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133353 ,4 if, ,Q Wy. PYJ9 If-. .11 XI, Q 'Me , i 5 a EDITORS: FACULTY: SENIORS: JUNIORS: SOPHOMORES: SPORTS: ART: PHOTOGRAPHY: --nur ' Carolene Blalcer Carol Carlson Charmaine Bish Judy Hildebrand Rifa Cunningham Alice 'Clark Lynn Larsen Judy Small Myrna Rogers Richard H. Singer John Aikins Elizabeth Sherman Dennis Herrin I Q, , I Q N1 -.--, 'Y Q. ., X? ..m' ' fi+'A A I' v 4 , ,-"',x ., ' A. 9" 'QA-1" " '-+7 - f , -' .,,f D .v . .. v- - ,-, dwg-, gi- " r ..--.Ia 1, ,, K'vw":.,,.. 6 . wt , P 'x!4 .mb A V' L x ,., ' -qi I ..A , .. '01 ,, ig H t 1 '.,.. -,, ,, I -1 Q -v Q -,,. 5 " ,X N fx MEA A, 'I Y , H i ... 11 1- " ,wi-.53 -' 'iff xiqi Q A t f. ' ' vs l s f ,' Ti' -V . : 1. fa. -' 1 'M - Q1 1 1 , A1? fs Q + '1- ' . ., ,. my .f A1 g .gy M' an W 1 14. I 5 Q Q 1' g fc I Y Q 4 5' Q Vg S '6 Q 4 , I 1 . ,W Published by The Students of Anacostia High School Washington, D. C. 3 4 ear rar , f lf!! fl 57" x ili ,,,, Q i. fx' 'l MW ' ii' i jf M! rg id! tif TWV, if A ft TT T :gg g ?T4x X , ? September 8-The first day of my senior year at Anacostia, and was the place ever crowded! Even with Mr. Griffith, Mr. Lamb, and Mrs. l-lorn still asking us in for "consultations," we probably won't get into the swing of things until the new gym and classrooms are opened. September I2-Our football team started off a little slow this season, but they sure are trying hard, and that's all that matters. Even if they don't win every game, we have a pretty glorious past to look back upon and a big future before us. September 30-Someone came up with the real great idea of holding an assembly in which club representatives gave the sophomores some idea of what their groups have to offer in the way of special activities. Sure were a lot of new clubs represented-Future Nurses, French, ACTIOS, just to name a few. November I2-At last! No more crowded classrooms or gym olasses in the auditorium. Our new addition to Anacostia was finally opened today, and let me tell you, it was well worth waiting for. That's the sharpest looking gym you'll ever see-anywhere! December 2-The basketball season opened today in a burst of glory with a game between the varsity and the alumni, and the craziest thing happened. Right there in the middle of the game, the ball figured it had had enough. There it rested on the rim of the basket, refusing to come down. December 6-l-le won! l-loyt Arlverson just added another feather to the head dress by winning the District Voice of Democracy Contest. Now he'll go on to the Nationwide Finals, and that's really doing something. December 29-You might know we couldn't stay out of the newspapers, even for the holidays. Bob Schooley made news this week by addressing a big science group that is meeting in town. We're still in business! January 9-This was a great day for the Indians. The whole tribe went to the gym to hear the band play for our first all-school assembly. Luckily no one missed seeing Sarge jitterbug right in the middle of "Boogie Woogie Mice." l-le really digs the beat the most! January 28-I was among the representatives from all the clubs who met today in a new type of pow wow. This was an Extra-Curricular Council formed for the purpose of increasing attendance at meetings and improving clubs in general. Should be worth the effort required to make it work. 4 February I7-l took the T. B. test given at school today, and was l surprised. lt didn't hurt at all! Of course, it wouldn't have made any difference if it had. After Mr. Griffith had recovered sufficiently from his test, he said he was real proud of the way everything went. February I9-A number of us made the honor roll today-72 to be exact. We were honored by an assembly in the gym, but best of all, our names are put on a new plaque sponsored by the Leaders' Club. That's worth trying for again! March 25-When l was leaving school today, l saw the baseball team practicing in the new stadium. Man, can some of those guys pitch and batl Sure looks like a good season coming up, so l don't want to miss a single game. Also, a few weeks ago, l noticed the track team had given up the third floor in favor of that wide cinder track. April I0-Wow, you should have been there! l sang in the talent show today, and l must admit l was only fabulous. Of course, everyone else was pretty good too. April 28-Unfortunately, l don't dig science too well, but a lot of Anacostians sure do. Well enough, in fact, to make a distinctive showing at the annual Science Fair. They will surely be among the many who will win scholarships. Speaking of scholarships, l'll probably be beseiged with offers. May 26-l just have a minute. What with graduation rehearsals, baseball games, awards assemblies, and last minute homework, l'm pretty busy. Only a few more days now .... June I2-l'm dead tired, but who cares? I just got home from the prom. Everyone sure looked cool, but l bet my squaw and l were the neatest looking couple there. l'm flat broke from all that expense, but it was worth it. Golly everything is going so fast I can hardly keep up with the pace. Last night, the prom: Sunday, the Baccalaureate exercises: next, Class Day: and before we hardly know it, all will be over. June I5-We had our final rehearsal this morning, and it's hard to believe, but the next time l set foot in Anacostia, it will be for my commencement. lt's funny, but l don't know exactly how l feel. Kind of lonely, l guess. Yet, l'm glad to be finished, but .... Well, maybe by this time tomorrow l'll know. June I6-l know now-from the minute they put the diploma in my hand, l knew. Sure, it's a great feeling to have graduated from high school, but l've made friends and learned things at Anacostia that l just can't forget-ever. ,X Nfl. iii, 0 ' iw -I ', .1 . ff' f jj f I . if , A ll X 0 X f 5 ff 1 - . if , 63 P Mig . 'Ji x f P Q X l M W fm JH' X Q mark 5 , V . Q EQ ?J l x f ,lf 711, N A X 1 ,Wi I 1 lt My Zi I. N 13 sl ., vu M. k'1WE.U X 4 UQ vi 421 ,x ll I, - N 1 , ' lv 1 -X ,. -5 Q 5 1. , I N x ' h ' -.lp MH .lt 91 7 -vnu-.,,.,,, Unsung-y FHCUI TV I W, V1 A ' N Elm, Luk I + ,, f' , 3, ,1Wf Q1 Our Principal Mr. Eugene E. Griffith fl. vx ' ,"M A Mrs. Gladys Horn Mr. Auburn Lamb Assistant Principal Assistant Principal ..,. Ku, hh 1gg..,.., V , . f. 4.-uw. Mrs. Horn, Mr. Griffith, and Mr. Lamb pass judgment upon the daily bulletin. 9 H f f-" ,, F f O " V ' M rl. 5 M ,rr , 2' MRS. ELIZABETH DUNN, COUNSELOR MR. HARRY WHITESELL, COUNSELOR IOth and l2th Grade Girls l0'cl'1 and Ilth Grade Boys X MRS. ALICE MASON, ADVlSER MRS. ELAINE KILBOURNE, ADVISER lll:l'1 Grade Girls Ilth Grade Girls lO 'IVY' . 1. Qf' A f4s,g1.sf., 5, K I - .N:m+KXX.--ax X . . A A x ew I X MISS ALICE MORGAN, ADVISER Left Anacostia to become assistant principal at Kramer and her ,place was taken by MR. WILLIAM MCROBERTS, I2I:Ii Grade Boys. X , MRS. CLAIRE GEORGE, ADVISER MISS ETI-IEL SMITH, ADVISER IOIIII Grade GIFIS IOII1 and II'cI1 Grade Boys I I MRS. MYRTLE N. BAGLEY Business Education BEATRICE BARNES Mathematics ff f ' , J ,, " " 25 .',' jj ..,,, M' we ,.'-"f . - E f ,I f,f, ff" f if lg-,1 ah- V ,. I . -,,f ji HORACE MRS. CECIL W. BUTTERWORTH CANTRELL Music Latin, English Sponsor: Band. V Ok - S is. FRANK T. DAVENPORT Biology, Chemistry Sponsor: Science Re- K search Group. In MRS. SYLVIA BERLINER English , ,IW , , , HELEN F. COURTNEY English Sponsor: Totem Pole. ' . it. 2 UE WAR Ti BRADFORD ,pf ay' 4 f 1, W Social Studies fy, ' ' 2,12 M , , , Z , if W ' , cy' '41 5 I 2' 3 'X f f J., W f f W, , JOSEPH J. CZERNESKY Business Education '.,,,, ,,.. ,, I ,I V V. 2 15,7 4470 J 7 ,V ,V,.V .,- , , "wi vii 7 , , g N' Z , UQWJ , L 'lr' .TI f ' , 4 ' fa A Z4 , ROBERT D. BRINKER English Sponsor: Quill and Scroll: Pow'Wow Busi ness Advisor. yfwww, ,,,, ,V,, , , ,, , V W. ' . " ' V .M f H . . ,,f ,,,, V XA' ' X ' ff f zffwaffff, , 'f ' wif, 2' if 7 , l f X MRS. BETTY JEAN B. DAUGHTRIDGE English Sponsor: Pow-Wow. 1 L it 1,52 up ,ftp . Q M RS. RUTH C. DELPINO Social Studies Budding artists find ample opportunity to develop their talents and display their work in the art room. I2 2 , f 2 I 5 5. 'E I . ., , Lf X iw' A Q., .. i 4' ' 1 . ..,,,,- i I --.....,,,,..,,,.,,,,, Lucille M. Dewar English Sponsor: Future Teach- ers ot America Club, Mrs. Louise A. Dickson Don't those teachers ever relax? Eating lunch appears to be a mighty serious business with this 1 group ot 'faculty members. Mal5l'em5t'C5 Mrs. Janet G. Dunn Physical Education Sponsor: Leaders Club: Girls' Athletic Associa- tion. Mrs. Undine L. Fitzgerald French Sponsor: Red Cross As- sistant, French Club. Mrs. Sophia R. Edwards Zella B. Faris Physics, Science English "' G., , 1 ' J Helen D, Fuller Mrs. Lula D. Garrett Music Home Economics I3 Mrs. Naomi Feigelson English Sponsor: Make-u p Club. Mrs. Claire C. George Business Education Samuel W. Fishlzin Biology, Science , 1,':s f Mrs. Lynn George Physical Education Sponsor: Girls' Athletic Association. ,s. . .ff"-: GEORGE D. GROVE 5 ffig English I I 4- ,ytm- S1 ANTHONY C. GUIDO Social Studies Sponsor: Football. 3 M RS. TH ELMA Y. HALLIDAY Librarian STEPHEN HOPKINS Physics, Science Sponsor: Physics Club. ,,l' Q lov N..,,,-in ' A class ot mechanical drawing students tind instruction from Mr. Nicholas entertaining as well as helpful. :ii J V K !,VV, 4 r y E 4 DONALD B. HAMLIN Printing t',9 QTI"'f'i "'f ,y'2'k:Vi5jgLf"'g,, , ,,,, 4 S Z I -1 ' ff? I 29' 'ful f, I' 33.454, J ,,,., - I1-1 1, i ,f!, ,,,, 'MMM LOIS K. JAMES Physical Education Sponsor: Cheerleaders. ,,.,, -i- 4yY.z x ,,.p A. , I MARY HANNA English Sponsor: National Hon- or Society: College Board Committee. "'L' MRS. MARIE P. JOHNSTON Social Studies I4 I jf failiflai ff, . ' Q ff E f ,. , "ur 'I ' W "Qin--. L 1 t"5f77a MRS. MIRIAM HOOD German, French Sponsor: German Club. -avp A-'Ti' BRUCE R. KESSLER Social Studies MURIEL N. HOOVER Social Studies 'WV 'QW' MRS. ELAINE M. KILBOURNE Chemistry Sponsor: Photography Club: Science I-Ionor Society. Q va Q' w. ff , txgxg. .11 uk . .2 .MA A Q T I ii fl ' Q A 1 NNE ' ,-w,- s,g, . .if 4 T T T I ,Tl Th Nl I Q z as ww-li'wT,H . I' 'F IJTIECIIC C ,412 ., was , A ,uc-I 4 I Y, , , .0 K .is . . , , The boolc room is a busy place at the beginning and the end ot each semester. 'K I ' I A : b elee I JAMES G. KOSTE MRS. MILDRED K. Metalcraft LEMON English 1? MRS. ALICE C. MASON English MRS. M. MOSELEY McBRIDE Business Education Sponsor: Business Man agement of Totem Pole. RUSSELL A. LOMBARDY Physical Education Sponsor: Goltg basket- Ioall. .- H .M ' " wwf 'fi Q' . "I EQ", V . I' . ,ff i- 'rf -. , Y 4 4. . , -, W.: ,gf E1'If,'fiK. 1 A fi, ,FM ANGUS McPHAIL Social Studies Sponsor: Chess Club. I5 1,94 - t MRS. CATHERINE R. LUSK Home Economics Sponsor: Home Arts Club. J l t? WILLIAM McROBERTS Aviation GRACE KING Business Education .,.. Q l a KENNETH L. KORNHER Social Studies Sponsor: Discussion and Debate Club. MARY LUCIA MACINA Spanish CAPT. RICHARD H. MILLER Cadets Sponsor: Ritle Club: Map Club: Rifle Team. 2' in n 'il Ns, jg .. , ,V ., 4 .44 , , , ,ff i 5' . 4,4 f' uv I 2 ff, isa : - MRS. PHRONSIE MARSH MONBERG Business Education Sponsor: Footlights Club: Speech Activities. V ... ' MRS. FRANCES OSTERHAUS Physical Education G. WILLIAM RICHARDSON Physical Education Spo-nsor: JV Football. ,, f 1' MRS. WILHELMINA T. ROBINSON Social Studies f 7 " ., iii X ALICE S. MORGAN CLIFFORD NETHERTON Physical Education Sponsor: Student Coun- cil. V ,.,,c,,..,c,, , ,,,,.... ...., , ,cn ' lic is 4... ,,,,, , NELLIE J. OVERHULSER Business Education Physical Education Sponsor: Baseball. mf' qv- LOWELL A. PRATVER Industrial Arts Sta 3 e Crew. B ff i I 1 , ,gs f iz 'X :lf rt 'f Grammy, K! Sponsor: Bible Club: VICTOR W. NICHOLAS Mechanical Drawing TROY H. PRICE Social Studies Sponsor: ACTIOS. Wsgsq cl, li ,f Q. midi' I , i NX' S 'Sl f f .Z .W c yy T . s I I M RS. FAITH F. NOVINGER Mathematics Sponsor: Red Cross. 72s, 'J ' A ',"' j s 5 ,M 1 I' 7 f ii mai' I Ki ffm W, 1 .II 3 I , ..,i WILBERT c. PETTY Art Sponsor: Art Club. Jayne Ryon should not be ill long with all the attention she is receiving from members of her home nursing class. I6 ,xs Miss Russell's class of home makers llxn Y . MRS. RUBY N. AUGUSTINE V. SMITH SHAKESNIDER Biology, Science Business Education Sponsor: Tennis. In , I 6 KERMIT STEWART MRS. EDNA F. Physical Education STROUP' R-N- Sponsor: Football. Nurse Sponsor: Future Nurses ot America. M RS. MARY G RACE ROGERS Social Studies learn to talce temperatures accurately. Sponsor: Red Cross. Q a Q Tx . I t ,, J y. r is I i . lt ETHEL L. SMITH Mathematics Sponsor: Y-Teens. fc r P W f f ,,,,, . 2' ' N , ., FAITH TAYLOR English I7 MRS. RUTH R. SMITH English Sponsor: Travel Club. "Ulu-our-1 KATH RYN TRU FANT English VILENA RUSSELL Home Economics 4, 2 1 A W EDWARD W. SOLOMON Physical Education Sponsor: "A" Club: Track. i , A :gn tx 4 l 2 f f , j QQ' 'N' : 1 A 1-7""A IA MALCOLM E. TURPIN Business Education Sponsor: School Bank. xg fa .462 j. f 1 'F me ZAQ, ics' 2 ,..I:4 Z .X xx 'sn X. MRS. ETHEL M. TYREE Mathematics m., MRS. MARIE M. MURPHY Clerk , il ' i N ,,,- 4 l , , .04 , , ,,,,, , A 444 Q, Q Q I , , Z nulvP""' A V MRS. MARION CASS Cafeteria Manager SAMUEL A. WILLIAMS Driver Education MRS. OPAL D. WEIDA Biology, Science Driver's training is a popular course. I-Iere Dr. Williams instructs Ray Luby and Elizabeth Nichols in sate procedures. ef' . .fr ,, 1' . ywifiifm RE ' 'If 1 5, 1 , ,, ' 7 137 if ' ,fm I l , nfl, I, ww., " ff.. A .yu . ,Q f w 1 A' MRS. MARGARET M. COOK Administrative Assistant MRS. GERTRUDE HERRIN Book Cleric Mig 'I In the supply room Mr. Lombardy delivers supplies to Mrs. Herrin as his aids check materials for distribution to the various teachers. I8 R 'Wh 1' lfffw:-:,,.,. These students look perfectly "at home" in the . new homemamng laboratory supervised by Mrs. , 1, I ' ra m ' , K ? 04,2 .. - -4 ggi' - 1 - yfv i 1.:2:::2Ii:2Q:3a f ,.-,. J V4 - cg,-.1 E ii 4 ' I 'W 'QQ 1: ' 1 ' Z 7 It 5" , - 1, www 9 Ml , T,, :f giiZQ . ' f 1'f' 1Yif" -1,44 3? ' r r l t - Q 1 h f ,A ,y , X f-'mu-cv. 1 ,J 5' Mrs Berlune senior English class begins a study ot Shalcespeare's England, f 'QW 'W 410540 i 0 1 . ww Ns if wig. Q .X - ll K ff x X ,fx ,yi f ,Q 1 - X0 ' I if , W X ,fi K My card ---..--t..n-v..,...,,.,-,1...,-vHx--I w-mvwnxnupy ,Mm,.r A-ggqgg K ., www, Avmlpu.-:W - 3 . 4 fi 'LW " ., . , fm ,, fa 1' l 5. ' rv V all , ,V ff , , I I Y , . .,A., W V . K , 9 0L I 5605 T! 5 EF U C-Ulf GQXGUDX K W A ,M , V , 3. 4:44 ,, f. . 3 2,331 1 ,. 1 595 4 ,wgyf , 1,4 " , , . 246 .. 21, W W F F' F , ' Q i T , z 1 I A 1 .Zvi-, L V2 l , I fig' In VV ,f f,f,, - 4- , 4' Va' , ,A,,l , 35 35 'L , , - A' - n " . - " v l ff 231' 'ww .. g V ' 1 ' , 1 ff ' f . f - , I ,2fiEEiif"2?"'5 .1 ' ' , , , ' 1- l , ,A , -N 1 " fx ' , ,, 5 " fl ' fr 4 f 'Q 4 , , N rv .4 . !,,. Alf' 1, ., 41:31-,-, , ff, f zmf: 5? 5 -rf' . ' ,fp - .3-me if if -, .. ,-,Q--9? . . ,ff z, gf, ,3Q.2:,i': ' ' 5555, ,,gf,4' --HH 111 ,gylfg f -, 3:2:'y,E'Q "fy qw" 31,3122 ,:1'y5'Q 22,25 if ,fn wwf? ' " f 1: sw if l 1 21' " J . ' 'ff' "?'ZZZf4 f ' ' 'f ' P' ML , , I , , .,w'fE:f2:f2f, f f M ' Wit 'Q-if 5' K 5 , ' fi' 3 HQ Q , ,g .f'g:,,f ' 4 I , f am, ff,?'57 Qfwef N47 fl'J5r,fff ' 32 'if Lk f ,, " 2 f' ' ' 1' , f ? ' f V, , A Alix If HARRIET BENDER and JOSEPH PROCTOR have gained recognition for their outstanding service to the school. JOANNE JENKINS, CAROLE ROCHELLE, AND ARTHUR GUDEKUNST look forward to more good records in their junior year. 22 INGRID PETERS has proved that a sophomore can make a name for herself by maintaining excel- lent grades and working in clubs. Sophomores who have found the library a profitable place are LUCY COCK RELL, DIANE FRIEDMAN, AND JOAN ROSEN. -n. w-1, XX' , g,,- TOM BACAS and CAROLE VADEN have kept active in clubs, sports, and school affairs. DENNIS HERRIN, Totem Pole photographer, has found the year a busy but rewarding one. ,,,n xii K Photographer JOSEPH PROCTOR gets a ready smile from SANDRA BOCK but JOHN RIECK5 looks a bit skeptical. 