned squad traveled tc Huntington Beach to brlng home victory 36 33 Rogers hut the scoreboard wlth l6 bng dlguts SANTA ANA The vlsltlng Saints literally rolled over the Colomsts 61 44 Anaheim got hopelessly be hand and never had a chance to catch up with the sparkling Saints FULLERTON Anahenms downfall came an the thurd pe nod ot the Fullerton lnduan game Cl Rogers spralned his ankle and was out for . i . V . , . . I . ' r ' r . ' ' 2 ' - .. l r ' I . , ., . . C - ' I I I . 1 ' - ' . I'tt the rest of the season The shorter Colonrsts put up a gallant tight but they were defeat ed 63 49 LA HABRA The local squad had lrttle trouble over commg the leagues newcomers La Habra by a 5l 46 score GARDEN GROVE Playing the most excrtrng game ot the year the Blue and Gold los' to the Argonauts ot Garden Grove by two points The score was 45 43 ORANGE ln therr second meetlng of the year the league Panthers sunk 54 drguts to Anaheums 44 Gary Frederick sparked In the losnng cause wrth l5 ponnts NEWPORT HARBOR Start ng the second round ot play the Sarlors of Newport overwhelmed Anaherm wrth a 55 pornt scorung barrage HUNTINGTON BEACH The Orlers were not to be outdone thus Anaherm s John Ferm sprrngs hugh mto the arr to dump rn two pornts for the Colo nrsts agarnst the Garden Grove flve Clrff Rogers stands by wartrng to rebound The game ended ln a 45 42 Anaherrn vlctory RON DE JESUS GARY FREDERICK DAVE MCCORMICK JOHN FERM JERRY ENZENAUE 156 l R MICKEY FLYNN I . , I . T' l Ti l i l s Jerry Enzenauer and a host of Garden Grove Argonauts fight to rebound a loose ball In tough Argo battle Anahelm won 45 42 time as they downed Anaherm 70 56 John Ferm was hugh ponnt man SANTA ANA Once again the deadly Saints outplayed the Llebhartmen In a bitterly played game by a wlnmng score of 58 45 FULLERTON One of the best played games by the Colony came when thenr arch rlvols Fuller ton met he Llebhartmen for the second tame Anaheim led most of the game by a few ponnts and then the lndlans won 60 58 LA HABRA Defeatnng the Hnghlanders again the local GARDEN GROVE Wmmng their last game of the season the Mother Colony squeezed victory out of the Argonauts In an excutlng 45 42 duel ORANGE Trying hard but not hard enough the Colomsts were crushed under the Panthers paw 52 40 In their last league game BILL OTTA GARY D IXON STEVE MORRIS 'ren NATnvloAo sos scHol.z BOB BURNS 157 5 y ' . boys won by a 42-39 score. l l JV BASKETBALL fLeft to rlghtj Row 1 B Hatfleld D Turner K Snow and B Get that ball' George Jones and Bob Hatfleld try Fennell Row 2 J Setterlund D Bagnard D Rupert and D Anderson Row 3 B determanedly to grasp the floating basketball but McPhlIIlps C Stark G Jones and J Temple Row 4-Coach Cowser T Kessee B mat and vnctory dld not come for the Colomsts JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Under the able coaching ot Brant Cowser mh- the lumor farslty basketball squad fared tourth ln Sunset League play Usual starters tor the Colomsts were Karol Snow and Clint Stark at the guard posxtlon Danny Turner, Jlm Setterlund forwards and at the center posntlon was lanky George Jones Both Hattneld and Bob McPhlllups also saw plenty of action for the Cowsermen The squad had a seven wan and seven loss cord In league play deleatmg every team except Santa Ana They defeated the league newcomers, the La Habra Hlghlanders In both encounters Santa Ana was lust too much for the local boys as they were de teated In two fairly close games Most of the games Anahelm lost were by a mere two or three polnts Helpung the quintet In their tilts was Most Valuable Player Karol Snow Snow was the usual high scorer for the team George Jones was nnvaluable for the squad because of hls constant reboundlng and scormg Jones was elected captam by has teammates KAROL SNOW GEORGE JONES Most Vwluable Player Captain 158 t l l Q . - ' I 1 --- : - 1 I- . I I ,M W . ,,at V . . .::. ,-:: . . vv-.r - 51 : . A . I . . . I- -,,.. .....-..,,. I- it W . ' af . ' . is . . . . . .::,' g ., ..,.,V, f g . I D Q , 5 B BASKETBALLERS1Left to rtghtj Row1 L Schley R Espinoza D Ratzlaff S Kula R Godoy E Lord R Agumaga W McDan lero was camera shy SUNSET LEAGUE CHAMPIONS gunna .Med EU ENE LOPD RICHARD ESPINOZA Most Valuable Player Captain Wtnntng the Sunset League tltle for the second consecutnve year the mtddlewelght baslceteers ran over most competition Wlth a l2wtn and two loss record In league play the B qutntet coached by Sam Ketth ran up a new league scoring record of 90 polnts and tied the school record They tumshed the season with a 24 wln and slx loss record In tournament play the Kelthmen took a second tn the Pactttc Coast Tournament Travelmg to Norwalk the Bs placed third ln the Excelslor Tourney ln the champtons tournament at Santa Monica the squad beat one of the best B teams In Southern Calttor ma Long Beach Poly A second place was taken rn that tourney Eugene Lord was elected Most Valuable Player by has teammates because ot has conslstant hugh scornng Rnchard Espinoza speedy forward was voted captain of the quad :als Row 2-Coach S. Keith, J. Wicker, Dfgpencer, dorthe, M.'Masson, S. kaul'fman,'D..VolIom: H: Burnett., Manager Ralph Cabal V 4 W . I . . .. X r E I . I . we 4. at 'Hh'l:"' 3 s t . . . ' , a . , . .lf . AH' . I , . . A . . . . ' 1 1 ' S . G t C BASKETBALL qLeft to Tight, Ftow1 M Acosta R Burns D Klnss B Harker H Welton Coach B Armstrong Flow 2 J Qulsen berry J Wnlllams G Ramsler G Herbel F Tava es and T Ynox SUNSET LEAGUE CHAMPIONS One ot the three best C teams In Southern Calltorma Coach Arm strongs charges ran up a tabulou 27 wan and one loss record They re peated agaln wlnmng the Sunset League champlonshnp The basketballers were undeteat ed In league play and had a 44 ponnt per game average to their o onents l7 They tued e leagues scoring record at 67 dlglts Manual Acosta was elected Most Valuable Player whale Brad Harker ond Ron Burns were voted captaln and co captam 160 tr ,.....w...m-'nw 'Wai gg.-nv--"" MANUEL ACOSTA BRAD HARKER RON BURNS Most Valuable Player Q0 Captain Co Captain Fre ous RSITY TRACK lLeft to rlghtJRow1 B Sm th S Lyons K Lombard R arnett B Wlllnams LaGretde J Hoare K Otte erlck D Hokanson R Caballero R w 2 J Baker L J y B F Il cDonaId B Lukens M Shark D Dmltrleff J Kutscher ky K Howery D Turner J Mannlng G Cook B McPhllllps M Flynn G Kutscherousky Row3 D Newcome B Muller J Morgan Schribal T Natnvndad G Bl d G Plchard D Key, J Eckersley, J Hurtad D Melsenhelmer 5" F3 " V' " J XX be VA ' - . E . . . . , . B , . ' ' . G. ' . . . . , G. d'.. . ,. .Io -. ..Io. . enne,J.M ,. ..'.. - G, . . ' 1' , .' lr. . 'l '. .l ' . h I. l lc, . '.. l. . I l I 'L l - - 1 ' i . . D 5 - ' . ' - I ...X by 'Q , . W Q . '. . ,- 4 QO, : . 5 5 it , ' ' , 2.8 ' 22 , ,J : . 5 I W I D . . . . .- . Defeatlng La l-labra, Huntington Beach and Orange, the varsity than clacls placed flfth ln the league Paclng the squad was Gary La Grelde pole vaultlng to a new school record of l2 feet four and one half Inches, Ted Natlvndad 440 runner at 50 8 seconds, Ernle Verdu mller with Q 4320 time B1 Smlth runnmg a lOl ln the hundred Bob McPhllllps 2 In the 0 Bruce Wllllams, 880 runner ln the best tlme of 2040 Ken Otte ln the high lump with a 5 foot nine unch leap and Jess Hurtado dolng 21 4 3 4 ln the broad lump Next year, Coaches Bob Hager ana Fred Trebow are loolong for ward to a more successful season as many of thelr best track and field event men will be returning to Ana helm VARSITY TRACK George Bragg and Ted Natlvldad race across the fmlsh llne ln the 440 yard race at Huntlngton Beach Usually Bragg or Natlvldad would come across the fmlsh first, to and the Colony n its meets 161 l BTRACK1LefttorlghtJRow1 E Farney B Westbrook L Schley J Qunggle S Kula S Koffman D Ratzlaff H Owens M tado D Hokanson S Rutherford D Stranbury B Passo D Jenxlns E Delaney J Castro P Gonzales H Acevedo L Osburn B TRACK Placung second an the league finals, the B lracksters ran up a three wln four loss record Taknng first places In the finals were Bull Smith In the hundred with a lOl time Gary Shepard an the 660 wllh l 257 which was a new school record Ernie Verdugo In the l32O seltlng a new school record ID a 3 238 clock mg Larry .loy vaulhng ll 7l 3 In the pole vault and Danny Turner lumplng sux feel ln The hugh lump C TRACK Having an unsuccessful season the C sprkeslers had a one wln and sux loss record Some of the regular winners or ponnt makers were Mark Fowler, ln the lOO yard dash and broadqump Larry Schley In the hugh lump and Al Mays In the shofpul Mays set a new school record In the sholpuf wllh a heave of 524 C TRACK lLeft to right! Row 1-T. Habner, T. Gibson, L. Schley, J. Quiggle. D. Dantice, B, Westbrook. J. Challenor. Row 2 C Rob t son D Mauerhan, D. Nelson. R. Ortega, M. Fowler, P. Gonzales, D. Bertch, G. Goblitz. 