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, gf z vm. 1' Qfviy, ,.A U V. xt!-. 3' N x. 1 W.. mf: '. 1. he .,-- X' .- .M rg 1 '52 'Q f F 3 w ? 4. 5 IX .. TU. E14 51 ,, 1.15, 17 I Q yan 'HL- W ,W ,Q V W, ., .,- xl, , '1 '. fx 1K f.g,: . 5' I .xv .vf C. in lg , Jin' . VM if .Liga QQ' 'QQ fr? ' W ,,,, . 11" V. GM Qi 1 3' J-. , Nilg ,,,i er'- . E. .Q- nf Fil iv L. ,I gt Y 5 , L ff F ,, ,Q Y, I ,f A ' Y I, 2, ' 1 mf ,A ,. ,.f,.M, V :wtf N -5' , cf' .1 iq' 'L - .' , , , ,, Fi ,536 Y JM, L . ,f,r5. ,, x., "1 ,, 1,,i A Ns- .Y -.mfg , ,g,.., "VL .li Y' .1 ' nf' 'J , ' I L L, F , , A ,Q fx , .. '-A 1 .' , X 1 ' r, V 1 , A. 1 v VX We ,r ' VC glggggggdf J W 'M6Q N-.AUNL V W my W VX 966 6 r Y V 1 4 ,Mp gas YN A x f xfx 'XM' XULILAX qi ,7 X. w V , F lf Af QP X it ff ,Bw gf QQ- J W if E U ,, M Q' Sv W W .1 W 6 -iii 'my . wg. 1 X f v ,ffl 4 v,,,f 0, 41' X JU-f NIL! ,-w I ix' V' JV ,K H :A 'JM 'I F Y V -. 1 A in Qi , -4 - . ' 1 w Q 219 f f ' Y ' 7 1 f R N , ' ' i 2 , 1 ' lu' ' Aw' UF V f 5 l V - K' , ' 5 f '7 1 V".,' JU' lj'-df ,-7'! ' nmll VAX! J ,MM . J f , ' Q ,,-I-f 7 Q A2 f N2i7f Ti 'L' fm I. ,nr v X , ,, x, V .. Q K xi, 1 F Wy JL . ,K , ,V G gi" Rf PHL11 he H1 If 'lyk " ' ' sl .1 J X J I J 1 N. J X J 1450 Nl ' xx ' .J ' ,N F71 JQJ M fi X 'K 1 K A W "' ,P N, v W h SJ A, ,J wi 1 . ,7 A AJ .. .J 'J X4 The tuclent 0 , ', ., I' R.. , Q -fp Ana eim Union Hi 11 CK xixys 1 Xi xg, xg, ,, .sl w ...x ,, J N , - I . .9 ,Nl v, I . xj- , ,I 1 A 4' E' xv X J -.-f X. Q xv' 1' f K-1 xx J J U x J J . 1 3 K1 , Ns X3 X .1 f , rx 'A--- v Q . tj , A 'f ,A 'f Pi ' "' tsl ,YWWX , I ,V x J' I . i ii' A 4 'N , A' 'r V G' is L . V1 , I I Vr re . W , A VY W, i 6. Y mv. aL VOLUME XLH ANAHEIM, C,,ALll?ORNIA JUNE, 195 Qibf , ?QQ1?ff .j' M Mari, WWW Cgzciigdft 2 ?l- F frm WMKQJJAJ QWWA aw! A X W Q 5? 55535 31 W X ,V 13 tw- CCDNTEIXITS f QQQZ wiffgiwmw L HQ WM j Vfffm' EXW vfsfwjw book Q 1 one Q!! lwolz Iwo lxgxl 0 ,7 X--I ff K 5 GA Q Oul' cm ax fi fl V2 xg? Q5 6 ok ig! CQ N A' J :me 5045 'W K flr' 1 r e 0 U 4 I X , 5 I i C - f i Q 92 , 1 o,. dpfik . 1551 ' I X , L08 Q3 gigvgkl .. I K XX 0... Aix Dedication . . . In recognition other remarkable and devoted service to our school, we the seniors ot Anaheim Union High School dedicate the T955 Colo- nist to Mrs. Faye Kern Schulz. Atter graduating from Anaheim Union High School, Fullerton Junior College, and the University of South- ern California, Mrs. Schulz started her teaching career at AUHS. ln her 33 years ot teaching, she has instructed Oral English, Drama, Speech, Social Studies and has been a counselor for three years. This year she is presi- dent of the Colonist Faculty Club. Three other outstanding former students include Thomas Kuchel, U. S. Senator, Charles Walters, Hollywood movie director, and John Shea, Su- perior Court iudge. Mrs. Faye Schulz has dedicated her life to the students of AUHS. iw? , ffgkfyi Sqfg 2 f , M " "' V J' , , A 44 1 ff, ' f H .V " If 5 ,-V. ,4i1fd.x..-V - ,V W- I-gg I 'K RS. FAYE KERN SCHULZ 0116 49 A awk in 4 m ,Wyrw ' nwyffzm , ,qgf rf y ,. ,fm 4 ,. ww ' ,JW 1 ' Q X , xr " ,V iris' ' . -f,,,.4 fm, f 'J . A f-:Wi-"li' 'L :,Qg,,5H:,,fwv4g' w , X 7? f .. - W V L w , ' A 4 -.Nw "VI '. W' f" - ' ' I . K- -24:,,l.52g" -kiid v ' - .Jaw . .,,2+ X,mffa1egg:'Gf4vfRgA , W, - ' .. M 4:,,.x,, ,k,.,, ,. JM, , ., ,, 1 ,. ,, ,,, W SU : :Mu ' - " -If 'wiifhmiif SQ :FL ' X . ,, 5 fgwzil'-:-A aff L L , my-:,:4.X'ff'a 2:5295 ' - Q- EQQEZQQ ,QVAQQQQELQQ ' Ag Q . " h XaJ,,.psf-'A rg, 3 ?i 5 2T?S2Y" 'A . - mf L , mg 1-3 1' - 1 A , " T RAT I0 . X RAYMOND B. TERRY President BCARD OF TRUSTEES The job ot the school board seems a thankless one. They are paid no salary tor hiring teachers, budgeting the money tor the school, and deciding a policy. Their work is sometimes unknown to many of the students but should be recognized and appreciated by the community as well as the students. We would here like to thank them for services given. Public schools are a heritage ot our Ameri- can way ot life. Through them we enioy a better standard ot living than is achieved in any other country in the world. Our public schools afford man the opportunity to grow and develop, to increase his assets according to his energies and capabilities, to receive moral as well as material benefits. We as trustees have this responsibility: To make good, loyal American citizens ot our young people. Our aim should be harmony and cooperation, and abiding faith in our tree enterprise system. RAYMOND B. TERRY X ALFRED A. HOLVE REX L. COONS LOIS D. WARWICK ROBERT C. CAWTHON .Kgs Q X T 2 i r f N if , f ,-1 .V f 1 C 0' iff -.fu pf , w -'W fa A, , f, 4,-Q n,vf-, 2' f, S PAUL H. DEMAREE District Superintend nt Congratulations to the Class of l955, the first class to graduate from this school as a senior high school! This tact is another indica- tion that Anaheim Union High School is con- tinuing to develop into one of the largest and best high schools in the state of California. The class of l955 has contributed much to the reputation and prestige ot our school. This annual will remind you of your many friends and the varied experiences which you had while aColonist. My sincere wishes for your continued success. PAUL H. DEMAREE Superintendent L. FRAN K KELLOGG Colonist Principal l esteem it an honor and a privilege to con- gratulate you, the class of l955, on your outstand- ing record of achievement. ln every respect you have lived up to the fine traditions established through the years by graduating classes of AUHS. Under the leadership of your student officers you have established a new high in the quality of student government. In sports you have played a maior role in winning championships in varsity, "B" and "C" football as well as establishing Anaheim High School as the favorite to win the coveted all- sports award of the Sunset League. In music and drama your achievements have been no less mem- orableg and your citizenship and academic accom- plishments have been in keeping with the most cherished traditions of our school. lt is my hope that your future success will be on the same high planeg and the courage, determin- ation and good sportsmanship that you have dis- played at AUHS will continue to be your personal attributes in the years to come. L. FRANK KELLOGG, Principal LOIS B. WHITTINGTON Vice Principal and Dean of Girls Planning and rearranging the girls' schedules tor the coming year was one ot the dean of girls un- tiring iobs, she also gave advice tor many of the girl's problems concerning home and school. These were connected with her administrative duties ot stu- dent attendance, citizenship, and the placing ot sub- stitute teachers. These duties and responsibilities were handled by the expert hands ot Mrs. Lois Whittington, dean ot girls and vice-principal. Vic - Principal Richard Ryan was Anaheim's new vice-principal and dean of boys this year. Mr. Ryan has accom- plished many things for Anaheim High in his 25 years ot teaching. This year, he had control of the merit system, discipline, detention, and helping the boys with sched- ules and counseling them. He also had charge of the audio-visual equipment. Mr. Ryan took care of his duties and responsibilities very capably. RICHARD RYAN Vice Principal and Dean of Boys ADMINISTRATION Clyde Nickle Ralph Kingsbury Henry Walsworth Assistant Superintendent Attendance Supervisor Maintenance Supervisor Wf VWR Qvavibvekr' ww'-'M M Q t , Sally Becker Elsie Brooks Betty Marr ACCOUFWOHI Accountant Accountant R Q 5 t g Mika-A Margaret Block Velda Forbes Frieda Gay June Mackey Secretary Secretary to the Superintendent Secretary to the Principal Secretary 14 --rf? wdy 1' '1 FACULTY CLUB OFFICERS lleft to rightl Philip Erlgebretson, treasurer: Faye Schulz, pres- ident: Larry Quille, vice-president: George Hanley, secretary. Colonist Faculty N W, A ww yy x -:7. 71 L ' .A M 1 A N fr:-:S-f-sf. ' 1. ff: A '-'r 4 X , 1 Spb.-vw--. , Q sf ,i .s f Qi A .,W1+,YW ff-rs ii -- ,X m':'N'f X 411: .aw .L fffzff' Q , X 1 X Q X ' Q 1 Ny 5 1 A N X 5 N N 4 K X Qi 1 M . . 5 : P V Lf - 3,-fs: V ' ff: f X A g J. - , X Q' .x- , is J A ws im Kg , ,f - . W Nw 1 A A is , f Q slfmgga f ss ., - ,:-. 1 1, ,, Z was , - X X as A . .. ,. ,V Nw., L,LL..,. if Y , H 4 4 is as Q X rf Q XL V 5 4 A f i K V 'N fx 5 Q9 A X.. iN 5 MV? if: .-.. . . 2 A MX s f.'Nwf'-isp: his , .Aga wsifmfgg 4 M 3 MX N:-2-v-si GEORGE D. ALLAN KEMUEL ANDERSON ELIZABETH ARNOLD G. c.naEALE GENEviEvE BENNETT Mech. Draw., Phys. Ed. Physics, Biology HOINQ FIC, Milih. U. S. History English, Lntin i W ..-ms 'E LOUISE BOOTH CHESTER BRAMLETT REBA BROWN LOIS CLIFFTON CIRQJQYEHEOS,-as Drama, Eng,, Public Speaking Sr, Problems. Counseling Librarian English ' W x- :faux Qs...-'ff RALPH E. CONISTOCK WILLIAM A. CO ill' 5 r W M, 4 2 fa, ff Q OK JACK W. COPENHAVER EVERETT COWSER CHARLES D. COX Driver' EJ., Cade-ts AIIISIC, TVIIIIIS I'Nl'L'l1Ch, Spamizsh Drive.-1' Ed., Athlwtic-s Commerc-e 1 Q YW H , z -Hg I 3 V I, :hgh 5. X '3 k I , . W JOSEPHINE DERIGO GEORGE J. DE RUBEIS rwl.-' Phi' N -A ' A .II N 55, IMI. ?, NORNIA ELLIOTT Girls' Phys. ELI. DORA GENE GOLDER I'lr1L4IisI1 Q Q. H+ LAI bhop PHILIP ENGEBRETSON Iformulmwzwfi' HELEN GFIUENFELDER Hill! IPHII 'IYPJIIII IVIIXRY HEINLEIN MASON SHELDON DISRUD Vocal Music 4' ' fx .n ..,, A ,, R V 4329-ww " 5 4' '2 ,f 28452 . ' fff:Ew5fgf' , fm.. 1 f W 'W Z I if SOWRX . Q f . K -.J V Q ".f.W f. Y Y W , W, -E S ex A 'f ws A . E. ' A RALPH W. FOCHT M:1Ih,, H1-llim' Svisllmvf- GEORGE T. HANLEY I'HlIIIll4AI'l"' SIIIIIX' 'I-1 . K I .II X 'xuultmf 5' . ,ran ff- . nuff V L A 'I -1 J. HENRY JOHN DRENNAN G+.-n+'r:-nl Shop NIAXINE DU COTY XYOVIJ Hislory, Counseling HERBERT L. GLEASON RICHARD GLOVER Inns, English, XYo1'I4jI History ltoys' Phys, Ed. LELAHND O. HANSON C. GEORGE HEDSTRONI ' '- 11.-nfl. Sviu Clmvxn., Math. ww- 'Pix IVIILDRED HOIEN VIRGINIA HUFF If-...fA, .mu mu xx..m lm-1.,lw t'm111swIillu' xx 'urhl Ilistury, Illls. IGIIEIISII SIIIIIIISII, k'uul1s4-ling' .mrflwff wi' ' w ,cw 'I ' 1 L I . f 'rw, ff Q Www I ' ' V I ,I I I if M 1 I -I '4 I ' ily.. . ! - Fw' , V ,A -Q ,nwar-n, -I E- N , Q hu 1 . . ,,, , 4 - .,... '4"""" ' M! W, M, f I, ,f f - I g " "K l A I . , ..., . - X. . S WILLIAM P. HUNSTOCK English, Buys' Phys, EIL HOWARD MESSAMER XVUUII Shop Assistant 1,IIPI'1ll'iFIIl LLOYD S. ROSS Print Shop RICHARD G. JACKSON MHQII, Draw., XVOofI Hlmp F f.Av ggi? I DOROTHY PECK ff' ., .,..,,,g FRED W. JETER S. L. KEITH KATHLEEN MC FAUL U. N. I-Iistury Iioys' Phys. PIII. INI111111-Ilwl MA 4472 '- - 0 if I , 9 K XI.,1 Isl I 1,4 , i2','f"f1z.:f,, 6 JA' X I f i,-Qf w w- 4,9 X .QM W Q 1 ...W f I M ...ww MWTT5Lx M 5 RJORIE PIBEL LARRY W. QUILLE WILLIAM V. RICKEL . ' 'UlUl'II'y SVIIIHI' l'Ir1uIisIu, .Im11'l1:uIism SV. I'I'uIl,, I'1IlIIl?44'IIIIg WI ? I 2 2 3 W 4 I 'QQK I FAYE K. SCHULZ BUFORD W. SMITH JOSEPHINE D. SNYDER NEVA SOLT Sl: I'V0IvI1-ms, Voulusmelingr 1-Elec-I1'if-ity, U. S. Histwvy Gil-Is' Phys. EII. I Imuw I+h-ommmics ' Suhr-W C. A. VAN HOOREBEKE TED WM. WADE BARBARA WALKER JOHN WALLIN ELIZABETH WEBB Driver Ed., Boys' Phys. Ed. Crafts, Art, Plnotogl-apln' Home Economics Boys' Phys. ELI. Nursu I I I I I I I OSBORNE WHEELER LOWELL T. WILLIAMS VELDA B. WORTHY GEORGE H. ZENTZ History, Counggliug Auto Shop Mathematics Spanish, Musik- Ii? W s 1 A vi? 2.3, Q , W9 .. V K l 5 K? 1 " l is Hull! 1 4 i l li t if i l 1 E if 1 L lf- g L 3 . V 1 2 -4 T me ltr? . , ix I ii' Z STUDENT CABINET fleft to rightj Row 1--C. Logsdon, G. Hawkins, Z. Fort. Row 2-D. Lee, W. Henry Stephenson, adviser L. Frank Kellogg, B. Lambeth, and B. Knox. STUDENT CABINET Our executive body, the Student Cabinet had many rough iobs this year. The most important iobs were the clean campus program, assemblies for next year, elections for next year, planning pep assemblies, the revampment of the service club program, and th sponsoring of many dances. They also attended the Califor- nia Association of Student Council meeting. One of the most exciting extra curricular activities was the sponsoring of the students for the Gene Norman Show on TV. These iobs were all efficiently handled by our student body officers. STUDENT OUNCIL Student council members laced many problems this year. The main problems were clean campus and the punishment ot taking away f s , is recreation periods. 3 iii They also had charge ot service points and amending the constitu- tion. Under the excellent supervision ot Mason Henry the group handled all ""' problems very tavorably. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS fleft to rightj Row 1-W. Henry, president, FI. Hermann, vice-president, adviser Mason Henry: M. Beach, secretary: and S. Morris. sergeant-at-arms. YS Xl :Qa " Q ss- 4- W-,hw hi M . 'Vi I . ii , O - - s - ' 1' xf , .5 , .i I K s I HL . N A fy, ,, 1 . . ., A I 4' 5 .. sf, 1. .xi K gi- X wsfx 1 its i ., . - x ,fu s . -, ' f 1' A - 'K R STUDENT COUNCIL fleft to riqhtj Ftow Ie-K. Nmthup, E. Duvall, J. Jones, L. Santi. J. Ferguson, A- Lil1dgi'en. S. Boutcher. M. Miller, K. Eldred. Ffovv 2-M. Putter, B. Wheivwi, H. Aguilar, I3. Bt'l'l'iI!I1, M. Olvvia, B. Rohm-rson. D. Sonnie. Row 3-A. Slabaugh, K. Brand. E. Bruhns. K. Schmitt, J. Baker, J. Blue, S. Morris. H, lflnffnvi, F". P--if-z. Row iIfR. Hermann and adviser Mason Henry. fir. 1 STUDENT COURT Student court, being the low enforcement body ot Anaheim High, had the iob ot discipline. The biggest iob this yeor was concerning the cleon ccimpus pro- gram. They also had the iob ot com- pulsory detention, the giving out ot demerits tor misconduct, ond the punishment ot all ottenders. These iobs were oll token core ot smoothly by the justices, C. STUDENT COURT OFFICERS lSitting3 C. Walker, Chief Justice: rstnndingl Richard Ryan, adviser. N in Q ' if in I I .,,, I ' , W 11, K , 'P Q - -. '!:f5 'l S '- V ' Q ! 'tif' " f -L sf 2 STUDENT CQURT fleft to righty Row 1-Z. Fort, M. Matejka, K. Cordes. K. Anderson. C. Walker. and Richard Ryan. Row 2- A Story, J. Bultena, S. Schafer, and W. Beach. SUP COUECTORS 1 X 1 V' .. 1 ,,. 4 Nz 5 X .. :- wt . . ,, L-3 3 -If 7 , is s , Q. , , nf-' ww Shown above taking absent slips is Ralph Kingsbury from fleft to rngnty B. Roberson, D. Rouland, V. Schneider, and L. Stec. 4 NN X XNWNXN.. f 7 wwssw, OFFICE HOSTESSES rleft to riqhtj A Vrcsterhy, 2? wr' f f NNN-Q x ' awww swxx hi gg . If-qu, Nl Mmm'- 4? ra 4 V. 2rl1lu-lnlvl' Nl Z 1 Mk - S . S 1 1 NY Ring,-, J, Teague. Nl. Diebert. JA SCl1.1ff0r, DA Wi Ilinms an CAFETERIA STAFF Y . .323- F 5 1 !!,A, M ,,,w,..,M-- Z . Y V ,, 1" ' ' , 2 MW" V' 'wt f' 73,2Q,2f1!x1?ff ' mn f I , , fi W SM if T x 4 's 7 A as V 2 , , y, . E 2 f fx THERESA HERTZLER Cafeteria Manager X g J A NJN- '? f I ,, .,,....., , , , ,A i 0,17 .. F , V r A WM ' 1 sa J I i X.. 1 I M ,- .F BARBARA MAKINSON CAFETERIA STAFF fleft to rightj Row' 1-I.. Collins, T. Hertzler A. Kidwell J. Parsons Dieution M. Hardy,.P. Merriman, B. Gillett. Row 2-G. Ricker, W. Stankey,YN. Overmyer, M. Sterba, and D. Helnze. i MAINTENANCE STAFF I . W. . I 5 'IW H' W i L S I x i L LOUIS HAMANN Book Store Manager 'N' , un.- CUSTODIANS fLeft to rightj Row 1-L. Hamann, H. Fledderman, E. Rose-berry, R. Roberts. ALEX DUTZI L. Crosson, R. Fatchett. Row 2-R. Cox, H. Rarnrn, R. Hein, R. Murphy, W. Wick, E, Ass't Book Store Manager Req'-laffh, and T- PBUEFS- 23 ,. asv? 'F R 3,5 jj? mfg my by Eb 545 New bool? two K5 A,,.f ,fy V K .-"' ,,-f"' CLASS ,,, , , 4 W Z.. www ,Z WL 1 ARNHDA AGUILAR CHRISTINA AGUIRRE GERRY ALLEMAN RALPH ALLEN CHARLENE ALVEY Howie- I-104111. Blujwr Coiiiiii-Jiwial Major Latin Vlul. Yursily VOOllifHll GAA Tri-Hi-Y Girls' Glev 1-luiiie-iimliim: lllzljoi' l'o1m111-1'f'i:nl lflull Yuri Aluwliinv: Sliup Flag Twirlei' Z 3 English Girls' T.:-zlgiw Tri-Hi-Y Math Mnjoi' Art Major PAMELA ANDERSON ROGER ANDERSON BEVERLY AUCLAIR l,ill1':1I'5 tflul. llsliul 3 yrs Slllv-Il:-lug English Auto Slmp Tri-I-Ii-Y Sllllflill Srmliws Major Mllsir' M:3jor Lpliigiingw Mnjoi' WILLARD HENRY Student Body Vice President 96 GOLDIE FBARCHENGER l.ln:lu li .H Xlwlli llwlf-1 llmlm Afwwlx Vw' lillll "llll- 'I iv L, QMS! ANITA AVALOS JUDITH ANN BACKE BETTE GAYLE I:sArxl:R H1-ml' lie-mil llwiw- li-Ami. Rlnjui' Cmiiiiil-i'ci:1l Mujoi Slwilll Slllllilv AI5ljl'V llnrls' lil--1' Mnlli Rliljkwl' l"'IIH1I1'I'1'i2Il Nryiw' llusinl-ss I-Iiiulisli Girls' Leaguo M GARY BARNETT JANE UALHVIANN MICHAEL BEACH DON BEBEREIA llmifl flnflp Xlwilly 1'-luruvvvwii I ll Xlcul-lv IZ-.LIU-lligill l:1l'i--nllllllw llllllmil pil will- 'llsl-gm Ilvvlw- Iillllu llsuiilul llllllll 1'IlllI VVX l in ill Iflrlll 'l'.,,,,, Imllisum Vluill Stull.-nl Umlux-'il .llntu Sli-wp Bw W 'mu SALLY BEDFORD NED BELANGER VIRGINIA BENGOCHEA l:1Ivr:1ry1l-'I11I: Yrnrsily Trzufk 2 yrs. Ninth .Q I'I1IsI1sI1 Mnjflr Nvfylul h1'lv'l'14'1' Mnjur 'Ii Sxx'I111rr1111g Ilulwr Sw-i.-ry Honllg EIJUI1. Aliljljl' Srwigrl Sri:-1109 Jlujrur Ylma I'rm--s L'sI1v1wA1l.A5 wg gi, y RIQHA-RD BIELEFELD XJHAII5' IA41rwIIr:lIl x?lI'SIlY ,X 1InlI. SHARON BERGESON JEANETTE BETTINGER 1WvrmxI--1'vi:uI VIIIII IM111111-'Iw'IrlI 4'Iv1I. cl1I'i+4-1' Ihm'II1'Ig VIIII.-'SH-. I11 ' lsnu- ss Xluywl' l'n1u1n-11-f-I:II Mnjor 'I'ri-H1-Y 111111-I-1' 2 yrs. U -we '13 A . .3 . " .Y MINNIE Y. BIGGERS BOB BIRCHER I'1IIlIII'4' Nllrs- s 1'I1II. KI:1II1 KIJIJUI' l,:1IiII l'II1II XIIVII. IVITIXXIIIZ Mui-Il . , lr, 1'I:vss I'I:u5 an A I MWK . , O - I, Q . N xl ' BARBARA LEE BLAKE RICHARD BLOCK LILLY. BLYTHE A ' Trans. C.F. Fremont High Industrial, Arts EUS-'IISII NIIJOI' R.A. Award Power SQXVIIIQ Math Major Ff'1'?11f!'f MUJOI' - -. ml Songleader FHA Varsity XVat-lr Polo Lsllerwttws V F. P ' EGE JOYCE BOKELNIAN GARY BONNER ROSEIVIARY BOTTS RAY BOWLING Bealiagfcggds Business Major Fresh. ck Jr. Pres, 41'fm11111frrQinI Major 'WI'-www, Nm, EO lich NIajOr Home Econ. Major English QQ Music' Major En2'IisI1 Blajclr fX1I'II"' A4 MMI1 Nrxjww Hg ' A Tri-Hi-Y Varsity Tennis L'sI1e1'f?1.t1:s I2nHIifII F.I:IjH1 Drama Club 27 , .......l1- KAREN BRAND KENNETH BRANNON HARVEY BROCKETT DIXIE BROOKS DENNY BROWNFIELD Gfpld SHH1 1g,g1,,-9,- Slmp Mzljm- 'I'1-mm, fl-.Im Srnngwr T1-:1nsI'IA1'y-I-II from FFA Pxw-sid-Am ' IKIUIUIIIQII Cwlcls IILIIII llfljlil' A I':I11pIgIl:1 I'I1ui1' Szfllrllllul High Agl'1CUlI1lI'Q INIHJO1' Tri-Hi-Y Smginl Sunlws Mfljm- I'Im4Iisl1 Blujm' Girls' I,1-:'1g11f- Sm-ial S'i'l4?l'l4Q'6' Major 7, I M. 2 E7 fb, , A , , M I , 170 g S fr, 4, ,V .iw , ,Z.Mg,:,:: g' Q, fx ' Yf Q f' I , I. , f f J 4 EILEEN BRUHNS JOHN BULTENA LEW DAY BUSHEY Senator, Youth K GOVT. Ilzmd II Yan: Iiclslv-IIIIQIII IQ 'I'r:I,f-k ASSY. Edilor, A1101-eumvo Mmh Major Ygrsily A Club I'r'+?sid--nr', Y-Ijolrmwttvs Slurlf-nt IIOIIVI 1 yr. MHII1 Major CAROL LOGSDON Secretary of Records KAY CAPON ROBERT F. CARTER CAROLINE QAgHN-IAN Illuull.-In Xlsuuiwr NIJIIII .X I'Iu.x:lw Xlznulnr Ilsnun-I, Ulf-III-gxfpql Imlln VIIIII ' II:-Y g4q,,,,,1 lq,,,,.,,,l,l,. Hw'I:uI Hlrlfllvz- Hfnpm Vnlafmzl Ixnlgglnls 4I,X X, 'l',, 'Ivy 28 -ANK 1 A ELIZABETH BYLSNIA FRANK CANALES TRINIE CANALES Iinmi llusiuvss Mrmjor Spanish Club lmxm- Iflmm, Nlnjm' It I-'owl-:III HLWlll911I1lkIl1g 1'I-:Ifls Nlnjm- Vross IIUIIIIIVY 'I'1':u'k l1UllIHIlf'I'Qi3I Major A K1 f Nisyx-fi? W f,v4---Wv- - AW , I Rx A3115 I W ki -,I - -.QQ A xii . . V R ILKI , 9 5 MAXERBQ . A A , JAMES NI. CHANDLER JAYNE CHAPMAN Suvixxl Nlmlivs Mujm' I,ilvr:1ry Vlulx I'IIlIJ,IISIl NI:u,i4"' Sub-In-las S4'I4'll4'1' M1ljUl' VII.-X Club uma, .,,.,,,, .,, ........ .. has 7A I' C15 LOIS CLAUSSEN NORIVIAN CLOW KAY COKER JERRY R. COLLIER MIKE COLLINS English N MHII1 Mujm' Suvinl Sviwlwl- Mujm- Tri-Hi-Y .XIIIH SII-Ip lxlgljuy- Smliznl SIIIIIIIN Nlrukifu I-I01101' Sufiiwfy Ym-, 31:11-Ixizw SIIUII Iiym-1151, Axlnnjul- AI.-ml SIM!! Imlmnial 1'lllII AVL l'I1lIv flTIIw-1' IIIAY fxlznlx Alryim Hluwf--I Sxxw-1:--y's1'I1lI, XIII!! Shop f , X 'Q' 1 I f - :H I My A :gig TYLER CONE GARRY F. CONK ART CONTRERAS RIIIIII fXl:ljm' XYIIUII Shui: Mnjm' Suviul Slumllvs XIIILIUI' Iflmxlislu M:1jm' 1' N I1 llusln-lIr:1II Yun: Ifnmllvzull Il yrs, Ii:1l11I I yrs. .JY l2:lHn-Iulll X':1l'. 'IxI'iIl'I'i 2 yrs. Edwin Ig I vw ,ff ,Jw 1'ff 2 PRACTIC E Ego W- S 5 X vw 5 NE COON5 KATHLEEN CORDES LEWIS CORREIA I Annual Art Editor IJIIIIIIW' Teachers P1-vs. Ag1'jCuIu11'w Alujqr Y Mozart Club, OIIICE1' 2 yrs, EHILLIISII Mkljfll' A31'1l5IIIUII"' SVIIIIIVII Anoranco Staff I"OI'PI,EI4Il Lmmguage Major Auto Show T' IN IVIARIE ANN DARGATZ SHERRYL DAVID WILLARD DAVIDS JAN FQCLIYR?-xsilgiugluggl yrs. Eflitor ,-Xlmlwm-'u, .Xmxunl GAA Iiowling Pllllw ON Laugl?ai6CfPfEV YM.. Xyater Polo 2 Yrs- GAA Yip-E I'1w--s., NI:1xx:'I9.:'-H' Drill ',F1,'1II'lI I,:1111IwI:1 Sig'm:v 'Choir' var, A Cum, 2 yrs, Tvi-Hi-Y Ibrxw-I 2 ws, 'lm-H1-x Ilnglish K Mmm xuf.j,,1 29 .aswgy DONALD DAWSON CHARNIAINE COLBURN CAROL JEAN DE WITT FRANK J. DORETTI Jr. RICHARD DUHAMEL Boys' Glwj- '1'y'fm5, f1-0111 1JI'2ll'1Ll'P 1"-,f111111w1'r,'i11l Wyvllllb lCn,Q'lish N Mslfh Major Auto SHOP 2 YV5 Roxxliug Club 'FI-wus, 1'UlHlllf'l'C'11L1 Blujor 1,'mu1n--r-'izrl Major Yur. Foolluflll rt linswlmll Metal Shvlr' Social Studiws Mujor Vrmmmr-1w'i:.l Ululs Iinglish Mzljwr Yur. A Y.P, Mvch. Drawing Z0 GERRY DUPUIS ELDENORA DU VALL CORNELIA DYKSTRA 4'o11m1v-rcisrl Major A 1':+,p1w1lu GA.-X S12 yrs., TrifHi-Y G.-XA, Sub-l'li-Tvs Stu-Irfnl Cmmcil Euulish Major Tri-Hi-Y, L'shcfrfAIlr-S English Major rFI'2lNS. lbrsmlwnn Collwge DON LEE Student Body Treasurer ,1 R A :,.. .. , . gr 2 DEANNAQEMERSON TERRI EMERSON WAYNE ENSMINGER Trzlns, trum IGI llum'-ho Trans. from El Hxuwcho Ynr. XVurer Polo I-'IIA Music" Rlnjur Yur, Football Nuph. Yr, l'.S.V. Hmmm- N1-mu, Nnjm' Cadet Blajor 'W ' WW . V I X 0 RICHARD C. ES-TRADA DON EVVAFZT JI, DONNA FAHNESTOCK MARK FAUROT IZ X' 4 Iwmlhsull Hun-l:uI Hlluln-gb: Xlnlm Vrllurm-l'vi:1I 4WlI'V IQIILLIINII Mniur V ':"1l"", 'H NWIVH Hlwl' Iizmfl l, if, II, .K I !4m'ml Sunliv- Xlwiur ' x Mllvf Hhvnp J ,r, ,klmllvw ,Jwgf Xlwlm 1..1l,, 1.1114 slum Lulrblllhl lllliv JAMES FEARN Sm-izxl Stlldivs lfllfllifll Mnjm' tnluulsl Ululr 5, DLQK FEAZEL ' MARYANN FEFIRELL JACKSON FINCK FRED FISCHLE ROXANNA Flscl-ILE ',""i'I 5lII1lI"S MHJUI' Huulw lflwill. Ssjwizil Sludivs Major Colonist IQIIILQIIIS 4'UlI'llIl'lI VHMIS , 4 UIUIIISI I IIIII IGIILIIISII Auto Sliop HI S.-nior Play Blxilh N I'f11g4lisI'1 Alfljlil' 1'-UU' NNW I'OlIlIlI'!I'1,'lI,ll Major Ynrsity Football ltzislc-etlmll, 'IU-imis SIIIVIPIII IVHIIIIVII 1 yr. . ,x,.. K ,E .li A , g ms K .r - M. ,.-an 'U M ,rx at Q 55" w. 'f N if KATHAFIINA FIX DOROTHY FLUEGGE JOANN FORST Vwiiiliu--nw-i:1I Blnjm' Iiil-Iv N ,XVI VIIII- I"IIlX S.-I-I1-ui UIII1-wr' Hn1nv111:uIil11:' Mujul' IIHIIIII' Sm-I4 I5 I-Iisullslu KI:uj-Ir 4311-lg' I,-:auxin ICIIQIISII It XVI Mfijin- Homi- lljf.-ii, Algiiny ,r S Qui 73 N 'Zi . x I X ZOE FORT SHIRLEY FRANCE BILL FRENCH ' I -I ' 1 Sec. Safety K XVelfarQ Junior Play Yar. Basketball 22 yrs. I I Colonial Coe-ds FHA Senior Class Vice Pres. ' English Major Coinmercial Major Varsity Ye-Il Lllader I .L X- . 'i ' , I K N 'M A N , SEK? A X K 1 imp X, 'ww .ff M se if sr ' LCS AN M FRISBY NIABEL JEAN GAGE PETE L. GARABITO BONNIE QARRISON t SHIRLEY GAYLER N0R'V'h Drag-ma Llgjor FHA Oiiicer XYoodsliop EugI1S'h lx Lgitm Major Coinin-Qrc-i:iI Major M303 qhop Blgjgy Home Econ. Major C Football TF1-H1-E OITICQI' Music 30210 QLGun Club Usherettes Auto Shop GAA Girls' League 31 M, -51 ,, , Xl A.,: , L if M, ' A Ji S wwf X 9 a g. I AW ,ww I , ii ff' ?, 4 X .I ,gf may JOHNNY GEORGE JANICE GERBER A llll Il GXX N N SYYLVIA GAYLEFI Cl-lu11'll-1-l1'i:ll 3l:1jll1 Tlwllls. l'l'll1il A Ill' Il-- Mllsic' Cvluilll- l'l:lss Volllll-ll Girls' lwalmllf- SC'Il'II1,'i' Nliljlll' ' U, ,,.,.,, .IlllIllrI' Play Hlllilvl' Sovivly q -. 