23 J iitwdf MR. NICHOLAS-IO4: Row I: Daniel DaCosta, Shirley Owen, Gwendolyn Hill, Pat David, Charles Wilbur. Row 2: Mike Reynolds, Billy Abels, Raymond Bowlding, Robert Robinson. Row 3: Michael Deutsch, Dennis Duvall, Larry Crawtord, Fred Boclc. y i 7 3 . :Now, this is the way to square a circle," explains Mrs, John Reiclcs studies with serious intent that little amoeba Iyree. trying to evade the range ot the microscope MRS. HOOD-II5: Row I: Delores Robinson, Diane Richards, Dorothy Robinson, lda MaGee, Elizabeth Speleos, Rita Roots, Nancy Roderick, Judy Roland. Row 2: Barbara Rosen- lcranz, Alice Sanditer, Christine Robin- son, Joan Rosen, Jill Richardson, Virginia Ritenour, Barbara Sargent, Loretta Rumber, Eleanora Braxton. Row 3: Charles Sanchez, Jane Reigel- man, Carol Ross, Peggy Renz, Elaine Roche, Janet Reinhold, Janice Exum, Anthony Romagna. Row 4: John Reiclcs, Wayne Rubain, Howard Riley, Adam Rinaldi, Lee Rousseau, Dennis Ruclc, Eugene Robertson, David Risher. MRS. CANTRELL-3ll: Row I: Mary Mathis, Thelma Robinson, Kathleen Moore, Freddie Mae McQueen, Evelyn Miller, Jeon Mattson. Row 2: John Moore, Doris Moore, Sharon May, Brenda McGinness, Diane McGee, Bonnie Mitchell, Ronnie Lynch. Row 3: Richard Monlm, Brian Milner, Tommy Miller. Wayne McAbie Charles Moore, Ray McAlwee, Roland Matti- son. Row 4: Andrew Bonds, Tom Mc- Carthy, Joe Monaco, James Morgan, Charles McMoore, Robert Miller, Don Lainer. sn, "Comes a pause in the day's occupation." Three lunch periods kept the cafeteria full from eleven o twelve-thirty. -uni: i I ff! " 'clock to MR. GRUVE-3IO: Row I: Vernetta Lynn, Shirley Lyons, Juanita Mathews, Sandra Lisogurslcy, Carol Lohoslcy, Margie Keister, Jane Little, Mary Mathie- son. Row 2: Barloara Marr, Adeline Levitt, Beverly March, Carmen Lopez, Elsie Lomax, Donna Daniels, Mar- garet Lomax. Row 3: La- Verte Mathis, Ernest Litts, Richard Loring, Wayne Si- bert, Bruce Marzahn, James Mateer, Altred Maloney. Row 4: James Luclcey, Philip LeCroy, Gilman Mar- shall, Richard Macerollo, Russell Leigh, James Lavish. 25 ht l ff f MISS HANNA-206: Row I: Diane Friedman, Betty Frazer, Betty Gar- rison, Sarah Fox, Vashti Dillis, Regina Garner, lvy Levchenlco, Jaclcie Foster. Row 2: Michele Gordon, l-larriet Gallun, Eva Gos- nell, Pat Frye, Jeanne Garner, Carolyn Fortunato, Hazel McClus- lcey, Donna Fraser. Row 3: Hugh Glulcenhous, Sally Frazer, Joyce Garrison, Sylvia Forman, Joanne Gallahan, Constance Ford, Louie Gesuero. Row 4: Paul Galloway, George Froclce, Bolo Gantt. , - 1.-lm--. "Sarge" puts the hot air around to good use in the band's practice sessions. MRS. SMITH-204: Row I: Jean Durret, Pat Cannon, Joyce Fitzgerald, Mildred Divver, Cecilia Edelin, Claudelle Duvall, Joan Fitzgerald Pat Ferrier. Row 2: Daniel Duvall, Sue Dupuis, Betty Erhardt, Pat Fitzgerald, Hattie Flanigan, Joan Fields, Edna Dodson, Harriet Feld Elizabeth Flohr, Elizabeth Edwards, Julian Edwards. Row 3: Rodney Dix, Eddie Farmer, Berman Estep, Charles Dorrell, Robert Evans David Draughan, Paul Eley, Warren Fisher, Martin Eley. Row 4: Geoffrey Secora, Ronnie East, Rolland Felton, Charles Engelbrecht John Duff, William Summers, Wesley Duerr, Joseph Farmarceo, Richard Dixon. WIT? af, V ggr ml ,,,1Z464-MI.. 52. 5 W M MRS, BAGLEY-207: Row I: Jennie Hall, Aileen Hajmosi, Loretta Boggs, Majoria Hamlin, Hazel Harrison, Lois Hamlin, Diane Carter, Linda Hart. K gig Row 2: Pat Hampton, Marilyn Gray, 2 S V Peggy Helton, Mary Tensley, Diane 5 "S+ l ,S lg Gray, Sylvia Hampton, Carol Hart, K Q? Mary Harrison, Row 3: Phyllis Hasty, - I 1 I ' " Brenda Hargrove, Kenny Gray, Arthur Gudikunst, Ronnie Gray, Pat Guidao, A Lawrence Green, Darnell Green, - Q Yvonne Hackett. Row 4: Richard ' g.....,,, 5 Heishman, Larry Haskins, John Har- I low, Stanley Graves, George Hamil- ton, Danny Helton. Row 5: Stanley Haley, David Hamby. .J A group of students admire the high points of the photography exhibit in the front hall display case. MR. SOLOMON-209: Row I: David Hurowitz, Mary Howard, lva Jones, Dorothy Hutcherson, Iris Hurt, Philistene Jackson, Teresa Homan, Beatrice Jackson. Row 2: Paula Higdon, Judy Jackson, Iris Stanley, Ellen Hunley, Georgia Jespersen, Joyce Howe, Barbara Hudgins, Julius Jackson, Lee Hodorowski. Row 3: David Ingham, Richard Ingham, Alfred Hyson, Richard Hudson, Robert Hinton, Herbert Hunter, Robert Howell, Billy Hill. Row 4: Patrick Jackson, Jerry Hill, Julian Holmes, Curtis Brenk, Kurt Jansohn, Clinton Jackson, Richard Holverstott. z2 ., -hi 'lf - 28 Q I C My K I , :Qs , 'U'-2324: ",,- f r il? ' 251 5' 4 I W MRS. Sl-IAKESNIDER-2I5: Row I: Ver- denia Ford, Pearline Gaskins, Philip 'N I 5 Gainous. Row 2: Francis Johnson, Ana ,, V, X, 3 thony Jetaries, Randall Graham. 'i,,,4'h4, 'myi- The day begins tor a group ot extraordinarily jubilant Anacostiansl MRS. WEIDA-2I4: Row I: Rodger Benson, Eddie Beaghan, Marilyn Ashton, Jackie Bass, Louise Banks, Janice Beavers, JoAnn Alston, Lorraine Allen, Barbara Baker, Lottie Hunt, Calvin Anderson. Row 2: Janice Bickel, Martha Beall, Diana Azbell, Carol Alvey, Carolyn Absher, Montina Ivey, Rebecca Beckwith, I-Iarriet Bender, Jean Beck, Brenda Blakey. Row 3: Wilbur Adkins, Charles Steele. William Asbury, Blaine Adams, John Allen, Glen Best, Charles Barrick, Morris Bell. Row 4: James Beals, Ricky Blackwell, John I-Iazel, Tom Bacas, Donald Alston, Ross Fertick, Bob Aikins, Pete Balys, Ralph Bares. if i 'ir -9 , T Qfifnl I III: 1.4-.Q"i B Zi IA-I BA lf!!! 'I'iTl :ii v 'r?.-'V'Af.ff'.'- Wigs n h, 'S- MRS. EDWARDS-ZI6: Row I: Martha Butler, Sandra Caetto, Jac- quelyn Claxton, Jinethel Cochran, Donna Cicala, Karen Cutright. Row 2: Judy Cain, Wanda Byrd, Pat Ches- ney, Eva Carrasco, Louise Cannon, Shirley Carrico, Judy Clark, Betty Jean Christesen. Row 3: Jimmy Carter, l-larry Clements, Fred Car- penter, John Calure, Chartes Cattell, Ralph Carter, James Campbell, MISS FARIS 203 Row I Vivian Couchoud Linda Coker Ruth Dietzel Joycelyn Cook, Pearl Cureton, Shirley Cooke, Pat Combs Lucy Cockrel Linda Dell Row 2 Louise Caetto Dorothy Croson Sandra Degges, Julie Cox, Maryann Dargis, Joan Stevenson Jane Daverga Patricia Davis Diane Die Catur Debra Regalia Row 3 John Day, Michael Dash, Charles Davis, Tom l-letrick Charlene Delano LaRue Curtis Lee Dickinson Jim Dennis Dale Simmons John Luskey. Row 4: Don Dinsmoire, Don DeCatur Bob Dick Bill Darmstead Sam Creighton Tom Del Grosso Doug Devine. n3i'VPnw..,s 'ii f, 1 f 'A MRS. L. GEORGE-2266: Row l: Elaine Brown, Virginia Boyd, Jean Brinlcer, Brenda Blessett, Carolyn Braxton, Agnes Bullard, Ruth Britton, Barbara Bowles. Row 2: Sandy Boclc, Joan Bryant, Janet Burroughs, Lincla Gibbs, Jacqueline Blaclcwell, Jean Buddington, Barbara Broolcs, Rose Mary Vance. Row 3: Ber- nard Burns, Buren Goings, Preston l-lar- rison, Robert Brumit, Everette Burroughs, Charles Bowles, Eugene Buccelli, Bruce Brunclson. Row 4: Benton Burroughs, Stephen Bradhursl. i '41 44' AY few-fr -' 'H wan. MR. NETHERTON-2246: Row I: Linda Storey, Doris Tilghmon. Betty Thomason, Barbara Starlce, Barbara Spindle, Janet Tanner, Fleta Toomey, Laura Smith. Row 2: Dale Stark, Judy Sprouse, Carole Vaden, Nancy Sutphin, Barbara Stant, Winitred Sinclair, Nancy Stanley, Connie Stolces. Tommy Thayer. Row 3: Charles Stirewalt, Victor Travers, Eugene Thorne, David Wagner, Benjamin Thomas, John Shughrue, Edward Tennyson, Norman Spears. Row 4: Louis Talley, Jerry Tillman, Tito Tadle, John Thomas, Ray Sullivan, Roy Thrift, Otha Terry. Row 5: Joseph Tayman, John l-lartzell, Robert Thorne, John Thompson, Donny Childress. ,, 'iv' MRS. LEMON-3D1 Row I: Robert Randles, Dee Dee Rallard, Barbara Pruitt, Louise Patton, Carole Rachelle, Stanley Phelps Penny Peters, Shari Racz, Rosanna Plater, Eddie Reardon. Row 2: Joan Brawning, Patricia Plemmons, Ingrid Peters, Gloria Purvis Marilyn Reesch, Patricia Peek. Row 3: Charles Phillips, David Parrish, Joseph Proctor, John Quill, Stephen Poteat, Raymond Pierce Peter Clayrnore. Row 4: Mike Rattery, Charles Regalia, Kenneth Quander, William Poole, Barclay Pelham, David Pepper. T srifNc Will Zorro save the day or will the evil commandante have his way? Tune in next week and see. MISS OVERHULSER-309: Row I: Corliss King, Bonnie Cloud, Marion King, Paulette Jones, Jean Taylor, Judith Jordan, Francis Johnson, JoAnn Jones, Mary Alice Kechn, Carmen Johnson. Row 2: Maryann Kaplan, Catherine Kalich, Evelyn Johnson, Pat King, Claudia Keyes, Joanne Jenkins, Sandra Laird, Shirley Johnson, Veronica Johnson, Sandra King. Row 3: Punell Johnson, Clifton Johnson, Stanley Jordan, Roland Johnson, James Knight, Artie Klotz, Stanley Katz, Fred Landon, Matt Kerschbarm. Row 4: Martin Kaplan, Artie Johnson, Bobby Johnson. CA-7 1, ,. 115 egg? V W ,wif i MR SOLOMON 209 Row I Bernadette Shelton Sylvia Slater Nancy Scott Nancy Brown Frieda Shama Kathy Schaetfer Zandra Smith Joan Smith Row 2 Leslit Smith Danny Snyder Patricia Smith Viclci Scruggs Jeannie Sheppard, Ellen Sauthoron Warren Barker James Spalding Phillip Smith Row 3 Educin Smith Edmond Seals Robert Schoop, Doug Smith Dennis Snyder Thomas Shaver Adrion Sims Milton Sochor Smith Stanley Row 4 James Sharpe Edward Smith, MR. BRADFORD-II7: Row I: Judy Moy, Eileen Nader, Ann Shari, Juanita Dennis, Susanna Mue, Elizabeth Nichols, Louise Nichols, Joan Morris. Row 2: Sue Murphy, Viclcy Nicholson, Gloria Nelson, Ruth Ogle, ,Dianne Nor- don, Carol Morley, Sally Paimele, David Painter. Row 3: Earl Nun- ley, Bill Abott, Jerry Ortield, John Niesen, William Pugh, David Norris, Bill Newman, Vincent Neil. Row 4: James Parlcer, Dena Morris, Garry Osman, Ray Mumtord, Terry Osman, David Nunn, Ronnie Panzera. MR I-IAMLIN 3I5 Row I Catherine Willis Pat Wyatt Ann Wallace Mary Ann Wilder, Charlotte Dockett, Priscilla Woodurti Pam Wence Nancy Pairlis Abbie Yorlcotl: Addie Williams Row 2 Ronald Warner Mariun Washington, Prank Wallcup, Arleigh Wentzel Donald Whitfield Sam Wenty Robert Krusen Bobby Ward Ruth Young Row 3 Jimmie Wells, Ronald Ipeyelc, Allen Wood David Ware Harold Wiley Bill Wolfe Eddy Welton Jacques Weedon Row4 Jack White William Washington. T 1,1 .a id I its gm 1 I .fa vows? . 5 3 s Susan Bowman demonstrates the A that many girls wore to school. P s s , - Q 'Q Both boys their liking. Gerhard Da that even the if .4 ,sf Qs and girls 'Found the crew neck mron and Bob Mullins show cadets wore suspenders. HH' 5 Y , ear-mutts and car coat s sweaters to i 1 .. 'nf 4! , a 'N i"v.mgf'1 Q. 2- -L K ,Rf .' sf. I , ,fix 5 . 1 -J' Boys started wearing suspenders and hats to school as shown by Dennis Duvall, Robert Charuhas, and Louis Diclc. 1.343 'Qs td' K. K i 'i' 1'x 1 UL, w-f . , Q " Gum drops, truitboots, or Kniclcerboclcers, whichever you prefer to call the type of shoes that were popular, were worn with stockings and leg-o-tards. The best way to see fads and fashions in their entirety is to view a casual picture ot the student body. This scene was atypical one at 3:00 p.m. -uni y M ,A ,,,-v l' ea 4. ' 33 tele Wffil ,inn-xxx' f Vf 52you ff 4004 9 SAC KVILLE xo46000mE 500 IO SCALE H250 , soo o H 4iW,,,, q qiqq 1 Mmmwp ccmow 1NTERv11L, 100 FT, SACWLLE ANIS VICINITY gfvfffhf' 'op , ffm 'Q L N1 42 f ' X ' 4 X 3 W Y W Q MV M 35 ew A W 2 X W, Q QM if 1' K4 J " MY ' g W, , -, ,, A. 'N E A 33 ,. X - ?"""u ' ' Jw ' K., V ar -"--u,......,, 4550 X 1 1' ' 1 X Wx ng O f' V N? .VI Vx lyk ' I I ,4 I W 1 I - ' v 5 A , ! 5 ml, X I -X 's::.7XF,L -0- 41,:,. Q 4 1 X .,,. ,, , , Z xx A rx ' ' 1' V Arnlz 4 ":b xg! 1, ,ff MW ',.9. "if" J' 4 J ' HRW ,Qf X, , ff 1 X " f . X 4 , If 1 35 z til WWI TEACHERS' SECRETARIES-Row I: J. Williamson, P. Uhler, J. Kennedy, D. Randall, J. McNamee, B. Duda, J. Thompson, C. Fitzsimmons, S. Shipe. Row 2: C. Carlson, N. McDonald, R. Lynch, B. Parker, J. Ryon, M. Ganey, N. Mason, J. Wright, M. McCullough, R. Fischer. Row 3: J. Dickinson, E. Mancuso, B. Paine, C. Strine, V. Jack, N. Hazzard, J. Snellings, R. Sandidge, J. Nader. BIBLE CLUB-Row I: R. Chase, P. Morgan, J. Pumphrey, P. Patton, H. Garrison, A. Jackson, C. Mason, B. Johnson, M. Karasek, A. Clark M. Duckett, R. Galloway. Row 2: H. Hunter, T. Hyatt, K..Gochenour, R. Davenport, M. Jenkins, J. Rusbult, P. Stewart, M. Hillian, J. Johnson R. Carney, M. Zainhart, D. Jones, S. Bock, R. Singer. Row 3: G. Boyd, J. Nader, C. Daniels, B. Millott, L. Ricks, M. Walkup, D. Gibbs B. Beirans, L. Fuller, P. Pritchard, C. Keys, S. Becks. Row 4: P. Naylor, S. Brown, P. Cameron, S. Servator, L. Collison, M. De Shong R. Christesen, R. Seifert. Y-TEENS-Row I: J .HoIt, Chaplain, M. Caton, Treas., J. Williamson, V.Pres., P. Crossley, Pres., I. Arends, Sec., L. Jones, J. McAuliffe. Row 2: M. Kaplan, D. Cage, C. Zizzo, L. Mayo, L. Simpson, S. Much, J. Pumphrey, B. Hale, E. Gosnell, T. De Shong, M. Kanacopoulos. Row 3: R. Carney, B. Behrens, B. Davidson, R. Vance, R. Ogle, N. Pavlis, G. Smith, J. Billman, B. Knott, M. Hillian, R. Young. Row 4: S. Burger, J. Eaulstich, C. Bish, J. Nader, B. Cronemeyer, S. Thompson, K. Gochenour, M. De Shong, L. Collison. ..,. fs.: ar- 1mm VM! M. .1 AL QL Carril Vigness and Beverly Wyatt, Anacostia graduates, returned with Mrs. Carolyn Cassell, Director ot Admissions ot Washington FUTURE NURSES Row I: C. Stevenson, A. Danor, K. Kane, G. Spates, J. Adams, J. Small, Row 2: D. Absher, C. Weeks, E. Duckett, K. Ze- man, P. Young, C. Bagley, P. Miller, R. Taylor. Row 3: J. Rusbuldt, P. Stevenson, L. Euler, E. Marine, J. Mills, N. Roderick, M. Duckett, S. Boyd, M. Jenkins. Row 4: E. Minter, G. Cook, R. Davenport, R. 'W' '-'- 5 7: Young, J. Cronemeyer, M. Clark, J. Reigelman, M. Kanacopoulos. Q D 1 hs. X Q 4 ki Q T T T Q ie' 1 +V S . ..,. ,,,......?,,, . f f ' lg ay ' 1' +- ' ,. xx lag: f f 5 Future teachers of America practiced teaching methods during their meetings. They also helped Miss Taylor with the reading program. Hospital Center, to talk to Future Nurses. Shown here atter the meeting with Mrs. Stroup are Gail Spates, Gretlyn Zenns, and Mrs. Horn. FUTURE TEACHERS--Row I: S. Racz, S. Wolin, S. Lisogurky, J. Della, P. Patton, D. Reddock. Row 2: S. Bock, P. Tassler, M. Karasek, P. Wence, L. Storey, J. Pumphrey, S. Zepnick, A. Jackson, M. A. Keehn, C-. Duerfr. Row 3: D. Daniels, R. Gartinkel, A. Levitt, G. Smith, L. Hart, K. Gochenour, C. Junkhouser, B. Glover, D. Moore. Not Pictured: V. Miller: President, B. Cronemeyer. v 'gi Ml' ,aging ' 1 i f .. . ,W . ., ., ...... . . ., Dv ORGAN GUILD-Row I: C. Dock, Treas., J. Pumphrey, V. Pres., G. Spates, Pres., A. Jackson, Sec. Row 2: M. Wolfe, J. Bryant, J. Anten, C. Cooper, P. Jackson, P. Wence, M. Hawkins. 1 if hjrlifyfi r Choir members in their robes participated in the Christmas program. Miss Fuller listens while Amelia Jackson and Carolyn Dock practice a piano duet. CHOIR-Row I: P. Spears, H. Galleen, S. Caetto, R. Swayne, M. Hamlin, B. Harrison, A. Jackson, L. Mayo, N. Scott, V. Hill. Row 2: Miss Fuller lsponsorl, M. Walkup, C. Steckman, B. Gordon, J. Jones, B. Banks, J. Johnson, M. Ashton, J. Lindsey, A. Carter, J. Long, D. Hurowitz. Row 3: M. Williams, D. Steele, M. Dargi, B. Seaton, C. Morley, J. Saunders, D. Reddock, M. Keehn, J. Wadsworth, B. Shelton, J. Melvin, M. Wilder. Row 4: N. Webster, B. Christesen, J. Sheppard, E. Flohr, J. Smith, J. Nelson, P. Plemmone, M. Mathieson, D. DeCatur, J. Merryman, L. Goldsmith, C. Ford. Row 5: L. Curtis, J. Holmes, R. Harrington, M. Hawkins, B. Goodwin, R. l-layes, W. Lark, J. Aikins, R. Singer "' 1 ,f I 5 ,IM , 1 ,V i sf ' I' .J , ' ,'..... ,,, ,. lg. ' i , , ' Wk " ' ' 2' i. ! si 17 .5 V ' ' I, . V B' . , i i V Wham Q 5 U . Wgfwvyy ' 1 X , 2, .. , -s.f.f ' ,: 1,9 f ""'9M, " V7 lg ' , X I v 5,4 x 14 , C nw. irannlal l was " ,P ' Jeff A iii iffyf l ll 5 ., ' i 1'f gig Student Council otticers Gail Spates, secretaryg Jan Rlwoads, president: Jayne Ryon, vice-president: and Ron- ald Rouland, treasurer, prepare the agenda tor a regular Wed- nesday morning Student Coun- cil meeting. e Student Council discusses various problems and plans under the leadership of Jan Rhoads, president. 56 Members of the Student Council. Wim Q ASR' if? -E+ 'S f , 39 4 'Q GERMAN CLUB-Row l: D. Dale, K. Krauss, UH Weeks. E. Litts. C. Nerison. Row 4: P. Ander- son, N. Pooles, R. Vance, J. Cain, A. Bonds Smith, C. Phillips. Row 5: G. Duerr, S. Davis, L. Roussean, R. Sibley, M. Raymon, J. Ailcens. Row 6: J. Moss, R. Rowland, K. Jansohn, M. Wolf, R. Mellenberg. Y ,-,if J,-5-fe French Club otlicers Sandra Zepnick, Carclene Blalcer, Phyllis Tassler, Members of the French Club rehearse for e play which they gave fgr and Dorothy Hutcherson organize presents tor a gitt exchange at their the other members at one of the meetings. Christmas party. FRENCH CLUB-Row l: W. l-lodgson, D. Carter, A. Yorlcoti. J. Delle, S. Zepniclc, treasurer: C. Blalcer, vice president: P. Tassler, president: D. Hutcherson, secretary: P. Albersold, C. Aiken, J. Eisbey, J. King. Row 2: J. Knight, S. Boyd, J. Claxton, D. Friedman, J. Blanton, N. Scott, J. Jones, J. Cox, A. Hall, R. Dietzel, J. Proctor. Row 3: R. Yezek, J. Gillis, C. Morlay, B. Davidson, H. Bender, M. Raymond, S. Parmele, L. Hart, C. Absher, M. Sochar. Row 4: G. Smith, C. Vaden, H. Feld, C. Johnson, N. Dill, B, Marr, D. Ridenour, J. Morrison, M. Rodericlc, Row 5: l-l. Riley, J. Tillman, M. Kanacopoulos, R. Young, D. Jones, P. Kuever, B. Glover, L. Roberts, E. Buccelli, B. Gantt, R. Thorne, E. Morris. J 4 t t i Lita.. i."' - C, .,-, ' - Ya 1 vice-presidentg l. Arends, presidentg J. Karmel, secretaryy J. Adams, treasurer: J, Cochran. Row 2: K. Kane, J. Mills, E. Gosnell, B. Pruitt, A. Frabey, D. Alosher, V. Edgar. Row 3: Mrs. Flood, D. Daniels, C. Rieclcs, J. Lindsey, C. R. H. Singer, P. Pritchard, R. G. Singer, president: L. Pan- ciera, secretary: R. Shropshire, vice-president: Welt, F. Toomey. Row 2: V. Fuller, P. Morgan, J. Holt, M. Caton, S. Allison, L. Larsen, T. D'eShoing, V. Jack, D. Hurowitz, A. Danor, M. Raymond. Row 3: P. Cam- eron, V. Miller, B. Knott, M. DeShong, K. Kesner, R. Cun- ningham, P. Norgorden, B. Sherman. M. Clark, C. Carlson. L. Davis. Row 4: J. Aikins, D. Ruck, Mr. Price, sponsor. m ACTIOS-Row I: S. Servator, 2' -........ 