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TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRO TO COLOR FACULTY SOPHOMORES FOOTBALL FALL ACTIVITY BASKETBALL WRESTLING SENIORS SPRING ACTIVITY0 BIG STACK INSIGHT LOOK BACK ON YOUR MEMORIES OF SCHOOL AND DO NOT HIDE THEM, FOR THEY ARE GOLDEN TREASURES. SOME, YOU MAY FIND TO BE THE BEST MOMENTS OF YOUR LIFE; OTHERS THE WORST. LOOK FORWARD TO THE FUTURE AND DON'T BE FRIGHTENED. YOU'LL FIND WHAT YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR IF YOU ONLY GIVE IT TIME. LOOK CLOSELY AT THE PRESENT. IN TODAY, YOU WILL FIND THE PLEASURES OF RECOLLECTION AND THE ANSWERS FOR TOMORROW.REFLECT UPON GOOD TIMES, LAUGHTER AND LOVE, ASK OF YOURSELF WHAT OTHERS DEMAND. FRIENDS ARE STANDING MIRRORED AGAINST TIME, TIME THAT YOU HOLD IN YOUR HAND.Elmer Carosone Principal Joe Wolpert Vice Principal THIS IS A “PRINCIPAL” PAGE 56FOREIGN LANGUAGE ARTS Frank Moreni B.A. Carol Ohman B.A. Tom Cmlch B.A. Kathy Poore B.A. Jeanne Lowney B.A., M.A. Carl Stetzner B.S., M.A. Harry Piper B.S. ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS Walter Hansen B.S., M.S. Charles Anderson B.A. 7John Chor B.S. Marguerita Brisbin B.S., M.S. Natalie Fitzpatrick B.S. Ethel Thompson B.S., M.S. COMMERCIAL SOCIAL STUDIES Tony Buralli B.S., M.S. Charles Williams B.A. Ray Haffey B.A. Marva Eccleston B.A., M.E. Ed Derzay B.A. Rosanne Roe B.A.Janice Solum B.S., M.S. Robert Gutcheck B.S. VOCATIONAL 9CROSS COUNTRY 1974 ROW 1: Patty Lacey, Peanuts Anderson, Maurge Dulaney, Glynn McGreevey, Darcy Dulaney, Mary Jean Vaughn. ROW 2: Dan Klemann, Keith Barkell, Chuck Gates, Larris Allick, Miles Moquist. ROW 3: Marilyn Bennett Mgr., Coach Koontz, Terry Griswald, Bill Allen, Ross Swanson, Stewart Schalk Mgr., Mike Moodry, Gary Petrovich, Edgar Kirtley. “STATE TEAM” ROW 1: Darcy Dulaney, Patty Lacey, Peanuts Anderson, Maurge Dulaney, Glynn McGreevey, Mary Jean Vaughn. ROW 2: Coach Dick Koontz, Ross Swanson, Dan Klemann, Keith Barked, Chuck Gates, Edgar Kirtley, Miles Moquist, Dan Evans, Laurie Fuller. 11You've come a long way baby! JV team gets last minute instructions from the Coach Coach Koontz gives prep talk to team. Mary Jean Vaughn first place against Missoula Sentinnel 12Boys' Varsity in Missoula InvitationalSENIOR POWER SHOWS THROUGH IN POWDER PUFF The best pep assembly of the year; almost the lastSeniors take it easy at halftime; as they did throughout the game The Juniors really showed their pride in almost upsetting a senior traditionROW 1: Sandy Mogren, Denise Jepson, Barb Boyd, Natalie Forwood, Judy Bristow, Penny Hill, Laurie Boehler. ROW 2: Marie Bloom, Nancy Callan, Laureen Clark, Diane DiRe, Marilyn Bennett, Jan Browning, ROW 3: Joanne Oreskovich, Patty Lacey, Lynda Coluccl, Cathy Niland, Abby Laughlin, ROW 4: Rick Schalic, Tony Laslovich, Andy Haffey, Dean Newell, Bob Wren, Tim Mehrens, ROW 5: Mr. Wolpert, Advisor, Gene Marcille, Pat Solan, Mick Francisco, Dan Vukovich, Tom McGreevy, Brian Marci lie, Scott Holmlund. Advisor Mr. Wolpert STUDENT COUNCIL «55Sophomore class officers: Brian Marcille, President; Karen Johnson, Treasurer; Brenda Davis, Secretary; Dan Vuckovich, Vice- President. Diane Adams Bill Allen Ken Allen Bruce Ankeny Mary Aspholm Mike Austin Howard Baker Donna Barnes Bonnie Barney Tom Allen Tom Anderson Brian Ankeny 18SOPHS ADD COLOR Kathy Bishop Ken Blume Bob Boehm Steve Mickey Boehler Judy Boehm Blaskovich Mike Bolkovatz Rocky Boyer Barb Boyd Cheryl Bradley Charles Bridgeford Phyllis Briggs 19Kathy Calwell 20Sheila Daly Brenda Davis Dwane Davis Sheila Deakin Gordon DeLong Judy Devine Dave Dewing Dennis DiRe Michelle Dorey Mark Dotson Laurie Dowdall Sean Doyle Amelia Dresher Darcy Dulaney Maureen Durkin 21 Bruce Fuge David Fuller Joan Galle Jim Gardner Mary Glover Vicki Forsman Sandy Forwood Kathy Francisco Leslie Frank Jeannie Frankovich Bruce Friend r T| |r Tom Gransberry q Tommy Greenlief Terry Grizwald John Grosvold Jim Hain Stan Hansen Bill Hanson Renee Harmon Peggy Harris Janet Hawkins Dave Hebert Marla Eccleston Bill Edwards Jean Elbert Scott Fadness Ray Fisher John Fitzgerald Rose Flynn Ronnie Heck Pat Hess Fred Hill Terry Hintz Lenny Hoschied Teddy Ivankovich Sandy Japp 22Wendy Jackson John Janosko Randy Jenkin Carl Jess Diane Johnson Karen Johnson Mitzi Johnston Paula LaTray Jerry Lemm Carol Lindsay Kitty Logan Jim Lohman Art Lombardi Jim Loranger 23Pat Lorei Io Mike Lundi Bonnie Machen Mike Maciag Kevin MacKay Dan Madden Linda Marcotte Mary Markland Cathy Marks Dale Marshall Tony Matosich Kevin May Brian McCarthy Maureen McCarthy Lee McDonald Colleen McGrath Robin McGuire Brian Marci lie 24 John McMahon Doug Trina McNay Mickelberry Dorthy McNeill Eyvette Miller Jackie Minnehan Danny Mitchell Barbara Monaco Sherri Mondik Tom Moodry Rodger Naylor Dean Newell Janet Newman 25Ron Plott Mark Popovich Debbie Prothero Susan Puccinelli Bob Ricci Greg Roset Mike Radonich Randy Riesland David Rustad Jamie Ray Carole Roche Ed Ryan 26 Kook Ohman Glenn Organ Connie Ostrom Joe Palakovich Judy Palakovich Jud Parsons Diane Pellegrini Celia Peterson Ken Peterson Russell Peterson Janice Petrovich Bob Phillips Allen Pickett Helen Pickett Ron PierceCarol Smith Don Smith Tessie Stephens Mary Stergar Dan Stoner Lori Strizich Janeen Stroh Brenda Strong Kay Sturdevant