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Published By The Journalism Class Of Anaconda High School Rose Field, Editor Marilyn Jacobson, Assistant Editor Miss Jeanne Lowney, Advisor Laurie Dell Wood, Lynda Boehler, Business Mgrs. REFLECTIONS of the year. . . BIG STACKRepairing AHS railing support. Racing in to receive first place. Reliving the annual homecoming activities. Reward. . . Rewarding Copperheads' co-operative parents. Recognition is given to the team and fans.Routine efforts being made for Copperglow. Rejoicing after a hard day's work. Rehearsing for halftime entertainment. Reflect. . . Representative speaks to a student about college entrance. Relying on library references.Refreshing pause - lunch hour Recent inventions for drivers ed Reading OUR TOWN Routine. . . Reconstructing a project for students' benefit Reporting on the progress of the BIG STACKRah! Rah! Rah! Rivals wrestling Returning a rough play Recapturing a memorable evening Rally team rallyStudent Council Represents Student Body ROW 1-Carla Anderson, Liana Ehlafald, Judy Haugen, Mary Orrino, Marilyn Jacobson. ROW 2-Rick Martin, Kevin Campana, John Cat on, Clint Rouse, Bill Donahue, Ben Everett, Tom Fitzpatrick, Bob Kovacich, Ron Vetter. Council Sponsors Money Making Projects The Student Council consists of the class officers, Girl and Boy Staters, and their sponsor Mr. Joseph Wolpert. The goals of the Student Council are to make the relationship between the students and teachers a more enjoyable one, to increase school spirit, and to send representatives to Boys' and Girls' State. The Student Council has once again proven a credit to the school. OFFICERS-John Caton, Vice President, Liana Ehlafald, Secretary; Bob Kovacich, President; Mr. Joseph Wolpert, Advisor. 6Principal's Message: America must have a citizenry that explores more and more the depths and breadths of past and present knowledge to dis- cover wisdom for the future, Man's growth never ceases and out of his quest for deeper and fuller understanding of himself and his neighbor comes hope for the world. Education should be a continuing and lifetime process; one should never consider his education completed. May your future be a happy and prosperous one. Mr. O’Leary Is Involved In All Phases Of School Life. PRINCIPAL M. F. O'LEARY Mr. O'Leary gives Dorrie Lou some instructions. Principal Michael O'Leary has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Creighton University, and he received his Masters Degree in Education from the University of Montana. Mr. O'Leary has been principal at Anaconda Senior High School since 1951. The job as a principal entails many duties, but Mr. O'Leary has the patience, perseverance, and integrity to handle each and every situation as it pre- sents itself. Mr. O'Leary lends Key Club a hand. 7Row 1 - Rodney McLean, Vice-Chairman; Clyde Eccleston, Chairman; Olaf Billquist. Row 2- Edward A. Johnson, Paul B. Pahut, Tom Radonich. Absent when picture was taken was Jack Harrity. School Board Herb Swanson, Clerk 8 James E. Gardner, Superintendent Mr. Gardner’s duty is to see that the school system is administered in a way that all policies of the School Board effec- tively and efficiently serve the best inter- est of the pupil. The Clerk attends all the meetings of the Board of Trustees and keeps accurate and detailed accounts of all receipts and expenditures of school money. The School Board has the power to make and enforce rules not inconsistent with law, or those prescribed by the superintendent of public instruction, for their supervision.CLASS We the Senior Class of 1968, carried out many successful functions throughout our stay at A. H. S. Among those activities to be remembered are the Junior Prom with the theme of "Three Coins in a Fountain" and Senior Reception which was given in honor of our faculty. With graduation in the near future we are planning for our Senior Banquet and Baccalaureate. As students we wish to thank the faculty for the guidance we have received during our past years. