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Anaheim Union High School - Colonist Yearbook (Anaheim, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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F LX JV IJ X f .5 ff ' I . ..i5,,1 ,X Y I vsjlfz ' X . cf .A X ft V M! A. ,X A f 5 3 N, . '1 if 1 M , 1' nl F1 f H' ' XA Jtx U Z, "1 3 U J W fx I , Q 52-33 ,1- iffg, if 1522250 W , M., ,X., ' Q, M.. .-.Qwummaw " M" 3? ei? , Ef Sffiisf 5536322152 JTEJEG Qi KX 3+ A Wfffffgwiiff '1 E-X gb Q33 05 gg Za 53415 Nl? ,:,?Mk MN ai MWUQXVMFQTUN 'Amr af! JA fclfi' if I Jf N fx fffffQ 0 E ,X I Y ,. W y , . 4 1 U, --A 5.33 ' J' 5. Q55 My QE ' si? iilwfi 4-:RPM vfi-Qs ' ijie if maj: lim?-f' . LFS .1415 . H, 1 ff, is'-,aw " 1 15.2 iQ my xy. P , X jQ,f,1:Q- -:Qi W ..5,,-,fp Iffi- ' ,L1 Jrff U' ., ..,, Y, '..,v ?5sii9E fblgdl 511 ffiif 'jg Mp if 5 ' ug,-,Ml . 1 1,,:1V.qI'- x Tnfiff V efxf-M.: , 5' ' sm' ggi viii gi-T: ,iii K' 'WJ' mfg' 'QL' iii 'EFL eil" ffm r 1fwi54V4?6. fi lfvfgfag J' l 211 11 ?:2"f1".3 if gin ' Uv 151 wuz, W, Q ici je V iff' IQ? g.11h.,w17q',,'1 55 my, 2.2 in 31, L11 1 ,Y , f .w,.si!- .IH .uw .. TM 1 554-4 12-:,,.K , ' Kim Qs? 19 ,ffl ' J' K fjizw, . y. I gfjge 5aG'5.,i '4: 'emu-1 f-v Vi Y wx 5? 'if Int. Jn, F -'221.,:':' .,"Qf:fi,"1ii" ' fl' U 7 1 gkf,, IL" Published by The Students of the Zi h m Union High School ,mb Oi m M1 599 mgggggz 1956 C010 IS ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, JUNE I956 Marian Buvinich, EcIi'ror To the xisions of tomorrow XY'e turn with .inxious eyes, But our thoughts look ever schoolwartl To where our hrst .ulventure lies. Ever before our searching eyes The light of knowledge shone, Leading us ever l'orw.irtl To plates and heights unknown. We shared with one ,inother All our happy elre.uns .intl thoughts. We sang and laugheel together XY'ith joy that t.1n't be bought, Oh, the joys along the x'ertl.1nt p.iths. The happiness sting, Wfithin our he.irts .intl shining eyes How our joyous l.iughter r.ingl Wfith .1 luith that never w.ueretl Antl ll strength ul' touixige lworne W'e liouglit our w.iy to xittory fhizeil on ileltxit with storn. liut them .ire things ol' yL'5lk'I'Al.1y' Anil in our litxirls llieres .1 little sorrow So we turn our eyes to lit-youtl the hills lo the visions ol tomorrow. fffiii 1f.1f1!iif.f ISIONS OF BOOK ONE Aclminislralion BOOK TWO Classes BOOK THREE Clubs BOOK FOUR Ac+ivi+ies BOOK FIVE Sports BOOK SIX Advertising ON RZITI T I5 ADMIN 5 IE IT V ZICTI -I 0 3 0 nu au 0 2 IASSES C C5 KTHLETI rw wrg,',.a? gf '7fA,,,u,fjv .f, .Af ,fp - ' ,, be I- r,.'Qm, .nd CLUBS ADVERTISING v X ,,, I 'X I I 11"---. - N' -I gi, 0311-fu? lDed icntion ... To C. George Hedstrom, we, the seniors of Anoheim Union High School dediccite the 1956 Colonist. In this woy we hope to show our oipprecicition for his thirty-six yeors of devoted service to us, the students. Not only hos he tciught us chemis- try ond generol science but oilso we hove shored moiny of his own personol pleos- ures. We sholl long remember the enjoy- olole music of his records ond morvel ot his huge tie collection. Too, we hove won- dered ot his extensive knowledge of pho- togrophy ond con still look bock on the onnuols to which he contributed his photo- grophic skill. Mr. Hedstrom first come to Ano- heim High os o student. Loter, ofter eorn- ing his Bochelor of Science degree ot the University of Redlcmds, he did post grodu- ote work ot the University of Southern Colifornio. Returning to Anoheim, he be- gon to teoch in the rooms which he still occupies. A ' f ffh 'M ff' ,f ' V ' 1" ' ,wif ,ff ,,fY'fl ,Y ' , , ' Q f ' f , , J I I f, ff , . 4 Wzwjf' Ah fr Z 3 f A 4, S E ' 4 C. GEORGE HEDSTRO W 4 -' , 'gwaj xy 51 WfW!rl w','11 MH H W H r X k X vw 'cw f WW in"'sV' '1 Umm ow !i3'1'yfP fEFU'ufP MC. x 'VOMT f HO OH -E V IJ xg, , , ,Xi 'QL Vi-X 'jj' Iwi x mg M, Lulj .M Wg.. 3: wf mwy M E. adm' ALFRED A. HOLVE REX L. COONS AV f , , ,. LOIS D. WARWICK WWW A-is Kufla Awllvh -WM ROYAL C. FJARTEN 10 Board of Trustees The school board has performed many services for the school this year. Among them were hiring teachers, budgeting money, and deciding a policy. Their biggest accomplishment this year was arranging for adequate buildings to ease crowded school conditions. No salary is paid to the members of the school bard for their numerous jobs, and their work is often unknown to many of the students. lt should be recognized. how- ever, and appreciated by all. PRESIDENT RAYMOND B. TERRY fs? x"'- . ""'a if ' ,f ' fiuflllllll l Lllliliki r at f,.. Paul H. Demaree as haw- SUPERINTENDENT Anaheim Union High School District CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956! As you come to the end of your high school days and look forward to your next experience, I am sure that you are having many visions of to- morrow. I wish for each of you every success and hope that your visions are clear and inspiring. I trust that they will lead you to goals which are worthy of your best. On our Colonist campus we are beginning this year an expansion program which will make your school one of the largest schools in Orange County. In a very short time, perhaps a year or two, there will be a second senior high school for those who live within this district. These facts, too, give us visions of tomorrow. We shall count on your help and interest as we work towards a realization of our ambitions. Sincerely young. Szzperirztezzdefzt PRlllClPAi l. Frank Kellogg PRINCIPAL Anaheim Union High School CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Your 1956 year book presents, in a very com- mendable way, the outstanding achievements of Anaheim Union High School. Vlfhile it presents a record of the present and the immediate past it also is a prophecy of the futureg for it shovvs the person- ality and leadership of your class and enables one to visualize the promise of greatness you hold for the future, No generation has witnessed a greater advance- ment in scientific progress than have you. No gen- eration has had a greater responsibility to learn to understand the complexities of everyday life and to grow in stature spiritually in order to cope with the forces of nature that have been released in this scien- tific age. It is my wish that you, and others of your generation, will have the vision to maintain the peace, the prosperity and the spiritual lite that xvill preserve the best ol' our heritage and bring the greatest possible happiness to you all. 7 L . Z 'failing Pi'fm'ff1.1l Richard Ryan Vim Pl'j1!t'jf7d! rzmf Dean nf Boys' Richard Ryan, vice principal and dean of boys, had many untiring tasks. He conf trolled the merit system and detention. Be- sides the important job of discipline, he helped the boys with their schedules and counselled them on their many problems. I-le also had charge of the audio-visual equipment. All these administrative duties and responsibilities were handled very cap- ably by the dean of boys. iilii . g pp Lois W ittington Vice PI'f11t'fIZ7.lf .mtl Derzfz of Girlr Student attendance, the placing of sub- stitute teuchers and citizenship were some of the administrative duties handled by the dean of girls. Perhaps the biggest job was the planning and rearranging of the sched- ules for the coming year. She also advised girls on home and school problems. Mrs. Lois B. Wfhittington, dem of girls and vice principal, took care of her duties and responsibilities very efficiently. :- . -N.i'5.-f., G . X A .pt Z Q... , . .. , 4 , , -4 X X 4 ap X ' 59 , QS? , I f fl w Xi? n -5 L if? W .. ,R gh ' lkxkf' Q, WM aW5:" N wg MW6yB0fXYVS x k.,-,A- 5 L 3? f X IImLww 'Q IW L L , Q .. CLYDE N IC KLE Xssismut 5lllIF'I'IIlTPll1'If-'Dt xi -s I Q a s I : E L RALPH KI NGSBU RY Attwllfjlmmmf Sup-e1'Yisol' 3' L . A 1 'Q H EN RY WALSWORTH Mai11tHn:1nce Sll1,1i:'1'X'ISOl' DMINISTR7-ITIVE PERSDNNEI. JUNE IVIACKEY W5NNwSw?WQwwz vy awww wxwf L- ,M ,WSU 1, I I , ' gig ig' Y T 1 " . ISE, fgLfMWmXig? X fgiY NR xx: TX SSQQNI 'si,?k Rikx X 1 X is, 1 1 I iii ww HKI1?1Xk ,Rx Qyxika GRETCHEN GOODWIN MARGARET BLOCK ELSIE BROOKS FRIEDA GAY VELDA FORBES ,nga Z , KAY HERE'-EL ELSIE SMITH DOROTHY IRWIN OWEN WRIGHT GEORGE D. ALLAN XI'-r'I1IH:xxN. I'Ilxx ICII. nnheimfs C U I. T , 1 Iliulupgy ' ' .501 H... pi ' 5 NYT ' I "1 3 R . ' A I ,J I K PHILLIP ACKLEY .MIIIII IHII., 4':I-I--If KEIVIUEL ANDERSON WILLIAM ARMSTRONG VAN BARNETT BEULAH B. BAYLESS XX, Illwlvvljx, I7l'IN4'I ICII, Sw-I--III-I-, XI.wIIn III"II I: III"IIlI'l A . iff If I I vc.. ' ' V: I 3- ew I 3 K Mex , G. C, BEALE CLARA D. BLEVINS CLAUDE BOOTH LAURENCE DECKER CHESTER BRAMLETT IT. S, History Ilxnglisli, study I1:1II AIJIVIIIIII' Slum l'.S, I'IisIw1'y. slufly I1:uII Sr. I'r'ulr,, 1'u1lI1sf-ling f, QEQ4-. - 'N 5 r' I Q ,- X ..,, X RX I S 3 Q I Paw REBA BROWN LOIS CLIFTON WILLIAM CLINE WILLIAM A. COOK JACK COPENHAVER LiIJl'l1I'iL111 Iinglislu I:4'THIiIih'l'l1IIIL1, 'I'y1+in: Musix'-. 'IN-lmis Ifrw-Imvlm, Slmnislx ,nik X EVERETT COWSER CHARLES COX LOUISE BOOTH Drivvr. Ed., Athlf-livs Typing IGHQIISII . , "" : zbz - ' . 'N xi 'im 1 JOSEPHINE DERIGO GEORGE DE RUBEIS IIIVIE' VIIXE. ICII, XII-1:11 Shui. 15 X . 'Q"""" , QASWLI DORIS DISHON SHELDON DISRUD JOHN DRENNAN .QS f"'N 165 Nmw -Q MAXINE DU COTY MILDRED ELLIOTT AIIHIIIAII XL-I-:Il Hugh- 49.41.-1-5.1 slwl-, V1-:-I'r4 XX, III... l'..,1111f1-Ilxlu I'I15s, IGII., lfrill 'I'v:1m , . NORMA ELLIOTT PHILIP ENGEBRETSON 'S Y.: ' ic. ' Xw, , r 1 Q 12 X .. X xx Q N ,af N X..".. f mx ' - .Q 1: A X X Q f r If 5 QR WN 3 X X, Q N X X RALPH W. FOCHT RICHARD GLOVER DORA GENE GOLDER Girls' 1'I13f. EII, Typilld XIMI1-1m.II1--s lluys' l'Ius. I-III. PIHQIISII I I -5 -H Q . AQNVW N SQNL v. .,QQ9S.Ssvv.8 my V AI ' R ' . Q ZX? Q .1 X Q .- I I f .' Y ' ' wQ,TI.ff K A . , Q -' 1 figgxxi XX fxk ROBERT H. HAGER MASON HENRY LELAND O, HANSON GEORGE HEDSTROM GEORGE T. HANLEY IIVIY- I' lil., I'IIxf. ICII. XY His., 1'mmsv-Ii11: .X:l'i1-llllllrl' 451-IMI Sm.. l'Inv1mflr'5 1'u11111n-1'c.- 'I SX wk -A+, '--Au... . SKS N Lf 1 Q4 , ' I HOWARD C. HOVEY MARY HEINLEIN SIIIII5 II:nll ' ' I',IwuIlsIu f .5-F3 aa. 1 .I xx -., ,OWN ' XX XXINXX NX S ,. 1 ix Q fi? M I 5-.Q x - CCCNNNXQ Qkffggsiv I , X Q I . X I I if X Ni X-5 X QQ, XX xx A SX X M Sw M.NxggSggISgSQgg. VIRGINIA HUFF DONNA HUGHES XNILLIANI HUNSTOCK . , . , 1 Symmflx, V+-mms--IIIIQ II-vmv I-I-'mn-umxlvs lung.. 1.055 Ilqg, I-AI, ', V. - N.., .-222:21 ' T' . Rlfnel if . Mu: , Z. if X M " 'I' Q 'ral X? ' S' 4,-,,,,,,'w w- -- ?ffSm:::v:w i.:-N -- -Y . X X I .M'f .' I 'f . .vii ,5,: X V v'n-rw I V Q h ' it KK K ' Q s' A 5 r, ff -I ." wifi' C X . - Lx I I H f I I RICHARD JACKSON FRED W, JETER MARIE KEELER S. L. KEITH XX mlwgf. Xllwll Irrnx- I 5 Ilummx IIl.',1'mlln.Up4,Sl I ull- Iluys' I'I15f. I-III. 16 vw, Mmm! CURT LINQUIST KATHLEEN MCFAUL HOVVARD MESSAMER GENEVIEVE MURGUIA JOHN E. PETERS I3l'IY1'l' Ed. COIIIl1IfJI'C'f' XYfmd Shop Lntin, Idrxgglislm Sr. I'u-MII., 4'4mnNI-ling MARJORIE PIBEL LARRY W. QUILLE WILLIAM V. RICKEL LLOYD S. ROSS FAYE K. SCHULZ AIgvIwr:u, G1-om+-try Sr. llllmlislm, .lmlrnznlism Sr. l'r'uIm., 'IV-sling Print Shop Sr, I'v'uIf., 1'm1nsIflinpg ! . an ' ' is ' , Sf I F , """W:v- Q Qi 'X A X . , ,. . L E S LI E W. Sl Nl Drivm' Ed. an JH? BUFORD W. SMITH JOSEPHINE SNYDER NEVA SOLT LARRY THOMPSON Elwctl-icgtyy Algebra Girls' Phys. Ed. Home Economics Erxfxlislx by 7' I . S-iw? Iv' 7-Y 'WIFE ' :Zi Nw S fx- - I .- I uz. Qi.. ' ' ff Q Q1 '31 ' I fx" iv . m , J I , wx' ai:-5.'.?'c:-M' .Iw,v1'fQwx.wpfaw-. I ffm, hffbf-1 'H '-1 .1" ' W FRED TREBOW C. A. VAN HOOREBEKE TED WM. WADE BARBARA WALKER JOHN WALLIN Drivm. Ed' Driver Ed., Phys. Ed Cr:Ll'ts, Art, Phofog. Homv EC-omomics Boys' Phys. Ed. Y' . W A TR W' , S .g V ,, , . -an ,.., b5,2jp V: ,ir 3 gh . W ELIZABETH WEBB LESTER W. Nurse Study Hull, Ale-If VVAY LOWELL T. WILLIAMS VELDA B. VVOFITHY Im' ITLIQ. ALIIO SITOIJ 5IJ,lI1Iv'111:IIiI-f 17 f Q x f iw i Q k' t X " ' X' Q , , .M..vw - xxx Q M X X Y M x .V X f 5 X LJ xx N X fwf' -iw' 3 jg ,we DON HASKELL Student Body President l l 1' 5 R ,, X NNNQ. SSTUDENT CABINET lLeft to rightj Row 1-J, Feil. secretary of boys' athletics: A. Young. student body treasurer: H. l-loffner, student body vice president: D. Prondzinski, student body secretary: L. Frank Kellogg, adviser: D. Haskell. student body president: T. Carter, gecre. tary of girls' athletics: D. Seapy. secretary of student affairs: and A. Thomason, secretary of safety and welfare. TUDE T C Bl ET Student cabinet, the executive body. accomplished many things this year. The main jobs were a new clean campus program, sponsoring many dances, and the extending of school boundaries to prevent smoking. The group also arranged a series of exchange assemblies with other Orange County high schools for the enjoyment of this year's student body. my i l , i in my xx. yi ' k H X i .X .ii ,A Y l ,s 'i '4 The student body officers efficiently handled all these jobs. ill T9 I Q, I . I I V s stuns I couNc1l. ...ff I Student council faced many problems this year. Working in accord with student cabinet, they arranged to have someone in the library during second lunch and to have a man in the parking lot during school hours. They also had charge of service points 5 g and amending the constitution. The group handled all problems very well. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS ileft to rightj Row 1-Nl. Henry, adviser: J. De Connick, secretary: and H. Hoffner, president. Row 2-M. Bouck, vice-president: and J. Baker, sergeant-at-arms. a I I f. - I fwf . UW I I www W I ffm ah! s 5 S..- I I 1... STUDENT COUNCIL lleft to rlghtl Plow 1-F. Koenig, K. Cziffee. A. Hudson, B. Swanson, M. Jeter. C. Sunil, L. Young, J. Williams, P, Flettig, S. Rodin. Row 2-H. Hoffner, C. Wilkirson. L. Santi, S. Powell, C. Nleger, S. Bouteher. P. Cope, J. Christensen. S. Ballman, P. Boettcher. Flow 3-Pl. Thomas, B. Hatfield, J. Quiggle, Fl. Loffhagen. M. Hodges, IVI. Alden, P. Flehse, J, Light, K. Anderson, J. Thoma. son, K. Howery. Flow 4-J. Temple, J. Fcoekwell, D. Elder, El. Squier, D. Warwick, IVI. Bouzk, J. Stanton. D. Visel, P. Forbes, S. Kodgima, C. Nlenley, J. Baker, and NI, Henry, adviser. 20 STUDE COURT Student court is the law enforeement body of Anaheim high. They had the job of compulsory de- ' tention, the giving out of demerits, punish- ment of all offenders, and the filing of all demerits. All the discipline problems were smoothly solved by the able justices. 5 E W . " , r i STUDENT COURT OFFICERS fSittingj W. Bench, Chief Justice. tStnndingJ Richard Ryan. adviser. wil' lil rl is W 'PW 'V A New Y is i T fs. .- www 3 Nw ii is xx x ,M . 'If A If I X ,l , J S av' X if X ,N STUDENT COURT lLeft to rightb Row 1-D. Prondzinski, A. Williams. J. Olvera. A. Lindgren. G, Vvinschin Row 2-M Flynn, B Williams, D. Vlsel, M. Shirk, W. Beach. 21 is U5 DRIVE f N X any . X'A. fl' f s ,Q V- ,Vt ,,l.' LOUIS HAIVIANN Book Store Nlnnnger V .-, . ., W.. . . -.g,,-....,,,... LL., LL L-.. H., . , A , ,I1,..L, .... -,. ., L- W W , W Y-.- V MAINTENANCE lLeft to rightl Row 1-L. Hamann. B. Fensler, L. Roseberry. R. Cox. V. Baldenhausser. and I-l. Fledderman. Row 2-H. Ramm, H. Gloisteim. E. Requarth. B, Wick. ALEX DUTZI J. Taylor, A. Dutzi, and R. Roberts. Ass't Book Store Mgr. MZUNTENZKNCE CRE gy I au. Mm 'bw- 'Wm BUS DRIVERS ILf:ft to rightl Row l-P, Jones.. M. Littrell. B. Woodward. nnd J. Colwell. Row 2-B. Morley, E. Oleson. I. Phillips, M Russonis, W. Bell, J. Sullivan, L. Schulz. E. Cfuqley, nnd F. Goff. Row 3-Nl. Gilbert, W. Ellis. B. Sknlberg, R. Eason, D. Turnbull, R Hownid. find J. Foster. 22 FETERU-K LADIES y 1' x ff' ,vm ' Baa, ,Q P 1 flim- 1 ,Q f .-f Wx, gg ii aw WW K Q SY is , ff . , 4-bf CAFETEFXIA iL.eft to rightj Flow 1-L. Collins. N. Overmeyer. T. Hertzier, J. Parsons. G. Flicker. Flow 2-A. Kidwell, Nl. Hicks, W. Stankey. and Nl. S-terbn. WlMPY'5 ST FF i A 'r 'VWNGUV .i 'I THERESA l-IERTZLER H.gl1 School IVl.m.1qen' NIARIAN HICKS District Dieticinn fg N' ,- ' f l ,i Q K, . , -P .-i ,gr . 0 , , ,, x qc .K Q may 3 .- I- ,iv , 4 X 5 X ff, A . I A 'tn' - wwwmw Y fi . , ,ag i . Ml R 'S ls... WllVlPY'S LLeft to right? Row 1-J. Christensen. N. Fell, Nl. Oliveira, G. Ehrle. V, Yett. and P. Mr-iv-in ww. Dow 2-D. 2- ,n V D i3C,U,r,,? B, Kiepler. B. Otta. J. Bell, Nl. Daw, and l.. Stockwell. -v l i Collectors 3 .vw ' ,.... WE vw- X xx Q. N-GN, A 1 4 ff' s Mom l SLIP COLLECTORS fL.eft to rightj Row 1-M. Biock. B. Roberson. L. Stec. and L.. Cabral. Row 2-M. Alden. F. Martinez D DeConnlck M. Booth. and S, Johnson. OFFICE HOSTESSES tleft to v-nghtp F2 J. Williams, S. Rodin, :und J. Mackey, 2-3 Office Hostesses ...Y JW S ,. f ig . 2 N Y X 22 x fm., NNW M X ' "m.Xw,M , ,,,g r 3 .ew ,M :ERN . ' o 'XJ ow 14A. Gelken. J. Df:Connick, M. Diebert, P. Anderson, J. Teague. C, Barnes. M. Bucknel C Pe z Q4 .AL iw ' L A 1 fl bf 1 , A f, Ya, f ki X .1 mf-fy ,, wwf- W' ff f X123 . V - gc 2 wff Q 1 ff .,.?fX:5fQu.fSS,y3w?,,Gm' , ' ' W! vwjw x , ,zfff ff. f ' , , , X 'V jf , W , , ef ? Y 4 on ,J l:E'!'fk gp-...,. ' l l l Q, Y, Pictured above are this year'sbsenior class officers lleft to rightb Susan Reed, secretary: Ronnie Fuller. president: Tom Frank. vice president: and Marilyn Buckner. treasurer. V 'fm' Q 0 4- fm 'V as , I SENIUR C I. 55 Proudly the senior class of 1956 remembers its outstanding achievements, among them a rec- ord number of California Scholarship Gold Seal bearers and presenting the applauded senior play, "Goodbye, My Fancyn. They also recall the sweet, soft music of the junior-senior prom held at the Lakewood Country Club. Then, tinally donning their caps and gowns, they experienced the tradition of graduating from the Greek Theatre in Anaheims City Park, when they marched triumphant and misty-eyed to receive their diplomas. ,im Nl! S ai ,wk as !l' ,... i lylllll 2 L O , 3 sw O C l Z M Q r l- :U c 2 -l -l F -l Q fl TJ 3 Y I o 3 Tl E. E 5 . 1' . O 'ri 2 7' L WD 2 m Q E 5 F' L. 2 5' Il o 0 x , 1: C P Z IJ f O 45 X W m 'J V' , X well. Flow 2-- Carol Booth. Marilyn I3ur,knr-v, Pat Kirk, Luis Brittle. susan Hood, Janet Ferguson, Nlnry Finsniussen, Senior Class Adviser and G-my MnI.emn. 28 I I I DON ABBOTT 'I'r:1nsI'1-r from Oxnard All-FII" lfootlmll Varsity A c-lull ff " ' --fv EH 41:1 v' w In 0,9 f f f sf Q 4 'HOA ART ADAMS PAULINE ADAMS HELEN AGUILAR MARILYN ALDEN 1'I Illia ul Xlls Xllim Qt Inill Iilllllll il AIIUV NWI' Mlljfll' Sf-uior Vlioir ': ' ': , . :O ' W'-Illini Girls' 141.-U lll ' 4'unIznl-rl-'nl Alnjm- I'I.l..X Wliflllisf Vim' 'VUIIS lvl' Ilif- Pops GAA 1 lmum-rvznl XI 11m I fr I, 'fill I 1 , , f fl ill, f' f , X ,D X . x. i - , , if g Ft t' 'if , ,,. . N ft to . ,, jfs ,, I , A ' ., AQ! GEORGE ALLISON Aulo Shop Major Social Studios Major JY, II Football W f 4 1 si xi PQ IA: Ei' . -A , ,. ,,,,:.-,J :X I .,.,,,. " "1 f 4522 -:. gg., I Li X ':f2gQ,-:i a--f of f 5 l is i L? I 24 ,f uf ff 1' 5 1, I ff? 4 . X V 364 2 Wu . Sf y X 1 ' 5 U16 X .44 ,Q X 4 I 4 if n Y if A WHS' I 3 X x Wk, new f, I, ,,--mm I ' ' W . . X? 1 X W tx N15 .vanish '-71:1 'Tir FRED ALFORD DONALD ALLEN PATTI ALLEN S1'I1'II4'4'NiJIAiHI' Vlulumisl l'Il1Ix lluslnf-ss Nlujm All-4-I1:uni1-:il lllwlwiug' Major Shop Major 41II'iS' I,--Hull" I,:1mI::i Sigmu i':Il!iiSil Xlnjor Sm-i:II Stlllln-s Xl: M455 ' PATSY ANDERSON JIM ANDERSON JENNIE ANTOLIN Girls' Lwzigile Y-Pres. Ill-lul Shop Major Swuim- Ulioir Annuzll S4f1,'ilOll Editor Fuluriisl Vlull Spunisli Nlujor English Mnjor Sm-i:il Sluslil-s Mujor i'iOlIl4'IlI1liiill3l Blzijor NWN ADOLF APLAS ROBERT AUDOMA NORMAN AZZARA MARY BABNICK BEVERLY BAILEY Transfer from Germany XVood Shop Major MusicVMujor Transl'--r Irwin Wusliiusrml 'I'r:ius1R-r lr.-m lfllilyiy Drafting A Social Studies Mawr Colonist Club Auto Shop Major Honor Soc-wry Social Studies Major Hangers Clull FHA iIl'iIl1I:i l'luul. 5,11 'VF A BILL BAIN KEN BARKER JOANN BARRY MURIEL BOSTON LOIS BATTLE Nlzlllx KIZIJOI' Blnth Blujur Latin Ulul- English Major .lr. and Sr. axx 'Pram-k, 2 yrs. Auto Shop Major 'l'ri-Hi-Y 1,'0111uw1'4j-ial Major Sul- Delns Volouist Ulull Vulmlisl Clull Allvvrtisiug Stuff Lilf1':1u'y Cl ll Pres. Y, Pres. DIAHII L uv If az wg -Q , Q ,Ig Www:- JEANNIE BAUNIAN BARBARA BAXTER WESLEV BEACH I-'lux Twirlr-r. 2 yrs IlllSllI"SF Rlaujm' 4'l1i+-f.l11sl1w-, Slum-11l l'm11't 1'4v111111+'I'1'i:ll Klnjur lfllglisln Aliljlil' lllllll Svnl llvzllwl' qi,-lc 1,4':lg11-A Girls' lw:lgflw Yurslly lwmlllull, J 315. YPA fy' T' " SWQSJP W JEAN BEEMAN SALLY BENGOCHEA CARL BENSON BETTY BENSON .lr Vlrars l'l:l5 .Ill l'l'x5, llrnmu 4'llll Allllll xliljlll' HL!lllt'lllIllilllh Nll 11 Xlvlznrl Vlul. Stull'-nl lwmlwul lillglislm Nlnjm- FH X Qmlt 11, ,, Sul: IM-las Nlfllll Klzajur Vulmmlgl Vlul. Sul lmllg. I IX 'W KAREN BLAKE BETSY BLAKELY RICHARD BLANKIVIEYER ROBERT BLANSETT RONALD BLOOIVIFIELD 'I'l':unfIf1 Infmu lump I ul: Vlrvl ' l,l::ull1- 'l'1f:u Xfulwllhx l:JIfl'll'lIl 4' xlw lfmvllnlll, 2 yrs. llmmg- QU,-il ljiyll I,1':uprl1- .ll 4'l:u. l'l'lx Xlrnllu ,lllriwl Snln'i:ll Sllllllx'S Xlujur Spgglyl I1 Ullll, Smnnl Slmlnf .Xlznlm Hull lvl' Yflrsxly X Vllllu YIll'Sllj .X lilllll Xl:1lI1 Al.aim- 30 fmwfw , f, , 1 f 1, R9 1 A z LEW i rf V ' ff A ' 'E .A lm. A BARBARA .BIRCHER PEGGY BODE PHILLIP BONIAR CAROL ANN BOOTH LINDA BOOTH Nluslc' ixliljfjl' n lvljllllllill Co-limls Sm-imn-f-- llnjur lfwllwll illllll I'n-VS, Sm-izul Sllull--s XI lllll Coliiniv-r'f'1:1l Major' lizmrlglmgf- Alu-ior Sm-iul Studios Aliljill' GAA Sf-1-, Girls' l,f-:rmw Girls lr4::1g.1ll4- Blush- Blnjor Colonist Club Uolmlizul Vu-lirls AIlwvl':1ln1'uSl:lII ix, A M ff' z ry lash Q 'Ninn' I ff ki MIKE BOUCK ENHLIE BRADLEY ROBERT BRINEY Varsity 'IW-unix, I yrs. lflnullsh Klnjm- Vnflvls, 2 yrs, l'1'vs,1'ulrmisl liliigllls l"lZl.A View-l'l'1-S. X':l1-5'1" ILM.. 1 ,HI Vlllglisll, Klrllli Mrljm' Svllllll' .X 1':up4-ll:l Shop Alnkiuy- BARBARA BROWN CAROL BROWN HAROLD BROWN MARILYN BUCKNER A Commercial Major Llusinwss Major Shop Major Jr., Sr. Clrnss Tu,-as, Social Studies Major GAA Track GAA Yiuef-Prefs. Girls' League Girls' Leagu-A XVate1' Polo Mgr.. 1 your L'Ollll4,'ll Offical' ' A ' 'V ' - BARBARA BURBRIDGE BOB BEJRGESS GEORGE BURNS BOB BURT DOROTI-lv BURZLAF-'F Honor Society Transter From Long Beach Shop Mujor Auto Shop lll llnullfll Alu Lp-l A Senior A Capella English Major Colonist Club Rlnwlnnw Slum I-'Iv-In-1 S.--'mill FBLA, English Major Colonist Club Social Studies Major Colonisr Club I-'HA A ,wb I ZQX 4 Rx fs 'x ,s.I'i.. 5 Qx 2 ,Q ww Y Q 4 x It I , I mf A N I ,,,V, ., ' nfs? f 4 1 3 . vw 2 QW JOYCE euscu-I I l'm11111vl'r'I:II NI:u.I1I1' I U- ' V I ' - Lllhllsll KI.l4l1wI Girls' I.w:x:11I- ww QW 'W AK 2 NIARIAN BUVINICH JEANNETTE BUSHNELL TERESA CRUZ SALLY CUTHBERT .XIIIIIIIII I'jlIllHI-IlI'I'IlI4'I- 'I'1':111sIH1' II'lIlll IIIILHII l'II1m11-41'r-iul Major Music' MQJOI' Gum swim 11.1111-.I ,x1I.II-:mm smrl' VHA. 3 yrs. Iiuulwh NHj0l' n'.IIIImgIl mm.-IIS 111,-lg Lfnlsxuf- HU111Hn1:1ki1'1g llnjm' 1IUZ?lI'I Club QUUUW LAVERNE CROWE DON CRAWFORD CYNTHIA COX Rlllsim' Nlnjwl' TI'JII1SI'r'l IKVHHI Ifl1IIwl'lIm Islr-SIYIVIIJIII Vlzuss IIIIIVVI' NI4:Z:ur'I l'Im11' l'IllI- Slloll Mzujm' 'l'l'i-Hi-Y ITIIJI-g IVIIIII I'l1'w, 4'4vI1'w1Il'l I'IllI QIII IWI ' wa Wow CH UCK CONYERS Xlnl.-flx I UIIIIIJIII fa ,ff hw ff IWC M479 4 ROBERT COVINGTON KEN COTLER SALLY CORDES BETTY COLLINS Fwi- nw- Xlnjm In':um:n 4'lunI:, I nw Yinw- I'I'4'5. Sub lh-Im VIXVJIIISI-l'I' IQI'-VIII Yi1'p:'i11i:1 'IMI'-In :nml Sznln-1' l'IllI .lmmiur I'I:uy ICl1p.1IisI1 Nlujm' Iiuglisll Nlzxjor NInIiI:un'x Sf-I4-:nw Ilulml' Hmm-I5 XI:lII1 Nlnjm' Sq-1v111-v ylrljm- I N, . w,4g.g e'I f "'W"'7A , " I i A' I I ar fi , M-iff O X s in ' 'IMG or J I' ,Ip NI-N A ,f W4 .i7"I'?"' liz hai.. HAL, COCHPIAN 1' XX,II4l 'mlm MONTE CLODT I,sIIm Xln luv Xfr II' I"I Iwll 5-I-II-I:II ,fIIIIIlf Ilrulwu XIJIIII Klan-III! , ,- , ., V1 I, XI 1-II If::IxI.r1I:' xI,Iyfv Xuan, .vlmlr XI:I1fI1 I.:nlllI IIIIII X14-v l'l'-:- 7 SHIRLEY Ilmxx.