Chuck Sturm Kevin Sullivan Susan Sullivan THE TIME IS NOW TO STRIVE AND ACCOMPLISH, RESHAPE WHAT I AM INTO WHAT I WANT TO BE. : . ' • Joel Ryan Toni Sabbatini Steve Saltenberger T eri Saltenberger Theresa Schalk Stu Schalk John Schmidt Zane Shanklin Nora Siegle Scott Simkins Don Simpson Joe SladichSteven Tate Tonya Taylor David Tausher Russell Thompson Joe Turtle Jamie Tuss Bill VanPool Bob Vauthier 28HE WHO CLIMBS A LADDER MUST START AT THE FIRST ROUND. — SCOTT Dan Vukovich Rodger Walker Denise Watson Debbie Welch Louis Welch Kevin Wicks Weston Wyant John Xanthopulos Scott Zeler Bobby Ziegler Dick Zier Bill Scharosch Sharon Puccinelli Rodney Schafer George Mitchell 29N.F.L. FRONT ROW: Sandy Mogren, Peggy Harris. SECOND ROW: Lynn Harris, Janet Hawkins, Linda Colucci. THIRD ROW: Julia Mullen, Dan Klemann, Susan McKernan, Julie Palakovich. FOURTH ROW: Lourdes Gracia, Gloria Enloe, Kathy Linblad. FIFTH ROW: Tony Sestrich, Mike Bolkovatz, Dan Greany. 30SPEECH AND DEBATE FRONT ROW: LFT. TO RT.; Sheila Daly, Susan McKernan, Peggy Harris, Janet Hawkins. SECOND ROW: Rose Flynn, Mary Ann Papich, Lynn Harris, (HIDDEN NEXT IS) Sandy Mogren, Linda Colucci. THIRD ROW: Dorothy McNeil, Julie Cron, Debbie Draper, Jackie Minnehan. FOURTH ROW: Lourdes Gracia, Mitzy Johnston, Julia Mullen, Barbara Monaco, Tony Sestrich, Tim Spellman. FIFTH ROW: Mickey Boehler, Teri Navarro, Julie Palakovich, Kathy Lindblad, Gloria Enloe, Dan Greany, Joanne Oreskovich, Mike Bolkovatz. 31Sights and Sounds of the People goin' around, everybody's in step with the season. Co-Captain Leslie McGreevey Rhonda Mickey Captain Jamie Young Vivian Arenas LIVING. Barbara BoyerFOOTBALL 74: A SEASON OF SUCCESS w. •J $■ 55J ROW 1: Larry Sladich, Mick Francisco, Pat Donahue, Mike Wren, Pat Solan, Jack Roche, Vince Lundi, Bob Allen, Randy Selensky, Bill Villeneuve, Perry Parsons, Faron Siebal, Jack Devine, Scott Cashin, ROW 2: Art Lombardi, Marty Kloker, Tony Miller, Dan Sorum, Brian Ankeny, Jim Lakel, Steve Tate, Ken Allen, David Briggs, Brian Verlanic, Lyle Moquist, Allen Green, Tom McGreevy, ROW 3: Tom Moodry, Brad Temple, Dan Vuckovich, Gary Norman, Kevin Fuller, Scott Haffey, Ron Verlanic, Vince Colucci,John Janosko, Desi Isaacsor Larry LaSalle, Dan Oberwciser, ROW 4: Bob Cline, Kris Zeier, Tom Gray, Don Smith, Dean Newell, Bill Vauthier, Joe Sladich, Dave Rustad, Kevin May, Scott Zeier, Allen Ross, Sean Doyle. Anaconda 22 Dillon 3 Anaconda 26 Havre 0 Anaconda 6 Helena Sr. 15 Anaconda 14 Kalispell 20 Anaconda 40 Libby 7 Anaconda 18 Missoula Hellgate 0 Anaconda 13 Butte 14 Anaconda 18 Missoula Sentinel 22 Anaconda 27 Bozeman 20 Anaconda 0 Helena Capitol 17 34-Reaching out, touching you Please release me, let me go! 36 .TOUCHDOWN!! Got'cha! Who hollered beer?A year of action, spirit, and teamwork, make a successful season!HOMECOMING 1974 Queen Marilyn waves a happy smile. a fiery night, a time for SPIRIT.Did someone men- tion a keg?Diane DiRe, Queen Marilyn Bennett, MaryAnn McCarthy, Mary Jean Vaughn, Bobbie Ziegler HOMECOMING ROYALTYROW 1: Sandy Forwood, Alice Navarro, Natalie Forwood, Linda Marcotte, Barbara Boyd, Mary Cheek, Patti Lacey, Sheila Corcoran. ROW 2: Vicki Corkish, Marie Bloom, Martha Magnus, Pam Jacobson, Penny Hill, Gail Bowman-Secretary, Cheryl Marcotte,-President, Abby Laughlin,-Vice President, Mary Ann McCarthy, Vera Stone, Laurie Swanson, Bobbie Ziegler, ROW 3: Joanne Oreskovich, Laureen Clark, Miss Ohman-Advisor, Barb Boyer, Diane DiRe, Glynn McGreevey, Sandy Campbell. KEY CLUB AND KEYETTES Now Children'!!! ROW 1: Scott Holmlund—Secretary, Mike Johns—President, Keith Barkell, Dennie Eccleston, 2ND ROW: Brian Verlanic, Lyle Moquist, Miles Moquist, Vince Colucci, Mike Moodry, Gary Norman, 3RD ROW: John McNay, Gene Fitzpatrick, Brian Marcille, Brian McConnell—Sar- gent at Arms, Mick Francisco, Allen Green, ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Jerry Vanisko, Gary Petrovich, Doug Prosnick, Dan Greany, Mick Duganz, Jim Duganz—Treasurer, Bob Wren, Dan Sullivan, Mark Beattie, Chuck Gates, John BeachGRIDIRON 1974 Talk of Poems and Prayers and Promises and things that we believe in, How sweet it is to Love something, how right it is to Care...Gigi Devine, Secretary, Abby Laughlin, Student Council Representative, Marie Bloom, President, Ann Jean Bjomemo, Vice-President. PEPPY ENERGETIC PEOPLE CLODHOPPERS LOUD UNBEATABLE BEST SUPER Dennis Thomas, Secretary, Mark Chapin, President, Scott Holmlund, Treasurer, Steve Ryan, Vice-President.COPPER CADETTES 1ST ROW: Mary Pat McNamee, Miss Cambell, Advisor, Nancy Pellegrini, Peggy Petrovich, Laurie Boehlar, Betty Ann Driscoll, Gail Hartman, Cindy Budd, Tonya Taylor, Robin McGuire, Theresa Lathrope, Melva Crabtree 2ND ROW: Michelle Francisco, Kathy Francisco, Chris Newman, Lourdes Garcia, Co-Captain, Annette Bolkovatz, Terri Navarro, Joanie Gress, Kathy Gilbert, Stephanie Conrady, Mascot, Rhonda DeHart, Co-Captain. 