'fa Q 'kk Travel Club members prepare tor their Christmas party. Rudolf Mellenberg, Jack Reed, and Diana Jones were guest entertainers at the Travel Club's Christmas party. TRAVEL CLUB-Row I: M. Pope, A. Ashby, D. Randall, C. Blaker, president: D. Sanchez, vice-president: C. Bish, treasurer: M. Kanacopoulos, secretary: S. Phelps, A. James, J. Johnson, J. Beasley. Row 2: M. Sanditer, J. Christopher, M. Gaden, E. Marine, D. Hutcherson, L. Simpson N. Roderick, M. Maddox, B. Parker, A. Jones, J. Galeano, S. Stone. Row 3: C. Cooper, S. Allison, M. Jenkins, A. Wallace, T. De Shong, B. Sargent, H. Garrison J. Blanton, J. Mills, J. Karmel. Row 4: J. Cotield, S. Dupis, J. Cain, S. Cox, J. Lindsey, C. Absher, S. Knadel, D. Jones, B. Peters, M. Roderick, M. Williams, G. Boyd. Row 5: M. Burdoo, J. Reigelman, ,W. Byrd, J. Faulstick, L. Dell, E. Ford, L. Fuller, J. Jenkins, M. De Shong, P. Johnson, M. Lainhart, C. Johnson, H. Roundtree. Row 6: R. Chase, K. Hurowitz, L. Dick, R. Hudson, T. Burweli, B. Newman. .frs fn ...A up .fd . V W U ,ij B' 3. 4, , A K A, 4 ,,,. . , ,, , X , , i i' F nzmilga fwrsxaasza if 4-Y 5' Mr James D Secrest, representung one ot th Vonce ot Democracy sponsors presents Hoyt besrdes bemg a tluent speaker also plays Hoyt Alverson a certrtlcate ot merit for the Voice ot Democracy contest which he won for the tlute l-lere he rs shown during the Christmas the City program with Sam Beck who played the piano The cheerleaders took part In the Thanksgiving program Thomas Gantt Gerhard Damron and Alle Mass Taylor and Mr. Lamb were familiar srghts durlnq the sensor Karen Kesner hands Pow Wow copies reading assemblies held in the auditorium Crockett for dustrukautron .lf Jn, CAFETERIA-Row I: D. Sheppard, C. Johns, B. Johnson S. Steele. Row 2: C. Carlson, P. Buddington, S. Brown, G us u t enne y ar s er s orne De ong ow 3 R. G. Singer, M. Williams, M. Caton, S. Allison, B. Knott, J Adams L Riclcs B Brooks L Nipper Not shown C Daniels G Williamson D. Randall, C. Zizzo. Carol lssacson, Barbara Behrens and Carol Lumpkin transact bank business with Nicholas Martin, James Saunders and Donna Gotten BANK STAFF-Row I: D. Gatton, C. Lumplcins, C. Isalcsen G Homan B Millotf Pres D Berlin B Prather J Hildebrand Row 2 J. Billman, P. Frolre, B. Behrens, V. Pres., M. Clark, G. Zenns C Osborne D Cooper C Harding B Spalding Row 3 P Crossley S. Dalcovich, P. Frangiamore, L. Snyder, C. Alvey, Sec., C. Nicholson V Pres B Cronemeyer K Gouchenour P Niess Row 4 S Adams T. Oliff. Obi' 'vi 'YP' '41 gi, L f 577 1 W LEADERS' CLUB-Row I: I. Arends, P. Tassler, M. Caton, treasurer: C. Carlson, president: K. Kesner, vice-president: P. Crossley, secretary: A. James, A. Hall. Row 2: J. Ryon, M. Roderick, C. Blalcer, G. Spates, A. Clark, L. LGTSSIW, J. Hildebrand, T. De Shong, B. Sherman, L. Panciera, D. Ridenour. Row 3: M. De Shong, R. Cunningham, P. Cameron, P. Pumphrey, S. Ranlcin, V. Jack, S. Servator, P. Pritchard, C. Bish, E. Manscuo, V. Miller. 5' ....,.L..,,, , I uri I 'A Ni.. i rir- J. A pr'GSiCler1t bought l:FOVT1 G PF9Sid9f1lT the Clay the Leaders' Cll-IID Eleanor Mancuso and Irma Arends serve refreshments atter the Leaders sold potato chips tor polio. Here Jan Rhoads, Student Council Club fall inglugfion, president, buys a bag ot potato chips from Carol Carlson, Leaders' Club president. KEY CLUB--Row I: G. Damron, E. Bouligny, T. Seaman, treasurer: L. Cox, T. Marcerollo, J. Stewart, R. Talbert, R. Dunnington, J. Mannen. Row 2: L. Klein, secretary: S. Barnes, R. Mullins, P. Carroll, J. Coltield, S. Katz, L. Parmele, J. Koontz, vice-president: W. Byrd. Row 3: J. Rhoads, T. Culver, J. Long, R. Shropshire, R. G. Singer, M. Wolf, R. H. Singer. L. Nolan, president: A. Woodridge, H. Mellenburg. 0111, 5 I 6 ' 3 li - 8 K n lf' W' "WHA 0 Ia 'Q "f ilk,-.y fK ,, U-Y. X. J - -mf W . 2 ..- ,.1.-.-7,1-r-mu "W-'f-abil vnu PEN PALS-Row I: S. Recz, V. Berry, L. Green, G. Bell, E. Marine. Row 2: E. Flohr, D. Reddock P. Peck, P. Withrow. if 5 , V., RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVES Alix-pm 986 W4 W wiv as ww rx Vw DEBATE CLUB, Row I: V. Fuller, l.. Lar- sen, D. Randall, D, l-lurowitz, J, l'-lolt, K Kesner, president. Row 2: B. Sherman, A Danor M Caton C Carlson secretar . . , . , y S. Allison, T. De'Shong, M. Clarlc, M. Ray- mond. Row 3: M. D-eShong, E. Bryant, l. Davis, vice-president, S. Goldstein, P Cameron, B. Cronemeyer, D. Ruclc, R Singer. Roxy 4: R. Rouland, D. Herrin R. Monlc, M. Wolf, K. Taylor, D. Hersh berger. Michael Wolf has a point he wishes to submit to John Ailcins Abby Yorlcotf and Brenda Calacino begin to tap Phyllls l-lasty Carol Carlson, Virginia Jack, and Barbara Cronemeyer during to life during the Christmas program regular session ot the Debate Club, X 1 Z LL' xllili Wil? ,171 I ffm ..f."Vfe,.-' LIBRARY STAFF-Row I: C. Mclzetters, A. Ashby, B. Johnson, L. Green C. Stevenson, L. Ricks. Row 2: D. Hall, M. Pope, M. Duclcett, C. Eunlihouser. Not shown: I-I. Garrison, D. Dale. 09' x MAKE-UP CLUB-Row I: J. Budclington, M. Pope, C. Rachelle, I. Arends, Treas., V. Jack, Sec., B. Pettit, Pres., S. Allison. V. Pres., A. Ashby P. Tassler, S. Diggs. Row 2: P. Stewart, P. Combs. F. Toomey, J. Bass, J. Kennedy, A. Clark, S. Stone, L. Larsen, B. Ballard, J. Garrison. Row 3: P. Renez, J. Buckley. R. Davenport, J. Blanton, J. Williamson, J. Morris, A. Fraley, C. Osborne, V. Edgar, C. Carlson. Row 4: P. Cameron, G. Putfenberger P. Pumphrey, B. Knott, N. Garrison, B. Sherman, C. Gossett, S. Ranlcin, C. Alvey, J. Morrison, B. Paine, L. Lindsey. ,qw STAGE, BOOTH, AND PROJEC- TION CREW-Row I: S. Servator P. Pritchard, J. Ryon, A. Clark. Row 2: A. Berger D. Legg, R. Fish- Icin, W. Lee, T. Shaver. -.-11' fuvfm6'H1n. 'WJ' ". 'ILAQ V HHZIGVJJK ' ""- w,Jf..'f"' AEM-YLI lf E Amr-...w-:- -J.--Q. Me- -..,v- ,,,,,.... BUSINESS STAFF-Ro.w I: C. Farber, J. Holt, J. Small, P. Boswell, D. Knott, M. Rogers, Row 2: P. Johnson, J. Di Benedetto, M. Nelson, S. Howard, P. Grannell, T. Cook, J. Billman Ruso, V. Donaldson, Row 3: Mrs , J. Minard, J. Foster, Mrs. Murphy ill Busy working "behind the scenes" are Mrs. Murphy, Toni Russ, and Myrna Rogers, only three of the large office statt. my f ef' F,,,,,! . . ff 3 A ,jf if 1A.J'f.w Ni X Mr. Netherton helps photographer Stanton Barnes set up some photographic equipment. K1- PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB-Row I: S. Barnes, M. Dutrow, vice-presi- dent: J. Aikinsg B. Sherman, vice- presidenty J. Gustavson, president: K. Kesner, secretary: B. Yorkott. Row 2: G. Smiht, H. Lee, P. Nor- gorden, J. Pumphrey, B. Hall, A, Danor, P. Patton, A. James, P. Morgan, B. Duda, C. Blaker. Row 3: S. Gallun, C. Johnson, P. Miller, M. Raymond, A. Hall, E. Marine, M. Clark, J. Adams, V. Jack, C. if Bish. Row 4: D. Herrin P. Camer- I is on, K. Gochenour, M. Kanacop- oulous, M. Williams, J. Gillis, M. ' DeShong, L. Callison. S. Servator, l P. Proctor. Row 5: M, Wolf, J, Rhoads, L. Dick, D. l-lershberger, R. Lark. Q 5171 x "jf" 'df M' f- Hal U7 p 5 2335: ART CLUB-Row I: C. Dock P. Brawner, M. Duckett, L 5 , --'- 5 ..-.,,.., Rauch, C. Killian, J. Jarrett, Q , Whitmore, J. Rosen, Row 2: C -X S--.-g.. ' ' Alosher, B. Sherman, H. Bender A W S. Allison, S. Buger, F. Toomey N. Garrison. P. Hasty, C Vaden. Row 3: J. Aikins, W .Vx ham, M. Williams, S. Gallun A. Hannum, D. Ridenour, G Schrenk. Richard Singer, Carol Steckman, and David Hurowitz begin the daily an- Richard Singer leads a prayer during the Broadcasting nouncements over the P.A. system in Mrs. Horn's otlice. Club's original Thanksgiving assembly. BROADCASTING CLUB-Row I: H. Gallun, L. Mayo, P. Tassler, S. Wolin, S. Lisogursky, L. Rauch, F. Toomey, L. Simpson A. James, S. Zepnick. Row 2: C. Zizzo, V. Hill, J. Mills, B. Millotf, C. Fortunato, J. Auten, J. Bryant, J. Garrison M. Rogers, M. Howard, L. Euler, K. Dixon. Row 3: H. Bender, R. Carney, L. Storey, T. De Shong, D. Absher, J. Williamson, P. Morgan, C. Stickman, C. Marley, M. Hillian, P. Norgorden. Row 4: G. Zenns, M. Willwams, R. Gartinkel, N. Mason, B. Knott, G. Smith, A. Levitt, P. Frangiamore, S. Gallun, J. Reinhold, C. Carlson. Row 5: H. Roundtree, K. Kesner, P. Cameron, R. Cunningham, C. Nickolson, K. Gochenour, M. De Shong, J. Faulstich, E. Mancuso, M. Moser, L. Collison, C. Vaughan. Row 6: J. Holmes, M. Hawkins, S. Barnes, M. Wolfe, J, Aikins, R. G. Singer, R. Chase, W. Byrd, G. Boyd, R. Stiller, T. Gantt. IT Q----.... I 975 iI.l. dMW Cooper, E. Brown, R. Cunning- 1 New " K- ADVANCED SCIENTISTS- Row I: P. Patton, M. Maddox V. Fuller, B. Duda, C. Bagley Knadle, R. Schooley, P. Page, Singer, P. Norgorden, W. Cooper, D. Herrin, D. Jones, L. Davis, D. Risher. Row 4: J. Shulman, R. Fis'hlcin, C. Phillips, K. Taylor, D. Hershloerger, J. Rhoads. Row 5: H. Moore, R. Holverstott, R. H. Singer. Mr. Hopkins, physics teacher, demonstrates a scaler-ratemeter to Mr. Davenport explains the functioning ot various' scientific instru- Patricia Norgorden, Yvonne Higgs, and Patsy Morgan during one of ments to members of the Science Research Group. Pictured here are the Science Seminar sessions. Kenneth Taylor, Yvonne Higgs, Susan Knadle, and William Cooper. SCIENCE RESEARCH GROUP Row I: D. Jones, P. Morgan. P. Prichard, M. RaymOr1d, S- Wolen, P. Patton, C. Bagley. V. Fuller. Row 2: W. Cooper. J. Bolcolis, L. Davis, J. Gillis, P. Norgorden, D. Berlin, J. A Mannen, T. Fuller. Row 3: G. 7 Cassidy, J. Rhoads, A. Hersh- berger, S. Barnes, L. Parmele D. Smith, K. Taylor, R. Christe- 4 sen, R. Mellenloerg. 50 Z" V AIWIIEQHA' di" v ZIJHQH . ii' ' ' ' " ,. 1' " Ji J.: N '51 P. Morgan, Y. Higgs, Row 2: S, Goldstein, R. Lambert, S. H. Glulcenhouse. Row 3: R. G. PHYSICS CLUB-Row I: J. Bolcoles, D. Herrin P. Cameron, P. Norgorden, B. Schooley, J Dutrow Row 2' J Rhoads G Cassid J Man- nen, B. Feldman, A. I-lershberger, P. Cornelius Row 3: R. Shropshire, S. Barnes, R. Singer, Di Smith, R. Christensen, G. Kahler, R. Mellenberg ,ur 4 ' 2' N 4 'w, ' "ZF, ,,,, , , I, Mr. Hopkins and Leslie Parmele do an experiment tor James Mannen, "Wire A touches wire B, which in turn fOUChGS Wire Cf' MF- l'IOPlfIf1S Kenneth Taylor, and Dennis I-Ierrin. tells a few of the Physics Club boys. SCIENCE HONOR SO- CIETY- Ro.w I: S. Knadle, C. Johnson, M. Maddox, P. Morgan, A. James, J. Mc Namee, M. Dutrow, P. Pat- ton, C. Bagley, V. Fuller, Y. I-Iiggs, P. Cameron. Row 2: P. Crossley, R. Cunningham, L. Davis, A. I-Iall, B. Sher- fnan, P. Norgorden, D. Jones, K. Kesner, B. Duda, C. Blalcer, J. Adams, 'P. Pritchard, S. Servator. Ro.w 3: W. Byrd, R. Singer, J. Gustavson, M. Kornspan, W. Cooper, J. Bolcoles, A. Dohne, J. Mannen, T. Fuller, K. Taylor, R. Fishlcin, P. Cornelius. Row 4: G. Cassi- dy, J. Rhoads, R. Shrop- shire, A. I-Iershberger, S. Barnes, L. Parmele, D. Smith, R. Singer, R. Christensen. -.....,,,,wmq P4'h'!'!-I gi'-'A 'J . ,,, . CHESS CLUB-Row I: D. Herrin, E. Birnbaum, J. McNamee, D. Herrowetz, J Cronemeyer, H. Gluckenhouse. Row 2: J. Adair, J. Gillis, P. Norgorden, J. Taylor W. Cooper, K. Johnson. Row 3: R. Shropshire, M. Rosen, R. H. Singer, D. Ruck H. Watford. I .f Q. 4.. f Y ,FQ Rt. ff il all X l f WF: Checkmate says Richard Shropshire to Patricia Norgorden as Girls or football? Which is the topic ot conversation between they battle it out nan after school chess match. Frederick Miller, Vernon Disharoon Jack Stewart and Emmett Cun ningham? These members of our football team made all city teams A CLUB Row I J Edelin, C. Brown, J. Zimmerman, R. Kauffman, M. Cicala, M. Hawkins, T. Seaman J Stewart Row 2 R Shropshire V Disharoon, B. Nordan, L. Cook, C. Vaughan, F. Miller, B. Johnson, C. Pessagno. Row 3 L Nolan T Gantt M nard R Sin er, R. G. Singer, J. Long, J. Rhoads, W. Guthrie, T. Neal. Row 4: E. Greenberg L Klein G Ka er E Cunningham P Barnes, J. Bryant, W. Byrd, A. Kaufman, J. Jackson. C2 4312, J i . 1 X x. V -A XL 'Q -vm ,i ,A mf X 15 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Row I Karen Lee Kesner, Penny Cameron Sandra Servator, Carol Carlson, treasurer lrma Arends, secretary: Carolene Blalcer Jan Rhoads, Richard Shropshire, vice president, Pat Crossle, Patricia Ann Prit- chard, Richard l-l. Singer, president Stanton Barnes, Richard G. Singer. CHEERLEADERS- Center: E. Man cuso, captain. Left to Right: S. Ran lcin, S. Knaclle, L. Rauch, 6. Zenns, G. Spates, T. DeShong, R. Cunningham, L. Larsen, co-captain. The Anacostia "A" cheer is a popular one at all ot the athletic events. Eleanor Mancuso, cheerleading captain. begins G Cheer at one ot the basketball games. ,..,f,,i.. f .V . VZ., ,,,y,A,,f . 1, , - ff. . --,1,,w:" -,Asp -1, ,, f .fe wgj: POW-WOW STAFF: Row I: P. Crossley, J. I-lildeibrand, associate editorq L. Panciera, P. Cameron, C. Carlson, editor-in-chief, M. Wolf, managing editor, l. Arends, associate editor, D. Ridenour. Row 2: D. Sheppard, M. Maddox, B. Sherman, V. Jack, K. Kesner, A. Clark, J. I-lall, P. Pumphrey. Row 3: S. Rankin, S. Servator, E. Mancuso, E. Bryant, M. Caton, C. Bish, S. Allison. Row 4: D. W A i, I-lerrin, J. Gonda, J. Stewart, S. Barnes, L, Nolan, not pictured-L. Cook, M. DeShong. X fr Q? We -1 f , .f ff" J ' 35-3,,, . I L' fi xx, ..., .,,,y, "',' , Busily evaluating the school paper are the Pow-Wow editors. Distribution morning is a hectic one in A-3 because all ot the Left to Right seated: Carol Carlson, Sandra Servator, Louise Pan- papers must be folded and counted. ciera, Deirdre Ridenour, Standing: Pat Crossley, Irma Arends, Mrs. Betty Daughtridge ltaculty advisorl, Joe Gonda, Larry Nolan. POW-WOW REPRESENTATIVES-Row I: Sandra Zepnick, Phyllis Tassler, Renda Lee Calacino, Judy Small, Sandra Lisogursky, Jean Brinker, Doreen Randall, Verdenia Lord, Joan Grier, Lyn Mayo. Row 2: Dottie Sheppard, Dianne Mortan, Carol I-lart, Sarah Boyd, Mary Maddox, Jeannette Pumphrey, Eva Gosnell, Pat Cannon, Cancettina Zizzo, Julie Cox, Sue Davis, Judy Mills. Row 3: Rita Gartinkel, Toni Russ, Melva Sanditer, Michelle De Shong, Kathy Schaetter, Ruth Young, Marcia Williams, Carolene Blaker, Roberta Taylor, Peggy Kuever. Row 4: Carol Carlson, Wanda Byrd, Jane Reigelrnan, Julia Boone, Patricia Beck, Pat King, Carolyn Fisher, Pat Plemmons, Connie Stokes, Karlene Gochenour, Doris Moore, Marie Moser. Row 5: Karen Dixon, Virginia Edgar, Earl Brumbaugh, Ray Suiter, Pam Niess, Nancy Mason, Carolyn Strine, Clay Cipione, Jack Stewart. rTi"TT"'7'V' ' '9' T7 D8 we TOTEM POLE STAFF-Row I: K. Kesner, P. Cameron, C. Bish, R. 6. Singer, C. Carlson, C. Blalcer, R. H. Singer, L. Larsen, B. Sherman, R. Cunningham, M. Rogers. Row 2: M. Maddox, A. Clark, J. Kennedy, A. Danor, J. Aikins, M. Pessagno, J. Ryon, B. Hall, B. Brubalcer, M. Raymond. Ro.w 3: J. Adams, V. Jaclc, P. Pritchard, P. Norgorden, J. Hildebrand, K. Dixon, W. DeCarmo, M. Caton, M. Dre Shong M. Wolfe. 9 1' 1. at .xx -- Totem Pole editors Carolene Blalcer and Carol John Ailcins is curious to lcnow it his pictures Carlson confer as to what should go into the are going to be bright and clear. yearboolc. TOTEM POLE REPRESENTATIVES-Row I: C. Bagley, A. Y orlcotl, M. Pessagno, J. Kennedy, 5. Lisogurslcy, J. McNamee, D. Virata, B. Hall, J. Jarrett, L. Larsen. Row 2: J. Cronemeyer, M. Raymond, J. Burroughs, S. Stone, F. Toomey, S. Racz, B. Brubalcer, R. Ogle, M. Goodwin, D. Ferber, D. l-lurowitz. Row 3: J. Dickinson, G. Burrough, E. Flohr, G. Zenns, S. Allison, T. Russ, C. Alvey, K. Dixon, C. Delano, C. Johnson, B. Knott. Row 4: B. Hill, 6. Cassiday, C. Bish, S. Frazer, G. Putfenberger, J. Reinhold, L. Snyder, B. Cronemeyer, R. Fishlcin, T. Gantt, 6. Gateau. I wht Wifilfiw'-"""'W ' glfilff ' "ZZ" K 55 QW ,J 4 Bi G' we ly., i., ,f MZ HOME ARTS CLUB-Row I: C. McFetters, A. James, J. Morrison, treasurer: S. Bowman, secretary: S. Rankin, president: R. Cunningham, vice-president: l. Arends, corresponding secretary: E. Mancuso, chairman, relreshmentsg J. Ryon, J. Williamson. Row 2: P. Brawner, C. Carlson, G. Zenns, P. Miller, A. Fraley, G. Spates, K. Dixon, S. Knadle, B. Knott. Row 3: S. Servator, C. Gossett, S. Cox, D. Ridenour, L. Saunders, C. Abbott, M. Roderick, C. Alvey, P. Pritchard. Row 4: B, Paine, M. Caton, P. Pumphrey, P. Putlenloerger, C. Stine, P. Crossley, S.Johnson. Itlooks asitthe band is playing well bythe Before the new gym opened band members had a daily audience since gym classes met in expression on Sergeant Butterworth's face. the audltolium' Each day the band rehearses in the auditorium. mmm as-. 