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QV? 4. MJ QW J , 1 iz ,RL ff Udrjjdjjffljf A imc M I ,W ,!yfVFiTV Q' M, W W' Milf MW , W M4 riff ff Wi lv MWA 'V1 K M fjdg no g9NiI0,'VQ 1 N S591 Q Q yffp - if a 1' EN JEl4'4'?Uf 'A Y A if J V Q L va f kk 'R A 53 mv " W5V 0 X Ni if N9 A QM WW www R W , '- - K W X V Dx -.., 5, X ! SV xi My , , Y A Q A 5 is i'??-Q3 , Pm x' 'vm ' A , V , Ng Q , gg' "4: 'Q 6 -E N ,m V' ,R ALM 1 ,A .r QMS ,J 48 il AY E we .nr X .-I. V , , A . ffl, ki ' 1 '1'- se . W. 5 JU cw! L,o4f"" -JJJV A ,V fn W, , Y Gy! .II sf Ling! 1:-qw vw, , V4.1 lim mltxpf F QLXXK. , j C, 1" 'if-." 1 i -if l." I , , UT' ff! V!! n"?b'iW1Jl 4-M T5 F' " " ff,f, 4,f M.,!ff0Q47lTl"ffP 1 1 -2 A ' 'V V ' Tix X A vw ff-N V,-A f' .1 ff j M26 'I ' X - x Cb' .aj f 4 If TN N..,5 C-fu XL, fuk- ch' A ' X I B Q, ' xx m .. A. I f I ki ,xx Ff"1-- , 5' Ek , XM, -. UQ X - X il- gs .L , ., Q - Q it Eg ' X N f1f?1,. , X Y V KW' ' f 1' X .Q ' R N wc- X Q. C' A Vi, 7 XJ 'Q Ng? S ug, . ' 1' -x ,Q f P A Xxx Pk mawffhffff RN 1 . Q if , Q' , ' D2 'MF 49,6-" L' L f,,f', J 'fmpw .156 fp J Ll' V -f4' 3 UMA, -if Hx A ' V I Q, f 1, ' "' , -Q S 70 W Q,4,!-,u,ac'v' Vgrgwd fdmy Q5 'E lg -ffzw fd F ' A A A? ZEQLLDZ u Hnfv-" J 1 1 bm STU :ex ' ga X V' fy! ji ff' 1, "Dil, ff' ,JV Af' ,UT ,yy ,X 4 gf! W 4 1Al, Pb! "I JIZZIJAV ' ,LJ 351-1 ' ,r1P:2J'-f . ,V f as C 1 f , I'h Q, J V Q 1' C J , Y? V' ,f in if if LU4' Q-,f5,,f0f AAA qajlf fb ' M? f'4"!VM . 5 I , 'Q A - wf V A Y ,V C :R 13,3 O V fi' f Q I gg .f ,V qc W' Q Jo Gif Q "-Qihf --Lf' HW ,rf ,qw- 4 .. F Aisha ,:5g,Lf,5M:.'d , W ,MK ff W M W JB M PM iiffv fx M W an FUN ' ., 'M 'ff2f6.2'f.44 I V zz , NU Hwy! 04.66 cw, 4 bf fm W f e - ' , My qs Q N W 5Y'4?ffO'QfXQ"f8 5f' jf' 5 AD ,Z 0153, Nj! Q,aye4,,o'f'f1 1 My W 5"1'1'! PZ A qv iff- QJ X5 Il? 6 r, S ohio! , 4 IX4 X Q, rt C. LH f ?h4 74 QA' cf! '- X ' fgqci-x l1l ' Q Af Qf' Gwgy ,gfff 4 'M724 fxm5Q Aifi-' L- ' fq K A Q, zxlyqx N- I fxfQ'fw'X XQJ RQ f3,'i5XM jx y fc? U Wil wk - 7 7' I- f X X 'QANFSKXIQ JUMP! if Lg SLU ' X 5144 NN V by ESM , I U . 5 ' j ,k If I wf I jf . , '!.,f"! ' 4, v A ' uf' .f f - 'ff iw' 1 , Y- Lf i WV!! 'i W! W,H1 ff W W J ' fjf N MM M M uf f , M WMV? J W W W if 'gigif oiifgliigix 2 25 77 Eiga? H QQ by Q53 X W QFZQZQNMQT W f WM f wi? W W W , f xfbeb f ' O ,fp XR 61,1-gk 04,7 Z7 M W A V Wh' Aff V 3357 V I f 0, WMM 1 XM .. ' rg Af! M UN LAM ,vfY7 Un7,.lY4 f A QW Qvnm W V' f M ,- ., ,Q v M1 K Klhwmv W? ,V 2 'QS i as W rvff . flblxfifxjopkc K 5 X "-1 frfvaf U4 A, M47 7' ' "ff" f f1,,,. We .44 , V I R I f Y I W I X' ' I fl I J, I- , JA A L If g' fp' ,911 4 JIM- ff' . "' - 7 '- n '! ' , A, W1 :M f ,ff ' ' M' .4 U 1 J I' 'll' rf! f' ' N " 1 ' I '- V ' . rf , ,-,. , J' ,,.,,, ,444 -' 1 I I V, . , I, ,.. 05 Xb .,,, . ., , MI 4 B W m , 1 mkg pid ' A f . f' r .I ,V J f .4 l V, V . , 1' I Jfl f"f1 Af' Wd , A .nfs M3 ,fd xv Q-" lx N wubzfghed diy Elle Sfudenb of file a4nalzeim union High Sc CQNTENTS Administration Classes Clubs Competition Activities Advertisements 10 26 72 'IO4 138 'I65 ff mfw 1 M WH pm E 'L 2 W m WY 1 5 hw W. .4 I ,ag W iq 4, J' 5.1 w,I WZ: 2 V V W5 M ,g fy , ya. 'Zh ' , 1 55 'f f i J wx 1 , ex 'NW 152' ffugywfslh. wwili . ' if "" W w 3, X 7:1 fu uw w w my 25 W, w w 1 11 HQ ,mm 41 Y, E 1 154 ' 1 ,K W 1 Dedication . . . To you William "Bill" Cook, we The seniors of Anaheim Union High School cledicare The 1954 Colonisr. As head of 'the music depart- menr your acfiviifies were not lim- ireol ro clirecring our schools' band and orchestra bui' also under your capable hancl was the coaching of our tennis reams and organiza- 'rion of our pep loancl. You have also direclecl The fry-ours held each year fro select our flagrwirl- ers and maiorertes. You are ever popular and lrienclly although you have com- plelecl your sixleenrh year leach- ing ai' Anaheim High School. May you always be success- ful in the many years to come. X! EMA .ff f. ,gif ,,, ,,,, - " x S . . N ages' 1 , . X .Q-,,:, 4 X f x b X X 4 f Q X X A , Z X Y X, W f W f X X AX f X ,Q 2 f Q ,M X fy f W , M Q ,X fy .gf w hw , -zifigfgi. 2 2 fl V f. 41, Q --ffl,-, Z X 4 1,1 V X ' ' V'-::..:.55:',' 2 9.51 X x f 45 4 Q a X , xL-,, , .1 ff X A' W 4 S S I K x c . A S:,,yS5?Q. f M X NWA ,f ff Q I 4 x fx Lxxh .4 A.. ' ' W' .4 -W 'v-was X 'Q Mg: . WILLIAM COOK Yi' N 4' 9 xv 1 X I S ax V 1 xi f 4 Q f Q, he x X 0 f Q ' mx X A Q N x MN 5 ? S X wax if X KX X x X? f 'ig X H s f X X Q K Z 3 ,S 'X S 3 955 m 5. nf fa L, 5 H 15 P, if S: 33 1 I :X 4 Ei Q ii v3 1 X, 2, E. 15 Za E P M P 5 F rt E :X 1" SE Q , , , 1 , N ' 1 'N '--.MN-Lv Q,X'swfwAJ'e.mHfnmwmwm-xsfwvmwmw'-Y ' , ' M ' .van 1 1. L, 1 M BOARD OF TRUSTEES EVERE TT NI Clerk ONE ROBERT C. CAWTHON ARTHUR H. SHIPKEY President NIRS. FOSTER NI. WARWICK Page 10 RAYMOND B. TERRY CUR PRINCIPAL agfmtalalrfma glam af 7954 Among the many accomplishments ot the Colonists graduating in lQ54, the publica- tion ot this Annual holds an important place. lt is filled with the record of a busy, happy and successful year which will long serve as a reminder of what each ot you and your classmates accomplished, As you separate and go in many direc- tions to make new contacts and conquests, may the training and experience you receiv- ed at Anaheim Union High School give you the background tor continued success and happiness. QM N V ,. y K .51JAiy2Qf"W"", A We N . f lff N " las ' l .- 6 J PRINCIPAL PAUL H. DEMAREE Y. 1 , Nz? . i X fa Q an X .V . . fm M- if pg W ..: ,-4-1135 :WX Bair? A? N X QW X , X sf r W 6 f,::.:.,s:. -- V f x . , .,.... , :inf -3, 1 A4 I . f f K' Q- W S X f s f .3 0 X s N f J 7 as W J N f X iii 1 g 0 f f f, ' Auf! L , I A is . -'-::z:::- ' ,gv J' f f , x ff g , ,xg 4 ,fix s' ,W 'ff , CLYDE NICKLE RALPH KINGSBURY Assistant Superintendent Attendance Supervisor will kg, , , , , L fmfsm. , ,V LUCILLE DIERST K, RALPH WINES ORVILLE THOMASON JUNE MACKEY Secretary to the Superintendent Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant Secretary' ,. 9- 77' N " 1 X ,2 .lla , ffig-VM, 'I 1 W , vw ,,.,, yy' 1 I ' , , ' W, L " ,- 02 M7 '74 WXVXY f V:-Q7 iglfgm ' Q'- 'six " 'zis W K 4 fa ""' , "TM , vvii A ' f' 'V f1'f'Z7 '552 "522::- , 5 ' BETTY LOU HEINZE Secretary Page 12 SALLY BECKER Accountant ELSI E BROOKS Accountant ASQ? Sk BETTY NIARR Accountant ln 'Our School" the Dean of Boys, L. Frank Kellogg, accomplished much this past year. Among other things, he was elected principal ot the high school beginning July l, l954. He assisted in routine administrative work in connection with student attend- ence, detention, and schedule chang- ing. He also took care of the audio- visual program, schedules of freshman entering from grammar school, and counseling ot boys. M--I s 7. llyk X X L. FRANK KELLOGG Vice-Principal and Dean ot VICE - PRINCIPAL LOIS WHITTINGTON Vice-Principal and Dean of Girls Mrs. Lois Whittington, "Our Schools' Dean ot Girls, had many tasks loom- ing betore her at the beginning ot the year. The position called for the counseling of girls, making out sched- ules tor sophomores and iuniors, assist- ing with routine administrative vvork in citizenship, attendcince, change ot schedules, and the arrangement tor substitute teachers were all capably taken care ot by Mrs. Whittington. Boys OUR FACU LTY GEORGE D. ALLAN KENIUEL ANDERSON ELIZABETH ARNOLD Mech. Draw., Phys. Ed. Gen. Science, Biology Home Ec., Math, Counseling U. is ' W GENEVIEVE BENNETT English, Latin CLAUD BOOTH LOUISE BOOTH Machine Shop Drama, Public Speaking G. C. BEALE S. History, Orientation :,:s,::- 1-. N::,L.,w Z QNX! X SWAN'-v W weigh-ew X X X figs N ' 3. v . x ' ff X3 4 4 X 21. N5 f O 2 'Y f , , ' it j fi Ji f' . ' 1 4 2 3 Q " i BRAIVI LETT Counseling REBA BROWN AVON CARLSON ETHEL J. CAVERLEY RALPH E, CONISTOCK Librarian Agriculture English Driver Ed., Cadets WILLIAM A, COOK JACK COPENHAVER EVERETT B. COWSER CHARLES COX Niusic, Tennis Spanish, English World History, Driver Ed. Commerce, Orientation Page 14 'lB,j2Ef67Vi3 'fy' E W 'J 1. ,yi IL-3, l 1' 7 l i ,q..if?' ,lf -ow df,-if Q R df Miva -ly ' if e we EVANGELINE DAVIS Home Economics Girls' Phys. Ed. Nlech. Arts, Metal Shop Vocal Nlusi JOSEPHINE DERIGO GEORGE J. DE RUBEIS SHELDON DISRUD C if QWKSWZE' t -, lp?-'V A if 323. ,J Wh , . ,. ., Wf 4, 1 f f v " l, f 0, f W- .rl f far iz ' 1 R' I ... in MAXINE DU COTY NORNIA LEE ELLIOTT' PHILIP ENGEBRETSON GEORGE P. FISHER World History. Counseling Girls' Phys, Ed. Commerce English, Music RALPH FO-CHT HERBERT GLEASON RICHARD GLOVER DORA GENE GO Math., Sr. Science Sr. Problems, World History Boys' Phys. Ed. English LDER HEL EN GRUNENFELDER GEORGE T. HANLEY LELAND HANSON C. GEORGE HEDSTROM Girls' Phys, Ed., St. Hall Commerce, Study Hall Agriculture Chemistry, Math. Page 15 is MARY HEINLEIN J. MASON HENRY WILLIAM HICKS MILDRED HOIEN Study Hall World History, Counseling Driver Ed., Boys' P.Ed. Math., English, World His fl I A ' , A , ,,s,.Lu1,, ,gs , ' ' . V-1 ' . " ""' Z I BARBARA L. HOULIHAN V. VIRGINIA HUFF Girls' Phys. Ed. FRED JETER U. S. History RICHARD JACKSON Spanish, Counseling Wood Shop, Mech. Draw. Af' "::':' 5. L. KEITH Boys' Phys. Ed. ianafgf M fi MARJORIE PIBEL Algebra Page 16 HOWARD MESSAMER DOROTHY PECK Mech. Arts, Gen. Shop Ass't. Librarian KATHLEEN MC PAUL Commerce . . xl P. My . LARRY W. QUILLE WILLIAM RICKEL LLOYD S. ROSS English, Journalism Senior Problems P,-5,-,ting X . NY 1 ,9 2: 1 ff wi s, W , IZ , Ks ' E 2 - RICHARD RYAN PAYE SCHULZ JESSIE SEWARD CHESTER SHIRK Mech. Arts, VVood Shop Orientation, Counseling English Algebra, Counseling A , ff, i I W. BUFORD SMITH NEVA SOLT FAY STANLEY C. A. VAN HOOREBEKE Radio, Math. Horne Economics English Orientation, Boys' Phys, Ed. TED WADE BARBARA WALKER JOHN WALLIN ELIZABETH WEBB Art, Photography Home Economics Boys' Phys. Ed. Nurse OSBORNE l.owEl.l. WILLIAMS VELDA WORTHY GEORGE zENTz WM. HUNSTOCK WHEELER Auto Shop Mathematics Spanish, Music English, Phys. Ed. U.S. History, Counsel. Page 17 STU E E CABINET PRINCIPAL PAUL H, DEMAREE ,IA .ff ifx .J BEN IVIATTOX ANN BETTS JOAN PERRY Vice-President Secretary of Records Secretary of the Treasury DAN SAI-AETS SHIRLEY KLAMM Secretary of Student Affairs SQCFGMPY Of Snfefy Page 18 Welfare MARY CONE . Secretary of Girls' Athletncs VINCE DEVENEY 5eC"efH"Y Of Boys' Athletics Xb STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT JOH FA STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council of "Our School" met every week on olternote Monday ond Tuesdoy mornings to discuss mony ot the problems ot our student body. They brought up the ideos ot electing song ond yell leoders sepcirotely, ond ot odding to the student cabinet the Girls' Leogue ond Colonist Club pres- idents. Whether dll students enrolled in dromo closses should be eligible tor the iunior ond senior ploys wcls onother ot the big problems decided upon. Besides doing oll this they had time to tdke o trip to the munlcipol court to heor octuol coses. Left to right-John Cardenas. Vice-President: Lois Has- kins, Corresponding Secretary: Kay Forbes. Recording Secretary, and Jerry Nielsen, President. ,L 4, , b K X . -in X-QM - W...- Left to right-frow 13 Betty Hopper, Phyllis Boettcher, Ann Lindgren, Jackie Jones, Mildred Hernandez, Steve Morris, Jack McDonald. Ftow 2-Carol Booth, Harriet Hoffner, Darlene Furr, Carol Wilkerson. Arlyne Garey, Vickie Schneider, Mary Rasmussen, Robert Squier, Edward Villa, John Viilqifana, Wesley Beach, and Joe Hug. kabee. Fiow 3-Charlene Chapman, Bette Van Delden, Carol Logsdon. Georgia Jackson, Jean Chambers, Kay Forbes, Paul Grover, Tyler Cone, John Bultena, and Sato Nluro. Row 4-Linde Cheatunl, B61-ty Dlerberger, Ophe- lia Tovar, Lois Haskins, Jerry Vogt, Dean Philpott, Jerry NHBISSYM BDU Stebbins' and l-?""'Y Smith- Page 20 STUD NT OURT .41 5 Left to right-frow TJ June Roddam, Lou Ann Fukuda, Susan Lillyvvhite, Clara Walker, Kathy Cordes, and Mary Cone. Row 2-Joel Hoare, Jerry Neilsen, Benny Nlattox, Jack Crosson, Paul Grover, Dick Grover, ancl Ralph Kingsbury, adviser. The STuolenT CoUrT of "Our School" meT every morning cluring Third period. They are The law enTorcernenT bocly of The campus and had many, many, problems To solve. Among The problems was The punishmenf of Chlef Jushce all offenders, whose miscondud ranged Trom Adviser W ThaT of IiTTering The campus wiTh WasTe paper :::'1j,a ' ef- To Those charged wiTh misconclucT clemeriTs. X 5' N 5 . . 5 Placing sTUclenTs on compulsory deTenTlon . . ,T - ,xg was also one of Their lobs. AlThough The jusTices alid noT always agree on cerTain if Q., V R .Q ss, Things, every problem ThaT was presenTed 4, x ex se , X xxx, -. ""1 Q was worked ouT. -QVT 2 V Qffxuski X ' P ' BEN MA-I--I-OX RALPH KINGSBURY Page 21 SLIP COLLECTOR in X Left to right-Avis Jorgensen, Caroline Fechter, Carol Sloman, Shirley Klamm, Ruth Griggs, Lydia Jahr, M ilyn Miller, and adviser Ralph Kingsbury. HOSTESSES al'- oz. f. ' f- 4 7, ' 2 ' ,Z , 3 Z 7 4? 5 4 ,712 pf P6 f I , , W 2 Q2 ,Lf V V , ,. ' UAW 2 ,.,.. lr' ' Hs. M- WM sglli f Left to right-frow 13 Doris Holve, Maryanne Hnmmatt, Beverly Englesman, and Rella Cherry. Row 2-Shirley Williams, Judy Stanley, Mary Dixon, and Carol Kirk. Page 22 Cafeteria Staff K 7413 'ef '-V1 i P ' ff X , ' v ' , , s ,' , , i Z f ff , - ' if ' ,, X 'F ' 12435 gf if g::j'."'4 Q' ' ,- 0 9 f ff ",, TT "" - ' ,"' wh.,:' ,, 4 W "" fax L '7 'Ly Left to right--frow 13 Belle Gillett, Lucille Collins, Nellie Overmyer, Jean Parsons, Mildred Hardy, Theresa Hertzler, and Pauline Merriman. Row 2-Adele Nesmith, Wanda Stankey, Millie Sterba, and Dorothy Heinze. Serving us faithfully, year after year, are the cafeteria staff and custodians. Fixing hot lunches every day, selling pastries at recreation, serving at various school functions were done by the cafeteria staff. The custodians drove the busses to bring us to school every clay, rain, shine, snow or sleet. They also cleaned the campus and the school rooms after school each day. Custodians 'mugs ' N. ' ht- 1 Gray Peter Roseberry Hughes, Niehouse and Floberfcs. Row gi-j1lfef3hrI?3orhaii:iYvHxiff, Wick, Fafchett, andiFledderrnan. Row'3-Urblgkelt, Hein, Murphy,'Marsile, Ramrn, and Requarth. , fr Ji so w V 4 z is , 4 , 9 A I i X ADELE NESMITH Cafeteria Manager l i t if K ,y X' L, ,L 1 HENRY WALSWOFKTH Maintenance Manager ff i m , f 4, I 2 Y' ' vs 1 it ii f f Y V-ei, - " 'J f f, S4 ,w wf ,. z , N, ' ,fi , -52 N 415 ,Q 1, , 2 9 of 4, Qlhi Wblfhflvil-'.-1 ' . I" ,if 1' LOUIS HAMANN Book Store Manager fi , ,,,,, , ,, . , o X .,Z, 2, j ii-J' 'zzfiv' jj , FN. p X ' A l Li ALEX DUTZ! Ass't. Book Store Nqr, Page 23 Ua.8"4:.Qt5?f1.,- Ln. we . ': AL. w , b .sy v '-rzgaii, 'if Y, Wxqgrx? M31 wx . M K X x , xvf-ww ,-1 ,ing 1 X. X 1 x V , -.,p. xy x -, . m 1 5-ra-rt. -11,95 .5 " ,1:5'i,p1.F"1 --'rn x m X nu xx X x Q ,W Um X x X M x mn x XV . X , X m .X , fgwp' .H ' w Xwwxptu A . -. .,M.I , 1 , 39112 ffm ' AMES! f-lsr' . ,,:,.g:u S .::i55':'.ffQE1f X. 5 , UWW::r-:wwe-:2f,.Xx.., , 5 , .- 1- :fm riiiggljiyx31,iQx3Qg--' hw 1, 1:1 b :X N'I'1:v.u.,.:-'iff ' ft .,. .. ,,.. W., . H3 ,.?H"?'5Zf5'5'NEQQT iv -,yy -' A K f'1:'lX 1:1..wm"- 3' x wg.. -x-...,1 1. mm-v2f+. vyllsr - -, ig,."N'.fQ553:'.qQ.-is - L M , QQ 5 , ,-,,Q4,-xgww ., 1, ,,4E .Rx -fx a QPIWH' 1' ' , , -fx . V :TWG-hkx mx. :ik a f .1 'Sf-sq-,L 5: . ' X3,. ,Q :1 U ., 't N : wfi N" .-'lqlfii Q W I , ., W f w w N' LA Agx. 1 i w : ,am :A . . .N . ,M ,gi , xv 5 Wag x., X- ' l m.. .X ifs trwsyx .-3 Uh Y' VFW? '- y,qg:'.,,-, . ': "' ' at 'Q ' 45 1' A, :X Wax 1 ' 1 ,ch , ,. Q .12 An A , 'vu 5? I KX gf 1 .- , 1: , if an ff f ' . 2 .-: e:':ff- 4' E H' mf- I 1 --' , , "f ' 1 in M' ' 'I 1, -' X . 1,1 ' v x , ai , ,iff .V U. vw gg. ,,i SE I HS 44,3217 VIII? if -Y 'Ng -H ' WW- f , Z NW. ff 3 i Pictured above from left to right are Nlike Gerber, president: Kay Forbes. treasurer, Lou Ann Fulfcudzi, vice-president, Joan lvlauerhan, secretary. Page 26 is WILLIAM RICKEL Adviser The class of l954 will have many happy memories to take with them as they go into their many walks of lite. Among the memories will be those of their senior year at AUHS. Many will remember the election of senior class officers. Others will remember the senior class play, "Mr. Barry's Etch- ings", and still others will remember all the excitement ot ordering senior rings and sweaters, but the memory that will be the brightset, will be that at the Junior-Senior Prom, and most of all, the excitement and preparation tor the biggest moment . . . Gradua- tion . .. 1 ,gig XXV , , ff all DELICIA ACOSTA LARRY ACOSTA PINKY ACOSTA RICHARD ACTON Elaine Econornrics Major English! Major I-Ionic Econoinir-S Mnjm- Gold Soul lil-ziiww GA0i0Hf5Ll2llliHr YYS- NYOOQVEIIOD lufljkil' 'i'l'i-Hi-Y-2 yrs. Moth., English Major , lll-lil-X Xar, ioolball HIM: Club Volonisi Knights Y. l'1'f-S A ' GENE ADAMS 1JI'Ll.IH?L Ululn A Czippl-ll:i Drzlmn lX'l:njor, Sr. Play HAROLD ALEXANDER Voc. Machine Shop Auto Shop SUSIE ARNOLD Fr. Class Sec., Co-eds Tri-Hi-Y officer Annual Section Editor Page 27 fzoaw V, W. 745 ,,,.Wf'..4,wfMf 'V I -1 PATTI ADKINS ANN ALLEN GARY ALLEN En,s:'lish ixilljfil' .Ii'., Sr., l'l:ny, Vo-mls Yin-,, IZ, li Iwilluull Tri-Hi-Y l.inln's Spv-s-vii Vmill-sl X':1i'xiIy A, A QYLIIIITIJHIL Imlin, Eniglish Mnjoi- Vulullisi 4'l1lIi oilh-I-1' f J, ,xwf ff f Nix? Z? ff, XV? Al yqfjf I xy! E I , ', 2, Ayfl I ' ' ,ff Wgiieyfw ' ' X. ,Y a -. , ll- """ "- W' f- ,ii I ' ii DARLENE TERESA AMES OCTAVUIS ANDERSON JERALD ARD Home Econ., English Major rFI'LlIlSfE'I'I?4i from Iown Xviltfll' Polo C, B Czipr. TOZlSiII11?lSt'GI'S Swiinining' Swimming TZ, C Capt, Tri-Hi-Y, GAA P1'lI1lEl'S Devil Colonist Knights Treos I "OU" .MM :Q , , i BOB AUSTIN PAT BALDERHAUSEN BILL BALDRIDGE English Major Anoranco Stuff Entered from H.B. Woodshop Major Bowling Club, FNA Football General Shop Major Science Major Basketliiull DICK EIAIVI FORD llilit:'lry Svif.-noe Rifle Clulw, Swiniining Yom'-. Ag. SCII"1lL'Q NANCY BARTHELMES Honor Society TriAHi-Y Hmirl, Ui'l'livsti':jL I, ANN BETTS Stud:-nt Ilody Sora Y 5 I 5I4r21z1l'IS, GAA V, Pres. Math.. lLn,:I1sl1 Major Spanish, English Major Science Major HERNIAN C. BEUSELINCK Spzlnish Club ELIZABETH BELLNIORE Foreign Lunguuge Major English Major NOLAN BLACKNIAN Annual Scction Editor Music Major, Sr, Play Drama, Mozart Club TOM BERG Var. Football--2 yrs. All CIF Football Math. Major LINNETTE BARNETT Rifle Club Pres. Ril-le Team Capt. Shop Major, GAA .x I VEVA BODKINS CAFIOLYN BONNER DOLOFIES BOURESTOIVI BOB BOVEE Tri-Hi-Y, English Major Siili-llvlls. llililm-i Cluli Hoinv El-on. Major English, Science Major 1"m'iirii4-wglzll Mzijor Mozart rlioir :unml vlulv I'OIlllll1'l'l"IILI Major .lr.. Sr, Play, FBLA lfuturf: Nllrsos oililm-1' Alusiv, liiiglisli Major Music Major Colonist Knights I ' . DALLAS DAWN BOWEN SHIFILEE BRIGGS Halls., IUIILCIIHII Ixlflxilll' 'I'l'I-HI-Y f'I1IIr tnlII1jvV Ilzmm' Sur-iw-ly Ilrnni- H4-lull, Sill,-Irvlis IIlIr.lll'SS Xlzujur JOHN BROOKS BOB JOE BURKE Y:ul--llil-iuri:in lPl9vX..'Y vi-Q II lllss II1 I juglvlll . '.., une lim-:ul Jr. :mul Sr, Vlaly his ' .' : Pa e 28 50" yu. Q' . A FRANK BUSALD Print' Shop Major Ag. Major JO ANN BYLSIVIA Coinnwrciul Major COllllTlr'I'1"lill Clul. RACHEL CADWALADER Girls' Lei-:ifxiw Y. l'rPs. Sr. Play, Colonial 410-eds 7 lll4'A Club English Major, GAA GAA l33:xrclAL yrs, X J f if Q ,L A MARY LOU CASEBEER RELLA CHERRY CLIFFORD V. CLARK Girls' Lezutrw Pres. Fl:r,a:twirl+'r-1 yr, Yzrr, 'l'raf-k Jr. Class Sm-C, Anorunco Stuff Colonist Knilallls Jr., Sr, Play, Girls' Stale Annuzil Soc'-tion Erlitor Yursiiy A MABEL ANN COBURN MARY CONE RONNIE CONTRERAS Transfered from N. D, Sec. of Girls Atlrletics Yirr. track-2 yrs. Music Major GAA Pres. Varsity A Yell Leader Colonist' Knights wi JOHN ICARDENAS l2llQ,'llSll Klnjnl' Slllulvlll Uulllivil Y. l'rr-s. Yur. Ibm!!-:rll!2 yrsr ANDY W. CLAY linglislr M:njm' .IV 'lfr-mils Nlusif' Major SYLVIA CONTRERAS Spanish Major GAA-4 yrs. Riding Ulull I 4 ' , A SUZANNE s. cool.lDGE JEAN CORDIER JACK CROSSON Business Major Majorette-3 yrs. Var.'FootbaIl, track FBLA, T1-i-Hi-Y Mozart Club V21-1'S1fY A I Library Club V. Pres, Home Economics Major Print Shop Major Page 29 WAYNE R. CURTICE Bowling Club CHARLES CUTSHALL CYNTHIA DAGIT A C:lppvIln Hmm- IGYTDIIOIIIICS XYUCMI Shop "XVI IIIIIIP, TPI-I-Ii English Rl:1jfn' QXIIOITIIICO Stuff HARRIET H. DAVIDSON TOOTSIE DE BRUYN Major Home 151tUl101l1iCs Major Jr., Sr. Play -Y Bowling Clulw, FNA "Good News" English Major Drama Club, FBLA BARBARA DE JAGEB EUGENE DENNEY VINCE DEVENEY BILLY DICKENSON I,'0lll11lt'l'C'IJlI Ixlajoi' Voc: Mnrfli. shop Vain foollmli Art Major, Hi-Y llilvrary Vinh English Mujor SPC. of Buys' Athletics Spanish, English Major FHA Msivlilnisls Uluh Colonist Knights Art Club Pres.-2 yrs. ' 1 1-, Z I 'iff f' - 7,374 I xW' , 'f' Q , , gf M h W ff f w -" , . f fffa f f M , f f ,Z iffy, Qi K f f , fif Q f X, g Q4 X f , W f f! A ..,,.,, , Q BETTY DIERBERGER JACK DIERBERGER KAY ELLEN DIERST ROBERT DIERBERGER SIIIIIPIII' Vrniiivil l2:x,nf'I llzinfl, on-l1vsi1':i Hitlm- Tvzin1A3 yrs, IV5IlV'I'l'II4'S, lf'l1l,A ALI: M:1.i1'V Voloiiiul Co-I-mls Ensglish Major, Cach-IS Hume- lirhon. Major' GAA wulvinvi Y:Li'sity A f 2 MARY DIXON DAVID P. DOI-LEE' DON DOVEATT BOBBIE JEAN DOWNS ILIIII-V Vluilr, I'I2I,.X Alito Slum IIIITIIISI-l'I'4'4I l'l'mn I'I1iv:lgu llgli.-I-.-lip 01119.4- Vmnmi-r'f'i:iI Mujfir NIHIIIFII 5-film' I'lw-W, Ilwwling Ululv Ui'vIi1'sll':l, GAA Iinqln.-In Xlnhim bliurlvnl Uullile-il l,4lml,,lu Signm Page ALENE DUGDALE DON DUGDALE JERRY DURAN SHARON EARLE QU' VIUINI-I NFS. IEIIIHIVKJII I'l'4JIll 4f'I1ulrL Yisln 'I'1':v11s. I'1m.1 fmlul-mlm Slmlllsil Vim. S4-I-, Slum: Iunsvlnlfle-AI yrs, Ilrmnml, fJI'l'Il+'SII'2l Cul H441 ll , gl-,N 1,-lmllllgl r1'g4an:I Y. I'1-vs. Of'-'Il'-'WWI MHJOI' P011 liwfl xxx-W1 sm., xlfljm- Illllmpwl Yrfmx mlm uiry ' W4 fff- ' wwf .f-we am-,,. , X , f H ., mg-19. ,, ..., . , 32 , ,- gf f I f .... 'lf 469 Q 4 x 0,0 X y f 1 If f' Q I ' If 4 J j if ff ., , , . ,I 3 ,W,"lf,f, 1 ' 4 f I 55' 1 .773-,If WW I I JACKIE ELDER BEVERLY ENGELSIVIAN CATALINA ESCARZEGA JOHN FAESSEL Var. Yell L+-:ide-r 13199, A cmppw-11:1 Vwnulm-1-I-1:uI XIfl,lUl' Slullvnl Itmly l'wx. Sr. Allf-mlvul LZiIvl0K'll1Iv Iluml- 1411-mlmnia-S Mnlim' Nlrullu., IGII1-TIINII Mujm' Sulv-Delns Soc. llusinl-ss Major Iinulisll Alnjm' xmlfmisl Iinigluls , l,,ll . , : , ::,. 2? CAROLINE FECHTER JERRY FISCHBECK CAROLYN I. FISCUS YVONNE FITZ Gold Seal Bearer Ag. Major Business Major 1IUZJ,l1"I V. I'ws,m I V v Tri-Hi-Y council Sec. FFA Pres. Draluu Major f'IIuI11:1I 1w'o-1:1ls.I1'1-I-I1-X Youth, Govt Delegtllv Band Tri'Hi-Y, Immun Club Musm, lblmllsh Major if . sf .- , 'Z ., : PRAY FORBES EDITH FREDERICK PA,TTY JO FARY ELENORE EUCHS -F " , lxlqjor Art Club Feature iEI,III'OI' ,-XllO1'iIll1'1'l Humor Swv-ly Egggfgdgrom C Art Major Annual Sec-lion ECIIYOI' Cmu111v1'1:i:1l Mzljm- Stu Conn. Sec.-3 yrs. Tri-Hi-Y FHA Rn-portlfr lxilllfg Flu!- Page 31 if W LOU ANN FUKUDA Gold Sval ltr-ai'vr, Co-1-rl Saliitaioriaii Sr. Class Y. I'r4-5. i CAROL FULTS MARLENE FURR Home Enoiioiiiic-S Major 4"LiIl1I1lAAl'Clill Major English, GAA. Homo Ec-onomici-S Iinglisli, Swiniming Business Science THOMAS G. GAA Math., Science Major English Major Spanish Club Q , f ' . f i J 'Law .- A IRENE GARCIA Spanisli, Woin. Major Homo Er-ononiirls Major Spanisli Club Sec. BETTY GARDNER ALBERT GASTELUIVI Math., Music Major Math. Major, Hi-Y Blujorpltegii yrs. Colonist Knights Jr. Play I3 Football Viv 5, wfwmg W ' , , MICHAEL E. GERBER ANTOINETTE GIARDINO AUDRENE F. GODWIN lloyd Stalin linglisli IXI:i-lor 'ltusinvss lllzijui' Honir- Llvoiioinics Major 9l,p1,,. xy, ifljlgg IM-4-gi Mozart Ululi English Major, FHA .lr, Play, Svivlnm- Major lfrr-s. Vlaxs 'l'r1-as. Ari, llilrlv Club RONALD E. GAYLOR XYood Shop Major A Cappella Choir Rifle Te-ani, Cade-ts A DOROTHY GOSNELL Uuloniul Co-eds, Mozart Studwnt Council English, Music Major RUTH Gmggg DIANE GRUENEMAY CAROL HADERLIE PAT HALVERSON SHI,-In-Irs l'y'r-54, flolfl Sf'2ll 151-:uri-r Slurlr-ul Voiliu-il CUl011ia1C0-r-ds GAA sf-fq 1'olon1i:L1Co-cd Pros. Jr. Play, Tri-Hi-Y 'rl-i-Hi-Y, GAA Slum-ul Vomu-il. "UNI" ""'ll'l"f T"5lf'll"l'S 'l'r--as. ,Xu-I Ululi English, Slmuisli Major Page 32 RUTH HANIIC K' LLOYD HAMILTON IVIARYANNE HAIVIIVIATT MARLENE HANSARD buL"D9I'3- A-Yfffl1l3DI:1ILI lvlalh. Major 4"oloninl VII-mls Y. l"I'I-s, I'IIIlllll"I'I'IJlI Blujoi' C01fT1UVfI'C17lIf:fILlIv English Major English Major, Tri-Hi-Y Sopli, IliI'I's Assn-Iiilily Drill Team Capt. Honor Society Honor Soni-ffI'y FTA, lf'lil,A I JOHN HARPOLE CURTIS HART EDWARD HASKILL LOIS HASKINS English Major Band Q'I,III,II1isl liniglils IIIIIIII-I'oIiIiIIL IJIII---n Orfliostra Latin l"liIlI Gnlil SI-:Il li:-:II'vI' Track Malli., linglisli Major Girls' IA'llp.Z'llL' 'IIl'1'!lS. 1. -1 0 GERALD HAWKINS LINDA HEFFERN MARILYN HENISF-'HALL BARBARA HENISLEY Var, Football Jr., Sr, Play Orchestra Colonial Co-eds A Cappella Choir Latin, Drama Club A Cappella, FNA Mathh English Major Boys' Glee, Math. Major English Major Home Economics Major Tri-Hi-Y, FBLA . ENRY ALIEZE HIGGINS NADINE HOFFNER IVIARY LEE HOLIDAY JOEEIIQ-Ii!