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Anacortes High School - Rhododendron Yearbook (Anacortes, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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:xx . , , , - ,.. 'El -' ,J fs. o n w Q ,st f F n 1 s ,- 11 59 ,L A , , -gp .-H-a,.g. ,L 1' Q ....4........ ,. ...-.M . - , ,..---M..L.i...,.......1..-. ..-..,. A x4.--.,.g,.--,,. .. ---rw-I - - W S 1 V X P -Us ' 55 'Wh Q12 XO Y Q "M E 0, A QQ ' ' 5 H ' ' 'dun , Ji I, MQ .A . 6, , AJ iii G9H l. ' I , w ,Z 1 ' U . xx Qi ' U I f' .fjfm ' , j , , I , 4 1 I I ' , 1' 4 S --w , K 0 ,f M, , L J f . muh I Ewa ,J wifi B 0 7,2526 bntttlflg div!!! W 9611! 'A ,W I3y99NSQJf,o if fQQ!0?Zwf n ,Lac-M3 W W , WXMW M M if f W Z A f f ! 77 ill ' M , JV lx 64 fyipziz, ' cl . Gwen Beiird The Annual Staff Presents The - - - 1958 HHUDUIJEHDRUH Anacortes High School Anacortes, Washington arry Fox at Ness Z TABLE OF CONTENTS FACULTY 85 ADMINISTRATION 7 CLASSES 15 ORGANIZATIONS 4 5 ACTIVITIES 59 MUSIC sf DRAMA 75 ATHLETICS 89 ADVERTISING 105 1mm4gJ1,f,:.k, ,. 1 P X 2 f1eYf1.'f1'P3Qa5f4QLfw1fwf5 1 1 K vw - MQ , -:. 4 1, 7. ,MV:-4m.ff1.MQgf-.gf1 f 25 S wsu ? fr ' .mv ,T AX.,,wMfmxvAWgw,fw Q rg, J, Q5 gi 3 f 1 Q Y 2 A . J - Q Q.-w,a2:f..ffaf f Q34 w:w,,b5,g2, iw, f gzzizg-25151-'.Qz,L-, Yfai , W,--5 A,fzQy,.ff, X ,Q-Jr, 1, mafzz:,gI- Q., .K . K W un. M3 Q , -ET INSTRUMFNTAL ML NIC DEDICATION TO THE ARTS-Man's response fo fhe world abouf him fhrough his own crealive genius in liferafure, music, drama, painling and sculp- fure-do we dedicale fhis 7958 Rhododendron. These, fhe arfs, form a universal language fhrough which we undersfand our highesf hopes, our deepesf sorrows, our greafesf joy, and fhose hopes, sorrows and joys of all people now and of fhe pasl. Through our expression in fhe arfs, we speak fo The generafions yer fo come. The arfs fhus bridge fhe gap of lime, space, prejudice and power. ln fhem man hares his soul and feels a unify wifh all mankind. Through fhe medium of fhe arfs we slrive for a sfrengfh- ening of lies among fhe peoples of fhe world. ln fhem man reaches for fhe highesf expression -of beaufy and slrives for fhe sublime. We, fhe slaff, wish fo honor lhose of our school, sfudenfs and faculfy, who have made if fheir purpose fo furfher some phase of The arfs-music, drama, liferafure or painfing, and fhus enrich our lives and fheirs. LITERATURF ART . . . CHORAL MUSIC 'Sql Ttie sun stiines tmrigtitty on our Atma Mater and ttle students' cars which wait tor ttie end ot day. The windows are open to receive the tndian Summerts airg the quiet campus speaks ot tt1e tousy classroom and is occasionally interrupted by ttwe ctamor ot students crossing it between classes. X fr wxiei-' k if 5, af Inside the tmuitding our administration is going about ttle usual morning tastcs. Wtrs. Fayette is typing out ttle tmuttetin, Mr. Vvittiams is ctiectcing ttne absen- tees, and Mr. Vvtwitset arranges a schedule ot events. Classes are in sessiong students go about ttxeir business ot ttle day,-ttle pursuit ot teaming. 6 if MASTER gi IIRAHSMIN W 6 3 7 SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE lllo the Seniors . . . You are about to finish four years of high school. The faculty of this high school hope that the hase lor things to come has been well developed. The record that you have made here and the record you malce when you go out into the world will he yarclsticlcs hy which your school is measured. Any student can malce a good record hy hard worlc, honesty and perserverance. Every student has some talent. Your luture achievements will he an inspiration to us. To the Juniors, Sophs and Frosh . . . Time passes rapidly-malce every minute count. Play to win, but always Olney all the rules. CLARENCE HENNING Mr. Clarence Henning Superintendent ADMINISTRATIO Mr. Henning and Sec. Mrs. Betty Thatcher XX n lower left Mr. John Reid Curriculum office Mr. William Whitesel Mr. Charles Williams Principal Vice Principal OFFICE S I .yi s R? -'psf' .aw-I ' l i I l ...-4 PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Congratulations to time Class ol H158 lor leacling our stucienl lmocly in a most suc'Cesslul sciiool yoar. A lm? interest in acacic-mic: arliivyv- ment. social aftivitifls, music anal sports iiavcf cllaraftorizecl our stuclvnt lJocly leaclers. A sinvvre appreciation ol CllilI'ElFi9I' anti Citizonsiiip lias lmeen inlierent in our SiIlClf'l1iS ancl faculty. l am proucl. as are all tlio teacllers, ol' being part ol time laciulty ol Anacortes Higli Sciiool. Unf- ol time Qrvatest rewarcls ol worlcing witli stuclefnts is lcnowingf tlial time-y. in turn, talce pricle in illffif sriiool, tlleir stuclent lqocly ancl tlwir lvaclvrs. 'lille stuclent ljociy, laculty anal administrators are ,Qt'HiF'l.lll to Pat Ness anci l.arry Fox. co-eclitors: to time Rlwocloclenclron Stall, anal to tlwir aclviser, Mrs. Beard tor tim procluvtion oi tllis lasting roforcl ot our sfliool lite fluring time year i057-58 in tliis yearis Rliocloclcnclron. XNIIl.l.lA!NI F. XNYIIITESEI. Mr. Williams, Mr. Whitesel and Sec. Mrs. Leeta Fayette I .il I -Ji no Dill! W' if s F swf". V 'J' .... . as Qi' ML Mf,,,,.t . H AHS FACULTY Mr. Vernon Greenstreet Mrs. Gwen Beard Freshmen Qirls Glee Annual Staff, English, Club' Senior Chou' Civics, U.S. History Mr. Robert Beard Junior English, U.S. History, Civics lower left Mr. Allen Comet! Wash. State History, 5 Geography, An Mrs. Kathleen Eberle Home Economics Mr. Mel Davis Latin, French, Junior English 23 Mr. Russell Davis Algebra, Athletics 'fu Mr' Ferdinand Kramer Mrs. Margaret Larsson Mr. Art Larsson Geometry Advanced Family Living, Freshman English, Maui, College Math Home Economics General Science' Miss Ruth Farnham Senior English Wash. State History above at right z Mrs. Ethel Looff I Freshman English Biology, Our faculty loolcs forward to the Vveclnesday afternoon coltee hour to relax, chat and talce refuge for a short while from a husy classroom routine. Here the latest games, plays, hoolcs and even politics are hanclied ahout in various conversations. Occasionally this hour is used as a regular faculty husiness meeting at which lVlr. Vvhitesel presides. At the coffee hour pictured here, Mr. Williams is the gracious host. Each faculty mem- her talces his turn as host, furnishing coffee and some tempting tidhits. Mrs. Eherle, our new Home Economics teacher, whose home is in Everett. comes to us from Sunnyside .lunior High School, where she taught tor five years. She is pleased with her room, and expressed an enthusiasm for our school. We are glad to welcome her to our faculty. An addition to our mathematics and science department is Mr. Mor- ris who teaches general mathematics ancl hiology. He was graduated from Pacific Lutheran College in 1956, where he played varsity foothall for four years. His interest in toothall continues as he worlcs with the fresh- man squad. We are very glad to have him as a memher of our faculty. Mr. Don Moms General Mathematics L Mr. James Neilsen Mr. William Peterson Auto Shop, Sophomore English, Mechanical Drawing Athletics Below left to right. Mr. Joseph Shotner Band Mr. Kirvin Smith Miss Mary Stapjp Psychology, Girls Physical World Problems Education Mr. William Taylor Driver's Training, General Mathematics, Civics, Athletics Mrs. Maude Webb Mr. Vaughn Weber Mr. Harold Reade Mr. Richard Baldwin Library Boys Physical Chemistry, Physics, Industrial Arts Education, General Science Wash. State History ln our library, our faithful, patient teachers have a chance to use their few precious moments of leisure to checlc up on the events of the day as they meet informally around a library table. ln the upper corner, several of our teachers are talcing advantage ot our libraryls new world map facilities as they find the locality ot the world events. Mr. Smith has evidently found the right spot, as he indicates with a pencil. Mrs. Vvebb, our helpful librarian, is agreeing, while Mrs. Beard and Mr. Williams loolc on with in- terest. Mr. Beard finds his own solution to the problem. Four of our coaches, Mr. Larsson, Mr. Peterson, Mr. Cornet and Mr. Morris share the sport section ot the paper as they meet congenially around the library table. Mr. Peterson has evidently found a loophole in the strategy of one of our opponents. Mr. Lars- son and Mr. Cornett checlc the league listings, and Mr. Morris malces his calculations for the next Uguest guessern contest. Mrs. Kathryn Thomas Mr. Allen Veal Journalism, Bookkeeping, Typing, Shorthand, Typing Commercial Law, Secretarial Trainin 9 Among the new members ol our faculty this year is Mr. Richard Baldwin, industrial arts teacher. After being graduated from 'VVSC in IQ53, he taught at Mt. Si High School and at Benton City. Then he came west of the mountains to teach at AHS. Vvith us this year in the Science Department is Mr. Harold Reade, an advocate ot liberal educa- tion. Living on a boat and commuting every weelc- end baclc and forth to Bellingham, where Mr. Reade is continuing his colorful lite. He has he lives, worlced on a Geological survey in Africa and has been a social case worlcer in Chicago. His teaching experience includes a session at Laconner and Dar- rington. Vve welcome him to our faculty. 1 4 M I ,a in 1 if r i M fx , ,fc . if KM, A I Qi I' x 1,1 ,wt ,t , W f 2 ,,:, ,f . 