'am ' . , " f 1 f bmw mm CHERRIE GOFF LUPE GONZALES l'lmlllllAili-i:ll Jlnjoi' XYJIV. Ltslsl-Il:lIl -l NVQ Yil-le l'l'Hs, Sllll-D-ills Sl-ly X',ll'.2i1y ,X Vllll FILLA. Y.I'. GAA XY Y , 1 , .2-1.7. " , ,, ' ,Maxam f f f , All :..g ,ly fl -- -- -,il Z 1 ,Val -' 9? lllill hlllup Blflhllll ,, .W ', f viz' 1 1 0 inf f fl.. 2 I ff .iff 1 X f f ,Q , fi rf A I Q ff f ff' fy, Q, 4' f 1 f 3' X f a g f f f ff , I 1 f f , f 5? , f 4 , 'LL f fff' I 3 4 4 Z ' ff Q ff 1 I, I ,, f -z Q2 f , fm f ff 4- ' ' Q , V , ',5'i , 1 I f, may I ' V- " f z , 1 X W , ,vi X 4, , 9 . 1 f W I f I BUDDY KNOX ,, I 'f f. 1 I .ff if 51 f 441177 KK f I I 4 Secretary of Student Affairs fini qv A an f ,Z FERNAND GOULET lillullsllr Nlzlljfll' I Nil'-pil bl llllll-S Nluxllll Xlsllll Xlfljlll' NANCY GIBBONS Ellulisll 3I1ljO1' Sm'-izll Htllllivs 3I?ljfll' Girls' IA'PlH,'ll1' I JEANNE GILLETT l-lomw Evlln. Major' English Blkijlll' 'omliiei-llinl Majol' IVIIQKEY GOUYD , . . f-.,. -H JUDITI-I GRANT MAR X ll lllllllmll, Il.llll .I XIH 'l'l"lllf Ill-lil lllllllill I ll Ol l lllfllll l IIlllI1I4 lll- Ill GARET GFIAVLEY . . LZ' ll will-sll':l ' G ' " Q ' .XII Nlslj--l' llulli-A livoli. Major 54'l'II"I'1Ki Ifllulirll Nl:l.illl' l'1IlLIlI?-1II Klzljlll' I"H.X lIiIIl"4'l' X w V9-477 vi ,f Z I if C? 1 .,, ,.gl,,,,,, :1f,pfp'r 191 UPL lr 'I flfll'IGFi1VPIJF PATRICIA GFIIIVIES PAUL GFIOVEFI NIYRA LOU YQUNIQI-Q -, ,mx ,,ll,!,, lvl W I, Nl lllllnl-I ,lIil.Il llrliln Xllllllill Hlwlillll Ifllillll ,XII l'lI" I"llulIl:IlI Ilfnuligll Xlgllln' ,l,, ,.,, ,,,., xl. . l, lil, ill! l...,.l.l,.',. slnll slllllplll lmlll-l 'ln-lrlllw' ' ,,,l ,,,,ll,l l,1l., XI llll Nlillll Iillygll.-'Il Xlsljlll' Iillgliwll Nlnjlll' gl,l,,ly,.l,x 5,595 'YY '-qgffglf GUENEY THOMAS L. GURNEY ROBERT cuss JOEL HABENER WALLY HAHNE V."N?t" lam llllfl A-lE1'1c'1llIui'v Aliilh Major Yziix 'l'r'm'li N llqiskwllrzull Auto SHOP MHJUVI' Xlllslff U0UQ2lHt lUlllIll4'l'f'l2ll Msijoi' Sor"i::l Stuflit-s lllnjm' Flows. Vvirlriwiiisl liiiiglils ,xll-lzil Sli-wp Mzljwl' f UU' 5h0l', 1' I' A 2 yrs. Nur-irul Stutlit-s Alzijoi' 'Hi-'Y Msllh N Sciviirw- Mujoi' Slrw-t Sxxww-1wi's "" ' ,if as YW. f " ' aw ,, I ,4,,-.nur E r J -s le. Af ,-- ir 1 . N I JOE ANN HANNON KATHLEEN HARDY KEITH HARVEY Sul'-ln-hs rl'l'ilIlS, I'rmn lCl l1JlIIf'lllD K1-5 Vlull f'UlIlIlll'I'1'i!ll Vllllr l'lw-s. Umiiviio-1'v1:uI Mnjm' l.:uml1il:n Higmxu GAA Hu'il1'lllum:ui'4l rapt-i':ilo1' rlllllll fllnjm' L N ' V V i 2 I ff 1 I f t DICK HATHCOCK GARNET HAWKINS MAFKYYTNTNMTIEAD ' Spanish Major Annual Assoc. Editor Girls' League Sec. " ir- English Major Sec. Girls' Athletics Sub-Debs Sec. ' Var. Football 2 yrs. GAA President English Major X K X M I3 ,7- DICKSIE HEUFEERN LESTER HVEINECKE LEROY HEITMAN LAWRENCE HEMPHILIE Boss: HENDER English Major Machine ishop 2 yrs, Vai: Football 2 yrs, lmntl Sub-Delis P1-Rsi.?.g1T Science Major Voc. Machine- Shop 2 yrs, Math Mnjoi' Uni-liust1'R g,u',9tV mud Xy,,1l1QN,H Latin Club XVood Shop 2 yrs, Varsity A Trensiiiwei' Soc-inl Studie-s Major GAAL 33 KATHLEEN HENRY WILLARD HENRY RICHARD HERNIANN HENRY HERRERA, Jr. DOTTIE LAURIE HICKS Tri-Hi-Y G01-I Sw-:Ll lTP:l1'e1' linglislm N Hulh Mujur Val: Ifugllmll 3 yrs. Drill Team A English Nlxwjf-1' .hx Uhlss Vlzly Yzuz Fwvwtwlll Yarn A Club A Cappwlla Chou' Y-U0-wls Vlul- Nh-z:11'l Vlluil' XX2111-fl' Polo Yau: llnskvllmll IZ yrs. Musixi- Ai Busmess M1301 ,,,. ,, Wk 'Bak H 'V R'Y' 4-Q,,,,,f,14,,, If X ff , . if , QV f, , 7 f " , f W if 1 f MARY HILDRETH EUGENE HILI. KATHRYN HOBAN fTl'::r'w. 111,211 XYllsmn iiouvlinq Vmlf X',I'. Ifflvulisll Xfiljtll' Srwisul Htmlif-H Msmjm' Sw-nn! Sluflif-s 3I:ujo1 1.IIllMllIt3.14' Mnjm' Gills' I,.f-:xguzw xjjlulxlsl VINE' :XIl0I'3lH1'n Stuff 1 X11 Wh f , J K 7 A, fi ' gim " may ' ' ff, 1 , ,'-w,g,4f, Z ' 4 fa, x ,,,,, f, ,, . .13 , My . f Q, wh, 1 ,. I M5 VW Wd' '. , ' 7 " ZZ, f, , , ,W , A. M f W4 M ,Y nv , f Yf BOB lvl, HOEHN SALLY HOLSINGER PAT Hom' ' v v, ffW" f v ' H,f,n N , ,326 ff? W ' w 1 ' vw - X f. Z Al sm In NI:-J-vw .X 1 :nmwllu L hun' lrxms. trom J, Marsh Ilrxglxsh Klujm' Vmllm--1-vi:uN llujur n'u11n1w1w'iul Major l " ' 'H lmlfmixl Iiniulmif Tri-Hi-Y lC112'lish Nnior ,..,, . , I . - ,'., , A :.fff,fff1 17 f, frfgcw-M ' '- ,H - A ZOE FORT Secretary of Safety-Welfare V X' . ' 'VVV . ' ? M , 1 1142 f 4, W W ,,-.sung QA fl' DON HOVVARD BEV HOVVERV JOE HUCKABEE DELBERT HUFFNIAN X 4 ,lp H. In V11 IW-x I"I"X Xl-xllu Nlwim' I, 'g.:p . '. ' Q-IW,-.I Qilmlw ' Xlllm 4'fmnm4fyvn:mI Msnlur .wwlful Nlllcllvx All!-IUI' M4-1-11, IHTIXXIIIQL NI:1.1n 4' I1 xy! Vim! I'r'mI Hlmlv Tl yrs Nuviznl Slluliws Xlujm wa f ' FRED HUND XVII' lfuullu-,I l5IJllllllQ1 Mu- Vulunisl limi Hu inm iur his 1 ' ' X -2:3 17 74 K -.QE Q , - , vig, 6 1 x JLJPY HUNT I RONNIIE HIURST FRANCES HURTADO DAVID HUSHMAN GEORGE HUSHMAN llflllb. lllllll Cllllib Vololmlsl lXIllHlllS Sn-nun'All--1uI:ml Slmll--nl l'm1m'il l'Ilo1ogn-qlplyy if'-lvllfjv IWIJUI' H1-x I swmm, lfluolislu M1.jf,1- Amo sump ,xnmf 1"'Hl'1 -llf'lll MHJUI' SUVTQI1-:1fl1-1' Il yrs, Slumislu Klnjol' l'l'n.l"w'lioluiHI . , I Lx M , , ,. . Q -- w w rS RUTH INGLES GEORGIA JACKSON RALPH JAMES 1'm11nl1-l'w'i:xI Al!!-lull' AVI lllnjm' 4'munlm-u'vn:1I Vlunll Vollllm-I-1-ifll Ulllll Sllnlwrll 4'omuw'll Xlw-vlz l'IHXXIlIL lllvw l VV. 'l'l'iflli-Y XYUWI Hlnmp F95 GXIKI 4 X - U CARL H. JAMESON JERRY JENNINGS ROBERT JENSEN , Social Studies Major Varsity Football lgI'li2'llSll Major iiadetf. U Yueitv Trick Hath Nlaior V Auto Shop 7 we X or' NI lchme Shop M1301 llllqll L lul sax 5 GARY JONES SANDRA JONES, JUNE JUNGKEIT SANDY KAUFFNIAN BILL KIDWELL Ymsilv lgugkllflmll l'Ol'llI11PI'L'1Hll Major N' S11 Play 1-'utllrv Nurw-s Vlul. Xxx-ml 51114, Mqlh 'Major Social Sludws Major COlO1ll2ll Novels s'o1m11+21-1-ifful Vlulr 1'nf.m,, ul.,1, '- . - f'i1'ls' Iw'1f"1w English Major' l,ill1':l1'5 Clulf S-wg, .llllllmf jfflm- Sq-1+-llfw' lNl.1jOl 1 f L '- , I X L Q i , E sf A X "-T Xvx' if - QVQVH KAYE KISSELL BUDDY KNOX DUANE KOESEL I MILA KOZLOVSKY BARBARA KRANIP Comim-1'i2i:iI Rlzujoi' XVIII-1' I-Rilo ij yrs. ,'Xy1l'Ik'IIIlIII'4' Mnjoz' 4'4riiiiii+-iwixil Major' ,-X1lOI'J1l1l,'ID Eflitoi'-iii-Chivf Gin-Ig' GIHI- Y411-sity Y-,II 1.4-41-Ii-r 2 vi-'f FIR-X X'im'- Pri-S, f'mnnwrci:1I 4'I11b Aiiiiiiui Section Editor Ijmuiu--rc-i:iI Chili S--Q. Siiniflut ,-Xftkiiis XYUQII Shop Major Dowling Vluli lfuiiire Nurses Pres ELDON LAIRD CHARLES LAKENIAN BOB LAMBETH Eiirrlisli Mzijoi' liiialisii Mrijor S:---, Iloys' .Xliiie-tive Ag1'i-iiiliiiiw Major' 'IN-imis Ynr. Football 3 yrs. SOCIIII SI.II4,iiES lizijul' Hi-Y Hriglisli IQ jlpilh Alujm' GARNET HAWKINS Secretary of Giris' Athletics I JUDY LAIVIPRECHT ELAINE LAFIOLJCI-IE WILLIAM LASHBROOK .X 1':1mi.--Ilru Vomm--i'vi:1I Mzljoi' Mnih Major I"I'I.X 'I'yping II Honor Soi-ieiy Sm-i:1I Slllclivs Mnim' Siwiul Sliiili-is lI:1-im' Ilnmi I yrs. 4 3 Q I Lvi DONALD LEE .JOHN LEE AFLVILLA LE-GG SALLY LEVIGH V DONALD LEWIS l,,,,,,, wI..Ii I,Iof.wuI tw xlfiimii. ,-kiwi' Muni" Iwriulwli Nlfnlw' I'IIllI1l'Il'1'l5lI RI:l,lwr 'I'u-uns, from Compton Mimi' 'Il lmili., 'IW' :I Xlwwlimi I "IMI l1"I"'I' I I'Hll'll"'I"IfIl Vlllil Iimll 'IH-:ilu Sm-i:uISlxuii1-s Major Xl, I- YQ, I'I-,X XX-Iflnw Ilnmuii-I--'xful Xlfllllil' 4I.'X.X Voiuliisl Ulllll 20 1 I ' 12' , y 5.3- 0If7"'i'x"' 'U '-ni JAY LILLYWHITE SAMMY LOARD CAROL LOOSDON DAVID O. LOOP BENNIE LOPEZ XI:1II'l IXI:njm' ,-Xgl'l1'llIl1llw- Alnjm' Sm-In Ill' H+-r'ol'1ls ICIILQOIISII Klsljlll- Nllsll- Rlllsif- IXIII-I-III' lflngllsln Alnjm' 'I'l'1-Ill-Y I'Ivllm'll S1-il-llm-I Xlxljln' Sw--i:ll Nlulll-Ag Xl:ulI"' Xzlr. IVIIIIIH .L yrs, l4l+A Ulllll 1'fllu1li:ll Umfllw Sm-ual Sirlflnvf Klum' XXIHHI Slum 'O fs I , l'Y?w,v,N. SOLEDAD LOPEZ BETTE NIC INTYRE REX NIC NEIL 1'Illllyyllfgl'lqll XI-lim Nl'llIl I'!ll"IIFIl Klnjlml' ,IY l"lmlI::lIl llllylll- Illmlyl. 'xlrlllwl' llI.X I'I'I'r., Slulv' Hc1lnL3I1':lIIwl' Sfwvlfll Hllllll--5 ,XIIIAI Slwlul Slul-lll-5 Xl .lm Illlll Vlllll y'lv, Vlllmnifl 1'i11Il 'i M Q 1 f I its V O I ,,,. ROBERT MAAHS MARSHA NIAHLSTEDT CAROLE NIAINKNS YOQA Ag, Dlgljgr Sul,-lfn,-lls I'u1n111H1'Qi:-nl Mzujm' f sz J I FFA Trwas. f1OIl1I1l4"l'f'IllI Bfiljkll' Hmuv Econ. Mzljlbl' i H ,I Auto Shop Drill 'Fe-um 1 yr. Drill Team LX XJ If gl X ' I ' 11 M4 ' 5 , ,V V,,, .,.,. ' '- , ' ,.,.,. N1 . . V: .... V - ....T ,gf 3, N, L AX V' 'if J O H N NI A R C O 1 ANI,-, 11.1-4-lv:lll1c's w . ' K1 GABE IVIATA. Jr, BARBARA NIAUERI-IAN ARLO NIAYBERRY RICHARD IVIAYEDA "" ' ' "' ll' il I'I'l'QI'lllII"1'-1' II 'III Nluiwllllf Xvll ill Ikfll lll Ilml Slum Alum bulwll., . ., . . . Yzlrsily llrnslivelllflll JV. N SV. 'aj :S lllg I dm L hm, 1 I I IX Nlmlll flllylul 1, lm, gi qihiilil Slmlips Major. IJ lluslwlllllll MY1- T1'1-H1-Y l'0um'il lirlilisll Alnjm- All-llll Ky 5.-14.110, M:,j,,, - x EARLINE MEADOWS DONALD MERRITT BARBARA MESSER MERLE MEYER H KAY MILLS Cwiiiiiif-iw'i:'il Mujijr ?IIililaL1'y Sc-1-iic-le Major Lilvrziry Ululi Pres. Gold Seal B11-are-r' h English YMajor Sovial Studia-s Major Torch N Salam' Club Prvs. l'OIDll16'l'CI?lI Major M-HUWI E1U2JliSh MHJOF Tf11H1'X n , Tri-Hi-Y Band FHA .Ji-, X Sri Play Social Studies Major I 4 JOAN MINER BEV MOLDENHAUER EDITH MITTMAN Trains. from Poly High I-loin-f Hi'-011. Miijm' Trrius. from Gerniaiiy Girls' 13+-:imlv Vim-ici-al Assistant Sovinl Studiffs Major Social Siildivs Major FHA Girls' L+1:1lg'LlU X 'X S I tug' f I X .NSI ' f , I. I iiii I . M MARIE MOONEY JOYCE MORROW SATURNINO MURO ,, ff Plmriiiiii-iw-l:nl M:ujni- 4'i-mnif-iwf-lxnl Major Spanish Major I-Iiiglislli :XI:uj1,H' Hmm- lkoiifviiiil-s Major English Major ff , rl'I'I'l'II-X I"llIlIl't' Nursvs Clulv Cross Country W BOB LAMBETH Secretary of Boys' Athletics ,I . I V..1 1 ZW 1 I Wage f ,fu ' , , , f' f 3 7 , ' WW f WW' l.i, I AI., 7 f Z ff 6 Q 4 X ,fy W W., JIM MYEEF' ALICE NAKAVVAIKI DENNIS NELSON GAYLE NEWKIRK MARY OKUDA I'l"'I I""I 4."""ll' V' III' 'XII' IHI Xfirwillx Ilzmll--IIr:uII Iilnrjlisll AIIIAIUI' ,X 4':1piwIIg1 XI' f Ii IHIIH Irv: XI :yur l',ll'1l,, ll Xlwlul XI.-,gill Vlllili' " xlg Ilulnw I-Ivoli, XIIIIUI' li,-ill 'l',-INN "'l'I"' W"I"l Vllfl Mrullu M:uj4vr E l"lI.'X Huw, l s'm1iii1vl'.vi:uI Major fi gf I 1 1 I af, jg? vua ,,-.Aw ,.,, 14 4-,, A Harm ffm I., I . y .I Q Syd' V ft , f ,I V l .J SALLY-OLDING BARBARA OLSEN THOMAS OSIECKI BEVERLY OTWELL JIM OWNBEY IxcIIm1l:nl'Iw--els I .XI:iLI1 .Q limqlisli Major' li'ooIIl:,IIl Sr Vlplga I'ulIIlI ,I Xml. Shop III IUIII-L N 5I'1IIllSIl MHJHI' Sl! PINK Snwisil Slilmlivs AIJIJIII' Scwizll Slllmllws Nujwr I' .Q II IJIHIIIHIII Hr:-I11-srra ., yrs. 1'UIon1:lI Pm-IIS ulliw-r Illmrlisli Alnjin' 1311111111-'1'm"i:il I'II1II ,ilvlul Slum II I I , L. W A ,,..,,. . , ,,,.. Q K lr., W ff' I. 1? I XY:iI1'li IT , . X: ' ' I .- HW RONALD J. PAJAK BARBARA PALMER DONALD PARKS Il:Il1II X 4':up1wII:u I'lmn SI:vl'I' XIIIU Slum XIII III IIIII I4 IIIII I II um flu IHIII I um lmxlum, I lull LORALEE PAULS JOANIE PEACOCK cosET'rE PELTZER Home Econ. Major Commercial Major Social Studies Major Home Econ, MHJOI' Girls' League Y Coeds Vlulw lfluglish Major Songlaacler Sub Delis PZNEIELD som-IIE PEREZ BOB 1 - . - , ,A , . , 4- li 11 lungllsh Majoi fffj3,f,Il, Social Studies Major Socigl 'Studies Major Girls' League ,I I , fIl'2.'4-' Ji ir W, Y W h .. Nm-tg, M, Nl 'JW ' A -:fag 'SW VME-I ff,..'.. .g ' ,I+ I ' w5' lIl'g4, I , 'I '- ., , IW - 3 ' lfifviifj ' 1 wma: , . y I jg' ll' DON PETERS Music' Major A Cappella Musical Produ Qt ion W7 lx A W ge CARL PETEF?'TfiJ Slwp Major Sm 1:11 lsfgiiif-g filo 3,- I'l:1IIiIv li CARI.. FETITT Lxalm I lui' XIJIIIW K Ijxfgliwlu fN?'l1ifr Tw-,,'vi:' Nifvjld 391 I IQ w-www-uf 'p I ' , i I I JACK PHELPS NIAXINE PITTSER CHUCK POLLARD LA VERNE POTEET DICK POWELL Iinulish Xlniur ll'-ill 'lwunl Yzlrxily 'I'1":nvk VIIVJIIIS IIIWQPIII IfHlIj'OHVIIIff- Mzath, Major I'I'iIll Shup I I'Il'rl114-' I'Im,rll lI:Ij0V li I'II'7I,1IIIflII IIIIIIIA VIIIII I-II-Y i Sm-i:1I Stu-Ii.-5 Mujm- Sm-MII Srullh-S Nlfljm' Sm-ful Stnuli--S Mzujf-r Vwlmxn-Iwi-iaul Mujfvr' I.:u1nIwI:m Siuma BONNIE PRITCHETT PATRICIA PROVENCIO DANA LEE RAY I'0lr1r'm-uw-i:uI XI:lj0I' Iflulln- I'Ir"lm, BI:ujw1' 1"Imw1uv-1f'i:uI AIJlj1lI' Sfjwlul Slll-Iivs Mujm' I'l11gIIsI1 Mzujul' Hwlw- Iflwm. AI7ljl'll' IQlumIisI1 Nmjm' VHA, I"l,lTvIlw- Nurs'-s A l':v1qwII:I 1 fy JO ANNE REES SANDRA M. REYNOLDS ELMO RICHARDS fy Nutlu. Mujm' 'Fri-Hi-Y l'OlHl1li'I'CI2,iI Major f Ilrmlislu XI:ejuI' Suvirll Sflldivs NI:1jOV SHI:-IM--IIS ,ff Immlmnf-1'1'I:lI Nlfvjm' IIIVIS' In-:lgllv GAA, 'l'I'i-Hi-Y DON TOUSSAU Senior Class President f -1 21,1 . ' 6 ,TY W . , I V ? , W fy, 62 I fu 4 , 4,4 -44-aw W' f M IVIARILYN RICHAFTDH FDVVAFID FQICKEI. BEVERLY RICKER IVIARI RITTER SHARLENE FIITTS "mI:mfnf'u::I NIIIHI I-,1vHIHI:I IIIUIHII I'u1- Ilwmf- IM-mn Nlniwl 1'1vl1llm-l'1'i:uI l'IllIv IIVIII 'I'v:1Ill 1'f,If.,..-Il 1'f,,4.I, N' I' XVIII' NIIIIIII Ilvwll 'IV-:mu HIIIIIVIII l'ulllu'iI 'I'l'i-III'-Y 'V :mn 4'uvmf-II, II N X Inn: Il. In XI.v lm I,lIuqurx Vmnlxl--v'4'i:uI Mnjm' II-mlv III-'mmmvlivs Mu lf! 1"'f.1vH"f9" 's n" tV H. 'WV " WW 'I +353 ' A , I ,fs V A 1' 1 f "' 1 , M M W Z ' f ' ' bm! , Jn W ' lpff Y ' N N , N , Aw 4 , L, , FRED ROBERTS PATRICIA ROBERTS EARL ROBERSON NIARNA ROBERSON JAMES A. ROE Af-Z'l'lf-llltllrv Auullllul, ,Xl1m':1n4'n S--fx E11 Vnlnmw-l'vi:1I Flush I'nIin Vlulw 'I'1w-cub, .Xhlnzuy N nm FFA H1-:ui lTsh1-l'vLkv XYOml Nllnwp 11 X X I 51-:ur 'l'nlvY1 :mi Nnbnl Suviul Siwlif-s Mujm' English N' Svielnw- lXI:xjm- 411-'11, Slum Alnjnl N1 um I1 N ling. Klrvsim' .Xrl Kiwi.: EG: IQ, N, H ull' " 5 Q2- ' Y Y, W ' W5-'U 1 mf'-fyy ,, My Wb3r,f, w ,,,,. 'W ' ,,Uh33" V 1 145,51 JAMES ROGERS DORIS ROULAND ROBERT RUBALCAVA X':ur'siIy llnsvlrzull .xllllllfll Sw-Inu: Ihlilm' IZ Ifnnlkmll lfl' X .XIIUIJII4-U l':uLg-A l'f4ll14rl' Sgusumlsll Xl lltbl Nwlnl Nllulws Klnxlul' 1'uln1m-'x'1'l4vV XI-aim Xlwtln Xl-1111: JAMES A. RUSSELL BARRY RYAN. V DI ANN QSAQAN B Football 2 Yrs. Varsity Tenms 3 Xrs. .hx N Nz' 1-lay E Auto Shop Major Math, N English Major 4'o111111+-wml BIIIJUV VV0041 Shop Major Hand Czlptailm Slmb-Llfllvs T1'+1z1S11l ,WL ---nv BILL FRENCH Senior Class Vice-President E Z HENRY SANCHEZ SANDY SANGSTER DORA COLLEEN SAUCEDO QTEVE SCHAFFR ARLENE SANCHE, X EHQHSM Gil-15' L,1--glgllu-XRIW, 11:-nn Tffgnnn111z-Q 3T:jnv V lllllxllsh fx' XI 41I4 U1 Social guldms' MRT' ' Sbllnish Annual Sf-vtiml Ellis.-1' Tfnlnnw- Nnww wx Tnfwwnls ' 1 nnnw HOHW Ef'0HOm1f'S A MOI ShO1,s M:'njOl' Student lfO11l't f?i"lH' GFP -"l""'l' WN FHA W3 an A er JANICE SCHANTZEN DANIEL SCHLEGEI. PAT SCHNEIDER Hmm- l'I1-ou. Mz1j1,1' Math 31:1-11,1' l,:,tiu Ulul, 2 y1'S. SQCIQII Slufiieg M:,jq,,' Sm'-iaxl Sluvlies llfnjmvl' l'IoC,lI,zIIl N Tl':'ICk FHA, Cololllsl Clul, Auto Sl11,,, Major JACK SCHURINGA NELLIE SHAFER JAN SHAFFER Autfj Slmp Mzljm' Eng. M Suiencfl AIu,j11,1' Coulm-41'1'i:,l Majm' A::1'i1'4,lllu1'e Major Gold S+-:,l llenrm' Home I+If-fm, Major' Cf,lm,isl fflul, 51025111 Vlul, Lilwrary Vlul, 1 ylx A 1-Fx, - ,' If fr' 1IEf1r4,g,3:a'f11,,,n',''.,RQ'l?E1?Q!E'E " ' V ' , 11.4g1:.,.,fl11111.I,.1,W1I.,.,1, 1'-1,,:,,1,g1.:'-W1,1311 , JZ-wglw EMI ,g 1,,11f...1. ... 1, 1, ,1Y,,,,fw151!-Q16 1 wig ,J ., .1.l.5gg1'5-'J 1" ' ,IQ,w,l3 1v L3-," ,F , 1 " f :pgyj , 1 , , ,,, , 'l , Ji',J,jW-9 ,Jw 1 , 1 1 I ,. 115,1,,,1, 1",.' "'-'ff ' ffm 'T '1 I' I I I I I V ' 'S'- f' ' ' ,fill ' 'I ' ' "I I " " . 'QSM ,N !,, . ,Uv 1 1,,1,,w 541,911 an I I 1 . W.. , ,,.. 1, .-,, ,,, 1 ,JM ,, 1.1 "11. 11 nl IW, I 1 , , J". Q' Flilyg 1 , , 1 1 ' , 1 ,4,, lu, W, , d 111 ,lf ,la My 1 ,, my 1 L I, , if , , , ' , 1 ,A f' 11 1 ' mv , .wr .1 '11f1f 1 , I I X. ' 'I If 1, LE ll' ,iv P , ' 5 1 -111 Q 1 ROBERT SCHROTT ROBERT SCHURINGA Smfial Sludiws Mujwr Social Studies Major l'jllplIlS1'I A,u'r'iCulture A Vt I" FA BONNE OWNBEY First Semester Secretary f I V, . ' 11 , ,,,, f f f 'P ,Z f C, ,V , .,,, , , y I V! IPOFIAFQD QLAEEAIIGH HAI, PH F HLAVTON LAVVRENCE SMITH' Jr, P1111-1I,'l1,1I,1 ",I',111, NI,I:,1I f,lI1,p T1l'1gf,, X':,1' X Vlllll 11 11-,1 1,1 11,141,111 '1I.,,1,I X A1 IZ 'I'l':,wl1 I Irs, II I 'II' I 1' S11-11, 41,11 xl,..,, x11,j..1- BARBARA SHIMEI. MARY SIPLE ANN SITCH I ,I I II1,n1,,- S111-i1-ly l'Ol11"t'l'f Mistress mul, lnl, 13,1111 S1-:ll lt,-:uw-1' ' ' . : R :,' ' H' IH Clulu Rluslc Major ROSETTA SMITH llmm-1'4,l11i,,g IQIIPPII Girls' In-:uguv 'I'l'1':lS. 1 S11nglI-:ulf-1' L yrs, FRED SPARKS Ymx lXI:u'l1im' Shop XYOUII Shop Sm-i:,l Slmlivs Major Qwnf' Rq?tSPgiER DAY!D SPHONG MIKE STELLHORN DAVE STEPHENSON EARL STILVVELL iv' Oijgglp Mll1l2ll'Y hrvivrivv Uolunist Knights Slllflr-ni' Ilmly I'r--sim-nl Anti, Shim Iilujm' OW - OP M:1il1e,exmit1CS 1Ii-Y Gulii Swil Ile-:uw-1' Sm-iul Sludivs Alu Social Studies Major UUSi'W"55 IQYISHSYI Y-Ufred Vluii Var. lZ:as+-lmll I! yrs. fmlfmisl Vluli Y M--nf DICK STOFFEL BILL STOFFEL EMMA STOKES NVood Shop Ag'i'iuullure Major H-wiznl Simiu-s Nlnjm fll'III'I'JIl Shop Allin Nlmp Rlnbiiu' Ilmuu- IC1-ull, Mujm- Hnvinl Hlluiiws Mrljfu' I+'1mli1:nlI l"lI'lIl'l' Nurs--s 'H MDW: BARBARA STRIBLING BARBARAISUTTON PAULINE SUTTON 5.7 Trans. from Arizona COI'l'1IH1dI'Cl?li Ululx Hume Ewan. MAJOF 2 Social Studies Major Ilonie-Coiiiiiig' Atlvndi Kaus SQ:-ini Studies Major Girls' League Chilm-lwidw-, Kaus. Girls' LHIFIW Xwwwff CHERRIE GOLF Second Semester Secretary 1 EVELYN SWEET LOIS SWINT AKIRA TANAKA GLORIA TAYLOR CAROLA SYYQSYNK Cmmui-rr-izil Major liilrlv-' wfiull Pws. NIMH Nfuiul' 'wif' I1--:um-' Iwif, Dljklllla Q ' VNU 4 Vw ii 1111 ii il XIIWYI 1 A t Llulr lklwie-live. I mil V X1 ll li X li 11' Hliu 1 Y, Q 1' ' ' I , -br' F L -il -4 . 3, ' ' "Q . 4" . ' : gs V 1' ' Q - 4 ' - T"i Y "iw mul. -1 '.. A .uh Delis Huimi hum lt-'ij Ji- 1 . ..: ,1 .nm 1 1. .lf GAA ' ' CAROL THOMAS DOROTHY THOMAS GERALDINE TILTON DON .TOUSSAUV ELLEN TROIVIP k'11I11r1lv-lwilsul Alilklfll' AlllSli' Kl:ujm' ll'flIIS. Irwm Nmlu Ann Nfllmr Ulass Pres, 1 011m1Hrr'1:1l Major A Vappvllzl t'l1-gm' Vuloninl LIU-1-ds lim: :was limglisll Ifful in JV. N Sr. Plays Llnglish Major 1,'UlllHl"l'C'lIgll Vlul- GAA VHA Yell lla-:ulH1', Sports Ed. Majorettf- I I ry I? Q Q Z , jg! WI, JANICE TROUTIVIAN BILL TURNER A DAVID TURNER limalisll Blnjol' Yrlrsnll' lirwlm-llwull I-Irvulish Klnjllu' Humf- I-Irgmnmnif-s 3l+'1'll. lvlruxxing Klrljnr AIM-lx, lirzuxvilmg Blzujor GAA Ynrsliy XY:ulf'r lwlfl '1'l-ymix 2 xl-g, BARBARA NIAUERHAN Senior Class Treasurer RONALD UTES FRODOLFO VALENCIA SHIRLEY VALLADE Iluml I yrs, Nlullx. Major Trans. from Ohio A 1':1ppwll:u Ulwir Spuuislm Mujor fllI'lS'L621kIll6' Sll.-ml Siu-li---S Nluim- S5-:mish Vlulv 1 Yrs. Homv Econ. Major PAT VALUE-EK BETTE VAT'-I DFLDEN CAROL VANDEN BERG RAY VAN DE WARKER ELLEN VAN KAMPEN llfmvuv Sw wi 'xwxllsul llflllfn ul I'lln I Il:-nu I'I1mu Xlgmjwul X511-ml-x I-'uullnlll Suvinl Slllulivzi Bllljvl Nlxlllu MQ' lllnwlmll Xlnlm llfml-l Lflfwl-'Il Im' Huvlul Hlvllllf-K. XI:1-lm' XYmul Slum Nlsujul' Girls' l,4':1g1llm- I -lv-wflf 'Ira IM N fmmfll In vml' I.':u'-luv Xursillx ,X Vlulv 'I'u':111s. from Ilull:1 ll 'Qi ' li-'3 ' ' xm l L, I gl. I ' "W, ww" A A ' - M 51 3:54 wr. l f 4, LX, ,N Maw' f ...,. .. sw, f BILL VAN KLAVEREN BETTY VESTERBY VERA VILLA JOE VILLASENOR Y JERRY VOQT ANU? SHUI' UI l'l41m1,- hvmn. Alznjur Holm- IUCOII. llnjm' X nr. Iwmlluvll J yrs. Klllllllly 5I'I4'lll'4' Varsity Iflmotlrull 2 yrs. I'OIlIIHPl'C'IIll Major 4'I,mI11111vl'f:i:uI lXIHjw,11' Klulh, Mzujur 'lm'-III Ik bzllwu- SUQILLI SIIILIIES Major Olllvv Huslcss Bliljl' '- ? . . 1 A JW JACK WALKER JANE WADA CLARA WALKER Ummwlm-1-1-i:+I lllujm' l'lm.L'. N Hlmnisll AIIIAIHI' XYIIHII Slum Alujm' 41111 Iullml ll 441 wls D1-in T If I 1 1: ',-' .' IQUIIV Ilmm- luwm. Major I lu. .luslu-v bln, Vmlrl lfll'1'II'1Il'II1'S Blujwr f . sf LEROY WEAVER SHARON WELCH BEVERLY WHAIVI Varsity Football, Hills- Tealrl Baseball IQ Basketball 1-lomg-makmg M Varsity A 2 yrs. Spumsh Major UN WHEELER DAVE WILKER 'ALM En 'lish Major . , Q I P- . ,gf:IEIl1aIl,,OX1l1o1'a110o Staff Art BLHJOF Commercml Llajgr Glee Llub Math lllajor zljor Stud:-111' Cmuwil Social Studi:-s Major GARY WILKINSON English Major Arcllite-cture Draw. Math. Major 14' if ' I Ng- Ay, -I , 5572 f ' -:, X pigs ,222 F I-1 f -A swam, fff - , ., v- as . 0 XX MVQIM-,. I f , sgvpx 251, Qqgemffafof . ff ,mv ,K X . ' I WILLIAM RICKEL Senior Class Adviser ,.., I? BILLY JOE WILLIAMS DOROTHY WILLIAMS SOPIYII Slllflifls llujul' lllrill 'l'H:vm COIOIIISI Clulw Xlrrlll. Ag lilwu, llliljn- Ind, Arts Major Girls' RIIII- Clull 46 JO PAT WILLIAMS LELAND WILLIAMS RITA WILLIAMS PAUL WINTERS RONNIE WOODRUM Var. Swimming 3 yrs. Social Studies Major Home Econ. Major Tliliile Club Art Major . A Cappella Football Commercial Major Math. Major VVood Shop Major Auto Shop Major XVood Shop Major Tri-Hi-Y Science Major Metal Shop Major RussEl.l. WOODRUM TIMOTHY YASUMATSU TONY zAvA SUSAN ZWART in Metal Shop Major Agriculture Major C QQ H Football Majorette 2 yrs. XVood Shop Major Mechamics Varsity Swimming GAA Board Social Studies Major Social Studies Major Metal Shop Commercial Major FRED FALKOWITZ FRANK GAFZRETT DICK JONAH PATTY LOU KINGSLEY SCHUYLER C. MCLAINE JESS NAPOLES GERALD PATTERSON BERNARD F. PICA RICHARD PIKE JOE RODARTE NICK SALYER DIXIE LEE SELFRIDGE Four eventful and happy years are past, con- cluding the high school careers tor the young men and women of the graduating class of AU HS tor the year l955. Among the achievements which will be re- membered were the senior play, "The Inner Willy", the Christmas Formal, the Senior barbe- que, the Valentine "Friendship" Dance, and the Senior breakfast. However, the brightest ot all memories was the thrill and excitement of the spectacular Junior-Senior Prom, which was to be outdone only by the solemn moments of farewell realized upon the acceptance ot diplomas on the night of graduation. XQWVW W M M MQW W ,ff W MWW Simi W' V dw My Rxxuhi' A 21 9 f xx , '41 U1 he f X ua. - - - Clam of 1956 gim- ps if new 3 1 2 2 -smswssm-' Shown above is the "quartet plus one" that led the junior class through another successful year. From left to right they are Terry Tang- d M 'I n Buckner, treasurer. ney, president: Harriet Hoffner, vice-president: Fred Jeter, adviser: Anne Williams, secretary: an ari y Long to be remembered are the great achievements ot the class ot I956. A wondertul junior play, "Fresh Air", gained tor them the acclaim ot taculty, students, and parents as did the junior-senior prom. Held at the Long Beach Wilton, the prom will remain a treasured memory ot juniors and seniors alilxe. Under the guidance ot their adviser, Fred Jeter, and the class otticers they successtully ordered their class rings, and sweaters and jackets ot powder blue and white. Also noted tor their contribution to the student body were the many junior class athletes who helped AU lead in almost every tield ot sports. . g . 2' ' HELEN AGUILAR I I Xxx? I f NORMAN Azgmm mm W ,, Aff MT' I 1 up , SJ , f I ,I -W - , I .- ' SI., ,, 1 , Z7 SALLY BENGDCHEA I I I I . BODE 24 I PEGGY '14 . . QF? , .Agi E. F :::' : ' . , l' 'X ,Lam 4" . , 1 HARGLD BROWN -f f fl -'F o RUDV CANCINO X K x , ,f 1, M' SHIRLEY V 'CLAYTON LW ww .- -. 1 -'f Q ff ,I ,, .. Q ,f 5 i ,X-,ny . ,f ,,. W vp., 0 N- J, 52252 pf ROBERT IQQVINGTON 27' 4 4? . , ,,, A5 I -5 f , M ff Y' 9 fu 5 , df' ' fy 'M A , f J? 4 Qcelgf n ., ,. A A . MZ, 5 f f J fa FHEDDIE ALFOHD , M, IZ 'iv' I -.W - x, y 6 I I -'Av if-'M BILL BABBITT M, 1, , 5 , f J M V' 1 .J . In M4 f BETTY BENSON f, 13:5 W "f 5, ' IV PI Z, , ' CAROL ANN BOOTH w. , mix X ,,.. V1 'fiir' f Q .J W1 ': Sig.-.V ,Nw M, , A , fx 1-1-1.3,g5q,.,-:':f:fg R,,I1.,s,g,y.g,,.,g..g.5,L,'fg M A RI LY N B UC K N E H' QM' I , l ,Q Ulf . x, ,K S ' ' VIRGINIA CANO "A,'v'K ff I ,ap fa--f f V MONTE CLODT .1 I ' CYNTHIA COX ,M .,,.. . ,Y ,wxl gi' 11' . I ,L -, ff. QQQZQQ -fy C .I ,,,. ,g.:-fn f ff - -, DON ALLEN I 1.-, 'in ' , I I ,, f-. 