3» 'PICCOLO ALTO CLARINETS Maureen Wallace Karen Matthew FLUTES Kathy Wolpert John Klemann Maureen Wallace Janet Newman BASS CLARINETS Kathleen Schiele Randy Wolfe Gloria Enloe Jim Ouldhouse Charlotte Corrigan Shirley Sletton ALTO SAXOPHONE Kathy Colwell Bill Verlanic EbFLUTE TENOR SAXOPHONE Margaret Anderson Lisa Leblanc OBOE BARITONE SAXOPHONE Cindy Murray Jean Popovich Traci Wallace Marla Eccelston TRUMPETS BASSOON Jim Petko Bob Lorengo Penny Hill Hector Sepulveda Bonnie Gustafson Bob Vauthier CLARINETS Harry Smith Zane Shanklin Cathy Niland Richard Stavanja Judy Bristow Chuck Haeffner Carlotte Ravendal Lynn Harris FRENCH HORNS Frances Heiberger Dan Kenison Connie Ostrom Lori Strizich Mary Jorgenson Ceil Peterson Maureen Bishop Mary Austin Marilyn Chor Deanna Holzer TROMBONES Patti Walund Dan Costle Connie Stembridge Greg Roset Bob Ricci PERCUSSION Dave Briggs Terry Petko Jim Niland Ed Rosenberg Max Zacher Peggy Billquist Paul Jacobs Bill Schiele Mark Softich Brian Petrovich Mark Callison BARITONES Joel Ryan Francine Ginsberg Paul Radonich Jim Gardner Steve Forsman Leann Sandborn Vladimir Babich Marla Barott John Keyes Cameron Kitchell BASS Jean Strizich Paul Boucher Mark Dotson Mike Jorgenson Dave Dotson 49STAGE BAND ROW 1: Judy Bristow, Lisa Leblanc, Maureen Wallace, Cathy Niland, Gloria Enloe, ROW 2: Max Zacher, Franny Ginsberg, Dan Costle, Greg Roset, Terry Petko. ROW 3: Zane Shanklin, Hector Sepulveda, Bob Lorengo, Jim Petko, Ed Rosenberg, Paul Boucher, Tom Gray, Jean Strizich. TRI-M- President, Ed Rosenberg; Vice President, Karen Matthews; Treasurer, Cindy Murray; Secretary, Charlotte Ravendal; Historian, Lynn Harris. »0SENIORS: Chris Lombardi, Maurge Dulaney, Abby Laughlin, Marilyn Bennett, Peanuts Anderson, Lynda Collucci. GIRLS’AND BOYS “A” CLUBS SOPHOMORES: ROW 1: Phyllis Briggs, Darcy Dulaney, Tessie Stephens, Maureen Durkin, Kathy Kriskovich, Cathy Colwell, Cindy King, Sandy Forwood, Ceil Peterson. ROW 2: Mary Cheek, Bobbi Zeigler, Kitty Logan, Patty Lacey, Barb Boyd. JUNIORS: ROW 1: Sandy Mogren, Joan Tracy, Natalie Forwood, Liz Leary, ROW 2: Glynn McGreevey, Gajl Bowman, Penny Hill, Sandy Campbell, Terri Kay Karraher. OFFICERS: Abby Laughlin-Sargeant in Arms; Gail Bowman- Vice President; Maurge Dulaney-President; Peanuts Anderson- Secretary; Treasurer; Chris Lorn bardi-St udent Council Representative. BOYS' "A" CLUB: ROW 1: Kevin Fuller, John Pellegrini, Mike Moodry, Gary Petrovich, Vince Collucci, Dan Klemann, Bob Allen, Edgar Kirtley. ROW 2: Tom McGreevey, Faron Seibel, Joe Boyer, Mark May, Chuck Gates, Greg Matosich, Miles Moquist, Dan Flynn, Dave Briggs. ROW 3: Allen Green, Mark Biggs, Pat Solan, Scott Haffey, Lyle Moquist, Bill Villeneuve, Marty Kloker, Mich Francisco, Randy Selensky. ROW 4: John Walsh, Jim Elbert, John Adams, Dan Blume, Keith Barkell, Pat Donahue.FIRST ROW: Scott Holmlund, Mike Gracia. SECOND ROW: Joe Pellegrini, Jean Ann Colucci, Jamie Young, Debbie Hansen, Terri Kay Carraher. THIRD ROW: Judey Kay Schofield, Vicki McCollom, Mary Ann McCarthy, GiGi Devine, Joan Tracy. FOURTH ROW: Beanie Vine, Miss Ohman, Gene Marcille, Tom McGreevey. NOT PICTURED-SECOND SEMESTER CLASS-Julie Palokovich, Gloria Enloe, Mike Bolkovatz, Lynda Colucci, Debbie Draper, Mitzi Johnson, Tony Sestrich, Jeanie Popovich, David Eck, Cindy Murray, Lynn Harris, Dan Greany, Gene Fitzpatrick. COPPERGLOW STAFF 52 Editor, Scott Holmlund; Advisor, Miss Ohman.Jean Ann turning blue ALL IN A DAY’S WORK Wide awake and smilingCOPPER ‘GLOWS’ AT CHRISTMASORCHESTRA VIOLIN CELLO OBOE TROMBONE Kathy Lindblad Sandy Mogren Eyvette Miller Melanie Holmlund Cindy Murray Dan Costle Greg Roset Lori Massey Judy Larsen Margaret Anderson CLARINET Max Zacher Shaun Hoolahan Janice Hagen STRING BASS Cathy Niland Judy Bristow TIMPANI Kay Sturdevant Jean Strizich Lynn Harris Ed Rosenberg VIOLA FLUTE TRUMPET PERCUSSION Cindy Machen Laurel Anderson Maureen Wallace Janet Newman Jim Petko Hector Sepulveda Terry Petko BAND STAND-OUTS Attending the State Music Festival from AHS were Terry Petko on drums, Kathy Lindblad on violin, and Jim Petko on trumpet.CHORALEERS ROW 1: Belinda Rodriquez, Cindy Hallquist, Marla Barott, Joan Croston, Mary Tauscher. ROW 2: Alice Tate, Darien Johnson, Karen Klemann, Leslie McGreevey, Wendi Moses. ROW 3: Sean Curran, Steve Mullen, Debbie Forsman, Steve Gonzales, Dan Kenison. CHORUS ROW 1: Patty O'Brien, Alice Tate, Cheryl Bradley, Paula LaTray, Mary Tauscher, Marlene Steiner, Chris Hertzig, Joan Croston, Marla Barott. ROW 2: Linda Riley, Debbie Duffield, Leslie McGreevey, Phyllis Curnow, Lynnette Martzolf. Leslie Smith, Cindy Ravndal, Lucinda Selensky, Wendi Moses. ROW 3: Karen Klemann, Cindy Hallquist, Dan Kenison, Steve Gonzales, Vicky Kurtz, Debbie Forsman, Audrey Dunn, Chris McNeill, Belinda Rodriquez, Darien Johnson. ROW 4: Sean Curran, Weston Wyant, Steve Mullen. NOT PICTURED: Frannie Boskovich, Kathy O'Brien, Margaret Ries, Sandie Riley, Ann Tate, Melanie Miller, Janet Kuntz, Charles Bridgeford.5«LOVE IS MUSIC IN SEARCH OF A FEELING . .ROW 1: Kathy Colwell, Jean Olgen, Tracy Wallace, Laurel Anderson, Maureen Wallace, Laurie Dowdell, Clarice Durkin. ROW 2: Coach Haffey, Charlotte Ravendal, Cheryl Cron, Tessie Stephans, Phyllis Briggs, Kathy King, Kathy Kriskovich, Steve Boyer. ROW 3: Jean Elbert, Laurie Stergar, Margaret Anderson, Terese Derzay, Maureen Durkin, Peggy Harris. ROW 4: John Walsh, Doug Prosenick, Mark May, Dave Briggs, Jim Elbert, John Adams. RAY HAFFEY AND COMPANY Joe Pellegrini works the horse. 