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★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★ ★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★ ★★★★★For You, O Democracy Come, I will make the continent indissoluble, 1 will make the most splendid race the sun ever shone upon, I will make divine magnetic lands. With the love of comrades, With the life-long love of comrades. I will plant companionship thick as trees along all the rivers of America, and along the shores of the great lakes, and all over the prairies, I will make inseparable cities with their arms about each other's necks. By the love of comrades, By the manly love of comrades. , O Democracy, to serve yoi , For you these from ma femme! For you, for yoi I am trilling these songs. THE MAKING ANACONDA SENIOR HIG$ SCHOOLOF A NATION THE TIDE 6 THE STORM INDEPENDENCE 41 DEMOCRACY LIBERTY 1 I ANACONDA, MONTANA HiSuperintendent Fred Moodry DEDICA TION Football Coach Friend.. . Let me look upward Into the branches of the towering oak and know That he grew great and strong Because he grew slowly and well. TeacherSchool Life70 -'0 ‘ AZ 1 99 Row 1: Fred Moodry, Joe Palakovich, Ken Fuller, Mark Vuckovich, Dan Sorum, Kevin Fuller, Vince Colucci, Brad Temple, David Briggs, Ken Allen, Tris Spehar. Row 2: Ron Verlanic, Vladimir Babich, Tom Moodry, David Rustad, Scott Zeier, Steve Tate, Joe Kriskovich, Blaine Messer, Joe Sedminick, Kevin May; Jim Freel, Joe Sladich, Ken Blume, Bill Mehrens. Row 3: Dan Vuckovich,Bruce Friend, Dean Newell, Allen Ross, Scott Haffey, Gary Nonnan, Jim Sloan, Mat Rouse, Bob Rivers, Mike Derzay, Gary Funston, Mike Horwath. Row 4: Harold Johnson, Bob Cline, Brian Marcille, Lyle Moquist, Dan Blume, Allen Green, DanOberweiser, Bob Wren, John Janosko, Don Smith, John Monaco, Bob LaTray. SCHEDULE "75" Havre 18 A.H.S. 40 Billings West 34 A.H.S. 0 Kalispell 14 A.H.S. 20 Libby 0 A.H.S. 14 Missoula Hellgate 3 A.H.S. 7 Butte 21 A.H.S. 7 Missoula Sentinel 17 A.H.S. 0 Bozeman 36 A.H.S. 21 Helena Capitol 46 A.H.S. 0". . . and I'd like to thank my blockers, you@ ! Anatomy of an InterceptionWould ya look at those cheerleaders!! My Life Insurance! ? New England Life of course... Why Greeno? Go! ! ! Go! ! !Why can't we be friends? I think the "Rivers" too wide! 1975 Copperhead Seniors.. .who wants to play football? Cute Al.. .Real Cute!Pencils, five cents Honestly, talking to you guys is like talking to a brick wall.Copperhead Spirit Scores Again The Triple Threat In Action(?)From LefttoRight (1st Row)- Manager Darcy Dulaney, Alice Lombardi, Dannette Mitchell, Kim Hurley, Patty Lacey, Colleen McCarthy, Sandy Campbell, Mary Jean Vaughn. 2nd Row-Terry Griswold, Chuck Haffener, Dan Austin, Dan Kleman, Ross Swanson, Laurie Fuller, Jared Stancliffe. Coach: DICK KOONTZ SCHEDULE Sept. 6 Anaconda Invitational Butte High Helena High Helena Capital Home Sept. 11 Butte High There Sept. 20 Missoula Sentinel Home Sept. 27 Bozeman Invitational There Oct. 4 Missoula Invitational There Oct. 11 Great Falls Russell There Oct. 18 Bozeman Home Oct. 25 State Cross Country Meet Great Falls 14 1975 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM COMPLETES SUCCESSFUL SEASON Sophomore Colleen McCarthy takes 3rd at StateWhen will it ever end??Sandy Campbell. Mmm good.G.A.A. Row 1: Sgt. at Arms, Jean Elbert; Pres., Terri Kaye Carraher; Sec. , Judy Devine, Row 2: Point Sec., Kathy Kriskovich; St. Council Rep., Kitty Logan; Treasurer, Barb Boyd; Absent: Vice. Pres., Sheila Corcoran. Honor G.A.A. Row 1: Laureen Clark, Terri Kaye Carraher, LynnMcNay, Row 2: Vicki McCollom, Gail Bowman, Sandy Campbell, Absent: Natalie Forwood, Penny Hill 18Gigi Devine Barbara Boyer Laureen Clark Captain cheerleaders 1975-1976 Mary Jean Vaughn Linda Marcotte Sheila Daly Super Studded Seniors of 76! !! Powder Puff Jumpin' Jivin' Juniors of 77??? KING TOM MOODRYHomecoming 1975 Catch me if you can! 22 Royal Couple leads day's festivities.HOMECOMING ROYALTY 1975 Queen Connie Johnson King Keith Barkell Senior Princesses Gail Bowman Chris Newman 24 Junior Princess Linda Marcotte Sophomore Princess Callie SullivanRow i.