-h Major Sub-Debs Colonial Co-eds. Tri-Hi-Y Sub-Delis Auto Shop Radio Drill Team English Major Tri-Hi-Y, FBLA Boys' Glea Usherettes Transfered from Oregon Future Toacli-ers Page 33 FLOYD HOLLAND Latin Club Martli., Iinglisli Major JY Ilzisvlmall DON Var. lifisliotlgvull English Major Colonist Knights ISBELL RICHARD L. JINIENEZ Spzmisli Major Hi-Y V. 1'r+-s, 1Cn:.flish Major ,J f, 1 W I Q ,,. KATHLEEN KENT Ililmlv-, lmlln Club Hnxglisln lklnjnr lVl:nIln,, S4'i1xI14'v: Major I l l l Z 1 l I I l l l l l DORIS HOLVE MARY LOU HOXSIE BOBBIE HUDSON Gold Seal B1-are-r Clerical Major Music Major GAA llO2LI'1lJ2 yrs. Dmnia. Science Major Colonial Co-eds FHA GAA, Lambda Sigma LYDIA ANN JAHR LONNIE JENKINS DICK JEPSEN COlllHDfI'f'lJll Major Ere Bzwke-tlwzlll Champs Var, Basketball Llslwi-mtv Sec. Bile Football B Track, FBLA Bible Club, FNA, FBLA Print Shop English Major AVIS JORGENSON MARIANNE JOY ANN KARRAKER l-Ionor Smith-ly Snlv-In-Irs, Tri-lfli-Y Sub-Debs Snl+-Ilvlvs, Tri-Hi-Y Connn--rcinl Major GAA M:1t'l1., l+Ini.gliHl1 Major Liln':n'yCl11b Tri-Hi-Y YOSHIKO KINOSHITA PHYLLIS KIRCHNIANN CAROL KIRK Iinglisln M:1jm', l+'lliX Kluz:1l'I Clnlu---3 yrs, Ili-:ul Uslwrcllv Ilnnu- ICs-mmrimivs Alujor Nlnslv Mnjur, 'I'ri-Ili-Y SDlIlIlSll Clnlv Culnlnw-rc'i:nI Alujln' A I':np111-ll:x--2 yrs, Colonial Co-cds Page 34 'iii' A If SHIRLEY ANN KLAMM CRAIG KOBLITZ PEGGY KOHLENBEFIGER MARILYN KOONTZ Head Majorette. Sub-Deb Ag. Major Mozart Club Pre-si Art Club 'l'i'+-as. Sec. Safety and Welfare Auto Shop Major Girls' Lcagiie Se-2. Tri-l-li-Y, Ari Major Student Council FFA Treas.-3 yrs. Sohool Orguriist Drama Cluli RONALD H. KORN DALE KOSS Auto Shop Major Sc-ieuce Major Voc. Ag. Major Shops Major FFA, Hi-Y Social Studie:-s Major DAVID WALTER KURK Spanish Club Svirfliif-v, Mzilli., Major' ljiigqlisli Major DONNA far.. .A .. KWIATKOWSKI 4"ommf-ri-i:il lX'l:1joi' linglisli M:ijur, FIIA Social Studios lllzrjur .6 2 1" 7-23? . 1",fz'f"W 'rv-A: ,ss V , ,-41551:as-vpsf2,f,'f's'1e.2z."'f,ff'Fifftf vQr,g2W?'fg3v, A 1 .1 ' ,fl-e2w..1if:M-'f -' wzfwff-3415 ifflfsff v ,C ' 1 1 - ' X .fm .f ,- ...f mais. Z, ei? , , iw 4, .. , . f ms QI-Q55 Mix, - 1 . f . V W... 2 I ' ft ,:, , - sf. f slajxswft' , sw vu J 1if R'9 .. - Q . -X i fi :ffV'afz'..,.w- f .uw-or ,wf tyfyi f , A .. I . C . 1 A f im -1 ,. ' " 2551-. -V .L Mgr- , X , , 'cy . -sms , is f . niagfrfgff ff .n eg W Q 'Zak Fvmfnx i ROBERTA LANG RICHARD Ff. LAROUCHE Entered from Math. MaJOI' , New Mexico Mech. Drawing Major Boys' Glee BILL CHARLES LATTIN DON LEIGH Cadets Var. Football Rifle Team Var. Baseball Varsity A Colonist Club V. Pres. I W N . PER JOHN YET LIN JALDLES gjubLEP Science Major ' M '0 Var. Track 33 r C Track. Basketball SAM LINDEBOOIVI English Llajor, FFA Social Studies Major Voc, Ag, Major Page 35 DUANE LINDGREN Auto Shop Major FFA Sf?f'1'ela1'3' Boys' Glee, Ag. Major wx ff XMQ f 0 X 0 6 x fXQX! xx X W amz A? fgf 1'-1 f Q Af f 3 f 4 5 N' x ff 2 we ' gr fx ZZ, f f WEN 'WWW' X ww 4 f X f C 409 I fx M??! f My Z f Qwwiwwmqywwwwwww 1- ' ' f, J . A if -' , 1, if ,- wefi 1:4 -. 1:2 1 ' ' 'f f 4. -ijvgfwy '--'ax wx" . ,. x f - l1SZ4v2':.'?? ' ix , LZ f, Aff X3 X ' , ' if .7 iiyyww, yA0?Z?QZW f 'W 1 NORALEEN LOETTERLE ROBERT L. LOOPER PRISCILLVA LOPEZ' ROBERT LOUSTAU Bzuid, Orczliestra Science Major Annual Section Editor Ellgllgh MHJOI' Tri-1-li-Y linglisli Major GAA, Spanish Club All-Sunset League Center Riding Club Tennis, llaskeilmll Spanish Major Varsity A yawn, MARLENE MC CAUL HAROLD MC CUISTION UNA MC DONALD PATRICIA MC GUIRE Business Major Yoo, Agp Mujoi' Home Evoiiomics Major Music Major FHA FFA Sf-iifiiwl Lilwi-ary Club Home Economics Major Social Studies Major W EUGENE M. MC LAUGHLIN JEAN MAGGIO MARIE MALDONADO LEONARD MANG Colonist liiiiglils If'l:u1g V-I'XVII'll'I' Hoiiie ldv. lXI1IjUl', GAA Colonist Knights ff 1s,',,,U,,i1l Uoiiiim-i'c'i:il Mujor 'l'l':1iisI'e--wil from Yulviiviir Varsity A, Yoo. Ag. l':irl4,-ts, 1'l'llIi Shop lPI':I1I12l Club Spzmisli, Eiiglisli Major Yur, Football 1 PAUL MARROM CHARLES MARTIN WAYDE L. MARTIN JOHN MARY Vur, IIIII4' 'IW-:um Aulu, XVimrl Slum lvllllllbl' I! I+'mvil1:Ill, SXl'llllIlIllI3.1 lfooilixill Yun' A, l,:iviilr4I:i Hillman Mullu. M11-ini' .Xlllu Slum Major XYuuil Shop l'1np,lis.lI ,X'l:ujm- 1'miliuivi'1-l:uI 1'luI+ Uiwloiiisl Iiiiigglils Page 36 ESTHER J. NIATA . RICHARD NIATA ALEXANDRA MATOUK GARY MATTOON COIN-, Home Ec. Major B Football, WVelding Commercial Major Auto Shop Major Sub-Delis Auto Shop Major Home Economics Nfnghine Shop Llnjor Future Nurses Sec. Social Studies Major GAA Xvelding 'W -ff' BEN MATTOX JOAN MAUERHAN ED MENDEZ LUCY MILLER Student Body V. Pres. Sr. Class Sec. Vlfood Shop Major Girls' Give Colonist Knights Colonial Co-ed Ofllcer General Shop Major English Major Var, Baseball-3 yrs. Jr., Sr. Play FFA .IX If MARILYNN MILLER RONALD MILLER ANTHONY MIRANDA LLOYD E. MITCHELL Tri-Hi-Y Machine Shop Social Studies Major Band, Cadets Commercial Major Var. Football W'ood Shop Major A Cappella Oflice Math. Major Band II Vvood Shop Major f A ELL JAMES T. MOORE FRANK W. MORENO JUNE MURAOKA v'1?IT1gEIsYa'jfJrTCH English Major Military Science FHA Section T1-ms. Singing Major Var. Golf, Hi-Y Council Band, Orchestra Eng. lllfljor, Uslierettes Student Council Torch and Saber V, Fres. Home Ee., Spanish Major Spanish, GAA Page 37 ,S , BETTY JANE MURRAY WAYNE MURRAY LILLIAN NAJERA Home Evononiios Major l' lfooiliull English Mzijor ' Himliiig Clllli, F WWI X mx, I! Trzick Sociul Sluilil-5 5, ' 14 , mg, ,V , Z I ffWf l Avvy ?WZ g ff, if a H X y i , i ,ff Z 3 if , X f X ff ISI lx X, X I 'N ff f Q1 N I 7' 1 f f , ff M fo f X X 'ZW Q ff f f ' Ziff ,f f9ff I gzzwyly VAEW V 1 ,,.,, . . .,,.q.y.,...,, - :':f:4.-. SYETEE ff. xx-, . Sul,-De-In Trmis. Spanish, Home EQ. Major Major A Cappella, GAA EVERETT T. NEELY Science Major Math. Major English Major . X 4 ,Ni ' 'V of .1 K , X I 1 K I V' X Q , J W X x ry X . 'f f gf ,fr'ff f W f iw f Q X , f W fi X X if 45 Q QQ? f 1 0 ,J , W 1 ' ,fi , ZZ Z, ' 'V '. -' I , x pf Q' -fsgifgd, Zig, ' Z ,Z.2.+4ff , , z,- I. f GEORGE W. NELLESEN JOE NEUMAN JERRY NIELSEN ROSEMARY ODERMATT Annual Pliolopgrzipliflr Colonist Knights Stnchlnt Council Pres. Coiuiiieifial Major Anoranco Photographur Coiiiiiif.-if-ial Chili Varsity A, Stu. Court Home Economics Major Socinl Sigiviil-I9 Major Honor Society English Major Future Nurses Y. PPQS. , WW? TIF' VERNONA OELKERS SUZIE OHARA GLORIA OLVERA PHILLIP ALLAN English Major Homo Er-oiiniiiif-S Major Coniniifrcinl Major, GAA Yzirsity A. Math. GAA, flI'1'hI'SIl'8. Ari Club, F1-IA Anniinl Editor Xvlll'.xXY1lt43l"1J0lO OTTE Major kUSllf'l'1'lIl'S Drill T1-:ini Anornnc-o Society Editor B, C, D, Basketball Zio if VIRGINIA OTTE SHIRLEY OWENS PAULINE PATTERSON BEVERLY J. PENKU U"H'I l"If1Hl1Vl'iK'IUI' l7USilI'fNS MLLJOI' Illulh., Ilnglisli Major Honii- Iicononiics 1xllUl'JlIIf'4J hluii 'l'I'J,lllSf1'I'l'l'li from Oklzi. Sviuiicv hllljlll' lfntiiri: Nnrsws FHA, Library Cluli Page 38 f M ,, JCLAN FRA,NLES PERRY DAROLD PETERS COLLEEN PHILLIPS DEAN PHILPOTT Etiuignlf Rody TFGQS. 1'll"A-4 YW- ' Homo l':l"0ll0lill1"S Major Vzursily A 1'1wfs. Nlglg ' gialhi, 1W!11JOI' NOC. Ag. Major Lz1,inlvrl:i Sigma Tre-us. Vur. lfoolllull, Ii:'u,sIq+-1.13911 LOlOl1l-HIQO-HflS, 4JAA flriiiiiiif,-rwiui Major, FNA Yup. Alzurliiiif- Sli-ill saw ukwmf, JW? JACK PICKARD ROGER PINKSTAFF NANCY PLAISTED CAFZOLYN POYET Dl'3H13J Club Var. lluskf-tlr:1ll-Ll yrs. Mllslr' Major I-'ulllrv Nursvs Pros, Junior Play Colonist Kuiglils Sub-in-Ins Girls' Iii-:nggunv 1'Ull1lCll SGIHOI' Play Sciuiicw, Mzitli. Major A Q':1111wll:L Hula-llwlv ollivs-V :i7'M"l"'h7v A JG! CHUCK PRENTICE CHARLOTTE PRUETT ROBERT L. PUCKETT RITA RAMSEY English, Math, Major Spanish Major Var, Tennis Business Major Social Studies Major Bible Club Colonist Knights officer Home Econ. Major Latin Club ' FTA , A Cappella Riding Club, FBLA "TW DOUGLASS RAPP DONNA REAFSNYDER MAF-IDEL F-'QEEVES HgM?ll!S'?i?dI?eEHNIajor Band-3 yrs. Songleader Baud, Orcliestiu Major EOC fish Major Orchestra-2 yrs. Toastmaster, V. Pres. Riding Club Pres. jg-ggtbau Baseball-2 yrs. Pep Band-1 yr. Sub-De-bs, Tri-Hi-Y Lambda. Sigma egg. j A. .wi ,T n. Page 39 I I , , ADELINE REVELES RAYMOND C. REYES DONALD P. RICE MARY ROA l Home Econ. Major Mozart, A Cappella Science, Math. Major Home Econ. Major A Cappella, Mozart, Var. Cross Country Spanish Club Spanish Club GAA, FBLA, FNA, FHA Auto Shop, W'elcling Hi-Y FHA RAMONA I. RODDAM ARTHUR L. RODRIGUEZ JENNIE ROMERO RONNIE ROSEBERRY Home Econ. Major Entered from Commercial Major Var., C Waterpolo Tri-Hi-Y Garden Grove Spanish Major Auto Shop, Boxing Business Major Spanish Club Varsity A i .14 f ' ...Shift . .dim L?-V WILNIA ROSEBERRY JOAN ROYER Sub-Debs Commercial Major A Cappella. Sub-Debs English Major Tri-Hi-Y M1414-zQ,,,,1v' Z RONALD SABO DAN SALAETS Mlilll, lV1U,jOI' Slllflfillll B0dY S90- 'Vfiin I5:i.sw:I1a,lI-2 yrs. Var. Yell Leader 1: l4'ootbo.ll Capt.,-2 yrs. English Major RONALD RUBERIO CAROL J. RUTLEDGE English Major Mozart Club Treas. Wood Shop Major Mozart 3 yrs. C Football Commercial Major PAlJL SALAZAR DON SANDERSFELD l'1'. Class Pres. Voc. Machine Shop Torch and Saber Pres. Social Studies Major Var. Basketball-2 yrs. Page 40 PAT SANTI A Camlella, Mozarts GAA, student Council Colonial Co-eds JULIE SAUCEDO Home Economics Major FHA, FNA English Major L l l l l ALLAN SCHAFER Spanish, English Major Social Studies Major Colonist Club GERALDINE SHIPLEY Drama Club, FNA Bowling Club Pres. Riding Club CHARLYN SCHMID Sub-Debs V. Pres. A Cappella, Music Major Tri-Hi-Y officer ROBERT SHOWALTER Voc. Mach. Shop Major Auto, Machine Club Social Science Major BILL SMITH Science MaJ01' Band Major Math. Major Page 41 CHARLES SOWERS MONTALEE SPICER MARY STAFFORD English Major Commeicml Major Student council Var. Football Home Economics Major Libraxj Colonist Club Scribe Sub Debs Tri H1 X f ,M Studi-11 t Cuiiiicil 1 , ,iI1iiIi, Major, Hi-Y Uoloiiist Knights Pre-S. Iiusim-ss Mujoi' 1'ommi-rciail t'Iub Music Major Tri-Hi-Y " ' ' Liiile I lub JUDITH C. STANLEY BOB STEBBINS M. C. STEELMAN DOROTHY STEINBRINK Marhiue Shop Major English, Music Major A Cappella. Art Club may GEORGE STODARD BOB STOLL FRANK STOUFER WILLIAM SULLIVAN Sr. Ilnuii AIIIIII., Sf'If'I1ifP Major Illngiisli, Sciencu Major Mech, Draiwiug Major English Major Stu-Ifsui Vouncii Ninth. Major General Shop Major lizadio Major Latin Club, Hi-Y 'l'r:ir'k, Luliu Club Lambda Sigma 27 492 ff 734 1 A 1 fr ,jx f I , -- I I X W Q iri I"o JOHN FRANK SWINT SHIRLEY SWOFFORD DAVID TARAVELLA Ifliiglisli, Rilllll. Major ,Ximl':iiu'o Iflfiilor, FHA Vslr. li:1Sk4-llvzill I,:1l'iIi i'IuI- Annual Sw-Iioii Ifliliior Idiiglisii, Math. Major Mg-uh. 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I. iahfd, iii.. , ' , 1 1- 5-A iw: I 15-T 4.5 -- H- 'sim-' +- . ,Wx I M I ,ff ' f,,,f. ,Q I 1 ,- , A4-vi, X , ay, ,X ,yn ' V, .,, , X W.-,A ,, . , . .. ' L , 'f f 2' 15 -1, ' 'A 1 xg f ' I 4 ff-,f,-.ff A 45 at 1 If X 1 f 2 I Z f SQA ,I I + W . "'A I .,,. , , I 'K " , ,1 V . if Y fy' A ,iw ,fl A ,gwwg W. L I 'wi :V ,424 'Q 1 2 Af, 2 'W f- , wx' M QW?-Wfxfz, My ' ,M f. :L+ :ey ' ,ff .V fi! I Q I ,i C f f f X5 f f ,,f ,f Vw' W , 7 ' ' AS ' A ,- 7, W fav' , Q ' ' A Z we f f X , 5 1 1 -E 'iff , M , I I . 'M wp I I I I 224. :, A, , ' ' "" I 1 OPHELIA TOVAR MICHAEL D. TROOP KEN VAN DYKE Annual Sw-lion Editor Smflvnt Counf'-il Anrmnico S1 ai IT fwm All Sunswl Ini-:iguo Auto Shop Major X ll IO ir -2 VH. Sl -':I Hiiulil-Q l ': '. 4' oil ull xis NII N X Nlujor' ' 1 1 'U' ICK ROBERT WADA REYNETTE WALLACE JACK H. WARNER VaI'.,B, -l:JlSI'il'lIlLlH Tri-Hi-Y Counvil lhwqs. Yun: 'I'I'Jlf'k Math., Sf'I1'IIf'V Major lJrnn1:u Vlnls l'1's-s,Sr. Play Math. Major English Major Colonial Co-41-:I Ullic-vi' IS. If'orltI+:1ll ITNEY RICHARD J. WILLIAMS SHIRLEY WILLIAMS Ag. Dlajor, FFA Colonist Clulm General Shop Rifle Club-4 yrs, Stu. Conn., A Cappella Business Major CAMERA SHY GRADS TREAT KINGSLEY CARLO LUGIARO JIM MC LAUGHLIN OLETA MACKEY CARL MAFFIOLI JOHN MASNEY CLAYTON MOONEY CHARLES PEARSON CLYDE PHILLIPS KENT SVVENSON GLADYS THOMPSON RAY 'TREECE WORDEN GABE, VASQUEZ OELLA WISEMAN REESE E. A 1 1 Q Home Economics Major Orchestra, Band. Varsity NC'Rf'ffi xg' 'DARDEN Business Major, FHA Print Shop Major JO AIQNE WELLS Commercial Club Mechanical Drawing w 3 3 i . f.Xx 2 5 it-S - K ' 2 " , if 5. ff , , 'sf , f' 5' I ' 313 V, Q23 ,, F J -1,,,,.g-c '2.3g.x1 A CHESTER SHIRK CLASS ADVISER Blass ul l955 Pictured above from left to right are Gary Bonner, presidentg Don Toussau, vice-president, Gloria Taylor, secretary, and Barbara Mauerhan, treasurer. Page 44 The graduating class of l955, the juniors, under the guidance and leader- ship ot the class officers and their ad- viser, will be remembered for sponsor- ing some of the greatest activities of the school year, i953-54. They have sponsored many of the after-game dances during football and basketball season, co-sponsored the annual Home- coming Dance along with the seniors, put on the iunior class play "What a Life", and last but not least, sponsored the Junior-Senior Prom which was held at the Santa Ana Country Club. Not to be forgotten also was the ordering ot their class sweaters which carried out their class colors of maroon and gray. Z , f, 4 , Q21 1' f ' 2 if BOBBY JEAN ABBOTT , I qgjfjgs . ' 1 p Zfbz i wh ALLEN ATCHLEV i 'I?Q Q- 5 V7 f ii Mi, ' JANE BAUMANN 'Ml 3 -H ,, , Aw A' f x . I rig . RICHARD BIELEFELD Q1 ' v s . fi ' , c:',3 K a 1- N X w F 4 1 .1 K S x- an ? Xa BILL BULTZ 4' :ah ' 3 X vu 9 S W 4 fig I WZ" 'Z wymm bMy'unf wwiS?SQmwQL EILEEN BFIUHNS A, N 5 M ,xx xx xx X -ff Q54 x Avg -I I 537 W' fi X IE ist ,XY qw ""' 41:2 f' V, gvkiy 'S5'E'4j',,j . A ffm SSS, I a saar Xxwix n - , M293 . Y NRM ARNIIDA AGUILAR ,ld Hw- V.. 22 BEVERLY AUCLAIR MIKE BEACH V 4 '. ,fm ,-'Q 'K 1 ' 1 f : vi iw: , A MINNIE BIGGEFIS X-, Q, A ,K'5Z'? GARY BONNER A f , iw A P N F' X N sf I ,fiif hx: sijw ' XM JOHN BULTENA ZI, . QW I ESZX ' Qaxrkijprlgg AAA... . I QAW"?5E CHRISTINA AGUIRRE ' . .. llmf' avi' S 'W j gm .,., V, .ANITA AVALOS we JT, bf Y DON BEBEREIA M ., ,... -V -Q?'55, A.. BOE BIRCHER w L my X H ,,, iff- uv- N Sf? FIOSEMAFQY BOTTS ..,.. ,.... I J, ww' , ' -..JW 4 ' 2?mf?: I LEW BUSH EY I RFU' f'fi G , I A+ QELERESL LQgAsTsLLANr N . K' 1 4 z e 1,,, ,W M 1-N ,W , f f , .,f:,,, M 22 Mi. ahh .NW GEFIRY ALLEMAN , .3 , Ii' W fy -,WK EZZ54fi JUDITH SAGKE If 3. If W, I 8 SALLY BEDFORD Enj- kj I . imc 1 .wt E e ,f . V xay H2 ' QQ' :,X:,U , ,-5 RICHARD BLOCK 1555 X 1 v A Q -.X f t X s nxiiii 4cA:xr fWu RAY BBW LI NG N I 5 M" I 'Z ' , I :Ns?1!Siw,f -x L BETTY BY LS M A Q RALPH ALLEN i. , :. 04.93 , ,-, .EI A AX Vw, M. BETTE BAKER av- L! : . X.. x NED BELANCER I sl 2 'mn 5 uk ' 2 LILLY BLYTHE 5 -0- . ' 'Rav' jfs ' .Q KAREN BRAND 4 X .. , 'mf Q 5 , FRANK CANALES KN K .,..L. , b ,. igngl iw L M4 bm 1 w1,w'm ez Me X. , JIM 45 5. ,Q iV.LA A4 iiEiiI!!U' My , fwglyfwa J 'Mu CHAFILENE ALVEY fs- M! is ...-Z 'x CHARLES BAPIBEE 73 is 3 I 9 E if VIRGINIA BENGOCI-IEA Q ,f,AE 45? MARNA BOCH 10, .. ,T I I 4.4, Q- M I k,mffa ' " KENNETH BRANNON TRINIE CAMP-LES 592 :VW 1 f- L X S wr , f , JAYNE CHANDLER CHAPMAN 5 Class X . 1 QQ, ,J EQ?" 4 , PAMELA ANDERSON f""'eg . 4-. ' .. '- I M , GOLDIE C, BAFICHENCE Ae... , :Rf 'vnl' x Q -i"'v, Aw 'SHARON BEFXGESON ' I R ,, ' , fjivf R x na X mf I A "ntl, ' 95.4 1 , .1 BARBARA BOEGE A: . X 41 ...Q 41 Q4 , 1 i K SHIRLEY BHISBIN JK X ix' f 0 'N 7 L HL "A My VAY CAFPON QEQFXW L A ,,- I qw, .f- CL.AL,55Ef-4 of 1955 .1 .1 ' ,K-X -. ' .VV if Q 'N' , MSE asia" ' x ROGER ANDEFVSUN 'C' I . I ,, . H ijsgglrd GARY BARNETT ,L mr v C? JEANETTE BETTINGER 4, . I A' " ' JOYCE BOKELMAN 'tj W 1 f ,qw -vm, Y 4 . .aww K M f f I If NNW DENNY . BROWNVIELD Lgkli f I ww 1,5 1dw'W EDMLIND CAFSFTANJZA -13. -ff. J I my Q L-. L f ': Q- , K , S .,, I .ff 5 "mi" I kg lx 4 .IU I I KAV COKER is I A AYQSQW LEWIS CORREIA - wr..-1: . " 17 1,- , 4::'r lm V Q f I FRANK DORETTI g I ., 'M I I I A f BELL BNSMINGEFZ 1 -f J WK-A m, ,. 1 NIORS FZOXASNFIA FISCHLE5, f f I . 1 Mm lp- ' Wig! V 4 df "7 7 iw , MZ, ', 4 nw AA rmam. GAC-If 4'-Y , . sp " ,I M ,, 1 ,. 2 f qw j ' , ,f 19 , I 73 JEAPVINE ANN 51I,L,' Page 46 N '-A " ,fa 5 ' L 'na A Q7 I .. fx .. I. I ,rib xggfkrf '51 Yxvbwaii-I ' JERRY COLLIER xx., A fe 1- Vx I4 JAN CRITCHFIELD ffffs-,,, x 'xx 71:3 JT -f iv- V - RW ' YA ,ag , L 5 -x I f-, -Fir. ms DICK DUHAMEL 2 s .,,, V fr X f ,, JOHN ESCARSEGA I ff- fb I KATHAFIINA FIX wnf',,,.f , 0 ,f I W J -.,. .. PETE Q-AFIABITO ,N M ,vm Aw 63I'IlF'Z1,Ei 'v' CLEV-iN ' .A., - Q Amv- :ss A .yi Km ng, A, H-bf' .Q AI, lg Lv MICHAEL COLLINS :I 4. , Fila- am I Q , nil FRANK CUSHINO ...K 1 'tvl' ' JACKIE DUKE :W ,, DUN EWART 2 5 vi hw If7K I J I , 'I ggqf ff D..- J r w DOROTHY FLUEGGE f 272' W, . f' -f wr ,,.. 'IM "I 1 PETE GAREY ff M. ,, , f I W 1 I ZW Q LI-Ik HFIIE. GOI? M X S. WI K ww V, ' 9 "Y -nuff' ' 'I 'Yv- TYLER CONE ' I MA RI E ANN DA RGATZ f M wr 3, 'QV , GERRV DUPUIS . for if- f" A DICK FAEZEL .M :I ..-, . Wx Mgr .H .f .. QA, f JOANN FOFIST - 4 Y 4 f 2 , g .f I- 72 S ,J X , BONNIE OAF!RI?:ON x, W' 1 .M -ge 'Zf A I JOE CIO?-JZ ALE5 . 'www vm aff I V m f g GARY CONK Im 5,0 ,X w.,,, SHERRYL DAVID X ,N Vx 930 A' mf 'nr' , I VV, 4,1 i:,. - .,, ,, ' 44 ELDENOFIA DU VALL ww. xv'--Q, ftff DON N A FAHNESTOCK 01. .N h A ZOE FORT If 6. I 5 'CTW SHIRLEY LIAVLER Ag., :N 'vw EI LUPE GONZALES I X x 4. 1 V, if AF-IT CONTRERA8 .au , ,, -WX, f I , W ,W ' I in ,W U y ,,,, K , v w... .,-If V r WI LLAFID DAVIDSON '44 gn., W 'H ,W AI.. if CORNELIA DYKSTRA iw , , 1 N 1 5 A MARYANN FERRELL . ' Pa -I -.. .3 . I -sr' ., X ., x is SHIRLEY FRANCE I .ax M M I I S 1- ., I SN LVIA GAYLER ' f": RICKIE GONZALES . Z Q ' f,V,.:,., gy .. .4. .M Q I . wh . 5 S vfx X' N lx Haan? +9 l f 0. M n W 0 rw 1 , f f J I DIANE COONS mil my f , I , Sv 5 . X X J My DONALD DAWSON . 19' bv' us' " xi S 1 I x SHARON EARLE , -NN x X ,, JACKSGN FINCK M11 'is' X vw if N I BILL. I'RhNCH X , N JANICE GERBER ,. Q ' X 5 FERNAND GOULET I ,, ' EWS 'I i Q ,.' I' VFX ' Q J " f-4 fi X W.,-. , ., Q KATHLEEN ' - COFIDES XI ff ...QQ - x ix . 2.2 I X X , CAROL JEAN DE WITT If 1 I fa ':, W, a iw 'x ' Mig? I GEORGIA EMMERSDN Em. 5 Q ij u FFIED FISCHLE .gs .. I .H I 15 'Dwi - 3 4 XX NORMAN FRISBY I A - "Nw NANCY GIEBONS .X .' Q ' x in X S 54 I M ICKEY GOUYD I cw! f,vf " W 1-TI' ,fi fy GRAVLEY '4 QMRGARET , , 4 WSW f if GARY HAGEN s-A ' tu, vu 1 MAFIV LYN HEAD ' fe . 'lvl' I .f I, -' 14' 96 'W- 'Hi II I' . ' . . vb. , H:NRY HERRERA U f 545, V 11 JOE HUCKABEE ffl? :fy 1- I Q-70 . , ',...,,X ox ' 27' 1, U, 'ix f ,PW V fi 1 g 2 ff f if ,,, 4 I 4 4 W 1 , f X QR? f 0 V MQ: . , , J - V .S f GEGFIGIA JACKSON 1' fff f WJ, ':"::" " az n 3WINriLL I I CM'-WY I 5 f ' ', , , BOB GRELN ,.. 4, f UM ,,,ff' .D A WALLY HAHNE fhZ,Wl , , DICKSIE HEFFEFIN A EA SQ " , 'le' Y- Ex" If 1,, I M . , il I X ' f DOTTIE HICKS I I - DELBERT HUF-'FMAN f " X I d if f EDDIE JAH!! i , ,I Z!! f . :2-5: L, - I ix DON GREENE v N ,. ,. -' --,nf mf' ,WI I ,ix KENNETH HAND Ii rm 'fr' '. Y 4 U LESTER HEINECKE .32 ,, f.: Q ff I EUGENE HILL , ,.,. S 41--' M 1 FRED HUND ,-1 ,- .: .:::.. X .1 VA- in E R v RALPH JAMES X . Q Li fm I .I , , m l A M .. if Namv , ' KI DWELL 5-,LL ', PA'r'rv Lou KINGSLEY I Q, on 5 -4--. L lv 1 6. f" PATRICIA C-RINIES ,f 'w ,f 0 1, JW ,f 2' , H, QQ .J JOE ANN HANNDN K ,v,: fn, ' 3- -If mi? LEROY HEITMAN ,'21' .1 1-Y X ew, KATH HYN HOBAN IV. W" f-44, mv 1 Q-nv J S X RON NIE HURST Fr ,...... lo If , 5 IQ, 1 f, ff f is x CARL JAIVIESON I '-...fl " A X 4 M L , nvm.-mpg I X 'V 51.4 X Q KAYE KISSELL mx, Ang, 5 Q, x I -wh I I ff'- PAUL GFKOVER - . I 22 F 5 ' yy' RUTH HARRIS Q My 4.4, . .33 . in L Q ff f EOBBI HENDERSON ,'Vji'2'ff, .K f I . N , 1 45. I twix ROBERT HOEHN fJ2f-,- FRANCES H LJ FITAOO . 'Y3' gfu V s 'if' ' ff iw, - ,I JERRY -JENNINGS RW, . BUDDV KNOX ,, www ,, . K ' ' Q. , gg, it I,-fl MYRA GUNTER . ,I ff 0' -4 -I, 1' j- . STAN HARRONN "H S, -of-If 'WW' ,I KATHY HENRY ,M gm PRX Q1 ' Nw Z vw-af' SALLY HOLSINGER I van " I .LP I z DAVID HUSHMAN I, ' K ' " .,Z, Txmn 1' ,f- V X A, y Q 2 1 ROBEET JENSEN 54 1 . . 95' B , Eg? .N DIJATIL KOEEEI- Ckwsc: - es. X ..- ..-- . I c"4L"f ROBERT GUSS 6395? S., im mv RICHARD HATHCOCK Q1 .A 3, If I WILLARO HENRY ,ht ,Q 2. 69 F-FUXNCLS HCWARD ' , ,J L Zgy- . .,,,, GEORGE HIJSHMAN 1 'asf I - ,S,f.1..a .. VV W, -' Q fx ,' C 3 .5 f. I ' lx J L, K E JLJNGVEVI , ang, IC iv 1 LM , -W . 7 537223 i5 I ' 4 F1955 .f X, ! , -l .,. -., 3 A I' ,fr A JOEL HABENER ,N .A fv- for 40 v - I! L GARNILT HAWKINS 3,4 I -I f' RICHARD HERMANN BEVERLY' HDWERY ,', Vp 1 ' fs hr 5 RUTH INGLES AAI ,QF 6 '91 2 -g:zr,D-.- r.f,cJf'IfA1s.-4 Q j' I fa ,,,,,,,,'?z t Vg , z - V 5 I 'K 7 JUNIORS... v :VX ' , ..,,. l x n , Z' .X ,. ,, ,, Qwfhi 7 LL yy' Kimi-8536845 I ELDON LAIRD .Xa fl 9 , 194 ,k . :?jQg.i .. . 0 WWQyg..w .f EQQ , Q .lf V v ARVILLA Lacs e Q I F 1 7 x,J 2 , ,5 Q SOLEDAD Lopez ,7 H '.m,w g,,e-, Q54 Civ W ,W , Qk""" 4 EBAFEZAFQA MAUERHAN I , ,XL IV ' M, 'WWW' ZOE Arn-4 MuTcHzLL f f" f ,W f WD Q M , 2 f M' Z OA ILE nswmmw K mi of IV uw 1 2 M, ff 4 "0 z, , 'W BAHQAHA PALMER Page 43 'X ,gn -, wX.'- me , 1 f Nfiw N CHARLES LAKEMAN X .X , X X K SALLY LERGH J' BETTE MC QNTYF-XE J' J l pp Z!qv f ' Q' ' md , is, , ? .,-In ARLO MA YBKLHFEV ,f - A M QEVEF-WLW' ?J1Oi,Ufg'H'4PUhF-2 4' 'f OW f V A? fwi V' A TI J QLQLQHC Nllil 'QKH W 'fu , fffbzl , , J , X AW' , Zn 7, ig Q 4 W 2, L ' Zdfllffwf GEFIALD PATTERSON s 42-E, 5 X X ky e.-f X xfl.-fi !,,.A'A"nX, R9 my, BOB LAMBETH 'W .wx Q m ,A va xx ,,,N ,Mg vi , 'fm ,f - ' f, f JAY LILLYVVHITB ?f5xW MY15, J,, ,Q ,rw W, Q if MXWXM X ff wax mc NEiL KZ ' M X ,..n.,,., s 3 FHCHARD MAYEDA ,A 'JK 4, W 3 '77 ' , ,. ': 1 fig. M W A' Kf MARIE MOON E 1 V .- ' -v jf, "wI'f, , .. '- . :S rv1AR'1 OKKJDA 2 'nm f, QW' , ,pg , ,M V, 1545.1 4111, Mlgaf , wa. vc, ' , F5012 IWQGH ,fffsfrifzy 'vim' LONALEE PAUL51 X X 1 ' X ' X , veg . if H I 'SM .Z --- I , , ERMEL LAMBETH X . fv fl' f WSG 1. f-5 'NX SAMMY LOARD , ?2, A X,,,, , A .L ROBERT MAAHS , ' wing, X. , WA V EX .Sf .LX , , "K KY f 3 JN 55 fx ,, EARLINE MEADOWS 1 x .Q vw X 4 'v 1 'W' , HX D DOLLY NIOHHISON 9 2 , , ?:, 'ff :GY I ww .www gy, ' ' SALLY OLDHQG , ,lm , ,, 4'?W.' ,Q- .Q ' Q 'Z' I ,4 Af. Wim W www? fvigyz . f ,f. WX - ew 7, ,V,r ,IX 'QW V f, 4, M ,XV , ,f 1, ff im JOANIE PEACOCK 3jZiWz1XXXegfv3 X Qi 5 Y?rQNWX5jN0 XXX X " Y' 2 N if xx 1 Xf M N QN Q f Q W N I Z 1 Y X ,, , X X ' X X8 1? ELAINE LAROUCHE X 3, 'of 13. , ww 3 fy' f CAROL LOGSDON QXW, Id ezh L -fs .c War I MARS!-QA MAHLSTEZOT C5 X ,M DONALD MERRlT'i' ,..,'x..n L. .W if' If ' fr? + G L-D 'W' 'X 0-ny. ,...v-. . sovo A mme ff ",- -. F, Q- f P BARBARA OLSEN :uv--Q. X N,Q,n.7 1 ,x,. .. 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" Tait , cf ' Q! 1 1 f X WW M. , H 2797 y 13:61 V ik 7 'l wh .fa v-,ui ' MASON H ENRY Adviser UI ss l95B wg.. 5 W ,y i ,, . of Pictured above from left to right are Don Haskell, president: Dennis Dan- lfglg, vice-presidentg Anne Williams, secretary: and Karen Lenain, treasur- er. Page 52 The sophomores, having completed their first two years at AUHS as under- classmen will come back to school next fall as a part of the long-awaited up- perclassmen. Not only did the soph- omore class sponsor the Freshman-Soph- omore reception at the beginning of the school year, but the sophomore girls served at the Junior-Senior Prom and ushered at graduation. Much credit can be given to the class officers and their adviser for the work they have done this past year, Their class colors are navy blue and white. V I za-,ry 1 wg . V-M X X! , X We s T - Sit- V . ,,, 2Y?9' 137, .La Bh1TlE ADAMS f, Mg. , W , Qui? JENNIE ANTOUN of 4. 