Anacortes High School - Rhododendron Yearbook (Anacortes, WA)

 - Class of 1960

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Anacortes High School - Rhododendron Yearbook (Anacortes, WA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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f ,ff fvgc Qiyx,-f fy ka 'fLqf,:QQ.1f, Q, ff 51 1 Q L G a Q - U 3. Y X., Qf Nfi' X f 459 15252 QQ 'Qld Q7 t . , LC -A blk .. L, wgq ff, ,Q Q 1 51,0 xg gl ' - lg wc' A, . A . Q fy 5 J- Jcif,q'5N! 1tf1f Jb52Eii3LifQl! ' vxhdxi Qui 1215- A' p -" fxiw C' fig- , vc 4 b As! ffl, MX A kai t UH' MH , 1. Lx LUG CN ' N A qw 4 , 'J 1 6 K Ya, Xt-M119 K 'CNW Qtk Y -24 RL. it xxx N015"LX 1 ikcwk TWA ' Www Qi' N974 fic, "'x'f'j'i ,IGF 'NGS Yugo. A q-QLQQJLKQ-X' xivwwvx 162 Cf L flc. 65, KN ,LC Cuff -lwbuntk. 3 A: uf-suv-X ' 1 AOL auf CE Q5 JCX gk? L'C,,XmClq t,grLi1 k It MWF +lAf,,v5 'X A " CX 1 NO If , " zww09Q-cor Yluv, ktkxb UjUJw6fLfK'vN Lki -.7ixf5Q--'A xf-XGIQJ KX Qkx VN HWV1 P' qqn fry ' F QA .fwll SF- V190 v Dwwom! I 1 A ff LQ x 1755 V I L,4.,f4 YU xg x 01, pf , La ' 9 If A c fb tif G 'W S-W-MU ,.-N? J ff lf, Q H f+ J" Z' in if 04 'Q 'fe Q L7 5? ' f Q, 5 -3447 bpd' 5 f 'Mig Haifa xi WWW 5 KQV L 4 0 'Zi' mam! ' ' 0' J . . 'A' . , mf 222 'ywmygwwbyhffvwagfnww Ps 74615 4 lfflffolfor Cf nnqq f. L QMg,fwf MVS. W Wjf ' This Year XQQS 'Yvuw Y V5 beep an expqrwevmce. +Mq'l' ry? wa' l MPM P-OT -Covlei EveK'SNYH0e y if 65 'Wwe evxol of QST Sc-:vvweSJYeY'1 ,ffl Ml' YVQV6 XDCCYN U Wrflfivub 'FOT5 ,gf if up P A Tune DMJ on 'Yceig dm, I Mage 5.56 -,eo , MR HAJ6 6 1 ES n-9. Ju . 0 'MY grlusf' CLASS Z Ydu yujn Felgfilo D165 I Nadttg ,My Y S. 010 Q,,9'W A W" 'M wgu? Ex 6S'g ia SQYJXWG bodike xi ww, cvici r IS ' Q' -Q' 'HWS is Tijiiofymfximui WMU? W WRU be b6CauLSe,U'f OW P05h'Cv1CfCJClv10Q Uwdnfsiamdm Txncxvllfif wgor OM Yau Rave . -fcxwgvxf we- 3 Agfbigwigf My E-Sv ff? NJSJYO Q Mvfyoyv W guvevlor' Edqgqigr Uwafgkw FW QZWY 5 Q N5 Ajlime 23335353 Q M?M'?f'4 gw 3 ss? ? sigma 3 3 2 fix? 55 W ?s 3.535 iQ A 5 1 e 1 . if It it ' V , , .K r .ff W if We Occ graduates ol Anacortes High School, who in which we now take so much pride. who haclc to us, to sgorlc, to live, and to malce themselves and a part of the community, strengthening the feeling our school and our town ..... To the graduates who, having maintained the high standards ol set by those ot the past. are now entering the realm ol talce up their responsibilities in our world ..... And graduates ol' the luture, who, we trust, will have received impetus for the accomplishment of even greater achievements in the years to come . . S. . . To all graduates ol Anacortestligh School, past, present, and future, we, the annual statl ol l96U, respectfully dedicate this Golden Anniversary Rhododendron. QV? W Q f-f'9""""' W ex fi Ms, 5 W 1 ,mt 9 if A 5 'uw sw ,Bw " , wx Q 55 -aw, A W A 0 w i -fa Q A - A . E W -in 1 4 1 A ,Q as sim as 'Y yi? 4 x 2 fr-'mmaaw sf. sylvan '-'1 ,A ,X-x4-wi, -' fhffvlf L, 1-.... 7A,a'1wT ff-'Ly V74 41,4.,4W-1 ,LQ H ff3.4,f:.fn-ff Vw! , A4,.,,f.. 7L,e,4ff 1 .'A'-L14 KLA" f17f17M"'M"'?? 'X wfun C4.,4,4fn,4 A7 ,4yy1..L.q Cffvwgfj- , fvki, jafwllaqnfcxfg Q1 'fd M. ,A U6 x'g0"7L5' 5 7 W, ,,7,,, l ,ffl-fff.-L 4 ,..f ,fiat 6.4-1 ffl dvd :Lou-A I 552 fa. !h3'1LU1v1'71 ,',.,1' im, uhm!!! '3 ,MV W 3 WW-Q AU, 'ww wwf! Wi., 1, xl' any b?A'n, TRW. ,Mx L ,M -, U wY"xXNg W 3 Wk ' -,l,ig12i i 'l Wa 5. if ,f i'a f .., 5, K., :W f QV , T pgnnnulllll Table of Contents Administration .......................... 8 Classes ................---- ---------------- Activities .................................. Music and Drama Rhododendron Editorial Co-Editors .. Junior Editor ....... Advisor ................ Staff .-.....-loan Brazas foe Maricich .....--.-.Nancy Heglin -.-.........Mrs. Gwen Beard Business Manager ............ Helen Iames Sales Manager -------- ------------ I 0Ann Nasman Art .................. ............ I im. Spitze Copy ..,..., ........... S teve Smiley Activities ...... .... A ....,. A lmn Franuloviclt 5 'V ,, nf. nm HL ,, , f N, ey .wz 5 4 mei dA.3 , Nr A w M! kv W an iw 4 vh V ,m,VW Y,VV i 'n,,k5 f I Q x.,4,y,y"'zif, so ., W4 1' i' " vm an 9' ' v mfr. . fw...'-L-57301 ' pi? ,wfwwmf S K-L Qu N, I Anacortes Historical Society ...... From left to right: Mr. Douglas Burton, Mr. Wallie Funlc, Mr. Lloyd Foster, Mrs. Anne Bessner, and Mrs. Madge Stafford Our Historians The Anacortes Historical Society is a group of five civic-minded men and women, wllo are interested in lceeping alive the rich past of Anacortes. The members, all graduates of Anacortes High School and long-time residents of tlle town, are Mr. Douglas Burton, '48, Mr. Wallie Funlc. '41, Mr. Lloyd Foster, '09, Mrs. Anne Bessner, '22, and Mrs. Madge Stafford, '12 The society has gatllered a large number of pictures, antiques, and newspapers of the earlier days of Anacortes. Tllese liistorians have provided tlie annual staff with mucli valuable resource material for the 1960 Rhododendron. '75,-' 5i5'?'x ' . 'fl-at -it 4 - - 7145 TESL-f',f-ff ge, .' . r ,rp 7 1. T Y, 21127 5 J., "I ""'t11f. . .l-'- ' 1' 11' ' 'H J QA' :f-f","AT'f ff,- 'I -L in 'luv' A , . . he-. - ,fig .1 ,fax . . Q, 5 Q ,K . 'mf' f 4 ' Vis ff' -' 1 3-- J Llhl 5 Qur Board of Education Through the years citizens of Anacortes have given our school the benefit of their time and ability in serving as members of the school board. The members of the present board are pictured below. All of them with the exception of the Reverend Graler and our superintendent, Mr. Henning, are former 'graduates of our high school. lvlembers ot the l9l0 board of directors were lmown as Trustees. They were Mr. VV. F. Robinson, Presidentglxflrs. Kate Whitney, Secretary and Mr. Fred D. Cartwright, whose son recently served as a member of the school board. Anacortes School Board ...... From left to right Mr. Laverne Deane, Mrs. Gladys Sherman, Chair- man: Rev. William Cvraler, Mrs. Floyd Taylor, Mr. Gail Cross, Mrs. Betty Thatcher, Clerk of the Board: and Mr. Clarence Henning, Super- intendent ol Schools. N'-fm... ...A 7 msn., x n -- v-M-vwafuv 1 WWPK1 . L wwunr-Nu wwwmnma, L., wyw ummm il ng-vw wnltuunnn -me wnnnuwnmma we- WM-M....w...Q...-, ,,,, hmm, ummm-way WQNM 4, 2... msn LM 'N .-.. aww i , K. fx f Q. 1" X Q- x Q 'w L' m Q ,.. Q., . W1 'QV Awww ,f far xx Q w m,- K. Al. H wf"2f rfsv is UQWK fx!! Away .,, wr 9 A, iw-A -Smnhhmwwkf w1MI!?NWm6ax34Af'wMq1w f . Wwwfqmmmm. Our Mr. Ciarence Henning Superintendent Mr. John Reid Curriculum Standing. left to rigiit: Mr. John Reid, Nir. Don Niorris, Mr. Charles Williams. Mr. Clarence Henning. Seated: Mrs Leeta Fayette, Mrs. Phyllis Boulton, Nirs. Naomi Hollister. Mrs. Betty Tiiatciier, secretaries. Administration Mr. Don Morris Mr. Ciiarles Vvilliams Principal Guidance Counselor I Prof. J. Franlc Craig ' ' - 310 Administrator l in 1910 our school administration was embodied in one man witli tile title of administrator, who performed all of time many responsibilities necessary. As our sciiool has grown, time activities and curriculum ixave also greatly increased the complexity of administering our scilool effi- ciently and effectively. Today. tlie adminis- tration consists of a superintendent of public schools, a director of curriculum, a principal and a counselor, who are assisted lay tiieir secretaries. Facult Y if 'Will I 960 Anacordes Mr. Rxcliarcl Baldwin Industrial Arts Mrs. Gwen Beard English Contemporary World Problems 1 W Mr. Robert Bearcl 4' Englisll High School World History Mr. Pllilip Bottolfson Mrs Laura Burton Cliemistry Choir General Science Mr. Allan Cornett Vvorlcl History Art Mr, Mel Davis Mr. Russell Davis Mr. Harry Dawson Latin Algebra Biology French Geometry General Science 'W' Since 1910 our faculty has heen increased in numher from live to forty teachers. During the last fifty years many new courses of study have been added to the curriculum which have enabled the students to achieve a more compre hensive education. ln addition to preparing lessons for each of their classes during the day. many of the teachers devote many hours of theirspare time to supervising our organizations and activities. HABEL Mt'Ml'NRY. Miss Nellie Dylcstra Home Economics Mr. Keith Eide Band Mrs. Elsie Ervme English Faculty MARVEL BQl'!IH'l. Miss Ruth Farnham English French Facult I96O Miss Kattxlene Hess Spanish Mr. Kirvin Smith Psychology World Problems Mr. Ferdinand Kramer Advanced Mathematics Geometry College Mathematics Mr. Howard Lang Washington State History Geography Mr. Art Larsson Civics World History US. History I Loon: Mrs. Neola Lower Mr. Jack Neilsen Journalism Auto Shop English Auto Shop Speech fr Drama Mechanical Drawing Mr. William Taylor Driver Training World Problems Civics Mrs. Kathryn Ttlomas Typing Stlorttianct Mr. Everett Tiland Algebra Ptlysics Mr. Allen Veal Bookkeeping Typing Pommerciai Law Secretarial Training Mr. Vaughn Weber Physical Education , Q, , A f xsmusssmqwagwxswsfwemmywmmwwmq 1.n,,.M Awwmawxufastsmmzmsmwmwmf I s 1 5, ' '1 1, as ax-fxmmnaniw gf Nmmv "" Senior Class Jim Adams Kathy Ames Kent Ashworth, Vice Presidentg Ken Moore, Presictentg Helen James, Represent- ativeg Sandi Kertis, Secretary. Betty Asctlim Kent Ashworth Di Ann Balttlazor Darryln Bargewell I96O Janet Barth Kenneth Bates Marie Beebe julia Benjeslorf Don Bergner Donna Bishop Karol Bolke Jackie Bozanich juan Bruzas Katy Brown Ted Burlingame Ron Cain 'Q , A Put Cantrell Janet Cheney Roy Carlson Sidney Clarke Jim Clarlc Ralph Cole Jim C0UfIU0Sf A Nlilce Cotton Les Crosby Lloyd Crosby Fred Crowell