- Sandy Olsen, Barb Boyd, Natalie Forwood, Penny Hill, Kitty Logan, Colleen McGrath, Corrine Wicks, Cindy King Row 2: Ass. Coach Miller, Patrice Meshnik, Bobbie Ziegler, Mary Cheek, Mary Stergar, Debbie Barone, Sandy Forwood, Coach Horsfall Copper A’s Shine in Girls Basketball Schedule A's 37............................Billings West 35 A's 54............................Billings Senior 26 A's 29...................... Missoula Sentinel 26 A's 26............................Missoula Hellgate 30 A's 33.............................Butte High 25 A's 34............................Dillon 16 A's 49.............................Bozeman 45 A's 51.............................Helena High 18 A's 60.............................Helena Capitol 56 A's 26.............................Deer Lodge 46 A's 40.............................Butte High 22 A's 54.............................Helena High 26 A's 46.............................Dillon 32 A's 45.............................Deer Lodge 42 A's 36............................Bozeman 41 A's 35............................Helena Capitol 55 Tournament Scores A's 36............................Billings West 34 A's 49............................Livingston 37 A's 38......................-r . . . . Hardin 41 A's 36............................Billings West 31 25Junior Forward Cindy King Senior Guard Penny Hill Senior Guard Natalie Forwood Junior Forward Bobby Ziegler "One can't compete in sports and be non-competitive; one can't put one's skills on the line against an opponent and be too afraid to take risks; one can't come out on the court against opponents who have de- monstrated their superiority and be wanting in courage; one can't practice for two physically demanding hours a day and be physically weak; one can't accept the results of the contest as proof of who's best for the moment and be unobjective; one can't strive to WIN, WIN, WIN, and not be achievement- oriented. " Junior Center Mary Cheek 26Copper A J.V.’s Row 1: Susan Johnson, Patty Monaco, Judy Palakovich, Connie Lovell, Vicky Corkish, Judy McCabe, Dorrine Wicks Row 2: Coach Linda Miller, Ann Leary, Laurie Stergar, Kathie Forwood, Katie Lauchlin. Sherry Mondick, Jeanne Rasor, Julie CampbellPrincesses: Janet Marcotte, Candyce Miller, Sheila Daly, Vicki McCollom, Snoball Queen: Joanne Cress. Missing is Connie Lovell Snoball 1975 “MIDNIGHT ” 30 Crowning of our QueenEdie Adams Chester Brown Greg Budd George Butorovich Celeste Callaghan Paul Casey Tim Chiddix Lois Anderson Debbie Barone Barbara Beach Maueen Bishop Wydette Carpenter Brent Chandler Laura Clark 34Steve Cron Patty Estes Ross Evans Lenny Fabich Debbie Fitzgerald Hazel Frailly Alice Giulio Carrie Estill Lee Fadness Willis Fisher Jim Foster Steve Funston Mike Cortright Loren Davis Denise DiRe Gilbert Fisher Steve Forsman Laurie Fuller Dave Ewan Tammy Fisher Kathie Forwood Gary Funston Dale Conrady Clayton Currie Mike Deraay Barb Dorey Lori Dresher Lori Ellingston Rula Xanthopolous Gary FrankovichDeanna Holzer Luanne Hosking John Hurlbert John Isaacson Brenda Johnson Hal Johnson Shawn Hollihan Larry Huber Kira Hurley Mona Jaap Cary Johnson Susan Johnson Denise Johnson Verdon Gocher David Graham Mike Horvath Pat Huber Jerry Isaacson Crystal Jenson Don Gonzales Randy Graves Kathy Greany Bonnie Gustafson Robyn Hamel Mary Heiberger Chuck Hill Mark Gray Robert Gress Chuck Haeffner Kent Harris Carol Hekkel David Hirsch 36Barb Machen Lori Mahle Rick Massey Judy McCabe Ed McCrcevey Robin McHugh Chris Mackay Laura Marthaller Chris Matosich Colleen McCarthy Ann McGreevey Bill Mehrens Susie Menicucci Debbie Jurcich Molly Kelly Kim Kline Donna Kriskovich Bob Latray Ann Leary Leah Lewis Bob Kenison Judy Kopp Joe Kriskovich Steve Latray Bruce Le Blanc Doug Lorello 38Kevin Prosnik Lyn Riley Kathy Popovich Bill Pratt Lelani Reisenauer Phillip Reiss Terri Rustad Robin Ryan Dennis Zarr Kathleen Schiele Pam Schalk Joe Sedminik Shawnee Shaffer Joe Ralston Rita Rivers Lori Salle Rudy Shaffer Jeannie Rasor Bob Rivers Roger Salle Kim Shandorf Nilda Schellabarger Shirley Sletton Angie Smith Tris Spehar Mike Staat Mike Shagina Dan SnQW Laurie Stegar Jenny Shepard Marty Skocilich Steve Softich Jim Solan Linda Stewart Janet Stone 39Robin Strong Linda Stropes Callie Sullivan John Sullivan Tom Sullivan Tim Wilson Kathy Wolpcrt Karen Wright Kim Yelsa, President; Callie Sullivan, Vice President; Kathy Wolpert, Secretary Tim Wyckolf Treasure; Teri Thompson; Girls Representative; Ed McGreevy, Boys Representative. Jim Xanthopoulos