3 Qt ala 5 fi . . , NORMAN AZLAFKA 'Ar 'J :Q ' M! JEAN BEEMAN ww 4 a1nn'N . 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DQRIS HOLMES CON RAD HUDSON of1956 I 1 .. ,w4. 5 N- I JANET FINNEGAN , AW" . I ..,. .. ',f.,,ss-me-, ' 151 vs 'Q ,Q I I .,,, 1,353 sk I 1, Q 1 f f f fi Lgwdwwgafi DARLENE FUFIR i E , IDX LYNN GRAVE? mf wA?W4v W,5Q7 +751 ?3 D wk 'V' DELORES GRUENEMAY qmmw -wah m.?f iw, Q MMM , .ark -' DON HASKELI. WQEEJ if V .I ,V , Sv "' sf ,wx If ff Y I Q' N of s , 1. CHRIS HEWITSON , .QMQ fi? ,?nr, 1 Z E AURORA HUESCA Page 55 'PHOMORES. AW' - ,, I I 1 ' I WC 1 I ,,.ff!, I gi LDIS HUFFMAN L na , , V x Zwww.m4qQQ RICHARD JOY ' .E I'-AORMA KERNS J f yi, Q, ' I f MADELINE KNEPPER A Q, mjwbzcf mn ff k.. ,,,,,, 'M z4w" q!5Z9g?M34 LARRY LANDWEE9 in KW rw , ,.W,,r.f 1 DEAN HA LEO fa if , 56f67 ,gy I , If 91 EZTEPHEN LOPEZ Pa g Ft 56 -'inf E Q!! 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M 5 - In 4 ' wr Af ROBERT SAHNTERS S- SMX f ff 1 ,ff .f 7 , I 2 FRESHMEN Blass ul Ill5l This years' Freshmen class will al' FAYE SCHULZ Adviser ways be remembered as it will be the last to attend AUHS. Beginning next year there will no longer be any fresh- Qv? men. Under their adviser, Faye Schulz, the class of '57 got into the spirit of things and elected class officers at the beginning of the year. They also attended the Freshmen- Q Sophomore Reception, and were one of the most enthusiastic classes to ioin A the Red Cross Drive. They also had the largest number of students in Hon- , or Society. I Since they spend most of their first bbgrz year at high school getting oriented ' ex. , ,'l- . , if , and accustomed to the high schools g way of life, their activities are quite limited, but much is expected from SI' 091. 01+ . -Un .,o S-2. Q-no QD' :rv- :fl 'U DJ Q.-. FP HO 'co x Im 0? U-l 'U 33 T3 SQ: 01 -gm 01 r,,. 22: 'Fm 4 CD Z O 1 2. UI 'U '1 CD 2. O. 0 I rf C 3 Q. 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Q V 0 If .,,,if' f' 4 , I , 1 if 4 'wa fu lx ANE TALBOTT f 7 11 f fr! me ,1 , 12' . fy A I I -www., ' 13 If I JOHN RODRIGUEZ -um fi If ' ' M 223 5'4fIg', '1' f ' 7 CYNTHIA RUBEF-IIG ., GW M347 I 2 41- 5 ,If ALVIN SANDERS ' 11, W ,..- ':.., ,M 1 W, JAMES SEABOLIPN 142: ', ' ' 73' , W '. 1 1 .W W A, 'I 1 'Z . A, KV, if TCINI SMITH 1, WI ', 1 Q 4,4 3 1 1 f f , ,A f 1 X 1 4 f 1 . , 1 DAVID STOVALL ' 1 f. m. ' wv 9' ' 1 TAKA TANAKA A .N an WW ,1 '1 I I mbaouvw RODRIQIJ EZ , 1 , , I I Z I ROSENIARY HUELAS N X J 1 1 1 W' I , ,- 1 1 X. PAT SAVLOR J- nv ,. 1-I t. W1 BETTY SHORT 12? 4 QI ,X Nj WANDA SMITH W .- .1 k .. ,...A Q. ' fc yr' ' , ww I' I CAROL STRACI-IAN by qw , ALLEN TAY LOFI VIRGINIA RODRIGUEZ . I - .:,1 f .5 ' 1 A f ew V... ,A V mx RQEEFIT RUSSELL i ' W, .. V xi NV' . W., 1 L fx .V SALLY SCI-'IAFER . ,,1 ffl ' Z-ff 10' if .Sf-4? GLENDA SIMONTON "R 1.13 X 1 ,. L S. 1, ,N 1' 10. " I JACKIE SPADE I Mmww 3 , If: J, , , . .5 :,., ' ' ' PXbNNETH STRICKLAND :- ' a ' wif, A. X DOROTHY TEIXEIFIA X - ..,, X 1 x , " "rJf.i1 ' 5-1' 'Wi 1 In ..., ' '- Q ,MW pr 1 , , ,QL ,, 11. 3 , . 1--W 3 , 1,1 , , IZ. 5? 2 1, CLIFFORD ROGERS ,-4 2 ,1 ... Q , 1, ' ' V f 924 7 Aff' 4, DELORES HUT?-IERFORD O PATRICIA SCHANTZEN ,say ELLELN SIMMONS pw . 'S 9 THOMAS SPARKS ., ff, 'l K X .ax I 0 Q- : 'i I I ROZELLA SUTHERLAND N X- X I RCISEMANY TEUTIMEZ - 1 15 0 f I v V .f :f '3:?2:3if' s - 751 I W ., 'Q Q Q -.,, , M JANETTE RKOGEFIS 1 , If fy ' " ' CAROL. RYAN I WA.. , L,-1--'11-,wp - M DENNIS SCHLAGEL ,L , , X W RFQ RUTH SIMPSON 1 ,,. M ,Q . I 'lk Q LAGFQETTA STEELMAN if .Q Q, N, 'W' 5 x -I 4, S I SSA, ,.s:i1f:??'.'Ifffj? RONALD SWANK M- ,X X .V A Y' ' , N XX I I, , " Q 'uw Y f ' GARY THUKSON .-L- I Q I .,,.,, , IK. X I, I I MADALQDS5-1' NOMBRO . f I -11-.f 4 is Z, .IV I 1 JOHNNY SALDINA bf 7j A ,:" fl RGBERT SCHOLZ x I BARBARA SIMS Q -I 1 Q , xxx . , QW"- x ,, . Wm :Qi"5 W SI M.-J, -' GENEVA STEWART xx , I , f -' ff 1- . x X S- Lvgw .L wx N. Sa, . 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Q Ii, M my f WALTON WILLIAMS I' 'Isl' b W., ' -.'s:.:"' fr V N, Vf' Yi ,fr M ff, . f f 5 GAIL YATE8 .,,,!,Mm 'MS .5 ,Q M. ,CZ .f ,, 1 V FRANK TCH-'IRES :- . ' f 4., A A ANDY VALADEZ Y I , . .- , L f ' K f 'n iw 1, M V 1 ROSIE VEYNA .2 ,., LQ- 5 f '5 . K . rf .V ein K, Is If GEORGANNE WATTS :MQ -N ,, - x mv. MARVIN WILSON .. 2, I ww . fe W 2 , w CHARLES YB-AERA . 2' Q ww .V 2 V, Z Q I ', Ava 0 ' f I 'ff 3. WILLIAM ZAHRTE Q e ::.:.- n. if ' JACK TORHES sf BETTY VAN DALSEM , mf.. 4 W V 3 Q-1 AP W, 4 .MQ MAFKCIE VINCENT I, -0- H... ,Q in --F.. ' Yhffv ' 6,71 SONJA WELLS If . X Q. :Q M 3 eww ROBERT WILSON nv " , - sa JUDY YETT vw W ,,,, Q WW , x,,, f 4 , Lx 'V ZWART MARGIE R I R 1 x X .IES-SIE TORRES ..-Q aw., ,Q N1 J ,ff JOANNE VANDIVER , . 'r-V 9 iw -fm s ' w., .911 JUDY VOGT , , Y, af 0 ,, W- Q2' Y gf LINDA WICHMAN A ,X KAY WITTE Z ,p 4 VEFILA YETT Ckms K Z ... ...., i ' 4 - DICK TOVAFI egg .. WZ' 'LTL M43 -f N, 'ig ,, ffm' 'fx SYLVIA VAN DOR I' I .-i El - - If I 5 VW iv if KATHERINE WALKER .tn-A I , A 1. i 'G BETTV WICK ffwfffv- .W L. ww 'M A Lx- ,,. 5 2? THOMAS WORDEINI X f ......,. , . 1 1 fa ob. ,LW , , S X' ' ISAAC YOUNG of1957 ,-.L X vm RONALD TSUJICKO ',,k. I .. J ,I 1 I BETTY VASQUEZ Fw' ' ,. X-W ? Q' Q I., ff I f .JK NANCY WALLACE 1 K, -I elx , fl BRUCE WILLIAMS DDNNA WRIGHT . fx A if Ei LYNN YOUNG Dgugi 6 1 A .W Q-,J p.. -, - X 'QSM WW X xX N' "lm .my 'Am ' ff-- Sfbsgt' N Mx W Q f 1 A wqqrxbgrxf- .xgqgmy x - xg it W' fb"-"im-, .. ' W ,....n-if-esml'fi :V " ' 3 I ' ,IW - ni T' I. we , .,,',-A .V W I xw v N lyk 2 gk a 1,2vk" ,Mx xr 3 K li J 1 wi Mb 9-Um ly qx. 5 MQW! v Q M cw x , - 1 5, , . . . MM Q. 1 'ey- M, ,., my e.w.,kW, L-V+, 'vfhwwqqsrwnww ' cx 447 A1 V. V , ww. 'W . 4 W, A f-I. F5 ,, W. ,Y X., M-vw + 1 'C' '31-fn Wx " , -5+ " " 3 +,-A H k k Nl i' of V .. F Q, I L5 X- , , ' 1 w x -s qv, '- Sa' '-M K N H ff. 'Lx' B45 QA. My w X412 ,- Wm 1-. Aga. x, . . -wif' 7 fr 1. E K -W warn' X I Q 1 f ..,, ,Wai ,P W if fi . , .. -fd, - ' Q my 'A gs, - H X I ew I 'P V J ,V W, ,, 11,1 ' V I X if NJ, S if 7 t' 3 X7 ,,,,, . M43 ,, I , COLONIST CLUB OFFICERS ll.eft to rightb Flow 1-Chuck Sowers, scribeg Don Leigh, vice-president: Mike Troop, president. Row 2-Gary Allen, sergeant-at-arms. COLONIST CLUB Automatic membership in the Colonist Club is awarded all boys ol Anaheim High. Un- der the direction oi Frank Kellogg the organ- ization worked at providing educational programs ot special interest to the male mem- bers of the student body. This year the programs consisted of short movies on sports, travel, vocations, and mil- itary activities. We also had a worthwhile discussion on iob opportunities in the Ana- heim area, provided by a panel of personnel managers ot local industrial organizations. 'sw A Y MUWQ Boys gather in one of the many shops that are offered to the boys of Anaheim High. This is the auto shop where the boys may learn to care for and understand the mechanics of their automobiles. Also offered to the boys are the machine shop, wood shop, metal shop, and general shop which both boys and girls may take. Page 72 X7 ft! if ni ,yvvul VARSITY "A" CLUB 1Left to Righty Row 1-G. Vasquez. B. Lambeth, M. Troop, D. Leigh, M er. Row 2-J. Williams, J. Moore, J. Nielsen, R. Loustau, F. Dor etti, C. Sowers, H. Shinoda J. Villasenor, W. Taylor, H. Herrera, C. Clark, B. Ryan, R. Pinkstaff. Flow 4-N. Clow, R. M J. Cardenas. Row 5-R. Contreras, M. Beach, C. Pollard, B. Thomas, R. Herman. he-...,.,g-mu. ly. Gouyd, Ft. Saba. L. Gonzales, P. Grov- Row 3-P. Otte, W. Ensminger, Jr., iller, R. Fuller. F. Cushing, B. Turner, VARSITY A CLUB a S The Varsity HA" Club undertook a very ambitious program of activities this year. In conjunction with the Colonial Co-eds the Varsity "A" Club purchased the last word in basketball score boards and presented it to the school. 1.1 3' at Ts t.-t , 1 Lghuinisse Their greatest contribution was assuming QV the cost of filming most of the varsity football P T games. lt was felt by the coaching staff 1. V In R that this project aided considerably in their g ' QQ G' 'sg Q success this season. The club should about x x. . rt,- l "i' 3 complete the proiect started by last year's Mmm R ...ii ' members in bringing a pictorial history, of E gg i A ' E champions up to date. Eiu VARSITY "A" CLUB OFFICERS lLeft to righty Row 1-L. Gon- zales, treasurer, H. Herrera. sergeant-at-arms. Row 2-P. Grover. secretary: D. Philpott. president: Ben Mattox. vice-president. Page 73 MARY LOU CASEBEER President GIRLS LEAGUE Officers and Cabinet 'DEGGY KOH'-ENBERGER LOIS HASKINS RACHEL CADWALADER Secretary Treasurer Vnce-Presldent -no-.0 Q:-19 fl if fimv A R, V S, uw ms 1 K Lx N GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET rLeft to rlqhtj Row 1-C. Poyet. C. Schmid. Nl. Cnsebeer. L. Haskins. R. Cndvvnlnder, P. Kohlenbeu en Plow 2-A. Wheeler, S. Lillywh te, S. Elder, C. Kirk, J. EldEI',C,VVIIkll'lSOl1, H. Hoffner. Row 3-S. Sangster, D. Thomas, Ho ve Critchfleld, C. Fntz, L. Blakely, K. Rennne. Pdge 7'-1 " X M. g sz li V, fi' 4 'W - W 1 4 2 f, X TW .qi ,V an-pun-my Wil ' ""' .... A ' , L T' '- L ' l 4,,, ., ..,: .:.,.:. a LW ,ft 0, N 1' its-: ,4f.: 7 .' , GQ! 548932224 X ' W During the year each class gives a Girls' League talent assembly. The women teachers serve as judges, the class declared the winner is presented with a plaque with their class numeral engraved on it. The sophomore class is pictured above after their assembly this year ik' fr if Tl? 1 ir GIRLS' LEAGUE The Girls' League, all girls in school being members, provides assemblies and extra- curricular activities for the girls, Big-Little Sister party, Easter Fashion Show, Vocation Day, and the fabulous Christmas formal, the Kandy Kane Boll were all events sponsored by Girls' League. Serving on the Girls' League Cabinet with the officers are two girls elected from each class each semester and Red Cross represen- tatives. Mrs, Worthy is the adviser of this s organization. The Kandy Kane Ball sponsored by the Girls' League was one of the most suc- cessful activities the Girls' League participated in this year. Above are Sho-is of the Christmas dance. FUTURE T ACH ERS 4 The years activities ot Future Teachers were limited, partly due to the unfortunate accident which betell its adviser, Miss Mar- iorie Pibel. However, its main activity was the teachers bureau, the purpose ot which was to acquaint the members ot the club with the duties ot the teacher. Through this organization, members ot the faculty gained many hours ot valuable assistance. if f W, T .f lLeft to rightb Row 1-K. Lenain, recorder: C. Pletz, secretary. Row 2-D. Gruenemay, treasurer: L. Fukuda, president: W. VanHunnick, vice-presi- dent. A Q spun X ll ' 2,swXX .iss Ss. f Z Q . , , 3 2 FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB tLeft to rightl Row 1-Ed Rickel, A. Reveles, A. Huesca, D. Heffern, P. Anderson. S. Lillywhite, S. Klamm, S. Reed, A, Young, J. McFarland, B. Benson. Row 2-M. Holiday, D. Richards, C. Allen. J. Williams. C. Cox, S. Cordes. B. Klernm, D. Lange, P. Roberts. K. Cordes, Row 3-B. Garrison, C. Ryan, J. Hemsley, J. Faessel. H. Miller, W. Van unnick, K. Rickert. M. Buvinich, R. Tsujioka, S. Cuthbert. Row 4-A. Williams, D. Knutzen, D. Hathaway. C. Kirven, M. Dargatz. D. Gruenemay. C. Fechter, K. Walker, J. Syrnpson, C. Pletz. Row 5-M. Taylor, M. Buckner, V, Cano, J. Troutman, T. Carter. P. Bode, L. Fukuda, E. Fechter, C. Pruett. Row 6-A. Thomason, M. McCauI, C. Fitz, D. Gruenentay, K, Lenain, M. Hansard. Page 76 SENIOR SPANISH CLUB F! ? 4 ,f 4 if f . 4 4 1235 I I Q l I 5 2 fLeft to right, Row 'IJ-L. Fukuda, M. Casebeer. I. Garica. J. Muroal-ca. S. Olding, C. Schmid, S. Arnold. B. Boege, J. Faessel, Z. Fort. E. Valdez, A. Huesca, S. Reed, B. Nlauerhan. L. Najera. Row 2-M. Roa, C. Kirk, J. Stabbert, S. Klamm. D. Reafsnyder, C. Cashman, J. Troutrnan, Nl. Boch, S. Cedillo. Row 3-B. Klenim, A. Mayberry. M. Hamrnatt, D. Gruenernay, D. Kurk, T, Reveles. M. Buvinich, T. Canales, F. Hurtado. Row 4-R. Valencia. H. Beuselinck, B. Stebbins, D. Rice. G. Newkirk. G. Taylor, G. Walker. Row 5-Zentz, J. Roddarn, A. Thomason, M. Taylor, A. Williams, E. Leonard. J. Stanton, J. Critchfield, R, Wallace. A. Betts. Row 6-G. Olvera. P. Lo- pez, C. Fechter, P. Halverson, T. Carter. K. Forbes. JUNICR SPANISH CLUB ,-s I ani A on 'X -an 4. LW... ri W6- gb- ,-. we 'w A ,sfo S az. 5, 3 '73 ,Q z 36 as ,.,..,, , , qLeft to right, Row 13-J. Reynolds, B. Howery. F. Hatanaka, F. Martinez, J. Jones, M. Zwart, S. Lillywhite. A. Rosales. J. Williams, R. Scott, M. Talamantez, A. Young, S. Brougher. Row 2-P. Rettig, B. Olsen, M. Olvera, D. Richards. V. Mejia. L. Blakely. P. Bode, H. Miller, A. Lindgren, C. Allen. Row 3-M. Watkins. K. Eldred, N. Wallace, L. Cheatum, L. Daily. D. Hefferin, R. Munger-son. K, Anderson, D. Lange, D. Fleugge, C. Ryan, J. Rodgers. Row 4-A. Ersek, D. Seapy, K. Harker, M. Buckner. A. Estrada, D. Prondzin- k' R Hatchcock G Newkirk, J. Fight, J. Sympson, K. Walker, R. Veyna. Row 5-S, Rodin. P. Gerber. B. Scholz. J. Feil, R. Stou- ierl K. Hysom, D. Warner, Jo. Rodriquez, L. Fischle. Row 6-R. Cancino. J. Ramirez, D. Wimberly, K. Rickert. Page 77 ff- .ai ii 2 V z--, . A-.M , J 1 l.I Qi J Row 1-L. Najera, A. Reveles, S. Contreras, L. Fukuda, J. Muroaka. K. Walker, B. Mauerhan. S. Arnold, R. Cherry, M. Casebeer, A. Betts, P. Kohlenberger, J. Gerber. Row 2-J. Troutman, B. Garrison, M. Boch, C. Dykstra, C. Logsdon, G. Taylor, D. Thornas, K. Cordes, B. Mclntyre, M. Richards. Row 3-D. Acosta. A. Matouk, M. Head, C. Fechter, A. Karraker, A. Mayberry, G. Smith, M. Dargatz, R. Cadwalader, K. Dierst, B. Olsen, D, Selfridge. Row 4-J. Hannon, C. Cashman, C. Alvey, G. Dupuis, B. Van Delden, S. Sangster, J. Rees, P. Roberts, D. Holve, J. Perry, P. Santi, M. Mitchell. Row 5-C, Sloman. J. Critchfield, M. Cone, B. Van Delden, R. Wallace, D. Sagen, S. David, B. Henderson, J. Bylsina, C. Goff, B. Downs, S. Zwart, B. Hudson, A, Wheeler. IRLS' TH LETIC ,WX A SSOCIATION GAA had an eventful year under the capable leadership of president, Mary Cone. The GAA conference was held here with l5O county girls enioying it. All playdays were attended at the end , . , . , of each sport season. A highlight was Row 1-s. Liiiywnite, v. Eiiiou, J. Williams, D. Knotzen, J. Jones, R. Simpson, H. the week-end trip to Palm Springs for Aguilar, S. Boutcher, H. Hof-fner, K. Lenain, S. Head. Row 2-K. Haygood, F. Mar- . . zinez, wi. oivero, G. Gi-oy, J. oivero, K. Hathaway, E. Fo-enter, v. Pniipou, J. Jung. the GAA convention. The climax was D. Nipp, M. Buckner. Row 3-D. Richards, C. Peterson, G. Stewert, J. Light, M. Brad- , ley, c. Wilkerson, c. Boom, i.. Santi, C. Hein, J. Fzoddom, A. Lopez. Row 4-J. Niokey, The GHHUGl lJGr1quel where new officers J. Winfrey, B. Bode. L. Schulz, F. Reed, J. Ferguson, D. Villa, T. Casillas, L. Blakely, - k. soniniu, J. Huckiibee, ia. Kiefer, F. Reid, G. Jenkins. now 5-v. Lee, c. Allen, K. Wefe HlSlC1ll90l. Walker. J. Svnmson, A. Thomason, D. Gruenemay, J. Green, M. Zwart, R. Smith, K. Caffee, L. Cowee, C. Ryan, L. Pletz. Row 6-P. Coker, M. Rasmussen, J. Foster, M. Taylor, C. Fitz, A, Williams, C. Pletz, L. Fischle, K. Anderson, T. Carter. AJM ,LMS4 -....' i., -.. Page 78 BIBLE CLUB OFFICERS-lLef president, Diane Kent, treasurer, secretary. T t i MZ, 'V I ,M wwf-i"V"". f ' t to rightj Wilhelmina Van Hunnick, vice- Kathleen Kent, president, Carolyn Bonner, ,a- .-me fit ...W 1' -A BIBLE CLUB The AUHS Bible club is open to students of all faiths who are interested in studying the Bible. The regular meetings are on Monday nights and Tuesday mornings. The morning meetings were devoted to the study ot the Book of John, While the evening discussions were concerning the problems presented by the mem- bers. The club has also enjoyed various social activities during the year. N. 1 l XL! ,A YY Z ,'... - i 3 it - "F lk 'Y' f I - f 9 lm . ' .. , , c 4 C 5 1-1, cs , X 1 Q, 0 65 3 Q sk N X 1, Q f W 15 0 ' Q x Row 1-P. Stoufer, G. Jenkins, L. Blythe, S, Brisbin, A. Godwin, R. Blevins, D. Robinson, J. Morimoto. Row 2-B. Howery. C Barnes, W. Van Hunnick, A. Allen, M. Gage, L. Strong, G. Simonton, K. Kent, L. Okamoto. Row 3-D. Kent, D, Bowen. K. Diersi B. Hernsley, K. Kissell, L. Jahr, D. Rees, B. Englesman, Row 4'-E. Fuchs, C. DeWitt, C. Phillips, A. Jorgensen, M. Dixon. B. Ves terby, C. Bonner. Row 5-E. Rickel, L. Collins, D. Heitman, C. Pruett, C. Ausburn. R. Tsujioka. Row 6-R. Wallace. D. Stovall. R Mallonee, V. Bengochea, C. Claussen, J. Jungkeit, D. Fuegge. Row 7-K, Anderson, P. Winters, M. Bradley. K. Seibert. I.. Swim, D Snavely. Page 79 LAMBDA SIGMA CLUB-lLeft to rlghtb Row 1-N. Loetterle, M. Reeves L Oden C Hudson M Mitchell Flow 2 C Pnll' . V - - - - 1 ' ' I l-ludson, K. Dierst, C. Poyet. Row 3-K. Seibert. G. Thompson. A. Allen. F. Alford. Row -l-D. Drennorl, K. Anderson. D. Pow E. Riel-cel, LAMBDA SIGMA 41. X li . V- V7 12 1 ii Y .,f Q , 4 " ' I K1 . , .3 1 VI. ziz'2'Wi7'l' x A , 4 1 " r' 1 ' ,, 3 Q l f Q i ' 4 l ,ff 4 5 LAMBDA SIGMA OFFICERS--lLeft to rightl Row 1-Karen Seibert, president: David Drennon. vice-nresidentg Carolyn Poyet, secreinryg and Colleen Phillips. treasurer. Page HO The purpose ol Lombdo Sigrno is lo promote inleresl in science ond lo give Those inleresled in nolure ond biology o chonce lo leorn from direcl observa- lion. The club hos token Trips lo The Los Angeles Coonly Form, Holy .lim Conyon ond Long Beoch Slole College. Bul the biggest lrip of The yeor wos on oyernighl sloy ol Borrego Springs. Mr. Anderson serves os The odviser ol this club. f .f 'v 'J' an if Y lawn. ig... f I f A 1. wi ,ff . . 4-,. W r r im? ' id. S. Zwart M. Gunter, R. Cherry, L. Najera, A. Wheeler. Row 2-S. Sang. r R Smith, S. Klamm, J. Elder. B. Auclair. Row 3-D. Bowen, B. Henderson, C. Goff, R. Harnic, J. Chapman, M. Spicer. Row 4 C Bonner. A. Jorgenson, D. Reafsnyder. M. Cone, C. Rutledge. Row 5-G. Dupuis, M. Head, E. Mata. B. Shirnel. Row 6-N. Plaisted C. Poyet, A. Karraker, R. Griggs. K. Forbes. Row 7-M. Holiday, D. Sagan, W. Roseberry, M. Joy, M. Mitchell. SUB DEBS lLeft to rightb Row 1-J. Royer. C. Schrn SUB DEBS The first social event of the Sub-Deb service club was the installation of new officers and members at the fall break- fast. Service activities rendered during the year were the following: Hall monitors for the first quarter, selling programs at all football games, providing ci Christmas tree and presents for the Orange County Hospital, assisting the Junior Red Cross, co-sponsors with the Colonist Knights for the Cupid Capers Dance, and providing two seventy-five dollar scholarships for graduating sen- iors. The final social affair was an afternoon tea welcoming new officers and members. stef. ifs ' limit iiiiiivf iiill, iiiigf, U g Ks. fr J SUB DEBS OFFICERS 4Left to rightb Row 1-L. Najera. treasurer' J EI. der, secretary: C. Poyet, Red Cross representative: R. Griggs president. ' .Y and C. Schmid, vice-president. Page 81 Q s-49? f X is I ,fiesta fi USHERETTES fLeft to rightb Row 1-J. Muroaka, B. Dierberger, C. Dykstra, V. Bengochea, C. Kirk. Row 2-M. Gage, E. Richards, R. Botts, M. Casebeer, L. Fukuda, R. Cherry. Row 3-J. Rees, L. Jahr, P. Valusek, C. Manns. Row 4-B. Downs, P. Roberts, E. USHER TTES The Usherettes are called upon many times during the year to participate, not only for various school functions held throughout the school year, but for community affairs as well. With the expert guidance and supervision ot Ethel Caverley, club adviser, the girls pro- Sweet, G. Dupuis, C. Goff. vided courteous and efficient ushering. ppanr' CAROL KIRK Head Usherette CLeft to right! Nolan Blackman, John Faessel, Joan Perry, Nadine Hoffner, Carol Kirk, head usheretteg John Brooks, Pat Coker, Marilyn Koontz, Jim Moore, Pete Garey, and Mike Gerber. Carol Kirk ushers students into a program. This is one of the many affairs they so ably assisted in during the school year. A Page 82 Max, as.. Q.. L L X ' i, 'ff' 1: MACHINISTS CLUB fLeft to rightj Row 1-R. Allen, L. Clarke, B. Showalter, J. Jennings, J. Stilwell, F. Sparks, A. Jones. Row 2- H. Alexander, E. Denney, D. Philpott, J. Boren, R. Nliller. D. Doveatt, D. Sandersfield. Hushman, J. Lee, D. Green, E. Jahr. MACHINISTS CLUB OFFICERS lLeft to rightj Machinists were lead this year by D Doveatt secretary treasurer R Miller, president: J. Jennings, ll.. I tr ,f i I A i ' . , - I - tool chaserg J. Boren, sergeant-at-arms. Row 3-N. Clow, L. Heinecke. C. Mooney, L. MACHINISTS CLUB The Machinists club is composed ol mem- bers ot the vocational machine shop classes. The boys are the boys that do not expect to go on to college so they are trying to get specialized training, such as machine operat- ing, theory ot industrial machines, and pro- duction here in high school. This is one way the boys can earn their science credit, necessary tor graduation. These classes are three periods a day. lt is necessary tor the course to envolve so much time so that all ot the necessary things may loe covered. The group has taken many field trips to the ditterent industrial plants in and about Anaheim. Some ot the out ot town trips were made to Fontana Kaiser, Brea Chiksan, and all ot the Anaheim industrial plants. Paae S iii Ei th ,XVW ART CLUB CLeft to rightb Row 'l-M. Koontz, B. Howery, C. Anderson, P. Weidner, L. Val- dez, J. Antonlin, S. Brisbon, B. Benson, C. Dagit, C, Haderlie. Row 2-P. Fry, J. Nickey, N. Feil, C. Kirven, N. Wallace, D. Lange, C. Schmid, B. Boege, C. Alvey. Row 3-D. Fluegge, L. Claussen, J. Greene, R. Kingsley. S. Lopez, E. Kuykendall, C. Dykstra, M. Boch, Z. Mitchell Row 4-G. Emmerson, S. France, D. Steinbrink, E. Bradley, D. Williams, F. Alford. Row 54 B. Dickenson. A. Dugdale. T. Wade, E. Fredrick, L. Heffren. B. Hudson. LAZY A RIDIN CLUB ff 7 The Lazy A Riding club is de- in W signed tor healthful relaxation. 9 Membership is open to any girl t in school who will abide by rules ot the organization. Although the number participating in the rides are limited by the number ot horses available. Rides occur on the last Friday ot the month ' at the Irvine Park stables. , ART CLUB This year the Art Club visited on art exhibit at the Orange Coast College Art Center. The center also provided a conducted tour through the new art depart- ment which included lectures, demonstrations by the instructors as well as retreshments. The Art Club strives to acquaint its members with up-to-date events in that field. Any student ot AUHS who wishes to know more about art may become a member. .,..,wxiS!! l i x it get RIDING CLUB CLeft to rightj Row 1-A. Weidner. M. Boch, C. Dykstra. P. Weidner, G. Shipley, M. Reeves, N. Loetterle, J. Troutman. Flow 2-P. Fry, D. Bovee. D. Mitobe, R. Miller, P. Kirk, P. Russell. C. Swank, A. Matouk. Row 3-S. Contreras, B. Englesman, S. Cuthbert, A. Huesca,T . Reveles, B. Mclntyre. Row 4-B. Garrison, F. Calhoun, K. Capon, M. Downy, L. O'Gi-ady, B. Kiefer, C. Cushman. Row 5-P. Grimes. J. Duke. D. Rutherford M. Dar-gatz, P. Roberts, K. Mills, L. Pauls. Page 84 V if 'Wie' l l ' ,, V we I as f I a ik i ns . V. lv. I r , , -I , -1, SQ. , aw l 1 ll , I Q.. Hg, - "'-5 ix TE - ss . S 5 I L? 5 fi . . ,, . .N GIRLS' RIFLE CLUB 1Left to right! Row 1-L. Barnett, J. Darshay, M. Edwards, D, Rodgers. J. Finnegan, D. Kelley, G. Eagen, 5. Mittrnan, S. Gayler, J. Backe. Row 2-K. Northrup, N. Feil, P. Garatz, G. Gray, . Dierberger, J. McCoy, S. Gayler, D. Lange. Row 3-D. Selfridge, W. Pittser, K. Hathaway, G. Barchenger, L. Blythe, J. Troutman, P. Briggs, C. Barnes, J. Vogt, G. Yates, S. Williams, C. Brown, J. DeConnick, A. Sitch. Row 4-B. Mclntyre, D. Williams, L. Haygood, S. Lopez, B. Clark, J. Stanley, M. Boston, M. Waldo. Row 5-B. Ricker, L. Huffman, D. Nadorff, J. Briscoe, S. Welch, F. Howard, H. Morris, M. Mitchell. GIRLS' RIFLE CLUB OFFICERS fLeft to rightj Row 1-L. Barnett, execu- tive officerg S. Williams, treasurerg B. Mclntyre, secretary, G. Barchenger, president, D. Selfridge, vice-presiderlt GIRLS' RIFLE CLUB A championship year was the re- ward of the i954 Girls' Rifle Club. The initiation day and banquet was tollow- ed by a pop-corn sale, a gala Christ- mas party tor the veterans at Norco hospital, exciting ritle matches, and the Military Ball. The year was terminated with the election ot new otticers, the installation, and a good-bye party. Under the supervision ot Mrs. Cora Watters, a marvelous year was had. Page 85 f sf 7, Q Q W e 1 Q x f .., N ,,.. , I fz H91-ate? N-W,-1 K of ' ' .2 f i . L--' .TL as - , 0 'QM , it ' 2 1- . "."'9. ' , f- . Vrvvvl Z' :-...ig W A6 f .A..A. f gs- 4 , "-f 1 COLONIST KNIGHTS OFFICERS Cl.eft to rightj Row 1-B. Puckett, secretary, B. Stebbins, president: B. Nlattox, sergeant-at-arms. Row 2- R. Acton, vicerpresidentg and J. Ard, treasurer. 