0 . D. .2 ag ' - ' x an ,rf 'xi 1" ' . Q, . ' as ' , , ' ff. ,ra , X ,, fav' - Q , N A . . R3 ' n AUVCQQM: if " .Q , 'I 'lic . X .1 .5 xl 0 , Q',"g,, 0,5 My ,,' , .Q - dis Lf . , , .S-Af-xp, K-n1,g,h',Y. z H 1 ,.. -.H : X X?" '. 'X 1:5-rj 'Q f ' t . ""' I AI' .vt-f .n N J '5 Yff. JM Y f ,jf . , ' ' Q I ff! ' V51 . I yt . 'Z .- 1. ' ul, J, A . .,, 3 xi QQ? 4, . Q: -.A W A Q1 's " I . J " f vm 'JQYV 5' , ' ,' fn Q an - ' 'X I Y x - s ' I .. 'T y Hi ' , 'P 4 ' fl, '- 'ass' f 'J' ' v ' .' ...ti--.' ' ' T1 'Wm ?f'.1':wlf5K1 - X 1+ ' ' U , X ' S t If ' 'V w , 1 "' A ' 5 Mlfqv My it W ,x,. , Q 4 I .W 1, - . ,..+,-I.. f.,SQ,gQ 1:' Y J' J A gf, l La .X 742, " , f R , ?f-gd 'LF V V - I x W m 1 1 1 1 H if 4 ,A 1 V 1 , , J Q, ,AQ , Q VA 'Q Q 3 I , .. X JJ? Q ' 1 "L 2: 'Y Kiw- as '41 'Y Ou ,, L. 4. ,K W ...Q ww- MH 'Wml , ' R 'F ' 3? We W A 4 , , 1 , hi Mild' 'Q 535 J 41 K Nw W uv 4 1 f W is C wb W., Jlllllt APPR HHS At commencement time, we talce the opportunity to loolc haclc upon our years in high school. As freshmen, we thought the seniors were awfully tall and sophisticated, our- selves as just another cog in the wheel. Then we became sophomores, new freshmen tool: our places at the hottom and we were on our way up. We thought we were sitting on top ol the World. We toolc a greater part in the extra-curricular activities, and we got to lmow more people. Before we really realized it, our second year had passed. We were iuniors. Oh sweet sixteenl We hegan appearing at school with our zars. As the year progressed, we found Jurselves carrying responsibilities. Next year, we thought, the seniors will he gone, and it will he our turn to stand at he top and malce of our school what we wil. Then finally that June day comes ind we are seniorsl Three years ago we hought it could never happen, and now ve can scarcely helieve time has passed 0 quiclcly. The school is ours. Septem- ver comes, and we have our pictures alien, order calling cards, preside over meetings and study college catalogues. :all days fly hy faster than we expected. We settle down to study for the college oard exams weyre going to talie in the pring. Then suddenly final exams are pon us. A last mad rush to cram into ur lorains something we really should ave learned months ago. Finally, that ig day arrives. We stand in caps and owns before our parents and friends nd receive our diplomas from the chair- man ol the school hoard. It is our turn n he remembered hy the classes to Jme. 15 Sharon Allen Mike Amd! Darlene Andrews Dave Anderson Joanne Ameson '1 r E IOR Bill Bail5Y Judi Bartleson Charles Bates Jack Bergner Pauline Winn, Sec.-Treas Advisor Miss Ruth Farnham Sponsorvci lay ilimnorrd SC-Sl Stow nm Xviugw-is Ciillllllllllily' Flor Donna Terry, Rep. Q f -12.-: I ' , -Q5 Q 2 3 ,,:, I Fw Gary Tarbox, President Advisor: Mr. Hirviu Smith LBHY Foote' ViCe'PreS' Karene Bettys Fred Brooks Charles Byford Wayne Cain Delwyn Carlson Paula Chef'Y Roger COIOUY .Terry Converse Bette Dansingburg Geri Dickison Gloria Diurickson Barry Drake Gordon Drake Gerald Earle Fred Edelmen Deanna Fennell Larry Foote Larry Fox Bill Frederick Liz Gaynor Chuck Geska Elmer Guthrie Midge Hising Lloyd Glasoe Darlene Granville George Haller Brenda Hamilton Carolyn Hansen Margaret Hetzel Richard Hicks Blanche Holmes Bill Hoors Susan Jenkins Keith Johnson Nfml Johnsvn Sylvia Johnson Gloria Johnston lone Hamps Phil Hanske Gary Keisrer Fred Hndw' Archie Kmldson Gary Krause Dan LaRoche John Larson Judie Lewis Nita Macy 1958 Gary Mansfield Ed Maryott Judy McFadden Dan Mclvar Barbara McLean Mike Merz Clark Munroe Pat Ness Pat Mary Jane Osman Sandra Overton -ki Eugene Palmer Anna Paszkowski Argus Pate jude Paul Pat Perry Terry Powers Paul Roberts Ward Rosen Jerald Rumsey Sponsored bv lslnncl Transfer JHHICG RYClbe1'9 BSV SBWYSY and lVloclel Cleaners Leo Shelton Ruth Smiley Vernon Smith Arlene Springer lr Carol Sieen Jerald Steinman Robert Strock Cathy guryan Ron Swedberg Fred Symonds Virgil Taylor gary Tarbox 1 Donna Terry Carolyn Thomas Fred Thomas Marilue Thompson Lynn Toland Charles Turner John Wansitler Colleen Treadwell Judy Tubbs Carl Vaughn 1958 Sponsorccl by Fisher lvlusic Ed WHY and fkmslnerryvs ljine Foods Leanne Welk Carol Werner 1958 frank Whipkey Sharon NX"h:1e Susan Whiison .Iaclfie Wiggins ' Don Wlmamson Af Jackie Winkler Pauline Winn WBYUS YOURS Delesm Ziglar Zi Mm A GARY KEISTER CAROL VVERNER PAT NESS RICHARD HICKS JUDY MCFADDEN A R T15 A N S 0 F 3. MSW H A ,ff A - if-an f ...-J 'G' ,wp A Sf ji? i H 3, it , RT Ig 5 ig, LARRY FOX DONNA TERRY VIRGIL TAYLOR GER! DICKISON GARY TARBOX THE FUTURE In planning, working, leading.-'these have heen the classmates that have given so much to make our stay in A.H.S. enjoy- able and worthwhile. Through the inspira- tion of their leadership, we have achieved an enviahle record in scholarship, music, drama and athletics. Here we see them as they were and as they are now. We all wish for them the hrightest of futures and the full fruition of their many talents and abilities, that our community may he enriched hy their person- alities, as we who have known them in SCIIOOI IIHVC 136611. Congratulations to the leaders of the Class of 1958! Sponsored by Sharpe's Corner Service N ' PM we , f - I - r 1 1 s 3 1. , . LI 1 A , , Q w ,A 1 1 ': 'l1. '1 i 'i I , , J I Q4 ' ' 2 5 ,1 ,235 " V I -:S ' ?l Q .A 5 ,ly . i yk ., L xi , , , iff' lm' fi I Q,-riix, ? W wfaA14gQQ 4 , 1 4 I - mm. ima, , 5 i - '? ii' 4 mgxviffwweswiaixz-A gg, . . I L: i Y Q fiief 1' X Bill Lewis, Pres. P r , , Han Swyter, Vice-Pres. UNIOR CLASS y Mrs. Thomas, Advisor Mr. Davis, Advisor The junior year at A.l'l.S. is full ol hard worlc and good times. lvlany seniors have said in retrospect that they as juniors began to realize that learning was their real pur- pose in high school. Here they hegan a heavier academic course. US. History and Civ- ics made a definite change and formed the hasis ot their realizing the value ot our democracy. Juniors are aslced to carry increasing responsibilities in activities as they prepare lor the leadership they must assume as seniors. The most testive event ot the junior year is the .lunior Prom. As the date approaches, the worlc increases and the excite- ment mounts. The hig night arrives, and the result ot the class elllorts is enjoyed by the entire student hody. ug 1 ' .,,.. Bill Balsley Connie Bargewell Judy Bargewell Valerie Beckman Bill Belcher Rose Marie Bernison .s iiisers , , 1 rgwq A , I Archie Andrews Ernest Atterberry Sue Mayse, Rep. 1, ' YS I K . '54 is 1 4 - , .-farm: , . 5 a . . sie is . ""1 it an , Mike Crowell Roberta Dr-3ruler Sally DeCona Aldo Dorbolo .. 55515 ,sl Ire' sfz .ref Wt? xx ix S aa 'Hs' tim F 't ,J -W' ,rug I . 3, fi 2 i l Janet Colvin Judy Colvin Barbara Cook Nancy Cox Guy Crook .Hmm Jackie Blackington Joyce Clark Gail Ebel Sharon Evans Kathy Forrest Kathy Franulovich Dianne Dragavon Vince Dragovich Cecilia Brown Harvey Buer Denny Colacino Marion Dutton Marilyn Earle Q., ,Ulf , t A Maria Franulovich Gary Fullmcr Miko Gillespie Gary Ginnett Dick Glavin Judy Greene Kathy Gribben. Ernie Haakenson Karl Harding Mirene Henning f3'V'fSZ1iiff5:l'55s. -IVS"i':f:i5'Pffflzlfii' ,V . K, 2 9 .Q 4 me i in Pls , 3 .x , 'gk V K I X i K 145 1. i if Doreen LaRoche Betty Larsen James Larsen George Larsen Bill Lewis Sandra Horner Lee Huntsman Sharon Luehrs Elizabeth Macey Shirley Madan Cheryl Jenkins Gerald Johnson A Dennis Harr Tom Higgins Larry Hirni Margaret Hoksbergen Bob Lowder ii Susan Mayse N -- ua 1 .vw , Wm an ,. . :i2sgEgggf?iggggfi43 'J' w:ef12f9ls4?1 J 5 . -'25 " YW 5' Robert Johnson Ken Jones Florence Kamping Ruth. Jones K 'mr A , ii, .sql I1 ' 3 1 David Nelson Lorraine Nelson Melanne Nelson Richard O'Brien Keith Lauderbach LJL. Colleen Peterson John Plancich Gary Pipkin John Plummer Donald Meigs W is , X wg i 2 f Jr an w Conrad O'Donnell Kaaren Olson Grace Malson Bill Marmo Jan Orsini Jon Paszkowski Jim Mayberry sf1:2,g.,45Vfk:-12 is 55: 1 . asf' as.. www- . 15 R- ug, 3 Q ,gy iii 1-fjjmus r - --::Q2g-.1-zjyjiyiszr gzgiffgjrgggl E? I J ' ,fr 'far 6.4. , snles fn? 'Zi -N?"'k : 'Aj-Ve' s N- 'iw if E mu? PR 9 me Q M Q- VI. , , Ji. -S Nr.. ,.., ,.,,,. , 4 K A Betty Milat Barbara Moore Ronald Morris Carey McDevitt Bob McDonald r 1 J rn'1 R .Q " M we 2, if A Q sa x iw . .J wi., . 1 ps Y K g 1 f ws as gi 1 'is-m.,,.r.p J arrs ra J ...l will 1' Janet Pollom Alice Prothero Jim Proihero Ronnie Rayment Shirley Rayment E Dave Renquist Gary Koss Linda Salsman Elaine Savage Steven Schoos flfllliiv 'a -a 1 " 2 7 Af Q l X, x it f iv New 0 Z Q I 2 K 91 1 Q , Dorothy Scott Ron Stailin Shirley Johnston Judy Stombaiugh i Rex Stroup Carl Sundman Han Swyter Frank Tregoning DeWayne Whitney Joe Williams Sylvia Wilson if Shirley Wnghtf Jim Zigler Linda Warfield Mary Watson Gary Way Robert Welch Gerald Wittman L Bill Treloar Margie Thawley Rosalie Thompsonkf Sandra Tresner Dick Williams, Pres. Dennis Mapes, Vice-Pres. SOPHOMORE CLASS Advisor: Mrs. Larsson Advisor: Mr. Morris Front row, left to right: Arlene Beyer, lulie Benjestorf, LeAnn Balihazor, feckie Bozanich, .Tenet Barth, Kathy kmes, Carole Bolie, Donna Bishop, Jarrlyn Bargewell, Joan Brazas, Julie kulerich. Second row, left to right fed Burlingame, Don Bergner, Jerry lust, Ken Bates, Sid Clark, Ron Cain, 'im Clark, Bob Brown, Roy Carlson. Helen James, Sec.