60Jim Elbert works out. Terese Derzay competes on the uneven bars. 61DIVISIONAL RESULTS 4th All Around Maureen Wallace 5th All Around Mark May 6th All Around John Adams STATE RESULTS Girls' Team 11th Boys' Team 10th 4th All Around Maureen Wallace Maureen Wallace demonstrates skill on balance beam.President, Joanne Oreskovich; Vice President, Sandy Campbell; Point Secretary, Marla Devich; Treasurer, Joan Tracy; Secretary, Pam Jacobson; Student Council Representative, Natalie Forwood. 63KAY HARRINGTON AWARD JOANNE ORESKOVICH HONOR ATHLETE ABBY LAUGHLIN HONOR GAA Members of Honor GAA: Abby Laughlin, Kim Peters, Jean Ann Colucci, Susan McKeman, Lynda Colucci, Alice Navarro, Joanne Oreskovich. Advisor is Miss Campbell.Junior Class Officers: Julie Palakovich-Sec., Mary Ann Papich-Vice President Vivian A renas-Treasurer, Tim Mehrens-President Mary Austin Ramona Baldwin Laurel Anderson Ruth Anderson Joe Albro Larris Allick Vivian Arenas Jim Baustadt 66Julie Beck Jolene Blotkamp Ranie Bleile Dan Blume Paul Boucher ■■■ Skip Blodnick Dave Briggs 67Mary Ann Burch Sam Carroll Shelli Coco Janice Corcoran Dan Costle Julie Cron Boyd DeTonancour Louis Caissey Susan Carroll Rita Coley Pat Corr Melva Crabtree Randy Davies Marla Devich Bill Calhoun Tom Cashin Vince Colucci Terri Corrigan Bill Crncevich Don Davis Gigi Devine 68Kathy Donahue Mike Dudack Debbie Eccleston Jim Elbert Vicki Ferris Natalie Forwood Lourdes Gracia Ted Dorscher Nancy Dunn Dennis Eccleston John Ellington Debbie Fergerson Jodie Francisco Allen Green Debbie Draper Lance Dye Dave Eck Rick English Gloria Fischer Michele Francisco LaRae Green Dan Flynn Laura Gates Scott Haffey 69Dave Hagan Dan Heffernan Dean Hancock Debbie Heikkinen Karen Harrington John Heintz Richard Harris Deann Hekkel Joe Hidalgo Chris Hochstrasser Paul Horvath Lynette Ingram Pam Jacobson Rod Harris Larry Henke Penny Hill Darla Holzer Robby Hungate Desi Isaacson Karen Jensen 70Lynn Jessen Don Johnson Bob Johnston Tammy Jones Dan Jurcich Kathy Keenan Wendy Kistle Connie Johnson Robbie Johnson Bonnie Johnston Jan Jovanovich Teresa Kanduch Dan Kenison Cameron Kitchel John Keyes Ronnie Kiehn Marty Kloker Becky Kooyman Edgar Kirtley Jim Lakel 71Kathy Lubke Vicki McCollom 72 Izetta McDaniel Carmie McGeeverBob McGuire Tim Mehrens Robin McHugh Geri McKernan Joe Mehrens Dorothy Montgomery Lyle Moquist 73 Roxanne MinnehanI went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately... to front only the essential facts of life and see if I could not learn what it had to teach and not when I came to die discover that I had not lived... Henry David Thoreau Paula Munson Mary Navarro Chris Newman Geralyn O'Brien Marianne Papich Brian Petrovich Mike Murphy Roy Nelson Beth O'Brien Julie Palakovich Jim Petko 74Rick Schalk Roy Salyers Linda Rivers Richard Pierce Sherry Petrovich Tim Ravndal Jim Ruth Linda Sather Diane Sedminik Hector Sepulveda 75Liz Shagina Linda Shellabarger Frank Smathers Pam Smith Connie Stembridge Jean Strizich John Strong Donna Shandorf Del Shepard Duane Smith Dan Sorum Jay Stergar Jim Strong Janet Stropes 76Laurie Swanson Ross Swanson Connie Thompson Alice Tonkovich Ron Verlanic Marvin VanMeel Debbie Wiant Pam Swanson Brad Temple Gayle Thompson Joan Tracy Mary Jean Vaughn John Walsh Lynette Wilson 7778J.V. CHEERLEADERS S 0 P H 0 M 0 R E T E A M ROW 1: Jim Lakel, Bill Edwards, Dan Tolan, Rick Schalk, Nick Laslovich, Dan Flynn, Brad Temple, ROW 2: Coach Larry Heaphy, Larry Ohman, Rick Harris, Brian Marcille, Greg Roset, Jerry McDonald, Brian Verlanic. ROW 1: Dan Klemann, Dusty McKenny, Dave Dewing, Gary Brunell, Joe Palakovich, John Schmidt. ROW 2: Bruce Friend, Zane Shanklin, Tom Gransbery, Paul McLean, Joe Sladich, Larry Ohman, Coach Dennis Goodheart. ROW 3: Dean Newell, Greg Roset, Gary Mondik, Pat Hess, Mike Bolkavatz, Mark Vuckovich. 80COPPERHEAD’S VARSITY BASKETBALL ROW 1: Larry Sladich, Jack Devine, Rod Harris, Jay Stergar, Tony Laslovich, Dan Oberweiser, Allan Green, Jim Baustadt, Miles Moquist. ROW 2: Ass't. Coach Larry Heaphy, Bill Villeneuve, Dan Blume, Steve Blaskovich, Dan Vukovich, Lyle Moquist, Jim Strong, Bill Razor, Head Coach John Cheek. I TRY UNTIL I HURT AND THEN I TRY UNTIL I'M IN PAIN, AND I KEEP TRY- ING UNTIL I'M IN AGONY. AND WHEN I'M IN AGONY, THAT'S WHEN I PLAY BEST. SCHEDULE BOYS BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Dec. 6 Billings West 92 Copperheads 62 Dec. 6 Billings Senior 75 Copperheads d9 Dec. 11 Dillon d5 •Copperheads 68 Dec. 12 Butte Central 5d Copperheads 56 Dec. 20 Missoula Hellgate 50 Copperheads d9 Dec. 21 Missoula Sentinel 61 •Copperheads 72 Jan. 10 Libby 66 Copperheads 6d Jan. 11 Flathead 58 Copperheads 57 Jan. 16 Bozeman 61 Copperheads 80 Jan. 18 Butte High 6d •Copperheads 63 Jan. 2d Helena 77 Copperheads 82 Jan.25 Havre 67 Copperheads 78 Jan. 31 Helena Capitol 62 •Copperheads 75 Feb. 6 Missoula Sentinel 57 Copperheads 68 Feb. 8 Missoula Hellgate d7 Copperheads 56 Feb. Id Libby 69 “Copperheads 76 Feb. 15 Flathead 63 •Copperheads 73 Feb. 22 Butte High 59 Copperheads 5d Feb. 27 Bozeman 63 •Copperheads 82 Feb. 28 Billings West 60 •Copperheads 62 home games % 8182Its all in the art of shooting . . . 