1 .A Ml . gt , ,J V BILL BAIN y V- X 5: 5 , ,' CARL BENSON I '-die lv. H, XI .Af , , -. , If ROBERT BOROWELLJ vw :J N.. -6 w i -I BARBARA BURBFIIDGE HN A ,jeg , JIMMY CARTER yi 'Q 1 0 Nm-' X ,, s.. HAROLD COCHRAN S32 Gi' R . +4-f ,VM ww WINSTON ' GRAIN 1 f f Q GEORGE ALLISON f 'WP 1 I KENNETH BARKER .. W A -, M ' g YT? M ELVIRA BEUSELINCK gm. A, I. my J s, I A -0.1. 'W' ,I as f 1, MU RIEL BOSTON , VV GEORGE BURNS ', , vf X ., wr' A GA? TERRY CARTER A ' ' ' -Wffwsw, ' 'ef ax H 5' F KW! CARL CDLLIER ww.- I WP LA VEFNE CRAWFORD 'WH Z, 5 PATSV ANDERSON W ,Q A 4 GSW 4. M . LOIS BATTLE , , QI f W, ,,..,f if I f Q, 4 " ff f ' it JIM BILLUPS F I j. 'Q , 'gif ' I Nl I K E BDU C K .-1, f'-+ I ' A' ,.v 1.43 , ' gr ,Af-3-.L -" BOB HURT fx If xg, Wg W at -5--A 1 K LARRY cAssv A 1- nr' SJ GARY CONNIFE ,af L 1 LA VERNE CROWE my 4 ,, JENNIE. ANTOLIN wg?" ,Wx ks, .4 JEANNIE BAUIVIAN X9 ' mf, BARBARA BIFICHEFI L N 44. , . 1 ,JA an -I 'L WI- f f Z 471- ' EMILIE BRADLEY , ' , Q Q M VL? DOROTHV EURZLAFF ' ,f , ,my . W. ., 'QF' Class of 1956 1 -' 5 I f ADGLF APLAS W vw m 3,1 S BARBARA BAXTER 'Q J .W Q , 'f N5 BETSV BLAKELY ,. 'W . I W f W 4 I g 2 , ROBERT BRINEV , mf I Z ' i .J MAFIIAN BLJVINICH - lj i gh, fi " "LJ NORMAN SCICORRO CAVE CEDILLO 'A . W Q .,L. 5 3455, 2 5 L -. ' KM yi ,EL 5 ' F A, . , ,I Ziwf " CHUCK WILLIS CONYEFZS COOPER I-kv , ' " 3 'I' 'V f ff 'QW ff .. .,.,,. fn? , I-M . , I I Q3 .Jill 'I TERESA SALLY CRUZ CUTHBERT QI' C .M .A I GERALDINE Anmawmmz , ,f 'a f' :fi- x :Zyl I 2 ,I ,.f?'I' 15' WESLEV BEACH ,H f . . x Q Q, ,I-'12 . .mag RICHARD BLANHMEVER 5 . aww-T X . 5, QL, f ' it BARBARA BFIQWN . 4,.,-,W i 'ww , 1. ,w ., I V , I ' ' fa , LUPE CABFAL ! , ,Y D Ah", ' .2 ED CHAMBERS w ,. 4 1 SALLY CORDES 2- DENNIS DANIELS ROBERT ' AUDOMA .A pf I ,R . f +1 " ' ,lub J JEAN eeemm gp-I as Nell V RONALD BLOOMFIELD ' .M gy?-. .8 Iysirv k 5f?ffKfjiA CAROL BPOWN 'W fly ...":., X DAVIE CAFFEE I 4, W,.f 'i K X BETTY CLARK I I, . ' 'I new I - Conan I I , ww ,f V I 1 I ,lip X ' 2 - I I I eau. , DAEFIOVV . 49 Juniors I I W 1 , A f 5 ', 'V 3 , . JERRY DAVKS , N Q, , fy 'YA 1 x 5 .. w "M" Z , MlAR!LYN DIEEERT f 5 3 wa.. 4 ii aw- S ' 7 WW . E GEORGXAN , EHRLE X , 2' Z, f 1 K6 ,,, f, Ai I Q GERALD g FEIL r i A ,I , ' ,... . A i f X 7 ,f ' , ,' l ' T W V ,Wy f f 7 O M I F FK A N iff ,HHKI 2 ' wwf' I , Y V -V+ if I .fm A Af if Y , 5 . 1 Az'.,4EfT22 Gawain 1 2 , 1 97 I V E W 'W if, ff .A ,,V,, , , E JAN , Qwmxfze f ff I. I 1 4 L DMM L,rfzE HUFu:m:z 50 , QV ,gn fa f ..,. ' '-'- 4 52 : BETTV DAWSON ,gf ,f', 5 4 an H. ff"'L""'f J I K1 D r E ra B 5 Ho an S 1.34 I ff g f A ,, DICK ELDER 'f ...., M""'ff" 'HN .,,, , Pun. N FENTON , V , .,,, ,.,, , , ffm! , YZ! ,W n if Z ul 4 MARY ELLEN F714fi,?,TE5 , , 45'-0 L , JERR f C-OODLMILD YZOUBIE awww , -,KL ff ,,,,, f ffm , BEFLNAYLIJ HElMl'3k.FCVLEFl ,V ,M 1 if Q Ney-n, Emu' SKK f f h f Q f nr WANDA DE BOER UM, , , W Q- an .-N .nw -5. .2 s' 2 W f X ,Wm 1 A 1 LX TED DDNKLER ,, .X I 5' f IZ W1 if W . 'flff f ,mx JIM ELLIS fl , W :ff " Elia' 4 f JANET FERGUSON 1 lf. X ' 5, 7 MARSHALL FULKERSON f fm- K' ' 4 ,W 1 RUSSELL. GORFEELL , W 4 f 1 ,, if , 1 , V f 4 f H 1 H XM' , ELIIABETH H1-SRBEFG W . V f f . if f 4 ' ,li CH!ml?l,O'I'TE HIZIN I O O , 7 V L , , 31" api' iii.- , . 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In A ' . 5' X ,, X f 4 I I X 1 JOHN VIEIRA 4 . .,., Aw M. f 7 W' I at i f A 'ev' J VIRGINIA WARREN ,:.vr,.Q U, X- r I iff' WI l is A I I i x f X Q ,,:,, f ffl' 4 xv . , Ai Lwfvff JERRY - TRQTTER , 9:3 1 'Wf- ' 'V-'fn f K agar' r., DORDTHY VILLA 4- X I 52 LAW 2 DEN WARWICK , 'QUE " J, X1 x A 3 1 W 2 mg ' ff I . K PAT WELLS I-.1 , IW X f A WALTER GARY WIETHORN , . 'Q w f 'fx' . LYN wnrvescn A WOLTER f 1 1 N! f f 12 -5 N 'Wm x RUBY TSUJIDKA .MJ ' 3 V I X 7 X WZ f EDWARD VILLA WZ? W ,X 2: Ar, BETTY WATKIN8 ww- Y 'Us ik:-' Q ..:, I-Q-I N CAROL WILKIRSON 'M' sf. XA, g vb x XX ..... x 5 MILDREIJ VATES X an ' UW .f 3 ,Zn --., ',:, T- li 3, 5 x xg f I - f 3, ,, 5 5 f If Q f ai W W LINDA ' VALADE2 z Q1 . W. I 'EJ L ,Z we . I .1 ,fl 2' NIR .A j: JOHN VILLAFANA .fig 1 If ' H . BILL .' WEAVER --QQ " H 5' 'N . Q' . X Q 5 I X J Y 1 I is S4 ANNE WILLIAMS 'Y X X I ALICE YOUNG X f ' I I ., im. 4 -,N-:ff , ff A - e ' JOHN. VALE V I , -1- X I, .1 . f eAv1NA 4 vu.1.AssNoR , X -4 vsruyz l weAve.n ft' I' 5 Q . ' A :I -L2 ' ff ..,. , If WW ...- I JOYCE WI LSON Signafurea M M x M I L Y' X 2 I , U WU My U tx XY 1 5' 2 0 Q 4 I , X v il Xa' Y X , X N E9 Sh - - - Clam of I957 'WR . W, . ri W-qgifwl, W . ' A f ,f own above are the elected officers of the indgren, vice-presidentg Saundra Boutchei class of 1957. Under the guidance of Mason Henry, their adviser. James Dickey. president: Ann secretary: and Linda Blakely. treasurer led the sophomores through another successful year. The class of i957 will long be remembered as lhe only class lo be "scrubs" for 'rwo conseculive years. Because of lhe incorporalion of lhe freshman class info lhe iunior high schools, when lasl year's freshmen be- came sophomores lhere were no new underclassmen. As a resull of 'lhe eliminalion of lhe freshmen class, 'rhis is lhe firsl year since ils innovalion lhal lhey have nol sponsored lhe freshman-sophomore receplion. ln spile ol 'rhe iacl' lhal 'rhey were shorl changed in lhal way, lheir conlribulions lo our alhlelic, music, and exlra-curricular fields were many. Sophomore girls gave lheir lime by serving al lhe iunior-senior prom, and ushering a+ commencemenl exercises. 73 'W iff? 5i,f", .QQ ,L 4, ,V f- ,ff W Z ZZ -if ffl- . ' ' 'fs W' , " . 1 f JGAHQL' , mENN1s MAn'rv 3, Anson' Mamas moans 1. iff , V ...........,g, ,,,,.,., ,W ., LMQM-A,- 4 J , ,,,, ' 41- ff ' 1 q QS! 5"w,,,, , A I 1' wi an ay? I mANus.1. Anaovo - f 1 r ' 1' ,- . - ' f -if L 5 ' I l 'fix' ' 3 vf ' Q 3- - I Q xg' Q! if i "' wg NN' ' 'IJEPX Sfvlkhha ..-,-....,, , EY , , Boa BAKER , 55,54 A " v , QE -M 14 5 Q.. ",,,q ,. 2, 9 A . ag .. GENEVA BARNETT Y v "X Q, .aw 0, M, , , U 1 A ' KENNETH a1.uM I f 5, "v A ,, , A nov aowmmc L '. . QA .. U H 1 , Q Ve th y , .A M- ! sos 'BURNS ff ,f X EW .5 ,, A 's . , JAN ., psmmsu. .14 JAMES EARTH ELM E5 il, BET-rv spurs ,mx f S X JEANETTE BOZARTH ' f -- A-2 .lim 4 f X up if ff f 2 P Sv r ,f ,n 4 'NN - -Af. : in wg: RICHARD BYRD ' f 4, .,., V. ' .- 'N .Z -E Srsnbxis GANTRELL . , . KAREN BASHARA Xiyqg f, Elm Aww, A X W' ,ff I W X B f f.. ,A BQETTCHER x f M 4 x f aw y X Mimvv snAm.av ,qw ' .Z 4 f X f ' f M .. I N -RALPH GABALLERO E ff R - E X U 4 ,fr C, A, SHARON J onaaou. ky ., 1. ,, X K L I ky, ROBERT AGUIRRE ' , , . A22 BARBARA ASHWORTH I ,xiii 'C' 1 ,V , X I ,WM X 1 dw My ,I 1 ,. ,, f, .HM BAKER A 1 - A-. nr A ,nk ,Afxvr A KEN BENEFIEL "fp sm-. f . Q!- jx 1 my , ' ,,,. 1: ' 4-,,, I U4 An 'Lf R :lx ff- DONALD eoHNET '- 'W -5,1 :rw ig 525 PATSV BRIGGS 1 f 0 . fgwg . gn ,g rg? ,fx f E C 'Nw if VIRGINIA CABALLERO :,. V' iw 7 f 6' ,Q f 2 Q ' LA RRY cfm-rea A h . w V ' 'wr I 5, 4,4 V 'ff GHARLENE ALLEN f f W H if , I X L 9 ' U J , , ' , ff, CAR L AUSEURN ,.Qs"W"' - 28:9 I U My 4 5, 1 , fy' 9 W' J' I 7 W LO ' BAKER fw- Y . , 2- x. ,ff A NANCY BERGER g my 6' ff , A W , , we .QA- oow H somaw 2 '1"l5S5Nyf A f' .X 4m.y..4f ' 4 W my , X , GLEN ' BFIOOKMAN :" f way- . 4-is -4 --...' . :Q '-I-1: u?'5',vf.8Ya'3 ' :EE KAVE CAFFEE ooN Q cfxsav wmav' l '-f I ,5 , .,, Q , ,,,.. Q51-W ff . w-..... LAWRENCE ALLEN ' V ix I s , ,,..,, , NW JOE AVAL05 -4.2, - i MARY BALDONADO '- :sm . 'wr s f"H X fi, ,arf LINDA BLAKELV QQ '555f'l, DAVE ' BOURNE -4 V. W' fx 5 1 f , ki ' Q M' I' , f BARBARA BROOKS ,Q ,X M , , lx' JUDY CALDWELL f ,,. 0 ww V ' ,Q 1 LINDA CHEATUM ,W ' f 6 'E i D -w fa. X ' :im 4, f Class of 1957 L Ls. EDWARD ALLISON PETER AVEMARIO -.A af - WL 4' LO DEMA ' BARGE 49 5 Wi 1 ""L- ff. ' JI, fr' ' HOWARD BLEVINS fi, , ZEV . ' BOB HOUSE B' ff' 5, 1, iM ,, L 1 49 ,V , fm-' fi W- fn? N A X ,Aw A , F Y ,. SHARON BROUGHER ' :af-,Lf-1.3 VSRBONIA CALHOUN . "Q 'Q ..,.,,, i V "vw , 1 - , W ,,,,.,Q,., , - 1 .sums CHRISTENSEN uv- -1- - .V ..f A CAROLE ANDERSON 1 as j 1 'ver I A 1 A 1 KRIBTIN ANDERSON 0 ,,. A .. ' . mx. .f 1 1" JOE AVITIA .,,- , 'Min+ --Q, f 1 ROBERT BARKEFI Q ,J RAMONA BLEVINS , 2242 S W 24 SAUNDRA BOUTCHER ,iw W , DAVID BRUST I f X ,M w, I RENE CALLEROS Q' xr XB' , .E ,N Q 'J' JUDITH CHFUSTIE I f.:,uff , ISELA AYALA 4 Q. I 2 1 CAROLVN BARNES f , 7 3 lpn! f W' JAMES BLUE I Q egwm, ,gf '.,., Q f V I 1 1 DOROTHY BOVEE f Z my ! ff 'W S? , f r own: , sun.-rem X , A X X my - 1, ,I i LENDA ' CAMPBELL v . M, -....,..4 .1 a . is , NED CLARK 57 1 So homor v I f SHP' 9111 Af ' .K . I I z I I I EVELYN CLAYTON ,511 71 4114 1 v BARBARA COSSEY I I l vm! I Iv I I WALTER DE BOER I"-1 :xx , I 1 1 . .- , f ' hir TOM DOEFIR I ' , 1 I . 1- -1 1-'J I I 111 1' X ' 7 I I PAT DYKSTFKA I , . I I I I 1 , 4 1 1 1 I 1 I Anonsw IESTRADA I 1 Q,. ,A If ,V I I LUCY L FISCHLE iw, by I , 1 K 4111 ' f ww- , 5: ' f I I Xu. ,rE:' UIIUYHTI I 52 ,:,,., . I I A A f"jfiZ'sxlQfIl pin- BEN COKER X tt. -rr Q4 w 1 I L I . 1 'V' ,, ,I Z s er W A LT E R CO V E RT I ca lf I' C 1 'l DIANE DE CONNICK , .,s- f f" ,sw JUDY DOTY .,-., 6 .-,G 1 1 1 1 - Hull ' 91? 41 1 GALE EAGEN 1' ! f 4, RICHARD ESPINOZA 11: ' , 9-1- 'WZ' ff ,, W NANCIE FIBHER ,F wv , 1 ,.. , 1 Q MAPK vowmra COLE I 'Y 15 -1 - as-1 W I ' LOUISE COVVEE ,, ,:, Q EARL DEDMON V1 1-Q., 1, 'flux as .mwsr oowwmgs ,V f-w aa" 1 11' 1 . , I 1 RALPH EBERHARD 1 . , ,, If X , if 1245 CARMEN ESQUIBEL V an I 1i1h3 1 f -W GEORGE FIX I ww 5 '11, W "fi 'TOM FOWLEFI es O O O f- X X' I .. 1-Sin 11 In - A S RENA COLEV wmv .x 5 xg-1 ,ww I. -I M? LINDA DAILY I 1 qw A W1 iff? ' DOUGLAS DE HAVEN ' 1' , I W ff 1 Q ' 11 4 -X I X 5 nn" LINDA CONE Z I' ww ff Y I.-ff ff NYM I f 1 ,Q I. X ggi: , . ROBERT DARDEN "..21'.T.' f 1' RONALD DE JESUS 1. 11 . 1. Q I Lf ml LARRY SALLIE nowNs nuucfm 1 1 A y ' 5,4 X I M, ,Nw ww L V ' . 1 Kal' 0 I , I " ... F . . xy! - ' 1 BETTY AN NE EBERT .143 I we +13 f - - I R ,viw1k 1 ' is 1 , '1 DAVID EVANS HI : MII. I T I 1 M , 4 I ' 74. "6 'X ' I JI!! JACK FLETCHER 1, 'Mi' 1 2 if 1 1. WILLIAM FFIAZIER LUTHER EINLING KN 2 I .1 HARRIETT EWING 9 Jr .I 1 'L V10 'ul ' wa, FIONNV FLETCHER fff- , " 'Q ff ,I V., . W,,,,fuk f- A--., OAI-1V FREDERICK , X W is fx 35 1 I " if I Q 1 FLOYD CON YE R5 4 X 1 PEGGY DARG ATZ 1 . ,.,-, , I X . ,1 Xa ff.,1 comma DELANEV , 'fi Y .fffiil " , BIX DUNLAVY JV I .1 I I ix. 'Sf 1? 'fx A , 3' CHARLES ELDER 1 NANCY FEIL X x ' -2 1 Qi A - ,, " ,gf ' ':S::?X , YI in I L 2 Z u-ul Q... - MELVIN FLINT X 11, I -. 55,1 X I fx I . HAH AHA FHIZZELL I 6 MICKEY COOK W JY ,,..21 elf, .,::"1b-,W I? X 1 1 A 91 'Y' 1 J I 5 -- ,... . R . . JANICE DARSHAY i V1.5 -I,, 1 I 1 Q11 N91 JAMES DICKEY i f I RICHARD DUNN I ,iw 35 .. X SHARON ELDER 1 X ' .ff , .K ,,...1-,1- 1 A. KKYSQ 1 1 N X ' 43 3 S44 1 I A , 1 1 1 45 wavmsq consen- 11--we, : fix' f 1 nf 2 H - .IERRDLD DAVID MQ. , ' 11 , N-I I X y, I ., I 3,35 1 BARBARA DIERBERGEFI r,-1 ., ,If I V' I Zi' - SK JIM DUNTON X NY ' ag . ig KAY ELDRED 0 0 C 'I AM I .1 'fu ll .sul ,.' .,! " - A ? li Q3 'ff' I, ug gg In SI 7? I 1: --ig-:Lil 3 I: 1: I J I I I .K I I ' I K JERRY FUERST -I L: I if . Q., ix BILL FULTS ....-....u..Ia ...I..A.. ....,., ,. ' I I. I. -.1 Sw' 1 1 ?x. sARA A coasrrr V I I ., 3 ' S 2 f I fi Q-'I I .. " 1 ! 4G iw I I ,1 'H , V543 CAROLE DAVIS Jf! V j f. ., , A ,..-., 'Q .a.1 -If 9: K4 I 1 :5 1 1 I I ML nn DALE DILLEN I .- 'ia .. . f ",..-is ,fmt BILL DYKES I Q VIRLEE ELLIOTT' , I ANDREW FENTQN I ,. 13.-x I X Q xx x S1 I I I I A I Mex ' FLYNN W ' DY GAUNDO- . NANCY .cuss I 5' ff., If .if .jf I " I I . I TOM HAMNER 'f " ef I -A . . 1 I , , , ,H . w.,'y KATHY HATHAWAV v f K .-1-gil I "f .f"',,,,i:5g5g:-4 A MANUEL VHERNANDEZ A i il L A ' I REBA Haopgn , f J' I f X 7 X 4 'N ,f f :V jzwk I , .y,, WmwffMaw'b, Q N M N. V . L, ., V . 'V I ' M' ,K 1. Ria: ff 4 Ke,m4.f ' HYSDM V MGM? 74 4 JUNES If I .,AAA, , ,.,,,: , Qfxcczuemms A .m,,,,?., . V, wwf' '14, Q if , IZ ,- M 12 3 -T' "Vg ww ., ,f 4 . W - ft .inf ,gn ' - . I, 1 ' DAN , GARRISON I "...., awe 4 - V, ,. 5, N' 1 ' W' I L I GABRIEL GUTIERREZ ' ,IEW im ,I ,ff BECKV HARRIS M., I ' ' . . ..., ' LEON HAYS ,, ,. I I LYNDA HERRON L. MW W A , ga f N fy S wig I I A Wi' ' ,ful . ' .mzffgb ,,-Q?f':gff Aw 12r:1v5n2?r:!??:- -- KEN HOWERY 'MQW' V155 ,E if .ffl Xfzbfiiirrdi , JIM INGFIAM . , f A' L 1 M 1 , vt ' I :,: '23? ,, . JUDY JONES ' 10 --I., ' Wi? -4 , f Q 1 ,Ma I ,wwf I ,L 'WI V . X M ff. ' PAUL f GOEBEL I "K ' 4 f S fx , W 1 f Z LEON- HAGAN .- IIWAL JOHN HARRISON K -.vw .+!, worm' Fr LINDA HAYGOOD ' 1-:gr ,.. 5' , 1:5 6 'x S W I N ws ALEXANDER HERTFELDER E51 A HELEN Hoxle 4-12 I M. fx xx Q. .... X Q. ,N .. mu N , , xi I V i noms mewanseu X 4' .jf . j g "iw-, ' 'E' ,Z ,S . PHILLIP JDRDAN gin WM ' . 'QT , ,5- ye ' 7 I , , I , Y , 9 , f , , , 3 :Rf EDDY GQODFIICH X , ow , iw 1 , ' Q J Q PATRICK HALL My 5 Q., f Sw ZULETTA HARTMAN ,- ' R Mghm R 4-fu f ? f we-uf , .M ., , 'rn' " HARLAN HEINRICH , I , 5' Imw JDDV HOARE JOYCE HUCKABEE 5 W, fr N 7 wr A 1 , X Q9 w A QMS' , fn GEORGE IWASHITA .xemgv V .rumor-4 'K we jx wa X ' W X xg 2 0 va .334 ,515 M ,iv , 2: ' ' , ' I aw 2? f+ 4-aww ,, 1 .M I HENRY GOODWIN W , W? Q ff iw X if Q! 4 ,, fs DENNIS HAMILTON X ,.. 1 , ' Z -Q If I .4 '1..: - BARS HARVEY Wiz.- ..,,, ,.,f' I LYNNE HEMPHILL 4 4 sv. J 'Z ' wi DUN HOKANSON . X, , M k QA .XX ' Q, JIMMY HUMMEL X I W , .x Q 1, 5. , . 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Sl -f , , , ,, Q ' 2 . , YVONNE NORRIS I 1 5 17 .1 x Q2 f Wx MARGARET CLVERA I 1... A -:si X5 " 'Af g , , , E, Vw I 'aw if , .Qi ,, ' Li- '..:7ffr3':x'f'. kffgiyfitniiifilti RONALD PATTERSON M A ,, . , . . S3-A A-' ,wx 1 1.5, , mi 1, z f 'Q K X . .. , f.,.,.,. N .7 W W X ,, X L V X f 1 .- I . L- , 232458 cy SUE PHARRKS ew, 2 if ,J 2 . ,Q L, . MARY PROVENCIO '1 3 . .3-N . I . ZELMA MILLER V' 1. ' V '. 1 . ,X ,- W' A 'T' J I X JUNE ' MORIMOTO I in f 1 1411... .. , , I THEODORE NATIVIDAD -5 Ai V . ga ' A. - . I BONNIE- NORTHCOTT . N 'W f 1 Q2 . . X. 1 X . .. 17 Q X ' V . ., JOHN o'nounKE , , . g f MW! g 52 'W I SHARON PEARCE . .xy L " WY. Q4 . " K 1 Lvrm 1 msfz 3 , ,,. .E-her-' . , I M i '33 I FRAN K FFANIIREZ -.-L LL..L.--,,-.-,-,, , J 61 I' Sophomo TWV by I -WW4 ' Q If I ,KV 'I 'xx DON RAM SAY I II I. I V I I ZW JANICE REYNOLDS V VVVIM I Z I'-..f'2 'N-'V MADELYN KRODRIGUEZ I I I I M I f I I I f I I BOB RUSSELL duff ' I 4 I fi I I I ' PA7mcm scamrfzera I I .I if WI ff , IM I DANNY V EILVA I I ff I V V ,WI KQV' V' ' f I Ara? 1' f X I ' V 1 wzmwh I SMITH I I 411 y I, HI V ' V V 7 A Z I HI f 'I I I I mums fITEViYPsY'IGGfi L 62 WW I IV: J If I X W 'WML 3.832 DON FIAPP L I' DIANE RICHARDS D VIRGINIA RODRIGUEZ f , I. .WI Im 4. I Q " ' DELORES RUTHERVFOFZD Y N417 II '- -ww f I .af 2' f f ' I ' ' ' v I DENNIS SCHLAGEL I' . ' ,,,, I I ' W I LMI ff ' Ig.: I. I-f f Z G-LENDA SIMDNTQN ff 4' V QQIIM UOFCIS SONNIE I I ' ff' I I ww Ve UCIIEVI- MI El W II FIT ' Iwi' 6 S C O O ..-Iqwr II W V- -YI I -,I ..,. I .q,,,,- f I f I I I ' I I I I' I ' I' I - -I Us :I fI -'rr 'fu I -I-2-4 - I II" ' 45 Irv wwf , 53X I Xxx 'WTA' I.I f :II y ' ' -5:5-5 I I II V V - I. :IQ -' III, I I I II I I III - ....,. I I, f.., I I - - I , I I XI I M, M ' I I 4 I f '- 'I I I QM f' 1- I I I .I :xr 1- III: ' ' . 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I 1-ff MZ, I5 ' h Ma' jlf, ' I ,I 7 ' ' 5- I 'I I 1-,II ' .,.,. I "I X - "I I I I II I X I , I I. . II, IMI, I 1 QI, 5, I gf I I M I44,4'g,,':,47u I,5,w,,, ,nk I N-Inf-I. If . I MIX IIN. A I . SALLY V I Anav PAT cmm RM CHWK g2l'i'g',':f2 SIQLYER sAvn.os1 scuuzn RVAN SAAVEDRA SKLLEY V ' "" II In f ' 4 I ' I I I -I 7,4 I ag 213, I :,.:I L, I ' 'I ' -'1 I 'I' I I K' W' Qf V , :V I we 'Z' ' . V - V V- A- J Q' s II W I I I' ' Q ,, ,II 1 I IQ I ROBERT SCI'-'IOLZ JI, I i I '- I IW, RUTH ZIMWSON ,I WW M ... V I I A II I JACKIE 1 EPP-DY '41 fs. I if JIM 5"4'0IfI'E'L NORMAN SCHOOLCRAFT 'I I-V V I 6 r' -I I BARBARA SIMS I 5 'Ia +I, V Ijai f' If Z h Z TOM BWARI-46 I "If 'lf' II,V If A IW: I I ,Iv STEVEN YSTOLL LORRAINE SCHULZ 2 I 1 'W' 49522215 ' 1 EI" ' II, .Iv 1 GEORGE SMITH IwvI-n I I QI -. V ,: .II ix Q. if PAT SPRON0 if I- S In 'tl' ANNA BTOIJFER JANICE SEAL. BETTY SHORT I 4, I' I ' I I Sw II V I..I I " I I f I a s I I .I.I- Zl fxosennx SMITH wwf: VE. if ----" V Mx E LOHETTA STEC I fm I I-I 1:5 3' 'uk I sv-. M I VM-VVW gg Tx if I I E X DAVID STQVALL CAROL STRACHAN 5-. ll 0 HELEN SHRABEL I 1 A I I me Q II sf 19-'HI r... U , I 'I-V I Q KENNETH STFHCKLAND RAY SIEGELE. 1 X ...X I I I 5 I TOM SMITH I ' I dx Q IBS Qg x I 'I rx LAGRETTA STEELNIAN ' KI... 'NX V Vlox. ,- I I 'lr' X is I X SN ROZKLLA SUTHSRLAN I 1 I I IQ' 'Y k' , I,,i,f' N-.,, I I in I I I RONALD SWANK I' , 5 . I PRYCILLA TIRRE8 I IV. ' lm I I V I ' www I I I I -ren , TUHPIN I 1 f- f f 2 , 1"'f I E 4 ,,,V .. I xx x I , JUDY vesvenav I I ' W . I I 'Aw 5'- I I Q V, I 5,1 A ,K , Csonam-me I' WATTS I I Q ,J AVTK .'A,,.A 5 ' I M ' E , I ww I wnrra I I I L BARBARA sworr-form 52: A 'Ii I "ny , , l' ,jf ' I Nw OA mu., TODD I x ' 35459 I I I 'gh " r I I. MICHAEL ULRICH K Q71 .-794 . l A ,A .-I fl-v A' v w ROSIE VEYNA XB! nun 4 . I QP MM Ix gil: JIMMY WHITEMAN I X A xv 1: r BOB wooo l , I rw J' ,e y wx 1 JUDY SVMPSON 9 IWVI , 72" NORMAN C. Tom: I ' Rov UNDEFYWOOD Q , I 73. Inf I f MARCIE VINCENT , il LINDA wlcr-:MAN .Wm . v,,z , 3 in if if A, f BARBARA WIRLGHT I LYNN YOUNG Y I 4' ,fy K , gp- -e. ' . . 'S , , ww - Q I ' "3 ww ,. A ,V M, . JANE TALBCITT , M I f FRANK TORRE5 -,J ' ROEERTA UNGER ,gg I if- I.. I 1 Ng f JUDY VOGT If X I' W' 11 ff an BETTY WICK - f ...M L ,kiwi I. DONNA WRIGHT mam I I If i I I BILL ZAHRTE .wig 1 A . 0 P, , A..-I wwf f, ,., Q' M TAKA TANAKA ll ' 4, IL, 5 1 HOPE TDRRES V.-,w. V 12 w QW? A S. X ANDV VALOEZ wi if 'Vs' I KATHERINE WALKER Q .awww f" , ' ig Kg R!TA WILEY I I I I If, 4 ':, 3 ff 7 ax, i j, ,ff fm f X 1 JUDY WRIGHT 46 ' an 2 N , , .. W Sw? E , Class of 1957 I. , I I "2 24 f"- I 54 M-I-EN r.1vmwA TAVLOF? TAYLOR A 5 f :HU-J' I' JACK TORFES If fx-1' 2 A fm. fn. ff w Aw, BETTY VAN DALSENI f :QW IN., ' , A 1 NANCY WALLAQE sgjggl' ,Q 1 ' g fiw 'L 'Q' 2' ,f.:::::::f ll I A z? amuse VVILLIAINIS V -:z:: ,- :A " ,Q-j 1.1. M 1 .I , ' AV' I X SAIL YATES 'fs-KFQKQ MAF-XGIE zwzxn-r Jesse TORRES sl' 4 ,,,, 5 Joe VANDIVER 9 , if K:- , ' FX- f S4 4 F . KEITH WALUN 36 f ' 'ii f JEAN w4L,LrAmq ' I 3.-5:1 1 x F ff , . 5 , gg N. I ,ff , X' 2 C H A R L ES va AR RA ff' ' L I - ::,::, ILA! ace s ET H A A D W. f, me., I 1 , fi I I -I 77 4, .- ' In I 'X it V I 1 J! I "I I I 1 f . if I , I . , r I I GARV AL I THUESON Tu-QKER If I I i."". 1 ' ' I is , 1 ' -ww W ' ygzpk ' I1 "fl 1 1. " " A A " I Q I 'fn -" 1 I I sm I RICHARD RONALD TOVAFI TSUJIOKA I , f , Qi' an J K W4 - n I A I-QA svI.vuA JUNIE VANDOR VASQUEZ . j I . - .,,., . -:flex . ja? I fb J' I 32? .525 ui?-.xl 132,555.1 HENRY MAFW Lou WASHBURN WATKIN5 ' . . , I X 'T I . X I ' JL, " 1 I ig! W - ,,,.:. D , -.g x..JX"f ' '- - If WALTOP4 30g WILLIAMS wlL5,QN I A - ' IZ , -- I . , QL , .X Wy! .., , 7 Jf 5 rx ., 45, V. JUDY VERLA YETT vE'r'r I I I I 63 V..-ff f an wr ,, - 2.1, 1 531-.J WN, , . ffff , " , rf' f' .QQ ,M- 4 I , 3159" V, ,, I ,W g V Wrwffgf V- 'A ,ww vv, W I N 'Wy . Y him, vm, , ,, ,Wm -va gi .,.--4 -, ' -. 'Lu f ev A .' vi? 'L' Y "F'ufxf" x ,Q f ' L B A f W 2 , yi uf a 7 , . Q? ' MQW' ' .Man WH' of 4? f Qvalf v Q I I fe, GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET CLeft to rightb Row 1-C. Ryan, N. Wallace, M. Olvera. C. Colburn, C. Alvey, S. Zwart. M. Head. S. Sangster Row 2-V. Worthy. Row 3-I.. Cheatum, M. Taylor, D. Prondzinski, C. Gastelum, J. Olvera, G. Taylor, and R. Smith. GLOFIIA TAVLOF! new Afn? z 4 1 MAF! I LYN HEAD President Secietiiy vw, ,W -fiff' -Jf'f"' 'SANDY SANGSTER ROSFTTA 'SMITH 66 VICQAPFYIQIKIPEDL TIC-'VSl,II'l'l' GIRLS' LEAGUE All ot the girls in the school belong to the Girls' League. This club provides assemblies and extra- curricular activities for the girls. Some ot the activities lor this year were competition assemblies vvithin the dillerent classes, Vocation Day, and the Fashion Show. Sponsored by the Girls' League, the Homecoming Dance proved to he a great success, Serving on the Girls' League Cabinet are two girls elected liom each class each semester. Girls' League has accomplished many things under the direction ol Mrs. Velcla Vtforlhy. have helped our sch COLONIST CLUB All boys of Anaheim High belong to the Colonist Club. Under the supervision ot Richard Ryan the organization has worked to provide special interests to all the male members ot the student body. This years activities have been limited with only tour meetings. At these meetings short subject movies were shown on football, swim- ming, track, basketball, and interesting activities tor boys. Also speakers on the Armed Forces talked to the boys about plans tor a military career. wi COLONIST CLUB OFFICERS rLeft to righti at-armsg M. Gouyd, president: F. Doretti, vi SCFlbB. 41 ,-2' fl, ps.. a 'H ni . 1 s ,f 2 g . , i d g. tw Fiow 1-B. French, sergeant- ce-president: and lVl. Beach COLONIST CLUB Lower pictures fLeft to rightj This group of boys are shown counting the money that they heloed to collect by support mg the band in their drive for new uniforms: presenting Paul Grover with his varsity letter at the annual football banquet is Nlr, Fi-gin ' ut our school spirit in one of our many pep rallies are a group of our Colonist clems: and one of t e Kellogg, principal: helping to bring o ny projects for some boys is working out at the agriculture building on the project they are most interested in under the expert guid ance of Mr. Hanson, their agriculture teacher. Upper pictures iLeft to righti Art may be included as one of the boys favorite activities extraqgurricular activity that was enjoyed by all clems was a visit to the new Delco-Remy battery plant: during recreation you will See e boys Standing in line at Wimpy's for a morning snack before returning to their next class: and many boys belonging to this service clu ool to maintain their high standards during the year. ti . ' T its x if .:, 'us , " :Q -Q, t' ig I ..f. fxpai ' gi 4 ' xv ' ,, . Us ix , -on ,, f ' ' 1 Q1 ' Y A , I - ' P ' , 8 55 N A V i A t ft .' 'F Ni LATIN CLUB Latin Club being one of our prominent clubs at school was limited in its tield trips this year because ot no transportation. Some ot their activities tor this year in- cluded a Christmas party in which the Span- ish Club participated and their main club event ot the year was the annual Latin Club banquet, taking place at the end ot the year. At this banquet the new members are initiat- ed into the club. Latin Club has completed an outstanding year under their club adviser, Genevieve Bennett. ff Wm 1 ffl' J p 1 ? W, V LATIN CLUB OFFICERS fLeft to right! Row 1 B French president K Schmitt, secretary-treasurer Nl Biggeis Red Cross representative and J Avitia, vice-president. . , A L W . , ,A 'V 55.5 A: V .ye ,,,.- 4 - , Z . 9 F M. f - k . . . f 4 1. , 2? W QW" 1 Q., H in as I Y, :Q ,., 6 Q 4' , ff- Q ,L . 5 - . if f , V , I , Mfzw. Mk - Auf -4 KW .43 ' bfi v- .s L , , . 1 1 f f r 1 0 lu -,N 'H-anti LATIN CLUB lLf:ft to riqhtp Flow I- Nl Clmlt, D. Simpson. J. Winfrey, C. Wilkerson. B. Gui on B p D Len F Fiechle W Hen B. Flynn, J. Bnlfer. Row 2-J. Wfirnf-Q., P l-lnlif-its, S Nw-vvlin, Nl. Rmsmussen, Nl. Biggvrs, K Sc YI Vilusek V Bengoche1 9 Ben qocheil, J. Daly, D. Hamilton, K Lziprin Huw l El Fvnziv-i, P. Kirk, K. Brnnd, R. Bolts, 11 I lll1l1'i wicwen ei Donald, D. Blankmeyei, L Nlzirrill. Ftllw l K lfl.ilh.iw,iy, G. 