-Treas. ,ZLUEEHHAIQI 151 Li We f .I Freddie Ann Mead, Rep li I ! WN Fl .,.' Front row, left to right: Carol Grimsley, Karen Herman, Donna Gibbons, Lyndi Hawkings, Janet Cheney, Mary Harris, Michelle Fayette, Franulovich, Helen James, Beverly Daniel, Janet Dickinson, Michael Engdahl, Ella Elvebak, Linda Halgren, Pat Cantrell, Lynn Ebel, Carol Poster, Sharon Hamm, Linda Gugich, Donna Dennis, Marie Foote Marilyn Edelman, Bessie Humphrey, Marilyn Henderson. Second row, left to right: Mike Cotton, Ed Hodges, Pat Foss, Tom Hoots, Ken Fisher, Ken Haugen, Edwin Frank, Dennis Forsyth, Gary Erholm, Richard Geiger Fred Crowell, Bob Graler, .lim Conquest, Ari Hodges, Earl Croy, Bob Darling, Les Crosby, Dick Erickson, Jim Hatton, Roger Hill. we pause for a cool drink before controlling on our way. DI- Sponsored hy Southside Hardware Tot and Teen and Fossels Texaco 535,33 nge, WTAL ml-W'- X O At noon, students talre to the outdoors ll- to enjoy their halt hour oft an just to talce lite easy. Front row, left to right: Jeanne Mackenzie, Zelda Keith, Sherri Lang, Mae Macy, Karen Knutzen, Dorothy Maynard, Mary O'Brien, Gail Johnson, Sula Justice, Jean I.eMay, Charlotte Nibarger, Karen Oakland, Sue Lowman, Pat McGill, Donna Olson, Bessie Humphrey, Donnalee Jasna, Peggy Levine, Mary Ann Myszkowski, Shirley O'Brien, Gayle Lauderbach, Freddie Ann Mead. Back row, left to right: Judy Nisbet, Pat Kautz, Dick Knowles, Steve Mansfield, Denny Oreb, Ernie Howard, Brian Rockom, Don Parker, Ken Moore, Dennis Mapes, Shannon Montague, Dave Munsell, Dave Jensen, Dick Paul, George Kreiger, Dick Izban, Lloyd Crosby, Chuck Mason, Fred Pingle, Charles Mullin, Reiley Owens, Glen Iverson, Danny Kennard, Bill Moore, Jo Ann Nasman, Sandi Kertis. Front row, lett to right: Leona Hay- mernt, Hicke St. Andre, Shirley Rat- zow, Kathy Rodenberger, Sandi Peter- son, Linda O'Neil, Freda Roberts, Eula Pate, Karsa Smith. Back row, left to right: Steve Smiley, Tim Schoos, Dave Thatcher, John Smiley, Ron Sherin, Jim Spitze, Dennis Smeby, Lawrence Smith, Dan Sullivan, John Steen. As we sophomores loolc haclc. we realize that ours has been a year of confusion, lor our class was a class in between-we felt superior toward the freshmen but interior to iuniors and seniors. ln a way this was the first year that we were really considered a part ot A.l'l.S. We began to join clubs which we as freshmen couldn't join. This year through the hard worlc ol the class officers and members, we entered a float in the Homecoming parade. We became more interested in sports as a few select sopho- mores were placed on varsity squads. Upperclassmen began to recognize a few of us as potential leaders. A few became officers of various clubs. Some even received the hon- or ol being a cheer leader or song leader. As sophomores we could choose a few of the classes we were to talreg although most ol our course consisted of required suhiects. Some ol us even had a study hall. Vve lelt a little sad as we decorated lor Baccalaureate, realizing that one more class was oft to lind their place in the world, that the sophomore year was alimost over and a new junior class is about to be born. But now that We have completed our sec- ond year in high school ,we loolc forward to next fall when as juniors we will arise from the depths ol 'Anacortes High. Front row, left to right: Cathy Woodruff, Claudia Still, Donna Un- derwood, Carol Tubbs, Dee Ann I Thomas, Sue Wagner, Linde Storme, , Betty Taylor, Darlene Wolfe, Carole Strong, Judy White, Judy Sarrels, Alice Pratt. Back row, lett to right: Mika Welch, Alton Willoughby, Clell Whitney, Nick Winter, Paul Webber, Dick Williams, Bill Wick- berg, Gerald Watson, Torn Wilson Dick Wcodina. Bill Walk. f Rick Wilson, Pres. FRE HMAN CLASS Front row, left to right: Karen Baker, Clarise Adams, Donna Barcoti, Pal Banning, Dcnna Annett, Martie An- derson, Arlene Baker, Janet Archer, Marvin Ballsmider. Second row, left to right: I-'red Brown, Rod Balsley, Dar- rell Balihazor, Lynn Barcoti, Jerry Ar'- neti, Dennis Asseln, Arnold Ballhazor, Lloyd Arneson, Harry Hibbler. Front mv, ld! to right: Pat Dragavon, Anna Buchanan, Karen Butler, Betty Jewett, Stephanie Geska, Marilyn Bishop, Judy Fisher, Louise Hotel'- camp, Deanna Bowman, Alice Franulovich, Judy Erickson, Sdiney Goff, Nancy Heglin, Bonita Ginnett, Becky Fox, Pat Hall, Margaret Bassett, Shir- ley Evans. Back row, left to right: Alvin Cain, Bob Dennis, Jim Dorsett, Wayne Colony, Lloyd Downs, Mike Eilord, Ray Carpenter, George Cherry, Robert Brooks, Bob Evans, Alan Davis, Dan Coleman, Gilbert Bowlin, Steve Barton, Mike Espe, Gary Bryant, .lerry Cartee. Upon entering the school doors, stu- i dents of A.l'l.S. exchange friendly greetings lnefore settling down to the .a worlc at hand. Sponsored lJy Snyderys Pharmacy and Burton's Jewelry The cozy covered walkway between the iwo lnuilolings is a nice spot for a noon rendezvous. Front row, left to right: Carolyn Lowder, Marjorie Morrison, Sharon Erickson, Ruth Martin, Irene Miner, Judy Merrifield, Sharon Johnston, Mar- inette Johnson, Virginia Lewis, Charlotte Luehrs, Carole Kangas, Julie Morin, Sandi Jones, Karen Kingston, Susan Kegley, Sandra Merz,JoAnn Lin- vog, Gina Markel, Linda Kleven. Second row, left to right: John Hull, Terry Johnson, Terry Hirni, Terry Kilbreath, Jim Lamphear, Larry Fraley. George Hicks, Dennis Jones, Ron Kinssies, Hoge Immer, Nick Maricich, Kenneth Lamont, Allen Howard, Chuck Johnson, Jim Hatton, Dick Fullmer, Doug Lunz. 51 Front row, leit to right: Judy McKinnon, Delma O'Brien, Jane MacGregor, Marnae Sherman, Loretta Mullin, Charlene Nibarger, Linda Osborn, Janet Nelson, Audel McLachlan, Carol Rogers, Carol Springer, Carol Rosen, Joanne Nicholson, Sandi Shull, Cynthia Roskelley, Sandi Nelson, Luella Paulson, Judy Nevala, Kathy Posthumus. Back row, left to right: Sharon Owens, Nick Neutzman, Ken Peterson, Bob Pleas, Mike Moen, Sid O'Brien, Roger Pearson, Gaylon Oakes, Dave Padgett, Bob Pearson, Dwight Peterson, Joe McLaughlin, Larry Morris, Bob Petrish, Curt McDer- mott, Newk McCall, Wayne Palmer, Chet Reid, Connie O'Donne1l. Q- u U U shine upon Anacortes High, students turn lo the oiit of doors for their relaxa- lion. 1 4 Sponsored by Coder Heating and A ppliance VV. J. Vvolch. Arcounlant and Citizens Pharmacy We lincl the lirst year ol high school is quite an ex- perience. The atmosphere is much clillerent lrom gracle school. Vve are now young adults. More responsihilities are placecl upon us, ancl it is up to us to concluctourselves properly. The first lew days are ones ol confusion. We cannot lincl our classes, we lorget our teachers, names, and we forget our loclcer numhers. VVe soon lincl our way through the conlusion to a regular class routine, and lay the encl ol the year We have made a place lor ourselves in the stuclent hodv ol Anacortes High. Front row, left to richt John Sullivan, Sharon Smith, Ruth Weaver Linda White Janice Shelton, Judy Tidrington, Lynne Way, Joan Williams, Sharon Stone JoAn1 avidge Bernice Whittom Nancy Wemer Carolyn White Ann Wings, Sharon Tubbs, Linda Traiton, Vicki Taylor, Dennis Walrod Back row left to right Stan Kremer Charles Requa Dale Turner, Richard Sawyer Phil Robbins, John Skarrup, Dan Thygesen, Evans Whitney Bill Thayer Ed Sherman John Tulliul Clifford Wynn Barry Sehlin Rick Wilson Paul Stannert, Terry Toland, Albert Thawley. it k gm ,, ,V - ' 5 im di 'Q x v . ff wi, ' gif? . , W 'S :ii rr vw 534 wadilr Lim, M, ,-:-, fi- f 'G -.. .' ' R 4 5 'QLYQ L -as ' ' -W 7 , faq., 1 S WG? EFA " .' 'L,- :'- - ','4-iV:.zv' a - .. H". -' 72 ' 'ez 1, V W, . hx fx, VM,,,., ,W iw df:-Q ihcortes Laundry ang Eileaners gays' ll ..- s ' 7 52-23 0 A 51 ,' SKXM, md S51 as fail agwl f fig? 'K Ttirougtw ttie organizations ot our sctlool ttwe students are drawn more closely togettier, and a teeling ot triend- liness and cooperation is created among ttiem. Gut organizations provide us Wittl ttie practical experience tmactiground tor our later participation in democratic govern- ment. Vve learn to realize that important decisions are made tor ttie lnenetit ot all not just a tew. Here are developed ttie leaders ot ttie luture. Sec.-Trans.-Grace Maison BOARD of CO TROL Pres.-Gary Keister Geri Dickison Assn't Business Manager- Sue Lowman Standing-Gary Keister. Front row, left to right-Julie Morin, Nancy Werner, Carol Werner, Bill Lewis, Tom Higgins, Fred Knapp, Virg Taylor, DiAnn Balthazor. Second row-Pa! Ness, Susan Mayse, Grace Malson, Brenda Hamilton, Richard Hicks, Larry Fox, Alma Franulovich, Gayle Laud- erbach. Third row-Liz Gaynor, Judy McFadden, Joanne Arneson, Geri Dickison, Mary Jane Osman, Gary Tarbox, Paula Cherry, Donna Terry, Carolyn Hansen, Mr. Smith. Fourth row-Larry Foote, Dave Anderson, Frank Whipkey, Ron Staflin, Dick Williams, Freddie Ann Mead, Joanne Nasman. 