1 4-0 + .- I -' . - - 1 - v - A r - r - 1 - v - Maxon D Shepard, B. Milbrat. Row 2-A. May, E. Aguilar, J. Lowder, J. Christiana, G. Shepard, M. Fowler, G. Sedla J Hur . . , - , - v - , . , . . . , . , f ' - I - ' . E . . D . . 5 . . . Z . I . I V - . ' ' I 1 I 1 ' : . - 2 - ' f E NK. CROSS COUNTRY tLeft to rtghtt Row1 B Dykes D Dmttrteff B Byrnes D Hokanson G Cook E Verdugo B Westbrook Row 2 Coach Hagar E Delaney R Caballero G Shepard E Lord D Mauerhan P Gonzales CROSS COUNTRY RIFLE TEAM Pacmg the squad to a fourth place In Sun set League meets were the perststent efforts at Ernte Verdugo, captatn Gary Cook Don Hokanson, Bob Burns and Dan Dmttnett The h ghltght ot the season was the surprtse Nun over Fullerton, 22 35 In dual meet com pehhon Duane Plckard was elected captain of the tumor varstty Alan Hutchens agatn repeated In capturmg the htghly prized Governors Trophy at Sac ramento The trophy us given to the best marksman In Calttornla In team competttton the squad competed tn ltve quarterly matches at El Monte taktng tour thtrd places and one fifth At the national tumor champuonshtp the team placed fourth In mtlttary standtng IH Southern Calif "w..""Xe iw ns, ,N ,H-tt Q-QP N,-v V .M , -4 1' A 'sam 13' ,N .n -.A . Q,3,,,f h4,,, RIFLE TEAM tLeft to rtghtl Row 1-N, Gullop. D. Govoreau. and K. Herrmg. Row 2-J. Slocum, B. Nleachan. R. Little, Coach D. Merritt, H. Goadwm. A. Hutchens. IVt. Collyer, and S. Grastiet. 'trim 'JKWEQQ in 3 VARSITY BASEBALL CLeft to rlghtl Row 1 B Scholz, D Penfleld B Larson A Tnkker K Wallln B Burns J Lupshm G Thornton B Essex B Hatfleld and Coach Wallin VARSITY BASEBALL Q Another champlonshlp looked as uf It were H headed Anahelm s way For the second stralght year the varsity baseballers coached by John Wallin were leading the Sunset League when the annual went to press Doing most of the pltchlng for Anaheim was veteran Bob Scholz Scholz had a tab ulous 12 wln and one loss record Other pltchers were John Baker and Bob Burns Regular starters for the squad usually con slsted of Gary Thornton, catcher, Bob Scholz, pitcher, Bull Essex, flrst base, lrv Knowles, second base, Joe Avntla, thurd base, Bull Lar WWW! son, shortstop Jerry Lupshln leftlueld Don Penfleld centerfleld and Bob Hatfield In rlghtfleld A dangerous baserunner for the Colonlsts was Don Penfleld Every opposing pltcher was made more nervous when Don was on the bases A few of the many actuon plays are pnctured above the top plcture son steps back just ln tlme before being pncked off at first base At the Hatfleld slides mto furst, but he was not In time At the right, Bob late at furst fPhotos courtesy Anahum 164 Row 2 B Terry manager, J Avltla Q-HIQS in J: we it wma' Zekmgi Bull Lar left, Bob Scholz us Bulletmb l l ' ' 'fre in A g A 3 ' "' 'ln T . , X il' ' ' I I A 7 tl AEf g H ia. - Y, of A t , ' A M . V "' 1- T A W .,:. r . - ,,,, . A : . 1 Y at -- ' ' ' . . Q . . '. . ' . ' ll' ' ' ' JV BASEBALL tLeft to right! Row1 D Grothe K Downing C Spam D Cook B Barthel andG Herbel Row2 C Stark B Baker R Beatty D Spencer D Kraeggr J Rodarte H Nelson C Hildebrand ana Coach Cowser JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Bunting is of great importance to baseball and Coach Cowser knows it. Here he is coaching Bill Barthel. Don Cook, Ronnie Freck and Gary Dixon in the art of bunting. Leading the league with a Sl record when tne yearbook went to press the Cow sermen looked as if they were again head ed tor the championship One ot tne best hitters on the roster was Don Grolhe Don had a 450 batting aver age, aetting a hit about every other time at bat Doing most of the pitching for the 'Umor varsity squad was Clint Stark Stark had a three win one loss record losing only to Fullerton 32 This year a new sophomore baseball squad was organized The coaches were Don Liebhart and Bill Armstrong This group was somewhat successful for the coaches and this training will make the Colonist baseball teams stronger in future years -nun 1 VARSITY SWIMMING ILeft to rlghtj Row1 J Seabern J Welman N Keolanur R Johnson J Bunnelt and B Srmmons R w 2 J VARSITY SWIMMIN B and C SWIMMING Deteatung Huntlngton Beach Garden Havrng a not to successful season the B Grove and Santa Ana the varslty swimmers and C swnmmers fnnlshed the year wnnless ended the season with three wrns and three I John Bunnell was elected Captarn ot the osses Bs whrle Dave Srnnth was selected by the Some of the outstanding swlrnmers on the squad were Norby Keolanuu Ross Johnson tt Bob Da and Gregg Parker, and Dean Schoburg who was lack Seoben' Doug SCO Y Dave Smuth were rackrng up quite a few elected captarn ot the team pounts In their SQGCIGIIIGS to hlghlrght their Domg a great 'ob of coachlng thus year f f me er ormances were Doug Allan head coach and Roy p Brown assrstant coach if 90' kts! if B and C SWIMMING 1Left to rrghtj Rcw1 T Marten B Ashton, D Smlth D Mlllonzu and R Abbott Row 2 Coach R Brown B Day D Scott B Hoban T Leo and Coach D Allan 166 f . V 4 l ,K M A l i 'f ' ' 2 le.. 1 "' ' tl . 'A X MLQQX, ? ' f A f whiff ' - . . . ' , - H . . . . . ' - 0 - . Bentley, N. Montague, F. Thomas, G, Parker. R. Gruver. S. Johnson, D. Galle, D, Schoburg, and E. Koontz. . I . h - ' I , , . . . . I I . I I . Cs. : I I 1 I I I . . . I I I , . 1 . 9 Q. 1 X5 vi ' I . Q it ' at . , A My og., , ks .. .s .,,.., ,nf Bums filing VARSITY WATERPOLO fLeft to rlghij Row1 J Fletcher N Owens C Huston, B Fults D Bultena C Chapman Row 2 P Ba er D Galle G Scherer B Srmmons R Gruver G Parker E Koontz Row 3 Coach Brown, D Schoburg J Protrowskl, F Thomas N Montague R Johnson and Coach Allan VARSITY WATERPOLO B and C WATERPOL0 Coached by Doug Allan and Roy Brown the varsnty tanksters ran up a sux wan and nine loss record Most of the games they lost were by only a few pomts Norman Montague was elected as captain Dean Schoburg Player of the Year, Dave Bultena Most Valuable and Gregg Parker as Most Insplratlonal of lf 5 M HT' 'W and E" B WATERPOLO 1Left to ghtj Row 1 D Scott J Seabern, D Kang J Vlsel T Leo, H Acevedo Row 2 B Terry H Jackson L Unger S Rutherford J Bunnell and Coach Brown Wlnmng a httle more than one thlrd of thenr games, the B s elected for captain, Most Valuable Player, and Player of the Year, .lack Seabern Bull Hoban was voted Most ln splratlonal The Cs won only one game for the season and elected as co captains Bob Day and Don Dnerberger, Player of the Year was Bob Day Most Valuable was Dnerberger and Most lnsptratlonal was Ray Nattvldad ........ an W! 90- iz? uf' C WATERPOLO fLeft to rlghtj Row 1 Coach Allan R Abbott, D Dlerberger B Ashton, D Mlllonzl T Marten Row 2 C Johnson J Schanfeld Ft Natnvldad B Day, and D Smnth 167 , " I tis, wr, 1, , 1 fl ,QS - Q IJ r f 1 , ' A , 'ts o 1 . f . 'ml ,sz U H v,.., ...,. E ' - . , . , . . , . . . - U - - K - n y . , - y - 7 I , I . T 1 V I I Y ' Y - , - . Q I - I I ' I ' 7 - ' f I I 'Y M Mar M , ftfio f a V wi L f:3Ef ,1:a ?E: : Y Q. 1. ' .- fi 3 -- P ' V' f ' ' A" ' , A 3 1 , YV W ,' ' Q. " A K g ' af lf 3 ' ' lt J 4 l I ,f l M , ' ' ' 4 , .. 5 A ,W I, , ' 1 Y . A W , 'I ' , ' 5 g, . i Y 4 v for f n 1 X , , , -. 'S- V - ri - . , . . A ' I - , . . - . , . . . -- . , . . . . 1 - . , , . . - , , . . . . . . . . , . , . . . RSI'lY IENNIS lLLf1 o rn tt Row 1 YI n 'an 'as on vv o ok or Kls H Krue er Looper 1nd B Otta VARSITY Cbarlenglng he Santa Ana Salnts tor the Sunset League clfampuonsltrp the varsrty ten nrs squad had a seven wtn and two loss ecord at yearbook press tame Con lfted by Bull Cook the squad was ably manned The top ftve players on the team were as follows Steve Moms, D Klnss lf Fenton B Otta andJ Helden 13 4-,, TENNIS JR VARSITY '-leaded by Chuck Osborne Loren Pannrer george L gg Russell Kelly and Al Masrcotte ne lunror vorsttv racketers had won our and lost fou rna clres a press tlrne Tne qunror varsrty team IS In the burldlng sage to oecorne next years varslty squad T ev will have a bug rob to trll tlwerr m re xperten ed brothers posutlon JUNIOR VARSITY TENNIS 1Left to rightj Row 1-T. Poe. B. Sanders, T. Taylor. C. Osborne. L. Crabtree, and R. Auston. Row 2 Coach Cook, P. Culey, M. Smith. 