Denny Dean Earl Croy Beverly Daniel Bob Darling 0 Seniors of I 960 Donna Dennis Janet Dickinson Niariiynn Edelman Ella Enwbak W Michael Engdahl Gary Erholm O Seniors of I 960 Dick EHCICSOH Michelle Fayette Dennis Forsyth Pat Foss fir-uf' Edwin Frank .Xlma Franulovicll 'WY' hu- BEUY Fuhl' 'Donna Qlilylmons Emine Gogug Bob C-raler Linda Gugicll 'i-P-fe-w""' 4 Rf' T linda HHIQTCH Michael Halvorsen Sharon Hamm Nlary Harris iff nl Jim Halton Lyncia Hawicings Ida Hawks Niariiyn Henderson Karen Herman Roger Hill Art Hodges Carolyn Holley Tom Hoofs Ken Hougen Ernie Howard W --We i 11 i '7mmu?' V: . wlmmim. ww-si ani wmfzmr m -- Q X A Glen IVCISOII C, in f, Dick lzban Helen James 0 Seniors of I 960 ljavid Jensen Gail Johnson Suia Justice Pat Kautz lgan K8HHafd Sandra Kertis ,, Diane Kilcrease 0 Seniors of I 960 Duck Knowles George Krieger Zelda La Macclnia l-GUY I-Hnghdf Gayle Lauderbac h ,lean LeMay ,-A .,-,br J' l Susan Lowman Pat Mgflill Jeanne Mackenzie Nlae Macy Sandra Majors Steve Nlansfield Dennis Nlapes joe Maficich Charles lwflason Freddie Ann Nlead Shannon Montague Bill Nloore Ken Moore wary Ann lxlyszlcowslci l sw P3 si , ,gif +3 is Eb" Jo Ellen NCISOII Charlotte Nibarger Julie Naser .lo Anne Nasman Judy Nisbet Karen Cakland 'f 1 Seniors of I 960 Richard Paul Pat Peterson Fred Pingin- Linda O'NeiI Denny Oreb Eula Pate Shirley Ratzow Freda Roberts Brian Rockom Kathy Rodenberger O Seniors of I 960 Ona Roll Joyce Rumsey Tim Schoos Linda Scoggins A V ., - mmQff'. - '- :w n . ' ' ' - 'VF-ff15'ff5:'Ei5: Hi' .9 Ronald Sl1erin Dennis Smeby Steve Smiley Karsa Smith Jim SPNZC Rose Evelyn St. Anclre John Steen' Kg.,,f Nancy Stone Linda Stgfme Carole Strong Dan Sullivan , lv.- Tk, f' L David Thatcher Dee Thomas I Tubbs Dick Tresner Cam Donna Underwood Jim Ward Jerald Watson Paul Webber Nlichael Vvelch Bill Vvelk all " 'Ui W"-N.. Seniors of I960 ..,'x" .. Tracy White K, 5 K. . Ns fel gm VAX- any 4 Bill Vviclcberg Alton Willoughby Nick Winter Darlene Wolfe Dick Wooding Cathy XVooclruff. OWN 32 N Gutstanding Seniors I 9 it is a tradition in our high school for the seniors each year to select the ten most outstanding memhers of their class. These students are chosen for this honor on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service to the school. The students shown on these pages have demonstrated their abilities in leading the many activities at Anacortes High School. Through their leadership our school has achieved an admirahie record in scholarship. music, drama, athletics, and student government. The ciass of 1960 is proud to acknowledge the abilities of these, its most oustanding students. Gayle Lauderhach Ken Moore Dick Erickson Judy Nishet w"""'t "U" K F i ' A 5 f w' 1 4 Sponsored hy lfvergreen Motors, and Bryson-Engdahi Mortuary. +aes msmi ,xxtmtw . -5.i.v1.1l13 t L L11 Joan Brazas Steve Smiley T ia 'nav -0 v- ponsored By Monlague's wld Amsberry's Fine Foods 0 t,v : K H ,im S K 'Rf Sue Lowman Paul Webb Jim Spitze Helen James .M , Our girl, Emine Cvogus are SP' 1' Foreign Exchange Students Mina tells Joannie of her homeland, Turlcey. our exchange Student enjoys a lunch in our new cafeteria When you read these lines. my year in the United States will he nearly over. My wonderful, full ol surprises year among you ..... I lcnow l'll never forget this green island and its lovely people. l'll never forget Anacortes High School and the students who were all very friendly to me. I lilced them all, the days in Anacortes, the friendly townspeople. the students and the school. What lun I had at all the football and haslcethall games and all the other activities. There was lun, too, in the classes l attended. The teachers here were such helpful people. My whole year's experience was just wonderfull I hope to see you again in the future. With all my hest wishes always. Mina lVlina's mother, Mrs. Celile Gogus, her hrother and sister, Ahmet and Gulhun, and her father Dr. Mustafa Gogus. 5 nf? .-,4.-M.. ' Q , sg 2 1 3 MHTIIYHH Edelman Elfld Elvebak, VHI6dlCt0H8HS Commencement Speakers I 960 Steve Smiley, Salutatorian Sue LOWIHHH, Class Speaker ifwe ' S' , 1 ,N T Q a s , Q ilariC6 Adams Nlarty Anderson Karen Anderson DOIIHH Annett , 2 5 -- .gn :E N ,- J iffgrvfs 1 wh iff' Zami - 3 Q I A A ,ai r 1 Y iw 3 X Q ,Q 3 X . S 1 Q 28 N x Q X Q N ll as me K ' ' Jerry Annett -loyal Arneson g 4 lennis Asseln A A A K K K' . 54 Lincia Appling Karen Ascliim Arlene Balcer Vice Pres. Phil Robbins Pres. MICIC MUCH. Julie lvllOTlH. 560. lxlilllfy l'I'l11'I', clllil Rocl Balsley 'iff9.Q1.s'g7 Qiififkxffi ,.-'f-. W - J ' wiisfgsgze 45,v1 -,K 1 N ,W lxlggryin Ballsnjder Patty Banning Donna Barcott Plargaret Bassett Marilyn Bisliop Gilbert Bowlin Junior Class Lynn Barcotf Deanna Bowman 11 Harold Barnette Robert Brooks Darrell Baltliazor Stephen Barton Gregory Brown 1 ..., , i n . ., - 51 u., -'23 K V' . iw, 52 S 5 Y? Si E 'Q',!m"'s'fu-""' . 951, 'Yin' Gary Bryant Dan Coleman Bob Dennis John Dickinson Ji. .Xnna Buchanan Karen Butler Ray Carpenter ri LE .., YH 6, xi Wayne Colony Smirlq Cr.-el ...I Jerry Cartee 5:2 X61 'EW 3 J X ,S SQ l 2 '52 . :SNS .Q .rf . 'if QQ. R E3 .. X ,W f Y ai' if K , X 1, Alan Davis ECI Demon George Cherrg Jim Dorsf-tt Junior Class 1010 Vliciiael Eiford Judy Erickson Mike Espe Bob Evans Shirley Evans 5 L , l Lloyd Down ,alricia Dragavon Gem- Fischer lucly Fisher Stephanie Geslca jalricia Hal in-S X arry Hibler olm Hull lennis Jones - 11 Becky Fox Larry Fraley Alice Franulovich NIHTY AHCC FICIICII Rlchafd F'-lllmef Bonnie Cvmnett Sidney Goff Doug Hatton f-E l ,ro,o, ,L . oo,,o.L.,,1o, oL,.oo., W 1 g,eQaQ 5-,K , 1 V + B. George Hicks Rodger Immer Sandra Jones :rv Y Denny Holman Nlarinette Johnson Terry Kilbreath as sei? 'ii f-,. :sw QU Q35 we T A w aafz,-sexi, . Kenneth Lamont Conrad Levesen 'W' Virgin- Lewis Joanne Linvog Carolyn Lowder Charlotte Luehrs Douglas Lunz :Xudel McLachlan Joseph lVlcLacl1lan Sandra Nlerz lrene lxlinor Jane MacGregor Nifli Maricich Gina Nlarlcel Julie Morin Marjie MOFfiSOIl Lincla Kleven George Larsen John Lewis Jucly lNlcKinno Judy Merrifield Loretta Flullin lxliclaael Moen 5 anel Nelson Svilliam Norman incla Osborn .uella Paulson 21 Fl is f t R Q Q Bch Petrish 'riscilla Racllce 1 Sandra J. Nelson Sid O'Brien Sharon Qwens Robert Pearson K .- V 'f ' W fitkiffaiiieffifif - ,,,,,,W I "" Q x 2 J at ,ra ..:- ": -R., 'Q f get Q f s e '35 A Robert Pleas Richarcl Rainville Nick Neutzman Joan Newman Charlene Nilmarger Jo Ann Nicholson Vvayne Palmer P ,K Rodger Pearson Kathleen Petcoff Dwight Peterson TOIT1 Plummer Judie Polinlrus Kathy Posthumus Chet Reid Charles Requa Stanley Riemer Ad Ken Peterson Nlarilynne Pulver Philip Robbins aan Quill' 'inn A"Ag Tom Robinson Carol Rosen Cynthia Rosiceliey Karen Rgundy Teryl Rouner jo Aunt, Savidge 'K Richard Sawyer Barry Sehlin Janice Shelton ylarnae Sherman Sandra Shuii Sharon Smith r ,,o, -1 t QE Ti Paul Stannert Sharon Stone John Sullivan Linda Lou Taylor Bill Thayer Dan Thygcser Sharon Tubbs Linda Trafton ,lohn Tuliius Nina Turney ,Iuciy Ticirington Terry 'Poland 'ti 9 Denny Vvalrod Lynn Way NGUCY VVCTHCT Linda Vvhitc Evans Vvhitney Bvrrlifv NVhilt0m .loan Williams Rick Wilson Ann Winge Clifford Wynn Clerald Zanolini Q i f I e eisa I Sophomore Row 1, left to right: Janice Chatfielci, Steve Cheney, Dennis Clarlce. Row 2: Jim Clow, Jess Conquest, Dudley Cowan, Kathy Crosby, Karen Cross. Row 3: Tim Daniels, Rusty Davis, Rich- arcl Deutsch, Robert Deutsch, Patti Dickinson, Colin Douglas, Connie Dutton, Patsy Earle, Joan Edelman. ,mi 5 :" 4, K Q. VLS: Q, V kk , . ' ' m e I If Mm 'Q Y Row l, left to right: Chris Anderson, Lincla Andrich, Lee Ashhach, Linda Attertmerry, Don Barton, Carl Bates, lxflarilyn Beckman, Trucli Berntsen, .lim Betz: Row 2: Helen Birondo, Charlene Blackburn, Bobbi Boite, Gary Bowman, Franlc Bozanichg Row 3: Jerry Bushey, Teri Byforcl, Norma Carpenter. Jean Spitze, Secretary: Norm Lemberg, Vice- Presidentg John Felton, President: Claudia Low- man, Representative. V23 " , - ',..' u ,-I iq, K - ,I 'f 3 ,-,,. .. in 54, ,Lf X X f , .wi .. . ef if 3 3 1 1 t Pg ,,-,, or ? ,,,,,, A . I W. if-,E M a. A .8 ,Mr .W rv i f ,Gini .5 Q-g7:fi,.P' Row t, iett to right: Richard Eggen, Paul Etvetmatc, Sandi Ertmotm, Jotln Felton. Julie Ferguson. Karen Fistmer, Jerry Gitwtmons. Row 2: Rirtmarft Cinnett, Ron Goin, Diane Gonnion, Joe Goodman, Loren Greene. Row 3: Jonnie Sue Hamm, Beverly Hannon, Sandi Harding. Row 4: Nancy Harr, Le-Roy Hawkins, Hazel Henderson. si. 4 in . at 1' 'X e 3 M is 5 f 'A :Mi fax K 4 5.. , i. I. ,Raym- Vi z. L-:Ye k SVA! 'mv ,-R fm - jf- 'M Q, Sei f' 2 Q 'V 5 " if 1.1 'W ' . 5 K K ...,: .fj if f v ,lsgi -CTD , we -lk 42? 15:23 :fi 5 4 1 5 . 'Le Q .3 'W Y iw aw mi. , , :mmf . V R Sf' V 1. I Row 1: Robert Henning. Row 2: Steve Hermann. Bartmm Henry. Row 3: Jerry Hietcotc, Ttuomus Hitt, Niiice Holm. Row 4: Carlton Howaret, Alan Humtmie. Arthur iverson, Dirk Iverson, i.ynn Jotmson. Row 5: Tom Jotmson, Rietmrd Kennard, Deanna King, Kaltmy Kiricpatrictc. txftiice Kron- tlotm, Don Latterty, Larry Lamptmiear, Dennis Lavine, Tim Lemaister. , N .W f!! , -o-Mr . wi f : ws? lp' Q 'Q , Q 49 fa 1 'F i X ff : X .