-m:.I Iffzuglish mllfw- I'IIII CLAYTON ilu: Xlujm' XI:I,Iul' I, II nw BETTY CLARK l'm11lnv1'vi:xI Nlxljul' IGIILQIISII NI:1j-xl' Sovizll Stu-Il-Is Nlnjm' ED CHAMBERS SOCORRO CEDILLO GARY CAVE JW in f W .ww V , ' E -5 ' : SW' ,v.f'.g - ' ': f K, X N -.,.. A s :X 1 SI gf' A I wc- , f W f ' W lx :,::.:::: E,.,.,. ' A , .w,f,.+ .,.:,.,,. .,,,,. N,:,, V , 2 0 X X JIM C A P RIN O Vursily I"oolI+:1II, 2 yrs. Symnisll Mnjor Shop Alujllr' llusiw-ss Nllllilll' Iiznskf-Ilmll Il, JV, A l-lmuw: 1'1f'UllOlIllf'S Alnjm- Volzmlsl Iilmllr Ululullisl Vlull I'1llL:'IlSIl fYI:lj0l' AVI, Il XVS. I':llIl-ZS Xlvrmrl Slum w -.:1..:"w , X X, 1.:.:. V x.:.g,,.I2 ' ':f : V 'K ., , , l,,, ,,3, W , , ,J b U 1 04 1 lf, f 4 ,.,, ZA... , Q5 U ,,,.1 , .A , Ni , wi X f Zn 3 l S' x , W , f iv 5 x xg 5 f 53 f 9' A if 'V' TERRY CARTER QL X Y l'l'4',4. GAA :null 'l'1'i-H1 I SM: Girls' .Xllllvl ivs Hlmglisll, MMIII lllnjm' X QW 'Www , f nmgq, 5 f W y, .. ,K '5"wfm.r MW? f' ,V ,BQ-' 251 . 125274, ' -,m':f::.-- 73 zZ44f , JAMES CARTER Y:ll's lx IZ:1SIU'lII:ull lilnulisll Nlnjm- Xl:ulI1 Mujm' www DAVID CAFFEE LUPE CABFIAL CAROLE CAGLEY RUDY CANCINO Xxfoodshgp, Hangers Commercial Major Advanced Art Selmtor. Mo1l+-l Le-gislaturl Business Major Homemaking Major Office Prncticv Mallr, Hngllsh Major Colonist Club French Club GAA Varsuy Truck, 2 yvurs ,Eu ",:vZ'. 1' fj f LARRY CASEY ,XIIIH Slum I Slwinl Sllhliw-S 11:1 jul IWIIUIIISI l'IlIlr 'lv' VIRGINIA CANO SIHIIIISII Nlujm' llumv l'Ir'. Klnjm' I'l1lu1lul1'1'1-ml Klnjl Am, DENNIS DANIELS MARGARET DANA BILL DARROW JUNE DE BOER JOAN DE CONNICI4 I 'Varsity basketball Senior A Capella Colonist Clulf l-lwnw lim-w. llzljllr Slllllvlll Imxml-ll SI-ww In Math Major Girls' Rifle Club lfootlfull VHA Club Sub III-lls Soph. Class Vice Pres. FBLA Auto Shop Major llusin--ss Blnjor lirlgllsll I-lflhllll ' 'wma fini GAIL-DECKER RAY DECKER GEORGE DENA HOWARD DICKERSON MARILYN DIEBERT I I I 1 I I I E r I I I lNl'l1lOl' Vluss Play S-,lf-l:ul S111-li'-s Rlwjol' Xv5ll'SIIj' Iffmlllull, fl yrs. English, Math Major Annual Sec-tion Edltor Nluzrlrl 1'l1lIf '1'f1l'vI1 :Ill-I 4'lIwI' l'Il1I- XY'll'SIIj' I:fIl'IiIlI?'IlI l,':x1vl:li11 HIlIIQI,'l'S 1IajO1'Qtt6', Top of Pops Iiuglislu, Gwlll Swll LZ'-:ll-fw Aww Vlulr Folmllst Club Junior Play bum Deliws, A1101 mco Staff 49 'wo GPU? JAMES DIERBERGER TED DINKLER BETTY DONICA I.1I:Iv I Iulv Ynrsity Ifmvllvzlll, 2 yrs. Hmm- I':4'UIl. Klujul' Ilflrliu Vlulf Latin Clulr Girls 1,--zlguw Awllill-13ml-nl Drnwing Ilnml Sm-iul Slmliv-s Nlnjm' V75 I f xi ,, 1 f yffw sf if 4 CQ 9? f' ff ' -2 , f y. , , X X is 34 , f 7 , .. T Q--f QM U 1' SXQYT ...., ' - - - I S M 'I "QQ - ' QL Q ' Y N .. - I ' 5 ' ,. , V5 , W Mmmm ...l. I '-ETF 395 I F fyk, ggi ff Eff it VE If EZ ,:'T Zi, gm :fy Qi- Z- 767 fm, , ff M T L W,m9+1 U . we 'If L ,lsr S8 X, N WA XX .xgwaw JANE DOTY IVIURIEL DOWNEY DELBERT DRAKE DAVID DRENNAN lmlll QI ul IH 11.1 I'III4I " Us Yu ilv I'uulI-III I XI I 11111 I .-: -I .. i'H 1 - f . ' : , A '. .: NIH I .- ,- lmlll. vllll. X Ullpl-ll:l 4 Imax- .IX I-:Isl-lulll, 2 ws, Inllv Ivum I'.m4llsI1 XI lim Sm-i:lI SIIHII1-s AIILIIII' Yursily Iiusl-IIQIII, 1 X11 Sovizll Sllldu s NIH GEORGIAN EI-IFILE DICK ELDER JIM ELLIS GARY ENTWISTLE I'll Il In XIII ll Xlljlll I'wul IIllIlIII'I'N II'll1"1'l'Q IIWIII I' Af ' jfs, , , 6 1 fy! s z I., .- . 5 4 .A ff ' www' f Qwww 4 a L.-. LORELEI EVANS JOAN FAESSEL. BILL FAVREYAU JERRY FEIL W IM V ' X f 3 -i"?:" as. is is ..-, ,,.. 1.. ,:...gsgs:a. -::zg..:. af- z "-I 2, 1 ,. :gggg.,",' --" '- N I PHILIP FENTON ifllyllia-4-il fl1'r'liv's1r:l 'Pl-1,-Hi-X Nmliirvll N -ly lulnagllsli Nlnjur X:lr.sll.x' Iwmll-ull. ,I yrs. Allmmll 4 llllw. - yu.. bl:-iii! I'7"S"'l"'l" Gold Si-:ul I:1'ill'I'l' Slum Alnjor Siiiilf-nl Ivflllllllll II'lIIIlr' Nlraznrl Itlllll I'-'p I'fI1i1l11ll'lw1, Sill: IM-lis Yfursllj 5XYlllllllllILL, I yrs. I'1'ws, XYill'.4lI.I' ,X Wliill Klrllln., AIIISII' Nlru-im' I- 3M iw Q' Wfvfzx' do 40 . id ' xx. . ,,. 6? mmf lf' 4 .pwmnwwi I , . my .N f .-,., - up JANET FERGUSON DON FERNI ll.X.X, l'ulul1i:ul Vin-IIS lflmllmll Nvin-114-v fllnjur Iiuss-lulll S4-lllnl' l'ullllr'lI Slmlf-nl Collin-il 'WW' JANET FINNEGAN CAROL FITZ BILL FOSTER JEANNE FOSTER English Major Tri-Hi-Y Council Sec. Math Major Annual Snupslmot Editor Commercial Major Treas. Colonial Coeds English Major GAA. Tri-Hi-Y, 4 yrs. Girls' Rille Team Capt. English, Spanish Major Tennis Svnior Council 'rom FRANK MARSHALL FULKERSON RONNIE FULLER ROSE MARIE GALLEGLY Senior Class V,P, Varsity Tc-innis Swiiior Class l'rI-S. VHA. Cl yrs, ffguigjty Football, Basketball Lanilvdzi Sigina P1'w.-sinleiit YIiI'I'llf1. Varsity A Cluli Tri-Hi-Y, I! yrs. Jr., Sr. Council Science Major Xzlrsity Football, 3 yrs. 1Y'lmi111ei'ui:ll Mfijfgl- 4' .' f,,. - K +R X 6 f . Wi, YT' H5 :www 0:38 x . 'fam ng..-r 2, ' hi, +8 . 1 - . I:am:v'r,...:1 , aj, ,Q FLOYD FIDLER liligllslu xlirljill' l,:vmlul:i lxlillllfl 1'uIulli:sl !'IlIlu -if fxiffsf . is Q ,NZ L' EQ ,vw Of ' X5 X I .... ,. Q ui, , f X X ' X , Q? ',.,.,, X Q Q ' , ox Zx 'XX X Kxk' . 51: iff? is , .5 .ZWQ U f CLIFFORD GAIVIBLE XII-il.-' HM. Klvlill wlmii Hsllvu If U MARY GARCIA ROBERT GARDNER SHAROLYN GARMON CAROL GASTELUM GLORIA GATES FBLA Music- Major FBLA Girls' League Sec. Business Major Spunislr Major Shop Major Spanish Ululf Majoreltg. 3 yrs. FBLA Girls' IJPTIKIIH Fnlunisl Flul- Glw? Club Annual Staff LIIIHFY CIUII ANNETTE GERKEN BETTY GILLETT 4'mx1111v1-1-i:nI Mujur IIHIII1- lil-Im. llujul I'OIIlIll"I'4'IiII Vlull FHA Girls' I,":1:l1.' Lllrl-:ary Vlulf KAREN GOODRICH 'I'l':m.sI'w1' Iumn N1-xx' lurk nmuunm rwiznl I'IlIIr , 1 1 f if i V, I ' I A I, I Ll ,,,, 1 , s , M f f X f , f M I 7 Si? zfzszg. Q K fi X f X I I 1 f N ,fx f A 97 S , sv. ,,, 4 wb 3 ., V: . ' won.-:f' , Q JERRY GQODCHILD X JIVSII5' I4 mn Il:III In-:In1:n Vlul. IIUJIII Y:LIIlIlI'I'S I - , , lh., 32, ,S ' 1 44, A 'aww REX GOURLEY BILL GRAHAM JOHN GRATTON SVIIIUI' X 1':np1wII:u NI--ns' lllw- X211-gi1y 1-'myllwll U IVIII.-X V Ilruilisll Xlwwr Slum Blu-im' INN 1.:luIl.sIl NI+I.IHl Vwlmlisl tlulv ,IX Inns-lIv:1II, NI ,gun z-U.. ...nmvrgp DICK GFIOVER DELORES GRUENEIVIAY VINCENT GUERRIRO EDITH GULLEDGE "rl II Xlllvp I'rl Il II X111-Ip 4'.II-miwl 131-wls I'I'4'N 'Il'-1usI'vr I'rum Ifxv 'i ' V11 li :,I',., :I -,g, g ,. ., , I mv I . L I I, ,: ,:'w "INN 'I u sh NI:1 In IIIII X +I ul I ,url .II XIIIII llulll I'II"Il4Il Nlwwl Xlllln Klum IVVIII 'l'1:lm, I M.: :lx SXXIIIIIIIIII 'I'l'i-Ili-Y Vullm-il 'I'rn--as lulunisl l'IIIIl Hills' I. I 11, . ..L ii l ai 1 ff 2 ' ' is A QSM' 'Z ix , ' f f Z vii Q .S X X J' en is ef N 1 i" S X x f 7 . '-.-51:5-22. ..,. ...-. V . JANICEVGVVALTNEY BOBBIE GVVINN ELIZABETH HAFTBEFZG BOB HARDY KEN HAFIKER .X1lYl'l'lI,-Tllbl'-I Sl:il'I Slum Alxihior Xlwlli .Xlnjf-1 l 1Zl,,X l'rwf, 2 Aus. Xkii-mf. llusli- il ill l1IvlIlllvll4'lA4'lfll Alfljkll' li l:!lSli4'lllflll, 2 yiw. l'llllllHll Xl:-iii' lliilluiurs Yurmq llJII"'4'lI.Sl lhllllllill I1 Ifmmllwnll fvlI'lS lwrlulli' Vulmiisl fillllr Y Vlilf Sl'I'I'4'l.ll'-X' ldliglisln filriifi, lfiw-iii-lu Vluli llzillu Alnjoi' MY' PAT HARKEF! JIM HARNED Umiiiii--i'i-i:il Vllllv Shop Nlnjm' 1'Hlllllll'l'1"lfll Allljfll' Varsity X'X':iI:-V polo Gil-Ig' lnagipjiii- Villoliizil ltllllr DON HEDDEN DARLENE HEFFERIN BERNARD HEIMBERGER CHARLOTTE HEIN Pep Committee Song Leader Annual Photographer Gold Seal Bearer Senior Dance Committee Sub Delis Colonist Club Assistant Annual Editor Art, VV0odshop Majors Art Club Secretary Social Studies Major Junior, Senior Plays F' i Q XS: DON HASKELL Stud'-nt llmly I'lw-xulflit Nlozurl Vluli Sfrpli. 1'l:i:4s I'I'ff-sirlalil DONNA HEITMAN HAROLD HEITMILLER MAMIE HODGES HARRIET HOF-'FNER LARRY HOLLAR Home Eqfm, Major Road Runners Music: Major Sliirlenlvlluvly Vive-Pi-+-S, lminl Nlaijw FHA Vice-Pres. 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Sm-1:11 SIIIIIIPS Blmjm' Volonist VIIII1 Sm-i:1I Studi--s L , RONALD JAGDFELD ROBERT JAY GWEN JENKINS RICHARD JOY I114IllRIl'i:1I ,Xrls Nlzujul' .XIIIII Slum .XI:1j111' I'1'e-s. ul' l'sI1:-11-lla-s I"I4'.X, Il yrs, Swif-:uw-XI:uj111' XX'1m4ISI'141p Nlulim Xlusiv XIII-l1II' Sm-i:1I Sludivs XIIIOI I1lIIlIIlIsI I'IlIII I' I"1111lIl:lII NIUZIIVI l'I11rIl' VUIOIIISI UILIIH mf, '41 X X I R 1 X ik . NW JOHN JUNGKEIT RONNIE KEITH JERRY KELLY DONNA KENNEDY DIANE KENT Yznyfllhx I"1mI Ir:1II ,XI:lIIl XIII lui I'II'4',4IIIIIIlII I'I:1.xs Xlvr'-I'I'1's, I4'I1I,.X NIIISII' AIILIUI' Mnznrl VIIII- Sm-ml Sluflnp ,XIllu!4I1nlv Girls' Im:1g:11v II411111-111:1Iii11g XIIIUI S1-yliul' ,X I':Ip1'II:1 IQIKIIIIIIIIIIF, IX:1I1'l pulu I' l"1141IIv:1lI I'lllgIISIl, SL'I1'I1L'1' BIILIUI' IIIIIII- K'IIlIm . 44 ... Ly y'T'fF'+gxv .' f I i i if W' 'VLH W?-i 2.2 .51 :i q sf L' X3 lf K 3 I f ,s 1' -, , aifw x x wif? N I ,A wil I I fknk Zn... 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ALAN MOODY LARRY MOREHEAD DENNIS MOORE MICHAEL MOORE HATTIE MORRIS XYooIIsI1op Nlnjr-1' YJIIEIIQ Itslf-flmll. 3 yrs Blurb Rlznjor Sf-I--114-H Major liosiuwfss Major BIYI' IK I4'oolII:IIl ,Milo Shop If:'12IiwIl f'.I'uj:I1' Srwisll SUIIIII-S Major Home EC, 1IL1j0l' Hun:--r.N Volonisl VMI- S1I:111isI1 Nlsljor Volouisl Flul- VH.-X I! JUDITH MORRIS PAUL MORRIS NIXXRCELA MUNOZ I"1I-'IIQII NI'uior XI 'I I "il In' " ' 'jOr I"mII . . . . .Q A M-1:n1vz :Itlmg Ma ,. IJIIIIIIIIIII Siulllri Varsity Plusf-'Imll l'0m--111:1Ii11: Blzxjwr Sf-if-In-fb Alnjor Hath Major English Klfujow I My , , ia. Q 2:5 i SGW' . M A , fr, fh- PAT IVIUSHEGAIN HAROLD MC ADAM S-Anior A Vnppf-Ilzu 'l'r:msI'1-r from L, IZ. X'ViIs0n Girls' I, Colonist Vlull Mull: Major Yo4':11im1:1I IXI:u'I1il1n- Shop wxswn Fl . "" , 1 Xe? 1, T5 , X AI,, .I1. 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Colonist Chili Hangers Sooiail Studi:-s Major JOE RANIIREZ MARY RASIVIUSSEN SUSAN REED Print Shop Mxijoi l,5lIl,9,'ll2l:.14', Iilusii- Major SI-mor Vlnss Sl'I'I'I'ifll'Y Spanish Major Sub Delis, GAA Hoiiif-4-oiiiiilrg ,xtti-11.11.111 SUI'l1li Studi:-'S Mnjor Golfl Soul llvairvr Uoloiiizll Fouls ROGER REEVES JUDITH REID MIKE REINERT JOHN REINHART Mechanical Drawing Major English Major Math Major Iiusketlmll Top of the Pops, 2 yrs. Math Major English Major Football Senior Choir GAA, 4 yrs. Annual, Anoronco Photo. Soeial Studies Major JIM RESTEK TONI REVELES DIXIE RICHTER KATHY RICKERT BILL RIESEN Varsity Football, 2 yrs. Annual Section Editor Commercial Major Language Mujoi English Major Senior Choir Pres. English Major Social Studies Major English Major Math Mujni- Varsity A Club Colonial Coeds FBLA Tri-Hi-Y Swiniiiiiuig Tvniii, 2 yi-S. 4 5 If s,,,,f1 , x. ' u . I , f 'fr Q vwv ' ' 1 " 1' . , I fry.:-Q. , 1, I r .'r:. 21- , , ' 4 A X ' A W A Q S. ' , ' 1 - .::r:r 2::. :5:-:::... 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II'2 ' I1'I ' Mff ZX W W . W ROBERT SASKA JERRY SAWYER REX SAYLES RALPH SCALLY ADRIAN SCHELLING H::wIIin-- Slmp ,Xlwnsum-fy L-4I:IIl 'I'l:IIns7'4fl' llI'1IIIl Nlic-Ixignlu .XIIIII Shop 1111.1 Shop l'l'mI Slum Ilwgxf HIM Vnluluifl VIIIII Nl:-l:1I Slum Ym-, ,Xg'rIs'11Ill1rv Sm-i:II Sllwlif-f XI:-'im Vulrmu-I VIIIII Smlsul Slmli-'S NIJIJIII' 1'lIlUIIlSl Vlllll liln-vlrin' Slmp 46 W ' fx-X 6 i ' '."" I ' GUY SCHIIVIIVIER GARY SCHILLING KAY SCHIVIITT JOANNE SQHWEIYIIVIER JANETTE .SCOTT 'l'l'H4'k, Uross Vouulry Stull:-ul Uouuvil Sturlf-ul 4'ouuwil, 2 yrs, IIHIIIVIIIJIIQIIILI' xlfllllll' 1 UIIIIIIVIVI-II NIJJHI Auio Shop liuglislx Major Honor Sow-ivly 'I'ri-lfli-Y Girls' I,I-:lmao HJlIlM4'I'S H:l11g1-rs S+-C. ol' GAA Ilslmvlw-Iivs I"IZI,.X ,,,., . ' ,.,, . ,gp-. C , f f X Xi xv, ,, U , Q, Q f ', f ., I W' 1 MP? W' ' .I 421 ' ' www QW W. I V w , wmv f . ww' 1 , ,f - . f yi A , 1 :zg:::,.:, :w- 5 Q, fix 9 We , -S! eh I JERRY SCOTT LINDA SEAL DON SEAPY Xlllsiv. 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W, 5 . 11:11 BOB SQUIER SIIIIIJII XIII.-III-v KI:IjIIV SIIIIIPIII IIIIIIII-II I.II.III I.1lIIIII-V5 S 'A ' JOHN STANTON DON STEC LEE STEELNIAN .XIIII1l:II Spur! I'IIIlII1 ll:InI-I- IZ:IIIII Shop Major II N XII IIIII II II I- I'I'I-S., .lr l'I'Ix' , II- ' II S up II l'uIo1'sl KWIIIII .XIIIIIHII I'IInlIII'I':IpIII-l' l::lII4I II Suviul Sludivs Mzljur .yj v -5. N .. , . 1.4 W' 5 x LE ROY STEVENS HHIHLFE STEVENS DAVID STEWART PAUL STEWART JERRY STILWELL 'II'III-III IIIIIII 'IIIIII VII- 'II III III IIIIIII ,4:IIII:I I':IlIl'I 'I'I:III,SIII IIIIIII 'III-lIII:III UIIIIIIIISI 4'IllIr ,XIIIII Shop XII If I II II II I III I XI II III 1 IIIII NIIII XIIIII NI lll NIIIIIII NIIII1 III 1 , I, I I,I , ,I I, I III I I .'II': .' -S A--,SUI I'I,lI,III I VIIIII fIIII.I XIIIII IIIII. IIIlIIIIlfl IIIIII Xl:IIlI XI:I JF! .11 1 4. 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S--vw'--t:u'y H1,llIIl'IlIJIIiIllL Nlnjor 'I'r:nCk St'u1'Iwnl Council, 3 yrs, Gulfl Swll l,:4'2II'l'l' SL'I4'III'1' Major JOYCE WILSON JUDY WINFREY ROBERT WINTERS NIARGIE WINTHER Eng-ljgh Mujoy Math, I-4lI11,E'flI2,IgH MHJOI' VHVSIIY Footlmll 'I'r':11'IstM' I1-om .XII1:ImIvr:1 GAA, Ano:-zxnco Honor Society Elwlisll Major Honor Sm-wly Honor Society Sub Dabs, GAA Lm1g11:IgH Major Sul, 1n.1l,,, '1','i.Hp,x' 51 WALTER WITTESCH LYN WOLTER ROD WOODS NIILDFIED YATES ALICE YOUNG Ilfrld S+-:AI Iivzlrwl' XIHII1, IQITLLIISII Mrljfvl' Shup RIIIJUI' IIVIII TEALIN STUIZIH Math, Svivllc-P Blrujmn' Ii I"m,vlIr:1lI, Ilrlskvtlnull Sm'i:lI SIWII1-S llujfrl' SLwi:lI Stll1'Ii+'S BIHJOI' CUIOU I K I X P Latin Vlub Luliu Nlulv .Xu1'i1y11lt111w- Girls' I'AE'2'lL1Ill' Gold GEORGE BANKS FERN BARKER LARRY BARRY LINDA BESWICK HARLAN BRANDT LARRY CAMPBELL DORIS CORNE DARLENE CLINKENHEAD EMERSON CHANNEL RONNIE D'ARCY JANE FISHER Camera Shy DARLENE FURR JOHN GARRETT TIM GERINGER MARGIE GOODWIN TERRY GOVOREAU LYNN GRAVES CHARLOTTE HEDLEY PATRICIA HAND CHARMAIN HELMS ROBERT JOHNSON LORRICE LICHTENTHALER EVERETT MOORE GEORGE OELKERS TOM OHARA MIKE RAINEY BOB ROTH AARON SHELLENBERGER EVELYN STUMETZ JAMES URABE CALIENA WARNER NANCY WUESTNECK X. x N w + s hx ' xx Q3 , w - fm . P U? J--XJ X u VXI x wh Q. Nl Qu x X v J M FSA lb , Hit' X x N? Q ,5 Y K L AGR N: 1 5 Q vm' XJ ,S in iv ,Xl Q fl. ,IAN N Xxfvhj J XM: xx . 'f " - K x- , MX Qi . W ,Sym I Q Xi-'X gh! Nw X M px Y x Wx iw 'Ai Signatures x , 4 'x A Q. .w RN Yu Vw 1 .m 'X X PLPSODEN I l After two years of being the lowest class at AUI-IS, the juniors finally became upperclassmen. They started the year by ordering their junior sweaters, which were gray and red, their class colors. Biggest accomplishment for the year, was the junior - Senior Prom, which was held at the Lake- i wood Country Club. Also a success was the junior play, "Our Miss Brooks". Plannin i for the 'ear ahead the A nior' end E b l - I ' A lu. 5 ed Junior class officers for the year 1955-56 were lshown abovel Joe Avitia, the year by the orderinif ot their senior rings, president: Jim Baker, vice president: Fred Jeter, erase adviser: Kay Eldred. 37 'V treasurer: and June Nlorimoto. secretary. l ln these hzinds lfiy the planning of the most important soeinl event of the year. the Junior+Senior Prom. The Junior Executive and Prom committee met once :i vveelf to distusf, :ill the details of this event. Pictured above are some of the cominittee: Sharon Ross. Roberta Un- ger, Nancy Wallace, Chnilene Aiiffn. Mickey Cook, Sue Pharris. Ruth lvlungerson. Susan Lillyvvhite. Janet Morris. Bill Otta. Steve Morris, Anne Lindgren, Caroline Kiiven, June Nlovimoto, Virlee Elliott, Dinnn Hollowell. Bob Hathcock. Snundra Boutcher, Jim Baker. Carolyn Ryan Judy '3ympg,i,n, Katherine tN:iIkf:v :ind Ftoliert Ortiz, 54 -111 - 1 'f A51 41 11, 11 ,,,1Zv , A Z A A X X O MARTV ADAMS V,H'Z? ,WZ L y?Q, A 0 HAROLD ANDERSON 1 1' f X 1 'if I 11? 7. 191 , JOE AVITIA ' A. A A Q? " ZAHVT1 75? Y ,, V 57'-.-1 Q RONALD VAN BARNETT P2 K A 1 A A sw ' new aouwer N MKWEJY fs' A111,.A 32 A. , Kiwi? 'iwif 5?E?ffiA Wgywl' 1g? 1 fQ 9 ai X is VwZi2m.!yWh1 ' PAT BRFGG5 wg 1 A H ZA fvfwi Jovce su5HNELL, ,J A, . ff' AA: A .' AAE2"f""??"' LKNDA CAMPBELL 111, BARBARA ALLEN 47,11 I1 '1 '..,. 1 .Z V V, A 1 1, Ar ,V n KRISTIN ANDERSON AAA LAQ A I WZ- A 5 FRANK BASIS 'QAQW A A1WT' X 11 KAREN BAQHARA X Mk , A 3 x DON BOREN 4 - 41 9 Q I J' j if if DON BROCKETY Av RMK B'-ERD f 5 J A I 4'-lv 1 1 W X f k 1 S' 2 ,fi 414 Qi wi' mt! ' A LOU!SE CAMPBELL 1 f I ww' my , Aki? 5 JC Ky 1HAHL.ENE ALLEN 'J? QHQQ ZAMW A 'A WW ' f sk CAROLE ARANT ZWyA - .11 A 1 .1 P, f , ,V I LMQQA15' A M' uf HELEN JANE BAILEY' 1 1 -if . I ,' EWIYV " 1: NANCV BEROEF1 gn, own? BCUENE ' if lm 'w?w'W5i: 1 1 7 QA' xff 1 15,2 4wi . GLEN E53OC'P'1M.5.N A' X x V' L 5' Q X ,, X , waxy , F,ALi3H CABALLEVZO JAN CANTRELL 1 Q 'ix X, QQQLQX X X ,ei A if Q as , X W A W 'x LARRY A ALLEN '- A1 I mf ? ' 'z'r ,a.1 " f 41 X 1 f ,, 1 'aj 1 1 ANNE ARMSTRONG W 1 ' ii',,11?2' 42' JIM BAKER A SWL SZWW ,z f ' pf, 3 BOB BELT HARD FOB HOUSE KQV: if 22' iw' aw Q ? f BARBARA SROGKS ,, fn , EDWAQO AlA.lSON .. i2"' 'Q , ,A A I , K1 1 1 .af 5 V' 'A1 ALM RAYMOND ARMSTRONG ,L 11 l ,f ww f Z 1 , Ae 1 i LOUELLA HAKER ,1,.fW'f' . I-'mpU'SA - 37 'L vw- fd CUHLY' BLACH BURN 14-A- .ffv if K, AA31y4ZA 522,31 , :Z SAUVDFRA BOUTCHEG 5 Y 111,-AS 1, Z1 ROBERT BROOKS f , C , ' , J, gfgh yigwmwzgy f??y'3? f 1 " 1, ig? Aw A ' X f j3ZZSfA ' :QwVf4 1 f' 'N '1 ' . :: AK V A ,A 7 f 1 4 ' A -t .L A VIRGXNIA CABALLERO '-"' ,I . HQVWW 4 N f 9 X ,,.:.:.,.:..., .A ........... A A i SUE LVNN CAREV KAYE CAFFEE V1 "'g31Am1' - y2g?gg,fx,Q. Y " iylfgf .A , , A 14,1 "1' AA1' ,A 1 ! 4237 X Q 7 X N ,W 1 A. QQ5 4 X ,K XZ gf M 1 ,1 4? X I Q PAT CARSON Hv?:, 233 Z- ? , , A wx fWf3 W 111141 A 11 .Mx ' RICHARD A L M lk D A 2 tu' . A :- . t ww 1 -A N iw A 1 ful, g nu. Wax A KEKJNETH ASCH '5 gm QZAQ 2 r g Q 'WCW' xl F ' AWZ?',v1Qg 11 ,1 Efgkfkiwx Z65 whim JO amfomrs A ,W , .. AA, Q,,,A,A,- A511 1 ?jm ,1 ld! W , LWNDA ElL.AhEL'v' 1 ASSW' I 'muy v f1,1,..,, 1 DOHQTH .' EOVEE ffnf' ,g " WMV' ?Qi" 2 'ivi f 1 1 W 2g10ww3SZfN1 A A11 ,xy 7'YKT?7 . ' ,1 ' vz,11f V, LAN A E? Fl OW' E FP I V 'Cm M ff f A 51. X Wf- QQQQQ wr Ag, l V Q 1 J A ROC!-IELLE CAGLEY N X 1 X by DON CASEY ,ve ' 'W , .,,. 5 H wwfvww 1' K3 A 3, 1' Q ?y?1 AM , 1 H1 'Q Cf" FQCIL E AN Kfi' H wCzH 2',72 "" il? A: 1 532 'wr ' f 1 . I Q :Qs AvnLo1 Q ffm F ' 17' mfxar K-'IELLA BALAFJONAFIO 11 V N- , A 'S 11 'f? , 151. 1.5.1 HMAOHA CLELUKNS 211. fx 1 A -Aifwf T 2Ff,1H JONELL SCNNEN fi A .A,A .1 lx V Az. W1-S DANHD EFIUST , 1, W, Q 1 1 'K S' .14m41n-A A A X Q JSA 1 RSA, , M JUDY CALDYVELL LEE ', H A L' is ,z A 1 N can W W A g M , J Q 11- S, 92 -sv-ew 1 Q. " 1' ,I ' ' if rfvsnm QAQOL I:fxfmL BARNES '1v"YAf: V A Y M A A N1 ,,::,1 BETTY ' H0015 PH'fL.LIfE1 FIOETTCHER 1 1 1 1 'gw EVA" Z Nj 1 jfs kwa! V , 71.91 I JE-'-.wave mmczw PGZAHT1-1 gqnggmg-5 xf ' Q A gy 1 su . qw- v Y 1 ,ig r ' sf. in i DAME ROBERT EULTZNA aurzwg V, gf-ma., ' 1 ki xg 3 24' U,- Rpf?W WM in X f"ff A 1 ,.., Q I 1 , - , 61, cu, W f ,Q ,411 vifccmm RENE CALHOUN QALLEQOS ' 1 Afww ' .M " me f C QQ - fw ' as 1 9 Y., 4, " Az? Q 3, 1941 42 ,,1 J wwf: H ,QE was Aw L Az -L. ?P'17E"-2-EN 'HF V W ,, ?'7f f1'C f,f. ""' T53 Vgm-. -ff,, , , LOUISE CQVJEE , . Z 1 A751 ,N Zizpff , , X! DI!-NE DZ CONNSCK f idk' ,W , J , f Vw Z ' V ,IW nv-wwf, LARHY DUVVN3 ,!V,W ,4,' V J . 4 - V f ,f ff ,ff!f4wV,4 V f ,f 'f f 9 ELET? if b 'WEEE 5369? mf' if f fm , .f ,, W' wf,7' NXXMCV F-'EQL . 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A--gh Nw-vf.f 5 f GT' U15 'lilufjliw ULU J, illli NLU1 ., .1-,1Y, ,. -, , 535 5 4,iJ'biP!T'Xi fUJx1VQ ,MW gm-yy'-Qx. lf f if CO LO I T clue C Colonist Club is composed of all the boys in f 4 I ' N s N Q l N 4 ,i 4KIQgfe-MW :- 'H -r , 1 , ' s Q f f J 44 ' "' Anaheim High. This gives all the boys in school AL,S'riSisj!rptRv Tape Liairiggdigiifz .1 chanre to belong to at least one organization. Colonist Club provides activities that are of special interest to boys, Under the supervision of Richard Ryan, four Y A or live meetings were planned for the year. At H 4 these meetings all the boys met in the auditorium - to watch movies on football, swimming, track, bas- l V ketball, and other sports. One assembly was cle- , fl voted to speakers on the Armed Forces who talked , QV f to the boys about a military career. Z: .V LEROY STEVENS Boa WINTERS Scribe Sergeant-at-Arms 1 WAI' Z 5l B012 HJ CO! CHIIHT LI UB l1.'e.HFfVlHIfl '-.hnwn .ihovv .uv many AU Ch-ms .it uni- of the me-giil.iu' meetings they had in the .iudltoriu 1-xi Hu'-.i ifqului vii-I ififlfllif-is.. i1rluf.u1iun,iI films '.1ic,I1 .ns iurpiipatinris .ind sports VVL'l'C shown to them, IH I GIRl.Sf l.E GUE Girls' League, consisting of all AU girls, proved to be a very well organized club through the entire year. Some of the activities for this year were com- petition assemblies within the different classes, .1 NIARIAN TAYLOR fashion show, the annual Big and Little Sister Party, President and Vocations Day. One of the big highlights was sponsoring the Homecoming Dance, which was a great success, Serving on the Girls' League cabinet are two girls elected from each class each semester. Under the expert supervision of Mrs, Velda Worthy and Mrs. Norma Lee Elliott, the Girls' League accomplished many things throughout the WI YCHF. CAROL GASTELUM Secretary .fmwfff QS 93 mu. ? . 1 l l X .-...... I MH' 'NL -U- l i l l A, El x 'ww 'I'-II? ss. 2 w PATSY ANDERSON Vice President BETSY BLAKELY Treasurer Q V f' ff W., GIRLS' LEAGUE fLeft to rightj Row 1-K. Morimoto, B. Nlager, A. Lindgren. B. Blakely. C. Gastelum. M. Taylor, J. Winfrey. D. Sonnie Row 2-R. Unger, B. Woodruff, G. Halvorsen, C. Schutz, Mrs. V. Worthy. C. Ryan. C. Pletz. B. Watkins. -S l I Q fl 1 2' W 1 . xqf .- ,Qs .1 7 x 'WNW -5, W-4 .4 . 1 'Air f ,, 'll vi 85:-Q, USHERETTES lLeft to rightj Row 1-K. Walker. C. Allen, N. Berger. S. Lillywhite. J. Nlorimoto, J. Morris, K. Hathaway, and G. Jenkins, Row 2-J. Sympson. K. Eldred. adviser. GWEN JENKINS President 2' 'W TONI HEVELES 'wPfil P1111 y HO L. Schulz. L. Chezitum, J. Schwemn1er.L. Okamoto. S. Schafer, S. Cedillo. D. USHERETTES Ushering for mmy sehool .ittivities .md .ilso for eommiinity fiinetions, the Usherettes have been L1 very .ietive eliib this year with the help of their itlviser, Mrs. liiye Sehtilz, As their Retl Cross proieet for this i', e.ith member tontributetl .i tomb tor CARE. They .ilso had one tpike mile. 'IU open up their .ittivities .it the beligiiiiiiiilg ul the sthool year, they lieltl .1 len lor all new'iiIty mem- bers, A ,'..: I JUDY SYN! PSON Tri-.isurvr Richards. and Mrs.. F. Schulz. LINDA CHEATUM Vice President ,""iT'.,.' SUSAN LILLYWHITE Red Cross Representative l , li l 4,q,x' 3 eff 1 -M419 ,, . VARSITY "A" tLeft to rightl Row 1-H. Sandoval. A. Story, J. Morgan, J. Hoare. R. Fuller. T. Frank, D. Grover. ES. Ottn, B. Winters Row 2-D. Ramsay, E. Chambers, D. Abbott, M. Shirk, T. Dinkler, D. Smith, R, Cancino, J. Carter, J. Jungkeit. Row 3-M. Flynn, J. Avi l'l R, Blankmeyer, W. Beach, G. Frederick, D. Rapp. B. Mauerhan. J. Villafana, E. Verdin, J. Dickey. VARSITY ' ' CLUB One of the service clubs on the campus is Var- 'ff - V V sity "A" Club. Boys who hiixe won varsity letters in any sport are included in this organization. At f".' tvl the end of the the outstanding rind most v.1lu- ? V' A, .tbie "Aii.AfOtmti Athlete" of the school is chosen , J - -' y .ind he is presented an award. V4" . Varsity "A" sponsored L1 boxing tourminent to .'ii give boys with boxing ability .1 chance to display f i5'? fi . A their talent. This year the club presented the frames ... . JERRY FEIL .ind hung the pictures of past varsity teams in the TED DINKI-ER Preydem cafeteria. Varsity "A" completed .in excellent year of ser- vice to the school under the direction .ind help ot' adviser, Dick Glover. 