0. Goforth. R. Kelley, L. Pannier. G. Legg, G. Brookman. and A. Masicotte. 168 GIRLS' SPCRTS GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ' 3 H , M. w? wwscwmmwexm J I an 4 : W. ' Q, ' . H 5 Lt' - ,- 70 GAA Advusers SHIRLEY BAYARD Chuef GAA Advuser Advuser of Sophomore Class A year o great enthusuasm and one to be remembered was enuoyed by many gurls of AUHS who belonged to the Gurls Athletuc Assocuatuon Thus organuzatuon us carrued on for gurls who are of good standung un school and are unter ested un sports Under the tune leadershup and supervusuon of Shurley Bayard head advuser and her assustants Muldred Elluott senuor clcuss .losephune Snyder uunuor class and Betty Lan caster sophomore class GAA has proved to be a well orgcunuzed group Thus us Shurley Bayards turst year as advuser sunce the resugnatuon of Norma Elluott whule Betty Lancaster and Muldred Elluott are also new to the staff of ber of the AU faculty was Josephune Snyder Each gurl un thus organuzatuon us encouraged by team spurut and good sportsmanshup un the fuelds of basketball hockey volleyball softball tennus swummung and badmunton Attendung conferences playdays and spreads are some of the enuoyments of GAA Thus year playdays were held at Fullerton Huntungton Beach Santa Ana and Valencua Clumcuxung the T956 57 season the GAA sponsored theur annual banquet held at the Womens Assustance League clubhouse on Thursday June 6 when the gurls receuved theur awards and letters MILDRED ELLIOTT JOSEPHINE SNYDER BETTY LANCASTER Advuser of Senuor Class Advuser of Junuor Class Advuser of Sophomore Class I I . GAA. Completing her third year for GAA and as a mem- GAA Cabinet Wuth Jean Wulluams president of GAA the year i956 57 wull long be remembered by all the members of thus organuza tuon for the wonderful and capable work done by Jean and her cabunet The cabunet was composed of Duane Richards vuce presu dent Dausy Nakamura, secretary Beverly Woodruff treas urer, Nancy Feul, publucuty chairman Lorraine Schulz, sports commussuoner and Lou Ann Peterson, red cross representa tuve Each of the three classes were represented by Janet Morrus, senior representative Shirley Boutcher, lunuor repre sentatuve and Louuse Bakker and Kathy Snow were soph omore representatives Many conferences were attended by these ambutuous gurls One was he'd un Garden Grove and the annual GAF con ference held un Beverly Hulls The cabinet for the furst time un recent years, sponsored o color playday un the sport of volleyball Thus playday was held for only senuor gurls of Orange County Late un the year each GAA class held a sale of theur chouce to rause funds for the annual banquet JEAN WILLIAMS GAA Presudent m GAA CABINET 1Left to rightt Ro.w'1-D.4Nakamura, secretary: S. Boutcher, junior representative: L Schulz sports commissioner: N, Fell, pubiucuty chaurman: and D. Richards, vice president. Row 2-S. Bayard, advuser L. Peterson. red cross representative: B. Woodruff, treasurer: L. Bakker, sophomore representative: J Morrus senior representative: and K. Snow, sophomore representative. SENIOR BASKETBALL fLeft to rnghtj Row 1 S Boutcher, C Allen K Hathaway D Pearson, L Blakely no t, Llllywhlte an Olvera Row 2 C Ryan, S Schafer K Walker J Sympson L Schulz C Knven P Dargatz L Cheatum and D Ruchards JUNIOR BASKETBALL lLeft t Flghf, Row 1 L Stevens M Tague B Lykowskl N Staman J Brown L Hefferln and J Smith Row2 L Wmfrey J Roland, V Hlltscher J Thomason, and D Nakamura SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL fLeft Tl htj ow C Summers, Stewart, K Snow M Rupert B Swenmgson, B Llptrapp C Robert son, and S Heltshusen R w 2 J Moulton, S Hysom, G Thlessen, M Hllgenfeld S Graham, J Landes, K Schulz, J Roberts, S Troutman M Nlermann, and J Rememann "Own-m"""'-. 'QQQQ QQ 2 3' Wm., ..,....,.--4y...W on 'L W dw Qsswrfivsu Mm: 'Warm its jig W rv 01401, 113: QQ WL WEEE' V, ,h -af... m !G?SQ'Ss9fU"":5 AV 1 we f Playdoy ot Fullerton and mtercloss games were a success to the many gurls that partncupated Semorlunuor basketball playolay and sophomore tennis were held the same day The SSDIOFIUDIOI' tennis and sophomore basketball playday was a bug success The above learns completed the sport ot bosketball, which was followed by hockey Shown above are junior, senior gurls during mtercuass gamee 172 T lw?r iq' A , A , ,V ,l., Q, .E M Q' f 'I' -A A 22: 'I V ' X ,, V x -it , :Q , .1 'i ' 5 '. grey? ee' i'ef 'lg ig. ra, w ,' - ' ' ' W ' , H ,Qi ""l , , " H H ,. I., Q ' '. I 1 ' ' . , ,L V' , E :A .,,. , .t fx- E W , , ,M -I , ww 'LN M v. EIIA 1 s. ' ' , d M. .1 ' " ' ' " 5 - "'H"'Y', - ... yt x 1- f . , . . . V . ,Q In W - 5 .-in -1:2-5. , 14 5315 4 . M W ,. , ,,,, lg , M saw, ' ' ' - v ' 1 f ' ' . --,- 5 75, ' . 'ty . ' . , X. 1 gf - l fl Q - ' . ,J , , 'Q 1, H -' . :-: 1 f , l. 2 - s'.,,,,,-'E-: an ,W ,gb at M e NN - ' ,, . A K 5 2 1 A I - .,. 1- Q ,-5. ew' , ' '- 1 ' 5 ' S Q ,, s Q 1 -' wif Sf -V - 1- ' My ' - ' HSNHEJ' ,,pfe4fee1Qr,-waff .,,. 'Q. .'aJb 'l" V' Q, 2 1, ,HfQT N --- B, cllsrl Q , ' ray Lx, y A 1, Q K :V ,.,: . J K Nl 1 . f E S Q it , r- ff , fr. Q ,sr 1 1- sf .W , Rs e' fi ' A , . K 7 Q f 1 has as 5 2 xi ,- , A ,, V 1 A V A 1,5 ,g ze? ww X o , fem' X , ' ,N X , . , J . K' ' a , I ' f , ' . 1 U 5,j"M .UAF - . , . , N A , X - Av - v . - K ' 1' I , , ..5,- Amr x 'Q . ' , . ' . -- . , ' ,I i Q " 1 1 -3 '12'??fl.'ff,4 K ' ' X "V 7 " ' X ' Z y We-L 'N "A" ' ' ' ' ' H' f Y , Q , - ' R Q f?'w 1 H , . - - K V. It ' Nl E 53,2 4 -1' Elks, V V Aid ew A Q fll x ,K es in 4 I I, 3 .. ., 1 Q A 'a+' J ,l . , : ,gf 1, H ,, y - fr, ,I AQ "fggA. , 4g :N 1f . " frvfffi- ' ' A to 'g R 1- . J. . , . , . ' . ' , . - . ' . o - . . . , . r W . M ,,,. heist' HOCKEY Huntnngton Beach was the slte for the hockey playday held t year On Tuesday Feb 5 the semor and IUHIOF gurls were amo the many that partlclpated ln this engagement whlle sophomores enloyed theur day of play on Thursday, Feb 7 These first and second teams also competed ln mterclass games dunng class tume whuch ended the sport of hockey for thus year SENIOR HOCKEY tLeft to rlghtl w Llllyw ste, L Schulz, Ellnott, C Allen L Blakely K Hath away and K Anderson Row 2 N ell S Boutcher R Sumpson, Cheatum, L Haygood, C Klrven J Wllluams, D Rnchards, and L Pletz Row 3 M Olvera, F Reld P Cope Bradley, K Walker, S Schafer DeConmck J Llght J Sympson Wallace C Ryan, L Fnschle, and Lrndgren PZUZ 'uuJg.gzg.I1:o'- 345011 -gfggc rum-x .,, Z 13' Q2 '30 ' m -,-so SNUISQEEWN c. 9' ' ogguawmgg '1 'U Q gr':cgJJ.l2g1rn 11 Q Q C -F? 553234 W JrJ23"'A 'ggl'oP-mpc-,xr rv 5 '55 94. Eswea 2' sg 3123, ZW3 E20 o W l' f5'2gv5'5Sfi5Z'g ' 'H 1 :LMT-2 :- I'-lftmzr CFS SOPHOMORE HOCKEY 1Left rxghtj Row1 M Koehler, J Toussau, G Howard J Relnemann J Landes, S Engstrom S Heltshusen P Davls, Allman, D Sllger, P Barry Joslm B Schaff, and J Hutchens Row2 N Roddam, N Pltts J War ren, C Oldermatt G Garber, L Mc Neely M Klshnyama, J Kennedy M Hnlgenfeld S Schwnlk R Pnerce, J Werner and L Freeman Row 3 J Wllllams, T Borden, B Jaedlcke, Dmkler, J Hem, J Moulton, Graham, B Llptrapp, M Parker, S Troutman, K Schulz, B Brnscoe, S Ford J Meade C Roertson B Berry man N Wnlkms S Teague and D Bradd Row 4-J Blake, L Bakker M Rupert, J Roberts, L Hargrove, tnuck J sel, Wu Ins, Campbell, M Bnllups J Cooke M Hammatt K Snow and J Stewart J Landes, S Troutman J Relnemann and K Schultz are takmg a rest durlng a hard day of play :Ju SENIOR VOLLEYBALL fLeft to right! Row 1-S. Boutcher, C. Allen. K. Hathaway, D. Pearson, L. Blake- ly, J. Light, P. Dargatz, and M. Ol- vera. Row 2-F. Reid, L. Cheatum. D, DeConnick, J. Sympson, L. Schulz, C. Kirven, K. Anderson, N. Feil, D. R.chards, and J. Williams. JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL QLeft t rightj Row 1 D Nakamura, K Mori moto S Boutcher, A Story, G Hal vorsen, L Stevens, M Tague L He ferin, and M Jeter Row 2 L