'f.imuntnn, L. Schultz, L. Battle J Bury G Thueson W Wittesc L A P. Grimes. Flow 5F-J. Avitin, D Fhiiiiawy, IJ lfiililvntw-iqvr, T. Dinklr-r, L. Walter, M. Bench, G EHtWlSfl9 B Flench ind C Qloop fi 2 AW 117 l S 't::,w . K 'flint LX J f USHERETTES QLeft to rightj Row 1-P. Valusek, B. Frizzell, R. gochea, J. Yett, C. Raines, V. Yett. Row 3-P. Roberts, G. D C. Manns. USHERETTES CLUB Usherettes may be called upon many times during the year to participate, not only in school functions held throughout the year, but for community affairs also. Some of the programs they ushered at this year were junior play, senior play, Thanksgiving program, all-Negro choir program, and the Christmas program. Under the expert supervision of Mrs. Faye Schulz, club adviser, the girls have provided courteous and efficient ushering. ,G A 'Q 1 vw ,A X 1 .-JI Botts, G. Jenkins, C. Kramp, T. Reveles. Row 2-J. Schwemmer, V. Ben- upuis, E. Sweet, E. Richards, C. Ausburn, M. Gage. Row 4-F. Sc hulz, and Av-r USHERETTES OFFICERS lLeft to right? Row 1-B. Olsen, secretary' V Bengochea, vice-president: P, Roberts, president: P. Vaiusek. treasuirerl and M. Gage, Red Cross representative, ' 69 v li . 1 I z 'z Www A VARSITY "A" tLeft to righty Row 1-L. Bushey, P. Grover, M. Beach, F. Doretti, M. Gouyd. D. Hathcock. J. Jennings. J. Villasenor, W. Ensrninger. Row 2-R. Fuller, B. Turner, Nl. Flynn, L. Weaver, F. Cushing. R. Allen, D. Bielefeld, D. Glover. Row 3-R. Hermann. J. Mackey, A. Story, J. Goodchild, J. Jungkeit, B. Lambeth. L, I-leitman. Row 4'-J. Avitia, R. Van De Warker, L. Weaver. S. Nluro. Ft. Mayeda. Row 5-L. Gonzales, D. Lee, B. Knox, E. Verdin, J. Habener. and J. Williams. VARSITY " " CLUB Varsity MA" is a service organization ol boys who ' J 'I have won varsity letters. At the end of the year, the i boy who has proved to be the most valuable is named the "All-Around Athlete." A One ot their activities was the purchasing and de- ,, veloping ol tilms tor all football games. An assem- S bly was then sponsored by the Varsity HA" showing fl 1 the results ol some of the Iilms taken during the cur- rent season. I One ol their contributing proiects was the construc- tion ot frames tor the pictures of past championships. This club has completed an excellent year under the supervision ot Dick Glover, VARSITY "A" OFFICERS ILQH I0 Ylfll"IIl Huw I---B. Lnmhr-th, pres- vdentg P. Grover, Rf-d Cross representative, F, Dorf-tti, vicr--pr:-sidr-nt, D, I"IIlII"lf,UCl'f, secretary, Row 2-AL. Hr-ltninn, lui-,isurf-rg find lVl, Bench, serqfrnnl-xwtfnrrvls. 70 SUB DEBS CLUB Sub Debs this year have put in an excellent year under the supervision of Miss Dora Gene Golder. Some of their services to the school was the selling of programs at football games and serving at the PTA dinner. Some of their projects outside of school was taking decorated cookies and Christmas favors to the Veterans Hospital and serving at the Ebell Clubs annual luncheon. A scholarship was awarded to the girl who had done the most for Sub Debs this year. The final social affair was the tea welcoming new officers and members. sr C ' 1 if ,-. ,ag N ,- SUB DEBS OFFICERS rLeft to rightl ROW1-Bobbie Henderson. president: Cherrie Goff, vice-president: Mary Lyn Head, secretary: Dee Dee Sngnn. treasurer: and Bette Van Delden, Fted Cross representative. .H I v. ii' S Ni.. W-4...,, 'Z B DEBS LLeft ta right? Row 1--R. Smith. B. Van Delden. M. Head. A. Wheeler. D. Sagan. C. Alvey. S. Sangster. C. Peltzer. Row 2-S I' M Rasmussen J Gerber G Dupuis C Goff B Shimel. S Meger. M. Gunter. Ftow 3+B.VVl'l?lH1 F2 Wilt wart C. Gastelum. S. Newin, . . . . . ... . . . . Q I Mahtstedt E Sweet J Chapman, M. Gage, D. Heffern, D. Furr. Row 4-D. Golden-. B. Henderson. S. Bev-geson, K, Cgrdggi Y Baari.ii11alhl,- B. McDougal.. S. Corldes, B. Blakely. and J. Winfrey. 71 ff-14,-W. li fm .uwfwm COLONIST KNIGHTS OFFICERS il.eft to rightt Row 1-Fred Fischle, ser- geant-atsarmss Mickey Giouyd, vice-presidentg Richard Hathcock, secretary- treasurer: and Joel Habener, president. COLONIST KNIGHTS Colonist Knights are ci selected group among the AUHS junior and senior boys. Their main purpose ot service is to the student body and faculty. Some services performed this year by the Colonist Knights included decorating the goal posts at football games, running a concession stand at the tootball and basketball games, and donating to the band, drill team, and YMCA. Their main proiect was buying a tilm-editing machine tor the tootball tilms. Colonist Knights have put in an outstanding year under the supervision ot George De Rubeis. ex N im? 'H-an Ning, 3 I . A 4' .5 4 .. A ,, 4 ,I 1 ' 1. .f V ',41V:1fill"T 9- 'tint-I i', ii 1-It ff, iiqhti Wriuv I I I ill i-ltztfli-ii iffiwv 7 P Ililnil, IVI WI:-yr-I f ' I i '1i,v'i+i, I ",inrll'lr,, V, 'wlririi f ,' , i L-i iiufiii, V1 iifif-Im -'Q I 2 r is-... I ViII.if,m.'i. D. L1-P, J. Villrirsi-nor, F. Dmselti, IVI. Gouyd. R. Hnthcock, F. F154-hip. 5, Enqmm WI Izmifb, D. Lewis.. D I-Listwll, D, Turner, B. Flynn, FK. Hurst, D, K0i,'.- ROW 0 N t4"'I'v. H. Munn. D. Trviissnii, R, HLIIIIIIIIII1, Row -I-G. DeFtuheis, D. Stephenson. IVI. H. t I Flfvvlviilf. .inrl I. Hin-stimii -an A 1 Q -A -tif mi' f , 5 . ' - 'i.'.J..."..Z . Hs sf, 3 ,449 Uh-uma-f COLONIAL COEDS fLeft to rightl Flow 1-A. Young, H. Hoffner, Nl. Richards, B. Kramp, S. Reed. S. Powell, V. Schneider, Z. Fort. Row 2 P Bode, C. Booth, lVl. Buckner, D. Gruenemay. J. Ferguson. J. Roddani, B. Mauerhan, C. Logsdon, G. Taylor. Row 3-B. Olsen. G. Bar- enger, R. Tsujioka, A. Thomason, M. Taylor, A. Williams, J. Stabbert, C. Walker, B. Boege. Row 4-L. Swim, J. Jungkeit. C. Fitz, T. rter, J. Critchfield, K. Brand, R. Fischle, C. Hein. A. Mayberry. and S. Olding. COLONIAL COEDS Under the supervision of Mrs. Mildred l-loien ond Miss Maxine DuColy The Coloniol Coeds hcive hod on oulslcinding yeor. Their fund-roising proiecls ihis ye-or were selling progroms or fool- boll games, cookie soles, ond rooier pins. Other ocliviiies were serving or The foolboll bonquel, conlribuling to lhe bond uniforms, Red Cross conlribulions ond sponsoring on Eosler porly for Orange County crippled children. Some of The ClUlOiS sociol offoirs were o mem- bership leo, breokfosl for new members, inslol- lorion of officers, ond lhe iniliolion bcinquel. 1 VW' f I , M O ...W f :'-- V lMxQV, ' ' ' wa X Q , 2' Svfif . , I kv r m Y 4 4 COLONIALYQOEDS OFFICERS 4l.eft to rigmu Row 1-J. crirchfieid. pi-eel. gent: ZA. Williams. treasurer: A. Young. historian: B. Olsen. sei-geant.a1.a,-me ow --B. Boege. Red Cross representative: C. W lk , W A 5 Richards, vice-president. A er Secretmy' and M 73 fxf ,. u HONOR SOCIETY Adm va. Ku , HONOR SOCIETY FI B Olsen L Claussen G B RST . , . , . a dam, A, Thomason, V. Beng gochea. J. Stabbert. G. Tayl D. DeConnick, A. Williams, olf, J. Donde. K. Walker, J. tesch. J. Stanton, D. Stephe Q4- S wa Z. A 1 EMESTEFR fLeft to righth Flow 1-C. Allen. Fl. Scott rchenger. Flow 2-C. Ryan, G. Simonton, S. Stefflr ochea, P. Valusek. Flow 3-G, Decker, K. Brand. D or, D. Kohlenberger. M. Taylor. Flow -l-J. Blue, K M. Gouyd, M. Meyer. B. Burbridge. Flow 5-S. Mo Sympson, J. Warnes. M. Buvinch. Row 6-W. Bea nson. W. Henry, G, Newkirk. and P. Winters. 1 v ' 1 h s ii ax is 1? ?? is , J, Doty, L.. Strong, B. Frizzell, S. Lillywhite. J. Williams, e. P. Bode. A. Young, M. Rasmussen. J. Fleynolds. J. Rod- . Lange. J. Light, L. Schulz. J. Lemcke, J, Winfrey. S. Ben- . Anderson, D. Burzlaff, S. Brougher. D. Hollowell. D. Sonnie, rris, L. Swint. M. Siple. L. Hemphill. D. Ingwenson. L. Mar- ch. J. Dickey. M, Mitchell. D. Hokanson. C. Rogers. W. Wit- gi Y W .J-4 . 1 f an P af V Us L.. , 5-mf' A , ! , ' 4 AX ss 'J' iv L-lfiflfla fuuls T f '-,'Ef,0llf,: HEME'-,TFl: ll 1-ll ln lnllill Flivvv 1'-B, Ebert, J. Duty, L. Stmlm, B. Scott, M. Vincent, S, Lillvvvliite. J. Wil' ii H , Lf -if' fi l flwiii.--in ll 'l-lim C Fliiflwfenqf-i Flow 2--G gllllllllflill, S. StL'fflIlx. lk. E2i.1l1d, .I 1-l0lIllll.1I1, A. Younq, F. ly1.,,.t,,-'ez' J ,,',,,,,,l, 1 ,fni , ,,! lf. 1 ,fl.,, I i:,,.lll.lni, '. lVliillii,'il1,f, Hwin. How l--C. Fi', D. L.1nqi'. J, Light, D. Sunnic. D. Hufloweut G. Taylor . iz,1,iiflfl "nfl 3 ll lmllflnll. Nl, M,ill-IIf,i, G, Dvpluoi, H. Blullillwl. D. Uft'Lx-Ol1I1lL'Ix, J. Blunt IVI. Gnuyd, Nl- MQVNJ B Bu,- T ifl V lun- '- M llluli l- ll ll' Alillflmmi, M. Sipll-. L. Hvnlplilll, D. Iimqvvvsslwr, I-.'nlf, K, W.illv'i'. J. Svmlusonl, J, W'.1l'l1es ,ill ' nfl f li 2-ll.: in .wr ,M lil-.i4h, .I Dillkf-y, D. Eliilli-n.i, C, R-will--is. VV, Vvittvsrh. FI, Scnulll, J.'Sl.mtun, D, gtvph l l - l !lfll'- li-.5 l' 'iNll1ll-le., - rf FUTURE NURSES Future Nurses has accomplished an excellent year under the supervision ot Mrs. Elizabeth 'V Webb. Some of their activities were their cookfe sales which proved to be a success. During Christmas they served at the Orange County crippled childrens party held in Santa Ana and entertained the men and women in the Gereatric Ward at the Orange County Hospital. A tvventyetive dollar scholarship is being awarded to the senior girl who has done the most this year and plans to go on with a nursing career in the future. FUTURE NURSES OFFICERS iLef't to rightl Row 1-M. Biggers, vice- president: S. Kauffman, Red Cross representative. Row 2-B. Kramp, pres ident: L. Pauls. Red Cross representative: L. Pletz, treasurer: and J. Hunt historian. Ili-v '39 -KS' N F. -"Ski-f S iv QCW' HSP-if 'HQ i X 1 i KM '- 7 3SfT,m .!h l my mx, fs 'F' 9 K ,C R555 iLeft to rightj Row 1-L Herron S Vandor, S. Kauffman, P. Santibanez. B. Kramp. D, Nelson. D S-aucedo Raw 2 FUTURE Nldliranda, G. Sirnonton, C. Bainey,'J. Krahi, Biggers. V. Keele. Row 3-R. Jackson. L. Pletz. L. Pauls. M, Merritt. ,s Niqrirm. t, E. ii. Hpxgyer. Row 4--D. Walton. MACHINIST LUB 'J ' ' Machinist Club is composed ot boys from the f' vocational machine shop class. These boys plan to work in machine shops as soon as they grad- uate trom high school. Taking vocational machine shop is a science credit and necessary tor graduation. These classes are three periods long so all necessary Tar things can be covered. The main extra-curricular activity ot the club is to visit industrial plants and shops to see in- dustry in action and hovv ditterent machine jobs are performed. Some trips made this year un- der the supervision ot the clulo adviser Claud Booth, were to Fontana Kaiser, Brea Chiksan, Anaheim Northrup, Kwilcset, Robertshaw Fulton, and Downey-Rheem. 0 ' 2-Lic-Mf MACHINIST CLUB OFFICERS fl.eft to righth Row 1-J. Lee, reporter: B. Gwinn, secretary: Ft. Allen, vice-president, and F, Sparks. president. 324. 'Qu 'WW .. ' 9' --f Y ., '..,,i1 ' L, WM , K , 2 'f V, , ,ww -I. g ' ' x x 1 , I T 333 A 44 is ik flllAf,HlfIl3T CI UU fl Ill rn iiqhli Flow 1 r,, Huflwn, B Pulley, G. Klint-, B. Gwinn, N. Snlyer, 5. Lonrfl. Flow 2-W. Price. B, Vnn Foecken PS Allen, ri afinfhf-7, W V,in rm- imfnifff, ,i Qflflnvf- Ftnw 2- J Li-1-, D. Greene, F, Sparks, L. Heinecke, D, Jonah. .md Clnud Booth, nd lllkjtl fi, 1-4 :I -N x Q W . Qc.. p.I-W PRESS CLUB 1Left to rignty Row 1-D. H ff J B r' 2-Larry Qume, adviser' M- Buvinichy D- Ngdiiipv Cr WeafkfggyerdlMr-ieginetrglgtzbolzi-lSRoIlgergs'1irE.eSKrg1n1ggmE.tBruhrlLzS, M. Diebert, D. Rouland. Ftow J. Stanton, B. Van Delden, G. Hawkins, D. Stephenson, B. Knox, and D. Toussalu. V i gs er' ow 3-R' Hermann' F' Doreul' COLONIST PRESS CLUB Press club is the only club on campus having to do with iournalism. This club is composed ot all members ot the senior publications class and those students having an A or B average in journalism. This club's purpose is to further the interest and enthusiasm ot writing tor the paper and annual. The Colonist Press Club is affiliated with the OrCoHi Press club with Anaheim furnishing the vice-president and treasurer of the county-wide organization. The members were also active in the annual iournalism workshop at Santa Ana College. Press Club has put in an excellent year under the supervision ot Larry Quille. PRESS CLUB oFFicEns I. ft 1 ' - . . Sangster, secretary: Row Dbarggalzy 5:Jevgid1enc. gvhgeler, publicity: S. and D. Toussau. vice-president. ' ' Oberts' treasurer? 77 Law mfg , , I r x i f Q 2 :- FHA CLUB tLeft to rightj Row 1-R. Hooper, B. Bay. P. Bode, Nt. Olvera, P. Dykstra. J. Morimoto, H. Aguilar. A. Flosales. P. Louis, P. Provencio. A. Sanchez. G. King. Row 2-J. Schantzen. B. Nlclntyre, J. Chapman, F. Hatanaka, S. Lukens, J. Green, B. Henry, K. Caffee, B. Benson. C. Gastelum, V. Philpott. S. Lopez. M. Fuente. Row 3-C. Davis. M. Pittser. D. Rutherford, S. Brougher. B. Henderson. M. Gravley, M. Gage. J. Larnprecht. B. Blake. R. Tsusioka. J. Darshay. Row 4-K. Bashara. L. Huffman. J. Morrow. D. DeConnick. B. Nlesser. J. Forst, J. Schwernmer, T. Cruz, E. Miranda, and Mrs. Walker, adviser. M. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Future Homemakers ot Americas purpose is to promote ioys and satistaction ot homemaking and to show the importance ot the home lite. Future l-lomemakers have participated in many activities this year including the state FHA meeting at Asilomar, section conventions, taco and sno-cone sales, a trip to Catalina, helping QI' ff needy tomilies, baby sitting tor school programs, attending an exhibit at the Los Angeles County Fair, and their pot luck dinners. FHA has completed an outstanding year un- ' 4. ms , -ji' der their club adviser, Mrs. Barbara Walkei'. sg rw i wr ., . if 'X M k? 1 . 5 A aff' U ,i 1 2 1 , 'W W i' " A 1 ,f , ,. I 1 . M , if A, , 7 'fy ' as ,J3 nga... . . -.f ,f . J., PHA V.I,lJF'L O15 FICFFI'-, tl 1-ft to iiqliti Ftrivv I P. Dvlfstni. hiL.tiii'1.il13 B. Mi' tnl yi f. iii ftzirtiiritg F, ii.ii li.iiiii-nt.iil:in, Nl CllVl'l'.l, si-iiivt.ii'y. Frith!! D ii Vttilfi ufiiiii Ii-,ii.ii, 1 f.Ii.i1iiiiiii. iii'-iiilii-i rli.iiiiii.in3 Nl. t1.iii4'. fry- ii.ff,ifl1fir, 5' Ei'i'i',ii'i, lil i-fiiiti ltfiiiv '. H Iisiiiiiil-.i, iliiqii-P fl1.IIl- ,i yi, H1 f.i.ifii y tiii,iii-,i- rIi.iiiiii.iii .init I Mitt-n. FlwlI,.iii1.-,ivlnw-.1-i1l.1llvi-. FUTURE , "M FARMERS Anaheim's chapter of the Future Farmers of America is limited to boys enrolled in vocational agriculture. Their recreational meetings con- sisted ot basketball and swimming while a bas- ketball tournament was sponsored tor those wanting to participate. Anaheim's chapter, in addition to their local activities, has participated in the Orange Coast Field Day, Bank of America Field Day, and Kellogg Field Day. h . ,N imx - Future Farmers held a banquet at which awards were given to many of the boys. They have put in an outstanding year under the fbi?--A-ve,v.'. A ' 1' . . . . ', i, supervision ot their club adviser, Leland Hanson. ,Q 4, ,W M, K --2" -' ' A ' , ff" - 'Lt' tw.. ' , -f D- ,K -4 ' 1 2 It i"' .- fr -'.4'z.ii5.' ' 'H'-'-A .' iff' -' 5 J Pictured above are some of the Future Farmers working on one of their projects. me-13 fx .1 wkww ' ht Row 1-A. Galindo D. Kochbrich, C. Nlenley, D. Brownfield. J. Mackey. Maahs, B. Bethard. Row 2-W. De FFA CLUB llir?2iisi.iO Laird, D. Bebereia, J.iRogers, R. Lee, F. Oelkers, R, Dunn.. Row 3-P. Garrison.. J. Dummel. J. Koepper, B, Sghur. B0e"1GT'Sr:SJJ B Gfeen, L. Morehead, A. Tigger. Row 4-Mr. Hanson, adviser. D. Lippen, and D. Mctvlillin. mga, - f ' 79 Ri-Hi-Y SENIORS . 55 -. l i X 'SVA -A-Y -hu. Ah U' : 'I , i i L 1 ' i" TRI-Hl-Y SENIORS fLeft to rightj Row 1-M. Okuda, B. Garrison. C. Alvey, C. Walker, S. Olding, Z. Fort, B. Mauerhan, J. Bettinger, M. Head, D. Sagan. S. Sangster, R. Smith. Row 2- K. Cordes, A. Mayberry, R. Botts, N. Shafer, C. Goff, C. Logsdon, G. Taylor. A. Slabaugh, S. Zwart, D. Thomas, D. Heffern, C. Peltzer. Row 3- B. Henderson, S. David, J. Troutman, B. Olsen, E. Richards. G. Dupuis, J. Hunt, J. Bokelman, D. Coons. G. Hawkins, B. Van Delden, J. Critchfield. K. Coker. Row 4- B. Shimel, C. Cashman, M. Dargatz. P. Roberts, B. Kramp, M. Richards, R. Fischle, B. Boege, G. Jackson, J. Peacock, and M. Mooney. TR -HI-Y JUNICRS - SOPHOMORES nf? wi x -'- L- Ss wif' rf W.. f .S QA 'fs 'L' fag N h R 'Q' I ggi V ' .. I 1 Q' f J if ye .5 V , TRI-l-ll 'J SOPHOMOFQEQ, Al-ID .ll.,Jl'-IIORS :Li--ft to night? Row 1-L. Cnwmu S. Vnnd-wr. B. Sims. D. I-lollowvll. C. Krnmp. P. Louis. E Hg,,f,g,q, j, Dpfuinnifv, Nl, F2,iL.iiuii--91411, .J Fimlflaivi, .,l, lfeiquson, D. f"l-Xffl-'l'l"Il, S IVI1-qi-i', D, Synipsun, C Cox, Q, Chwgtellllll. J, Fgessvl. S Pl'i:iirif,, Nl, Ol-,ffgi.i, H B'ii,ilf.hf-I, S Elrlw. Z i'1.lIfIllfII'1, V Rndrlquvz. J. Sindy. D Rm-sv. Row LT --D Wriqlii, M. Vincent. D. Soniiic. IX Pfennig, V, Plf-rz. A Thi,m.i'.fm, F1 Vlrimm, P, Anrle-iwln. J Stnlnlnrait. A, Williams, J, Xlviillrux. C. Vvill-xi-isuu. Cv. Hein. L. Battle. P. Coker. L Qlzllfelf, E Unqf-ve, M. Taylm, EZ Flll!f'll,,J.JlII1l"S, 1. Nelson, J. Green. Nl. Zwart. L. Baiww. R Simtli. Row 3-fC. Allen. G. W.1tts. S Brm,iql-if-r, H PM-rl, H l-lmffnf-1. Nl Eiiiplfnf-i, V I,1-in Q, Nevvlin. D. Prumlvinski. B, Blnl-wly. lx. Sflmiilt. D. Gl'llt'llCl1l.1y. lx. Caflce. B. Van Dpilgfrn, l-l Nlillf-I P' '-Mlylfii, Nl, lfirlflmil. l' Filings. El. Harrie, R. Miimlvrson. C.. 5tr.1c'l1.m. J. Lvmcku, Row -le-G. Slmonion. ld. Eldrvd xg, giiifjy, 1 if.1,ll,,.i.1g, D lffniilzf-rw, J, l, 2fl1KAlP'llllll4"I', V. Plnlpolt. D. Nipp, C. Bonlh. lx. LPI1.lll1, J. Cantrell. Row 5---D, Rich :i,fy:., ir Kkilffi, lillfwliiti l nfliillf. D Mail-iilf, E3 1'.l.iik, lvl. V.1l1'i.C Fitz. T. C.irtn-r, K. Rukcit. R. Lulllmuvii. B Vvntkins. L. Klum-91' K Dnflfizrin, A lnirvrlvjvf-n, l Ilrglll, Y- l.llv"-,. V F-IHL1-l, B, Blum!-ra Huw 11 J. Hvllslvy, C. RVJI1, L. PIUKI. D L.lllgx'. N. GUSS. L. HDIHD will, H Viliiiii V if-'milf'-v D lfHf.fii'uui1l-, I 'f,,fni1iQ1iii, .I FY:-yl1f1Icl-5, Q.. Imiiva-rv. .llld L. D.llly. if, PRESIDENTS fLeft to rightj Row1-E. Bruhns, D. Sagem, Nl. Taylor, D. Simpson, A. Williams, K. Eldred. Row 2-J Light B Hen derson, Nl. Olvera. and G. Simonton. TRI-HI-Y CLUBS Tri-Hi-Y girls have experienced an outstanding -year under the supervision of Nan Moore and assistance ot the council. Some ot their activities tor this year included the membership party, the formal induction ceremonies, the youth and government p r o g r a m, the father-daughter banquet, mother-daughter desert, annual girl- date Cinderella Ball given by the Women's committee, and climaxing the year by spending a week at the new Camp Osceola. Some ot their service projects vvere helping needy families, gitts tor childrens wards, selling contribute money to charity funds, and items to participating in the world service program, Y COUNCIL ll-eff 15 VlQllh"ll Fm!" i"'C5 -l-5l5"0iU Vtf0l'ShiLJ Cl1airi'i'taI1: Fl Mauerhan, treasurer, Row Vtfattfsr. friq.e.p:-egfsigmg B Van DG,,,,.Q, presidentg C. Logsdon, secretary. M Q SENIORS . ,gm lf 1 ,44 r G2 , '9'iiqQ,,, R kg , ,I , .,,,,,: mr- I' Qimn 4 kdm 'Nw , xg' H t Row 2 D Powell B. Guss, E. Rickel HI-Y SENIORS lLeft to right J Row 1-D. Turner, D. Fischle, D. Lee, B. Ryan, W. Henry, R. urs. - . , D. Stephenson, and R. Hermann. HI-Y .IUNIORS - SOPHOMORES 'W O' Wi Ex 53 1 l w 2 , l ,ll 3 1 j 5 3 l , ff , T l Jw, Q . vf 2 f f 2 2 l f ' , ,Q , V J 5 gp. '-fl. ff g Kg 1-an x --,f-rw-lf'rlflf,F.F', fxhllll lwrllowf. rI.f-fl. lf, .lqhtp Row 'l-P. Fenton, D. Bultena, M. Mitchell, L. Stevens, J. Kohlenberger, G. Koehler 1 ' lg. m,f:.".lf F-ww Lf V-I1 I-'1.'1'.lfw1I, U. w.uwif.l4, M. Splnine. R. Cnncino, D. Mnllonee, J. Greene, G. Liebhard. Row 3-J. Vale, l 1 Ulf' "f f? li "-,inlgVl'l, V- f'.m,flfl1ll-l, G. lVlm"fmrl, D. lKuI1Icnh1:rger, J. Stanton, :Ind W. Williams. :F s E s . 5 f t s .nm .," ' , ,L WZ' i We.-. V, . if 2 . DRAMA CLUB fLeft to right? Row 1-D. Holmes, J. Doty, S. man C. Walker, B. Mauerhan. Row 2-K. Brand, B. Boege, K Cotler. Row 3-B. Blakely, D. Kohlenberger, L. Welsh, J. McC1uley, B. Van Delden, Mrs. Booth, adviser, D. Fischle, zu DRAMA CLUB Drama Club consists ot those students taking drama and participating in the dramatic pro- ductions. Some of their activities tor this year were the initiation party at the YMCA building, sponsoring a student talent assembly, which was enioyed by all students, and entering a one-act play "Three on a Bench" at Orange Coast College. To end an outstanding year under the di- rection ot Louise Booth, club adviser, the club selected an outstanding senior from the Drama Club at their last meeting. . Miva K 3 Reed, S. Powell, V. Schneider, S. Bengochea, S. Meger, D. Simpson, J. Bee- B. Klemm, A. Thomason, E. Bradley, M. Head. C. Hein, Z. Fort, C. Logsdon. Warnes, J, Jungkeit, D. Sagan, D. Lee, S. Schafer. Row 4-J. Goodchild. C. nd D, Toussau. s as F,-Fl DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS lLeft to right! Row 1-D. Sagan. secretary and treasurer, B. Van Delden, president and B. Mauei-han, vice-president. 83 Kg vw A 2 M Q b 5 , Q 4 5 .5 - 1 2 ' . Q. 'E fl -QP' 'J 5, LV l,., A rt ii.--I ' s f : 4 , ' k s , i ' ' fwvdlnw , ' 112 BIBLE CLUB OFFICERS CLeft to rightp Row 1-L. Swint, ist and 2nd semester president: D. Kent, ist and 2nd semester secretary: L. Crowe. 2nd semester vice-president: P. Winters, 1st semester vice-president: Ft. Utes, 1st semester treasurer: and E. Rickel, 2nd semester treasurer. BIBLE CLUB Bible Club is open to any student at Anaheim Union High School ot all faiths who is interestf ed in the studying and learning about the Bible. This club has been very active this year under the direction ot Kern Anderson. Regular meetings ol the Bible Club are held on Monday nights and Tuesday mornings, Each Monday morning one member ot the Bible Club reads a tew scriptures ot the Bible over the school address system. This club has enioyed various social activities during the year. 1 .fu Y A 2 x "Qt- if 2 2 V 1 ' H,-mi l. 3' . ii, ll i it 4 i 9 2 5 Z s f I . .Q 1 ti ii: f ri , gl y I, ff' i, . .. . vw-gm, 5 if S is 313175 CI UH tif-fi if, ririhti Ffovv I-D, Kr-nt, Nt Hortqe-Q, A S-itrh, L. Swint, G. S-imnnton, G, Jenkins. L. Strong, M. Oelke. J. Jungkeit Plow 9 Li ri.,r:f,f,,-1 is f,iv,WL-, Q llti'-s., FZ L,ushhifii-14, H McNeil, M. Fulk'-ison, E. Rickvl. Row 3-J. Dierberger, P. Winters, M. Mitcu 'X mtl Wt-vii frnflf-w-.fwi .iriviswi I l .sv YQ ss! W YR ,, -i i I l COMMERCIAL CLUB tLeft to rightj Row 1-K. Kopfer, B. Henderson, C. Anderson, S. Lillywhite, A. Rosales, A. Young, D. Holmes, J. Morimoto, P. Kirk, B. Boege, M. Ritter, C. Colburn, J. Bettinger, S. Boutcher, V. Schneider, S. Powell, S. Meger, D. Sagan, L. Barge, J. Spady, B. Van Dalsem, J. Rogers. Row 2-G. Hermosillo, K. Cordes, C. DeWitt, C. Barnes, J. Christensen, C. Pletz, F. Martinez, L. Oka- moto, C. Kramp, E. DuVall, K. Kissell, S. Newlin, B. Blakely, D. Hollowell, L. Kiever, S. Elder, S. Lukens, J. Nelson, J. Green, V. Flicker, J. Bauman. Row 3-P. Harker, J. Yett, D. Rutherford, L. Wichman, L. Cone, R. Unger, A. Lindgren, J. Christie, L. Daily, J. Roddarn, K. Northup, M. Merritt, B. Burbridge, M. Oelke, B. Van Delden, C. Goff, R. Mungerson, C. Strachan, H. Aguilar. Row 4-J. Ferguson, C. Cox, E. Sweet, B. Shimel, S. Schafer, C. Hebrus, J. Light, D. Richards, D. Gruenemay, D. Knutzen, C. Keele, K. Witte, B. Watkins, M. Matejka, R. Loffhagen, G. Decker, A. Huesca. Row 5-Y. Norris, K. McFauI, R. Ingles, S. Bergeson, Mr. Hanley, G. Stewart, J. Bozarth, H. Ewing, B. Cossey, R. Sutherlan, V. Keele, M. Romero, H. Mayer, E. Miranda, T. Cruz, S. Kauffman, J. annon, C. Thomas, M. Provencio, R. Veyna, B. Babbitt, B. Lukens, and B. Hardy. CQMMEREIAI. ci.uB Commercial Club is made up of those it students taking some commercial subjects. Some of the main proiects this year were M attending Santa Ana College Business I Eduacation Day where the club president "'i 1 i A I participated in a panel discussion, the 1 i i'-t'f delegates attending the state FBLA con- vention in Long Beach, and participating ,N in Buttum's "Young Careerist" program. ',- f Some of their school activities were the A f' . potluck dinner, installation ot officers and , ii the gala Commercial Club Valentine 'N V! f,, "" dance which was semi-formal. iiii , life? , MH I jglsq, Commercial Club has put in an ex- .