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fl 44,94 ,ggjyfbmyyf CY owjwiihfw uw? 71 Wi fy hmwdf WWW ffl dfwfwjbobaw 07,1 f 3 Ig Safcrw ff ew ww f b,QWQ?p4Wf wp V M J ywwfjggfiy WMM HM? 7 J a4Jf0JlIfi0 www bw Miwfw kg My M97 44.1 1 WW V, yf fin JK? X X W 5 ,M M fb N aff fu 'YW WW M ? W My , , , ,gf wk f f1f4 ,.,f ., ff' '1 fLfawwQ1 L I ,,, 1, . , K7 ,.4.:. A .4 ff" ff -'Aff f- l Y lf' lj: I1 . LNC, 'fb V '?' I a- f fifffj- ,W Pc y V Q f - MM E Xi 4, if ,I K 1 , YS, - ' 7 ,L J Lilly' bw? ffsf W X. -2.1 j , LJ " 1 5-ff Qi W iQ ,MW + l Azdzf 1 7 M i Cf -KX' X 'Bu' - My L4-ff! WZ L! , myfy' KQJ' KQQ f'Vf I ' f ff' I y Lib ' J MJFQ M n ' ' ff VV 09" 'W ' Z QM LD J M if PM jp 0' if I J' ,- av up , ' +421 - V 1 4 . ' 1' fm' . . . . -'O ,af f K 1 5 , . , f ' ,x, ' 'V I ' , A " 4 " Tl'f' ff , 4 5 I nUL!.ll:..L, 'Jo Lil' 44 - 7 I l ",, A JA fy god ZZ f b ' ,f MA MV Sy 3,05 V .ff J , ff? ' u LJ 'X J If I D gy X I K ' JB-x - ' K ' W XJ! JV MJ xl f K X ID Q ij!! f V yi I N Dx -,x lygilv ll' 'Sf' WV YQM N If N J why, w ' N xdw ya ,Q HJ" , - 1 if KIUJN 0 Q' J y Jjm J' x rx I 0.7 ul "Q JAM bvx if -Lw Know is xl 3 "5- l Lfaf- ig 4 A ' CW' ' . 0304 77ff0U' fl Af jd? 5 M y f-,VL lufQl.1??LlJ,1A4,4,4,4f1, X iv XSLJU vip L N .jf 1 B I Jxx X x J X J A VIN JV " ' V F W .iffy Wwsw A XfL f1'xM1, 'gif J WMM 1 Emi 5? new W J 353395 ffm 22555 if Q Qs: 5 53233 M Wwgf may Z fif,L'fMgx"'5f RX awfdfh, A 232, Qin! ffydw S Wwqmulwffw ,af 'Gilt MWMU Lfwljfjywf X lxkftfx og'4 WLLU J, XY Y Lk o ' i E 3 .Q U f ' I Q N gil? NAS 2,5 lg C5 A K ' L 1 30 0, 3 . , M Cilwd ax ' 5 XB W j KT- . , -I Azwofpj W '7!w Swim 61444 flfmemix -sv C27 Ki I 1 2 1 ,-.. ? '4 a A O Mmm of 1957 ANACOSTIA HIGH SCI-looL WASHINGTON, D. C. Q I Ou? an 439 "Jo ' :JN ,+G 'EIS' " ,051 ' 4 'iz 5-l 5 9-'QQ " 'MTS 9 .35 Q: : . -fs. : D - it C P4 JWWWZ 2.4 allem . f 4 ' Q .,J, '4 Q, ' I ' ' l 'lf' .fa ' I 4 I V 'H ' .-1' . ., ' " p"""', ,ff . - ' L ' ' ' ' ,3','.'f-,Mx-V 1 ' 4.1 " "'A ',,7-' 1 7. Eff If . f 1' . . , 2 A , ,frm 6235 L 1 ,f S152-W fm :Qty 4-V' v : I H 'A r , I ff 1 ,4 ,, . , af'-' 31 2 ' 1 V' "Y" if - . "eff ' H ',g'i3iEx?i:ff- all 'K 1 I , Q I Q fu ?1 '. Q ,,,me1ez21'3f' -WN' 'f 2 ,,:f 4:s -giifl ' 1 -0. - A ,-' ' ' ' ra.-Aga. n f L' Q V bi' , L- , .3 if,-mr, " "' , ' M tif-2',,+,, A i,1"'xQwb EQ 1 X Y 5 4 J, Er.-A' Jimziv, w - " ' n - ' ,Q V ' A Q,::r'- - , ia' . W :lf Hai 5 'ff 4251 "4-ffj 2. , iv: V E ,V . ' 5 11,0 s , ' I , 3 ll 'Y f v.' 2 v .5 Miss JEAN NIOFFATT 4 n the years to come, warm memories will drift back as we glance through the pages of the Totem Pole and relive our school life. This album of three eventful years at Anacostia will recall things close to our hearts-the days of stimulating class work, the educators, the friends, the thrill-packed moments of sports, and the ac- complishments and hopes of all the graduates. Our high school exists for the realization of these experiences. That is why we are so proud to open the portals and let you pass in review through the world all of us have known so well, the world of Anacostia High School. mea- ' ow can we ever forget those enlighten- ing interviews with Miss Moffatt? Or the many times she has so willingly pitched in and helped us organize our senior celebrations? Our adviser has always been ready with beneficial counsel about college, guidance in planning our programs, and suggestions for conducting class business. Mr. Nolan's loyalty, sincerity, sense of humor, and real interest in all of us students have become part of the traditions of Anacostia. We shall always remember our baseball coach with affection. To show our appreciation for all that they have done for us, we dedicate our 1951 Totem Pole to Miss Moffatt and Mr. Nolan. MR. THoMAs NOLAN W- 'R 'Hmm . '-'-M.. MRS. OPAL H. CORKERY Principal or three years Mrs. Corkery has been a friend from whom we might seek counsel about our problems and a Wise adviser whose criticisms have been both helpful and constructive. We have been constantly reminded of her desire to promote the best interests of us students by her efforts to combine discipline and sociability in order to establish a well-balanced educational program, by her willingness to recognize the value of our activities, and by her endeavors to make us worthy of our school. Her enthusiastic support of our athletic teams, her sympathetic encouragement of our Cadet Corps, and her genuine cooperation with our clubs and organizations are further evi- dences of her sincere concern for our welfare. Wfith respect for her judgment, understand- ing, and keen sense of justice, we, the Graduates of 1951, extend our warmest thanks and best wishes to Mrs. Corkery, our principal. ith an attitude of friendly firmness, Mrs Horn and Mr. Griffith have arbitrated our disputes and listened to our tales with unlimited patience. Con- fronted hy students with many kinds of perplexing difficul- ties, they have solved seeming- ly insuperable problems with an aptitude which has won them our deepest gratitude. The Seniors of '51 will always cherish their efforts to guide us to higher goals. MRS. GLADYS O. HORN Assistant Principal 'W t c fifl-ww l tttt " 1 XXI MR. EUGENE E. GRIFFITH Assistant Principal -If 3 4' Q xy- F :Hy 5 as Please take a letter. Shirleyf, ,gs l rg . f -it " 4 A" j, ,nnlb M ww, ff' , ,pl t ,,.,ff ,M- A brief lull in a principalis busy day. n 11'-sq Maintaining close communica- tion between the home and the school is part of an assistant prin- Cipalis work. ,.'-'- MRS. AGNES T. BECKWITH+Englishg Mount Holyoke College, Harvard University. MR. HARRY L. BENNER-Mechanical Drawingg George Washington University, Georgetown University, Co- lumbus University. MRS. MILDRED C. BENNERT--U. S. History and Soci- ologyg Catholic University. MR. ARTHUR C. BOYD'-Physical Educationg University of Maryland. MR. RICHARD K. BROWN-Biologyg Davis Elkins Col- lege, West Virginia University. MR. HORACE BUTTERWORTH-Band and Orchestrag New York University. MISS ANNA M. BUYS-Office Trainingg University of Iowa, George Washington University. MRS. CECIL W. CANTRELL-Lating George Washington University. Mrs. Dickson explains the mysteries of locus to Frank Vanclegrift and Carol Johnson. MRS. MARJORIE M. CLARK--Englishg George Washing- ton University. MR. STANLEY N. COLLINS-Business Law and Adviserg Bowdoin College, George Washington Univ-ersity. MRS. RUTH C. DELPINO-History and Sociologyg Bates College, University of New Hampshire. MRS. LOUISE A. DICKSON-Mathematics and Adviserg Marshall College, University of Maryland. MISS JEAN DORREL--Artg University of Chicago, Teachers College of Columbia University. MRS. ELIZABETH P. DUNN-American Historyg Tran- sylvania College. University of Kentucky. MRS. JANET G. DUNN-Physical Educationg University of Maryland. MR. SAMUEL W. FISHKIN-Bi0l0gy: University of Maryland. Aided by Miss Dorrel, Richard Oden and Nancy Chaillet brush up on art. s NIR. CII.-IRLIQS I". FOSFIIIQR f-Nlathr-matici and Woodshopg Cvorgr- Wa-Iiinggton I'nixe-nity. NIR. ALVIN I. IIINIJIIIII 'IIf-alth and Physical Edu- cation: Syrae-uw I'iiix't-nity. Ce-orgv Washington Uni- versity. MISS NI.-IRT II-XNNA -Ifnglifh and Journalism: Uni- vf-rsity of Nlinnvxota. ll:-orgv Washington University. MISS NIIRIAXI I.. Il.-XRIJY German and Frenchg Evans- ville- Collvgt-. Iniwraity of Chicago. MRS. RIITII II. IIARPIIR -Bookkm-e-ping and Typingg George Wva-hington I'nivf'rsity. MISS IZYA HIQNIJIQRSON Nlusicg New York University. MR. WALTER IQ. IIORN--Jletalcraftg William and Mary Collf-ge, Ifniwrsity of Maryland. MRS. ALI-:NE I'II'l.L--Home Economics: Oxford College, Ohio. ,Bi Child Care taught bw 'Niles Knox provec to he Ready aim mpg' Laura Villgon gate Off to a an IHIPFEQIIH QlLldN for 'Inn AIICIIISOH and SUE fast Qtart ln V115 Harpers typlng Clais Wilew NIISN NI-IRJORIF I HI LL Lngli h Lnnersity of California NIINN XIXRI XRPT IILNTINI TON Engli h Unner ity Nouth It a iw I Illin s 'URN NIIRII' I' JOIINNION I N Hi tory Latin Amer iran 1 r x Ili Superior State Tear ers, ix Wi Lon N lx ION OH JUNINN lathematir Inner ity of irtli I. r . .. , n r 4 HRS. IQIAINE NI, KII.liUI'RNI1--I.he-mitry and Algebra: N ntclair Stat- Tear' r-r- Coll '. Crlumbia University. . SS VRAIIIC Ixlxf' I VHPNF Education: Wet Yirginia 'N 'ya ln. . Iinixrr-ity of Pittfbur . NIIF5 IRENI: KNOX-H me Eronomicsz I'niver,ity f N 'ryIanrI, Ohio Stat' Ilnivc-r i y, NIR, :XLBIQHN J. LAXIII--Printing Prnnylxania State Teavhers flollrgf-. IIHIVPYQIIY of Nlaryland. MRQ. CATHERINE R. LLSK-Ilome Nursing and Nutri- ti0r1: Flora Stone Mather College. Western Reserve Ilniversity. MISS MARY L. MACINA-Spanishg George Washington University. MRS. ALICE C. MASON-English: George Washington University. Catholic Ifniversity. MRS. MARY C. MASON--Englishg Winthrop College. University of South Carolina. MR. GEORGE E. MAXIMfPhysics and Fundamentals of Machinesg Ijniversity of Maine. MR. ANGIIS MCPHAIL-Historyg University of Iowa. MISS MARGARET G. MOWBRAY-Lihrariang American University. Drexel Institute. MRS. PHRONSIE M. MONBERG-eBusiness Educationg Mary Washington College. Columbia University. fqnamfufia 1 . Ulu. kj. K -Pak. at I if Mr. McPhail tells a humorous historical incident Dear Sirzw- Janet Harris and Maria Pantalena to Gloria Fortyune and Dayton Biser. iv' take dictation from Mrs. Moseley. MISS ALICE S. MORGAN-Health, Physical Education, and Adviser' Universit of Mar land Geor e Washin ton MRS. MARTINE MOSELEY-Shorthandg University of Kentucky. MISS NELLIE J. OYERHIILSERiBookkeeping and Typ- ing: Iowa State Teachers College, Columbia University. MISS l.liCIE E. PETTA'-Physical Educaliong George Washington University. New York Ifniversity. .V , I ry' . y . gr g- University. MR. LOWELL A. PRATER-Industrial Arts: West Vir- ginia Tech, University of Maryland. MR. TROY H. PRICEvsGovernment. Economics, and Law: University of Texas. MISS CORINNE T. REARDON--French: Randolph-Macon Womans College. George Washington University. MISS AGNES S. RUSSELfMathematicsg Hastings Col- lege. Drake University. F- Q , . I HRS. IIAZPII. C. SCIIERTZ--Home lfconomicsg Wesleyan X4-Inraska lniw-r-ily. l'nivvrsity of Chivago. MRF. Rl"l'll I". SIDES Ilvaltli aml Physical liclucation: Xluilison ljollvgi-, Nvw York liniw-r-ity. NIR. 'Xl'fll'S'I'IYlf Y. I'. SNIITH f-Biology: Ft. John! ilollf-gw. Ifzitlioliri liniu-r-ity. NII55 Erlillifl. I.. SNIITH 'xl8lllf'Hl3tIC'i and Arlviser: Xniv-riran linixf-rsity. NIR. KPIRNIIT STEW.-KRT Physiral Emluvationi Georgi- Wa-Iiington linivf-rsity, XIISF l".XI'I'll 'l'-lYl.0R- English: Framingham Stale' 'I'v-avlivrs tlollf-go. llurvurml liiiiwrsity. NIISS K.-XTIIRNN .-N. TRlll'1:XN'l' Engxli-li: Nloum Holyoke College. llarxartl lhixersity. NIR. MgXLff0I.Nl E. TIIRPIN Business lfduvationg Mar- -hall Colle-gr-. New York lfniversity. fnf' . 5, . 17 Nothing serious, Gloria: just a mild case of Facts in figures are the task of the bank staff, book fatigue. supervised by Mr. Turpin. NIR. HIXRRY S. WlII'l'lf5lfI,l. Conn-vlorg George- Wash, ington liniw-rsily. NIR. l.'lWlllf'WQlQ Ii. XX ll.l.I1'l"l' l'I1y-ival Ifiluf-ation: L'ni- wrsily of Nllssfjllfl. George- Wiashingzton lfniversily. NIR. IQHRIQ WILSON -Sociology and 11+-ograpliyg Ini- wr-ity of flinvinnati. National lvniversity. MRF. ULIXI-I I.. WIIFON--Forfal Fturlif-4 annl English lioui-iana Ftatf- Normal flollegv. fleorge Washington l nn XIR5. tal XIRS URS XlRr erslty. IQIDNK FTRUIII' R+-gi-1+-rwl Nur-ff: Altoona Hospi- I'r-nnsylxania. NIXRIQ-XRlf'li Nl. COOK' -Clerk. IQLKXNUR IL. .IOXIQS fllfrk. El.lZ-Xl5IE'l'II lil NLII Hook fflf-rk. Above: Senior boys come to Mr. White- sell for a helping hand. Right: Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Dickson examine the results of vocational aptitude tests before advising a student about suitable post- graduate careers. ll- 'F Q mwuwi " ,Eg umm Umm 'if' ' ' 1 A P A vi: ,, 1,11 1 L , b was 1 -, tr 1 ,.-Q ' x- f - 'Cv' 0 l ' O F ' C 'X Seniofut I7 I Ju -N. 3- s.,,wl -wr 1--7, xX x cznaafzq efadfi Ufficevzfi .-Ks you trace the account of your achievements and those of your friends between the covers of this hook. pause here a moment and join us as we compliment our January Class Officers. Se- lected because of outstanding personal qualifications to represent their fellow students, they have established enviable records at Anacostia. The Totem Pole proudly presents Galen Wickersham, President: James Matthews. Vice Prcsidentg Mary Ann Bond, Secretaryg and James Lear, Treasurer. IG-H4464-q Seniaaei BONNIE JEAN ACKER "Dovie" Activities: Pow-Wow Representative 6: Allied Youth 8: Red Cross 8: Cheer- leaders 8: C-.A.A. 8: Teacher's Secre- tary 8. Wlzafs Ahead: Marine Corps or mar- riage. Idle Hour Pastimes: Sports and danc- mg. Noted For: Her green eyes. RICHARD CRENFELL ALLISON "Dick" Activities: Student Council 3-4. Whafs Ahead: Work and the Service. Idle Hour Pastime: Admiring the girls. Noted For: Cars and telephone poles. RUTH ELLEN BABCOCK Activities: 2nd Honors 6: Bank Staff ISecretary, Vice President? 5-8. Whafs Ahead: Work and marriage. Idle Hour Pastime: Talking on the telephone. Noted Far: Her colorful scarves. YN., T' JOHN MILLER AGNEW "Jack" Activities: Bowling Club 7-8. What's Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Watching tele- vision. Noted For: Always smiling. DEANE LORRAINE ARTHUR "Deanie" Activities: lst Honors 6: 2nd Honors 4. 7: Totem Pole Staff 6-7: Pow- Waw Staff lClub and Social Editorl 6-8: Quill and Scroll 8: Red Cross 4-5: Bowling Club 7: Bank Staff tPresidentt 5-8. Wfzafs Ahead: Wilson Teachers' Col- ege. Idle Hour Pastime: Watching television. Noted For: Staying after school. ARNOLD JOHN BOETTCHER "Charlie Buck" Activities: Perfect Attendance 3-6: Ca- dets lCpl.J 3-4: Allied Youth 8: Football 8: Track 5. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Loafing. Noted For: Having fun. mi L fe:-5 ,.., 1 Q :ff t ve X I ix 'A .,, ...vb " , H -ef' I -5 In QA: 5 MARY ANN BOND "Shorty" Activities: Ist Honors 3-4, 6: 2nd Honors 5: Totem Pole Staff 6-7: Pow-Wow Staff 6: Leaders' Club 6- 8: G.A.A. 4-8: Bowling Club 7- 8: Allied Youth 3: Latin Assembly 6: Bank Staff 6-8: Student Council 6-7: Science Club 8. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Watching football. Noted For: Her sudden interest in foot- ball. JERRY ALLAN BOWMAN "Rig Jerry" Activities: Track Letters 5, 7: Cadets llst Lieutenantl 3-8: "A" Club 6-8: Non-Com Club 4-7: Officers' Club 7- 8: Rifle Club 5-8: Bowling Club 7-8: Football 4-5: Football Manager 8: Totem Pole Representative 4-6. Whafs Ahead: The Army. Idle Hour Pastimes: Bowling and swim- ming. Noted For: His laugh. PHYLLIS ANNE CARTER "Phil" Activities: Allied Youth 8: Dance Club 3: Section Vice President 8. Whafs Ahead: Ballet Russe. Idle Hour Pastime: Being tardy. Noted For: .Always going to ballet school. Y' 'N yv' I 5 DENIS CRITTENDEN BOURLAND "Denn Activities: Band Letter 7' Cadet Ban lCpl.'t 4-7: Totem Pole Art Staff 8 Pow-Wow Cartoonist 7-8' Cafeteria Staff 5-8' Band 6-8 lI'hat's Ahead: Art school Idle Hour Pastime: Movies Noted For: His art work yas PEGGY JEAN BURROUGHS Activities: lst Honors 3-4 6-7' 2nd Honors 5' Perfect Attendance 34 Totem Pole 6-8' Leaders' Club fPresi dent! 6-8: Science Club 8: C.A.A 4-8: Allied Youth Representative 3 Bank Staff lllead Cashier! 7-8: Student Council 4-5, 8. W'liat's Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Watching television. Noted For: Her quiet manner. JACK DAVID CASH "Sweetheart" Activities: Two Football Letters: Foot- ball 6, 8: "A" Club 6-8: Track 7. Whafs Ahead: College or work. Idle Hour Pastime: Playing checkers. Noted For: Being a Charlie Justice fan. HELEN FREEMAN CORNWELL "Minnie" Actit'1'I1'es: Ts-acher's Secretary 8. Whafs Ahead: Marriage. Idle Hour Pastirne: Wlriting letters. Noted For: ller sweet manner. WILLIA M THOMAS CUTSHAW "Tommy" Activities: Cadets 4CaptainJ 3-83 Of- ficers' Club 5-6: Football 5-63 Track 6 7 Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Sports. Noted For: His little '35 Ford. JOYCE MAE CAYLOR "Jock" llihafs Ahead: A career and marriage. Idle Hour Pastlme: Music. Noted For: Her expressive eyes. ROBERT HARRY CH ATLIN "f,hat-Rat" 7: Football Letters 6, 8g Baseball Letters 5. 73 "A" Club 6-8. ll'hat's Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Playing cards. Noted For: Arguing with Cash about Choo Choo Justice. LELA CRETA COLE "Lee" Activities: Allied Youth 8g Y-Teen Club 83 Red Cross Representative 4-6: Footlights Club 6-8. Ifhafs Ahead: Fame and fortune. Idle Hour Paslime: Being happy. Noted For: Her long hair. MARGARET PEARL CORFIELD .Pegg Activities: Perfect .Attendance 3, 53 2nd Honors 6: Totem Pole Editorial Staff 6-8: Pow-Wow Representative 7-83 Allied Youth 8g G.A.A. 5-83 Photography Club 8. Whafs Ahead: The F.B.l. Idle Hour Pastime: Writing letters. Noted For: Talking. SHEILA MARY ANNE COURTER Activities: lst Honors 7: 2nd Honors 65 Pau'-Wow tLiterary Editorl 8g Quill and Scroll 8: Y-Teens 7-83 G.A.A. 5-83 Bowling Club 73 Oper- ettas 3-4. lI'hat's Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Reading science fiction. Noted For: Her peppery temper. BETTY ANN DISHNER "Minnie" Az'f1'r'it1'es: Red Cross 8. Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Movies. Noted For: Her easy manner and good disposition. CHARLES HENRY GETS "Charlie" Activities: Allied Youth CTreasurerl Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Movies. Noted For: Having fun with everyone. Artirilies: Football 6, 83 Baseball 5, faraway Seniau ELIZA BETH HOPE CLIFTON ..H0ppy,, Activities: 2nd Honors 7: C.M.A lCaptaint 6-83 Exhibition Platoon 6 83 Totem Pole Representative 7-8 C.A.A. 5: Assembly Program 7. Whafs Ahead: Art school. Idle Hour Pastimes: Drawing sports. Noted For: Talking about cadets. JACK ROBERT CORBIN "Jock" and Actirities: Cadets 3-4: Allied Youth 8 Whafs Ahead: Air Force. Idle Hour Pastime: Movies. Noted For: Mimicking others. MARY ANN CORL Activities: Red Cross 5-7. Whafs Ahead: Marriage. Idle Hour Pastimes: Movies and f ball. Noted For: Her politics. 001 Glau YADA MARLENE GRAY Activities: G.M.A. KCpl.l 3-5: Teach- er's Secretary 8. l!'hat's Ahead: Secretarial work and marriage. Noted For: Always doing office train- ing homework. ADELE HARROW "Dale" Activities: Perfect Attendance 3, 5, 7: Y-Teens 7: Red Cross 6: Library Staff 8. What's Ahead: A career. Idle Hour Pastimes Embroidering. Noted For: Her ability to get "A" in conduct. JILL HIERS Activities: Totem Pole Editorial Staff 8: Bowling Club 6: Allied Youth 6-8: Dramatic Club 8. Whafs Ahead: Work and then college. Idle Hour Pastimes: Reading and watching television. Noted For: An angelic expression. af 1951 MADELINE ESTELLE HARRISON "Dinky" Activities: G.M.A. -1-5: Business Office 7. Whafs Ahead: Marriage Idle Hour Pastime: Eating Noted For: Being late for a date MARGARET JUNE ANN HERBERT "Turtle Nose" Activities: Pau'-Wow Representative 5 6: Allied Youth 8: G.A.A. 8: u dent Council Representative 3 What's Ahead: A career in banking. Idle Hour Pastimes: Dancing and swim- ming. Noted For: Sewing and being in trouble. gf' CHARLES WILLIAM HIGGINS "Big Bill" Activities: Orchestra 5-8: Allied Youth 7-8: Science Club 7: Student Coun- cil Play and Allied Youth Assembly 7: Student Council 4, 8. What's Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: "Souping up" cars. Noted For: Being seen in a blue Austin with a brown guitar. .33 sq- px WILLARD JOSEPH HILL "Willy" Activities: Cadets llst Lieutenant! 3- 8: Non-Com Club 6-7: Stage Crew 8: Bowling Team 7-8. Whafs Ahead: College or the Service. Idle Hour Pastimes: Bowling and dancing. Noted For: His maroon-colored pegged pants. HENRY EDWARD JONES "Bogers" Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Playing pool. Noted For: Wearing dungarees. FRED RUSSELL KOCHER "Freddie" What's Ahead: A trip to Florida and then work. Idle Hour Pastime: Sports. Noted For: His easy-going personality. ff: ARTHUR GRADY HILLEY "Artie" Activities: lst Honors 3: 2nd Honors 4: Chess Club 8. Whafs Ahead: Navy college. Idle Hour Przstime: Piano. Noted For: His quiet manner. WILLIAM LOUIS KING "Buddy', Activities: Perfect Attendance 68: Two Track and Two Football Letters 5- 8: "A" Club 5-8: Football 6, 8: Track 5, 7. Whafs Ahead: Wlork. Idle Hour Pastimes: Sports and danc- ing. Noted For: His wavy hair. EDUARDO JOSE LASO "Chili" Activities: 2 Sports Letters: Cadets lStat'f Major: 3-8: Non-Com Club 3-5: Crack Squad 3-6: Rifle Team 6-7: Officers' Club 68: Track 7: Football 6, 8: Cafeteria Staff 4:Ten- nts 3. D, 7. Whats Ahead: Military or agricultural C0llr'g6. Idle Hour Pastime: Sports. Noted For: His smooth Spanish style. fanualuffg ' JAMES WILLIAM LEAR "Buzzie" Activities: Perfect Attendance 6-7: Graduating Class Treasurer 8: Sec- tion Treasurer 8: Football 8: Basket- ball 6-7. What's Ahead: College and then the F.B.I. Idle Hour Pastime: Waiting for his girl friend. Noted For: Always carrying a big lunch. TWILA MAE MANION "Smiley" Activities: Pow-Wow Representative 7: Allied Youth 8: G.A.A. 8: Student Council 4-5. Wlzatls Ahead: Secretarial work. Idle Hour Pastimes: Chatting and danc- mg. Noted For: Her cute walk. JAMES RAYMOND MATTHEWS "jimmy" Activities: Football Letters 4, 6, 8: Cadets lLie-utenantj 6-8: "A" Club lPresidentl 3-8: Football fCaptainl 4, 6, 8: Orchestra 5: Band 3-8: Bowl- ing Club 7-8: Student Council 8. W'hat's Ahead: Keeping away from work. Idle Hour Pastime: Playing football. Noted For: His missing front teeth. If Qty KIRK LEDBETTER "Porky" Activities: Cadets 6. Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Playing cards. Noted For: Always being seen in the Office. JOAN DOLORES MARCH "Minnie" Activities: Perfect Attendance 5-6, 8: Red Cross 3-4: G.A.A. 8: Allied Youth 8. Whafs Ahead: Marriage. Idle Hour Pastime: A boy with hair. Noted For: Her nylon blouses. JOHN RICHARD MCCARTHY Activities: Perfect Attendance-5: Al- lied Youth 8: Football 6: Track 7. II"hat's Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Loafing. Noted For: Never having any money. 1-A7 I LI "Mac" RAYMOND FREDERICK MCMULLEN Kc ef' If Activities: Pow-Wow 34, 6: De Molay Club 3-8: Allied Youth 8: Red Cross 3: Bowling Club 7: Operettas "Pin- aforev tLeading Partl, "Pirates of Penzance," and "Mikado" 3-8: Stu- dent Council 4-6. Idle Hour Pastime: Running around. Noted For: His smooth line. NANCY ANN MOORE Activities: Music Letter 7: Red Cross 8: Allied Youth 8: G.A.A. 6: Oper- ettas "Pirates of Penzance" and "Pin- afore" 3-6: Christmas and Easter Assemblies 3-6. lVhat's Ahead: College. ft JAMES EDWARD MOELLER "Jim" Activities: ,I.Y. Football 4, 6: J.V. Basketball 4: Track 3. 5: Band 3-8. Whafs Ahead: A big red fire engine. Idle Hour Pastimes: Basketball and dancing. Noted For: His interest in sports. PATRICIA ANN MORRIS opal-v Activities: C.M.A. CPfc.l 3-4: G.A. A. 8: Allied Youth 8: Teacher's Sec- retary 7-8. Wliafs Ahead: Marriage. Idle Hour Pastime: Talking on the Idle Hour Pastime: Listening to good l"lf'Ph0Ylf'- D music, Noted For: Her attractive personality. Noted For: Her freckles. PATRICIA ANN MOSS CERTRLIDE FRANCES NASSAU "Pat" "Trudy" II'hat's Ahead: Work. Activities: Footlights Club 3-4. Idle Hour Pastime: Listening to music. II'hat's Ahead: Secretarial work. Noted For: Always doing office train- Idle Hour Pastime: Playing Canasta. ing homework. Noted For: Baby talk. 'els WILLIAM EMMETT RHODES "Dusty" Activities: Baseball Letters 5, 7: "A" Club 5-7: Baseball 5-7: Section Presi- dent 3-6. What's Ahead: Hollywood. Idle Hour Pastime: Card games. Noted For: His good looks and modesty. ELMER BERNARD ROBINSON "Fudd" Activities: Football Letter 8: Football 6. 