1. ru.. Mft it 4 Q .2 1 COLONIST KNIGHTS The Colonist Knights are a selected group of AUHS junior and senior boys organized tor the purpose of service to the student body and taculty. Some of the services performed this year included decorating the goal posts, covering band seats, helping with bleacher conduct, checking doors at basketball gomes, checking the school parking lot, changing the billboard in front of the school, and many others too numerous to mention. ,.N COLONIST KNIGHTS tl.eft to righty Row 1-B. Stebbins, M. Troop, J. Faessel, M. Gouyd, B. Mattox, D. Leigh, M. Gerber. Row 2 F. Huncl, D. Hathcock, Ft. Contreras, L. Clarke, B. Puckett, A. Gastulem, S. Muro. Row 3-J. Cardenas, D. Salaets. J. Brooks Martin, C. Prentice, J. Ard, J. Habener. Row 4-W. Taylor, B. Stoll, B, Bovee, D. Isbell, D. Acton, B. Ensminger. Row 5-Jack Ciosson, R. Pinkstaff. Page 86 X i- awww "fm , rt f Q, . 2 . f , iw , . 5-J C X l ' fs- x BOWLING CLUB lLeft to rig1.,tl Row 1-P. Coker, S. Bergerson, K. Coker. Bow 2-K. Kopfer. G. Shipley, S. Neiman. S. Powell. V. Schneider, B. Benson, D. Syrnpson. Row 3-L. Heffern, K. Seibert, P. Balderhausen, S. Burgess, S. Plue, H. Davidson, Row -l-W. Newkirk, E. Leonard, D. Kohlenberger, C. lVlcCauley, T. Smith, D. Powell, B. Turner, J. Trott. Row 5-F. Fiddler, G, lVlcLearn, W. Davidson, E. Hill, R. Anderson, J. Ard. BQWLING CLUB lLeft to rightb Row 1-K. Coker, treasurer, R. Ander- son, vice-president, Gerry Shipley, president, Vicky Schneider, secretary. BOW I CLUB The Bowling Club was orgonizecl ol the lirsl of The school yeor ond officers were elecleol ond Teams organized. Weekly visils lo The bowling cilleys were iniliolecl onol names chosen for lhe learns. Such leorlul lilles os "Alley Coils" headed 'fhe lisl of lecim names. ln Moy ci poriy was held ond The win- ning learns were presenlecl prizes. Page 87 7s 1 5 1 3 . cv. dm L2. FW ws, CLert to rightb Row 1-J. Saucedo, A. Reveles, S. Kauffman, R. Odermatt, J. Spady. Row 2-J. Nickey, P. Balderhausen. A. Shipley, G. Simonton, J. Roders. Row 3-N. Shafer, C. Poyet, M. Lockhart, S. Jameson. Row 4'-4H. Davidson, B. Hudson L. Has- kins, H. Mayer, Row 5-C. Philips, Y. Kinoshita, B. Kramp, A. Nakawaki. Row 6- M. Hempshatl, J. Krah. NI. Gravety. E. Mata, L. Jahr. E. Stokes. it tit sir LIBRARY M CLUB Library club members are iunior statt members ot the AUHS library. Their Willing service and interest in the library .53 his are greatly responsible tor the varied pro- gram your library otters. iw, L The club was led by president Bob ivil V Puckett, secretary, Sandra Kauttman, pub- 'T l licity, Beverly Penkunas, Red Cross repre- H sentative Pam Anderson. 25 . F, FUTURE NURSES The Future Nurses Club has many ac- tivities, which this year included serving at a Crippled Childrens' Party, visiting a school tor deat children, promoting better health on campus, and making tray favors tor Orange County hospitals, as their Red Cross project. Their adviser, Mrs. Webb, is doing much to make this club become one ot the most prominent at AUHS, tLeft to rightt Row 1-S. Brisbin, S. Kauffman. Ft. Anderson. B. DeJager, D. Rou I d Ro 2-J. Cha man, Nt. Gage, F. Mcflray. Brown, Row 3-B. Messer. G an , w p Stewart. W, Whitney, G. Thompson, Row 4-R. Kingsley, P. Kingsley, B. Puckett, J. Shaffer. Page 28 ,Q ""1. Jig zA,Q V T DRAMA CLUB lReading from left to righty Row 1-V. Schneider, M. Casebeer, J. Mauerhan, P. Grover, B. Mauerhan, T. DeBruyn, M. Koontz. Row 2-C. Hein, D. Simpson, L. Heffern, D. Sagan, M. Head, B. Klemm, B. Boege. Row 3-G. Shipley, A, Allen, B. Van Delden, C. Alvey, J. Jungkeit, R. Cadwalader. Row 4--R. Wallace, B. Shimel, P. Roberts. Row 5-J. Brooks, D. Saviers, K. Cotler, B. Bircher, J. Chambers, R. Herman, D. Hathcock. Row 6-J. Pickard, D. Kohlenberger, B. Bovee, G. Adams, D. Toussau. RAMA CLUB i T "All The world is o slcge cmd every T mon cmd woman ThereoT, merely ploy- 1 f ers," 5 The Dromcx club hos Tor iTs members I T The so-coiled "lime lighTers" for They T ore The porTiciponTs in The dromolic produchons. This year They worked on The junior Ofld Senior ploy Gnd The Chrislmos pro- gram. DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS fReading from left to rightj Row 1-Don Saviers, treasurer, John Brooks, vice-president, Reynette Wallace, president, and Rachael Cadwalader, secretary. Page S9 E wen MOZART CLUB QLeft to rightj Row 1-D. Lee, B. Nlauerhari, A. Reveles, W. Ashworth, C. Schmid. N. Blackman. J. Cordier, B. Mat- tox, J. Nlauerhan, NI. Gerber, A. Betts. Row 2-S. Disrud, C. Logsdon, G. Taylor, D. Coons, J. Kohlenberger, P. Santi, R. Reyes. Row 3-D. Visel, N. Schafer, F. Fischle, D. Kohlenberger. P. Kohlenberger, C. Fechter. C. Poyet, B. Palmer, K. Dierst. Row 4--C. Bonner, C. Rutledge, J. Crilichfield, L, Haskins, D. Gosnell, D. HOIVS, C. Fitz, A, Th3n1g150n, J, Vale, Row 5-D, Nelson, B, Ryan, R, Pajak, R, Browne, W. Taylor, C. Webb. W. Henry, Ci. Bonner. MOZART CLUB The Mozart Club, music club ot the school, started the year att with a bang with a masquerade initiation party. The biggest project ot the year was the stupendous "Top ot the Pops" one ot the most fabulous music productions ever to be presented to the public of Orange County. Membership is open to music students who show above average interest in music. Sheldon Disrud serves as adviser. NDF' IVIOZART CLUB OFFICERS tLeft to rightb Row 1-Yvonne Fitz, vice- president: Peggy Kohlenberger. president: Jan Ci-itchfield, historian. Row 2-Ann Betts, secretary: and Wendell Taylor, treasurer, Page 90 'X fr 99 Wx Tie 77,-,W x, ff -Q , --- flifi -f it 7 Arg sl Q 55 I 2 ffia 5, l ,, , .Qt , , 3 e ' 'N i FFA-tLeft to rightj Row 1-D. Bamford. J. Dierberger, C. Koblitz, D. IVlcCuistiori, J. Fischbeck, D. Brownfield. C. Siewert, D. Will- iams. Row 2-D. Peltzer, Ft. Siegele, G. Lamb, J. Mackey. Ft. Pike. T. Yasumatsu, D. Lindgren, B. Delaney. Row 3-J. Seabourn D. Koesel, F. Busald, J. Rodgers, T. Roberson. E. Laird, D. Beberia. Row 4-D. Nlclvlillin, D. Koebrich, L. Moorehead, J. Vieira, J Cardenas, L. Nlang. UTU RE ARMERS or MERICA Y R up The Anaheim chapter of the Future Farmers of America is limited to boys gi., ' l iii enrolled in vocational agriculture. The 0 organization has one business meeting iii and one recreational meeting every month. The local chapter annually sponsors a basketball tournament for all schools in the county. In addition to their local activities they participate in several field days, fairs, shows, and statewide judging contests. f... .W ., glffgt M . P ' is M ' K ' "' " ' We are fortunate this year to have L ft 1 ' htj Row 1-R. Korn. B. Schuringa, J. Schurinlga, J. Rodgers, L. r fwoeorehfieard? J. Vieria, J. Huckabee. E. Laird, D. Bebereia are shown here G former member Rodger Delvlllle O5 out at the SCWO' farm- a reporter on the state executive com- mittee. Vase gt 'wiiv iff- -ed we at . 1 JE fi PRESS CLUB cFrorn left. to rlghtp Row 1-S. Swofford. O. Tovar, C. Sloman. S. Arnold, V. Deveney, R. Cherry, R. Griggs, C. Dagit N. Blackman, J. Bettinger. Row 2-P. Fry, B. Van Delden, G. Hawkins, C. Sowers, D. Leigh, G. Olvera, P. Santi, D. Coons. Row 3- B. Van Delden. M. Dargatz, R. Contreras. J. Neilsen. B. Knox. P. Lopez, P. Roberts, V. Otte. Row 4-N. Hoffner. J. Kaufman, P Balderhausen, B. Kramp, E. Bruhns, P. Grimes, S. Bengochea, D. Toussau, J. Moore. PRESS CLUB ACTIVITY rLeft to rightj P, Fry, P. Lopez. R. Cherry, C. Slornan, V. Deveney, R. Griggs, O. Tovar, S. Swofford, G. Olvera, first se rnester Anoranco staff hard at work in the journalism room. Page 92 PRESS CLUB The Press Club on the campus is com- posed ol all members ot the senior pub- lications class and A ancl B students in iournalism. The clubs purpose is to foster interest and enthusiasm tor the printed word. Field trips and a picnic are some of the activities ot the club. This is the tirst year tor the club as it has replaced another ot like purpose. COLONIAL COED5 tLeft to rightl Row 1-Nl. Richards, B. Boege, Y, Fit 9 x wit .I es . A A , X I S xi wt N 3 fm z, P. Kohleriberger. J. Perry, S. Arnold. B. Nlauerhan Nl Casebeer, J. Nlauerhan, A. Betts, C. Walker, S. Olding. Row 2-L. Fukuda, D. Grueriernay, R. Fischle, B. Olsen, Z. Fort, R. Cwdw ader, G. Barchenger, W. Van Hunnick, A. Mayberry. Row 3-Nl. Hamrnatt, R. Wallace, L. Haskins, P. Halvorson, C. Kirk. G T lor. C. Logsdon. Row 4-A. Allen. J. Jungkeit, C. Fechter, D. Gosnell, J. Critchfield, I.. Heffern, N. Hoffrier. D. Holve, K Dierst P. Sarlti. s....,..... EDS OFFICERS tLeft to rightj Row 1-Barbara Mauerhan. CoLONSI5A!23p?egentativeg Joan Nlauerhan, historian, Gloria Taylor, secretary: sgrcgine Harnmatt, vice-presidentg Reynette Wallace, sergeant-at-arms: Janycritchfield, treasurerg Diane Gruenemay, president. COLONIAL OEDS Celebrating another year as one ot the oldest and most active campus service clubs is the Colonial Coeds under the leadership ot Miss Maxine DuCoty and Mrs. Mildred l-loien. They have undertaken many activities, sev- eral coke and cookie sales, selling programs at football games, taking orders tor "A" pins, serving at the annual football banquet and sponsor- ing an Easter party tor Orange County crippled children, W fp.. F 'LW TOASTMASTERS CLUB The Toastmasters club is an organization WY composed ot students interested in improving their speaking ability. Every other week a meeting is held at which the members give impromptu talks. Two activities which mark the beginning and end ot the year are the initiation din- ner, given in October, and the annual beach party, which is held in May. TOASTMASTERS OFFICERS tLeft to rightj Row 1-Lois Haskins, secret- ary: Merle Meyer, president: Mary Lou Casebeer, sergeant-at-arms. Row 2-Reynette Wallace, sergeam-at-arms: Sharon Bell, treasurer, Donna Reaf- snyder, vice-president. if ef WW w XX X , , fx in f. 1 i TOASTMASTERS llftight to lefty Row 1-K. Lenain, B. Boege, B. Garrison, C. Schmid, M. Casebeer, S. Arnold, J. Faessel, D. Ames. J. Mauerharl, C. Dagit, J. Bettinger, S. Bell, V. Schneider, S. Meger, B. Mauerhan. Row 2--D. Sagan, J. Gerber, D. Thomas, S. Sangs- ter, C. Walker, M. Meyer, J. Foster, K. Forbes, J. Faessel, J. Bauman, A. Williams, P. Anderson. Row 3-R. Fischle, C. Gastelum, J. Ferguson. B. Mattox, R. Contreras, R. Wallace, L. Haskins. D. Rearsnyder, B. McDougal, C. Hein, J. Roddam. Row 4-B. Van Delden, K. Eldred, A. Garey, J. Stabbert, D. Salaets, D. Coons, T. Carter, D. Simpson. Row 5-P. Roberts, R. Contreras, B. Squier, D. Elder, Z. Fort, Diane Coons, S. Newlin, D. Prondzinski. Row 6-C. Wilkirson, B. Van Delden, P. Mushegain, C. Cox, M. Taylor, D. Hath- cock, B. Blakely, T. Frank, J. Priday, D. Haskel. Row 7-S. Schafer, J. Syrnpson, K. Cordes, S. Cordes, J. Critchfield, G. Taylor, A. Mayberry. Ftow 8-NI. Dargatz, Nl. Boch, J. Roberts, D, Warwick. D. Kohlenberger, L. Bushey, M, Cone, W. Thompson, L. F. Kellogg. Page 94 A-.gui it .XX X 1 f l 7 0 COMMERCIAL CLUB OFFICERS 4Left to righti Sandy Sangster. Treasurer: Cherrie Golf, Vice-President: Bonne Van Delden. Red Cross representative: JoAnn Rees, President: Lydia Jahr. Historian: Suzanne Summa. Reporter: Marilyn Richards. Secretary. COMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club with its leaders: president, Jo Anne Rees, vice-president, Cherrie Gott, secretary, Marilyn Richards, treasurer, Sandy Sangster, historian, Lydia Jahr, and Red Cross representative, Bonne Van Delden, contributed greatly in torwarding the club in its activities. The most important ot these activities were: selling refreshments during halt-time at the tootball games, purchasing typing and shorthand pins tor those deserving ot them, and above all the sensational Be-Bop Sock I-lop held March 5, tor the other students ot the school. This ended the year ot i954 tor the members ot the FBLA, Chapter IAO ot Anaheim. COMMERCIAL CLUB CLeft to rightj Row 1-D. Seapy, J. McDonald, B. Squire, W. Thompson, T. Frank. D. Rice. Row 2-C. Hein, A Reveles, D. Simpson, C. Cox, J. Ferguson, S. Meger, V. Schneider, S. Powell, B. Bircher, R. Loffhagen, A. Young, M. Richards, K Brand, E. Bruhns. Row 3-N. Kerns, B. Blakely, S. Newlin, D. Castellani. B. Shimel, C. Chapman. M. Ritter. J. Troutman, C. Barnes. C. DeWitt, D. Hollowell, E. Merrifield. Row 4--D. Leo, E. Bradley, M. Dixon. R. Hamic, V. Dallape, B. Ric!-ser. M. Kozlovsky. S. Eze,-. geson B. Dierberger, C. Goff, B. Henderson, J. Hannon, B. McDougal. Row 5-P. Engebretson. J. Gwaltney. D. Cooris. L. Evans. L Jah'-y YM, Gage, R. Ramsey, J. Bylsma, J. Wiseman, B. Hemsley. J. Rees, K. Cordes. S. Cuthbert. Row 6-B. Bovee. J. Schaeht. D. Jeni sen, T. Signer, P. Harker, J. Schwernrner, J. Thomason. E. Miranda, T. Cruz. C. Cox. i:-.-ff .IUNIORS AND SENIORS TRI-HI-Y i 1 5 6 f 5 , ff' i-JT JR., SR. TRI-HI-Y lleft to rightj Row l-S. Klamrn, J. Perry, J. Critchfield, B. Van Delden. D. Pool. V. Otte. U. McDonald, D. Coons, S. Briggs. M. Cone. J. Mauerhan, M. Gunter. L. Haskins, R. Wallace. Row 2 - K. Forbes, P. Kohlenberger, Nl. Case- beer, C. Schmid, N. Loetterle, S. Summa. M. Koontz, J. Muraoka, J. Royer, D. Ames, S. Arnold, J. Bettinger. C. Dagit. R. Cherry, B. Mauerhan, S. Olding. C. Walker, C. Dykstra, J. Gerber, Z. Fort, B. Garrison. Row 3 - A. Betts, B. Olsen, A. Legg, M. Mooney, M. Holiday, C. Kirk, N. Hoffner, M. Miller, B. Auclair, K. Cordes. A. Mayberry, G. Taylor, C. Logsdon. B. Boege, K. Brand, J. Pea- cock, M. Richards. Row 4 - P. Kirchrnann, K. Dierst, R. Fischle, R. Botts. N. Shafer, B. Hemsley, C. Haderlie. J. Hannon, C. Goff, E. Bruhns, K. Coker. P. Anderson. Row 5-Y. Fitz, P. Halverson, C. Poyet, A. Allen. C. Fechter. N. Barthelmes, J. Wiseman, A. Jorgenson, B. Henderson, D. Sagan, M. Head, S. Sangster, G. Alleman. Row 6 - J. Chambers. D. Gosnell. L. Claussen. V. Ben- gochea, J. Junkeit, B. Downs. A. Sanchez, G. Emmerson. S. Holsinger, J. Stanley. W. Whitney. B. Shimel. M. Hammatt. B, Kramp, C. Alvey, P. Quarton. Row 7 - P. Valusek, D. Fluegge, E. Richards. G. Dupuis, M. Dargatz, P. Roberts, S. Zwart, R. Smith, A. Wheeler, S. Bergeson, B. Wham. L. Swint. Row 8-B. Van Delden, S. David, K. Henry, D. Reafsnyder. J. Elder. G. Newkirk, M. Mahlstedt, S. Ritts. V. Villa, L. Heffern. FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES TRI-HI-Y , A FRESHNIEN - SOPHONIORE TRI-HI-Y lLeft to rlghtj Row 1-G. Yates. P. Briggs L Wiclimwn T C t Sympson, K. Walker, B. Blakely. Row 2-S. Lnllywhite, S. Ross, D. Vvright. G. Simointon. B.lWi'ig-lit,aS.e'Bo5tcESiBell' Qlllqnpgifreij' knutzen, J. Faassen, s. Bell, J. Foster, s. Reed, s. Powell. v. schneidel-, D. Nipp. I.. Lai-sen. c. Pietz. s. iviegei- 'C' GQsteiu,,,' A' Weidner. Row 3-L. Kliever, C. Allen, J. Lenicke, J. Cantrel, J. Ferguson. C. Hein, D. Simpson, J. Nickey. J. Gi-een 5 Van lj-,if sem, C. Booth, J. McFarland, K..Lenain, H. Hoffner, N. Wallace. P. Mveidner. Row 4-M. Vincent, C. Strachan. V. Ricker B. Hal'- vey, AD. Nlltobe, S. Nevvlln, J. Winfrey, M. Rasmussen, M. Taylor. J. Stabbert. J. Roddam. M. Buckner. B. Sims. D. Lang Klemm P. Kirk. Row 5-R. Roda-re, I.. Blakely, c. Peterson. A. Lindgren, A. Gm-ey, c. cox, H. iviiiiei-. v. Lee. 5. Co:-des. P. Anderson B: Bircher, C. Chapman. K. Rennie, E. Fecliter, D. Hollowell, J. Beeman, M. Waldo. Row 6-L. Sundquist, S. Neiman. R Unger' S. Elder, D. Richards, J, Schwemmer, S. Cuthb et D. Gs - ' ' ' ' ' ' er, iuenemay. D. Pionclzinski. A. Williams. L. Coley. K. Caffee. G. Watts, J. Nelson. K, Hathaway, E, Harberg. Row 7-R. Loffhagen, V. Elliott, M. Olvera. M. Ewing, L. Baker, S. Schafer, M. Hodges, J. Schmitt, G. Reeh. N. Kerns, K. Rickert, L. Schulz. J. Light, L. Fischle, J. Jones. Row 8-J. Doty. P. Dargatz, N. Guss. S. Graves, V King C. Wilkerson, J. Red, M. Zwart, R. Smith, L. Cheatum, K. Eldred. P. Rettig, C. Ryan. Row 9-D. Heffern. J. Jung, J, Reyndlds C: Kramp, M, Hernandez, C. Fitz, R. Mungerson, Z. Hartman. J. Deflonnick, A. Thomason, N. Shaffer. K. Price. L. Daily. V Page 96 JUNIORS AND SENIORS HI-Y n. aa 197' My yu- wx -f V f ?f NN . . NX x x Q fl ' , f 4-44-+-.4 ' T-..-.. -f'? ,XXI 415 k . . LX J ' ' .-- 'May :.. . .1 '9 ., K f f, . JR. - SR. HI-Y fLeft to rightj Row 1-J. Henry, R. Loustau, P. Grover, IVI. Troop, D. Salaets, B. Nlalox, K. Swenson, H. Herrera, Row 2-N. Clow, J. Sanders, R. Herman, F. Doretti, B. Ryan, D. Lee, E. Rickel, R. Powell, J. Crosson. Row 3-R. Contreras, M. Nleyer, L. Bushey, T. Cone. Row 4-W. Taylor, T. Tangney, F. Fisohle, D. Stephenson, R. Hurst, B. Guss, C. Lakeman. Row 5- R. Dierberger, B. Stoll, J. Neuman, B. Turner, W. Henry, S. Schafer, J. Scnuringa, S. Loard, S. Carter. Row 6-E. Denny, L. Clarke, C. Pollard, W. Murray, L. Casey, B. Stoffel, A. Gastelum, D. Greene. Row 7-B. Dickenson, J. Habener, G. Wilkinson, R. Acton, R. Pirlkstaff, D. Taravella, R. Jimenez, R. Korn, J. Lee, D. Isbell. FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES HI-Y if V '-if T 'XM 3 -Q . .3 , , ,Q X SN . an , .4 ,,:,.,,.,eq ' ilwfaegyfig FROSH - SOPH HI-Y qLeft to rightl Row 1-L. Allen, D. Casey, L. Stockwell, D. Nlallonee, W. Williams. Row 2-D, Onstenk D Kohlenberger, D. Bultena, J. Kohlenberger, J. Greene, M. Holland, Row 3-R. Cancino, D. Visel, D. Warwick, D. Di-ennon, L, W'o,lteii- Row 4f-J. Stanton, T. Dinkler, G. Durkee. ' -w ..- - fig: 27 Ms.. .as 2' S Mwmc., i eqkgfd FHA CLUB CLeft to rightj Row 1-A. Reveles, A. Rosales, S. O'Hara. J. Muraoka, S. Bell, S. Reed, C. Dagit, H. Aquilar, E. Valadez, R. Rodarte, A. Weidner. Row 2-J. Saucedo, M. Okuda, P. Bode, C. Dykstra, D. Mitobe, C. Gastelum, V. Philpott, M. Gage, Y. Kin- oshita, J. Chapman, A. Godwin. Row 3-L. Cabral, A. Avalos, A. Nakawaki, J. DeConnick, J. Wiseman, W. Whitney, J. Stanley, B. Mclntyre, R. Odermatt, P. Fry. Row 4-V. Mejia, M. Roa, R. Tswioka, D. Kwiatkowski, E. Mata, B. Benson. Row 5--J. Schwemmer, P. Provencio, S. Lopez, S. Newkirk, M. Fuentes, O. Solis, M. Graveley, D. Burzlaff. E. Cruz. Row 6-T. Cruz, J. Antolin, S. Bergeson, G. Otte, M. Cone, J. Perry, B. Brown, B. Henderson. Row 8-M. Walker. E. Miranda, C. Manns, S. Swofford. J. Forst, B. Messer, L. Pearson, B. Dawson. -vm, FHA CLUB All ot the activities of the Future Home- makers ot America are built around the FHA purposes which are to promote appreciation ot the ioys and satisfaction of homemakingg 4. ,. to emphasize the importance ot worthy home membershipg to encourage democracy in home and community lite, to work for good v home and family lite tor all, to promote in- fr ternational good will, to foster the develop- ment ot creative leadership in home and com- munity Iiteg to provide wholesome individual and group recreationy and to further interest in home economics. FHA OFFICERS tLeft to rightj Row 1-R. Odermatt, reporter, Patty Jo Fry, reporter. Row 2-R. Tsuijoka, historian, Joann Forst, president. Row 3-G. Newkirk, secretary, E. Mata, parliamentarian, C. Manns, treasurer. Page 98 V .li it tl , gka! 9 Wx 1, if NM, ii- f Q ,N J 5 Qt s. .Z .2,L .V . ' T' QS: v' l lx A Q. VZV. C , , ,, . 2 If . , fi ,vw . ' 1 si' . ? .gl- -av fmt. TORCH AND SABER QLeft to rightt Row 1-D, Terry. A. Tanaka. Fi. Decker. J. Rae, J. Vogt. B, Ensminger. Row 2-P. Salazar, F. Moreno, B. Collyer, R. Gayler, D. Nlerritt, B. Dierberger. G. Patterson. Major Comstock. TORCH AND SABER OFFICERS fLeft to rightj Ro-rlald Ga-yler. secretaryg Paul Salazar, P residentg Aki Tanaka, treasurery Frank Moreno, vice-president. TORCH AND SABER The Torch and Saber Club were en- gaged in many activities during the year. They put on a drive for books and clothing for Korean children. Most important of all they co-sponsored the Sixth Annual Military Ball. This formal hall proved to be different and was a huge success. The club is composed of all the Cadet Officers of the local unit. The Club officers are as follows: president Lt. Col. Paul Salazarg vice-president, Major Frank Morenog secretary, Capt. Ronald Gaylorg treasurer, Lt. Aki Tanaka. Page 99 MW, ewwfw .0-,Vi MCH MW ,, ,. ,..x .W 2 X 1 M12 W' , f J we 4,3732 ' 4-4 ...Wy is - 2 M sf f A! 5? fx' 1 1u..ff:f'-1 f N' If I X W f 4 1 f X , f f, f V...:.:A FIRST SEMESTER HONOR SOCIETY lLeft to rightl Row 1-B. Mauerhan, M. Hammatt. D. Gruenemay, R. Scott, L. Fukuda, W VanHunnicK, J. Faessel, K. Brand, A. Young. Row 2-I-l. Hoffner, L. Strong, C. Cashman, A. Allen, M. Taylor, D. Fluegge. Row 3- B. Olsen, P. Valusek, N. Shafer, J. Roddam. A. Thomason, J. Reese. Row 4-R. Tsujioka. A, Williams, C. Fechter, J. Winfrey, M Rasmussen, B. Klemm, L. Claussen. Row 5-IVI. Buvinich, K. Schmitt, K. Rickert, J. Critfillfield. D- HONG. C- l-OQSGOHI G- THYIOF V, Bengoohea. Row 6-M. Holland, T. Cone, D. Lee, M. Gouyd, F. Fischle, M. Mitchell, E. Leonard. K. Cotler. Row 7--D. Acton, J. Pearson, D. Stephenson, J. Brooks. I RIMM WG 46,7 'Z ly, il! IW W' ? 47? I Z f iff M M Q SECOND SENIUESTER HONOR SOCIETY fLEft to Fight, Row 1-J. W'llA i iams, M. Hammatt. D. Gruenemey. L. Fukuda, S. Lillywhite, W. VHH HUHHICK, C- BGIIWIOFB. B. Mauerhan, R. Scott, S. Rodin. Row 2-J. Faessel, K. Brand, N. Schafer. B. Olsen. J. Jones, D- Holve, C. Feehter, A. Young, L. Strong, D. Bovee, G. Simonton. Row 3-L. Claussen, A. Allen, K. Anderson, L. Schulz. M. Taylor, J. Stabbert, A. Thomason. A. Williams, J. Roddam, S. Mittman, D. Hollowell. Row 4-A. Dugdale, L. Cheatum, S. Brougher. J. Critch- field, I.. Haskins, G. Taylor, K. Dierst, M. Buvinich, J. Reynolds, C. Ryan. Row 5-G.. Newkirk. J. Light, D. Fluegge R Looper M Gouyd, J. Brooks, D. Kohlenberger K Cotler M Mitchell E L , . , . . . eonard, M. Holland, J. Sympson, A. Jorgeson. Row' GQJ. Rees, JZ Doty, V. Bengochea, S. Morris. J. Pearson, R. Acton, M. Meyer, C. Webb, D. Stephenson, W. Henry, W. Lashbrook, G. Newkirk, J. Dierst, K. Walker, J. McDonald. Page 100 ,,,, I 5 J I .. jg it J 1 LATIN CLUB The 70 members of the Latin Club look two trips this year. The trips were to Los Angeles to see "The Robe" and l'Julius Caesar". The main club event ot the year was the Latin Club Banquet which took place in April. lt is at this banquet that the new members are intiateol into the club. A party clirnaxed the year's activities. l ' I 'FT .sz 2. m an. 2 K T Q ,. , 'V . ' 'Z ' J , 332 ' 'T A f- ' ' g . H. lf- .. lr .. , I YW FW . V2.f., we x, Q R . gg. - 1 Q. . ,af r "w -4 W T -fe' "' W A' '., n fs' r - 4 3 to If A .If "" LY , . Q sl, WQQ?5 ?f 3 wmrsf ffm, 4 L J, , f is I-yy, 1. I x f I ill W V, Neg, S V l I 1 Ja' 4 E 2 . , , ,,,.p.if :.15.A-lk A gf g irgf lw. , CV... -1 ':j?T,Wl' s ,Rx 8 .X , q s js , rf? T' A i Z 4 i :'f"' A, 13.4, - :I-ji ,l ' - ,,T5?flL T E 'f l LATIN CLUB SECOND SEMESTER G. Simonton, Nl. Clodt. G. Thueson. L. Battle, A. Weidner. Row 2-L. Schulz, K. Schmitt, K. Hathaway. J. Barry. L. Allen. Flow 3-L. Nlar- Donald, J. Baker, D. Hamilton, J. Dierst, D. Dunnett. Row 4- olf, J. Nlc lLeft to rxghtj Row 1-S. Lopez, NI. Cook, D. Ramsey, lVl. Rainey. ff? LATIN CLUB CLeft to rigl-ity Row 1-D. Kohlenberger, S. Newlin, W ummm '93 3m 'UI 3- P2 292 3' -. in -'RT 32 are '4 2' jg :U Tug 'USL5 mi' Sm? 22' 2 vlQN .El 55 E30 3' 5 ' 922 rf X24 og-F' Oo S-ww 032 V' 3 1193 459 3'3- C- JP 3 : CD F93- fe? wir :Z N' I ffl m-. 52? I Egl- :xg- UQJI ZJPW 2 3 75-3 224 EQ4 EF? :QI U7 C 'Ri' 3 27' Meach,l D. Lee. Henry, J. Gerber, Nl. Gouyd, J. Foster, if l l l 4 l 1 J. Brooks. F. Fischle. nick, A. Allen, J. Rees, Barcheriger. K. Brand. n. Flow 5-J. Warnes I EilrFl:SlNl- Keernesri S. Bengochea, N. Sriafer, C. Willcirson, l-lolve, P. Grimes, Holland, K. Capon. Row 6-R. Bielefeld, J. Habener, I Dinklleri C. Prentice, J. Lepper, F. Stoufer, B. French, R. Blankmeyer, J. Doty. Row 7-R. Cancino, L. Wolter. J. Swint, G. Bonner. Page 'llT"l Vw 2 H f ygqweek fix. 1 'Wm v, V ,Y , ig, V, ' : K V K - ,' 1 ' I-aififzfi. , Mfwiswzw T S "::Qmw,1V,:. fp . .L 7 ,, X 1 5 -W. V V :M KX, '. V fi t- .,gQ .f" L4 I ,. "A ' " A 4 4 ,V -ix ,A W W PM :S ' Q -Vw 45 2 ,i A Ve 'L .V , ,. . , . ,Q H SQ K , " 4 ug' ' if X? s wma? , V X " ,, 43, P. x sv . LA 'HV r 4 .V "fb - , Q W ar M 'ffivfzf ,fx V " " f ' ' V V Ffn1,Wk ,A ' A, . . mx . '- x- S5395 X , ,Jef PY- V VV V A V P f V ' V A ' :ffi'm f'f!'1 ' .fbi ' WW X W m . 