- V' ,. ,, . . L I ,R Yzqyt A- .rydfyz V' I .LMXM V, 1 lib U v ,i cellent year under the supervision ot Wt f f 6 - 1 L , Charles Cox and George Hanley. Vsgpfwg 1, I, 94,5 I .wg nf In , A . g I COMMERCIAL CLUB OFFICERS 1Left to rightb Row 1--J. Bettinger, re. porter: S. Powell, treasurer: J. Hannon, lst semester president. Row 2-V, Schneider, historiang A. Young, Red Cross representative: R. Hardy. 2nd semester president: K. Cordes, secretary and C. Goff, vice-president. 85 GIRLS' RIFLE TEAM Girls' Rifle Team has put in an out- standing year under the supervision of Cora Watters. Some of their activities were entertaining the veterans of Norco Hospital which is done annually, a pop corn sale, election of officers, a banquet and the annual Military Ball, which is co- sponsored by the Torch and Saber Club. One of the rifle matches held periodi- cally throughout the year was at San Francisco where Dixie Lange took 'High Girl" at the state match. A banquet was held late in the year to install new officers and end their year of activities. 1 i E vthv A Weidner Row 2-D. Rodger. D. Lange. Row 3--C. C. Auxbu ri i bg., was .QQ .pm fx faq. TORCH AND SABER tLeft to rightj Row 1-Mr. Comstock, L. Hagan, E. Moore, E. Dedmon, E. Verdin. Row 2-D. Merritt, J. Vogt, R. 0V'fl9i0l1, E- 'VI-313, D. Malone. Row 3-T. Leigh, J. Myers. J. Roe. B. Ensminger. Row 4-M. Rainey, H. Goodwin, R. Ganell, D. Kirkelie, G Patterson. TORCH AND SABER Torch and Saber participated in many ac- tivities this year. Most important of all activ- ities was the Military Ball. This formal affair proved to be a huge success as in the past years. Other activities which Torch and Saber participated in were a field trip to Camp Pendleton, Biouvac, annual inspection of ca- dets, Naval cruise, Helicopter flight at El Toro Marine Base, and the annual member- ship dance. This club is composed of all the Cadet officers of the local unit. They have put in an excellent year under the direction of Major Ralph Comstock. mmakz. 'rorzci-i ASD sAeER OFFICERS tLeft to rigmi Row 1-D. wie.-mf pf.-Q. 'd : . . . Ro -J. t, . I A ' 'enf J 09 SSCFBYQFY W 2 Vog treasurer B Ensmtnaei. ww president: and M. Rainey, sergeant-at-arms. D 87 'Sway A-L... GAA SOPHOIVIORES AND JUNIORS tLeft to rightj Row 1-C. Allen, S. Lillywhite, A. Thomason, D. Knutzen, A. Huesca. L. Valadez Wilkerson, J. Foster, lVl. Rasmussen, J. Boddam, L. Blakely. Row 2-J. Williams, C. Booth, D. Gruenemay, K. Schmitt. A. Williams. Pletz. Nl. Buckner, Nl. Taylor, J. Ferguson, C. Hein, J. Winfrey, J. Olvera. Row 3-C. Ryan, F. Nlartinez. J. Light, K. Anderson, T. veles, S. Bengochea, V. Lee, B. Kiefer, S. Reed. H. Hoffner, V. Philpott. Row 4-L. Pletz, N. Wallace. V. Elliott. C. Kirven. P. Darga J. Sympson, V. ivlejia, E. Lopez, T. Carter, C. Fitz. J. Reed, B. Bode, D. Nipp. Raw 5-D. Hathaway, L. Cheatum, Nl. Breadley, S. Ro in D. Richards, K. Walker, F. Reid, L. Schulz, S. Staples. Nl. Olvera, D. DeConnick, L. Fischle, N. Feil, L. Kliever. K. Caffee, L. Haygood J Jones, and K. Rennie. . ' I X 1 . , ' 5. ' Z . 3 9 . sv ,ati is GAA SENIOFVS lI.ef1 tri riqhtl Flow 1-B. Ivlnlntyre, B. Garrison, A. Sl.1lJnugl1, S. Zwnri. C, Alvgy, El, Nlziuerhzin, S. SflY'lQ'2tE'I', P, Flohr-rts. Row 2--D. Snqnn, Nl. Henri, Nl. Dnrgntz, C. fmqp,.f,,7.n, ry Goff, I,-3, fjlgi-n, J. Troiitmnn, J. Hnnnnn, Nl. Riclmrds. Flow .T-G. Hawkins, B. Del g.ig.,-,fir-,gm-.Y Q, Dupuis. C. Ioqsdtin, G. Taylor, C, NN:ilk+-i. Flow l4A, lVl:1ylJ1'rry. B. Van den, I Critnhlierlfl, K Crnrles, B C.inwn:1l'u.ippy, F. l,4"l1Sl'lOlll7f'Ii, and D. Selfiidqv. pf GAA GAA is composed of all girls in sixth period physical educaa tion. These girls have attended play days during the year at Fullerton, Tustin, and Laguna tor the ditterent sports. Some ot their activities for the year were attending the Orange County GAA conference at Cap- istrano High School, attending a conference at San Bernardino, and hosted an all-Orange County volleyball play day. Two banquets were held during the year in December and the one in May being the instal- lation ot next years officers, Adviser lor this club is Norma Elliott. ,yu--I.. l 57014 P 'W W M... iv t , ...Q it y -3 . y W' , E A .. ,: v.,,,, V 5 3 4 ART CLUB QLeft to rightj Row 1-S. Neiman, M. Talamantez, L. Valadez, C. Alvey D Hefferin Row 2-C Pletz M B dl C B th lla. Rl3gtglginSRow 3-T. Wade, E. Kuykendall, L. Claussen, P. Valusek. D. Fluegge. Row 4-F. Alford, R. Hardy, D.'Loop, rg. iiKe'wkirk,ognd ART CLUB Under the direction of Ted Wade, the Art Club this year worked mostly on proiects for the school. The members of this club had the duty of keeping the campus clean for a cer- tain amount of days. Special movies were shown to the members to acquaint them with the different fields of art. These proved to help new members who were interested in art. Helping with the Red Cross project was one of their contributing factors for this year. lg mf f . ,Y W - .u , ' A ,N .,,.- V. Y K ART CLUB OFFICERS LLeft to rightj Row 1-C. Booth, treasurerg C. Pletz president: L. Claussen, viceapresidentg P. Vaiusek, secretaryg and C. Alvey Red Cross representative. S9 3' ivy viii A ' ,r' fe f-eff .':- 2' K 7 Vt 5,- .S 3 qv .. V- we V15 . -1. -1: Q. -, .ge 13.5 ,. 1.Ql.,,.v . -51 , C if 1: ' 4 .v , I 'Q W-.. 'lanhipx 1 in SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS CLeft to rightl R w 1 D Seapy vice pr SI dent C Fitz secretary treasurer Hoffner Red Cross representative and S Morris president SPANISH CLUB Spanish club is composed ot only those students taking Spanish l or ll. This club's activities have been limited to only three this year. They had a party with the Latin Club and a taco dinner and party combined Their main oblect is to encourage interest in the language and custorns ot Spanish speaking countries They have put In an out standing year under the excellent guidance ot their club adviser, George Zentz, and their officers 's Q f K " I l l 5 1. v...,,., 1 l . l l 'PAFJI'-.P-l f,l ll'R fl 4-ft lu iiqhri IFMW I H Hnrlnm, S, l,.illywhltf'. M. Olvern. J. Williams, D. Holmes. P. Bode. H. Aguilar, L. V1I1dcz 5 l-IU:-Lf.. 1.,f, El QM-flfe, Fa, Mqiwwl-i,'m, l. llmmflo, T, Rvveles. Row 2-D. Toussnu. A. Estrada, T. Canter. C. Alltn, B. Klenmi. L Sho U Jill.. A lfillfr, fi TIl'sf'l"l, l.. lliilgf, 0 Hnlv., XJ M1-lin, M. lvlltchr-ll. Row 3-El. Penfield, H. Herrera. B. Hnthcock, D. Riclmrds A Wi imma, l lfilyvufilrlf., f-. 'Jr-Hill-, 'V 1,1-ilillfl, l Tuul, l film'-,ntum, G, Yvntz, adviser, S. Morris. Row 4-R. Valencia, S, Nluro, S. Brougl Egiiififllcl., A i, ruin, rr nw.fiflf.fn 1, iw ii, W- :NAIL-1-i, rn 1.iylni, .,I. Ci-ilchflfvld, J. Synipson, K. Eldred, B. Babbitt, G. Gobel, B. Winters an ri pg l, mv -Rs , :L e,,. if A, . M ,. are ' i W' up 'hm F V L . t 2 S, B MOZART CLUB iLeft to rightb Row 1-D. Gruenemay, D. Knutzen, H. Hoffner, J. Beeman, D. Lee, C. Logsdon, D. Fischle, B. Mauerhan, T. Bonner, B. Olsen, D. Williams, J. Williams. Row 2-V. Elliott, P. Boettcher, P. Fenton, M. Mitchell, D. Seapy, D. Kohlenberger, W. Henry, D. Nelson, B. Ryan, D. Visel, J. Critchfield. Row 3-G. Ehrle, N. Shafer, C. Fitz, T. Carter, M. Siple, M. Taylor, R. Loffhagen, G. Decker, J. Kohlenberger, B. Lashbrook, C. Sloop. Flow 4-S. Disrud, adviser, A. Sitch, M. Taylor, A. Thomason, J. Stabbert, B. Watkins, R. Utes, J. Lemcke, and J. Vale. MOZ ART CLUB Mozart Club, under the supervision of Shel- .aww don Disrud, is known as the music club of the school. Their main project for the year is the "Top of the Pops". This was one of the most fabulous musical productions ever pre- sented to the public of Orange County. Some of their activities for the year were sponsoring the Christmas program, giving S500 to the band uniforms, giving S100 to ' the vocal music department, and to end the year was the Mozart Club banquet. MOZAFRT oifsficeifzs, lLeft to rtgmi mw 1-.1 wmhimr,efQ..- Q., Qeant-at-arms: A. Thomason. secretary: D. cool-ts. historian, F245-.lfglg Lee, president: G. Bonner, vice-president, and B, Ryxij, zrggiQLi,sQr, 91 I IEPAFCY CLUB fl.I:ft 1 J Cl FUTURE TEACHERS Future Teachers Club consists ot those students wanting to go into teaching. This club has maintained a Teachers' Service Bureau in which members help teachers whenever possible. At some ot their meet- ings a teaching career has been dis- cussed by members and by teachers ot other schools. Mainly this club's purpose is to acquaint members with the duties ot the teacher. One ot their proi- ects was preparing Easter tavors tor the hospital through the Red Cross. Future Teachers Club has put in an excellent year under the direct- ion ot Mariorie Pibel. , . 1 .1l l ,h,x' '-'--nn-vw -..- U 4 Q .Ky f , ' ' fc l g c X, . . -. .,,.. . ,,.,, ..... , . .,.-,.. .l FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB LLeft to rightj Row 1-L. Hemphill, B. Benson, C. Ander- son, J. Faessel, S. Lillywhite, J. Williams, D. Knutzen, D. Gruenemay, C. Booth, A. Young, S. Reed. Row 2-P. Roberts, M. Dargatz, B. Garrison, M. Olvera, C. Fitz, M. Taylor, AA. Williams, S. Steffler, L. Strong, M. Buckner, C. Pletz. Row 3-K. Rickert, Nl- BUVINICW J.-I SYWPSOYM C- Ryan, C. Kirven, T. Carter, B. Klemm, D. Richards, L. Schulz, R. Tsujioka, K. Walker. LIBRARY CLUB Library Club consists ot those girls acting as iunior statt members ot the AUHS library. They are under the direction ot their club adviser, Reba Brown. V Leading the club this year as ot- ticers were, First semester-Presi- 4, dent, Barbara Messer, vice-president, Mabel Gage, secretary, Marilyn Richards, treasurer, Bonnie Garri- mf l , r son, publicity, Pat Grimes, and Red Cross representative, Nancy Berger. Second semester-President, Bonnie Garrison, vice - president, Jayne Chapman, secretary, Jane Bauman, treasurer, Alice Nakawaki, publicity, Pat Grimes, and Red Cross repre- sentative, Nancy Berger. n right, Row 1-N. Berger, B. Garrison, S. Bedford, E. Richards, -mprnrin. Pow 2-B. Mesalfr, B, Dawson, P. Kingsley, J. nBuninn, M. Richards. Raw P, Ftrclww, Nl. Chirif-, J Hnllunft, P, Gaim:-'., .intl A. Nzikqiwnki. Afiffk LAMBDA SIGMA Lambda Sigma's main purpose is to promote an intrest in science and biology and to give those J. , y interested in science a chance to learn from direct observation. it Anyone taking biology or science is eligible to become a member of this club. Some ot the trips this club has taken this year were to Holy Jim A Canyon, Los Angeles County Fair at Pomona, and a trip to Mount Palomar. Lambda Sigma has proved to put in an excellent year under the supervision ot Kem Anderson. LAMBDA SIGMA fLeft to rightb Row 1-L. Swint, B. Bircher, L. Oden, G. Ehrle, M. Downey. Flow 2-F. Alford, M. Mitchell, S. Cuthbert, B. Burns. Row 3-Kem Anderson. adviser, J. Habener, B. Lashbrook, D. Powell. Row 4-F. Fidler, D. Drennon, Fl. Utes, and E. Rickel. FREN CLUB French Club has iust organized this year by the club adviser, .lack Copenhaver. This club con- sisted of those students taking French. Some ot the activities of the club was a French party and showing ot motion pic'rureS ot France. Their money-making proiect for this year WGS lOl' the Red Cross. This prOiGCl Pfoved to be a great success. For French Club's first YGGV Ol organazation, they have PUl in a excellent year. Ja Thang, --Q., K FRENCH CLUB fLeft to rightl Row 1-D. Prondinski. P. Anderson, S. Vanclor. M Vincent. B. Sirns. D. Hollowell, D. Wright. Flow 2-L. Cabral. L. Blythe. A, Thoiimsnn, C, Booth, EX Palmer, V. Yett. Flow 3-F. Hurtado, K. Brand, R. Unger, J. Critcl-itield. FY. Jackson, G Jen. kins. Row 4--Jack Copenhaver. adviser. B. Boege. G. Morford. and Grwliam. QQ SQL 1 6 book KONI' ACTI ITIE TYPI Al. DAY AT AUH We I REALLY WAS SICK! ONE, TWO. THREE, KICK l 1 I ,,- ,47 T' K. Qi, 1 - -Eff? WON'T THIS STUDY PERIOD EVEF-I END! WELL, HERE GOES, ANOTHER SCHOOL DAY' ' 4 V W 9 ' f 41 H I z 7 , ' I r,m-wr' all-,T QTIXIID THFHF, HIT THF rmu ' 'W Y. A .'i, 5 ,, fiiwx wp , W ' L, i 13, A342 4 I I may M, 1 HEY NEAT! IT'S LUNCH TIME! ,NOLONISTS AT WORK PLAY V ,,,, , K 9' 1 ' 1 WE NEED SONIE HELP, MR. WADE. ii Qfiiimius .-frtV'1.v2f 'H'f""'54 5 E READY ! TYPE! L N OOPS! THE BELL'S RINGING! W f W , NW, ' 41 W 'J ff ff -ry svlf I fn,-W . 4 M QUIT PUSHING, lT'S MY TURN NEXT , lx ,ff . 5 .5 V f .45 QQ SAY, THIS TASTES GOOD! le Q, Y, i 1 1 I ' 4 -21 ETX if S THIS IS THE BEST A5SEiMBl-Y VVEINJE HA ANORANCO STAFF lil iliiiii lan-gag ...,WwsWf,fss... ANORANCO STAFF, second semester QLeft to rightj C. Hein, K. Lenain, J. Roddam, P. Anderson, E. Miranda, T. Reveles, M. Buvin- ich, N. Salyer, D. Hushman, J. Stanton, L. Quille, adviser, T. Tang- ney, D. Stephenson, F. Doretti, L. Ross, printing adviser, J. Bushnell, and J. Foster. fs vi i I Yr f . i ' " - - "'7?5, ...:.::gw:?24m. X . W, 'av X K A 44,4 --. ANORANCO STAFF, first semester iLeft to rightj P. S. Sangster, B. VzinDeIden, M. Dargatz, D. Toussau, kins, D. Flouland, P. Grimes, L. Quille, adviser, B. Bruhns. 98 Roberts, D. Coons, B. Knox, G. Haw- Kramp, and E. BARBARA KRAMP Ell-EEN BRUHNS Edif0F-in-Chief Associate Editor ANORANCO STAFF, second semester Ll.eft to rightj T. Cruz, C Walker, Z. Fort, A. Mayberry, D. Nadorff, H. Jones, M. Diebert, S France, L. Quille, adviser, R. Hermann, D. Hefferin. LARRY QUILLE, Adviser COLO IST STAFF BETTE VAN DELDEN GARNET HAWKINS Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor ii i' 1 ALISON WHEELER DORIS ROULAND EILEEN BRUHNS SANDY SANGSTER Administration Senior Class Junior-Sophomore Class Clubs A PAT GRINIES DON TOUSSAU BUDDY KNOX MARIE ANN DARGATZ Assistant Clubs Boys' Sports ASSiSfal'1f BOYS' SDOHS Girls' Sports l i i BARBARA KRAMP PAT ROBERTS HARVEY BROCKETT DIANE QOQNS Activities Activities Cartoons Art-Snapghgt DANCE CINDERELLA BALL VALENTINE FRIENDSHIP DANCE ANAHEIM YMCA SENIOR CI-A55 HOMECONIING DANCE SANTA'S TOYLAND GIRLS' LEAGUE AND COLONIST CLUB SENIOFI CLASS U0 N"'JTAFW BALL HEARTS AND FLOWERS LADFT-V. Amo Gum w mr: IE TEAM COMMERCIAL CLUB HOMECOMIN QUEEN AND ATT NDANTS FRANCES HURTADO Senior Attendant q ' f W , Vw an X, , QQ? . xl nw -an ., .- - ' XR ?N?"Mw,Mk w K 1 ' A X ' 1 JY f' z V 5' N , f E , - , . VV 7 a ay., ,Qwvzh ,gf N Eflti' .-fe, 3 no Z A, A nz, ' ' I M WSW 'I , HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, ROSETTA SMITH ' 5 '22 .. 7 A A ew MARY TALAMENTEZ Junior Attendant i I 1 1 Y , NANCY FEI L Sophomore Attendant SENIOR Don Toussau .. Merle Meyer DiAnn Sagan .. Carol Logsdon ,,,, Zoe Fort ,,,,... Clara Walker ,, Don Lee ..... PLAY CAST ,,e,,, Willy ...mlnner Willy .,.....Aunl Olga ........Aunl Hester Fred Fischle ,.,,Yvee... .......Aunl Louise ......Marybelle ........Sfanley ...,..Milce Barbara Mauerhan VVVYVV,, Trudy Barbara Olsen ,,,s,, ,,,VVAVV,AA,, C qrol Mary Lyn Head .....l ....s.. I vlrs. Fuller Barbara Shirnel ....s ,,A,e,,, J Cine: Clara Walker as "Marybelle" and Don Toussau as "Willy". Willy is trying to get up enough nerve to ask Nlarybelle for a date. SENIOR PLAY - Chosen as the senior class play of V955 was "The lnner Willy." Willy, a young 'reen-age boy who is unable lo decide a thing for himself because ol his lhree old-maid aunls whom he lives with, finally decides lo lake mallers in his own hands and W rx 709 "THE INNER WILLY" creales quile a lol of confusion. Under the direction of Louise Boolh, lhe play was presented on Nov. 4 in lhe Anaheim High auditorium. Porlraying the leads in the produclion were Don Toussau and Merle Meyer. This comedy really broughl down The house. Shown above are members of the senior class play, il.elt to riqhtl. they are-First group: F. Fisclile. M. Head. D. Lee. B. B. Shimel. nnd C. Walker. Sec- ond group: Nl. Meyer. D. Sngnn. C. Logsdon. Z. Fort. B. Olsen. and D. Toussnu. Lf Terry Tangney Charlotte Hein Betsy Blakely . Lois Battle Ken Cotler .... Terry Carter ...., . Vicky Schneider . Jerry Trotter ,,,,,,,,, Lloyd Stockwell . . Johnnie Stanton Sally Bengochea . . Betty Klemm .....,c Jean Beeman ......, ... Don Kohlenberger Y,,,, Si Walter Wittesch ,,,,,,,..,,. T Howard Dickerson .. fr' ' . Wes Van de Worker ...,.. ,,,,,, . JUNIOR PLAY CAST Ralph Brooks loan Walker Valerie Nana .. Pelly Mrs. Slater . . Elsie . ,,,,, Bruce . ...Mr. Cass Thomas Green ....Mrs. Green Daphne Gordon Mrs. Gordon .. . ,,,, .Harry Myers ... .Jack Dodds .First Sinister Character ...Second Sinister Character QNKeYndellWPrice ..... ,,s,,, .Third Sinister Character One of the sinister characters, gagging the young girl Daphne, played by Lawrence W?lSl' "" 'A Bullerily Colclrler Betty Klemm. Daphne was waiting for a talent scout to discover her. Cl'lClllES PeCll'lCl4 . .. .,,...,... ,,...., . . ...PGpel' BOY Sue Reed, Sue Ann Powell .. Tennis Players Cleda Pletz .,,.., . .. . . . ...Nursemaid Muriel Downey . . ,..... Panhandler Doris Holmes .,,. . . ,,,, Woman with a Dog JUNIOR PLAY - "FRESH AIR" With Terry Tangney portraying a young discouraged insur- who by the way directed her last play for AUHS in this one, ance salesman, the junior play "Fresh Air" was presented on the play was considered a success. April l, in the Anaheim High auditorium. To you, Mrs. Booth, we say "thank you." This ends her Under the expert direction of Louise Booth, drama coach, highly successful series ot dramatic productions. l ' up .. "1M?skf4wf4Q- If . fx I N S 43' W. . ,.,. t 'm ,z f ,G Shown above are members of the junior class play fLeft to rightl Back row. C. Pedrick. C. Pletz, D. l-lolrnes. L. Welsh. J. Stanton. S. Ben. gochea, NI. Downey, L. Stockwell, W. Price. H. Dickerson. I.. Battle, W. Wlttesch. Front row-B. Klemm. D. riohlenbeiger. C. l-lem, T Tangney, W. Van De Warker. H. Brown, T. Carter, J. Beeman, K. Cotler, B. Blakely. V. Schneider. and J. Trot TOE ' 'W' ' A 'AI ll 1 ,V , 1 E i I I X R x 1 F J L4 DON 'roussxxu Buoov Kmox Blu. FRENCH TERRY TANGNEY If , ns- ' I 7 , NMR X , i i 2 1 5 N f , ' 1 Y 1 , f R Y 'S l E L E l 1 N S L f 4 , a w l 1 I Really showing their stuff fl.eft to righty Row 1-F. Hurtado. Tangney, D. Toussau. SONG LEADERS . . . FRANCES HURTADO COZETTE PELTZEFZ ROSETTA SMITH MARY TALAMENTEZ 104 iv new ' C. Peltzer, Fi. Smith, and NL. Talamentez. Row 2-B. Knox, B. French T Because the main purpose of the string ensemble is to play at dinner- music affairs that is what they did this year. They played at the Elks Club several times, the PTA program, and for various church programs. All-in- all they had a very successful year. STRING ENSEMBLE STRING ENSEMBLE tLeft to rightj Row 1-A. Williams, C. Cashman, A Sl ch L. Evans, and M. Gravley. .- t ' ht Row 1-T. Cone, J. Baker C. Nickle, B. Brookman, R. SEZ Belly? Zf-LIsTtHgkgl1gsolf, S. Morris, F. Fischle, J. Esickie, J. Barthelmes. Row 3 ,ID Adams B, Ryan, D. Lee, B. Lashbreek, R. Utes, R. sfeek. Row 4-B. cook, adwsery D, 'Bam-ne, G. Bonner, W. Henry, and J. Bultena. After the pep band was organized this year, they played at the basketball games and the dedication ceremony held at Western Junior High School. They also played at a PTA program. This group was called to play for var- ious types of programs because it was small and mobile. Igh Yr, .N f,,. LJ 3 1 j I fx ik, VOCAL M , K IWUSC J GROUPS E? fs.. 3-Hs GIRLS' TRIO lUpper left, left to rlghtp Row 1-C. Logsdon, G. Taylor. and B. Nlnuerhan. BOYS' QUARTET lUpper right. left to righty Flow 1-J. Vale. D. Nelson. Flow 2-T. Frank, W. Henry. IVIOZART CHOIR lCenter, left to rlghtl How 1-C. Logsdon, G. Bonner. J. Beemzm, J. Critchfield. D. Nelson, J. Slabbert. Row 2fA. Thomason. EL. Knox, J. Vale. T. Frank. B. Olsen. Row 349 Boettcher. W. Henry, J. Seott, N, Shafer. Flow l-S. Dlsrud. ildVll5El', B. Nlauerhnn, D. Senpy. :md G. Trlylor. GIFZLS' QUAPITET lL0vvPr Left, left lvl liqhtl Row 1-J. l30Pm.1n. N. twhllflfl, B. Olsen, :md J. C1'1tcI1flPld. HVNING Cl-lOlFI lLl1W1'l' ruqllt, lrfft ill llvgllll Flow l--I3. Knox, D. Senpy. lillv f' 'l' Bmillclv-1. J. Smlxlwrt. and fl. l'Imm.lQm1 lllll '-11... MUSIC GRCUPS - 29" GIRLS' GLEE QLeft to rightj Row 1-D. Bovee, R. Jackson, P. Briggs, P. Musheg ott, D. Kent, Sanders, A. Lopez, J. Nelson, S. Vatcher, G. Martinez, C. Helms, Saucedo, S. Disrud, adviser. Row 4-L. Herron, J. Bush, B. Evert, M. Mejia, L. O Vesterby, S. Ross, R. Hernandez, E. Clayton, and J. Cantrell. F A ' , .,,: nj V 1 I -V - .. . " X 0 '34, 4, l 1' .- 1 i 1 2 , ' 1 i 'T - . it F ' 4 ' ' If .' ff- '7'Y.'fi' X was ? -5 ,it . ,425 V X , , sy ' ,. i , 1 eae- 11 .4 in . . ' 'Q , .l 1" ' , A '- . . r-- -f ..... -, Q A f V1 - i i. is C f ,ii .J , lhv' ' -f X :F A , 1 . . J Q 0 f . f rsh ., .fi .5 F5 ij, 5 B ..,. .,.. 4 -1 1 7 6 ? , ff i - .,,, fr . - ,,vfWf"' i ,... ., , . SV! 4 4. . 'Inu-ant if 2: f M BOYS' GLEE 1Left to rightl Row 1-L. Corria, Hollars, B. Favreau, D. Wilker. Row 2-R. Saavedra, V. Starrner, D. Dawson. Row 3-D. Howard, P. Perez, A. Ha Hutson, S. Disrud, adviser. Row 4-R. Mack, T. Tanaka and R. Espinoza. Gi. Hubbs, VVCB , w. F L., -L ... .,, . ,- W A CAPPELLA CLeft to rightj Row 1-L. Crow, M. Siple, T. Carter, R. Weaver, C. H Utes, D. Coons, D. Walton, M. Oelke. Row 2-V. Lee, M. Rasmussen. J. Winfrey, 5' ain, S. Newlin, J. Simpson, K. Walker, J. DeBoer, S. Schaf- ow 2-L. Simonton, P. Rettig, J. Hemsley, L. Pletz, J. ay, C. Ryan, J. Reynolds, G. Hermosillo. Row 3-V. Elli- er, C. Davis, P. Coker, M. Diebert, D. Sonnie, L. Campbell, T. Reveles, J. Becke. R Jones, E. Stokes, K. Eldred, B. Clark, P. Kirk, K. Bashara, S. Clayton, J. Darsh M. Vincent, D. Heffern, E. VanKampen, J. Schwemrner, U. kamoto, J. Antolin, L. Santi, S. Boutcher, M. Watkins, J. H. Brockett, L. Bushey, W. Thomason, L. ver, J. Williams, C. Fitz, D. Parks, D. mmers, J. Sanders, J. Torres, R. Reeves, C. Corbett, K. Benfiel, G. Fix, R. Mata, ewitsolfl, D. Peters, D. Visel. D. Haskell. G. Hubbs, R. D. Prondzinski, J. Resteok. P. Goebel, J. Williams, B. Otto G. LaGreide, D. Hicks, E. DuVall, W. DeBoer, B. Palmer, S. Disrud. adviser. Row 3-B. Vvatkins, R. Loffhagen, D. Gruenemay. B. Bur: bridge, J. Lamprecht, H. Herrera, J. Jurigkeit, J. Morgan, J. .KohIenberger, J. Hunt, C. Thomas, R. Botts. J. Lemcke, M. l-lodges. Row 4 -D, Howard, P, Fenton, L. Rodin. Row 5-S. Cuthbert, B. Bircher, G. Jenkins, J. McFarland. D. Knutzen. M. Head. F. l-lurtaoo. D. l-urr, D. Holsinger, J. Robinson, B. Mclntyre, L. Cowee, M. Story, M. Okuda, M. Matejka, and T. Emmerson. 107 oble C15 GW The orchesfr .C 2 J: 3 C um .Q ..- 'S 'C U O C CD .C .. Q Q1 .C .. .. o 3 OJ Q. O GJ C CD 3 1 D CD C D 2 C U U U CD 'O ev - D 4: 'C .. C o U 0 C - U1 CD .C U C 0 Tb Q ..C U U7 .C E7 .C CD E X. O o U E .Q C.. O C o 'C U an .': 'Q KD .C - .. CD 'O C D O O L U U1 .C .QV I C .Q C D C O 'C 2 3 u. ..- CJ E GJ .C .C .E .C 3 E 0 - ov 0 .. Q. cn E . Z ov U1 l C o .C +- GJ L .. .. o C.. 'U GJ X .9 Q. Q if Q X CD .C r- 5 Wi FIHGI' 'The I rl E Q .C U C 4 th - CD .Q E D C ,. .Q D O. o Q. X -.T C CD C - D U 'o C C E U nz V1 .9 U .C - o .Q 5-6- o V7 - C CD E GJ on C U x. x. U .52 C O .C Q. E wx an .C .gi I C O 'E D .E nv CD .C .. .E TQ cv .C 'O C U X ..- 'G uw .E .. C uv CD ..C U x. D ..C U YU .C 4- X .O 'O ODSOY6 SP is FICE. oudie GJ .I .A- 'O C O U C 4. mn orche The .C -.- O .Q X .Q 'U GJ X Q. C as cv C as 3 'Q C O lx .3 E CD m vw U 'U C U E Q C ov O C O. va U E E5 .E KJ CD .C a- .- U O7 C -.- U O. 'Q .- Por ifor Um. 'Q D o TJ Q ..C U U7 2 uf 3 o II .E Eu BZ ru. OO Jo L 112 x: -o O gi-5 ,I mm ner, Hoff 3 o C 4-1 L K! -.C IX U O .SJ Z 2 6 L 'C -O LO ID CU .1 Q ci ill o N o D. 6 x E 3 is 3 ci L GJ X C E ii C ru CWS A.