8. Idle Hour Pastime: Learning to jitter- bug. Noted For: His laugh. KENNE L s s TTI? 6' "Rosy" . Acli 'itz sz I hess Cl 8 Bowling m : Allied I 8 Football t' i ead' Coast Guard Academy. I e Ho P' me: Getting lost at Fort W hi . Quits Fo aughing at anything. ,Q ii 2? l 81644 of 1951 PATRICIA ANN NEIGHBARGER b6Pat19 Activities: Perfect Attendance 345 2nd Honors 63 C.A.A. 5-83 Bowling Club 7: Y-Teens flnter-Club Coun- cil Representativel 7-8. What's Ahead: Office work. Idle Hour Pastime: Reading. Noted For: Her lack of loquacity. MARIA FILOMENA PANTALENA "Mena" Activities: Perfect Attendance 5.8: lst Honors 4: Business Office 7: Teach- er's Secretary 8. Whafs Ahead: Private secretarial work. Idle Hour Pastimes: Dancing and read- mg. Noted For: Eating all the time. .IO ANNE MILDRED PLUMMER GAJ019 Activities: Pow-Wow Representative 4- 7: G.A.A. 6-7: Dramatic Club 6-7. Whafs Ahead: Airline hostess. Idle Hour Pastime: Sleeping. Noted For: Always talking. LEMYRA ELIZABETH ROBERTS "Lee" Activities: Totem Pole Representative 4-5: Business Office 6-8: Teacher's Secretary -1--5: Student Council 3, 7. Whafs Ahead: Finding a job. Idle Hour Pastime: Talking to herself. Noted For: Her attractive personality. MARY ROMEO "Romeo" Activities: Pow-Wow Representative 4- 8: Allied Youth 4-7: Y-Teens 8: Dramatic Club 4-7. Whois Ahead: Stenographic work and then marriage. Idle Hour Pastimes: Dancing and drawing. Noted For: Her interest in writing letters. DAVID KENNETH ROTH "Dave" Activities: Perfect Attendance 5, 75 lst Honors 3-5: 2nd Honors 7: Mu- sic Letters 5, 7-8: Cadet Band flst Sergeant? 3-7: Non-Com Club 4-79 Key Club lDirectorl 6-8: De Malay Club 34: Allied Youth 83 "Mikado" 8: "Anacostia Antics" 7: Brigade Band lAlternate Drum Major? 4-73 Student Council 3, 8: Band iStu- dent Leaderl 3-8: Orchestra 5-6g An- nouncing 5, 8. Noted For: Keeping cool. GEORGE HENRY ONDUSKO Activities: Football 6, 8: Track 7g "A" Club 6-8: Football and Track Letters 6-8: Red Cross 7. IVhat's Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Watching tele- vision. Noted For: His football ability. MARILYN MARSHA PECKNAY "Kid" Activities: lst Honors 6. Whafs Ahead: Marriage versus a ca- reer. Idle Hour Pastimez Eating. Noted For: Her freckles. CHARLES CARFREY READ "Chas" Activities: Cadets flst Lieutenantl 3- 8: Non-Com Club 6-7. Whafs Ahead: Commercial decorating or the Navy. Idle Hour Pastime: Hunting riew girl friends. Noted For: Being fickle. A . ,f,- -2. ELIZABETH LOUISE SHERBERT ..L0u,, Activities: Totem Pole Representative 3-8: Allied Youth 5: Student Coun- cil 7. Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Going out. Noted For: Always laughing. BERNARD FRANCIS TERRY "Terry" Activities: Football Letters 6, 8: Foot- ball 6, 8g "A" Club 7-8: Basketball 6-7. What's Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastimes: Football, basket- ball, and baseball. Noted For: His good humor. LAWRENCE CHESTER TUELL "Tool" Activities: Cadets 3: De Molay Club 3: Orchestra 6: Band 3-8. Idle Hour Pastime: Loafing. Noted For: Being cool. ,G-0064-Q3 ' JOSE CRISLOGO SABERON upingss Activities: Cadets CLieutenantl 5-8: Track 69 Operetta 8. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Playing the guitar. Noted For: His singing ability. LOIS JEAN SCOTT "Scottie" Activities: Perfect Attendance 3-8: Allied Youth 8: "Pinafore" 7: As- semblies 3-8g Cafeteria Staff 3-4. Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Stepping out. Noted For: Her friendliness. FREDERICK JAMES SEEGAR 5LFred!9 Activities: Totem Pole Cartoonist 8. Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Sleeping. Noted For: Being a champion coke drinker. WARREN HAROLD SANFORD Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Playing ping-pong. Noted For: His popularity. PATRICIA ANN CLENDA SEAMAN "Pat" Activities: Section Secretary 3-7: G. A.A. 8: Dramatic Club 8: Allied Youth 8: Student Council 5-6. Whafs Ahead: Making money. Idle Hour Pastime: Dancing. Noted For: A winning smile. JOAN ANN SEXTON Activities: Allied Youth 8. Whafs Ahead: Work and more educa- tion. Idle Hour Pastime: Sleeping. Noted For: Breaking bones. AUBREY M. SOUTHWORTH iislimv Activities: Cadets tCpl.J 5-8: Football 6, 85 Track 5, 7: Student Council 3. 6. Idle Hour Pastime: Sleeping. Noted For: Catching passes. HAROLD RICHARD TINSLEY "Rick" What's Ahead: Air Corps. Idle Hour Pastime: Roller skating. Noted For: Pumping gas at the Sunoco station. HANK WENDORF Whafs Ahead: Work and then college. Idle Hour Pastime: Sleeping. Noted For: His quiet manner in con- trast to his loud shirts. qui.. Y .er - - - 3 Glen af 1951 BLANCHE JEAN WHITE GALEN WICKERSHAM "Sunshine" "Floyd" gs Activities: Perfect Attendance 3-83 lst Activities: Perfect Attendance 6-8: Ca- I Honors 3-8: Music Letter 8: Totem dets 3: Key Club 6-8: Totem Pale Pole 6-7: Leaders' Club 6-8: G.A.A. Representative 5: Senior Class Pres- 8: Choral Assemblies 34, 78: Sci- identg Junior Class Treasurer: Stu- ence Club 8: Operettas 4, 83 An- dent Council fTreasurerJ 7-8: Sec- nouncing 4-8: Allied Youth 8. li0n Pr8Sidf'r1i 7-8. Whatls Ahead: College. What's Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Climbing to a star. Idle Hour Prlstimez Model cars. Noted For: Her big brown eyes and Noted For: Flirting. freckles. DOUGLAS DESMOND WOODWARD DONALD DELOS WRIGHT "Doug" "Mick" Activities: Section Officer 4-8: Junior Activities: Perfect Attendance 3-6: lst glass President 6: Student Council Honors 7: Pow-Wow fSports Editorl . 7-8. Idle Hour Pastime: Talking with the What's Ahead: Maryland University. ,mxf girls. Idle Hour Pastime: Reading. Noted Far: His lively hair. Noted For: His green Dodge. BETTY JANE YETTON MARGARET ANN YOUNG "Susie" "Margie,' Activities: Perfect Attendance 383 Al- Activities: G.M.A. fCpl.l 4-7: Pow- lied Youth fTreasurer Secreta Wow 8: Y-Teens 6. Presidentj 6-8: Red Cross 7: What's Ahead: Work. A.A. 8: Allied Youth Assemblies 6-8: Idle Hour Pastime: Movies Bank Staff 5-8: Student Council 8. Noted For: Her eyes. Whatls Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastimes: Letter writing and drawing. Noted For: Her work for Allied Youth. ROSALYN PERT ZANOFF JAMES BERNARD BURNS "ROSC" ELLIS LAVERN DEIHL Activities: Y-Teens 6, 8: Teacher's RICHARD , ' Tj, ' Secretary 5-8. RICHARD 1 t'yf"':t- What's Ahead: Business College. com 1-:Ll .fy 1 jig. iff' A ELL mt Hour Pastime: Talking 10 the ALMA AM nt1v:,.g,,,iiif"f Oy' . . as 4 L ON S S . DINO ALO UERRA , 1,For: Her big brown eyes. 1rft" :g giL . .. . n fa?.? x.lg is V35 r-L - V F gli!!! Juan B01-Vhlan ' use get 30-.M A ., j.,,-V Swim , l - A- fr 2124 ' ' -. . H: e The bell has rung, th - ass is-over, and the locker doors have c H A 5. hifli - or the last time. As we depart, we stand momentarily on the steps and see our school just the . ,fi "" i' it was when we entered. Only yesterday, it seems, we began three wonderful, hectic years of high school life. Timid at first, we soon developed self-confidence and joined in the fun. The semesters passed by swiftly and sud- denly we were seniors, responsible for the leadership of the school. Clubs, publications, cadets, and ath- letics depended on us for major support. We hope our efforts have been successful. Later in the year we were lost in the whirl of seniordom - pictures, rings, graduation plans, class officers. The revelry of Class Day, the dignity of Baccalaureate further impressed on us the implications of being a senior. Then came graduation night, with its music, speeches, applause, and tightly clutched diplomas. Now we are graduates, remembering the past, looking forward to the future with fond recollections of our school forever engraved upon our memories. AHS has been good to us. It has taught us honor, loyalty, leadership, and character. Although we leave, we shall always be part of Anacostia in spirit. 6' 'hw' Galen K Y AME nn Bond MW UESYYNED ham and ar R HE A chefs uz 3' Ing 01 ,a"" :WB ww T TA L4 1 Phyllis CENTED rger H ope B Clifton and UST CAUYIYS Charles Read tfff' 'N f I ti C Ea A V BEAU FY QUEEN "ffm wwf, 0121 E if in June Herbert hlffzyflla ll in UL 6,0l1l1,Zw?1T'2 NDIXF C' I 6' alllf AJZLTHLETES 611 Cie!! lil Rs. 'VIOST LOX AL TO AYACODTIA Betty Yetton I I- -54 f f V Q t 1 1- J.: . I 1, - 5 N f 'S It - -I '- ffflt in .14 , Nr' '. V A my v , ,-ii' . j v W' 5 X S3 s ' 2 7 4 nf tt t 4' x " 1. s H 7 , f , ix pal S L K , L ' . T S . hwy 1. A , ' - :- gn 1 'ww ,V , , , Ax Y 1 " t ff t , .., . 1- g , 1 I , f l s . ,Q f" 0-q aff'- v ,J r,f af' Our humble gun ua transformed lnfo a fantasy of formals and perfumes. where we darlved away a memorable everlillff an atmosphere of South Paeiflc magic. 4' l W Samoa Paam J-, our ,. ff fke' f .fr -uns' , ,,. A, , so gffp " f? xl ,,Vx,..f5,fV4 ,5.wN,'QQ y. .5 xz1,1,w'l.i.Lhf1 ' 5,1 :"b,4'i '- C - I ,-4 ,s I-,Q,,,.f' 4' , if I h 4 Faded dance programs and carefuilll' preserved corsage petals will ICVIVC a thousand wonderful memories of our Senior Prom. Y? 19' ,Q J, Q 'hunk ! 1 5 I 'Q 'r w 1 , 5. ' . -ur 45. H K um 32' jk-S-gf 1 5 , , 4 1 , , . .W,, ,, -,V, , .. W-4 . fvl, 4' 5 A E :H TQ? I ' R Y if fi 1 ... 5 :S if 'Q L ' ' 2 r 5 . f . X ag X .4 , ,I A x Q Q 5 Var 'Y wt' J-XMI-IS CARROLL BAILEY "Jim" Activities: Perfect Attendance 5, 73 Baseball Letters 6, 8: Pow-Wow Rep- resentative 5: "A" Club 6-81 Allied Youth 6-7: Section Vice President 5: Baseball 6-8. Whafs Ahead: Baseball. Idle Hour Pastimes: Reading, talking, and playing baseball. Noted For: His short hair. HELEN .IEAN BAKER "Shorty" Af-tivities: Pow-Wow 7-8: Y-Teens 7- 8: Camera Club 5-6. Whafs Ahead: College or business school. Idle Hour Pastimes: Raising birds and going to the movies. Noted For: Being quiet. NORMAN BIOLLISON BARBOUR Whafs Ahead: The insurance and real estate business. Idle Hour Pastime: Visiting his girl in North Carolina on week-ends. .Noted For: His neat, well-dressed ap- pearance. 'K' 'f une.S ALICE ELIZABETH ADERHOLDT "Pee Wee" Activities: Perfect .Attendance 3-6: Al- lied Youth 7-8: Bowling Club 6: Teacher's Secretary 5-6. Whafs Ahead: A job. Idle Hour Pastime: Movies Noted For: Ciggling. XIARCIA .IEAN .ALEXANDER "Big Sid" Activities: Footlights Club 5-8: 'KHouse of Creed" 6: "Ramshacl-:le Inni' Co- lead 6: Cafeteria Staff 5-6: Library Staff 5-6: .Assemblies 6. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastimc: Practicing psychia- try. Noted For: Her dramatic manner and friendliness. WINIFRED ANN ASHTON "Winnie" Activities: Allied Youth 5-8: Dramatic Club 3-4: Section Vice President 3- 6: Spanish Assembly 5: Student Council 3-4. Whatfs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Playing in the mud at Hillcrest. Noted For: Her many out-of-town friends. JOHN WESLEY BAILEY Activities: Cadets 4Guide Sergeant! 3-6: Allied Youth 33 Broadcasting Club 5-8: "Youth on the Beam" lPresidentiP 6-8: Assemblies 4-5, 7. W'hat's Ahead: International Evangelist. Idle Hour Pastime: Collecting a salary atithe Public Library. Noted For: Always carrying a copy of the New Testament in his pocket.- CAROLE ANN BANNON "Karlie" Activities: Y-Teens 7-8: G.A.A. 5-83 Camera Club 6-8: Red Cross 3- 6: Language Assembly 4: Teacher's Secretary 5-6. Whafs Ahead: Nursing. Idle Hour Pastimes: Roller skating and swimming. Noted For: Always hurrying. DORIS ANN BARTLETT times ' Artivities: Perfect Attendance 4: Ist Honors 4-53 Leaders' Club 5-8. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Eating. Noted For: Her Latin translations. CLADYS MCNEELY ,ALEXANDER "lad" Artirities: Bowling Club 6: Allied Youth 6-8: Section Yice President 5- 6: Fashion Show 4: Teacher's Sec- retary 5-6. Whatfs Ahead: Secretarial work and marriage. Idle Hour Pastime: Riding in a ma- roon Ford. .Yotefl For: Hn-r short hair cuts. JOHN THOMAS ANDERSON "Andy" Artirities: 2nd Honors 6: Cadets 3: lst Honors 7. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastiniez Watching televi- sion. lYote1I For: His even temper. ANN ATKINSON ",Xrmie" Aeti1'it1'es: Perfect .Attendance 3: 2nd Honors 6-7: Totem Pole 7-8: Camera Club lPresidenH 5-8: Operetta 3: Assemblies 3-4: Announcing 7-8: Student Council 7-8: Leaders' Club 7-8. Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Cooking. Noted For: Her starry eyes. "1 Glen of 1951 WILLIAM HENRY BARTSCH "Pancho" Activities: 2nd Honors 3-4, 6-7: Pow- lfou' 7-8: Hi-Y 4Secretaryi 33 French Assemblies 4, 6: Tennis 3-8. lfhafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Tennis. Noted For: Good humor. RICHARD CHARLES BEAVERS "Dick" Activities: Allied Youth 7-8: Cafeteria Staff 6. Whafs Ahead: College or the Army. Idle Hour IIIISIIHICZ Sports. Noted For: Popularity with the girls. KIRWAN COLLIN BELL i'Case-y" Activities: Allied Youth 7-8: .I.V. Foot- ball 3: Stage Crew 4-6. What's Ahead Idle Hour P- 'T tations. Noted For: t ' n eyes and side-burns. fs VS DOROTHY LEE BEALL "Dot" Activities: Library Staff 6-8. lVlmt'.s -lheadz Work and marriage. Idle Hour Pastime' Writin letters . . . g . Noted I-or: Listening to everyone! 1 -if 'f troubles. ' ,Arts 1' ii l ..', ALFRED RECIS UEHE 1 In J -.Alu Artirities: Cadets 3-8. Whafs Ahead: A millman or naval g V N. officer. i Q. ' 6' Idle Hour Pastime: Reading. Q, oe o 1 cu y at V ,hr .V td I" r: Hs rl h 'r. . 4 ! 'tl . 4- fi' .. Vs. . fy. NIA XINE ELIZABETH BENHOFF "Mac" Az.-tirities: Cheerleader Letters 6. 8: G.NI.A. tPfc.t 3-4: Cheerleaders 5- 8: Talent Shows 4, 6: Exhibition Platoon 3-4: Christmas Show 5: Bank Staff 5-6: Student Council 3- 8: School Dance Decorations Com- mittee 3-4: Ushering at School Pro- grams 3-4. Whafs Ahead: A dancing career. Idle Hour Pastime: Dancing. Noted For: Iler talent. ,""' N V sl -.7 rj, as iz W 4. Q7 -.- , . 'YT' wh.. ELIZABETH JUNE BENNETT ".Iunie" Activities: Allied Youth 7-8: Student Council 3. What's Ahead: Work and marriage. Idle Hour Pastimes: Eating and hav- ing a good time. Noted For: Her fondness for Red. NANCY LEE BIFFLE "Nan,' Ar-tizrities: CAI..-K. 7-83 Allied Youth 7-8: Christmas Play 7. 'lk rrt. tt' I PIIILLIP LAM NE T "Benny" Artivities: c t Whatfs A d. ege. Id , t e' H . 't or is r vit ' . 'P 4. - 'ole Representative Af-1 lies ore 7- , D an 'c . IJ 7-8: Allied Youth l!'hut's Ahead: A journalistic career. - f 'L g 2nd Honors 7. Idle Hour Paslinzez Writing. ad: .Iaryland University. Noted For: Iler "you-all" and other .Yo Fo z Her bright remarks. plea-ant Tennessee cust . as W-:f'.dt?W l'iIlW'N HIP EARL!-I IIUHON "Bo" Rltlll.-XRD GENE IIOWERSOX "Gene" Artitiliesz Perf:-ct Attendance 4-53 :f1'lilifl'PSZ 3 SNllllCllC5 I-GUSTS 5, 7' K1-y Club 7-8: Football 7: Baseball 8: Fuotliall 6- 39 Baseball 31 5, 79 6 8 "X" Cltth 5-8. lfhirtfi Ahead: College. Idle Iluur l'!lSIlll1C'Z Sports. Noted For: Being quiet. lI'hat'.s Ahead: Baseball or the Ma- rim- Corp-. Idle Iluur Pastime: Going to Fort Washington. Noted For: His long hair. une.S' CAROLE BOWN "Carre" ,4cti1'iIies: Allied Youth 7-83 "The Mi- kado" 7: Bowling Club 7-8. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Getting lost at Fort NVashington. Noted For: Calling everyone 'lHoney." PAUL EDWARD BRANDT Af-tiiities: Perfect Attendance 3-4, 6g Science Club 7-83 2nd Honors 7. Whafs Ahead: Agricultural college. Idle Hour Pastime: Working on a farm. Noted For: His hard work. ft, f ll.-XRB.A PAUSE CHARLES ARTHUR BRENNER 'f 3 - -Sonny" ,jgf ties: . .. lliecl Youth Activities: Band Letters 6-73 Cadet fl- ' Or 343 Christmas Band lBrigade Drum Major, Cap- ccembi , 53 Spanish Assembly tain! 3-83 Non-Com Club 6-73 Of- 5. , f ficers' Club 7-83 Key Club fDistrict WAh Co gpll Secretary? 5-83 Band 6-8. ated r: Ge! i Whatis Ahead: College. le. Q- Idle Hour Pastime: Horseback riding. Noted For: Razzing his buddies. Q ELSON COOPER BRITTLE "The Rock" Whafs Ahead: The Navy. Idle Hour Pastimes: Baseball and checkers. Noted For: Cooking food. We , 'wsu 729' JOSEPH WALDEMAR BRUBAKER aloe.. Whatfs Ahead: The Army or college. Idle Hour Pastime: Sleeping. Noted For: His ,4O Ford. CHERYL GAY BURKE "Cherie" Activities: Music Letters 6, 83 Girls' Glee Club lSecretaryl 3-43 Dramatic Club fPresidentl 5-83 Leaders' Club 6-83 Allied Youth 7-83 Three Oper- - ettas 3, 5. 73 Music Assemblies 3- 83 Talent Show 43 Announcing 7- 83 Student Council 7-83 G.A.A. 3- 4-, 7-83 Make-up Club 4. Whatis Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Dancing. Noted For: Her ability to sing alto. THOMAS ROBERT BURTON "Bobby" Activities: Cadets llst Lieutenantl 3- 8g Non-Com Club 3-63 Officers' Club 7-83 DeMolay Club 7-83 Allied Youth 7-8. Whafs Ahead: Designing the worldls largest skyscraper. Idle Hour Pastime: Visiting his girl friend. Noted For: Bright-colored cars. WILLIAM FREDERICK BUSCH l'Bill" Activities: Cadets 5-63 Boys' Quartet 3-63 Operettas "Pinafore" and "Pir- ates of Penzance" 3-63 Music As- semblies 3-62 Bookroom Staff 4-3 Teacher's Secretary 3-43 Band 3-6. Whafs Ahead: Marine Corps. Idle Hour Pastime: Music. Noted For: His singing ability. C' JOSEPH HORACE BURNHAIVI ".loe', Activities: Music Letters 6, 83 Cadet Band tCpl.J 3-83 Non-Com Club 7- 83 Pow-Wow 5-83 Allied Youth 7-83 Brigade Band 3-83 Section Secretary 33 Section Vice President 43 Section Treasurer 53 Track 4, 8g Cafeteria Staff 3-43 Band 4-83 Student Council 1. Whatis Ahead: Private detective work. Noted For: Dropping pencils in classes. NORMAN ELI BUSADA Activities: Perfect Attendance 3-62 Cadets 1Captain.l 3-83 Notn-Com Club 53 Officers' Club 6-83 Photog- raphy Club 5'83 Science Club 7-83 Operetta 5. Whatls Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Eating. Noted For: His big Lincoln. JOSEPH PAUL BUTLER S6J0e77 Activities: Football Letter 73 Football 3, 5, 73 Cadets lQuartermaster Ser- geantl 3-83 Stage Crew 3-83 Bowl- ing Club 5-8. Idle Hour Pastime: Sleeping. Noted For: His laugh. EUCENE GRAHAM COLLIER "jack" What's Ahead: Radio work. Idle Hour Pastimes: Working and dancing. Noted For: Being a good friend. FREDERICK FLETCHER COWAN "Fletch" Artirities: Perfect .Attendance 5-7: lst Honors 6-7: Music Letter 6: Cadets lLt. Colonel! 3-8: Non-Com Club 5- 6: Officers' Club 4President! 7-8: Totem Pole Representative 3-7: Key Club lYice President! 6-8: Chess Club 7: Science Club 7-8: Operettas 5, 7: Announcing 7: Student Coun- cil 6-8. Whafs Ahead: University of North Carolina. Noted For: Punctuality and firmness. LOIS MAXINE CRITCHFIELD "Mac" Afliritiesz Perfect Attendance 7-8: C. A,A. 7-82 Bible Club 7-8: Allieil Youth 7-8: Christmas Assembly 5: Bank Staff 6-8. Whafs Ahead: Secretarial school. Idle Hour Pastime: Listening to the radio. Noted For: Always laughing. Gam of 1951 NANCY LEE CAMPBELL ..I-key, A1-tirities: G.A.A. 7-8: Bowling Club 7-8. . Whafs Ahead: Marriage. Idle Hour Pastime: Drawing. Noted For: Her friendly smile. R .. MELVIN EUGENE CARNAHAN "Mel" Aetitfities: 'lst Honors 4. 6-7: 2nd Honors 5: Key Club 7-8: IJeMolay Club 6-8: Totem Pole I.-Kssociate Editor! 7-8: Quill and Scroll 8: Operetta 7: Announcing 5-8. Whafs Ahead: Annapolis. Idle Hour Pastime: Playing the organ. Noted For: His Missouri drawl. .IOAN FRANCES CASS ",Ioanie" Activities: 2nd Honors 5: Totem Pole lCopy Editor! 7-8: Pow-Wow 5-8: 'yy Bowling Club lTeam Captain! 6, 8: i G.A.A. 3-8: Photography Club 6: PV' X Spanish Assembly 6: .Announcing 7- Qf"" 8: Bank Staff 7-8: Cafeteria Staff 4. " ' Whafs Ahead: Maryland University. wi' Idle Hour Pastime: Writing. Noted For: Her ability to drive all kinds of cars. Q PATRICIA .IANE COLLINS "Pat" Activities: Photography Club 7-8: Bank Staff 7-8. Whafs Ahead: Secretarial work. Idle Hour Pastimes: Playing records and dancing. .Voted For: Worrying about her home- work. IANICE LEE CRAMER "Ian" Artiiities: lst Honors 3-7: Pow-Wow 6: Photography Club lHistorian! 5- 8: Science Club 7-8: Bowling Club 6. 8: C.A.A. -I-6: Language Assem- bly 4: Library Staff 5-8: Leaders' Club 7-8. l!'hal's Ahead: Nurses' training. Idle llour Pastirne: Talking on the telephone. Noted For: Her bangs. CAROLYN ELAINE CROFT "Lxn" .4f-litities: Xllif-tl Youth 7-81 Student Count-il A--embly Skit -I: Business Office 6: Student Council 7-8. Whats Ahead: Secretarial work. lille Hour Pastimez Waiting letters. Noted For: Her long fingernails, DAVID BRLCE CARLS "Dave" Aftivities: Cadets 4Cpl.! 5-6. Non- Com Club 5-6: Allied Youth 7-8, Whafs Ahead: A career as a Certified Public Accountant. Idle Hour Pastimes: Playing basket- ball and watching television sports programs. Noted For: Those long set shots in gym class. .IEAN ANNE CARPENTER "Jeanie" Activities: Perfect .Attendance 4, 6: Ist Honors 5: 2nd Honors 6: Allied Youth 7-8: Library Staff 3-4: Bank Staff 6-8. Whafs Ahead: Maryland University. Idle Hour Pastime: Going to football games. Noted For: Her blonde hair. ROBER STEPHEN COLBERT ..BObv Actirities: ,I.V. Football Letters 5. 7: ,I.Y. Football 5, 7: DeMolay Club 7-8: Christmas Play 7: Dramatic Club 7-8: Cadets 3, 7-8: French Play 4: Cafeteria Staff 3-8: Orchestra 5. Whafs Ahead: University of North Carolina. Idle Hour Pastime: Boys' Club. Noted For: Asking strange questions. LUCIUS FORBES DANIELS i'Luke'7 Activities: Science Club 7-8. Whafs Ahead: Agricultural college. Idle Hour Paslime- Workin on a farm. . ,, g .Noted For: His bright shirts. ,IACQUELINE DORIS DAWSON "Jackie" Whafs Ahead: Office work. Idle Hour Pastime: Movies. Noted For: Asking questions. LEE FORREST DENTON "Diuy" Activities: Allied Youth 5-6. Whatis Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Listening to music. Noted For: Being cool. 6 5774 PAUL BERTRAND CROFT "Little Boy" Activities: Bowling Club 63 Allied Youth 7-83 Cafeteria Staff 6-7. Whafs Ahead: Annapolis or college. Idle Hour Pastime: Going out with the gang. Noted For: His taxi service. j7-Alf! K 7 BARBARA SUE CROSS "Balls" Activities: Perfect Attendance 5-8: C. M.A. lPfc.l 3-5: Totem Pole 6-8g Pou'-Wow 6-8g Quill and Scroll 8: Tri-Hi-Y lPresident I 5-83 Red Cross 6-8: Y-Teens 6-8: Dramatic Club 4-8: Student Council 6-8: Allied Youth 4--8. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Reading. Noted For: Her curly hair. EDITH MARIE DAMUS "Eddie" Avtirities: Allied Youth 7-8: G.A.A. 7-8: Business Office 7-8: Teacher's Secretary 6. Whatis Ahead: Nursing. Idle Hour Pastime: Bowling. Noted For: Her big brown eyes. J -41464 DOROTHY I ' VIDSON ..D0t-Q Activities: - , 7: Totem Pole IASSOCIBIC Editorl 7-85 Pow- Wow 4-6: Quill and Scroll 8: Dra- matic Club 4-8: Allied Youth 5-8g French Assemblies 4, 6. What's Ahead: Maryland University. Idle Hour Pastime: Driving. Noted For: Always talking. ALICE EMMA DENISON ..AHy,, Activities: Cheerleader Letter 6: Cheer- leaders 6-8: Student Council 7-8: G. M.A. 1Cpl.l 3-4: Allied Youth 7-8: Bowling Club 7-83 G.A.A. 5-6: Crack Squad Assemblies 3-45 Bank Staff 7. Whafs Ahead: The business world. Idle Hour Pastimes: Football games and swimming. Noted For: Always wearing an eagle pin. MARY LEE DIAL "Lee', Activities: Totem Pole 7-83 Photog- raphy Club 5: Easter Assembly 4: 2nd Honors 7. Whafs Ahead: Nurses, training. Idle Hour Pastime: Daydreaming. Noted For: Her red hair and freckles. ,..-qi 1. MARY BETH CRONKRITE "Macbeth" Activities: Pow-Wow 6-8: G.A.A. 6-8 Idle Hour Pastime: Watching tele: vision. Noted For: Driving a green Packard. filfl-vlffvix-gli! 'c'T-A..Zf,., I ' Jfffff fs ,, KENNETH BRIAN CUNNINGlHAM "Kenny" Activities: Baseball Letter 6: "A" Club 7-83 .I.V. Basketball 3-4: Baseball 4, 6, 8: Student Council 7-8. Whafs Ahead: College and professional baseball. Idle Hour Pastimes: Reading and talk- ing about sports. Nated For: His knee-high baseball pants. ALFRED FRANCIS DANIELE- "Freddie" Whafs Ahead: An accounting career. Idle Hour Pastime: Playing basketball. Noted For: His straight hair. if T l ,ve PATRICIA ANN EAGAN "Tools" Artirities: Allied Youth 7-8. What's Ahead: Work and then mar- riage. Idle Hour Pastime: Writing to some- one special. Noted For: Her quiet manner LENORE EFRON Artivities: Y-Teens 3-6: Photography Club 7-8: Library Staff 3-4. W'hat's Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Writing poetry. Noted For: Talking fast. GLORIA ES.