1 ALAN STORY RON FULLER Secretary Treasurer Vice President JOE AVITIA Sf-'l'Cl6'Ar1l-nt-Arviis E Kwan my-A if , .- i L. LATIN CLUB 1Left to rightj Row 1-B. Frazier, L. Battle. S. Bengochea. C. Wilkirson. M. Rasmussen, A. Fuller, S. Newlin, T. Dinkler. J. Winfrey, D. Kohlenberger, J. Barry, D. Ramsay, L. Agren, and S. OISSFI- ROW 2-Fl. Cancirlo. J. Dickey, P. Goebel. L. M3I'0lf. FA Thomas. L. Schulz. J. McClain, M. Stewart. K. Hathaway, J. Webb. P. Woods. D. Hein, and C. DePaIma. Row 3-R. Senum. E. Hines. ' . N d ff. J. Warnes, B. Dougal. M. Fulkerson. M. Cook. J. Kinn, B. Stouder, W. Brooks. and K. 'It . J. Baker, M. R. Blankmeyer, W. Wittesch, J. Doty. D a or Youngman. Row 4--L. Stevens. E. Looper. E. Lollin, B. Bailey. FK. Barnett. M. Clodt, P. Parshall. L. Wolter. D. Ham: on Fowler. G. Swisher. B. Hoban, N. Tennant, and D. Rieck. ny Z W X - LATI I -1 2 CLUB , f iv x ' Aiiotliur .liiiw un uiiupus iicxotcd to learning :mars .ilwoiit the l.ingii.igc .mil iustoins of .1 iouiitri ' umlur tliu uxpurt Igiiiiimu ol' Mrs, Uciicxicw Mui'- Q . I I I ,,, , L' f f f - ' ,Y MW H .mmml latin Club lmimiiict to iuitmtc new mcmlwi's V., f ' , lu-Iii we A. -"" 4' .,s,,,n""MR' 'H LATIN EXECUTIVE COUNCIL fLf:ft to viqhtl Flow 14Maiy Fiasniussen. Carol Wilkinson. How 2 ----- JoAnn Baiiy, Lorraine Schulz, Kathleen Hath- away. Raw 'ie-De-nnis Hamilton, Larry Mairmlf, Biil Frazier, and Monte Clodt R2 Vx Z Q i l 3 GW f . CR jaw . ,ref e vpyy - i .'s! SPANISH CLUB 1Left to rightj Row 1-B. Ebert, J. Williams, D. Holmes, L. Ochoa, A. Estrada. M. Feliz, M. Olvera, B. Hathcock T Fleveles, A. Young, V. Cano. A. Huesca. S. Lillywhite, C. Wassenmiller. and R. Rettig. Row 2-A. Williams. F, Martinez, J. Reynolds D Richards, B. Mahaffie, M. Strong, G. Wlaschin, M. Jeter, Kay Eldred, B. Woodruff. and J. Roland. Row 3-D. Smith, J, Warnes. M. Buv inich, K. Walker. J. Light, J. Syrnpson. C. Ryan. L. Wentz. G. Decker, and B. Williams. Row -l--B. Seapy. J. Goodrich, R. Cancino Hokanson, D. Ratzlaff, J. Quiggle. B. Hatfield. ZKNISH CLUB Spanish Club is only opened to students tal-:ing Spanish II and III and second semester Spanish I students. Main purpose of the club is to encourage members to learn more of the language and customs of Spanish speaking countries. This year the club went to Padua l-lills. They put in an outstanding year under the supervision of club adviser, lack Copenhaver, and a group of excellent officers. ,. . V ' RQ . .I ' Y A J - S ' 4 ,fa V ' Ii fs.. . BRUCE WILLIAMS President , an . S e , ,gf ,za , 'L il r 'V X g A . 1, F ... . sw PAT RETTIG Juov svrvipsom Vice president Secretary-Trensui-ei in 4 i 1 Z5 FUTURE NURSES 1Left to right! Row 1-H. Mayer. E. Huston, M. Merritt, G. Simonton, J. Wilson. S. Stout, P. Dykstra, and E. Miranda Row 2-J. Krah, B. Ebert, D. Rieck, N. Tennant. C. Samson, Fl. Jackson, L. Pletz, D. Nelson. and C. Davis. Ywqb l FUTURE NURSES OFFICERStl-1'flYr1llqhlJ Rnw 1--E. Miiuindn. rvnoitt1l'. L. Pletz, president, G. Simimtnn, hnstormn. Ftovv 2---J. Kunh, tresisurer, Fl. jglgkgon, 51-ccrlftzirv, P. Dylfaivn, '..ufv'ty :ind wlflfqnv- rvpicsf-nt.itl Mayer, RPI! Cross rrfprs-s.4'r1t:utlvv Z4 VP, H. FUTURE URSE5 lfuturc Nurses nutlc suxcml trips to hospitals during tht' yc.u'. 'lhcy visited Los Angeles County .intl Oniimgt- County hospimls to see nurses .it work. Following their Ambition, they ixyintutl to lt-.un .is muth .is possible in the tichl ol, nursinlg. lfirst-.iitl tlt-monstmtions by mem- bcrs oil tho tlub .intl spc.il4ci's representing thc lichl ol' nursing xycrc prcscntctl .it some ol' the int-ctings. ln thc xxxiy ol' lun, thcy wcrc kept busy .1ll yuan' with inuncysimiking ywoif.-tts, such .is, fake sales, sclling poptorn balls .it thc Hallowccn .intl hclping thc -lunioi' Rt-tl Cross by inaltintg fl1I'lSllll.lN lv.lYOl'S for Long lltzlcli Vctcr- .ins hospit.1l. Mrs. lllizabcth XVL-lwb. sthool nursc, is .itl- xiscr ol' thc tlub. 56 4-, 1 "'v49KQw, Wt mln CTS ,Aa A CLUB tLeft to righty Row 1-4Ft. Hack, N. Montague, G. Parker. G. Fischbe'k K. G ' ' d S H II R -- . Boer, M. Bolinger, D. King, D. Williams, and D. Fells. Row 3-F. Oelkers, R. TTA:-cy, Je.'IKgiwilopeir?. D.iKoi?:blricl1. C5iII?tidi1ZeI'RXVw 4 Fl McPherson, K. Kubota, and B. O'Conner. FUTURE F RMER5 OF ERIC?-K Future Farmers club is composed of boys interested in agriculture and raising farm animals. Anaheim's chapter is affiliated with state and national Future Farmers of America. Future Farmers attended competition exhi- bitions where they compared their products and also received awards for their excellent work. One such event was the field day at California State Polytechnic College, at which Anaheinfs Future Farmers placed high in competition. Under the guidance of Leland Hansen the club had a very successful year. At the beginning of the year members elect- ed Sharon Johnson as chapter sweetheart and Loretta Stec as her attendant. The two girls ata tended FFA functions, meetings, local field trips and regional meetings accompanied by members and adviser. FFA OFFICERS tl.eft to right! Row 1-F. O lk ' Q . Koebrich, president: D. Peltzer, secretary. ROV: gissjy v,29eBDg:3iS'dSePnntt'mg N. Montague, reporterg W. DeBoer. treasurer. ' ' F4 l BIBLE CLUB iLeft to righty Row 1-D. Smith, H. Bailey, G. Simonton, G. Jenkins, L. Ochoa. B. Brooks. M. Whetstone, L. Nielson, B Mahaffie. S. Graves, K. Petty, J. Mills, and L. Crowe. Row 2-J. Clawson, R. Kaylor. B. Norland, D. Watkins. C. Pletz, S. Lopez, V. Selstad C. Moore, N. Brown, S. Stout, J. Ferguson, J. Dierberger, and L. Oden. Row 3-A. Fluegge, R. Stanley. D. Trimper. D. Peters. P. Carson, P Johnson, M. Merritt, R. Jones, E. Selstad. L. Fischle, B. Dierberger, J. Moshenko, M. Mitchell, K. Anderson, adviser. Row 4-J. St. Pierre P. McAuIey, A. Armstrong, C. Arant, J. Dargatz, P. Dargatz, B. Martin, J. Jones, C. Zylstra. R. Ruffner, D. Finch. D. Warner. D. Brust. R Sprecker. and R. Barnett. LAVERNE CROWE President QQ' ' QW ,,, I f Q . f f f .. 1 ,Gem 1 U SUE STOUT TIP,ISI1l'I' nb BIBLE CLUB Bible Club, which is composed of all denominations, has been an .ittive elub for seven years. Meetings were held on Monday .ifternoons through- out the year. This elub's purpose is to study the Bible, to promote Bible study in the home, and to further Christian tel- lowship. This year their main inter- est was tentered on helping the Missionary Aviation lfellowship. They donated S211 to the treasury of this .issociiition to help them obtain .i pl.ine, Kem Anderson is .itlviser ol' Bible Club. liesides studying the Bible, the tlulrs itttixities intluded ine .ind roller sleitinlg. CAROLE ARANT Vice President AUGUST FLUEGGE Treasurer Q.. --- -. LAMBDA SIGMA tLeft to rightb Row 1-C. Long, P. Johnson, H. Bailey. D. Holmes, P. Bode, B. Mnger, S. Graves, S. Stout. S. Lopez Trimper, T. Nose, and D. Smith. Row 2-L. Evans. J. Morris. P. Dykstra, M, Watkins, A. Lindgren, J. Light, T. Terry. L. Oden. C. Pe P. Woods, W. Wittesch, and M. Mittman. Row 3-D. Dunnett. M, Mitchell. B. Burris, V. Yett. B. Roberson. R. Bloomfield, F. Alford Brooks, K. Edgington, M. Fulkerson. and K. Anderson. adviser. MARSHALL FULKERSON President . Y ' f f Y w as S. J ff' gg sf if W" X i fat f ' f. a ' BUNNIE MAGER Secretary IAM BD SIGMA Although most of the members of Lambda Sigma are biology students, any other students taking a science course are eligible. The club gives students the opportunity to learn about science by direct observation. Some of the many held trips the club took this year consisted of going on a mountain trip and the Griffith observatory, zoo, and planetorium. XWith the excellent guidance of Kem Anderson, Lambda Sigma has put in a very successful year. K . 3 4 K W 1 sf X WX we A TOM MY TERRY Vice President ' 'V . iQ"""'5P" if. , dxf- V WT I I 'file' - LUCY FlSCHLE Ti'e.iSt1l'ei' M I 'E X 'kt as x x ' A sf' ' i f f x X ,iw I X .S 2 ' Wi 'Ir.,. ' l 5 'Q it Q My X J Y J ED MACIAS Treasurer i ,ff Q X F BOB HARDY EMIUE BRADLEY FLORENCE HATANAKA Pres.dent Vice President . f an-I Sify 'S- X K ,V i fgf 'WW , ' Wife ' ,V 'L CAROLE KRANIP CAROLE ANDERSON LOIS ANN OCHOA Reporter Historian Red Cross Rep. 4+'?"t pw. fu ,Lnfif 'V .. . . FUTURE BUSINESS A.-ww I 3 1 N 4 P' ,gg ,,,.-.-N... I J-4'5" e 4-m..arw ' ,A ". ' A-49" FBLA ACTIVITIES lTop left, Shuvvn in thf- pietuve :ive Sfllilf' of the FBLA officers looking :it records to see how much profit they made after ei fund musing pioieet. lE,ottom Ii-ftp Shown me president, Bob Hardy, :ind vice president, Emilie Bradley, with the exhibit of their uh's activities :it xi uinvfenlirin whch was hr-Id :it RIVIFISIUP. lTop rightl FBLA fllehibers nt the Santa Ana Business Education Day held it Szintn An.i Colleqif. lBriItwm iiqhti Dr-re Cox. lirlvisv-ig :ind Bob Hardy, president discussing future events for FBLA members. P3 Z Mb 50 .ff fo FBLA 1Left to rightl Row 1-C. Anderson, R. Sutherland, B. Cossey, J. Bozarth, D. Holmes, L. Ochoa, R. Mungerson, J. Huckabee, J. Christensen,vD. Rutherford. C. Barnes. and K. Bashara. Row 2-K. Blake. M. Oelke, J. Bushnell, G. Hernosillo. J. Scott. M. Garcia, V. Cano, L. Daily, M. Feliz, P. Dykstra, C, Kramp, J. Hernsley, M. Romero, A. Huesca. and B. Swanson. Row 3-D, Bovee. O. Solis, S. Schafer.. F. Hatanaka, D. Richter, G. Gates. R. Simpson, G. Parsons. L. Wenholz. M. Robinson, P, Henyan. L. Stec, and B. Watkins. Row 4-E. Miranda. M. Alden, P. Smith, K. Goodrich, E. Bradley, Z. Rea, C. Van Verst, P. Walters. and R. Loffhagen. Row 5-R. Hardy, D. Cox, adviser. W. Cline, cokadviser, and E. Macias. l.E7-KDERS DF ZKMERICZX future Business Leaders of America is -i'..j " A Y f 3 composed ot students with .in A or B average V in commercial subjects who are interested in E , . . Q securing jobs in offices or work in some bus- V Eg " gf mess during .md after they get out of school. t ' Several fund raising projects were un- it? 4 X profit resulting from each business venture. - N, us it if a sf dertaken during the school year with .1 nice if .h sk Football cur stickers. pencils with the bnskete rxrr' ci-lARLEs DEE cox ball schedule printed on them. and the big WILLIAM CLINE Adviser FBLA-Senior Choir old-fashion pancake COVACMSEF breakfast, provided the money. Hello Day sponsored by FBLA provided .tn opportunity for everybody on campus to participate in the get-.tcquainted contest, with winners awarded big chocolate candy boxes. Members went to conventions at Manhatten Beach and Riverside, .ind to Santa Ana Bus- iness Education Day, where An.1heim's two Young Careerists appeared .is models for Buffum's fashion show. n wif 'WW l i KB? M we 4 fig is .ww A . SUB DEBS fLeft to rightj Row 1-J. Winfrey, C. Cox. J. Faessel. S. Boutcher. J. Green, S. Pharris, B. Van Dalsem. J. Cantrell. and S. Meg er. Row 2-C. Gastelum. M. Diebert, D. Hefferin, D. Prondzinski. M. Rasmussen. R. Mungerson. M. Lockhart, J. Teague. and S. Cordes. Row 3 -S. Johnson, S. Mittman, C. Strachan, J. Lemcke, C. Pletze, J. DeConnick, L. Kliever, K. Rennie. and L. Baker. Row 4-D. Golder. adviser L. Battle, M. Winther, B. Blakely, S. Newlin, J. Beeman, L. Blakely. P. Coker. and J. Olvera. ! ff ,. WMM,-,599 'f SALLY NEW LIN President CAROL GASTELUNI Sr-elf-tziiy Q0 SUB DEBS Under the supervision of Dom Genq Colder and M.1rie Keeler, the Sub Debs put in .1n exrellent yelr, Selling progmins .it footlull games. .mel serxing .it the P.T.A. elinner were only .1 few of the many .utixv ities .ueoinplislierl by the club, Spelial .lXX'.lI'elS 'Lili en l-or tlie yeir were rwu one-liiinllrell lloll.1r srliolusliiiws for the inmt rleserviiiig Senior girl .1pplir.1nt. Einling .1 siieressful year the olll mein- lverx were lm'-I to tlie .innLi.1l te.1 welroming new ol'l'irei's .inll members. SHIRLEY MEGER Treasurer Z? SALLY CORDES Vicr- President 1 BETSY BLAKELY Red Ci-oss Rep. PRESS CLUB Annual staff members and journalism students with an A or B average make up Colonist Press Club. It is affiliated with OrCoHi Press Club, with john Stanton. ol' Anaheim. serving as vice president ot- the tounty-wide journalism organization. During the past year members and adviser attended Orange Coast Yearbook confereme and journalism workshop at Santa Ana College. At these meetings. tips for putting out better newspapers and annuals were given by experienced men and women. Trophies were awarded in fields tonnetted with journalism suth as. photography, art, and literature and for best annual and newspaper. 5 H :S V my Q 1. - . J 1 f A 1 s w. JOHN STANTON Treasurer 'Fu Q, .rd TERRY TANGNEY Vice President Q.-2 'W' KAREN LENAI Publicity nf- We--uni' PRESS CLUB 1Left to rightb Row 1 Olvera, M. Diebert. J. Morirnoto. J. Olvera. C. Gastelum. T. Reveles. J. Warnes. M. Buvimch an B Winters w 2 L Quile viser F Martinez, S. Van Tassel, P. Anderson, J. Light, E3. Hathcock. P. Perez. E. Miranda an Nadorff R w 3 J tanton, A Estrada J. Cantrell, C. Hein, J. Floddarn, K. Cotler. T. Tangriey. J. Wilson. an-j K Lrfnain fl ZW if TE ERS L ft t ' ht Fl 1-S. Lill white, B. Brooks, J. Williams, J. Faessel, C. Allen. L. Schulz, A. Williams, M. Buckner EU-IHQZEC Sptiieger. S iREed. ci..H3algde2.wand H. Agyuilar. Row 2-C. B. Mahaffie, S. Lopez. L. Young, G. Jenkins. and P. Anderson Row 340 Ryan' M. Taylor.. K. Walker. K. Eldred. T. Mackensen, P. Fidler. Fl. Tsujioka. J. Reynolds, C. Booth. and J. Wilson. Row 4-K Spei D. lfellbaurn. E. Looper. J. Nlilne, T. Nloscovitch, M. Buvinich. K. RICKEVL K- CVIHFIYOY1- D- Knllilefl- and 5- Brown- , vw. WWW' . f ,, 0' M MW .ff C .4 ' - I , O27 K Wm.. in --41 ff , ,f w " , ,W . ' Q ,, f , n f -f . , A f Fl, fn f vs' . .,,, at FUTURE TEACHERS OFFICERS lLvfl tri uiqhtl Flow lv-A, Williams, vpn 5,.,,,,f,,,Yi M Eilfpnl-1, Pied Cross vvfpurr-sl'r1i.llIv6. my vice llresldrerili C. pl'llI, prvzgifliznlg D. Knutzrfn, recorder. Flow 2-C. Ku'- FUTURE TEACHERS lfuturc Icathcrs is uutle up of students who pl.m to go into tmthing .is their pro- lcssiou. This tluhs purpose is to .u'qu.1ir1t mcmhcrs with thc tlutics ol' .1 tC.lLkilCl'. It m.uut.uus .1 lt-.itliws bcrxitc Bureau in whirh mcmhcrs help tc.uhci's wlieucxcr possihlc. Students working for .llso 'gain trctht toxxurtl scrxitc points, At imrtiirgs, speakers Lrlkctl .rhout ilillurcul phases ol' ttauliiug. Mcmhcrs ciiiirycil their liultl trip to XY'hitticr with Miss IXl.ir1uriu Pihcl, their .ithisuri FUTURE HONIEMAKEFIS lLeft to right! Row 1- ZW -- ::.:g.',:ijiY' J. Neher .gf - Neiman. . Neher. . Tague. J. Nlorimoto, H. Nakamura, H. Aguiar, . L W NI I and C. Whittaker. Row 2-NI. Gallegly, NI. Thomas, D. Heitman, B. Benson, P. Cope, L. H ff ' B St d 'II .. Schantzen, V. Keele, L. Seal, J. Fetters, S. Baily, M. Olvera. H. Morris, and O. Solis. Flowe-1jgiqiWalker?rd!rlv?srer' geafilksf HR0ighr3qbgi' L Huffman, T. Bylsma, M. Babnick, D. Nakamura, and R. Tsujioka. ' ' ' ' ' FUTURE H0 EM KERS Under the supervision of Mrs, Barbara Vlfalker and Donna Hughes, Future Homemakers of Ameri- ca combined pleasure and work and accomplished many worthwhile projects. FHA activities included passing out cards for state civil defense program, school and community beautification project, helping a needy family at Christmas, making cookies and Easter egg favors for the junior Red Cross, going to the state convention at Asilomar and section cona vention at Covina. A trip to Catalina was the highlight of their many activities with a Christmas party and pot luck dinners also featuring some entertainment. FHA, annual taco sale provided funds for their treasury. FUTURE HomErv1AKEas oifrucelas 4Left to .-sgnm now 1-J. Moramoit., parliamentarianz C. Sumi, secretary: and M. Olvera. treasurer. Row 2-D. Heitman, vice president: FK. Tsujioka, reporter-5 and 5, Benson' pregidentg Qi ,hm an -ws SF Xi W? GAA JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES lLeft to right! Row 1-V. Hiltscher. L. Cheatum, J. Green, S. Lukens, J. Williams. S. Boutcher C Allen, M. Olvera, L. Kliever, L. Schulz, V. Elliott, J. Huckabee, N. Feil, and B, Ewing. Row 2-M. Whetstone, L. Fischle. K. Eldred D Pearson, M. Bradley. L. Blakely, K. Anderson, P. Dargatz, L. Haygood, K. Hathaway, J. Sympson, L. Pletz, R. Simpson. and D. Starmer Row 3-D. Morrow, F. Reid, N. Wallace, F. Martinez, D. Hein, B. Bode, D. Richards, K. Walker, D. DeConnick, S. Schafer, M. Jeter J Smith, M. Robertson, and M. Robinson. Row 4-G. Halvorsen, S. Boutcher, C. Gardner, B. Tucker. N. Staman, P. Hammers, L. McNeely A. Harris, B. Woodruff, J. Boege, L. Hefferin, J. Thomason, and J. Porter. Row 5-A. Story, L. Peterson, L. Speight, M. Tague Bylsma. D. Nakamura, N. Sewell, B. Jenkins. J. Brown, L. Winfrey, L. Lopez. and B. Mahaffie. GIRLS' TH LETIC ZKSSDCIIITIO -IDX? in W ,M ' '--- 4.-J -A ,aiu-NV 2 GAA SENIORS rLf:fl to iighti Row I QJ. Olveiu. A. Willmnis, M. Bucknei, Nl. RJSIHLISSCIT. C. vvilkiison, J. Winfrey. C. Fill, J. Fi-nqusnn, J. Rotlclnni, D. Grueneniny, :md T. Reveles. Row 2-H. Aquilni, C. Jenkins, S. B1-i'iqof,h4-.i, C. Booth, J. Stzihliert, K, Schmitt. D. Villxi, V, Philpott, D. Nipp. ,intl L. Sunti. Row Z-A Tlmnmsnn. E. Lopez. V, Mejin, C. Pletz, A. Huesnn. l-l. Hoffnei. l,. J. Rr-ul, A. Lum-1. J. Wilson, .mil A, Young. GAA is composed of all girls in sixth period physical education. They participated in inter-class competition, .is well as with other schools in the county. Two of the conferences that were .ittenclecl were the GAF con- ference .it lfillniore. uncl the Ful- lerton GAA conference. Two ban- quets were heltl, one .it the begin- ning ot' the .intl one .it the entl ol' the school year. Aclvisei lor this cluh was Mrs. Nonni lflliott .intl .issistants were Mrs. Alosepliine Snytler .intl lose, phine l3c-riluo, V , I . .. .,,. , We cs H1-y clues 'lo end a very uthve school yenn the boys in Hi-Y will have 11 moun- tain trip to the High Slerras the week afuw schoolis out CDH1er projects the various clubs had this year umxe to seH adverns- ing space for a sporw rnagamne. Several students ako pardcipated in Nfouth in Ciovernnient in Sacnv mento. For the hrst year, the senior Hi-Y club gave a scholarship to one of its members. In order to rmseinoney,they mid pennanm at school antl at football ganies l1LY'is n Chrkhan awodahon and B underthe dnechon of Skwe llolden. .M 4, A ' V28- i rzixiyfkk s ww :,., E ,I i 4 QW Q ! " fig? r 'Ns f s.35i44w-Wxlwswfffskvs . ,- .1 ...L t F.. 1 HI-Y SENIORS 1Left to rightl Row 1-D. Haskell, L. Stevens, D. Kohlenberger, and J. Feil. Row 2-R. Cancino, J. Stanton, D. Lewis, and D. Warner. Z SWK-f L.. , Hl-Y JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES CLeft to rightj Row 1-B. Hatfield. G. Dixon, L. Schley, D. Reed. J. Goodrich, and L. Glassfey. Fiow 2,-R. Jones' J, Quiggle, Fl. Johnson, T. Sparks, and D. Bultena. 'Ci'-T W . AX DK whiff COLONIST KNIGHTS CLUB 1Left to rughth Row 1-L. Oden. P. Fenton. B. Wrllrams. W. Beach. J. Baker. L. Marolf. J. McDonald. and D. Hamiiton. Row 2-R. Cancino. P. Perez. A. Estrada. B. Hathcock. D. Lewis. D. Warner, G. Newkirk. C. Sloop. and R. Barnett. Row 3 -IVI. Mitcheil, S. Morris. D. Bourne. G. Brookman. D. Haskell. D. Kohlenberger. M. Bouck. and J. Kohlenberger. it ' ' IGHT5 .ff - U A sclutul group of outwt.1ud1ug rumor I X K . K, . .md Senior lwoys nuke up Colomst IXHIQIIU. The main purposc of tluw group is to bc rf of wcrvuc to thc student body, Luulty, .md ' 'W 4 LUINIULIHify. MIKE BOUCK , - f A . . f RUDY CANCINO Puesndent folomxt lxmloluts xxur ru rlmrgr of Sergeant-m.AI.mS Jtklllllfilll' HIL' ffo.1l wosts .lt loollmll ".lIllL'5. 15 15 ms ruruuug .1 romcssiou stand .1t thc l'ootb.1ll loguucs, putting thc signs in the lwullclm l1o.uxlm, .uul lmxlntg I1.1lI rluty. T ' SUIIIL' oi' thcu' kUI1ll'il7lIlIOl1N xwro X ' V 1.1 projcrtor uluiprncnt lor Allmlr-tu Dclmlrtr 1 f I uncut .uni scxcuutyrllxu Lloll.ux lor Corumuuf 'af Z. R5 3 ity Clrcsl. They I1.uI .1 wry xlurcsxlul mlm uw- ' Q' J- ,'f , V fn ' 55' Lift' ' . 4 1 nk unl Au ll1L'lIN lwultons alla -- --'- "QV " 'f . . . . . . . . . , Q :N Ii, Y r . -- ,S . Xen' I Colounst Ixurgluw put Ill .ru uxwlluml " X A yr.-.ur oi SL'I'XllL' to tlu- Sklllllil .uni norumuu 3 'h 0 X , X Y - . . X . .I f 1,- ' , ity. llllkibl' Ihr SllINL'l'X'INIUIl ol Ku-orgy Du ' - Q. . wf f " "M A ' ,fff,f .L Z. sw L ..f f f My f K, ""' X. A ff f x. N. .nw , Rv. . JOHN VILLAPANA DON HOHLENBERGER Sv-rar-1,u y Tl1'.nf.ulv-r Vice President 'ah 7x A Z ED CHAM BERS President CHINISTS CLUB Machinist Club is composed ot' boys from the vocational machine shop classes. In order to meet qualification of experienced machinists, classes three periods long each. are being held to train Anaheim's young men and help them secure a machinist job right after graduation. These classes cover observation of in- dustrial practices and production techniques. research projects, on-the-iob practices, tool' into of special machines. such as, turret lathes, milling machines, surface grinedrs. and tool and cutter grinders. Trips to Anaheim Northrup, and Rob- ertshaw-liulton were taken by members, and club adviser, C.laud Booth. The purpose ol' these visits is to see industry in action and how different machine jobs are performed. .., -S Q- 4-fi Qi.. .. 3 Ei is KEN BARKEFC Vice President GABE GUTIERREZ FZENE CALLEROS Secretary Treasurer 1 .4 N Sie. 'H W - Q 2 sf 'ss f K . J i W lv 4 .. 2 . Ui vsfremii' Y 'MJ W me sg it 4, eww. - W af s. ,M .. i ., sf Q S if si. gp ,,. ,, ffl as r 77 b or gsgyw-ai. A AN. MACHINISTS CLUB 4Left to rightb Row 1--.J. Anderson. H. Washbarn. D. Edwards. B. Burt. B. Gwinn. E. Chambers. P. Younq Drake, J. Kohlenberger. Row 2-C. Booth, adviser, D. Koeppen. G. Burns, K. Barker. G. Gutierrez. K. Schoenfeld, W. Todd. P, Gonzales R, Cglleros, R. Baraeger. Row 3-L, Pauza, G. Implom, B. Wood, J. McClellan. A. Hedges. D. Otrambo. D. Garrison. D. Allen. C. Piptg and R. Rosales. W W1 fl! W W we GIRLS' RIFLE TEAM tLeft to right! Row 1-N1. Bnldonado. L. Huffman, J. Finnegan, and Florea. Row 2-M. Dana, J. Keach. J. Spencer. and G. Steed. FRENCH CLUB liunttioninlu lor the setond year on tampus the lfrenth Club. under the advisership ot' 'lark Copenlmxf er met twite .i month. The pur- pose of the rluh was to treate more interest in the lfrenth l.ii'iKuu.tlue and culture. As tl imtrt of their yearly gutixif ties this tlulu tontrilwiitetl live dollars for ii .lunior Red Cross projett. This is the first year the tluh has had gt thiinte to have lioth first .ind setond year Ifrentli students. The lfrenth Club remains the new' est flulv on nitinims. Gi rlsf RIFLE TE Under the guidance of Cora Xllfatters, the Girls' Rifle Team has had a year full of many enjoyable artivities. They have had numer- ous riHe matches, the most import- ant being the state riHe match. Another very important match was held at El Monte. Any girl is eligible to join the club. The purpose of the club is to teach girls how to handle and ture for a rifle. All ammunition used is furnished by the school. Another important activity the club handled this year was the Co- sponsoring ot the annual Military Ball. FRENCH CLUB rLefi to rightj Row 1-B. Unger. J. Seal, L. Cnbrnl. S. Bnllmnn. S. Van or B. Sims, M. Vincent, C. Booth, D. Hollowell. Row 2'-G. Clifton. L. Winfrey, J. Thomason K. Apgar. D. Smith. J. Kocina. D. Wright, J. Wilson. J. Boege. Row 3-E. Reynolds CflS6f, D. Clifton, P. Stirrnt, F Baker. L. Cnsebeer. L. Woodrome. WM LIBRARY CLUB Under tlic tlircttion of Rclml Brown. I,ilwr.1ry Clulw members lcnmctl some of the jolws .1 lilwmrinn has to tlo. Girls in l.ilwi'.n'y Club att .ts iunioi' 5t.1l'f mcinlwcrs of the AUHS lilwixlry, 2, .intl liclp lTl.llI1l.llH Ll pleasant, cfliiticnt library with .1 'gootl selection of lwookx lim' incinlwers ul' the xtutlcnt lwmly. Ollitcrs ol' the tlub l-or tliis ytqir xvcrc: Muriel Huston, prcsitlentg lllf- line Smith, xitc prcsitlcntg l'w.irlw.n'.1 O'f,amiinr, sQci'ct.11'y .intl ptilwlitily lN.lI1ilKQL'l'Q .llltl lmtiist' Cmnplwcll, li'c.i5- nrvr, .1 LIBRARY CLUB lLeft to rightj Row 1-D. Sm th. G. Gates. R. Cngley. D. Clifton. and l.. Seal. Row 2-NI. Boston. J. Neher. Nl. Reinhnrt. El. O'Connor. and R, Brown. ndvieer. TORCH and SZKBER . 