Brenda Temple Mike Tolan Jim Verstraete Sam Vuicich Carol Thomas Robert Tonkovich Bill Vincent Kathy Walker Deanne Thomas John Vauthier Jo Ann Vine Tracy Wallace Terri Thompson Bill Verlanic Mark Vuckovich Gene Walsh Patty Waland Clayton Wiant Corrine Wicks Jcanice Wilson 40 BUI Allen Mary Lou Asp holm Ken Allen Tom Allen Tom Anderson Mike Austin Howard Baker Donna Barnes Lori Beatty Barbara Bennett Kathy Bennett Cheryl Bradley Phyllis Briggs Mark Callison Tim Calnan Mary Cheek Gary Clavelot Brian Ankeny Bonnie Barney Bob Boehm Mike Bolkovatz Judy Boehm Barbara Boyd Gary Brunell Charles Castleton Jody Campbell Bob ClineSheila Corcoran Janice Dallaserra Cheryl Cron Gordon Delong Michelle Dorey Laurie Dowdell Mark Dotson Sean Doyle Scott Fadness Sandy Forwood John Corrigan Vickie Corkish Cathy Coward Sheila Daly Brenda Davis Sheila Deakin Judy Devine Dave Dewing Dennis DiRe Jean Elbert Marla Eccleston Bill Edwards Dan Fitzgerald Ruth Holmes Farrish Ray Fisher Jeannie Kathy Jo Francisco Les Frank Frankovich Amelie Dr esc her Darcy Dulaney Rose Flynn Jim Freel Maureen Durkin Pete DurkiniMary Glover Tammy Greenlief Stan Hansen Janet Hawkins Fred Hill Sandy Jaap Terry Hintz John Groswold Renee Harmon Dave Hebert Chris Hochstrosser Jim Hain Peggy Harris Ronnie Heck Lenny Hosche id Randy Jenkin Carl Jess Diane Johnson Karen Johnson Mitzi Johnston Tom Gransberry Bill Hanson Robin Harris Pat Hess Ted Ivankovich John Janosko 44Mike Kopp Rita Kroll Theresa Lathrope Kitty Logan Terry Kreitlov Patty Lacey Paula LaTray Jim Lehman Art Lombardi Bonnie Machen Mike Maciag Kevin Mackay Brian Marcille Sharon Kiehn John Klemann Bob Krizan Nick Laslovich Coral Lindsay Pat Lorello Cindy King Nick Krisovich Larry LaSalle Jerry Lemm Jim Loranger Mike Lundy 45Robin McGuire Dustin McKenney Paul McLean John McMahon Dan Mitchell Barbara Monaco Sherry Mondik Tom Moodry Brian McCarthy Maureen McCarthy Kathleen McConnehey Lee McDonald Dave McDowell Colleen McGrath Trina McNay Cory McNeill Dorothy McNeill Doug Mickelberry Eyvette Miller Jackie Minnehan Steve Mullen Roger Naylor Dean Newell Larry Ohman Jim Oldhouse Connie Ostrum Bill Peterson Celia Peterson Ken Peterson Russell Peterson Janice Petrovich Ron Pierce 46Dorothy Podobnik Bob Phillips Ron Plott Debbie Prothero Sic an Puccinelli Mike Radonich Jeryl Romanchuk Greg Reset Allan Ross Matt Rouse Dave Rustad Ed Ryan Glenn Seitzinger Zane Shanklin Delb art Shepard Nonnie Siegle Don Simpson Joe Sladich Dan Stoner Lori Strizich Janeen Stroh Brenda Strong Kay Sturdevant Chuck Sturm 47Tonya T aylor Joe Turtle Larry Ohman, Pres, ; Karen Johnson, Tres.; Kathy Kriskovich, Sec.; Sheila Daly, Girls Rep.; Dan Vuckovich, Vice Pres.; Missing Dean Newell, Boys Rep. Dan Vuckovich Kim Vuckovich Roger Walker Debbie Welch Louis Welch Kevin Wicks ohn Xanthopoulos Scott Bobbie Ziegler 48SCHOOL BOARD Herb Swanson, Clerk Jim Corrigan, Business Mgr. Row 1: Harry McKernan, Claudia Eastmark, John Pellegrini; Chairman, Chuck Haeffner. Row 2: Emmett O'Leary, Bill Brolin, Bill Hursh, Ed Speigle; Superintendent... .and that's how basketball was invented! Principal Elmer Carosone When E.J. Carosone talks.. .people listen. Vice-Principal Joe Wolpert 51AUTOGRAPHS 52MA TH-SCIENCE 3ob Gossack BA, MS Mary Jo Oreskovich BS, ME Bob Laufthlin BS Darold Roilman BS, MAT Mike Knutson BA, MS William Gustafson Art McLean BS, ME Dale Clark BS Jack Oberwieser BA BS No More Mister Nice Guy! ART Paul Hawkins BA Molly McKinnon BA LIBRARY Eleanor Ivankovich BA FOREIGN 53You did what?? GUIDANCE Peggy Walsh BA, MED LANGUAGE ARTS Will Sagin BA, MA, MED Jeanne Lowney BA, MA Tom Cmich BA Carol Ohman BA Walter Hanson BS, MS Kathy Poore BA Carl Stetzner BS, MA Harry Piper BS 54SOCIAL STUDIES 55P.E. MUSIC Bob Koski BS Ruth Gustafson BA, MED, MM Arlee Schultz BS VOCATIONAL Ed Nilson BA MS John Murphy Bob Gutcheck BS Janis Solum BS Audrey Reece BS Babe Aspholm BASTUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: Karla Park, Teri Thompson, Susan Johnson, Sheila Messer, Mary Jean Vaughn, Kitty Logan, Edgar Kirtley Row 2: Leslie Smith, Barb Monaco, Jackie Minnehan, Sheila Daly, Frannie Ginsburg, Laureen Clark, Jan Browning Row 3: Blaine Messer, Glynn McGreevy, Marianne Papich, Julie Palakovich, Lynn McNay, Kim Yelsa Row 4: Advisor: Joe Wolpert, Tim Mehrens, Brian McConnell, Gary Norman, Dan Vuckovich, Dean Newell Row 5: Larry Ohman, Marty Kloker President: Tim Mehrens the minds of youth, build a better purpose! 