3 1- ,xii P , .Ji i emww.. E ' i'7E, il .V lx 56 , - p... 1 i i -'x A . REGIMENTAL STAFF-Captain J. Ailcins, Captain A. Wooldridge, Lieutenant Colonel G. Damron, Major T. Gantt, Captain W Fuller BAND OFFICERS: Drum Major R. Mellenberg, Lieutenant T. Culver, First Sergeant J. Mannen First Lieutenant R. Dunnington, Captain J. Reid, Second 57 BATFALION COM MANDERS-Major W. Roberts, Major T. Blankenship, Major L. Cook. COMPANY COMMANDERS: Captain R. Rouiand-A, Captain W. Fraser-B, Captain J. Droze-C Captain W. Reilly-D, Captain J. Mattare-E, Captain K. Mullins-F, Captain J. Reid-Band. 58 CTD 'QCD 12 L if UEUTENANTS-Row I: R. Best, H. Burchell, D. Evans, J. Franklin, T. Smiraldo, R. Stansbury, P. Carroll. Row 2: R. Dunnington, E. Giartlw, K. Johnson E. Monroe, T. Oliff, L. Parmele. Row 3: W. Taylor, A. Lusby, E. Dameron, L. Dick, T. Culver, D. Soutlwerland. FIRST SERGEANTS-P. Sclwerzer-A, H. Pujol-B, W. Sengstack-C, A. Warnick-D, R. Regan-E, C. Passagno-F, J. Mannen-Band. 59 DRILL TEAM-Row I: K. Johnson, P. Carroll, I-l. Pujol W. Reilly, E. Monroe, W. Roberts. Row 2: M. Panagopoulous T. Selby, R. Best, J. Coleman. W. Fraser, A. Warniclc. Row 3: E Giartlw, A. Wooldridge, W. Sengstaclc, C. Riclinor, A. Lusby l , COLOR GUARD: Fi'rst Sergeant M. Tristani, Sergeant First Class J. Trotter, Sergeant First Class W. Mitchell, Sergeant First Class L. Cox. 60 4: RIFLE TEAM: E. Giarth, Manager-J. Orving, G. Damron, Second Lieutenant-W. Fuller First Lieutenant R. Dunnington, Captain L. Parmele. MAP TEAM-Captain J. Aikens, PFC. A. Gudikunst, PFC. C. Moore. PFC. R. Aikens. 61 5W I,-ui if Q f, +1.20 7 A I X 1 15 5 3 f X Q 1 N ,mf XX? W J' f X 38,6 f 9 df .fa Q5 X - f 1-' . ff C 31 ' M 1 , A f f 1 2 4 mums-,B V , f Z f N7 fn mr , 6x2 T8l!ibinz , Wigan-an Nhihnuirhn !f".fv1" , rm - gig. , . 1pjQ,,. ,:q1g:w Exif ff, , '- ,,7f, Zi'-ij: gpgif' 4."ffQi2EJ 5:1fij"'z7 ' if 45 ffw' fare wx? .wharf if ' '-1 " f eg " .3 ' ' ,, , " Mg 63 4 'f rf' . if 6 , I An- , ,nf ,uf ABOVE, PATRICIA PAGE and LINDA DAVIS head home with their homework, revealing how they maintain such high scholarship. RIGI-IT, DONNA BERLIN, PATSY MORGAN, and PAMELA PATTON manage to combine high scholastic records with lots of fun. ABOVE, Next year's football team will be stronger with FRED MILLER out there lighting. LEFT, JEANNETTE PUMPI-IREY'S music is a welcome sound at assemblies. ,.,. Rl? I as X ve K kv wtf: ' A f., xt ' .73 ' 'SNA X we X S SUSAN KNADLE and CHARLES PESSAGNO rate high in scholarship and school service. 1 1 RICHARD FISHKIN can always be depended upon to help where he is needed but especially enjoys his work on the stage crew. i l l PATRICIA NORGORDEN, outstanding science student. explains a problem fo BENNY YORKOFF- Whose Chief intefest 'ies in FJ'1OfO9'aPl'Y- Scientist ROBERT scnoow Ends HMA LEE an interested listener. Both give outstanding service to Anacostia. 65 Dixie Absher Jeanne Adams Peggy Aebersold Carol Aiken Hoyt Alverson Betty Jo Anderson Lee Anderson Philip Anderson Robert Anderson Sandra Anderson Tom Anderson Bill Anton John Apperson Kay Arminger Charles Armstrong Steve Arnett Patricia Arrington Dave Atkins Randolph Austin Catherine Awad William Backus Carol Bagley Ruth Bailey Paul Barber Sidney Barnes Joan Beasley Francis Beavers Samuel Beck Joan Belasco Carol Bell Gloria Bell Roger Bell Alan Berger Donna Berlin Valeria Berry Edward Bieleck Janice Billman Donald Blake Judy Blanton John Bokoles Julia Boone Pat Boswell Mary Bowles Sarah Boyd Ernestine Brady Jay Brakman Daniel Brookings Barbara Brooks Barbara Brown Charles Brown Glenda Brown Earl Brumbaugh Elaine Bryant 4 ' S37 i PM 3 William Bryant g Patricia Burkett Mary Burgess Regina Burrello Albert Burton ,l-.. J 3 F S l ' Q. I z' ,N 4 Q 3 65. 5' r f ' -if 'ff' 1. X ' i an J, ta'-J W -s 4 -fi ig: ...J -L X 4? if 'W W zs N f is Av Q. Q5 .. "' .gp , M: l A if r Diane Burroughs ,4V- A L Gloria Burroughs rf 4 J J x. -an' N i Q N .1 6' 'fi X . px ,ks a vet . it if -I M g -M- rt, M , of C 4 we Sn is at . 'N X 'X 2' i TA ' ig Q, fs.. I A , NX M gg l .mx a ' iq at i,. 1' f we -N M ,i M ii r l if L A . i W X .. , 5 or Z' fa i to i an giytv . C X l 'px i f ' y, .Z b , 1 X . it 10232, i wi y, ,, A , aw he as 'fa V A 4 L" 'J i P' up .M , 7 C C ?Al J it 4 , M fkyl y'.Vk 2 ' K "', ii L ' ,Av':' 'i i' fi i I ,. my f, Renda Calacino Robert Campell Rose Carrasco Mary Jo Carroll Alberta Carter Kenneth Carter Sandra Case Jucly Cecil Eugene Chappelle Diane Charuhas John Chevalier Suntong Chin Robert Christesen Mary Clark Peggy Cobb Gloria Cotield Joseph Coleman Patricia Collins Linda Collison Mary Constable Carrye Cooper Darlene Cooper William Cooper Malcolm Costello Claude Council William Covey Sally Cox Joan Cronemeyer Diana Cummings Anthony Cunningham Paul Curtin Sandra Curtin Marie Curtis Gloria Custer Joan Custer Clay Cipione Ami" "C'est vous!" Billy Taylor cries as he points to the suspect in a rousing French session Arleen Danor Shirley Dalcovich Patricia David Beverly Davidson Carolyn Davis Diane Davis Linda Davis Sandra Davis Suzanne Davis Joseph Deavers Robert Deavers Wayne DeCristotero Judith Delle Ronald Denham Jean DiBenedetto Nancy Dill Karen Dixon Winston DoCormo Alan Dohne Jack Donahue Valerie Donaldson Emma Duclcett Johnnie Duclcett John Ducote Joyce Dunnington Judi Duvall Virginia Edgar Lester Egypt Robert Eiclcenberg Joyce Eislsey Charles Estill Louise Euler Craig Everett Jane Everett Jeanette Everette James Farmer Janet Fanlstich Paul Feldman Diane Ferber Doris Ferguson Ruth Fischer Richard Fishkin Catherine Fitzsimmons Barbara Flohr Lynda Fiordelise Sandra Fogg Louise Ford Jo Ann Foster Consuella Fox Ann Fraley Patricia Frangiamore Susan Frantz Patricia Froclce George Fugitt Virginia Fuller Cecelia Funlchauser Mary Ganey Rita Gartinlcle Wilson Garrett Nancy Garrison yf V QW, , , f A yi. 5 yy , QW , 11- 'xi-5..,,. 'V' 7 .z X .", ' f' 1 ff., , , WZ f, W ,, , W , T79 'f .,,f Wie' Q ' 'w W f',f:1i,k',' r ,,,.,,!, P, y I , !ii., K, L J gh Li Qi ax 0 ? J at w ' 'E' , :S , .X 'l ov- N J ', ni? ,, 1 ,fm .. , ,y ,,,,., , gy' 4 022725 i if' , ffl s Qif I , f 1 f X I ' 1 4 W I ' ff! W ffw 6 , X 4 , 1 9-e f i wgfi' ' , H ,,,, I v if, 7- Wiki , ' V -1 ff, f 1, 5 ,V , ww 5 V fy , . im? tv' . Wf,'Q!fj,,Cf', ' if f X f, vimffi V, 4 5,y3,,,,,, ,,'V X, , wie 1" J Wm W 1 ' i ' ' ,tw X Z' sitt it fi f wif. elif. J - 4' S. , ,yiy , ' f 4, I, 7 ' A ' '44 , , yy , ' fi L Q , if ai' lf: ' f P , y...i,i , yyity. i!w5ifii4 "" ' f f V ' I 2, X We y ,y,, ,y A , M .L V V ' 'S Zfifii ff' ?W', 'hr ' ' W' -,,,, 'ff ' l , "," It 2 , 'i G 4 , ry' " 3 8,1 . -Y , , , 44 V ,,,, , ,' J? J' ,L S i f M? f , M , H ,, J 13,3 ' f rl' .L ' ,' Va ' fills ig fgfgtif R fi, ,,,,,,, W fin., L ' , f . L nfw, ' ,Tv '- 97 i E miie 1 4 'N ,Q av' "gf K- i new cv., ,4 I I . 4 ,, s., I uv- s!'5 ,' I-,.. f ' V ,,,, Q1 "li, As. ! if , .-an Y :., -+ ,, ' Z 'ffl A 1 I , is , . K I ,V,, Q17 V A Zh, I , ,,, ,,.,, 7 I ,V,, v , "c' y ... . , , R, , ffl no , My , ' V ,av g 'i ,,.,,i V, V in 'is ' 2 L 'N ' at K A I. 1 ' r S ' 'wr 'rf df uf 1 lv .. ,f f M' Z in ' W 40 Q, V, - ra L ff f W ff pw Q f fi, nf f f 5 ,ff ff yw, , gm: . ff 9,7 M., , 'L ,i mf f, ,,,, .,, . j ,, , Q Z., 640 Wiieff f 4 ,fn I V f gg 4- f ,iff '69, 'X ,, - if , .,. 'Q W 'V ,F W? i 1 ' .A , , V , , ' , ' .I ,.,M3,Q , 4.,,,x Yr fx wi I gg. i ff- ss, 'Q 4 ' - x ,f A in al . f y w 'V A ii Q 'V ff I H f. FW ' ,,' r 7? 5 xv' 4 A ., xg ff' , I v w W, ,r W - ,.. - ., ' "' f l, ' ' Q if 1, ' ffavii A ww ' ww A ,,,, ,,, ' E I? 'Y' ' 2 , iw 5. , , 02: ,,,Z, " ,www -fi N ,K .N Q x 'Nj Aj! J fn- Q - S-fi 4 Fifa? 1-2 'gfrff ,' , sr X , E494 0 'e' . T l' 4 to V i 'jg' . 1-aw , V QS 1 ,nf f ff f!,. 'L hx f f 3 1 ia' M C ii .M , ",,f-we -gi ' H32 Q S 1 gl .AL S J X if X ig R ,- A gi J f ' Avcr ' Q ' zu- " A, , f F4 s fi I If wx ,- V Q, ,r r zz. I, , p f- .-I I me J fe? " M ...1.4 M,- sgf' :ff ff X Zi 6 fifif. 14 ,E x 1 x i ? Q , B W A' 9,21 , sf? i I 'Qj f ' Ka ', qs, . -vs . "!1?'.!i , ' ,, .. 'OX ggi 3 K , , KS' ' 0246, f ly I 'S Q V 1 4 'Fl i X ,5'x As., 1 f .,,, ix - f If VV KX-, ,,,, i LA , .. 4 Richard Ganyon Barbara Gatlin Donna Gatton Robert Gaucher Delores Ghea Joan Gibbs John Gibbs Judith Gillis Barbara Glover Karlene Gochenour Jean Godo Leona Goldsmith Steve Goldstein Gloria Goodwin Mary Goodwin Christina Graham Patricia Grannell Lanita Graves Lelfster Green Ed Greenberg Joan Grier Marjorie Grimm William Guthrie Dorothy Haltpap Betsy Hall Dgloise Hall Robert Hall Bettie Hargrove Marie Harman Michael Harman Anita Harm Robert Harrington Edward Hart Barbara Haywood Nancy Hazzard June Henderson "McRoberts calling Col. Estilly come in please, Coast in at 750. Over and out." Audrey Henson Joan Herman Mary F. Higgs Yvonne Higgs Verleece Hill Raymond Hobbs Carl Holmberg Gary Holmberg Clifton Holmes Leroy Holmes Parthenia Holmes Gloria Homan Burton Hook Carolyn Hutchison John lrving Carole lsaksen Evelyn lsom Adrienne Jackson Amelia Jackson Christine Jacobs John C. Jamarik Constance Johns Bretena Johnson Cathie Johnson David Johnson Grace Johnson William Johnson Donna Jolly Diana Jones Margaret Juliano Frances Keacker Katherine Kane Martha Karasek Judi Karmel George Kautiman Dolores Kemper Brenda Kennedy Judy Kennedy Robert Kidd Carol Killian Barbara Kimbel Easby King Paul King James Kirkpatrick Susan Knadle Melvin Kornspan Caryl Kurtz Marilyn Lainhart Nickolas Lalekos Glendora Lam Richard Lambert Marsha Lane Diane LaPolla Gary Leamons Heijia Lee Pearl Lee Dexter Legg Barry Litdhtield Elnora Lilly Jarnylee Lindsey V f,-f lfrle iw? ,", " r,i,V f , ' , V , ' 4 VV aa, I- 5 fa . ' V' 42 V , ,1 QQ ' 5 ' f ' , ff .,. , x X ' W, 1, I V W 'f , S r ii y e L-5 , , ' . 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' l 'V' r , . 5 , . at Dora Little William Loclcard Maurice Lockwood Carolyn Long Jean Long Ray Luby Carol Lumpkins Ronald Lutz Lynn Lyons Mary Maddox Anne Magerlcoeth Elaine Marine Ellwood Mathieson Robert Mattingly Carol Mayer Beatrice Mayhew Lyn Mayo Willie Jane McClurlcin Elizabeth McDaniel Jack McFarlin Carolyn McFetters Gary McGonigal Susan Meade Joanne Melvin Leland Mercy Jean Merryman Freddie Miller Patricia Miller Judith Mills Elizabeth Minter Donald Mohler Harry Moore J. C. Moore Charles Moran Mary Moran Richard Morel Harry Moore, Marie Moser, Wayne Byrd, Susan Knadle, and Billy Cooper take a momentary rest during the U. N. trip to study. A 'R ,W f in , 2 1 L V ,A f fl ' u 'V f f", 'f f ffn V, QWW V V A V 46 ' , Y Ayn 6 f f - ,4 My ' - 1 V , ' fglw ex if T sg ' ' j ' -1 V, In . ff 4,2 , 1 , .JV ,,.,4, , . 1.43249 4 ? ' 3'-,z'q,. -frw 1 f4 '34, f , " l 1 'V 4 . lo X 6, s...,V ,V 4 ff ' V f 19 , . fum 5- Q :W ,ga R 3,7 Q ,s 1 . sw, ,, , f ' 2 1. 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Xi. me' -ix X W- A X .. in i ,S , 5 '. - iq A ,--f j 'ix , sg Vi , , i V W' ' S fi , S S l X V X S L 42 wil ' k A A V ' 'fi 'Q I 1 'i N-X .,A J V , o r V 4 ky QIV 4' S il Q r V V W is V i si Q .V S S S , ,V , , i 5 A - , V. Wi, Q J Q'Q r' 4 1. K , I L v,., A . F , V . . f ' 4 .w if'iii:i1l3V3fiiiii',,i f ,, 1 i :1 o n J ' VVJ f VVSV ,sr of i V 55 4 ' 5 Y F ,, ' 1 i K A' V ilf W r y Y E ,P , V A . g i t i '-if Q it V inf: V S , . M if V 253 ' , 5 . ak . L V VV zxspgq 1 S is -Y VJ' ' i iiiifl V -L 1' l 75: 1V-- i. V, X S VV'L' , J in V i : -K A I kkk K , 0 :j,. V R in . xA , y X 1 5' " ' ' - ' ' i y V'k ,Vf , -, , 5 f, i , , ,S , ,,, A J S ill' Z- - Ji ' .Wl, .,,,, X ,,,,,, .A ' ii r .VA 5 it . V J ' J VV S X 4 V J E l li J Q. 1 f .A' , F r g , ' is J ., l ' .. -, 4 i - .V,' VT "Now this is the way it is done," explains Mr. Koste to the 73 Laura Rauch Richard Rawall Marsha Rayman Melinda Raymond Sue Reavis Jo Ann Rector i' ' Delores Reed Donald Reed Earline Reid Vera Reid 1 Gloria Richmond Joseph Robbins 2 Adrian Robert Mark Rosen Joan Ross Sarah Rutiin George Rummler Sara Russ Diane Sanchez Rita Sandidge Olive Sands Joann Saunders Glen Schelin Paul Scherzer Robert Schooley Gerry Schrenlc Barbara Schucharat Robert Schwenlc Richard Seifert Warren Sengstaclc Sonia Shipe l-lelena Simpson Laura Simpson Judy Small Carole Smith Grace Smith , ' if l Q ,Lf metal rl ' "ls ,., A X' - shop class. - rv , W V by , W T T T X 1 gifvfs ' -, 4 'f if -:sf xx it-?i'f"j 'i 'W' 1 T , TJ is ' zz, , A , X A ...f T I I anggfft-Sgg?:ff . J S S N k," ' i t ' 1: 5. 'L ,, , J "' - 'WW , ,..V, we T s 'ky gsm .1 2 aqsim, 4 if ',,, . A i we , , . ,,, , it ..L tee., , ' fi - .. 41ff'x17'ffu ' 25 - T f - j 3 VVV, Q :-1' f gl 27' 3461 fa ff," f , -. ' .. - Q L , I it H 4- ljj irill an ff, ' J it ' i TR, iii: 4 1 V 2 ,"',,"' , ,, , .K ' rv A , 13 . 4,4 ,,,,. i,, V. f , ' -mf' - as ' as 'QV' mg, ,,,, , 4: J if 6, J 11 ' , r , ,frr " . V , , 5' i , ,gar y I,-1 ' i 9 j" 1: I xy l l T5 , Q, 4, .nv I, J 1 , I 'Q l J, , 4,4 f 4 'U' 1- wr 3 9 .Qu f - y ' ,,, 92 -, fr., ., 5 f 1851 74 , , I f :' M it V, We O' ' 7 f, . Y ff T f 1 s at 'M T 2 , LN' 1. J iQ T i 1 is 5? M an i, , f, 1 4,61 . , ,,, 'Q 2 X fu f 5 I, 0 Patricia Smith Ruth Smith William Smith Linda Snyder Pete Soriano Barbara Sowell Peggy Spears Terry Spyher Carol Steclcman Tyrone Stewart Prudence Stevenson Richard Stiller Robert Stinneet Roland Stover Roy Suiter James Summers Woodrow Swanson Paul Sweeney Geraldine Swift Barbara Talley Gayle Tanhott Chris Taylor James Taylor Kenneth Taylor Roberta Taylor William Taylor Larry Thomas Rosemary Thomas Daniel Thompson -Lucia Thompson Sherry Thompson Theresa Thompson Mario Tristoni John Trotter Richard Trumble Walter Tudor Phyllis Uhler Sharon Vlahovich Donna Virata Roger Wade Allison Wallcer Rosend Walker Talbot Walls Glenda Ward Marlene Ward Bob Warner James Washington Russell Washington Patricia Watford John Wathen Carol Watson Carol Weeks Dale Weissner Diane Weitzel Nancy Weslager Catherine West Janet Westfall Yvonne Wittield Quincy Whitmore Daniel Wilder s. WP . as ' W x N 1 ii ' till' ff i Concettina Zizzo Joanne Mitchell ' QR. - x Lavon Williams Malcia Williams i f' sn ,fx i June Williamson .4 i 2, f S2 "' 'G A ow '95 ll ' Ziff A i si i ers is' 4 I 2 no it Linda Wilson Patricia Withraw Norman Wodell , 4'7" , A L, ,Q -' "l, Sandra Wolin A M . in W, V Arnold Yochelson 32 -t .AV, ' 37' , ' sy . V 1 X I M' it Benny Yorlcotl I -. - e9 fox A Dianne Yost gi 'fy V Karen Ze-man v. h A ' " ff 2 Gretlyn Zenns .Q X . V X VW I i As Kathy Johnson experiments with the Bunsen burner, Roberta Taylor and Craig Everett look on with anxiety. Oh, well, better luclc next tirnel 75 Y LQ 'CS 9' ., 0 M wp M' + 3 ww QA 0 Q - 5 jfll Y V pid 5, mi M W X ff H I SN, ini-' f df X- q Qs? J KX H ,M if M Z N QM S Fw UQ x, .3 K 7 2 Mfp X, XR Xgx K 542 x NG? :x v 5 :1-' ,: 354: 1: ,Q ' 'me ,9-:: -r 1- M. f, f,.,::v .,- 1 ,gy , 13,1-..,:.21 .- , r'.5:I.-if 'fg.1r:,: L. ' f g-wie' ,, fg, A.1g-W ., -Q , .-f, .f 5 :-.'f.:- 4133-6 f .,f-,F ' f f ' f. E K '51- X X , x we ws- , ., . 1 -- v I ' C3 J ' " -5 rv? "f' Fxau or 59 57' SU mil A isi G . V ,I K1 H n, cal S, FOOTBALL TEAM-Row I: Lockhart, m., Cook, Norden, Thacker, Morel, Soriano, Moroney Roberts Droze Seaman McLaughlin and Beagham m Row 2: Mr. Stewart, Coach, Minard, Disharoon, Koontz, McCray, Jamarilc, Bacas, Hill, Fuller, Snee,l Morris Millerl Covey, Eithelberg, m, land Mr. Guido, Assistant Coach. Row 3: Paleologos, Cunningham, Kushner, Payne, Bayes, Long, Thompson, Swanson, Stinnet, Rhoads, Cassidy, Gantt, Otey, and Kaufman. ix Raymond Payne demonstrates to Tom Fuller the art of Freddie Miller really upends the foe in the St. blocking. Johns' game. With the ball is No. I3, Jack Stewart. igkkwg V 'div I ' gli 'V 1 L ,L 4 1 fr+fk s J3,Q? fr, rf, i ' A My fin, A ia, 1, ,egg ,aka V6 Fha we ZZK- ftgep, aww' fa. 4 as ,a 'Rh' fn, fl -, Af A :,4.,' , Hn, ., W ' 3 K , .4 ff ratr 4 ' QQ: P la ' I fl "al I f- ,, iw, Y.-V Effffkxit ' 3 if VJ'-fin Ji, ff' e f- 'J""f,fw L 'irykefiwj ' 'fix "3" 'E' ' " K- frail ft 7 Sam takes time out from practice to The "Toothless Toe". Tom Gantt, gets oft pose for the camera. 78 a punt' With one unidenti- Hed lndian hanging on, Jerry Droze, No, l5, and Fred Miller, No. 27, close in to make the kill. nm Amd. f M W A bruising tac e is put on the St. Johns' ball- STARUNG ELEVEN Front Row Miller Kushner Minard McCray Long Koontz and Rhoads Back Row Bacas Thacker Cunningham and Disharoon. 1 1. r ' r'.i,z?'L4' ,. V, ,: ! I I 'W V Mu L v L 1 S . ' , '- W .Lai , , I PL ' is" Y -. '-a'L-, f, , W., ,W , if I ff-""vi'fY,'wl. ' f, 514 . , kg.. 5 ,gpfk ' , ' r ' vt V, , fe. 4' 1 1 9 -K it i ' 42 uf. , ,v,,. V.. Ng,V,FA . tbl Y v "iii 2, vi' ' ' , lk .,,,f wg. z 4.55, 4,-fun, fr I H W- J, A 'lf' mia R' rg ,fuxirjfig F r 1' 15 rs . asm .39 rf 'J' V3 y sarcasm' alAcus7,4 iiiicnsm ' Wi fr Q, f .,..,,.,,,.,.,.. Z Y ' , , 4 ,Hi , , . f 1 T .J BAS KETBALL TEA N SU, ,uicusrii Awami mqusrin M-Row I: J. lrving, J. Jackson, B. Mannen, C Brown T Neal R Kauffman B Norclan and G Schrenk. Row 2: P. Soriano m G. Boyd, m., P. Johnson, m., P. Barnes, L. Nolan, T. Gantt, L. Klein, E. Greenberg., Richmoncl, rn., and Cloach Lornbardy. I Lance Klein GUARD James Jackson, FORWARD. Klein demonstrates his tech- nique at the free-throw line. Brown fires one from outside the key. .Q :L x all L Larry Nolan, Forward. Paul Barnes Center V Nolan jumps in the lndians' game with the Clerks. Lance Klein, No. I2 takes part in a bit of vigorous action during the Carroll game. Looking on is No. 3, Tyrone Neal. Neal carefully sets at the foul line. 81 Tyrgne Neal' Guard. 