-XL' Ar'tit'ities: 'l't'BL'llt'l'.5 Secretary 8. Whrrtfs .-Iheud: Sv-4-retarial uork. Idle Hour 1l!l.SfilIlt'1 Bowling. Noted For: Iler dangling bracelets. Y? , N 'I A ,.'f 8. 5 Izoius ANN EATON "Susie" Activities: Cheerleader ' Letter 6: Cheerleaders 5-8: G.M.A. 3-4: Allied Youth 7-8: Section Secretary 3: Leaders' Club 6-8: Assemblies 5-75 Cafeteria Staff 5: Bank Staff 5: Student Council 5-8: Red Cross 7-8. W'hat's Ahead: Work and marriage. Glafu af 1951 LAURA VICTORIA DOMENICK "Vicky" Activities: Y-Teens 7-8: Business Of- fice 7-8: Bank Staff 5-6: Student Council 3-4. Whats Ahead: Secretarial work. Idle Hour Pastime: Having a good time. Noted For: Her long black hair. CLADYS MARIE DORSEY "Chicken" Activities: C.M.A fCpl.t 5-7: Y-Teens 4Vice President? 3-8: Dramatic Club 7-83 "The Mikado" 7. Whois Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastimes: Movies and a red- headed boy. Noted For: Blushing. ROBERTA LOUISE DUCKETT "Berta', Activities: Perfect Attendance 3: 2nd Honors 3: Fashion Show Assembly 4. Whafs Ahead: A modeling career. Idle Hour Pastime: Modeling. Noted For: Her short hair cut. JOAN MARIE DORR MJU., Activities: 2nd Honors 5: Dramatic Club 3-8: Allied Youth 7-8: Science Fair 4: Howling Club S-6: Business Office 5-6. Whafs Ahead: Secretarial work in the music field. Idle Hour Paslime: Making coffee. Noted For: Her laugh. ELAINE LORENA DOUCHTY "Howdy" Ar'tiz'itie.s: Allied Youth 7-8: Red Cross 7-8: C.A.A. 7-8: Section President 4-6. Whatfs Ahead: Maryland University. Idle Hour Pustime: Telephone convex sations. Noted For: Always talking. KENNETH DALE DUGCIN "Ken a Kennyn Activities: 2nd Honors 6: Debating Letter 6: Totem Pole lAdvertising Manager? 7-8: Pow-Wow lAdver- tising Manager! 7-8: Quill and Scroll 7-8: Chess Club 7-8: Bowling Club tTeam Captain? 7-8: Allied Youth 75 x'.f' i 5-6: Broadcasting Club 7-8: Foot- Izfof 'ifej "'V""'AJg"' ball Head Spotter 7-8: Head Sports Announcer 7-8: Assemblies 7: lst A KAVAAX Honors 7. ' f Whatls Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Talking on the telephone. Noted For: Her big smile. NORMAN RALPH ENGLISH "Inky" Ar-tirities: Basketball and Baseball Letters 4-8: Basketball 4, 6, 8: Base- ball 3. 5, 7: "A" Club 4-8. lI'hut's Ahead: Nvork. Idle Hour Pastime: Playing tennis at Fort Washington. Noted For: Being skinny. ROBERT ELCENE FASTNAUGHT "Speedy" Avtizilies: Cadets lCpl.j 7-8: Science Club 7-8: French Assembly 4. Whafs Ahead: Electronics engineering. Idle Hour Pastimes: Eating and danc- mg. Noted For: His "five o'clock shadow." ff f . ff---., Noted For: Getting results. T' IRIS ANNE FITCH "Irie" Activities: 2nd Honors 6: Music Let- ter 6: Dramatic Club 7-8: Bowling Club lllnd Place Teaml 5-83 C.A.A. 7-8: Allied Youth 7-8: Operetta Leads 5, 7: Music Assemblies 3-8: Operetta Club 5, 7: Student Council 5-6: Y-Teens 7. Whafs Ahead: A career in music. Idle Hour I'aslime.s: Singing and eat- ing. Noted For: Her sense of humor. BLANCHE CERALDINE FRANK "Frankie" Activities: Allied Youth 7-8: Y-Teens 8: Library Staff 7-8. Whafs Ahead: Secretarial school. Idle Hour Pastime: Art. Noted For: Her good sense of humor. ANN ELIZABETH GARDNER A'Annie" Activities: lst Honors 3-4, 6: 2nd llonors 5: Pow-lliotc 7-8: Red Cross tSet'retary. Presidentl 8-8: Dra- matic Club 5-6: Section Secretary and President 5-8: Pow-Wow Assem- bly 5: French Assembly 6g Red Cross Assemblies 6-7: ,Student Council 7- 8: Leaders' Club 7-8. W'hat's Ahead: More education. Idle Ilour Pastime: Loafing. Noted For: Her brains. 6- wwe? ROBERT EDWARD FAULKNER "Bob" Activities: Cadets tCpl.l 5-8: Basket- ball 5-8g Bookroorri Staff 5-6. Whats Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: The gang. Noted For: His white buck shoes. JAMES WILLIAM FESLER "Willie" Activities: Track 4, 6, 8: Bowling Team 7-8. What's Ahead: California. Idle Hour Pastime: Standing on the street corner. Noted For: Never shaving. CHARLES HALLIE FINN "Charlie" Actit'ities: Track 4. 6. 8: DeMolay Club 7-8: Cross Country 3, 5: "A" Club 4-8. Whafs Ahead: Plumbing work. Idle Hour Pastime: Listening to hill- billy music. Noted For: Going with girls. MICHAEL AARON FITZURKA "Mike" Activities: Football Letter 5: IX. Football 3: Football 5, 7: Track 6: "A" Club 7. Whafs Ahead: Cunsmith school in Pittsburgh, Idle Hour Pastime: Loafing. Noted For: His football ability. N . .IOYAN FULLER Activities: G.M.A. '35 Allied Youth 7- 8: G.A.A. 4-8. Whafs Ahead: 'College Idle Hour Rastime: Watching tele- vision. - Noted For: Sparkling eyes. IVAN DENT GATES "Junior" Actit'ities: Bowling Club 6: Baseball 1I"itcherl 6, 8: Stage Crew 5-8. Whalis Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Loafing. Noted For: Wearing T-shirts of other schools and his G.I. hair cut. SAMUEL BOIJDE FERRELL "Big Sam', Activities: l.V. Football Letter 5: JN. Football 5, 7: Track 6. Whafs Ahead: Traveling and aircraft mechanic's work. Idle Hour Pastimez Football practice. Noted For: His 6'5" height. GUY WALTER FETHERSTON Activities: Cadets lSergeantl 5-8. Whafs Ahead: Printer or decorator. Idle Hour Pastimes: Painting and printing, Noted For: His drawing ability and friendliness. WANDA MOSS FISCLS "Billie" Activities: Allied Youth 5-8: Dramatic Club 5-6: C.A.A. 7-8. Whafs Ahead: Business college. Idle Hour Pastinie: Football games Noted For: ller blonde hair. Glaaa of 1951 SHEILA EVELYN GOLDSTEIN "Big Sister Sheila" Activities: lst Honors 5-7: 2nd Honors 4: Orchestra Letter 4: Pow-Wow lEditor-in-Chief! 3-8: Quill anrl Scroll lPresidentJ 6-8: Broadcast- ing Club 3-8: Leaders' Club 6-8: Dramatic Club 3-8: "House of Greed" 6: "The Mikadoi' fAssistant Coach? 7: "Ramshackle Inn" Lead 6: Student Council lHistorianl 7- 8: Radcliffe Club Award 6: Talent Show 4, 7. Nvted For: Playing Belinda in "Ram- shackle Inn." DONALD EUGENE GRADY "Don" 4ctivities' 2nd Honors 3, 5: Music Letter 6 and Star 8: Cadets fMajort 3-8: Officers' Club 5-8: Key Club 6-8: Operetta Leads 5, 7: Operetta Club 3-8: Football Band 3-8: Dra- matic Club -7-8: Track 6: Announc- ing 3-8: Band 5-6: Assemblies 3-8. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Music. Noted For: His singing ability. WILLIAM NELSON GRAY "Bill" Whafs Ahead: An aviation career Idle Hour Pastime: Flying. Noted Fjlr: His interest in aviation. f' ROBERT STANLEY GOODMAN "Bob" Activities: 2nd Honors 3-5: Cadets tlst Lieutenantj 3-8: Non-Com Club 4-5: Science Cgb 4.8: Key Club 6- : afetzria 3-8: Sciende Clubs 0 ierita 5-81 lst Hvlfors 7. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour pasting!! Movies. Noted Fof:,. His military spirit. FRANCIS VERNON GRAVES "Bernie" Activities: Cadets 5-6: Bowling Club lTeam Captain! 5-8: Red Cross 3- 4. Whafs Ahead: Operating his motherls bowling alley. Idle Hour Pastimes: Collecting coins and raising fish. Noted For: His smile. CHARLES EUGENE GREENBERG "Sleepy" Activities: Debate Club lPresidentt 5-8: Dramatic Club tVice President! 5-8: Meteorology Club lVice Presi- dent! 5-6: Student Council 7-8: G. W.U. Debates 5-8: 2 Spring Plays 5, 7: French Assembly 4: Christmas Assembly 5: "I Speak for Dem- ocracy" Finalist 7: County Fair M. C. 6: Announcing 7-8. What's Ahead: College. Noted For: His Thespian talents. .IAMES RICHARD GREENE "Greenie" Activities: Cadets tlst Lieutenantl 3- 8: Officers' Club 7-8: Bookroom Staff 4: Stage Crew 7. lVhat's Ahead: The Navy. Idle Hour Pastimes: Baseball and Fort Washington. Noted For: Always studying. FRANCES ALINE HARRIS "Frannie" Activities: Dramatic Club iSecretaryt 5-8: Cheerleaders 7-8: Talent Show 4: Allied Youth 78: "The Mikado" 7: French .Assembly 4: Announcing T-8: Student Council 6. Whafs Ahead: Maryland University. Idle Hour Pastime: Having a good time. Noted For: Her sense of humor. NINA LEE HARRIS Activities: lst Honors 4-6: Pow-Wow 7-8: Leaders' Club lVice President! 4-8: Dramatic Club 5-8: Allied Youth 7-8: Operettas 5, 7: Announcing 7-8: 2nd Honors 7. Whafs Ahead: Southern Methodist University. Idle Hour Pastimes: Playing the piano and making "goodies" and eating them. 'Voted For: Her Arkansas drawl. M6 RICHARD ALLEN HALL "Rembrandt" Activities: Aquarium Club 3-4: Pho- tography Club 7-8: Dramatic Club 7-8. What's Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Painting. Noted For: Drawing at the wrong time during class periods. JANET LOUISE HARRIS "Smiley" Activities: Red Cross 7-8: G.A.A. 7-8: Dramatic Club 5-8: Allied Youth 7- 8. ll'hat's Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Having parties. Noted For: Always waiting for the mailman. RIIFLS RENWICK HART "Renny" Activities: Perfect Attendance 7: Football Letters 5, 7: Football 3, 3. 7: Assemblies 5-6: Student Council 5-6. ll''s Ahead: West Point. lille Hour Paslinie: Repairing his "hr-ap." Noted fur: His modesty. M03 KARL DALTON HAVENNER awiuyn Activities: Cadets CCuptainJ 3-8: Cafeteria Staff 3-8. Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastimes: Sports and play- ing the guitar. Noted For: Having a hard time in English. CHESS LEE HEATER "Chester" Activities: Bowling Club 6: Cafeteria Staff 5-6. Whatls Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastimes: Sports and the girls. Noted For: Chewing gum. .IOIIN .IOSEPII IIEBERLE 6SJack77 Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Studying. Noted For: His wavy hair. i lt- CARY EDWARD HAYIVIAN "Thimbles', Activitiesz Science Club 5-8: Photog- raphy Club 5-8: Meteorology Club Iljresidentl 5-8: Aquarium Club lVice President! 5-6: Track 6, 8: French Plays 3-4: Cafeteria Staff 3- 8: Science Clubs of America 7-8. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Hypnotism and magic. Noted For: His nimble fingers and nimble wit. IUDITH LOUISE HEATH i'.Iudy,' Activities: Totem Pole 7-8: Pow-Wow Representative 3-6: Leaders' Club 4- 8: Allied Youth 6-8: French As- semblies 4, 6: Announcing 3, 7-8: Cheerleaders 6-8: Student Council 5: Section President 3-6. Whafs Ahead: Sl. Lawrence Univer- sity. Idle Hour Pastime: Talking. Noted For: Her little green bottle of .Iergen's lotion. LORING TODD HECKMAN "Feetlebaum" Activities: Student Council 3, 7-8: Track Letter 6: Music Letters 6, 8: Track 4, 6, 8: Cross Country 3, 5: 'VV Club 7-8: .Iunior Class Presi- dent 6: DefVIolay Club fVice Presi- dcntl 7-8: Key Club ISecretaryI 5- 8: Operettas 3, 5, 7: Announcing Staff fPresidentJ 3-8: Cafeteria Staff 3-8: Assemblies 3-8: lst Honors 7. What's Ahead: College. Noted For: His plaid cat-hat. WILLIAM FRANKLIN HENDLEY "Tandie" Activities: Cadets fCaptain, Regimen- tal Adjutantl 3-8:,Non-Cnm Club 3-6: Officers' Club 7-8. What's Ahead: Hard work and fun. Idle Hour Pastimes: Cars and his girl friend. Noted I"or: His curly hair. MARY .IOSEPHINE HENNEBERCER "Mary Jo" Activities: Cheerleader Letters 6, 8: Cheerleaders fCaptainD 4-8: Section Secretary and Vice President 3-7: Junior Class Secretary: C.A.A. 3-4: Student Council Assembly 7: Student Council fSecretaryit 6-8. What's Ahead: Maryland University. Idle Hour Pastime: Cheerleading prac- tice. Noted For: Her laugh. NAOMI DELORIS HILL LLDee75 What's Ahead: Office work. Idle Hour Pastime: Roller skating. Noted For: Her blonde hair. 9' THOMAS DOUGLAS HENLEY ..-I-Om., Whafs Ahead: ,Ioining the Foreign Le- gion. Idle Hour Pastime: Writing letters. Noted For: Typing with two fingers. PA U NES "Pa v 'sz ' lied ut 7-8: Section e ta 3 - ' e-up Ciub 5-6' ira of Pe m I Hr" 3' n As: . . . Q ti d: College and Ca ifornia. I e H r Pastime: Loafing. Note or: Letting the gang congre- gate t her house. ELAINE RAE HIMEBAUGH "Blondie" Activities: Totem Pole Representative 3-6: Allied Youth 3-6: Y-Teens 3- 4: Spanish Assembly 6: Cafeteria Staff Substitute 5-6: Business Office 7-8. What's Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Listening to hill- billy music. Noted For: The two rings on her left hand. 11"""'7 KENNETH MALCOLM HUFFIVIAN "Big Mal" Activities: ,l.V. Football Letter 7: J. V. Football 7: Bowling Club 7-8: Bank Staff 7-8. Whafs Ahead: Adventure. Idle Hour Pastimes: Pistols and rifles. Noted For: His cowboy boots. e9f..:'.l3mQ,,'. Q DAVID ROGER I. S "Dave" Activities: Perfect Attendance 4-6: 2nd Honors 3, 5-69 Cadets lNIajort 3-8: Officers' Club 5-8: Totem Pole fSports Editor! 7-8: Debate Club 7-8: Chess Club 5-83 Key Club 7-8: Dramatic Club 7-8: Operettas 5-7: French Assembly 3: "I Speak for Democracy" 7: Announcing 5-7. Whafs Ahead: West Point. Idle Hour Pastime: Tennis. Noted For: His short blond hair. MARIE AUGUSTA KACFNIAN "Mickey" Activities: Totem Pole Art Staff 5-6, Allied Youth 5-8: Bowling Club 5- 6: G.A.A. 7-8: Y-Teens 7-8. II'hat's Ahead: Rhode Island School of Design. Idle Hour Pastimes: New cars and the llot Shoppe. Noted For: Her art ability. Th' t 15' ix . also of 1951 JOYCE .IOANNE HINEGARDNER ",loycie" Activities: Totem Pole Representative 3-6: Cheerleaders 7-8: Fashion Show Assembly 5. Whafs Ahead: Maryland University. Idle Hour Pastime: Talking. Noted For: Her odd expressions. JOHN SALOR HOFFMAN M.lack" Whatls Ahead: Going steady. Idle Hour Pastime: Playing golf at night. Noted For: Being easily embarrassed. PEARLENE JO HOOD ...Ion Whafs Ahead: A career as an airline hostess. Idle Hour Pastimes: Bowling and danc- ing. DONALD RAYMOND HOFFELD "Hot Foot" Activities: lst Honors 4: 2nd Honors 3, 5-6: Key Club 7-8: Meteorology Club 5: Track 4. 6, 8. Whafs Ahead: George Washington University. Idle Hour Paslime: Baseketball. Noted For: Always carrying a Latin book. TOLLIE HOLTZCLAW Activities: Cadets fCpl.J 5-6: Non- Com Club 5-65 Section Vice Presi- dent 5-6. Whafs Ahead: College or the Army. Idle Hour Pastime: Loafing. - Noted or: Hi ina ility to sing. 141111. vA.12,dd..fa1r.fz JOANE FLORENCE HUFF .jon Activities: Perfect Attendance 4-6: lst Honors 5-7: 2nd Honors 3-4: G.M.A. lCpl.l 34: Pow-Wow lAssistant Ed- itorl 3-8: Totem Pole Representative Y her Spanish book. SYBIL VIRGINIA .IACOBSON "Ginger" Activities: Allied Youth 7-83 Y-Teens 7-83 Dramatic Club 5-83 Cafeteria Staff 6, 8: Business Office 7-8. What's Ahead: Hard work. Idle Hour Pastime: Going to parties. Noted For: Her short stature. CHARLES BELDEN JONES "Chuck" Activities: Science Club 5-65 Bowling Club 6. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Dancing. Noted For: Always needing a hair cut. HOWARD GORDON KEELEY "Handsome" Activities: Science Club 5-8: Meteorol- ogy Club 7-8: Track 6, 8. II'hat's Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Sports. CBI. Noted For: Alwa s being seen with 3-6: Quill and Scroll 7-83 Leaders' Club 6-8: Broadcasting Club 7-8 Dramatic Club 3-8: "Ramshackle Inn" 6: Christmas Pageant 5: Stu dent Council fllistorianl 7-8. Whafs Ahead: College. ' Idle Hour Pastime: Writing letters. Noted For: Corny jokes. -lim... , ,X 3 4' . . 65 A it M 'Vw ' .VV , ' il, n,Z7t,,.giQ 4 4 as t .- -350 wi., o 2 A I rt ' ' ' 61" h 4, 'tu t' 3 .,.. HV' fo- , ll x W ,r fv- .' My ',-I -fn' QL..- 'R 'Vi r Dt has KX. .Voted For: His five-geared three-clrive 5 'wr- L -Q., Me' 'fr:-- f in 69 G ujennyvs Activities: Allied Youth 7-8: Business Office 6-8: Teacher's Secretary 5. What's Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Going out. Noted For: Giggling. EDNA CURTIS KERIN 6bEddy71 ing, and art. JANET MELISSA KENNEDY Activities: Perfect Attendance 5-6: Totem Pole 7-8: Business Office 83 Y-Teens 7-8: Allied Youth 7-8. What's Ahead: More education. Idle Hour Pastimes: Swimming, danc- Noted For: Her quiet manner. if "" I PATRICIA ANN KNIGHT A opal., ' I Activities: Y-Teens 7-8: Allied Youth M 55 - ' -QQ, 7-8: Business Office 7-8. 2 6 A ' it I 'vs r What's Ahead: Secretarial work. 5 ,dl Idle Hour Pastimes: Dancing and art. 4, 1' ,, Y we N. iv Noted For: A ready smile. ' - if V W , l 5 tal ROSE MARY LANDRUM "Sunshine" Activities: G.A.A. 7. Idle Hour Pastime: Playing the piano. Noted For: Her sarcastic wit. DON LYLE LEACH Activities: Cadets Qlst Lieutenantl 3- 8: Non-Com Club 4-6: Rifle Team 3-4: Officers' Club 7-8: Baseball fCatcherJ 6, 85 French Assembly 4: Cafeteria Staff 3-8. What's Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Sports. Noted For: His black and white jacket and cat-hat. ROBERT ADEILBERT LEE KlB0b!1 Activities: Cadets l,Pfc.l 3-6: DeMolay Club 5-6: Band 3-6. Whafs Ahead: Radio school. Idle Hour Pastime: Dancing. Noted For: His musical ability. WILLIAM COLLINS LAWRENCE "Bill" Activities: Perfect Attendance 3-43 Track 6, 8. What's Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastimes: Fishing and swim- ming. Noted For: His bad luck with cars. tckfdcax GEORGEZIREAGH LEAKIN "Smiley" Activities: Cadets 3-45 Hi-Y 5g ,I.V. Football 5. What's Ahead: Veterinary course in college. Idle Hour Pastimes: Horses and horse races. Noted For: His curly hair. MARY DOLORES LIBERTO Shllibbyv Activities: Y-Teens 7-8. What's Ahead: Secretarial work. Idle Hour Pastime: Roller skating. Noted For: Talking too much. ES Rfb unefgeniau GEORGE RICHARD KEOUGH "Big George" Activities: Key Club 7-8: Science Club 6: Baseball 6, 85 Bookroom Staff 6-8. Whatfs Ahead: Georgetown University. Idle Hour Pastime: Mixing sodas. Noted For: A blazing fast ball from a player with the speed of a turtle. IRIS CAROLINE KNADP "Knappee" Activities: G.M.A. flst Lieutenant? 3- 8: Chevrons Club iVice President? 5-6: Y-Teens fVice Presidentj 6-8: Teacher's Secretary 7-8: Student Council 7-8. Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: The movies. Noted For: Her good sense of humor. HARRY PATRICK KOBER Pat Activities: Football Letters 3-83 Foot- ball lCaptainJ 3, 5, 7: Track Letter 6: Track 6, 85 "A" Club 3-8: Key Club lTreasurerj 5-8: Basketball 6, 8: Bookroom Staff 6: Stage Crew 3-4. What's Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Checkers. Noted For: His long, curly, black hair. . K , ,, N., Wea. asf f -f -4 -M... ., , , , 's'-4 ' 5' 'CRV k' 61644 of 7951 JOAN ELLEN LIEF "Kid" Activities: lst Honors 4--7: C.M.A. tCpl.l 3-5: Chevrons Club 5: Totem Pole 6-8: Tri-Hi-Y lTreasurerJ 5- 8: Science Club iPresidentl 6-8: Dramatic Club 5-8: Leaders' Club 5-8: Christmas Pageant 5: Cafeteria Staff 3-4: Student Council 6-8: De- bate Club fSecretary, Treasurerl 5- 8. What's Ahead: Seeing the world. Noted For: Her partiality to people from Oklahoma. MARGARET LAURA LUBY "Peggy" Activities: Operettas 5-7: Cafeteria Staff 4. Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Loafing. Noted For: Her brown eyes. MARIORIE RUTH MACNUS "Margie" Activities: G.A.A. Letter 8: Pow-Wow 5-8: Allied Youth 7-8: Bowling Club 5-65 G.A.A. 7-8: Home and School Assembly 6. Whats Ahead: Marriage. Idle Hour Pastime: Attending G.W. games. Noted For: Always talking. y 'v ' ifff' 1 T 3 I in QL BARBARA ANN LONG "Bobby" What's Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Skating. Noted For: Her corny jokes. YVONNE JOAN MacDONALD i'Vonnie" Activities: Allied Youth 7-83 Y-Teens 3-4: G.A.A. 3, 7-8. Whafs Ahead: Art school in Florida. Idle Hour Pastime: Fashion designing. Noted For: Always being hungry. BETTY CAROLINE MAIER Activities: lst Honors 4: 2nd Honors 3. What's Ahead: Secretarial work. Idle Hour Pastime: Dancing. Noted For: Her long hair. 4, ANTHONY FRANCIS MALARA .UI-ony., Activities: Section President 4, 6: Sec- tion Vice President 3, 5: Football 3 Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastimes: Flying and travel- ing. Noted For: Regular duty in detention hall. MARLENE BARBARA MARSHALL "Mike" Activities: G.A.A. 78: Allied Youth 7-8. Idle Hour Pastime: Loafing. Noted For: Blushing easily. EDITH .IOAN MARTIN ".Ioanie" Activities: Y-Teens 58: Allied Youth 78: G.A.A. 5, 7-8: Bowling Club 5: Spanish Assembly 6. Whafs Ahead: William and Ma Col- VY lege. Idle Hour Pastime: Going to the movies. Noted For: Entertaining the history class. JOANNE LEE MARCH ..J0,, Af'tiif1'ties: Bank Staff 6-8. Whafs Ahead: Secretarial school. Idle Hour Pastime: Talking on the telephone. Noted For: Always being hungry. CHARLES RICHARD MARTIN "Charley" Activities: Dellolay Club 4PresitlentI 5-8: Section Treasurer 3: Section Pre-side-nt 4: Section Vice President 6: Track 4: Assemblies 6-8: Stu- di-nt Council 3-8. V'hul's Ahead: More education. lille Hour Pastime: Watching tele- vi-ion. Noted For: Wearing a tie at all times. Af-Iii" : Footba ' aseball 4, 6, 8: F ll and ball Letter- -I--5. , ' ' ' ecretaryj 4-8: Al- o a1's a College and profes- -ion b seb l. clle Hou Pastimes: Baseball and talk- ing to the girls. Noted For: His flirtatious tendencies. fffse it A 'F' X wb 'EZ CARL MEYERS "Scottie" Activities: Bowling Club 6-8: Print Shop Foreman 5-8. Whatis Ahead: Great wealth. Idle Hour Pastimes: Electric trains and boats. Noted For: His bad luck with cars. MARIAN CLARA MONTGOMERY AsD0lly1! Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastimes: Movies and cook- ing. ' Noted For: Her red hair. CONSTANCE ANN MORRIS "Connie " Activities: G.A.A. Letter 8: G.A.A. 7- 8: Y-Teens 7-8: Cafeteria Staff 5- 6: Science Fair Exhibit 6. Whafs Ahead: Taking care of nursery children. Idle Hour Pastime: Riding. Noted For: Her red hair. 3 DAVID FRANK MARTORANA usonnysv Activities: Cadets 3-6: Bowling Club 7-8: Allied Youth 7-8.' lVhat's Ahead: College or the Army Idle Houn Pastime: Sketching. Noted For: Always hurrying. is SHIRLEY ANN MCCALL "Shirl" Activities: G.A.A. 3-4: "Pinafore" and sembly 7: Hamilton Bank Talent Con- test 7. Whafs Ahead: Marriage. Idle Hour Pastime: Sleeping. Noted For: Going steady. BETTY JEAN MCEWAN "Bee Gee" Activities: Totem Pole fRepresenta- lied Youth 3-8: Dramatic Club 5-6: G.A.A. 3-4: "The House of Greed" iAssistant Director? 6: Bible Club 7-8: "I Speak for Democracy" Con- test. What's Ahead: Law secretarial work. Idle Hour Pastime: Cooking. Noted For: Her sneezes and laughs in the halls. FRANCIS XAVIER MONEY "Buddy" 4 Activities: Basketball 5-8: Basketball Letters 5, 7: "A" Club 7-8: Book- room Staff 5-8. Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: The gang. Noted For: His white buck shoes. GLYDON ANN MOORE "Annie" Activities: Totem Pole Representative 3-6: Allied Youth 7-8: Bowling Club tSecretaryJ 583 G.A.A. 3. What's Ahead: Nursing. Idle Hour Pastime: Talking on the telephone. Noted F or: Xfilways wearing babushkas. JOAN MARLENE MUNDAY Activities: Perfect Attendance 3, 53 G.A.A. 7-8: Allied Youth 7-83 Bowling Club 6: Y-Teens 5-8: Bank Staff fSecretaryJ 7-8. What's Ahead: Getting a good position and marriage. Idle Hour Pastime: Talking on the telephone. Noted F or: Her modesty. "The Mikado" 5, 7: Christmas As- tive, Editorial Staff? 3-4, 7-8: Al- unegeniou DORIS ARLENE MCCALL "Miss MCCallic" Ar'tiritic's: I'ow-Wow Rf-porter 3-42 Allied Xoutli 3-6: Y-Tee-ns ll.C.C. Rvprf-st-iitativet 3-8: Bowling Lea- gue 5-6. lI'hat's Ahead: Sccretarialwork. lrllc Hour I'axtin1es: Television alll' movies. Notcrl For: Laughing easily. JOHN EDWIN MCCARTHY "Mac,' What's Ahead: Seclusion. Idle Hour Pastime: Flying. Noted For: His '35 Studebaker. LORELEI DORIS METCALFE "Lei" Activities: G.A.A. 7-8. What's Ahead: Business school. Idle Hour Pastimes: Swimming d skiing. Noted For: The remark " t got a clue." Glaaa ,IOHN A Junior Class Vice ootball and 7 J.V. Football Track 4, 6, 3 5-8: Pow- Club 3-8: Al- 5-6, Sports Announcer 5- Play 4: Assemblies 3-8: fruncil 7: "I Speak for Contest Winner 5: An- nouncing 3-8. Noted For: Missing classes. JOHN PAUL 0'CONNOR Hack,- Activities: Band Letter 5: Band 5-8: Cadets 3-8. Whatis Ahead: A career in the Marine Corps. Idle Hour Pastimes Reading. Noted For: Yellow shirts. ROBERT JAMES ONEIL 'SPutt-Putt" Whatis Ahead: Wlork. Idle Hour Pastime: Sleeping. Noted For: His long, curly hair. ff-1-A "eo Viv' Liam N p 'fi--f of 1951 JAMES ALLEN NOTT iflimmyi' Artivities: Cadets fCpl.l 3-4: Totem Pole 3: Cafeteria Staff Substitute -l-3 Band 3-4. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Homework. Noted For: His height. KATHLEEN ROBERTA O'DONNELL "Kathy,' Activities: Pow-Wow 3-6: Allied Youth 7-8: Red Cross 3-4: GAA. 5-8: Cheerleaders 6-85 Red Cross As- sembly 3: Student Council 4. Whats Ahead: Work and marriage. Idle Hour Pastimes: Reading or sleep- mg. Noted For: Her brains. LURA MAY OSTERMAN SSLu7S Activities: Allied Youth 7-8: Red Cross 3-4: G.A.A. 5. Whafs Ahead: Texas. Idle Hour Pastime: Eating. Noted For: Her Vogue patterns. tw- -- fi t- a Q: L. MARY CATHERINE OYLER t.Kay-- Artivities: G.A.A. 5-6: Y-Teens tTreas- ureri 6-8: Business Office 6-85 Stu- dent Council Substitute 34. W"hat's Ahead: Clerical work. Idle Hour Pustime: Eating. Noted For- Her laugh. GLORIA ELIZABETH PARCON Activities: Nurse's Secretary 5-8 Whats Ahead The Ware or secre tarial work BERNARD JOSEPH PANELLA nsonnyss Activities: Basketball 3, 5, 7: Basket- ball Letter 5: Baseball 4, 6: Baseball Letters 4, 6: Student Council 5-6. Whats Ahead: Maryland University. Idle Hour Pastimes: Records and movies. Noted For: His straight hair. ROBERT HO A RD PARRISH "Bo ' Actztttles ect endance 3, 6-8: Bowan um Baseball 6, 8: 3 Q C0119 C Aoted For. Eating all the time. astzme Loafing. 1 r: Constantly irritating his ds. ' .. h- 0 , : f , A ' . f ' . " l l Q Idle Hour Pastime: Playing the u ly 4. l I . W 2 2 ' .fr - St GENE ANTHONY PELOSI "Plozzey" Activities: Football 5. 7: ,I.V. Football Letter 5: Track 6. Whafs Ahead: Work in the building field. . Idle Hour Pastime: Watching tell-- vision. Noted For: Driving a new Plymouth. KENNETH PELTZ "Plebes" Activities: Track 4, 6, 8. Whats Ahead: Yvork. Idle Hour I'ustime: Loafing, hated For: His ability at playing pool. unegeniau BETTY SUE PENDERGRASS Activities: Music Letter 6: Operettas 3. 5, 7: Operetta Lead 7: Assemblies 3-8: Announcing 7-8: Business Of- fice 8. Whafs Ahead: University of Georgia. Idle Hour Pastimes: Singing and sew- mg. Noted For: Her bangs. MARIE CATHERINE PIELNIEIER "Rec" Activities: C.M.A. lSergeantl 3-6: Bank Staff 5-6. Whafs Ahead: Secretarial work. Idle Hour Pastime: Picnics. Noted For: Her promptness. BARBARA ANN PUFFENBARC-ER "Puffie" Activities: Teacher's Secretary 5-7. Whafs Ahead: Marriage and country life. Idle Hour Pastime: Daydreaming. Noted For: Her absent-mindedness. C-LADYS MARIORY PERRY "Gladie,' Activities: Allied Youth 7-8: G.A.A. 6-8: Fashion Show 7: Cafeteria Staff 3. What's Ahead: Work. Noted For: Her big appetite. JACOB PROSER me., f77l Activities: 2nd Honors 5: Science Club 5-8: Science Fiction Club 7- 8: Photography Club 5-8: Dramatic Club 5-8: Debate Club 5-8: G.W.U. Conferences 5-8: "I Speak for Dem- ocracyu Contest Finalist 7: lst Hon- ors 7. What's Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastimes: Reading, tele- vision, and playing the violin. Noted For: His red hair. VERNA RUTH PURCELL npercyvv Activities: C.A.A. 5: Allied Youth 7- 8: Leaders' Club 7-8: Library Staff 4-5. Whafs Ahead: Secretarial work and marriage. Idle Hour Pastimes: Movies and dates. Noted For: A jolly nhtufel 5 . AAJOU JOANN FRANCES RAMSEY I I lAjtivities: C.M.A. lCpl.l 3-5: Tri- f Hi-Y 7-8: Y-Teens lSecretaryJ 3-8: Allied Youth 3-4, 7-8: Science Club 5-6: Operettas 5, 7: Assemblies 3- 4: Cafeteria Staff 7-8: Red Cross 4-8. Whafs Ahead: Nursing school. Idle Hour Pastime: Pestering people. Noted For: Her cheery "Hello." 0 L JOHN PATTON REA ajacko Activities: Football Letters 3, 5, 7: Track Ijetters 4, 6, 8: Football 3, '5, 7: iTrack 4, 6, 8: Cadets fPfc.t S-6: Student Council 6-7. What's Ahead: Work and perhaps col- lege. Noted For: His taxi service. ANN MADISON REID Activities: Perfect Attendance 3-5: lst Honors 3-7: Totem Pole fEditor-in- Chief? 7-8: Pow-Wow lReporter, As- sistant Circulation Managerl 3-6: Quill and Scroll 7-8: Dramatic Club 3-6: Allied Youth 7-8: Leaders, Club 6-8: Science Fair Exhibit 4: Elmira Key Award 6: Student Council 4-6, Whats Ahead College Idle Hour Pastimes Reading and sports Noted For. Her blue shoes. CHARLES C-ARFIELD RAYMOND i'Sonny" Activities: Cadets lCaptainl 3-8: Non- Lom Club 5-6: Officers' Club 7-8: Crack Squad 3-4. What's Ahead: College for architec- tural drafting. Idle Hour Pastime: Talking on the telephone to his girl friend. Noted For: Always talking about his girl friend. MARIORIE READ "Margie" Activities: Totem Pole Representative 5-8: Pow-Wow Representative 3-8: Christmas Assembly 7. Whafs Ahead: Office work and then marriage. Idle Hour Pastime: Dating someone special. Noted For: Her real blonde hair. HAROLD DON RHIZOR "Skeeter" Activities: Pervect Attendance 7-8: room Staff 5-8. Whafs Ahead: Library of Congress work or the Air Force. Idle Hour Pastimes: Whistling and trying to sing. Noted For: His enormous height. we SHIRLEY WILSON SANDRIDGE scsandyn Activities: Music Letters 4, 6-7: Oper- ettas 4, 6-73 Assemblies 4, 6-7: Ca- dets 3, 5-8. What's Ahead: The life of a bachelor. Idle Hour Pastime: Sleeping. Noted For: His curly black hair. CHARLOTTE ESTELLE SAUNDERS "Char" Activities: C.M.A. lPfc.l 5-6: Allied Youth 7-8: Science Club 5-6: Dra- matic Club 8: Y-Teens 8: Library Staff 7. What's Ahead: College and a nursing school. Idle Hour Pastimes: Reading and lis- tening to good music. Noted For: The green and yellow bed- room slipper she wore to school for at week. CARL LEWIS SCHUMACHER Activities: Cadets 3-4. 7-8, Whafs Ahead: Mechanical work. Idle Hour Pastime: Tinkering with cars and model airplanes. Noted For: Yvorking on cars. 81644 of 1951 JOAN ELIZABETH RICHARDSON Activities: Perfect Attendance 3-4: C. M.A. 7-8: Dramatic Club 7-8: Al- lied Youth 7-8: Bowlirfg Club 7-8: Y-Teens 5. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Loafing. Noted For: Her straight hair. t LEE RICKETT Allied Youth 7-8. Ahead: University of New Mex- 44'ldle Hou? Pastimes: Reading and MARIE FRANCES RICHARDSON upekeu Activities: Allied Youth 7-8: Y-Teens 78. What's Ahead: Nurse's training. Idle Hour Pastimes: Swimming, skat- ing, and bowling. Noted For: A leisurely manner. JOSEPH LEROY RODANO aloe-, Activities: Perfect Attendance 7-83 Pow-Wow Reporter 7-83 J.V. Foo:- ball 7: Track 8. Whois Aheadi The Navy or sports dancing. reporting. Noted For: Laughing easily. Idle Hour Pastime: The Naylor Thea- tre. A Lawkpgged For: Getting black marks. Jtaejflwi I l JOAN ROWE BERNERD MORRIS RYAN A ctivities: Cheerleade Letter 6 3 ':Barry" Cheerleaders 5-8: Dramatic Club 3- 8: "The Cat and the Canaryn 1: Fashion Show 5: Student Council 3- 6. Whafs Ahead: College and a dramatic career. Idle Hour Pastimes: Dreaming and planning for the future. Noted For: Raising her left eyebrow. JAMES MICHAEL SARDO "Kelley" Activities: Football Letter 4: Cadets tPlatoon Sergeantl 4-5: Non-Com Club 5: "A" Club 4-8: Football 3, 5, 7: Bowling Club 4-6: Bookroom Staff 5-6. What's Ahead: Money and Cadillacs. Idle Hour Pastime: Racing stock cars. Noted For: Losing teeth in football practice. JAMES ROBERT SCHRAF "Honest Jim" Activities: Football 3, 5, 7: Football Letter: Cadets 5-8: Spanish Assembly 5: Home and School Assembly 5: County Fair 6. What's Ahead: A good honest life. Idle Hour Pastime: Thinking. Noted For: Cashiering ability in the Coral Hills Market. ELTON ELIZABETH SCHUTT "Becky" Activities: Perfect Attendance 3-8: lst Honors 3-7: Totem Pole Editorial Staff 7-8: Leaders' Club 4Treasurert 5-8: French Assembly 6. Whois Ahead: College and a teaching career. Idle Hour Pastime: Reading. Noted For: Carrying books in both arms. i Activities: Basketball 3-7: HA" Club tVice Presidentl 3-8. What's Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Making dates. Noted For: His large vocabulary. Q wr-- , 1 4... 3 P, , ', TZ' Nha..- "3 Har ROBERT EDWARD SLOPER K6B0b!9 Activities: Key Club 5-8: Section Pres- ident 3: Operetta Leads 3-8: Major Choral Assemblies 3-8. Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Singing. Noted For: Playing leading parts in the operettas. PATRICIA' OIS "5 ' Q! fy I4 Activities: if 3 ll' Y th - . What Ahea -t - : ial or cl ma iage. P , Id o r astime Q oing f i liou Not For' ock of hair falling own on her a e. ADELE ANNE STEUER "Reds" Activities: Totem Pole Editorial Staff 7-8: Operetta Club 7-8: Y-Teens 7- 8: Assemblies 4-5: Chorus Radio Per- formances 7-8g 2nd Honors 7. Whafs Ahead: Government steno- graphic work. Idle Hour Pastime: Reading romantic novels. Noted For: Her interest in school. .-'qv'-f-' ROBERT FRANCIS SEVERN "Speedy,' Activities: Cadets tCaptainJ 3-8: Non- Com Club 5-6: Officers' Club 7-8: Crack Squad 3-4: Science Club 5-6: Aquarium Club tVice President? 5- 6: Cadet Map Reading Team 5-6: Track 5-6: Spanish Assembly 5: To- tem Pole Representative 7-8. Whafs Ahead: Work and college. Idle Hour Pastime: Movies and dances. Noted For: Living in the Cadet Office. .IOHN MAHLON SHEPHERD biski 79 P Whatis Ahead: A job in the building 5'9- field. Idle Hour Pastime: Flying around the country. Noted For: Wild ideas that work some- times. ZELMA CHARME SIMON "Z:-I" Activities: Totem Pole 7-8: Pow-Wow 5-85 Y-Teens tPresidentl 5-8: Pho- tography Club 5-8: Dramatic Club 5-8: Red Cross 3-6: Operetta tMake- up Chairman? 7: Plays tMake-up and Costumes? 5-6: Assemblies -L-6: Announcing 7: Teacher's Secretary 5: Stucent Council 7-8: Science Club 4-5: Bridge Club 6. H .Vhafs Ahead: College. Noted For: Her "gift of gabf' GLENN LANDRY STAMPS Whafs Ahead: Spartan Aeronautical College. Idle Hour Pastime: Wishing he was back in sunny southern California. Noted For: Always carrying around a flying magazine. A5 ly WILLIAM JESSE STEELE 6iBilly!! Activities: Cadets tCaptainl 3-8: Cafe- teria Staff 5-6. Whatis Ahead: The Navy. Idle Hour Pastime: Playing ping-pong. oted For: His ability to get spending money for week-ends. LYNN ROYSE STOVER 'iSmokey', Activities: C.M.A. tPfc.J 3-43 Totem Pole tPicture Chairmanl 7-8: Dra- matic Club 4-85 Science Club 7-8: Tri-Hi-Y 34: Operetta 5: Christmas Pageant 5: Announcing 6-8: Business Office 7-8. What's Ahead: A career teaching La- tm. Idle Hour Pastime: Memorizing Latin verbs. Noted For: Her demure laugh. HELEN JOY SHEA Activities: lst Honors 5-7: Y-Teens tSocial Service Chairman! 6-8: Pho- tography Club 7-8: Dramatic Club 7-8: Spanish Assembly 4 . Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: The movies. Noted For: Rooting for the Brooklyn Dodgers. MARY ANN SHIFFLETT Activities: Allied Youth 7-8: Business Office 8: Teacher's Secretary 5-7. Whafs Ahead: Work at the Telephone Company. Idle Hour Pastime: Roller skating. Noted For: Roller skating enthusiasm. EUGENE HENRY SISSON "Sonny" Activities: Perfect Attendance 3-4. What's Ahead: Art school. Idle Hour Pastime: The gang. Noted For: Always being seen with the same girl friend. ,PWM fins 4" ts, ing-f if CAROLYN MARIE TALBERT 6SLyn77 Activities: Cheerleader Letter 7-8: Pow-Wow Representative 3-4: Dra- matic Club 3-5: Allied Y uth 5, 7-8: Spanish Assembly 6: Calieteria Staff 3: Student Council 3-4: Section Sec- retary 5-6: Section Treasurer 7. What's Ahead: Maryland University. Idle Hour Pastime: Talking. Noted For: Always worrying about her problems. BARBARA RAE TAYLOR "Reds,' Activities. ramatic Club 5, 78: G.A.A. s, -8' Allied H1 7-8: Busine Off -8. 7 What's . rse's r ' g. Idle r sti Was ' 'm -Q4 : X IT' ' Q 61444 of 1951 BARBARA ANN STRAUB "Barb" Activities: Allied Youth 4-8: C.A.A. 6-8: Y-Teens 7-8: Dramatic Club 6: Teacher's Secretary 6. What's Ahead: Marriage. Idle Hour Pastime: Sewing. Noted For: Her interest in sewing. PATRICIA KATHLEEN SULLIVAN MPM., Activities: 2nd Honors 5: Dramatic Club 7-8: Spanish Assembly 5: Li- brary Staff 5-6. Whatls Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: The movies. Noted For: lways chewing gum. 255. MARY JEAN SWEENEY iiReds9! Activities: 2nd Honors 3: Footlights Club 5-6: Bridge Club 6: Science Club 7-8: Pow-Wow Assembly 5: French Assembly 6: Teacher's Sec- retary 6-8: Leaders' Club 7-8. What's Ahead: Maryland University. Idle Hour Pastime: Listening to the radio. MARY HELEN TATE "Scotty" Activities: G.A.A. 3-4, 7-8: Red Cross lSecre-tary! 3-8: Bowling Club 7-8: Allied Youth 5-8: Red Cross As- sembly 3: Library Staff 5-8. What's Ahead: College or F.B.I. work. Idle Hour Pastime: Going to the beach with Indians. Noted For: Her ability to get along with Alabama boys. MARIAN FAYE TAYLOR "Flossie,' Activities: G.A.A. 7-8: Allied Youth 7-8: "Youth on the Beam" 7-8: Li- brary Staff 6. Wim Ah dz Work. l Noted oJAlways l ' in ' 'IRGINIA LEE THOMAS ST NLEY ALL TEMPLE wx "Big Stan" Activities: Music Letters 6-8: Cadet Band fSergeant! 3-8: Non-Com Club 7-8: Dc-Molay Club 58: Bowling Club Vfcam Captain! 6-8: Track 7-8: "The Mikado" 8: Orchestra 5-7: Band 7-8. Idle Hour Pastime: Dreaming of Bal- timore. Noted For: His red hair. Jenny" Activities: Totem Pole Art Staff 7-8: Y-Teens 7-8: Allied Youth 7-8. Whafs Ahead: Art school. Idle Hour Pastime: Fashion design. Noted For: Her art work. Noted For: Her red hair. ARTHUR HULON SULLIVAN "Art" Activities: Football Letter 7: Track Letters 6-8: Football 7: Track 6-8: Allied Youth 7-8: "A" Club 5-8: Operettas 3, 7. What's Ahead: Maryland University. Idle Hour Pastime: Swimming. Noted For: His track ability. JAMES ROBERT SWANN L'Bob, the Banjo Kid" Activities: Perfect Attendance 3-5: Al- lied Youth 7-8: Science Club 3-4: Plays 5-8: School Hillbilly Band 5-8. Whatfs Ahead: Traveling. Idle Hour Pastimes: Horseback riding and hunting. Noted For: His ability at playing the banjo. JOSEPH EDWARD SYDNOR "Eddie" Activities: Operetta Letters 6, 8: T0- tem Pole Representative 7-8: Oper- etta Club 3-8: "Pirates of Penzance" 3: "Pinafore" 5: "The Mikado" 7: Christmas, Easter, Hamilton Na- tional Bank, and Thanksgiving As- semblies 3-8: Radio Programs 3-82 Home and School Program 6. What's Ahead: A course in tailoring and designing. Noted For: A notable upsweep. is. iv 'QV DONALD LESTER WADE ..D0n., Activities: Rifle Team Letter 65 Foot- ball Letter 75 ,I.V. Football 35 Var- sity Football 75 Rifle Club 5485 Ca- dets fCaptainJ 3-85 Basketball Mana- ger 7-8. What's Ahead: The Armed Services. Idle Hour Pastime: Roller skating. Noted For: His "shooting eye." DAVID JEROME WALSH ..Dave-, Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime- S orts of all kinds . p . Noted For: Always being clean shaven. LULA COLLINS WEBER ULU!! Activities: Allied Youth 7-85 G.A.A. 7-85 Student Council 3-85 Student Council Assembly 3. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Sewing. Noted For: Having parties. unefgeniau BARBARA .IEAN THOMPSON ssBobbysv Activities: Y-Teens fVice President, Social Chairman? 4-85 Y-Teens' Chorus 5-65 C.A.A. 4, 7-85 Allied Youth 4, 85 L'Pinafore" 35 Christmas Assembly 35 Fashion Show Assembly 45 Business Office Staff 7-85 Class Vice President 7-85 Bible Club 6-8. Whafs Ahead: Secretarial work. Idle Hour Pastime: Laughing. Noted For: Blushing easily. MARY MARGARET THOMPSON "Champ" Activities: C.A.A. 3-75 Library Staff 65 Business Office 5, 75 Teacher's Secretary 3-4. What's Ahead: Professional skating. Idle Hour Pastime: Skating. Noted For: Her ability to skate and keep winning medals and trophies. FRANK EDWARD VANDEGRIFT LLS0nny57 . H Activities:"Music Letter 65 Cadet Band fwgeafitl 3-85 Non-Com Club 5-75f D . olay Club fTreasurerJ 485 Key Club fBoard of Directors? 7-85 Oper- etta Club 3-85 Allied Youth 7-85 "Pirates of Pehzancei' and S'Pinafore,' 9 55 'Concert Band 343 Golf 5-85 ennis 48 HELEN CAROL THOMPSON "Carol" Activities: Allied Youth 7-85 G.A.A. Whafs Ahead: Secretarial work. Idle Hour Pastime: Bowling. Noted For: Always being in a hurry. KENNETH ROBERT THORNTON "Kenny" Activities: Cadets CPlatoon Sergeant? 3-65 Non-Com Club 5-65 DeMolay Club 7-85 Allied Youth 7-85 HA" Club 7-85 Track fCaptainJ 5-8. Whafs Ahead: College. Idle Hour Pastime: Roller skating. Noted For: His interest in track. GLORIA MARIE VIDOTTO Activities: Ist Honors 65 2nd Honors 3-45 Music Letter 45 Allied Youth 4, 6-85 Leaders' Club 6-85 Footlights Club 3-4, 7-85 Senior Dinner Music Staff 45 Operetta Music 35 Music for Plays 3-45 Leaders' Club flnduction Ceremony! 6-85 Cafeteria Staff 3-45 Orchestra 345 County Fair fDecora- tions Committee Chairman 6 - . ' I . What's Ahead: More education or What's Ahead: St. Mary's College, work. Notre Dame, Indiana. Noted For: His big bass horn. Noted For: Her laugh. MARY ANN WAKEFIELD What's Ahead: Office work and mar- riage. Idle Hour Pastime: Watching bowling. Noted For: Her sense of humor. ERNESTINE AGNES WARTENBERG i'Ernie" Activities: Allied Youth fSecretaryl 5-85 G.A.A. 5-85 Dramatic Club 5-6: C.A.A. Inter-high Basketball 5-85 A1- lied Youth Assembly 65 Fashion As- semblies 3, 5, 75 Cafeteria Staff 3- 55 Teacher's Secretary 5-8. What's Ahead: Office work. Idle Hour Pastimes: Dancing and eat- 1ng. Noted For: Her favorite expression "O.K., Mister." ELLEN ERNA WERTHEIM "Speedy,' Activities: Pow-Wow CRepresentative, Reporter! 5-85 Allied Youth fVice President? 6-85 French Assembly 65 Pow-Wow Assembly 65 Cafeteria Staff 3. Whafs Ahead: Medical secretarial work or college. Idle Hour Pastime: Dancing. Noted For: Her casual manner. I 4' ' nr Glade! of 1951 CAROL JEAN WESKE ucauyvs Activities: G.M.A. 3, 783 Totem Pole 3: Allied Youth 3, 7-8. Whafs Ahead: Work. Idle Hour Pastime: Having open house. Noted For: Always smiling. ALLEN GORDON WILHELM HAI!! Activities: Allied Youth 7-83 Track 8. What's Ahead: Hard work and mar- riage. Idle Hour Pastimes: Basketball and loafing. Noted For: His flirtatious manner. SARA LYNN WILLOUGHBY uspeedyss Activities: G.A.A. Letter 83 Totem Pole Representative 7-83 Bowling Club 5'6Q Allied Youth 7-83 G.A.A. 7-83 Section Treasurer 3-5. Whatls Ahead: Secretarial work. Idle Hour Pastime: Watching television with a friend. Noted For: Her pleasing smile. SUE ANN WILEY "Sucie" Activities: Cheerleader Letters 7-83 Cheerleaders 6-83 Pow-Wow Rep- resentative 3-83 Dramatic Club 3-63 Bowling Club 5-63 Leaders' Club lSecretaryJ 5-83 Allied Youth 5-83 Leaders' Clu-b Assemblies 6-83 Home and School Assembly 63- Teacher's Secretary 5-6. What's Ahead: Airline hostess. Noted For: The remark, "I'll clue you." JOANNE ELIZABETH WILLIAMS HJ097 Activities: Allied Youth 7-8. What's Ahead: Work as a commercial buyer. Idle Hour Pastime: Eating. Noted For: Always carrying a hand- kerchief. DOROTHY ELLEN WILSON "Dottie" Activities: Photography Club fSec- retaryj 5-83 Y-Teens 7-83 G.A.A. 3-83 Language Assembly 43 Teach- er's Secretary 83 Student Council 4. Whafs Ahead: Garfield Hospital School of Nursing. Idle Hour Pastime: Roller skating. Noted For: Perfect punctuality. . LAURA ANN WILSON Office 5-6. F33 K friend. Noted For: Her sweet personality. can be found. craft and flying. Activities: Bowling Club 5-63 G.A.A. 3, 5, 73 Student Council 3-43 Stu- dent Council Alternate 7g Business WIu1t's Ahead: Secretarial work. Idle Hour Pastime: Entertaining a ALFRED JOSEPH WOLFSON HAI!! Activities: ,l.V. Football 4. What's Ahead: The best career that Idle Hour Pastimes: Working on air- Noted For: His loud socks. LOIS ALBERTA WITHERS LALO!! Activities: Pow-W ow 43 "The Mikado" Lead 73 Assemblies 3-4, 73 Bill Herson's Program 43 Bible Club 7- 8. What's Ahead: Medical secretarial work. Idle Hour Pastime: Enjoying life. Noted For: Being a good friend. .IACQUELIN .IOANNE ZUE "Flabbie" Activities: Cheerleader Letter 63 Cheerleaders 5-8: C.M.A. 7-83 Totem Pole 7-83 Pow-Wow Representative 3-8: Section Secretary 3-63 Dramatic Club 3-43 Fashion Show 73 Teacher's Secretary 83 2nd Honors 7. What's Ahead: Work and marriage. Idle Hour Pastime: Riding around. Noted For: Always cutting her hair. Before we lay aside our caps and gowns and take our places in the world of business or higher education, we, the members of the June Senior Class, pause to salute the under-graduates. Our happiness during our three years at Anacostia has been largely due to the friends we have made. In leaving, we hope that you will enjoy your years in high school as much as we have. May you carry on the ideals of loyalty and service that have become part of the traditions of Anacostia. 5 W? MQ ,J A dd, ww mime PKYXWW5 Pat KOWT 06251 pm I Frafmie Harms and 1 5 tk 3, s 1 +V N33 P le RM Y II CunningharZNG , ,V ,N v if ""'N BES T ALL-AROUND A G 412,23 'Q' WW ST YLEPQBYNG VERSUS ALYYY k mer and Doris Eaton Ma, 9' I 0 Hermeberger N30 L F0111 1 Rober xi 41' Loring H FOR SUCC Geleiadfed vt! T' K CLASS SWEETHEART Irzs Fztch if BOL YD eclman a 'la' ,hm Reid I I 'QTL F, X ...V fri, X, 'S V ' my :Ek k X' f A 'Y xi f, L if nf ' 145 'ff . it Q 0 ' M0146 ,f gy, MY? f il f X n M .... ' f 'N 91 Ex A 9,1 'NN Q4 .AP 'ri ii f 2 fq'f't".x ' V in xv! I ,nal 405 YHQKW ag' GMM 40 gecfian 307-6 NIR. WILSON W l: liarlrara ones. Pat 'N J .Ic- Kf-Q-wr. Lorraine Slater. Betty Kriiw-lyak. Lois Helmick, Elaine Silu-r-teiii. Leona Kre-beck, Shir- ley Scliwigrvrt. ROW' ll: Mr. Wilson. Lily March. lirna De- hijllglllll. Kathryn Clarkson, Kay Xloss. ROW' Ill: lfdward Rey- nolrl-. lllantlf- Harvey, Philip llolil-mith. Norman Barnes. Char- les llall. 315-6 MR. BOYD ROIT' I: Tom McDonald Bill' Bow- v Y les. Rose Flaherty, Nancy Chail- lc-t. Beverly Dinn, George Irwin, Lenny Hearton. ROW II: Cary Doyle. Bill Whittaker, Joseph Mc- Graw. Martin Burch, Bert Frede- luces. ROW III: Mr. Boyd, For- rest Elliott, James Brown, Neil Se-gal. ' z v ,fi Secllian 306-6 RUSS JONES R017 l: Javkie Fincham, Pat Vieli- inn-ye-r. Xlary Henderson, Carla Siiiuvk. Rolfe-rta Duclcett, Pat llarxille. Barbara Cross, Betty Mai:-r. ROW' 11: Delores Groeper, Barbara Bost. Barbara Grinder, Joan Lief, Lorraine Glaberman, Mary Zachary. Joan Richardson. ROW' III: Jimmie Gosnell, John Jones. Dean Fournier, Pete Hall, Bob Goodman. Sheldon Kitt. ROW IV: James Byers, Russell Brod- erick. Bill Rooker, John Sullivan. ,..... v- Seofion- .204-6 NHSS OYERHTVISER ROW' I: Bobbie Moore, Mary Schild- kamp, Carol Johnson, Grace Greer, Jo Anne Hulvey, Barbara Jackson, Shirley Goode. ROW ll: Ruby Higbee, Barbara Price, Joan Buckohr, Janet Zebley, Diana Powelson, Catherine Reddington, Miss Overhulser. ROW III: Arn- old Fraser, Benny Guthrie, Alec Schlemmer, Bernard Welch, Rob- ert Timmins. 5 I M I TAB' f ' eclfion 303-5 MRS. Dl'XN ROW 1: Kathryn Lindley, Shirley Curtin. Nlary Weeks, Lila Burton, Barbara Wolf. Shirley Stewart, Barbara Wauhop. Carole Wilson, Edna Miller. ROW' 11: Albert Roelyn, Donald Seiler, John Fleig. James Nl:-ntges. Manny Crupi. ROW' Ill: Robert Drech- eler. Jim Ford. Frank Holmes. C1 Seofaan 309-5 NIISN HXRDY 17 l farfl lould Shirley Carey, 1 1' Thoinp-on. Carolyn Blu- me-r Floreriri- Babcock, Arth 'Vi-r C -I Nlowry. :T SI - l-tt. ROW' II: Mary Hilliard, .-f- 'i iam--. Gloria Blaylock. lloris lilavk. Jani- Ferrero, Peggy Walton. How- l'atanr-, Davina Bin- hinflvr, Gina Flanagan. Jane Ste- wart. ROW' Ill: Gordon Ftrattan, Hit-liard Win-low, Howard Alfan- N.