- QS? r 'fi is' if 'W ,y HRH fs-:ff x s yrir ' 3 e QQ, .1 f Row 1, left io right: Sharon CDISOYIQ Row 2: Pi-ie Urton, Joiln Osman: Row 3: Tommy Parker, Pai Parsons, .iuiin Pate: Row 4: Anita Pearmain, Howard Pc-arson, Riciwarfi pc-tlersen. John Piraic. Joe Piruiaz Row 5: Nancy I,lZ1YlCiCI'l, Vviiiiam Pontius, Lewis Rf-ford. fiienn Reed, Phillip Reed, Colleen Reifi. Niiiu- Re-nquist, Doug Ricimrcls. James Ryiiimerg. F' r f f-it if' :ff r if 3 ff J , I K Row 1: left to right: Leo Le May, Linda Le Wiuiex. Norm Lemberg, Alice Lewis. Joe Lindimim, Claudia Lowman, Jeanette Lunciin, Joel Lunz. Robert iwiary- ott: Row 2: .Iaine Mattoon, Elaine Niccormicic, Lorna Nic-iiing, Joe Nioore, Pat Wlorris: Row 3: Lawrence Niuiiin, Sandi Nasman, John Nisbet. Jim Oakley: Row 4: Susan Oakley, Beverly Oldfield: Row 5: Cordon Olson. 4 or , A l 2 .Mgr-, ,K 'I I K ,mir fizgxhf. ,g, , ' .EJ Q' - : My ' it fs: : f :Gifs 'za ' ggi- : 1 ' VET. V 551555515 -wig' s 2 JW! i.:.: as ,ff X . f it f" gs V1 'V' 5 if Q 4 ,G W' it Q A "V . + P if F -Q9 1, its Jig Q aw J' V , if I 55 A: . f .. ,, Ef W-f is E 5 . Q,.vf in 55 i. mag KL 2 A it , 3' ' PQ-swf '.:2 -::' 'Q it al Q '.:ff s s' 'f '." :li sw 252' N- ' ' f U 7 T .' sg-nt Q- My 1 K yu .. I .,E., M -kll fl I it in 5 f, Kik, , - -.. V-,L N iw V . :rb , fi 1 if , y, A it fi L K I. biz :,. Q 'B 3 W we E M K 4 "' 3' it ffzfff' ' s if A Pt , , ,. I v 5 + I ! Sr My .gg M I .QA tr t ,fl 4' A Q 1 3 . L.. V, i .x ,. , ey if 'Qvma-vi" 4+ ' r Sophomore Class 1910 Row I, left to right: Paul Seimofieici, Ron Seiloos, Simeiia Seivog, Viicici Senff. Row 2: Varrian Smaii, Jean Spitze, ixfiiice Staiiiin, Roimert St. Andre, Rosemary Stannert. Row 3: Carol Steele, Robert Strieicert, Aiimert Swapp. Virginia Swapp. John Swenson, iXiiicid'Ti1ayer. Kalimieen Thomp- son, Kaye Thompson, Dwaine Treaciweii. Row 4: Glen Treadweii, .ian Utterstrom, Frank Van Fossen, Glen Veaie, Larry Verraii, Dan Vvarren. Richard Vvay, Mike Vveatilerivy, Steve Xveimim. Row 5: ixiiciwaei Vveivia. Diane VW-iis, Jeanne Vvicicioerg. Howard Vviiiiams, Karen Vviiiiams. Jim Vviiiiamson, Dale Woodruff, Biii Vvooisiey. Joim Yanicacy. is 33 v'!f , 3 iw? M ,..., ..-hw 'T' A g 1 1 if it X 5 rw K if M F We to i y J 'fi' , it i r Wy ui av' www i Zyir 1 A yrst i .zii . it 4 - " Keir i Q I i i i . . . - , "' X 4 it 1 i - 3 T '-,. i W j Et W i f is iie l irts ir eetr we i L N- A wi in - i. .V .If 'ii-z .Ah f - rf ,J I Row l. left to right: Linda Allen, Nlilce Ames, Riclcy Anderson, Row 2: Xvencly Andrich. Phyllis Arneson, Lauren Baca, Pat Balbarovich Row 3: Nlilce Barcott, Diane Barnes, Davicl Barnette, George Barth Cheryl Barton. Row 4: Dennis Beatty, Donna Bell. lVlary Bice Lynette Bishop, Deane Brazas. Row Judith Breaux, Delores Buer. Stephen Caralalaa. Juclith Carpenter. Cheryl Carpenter, Ralph Chon- zena. Row 6: Carolyn Christenson. Leslie Christenson, Terry Clarke. Renee Cole, Leroy Comstock. Row 7: John Converse. Craig Craigo. Martha Crowell, Roger Cumin, Vernon s Darling. Row 8: David Dawson, Sheryl Deane. Bernarcline Diclriclcson, Louie Dorholo. Lorraine - --"' wa, Dragavon. Row 9: Debbie Duncan, Mark Egertson, ' " Ella'lVlae Eggebrecht. Gary Ericlcson, Ann Espe and Susan Estvolci. ' 'i"'- ri? f 1 '31 Kiwi 5 , ,R Y xr' Freshmen Class Pi ' ,F ,, a saass .5 sf: ' 'sie 4 X A , se , ,J if ir 1 56 t at Q J E , if .f is s f 1 :sf Q, 4 f K i t iii E l ian? .. , EZE Q, A Q- .All A i 'W .-.A E3 :Xnita Salsman, Representative: Nlilce NVilliams, President: Lawrence Tiscornia. Vice-presiclent: Patsy Justice. Secretary. Row l. lelt to riglrt: Patti Ferguson, Lynda Foote, Regina Foss. Jaclcie Fountain, Bob Fraser, Vvoodi Frits. Row 2: Beth Gallagher. Susan Genung. Jim Gillespie, Craig Gin- nett. Nlarilyn Ginnett. Row 3: Leslie Golf, Goodman. Lynn Grace. Ron Green. Row 4: Sandra Grulne, David Cugictm. Nlary Hammond Row 5: Wesley Hanson, Sandra HIITCIPF. RONV 61 DOHDFI HElffiS, Florence I-IElVVICil'lS, NlafVin Hawldns. Row T.: Edward Hiclcs, Bruce Hinds, Delbert Hincls, Pam Hollister. Row 8: Richard a 4' W' . ' e f - F 5 ,. 7: X . 6 I ,EW i .Avlis xiii -V A i n 'a E '5' ::, ir :' 5 'e . i i ":, af I A ' Q QL... 'P' W ..,, 5,1 F, .vs U 2 t r - " 1 ' a s s N ,HSV Holman, Donald lverson, Sue Jackman. Catlxryn james, Kenneth James. Row 9: Nlnrvin Jenlcins. Bot: Jergens, Joyce Jolwn- son. Patsy Justice. Penny Justice. Susan Kaanta. 5:5-I szsig:-,, .6 fa ..,,.: la Row 1, left to right: Craig Kelly, Ronald Kirlcpatriclc, Diane Knowles. Row 2: Margaret Larson, Freclolie Jean Latham, Patricia Legg, Donna Linclor. Row 3: Doug Linvog, Dwight Lowrie, Tom McKee, Jim Maison. George Mann. Row 4: Dianna Mariner, Bill Maris, Lincla Mason, John Mayse. Row 5: Christine Meyer, Ken Meyer, Tanya Mier, Walt Miner, Ray Moseley. Elsie Mullin. Row 6: Barhara Nasman. Sanclra Nichols. Wayne Qlson, Linda Parker, James Pate. Row 7: Linda Paulson, Ronald Paulson, Nancy Peck, Harold Peterson. Lucille Peterson. Row 8: Nick Peterson, Steve PSTCFSOH- Ron Pinson. Beverly Porter, Tracy Powell. Row 9: Sarah Renstrom, Vvayne Rice, Roseanne Rider, Billie Jean Rieger, Arcielle Ringhouse, Charles Rogers. ,: ' "" i E i .. A . Q, an . V . .53 X . 2 il X N A ., PM 2, :- L J ,, U - 19: Wanilxrii miL3f'W3i1L f fifarfga 's er a Il, i figs, ' if . . .... ., QW ax Q 4. . - iw- if fr- X' iw' eq,-,, 1' may if 32.14. his ,, K ,A .. gf? ir if Q at ' X-rr..Jiv"v 4 4: a .QQ ,Q GTS A A , ,,,.., aw R Qqufm, np-wwf i z :Q 7 , , ,un L K 1 , H L a as f wx' f if '1 " fi fm' 1, i'Qr9Si1mHU Ciass I9 I 0 Row l, ift to rigiltz Jim Roll. Tom Roof, Dennis Rydberg, Karen Rydberg. Anita Saisman. Patricia Savage, Lynn Scilencic. Row 2: Clifford Sciluitz. Everett Sciiwerin. Patty Seiiiin, Jackie Separovicii, Ronaici Simepparci. Row 3: Margaret Smiley, Ricilarci Stocicweii. Judy Swanson, Eric Sunbiad. Row 4: Larry Thomas, Donald Thompson, Darlene Ttmorene. Row 5: Marlene Thorne, Brooke Ticirington. Row 6: Terry Ticlrington. Lawrence Tiscornia. Mariaine Treaciweii. Row 7: Cathy Turner, Charlotte Vincent, James Vvartcimow, Biii Vvetm- ber. .Row 8. Tony Vveeisiey, Gary Welch, Kay Vveiic. Cilariesvvixite DOUE Whitney Row 9: Bob Whitney, Linda Vvicicinerg, Ciauciv Vviibur. Mike Vviiiiams, Jim Vviiiougimby, Julie VVittman.1Vlm-go Woodfield' and Judy Vvoociing, a 3 . Z If ag 91" wi' if 3 l " " ' f ' ,,.' is wr f' K yr., I , 1 is 'B A fs. it Q, ' f ,E w x sea? A EEK i sw fn. A ' --,,, f I t M irr f 3 xii., V f . 3 'M W , 1- by 4 me '4'T'u, F an nl X 5 ti' r .if f zf' I Zq. f 2, iz: -has , Q .. 1. "IEE, k sf iqg .K F + Q tg.. .L qw- .L ' .-iiil i fi A . if ' ' X 9 I 41:1 ll 5 4 L !l1"i4:'Y....Uxr' ' wwiinttliwtf 1 an W' ul 1','.r"1'1" m...,'V'n...i't.1n ""' ' '- ii igalix A fir T fIc2gvmS vw' fri? r My ITl8l'Ch The llf, 2 Th e first prize float by Hn: Class 0 Society A fi 0 S. Q5 nah ka :L vas? P , .. fn-. f J, i fs H 5 we l I l3'l1 Our ur honored Quest am mis wa P. Y.. 11. ,J-fi 13 X 1 xr. fi 1. Wwmwuw , x +5 'Simi fi . X' 1 gg ig? I I 5-, .J'sN. if i , A ? e 5: wif W VFW-r an x Alina Franulovich xx Jo Anne Nasman L LY, 1 fy, xx ' ww A ,A Mfr A XX Lf SX ' , 1 xx .3 ,Ex Ja gm., ff W. j JQYCC Rumsel' 1 Julie Morin AY' ,' .va X . 525- I .,1 - :PQ J -, v 1,421 Q v Iv ff 'Q' ,g0t,xQQ' ', A'a5P:"'1'1 Q' ' 1 v, vf , Q '. 9. nf N4 , ' V-2. , 4 4 f,, A , ,8u?". 41 1 .A-5' I 'MQ I fn .wwfifm :N X ,. . ,359 'Q XS s ,Gnu ,. 0 ,Qu fl., ,'n"3's P ,- "M 0 , 'askin Y : . at-' - 'Um ::'v. .H I 'pg' f'I .,, J, .. was ,fm-fi "I,C. . A 4 4 IA. U :o'4', , fff. 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L : -.-I w ' 15 QQQQQ' 'yy-V . -f'- .o,o.--- -4 . ... .: v v 'ff'-""" X. xxx- -z ,U 'ag , f ' ' Ag ' v ' 4 a . , I ,.. , Q V .KR ., urn W ' fi H M I 1 f 1 L K ,..-......4 ' ' Senior Ball w , ,,z, M y 5 c N , -if A , fggfg 1 mfr ,-12 cgi W .. fs ii , ey V. Z Exp- ""i-un, "f'2ng,..., 3 Q ra W fl gf: 3QS.stg'fHg2Qgjg5isv 'f sa ? N 3 5 ff!! ' Q' -ff-- A :PRX X V .QM ' ,x A fi E ' f , ' :XX ' . - , - . K . . . . ". 1 3 X N - f Q X , 5, , , 3 , . 1, 5 3 . i 2 5,, nf X ' 4 1' ,X XX 1 . I r It ' Sf , . Sv, z i V ' :ff :ff f X 65,1 ,f fjsx 4 ' fe N 49 ' ' f f"' ,..- ff' .. , K, T, 716, , ,I ' M i V T 1 7 ..,Q. 1 MPG- -I 5- A 4, ' P' N-5. " Q' P ,. , ..,...,,n,j' g P , -112. ,.. H:-... q"""'vCP'-- -. I 37 . ,, pei, 4. ' , ii ,. K I . -.-1, M. h I ,.. , Y x Q. . ., c W 'x 51 V' A , ,ill . 5 .: 'x'1 ' 4' ,515-.-be-----P -5 X ., - we -. .A ' ' f "x l...,, ' f Princess Betty Prince Tom ' Q ., . 'milf' 'D . iyzaw. ' f' , Queen Helen Prince Fred ii Ai, gf! L.1z k,.- ff- "Sayonara?' K! Ex- ggab - A ,,,,,,--.1--l C .Q x q.---.. ..4ni....w:,,......,. . .v V, 1, ,,.q?""Q"s,',, J- ' .- il. 5 gk .,M - P ri'n Sahdi ,f. Q NS ff' .Q 5 ,,.. Princeig 'D ifAn6 V 5N Prince Kent XJ 'N 31 Y: X, Y J N ' xp ..x 43+ S9 ps- "-. x, X5 .25 ,W Ki x- ,X E5 'KX R .,,,.,,.., .f .N ,I 3? 1.-1 V ,, ,pi f'f'6iif ,. ,N , . H. ,L X-..,,Qw . kwm ..hh Q."if.'f: 30 5z1f.fQ.ff7'1:f f -9f1I937" if - Q . N. X -I NT' 'T' ,',1 . x . , ,,,L Q' Yi ,- , ,uw mf'-1 Xigfx XL.. , . Pg! . Aifwxfxfif 7f5vlfgfQ5Y5,. Q 7'5' fQ 22F5 .m ' if1ifi f2lffFfipifiiiif-gT'?:Si2435EgQ :1 k, l ,m V fYi5l4 ?Qi ffif ' X l ' E A x 92, 3- R Back row, left to riglmt: George Bartli, Bob Whitney, Roger Hill, Mike Ames, Dudley Cowan, Dan Sullivan. Tracy White, Jerry Gibbons, Steve Hermann, George Kreiger, Dave Jensen, Bob Brooks, Dick lzban, Diclc Paul. Dennis Smeloy, Lloyd Crosby, John Piralc, Joe Piralc, Dennis Asselyn, Ken Lamont, Dwight Lowrie, and Dan Kennarcl. Row 2: Julie Naser, JoEllen Nelson, Billie Jean Reiger, Katliy Ames, Rilclci St. Anclre, Beverly Daniel. Linda Osborn. Carol Rosen, Pat Peterson, Alice Franuloviclm, Katy Brown. Jean LeMay, Dee Thomas, Karen Fisher, Ella Elvebalc, Carol Tubbs, Jaclc Separovicti, Sandy Creel. Carol Bolte. and Sandi Jones. Row 3: Claudia flioir Ollit'ers. left to right: l.yncla Hawlcings, Boys' ljoulmle Quartet. left to riglltz Duclley Cowan jmusiness manager: pat Peterson, Vice president: Steve Hermann, Roger Hill. Dave Jensen, Dwiglll Lowrie steve Hermann. Secretary: and Alma Franul- Dan Sullivan. nnrlTrneeyNVl1ite. xvicli, Presiclent. 