'W -"fb ' N Ur , V-5,"' ."Z,,1 k5?' V v pw M ' VV ' N ,gt ,. H , ,,,.. ,, A ,.m,.V. . K , ,, ,V Vg ., .Q A ' I ' H .Isl-'06-2. "P mf., 'fm-mf' V .fx V .ww X-f.,?f4s5+ V- ' A " 'F5Jiif " lf:.-. -1E??.3W5:-' - A N ' :2E?i:?5":-f'-Vi: V V.J'NTN1w , ' "'I1 , Y 'ani . ', -I :VV ' ,W ' . '-Qviw' , ,V V-Til' , . ' J il" ' -V VVQ- 1- - V H: , Q 1 , Q.X- A mr x + X my 'L 3 1 ww f , Q HRV ' ' WF' , jlhwr-lx! 1953-54 X X 5 ., W' f . X, ' X nf ' N N ' 7, mn . , W , , w ,A fy ' Vw KM af, A, 4. " Kg ,, 12. 4 1 AL ,xx A A A SUNSET LEAGUE Football .K-NA . gf' 'X X Ai'.. , T fx VI - i uf" D Varsity Rags-to-Riches Football Season Posted September 7 was the day that about 50 sorry looking young men, calling themselves football players, reported to the coaching staff of AUHS. This marked the beginning of a fabulous season at Anaheim, Though small in size the Colonists were big in heart and had a will-to-win attitude. Three weeks later the Colonists faced their first test with Redlands, who was rated a solid T3-point favorite. The Colonists battled the Terriers to a stand still with T5 seconds remaining in the game when the Terriers tallied 7 points. Next for the fiery Colonists was Citrus. The game was rated a toss-up. Anaheim decided it was time to roll, and roll they did, winning 23-l3. Anaheim found delight in winning and didn't change its mind a bit taking El Rancho in stride 33-12. Dean Phil- pott scored two td's. Las Vegas was the next tilt and the long ride was too much for the Colonists as they fell to the Wildcats T4-7. Vegas won the game on a play ending after the gun sound- ed. League play was the next stop on the Anaheim agenda. The Colonists traveled to Huntington Beach to meet the Oilers in the league opener. Anaheim bumped the Goddard- men rudely 28-7. Mickey Gouyd tallied the four td's. The "Big Game" found Fullerton and Anaheim unde- feated in league play and they were set for a clash. The big Indian line was rated too much for the light Colonist eleven. Fullerton did a good iob until the last six minutes lContinued on page TTOJ Line Captain, TOM BERG, CIF Guard M.V.P., DEAN PHILPOTT, CIF Back Backfield Captain, MICKEY GOUYD. High School All American, Back Page 105 r X 0 Su MIKE TROOP Guard HIRO SHINODA Back VINCE DEVENEY JACK CROSSON Back End Dean "The Horse" Philpott runs over. around, and through the Santa Monica defend ers for the second Colonist touchdown. XKVMH HMP '53 Page 106 GABE VASQUEZ End HON BROWNE DON LEIGH Center Back Z Z ., ,ACT f , 42124 , I M BOB LOUSTAU JOHN CARDENAS Center Back Don "TV" Leigh scampers around right end for valuable yardage in the title deciding Santa Ana game. I it XA 7.1211 V , M GARY ALLEN C e n t e r ,N , F x 5 -lb in 5 h I ' v A ' C Wx mzjiw 1. ' h 3,54 QQ. is", ----!'21 2 :vj::,.,:'L, A "" yi "" :., ff f in 7 CHUCK SOWERS End I RAY VAN DE WARKER VERN WEAVER End End RON MILLER Guard mage 107 Swmwwk 'WSW 'OVW'-wifi' Mm Back HENRY HERRERA Back ,-vw,-: .,..,1-1.1.2 w:::::X-A- 15- 5:24 wwf- 3 Q 1. ., , , ,W fl y WW of , , 44, f X Q A f. , , ,n,:,' , 1 J' 1, X ,.X-Wcyw, 'Mn I lyyxii -,"ff Q, 627, 5 X, ,Wy A WX ,I Q ?' 7' W f if l X Q 7 l XM! f of 7 of 5 4 f X 1 ,W X y I X ihiwb ff f , J ff , ' il! f f f X, 'Q ff, A , ' X, ,l , , X .1 :tw f ' "" ,-Zz: .Wk , ART CONTRERAS Tackle ff-XX "City .. WW, m f " ' xv, a g! ii 5 7 . ' yo' ,XX. , wg? JOE VILLASENOR l End ROY WEAVER Back Page 108 Z 'f "Q'- :-A-A: -Y f if: f av-mm, , X ,, e, PAUL GROVER FRANK DORETTI Tackle X-.W me K X Mickey Gouyd fleet Colonist halfback proves he can pick up yardage when needed as he ground out a yard for a TD in the Santa Monica game. WZWW X N" X Xl-Xv.XX .NQNAXQ T X sf X Q BOB LAMBETH Tackle !' ., , 'NM' MFU9' I Maw . ,X W' GEORGE DENA RONNIE FULLER Back Back Dean Philpott, Anaheim's all-CIF fullback gains fifteen yards to aid the Colonist cause in their decisive 21-7 victory over San Diego in the quarter-finals. I -. , nf, M, . - Q i i Fx xg , , - , -f S Q' ff X x Q f s Q We . 2, N f V Y " - 'C A 'X aww U AQ ,, Q? 47' S ' C Q i x ALLAN STOREY DICK HATHCOCK Manager Tackle 'if WMS. MQ 'dfffig' WVAW , , sv' sfmwx fm f fs , X, 4 W- se, ' 'F ir ff . f fn, ,, ' in-.,,m,'4.4,Aff . f LEHOY HEITIVIAN Guard ,AW-'M a nm, DICK BHELEFELD End , 7 A WWW 3 295! A s we Assy' Q Q: Ms f Qs" A A ,li ., AX. -A- QL x 2 f 1 X Sk W Q. ve C g fy. , . If A ,W H , ' I f W W 'L , -Y -199:99 ,7 H f, ifkvvf - X1 6 fffffe " JACKSON FINCK Center . ' 'wh 'M . aw i 1 i I Jw, x" ,, if , 'ff J ? Page 109 11 ,4 ,X6k if o 0 0 0 Q T5- 5 " I V .V . . yl 1 W 7 iff f X if Page 110 IE NG 3 o DZ L zu E LJ. as : : o TI -6 -6 0. X o 3 .C O E 32 o 4" LU EJ L cu 0 E E 3 Cl E h E D L O : GJ U! rt: P GJ o -J 40 S. GJ 3 o an X 0 3 5 O Ps UGS C 'U O U 72 'DE D an aa Oo S E -65 51 3 o 0 71 an X 2 2 C an P o X- 0 5 ru ll .rf El as .I C o Q f 2 Fr 51 L cts O ri 'U as 71 ms 2 .X .9 D ni C ru D as Cn L o an O l 3 0 I A +I .c .QP L o -H 4-' 'C- sv .J X L. cs 3 GJ D : cu P A rs EC Q ua P F5 QD 3 C L GJ P a. O o L I- QD x 5 cfm S. GJ EJ .- c o l'- 3 ru 44 rn 3 o ..l .Q o m Q 2 E GJ c c o II E ns E ua I rv ...I bs O L.. .Y : ns L l.I. J. 3 O Of vi cvs E o LI l' ii L. GJ D I6 CD 3 bs o DZ x o o o .c '!-' ru I x .2 D vi eu :: o 'o S. cs O s: .c o 7 C O U1 U1 o S. O x o cvs -1 X o s: Li. : o in X o ru 1 4-T +1 O D. : Q. : ru an Cl vt FG S L +1 C O U +1 2. 4 c su L rv P ru X c mr D ii l m 3 o TI ua C E 3 ru I 'E CE L 0 O E ns E GJ . 0.307 -HL U72 :E ow fb' -.Q E o ISD mi O Zin OE D54 .GJ GED 4-IX. VDO 353 4 25 L. L4 fi ..l S rui- XID 07 mn: cn 'U L O '4- S.- .D O an O 52 QQ .915 400 A- LE L 'UE Pm rs. -50 TJ: '6-,- BCD SJ. .13 .EO our ii ,,,. oc LL Os Do xx c '55 Lo N 0: 30 U2 Q- ,E fv.E .Q FU CD ,E P L FE .C 4-JJ Us D ,-VJ 1:91 m3 .mfr .QX 0.2 ma s. me-v X is EB: QE 3 'UT an T.: : 40 ng-1 P - .SN :.'.: 'WE Wm ,JI L EX 'Ur Im .LT .E L . -DE EB 4LL FOOTBALL STORY lContinued from page lO5l Then they tired and let down to rest. Don Leigh and Mickey Gouyd found three big holes and moved to the goal-line with Gouyd going across. Roy Weaver scored on a quick one making the final score T3-O for Anaheim. The Newport Tars, hoping to catch the Colonists asleep came to La Palma park The following week, lout found 'Themselves barely able to Crawl out. Anaheim clobbered the Sailors 40-T3. Santa Ana was The site of The league finale and deciding game for the championship. The Saints were rated as Tough with speed To spare. The strong Colonist defense curbed their speed and with fine precision the Vanmen dumped the Saints T9-6 to annex the league crown. The CIF playoffs were next. The Sunset League champs faced the San Diego Cavemen in the quar- ter-finals after drawing a first round bye. The Anaheim players read in The San Diego program that "The Hillers plan to follow the same routine as in the past games, piling up 30 or 40 points in the first half then coast the second half playing reserves." This enraged the wee Colonists who posted a Ql-7 victory. The great, undefeated, untied, defending CIF champion Santa Monica Vikings were the next foe for the Anaheimers in the semi-finals of the play- offs. Anaheim iust didn't stand a chance, but that's what the Vikings must have thought. The Vikes made two quick td's in the first five minutes of the game and let down thinking the game was a push- over. They should have thought twice. The Colo- nists came back strong and at halftime it was all tied at T4-M. Both Anaheim and Santa Monica scored and converted in the second half to make the final score Qi-Ql. Both teams could not go into the finals, so the team with the most first downs received The nomination. The first downs were in favor of the Vikings l5-l4. The following week Santa Monica won the CIF championship by decisioning the Whitier Cardinals 33-19. Anaheim could be shunned no more-in the minds of the townspeople, students, and Colonist followers the Anaheim team was "CIF Co-Champ- ions". ..., Bee Football i953 saw the Colony Bee football team end their seasons play with a four win and tive loss record to wind up in tourth place in Sunset league play. . ,.,,. . A .::f.Ff,.g:Z X- C 5 ii. Coached by Bill l-lunstock and Brad Cowser, the small Colonists boasted I K rr, a strong defense, but lacked an offensive punch. ' ' ' i JOE AVITIA Nlost Valuable Player SCHEDULE OF GAMES f :'. , .. Anaheim 2 Redlands l3 "ri Anaheim l 2 Citrus O A ' 6 vttt , X. Anaheim 6 El Rancho 46 ,.-if Anaheim 35 Valencia O f Anaheim 7 Huntington Beach 6 Anaheim 7 Orange 7 F Anaheim O Fullerton lA ' ff ffm X S. Anaheim l3 Newport 7 sl . .... 4 'ff 7. , Anaheim 6 Santa Ana 26 ,f 5 .. 2 .V - at ED CHAMBERS RON SABO Line Captain Backfield Captain l i i .N"""k'w:,.fv,,an......le -U .mg j. f A c ...X 'QQ ?' 42" BEE FOOTBALL SQUAD fLeft to rightj Row 1-F. Cancino, R. Rubalcava, W. VanDeWarker, B. Jugfeld, G. Fredricks, B. Lukens, F. Hund, K. Christie, G. Winters, B. McKinney. Row 2-B. Flynn, C. Conyers, J. Restek, C. Prentice, R. Smith, A. Moody. G. Mata, M. Flynn, J. Avitia, M. Bouck, R. Estrada, E. Macias, R. Pajak. Row 3-Coach Hunstock, B. Zahrte. S. Morris, T. Osiecki, J. Russell, R. Sabo, J. Napoles, W. Beach, J. Villafana, R. Adoma, W. Cooper, T. Leo, E. Chambers, L. Sutherland, L. Gonzales, F. Canales. E. Ramsey, J. Trotter.. Paqe 111 ee Fooball tinishecl second in league Coachecl by Dick Glover the Anaheim Cee's ooses" who captured the play, dropping one game to the Fullerton 'lPap league crown. The little Colonists downed Citrus, El Rancho, Valencia, Huntington BGOCl1, Orange, Newport, ancl Santa Ana, racking up M6 points to their oppo n- ents 70. DICK GROVER Nlost Valuable "C" Player fx cn Q I rn U C I'- rn O 'l'l O :V Z rn cn VQ5 Anaheim 2l Citrus O Anaheim 28 El Rancho 7 Anaheim l4 Valencia 0 Anaheim 28 Huntington Beach 7 Anaheim 7 Orange 6 Anaheim Qt Newport i2 'Alf KEN HARKER TONY NAJERA "C" Backfield Captain "C" Line Captain Q QXSQV ,c.c A l r ew, ,,Q' mf . ,.,,,. L. Q CEE FOOTBALL SQUAD iLeft to right, Flow 1-D. Grover, L. Lehman, D. Daniels, B. William . - T. Tanaka, T. Najera, K. Harker, E. Villa, D. schiagel. Row 2-D. Hathcock, s. Morris, J. Rosbeil-tsvllJ?ltlSi:fcJa1y' Elmilfik' B3 Po-19' Nejera, R. Eberhard, Nl. Quarton, Ft. Joy, P. Snyder, J. Baker, V. Lamas, J. McDonald, J. Escarsega A. Galiridoi Raye gl B' Burns, Fi. Larsen, B. Dykes, Fl. Espinoza, I. Gonzales, T. Jackson, R. Caballero, P. Gerber, D. Ftatzlaltf J. Hamic' R ow - - I Goebel, D. Combs, B. Dunlavy, C. Ybarra, M. Fowler, G. Koehler, Paxton, assistant coach, and Glover, igoach, ' ' Bind, P- Page 112 s -:wel r VARSITY PLAYERS tLeft to Rightj Row 1-J. Lee, R. Wada, B. French, D. Philpott. M. Beach, P. Salazar, R. Pinkstaff. H. Her- rera. L. Bushey. Row 2-B. Foster. R. Herman, R. Sabo. R. Weaver. Conch Hunstock, D. Jepsen, J. Habener, D. Isbell, D. Elder. COLONIST VARSITY BASKETBALL Paced by Mike Beach, the flashy "54" quintet tinished in third spot in the League, with a six win tour loss record. At the halfway mark in League play the Colonists were in sec- ond place, then in the sixth league game they dropped the league leading Oilers, anal took the league lead, but two straight losses, one to Fullerton and the other to Newport dropped the Colonists to third place where they tinished out the league play. In the Huntington Beach tourney they also came out third best. Mike Beach was elected most Valuable Player and Paul Salazar captain. Beach also made second team CIF. Mike is a iunior and will be back next year. 19 an A ' ts.. a 5 cr i ,WKE BEACH COACH HUNSTOCK PAUL sAi.AzAr. fhft - , 4 f- in ,'1T:," '1.-.7Vff'7"j7'77' ' 1'eZff17N?Ztj?F"iQ3i2 - we 'V :?:5't9fl3dzf' ff -f" '.-W I:-':x -visisr 'if f ix V' fit , f M VMMQSWAQKX . " vi ' Y Uwvf, N: . f , "1 ,J 2 t7'U,f.: ,14? ' e of . - , f, ff ' t Q N i. Sm Vw Q-Wie 3 fi -V-M -4-.-: '5 'I I , ffiai b :li t va t f 7 G 2 5 ,,AA: ,. .ixzgrl .:... A ,,:L Z ..:, 5 if. ,,,,? , -,,L.. ...,.,-:: P ,.,..,. E t k- f j' 3 X ffarfggxygi. f 4 416 . -we , . Aww: ig ff 3 ,mf 1 x D E A N P H I I. P O T T W, 5 3 ' K 'H . ' ' ' 'J 5 V 3 ' ' -' ' . 2 "NW At X :Zig "iw, DICK JEPSON Page 49117 fn af DON ISBELL 114 'IWJQP f? W5 4 21 ROBERT WADA RONNIE SABO 2 Dean Philpot lays in a basket good for two points in the first Fullerton game but to no avail as the Indian's edged the Colonists. 50-48. JW 'Mx ROGER PINKSTAFF BILL FRENCH f f - N 1 h - Don Isbell gets off jump shot against the Newport Tars with Roger Pinkstaff looking on. The Colonists went on to defeat the league champs, 50-42. RICHARD HERMAN ,qy vw HENRY HERRERA VERN WEAVER Page 115 A4 . if ' D E A N P H I L P OTT 5' . - X, f 4' A YG 911 X! 1 -A my A ' ww 5 X f X xv 0 f M 76? W M Af My S16 W45 A 'gv Z y W f 5 f xx LQ f , DICK JEPSON Page 114 DON ISBELL 447 WK ROBERT WADA RONNH5 SABC Dean Philpot lays in a basket good for two points in the first Fullerton game but to no avail as the Indian's edged the Colonists, 50-48. ROGER PINKSTAFF BILL FRENCH -' 7 f , J J L , ,,5vzwW,fw'MWM,. , , L ,E ,E Q f 4 5 , , E . . . . H AAI, T .,0,Wm,Mm5,m Mi Don Isbell gets off jump shot against the Newport Tars with Roger Pinkstaff looking on. The Colonists went on to defeat the league champs, 50-42. RICHARD HERMAN ,T on HENRY HERRERA , E X if VERN WEAVER Page 115 ROY WEAVER ,,W,, Wie 'fif'b2s:,, 14 ' 7 f fe l ' ff x -+63 f wi K- 5 f 4 N7 ' X :-, , ff 3 wg' , 14 X WJ - ,f . 4-af: I , . , i , . , , ,W Ag 354' ff, E. I 5, VV W ,. 1 ' W , fb W 5 i gk W X A , Z ia f 7 if? f w x X I w-., - . Va tw? 4' W A f f XR x "" , f f , 9 4 I 27 ,. ,Q , 1, - 14' 7 f' e 1 L ,A Q ' V V ' If M32 1 ,, ,M V, V ,sv V 4'ml5'f?:xe My, 4 'M , Q 'A AAA' 4 1 L , Inari? dmv . K 2 M, DICK ELDER and BILLY FOSTER Managers SEASON SCORES Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Page 'lib 35 Compton 63 Montebello 60 Chaffey 38 Jordan 62 California 46 Ventura 43 Santa Barbara 60 Bell Gardens 58 Bellflower 51 Redlands 63 Bellflower 62 El Rancho 63 Alumni 40 Long Beach 71 San Bernardino 39 Huntington Beach 57 Orange 43 Fullerton 50 Huntington Beach 58 Orange 45 Fullerton 53 Newport 66 Santa Ana 46 52 56 45 49 81 46 32 62 53 40 43 47 57 65 43 93 50 49 45 49 50 43 JOEL HABENER WARREN THOMPSON X QWN- rf xfdg X Qxxwxiff Wee ' XWGWN f 0 f f 9 if f fx NQQQ wget X X 5 zwx Q Q ,eb Mike Beach tallies two important points in An h ' ' th-'ll' ' N - Thls game is one that will 'Ong be rememberecli- emi s ii ing 50 49 win over the Oilers. l Bee Basketball Coach Van l-loorebeke developed several Bee players that are destined to become standout varsity candidates in the next year or two years to come. Their season can definitely be called a success because of the line develop- ment achieved. Anaheim 45 Fullerton 33 Anaheim California Anaheim Newport Anaheim Brea-Olinda Anaheim Santa Ana Anaheim Laguna Anaheim Redlands Anaheim Redlands Anaheim Hunt. Beach Anaheim Belltlower Anaheim Orange Anaheim L. B. Jordonl Anaheim Fullerton l Anaheim Newport Anaheim Newport Anaheim San Bercloo Anaheim Santa Ana Anaheim Hunt. Beach Clifford Rogers goes high defending the cold- Anaheim Orange W' Denotes overtime. nist backboards against Santa Ana. Q . Q c ar ...ii BEE BASKETBALL SQUAD fLeft to rightj Row 1-G. Dena, T. Cone, G. Frederick, C, Rogers. P. Otte. A. Storey, T. Terry Row 2 -E. Chambers, G. Mata, M. Holland, R. Heohn, J. Avitia, M. Flynn. Page 11? KEN HARKER Cee team Captain Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim Anaheim ee Basketball Anaheim's wee Cee Colonists tied with Fullerton Cees tor the league champion- ship, dropping three games in league play. Beside capturing the league crown, they also walked away as champions of the Capistrano tourney. Kenny Harker was the "Big Gun" for the l'Tiny Champs" by leading them most of the season as high man in the scoring column, and his continuous spark and hustle kept them going all year. Another big factor that added to their victories was when Tom Frank, a good prospect tor first string Bees, decided at the start ot the season he would rather play with the midgets. Anaheim Santa Ana Anaheim Newport l4 Laguna 23 Anaheim Huntington Beach 33 California 24 Anaheim Orange 36 Brea l2 Anaheim Fullerton 36 Laguna l7 Anaheim Puente 24 El Rancho 25 Anaheim Orange l3 Whittier l9 Anaheim Fullerton 23 Huntington Beach 27 Anaheim Santa Ana 33 Orange l9 Anaheim Valencia 33 Fullerton 37 Anaheim 38 Newport 28 CEE BASKETBALL SQUAD tLeft to righty Ftow1-T.Terry, K. Harker, B. Poe, E. Vill . D. D ' - . lero, L. Walter, B. Austin, J. Torres, J. Baker, B. Burns, Coach Cowser. a amels' T' Nalela' Row 2-R' Cabal' Page 118 ee Basketball After a detective first round of basketball with two wins and three loses, Ana- heim's mighty, midget Dee team came through gallantly in the second round with four wins and one loss. In the last round we lost to Huntington Beach by one point. Our Dee squad was the only team in the league to defeat Newport Harbor, whose team finally came out on top of the league. AU's small pints placed third in the standings. Voted captain of the team was Jim Maldonado, who showed his great talent throughout the season. Another freshman, Richard Espinoza, was also an outstand- ing contribution to the contingent, Espinoza, who was the teams highest scorer, is probably the best prospect for future Anaheim varsity or Bee teams. SCHEDULE OF GAMES Anohelm Anaheim Anaheim 2l Laguna Anaheim Anaheim l8 Colton Anaheim Anaheim 26 California Anaheim Anaheim 3l Brea I Anaheim 27 Brea Am-Jllelm Anaheim 29 Laguna Anaheim Anaheim 27 El Rancho Anaheim BRAD COWSER Coach of the Cee and Dee Basketball Teams El Rancho 28 Whittier 26 Huntington Beach 23 Orange l9 Fullerton l7 Newport 23 Huntington Beach 22 Orange 23 DEE BASKETBALL SQUAD lLeft to rightb Row 1-D. Mayeda, M. Quarton, J. Priday, R. Espinoza, J. Ingram. B. Otta. J. Maldonado, Row 2-R. Caballero, D. Hokanson, B. Loesin, G. Koehler, J. McDonald, M. Fowler, G. Ratzlaff, Coach Cowser. Page 119 i f f -- V S , I l l Z . We A VV s',M ,,,, ' 5 15 509,13 ' r - X f Y Y f W, , 5 s . X 4 K '13 'X Q-. , f i 2 i S 1 c ' -.-.f 1 : . 11 is " -5. . ...: J' 7? " Nz:-:. 'L-is we . K M - . m ,Q f r . - ff --t-f A - - A W . .wie , X f vs -::,:s:1:::5,,'?:: '.- .ei-ssms 1 , v . 2 :.- H 1. .t . - Q., ff ,.. he -ff .w,,i:::- 5, Aon 4 , K. I . X7 pr K , .1 f fm , . ,,,, 7.5 ., .r ,, f I M x f 1 K W ' ' , ' ' Z-7 f: j -1. - .- N, ', X , f" E. ,I ,, - 3- , A ' '.,. f fl ' zf ' " 1 'Q , , - fs f Y Y " 1" 1 ' it ' F 2 V "" iii K r f 'ff if . f ,f ' ' s .s ' ' f f , ' Z f -' E g . ...,, , . X . A 5 A J f , , W l 1 Am V' ..-A ...S w e - ' ' ,ti . " w fy . V S, , Q., . .,g,g , , 'f , -f gy, f, ,j .. Wg -, ,., ' 1' 1 ' -y i , . V, ' ... ,A f A g ,gf,. M ,, ' ' ' s . L 1 A w A V is f if . TRACK AND FIELD TEAMS fLeft to rightj Row 1-N. Bellanger, C. Pollard, L. Smith, J. Jennings, F. Stouffer, R. Reyes, G. Mor- ford. Row 2-J. Rodarte, R. Contreras, M. Gouyd, B. Burke, J. Scott, J. Habener, S. Lopez, J. Lin. Row 3-A. Contreras, J. Boren, J. Schacht, J. Crosson, L. Bushey, C. Clarke, J. Soske, W. Murray, D. Mayeda, S. Muro, C. Roberts. TRACK, FIELD, AND CROSS COUNTRY AUHS trackmen thin in material for the 54 season fared g Q E X im only weekly in the league finials, finishing fifth behind San- at 1 Wm? W SN to Ana who won the league crown. i .J Kr ,.,. A g X9 , Ronnie Contreras was the only Colonist spilcester who fr N X RM Q' qualified for the CIF preliminaries by placing second in the i .IW NX mi w,...p? .... 220-yard dash. Other Colonist placers were Contreras iiiii' X :it fourth in the lOO-yard dash, Bushey tied for second in the if ii i x ..... iiii l H high iump and Crosson fifth in shot put. .i' X A ,DDDZZ X ' . E 1 .l" . ""' lift " The Colony Bees placed third with Wayne Murray setting iiii K Z A i N ii: Q4 Ji' a new record in the high jump, Mickey Gouyd placed sec- X P g ond in the lOO and 220, with Mickey Flynn getting fifth and i hi 5 X fx Y Q ' fourth in the same events. Other placers were John Lin third J ' f'ifJ gk 1 x . MXN. H in the shot put, Ned Bellanger second in the broad iump, i. fel t 'i x :': x....,....r Larry Smith third in the l32O, and the relay placed second. A' iii' t yt ii ss,..s Y if -Q . , A ,,,,,- , E ,.,,. g jx, g MX Anaheim Cees lacking strength, placed fifth. :D A 'f-i "'t , t- . CS . CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD ci.-an to i-igmm Row 1-c c F. Stouffer, S. Lopez. S. M . R 2- ' onygrs' R. Reyes, J. Habener. um ow J' Rodarte' L' Smith' Page 120 fa , W 0 w 7 , M. , y 1 4 , E"-" X7 f. - 4 J 2' fa s f 2 2 5 l 1 .yf W "X Q? Z 2 l .. . , L 'if , , Ez. 5. if 3 H Kg fy: , 2 X Z' X l 'Q 4 4 f i 4 4 - 2 , Z j , if: 5 ' 2 of Z 1 f ig Q A , ai? ,' ' ,f COACH SAM KEITH ln league duel meets AUHS Colonist Bees finished in a three way tie for the duel meet title. Mickey Gouyd paced the Colony sprinters with Wayne Murray and John Lin being the stondouts in the field events. 1 W W X i-f, f s X- V- If W , X, ,,,, ,W ,. M ei 4 V Zip-4 X ., S ' 'ff ' L wa' ,wnW,,jN- ' ' . ' C. ,Ag v ., . -f T, ,eil ,- k W ,,Q,,,x, .A , , A , M fiwff 'W ff? ff - V7 A ' ""' A N , ff? A , " V , J f ' ' Y, 6 1f""f'Li rm ff W ,, ""M1 - ' a pp 0 'f M " 'fs ' 'Lf-Y N W We of AW -U - my 'fi '- vg,.,,'n--,aa .. H' I , " ' , , A w..,.3 P . 4 J. ' ,lie ,-gqgvyg' 'X-arf? ,wwf ,ffm i,3,W?Q'f ' , , fQ' ,V E ,Q 5' - 'iVWi,4,4?' A' ' Y ,. ' ' A fi N ,V -- ff, of .0 A Q , . ., .,,. Q ,' ,.,, W, ,. j MW., . ,We 4- 'sf fa , 5 r ..A N T3 '- 'wfjyf jfahf ,M ,Q 'l fm L is , fp .'ff.- N' X " ' 7' iff: ff' law- MA. Ji ,.'::: Ronnie Contreras finishes strong to gain the Colonists a second place in the Santa Ana relays. BEES DUAL MEET CHAMPIONS V spikers i l i r. ivfl l f V if "'- a Y ' 4, " ' A as of . ., My , ..... .. -- ' ,X , My i . ,,,,. , 5, . ,mv agp --'----- . 2 ., ,. 9 ? A ' , , L N3 J r' 'V ,,,, A Q ' , 'Z , W ' K , ' Aww - .. ., ., i' S ffif ' V-V 1' . L 54 f ti 1 " .. ,. f, We , .fsrv-L iff- . I-rf ., :iii "" ' xi ' Q. "aff .f'h" as XY S -'fr s V as f TT .a Nw . 9 . ,... 1: . Z r V X ' f . ' Q -if . i 5 gf S I X, A I . ,X if N . "" N , L X I Q .,,. m X f 4 f1L'4 is X , S f , AWWA f 1. Z .A iw f f V x we . .fi . A A V ,sw as 'S I X , Q f 455 S ' fs M ., .38 YW , X .ein WW.. , ws H s l BEE TRACK TEAM ffLeft to rightj Row 1-J. Stilwell, N. Bellanger, J. Masney, B. Williams, P. Gerber, P. Snider. J. Dickey, M. Flynn R Sabo, J. Villafana. Row 2-T. Tanaka, B. Zharte, R. Burns, H. Brown, L. Smith, S. Louez, M. Arroyo, R. Schrott, J. Hab- ener VR. -Dunn, J. Jungkeit. ROW 3--J. MacDonald, J. Leonard, B. Loessin, K. Lombard, W. Murray, P. Otte. C. Conyers. R. Reyes, F. dancing, J. Tron, s. sion, ivi. HOll3nd. , Page 121 The l954 Colonist varsity baseball team, conceded by many to cop the Sunset League championship, never could reach their goal as they played spotty ball throughout the year. Led by captain Lupe Gonzales the Sunset League's leading hitter, AU baseballers dropped tour out ot tive tirst round games, two ot these being by one run, 2-l by Hunt- ington Beach and l-O by Fullerton. AU bounced back to deteat Huntington Beach 6-2, but then dropped one to Orange 4-2. Coach John Wallin's baseballers, pro- viding that they play good ball, can still tinish high up in the league. Anaheim reached the apex ot their success as they reached the Consolation tinals in the Pomona Tournament. At press time the Colonists had a record of nine wins and eleven losses with eight more games to play. Don Leigh with .328 and Lupe Gonzales with .3l5 were the team's leading hitters. i 2 Coach John Nvallin next opponents. and team captain Lupe Gonzales talk over plans for Varsity Baseball i .w Q.-.3 ,,f. .WV ' f .sw . 2 X f . . .X . 1 Z A f 0 KW i msgs... 3-. x x sw ' LZ! VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD iLeft- to rightt Row 1-A. Storey, J. Avitia, P. Grover, F. Doretti. D. Leigh, L. Gonzales, R. Sabo, B- Mattox. Row 2-Manager L. Provencio, R. Pinkstaff, Fl- Weaver. L. Heitman, D. Philpott, J. Villasenor, R. Loustau, D. Stephenson. Coach J. Wallin. Page 122 ll- L l i l 4 i gg , 7 ,f My Q, ,Q , . 