46 Front row, left io right, Maria Franulovich, Sharon Leuhrs, Bene Dansingburg, Carolyn Hansen, Pat Perry, Second row, Dick Williams, Keith Lauderbach, Virg Taylor, Denny Colacino, Geri Dickison, Sylvia Johnson, Joan Brazas, Judy Stom- baugh, Paula Cherry, Back row, Gary KeisIer,Janice Rydberg, John Larsen, Pa! Ness. During the morning annual staff class, everyone is worlxing at his own iolo or is helping someone else. Some memhers are planning layouts, some are choosing pictures or scheduling photo- graphy, others are writing copy, while the artists are drawing pictures or malcing designs to he used as spacehrealcers through- out the annual. After school the sales staff is husy canvassing the town, selling ads for the yearhoolc. Facing deadlines, the editors, Larry Fox and Pat Ness, urge the staff memhers on in their effort to achieve a fine annual. Pai Ness-Co-Editor ENN? Front: Susan Mayse, Sylvia Wilson, Joanne Arneson, LeAnne Welk, Donna Terry. Back: Han Swyter, Bob Johnson, Mike Gillespie, Larry Fox, Dave Anderson, Paul Webber, Richard Hicks, Bill Hooks. 47 Advisor: Mrs. Gwen Beard Larry Fox-Co-Editor A -11. In front: Pauline Winn, Beverly Sawyer. Sitting at table: Liz Gaynor, Virgil Taylor, Gary Mansfield, Janice Rydberg. Standing: Ruth Smiley, Margaret Hetzel, Lynda Lee, Sharon Luehrs, Gloria Johnston, Hans Swyter, Ward Rosen, Larry Foote, Maria Franulovich. EAHAWK TAFF 1 First Quart Editor Bev Sawyer Fourth Ouarte Editor Ad visor Mrs. Thomas Larry Foote Third Quarter Editor Second Quarter Editc I I F I ! i ! i First row-L to R: Lynda Lee, Ruth Smiley, Sandy Merz, Nancy Heglin, Becky Fox, Judy Mcliennion, Rodney Balsley. Second row--Charles Requa, Liz Gaynor, Beverlq Sawyer, Pauline Winn, Maria Franulovich, Gloria Johnston, Janice Rydberg, Al Thawley. Third row-Margaret Hetzel, Ella Elveback, Ward Rosen, Larry Foote, Han: Swyter, Gary Mansfield, Virgil Taylor, Sharon Luehrs, Carol Rogers. CD OCIETY President--Richard Hicks Advisor-Mr. R. Beard Vice-President-Sue Mayse Secretary-Joyce Rumsey NATIONAL nqclnsgcgv X I Q it 1 ? -5 Treasurer-Bill Lewis Advisor--Mrs. G. Beard At right: f Historian-Joan Brazas 1st row, lett to right: Janice Rydberg, Susan Mayse, Joyce Rumsey, Pat McGill, Kathy Rodenburger, Donna Olson, Janet Cheney, Sharon Hamm, Karen Knutzen, Marian Dutton Linda Salsman, Jackie Bozanich, Judy Sarrels, Betty Fuhr, Margie Thawley. 2nd row, left to right: Pat Ness, Carol Steen, Dorothy Scott, Joan Brazas, Betty Larsen, Grace Malson Janet Dickinson, Mary Harris, DiAnn Balthazor, Helen James, Joanne Nasman, Susan Lowman, Mirene Henning, Judy Colvin, Janet Colvin, Judy Bargewell, Sylvia Johnson Gloria Johnston, Mary Jane Osman, Sharon Luehrs. 3rd row, left to right: Roberta DeBruler, Ella Elvebak, Margaret Hetzel, Roy Carlson, Roger Hill, Steve Mansfield, Dick Erick son, Hon Staflin, Ron Rayment, Ken Moore, Rick Hicks, Virg Taylor, Larry Fox, John Plancich, Don Williamson, Carol Werner, Joanne Arneson, Judy Nisbet, Paula Cherry Ruth Smiley, Marilyn Edleman, Jeanne Mackenzie, Shirley Rayment. 4th row, left to right: Mike Welch, Larry Hirni, Steve Smiley, Dave Renquist, Paul Webber, Lee Huntsman Dennis Harr, Gary Keister, Gary Tarbox, Dick Williams, Jim Spitze, Roger Colony, Han Swyter, Fred Symonds, Larry Foote, Phil Kanske, Bill Lewis. QHW WM ft Richard Hicks Gary Tarbox, Treasurer International Trustee District Chaplain District Treasurer KEY CL So that it may maintain its high standards ol leadership, de- velopment and service, Key Cluh selects its memhers with the greatest care. They are chosen on the hasis of potential leadership and initiative so that they may provide themselves with experience in living and worlcing together and prepare themselves lor useful citizenship. The cluh cooperates with the faculty, administration and its sponsors, Kiwanis, in carrying out these ohjectives and serv- ing the school, community and home. Highlighting this Key Cluh year was a leadership banquet and conference giving the school leaders a deeper insight into their responsibility as leaders. First row-L to R: Frank WhiokeY. Bob Johnson, Steve Mansfield, Don Williamson, Ken Moore, Bill Hoots, Mike Gillespie, .lan Orsini, Bill Welk. Second row: Larry Fox, Fred Symonds, Richard Hicks, Han Swyter, Bill Balsley, Harvey Buer, Virg Taylor, Keith Lauderbach, Bill Lewis. Third row: Gary Erholm, Keith Johnson, Dick Williams, Elmer Guthrie, Gary Keister, Gary Tarbox, Paul Webber. Fred Knapp, George Larson. 50 Elmer Guthrie, Sgt. at Arms Virg Taylor, Lieutenant Goverr 'Qi Larry Fox, President f k f' Frank Whipkey, Vice Presidi Xi. , . ,... M., , nd is S it it 'TQQQXLA Nl? Han Swyter, Secretary E-'ti Pres.-JoAnne Arneson Vice-Pres.-Geri Dickison Sec.-Trees.-Judy Bargewell Sgt, of An-ng.-Bob Johnson Organizing a fine rooting section is the worlr oi Pep Club. a liason between the student body, the alumni and Anacortes' enthusiastic fans. To lceep the spirits high, Pep Club manages the annual homecoming festivities. Geared for fast moving action, this, the gayest event of the year, puts us all in a spirit of anticipation of tile yearys atllletic contests. Miss Mary stapp -Advisor First row: Pat Perry, Pat Peterson, Betty Milat, Barbara Moore, Alma Franulovich, Gail Ebel, Nancy Heglin, Linda Kleven, Margie Morrison, Carole Bolte, Kathy Ames, Julie Benjestort, Mary Ann Myszkowslri, Dorothy Maynard. Second row: Delma O'Brien, Judy Nevala, Cecelia Brown, JoAnne Nasman, DiAnn Balthazor, Judy Macfadden, Sandi Overton, Carol Werner, Pat Ness, Judy Stombaugh, Mirene Henning, Janice Rydberg, Sharon Luehrs, bette Dansingburg, Lynn Ebel, Julie Aulerich. Third row: Judy Colvin, Janet Colvin, Pat Kautz, Pat Hall, Joan Williams, Susan Kegley, Carol Rogers, Virgie Lewis, Jane MacGregor, Midge Hising, Pat Orton,Jo Ann Nidmlson, Linda White. Fourth row: Helen James, Freddie Ann Mead, Judy White, Gayle Lauderbach, Irene Miner, Lynne Way, Berncie 'Nhittom Margaret Bassett, Julie Morin, Arlene Baker, Louise Hoier- camp, Karen Butler, Pat McGill, Sue Lowman, Jeanne MacKenzie. Fifth row: Linda Halgren, Linda Trafton, Janet Nelson, JoAnne Savage, Gloria Johnston, Brenda Hamilton, Shirley Johnston, Lorraine Nelson, Jackie Bozenich, Sylvia Wilson, Sally DeCoria, Elizabeth Macy, Susan Mayse. Sixth row: Donna Barcott, Carole Kangas, Deanna Bowman, Stephanie Geska, Nancy Werner, Becky Fox, Carol Steen, DeLesta Zigler, Cathy Suryan, Judie Lewis, Maria Franulovich, Kathy Posthumus, Joyce Clark. Seventh row: Colleen Peterson, Dorothy Scott, Carol Hansen, Ron Statlin, Gary Ginnett, Fred Symonds, Geri Dickison, JoAnn Arneson, Judy Bargewell, Ann Wings. First row, left to right-Mike Cotton, Ron Haymenl, Brian Rockom. Second row-John Plancich, Ron Stafflin. Third row-Denny Colacino, Bill Fredrick, Larry Hirni. Fourth row-Noel Johnson, Bob Malland, Fred Pingle. Fifth row-Ernie Afterberry, Tom Higgins, Dennis Harr, Jim May' berry, Mike Crowell, Gary Mansfield, Rex Stroup, Fred Crowell. Q H1-Y flux' clutm is attilialect with the Rotary Cluh ot Anacortes ancl the Pro- jects we are undertaking are selling ot programs and press hoolis at athletic events. and the tnuilcting ot a float ancl clecoration ot' the captainls car in the Homecoming paracte. ln the tuture, we plan to sell high school telephone hoolcs tor the convenience of the stuctents and faculty. Our Anacortes High School Hi-Yls purpose is to create and maintain a high standard ot Christian living throughout the school. Because accomplishments ot our Hi-Y and our service to our school ancl community we were awarctect a plaque tor he- ing the hest Hi-Y cluh ot this county. Vve are prouct ot our record and hope to maintain or hetter it in the tuture years. Vice-PreS.1Dennis Han. Chaplain'-Gary Mansfield TTSHS--Bill Fredrick Sec.-Brian Rockom N- Pres.-Tom Higgins Sgf. of Arms-Denny Colacino I i t 1 First row, leit-to right-Judy Colvin, Connie Bargewell, Janet Colvin, Betty Larsen, Janet Pollom, Sue Mayse. Second row-Linda Gugich, Sharon Hamm, Karen Knutzen, Judy Bargewell, Gayle Johnson, Gloria Johnston, Pauline Winn, Kathy Rodenberger, Sandi Peterson, Janet Cheney, Elaine Savage, Marian Dutiton, Helen James, Paula Cherry. Third row-DeLesta Zigler, Brenda Hamilton, Jean MacKenzie, Darrelyn Barge- well, Michelle Fayette. Fourth row-Gail Ebel, Linda Salsman, Karen Herman, Margie Thawley, Patty McGill. Filth row-Lynda Hawkings, Gayle Lauderbach, Julie Benjestorf, Judy Nisbet, Shirley O'Brien, Barbara Moore, Sandi Horner, DiAnn Balthazor, Dorothy Scott, Judy White Pat Perry, Donna Terry. Sixth row-Pat Cantrell, Betty Taylor, Sylvia Johnson, Sharon Evans, Elizabeth Macy, Mary Jane Osman, Pat Ness. Tri-Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y has drawn together in our high schoola group of girls willing to give of themselves and of their time for a great cause: to create, maintain and extend throughout the home. school and com- munity high standards of Christian character. Tri-Hi-Y is a triangle with Christ at the center. Qur slogan is Upure thoughts, pure words, pure actionsfi Our colors are red, white and l3lue'-fexempli- lying Sacrilice, Purity and Loyalty. Pres.-Pat Ness Vice-Pres.-Sharon Evans Sec--P 31118 Ch9ffY Treas.-Linda Salsman :BI G CC 77 Pres.-Fred Knapp Adviser: Mr. Petersor Vice-Pres.-Elmer Guthrie , , Anacortes Lettermens Ciuh is composed of Soph- omores, Juniors and Seniors who have eamed their coveted letter in at least one of the six varsity sports offered at A.H.S. During the last weeks of school an event of inter- est not only to the iettermen, hut to the entire student body, is the sometimes comical events taking place dur- a F ing the initiation of the newly elected candidates for - Hs ' membership in the ciuh. .