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ron Vetter, President; Mary Orrino, Secretary; Bill Donahue, Vice-President. 10 FRED BJORKLUNDMIKE BLOTKAMP JACKIE BOISE IVEL BOGUE STAN BLAZ LYNDA BOEHLER BOB BOSKOVICH 1 1JERI BROOKS LEONARD BROWN DARELL BRUGMAN RHONDA CAMPBELL PATTY ANN CARRAHER WENDY BUCHOLZ 12GINNY CARROLL JOHN CATON BARBARA CLARK SHIRLEY COLUNSWORTH LESTER CROWE LURIE DAVIES jIM DeWATERSALICE DRIGGS UNDA EK JOHN EWAN 14DARRELL FORTNER JOY FORD ROBERTA FOSTER ROSE FIELD SHARRON FOSTER PAM FREY FRANCIE GALLE 15 JOHN FRAZER TERRY GALLEDON GOFORTH VICKIE GALLE G.G. GOLTZ JAY HARDING MARIE GOLDEN MAURY HA MILL JOE GORSHE PATTY HARRITY BILL HARRISCAROL JENSE BONNIE JOHNSON DALE JOHNSON DAVID JOHNSON DIANNE JOSEPH HOWIE JOHNSON DAVE JOVICK CHRIS JURING AARON KITCHELALBERTA KRAUSE RICK MARTIN U t I SHIRLEY MASSET BOB KOVACICH KEN KOVACICH MIKE LUJAN JOANNE LUTEY SHIRLEY MIENKEBARBARA MILLER 20alan McDermott UNDA MYERS JACK McCREEVY JEANIE McPHAIL KATHY McNEILL RON NICHOLAS ROBERTA McCABE CAROL McLAIN JERRY NEIMINEN 2122 NOREEN NORDHOLM JACK ORRINO k MARION OULDHOUSEALAN PARKS JOYCE PROTHERO JOHN RANCITSCH MARY RAIHL TERRY PAINTER STEVE PINKHAM MARY JO PETRUSKA LINDA PROTHERO CASEY REILLYDAN RICCI DON RICCI SUSAN RICHARDSON LINDA RIESLAND MICK ROBINSON JOHN RUANE JIM RUSINSKI CATHY RUSSELL 2425 JO ANN SHANDORF TANA SIDERS DAVID SMITHKATHY SMITH CYNTHIA SMYTH JOAN SOFTICH MIKE SOFTICH SHIRLEY STEMBRIDGECHARLEY STRONG MIKE SULUVAN SHAUN SULUVAN JOHN SWANSON CHARLES SUNDBERG RON VETTER HENRY VILLA 2728Junior Class Officers Tom Fitzpatrick, President; Marilyn Jacobson, Secretary; Clint Rouse, Vice- President. Juniors Stage Successful Prom This year the junior class started the year by enthusiastically entering a float in the homecoming parade. The float was given honorable mention. Throughout the year they contributed much to promote school spirit. Tom Fitzpatrick, president; Clint Rouse, vice-president; Marilyn Jacobson, secretary, lead the class in several projects, one being a dance held December 1 during the Invitational Tournament, and another on December 15, which paved the way to a successful prom, the event of the year. Along with enjoying the many activities during the year, the junior class was also busy with the scholastic phase of school. For the first time, juniors were able to choose from a variety of courses such as a scientific or commercial course. Each student was required to take English XI and U. S. History. Among the many classes available were physics, Algebra II and trigonometry, Typing I, shorthand, and bookkeeping. They can also choose a vocational course which consists of shop, welding, and basic electricity. Some students complete their second year of a foreign language in their junior year. Another class offered to the juniors for the first time is journalism. 