Spelght T Bylsma, J Roland, V Hiltscher, L Winfrey, M Robinson B Woodruff D Morrow J Boege and J Porter SOPHONIORE VOLLEYBALL qLeft rnghtj ow J Toussau Koehler, B Berryman, K Rainey, P Dmkler L Freeman, P McCarthy, D Sluger, L McNeely, D Mills J Meade, and J Cooke Row 2 M Parker S Engestrom, T Borden, K Iwashita M Klshiyama, P Davis P Joslin, B Schaff, S Teague, Wilkins, B Gibson, K Snow Watkins, J Willis J Williams, Vusel and L Hargrove Row 3 J Roberts, J Landes, K Schulz, Campbell, J Moulton, P Barry Hein, H Petnick, B Briscoe, L Bak ker and M Allen 'gtg-YV' KAW mam These senior girls are practicing the different tactics of volley ball before playday 11+ VOLLEYBALL On Tuesday, March l2 GAA sponsored a color playday for senior gurls from Orange Counly Tuesday, March 19 and Thursday March M m..... 2l were th dates for playday held al Santa Ana, which preceded inlerclass games Seniors were victorious over the underclassmen Q QM N'-We Hi gm Wu bw 8 'UVB CQ 3 Ct itll lin Guin RW wt ,, ww' was ,Luv :ru :Wie we l'k5l"52'sl?"t We - or we este e-3 fr fs tv? 1' 51" E Q sg f::3f'1FJ'fs it s 1, ,yffi lf W 3 digg' w A Y 'ff Ml Wwllltgas alll la Mein was 'Q-WEL f'?' NW 'Kia I 313,315 ,S x Riga sl, Wd? X 'ls 5 wi ,M W? W5 ff ww. ti? 'iw SCFTBALI. Softball IS the last of sports to be played In GAA Valencia SENIOR SOFTBALL QLeft to nghtk Row 1 S Boutcher, L Blakely D Rlchards, C Allen, K Hathaway, D Pearson N Fell Row 2 F Reid J Farley, M Bradley, R Simpson L Haygood M Taylor, P Dargatz JUNIOR SOFTBALL fLeft to I'IQhf, Row 1 K Morumoto, D Hefferrn, S Boutcher, J Brown, M Jeter A Har rms, and C Schutz Row 2 L Stev ens, D Nakamura, M Tague, M Whetstone, D Rogers, L Spelght, L Winfrey, B Woodruff M Moore, and J Smtth Row 3 G Wlaschm, B Lykowskt, D Morrow, M Roblnson, J Porter V Hlltscher, T Bylsma, and J Boege Row 4-A Story, J Thomason, L Peterson, B Mahaffre, G Halvorsen, J Roland, and L Mc SOPHOMORE SOFTBALL qLeft 1 U Row 1 J Vsel, J Hel , Freeman M Watkins, D Sllger, Teague and L Hargrove Row 2 Bradd S Troutman G Garber, Graham, M Nnermann, J Rememann M Parker, and J Meade hosted the schools whuch entered thus playday The semor and rumor teams pictured are the teams which repre sented Anahelm at playday Wlth such a large group of sopho mores not all could be shown These sophomores are a few of the many whlch made teams for mterclass games and ployday Ms. Y ..,-. : "s-.4.. Thus group was learnlng more and better tacttcs of softball during the first days of practnce 1' 1 1 y u , . . 1 . I . . , . , . 33 53" Elm E3 aa 3... QW A V.. X , , , , W., H H , ' I I A ' ' 4 il .P T t ll V' 3, by A W In 3 A -on ' V , . 4 ' - . rj a. tv - ,,.,. ., . ,. ,..., V . , .- I, i , .V 4 , . . . r 5 : 'J r f 5 A - 3 Aka 1 H 3 " ' If , to sit " ff 1 A at for V - I fl A, MM, 5 14 , in lt A - K' ' ' ' M. 'fflflll f V' at A ' ' , , 'ItffT: f lliWQ,,ii?'wwi7, F we Vfkffstifiefsigt , ' YW' '2 S ' ,i,f2f4tffs::,jg, ,lt 4, e l 5 R LP . . . . . . . ,a,i.1lfl'lLffjlI2f ,- l A A 3? ww 73 ilf sffk 1 ' - . , sw,wrw,,, e gg 4 , V -.. -V Ywws - 3 -. f . sw sf .. L T.. 1 U s ' ' - ' .,-Mfpzwfgi .5 , , ,r 'MWF .4 c V M i . . W ai, A, Wgqfi - . . . iii. M, Iv, 133' I x W E s 5 X gi --- . M, gms . . . ., , M , . , , , , ,ac M if ' -. Q 1 ? ' ' ' ' ,1 . , A S, , 3 sic . . . . W , - f, 2 Us , aw, ' . - .ifffffli ' ' ' A ' . ' , 53 ,,, ' ff ff .1 f' X ' ' ' 1"-'if f R J " -it .1 :- 3 ., cf , I - tw Neely' ,f, . ,, , 1. M. , ,I t, 1 . A Q ,Q , ,,, g ,Q E V' . x W -- Q ',. as :w..,1-- ,Q .,. : ' f - I, -' K - 2 , , 'V H N M ,va ' L . Aff " ' ' , , f ' , ref? L uf: rfma M . " V- ,,,. - g , ,. ,,,, , .,,. X 1 ---, , 1-, Pa i .uY,:4.1,z,,W, f ,M :,N.fs- ' 35-M5 5, ,ist 'Ill'- A , ,,-5-2:2 f-E" f- :f'1g'1:.?f,:ft--,1".. Q-. . P' L., ew " Vw J ', 5 s.fe,p'Q,7, N Q , V, .-W e fn-w ' us, f. 'W W. " -2" '11 B T 25.1 W ,V 1 ,:,..fv,1, :. 51 L x. ' , i W , , I to r gh - . i . 'n L. A ' f , . . -D. ' n s 1 V, ,, . "' ' "eq A i I l l . . ' A I ,pil Mfg A .qv- Plcture on upper left SENIOR AND JUNIOR TENNIS Il.eft to Flghtl Row 1 D Morrow G Hwlvorsen 1nd 5 Boutcher Row J Boege L Peterson J Morrus D DeConn1ck Story J Light, and L Kllever Picture on upper rlght SOPHOMORE TENNIS ILeft to rrghtj Row 1 J Blake J Hem H 'P'e ncick J Cook and J V: el Row 2 R Pierce J Warren T Borden P Davis a d ea e Picture on left Nancy Fell IS shown takmg a dave from the hugh drvmg board TENNIS and SWIMMIN Tennis ond swlmmmg were Iwo of The mony sporls engoyed by mony of the GAA gurls Becouse bolh sports were offered ol the some fume these Coeds took o choice or ony one of The sports offered An lnlercloss ploydcy was held ID The AU swimming pool os 0 MWWWWM clumox of the year was 4 X 4 s K 1 s. uv ,If g WW SENIOR JUNIOR, AND SOPHOMORE SWIMMERS ILeft to right! Row 1 M Watts, P Dlnkler, G Howard, P Barry, and S Teague Row 2 J Wllllams, J Toussau, A Lmdgren, B Woodruff K Anderson, L Flschle, N Fell, S Ford, M Mayberry, L Freeman, J ens, M Hammatt, J Wnllrs, and J Kennedy Row 3 K Eldred, S Schwrlk, J Allman, J Werner, B Berryman, K lwashrta, M Kash: yama, N Wllkms, D Singer, P Joslin, S Reagan, B Schaff, C Odermatt, and G Garber Row 4-N Pntts, B Briscoe, P Leffler, L Bak ker, L Haygood, M Campbell, B Jaedlcke, N Wallace J Wllllams B Mager, L McNeeIy, L McNeely, J De Moss, and C Lopez 176 I - 1- .t.t L, ..,, ,.t,.,s,f ' If sw srsv 1 : t'r'.' I - ,'r' 17 N I F21 .Qi I Quik ,.,. 3 gasgg lv , ' 3 . LQ , Q -, my - ,. A ff fl Y Er '--. - - .. ' Jaffa ., .:, -'I-- fsswkg , --,.' 2-. ,. ur.. ,l -. ss. -.' .. 1 .. -',."'.'n'Jl I 'lr g I - ,- I I l swim , any I ' ' . V X I If , , - .,,,' ,, I . I ,,: ...,. 1 I V I D azz In Us: via g V 1 , ' I ' , lx I, I fr X ' V tt 1' K get J 3 A btNIOR BADMINTON lLeft to rlghtj Row1 M Olvera L Cheatum, K Eldred, S Schafer L Flschle K Walker, C Klrven J Llght .'LSXmdpson, and D DeConnlck R w 2 J Wllllams, S Lnllywhate V EII tt L Kllev J Morris N Wallace, B Mager C Rvan a d n erson BADMINTON Shown above IS a malorlty of the semor class of GAA gurls ante-rested IH badmnnton This sport was one of the last sports offered this year Senior coeds could go out for either softball or badminton at this tlme Durung this time Anaheim played host to two playdays Q wus-1. 177 l I I f '- . I - V -- -- V - A' Y - . F v - A l . . . 0 ' . . , . IO , . er. . . . - , . . n . --s A L ' MM K M. :Lg M. V ,, s Q V lf 7 ,gm M B9 W1 fm -iw, Lrg' ww W J M "'-,,-if 5 if SAW uf. ...A -1-. 'V . wr., fa, Y A -AW.. ww.-W 'Ax W 3 frassle-Q K ii? 31... HS 'B W' Ou+s+anding in fhe field of commerce is Arval Morris, graduafe of AUHS in I929. Prior fo gradua+ion, Mr. Morris served as sophomore, iunior, senior class presidenf, assisfanf edifor, and edi+or of fhe annual. He was a member of 'lhe Honor Socie+y for four years. Laier he aHended Fullerlon Junior College where he was elecled S+uden+ Body Presidenf, and selecfed valedicforian of +he class of l93l. He a'Hained furfher recognifion when he gradua+ed "cum laude" al' USC. His preparafion for +he business world, broughf abou'r his associafion wiih lhe elec+rical mofor induslry for 20 years, of which 'rhe lasi' fen years have been spen+ in 'lhe capacify of presidenf of Elecrra Mo+ors, Inc. of Anaheim. I 1 "1 12... R33 gy ,. 4,5 1,.,. ,si , ,4 . , N PM I ,, 4. , ' ' is-v, 'fi 1 55' , are , s .,b5m,,,, ,..V5s5,sww 3,,,Zi,fWW,- 1 ,, i . .7i1'?F', ig'.--"Mai 'f'2z?Q:y.:5f, . A ,s,,kM , VU. imggj A X: g? . , msgggf?