57KEY CLUB AND KEYETTES Row Is Sec. -Bobbie Ziegler, Vice Pres. -Marianne Papich, Pres. -Gail Bowman, Sgt. of Arms-Pam Jacobson. Row 2: Lourdes Gracia, Vicki McCollom, Laureen Clark, Natalie Forwood, Teri Kaye Carraher. Row 3: Barbra Boyer, Sandy Campbell, Penny Hill, Martha Magnuss. Row 4: Glynn MeGreevy, Gayle Thompson, Debbie Hanson, Susan Johnson, Laurie Swanson, Sandy Forwood. Row 5: Janet Hawkins, Linda Marcotte, Kim Vuckovich, Lynn McNay, Teri Thompson, Kathy Wolpert, Advisor-Miss Ohman. Row 6: Sheila Corcoran, Patty Lacy, Phyllis Briggs, Barbra Monaco, Annie McGreevy. Row 1: Sec. -Pat Hess, Sgt. of Arms-Mike Moodry, Pres. -Brian Verlanic, Vice Pres. - Allen Green, St. Council Rep. -Brian McConnell. Row 2: Jim Lohman, Pizza Lorello, Vince Colucci, Gary Norman, Jim Elbert, Brian Marcille. Row 3: Vladimir Babich, Frank Antonich, Leo Rivers, Kevin Michels, John Monaco, Dean Newell. Row 4: Jim Verstrate, Tom Beatty, Robbie Johnson, Lyle Moquist, Tim Mehrens, Keith Barkell, Joe Kriskovich, Blaine Messer, Vince Carosone, Mark Vuckovich.Girls'1 A” Club f™1 ' «dM TP elV u y F°rw°od Colleen McCarthy, Mary Stergar, Penny Hill, Liz 1® ’ Ilary Va“fln- R°w 2: 1x511 Stergar, Debbie Barone, Kathy Kriskovich, Kitty M r pV"nr-ean:-Mary,Chee {. TraCy Wallace- Row 3: Kim Hurley, Barb Boyd, Colleen McGrath, Phyllis Briggs Jean Elbert. Absent: Vice Pres: Joan Tracy, and Sargent at Arms: Natalie Forwood, Gail Bowman, Vicki McCollum, and Glynn McCreevy. Boys" A" ClubRow 1: Asst. Coach Larry Heaphy, Jim Baustadt, Dan Oberweiser, Rod Harris, Jay Stergar, Allen Green, Dan Blume, Nick Laslovich, Coach John Cheek. Row 2: Tom Gransberry, Bill Rasor, Brian Marcille, Dan Vucovich, Greg Roset, Larry Ohman, Bill Edwards, Mgr. Paul McLean. COPPER HEA DS Guard Jay Stergar, co-captain all- tournament second team. Center Allen Green, co-captain all-tournament first team. Schedule ANACONDA 73 OPPONENT Billings West 60 ANACONDA 79 Billings Senior 54 ANACONDA 64 Dillion 59 ANACONDA 81 Butte Central 55 ANACONDA 61 Missoula Hellgate 62 ANACONDA 71 Missoula Sentinel 84 ANACONDA 51 Libby 52 ANACONDA 80 Kalispell 82 ANACONDA 67 Bozeman 53 ANACONDA 67 Butte Public 65 ANACONDA 56 Havre 64 ANACONDA 84 Helena 51 ANACONDA 75 Helena Capital 69 ANACONDA 67 Missoula Sentinel 82 ANACONDA 50 Missoula Hellgate 47 ANACONDA 91 Libby 52 ANACONDA 75 Kalispell 54 ANACONDA 55 Butte Public 57 ANACONDA 75 Billings West 69 ANACONDA 74 Bozeman 52 6062 J. V. Cheerleaders and Basketball Team Row 1: Coach: Larry Heaphy, Joe Palakovich, Bill Edwards, Tom Cransberry, Vince C arosone. Row 2: John Schmidt, Greg Roset, Brian M arc ille, Bob La tray, Dean Newell, Absent: Larry Ohman.Row 1: Kim Hurley, Liz Leary, Brenda Hurley, Tommy Anderson. Row 2: Larry Huber, Bob Schalk, Tom Mullen, Pat Huber, Dan Stoner. Row 3: Steve Mullen, Steve Gates, Allan Ross, Kyle Doyle, Randy Schalk. «K m ■» -flto ■mm 4m m m m I ‘mm SWIM TEAM Coach White and Swim Team. Who drained the pool?! 67Left to Right: Carolyn Stergar, Mary Maxon, Celeste Callahan, Kathy Kriskovich, Laurie Stergar, Jean Elbert, Mo Durkin, Peggy Harris, Phyllis Briggs, Jeanne Ogren, Tessie Stephens, Kathy Colwell, Traci Wallace, Jim Elbert, John Adams, Larris Allick, John Walsh, Mark May, Pat Durkin, Steve Gates, Steve Boyer, George Tate, Mark Calhoun, Ken Blume, Rich Pierce. Coach Ray Haffey GYMNASTICS Kenny Blume on a natural high Flap your wings and fly away- I'll try—Officere: Pres-Annie Rivers, Vice Pres-Brian McConnel, Sec- Laurie Swanson, Student Council Rep.-Blaine Messer, Commit- tee Chairman-Debbie Hansen. Yippee it's snow time! ! ! Oh really!Row 1: Tom Allen, Mike Moodry, Laurie Fuller, Kirk Forkan, Dennis Zarr, Jerry Arneson. Row 2: Roger Walker, Tom Moodry, Jim Lohman, Dan Sorum, Ken Allen, John Janosko. Coaches: Mr. Weber, Mr. Huot. WRESTLERS YOUNG, BUT STRONG Anaconda Senior High Opponents A. H. S. 12 Missoula Hellgate 35 A. H. S. 48 Helena High 2 A. H. S. 30 Helena Capital 24 A.H.S. 33 Missoula Sentinel 29 A.H.S. 25 Kalispel 30 A. H.S. 24 Libby 39 A. H. S. 20 Butte High 31 A. H. S. 28 Salmon, Idaho 35 A.H.S. 27 Billings West 30 A.H.S. 30 Billings Senior 28 A. H.S. 19 Great Falls Senior 38 A. H. S. 6 Great Falls Russell 45 A. H.S. 19 Butte High 31 A. H. S. 35 Helena Capital 19 A.H.S. 41 Helena High 14 A.H.S. 34 Havre 26 74Get off my back, Jack! How do you keep your hands so soft? Junior Varsity Row 1: Manager: Stu Schalk, Tris Spehar, Kevin Fuller, Lenny Hoscheid, Bill Vincent, Nick Cook, Robbie Hill, Tom Sullivan. Row 2: Rick English, Jim Haine, Bob Rivers, Mick Miller, Roy Nelson, Vernon Cook, Don Fitzgerald, Scott Zier, Byrd Solan. 