-il Nlathf-Lon. Nliis llardy. ROW IV: Gerald Nloore, Robert Duval. Thomas Edmondson. Donald Eise ing. Ted Taylor, Bill Bivins Roger Jamea, Edwin Fanver. dre. Roger Core, Jimmie Gore don. Sidney Kohrn. Paul Dobak, 1 fsecfian 1.2.2-5 MR. BROWN ROW I: Nancy Richardson, Jan Hooper, Shirley Vandegrift, Linda Alexander. Janice Shulman. Nlary J. Stew:-iis. Colleen Kelley, Madel- oii Remus. ROW 11: Joy Coff- man. Ruth Eickenberg, Sylvia Burdette. Shirley Thompson, Nlary Wood. Sylvia Heffelfinger. ROW' III: Kathryn Klcyamee. Mary E. Stevens. Nancy Smith, Patsy Carroll. Frances Spain, Dorothea Stombock. ROW IV: Fred Buckles. Joe Giuliani, Wil- liam Hooker. Alan Herbert. Willis Canada. Bill Taylor, Skip Krah- ling. Secifian .207-5 MRS. CLARK ROW' I: Joann Renner. Ann McNew, Joan McConnell. Lorraine Levy. Martha Cress. Mary Chaney, Dar- lette Abel. Betty Kendall. ROW II: Betty Padgett, Ruby Spell, Cerese Pape, Sylvia Schmid, Ruth Niessner. Barbara Sylvis, Pat Kes- sler, Barbara Ricker, Jean Mayo. ROW Ill: Bobby Taylor, Jimmie Bailey, Eddie Sisson. Don Spence. Dick Mooers, Jerald Van Natta. ROW IV: David George, Fletcher Kolb. Mel Fisher, Jimmie Wyatt. Seclian .201-5 MISS DORREL ROW I: Margaret Burgette, Dolores Jessop, Beverly Nagel, Barbara Thornberg, Althea Owens, Libby Datnowitz, Nancy Caldow, Janis Benson. ROW II: Perry Sullivan, Eugene Wall, Michele De Bari, Robert Swabon, Ronald Lovejoy, Steve Berlin, Bernie Sollers, Miss Dorrel. UC - IQ iff-5 NIR. sxuru ROW 1: Roberta Oyler, Helen Manuel. Doris Cunningham, Bar- bara Evans. Audrey Dyas, Vir- ginia Molzer, Dorothy McClure, Martha Wilson. ROW II: Edward Naquin. William Finzel, Pauline Lajoie. Joan Mazzullo, Lillian Stombovk. Judy Tillman, Bill Hilleary. Jamei Miller. ROW Ill: Mr. Smith. Vic Sansalone, Bob Twomey, Vernon Headley. Don Pelasara. Robert Keppler. Seclian If 7-5 MISS PETTA ROW' 1: Frances Moncrief, Margaret Criekenberger. Shirley Harria. Elizabeth Bailey, Nancy Silver- man, Luis Rea, Corinne Candido, Joyce Pilkerton. ROW ll: Trudy Winstanley. Lois May, Dottie Os- terman. ,lean Stillwell, Dorothy Smith, Mary Moore. Shirley Poeey, Barbara Stansf-ll. Gay Young. ROW Ill: james Glazier, Billie Limerick. Barbara Raybold. Miriam Dawson. Edna Wilsher. Robert Smith, Miss Petta. ROW IV: Carl Cobb, Edward Bays, Les- ter Swink. Ernie Lashlee. Bill Maxey, Bob Cavanaugh, Don Moore. Seciian 104-5 MR.BENNER ROW' I: Joanne Holler. Barbara Mil- ler. Barbara Zamer, Dita Lyles, ,lane K+-ys. Violet Adrian, ,lean- ninf- Bagin-ki. Katherine King. ROV' ll: Frank Di Mira, Ray- mond Cib-on. Joan Altman. Fran- cea Rollins Betty Fydnor. Mari- lyn Runrlall. Naney Bowie. Rob:-rt Vine. Rob:-rt Smith. ROW' Ill: Robert E-tea. Wayne Rinick. ,les- W Willie-r-, Leroy Mer-al. Jame- llammoud. john if-roka. ROW IV: Ru--ell Daxis. Douglaa Mel- lott. illiri-tian Kr-ielx. l'r-te Ayr:-N. Martin Stickley. bk' -a I WVR -Q- Above: Wayne Murphy and Clif- ford McKihhen are the biology stu- dents on the outside looking in. Thex seem to he getting at the heart of the matter. ' 4 'P U . K Afwerq I 'rf Q Oi - ' 1 i i B6 map Nd I 15: .il Above: Chemicals -l- Frances Harris and Bob Fastnaught : Pfizz! Boom! Bang! Left: Here? Bonnie Acker listening to her c'master's voicef' 7!zme rib' , - , Q r xg .-,Q-iffi i 'Paul' k - -- A-1 'V me J , '1 HA -7 XX I' ll i Fv f V :EE Above: Donald Spence and Mary Ann Gaffield struggle with debit and credit as Mrs. Harper warns them. KNOW, donit juggle the books!" Right: Supervised by Miss Hanna, Donald Wright and ,loane Huff work on headlines in journalism class. gif!!! "' 1 hdk sf' 'vb 35' v""' i . Above: The metal shop moves outdoors as Mr. Horn, Steve Berlin. and Joe Broderick practice electric welding on the bleachers. KKX ,..v--1 -il' Secifian 311-4 Seciion 313-4 MR. MCPHAIL ROW 1: Shirley Mulloy, M Hackett, Betty Korkolis, Williams, Pat MacDonald. ley Roberts, Betty Worthii Gloria Hepburn. ROW' II: Gaffield, Jean Foglcman, S Tartaglino. Nancy Wise, P Wright. ROW Ill: John Richard Oden. James Charlie Butler. Roger B Robert Bleam. Mr. McPhail. I1': Richard Pearce, Phillip field, Tom Nicholson G Clouden. Clifford Frank Wojcik, Stephen Robert Meade. MRS. CANTRELL ROW I: Vivian Hill, Betty Majors, Audrey Thume, Rose O'Lone, Al- lyne Shutters, Shirley Redding, Doris Pfeifer, Shirley Friason. ROW II: Charles Klotz, Everett Fogle, Paul Schubert, Billy Boone. Frank Gilger, Arthur Fleig. ROW III: Dayton Biser, Anthony Jones, Francis Murphy, Robert. Moore, Thomas Stanley. Seclian 305-4 MRS. WILSON ROW I: Nancy Gaskin, Johann Ha- venner, Betty James, Dorothy Henderson, Elizabeth Bass, Mar- jorie Fels, Cora Weeks. Betty Fisher. ROW II: Barbara Getz, Barbara Weimer, Mary Davis, Janet McCall, Lorraine Kirkpat- rick, Wanda Abernathy, Gloria Yeager. ROW III: Shirley Mus- selman. Barbara Deal, Ida Mullins, Johanna Bennett, Barbara Corley. Virginia Thill, Mary Niemi, Mrs. Wilson. ROW IV: Bill Hartgen, Herbert Wolf, Eddie Gatewood. ii oi, 4 4 44' I in ,D Seciian 31.2-3 MISS REARDON ' I: Marian Wilkins, Gloria Clay- man. Kay Sutlle. Paula Harrison. Aurellia Baker. Joanne Johns. Gloria Tuell. Clara Fwink. ROW' ll: Miss Reardon, .luflrey Rollins. Barbara Raum. Maxine Thrift, Joan Greene. Be-tty Simmer- macher. Yera Hood. Betty Dickey. ROW' 111: Howard Rhine. Robert Anderson. Nlarvin Stone. Douglas Jones. Joseph Zell. Nlills Futer, Herbie Zost. ROW' IV: Bill Tay- lor. John Worden, Jerry Klejnot. Bob Selvey. Tom Hill. Raymond Pruitt. 1-ei ecfian 308-3 Mas. HARPER ROW I: Loucille Greene, Lynn Sim- ons, Florence McDonald, Margo Fake, Mary Zell, Theresa Watts, Ann Binder. ROW II: Zay But- ler, Bobbie Moton, Barbara Be- lechak, Joan Ridenour, Betty Wrigglesworth, Elsielee Powell, Loretta Reeves, Judy Mills. ROW III:William Puffenberger, Robert Mellott, Robert Cooper, Luttrell Cross, George Ramsey, Harry Da- vis, Fred Laso. ROW IV: Gene Bush. Jack Pettit, Bob Taylor, Eugene Maxey, Sammy Fisher, John Huminik. ROW V: Edward Donnelly, Terry Gilson. Gordon Zbinden. Secflfdn 304-3 Miss Rtssi-:L ROW I: Germaine Borys, Patricia Morgan, Dorothy Wagner, Elea- nor Osche. Ruth Holland, Shirley Andree. Joan Carlsen, Nancy Campbell. ROW II: Miss Russel, Lorraine Finamore, Dora Vaug- han. June Cowley, Gail Burton. in Nancy White. Rosemary Coll' s. Shirley Brown. Willis Case. ROW Ill: Warren Brown, Joe Heberle, Arthur Binger. Bill Munson, Dick Reeves. Robert Sanderson, Don Be- all. Russell Snow. John Downs. Secfion .208-3 MISS TAYLOR ROW 1: Shirley Musselwhite. Elsie Hontz. Dorothy Etter. Evangeline Brantley, Elsie White. Martha French, Nancy Reynolds. Clavel- ina .-Klmad. ROW' ll: Wanda Dan- iel, Joanne Forte. Faye Burke. JoAnn Roberts. Ginette Tizard, Betty Burroughs. Martha Ethridge. ROW III: Robert Moore, George Fielden, Paul Devine. Honrado Echaves, Bobby Harris, Marvin Fryer, Lawrence Malanlca. ROW I: Shirley Shegogue cgedfian 301-3 MRS. BENNERT Amick, Kay Atkinson, Fay ton. Mary Jackson. Joan F Nancy Cowdrick. Rose ROW ll: Dolores Y Mary Cissel. Barbara Nancy Matson. Betty Harford, Cross. Renee Council, J Winters. ROW' Ill: Mrs. Custis Benton. Barbara Joyce Burke. Shirley Cole. Leon. Elsie Asprer, Ewald August. : ' . l. ROW IV Harry McDougal John Crews. Frank Dempsey, Gladhill, James Cowan. 605051 300-3 MR. WILLETT ROW I: June Dovell, Gail St. John, Barbara Sorrill. Joanne Lord, Bar- bara Swisher, Betty Fraser, Gail Marshall, Kathryn King. ROW ll: Pat Strong, Mollie Cantor, Betty Woods, Shirley Belfield. Connie Chinn. Ray Todd. Marilyn Carr. ROW ffl: Don Randall, Audrev Rabbitt, Lee Roach. Carole Smith, Pat Tavey, Valerie Thom- as. David Brandt. ROW IV: Gene Wilkinson. Lewis Johnson, Leon- ard Eppard. James King. David Johnson, Jack Kreuter, Mr. W'il- lett. ROW V: Roy Carver, Laur- ance Mathews, James Brown. Har- old Koral. Jack England. Arthur Farstad. Seclfian II6-3 MR. FISHKIN ll' I: Mona Weiss, Mary Hine- gzardner, Roberta lidgr-tt. Barbara Smith. Peggy Smuck, Mary Anderfon, Phyllis Mazur, Anita Ye-rnon. ROW ll: Gloria Di Toto, Betty Ziegler, Carolyn Cowin, Sarah Clveton. Elf-anor Emmart, Rav Huff. Virginia Yan Pelt, joan Oden, Renee Maisel. ROW III: Francis Johnson, Karl Swenson, Michael Clarke, Melvin Welch, Monroe Smith, Danny Knode, Stan Bell, Dick Robins, Dean l'pp. ROV' IV: Harry Furrninger, John Hothnvy. William Mull-cey, 'lihumax Htl-Nr-ll. Rivhartl Leavitt, Mark Kirkham, Jimmy Smith, Mr. Fixhkin, Secfian 1.26-3 NIRS. lilI,BOl'RNlI IT' lx lr:-nv Phillips, tlle-una Sam- mon-. lie-tty lloomvr. Patrivia Foot:-. Patriria Stout. llvw-rly Nliflfllvton, Pauline Stout. Norma llangy-r. Shirley Stover. ROW ll: livrnii- Mt-rritt. Pat Farr:-ll. John lfliuillvt, liill Wvells. lieu' Horton. ROW' Ill: Dale Turns-r. John Nlill- man. W'illiam Miller. Bill MC- Cuigan. Seclfrian 7.24-3 MR. MAXIM R0 W I: Natalie Watson, Marlene Gor- don, Janet Brunner, Gaye Hust, Barbara Dixon, Helen Williams, Darlene- Knippel, Hazel Odom. ROW ll: Donald Drager, Connie Pow:-ll, llarlmara Bargor, Loretta Carre-n, Glenn Myers. ROW Ill: Philip Riedel, Richard Cemmill, Perry McCormick, Irving Lewin, Clifford Chapman, Max Kirby. " +L:v3.:, Above: "Watch your darts!" Mrs. Schertz cautions Frances Harris and Marcia Alexander. Right: Ray- mond Cibson and Glen Stamps de- monstrate Archimedes' principle in Mr. lVIaxim's physics class. M Above : Reconnaissez-vous Tartar- xn de Tarascon? Right: Ready re- ferences are obtained in the library by Joan March, Joan Sexton, Robert O'Neil, and Pat Eagan. KL: K fixed' -V GE-9 g y: y . F X 11 ,-H ' .9 , 'ff is Above: Mr. Prater talks "plane sensev to Martin Burch. Left: Watch your fingers, boys! Skip Krahling, Russell Broderick, and Charles Hall discover what makes a gas engine tick. I ,lf iid . 'W 'X.f'X ' G? lkx .gy-f sf I , Above: Air males Ed Reynolds and Harold Tinsley listen intently to Mr. N'lCNlahon's explanation of a radial engine. Left: Lee Wvillia-ns. Gloria Di Toto. and John Myers ex amine cosas espanolas. Secfion .2 06-3 I Mas. BECKWlTH Q Rfllf I: J. Lu-Igartvn. N. llu-ln-3. S. Sullivan, Shepherd, E. Mitchell, E. Slay, N. Delano, T. Osborn. ROW II: B. Weeks, E. Glascoe, S. Sheehan, Y. Wolf, J. Moore, D. Curtin, J. Thayer, B. Dial, N. Moroney, B. McCarthy. ROW III: R. Ryon, Mrs. Beckwith, J. Wilkes, C. Anderson, D. Morgan, D. Van Der Lin- den, H. Kayian, C. Flowers. ROW IV: T. Gleason. D. Gabbard, G. Green, J. Ferber, C. Corbin, H. Hendricks. Secfion. .203-3 MRS. DUNN If' I2 Xflltjlfl, S. K1'l1lr'l'. l.. llm'l-.- ett, E. Rosenfeld, R. Beall, R. Estelle E. Fogle, M. Young. ROW II: NI. Mad dox, E. Todd, B. Acton, J. Downs, M Berger, J. Kushner, D. Davis. ROW III J. Grove. N. Jones, H. Bissonette, B. Surrell, D. Cloer, N. Mulloy. ROW IV G. Deloher, D. Harville, P. Hill, G Eagan, J. Bailey. ROW IV: M. Geary, E. Hanger, T. Timmons. G. Edwards, H. Blaisdell, B. Mack. "-T2 l, "NIH -ee vo- ,E ,W V E0-453 - S -fw-mn ff5-3 MRs. LUSK RUN I: .l, l,l'lll'!'. ll. lfray. N. llc-lmiuk D. Craziano, R. Martorana. C. Turturro. J. Proctor, P. Hudson. ROW II: F. Jones, P. Connelly, V. Heaps, S. Mack, L. Eb- ling, S. Bethel, H. Osborne, M. Starrett, S. Beall. ROW III: D. Kisner, J. Case, B. Thomas, D. Groeper, F. Peake, R. Hall, L. Jervis. ROW IV: C. Pratt, E. Callow, C. Pezold, R. Hatfield, D. French, J. Fo gleman, D. Gibbs, Mrs. Lusk. Seafion 308-3 MR. MCMAHON RON I: l. llolt. P. Bl!'l'l'f'IlliiIl. Xl. Holmes, J. Gray. J. Walls, N. Brinker E. Edmondson, J. Padgett. ROW II: B Myers, E. Smith, B. Berry, M. Hardy N. Wickersham, H. McTavish, J. Chap pelear, L. Glueck, D. Mauney. ROW III: A. Herron, J. Schneider, J. Stuller, M. Cranford, J. Schroeder, P. Douglas, B Moon, Mr. McMahon. ,,Sf 7? w Q -4 1 unia4Recf 04044 Sponsored by Miss Reardon, this group was organized to carry out the ideals of ser- vice ofthe National Red Cross. Helping those who need aid because of some misfortune and interpreting the Red Cross program to the students of America are the primary goals of the members. Worthy endeavors of the organization have included packing boxes for children overseas and filling stockings for distribution to local hospitals. ROW I: G. Flanagan, Z. Butler, T. McDonald, J. Harris, H. Tate, B. Duval, A. Gardner, B. Cross, M. Stickley, B. Acker, E. Doughty, Miss Reardon. ROW ll: D. Colvin, N. Moore, R. Maisel, A. Owens. V. Molzer, J. Ferrero, M. Wartenberg, J. Fogleman, L. Helmick, I. Kaplan, J. McDonald. ROW III: B. Dishner, J. Cass, J. Ramsey, B. Stansell, B. Woods, P. Stout, D. Eaton, B. Bost. Science Glad The Science Club was organized in June, 1949, for the purpose of arousing interest in scientific pursuits. This year the club has been divided into two large sectionszthe science division and the photography department. Members of the former group are planning to work on individual projects for exhibition at the Science Fair, while the photography sec- tion takes pictures for school publications. Mrs. Kilbourne is the adviser. ROW I: K. Atkinson, D. Black, M. Stickley, A. Atkinson, J. Lief, B. Bivins, W. Hooker, P. Burroughs. B. Moore. ROW 11: D. Wilson, C. Bannon, H. Shea, Z. Simon. L. Williams, C. Pape, C. Blumer, C. Wilson, M. Sweeney, L. Stover, M. Stevens. ROW III: J. Gosnell, G. Moore, B. Good- man, H. Alfandre, G. Hayman, C. Midkiff, C.Lightner. ROW IV: B. Duval, J. Van Natta, D. Calhoun, J. Kreuter, F. Cowan. R. Hood. 154- Y t Y 'q' ' S tnflf-nts who enroll in a course of lnftrnvtion in the- Business Of- fiw- olvttiin xalnalile prartieal ex- its-ri. nw- in typing. filing. rleliver- rn'- nn-fsagt-s. handling corre- sll4tIllll'Ill'4'. lltlfl Hllt'I'lllillISI lllf' -1 Nxxit llivir ilf'lIXlllt'S nrt- stiperviwrl lu - Xll'S ftnrlx 1-hlnnarfl anrl offivr' machines. A. Rfllf lf ll. xlt'f.ltIl4f', K. Xlvllvtt. rx. V 4 lialilvitt. ll. Nlannrl. J. Ke-nn:-tlv. L. Ratt.-ft., i-1. iittmu.. Razr II: 'Mft Cook. I.. Stow-r. H. Taylor. I.. Dome- nivk. K. Uiler. ll. lliornpson. Y. Javohwn. Ur-. Uoorlwin. Ghm Glad 7a-JH-Q1 Inaugzurated in 1933 to "create maintain. and extend throughout the home. school, and community high standards of Christian char- at-ter." this cluh is an affiliate of the Y.YV.C.A. Members enjoy a program designed to comhine ser- xice projects with many enter- taining social affairs. ROW I: M. We-iss, D. Powelson, E. Bailey. J. Lief. B. Cross. M. Hender- son. J. Dovell. B. Sorrill. ROW' II: V. Thomas, S. Beall, J. Cowley. M. Carr, P. Hudson. ROW III: R. Edgett. P. Cross. B. Woods, B. Smith. Although formecl leas than thrf-1' years ago. the Chess Club haa alrmtly bf-rfonw a learling fhool aftivity for lnoth l-op anfl girls. Xt regular II1Ulll.ltlY meet- irlgl- niwtnlwi- hnlfl a wrivx of vli- nnnation rotitvlt- to if-lef-t .Kna- r'oNti.t1 Nillff'-f'llfiillX'f' to tht- ln- tf-r-lliglt Klnxf lournalnf-nt. Mrs. Wil-on ix tlif- far-nltx Li4lXl4l'I' RU li' I: J. Faxlfr. ll. Iiftfliflllx ff. Nlitikitf Rf!!! llt Xlt- Ylilon It l.nnr'-. K. llnguin. Rfllf' Ill: fi. Xlnorrf. XX. llf-wlvt. f., l.i11ltIn-'t. .feaflma Gad The Leaders Club IS composed of fifty girls recommended b thelr teachers for good citizen ship loyalty and eruce to the school and community Preparing Thanksoivmg baskets for needw families and selhn T B stamps xn the southeast vicinity are included among their 3Cl1Vltl8S ROW I 'VI Bond S Goldstein N Harris P Burroughs E Schutt J Lief C Smuck C Burke ROW ll loore C Vldotto Plea Huff B White A Reid ROW III D Bartlett C John on L Alexander .fiiamq Slcff Student assistants in the library 1'er'f-iw' instruction in wutaloginu. filing. typing. shelxingz. desk rou- tines. und library tevhniques. lfor these se1'vic'es ear-h member of th.- staff earns one-half vretlit a se- mester. Bliss Nlmxhray is the li- brarian. ROW' 1: D. Rvall. C. Flanagan. J. Nloore. l.. Ftoinhock. H. Tate. ll. Ftoniliork. N. Reynolds. ROW' II: C. Saunders. ll. Nlirltllt-Inn. B. l'i'ive-. ,l. Zehlr-y. ,l. llulxey. F. Nlonwrie-f. 9. Wat-k. RUII' III: .l. l'ill-41-rloii. ll. Frank, Y. lihoinas. .l. l"ogl:'man. F. ,lone-s. .X. llurrow. 7eaJuv14' Girls assigned to serve as teachers' secretaries learn to ap- ply the knowledge acquired in business courses. One period a day is devoted to clerical duties consisting of typing, filing, check- ing papers. and delivering nies- sages. ROW I: Mrs. Moseley. B. Miller, M. Shiflett. C. Knapp. E. Warten- berg, B. Acker. ll. Dinn. G. Creer. ROW' II: B. Padgett. K. King, l.. Helmick, R. Eickenberg. B. Puffen- barger. C. Parton. C. Wilson. Nl. Sweeney. ROW' III: C. Blaylock. KI. Pantalena. Y. Cray. P. Morris. lf. Rison. H. Cornwell. B. Sherbert. ,S- 4 , . 31: . Qc, 'ii-. 1:1 'fr 1 uf' 1 " .. 5 1 I u ' I J I . - , ."' 345-. . f . .-1. 1 Q29 .:-1 if g':' 1'-"1 fi' -' ' 21222 fs I.: aff'-.J F .I ',. 1 . - ' in uk-- 1.l ' , ,bf ji 1 ' Qgftfs f l': .-ala... 1- 1 53: A, -, 'J -9,5 I' . f '-:I - I l affo, I' .331 3-Q--' ' ' I ' Q"-, 1' "0- I X 1 N.. 5 " . 5 I g 1 I i -+ - Ny I Y ' . K 'Q 1 'g ig' ' 1 1 lm ., 5 ,L xv E 1 Y. V 5 V . 9. V V .0 l Q 4 Q ' . s fb .1 , 3 T 3339 f . A hh w: 1 l s. rv' r:' ' fy 'J ful .E 1' 4 , a o I I ar ,J ,, .-,Q 9 0 K 'ati 2531! Jail." X. X. xx Having fled his fatheris to avoid marrying Katisha. N Poo, son of the Mikado of J disguises himself as a minstrel and falls in love Yum-Yum. Yum-Yum, howey er is engaged to Ko-Ko, the High Executioner, who is someone to execute in c with the Mikadrfs orders agrees to give Yum-Yum to Poo if he will permit Ko-K execute him within a month. when the Mikado arrives hears that his son has been beheaded. he commands , 6 execution of Ko-Ko, who himself by marrying Katisha. voung lovers are also united. ROW 1: Adele Steuer, Betty Pendergrass, Janet McCall, Sheila Goldstein, Betty Korkolis, Virginia Thill, Peggy Walton, Lois Withers, Iris Fitch, Pat Stannard, Shirley McCall, Lois May, Joanne Lord. ROW Il: Pat Harville, Dorothy Osterman. Cheryl Burke. Billie Lime- rick, Barbara Raybold. Althea Owens, Trudy Winstanley, Jeannine Baginski, Violet Adrian, Joann Ramsey, Blanche White, Nina Harris, Beverly Dinn. ROW III: Margaret Cricken- berger, Nancy Gaskin, Barbara Syivis. Carla Smuck, .lan Hooper. Mary Henderson, Kay Keeton, Gladys Dorsey. Peggy Luhy. Jackie Fincham. Frances Harris, Mary Chaney. Selma Lenett. Left: uW'ere you not to Ko-K0 Plightedf' Below wfaken from a County ikacfa Right: uBehold the Lord High Executionerf' Beloit: "For He's Gone and Married Yum-Yumf, Gad Presented by the Operetta Club Directed by Miss Eva Henderson November 30 and December 1 The Mikado . .Ernie Lashlee Nanki-Poo Robert Sloper Ko-Ko ,. Don Grady Pooh-Bah .,.. Claude Harvey Pish-Tush ,, Loring Heckman Yum-Yum . . .... Peggy Walton, Virginia Thill Peep-Bo . . . .4.,... Lois W'ithers. Betty Pendergrass Pitti-Sing Shirley Vandegrift, Betty Korkolis K3ti5l'13 . .. ,.,.. Iris Fitch S .- n. 4 4 I T- ' IN" :I 1 . . , n -,Y '. :iq :Oo - ,Q-I 4 U , . . ' - n wr. '4 if! 3 1 - - -:jg ' IJ 1 i' ' 'A ' fx' "f x . . , . ' s. .i 'Y if V M' .L L 1 , xl. .vl-s I ' s . Na A ." xii!" , I 4799 Glad ROW' IV: Johanna Bennett, Frank Di Misa, Miss llvndf-r-on, Don Grady, Fred Cowan, David Jann-s, Sandy Fandridge. Jerald Yan Nat- ta, Loring ll:-1-knian. lark Pr-ttit. Ernie Lash' lf-r. llick Rollins. Nl'-lxin Carnahan, Ted Radom- -l-Li, Howard :Klfanrlrrz Rohr-rt Cutshaw. ROW V: Donald Randall. Curtis Burton, William Mlilkf-y. Daxid Roth. liddii- Sydnor. ROW VI: Claude llarvey, Philip Goldsmith, Robert Flop:-r, William Mills-r, Jim Smith. Robert Duxal. Hay McMullen, Bob Drechsler, Don Eising. , sf' 0 nfl 4 5 F. 3? Q U ' a I Q v o 1 . v I . . . I 4 I 0 J a I n I 3 I 1 'n I 0 4 I I I I 'JJ 'jj , N . ' -2 .-sum 'x Pow- Wow The Anacostia Pow-Wow is the official school newspaper. Leads, cut-offs, dead- lines, and newspaper ink become as much a part of the journalist as flesh and blood. Under the direction of Miss Hanna, the Puu'-Wow received a first place rating from Quill and Scroll journalistic Society last semester. This yearis top positions are held by Sheila Goldstein, editor-in- chief: Joane Huff, assistant editor, and Donald Wright, sports editor. Other im- portant duties are supervised by Deane Arthur, club editor, Sheila Courter, lit- erary editor, Kenneth Duggin, advertising managerg and Sheldon Kitt, business man- ager. wa sag NEWS EDITOR: Jacqueline Finc- ham. ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR: Loring Heckman. CIRCULATION MAN- AGERS: Edward Gatewood, Clifford Mc- Kibben. ART STAFF: Denis Bourland, Richard Oden. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: Charles Enterline, Jack Kreuter, Laurence Matthews. REPORTERS: Helen Baker, William Bartsch, ,loan Cass, Mary Cronk- rite. Barbara Cross, Gina Flanagan, David George, Nina Harris, Frances Moncrief, Rose Patane, ,loe Rodano, Donald Seiler, Zelma Simon, Frances Spain, Mary Ste- vens, James Tucker, Ellen Wertheim. NX fl' I ff r 1 . ,K kg' x ' 1 Z 2 I A lg' . Z 4 ' 5 Pfllswfit, ,, Q ' ' : ,. T-'yup Ls., A 1 Y 'Tl is :-E,.'1'...-wa ' X I - 4 V ,vvi 2' , ROW I: Barbara Cross, Ellen Wert- heim, Mary Cronkrite, Carol Gould, Mary Stevens, Gina Flanagan, Rose Patane, Johann Havenner. ROW II: Helen Baker, ,loan Cass, Frances Moncrief, Zelma Simon, Nina Harris, Frances Spain, Marlene Hackett, Miss Hanna. ROW III: Loring Heckman, Kenneth Duggin, .lim Tucker, Sheldon Kitt, Clifford McKibben, Edward Gatewood, Donald Seiler. ROW IV: Joe Rodano. Denis Bourland, William Bartsch, Ted Taylor. 'W' 'QX S J -Z' , 'Z L. 0 TW' si ,J wc never thought we'd make it, but we did! After long hours of burning the twilight oil. the members of the yearbook staff finally breathed a sigh of relief and "put their baby to bed." your 1951 Totem Pole. Leading the hardworking editorial, photography, art, and business depart- ments were Ann Reid, editor-in-chief, and Melvin Carnahan and Dorothy Davidson, associate editors. Performing equally arduous tasks were assistant editors Pat Harville. Lynn Stover, Carla Smuck, and Lorraine Claberrnan. They hope that their efforts will succeed in preserving happy memories of your high school days. we sag Bl-'SINESS STAFF: Kenneth Duggin, Hose Patane. ART STAFF: Denis Bour- land, Sarah Cleeton, Hope Clifton, Rich- ard Hall, Edna Kerin, Richard Oden, Fred Seegar, Eugene Sissons, Virginia Thomas. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: Carl Cobb, Charles Enterline, ,lack Kreuter. EDI- TORIAL STAFF: Ann Atkinson, Ruth Babcock, Barbara Bost, Peggy Burroughs, Joan Cass, Margaret Corfield, Barbara Cross, Mary Lee Dial, Barbara Grinder, Judy Heath, Mary Henderson, Jill Hiers, David James, Barbara Jones, ,Ioan Lief, Betty McEwan. Elton Schutt, Elaine Silver- stein, Zelma Simon, Lorraine Slater, Adele Steuer, Jacquelin Zue. 31 4, KUIT' I: .Iac-qu:-liri fm-. Jill lfif-r-. Barbara Bo-t. Barbara Grinder. Sarah ffl:-n-ton. .laitlvt Xlcfiall, l'n-ggi' llllf- rougbs. ROW' ll: Barbara Cross. Lor- raim- Slater. -Mfr-lr Slt'llf"I'. Elton S4-butt. joan Li'-f. Mary Lea- Dial. lm- Stone. RUN' Ill: Jndv ll'-atb. Joan Ca--. Nlarglarvt Corfivld. Lynn Stowr. Nlarv ll'-nd:-rson. Betty Niv- Ewan. RUN' Il': Elaine- Silverstein. -inn Ntkinson. Kenneth Dugxgin. llavid Janes, Barbara Jones. Z4-Ima Simon. g-1 I :za Malay ew Under the sponsorship of Mr. Whitesell, the De Molay Club was established at Anacostia in 1949 and soon became a popular school organization for boys. This year Mr. McPhail has supervised the club, and, led by such efficient officers as Charles Martin, Lor- ing Heckman, Frank Vandegrift, and Russell Brod- erick, the group has had a profitable and enjoyable season. The purposes of De Molay are to create leaders, to improve the character of the individual boy, and to support public education through service to the school. Students who are members of the International Order of De Molay may join the Ana- costia chapter. ROW I: Frank Vandegrift, Lor- ing Heckman. Charles Martin, Russell Broderick, Mr. McPhail. ROW ll: Stanley Temple, Melvin Carnahan, Thomas Burton, Ken- neth Thornton, Ray McMullen. za, em The Key Club is composed of outstanding boys from the fifth through the eighth semesters who have been selected by the administration and faculty on the basis of potential service to their school and community. The development of initiative and leader- ship are fundamental objectives. Sponsored by the Eastern Branch Kiwanis Club, members have directed the signing of the Freedom Scroll by fellow students and have assisted the faculty chairman of the school testing program. Polishing trophies, painting and varnishing library bookcases, and distributing per- manent record pictures are other accomplishments of the Key Club. Mr. Whitesell is the adviser. .A .fu ROW I: David James, Martin Stickley, Charlie Brenner, Fred Cowan, John Myers, Loring Heck- man, Robert Drechsler, Roger James. ROW Il: Paul Dobak, Shel- don Kitt, Bob Goodman, Donald Hoffeld, Frank Vandegrift, Edward Bohon, Bob Duval, Robert Sloper, Mr. Whitesell. ROW HI: Donald Grady, George Keough, Jimmie Wyatt. Bill Rooker, Galen Wicker- sham, David Roth, Melvin Carna- han, Bill Bivins. Robert Estes. ROW' I: Mr. Prater, Willy Hill Clifford Nlcliibbe-n, Darnell Ply male. Steve Berlin, Joe Butler. ROW ll: Erv Chatlin. Benny Guth- rie, James Barnard, Robert Kep pler. Bucky Hall. Slaqe eww Behind the scenes of any stage presentation are the boys of the Stage Crew, whose efforts make possible such gala events as operettas and senior plays. Under the direction of Mr. Prater, this group not only spends long hours in preparation for every performance but also expects to remain long after the acting has been completed by the cast. Chosen for their ability to take orders and cooperate with any organization de- siring their aid, the members of the Stage Crew oper- ate the lighting, microphone, and projector, make and erect scenery, manage sound effects and props, and prepare the stage for all performances. -O? QS, ,,. 