30Kathy Adams Russell Anderson Charles Allen Mary Jean Andreoli William Allen LaVonne Arvish Kathy Amaya Vicky Barkell Class Of ’69 Zale Benson Danny Bertsch Patty Anderson Toni Barker Walter Bishop Carl Blaskovich Margie Blaz Patty Borrow man Jenni Blume Marine 11 Boskovich Larry Bock Mark Bossard Jeanie Boyer Ken Boyer Dale Campbell Sandra Robert Anderson Robert Beausoleil Blasingame Jenny Blaz Rodney Bodeen V 31Martin Dunn Brenda Currie Debbie Dewing Mike Dunn Don Evans LaRae Fike John Davis Jamie Dewing Sandra Evans Tom Fitzpatrick £5 ( • John Durkin Kevin EkstromHelen Gonzales Terri Hildebrant Beth Harmon Mary Hodges Thor Hoiland i i Delia Ingwerson Judy Johnson Marilyn Gutcheck Bill Helsper Barbara Jacobs Patty Johnson John Gates Edwin Gessele Dan Harball Nancy Harball Kathy Hoolahan Sheri HorsfallLarry Kalcso Keith Kaye James Lake Orville LaTray Tom Laughlin Danny Keele Tom Kelly Connie Kieser Robert Kittrell Juniors Sponsor Tournament Dance Linda Liddell Barrie Malcolm Debby Massett Patty Lovell Harry Massett Linda Massey Greg Miller Jackie Miller John Moe Jason Morales Mike Lueck Tim Magness Ken Mickelberry Arlana Moreland Neil Ledbetter Bonnie Lutey Gary Maki Dorothy Mienke Jack Morley Calvin Kostelecky 34Class Float Receives Honorable Mention Cheryl O’Brien Mary Pat Morris Richard Navaro Debby Moses Shirley Neiminen Tony Palm Gabriel Peltier Mike Papich Joe Perro Candace Murray Esther Nepine Lynn McConnaha Bonnie Niland c. 4't H ■ I' Arthur McLean Lori Nugent Gloria Olsen Chris Paddock Christine McMonigle Don Nyquist Roger Olson Mike Paddock Patricia Petrovich Gary Petruska Kris Pearson 35 Nancy PhilipsSandra Rigney Wesley Riley Einar Samuell Mike Scalise Gail Poland Ben Poston Sharon Putman Tom Reiss Ruth Ann Reiss Rosemarie Schofield Cheryl Siebenaler Carol Sletton Dan Sletton Bob Smith .w » Kay Riesland Nita Ritthaler Audrey Robinson Clint Rouse Cathy Schalk Joy Smith Pat Rigney Carla Roberts Bill Robinson Peter Salle Leone Schmidt Kris Smith 36Florence Smyth Joe Strelnik Emily Tauscher John Vuicich Dave Whaley Jim Wink Marie Solan Willie Strelnik Gil Tauscher Sandi Ward Ken Wicks Linda Woirhaye Joe Sommers Charlene Swihart Ted Spanbauer Ron Surina Penny Stanley Steve Tuss Jeanie Westgard Mack Williams Mark Woirhaye Joyce Westgard Bill Wind Joey Wyant Nancy Stavanja Lorie Trollope Gary Vauthier Marsha Stokke Bob Todorovich Rosie VioletSophomore Class Officers Ben Everett, President; Carla Anderson, Secretary; Kevin Campana, Vice- President. Sophomores Are Introduced To Many New Subjects This year the sophomores, the largest class ever to enter Anaconda High School, contributed much in the line of sportsmanship and school spirit by working on a float to enter in the Homecoming parade and actively supporting the Copperheads at games and pep assemblies. Sophomores were under the leader- ship of Ben Everett, president; Kevin Campana, vice-president; and Carla Ander- son, secretary. In the line of sports, many sophomore boys showed their talent by lettering in one of the sports and the girls displayed their love for athletics by actively participating in the Girls Athletic Association. Being new to the school, the sophomores were introduced to various new subjects. Subjects that were compulsory for all members of the class were geometry, biology, physical education, and English X. Electives such as speech and debate, Spanish II, and world history were also offered to the sophomores. These subjects are preparatory to subjects they may take in their junior and senior years. 38Regina Allick Deborah Bailey Bob Bizjak Karren Bleile Bob Brown Kevin Campana Patricia Bogue Christopher Brooks Vickie Campbell Steve Bowers Robert Buhl Duane Brugman Gil Carlascio Carla Anderson Susan Beattie Mary Bjornemo Linda Blaz 39Rebecca Collins Calvin Crowe Joanne Davis Jack Duffield Mary Dunn Dan Fabich Kathy Duganz Ben Everett Marilou Duffy Carl Eccleston Ron Fischer Roger Clark Carolyn Cor Marlys Cutler Charlene Cartwright Karen Corcoran Jerry Cyr Danny Dienstman Bob Eide Ray Fleming 40James Glover Kathy Hamill George Harding Barbara Haugen I J Mickey Gallagher Brant Ginsberg Helen Hammond Mary Francisco Tim Furshon Barbara Galle iii Gary Grice David Hager Jim Harold Carol Herbolich Joe Galle