-T .-T H' ' ss ec Teas om lggm Big A has a paddie squad which maintains or- der at all varsity games. This year the ciuh has under- taken the ioh of building concession stands for the use of ali ciuhs and organizations. All these varsity players gave their utmost in whatever athletic activities they participated. Their Sgt' of Am-Bill Frederick ideals are an inspiration to all the Junior Varsity and Freshman athletes. ' ' V was-Q 4' " H ,hw ' ' TN-T74-1-1L,,f :vi .,,g,a, lang...-"L" -259'-its",-'!g X s A ' A L' -Q " ' ..,,3w .- 'A' , Al , y Q , 4 ey 1 .L W.. as 1 i I rm KA , E , , A ,. M , V, . ., wr, .MK .gn L 3, -up It My Vw. , W if 5 1 - 3,4 .A . A W 'N ,,. t.. . ,L ,,,- fi, - A -W :mm K: .' ,gs ala- f' ff-rff-, 1,4 . -4 K R fi 7 'D " i " ..." 1 'Aff HH'-A f '- ' 4 - J.. A N - . - ,.. V KF4, ' 1 . 'Q mf: , .el-I f, ,V , X- N , - 'fat yay M , . .,. , ,,.,, , .., l, . , vw., . . W -1-.a,,, -- ,L ,, r wi- f in . f ' ,, . 4 ,' 1. 4, A s 4 A in , .V , ,, 1. f - K -V Q .. 4 fs Q ,. f . . M sf-,ef f x . . . . A . . 1 w . ' ,A .anew 4' ' V , , ' . 7 , - 1-qy,i'f H. 1 . L ,...t,,, eo.. A , , , A . f A., - W --i f .., wir V :-v'r f -f '- , .- 'Brass 4' , Ili First row-l. to R: Ron Swedburg, Bill Lewis, Terry Powers, Paul Roberts, Larry Fox, Lynn Toland, Mike Crowell, John Plancich, Ken Moore, Don Williamson, Jim Larsen, Fred Pingle, Chuck Bates, Dick Erickson, Gordon Drake, Roger Hill, Ron Stailin, Frank Whipkey, Bill Wooding, Mike Cotton, Brian Rockom. Second row-Mr. Peterson. Gary Keister, Ed Way, Fred Brooks, Fred Edelman. Gary Way, Den Colacino, Ron Rayment, Fred Crowell, Joe Williams, Ernie Afterberry, George Larson, Bob Graler, Archie Knudson, Lloyd Glasoe, Virg Taylor, Richard Hicks, Noel Johnson, Rex Stroup, Keith Lauderbach, Fred Symonds, Bill Welk, Chuck Turner. Sitting on 'ROCK'- Bill Fredrick, Elmer Guthrie, Fred Knapp, Tom Higgins. 54 G. A. C. Adviser: Miss Stapp Vice-Pres.-Shirley Rayment As the year progresses, We girls of G.A.C. parti- cipate in volleyball, basketball, badminton, bowling and baseball. Each member ol the group also talces part in an individual sport. Every year the basketball playday is held here. This day gives many of our members an opportunity to participate as players or officials and a chance to get acquainted with G.A.C. members from other schools in this district. ldeals of good sportsmanship, cleanliness and bet- ter health come to us as we worlc and play under the direction oi Miss Stapp, our coach. Pres.-Paula Cherry J Sec.-Treas.-Linda Salsma Pt. Recorder.-Janet Cheney . '4 .th ,5- gfxx, K 9' A First row-L to R: Gayle Lauderbach, Alma Franulovich, Pat Cantrell, Ella Elvebak, Julie Morin, Arlene Baker, Carole Kangas, Margaret Basset, Marionette Johnson, LeAnne Welk, Bette Dansingburg, Carolyn Hansen. Second row-Janet Nelson, Pat Dragovan, Sandra Shull, Becky Fox, Patsy Hall, Karen Butler, Carol Rogers, Pat Peterson, Nancy Werner, Deanna Bowman, Virgie Lewis, Sue Kegley Gina Merkel, DiAnn Balthazor. Third row-Paula Cherry, Sylvia Johnson, Janet Cheney, Julia Beniestori, Sandi Kurtis, Marilyn Edleman, Darrelyn Bargewell, Michelle Fayette, Bev Daniels, Gail Johnson, Sharon Evans, Mirene Henning, Linda Salsman, Judy Erickson. Fourth row- Doreen La Roche, Shirley Rayment, Donalee Jasna, Jackie Bozanich, Judy Nisbet, Shirley O'Brien, Betty Taylor, Linda Hawkings, Kathy Rodenburger, Susan Lowrnan, Patty McGill, Karen Knutzen, Sharon Hamm, Mary Jane Osman. 5 5 Q veg, ., R. bk W- 5, i A ..wW.,ib L. K L. QL ,. , Q ?v,,'W'ii- W ,igwf ,VV W-,Q . 3, X. , fs, ,iz ,K N' . fg N ly 16 if ,X Q., y I , 5 . ., ,. 7 ' fl , 4 f. is in ME X Q Aw' .Qw,M. -v A91'f'w.qF 5 ,Z Q :'51','gf.N,- fig 725. Z z A ,, , eg v xi 3 .Qggf 3 ,Y .., .,.- vgia, W,fs.n U A ,Q rig? .Ha gQim,,' 1 3 A4 , Q fr H., . ',gwg,f:,. Q Hs Q 'X fqfgff' . ,, 'QQ Xi, 'viii-v. 1: if jf , .- if QQ! "A, 191. ' .C ff 53555 'Kia ,. . .fi ,', V . fx 1,153 w ',..l 'x.s 2 -few - v 1, ' 1 ,"f,-'fvmfvgfiif w ,g'g,.4Zffg1' f X QIASH-3'f."ff53i15Z1f',i'," , X:-,pg M Vw3,,1.w,1 fJ4,. N , Sr' 1. , Qgfsx f, gf F'-'.: --':5g ' S1541 ,4 ,i -, k,,i-Q,-f v- ..-- I 4 igw2 1?1T-f 5 1wg',Qg'w'fff3w' , .5532 ,, X gf lgffvf ,HP - ."..-xg?K4- 1f:4f.v.'r1 'ag ps' '11 -K .1"+.,.,,:g,a -g,f,ga.,:+gs,.,-,N I Q ,iw if 1 -, aw ab3.1-w'piX''Z',QSWQ 'Fw 'K' ' I ' 4. .Li QHpf,4,1' rr 3 fir- rfb R 'rf ,K Y M :R -. V .. .X -,- -. '.f,, ax, V. ,,,,'5 Lf .1 1 WEE an g y :I '-ggsufgQi,Cv.ig5,, , 7' A-4',Q,,iQP'fJp my W ,,-Q 40 il L,"Lf,'I.f'3 Hgi' 'N 4 5 Qg ,Q ,A ,, ,MU 4,,,,.-ya, ,, .. L L friyai 1551 Y "ii f!5??J',- ' i"2'BL:ie k""?: ki' XKQQ5-igazwii 'L ' uriffx w ref 'fir 1? ,MMM J1v:..., . fu 155 , 1 A W ,, N . .,L,. , , 1 if j 3 if 5552? X , Q 5 ,Z .wwm Mmm, M?- QP' xi' 'E 1 vi 15355 X , . ,, N 5 W W if Q . . gwff Q . ' fs ' E 7 ,ff Q: 2 l i Q f 5 1 9 if 2 x , .. Egg? -5 3' . Mg Q55 . , . 'Q Y , V W ' M7 :,5. .A:a wb ' ' - ,gg ff' '1 . 'wg W , I I 1 . A 5 4 , 1 3 -4 x f n ' 5 1 f A ,X 51" Q 1 f . Y,f5,L,f ., ml? KF ,gf f - Iv ' mv '5 V Q 944 . XV . Sh 5 Ns if 5 F HHS 5 i inet R 3 if ,'5 s ,,x,U,,f5g'gs 33 , f ' f X www y x i 2 V if ?? if iff .v qv... s. 3'3.ix mann:-aus' R f 'K 'G '-. fin V E. Q 'mn' c ?zf 4 SEQ V5 fms 501159 Elm ,fmunm fffff , , , 4 im., :W If ww" Q Excitement and anxiety siiow on time faces of the if ,M -.he 'Q t ee,- ' f Qfm V in stuclents as we TUSII to a pep assembly iloping to get a ii'N'g 9 A 3 fifie to iii'Vi A goocl seat. We wonder who will win the game and hope to do our share in helping time team by using our pep and energy in cheering the team on to victory. Our shrill voices ring out in time crisp air, Hvvhat will tile skit be", llwhat songs will be sing?" All of this aclds to time tligtltenect entilusiasm of a Friday afternoon. "' "1l"""'! I ...W .Wm aww' sxxngdsi fvi, 15 : r Q f 1 .,' mf el ei I s 'Ni X ' ' . ,.,V, 1' gzlv 'J' 5 t aarrr -tzwg - 995 6 eeti ri cti t , Sponsored by Anacortes Motor Court i Genes Standard Station and Vvm. iVicCaHum,-'Insurance , 1 ,. Y' L ' V H i gsm. ,W , X, M M 'ff HSIIVIHIS ln our scliool lite we enjoy social events which enable us to become Well poised and socially competent. We learn to get along with otlier people, we de- velop our personalities to tlleir fullest, and come to liave appreciation for friend- sliip and tlie values ot community lite. ln our sctiool tlie activities are planned to give us an experience in ttie proper type of entertainment. We have oppor- tunities to participate in and enjoy good music, drama, national assembly pro- grams, square dancing and all our sctiool dances. If " ' D - pnon if-if we .ns , y , l 1 fi, A 321 EL'5??4fg?S55fi4?iQf:f2- N' X' 3 h hb g f w e Q Q ' 615522 3 ' , E iz I ' 'i 77913 . 'lgrkff Wifi Q.f,.,.fQk1EfA. .Ss . ,kfhk-wg, LQ . 2 ,QM-Q, . .w :f ?5z1r A ' f wr y , X? ist M , K H . Sf , 1, Q, bw aw , , - EE L in 'fl ,MEF - ,. ,, X? .. X 4 4 3 ,, , pf" w 'X ' fr. '- W ,1 f 5, 'Mir fn 5 521: i " J7L.:sxf:f - r elfwaggnwa f f '- M M-www ,M W ,A-hw. fwmffuw- W . , www ir W. ywwm, Y 5, Y - 3 my . f ez' me -Q , as , Q an we R e ii sy K, 54551 if .. Q 4 , af W ,, JM fl. Aw 'H' ,7 1' -A.. " L - f ' ' nam f X A J V 4 F fqtlil fix? f f .af .. mf ' 'P i 21 Q23 R I .5 - 1, , ,J : ,L 41. X Ka? w Q if M r'g5'.5fQ-5 :g fn 15 ' 2 5? I Ag as , W S Q: w ,j ,Q K 'fzqffxit ai? i T S vfwffffn . 'ff f, ,Q-C1734 In ., , .mv W W as X , Ai , , P 4 a g if E .Q 54 4 Wi vi ax rw V . Q? A wk sv Q 3, ,, iw , E. Q' 4 w Y' Y ,fl H 1. A Q . D' 'Q Nur' 3 -. Qq,x', V 6 1 X Ma, f- 4 f-L" " '42 ,. . .Q ,. I, SEQ? ' uf: I I Z 1' 'L ,, f ' H affix 'ff 1 ..,, , 4335 r fx in sie A ,,.V ,. ,:,..,, . ..:, Z,,. .,,?:,,,, , ,, ,.,..Vq. 1 , , CU E IN .... ,4 ,Q We 1 XV' M44 i....., X V Xu if Q7 My J 5 'kv W fx W vu., , W-5' we , 'T' 'nb mink Q R -gg: X f A 'E' f 3 f R Q M-is SE? M F f , ag ge 'af A K ' K MQW R 1 1 3 , L - ig Q . K ,wi,f, g A A 2 5 ' A 'gy naw! gg. L , W . wg., ,. H 2. M ,V ."' ' X , W U.: ' L- - 'E-S'. , ... .. . M: AMY -, 'iq ,z 'L ,2zA.,,:. 'W L"'?Vi'Y4 k .1 1 51. , 1 Ty .- -,Q -' -av, N150 Vg"-:wg - W., ,, S , ev s 1 , k wg-ff C QM ,ff ff ,E 5 Q 35 W 3. i , . W P 1 Emi 2 Q Egg 5 P Lg' 5 EM 5 Q S X Qld 5 32 1 . . :Y rm U45 5 -- Mk M53 - 5 .. . A .115 - Y'-w-.x 3 ff H? 1 . WSC' ' ,'. f S?- if EW 'naman Q f mYff 5, U, .wwf my -a. ' Q: ' Q 2 in MILE up """ Q I 'i wfi.- -5-Q 323' xg M 1 9 ' 0' 1 Q if E25 J' If 'ss X 2 'Q' flu. Princiss Geri Prilice Gary Queen Paula -'uf Q ,Af.,5E SENIOR BALL 1953 2 if ,gms Q 5 QQ 'E YZX 1 agwzgibf A 0 u 0 Prlncess Carol Klng Vlrgll Prince Gar MOMENTS T0 REMEMBER Y M Princess Donna ix, M, r"9"x, Prince Larry 7 ,ff mdk is a S , A , ,Az 5:5- ' , ,,..L n z ,. . , aw 1 JSE? , x I S . f 1 2' :Ei A -ff" , ,,. .-m.,,.s Af ii Q J im' f . , 'V iii 1 mei? iw 2 may 'fi - if f i" 'iiffliflefw 4 W 2 My x ' QQ , i A N E Y V mx 3 - S L ' 'Aiea-X Q , WI? , , f,gV , w ?AL. ,Q Q 4 5 Q- F1 y 2 'Y K 'Q Q Q -m sky M 3 I f fi- 5 k ig ' 'VVL 2 E ik i ,'.' ,. ::na,vs1 - 3 A--f if K .vc - 5 ..,. 1 5 .xg i:sf3g,wWz.. gi gl - ,k ,ggwf K A, B + V 5 W JA A ..:. - . iz -. 