'Glad With the installation of a public address system at Anacostia in l94-8. the Broadcasting Club was formed. Since that time, these boys and girls have assumed many essential school functions. The principal duties of the group are leading the opening exercises in the morning and reading the daily bulletin to the student body. Announcers are chosen for their clear voices, easy reading ability, good diction, and pleasant, arti- culate tones. Other requisites are a sense of re- sponsibility, a desire for self-improvement, and will- ingness to accept orders. Loring Heckman is presi- dent of the club, and Miss Henderson is the adviser. ROW I: Janet McCall, Blanche White, Judy Heath, Lynn Stover, l.oring Heel-tman, Donald Grady. Pat Harxillc. ,Ioane Huff, Peggy Walton. Cheryl Burke, Betty Pen- fli-rgras-. ROW II: ,Ioan Cass, Frannie Harris, Margaret Cricken- herger. Virginia Thill. Elizabeth Bass, Zelma Simon, Ann Atkinson, Nli-- Heridf-r-on ROW III: Ken- nf-th Duggin. David James, David Claudi- llarwy. Bill Taylor, Mcl- xin Carnahan. Nina Harris. Sheila Goldstein, Roth. ,lohn Bailey, John Myers. Ri: hard Odf-n. If-rald Van Natta. Rfllf' Ili: Bill Bixin-. ,lim Ford, .fucking X, J Above: Oops, too much salt! Fred Seegar and Marjorie Magnus whip up breakfast for two. Below: lt's like this see . . . Elton Schutt, Ann Binder, and David Goodall chart their course through history. lxzgllt. Vt lshful inlung can lu- dom- only in the print shop. Left: The fourth period music class 'Ssounds offw under the direction of Miss Henderson. Above: Dramatic Club of- ficers Frances Harris, Charles Greenberg, and Cheryl Burke hold a pow-wow on spring show plans. .V-ffmre: loan Hom- and john Nix-Carlhy portray a scene from .llll1,'fl!'lll. 4 Slacfenl Council UPPER HOUSE y When the Student Council, one of our most in- fluential groups, was reorganized in 1949, it was de- cided that the Upper House should be the policy- making body. Its major objectives are to promote the welfare of our school and to encourage student participation in Anacostiais many and varied activities. The members consist of the president or ranking officer of any acknowledged school organization and a representative of each semester. The Council is proud of its certificate of membership in the Na- tional Association of Student Councils. ROW' I: Barbara Cross, Virginia Thill, Cal-'n Wicker-hani. Mary Hennebcrger. Manny Crupi, joane Huff, Sheila flolnlsln-in. lil-tty Yet- ton. ROW' Il: ,Ioan Lief, Ann Reid, Ze-lma Simon. .Nnn Ktkinson. Cheryl llurke. Ann Gardner, Bar- bara Cray, Peggy liurroughs. ROW' John Myers. Jack Rea. Lorin gene Grogan. -7 --1 Slfucfenl' Gauncil LOWER HOUSE When in joint session with the Upper House, the Lower House may initiate and vote upon all Council business other than matters of policy. In the Lower House, the members, principal duty is to serve as an intermediary between the administration, the faculty, and the student body. The membership is composed of one elected representative from each section. No one in the Lower House may hold a seat in the Upper House and vice versa. The faculty adviser of both divisions of the Student Council is Mr. Collins. ROW' I: liillil- l.inie-rick. janet McCall. Nlaxinr- Thrift. Maxine Benhoff. Barbara Wolf. :Kline Den- ison. Lu Xveber. Lyn Croft. ROW II: Nancy Bowie. Sarah fflf-cron. Barbara Jones. Carol Johnson, Bar- bara Barge-r. :Xllyne Shutters. Rosemary Collins. Joan McCon- nell. Doris lfaton. ROW' III: Cer- ald Moore. Leonard Ifppard. Char- les Higgins. llonrarlo l':1'llLlYf". .lov Burnham. ROW' IV: liill Taylor, Bill Rook:-r. llaxid Roth. III: John Hailey, Fred Cowan. He-ckman. ROW IV: Charle Greenberg. Jimmy Matthews. E11 aw sag For many years the Anacostia High School Bank has served not only our own faculty and student body, but also neighboring junior high and elemen- tary schools. Under the direction of Mr. Turpin. tht- staff records deposits and withdrawals, handles the money collected in the cafeteria. keeps the accounts of school organizations, and sells bus and athletic tickets and school supplies. The procedures followed in all transactions are similar to those of a regular bank, so that students who elect this activity re- ceive excellent vocational training. RUF' 1: lhl?1XlIif' Thrift. Pill:-n Niowry. Gloria llfepliurn. Niary Jackson. lie-ttx Korkolis. Jain'-I Kit ffall. Joyce Pilkv-rton. Barbara Hr-- lwliak. Nancy H+-ynolfl-. Rflll' ll: flirivtlt- Tizarrl. flarolz- W'il.0n, farol Could, l'ut llarxillf-. Nlartlia- janv French. llorothv litter uint.: livan-. Ruth 'Nu---nf-r. lar liud-on. Katlllf-1-n Xif-llvtt. R011 Ill: .lim fir'-nv-ll. .lim Va-v-. Hob flooflman. Hill llartuf-n. lnrinff livrkman. Paul iroft. lxail lla' wnner. Qanfly Fandriflgf-. didnt-xr Kohrn. lion Xloor'-. niv- Ql'llHlilll. llvni- llourlzinvl. Cary Hayman. Rf-ln-rt Volltf-rr, lion in-ar-li. llill Taylor, Xlarxin Fryer, YI Stvpln-n Hourlantl. If I Pat follin ll 1 lr' nn r r r If my 1 war l an Nlundax liar tara Wolf t lf ni n K0 Niarx n ond nluln lldlI10Vtll N ax f i If lliomp on 1 na W r ixe lf r o1n 17 Ill f ra inf art 1 Q s l rrou i Ru i lialwfock Dori f unnm iam fans rt mr olm In One of the essential organizations in the school is the Cafeteria Staff. Among the duties performed by its members are cleaning the used dishes from the main dining room, operating the dish washer, drying the trays, china, and silverware, assisting at the steam table, selling candy, serving the teachers, and keeping the lunchroom neat and attractive. Approximately seventeen students contribute their services during each lunch period. ln return for their efforts they receive a nutritious lunch. Miss Knox is the sponsor of this group. nnltall I l u man r - Gonna! Banc! The Concert Band has the distinction of being the only uniformed band in the District high schools. Besides receiving instruction in basic music techniques, the members are taught how to use their leisure time in a worthwhile manner. The band is run as a demo- cratic society, and its officers are frequently permitted to conduct rehearsals. David Roth, this year's student leader, is qualified to officiate in the absence of the faculty instructor, Mr. Butterworth. The band is also a service organization and its members are awarded school letters for participation in after-school pro- grams. All types of music from marches and popular tunes to symphonies and classical selections are played on such occasions as Home and School meetings, receptions for dignitaries, and neighborhood parades. L,"-'aww H-- or . sk, V P '5' 5 f xx f Q Roth. .lanie Xfoore. Nfarjean Frf-fl rickson. Betty Kendall. Joe Burn ham. Frlmunll Walsh. ROW II Hr-arlon. Bill Yveilzcl. Max Kirby ROW Ill: Rav Carman. Jim Val thews. John Oiconnor. James W'il lis. Stan Te-niplf-. Wlilliam lfowarrl 0 A variety of music is offered orchestra members, who may receive school letters for their services. The organization affords interested students an oppor- tunity to widen their acquaintance with music, and gives them a substantial background for professional work in this field. Instruments owned by the school are also made available. Although small in numbers, the orchestra functions like a chamber music society, similar to the groups they may join after graduation. In preparing programs the members are given a voice in the choice of selections. After experimenting with suggested compositions, the boys and girls vote on those which they feel will be most entertaining. Di- rected by Mr. Butterworth, the orchestra provides music for the operetta, dramatic club presentations, graduation exercises, senior dinners, and assemblies. ROW I: Mr. Butte-rworlh. ,laniv Moorc. Nlarlf-ne llackm-tt. Barbara Sorrill. Cabs-ll Marbury. ROW Il: ,lim Smith, Stan Temple, Max Kir- , by. ROW III: John lluminik, Don- ald Eising. ROW I: Nlr. llutterworth. David Denis Bourlanrl. l.arry Tuell. Jim 'Woe-llvr. ffharliv- Drf-nnf-r. lmnm swim ' I 4 0 ANACOSTIA 34 GONZAGA 0 In their initial game the Indians gave a preview against Gonzaga of what was to come later in the season. Buddy King made the first touchdown on an end run and the last one on an 80 yard sprint. Bob Chatlin accounted for two scores and Gene Wall made another. ANACOSTIA 12 EASTERN I2 One of the most thrilling games of the season was played in the interhigh opener with Eastern. The Ramblers tallied first in the second quarter and missed the extra point. Then, in the fourth quarter, the Indians came back with Bob Chatlin going through center for one TD and Chatlin passing to Bernie Terry for another. With thirteen seconds left in the game, Eastern crossed the goal line once more and the game ended in a tie. ANACOSTIA 41 BELL 0 Anacostia romped over an inexperienced Bell eleven with two touchdown runs of 80 and 65 yards respectively by Bob Chatlin, along with one TD by Dick Grimes and three by 6'Pip" Fraser. ANACOSTIA 32 ROOSEVELT 6 After getting off to a slow start, the Indians ran up the score in the second half to gain a four touchdown margin over the Rough Riders. Bob Chatlin scored three T D's and passed to Aub- rey Southworth for another. "Pip" Fraser made the final score on a plunge from the one yard line. Above: Jimmy Matthews about to make a tackle in the tense Eastern game. Left: Tackle Joe Butler, Quarterback Jimmy Matthews. and Guard Mike Fitzurka are part of the formidable Indian team. Below: Bob Chatlin crashes at the line for a first down during the Anacostia-Eastern contest for the Division I title. . 5 'DY' A FIA. ANACOSTIA 41 MONTGOMERY BLAIR 155 Bob Chatlin really came into his oysn against Blair by scoring four touchdowns. Gene Bows-rsox and "Pip" Fraser scored the other two tallies. ANACOSTIA 19 Cl'lAN'lBl'iBl.AlN T Chamberlain showed unexpected strength in holding the Indians to three tallies. Bob Chatlin. Pat Kober. and "Pip'i Fraser each crossed the goal line. ANACOSTIA 13 WILSON 6 Bob Chatlin rambled with a T1 yard end run in the first period. which along with Ed Laso's extra point kick, gave the Indians a 7-0 margin. Dick Grimes sewed up the game for the Bed and Blue with a touchdown from the twenty yard stripe. ANACOSTIA 20 WESTERN T Anacostia's powerful Indians finished their scheduled season undefeated by downing the Raid- ers 20-T. Bob Chatlin scored first on an end run after Dick Grimes had made a 52 yard sprint. In the third quarter, Jack Cash intercepted a W'estern pass on the Raiders, 35 yard marker. Another intercepted W'estern pass and an aerial from Grimes to Pat Kober made the final Indian score. . , Q-1 --L .ek 1 A . -A t ,. ' I JMR 'ya ..,,tQi:,v , ANACOSTIA 2 EASTERN 3 GEORGE ONDUSKO BOB CHATLIN After a very short rest, l' nacostiawnet Eastern Tackle Left Half in a play-off for the Div 'on pbhampionship. Hurt seriously by injurie Narl '.in the game to JOE BUTLER JACK CASH several players. the I di s ht a valiant but Tackle A Center losing battle. J 1 i ' xii l E 'Q 'Ty' A l ROW I: Charl Pral, George Ondusko, Erwin Chatlin, Jack Cash, Mike Fitzurka, Joe Butler, Jack Rea. ROW Il: ' 'a '1eary, Elmer Robinson, Art Sullivan,Gene Bowersox, Jimmy Matthews, Bob Chatlin, Buddy King, Don ROW III: William Bowles, Perry McCormick, Aubrey Southworth, Bernard Terry, Gene Wall, Gene i, Ed Bohon. ROW IV: James Harris, Robert Smith, John Myers, Jack Chaillet, James Sardo, Roger James. ' OW V: Mr. Stewart, Jerry Bowman and James Duggin fSports Announcersj, Mr. Handler. "I William ylor and Kenneth ea "i"'C'1 If 3 ,-rn mi 4 1 I6 ,vi I 1 1 I W Randall Schedule DATE OPPONENT PLACE April Friends ...., ..... A way April 20 Roosevelt .,.. Home April 25 Charlotte Hall , . ,.... Home April 27 McKinley .... Away April 30 Gonzaga , . Home May 1 Priory , , . Home May 4 Eastern . . . Away May 8 Coolidge . . , Home May 11 Chamberlain .... Home May 14 St. John's .,....., ,... H ome May 15 Georgetown Prep Away May 18 Bc-ll .........,.... ,... H Ome May 22 Wilson ...,.,... Home May 23 St. Anthony's . Home May 25 Western ,...... . . . ..,......... Away Barring unforeseen circumstances such as in- Baaeddl '7eam ROW I: Ed Bohon. George Keough William Hilleary, Tex Martin, Jim Bailey, Benny Guthrie, Jerry NIcKrell. ROW ll: Eddie Catewood, Bob Par- rish. Ivan Cates, Don Leach, Gene Wall, Skip Krahling, Ken Cunning- ham. Sonny English. ROW III: Erwin Chatlin, Robert Willoughby. 'hack S juries to key players, prospects for a successful baseball season are indeed bright. Our entire infield remains intact from last season, and our pitching staff is solid right down the line. 74666 7mm ROW 1: Jack Blair, Kenneth Thorn- ton, Jimmie Wyatt, Dick Robins, Wil- liam Stevens. William Howard, Bert Fredeluces. Don Moore. ROW II: Ray Carman, Cordon Stratton, Jim Gos- nell, Joe Burnham, Russell Broderick. Stanley Temple. Frank Holmes, John Bailey, David Ramsay, Sidney Kohrn. ROW Ill: Cary Eckard. Ed Crisp. Donald Hoffeld, Pat Kober, Bernard Welch, Carl Beach, Fletcher Kolb. Mr. Willett. ROW IV: Claude Harvey. Sam Ferrell, Charles Finn. William Lawrence. D,-XTE OPPONENT PLACE March Episcopal ,.............,,.., Episcopal April George Washington High School UCWH5 April Alexandria Memorial Relays . .. CWHS April Wilson, Episcopal ....,.....,. Episcopal April Friends ...,.......,..,...,..... Friends April Baltimore Poly Relays ..... Baltimore April McKinley A ...........,,...., McKinley May Eastern, Blair ,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Eastern May Maryland lnterscholastic, .U. of Maryland May Metropolitan ..........,.,... . .Wilson May Coolidge , . , , . . ,,,.....,. McKinley May 23. lnterhigh . , ...,.,..,.,..,. McKinley The 1951 Track Team, led by Captain Kenneth Thornton, should be one of the best teams in the Washington area. Thornton will be aided by lettermen Charles Finn, Loring Heckman, Pat Kober, Russell Broderick, and Jack Rea. Veterans Jimmie Wyatt, Jack Blair, Frank Holmes, Don Moore, and Donald Hoffeld, along with many promising newcomers, should add strength to the team. H7411 ROW' 1: ,Ii-rry Howman. slr! Sul- lixun. 'livx Marlin. Jimmy Mattliewx. limlily King. Janie-5 Sarflo. ROW' II: lfrisin flliatlin, llvrnarll T:-rry. Kr-n ffunningzliam. .lim Hailey, Skip Krall- lingl. ,lack R:-11, Sonny English. ROW' Ill: Harry Ryan. Jack flash, George- Onilusko. Charles Finn. Ruesell Broil- :-rick. Kenneth Thornton, Mike Fitz- iirka. G ROW 1: Sue Wiley, Maxine Ben- hoff, Jacquelin Zue. Mary Henne- berger, Doris Eaton. ,Ioan Rowe. Judy Heath. Bonnie Acker. ROW ll: Bar- hara Wauhop, Alice Denison, ,lan Hooper, Janet McCall. Joyce Hine- gardnf-r. Grace Greer. Shirley Harris. Lyn Talbert. ROW Ill: Frances Har- ris. Shirley Goode, Kathy O'Donnell. Margaret Crickenberger. Mrs. Dunn. if fl. L! Eowfang '7eam ROW 1: Mary Bond, Shirley Har- ris, Ann Moore, Lillian Stombock, Bobbie Moore. ROW II: Jimmy Mat- thews, Don Colvin, Stanley Temple, Vernon Graves, Kenneth Duggin. ROW Ill: Mr. Handler, Erwin Goldsmith, Bob Duval, William Taylor, Robert Willet, Mr. Boyd. 4 i . ' 1 , . I 'Q 7 G' ie' E I 5 I Sf A ., l 14" vgif g fr xl Ax X Q 1 ,7 A Q I K' 12,6 ,- BADMXNT ON ' denour . Soar! Kr Cass, Y yak. Soarr I: loan NYa1:LuXXo. Mary Wood, ' Morrks, Berry Kmcek 5 5 f ROW Hz Comme YM MUN! lacksorx. R0 W ay Hamiko KYIYBAK.-L l Sbxr ey Harms He en Tate eggy urrarr Barbara Scrub Kaner McCaXX O I Smixb, E nesurxe arxenberg Y,-ben Wertberqrr ' Yktcb. R I argaret Cnckerxbergex bnsorx, Dons Om or Barbara Lu Weber, Xrxs Wlsorx, CaroX Io Laura Spam Yrazker. Ben-5 I une I W In Pax Nekghbarger, New. Yeggfj Burroughs, YAXen Moww, Sheua Thompson. KC! Y f R0 ncy Cha A i n or i, Yew! W arga 'YENNXS f ROW 1: Ghdys Petri. WNOHQWN- HQCKE anet Hanks. Mariorke Magnus, Madene Matshak ROW Bagbafa Soqm, Na 'ne Doughw. Vakrke Thomas. Yak TBVCY. YB! Herbeu. ROW ll: Doris Or Hack. ROW Ill: Mkse Pena. Marko Counet,Ka31 Axkkneon, Xleanox Oscne. 'Ya-Aoi. ROW Ill: Miss Morgan, Doris Cunningham, , Cnckenberger, Carcue Sohnson, Bhnche Whue, Margate-:1 Coviiehi. xy X ll -. E Seaman. --5 Ann Mo Xax Bei: Kauiman, 012. Y BY C 4 ' F i Y X rf as f- 1 'O Y 1 5. X , rf! ' '5 42 O .4 3 Gacfezii Selma!!! KYQ fi 'Bmw' Lzeutenant Folonel FRED COWAN TX A be 10 Regamenl' Major 160 Captazn EDWARD LASO 55- KARL HAVENNER W 4: X-,9 11.47 1,5 VLA!! S Xu 4-MJ Captazn WILLIAM HENDLEY WNW!!! .M X if Fzrst Lzeutenant JAMES MATTHEW Q Caplam ROBERT SLVERN O D R-3 N , . I! . S lg, I - L K" 'ii 5 "Wg -' E X- ' -"K FN.: ' A , Dlffv ' A T fff , " L . ,1e'D :'y if YK M" A. 1' Sf. '4 1g,..f L.. CUPUY71 Drum Major CHARLES :E'RhN'VER NORBERTO FREDELUCES Gieifslancf By CAPTAIN CHARI ES BRENNTER The purpose of the Cadet Band IS to provlde msplratlonal muslc for the Corps Durmg the wmter the band plays a comhlnatlon of concert and march muslc but 1n the sprlng all efforts turn toward preparatlon for the Competltlve Drlll For the past two years the Anacostla Cadet Band has placed flrst ln the Clty and this year the boys hope to mln top honors avaln Speclal trlbute IS due to both Flrst Sergeant Vandegrlft and Drum Major Fredeluces for thelr help ln dlrectmg and mstructmg the band Radu eacfef Ecancf ROW I lst Sgt Frank Vandegrlft Cpl Wlll Whrttaker Sgt Stanley Temple Capt Charles Brenner Drum Maj Nlorberto Fredeluces Sgt John OC0nnor William Howard ROW Il Davld Ramsa Dale Turner Burnham Ro.Jert Cavanau h Ernl Y Lashlee Ray Carman ROW III Robert Davns Sgt Joseph Butler James Smlth Wllllam Bxvms u l -ax M ajor Mrlztary Instructor 2529263 4 a-...,,. DAVID JAMES MAJ JAMES BURDETTE DONALD GR ADY 4014424 Ealiahoa By MAJOR DAVID JAMES As soon as offlcers were chosen ln the fall the l'1rst Battallon began gettmg down to th buslness of dfllllllg and tralmng Wxth every man workln hard the group has attalned a maxlmum of efflclency whlch will surely be rewarded ln the sprlng competltlons The company 0fflCCI'S deserve hlgh pralse for thelr splendmd maintenance of ad mlrable morale and excellent Splflt throughout the battallon Secanf Baiiafaan By MAJOR DONALD GRADY AIldCOStl3 Hlgh School may Justlflably be proud of possessmg not only the largest Cadet Corps ln the Clly but also one of the finest cadet organlza tlons to be found anywhere As a result of m tenslve trammo unflaggmg lnterest and earnest endeavor the offlcers and men of the Second Battallon have gone far toward achlevlng the prlm ary goals of d1SClpllIl6 and leadershlp Flrst Lzeutenant Fzrst Lzeutenant Flrst Lzeutenant JERRY BOWMAN CHARLES READ WILLARD HILL 3-K 115+ ,wx 'if l --'mar C I first Ireutenanl laplam Semnd lteuzenanz THOMAS BURTON DONALD WADE SHIRLEY SAWDRIDCE By QAPT XIV DON ALD W ADL rlhlb sear aa alway we are COIlY1I1CCd that we shall do better than 111 th prenedlng wear Xlreadw much has been aftompllshed 1n Qmoothlnv out the ln eutable rough Spots Ill the Clflllltlg of the new recrulti compoaed mostly of thlrd semester bovs mte fllfflllllllte- often 1 IIIH s a enfe un n n determined to put our roup on top III tht annual tompctxtlon With a comblnatlon ard work and the will to wln on our Qxde vu are a -urn o -utusa ll aw Hume ROW I lat Lt Thomas Button iapt Donald Wade R017 II Cpl Charles Pascale tpl Robert Taylor Donald Drager Sgt jaek F1nLel Sgt Alfred Bebe Sgt Russell Carl Sgt James Barley ,lnmmle BEllltW ROW Ill Phllllp Wmfleld ipl John Crewe George Ram ey tary Fagan Dou la Jones Ted Radomslu ROW ll Fug: ne 'Nlaxty Davnd john son John Thomas Donald I rm per ohn Straub 1 pl Robert Swabon Robert llarrls fn amm ur rle eor 1 IP t n rtln :ary l'1 wm llan fr Palrlm arrell L ttrmll f o fpl ,lohn Nlxl man fx I as ,,.... vu- 5,9-rv Ftrs! Lzeutenant lnpmm Serond Lzeutenant .IANIEQ GREENE NORWAY RUSADA SHELDON' KITT Hs 4 Xl I RIN NORNIXNI BUSAIJX nlhe cadet tear 1950 ul ot oil to U1 ausptrtoua Qtart wlth the appotntment of ommt il0llE"fl and lltlllIUIIIIHIQQIOIICII offuer for the new year on Oetober 2 Com pam B waa xc rs lottunate to haw LICLIICII nte bteene ancl Ixltt asslgned ae platoon leaders -X Competent taff of non eomrnlssloned offleers have alded tiem ln thelr work I shall regret the nece Qltv of turnlng tn my saber and taklng leave of the adets 1n June but I hall alssawb feel that thls organlzatton has been one of the brl ht Qpota of mx hlffh Qehool career Roda Ga Vw I Zntl L Nhelrlon lx: fapl 'Nlorman lin ada lt Lt James Greene lst t avlor ill' vnosan ltwt Nmtth Robe rt Ioopfr La Nerne Jervts nrt Nlack Lpl I nk I l r ipl btor e tloutlen Lpl Robert Mellott Sgt Ro ett Nleade ROW Ill Lpl Rnltartl lluncltn Illfll Burton Roy farver Mtles, Lranford George Lttrtw Robtrt Hood Lpl Lltfford 'NlcK1bben Sgt ,lame Nltller Sgt Vtetor San alone ROW Donald Seller Rtehard Hatfteltl E tn: fallow Sgt Robert Faulkner Wllllam NlcGu1gan Carl forum -sr dm., ini I -"---5, ja- 's..,, .I . First Lieutenant Captain 5l'C07ld Lieutenant DON LEACH WILLIAM STEELE f BERNARD WELCH By CAPTAIN WILLIAM STEELE 'VVJ44f We feel very proud of Company C. Its excellent discipline has been achieved through the cooperation of all of the officers and men. Although approximately one-third of the company is new to the Cadet Corps this year, the loyalty and perseverance of both commissioned and non-commissioned officers have helped to weld together an outstanding unit. In later years I hope that members of Company C will remember their first Cadet training as a heneficizil and profitable experience and will strive to become the future officers of Anar-ostia's Seventh Regiment. Rada, G 0 ROW' 1: lst Lt. Don I.ear'h. ffapt. William Steele. 2nd Lt. Bernard Welch, Ist Sgt. Robert Vine. ROW' ll: Howard Blaisdell. Melvin Welch. Sgt. James Clazier. Jorge Wilkes, Ronald Hall. tifffkllll Klvjnoi. ROW' Ill: Sin. Thomas Krahling. Patrivk Hill, Cpl. james Byers, Sgt. Darnell Plyniale. Cpl. Stephen lioiirland. Ilarry Davis. Leonard Eppard. ROW IV: Clyde Pezolrl. Dean Iipp. fjpl, ,lohn Russell. ifpl. Roger Boykin. Charles Schmidt. HOY1l'3dO Echaves. ROW V: Robert Anderson. Michael Clarke. Cpl. Drummond Zbinden, Cpl. William Baird. Supply Sgt. Douglas N11-llott. 