5 1, E i ? z TORCH AND SABER fl-Eff to VlQ"lU ROW1-Major Ackley. Nl. Razney, E. Verd3n. D. KirkI:e, A. Hutchens. D. Malone. I.. Hagan. and R. Barnett. Row 2-H. Goodwin, D. Anderson. B. Graham. C. Nlenley. T. Hammer. P. Kuntz. B. Little. R, Covington, R, Cabnllgio, qnd M Mitchell. ' 4 ' 99 H0 OR SOCIET ,A 75 f' -AAU ,-I:-git, Y- 'F I fr HONOR SOCIETY FIRST SEMESTER lLeft to rightl Row 1-J. Faessel. S. Lillywhite, M. Vincent. L. Ochoa. C. Moore. M. Strong. C. Hein. M. Rasmussen, A. Young, J. Roddam, I-l. Hoffner, and K. Schmitt. Row 2-J, Williams, S. Mittman, F. Hatanaka. C. Ryan. F. Martinez. M. Watkins, L. Daily, N. Brown, B. Mahaffle. B, Woodruff, B. Ebert. G. Wlaschin, G. Simonton. M, Jeter. J. Reynolds. G. Decker, A. Thom- ason, and M, Taylor. Row 3-D. Burzlaff, L. Fischle, J. McDonald, L. Oden, D, Turner. K. Anderson. J. Light, D. Hollowell. D. DeConnick. J. Sympson. M. Stewart, and A. Williams. Row 4-J. Dickey. B. Williams, J. Baker. G. LaGreide. D. Ratzlaff. W. Beach, S. Morris, R. Senum. K, Walker, J. Warnes, and M. Buvinich. Row 5-R, Barnett, W. Brooks, J. Goodrich. C. Rogers. W. Newkirk. D. Hokanson, and M. Mitchell. 'as 5- I 721 1 M, W l A ,,.a..V 5 HONOR gOClET'l SECOND SENIESTEFZ lI,r4'r1 tr, rightp Row 1-vD. Holmes. J. Fnessel. S. Lillywhite. J. Morris. L. Ochon, C. Allen, C. Hein, M, Rasmussen, A Kllunfjy J, Floddmi, H. Hoffrwi. :ind M. Olve-i.i. Row 2-J. Morris. C. Pletz. J. Williams, C. Ryan. F, Martinez. pg 523,511.9 L. Dggily' iq, gmwn, B, Mrnhzlffw, E3 Wooclvuff. B Elif-il. G. Wl.1sn.liin. K. Morumoto, G. Decker. J. Reynolds. and M. Taylor. Flow 24R. Stanley, L, Oqlfgn, J, Dirlfvly, D. Turn:-1, K. Anduisrin, J. Light. D. Bonnie. D. DeConnick, J. Synipson. M. Stewart, G, Sinmnton, A. Williams, .inri J. Thmii,isf.n Flow fl' -J. Wilson, J. Rolanrl. D. R,1tzl.ill, G, L.1Gieide, C. Rogers, W. Beach, S. Morris. K. Walker, J. Wrurnes. M. Eauvlnifl-l ,mn l- Tlmflriim-,rin Huw fl---D, Buizlalf, M. B.1lmnic1k. W. Brooks. J. Goodrich, W. Newkirk, D. Hokanson. and G. New- lflrk 100 bfi!" . my Q COLO I I. . "" Being one of the oldest servite tslubs ol' the X.. rx'-7' suhool, the Colonial Coeds had a very attive and '-'--- eventful year. Some of their services vvere selling programs at football games, taking care of the main hall, and serving at the annual football banquet. Their big projeut this year was the school gift which was a blue stage curtain. Events to be remembered will be the applitants tea, Sunday breakfast for the new members and the installation of offiters. Club adviser is Maxine DuCoty and assistant advisers 'loscphine Snyder and Donna Hughes, COLONIAL COEDS OFFICERS tLeft to right! Flow 1-A. Young, vice pres- ident: G. Gruenenmy, president: I., Chentum. secretary. Flow 24C. Fitz, treasurer: T. Carter, Red Cross representative: B. Klemm. historian. we 40 Nu.. it mst-gat'-fea was t .R , 8.5:-Www tsmwwt M., New e. .. COLONIAL COEDS lLeft to rightl Flow 1-S. Powell. C. Booth, A. Young, C. Will-cirson. M. Buckner. D. Gruenemay. A.WiIlian1s. H. H ner and K. Schmitt. Flow 2--B. Unger, N. Wallace. M. Vincent. K. Anderson. J. Stabbert, J. Williams. M, Olvern. C, Allen. R. Tsujm and' T. Fleveles. Row 3-C. Fitz, M, Buvinich. P. Bode. l.. Cheatum. D. DeConnick. D. Sonnie. J. Rocldam, J. Ferguson. D. Knutzen, a K. Eldred. off- ka. nd 101 JUNIOR .RED CROSS COUNCIL OFFICERS rLeft to righth L. Marolf. vice president. C. Ryan. president. and S, Lillywhite, secretary. 1 IUN ED CROSS CGUNCII. A group of students that have been kept very busy this year are the members of the junior Red Cross Council. This council is composed of one representative from each club on campus and its purpose is to help people in any way they can. Some of their many activities included giving tray favors and cookies to different hospitals, put- ting together gift boxes to send overseas and making an international scrapbook. junior Red Cross Council put in an excellent year with the able assistance of Mrs. Elizabeth Wfebb and Neva Solt. 45- WW , a ' 1 X.. is A.. ..... A ,uh .c.. -L .. -... JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL tlwtt In riqhfl RUW l"N'fVfl SOIL rldvlbet. C. Booth, C. Ryan, L, Ochoa. S. LilIywI1ite,S. Vnrldor, L. Che um' RA Tgulmlln, .mrl T Rvvr-I1-K.. How 2-B, I-Lundy, J. Kf'Ihl!'I'IlJPI'!j1fI', C. Fitz. L. Mnrolf, C. Kirven, M. Stewart, and W. Brooks. 102 MOZAFZT CLUB lLeft to right! Row 1-S. Cuthbert, H. Hoffner, L. Okamoto, M, Taylor, P. Fenton, C. Nickle. D. Seapy, S. M Williams. B. Otta, and J. Jungkeit. Row 2-G. Jenkins, J. Stabbert, J. Beernan, D. Prondzfnski. C. Gastelum, D. Knutzen. L. Watkins, D. Gruenemay, D. Hokanson. J. Baker, V. Elliott. M. Vincent. D. Hollowell, and J. Lemcke. Row 3-M. Mitchell. R. G. Decker, G. Ehrle, D. Bovee, P. Boettcher. P. Flettig, L. Cowee. Nl. Bouck. S. Newlin, C. Fitz, K. Anderson, A. Thomason. and Row 4-S. Disrud, adviser, D. Visel, K. Otte, L. Evans. M. Oelke, A. Story. G. LaG-reide, P. Goebel. L. Stevens, C. Sloop. D. Brookman. and N. Hood. Y . is CLUB Music with a capital is the central interest of members in the Mozart Club. Membership is composed of students who have a greater than aver- MUZRRT FYR age interest in the Held of music. In addition to many musical presentations throughout the year, in and outside of Anaheim. the Mozarts climaxed their outstanding year by staging the annual "Top of the Pops" for the third year. Activities of the club are under the advisership of Sheldon Disrud, vocal music instructor. as M ? g .wa My . .4 N Q Isla 9 4 orris, B. Crowe, B. Loffhagen, J. Morgan. Bourne, G. MOZAFQT CLUB OFFICERS lLeft to right! Flow 1-V. Elliott. historian Nl. Taylor. sergeant-at-arms: J. Lemcke. vice DVESIUBTIY1 P. Boettelmer. ser, retary. Row 2-Don Seapy. president: and S. Morris, treasulfar. 107 TRI-HL - IU TOR JUNIOR HI-Y fLeft to righty Row 1-C. Anderson, L. Haygood, L. Schulz, C. Allen. J. Williams, P. Dykstra, M. Vincent, B. Sims. Nl. Olvera N. Berger, M. Feliz, L. Young, S. Boutcher, S. Pharris. J. Dial. V. Ricker, J. Nelson. S. Lukens, G. Ya Morimoto. Row 2-P. Dargatz. L. Daily, K. Walker, J. Syrnpson. K. Eldred. K. Anderson, J, Light. L Coker, J. McClain, J. Reynolds, K. Rennie, H. Miller, B. Harvey, R. Coley, P. Louis, L. Okamoto, and Rettig, B. Mager, G. Watts, A. Lindgren, H. Bailey. J. Kovina. K Morris. C. Ryan, J. Green. D. Walton, S. Lopez, and R. DeGennaro J. Lemcke, D. DeConnick, L. Kliever, N. Wallace, G. Clifton, J. Doty R. Sutherland. R. Smith, R. Mungerson, G. Eagen, and J. Christie. J. Hemsley, L. Pletz. N. Guss, B. Cossey, Y. Norris, and J. Bozarth Witte, M. Stewart: P. Cope, G. Row 4-P. Starr. B. Brooks. D , K. Price, B. Harris, D. Sonnie, J. Row 5-K. Hathaway, S. Schafer, TRI-HL - SOPHOMORES -M J 4 4, .wit ,.,. in tes. S. Ross. S. Lillywhite. and J Cowee. R. Cagley. L. Blakely, P V. Frenier. Row 3-L. Baker. Simonton, D. Wright. C. Long, J Richards, P. Fisher. D. Hollowell Cantrell, C. Kirven, S. Van Tassel L. Cheatum, Fl. Unger. V. Elliott r..,j'2'?i ,Jn as 4 -Jus., . X. mms K . Q X K X SMS. i TRI-HI-Y SOPHONIORES lLeft to mighty Row lgL. Heffeiin, L. Agren, F. Baker, M. Lindquist. J. Young. J. Bell, J. Stoneking, T. Fer- mie, P. Lyles, A. Crow, C. Van Dnlsem, G. Kinses, S. Jackson, H. Webb. W. Smith, M. Vveaver, E. Blake, C. Meger, J. Mclntyre. J. Brown. and C. Alvoid. Row 2-G, Gollenger, P. McAuIcy, J. Engh, S. Stellhorn. L. Nelson, L. Wentz, C, Jaynes, J. Campbell. C. Stiegler. D. Hein, S. Watts, G. Kirk, S. Haney, L. Woodrome, D. Hathcock, J. Leach, and B. Swanson. Row 3-C. Steves. K. Apgar, D. Fellbaum. B. Story. L. Stevens, E. Lorlgnfr, H. Govvm, P. Fidler, J. Roland, B. Woodruff. E. Head, P. Rehse, C. Cornwall, S. Olsen, and M. Yellis. Row 4 -B. Ewing. V. Hillsclwi, J. Eaqlf-son, A. Story, K. Charlton, L. Wenholz, K. Morimoto, M, Whetstone. G. Wlaschin. C, Schutz. S. Boutcher. C. Gardndv N. xNPIc,h, T. M:ir,L.rrisi-n, G. Parsons, C. Vanverst, M. Robinson. J. Porter, and S. Shakoian. Row 5-S. Gardner. M. Binder. G, greed, J. Smith, J. Cmiiniinqs,, 1. Suiith, J. Milne, N. Chambers, J. Boege. M. Jeter, J. Smith, L. Winfrey, J. Thomason, and V, Acton lOl P. TRI-HL CLUBS Starting this year with a big membership "kick- off", the Tri-l-li-Y, supervised by Nan Moore, con- tributed a great deal to student life. Sponsored by this group were several social events including formal induction ceremonies, the Youth and Goverment program, the Father and Daughter banquet, the Mother and Daughter dessert, and the fabulous Cinderella Ball. They also initiated several service projects, the biggest of which was the starting Of the Bette Van Delden Memorial Fund. This fund is to be used for purchasing a public address system for Camp Osceo- la. 'rm-H1-y - ssmons TRI-HI-Y COUNCIL tLeft to right! Row 1-D. Gruenemay, treasurer: C. Wilkirson. president: and J. Faessel. vice president. Rovv 2-IM. Buckner. worship chairmang C. Fitz. secretary, and E. Harberg, historian. iw em sx . V , ,, A Zh me 2. 6. SENIOR TRI-HI-Y fLeft to rightb Row 1-R. Loffhagen, J. Olvera. D. Knutzen, H. Hoffner, M. Buckner. K. Schmitt. J. Stabbert. B. Kle,-nm M Taylor, A. Williams, A. Thomason, L. Battle, J. Faessel. Row 2-K. Rickert, M. Buvinich, J. Warnes, B. Blakely, J. Beeman. C Cox, C'GasteIum, V. Philpott, B. Watkins, D. Gruenemay, J. Gwaltney. S. Powell, J. DeConnick. Row 3-C. Booth. G. Jenkins. J. s'hw-eriimer D. Nadorff, E. Harberg, M. Waldo, T. Carter, M. Rasmussen, S. Newlin, -R. Tsjuioka. H. Nakamura. Row 4-Nl, Hodqes, C. Flin J Winfrey, J. Barry, S. Cordes, D. Prondzinski. J. Ferguson, M. Diebert. C. Wilkirson. and C. Pletz. 105 l FDUR K 0 B0 JUNE FQODDAM LARRY QUILLE KAREN LENAIN EUWOF-In-Chief Adviser Associate Editor ZKNOR C0 ST FF f ? Z m' ' s Y . Q . 7 x .3 . J. Roddarn, K. Lenain, D. Nadorff, M. Buvinich. C. Gastelurn, J. Olvera, J. Foster, L. Quille. adviser, K. Cotler, T. Reveles. and M. Dlebert. ANOHANCO STAFF-first semester tLeft to Fight, J. Stanton. T. Tangney, C. Hein, P. Anderson. E, Miranda, .... W W Z f ,A ,0,, "I . J ' -f W., WV W! . .. f Q-14 mum . ,, 'W '-fa'a',',1 rvff " ' , ' ANOFZANCO STAFF-second semester. tLeft to right! Fiow 1-J. Snwfer, A. Estrada, J. Jones. B. Hnthcock, P. xy A Mg x S gf z 5: X, .R X, , ,. JJ..-xm. JJ 'WS " fix, N X' X P 1, . Km Xxx we K Q. ' .Q ' X Q , .Q . N lf X Q E. . s , . NN J' -,,.. 1. f' N Perez. B. Brooks.. J. QKXQNXM iii! us. Q .X nw -9- .... 5 '9 i Q F shxg .gixsxi .Q YW - x -.., Huck' abee, 5. Elder, J. McCoy. Row 2-J. Rodgers, M. Zwnrl, J, Green. B. Van Dnlsem. Nl. Olvern, J. Cantrell, F. Martinez. S. Van Tassel. J. Nlormmto, B. O'Connm. Plow '1-Advlsffl. L, Quille, J. Wilson. H. Miller. P. Coker. J. Warnes. R. Mnsin. J. Hemsley. A. Lindgren. B- Wrnters. :md J. Lnqhl. 108 'M CHARLOTTE HEIN MARIAN BUVINICH JUNE RODDAM Associate Editor Editor-in-Chief Administration COLONIST T FF VZ? ' :YMM f ' 1 MARILYN DIEBERT DOROTHY NADORFF PATSY ANDERSON JEAN FOSTER Senior Class Junior Class Sophomore Class Snapshots ? JOSIE OLVERA ESTELLA NIIRANDA KAREN. LENAIN CAROL GASTELUM Clubs Clubs Activities Activities N KEN COTLER TERRY TANGNEV TONI REVELES Jogor3s,ST5'?,r:,.-Eg Assistant Boys' Sports Assistant Boys' Sports C-urls' Sports 10" we .,-.-,- ev. G-. .GI uc ' name s, Shown above are members of the senior class play. .Left to rightl. Row 1-B. Bailev, C. Wilkirson, l.. Battle, D. Spaulding, B, Klernrn, D. Simpson, H. Hoff- ner. Row 2-C. Hein. G. Decker. D. Seapy, D. Warwick, G. Newkirk. Row 3-T. Carter. D. Visel. Row 4-Nl. Mitchell, D. Nlelvin, K. Schmitt. and D. Warner. SE IDR Pl. Y - "GOODS E M RNC " "Goodbye, My Franny" is the story of ri liberal Congresswoman who returns to her old srhool to be awarded an honorary degree. Upon her return "Agatha Reed" played hy Chiirlotte Hein finds the professor with wlioni she had been in love with .1 spineless .ind irresolute figure. The disenrhiintment drives her into the .irms of ii wartime arciuiiintume, Mike Mitthell, who as gl photographer has rome to rover the event. And from there on, its just one hill happy endings. 110 1ll an uiiizn , yi.ilfiY, rim, . , ILIHHL maria .im ra ..,.l VP :iii rw tri is l 4 i il l i iiii ii 4 i i i 4 i i i. , . ii ,.i i ii ii .i I ,iii ii i ii ii, ,i ' in ri lililri 4 iii .'. .,. .lx Ah 'iii' L air 1 Wifi :iw .Sv W 3 if fife- Charlotte Hein, Terry Carter ..... Dave Visel ........e Mike Mitchell.. Betty Klemm e... Diane Simpson. .....Agatha Reed e...Grace Woods .milaxnes Merrill ..........Matt Cole , ...... Ginny Merrill ..........Mary Nell Harriet Hoffner ...... ..e.... M iss Shackleford Lois Battle .,.,..... Carol Wfilkirson ..... .. Kay Schmitt ........ Don Seapy ....... Beverly Bailey.. Gail Detker ,....... Don bpaulding ...... .... Don Wfnrner ,,,.. Den XYf.1i'wielc... Don Melvin .,,,.. Gene Nevvlcirk.. ,,,,,.Prof. Birdeshaw ...Ellen Griswold .....Dr. Pitt .,...Suzan ................Amelia ..e.Prof. Dingley Claude Griswold .Telephone man ...............lanitor ...Janitor X NMf9S:'f 1. r i +0 ra , t K f fy, .es i t l 1 vi ff' tl, Terry Cm-lei' ns "Grace Woods" is caught peeking at n letter for Agatha Reed by Mutt Cole" played by Mike Mitchell. 'Y t X -, E 'K Xi i wfttl r . I K'-l t!li L' 5' ml fig i - i s. Berki Wilson ..,. ..A.A. . .. ...Miss Brooks Carol Wassenn1iller.... A,o..w,..,, Miss Fineh Ron Barnett ..,,.,,,..,,,, ,o,,,A H ugo Longuere Alan I-Iutchens .,,.A. joan Light i,,,,,,,, Roberta Unger ,..w. Linda Blakely ,o,,o,o, Susan Lillywhite. .. Sherry Palmer ,.,,oo. Diana Hollowell ,.., Joyce Pica ,.....,...,. Sylvia Vandor .,,.,, Linda Cheatum ,,,.,, Larry Marolf ,o,o,, George Collins s,,ss Kent Lombard ,,,s, Judi Wilson ,s.s, Mr. XX,L1LlSNVOffll ..Miss Audubon .........Elsie ....,.Elaine .. ...june ..,...SylYia ......Doris .....M.1rge .......l:g1ith ...,,.Rl"iOI'lLlL1 .........'Ied ......Stanley .. ..M41rtin Mrs. Allen yu lon Play - ap. . . . . 24 . l NW , ' l L 4 .W .,,,,,v ii A mann nf' ' .,,. 'U - ,L J- , .za J 174 s ,lf if ' I . s rf- Shown above are members of the Junior clnss plny, fLeft to righty Row 1- A. Hutchens, T. Stuckey, S. Vandor. L. Dailey, J. Sympson, K. Eldred, H. Bailey, S. Phnrris, S. Lillywhite. J. Rodgers, B. Wilson, R. Unger. Row 2- Drama coach B. Bayless. R. Barnett. L. Cheatum. K. Lombard, J, Pica, G. Collins, L. Fischle, J. McDonald. G. Rntzlaff. L. Blakely. R, Hooper, L. Nlnrolf. J. Mills, D, Hollowell. S. Palmer, J. Wilson, C. Wassenmiller. J. Light, C. Ryan, P. Cope. C. Kirven. Row 3-C. Adkisson. B. Burns, and G. Holctz. HOU R M155 BROOKS" ill l is l R i - rs-.sax r .I udy Simpson mbers of the Junior class play. lLeff to rightl. they are imirrvllcna agfnoearidfgarlng. Burns, J. McDonald, D. Ratzlaff, J. Mills. B. Wilson. K. Eildredf T. Stuckey, D. Hollowell, S. Palmer, G. Holetz, and C. Ryan. Qgrroline Kirven Gene Morford. .... George Holetz. Helen Bailey. . .laekie Mills. .. Kay lildred .... . Reba Hooper. Patsy Cope ........ . -lanette Rodgers. J Sue llurris.. Linda Dailey.. Lucy lfiscble ....... Carl Adkisson Troy Stuckey. . Ed Macias .... .. Carol Ryan . .. Miss Brooks . Miss Finch .Hugo Longacre Mr. XVadsworth .......Miss Audubon .....El.1ine ...Njane .....Sylx'ia .....YDoris .LM.1rge .......F.1ith .....Rhond.1 .........'I'ed ......St.1nley ...........lX'1',1TtlI1 ......Mrs, Allen 111 Specialties FASHION SHOW MODELS Modeling in the Girls' League Annual Fashion Show were iLeft to right! Nancy Wallace. Betty Klemm. Doris Sonnie, and Ann Thomason. , W-'W ,f ff ff " ,cf ,y an W W' ,eg V W '-gf: f is-, . ,. ..,. i? . ?? 1 I gf X47 ff' 17' WG" 5 V '5 QW' , f w fn 4 ' w - ggi VM , M I y H , f - Q, I my ff' ff f 2, , I, f- W Aim NY.. N: ff , zfy I 4127 -We , 4 'Z We A ,ffh fi ,Z 1- 'V 'wi avg X . S '- fa w X- Wf' 1 23 ' F 4 S A ff! QZQV, Vw. "'x,ZyQ , gg f ' I . ',.w.x,j4z,m-Q 3 V wfsfw ae In i., M .yy ii 1 i ,fZ"'l?f' ri- ,. f ' ' W - -wkilfl wi Carrying lhw flnlnnust lmnnffi ihis va-:ii wrfnf- flnq benre Teague. 112 rs Shirley Meger and Jn net C OLONIST FLAG BEARERS l ZKNCE AN l' i 1 5' N , l l 1 1, 3. 1 l 'Q . ' . 8 ,- K l i DANCE BAND fLeft to right! Row 1-W. Newkirk, G. Brookmnn. J. Bnrthelmes, B. Long, D. Moore. Row 2-L. Leos, G. Gretel, G.. Wiethorn, D. Bourne, D. Stec. Row 3-l.. Cowee, K. Otte. C. Nickle, P. Bode, and adviser, Bill Cook. IU IDR AN JUNIOR BAND lLeft to rightl Row 1-L. Nyland, L. Young, F. Acosta, Nl. Rivotta, R. Rosales. B. Oviedo. Row 2--D. McMillan, C. Weber, Nl. Hazzard, R. Najero, J. Smith, L. Florea. R. Thueson, B. Collins. Row 3-G. Collins, E. Verdugo, B. Hammatt, J. Spencer, R. Kelley. G. Holetz. C. Georges, and adviser, B. Cook. 'lil C O L 0 N I S T ' f aff " V i fi' QW f' st f X w'f'i"f T T It K ffltftf, l 5 I .wfffi CAROL GASTELUM SUE PHARRE x ,MQTQM 'H' , fl , 1,5 Q ing? --,, xx Lying 1 1.1 , Q Il 5' 1. ' W QW"'r W,iQM , if ff ' I . 'If 11? U '-1-vw'I1E3E1EjE3gv".' . ' , - Aiiiifi A - A . 1 , A,AA JOAN STABBEFIT Head Nlajorette Strutting high 2lITLl smart hsliorc thc Colonist lmntl this yciii' were iniijorcttcs Carol Gastcliiin, lVlLlI'llyIT Dicbcrt, Sue Plmrris, Susanne Lu- kcns, nntl Dolly Hiltlicock. This tiilcntctl scxtct, lctl by lithc joan Stiibbcrt, piirtitipatetl in miiny paratles, athletic contests, and all band activities, DOLLY HATHCOCK M A J O R E T T E S , 11,31 l F it 4 T g t MARILYN DIEBERT ,T fx, ' v A gg Hg ,, Q x f ,X X i 4 xi 4 RQ 'r , EV . i,ES xx M 45 V- f ,ff f l K ft KT' SUSANNE LUKENS 5 'fd Z 45 mi far , vw ' N 116 JACKIE JONES VIRGINIA RICKEFI gx I 1 FLZIG TWIRLER JEANNIE BAUMAN BEVERLY NIC DOUGAL NIAFCY TALANIANTEZ 1' ,WN l . ,uf , Y 9 Y SANDRA BOUTCHER , Q f TH ,Sak Ei' . Q , 7. 1 , ,Yf ' wiv f 'riff if rf? S ilffkij r ft i.,-X., 4' , 1 , N, pg G LEZKDER DARLENE HEFFERIN if L Q g,.v...,,.,,., X ,,, NANCY FEIL X . Q x aw- iff -.... .,,, 4 7 NIARGIE ZWART -- VM.. V , I Y M Q . v kv, TERRY TANGNEY PAT COKER E 1 f WARREN THOMPSON 11H BETTY KLENIM YELL LEADERS qLeft to rightj Kneeling, B. Klemm. M. Zwart. P, Coker. Row 2 T Tang ney, and W. Thompson. EIJ. LEADER 2 Q' mi , ., . ff. xx ' 4-f 2 ,-, X 1 r Q l 1 o,,.W,. ..,. , -- i l Y I 4 ye QW Mfg. ,A 72' ,V ,ff . A f7 X V E .,,VWAT r X Q ' if 1 .ew W N... ,, mf trim. Y5l2b5ff'5fm gxtl DRILL TEAM QLeft to- rightb Kneeling-E. LeVan, N. Moore, E, Escobedo, H. Nakamura, K. Morimoto, Nl. Vilakefueld. J. Miller, A. Cobb, C. Schutz, K. Witte, J. Webber, D. Tobey. Standing-B. DeJager, C. Van Dalsem. S. Sandersfield, C. Steelman. S. Brown. L. Owens, D. Rieker, R. Hooper. S, Palmer, S. Gow'n, R. Trout, M. Vases. P. Conatser. and B. Salseda. ZKNZK - H1 - TEPPERS A drill team such as ours is a distinct pleasure to watch. Shapely uniforms, well precisioned marching, intricate formations, and excellent advising from Miss Mildred Elliott helped to make the marching unit one of the best in Southern California. RTI. TE DRILL TEAM CAPTAINS Nlorimoto, Rachael Rodarte. 2. ew, ,".' Q", ' uf 'fi' , ,V Y 3 Q5 W f L ':2?4wXQf't' fm , , .W , . N. lLeft to right! June and Kay Rennie. 119 MI 1 ... I v ,. L gpzlrxw X5 I ,,,, 4 M LW H X X ,. - , . fi ami., , f . A,AA .d1.....m. ww., W, ,Y , 7, .. , .Y .M J SENIOR CHOIR iLft to rightj Bow 'I-Adviser S. Disrud. B. Bircher. C. Cox. J. Antolin. A. Young, G. Jenkins. J. Olvera, D. Gruenemay, M. Rasmussen, Fl. Loffhagen, D. Knutzen. B. Watkins. S. Cuthbert. A. Lopez. Flow 2-E. Bradley. C. Gastelum. Nl. Hodges. D. Spaulding. J. Scott. L. Lehman. Nl. Bouck, R. Gourley, J. Kohlenberger. R. Mack, Nl. Dana. T. Reveles. D. Prondzinski. Row 3-A. Story. J. Beeman. B. Blakely. J. Jungkeit, T. Frank. C. McCauley. D. Haskell, G. Hubbs, J. Fell. L. Stockwell. R. Reeves. J. Winfrey. Nl. Taylor, B. Klemrn. Flow -I-Nl. Oelke. S. Newlin, C. Fitz, J. Restek. J. Rockwell, B. Favreau, Fl. Senum, D. Warner, D. Lewis. T. Tangney, W. Thompson. D. Elder, B. I-Iardy. T. Carter, L. Miner, and L. Crowe. SENIOR CHOIR ,f GIRl.5f QU RTET 4,1 GIRLS' OUARTET lLeft to rightj LaVerne Crowe, Gwen Jenkins, Marilyn Oelke, gnd Jean Bergman, 120 BO Sf QUKRTEI 1U IOR CHOIR BOYS' QUARTET 4Left to rightj Don Seapy, Mike Bouck. Steve Morris. and Gene Morford. JUNIOR CHOIR lLeft to rightj Row 1-J. Morimoto, V. Caballero. E. Hernandez. S. Lillywhite. L. Okamoto. G. l-lerniosillo. F. Martinez, J. Nelson. G. Simonton. M. Taylor. V. Elliott. D. Hollowell. S. Boutoher, S. Ross. R. Gustin. B. Ebert. J. Cantrell, L. Herron. Row 2-C. Ryan. J. McClain, J. Reynolds. K. Bashara. D. Peters. T. Tanaka. G. Fix, J. Avitia. K. Lombard. D. Ramsay. R. Larson, M. Watkins. M. Vincent. B. Sims, J. Hedges. J. Lemcke. Row 3-H. Miller. P. Briggs. C. Kirven. D. Sonnie. R. Jackson, R. Mata. P. Perez. M. Flynn. B. Wilson. B. Gourley. M. Cook. C. Blackburn. T. Sparks. K. Eldred. L. Plegz. P. Fisher, J. Hemsley. J. Jones. Row 4-L. Campbell. L. Fischle, M. Stewart. J. Sympson. K. Walker. A. Hammers. C. Huston. C. Adkisson. J. Taylor. D. McMillan. J. Hoare. D. McCormick. B. Otta. S. Schafer. C, Davis, K. Anderson. B. Martin. and D. Walton. 121 ISCHORD GIRLS' GLEE DISCHORDS fLeft to righty Phy!Iis Boettcher, Don Seapy, Ann Thomason. Gene Morford. and Joan Stabbert. GIPILS' GLEE rLeft to rughtp Pow 1-I.. Oknnmm, E. SFIIJIQJE, n. P. Pm-.nn,fm, P. McAuley. B. Tlmnms, J. Ehrle, D. Fuentes. C, Stiegler. E Escobedo, D. Snlvn. B. C:n:.tro. Nl. fVI.uzfm. Flow 2-E. Clayton, E. Smith, J. Trippy, R. Sinnlvy, S. Bobnnich, J. Doty. J. McClellan, C. S mfm, NI. Tlfl51f'I, P. Shffgkf-y, K. Huflbun, K. rvlmlmoto, C. Jr1I1n-son. Bmw 3fJ. IVlo.l1enk.J, D. Fclllmum. G. C.1l'mon.1, E. Head, NI. Thomas C. Fltzgennld, S. Gzndnf-r, A. Eghnrlm, J, Bl,llfj1'!-5, J. Fur:-n, B. Pierce. S. Goss, W. Odom. B. DeJ.nger. Row 4-J. St. Pierre. S. Bailey, Y Cole, K. Nmthuup, S, Sn-Ilhmn, B. Tmut, Q. Rf-.., S, Tovfn, J. RL-cce, D., l.. Butler. L. huebler. S. Hancock, C. Stevs, R. Smith Bow 5-'Acivnam S. Dlfulllfl, P. Br-hs.:-, G. Kuk, G, Nulson, J. Cunnuff, K. Charlton, J. Backer, J. Mills. B. Ishmnn. K. Price, N. Houseman P, Fuller, NI, Bordwvll, J, VVIHIVIIIIS, :md Nl, F'l:,h1-1. 122 teel- MOZ RT CHOIR i 'IIS' l l BOYS' GLEE MOZART CHOIR tLeft to rightl Flow 1-P. Rettig, D, Seapy, P. Boettoher, G. LaGrelde, G. Jenkins. Flow 2-A. Thomason, G. Nlorford. K. Otte. J. Beemnn. Flow 3-D. Bovee, Nl. Oelke, P. Coker. Row -l-J. Restek, J. Stabbert, L, Crowe, P. Gobel. Row 5-Adviser, S, Dlsrud and D. Vlsel. I BOYS' GLEE fLeft to right? Row 1-J. Wicker, B. Porter, N. Miller, J. Torres, F. Thomas. C. Gamble. A. Reyes. Flow 2-J. Sawyer, B. Hatfield, G. Looper, K. Bartholomew, P. Forbes. B. Hoban, B. Wood. G. Dixon, B. Little. Row 3-Fl. Fuller, B. Squier. J. Bell, J. Temple. accompanist, Carol Fitz, D. Rapp, IW. Thompson, S. Young, F. Balderrama. Flow 4-B. Roeschlaub. J. Morgan, G. Cliff, D. Warwick, J. Rockwell, C. McCauley, G. Frederick, J. Harned, J. Ashton. and R. Mack. 123 7 .Tv j .,x 3 L .... 5 EE 1 'F5i2fag5Ef52:s' A Q 'NF 2 .5 f ,mms X. WM .M X. Uv sw www yzwgg. - b . V . xw v , 9 Q ' ' ., . f f ixxv A . 5 5 A W V if Q ,O OM Q .JF T , A .. is ,SAV 5 A . 1 f W I X X f' .. ,W W-wg ' f W My X Nix! X Q N K . 