711. k , . ,I - V, ,,i.,T..Q, , M , ,V ' , ' .. ,f 547 f ff?'xN4g,o,,:frv ,,,. , BASEBALL. Front Row: Mr. Netherton, Coach: B. Nordan, T. Gantt, B. Hill, M. Cicala, J. Edelin, C. Brown, J. Rains, L. Klein, H. Chappelle, L. Nolan, and Mr. Guido, Assistant Coach.. Back Row: T Nipper, C. Richmond, J. Hinton, C. Cipione, T, Thayer, B. Hook, N. Lalelcos, P. Soriano, R. Miller, C. Armstrong, C. Brenlc, T. Lyons, T. Apperson, B. Pope, B. Eickenberg. B. Mannen, P. Jackson, and J. Talbert. ., 43,4 .,f.,..- M w.,f,,Jf'f' Hill takes a cut at the ball during the Tech game. 9' 1 fi This is what the umpire might see behind the plate. Hill hastens to cover third as Klein bTealcs oti the mound The runner scoring is the Bell pitcher. The umpire gets set to make the call in this bit of action. Klein 'Follows through on his delivery. ln the background are Nolan lthird basel and Gantt lshortstopl. The camera catches l-look lbaclcgroundl and Hill during practice. ,l if V or --54+ . yt -, V --,:4,:,f:,' -45zgih:, f-Q -7. In V sz, ,f ' 'V' l 4 Q fi . f"fs952nf' W ' ,rife-a'z:-'aw "2 Q- . f. 'ws' ,wr-. v: a,,f"2jT! wff:-:fm v 1 gin-:-V ' Nfijew- . 1 " f T" , ' -' -. H: ' 1 ', A aa,-LZ ' , ,.,f -'g?1'59-1- ' - ,ff , ,Iff23,,,Q,g,gvgg:1:5ifj..g ' 5' .. 'l"'i"'i'f'fTf?f"' iiigiffi "f-i' K ,f if'5" """Ki7'35f5f??f?'T13 " -.2 w r-:fs-1-:,::i l ...exft-' ,,.Vg,fggj-:'fff1:'. jr A? I ,A 1 V , -.---ax:--:.f:f'1:"i'rw wwf-V :ful ,,,f ff ww ' ,,,, N' :W 91 ,-i? ff:ff.L3': 9 .,., W' It 'V V -- fl5If.g!fi?'5f7i'l?7- ' r ' f751fE:Q?Qf'?f-:-'5, iififilfffffi? 7f?C..:f.'1I,Q1v fr sf-'5ff--:i"f11-?ff,:C2:5'Z: " E'-21ff25'f"fQ'f' Ilivlfi .-iff!! 'f5f3,?1,:7v J "lffl".5lf'ijE5- .Mffff-54' H ' ' pf- "" 4 ' fm ,V',' ' W- -r-' V . fd if 2,5 141 'f5fEEiif2ffffi" tv' in a"r" , .t --411'-f:':I,'zff'-'W 4 4 .: .jaw-t - ' ,, ,.- . .. ffz Q ' k J V - ' - ' - - ",' 1 1' , ' :iii V' at f " iaiffsf Pete Soriano tires in practice. l-look is looking on. On his ,533-wg,,5 , H , lf-my - - - JV-If M- ,1-:'1Eai2i2wf' -"' ""' , fs - right is Nlpper, a manager, "" -rh'- -sf -',' lac .,-.u4a.'?,s' f'f - ' " 'iff ' I' "1 Klein throws to the Bell batter during a practice game. The season isn't complete without the added color of disputes. 83 I GOLF. Gus Singer calmly strokes the ball up . . . but not in. Alan Kaufman digs in and blasts out. Herb Singer, the other half of the "Singer team", hits one from the tee. Eddie Greenberg goes high 'for an over TENNIS. The technique of the 'forehand and baclchand are demonstrated by Ritchie Kauffman. head smash. TRACK TEAM: Clarence Wayne goes high to clear the bar. Mr. Solomon, Coach, loolcs on at a distance. Smith. Dutrow, Phillips, and Brunsdon fleft to right, take their daily laps in the gym. l 1 I The second-floor hall provided the track for hurdlers, Roger Wade lleftl and Russell Simmons. The team of l-lodorowslci fbaclr, left, and Fraser Hront, leftl seem to be beating that of Washington lbaclx, right, and Burns, while practicing baton-passing in the third-tloor halls. i s , . es . - 2 , f . , A T - gif, 'fV, ,A A 1 :F . I . 5 ,Q IV' ,, . I A V , r,r, ,, ' T' r T " T THE NEW LOOK. With the new trampoline in the boys' gym. this sight became quite frequent. W John Higgins "soars through the air with the greatest of ease." 85 SENIOR TEAM-Left to right-L. Fuller, R. Davenport, M. Hillian, C. Osborne, A. Hall, E. Mancuso, E. Brown, J. Torain, B. Banks, P. Browner, P. Thomas, P. Young. SOPHOMORE TEAM-Left to right- D. Daniels, l-l. Felt, M. Ruclc, N. Rode- rick, D. Pollard, D. Reddoclc, J. Reigle- man, B. Edwards. E. Sothoron, J. Nel- son, l. Jones, A. Yorlcotf. SPORTS COUNCIL-Left to right- B. Morrow, A. Hall, E. Mancuso, J Boone, D. Berlin, D. Nordon, D. Pol- lard, M. Ruck. JUNIOR TEAM-Left to right-R. Nelson, B. Morrow, S. Osborne, D. Yost, J. Boone, C. Johnson, J. Faul- stich, R. Taylor, J. Mitchell, D. Berlin. Center-D, Halfpap. WW I5 7!fM3 'f5l4f"f: 'VKX X, .v f. D fi' '.7a'.ff'41'l5:ifl fW9759M!Mf?H JZfQ7Zwi-f.'iY4i'ZK79.Wf7 WfM?JW7:'m . i f A 'g A La f-.ipaq f 1 ., lf' .-f. Hggffx--Vgfw-gggg-1.N.::,f,,'-ig:-ft-124:ff'1'1::,,f2f5w2':-mg:Way v areia ii? ' wmng 5 ,, Carole Mamalcos, Gail Redman, Judy Hildebrand, and Jayne Ryon practice their tennis form during their gym period. 'iz'-va f ffy-'ffj,.,fv-g-,.,5g3,3g ,. .J'f":' i i ' f , 'Ffff lf ff-1 4-ii fail i'-FEE? t ii I Q 135 i X ,v fits N 4 Q i V A ik .,1,5. - , in i5-':3.g-1'ww- l f SZ 'NP' ,, N A 4 f -:wi ' f ' N f lzjgiyb 552-Ziyi ' lif'fil'fE W' in ffl iaia ' 3' l "i, " iiggiti ' ' ' ' 1 '. 5125553 fi? ' , , A V P i M1 if f' H11 ' 1 'l" .- ' 'MN 15,1 ' ' -1 , , if , . eg V. ' 51054. ,Qin-6-4:4p'1,,5fs.' . 1-'Az - -ze-zwfye, .1- 1- 'iig .- P L 'iI:'1"f'37?4 '-ff: -' ,, ,1,::,:.sEiZl 351' if :5'g'a1'V'f'7' ffwilif-+7 tiff- V . .-', - ' ' 4 ' A ', ' V Basketball games and practice Skills comprise the 'Donna Berlin proceeds to "sink one" during one ot the G.A.A. gym activities between the 'fall and spring sports. SBFTISS. 'cfif 4453 ii, I E Carlene Gochenour, Sandra Servator, ",, Joan Norris, and Pat Pritchard learn ' the finer points of golf. If I , Mijas, , , , ,fn I: Q I if vw? , f r M, iw- , 7' ,, M2 7? ,X wig? fi f 4f, V if 'ffm 49 ,, ,I , f 4 ,V mf V4 -0, ,, While the gymnasium was being completed, the girls violated the boys' territory by learning basic cadet drills on the tlats. Whether the ball will go into the basket or not remains to be seen Annetta Hannum, Jane Jarrett, and Pat Crossley demonstrate their during a gym class game. skill on the chinning bar. H ' f,'Q'f,f1ff - f! 'El Hi' " . i l - GUESS WHO.. 4 saw the photographer getting ready to snap the picture. 9 Q '14, Lf kann.. ' ..-, 1':..:,z . . is hoping that the microphone is turned otf so no one can hear him singing. is af,-aid of needles. about to get several hundred demerits. i Lf'17g"' lx . . . beiieves that exercises build men. 4 x fl 1 Q A ZH W xv Y jx ? Y Q LJ? 1 L, w xiii M Q dvr v Y I X . 'V I 1 , A Y 7 f '--v Ji ' y f X J A X' W VY ,,-Rk il- f 0 .ff A , seg, Cx C .9 lmdgfv' ,KW ui j , . Z f Z Q 'Z my ,7 ff r ' ,4 f 1 Q V' mfflf ' 1 1 1' W 1 Z X ' 1 Sn ,- 1 ,--Tw IQ ii J EA my i L W' my A 1 5 X A U? X "igf fMi'? HM 1 A 1 f X 1 1 9 gf A5 f ff 'A S My ll K 1 1 fj' X6 QQ fi' Qkwww ' , 'FW 'J ly W f 'V gf , X 'vm w w fl'Iw' W ff f ,, , 2 ff' f 5 f M MI f E swf I 'N X ! X rftxx Xl W f 1 f ' X X X ...xg-Z i-fx ,JAY X INXX X JN' Il Y' w, 1. AVN 1 X 'M r 3 Y H i , N K . Zf I , , .4 - -' N 55 fMWtim in . ,aw a Q EJ kk! 131 ,- -4 :f-Q1 1, asm, , , .- ' 4492" IW" Z". fy "-4: 'QYZQ rv? 1 ,, fp-525 f iw 'fi ff fm K 4, sf' 7 ,w,,f1. ,ffw 5.1, ,1::,.14 44, - - ,bfi WH, ,..,H 1 2' A X va! iff M , , if .A,A is ff ,W A Q, ww ,ff Seniors voted CAROL CARLSON and STANTON BARNES the most representative Anacostians. If was a three wa 'cle for beauty . Y I with SHARON RANKIN, JAYNE RYON, and MELVA SANDIFER the winners, but TOM SEAMAN won hands down as the handsornest boy. Jet-31,-. ,,gg:,,,. ., i , Q, , f f' 9' 'QL' f " 'iw-. ,f?i.4Tr , lv. fi' Were uv' Q. KAREN KESNER and RICHARD G, SINGER were chosen the most likely to succeed. Yay 'Hs 1-:af Top athletes among the sensors are ADRIENNE l-lALL and LARRY NOLAN Chosen 'lor their outstanding person- ality are ELEANOR MANCUSO and JAN RHOADS. Kr' 'Stiff an .xr SANDRA SERVATOR and RICHARD H SINGER rank hugh nn scholarship. Z 'in Qxxxx W 1 n i iiii r W, f1 a in ,c r 1 f VV , ,c,,y X , If V V, Arrrg , I My I I , V, ,Z , , , f 4, , ja, foe' Seniors elected the above otlicers to lead the activities up to and through graduation. Row I: Sharon Rankin, secretary: Adrienne Hall, treasurer, Carol Carlson, vice-president. Row 2: Richard Shropshire, treasurer, Stanton Barnes, president. 94 Jr ,fwemlfefff ' o wr 5 CW 9' CAROLYN LOUISE ABBOTT Carol Totem Pole IO, Teacher's Secretary IO- I2, I-Iome Arts Club II, I2. Plans: Business College, Telephone Company. ,XWILLIAM EDWARD ABERNATHY The Fox Cadets IO, J.V. Football IO, J.V. Basketball IO. X LAONARDO ACKER Ack Track IO, J.V. Football IO, Red Cross Representative IO, II. of- Cfaffmnks on Iffwff' JOHN PI-IILLIP AIKINS, JR. First I-Ionors IO, Art Club II, I2, Photography Club II, I2, Student Council Alternate II, I2, Cadet Map Team II, I2, 2nd I-Ionors II, 2nd Place Flower Show Poster Contest I I, Cadet Photographer II, l2, ACTIOS I2, Broadcasting Club I2, Debate Club I2, German Club I2, Art Editor of Totem Pole I2, Cadet Photographer IZ, Reading Choir I2, Thanksgiving Program Narrator I2. Jr SI-IEILA RIVES ALLISON Red Cross IO, Totem Pole Representa- tive II-I2, County Fair II, Make Up Club II, vice-president ot Make Up Club I2, G.A.A. II, Travel Club IZ, ACTIOS I2, Art Club I2, Debate Club I2, Catateria Statt l2, Pow Wow Typist I2, Home Arts Club I2. CONSTAN CE JEANNETTE ALVEY Connie Red Cross Alternate IO, Totem Pole Alternate Il, I-Iome Arts Club II-I2, Fashion Show II, Make Up Club II- I2, Red Cross II-I2, G.A.A. II, Pow Wow Alternate I2, Section Secretary I2, Bank Secretary I2. Plans: Secre- tary. JAMES MILLS ADAIR Jim Chess Club I2. Plans: Architect or civil engineer. ROBERT STEVEN ADAMS Steve DONNA KAY ANDERSON EDWARD AN DERSON Eddie J.V. Basketball II. Plans: Work or J.V. Baseball IO, Band II-IZ, Track Service. I2. X Gb' qf"'9' 'Sql ,809 n G 25943411 ' MILDRED ESTELLE ANDERSON Milbe ALYCE ASH BY Mickey Booth worker for Country Fair II: Library Staff IO, I2: Make-up Club G.A.A. Basketball team I2. Plans: Government secretary. PHYLLIS ELAINE ANDERSON IRMA ROSE MARIE ARENDS Little lrm G.A.A, IO-I2: 6.A.A. key IO: Home Arts Club IO-I2, Corresponding sec- retary I2: Pow-Wow typist IO-I I: Pow-Wow representative IO-l2: Pow- Wow stalt, Assistant Editor I2: Served at prom IO-II: Cafeteria statt IO-I I: Honorable mention in Science Fair IO: Clean-up Campaign IO-I I: Perfect attendance IO: Second honors IO: First honors II: Y-Teens II-I2, Secre- tary I2: Make-up Club II-I2, Treas- urer I2: Leaders Club II-IZ: National Honor Society II-I2, Secretary I2: Decorator tor County Fair II: Teachers secretary II: Student Coun- cil representative II-I2: German Club president I2. Plans: College HILARY CARL ARNOLD Carl Cadets IO-I I. Plans: Work in F.B.I. y X PATRICIA ANN ARNOLD Pai: Plans: Marriage II-I2: County Fair Fortune Teller II Bible Club I2 PATRICIA ASKINS EDITH BAER BETTY BALLAR D Make Up Club IO-I2: G.A.A. IO-I2 County Fair Il: Travel Club I2. Plans: Secretary, Nurse, or Housewife BARBARA BANKS Barbie G.A.A. II-I2: Chorus I2. Plans: Nurse. 99" PAUL RODNEY BARNES Basketball I l-l2: A Club ll-l2. Plans: College YW STANTON BARNES Stan Cadet Band IO: Second Honors IO: Photography Club ll-l2g Chemistry Club lScience Honor Societyl ll-l27 Student Council ll-l27 National Honor So-giety ll-IZ: Key Club ll-IZ: Broadcasting Club ll-IZ: First Honors ll: Science Fair llg Pow-Wow Statf l2g Delegate to Boys' State ll. Plans: College-Political Science or Natural Sciences. 5 I i SARAH BASSFORD Plans: Secretary or Stenographer. X, JOHN BAYES Johnny O Cadets IO-I ly Varsity football I2. Plans: College and Marine Corps JAMES M. BEACH Jimmy Cadets I0-I lg J,V. 'Football lOg Cate- teria Statl: alternate IO. Plans: College Wulllol .fl JU DITI-I BEATON Judi Student Council representative l2. Plans: Work and Marriage ALBERT WILS N BECKER Al Cadets IO: Rifle Club IO: Totem Pole representative IO. Plans: Career in Air Force. K BARBARA ANN BEHRENS Red Cross representative lO'l27 Y- Teens lO, l27 G.A.A. ll-l2g Banlc Statt ll-IZ, Vice President l2g Bible Club l2. Plans: Secretarial work and Marriage. PARIS BELAND ROBERT BENNET fr? xi." gs 5, A 'Tb' ROBERT BEST Bob Drill Team II-Z, First Lieutenant. Plans: Service Career. CI-IARMAINE ELAINE BISI-I Red Cross alternate IO: Red Cross representative IZ: Y-Teens IO-IZ: Second Honors IO: First Honors II: Travel Club II-IZ, Treasurer IZ: County Fair II: Bank Stati II: Totem Pale representative IZ: Totem Pole Statl IZ: Pow-Wow typist IZ: Leaders Club IZ: Citizenship Conference Dele- gate IZ: Photography Club IZ. Plans: College and Secretarial career ROBERT BLACKWELL Mr. B. Plans: Draftsman. CAROLENE EDITH BLAKER Bible Club IO: Y-Teens IO: Pow-Wow representative IO, IZ: Travel Club Il- IZ, President IZ: Poem published in American Association ot Poetry Anth- ology II: First Honors II: Chemistry Club II-IZ: Photography Club II-IZ: National Honor Society IZ: Leaders Club IZ: Vice President ot French Club- IZ. Plans: College: Airline Stewardess. THOMAS D. BLANKENSHIP Tom Cadets II-IZ: First Sargeant II: Major IZ: Physics Club IZ. Plans: College. LENORA BLU MENTHAL Lenny Red Cross representative IZ: Student Council IZ. Plans: Work tor government and marriage. EDWIN J. BOULIGNY, JR. Eddie Key Club II-IZ: Master Sargeant in Cadet Band IZ. Plans: Marine Corps. elf SUSAN S. BOWMAN Sure Student Council IO-IZ: Totem Pole alternate IO: Pow-Wow alternate IO: Home Arts Club II-IZ: Secretary IZ: Make-up Club II-IZ: Senior Pictures representative IZ. Plans: College. GERALD BOYD Sausage J.V. Baseball IO: Red Cross IO: J.V. Baslcetball II: Varsity Basketball team IZ: Tennis team II-IZ: Footlights Club IZ: Travel Club IZ: Bible Club IZ: A Club IZ. Plans: Historian: Engineer. PEGGY BRADHURST Gigi Pow-Wow typist IO: G.A.A.' IO: Teachers secretary II. Plans: Secretary or stenographer for the government. J PEARL BRAWNER 'Benny G.A.A. IO-I Ig Home Arts Club II-2. Plans: Model. DIANE ELAINE BROOKS Red Cross Representative IO-II: G-.A.A. II. Plans: Cortez Peters Business Sclwool. EDDIE BROOKS Pierre Track IO-IZ: J.V. Basketball IO Broadcasting Club I2. Plans: Social Worker. fix COURTLAND BROWN Pie J.V. Baseball IO: J.V. Basketball II Varsity Basketball II-I27 Varsity Base: ball II-IZ: A Club I2. Plans: Mechanical Engineer. I ETH EL R. BROWN G.A.A. I0-I27 Art Club lI-l2. Plans: Nurse. SHIRLEY BROWN Student Council Alternate IO-I Ig Perfect Attendance IO: Y-Teens Il: County Fair ll: Bible Club l27 Cate- teria Statl I2. Plans: Weltare Work. BARBARA LEA BRU BAKER Bobbie Totem Pole Representative IO-I2: G.A.A. IO-ll: Choir IO-Il: Talent' Show IO: Totem Pole Statt I2. Plans: Secretary or Airline Stewardess. RODNEY BRUNSDON Rod Red Cross Representative II: Totem Pole Representative I27 Photography Club I2. Plans: Coast Guard and Penn State. ELLEN BRYANT if Ellie St. Cecilia's IO-I Ig Pow Wow Typistg Bible Club I2: Travel Club l2. Plans: Trip to Paris and study at the Sorbonne. WILLIAM BUCKLEY Plans: Service. 'iwss it MARGUERITE BUDDINGTON Pessv SUSAN BURGER Fashion Show, Anacostia Representa- tive on l-lecht's Fashion Board IO-I2 Major Chorus IO, County Fair Il, Footlights Club I I, Art Club ll, Cat- eteria Staff IZ, ACTIOS I2, Science Fair IZ. Plans: College, teacher. WILLIAM BUCKLEY JAMES BURGE55 uv I , RICHARD BUNNER BARBARA A. BURROUGHS Bobbie Plans: Govern ment secretary. EDGAR BURCHELL JANET P- BUSH Bucky Pal: V Plans: Work and marriage. J HOWARD FLETCHER EARL EDWARD BUTLER BURCHELL. JR. Ed Rifle Club IO, Perfect attendance IO- Sf'-'dent C0UUCfl ReP"e5eFlt5'f'V6 IO. ll. Plans: Dairy farmer. Plans? C0lle8e- IOO 50" 'Ula' 'fe s-,qu av' JANET BUTLER Plans: Government stenographer. WAYN E C. BYRD Tweety J.V. Football IO, Class President lO, Varsity Football ll, A Club ll-I2, Key Club ll-I2, Science Honor So- ciety Il-l2, Broadcasting Club I2, Plans: George Washington University. RONALD C. CABELL Ronnie Plans: Air Force or college. DOROTHY JEAN CAGE Dot Choir IO-ll, Cafeteria Statt ll-I2, Student Council IO, Student Council Workshop IO, Carter 'Baron Music Festival IVO-l l, G.A.A. ll-I2, County Fair ll, Footlights Club l2, Y-Teens I2, Christmas Play I2, Plans: Secre- tary. CONSTANCE CAMERON Penny Footlights Club I0-I I, Bible Club IO- l2, Pow Wow Representative, IO, Totem Pole Representative IO, Cate- teria Staff IO-I l, Harp Assembly I0- I2, Red Cross Representative IO, Leaders Club II-I2, Quill and Scroll Il-I2, Photography Club ll-I2, Pow Wow Stati Il-I2, News Editor I2, Debate Club ll-I2, Section Treasurer ll, G.W. Discussion Conterence ll- l2, Science Honor Society Il-I2, Science Club ll, National Honor Society II-I2, Broadcasting Club II- l2, ACTIOS I2, Physics Club I2, Totem Pole Feature Editor I2, Inter- High Council I2, Malte-Up Club IZ. Plans: College. ' EUGENE HAROLD CARLS Gene Ritle Club IO. Band ll-I2, Plans: Worlc in New Jersey. CAROL CHRISTINA CARLSON Red Cross IO-I2, President ll-I2, First Honors IO-ll, Cateteria Stait IO-ll, Leaders Club ll-I2, President I2, National Honor Society ll-I2, Treas- urer I2, Debate Club ll-I2, Secretary I2, G.W. Debate Conference ll-I2, secretary I2, Home Arts Club Il-I2, G.A.A. Il, Art Club ll, County Fair ll, Section President ll, Totem Pole Co-Editor, I2, Pow Wow Eclitor-ln- Chief 22, Make Up Club I2, ACTIOS, I2, Broadcasting Club I2, Teachers Secretary I2, Pow Wow Representa- tive l2. X Plans: College. RUBY CARNEY Choir IO-ll, Totem Pole Representa- tive Il, Debate Club ll, County Fair ll, Bible Club I2, Broadcasting Club I2, Footlights Club I2, Y-Teens IZ. Plans: College. PAUL CARROLL Key Club ll-I2, Science Honor So- ciety I I, Drill Team I I, Cadet Otticer l2. RUTH I. CARTER Ruthie Totem Pole Representative Il, Pow Wow Representative ll, Art Club II, Student Council Alternate ll. Plans: Model or secretary. 