-Hggg EH ,QM ,Y , , fs g ifgiliii ,- 2-s fa K 1 .ii ' . J f ' 4' f ' . ' 1 It A , f N I: is I' ' f sa ' ,. X j t F I - .,1 2' vi' R 1' U 1 All y gi, . lil' - il 1 fi 5 l 'M i 5 .ff T- ' il N ,fi i ,, il. v il sr", U- l Working as a 'rrainee in fhe Bank of America and managing fhe school savings deparfmenf, Fred Boroff is now gaining +he necessary experience fo go forward in fhe commercial field. Employers and fhose who work wi+h him agree +ha+ he has +he en+husiasm and fhe essenfial qualiiies for managemen+ in fhe business world. Fred plans fo aH'encl +he Bank of America nighi' school afier gracluaiion and lake up subiecrs concerning basic banking and accounfing. These experiences are a valuable asse+ 'ro a careerisf, and will be very desirable +o a young man s'I'ar+ing our in +he business world. Aclverhslng Staff BARBARA SIMS Manager BARBARA SWOFFORD Bookkeeper ANORANCO and COLONIST With the help of the advertnsung statt the annual has agaln experienced a successful year fmancaally Under Larry Qullles guldance the etlncnent staff of twelve worked hard making bus: ness contacts and preparsng the tmal detauls forthe advertlsmg section ot the 1957 Colonist DOLLY HATHCOCK CAROL LEIGH 'VHCKEY COOK 184 KAY PRICE LOUELLA BAKER ANDY ESTRADA MARCIE VINCENT RUTH NIUNGERSON KAY RENNIE NANCY BERGER 0 0 sr l 9 'uwx 'mg Siore :Ex r""'N ww X A I I I .31 'mr' W- 5-zz . I' 4 M? ez V , , - ' ' I 1: , Y Hx 535 '53 268 QR!! M W 2 4 1 X Jggbgqgx 1 i s nk I If 'rf g K Y 7 y. .. . fa ' .,.., , I ,, .,.. ,V,, , BACKS CAMPBELL BQNEY and DODGE JOB RATED TRUCKS PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS DODGE PASSENGER CARS 251 N LEMON ANAHEIM 328 Wesi' Cenier S+ Anaheim CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CSRADLJATINQ.: CLASS I-RONI ALTEC LANSING CORPORATION Xltu I.,lI1S1I'l Corpomtxon sllutu thu xoun mon TI cI x omcn who arc tq I m out to NLC thclr Illcu m tha world You irc fortunltc to bn gr1cIu1t1n xt 1 t1 nc when thc r1I1cI QJOXNIII of our cc mmumtx OIR I1 mud 1 Il mrtumtu tmI1xL I I 1tI 1 future X 1 lhum U 5' gm- TE 'R 1' qv i I A'-af Y 3' ' N 4 Af' 'km I 3' 5 I ,, ,Ky,ezw,,,I.w-'f .. .Y I S., O , . , . 1 -' I' QL 1' g 11 V ' L sfuig L' ' 'J2"Q- 3' . I z X z 2-gli-I" flu' 71 ' 'm 'I'SllI1'I ' X unc c "wma xx'urI4 in thc sity V' mg '-.' ra V , .S.A. "if X If , .. I -. ?. ,Q . . V .,.-4 : ' 'W'H12L. 1.4 M.. ... L 1515 . .. Q . In Q MOVING STORAGE GENERAL TRUCKING Slnce I872 Dependable Through I'he Years ANAHEIM TRUCK 8 TRANSFER C0 505 S Los Angeles S+ P one K 5 2863 Anahenm California Use Our Services m Fufure Years M6 TI3I'1'LUR LUMBEII EU MORE FOR YOUR BUILDING DOLLAR 4II S WaInuI' S+ Anaheim K 52II8 Where Mancheslrer and San+a Ana Meef Major s TUX SHOP COMPLETE RENTAL SERVICE DINNER JACKETS FOR PROMS AND FORMAL AFFAIRS OPEN EVENINGS Klmberly 2 5764 'ir a I u THE FINEST IN CALIFORNIA SPORTSWEAR By Appoin'I'men'I' I06If2 E. FOURTH ST. SANTA ANA KNOTT'S BERRY FARM 185 who :Fl . . h E. - i D . E. - " if- , I X WI I Fe ring fl ., Q I. 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I 7 . . . - l l n i - Go on EAR smvnsv a Pinson SHIPKEY 81 PEARSON OFFICE BARBER SHOP T're Re,,e,d,,,g GOODYEAR TIRE DISTRIBUTORS MODERN AIR CONDITIONED VIRG L ISBELL I29 E Cen'I'er SI' KEys'I'one 5 895i ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA 420 W Cenier S+ Anaheim Fabulous SKATE RAN H FREEWAY AND NORTH MAIN smear, SANTA ANA Wishes Io inviie you and your families io enjoy RULLER SKATING ai ils VERY BEST UUNGRATULATIUNS GLASS DF '51 Open Every NigI1+ 7:30 I0:3O Excepi' Monday MONDAYS RESERVED FOR PRIVATE PARTY GROUPS "La+e Skaie Da+e" Every Friday and Saiurday Nighis I0.00 I2:30 - MATINEES FRIDAY SATURDAY - SUNDAY GROUP OR PRIVATE INSTRUCTION FOR EVERYONE! BALL Kimberly 3-8522 Fon INFORMATION 188 I , ! l I 7 Walla fb Locally Owned and Operaled ......w..-::,- CASH and CARRY HOME DELIVERY Complele Lune of Dolry Goods llALLflllllS SPIIIITSWEAII FEATURING DARLEN SWEATERS AND SKIRTS TO MATCH Including Goals Milk l0O72 E Crescenl' Ave KEys'lone 5 239l IO5 Wesl Cenler Slreel' KE 5 336l For a Cool Treal S'l'op al . . . VISIT . . . Orange Coun+y's 2 new I8 hole E'EM0EE'3 EUSTEE EEEEZE MINIATURE sou counsfs lNex+ lo Anahenm Mnnnalure Golfj . A h . G d 6 na elm ar en rove Iqlo E Cemer phone l9l0 E. Cenler S+. lO03l Garden Gr. Blvd ' fnear Placenlnal fnear Broolclwursll Anaheim, Calif. KE. 5 97l5 KE. 5 97l5 LEl1lgl1 9 6054 C C .l ! W M 5 .-ma-""5"'Mkr'mMKn., 'xx E sam we ' also o ,au 5 fr ..- 9 V E 189 Mitche1I's Bakery DISCOUNTS FOR SCHOOLS Eas+ Anaheim Shopping Cen+er I263 E Cen+er S+ Phone Anaheim Calif KE 550I8 if ' I House of .1 ' JI' TA BPL! LII IIUNA BEAUTY SIILDN The Salon of Surpassmg Beaufy Opposufe The SOR 84 Safeway 5 49 I22 S Lemon KE 5 9227 Callfornla Barber Shop MODERN AIR CONDITIONED BARBERS 3I4 W Cenfer Anahelm Bull Jackson Owner 'Eaton Wtaawd I57 Wes+ CenI'er KE 5 3784 A N A H E I M Complefe Record Sfore Q9WQxffw -'H Shown shopping aI' McKmIey s are Jan Can+reII Kay Rennie and Kay Price 190 NI IIIFIIEYI I66 W Cen+er S+ . . lg n ll . . I u u ' ' O O I . I . . - I I I . me C , .. 9 , , 4, 'df ' ' , SW I ' -N S .fi 1 13.4 : K , Tki ,, , 1f3T,,f?::,siSwqfM'f V . . . I . . , . GUNGRATULATIDNS GLASS 0F l95'l Hatfield Cleaners W H' f 7 FINE GLEANING WALTER 0 JUNIIKEIT LINOLEUM N I FORWCA ANAHEIM SHADES Ph KE 5 4434 y+ 56212 6 Z'aZhe0la44af 57 Besf ishes fo e Class o '5 1 0 A 0 406 or'I'h Los Ange es Si' 1' Phone KE s - one . - 2II S. Palm S+. L 411 'Ag -A 0 W I mia HUME SAVINGS and LUAN 2 HUME AVI G NZZTLZSJ 'L..lLiLi,' 1.1. 500 Eas+ Orangefhorpe Avenue sponsors of radio broadcas+s of A GOOD PLACE To WORK Anaheim High foo+baII I I each fall ex+ends CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 57 GRADUATING CLASS OF l957 HOME SAVINGS AND LOAN Assoclahon of Los Angeles America s Largesf Assocrahon 06 Your Hosfess Mrs Lm CHUNGI-SING CAFE 2Il EAST CENTER STREET OPEN H AM ,fo 2 AM DAILY ACROSS FRQM CITY HALL FRIDAY SATURDAYS Il AM +o 3 AM 327 331 E CenI'er Phone KE 5 4519 ANAHEIM ANAHEIM QQ-.Q ,QCA I gfve4f.f,fX'.s,f:'fxyv"x,:,-sf., .nf-X',fwfr'f1'. . ' P9328 I 'i" I S sg was - ' w -...Na-.qs byL Bah MISSES AND WOMENS WEARING APPAREL ALso WEDDING AND EVENING DRESSES 134 West Center Street LOOK YOUR BEST BE COTLER DRESSED CONGRATULATIONS GRADS OF 57 The Store for Men II8 West Center Street HIGH NOTE OF ASHION OF ANAHE M FOR DISTINCTIVE SHOES sos w cemr s+ Phone KE 5 8433 ALFEIINANIIEL IIFFICE EIILIPMENI' AL FERNANDEZ I600 N PALM ANAHEIM 193 A I ' 'exit I N . ,UQ ELL ,V I , ' " , WITPH I I I -EM ,E Sales-Service-All Types Office Equipment Lf- 1, "' - 44 V I I Z' I C il . SALES W CENTER ST KEys+one 5293I ond SERVICE NEW ond USED NA I31. 'Lf 51 Z- X3-,- h1 thW W 'oh r n X SAVINGS INSURED SIO000 wifaml McCOY MOTOR CO gb Your FORD Dealer SPORTS GQQDS 320 Nor+h Los Angeles SI'ree+ ANAHEIM I3I Wes? Broadway Anahelm Phone KEysI'one 5 2288 Phone KE 5 2506 Qt omeclor Il Joe Quast 8: Sons Speclahzmg m fhe Besf PLUMBING REPAIRS SPANISH AND MEXICAN FOODS CLOSED TUESDAYS Befween Anaheim and Fullerfon Joe uasl 306 N LOS Angeles B s KEysto e 5 35 Q Res KEsto e 5 2456 Anahexm Fullerton 145 W Center 219 N Spadra fldfa ace Uzacfofc 311555 110 N Ma cl este A , The Sfudenfs Sfore FERGUSON TRACTOR5 AWD IMPLEMENTS FOR YOUR BUILDING NEEDS G ETB uuzigiaenk Fullerton Anaheim Placentia I O I C . I of - L1 . ' I1 -v ., , n - X Tim l!'21ll,ae , . n 1 r . I I flfJ0l'lZ6L! Dealer For H H 1 wx L E L . I I 195 eangfzalfalalfdwza la LWB 65444 of 7757 RQBERTEHAW FULTON CONTROLS COMPANY Te Amhelm IN iqafaan :JW Permanent ,vlff 4 Wave Shop COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS DECORATOR SERVICE Where You Gef The Besf for Less 103 Edsf Cenfer Si' Phone KE 5 4022 30I Wes? Cenier SI'ree+ Phone KEys'I'one 5 ZI44 FOR THE MOST IN Monms JRY CLEANINF .NSURANCE AGENCY .019AWv7,zf' ,he mmm DRYCLEANM ll I Nor+h Los Angeles Sfreei' ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE Phone KEYs,one 3 3,88 3I4 E cemer s+ KE s me 'W h W L, s n l' XI IIIH Q it I I 'AUX :L x N x A ll ll I' .I is , YJ - 'IIEHQII ' ' 1:2:-:-33:-:-sz:zz'oe2wa - I PRESSEL' Best of Luck ROGERS and PRESSEL Class of 57 COOK HARDWARE WELDING ancl 117 South Clementine KEystone 5 4206 A N A H E I M B A R L E T T A KEystone 5 8431 Landscapmg Services Sewage Maintenance Service S 719 South Loara Street A N A H E I M Fon EASY sHoPPlNe KEys,one 57243 2009 E Center St ot Plocentla Ave ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA BRUCE COOK BOB BARLETTA Dine on the Cool Terrace ot The Paullllon - Overlooking the lush troplcal lungle of Adventureland DELIGHTFUL FOODS EXOTIC TAl-HTIAN MUSIC Dmner Parties Welcome Dasneyland wM,..,,,. if We fe Flghtmg Rambows Year Around Flshlng l535l Anahenm Olive Road Anahelm CBIITOFDIB Age Rlver Trout Pond 1, A I No License No Llmlt SPORTSWEAR Day KE 3 l253 Nnght KE 5 207l ZI9 WeS+ Cerwer S+ KEyS+one 5 2305 We Furnish Tackle Clean and Box Your as . . 1 I 7 1 Q c O 0 . . a ' ' I 11 'rr l 1 .... T, Q: . . . x Vggwqww , , dr -. M' J I A' 'eg f Af' K ,aj O ifrgxzvjg Mm. i 'LV' S f gr' , V ' j S -1 - Q' QP", s f fc f i A ,Q f it X K f A fn -: -- 'wr IN in K It .. , f .. .zmggg an A, get ,gas 8. I ,W,..