1 ' ' , zwzwsgy- ' wi 2 , ma v 4? ,Wa fLeft to right! Row 1-K. Wallin, L. Moorehead, R. Espinoza, J. Restick, G Rogers, P. Morris, A. Moody. Row 2-Coach Hicks, R. Peralta, B. Winters, Pajak, K. Harker, L. Wolter, B. Shultz, R. Van De Warker, R. Calleros. Junior Varsity Bas ball As this annual goes to press Anaheims junior varsity horeshiders are in third place behind the Fullerton Indians and Huntington Beach Oilers, who are tied tor the league . Conk, Nl. Flynn, D. Hathcock, R. Blankmeyer, J. J. Field, D. Bielefeld, B. French, C. Rogers, R. ooAcH i-iicKs lead- The Colonists still have a good chance ot tieing tor the league crown, having the Fuller- Coach Bill Hicks is coaching his last year athletic teams at AUHS. He is leaving to head the athletic department at the new Western Junior High school. ton Indians yet to play. ln the first round encounter with the indians, the Colony base- ballers won going away, but taltered twice to the Oilers. Coach Hicks in his tour years at AUHS has served as football, basketball, and base- ball coach. Bob Shultz and Rudy Peralta, the ace JV pitchers, loom as the best bets as varsity hurlers next year with Paul Morris and Bill French looking like comers as intielders. Page 12" ll ,i ' i fa QQ.. fl fs-Q ww 'f - V l ..,... , , , .. v,v, 3 5, , l l 2 , . l ' . ' ff WIS is We ms X " We , . f r W-we , . 1 as X Qs , -'--' . ,s q..,. i . Z .fwfr a X gs? X . . , ZX Wy if 4 s . ,, 7 X A 5? , A . , . JZ y , l., VARSITY SWIMMING SQUAD lLeft to 2-Coach Allan, J. Trott, F. Cushing, W. , Wm- , , L rightj Row 1-B. Ensminger, J. P. Williams, H. Shinoda, D. Martin, A. Ersek. Row Taylor, L. Turner, O. Anderson. VARSITY, BEE, AND CEE SWIMMIN -as-.f ,V , .., . ,Y sf...i BEE AND CEE SWIMMING SQUADS fLeft to rightj Row1--D. Garrison, Ft. Hathcock, M. Quarton, D. Smith, B. Fults, D. Mayeda, R. Keith. Flow 2-N. Bellanger, J. Hoare. D. Warner, J. Ard, K. Barker, Fl. Block, D. Grover. Row 3-D. Daniels, N. Owens, F. Hund, B. Knox, P. Winters, L. Flodin, Ft. Stoffer. Flow 4-D. Dillon, T. O'Hara, T. Frank, J. Wylie, B. McLearn, E. Leonard, T. Leigh, B. Graham. Page 124 AUHS swimmers came along slow but strong during the '54 season break- ing ll school records and selling a league record. ln the Sunset League finals Anaheim placed i4 men. Capping second in the Cees, fourth in the Bees, and fourth in the Varsity. Hiro Shinoda placed second in the varsity lOO-yard free style and fifth in the 50-yard free style. Joe Pat Williams placed sixth in the varsity breaststoke. Frank Cushing won the Bee back- slroke for the only first place taken by the Colonists. Tom Frank set a new league record in the Cee 50-yard breaststroke in the preliminaries, but took second in the finals. VARSITY AND LIGHTWEIGHT WATER POLO WW W 1 W,,,,, " ,,.wwW4"" VARSITY lLeft to rigl-ity Row 1-R. Herman, J. P. Williams, W. Taylor, P. Otte. B. Ensrninger. Row 2-Coach Cushing, G. Robinson, D. Turner, A. Ersek. LIGHTWEIGHT iLeft to Rightj Row 1-J. Hoare, B. Knox, D. Smith, J. Ard, E. Leonard. D. Warner. P. Wi Trott, L. Rodin, R. Block, R. Blankmeyer, D. Martin, D. Visel, D. Onstenk, G. Gray. ,Wh Q Hi 5' . 14 fx. . A , . xfviuns- ,...n ie '. X2 - -4,f5fr -' R .- , 1.-1-:ka-,a, 1, 5:3 Eh Zi "if 2 . ,.. i z 3 Q , Allan, N. Clow, F. nters. Row 2-J, Page 125 VARSITY AND JUNICR VARSITY TENNIS 'gf - I If .g QNX 'c . """ 2921"-fri? 513.1 , -SU ij Z.. ' - f , '- ' ' - , I I :sf ,Q k S. 5 nf' Wmrfw . . , b v, I ' ..:'-lil? 2? ll, , , 1 ,,,,. . I I f """ , dmsef aw .. e X I .,,X U .. ,, Q, NN ., 1 A A , gg . ,W 723,55 2,5 . gg.: as I ,,,1 M I 0 ff.. 'V If -s f .gf 5 X I Z . I ,V ? Z 2' Fig - 1 . A W M , 'W 7 1, . I fm VARSITY TENNIS LLeft to right? Row 1-M. Myers, S. Morris, M. Bouch, B. Ryan. Row 2-Coach Cook, B. Looper, B. Puckett, D. Lee, J. Lillywhite, F. Fischle. ik '21 ek 'ik ii? 'ik I I I Q. ,J L g nmwum-u I . a Q' ' I I f x f N X VII y S 242 I ...,.... ., I V 2, Z , W f V l 4 ffxzgj If ,L W I . Van . ff I I JUNIOR VARSITY TENNIS ILeft to rightp Row 1-M. MitcheII,L. Oden, B. Otta, T. Terry, W. Ashworth, F. Fischle, W. Henry. Row 2-Coach Cook, C. McCauIy, D. Visel, D. Kohlenberger, R. Utes, J. Kohlenberger, D. Turner, B. Bovee. Page 126 I I. a- s " COLONIST RIFLE TEAM CLeft to rightl Row 1-Major Comstock, V. Lamas, E. Verdin, G. Barnett, P. Nlarrom, P. Drennon, P. Sala- zar. Row 2-J. Roe, B. Collyer, Ft. Gayler, D. Merritt, B. Dierberger, B. Ensminger. COI.ONIST RIFLE TEAM The AUHS Rifle team has had a successful year with only one more match left in the season. The last will be the national matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, this summer. ln Cadet competition the AUHS team completely domi- nated district and area matches comprised of teams in Southern California. In the state finals Gary Barnett placed MAJOR RALPH COMSTOCK Adviser AUHS Cadets and Rifle Team second to cadet George Roundtrep of Porterville in the Governor Earl Warren individual match with a score of l9l. AUHS five-man team placed second in the Dion O'Sullivan match to a very fine Napa College team. ln the Lt. Claus- sen ten-man team match Anaheim ldefending Championsl placed fourth with Oxnard in first place. In the outdoor matches Anaheim placed seven men in the top twenty finalists to compete for the five-man team repre- senting California in national matches this summer, Colonist Riflemen competed in the Southern California Quarterly Rifle matches, Gary Barnett and Bill Lattin took first place in the California State Championship matches in Los Angeles, and co-sponsored two registered matches at Brea, where ten national records were established. They participated in national gallery indoor championships at La Brea and won a team match with Jordan High School of Long Beach. Page 127 Page fy! CHIEF ADVISERS JOSEPHINE DERIGO NORMA ELLIOTT Director of Athletics Chief Adviser Girls' Athletic ssociation GAA, the organization tor sport conscious coeds, strives to turther the interest in athletics and to provide active sports recreation tor girls. Pro- moting the highest physical etticiency among all ot the girls ot AUHS and fostering clean sportsmanship is its purpose. Club adviser Mrs. Norma Elliott and assistant advisers, Miss Derigo, Miss Houlihan, and Mrs. Grunentelder helped the girls have a prosperous year highlighted by colorful GAA banquet and play days. GAA was started at AUHS in i925 with a small membership. This year the membership consists ot M5 girls. W ASSISTANT ADVISERS BARBARA HOUUHAN HELEN GRUNENFELDER Assistant Assistant 128 Y W r H ef QQ, ,W - ts. GAA CABINET With Mary Cone presiding as capable president of GAA the cabinet worked hard and planned o year never to be forgotten by any girl in this organization. Some ot the events to be long remembered by the GAA cabinet of '54 included being hostess to the Orange County GAA confer- ence members trom numerous high schools, attending the GAF conference at Palm Springs, the two annual parties, one in the tall and the other after basketball season, tor the purpose ot giving out awards, and also the installation ot new board members held at the annual banquet in June. -. , 'rl 1 X' Q . s W .Q 1 as ,NY V WW avg f' W v ritd ft 'Y MARY CONE, PRESIDENT is f' W 'K if A525 skit- ' ' it F W K , if h Q W .. if " ' f . Fill ,. . , .470 gee- me . , -W N. 2 ' , 3133: if Y il, ,,s., 5 .jbms st-.. 0. , Ms- .f. . . vc., eww 2 5' X Q 5 s jw-gs is XM in g , NS? we sg fvfafit 2 Ke A tn , . 4 , X s if an sy- . V f Q 'X R 14 we 1 it 1 Q sag 2 , tt Q lies at if tt 't . 9 Mitt? vs 1 Wig S xftttg If , , A a +. MEMBERS fLeft to rightj Row 1-lVl. Cone, president: P. Santi, treasurer: J. Perry. volleyball manager: R. Cadwalader. basketball manager: Nl, Dargatz, softball manager: L. Fukuda, secretary. Row 2-M. Buckner, 'swimming manager: H. l-loffner, sophomore repre- sentative: G. Hawkins, Red Cross representative: G. Gray, freshmen representative: A. Betts, vice-president: K. Dierst. hockey manager: A, Williams, tennis mangaer: J. Williams, freshman representative. Page 129 GAA SWIMMIN - ...W W . I X A!! 9 4., V A ,f V f. f .77-E, :.,,,f .. Fi A Q . Q . . V .,,, V I bfi i f V fi ' , f it , VJ, nf ml X f W 5 V 1 2 - ff 'f" ' , Z! 4 V ff' 1 L X Z .V , ..,. , A L I GAA SWIMMING fLeft to rightj Row 1-B. Mclntyre, J. Critchfield, K. Anderson, L. Blakely, M. Zwart, K. Hathaway, C. Fitz, D. Gruenernay, D. Knutzen, K. Schmitt, D. Nipp, C. Booth. Row 2-C. Fechter, M. Buckner. S. Reed. H. Hoffner, F. Martinez, K. Caffee, B. Van Delden, M. Head, B. Van Delden, L. Cowee, M. Boch, C. Alvey, C. Peterson, L. Flschle. Row 3-S. Nieman, B. Kiefer. GAA TENNIS Nag. ,f fl ., .... . JJ V f L , fi C I 'Lf ,. at 4 ,li f I 3 QW V 2 I .- f 2? vt - . A 22' 5 ' ' V' f ,f. ,, , .194 Y.,...g,,. , .. ,, I, M U ..,. , . f V, X wwf ,f ... ff " ,QV W7 f ,E -4 X " ff' V i' 4 2 7 J" 211 j if I ,M ff .J V-'XI r 4, 4 f X ZIV, V ,wiv V Vg I' VV V by V V V ., V V V QAV ! Wg , -f my 'f .M , M' ' , Wm ,A ,,,,,x-Mfzi ,. .5052 . :,.W'...2.m2aw:,af.w.a.,z.-. 1.f ..-gfW.!'. GAA TENNIS CLeft to rigntp Flow1-L. Barnett. P. Santi, C. Allen, J. Williams, D. Richards, M. Casebeer. J. Roddam, C. Hein V Oelkers. Row 2-J. Ferguson, L. Haskins, P. Kohlenberger, D. Sagan, B. Downs. M. Taylor. Row 3-A. Williams. C. Wilkirson SI. Sangster, C. Walker, S. Arnold, D. Thomas, G. Taylor, C. Logsdon, M. Mitchell. ' Page 130 SENIOR - JUNIOR BASKETBALL - .A rr ,. eega .3 af MZ frfi M QW? we We or free f'2 ,V . Z .T "" 1.-ty-VV f f 4 ' N14 j f W 2 59, M Z, P: j Zag . 3 , 1 K M 7 45 V: . 5, V. V f ,Z 2 -. ,. . M14 r if gig e 5 , f V, , .V ,V M V ,V , x Z :ff - U W .. . fa?" .M V 7 --'I f a ..ff " f. " f ',:z,f"b 1 ?f Z x f l , X f JZ , K V K l ' ' ' f V V , . V f . . ,AV . SENIORS fLeft to rightj Row 1-Nl. Cone, D. Holve, R. Wall- ace, P. Halvorson. Row 2-L. Fukuda, K. Dierst, R. Cadwala- der, D. Acosta, J. Bylsma. Q zfz .f' f , is A 2 ' s , 13, f , 7 2 fl .5 'V fx ., Q 1 V f ,, 6 .X ' V J. yi iff ll All JUNIORS CLeft to rightj Row 1-P. Roberts. Dargatz. C. Cashman. Flow 2-J. Troutman, Rees, B. Garrison, D. Selfridge. il? iff if 793 f? 75? SOPHOMORE - FRESHMAN BASKETBALL . f J' -1 5, ,if X X V V., l f 7 fi f ,V , , ,, ,.,,, ., ...I . 1 v.-My A? , V X X. X f f Q x 4 1. f' V L . 7 Z X . YZ S ff Z 0 sf N t My f 2 x I X 1 ,ff, 4 ff , , A I ' f ' , . 5 W a. awe vw , V S ,.A. . .,.: V, , ,L J Viv 1'-3' . X -S f A SZ A' at f ,a , -- 3 "v .1 5 ' - 3g..E:.1 . . ' F52 A 111, Q 2 '4 J 5. l ' ' ' ' "'f ' W fb -.N A 'V' I ,4. " M f - . , - zmwaffuxwwprwwfewwa- 4 ' Bow ' ff 1 f J . M -7 JMC ,lx fe- A ,. lcv, F rf me fy :-2, fr 'H ' A ui ,J . ,., - I 421. 2:-.J , , V J X ' w ' 1 - .71 f 1-L. 2 l x "s Jer-, Af -ff I TX f l G. Dupuis, ll K. Cordes, 5. - L , :. ..., 1 'x , X 1 - -. 1 A ff J . . , .J J V A l ,A K V ,mi .g j, If L. xx A +w .fd 6?v5QW'?54m 'J New. we 'M QW fer Wl:rS'l W W ef Q I3 , eV V 1. 3 A if -...J , I Q W , ff. f 5 W . Ns, a Q we ,WWW J - 4 r 2 wee ,exe BQ J ' I' 2 Q! IS 42 -f p 7, xy ,M ' V fy ,lf V , J ' 2 2 .,- of 1 fa S hi U . ,,,. ..., .. - -1 5, f,. V ., , SOPHOMORES CLeft to rightj Row 1-J. Nickey, M. Rassmus- FRESHMEN lLeff to Fight? Row 1-J. Jones, J. Huckabee, sen, T. Carter, E. Lopez, J. Winfrey. Flow 2-K. Lenain, J. Stewart, G. Gray. Row 2-L. Schulz, J. Light. J. Sympso Foster, J. Olvera, A. Lopez, D. Villa, J. Jung. K. Walker, F. Reid. Page 1 SENIOR - JUNIOR HOCKEY ' 'ff ' ' ,,.. 4 wk i ff . g Q . . . Q 4 5 2 .Eg X lv if . A V , f ,L 1 ss , .' VI: 51 s 1 SENIORS LLeft to rightj Row 1-A. Reveles. G. Olvera, R. Wall- ace. L. Haskins, R. Cadwalader. R. Cherry, K. Dierst. Row 2-A. Matouk, L. Barnett, P. Santi, J. Muraoka, L. Fukuda. R. Griggs. M. Mitchell. 'Ah is if? f. VL? gf f , S W .lf . y f ,.. .K , Nr, G ,. .I V I V - ,. , ' . - ' - JUNIORS HLeft to right! Row 1-S. Sangster, J. Critchfield, C. Dykstra, M. Boch, K. Cordes, C. Alvey, S. Zwart. Row 2-A. Wheeler. J. Gerber, D. Selfridge. B. Mauerhan. C. Logsdon. G. Taylor. M. Head, C. Goff. J. Troutman. B. Mclntyre. Row 3-J. Rees, E. Richards. P. Roberts, M. Dargatz. C. Cashman. B. Van Delden, B. Garrison. ik ik SOPHOMORE - FRESHMAN HOCKEY ,wi v v,.."+ , , f fo 1 X ..-. 1' 4 :y y 11' F6 . , in H 5 ,,.., ,, , L ,J ' I My ts l r rs M . . 2 Zz- g J- H- J 4- . . A 1 I 4 V L, -Wnzl ri, ,. 1: -,.jY.!-mf ' I F V J" ,f f i ' nf' ' " '1-f-L, A JJ! . f SOPHOMORES fLeft to rightj Row 'I-D. Knutzen, T. Carter, D. Gruenemay, J. Winfrey, J. Nickey, L. Santi, M. Rasmussen. Row 2-C. Pietz, H. Hoffner, C. Wilkirson, J. Olvera, C. Hein. K. Le- nain. Row 3-J. Reid, K. Schmitt, C. Fitz, A. Lopez, E. Lopez, J. Jung. page 132 Q H G, . .N 'ily Y Q SJ XX 5 A if XF rg ,if A s L yi o f "., f I '. , ,. -' L , 'xi 4. . '-I ' A ,,-.. A . N - .. . FRESHMEN 1l.eft to rightl Row 1-K. Hathaway. S. D. Richards. C. Allen, G. Gray, M. Zwart. R. Sympson. Row F. Reid, J. Light, B. Bode, L. Haygood. M. Bradley. F. Anderson L. Fischle. F. Martinez. Lillywhite 2J SENIOR - JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL mx ,, , WJ Af ,mp Y . 2 ' 91 . 1? xl 'M Q41 xv' 4. , fa, , , W J' J f J f . in Q AM H ,. , gy Q, i L , , " 'nf fs .',. : ' ' s 0 . Z E, gf Z, if y .V, . J J f Q 4 M4 1 f , h Q, xl., L' K k A I V Z' I, SEMORS f'-eft to fighfl ROW 1-D- Holve- R- Cadwaladefv Nl- .iurxiioias lLeft to rigmi Row 1-ivi. Richards. J. Ti-oummn. D. Coney. R' GNQQS' C' Smman' ROW 2-A- Matoukv L- Fukuda- L- Selfridge, G. Taylor. K. Cordes, A. Wheeler, D. Thomas. S. Zwart. Haskmsi P- Hmvorsen- C. Aivey. J. Crutchfield. Row 2-P. Robeirs, B. ivicinryre, ivi. Boch, C. Pletz, B. Olsen. E. Richards, J. Gerber, B. Garrison, S. Sangs- ter, C. Walker, G. Hawkins. Row 3-C. Cashman, Nl. Dargatz, G. Dupuis. J. Rees. D. Sagan, Nl. Head, S. David, B. Van Delden. J. Hannon, C. Goff. L Y L , J J fi .H D. ik if is? SOPHOMORE - FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL 3 if . . , , . . . . 4 l 3 NN' f . if' tv I W .... . E . M E g 0 I qi ,A . ' . V ,... W kg Q of l s J ig E3 9 5 . of 4. f f Q 'J M 'Q' , 3, . ,, ' fs is l i .f f 1 Xa ' X , MQ ag, lk S 5 rs ,M N x f Z I Aw 9, f 'Z N4 Q v s . 1 . . , , il Q . . E A x . f V f H . F v f 1 - 3 1 f- A,'- - 11. L A i 5 ef 55 .f2f!"Lf ' .i5.r.?..fW .Q . SOPHOMORES fLe'ft to rightj Row 1-J.Winfrey, C. Fitz, T. FRESHMAN fLeft to rightb Row 1-C. Allen, D. Richards. K Carter, E. Lopez. Row 2-C. Hein, M. Rasmussen, M. Taylor, J. Hathaway, G. Gray, J. Williams. Row 2-S. Boutcher, F. Reid Wilson. Row 3-S. Reed, K. Lenain, J. Jung, L. Santi. L. Blakely. L- Haygood, K. Anderson. L. Schulz, J. Light. Page 13 J f 4 lx x rv f x N ' ,sg by 3 'M iw , ' -921. 7 X A , I Mx Z7 5 W, X 4 .2 .XZ , N ,ff-f: :' , ' k 21 x xx 4,g.i,.Q 5 T W' , L N X :kg X, -M . ,34Z.,7,:L.AM , JN--5 Y V5 x Y 2 'X f AWK- Q -X f l c 1 Y ,asa .,X. .5 V. 7' 1 Vw, ' QQ? in If 45- J Wegy, W. . . I f ' " 'W' -V ,4. Q,n, 4-' W .1 f 1 4 3 1 1 , I, 51, I I V5 f, fy ,, JI, ,f 5-L44 , gf. 1 If ' M-, ' f ,,,. f yy " ' W if fa ",ff"L M ,V ' f- ,K ,. ' ff ,A N 4 Jfjzif I f I, V ,IJ ,. . ,Yz,,AL4.44:iLq-:Ii k ,ip X . ,f fy f I , fl VM I: I,-I , I A Z . L , --" , f'4f yf4 I,-',,f,,-5 ,N W J, , V 'W ,V f....-df 411' - W 4 Q Vs? 1 f ,,.,: VW X W 33,1 y,f'K,',,4 .l . y 'pw ,, I I 4, ws X5-1,1 f " V74 1 ., - - A 'f ' L 'V ' ,, -.50 iii: , ww a ,, an ,ln ,V V , 4 ,A 40. K f, Q, ,L ' f WU 1 A gf '. 'ff rn! 'Q Mft , .af--43 .: 'wx. , v ,, 'I . lf ' X, w'fZ151.NW'5QsiM,V4'Wr"a . , g ' 'Q' 1 , ' wwy. 1 w Y L N , Q w x r Q . g f 4 T2,u-K y if fiw v , , Q . 1639! Wm, f ff ,. f S A We 5 , :E Q Q Q! ,Q X ,, , X ...V l ,z x I., , N, Q1 , I ,. :W--121-3 jifZ:i'2t?Z.,f ' .. ., K A -:.. i:.1 - A :g bfxiM. : , in . ,Q 4 i ' f V W ,,.,, ,M W- fA,a..,fJ.,v . MNA ,p f' . Q ,:Z,,n ,,--K ish.. .V L M, Aw, J XV' V 1 '. gx,.x N X . Sz. ,W , .m J Y ' If ff- A, flciwxg Y :5 . 45 4 v, ,. zf W ,, a Q- N at A . ' 'NW ' ,, 0 4 9 1 M4 ye f 4 f 1 , it 1 W xi I X. , . 1 . fn . ' : I ,S ttf, . he, ., at , .. , K V z". 'mr' .Zn -M1-Ma . ' Y si- L 3.5 'ijgnak .' ' 'f' 'L 5' ' I In x M, ig-L ' wg ,..,jQ ' " I Ii is , , wr , . iw M 19' ,4 4 H " Q, Y Q f . I , P ' 1 E Q f vm fi I gf , ,Q z .4 ff- ,.,M2 ,, , . ,. A+ V.. . . r -WQMQ a E Q E X. 3 f , , f-fm:-,,ffmunu3,,,:.,.f, pf, .L 5:4,'?3ffmunf,sgy,f,2.,-f-,-.,-, ' : .xx x.f,,4.5,,gg.xwr,-,A,1,4,,-,,:g'ywkqfw -my wc- 1 -. u M , A ., mm xewxmwx ,'Anrv!w.Mxem'fAwm wsmfvmwgwmwwx Q '14-X' - diffififli W ,. ,W . . V ., A mu ..,1.-,qrkqglci , f :MK-2 ' 2 "Nh, Typical Day A k,,. -em Students are pictured obtaining admission slips in the office after having been absent for a period of time. 1 x, Q Activity period is taken up with club meetings which are schedul- ed for the purpose of planning affairs to be held. ' , 5? i Y J.A.5,,, Study hall is u work finished, . 1 4 . :tri sed for the main purpose of studying and getting Students :ire allowed to concentrate on subjects. at AUH S f ' ' 511 F fw 'W f -,Sv ,77- if ,nv f fb? Y! as XL ,I 1 3' fu WW W 11,-Nl: 9'-I 'Y Q mg. '43 agua o E-in O.. 'T X3 rf -rn 31 UI as HO' C :Em --3 3m nom un Q-v. mo 01-1 wil Y' na :x Q. M U rn ru Q. FV rn U7 FO' UI Wx. - f sf 7 A' are all part of Connies and Clems are allowed six minutes when changing classes. Within this time they are to get books and report to class. In chemistry class AUHS students learn calculations of formulas :indp ut it to use by working them out. J, my Z . x-' Wimpys was a popular place for students to purchase their lunches this year. Also during recreation refreshments could be bought. l i Students were able to obtain the Arioranco, their school paper, each Friday. It contained general news. features, society and sports. , S I V, . fv f i -M... ,,,, , .ci iv- Q ., ff.. G ,Q U' ' kg - .. '51 . ,t 1 K P' if V. , P mn -mi f,P,.-:.P- T3 ' . s f Q P 'gs 2 s PA ws, - . z- fi. P Q 1 ,Q .P 'calf Z., ,eff al ' l - Q , iuza '. 7 7 A f - P ---- , P- ' ' was Q 1 . ,--1. . Q - i - ' , P,.,. P. - - . . P . -fs is W w j- f- ,. X .I , by f, ss, . 1- we fo . P. F . , llei i 1 " f 2 . ' ,f :iff nff A ff P' 3 "' :EFL X . if ze 'i' I l. 'i 1 1, , F-ELI, f A fy , .,- ,A f j F " N ie-P. ,z wm.....,,,- "4 sig: P P 1 f..', ' IP , A. .. ,I Ei sg, Q Q 3. .fm g , X E31 ' ,aww . vw , l, i if 4 4 - ' . f' v -mms 1 ss-ff f , .. A . , -L- :sas-N-P PP- ' N X. 'K Rs f , ,ft ,. , l ,.E.3i'fwi XQ..Agfs-sw ,P , c- if , - NP " h ' .P - Physical education gives the girls a change to get exercise and relaxation. They participate in volleyball, baseball, tennis, etc. ' T11 ' 4 if - 9 .2 A i ,xl 'wi x ' A-AZ, Q Q A at mf 2 Pf :az , A 3 .36 pw A A .N .3 ,K V, , H 5525, . . . ft F 5 .,-, r. .I X , i 5 'X Q F""? ID'7ETs!l1""M.' . l V tw... ,,,, ' N V ,J 1 lx H I A r'.' y . me 'i'PP . - - hs Q . Sz. eff? H - , ai . Wi" P .P, . fi- V 4 "P fl 1 'iw S ' .a at .1 'PS .1 PP ,gf is-,Q .. .ff . skew. -P -,-ff , , P Is 235411, -aff: ig .qv 41. g W , li, J g J ,hm .spin 1 Lp: .I S . - t Z I Ay rs V7 Lv 'A V -1. .V s.- A ci 'fi I . , K it h.. b V 3 U ' . V ., . V I I ,..,. ,A 4 5, 4 . M ,. 1 ,.. I ,fha , Each Thursday the Colonists would be presented an assembly of professional and sometimes amateur entertainment. 7 Kev, 'ff' , ff W- at A In home economics classes the girls are able to gain information and skill on the subjects of sewing, cooking. and home managing. ,ll 1,-1 ft x-' -mi.. s if ,I School busses were used for the convenience of all the Colonigtg and ventured to all the surrounding communities in the dygfrlctl Page 139 ,, , N 3 farm V fl '13 I f nw . fx ., Qlmwfiaivf . W Q xg K f K .. , L 'Jin' ,. Q j' 2. '5- i N, 1 Q A V f 'X -::::5:aEa:- A ' f ' X XM H A A K J YS-Q, - ... 'Qs ,, BAND MEMBERS lLeft to rightj Row 1-C. Alvey. C. Peltzer, J. Cordier, J. Stabbert, S. 1 Zwart. Row 2-Oelker. M. Mitchell, L. Mitchell, R. Byrd. L. Allen, J. Dierberger, S. Gayler. Row 3-A. Stoddart, B. Gram, B. Gardner, D. Bultena, N. Barthelmes, K. Dierst, J. Dierber- ger. Row 4-B. Rine, F. Fischle, D. Adams, G. Dena, D. Warwick, N. Azzara, A. Moody, J. Dickie. Row 5-Mr. B. Cook, D. Lee, C. Webb, J. Fishbeck, D. Melvin, W. Henry, B. Lash- brook. Row 6--B. Long, B. Anderson, B. Smith, C. Hart, J. Pearson, D. Dugdale. COLONIST BAND Our school is proud of lheir fine bond who proved oulslondirig lhis yeor. Performing during six halftime oclivifies, ossemblies, ond pep rallies, The Long Beoch All-Wesle:'n Bond Review was o big evenf cmd our AU bond kepl up their fine record by placing fourleenlh. Gary Bonner served Us bond copfoin lhis yeor. Page 140 '. Nw 4--s .wx -1-v -li in -314' X PEP BAND MEMBERS lLeft to rightj Row l-T. Cone. W. Ash worth. Fi. Byrd. Row 2-B. Ryan. D. Fischle. D. Lee. Row 3- Fl. Worden. T. Bonner. Row 4-R. Anderson, D. Bourne, D. Dug dale. r. f ,Q x ,Q - , . , . W V45 .. , ' ' 'X si ,t N., ti f ,. M if n X I 5 , qi rg? . X, i ,g G P - W Q fn f . 5 HZ ., f ,K I L Q i is i is W wdwf' , ' A . " fs , in .. - lLeft to right! Row 1-S. Klamrri, C. Gastelum, A. Mayberry, J. Teague, B. McDougal, R. Cherry. Row 2-M. Reeves, N. Loetterle, D. Nipp, H. Hoffner, P. Nelson, G. Thuson, W. Ashworth, B. Ashworth., Row 3-G. Erhle, K, Schmitt, R. Keith, J. Lillywhite, M. C. Steel- man, G. Brookman, J. Baker, D. Fahristock. Row 4-T. Mirnanda, D. Merritt, P. Avemaria, C. Nickle, T. Cone, R. Everhart, J. Barthelmes. Row 5-R. Utes, S. Morris, D. Kirkelie, J. Dierst, T. Worden, R. Worden, R. Pajak. Row 6-G. Wiethorn. J. Bultena, D. Boreh. T. Dinkler, G. Bonner. PEP BAND Our schools pep band is composed oi all lirsi chair musicians. Their purpose was io play al all baskelball games and really gave a lol of pep lo all the baskelball supporlers. This year The boys boughl their own sporl shirts which were blue, red and while checks on the lronl with a blue back. fLeft to rightj Row 1-J. Lillywhite, G. Brookman, D. Adams. Row 2-R. Pajak, C. Nickle, R. Utes. Row 3-C. Hart, S. Morris. Row 4-W. Henry, B. Cook. Page 1-11 f -ii., .,.. -- 0 f, , ,4,,mQl'W" R CA OL GASTELUNI JEAN CORDIER Strutting betore the Colonist Band this year were six at- tractive maiorettes. Leading as bead maiorette and doing a terrific iob was Shirley Klamm, assisting her were Jean Cor- dier, Susan Zwart, Joan Stab- bert, Arlo Mayberry and Carol Gastelum. 5,4 JOAN STABBERT SUSAN ZWART Paqe 142 514 I an if . Xxx Li W 55pfx1," 53' ga S Yu. Su -in 'rf q ,. if , X K 4 1 X Q! - ""' . ,iw iw tm X U72-f . D if D 'ui' .-wwx. wshmeffxsq Jw, ,Q 1 f - vnu Xfiqxnfy eff BLUE AND GOLD DAY Q Q DDD D. F939 1 OUR SCHOOL'S l l i SONG AND YELL LEADERS 'GFW f 2 is sw? S leflff-af f SWE WN , f ms M 7, W mu , i , 14' ' 4 " A 3,11 if ,,,E,f,f,f', If L. ff-SV l,, of ' J , I f , , J. . ,V if IZ Q Q 4V,ktVtx,Y P , gf , ,V 7 I f 5. 3 ' t' f ' SONG LEADERS-Leading AU's enthusiastic Kay Forbes, Donna Reafsnyder, and Frances l-lurtado. t WW, Wm .WW , HW, f Mk-7 W ww U 1 i ,, is M 1 1 1 I, , M Wfffsw, Q5 ex spectators in many of the school songs were Anahiem high's song leaders: Rosetta Smith an fi , . 'ff' L . . ' sn, 5 S a sf y Q t s , tx ' YK' ' X . K Hhs- f . t:,"l": .. 5 O, "ffl -x lf M C , . s i ,A -- . ' K i""' f' l , . K. , - ,Nazi 1 '4 '- s ' - , . YELL LEADERS-Adding pep and spirit to the Colonist yells this year were Anaheim high's yell leaders: Danny Snlnegs, Jackie Elder, Mary Cone, and Buddy Knox. Page 144 Ki .4 Q. 3 FLAG T IR ERS AND DRII. TEAM W r, . , Q " ff '-ff" .wwbaildlsp , 4 1 ' 4 Y , l : www. we , . w . . rm ,. -,, ,, ge, ., , Q .- . 'VM ' ,X ,, 'X - " J' , ,M ' ' E A , , f,r.w,wmwi-.aww l,,, f ,V ,, ,b.,,,,,,4.45K?'gmk,44,1.x.,,,,. AA E. V! fr.. J v l lwff iw . er: '- - A fx . L... - iw-if ff rw ?..J3lfKi?f,Axii'i'6v'19- W3 53:5 fu W Wffkf .Jf .sin-wc. . W, ' 1, 'Aw FLAG TWIRLERS-Anaheim's peppy quartet of flagtwirlers featured C. Alvey. C. Peltzer. B. McDougal, and R. Cherry. 