75Don't get hooked on me.wrestling girls basketball cheer- leaders 1 78COPPER CADETS Row Meiva Crabtree, Robyn Hamel, Mary Lou Aspholm, Chris Newman, Lourdes Gracia, Schalk, Michele Francisco, Kathy Francisco. Row 2: Vicki Foreman, Rhonda Colwell Mary Debbie Colucci, Bonnie Johnston, Cindy Budd, Teri Navarro Theresa Lathrope, Pam Navarro, Kim Klein, 82These routines ah-so hard! Is that what they call Sophomores??? Patty-cake, Patty-cake baker's man, Yeoman, Yeoman she's our man We are the can-can girls Whats going on Teri??These few moments we’ll share together 'Mr Tonight I’ll play for you, but so short will be the time. SENIOR RECEPTIONGymnasts Take 3rd at DivisionalsRow 1: Laureen Clark, Marla Devich (Pres. ), Row 2: Linda Marcotte, Sheila Daly, Bobbie Ziegler, Judy Devine (Treas. ), Donna Barnes (Vice. Pres. ), Mary Stergar, Row 3: Denise Dire (Sec.), Susan Johnson, Lori Stergar.AQUA SHOW 1976Row 1: Laurie Dowdall, Tammy Barclay, Cail Thompson, Natalie Forwood, Janet Hawkins, Brenda Strong, Penny Hill, Renee Harmon, Melva Crabtree, Leslie Miller, Tamara Jones, Rhonda Colwell, Shelia Messer, Lori Beatty. Row 2: Julie Palakovich, Jean Strizich, Mary Calnan, Charolette Ravendal, Laurdes Gracia, Terri Kaye Carraher, Roxanne Minnehan, Sharon Niland, Connie Johnson, Alice Tonkovich, Shelly Calnan, Diane Sedminik, Barbara Boyd. Row 3: Sherry Petrovich, Jean Elbert, Marla Eccleston, Marla Devich, Vicki McCollom, Sandy Campbell, Jeryl Romanchuck, Gigi Devine, Mary Ann Burch, Debbie Heikkinen, Cindy Ogren, Elizabeth Shagina. Row 4: Vince Colucci, Wally Chor, Mike Moodry, Bernie Caufield, Mike Bolkovatz, Zane Shanklin, Bob Beardslee, Carl Jess, Jim Elbert. Row 5: Charles Castleton, Edgar Kirtley, Frank Antonich, Advisor: Mr. Wolpert, Roy Nelson, Ken Myklebust, Rock Boyer, Dan Vuckovich, Dan Klemann, Greg Roset. Missing: David Eck, Rose Flynn, Ross Swanson. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY President Jim Elbert If viewed by today’s standards, the progress that is to come would seem almost magical .. .it will be our task to work toward the day when the world’s people may truly live as brothers. Advisor Joe Wolpertlibrary club Row 1: Joan Croston, Sandy Mogren, Gloria Fisher. Row 2: Secretary: Shelly Calnan, President: Cindy Budd, Vice- President: Le Ann Sanborn, Student Council Rep: Leslie Smith. Row 3: Judy Larsen, Mary Ann Burch, Mary Jo Austin, Sandy For wood, Marla Galle, Connie Stembridge, Debbie Ferguson. Absent: Sheryl Villa, Kathy Bennett. Susan Puccinelli. french club Row 1: Laurie Stcrgar, Reporter: Maybritt Hinrichsen. Row 2: Student Council Rep: Susan Johnson, Reporter: Teri Thompson, President: Leslie Miller. Absent: Sec. Tres: Dan Austin. Spanish club Row 1: President: Sandy Selensky. Row 2: Student Council Rep.: Edgar Kirtley, Vice President: Diane Sedminik. Absent: Sec. Treas. : Sandy Olsen. 91Debbie Wiant Connie Stembridge Susan Carroll Trueax Rob Beardslee Jay Stergar Liz Leary Mary Jo Painter Bill Calhoun 99Frannie Ginsberg Mark May Pam Swanson John Walsh Kurt Wyant Dan Oberweiser Shelly Calnan 100101 Ranie Bleile I used to be a rolling stone 4 H k r if the cause is right I’d leave to find the answer on the road 102Diane Sedminik used to he a heart heating for someone hut the times have changed the less I say the more my work gets done Belinda Baldwin Joe Mehrens Max Zacher 103Leo Rivers Beth O 'Brien Wally Chor 'Cause I live and breathe this Philadelphia Freedom From the day I was born I waved the flag Philadelphia Freedom took me kneehigh to a man Gave me peace of mind my daddy never had. Mark Martzolf 104Sherry Petrovich Sam Carroll Tom Beierle Philadelphia Freedom shine on me, I love you, shine your light Through the eyes of the ones left behind Shine your light, shine your light, shine your light Wont you shine your light, Philadelphia Freedom, I love you, yes I do. Pam