-L?f..ffQJg?e V L , at ' ,-3 me , ' Li' , A , ff- -5 :.. A :,:: ,. 1 i f H Mil? if ..f, F A 5 I Q: W , ' ki if : X V , A ' , 55251, li ' ,4 f E L- N :f , '- ,flpfwsgyw :fs J , TV 1 VL Egg VZ: : 5 M ArE25gsg,f'f'l , F as es f F if - A : J- . . Q , A n A . 5 f - 1 ., ' ., " ,.,,-v:,"f " . 5. , . -lr 1 ,N .V -A we . 4 X F .Q -Y jf .yiiffmwivise . 1 - f' - F - I I 7 l I E ' ' ' . . ' , - ' F' lm . . - Congratulations Class of '57 Lund SL Sons Co Manufacturers of I-hgh Grade Pamts and Enamels GLASS WORK OF ALL KINDS FINE QUALITY WALL PAPERS 1120 LINCOLN AVENUE PHONE KE 5 2831 5-bmw? 7amch14qen0q Laid VI W N S U R A N Smce 1919 '5 GOOD SHOES PROPERIY FITTED 275 Easi' Cen-Ier KEysIone 52401 JOHN C ROBERTS SHOES FOR MEN ANAHEIM W +C I' The Fmesf MINIATURE SALES AND SERVICE COURSE A soon DEAL AND A soon DEAL MORE IS IN ORANGE couN'rY 215 E ORANGETHORPE AVE Ph KEY I 2' Peanufs and Jug Phone Lamberf 5 8074 A N A H E I M o Q O "Ml 1 1 i ' e oose Shoes Grace aIIcer Shoe or C II ren or ome I C E I74 es en er S+. Anahei I Y N - ? - one s one 3-3I 336 S. Los Angeles SI ss For Records Rcsdlos 1 , 56 yang Ebrug Telewslon MUSIC Your REXALL Sfore LIIVELIPS I58 W Cenfer SI' KE 5 24-I9 B B BH IVIBTBR PARTS INB MACHINE SHOP SERVICE MAIN STORE BRANCH STORE I20 Wesi' CI1esI'nu+ I30II Cen+ury Blvd ANAHEIM GARDEN GROVE KEysIone 5 2828 LEI11gI'1 9 ZI79 EVN in B? PRESCRIPTIONS I44 Wesf Cenrer SI'ree+ Oscar W Heymg Herman J Schafer WE GIVE BLUE and GOLD WBBBB BBBK TBBB PENS CARDS STATIONERY STAMPS all SCHOOL SUPPLIES 'I39 W Cenier SI' Anahenm OOD L C CLASS OF 57 5511 E LINCOLN F R O M MmZm F - Phone JAckson 7-I57l CYPRESS COMPIETE PRINTING swvlcf 'I '-1 QB """l'fIf' 316 w. FIFTH sr. SANTA ANA Klmlnrly 3-9501 199 lrlfllhl l TOWN Printers ' An ouncements ' Publcat'ons ' Brochures 338 WEST CENTER Phone A he'm Cal to n a KEystone 5-4l I7 Aul-as I907 L N WISSER SPORTSMEN S HEADQUARTERS 169 W Center St Anahelm California D 0 U G A N Glass Campun y ' Arcadia Steel Slldmg Doors ' Glass and Glazmg 0 Meducme Cabinets B255 F0005 Phone KE 5 7268 l20l N Lemon Street Anaheim milu uflafo 401Sa.LEMO!lS'L ANAHEIM PbonKE52508 MR and MRS TOM BUVINICH 0 Shower Doors . Steel Sash nahelm Larpet . Mirrors AND DRAPERY SHOP KEN DOUGAN 224 N. Los Angeles St. FLOOR COVERING SPECIALISTS 'I39 N. Los Angeles Street KE 5 4084 Phone KE 5 2249 200 n l 1 i I ' INCORPORATED I na I , I rl O 0 0 W SPORTING GOODS AND CYCLERY , . , I Q ' ,' I ' .O .O ' 0 'N COLUMBIA Tru-IIT DIAMONDS SERVING ANAHEIM FOR 52 YEARS WELCOME YOUR CHARGE ACCOUNTS los wzsr CENTER T vjfllllp U1 32611 Lty and QILCIOT, l In Lllq, CBQQQYL 40 K acrefi ormfzi 5 O FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 604 W Center Street KEysfone 5 8532 Congratulations To The Sensors of Anaheurn Union Hugh School CARLS DRIVE IN RESTAURANT A T200 North Palm KE 5 4848 Anaheim Fmesf rn Foods Since 7944 V BARBECUE CARL S JRS Self Service Drlve Ins ANAHEIM BREA 605 W Center KE 3 4335 707 S Pomona JAsper 9 3781 201 I II ' I I WE I al c 315541. sznfex - CTAIIIIQIIN,CJu!ll.II1-mniu 3 D KEYSTON - Open Days and Evenings W. P. Visser, Owner l I an n 1 - 1 an I - .l ll 0 I U Y s it?-A X 1 , I I 0 0 0 " ' QQMZIQZ g!C0fM,L9'Z RAY 0-UNK Parties and Banquets a Specialty M E 81 Expert Corsages East Anaheim Shopping Center lwesf Side of Aipha Betral "The Offive of Perfozzal S6I'Z'iZ'6'H C. A. and Sally Ramsay KEys'rone 5-04I2 IZ63-E East Center St. Anaheim, Calif. 116 South Los Angeles Street Phone KEystor1e 5-7221 BOB'S CAMERA MART 'ITO West Center Street KEystone 5 6252 LEICA PHOTO PRODUCTS EA51-MAN KODAK PHOTO FINISHING ggu, und HQWELL ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY 202 Anaheim LOCK AND KEY SERVICE A KEY FOR EVERY LOCK WE REPAIR CLOCKS 24 Hour Service KEys+one 5 7052 B L Jeffers 548 So Los Angeles SI' Compllmenfs of fhe IIIISSIIIIII FIIIIIIITIIIIF O N FINE FURNISHINGS AND INTERIORS 223 Easi' Cen'I'er Phone KE 5 6166 Zecwlqala Um Z PERMANENT WAVING AND TINTING OUR SPECIALTY AIIL e ofBe uIyW k fr' 9' Ha r Cult ng and Shclp g TO SUIT YOU HAZEL MARY LOU ALICE Hazel s Beauty Salon I23 East Center KEysfone 5 4725 Complumenfs of CONE BROTHERS CHEVROLET New Car Sales and Service Qualify Used Cars 215 N. Los Angeles St KE 5 1143 BBUW N and IIASKINS DEALER SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Service ls Our Business CENTER AND PALM KEysIone 5 2977 DIAMONDS 'WATCHES K ab , SILVER 120, 2 JEWELRY Q' we !gg 5 xf klffff 0' I I5 W CENTER ANAHEIM KE 5 4403 .IEWELE RS WALKER HOUSE OF MUSIC 220 No Los Angeles S+ KE 3 I49I Band and Orclwesfra Heaclquarlers lnsfrumenls lnsfruchon Vesey Walker Dnsneylancl Renlals Repairs Sa es Gaul Beverley Deparfmenl Manager Tommy Walker Dusneyland 203 V V ll gl - Il ' ' ll . 'i FZ -fe fl gg, J . f x J fflf Klxlfl 5:-' I3 .1 N, 8 c: M P A Y my 5 ff 9 af' V . i 1 i 1 I I O 1 4 lr' , .Q ,N Eg QQ' In in s a or Q. 5, "' I i in ,N ' - - ' I I I "FOR TI-IE VVOMAN WI-IO CARES" 'T 1111117 ggedlllly ZQJXOM I02 E. Cen+er--Anaheim Phone KEys'rone 5-62I5 Tnn+ ng Brow and Lesh Tnnhng I-Iam Sfyhng Manmcurxnq I-Iaur Cuffunq Permanenlr Wavnng DOLLER'S RADIO SERVICE PACKARD BELL RADIOS and TELEVISION 726 So Los Angeles SI' KEysI'one 5 3358 FIVE I'0I 'I' IIHTIIIMACI uoum num MARKET II00 Lincoln Ave Phone KE 5 36I I 826 W Cen'I'er SI' KE 5 6456 Anaheum California HADLEY S RESTAURANT IOI Wes? Cenier S+ree'r Phone KE 5 298l CROWELL MOTOR CO Inc Aufhonzed Oldsmobile Soles 81 Service BEST DEAL OWN A NEW OLDSMOBILE OLDSMOBILE 225 N Los Angeles Street Anaheim KE 5 5746 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 57 Q VW QDE ELEIRS if? II If Tl We Gave S8zI"I Green Sfamps I32 Wesi' Cen+er S'rree+ ANAHEIM Phone KEysI'one 3 3I07 J I I i 1 E T L L , . O u li l I I AI s'ff'?f I' sg: E I I 0 Lu' .741 Q N xprlg DIAMONOSIOQE N :I Y ...,,.,. .ni 'Z All J Ai www! ' ,Tv 1- 'mfg ' I' ' - . T f ,wif wg wfi' I . - gTT,4,1x, Ir , I , Q 4352. " :gigs-:I I . 1 1 V ' ,' I , xl X YW Tl - I ' O I I Let Us Help You with Y0l1li 1ir1r'1rlrirlgAl1Qr2Al1f NUR EHY I28 Wesf Broadway Anah lm Phone KEys1'one 5 5108 YOUR NEIGHBORHO SPECIALIZING IN Germain s Flower and Grass Seeds Roses Trees Bedding Planfs Nursery Sfock Garden Tools efc OD NURSERYMAN W E A SllZlE Corp gf-T Q rd The Ploneer Orange Juice Ly Processing Frrm of Orange County fb f,f,1z,,,,,,,f,,, TOP RETURNS TO THE KEys+one 5 5465 ORANGE COUNTY GROWERS 216 E Center S+ AND DISNEYLAND HOTEL 212 S ATCHISON ST ANAHEIM KE 5 6087 Congrafulahons 'l'o 'l'he Graduafmg Clqgg gf 51 MERRIFIELD TRUCKING COMPANY Phone KE 52121 . 1 1 F 4 1- ' 1 - - - -1 O O I O rmsfjgrfsjeff . A ' M , ig' O v ,gif E Q S A ssrssiis 1122 Norfh Lemon S+. , . 205 Farmers Insurance Group .Maries Gfzp ang U I AuI'o Ire Truck BEAUTY SALON , Beaufy Is Our BUSINESS AX A 1-42-H EAST ANAHEIM SHOPPING CENTER I e Burglary Compensahon WSSI SKI of Alpha B646 BOB L MARTIN AQPPI Izba B E CENTER Phone 433 Wes? Cenfer S+ree+ KEysI'one 52326 Anahem Cahforma KEYs+one 5 7878 eangfzaliufaliwnd efadfi of 57 ANAHEIIWEEULIETIN GANAHL LUMBER LO 501 E CENTER ST PHONE KE 52256 SOFTWOOD HARDWOOD MILLWORK OF EVERY DESCRIPTION FULLER PAINTS KWIKSET LOCKS COMPLIMENTS OF JEWELERS DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE PHONE KE 5 74I3 206 WALBURGKS S E D L O C K "Where You Can Shop Wifh Confidence ' Coafs ' Sui+s ' Sporfswear ' Hosiery Swea'rers Skiris Blouses Robes '26 E- CENTER ST- 181 wesfcenfer sf. KE 5 4041 I 7 I LU' ,:i "'i'3'7.Ex II . U ' ruuzns f Iusuuwncx g X , 1 7 ,-4.14 '.,- mu, . , - I I - . 1 Q Q -Q Q -91 Anaheim Daily-Herald 'T Orange Coun y Plain Dealer -A Q 9 'zvwmp Empi,, W O . . , . GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 57 F R 0 M 'K-4 EXCELSIOR Qfedlllefy COlllPElI1y N E+F Anahelm Brake Servlce WHEEL BALANCING AND ALIGNMENT Wholesale and Refall URISS DON R. DORNON DON W. DORNON 930 Nor'l'h Los Angeles Sireei' ANAHEIM 5,2 E Phone KEys+one 5 1514 one KE- 5-520' SCHULTZ TOOL 81 MACHINE MANUFACTURING COMPANY Oscar F Schulfz KEys'Ione 5 2286 P O B ox 5II Easl' La Palma Avenue ANAHEIM Glen Rahman SI'op Wear Lubrlcahon U S Royal Tlres and BaI"rerles Aufo Accessories Washing FREE PICK UP and DELIVERY Palm ai' Cen'I'er Phone KE 5 3465 Ion ratulations Io I'I'le Class 0175 X Wi? K CONST ELM STREET KEysIone 5 280I A N A H E I M RENWOOD STUDIO 727 No LOS ANGELES ST Phone KE 5 0bl4 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 57 208 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I 95 7 KEysI'one 3 I976 507 No Los Angeles S+ ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA Manufac'Iurer of Precision Camshafls Designed For Maximum Engine Ou+puI' DynamoneI'or Tes+ed Performance Proven POTVIN QSITZESJIVEO 700 NORTH LOS ANGELES Anaheim Callfornua Phone KE 56454 - . . 