Pam Glovan Neal Hansen Steve Harmon Sue Havens Roxie Harris Judy Hill Linda Hamel Donna Harding Jack Harrity Janice Hiltbrand 41Laurie Jones Dean Kamps Darlene Keyes Steve Kuffner Kathy Klemann Peggy Lakel Mike Joronen Debra Jorgenson Kris Kleinhans Frank LaForest Debbie Kline Leo LaSalle Wayne Kahm Diane Keto Larry Krizan Brent LeBlanc 42Connie Lofing Jacob Miller Carol Morley Tim Murphy Harold McDowell • ■ n '■ Al Laurie Marchion "vW1 r f ♦ Randy Lutey Larry Maricich Ronnie Maki Ken Martin V' Teresa Maciag Sandra Magathan Rich Marthaller Claudia Martin Paula Mayes Albert Miller V t ",t - ly s • Jeanne Motland Ed Myrick Kathy McGreevy b .if 1 C.A « - D n Jim Myrick Maureen McHugh -T7Tp Loren Monaco Mary Mulvey F.) Bill McKinley Dennis Moreland John Murphy Helen McDermott 43Nickie Nichols Tom Nugent Sue Pinkham Patty Raihl Rose McLean Joe Navarro Ray McWilliams Bob Nicholas Jim McNay Burley McWilliams Kathy Nelson Mary Ruth Nelson Joe Nicholes Cathy Nichols Gary Norberg Beckie Pinkham Sharon Post 44Rose Mary Ries Sheila Rivers Marvin Sletton Colleen Smith Kathy Smith 45 Setona Steiner fS ft Patty Stembridge WSl I Terri Stevens r{ ' V A J Robert Strawn George Storer Dave Stinger Dave Stone Rich Strelnik Fred Struble Joe Struznik Tina Strelnik Donna Sturm Pat Todorovich Charles Tesdal Regina Tesdal Carol Thompson Steve Shepard Don U Is tad Chris Swanson Theresa Verlanic Dale Trollope Roxie Tuss Bonnie Wagner 46 Nick Vincent Pat WaldrupJim Walund Jim Weist Althea Welch Kim Wicks Dan Williams Ramona Wind Bill Wood Brenda Ziegler Charles Wandler Ray White Dwayne Wilhelm 47Mr. Shwartz Donates Valedictory Award Mr. Joe Schwartz and Mr. O'Leary display a plaque which Mr. Schwartz has donated to Anaconda High School. On the plaque appears the names of all valedictorians from die high school since 1916. A $50.00 award will be given to all valedictorians starting this year. Row 1 - Laurel Millhouse, Kathy McNeill, Bob Kovacich, Judy Haugen, Caroline Westin. Row 2- Mary Orrino, Carolyn Murray, Patty Harrity, Jack Orrino, Liana Ehlafald, Alice Driggs. Students Maintain Superior Grades These are the top eleven students of the senior class as of the end of the second quarter. At the close of the school year, one of these stu- dents with the highest scholas- tic average will be named valedictorian of the class of 1968. The person achieving the second highest average will receive the honor of being salutator ian.Students Named For Scholastic Ability Row 1: Joyce Prothero, Carol Connors, Dorthy Mienke, Joyce Westgard, Kathy McNeill, Francie Galle, Marsha Stokke, Joy Ford, Judy Haugen, Laurel Millhouse. Row 2: Laurie Dell Wood, Patty Harrity, Liana Ehlafald, Carrie Murray, Susan Richardson, Carol McLain, Caroline Westin, Bonnie Johnson, Alice Driggs. Row 3: Mary Orrino, Wendy Bucholz, Shirley Mienke, Jackie Allen, Pam Frey, Marilyn Gutcheck, Christine McMonigle, Linda Liddell, Irene Johnson. Row 4: Jack Orrino, David Smith, Maurice Hamill, Dale Campbell, Greg Miller, John Caton, Clint Rouse, Tom Fitzpatrick, John Ewan, Bob Kovacich, Rick Martin. The National Honor Society was founded to stimulate scholarship and to recognize character, service, and leadership in the students of Anaconda High. There are certain qualities necessary for admission to the society. Students must maintain a "B" average. They must show qualities of leadership, and enthusiasm for scholarship, and a desire to render further service. Laurel Millhouse, Mr. O'Leary Laurel Given Merit Commendation Scores of all students taking the Merit Scholarship qualifying test were compiled by the National Program on a comparative basis. Laurel Millhouse received a merit commodation. 