9v -wr ,, M 3 lug. Frrgf lieutenant faptam Second Lieutenant ROBERT GOODMAN ill XRI l S R 'KYNIOND JOSEPH MCGRAW Hx I XP! XIN l Il XRI PN R XYNIOND The eadfts m the IJlCl.UI'f on thl pace wll remaln 1n my memory for manv xear to LU me Ihe mrmher of fompanx D haxe eooperated with me to thelr utmo t abllltx md I re ret that I xslll no lon er haxe the prlvllege of drlllmg wlth them I am lIlClI'PlN rateful to I u utr uaul C oodman and McGraw for the enthuilastlc uner mth whu In II I pfrlornud their many dut Q Vly commenclatlons asm n Q l fl mhol dll: cure and proflclency ave helped to xnalxn lompam J a upuuu lrlllflt lhlb we Ra-dim Ga ROW I 1atSgt Raymond Cxh on Lapt fharle Raymond 1QtLt Robert Goodman 2nd Lt Joseph 'NIcGraw ROW ll Cpl Exerett Fogle Sgt Donald Duncan Nlllls Futer Thomas Txmmons lrung Leun Stanley Bell Cpl bary Doyle Cpl Donald Gage Cpl Harold Fugzltt ROW III Warren Brown Paul Dou las farl Schumacher Lharle bladhlll Rxchard Wmslow Hsrhrrt 7ot ,lame Kmg. john Down flenn 'Nlyerlz bene WIIICIHSOII W IV Sp fuy Prthcrston Sgt Carl Sluphfrcl Supply Sgt William 'Vlaxey p Robert Paetnaught 55.1 Donald Pela ara Rxchard QQITIIYIIII John bsroka : q f 5' --, , s We vm ROW' 1: flpl. llliffoul xIl'Killlll'D, tlpl. lmmi- Smith. tfpl. John tirrww. ffupt, Donald Wad:-. tlpl. liulu-rt Nlvi- lott. Sgt. Ilotlgllar N11-Ilntt. Sgt. 'IMI Tzlylur. RUII' ll: llnwurtl Hluiwte-ll, tlury lfagzan. Sgt, ,IUIIIPN lllaxie-r, Sgt. liulwrl Nl:-21414-, tlpl, f:ltLiI'l1'N l'awal:1, Kfvlxvrt Hat-lx. ,Iurgv Wilke-s. Nlartin ll:-ary, Janwf Uailry. ROW HI: Maj lhixinl Jams--. 5tanln-y lit-ll. Hivhart tl:-mmill. ffpl. Holt'-rt Tztylor, Edwin Ilangt-r. 14 Fgt. Huymunrl flib-on. flpl. Holwrt Swgtlmn. Sgt. Rugwll Carr 9 E'-' Q4 G 0..- Y' Fzrsl Lzeutenant laptam Captain Second Lieutenant SX LWIA HEPFELFINCFR HOPE LLIFTONI CAROL KNAPP CAROL COULD By CAPTAIN HOPE CLIFTON ThlS year the Clrl Cadet Corps has had a hard struggle to malntam 1ts normal membershlp We feel that those glrls who have glven unsparlngly of thelr tlme have ac compllshed worthwhlle objectnes for the Corps and for ou1 school We certalnly hope that then' sp1r1t and enthuslasm w1ll enable them to dupllcate the success of last vears Company M Roda eampanq M ROW I lst Sgt Janet NlcCall lap! Carol Knapp lt L 'Nylua Heffelflnger ROW ll S t Carole Wrl on Dorl Orndorff Cpl wary Stevens Cpl Clnctle Tuard St Darlrttn xllfl Cpl Lorramc Klrkpatrlck 'Nlary fell lpl lay Butler There a Watt ROW Ill Bf-ly Week El If X prer Cpl Nancy l'lflIl1lCli qgt Cladys Dorsey Dori Mdall 2nd Lt farol Could Cpl Loretta Ref-us ROW II Ulane P1 amllr Shxrlcy sllktllHIl F ther Rosmn feld Norma Bosley Xara Hood ,Io lllod Sgt Joyce Pllkerlon ""'5 WASHINGTONS LARGEST FURNITURE STORE 4 "Milli Q f fm 1--'I-I -zu we- , :.Il 4,W - M5444 ,Q FIN E FL RN ITURE Beautlfully Acres of D1spIayed ln 10 Lar e Gallerles Everythmc for the Home OPEN DAILY 9 to 9 SATURDAYS t1ll 6 Charge Accounts Invlted FREE PARKING on lots at V St entrance Addltlonal Services Include Movmg and Storage 'Vlodern Ru Cleamn the Year Round Curtis Bros. Moving and Storage 2041 Nichols Ave., S. E. in Anacostia Phone: LU. 4 3471 -I ' m f A l A Im I ' I ML 2' 1 L i, X iglfe- I I-e Z HI E- f f A - g,-f rfi! E: I R L if ? 'J f , X Q fi,! J ...k.. 1 ur. , rs ' th Thompson Broihers Fzuzrmzzzizuzrif Thai Emzdzuzmzas This pzcture was taken 111 the uznflou Ilmmp III Broth I6 IlllllIllIP store STOVES FLOOR COVERINGS RADIOS WINDOW SHADES REFRIGERATORS BEDDING THE STORE OF 40 IEARS SLRI ICE IN QINAFOJTIA 'I220 26 Good Hope Road, S E LUdIow 4 6000 6001 4 6500 LU 4 6501 R Robinson, Inc HARDW ARF BLILDINC YIATERIALS COAL IEED FL EL 2301 Pennsylvania Avenue S E Gwen Lee Shop Katz s Economy Market 'l9'I8 Nnchols Avenue S E 2400 Mm esota Avenue S E Wash ngton D C LUdlow 4 2782 QLALITY MEATS Veoetables and Frult Open 9 30 A W C 0 e 30 P M LUdIow 4 3355 Free Del very Rwdeozwi 599 Smpp 601 Ivth Street N W COWVIERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY NAt1onal 0288 THE SHANTY FOVIPLIMEN I9 OF The House of Jumbo the A Famous Hamburger FRIEND 'I1'I'l Good Hope Road S E LU. - . - 0 0 I 3 P- I f 1 1 O - A - I - I OIL I ' , , , ' n , . . i , . . - I LADIES' and CHILDRENS WEAR U 'S :. . 1 . I s 8: . . - i 0 , ANACOSTIA CLASS RINGS Fraternity Pins Medals Sorority Pins Cups Trophies Favors Balfour 204 International -Bulldlng, 1319 F Street N W Phone NAtlonal 1044 C Charles omplzments 0 C Engel s Sons 522 12th Street S W H McGmms OPTICIAN 1418 Good Hope Road S E LU 43068 C HENDERSONS ESSO STATION East End of Sousa Bridge 2239 Pennsylvania Avenue S E WE CARE FOR YOUR CAR Phone LUdIow 1 9760 Road Service Compliments of BRIGGS MEAT PRODUCTS Better Franks Gee they re good' FOR EVERY DAY GOODNESS FOR EVERY SPECIAL OCCASION MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM Watch for the Flavor of the Month Whenever you give a class party Whenever you drop in at your favorite fountaln Whenever any occasion calls for tops ln refreshments just ask for Meadow Gold Flavor of the Month MEADOW GOLD PRODUCTS INC Pick the Flavor by the Package . .. , . . . . . I D . f o I o ,.. ,. . .- I o . . T , I.. cc as 0 - . . J. , ... ... . . s sc 9 as . , . , . Celebrating our 25th Birthday Mandel l Chevrolet Company, Inc Sales 1800 NlCh0lS Avenue SCTVICC and Parts 1234 Good Hope Road S Phone LUdlow 44400 Washington D C Anacostia National Bank OFFICES 2000 Nichols Avenue Southeast 4019 South Capltol Street Member 0 Federal Deposzt Insurance Corporatzon Richer Flavor P us or sheer enjoyment plus extra nutrltlonal beneflts depend on mllk l1ke Seal tet Vltamln D Homogemzed Mllk Its dehclously creamy to the last drop and theres Vltamln D 1n every slp Chestnut Farms Dairy Call Mlchrgan 1011 for home dellvery or choose SEALTEST ln food store i' Enjoy thus fzne mzlk as served rn Anacosna Hugh School Cafeterza O I O f . , - . ' I ll! F . E .. H .. t : . , ' 0 High school graduates and col- lege students choose STRAYER training because they save time, save money, and begin profes- sional careers earlier. Strayer Employment Service secures superior positions for graduates. AND SECRETARIES Professional degrees, B.C.S. and M.C.S., are conferred on com- pletion of Business Administra- tion and Accounting courses. Guidance counselors recom- mend secretaryship as a career field offering many fascinating employment objectives. S T R E R College of Accountancy College of Secretarial Tramlng Thlrteenth and F Streets Washmgton 5 D C NAtlonal I748 DODGE CARS PLYMOUTH CARS Francis 81 Parsons 2100 Nichols Avenue S E LUdIow 4 7400 Frank Small, Jr Inc THIS IS HOME for FORD SERVICE Complete Paint Body Fender Glass Shop Two addresses convenient to you 'l30'l Good Hope Road S E Llncoln 2076 215 Pennsylvania Avenue S E TRmldad 8247 O, Q DODGE Job - Rated TRUCKS "The Best of all Comes From Small Our Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1951 Anacostia Motor Company, Inc. 1708 Good Hope Road, S. E- CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Sullwwmz School J Frank Intensne preparatlon or HARDWARE PAINTS AINNAPOLIS WEST POINT Carden and Fleld Seeds COAST GUARD ACADEMY AND ALL COLLEGES 'A' WENDELL E BAILEY USNA 1934 1300 Good Hope Road S E PMC PU' Anacosha D C Box A 2107 Wyommg Avenue LUdIow 4 3506 Wash ngton 8 D C MACHINE SHORTHAND The Srheznzogrfazph 1010 20 WORDS lI'Ix NIINUIP STENOTYPE INSTITUTE WALKER BUILDING NA I' 1118320 o 8373 723 15th St eel' N W i o f l ' Ti Y , i' ul n o . i I o o . ' ' i , . . LEARN THE SYSTEM OI" I'ROFES5IUNAl.S 5 " '5 " .f ' I ' . N ' ' 1 ion r r , . . ,Qc CJWQ R S T T R U S T L O A 3211 Pennsylvomo Ave S E Vlctor TOOO FRIT Doroihy Bzwrmzew HAIRDRESSER 2523 P Capitol Frlto Company VI 9734 4 Little Tavern Shops Inc ALL OVER TOWN RJLTOR BUILSER F I ' N S ., . . 0 S Congratulations and All C0011 Wishes Truly Krisp and Tender ennsylvania Avenue S. E 0 . B thes a, Md. , I BRETLER'S PHARMACY . D Falrlawn rugs Vaccines Am usement Company's FREE DELIVERY Theatres 2341 Pennsylvania Avepue, S. E. A F AIRLAWN THEATRE ANACOSTIA THEATRE HIGHLAND THEATRE Telephone' LUdlow 4-2800 Compllments f CONGRESS THEATRE CORAL THEATRE HANDEE S 5 and 10 ATLANTIC THEATRE 25th and Good Hope Road S E RICKARD 8. DAVIS 628 Pennsylvania Avenue S Washlngton D C Sales Sz Servlce or ALL OCCASIONS Aura nos mc Manly and Wood Beef Lamb Pork Veal 1915 Good Hope Road S E AUTH S FAMOUS FRANKS AXmnnster 3344 3345 Preferred by All Schools That Want the Best -V' 1260 Fifth Street N E Telephone ATlantlc 5300 ' 0 1 u u A ' , . E. 4 Ek CORSACES AND CUT FLOWERS DE SOTO A PLYMOUTH ' f A PORTER M GEORGE SUNOCO Sales SCIVICC TIICS Batterles Accessorles 2305 Pennsylvama Ave S E Washington 20 D C Telephone LU 1 9712 a It wxth Flowers N H MURPHY FLORIST 2039 Nlchols Avenue S E Phones LUdlow 44664-LOgan 38541 Congratulations ANACOSTIA HIGH on your New Hammond Organ' The addltlon of your new Hammond Organ makes your School AUdll0TlUm one of the most modern ln Amerlcal You can be justly proud of the far slghted School Admmxstra tlon that made thrs purchase possible Anacostla Hlgh students who wxsh to learn to play the Hammond Organ should apply Mr Fewell at the Campbell Muslc Company for detalls of admlssxon to the Campbell School of Muslc A few Free Scholarshzps are avazlable NAME FOR clalfliinflvefllo 1108 G Street N W Dlstrlct 8464 Hartman Realty Inc 1345 Good Hope Road S Washington 20 D C REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE LUdIow 4 3400 THE RAY QUINLAN DANCE STUDIOS Invlte you to Try a Prlvate Lesson for One Dollar 1365 Connectucut Avenue at Du Pont Clrcle DU 6646 NORTON S MONOGRAM SERVICE 2517 Penna Ave S E LU. 4 2918 24 Hour Service Personalized Matches . Napklns . Penclls . Coasters Wflllng Paper . Stlrring Rods . O . . sl u . I , I u . . . . . to A ' T ls as - - so ' Y ' . . . , . . : I - 1 . . I a , . E. ' 1 , . . I l . ., . . THE NATIONAL CAPITAL BANK OF WASHINGTON 3'I6 Pennsylvania Avenue, Southeast The Oldest Bank in Southeast Washington DRIVE-IN BANKING PARKING NIGHT DEPOSITORY HIGHLANDS BRANCH 2337 Pennsylvanla Avenue Southeast Checklng and Savlng Accounts lnvrted Loans for all Purposes Sollclted BANKING HOURS D my 9 a m to 2 p CLOSED SATURDAYS oy 9 a m 2 p an u 6 p Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposzt Insurance Corporatzon OfflC13l Photographer 1951 TOTEM POLE Al n to mt S t za d 1 o 'I2'I2 G Street N W NAtlonaI 3640 Washington D C The Production of a TOTEM POLE requrres more than the t1me and talent of students To the many 1nd1v1duals who have helped create thls book the Staff extends 1ts smcere appreclatlon Lspec1al thanks IS due to Mr Srdney C Schultz of H G Roebuck and Son for guldance and asslstance on every problem to Mr Anthony Camp1se of Anton Studlo for hrs persistence ln malntammo the hr hest photographlc craftsman shrp to Mr Harry Rlvklnd for outstandmg prom plctures to the Tzmes Herald The Washington Post and The Evenmg Star for permls ron to us ports pictures and to the admlnlstratlon faculty and students of AHS who gave us our story and for whom thls book IS wrltten THE STAFF I v . S . Q . I a'I , . . . m. Frid , . . to . m. d 4 p. ln, ntil . m. f , P o 1 Q e . . I 4 a O 7 ' ' W . . . 1 D 0 0 0 . . . . . . G g ' , ' ., s .e s . . . , , W , U2'1Wwf w,w W W A 3 1 MAKE? 555 kg E KQMWJ 'JG bbw 53155 m ff Mig Wwwwlrfj ff! ffl Www Wpify WWW I Qfww PWM? wi Jjppyrfyyyffffrjf bf? GW' .Q MR NX gf fn x 25213 XR HW, mf 434 22 X Sa 2 6? if 1? K' SQ Afwfwhgi? 4 gsm 5 MM 2924127 9 M M . , I V J ' Q ,,A1ff,v' I , if ,A ! J Q ' Q I 1 X fr 1 ffi f GJ! J , ,fy ,,,,. L 1,1044 1 M! ,w S 'BX ' '- vb NJ, E is , , ld 4' ' f ' P1-1 J xl I A X US- , Af , A Q VJ x t ko ' A rx' X l I I vkx ' , X nj x . ,D y A Z-'0 ' ' f gf . 1 .cu lj! R1 fly! V 3 . 5 K I X, ,A A ,V CQ 'Y f JR! 'IN ' Ogg , 6102 ,M4.- ylffb Jpf , 'gm , 15,1 211' Q ef ltr .clwfq Wk!! L V' QL' WW- 1 1 pg YT, ,,f Njxv' J X095 fx- ' ,f 'i P , ,fa ., N 1 pf fi., ,JP y xi: wfdai i N I f pl V J., Xf . V 4 KK ' ' .iff l .k'5,,g 5 ,A ,kbs xxx. 'IJ Gia lf, 3, Q SJ -1 L, .- Q X 591 kg llxxd' ra 1- 1 h if nx dlp 9 ' 'rw MV .L bQ- Q 'sr 1 ll ' V, X 7 NV Z Y? - . ' 9' ' ,X , .1 xxi I ' xlulx ,xx 1 j I- , if YY 65217? kip rx 141 J K ,V I X, jq -9 - . ' 1 - ' I , :LJ Z f , N3 4 1-5 'P if Q1 1, W fi. " .5 'if AZ jf JS A b ' x V Nl JA' , lwif X ig! . K! . ,I lr in lv ' , tj : N Ty , X5 Aflzf l,f 1, X ' 1, 72.7 72' C,- I K3 'Fir 5-4 5 W 229 gg ? M X X 'Q I QX 13 Ti ,N W' 1 y,.,1,- - V -v-rr 3-- A-:Cu .. .glid- . - IMI if., A DJ UTANT WASFIINGTGN HIC H 5 CHGDL CADETS CENTRAL Mc KINLEY FFIFF FFF? ff' ANACOS T IA I EHEEEHEEEE EEE EH WESTEDN ? EX LIBRIS A CENTRAL Mcxnmsv A EASTERN WESYERN ROOSEVELT WQLSQN I ANAcosnA U coouocs EDGAR F RUSSELL .1 Il u H A . U A THE A JUTANT SIXTY THIRD ANNUAL COMPETITIVE DRILL -Ar-ki' WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL CADET CORPS ir -k ir 1950-Volume 31 WASHINGTON, D. C. Qing LIEUTENANT COLONEL WILLIAM E BARKMAN U S Army Honorary Reaerve Professor of Mxlztary Science and Tactlcs Wznner of Competztwe Drzll Company F Eastern Hzgh School 1916 N""i9'T 311 L ie .I , Q , .. . . s 4 s The New Cadet Tralnlng Pro ram By LT COL WILLIANI E Bmxmn Smce World War II there has been a contlnually IHCICZSHID Interest In the Hlgh School Cadet Corps on the part of the Department of the Army For some purposes the Corps IS under the supervIsIon of the Mllltafy Dlstrlct of Washlngton whlle for other purposes such as traInIng lt IS dlrectly under the Second Army Constant contact wlth both of these headquarters 15 maIntaIned by reports corre spondence conferences and Inspectlons For several years the Army has bCCIl urgmg that the program of cadet tralnlnn be expanded to cover as nearly as possIble the program prescrxbed for Junlor R 0 T C Unlts Other Interested persons and orgamzatlons both w1thIn and wIthout the school system have advocated an enrlched offermg In the mIl1tary tralnmg currIculum These sug estIons have resulted In a new program whlch was put Into effect at the beglnnmg of the school year 1949 50 and whIch IS now belng carrled out as fully as the fac1lItIes of the IndIvIdual schools permIt The followxng subjects are Included In the new currIculum MIlItary Orgamzatlon Indlvldual Weapons Courtesles Cu toms and Rules of Conduct Marksmanshlp HYDICDB Flrst Ald and Samtatlon Small Unlt Tactlcs lnfantry LeadershIp Drlll and EXCICISC of Command. Maps and Aerlal Photographs Physlcal Development Methods MIlItary Teachmg Methods The objectxves of the above course as llsted by the Army 1WD Memo 145 10 34-l are a To lay the foundatIon for Intelhgent cItIzenshIp by teachlng the prIncIple of leadershlp respect for constItuted authorlty and habIts of precIsIon orderlmess courtesy and correctness of posture and deportment b To UIVC the student tcadetl basIc mIl1tary traInIn WhlCh wIll be of beneflt to hlm and of value to the SCTVICC If and when he becomes a member thereof In order to Insure the orderly progress of traInIng the Army conducts several Inspectlons each year One or more Informal Inspectlons are held durln he wInter months to ascertaln pro ress and to form the b3SlS for constructlve sug gestlons In the sprIn of the year the annual formal Inspectlon IS conducted At thls tlme a team of offIcers spends an entlre day at each school observlng cadets at dnll In the mIl1tary classroom and on the rlfle range Demonstratlons are revlewed and questlons asked coverIng all phases of cadet traInIng and a report IS rendered to the Commandmg Ceneral Second Army showmg the state of tralmng and CfflClCHCy of the Corps In addItIon to the above an ordnance technrcal Inspectlon IS held annually Thls IS a detalled check on all rIfles and other property loaned by the Army and covers such matters as care and cleamng safety and readlness for Instant use The program as outllned Involves a consIderably Increased amount of work and preparatxon on the part of the cadets and thelr Instructors ln order to help put the new courses on a sound b3SlS Instructlon classes have been conducted by the OfflCCl'S of the Thlrd Armored Cavalry Some of these classes have been held In Washmgton for Instructors only and some have been held at Fort George G Meade Selected cadet offIcers were excused from school to attend two of the leture demonstratlon sesslons at Fort Meade coverxng Small UnIt Tactlcs and Maps and AerIal Photo raphs respectIvely It ls behexed that when all schools have been able to put the new program completely Into effect there wlll be a resultlng Increase In prestlge for the Corps as a whole and an Increase In confldence and self respect for the Ind1vIdual cadet 5 O I . . I . . I I' , . . . U . 1 1 1 ' , . 1 1 -' Y Y U. . .U . . . . . , , . , 0 cl . . Q V. 1 V 1 U. . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 . .. U , ,. . N. Y . . . .. . . . . S 7 9 7 7 .9 ' 4 . . .. . . . . . 6- 0 or D . . . I ,, , . 1 . . . . . U . Dt gy . D a U 1 D Q 1 ' 1 v 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , ' ', . . ' - - at - 1 97 ss . U ,, . C . - Y , 7 1 BRIGADE HEADQUARTERS A Message Wlth the company competltlve drlll ID Gr1ff1t'h Stadlum my three years ln the Cadet Corps draw to a close In those three years my work ln the Corps has glven me invaluable tralnlng for use ln adult llfe I regard my appomtment as brlgade commander the hlghest honor I have recelved m my hrgh school experxence The Cadet Corps has passed another year wxth the mstxtutlon of a new program desrgned to expand and make more mterestmg the work of the Corps The old tradltlons have been mamtalned partlclpatlon 1n the AYIIIISIICC Day ceremony the President s Christmas tree celebratlon and the competltlons which are the goals of cadet achlevement Through all of these cadet events my staff and I have worked Wllll Colonel Barkman and have become lmpressed by h1s leadershlp and dlrectlon of the Corps The Cadet Corps owes much to the patient work of the PMSXT whlch has put the Corps on such a sound foundation As we leave the Corps thls year the task of upholdlng 1ts hlgh xdeals passe to those who have come up through the ranks but every group of graduatmg offncers leaves a llttle of ltself behmd and the Corps contlnues to grow becomung a lI'lStltUtl0Il mseparable from the public hxgh schools of Washlngton I wlsh to leave the new offlcers and the new men my congratulatlons and hopes that the Cadet Corps wlll prosper and contlnue to be a source of never to be forgotten experiences as lt has been for me 6 From The Brigade Commander B11 3116 Headquarters QS- Q ee- 'Haj Kohl r 'Haj Halley Qgt 'Haj Kress H The Brlgade Staff' Nlajor KARL E KOHLER Adjutant Major FRANK W BAILEY Supply Officer 9 r eant Major LAWRENCE KRFS9 D m Major CHARLES A BRENNER Jr Wir WALTER C HOWE Brzgade Ban! D1 ect Compliments of the B U SA D A F A M I L Y Compllments of the VENTH REGIME ACOSTIA HIGH SCHO Complnments of C A D E P O N T I A C 1437 mvmc sneer, N w. 7 . 1 WM' fl -9 - A f 'J fo - If . '. P , '. ' . .. '. ,. Mr. owe 0 Colonel THOMAS A. FARLEY, Brigade Commander Qc g ' . . . ru A ' . . . . . . 1. , ' 4 'r or S E N T A N O L A R C O . Hlgh Llghts of Cadet Hlstorv 1882 The Washrngton Hrgh School Cadet Corps was organized at Central H1 h School wlth two companles of 50 men each Captaln Burton R Ross was formally appolnted flrst Instructor 1883 The Corps made rts flrst publrc appearance rn the parade of the Grand Army of the Republrc 1885 The cadets marched 1n the mau ural parade of Presxdent Cleveland and were present at the dedlcatron of the Washmgton Monument 1888 The flrst Competltrve Drill was held Company A of Central won first place 1890 four new companles were added to the Corps wlth the openlng of four new schools this year Buslness Inow Rooseveltl Eastern McK1nley and Western 1895 The Alllson Nallor medal was presented to the Hlgh School Cadets by Alllson Nallor 1914 The late Stephen E Kramer Asslstant Superintendent of Schools orlgl nated the xdea of holdmg an annual ceremony to present commlsslons to the cadet officers H15 purpose was to create a feellng of umty among the cadets 1917 The Cadet Corps was fmst organlved a a Brngade 1920 Mllxtary Map Problems competmons were mtroduced 1921 Lleutenant Colonel Wallace M Cralgle became the Professor of Mrlx tary Sclence and Tactlcs 1922 The annual Non Commlssnoned Offrcers competltlon was establlshed to determlne the best sergeant 1n the Brlgade each year 1923 The Reglmental Competmon was mtroduced and the Brlgade was pre sented wlth rts flrst Brlgade Colors 1927 Commlsslons were presented to cadet offlcers by General Douglas MacArthur U S A 1932 The Cadet Corps partlclpated rn many ceremonies celebratmg the George Washrngton BlC6IltCIlIllHl ll'lC1UdlIlg the Army Day Parade whlch has slnce become an annual functlon of the Corps 1933 The Natronal Economy Act dealt a severe blow to the cadets when rt ellmmated the salarles of the mllltary lnstructors Apparently doomed the Cadet Corps survrved when Colonel Cralgle volunteered to serve as Professor of Mllltafy Sclence and Tactlcs wlthout remuneratlon 1936 A battallon was organized at the new Woodrow Wllson Hlgh School 1937 The plan of awardlng a cup to the regnnent whose compames avera ed hlghest 1n the Annual Competrtlve Drlll was orlgrnated 1938 The Anacostra Hugh School Battallon was orgamzed 1940 Followlng Slmllaf actxon of the Lvmted States Army the Corps adopted the new drxll regulatlons The Calvin Coolldge Hlgh School cadet unlt was organlzed 1941 The Lions Club of Washrngton lnstltuted the William C Miller Memorul Medal a replica of the Allison Narlor Medal to be presented annually to the wrnnmg company commander and to remam ln hrs permanent possesslon 1945 The Corps partlclpated rn the funeral services at Arllngton lNat1onal Cemetery of Colonel Wallace MacDonald Cralgre Professor of Mrlltary Sclence and Tactics for twenty three years Colonel Cralgre was succeeded by Lxeutenant Colonel Wllllam Ernest Barkman U S A Honorary Reserve Two new unrts were formed at Bell and Chamberlaln WOCBIIOHBT Hxgh Schools 1946 Each school was made a regnnent 1n order to mamtaln tradltlon and provlde for future expansxon 1949 The Brigade Band and two composlte battalions marched ln the ln augural parade for Presldent Harry S Truman January 20 1949 1910 Conmus lons and warrants were presented ln the D C lNat1onal Guard Armory by Major General Anthony L McAul1ffe Chief of the Army Chemlcal Corps formerly a cadet at Eastern Hlgh School o 0 0 5', I n' v 1 'cr . - ' 0 . .U . c - S ' ' 3 . Z S Z - . . - a s ' - , s . . . LU . . l .. K . Y ,... 1 T. . 'L 1 ' 7 -. . . V. U U . .. . T. 7 3 1 .. . . . 1. .a. .. . 9 ..., , - 4 . , . . . , , . . fy , . .. . , l , , . Flrst Reglment Central 9'- 'GV fm.. At h '37 apt Wondrack lst It Qognarn Cap! Dau 11 Lt Crews 2nd Lt Be-all t T JAMES SEKNXRI Personnel fidjulant Qergeant Major C BELHAS Captam MXRTHUR1 WONDR-XCK 'Vlzlztary Instructor NORMAN C CREW S Fzrst Lieutenant Sergeants DeLuc1en R Bam P Landau C, 'Vfoncure A Company A f orporals Fdmgton ,I Lalalladl H 'VIcW11llan Roof R L -KN IQ Prznates Bellmore 'NI Cartmell Haw-rty In Lavmi R Horan ,I Myer D RALPH BEALL Second Lzeutenant 'Nlyere Rlc R Rowe Schick J 'Smith D I owler N True!! o o W-rf.. ., ' ,A , V I Q wg, .. L - f" ' - .- X? -7 Lf -2 . - 'M' ' ,w ' if ' . . 1 A C . ' s .. . ' , . "s 5 - . 1 ls Ll. . .' Q 1. .f , . ' . , A ' ,. ' I , . A I A A . Y 4 . . I " . o, M. ' , . , ' , . , A . ' h, . ', . ', . ' , R. , . . . - , . ' ', 1. .' ' , . . , . I, . ' X, . Q ' , . . , . M , 4 . 1 S, . , C. A 1 9 Second Regiment McKinley Y, w Lt Col COIZCICCO lst Lt Danner Capt Allman lst Lt McWearry 2nd Lt Fahy It Lt RONALD H DANNER Adjutant 5UPP1Y Sergeant RICHARD HANLE Lt Colonel FRANK COLLXCILCO V111 tary Instructor Compan A JOHN T VICVEXRRY PAUL P ALTNIAN GEORGE H FAHY First Lzeutenant faptazn Second Lzeutenant Prwates Bohannon Brat! P Burrou hs Davls R Haag V I0 Thlrd Reglment Eastern gk B9 ...-v' 'V A. t Cul Haw nn fapt SIKIIOH Capt Web! Dr Maj fuet Nlr Prown Qaptam NIH XIV SINIOW Lxefullle Ollufr Lt foloml GEORGE A HNWKIWQ IMIIIIHFT Instructor Mr LOUIS BROWN Band lnstruztor Thlrd Reglment Band JOHN A WEBSTER III Capmm Sergeunts Iorporals er 9 Przvates Garcla R Chamber 'NI TY Ree W B Pemberton 0 H D us R L Ha er R W 5 ver L 3 6' I DRUGS LUNCHEON Norrws and Whutmarfs Relrxgerated Chocolates ALWAYS FRESH FOR THAT SPECIAL DATE 8 Bellhbllf sffeefi, N. W. I I Phone FR 4360 1400 Penn Ave, S E 0 0 e 1 .A , -. Q V . I, A I W ,. wr it ... ,, , I T sgb K A h . , I.. f. 