83Basketball constantly makes demands on the participant for top performance and it develops integrity, self-reliance, and initiative. It teaches a lot about working in groups without being unduly submerged in the group.G 0 L F Paul Mclean, Kevin McKay, ROW 2: Joe Palokovich, Marla Devich, Kitty Logan, Tessie Stevens, Ted Ivankovich. ROW 3: Scott Cashin, Jim Lohman, Greg Matosich, Mike Bolkovatz, Jim Elbert. Walsh, Kevin Ankeny, Dave Briggs, Rick English, Gary Petrovich, Roger Walker, Edgar Kirtley, Brian Marcille, Vince Colucci, Lyle Moquist, Dan Klemann. Other members: Mick Lacey, Dean Newell, Marty Kloker, Brian Ankeny, Ken Blume. 86SPIRIT SO COURAGEOUS, SO CLEAR. ROW 1: Corrine Wicks, Kathy Walker ROW 2: Debbie Barone, Terri Corrigan, Connie Lovell, Vicky Corkish, Judy Palakovich ROW 3: Coach Linda Miller, Sandy Olsen, Karen Mickelson, Marrianne Papich, Katie Laughlin, Candyce Miller, Joan Tracy, Patty Estes Mgr.88 Take a break, SheilaVARSITY COPPER A’S ROW ONE: Abby Laughlin, Sheila Sullivan. ROW TWO: Judy Devine, Cindy King, Penny Hill, Vicki McCollom, Barb Boyd, Natalie Forwood. ROW THREE: Asst. Coach Linda Miller, Sandy Forward, Colleen McGrath, Sandy Campbell, Gail Bowman, Mary Cheek, Mary Stergar, Bobby Ziegler, Kitty Logan, Head Coach Sherri Horsetail SCHEDULE Sept. Anaconda 42 Missoula Hellgate 40 Sept. Anaconda 41 Missoula Sentinel 31 Sept. Anaconda 29 Helena Capitol 53 Oct. Anaconda 49 Livingston 17 Oct. Anaconda 34 Deer Lodge 53 Oct. Anaconda 71 Helena High 21 Oct. Anaconda 55 Butte 30 Oct. Anaconda 44 Helena Capitol 55 Nov. Anaconda 24 Deer Lodge 41 Nov. Anaconda 68 Helena High 9 Nov. Anaconda 30 Butte 30 Nov. Anaconda 42 Livingston 30 9091Mr. Harris and Mr. Crnich hold- ing hands. SENIORS 47, FACULTY 43FRIENDS, SENIOR RECEPTION REMEMBER YOU . . .YOUTH AND GOVERNMENT "GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE, SHALL NOT PERISH FROM THE EARTH. -ABRAHAM LINCOLN Janine Kovacich - President, Joanne Oreskovich - Vice President, Mary Kero - Secre- tary, Gene Fitzpatrick - Treasuser, Linda Colucci - Student Counsel Representative. FRENCH CLUB Lorna Friend - President, Cindy Murray - Vice President, Julie Palakovich - Secretary Treasurer. "LANGUAGE IS THE MEMORY OF THE HUMAN RACE: WHICH EXPOSES THE THOUGHTS OF MAN TO THE AGES OF TIME..." -STEVE GONZALES SPANISH CLUB Paul McLean - President, Colleen McGrath - Vice President, Bill Razor - Secretary Treasurer, Brenda Davis - Secretary Treasurer, Diane Pellegrini - Reporter, Kim Vuckovich - Parliamentarian. %ROW 1: Mary Kae Massey, Joy Kirtley, Tammy Jones, Annie Asphoim. ROW 2: Sharon Jurcich, Cindy Budd, Denise Jepson, Jerry Sullivan. BACK ROW: Cindy Machen, Belinda Rodriquez, Audrey Dunn, Rhonda Dehart, Mary Ann Matosich, Connie Lorelo, Sandy Wendt. LIBRARY CLUB F.H.A. ROW 1: Kim Vokovich, Janice Corcoran, Jodie Francisco, Karen Mickelson, Rita Crow. ROW 2: Miss Solum, Vickie Forsman, Brenda Davis, Teresa Kanduch, Vickie Bennett, Gayle Thompson, Helen Lovell, Mary Navarro. ROW 3: Kim Peters, Teri Navarro, Jan Browning, Carmie McGeever, Jolene Blotkamp. 97THERE’S "SNOW” CLUB LIKE SKI CLUBFROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Edger Kirtley, Dean Hancock, Rodger Walker, Jim Solan, Pat Solan, Vince Lundi, Tom Bierle, Bob Allen, Jim Vincent, Joe Boyer, Mike Moodry, Rick Morse. Head Coach: Barry Huot, Assistant Coach: Phil Weber. COPPERHEADS VARSITY WRESTLERS Melinda Partin, Connie Johnson, Gigi Devine, Lynn Jessen. TOOROW L Mick Francisco, Dan Sorum, Lance Dye, Roy Nelson, Ken Allen, Steve Tate. ROW 2: John Janosko, Kevin Fuller, Marty Kloker, Jack Roche, Bill Shandorf, Kris Zeier. COPPERHEADS J.V. WRESTLERS ROW 1: Jerry Arneson Pellegrini, Tom Allen Hain, Don Fitzgerald, Colucci, Ken Blume. Bob Boehm, Tony Pellegrini, Rick English, John , Dennis Eccleston, Mike Lundi, Stan Hanson. ROW 2: Jim Jim Lohman, Vern Cook, Charles Castleton, Vince 101SCHEDULE WRESTLING SCHEDULE Dec. 6 Missoula Hellgate There Dec. 13 Missoula Sentinel Home Dec. 14 Helena High There Dec. 20-21 Butte Tournament Jan. 10 Havre There Jan. 11 Great Falls Russell There Jan. 17-18 Great Falls Bison Home Bozeman Tournament Jan. 23 Butte High Home Feb. 1 Helena High Home Feb. 6 Helena Capitol Home Butte High There Feb. 7 Billings West Home Feb. 14 Kalispell There Feb. 15 Libby There Feb. 21 Helena Capitol There Feb. 22 Bozeman There Feb. 28-March 1 State HavreROW 1: Dan Stoner, Liz Leary, Kim Hurley, Larry Huber. ROW 2: Coach Tom White, Kevin McCarthy, Mark Chapin, Steve Mullen. 104Freshman Lori Stergar, Denise DiRe, Susan Cheryl Marcotte, Vice President; Barb Boyer, Treasurer; GiGi Johnson. Devine, Secretary; Vera Stone, President. Seniors Cheryl Marcotte, Diane DiRe, Vera Stone, Melinda Partin, Kay Bock.BOYS STATE Eugene Fitzpatrick, Tom McGreevey, Tim Ohman, Larry Sladich, Tim Boucher, Andy Haffey, Mick Francisco, Tony Sestrich. GIRLS STATE Joanne Oreskovich, Judy Bristol, Nancy Cal Ian NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ROW 1: Judy Kay Schofield, Lynn Harris, Joy Kirtley, Rhonda Colwell, Gail Hartman, Vivian Arenas, Vicki McCollom Natalie Foorword, Terri Carraher, Susan McKernan, Lourdas Gracia, Kathy Collins, ROW 2: Alice Tate, Charlotte Ravndal, Edgar Kirtley, Cindy Murray, Darien Johnson, Jacqie Joseph, Sandy Campbell, Melanie Miller, Cindy Machen Charlette Corrigan, Mary Kero, ROW 3: Vince Colucci, Margaret Anderson, Marianne Papich, Tony Sestrich, Julie Cron' Gail Bowman, Diane Sedminik, Lynda Colucci, Nancy Callan, Marie Bloom, Gary Petrovich, ROW 4: Tim Boucher Paul Jacobs, Andy Haffey, Larry Sladich, Cathy