49Students Complete For Elks Leadership Seated: Laurie Dell Wood, Patty Harrity, Mary Orrino, Carrie Murray, Jane Blaskovich. Standing: Liana Ehlafald, Caroline Westin, Bob Kovacich, Howie Johnson, Maurie Hamill, Sue Richardson. This contest, sponsored by the Elks, is based on leadership, character, initiative, organizational abilities, and civic and community activities. Students Attend Boys And Girls State These students were chosen in their junior year as delegates to Girls and Boys State. At the sessions, they had practical experience in government on state and local levels, visits from state officers, and patriotic programs. Seated: Liana Ehlafald, Mary Orrino, Judy Haugen. Standing: Rick Martin, John Caton, Bob Kovacich, Ron Vetter. Roberts McCabe Alice Driggs Receives Named Kay Harrington Honor Cadet Award The recipient of the Kay Harrington Award is one who has shown outstanding leadership in G. A. A. in all four years in high school. She has also given enthusiastic support to every program of G. A. A. from sports to selling at the concession stand during home games. Honor Cadet is chosen on the basis of her ability and her contributions to the drill team during the past year.Elks Scholarship Participants Senior students are given the opportunity to participate in a scholarship contest sponsored by the Elks. Students are judges on resourcefulness, perserverance, citizenship, and scholarship. Seated: Mary Orrino, Laurel Millhouse, Carrie Murray, Standing: Liana Ehlafald, Kathy McNeill, Bob Kovacich, Caroline Westin. Tom Fitzpatrick, Mary Orrino Patty Earns Betty Crocker Award Patty HarrityFirst Team: Larry Nord, Bill Donahue, Casey Reilly. Second Team: Clint Rouse, Jim Yeoman. All-Conference Choices These boys were chosen as a 11-conference by sports- writers and coaches because of their outstanding athletic ability and their contribution to the team. Cross Country Winner Scholastic And Athletic Honors Achieved. Girls Receive First This girls basketball team took championship at G. A. A. play day in Dillon, February 6. Seated: Linda Massey, Patty Anderson, Patty Lovell, Helen Gonzales, Jenni Blume. Standing: Dorothy Mienke, Heather Davison, Sheri Horsfall, Cathy Grubich. Howie Johnson was recipiant of many first place awards including one at the state meet. He is honored for his great achievements in cross country running. Patty Harrity Honor Athlete Is Selected The girl receiving the award of Honor Athlete is one who has shown outstanding athletic ability, and has participated in all of the organization's activities throughout her four years of membership.MR. MICHAEL KNUTSON, B.A. Algebra, Geometry MR. ROBERT GOSSACK, B.S. Biology MR. WILLIAM GUSTAFSON, B. A., M. A. Plane and Solid Geometry MR. JOHN STERGAR, B.S. Biology, Mechanical Drawing MR. JOSEPH WOLPERT, B.A., M. S., M. Ed. Physics, PI. G Solid Geometry, and Advanced Math. MATH AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT MR. ROBERT LAUGHUN, B. S. Algebra II, Trigonometry, Chemistry 54MR. FRED MOODRY, B. A. English 12 MRS. LYNN BOYCE, B.S., M. Ed. English 10 MRS. MARGARET WALSH, B. A. English 10 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT MISS JEANNE LOWNEY, B. A. English II, Journalism MR. LAWRENCE MALMBORG, B.S., . M. B. A. Typing I, English II MR. CHARLES ANDERSON, B. A. English, Speech Debate 55MISS ROSANNE ROE, B. A. American Problems MR. MARVA ECCLESTON, B. A. World History, U. S. History HISTORY AND SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT MR. WILLIAM SAGIN, B. A., M. A. Sociology, Guidance MR. CHARLES WILLIAMS, B. A. U. S. History, Athletics MISS RUTH GUSTAFSON, B. A., B. Ed., M. M. Orchestra MUSIC DEPARTMENT MR. ARLIE SCHULTZ, B.S BandMISS MARGARET DURKIN, B. A., M. A. Spanish