Smith Dan Costle 105Debbie Draper Wouldn't you give think of me 106your hand to a friend as your friend Roy Nelson 107te And I think we can make it DeAnn Hekkel Mike Murphy Mary Calnan Patty Menicucci Tim Ryan Alice Tonkovich Joan Tracy one more time 108Janet Kuntz Carl Nyman Linda Shellabarger Tim Ravndal Geri McKernan Helen Lovell Tony Pipinich one more time for all the old times Mike Moodry Barb Bjornemo 109Jean Strizich Bill Foreman Jan Browning Kevin Fuller Ramona Baldwin Mike Lorello Dorothy Montgomery Jodie Francisco 110 . ■+ T Skip Blodnick Robbie Hungate Cindy Ogren Jeanne Cress Bill Cmcevich Donna Shandorf Dan Flynn Ross Swanson Paula Munson inKathy Lubke Tony Pellegrini Life— so they say Janice Corcoran Is but a game and they let it slip away Larris Allick Love— like the Autumn sun Laura Cates Dan Durkin 112should he dying but it’s only just begun Rodney Petruska Roseann Maki John Schalk Like the twilight in the road up ahead Tami Jones Terry Blaz Robin McKue Cathy Estill Dan Venturelli Nancy Dunn they don't see just where we’re goin’ 113Barbara Boyer Marla Devich Dennis Keele Lem Massey Linda Rivers whisper in our ears Rick Schalk Edgar Kirtley 114Karen Harrington A11 the years will come and go Ron Davis Julie Beck Teresa Kanduch Laurin Maes Jim Petko Debbie Hansen Jim Lakel Cindy Budd Melva Crabtree And take us up, always up 115Julie Cron Marvin Van Meel Darla Holzer Dreams—so they say are for the fools and they let them drift away Peace—like the silent dove should he fly in' but it’s only just begun Gail Bowman Richard Pierce 116Rhonda Colwell Joe Vauthier Tammy Barclay Randy Wolfe Like Columbus in the olden days We must gather all our courage Sail our ship out on the open sea Cast away our fears and all the years Will come and go And take us up—always up Dan Heffernan 117♦» Terri Kaye Carraher Lisa Le Blanc Lcann Sanborn We may never pass this way again Lyle M oquist Linda Sather Paula Allen Gloria Fisher Lynn M cN ayBrad Temple Lynn Jessen Vicki McCollom Desiree Benson Kathie Donahue Bob Wren We may never pass this way again Clarice Durkin Marianne Papich 119120 Glynn McGreevey Connie Ternes Ruthie AndersonLourdes Gracia Charlotte Ravndal Laurie Swanson Do you get what you're hoping for Julie Palakovich Jim Elbert When you look behind you there’s no open door John Heintz Chris Newman What are you hoping for Do you know? Pam Jacobson 121Gary Norman Roxanne Minnehan Debbie Foreman John Keyes Once we were standing still in time Chasing the fantasies that filled our minds You knew how I loved you hut my spirit was free Laughing at the questions that you once asked me. 122Frank Antonich Michele Francisco Now looking back at all we planned We let so many dreams Just slip through our hands Why must we wait so long before we see How sad the answers to those questions can be. Sheryl Villa 123my friend may you find of me your mind Dan Jurcich Kevin Michels 125 Kelly Richards Karen Mickelson Buhl1284 1. Kathie Donahue 2. Leann Sanborn 3. Jodie Francisco 4. Joe Mihelic 5. Laurie Swanson 6. Donna Shandorf 7. Laureen Clark 8. Sheila Messer 9. Debbie Foresman 10. Marty Kloker 11. Mary Austin 12. Gail Bowman 13. Debbie Heikenen 14. Cathy Estell 15. Jim Elbert 16. Steve Gates 17. Alice Tonkovich 18. Marla Devich 19. Dorothy Montgomery 20. Sandy Mogren 21. Desire Benson 22. Candyce Miller 23. Michele Francisco 24. Mary Calnan 25. Mary Ann Burch 26. Bonnie Johnston 27. Ruth Anderson 28. Lynnette Wilson 29. Carmie McCeever 30. Tim Ryan 31. Deane Hekkel 32. Barb Bjornemo 33. Marianne Papich 34. Terri Kaye Carraher 35. Frannie Ginsberg 36. Linda Shellaburger1. Chris Newman 2. Jan Jovanovich 3. Vicki Bennett 4. Mike Lorello 5. Pam Swanson 6. Charlotte Ravndahl 7. Linda Sather 8. Bill Rasor 9. Vicki McCollom 10. Lori Massey 11. Laura Cates 12. Connie Johnson 13. Mike Lorello 14. Patty Menicucci 15. Diane Sedminik 16. Rhonda Colwell 17. Dan Oberweiser 18. Jan Browning 19. Bill Foreman 20. Natalie Forwood 21. Cigi Devine 22. Terri Corrigan 23. Mary Jean Vaughn 24. Connie Ternas 25. Sue, Sam Carrol 26 Theresa Kanduch 27. Jeanne Cress 28. Romona Baldwin 39. Lynn McNay 30. Pam Jacobson 31. Janice Corcorran, Paula Munson 32. Cayle Thompson 33. Helen Lovell 34. Debbie Hansen 35. Shelly Calnan 36. Barb Boyer“Ask not what others can do for you. . . but what you can do for others.” Top Te”: Jim Hberl, Call Bowman, Terri Kaye Carraher, Vince Colucci, Karen Harrington, Edgar Kirtley, Julie Palakovich, Mananne Papich. Not Present: Vicki McCollom, Diane Sedminik. 