64 I I 'vs ti. X 'Q Q I . W k - 0, ,QS t -if A s S 1 'f , 3 1 S Q Lowman, Alma Franutovictm, Michelle Fayette, Marie Beetme, Linda Foote, Nikki Thayer. Sharon Tubbs, Linda Attertmerry. Beverly Hannon, Julie Vvittman, Teryt Rouner, Cattxy James, Ann Espe, Mae Macy, Jack Fountain. Helen James, Margaret Larson, Kristine Meyer, Barbara Nasman, Julie Benjestorf, and Linda Gugictl. Row 4: Lyncti Hawkins, Elsie Mullin, Fectctie Jean Lattiam, Donna Dennis, Tanya Mier. Delores Buer, Ntary Ann Mysckowski, Sharon Stone, Zelda LaMacchia, Darlene Ttmorene, Diane Knowles, and Marlene Ttiorne. This year's senior ctioir, under ttle etticient direction ot Mrs. Laura Burton, participated in numerous assemtnties, concerts, anct contests. Time Ctiristmas anct Spring Concerts were tiigtltigtwts in ttwe year's activities. memtmers ot time choir wistw to express ttneir appre- ciation to Mrs. Burton. to the ctloir otticers, anct to ttle accompanist, Sandi Nelson. Director: Mrs. Laura Burton Sponsorect By 65 Snyciens Pharmacy Marjorie's Sunset Florist Roundy, and Leslie Goff. Front row: Steve Smiley. and Patrifia Legg. F, Y Y i 7 Bnric row. ieili to rigiwi: iioycl ijowns. iviiice Siaiiiin. and Niiice Vvealileridy. Row 2: Chris Ancierson. Roy Carison. Ed Hicics. Jess Conquest. and Raipii Cole. Front row: ,iim Ciow, Nick Neutzman, Norm Lemiberg, Bois Stricicert, Ciaucie Wilbur and Ron Pinson. Bwfiq row iefl to Tigfili' KM' Xvfiic Cir Vveifiw Joiin gwenson 'md f . . 1 Y ' Q . lg y , r A , , ijougiIRic'i1ards. Front row: Steve Peterson, .ioiln Niayse, anci Steve Cairn Ja. -,.s . A . f 'U' Director. Fir. Ke tix I At right, left to right: Cimucic Johnson, Sergeant at-Arms: JoAnne Linvog, Treasurer: Steve Smi iey, Vice president: Roy Carlson, President Donna Underwood, Secretary: Martie Anderson Librarian: and Jerry Cartee, Quartermaster. Sponsored By Niontaguess Noinies Nienis Xvear TOVV. ,arry ph Chong-na, and Palsy Selnlin. Fronl row: Gecxrge l"lic'lcST.ll1cly Tielringlon, Clwryl Barton, Cliuclc Jolmson, Pam Hollister, ancl Sidney Coll. volcl. RPHGP Cole. Drum lvlaiorz Norm Lemlaerg allv CTTTUSO I1 son, Jerry Carlee, and Gary Bowman. Marirlelte .lolmn LF I lo riglwi: lvlnrlc Egvrlson, ljnvicl Dawson. nncl Vves Hanson. Al left: JoEllen Nelson, Jackie Foun tain. Lincla parlcer, Martlia Crowell, Arlene BHICCF, ancl Carole KBIIQHS. Mall? '-gl 'ln NONETFE Row ul, loft to right: Nlichelle ul. Lowman. Row 2: Linda Gsborn fNot Katy Brown, Pat Peterson, and j , SHIICIY CTCGI. sf, 1-rx N MJ: ,, K nf am' ' Q Q , , , 41.1 x fs s, A K A , A VK, Y , Lv-J,J'L, ,f V . , in j ' - -up 'N ,wi f, , W f M. . f. N f I-,sg , MV, fy gh, 'A A , A ff,,lXf:"" , . W 1 X gf' ,, . fm- uf'-' ,aygSaAm.. ,5,, j 3 ' , , f U 'Awfesxgf , if Mi ,P x ,inf .K -A 4, 'IV W' V' ,L AJ, fm Q - f., 'WJIY ' .ig 1' qi' WS-,Q,,f ' fi' ffl" vi Y . f A fffiffiiff' ,aff --z . A XZ if--755. K' .-A a 'f fl-rw W. ,. 4'-K'--,.1kws,is Nagiji-75i5',3,,,3AiklJfis rg,-i,i.Q5g?.f5S25'1' ,.' , gfgsvf ,. , J? A ,s L'-- Iii fs? ' ,M 1 ,q Q K .X ,- gg, X .j Y K ,V Af J , . :M MU . ,i f','1 si'-ES' 1 Q 5 1 2 W ff' f Q5 f 3, if ff? ':wj3'w5e" -xjlg4?if,'1,'f ' V ,P 4 , , F f - -- Sava" ,f aff-,"5M L, 13" ,Q , Q 3 if , 1 , xfffff 5 Fix Eight . . 5 Q Q: W Now, black boy ,... H Senior Play "My friend, take this hammerin uvvhadda you mean by bein' alive and kickin' when you oughta be play- in' a harp?" Adam Adams ...... a victim of circumstances ...... Denny Dean Anna ..................... Mrs. Bean ............ Casper ........ man- a ,. 1 gr DRAMATIS PERSONAE .his wife ................................ Cathy Woodruff his mother-in-law ...................... Mary Harris 64511 Y 1. I .his colored servan! ................ Dennis Mapes e S not responsible' Gertxe .................... .the malcl ........................... .......,. .I anet Barth Dr. Fragoni.. Rosxta ....,.............. Elmer Green ....... Mr. Cokes ............ Mrs. Cokes .,........ .the doctor's wife ........ ........the family physician..............Joe Maricich ........Katy Brown .who wanis io die .......................... Roger Hill .who ought to be dead ........ Dick Wooding .who wishes he were .......... Carolyn Holley S d B ponsore y 70 Andrews Variety Store QQ ' 9? Adams Evening ts 'lm so l1appyl feel like tapping everylmodyf, "Go 'way, l'm oleacllu Mrs. Lower, clirector f lVlalce up? PRODUCTION CRENVS STAGE CREVV-Mr. Mel Davis, Tom Hooks and Jim Clark. PROPERTIES AND COSTUMES-Jackie Bozz-mich TICKETS AND PROGRAMS-Pat McGill, chairman, Linda Storms, Jean MacKenzie, Lynda Hawkings. PUBLICITY-Carolyn Holley, posters, Fred Crowell, radio and newspaper. MAKEUP-Mrs, Robert Beard, director, Joanne Nasman, Sue Lowman, Alma Franulovich. PROMPTERS-DiAnn Balthazor and Marilyn Edleman F .,, M N -Really, itls the worst scandal that ever was in George, please don't think of that. 'his town! I don t know why I said it. Honor Society Play And have you Professor Cruber's notes on the history of human life here? Thank you, Mr. Webb. Now, is there anyone in the audience who would like to ask Editor Webb anything about the town? donlt you? A , Li lasik ft, U el as ... 3 TH X .sim X 2 f mf 8 if I W 5 Q x If 291- ' Q Loveliest wedding I ever saw. Oh, I do love a good Wedding, Si Crowell,s all worked up here about George Gibbs'5 retiring from baseball. Doesn't she make a lovely bride? Why do I have to get married at all? Q5 Music come into the world to give pleasure. Softerl But, Papa, I donit- Want to get married. Our Town by Thornton Wilde Live people donit understand, do they? I don't l-:now why on earth I should be crying 'S X Blest Be the Tie That Binds Z' United States of Amerlca, Conti nent of North America, Western Hem- isphere, the Earth ....................................... . Cast of Characters Stage Manager .......................,.......... Steve Smiley Dr. Gibbs ............ ..................... M ilce Renquist foe Crowell ......... ......,. J ohn Osman Howie Newsome .... ........,.. S teve Chene Mrs. Gibbs ........... ................ E na Elvabal ..................Carol Kangas Mrs. Webb ......... ........... lVl arilynn Edelmann George Gibbs ......... ................... G eorge Hiclcs Rebecca Gibbs ....... .............. N ancy Heglin f Wally Webb ......... .........Gary Ericlcson Emily Webb ................... ........ D iane Wells Professor Willard .............. ........ J oe Maricich Mr. Webb .............................. ........ R iclc Wilson Lady in the Audience ....... Simon Stimson ......,....... Mrs. Soames ................... Cons taniable Warren ...... Sam Craig .....................,........... Woman in the Balcony ........ .......... J oan Brazas Man in the Auditorium ........ ......... lVl ilce Welch .........lVline Gogus ..........lVlilce Holm .........lVlary Harris ................Glen Reed Si Crowell ............................................ John Osman ...Steve Mansfield Ioe Stoddard ......,............................... lvlilce Welch Extras ...................... Richard Sawyer, Tom Hooks Directed by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beard But, julia, George married. That great, gangling, selfish nincom- poop. There'S something Way down deep that's eternal about every human being K A Q 1 AQ. ? .f 1 .T 3 in llxri M fr l we ! sw? 5 gg 5 8' A 15 M "Ph-f.,, Mmm 2 I ,mai M -we-ff 4 nll!""' 0 Z . 3 . A ' Q -1' ., U-jf - " Q 'K 3 'z 2' , 'ff at 'iw en 'sf ...f, 6 K 5 f ' ' 'M S . X W 6 ' Y 1 . K i, ,, :Wy 'R .Q 1 7? 7 1 Q 5 m I' KW 1 lu is I ltwfll ff Seated, left to right: Sandi Nelson. Assistant Business Manager: Sue lgowman, Pxgsideintz Diajie glwils, t . f ' , J ' L Rikywifsoen' Board of Control Is Cur Student Government Qrganization Board of Control, which functions under tile guidance of tlie administration, decides tlie policy for school activities. The board consists of representatives from each class and organ- ization and the student loody officers of tlie high school. Row l, lelt to riglltz JoAnn Nasmaii, .loan ljrazusg Row 2: Helen .lame-s. ,lt-mnw Wlmlu-:mir-. ,luliv nlorin. lxll Vvilliamsz Row 3: Mick Moen. Diane Wells,.1udy Nislnet, Susan Lovsman, Riclc VVilson, Sandi Nelson liicllard Ericlcson: Row 4: Anita Salsman. Janet Cheney, Claudia Lowman. Steve Smiley. Alma Franuloviclr Gayle Lauderlnacli: Row 5: .loim Felton, Brian Roclcom, Joe lvlaricicii, Paul Yvelainer, Fred Crowell, Ken iwluorc Mike Williams, Roy Carlson. W . NATIONAL I HONOR SOCIETY EM? 225 ls if f Steve Cheney, Historian: Nlarilynn Steve Smiley, , President: Ella Vice-president: Nancy Honor Soclety Han, Secretary. Promotes Scholarship and Leadership The Alpha chapter ol the National Honor Society holds as its principles: leadership, scholarship, character, and service. Each year Honor Society awards to a college-hound senior the Mary Carter scholarship, so named in honor ol Miss Mary Carter, who was for many years the cluhys adviser. Honor Society, under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Rohert Beard, started off the year with annual installation and initiation hanquet. During the rest of the year, the society has hem-n husy with various projects ol service to the high school. Baclc row. standing left to right: Carol Kangas, Sandy Creel. Nancy Plancicli, Rick VVilson, lVlilce NVelcli, lxflilu- Holm, lvlilce Renquist, Steve Mansheld, Joe Maricich, Norm Lemherg, Glen Reed, John Osman, George Hiclcs, lim Spitze: Row 2: Emine Gogus, JoAnn Linvog, Diane Wells, Judy