'Q'-'s M1 ,gf My 7E A W, ,LZ M , .ns 9. x ' ,211 . .....,..,.. . ,. X X X 1. ..,. xv DRILL TEAM-Newly added attraction to the band this year was the drill team. -fLeft to rightj Row 1-R. Hamic, S. O'l-lara. B. Harvey S. Pbarreo, J. Rogers, L. Cowee, D. Reese, B. Sims, M. Hernandez, V. Philpott, Y. Konoshita, V. Ricker, and B. Wright. Row 2-LB. Shimel, E. Tromp, R. Williams, V. Villa, M. Molestead, M. Yates, S. Leigh, C. Brown, J. Beeway, D. Hicks, M. LaBounity. C. Ritts, C. Chapman, K. Rennie, C. Palmer, and S. Burgess. Page 145 Page 'V .. ' " ' ' R ' ' ' 'X Vigil? Q ORCHESTRA MEMBERS ll.eft to rightj Row 1-W. Taylor. A. Sitch, V. Oelkers. M. Yates. J. Pearson. Row 2-A. Dugdale. L. Evans, P. Morris, R. Scott, S, Olding, R. Cadwalader, S. Gaylor. Row 3-P. Balderhausen, C. Cashmari, B. Ashworth. B. Downs. G. Oelkers. M. Mit- chell, C. Fechter. Row -l-A. Stodart, L. Provencio, NN. Cook. S. Gaylor. M. Gravely. P. Bode. ORCHESTRA Our schools orchestra under the direc- tion of Mr. Cook has vvon tame all over Orange County. Among their school activities was playing music for introcluc- tions, between intermissions ol both Junior and Senior plays, the Christmas play, and the annual Community Thanksgiving sers vice Another annual event which is helcl every year is the music festival. This year the schools ol Orange County lourneyecl to Huntington Beach. STRING ENSEMBIE MEMBERS lLeft to rightl A, Sifchl L, Evans. A. Dugdnle, P. Kohlenberger. W, Aghvvgg-th. w 5 Q E as 3 4 4 2 IW . , 'V fLeft to right? Row 1-N. Gibbons. W. Ashworth. N. Barthelmes. Row 2-D. Dugdale. N. Loetterle, R. Gardner, Nl, Richards. Nl. Reeves. K. Dierst. Row 3-G. Ehrle. C. Poyet. T. Terry, D. Fahnestock. Nl. Gerber. R. Anderson, P. Kohlenberger. Row 4-L. Haskins. C. Hart, R. Pajak, D. Rapp, R. Ward 1 S5 fl 5 EH. z, i X .si as 'Z 1 , 1. ' -4 su .g - O1 we ' ' if ' ., ,. Xf- ' X...f4-v...:-...:-3-g,55fa.z:.-:.-... -.. wx sa' " ,i s -X. K. ,f .V seas, 1Left to righty N, Barthelmes, W. Taylor, L. B. Cook. . M Haskins. STRING ENSEMBLE The string ensemble has been popular This year as background music for P.T.A., service club dinners, and church banquets, This year they have had many engage- ments. QE MUSIC GROUPS OF OUR S I fa CHOOL . 1 J . w , . . J I . ,,, A ,. 41,1 l 'X eff' Q W . Q 'bij at W w Q ' gk, ' i xi, 4 ' ahve' GZ! Q gw f , H Qv ..:,. V. ' , -- A , l L I . 74 ' f ' , 4 ' , Q- ,J nzijrv "" W 4 Q GIRLS' GLEE l 4Left to rightj Row 1-S. Ross, E. Clayton, J. Busch Elliott, M. Rodriguez, J. Cantrell. Row 2-D. Hollowell, C. Gastelum, Ryan, C. Peterson, J. Reynolds, L. Parnell. Row 3-G. Kauffman, L ter, H. Miller, S. Lopez, V. King, J. Backe. Row 4--N. Eldred, K. Pri Schafer, T. Caslllas, D. Bovee, i.. Fischle, . ' ,' . ce, P. Br E Mei r field , S. Boutcher, K. Caffee, C . Baker, O' A. Avalo . Ausburn, J. Nelson, J. Darshay, J. Hemsley, C. Grady, C. Barnes, M. Watkins. P. Rettig, E. Fech- iggs, K. Walker, L. Wichrnan, J. Sympson, C. Davis, S. s, J. VanDiver, G. Simonton, D. Story, R. 3 1 ' GLEE ll IL ft to ii htj Rowl M Miller D Selfridge M Okuda P Provencio S Cuthbert D. Furr. Z. Fort, D. McLaughlin. GIRLS e ' g - . , . , . . . . . . A Lopez J McFarland B Bricher, R. Gonzales, M. Knepper. Row 2-C. Cox, E. Fahnestock. J. Nickey, M. Storey. J. Ferguson. C. W D B E B d- Wilson, Stabbert, M. Hodges, D. Gruenemay, D. Ames, N. Gibbons, G. Jenkins, A. Gary. L. Cowee. Row 3- . e OEF, . ra ley, J. Beeman. K. Kissell, E. Sweet, S. Leigh, C. Fitz, J. Barry. B. Palmer, V. Lee. L. Crowe. B. Wham, M. Taylor. B. Pritchett. Row 4-G. Darden, P. M1gGuire, S. Johnson, S. Bergeson, K. Henry. C. Pruett, T. Carter. D. Elfeldt. M. Granger. J. Winfrey. D. Prond- zinski, C. Thomas, M. Rasmussen, J. Schwemmer. , 9 G 1 aflwls -Vf Yfiflx' W V fy. al ' 'wwfj ,, , - -uw' BOYS' GLEE CLeft to rightj Row 1-M. Fowler, A. Fenton. R. Tovar, R. Wilso ffx' ,Q l . X0 N' - S To ig N9 I X inn-...Q-nfl .. , I . A f H, B. Otta, J. Hutain, J. David. Row 2-G. Laqreide P. Fenton, P, Perez, R. Manrique, J. Junkeit. P. Goebel, G. Fix. L. Stockwell. Row 3-H. Herrera. A. Hammers B Lgust'-lu I: Gregory, S. Disrud, D. Watson, R. Gayler, D. Dawson. V. Weaver. Page 148 l s , xx A CAPPELLA MEMBERS iLeft to rightj Row 1-A. Reveles, C. Schmid, J. Chambers, N. Plaisted, D. Steinbrink. A. Betts, J. Mauer- han, B. Mauerhan, B. Englesman. Row 2-C. Goff. B. Mclntyre, C. Logsdon, M. Mitchell, R. Woodrum. D. Kohlenberger, J. Cordier, R. Hamic, G.. Taylor, P. Kirchmann. Row 3-R. Cadwalader, C. Rutledge. L. Michell, C. Cutshall, B. Mattox, B. Puckett, G. Hawkins, J. Williams, D. Holve, D. Gosnell. Row 4-G. Dupuis, D. Coons, D. Visel, D. Taravella, G. Hushman, D. Watson, D. Isbell, R. Gaylor, J. Critchfield, M. Hempshall. Y M, ,. , . 2 .. fl 1 . ' 1 W. Q 5 .... -- .. i ': , 1 - A -gy ' sh L: My ' .,, ' ffm., , M-. -4, ,, , , ' A1 V Q , V ,, ' of 435' 1 Hx' .. x L.-, 3 i cf -5 M W.. , Q5 I IV., .Q A awe' 5 .. . , W' li ' .7 " '. -- . -f V' J 3 L, '.v.LZ,,,A,-: C ye t ? ..- Vgf ' , my '1.:--' ,.,,'- , a Ei , W f , X K ff f , gg' , fag. H 5 ' f f: .J f S gf? 'K . .. ,. . ,,,...g-Y i l I . H. Kitsap! '1' ,z"ff - Q 3 A , BOYS' QUARTETTE QLeft to rightj Row 1-R. Thompson, R. 3 Reyes. Row 2-G.. Bonner, J. Vale. 'f L f ".:.:.::- W"1'2:s:.,- - sf fs, . f eQ..t:f4:.: X . 1 1 Q f N X W . . 3 .... J .... .. .l J , S . M . WL.-9 .. - s K W SA 4 " , ww 1, if Y 'f X 1 .N jf.. 991 f, X 'fn f 7 QW3, l - f Q 1 I Q, Nami l vf lf, .4 1 . I ,. 4, ,-X A MOZART MEMBERS fLeft to rightb Row 1-C. Bonner, C. Rut- ledge, A. Thomason, R. Loffhagen, P. Boettcher. Row 2-B. Olsen, W Y. Fitz, P. Santi, N. Shaffer. Row 3-R. Thompson, N. Blackman, ., R. Reyes. Row 4-R. Browne, G. Bonner, D. Nelson, J. Vale. Q + il DREAMTIMERS lLeft to rightj R. Browne, Y. Fitz, P. Santi, N. Blackman. Page 149 SENIOR PLAY C A S T John Brooks ,... Ann Allen ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Reynette Wallace . Bob Bovee ,..,w..,,Aooo Jack Pickard w.....,,.. Mary Lou Casebeer Rachel Cadwalader Linda Hettern ,,AA,,,,. Nolan Blackman ,,,, Joan Mauerhan Gene Adams .c,, Ron Thompson ,,,,, Tootsie DeBruyn ,,,, ......Mr. Barry ,.......Mrs. Taylor .. ,,,,,, Evelyn Taylor ..........Tom Crosbee Martin Pritchard .Carrie Hamilton ....Mrs. Griswold .......Fitty Ferris .......Sam .lordon .................Betty ......Sawbuck Sam ............Plunkett ......Daisy SENIOR PLAY - "Mr. Barry's Etchingsw was selected by class ot '54 as their senior class play. M... .. sm., Ann Allen as Mrs. Taylor and John Brooks as Nlr. Barry are looking over the trunkful of counterfeit bills made by lVlr. Barry. "MR. BARRY'S ETCHINGSH the who refuses to let his friends or enemies take a counterfeiting rap tor him. Mr. Barry is a heart-warming character The play was under the direction ot Louise very brilliantly portrayed by John Brooks. Booth, and was presented Nov. T9 in the Mr. Barry is a time middle-aged bachelor Anaheim high auditorium. T T'T T T A f?'WQifii:31'5'E H T QT T 1 ww - . i f i . c. ... V . it Q' f A -sss M..- . fi 'r . ' Wars- I .. .1..f' J -. W' ---- -A-'mf If-F s .fffff M .. - - . 5 T L- "' AX: ' TY i f Q. l s . 5 .. . , . A U W-N ---- W es .swf ' - ' . J : - as-mm ' rw. s ts- -S ' 4 . . xmiili A Q.- Q . r V 5 ' ' ' A -.. 5 .: ' A 3 . ' 3 if f. - . 3 'TT' .. . ' i 'ri- s s - Qc 1 I i 5 . gl. le is lLeft to right: Row 1-T. DeBruyn, J. Brooks, R. Cadwalader, R. Thompson. J. Mauerhan, R. Wallace, J. Rickard. Row 2-B, Bovee M. Casebeer, N. Blackman, L. Heffern, E. Adams, A. Allen. Page 150 l 3 JUNIOR PLAY C A S T Don Toussau .,,,,,A,,,,, ,,.YYYVVV,,5-,, Barbara Mauerhan Gary Bonner ,.,,,,,, . Donald Lee ..... Zoe Fort ...,..AA,,,,,,,, Steve Schater ,,...A Bette Van Delden Willard Henry ...., Bill Kidwell ..,..... Bob Bircher ....,.,. Carol Logsdon .wY,.. Merle Meyer ..,,. June Jungkeit Janice Gerber ,,7,AA Beverly Howery ..., . ,,,,,,.. Miss Johnston Shirley France ........,, Dee Dee Sagan Richard Hathcock Barbara Shimel ..... ...Henry Murman Barbara Pearson Bradley .......Mr. Nelson ..........,.Miss Shea ......Mr. Patterson ..,..,.Miss Eggleston George Bigelow Ferguson .......Mr. Vicchitto ..,...Mrs. Murman ....Miss Wheeler ...................,Mary .............,....Gertie ....,..,,,,..Miss Pike ........student ........studenl fx Taking the leading parts in this year's junior play were Don Toussau and Bar bara Nlauerhan who portrayed a typical high school boy and girl friend. .IUNICR PLAY - "WHAT A LIFE" Toussau, who starred as Henry Murman, With the cooperation of the cast members and more their annual play, The presentation under the direction ot Louise Booth, the play was entitled, "What a Lite" and was center- was rated a success. ed around a typical high school boy, Don l qLeft to rightj Row 1-B. Bircher, M. Meyer, B. Kidwell. D. Toussau, W. Henry. Row 2-B. Howery, S, France, J- Jungkeit C Logsdon, Z. Fort, B. Van Delden, B. Mauerhan, D. Sagan, J. Gerber. Row 3-D. Lee, G. Bonner, S. Shafer. ' Page 151 .5 I j . .. .,...-., -W X... K I jj, , .sa I wsswfff 'ja A ' ' mjsirirzrg , A 75731112 3 Mi , . - H, . l W 5 . 4, ,,,. Q Kay! THIRD PERIOD JOURNALISM-Nlernbers above include P. Garey. M. Gunter, B. Van Delden, D. Coons, S, Zwart, N. Plaisted, M. Koontz, D. Rouland, P. Grimes, C. Sowers, E. Bruhns, and D. Leigh. Vt iff E 4' 3llli?tll?iiXTl 51 gf . 5: ' I., K s M I 'I his ts' TV rx FIFTH PERIOD JOURNALISIVI-Nlembers shown above include J. Bettinger, A. Wheeler, C. Peltzer, R. Smith, P. Roberts, P. Balderhausen, P. Weidner, C. Dagit, IVI. Dargatz, S. Bengochea, B. Kramp, G. Kauffman, N. Hoffner, D. Toussau, P. Santi, J. Walker, J. Neilsen, J. Nloore, and B. Knox. Page 152 rf' ie.. 2 ANORANCO STAFFS NEW MEMBERS ADDED TO ANORANCO STAFF Beginning Monday, Nov. 23, two new editors took over the feature page and the society page. At the beginning of the year the Anoranco staff de- cided to change some editors at the quarter. Front page editor and sports editor were not changed. Three new members were added to the staff at this time: First year journalism students wishing to become a staff member must have five stories printed in the Anoranco. JOURNALISM CLASSES TO TAKE OVER ANORANCO Journalism classes began taking over the Anoranco this past week by writing all the stories for the paper. This will allow the senior publica- tions class to spend more time on the annual. ANORANCO STAFF CHANGES MADE After spending the first se- mester learning some of the fine arts of journalism, the third and fifth period journal- ism classes will now take over the Anoranco, beginning with the third period, who will put out next week's edition. Edi- tors are to be elected for each issue. Shirley Swofford remained on the staff as advisory editor. NEW STUDENTS MAKE UP STAFF FOR ANORANCO The third and fifth period journalism students are work- ing hard to put out the An- oranco in alternate weeks, while the second year students are busy working on the Colo- nist. I i sgw it I, G, :3:f:.::, M fy COLONIST EDITORS 'QM- koi 3' SHIRLEY SWOFFORD , Q Administrative Editor if 'wwrrzzmlvm' 4 ,, we Wwwlfwm Mwf ' f I .9 ,I Editor Gloria Olvera and adviser Larry Quille I I CAROL SLOIVIAN PRiscii.i.A LOPEZ Classes Editor Classes Ediwv' yt NOLAN BLACKNIAN Clubs Editor SUSAN ARNOLD Clubs Editor M OPHELIA TOVAR Boys' Sports Editor Girls' Sports Editor VINCE DEVENEY RUTH GRIGGS PATTY JO FRY Activities Editor Activities Editor .. ,M W MARY CONE AdV9"ti5IY1Q Manager SENIOR PUBLICATIONS RELLA CHERRY Snapshot Editor page 153 as si? 1 AU PHOTOGRAPHERS 1Left to right! Row 1 ,Q- Af -J. Stanton. Row 2-B. Heimberger, G. Hushman, M. Reinert, L. Stockwell, and D. Visel. J f t HK M 'M N f is a 9 9 LX f ss ,X W s f ff f M W Q Q 1 Z X X f , 'fm . f f wi ,P - Lf: WET V ,if 4, fig: RZ? f f 1 f 'fs ' 2 ' f X M f 7 " J NW X QW JZ SZ f , 1 f f .ff l P 20 TED WADE Photography Adviser PHOTOGRAPHY Our school's six photographers under the guidance ot Mr. Ted Wade did an excellent job this year supplying the Anoranco and Colonist with photographs. They made possible the tilming ot football games tor the athletic department and were present at the social activities to obtain shots. In cooperation with the drama department they produced a film depicting lite at AUHS. PRINTING The print shop students, Mr. Geo. Lutz, and Mr. Lloyd Ross did a job well worth praise. Along with getting the Anoranco printed each week they had the task ot printing our year book. Because ot Mr. Ross' competent advice and judgement of procuring contents of annuals he was able to give us help in style and manner. f 1 Q f ge W W. i E is J! ? L ,nv--, 2 XX 'ha ffm f, ..,f,, t, . . , """ AU PRINTERS tLeft to rightj Row 1-J. Huckabee. J. Vickers. L. Acosta, C. Sowers, F. Bu .Id. J. A-d . son, and Mr. Lutz. This is the second period printing class. S1 I ' Mr' Ross' ROW 2-A' Amie" Page 154 Registration Day ,V 1 J 1 1 w . L K itll, Big and Little Sister Party -.. vi -A- 'Y2 cl -l .,, 3, H-,,,, W. First Heap of the Week , ix i:s:gAg,.. 1 M1 Drama Class rg yes: :rt r xy ' as X .l .F fs A 01 Q. fist' 2 ami ' M s xt X rss: at w if 1A Highlights of 1953-54 September-School beginsl Connies and Clems are back to work after a long summer vacation. Sept. ll-Big and Little Sister Party. Sept. l8-New fountain figure, October-Was month of dancing, beauty contests, and parades. Oct. 2-Sr. Play cast chosen. Oct. 9-Miss Hal- loween Ball. Oct. lo-Miss Frigidaire chosen. Oct. 30- "Out of This World", theme of Halloween parade. November-This month was filled with excitement that topped all preceeding and future months to come. Nov. 6 -Boutcher new FFA Sweetheart and Colonists scalped the Indians l3-O. Nov. l3-"Stairway to the Stars" theme of the Homecoming Dance. Nov. i9-'AMr. Barry's Etchingsu presented Nov. 26-Colonists rout Saints l9-6 to cop Sun- set League Championship. December-Month of terrific Colonist school spirit, formal dances, and exciting football games. Dec. 4-San Diego Cavemen upended by fiery Colonists. Dec. ll-AU elimi- nated from CIF, losses on downs to Santa Monica. Dec. l8 -Kandy Kane Ball held. Dec. 25-Christmas vacation. January-Month of relaxation except for the iunior play cast who are rehearsing for play. Jan. 8-Senior footballers received last big honors. Jan. l5-AU parking lot com- pleted. Jan. 22-Orange County GAA conference held. Jan. 29-Anoranco staff changes made, February-A new semester begins with many big events taking place making it one of the busiest months at AU. Feb. 5-Kellogg named new principal and Ryan vice-principal. Feb. l2-Cupid's Capers. Feb. l9-Second student talent show was featured in assembly. Feb. 26-Junior Play "What a Life" was held. March-was filled with the excitement of Miss High School beauty contest, the Sock Hop, and the musical festival. Mar. 5-Be Bop Sock Hop. April-With the weeks flying by and the end of the school year at hand students kept this month busy with school work and social functions. April 2-John Brooks chosen Valedic- torian with Lou Ann Fukuda to be Salutatorian. April 9- "Moonlight and Melody" theme of Military Ball. April lo- Easter Vacation. April 23-Girls' League Vocational Day. April 30-P.T.A. held an Open House. May-This is without a doubt the busiest month of the school year with all the club parties and activities. May 7 -Pictures taken for Student body cards for the year l95-4-55. May l4-Senior class pictures taken. May 2l-"Tops of the Pops' spring musical presented by the Mozart Club. May 28-Student body elections. June-The last month is filled with ioy to underclassmen who will be out for the summer, but to the seniors it is filled with sorrow because they won't be coming back. June ll- Junior-Senior Prom. .lune l7-Baccalaureate and Grad- uation. Page 155 wx I f W"-'i.' 0l ......,, L W' +5 !f.w' FHA girls and adviser getting ready for state convention ,- f Q ,, , , l si, 5 'f . , 4' ' v 'P ' 5.2. l 4 , ,gi 7? df X23 t I fn-fa. ,V iff :za - 1 ' fi f ' , .6 2 W' yu M ,,,, J. 2 'W 1 ' ,Ml f 2 2 a MW 'WY Committee chairmen for National FHA week and adviser Colonial Coeds initiation FFA Sweetheart and FFA officers First, Second, Third place win 04' Page 156 an Q 1, .E was X A W3 mfzwssr ners of Miss Halloween contest ' ,ff 1 M. Contestants for Homecoming Queen and attendants P Garls' Rifle Team initiation banquet Nl.-, Dems.-ee away-ds FFA iw to 5, -y 45 , . nfl-iw I i , xxx Won Santa Ana football game M i 1 'AX - ,Q at 1 v s 'Q if A7 , V5 A .Qs .:, Kikzyff 1-f'-if 5 fm - WHA!" ,-wh. V Ei-1 : haf-A-rw... Qfqh.-I-. ' Cifaulaflwff x ,-4vxKff31'!- A- -5-'as'- Qfffffrsw-11 Water Polo award dinner ,,,,.-w"""'0Mw .af Students waiting for San Diego Special Linette Barnett wins rifle trophy M J' 2' ' E ..::-1-:-' 1? s as tzifsnwx 5 Q with ny A Guided tour of Los Alamitos Navy Air Base ,i fy ,V - . Q ., E - f :fm f , "J: -' ..., ' ' A 4 ' 2. 5 "X 'Nia V. ' A I 'TS I 'EM 1 if V, ,Y N i " .. . . I H A V' May, 1, V .- cvwfs lff"" . , 1 Ili ff 'TTY' ,717 J A 1 ,Y .- MJ. .W ' , ., . ... a :fm Ek , ""' 1 bank .Wx W. .... r wiht' " , ' Q - , 'mil' A ,uf-f 'f ,,,,,- ,V U X .1 -Q.M,:.ii.,.,4:,5gg::A V , X I ' mmf? N. f , i New AU parking lot ,, 17 Y group travels to Sacramento ' x Band Concert Page 157 FOOTBALL, HOMECOMING AND KANDY KANE DANCES Homecoming Queen And Attendants Senior Attendant Junior Attendant JACKIE ELDER MYRA GUNTER Queen Lols Haskins Sophomore Attendant Freshman Attendant SUE ANN POWELL JACKIE JQNE3 Page 1 EXCERPTS FRoM Four? ASSEMBI. 5 PRESENTED TO THE STUDENT BODY The national assemblies ot Los Angeles present- ed to AU Mr. Dulce Art, probably the tastest clay sculptor in the U. S., who performed one ot the most unusual and popular programs ever seen. www Probably the most comical and hilarious assembly ever witnessed by AU students was the great assem- bly given by the taculty. Among other acts was the ever popular taculty band. ...Hx Students proved their talents when participating in the student talent assembly. Pictured above are two Connies doing a dance routine to "In The Mood" in a novelty potatoe sack dance. Pq 100 Santa Ana Junior College entertained students with an outstanding program consisting ot talent tram the college in the gay nineties theme. With music and costume so authentic, this show couldnt and didnt miss, far -vw SWA 1 z,, Y I X W ' K v f A., N if M x I WM if f f Q f f 3' Q 4 'W www' Q .5 tiffa- K. 1 ,450 f ww' . ff , f ,N , VJ 4 ,W ,.. Q 9 ,fl A X , Q . Q :Lexx N- wr ,NX 72 'X 1 M, X ' X VV, ,, 44, Q V -Q ' 2, f ,fa , 4' , 'www , 1 , W3 ,W 4? Hr 55. w ym Q , f... , SJ, 1 . A , gig. , f, ., WP, .H .. , is ,2 x if at-. f -- 5.5-f-A ,A f X .W A 2 ' .su Amy, X 5 K . , JW - xy, .g:...z'N K . ez' .:EQwxw'1E' 5 'i x ' .X Kf ff Q1 W4 , 1! k Q' ' X X 4 Q W V, f , I 1 "1 , , -4.-,. Q , ,WV . ,, A I, Vg I, S, Y M ,wa x XML SK S , NW' f vis-yzg Y ,,. I . A . - ' 4,4 4, .e y 413' : W, X -N, f' ' , ky ' QS A Y l w Wm A X. 3 X ,WWW ffQaW'n'A Q Q, Z Q14 ww ' 'qv W ww Aw, S ws flfi A S -Mom Q 4 W2 K 423 .ffyw ,Jw as bw r a 71 f , ., , wg ,MWAE ' W. wr X W ,W- ,X 'N fx A 'P' ' f 'Ag Q47 x A.-KX -N f' v. x.,,, f .x-my-X MM .. Vis' V 5 Q 5 f 0 . ' :EQEQS , ,Af i Q2 ' f 'W '-mf. . j ,, :X-. 5 Vw N 5 If Q, 1 fy lie- ff5?2Sf , '24 A '-'-2-Q - 1 9' is as X uw X37 15? NAA, 1.. .X 1 ., M Q5 x ' 51.-S , . EIN Ny- If i W N: - V. i,z,,.SsN , . Q 1 3 pf A fn M G is x . 2 Q ' ,W ,,,, JCE v Q --Mqqyw , Q., J Wi' ' nu va U5 ,f 1 h gm- , w......n"'N - , V , 54. j4,yfff P- .1 5 X J, 5, , qsgq K"' """ J X Elggf' Q 'VX K wx X X if Wy w .ff .3. 'V' S N " Q Q X iw BQKWY: 21 , -X Q X 4' 25 4- ., 'fu 1 V? S ' sk xxx Ax! A jx X is fNX 'ax Xb A is, X- A A kv A X X' 5 ,xx xv QQ XS x A XXX Work Your Dollars Here al Home They'll Earn as Much as Though They Roam Dollars Spenl al' Home You See Help The Whole Communilyl Savings Insured 'ro Sl0,000. ANAHEIM BUILDING AND IUAN ASS'N MEMBER FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK SYSTEM Corner Cenler and Lemon Slreels L A K E ' S MEN'S WEAR Ph KE 5 3534 225 W. Cente St COMPLIMENTS OF STEPHEN F. GALLAGHER B K of America Building ANAHEIM, CALIF A. J. LABOURDETTE PLUMBING CONTRACTOR LOS ALAMITOS 3242 CERRITOS Ph L g B h 56575 CONGRATULATIONS To The CLASS OF 1954 JOHN A. WOOD. M.D. Schulfz Tool 81 Machine Mfg. Co. OSCAR F. SCHULTZ Phone KE. 5-2286, P. O. Box 590 495 E LA PALMA AVE ANAHEIM CALIF GOOD LUCK, CLASS OF '54 RITZ CLEANERS QUALITY CLEANING 307 E CENTER Phone KE 5 3289 WIZARD BOATS BICYCLES KEYS O R V A L' S SALES AND SERVICE Ph KEy t 5 2759 419 W. CENTER ST ROY N. MENDOZA Enrolled to Practice Before Th U. S. Treasury ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA cy... aazww. UNION OIL DEALER Slop-Wear Lubricallon U. S. Royal Tires and Balleries Aulo Accessories-Washing o Free Pick-Up and Delivery 0 Phone KEyslone 5-3465 PALM AT CENTER Pg 16 coIvIPLIIvIENTs OF nad-fade CENTER FURNITURE 337 E. CENTER KEystone 5-7751 Phone KE. 5-9123 CHEVRON GAS STATION JOHN M. LARSON 401 W. Center St ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA HOME - TOWN PRINTERS PROMPT SERVICE 180 WEST CENTER STREET PHONE KE 54117 338 w. CENTER ST CALIFORNIA HOSIERY CO, ' RAYON AND AQETATE TAFFETA WITH FULL SKIRT, CORDED ALL AROUND IN PINK, BLUE, AQUA. AND NAVY sos N. Los ANGELES ST. ANAHEIM, cAI.IIf S 9 t 15 S8 98 lllllllllllll ANAHEIM DIVISION NORTI-IROP AIRCRAFT, INC. 500 EasT OI'arIgeTIIoI'pe Avenue CONGRATULATIONS CLASS '54 ,Ai . 9 166 Urange County Drug Cu. Dependable Prescriplion Druggisls Agenfs For EASTMAN KODAKS PENSLAUR REMEDIES STANDARD HOMEOPATHIC CO. Exclusive Agenfs For RUSSELL STOVER CANDIES KE. 5-2408 236 W. Cenler Anaheim, California George Norwine 8 Son OUR BEST WISHES lol'l1e CLASS OF '54 from M ARTE ET HARDWARE SlNCE I9l0 323 W. Cen'I'er Sl. Phone KE. 5-2303 A Large Home Concern Serving You ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS Federal Tires Aero Bafieries 0IL CUMP or , ' f 1 Anaheim. California Pag 167 Kuebler Pump Repairs --.nnnnn.-...-.--.-.----n--.....-------..... PRACTICE MAKES AVERAGE DOMEST - 'C AND 'RR'GAT'ON Anaheim Bowling CenI'er SALES AND SERVICE PHONE KE. 5-3248 : 123 S. LOS ANGELES ST. Phone KE. 5-6954 I Drs. Edward 84 Doro'I'hy Jordi' BALLARD S 5 HOME OF WONDERMERE OSTEOPATI-uc PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS E AND LANAMERE 525 W. Center St, - Anaheim ' S W E A T E R S Phone KE. 5-2308 Res. l.Ehi. 9-3335 105 W. CENTER KEYSTOVIE 5-3361 A GOOD PLACE TO EAT V. I.. Briscoe Shell Service HADERLIE'S CAFE F FK I E N D L Y SHELL SERVICE LINCOLN AT MANCHESTER E 11002 LINCOLN KE. 5-2583 waQL.A.u..g...gQlIaLE.g.. ....l.L,.':,:rl.:g.':-.g...EII-IlzjllgIJ2...ggI:gJ.I.g.I!.. PUBLIC ACSCOUNTANT PLUME-EILIGLAINTIEIIIEENDEIRING PIWOH6 KE- 5-4163 I Water Softener-s Furnaces 125 E. BROADWAY ANAHEIM. CALIF. E E 549 S. LOS ANGELES ST. PI'1OI16 KE. 5-48-10 Besf Wishes fo Ihe Groduoiing Class of I954 1 I I .:' A lUl'K5,lHC. 516 EAST SANTA ANA ST. PHONE KE. 5-8'l'I'I Page 168 llllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll -.I--.....'.."-. TELEVISION APPLIANCES I BAKER'S E E 250 w. CENTER KE 52931 : E Phone KEystone 5-7052 24-Hour Service Anaheim Lock 81 Key Service A KEY FOR EVERY LOCK WE REPAIR CLOCKS E B. I.. Jeffers 548 s. Los Angeles st. ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA HADLEYIS CAFE AND BAKERY 3 101 W. CENTER Ph KEy t 5 2981 ........ III .....................................,........ .. 5'f"Il3"EQ5?'-C , Ne'ff's Paini' 81 Wallpaper Co. E 5 200 N. LOS ANGELES ST. ANAHEIM, CALIF. I32 W. Cenier KE. 5-3947 PM mme 5-3219 Q I 4 'I' Q e A I I 1 . .'.'M.--- COMPLETE LINE OF Carpeiing Linoleum Rubber Tile 5 AspI1aI+ Tile Formica I Shades Veneiian Blinds I g B wil' Drapery Hardware 0 I lands 7I8 N. LOS ANGELES ST. : SPORTS GOODS Anaheim, Calif. KE. 5-2855 13, W, BROADWAY ANAHEW P g 169 Brides Regis+ry Service GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASSIONS CI-IINA GLASS HOUSEWARES 4 : - ETINe CARDS WMMfW,.,fg,,. -1 BAR so GRE 239 WEST CENTER STREET Anaheim Phone KE. 5-4648 -a ff fb ff fr Anaheim Daily-Herald Q6 'Nj Orange County Plain Dealer xi' fb tl Exam sunday. ANAI'I EI IVI BULLETIN Phone KE. 5-5303 H. C. AIIen, ProprieTor 6--- -ffl, EEZ Allen Refrigeration Co. 1 "Q" TM -AnZ'H: FRIGIDAIRE COMMERCIAL DEALER I E IQ. SALES AND SERVICE """" REFRICERATION AIR CONDITIONING I6OI W. Broadway Emergency Phone KE. 5-5927 Anaheim, California LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR COMPLETE NURSERY SERVICE BOTTS' N URSERY I228 LINCOLN AVENUE Anaheim, California Telephone KE. 5-5450 HAROLD J. BOTTS MOLLIE A, BOTTS Pg 170 '1 '-Sf5Qi.fv - Q, 3 Ry' .. If A 'fr ,gym "'M"'q-W. M.