II, Guidance MRS. WINIFRED SWANSON, B.A., B.S. French, Home Economics LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT ART DEPARTMENT MR. PAUL HAWKINS, B. A. Art MRS. NATALIE FITZPATRICK, B.S. Spanish I and II COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT MISS MARGUERITE BRISBIN, B. S., M.S. Stenography I II, Typing II MISS ETHEL THOMPSON, B.S., M.S. Typing I, BookkeepingMR. EDWARD NILSON, B.S., M. Ed. Mechanical Drawing and Driver's Education MR. JOHN MURPHY Welding Libra ry MISS ELEANOR IVANKOVICH, B.A. Librarian Industrial Arts Physical Education Department MR. DAROLD ROLLMAN, B.S. Mechanical Drawing MR. ROBERT GUTCHECK B.S. Basic Electricity MR. ROBERT ASPHOLM. B.A. General Shop 58 MR. JOHN CHEEK, B.A. MISS JOAN MEUCHEL, B.S. Physical Education, Physical Education, Athletics Drill TeamAHS Band DUETS BRASS CHOIR CLARINETS Carol McLain Leone Schmidt Linda Massey Kay Bleile Bonnie Johnson Barbara Haugen Wendy Beaudry Mary Lynn Green James McNay Douglas Poston Debbie Hamilton TENOP SAXOPHONE Darlene Keyes Hugo Galle ALTO CLARINETS Kathy Andreoli Mike Sbragia BARITONE SAXOPHONE Danny Dienstman BASS CLARINETS Arlana Moreland Sandra Shandorf FRENCH HORNS Marilyn Nogle Arnold Nogle ALTO SAXOPHONE Dorothy Mienke Helen Hammond Robert Astle 60Sparks Spirit Row 1: Saxophone Quartet Row 2: Clarinet Choir Soloists BASSES Ronald Fischer Bill McKinley OBOE Marilyn Dauterman BARITONES Phil McLain John Wolfe Roland Park PERCUSSION Dave O'Brien Chuck Wallace Brant Ginsberg Audrey Robinson Ray Fleming James Johnson Bill Nyhart TYMPANI Jeanne Westgard BASSOON TROMBONES Marion Kriskovich Kevin Campana Nancy Caton Larry Enloe STRING BASS LaVonne ArvishMembers Of Orchestra Participate ROW 1: Keith Kaye, Carrie Murray, Robin Brooks, Lucinda Gustafson, Kathy Briggs, Joyce Westgard, Carol Johnston, Cortright. ROW 3: Ken Currie, Ian Massey, Aaron Raundal, Nancy Caton, Kevin Campana, John Snell, Janey Duganz, LaVonne Arvish, Ron Fischer. Chorus Entertai ROW 1: Colleen Smith, Barbara Galle, Linda Prothero, Vickie Galle, Jim Hoskings, Mr. NayJor, director; Sandra Blasigame, Judi Johnson, Mary Pat Morris, Caroline Westin, Darlene Sager. ROW 2: Debby Moses, Susie Havens, Candy Murray, Kris Smith, Merilan Wolfe, Tom Estill, Lester Crowe, Dan Keele, Annette Blaskovich, Mimi Ralston, Judy Hill, Ramona Wind, Cylene Algers, Charlene Swihart. ROW 3: Roxie Harris, June Rice, Rose Wyant, Joyce Smith, Jane Blaskovich, Ann Waldrup, Dennis Moreland, A1 Miller, Roger Clark, Jerry Bilquist, Amber Krause, Linda Riesland, Peggy Lake 1, Vickie Carlson, Lynn McConnaha, Lori Trollope. ROW 4: Lynn Strand, Marie Golden, Nita Ritthaler, Carol Herbolich, Jackie Hochstrasser, Gene Shultz, Calvin Kostelecky, Ron Surina, Bob Estill, Paula Mayes, Christine Kelly, Jackie Combs, Rhonda Seibel, Laurie Jones, Linda Hamel.In District Music Festival Miller, Tim Massey, Terri Schnabel, Linda Anderson. ROW 2: Diane Carol McLain, Kathy Andreoli, Sandy Evans, Gloria Sepulveda, Karen Marilyn Nogle, Arnold Nogle, Jim Harold, John Gutcheck, Gary Doran, Art Rod, Jeri Brooks. ROW 4: Chuck Wallace, Miss Gustafson, director; is At ConcertsHonor G.A.A. Stimulates Girls Participation ROW 1: Laurie Del Wood, president; Barbara Miller, Patty Harrity, Alice Driggs, Caroline Westin. ROW2: Kris Pearson, Marilyn Jacobson, Roberta McCabe, Susan Richardson, Cyndie Hartsell, Dianne Joseph. The newest organization at AHS, Honor CAA was formed this year and combined Usher- ettes and Sweater Club. Girls in CAA become eligible by acquiring a certain amount of points. It's purpose is to promote a desire to participate in GAA. Drill Team Presents Sparkling Half Times These snappy, high-stepping, smily girls added