Nishet, Jaclcie Bozanich, Susan Low- man, Mary Harris, Carol Steel, Julie Morin, Beclcy Fox Karen Butler, Pat,Hall, Joan Brazas. Seated in haclc of tahle, l to r: Steve Cheney, Marilynn Edelmann, Steve Smiley, Ella Elvahalc, Nancy Harry Seated in front: Linda White, Mr. Beard, Sandy Nelson, Nancy Heglin, Pat Dragavon, JoAnn Nicholson, lVlrs. Beard, Jean Spitze. The Rhododendron Staff liielure l: ln lnaele slanding. lell lo riglil: Pal Pele-rsen, Nlilce Renquist, Sieve Smiley, pal hlccill, .ludy Nisloeig Row Q. Belly ixSClliIIl, Nancy Vverner, Nancy Heglin, Karen Buller. Carolyn Holley: ln lronl. Jane lvlacr Gregor. blew .V Left to right: Helen James, Business Nlanager: lim Spitze, Art Editor: Mrs. Beard. Adviser, .loan Brazas, Co-edilor: Joe Maricich, Co-editor: Nancy Heglin, .lunior Editor: .lo Anne Nasman. Sales Nlanager' Publishes Cur Yearbook Pirlure 2: Row 1. slanding in lxarlc. l lo r, Jim Spilze. Paul Vvelolyer. Row 2 SlHml5'TQ- Cary Ericlcson. Dennis Rydlberg, Deane Brazas, Flary Alice French, Sandi Kerlis, .leanne lwlac- Kenzie, Diclc Eriflcson, Becliy Fox. Row .loan Brazas, lvlarly Anderson, Deanna Bowman. ljiclure 3: Row 1. slanding in loaclc left to right, Dennis Rydloerg, Steve lxlanslield, Ru-lf Vvilson, Brian Roclcom, Deane Brazas, Ken lxfloore, Joe Nlaricich, Gary Ericlcson. Row 2, Helen James. .loAnne Nasman. Diane Xvells. Susan Ke-gley. Row 3, Alma Franulovicll. Sponsored By emenis Richfield Service IW I" .. f' ...NN The Seahawk Staff Publishes Our Newspaper yllmlillllllill Bunmrp Sonny tiuiigll Sflwnl Juunullw Picture l, left to right: Steve Smiley, Dennis Ryclloerg. Deane Brazas, Mike Renquist, Don Barton, .lean Spitze, Claudia Lowman, Karen Rydlaerg, Carol Tubbs, Diane Wells, Markie Anderson. Picture 2, left to right: Bill Moore, Glen lverson, Dennis Dean. Mrs. Lower, Advisor, Kent Ashworth, Lyncli Hawlcins, JoAnne Linvog, Fred Crowell, Carolyn Holly, Tom Robinson, Pat McGill, and Jeanne Mackenzie. 2. Qi, ef ., J sf new fr, a ' x Our Active Key Club Serves School gtficers: Brick rloxlw, letamtol-right: DickCl?.rickson, O ecretary: oe aricic, ieutenant overnor: Rick Wilson, District Treasurer, Middle row: George Hicks, Vice President: Paul Vvebber, President: Mick Moen, Chaplain. Front row: Rocl Balsley, Treasurer: anci Kent Ashworth, Sergeant-at-Arms. The Anacortes High School chapter of Key Club, which was chartered in 1932, has one ot the longest records ot service to the school, home and community ot any club in our high school. It is sponsored by the Anacortes Kiwanis Club to clevelop leadership, character, and initiative among out- standing boys. This year Key Club has been active in sponsoring two car washes, a leaclership conference, a cannecl food drive tor neecly families, and the annual Sweetheart Ball. Front row, left to right: Steve Smiley, Bob Pleas, Dick Erickson, Bill Vvelk, Mike Welch, John Nisbet. Row 2, left to right: Roy Carlson. Joe Linclholm, Rod Balsley, Steve Nlanstielcl, Mick Moen, Jim Vvilliamson, Dick lverson, Paul Webber. Row 3, l to r: .lim Clark, Richard Sawyer, Wayne Colony, Ken Moore, George Hicks, Steve Cheney, Mike Eienquist. Row 4, l to r: .loe lVlcl..achlin, Kent Ashworth, Gary Erholm, Joe Maricich, Sid Clarke. Rick Wilson. Tom oots. 3 Qin J 1. t sr i, Qi' 5 I - - . is- -. a'Z'...w,' ,. a mz-1.25 iffy Eggs ,--. 551' N 7 .1 -1 , K t7 is X at xi S .5 K: .. i . r ,K L L ' 'ci 7 . --.is1'gf' ,. i 1 -1 :sd-. if Enthusiasm t f K I 'ffm' V L '44 KA-L is ' Emanates From ..,.W.A- ' Top, Jean Spitze, Secretary-treasurer: micidie BCCICX FOY XIILC pfildent JoAnn N8Sllliln, IJTCS- O u r u b icientii heiow. .Gayle lisaucierinacii. Pep Club is an organization which strives to create and maintain enthusiasm for our schoors athletic teams at tooth home and away games. During the tail, Pep Ciuh is in charge of one of the schoors main festivities, Homecoming, the celebration honoring A.H.S. graduates. As part of the proceedings, Pep Ciuh arranges a colorful parade anci a semi-formal ciance. Hi-Y olticers: Evans Whitney, Chaplain and lnter-cluh chaiplaing Phil Rololains, lnter-rluh president: Darrell Balthazar, Vice-president: Fred Crowell, President: .lim Clow, Secretary: Brian Roclcom. Treasurer: Chuclc Steele, Sergeant-ab arms. Hi-y its ls an Active Service Club for Boys Hi-Y holds as its purpose: "To create, maintain, and extend throught the school, high standards of Christian characterf, For the past three years. the Anacortes cluh has received the award lor the most outstanding Hi-Y club in the district, a notalole achievement. Hi-Y hoys sell candy for the Vvorlcl Service Organization which is affiliated with the YlVl.C.A. The clulo also helps the Rotarians with their annual orange sale, sponsors dances, provides telephone directories and sells programs. Hi-Y has performed a service to the school the past lew years by supplying rooters, lnuses to out-ol-town games. Each year Hi-Y memlaers attend a college tootlmall game together. Front row, left to right: Terry Toland, Diclc Vvooding, Ralph Cole, Brian Roclxom, Jim Clow, John Felton, Bula Dennis: Row 2:Diclc Knowleslvlilce Cotton, Rusty Davis, Dennis Clarlce, Clluclc Steel, Phil Robbins, Dennis Mapes: Row 3: Darrell Balthazor, Evans Whitney, lVlilce Kronholm, George Cherry, Ron Cain, George Larsen, Dan Coleman, Varrian Small: Row 4: Rodger Pearson, Jerry Anne-tl, Norm lemberg. Bolv Pearson, .lim Spilzv. Fred Crowell, Leo l..elVlay. 82. Tri-Hi-y Tri-Hi-Y oliicers: ln front, left to right: Deanna Bowman, Treasurer: Beclcy Fox Sergeant-at-arms: Karen Butler, Vice president. Standing: Carole Kangas Secretary: Jeanne Mackenzie, President Kaye Thompson, Chaplain: lVlary Alice French, Historian. Is an Active Girls' Club Il-ilk! purpose ol 'l-ri-Hi-Y is lo create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character. The cluifs motto is Upure thoughts, pure words, pure actions. During the year, Tri-Hi-Y girls holcl afternoon and evening meetings in Miss Farnhamis room where they discuss business and have a program. Some ot Tri-Hi-Y's projects, the results ol which lneneiit the community, are candy sales, bottle clrives, and dances. The annual installatioin inanquet and swimming parties are social activities enjoyed hy the memhers of the cluln Front row, left to right: Pat Hall, Karen Butler, Emine Gogus, Judy Nishet, Gayle Lauderhach, DiAnn Balthazar. Karen Cross, Linda Tralton. Row 2, l to r: .lanet Cheney Jane lViacGregor, Nancy Heglin, Betty Aschim, Julie Benjes- torf, Lynda Hawlcings, .loan Williams, Linda White, Arlene Balcer. Row 3, l to r: Sandi Nelson, Beclcy Fox, lVlarnae Sherman, Bernice Wittom, Mary Alice French, Jeanne MacKenzie. Ann Winge, Sue Kegly, Marjori Morrison. Row 4. l to r: Sllal'0I1 Hamm, Linda Oshorn , Carole Kangas, Janet Neison, Kaye Thompson, Karen Fisher, Deanna Bowman, Nancy Werner, Linda Kleven. .83 Row 1, left to riglit: Patsy Justice, Linda Parker: Wendy Andriclm, Judy Carpenter, Margaret Smiley, Linda Allen, and Judy Vvooding. Row 2: Diane Vvells, Patricia Legg, Sarah Renstrom, Broolce Tidring- ion, Renee Cole, Anita Salsman, Martha Crowell, and Marilyn Ginett. Row 3: Susan Estvold, Clleryl Barton. Karen Rydloerg, Leslie Goff, Penny Justice, and Jaclcie Fountain. Second "Tri-Hi-Y Organization, "Diones," Is Formed. yff f ftf ffl lf' ff' I ,X Top row, left to riglit: Dianne Wells, Treasurer: Pat Legg, Sergeant- at-Amisg Penny Justice, President: Leslie Goff, Historian: Cheryl Barton, Chaplain. Bottom: Sue Estvold, Secretary: Anita Salsman, Vice President. qv-mnnnnrnrl Ru Ilfforcfrnrn pnnllxl Q-.--An Pr-.rcrlnlql Kfflnr-hu Row l. left to riglitz Lincla Lou Taylor, Gina Nlarlcel, Lincla Anclriclm, Lincla Atterlaerry, Patti Dickinson, Marilyn Beclc-man. Pat lVlcGill...laclcie Bozanicli, Jo Anne Nasman,Alma FrHr1l1l0viClyf Row 2: Julie Morin, Lynne Vvay. Barloara Henfy, Sandi Nasman,Sl1eila Selvog,Connie Dutton, Bobbie Bolte,,Helen James. Karol Bolte.. Row 3: Joyce Rumsev, .lonni Sue Hamm, Lincla Storme, Pat Petersen, .lean Spitze, Sancli Erl1olm,Katy Brown. and Michalle Enedahl. Organized This Year ls This New Girls' Club, "Thalians." 'ik S EM' ggi , Top row. left to rigl1t: Lincla Storme, Sergeant-at-Arms: Katy Brown. President: Sandy Nasman, Chaplain. Bottom row: Barbara Henry. Secretary-treasurer: Lynn Way, Vice President. Qnn-inn.