Niland, Kathy Lindblad, Julie Palakovich, Nancy Pellegrini Mary Lou Fitzgerald, Karen Klemann, Ross Swanson, ROW 5: Mr. Wolpert, Tim Ohman, Gene Fitzpatrick, Mick Francisco Joel Tuss, Joanne Oreskovich, Gloria Enloe, Karen Harrington, Karen Matthew, Jim Elbert, MISSING: Judy Bristow Lorna Friend, Jone Minnehan, Maureen Wallace 107KEY CLUB WAYNE ESTES Scott Holmlund HONOR CADET Lourdes Gracia Larry Sladich, Tony Laslovich, Jack Devine, Chuck Gates, Mile Moquist “COLEY” VAUGHN Pat Solan, Bob Allen, Larry Sladich, Tacker Devine, Mick Francisco 108ELK’S LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP Elk's Leadership Scholarship: Second Place Joanne Oreskovich SOROPTIMIST Soroptomist: First Place Judy Kaye Schofield Second Place Joanne Oreskovich Third Place Ellen Boyd D.A.R. D.A.R.: Joanne Oreskovich Elk's Leadership Scholarship: Second Place Larry Sladich BETTY CROCKER 109 Betty Crocker: Lynn HarrisSUNSHINE “74” YELLOW BRICK ROAD friends from south and friends from north gather into the fourth season, a season of farewells. on roads aimed toward the sun they became. -not two from one, but one from many hundreds- near the close of my third season they ask me questions. why do I walk along the horizon? how can I watch the earth and sky melt together into one? I say I thought I saw a friend, walking through tall gateways on a road of yellow brick into the sun. A Dedication To The Seniors Junior Class '75SUNSHINE WARM PLEASANT CHEERFUL HAPPINESS . .74SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pres. Tim Ohman, V-Pres. Andy Haffey, Sec. Joanne Oreskavich, Absent Tres. Rhonda DeHart Marilyn Bennet 114 Leslie McGreeveyPeanuts Anderson Bob Allen Karen Klemann Hello Operator, would you help me place this call? I want to get in touch with my old friends, Because Traces of memories of yesterday, Beautiful Sundays walking through the country on that long and winding road, Sunshine on my shoulder, And Saturday in the park Are gentle on my mind. Remember... Those precious and few moments we shared; The crazy times that were filled with love... Those were the days my friends, we thought they'd never end But school's out forever------when will I see you Again... Never can say GOODBYE!!! Renee Gessele 115Kevin Ankeny Susan McKernan Paul Tauscher Audrey Dunne Vince Lundi Kay Bock “TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON, AND A 116Oebbie Stone Mark Beattie Karen Walker Paul Burch Sheila Sullivan Tim Vauthier TIME TO EVERY PURPOSE UNDER THE HEAVENS Doug Staudahar Marilee Smollack Mike RichterLarry Sladich Susan Clark “WE CANNOT PREDICT WHAT WE WILL BE; WE CAN ONLY LIVE WHAT WE ARE.” 118DON’T WALK IN FRONT OF ME—I MAY NOT FOLLOW DON’T WALK BEHIND ME—I MAY NOT LEAD. WALK BESIDE ME- AND JUST BE MY FRIEND. Cindy Clawson Ann Jean Bjornemo Jean Popovich Bob Morani Tim Oilman Perry Parson Charlotte Corrigan 119Maureen Wallace Scott Cashin 4 Debbie Van Meel Linda Colucci Mark Chapin Bill Conlon Ellen Boyd SOME DAYS UP AHEAD WILL COME DOWN EMPTY AND SOME YEARS FULLER THAN THE FULLEST ONES WE’VE KNOWN BEFORE . . Nancy Callan Randy Parks 120Jeff Davis Barb Palakovich Kieran Hogenson Neil Heaphy Carl de la Chapelle Sandy Wendt Ann Tate .. TODAY HAS BEEN THE BEST DAY YET, I THOUGHT YOU OUGHT TO KNOW THAT, AND I THOUGHT IT TIME THAT I SAID THANK YOU. 121Jack Devine WHO HAS WHO HAS SEEN THE WIND NONE BUT THE FEW, THE NIGHT BY THE COLOR Kevin McCarthy Mick Lacey 122TOUCHED THE SKY AS IT WENT RUNNING BY THE FEW WHO KNEW IT’S FIRST NAME 123 Randy Selensky Melinda PartinMike Johns Mary Lou Fitzgerald SOMETHING OF OURSELVES REMAINS WHEREVER WE HAVE BEEN 124I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU ARE HERE; IT HELPS ME REALIZE HOW BEAUTIFUL MY WORLD IS. Kim Peters Jim Maciag Judy Kaye Schofield Kathy Gilbert Faron Seibel Jim Duganz Abby Laughlin Art Knadler 125Debbie Markland Margaret Ries Larry Blodnick Betty Ann Driscoll ON A OR AT THE OF SOME NEW TRAIN 126Bob Campbell Mary Pat McNamee Paul Hawkins Jacqie Joseph Wendi Moses Dan Greany TRAIN END Paul Jacobs Mary Kero r • Mick Francisco OF THOUGHTDoug Prosen ick Judie Mehrens Nick Kostelecky Sharon Juricich Jim Blodgett NO MAN IS THE WHOLE OF HIMSELF; HIS FRIENDS ARE THE REST OF HIM. 128Jack Roche Chris Lombardi Tom McGreevy Nola Baker Gene Marci lie Mary Ann McCarthy THERE ARE NO STRANGERS; ONLY FRIENDS YOU HAVEN’T MET. 129If' m' Jim Ryan Mary Ann Matosich John Beach Gail Hartman Mary Farrel Mike Stroh Barbara Vine I WISH YOU VINTAGE WINE IN EVERY COCA-COLA GLASS Jerry Rusinski Denise Trahan 130Margaret Anderson Dave Ostrom Vicky Kurtz Harry Smith Nancy Pellegrini Gene Pipinich Janet McDowell Dan Strizich Leilani Keele AN END TO WISHING, SIGNALING YOU’VE FOUND FOREVER AT THE END OF NOW. 131OH VERY YOUNG WHAT WILL YOU LEAVE US THIS TIME? Ed Kopp Chris Hertzig Dennis Thomas 132Annie Aspholm Tom Gray Alice Tate YOU’RE ONLY DANCING ON THIS EARTH FOR A SHORT WHILE Miles Moquist Linda Riley Joe Trainor 133Patty O'Brien Bob Lorengo Phyllis Curnow Tony Sestrich Janine Kovacich Tim Spellman Julie Hodgson Robin Miller AND THOUGH YOUR DREAMS MAY TOSS AND TURN YOU NOW THEY WILL VANISH AWAY LIKE YOUR DADDY’S BEST JEANS, 134DENIM BLUE, FADED UP TO THE SKY. AND THOUGH YOU WANT THEM TO LAST FOREVER YOU KNOW THEY NEVER WILL John Me Nay Cindy Murray Mike