'Rib Z Q E , H n il X. , A ' S sf r Mtwswfsggv , few '3"'0n- . , W W, ,, , Aw PRINT SHOP QLeft to rightj Adviser Lloyd S. Ross, R. Hack. C. Menley. D. Seney, G. Horton, V. Justice. R. Carmel. B. Gordy, D. McCar- thy, J. Konzal, pressman Art Combs. N. Schoolcraft, and R. Schvvacofer. PRI TERS TDGR PHER 'H 4 PHOTOGRAPHY STUDENTS HJ-ft to ruqhtp Huw I-H, Sandoval, ndvlser Ted Wnde. Flow 2v-R. Ivlnnrrquc, J. Greene. B. Heumberger und D. Mullnnf-sf. ' C 12-1 if 4,1 4,1 44 Ja Q .. 46 41 f iriiriirifrifrikvifikikiiririrQikitikikitikikikiiik4l?i?4k4?'fxik4ir4?i?'f4G'4'4' 451' 41 4? 42 41 .W A ' zfWfwf,q 41 2x 41 41 41 45 41 41 41 41 41 44 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 fag Junior Attendant 41 41 41 41 DORIS SONNIE QUEEN MARY TALANIANTEZ KING RONNIE FULLER DIANE PRONDZINSKI Senior Attendant I, I , SHIRLEY BOUTCH ER Sophomore Attendant 41 44444444444444?434?444?-4347e4127e47eLYP4ES4ZP434941-Xil71XPfXlf2f51 f f af W. , .f .1 ,,,,, H 'W ,. ,,,, at 1955-' 56 Highlights rfaarsfiifaa BIG AND LITTLE SISTER PARTY dlsi COLONIAL COED INITIATION PATIO PEP RALLY SCENE ,a 'ff f. 4, 5 1 Xi ,.,, Ada... ' ,,,4,.7n-ug. "I REALLY WASN'T ABSENTH SEPTEMBER Q School daze begins with registra- tion followed by Big and Little Sister Party. New teachers present, others gone. Split group assemblies discussed. Home Economic building gives way to new administration offices. Wes Beach named Chief Jus- tice of Student Court. Stanton elected OrCoHi officer. AU holds first sport dance of year. '55 varsity football team makes debut with win over Redlands. Steve Morris elected band president. OCTOBER J Uniform dress rule goes into effect. Sophomore class elects officers, Marshall Shirk new prexy. PTA dinner for sophomore parents. FHA members attend convention, Band practices for per- formance at Los Angeles Coliseum. Senior play cast is chosen, Charlotte Hein given lead. Sub Deb initia- tion held, NOVEMBER Q Bermuda shorts day and Bermuda Hop held in little gym. Junior-senior parents meet with faculty. Anoranco staff comes out with six page paper. Sharon johnson chosen FFA chapter "Sweet- heart". Senior play, "Goodbye, My Fancy' presented in high school auditorium under direction of Beulah Bayless. .Iuniors select design and color for class sweaters. Homecoming dance fetes '53ers, Ronnie Fuller and Mary Talamantez reign as king and queen of festivities. Thanksgiving holidays enjoyed by all. Colony takes fifth straight Sunset League football championship. DECEMBER 4 AUHS Rose Bowl bound in CIE playoffs. Choral groups sing at Disneyland. Kandy Kane Ball held in study hall. Colonist hoopsters start season. Band takes first place in Santa Ana frolic par- ade. Student Cabinet plans to revise constitution. Ful- lerton High School proposes changing football rela- tions. Spanish Club takes field trip to Padua Hills. Flynn wins county "Player of the Year". Cadets take district riHe match. Christmas vacation. JANUARY A Don Abbott, loe Avitia, and Mic- key Flynn make all-CIF. Flynn also named CIF "Player of the Year." YMCA delegates chosen for trip to Sacramento, Don Kohlenberger named leader of traveling group. Honor society students excused to see Cinerama Hliday in Hollywood. Betty Benson, state FHA treasurer, travels to Sacramento for convention. Students prepare talent for county exchange assemblies. FBLA announces trophy contest. CEEB tests taken by seniors at Santa Ana 'Iunior College. GAA cabinet at- tend Annual Orange County Convention at Fullerton lligli. One-act tomedy, "XX'orking Girl" presented to students by drama class. Second semester Anoranco stall takes over paper production. Harriet Hofliner wins Homemaker award. Annual sales start. First semester ends. FEBRUARY - Clean campus program goes into effect. Senior dance held after basketball game. Miss Genevieve Bennett becomes Mrs, Donald Murguia. Double cast chosen for junior play. Girls' League cab- inet nominates new class representatives. Get Acquainf ted Day planned for AUHS. Semi-formal Valentine Dance held in study hall. Cadets sweep area rifle match. l,aVerne Crowe re-elected president of Bible Club. AU baseballers begin spring workouts. Harriet Hoffner given DAR award for outstanding citizenship and merit record. "Top of the Pops" theme selected. Colonist band entertains Fremont junior High School at special presentation. Art group travels to Art Center. MARCH - Coach Clare Van Hoorebeke refuses Orange Coast coaching position to remain with Colony clan. Governor Goodwin Knight promotes live Cadet Corps officers. Bomb hoax disrupts teachers and students twice during classes. Industrial arts basketball league gets into full swing. Bank of America award winners announced in assembly. Harriet Hoffner wins Lions' Club speech tilt. Choir sings in festival at El Monte. Plans underway for junior-Senior Prom. Mrs. Louise Booth takes leave of absence for ad- dition to the family. Construction work begins on new buildings. "Our Miss Brooks" given by junior class. Press Club attends journalism workshop. Girls' League sponsors fashion show. Colonial Coeds plan Easter para ty for crippled children, Carol Ryan chosen as delegate to Girl's State. Rifle team competes at Capitol. Sena iors measured for caps and gowns, Senior Choir holds dinner for proposed trip. Carol Fitz reigns over Cin- derella Ball. Easter vacation begins on Good Friday. APRIL - Theme for Military Ball revealed, "April in Paris". Teachers Doris Dishon and 'lack Copenhaver quietly married. Alan Hutchens wins Governor Warren Trophy for state shooting champion- ship. Senior Choir and FBLA hold Old Fashioned Breakfast at Roquet's Market. Honor students plan con- vention at Whittier College. Printing on the annual gets started. GAA board members leave for conference at Fillmore. Boxing Tournament held in boys' gym. Petitions available for aspiring student body officers. Nancy Fell shines as queen of Military Ball. MAY - Cadet Corps has annual inspecton. Fashion show presented by Homemaking classes. Song and yell leader tryouts and elections take place. Sub- ject A exam given to graduating seniors. Girls' League holds vocation day. Senior Choir sings in Hollywood at Presbyterian Church. "Top of the Pops" presented by students on tvvo nights. General elections held for campaigning student officers. Outdoor picnic held for faculty. Senior Choir leaves on excursion to San Francisco over Memorial holidays. JUNE - Seniors attend Baccalaureate Sunday. junior - Senior Prom held at Lakewood Country Club. Senior song practice begins. Senior Brunch follows Sen- ior Barbeque. Final examinations over! Graduation held in Greek Theater at City Park. Summer vacation starts l GAA INITIATION PARTY FOR ENGAGED TEACHERS MUST BE LUNCH TIME . BLUE AND GOLD DAY RALLY 127 8 , w , E v ' 'E' Q. X, IDOXWNTOXWN PEP ASSEMBLY V L ASSEMBLIES A TALENT ASSEMBLY A S 2 AV" N S f I f" -"' if Ui' J L' www W M2 4 fr!! ff, . Q .. 5 5 A ,. i .WA J ff NC, l5l:Af,H S'l'A'I'Ii ASSEMHLH ,IUNIOR GIRLS' LEAGUE ASSEMBLY Assemblies SENIOR GIRLS' LEAGUE ASSEMBLY Wi! 'AZ Eff my qi FN:-if 'VA I 4 K. Q 1 .1 f - 1 U fl VY 5. f - f,fII I I, I I Lf NATIONAL ASSEMBLY I, ' .z EAT KY' 91:55 rf ,- Q .S ig Q SUM I I'RIl-PEP ASSEMISLY IfUU'l'EwALI- PEP ASSEMBLH I-IOMECOMING DANCE fi f BERMUDA HOP QW, .WMQW7 Q! f Campus FRIENDSHIP DANCE FOOTBALL DANCE Dances HAIR RAISER DANCE SU PERSTITIOUS STOM P k , li,-XNlili'l'lSAI.l. lil DUN BUNION BOUNCE 1 ITH A FAITHQ-l'hq'E never wavered And a siwrengm of courage borne We faughi our way to viciory Gated on defeef wiih scorn. X f A5 J Q MQ! . -5 , ,fe s ,4 .. , f , , Q 3 A X Q T5 fx X " i ' 1515 3 a. 'Q X if Qi nz A we V 23 Sk . ,- , Z, M M mi? f f fu ' f ,If ,g 0 ff' W, 'QW , w ,f 0 ' , .az ,ww ' A f, New 4 j'WQ . f A-my J, W FOUR RE7-KSDNS FOR UCCESS . . . PI.U THREE fix-S ff , Mmm if .W X ll f End. JV Coach BRANT COWSER ,. 7f,:gs' :? 4 . . - f ' f' 1 W - " x1' f2 w l 2 V bw t e , 5 H u xf I , f v ' f W ff X kg lx VK 5 x figs f f N J 1, X Xl f M 7 lf f fx , f 'if'l2? ' 5:,W lg, X , X , X , , 99 X A V A Z fy Q ,F S V ,:a.,. , N? Q x A , 2 V A , fl Qflfw .. , Q f ,, , 2'.fe:,T',:. 2, 'mix C Y 'iii .O N - ,, 'fs , ,CQ KY , N, V f 1 V fi iw 4 gl X' ' f A 'lx A l :ffXXX ' 1. 'xgffrff' A 3 Q 'fy ' ' 7 ll W? ' ' E Q1 2 f X ,gi v we it C , Aw if 5:93 B. l ' Head Coach Line Coach CLABE VAN HOOREBEKE JOHN WALLIN ag , 4 f 2 V , 'K 345 If , yn 54 .ff ,fo ,fu ffiwfw ff. gf 'ff " W fs, y , Scout Coach BOB HAGER 4 s 13-1 f fl I ' 7 MICKEY FLYNN DON ABBOTT Hnlfbnck, Nlost Valuable Player Llne Captnm CIF Player of the Year All-CIF Fullback All-CIF Gunrd JOE AVITIA OUTHER C IJFORNIZYS Fl EST TEAM . . . 'Q Q x VARSITY-Flow 1 Ll.eft to right! Bob Winters. Alan Moody, George Dena, John Villafana, Henry Sandoval, Joel Hoare, Jerry Morgan, Jim Restek, Don Elrockett, Delbert Drake. Row 2-Trainer, Don Berger, James Dickey, Wes Beach. Bob Blansett. Melvin McKinney, Bill Mauer- han, Floyd Conyers, Jack Flynn, John Gratton, Coach Brant Cowser. Flow 3-Dave Bagnard, Torn Doerr, Dick Grover, Torn Frank. Don Rapp, Gary Frederick, Dean Dillon, Bob Lukens, Bud Arnold, Don Snavely, Coach John Wallin. Row -l--John Eckersley, Ronnie Fuller, Don Ferni, John Hushman, Don Flanisey, Tommy Leigh, Mike Smith, Rodney Senunl. Jerry Lipshin, Coach Clare Van I-loorebeke. Flow 5- Kenny Gerringer, Mgr., John Baker, Joe Avitia, Alan Story, Ed Chambers, Mickey Flynn, Ted Dinkler, Marshall Shlrk, Jerry Fiel, Verne Weaver. ANAHEIM WIS STRO ON EFENSE, T00 . . . i l Larry Flshel, Fullerton High halfback, is shown being tossed for a loop by Anaheim defensemen. Ronnie Fuller and Joe Avitia. Colonist Verne Weaver is shown in the background. The Colony defeated the Indians 27-2. for Anaheinrs third straight win over Fullerton. 535 GEORGE DENA ED CHAMBERS Baekfield Captain Most Inspirational All-League Quarterback All-League Tackle TED DINKLER JERRY FEII. AII-League Tackle All-League Center Undefented Colonists . . . Sunset league Champs For the fifth straight year, the Anaheim Colonist varsity football squad clinched the title of Sunset League Champions, and for the first time in Anaheims long colorful history, they ended the season without being beaten. This great undefeat- ed team of 1955 proved not only to be what many consider the best prep football squad in Southern Califopnia, but also the most surprising and highly-publicized. With only one first stringer back from the previous year, the Colonist eleven ielled from a question mark to champions, winning 11 straight games and finishing up the season with a tie. Two records were set by Anaheim this year. A new league record was set by their winning of their fifth straight championship. and a CIF record was broken when Anaheim won its Zsth consecutive league game without a defeat. The record was previously held by Santa Monica. The thing next to Clare Van Hoorebeke, one of the greatest high school coaches ever, that was mainly responsible for Anaheims success was the great determination, courage, and spirit displayed by the entire squad, never once giving up, This determination was especially indicated in the two CII? playoff games against Mt. Carmel and San Diego. Anaheim proved what a great allraround ball club it was by placing an astonishing 15 on All-Sunset-League teams. Those placed on the first team were center jerry Feil, guard Don Abbott, tackle Ed Chambers, quarterback George Dena, VERNE WEAVER All-League End AL STORY Most Improved All-League End oltin' Joe Avitin stiniqht :rims :in :ittenuptinq Redlands tiickler In nnheinfs first pr:ir,tlCe iiziniii :if the 5.f',l5Ul'1 The Teriiers scared DON PENFIELD the Colrmiats. buf mst. 20- If., fi RONNIE FULLER All-League Hnlfback Ail-League Back halfback Mickey Flynn, and fullback joe Avitia, with Mickey and Don being placed on the All-CIF first string and 'foe on the second. Flynn went on to receive the highest honor possible for a prep football player as he was chosen "Player of the Year" by the Helms Athletic Foundation. This honor came as the result of his long TD runs which he displayed in almost every game, his Z2 touchdowns, and his average of IS yards per carry. ANAHEIM 20 - REDLAND5 I6 ln the Vanmen's first game of the season against Red- lands, they found themselves rated a 7 point underdog. They must not have read the papersg they came from behind to dump the Terriers, 20-16. Trailing 16-7 in the third quar- ter, Flynn took off on a 78 yard run for six points, the astonished fans never dreaming that this was just the begin- ning of "The Flying FIynn's" long iaunts. joe Avitia and Gary Frederick also shared in the scoring. ANAHEIM 1-i - LAS VEGAS 7 For their second practice game, the Colonists traveled out- of-state to Las Vegas, setting them back l--I-7 in a hair raising battle of speed and power. The highlights of the game were FIynn's 75 yard touchdown run of the opening kickoff and two goal line stands late in the fourth quarter put on by the rugged Anaheim defense. ANAHEIM IH - GARDEN GROVE ll League play opened with new-comer Garden Grove hoping to make a smash in their debut, but were rudely crushed by the speedy Colonists, ZH-0. Flynn, Dena, and Al Story made the scores. KYLIJY ,jf ffl it JOHN BAKER JOEL HOARE All-League Punter All-League Guard X x 2 fi -M-Q -ic-. vi ' aku. . GENE MOFIFOFID GARY FREDERICK All-League Tackle All-L9-HQUG End ' 'ri Quia, 'Uk Ai. rvioonv DICK Gnoven Halfbnck Halfbnck S' ' .. C wif TOM FRANK JOHN VILLAFANA Center Hnlfbnck l i i With a wild look of determination. Mickey Flynn runs n Las Vegas opening kickoff 75 yards for n touchdown. The Colonists won the tight tussle. 1-1-7, V11 H EN RY SANDOVAL Tackle CHUCK CONYERS Tackle DON SNAVELY End E5 'E WES BEACH Tackle All-CIF Fullhnclf Joi' Avltlzi poun ugh Snntn NIUHICII term: to scorn Q Z fi '12 ffff.. ds his wny 15 yards through 1 Anaheinvs first TD, The Colon- lils shut out SJllTlfJllI, 1'-1-0 to qfiin n If-vt-nge WIY1. 133 ANAHEIM 31 - SANTA ANA 7 Memorial stadium was the sight of the next foe, this one being Santa Ana. Anaheim played heads-up ball, capitalizing on Saint miscues to run up a 31-7 victory. The Colonists' last TD was the most exciting, as halfback Dick Grover re- turned a punt 58 yards for a score. Flynn had a 91 yarder called back on the last play of the first half. ANAHEIM 14 - SANTA MONICA O The next Friday was October 21, the date of the long awaited Santa Monica game. Playing in the beautiful Orange Coast College stadium, the Colonists got revenge for the 21- 21 tie suffered in the CIE playoffs in 1953. They dumped the highly-touted Vikings 14-O, and poured salt into their wounds at the same time. For the first time since 1946, Sam- ohi was held scoreless. The play that really broke their backs was Mickey Elynn's 96 yard run from Anaheim's four yard line following two Colonist goal line stands. joe Avitia scored the Colony's first as he boomed from the 15 early in the third quarter. ANAHEIM 26 - HUNTINGTON BEACH 6 Huntington Beach was the sixth victim of the Colonists' vicious attack as Don Penheld scored twice and john Vil- lifana and Flynn once in Anaheims 26-6 victory over the Oilers, The Colonists scored once in every quarter. ANAHEIM 28 - ORANGE 15 The seventh straight triumph in the Colonist tsampede came over a hapless Orange squad. In the first thirteen min- utes of play. Anaheim scored ZS points against the Panthers, JIM RESTEK JOHN GRATTON Guard Guard BOB WINTERS GEORGE SNOW End End and after that, the lirst String never saw aetion again, Oranges two tallies came late in the fourth quarter when Max Darrow proved too much for the fourth stringers, - FULLERTON 2 ANAHEIM 27 Anaheim now had a seven win, no loss record going into the big game with Fullerton. The Indians were out to stop their rivals and it looked like they might do it as they shoved the Mother Colony squad all over the field the first quarter. But Anaheim exploded in the seeond half to take the ball game 27-2, squelehing another Indian quest for a Colonist sealping. A linesmans dream came true for tackle Ted Dinker when he picked up a loose pigskin dropped hy Fullerton quarterback Ron Fuiino, and ran it 20 yards for a TD. The game was a rough one, with Fullerton heing penalized 105 yards. ANAHEIM 27 - Nl2XYf'PORT 6 Newport Harhor stormed into La Palma Park the following week with high hopes, for a win would send them into the CIF playoffs, The tlash was liigured to he an extremely elose one. hut the 'lars were never in the game, as they were how-led over 27-rw. Anaheimis first store tame on a N5 yard punt re- turn lay Flynn just two minutes after the game had started. It was the lirst time the Clolonists got their hands on the hall. liy halftime, Harhor was trailing 1070, hut managed to store late in the fourth quarter on a onefyard plunge hy fullhatk C,l1arlie lierry. However Flynn tallied three times this game to just harely snatth the league storing title out of lSerry's grasp. League play ended with Flynn storing ltl TD's for on points to llerry's ts plus nine l'Ail"s for 57 points, v 2 Nsrgtijggirae-' TOM DOERR MARSHALL SHIRK End Center DON RAPP BOB LUKENS End End ROD SENUM JOHN FERN Guard Guard .Ss sig? Q 'M ' Sami ery DON FIAIVISEY JERFZV NIOHG-AN Guard End Mickey Flynn is about to display his famous reverse-field running to three San Diego tacklers on his 67 yard TD run. This score helped the Colony to tie the Hillers. 20-20. but a CIF "ruling" elminated the Colonists, ' 129 W JERRY LIPSHIN BILL MAUERHAN Fullback Halfback JACK FLYNN JAMES DICKEY Tackle Guard ANAHEIM 53 - MT. CARMEL 14 Anaheim was now in the CIF playoffs, once again strivfng for that coveted championship. Their first game was with a giant Mt, Carmel squad, whose line averaged 207 pounds. Traveling once more to the OCC stadium, coach Van Hoore- beke's stalwarts proved what determination could do. The Crusaders massive line completely tore the wee Colonists apart, as they quickly hammered their way to a 14-O lead. The fans in the stands were just about to give up hope until aloe Avitia picked up a Mt. Carmel fumble and ran it 40 yards for a touchdown with four minutes left in the first half, This was quite a turnabout, for in the first two quarters, Anaheim ran only three plays in which it didn't fumble. Although out- weighed 56 pounds per man, the line opened hugh holes for Flynn, Avitia, Penfield, and Grover, and when the final gun went off, Anaheim was on top of a 53-14 score. ANAHEIM 27 - GLENDALE 13 The famed Rose Bowl was the sight of the quarter-finals, and the opponents were the Glendale Dynamiters. A win over the Nitros would be a revenge win, for it was another Glendale team, Glendale Hoover, who the year before had knocked Anaheim out of the running for the CIF Champion- ship. And win they did, for on Anaheim's second play of the game, Mickey Flynn tore off for 81 yards for an early touch- down, and the Colonists never stopped until they racked up a 27-13 win, and a total of 415 yards rushing. ANAHEIM 20 - SAN DIEGO 20 ?"""Wf l""""Qf This set up the meeting between the two best prep teams in Southern California, Anaheim and San Diego, in a clash BUD ARNOLD NIELVIN NIC KINNEY Tackle Guard Vinh s J put o endilf V Risf Bow FLOYD CONYERS JOHN ECKERSLEY D fan IV6 l'1:ilfh:ir,k, Fon V'l'l'lfIf'lfi, :mtl Ilrlelmr,lf1'n Joe Avltlfl ul th fuse on Clwnclale DjYWl'lllll1l'I E11 Croxvull. Thr' Crmlrmlstzs filllllllldd , 5 IH .u Cl' flufiilfw finals YIIIIIIQ liluyf-rl ,it the r - I, 2 12 Tackle A " " played in Long Beach's Memorial Stadium. The game end- ed in a 20-20 tie, and the Cavemeri advanced to the finals by out-first downing the Colonists, I4-17, but Anaheim did not lose the game. In fact, they gained something greater, the hearts and respect of the entire southland football fans. The courage displayed by the Colonists was something no crowd at any football game, high school, college, or pro, had wit- nessed. Any other team would have given up, after trailing 20,7 going into the fourth quarter, but not the Anaheim Colonists. They played their hearts out for their school, and fought until they had tied the game, but not the first downs, although they outgained San Diego by over a hundred yards. Flynn proved that he was the right man for "CIF Player of the Year" as he scored all three of Anaheims touchdowns on runs of 67, 66, and three yards. The Cavemen's fabulous end, Deron johnson, was held to one TD as he was clobbered on almost every play by Don Abbott. CO - CIF CHAMPIONS ? Although San Diego went on to defeat Alhambra, 2611-l, to take the CIF Championship, many feel that Anaheim was still the best team on the field that Friday night. Upon re- turning to the gym after the game, the players climbed out of the bus into a cheering crowd of hundreds, who came to let the team know how proud they were of their great tomeback and courage, A great tribute to a great team. BOB BLANSETT DAVE BAGNARD Tackle Guard f V, ' y, Y bi MIKE. SMITH DON BPIOCKETT End Tackle DEAN DILLON TOM LEIGH Halfback Guard KEN HARKER KEN GERRINGER Manager Man-BQGF I ' .JW , " ,, ' , . 'W a f, M ,fwkufk Qlffyfff, Don Penfield. Anaheim halfback with a 9.5 yard carrying average is about to set the key block for speedster Mickey Flynn in the Orange game. The Coloriists coasted to a 28-13 victory. 141 Q la ff f . isfzftff Meg. fa, P. Goeble, J. Baker. G. Tnorton, K. Howery, V. Yungkans, D. Anderson. B. Essex, D. Dillon, K. B FOOTB ll. . RUDY LOPEZ Backfield Captain PRAC.'l'lCQE AND LEAGUE Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim 142 ll Redlands 7 26 Garden Grove ll 13 Santa Ana Ii I5 Santa Monita fi 32 Hunt. lleath fl 55 Orange fl Zfl lfullerlon 7 l l Ntvvprlrl 7 "B" FOOTBALL lL2ft to r'g!'itJ Row 1-J. Maldonado. D. Daniels, B. VVilliarns, T. Tanaka. R. Lopez, J. McDonald, P. Cooper. D. Ratzlaff. E. Nunez, T. Najera, l. Knowles, J. Hurtado. Row 2-D. Cook, J, Priday, R. Byrd, T, Yates, L. Wolter, L. Marolf, B. Oviedo, B. Hatncock, Lamas. Row 3-Coach Hunstock. B. Sloop, B. Burns, D. Booher, B. Todd, K. Wallin, F. Downing, R. Inrnan, B. Gordy, B. Dykes, K, Lombard, D. Allen, A. Reyes. - SUNSET LEAGUE CHAMPS Again for the second year in a row, the Anaheim Colonists "B" football team walked off with the Sunset Lea- gue crown. Under the line coaching of Bill , jf! , BRUCE WILLIAMS Most Valuable Player I-Iunstock, the AU middleweights went undefeated in league play. One mark was put on the Colonists' rec- ord, however. lt was a slim 7-O loss to the Redlands Terriers in the first game of the season. For his line play on both offense and defense, the team picked Bruce XY'illiams as Most Valuable Player, and Rudy Lopez and Taka Tanaka as Batkheld Captain and Line Captain. , TAKA TANAKA Line Captain 1 I l FA i f . 'K' 5' 1' - .f . A .6 dj, Y . 'WX 1 011 MN 1 KW: .i "C" FOOTBALL 1Left to rightl Row 1-E. Aguilar, J. Louder, F, Acosta. B. Barthell, W. McGinnis, J, Quiggle, R. Cannles, P. Gonzales. Flow 2-N, Kline, M. Curran, B. Bouse, G. Sedia, G. Koehler, L. Oderi, J. Goodrich, B. Hatfield. Bow 3-Conch Armstrong, T. Clodt, FK. Ward, S. Held, A. Rodriques, E. Verdugo, N. Nliller, J. Rodarte, J. Pollard, B. Larson, M, Fowler, G. Dixon, FZ. Jameson, Ft. Jones, Conch S NSET LE GUE RUNNERS UP FOOTB Ll Overcoming the problem of lack of players due to the loss of the freshman class, Coach Dick Glover once again piloted his "mighty mites" through another line season. Although the Col- ony "C's" did not repeat as League champions, they proved their ability by going through their tough league schedule with only one defeat and one tie, and finally ending up in second Spot in league standings. 