-51' : A' i FAITH FU L, COURTEOUS SERVICE "EVERYTHING FOR YOUR H I f t HARDWARE NEEDS" B Stanton Hardware IZO E. Broadway Phone KE. 5-4l05 CORNER STANTON AND MAIN 5 h , H , Phone IACkson 7-1323 ' Ana e'm' Ca' Orme p 2 Ei COOL TREATS AT FOSTER'S l5c, 25c Shakes 5c, IOc, l5c Cones Fresh Fruir Malrs and Shakes Pin+s and Quarfs in Flavors 735 N. Los Angeles Sf. Phone KE. 5-5588 ull:llulllnulunuunuluuuuunnunllluuulllulluuuunnnnu Iullulllnlluun:nunnnullluuuuulluuulllluuunu Page 171 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '54 f I f c'LfafjQsfcf1 ZZLUS - zz FINE CLEANING 406 N. LOS ANGELES ST. KEYSTONE 5-62I2 AL DEWITT TIRE SERVICE NEW - RECAPS - USED xxirrm - 3Ol Nor+I1 Los Angeles SI'reeI'- QQQW' 0 'fi 'TT '- C,Cl?1tteSLgC3CI3I1nn Iurnjggr Co. gi n j BUILDERS HARDWARE '13, SASL-I DOOR MILL WORK OF ALL KINDS II , ..W, :N w Larry Henderson, Mgr. II33 W. LincOIn Ave. Anaheim Yard KEys+one 5-23I9 L' ..I:V.f facluon 74 ,brag Sfore WHERE PRESCRIPTIONS ARE FILLED SCIENTIFICALLY 237 E. CENTER ST. PHONE KEYSTONE 5-2322 nun:u-unnan-nunvmm-nnnnnumuunuuu Pg 12 Congrafulafions fo 'Phe Graduafing Class of '54 MERRIFIELD TRUCKING COMPANY 1122 Nou-+11 Lemon S+. Phone KE. 5-2121 FOR YOUR BUILDING NEEDS Fulierion Anaheim Ploceniioa BACKS, CAMPBELL AND KAULBARS MORTUARY 25I N. Lemon Anaheim AUHS 1903 ..................................... L. N. WISSER SPORTING GOODS AND CYCLERY SPORTSNI-EN HEADQUARTERS 169 W. Center st. A h 'rm Calif WEBER BOOK STORE PENS CARDS SCHOOL SUPPLIES STATIONERY 139 W. Cent st A h im, Calif- COIVIPLIMENTS OF WILLIAM P. WEBB WMM' Homer A. Nelson, O.D. Warren M. Hollingsworfh. O.D. O P T O M E T R I S T Phone KEystone 5-8404 114 N. Lemon St. PRESSEL. ROGERS. 8: PRESSEL HARDWARE BLACKSMITHING WELDING 117 S. CLEMENTINE Ph e KE. 54206 Ph ne KEYSLOYIC 5-2506 R. Joe Quasi' 81 Sons PLUMBING - REPAIRS J Quast 306 N. Los Angl Phl B tt h A h im, Califo Frank Tausch Agency I N S U R A N C E 275 E Center St. Phone KE. 5-2401 ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA JuI's Body 8. Point Shop JuI TesIce's 22 Years' Experrience Assures Guaranieed Sarisiaciion COMPLETE BODY SERVICE Fender Repairing A SpeciaII'y BAKED ENAMEL FINISH PAINTING We March Any Color Free Esfimafes KEysIone 5-8573 . . .. 234 S. Los Angeies Anaheim s :,,.0PEIIl mln E GOOD IIDISPII Y I 174 WEST CENTER I:INI P g 174 , V 41 , I X Z. ,L l w . f f an f fy? ff N X f -M fi ,., A le jg ' er' V COM PLIMENTS OF EDLUCK McCoy Motor Co. JEWELERS Your FORD Dealer : : 320 N' LOS Angeles Anahelm PHONE Ku 5-7413 126 E. CENTER : Phone KE. 5-2288 Congrafulalions Class of '54 a4r.4ene Siuclio 222 E. CENTER ST. Paqe 175 PAUL ALLAN - FOR DISTINCTIVE SHOES -- 308 W. Center St. Phone KE. 5-S433 ANAHEIM FURNITURE CO. "WE STRETCH YOUR FURNITURE DOLLAR FARTHERH Phone KEystone 5-4350 140-46 N. Los Angeles St. ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA BEST VVISHES CLASS OF 1954 FRONI . . CURRIES 621 W. CENTER Phone KEystone 5-9051 We Offer Complete Automotive Service U24-Hour Tow - In Service" CYPRESS GARAGE C. T. and L. W. Davies I s NA ORFF HARDWARE 249 E. CENTER ST. Ph. KE. 5-2713 Enunnmmnn:uuiunumnunnuununuuuunun nalununnuununnnunuullun :nun alum: unununuuunununnuununz H. H. STABBERT INSURANCE AGENCY - PROTECTION FOR EVERY NEED - Z 124 W. Broadway Business Phone KE. 5-4315 HAROLD C. NESLUND. M.D. Phone KE. 5-3022 Res. Phone KE. 5-2524 - PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON : 503 N. Los Angeles St. ANAHEIM FIVE POINT PHARMACY CHARLES NEUKONI, Prop. Body - Fender Work - Welding - Painting 5 Day, JA. 7-2861 5721 LINCOEN AVE. I 1100 LINCOLN AVE. KE. 5-3611 Night, JA. 7-2247 CYPRESS, CALIF. ' ll CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l954 ,d :lr -2+ ANAHEIM DIVISION R BERT-SHAXW FULTO Page 176 .................... Plastic Seat Covers Convertlble Tops A 8, P Baton Muslc C0 AUTO 3. FURNITURE UPHOLSTERING 224 S. Lemon St KEystone 5 2404 KEystone 5 3784 A R M S T R 0 N G S DEALER SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 1201 LINCOLN AVE PHONE KE 5 .5b7b CENTER AND PALM KEystone 5 2977 M. E. BEEBE RAY O LINK Phone KE 54997 M. HE. BEFBIL a C0 emmen 76mm S404 Established In Anaheim Over 20 Years Phone KE. 5-7221 116 S Los Angeles E CENTER ST ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA J. NEILS BOEGE D DS LOS ALAMITOS 105 W. Sycamore St Offlce Phone KE 8412 ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA 10802 Los Alamitos Blvd Long Beach 91912 ASPHALT TILE DFIAPE5 M4 12213535 'TEIISIUN TITE SCREENS PHONE KE. 5 4434 2II SOUTH PALM STREET DR. M. GAYLORD BROWN L-.. ,L OPTONIETRIST ' . 161 West Ce t St t : Phone KE. 5-5772 I E Fred's HOUSE OF FLOWERS FLOWERS Fon ALL OCCASIONS ' : E.-C U . 1 Group . Movme STORAGE ' a GENERAL 'rnucume Robert L. Martin cnqup A X E N 1872 ,.,,.,1 - , ,..-.. 4 - Sl CE Agent J A DEPENDABLE THROUGH THE YEARS 433 W. CENTER PHONE KE. 5-2326 REES BROS' s TRANSFER co. GOLDEN RULE MARKET --'T' 505 S LOS ANGELES ST PHONE KE 5 2863 826 W. Cent KE 5 6456 A h ' C If ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA runninuunnuununulunun:nuunnnnnnnnunnnnnnnnlnnunnulluuuuu M ww af' A A RUBERT ll. BIINEY DODGE JOB - RATED TRUCKS DODGE PASSENGER CARS PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS 328 Wesf Center S+ree+ Anaheim' Calif. Pg 178 JW -.Q if , ,ff-' wand VISIT Dick Toussau, Suzie Arnold, Mary Cone, and Ronnie Korn KNUTTS BERRY FARM Ghosi' Town 1 PHONE JAckson 7-2211 LAwr-ence 2-1131 BUENA PARK, CALIF. ti iw 1 3 s 1 Q . Page 179 -.-.U----.-.--.--.----nn..----.-In.. BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1954 FROM AIR-RAY VENETIAN BLIND CO. 1233 N. Polm ANAHEIM Phone KE. 5-6144 .-In--.......-.......-nu.......-........................ .-...-.-....un..............H..-..-.................... B. B. 8 H. IVIUIUR PARIS COMPLETE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE 151 So. Los Angeles KE. 5-2828 13011 Century Blvd. LElgh. 9-2179 DOLLER'S RADIO SERVICE PACKARD BELL RADIOS, TELEVISION 726 S Los Angele St Phone KE. 5-3358 CHAS. E. IRVIN, M.D. Office Phone Keystone 5-4125 105 West Sycamore Resid nce Phone Keystone 5-3644 Anaheim, Calif. CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH DUNN MOTOR COMPANY ANAHEIM 777 N. Los Angeles Phone KE. 5-7237 Gknficefs S Anaheim, California P g 180 CH UNGKING CAFE OPEN 11 A.NI. to 2 A.IVI. DAILY SATUFIDAYS 11 A.Nl. to 3 A.M. 327 331 E. Center Phone KE. 5-4519 Anahei Qi fs 5 S porfswezzr 2l9 W. Center KEys'rone 5-2305 :nun-I-nuuununnl..,. A kg 'et M .I f w . - I1 . ' 'I'-'A f 7" . -eff I LQ? , ' , ,- N, LSA-, I:,,rg'5,cg,, 23 In 'T A0 ZXTJQT' -'fi-in JY . lv A xxx! . , ' A 'wie' f JEVS I ' Q 5 I M iw ellfl ' 1 ,, 5 Q ' V , 1 ' ': ve' 4 Q. " jhgfrefi 5 h . -'fix' I 1-:-' YQ I X Jim V' Ia- I p I f , I T' 'kewxfhf .. , -- M R wwf 'GZ' f I ' I III I N nipwe I fA' 1 Af? .fit 13 5' il . VA, I J. N . W , S Q . 'EXT 5 L ' I 3 X I gig - Q wg f 1 4 f ip N 0 glacial NIISSES' AND WOIVIEN'S WEAVING APPAREL FEATURING JONATHAN LOGAN DRESSES I34 Wesi' Center SIreeI rem :II'1fF'r I 'I"" EEEE, W1 ' . f - I.. TH ' - , ' I :': L , 3 -:,: ' -----' 313' E CROWN BODY 81 COACH CORPORATION MANUFACTURERS OF THE CROWN SUPERCOACH EXTEND SINCERE BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASSES OF THE ANAHEIM UNION HIGH SCHOOL 6704 ww a wif WWW? I M IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I x 2 . 5 9 A I I ' LEE'S NURSERY COMPLETE GARDEN SUPPLIES LANDSCAPE ADVISORY SERVICE I SERVING ORANGE CO. SINCE 192-I g 718 S. Los Angeles Anaheim Ph KE. 5-8-I31 E E. H. KERSTEN, M.D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON 200 North Palm Street, Anaheim, Califor -v. ' , Qiruinulc -J JEWELER An I'l9Il'l1. Calif 155 West Center Phone KE. 5--H03 CASEY--BECKI-IAM PONTIAC E "A GOOD DEAL AND A GOOD DEAL MORE" 'IA If I I Nighfsmo-11:00 Phone KE, 5-2857 336 S. Los Angeles St ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA Buena Park I' tj' 0 ff? I7 TIIQEA f SKATING ,f' RINK X N1-J X X Tuesday, f ' XXI Friday. I IX X Safurday I - I QQ xx X - DayIigI'1'I' Saving Time 8:00 - I I:00 INSTRUCTIONS Group or Privafe MR. 81 MRS. D. HUCKABEE Phone Lawrence 2-IO42 FOR PRIVATE PARTIES Sfanfon and Commonwealfh . Page 181 14 ca 4 a n S fn 14 Z 13, "ORANGE COUNTY'S MOST COMPLETE FURNITURE STORE" 3Ol W. CENTER ST. Phone KE. 5-2l44 3 9eR,Q?, " ' ANAHEIM OFFICE 211 E st Center S ' X Keystone 5-2883 A aflfffzzqw and cfm . fi006fLIfL0lZ ff UQlza!ze0n ZQQDEENG GZZVE BRABNZH l.Eh gn 9-1144 feat C1Oioheo elaoo of 1954 May Your Fufure Be Brighf ln a Free Land. 'f f' ,' di . n 1 qf if 1 A 5 Class ol 28 WALT TAYLOR fcaurettcfo are-:oo Shoppe ik H6 W. Gelder Anaheim "More For Your Building Dollar" g 12 lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll DEPENDABLE PRINTING IINIIIII Q 119 N. Los Angeles St. Anaheim, Calif. THE PLACE TO GO Fox West Coast Theaters ANAHEIM COM PLIMENTS OF WALBURG'S COATS SUITS DRESSES SPORTSWEAR 181 W. Center St. Phone KE. 5-4041 ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA nunulnnnn unuuunnruup1nunnun::nun-:nn--nunnnnnnununuuuuuuuunuuuu COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. and Mrs. John A. Larson :nnununuunuuunnunuunuuunn nun:nunnu:-nu-uuuuuuuuunuuunu I . 3 T G w iv IS' I I., .. SAI if vii' I ...Ex Evie's Beoufy Shop 2 7-2707 g 5525 E. LINCOLN BLVD. JACkson CYPRESS, CALIFORNIA I-IAL'S DRIVE IN CAR SERVICE AFTER 5:00 P.lVI. OPEN DAILY UNTIL 11:00 P.lVl. Fridays and Saturdays 'Till 1:00 a.m. 808 W. CENTER PHONE KE. 5-8363 : I 1 u I u I n I I I u I n u c m LUND'S MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH GRADE PAINTS. ENAMELS -GLASSWORK OF ALL KINDS- Phone KE. 5-2831 1120 Lincoln Ave. : EL COMEDOR SPECIALIZING IN THE BEST OF SPANISH AND MEXICAN FOODS - CLOSED TUESDAYS - Ph. LAn1bert 5-9050 Be-tw. Anaheim 8. Fullerton I Iiii'?4f-QI FN I 7-'fe use cnwgf .'....V I. 3. Xkg.-lf! ...., if .. A.- GOOD LUCK GRADUATES OF l954 FROM xce Sfor reamery Company 926 EAST FIRST STREET SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA - Page 183 FUN-LOVING FASHIONS THESE-- School-info-Vaca+ion Edifions l'l'1a+ are sure +o add lo +l'le exci+emen'l' of lhe summer season. Tl1ey're worn by Lois Haskins and Bill Thomas who know all good vaca'l'ions begin al' Buffums' Sun-Charm Sorfswear and Varsi+y Shops. f- ' V' V -' - if-f ' , ' - iAV-' A .. .. x 'I . -:J 4.5. ." Y, 4 . ' , , , Q1 . ffli ,,,:,Zii- , ,.,,' EI ., 'i' ,Z I . .. " --"v :ai ,i-, X ,I I ..... ...... A ........ . .......W.hl: .... ..... 1 ................................................... .. . - Z.. , " S - - -f f . . ' ' f ' ,f W ' , fw xwfwf ' . i - 1 . Q Q, ,V iff 5 -A', '1,,: 1 W -" - --fff ,,,,,,, A - ,, -lbb ' H y 9 D g S l . , L Qlm v i l I e I n S r U t 0 r e E 1 ,Vi 5.E,,,.liu:wW4Sy if L54 4? ,H 1 W? ' Q W ' : ' : ' f if 'i,. r , A - - . ,,V,i,V , my 4. 5. ,..., VV l Q .5 I , . I . 1. ,W 3 'W 9 . '11' " ' ' ':" -f -V 2 ' KQV ? f x 7 U h 7 W , V ' ' " 4 'fin' ' E I V W , I g : ' 5-M: ,,,,, y , I E I " . . . L, . . .L 1 , 4 5+ - ' 2,4 .V ' 1 ' f, A f f 'f 4 WX' ,frm , iff J I : '-" .filwa ,fi W. -- f, . E 2 : - E : E 5 : I 5 5 i f - . : . . - - : : cafxk Q cfm' : ' 4014 QQ , Q 4, . : 5 . E 7 W ' : : : Q 1 MM 5 a PRESCRIPTIONS : . . 1 -71 I : I : : of OSCAR W. HEYING E . . . : - : ' LOVELL'S ' ' and i 5 ' - HERMAN J. SCHAFER 5 I I . I I I 1 1 I l ' I58 W. Cenler S+. : 5 I44 W. CENTER KE. 5-3204 E I l I -111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1 111111 11 : :1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111ll111l1111111.Ig Page 184 mg If III WEST ELM ST. KEys+one 5-28OI ANAI-IEIM, CALIFORNIA nnnnnnunnuu unnnnuuuunnnn: nun-nunuunn-nu nun.:unuunnnInunnunnnnununmnnunuuuuunuuuuuunnn 4.4,-Y-.Af MANY CONNIES AND CLEMS 'AAIL I E WILL ENJOY THE DELICIOUS 'fy I FOOD AT... G ennys Cafe I36 EAST CENTER KEYSTONE 5-5l90 P Q 185 :,h I I ff ,f-ZS' , 2I2 Sou+I1 Aichison Sireei' ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA The Pieneer Orange Juice Processing Firm of Orange Counfy Our Modern, S+reamIine Opera+ions of BOII1 Canning Lines and Concen'rra+or enables us Io guaranfee TGP RETURNS T0 THE ORANGE COUNTY GRCJWERS Whose fruif we are exclusively processing presen'rIy P g 1 6 WINDOW SHOPPING AT McKINLEY'S C I M" Donna Reafsnyder, Shirley Klamm, JeaneH'e BeHinger, D'ck Hafhcock, and Paul Grover 166 w. center sr. ' WE GIVE BLUE and GOLD STAMPS cuzcf EJ! M A R K E T SMITH - REAFSNYDER FURNITURE COMPANY SSII E. LINCOLN COMPLETE I-IOME FURNISHINGS JA. 7-l57l CYPRESS l5l N. Los Angeles S+. KE. 5-2409 P 9 187 I"'M "" 'W ' A A. -71,1 4 , ' ' L" ' - mf -N, I ,DIN V 1? A ' ' Sz: SSSSS , :,, 4 WX , : I ,L I 5 I W .' Kr. Y , ,,qx A I I ' Sk' ff "l' A ag 2 .. W5 I , gm new , ,, A 5 I A-:rits W' 4 N , va Q I I ff' 1 4 1- I: B , I2 f gi ' 45 A 4 INEZ ELLIOTT LOLY 1916 ,, ' U' VICTORIA INEZ Lou DON 1941 , A - ,. - PATRICIA LOLY 1944 , ,fm my ,S--,,,-I :PW O ,, 9.1. I , . 'If .IW H, R, FQX Q CQ, VTIcI3"IrfIDTRQ5.IfLcIDII55f HOME APPLIANCE , I3JfX'f'l5E5fT, 5 ANAHEIM,CAL. 4II E. CENTER - ANAI-IEIM CONVENIENTCREDIT IN ANAHEIM SINCE 1927 5 : AUTHORIZED DEALER ALL LEADING OF NEW and USED "ERIC-IDAIRE" I D" NATIONAL BRANDS FAMOUS HOME 1IfII I SALES AND SERVICE APPLIANCES SI IHEVISIUN BILL BALLIVIAN, Prop. BALLMAN' "ORANGE COUNTY'S LEADING" APPLIANCE AND TV. 122 W. BROADWAY ANAHEIM, CALIF. ACROSS FROM THE POST OFFICE PHONE KEYSTONE 5-5703 P J CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '54 FROM :T 9 H L uluulnunlunununnnuununnnnnunuunnununnnunnnuu 5 JAMES L. Momus - INSURANCE FOR EVERY NE ,DRIVE IN ama scue Eh 1423 IN L 9 , E E nnnlunnnnlululuuuuunuuunnunllu CARLSDRIVE MOON-5 Hoa NORTH PALM STREET GWSANDCARDS W. Cen E 5 PENN 9 '11EIE15251513IEIE2E152E151E1E2ErE1ErE1ErErE2ErE1f: Irl F :Ir 2: f:1: 1:f: I 1252E25152E251E251EIE252E2E2E2EfE2E1E1E1E5rE2E2E rir E: Irfr I :f:2 rlififiiiE231515151E131E1EffIE2525IEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIE rir Ir f11: 1 rir 1 E2:2:I:lrififiif2S1E1E1E2ErErf:1:::ff SHIPKEY 8. PEARSON Tire Reireading GOODYEAR TIRE DISTRIBUTORS 2OI N. Los Angeles S+. Anaheim GANAHL LUMBER 130. 501 E. CENTER ST. PHONE KE. 5-2256 SOFTWOOD HARDWOOD MILLWORK OF EVERY DESCRIPTION FULLER PAINTS KWIKSET LOCKS CUN E BRIIS. 2I5 N. Los ANGELES ST. TELEPHQNE KE,5-22,5 uu:numannnunn-nunnnnnnnnnunnnuununnnnnunnnun---pu.-up-upunnnunnnuuunun IIunuunun:nnuununnnnunnnnnlulllllllulunnnl... P g 190 ' 'AM ,4,, . ,,xLL ',V1 1 V I.. .,.., Q ' CRISS BUSINESS SCHOOL 5I2 E. Cenfer S+. Phone KE. 5-520I T.-.I : Q. ,. u Mmm., STATIIINEIIS AND PIEINTEIIS 228 E. Cenfer S+. Phone KE. 5-2263 CONGRATULATIONS GRADS OF ll54ll Il8 WEST CENTER STREET P9 191 STEFEY BUICK CO. YOUR which DEALER "WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT -- BUICK XWILL BUILD THEM" 410 So. Los Angeles Sf. Phone KEys+one 5-2297 , mugs 5 216 E. CENTER ST. Alldfigilll, Calif0r1zi.z KE. 5-5465 555 '5'THE CAR FOR THE FUTUREA CITIZEN" LEAVITT FURM Cars Sfudebaker Trucks 226 S. Los Angeles S+. Phone KEY, EQ if llIllIlllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllilllllllllllllIIlllllllHhx,,mmm P ge 192 IN Page Numbers -A- AARON SCHULZ ,,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 82 A 81 B TOP SHOP ,,,.....,.,,v,,,,,,,,,A. ,,,.. 1 77 AIR-RAY VENETIAN BLIND CO. ...W ,,,,. 1 80 PAUL ALLEN SHOES ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 76 ALLEN REFRIGERATION ,Y,w,,,,,,,,,,,w,A,,,,,,Y,Y, 170 ANAHEIM BUILDING AND LOAN ..,..,.. 165 ANAHEIM BULLETIN . ,,,,,,,,,I,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 70 ANAHEIM FURNITURE ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 7 6 ANAHEIM LOCK AND KEY .A...A,,..,,,,..,... 169 ANAHEIM TRUCK AND TRANSFER .,,,.... 178 ANA-LANE APPAREL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I,,, ,,,,, 1 66 ARMSTRONGVS ....,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 77 ARSENE STUDIO ,,,,,, ..... 1 75 -13- BACKS, CAMPBELL 81 KAULBARS ..,..... 174 BAKER'S APPLIANCE ,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 69 BALLARD'S ................,..,, ,,,,, 1 68 BALLMAN'S ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.., 1 ag BATON MUSIC CO. ,,,,..,,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 77 B. B. 81 H. MOTOR PARTS ,,,. ..,.. 1 80 M. E. BEEBE 8. CO. ............, .,,, . 177 BLACK'S .,,,..........................,, DR. J. N. BOEGE D.D.S. 181 177 BONEY'S .,,....,..,..,,,..,.,.,,,.,,,.,,,,.,,, ,,,,, 1 78 BOTT'S NuRsERv ..................,,,,,,. ,,,., 1 70 v. L. IaRIco SHELL SERVICE ..... ..... 1 as DR. GAvLoRD BROWN ,,.,..,.,,,.,,, ,,,,. 1 78 BROWN a. I-IAsIcINs ........................ ,.... 1 77 BUENA PARK SKATING RINK ,,,.,, ,,,,, 1 81 BUFFUM'S ,,,,.......,,.,......,..,,,,,,,,..,,, ..v,, 1 84 H. L. BURN-s ...... ..... 1 68 -C- CALIFORNIA I-IosIERv co. ..... ...,. 1 66 CARL'S DRIVE IN ...............,...... ..... I so CARMEN'S FLOWER SHOP ..... ..... 1 77 cAsEY-RECKHAM PONTIAC ..... ..,.. 1 81 CENTER BOWLING ALLEY ...... ..... I as CENTER FURNITURE ........... ..... 1 66 CHEVRON GAS STATION ...... ..... I as GHUNGKING RESTAURANT ......... ..... I so CLARICE ..........,........................... - ....... ..... 1 so CONE BROS. ................. ...,. I eo CONKLIN PRINTING .... ..-. Tas COTLER'S ...- ............................ ..... I 91 cRIss BUSINESS SCHOOL ....... ..-. 191 cRowN soov AND COACH ..... .,,.. 1 81 cuRRIEs .........................,............... ..... 1 76 CYPRESS GARAGE ..... ..... I 76 -D- AL DE wITT ........... A ......... ..... 1 72 DE wITT MARKET ...... ...... ..... 1 1 1 DOLLER RADIO .......... - -------,A4- 180 DUNN MOTOR CO. .... . 180 DEX TO ADVERTISERS -5- EL COMEDOR ................. EVIE'S BEAUTY SHOP .... EXCELSIOR CREAMERY ...... -F- WILLIAM E. FACKINER .....,.................... FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP FIVE POINT'S PHARMACY ........... LEAVITT FORD .................... .... FOSTER FREEZE H. R. FOX 81 CO. .... . FOX THEATER .............................. FRED'S HOUSE OF FLOWERS ..... -G- STEPHEN F. GALLAGHER GANAHL LUMBER CO. ..... . GIBBS LUMBER CO. .. GLENN'S CAFE .................. GOLDEN RULE MARKET ..... -H- HADERLIES CAFE ........ HADERLY'S BAKERY .... HAL'S DRIVE IN .............. HATFlEI.D'S CLEANERS ..... I-IEYING'S PHARMACY HILGENFELD MORTUARY .... HOME OIL CO. ..,................ ...... . HURST JEWELERS ........ ....... -1- CHAS, E. IRVIN M.D. ...... ...... . -J- JACKSON'S DRUG STORE ............... - ..... DR'S. EDWARD 81 DOROTHY JORDT JUL'S PAINT 81 BODY ................................ WALTER JUNGKEIT ...... -pq- KENDRlCK'S .................... DR. KERSTEN M.D. ........ . KNOTT'S BERRY FARM ...,. KUE LER PUMPS . ..., ,,,....,,,,, ,,,,,,, KWIKSET LOCKS .... - ........ ....... -L.. A. J. LABOURDETTE ..... LAKE'S MEN'S WEAR ....,,. DR. JOHN A. LARSON ......... LAURETTA'S DRESS SHOP ...... - ..... LEE'S NURSERY ...................... VICTOR G. LOLY ...... LOVELL MUSIC CO. - ........... LUND'S PAINTS .......,.. -M- M 81 H MARKET .............. MARTENET HARDWARE ...... 183 183 183 168 178 176 192 171 183 183 178 165 190 173 183 178 I68 169 183 172 184 171 167 169 180 172 168 174 177 181 181 179 168 168 165 165 183 182 181 188 184 183 187 167 MARY MILLERICK ..... . MGCOY MOTORS ..... MGKINLEY S ................, ROY N. MENDOZA .............................. MERCURY STATIONERS 81 MERRIFIELD TRUCKING MITCHELL'S GIFT SHOP .... . PRINTERS MOON'S ,...,,,.,,,.,,,,..,,,,.,,,,,,,,,. , JAMES L. MORRIS ....... . -N- NADORFF HARDWARE .............. , NEFF PAINT 81 WALLPAPER ..,.. . I-IOMER A. NELSON O.D. . DR. HAROLD C. NESLUND ....... . NORTHROP AIRCRAFT .......... . -0- ORANGE COUNTY DRUG CO. ORVAIJS BICYCLES ............... .. OWSTON'S ......, -p- PATTEN-BLINN LUMBER CO. J. C. PENNEY'S ,,............,.,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,, PRESSEI.. ROGERS 8- PRESSEL ....,,,..,., -Q- QUAST AND SONS ,,,,... ,,,,,,, -R- REX CONSTRUCTION ,.,. . RITZ CLEANERS .,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ROBERT-SHAW FULTON ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, GLEN ROBINSON UNION OIL .... . -5- SAVINGS LOAN 81 BUILDING ASS'N SCI-IULTZ TOOL 81 MACHINE MFG. SEDLOCK JEWELERS ,,,,,,,............,,,,,,,..,,,, SHIPKEY AND PEARSON ,,,...,,... ,,,,,., E. A. SILZLE CORP. ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,Y,,, 1 SMITH-REAFSNYDER FURNITURE ..... THE S. Q. R. STORE ..,,....,,,,,,,,...,,, H. H. STABBERT INSURANCE ...... STANTON HARDWARE .,,........ STEFFY BUICK ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,..,, -T- FRANK TAUSCH AGENCY ........ WALT TAYLOR LUMBER CO. -W- WALBURG'S .,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,,,,.V ,,-,,,A WAYNES FOR FLOWERS WILLIAM P. WEBB ......... WEBER BOOK STORE ....... BOB WILLIAMS SPORTS WILLIAMS SHOE STORE .... L. N. WISSER SPORTS DR. JOHN A. WOOD M .nf I 164 175 187 165 191 173 170 189 189 176 169 174 176 166 167 165 169 172 189 174 174 185 165 176 165 182 165 175 190 186 187 193 176 171 192 174 182 183 192 174 174 169 174 174 165 Siqmfmw Q846fZL46CZ fm like Oijeci af My rqffecizcam ,f ?, A 1' Q1 'Q W, , " ""f f , V ,, t Q W X 2 ? hi: Zh? if 74, V M X7 ,maiurw if 'qwvjpszqv 'qv f way, The J. 1 X fwywavwwyf f I 1 1 QU. 'r x "sw-: , -w r I l - "wc n H ' Sa, P Q F S ff'-' qi ' Q JL F X X 'U r K 3 . M: -1 1 XF - 1,9 was X N ny. .g 'Ei Xl ,' X 51, T' E? f f, xh 'iii . A3- ,QM .FM ,Hz qu Q51 wh i? 5 1 V? ' 4 ,pyif ,-Wg ,av w hifi' 3,11 .. -I -M114 , 1.25: .-ns-Q .4 -A if fx: -f S. -gg 1 Qi W K cp ' 1 Q Sfqnaiwzw 9, ,Veg ff J! Wmyljgzlw swim My V W' QW mxw J "QQ QL my L , ,WML QQ of wma N if ,W CW ffjff QV 6 AV 1 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Moments of joy, sorrow, disappointment, tears and relief are a few of the words I can use to describe the past months. Joy and relief when everything was rolling smoothly, sorrow and disappointment when something went wrong. All these moments flashed through the minds of all on the annual staff as the book went through its final stages. Completion of this book would never have been possible had it not been for the able assistance of our ever patient adviser, Larry Quille. Working side by side with each and every editor he guided us all through thick and thin, always ready to lend a helping hand. Our thanks also go to Lloyd Ross and George Lutz who spent many long hours printing our "Srl" Colonist, and to the print shop students Octavuis Anderson, Frank Busald, Edmund Carranza, Jackson Fintc6h.,nJge,.7 2 jj Huckabee, Lonnie Jenkins, Dwayne Justice, Gabe Matafqzranik Moreno, Chuck Sowers, Wesley Van De Warker, and John Vickers. ecia recog- nition goes to Jerald Ard, Jack Crosson, and Reese Worden who did a splendid iob on the lntertype type-setting machine. Many thanks go to Ted Wade for the fine work he did in mak- ing the division pages possible, to the assistants George l-luslnman, Mike Reinert, John Stanton, and David Visel who did a wonderful iob ot taking all necessary photographs for this yearbook, to Jack Sullivan of Hi Maga- zine for some excellent photographs, to Ralph Wines, Mary Cone, Jackie Elders, Chuck Sowers and the advertising department for a iob so well clone, to the merchants for their support, and to the Peterson Engraving Company and the Henderson Trade Bindery who have done such wonderful work for many years. Last, but not least, my sincere thanks go to my editors who did a tremendous job to put this book in your hands. . . Shirley Swofford, Admin- istration, Priscilla Lopez and Carol Sloman, Classes, Suzan Arnold and No- lan Blackman, Clubs, Ophelia Tovor, Girls' Sports, Vince Deveney, Boys' Sports, Patty Jo Fry and Ruth Griggs, Activities, and Rella Cherry, Snap- shots. GLORIA OLVERA Editor-in-Chief Szgnafbmaf 'A N? W5 5fW5W' D' ' -'h.?S1G.'fL5:?I?z11T'.V.fL u m ,' H L ' w ,L 4- K fi, Sf Af , uf b ' ' ,ZH mf 1 J fw 7!W"f QQ OZGQZ' IMM if " ff, -as 1 W4 - My ,fa Y ,ff Q? Q M, yy 9 Y? Nfyiw f 3 V MQ WXMMBN QM ,fjfwfgfw w E1 A I gsffpgg h 0 I F L43 A"1 f K FL, J Q5 A WX? 43 :Tk QJ xyw 1751 L: X xi x AX X iq, ,JM f, g OU I . ,A 1 . L-" N . 'X 2 -lb J , . , J T ffii J ' ' Q, JA. 'Cfff ' xx Cfjn 1 7 ' 'X 'Q L-ffgfai f' J ,-H, , hr" 1 swf "' -'ffl ' ff, Ma"-T .,, , ,Mffw I, U N ' bs Cl, "" .,,,:l:f' ,jf I -r A "ZW-. hc?-JQTB I I L..,,T.1-H X o ' '23 A N1'Z' X A y ,. x, - XC? gg Sf cf Q ' r X 1 N 46,53 I f if 1 m mc- V pp 125, , 'N ,fx dx f S ww 1 G' 1, V if , il fnffii f' if V. A , by y AH 1 'V x. 1 Qf Q z iii? 1 ,-wi : '11 2, at , ' 74: 1 X ,oz Q, ,, W 1..Zi:g5 Jw-'Wx ,wie :'.,:' 2 1 1 .UO '. " y-:f.1kf-2--?'2v:s'ff".'Iif'f WW? x Nwmwsfffgf' s' 1,3 ami , "1 ' 1 ,,,,-WZ' . 1 V sv'-me ww-1. ' ,uw , .1 1 f,:1,, I. .'y...m!f5f:,-w.,, MJ 5. .af -' 'f1V"?fa..g9nf.' ' '. ri E

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