McCollough Bob Goforth Debbie McCallum Mark Wilson Julia Mullen 135Dan Zarr Susan Welch Lynn Phillip John Strawn RAISIN DAY I HAD A NICE TIME WITH YOU TODAY, BUT THE RAISINS ALL ARE GONE... THE CORNFLAKES JUST DON'T SEEM QUITE RIGHT, SOMETHING’S MISSING IN MY BOWL AND ITS YOU YOU MAKE ANYTIME, A BOWL OF CORNFLAKES AND RAISINS; WITH SUGAR AND CREAM, AND FRESH COW’S MILK. PLEASE PUT STRAWBERRY JAM ON MY TOAST. John Goldberg Karen Matthew Bill Villeneuve Mark Softich Cindy Ravndal Don Zarr 136Gene Fitzpatrick Judy Bristow Jerry Vanisko WILL YOU CARRY THE WORDS OF LOVE WITH YOU? WILL YOU RIDE THE GREAT WHITE BIRD INTO HEAVEN? AND THOUGH YOU WANT TO LAST FOREVER YOU KNOW THEY NEVER WILL. Brenda Pieske Joe Boyer Curt Cline Laurel Mulske Bill Schiele Jean Ann Colucci 137DOESN’T TAKE MUCH TIME TO PASS BY ME. Dan Evans 139Andy Haffey Cathy Niland Charlie Ewan Denise Jepson Mike Gracia Cindy Machen Clifford Curnow 140Lucinda Selensky Mick Duganz Darien Johnson Charles Ingwerson Rhonda DeHart Bill McDonald Joy Kirtley Dan Hoschied Sandy Riley Dennis Miller Virginia Siders 141Laurie Boehler Melanie Miller Lisa Cron Mark Biggs I HOPE THAT YOU WILL THINK OF ME IN MOMENTS WHEN YOU’RE HAPPY AND YOU’RE SMILING. THAT THE THOUGHT WILL COMFORT YOU ON COLD AND CLOUDY DAYS IF YOU ARE CRYING THAT YOU’LL LOVE TO SEE THE SUN GO DOWN AND THE WORLD GO AROUND, AND AROUND AND AROUND. Dave Violet Lorelei Barney Peggy Frankovich 142GIRL’S TRACK 1975 ROW 1: Mary Jean Vaughn, Peanuts Anderson, Sandy Mogren, ROW 2: Lynda Colucci, Mary Stergar, Phyllis Briggs, ROW 3: Glynn McGreevey, Sandy Campbell, Penny Hill, Celia Peterson. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Sheila Sullivan, Debbie Stone, Maurge Dulaney, Joan Tracy, Vicki McCollum, Gail Bowman, Bobby Zeiglar Penny Pushin! Don't close your eyes now. Deb!All together, now . . . Mjck Our best sides! 146147DIVISIONAL TOURNAMENT COPPERHEADS MAKE STATE BY CRUSHING BUTTE BULLDOGS 82-54 Copperheads 56 Kalispell 71 Copperheads 67 Bozeman 50 Copperheads 56 He ligate 61 Fourth Place FinishEditor, Larry Sladich Advisor, Miss Lowney Terese Oerzay Steve Ryan, Peanuts Anderson Miss Lowney, John Pellegrini, Alice Tate, Leslie McGreevey. Layout Editor and Photographer, Marilyn BennettVicki McCollom, Laureen Clark, Larry Sladich Steve Gonzales, Gloria Fischer, Vicki McCollom Ellen Boyd, Miss Lowney, Melanie Miller Gail Bowman 151 Natalie ForwoodHerbert Swanson School District 10 Clerk 152 ROW 1: Claudia Eastmark, Chuck Heffner, Gene Vukovich ROW 2: Milo Manning, Tom Radonich, Bill Hursh, John Pellegrini Superintendent M. F. 0' LearyPERSONNEL Bob Marinkovich Mrs. Byron Mr. Fischer Mrs. Strizich 153FULL PAGE 1ST SECURITY BANK ANACONDA COMPANY MONTANA POWER CAMEO STUDIO BARCLAY’S ONE-HALF PAGE SALTENBERGER PLUMBING AND HEATING INTERMOUNTAIN TRANSPORTATION ANACONDA TEACHERS UNION FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUTTREY’S FOOD ANACONDA BOOSTERS FARGO’S B.A. P. DONATIONS Knight, Dahood, MacKay, and McLean Helen's Beauty Salon Lois's Fashion Nook Don's Sport Center Gordon E. Marcotte Dye's Auto Parts Kelly's Counter Mountain Bell G R Shop 154ANACONDA CHRYSLER CENTER ONE-FOURTH PAGE ANACONDA SERVICE STATION ANACONDA LEADER CITY DRUG STORE ANACONDA TIN SHOP EDDIE'S CONOCO DEE MOTOR FINNEGAN FUNERAL DR. ELBERT MARCHION HARDWARE MAC INTYRES THRIFTY DRUG HAUFBRAU ANACONDA REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATIVE INSURANCE ANACONDA FIRE FIGHTERS ONE-EIGHTH PAGE Affiliated Building Materials Anaconda Flourists Gifts Anaconda Disposal Black's Jewelry Beall Lumber Boyce's Pharmacy Blattner Plumbing Christie Flower Shop Carmel's Coast to Coast Chuck's TV College of Beauty Careers Coldwater's Family Shoes Copper Village Art Center Copper City Bowl Dr. Devich Daly's Grocery Dr. Doyle Don's Grocery Eileraas Buick GMC Ed 's Radio TV Farmers Ins. Embassy Gil's Gourmet House Gambles Hoyall's Jewelry Dr. Greany J . C . Penny Dr. Huffman Joe's Dairy Jim's Electric Dr. Lacey John Wind's Bakery Marcus Daly Hotel Lutey's Matt's Conoco Marcotte Electric Murphy Paint Glass Meadow Gold Dairy Oasis Bar Mt. View Medical Clinic Ossellos Osco Drug Parson Funeral Pad-n-Pencil Peterson Paints Paumie's Porkies Roach Smith P . J .'s Market Schmidt Plumbing Heating Safeways S N Construction Dr. Smollack Thompson's Star Cleaners Treasure State Sporting Goods Track Wind Motel Dr. Tuchscherer Dr. Trobough Washoe Market Vagabond Motel Waynes Floor Covering Washoe Theatre Young Motor Co. Anaconda Cable TV 155Allen, Bob 34,51,100 Allick, Ramona Anderson, Peanuts 11,14,51,150 Anderson, Margaret 49,56,60,131 Anderson, Susan Ankeny, Kevin 116 Aspholm, Anne 97 Aspholm, Jim 138 Bacon, Jim Baker, Nola 129 Baldwin, Lisa 124 Beach, John 130 Beattie, Mark 117 Bennett, Marilyn 14,16,40,42,51,64, 150 Biggs, Mark 51,142 Bilodeau, Danette 14,132 Bishop, Joan Bjornemo, Ann Jean 14,45,119 Blodgett, Jim 125 Blodnick, Larry 126 Bloom, Marie 14,16,43,45,122,147 Bock, Kay 116 Boehler, Laurie 16,46 Bolkovatz, Annette 14,46,118 Boskovich, Frannie Boucher, Tim 116 Boyd, Ellen 14,120,151 Boyer, Joe 51,100 Bristow, Judy 14,16,49,50,56 Brunell, Bob Burch, Paul 117 Cal Ian, Nancy 16,120 Campbell, Bob 127 Campbell, Bruce 64,122 Cash in, Scott 34,120 Chambers, Richie Chapin, Mark 35,45,104,120,151 Clark, Susan 14,118 