- X550 51:2 .,5.i QE ons, S. Gayle G. Thueso bb Gi L as 23 E Z5 Q 26 A, ML Pi' gi LL Q. C2 3 L 25 04 -U: E0 Q6 P N 5: .3 23 52 U5 'WJ if QE -j.C -JS I . .six u ci' QL QI OLU L D. .i ci IQ 1-0 'JI 5... IIE GS CLA. 5. wa L o 4-'GJ -ii "cv ja OO Zi fio DJ! fb EE 23 O. .ID OI ON U1 :E i ci I fr 3 o Of -6 L A LD of fl N 4-4 ns CC rj L GJ X fu ED 7 L GJ I1 D FU go GJ uf E .C O +I E S C GJ E .i : fu E x O O L D3 C5 V7 GJ .- c GJ .1: .- S. G5 CD -S FG C ID 4-I :i CIJ ri NI ru N N 4 L3 : ': o III 6 9 : o fi' LA. LJ. ui. GPX .Io o DO Tum E. ID 3 2 O u O GJ L 16 -E 'Um C 2.5 23 mm -Sci 6.5 Et L 30 O mi dvi ff, s, C. Sloop, B. IIE? . U c nz A CC horn, R in picturej et W 01 5-G W R0 4-1 O C .-lD tn O .C 4-1 C O 40 L 'D am. And ah Gr if ui E me 5. x.: .9 - DE .C 'Q -Q E Ecu QI Ill C . mi X O L IE' 6.1 it gnc: IE 'cc 3 ufui EE sg gi hd ED - X 'o 52 Lin E: 22 0.1 fmt two concer s one held - eek, hool w publ c sc performances, CD E ': . : o .C X 171 V1 o CD 3 uw U 6 cn o E an C L L cu .Q E cv E aa L 5 L U an Fx .2 .C L -..- o C CL 4 .E 'O an P ': L o L0 E L o r: C D -0 C o L2 3 GJ Z rt, DCE CO rng SIU High, the OI' rn Juni CI the other at Weste CID gh or Hi Jun Fremont CII paper n town, and the dow ITIGS LE 3+- O QJ C GJ .C - W. Q1 .E -O -- O on E TJ o .C U th cu .C L tv. P 'C 'O cv .E N Z C O ..- U GJ .2 'C cu 'E an U l O O LJ 2:5 .C .": 3 C o L L 1' 3 LI. L o E GJ .C ..- L Q2 U C O U P- ..- C 3 O U I TJ the and US FO the nume -o- O outside I' yea this fQ 'O 'O C U .Q an .C L L o .C L lA on .E C L cv ..C L an L o an V5 CD .C i- ai P '.: -0 'll C 2-C GJ .C - gratuiated tor OD are to be c: eY ar and th YS SY a very bu 'o 0 .C X KD E 9 .E .C U 0 an CD C o L cn C ': C D I f these include the O me cl. So cu L o .9- .H -. L U CL 3- cv .t: L .c .2 4: 3 .C V1 cu 3 L: U Cs 72 'O work they S S gam otball O - GJ .E C rade, DCI SED IIow the I-Ia 'Cf ,: .C L 'o on KJ E Q. 3. a.: -E .C .2 .C 3 .E parade, Li G KD i 1 i FLAG TWIRLERS ' . DR LL TEA JEAN BAUMAN BARBARA MAUEFIHAN BEVERLY MC DOUGAL Awnmurn Y XXXL :as:i9v.:p.f:":"::iq:- . '::f-:M N.. . Q 1-:rf X. - -wN,:sa:a:! :-::::5--lf-uf CHARLEEN ALVEY T W f ff . ' Aw 'V A W A X -, ' L , , fl 3 .I , , 'e I A - ,, 4 4 10 ' ' , V' - fm ' ' . 2 ' V H ,.,., . ,,. g M ,Z.m.,.,. Q? X T . ge? W ii A X . ' . X K 1 . A -- . s , W 0 fig' ' , 5 K .S I I li A Q l ' 2' f . Q ' , K 5 PS. DFlIl,l 'IFAM fl I-fl In riqhlp Pmw 1 Fl Shimffl, K. Prine, V, Philpntt, B. Harris, S. Palmer, K. Rennie. L. Pauls, D. Williams, M. Yates, R Llrmqer, G., Inf:-C., '., I,Yl1lfFff'l'w, Ft, Fc:-flnrlf-, Pow 9--V. Flicker, B. Sims, D. Hollowell, M. l.nBounty, G. Watts, M. Pittser. D. Tobey, N. Fei D Hinlff., J. lNnfl.1. Fm-M '1 .I Moruvmln, V. Fmrlviqurfr, M. Okudn, H. Nriknmurn, E. Johnson, J. Christy, D. Merrill, P. Snylor. J. Spndy nrlrl M, Vlllllv 110 i I l ARLO MAYBERRY HEAD NIAJORETTE 1 1 1 l 1 l l l SUSAN ZWART i 1 . l 1 1 1 5 1 JOAN STABBERT COLONY MAJORETTES STRUT THEIR STUFF l 1 1 CAROL GASTELUM i l i l l VERA VILLA ,W ,..,. W l Doing a terrific job this year marching in front ot the Colonist band were Arlo Mayberry, a cap- able head maiorette, Joan Stabbert, head majorette-elect, Susan Zwart, Vera Villa, Carol Gastelum, and Ellen Trompi Marching behind the maiorettes and the band was the drill team. They were under the excellent direc- tion ot Helen Gruenetelder. Among the many things the drill team participated in this year were the football games, Santa Ana par- ade, Halloween parade, and they placed first in the Huntington Beach parade. we 1 .W za: .mix- -L 1 xx 1 . , 'ff - , . . .-:St ' 1 ' f " MN, if .I 1 'x f if -ff , JQLL, I ' .. .- '. "Ir: V AM - , sv 2 5 5 z H . lm e A ,, - : Q -ge t iv 7Q1ff'4QAE5 " ' 1 ,L f - ss f sf f , 1 N- mf-sz'-1 wr ., v . f,:6Mmff4,,, ELLEN TROMP 111 PHGTOGRA HERS AND PRINTERS s, E. ?x'ElQisw1 Y Q. Knit wwf' H AU PHOTOGRAPHERS tLeft to rightt J. Greene. G. Hushman. T. Wade. adviser, G. Patterson, J. Stanton. and B. Heimberger. Without the diligent work of the photographers no annual Still more conscious are we of the efforts of the printing de- would be complete. The above photographers could be found partment. They are responsible for the printing of all Anor- anywhere from a formal dance to a football game getting ancos, the Colonist, iunior and senior play programs, as well pictures for the yearbook. Ted Wade is their able adviser. as other programs for football and "Top of the Pops '55". Lloyd Ross is their excellent adviser. 3 f Q 4 Z Ill , -any-Q Q f . A gf ,f.f ' r ff ,ff ,X ng 'N 'lf ' l 'f 'fthit 5 '-iilvfi, Y L"VVl't, F Ftitki-I, L. Ross, Advisor' .ind V, Justice. 22 AU STUDENTS VISIT DELCO - RENIY PLANT 'I954-55 HIGHLIGHT SEPTEMBER-School begins! Senior play cast is chosen. FHA wins second on booth at county fair. Bruhns, Kramp elect- ed OrCoHi officers. Toussau elected senior class prexy. OCTOBER-Subscriptions are sold by band. Swint is elect- ed Bible Club prexy. Gouyd voted new prexy of Honor Society. Rifle teams win honors in Frisco. Walker chosen chief justice of student court. Colonists bid farewell to Mrs. Ethel Caverley. French is elected Latin Club prexy. Future Nurses initiation. Seniors win PTA membership drive. Junior Red Cross represen- tatives are chosen. NOVEMBER-"The Inner Willy" senior play is presented. FHA delegates attended convention in Monterey. Walker cops chief clerk of California Youth and Government assembly. Senior council is chosen. Colonial Coeds initiation. Home- coming game with Fullerton. Homecoming queen, Rosetta Smith is honored. Mclntyre elected state FHA songleader. Hurst, Olding elected co- presidents of Y-Coed Club. Van Del- den named yearbook editor. Colonist enjoy Thanksgiving. Y delegates attend convention in Asilomar. Delco-Remy plant vi- sited by AUHS students and faculty. DECEMBER-Handel's Messiah presented at AU. Dave Turner is AU speech winner. Tri-Hi-Y induction is held. George C. Lutz, AU pressman dies. Critchfield receives "Good Citizen Award". Yule program presented to Colonists. 'line of Dimes" for AUHS band uniforms. Band wins third in Huntington Beach parade. Christmas holidays enjoyed by all. W W MRS. CAVEFILEY'S FAREWELL PARTY ""' """""'fj -'Mx meme.-Hmmm c 'Ir' w-sway, - fs J . , I-I ' I I . X2 1 . T' 1 V- Us N . N y ' .., i . . j . i .A , Y... ... YV any 5II9"W'fd W j. j jg. - " --.W g . , ' I .- .U .-.- if .Q sgyamwmwqu' ' . ' Q ' i 1 ? . 4 ,mf gf ' v .5 V ' fy . .. . , I f ,f fiff xv I 4-1 MW V42 - .lu . .5 ffl r - ' - j - 1 .....---'J . . REGISTRATION DAY FHA REPRESENTATIVES LEAVE FOR MONTEREY ART CLASS PREPARES HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS CANDIDATES FOR I-IOIVIECOMING QUEEN 113 I-IOIVIECOIVIING QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS dbx 4 ,-gmszwyfi .,,, A ,,,.,,,, .ss , A A f ,, 1 f I , . 'f I , J. ,. .V ...SW 4 , V ., . , ,.,,, I... . V . ..fy 2 'ff 'ff Lv- ' Q 4 f f 98,5 ' A f 7' iw" 'X 155 f"' ' fi! f"j"- f .. . if . f Ziff 1 ., '1't'!'i?5' .:s,f Sf' -'f 'Wx . 'Q V , P - ,J it., ' i . z 4 .. 't -.-sgfziidf I -f4.-,,,..L.. - cfhfirw- : if vo of 4. 59 .4 I-M' ,V W -wiv " sf ff .,., I ' d ef .: ,,- f ' M R i L' 'f 52 FW, X' A M.27f.g5"F -f X " f ' F- .V fr j,. Q W: f Li- A, lgpffrlfygq. if ,fu gcyffjtezgw-jg ff WWA! if Z My .gr K5 7? :tiff H 4 2, 'ef-fikcsf t f at ,f uf 4 wind if 'ryvfftf -'Y 'Z' '- eff fD"v".1:'11. iw' I' fftf-Jtf 4' " PEP RALLY BEFORE FULLERTON GAME 4 SPANISH - LATIN CLUB PARTY LINE OF DIIVIE3' FOP? BAND UNIFOFCIVIS Ill AU CADETS WIN LEGION AWARD 1954-55 HIGHLIGHTS JANUARY-Dorgatz is new Press Club prexy. New West- ern Junior High dedicated, R. K. Vtfines principal. Ana-Hi-Step- pers bring first place trophy from Huntington Beach Santa Claus Parade. Koesel wins FFA co-op quiz. Band members ioin Cadets to sustain regulation quota. GAA confab held at Capo. Beberia places in FFA speech finals. Warnes wins third place in Legion speech contest. GAA initiation. OrCoHi holds Holiday dance. Dick Powell is new prexy of square dance club. PTA art awards are announced. FEBRUARY-Approval given new band uniforms. FHA ad- viser, prexy attend state meet. Night baseball proposal fails. Some AU buildings condemned. Delegates attend Youth and Government. Juniors receive blue and white class sweaters. AU hosts rifle match. MARCH-Peltzer selected "Miss Anaheim High". Van Del- den is second semester prexy of Honor Society. Military Ball held in study hall, Mardi Gras theme. Brownfield cops FFA annual top award. Benson named FHA state treasurer. Hoff- ner, Stephenson are named youth leaders. Reba Hooper wins speech contest. Second period auto shop wins Industrial Arts basketball trophy. Drama Club talent assembly is huge success. Maiorettes, flagtwirlers chosen. Hooper wins second round in Odd Fellows essay contest. Anoranco wins second place at Santa Ana JC. Journalism VVorlcshop. Girls' League conven- tion held at Fullerton. APRIL-'Fresh Air" junior play is presented. "Top of the ,QS s .2 ' FM l X CITY OF ANAHEIM. "LINE OF DIIVIES I-Q' CHORUS LINE FOR "TOP OF THE POPS '55" 'I954-55 HIGHLIGHTS Pops" cast is chosen. Calonists on Gene Norman Televisicn Show. Bank of America award winners are announced. Ba'- bara Kramp is chosen second best iournalist in county. FBLA delegates attend convention at Wilton Hotel in Lang Beach. Cozette Peitzer is chosen "Easter Week Oueenu. Mrs. Laurence Martin, installed PTA prexy. AUHS open house is presented citizens of Anaheim. Colonial Coed Crippled Childrens Easte' party is enioyecl. Spring Vacation, "Bal Week". Walker is chosen "Cinderella" of the annual Cinderella Ball. MAYfPaul I-I. Demaree elected prexy of California Assc- ciation of Secondary School Administrators. Song, yell leader tryouts are held. Wesley Beach picked to attend Boys' State in Sacramento. Girls' League Vocations Day is held. Student Body primary elections are run-off. Joan Stabbert is new heao maiorette of Colonist band. Siple announced as Valedictoriari of T955 graduating class. Taylor is Salutatorian of graduating class. Brand wins Panhellenic scholarship offered by Nartti Orange County Panhellenic Association, Junior College visita- tion day for seniors. "Top of the Pops 55" is presented tvva nights. Moore, iunior, wins Realty Board Essay Contest. Drarra Club wins One-Act play tournament at OCC. Teachers visit Industry. JUNE-Senior breakfast. Junior-Senior Pram at Wiltcn Hotel in Long Beach. Senior bar-b-q. Baccalaureate. Student Body elections. Mozart, a cappella groups tour to San Fran' initiation breakfast. GRADUATION. 7 I I V X ,f ' FUTURE NURSES INITIATION M ""9u..f .,. Q , Z Q . rc .,.,.. -y .,,- f. . I al X , 6522! , . Y. f , f f .fr ,ig f . . 0 as In . 'A mn.. ANNUAL STAFF BEGINS WORK ON BOOK l uv.. HOIVIEIVIAKING BUILDING IS CONDEIVINED1 MOVED fx MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS SOLD BY HAND Uh.-wir ONE OF THE MANY AFTER - GAIVIE DANCE5 'Q 1 gfvlqjw X .71 F QQ? Signaiurea V? dl l',' X 2. 9 I N ' ,f x x' x n f ' V ry CI' E, . K EN' 0 k Asif 6""i"' XR v I mai SUNSET LEAGUE CHAMPIONS F "B" OOTBALL. VARSITY CLASS CLASS "C ' 4 , ' I C . ' 1- ,R S .., . - .. . , . . SPGRTS JOHN WA'-I-'N BRANT cowsen LINE COACH What a year! That's right, what a year and a year it really was for Anaheim's entire football corps ot varsity, NB" and "C" teams. For the second time in Ana- heim's colortul history, all three Colonist football teams won their championship in one year. The student body enrolled at AU dur- ing the past season will always remember the hard fought, clean played games that the "C's", i'B's" and varsity exhibited in winning their titles as Sunset League champions. The builders of the varsity champions are to be denied no honors tor their outstanding coaching and advice. It was un- der the able assistance of Head Coach Clare Van Hoorebeke, lohn Wallin, line coach, and Brant Cowser, end coach, that LEROY HEITMAN ALL - CIF GUARD 120 COLCNIST VARSITY LEADERS CLARE VAN HOOREBEKE HEAD COACH PAUL GROVER ALL - AMERICAN BACK END COACH the I954-55 varsity will go down as one ot the greatest teams in AUHS history. The team saw tit to choose Paul Grover as Most Valuable Player, Bob Lambeth, line cap- tain, Mickey Gouyd, backfield captain, and George Dena, the most improved back. On Sept. 6 there were 47 can- didates tor the varsity squad who reported to Head Coach Clare Van Hoorebeke. To start their practice season the Colonists traveled to Red- lands on Sept, 24, picking up their first win in their first try by a low score of I2-6. Leuzinger was the next en- counter tor the Vanmen, where victory No. 2 was achieved by ci convincing 36-0 shellacking. Eight players got into the scoring act in this explosive game. lContinued on page I25I MICKEY GOUYD ALL - AMERICAN BACK QW" rf? "' 'W N 2 ., , ff fu Z I A,.AA ,sw I' ' F3 ' Q, Q Q fi 1 Qv 48 My 'X Y , Q ' f ' l , Qg -sa:-.,. . ., , Y :' :Q 1, .J .V BOB LANIBETH-Tackle ART CONTRERAS-Tackle FRANK DORETTI-Center DICK HATHCOCK-Linemnn 1 , I I I I I I JOE vu.i.AsENoR-End LEROV WEAVER-Back mv as- - MM. -uw' ,Qiliinam BILL VAN KLAVEREN-Guard Roy Weaver breaks loose with aid of Mickey Flynn in Fullerton game. HENRY HERRERA-Halfback 35 'Ti ,JN fv'I"'2f 1f4 AX ' P-:.::2f" frff i " i , ., , . :4::a-:::-.'.'2w.:r..- gg 4 ' ,.?tq.f::s:2Qg. ,- Z!"5,:5-1, fm X V I' .-Y' fl, , .. - 135: . lik, A :1m :.a.:... 'v DICK BIELEFELD-End RAY VAN DE WARKER-End BOB PENFIELD-Back RICHARD HERMANN-End 121 ,M If 22 ,, 2, was , , ,KW Q M We 1 -, W as . V I N if ff vwwffff ' M I 'W Imwwx , ,SJ JACKSON FINCK-Tackle FRED HUND-Center RALPH ALLEN-Guard BILL ENSNIINGER-Tackle W-N' Mylan DICK NIAYEDA-Back Z I A H f 4 , M, Z ' W l I I , ,,., GEORGE DENA-Back ,-wax " H f zz ,, ,, N ' . . V Q I , M1 , Q f , ,X -nL..Xx I I ' 3' 4 I ,KR Q 1, ,' f' XX. xr , :P ff 3 . . K 1 .f ' iw ix xx xr N Q N . , Y I 1 Gouyd us stopped by Newport players. Anaheim 40. Newport QW 122 20. Teo oumwprrak G-,mfs vsnms WEAVER-fcma RONNIE FULLER--Back ERFIY JENNINGS-Guard MICKEY FLYNN-Back BOB LUKENS-End , P:Wf' i gi ' ff? ,-r ' f f - V' N. i ' I I .L A F. JERRY GOODCH I LD-End WESLEY BEACH-Tackle vm ' fs , fax S 'Wxx-W,,MN , AM, XV iifwxf A -ww' X ifiNff'lN' ' Vfi -J Nw E , N JIM RESTEK-Gua rd 4 f I Z ' X A ' Y ,f X f . ', C f f pri, K I -fl " JOHN VILLAFANA-Back DON PENFIELD-Back gig. ,Sf , K ,K i r Flynn displays fine running against Vegas. Anaheim won 28-18 x . if WM JT L 'Q f x W2 K x My W E 4 ' .4 'CU 5,4 3 5 g 4- V 4 5 4414 X QQ 'Q ' 15 7 9, Q 1 . S. 435, - ' H 'ii -1 , .vw - fy N Q Qf a X Q- W wf 5 4' 1 :W N , ' WN ,I x N f 0 U Q X K Ns f 9 X f 25 7 , 11 Q v X 2 I X ' f 4 + 4 X ' E' P i f-V w,wx1:,, . P? 2 V f 1 fi f ,lf ,N VA' , . 4 W ' ' M ' ,. , SWA'-f .Jw if , Y. ,,-qA-Y .Y f fi, X , '- -' - JERRY TROTTER-Center Yiky ri if VN-Unk' S wine' i X f JOHN GRATTON-Back JERRY FEIL-Center GENE NIORFORD-Tackle HENRY SANDOVAL-Tackle GARY FREDERICK-End JOE AVITIA-Back 123 , pw , P A 4 ED CHAMBERS-Guard DON FZAPP-Guard DON SNAVELY-End ,., , 2 ,, MQ f ' .f - I K ' ' If , , f v ,I -. ,, , ., -QA ' ,. , ,Q wi, ' ,hm N ,wiwg ,' ',,.-"'-..... ' T -L ' ' ,f'Vs'4f,.,...,,4e , . . ' . . .,'h.. 5" ., M 21: u h 2 . f ml ,, ' ' 'vm' .Eg ff if-,.,.wf -xii' ', 'Qhmw A 'g3.,.,g.wr 1 , f,r,,ww V YG, 2,i, gp .Q 4691? aw" , 1' ,. ' m inf, ' - , 1. Q A y H: 1" if' f a 2 .45. ff' .-"""v. ' Af 1 -. . ,Bmw 4 llc Mn' A W, M' 1 . YWQZ.. . .figgf ALAN STORY-Manager FOOTBALL SNAPSHOTS FOR 'I954-55 3 4 hr 1211 1-. if II! E 3 Ps S I 9 I 4 VARSITY FOOTBALL 'I954-55 1 1 i T i 1 l f ' w l Q mags? .Jig ff W F .f , 1. .W Q 1 VARSITY FOOTBALL QLeft to rightj Row 1-D. Bielefeld, B. Penfield, B. Stoffel, M. McKinney, G. Frederick, M. Flynn, J. Jennings, R. Weaver, M. Gouyd, R. Van De Warker, V. Weaver, D. Elder, L. Heitman, G. Dena. Row 2-K. Hysom, J. Sanders, N. Balenger, D. Snave- I , R. Stoufer, F. Hund, T. Zava R. Fuller H. He R. P ' k J. K' J. F 'I . . y , , rrera, aja , lngsbury, ei , B Saska, J Trotter, E. Chambers, H. Sandoval. D. Hathcock. Row 3-J. Restek, D. Mayeda, T. Doerr, J. Villafana, J. Villasenor, L. Gurney, B. Van Klaveren, A. Contreras, R. Blansett. D. Quinn, B. Emerson, R. Cancino, R. Senum, B. Ensminger, W. Beach, L. Morehead, J. Finck, G. Morford, R. Winters, F. Doretti, J. Good- child, B. Lambeth, R. Hermann, T. Dinkler, S. Muro, J. Flynn, D. Bultena, P. Grover, D. Penfield, and J. Avitia. lContinued from page 1201 Anaheim took to the road for their next victory by whalloping the Citrus Cougars 33-7. The Fullerton stadium was the site for last practice game where the Colonists met with the Las Vegas Wildcats. They belted the out-of-state visitors in a thrill- ing game of treacherous ground attacks by a margin of 28-18. League season started following the Las Vegas victory. Anaheim met Santa Ana with fire in their eyes and dropped the Saint's halos 40-13. Mickey Gouyd scored three of the six touchdowns. Paul Grover, Roy Weaver, and Bob Lukens were also in the scoring spotlight. Huntington Beach invaded La Palma Park trying for an upset for the second league game. For the first half it looked like the Oilers were on their way for an upset, but the Colony took hold in the re- maining half and tallied four times to topple the Beachers 28-0. "Gouyd Scores Three Touchdowns" was the echo heard after the Orange game. The Panthers fought furiously in their struggle with the Colonists only to be dropped 20-7. Anaheim just couldnt find the end-zone until the third quarter when they finally exploded for two quick touch- downs. The third TD came on a spectac- ular 75-yard run down the left sidelines by Gouyd. Orange fought valiantly to the final second as they scored their lone touchdown on the last play of the game on a 48-yard pass. What could be a better Homecoming than to scalp the Fullerton Indians 27-14. And that the Colonists did before the big- gest crowd in Fullerton Stadium history displaying excellent all-round playing. Newport was the next and last league encounter for the victorious Colonists as they picked up win No. 10 by polishing the Tars 40-20. The easy win over New- port gave Anaheim the title of "Sunset League Champions of 1954-55." As champs, AUHS met the Covina Colts in the first round of CIF play. The speedy Colonists mashed the outclassed Covina eleven 35-6 to gain the right to meet Glendale Hoover in the quarter-finals. lt was this game that Anaheim's valiant football season came to a close as luck took a detour when the famed Orange County champs wrestled with the Glendale Hoover Toronadoes to finally be tripped in a heart-breaking 27-13 defeat. Bad luck struck at the end of the second quarter when Paul Grover fell to the ground with a broken leg and was carried off of the field. When Grover left the field, Glen- dale realized that Anaheim's key man was disabled and they suddenly caught fire in the second half to score three touch- downs. With less than a minute to play, and the Mighty Colonists nearing their first defeat of the season, thousands of Ana- heim supporters raised from their seats to join in with the AU student body to give the Colonists probably the greatest ova- tion ever given to a team so near defeat. It was this great ovation of loyal support that the huge throng tried to show their appreciation for the greatest football team in Anaheim Union High Schools history. 125 ' ' TEAM KNOWN AS THE CHAMPS "B" FOOTBALL lLeft to right? Row 1-D. Caffee. A. Tikker, L. Sutherland, J. Dickey, L. Salyer. B. Zahrte, J. Morgan, L. Wolter, B. Dykes. Coach Bill "Red" Hunstock. Flow 2-A. Moody. B. Darrow. D. Elder, Fl. Audoma, E. Villa, J. Hoare, B. Williams. T. Najera, Fl. Ram- sey, B. Poe, D. Bracket. Row 3--T. Frank, N. Azzara. D. Daniels, K. Wallin, T. Tanaka. D. Onstenk. K. Harker. D. Grover. C. Conyers. P. Morris, F. Conyers. B. Gwinn. Flow 4-Coach Niellsen. B. Aguirre. E, Nlacias, R. Cancino, C. Pollard. T. O'Hara, B. Ortiz, B. Porter, and B. Wilson. Q .lex wumw .E ' "W .. U ' .. I , 4 'I .P . E in ix 1g-w...y,.,,..,,,, 7. wk? My Vw , J C . X , . .M .. . ..,. ...I- , f Zi A X , ? f ' f - 'XS R . . Q ,f ' 44 -f .. . .l 1- , . Z , 1 , . f-WN - f f 2 iw .P lm N, 3' QQ nf, il ii 'kh' i i JERRY MORGAN-Line captain Coach Bill Hunsloclf lead The Anaheim Bs" lo a lriumpanl season which ended in their capture ol lhe Sunscl League Championship lille. league slalislica show lhal the little 'M' , ,wa M140 2 Q. champs won lour and logl one, piclfing on i , l26 poinla lo lhe oopanoni: 72 They averaged Q52 poinlz por game lo ll Al A . Collefled h,' ll'lCIl' l'I'!CllZ iii' AAAA i Allen fllooclf ,waz GC-lfflffd Cf. lhrg mo'l -Q faliirilole- nlayni, lf.-ny Martian, fie Iinrg N A l1':'i'l 'i I iciplciifi, and lffjlfi llcirlfi-i fit lwrifl-lif,-lfl lr- -'K .vvrvly 'Ul'l""i' Al i an iviooavfaivingf v.iiii.iiiii- Player .fi KEN HARKEFZ-Backfield captain Along with lhe line coaching of Hun- sloclc and assislanl, Don Nielsen, The "Bs" allained a knowledge ol good sporlsman- ship and valuable loolball lundamenlals. PRACTICE AND LEAGUE SCORES Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim O '16 JJ l -l 26 37 311 l3 T2 6 Redlands Louzingoi' Cilius Sonia Ana l"lunlinglOn Oiangc Eullcrlon Newpoil i3 13 i3 O 20 26 l3 'C' TEAM WEARS CROWN FOR 1954-55 "Y, 1,,g,y,, "C" FOOTBALL lLeft to rightb Flow 1-D. Byrd, J, Priday, B. Mauerhan, D. Ftatzlaff, Ft. Hathcock, M. Quarton, T. Hammer, K. Howery. D. Darden. Flow 2-J. Maldonado, R. Bouse, R. Burns, J. Baler, J. McDonald, N. Gonzales, R. Jay, E, Loard, D. Van Fossen. Ftow 3-N. Olsen, L. Marolf, R. Rinehart, H. Washburn, J. David, G. Koehler, V. Larnas. D. Schlagel, G. Thueson, L. Oden, Coach Dick Glover. A '--rf Q , JOH N MCDONALD-Backfield captain Coacheol by Dick Glover and Lloyd Paxton as assistant coach, the Anaheim HCS" captured the Sunset League Pen- nant. The Little Colonists won the crown by a halt win when they tied Newport, thus making the Colonists' season record of tour wins ancl one tie. Fullerton was runner-up with tour wins and one loss. Including league and practice games, the Colonists racked up l57 points to their opponents 37. LEAGUE SMALL - FRY CHAMPS war . 17 X pywygl JIM BAKER-Most Valuable Player l xx' mt' fm Aww if "ff i, 4 ,V . , , l i MARSHALL QUARTON-Line captain Jim Baker was chosen Most Valuable Player by his team mates as Marshall Quarton was chosen line captain, and John McDonald backtield captain. PRACTICE AND LEAGUE SCORES Anaheim 13 California l9 Anaheim Q4 Orange O Anaheim 19 Santa Ana O Anaheim 28 Huntington B. O Anaheim 34 Orange 5 Anaheim 33 Fullerton 5 AnOhein' 6 Newport Harbor 6 I VARSITY BASKETBALLERS ENTER CIF VARSITY BASKETBALL QLeft to righty Row 1-C. Rogers, M. Beach, L. Bushey, G. Frederick, B. French, Coach Bill Hunstock. Row 2- J. Habner, R. Weaver, G. Mata, H. Herrera, G. Jones, L. Stevens. 1Q.:, f 5' , :A. , 1 f wa V. 4 'g fx . lg i3,,,.w1xf:kwg Zfif A .iff : 9 sf .ix ,. si ,Xml 1 1 ' i A 1 2 l 3 'lf' xg if Us COACH BILL HUNSTOCK NUI: Cu f N .x ' 1 6? ,, MIKE BEACH-Most Valuable Player BILL FRENCH-Captain 128 Wm, ' . wha W MZ, , f X , f f Q Z: YW: YW ,W if N vw ' W f ff?