color and excitement to halftime enter- tainments. They worked hard to raise funds for new uniforms, and their dazzling routines brought much recognition to AHS. ROW 1: Caroline Westin, Pat Todorovich, Ginny Carroll, Cathy Dunn, Cindy Smyth, Alice Driggs, Jackie Allen, MarilynGutcheck. ROW2: Barbara Miller, Cyndie Hartsell, Audrey Engbrecht, Kathy Smith, Vickie Barkell, Carol Rustad, Jamie Dewing, Kris Pearson. ROW 3: Lori Nugent, Nancy Phillips, Marianne Parks, Ruth Ann Reiss, Jeanne Softich, Pam Glovan, Carla Anderson, Tina Strelnik. ROW 4: Betsy Schmieding, Kris Kleinhans, Chris Swanson, Teresa Verlanic, Mary Beth Elliot, Cindy Bucholz, Sharon Post, Carol Cor, Joanne Davis.ROW 1: Mary Orino, president; Roberta McCabe, vice-president; Jenni Bliime, secretary. ROW 2: Kathy Andreoli, Kathy Gardner, Kris Pearson, Carol Rnstad, Nancy Stavanja, Marilyn Jacobson. ROW 3: Janice Clark, Mimi Ralston, Barbara Clark, Judy Haugen, Marsha Stokke, Jackie Miller, Marie Welch. ROW 4: Alice Driggs, Jeanne Boyer, Joanne Davis, Pat Todorovich, Chris Sanders. ROW 5: Betsy Schmieding, Barbara Miller, Dianne Joseph, Debbie Bailey, Cyndie Hartsell Key Club And Keyettes Earn Money For Scholarships AHS members of Key Club, a civic group sponsored by Kiwanis, in conjunction with Keyettes, sponsored and organized the annual Homecoming festivities. To raise funds for the annual scholarship sponsored by both groups, Key Club sold candy, potatoes, and held dances. Keyettes staged bake sales and participated in other civic ac- tivities to raise funds. These ambitious girls also represented AHS well as honor guards before football and basket- ball games. The year got underway with a joint hayride. ROW 1: Tom Fitzpatrick, secretary; Howie Johnson, vice-president; Clint Rouse, sgt. at arms; Bob Kovacich, president. ROW 2: John Harrity, Ken Martin, Rick Martin, Don Nyquist, Joe Strelnik, Dan Moses, Art McLean. ROW 3: Bill Wood, Kevin Campana, John Ewan, Jack Orrino, Bob Bizjak, Mark Woirhaye, Stan Blaz. ROW 4: Leonard Brown, Maury Hamill, Dave Johnson, Mark Bossard, Tom Kelly, John Vuicich, John Moe. ROW 5: Jim Yeoman, Chuck Hunt, Ben Everett, Mike Papich, Dan Harball, Mike Monroe.ROW 1: Mrs. Swanson, advisor; Jane Blaskovich, Rhonda Campbell, Kathy Kleeman, Carole Jense, Cathy Grubich. ROW 2: Jenni Blume, Barbara Clark, Lurie Davies, Iva Johnston, Mary Jean Andreoli, Donna ' Sturm. F.H.A. Learns Arts Of Homemaking These girls, sponsored by Mrs. Swanson, have learned the basic knowledge of homemaking. During November, they attended a district convention in Whitehall in which many of the girls participated. Before Christmas they held a bake sale. Most of the girls are in Mrs. Swanson's home ec classes at A.H.S. Speech Club Excels In Various Meets Although there were only six experienced members returning to the Speech and Debate team, they still did well and climaxed the year by their superb showing at the district and state meets. ROW 1: LaRae Fike, Ellen Rosenleaf, Kathy Gardner, Tina Strelnik, Cathy Duganz, Carla Anderson, Dianne Joseph, Patty Harrity, Laurie Dell Wood. ROW 2: Jeanne Westgard, Marsha Stokke, Donna Everett, Carrie Murray, Cathy Shalk, Joyce Westgard, Linda Otto, Mary Beth Elliot, Linda Massey. ROW 3: Kevin Campana, Bob Kovacich, Greg Miller, John Moe, Jack Helsper, Tom Fitzpatrick, Dave Jovick. 