-A4-I Rn Flvnrrh-non lx'1nlnl'Q Annrnrtoe Qtnvnrlnrinn' Our Girls' ga? ws.. Athletic Club Enjoys a Year Ollficersmlanet Cheney. President: Sandi Kertis. Secretary: Miss Stapp, AAWSUYZ Jean Vviclcberg, Point Recorder, and Nlichelle Fayette. Vice President. Girl's Athletic Association, under the leaclershi of Miss Stapp, provides an opportunity for girls to eam a chevron in baslcetball, speedball, volleyball, badminton ancl bowling. Every Tues- day and Thursday evenings alter school the members of G.A.C. can be found in the gymnasium developing slcills ancl coordination in one of the many sports offered. Each year a baslcetball play day is held in Anacortes in which girls from all over the area participate. This day gives G.A.C. members the opportunity to meet and malce friends with many other girls who have the same interest in athletics. Baclc row, left to right: Leslie Goff, Linda Lelvlieux. Sancli Nasman, Abfiarilynn Edelman, Jean Snitze. Nancy plan- cich, Kaye Thompson, Pat Peterson. and lVlartie Anderson. Row 2: Lorna lVlelling, Diane Wells, Pat Dragavon, Sharon Olson. Debbie Duncan, Lyndi Hawlcins. Charlotte Vincent. Susan Kaanta, and lN'lary Hammond. Row 3: Virginia Swapp, Barbara Henry, JoAnne Savidge. l-ouise Holercamp, Janet Nelson, Broolce Tidrington. Cheryl Barton, Luella Paulson. lVlaryAlice French, and Janet Cheney. Row 4. lellt to right: lrene lVliner. Pam Hollister, Susan Genung. Karen Rydberg. Judy Ericlcson. .lonni Sue Hamm, Bobbi Bolte, Connie Dutton, Sandi Erbolm, and Carol Tubbs. Row 5: Betty Jewett, Sandra Shull, Donna Barcott, Donna Anneit. Marilyn Beclcman, .leanelte l,un- flin, Carol Steele. Sandra Harding. ancl Beclcy Fox. Row 6: .loan Newman, Ann Espe. Christine lvleyer. Sheryl Carpenter. Marilyn Cinnett, Jean Vviclcberg, Nancy Harr. Kathy Crosby, .ludy Nisbet. and Susan Oalrlev. Row 7: lnrraine Dragavon, Joyce Johnson. Anita Salsman, Nancy Vverner. lvlargaret l.arson, Judy Merrifield. Nilclci lihayer. Alice Lewis, Sandi Kertis, and Charlene Blaclcburn. Front row: Tanya lxflier. Patsy Justice. Claudia l.owman. Karen Vvilliams, Susan Kegley. Linda parlcer. Lynda Vviclcberg, Gina lvlarlcel. lvlichelle Fayette, Dar- ryln Bargewell, and Karen Cross. Big A. Is Our Lettermen's Organization Officers: Bill Welk. Secretary-Treasurer: Mr. Peterson, Advisor Brian Rockom lfresidentg Mike Cotton. Vice president Phil Robbins, Sergeant-at-Arms Big A is a club for all hoys who earn a varsity letter in any sport at Anacortes High School, :ither as a player or as a manager. During the year Big A maintains a paddle squad to lceep order at home football and haslcethall games. Toward the end of the year, boys who have won their first varsity letters, are initiated into the cluh hy enduring a humbling hut often comical cere- mony both at the school and at Lalce Cranberry. Big A members wear their letter sweaters proudly, lcnowing that they represent worlc, devotion and sportsmanship Baclc row. left to right: Ken Hougen, Dave Jenson, Joe Maricich, Fred Crowell, Gary Erholm, Paul Vvehher, Jim Spitze. Ron Sherin, Boll' Pearson, and Jerry Annett. Row 2: George Cherry, Dennis Smehy, Evans Whit- ney, Phil Rohhins, Tom Parlcer, Tom Hoots, Lloyd Arneson, Roger Pearson, Rodger lmmer, Bot: Graler, and DiclclEriclcson.Row 3: Terry Hirni, Jerry Cartee, Terry Kiltareath, Denny Dean, Jim Hatten, Roy Carlson, Ralph Cole, Dan Coleman, Paul Stannert, and John Tullius. Front row: John Sullivan, Bill Vvell, Mike Cotton, Diclc Wooding, Brian Roclcom, Roger Hill, Terry Toland, Bot: Pleas, Dennis Walrod, and Bill Moore. HI! Drill Team ls the SchooI's Marching Unit Baclc row, left to right: Kathy Ames, Assistant Drill Leacler: Miss Dylcstra, Aclvisorg Rilclci St. Andre, Drill Leader. Front row: Jeanne Vviclclnerg, Jr. Drill Leader and Mary Ann Nlyszlcowslci, Secretary. Drill Team is an organization for girls who enjoy participating in precision marching. The team maneuvers with the loancl at various paracles helcl throughout the year. This year Drill Team has also sponsorecl a hayride ancl a clance for its members. Top row, left to right: Marilyn Bishop, Lynnette Bishop, Nancy Plancich, .lonni Sue Hamm. Pat Earle, Jaclcie Separovich, Delores Buer, .lucly Carpenter, Cathy James, and Linda Anclrich. Middle row: Kathy Ames, Rilclci St. Andre, and Jeanne Vviclclaerg. Bottom row: Diane Knowles, Sarah Rengtrom, Phyllis Arneson, Sandy Creel, Linda Atterherry, Donna Bishop, Vvencly Anclrich, Marnae Sherman, Lincla Paulson, ancl Lyncla Vviclc- laerg. Left side row, top to bottom: Donna Barcott, Bernice Whitom, Julie Naser, and Mary Ann Myszkowski. Right side row: Freclclie .lean Latham, Karen Anderson, Karen Kingston, and Patti Dickinson. Science Club Encourages Scientific 1, Experimentation Baclc row. lelt to riglitz Sid Clarlce, Treasurer Don Barton, Sergeant-at-iarms. Front Row: Jaclcie Bozanicll. Secretary, Colin Douglas, Vice- president- and Dick Ericksoni President, Science Clulo provides an opportunity lor students interested in science to worlc with projects in pllysics, chemistry, biology, or any otl1er scientific field. Each year tile cluln sponsors a science fair at VVl"liCl'l the members may display tlleir projects and compete for l1onors. Left to riglmtz Colin Douglas, Roy Carlson, Niclc Vvinters, Niclc Nlaricicll, lVlr. Bottollson, Advisor, .laclcie Boxa- nicli, Don Barton, Sid Clarlce, Diclc Ericlcson and Bolo St. Andre. L , Wi?-as WW n ATI-ILI-3TICdD K Sriv gg W 5 F k s . 4' , f f-.12 " I Don Lafferty HB. Ti 1 W U fs il 'I Q k Dan SUHIVBII G V ' ,, at 3. m.,W,, .,, Y? ,,..,Aw 1 as aw My k it, . N-- if f 3' MQQH3. A jx Q 2+ ag ,mf V Q H, F - . - ' . -'V ,, 1 ,, ,nwwy if.. , . W if 1 I E1 . an magna J ,, Q 4' m , . ' -gf QBHQ ik LQ .kk. K, 51 x' .aq E V . Q 5 Q 7 xkj Mg I W nf if uf I ,,A if . .V X A fr .. W ' 0 Dan Coleman, LB hv X if X' , , 'M A n K1 ig dwg? A I Q al' an Q , , Q ' g 4 A , , n Q ? 2 " Q tx 'ax zifvl ' R Es Q ii l ' me Ni jf! an Q ... xi' I x J K if i ,ff X 'S ae .Y if Tom Parker I s K R W , , , o QQ ,e . If 'W Q ,V'i , . ..F 'lf ' aff 'mu -522' sawn Q Qlbb ., f , ' .. -,g f , z 1 L 5 Sheri: Ba thazolg, HB Roger Pearson, til X wa Q ur X .1 M, Xm' , Q ff qs., r r is 'U Ron Cain, G I ff ls. Gary Erholm, E ,...... ,,, f, of I 14 s ff-1 19 A. r' M A m, no 'U' gg or ml X Dick Vvooding, LB. m ' ,Q N U Q ,, W 0 'Aiwa' 'H Bob Pearborn E I a g' 93, f " rg ,.- V ' V, f ' A . ,. ,rr .5 o ar vm, 91. ' .falls K r l Jerry Annett T wr s A. x George Cherry, HB. xx 4 I Kent Ashworth FB ' hs X..L.-K Football I959 Varsity .,... , The Anacortes Seahawlcs completed a creditable season this year with a record of five victories and five defeats. OAK HARBOR 0 - 25 ANACORTES-'Three long runs and a hard-worliing defensive squad sewed this one up for the Seahawks. FERNDALE. 0 - 26 ANACORTES-Both teams were held scoreless the 'first half on the rainsoalced Ferndale field, but Anacortes came baclc in the second half and scored four touchdowns for their second shutout of the season. MARYSVILLE 6 - 41 ANACORTES-The Hawlcs ran roughshod over the hapless Towahawlcs with the highest score achieved by an Anacortes team in five years. The fine passing and running of quarterbaclc Ken Moore sparlced this decisive victory. MOUNT VERNON 13 - 6 ANACORTES-The Seahawlcs went into this one with the idea of wreclcing the Bulld0g's Homecoming. Early in the second quarter, Kent Ashworth grabbed a pass from Ken Moore and ran sixty yards for the Anacortes T.D. Thereafter, it was Mount Vemon all the way with touchdowns in the second and fourth periods. BURLINGTON 14 - 7 ANACORTES-Several times in this game, which was Homecoming for Anacortes, the locals penetrated deep into Tiger territory but were unable to score until the final three seconds of the game. By that time, however, the game had been decided as Burlington had gotten two quiclc touchdowns during the second quarter. EDMONDS 14 - 7 ANACORTES-Anacortes spotted Edmonds a touchdown and P.A.T. during the first quarter, but Edmonds came baclc in the second to tie up the score 7-7. From there on it loolced lilce the game would end tied, but two minutes before the final buzzer, Edmonds scored another touchdown to end the Hawlcs' hopes. SNOHOMISH 7 - 19 ANACORTES-'Anacortes was finally able to end its losing strealc with a decisive victory over the Snohomish Panthers. Darrell Balthazor, substituting at quarterbaclc 'for Ken Moore, who was out for illness, did a very creditable job in leading the Hawlcs to victory. O'DEA 6 - 28 ANACORTES--The Seahawlcs avenged their last season loss to the O'Dea Irish by trouncing the visitors. Anacortes scored in every quarter. Terry Toland lciclced three of the P.A.T.s and threw to Ashworth for the final 'one. SEDRO-VVOOLLEY 20 - 7 ANACORTES-The Sedro-Woolley Cubs scored early in the first quarter but the Hawlcs came baclc in the third to talce the lead 7-6. The fourth, however, saw Sedro-Woolley get two quiclc touch- downs to squelch the Hawlcs' hope for a victory. PORT ANGELES 34 - 6 ANACORTES-The Roughriders, rated seventh in the state, avenged their last year's loss to the Seahawlcs with a decisive victory on the rain-soalced Port Angeles field, Varsity ...... Baclc Row, left to right: Chuclc Mason, George Cherry, Kent Ashworth, Gary Erholm, Dave Jensen, Ron Sherm, Bob Pearson, Bob Graler, Don Lafferty, George Kreiger, Jerry Annettsecond ROW: Ken Moore, Dan Coleman. Ron Cain, John Tullius, Darrel Balthazar, Tom Parlcer, Tom Hoots, Dennis Smeby, Rgger Pgarsgn, Paul Stannert. Front Row: Roger lmmer, Allan Howard, Richard Sawyer, Dan Sullivan, Terry Toland, Diclc VVooding,, John Sullivan, Jim Hatten, John Felton, Varian Small, Dennis Clarkel f 'wi 1 1 A l - 1 '-1 1 ' 1 x I Jil., 1' 7 is gn zz A Freshmen ...... Front Row: kneeling: Don Iverson, Don Thompson, .lim Roll, Nick Peterson. Tony Weekly, Craig Craigo. Dave Gugich, Ron Sheppard. Ron Paulson. Ron Pinson. Middle Row, kneeling: Gralg Kelli, Mgr., John Babarovich, Nlark Egertson, Gary Welch. Woodi Frits. Tom Roof, Lawrence Tiscornia. John Mavse, Tom McKee, Ron Greene, Dennis Rydherg, Eddie Goodman, Vernon Darling, Vves Hanson, M Back row, standing. Terry Clark, Ray Mosely, Larry Thomas, Roger Cumin, Kenny James, Dennis Beatty. Claude Wilbur, Mike Williams, James Wartchow, Walter Minor, Mr. Tilancl, Coach. , , 4. A AY Managers ------ Coaches ...... Managers ....., John Nishet, Dave Thatcher Art Larsson, Bill Peterson, AI Jim Clark and Mike Ren ancl Al Swapp. Cornett. quist, lunior Varsity ...... Back Row, left to right: Roger lmmer, Dennis Holman,lVlike Weatherhie, Larry Verrall, George Cherry, Steve Vvelah, Richard Sawyer, Dick Rainville, Doug Hatten. Second Row: Doug Richards, Loren Greene, Allen Howard, John Tullius, Paul Stannert, Terry Kilhreath,Varrian Small, Dennis