-is Zz 2 2 'wi CLIFFORD FIOGEFIS-Forward 5 LEFIOY STEVENS-Guard S is l.'o GARY JONES-Guard BASKETBALL Under the excellent coaching ot Bill I-Iunstoclc the I954-55 basketball edition walked otl with high honors in the Sun- set League race. Besides compiling a league record ot seven wins and three losses, the Anaheim baslcetballers ended their season In a tie tor second place in Sunset competi- tion with the Newport Harbor Sailors. The most notable triumph ot the sea- son was the Fullerton game in which the Colonists won by a single point, 52-51. To win the right to enter the CIF play- otts, the Colonists met Newport in a post- Ieague tilt to see who would rneet River- MIKE BEACH DUIVIPS ONE IN AGAINST RIVERSIDE IN CIF PLAY. HENPIY I-IEFZRERA-Guard 129 ROV WEAVER-Center side in the first round of the playoffs. Anaheim won and the Garden Grove gymnasium was chosen as the playing site for the Riverside battle. This was the most exciting game ofthe season as it went into an overtime with a 52-52 deadlock. Anaheim fought courageously and played extremely well. "Marvelous" Ivlike Beach was chosen as the Most Valuable Player and for the second consecutive year was named to the All-CIF second team. Beach was also named 'Orange Coun- ty Basketball Player of the Year" by unanimous choice. Bill French was elected captain of the team, and Lew Bushey received honors for most improved player. - jc ,f i ff ry --l- ,V I - ,. .,f,:, - , ,ff , f, V m y ' M f 7 ' aff ,., ,,. , I I A - Iv V GARY FREDERICK-Forward GABE IVIATA-Guard LEVV FIUQHFY C""'7t" RFAVH TAKEQ TO AIR DROPPING IN A LONG SHOT AGAINST HUNTINGTON BEACH 'I 1 2 Avg Opp, 49.0 51.2 51.7 53.6 60.2 60.0 131 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETRALL lI.eft to rightl Row 'I-Ed Chambers, Gilbert Pozos, Tony Leach. Terry Tangriey. Mickey Flynn. Row 2-Alan Story, Bill Turner, Robert Scholz, Warren Thompson, Don Haskell. W ANAHEIM JV'S IN A MAD 132 f X 2 get ,7 ' L , "iff , s , I ,. , I 4 1 SCRAIVIELE DURING NEVJPORT HARBOR GAME. .IV BASKETBALL Coach Clare Van Hoorebelce was kept busy drilling his iunior varsity baslcetballers who ended up in fourth place in the Sunset League race. All-in-all the JVs broke even with live wins and tive losses. The Fullerton Indians wore the Sunset Lea- gue crown tor T954-55 with Huntington Beach second, Newport Harbor, thirdg and Anaheim fourth, The most thrilling game was the 39-38 victory over Santa Ana when there was IO seconds lelt in the game and Anaheim froze the ball until the final buzzer giving the Anaheim team the win with a one-point mar- gin. FINAL SUNSET LEAGUE STANDINGS W L Pct, Fullerton , 8 2 ,800 Huntington Beach , 7 3 .700 Santa Ana , 6 4 .600 Anaheim 5 5 ,5OC Newport Harbor 2 8 ,QOC Grange Q 8 f20f 'B' TEAM FINISHES SECOND V.. . l ,f 34, I, I, M , V 6 A inwnmwwww ' Q 1,8 gli ...Y X 6 M . K -48 Q2 4 f T gtg, . . V .M T 1 . ,iv ,TW is, Q' ' in if 1 r A I, 5553: "" ' , if , ,. Y ff? f 2 T ' V ' . "B" BASKETBALL 1Left to rightj Row 1-Ken Cotter, Bob Gwinn, Ken Harker, Tom Terry, Lyn Walters. Row 2-Tom Frank, Jerry Morgan, George Dena, Bill Poe, Dennis Daniels. Row 3-Coach Paxton, Don Penfield, Manager, Ralph Caballero. HARKER TAKES T0 THE AIR DUMPING IN TWO POINTS The T955 season ot the "B" basketball team ended as Anaheim bowed to Huntington Beach in the "B" division ot the Sunset Lea- gue. Coach Brant Cowsers boys took sec- ond place behind the Oilers in the league race. The team displayed their ability by collect- ing seven wins in ten tries for a percentage of .700. Ken Harker, Tom Frank, Dennis Daniels, Don Penlield, and George Dena were the live starters tor the Colony. Ken Harker led the pack and was elected most valuable player. "B" SUNSET LEAGUE STANDING W L Pct. Huntington Beach ..., .. 9 l .900 Anaheim .............. .. 7 3 ,700 Newport Harbor ,,.... .. 6 4 .600 Fullerton ....,,........ .Y 4 6 ,400 Orange ....... ,. 3 7 .300 Santa Ana .... .. l 9 .l00 133 1 "TAM 0 I X n S sg I ,s r . . SUNS T LEAGUE CHAM ON 'K A11 nr-wg I g 1 .Q "C" BASKETBALL lLeft to rightj Flow1-J. Maldonado, Ft. Espinoza, L.. Nlarolf, J. McDonald, B. Otta. Row 2-R. Burns. E. Loard M Olsen. M. Fowler, K. Howery, D. Pagano. Row 3-D. Flatzloff. Ft. Delesus, J. Reinhart, Ft. Bouse. J. Baker. and L. Provencio. The AU "Cs" placed second in the Sun- set League with seven wins three losses. However, the Newport Tars have an eight and two record to make it a champion- ship. The Little Colonists were defeated twice in the tirst round by Orange and Newport. Newport repeated the only win in the second round. High point man Bob Burns tallied up 86 with John Reinhart and Richard Espi- noza tollowing second and third respec- tively, Bob Burns was elected captain by his teammates. CLASS HCL FINAL W L Pct. Newport Harbor 8 2 .800 Anaheim V 7 3 ,700 Huntington Beach 5 5 SOO Fullerton Ll 6 .AOO Orange A 6 ,400 Santa Ana Q B Q00 l3l JOHN MCDONALD FIRES, PICKING UF' TWO POINTS POF! ANAHEIM COLONIST RIFLE TEAM The AUHS Ritle team was kept very busy this year capturing many titles in dit- terent matches. The year started with a warm up match for State championships held in El Monte with the team capturing second place and a second place in individual competition. The Brea National Record match, co- sponsored by the AUHS Cadet Corps, saw the AU four-man team win second place and the two-man team also capture a second place. In the Cadet Area Match held in Ana- heim, the ten-man and tive-man teams both won tirst places and the top tour places were captured by AUHS Cadets. The second El Monte quarterly saw the Cadet team drop to fourth place and filth place in individuals. The Junior National Championship were entered by 33 teams among which AU placed eighth. They also placed titth in the individual matches. The AUHS Cadet Corps has co-sponsor- ed tour national record matches in Brea where 33 national records were broken. The cadet team was able to capture these awards under the expert guidance ot Major Comstock. ,Jr ,V sv QQ . , A was , . 'T s , f 1 A . ws 'la , ,M ,f . " 'ft Vw z "Mm K , x v k f A A , , . -.1 , 'DIS . VM W, W A i f g ux:..g,,, rreqxgpgvg ,mr I 'X MM if M., -WM? hula., . , t V bn . , , ,, .2 ,, V. 1 . ,, ., ,, W '44 We. .en ,W mi- - ,Ma-1 xwkviis-f ,,, , , I ,,.gAk' ,,. 'V , ' t ...H e .. ' ,W ms V , , . .,,,f.3,., .W . v gf I " y ' it Q. .Wu sggg J ' . 'missrk K 1-fi . HMM if f ' ' ,, My iw if ' 'V 018 K , ' , .sw A iq, W fo A7 ' . I Q 4, V W, . .Q M If J W.. KVM . ,Mtsuit RIFLE TEAM DISPLAYS THE FOUR SHOOTING POSITIONS. AM L ft t rightt Row 1-Nl, Mitchell FK. Jonah, R. Caballero, E. Verdin, A. Hutchens, R. Gor ell, H. G d ' . PY r-.- FUFLE TE l gt OV. Lamas, R. Estrada, A. Hbnt, Fi. Briney, M. Rainey. I OO Wm ww B. Ensminger, J. oe. V 'QW' Sp , mi' 2 rf TRACK, FEELD AND CROSS COUNTRY I 5 ii - , mm X Q ,S . :W if i hi an 1 , 'Y Nw, sf A Q 43 W' eww W Z ,. l I ww 1... t A-.f . 1 TRACK AND FIELD QLeft to rightj Row 1-F. Cancino, R. Caballero, L. Marolf, J. McDonald, K. Lombard, J. Hoare, T. Tanaka, B. Zaharte, B. Bain, S. Nluro. Row 2-B. Todd, G. LaGieide, J. Baker, M. Fowler, R. Hathcock, D, Ramsay, B. Williams, R. Smith, D. Mayeda, M. Gouyd, R. Mayeda. Flow 3-C. Pollard, A. Contreras, D. Quinn, J. Jungkeit, C. Sloop, D. Tatzlaff, M. Wise, J. Jennings, J. Osburn, G. Morford. J. Trott, B. Gwinn, L, Lehman, J. Carter, J. Stilwell, F. Moore, B. Johnson, D. Schlagel, B. Burns, J. Dickey, J. Mackey. Anaheim and Huntington Beach varsity cross country teams finals was not expected because the Colonists had won over the tied for third in the Sunset League. Anaheim was defeated by Oilers in a dual meet. Newport, the first place team in the league and Fullerton who The Colonist JV team came in fourth in the league. Newport placed second. The Colonists tie with Huntington in the league also captured the league crown in the JV. 1 , JI x ..J" ami. l l , W l ff l M W NN., Q . CROSS A COIJNTF-YV flaeft to Ilflhll Row 1- R, Crilmlli-ro. B, Hoknnson, D. Ramsey, Fl. Smith, T. Tnnnkn, S. Nluro. Row 2-B. Williams. Nl, VVIQF-, .l. Cartfw. 126 ' ' TRACKSTERS WIN SUNSET TITLE i . 7 Q l l . . I I ,741 V , yi fn. fs l l : f f ' Et . 2 4T , i i . i il ' f ' 2 'ff JERRY SANDERS GOES OVER WITH EXCELLENT FORM. The Colonist "B" track team came through in fine fashion Larry Lehman, Chuck Pollard, Mickey Gouyd and Dick Maye- this year as they captured the first Anaheim Sunset League do were the four ie, men who Composed the fabulous relay title in recent years. t . . eam. The outstanding factor of the champions was the tour-man relay team that brought back story-book finishes in nearly every Newport WGS U l0U9l1 Contender for llle C0l0n'5l5 05 fl1eY meet they entered. finished second, close behind Anaheim. l l l ,.-'Quai l . 3 . ,..,Ha.,,s'tf,w f 'JNSGQQ W- .1 ,V,f x Q. , , N VW few ' L ft t ' htj Row 1-Ft. Caballero, Gouyd, D. Ramsay, J. Hoare, T. Tanaka, B. Zahrate, J. Stilwell. Fto 2-B. G ' , DB':I'o1d2:AgIqLiaGereidig Williams, D. Smith, B. Bain, D.-Mayeda.. Row 3-C. Pollard, F. Cancino, L. Osburrl, J. Trott, M. Vyise, D. Hams:- son R Johnson, L. Lehman, J. Carter, F. Moore, D. Penfleld, J. Dickey, D. Schlegel. , . 137 VARSITY BASEBALLERS TIE FOR SECOND 1 i Anaheim's I955 baseball squad was rated . - I as one ot the strongest teams to play for Anaheim High School in recent years. The pitching statt was led by Joe Villa- senor and Dave Stephenson who alternated in league games showing excellent form and control. Credit is given to Coach John Wallin for the fine record that they acquired. Some of the standouts were: catchers- Frank Doretti and Leroy Heitmang third base- man, Alan Story, and Captain Lupe Gonzales, second baseman. FINAL LEAGUE STANDINGS W L Pct. Fullerton ...... .. I2 3 .800 Anaheim ...,,,,..........., .. IO 5 .667 Newport Harbor ...... .. IO 5 .667 Huntington Beach ,..s.. .. IO 5 .667 Orange .................. . . I I4 .067 LUPE GONZALES IS SAFE AT FIRST IN SANTA ANA GAME. L L-, ,L ,..,, ,W-.W-,.-.,..-- 3 I I I 3 I ,tidal QM, . I N. M g .2 IK! .X I w I ..,.. 1 , 'fm . Ji VARSITY BASEBALL rLeft to rightp Ftovv 1-J. Villasenor, D. Hnthcock, L. Heitman, F. Doretti, B. French, R, Blankmeyer, L. Morehead. Rovv 2-Conch Wallin, L. Gonzales, J. Avitin, D. Bielefeld, R. Weaver. A. Story, V. Weaver, B. Scholz. 133 JV BASEBALLERS GAIN RUNNER-UP SPOT M. , - A -i . A ,ff -gfkbwn - Q i T 'afffmwms tw , A ow. gb at t t -' .req me M ur, T I A W .W I . , A it JF. ... N, ....c .. .... LLL-.. . ,,. .. .. COLONIST JV PLAYER DRIVES A LONG ONE TO OUTFIELD IN FULLERTON GAME. Anoheinrs JV horseliiclois started the third round with a nine win and tliicc- loss record which has ploced Fullerton in the lead at press time with a ll won and one loss record. Newport, Fullerton, and Santa Ana are Anaheinis three losses. In the first round Newport and Fullerton defeated the JV Colonists with an identical score ot 4 to 3 in the first round. Rallying back in the second round Anaheim de- feated Newport 7 to 6 and Fullerton 6 to 5. The Colonists loss to Santa Ana, 3 to O, came at the beginning ot the third round. This was a discourag- ing loss as the the Colonists defeated the Saints 4 to O and 7 to O in the first and second rounds respectively. STANDINGS AT PRESS TIME W L Pct. Fullerton .. ll l .9l7 Anaheim .. . 9 3 .750 Santa Ana ,,,,, . .. 7 5 .583 Newport Harbor 5 7 .4l7 Huntington Beach ,... 3 9 .250 Orange .. ..,,,.... . l ll .083 sw-sv., 5 'Cf 1? 4 M- '-"-f .. .. " 38 . s,y,Ss4a A ' fr 1 I .. 'Gia Q f ag- MSN E , A 5 4- ' W' LL L ft to right? Row 1-Manager D. Eyans, D. Snavely, H. Anderson. L. Stevens, D. Penfield, B, Sqhglz, A, T kk A- Q lJ3Nda?hA?FEnlT Covifsear, D. McCormick, B. Burns, J. Ferl, D. Rapp, J. Gratten. G. Dena, L. Walters. D. Drake, D. Pagan-io, Dl Bifli-ci, OW f-W ,sf of "ESQ Vx? 2- 130 VARSITY WATER POLOISTS l 1, 9226 ,af " M 7 7' fi' v i I' ' f , VARSITY WATER POLO QLeft to righty Row 1-Alan Story, Bill Turner, Buddy Knox, Frank Cushing, Jim Harned. Row 2-Coach Doug Allan, Ron Pajake Trev Musso, Richard Block, Dean Martin, Jo Pat Williams, Jack Trott. I "B" WATERPOLO SQUAD 4Lef' to rightj Row 1-C. Salley, F. Moore, D. Smith, R. Blankmeyer, B. Favreau, E. Leonard, R. Larson. Row 2- P, Winters, B. Wieser, L. Rodin, J. Leonard, D. Dillon, R. Johnson, D. Wieser, B. Fults, D. Bultena. This year's Waterpoloists placed sixth in the league, increasing the vital experience needed in having a winning team. The seasons thriller was with the Colonists' old rival Fullerton in an over-time perioc. The game ended in a seven to seven tie between Anaheim and Fullerton varsity poloists. The over-time concluded in tavor at the Indians eight to seven, Waterpolo elections were held tor captain and most valuable player. ln the varsity Buddy Knox received both awards. Richard Blanlcmeyer and Ernest Leonard tied tor captain and most valuable player in the "B's". The "Cs" elected Bill Weaver captain and Bill Riesen most valuable, 140 !!and!! WATER PO L0 ,puff "C" WATER POLO qLeft to righth Row 1--C. Huston, N. Owens B. Weaver, B. Riesen. Row 2-E. Koontz, L. Sjostrom, R. Keith 1 VARSITY SWIMMIN . ..,,.1..-.. X as l l l . l l i i 4 . VARSITY. SWIMMING tLeft to rightj Row 1-Manager J. Torres. T. Sparks, B, Turner. J. Tro J- P- WIIIIZIYNS- ROW 2-F. Cushing, F. Hund, D. Grover, D. Martin, J. Horned. ' ' AND ' ' SWIMMIN Anaheim s "Bs placed sec- ond in the Sunset League swimming tinals with Newport talcing varsity and 'B' chame pionships, The Anaheim swimmers who qualified tor the state CIF events are Diclc Grover, Fred l-lund, Jack Trott, and Bill Favreau. Colonist Jack Trott gave an outstanding performance by capturing the class "B" diving championship. Anaheims tour-man medlay team broke their own marlc ol V544 to set a new lg46.l for both varsity and "BN classes at the Sunset League tinals. Dick Grover broke his old record in the 200-yard tree' style. Bill Favreau set new marks ot l:O8.0 in the lOO-yard back- siroke 'lor classes "A" and Eleven records have been set by a group ot tive swim- mers. l k M .., l i l l l l l i "B" AND "C" SWIMMING CLeft to rightj Row 1-E. Koontz, R.Keith. L. Rader. D. Wiesen. B. Riesen. R. Jay. Row 2-K. Barker R. Nickerson, B. Briney, B. Favreau, J. David, B.AFuIts, D. Smith, N. Owens. Row 3-Nl. Cook. T. Ohara. C. Huston. G. Thuestoni. P. Winters, D. Bultena. R. Larson, and J. Goodknight. 1 VARSITY NETMEN ENTER CIF l l l l s l l l l - . - . . . ,.. I VARSITY TENNIS lLeft to right! Row1-NI. Meyer, D. Turner. B. Ryan, S. Morris. J. Lillywhite. Row 2-G. Brookman. B. Otta. G, Bonner, R. Hurst, D. Lee, D. Fischte. Bill Cook, coach. .IV TENNIS SQUAD Barry Ryan, captain and three-year letterman led the AU tennis team to the Sunset League championship for l955. Mike Bouck, iunior, was the only other three-year letter- man on the team. Anaheim gave up her six- year reign as Sunset champs in i953 and waited two years to regain the title. Santa Ana was the stiftest competition for the Colonists as they took second place in the league ahead ot Fullerton, Orange, Newport, and Hunt- ington Beach, respectively. The most exciting matches were the Santa Ana encounter when hopes tor a win faded away, when in a crucial match Gary Bonner pulled the leg- ments in his leg and lost by detault costing the Colony an important win. Coach Bill Cook has hopes ot retaining the championship next year. JV TEVJPIIH lL'ft to vuititi Hr,-,v 1- D. Arianna, J. Blur-, Nl. FlIIl41'ISOI1.I3, Fenton. C. L.1k0n1.1r1. D, Hamilton. Row 2-G. Brookmnn, B, Knox, D- K'Jlll"'ll""'li"i D V"""l- V' Wl"C""l"V, F3 I..-Isltlvvfvfvk. VV, Henry, .1mlBill Cook. coach. ll? ffwxw GIRLS' SPORTS 1 M W GI NORMA LEE ELLIOTT Chief GAA Adviser JOSEPHINE DERIGO Director of Athletics JOSEPHINE SNYDER Assistant GAA Adviser air S7 PGRT The Girls' Athletic Association is the activity for the sports conscious coeds at AUHS. Under the leadership of the club adviser, Norma Lee Elliott and assistant advisers, Josephine Derigo and Josephine Snyder, good sportsmanship, team play, and the emphasis of the social and educ- ational value of sports, as well as physical skill has been stressed. Some of the highlighting events ot this year's GAA activities have been the numerous playdays held at the various schools in Orange County with the volley- ball playday for all Orange County held at Anaheim, the GAA conference held at San Juan Capistrano and the GAF con- terence held at San Bernardino. Not to be forgotten are the traditional basketball spread after the basketball season, the initation ot the new members, and the annual banquet in June when the new board members were installed. tllletic Ssociation GARNET HAWKINS GAA President -rfvwi A-'QV K ,Nh M yn Q lf' X,-'WSG W r l l l Y , W fa , N. ii. -ww may .,,, , V I Wi ,. fkw A- wguy 1-5 , ' .,... 'iv V -rf tt I-t-ff t fre-fwfff X wa e I I, , f 2 7 .1-if 4 , Wf...,,,' A. 1 ef fi 2 ,, Jw A 2 -. ,ami Row 1-Janice Troutman, senior representativeg Nancy Wallace, Sophomore representative. Row 2--Carol Fitz, junior represen- ' K n Lenain publicity Row 3-Susan Zwart, assistant :,aJlLYiZ1gy7aC:nne Williams, Red. Cross representative. . . . CABINET ,Wie ' i X ,U .A 9. JY" ,'.':1, , 'C 1' if , f u , l f ,f fi, ' Y - if 52. f vpeffjf om, " Q aww, ,M 4 3. f' Se 2335 ' ' W' r , We - e. A ,ji , 5 ' If 'yn , ' , 1 ,,, ' A ,21222 Top row-Marie Ann Dargatz, vice-president: secretary. Row 2-Ann Thomason, historian: treasurer. Carol Booth, Clara Walker, 145 v 4 SWIMMIN ,....d ! l Maw 'we , ,I i W ' i ,- . I X M , , , l , 2 1 fbi if , j . 3, X' 'le-fWffv4vff,y.g1m.fx KRISTIN ANDERSON l I Swimming Manager I SWIMMING Cl.eft to righth Row 1-S. Fleed, K. Anderson, C. Fitz, A. Mayberry, M. Buckner, L. Fischle, J. Critchfield. Bow 2-B. Mauerharl, M. Zwart, D. Nipp. K. Caffee, D. Thomas, B. Keifer, N. Wallace, M. Major, N. Feil, and C. Alvey. 146 . . TENNIS ,,.. T 76 KP M WA I M - hw W. ,,, JEAN WILLIAMS Tennis Manager L l L' 'U' R i . 'P , 5 g T 1 . l . A H . . , l 'eil X l 95- s .Qs w il. E.. TENNIS ll.eft to rightl Flow 1-J. Roddam, P. Roberts, B. Van Delden. K. Hathaway, C, Kir- ven. Row 2-C. Booth, A. Thomason, M. Taylor, B. Van Delden. C. Logsdon. G. Taylor, D. Eagan. Bow 3-H. Hoffner, J. Williams. A. Williams, C. Allen, D. Richards. S. Sangster, and Clara Walker. SENIOR BASKETBALL fLeft to rightj Row 1-G. Dupuis, M. Dargatz, C. Cash- man, K. Cordes, B. Olsen, J. Rees, B. Mclntyre. Row 2-C. Goff, E. Richards, A. Slabaugh, S. Zwart, M. Richards, J. Gerber, J. Hannon, B. Garrison, J. Troutrnan, and B. Henderson. BASKETBALL ,ne an "li TERRY CARTER Basketball Manager JUNIOR BASKETBALL lLeft to rightj Row 1-S. Nieman, A. Huesca, C. Wilkerson, D. Gruenemay, L. Santi, H. Aguilar. Row 2-E. Lopez, T. Reveles, T. Carter, J. Winfrey, M. Rasmussen, J. Ferguson. Row 3-D. Villa, A. Lopez, K. Schmitt, S. Bengochea, V. Lee, C. Pletz, J. Reid, J. Olvera and J. Wilson. . ' V SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL fLeft to right? Row 1-L. Blakely, S. Boutcher, J. Jones, J. Vandiver, S. Lillywhite, D. Laub, R. Sympson. Row 2-K. Walker, L. Cheatum, J. Huckabee, K. Rennie, L. Haygood, M. Bradley, J. Simpson, L, Pletz. Row 3-C. Ryan, J. Light, M. Olvera, B. Bode, F. Martinez, P. Dargatz, L. Schulz, and F. Reid. 147 HOCKEY . . . 14 5 'A -.,. I I f. , . J I' " ,R l ,I "A A i KAY SCHMITT r I' ' ,K V V V i ' Hockey Manager ay A 9 .., SENIOR HOCKEY fLeft to rightj Row 1-J. Gerber, G. Hawkins, C. Alvey, A. Wheeler, B. Olsen, B. Mclntyre. Row 2-B. Mauerhan, C. Logsdon, B.-Van Delden, J. Critch- field, M. Richards. Row 3-D. Selfridge, E. Richards, G. Dupuis, C. Goff, S. Sangster, D. Sagan, B. Henderson. "" " ,Mfg JMX if 1 1,1 S ,ll ,I xt xi.-Wy S .Q 4 R '. V. S gf, iw 3 yt 49' if X K .Nh - nf If x x ,1 , 1. ...W , ., ' ' I 2 h . ,Q I 4 A 5 y- . . . Y V - Q . Y , X I? . 1'- ,, I Cuff' Y K3 - ' ul . S N , . .- I t ' hty Row1 C Fitz D Nipp H Hoffner, J. Foster, T. JUNIOR HOCKEY QLeft 0 rig -- . , . , . Carter, D. Gruenemay, D. Knutzen, M. Taylor, J. Rodam. Row 2-H. Aguilar, C. Wilkerson, M. Rasmussen, V. Lee, T. Reveles, J. Winfrey, M. Buckner, A. Thomason, L. Santi. Row 3-E. Lopez, A. Huesca, C. Pletz, J. Wilson, J. Furgeson, A. Williams, K. Schmitt, S. Bengochea, V. Philpott, J. Olvera, J. Reid, B. Keifer, C. Booth. 'l SOPHONIORE HOCKEY lLfeft to riqhtj Row 1-J. Jones, S. Lillywhite, K. Caffee, M. Olvera, C. Allen, L. Blakely, S, Boutcher, K. Hathaway, J. Sympson. Row 2-J. Huka- bee,AR. Sympson, N. W.ill:ucf-, C, Kirven, S. Rodin, V. Elliott, L. Pletz, M. Mager, J. Williams, K. Andf-rsrm, J. Llqht. Row 'i-B. Bode, L.. Chentum, F. Reid, P. Dargatz, K. Walker, K. Flfmnifr, I-. Schulz, F. Mfurllnfez, D, Richards, M. Bradley, N. Feil. 1 48 i i i l . . . VOLLEYBALL ! ,ml .. N48 'ig 8 ' - ,N fb. g yfsiffy L S sf 1 M- wg .. ffrxe- ,Q ' .gk A QRS: 5 Q' Nils , '.'f W' ' -. 9 . , ' "W x Q,k 4 , 5, if ' flflskw K ., 'aa ,' ' ' 1 Z . , IQQ, . ,i . ., -A 'Q Y 5 5 , Q v, 4 f f , . 1 if G K , A W, Q ,K . W. - , -A 2 . . X fi , I H.. X Q AM? M, -. it 4 X A M .M ,W , Q, ,,.. 5' ,W 4 W fl, -6 f ,Y , f , W -ww 0 f ' 1 M? V m f, iff!! ,? iii J ' as 4,1146 bf.. , f f I ww ,I My .J SENIOR VOLLEYBALL lLeft to rightl Row 1-C. Alvey, B. Mauerhan, S. Zwart, B. Olsen, B. Mclntyre, M. Dargatz, C. Cashman. Row 2-J. Critchfield, S. Sangster, C. Logsdon, G. Taylor, P. Roberts, B. Van Delden, G. Dupuis, B. Henderson. Richards, Garrison. JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL 1Left to rightj Row 1-E. Valdez, V. Philpott, C. Fitz, J. Fer- guson, J. Wimfrey, D. Gruenemay, T. Carter. Row 2-M. Rasmussen, C. Wilkerson, J. Olvera, J. Roddam, M. Taylor. Row 3-C. Pletz, C. Booth, V. Mejia, B. Kiefer, A. Will- iams, H. Hoffner. 4 LOIS SANTI Row 3-M. J. Troutman, A. Mayberry, D. Sagan, M. Head, C. Walker, C. Goff, and B. Volleyball Manager SOPHOMORE VOLLEYBALL QLeft to rightj Row 1-L, Klever, M. Olvera, J K Anderson, C Allen K Hathawa L Blakel S Stale - - 1 - Yi - Y. . ,F. M ' . Haygood, P. Dargatz, K. Walker, L. Pletz, C. Ryan, J.pV6illiams,arS.neSe Cheatum, N. Wallace, L. Schulz, D. Richards, and J. Light. . Sympson, Row 2-L. Connick, L. 149 SOFTBALL . . . Mn We wq..,Q'2 ALISON WHEELER Softball Manager SENIORS SOFTBALL fLeft to righty Row 1-J. Critchfield, P. Roberts, B. Olsen, B. Mc Intyre, and M. Dargatz. Row 2-J. Troutman, M. Richards, S. Zwart, and B. Garrison. X "7 57" WF' ff 'V i A ,fl H24 Q , ww El M I g V J. f W wg? l gf , JUNIORS SOFTBALL lLeft to rightl Row 1-A. Thomason, H. Aguilar, E. Valadez, V. Philpott, C. Fitz, J. Ferguson, J. Winfrey, D. Gruenemay, T. Carter, and J. Foster. Row 2-L. Santi, M. Buckner, M. Rasmussen, C. Wilkerson, J. Olvera, J. Roddam, M. Taylor, K. Schmidt and B. Kiefer. Row 3-S. Bengochea, V. Lee, C. Pletz, C. Booth, V. Mejia, J. Wilson, A. Thomason, H. Hoffner, J. Reid, and A. Huesca. CAROLINE CASHMAN Softball Manager SOPHOMORES SOFTBALL lLeft to rightj Row 1-K. Rennie, L. Haygood, F. Martinez, D. DeConnick, L. Klever, M. Bradley, L. Fischle, M. Major, L. Schulz, M. Olvera, and S. Lillywhite. Row 2-P. Dargatz, L. Pletz, V. Elliott, M. Zwart, K. Hathaway, K. Anderson, C. Allen, D. Rlchards, N, Fell, J. Williams. Row 3-L. Cheatum, S. Staples, J. Simpson, C. Ryan, K. Walker, J. Light, L. Blakely, N. Wallace, and B. Bode. 150 Vf I ? M., 4? 6 5-Q VM .qi la A-M.-p Q .v B AH! f, MT I WWW -aww MWARU EMMA f,, fb A . N7 ,M 'J M, 1 Q, kk , 7, Y sy 191 ,eg .-.Q x X1 KX' QJQK L 5 .37 X X ,,.., . I,- I 4 r ,, 4 A 1, V 1 ,, Wg, 'yn T'K' .44 X., mb 2 Q IHA' M H My xy Q' YW :VJ lx .5 L NT .M , .s, A 4 1 if ,Q w x 39. f -i" K f.w.:5pf W ,, ,, .X A .- dyke up ,. .NL i 1 in 'mx I KX :LJ Q , N X. fs--wh .W 7 , 56 55 !"?w I x N 1 ,J iam 02 1 'xii LA 'e5'Tw! ! 155 I ADVERTISING 5 1955 COLONIST ADVERTISING STAFF DICKSIE HEFFERN ROSETTA SMITH co-MANAGER C0-MANAGER JAN BETTINGER EXLEEN BRUHNS PAT GRIMES SHERRYL. DAVID BARBARA SH"V'El- Much of The success of +he Colonisf yearbook may be aH'ribu+ed +o 1'he financial assisfance of The adver'I'isers represenred on The following pages. The sraff of seven girls, shown above, made rhe conracls for sales, prepared rhe adverfising layouls, scheduled phorographers, and did 'rhe billing +o comple+e 'rhe necessary work for a viral deparimenr in 'rhe yearbook for l954-55. 