7 l BOB HATFIELD Line Captain Capturing the Most Valuable hon' ors was johnny Goodriyh. Bob Hat- field was chosen Line Captain, and jim Pollard Backlield Captain. v l i l l JOHN GOODFCICH Most Valuable Player l i l ' ,, w i . .. , l J I M POLLARD Backfield Captain SEASONS SCORES Anaheim 6 Bellflower ll Anaheim 42 Garden Grove O Anaheim 15 Santa Ana 15 Anaheim 19 Western lr. Hi 21 Anaheim l5 Hunt. Beath 6 Anaheim 5-4 Orange ll Anaheim 12 Fullerton 21 Anaheim 23 Newport 7 143 Nl' Fl L Ro Stevens. Row 2-Ken Harker. Gil Pozos, VARSITY BASKETBALL tLeft to rightj Ftovv 1-Ed Chambers. Tom Frank, ickey yon, e uy A St R w 3 Terr Tangney, Gary Frederick. Jim Carter, Cliff Rogers. Coach Hunstock. Tony Leach, Dennis Daniels. lan ory. o - y 57 l l l v i l i l f f' ff. .W 413 'i ' ' -af " 1274! gl il., .- r -,, ,,,.. lf 1 -, I j ,.. I Q ,M4fjjAfj,,J. .fy X L l , "" .' '1N."4f11f-," 3 ,,,,-f- f-?a,53.f- -I rf r W .,... . .M M,,,:.,4,,.,.,,W .yfklr J lv 1 em' 34 'iff ft! . Z T 'v C'5,5?Lwe"7f' , ' - ' ' s.z,.j,4, ,,Af3fP:'.. - 1 '-: , " "'t"1 ai ',2 :rfvr 5- .'.f3 ,mf 1 '21 1 -W1f'f'r5-9-MY 'M,,Jff. 'S .-1 f-f-- fm.. Ag' V. U' L r r jj j, ff-fgqw, lmfw. if-E . '.. , .,,, ,.. ,. " ' ,..'.'.'ff'm11f 1 L--"H", K ,1r.AA. 'E 2 1 .,2.44.',.f ,ww W 'uw W ,wow MM ....',..,. ag.-54' 5L",'4.4. ,MV 1-'34, Nw., W 4 .49 f . fi". U, 'Iwi ' L' i ,,,,,.,,..',.'. 1- u COACH BILI HUNSTOCIK 14-I vzmsiry BASKETBALL liollowing a medioere prartiee season. Anaheim Highs varsity basketball sejuad was rated to end up no higher than titth plaee in the Sunset League rare, but nnished the seasons play in third plate, only one game behind eo-champions Newport and Fullerton. Coath Bill Hunstoeles ragers completely disrupted the pattern in whieh league play was expeeted to run, as they went wild in the lirst round and bowled over every team that taeed them. Thus, with a loop record ot o-O going into the serond round ot play. eases ot Hu and numerous injuries had Hunstotk eonlinually juggling his hrst string. Starting oil that latelul serond round against Garden tirov e, Anaheim was minus Cllitl' Rogers. who was out with strep throat, and Gary lfrederiela, vs hose right knee had been injured earlier in the season during praetiee and was now giving him too muth trouble to play, XY'ith the two big boys out, and with almost the entire sejuad that rould see attioo playing while having the Hu, Anaheim was indesriba- lvly told, and could only grab about lo percent of the re- bounds, 'lhe :Xrgonauts rolled up the store, and this loss was just the beginning ol the end. The next Tuesday after- noon, Anaheim traveled to Fullerton, only to be beaten in a double overtime il-5 1, in a game they didn't deserve to lose. 'l'hen, alter dumping Santa Ana in a tight defensive game, the Colonists met last plare Huntington lit-,ir-h ,md were upset, -lb-lS, in another overtime game. This heart- Tony Leach, Anaheim Colonist forward, is shown giving an all-out effort to keep the ball under Anaheim control in the first round New- port Harbor game. The Colonists, who were at full strength during only the first round, dropped the Sailors, 58-51, VZKRSIT BIRSKETB l.I. breaking defeat was followed by another loss, this one at the hands of a revengeful Newport Harbor squad. Deter- mined not to lose another, Anaheim won their last game of the season by defeating a strong Orange squad, 57---i7, and finishing up with an impressive 8--4 record. Although the second round was a bitter one, the Colo- nist fans cannot forget the excitement and surprises of the first round. The most exciting game of the season was the one played against Fullerton in the AU gym on Feb. 15. With the Indians leading by one point, 51-50, and eight seconds to go, LeRoy Stevens was fouled. LeRoy shot and missed, but before anyone knew what had happened, Terry Tangney grabbed the rebound behind the circle and pumped the ball through for two points. The Indians had no time to get the ball down court and the gun went off to give Anaheim a 52-51 victory. Another excellent display of an all-around team effort was shown in the Colonists' 58-51 victory over Newport. In this clash, four Anaheim players scored 10 points or more, proving what a well balanced squad it was. Because he could score from anywhere on the court. and because of his great all-around playing, LeRoy Stevens. and the outstanding rebounder and jump shooter, Cliff Rog- ers, were named on the All-Sunset League second team, I-Iustling Terry Tangney, who had a deadly set shot from far out, was named on the honorable mention squad. 'Z' 'AW if LEROY STEVENS lvlost Valuable Player All-League Guard Z . , ' V A CLIFF ROGERS Captain All-League Center X I 2 .1 f 4,8 H75 42 fi f f ' ,f A' f V TERRY TANGNEY Most lniproved All-League Forward Y ,rbi in ,M fi 'B' i ' .av K f f Nh' 4 TONV LEACH Forward 115. 5 Despite the screaming of the crowd and the efforts of Indian Pete LOHQ, l-ll, Colonist Terry Tangney, with only eight seconds left in the game. shoots the winning two points that gave Anaheim .a 52-51 up- set victoiy over rival Fullerton. . I ' .-: f in j 5 Q 1 ,Q i l KEN HARKEFI GARY FREDERICK Gunid Center fx t s 2 f . i ii .i, A 3 , Apu? i ,M 1 is ff? are .5 , sf? ' 5 f 9,5-W. My , t '7 ' f ..lZ1?1?.P" " . . , V , swsmtsx 11 ? Z F X Qm 54 11' l- 4 2 Z 7 f 'Z Al. STORY llh V RSIT B SKETB ll. Stevens, Rogers, and Tangney also received the tearn's individual honors as LeRoy was elected Most Valuable Player, Cliff team Captain, and Terry the Most Improved Player. This year the Colonist varsity basketball squad entered two tournaments, one at Huntington Beach and the other at Compton. Although they didn't fare to well in the Compton Tourney, they proved tougher at Huntington. There, the Blue and Gold hoopsters brought back to Anaheim the Consola- tion championship, winning three games and losing only one. The one loss came in the first round as the Tustin Till- ers toppled the Colonists, 45-54. This defeat didn't seem to bother Anaheim, however, as they bounced right back to clobber Capistrano High, 67--it-2. Once feeling the taste of victory. Coach Hunstocks live went on to defeat the future Orange League Champs, Brea, 59-48, in the semi-finals. This set up the meeting between Anaheim and Laguna, with the Colonists playing a splendid defensive game. AU bowled over the Beach Boys. 45-ZH, to win the Consolation championship. Coach Hunstock was in some ways glad that Anaheim lost the first game to Tustin, for had they won, the Colonials would have had to play against one or more Sunset League teams in the Tourney. As it was. no league team had played Anaheim before loop play started, and the Colonists were a very underrated and underestimated team. Hunstock feels that this is one reason Anaheim made their startling clean sweep of the first round. Center Cliff 'Fled' Rogers foils Huntington Beach defenders :is he rlunips in two points for the Mother Colony team. Anaheim rolled over the defending champion Oilers. 5l-37, for their fourth straight It-.igue win. LE ous scones ' ' I If Anaheim Garden Grove 42 Anaheim 52 Fullerton 51 Anaheim -"lvl Santa Ana 54 Anaheim 51 Huntington 37 Anaheim 58 Newport 51 Anaheim 55 Orange 38 Anaheim 44 Garden Grove 77 Anaheim 52 Fullerton 25:54 Anaheim 36 Santa Ana 27 Anaheim -I6 Huntington :HH Anaheim AIS Newport 62 Anaheim 57 Orange 17 iklbenotes overtime Anaheim playmaker, LeRoy Stevens goes high in the air for a Colo- nist field goal against the Orange Panthers. The Blue and Gold ended a perfect first round of play with this 53-38 victory. I ' . A li, f I f' X I If .ga 3 l if is , , user? W at vga 'if v 1 lt's another bucket for the Colonists as Cliff Rogers pumps the ball through the hoop during the Garden Grove game. Despite trailing by two points at halftime, Anaheim downed the Argos 54--I2 in the league opener. Terry Tangney 4547 awaits possible rebound. . 'Ai fa .I ' . ff-'N 'f' A " 2' . ff The rl. Lf I 2 . . 2 H ,awww ...awsg 5 ED CHAMBERS Guard TOM FRAN K Forward v JIM CARTER DENNIS DANIELS Center Forward 147 - JV BASKETBALL 1i.eft to rightj Row 1-J. Fern J. Lipshin. Row 3-Coach Cowser, H. Anderson. COACH E'-RANT COWSER 148 'Q - E. 1 l ,, is 'Tvs V ws .pf-Q if A I as 1 I mx f ii If N 3 D. NlcCo.'m'ck, J. Morgan, T. Natividad. Row 2-B. Gorely, J. B. Scholz. D. Bagnafd. 1V BZKSKETB Ansheiins junior varsity angers, totighed by Brant Cowser, .ind composed of players with varsity aspirations for next year, started their Sunset Leigue competition DAVE MCCORMICK Co-Most Vnlunble Player l.l. MacDonald. M. Shirk, with a happy note, but hopes soon fell as the Cagers began to drop ball games. Coach Cowsers min compiled ii 6 win .ind 6 loss league record to fourth in the stand- ings. The te.1m elected both Bob Szholz and Dgye McCormick. Most V.1lu.ihle, .ind Don Penheld and .Ierry Morgdn team Captains. Esg - BOB SCHOLZ Co-Most Valuable Player new fb ' M , -Y. 1 S l ? 4 m 1 y ? 1, X .,, , W f' ' Q , . 2 , a I. fl 4' J " A A i , .055 ' . . 4 f 3 '24 v 'Q fa , 2 G V lb X tu f . , 15 x ff l ' , ,, ' . ' f , i ' 'J-:rf-fclmfffvwe-if ' V". f fm WV! , s , I I A H ,.,. E TA' 'i I ,... V' . , V ",, ' - "".. -f ,.,. v my ., . f . a, Q 2, f rf' r f 5 ,. , 4 2 ' ., 4 fra- , -V . , .. f 1 .aafn ., f a f ' . .V ' ' 57 '55 ' W' ei 'Y f 4' ' f ' 1 ...,. "B" BASKETBALL Row 1 tLeft to rightj R. DeJesus, B. Otta, K. Snow, T. Terry, D. Ftatzlaff, E. Lord. Row 2-B. Essex, B, Burns Hammntt, B. Gwinn, L. Leos, M. Granados, Conch Sam Keith. ZKSKETB I.I. l.E GUE CH MPS Starting off the 1955-1956 sea- son with a different coach, the Col- onist's "B" squad proved to be the surprise team in the Sunset League, Their greenness and lack of fun- damental knowledge was overcome by the expert coaching of Sam Keith, longtime varsity coach here at Anaheim. It was a big surprise to all con- cerned when the "B" team brought home the Sunset League crown to Anaheim. In league play the AU "Middleweights" suffered only one loss, this was at the hands of the Newport Harbor Tars. High scoring center, Ron De jesus, was picked by his teammates the Most Valuable Player. Bobbie Gwinn was honored by being se- lected team Captain. l i i r I BOB GWINN Captain RON DE JESUS Nlost Valuable Player ,vw COACH SAM KEITH Q , '7 K . A . W 1. .4 vi 'if' Y! " ff V, AX 7 4 , gag ..... Q 4, is I ls, twpyx ,,- ' s J fr rx? -f .4 , 0. K 42 ' . V f 1 J s if 11- -- M 1 A ' or , ,sw 2 f ia 2 A .,, ...sw'.:.,."!f ' ' 1 ff f ,W '4 K as f ' f , -::-.Q we-fl X , .. "C" BASKETBALL fLeft to rightb Row 1-R. Espinoza, B. Hatfield, J. Maldonado, G. Dixon, D. Turner, Coach Armstrong. Row 2-P Dominick. J. Lawler, L. Schley, F. Jones, J. Martin, G, Emerson. Row 3-Managers D. Reed, and J. Setterlund, CHZXMPIO F SUNSET I.E GUE Pl gg? 4 ww .ew-fr. ,f N ,'1, 'M 5' V 7 'V A f a ff if a 235, ,z COACH BILL ARMSTRONG 150 Coming through line in his rirst year at AU, coach Bill Armstrong brought home to Anaheim the 'C' basketball championship. T h i s thampionship is the hrst one for the Colonists sinte 1949, when the RICHARD ESPINOZA Most Valuable Player Colony "Midgets" took the league for three consecutive years. Supporting a line 10 win and 2 loss record, the 'C' basltetballers were dumped only by Fullerton and Santa Ana. This year the team chose for the Most Valuable Player honor Rich- artl Espinoza, who was one of the high scorers in the 'C' league. Bob Hatfield and -lim Maldonado were chosen as the team co-captains. M Q - N.. seg as X , t X "N" S s s x - i l i l l BOB HATFIELD and JIM MALDONADO Co-Captains all 4 31 .M 7' r . '12 f Val? W 2 Y A , i ay, 5,4 . ' f li if VARSITY TRACK ll-Efi to Fighfl Row 1--G. Cook, J. Wynn,lT. Natividad, B. Williams, J. Eckersley, T. Doerr, M. Nloore. Row 2-J. Jung- keit, B. Lukens, B. Nlauerhan, M. Flynn, R. Smith, PZ. Czincmo, J. Dickey. Row 3-B. Winters, D. Quinn, R, Senum, J. Baker, G. Picknrd, J. Carter, G. Nlorford, L. Morehead. VZKRSIT Moving last year's championship "B" squad into Sunset League varsity competition. Coach Bill Hunstock ran into many overwhelm- ing difficulties. However, Coach Hunstoclc managed to bring home to Anaheim its first varsity track victory in the past three seasons. This surprising triumph came to the Colonials in their fourth league encounter, against the Oilers of Huntington Beach. Then the follow- ing week, the Blue and Gold spikesters were overwhelmed by the Sailors from Newport Harbor on the opponents' oval. Helping to bring the Colonists this victory was Larry Morehead, who is considered the fastest 440 man in Sunset League competition. Also many of the eyes of Orange County's football fans rested on Mickey Flynn, who garnered many valuable points for Anaheim in the 100 yard dash and also the 220. An- other good Anaheim sprinter was Bruce Will- iams, who broke the school record in the 660. Assisting Coach Hunstock was Coach Bob Hager, in his first year at Anaheim Union High School. TRZKCK 8: FIELD ff 56x f X 'lf M ffjyf if f, ff fffff , G ,T f,f,, X X 6,4 2 A mf ' W5 f 1 5. , V H 'JW V fl. , f X f, ..1 f' ' "W W if,,,..,Q 'f .9 - f' X , awlw q 1. N M A , W M-v w ""--,Mi x U, .. 'wwfmsw WMI I qv". ' ,V . -i ,fWNW,W",m ffwwwmsmvz - H '37 4. I W f ,W nzqwwffffd' f , am ws- f so , - ,.,. V 7 fam, W . WAN' , .W "1 ,f ..N,4fa3,c.W My WWW ., ,ww 1 - , -mms . ,fm ...t MW va. f a fm Colonist Speedster Mickey Flynn breaks the tape for first place in the 220 during the Anaheim-Fullerton track meet. Tammate John Jungkeit comes in third. 151 W. 4A,,..s xx "B" TRACK Row 1 lLeft to rightj E. Verdugo, R. Barnett, J. Cristiano, L. Nlarolf, D. Ratzlaff, J. Baker, K. Lombard, P. Goebel, R. Cab- allero, S. Lyons. Row 2-L. Osburn, B. Harnmatt, J. MacDonald, G. LaGreide, B. Gwinn, J. Priday, A. Reyes, T. Tanaka, B. Todd, G. Cook, B. Stoufer. Row 3-J. Hurtado, D. Pagano, F. Trebil, D. Ramsey, K. Hughes, T. Terry, D. Dunnett, K. Snow, K. Otte. D. Pickard, R. Lopez. B. Hokanson, B. Dykes. B. Gordy, K. Harker, D. Nlayeda, P. Woods, B. Loessin. B TRACK 8: FIELD Coach Bill Hunstoclz, taking over track for the first year has met with that age old problem of the coaches, green- ness. This years Colony "B" trackmen have given it their all, but it is still experience that they are lacking. However despite the greenness of the squad, Coach Hunstock realizes next year the team will be much improved. ,W 1 A s ' -- I ,,,, M , ,xy , , A lf wif' nv , fa J. , C TRACK 8: FIELD Filling the "C" track team with new students, Coach Hunstock has met with more problems that other coaches at four year high schools. However, Coach Hunstock sees a lot of promise in these new trackmen. Big gun of the squad was Ernie Verdugo who was put up into the varsity ranks often. However, he ran the 660 for the C's in league meet. "C" TRACK rLeft to righti Row 1-D. Nlollinedo, J. Martin. L. Schley, D. Hunt. Row 2-S. Rutherford, lVl. Fowler, L. Glassey. S. Held, R Espinoza. Row 3-J, Quiggle, J. Schnrnp, R. Flores, E. Verdugo, E. Aguilar. 152 ' e 5 r' f aill v ,naval 1, 3 f if 4 If CROSS COUNTRY tLeft to rightj Row 1-G. Cook, R. Smith. B. Williams, R. Caballero. E, Verdugo. Row 2-A. Reyes, T. Tanaka, D. Ramsey, P. Goebel, K. Lornbard, Coach Hager. CROSS COU TRY In his first year at Anaheim High School, coach Bob Hager was given the difficult task of developing the Colo' nists' cross country team. Handicapped by a small turnout, coach Hager did a masterful job in conditioning his charges for their many meets. Hager looks hopefully for an even more successful season next year. YT K X l X f S is RIFLE TEAM Once again proving themselves the best rifle team in this area. the Colonists' sharp shooters journeyed to Sacra, mento and hoth the tive and ten man teams placed among the top tive in the standings. Top honors of the tournament, went to Anaheim's Alan Hutchens who garnered the coveted Governor Wtirren Trophy. This trophy is given to the top rifle man in the state. 3 . f fm , . mf l . Q . f Q1 I ft f - 5 ' .. f 'O ' 'r Q A f is: f V - i f 1 'ff' e , 'N 'W' it sa V .i . ...f an ., X s.-. 'Wil Nw BSN' Q f i l W , Htl If ss'- RIFLE TEAM tLeft to rightb Row 1--M. Rainey, E. Verdin. A. Hutcheris. R. Barnett. L. Hagen. D. Malone. Row 2-H. Goodwin, M. Mitchell, R. Caballreo, T. Hammer, R. Little, T. MaGee. G. Scherer. T. McAlexander. 153 l I l 1 l ' l f if N E! Q if 'H-T53 i A X fl 'Q W. k If Ax ipglgli ,I pk 1 W l - 3 i 4 Q Kgs! "i 5 i l l Q 1 K I J l , I A' , ' . Q' i a X ,. E lyglf fx! X l VG'-ff N x.t.tx.,,, I J ku A ,f , A ' , A fm A l ,, L S g,r5s,,4ry" 5 , .52 as M X KAW, I N si 1 'd W"fZ7YS'Y4?:w 4' ' 5 J-Main in . wx 3.40 4 VARSITY BASEBALL tLeft to rightj Row 1-lrv Knowles, Joe Avltia, Don Penfield, Paul Morris, Delbert Drake. Alan Story. Row 2-John Baker, Alan Moody, Bob Scholz, Hal Anderson, Larry Morehead, Verne Weaver, Lynn Wolter. v Rsny Bases Ll. Although the season wasnt over as this Annual went to press, Anaheim's varsity base- ball squad appeared to be coming Closer and closer to the first Sunset League Championship to be brought to Colonistville in many years. In their first five league games. coach john XYfallin's horsehidders were undefeated, and the rest of the league awoke to the fact that the Anaheim ballelub was one to be feared. The Colonists proved in their segond lea- gue game that they were a definite threat for the ehampionship as they bowled over last years Champs and CIF finalists, rival lfuller- ton. 5-O, The Indians were pre-season fav- orites to onre again rome out on top of the standings, but sinre the Colonist defeat. the tables changed somewhat. However, although the Colony was leading the league, there still w as another round of ballplaying to go. The lirst string consisted of Bob Scholz and Ylohn Baker, pitehers, Verne XVeaxer t'att'h- ing, Rich lllanlaineyer at lirst, lrv Knowles at serond, Al Story at third, -loe Avitia, shortstop. 'lerry Lipshin, left lield, Don Penlield, renter- ' X lield, and Al hloody, rightlield. ,W ,fp 'ffe ,,, '- 'ff' v 'WW ' ,Ai . ' ' ' . K i second lzi:-,ifmzln liv Knowles slides safely into home for the Colonists' fourth run :igfiirlsi Huninnntrin,l1 Anzihi-inn c,.inlr- from behinfl to wnllnp the Oilers, 8-1. 1 54 .Q W If f ! wwvnwi, w-.M f Mau ,Q W... ,,. ,si Q ., -- r as-an , ,J ,My .MM , L . .. . . .QXV x f-i.,Xf4? F i jimitgj E is 'M 'Nix fury., K ? M, ', 1. , ' X, JV BASEBALL CLeft to righth Row 1-D. McCormick, B. Burns, D. Cook, K. Howery. B. Barthel, J. Flodnrte, J. Nlorgnn, D. Powell. P. Baalke, P. Dalton. Row 2-Mgr. L. Nyland, Mgr. B. Mclnnis, K. Wallin. A. Hildebrand, C. Rogers, B. Essex, B. Hatfield. G. Thorton, P. Cooper, K. Downing. M. Smith, J. Goodrich. B. Larson. Coach Cowser. IV BZKSEB l.l M . .,,,, W , - 3 , M , V A U in . . . . 1 fr--. ,,,, 1 . - pfw.. Identically like their bigger brothers, the , ' WN' y ' Q" W ' K f 'ii 'IV baseball nine was leading the league with is X' 1 Q gf a 5-O record at press time, rolling over all op- Q ZW if ' if L if X position with ease. Coached by Brant Cowser, the jV's this year were one of the strongest AW A teams to ever wear the Colonist uniform. i i'5'li f ln the first round, the junior varsity squad scored two very impressive wins. One was a 17-O slaughter over Huntington Beach, and the other was El 15-4 victory over Fullerton. ln the tilt against the Indians the fans who were lucky enough to see the game will be talking about it for a long time to come. In this game, the booming bats of the Colonists collected 13 hits, and pitcher Bob Burns had 21 field day. Burns held Fullerton hitless for five innings, and of the 21 putouts necessary for a seven inning ball game, Burns struck out an unbelievable 17. The other starters for the Cowsermen this year were John Goodrich, Catcherg Dave MC- Cormick, hrst baseg Bill Larson, second baseg Bob Hatheld, third base, Paul Dalton, short- stop, Joe Rodarte, left field, jerry Morgan center field, and Bill Essex, right field. Coach Brant' Cowser and pitcher Bob Burns go over the finer points of pitching during practice. Burns was the JV's ace hurler. 155 .1 4, s 4 ,rf ,. X 9 5' if VARSITY SWIMMING !Left to rightj Row 1-D. Anderson. T. Frank. T. Soarks, B. Favreau, D. Martin. D. Warner. D. Grover. J. Trott. Row 2-Ft. Johnson. B. Simmons, P. Baker. F. Thomas. D. Bultena, D. Smith, D. Galle. G. Scherer. v Rsiry swim 1 G Coached by able Doug Allen. this year's varsity swim- ming squad seemed to break school records right and left. 'lack Trott shattered the 50 yard free style record with an amazing time of 2-1.9. and Dick Grover was responsible for setting two new marks. the 100 yard free style and the ZOO yard free style. His times were 57.4 and 2113.5 respectvely. Don XX'arner also set a new mark for the 150 yard individual medley with a splendid time of 1.50. IND C SWIMMI G This year's "B" swimming squad, coached by Doug Allen. proved that they are .1 team to watch in the future. The big splash on the team was sophomore Dieter Galle, who is considered by coach Allen as one of the best he has seen. Galle set one new record for the Bs, which was in the 100 yard breast stroke. His time was 1:17.3. In the "C" divis- ion, no new records were set, but the team looked very promising for future years. D1 i ,... , A y f " J QQ . 965.9 , ,ff ' -s sits. I T -X i N 5' NN s -."' Q3 - 'K g. Y an 1 -,. Ji A - ,wks s ss . X sv X X -tts? .X is c 1:3 s Y , ',, Q X W is X X 5 ,,, A aff! rl If 1 .4 "El" AND "C" SWIMMINC, rLe11 to riqhtl Row 1-F. Yungkfius. R. Ininsin, J. Rennn, G. Hinkle, J. Fletcher. C, Huston, R. Nickerson B, Fults, Ei. Riesen, B. Hnhnn, Pow 2--N. Owe'-ns, B. Lockett. D. Schobuig, FZ. Gruver, E. Koontz, G. Parker, N. Montague. G. Dixon, J Coodl4nstgl'it. 156 'J' fs f f A. . A f'-Vi V , ,,, . for ,, X .1 ,, , f t 2 pq 1 V. J ff ww' 1 .i I l , , 11,2 ff r M- X "1 VARSITY WATERPOLO lLeft to rightl Row 1-B. Parker. C. Sz-lndell, D, Smith, B. Favreau. Row 2-D, Bultena, B. Simmons, R. Johnson, A. Hedges, D. Warner. V RSITY W TERPOLO 7-IND C WITERPOLO XX'ith Don Warner elected "Most Valuable Player," and Establishing the linest record for waterpolo this year Bill lfavreau selected captain, the Anaheim Colonist waterpolo at Anaheim, the Colonist "B" water polo team ended up team closed the 1956 season with a 5-7 win and loss mark. their season ol' play with a won 5 lost 5 mark. Picked as The constantly improving Colony Hsplashersm were once the MB" teams "Most Valuable Player" was Dieter Galle, again ably coached hy Doug Allen. Underclassmen from the Gary I-Iinlfle collected the honor for the "Cs", Bill Riesen junior and sophomore classes should prove a help next yeai and Garry Allan were given the captain honors. f',,fMw 1 M 1 NNN... - ss A 1 sa' .fc ,J "B" AND "C" WATEFKPOLO tLeft to rightl Row 1-B. Hoban, B. Fliesen, N. Owens, B. Fults, Fl, Jay. C. Huston, D. Galle. Plow 2-J. Nell- esen, G, Peterson, J. Fletcher, Ft. Nickerson, D. Hokanson, F. Trebll. D. Powell, N. Montague. Nl, Silverstorf. D. Schoburg. L. Allan, G. Parker, R. Larson, G- Hinkle- 157 Anti- +-+4-'-4-4' 'V+ -4? +A.