Clawson, Cindy 119 Cline, Curt Collins, Kathy Colucci, Jean 14,52 Colucci, Lynda 14,16,30,51,96,120 Conlon, Bill 120 Corrigan, Charlotte 14,49,119 Cron, Lisa 142 Curnow, Phyllis 57 Curran, Sean Currie, Daniel Davis, Jeff 121 Dehart, Rhonda 14,46,97 De La Chapelle, Carl 121 Dersay, Terese 60,151 Devine, Jack 34,81,122 DiRe, Diane 14,42,43,16,106 Donahue, Pat 34,51,118 Driscoll, Betty Ann 46,126 Duffield, Debbie 57 Duganz, Jim 125 Duganz, Mick 141 Dulaney, Maurge 11,14,51,126 Dunne, Audrey 57,97,116 Enloe, Gloria 14,30,49,50,122 Evans, Dan 139 Ewan, Charles 64,147 Farrell, Mary 14,130 Fisher, Delbert Fitzgerald, Ed Fitzgerald, Mary Lou 14,124,147 Fitzpatrick, Gene 35,43,96 Flansberg, Burl Ford, Peggy 14 Francisco, Mick 16,34,43,51,101,127 Frankovich, Peggy 142 Friend, Lorna 123 Gates, Chuck 51,124 Gessele, Renee Gilbert, Kathy 14,46,125 Goforth, Robert 135 Goldberg, John 136 Gonzales, Steve 57,128 Gracia, Mike 52 Gray, Tom 34,133 Greany, Dan 30,35,127,147 Haffey, Andy 16,35 Hallquist, Cindy 57,138 Harris, Lynn 14,30,49,50,56,135 Hartman, Gail 130 Hawkins, Paul 127 Heaphy, Neil 121 Hekkel, Tom 139 Helsper, Mike 118 Hertzig, Chris 57,132 Hodgson, Julia 134 Hogenson, Kieran 14,121 Holmlund, Scott 16,35,52,43,45,133, 147 Hoscheid, Dan 141 Hutzenbiler, June 14,129 Ingerwerson, Charles 141 Jacobs, Paul 49,127 Jepson, Denise 14,16,97 Johns, Mike 43,124 Johnson, Darien 57,141 Joseph, Jacquie 14,127 Jurcich, Sharon 97,128 Keele, Leilani 131 Kero, Mary 96,127 Kiehn, Pauline 132 King, Kathy 60,138 Kirtley, Joy 141 Klemann, Karen 57 Knadler, Art 125 Kopp, Ed 132 Kooyman, Dan Kostelecky, Nick 128 Kovacich, Janine 96,134 Kurtz, Vickie 57,131 Lacey, Mike 122,147 Laslovich, Tony 16,81,123 Laughlin, Abby 14,43,45,51,90,125 Lewis, Laura 118 Lindblad, Kathy 14,30,56,128 Lombardi, Chris 14,51,129 Lorello, Connie 14,126 Lorengo, Bob 49,50,134 Lundi, Vince 34,100,116 156 Machen, Cindy 97 Maciag, Jim 125Mackay, Connie 14,123 Ries, Margaret 126 Marci lie, Gene 16,52,129 Riley, Linda 57,133 Marcotte, Cheryl 14,43,106,122 Riley, Sandie 141 Markland, Debbie 126 Roche, Jack 34,101,129 MartzoIf, Lynette 57,139 Rodriquez, Belinda 57,97,123 Massey, Mary Kae Rosenberg, Ed 49,50,56,138 Matesich, Bill 132 Rusinski, Jerry 130 Matosich, Mary Ann 14,97,130 Rustad, Howard 126 Matthew, Karen 14,50,136 Ryan, Jim 130 McCallum, Debbie 135 McCarthey, Mary Ann 14,42,43,52, Ryan, Steve 35,45,118,151 129,147 Scharosch, Mark 126 McCarthy, Kevin 104 Schiele, Bill McCollough, Mike 135 Schofield, Judykay 52,125 McDonald, Bill 141 Seibel, Faron 14,34,51,125 McGreevey, Tom 15,16,34,51,52,129 Selensky, Lucinda 57,123 McGreevy, Leslie 14,33,57,99,150 Selensky, Randy 34,51,123 McKernan, Susan 116,30 Sestrich, Tony 30,134 McNamee, Mary Pat 46,127 Sevores, Bill McNay, Carlee 14,124 Sewvello, Ann 14,122 McNay, John 34,135 Shadorf, Bill 101 McNeill, Chris 57 Shandorf, Dan 116 Mehrens, Judie 14,128 Sladich, Larry 14,34,81,118,150 Mickey, Rhonda 14,33 Smith, Harry 49,131 Miller, Dennis Smollack, Marilee 14,41,117,151 Miller, Melanie 142,151 Softich, Mark 49,136 Miller, Robin 134 Solan, Pat 16,34,51,100,124 Miller, Tony Spellman, Tim 134 Minnehan, Joni 14,64,121 Moquist, Miles 35,43,51,81,133 Staat, Linda 14,124 Stanley, Mike 138 Morani, Bob 99,119 Staudohar, Doug 117 Morse, Rick 100 Steiner, Marlene 57,138 Moses, Wendy 57,127 Stenerson, A dell Mullen, Julia 14,30,135 Stone, Debbie 14,147 Mulske, Laurel Stone, Vera 14,43,100,129 Murphy, Sean 123 Strawn, John 136 Murray, Cindy 49,50,56,96,135 Strizich, Dan 131 Stroh, Mike 130 Navarro, Alice 14,43,142 Sullivan, Dan 128 Niland, Cathy 14,16,49,56,50 Sullivan, Jerri 97 Norbury, Sandra Sullivan, Sheila 14,88,90,117,147 O'Brien, Kathy 119 Tate, Alice 57,133,150 O'Brien, Pam 118 Tate, Ann 57,121,150 O'Brien, Patty 134 Taucher, Paul 116 Ohman, Tim 119 Thom, Ron 132 Orrino, Jim 139 Thomas, Dan 126 Oreskovich, Joanne 14,16,43,96,133 Thomas, Dennis 35,45,132 Ostrom, Dave 131 Trahan, Denise 14,130 Trainor, Joe 133 Palakovich, Barb 14,121,151 Parks, Randy 120 Tuss, Joel 139 Parsons, Perry 34,119 Vanisko, Jerry 35 Partin, Melinda 14,100,106,123 VanMeel, Debbie 14,120 Pellegrini, John 51,101,129,150 Vauthier, Tim 117,147 Pellegrini, Nancy 14,46,147,131 Villeneuve, Bill 34,51,81,136 Peters, Kim 14,97,125 Vincent, Jim 110 Peters, Larry 123 Petko, Terry 49,50,56,124 Vine, Barbara 130 Petrovich, Gary 35,51 Walker, Karen 117 Petrovich, Peggy 46,128 Wallace, Maureen 49,50,56,60,120 Phillip, Lynn 136 Welch, Susan 136 Pierce, Eileen 64,138 Wendt, Sandy 97,121,151 Pieske, Brenda Wilson, Jan 14,116 Pipinich, Gene 131, 147 Wilson, Mark 135 Popovich, Jean 49,119 Prosenick, Doug 35,60,128 Wren, Mike 14,34,121 Proxell, Mark 132 Young, Jamie 14,33,52,132 Ravndal, Cindy 57,136 Zarr, Dan 136 Richter, Mikal 117 157 Zarr, Don 136 Zeier, Kris 34,101,132THE COLORS LIVE BETWEEN BLACK OR WHITE IN A LAND THAT WE KNOW BEST BY SIGHT. ISN'T IT EVERYTHING FOR COLORS DANCE, AND COLORS SING, AND COLORS LAUGH, AND COLORS CRY, TURN OFF THE LIGHTS, AND COLORS DIE. 15«AND THEY MAKE YOU FEEL EVERYTHING THERE IS FROM THE GRUMPIEST GRUMP TO THE FIZZIEST FIZZ. AND YOU AND YOU AND I KNOW WELL, THAT EACH HAS A TASTE AND EACH HAS A SMELL AND EACH HAS A WONDERFUL STORY TO TELL 15975 Copperhead CRAYONS NAME GRADE SCHOOL

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