9 Mx Sfore -3: 4' M a A, Q 4 xv. QIQW' COMPLIMENTS OF COMPARISON WILL PROVE SEDLQCK WE SELL FOR LESS JEWELERS SELF . cxelifel' SERVICE gurnttufe DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVERWARE PHONE KE. 5-7413 uzb E. CENTER Reuben Tucker KE. 5-775: 337 E. cemer I 3 - EL I "T SHIPKEY 81 PEARSON SI-IIPKEY E: PEARSON Tire Reheading GOODYEAR TIRE DISTRIBUTORS I I 420 W. Cenfer S+. Anaheim I . ' JVM' If 1 I W-fi "THE CAR FOR THE FUTURE CITIZEN" LEAVITT Flllill Cars Sfudebaker Trucks 226 S. LOS ANGELES ST. PHONE KE. 5-2284 1 60 CONGRATULATIONS BEST VWSHE5 CLASS OF I955 . . . GRADUATES Martenef Hardware H. R. Fox 8 Co. SINCE l9l0 I-ICME APPLIANCES ' SINCE I927 323 W. Cenier S'l'. KE. 5-2303 411 Easi' Cenier KE. 5-4886 GANAHL LUMBER C0. 501 E. CEINTER ST. PHONE KE. 5-2256 SOFTWOOD HARDWOOD MILLWORK OF EVERY DESCRIPTION FULLER PAINTS KWIKSET LOCKS Anaheim is Newesi iviiniature Golf Course Take your da'I'e ou'I' minia'l'ure golfing for an enioyable evening. Anaheim Miniature Golf Course Near Placenfia Avenue KE. 5-8195 Brides Reqisiry Service GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS ' CHINA GLASS HOUSEWARES BAR B-Q GREETING CARDS 239 wesq- Cenq-er 51-reef Anaheim Phone KE. 5-4648 Aww S WU ORANGE COUNTY'S MOST COMPLETE Uwe af M FURNITURE STORE FOR ANY OCCASION FLOWERS ARE ALWAYS APPROPRIATE 30I Wesi Cenfer S'rree+ Phone KEys+one 5-ZI44 273 Edd Cen-'er KE. 5-5772 Z R , Aul-IS 1907 644 064914044 I.. N. WISSER SPORTING oooos AND CYCLERY UNION OIL DEALER Siop-Wear Lubricaiion U. S. Royal Tires and BaHerieS AuI'o Accessories - Washing FREE PICK-UP and DELIVERY SPORTSMEN'S HEADQUARTERS palm qi- Cenfer phone KE, 5.3455 169 W. Cenfer S+. Anaheim. California STEFFY BUICK CC. YOUR Thick DEALER "WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT - BUICK WILL BUILD THEM" 410 So. Los Angeles SI. Phone KEys'Ione 5-2297 162 LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR COMPLETE NURSERY SERVICE BOTTS NURSERY 1228 LINCOLN AVENUE Anaheim, California P Telephone KE. 5-5450 HAROLD J. BOTTS MOLLIE A. BOTTS f, COIIgl'd'I'UIGfIOI1S fo H19 Class of I955 BUENA PARK OFF CE N' I 6311 IVI I'1 I d Insure Your Fuiure wi+I1 Savings '-A ence 21168 f 1 Savings Insured 'ro Sl0,000.00 0 - ' 2?1NQI'IE!VI tOFIgICEt KEy tone? 5 2883 9 U zwmqff M amz - M 182 dd i ff fffffwfwm 2.2: un LEh gh 9 1144 Congratulations PAUL ALLAN Class of FOR DISTINNCTIVE SHOES DR. M. GAYLORD BROWN 308 W. CenI'er SI. Phone KE. 5-8433 Wizard Boa'I's Bicycles Keys HOME-TOWN 0 I' v fl I ' -4 PRINTERS SALES AND SERVICE PROMPT SERVICE 419 W. Cenfer SI. Phone KE. 5-2759 333 wesi Cen-I-er phone KE. 5,4117 HOMER A. NELSON, O.D. WARREN M. HOLLINGSWORTH. O.D. OPTOMETRISTS I I4 Norfh Lemon Sfreef Phone KEysfone 5-8404 I-IADLEYIS Cofe ond Bokery IOI Wesf Cenfer Phone KE. 5-298I Use Our "Space" for Your NofeS USE OUR SERVICES IN FUTURE YEARS -11fa66.. TIWLUR LUMBEII CU. "MORE FOR YOUR BUILDING DOLLAR" I25 N. Manchesfer Anaheim KE. 5-2II8 ,VN ,., A A H, 1 .. .Walt X ' .' I. , I V W ,V-rw. 0 ., ,. 12 .5 ,. W K! :Mm .H wb. i ff .I WO O I I fr . -. 'TF-1'Q ..i,,f-..f, '. .,,,, . 1 IIIIII i s FAITH FU L, COURTEOUS SERVICE Hilgenfeld Mortuary Anaheim, California 249 E, 4 Anoheim LOCK AND KEY SERVICE "A KEY FOR EVERY LOCK" WE REPAIR CLOCKS B. L. Jeffers 548 So. Los Angeles Sf. 24-Hour Service KEysfone 5-7052 ANAHEIM AIIIIIIFF HAIIIIWAIIII Phone Ks. s-zsoe B. Joe Qu:-lst 8: Sons PLUMBING - REPAIRS Joe Quas+ 306 N. Los Angeles Phil BoeHcher ANAHEIM, CALIFORN A CASEY-BECKMRN PONTIAC 'A GOOD DEAL AND A GOOD DEAL MORE' Phone KE. 5-2857 336 S. Los Angeles S+. Anaheim, California BUENA PARK X hiv l' Xfn sKATlNG RINK X71 :W , X fffgjfwfgf K X 1-1-QQ X Tuesday. f 2 Z Xi Friday. ' l I X Safurday l X Nighfs 7:30 - 11:00 X Q25-NX Daylighl Saving Time 8:00 - I l:00 INSTRUCTIONS Group or Privafe Mr. 8. Mrs. D. Huckobee Phone LAwrence 2-I042 FOR PRIVATE PARTIES Sfanfon and Commonwealfh . 'A' '1 - ,,- ' -A. . MOVING STORAGE GENERAL TRUCKING SINCE 1872 DEPENDABLE THROUGH THE YEARS X"-X f -if ug, ,Y ANAHEIM mum l ls TRANSFER CU. ZI6 E. Cenfer S+. KEysIone 5-5465 505 S LOS ANGELES ST PHONE KE 5 2863 A N A H E I M ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA 165 DOI.LER'S E. H. KERSTEN, M.D. RADIO SERVICE Pl-IYSICIAN and SURGEON PACKARD BELL .fl RADIOS and TELEVISION 200 NorI'h Palm SI'ree'l' 726 So. Los Angeles SI. KEysI'one 5-3358 ANAHEIM CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '55 I ing V FROM A I,E, , ,EE,EIE., . D I, , H b MCCOY MOTOR CO. e lclous Om Urgers Your FORD Dealer 320 Nor'l'h Los Angeles Sfreel' ANAHEIM II08 NORTH PALM STREET phone KEyS+one 5,2233 GOOD LUCK. CLASS OF '55 WEBER llllllll lllllllllil Ritz Cfeanera PENS CARDS QUALITY CLEANERS STATIONERY SCHOOL SUPPLIES 139 W. Cenler SI. Anaheim 307 Easl' Cenler SI'ree'l' Phone KE. 5-3289 166 Red Goose Shoes Grace Walker Shoes FOI' C:I'1IICII'ef'I For Vxfgmen INSURANCE AGENCY A , .,.,,f:., 3 Itzj VIA f.,s:15-Ifafw., GOOD SHOES PROPfRI.Y FITTED III Nodh LOS Angeles Sheei, JOHN C. ROBERTS SHOES FOR MEN ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA I74 Wes? Cenfer SL Anaheim Phone KEys+one 5-4444 I .I I f f GOOD LUCK GRADUATES OF I955 FROM xcelsior reamery Company 926 EAST FIRST smear SANTA ANA. CALIFORNIA Rees anon-lens DIAMONDS WATCHES comm num MARKET 826 w. Cerner S+. KE. 5-6456 Q 59 JEWELERS Anaheim, California 1 ANAHEIM 16 7 A 6361052 PLACE TO EAT KEys'I'one 5-8431 Landscaping 50"Vice5 I I HADERLIES LEE S NURSERY FOR EASY SHOPPING 2009 E. CenI'er SI'. a'I Pluceniia Ave. LINCOLN AT MANCHESTER ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA Complimenfs of 'Phe Mlsslow IIIIIIIUIIE B- B- I H- NW PARIS AUTOMOTIVE PARTS and SUPPLIES C O M P A N Y MACHINE SHOP SERVICE FINE FURNISHINGS AND INTERIORS MAIN STORE BRANCH STORE I20 WesI' CI1es+nu+ I3OII Cenfury BIvcI. ANAHEIM GARDEN GROVE 223 Easi' CenI'er Phone KE. 5-6166 KEys+one 5-2828 LEI'1igI1 9-2I79 I Qfldfbk 7amoZ yggenay I N S U R A N C E Since 1919 275 Easi' CenI'er KEysI'one 5-2401 A N A H E I M I HAROLD C. NESLUND, M.D. BACKS, CAMPBELL Phone KE. 5-3022 Res. Phone KE. 5-2524 AND KAULBAR5 PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON MORTUARY 25I N., LEMON ANAHEIM 503 N. Los Angeles SI. ANAHEIM 16? PRESSEL, ROGERS and PRESSEL HARDWARE - BLACKSMITHING - WELDING 117 SouI'h ClemenI'ine KEysI'one 5-4206 ANAHEIM SCHULTZ TOOL 81 MACHINE MANUFACTURING COMPANY Oscar F. Schulfz HEYING'S DRUG Your REXALL Sfore ...TP-A A13 KEys+one 5-2286 P.O. Box 590 P R E S C R I P T I O N S 495 Easf LaPaIma Avenue I44 Wes? Cenfer S+ree'r ANAHEIM Oscar W. Heying Herman J. Schafer MANY CONNIES AND CLEMS ENJOY THE DELICIOUS FOOD PORTRAITS BY PHOTOGRAPHY AT . 9 S 520 N. Los Angeles I36 Easi' Cen+er S+. KEys+one 5-5I90 KEyS+one 5-7557 NEFFS PAINT l GM AND MEN's WEAR WALLPAPER COMPANY O 225 W. Cenfer SI. Phone KE. 5-3534 200 Norfh Los Angeles SI'ree'I' Phone KE. 5-32I9 Delco Battery Operations Delco - Remy Division GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION Q 5 S ED G H- 2 E Ei is H- F' Q 5 :Ii Q 3 W 5 ISL EU 2 Q Q wx 4 I I I I i . I a I CONGRATULATIONS , I f TO THE I I I I I o,ei -V RRRR XL I l l, A x CI-A55 OF '55 e.e. .iie- 1201 Norfh Magnolia Anaheim, California CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF 1955 FROM APPLIANCE AND TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE WM. IBiIII BALLMAN Owner af Seeking io serve you . . . as you veniure further on Life's oihwo . Aufhorized p Y .FRIGIDAIRE DEALER. 122 W. BROADWAY ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA Largesf in Orange Counfy gf Opposife Posf Office Phone KEysfone 5-5703 170 853-fa,-3 .bm I ,swag COOL TREATS AT FOSTER'S Fresh Fruif Malfs and Shakes Pin+s and Quarfs in Flavors I5C, 25C Shakess SC, IOC, I5C Cones 735 N. Los Angeles Si. Phone KE. 5-5588 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 AERONAUTICAL DIVISION QBERTSHAW- ULTGN CONTROLS COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATING CLASS OF '55 .,,f.1..xA I III " r- rT"3 f R L IL L T h' '62, M .J ' if E' T I - ' IIIQII - -F' ' 5 ' ' CONSTRUCTION COMPANY III WEST ELM ST. KEys+one 5-280l ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA F.anlxQ'13Wr-I DLE I I3 fs IIONDAMER W ,SSS,I E512 ROCKE SOCKS - WONDAMEIRE SWIEATERS New for Fall - Skirfs Dyed Io Ma+cIn Swea+ers gcaflaacfl BUSINESSSCHOOL IO5 Wes'r Cenfer S'rree'r KE. 5-336I 5I2 Easf Cenfer Sfreef Phone KE. 5-520I I CH UNGKING CAFE Cong ratulations Class of I 955 Jezpezfa lube - fn FINE CLEANING C OPEN II AM. to 2 AM. DAILY SATURDAYS un AM. to 3 AM. 406 Noah Los Angeles S+ + 327-331 E. camel- Phone KE. 5-4519 A N A H E ' M Anaheim Phone KEystone 5-62I2 Congratulations Graduates Mercury S'I'1I'I'IIIIIIEIIS 82 PRINTERS Phone KEystone 5-2263 X XX ANAHEIM DIVISION WE GIVE NORTHROP AIRCRAFT, INC. BLUE and GOLD 500 Easi' OrangeII1orpe Avenue STAMPS A Good Place fo Work M A R K E T ,A ' 55'I'I E. LINCOLN CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '55 Phone JAcIcson 7-l57l CYPRESS FOR YOUR BUILDING NEEDS Gif FuIIerton Anaheim Placentia A ' """' 1'-:ff ,, Wham' COIN E BRIIS. CIIEVRIILET , t , T For Records, Rodios, Kwik, Television, Music Its . . . LOVELL'S 158 W. Cenfer Sin KE. 5-2419 S7 an 1 BETZ AUTUMUTIVE BETZ LOUVERS WHERE PRESCRIPTIONS HEAD MILLING ARE FILLED SCIENTIFICALLY CUSTOM MOTOR NNORK KQCMCQMIJ S5049 Home of Mighiy Moose 237 E. Ce-mer Ke 5-2322 STAN BETZ 629 so. Lemon ANAHEIM 175 a V 1 " BUENA PARK, CALIF. Highway 39 BIRDCAGE THEATRE in GHOST TOWN at V 9 gf p I Li in iffy ff? A Where old fashioned melodramas and olio acfs are given. Theafre is dark on Mondays and Tuesdays COME HISS THE VILLAIN AND APPLAUD THE HERO. CHICKEN DINNERS STEAK HOUSE I2 'I'o 8:30 p. m. 12 fo 8:30 p. m. Excepf Excepf Monday 81 Tuesday Fridays GHOST TOWN foo affords counfless amazing, inferesfing, and educafional feafures, Always somefhing new is added. 176 "GOOD LUCK GRADUATES" from a4nafzeim gurnifure c o M P A N Y "For fhe Besf in New or Used Furnifure" I46 Norfh Los Angeles S+ree+ I33 Soufh Los Angeles S+ree'r CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 ARTHUR C. ELLIOTT, M.D. V QC 2 5 BZ? f ' MISSES' AND WOMENS VJEARING APPAREL FEATURING JONATHAN LOGAN DRESSES 'I34 Wesi' Cenfer Si'reeli' LOOK YOUR BEST BE COTLER DRESSEDH CONGRATULATIONS GRADS OF '55 118 Wesi' Cenier Sireei' ' ' 4 , ,J 177 f il 1 W-V. f 4. 2, ,sag , 2I2 Sou'rI1 Aichison S+ree+ KEys'rone 5-6087 ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA The Pioneer Orange Juice Processing Firm of Orange Counfy Our Modern, Sfreamline Operaiions of Bofh Canning Lines and Concenirafor Enables Us 'ro Guaranfee IO? PETURNS TO THE ORANGE COUNTY GROWERS Whose Iruii we are exclusively processing presenfIy QI eomeclor Specializing in fhe Besf of SPANISH AND MEXICAN FOODS CLOSED TUESDALYS Befween Anaheim and Fullerfon Phone LAmber1' 5-9050 BRUWN and IIASKINS Dealer SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS "Service is Our Business" CENTER AND PALM , if . . 0 ,f , V 5 BIIBERT l-I. BGNEY DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS DODGE PASSENGER CARS KEyS+0ne 5-2977 328 Wesi' Cenfer Sf. Anaheim 179 WALBURGS ll l P0 ll' P ARMA "Where You Can Shop With Corlfidelwe CHARLES NEUKCM, PROP. 0 C03-tg O Sweafers ' Suits ' Skirts ' Sportswear ' Blouses 9 Hosiery ' Robes llO0 Lincoln Ave. Phone Ke 5-36lI 181 West' Center Sf. KE. 5-404 Q Q' 'D 'Q' 'ff Anaheim Daily-Herald 759 'ff Orange County Plain Dealer -A' 'er 12 , map: ANAH El M BULLETIN your first vacation stop: a trip to Buffums' . . . Good advice trom Young Careerist Sharon Bergeson, who lcnows you'll win plenty ot compliments in cottons that come from Buttums'-cool, summery fashions cut tull tor a trothy petticoat. From our Sun-Charm Sportswear Shop. 25: LONG BEACH-SANIA ANA X fl Congrafulafions fo fhe Graduafing Class of '55 CGEPFHIH MERRIFIELD TRUCKING COMPANY 1122 Norih Lemon Si. Phone KE. 5-2121 Anaheim Brake Service WHEEL BALANCING AND ALIGNMENT Wholesale and Refail sw" DON R. DORNON 930 Norfh Los Angeles Sireei' VHCIEVJQFCIDIR GE, HACIDILYY ANAHEIM JEWEI-ER l36AV:'iAgENTER f'r4 Phone KEys1'one 5-1514 CONVENIE1? CSEQEDIT TS NEBLS SGEGE, DDS. .fs 105 Wesi' Sycamore S'l'reeI' KEysI'one 5-8412 ANAHEIM CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1955 .IOHNNIE LARSON'S CHEVRON SERVICE 401 Wesi' CenI'er SI'reeI' ANAHEIM. CALIFORNIA Phone KEysI'one 5-9123 M9 l4inley7 I66 W. Cenler S+. WINDOW SHOPPING AT MCKINLEY'S Diclcsie Heffern, Sherryl David, and Pa+ Muslwegain FORMAL WEAR Enjoy a Hobby This Summer During MQW' S SUMMER CLASSES Copper - Enameling - Earrings -- Necklaces - Bells - BuHons - Fibre Flowers - Corsages - COMPLETE RENTAL SERVICE WEDDINGS A SPECIALTY SEEN EVENINQQ Pl-KDNE Klmloerly 2-5764 by eppoimlrnerrl lO6'fg, E. 4lIw STREET frilfllffl Ana, Calif. Flower Arrangemenrs No Charge for Insfrucfion 7 .ilrfofrgzj in .iuznziai 822 Wes+ Cen+er Slreel Across from AUHS HUB FURNITURE "Comple1'e Home Furnishings" 500 Wesi' Cenfer Sireei' ANAHEIM Phone KEysI'one 5-6028 Former's Insurance Group , RO' ' H' 13 ,1 'Air QL' X' FARMERS ff INSURANCE , HQ GROUP 1, X K 7Q,..m cfjl fffpfffni ROBERT L. MARTIN, Ageni' 433 Wes+ Cenfer S'rree+ Phone KEys'rone 5-2326 A Large Home Concern Serving You ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS I Federal Tires Aero Ba1"l'eries Kwai 0IL COM P 1 Anaheim, California I JUI's Bod ond Point Sho .fcawzellbd Y P COMPLETE BODY SERVICE Fender Repairing A SpeciaI'ry . BAKED ENAMEL FINISH PAINTING WE MATCH ANY COLOR - FREE ESTIMATES H6 Wes, Cenher Sheef Anaheim 234 S. Los Angeles Sf. Phone KE. 5-8573 183 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I955 W1 L!! wwf olwonn I n E WIE L E S ' I32 Wes+ Cen+er Sfreef SPORTS Gooos A N A H E ' M I3l Wes+ Broadway Anaheim Phone KEys'rone 5-3947 Congrafulaiions Class of '55 almene Studio 222 E. Cenfer ST. 184 KE Besf Wishes fo fhe Groduofing Class of 7955 516 EAST SANTA ANA ST. PHONE KE. 5-8111 llrange County Urug Cu. Dependable Prescripiion Druggisfs Agenfs For EASTMAN KO AKS PENSLAUR REMEDIES STANDARD HOMEOPATHIC CO. Exclusive Agenfs For RUSSELL STOVER CANDIES George Nnrwine 8 Son . 5-2408 236 W. Cen+er S+. LUNII 81 SUNS C0. gf MANUFACTURERS OF High Grade Points, Enomels Glcasswork of All Kinds Fine Wall Papers I Ke 5-283l I IZO Linco RENWGCDD STUDIG 727 No. LOS ANGELES ST. P c o 'J o R M T 4 M R E A R I c T I A L Gfcmcels Sporfswear CONGRATULATIONS CLASS 0F '55 I 219 Wesf Cenler S+. KEys+one 5-2305 M. E. BEEBE RAY O. LIINK M. E. 8 ISEEIIE 82 C0. Work Your Dollars Here a+ Home They'II Earn as Much as Though They Roam Dollars Spenl' aI Home You See 116 Sou'I'h Los Angeles S'l'ree1' Help The Whole Communifyl Phone KEySIone 57221 ANAHEIM A fel Jr 5 P T coNeRA'ruLA'rloNs , . ..A Ml' 'ro THE CLASS OF 1955 Savings Insured lo Sl0,000. ANAHEIM BUIHJING AND LUAN ASS'N ROBERT L- CUFFORD, MD- MEMBER FEDERAL Home LOAN BANK svs-rem 1009 E. CBIYIEI' SIR KEYSIOIIS 5-8336 Corner Cenler and Lemon Slreels ANAHEIM 86 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS lt lives on, the Colonist spirit, not only on our campus, but within every student who has ever attended Anaheim Union High School. Without this spirit the '55 Colonist would have been impossible, for it was behind every action of the innumerable people who worked on this book that it has been completed. My most sincere thanks and wholehearted appreciation goes to the good-humored and ever-patient iournalism adviser, Larry Quille, for his constant supervision, undying interest, and encouragement on the production of this Colonist yearbook. Working untiringly long after the sun had set, printing and aiding in many phases of the Colonist preparation was the very capable and ever efficient Lloyd S. Ross. My great appreciation goes to the cooperative, untiring efforts of Arthur Combs, new pressman, who did such a fine printing iob this year. Print shop students giving their splendid help and assistance were: Joe Huckabee, Jack Phelps, and Roy Potts on the lntertype, Robert Schrodt, Edward Villa, Gabe Mata, Edward Rickel, Tom Schimmer, Larry Salyer, Terry Neal, Jess Madrigal, Wes Van De Worker, Mickey Flynn, Virgil Justice, James Konzal, and Joe Ramirez helped in the setting of advertisements and the making up of annual pages. Because this yearbook is a story in pictures, my special thanks goes to the Photogra- phy department under the very able and excellent direction of Ted Wade, for completing a iob so very well done. The student photographers were Bernard Heimberger, John Stanton, George Hushman, Gerald Patterson, Joe Green, and the junior photographer, Henry Sandoval. Many thanks to the Peterson Engraving Company and the Henderson Trade Bindery for their great contribution to the making of this year's Colonist. A final note of grateful appreciation goes to the A55 Colonist staff who have gone completely out of their way to produce a yearbook so different and original to serve as a memory book of this year's events and activities. Thanks to Garnet Hawkins, associate editor, Alison Wheeler, administration, Doris Rouland, senior section, Eileen Bruhns, iunior- sophomore section, Sandy Sangster and Pat Grimes, clubs, Pat Roberts and Barbara Kramp, activities, Don Toussau and Buddy Knox, boys' sports, Marie Ann Dargatz, girls' sports, Diane Coons, snapshots, Harvey Brockett, cartooning to carry out the theme, and for the careful handling of the advertising section by Eileen Bruhns and Dicksie Heffern. To all these friends who contributed to the making of such a book as the '55 Colonist, l offer my sincere and heartfelt, Thank you. Baits flfafz Bsfdsn Editor-in-Chief ----rf-l-1 Y -W Mfzwnwn r r. -rwrv'-r-"'xsIm" r 'rr ' Shown above is Arthur Combs, Colonist pressman, printing the yearbook for 1955. 51 I w. ' , K A 5 . W I ' M 1. If +- f , . ,+2f:Vf'. an ' R, 1 4911'- Eftgyx "ilJM'- .. J-,Inga V 35 . ,-1, ' ggiiiwl , wi-V' H 'Wm n .-' "Qu, -A , ,fy if fy 63,672 ' '72 .4Lz,712?, bfi'-if '. ' VL L hi Win ' 2 :TT 1 fi? affxggx ,ai K ' 'Q 5-,fm X V, f. 1.1 , +171 4 ,, tf..?f'f"j ff ' Qf' Wit 'YQQQ ' ,L, ,:i , . 'ff ' W , ffL7"2rf-A ,wg Q5 QE: -1 ' Sufi? W , 11 1,- , Tix ' A 7 , , 9' ' linlfl-fy H 3-' ' FJ' " Ei' If 1, gill. -1- 2 15 YQ '21 fi ' wb, f , 1 4 , M . Li . . r 'S 'I , X5 4 1: Ny. . 'x 1 1 nz,-,+ 5 , 9435 Q, 5 .9 1 :Rl 1 i ff! 5 5 I iw. f VV S' 4' .1 , , 5 w -',. . , , 11 " l x! lf ,uf ,J , -5- LEE's NURSERY ....... - .... -... INDEX TO ADVERTISERS -A- AI-LAN. PAUL - Shoes ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ANAHEIM BRAKE SERVICE .....,. , ..,,,...... ANAHEIM BUILDING AND LOAN ANAHEIM BULLETIN ,,,,.,,,.......A..,,..,.,,,...,,.. ANAHEIM FURNITURE ..,.. ...,,.,...,. ...,. ns.. ANAHEIM LOCK 81 KEY ....,.,.,. .. ANAHEIM MINIATURE GOLF ,..,... ANAHEIM TRUCK 8: TRANSFER ............ ARSENE STUDIO ,,,,...,.,......,.....,,,,,,, BACKS. CAMPBELL 81 KAULBARS BALLARD' S ............. -, .... - ,,,....... - ......,. 8ALLMAN'S APPLIANCE ....... - B. B. 81 H. MOTOR PARTS BEEBE, M. E. 81 CO. ....... .. .... . BETZ LOUVERS ..................,.., BLACK'S ...- .... - ................. BOEGE, J. N., D.D.S. BONEY, ROBERT H. ....... , BOTTS NURSERY .,,.... - ...... BROWN AND HASKINS ..,- BROWN, DR. GAYLORD ..... BUENA PARK SKATING ..... BUFFUM'S ..,-..- ,.......... -Q- CARL'S DRIVE IN ...........,.... CASEY-BECKHAM PONTIAC ,... .. CENTER FURNITURE ...- ..... CLARICE'S .....,............. - ...... -... CLIFFORD, ROBERT L., M.D. CHUNGKING RESTAURANT ...- CONE BROS. CHEVROLET .,,,, COTLER'S ....,..,........,A.................. CRISS BUSINESS COLLEGE .... -D- DELCO-REMY .,,,.....,.......... DOLLER'S RADIO ............ EL COMEDOR ...- ..,. - ...... ELLIOTT, DR. ARTHUR C ......... EXCELSIOR CREAMERY -F.. FARMER'S INSURANCE GROUP .............. FIVE - POINT PHARMACY .......... FOSTER'S FREEZE ...-..- ...... ..-. Fox. H. R. a co. ...-..- ......... EREn's House os FLOWERS ..... -G- GANAHT. LUMBER GI8B'S LUMBER ....... - ....... GT.ENN's CAFE ...- .......... GOLDEN RULE MARKET ..... ...H- T-TAoERuE's CAFE T-TAm.EY's BAKERY ....... -.. HATFIELD CLEANERS .......,...... T-TEvmG's onus STORE ...,. HILGENFELD MORTUARY ...... Homes IN CERAMICS ,,,.. Home on coMPANv ..... HOME TOWN PRINTERS ..... T-Tun FURNITURE ........... .... HURST JEwET.ERs ....,.... -J- JACKSON'S DRUG ..... JUL'S AUTO ,..- .... 163 181 186 IBD 177 164 161 165 184 168 172 170 168 186 175 177 182 179 163 179 163 165 180 166 165 160 186 186 173 175 177 172 170 166 179 177 'I67 183 180 171 161 162 161 174 169 167 168 164 173 169 163 182 183 162 183 184 175 183 -K- KENDRICK'S JEWELERS ..., KERSTEN, DR. ERWIN .... KNOTT'S BERRY FARM .,,, KWIKSET LOCKS ....... -., -L- LAKE'S MENS' STORE ,...,,,,. LARSON'S CHEVRON ,,A.... - ...s,.... LAURETTA'S DRESS SHOPPE ,,,,. LEAVITT FORD, Siudebaker ...... LOLY'S JEWELRY .... LOVELL'S ......... - ...... LUND'S PAINTS ......, E ..... -M.. McCOY MOTORS ......... McKINLEY'S ,,,, ..,........,, MAJOR'S TUX SHOP MARTENET HARDWARE ..,.... MERCURY STATIONERS ..... MERRIFIELD TRUCKING ...s... M 81 H MARKET .............. MISSION FURNITURE ...,..,,,,..,,,, MITCHELL S ,,,,,,,,,,,,, - ,.,, - ,,AAA,,,,ss,,,,,,, MORRIS 81 FRANK INSURANCE ....... - ..... -N.. NADORFF'S HARDWARE NEFF'S PAINTS ........... ,,,- ,,,,,,,,,, , NELSON, HOMER A., O.D ......,. - NESLUND, DR. HAROLD C. ,.,.. . NORTHRUP AIRCRAFT .....,,... -0- ORANGE COUNTY DRUG .,..... ORVAL S ...Wm ,,,,,,,,,,,, - ,,,,,,,, OWEN'S, BURT .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -P- PENNEY S ,,,,,s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,-,,.,.AAA-,--,- PRESSEL. ROGERS, AND PRESSEL iQ- QUAST. R. JOE 81 SONS ...,... -R- RENWOOD STUDIO REX CONSTRUCTION ..... RITZ CLEANERS ,,,,,,,,,,,,--- ROBERTSHAW-FULTON .... ROBINSON, GLEN ..,..,..... -5- SAVINGS 81 LOAN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,4, N ,Yw, SCHULZ, AARON ,,,.--,,--,---, Q .-----, SCHULTZ TOOL 8. MACHINE ..... SEDLOCK'S JEWELERS ....... -. SILZLE, E. A. CORP, ..., ..... - SHIPKEY 8. PEARSON ,,-,-- u -,----.i STEFFY BUICK ,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,.- -A --,,-.-4.w- -- S Q R STORE ,,,,,,,,,,,,, -T- TAUSCH. FRANK ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, --,- TAYLOR. WALT-LUMBER CO. ...., . -w- WALBURG'S H.- ,,s,,,,,,,,, WAYNE'S FLOWERS ..,... WEBER BOOK STORE ,A,--,,,,,,,-.M N WILLIAMS SHOES .,,,,,,A,.,-..----,V,w--, WILLIAMS SPORTING GOODS -.AY-AAVw---,- WISSER'S SPORTING GOODS .,... I67 166 176 185 169 182 183 160 168 181 175 185 166 182 182 161 173 181 174 168 162 167 164 169 164 168 174 185 163 169 179 169 165 186 172 166 171 162 163 162 169 160 178 160 162 159 168 164 180 165 166 167 184 162 A E x ISI X' , X 1 Y '- 51, L "Ng , ' iv - S. E Vi Y- , v X W -.x in W K v .- w 'Q 1 g ' ,emi . V L, P , At , 34. if f X ,nv 5 1 E, 51' if. ., ,f Q, . V 1 4. , , A p ,YA , 'F V, , 3537.-Fffsf -v:zMwif,e:' . Q. f t . i I , P r ,y"' , W4- ,.'Q ,JI , ,, ,Lf .' - .3 lf . .I', V . n,, fi, 'C Vf ' , 1 1 '. it .K P , fr -x , .i, . -S , H , ,q,A A , . . 551' a, , 5' P E I L 31,5 ,, Vi 1 L" ev Z, 1. 'gl 1. .1 1 R .1-, ' 1 lffjx :fp ,U v .321 2 .A ski . :L-3. a3:"' -if: .vw-'-, 'IF' 'U 'illv 3 ,qu 4 xw -5:5 Xi 1 'P . Nh - A 1 Y 14, , 1 4 1 .W -air I ,,,. L41 1 :X -5 W' f K-. ,V ,qt Sv V' ' v , if . , Q ,Is wg nf? ' W5 ,1 .v., x ,-,flu 1 A ,Wy 'f we ,Mig in -V U, ,v 1 Q . 1 I f . v ' 1 1 3-2.1 A 1 1-,v,, 2 -vw r i ,V4 ' 1 . 1: . W.. fa xx-V - 2-N, - 1. 5,1 . :A 3, -af. , lx " .X W, f f?'ifTf A' ., 1 , , ., ve,- ' ,

Suggestions in the Anaheim Union High School - Colonist Yearbook (Anaheim, CA) collection:

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