1 Q 1: Qs 1' W -vm . .xi - - Eg? Q3 Q, .,,. , Ai. 5 A f my X iz ig KKLL Li if f 'V 2 if 131 .. mx T Y x F 3 , , + JUNIOR PRDN 5 9 u I GN 'TKLA + 1 ..zN.f' X, 1-xc f fx! Queen Pauline Li -qs -if-. Princess Paula Princess Linda SWEETHEART Princess ma Princess Julie We, the annual staff and Student hody, Wis to 1: ante the sponsors of the 1958 Rhododendron T e staff urges all students to patronize these, our sponsors. c, - :Cx smn nmibidi ,SIKNEARD 1 SERVICE AHan's City Market Amsherry's Fine Foods Anacortes Floral Anacortes Glass Co. Anacortes iron Works Anacortes Laundry and Cleaners Anacortes Motor Court Anacortes Rexall Drugs Andrews' Variety Store Arctic Drive-In Auhertys Drugs Burton's Jewelry Capital Finance Christ Nelson Insurance Citizens Pharmacy Coder Heating and Appliances Columbia Valley Lumber Company Cypress Stationers Davis Laundromat Rasco-Diamond 5C-Sl Store Bryson-Engdahl Nlortuary Fergie's Thriftway First Federal Savings and Loan Fisher Music Fosse's Texaco Funlcs Richfield Service Gencys Standard Station Haatcensons Richfield Island Transfer Jeanetteys Jerry Nlanstieldr-'insurance J. C. Penney Co. Johnsons Sport Supply Lyte's Grocery lVlarchant's Jewelry Marine Supply and Hardware Model Cleaners MontagL1e's Nobles Men's VV'ear Sharpe's Corner Service Snydefs Pharmacy Southside Hardware Steinman's Grocery Sunset Florists Verna Vvells Studio West Coast Creamery Vvingeys Community Store VV. J. Vvelch, Accountant Wm. McCallum, Insurance R ealtor Hunts Cleaners , 4 5 5 . Jim Barth's Union Station Q ' 'Ay e ,t Xt' 1 if '55 - 4 - Li Q USIIIUIEUK Ei l by fx 'Q-...Magi my sy If 1 I .1 ? I . 555 f' .,4,A7E.q, ' ' K . ' 4 EEQX. M-.H . nf' ,I f, A5 g. K HL, . Rx V L' . 'M' X H! x A . 51 K , 4 ' s 9.52. f W jf A S . 1 A S .,.,, 3 5 l 'SX .74 5 A 5- ii.. My . , A-mf1f ., 7. ' + 1 L, f? A ,AN , QM., V vb L S L f f Q 1755? ew WQQ, , Z, :, ,..,h, ,.,,,W,,55,, , , 9 A ., if Lf x . 0 K iii, - A' fTQjPKW.' . 'A . .QQ . j , is my I , K KW gs M ,.., Wx 'qi xxu ' , ' k ,s mx ' 14, m V , ' , -5 me K . .. '. , . , . ix- .. ., , '52 1. Y-QR y wifffq wif.. ' I ,ww Q. . -fs:SHg,2.4iYfi?Zifii5iSfif fl X Til? 'Y 5 HL , 'ik w 'i A . 553 sm .. . A W S N - ggigag . - i ,Aff in 2511. - N 'iff X f x. i . - ji, xx X' . Q., . W, H ' 'iii z air K ' - - M 1 1 K ., 5 4 4 . 5 Q , .L T W W fn H f 14. K 1 c.- ' 1' ff 1 i K 'A' ' .gig fi K S L' 5 S Y fi Q Q 1 3 S 3. , , .- 8 U 1, Z X IVII A-5 l The satisfaction derived from par- ticipating in plays greatly outweighs all fears and anxieties. The first night of rehearsal all the cast gathers to- gether to read over the lines and get the feeling of the play. Then they get into the swing of things hy acting and memorizing the parts. As the last tew weelcs come, all the actors and actresses are vividly aware that the curtains will soon rise on their interpretation of this play. Alter three matinees, the final per! lormance comes at last. The malce-up crew have done their hest to give them the hest appearance with their part. As the curtains open all players are unusually at ease-they have for gotten all the last minute tears, tor- getting lines, tripping over chairs. hearing a cholced squeelc instead ot their voice. The hurried coming and going of the actors, stage hands. malce-up crew and prompters goes on quietly haclc stage as the play pro- ceeds. Before they realize it the play is over and they are all lined up for a curtain call. STRHS HESPIA S S V , Q ,H BAD Left to right-Basses: Ron Stallin, Chuck Byford, Horns: Betty Fuhr, Ralph Cole K JoEllen Nelson, Jane! Cheney, Shirley Evans. '37 .xf S a. I M Leif to right-Baritones: Joe Williams, Mike Gillespie, Bell Lyra, Marion Dutton, Drums: Carole Strong, Donna Underwood, Jane MC- - Gregor, Jerry Cartee, .Terry Wittman, Dan Thygesen, Sharon Luehrs. Left to right-Saxophones: Jackie Winkler, Becky Fox, Marnae Sherman, JoAnne Arneson, Fred Brooks, Clarinets: Dan Mclvor, Ron Rayment, Roger Immer, George Hicks, Richard Wilson, Steve Barton, Larry Praley, Bob Petrish, Bill Treloar, Chuck Johnson. ' ' - - 7 n 1 ' 44N k W, - W 1 l f X : A.g r 1, . s A W' mr: 1- : ' A Y 1 ' 341531 ,P-MCL 3,4 ,W L N W i 'gh X ,Q , 1 , - Q 3 ' b , 1? in LL., , Y .1 . f Q ,. ,Q " Wg, f, 4, W' ' ' .xx - X , yt .4 S v M I ' ' ......., 0, ' 7 ' 7 fa -'Q W NL. .,,,,M.., Q' ,...,J, ,, M . , - E ' , V? wk...-.-1 ,, f li fgfek X f"1.1'J'Z', 8 A g M 7 mf " N y2Qg1,f" 'S' f ns' X A X Y I A m g. Q y i ni L 2 I rgqiiyf 5? , . 2 V yy ,V R , 1, 3- Y , ,, . . 9 5 t W . Y 4, Q, . .. ' , I ,, V, I A , .. X , - 77 x x 5 K M f ,g y. ,W 553-59 , 1 My X K X ,c x. ' , . 4 it ' - ' ' i, , 1 ,Q n W .4 QM ny' TV ' ' ,ff f 'Q ""'f4 3' ' X, W Adv vs. W U U ' ' A M V 5 'if - X.. - . , ' fm . 1 -1- , t '. . - y K ' . A g iw A A . 'M ' 11,5 -. MQ: -M L ' ' 'L f - K- X ,R f -41 ar . f Ti V N 'fw ig ly w W1 1 W- Q ff V " fag: 1 f QE? ' A 4 W 4 Kf' v 3 , 112: - - 1 . Q 2+ N.l,.5" ,-,V 4 wfwg Q., f, igviww ,xmgx ff -1 ffgf "L- f,1,, ff, ,, - x 1 L K 2 A' L 2,1 sf 1 ,Q V f ,Z v-,' a,3sZf+V5 732 7 JT X55 '9 '?fw:'f5i-if3??'5 ' vm 'V .ZIgl?MW9"' WY- af K , , ,. . ,F J ,L W M M, ,K 3 ,.,,,, , H., ,Mfg , A - K ' f vi V' 1' f 5 ' k ' ' ' My . W - .13 , .'fTw.":ff 1 1, .mf 2? , N: L Q 1 iw.- 'Z J. . W' 'fm' fd' - TSSZEYW Q - Q ",- - A f . , 5 ' U " ,- 95 ,,g.A..KQZa 'LY ' Ui-Yjkgqsgzg 'lm 34 ,V , ' QQ ,W 7 M ,RV ,A A Q , .I F-:H 5 '- :Q if "', Jgrl Ai' 'wr f . ,NV Q Q". n 1- W ins. K, fN,. S'-:lgyiill 'iff' U l k, . ,Y 4 , 5 - ,,, nw, e ' gw lx nf: 5. f lb 'fl- Q E hi ,, dvi JL Km. . Y A L , x . . Ji ' W , rss g 5 V x mf J at N YA X J ,, . K Y gxt K 4 WZ? xv, V X N f 'K' AX . h X. 'N' x . ,X f ,M ,, KK' ,, Qi ' . at , , 1 K fq-K Ui. 1 I! ' : X 'Jo Q' 95 5 ' J ' ' : ---1 I L k 9 hp ,A www , A ::':2 ra , Q 1 .X :,, -'1: 1 ' f T x ,L',W "'fv'? A LJJ x ' ' 1 I f I K ' 2 ' ,1,g-g1,, mpg . , .N , , u H , gg . . iwf ' ! . ,Q f . f v ,,'? qi I ' x ,K 1? X , wa 1 W A . , r L .i x i 4 g ' M 3 K KW - in ?,V h ? iu A may 5, si . 'K as 5, in 22 L. uw 32f55"'f5fS f33'59'2lim K :"'fi,,s5 '795Wfi'I5f2f535-'Q-ii:5,a4s11salZEEK..'K . 5 ' " L , A f , - I -K MH, M1-,ww w - N U ,--- 3 - .N fi' f ,,I X ' 9 1- 7 ' fiz Z 'liff-K -'xfynil . Wives ' 'ZlS'1.ft'l55i izeirzfxgff il 5575" ,E , If 5, , ,Q 1 5 'il K '-"""W Q A A A www-fx-M-, -W-M' ' kia rg .Lf K ,. ., 4 y ffr, 1 MM ' ' f' ,f' K if Q 'K - .K .ff :X 2 A 4 f K if L- fm: sf .za-. H" K K . Y f-" F 5955 5 Ti E L' ff, V af ' . Q ,-,G .. jf 33,--K ,M L, 0, 54' .ry . , 1 QU, K . w - - h-. ,: QQ. W- , " Q live K' k ' ' ff-' N. H ' vw ' X bf TW " 'FK " 'K A ,W ' M' ' i HKJKQW, 'G J' SMU' VA 'N 1 ,1 , ' is 'ix'-f aL f5?f7fL , 'QQ-' si! -.QQQWQ X' 4 A . rf .: i, ,fff,5,4, 1. YV VY J , , , U 'sign X ff:- 1 1, w w . fifw- ,,,, Q ne w L. - . K .Y , , A ,, 'uf -"' N ff' K - V Q 7 I ' U1 , wmwl., A ' 2i3:ifQ'3:'f F5 Q, 2 Q QTTC S5 Z ff f 1 ,Wa 'ww , ,, . ,4 l g""S:v1x he pw, wh Q5 9.1: ' K Q .ai k ff 5341,-. :Wi L! .K xy ,, ff 115.11- fy 1 my ff' L 1 "L. ,, fx 'ss ' , 34 fi 5 K E3 6' v N? 4 1? M if V S x S X gp 7 s X A -Saba. MW Q, ,- QW m.5mv.zv fi . "?E?S2" ,:,:r' 7 i ff, 4153.4 L. l ix rr' 9 'ive'-S 1 Y 2 4 ' Q 6 'Q A ,, e sk . x -5' af" if at ,W Q ,f L. Q4 'wr 5 su w it 5 ,gh 1 MQ? 4",' 5 lx Lf fm tries' 1' 'Wg Q: ,-, 'ff' Hit. XI. Qu X L Q J.. ., 4. .-I an if , W if , Q ML r- fsfr-sf. -.-. 1 v-., If r ir- s 9 . . M, l 111 w - . ..,,,, , ...V-. -2 5' . if N ,a"-. '- t't.""'W ,, W., ,slid , W '. -rw .', V Q " Dill, It te. .say rf' , -ff 5 . Lt 'YT rj 4 U x ings. h ,il OVA Za M2 tl' 4 "' i , Xt' fr '- X. . Lyme, an". 1 ti' f l IP' r. Ar 3 V l'5 ,',v Aaah, te sh Q. ',x 1 l.a.v,s..7 .N 1 gdfgvr y it C, ,fl rl' , . . 4 .., 51 .,,x u .vb , s .-,w ,- as ' M" vt, '.:74-Lei, ,-mfr V - 'si " .51 1 Choir members spend weelcs of time in for a concert. There is music to memorized, decorations to be lanned and placed, robes to be fitted and alllthe de- tails of programing to be completed it the concert is to be a success. This year's Christmas Concert was high- lighted by "This ls Christmas," a pageant, which was performed as a pantomime on the stage while the choir sang traditional carols. preceding the pageant, the choir sang a group of beautiful sacred choral numbers. The annual Spring concert and the Bell- ingham Music Festival were the choirs main activities during the spring. The whole choir and the ensemble groups performed at an aiudication and received high honors. Thir- ty members were chosen to represent Ana- cortes in a mass choir of about 250 voices, which practiced all day and gave a concert in the evening as the climax of the festival. As the choir prepared for Baccalaureate and commencement, the senior choristers realized that this was a memorable occasion for them.-the last time they would be sing- ing with the A.H.S. Choir. Many happy memories filled their minds at this time. All of the members of the choir wish to express their deepest appreciation to our di- rector, Mr. Vernon Greenstreet, who led them in a most successful year. r' 1' f 9 it Vg, ,, . ',,5 gg' ' ffgalrwpjsi , af. 'w,4..+- , -sz-hifi ',.