Clarke. havirm, Tim Daniels, Jim Clow, John Yankacy, Tom Johnson, John Sullivan, John Felton, Colin Douglass, Allan um e. 1 1, am:n2s,.. .ielvl l f r una. lr 'Qs 'akm 1 'K 1 f 5. IQ 3' ' ' lggwljlbore 5. W . N 'Z' Bob Pearson -."":. .Nun- Wt: , 1' , Q 5 , A 1 : ' V I ' " . M Y -'wwf . K m - 1 t Q2 1 ov . Q ,. in x K Q Ziff' - , 'El jx I W gi I if , K PM Y -1 9 N' mb L ' f' Q f 4 . - L in "fu L It N zv. , I his 6 ' iviif - x -. rl, ' 6' 'P , ' I 7 A ' 5 gig? S S 3 3 fa ' A M .. ' A M ww , 5 H A " f Q ,: Q- L gf ni K, it ,., K, , ,MK M, L,.,. , rm: K, Q if gi f:.7'1,f T-2 Q-W'Lqs:fe:sff.1wf:,:L iw pun----"" -al 9 .x -I 14, P' 5 I' . f at 5,1 I f 5:1 ' 'M N Ss' W WQAXUW an-A an ,, fee. I 'Ad K .. y E fl V' I " ' , A lfiirw, nu .F X J 7,54 . .. V 1 wa wc? . wx, , N 5 41 it 1. Ht dd COEiCl1 B Taylor J' Varsity Basketball Assistant coaclm Bill Peterson The tall and talented Sealiawlcs opened tlieir cage season against Bellingham, slmellacl-:ing ttxe Raiders 65-34. Tlie Hawlcs, labeled as "The Twelve Angry Men" because of tlie unfortunate turn ot events tliat eliminated tlxem from competing in last year's state tournament, went on to wax Oalc Harbor 62-40, Higliline 58-39, and powerful Sedro-Woolley 58-36 in tliat order. During Christmas vacation, the Seallawlcs met tlue Renton Indians, rated as tlie number one team in the state, in a non-league matcli. It was a lar more exciting game than the 52-40 Renton victory indicates. Vvitlx most of the non-league games completed by tlle first of tlue year, tlie Hawlcs won tlueir next 8 successive league games. Tlae only blemish on tlmeir league record was a 55-47 loss to Mount Vernon, tlme first Bulldog victory over the Hawlcs in five years. But tlle Hawlcs recovered and went on to win tlleir remaining four games to clinclx tlieir seventlm consecutive league title. The lcey factor in tlae Seallawlcs success this year was tlieir overwllelming bencll strengtlm. Coach Taylor could use almost any combination and come out witl1 a winner. Congratulations go to Coacli Bill Taylor and liis fine team for an impressive season. Sitting, riglit to left: Ralpll Cole, Brian Roclcom, Terry Toland, Butcli Baltliazor, Ken Moore, George Cherry C ptain Fred Crowell, Kent ASllWOTfl1, Gary Ertlolm, Sid Clarlce, Joe Nlaricicli, Paul Vvelytmer, Bob Evans. Jm SmtLe. and Bolo Pearson. Coach Bill T and lvlanager Tom Hoots. JV Squad ...... Back row, left to right: Coach Peterson, John Swen- son, Richard Sawyer, Dick Iverson, Jerry Annette, Jim J.V. squad in action, Williamson, Larry Verral, Rusty Davis, Roger lmmer. Joe Lindholm. Nlanager. Front row: hliice Kronhohn, Norm Lemherg, Loren Greene, Bob Petrich and Dennis Clarke Nianagers Nlanagers N Tom Hooks and Rodney Balsley. Joe Linclholm, Vnrrian Small ami Freqhmen Ken Hougen Back row, left to right: Coach Vaughn Vvehher, James Vvartchow, Claude Vvilhur, Dennis Beatty, ixlilce Vvii- liams, Dick Holman, Jim Frits, Tom McKee, Roger Cummin. Front row: Dennis Rydherg, Jim Roll, Gary Vvelch. Terry Clarke. Jim Maison: Gary Erickson, Mark Egertson, Managers. a l l l. ., l lr 4 , sf , ,. X K av X Z fi : X 1,1 ?Q,f'9?' s Q 9 f I w.'a,a'f4' t,'g'5Q,Qx ,Vuw qsf . 1 Lgfff ' VSA Ny . .,.. ,, ,,,,,, SV 'i' hu-sf :"'..'J LQ? 'W-X 3 .ew 'Q-"5','h'ii ' Wu ,. 11 f if . S, A ....,,, ,, , , vv' Q , 'Q 1' . mx ,E , W X Q 0 I f If ' Qwl '2ff - .. - s g.-Q,i ' i fa . ,,.:2 f ff . l z . -gq 2 1--M 4 1 ' '-,, Q , . ,f"'f ' 9 c ..:f'?f -w",g --' M :- sw- , .. Q A,.,,,k .,,., 1 H :,,, lvl Q-.S- M. -2': Q :" ' gf ff Y if Q',' ' Bif f A 7 Q E EA' ' ., I .J A -5 23' -.:- Q 1' QI . V , K , : , Q Q ,E V- Q 1-.iv ' rf f Us - 1 g i f V, Q 9-Yi , :- , iu ig , QQ 1'5 ,g WA es 2 L M l , .Q . 'P' g ' S 5 L, , Q 'L f"""W' .f ,A, S 'fl ' i 5' 'T l p ,,,1:3 -' :S .,f K '-1 1, 'zgb RN 85' fix Z.. ' 3 12 if I Q' V In ':51 4 2 Us ..f. m. , E, 3 l W f Q - I 3' 4515, fn 55 , , , 5 Q Wkx 1 A Q 5 5 Rs. 2 X Q 5 be 'hull M" If Washington State A. A. Tournament STATE TOURNAMENT 1960 Anacortes opened its state title bid with a 52-42 victory over South Kitsap. The Seahawks began slowly but pulled away to a 15 point lead in the fourth quarter. Victory was never in doubt as Evans led the Seahawks with 15 points. The under- rated Hawks smothered the Fort Vancouver Trappers next with a score of 69-46. This score proved to be the highest single game effort in the tournament. Spitze led the Anacortes team with 19 points, followed by Crowell with 18. The Seahawks' hopes for the championship were now very vivid. Friday night they met the Renton Indians in the semi-finals. The winner of this upper bracket game was favored to capture the title the following night. These teams were rated as the best defensive clubs in the tourney, and the game bore this out. The Seahawks jumped to a quick lead, but the taller Renton team, who later won the first place title, wore the Hawks down and finally won the game 45-37. Crowell led the scoring with 17 points. In their final game the Anacortes five met the Ballard Beavers, the Associated Press' choice for the number one team in the state. But the Seahawks, not to be denied, won their game and cinched the third place trophy with a score of 52-45. Beating the Metro League champs more than healed the wounds suffered from the Renton de- feat. Thus it was that the Seahawks emerged with third place in the state and the third highest achievement ever made by an Anacortes team. Individual honors were accorded Fred Crowell, who was placed on the all-state teamg Bob Evans, nominated to the all-state third teamg and Jim Spitze, who received honorable mention. Well done, Seahawks! Takes Th H550 1 1 XT na? .f I il Q , ff L 'N 3' U A wg, ,R -f,'2 F I A , W Y I, 5 nwr, 43, 3 my - K 4 'S S ! Q ii.. gs 'Q X 15 Standing: Coach Art Larsson Kneeling: Co-Captains Dan Sullivan This year's wrestling squad completed the most successful season ever achieved hy an Anacortes team. in the early part of the season, due in part to injuries and sick- ness, the wrestlers showed little of their power and ahilities which were later to emerge. They lost three of their first four matches: to Buriington, Sedro-Vvoolley, and Gak tiarloor. After the Christmas holidays the Seahawks returned to the task of huiiding a strong team. ln the first two league matches of the regular season, they defeated Oak Harbor. 27-24, and overwhelmed a weak Bellingham team, 53-3. The Seahawk matmen next heat the Burlington Tigers for the first time in Anacortes history hy a score of Zi-20. Mt. Vernon was the next team to fall hefore the onslaught of the powerful Hawks. The next match, which pitted the Seahawks against the powerful Sedro- Vvoolley cluh for the league championship.saw the Hawks defeated hy 3 points. That score: 24-21. The Hawks came hack, however, and finished the season loy heating Everett. 25418, and iosing, for the first time in league history, to Edmonds, 23-19. OF the eleven Wrestlers sent to the District meet in Burlington, six men piaced. These were: in first place, Dick Vvooding. Nlike Cotton, and Dan Sullivan: Jim Halton and Ron Cain captured seconds, and Alton Willoughby took a fourth. As a team, Anacortes took third and qualified Wooding, Cotton, Cain, Hatton, and Sullivan for the State meet in Pullman. Anacortes showed their real strength lay placing third in the state meet. Dan Sullivan captured the State Championship, Mike Cotton and Dick Wooding took seconds, and Jim Hatton took a fourth place position. Bill Welk was unable to wrestle in any of the tournaments hecause of sickness, and was greatly missed along with John Sullivan, who was unahie to complete the season due to an arm injury sustained early in the season. and Dick Vvooding W i n g I960 ' I 1 ' 5 Q. ' , is ez U X Back row, left to right: Manager Lloyd Arneson, Coach Larsson. Dave Jensen. Steve Webb. Ron Cam Rick Pettersen. Jim Hatten. John Sullivan. Front row: Co-captain Dick Vvooding, Alton Willoughby, Mike Cotton Bill Vvelk. Bill Moore. John Yankacy. and Co-captain Dan Sullivan. Ui F 'WU Baseball A I 960 Fred Crowell KCI! Moore Mike Cotton With the return of ten lettermen, the Seahawks' hopes were high lor a considerable im- provement on their previous season's record of 13-5. Five seniors with experience ranging from one to four years made up the nucleus of the clula. The pitching chores lay mainly on the shoulders of Fred Crowell, a veteran hurler. The infield, headed hy Ken Moorels four years' experience, played tight defense throughout the season. Strong arms and good speed provided a hasis for Coach Taylors expressed confidence in the outfield. The Seahawlcs' hitting, although sparse at times, seemed to he greatly improved. Baclc row, left to right: Fred Crowell, Jerry Annett, Bill Thayer, Dan Coleman. Ken Moore, and Manager Bill Wickherg. Front row, Coach Taylor, Boh Pleas, Denny Dean, Ralph Cole, Mike Cotton, and Terry Toland. Lettermen Bill Thayer Ralph Cole Bob Pleas paul Stannert Manager Ken Hougen Dan Coleman Jeffy Anneff Terry Toland Sponsored by B E B plumbing E Healing lnc ancl lVlaryott's Florist Back row, left to right: Evans VVI1itney, Coach Vaughn Weber, Terry Kinoreath, Joe Maricich, Phil Robbins. Front row, Terry Hirni, Roger Hill, Brian Rockum and Dennis Vvalroci. we 'K """""-Q. ,,.,4""'F V., :WSL ' P"i g I sis' - k Brian Rockom Tennis I96O Joe Maricich Dennis Walrod Roger Hill Phil Robbins Terry Hirni Evans Whitney Terry Kilbreatlw 3 W 4--1 me , , ,. M.