'iff 40 , nM7'i" Vrifzmi-3"LQ7fIi'i' 4 W, jg 1 ' l f I I ' ' 'HV' -4zTjT'T" GEORGE CASSI DAY Cass J.V. Baseball IO: Latin Contest IO-I I: J.V. Football II: Chemistry Club II- IZ: Photography Club II-IZ: Math Contest II-IZ: Science Club II, Var- sity Football IZ: Golt Team IZ: Totem Pole Representative IZ: Physics Club IZ. Plans: Physicist. MARY CATON Section Treasurer IO-IZ: Debate Club II-IZ: G.W. Fall and Spring Con- terences II: Y-Teens II-IZ, Treasurer IZ: Home Arts Il, IZ: Pow Wow IZ: Leaders' Club II-IZ, Treasurer IZ: Home Arts II, IZ: Pow Wow Alter- nate II: County Fair II: Polio March I I: ACTIOS IZ: Pow Wow Aclvertise- ment Statt IZ: Totem Pole Statt IZ. Plans: College. DOROTHY CHAPPELL Dotty Section Otticer IO-I I: Student Coun- cil Representative IZ. Plans: Business College. ROBERT CI-IARU HAS Bob J.V. Football IO: Section Treasurer IO: Section Vice President I I: Traclr Team IZ. Plans: Civil Engineer. T7 C. P wifqfw RONALD WARREN CHASE Ronnie J.V. Football IO: Baseball IO: Foot- Iights Club II-IZ: Bible Club II-IZ: Travel Club II-IZ: Broadcasting Club IZ: Traclc Team IZ. Plans: Business Administration. ARTHUR CHOPIN Plans: College. JOAN CHRISTOPHER Joanie. G.A.A. Basketball Il-IZ: Travel Club IZ. Plans: Government Stenographer. DIANA MARIE CLARK Diane Y-TeenslZ, Plans: Government Secretary and Marriage. JOSEPI-IINE ALICE CLARK Alice Section Otticer IO-IZ: Stage Crew II- iZ: Footlights Club II: Home Arts Club II-IZ: Cafeteria Statt II-IZ: Pow Wow Representative II: G,A.A. II: Art Club II: County Fair II: Pow Wow Circulation Staff and Typist IZ: Totem Pole Senior Editor IZ: Leaders Club IZ: Malce Up Club IZ. Plans: College, . 'D FRANCIS COFER QYWY JOHN COFIELD Johnny Perfect attendance and punctuality IO-I I: Rifle Club IO: Cadets IO: Key Club II-12: Travel Club I2: Bible Club I2: Footlights Club I2. Plans: Foreign relations. DONNA LEE COKER Plans: Secretarial work and marriage. ELO RA CO-N STANZCE COKER Footlights Club IO: Christmas Pageant IO: Chemistry Club ll: Country Fair booth decorator and worker ll: Hecht Company Poster Contest ll: Art Club IZ: Senior Pictures representative I2. Plans: College or Art School. LOIS COLLINS ROBERT COUCHOUD Q LEE CQQK ROBERT LEO COVOLO Cadets I0-I2. First Sargeant ll. Major l2: County Fair I I: Track Team I l-l2: Football team I2: A Club Il-I2: Pow- Wow Statf I2: Physics Club I2. Plans: College. 6, ,f ., fb I ,sfasm 3 at HM I mfs ', rf 'q1"" 'LZ' 9, .i v f, 1 3 f, , I ,f yi , I ' fi. LESTER W. COX Les Cadets IO-I2, Color Guard IO, I2: Perfect attendance IO: Key Club Il- I2: Baseball l2. Plans: Business school. JOAN P. CROCKETT Red Cross IO-I I: County Fair II: Sec- retary of Section I I: Pow-Wow repre- sentative I2. Plans: Work tor the F.B.I. 'IN BARBARA GRACE CRONEMEYER Barb Y-Teens II-I2: Debate Club II-I2: Debate Club delegate to the George Washington University Fall Debate Conference I2: A.C.T.l.O.S. I2: To- tem Pole representaitve II-IZ: Bank Statl: I2. Plans: Teaching. PATRICIA ANNE CROSSLEY Pat Y-Teens IO-I2, Vice President Il, President I2: Footlights Club IO, Christmas Pageant: Bible Club IO: Magna Cum Laude Award in Nation- wide Latin Examination IO: Cum Laude Award in Nation-wide Latin Examina- tion II: Home Arts Club II-I2: Leaders Club II-I2, Secretary I2: Photography Club I I: Chemistry Club Librarian II: Art Club II: Debate Club II: G:W,U. Conference: County Fair II: National Honor Society I2: Pow-Wow Statt, News Editor. Plans: College. TI-IANE CU LVER Fuzzy Cadet Band IO-I2, Lietuenant IZ: Best Corporal in Cadet Band I-lonors II: Second l-lonor' Roll II: Chemistry Club II: Key Club II-I2: Student Council representative I2. Plans: Electrical Engineer. EMMETT MANUEL CUNNINGI-IAM Mohican W Swimming Team, Stage Crew ICaIi- tornial Student Council IO-I I: Varsity football IO-IZ: J.V. basketball IO: Talent Show IO: Cadet otticer Il-I2: Outstanding in Rifle Manuel IO: Track team IO: A Club II-I2, Plans: Travel. RITA ALICE CUTININGI-IAM Happy . Chorus IO: Footlights Club IO-I2, Sec- retary II, participated in two plays, Lucky Penney and Ghost of a Show: All City Chorus IO: Talent Show IO: Totem Pole representative IO: Silver Dramatics Key IO: Home Arts Club II-I2, Vice President I2: Art Club II-I2, Vice President II: County Fair -Booth decorator, booth worker and solicitor II: Broadcasting Club II-I2: Bank Statt II: Chemistry Club ISci- ence Honor Societyl I I-l2: U. N. Trip II-I2: Leaders Club l2: Served at January and June Proms II: Totem Pole Statl-Senior Editor I2: Cheer- leaders I2: A.C.T.I.O.S. I2. Plans: College. NANCY CUSTER JAMES ROBERT CROWLEY Tl-IELMA DIANNE DALE Jimmy Half Pint Cadets I0-IZ: Rifle Club IO. Chemistry Club II: Library Statt II- Plans: United States Army. I2: G.A.A. II: County Fair II: Red Cross representative I2: German Club I2. 4 Plans: Laboratory technician. F'-N 41' mg ' EDDY DAMERON Cheyenne Lettering work tor the school IO-I2: Cadet otticer I2. Plans: Policeman. GERI-IARD DAMRON Jerry Ritle Club IO-l2, Rifle team ll-I2g Cadets IO-IZ, Sergeant I0-II, Lieu- tenant Colonel I2g Key Club II-I2g Cadet Drill Team II: Cadet Color Guard II: Section Treasurer II, County Fair II: National Ritle Associ- ation I2. Plans: West Point. CONNIE DANIELS G.A.A. IO-I2: Cafeteria Statl II-I27 Choir II, County Fair II: Footlights Club I2: Future Nurses ot America I2. Plans: Nursing. ROISEMARY DAVENPORT Cafeteria Statt IO-I2: G.A.A. IO-I2: Footlights Club IO-I2: Bible Club II- l2, Secretary I2: County Fair III Travel Club II: Future Nurses ot America I2. Plans: Typis . BEVERLY DAVIDSON Bev Plans: Secretary. SI-IEILA ANNE DAVIS Cafeteria Statt IO: Student Council IO-Llp County Fair solicitor I Ig Talent Show committee II. Plans: Steno- grapher. TH ELMA git-VIS Student Council IO: Y-Teens I2. Plans: Business School. ,9 Q f6t.f!U HTQQ wa we ff MICHELLE DESHONG Happy Student Council IO, Footlights Club IO-I2: Pow-Wow Representative I I-IZ: Broadcasting Club II-I2: C-3.A.A. Il: Totem Pole Statt I2: Travel Club I2: Debate Club l2: A.C.T.I.O.S. I2: Cafeteria Statt I2: Bible Club I2g Y-Teens I27 Photography Club l2. Plans: College TIAJ UANIA DESI-IONG Teedy Section president IO: Student Council IO-IZ: Pow-Wow Representative IO: Talent Show I0-II: Footlights Club IO-I2: G.A.A. IO-II: Red Cross IO: Leaders Club II-IZ: Travel Club II- l2g Cheerleaders II-IZ: Y-Teens Il- I2g Bible Club II-I2: Debate Club 2: A.C.T.I.O.S. I2: Broadcasting Club I2. , Plans: Modeling. LOUIS DICK Mr. Dick J.V. Football IO-II: J.V. Baseball IO: Cadets IO-l2, Honor Company II: Drill Team II: Class Secretary II: Pow-Wow alternate II: Science Club II-IZ: Photography Club II-I2 Plans: Millionaire RA YW-ivy' ' ""w':? 5 N..- or' ,ff 49- nu' ESTI-I ER JUAN ITA DICKERSON G.A.A. IO-I2: Travel Club IZ. Plans: Bookkeeper or typist. JUANITA HOPE DICKINSON Nita Class secretary IO: County Fair II: Teachers secretary II-IZ: Totem Pole representative I2. Plans: Secretary. SONIA lvl. DIGGIS Candy G.A.A. IO-I2: Class Vice President IO: Red Cross IO: Make-up Club II-I2: County Fair II: Footlights Club I2. Plans: Legal secretary. VERNON DISI-IAROON Pee Wee Cadets IO-I2, Sargeant IO, Captain II, Major I2: Football IO-I2: Track IO-I2: Baseball I2. Plans: Work. ROBERT DISTIN Parakeet Footlights Club IO: Cadet I-Ionor Company IO: Track team Il-l2. Plans: Automotive engineer. 6 CARLYN DOCK Carrie Make-up Club IO: Art Club II-I2: Choir accompanist II: G.A.A. II: All City Chorus II: Organ Guild treasurer I2. Plans: College. MATTIE DUCKETT G.A.A. IO-II: Cafeteria staff IO-I2: County Fair II: Reading assembly II: Bible Club I2: Art Club IZ: Future Nurses ot America I2: Debate Club IZ: Library Statf I2. Plans: Nursing. RONALD DUCOTE ELIZABETH MARY DU DA Betty School store IO lEastern hemistry Club lScience Honor Societyl II-I2: Photography Club l2: Teacher's Sec- retary I2. Plans: Interior decorating. GEORGIANA DUER George County Fair II: Future Teachers ot America I2: Teachers secretary I2: Pow-Wow alternate I2. Plans: Teaching. fi! Q-QQ, BARBARA DU FFEY Duffey Red Cross Representative IO: Partici- pated in Country Fair ll: Co-Op Work l2. Plans: Stenographer. RONNIE DU NINGTON Cadet Band IO-l2: Rifle Team I0-l2: Rifle Club IO: Key Club Il-I2: Talent Show II: lst Lt. in Cadet Band l2. Plans: College. al' MARY ounzoxxf Participated in "This is your Lite" program Il: Science Honor Society I I-IZ: Vice- President of Photography Club II-I2: Participated in Country Fair Il: Student Council Alternate I I-l2: Pow-Wow Alternate Il: Senior Picture Representative I2: Totem Pole Senior Editor I2. Plans: Dental Assistant or Hygienist. CORA JANE DUTTON Participated in Country Fair Il: Travel Club l2: Bible Club IZ. Plans: Typist. DONALD DUVALL Pee-Wee Cadets IO-I I. Plans: College. DAVID EVANS Dave Rifle Club IO-Il: Manager of Rifle Club ll: Projection Crew I2: Cadets IO-I2: Ist Lt. in Cadets I2. Plans: United States Air Force Academy. SHIRLEY EVANS Choir I I. Plans: Secretary or Nurse. DAVID FAULCONER Dave Sang in the "Boys in Blue" IO: Cadet Band Il-IZ: Band Rifle Drill Team ll- I2: Instructor of Band Rifle Drill Team I2: Assistant Drum Major in Cadet Band I2. Plans: Attend Juilliard School of Music. CAROL FAWLEY PFPPY Plans: l.B.M. Operator. BARRY FEEDMAN Rifle Club IO: Physics Club I2. Plans: College. an--4. 5-,iv S-we 2:2921 Q5 iffy! , Z f ,-.VW 'wi-'V :Tw . ,-4' gs 'Q fffffji ff,pZff'f2' ' fffgfffff y My 'fwfr-QV , swf , ,+ !:f'V:717"f,- ,f " 9 H7494 ' Tj IW" 4 5:77g2"g?5',','-my ffq, I , It ':. it . iff ., 1 ',',, ,, Af' I J' , ,. I M Z -' . AW ,,, k y , ' -, "5 2 , Q V f fr ' ' V' ., ., y, .1, ,,g f,f , " .af 'if 1 Vx ,I ' 'W CAROLYN FISHER PATRICIA HELEN FOY Annie Pai School store IO, Honorable Mention Organ Guild IO, Teachers secretary In Science Fair IO: Second Honors IOg II: County Fair II: Cafeteria substl Pow-Wow representative II-IZ: G.A.- tute II: Bible Club I2: G.A.A. I2. A- I2. Plans: Stenographer. Plans: Secretary. GEORGE FISHER Cadets IO-I Ig Drill Team I I. Plans: Accounting. JOHN FORBES Fencing Club IO7 Rifle Club First Sergeant I I. Plans: College. ELIZABETH FOR D Beth DINO FRADOLES Y s I. ,frail lf- gi ,vrfw 'hftgff 'M' af ,GJ-ffl' 15110 M? ,flfif JOHN GIBSON -FRANKLIN IO: Cadet Science Club Cadets IO-l2, Johnny IO: Fencing Club IO Sargeant II, Lieutenant I2, Honor Company IO. Plans: Law School. WILLIAM TAYLOR FRASER Bible Club IO, I21 County Fair II: Travel Club IZ: G.A.A. I2. Plans: Secretary. JANICE FRYE WILLA FORD A Dimples County Fair I I7 Chorus I Ii Debate Choir '04 I: Club I2. Plans: Business school. Club I2. Freclrles G.A.A. II: Footlights Plans: Nursing. I08 Q uf' 51 LINDA FULLER A IOI Blble Club I2 Fu ure Nurses of Amerlca I2 Plans Steno graplwer or Nurse THOMAS WILSON GANTT Toothless Toe JV Baseball IO Varsity Football II V sty aseball I2 Vars Bas etball I2 A Club II I2 To m Pole Representative I2 Broadcastln Club I2 Plans College .1- THOMAS FULLER Cadets IO II Chemustry Club II I2 Football I2 A Club I2 Plans Attend George Washlngton University GEORGE GARRISON Plans Joan the Alr Force or Navy ffwfft I ,ima ,l WAYNE L FULLER e Club IOI2 R e eam I A Club I2 Plans Joln the Alr Fo ce HATTIE BEATRICE GARRISON Red Cross Representative I0 Student Council Alternate IO GAA I0 II lor Chorus I0 Plano Cllb I Cafeterua Statf II I2 Buble Club ll I2 Debate Club I2 Future Nurses ot Amernca I2 Plans Soclal Worker JANICE GALEANO GEORGE GATEAU Student Councll Representatlve I0 II Member At Large of Student Councll I2: G.A.A. Il. Plans: Stenographer. RONALD GALLOWAY Teeth Track Team II: Bible Club I2. Plans: Fireman or Social Worker. WILLIAM GATTON -Q 'R "T," d1""" i ELWOOD GIARTI-I Skip Fencing Club IO: Ritle Club IO-125 Ritle Team I I-I2, Manager I Ig Cadets IO-I2, Eirst Lieutenant I2: Drill Team II-I27 Make-up Club I2: A Club IZ: Track team I2. Plans: Armed Services. DELORES GIBBS Dee Dee Red Cross Il-IZ: Bible Club II-I2. MARY GIBSON Boots Plans: Stenograptier. GEORGE GRIGSBY DORIS GLOVER Doi Plans: Social Worker. JOSEPH P. GONDA Student Council IO-IZ: Cadets IO: ODD-Fellows delegate to U.N. IO: Debate Club II: Sports Editor ot the Pow-Wow I2. Plans: College. CAROL LOIS GOSSETI' G.A.A. II: I-Iome Arts Club II: Make-up Club I2. Plans: College FRANCIS J. GRAY Jody Plans: Worlc. GLORIAKREEN Home Arts Club I I-I2. Plans: Secretary. WILLIAM DONALD GREEN Bil-I Student Council Alternate I0-I27 Totem Pole representative II-IZ: Al- ternate Pow-Wow representative II. Plans: College or Armed Services. I 1 PATRICIA ANN GRIMES Pat Red Cross representative IO: G.A.A. IO-I2: Pow-Wow representative II: Alternate Totem Pole representative II: Student Council representative I I-I2. JOHN G,-USTAVSON Pow-Wow representative IO: Chemis- try Club I I-I2: Photography Club I I- I2, President I2. Plans: Chemical Engineer. HELEN A. I-IACKETI Hank Library Statf IO-II: Music assembly IO: Operetta IO: Make-up Club II- I2: Pow-Wow representative IO: To- tem Pole alternate IO: Footlights Club IO: Stage Crew II: Chorus I2: All City Chorus II: 6.A.A. II. Plans: Professional Modeling. ADRIENNE HALL Chemistry Club II-I2: G.A.A. II-I2: Sports Council II: First Honors II: Perfect attendance II: Photography Club I2: Leaders Club I2: Homeroom President I2. Plans: College. PATRICIA SUSAN HAM Sue Footlights Club IO: G.A.A. IO. Plans: Work tor the government. ANNETTA HANNUM X' CAROL ANN HARDING Carol Bank Staff I2. Plans: Singing or business FRANCIS HARLEY Chinlr Football IO, I2: Baseball IO. Plans: Airplane mechanic. EDWARD TI-IOMAS HARRISON Mickey Cadets IO-I I. Plans: Air Force Academy. MARTIN HASKINS 'It' '57 QQ-t ,hs fik rf- fr SHIRLEY MARION HASTYE Cookie Transterred trom North Carolina. Ma jorette IO-II: Cheerleader I0-II Basketball IO. MARSHALL I-IAWKINS CHARLES HAYDEN Charlie 'Brown J.V. Football IO-II' Treck Tea , m IO. Plans: Join the Marine Corps. RONALD HAYES Butch Cadets IO: J.V. Basketball IO: J.V. Football IO: J.V. Baseball IO: Track Team IO: Talent Show II: Chorus II: Broadcasting Club I2: Cadet Band I2. Plans: Physical Education. WARREN HAYES Cadets IO-I I: Golf Club IO-I I. PATRICIA ANN I-IENSON Pat Choir IO-I I: G.A.A. I0-I I: Section Secretary IO-I I: Participated in Spring Music Festival I I. Plans: Nurse. DAVID ALLEN I-IERSHBERGER Allen Chemistry Culb I I: Photography Club I I-I2: Science Club I I: Science Clubs ot America II-I2: Debate Club I2: Science Research Club I2: Physics Club I2. Plans: College. JOANNE I-IEVWWARD JANET HIIGGS Plans: Secretary. JUDlTl'I ELAINE I-IILDEBRAND Judy All-City Choir IO: Chorus IO: Section President IO: 2nd Honor Roll IO: Red Cross II: Travel Club I I: G.A.A. II: Bank Stall II-I2: Pow-Wow Statl I2: Assistant Editor IZ: Pow-Wow Alternate l2: Totem Pole Assistant Faculty Editor IZ: Leaders Club I2. Plans: College. MURIEL PATRICIA HILLIAN Alternate representative tor Pow Wow: G.A.A. IO: 2nd honors Il: Bible Club: Y-Teens: Footlights Club: Broadcasting Club I2. Plans: Social worker or elementary teacher. BRUCE HINSON .?QxCOQ,50! l l ffdfw JOANWOLT Y-Teens, Travel Club, Fashion show, Debate Club, County Fair II: Cate- teria statt, ACTIOS, Pow Wow adver- tising I2. Plans: Airline stewardess. SHIRLEY HOWARD ALICE BELLE HUGHES Pow Wow representative II: Student Council alternate, Vice President ot section I2. Plans: Stenographer at the Depart- ment ot Commerce. LINDA HUIE Pootlights Club, Y-Teens, tirst place in school Science Fair, honorable men- tion in City Science Fair, perfect at- tendance IO: G.A.A., Travel Club II. Plans: Marry and worlc in the govern- ment. THALIA SAVILLA HYATT Pootlights Club IO-I2 IPresident IZI: County Fair II: Bible Club, Director, "Sister Susie Swings It." Plans: to be an actress and a dance teacher. VIRGINIA ANNE JACK Ginny Pow Wow representative IO: Red Cross representative, Photography Club, G.A.A., Malte-up Club, County Fair, Science Club, Koontz assembly I I: Leader's Club, Totem Pole editor's assistant, Pow Wow reporter, Pow Wow circulation staff, Debate Club, ACTIOS, cafeteria substitute, at- tended Red Cross Inter High Council Meeting IZ. Plans: Nursing school. JAM ES E. JACKSON Slim Basketball team IO-I I: A Club IO-I I. Plans: Study Law. ALMA JEANNE JAMES Candy 2nd honors, alternate Student Council representative, modern dance tor Easter Program IO: Student director ot Glee Club, assistant student direc- tor ot Choir, Science Honor Society, Piano Club, Organ Guild Il, Home Arts Club II-I2: Broadcasting Club, Leader's Club, Cafeteria statt. Plans: Mathematician. BRABARA ANN JAMES Bobbie Activities Club IO. Plans: Fashion clesigner. MARION JENKINS Glee Club IO: G.A.A. II: Bible Club, Travel Club, Future Nurses Club I2. Plans: Nurse. WILLIAM JENKINS CAROLYN P. JOHNS ,P-enny Library statl IO-I2: G.A.A., Cafeteria statl Il-I2. Plans: Stenographer. BARBARA ANN JOHNSON Babs Library statl IO-IZ: Chorus IO: County Fair II: Bible Club, Art Club, Cafeteria staff I2. Plans: Private secretary. GWENDOLYN JOHNSON Gwen Plans: Practical nurse. JOYCE MARIE JOHNSON Luna Choir IO-I2: G.A.A. IO-II: Musical Festival IO-ll: Talent slwow, County Fair, Junior Musicologists II: Bible Club, Travel Club I2. Plans: Music or business. KENNETH JOHNSON Kenny Drill team ll-l2g Chess Club I2. Plans: Career in United States Marine Corps. MILLICENT LEE JOHNSON Penny Travel Club, G.A.A. IZ. Plans: P.B.X. operator. RONALD KERRE, JOHNSON Kerry Plans: Apprentice to prominent elec- trician. wfwf,-W:-.f':" In ff f f, 1 DONNA JOLLY JOAN MARIE JONES G.A.A. IO: Travel Club I2. Plans: Typist and attend Nursing School. SCARLETT SUE JOHNSON Tartace Bible Club IO-II: Pow-Wow Repre- sentative IO: Student Council Alter- nate IO-II: G.A.A. I0-I2: Cafeteria Statt II: Home Arts Club Il-I2: Student Council Representative I2. Plans: Ohio U niversity. ANN MARGARET JONES G.A.A. IO-I I: Travel Club I2. Plans Ottice Work LINDA MARGARET JONES Pow-Wow Representative II: Y-Teens II-I2: Participated in Country Fair II: I.C.C. Representative I2: Vice- President of I.C.C. Plans: Business School. ROBERT JORDAN Eugene Plans: Join the Army. ELEANOR LOUISE JONES Cookie Choir IOfI-I: G.A.A. II. Plans: Sec- reta ry. GARY ROGER KAI-ILER J.V. Football IO: J.V. Basketball IO: Varsity Football II-I2: A Club II-I2: Bible Club I I: Totem Pole Representa- tve II: Physics Club I2. Plans: Physi- cist, Armed Service. JAN ET JONES PATRICIA KALNOSKI Pat Plans: Legal Secretary: MARY KANACOPOU LOS Travel Club I l-IZ: Secretary ot Travel Club IZ: Participated in Country Fair II: Photography Club IZ: Y-Teens IZ: Future Nurses ot America IZ. Plans: College. STEVEN LARRY KATZ Steve Rifle Club I0: Key Club II-IZ. Plans: Dentistry. ALAN B. KAUFMAN A Club I0-IZ: Golf Team IO-IZ: J.V. Football IO-I I: Cadets ll: Varsity Football IZ. Plans: College. MARY ANN KENNEDY Luckie G.A.A. I0-IZ. Plans: Secretary. GEORGE THOMAS KENNEY Cadets IO-I I. KAREN LEE KESNER K-K Pow-Wow Circulation Statl I0-I2: Manager IZ: Organ Guild IO-IZ: Footlights Club, Red Cross Repre- sentative, Znd Honor Roll, Magna Cum Laude-Nationwide Latin Exam. IO: G.W.H.S. Discussion Conference IO-IZ: Inter-High Red Cross Council, National Red Cross Convention IO: American Legion Contest, Znd Place. IO: Radclitle Book Award, Voice ot Democracy Contest, Znd Place, Stu- dent Council Representative. Ist Honor Roll II: Quill and Scroll, Leaders Club II-IZ: Vice-President IZ: Photography Club II-IZ: Sec- retary IZ: American Legion Special Contest, Znd Place II: Science Honor Society, Debate Club Il-IZ: President IZ: National Honor Society, Broad- casting Club, Student Council Mem- ber-At-Large, IZ. Plans: College. CONSTANCE BARBARA KEYES Connie Bible Club I0-IZ: Business Otiice II. Plans: Attend Business College. LANCE ARTHUR KLEIN Lanny Varsity Basketball I0-IZ: Varsity Base- ball IO-IZ3 A Club IO-IZ: Key Club I0-IZ: Secretary IZ: Student Council Representative IZ: Section President IZ. DORIS KNOTT Dot Business Ottice II-IZ: Znd Honor Roll II. Plans: Work for P.E.P.C.O. ELIZABETH ANNE KNOTT Beth or Pickles Totem Pole Representative IO-II: Y- Teens I0-IZ: Cafeteria Sub. IO-II: Cafeteria Statt IZ: Home Arts Club II-IZ: Broadcasting Club IZ: Actios IZ: Make-Up Club IZ. Plans: College. W! Fx JOSEPH KOONTZ PEGGY KU EVER Class treasurer II-IZ: Totem Pole representative II: Pow Wow repre- sentative, Red Cros representative I2. Plans: Designing or oil painting. PI-IYLLIS ANN LALLIS Dumplin Leavenworth High School: G.A.A., Trampoline Team, Girls Glee Club, Girls Pep Club IO: Anacostia: G.A.A., Footlights Club, Student Council representative, County Fair II: Art Club, Student Council alternate I2. Plans: Women's Air Force. PAU L LANDIS Plans: Engineering. QCHRISTINE SARAH LANE Chris Fashion show IO. Plans: Medical secretary. JACK LANE Plans: College-V.P.I. CAROL LYIN N' LARSEN Stubby President of section, Red Cross repre- sentative, Red Cross Inter-high Coun- cil, Red Cross National Convention IO: Cafeteria staff IO-I I: Student Council IO-I21 Pow Wow repTesenta- tive, Footlights Club II: Cheerleader, Leaders' Club II-I2: Totem Pole rep- resentative, Totem Pole statl: Iiunior editorl, ACTIOS, Debate Club, Make- up Club I2. Plans: Business school and marriage. MAR LEETA LEE Keeta C5.A.A. IO: Choir IO-I I: Footlights Club IO, I2. Plans: Beautician. WILBUR LEE JOHN LEGG Cadet Map Team IO-I l. Plans: Business College. JAMES LONG SANDRA LEE MACK Jimmy Sandie Rifle Club IO Honor Guard I I Section secretary IO. Plans U S A F Plans: Secretary and marriage. MARIE LONGWORTH MICHAEL MACKERLY Mike Plans: Study accountancy at Strayer Business School. ALAN LUSBY WILLIAM HENRY MAGERKORTH Cross-country Traclc II, Rifle Club I2 Plans: U.S.A.F. ELEANOR THERESA MANCUSO Ellie Pow Wow representative IO: Student Council C-5.A.A. IO-I2' Count Fair . . y . Future Teachers of America IPresi- dentl, Student Council Workshop II' Leaders' Club, Home Arts Club Cheerleaders ICaptain I2I, G.A.A Council II-I2g Pow-Wow statf, Broad- casting Club l2. Plans: Physical education teacher. ANTHONY MACEROLLO CAROLE MAMAKAS ALEXANDER MANGIALARDO CONSTANCE J. MASON Al Connie Cadets I0-I I, lo-l lj Bible l I-127 Future Nurses ot America I2. Plans: Social Worker. JAMES MANNEN NANCY MASON Jimmy' G.A.A. ll: Pow-Wow Representative B i P - , I2: Boardcasting Club I2. Plans: CTS' ChhZtr,i?S?:5hg:luiluFI-igilisiqyfiz College, Business Administration. Club, Science Research Group I2. PAMELA MA SHALL JOE MATTARE Rifle Club, Cadets l2. Plans: College. SHIRLEY MARSHALL JUDlTH ANN MCAULIFFE Home Arts Club Il-I2. Plans: Work Judy in a Bank. Y-Teens II: Historian of Y-Teens l2g Red Cross Representative, Debate Club, George Washington Debate Conference l2. f MELVIN N. MARTIN. LEO JOSEPH McCONNEL Reb Plans: College, Navy. Clean-Up Campaign I0-I I: Pow-Wow Representative ll: Participated in Country Fair II. Plans: Air Force. 119 3. 9 FRAN KLIN L. MCCRAY Sonny Football Team I2. Plans: Printer or tireman. MARY LEO-NA McCULLOUGI-I Perfect attendance IO: County Fair II, Student Council alternate I2. Plans: Go into the business tield. NANCY McDONALD JEANNE MARIE McNAMEE Perfect attendance, Future Teachers of America IO: Y-Teens, 3rd place in school Science Fair, Science Clubs ot America II: Science Honor Society II-I2: Chess Club, Physics Club, Totem Pole representative I2. Plans: Medical technologist. I'-IORST RU DOLF MELLENBERG Rudy Key Club International Band, 2nd I-Ionor Roll II, Science Research Group, Physics Club I2. Plans: Electronics engineer. GRACE ELAI NYEHTERRILL Fuzzy County Fair II: Dramatics Club IZ. Plans: Work and study art. CHRISTINE MILLARD Chris G.A.A. I I. Plans: Business school. VIRGINIA ANNE MILLER Ginny Future Teachers of America I0-I2 lVice-president II, President IZI, Y- Teens IO-II, County Fair II: Cate- teria substitute II-I2g Leaders' Club, Broadcasting Club, ACTIONS I2. Plans: Elementary school teacher. BARBARA MILLOFF Bobbi Red Cross IO-I2, Future Teachers ot America IO, Bible Club IO, IZ, County Fair II: Broadcasting Club, G.A.A. X Plans: C.P.A. ' I BARBARA ALYCE MITCHELL Bobby Alternate Pow Wow representative I2. DIANE MITCHELL Dllre Plans. Study Art. CHARLES A. MORRIS La La Cadets I0 I I, Alternate Red Cross I I Plans: Attend Maryland University. JAMES MINARD The Pope J.V. Football IO, Varsity Football Il- IZZ A Club I I-I2. Plans: Business. JAMES O. MOTI-IERSI-IEAD Jimmy Merit Scholarship Test I I. Plans: College. ERNEST MONROE Alternate Student Council Representa- tive IO: Cadet Ottice Il: Drill Team I2: Track Team I2. Plans: College. LORRAINE ANN MOORE Student Council Alternate, Red Cross Alternate, Footlights Club, Y-Teens, Christmas Pageant IO: Student Coun- cil RepTesentative, Photography Club I I. Plans: Nursing or Secretarial Work. CHARLES MORONEY KERMIT ROBERT MULLINS Bob J.V. Baseball IO: Ritle Club IO: Cadets IO-I2: Cadet Othcer I2: Key Club ll-l2. Plans: College. JUDITI-I MYERS Judie Section Presilent, Pow-Wow Repre sentative II. Plans: Secretary. JOANNE ADER Jo Bible Club I I-I27 Vice-President ot Bible Club I2: County Fair ll: Y Teens I2. Plans: Business k TYRONE NEAL ii' V .4.,. ,. T99 LORRAINE NIPPER Rainy , ,.,i""', 1 J.V. Baseball IO: J.V. Basketball IO: Cafeteria Statt IO-I2. Plans: Typist. , , Dramatic Club IO: Varsity Baseball -,A, II-I2: Varsity Basketball II-I2 A , Club II-I2: Supply Crew I2. Plans: , Social Worker. 'JQAEZQ QQ. ,V V. 1 Q4 , Q4 I f 2 Sw f gf, I 2 f si , at f 5 ,f,, , 24 ff L, 1 5934 1512, gw fsf we 4,6 11 , 1 YV 1? f, i Wi, 1, Sly' 1 f , 1 , f 7 4 f 1 -1:14 fk 4 .wx 6, LESTER NELSON Reece Plans: Architect. ROBERT E. N ELSON Bobby Junior Red Cross I0-I2: Plans: Mechanic. COLLEEN LORETTA NICI-IOLSON Pow-Wow Representative IO: Choir IO: G.A.A. IO: Red Cross Representa- tive IO-I I: Bank Staff II: Vice- Presi- dent I2: County Fair II: Broadcast- ing Club I2. Plans: Government Work. EDWARD NICKENS Nicky Track I I. Plans: Social Worker LAWRENCE RUSSELL NOLAN Larry Varsity Basketball IO-I2: Varsity Base- ball IO-l2: A Club IO-IZ: Key Club II: President I2: All-Metropolitan in Baseball II: Pow-Wow Sports Editor I2: Six Athletic Letters I2. Plans: College or Professional Baseball. WILLIAM FRANCIS NORDAN Bill J.V. Baseball IO: Varsity Basketball II- IZ: Varsity Baseball II-I2: Varsity Football I2: A Club II-I2. Plans: College. JOAN WRAY NORRIS Plans: Stenographer. JOAN NORTHINGTON G.A.A. I0-II: Choir IO-II. Plans: Typist or Air Force Nurse. .. if! fiiiiitiif ' s. PQSQQ- 949' JOHN NORTON Bunky EDWARD RICHARD OHM. JR. Bunny Cadets IO-I2: Rifle Club IO: Uniform Exchange II-I2: U.N. Trip I2. Plans: Police Force or Telephone Company. THOMAS LEE OLIFF Cadets I0-I21 Cadet Officer IZ: Key Club II-I21 Totem Pole Representa- tive II: Student Council Representa- tive I2. Plans: College. CHARLYNE ROBERTA OSBORNE Chorus IO: Make-Up Club ll-IZ: Bank Staff II-I27 Cafeteria Staff II-I2: G.A.A. II-I2. Plans: Attend Strayer School of Accountancy. KENINETH M. OTEY Kenny Cadets IO-II: J.V. Baseball IO: J.V. Football I I7 Varsity Football I2. Plans: College. N I CK PALEOLOGOS YoYo. Varsity Football I2. Plans: College. WILLIAM 'PALMER ELLEN LU IGIA PANCIERA Bunny Major Chorus IO: All-City Chorus IO: Pow-Wow Alternate II-I2q Debate Club, Representative at G.W. Con- ference II:- Cafeteria Staff II: Parti- cipated in "This is Your Life" program II: Feature Editor onnthe Pow-Wow Staff I2: Leaders Club I2: Secretary ofthe Anacostia High School Council to Improve Our Sch ols I2. Plans: Colle es 10 0,40 info 91' fill?-am f1Wtl'75WI BETTY LOU PARKER Bets Section Secretary I I: Travel Club I2: G.A.A. I2. Plans: Airline Hostess. LESLIE HOWARD PARMELE Los Rifle Club IO: Rifle Team I0-l2: Cap- tain of Rifle Team I2: Key Club Il- I2g Science Honor Society I I-I2: Vice- President I2: Section Vice-President I2. Plans: College. DANIELWPAVES Footli hts Club IO' President ot S 8 . ec- tion I I: Treasurer ot Section I2. Plans: College. BONNIE LOU PETTIT Bunny Red Cross Representative I0-I I: Sec retary I2: President ot Section IO Make-Up Club ,Ilf President I2 Cafeteria Statf II: County Fair II Footlights Club II. Plans: Nurse. FREDERICK B. PAVES JOANN POMETTO Freddy Jo Footlights Club IO: Red Cross I0: Major Chorus IO: Totem Pole Repre- Student Council II: Traclc Team I2. sentative ll: County Fair II. Plans: Plans: U. S. Marines. Stenographer. PM ICOI1 Vi I C' EDWARD PETERSON MARY CECELIA POPE Cherry G.A.A. I0-ll, Malce-Up Club I0-I2, Library Stott I2: Travel Club I2: Bible Club IZ. Plans: File-Clerlc and Professional Singer ANGELA ROSE PETRARCA Angie County Fair II: Secretary of Section I I. Plans Business Work. JOHN PETROLIA PATRICIA AN'N PRITCI-IARD Pat Student Council IO-I2: Red Cross I0- II: Totem Pole Representative IO: Footlights Club IO: "Lucky Penny" IO: Science Club IO: G.A.A. IO-II: First Prize in School Science Fair II: Third Grand Prize in School Fair II: Honor- able Mention in D.C. Fair II: Booth and Stage Crew Il-I2: National I-Ionor Society II-I2: County Fair II: "This ls Your Lite" II: I-Iome Arts Club II-IZ: Photography Club Il: Latin Contest II: Science Honor Society Il: Treasurer I2: Totem Pole Statt IZ: Bible Club I2: ACTIOS I2: Leaders Club I2. Plans. College. CECELIA ANNETTE PROICTOR Nettie G.A.A. IO-I I: Library Staff I2: Travel Club I2: Y-Teens l2. Plans: Steno- grapher. 33? MARTINE PROCTOR IDA VIRGINIA PUFFENBERGER Served at the Honor Society Tea, Served at Prom IO: Art Club ll: Home Arts Club II-IZ: Served at Prom, Participated in the Country Fair II: Secretary ot Organ Guild, Totem Pole Representative, Pow-Wow Typist, Malce-Up Club I2. Plans: Nursing Career. PATRICIA ANN PUMPHREY Pat Served at Prom I0-Il: Served at Honor Society Tea IO: 2nd Honor Roll, Perfect Attendence, Art Club, Participated in Country Fair II: Home Arts Club II-I2: Served at Bacca- laureate II: Red Cross Representative Make-Up Club, Pow-Wow Typist, Leaders Club I2. Plans: College, AL PUODZIUNAS Western High Student Council IO. Plans: College. JOSEPH ALOYSIUS MICI-IEAL OUAND-ER. JR. oe Cadets I0-II: Sergeant II: Traclc Team II-I21 Chess Club I2. Plans: Electrical Engineer DOREEN SUSAN RAN DALL Peanut Pow-Wow Representative IO-I2: Served at Prom IO: Homeroom Vice- President, Cafeteria Substitute, Par- ticipated in County Fair II: Debate Club, Travel Club, Catetera Statt I2. Plans: Buyer or fashion Promoter. SI-IARGN RAN KIN Section Vice-President, Cerebral Palsy Committee IO: Student Council Representatie, President of Section II: Cheerleader, Home Arts Club II-I2g President I2: Member' at Large of Student Council, Pow-Wow Typist, Leaders Club, Make-Up Club I2. CHARLES POLLARD RECKNOR Charlie Cadets IO-I I: Rifle Club IO: Drill Team II-I2: Bank Statt II, Section Treasurer I2. Plans: College. SAIL REDMAN Plans: Work and Marriage. KAREN REDMAN w, , f I ! INV . f FRANCIS REGACHO Ressv Plans: Work for Government. DONNIE LINWOOD REID Don Cadets IO-IZ: Art Club IZ. Plans: Art. JACK ALLEN REID, JR. Talent Show I0-II: Drum Major ot Band II: Captain of Band IZ. Plans: Music or Sheet Metal Worker. WILLIAM REILLY Ritle Club IO-IZ: Drill Team II-IZq Track Team II: Cadet Officer IZ. JAN ELLIS RHOADS Student Council Historian IO-II: Cadet Band IO: Track Team I0-II: Participated in Talent Show I0-II: Perfect Attendance I0-II: Section President I I: A Club I I-IZ: Key Club II-IZ: Red Cross Representative II: Football letter II: Photography Club II-IZ7 Science Club II: National I-Ionor Society II-IZ: Chemistry Club II: Student Council President IZ: Varsity Football IZ: Science Research Group IZ: Physics Club IZ. Plans: College. NANCY SUE RICHARDS G.A.A. I0-IZ. Plans: Secretary. LYDIA RICKS G.A.A. I0-II: Science Club I0-II Library Statt II-IZ: Bible Club Red Cross IZ: Cafeteria Staff IZ. Plans: College. DEIRDRE RIDENOUR Dee Totem Pole Representative IOg Foot- lights Club IO-II: Gold Key for Dramatics IO: Section Secretary II: I-Iome Arts Club II-IZ: Prom Decora- tion Committee II: Served at Prom II: Participated in Country Fair II: Art Club President IZ: Art Club Sec- retary II: Pow-Wow Representative IZ: Pow-Wow Statt, Leaders Club IZ. Plans: College and Major in Art. Deaewflfd NANCY LEE RIGGS Chorus IO: Country Fair Booth Chair- man II7 Gregg Shorthand Award for 60 w.p.m. and 80 w.p.m. IZ. Plans: Secretary. WILLIAM ROBERTS MARIANNE RODERICK Steering Committee tor Class '59, J.V. Hockey, Basketball, Home Arts II-I2q Honor Roll, G.A.A., Leaders Club, Student Council, Travel Club. Plans: College. JOHN W. ROGERS Cadets IO: Art Club II. Plans: Work tor Pepco or Police Department MYRNA ROGERS Gregg Shorthand Certificate 60-BOW. p.m. I I-I2: Totem Pole Representative President, ot Section, Broadcasting Club, Sophomore Editor tor Yearbook, Business Ottice Statl, Thanksgiving Program I2. Plans Legal Secretary. MARY LANE ROLLINS Bible Club I2. Plans: Junior College: Secretary. FR ED ROSEN FELD RONALD JERRY ROWLAND Ronnie J.V. Football, Talent Show IO: Vice- President ot Section, Debate Club, Travel Club Company Commander, Treasurer Student Council I2. Plans: College: History or Business. HENRY RICHARD ROUNDTREE Cadets IO-I2: Perfect Attendance IO- llg J.V. Baseball I2, Travel Club, Track Team. Plans: College. JACOUELINE RUSBU LDT Jackie Footlights Club, Future Nurses ot America, G.A.A. I0-I2: Travel Club, Red Cross Representative, Totem Pole Representative, Pow-Wow Representa- tive I I: Cafeteria Statt, Bible Club I2. Plans: Nurse JAYNE RYON Student Council IO: Booth Crew, Stu- dent Council Representative, County Fair Committee Chairman II: Leaders Club, Home Arts, Section President, Guide tor Visitors II-I2: Student Council Vice-President, Totem Pole Statl, Cafeteria Statt Alternate, Booth Crew, Sec. I2. Plans: College. MELVA SAN DIFER School Play IO: Pow-Wow Alternate II-I2: Travel Club, Student Council Activities Chairman, Section President, G.A.Af I2. Plans: Beautician. BARBARA ANN SANFORD Babs JAM ES SCI-IELL Office Work II: Runner for Attend- ance I2. Plans: Secretary. Plans: Commercial Art. Plans: ARLETTE SCHURR Artie ELLEN LOU ISE SAN FORD Elly. Work and Marriage. CAROLYN SAUN'DERS DAVID SCOTF Pete G.A.A. I0-II. Plans: Clerk Typist. JAMES SAUNDERS WILLIAMQSCOTT Sonny ' Track Team, Bible Club II-I2. Plans: Medicine. LINDA LEE SAUNDERS THOMAS SEAMAN Lyn J.V.iFootl::all IO: Varsity Football. A Teachers Secretary IO: Home Arts Club' KEY Club 'll'l2- Plans: l-Ynch II: Cafeteria Staff I2. Plans: Secre- bl-W9 College? M'n'5lfe'- ta ry. I28 BETTY SEATON THOMAS LEONARD SELBY, JR. Tommy Cadets IO-I2: Drill Team. Plans: Mary- land University. SAN DRA SERVATOR Sandi Student Council Representative. Foot- lights Club, Science Fair lFirst Prize in Chemistry Divisionl, Honor Roll, Latin Contest lCum Laude Cetiti- catel, Honorable Mention in English Letter Writing Contest IO: Student Council Member at Large, Stage Crew, Chemistry Club, Photography Club, Honor Roll, Leaders Club I I-I21 School Science Fair llst Prize Chem- istry Division, 3rd Grand Prizel, Latin Contest lMaxima Cum Laude Cetiti- catel, Gils' State Representative, Booth Crew, Stage Crew, Secretary Chemical Club. National Honor Society, Home Arts II-I21 Pow-Wow Feature Editor, Actios I2. Plans: College. JOHN C. SHEA Rifle Club IO: May Team, Traclc Team II-I2: Representative Red Cross I2. Plans: Armed Forces-College. DOROTHY JUNE SHEPPARD Dottie G.A.A. IO-I27 Chorus I0-II, Fashion Show, Pow-Wow Representative I0-I23 Pow-Wow Staff, Footlights Club, Cate- teria Stalili. Plans: Social Worlcer or Dancing Teacher. ELIZABETH MAY SHERMAN Betty Footlights Club, Pow-Wow Circulation Stati IO: Pow-Wow Staff, Chemistry Club, Quill and Scroll, Science Fair, County Fair II: Pow-Wow Staff, Science Honor Society, Photography Club, Debate Club, Student Council Iternate Totem Pole Art and Pho A , . - tography Co-Editor, Anacostia Coun- cil Art Club, Leaders Club, Malce-Up Club, Polio March. I2 Plans: College. RICHARD E. SHROPSHIRE Chess Club I0-I23 Tennis Team IO- I I7 Rifle Club, Totem Pole Representa- tive IO-Il: Map Team, A Club, Key Club, National Honor Society II-l2: Chemistry Club, Second Honor Roll, Physics Club, Science Honor Society, Actios I2. Plans: Major in Math. George Washington University, JACKIE SILVESTER RICHARD GUS SINGER Chess Club, Red Cross, 2nd Honors, Ist Honors, Golf Team IO: A Club, Key Club, National Honor Society, Bible Club, Debate Club, Broadcast- ing Club, Voice ot Democracy, American Legion-Ist, Boys State, V.F.W. Writing Award, Chemistry Club Student Council Il-IZ: Golf Team ACTIOS, Totem Pole Literary Editor I2. Plans: Politics and Law. RICHARD HERBERT SINGER Ist Honor Roll II-IZ: Ist Place Chem- istry Division Science Fair, Chess Club IO-l2q Cum Laude Cetiticate Na- tional Latin Examination, Tennis Team, I0-II1 Honorable Mention Practical English Letter Writing, A Club, Key Club, National Honor Society, Science Honor Society II-IZ: Physics Club Broadcasting Club. Debate Club, ACTIOS, Totem Pole Staff I2, Plans: Engineering. M' "qu XP: NANCY SLOAT Puddy Modeled tor Fashion Show, Cafeteria Statt II-I2: Totem Pole Alternate I2. Plans: Typist and Marriage. Psychology. TINDARO AGATI NO SM I ROLDO Pertect Attendance Il-I2: Red Cross Representative IO-I2g Ritle Club, Cadets Il-I2. Plans: U. S. Air Force. DAVID SMITH Perfect Attendance 3, 4, 6: Stage Crew ll-IZ: Science Project Second Place Laboratory Assistant in Physics, neering. Science Research Group, Vice-Presi- dent, Bible Club. Plans: Electronics. LOIS SMITH Lo-Lo Maiorette IO-I I7 Red Cross Repre sentative, Choir, Inter Cultural Club Green House Club Plans Child ELNIA SMITH SAM SNEE Track Team Il-IZ: Drill Team A Club Football Team. Plans: Electrical Eng: DIANA SMITH EMMA JANE SNELLINGS Plans: Secretary. Jane Y-Teens, Bible Club, Sc ence Club Plans: Clerlc-Typist. LINDA SMITH GLORIA JEAN SNYDER Future Teachers of America Il-IZ: Jean County Fair, Bible Club, Clean-up Plans: Marriage. Campaign, Student Council Repre- sentative, Y-Teens. Plans: Teachers College. l3O i X f T . 1 , i 0 . 1 :fi I if F, 1, , STEVE SNYDER iff' I I , n HARVEY SORIANO 6 I I I- BETTY ANN SPALDING Totem Pole Representative IO: Bank Staff II-I2. Plans: Banking. SAIL 'SPATES Student Council Representative IO-I I: Secretary l2: Cafeteria Staff Il: Organ Guild II: President I2: Piano Club, Footlights Club II: "And the Light Went Out" I I: Home Arts Club II-I2: County Fair ll: February Prom Decorating Committee II: Cheer- leader l2g Future Nurses ot America Vice-President I2: Leaders Club I2: ACTIOS I2. Plans: College and Nurs- ing. VIVIAN SPEARS Bill G.A.A. I I: Chorus I2. Plans: Dietitian. .,,1 ,, I If f,,jf, if f lJ,l ii I I I ' f li' V H. ROBERT STANSBURY Rifle Club IO: Cadets IO: First Lieu- tenant II-I2: Honor Company I0-II' J.V. Baseball IO: J.V. Football II. DESSIE STEELE Choir IO-l2: Talent Show IO: Girls' Glee Club Il: Cafeteria Staff II-I2: Make-Up Club I2. Plans: Singer or Music Teacher. BARBARA STEPHENS Red Cross Representatice IOAIZ: G.A.A. II. Plans: Secretary. FRANCES CATHERINE STEVENS Fran Bible Club I2. CAROLYN STEVENSON Future Nurses of America I2: Library Statl I2. Plans: Registered Nurse. 'F RICHARD STREM'SON Steve Cadets I I: Track Team. Plans: Physical Education Teacher. PATRICIA STEWART Pat G-.A.A. IO-I2: Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Tennis, Malce-Up Club, Bible Club, Travel Club. Plans: Boolclceeper, Steno, P. E. Teacher. SAN DRA ANNE STONE Sandie Oxon Hill High-Secretary of Home- room, Chorus, Student Council Repre- sentative, Dramatics Club, Vice-Presi- dent, Recreation Club, Chorus, Malce- Up Club, Travel Club, Totem Pole Alternate, G.A.A. Plans: Legal Secre- tary. CAROLYN ANN STRINE Pow-Wow Representative IO-IZ: Bible Club, Y-Teens, Clean-Up Campaign, Home Arts II-IZ: Served at Senior Prom, County Fair. Plans: Business College. ALICE SULLIVAN Alternate Pow-Wow Staff Representa- tive IO-I2g G.A.A. II-I2. Plans: Sec- reta ry. 2 JAMES VERNON SU LLIVAN Jimmy Cadets IO-Il: Physics Club, Home and School Representative I2. Plans: Navy. BILLY LEE SWAIN Cadets I I: Casting Club. Plans: Navy. KATHLEEN MARIE SWENSON Cathy Talent Show, County Fair. Plans: Business College. ROBERT TALBERT Assistant Treasurer of Totem Pole I0-I2: Key Club II-I2 CECELIA TALHELM Ce-Ce Student Council Representative, County Fair. Plans: Telephone Com- pany. if 'ml PHYLLIS TASSLER Pill Red Cross Representative IO: Student Council Alternate IO-ll: Pow-Wow Representative I0fI2: Future Teachers of America IO: Secretary ll: Vice- President I2: Secretary of Section IO- I2: Leaders Club II-l2: County Fair II: Broadcasting Club I2: Make-Up Club IZ: Guide for Foreign Visitors I2, Plans: French Teacher. f JAY TAYLOR J WILLIAM L. TAYLOR Billy Footlights Club IO: Cadets IO-Il: First Lieutenant I2: J.V. Football Il: President of Section II: Varsity Foot- ball I2: J.V. Basketball I2: A Club I2. Plans: Prep School, College. GEORGE TI-IACKER My Cracker Cadets IO-I2: Varsity Football IZ: A Club l2. DORIS JEAN THAYER Dot Plans: Sewing. PATRICIA THOMAS Pat Footlights Club I0-IZ: Treasurer II: "Lucky Penny" ll: Library Play II: Christmas Play I0-I2: Library Staff I0- II: G.A.A. IOSII. Plans: Music in College. DAVID WILLIAM TOM PKINS Cadets IO-II: Pow-Wow Representa- tive l2. Plans: Engineer or Race track driver. JEANETTE JACOU LINE TORAIN Glee Club I I. Plans: Work. MELVIN ANTONIUS TYER Melvo Cafeteria Staff IO: Drill Team II-I2: Cadets Il-I2: Track I2, Plans: Priest. CAROLYN TYNER Carol Girls' Glee Club IO-I I: G.A.A. I0-I I, Plans: Stenographer: Env - Racism F45 'W EV, ', f, 12112355651 " 'Ls'-..:w 1:f f."2K.,Z', ' "1L.5,2'?,w f We Q1 . 3' " 322141 1 , '41 IW' Qjl: . -5'--1.5 " , 4 , ',q"'f5 4,'-V.:-?.'f1:'-sims. 'J J I f QQ RONALD TYNER MARGARET ROSE VEREKA Peggy Bible Club IO: Second Honors IO-ll: Perfect Attendance IO: Travel Club II: Student Council ll-IZ: Footlights Club I2. Plans: George Washington University. DAVID UNDERWOOD THQMAS VINCENT Gan NOLAN UPSHAW ECFORD VOIT Plans: Navy. Rockey YL:.:v'x . 'Qc - , V2 CLIFF VASSALLO JONNY WALKER CHARLES Track Team Cadets IO: Club Il-IZ: Travel Club WILLIAM VAUGHAN Chan I0-I2: J.V. Football I0: Cadets Band ll-IZ: A Cross Country Team ll: I2. Plans: Social Work. 4 Rat Cadets IO I2 Distribution o Totem Pole I0-I2. Plans: Navy. MARY WALKUP Jean Cafeteria Subsitute I I: Bible Club l2: Choir IZ: Thanksgiving Program l2: Footlights Club l2: Christmas Play I2. Plans: Modeling or Kindergarten teacher. ALBERT WARNICK MARY LOUISE WHITE Al Mary Lou Cadet II-I2: DISTTIID- Yearbooks I0- Teachers Secretary IO-l2. Homeroom I2: Drill Team ll-l2. Plans: Printing. Senior Picture Representative I2: Army, Marriage. Plans: College: U. S. Government. GENE WATFORD RACHEL DOLOIRES WHITE Band, Physics Club. Plans: Aviation ee Engineer' Footlights Club, Christmas Pageant. Red Cross Representative. Plans: Sec- retary or Court Stenographer. JOAN WATHEN oumcy JEAN wi-HTMORE Baby Red Cross IO-Il: County Fair. Art Club Cafeteria Staff. Plans: U. S. Army CLARENCE WAYNE JOHN WIGGINS Franklin Track I0-I2: J.V. Football, Basketball ll-I2' A Club Plans: Architect. I0-I2 Cadets. DIANE WEITZEL KENNET WILLIAMS WILLIAM DOUGLAS WILSON Track Team IO-I Ig Cadets I I-IZ. MICHAEL WOLF Foxie I0 Organ Guild IO-IZ: Footlights Club, President IZ: Photography Club, Debate Club, Pow-Wow Staff, Science Club American Legion Contest, As- sociate Editor Pow-Wow, Sophomore Editor Totem Pole, ACTIOS, Broad- casting Club, Red Cross, Key Club IZ. Plans: College. ALLEN WOOLDRIDGE Key Club I I-I2: Make-Up Club. SAN DRA PI-IYLLIS ZEPNICK Sandy Future Teachers of America I0-I2 County Fair, Broadcasting Club, Pow Wow Alternate, Thanksgiving Play I2 Plans: Teacher or Secretary. JAMES ZIMMERMAN I-I'ENRIE'I'I'A BLOUNT JUDITH A WRIGHT Judy Plans: Secretarial Work. PRISCILLA YOUNG Fuzzy G.A.A. IO-II, Bible Club, Travel Club I2. Plans: Stenographer. VIII ZWI This is the Anacostia Cadet Corps? 1 ' :sity V , Jack Stewart, Freddie Miller, Emmett Cunning- ham, and Pee Wee Disha- roon make a live totem pole- We have the potato chips wno has the customers?" Betty Sherman and Vir- ginia Jack have obvious- ly interested this gentle- man lor ladyl in buying a bag of potato chips. "Charlie Brown" Gonda. Eleanor Mancuso, and Larry Nolan were among those who helped to make the Pow-Wow play such a big success. French Club members rehearse a play to be given at the next meeting X42 Ii., .. N, I Y sf 6,1 fn 1-cax"'vlf"9f? . 'A 'W-m1":4s'f-" V I ., ,,,.. M... . it-.dl V M ., 4. "n' iff 'NV K ln case you don't remember, this is haw the new gym looked when school started last September. lt has changed a little since then, hasn't it? l l . 4 The inside view doesn't 'look much better, does it? Imagine trying to play basketball in that mess! 1 ,421-cf ga 'V .. . f ' ' " .. f " f Y' V flrxdfv' . And take a look at the stadium about the same time. lt doesn't show much chance of being anything but a first class mud hole. 138 ........ ,. ..-Xv.7". But look nowl A little grass and a cinder track can malre a lol! of difference can'l: they? i Zmwfllf .- f-P33'Dl 4 Meanwhile, baclc inside, things are really shaping up. Just hold tight: it won't be long now. A'c.'las'c, here's the 'Finis'hed product. Remember how happy and proud everyone was when we moved in last November? 139 - 14: sf: - :sei ,,4,,1,, Bill Cooper, Susan Knadle, and Yvonne Higgs are captivated by Mr. Davenport's science demonstration. Run tor the hillsl Kenneth Johnson is giving this recruit his tir-st rifle. ,., . L. ,W-xi-xg Some people didn't want to take the T,B. test although was for their own good. i If Irma Arends was on hand to get .4 , , . K Q , Miss Morgans reaction to her new job at Kramer. it "You'll never guess who had a positive reaction to the T.B. test!" W" Sue Bowman is making sure no one is watching in case she taints P fps, if 465 W' E ' 'Et -,5?VffFW" '73 r ,gf X HIBINS HIHINS 1 - '4 W' HIIYINS 9 3 B 2 E 5 3 fi f 5. 1 143 44 HIIYIN S Washington's Largest Furniture Display . MX X xy 4 I " s . S I X it is 7 A I n IW!! ss I ills?-ti DEI? - I fs I I XI Ii I " A' ' Q L iv WHIQI1- ,O , QSII ' ' arf-fx A --.' A ,wif ' '0..., , WI V xlfediflhianwrim snt .ft I M z . I i--L g I I -F'-A-l E Acres of FINE FURNITURE Beautifully Displayed in 14 Large Galleries Everything for the Home OPEN DAILY, 9 to 9g SATURDAYS, 'til 6 ll - 5 . fs ' lIl Q O Clvarge Accounts Invited - FREE PARKING on lots at V Street Entrance Additional Services Include Moving and Storage Modern Rug Cleaning the Year Round CURTIS BROTHERS MOVING 81 STORAGE 2041 NICHOLS AVENUE, S.E. IN ANACOSTIA Phone: LU. 4-4000 I45 FRANCIS 81 PARSONS, Incorporated Your Exclusive Southeast Dodge-Plymouth Dealer SALES AND SERVICE 2I00 NICHOLS AVENUE, S.E. LUdIow 4-7400 HARTMAN REALTY, INC. I348 GOOD HOPE ROAD, S.E. WASHINGTON 20, D. C. Real Estate ana' Insurance LUdIow 4-3400 Compliments of ANDREWS OFFICE SUPPLY EQUIPMENT CO. via THIRTEENTH STREET, N. W. FIFTY-SECOND YEAR Accountancy and Financial Administration Courses Leading to B.C.S. and M.C.S. Degrees Give specific training tor accounting positions-furnish basis tor advancement to executive posts-prepare tor C.P.A. examinations. Day and evening cIasses. Coeciucationai Cataiog on Request BENJAMIN FRANKLIN UNIVERSITY II00 SIXTEENTH STREET, N. W., at L. Washington 6, D. C. REpuI:rIic 7-2262 I46 A. C, P. Sells the Best 'For Less PLYMOUTH - SIMICA CHRYSLER - IMPERIAL Compliments of Anacostia Chrysler - Plymouth, Inc. l708 GOOD HOPE ROAD, S.E. WASHINGTON, D. C. Compliments of WINELAND THEATRES ANACOSTIA ATLANTIC CORAL CONGRESS I-IIGI-ILAND ABC DRIVE IN I-IILLSIDE DRIVE IN SULLIVAN SCHOOL EFFective Preparation for WestPoint - Annapolis - AirForce Merchant Marine and Coast Guard Academies And All Colleges Wendell E. Bailey, USNA I934, Principai 2l07 WYOMING AVENUE, N.W. - Box TP WASHINGTON 8, D. C. ADELBERT W. LEE Realtor - Builder Appraiser ot Real Estate with over thirty years' experience 32II PENNSYLVANIA AVE., S.E. LL,IdIow 2-IOOO '-!-!.-1:::v'7Ei"F- 1 ' :var- rifggsj-sfQR.3q,lo1gl:5gyf3v:,L I 0 hiiarf :ff-AT "-659-41fp'r,ss3 ?j" igyie w-.Q.n1'g41t -we -- . 024332 'Q in - - - . -' U v',girf-35227 .. . if ,. ig .jf 27 q sri ' r X Y , , n cc 'I 1 1 " i f ' Ll lf X X rf se S .fa I x 5 Ip: ,-A 1 . . 'Zi ' if -' s S - "4-. , 1 .v Qi I X s. .l if X I T T CW-.rj I l jr il 1 THIS IS YoUR PROUDEST HOUR ,FU , . . . . . Culmmatmg a period in your life you will alw ays is ant to remember. As your ofhcial photographer, we feel elated to have been able to document this cherished era with photographs pulsating the very life you lived - the very thoughts you spread - the very feeling you so warmly and sincerely shared. This reality though captured in a split second will be an everlasting record for posterity. The future holds many events for you that you will want to remember - Please feel free to call upon us for all of your photographic needs. Lllll TA -'l'll0MAS S'lllll0 FOREMOST SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE EAST ,lm 1 148 r J, , , I W U 1 - , WV 9- . , Q -' - 'L haf -. . , ., 2"H"'7. Ji" F. 'sg X ' ' M ' 'T' 'F.".' 1 w -' ,E 1" 2.4 HM , ,. ' ' Ziiizf ' 1 P :..qfff: P 'rx ' 1 . 1' ,L 5 ' 2' H N '1v"gff'5:,H ,t , A ' , hi " Us Efwfg' . , .,g'f,, -I , A f- , ' -N ' V 4 ' rj f 1, xi --g--x - l 1 ' , " "3rgp,I, - -,fa X, .. - ' wx ww, f 'M-, ,. , A 5" 1. W " il -, X, '51 iw f .- '- f '- ,ffi s --E -f' ' -f:,x,f'i, - fmfwws 'f'3'w-gf' K AU... ,- Q., V , 35 wi, V. ,K ,,. J A ' Wi? , J.: . , N, , '-43 - fp w , ., L X '.-1 V' I A f- .5 f I 5 ' ' , ' S' - 1 Qi R- 2 TT' .' 6 1 ,Q , I, -qi, A 1'-my w 7 .,.,, L .L : f if ,-1 ' fe 1' J 1' a 4 , ,f fi ,, A I " S: f - V' f " 5' V: ,Qu , Miz! 'ELGQAILG 'N rx I 1 . . ,, . ,- , ,- ., , , ,. ,, 1 Q Q ' . q v:-, 1:-1:- w :gL .'-, T 4 - a .:g, 1:-,,-F,-mg.. wig ,. - ' m,gigi:u71-,gZ"', ,'fg,:MgW1,1.y' 1 1 1 1 'S -x M a A W I Y ,1L.xw, . 'A . 1. .11.1 . mf... . mf... ' 4 11 w ,Q ' . 1 .Y --af s .Q K' n l I di V h I I if C 4 V l I 's x g . w . H W I .l 1 1 J N, Q. .. . ,W ' sa Q Q ' If ll . 1 s 5 . 9 ' -- . , ,I .1 ' 11.1. J 6 Q ,--r , .1 X . vw '- A ' A 2 f "Lex 1- , ,N . . 1 ' fm , -. 2, 1 .1 ' , w A f X ,. . . , I fl,-, , R hf -if f, ffggffz? - W - . ,-1:7 .fu ,ui Ka ,-va, . ,wx . 'z ,wflz ':lz4':2-3:-462 ,fic 'rf-11:1-,:f", ' K , 4 mg -- , , iff -, asm.- mf Qi' Xml - Wm" 4 " gif, -t '-.- ' Q 5 Q1 1 ,M ,-' ' - 1, .Q ki' '- ., w- - t 'Li , M," ggwx .1 -M, me wg' aw wr. mmf f.5A"1H'Ji-t. f -1- fi xx 14- ' A 1.4,-,,., W, L. ,Lf W, ..,.,.,, ..,.f -,yt ,L "gg '- ' Q ., WG? H. -,

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