-ifta gi ,rv . r' V ' iff . ff' w N .ww i ' -' Q. 1 -. rf A fvfrvpfixkf 'Q Qs 3 'f4'!'l'te't 353421 lb. r:,f3i'151'i-?L:Ak A, 6 W ti K W L, k ,ff 4 C ts A rs tw ff A ., .e fe' f v.r ri ,Q ,Y 4 1 4 3 3 E 'f"""l9Li lit A 0 A i or -1 .s Q.. -A 'K A 99 ,, I 1, i , fr .1 T Q fi .YW rd' S SOPRANO Valerie Beckman Joan Brazas Gloria Didricksen Ella Elvebak Kathy Forrest Darlene Granville Brenda Hamilton Mary Harris B'anche Holmes Sylvia Johnson Gloria Johnston Lorraine Nelson Donna Olson Pat Petersen Janet Pollom. Kathy Rodenberger Ruth Smiley Mary Ellen Watson Sharon White Pauline Winn Dee Zigler ALTOS Sharon Allen Rusty Bartleson Joyce Clark Geri Dickison Alma Franulovich Kathy 2' ianulovich .Q fr Yi Margaret Hetzel Sandra Horner Helen James Zelda Keith Jean LeMay Judie Lewis Susan Lowman Betty Milat Barbara Moore Pa! Ness Linda O'Neil Mary Jane Osman Anna Paszkowski Judy Paul Carol Steen Cathy Suryan Marilue Thomps l.eAnne Walk Carol Werner Jackie Wiggins lda Hawkes TENOHS Ray Carpenter George Cherry Jerry Converse Dave Jensen Ken Lamont Robert Lowder Tom Plummer Ward Rosen O11 Stephen Smiley Dan Sullivan John Sullivan Virgil Taylor Dick Williams Frank Whipkey BASSES Dave Anderson Jerry Annett Bill Bailey Robert Brooks Charles Bytord Dan Coleman Gerald Earle Gary Ginnett Elmer Guthrie Roger Hill Ken Hougen Dick lzban Robert Johnson Gary Keister Fred Knapp Clark Munroe Don Parker Gene Parmer Dwight Peterson Terry Powers Dennis Smeby Vernon Smnh Ron Swedburg Director: Mr. Vernon Greenstreet Accompanist: Richard Hicks 3 L Q V 'X uawm' 'P , ai 5 k M wk W XT A :L Qc H L 2 ,'kg k QR Wm. wwf W n M' Ji M. ,, wi if L . i Y. , pai: 3 ' 4, :fm , T Eff D , a. lvzl . If, iflyi - L M R 1 A' V' x Q . - gp wwf fl' ., ' 5? 1. A--- 3 , ' 'L fsfk-14,4-5 .. if ,, Q fig N, Y ,fAV l J ..vl-. c f A fizfvgg A H Mfg J 2' "'- X Ev? K 'E W, ,422 2 Q' X Y' af A ' f ,rf . gf? , , , m ..W.,..,A,M fAAw 32 W Q L, W ? W 4 35226 , 3 , 4 "', if 5 X : E X ? iM,,,,.x..f-.,, Y ,,m..,.Mf' ,mfg 5 x W WJ K iffwff, I 4 Q A Yi" Hmmmw, A W 'MQ W Lx J h M N, V M XR . . , . , ,. ,, .. , V i i m ff5lQi fl'1 'Q f - ,X . ,g .,,' X K ' I 7 , X x ' x -mf Vyk. H .Q f misfhg Q 'Q 9 3 f .,A.. y? 537 WAT- ig. V ? ' W , I Ai 'u 4 l :fi N 2 Lifzirll-,QS if W" 'W 1 .wg 1 a . A 1' 'W Q ' 51 I Nm 1- ff x 'W ' ly, i 'i ff, , vi fx? ' ,"ig: 551. f, ffff. " "fr 3 5- N'-.xx ki? . if I ,W i x - , , ' , xr 1 f1 J rt if E 3 Bxui 3 xy rf ffl ff ' .p - Q Z rr . V , V: TA N 6 13 1 t . wwf ,.,, r. K! Q I 1g gf- W .3 KL, ,ij f lffafi F ' 'g 51' A' ! X ww k A wx 3 'iff s xx.! A xxx sf 'HK 3 Qkgmwfy XX, i i 5 xy? Q' A ,wmlswp 11 ., ' 'xiii 5 , r ,I 1 E Q , f XJ. :JN Af, Q , ,kf , ..,, X, -V Nm: vi W5 Q W -Q A 5 ,,,.. 2 M . WL ,.xA4t.. Z 5 jeff K 1 ,Z fW4.,4,L,f' E ff ' fig? x , 'k K If Y 'M .119 wil- V ff, W Q 1 M . Sify ' .- - A Q9 Q , is L: , W ' ew ' , , Q X A 'r 5 a f-'ikffff - in nf 34 5 , , , , wk , ff?- ix: 1 1-..v,.., f .1.. N- . M ,AA , , , ,5'. as 'vw 2 Q2 v J f K5 . . . A ,TQ 24' ,x',.4if?f!?f' N- JVM' ' wf L zz , L 5 'ski ,fm 3? .2 3? is , ,f 4, , ef f , , ' .gp V. , 4131" 3 . 1 ' 1 , ,jf Q as WV lk 4 W 1, " , M Nov HA , x 5 ' , 'J , A -5' .M i ,J , E R fm 5 if mf a Y .X fu f E A 1, ,m:,A w Nw w:l"ifS2Q - wsiaggii. Sw W t . Z LKL' sfgf wifi , w E x Y , ' s A W, Q Ui'- , A ' Y sky Nywnw W 5 6, as Q . E A , 3 ' I fifik am,!Hw jiyfgw SQF1Ff ?Kl?R5 RUM!! 559518 W mf M W , -If 4, ,, nw, M Ewa Ad, Sf' f, if ' 5 ' 'f' sw 7 25 A ,.M tis? i 5 l CO.. xx'k---..4 R QR JUNIOR PLAY rinlc to ee "Gee Mom, dorft C PAPA WAS A PREACHER 1 A AA A 'AA 6 I ,L ik fd, ,LL L J dff, X Pxi L. X jj, Mr. Davis 'Silver Pveusfj s no air . . . to e so persuassivet Mr. Davis and the Cast. Sponsored by Jim Bar th s Union Station and Cypress Stationers 4. 0 A 0 Z1 gi X ix JK lL ,U JL A ff' , ,, ,KV :1:1,,gn.A.,.,,f,. 3:39-?'f ff " : L, -W ..g,,1A -A , , , 1 ,xp 4 X , -, 'ff' ' ' ' M .. .... A-nz:-1 44, 41 :MF .51 7 si?-1Tf"l , 1 0 ,. 5 S 44 E as L1 W H A L, L,.. gt w I - 5 K 1 A " W sf ' , f -., Q ,V Mg- ,, V- --Q M - f ,. '- 7 " ,A ' -1' ,Q ,1:3mifg-zg: K: -R , L. f 4 - x "Liv 12 'ff' '- .MS-sm "W, M X jggesirv ' 1 W iq GM - - fx WSW 'V izfggy V L ft :ig 225 9 QQ-1, " A gin? aim wi: Wx, 3 we x ,sipfff--fag M' ASQ "Q k C .. .I A f A M-Emfi . SEQ Fflifi. 1 1:1 , i ,g3gggf1gg4g3:k :fs-,QV .f,,rvwi rv 51,5 W -- V 3- Q 'Fifi '..:.s.,?'. ly. t'1Z.:t:' --7.,f,,:,, Q wen., F mf,-ffm-f ni k wf ,gf fa-gmfgig-.,,' ' Q J -1 --fi ww',,1g ' W tg- , is ' ii: 1,1559 5.x-,fggywilsrj if: M ' ' YS - , , g.A1 ,Cx ' ff., Xl' N 7 K YW ' 'fl 'K .. mi, 5 ...., a 'fi M.-A bw . 5 s f M. ,N L Q ,LH , , ff SX. ix 7 I is ,w 5 , .5 , K E 'x ' f if ff fi fix fi f 1 J rv B ' E Q? I , W Q - poggored by l.yle,s Grocgry Columbia Co. 1 XY1' I , - my 3 1241 , 1 -,,. l ,, X 4 . . 0lYIVI A S Here ln A H S athletics play a mayor part m t e extra CIITTICU lar lives ol lnany stuclents Ath etlcs provide an opportunity lor many oys to participate ln Inter sc 0 astlc sports ln ad Itlon to serving as a means lor stu ent organlzatlons to r HIS e un s t rough concesslons they prmlde an area IH which the exuberance o youth may he expelled ln t e ac Ing o a team pro uclng sc oo pride an spmt A S offers a lversl IC program mcu mg t e mayor sports haslcet all football and trac wrestling and tennis A though many A H S teams have hnlshecl hlgh ln their league as well as dIStI'lCt and state stancl lngs team worlc IS stressed to the utmost so that the partlclpnnts may acqulre the ahlllty to worlc ancl live together harmoniously As a result very few athletes rom this campus have gone on to c a p tu r e positions on co ege teams To supplement the Inter sc o astlc clepartments an extensive mtra mura program IS provl e Boys may participate IH volley ha and hadmlnton during the fall and haslcethall In the wlnter When spring rolls around partl clpants may journey to near y Slmxllc Beach to enyoy a relaxing roun of golf or remam at t e dymnaslum where once again ha mmton an volley a are played .' : 'h' ,A . Q I . Q . 'Z ' I3 . . . . - ht - . 4'- . 1 J h . V V. f -' I1 L, If f , d - g It 1 - fi .H, . A- 'f- 11 M 1, , loascilzmall-fancl the minor sportsT f - t ' - . 111- - - 1 ' - A Cl. H . . - . . ' nb- a ' It 'S a - ' 4 1, ll Taylor-G Knapp-T Hoots-WB Roberts--WB' Frederick-PB To Jim Larsen--OB Joe Moore-TB Parker--FB In Head Coach, Bill Peterson Himi-WB Smeby-E Orslru-G Larson Mgr. s I J' 4 355.2-E :. 'J . wvw'4'w . ll NWLMHonoffqb1Q Mantis Gdry Heister-E Back row: From left to right: Larry Hirni, Carl Vaughn, Rex Stroup, Ron Cain, Lloyd Glasoe, Gary Way, Jim Spitze, Archie Andrews, .loe Williarns, Jim Larson, Dennis Mapes, Chuck Mason. Seated, from left to right: Bill Belcher, Den Smeby, Art Hodges, Bob Graler, Tom Hoots, .lan Orsini, Les Crosby, Dick Wooding, Alton Willoughby, IR. VARSITY THE SEASON The Anacortes Seahawks, although on the short end of a 3-6 win loss record, played some rough football this last fall. With a few more breaks they could have been in the same spot they were last year at the end of the season, the championship slot. Mike Cotton. ARLINGTON-In the season opener, a non-conference tilt with Arlington, the Hawks were taken by surprise as the Eagles put the crunch on them by the score of 44-0. It needn't be said that the Hawks were ranked low after that. SNOHOMISH-Anacortes showed power in the Snohomish game. They were pushing the Panthers all over the field. The only thing wrong was that they could- n't get the ball across the goal line. When the game ended it was Snohomish 6, An 'tcortes O. EDMONDS -Not having won a ball game during the season, the Hawks finally got untracked with an upset victory over highly touted Edmonds. Playing be- fore a home crowd, Anacortes just couldn't be stopped as they turned in a superlative appearance and went on to win 19 to 12. SEDRO WOOLLEY-Bad breaks and had passes were the story for the Seahawks in the Sedro Woolley game. Leading 6-0 going into the last quarter, the Hawks looked as it they had it all sewed up, but Sedro Woolley came back late in the fourth to tie it up and then to go on and win 12-6. MOUNT VERNON-Homecoming with Mount Vernon didn't turn out too well as the Hawks lost to a hard running bunch of Bulldogs by the score ot 22 to 6. The Seahawks got otf to a fast start by scoring the first touchdown, but the Greenmen came back to take the ball game on their superior running ability. OAK HARBOR-Playing Oak Harbor on their home field, the Hawks romped to an easy 32-O victory over their Whidbey Island neighbors. By winning this game, the Hawks were acclaimed Champion of the San Juan lslands. MARYSVILLE-Anacortes made it two victories in a row as they humbled the Marysville Tomahawks 30-13. The game saw a lot of thrills and was a good win to add to the Seahawk record. MONROE-Everything favored the Seahawks but the final score of the Monroe game as they lost 14-13. The boot of a single point was the difference as Anacor- trs looked as if they had the game, then they dropped it. BURLINGTON-In the :ea:cn's final fracas, they fought the Burlington Tigers to a standstill, except for a tirst quarter lapse. The Tigers scored in the first quar- ter, but couldn't do it again. They didn't need to as they held the Seahawks and won 6-0. AFTERMATH-As an'aftermath of football season, the Eagles held their annual football banquet, where a crowd ot around 110 people saw Ed Way, senior tackle, awarded the Best Blocker Award, and they also saw Virg Taylor, senior guard, honored by being presented the Inspirational Award. In All Northwest League selections the Hawks placed high, landing two on the first team, one on the second, and one in the honorable mention. Ed Way and Virg Taylor were selected for first team honcrs, while Fred Knapp, senior tackle, made the second, and Bill Frederick was named to the honorable mention selections. A pleasant surprise to everyone was the nomination of two AHS grid men for the All State game to be played in Seattle this August. Ed Way and Virg Taylor were nominated alone' with three other members of the NWL. Final choice for this game will be announced at a later date. Name TD PAT TP . Team W L T Pf Pa Tom Higgins ',"V ----.'