590 O D V , XI ' I I I - ' n ' PETE 9S BARBER sHoP P o W , R E I T D R I D A I . . . I N . . .. 5 U .. T ' wr 1190224 .Mas-a.MN,,,,.,,.. Eangfzataiateana Za tie 66444 of 7757 la Palma Drwe In The first In reol Mexican food 940 NORTH LOS ANGELES STREET ANAHEIM STEFFY BUICK CO YOUR 73uzck DEAL When BeI'I'er AuI'omoblIes Are BunI+ -Bulck Wall BuuIcI Them - x, R ' S ER Te ,, V'-, - 1 ' -f-I ' I A I . . 4 4 . 6? A ,v N V my , ,-, I 3 EMM? e 3e - mmm., I X. .N ' " ' - - I I 1. T I ' . - aw S , "1 .' i lg Mllillil Q . , -..J . . -A If ' .' Y ". n . ' ' . , I Q ,, 1 3 . . f A -0 A ,Q . 3 -' , - ,I - L - q nal '. J M ,z,4IbHmT1,,- I if 'e i - 'll' ,S M " ' j "je A f A ' WL!-Tifli'-gg" R ' ' -I A 2 WHERE PRESCRIPTIONS ARE FILLED SCIENTIFICALLY 410 So Los Angeles SI' Phone KEysI'one 5 2297 EARLE T JACKSON AUI-IS 2l 237 E Cen'I'er S+ KE 5 2322 LETS GO BOWLING ITS FUN TO BOWL gaagfzalfufa Coma Za 646 FREEWAY BOWL 65444 af 7957 Sanfa Ana Freeway aI KaIeIIa 24 LANES AUTOMATIC PINSPOTTERS Phone KEysIone 3 I357 SESMA CLEANERS AND SHIRT LAUNDRY I3 anch SINCE I9I0 P am C IN nav cmulus 65+ l30 W APPROVED AIPITB EIm Be+a KE 5 Cen+er 38I9 KE 5 sfkvlcs 0532 Sooner or Lafer Your Favorrfe 210 323 Wesi' Cenfer Sfreef Anaheim KEys+one 5 2303 I f 'Q Q . 11' Q " 0 El I 3 "g5- ai , ui B Q 1 I 1 'I - -hr 0 I . an , T 4 Lf I TE 9 I 7 almene Siucfzo E C O e of An he m CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FINEST HARDWARE OF 57 SUPPLIES OUTLET HOUSEWARES ' GARDENING TOOLS W ' PLUMBING SUPPLIES 245W C I C SMINUTE KEY ssnvlce NEFF S PAINT N ADOBE' F HARDWARE WALLPAPER comrzmv ANAHEIM Y + 5 27l3 200 Norih Los Angeles S'I'ree+ Ph KE 5 Con ra+uIa+ions Class o '5 222 . en+er S+. 'n a i 's - 1 . I I I 0 iIIiam C. Keefer . en er SIree+ Anaheim, alifornia lk 1 249 Eas+ Cenfer SI. KE s one - " - one . -32I9 h G duofing Class of 57 Besf Wishes Io I e ro su, eAs1 sAN1A ANA sr PHONE KE 58111 AII New Ib I Aj T47 BUENA PARK yxIR.JIf 'Xff ROLLERTORIUM f f' J A 7951 Commonwealfh Ave f 5 I OPEN Nlel-ITLY ,I X Excepi Monday and Tuesday 7 30 Io I0 30 Fr: and Sai' 7 30 Io I2 00 4 00 P M and AII School Holrdays Sa+ 81 Sun Mahnee I 30 Io SKATE INSTRUCTIONS CIass or Prnva+e ESDAY FAMILY NIGHT WEDN I 00 per Family Plus Shoe SIcaIe BEAUTIFUL LARGE MAPLE FLOOR PHONE LAwrence 2 I042 For Parhes and Group Ra+es Jul s Body and Paml Shop COMPLETE BODY SERVICE BAKED ENA MEL FINISH PAINTING FREE ESTIMATES 234 S Los Angeles S+ Phone KE 5 8573 ERMI CH My Cfeaner KARL F KNAPP Prop We Operafe Our Own Plan? HIGH QUALITY WORKMANSHIP Plckup and Deluvery Cash and Carry Headquarfers for SweaI'ers I I7 W Cypress Smce I926 KE 546I8 350 W Cenfer 2 5 - fra . QA Q? I L r ' -fyjy' Q fr T, 'X f ch 5 L1 1 'I ,l 0 ,H K V 4 L X . g f X X Z f 1 f I I . lf 77 12 726 JCQM6 BEST WISHES GRADUATES flfalicmally rqcfaefzlzmecf H- R- FQX 31 CO' HOME APPLIANCES SINCE mv 0 411 Eas'I' Cenier KE. 5-4886 MANY CONNIES AND CLEMS ENJOY THE DELICIOUS mfsnzfder FURNITURESW' 9 ,867 enn s Cafe I36E + 5 N KE+ 5 09 ANAHEIM De C0 Battery Operatlons D e co Remy D1v1s1on GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION llilanu acfurers 0 f e Naf10n S N0 1 Baffery CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 57 1201 Norl'h Magnolia We we PM Anaheim California AT I I I X I asl' Cen+er S+. KEys one -5l90 l5l orlh Los Angeles S+. ys one -24 1 . 1 U O C rr, ll - 1 77 0 il L gl " "' 'T ""' 'uf TEESESGEEHEWEESQIHSIHIHISIIILEPIII llllllsiilllllllililllllllallll kxafaiaikf. iffA't'?S5m'Q' 1:5 Ll ffl A lf ' 1 5 E ' EM 'L E' MTM ', , .H eil ' if T if--'mei----, 3 A T . 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GAYLORD BROWN. o.D . . o.n. A L E BEAUTY SALON ALEX FOODS ALFERNANDEZ OFFICE EQUIPMENT ALLAN PAUL Shoes ALTEC ANAHEIM ANAHEIM ANAHEIM ANAHEIM ANAHEIM ANAHEIM ANAHEIM ANAHEIM BRAKE SERVICE BUILDING L LOAN BULLETIN CARPET AND DRAPERY LOCK AND KEY MINIATURE GOLF PERMANENT WAVE SHOP TRUCK AND TRANSFER ARSENE STUDIO BACKS CAMPBELL 8' KAULBARS BAKERS TV BALLARDS BATON MUSIC COMPANY B B 8. H MOTOR PARTS BEEBE M E L CO BILL S BARBER SHOP BLACK S BOBS CAMERA MART BOB S MEN S SHOP BONEY Sf MELETTE BROWN 8. HASKINS BUENA PARK ROLLERTORIUM BUFFUMS CALIFORNIA BARBER SHOP CARLS DRIVE IN CASEY BECKHAM PONTIAC CENTER FLOWER SHOP CHUNGKING RESTAURANT CLARICES CONE BROS CHEVROLET COOK AND BARLETTA CRISS BUS'NESS COLLEGE CROWELL MOTOR CO DELCO REMY DOLLER S RADIO DOUGAN GLASS CO EL COMEDOR ERMISCH CLEANERS EXCELSIOR CREAMERY FARMER S INSURANCE GROUP FIVE POINT PHARMACY FOSTERS FREEZE FO H R 8. O FREEWAY BOWL FULLERTON MINIATURE GOLF GANAHL LUMBER GIBBS LUMBER GLENN S CAFE GOLDEN RULE MARKET HADLEYS RESTAURANT HAIRPIN BEAUTY SALON HARTFIELD JEWELERS HATFIELD CLEANERS HAZELS BEAUTY SHOP HEYINGS DRUG STORE HILGENFELD MORTUARY HOME OIL COMPANY HOME SAVINGS AND LOAN HOME TOWN PRINTERS HURST JEWELERS JACKSON DRUG CO JULS AUTO PAINT .IUNGKEIT VENETIAN BLINDS INDEX T0 ADVERTISERS 0 96 4 0 Z0 2 4 2 9 20 I 92 0 07 06 06 9 KENDRICKS JEWELERS KIRK ROY Nursery KNOTTS BERRY FARM KWIKSET LOCKS LA DONA BEAUTY SALON LANGSON S TV LA PALMA DRIVE IN LEE S NURSERY LOVELL S LUND 81 SONS PAINTS MACRES FLORIST MARIES CLIP 8. CURL MARTINIZING CLEANERS McCOY DRUG McCOY MOTORS McKINLEY S MAJOR S TUX SHOP MARTENET HARDWARE MERCURY STATIONERS MERRIFIELD TRUCKING M 8. H MARKET MISSION FURNITURE MITCHELLS GIFT SHOP MITCHELLS BAKERY MORRIS INSURANCE NADORFF S HARDWARE NEFF S PAINTS NORTHRUP AIRCRAFT OFFICE BARBER SHOP ORANGE COUNTY DRUG CO PAVILLION of DISNEYLAND PENNEYS PETE S BARBER SHOP PICKEL L M Meds POTVIN S AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT PRESSEL ROGERS A PRESSEL PROFESSIONAL PAGE OUAST R JOE 81 SONS RENWOOD STUDIO REX CONSTRUCTION RIVER TROUT FARM ROBERTSHAW FULTON ROBINSON GLEN SESMA CLEANERS SHULTZ AARON SCHULTZ TOOL 8: MACHINE SEDLOCK S JEWELERS SILZLE E A CORP SHIPKEY A PEARSON SKATE RANCH SMITH REAFSNYDER. STEFFY BUICK SWANBERGERS TAUSCH FRANK TAYLOR LUMBER CO THE S O R STORE TODD S DAIRY TOM S MARKET WALBURGS WALKERS HOUSE OF MUSIC WALLACE TRACTOR WAYNE S FOR FLOWERS WEBER BOOK STORE WILLIAMS SHOE STORE WILLIAMS SPORTING GOODS WISSER S SPORTING GOODS YARDSTICK YELLIS DAIRY D 9 8 0 5 0 4 2 0 B 9 5 9 9 1 ' --'V-A'.,-- ,'--- 1 K --.-k--.', - ---- -M ---.-l' 20A ' w,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,4,,,,,,, ,,,.,, , , ,, 203 -1 ,-'-., -.,,A IA--,Aw,-wgVnlld,4,,--,--4,,,,,.,,,.,,A,,,,,,,,4,, z on , - ...,.,..,......,.,,.......,...,.,...... 2 5 W3 ' 187 ' - H V-Q.-A.-,-,-- U H --.--------'-.A.'-w ,.,---- ' Y IQ3 ,vA, ,,,,.,Aw,,,, A , ,,,,, A, .v..,., ,.,. . 212 . ....., ,.... - ...... - ..... . ,...... ...... .........-.- - ------- I 3 4 H H -.-.A A,-'-'-Y-A--'-'--Y--.-'k','4'A.A- A-,'.-.. 1 9 5 ,A,, , ...., ., .. 20 my ww.--A-.-A,---.'-4--, 200 ' ,..,, ,, ,, , ..... ..,... 197 IQIUV .4---.-'4.---x-4---.- - -'-,',- 1 89 ,,,.,, ,.....,,, ,..,....., . ..,.... .... .... . . . 1 9 1 AiirA.. --ii I H ----'--i -.-, ---Y----,,Y,-.4',-- a - --H. 211 ' ,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, ,.., . . 206 ,.., ...,,. ,, .,....,.. - .,,.. -...-..-... 196 Y ,Y--Y------- H- ,-----4.'.' 184 ,.,,,,,,,, ,.,.,,, ,.,...,,. ...., , ,... ,.....,,.... . . . .. 215 -' Y H H iA.-i-- ,-------Yw----------44'.-,------ 1 9 , ,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,.,,,,,, A .,,,L..., ..,.-... 194 - H ummm --II -mmm-W 'V'- - --'-4---A--,- 181 ' ' ,,.,,,.,.,,,..,A,,.... .. .... .. .. , .. 190 19 ' .......,.. ..., 185 , , . ,,.M,,, A ,A,, -H,-,,,,,,.,,,,, 199 --..-.4'--,A,---,.-,- - -,----Y-----.'V---- 21 , . . ., ..,, . ,,.,.................Y,................... 2 -'---4A-- - ---- - --"' - ---'--'-"'----' 215 I ---v--------,' 0 '--vM-----'44-------...,444--------- Y,.., 1, .. .V ,Y,....-.- V ,--A--v-- .---V.. I V- Y--1VVA-'--v--.----.--A1---- ---'A.4"-----.'.