-?fLIrgf2E1,,., ,Ulf Track - Ar K , - I -f . -,X t. ' , 1 gm Y ' 5 ' Managers Dick Erickson Varrian Small llllI'Clll'S lxlix li lxlovn lglllfll llanlllumor llmlx row, lvll to rigflll: lxlirlc lxlm-n. .lvrry Curlvc, Colm-ll Russ Davis. Unk 'l'rc-sm-r. V row: Holm Dennis. Kcnl Asliworllm, Bulcll BLllllldZ0f, Ucorgcfllvrry. lum l,urlwr. Relay Tenn: c1l'Ul'Qi' cylli'l'l'Y Kc-nl Aslnworlln lglllcll lgilllllilLOf VIQUIII lJilTlif'l' l'riu'y Xvllilc-. Fronl 3 is ., Y 'S fu s 1 Q ff , us, -Q fs io r lo e He r wa rw Q The finest instrument is worth little without skilled hands to draw music from it. So it is with crude petroleum. It takes skilled scientists to tranform this sticky, black fluid into speed, power, comfort and better living. Like good musicians, who constantly strive for better tone from prized instruments, Shell scientists are constantly at work to pro- duce new and better products from a versatile raw material. Horizons widen through Shell Research. Z HELL Oli. COMPANY '31 u U , .5 3 , vi' gkw, 'ZF Ei. P' x-um ,MV , , : .kd 3 'M l ..,. .f -.-.i, g EXTE.R'S FLYING A 1 + X . iz ' ' ,, ,agf Wt! I , f ' I 'MPM Auberfs Drugs y Xxx ,A 'sf 'sv' S. sf ,g-v nune tf' QQHX. ww MM I.--3" V 4 ME im 69055 5. Gnffwf :iii Hpersonal Friendly Serviceu Evcms Building Supplies Route Box 24 CYPRESS 3-2822 UHF ,uw BEST WISHES SENIORS 49 DE REMER FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE 3 ' JOQESU if E i I A iii ' ' W ixkx if . Q SENIORS from SEAHAWK STORE Best Wishes from X . CYPRESS STATIONERS LETFERHEAD - STATIONERY ART SUPPLIES - OFFICE FORMS GIFTS - PRINTED FORMS FRANCISCO-WEBBER Real Estate - Insuran sos comrvienci , wAsH. 812 Commerciol Phone CY 3-6822 - 022 Congratulations GOOD LUCK Seniors SENIORS TRANSMISSION SUPPLY 902 Commercial Avenue Congratulations CONGRATULATIONS To The Seniors CLASS OF "GO" 5 WESTERN AUTO Congratulations to The Closs of 1960 Your BARBER SHOP Best Wishes from Capital Finance Company . CONGRATULATIONS L ff in your if f I 50th year 4 MIDWAY BARBERS-HOP CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '60 ANACORTES GLASS "Remember the Name" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '60 SOUTH SIDE Realty and Insurance CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 RAYMOND V. GALY EAN CO. DOMESTIC SQ COMMERCIAL GAS EQUIPMENT Phone: CY 3-8311 1013 24th St. Anacortes CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 SCOTT O. RICHARDS Insurance -:- Real Estate 2517 Commercial CY 3-3622 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1960 GRADUATES ISLAND THEATRE Anacortes, Washington "Movies are Better than Ever" ANACORTES REXALL DRUGS Phone CY 3-3221 Prescriptions E. G. INKSTER and S. M. INKSTER Anacortes, Wash. SIX Remember the Time? HARRY' S TIME SHOP Good Luck Seniors I i ri ' W., J ' E l LY LE'S G ROC ERY BURTON Your Sterling Iewelers XX I f X 7th and Commercial Ave. GOOD LUCK SENIORS Maryland Cafe ClTIZElN'S PHARMA.CY PHONE CY 3-4342 -1 -v if 1820 Commercial Avenue gl 1 , I Y-7 Anacortes, Wash. EWG EMM Theo- Efhmm gg Marine Supply and Hardware ,, A E 21 .5IlEltfOi'tHS gg Anacortes if Neem 2 55 laundry 3 Laundry CONGRATULATIONS 3 it-nh Pi was Main ' 2 Quo saw Eages c is d Cleaners S Cuffs and C k d C liars bg h Q 'i1'.'X I -ir, '5 Another Golden To T e L? ' i ' ' A ' E Patron E 2 cross ot 1960 3 mu ANNIVXI L ' QM FISHER MUSIC C0 GOOD LUCK "Lf gi? X' 'W .5 . ' KIDS! us' JJ 'L BAND INSTRUMENTS -WE 1 'f . -7 CODERVS 3' Pianos and Records iCustomer Satisfaction Guaranteedi CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 24 of The Best Wishes 0 From ' of Quality Ice Cream Z4 FLAVORS 29th AND comivnancuu. COLEMAN'S Anacortes Meat Market 1910 The RHODODENDRON was printed in the print shop of THE ANACORTES AMERICAN NVQ' are- proud to submit ilu- Rhocioclenciron as evidence of the facilities and typographical skill aiforcieci by our shop. This handsome publication of pages was set up, printeci and bound in five Clays Our subscribers say that it 'enllfi IIHCOT GS. Qorner N Ax A t and 3rd Sn. Wash. has the best service 24 oi The Best Flavors Wm. G. IVlcCALLUM plgpns - WI -Fc . REAL ESTATt -1- INSURANCE mm, ,f7.4,z-marnnglxofvai.,-tva. 50 YEARS AGO Bank of Commerce SEE MCCALLUMG OF ANACORTES NORVEL A Good Strong Bank For th' 'n Fctrmlands. any Ing 1 Use freely the facilities which this bank offers Garden Tracts. to you. Acreqge, Keep your checking account with us. Bring us , your problems of borrowing and lending. This and CITY PI'OpeI'tY. bank will accord you every courtesy and accom- modation consistent with safe banking. FOI' quick I'9S1.11TS, list YO1.1I' Interest paid on saving deposits. property with us. OFFICE: BOTH PHONES Cor. Com. Ave. 8: 3rd St. 145 AD AS IN 1910 ANACORTES BRANCH 514 Coml. Ave. Ph. CY 3-383l :A cvixmzr 1 l :. tii1lIo',a' DQRIS' BEAUTY SHOP Permanent Hair Waving our Specialty ' 0 A9 MARCHANTS U X 'WP JEWELRY 2015 N AVENUE cv 3 7260 GOOD LUCK SENIORS Plumbing Supplies Sporting Goods Wiring Supplies Paints "l f JOHNSON'S SOUTH SIDE HARDWARE General Hcxrdwcure PHONE CYp s 3-6221 if if fr - , 1' '. 1 From f "Y My Y ' I .J 4' 1 W , 1920 COMMERCIAL Ava. ANACORTES, WASH. ANACORTES FLORAL Best Iglighes 1E " DICKINSON HEATING. SHEET METAL To 1960 Graduates N AND PLUMBING ll from 1814 Commercial Ave. cv 3-5579 fa VAN DEUSEN ELECTRIC COMPANY 1 .1 Best Wishes BERENTSON-MOEN AGENCY To The Seniors SENDS IPO l'1'l San Juan Lanes BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS 3320 COM'L orfhe homei PIPER ,gg x I! g, ,ig Sf ff U " 5 kite! 'gay 25 forindustr W M 1- Siem www gig? gag I lu g. X i I 6 , fi , M., Qx R ff, x ..f"ffev" 35:55, ing, rg-"' 1 N Q. , 3 1 ' 1 yg My . '4 X 1 x xl 3 si K "'--1-.....,, X: , uf, .ga 1 6 ff f silmmvs 'E RUUGH RIDER4' 4 ,L CORP Qfw. K ' is is L - In mln inf 1 .3 853 "f we-...RJ fini, 'A Qngaatalatdona to the E' WW Y Your Department Store of Building fULUQ,EfQQvALlEY BEEQQFEESL AS YOU TRAVEL ALONG L1FE's HIGHWAY, REMEMBER: j GOOD LUCK I - 1ORs IT'S NOT WHO IS SEN RIGHT BUT WHAT IS RIGHT! IF YOU WANT A BETTER WORLD. Best Wishes from your Plymouth - DeSoto Valiant Dealer SWENSON MOTOR CO. FOSSE'S TEXACO SERVICE -2- NORINE'S BEAUTY SALON Q55 I, A W 1. " 432 If-lflfff Bryant s Marlna Inc. . , I N . A . . . - A R Everything for Boats"' .- ... arctic d1'1Ve-111 CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations TO THE Seniors CLASS OF "60" From Your LOCAL VERNA WELLS STUDIO SAFEWAY We, the Annual Staff and student body, wish to thank the sponsors of the 1960 Goldenllubilee Edition of the RHODODENDRON. These businessmen are largely reponsible for the production of our annual. The Staff urges students to patronize these, our sponsors. The following firms advertised in our 1910 annual and are again advertising in our Golden Iubilee Edition. Anacortes Laundry and Cleaners Anacortes Ice Company McCallum Real Estate Peoples National Bank Amsberry's Cafe American Yearbook Anacortes Floral Anacortes American Anacortes Rexall Anacortes Stevedoring Anacortes Veneer Andrews Variety Store Aubert's Drugs Arctic Drive-In Al's Marina Anacortes Glass Anderson's Shoe Store Burton's Iewelry Brown Bros. Clothing Beacon Shell Service Bryson-Engdahl Mortuary BGB Plumbing 6 Heating BGB Plumbing 61 Hardware Berentson QS Moen Agency Bryant's Marina Capital' Finance Clemen's Richfield Citizen's Pharmacy Coder's Columbia Valley Lumber Cypress Stationers Coos Bay Pulp Davis Laundromat 1960 Advertisers Dexter's Flying A DeRemer Furniture Dickinson's Heating and Sheet Metal Daniger's Furniture Doris's Beauty Shop Evan's Building Supply Evergreen Motors F isher's Music Fosse's Texaco Fox Motors F ergie's Thriftway Fisherman's Packing Inc. First Federal Savings and Loan Francisco-Webber Real Estate 6: Insurance Galyean Contractors Hunt's Nu-Way Cleaners Harry's Time Shop Hinote's Appliances Island Theatre Iohnson's Hardware I.C. Penney Co. Ieanette's Lyle's Grocery Marchant's Iewelry Maryott's Floral Marine Supply Marjorie's Sunset Floral McDugle-Wagner Dairy Miller's Model Cleaners Montague's Midway Barber Shop Maryland Cafe Nobles Men's Wear Northern Electric Norine's Beauty Salon Robinson's Studio South Side Realty Scott Richards Insurance Safeway Sharpe's Cafe Snyder's Pharmacy Swenson's Motors Sucia Reef Seahawk Store Rasco-Diamond Store Transmission Supply Utterstrom Realty Van Deusen Electric Western Auto Shell Oil Company San Iuan Lanes 24 Flavors Ice Cream Verna Wells Studio Your Barber Shop Your Fr i end'ly Car Dealer Q ' Q 7 'lag-13? ' i 'gf --J A1131 -if -1- ,xxum Xa' ,ww 49 2 OLDSMOBILE, RAMBLER, PONTIAC 1302 COMMERCIAL PHQNE Cy 3-3101 sv '73 mga N ff ' Am, C 5 f KJ? ,A-afu-2 CLQ,4,LcufmZ, ,AQ4 jg ZZMHN Cixi Q! Lemafhkv yjfhfv .zlvwlv . J? 5 QQWW QM -f , 1 V 1 ,XJX 7' fl.f4,f,,!,Affl fpm,kc1,CJ57 6 cbbfvtfifwff' - w 1 Autographs Liefff, 5 ig Q ' f 5 L 3 lf1,Q faavmrfi fwtj X ,M-fu bfi! 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Suggestions in the Anacortes High School - Rhododendron Yearbook (Anacortes, WA) collection:

Anacortes High School - Rhododendron Yearbook (Anacortes, WA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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Anacortes High School - Rhododendron Yearbook (Anacortes, WA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Anacortes High School - Rhododendron Yearbook (Anacortes, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Anacortes High School - Rhododendron Yearbook (Anacortes, WA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Anacortes High School - Rhododendron Yearbook (Anacortes, WA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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