-J.. v-vf 4-. L.. W-4... na-4 xo, ,. .ft- VARSITY TENNIS 1Left to rightp Row 1-K. Fenton, S. Morris, M, Fulkerson, L. Oden. Row 2-Coach Bill Cook. Captain M. Bouck. B. Otta, H. Krueger, G. Looper. J. Helden, Mgr. J. Barthelmes. V7-IRSITY TENNIS Once again coached by Bill Cook, Anaheim Highs defending Sunset League Tennis Champions were tied with Santa Ana for the league leadership with a 5-0 record at press time. Before the season had started, it was rated a tossvup between the Colonists and Santa Ana as to who would take the crown. The all-important meet in the hrst round between Anaheim and the Saints had been called off because of rain, so as this Annual was being printed, Cooks ratciuetmen and Santa Ana still had two games to play. All tennis fans realized that the winner of these two matches would be league champions. TENNIS This years hopes for a 'IV tennis championship squad took a serious and unexpected blow when they were upset by the Newport Sailors in the htth league match of the season, The Colonists had won four straight when the Tars defeated them. and shoved them down into second place in the standings, However. at press time. the iun- ior xarsity still had not entered the second round of play. in which they would haxe another chance to defeat New- port. Coach Cook thought that they probably would end up in second place. although there still was a good chance to take the thampionship. vm, iifisamft we-if -f Y L . -My ws' f ,W :,,,.,.Q 7 7 'M-eww-4 3 4, s 4, - Q--4. ia, 1 , 'r' ' Q -sxs' N txtixx X X 4.44 JV TENNlS fLf:ft tri iighli Fmvv I- J. Kolilvnlwigv-i. D, St-.ipy, G. Brookman. M. Mitchell. G. Legg. Flow 2-Coach Bill Cook, FI. Kelly, D. Kohlenlof-:qv-i, D. Nlv-Ivin. C Hlririgi, B. Foslf-i, L. Ci.ilJtif-v, Nlgr. J. l3.Il'tlIUlITI6S. 158 cmflf 42-7fw+,Z' 0 Senio G A A ::::::.f, O ISER NORMA LEE ELLIOTT Chief GAA Adviser , , , . . At AUI-IS girls interested in sports may join the Girls' Athletic Association. Through this club under the leadership of Norma Lee Elliott and her assistants, Iosephine Derigo and Josephine Snyder, coeds gain skill in the fields of basket- ball, hockey, volleyball, softball, badminton, ten- nis, and swimming. Also emphasized are good sportsmanship and team spirit. Anaheim's GAA girls participate in many activities which bring honor and recognition to our school. The basketball playday was held at La Habra to start off the activities of the year. La Habra is a new school to join the GAA. Senior girls were in charge of initiating the new members. lnitiates had to wear certain clothes to school and attend a dinner in their honor the same evening. Resuming school after Christmas vacation the hockey playday loomed ahead. The girls traveled to Huntington Beach for this event. JOSEPHINE DERIGO Director of Athletics Following hockey came the volleyball playday which was held at Orange. To wind up the school year the girls attend- ed the softball playday at Brea. The annual GAA banquet was held in the Colonist cafeteria which signilied the last major event of the year, JOSEPHINE SNYDER Assistant GAA Adviser' Girlsf Athletic Association X B is x,- w X X s X ,, . . LINDA CHEATUIVI Red Cross 7-I7-I BI IT GAA members enjoyed an eventful year, which was well planned and prepared by the GAA cabinet, headed by president Terry Carter. The other officers were: vice-president, Marilyn Buckner who acted as general chairman of all the GAA events held in schoolg secretary, Kay Schmitt who kept a record of all proceedings of the association and executive boardg treasurer, Margaret Olvera who had charge of all funds of the associationg Diane Richards, Sports' Com- missioner. Her duty was to assist in coaching when nece- ssaryg Clada Pletz who was in charge of all publicity and Linda Cheatum, Red Cross Representative, who attended all Red Cross meetings and gave a report to the cabinet of its activities. Each class had a representative that belonged to the board. They were: senior representative, l-lelen Aguilarg iunior representative, Kaye Caffee, and sophomore repre- sentatives were Gwen Halvorsen and Ann Story. Many Conferences were attended by the cabinet and two to be remembered will be the lfillmore GAF Cfontier- ence and the GAA Conference held in lfullerton. Q . .V,.., W if RN ., c sf 4 1 6 z 'Y X Q X s f A t 'nm f J ' B f of 1 .W ' l ,. A ,ii CLADA PLETZ Rep, Publicity Chairman is + af Q 1 . L y '55 I f-' i I T GWEN i-iAi.voRsEN ANN STOR2KtiVe Soph. Representative Soph Represen a if Q4 TEFIRV CARTER P r e s i d e n t . 5-Q N . y 1' ' 1 A Gill! Q .1 'fqjy I f f I I 'ii W5 A 'fi , ,:.1 i '-fifiiii l MARILYN BUCKNEFZ KAY SCHIVIITT Secretary i f Q f v 7 fx! f 5 Md f , tes Tc.. X , V S 5 . A f Q -vi f' DIANE RICHARDS Sports' Commissioner 1 - Jy E QQ , . ..-.. 1 it - r atv, . 2, 7 R KAYE CAFFEE Jr. Representative Vice President MARGARET OLVERA Treasurer . 2 'K A HELEN AGUILAR Sr, Representative ig: 7-K7-K SWIMMI ff' , , Y at v ' . Z W4 f. f 1' Yr. V 44 44 '-Q all ' 'f , ' A- iw : f - ' . W , . .5 ' . . - . 4- A I V - ,4,, f f is -fy . I - ,S , mr ' I A X , ,,, . I , .7 X A 5 I 'yi ' , I .fu A , f M' 3 'nf' , , r W 2 f ' 5 " If 2 "" - , 'f 'g .fi 13 , - I 3, Z, ft , I, . ,- , . Q :X ' . "" '1J"ff. .f 1 ' ' '91 ' Z I . M rw- .I , X Y f R, li , ?V 1 I . A 1 ' fx' - y ' ' S . , Q X . V, f ,If W V ff . I ' N 4 3. X 2 g I , , :I 'I Z i 1 ' 0 7 1' 5 - ,451 'gl Ii , f X Y .W f I ' 2 X f N F ff,:.,:,2'ff vf . 1 4 :.- f 'f ' W , A 5' , Y - 1 I ' ' , ,.,. -A Q74 'X' I of Q X AI x Y V ...E:sa. ..,., V K .Q 1 .qx K, A . U V X MMM I ..:., , .17 I: , ,n I .,.,.., N . N 1 , , , V , vvv v Awww I fl I ,.,.,.. Sl . . I if ' I . f ' . I I I ' mv' I " ,M IQ. L' f ' , f , ' . I " My W - ff I of I SWIMMING TEAM 1l.eft to rightj Flow 1-J. Boege. V. Hiltscher. Lindgren, B. Mager. S. Lukens, J. Huckabee. Row 2-I.. Haygood, son, D. Morrow, G. Halvorsen, A. Story. K. Eldred. 7-UK TENNIS wygy. f ,, yfeyfy ,V awww? S. Boutcher, K. Anderson, K, Hathaway. N. Wallace. L. Fischle B. Woodruff, J. Green, M. Zwart, K. Caffee, J. Reid, C. Fitz. M. Robert .,. 04' 22 - 7 1 MV , , vm M f, ff , . f If n j I .im A TENNIS TEAM ILeft to rightj Row 1-J. Roddam, J. Stnbbert, A. Williams, H. Hoffner, M. Taylor, A. Thomason, S. Reed, L. Spel B. Mohnffie, A. Halrls, C. Hem, B. Ewmg. Flow 2-C. Kirven, C. Allen, J. Williams. A. Young, C. Pletz. M. Buckner. C. Booth. J, Por el M. Floblnson, N, Sewell, L. MQNE-rely, T. Bylsmn. 162 Basketball, swimming and tennis were the hrst three sports GAA members enjoyed at the bginning of the school year. The girls took their choice of sports since all three were offered at the same time. Sophomores and seniors started basketball interclass games on Wednesday, Nov. 9, with the seniors being the victors. The juniors were victorious over the sophomores when they played, which was on Thursday, Nov. 10. The juniors were again victorious when they played the seniors on Monday, Nov. 14. Playday was held at La Habra on Tuesday, Nov. 15, for juniors and seniors and on Thursday of the same week for sophomores, Tennis playday was also held at La I-Iabra this year. SENIORS I ya- . I , M ,, f l . -. af fa 1 i j . T 1 j jj 3 i Ji j l , V . 1 . , J L z. ggi . ,Z to . ,jpg . l . ., ls! .f ' I' - f J l ' , 1 ' , 4. if we . 5' Q X ' , S 1" 'f . e q 'H W e j . . I U A Q . yi I I .- I' '-t. f ' ff c"' fy-i ' J nfl' ' 'V' W ,,,i, .. Q-fi f Vialfif . - fi!! A 4 'r 'tt' ' SENIOR BASKETBALL lLeft to rightj Row 1-T. Reveles, V Mejia, E. Lopez, J. Foster, T. Carter, J. Winfrey, L. Valadez, H Aguilar. Row 2-G. Jenkins, A. Lopez, J. Ferguson, L. Santi, M Rasmussen, J. Olvera. Row 3-K. Schmitt, D. Villa, D. Nipp. V Philpott, S. Bengochea. V. Lee. D. Gruenemay, A. Huesca. G17-K ASKZTB l.l. IU Ions I Q l l JUNIOR BASKETBALL 4Left to rightl Row 1-S. Boutcher, L. Blakely, M. Olvera, S. Lillywhite, V. Elliott, L. Pletz. Row 2- B. Bode, L. Schulz, C. Ryan, F. Martinez. L. Kliever, P. Dar- gatz, M. Bradley. Row 3-F. Reid, S. Schafer, D. DeConnlcl-c. J. Light, J. Sympson, L. Cheatum. SOPHO ORE5 SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL 1Left to rightj Row 1-B. Jenkins. J. Brown, C. Gardner, L. Hefferin, M. Whetstone. Row 2-L Stevens, J. Smith. J. Thomason. L. A. Peterson. D. Nakamura Row 3-N. Starnan. J. Roland. L. Lopez. L. Winfrey. D. Starmeri 160 l f .3 -far j H . V 0 f I . ' y If J 1 F I 9 Q V 4' T i f 4' nqf ,Z V J M 3 is , f 4 . -iff if 53, 3 + fa Y f 4 f ,, x ,f my M . fy t , , W V 5 . . V ,,f A ,I f aj,"-Z ff 'Mp 1 f f ' l 1 K f ' 3,1 , .4 . aff' 3 ' Q jr ji I ' ' V 4 , , , , , 5 , is ' . 'v ff - X ' ' fi 5 ' - X 7 ,aft ' I ' ' . V,,, it ,. 4 . 1 he sa- - -,,' , 1 Q , "m i ,FV ' ""f'5 ,f Q -'7 ' fs ff ' ' "" -' aiifz. ' X: ,.-f- F-127174 J iii sw .s f Q. . . .f- + .f , . . ' . - 2 F ' uf " ' . we-k - ,f- ' f ..f. . . 4 " s ' 4 is ' SENIOR HOCKEY lLeft to , rightj Row 1-T. Reveles, S. Reed, V. Mejia, E. Lopez, J. Foster, T. Carter. J. Winfrey, L. Valadez, H. Aguilar, M. i Taylor. J. Roddarn, C. Hein. Row 2-G. Jenkins, D. Knut- zen, A. Lopez, J. Ferguson. L. Santl, M. Rasmussen, J. Olvera, C. Fitz, A. Williams, J. Stab- bert. Row 3-K. Schmitt, D. Villa, D. Nipp. V. Philpott, S Bengochea, V. Lee, M. Buck- ner. D. Gruenemay, A. Thorna- son, A. Huesca, C. Boo Reid, A. Young, C. Pletz, H Hoffner. f ,W E is f WJ -354 A 5 " I Y f SOPHONIORE HOCKEY iLelt to rightl Row 1-G. Halvorsen. D. Morrow, A. Harris, J. Brown, C. Gardner, L. Hefferin, M, Whet- stone, L. Speight, J. Boege, A. Story. Row 2-S. Boutcher, L. Stevens, J. Smith, .J. Thoninson. L. A. Peterson, D. Nakamura. T. Bylsnm, B. Mzihnflir- Row 2-B. Ewing, B. Jenkins. N. Sta- man, J, Roland, D, Stuinw-i, J. Porter, M. Robinson. M. Robert- son, B, Woodruff. 164 HOCKE Hockey, one of the favorites of GAA girls, was the most exciting sport. The sophomore girls enjoyed it more since it was their first year to play it. Interclass games were held on Wednesday, Feb- ruary 1, for the seniors and sophomores, On Thurs- day, February 2, the juniors and sophomores played. The juniors and seniors played on Monday, February 6. Senior and junior girls traveled to Huntington Beach for hockey playday on Tuesday, February 7. On Thursday, February 9, the sophomores went to Huntington Beach for their playday. JUNIOR HOCKEY QLeft to rightl Row 1 - C. Allen, L. Blakely, M. Olvera, S. Lilly- white, V. Elliott, L. Pletz, K. Hathaway. A. Lindgren, B. Ratzlaff. Row 2-S. Boutcher, C. Kirven, C. Ryan, F. Marti- nez. M. Bradley. M, Zwart, K. Caffee. Row 3-F. Reid, J. Williams. J. Sympson, L. Schulz. S. Lukens. J. Light, K. Anderson. N. Wallace. Ann Story and Joyce Huckabee fight to get the ball while Linda Stevens awaits to tackle, OLLEYBMJ. Volleyhull playelay was one thing moat 'girls looked forwnrtl to during the volleyball season. This was because all Orange County schools nttentletl this plnydny which was held in Orange. On Tuestlny, March 20, the seniors and juniors .ittentletl plnytlny. The sophomores went on Wetlnes- day, Mnrth 21. SENIOR VOLLEYBALL iLeft to rightl Row 1-T. Fleveles. J. Foster. L. Santi, D. Knutzen, J. Ferguson, V. Philpott, D. Gruenemay, M. Taylor. T. Car- ter. J. Winfrey. G. Jenkins. Flow 2-C. Hein, H. Aguilar, L. Valadez. A. Huesca, S. Reed, Roddnm. J. Olvera, J. Stab- bert, M. Rasmussen, C. Pletz, A. Young, A. Williams. Row 3 --J. Wilson. K. Schmitt, H. Hoffner, D. Villa, D, Nipp, C. Booth, M. Buckner. S. Bengo- chea, V. Lee, C. Wilkirson, J. Reid, V. Mejia, E. Lopez, A. Thomason. A. Lopez, JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL lLeft to rightj Row 1-J. Williams, C. Allen, K. Hathaway, L. Schulz, L, Haygood. Row 2-R. Simpson, D. Richards, K. Walker, J. Light, K. Anderson, L. Blakely, D. Pearson. Row 3 -S. Boutcher, F. Martinez, N. Wallace, J. Sympson, D. De Connick, C. Ryan. While Janet Ferguson plays the ball, Clada Pletz and Marilyn Buckner stand by ready to help. This was the Junior. Senior interclass game. 4? 6? 'S Q '52 ' 9 4 A 1 f : l X I A E S . Q ' f , A, . . Q A . W , 1 A L . Vi f 46 .sg K ti? . 'f 9 if X 7 ' i R A ' i ' M? ,ff il E fi , Y X xl , ' f f as f r eg V : . SOPHOMORE VOLLEYBALL iLeft to right! Row 1--G. Halvor- sen. D. He.n, C. Gardner. S. Boutcher, L. l-lefferin. M. Tague. J Boege. M. Jeter. Row 2-D. Morrow, L. Stevens. N. Staman. J Roland, T. Bylsrna. D. Nakamura. J. Smith. Row 3-V. Hiltscher J. Porter. B. Tucker. M. Robertson, B. Woodruff. B. Jenkins. L McNeely. 165 SENIOR BADNIINTON iLeft to rightj Row 1-C. Hein, Nl. Ras- mussen, J. Ferguson. C. Fitz. J. 2-D. Knutzen, M, Taylor, H. Hoffner. A, Young, C. Wilkir- son, A, Huesca. DMI TO Seniors had a choice of softball and badminton this season, since both sports were offered at the same time. The other classes played softball. lnterclass games were held on May 16 for sen- iors and sophomoresg May 17 for juniors and sopho- mores and on May 21 for the juniors and seniors. Seniors and juniors entered playday, which was held at Brea Olinda High School, on May 23. Play- day for senior badminton and sophomore softball was held on May 24 also at Brea Olinda High School. OFTB l.I. Winfrey. T. Reveles. Flow l 3 JUNIOR SOFTBALL fLefI to rlqhtl Flow 1-S. Lillywhite, J. Huckabee, J. Williams, C. Allen, K, Hathaway. L. Blake Ha r I 2 L ygood, B. Nlnqer. J. G een, V, E liott. Flow - . Klieve ly, L. Bradley, Fi. Simpson, D. Richards, K, Walken, J. Light, K. Ander- son, L. Schulz, D. Peairson, A. Lindgren, lVl. Olve-rn, Nl. Zwnrt. S L C fi P K I i I t h ukens, K, :if fe. .ow 'LY , E diet, L, Cheaturn, S. Bou c - er, F M1 nick, C. Flynn, C. Kirvf-rl. B, Bnilr-, L. Fischle, P, Dzirgntz, N, Fell. l 66 . frtinez, N, Wzillricf-, Q. Sqhzifer. J. Sympson, D. DeCon- SENIOR SOFTBALL iLeft to rightj Flow 1-J. Wilson, H. Aguilar, L. Valadez, V. Phil- pott, D. Gruenemay. T. Carter, L. Santi. Flow 2-Nl, Buckner, K. Schmitt, D. Villa. D. Nipp, S. Bengochea, J. Olvera, J. Stabbert, A. Williams. Row 3 J. Reid. V. Mejia, E. Lopez, . Thomason. A. Lopez. G. Jenkins, C. Pletz, S. Reed. ' is Yi?-fit E SOPHOMORE SOFTBALL lLeft to rightl Row 1-G. Halvorsen D. Hein, C. Gardner. S. Bourcher, L. Hefferin, M, Tague, J Boege, M. Jeter. Row 2-B. Mahaffie. D. Morrow. L. Stevens, N Starnari, J. Roland, T. Bylsma, D. Nakamura. J. Smith. Row 3 -D. Stan-mer, B, Tucker. Nl. Robertson, B. Woodruff, L. McNeely L. Peterson, Nl. Robinson, P. Hammers. Row -L-B. Ewing, V Hiltscher. J. Porter. B. Jenkins, N. Sewell, J. Thomason, L, Win frey, L, Lopez, lVl. Whetstone. l i NIP HOT 1 v . ly :W 45 vouk CAP 'P ,X,,,W,. M , w Q. , f 4 ,x MQ fl ,U MELA!! cHo:.Y X ,L v N X 7 PLE 2 p X fx .... 1 , - hx. . x X, iq-M -- - .NNT ' , 'X -25 M' .:g,1.. - :eff . , gsfzs 0 , N: .,., , X , Q f X 3 , J 5 N I -Y ' ws ni Ara 'M-.r lpvg UIYE V Wu R lx 0 Q X va , . CORN! :xxx H03 NINQ TMS: QSX UN , i X X N . X .gk N . 5 w X .lj X5 X5 X ,. vw awe: X-. , WEORGH Ib? 'Af some A -11 311' rave fi w,N,--JML, NwJ21Q.,..,.,,, 160 E!l55???i'. if5"W.i!R avmmigffzq " "N lfffx ., v A . 9 3?5z?a.y.f'11 w V "E,LP' 1 l f ,, 45", Jw 2,1 f N-wc, mmf. Jw wa-u'B'1 w- nw , 1- ,vagghw ?.1g.- :X fff' . -v r ,h hm: 1 lfggiff' U f ' W'-.iff - 1 4, 'mf x ra: Il 1 4,12 ' 4--im, ' a 1 . ,Q . w,-Q - : Q, 114.533 1. .,, , mmm. wi" p'f7iQ.! Qfiwfi NLM' F , . fig w'Q'W 4 ,, Q. f 1 V3-, ,,,- A WW wx 'mga 7fI..Jl?A ? 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'1,,'f,,, M 1 and .rn on vez:-,rrgta 1 sy m 9 if UTIWQBQ d Bd'jHhings af yesierdey iQQfhSwmQheemriQ 4Eliere 's Q little son-raw S9 eps to beyend fhe hills Jiiiiibims' +i'67mm-rowg .,,-3, 'fa , md . ef My ' xl: A 4'f Ji ,Ji in K :- I'- -4 ' sm r 'W Q1 aux qt' 1941.5 Hag 22: 'Lgf 5 vo. ' " .xg . 'K 1- Q. ' - Era-A ' '12 K L ,A rw W " in i F , lk - he ffkwlxt , V, .-,D ,, , N- -.. "I-1 Wm px Hz 2 g Q ,f-g J ,xv Y , ' . f,g!f':,xv,.Q"AY-Q, al' hx. f 3 Q' 1 L nL.,,..,. , KAREN LENAIN AdverUsing Ahunugwr SHIRLEY MEGER lhmkkwqwr Wfithout the help of this ye.1r's adver- tising staff, the Colov nist yearbook wouldnt luve enjoyed the suctess it has witness- ed linnntinlly this yeiir. Under the Loath- ing of Larry Quille, the ell-itient staff of eleven made all the business tontaets and prepared the netessilry details for the hnzil printing of the advertising sertion. lnornnco and Colonist 7-KD ERTISIN T FF ,A-NK DON HASKELL JOANN BARRY SALLY CORDES DEANNA LEO DON HEDDEN DOROTHY NADORFF ,V ,I .l BARBARA SWOFFORD JANICE GVVALTNEY ELIAS VERDIN , X 4 '2 W Www , , .w,,,, I 1 I W , my W" W 1 5 2 5 K ,QQ M19 5, hv""'j1M,! , W 5 , , .QW 54 W swf La? 3X ! .ff e ,,..4 '4 Q W wi ,X 55g will 5 tk Qi GY . l W , .52 A . . 2 :gg , 4 'S 5 ,M 4 , f 2- : as . 5 - eww A K 5, 2 554, 515 , 5 5 if -. 2 2 ' f .45 i -, Q pw " M j X 1 U 'N -QL 5 , .ai 5? C 4 N wx, 1 lx 5 3.1 55124: 4 S fy Q W X, Nils: 254 545 we ,5 3 'lf A ,Wm WJ 5....,,m..N2..5...M.. ,. ,, 5 5-M , gwffff u 5 QM- . S 5 ' ,QQ 55 5 5 ' ff' 3, .5 2 , R 5 1. ' fy fn ' Y 5. Q ,, F425 i '5 W' 2 f ,ff t 5' ' :X 5. ' . , sf ' 2,5 5' I i w , ,Q f "'Q':J2M 1 ' .1 .. f R 4'-1 my fi.x I , Th . N,-av, V : Q 5 ,, iff? 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X 17 Lv. ,A ,X .X Y lx -.A JAM , wash .vi 1 Y 5 lei i L if 2' l 1 lilifljl l l, A ' 'J l 'U' f' . . Af if ' I immilk ,K Q,TJl if' I ff ' Lp I vig M1 .zum-fl ii .Il Ulla l liblfw CTL.-JZ' i Congra+ula+ions Class of '56 a4r.4ene Studio 222 E. Cenier S+. 'T' A ,T '22' ff' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE W CLASS OF '56 WH 0 l l 34114 Bczaiea hop William C. Keeler 245 W. Cenier Sfreel Anaheim California NEFPS PAINT V AND O DAMERE DAFILENE SWEATERS W N ROME SOCKS WALLPAPER GOMPANY N W for Fnll -- Skirts Dyed to Nlft h 5 1 I 200 Nor1'h Los Angeles S'I'ree1' y A A K l05 Wes? Cenler S+ree'r KE. 5-336i Pl"0n9 KE- 5-32l9 l7f Congrafulafions fo 'l'he Graduafing Class of '56 z -T, W nr' THEICHIIIG CZIEIIPFIIW "V" MERRIFIELD TRUCKING COMPANY 1122 Norih Lemon Si. Phone KE. 5-2121 MANY CONNIES AND CLEMS ENJOY THE DELICIOUS LE AT Glenngs Cafe F 0 0 D S I36 Eas+ Cen+er S+. KEysI'one 5-5I90 A N A H E I M . LET'S GO BOWLING - IT'S FUN TO BOWL Santa Ana Freeway af KaIeIIa Phone KE. 5-7268 24 LANES AUTOMATIC PINSPOTTERS 1201 N. Lemon Sfreef Anaheim, Calif. Phone KEyS+one 3-I357 177 BRIIWN and IIASKINS L K E R ' D E A L E R HOUSE OF MUSIC SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 220 No. Los Angeles S+. KE. 3-l49I "Service ls Our Business" Bancl and Orcheslra Headquarlers CENTER AND PALM KEysl'one 5-2977 . Inslrumenls - lnslruchon Renlals - Repairs Complimenfs of 'Phe Sales I I I I lllllllll Fllllllll' RF C O M P A N Y Vesey Wallcer Disneyland G 'l B l FINE FURNISHINGS AND INTERIORS Depaglneniviflaenigger Tommy Walker 223 Easi' cenrer Phone KE. 5-6156 Diweylafid Miniai I if ' 2 Z For a Cool Treaf Sfop a+ . . . VISII ' ' ' O C ' GILIVIORE'S FUSTER FREEZE ,ii'ii'fAruoiiEYi:oirn?oli8 hole lhlexl lo Anaheim lviinialure Golll ' Anaheim Garden Grove lqlo E. Cerner phone l9lO E. Cen+er S+. I003l Garden Gr, Blvd, . u lnear Placenlial lnear Broolchursil Anaheim, Calif. KE. 5-97l5 KE, 5-97I5 LEI1igIq 9-6054 178 HIGH N015 or rASH,0N WITH GM JMS FOR DISTINCTIVE SHOES 308 W. Cenier Si. Phone KE. 5-8433 Sales-Service-All Types Office Equipmeni Q ' 1' ij ' 'B S E F I . ,- la , WW 7 1 1 1 v .,' ALFEIRNANIIEZ UFFICII EQUIPMENT by 7 I B fu ck S SS S AND VVONlEN'S WEARING APP L AL FERNANDEZ :boo N. PALM, ANAHEIM JONATHANFLEOCQXAISIF 5155 'ANS DRESSES I34 Wesf Cenfer S'rree+ "LOOK YOUR BEST BE COTLER DRESSEDH CONGRATULATIONS GRADS OF '56 The Sfore for Men 118 Wes'I' Cenfer Sireei' 4 , "FOR THE WOMAN WHO CARES" 7 LZIILII Q Zgdcillfy SIAM! I02 E. Cen+er-Anaheim Phone KEys'rone 5-62I5 TinIing - Brow and Laslfi TinIing Hair SIyIing - Manicuring-Heir CuIIing - PermanenI Waving II B FURNITURE "COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS" DOLLER'S RADIO SERVICE PACKARD BELL RADIOS and TELEVISION 726 So. Los Angeies S+. KEysI'one 5 3358 Anoiheim LOCK AND KEY SERVICE "A KEY FOR EVERY LOCK" WE REPAIR CLOCKS 500 Wesf Cen+er SI'ree+ A N A H E I M 24-Hour Service KEysI'one 5 7052 phone KEyS+one 5,6023 B. L. Jeffers 548 So. Los Angeles SI' CONGRATULATIONS Anaheim CLASS OF - From Brake A li' - H OTVIOO F L WHEEL BALANCING 5 DRIVE IN AND ALIGNMENT BARS Wholesale and Refail DON R. DORNON DON W. DORNON 930 Norfh Los Angeles Sireei' ANAHEIM Phone KEys'I'one 5-1514 Food Io Take Ouf DELICIOUS HAMBURGERS TARIQS DRIVE-I IIO8 N. Palm S+. and CarI's Jr 180 Farmers Insurance Group A 6009 PLACE TG EAT Aufo - F' - T In HADERLIES f aa.-cage C Life - Burglary - Compensa+ion Bos L. MARTIN, Agen+ ' 433 Wes? Cenfer S+ree+ KEys'rone 5-2326 LINCOLN AT MANCHESTER eanqaallufaliand efaftd of '56 Q an fr if fr Anaheim Daily-Herald Alksjdiiijj' Orange County Plain Dealer -b -Q Q 'I' E..-Lwgg-. I V GANAHL LUMBER CO. 501 E. CENTER ST. PHONE KE. 5-2256 SOFTWOOD HARDWOOD MILLWORK OF EVERY DESCRIPTION FULLER PAINTS KWIKSET LOCKS DIAMONDS WALBURG'S WATCHES 5 ,P .. . . ,, Where You Can Shop Wrfh Confidence SILVER T 9 Coais 9 Sweafers A is S 0 Sui+s 0 Skirfs ' Sporiswear ' Blouses P Hosiery ' Robes .IEWELERS ANAHEIM 181 Wesi' Cenfer Sf. KE. 5-4041 13 AUHS I907 L. N. WISSER SPORTING GOODS AND CYCLERY Qeffiet fbaifuf Locally Owned and Operafed SPORTSMEN'S HEADQUARTERS CASH and CARRY also 169 W. Cenler Sl. Anaheim, California HOME DELIVERY DHAPERIES Free--Lowesl Eslimales T SEE THEM MADE IN OUR OWN SHOP Personally Supervised by Ru'rI'l M. Carlsen Complele Line of Dairy Goods A h - U t 8 U Including Goais Milk 139 N- I-95 Angeles ST- KE- 5-4034 IO072 E. Crescenl Ave. KEysl'one 5-239I Congraiulaiions +o The Class oi I956 WE GIVE ED RAIN BLUE and GOLD RICHFIELD SERVICE STATION STAMPS 604 E. CENTER ST. ANAHEIM KEys'rone 5-3604 M ffflfl mam: nook Tomi PENS CARDS 5511 E. LINCOLN STATIONERY SCHOOL SUPPLIES Phone JAckson 7-I57I CYPRESS 139 W. Cenler Sl. Anaheim I 2 IIODQ E Prfnfers ' Announcemenis ' Publicarions ' Brochures 338 WEST CENTER Phone . Anaheim, California KEys+one 5-4I I7 CROWELL MOTOR COMPANY BACKS, CAMPBELL ANDKAULBARS ULUSMUBILE MORTUARY KEys'rone 5-5746 Anaheim, California 251 N. LEMON ANAHEIM 252 N. LOS Angdes S+. , Szeeyinqfo ibrug fake 4' Your REXALL sure MEN'S WEAR 225 W. Cenfer S+. Phone KE. 5-3534 QZQC! '4 if X Jfarme of QZCWLLWZ4 FOR ANY OCCASION FLOWERSAREALWAYS pRE5CRlpTl0N5 PROPRIATE AP I44 Wesf Cenier S1'ree+ 273 Edsi' Cenfer KE. 5-5772 Oscar W. Heying Herman J. Schafer gafzefz. '4 - rqncafzeim 250 W. CENTER ST. KEys+one 5-293I APPLIANCES ond TELEVISIONS SALES ond SERVICE NEW and USED ANAHEIM BUILDING x,I..I,,, sq- a. LOAN ASSOCIATION l: i1:E "On +I'Ie Friendly Corner" in Anaheim t CENTER AT LEMON - KE 5-2158 or KE 5-2159 SIS 1532255153 M' X 7 CURRENT AID OR RATE COIVIPOUNDED SAVINGS I terest From the If PER YEAR TIMES A YEAR sl0'00Q CIPN E BIHIS. CIIEVRULET f, E , , A , , V V T GOOD LUCK Gracluates of '56 F R o M l""""""" EXCELSIOR fealllefy 111111381157 C C 926 EaS'r Firsf Si. San+a Ana One of Anaheim's FINEST HARDWARE SUPPLIES OUTLET 9 HOUSEWARES ' GARDENING TOOLS ' PLUMBING SUPPLIES s . , A S J 5-MINUTE KEY SERvlcE BONEY and MELLETTE DODGE JOB - RATED TRUCKS PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS DODGE PASSENGER CARS 249 Eas+ Cenfer S+. KEyS'rone 5-27I3 328 Wesi' C.en'T'er S'I'. Anaheim - A N A H E I M - III 'IIA FURNITURE CII I040 NORTH OLIVE STREET A N A I-I E I M CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '56 avdlu v.6iaio6e, 40154. MR. and MRS. TOM BUVINICH CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I956 I' WI I E wide II I TI QI 2 G' 'f ff If 0 ,J - ,gggfA+L-1,5511 g - We Give S8:I-I Green Sfamps I32 Wesf CenI'er S+reeI' ANAHEIM st Phone KEys+one 3'3IO7 LIIIIID SIII C0. HIGH GRADE PAINTS, ENAMELS 9 GLASSWORK OF ALL KINDS 0 FINE WALL PAPERS 0 IIZO LincoIn Avenue Phone KE. 5-283I I I -Tw x , I if I . V,-2 GLITTER FQ? VHI,fIIIIIIEiU,f I LJfffE'iQ AND DISNEYLAND HOTEL ZI6 E. Cenfer SI. KEysIone 5-5465 A N A H E I M 136 DRINK .1 I nuuonn new N 1 H X l IT I IIIIIIII HH' 1 I II 'vu Qllqlllll Ihdhilmff mm Drumgulo wn,:HIIH,,,u HUMIIEIK M ',,r"" LIFE IW I I I , yy- 'L w I f ' I , , In-J RTS' Lx S"- , - ,, V w A A' . ,4,,. -Wie"-Zhi - Z WHERE PRESCRIPTIONS ARE FILLED SCIENTIFICALLY f 211,149 ea. EARLE T. JACKSON - AUHS 'QI 237 E. Cen+er SI. KE. 5-2322 COMPLIMENTS OF S E D L O C K J E W E L E R S DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVERWARE PHONE KE. 5-74I3 I26 E. CENTER ST. .jfarieis and GLU! BEAUTY SALON "BeauI'y Is Our Business" GRISS EAST ANAHEIM SHOPPING CENTER Wesf Side of Alpha Befa SGI'IO0L I263-B E. CENTER Phone 5I2 EasI Cen'rer S+reeI Phone KE. 5-52OI Anaheim, California KEysIone 5-7878 187 FOR YOUR BUILDING NEEDS 6143 Fullerton Anaheim Placentia DEAN D. HESKETH PHOTOGRAPHY ORANGE COUNTY'S LARGEST PHOTOGRAPI-IIC STUDIO PORTRAITS - WEDDINGS COMMERCIAL 29lf2 WEST CENTER STREET TELEPHONE KE 5853 38 VISIT KIIIIIIIS IIIIIY IIIIIM AND Gi-IOST T OW N STEAK HOUSE OPEN DAILY EXCEPT FRIDAY GHOST TOWN GRILL Open Every Day VISIT OUR BUFFET GHOST TOWN - Full- Iledged gold mining 'rown of I849 vinIage. OPEN DAILY I2 'ro 9 p.m. Q CALICO SALOON-where only boysenberry punch, bu+- +ermiIIc, and sarsaparilla are H served. GOLD MINE-where you can pan for real gold and 'rake I+ home wi+h you. S CHICKEN DINNER RESTAURANT A ride in Ihe old s+age coach Open Every Day EXCEPT MONDAY and TUESDAY SIIUTH GRAND AVENUE, BUENA PARK, GALIFURNIA PHONE JAckson 7-2211 - LAwrence 2-1131 B. B. 8 H. IVIUTUR PARTS, INC. Cmfgfafufaffons AUTOMOTIVE PARTS and SUPPLIES C1055 OJIIQ55 MACHINE SHOP SERVICE MAIN STORE BRANCH STORE l20 Wes+ Ci1es+nuT l30II Cenfury Blvd. ANAI-IEIM GARDEN GROVE KEys'rone 5-2828 LEi1igi1 9-2l79 For Records, Rodios, Television, Music SINCE IQIO It's . . 