132Boys and Girls State GIRLS NATION Lourdes Gracia Edgar Kirtley, Laurin Maes, Lyle Moquist, Vince Colucci, Ross Swanson, Jim Elbert, David Hagan. Lordes C.racia and Terri Kay Carraher 135WAYNE ESTES Allen Green COLEY VAUGHN Dan Oberweiser, Vince Colucci FRED MOO DRY Mike Moodry, Dan Sorum MILAN LAZETICH Jay Stcrgar, Dan BlumeELKS SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP BETTY CROCKER Terri Kay Carraher, Vince Colucci, Edgar Kirtley Terri Kay Carraher NATIONAL MERIT Edgar Kirtley, Ken Myklebust BICENTENNIAL MINUTE AWARD 138Diane Sedminick, Chris Newman, Barb Monaco, Diana Pellegrini Bill VanPool, Joe Sladich, Assistant Editor Leslie Miller, Paul McLean, Lynn McNay, Tami Jones, Coral Lindsay, Joan Cress, Kathy McConnehey, Mark Vuckovich, Janice Petrovich, Kathy Lubke, Joe Ryan, Alice Tonkovich, Steve MullenPep Band 140And-a-one, And-a-two, And-a-three Hear the band, hear the band Won’t you let the music take you Hear the band, and let this night go on forever and I’ll play for you. The Marching Band 141CONCERT PICCOLO Shirley Sletton FLUTES Jean Strizich Kathleen Schiele Shirley Sletton Kathy Colwell Kathy McConnehey OBOE Marla Eccleston Traci Wallace BASSOON Penny Hill Bonnie Gustafson CLARINETS Chariott Ravndal Connie OStrom Mary Jorgensen Maureen Bishop Charlene Flowers Connie Stembridge Frances Heiberger Patti Walund Marilyn Chor Deanna Holzer Joan Beall Cindy Hatlestad ALTO CLARINETS Kathy Wolpert Judy Kopp BASS CLARINET Jim Ouldhouse ALTO SAXA PHONE Bill Verlanic TENOR SAXAPHONE Lisa LeBlanc BARITON SAXAPHONE Dean Shanklin TRUMPETS Hector Sepulveda Chuck Haeffner Zane Shanklin Bob Vauthier Richard Stavanja Tom Mullen Dale Harris Cindy Bryan Shawn Hoolahan FRENCH HORNS Leann Sanborn Ceil Peterson TROMBONES Dan Costle Greg Roset Dave Briggs Bob Ricci Jim Niland Max Zacher Liz Snell BARITONES Frannie Ginsberg Jim Gardner Jeff Hartman BASS Paul Boucher Mark Dotson Mike Jorgensen Paul Rennie PERCUSSION Peggy Billquist Joel Ryan Mark Callison Brian Petrovich John Keyes Cameron Kitchell Scott Haeffner Paul Radonich Dave Dotson Ann Ouldhouse Craig Campana Jim Janosko Alan Jorgensen 142 have practiced many years and I have come a long, long way just to play for you. ORCHESTRA Row 1: Evette Miller, Melanie Holmlund, Tami Berry, Hazel Frailey, Janice Hagan, Ann Ouldhouse, Lori Massey, Sandy Mogren, Row 2: Mary Jorgensen, Connie Ostrom, Charlotte Ravndal, Traci Wallace, Jean Strizich, Shawn Hoolahan, Row 3: Lemar Nelson, Miss Ruth Gustafson, Paul Rennie, Greg Roset, Dan Costle, Hector Sepulveda, Peggy Billquist, Mark Callison, Absent: Lisa LeBlanc, Laurel Anderson, Jim Petko, Frannie Ginsberg.CHOR US Row 1: Pianist Kathy McConnhay .Linda Hallquist, Leslie Smith, Judy Boehm, Murlene Keele, Mona Jaap, Row 2: Joan Croston, Kammie Keele, Karla Parks, Frannie Ginsberg, Roseann Maki, Row 3: Instructor Mr. Koski, Bonnie Barnes, Dave Hursh, Steve Mullen, Marla Galle. CHORALIERS My life is but a song, 1 have written in many ways. Let your spirit set you free, Come sing your song to me.CAMERA CLUB Row 1: Kathy Colwell, Carrie Estill, Julie Campell, Sherry Calnan. Row 2: Kathy Lubke, Shelly Calnan, Tom Cashin, Bill VanPool, Steve Funston, Doug Miller, Linda Sather, Janet Hawkins. YOUTH AND GOVERNMENT Rose Flynn, Patty Lacey, Lori Beaty, Jackie Minnehan, Kathy Kain, Dianne Johnson, Janice Petrovich, Marla Eccleston.SPEECH AND DEBATE Row 1: Colleen Dire, Nelda Shellabarger. Row 2: Corene Wicks, Maybritt Hinrichsen, Barbara Monaco, Leslie Miller. Row 3: Nadine Lorenz, Alice Tonkovich, Kathy Kain, Rose Flynn. Row 4: Lourdes Gracia, Mitzi Johnston, Julie Palokivich, Bob Tonkovich. Row 5: Harold Miller, Terri Corrigan, Row 6: Mr. Anderson, Dan Klemman. Row 1: Jody Campbell, Laura Marthaller, Kathy Kriskovich, Tessie ,?ow|! ann‘elFrankov ch, Leah Lewis, Terry Smith, Sandy Forwood. Row 3: Kim Yelsa, Patrice Meshnik, Mo Durkin, Terry Zenahhk, Jamie Ray, Mary Jo Painter, Mary Tauscher, Jo Anne Pahut 146 DRAMA AND PLAYSOrder! By order of King Cole. London Bridge is falling down, my fair lady. A Fourth For Bridge Cinderella's ReceptionF H A R°w i: Brenda Davis, Vicki Bennett, Mary Navarro, Advisor Miss Solum, Row 2: Gayle Thompson, Mary Austin, Helen Lovell, Cindy Budd, Jan Browning, Row 3: Debbie Jurcich, Kim Vuckovich, Teri Navarro, Robin McGuire, Theresa Lathrope, Judy Devine. r 9 PEP CLUB Row 1: Carol Thomas, Patty Estes, Vice President Kelly Dee, Sandy Olsen, Lynn Riley, Verdon Gotcher, Row 2: Denise Johnston, Pam Smith, Jill Kovacich, Karla Parks, Ann McCreevy, Dori Nichols, Barb Dorey, Donna Kriskovich, Advisor Mr. McClean, Debbie Fitzgerald, Teresa Kriskovich Joanne Vine. X Maureen McCarthy, Connie Johnson, Mary Jean Vaughn, Gayle Thompson, Sheila Daly, Pam Swanson. YEARBOOK STAFF Vicki McColiom, Mary Jean Vaughn, Natalie Forwood, Connie Johnson. Copy Editor: Patty MenicucciMary Calnan, Gail Bowman, Vicki McCollom, Mary Jean Vaughn. Ross Swanson Copy Staff: Jody Francisco Section Heads: Gail Bowman, Pam Swanson, Ross Swanson. Jody Campbell, Debbie Foreman, Vicki Bennett. 151Boys and Girls Track Coaches: Dick Koontz, Tom White, Jack Oberweiser, Frank Moreni, Sheri Horsfall, Paul Sullivan. Row 1: Mary Jean Vaughn, Gail Bowman, Sandy Campbell, Joan Tracy. Row 2: Kim Hurley, Carol Thomas, Debbie Barone, Judy McCabe, Annie McGreevy, Colleen McCarthy. Row 2: Mary Stergar, Bobbie Ziegler, Phyllis Briggs, Mary Cheek, Carrie Keele, Janice Hagen. 'd Stanclifi AnsonRow 1: Chris Mackay, Chris Matosich, George Butorvich, Kevin MacKay, Dave Hagan, Mike Bolkovatz, Gene Walsh, Paul McLean, Tony Matosich. Row 2: Corene Wicks, Susan Johnson, Greg Matosich, Kathy Colwell, Tessie Stephens, Joe Sladich, Bruce Fuge. GOLF TEAM District Nurse, Pat Kulstad Cooks, Kate Campbell, Phyllis Vibert, Ravenal GlassleyOne-Fourth Page A W Drive In (Jo Mary Jo Mihelic, owners) Anaconda Insurance and Real Estate Assoc. Anaconda Leader Anaconda Optometric Association Dr. William M. Callaghan Dr. A Ihert C. Jacobson Anaconda Service Station Inc. Coldwater's Family Shoe Store The Copper Club Deer Lodge County Bar Association Duval Wallace Co. Eddie’s Conoco Garden Bar One- Granny’s Pizza Haufbrau Joe’s Dairy Gold Lu's Drive In (Jack Lu Boyer, owners) Lutey’s New Used Furniture Mac Intyers Mr. Mrs. John Henry’s Stores Oasis Bar Orin’s Texaco Service Paumies Pork Friters Inc. Thrifty Drug Washoe Theatre William Bruce Ellis. Jr. M.D. Page Trade Wind Motel Clifford T. Huffman. M.D. Copper Bowl Bar A Cafe Cedar Park Lanes Murphy Paint A Glass Sugrue "Pepsi-Cola"-Bottling Co Don’s Sport Center J.C. Penney Blattner's Plumbing Knights of Columbus No. BS2 Theodore A Sons June's Pasty Shop Ctub M oderne Wayne’s Floor Covering Matt’s Conoco Lloyd's Tire Center A Body Shop Montgomery Ward Sales Agency Peterson Paint Young Motor Co. Inc. Tina's Beauty Salon Don's Grocery Meadow Gold Dairy Safeway No. 256 Anaconda HoYal Jewelry Beall's Building Center S A S Hobby Leisure Trail Sports Ski Discovery Basin Dairy Queen Lois' Fashion Nook Dr. Greanv Star Cleaner Dee Motor Co. Daly Grocery A Coin Laundry Kentucky Fried Chicken City Drug A naconda L in Shop Ossellos Ed’s Radio TV McLaen Motor Supply Thompson's A naconda Ford M otor Co. Gambles John P Lacey. M.D. P C. W.M.G. Schmidt A Son Plumbing A Heating Eileraas Buick A GMC The Pad ‘n Pencil Finnegan’s Jim A Clara's Bar A Grill Jim A Clara's Central Cab Dr. Trohough. M.D. Dr. Cal Ian. M.D. March ion Hardware Parson Funeral Chapel Washoe Market Golden Stallion Anaconda Tire A Cycle Center Thompson Motors R eno Supper Club Copper Village Museum A Art Center Chuck's TV Sales A Service M idway Bar Rosenbergs Vagabond Lodge Motel Christie Flower Shop Anaconda Flower A Gift Shop Frank's Texaco Coast to Coast Anaconda Cable TV Roach A Smith Osco Drug Carmel'sFULL PAGE MONTANA POWER COMPANY FIRST SECURITY BANK ANACONDA COMPANY CENTRAL BUS CO. CAMEO STUDIO BARCLAY’S HALF PAGE KAN A KGLM BUTTREY’S FOODS B.A. P. RAILROAD FIRST NATIONAL BANK INTERMOUNTAIN TRANSPORTATION SALTENBERGER PLUMBING HEATING ANACONDA HIGH SCHOOL BOOSTER CLUB ANACONDA TEACHERS UNION LOCAL Polka Dot Barber’s Union Modern Cleaners Big Sky Bar Kelly’s Counter Marcus Daly Hotel Helen's Beauty Shop Butch’s Service Station Knight. Dahood, MacKay. Me Lean Phillip’s Sheet Metal V Si V • '!. .. .V ) JWi - £ - E$3l .1 £ Sk f ' •• •V •I '• « v , r v ► 4 •«Kit: V 7 r • ■ . • .

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