'k' 4 l I' . ' ser .T '. 1 5 . . 1 0 C f Q Keys , J. ' ' , . ' s, A . '. , d, . . , . a", . . Skf, . '. .fil , .I. Cu S, G. H. Y Thlrd Reglment Eastern A 49""' .ala Capt Chouln lt Lr Kemenya 2nd Lt Sorrell OIHPHII LEONARD D KENIENYAS CEORKF F CHOULIS ROBERT .1 SORRELL First Lieutenant lrzptam Sefond Ireutenant -5f'fgf?l1'1fS forporals Prrzates Ruckman D Merchant R F Cauffman D VIS R A Solomon E I Afmlgel' J W Crlsmond E 'I Davis R Stanley P BUTY C .1 Drury W f' llbbons S A Wllson G L Nlanarm L H Dudeclx P J blpson W L Wnes E '11 Oherholtzer J D Favm S N Q R E Thompson C NT Hockett P D Winner ,I K " Falrlawn Amusement Company s Theatres ANACOSTIA 1415 Good Hope Rood S E FAIRLAWN 1342 Good Hope Road S E ATLANTIC 21 Atlontlc Street S W CONGRESS 2931 Nnchols Avenue S E H1GHLAND 2533 Pennsylvomo Ave, S E CORAL THEATRE 4703 Marlboro Pnke 12 g 0 'V "' X, 'V sol ,Q -9 , 4' "' A x , gf, , ff: f, ' -1 i ,. . 's s . 5 . - . . .. , I. .. 1 , .S ' . . I " ' , .S. 1 v - 1- . . .L 11. a 1, .,. .' , . . , - - , . . ', .G. , . R. .-- , .,. T ',..,. ",'.1. A , - - '. . . " , . . i , . . . , . . ' ' , o , . . , . A . ' , . . , . . - 7 1 , , , 'i , . . T I , . . 1' I , - - Fourth Reglment Western Us 'Nur AA A M M1 Lt Col Hawkln Nlaj Phllhp lst Lt nl a t Pel ln er 1 Lt Ro er 2nd Lt Durand Nlajor fARY A PHILLIPQ Commander 1 I Lt JOHN H CILL Adjutant l t Lt EWERETT H QCHWARTZNIAN Supply Offwer lst Lt JOHN P HEINIANN Personnel Adjutant Sergzant 'Nlajor KENT C JOHNSON 1 t Ll LOUIS B QTACK Tratnm Platoon funznzandfr Supply Ser eanl GEORGE SWANSON THOMAS H ROC ERQ Fzrst Lteutennnt Sergeanls Hopwood H K Behrens C Lawless E B Lawson J P Ree S C Rogerson J C Stevens B M Lt Colonel CFORCF K HAWKINS Mzlztarv Instructor R JOQFPH PEIQINCFR YVES P DURAND f orporals Blrdsong l E 1 d R Culleton J R llopwooml K K 'VIcFarland W Wa de R A I aptam Second Lteutenant Lyddane J E ns C Rhodes R1 chne J D lepper I' Utley J -XL Fourth Reglment Western 11" if N All Alb dn ? lb. ltLt Schwartzman lst Lt Helmann ll. LI Stack fapt Fore! lt Lt Hof-ck 2nd Lt Marshall OIIIPHII 'ILLIAM T HOECK JOSEPH X FOREST 'IHONIAS W 'SIARQHAII Fzrst Lzeutemmt faptazn Sevond Izeulenant Sergeanls forporals Pruates Hulbert R Skidmore W M Clarke J W A tm J Marks R A1185 J W fromer J K ett 'NlUVaugl1lon I Brown F J Holloway J F fochrane J 'Nlendelson S Chandler W D Jeffrey W R I' lson Q Nance T Lltte J W Webb E Greenwood R 7f-rn R Manuel R D .fx Best Washes FANNIE MAY STEWART S PHARMACY KITCHEN FRESH CANDIES ftruly professlonall 510' MleAr!llur Boulevard N W 'IQIO E Sfreef wo9d"Y 5353 'Ol' D0"V0'Y Servlce Stores All Over Woshlngton Mode Fresh Dolly at Our Own Factory l4 o ,Q , 'C 5 ,t 1 . Q 9, J ' . ... N 2 1 wc 4-- JJ ' ' gf - , " ' ' 1 ' '-A! FT 1 Q ' - - . 5 , s . . ' s . .. ' l . S s . ' . ' VC . Q .' ' . , ., . . - . ' , . . , . . us' . . . -, . . ' , . . I , . . Biss , R. . H , 1. Kenner, W. W. Lee, R. S. Follin, E. W. Polvnd, R. ' 1, . , , . ' . . . , . ,fee--W, I , --sew N E I - .M me - 555 . , L "N " I M Ml is - .... . f I l I Fifth Regiment Roosevelt ,-.5 Q 'L -if '1- Cgpt,'Snearline Maj. Smith Cant. Holmes lst Lt. Schenkel Dr.Maj. Meyer Mr. Jackson Major GEORGE R. SMITH, Commander lst Lt. SIDNEY SPIECEL, Adjutant lst Lt. CHARLES E. ARMENTROUT, Supply Officer lst Lt. JAMES HUDSON, Personnel Adjutant 2nd Lt. FRED LOCANTORE, Training Officer Sergeant Major LAWRENCE KRESS Captain PAUL A. SNEARLINE Military Instructor Mr. FRANKLIN J. JACKSON, Band Instructor Sergeants Chaconas ll Nleyer T Pat! I farporals Fewell F lfth Reglment Band RICHARD HOLNIES Captain Prtvates Ballard R Baxter P Illanken F LEONARD SCHENKEL Ftrst Lteutenant Espey W Vlenaker M Fletcher K Peake .I Hlckman T Roberts W Kaz N Smith W Bodle R Lackey L Stem R Chernoff Llakos I 5Uf3Cl B Lummmgs D Nlaher T Youngman .I l --v--.--ypgpm. Y 1 O O 1 , . - 1 ,. . , . ' 1 1 v ' . , . , . , - 1 - I , . , . I , . - 1 - 1 - 1 - v - , D. 1 - 1 - . . , . I , . 1 , . .. 1 A , r. M,.- , , In 4 . Y- A, , It liz' ,fe . , 'W f p f' Q 1' '-- 'I ,, -'-'N . . ' vu, "1 ,Q ff- , qt: I 4' 'VL A . ,QM 'f , ' tl,-7 4 .sl . ,. - ' - 2 X' ' J, ..v" .I ' M- f - 317-7 1 -.-...., -1-'fr--V -fgi-w .. 4 ' ' - I F lfth Reglment Roosevelt 145 in PN ,po-Q 'in- 1stLt Spiegel lst Lt Armentrout Capt Zouras lst Lt Bzrdas 2nd Lt Berkow 011113311 JOHN BIRDAS 'VICHOLAS L ZOURAS LAWRENCE M BERKOW Ftrs! Lieutenant Captazn Second Lieutenant Sergeants Corporals Prwates PBVllldE5 J Schmelz ,I Penton J Blair R Scham J Boyd D Ferkow G Cox J Shaw D Helander R Kokome L Flexsher G Sheehan D Hosley W Odmeal C Coodrlch Q Taylor B Maddox B Slmms D Leader C Taylor R Marcellmo M Tshontxkldes Leon C Wolff R Vassos N Mantzourame C SAY IT WITH FLOWERS CHACONAS FLOWERS 2500 14th Street N W Washington 9 D C CADETS Phone DUponl 7'l2'I 7122 A FRIEND OF THE 16 Flfth Reglment Roosevelt A, an -Q 1stLt Hudson 2nd Lt Locantore Lapt Chaconas ISI L! Parker 2nd LI Andefiffll Company G RICHARD C PARKER PETER A CHACONAQ RICHARD H ANDERSEN First Lzeutenant Captam Second Lzeutenant Aschenbach E Barbo a D Albert H Nolan .l Blttner J Fundenburk J Burgess A Roce J Bogley R .lones B Carmon E Salmes G Cooper R lung R Davxes R Scham J Wensfxeld A Roche T Meyers T Sullivan P frundle J Money C Wilson T pompluments of TI-IE POST EXCHANGE ROOSEVELT HIOH SCHOOL I7 o O , Q i " ' f. Q Q ' ' " 1 .N Q ,au - If ,.- .,. H- x Q - 'nf' , w t vu f. . - x , 9 , g , fr, A Sergeants Corporals Privates Miller, J. , , . s , . , . , . y - v - , - , - 9 - v - 1 - l 1 - 1 - . 9 - . , . . , - I . 1 . fp - , . l , . , - . , . , . O ... - A ' I l f- . SlXth Reglment Woodrow WIISOH 'Nlaj Nlotovmh Maj Feldman Lap! ,lewett lt Lt LJIJBOII Znd Lt Gthh Nlajor EDNIUND H FELDNIAN lommander It Lt LAURENLE L COCKERILLE Adjutant lt Lt ,IAWIES A DENTT Supply Offuer lt bergeant A G FARRAR 5taff Sergeant T NI IXREHART Color Sergeant J N LEWIQ Xlajur I-SKI MOTOY ICH Mzlztary lnstrurtm LLOYD L CIBSON Jr RILHARD A JFVK l:Tl' BENJANIINK GIBBS Ftrs! Lreutenant Sergeants Bowes D 9 Heltmuller R Hunter L Nl Lentz R 'Nlontzka A Wxlllams S Forporals Dantel H Fletcher J Johnson E Nlclntosh K Rose C Thomas R I 1111111111 Ser ond Lreulenant Post P bchultets A Spangenburg X lruates Anderson B Clearwater Danek R Esler Woode P Klein R Trlstanl K 18 I 0 . Jr fi - 'ft f . , - ' 1 ' 1 , t , f - f x ' M A .1 4- - W -Q .,, -1 Rx Y- I . 'sf ' Q Q U s . . . , s . , . .. . , 1' ' s W, . l. f Q .. ., , . , , I. . , ,. r V , . . . . , ... l , . 1 . . , . . . . 'll I . , . l .D . , J 7 , Q, . .. , . , ' , . ', , f , - V , - ' , J. . , . , .,. , . , . , . , , . . , . ' , J. e, . Y . . . , . , . , . , . , . . I . I Y S SlXth Reglmellt Woodrow Wllson ' t rfvf lst Lt Lockerxlle It Lt ent Lap! Hmrnhs Ll 2nd Lt Howard JOHN H HESS Flrst Lzeutenant Sergeants Falrall NI Crltchfxeld ,I Gxllesple R Grow W Kless E Neff W l orporals Kent R Niayer J McKnight L Neville E Roeca W Vlrden 9 Company C ROBERT 'NI IIINRILHS OTI5 0 HOWARD lapmn .Second Lleulenant Privates Batten W Dostart P E IS J Ewmg B Fox B blbhi G Mason C Ha I Nlcflhan L Hansen R Pan I Hy e .I qaperstem C Lnsann NI Sh nn P Lewns N Wexsman D R HARRIS s. COMPANY FOR HIRE Coder Medals Squad Bars Offncers' Pms Complete Lme of Accessoraes Class Rmgs Trophues for Every Event SP9C'0' ROWS T0 GVOUDS COLLEGE Jswsuav DEPARTMENT L 0 N G ' S 2nd Floor Phone Dlshncf 0916 731 TH! Sheet Dlshld 0265 Jzwzuns I I TUXEDOS FULL DRESS CUTAWAYS 19 nacostla Seventh Reglment ,jf-Fl A 6 Lt Sansalone Capt Hel el 5 Lt Ruckman 2nd Lt K6DdflCk Drxlaj Brenner Lt Colonel WALTER A SHROPQIIIRE Commander 5 t Butterworth Captain LOYD 'VI STARRETT Adjutant ll ll Dlllll R JUIFS 5llPI1lLV Oflfff ls! Lt RICHARD D BULHACK Personnel Adjutant NPT fdlli XIHIOT FR XNCI5 .l f0Ul.-ART Supply Sergeant. WILLARD .I HILL folor Qvr fan! JXNIFS R FRFFNF Lleutenanl COLFREDO D SANSALONE W-ill SPT HHH H0R'lfE BUTThRWORTH Mllztary lnstrultor Banff lI19fl'Ilf'f1If Seventh Reglment Band JAMES RLQKMAN DONALD W HELSLI ,IOHN KENDRIQK First lteutenant faptgln Sergeants Lorporals Prnates Roth D -'At Butler .I Bourland D Brenner C Fredeluces B Burnham .l Mcluawhorn I Vandegrlft F Busch W Turner K X ! Davis R Zamer E Tom For ,I Hoag R Second Lieutenant Hodge J Lee R Robey NI Temple S Martarana D VanNatta J A Vlurphy D Wlute W ITT 0C0nnor J Whntaker W Ramsey D Wyatt J 20 ' 0 .I ' C av 0 ' ,. g y Z .L ,. ff- -N v 9 , 2,3 . u... ,, M X X ' hs x-ak. mr 'fr , B B- C . , , I , 1 ix 'W , 4 X . . s let . ' . 1 ' .. '. fg . ' . , . . ,, , ' 1 , , ' s .. 1 ' . .- , Q, f ' . . , ' f gi" A f : , ' . 1 , f . gr- : . y , , . . . A , K. l h, gl Y A I . , i A Q O B ll S v , A . y - , . - , . , . , l, , . , . , . , . , , 1 ' " F I s f 1 - l 1 - l 3 . . , . 1 - ' x - v - , . , . ' d, . , , , , , . 1 WW ir 1 '72 'S Seventh Regunent ADHCOSIIH 7 WV 6' .. ':7'? 3 L! 'ol Shrop h rf- 'NIM qtunkf-I ut In fapt Wxl lam 1 t Lt Cowan 2m It ate- NIaJ0r IXILNINI-TII R STI NKI-I lst Batlulwn fommanrler ll It WILLIANI T LUTSIIAWI Adjutunl 2nd Lt JVNIFS L THONI-XS Supply Ojjzrer FRED F LOW AN Fzrst Lzeutenant Sergeants Read C C Bowman J I Burton T R 'Nhbraw J F N ant R F W e ch Ii F ompany A ROBERT NI WILLIXNI9 P-XT O GATES Captam Second Lzeutenant forporals Przwzes Lawhead D E R919 K R B may J I NIBZZCI P ,I n X rt L Q1 ler R NILCowan D awe' R arr R NIurphy W7 F 0 me rt 1 T 0 Brien R F or au knc-r R EI I nr ,IIRQTIUH T or W L rave R a J brrq ple r R 1 lube rt P ih"f"' m-mummy ji.. 21 uname- o o 9. ' 7 I I If 5f"MfN:, 3 -A - 1 'f . C. 'I' . " 6 ' lxlx I I -' I' ff " "' - " - ' W - 'wr' I ,Q - P+- .Q . fl i . I , lst LI. If 5 aw I . 'AI' S s . I ,. C , . .. I , 1 . . a'I , . .. I ', . , ...PI ls.. , i M. na., , .L. f . , . . H ,- 5, . R. cg' , . H. . , . " , . '. R I I S, L. J. Dlff, . F. ' ' , . fl , . .. Tayl , T. W'. F I' , . . IA 1 , .I ' I . L ayl , '. . C ' s, Y. F. 9 . . MF" K1-p -, . R. S-1 - , ' N' I , .Lgf N " A ' 5 , .W W... A ' 3 ,.m--W I T Y I .-.N K I h 5, . 'Z- 0 0 6 'I f vzlf ,, 'In , H ff. -ff X if A Z 5 ff , -'Z W 1 4 ' . . 2 - S ' . , ' Ist - . Iff nd - . S cl 7 1 7 f. N Q . 1 . M , I -, R. H , , . ,, Bu g SQ, J. A. O' 3 ' ' QA , J. M '1,.. 3 gS,R.N .' , . . ' , . . ' S. J. R. , V , . . ,P 1 . 1 'g , . E. 3 , R. D , . . I Mau, . E. 1 , J. 11. an -, . ' , . . .full , . . s , '. . .fail , . J 15, . , Seventh Reglment Anacostla wf I., Qapt Starrett nd Lt Thoma Capt Hiller It Wo 2 It Hua a OIIIPHII JOHN WOLH' Tom DAXID K MILLILR Jr 'VORNIAN E BUSXDX l'zrst Lzeutermnt faptam Swami lzeutenrznt .Sergeants lorporals Lawrence 'NI I r e A bou art F J Drumman J D Saberon ,I E Ilawenner K ll Thornton K R f 'fi Hendlew F W Twomey B D L I er J Lpp R D 9 er V P lruates chaum L L flouden b K Pc-alhvr C11 er F I ordon Hud on L W onu F L Xleadf Robey Ro er Nan al Sawlor lam 5 Hr OIIP rR DW Shop at McKlNLEY TECH "T" SHOP Battersea Tnres Accessornes WASHINGTON RUBBER CO., INC. Ph H0 ssoo um a. scum..-e sn, N w AUTO RADIO SERVICE MOTOR REPAIRS ROAD SERVICE HOT POINT APPLIANCES ry Seventh Regunent AH3COStl3 R Nw Amr! L " 'Nfa Harm W1 1 1 Lt W ll JI XI .111 L Uurfr 21141 Lf HUWN Nlayr ROBl'RF I IIXRRIN ZIIII 811111111011 l0II1II1llIldt'f I t It RORFRT X VHQOV 1411111111111 71111 It DOW XI D I W NDF Supplv OHIFPI' Company C ARTHUR W BURER CFNF B NIP -XDF JI-'RSE N HOVCYE Fzrst Lzeutenant faptum .Second Lzeutenant Sergeants I orparals B 1 ey ,I W C anada W H Brown R L I WP D T Sar 0 ,I M E 'I 6 url! Revs-rn R F t N Stottlvnlyf-r van 11 tr x 'ind' lrzzutes B1r Pllt E NI Pl azur J r 11 rt X I' Hu vman I3 ra llln T 4112. Ledbetter lx Ply male D H RQ ddwen C J 51hl'af ,I Mmmoni R I Nulllhwurth N Nwd non R C 23 '14, itlf 'bmw L. . U 9. - Q 'F 2 ,1 , 1 Z, .- . , Q41 , 415 -. ' if . Y , ' , 1 . - A 1 haf rt . As lst Ll. "Lf Il 2111 . 'al' CZHI . . v' I- 1-I I. ' - ' I J' I. , .l K , ,A i 4 Reynolds. E. D. AFT Bvavh. C. R. mykin, R. 0. Pascalf-, C. E. 3.1 , . '. l . . . 1d 1, . .. ' , . . , . . io ' . . . Fl 'g. J. E. - , .. . Q 11, . . 11 ,R. L. GI . 11. , . . , . . K11. S. .1 J" 1111- , .1 . F. -.- f ., . .. Q ,1:. Lf-. 11. 1..u - , . 5 1 K I ' S. . J. .' ll . . 1. A 1 1- f Z y " K Q .ff Seventh Reglment Anacostla 'Y' nl Agp' lst Lx ame Capt Wardwvll nc It NIHIIIPWQ To 7 Compan D EDWARD .I LASO EDWARD X W IRDWFII .IANIFS R NIAITHEWS First Lzeulenant Faptam beronrl Lieutenant .Sergeants I orpomls I rrzatc s Fe the rstfm C SIG J Fraser A W 9' Duncan D H Bennett K E e E Bolduc H R Eppdrd P F .f 5 I3 .nr ,I B u AI nt Gibson R E NIaCDonaId T P 1- If 4 Brinkley A E a e D 'Ilexre R R 'Ilaxry W 1' 5' x " tler R F Hamlhon B W Pelasara D W Q, 'I Shepherd C, C -I I " 1' ur e u my B ff L RHYYTIOIICI C X me R B D 6- G E Qeroka ,I 'NI F4Iw,a1ml O D Wm low R l HARTMAN REALTY, INC. H Compllments of the Corps 1345 Good Hope Road, S E Vi FIRST REGIMENT LU. 4-3400 Rentals Insurance Sales CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL 24 o o ' fvl, A ffv L.-Q,-3' if H ,f iv L 4 Q U " Q . K' 74 AY M is I Y 6 . .I S , . . lst Lt. Laso 2 I .. . I , D f . ' " '. 2 ' S , 1. WY. In " , . . , . . ' , . . Fogl , . , . . . .1 A lf.. .' "L Fug',lI.S. M , . . . , , . . 4 ' , , . . C g , . L. I ' , . . 'I . ' , v. N. v'5Bu , . 4. ' , . . ' , . . -' D , '. I. "' C Is, J. L. R I ', C. R. , N , . . oyl, '. . ,. , Seventh Reglment AHHCOSLIR gene 3 .1- nG'l 3,5 1, lst Ll Bulhack Lap! Iewn Sleee nr Lt fracly Company E l'lrst Lieutenant lrlptrun .Second Lzeulenunt Sergeanls I orporals I nmzes Iloo I Sandndge Q Dhlxsa F Boone B Klotz C Byere I fourley J Bourland 9 Levy C Goodman R Holtzclaw T Brown E Monacelll Patterson P 'Nlelloit D Burns B Pearce R ' Stlckley NI 'Nlendoza 9 C ar 3 D Vmceguerra D Towster F Wood E Green I Wlfllfleld P Hart en B Wolfe H "IN ANACOSTIN' ANAcos'rlA srolrr MART HUGH lfl'sUf::2:'o co' "Everythmg for fhe sportsmen 133. GM Hope Rnd' 5 E 2423 Mnnnexohl Avenue, S E LU 'I 9733 OPEN SUNDAY 'TILL NOON LU 4 5566 25 0 O .. I - r I " I f"" w Ola 4 M W' 'T x ' -P'--Q 51 " ' MZ -L H . Y ' n r . r ' . , 's lex Lt. I - I 2 l . I WILLIAM J. STEELE JAMES S. LEWIS DONALD E. GRADY 5 2 H 1, . I , 1 . . , .,. I 1', . l , , . L I g . Elghth Reglment C00lldg6 ,lg 'XB 'W Lt Col Colaclcco 1stLt 'Nlcfmern apt Alford I Lt Bryant 2nd It Holland lst Lt GERALD MCCOWERN Staff Officer Qupply Sergeant BURTON H BOROFF Lt Colonel FRANK COLACICCO Wllztary Instructor Company A ROBERT S BRYANT JOQIAH P ALFORD LRAHANI HOLLAND First Lzeutenant Captazn Second Lleutenant Sergeants Corporals Qchwollman A M C es T A Bradley D E Irby W A Kng H G Reynolds C M Wallace R J Selgel L M Wmkler R R Weaver J U Up Ike J E Privates Esso lou M Baumann W L Garner Brown Brown Chace Colvm Creath H .l Raum W E Reams R B Wllkmson R W 0 0 o X-f by all M H A 'al I 'E 0 A- P l 1 iw S f MW , - Q Q 1 X . Q .. . ' : . . 1 ' C . . ls . ' -. . g , I L , . . at , , . , . . ' ,, G. , . . , . . , J. A. ill, .I. i , . . , . . , H. E. , . . , . . ' , . . , M. .A. , . , ' , . . , . . ', B. S. ' ' , . cl' , . . , B. M. 26 inth Regiment Bell W '53 .Bid fx, 'I Mr. Wilson Maj. Neitzey Capt. Chapman Ist Lt. Hogan 2nd Lt. Flynn Major MILTON R. NEITZEY, Commander Ist Lt. 'WILLIAM H. JOHNSON. Adjutant lst Lt. THOMAS J. COMBS, Supply Officer Sergeant Major THOMAS P. VOITH Mr. CHARLES L. WILSON, Military Instructor OIIIPHII CHARLES D HOGAN WALTER R CHAPMAN Ftrst Lieutenant Casptam Sergeants lorporals Przvates Evans R L Davls T ,I Ambrogl ,I F Branzell R A French R Dwyer ,I ,I Covan ,I L Burnett C P Cldeon D W Fleramontl L R Danzlger A E Dearo J F Goldberg A R Hamby W I Eckloff G W Debley H R Humphrey P 'VI Heltkam I ,I Hopkins E C. Drotleff H A Kelley M E LEWIS F H Parent L F Dungan .I E LLOYD J FLYNN Second Lzeutenant M1 er F F Ne H C Parent E Pau I R W Ranley G D Woods L Q , ' , . . 'll , . . ' , . . ', . . , . . , , . ll, . . , . . , . . , . . ' , . . , . M. , . . , . . . , . . , . I . l , . . ' , . . ' , . '. , . . , . . , . A. - , . . , . . , . . fr- ' ' , ,, f , f- A W Q - 'M '. , 'f , , , , F K W A W W , M .V I . ' 1" :WM :iii , . I 25" ,nfwlnr V ,fv- and 27 mth Reglment Be fi 7- I lst Lt Johnson lst Lt Comb: Capt Lmck It Lt Te-ffeau 2nd Lt Zust ompany B MELVIN N TEFFFAU HENRY A IINCK JOHN R ZUST First Lzeutenant laptazn Second Lzfutenant Svrgeanls f orporals I rzzates Hlpsley F Stee e D E lynn C C Arnllelm D W Boswell ,I H Horner F Sterling .l W Smnh J W H an R L Campana E ,I Hurley R Tart D K Stephenson R D JoneQ Campbell D F Lohman J We ch R F Zimmerman W F Lamb C E Clem ,I H Smlth W Young D M Smlth R 'II I-15 er C A Steen .l A Tobin E L. G. BALFCUR CO. CLASS RINGS FRATERNITY PINS FAVORS AND NOVELTIES MEDALS AND TROPHIES 1319 F STREET, N. W. 204 International Bulldmg NA. 1044 28 o 0 m " 'J I' ' l " Y J - ' ' .LL - - .. I I Q? , . X ' I ' .' ' 'f ' , . D. . l , . . . , , , ' , . . p , . . , . W. ' , . . .' ' , , , og , . . ' , . . , . F. , . . . , , , ., H. . , . . , . A. 1 , . . ' ' , , , , '. . . , , . . ' , . M. , . . ' , . A. Tenth Reglment Chamberlaln 190 'S' l4 Lt Rgmrnlq-In Capt Hall 15tLt Bl?VlIlS ntl Lt DENTPHI Company A BOBBYJ BLEVINS NED HALL 'NORMAN E DEMENT FU-sg Llgupgnang laptazn .Second Lzeutenant Sergeants Britton Berger C H C emmxll R 'NI He ln R E N assallo ,I T I orporals l ance I D Forsythe f E 1 o men B B Kappf-l Lv W Mcbuxre W H Nerpxol T A I rnates Hartmg D Xlexancler R Hlc ey J A Blackwell W Hopkms J L Brown T C Houghton C R Bryant C L Keeton R T Dean B W K ey J L De-Rooy K F L e R .l foulart W L 'NIcDnnald J C relsholt W D McDonald I rlfflth W R Needham lla ey D L Neldhardt L Hammonds B J Norrxs C .nd 'puff' Powery A Roane R A Scott C R Se s C C Shrlver H L Slope O F Smith C J Stone C A Tramum H Ward E M Wxtherlte J E Wnght J A FRANCIS 86 PARSONS DODGE PLYMOUTH SALES 81 SERVICE 2100 Nichols Avenue, S E LU 4 7400 29 o o rl '- gf... cg' A , L , gt R ' '- ' . . W. , . ' Y : , . - , . . , . - , , , . '. H. ' , . . ' , . . I ' , . 1 . . - - ' . . . -S i , - - fl' , . . , l- - , - - l ' , - - ' , , , , . '. oll , . . . , . . , . .. llll , . . Ll 4 , . . 1' Garrison, J. E. McChesney, ,I. F. Spry, B. G. li - - f L - , . . , , . W. S , . . , ft- ' I ' . '. . , W. M. ' , . E. 7 bl , - - I ' ' , . . , J. , . . '- . 11, .'. t' ,1.c. ' ', .. , ' ' J, . . ' , . M. ' , . . ,, fl v , ,piggy ' , . fmt! A-if , i . In " ' I ' A S' as 4 1 - Annual Awards to the Cadet Corps DISTIINGUISHED N C O COMPILIITION Flrst Place Gold Medal Second Place Sllxer Medal Thlrd Place Bronze Medal FIRST PLACE BAIND Gold Medal to Captam Rlbbons to Members of Band AIHCIICBH Leglon Department Trophy to School FIRST PLACE COMPANY Alhson Nallor Medal to Capta1n Colonel Cfalgle Saber to Captam Interhlgh Councll Medals to Flrst and Second Lleutenants Sllk Flag to Gulde Sergeant Red Rlbbons to Members of Company Amer1can Leglon Department Trophy to School SECOND PLACE COMPANY Amer1can Leglon Department Gold Medal to Captam Purple Rlbbons to Members of Company THIRD PLACE COMPANY Amer1can Leglon Department Sllver Medal to Captam Whlte Rrbbons to Members of Company HIGHEST GENERAL AVERAGE FOR A SEPARATE BATTALION OR RFGIMENT American Legion Department 'lrophy to School The ollowmg UMGIIIS or cadet competzlzons are presented at the respeclwe Schools FIRST PLACE COMPANY Replica of the Alhson Nallor IVIedaI to Captam Washlngton Llons Club Regulatron Armv Saber to Captam DC Jumor Chamber of Commerce Medal to First Sergeant Bunker H111 Post No il Amer1can Le lon Certlflcates to OTIICCIS and Flrst Sergeant D C Department Amer1can Legron SECOND PLACE COMPANY Sllver Medals to Lleutenants D C Department Amer1can Leglon Bronze Medal to Fust Sergeant D C Department Amer1can Leg1on Certxflcates to Officers and Flrst Ser eant D C Department Amer1can Legion THIRD PLACE COMPANY Srlver Medals to Lleutenants D C Department Amer1can Leglon Bronze Medal to Flrst Sergeant D C Department Amer1can Leglon Certlfxcates to Off1CCfS and F1rst Sergeant D C Department Amer1can Le lon FIRST PLACE BAND Medal to Drum Major Bunker Hlll Post No 31 Pmerlcan Leglon Cert1f1cates to Offlcers and Drum Major D C Department Amer1can Le lon SECOND PLACE BAND Sllver Medal to Captam D C Department Amer1can Le lon Certlflcates to Offlcers D C Department Amer1can Leglon THIRD PLACE BAND Bronze Medal to Captam DC Department Amer1can Leglon Certlflcates to Off1CCfS DC Department Amer1can Leglon MAP PROBLEMS COMPETITION Gold Medal to Team Captam Daughters of the Amer1can Colonlsts Bronze Medals to Team Members Daughters of the Amerlcan Colonlsts BATTALIOIN COMPETITION Flrst Place Gold Medal to Major DC Department Reserve OIIICCTS Asso clatlon Sllk Flag to Gulde Sergeant Annual Trophy to School DC Department Amer1can Leglon Certlflcates to Company Commanders DC Department Amer1can Leglon Second Place Sllver Medal to Major DC Department Reserve Offlcers Assoclatlon Thlrd Place Bronze Medal to Major DC Department Reserve OITICCYS Assoclatlon T . .f-1 . ' Q 1. u . 7 T ' . T . . U -4 x. . . U. I W T . T I , . U. , , T7. I . I . I J l . 1 4 t . - or .. , .g . - . . , . T u - , 4 T . . , - D 1 . . , L 'i . . , . 4. . . - . . , - .. . . . U 1 - ' a rn ' T .K , - 1 .. . . . 0 . ' - - 7 c . . . U. Q . . , D . 1 - . , . T n Q , . .. . . U. 1 . . , . T 4 i nx s , ' . U . U - . . , . 1 . . , - - - . . , o n u ,T . . PACE COURSES ACCOUNTANCY AND FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION Leading to BCS and MC.S Degrees C PA Preparataon Co educatzonal Day and Evening Classes Send or 44th Year Book Benj amln Franklln UHIVCFSIIY II00 'I6th Street at L Phone REpubhc 2262 EMPLGYMEIIT PIIOMOTIOII a e t y and beg I by att d g STRAYER eal s ss ula s St a e g p Emp o e I: qalfd e SoMCSdg tay e c tac t p yeC c a t STIIAYEII GOLLEGE dFSe Q 5 Ns lIls8 Board o Educatzon Approved HIGH SCHOOL CADET UNIFORMS PEARSON S AND CADET EQUIPMENT PRESCRIPTION A 8. N TRADING co PHARMACY INC 8th 8. D Streets N W 2448 Wisconsin Avenue N W Store Hours 9 to 6:15 P.M. W0. 6210 Saturdays 'till 7 P.M. - S v ime, save mone , in a career ear ier en in . 1 . . , ' An id ucce torm i - ry r n trainin lus Strayer l ym nl: ' Service. ' Evidence hat you are u iie :Th B.C. . r . . . ereel:romSr er f Colleg of Ac oun n y, or he a - proved Secretarial diploma from ' ' ' Stra r ollege ol: Se retari lTrain- ing. 0 0 Wri e for catalog or call in person for information, guidance, or registration. I3tl1 an reets, N.W., Washing on , D. C. : ' Aiona 7 I . . . . . . I . , . . REHLTOR 'BU ILDER JIJCIIMIWIQ INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE - SURETY BONDS Qualified Appraiser In Condemnation Cases Cash for Southeast and Northeast Homes Vlctor 1000 3211 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, S. E. HAH Home 0 Shoes or Young Men and Women 1207 F 14th 8. G 7th 8. K 'I3133 14th 4483 Connectlcut Avenue I'cSlIver Sprung Md Arhngton Va Open Evenungs The Umform House o the Natzons Capztal fJ"f"'fO.f L I V I N G S T 0 N S Establxshed 1886 64th Year Cwaluzn and Um orfn Out xtters 906 908 7th Street, N W .EN COMPLETE BANKING AND TRUST SERVICES X, ar, 1 , ffzefzmfz Eskflliflff 8: TRUST COMPANY fi -Ffa DANIEL w BELL Presndent Mann Ufflce Fifteenth St 81 Pennsylvama Ave N W Member Federal DeposIt Insurance Corporohon Federal Reserve System OE UC SON 21 O ,, . - . . I . - . I U ,F . A . I . , . VQQ , .T S XS ef '- V w . , xx ..,.1L I R 1, - f 0 . x 3 ' rv' I It I Q 'ff el-'V .-'g LP . I . ' ' : ' . ' ., . . c a s I1 c E I1 I. s V IB, 41 EASTERN E IPOOSEVELT EEEHEH HE CAININ C 'Af xx Q YUQWQEAQ1 woonn qw Iii

Suggestions in the Anacostia High School - Totem Yearbook (Washington, DC) collection:

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