0 LUVELLQS - 323 Wesf Cenier S'rree'r, Anal'IeIm 'I58 W. Cenfer Sf. KE. 5-2419 KEys+one 5-2303 , T Q W X Is, Q7 E 4 Curfia Jeiclzfiefcf Station 760 N. Los Angeles S+. Sponsors of The "Hangers Club" KE. 5-4412 190 Besl Wishes lo lhe Groduoling Closs ol I956 516 EAST SANTA ANA ST. PHONE KE. 5-8111 Q72 All New JuI's Body and Paint Shop i5?XgQXZQf BUENA PARK ff R O L L E R T 0 R I U M COMPLETE som SERVICE f E' , XQQ l N51 Cvmmonwealfh Ave. BAKED ENAMEL FINISH PAINTING 5 ' I , QQ OPEN NIGHTLY FREE ESTIMATES I if f X Excep'r Monday X I .-I v 7,30 To ,030 234 s. Los Angeles S+. Phone KE. 5-8573 Sai: 8: Sun. Mafinee-I:3O To 4:00 P.M. and All School Holiclays SKATE INSTRUCTIONS Class or Priva're WEDNESDAY FAMILY NIGHT SI.OO per Family-Plus Shoe SIca+e ER I CH lvlly Cleanerv KARL F. KNAPP, Prop. We Operafe Uur Own Plani' HIGH QUALITY WORKMANSHIP C I1 d C P' Ic d D I' BEAUTIFUL LARGE MAPLE FLOOR as an any 'C up an e'Ve'Y Headquarfers lor Sweafers PHONE LAwrence 2-IO42 Since I926 For ParI'ies and Group RaI'es II7 W. Cypress KE. 5-46I8 350 W. Cenfer fashion wi'l'h honors Carol Boolh and Bob l-lardy lcnow Thar smarl shoppers go ro Bullumsf Carol wears a B. Allman cashmere swearer sei and a slim B. Allman doeslcin flannel slcirr. Bob wears a 2-builon Eagle sporl coal wirh narrow lapel and Tapered slacks. l-lis sporr shirr is by Lancer. UH y 1 r r 1 l HADLEYXS 0 - l MQVING STQRAGE IOI Wes? Cenier Sireel Phone KE. 5-298l GENERAL TRUC-KENG Since '872 Center Paint and Wallpaper Dependable Through lhe Years 8Q8 W. Cen-'fer S+.. Anaheim 1' Across 'rhe S+ree+ -from High School KE. 5-2703 345245FW2T3.UFK ooMPLETE LINES or: Du+ch Boy and Chemical Coaiing Corp. Painf 505 S LOS Angeles S+ Phone KE 5-2863 Also exiencled lines of Wallpaper including Anaheim, California "Do-if-Yourself" Scenic Murals 192 Q Ze eff 544 QM 'Z CQMLQXZ fl Par'ries and Banquefs a Specially M. E. 8K CO. Exper+ Corsages Easf Anaheim Cenfel' 'TIM Offife of l7w1w11.1f Su1'1'fi'U' lWeS+ Side of Alpha Belal C' A' and Sally Ramsay KEYSTOHQ 5'O4l2 116 South Los Angeles Street Phone Kliystonc 9-7221 I263-E Easi' Cen+er S+. Anaheim, Calif. f f SinC9 1923 220 EAST CENTER 9 ANAHEIM ' KEYSTONE 5-36I2 BEST WISHES TO THE WALTER Fl-009 CLASS oi: COVERING Walter 0. Jungkeit 52 LINOLEUM FORMICA i TN SHADES A T I PHQNE KE' 5-4434 ZII SOUTH PALM STREET 193 Red Goose Shoes Grace Walker Shoes For Children For Women I I GOOD SHOES PROPERlY FITTED JOHN C. ROBERTS SHOES FOR MEIN CASEY-BECKHAM PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE "A GOOD DEAL AND A GOOD DEAL MORE" Phone KEys+one 3-3I2l 336 S. Los Angeles S+. I74 Wesl' Cenfer S+. Anaheim A N A H E I M The Finesf MINIATURE 7dMACk GOLF INSURANCE Since 1919 2:2 275 Easi' Cenifer KEys1'one 5-2401 Peanufs" and" Jug" Phone Lamberf 5-8074 A N A H E l M STEFFY BUICK CO. YOUR 73111.06 DEALER "When Beller Aulomobiles Are Buill --Buiclc Will Build Them" 410 So. Los Angeles S+. Phone KEys1'one 5-2297 SPORTSWEAR ZI9 Wesf Cenfer S+. KEys+one 5-2305 9 Your Hosfess Mrs. Lin CH UNGKING CZKFE ffl: WH' OPEN in AM. +0 2 AM. DAiLY 0 I 401445 FRIDAY-SATURDAYS I I A.M. Io 3 A.M. SPORTS GOODS 327-331 E. Cenier Phone KE. 5-4519 A N A H E I M l3I Wes? Broadway Anaheim I I , F WE PIII 'I' IIIILIII APY Sandy lxfacfavish CHARLES NEUKOM, PROP. DANCE STUDIOS o l35If2 W. Cen+er S+. KEysI'one 5-l626 IIOO Lincoln Ave. Phone KE. 5-36lI ANAHEIM, CALIF. Let Us llclp You with Ynur Ganlening Needs RIIY L. KIRK UH EIIY fmqwni T I28 Wesf Broadway-Anaheim Phone KEys+one 5-5IO8 Sales and Service -YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD NURSERYMAN- SPECIALIZING IN Germain's Flower and Grass Seeds-Roses-Trees KE. 5-282i 6l6 No. Los Angeles S+ Bedding PIan+s-Nursery S+ocIc A h . C H Garden Tools, e+c. na em' 6' ' 9 coNeRATuLATioNs CLASS or '56 from J. R. 'IDIGKH FOSTER General ConI'rac+or 907 N. Helena S+ree+-Anaheim MlTCHELL'S BAKERY BIRTHDAY-ANNIVERSARY-WEDDING CAKES MADE TO ORDER EAST ANAHEIM SHOPPING CENTER Wesl Side ol Alpha Bela Marlcel Congrafulations Class of T956 www Glewwi FINE CLEANING O 406 Nor1'h Los Angeles S+ree+ I263 E. CENTER ST. Phone A N A H E I M Anaheim, Calif. KEys+one 5-5OI8 phone KEyS+one 5-62l2 Maiorss Dine on The Cool Terrace of . . . TUX SHOP The Pavillion COMPLETE RENTAL SERVICE NEW SINGLE - BREASTED DINNER JACKETS FOR FORMAL AFFAIRS Overlooking Ihe lush 'rropical iungle of Adven+ureIand DELIOI-ITFUL FOODS EXOTIC TAI-IITIAN MUSIC Dinner Parlies Welcome Dfsneyland KEysI'one 5-8431 Landscaping Services LEES NURSEP. OPEN EVENINGS Klmberly 2-5764 BY APP0l"Ime"l IOPVZ E' FGURTH ST' 2009 E. Cenier Si. ai' Placenfia Ave. SANTA ANA ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA 9 The f X Anoheim G' 4 al l Permonent Q 5 'Vw A Wove Shop K Where You Gef "The Besf for Less" 'I03 Easi' Cenier Sf. Phone KE. 5-4022 Fighfing Rainbows Year Around Fishing I535l Anaheim-Olive Road Anaheim, California MCCOY MOTUR CO. River Trout Pond Your FORD Dealer 320 Norih Los Angeles S+ree+ No License -' No Limp' A N A H E I M Day KE. 3-1253 Nigh+ KE. 5-207: Phone KEY5+0"'e 52288 We Furnish Tackle Clean and Box Your Fish oun THANKS T0 THE 5 fra x E SENIOR cLAss OF '56 E ' 'hfaffra iilllg, fiao 1'f- To T E ' r'r' a i a E flalfce an! gud wen FAITHFUL, COURTEOUS PRESSELV SERVICE ROGERS and Hilgenield Mortuary HARDWARE WELMNG 120 Easi Broadway Phone KE. 5-4105 117 Souih Clemenfine KEys1'one 5-4206 A N A H E I M Anaheim, California 197 BEST WISHES 7Z9 041 Came GRADUATES flfalicwallq Ncfuefzllmecf H- R' FOX 3' co' HOME APPLIANCES SINCE I927 411 Easi' Cenier KE. 5-4886 Bicycles Keys 0rual'.4 FURNIJTUIEE 7229 SALES AND SERVICE l5l Norfh Los Angeles S+. KEys'rone 5-2409 419 W. Cenfer S+. Phone KE. 5-2759 Delco Battery Qperations Delco - Reniy Division GENERAL MQTORS CORPORATION Wiwanufacfurers of file Naifons No. 1 Bafferyn CCNGRATULATIONS Ji 41 T : E ff - . 'A 1, L uuwunuusissrzgpnnnhguunnnn -snnmnmmmuuuuu min xvwafm mexwmms ' ,, , . . . . . fu 'V 4, l. . , 1S3gQ1Qif:, 'f.Q."is.s 552-M C O F 5 6 K " : . , . x in . Q X' 1' - K xx-. .Q 'Q . I O O 1201 Norfh Magnolia Anaheim, California 198 A LARGE HOME CONCERN SERVING YOU FLYING "II" PRUIIUGTS FEDERAL TIRES FLYING "A" BATTERIES HUME 0IL CUMPANY I422 Wesf Broadway Anaheim, California Urange County Drug Cu. L. M. PICKEL EEEENEAEEE 824 W. Cen+er Phone KEyS+one 5-30I3 PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS ANAHEIM, CALIF. . Choice Meafs For Discriminafing Cusfomers jrlges jeeqisfry Service Agenis For EASTMAN KODAKS PENSLAUR REMEDIES STANDARD HOMEOPATHIC CO. 0 , G E EE T S 5-2408 236 W. CenTer ST. EOR ALL ANAI-IEIM, CALIFORNIA OCCASIONS - 239 W. CENTER ST. KEys+one 5-4648 81 199 SCHULTZ TOOL 81 MACHINE MANUFACTURING COMPANY Oscar F. Schulfz Con ratlilatioeaf Class of '56 KEys'rone 5-2286 P. O. Box 590 5lI Easl La Palma Avenue ANAHEIM . D Vf Glen fzaiuunn A A l UNION OIL DEALER COCNST. Slop-Wear Lubrica+ion U. S. Royal Tires and BaH'eries Au+o Accessories - Washing EREE P'CK-UP and DELIVERY in ELM STREET KEyS+0ne 5-zaou Palm aI' Cen'I'er Phone KE. 5-3465 A N A H E l M CONGRATULATIONS RENWOOD STUDIO 727 No. LOS ANGELES ST. Phone KE. 5-06l4 P , Z ,ao , 1 V 1 ' ' ., A ff W5 f , 4' ir fc l D ffif, 4. 1 W' A 7 7 0 f iz, I 9 ,, f 1 CLASS OF 1956 PETE 'S BAIIBEII SH 0P KEys+one 3'l976 507 No. Los Angeles S+. ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA Manufac+urer of Precision Camshafls Designed For Maximum Engine Oulpul' "Dynamone1-or Teslecl, Performance Proven" POTVIN EQUIPMENT CO. CONGRATULATIONS 700 NORTH LOS ANGELES CLASS OF '56! Anaheim, California Phone KE. 5-6454 200 -,. X A a lfa. I ,LQ Q COMPLETE LINE OF Carpefing Linoleum Rubber Tile Asphall' Tile Formica Shades Venelian Blinds Drapery Hardware 7I8 N. LOS ANGELES ST. Anaheim, Calif. KE.5-2855 Phone KE. 5-2506 Ii. Joe f!lli'lSf, 8: Sons PLUMBING - REPAIRS Joe Ouasl 306 N. Los Angeles Phil BoeH'cher ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA fqaaan Saul? COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS DECORATOR SERVICE 3Ol Wesl Cenler Slreel Phone KEys'rone 5-ZI44 M9 liin Ieyy I66 W. CGVIIGF SI. Lo Dema Barge and Zule++a Harlman WINDOW SHOPPING AT McKINLEY'S 201 eangfzalafaldaaa Za lie 650244 of 7956 AERONAUTICAL DIVISION ROBERTSHAYHFULTON CONTROLS COMPANY "THE CAR FOR THE FUTURE CITIZEN" LEAVITT Fllllll Cars Sfudebaker Trucks 226 S. LOS ANGELES ST. PHONE KE. 5-2284 202 H , r .H ' RSON ., QDQEAR sHiPnEvaPEA ,thaw I N G0 y H I ,V z E A- Ilu. il . ...,..v ,, x.-. ' A zllwfa-a K A flgwim , VA V ,,,.,.,. . .,., yr? hw . , ":' ' " ' I A I SHIPKEY 8. PEARSON 0ffic0lhu'be1'Slwp We Reffeadfng E OOODYEAR TIRE DISTRIBUTORS MODERN AIR CONDITIONED vinci. see I. if I29 E. Cenfer SI. KEys+one 5-895I ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA 420 W. Cen+er S+. Anaheim Fabulous "SKATE RANCH" FREEWAY AND NORTH MAIN STREET, SANTA ANA Wishes lo invile you and your famiIies Io enjoy RIILLER SKATING aI its VERY BEST GDNGRATULATIUNS GLASS 0F '56 Open Every Nighf 7:30-10:30 Excepf Monday - MONDAYS RESERVED FOR PRIVATE PARTY GROUPS "I.aI'e-SIca+e-Da're" Every Friday and Safurday NigIw+s - I0:O0 - I2:3O MATINEES - FRIDAY - SATURDAY - SUNDAY GROUP OR PRIVATE INSTRUCTION FOR EVERYONE! GALL Klmherly 3-8522 Fon INFORMATION O ANAHEIM DIVISION GPEN II NEW T NORTHROP AIRCRAFT, INC. I 500 Eas'r Orange-Ihorpe Avenue A Good Piace fo Work 5 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '56 'J gator: 7704442 Za, 157 wesr cemen Q KEys'I'one 5-3784 A N A H E I M SI-III NIIS EARN L ROM 2 O leaafew 7a 771mm K- I U na: 44,0 ,, 5 .aarmg 2 FOR THE MOST IN C r" NH N xr- .mr PA: un lo Q i 1 SAVINGS INSURED TO 510,000.00 8038 R s,XH.5,xrH HAR fhemosfmonvcmulns- GARDEN GROVE BRANCH ANAHEIM OFFICE IUENA PARK BRANCH AXNSRXSANSEXQRQWXWQZKNINN-xvfir?-:-:N-X:xcmxwwxx P33 arden G I d 211 E Comer SI. 6311 Mlnchufer Blvd, " gush 9 lm B My nm KEY ,ma PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE 3 I 4 E. Cen+er S+. KE. 5-7306 T Y EY ,,,, , , 4' . I , WH 4" V ' Aw , ififin ,l"' MJ' -N MTA sm, x E is K T . ffafwa If eangfacallulallio-nd 0 au of '56 ln Palma Drive In The first in reol Mexican food 940 NORTH LOS ANGELES STREET, ANAHEIM Q, A Vi-, , , K - J 205' USE OUR SERVICES IN FUTURE YEARS bf-, House o .ll BPH and LA DONA BEAUTY SALON Soho! 'a Special Famous BaIini Cui Shampoo and Wave only Call LA DONA today for your appointment Ke. 5-4925 I22 S. Lemon, Anaheim Ke. 5-9227 QI eomeclor specializing in fhe Besf f wwf., O SPANISH AND MEXICAN FOODS CLOSED TUESDAYS "MORE FOR YOUR BUILDING DOLLAR" Befween Anaheim and Fullerfon I25 N. Manches+er Anaheim KE. 5-2l I8 Phone LAmber+ 5'778I SESMA CLEANERS CONGRATULAUONS CLASS of '56 Plm I . fINDRYCLEANING BTaEnaZIff I x Appgovfo Elm bn ff, A- Beia KE. 5- I ' If L ' Cen+er 3819 KE. 5- MEERVICEEWU 0532 "Sooner or Lc:f'er Your Favorife" Vnazinuma IIS, lamrxy' Bus, Kiiystunc S-3529 Ro, KEstonc 5 I I -IFWFI-FR ' l36mlJ,Aggi1TEifT. CONVENIENTI cxizorr FIMLZZLCS Uzucfwz :Suki I 'l'ff1f II Qfffinp llrl N. IViill'i1IlCSIL'I' ,'Iff!fffff'f.uil lhnfw ljffl Inez LOIY Pdfricia ifi1m.mfm '1'imr'miaw W, IIXI1PI.I,EMIiN'I'S VICIOI Inez Loudon I94I Z1 iw mv " 4 I L A ""T'LAATI,f l L 1 5 . , J ' 5 E 1 T 9 Q .gelz QEg:gE3:5E355i55f32E25f52Ef:221,. Haugfazlfalalchne fa 2346 efddd af 7956 PETROLEUM BROKERAGE PRODUCTS TRANSPORTATION J. LEE ROGER Res.: KEys+one 5-649I Office: JAckson 7-I37l I44l E. LA PALMA, ANAHEIM 4622 LINCOLN AVE., CYPRESS 207 Ca ifornia Barber Shop MORRIS and FRANK MODERN -- Am-c:oNorrloNEo 'NSURANCE AGENCY 6 gf BARBERS III Norlh Los Angeles Slreel 3I4 W. Cenler Anaheim ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA Bill Jackson, Owner Phone KEys+one 3-3l88 20 'I We ' I " Yr S -iii 'I I ,' I .Hy " I1 5, 24 Sdfyk , 2I2 Sou'rI1 Afchison S'rree'r KEys'rone 5-6087 ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA The Pioneer Orange Juice Processing Firm of Orange Counfy Our Modern, Sfreamline Operafions of Bo+I'1 Canning Lines and Concen'rra+or EnabIes Us 'ro Guaraniee TOP RETURNS TO THE ORANGE COUNTY OROWERS Whose Iruif we are excIusiveIy processing presen'rIy Professional Di rectory J. NIELS BOEGE, D.D.S. I05 Wes? Sycamore Slreef KE. 5-84I2 ARTHUR C. ELLIOTT, M.D. 624 Norlh Los Angeles Sfreei' KE. 5-46I0 HAROLD C. NESLUND, M.D. 503 Norlh Los Angeles S+ree'r KE. 5-2524 E. H. KERSTEN. M.D. 200 Nor+I'1 Palm Sireel KE. 5-4I I4 HOMER A. NELSON, O.D. WARREN M. HOLLINGSWORTH. O.D. II4 Norlh Lemon Sireel KE. 5-8404 M. GAYLORD BROWN. O.D lol Wesi Cenler S+reeI KE. 5-3607 MARTIN MILLER, D.D.S. 305 Norih Palm S+ree+ KE. 5-978I HOWARD A. TEWS, D.D.S. California Bank Building KE. 5-3986 A. di E. CEAUTY SALON ..,,..... ALEX TAMALES ,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , ALFERNANDEZ OFFICE EQUIPMENT ALLAN, PAUL-SHOES ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ANAHEIM BRAKE SERVICE ., ..,.. ., ANAHEIM BUILDING 8. LOAN ...,....,,, ,, ANAHEIM CARPET AND DRAPERY .... ANAHEIM LOCK AND KEY ...,..,,, . . ANAHEIM MINIATURE GOLF ANAHEIM PERMANENT WAVE SHOP ANAHEIM TRUCK AND TRANSFER ARSENE STUDIO .... .. ..,,...,,,, ........,,,, . BACKS, CAMPBELL 8. KAULBARS ,,,,.,.,,, BAIN'S RICHFIELD SERVICE ,,,,,,.... BAKER'S TV ........,,,,.........,,,,A..,,,,..,,,, BALLARD'S ..,.,,............,, .,,. ...,,, BATON MUSIC COMPANY ..... B. B. G. H. MOTOR PARTS ...., BEEBE, M. E. G. CO. .. .... , ,, BILL'S BARBER SHOP ...., BLACK'S ..........,...,,,.,,, .. BONEY 45. MELETTE ,,,, .....,, ..,,.... BROWN 8. HASKINS A,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BUENA PARK ROLLERTORIUM .,., BUFFUM'S .,......, . ..,,, , CALIFORNIA BARBER . .,.,., . CARL'S DRIVE IN ,.,,, CASEY-BECKHAM PONTIAC ,, CENTER FLOWER SHOP .,.... , CENTER PAINT STORE CHUNKING RESTAURANT A.., CLARlCE'S .......,.,,. CONE BROS. CHEVROLET ,,,, COTLER'S .........., .,,,,,,,....,, , CRISS BUSINESS COLLEGE CROWELL MOTOR CO. ........... . CURTIS RICHFIELD ..... DELCO-REMV ,,,,,,,Y .. DOLLER'S RADIO ,,,, ERMISCH CLEANERS ..,, EL COMEDOR ...,..............,,. ..,. EXCELSIOR CREAMERY .... FARMER'S INSURANCE GROUP .I..,. FIVE-POINT PHARMACY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, FORD, LEAVITT-STUDEBAKER FOSTER, J. R., CONTRACTOR ,A,,, . FOSTER'S FREEZE .,,.,,,...,,.........,.. FOX, H. R. 8. CO. ,,,,,,,,.,......,,,,,,,,.,.,,, , FRED'S HOUSE OF FLOWERS .,., FREEWAY BOWL ,,,,,,....,,A.....,,,,,.,,,,,,, FULLERTON MINIATURE GOLF GANAHL LUMBER ,,,, GIBBS LUMBER GLENN'S CAFE .,,,.. HADERLIE'S CAFE ....,, ....... HADLEY'S RESTAURANT ,,,, HATFIELD CLEANERS ,,,, HESKETH, DEAN ..,,,,,,, ,,.,,, HEYING'S DRUG STORE ...,. HILGENFELD MORTUARY . HOME OIL COMPANY ,,,,,,,,. ,. HOME TOWN PRINTERS ,,,,., HUB FURNITURE ...,... ,,.,.,,,,, HURST JEWELERS ,,,,, JACKSON DRUG CO. .. JUIJS AUTO PAINT ...,,,....,,,,,,, Y,....... JUNGKEIT VENETIAN BLINDS ..., KENDRICK'S JEWELERS .... KIRK, ROY-NURSERY ,.,,,,. KNOTT'S BERRY FARM A,... KWIKSET LOCKS ..,.,,,,,..., .. TO AD ERTISERS 180 177 179 179 180 184 182 180 178 197 192 176 183 182 184 176 204 190 193 176 179 185 178 191 192 209 180 194 193 192 195 194 184 179 187 183 190 198 180 191 206 185 181 195 C02 196 178 198 183 177 194 181 188 177 181 192 196 188 183 197 199 183 180 186 187 191 193 181 195 189 191 LA DONA BEAUTY SALON ,, LAKE'S MEN'S STORE ., LANGSON'S TV . LA PALMA DRIVE IN LEE'S NURSERY , LOLY'S JEWELRY ,... LOVELL'S ., ......,,. , .. ,, LUND 61. SONS PAINTS MAC TAVISH, SANDY-DANCE STUDIO MARIE'S CLIP 81. CURL ,,,, , MARTINIZING CLEANERS MC COY MOTORS MC KINLEY'S . . , MAJOR'S TUX SHOP MARTENET HARDWARE ...., MERRIFIELD TRUCKING M 8. H MARKET MILLERICK, MARY ,,,, MISSION FURNITURE ,. MITCHELL'S , MITCHELL'S BAKERY ,,..,...,,,., ,,.. MORRIS 8. FRANK INSURANCE NADORFF'S HARDWARE , NEFF'S PAINTS .,,., .. NORTHRUP AIRCRAFT , OFFICE BARBER SHOP , ORANGE COUNTY DRUG CO. ORVAL'S ,,.., OWENS, BURT OWSTON'S PAVILLION AT DISNEYLAND PENNEY'S ...... .,.......... ,.,, ..... . . . PETE'S BARBER SHOP .,...,., PICKEL, L. M.-MEATS ,, ,. ., POTVIN'S AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT PRESSEL, ROGERS, G. PRESSEL PROFESSIONAL PAGE ..... QUAST, R, JOE ci SONS .,.,,, RENWOOD STUDIO ....... REX CONSTRUCTION ,,,, RIVER TROUT FARM ROBERTSHAW-FULTON ..,....,,.,,, ,.....,,,,,, ROBINSON, GLEN ,,,,..,,,,,,,,,., ,,,,,,,,,,, , ,, ROGERS, J. LEE-TRANSPORTATION SAVINGS 8. LOAN ,,,,,, SESMA CLEANERS ,,,,,, ,,., SCHULTZ, AARON ...,...,.......,, .... SCHULTZ TOOL 8. MACHINE ,, SEDLOCK'S JEWELERS ......,.Y., SILZLE. E, A. CORP. ,..... , SHIPKEY 8. PEARSON ...,, SKATE RANCH .. .....,,., .. SMITH-REAFSNYDER .... THE S Q R STORE STEFFY BUICK ...,,, , ,,,., , TAUSCH, FRANK ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,, TAYLOR LUMBER CO. TODD'S DAIRY , ,,,,,,,,,, , TOM'S MARKET .,,, VISTA FURNITURE ,,,, WALBURG'S ....,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,, . ..,,.,, , , , WALKER'S HOUSE OF MUSIC WALLACE TRACTOR .. ...... .. , WAYNE'S FLOWERS ,,,, , WEBER BOOK STORE ,,,,,,. , VVILLIAMS SHOE STORE WILLIAMS SPORTING GOODS ,,,, WISSER'S SPORTING GOODS .H YELLIS DAIRY , 206 183 195 205 196 206 190 186 195 187 204 197 201 196 190 177 182 193 178 199 196 209 185 176 204 203 199 198 197 201 196 207 200 199 200 197 210 201 200 200 197 202 200 207 204 206 201 200 187 208 203 203 198 175 194 194 206 187 186 186 181 178 206 186 182 194 195 182 182 , , CK OWLEDGMENTS Throughout the publication of this yearbook the staff had their own special Ul!.f.l'f,flll,l of Tw1m1'mzi'." Always before us was the goal of your completed 1956 COLONlsT. Now our vision has become a reality, but it would not have been possible without the help and interest of a host of people. To Larry Quille, journalism and advertising adviser, go my most sincere thanks for his endless good humor, patience and faith. His encouragement and guidance pulled us through many times of trouble and confusion, and his frequent words of praise gave to each staff member a warm feeling of accomplishment. My great appreciation goes to Lloyd S. Ross, the capable head of the printing department, who worked untiringly in the production of this hook. Arthur Combs, the pressman, also deserves a vote of thanks for the line quality of his work as do the print shop students who contributed their time and skill. Helping with makeup of pages were: lim Anderson, Richard Anderson, Ronnie Carmel, Robert Gordy, Ray Hack, Doug Hawkins, Keith Hughes, George Ivxashita, jesse Madrigal, Chuck Menley, joe Ramirez, Robert Saska, Randall Schwacofer, Don Seney, Howard Vandeveer, lid Villa, and james Winn. On machine composition were Virgil Vlustice, Ray Hack, and Paul Wrird. For the scores of pictures taken for us by the photography department I extend a hearty thank you to Ted XX!ade and his student photographers: aloe Greene, Bernard Heimberger, Don Mallonee, Raul Manrique, and Henry Sandoval. Many thanks go also to the Anaheim Bulletin for the sports glossies they donated and to Arsene Photog- rapher and Renwood Studio for the photographs they took for the activity section. To the S. K. Smith Company go my thanks for the beautiful cover of our book. Too, I wish to thank the Peterson Engraving Company and Bindex binders for the splendid job they did in helping to turn out the '56 COLONIsT. A special note of appreciation goes to the advertising staff: jo Ann Barry, Sally Cordes, Don Haskell, Don Hedden, Karen Lenain, Deanna Leo, Shirley Meger, Dorothy Nadorff, Barbara Swofford, Elias Verdin, and Ianice Gwaltney for their record break- ing sales. Lastly, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my staff. Thank you, Charlotte Hein, associate editor, june Roddam, administration, Marilyn Diebert, senior class, Dorothy Nadorff, junior class, Patsy Anderson, sophomore class, Josie Olvera and Estela Miranda, clubs, Karen Lenain and Carol Gastelum, activities, John Stanton, Terry Tangney, and Ken Cotler, boys' sports, Toni Reveles, girls' sports, and jean Foster, snapshots. It was mainly through your interest and efforts that our "Vi.rimz.r of T0m0rr0iz"' became a reality of today. aaa Jgnvzuzfi C Edilol' ., f KW? , ff wi fffff WZ f ff fm 'Mi fm kv? WA ,v7Am fwf ' wif MM 7 Wf fmf WW-rf 'QW """"""'f'gf X24-47 ,vf?4f1f!9 -M-.,,-Mafg-f 1p7f' ffffjfff 7 407 I ,, ,,', ,, ,,t.1 ,,, 5, ' X f V ,,' J, if fl .1 if 5, ,., ffm fr, , V gjjj' ,f ,, VV xg M' Nw l UAMQNZMN K lonwvq 'WWW Wgnf rf iq QW 'V U J A 9.0 . WM fm W , V ' ip fM"c1 6 Maj! M0 W WWW? lf in 9 , Ao A920 A My 4 'Q www WX M4 I qw Q 7 6 C W WX!! J My ,ff A 4 'W 'WH MKG f Km? W U ' f 7, 7 X0 fz5ffM U0 ff ,fx ,W f My 1 0 W L? 1 My Jumf W in 2 WZ w?f7V 74f'+'f7 QQ W7 R f KW 2, PU 0 if J X V01 ? my if WW U fMZffOQ TMZCWX Q7 MZQMWY MM UMLMM M JW H fl 'Q LW, Mya!! 0' K P9 f jwjfydfgvl f , ! f U gf XL W WH M , M ia 0 Ml W ,fy l fl W! 5 ,IW ,VX LWU M? JJM, M XQZWM if WML Q9 YW WOW Uk U WVK1! f , A if x - fl N ! , 1 f H - ' f K ,f If 0 il W f 1 W Wg QL , ' 7 ff' Q , " - ' 21 I' ff X ' I. f X 'rf I! Rig, X L Q f' J f X gf, xx ,gr U 1 , L . fl A Q M7 MN of W U AMX! W W Q12 ff Mia ,Y W f ff X f J, U W, Q2 9 1 V ' UW IQQQIW zfjvwqw JK Ji W4 31 74 J K 70 421 ffffxaj 176 VV? N in 1 5 ' f J' ' 10 ,Z f L! " f R V 4 y n W , C xi UA M gf, A If 9 ,A mf f y 8 V , A W M690 mow j WWZWW WW f J I ,L . gp. f I N ,we- Q. ' . , QA 5.4 YW: Q ff rw qw fm ma ,, ff V 'KJ 1 "i-3-V , ,W ' V 5 9325: ,, , .252-fu M 1 ' 'fig ww , , . . -N ,iz M353-Q. W 111 X, :.E' : ' ' H1425 if I uf' PM 1' "AHixQS1",1vi V ,Jt2,'f4fI,f1Q"1 x 5" , JZ: 4, ESQ f' , . .fd Y, ,f I XA, vw A w:::z 1 .N , 4 M4 1 N.. . 2.151 'lm . 'W- vs-15" , . :Q ,V ,. ,N 'Gif' 1' 4 iff A my z, ' N ,-7 :Zhu Hr ,.,,, .,,, P wk .,..4., . f 1 , x 1 1- V , . H ...,,, K 6 MX. , I r ?4 'nffw L-aim ,i ,I "f'1'a-P 1 .rw 3- 12: ,.'Q J '7E5iE,:Q -gf. 1 'hzg-25,1 wav . , , K7 H Jfgir'-3, v 1 I' ' . ii ' 1555+- 1 3? ,, Z 5 T3 w 3 Q 1 5 5 5 F E S E 2 E 1 a I. X Z E 51 4 1 Q E 1: 1 a x ,, A 5 E 4 i 5 E 1. H E 1 5 Z f '11 1 'I . n " x, A gf jf -I , fa T if , , Awgwlf W Orff? T I U W TQQEEMQJQZ Www ff'ff,.Wf'm My m Q7 ' ff A 1 , ,aff if wi F C4 E ,WWWMA if ,fu W W WM KTM-Aff WW K , X mf' fqqff 4' 27 ff W wf3W Q Ei AwC W , .M ag J NW 'Qmwi '95 F f Qffffqgfn , My WM FCTQN' FMC . IWSMAV, WV' qaAp,v1,4f", 'fn fx xggsfs Q X ,AQ qffffgjf I Msuffffwif My gs .W J Q' I f N xfX n,i pf: , .QF ,ff ff ffl QA -ggi J CJ fic f -L Xa mf A 'xy f W 6 ' 'K I 'gb er if J r T 3Qf'f -A . JM 1 f , A A i P f I wr QW X ,ff L WW HI' fm ff? A if 76 fy ,, fn ' Vffft VW W M4 ff swf df Q ' M Q fa 4' ws , LLM!!! Ng 0 A f-fm 34+ L P L 4 as

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