---1-----',-- 1 93 , ...,,,.. , ..,, ,.., .,,,,,,,,,.,... ...,, , .. 199 I -W ---,.'i-Y--4.'YY.YVY,--A-AV-'--1---- Q A----4 W 20 ..,,............,,,......,.. .......................... 2 3 I I - H - A 1 -.'-AAu ----1-11vY4-------v 1- -4-.----YYA.-AA 1 85 ' , ,....,..,....,,,,..........,... ..,......... 214 , .. , -... , ,.., .-...-.. ...... -...-.. ....... 18 ' ---' "------------'--- ----"""----"' ' - no I V H W A.-...----- -1- -----------1-1- 203 ............ ................ - ,...., . .-......... 196 ...- .... .. ..... .. ...... .. ....... . 21 - ,AA-ii iv-iv iAA- ---4.iv'q.-1 - - - A 4------AA'1'-'.'-----'--- 186 ' .............,..,.......................... ..... 211 -UWA--------in--N'--4-A--.un 0 V.,-.'-4--y'..---4------4',4---,--4 h -----,-'----..- ' ,. ..,..,..,,,A......,,........... ..,..... .... .... .... 201 I --M 4"4 W- ------ A -.------- A ---', 1,8 ,.,,..,.,I ,,,,..,.... - ..,....,.. - 188 ' I.,.A,,T . ..II.AI,,II.I... ffiflffflffflfzfIf m ---,--ffA,--,-A - ---, --A f-----' M ---- - "7 . ---M4---- mm..- 4---------4'-- A -------A--- 2 3 ' ....., . . .. ...... .. ......... ,..,........,.,,.... 20 -1,7 ' ........ .. , . . ,....,..,.,., 2 B Conn, ,.4AA W --1YVY--VVV VV4'w 1 M -..-' 0 ,..,-'---'-.--------,---.---- 1,3 .. . .- Y.., ..,. , ......., 214 1 ------------------',-Y-------44 N 4v'----'-', 207 ..... ..,. .. ...,... -. 208 .U-mm-hu----ummm----mm' 204 . . ,. ,.,,....,,............,..-.,. 197 . .... ,... , ,......, ...........,.. .. . .,...-.,... 216 - ,, .............,,...,.. -.,... ..... t .,................ 213 - ------.A--4--'-----."----....--1-------- A --.--- A ."------V- 204 . . ,.,-- ,.,.... -..... ...... ...,...-i 'I95 200 ............,,,,..,.,,,,................,.....,..,.......,.......... 195 m'm"'-A"'"'m""mm"'""""""""m T37 212 ......,........, . ,....., ...,.. , .., ..,......, 2 - .... -...- .... - .........,....... .,......... 1 6 - -,--- - -.....-..-................... - ..... ....-....... 208 I . ....,. . ............,.... --,,,. ...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,M, ,, 210 """"" "" ""' """ " """' go. - -w--. ---- ,,---,A. . . . A......,..... - .......... 196 - --1Q-----Q---4S-1---Q-----Q-- - --B- ---M --------Q--QB--S-- wf - I I.I. I...I. Q ..:.T1i11gii.. 'mQQ1QQQ Zo. X- ' ' C "-"'4"' A '-"""1"""" -""- - H'-W'--R "'- 213 . . . . . V. V.....,. .... . .. 205 ., ., use 'N"""""""""""" ' . W--......... .......... .,.. . 188 ' -.,. .. .....,. .....- ...............,,,... - ,... 213 2 z1o ., 195 ' .N--nm-I1--nu-mm-Mm-mmmu.---M 195 ' ......... - .....,.,.. -...-........-.. ...,. 213 -- -----' - -4--'---4- - ----- -A-A--------'---- 204 . ...- .... -...- ..... -...- ...... 198 185 ' .,.......,. .. ......,. -..- ..........,..,. S..- 204 ---------------4----------------.-..----............... -... 183 201 ' -----------------------0----1---................ 186 .,....................,..,..,-..-.,....,......,... . 191 ' ......... - .......Y -- ..... .. .... .. .... - ..... 203 ' ---- ------ - ---- - -------4- - ---A--- - ....- .. ..A................... .. 2 6 ' ......................I.... ...... ,....,.,...... 'I 9 ' ..-...-.. .................. . 203 ,, 186 .............................,..i....,..,,,.. 195 214 ' W....-.---...-.....................,....-... 20 192 -----...-------................--........,...... I9 ........... ..........,. .,,,... ,... 2 D0 ... ...... .. .v........,..........,,,, 198 201 194 ' -.... - .......,.................. -... zoo ' ..... -..- ................v.........Y.... .............. 2 12 ------------.-.-...-... .- .......- - ............................I. ,... 215 L ......I.. .......... , ..., 191 ........................................,,. .,.,...,,.....,,, , 18 ACKNOWLEGMENTS While essentially the compilation of the T957 Colonist yearbook is finished the memories of the past year will linger with all who have worked to reproduce the events of this year in book form Had it not been for the numerous divisions of the book under separate editors this annual would never have been published Therefore recognition is gratefully given to the following people who helped make possible this edition of the Colonist yearbook The never tiring patience of Larry W Quille lournalrsm and advertising adviser was deeply appreciated lt was through his efforts that we editors were taught the fundamentals of production work His keen optimism enveloped every staff member and gave each of us a wonderful feeling of accomplishment Because of the constant contact with the members of the print shop my sincere thanks go to Lloyd S Ross printing instructor who was the mainstay of the entire depart ment lt was through his help and the able assistance of good humored Arthur Combs pressman that every press run was met and every problem mastered We are also very much obliged to the print shop students who took care of the makeup of pages and the operation of the composing machine Thank you Bob Gordy Joe Greene Ray Hack Doug Hawkins Dave Hrnkson Ceorge lwashrta Virgil Justice Jess Madrrgal Don Mallonee Larry Osborne Pete Perez Gary Saverien James Winn and Bob Wixon The constant pressure of meeting deadlines and fulfilling the orders of many pictures were only part of the great obligation of the photography department Because without photographs our book would be a boring sublect it is with great pleasure that I acknowldege th help given by Ted Wade adviser and Charles Elder Joe Greene Don Mallonee and Gerald Nixon student photographers for a splendid 'ob The neat uniform pictures in the senior section are a credit to Arsene and Renwood studios while many thanks go to the Anaheim Bulletin for their contribution of several sport glossxes to make the Colonist more exciting lt was through their efforts that the binding of our book was done plus the added lab of producing our beautiful cover And not to be forgotten is the excellent work of the Peterson Engraving Company who complied with all of our wishes by furnishing engrav ings that couldnt be rnatched To Lithographic Arts Santa Ana goes my thanks for their contribution in prmtmg the last 32 pages of the advertising section To the advertising staff goes my appreciation for their efficient handlmg of sales Staff members included Louella Baker Nancy Berger Mickey Cook Andy Estrada Dolly Hathcock Ca ol Leigh Ruth Mungerson Kay Lynn Price Kay Rennie Barbara Sims Bar bara Swofford and Marcie Vincent They were responsible in the final analysis for the additional funds necessary to turn the presses that rolled these pages for you lt is with great respect that I show gratitude to my staff With their thoughts their originality plus time consuming labor each editor successully handled his 'ob My thanks go to Anne Lindgren associate editor Joan Light administration Jan Cantrell senior class Judy Green Jepson lunior class Sherie Van Tassel sophomore class Pete Perez and Andy Estrada clubs Florrne Martinez Silva activities Bob Hathcock boys sports Margaret Olvera girls sports and Joe Greene snapshots Lastly comes thanks to the entire student body those students ultimately Irving breathing and experiencing the finished raw material for our annual As you browse through this book may your thoughts focus back on the eventful year of T956 57 as told in the 57 Colonist une .Mo-um ofa Editor I , . . , , I ' I I - - ' 1 I I ' I . . ' I I I . I . I ' . I . . . I . I I I I A I I I ' I , . 3 . . 1 1 1 1 I ' I I ' I Bindex binders should be recognized for a job doubled that of previous years. I I - ' I I . I I 1 lr D 1 1 1 J 1 A 1 ' 1 l . - 1 ' Q 1 ' 1 . . . . I . - . I . . . . . I . I I . . I I ' 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 ' 1 1 l 2 1 - I . .. I , . I - Y O IN MEMORIAM Frances Baker, 58 HAND IN HAND Our life on earfh is very shorl we look up fowards fhe sky For nl' is fhere well someday meel we know nof when or why There is buf one hope and desire if a wish could be fulfilled We would have leff a brighler world where dreams conhnue shll A place where friends and loved ones along fhe shoreline wall: Engrossed in fhoughfs of happiness a slghf unmarred by fall: Wnfhouf fear or hesufahon well leave fhis morfal land To live again for efermfy, once more lo walk, hand in hand. -Anne Lindgren RL

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