.- 4 1 25 Scoring Mount Vernon ..... ...... 6 0 0 141 44 Bill Frederick ----.-'. 4 1 25 Sedro Woolley ..... ...... 4 2 0 57 63 Paul Roberts ,.... ....... 4 o 24 NWL Sfand1ngsBuf11H9f9H ---------- ------ 4 2 0 83 43 Gary Hamer .vntn '.-..-- 2 0 12 Snohomish ..... ...... 3 3 0 94 63 Ken Moore '--------' A-'-- v -1 2 8 ANACORTES .. ...... 2 4 O 61 YI L T1 d ---w.- --.A--' 1 0 6 Edmonds ......... ..... ...... 2 4 0 96 67 Jl.Z"L..ZS2I' ..................................... ............. 1 0 6 Frosh M-fvsvi11- --,.- --.--..-,.-...,.-. - ,.-.....-- 0 6 0 20 201 From left to right, top row: Coach Davis, Denny Walrod, Newk McCall, Michael Espe, Michael Moen, John Skaarup, Danny Coleman, Bill Thayer, Jerry Annett, Bob Pearson, George Cherry, Roger Immer, Lynn Barcott, Eddie Sherman, Barry Sehlin, Steve Barton, Bill Thygesen, Allen Howard, Sidney O'Brien. Second row, left to right: Jerry Krause, John Tullis, Gilbert Bowlin, Bobby Dannis, Larry Morris, Paul Stannert, Rodger Pearson, Richard Sawyer, Terry Kilbreath, Bob Pleas, Terry Toland, Wayne Palmer, Alvin Cain, Rodney Balsley, Bob Petrish, Darrel Balthazor, Terry Hirni, Phil Robbins, George Larsen, Evans Whitney. .fees ' ' Q .i'iQ1t5,.3.r lorrl' P - ...f 'ii IIHAIVIPIII SHIP BASKllllAll Assistant Coach Bill Peterson 1958 Head Bill Taylor First row, left to right: John Plancich Bill Balsle Ken Moore L F N l J y arry ox oe ohnson Head Mgr. Don Williamson Second row: Gary Tarbox Den Colacino Gary Keister Fred Knapp Third row: Lynn Toland Tom HiggiIlS Elmer Guthrie Lloyd Glasoe Frau Crowell Sponsored lay Christ Nelson,-lnsurance Transmission Supply and FUflliS Riclifieltil SlHfi0I1 gi ta if 3 Q QM: V +A 2 QQ, Mijn if ffl! 4 3 x, !?LNaQl!E Sk , ' w . f 5 x 5. XY sn- Q.:-.a v-f kwx wwwil 5 W? ,SEE 31 11 'sk xg. 5+ - .- 5, ,- i '?- 'N- 3 , .ff , I 4. Tv A F LM. HQ, M 'A nt VL.,' .. , Y .. A - , "'f- ,X Avvigm 5 M a z ..,. 545 : ' V .Y 5 , WM 31: in 1- K -15: , , ' f'LL 26 1 ' 3.- W V E f I N k I :A LV, . ugh A J --Nm ' - , P' y M. 3 , ij , an . VL N ,,-. ,,,,.,.. Q 1 U as .i 4 ffkk x v- .K , ' x Q - Wai , .. ky 1 V, 1442 Y 'q Gfifif' z, - f ,X xg. f- , , .. --., xg, .. ,, Q, M ' k ir. mf. - f M ffm..-1.1-.ff f , -5 -,: gi M-Q, . fw: K' 'K A kay ',..::.n gmlfg. 'W va if .f f' Q A , 'S gk 'f A l 7 I' - , WW W' W 1, , A , , 5 '- I Q- -, fi 1:5 I ' , . 7 xv' E? W , ,ffm Wisr y waef ,HB ' , K ,if N - flL,'.:1,, 7 '- Q. W .. yy Q3 .wsu K, , W Q Q-W W EQ '? ,K ,A Av 252534 2? 575 EE 4 . Q 1 , 1 Q wg fa? as-1 1,551 5 33 22 55 11 , - 5 ' 'Q swx 1 x . Q 3 i I N ,Q gg -+ ww -, fb, A-if 5? 'AA,, S , sf Q , .Sffn 1? K. sn W, Kia, Q ,W , , , ' 2 'K A ' ,Q as W 'E its 5 2:1-'VS' f "fail" 5 3: 'Em i , A if ' ? v'lUfVff4 1 F2 . , K QS rg m,-'in 1 5 , , I, A- I TT' , ,- - K , 5' W QL Q ,f A qi F3 - gf-vfaseiislwg 157 'Q f 5 57 1, V 7? ,aw , , ' fix! 1' Jie, I 515, 4 'i MM 1- if' ,A Miifk k A ' . . M E - . ?Y s- ,, 15' ,- --HQ -W E ,T A - I ' 54 iv ! ff? 'i":5-ii?-.. 1- f .2 Q ffl' I w f g 3. ffm .g..m..: fi5A:fAfM.,5lQ, ,W .,,, ,Q .Z 4. V,l5 fffwiviiilsidsssnl Qfiflfff sig' X 145 f ff-mf.. ' 15,41 A' X Xgmaa Qfiyixiv if-ew' QQ -wx. af- .mf Q3 X ' 21 Q 1 , E , Q? H , mmm? . W' .N -M, E fi -852 J,gs?R ' ,ni Tug -- ,bw if I 4 fag K sr E, .4 gr no ,I 'S' ., 2 'f 'Q-A inf H , -- if my . Lf vm 1 , xagfefi QW wawfvy J -5 .455 Mr... fi E If Eff Q 71 E I - AW' f9'g'tf' W f 2 e My 5""'-f QQ Vi E? EQ gg WE if is ZA in f S, -W 2.1 ,, . A 7 ix: Vff " 5 . 5 K 5 11- rf A 35 S 1-iz' ' XX, '- .. 15' 5 is ' 1 AB M W K I m,iiiEif' K W . , 7 M Q 5 .U .Wil , 1: :1 55 K, W-U -5 1. K Y y VA Q is . f gy G: ,, 5IiE7SfQe?f1'i57ff fif' 5 2 7 Q -0.9 A , fi I in f . A ' , ,K M f ,gf 'X fly 'lu ,SWE W X2 5 r M i f? x ESS x A Y ' ,f 1:1 ' ' Q W ,ry fjfgy Q Q, . M .- ia dw X gig X X H K X lx 4 , i f . wwf- -' , M. , ,W K, sz.-Ia Q, .,"Ql-:Q W X -,.mi,11f ,M:... . we Eff XZ' 4' X 5 IN I 'W E1 ' S S 147 qw P nf A 55 W . ,N H+ QP ff M, Q ig W W E: I, ,L,,.., my X f 5 I 4' uv ix' F. 1 ' e Q !,: W We X my 1 7--' 5.1, 4 vi rv? .L4, V i ,f 7 VY ig ru W, ,, , ,. 5 L,,, Q A aww, M . ,. -'ff-W1 M E A Ti A. A f fl? ' ff-'lf' .E5.f"1iE' QWWQ' ' ' ' f,H,.53qp1!,g -f Ax an A , ,'m,L,, Q.. . I 15 'W a g --iw-3 A if ' .f -' ,Ww, x" f35 k ' 'N 1 ' "5?ff5?f ?Q32 ' .1fg..f, 1f1am?:,!'ifg. vj " h , ng, Q 5 22595 , .V:,,, '-wEz',.,5i" 's f 1,5 fwf , f A f A 145 .X:a'f535N L' ara, '14 Q1 , fx ,G Q? 5 4 L f , ,,- mi? ff r Y -W in .ia 5Q--,,Q.., 1,.. , , ,A ,W ,E M- , we gg Mm-4 , if .L,:, W E , . K S X W X A EW .ma ..,. ,K 7 'X 3 ,Q E yffif-,wk v " V ifgm as 'Hag S X f if if 1 A if +5 A 5 f V M q,x, .M....,,ww mm . X W m M if f i. 7' - 'ix 21 .4 f ,v , Q , .E 5 4 1 T 1 S' wg, ,,,f Q 1614. Q B 34 A px a kg , , 1 he 465 .4 72 1 Em xg . iz e '+ 9.1 m WV Y k 5' ,T Q L' ,f:i'11-5'f:14' 1 x :Sh --"iff ,fy ll ff X 1 L, Q K :V 2 , Q f 4 .S x -. , , , 2 3 5' f ,Sb ,G sir? . 'Qi!f,,S? f -325 f - H21 1 ie, ' KY T Q 1 '-fliziif. . 'W ' ,, '56, f f " K -4 .,z- A MJ 5 li" 'QF' ..,,ap::L-X .,,:,1,,13, , 5 -,lf WW 1 W A i1if:15ai,2:e,'2:ffi' if H122 if -f ' A3 'A " - A wr,-7' ' gggglfzkizgi 3 1 -'gsgggQ,:f4g,4,:.f -"- f Vfffiq' it . M wg ' 5? 4 w?Z'fw?Qf , : :QQ 71,220 sv - JE 5 L, waz ' 4 .956 I A f , 353 LQ, N- .,, wal:--mg-5 From left, standing: Fred Knapp, Ron Rayment, Gary Keister, Terry Powers, Lynn Toland, Coach Russ Davis, Kneeling, from left: Ron Stailin, Richard Erickson. 1 i ARSITY TRACK 1958 gk nv Terry Powers Gary Kexster rw l ,Q 5 :WS X' 1 li P ' . Fred Knapp 'ri Letterman Not Shown, Ron Rayment Sponsored by J. C. Penney Co. Lynn Toland From left to right, hack row: Fred Crowell, Han Swyter, Ernie Atierherry, Coach Vaughn Weber, Front row: Fred Pingle, Bill Welk, Brian Rockom, John Plancich, Roger Hill. . if if mf' from left to right, back ow: Richarf' Hicks Mgr., Fred Symonds, Den Colncino, Elmer Guihrie, Chuck Geska, Keith Lauderbach, Lloyd Glasoe, Virg Taylor, Front row: Mike Colton. Karl Harding, Mike Crowell, Larry Fox, Ken Moore, Bill Marmo. VARSITY BASEB LL 1958 Coach Bill Taylor Sponsored lily Anacortes lron Vvorlcs V , ,5 ,T, 'E ff ' Y - , I 5351, , K Z, vs ., ,f f' R Q ,LL,, W',L J . -, xmas : xy , xi N . M4 :N 2 iw fps? Q Wy 1 TOW6 FQ' fi ff , ' 2 ' " - sw: wwf x, M.. .M ,H my 7 'ww 3'-s'u"9 , 7'-Yi.:',fZWs, Q Q , 'Gs . ,S .- , if flfiifislszfifiifg . i: 21221. I 'S iyief K Mg, 5gi1,w f -ig Afsjjn M. 1. W x yi fi. '3- lflfiiiff? '1 Wwffmxmjk ' M1 1 ,i'L.-. N 'W 5 9 - 1 w w 5 T .. J,,,6,M ff Q Q QLIES 37' 1 ' -' 1 - '11-:fn , 7 Q :EWE-: K1 " x" 53. :MET M' 9 ' f' X, 5 1 ff, TW 1, 4 . :iw " M 4 Q i ? - . i ii'53eff'G12vEEf-My ,, - . ewzfag '- 5.1 5 ,,. Y fx ,. L ' 15355 , 'f Sw if 2' ' A S Xa. 5 +5 A ,- .ww F 19-w Q . I ' J ,, ,. ..,... .f"' '- U V23 1 if from your you grieve notg For winch PMIHI S Vve, the Anacortes High School Annual Staff, wish to ex- press our appreciation to the pat- rons of our 1958 Rhododendron, who have made our yearhoolc possible. Your continued interest in the welfare of our school and student body is greatly appreci- ated. Our warmest thanks to you! ak! 1 aegis! K2 fm xl' I ,4 I 5.5-.N qcniufl 'N V . rs xt J . ,-V , 4 i , - at V It Q Q.. 5 1. sl 5 2 -ff? f fc P- V I U Puffin vs' Q L cu- We Ft 'Lffbw T Q-'HQ QL F L-.LifCc-Ci1 UNK FQHT Eicxsggg '-mi Q :VE fe f ir25c.J f9'Q:Y,ki, 5,461 p 72:2 'YTEQLW f ,F ' X . ga c o l S 29th and Commerc T0 THE CLASS OF 1958 '24 of the Best Wishes from 24 of the Best Flavors of Quality lee Cream ial 2 Wm S 3:05- Hiwm W, v " 51252 2,f,2.iK54A:5 Q' Q, mm.-M fi . A 5 msgs s u: ,,. a.,::z.:Qa f, ffavyf'-V"!F if ' ff"--izm'-..'f'1aev - K ' L11?l:w5?E5wj'2i 52595 ,ml UH A , , ,W ,Q A , - , v HR .1 N E sg A ,, . ,:yg.f.1g,,g5V QQ. WWZSEC ' -.,X'1 ggvEfgff:Qfgf:n,vf W X 1..QyiI",,.f': 5 K, ifiifiiklfiesisg D5 ' xiii '.q5,'LfCfW5 V pg.-2vwW:A:Qg,:gw wp M ,...2 M, ih., , J Viva 's'fse,,- fx' W I ,,J,.5g v -,zigg'E?E1J"' Q 0 1 ,C k A 14 ri 4 'A I ' Yin.. -.., my 0 I .., 1 ! 4 5 P 9 ig: WMM' ' ' M ' ' W . MH., , ,WN Jn.-an MQ, K. Q 5 ii I wgnevsxzzk , sm -Y , ax... MPN ww mmm: wwf' ,Q . 1 ww4aw1xfWWM"M1-'f K X W , W, 'E' 1' 552119. iT"?iwww.1M,wQg- " V' , - ff-- my ,WQQW MMS. ' f fy- , Wwmw-WMMWM - -, N, .X .,,:fff'jwgww..., 'M 'BMW W-M., W , "A WWW A- M. 5,7 3 zgww Q 7 pb ,N t, , ffm ' Y ' 4 ' r S .W 'Ilan ,Un dv X. ' , ...nge W Nw. ,.,W,,...gW L Ov gW5,,gQmW4 4 A wMA,,, -N. wings, In your I 'kt-15 iff' ,,,, -fi 1 , 5 will W .k,'k: 11:7- ri Vg- :Wg ,AW .A w ,wmmj ' 4 ? F a 1' ls Q . fm Q. ,5l,.QigfkS56.. ,z i' V: i , 1, QLMM3 ' i 2 gf Q ,xg aw , :., PE x f .4,', - 9 S I 5 1 5 fy--....-f ' Q . Anc1erson's am1 WN Q 82. 5 ,,.,3 mi 'lf 3 'T if A YQ A. fr . Q psf, ,E ff f , iw 253, was A., Z A if fH 23- E xy e OIG 3 mu, DGRIS BEAUTY SALCN Permanent Waving and fgjgjj hair Styling aiijfvz 2015 N Ave Cy-41 5972 iyypl 4?:lW'lA?1 yiyf if?EjZigfJ59LEW T lfWA1V' gl ' wj' 70 V yf tty it Mjijiyyyi QiL' if Mi? if W A .C12"" C-ix A .fN"A'iT'? 'ses K lf-QQ L M 5 . 147 .,, A 5 it SL 1 Xfnnfanmu, ff J'-fLf'i'3fm" L LLAJ ky of -nl if 3 s W h l X 4 lxt L 4 i Lv. 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