66SENIORS: ROW Is Susan Richardson, Dianne Joseph, Mary Orrino, Roberta McCabe, vice president; Sheri Horsfall, secretary; Patty Harrity, president; Jenni Blume, treasurer; Kris Pearson, point secretary; Laurie Dell Wood, Barbara Clark. ROW2: Cyndie Hartsell, Joanie Softich, Marie Welch, Mary Jo Petruska, Liana Ehlafald, Linda Otto, Bonnie Johnson, Jane Blaskovich, Cindy Smyth, Jackie Allen, Carol Rustad. ROW 3: Linda Schnabel, Joyce Prothero, Lurie Davies, Audrey Engbrecht, Cathy Dunn, Kathy Smith, Caroline Westin, Barbara Miller, Ginny Carroll, Alice Driggs. JUNIORS: ROW 1: Jenni Blume, Kris Pearson, Marilyn Jacobson, Barbara Jacobs, Becki Crum, Rosemarie Scofield, Ellen Rosenleaf, Kathy Gardner, Charlene Swihart, Mary Jean Andreoli, Linda Massey, Florence Smyth. ROW 2: Jamie Dewing, Marilyn Gutcheck, Lori Nugent, LaRae Fike, Cathy Schalk, Patty Anderson, Heather Davison, Helen Gonzales, Cathy Grubich, Donna Everett, Debbie Massett, Dorothy Mienke. ROW 3: Sheri Horsfall, Vickie Barkell, Ruth Ann Reiss, Nancy Phillips, Carol Connors, Jackie Miller, Brenda Currie, Leone Schmidt, Marsha Stokke, Joyce Westgard, Jeanne Westgard. G A A SOPHOMORES: ROW 1: Janice Spiegle, Ramona Wind, Kathy Hamill, Peggy Beausoliel, Tina Strelnik, Carla Anderson, Rinky McLean, Carol Cor, Pam Glovan, Jeanne Softich, Joanne Davis, Julie Francisco, Patty Stembridge. ROW 2: Sue Pinkam, Mary Beth Elliot, Kathy McGreevy, Carolyn Niland, Mimi Ralston, Chris Sanders, Pat Todorovich, Chris Swanson, Teresa Verlanic, Sharon Post, Betty Schnabel. ROW 3: Chris Kleinhans, Mary Ruth Nelson, Vickie Campbell, Darlene Shandorf, Helen Hammond, Jeanne Motland, Mary Dunn, Jayne Skakles, Susan Beatty, Karen Bleili, Mary Anderson, Betsy Schmieding, Cindy Bucholz.ROW 1: Rick Martin, Howie Johnson, Leonard Brown, Dave Johnson, Bob Bosdovich, Ron Nicholas, Casey Reilly, Bill Donahue, John Frazer, Jim Yeoman, Dan Ricci; ROW 2: Rick Barkell, Jack McGreevy, Jack Hatcher, Ron Vetter, Mike Monroe, Mick Robinson, Darrell Brugman, John Swanson, Jim DeWaters, Larry Nord, Mack Williams; ROW 3: Steve Pinkam, John Davis, Dan Bertsch, Clint Rouse, Marty Dunn, Bob Todorovich, Charles Allen, Tim Magness, Barrie Malcolm, Orville LaTray; ROW 4: John Cheek, advisor; Doug Stohr, Carl Blaskovich, Joe Strelnik, Einar Samuell, Rodney Bodeen, Ben Everett, Art McLean, Bill Allen, Alan McDermott, Chuck Williams, advisor. “A” Club The hustling sportsmen, members of football, basketball, cross country, wrestling, and track squads, have brought many honors to AHS this year by placing high in various events. The purpose of "A" Club is to promote more interests in sports. Lettermen Bolster School Spirit Paddle Club Ouch! !" This is an expression heard by many of the disobedient by-standers at ball games after being put in order by one of these enthusiastic members. Privilidged "A" Club seniore belong to this organization and they keep order running smoothly at the football and basketball games. ROW 1: Dave Johnson, Dan Ricci, Jack Hatcher, Ron Vetter, Rick Martin, Larry Nord, Jim DeWaters, John Frazer. ROW 2: Carl Blaskovich, Leonard Brown, Steve Pinkam, Ron Nicholas, Mike Monroe, Doug Stor. ROW 3: Rick Barkell, Jack McGreevy, Bob Boskovich Mick Robinson, John Swanson, Darrell Brugman, Howie Johnson. 68Spanish Club . Science Club Campbell. Chris Swanson, president; Mrs. Fitzpatrick, advisor; Jeanne Softich, secretary-treasurer; John Harrity, vice-president. Vocational Industrial Clubs Of America Jim DeWaters, treasurer; Larry Nord, president; Alan Parks, secretary. French Club ROW 1: Cathy Grubich, secretary, 4th period; Becki Crum, treasurer, 4th period; Rosemarie Schofield, secretary, 1st period. ROW 2: Dennis Hutzenbiler, vice-president, 4th period; Bill Donahue, president, 1st period; Art McLean, president, 4th period. Absent when picture was taken: Dorothy Mienke, treasurer, 1st period.Girls! Girls! Girls! Aqua Team Presents Show March 29-30 ROW 1: Marilyn Jacobson, secretary; Linda Ek, president; Patty Harrity, vice-president; Kris Pearson, treasurer. ROW 2: Chris Swanson, Jeri Brook , Cindy Smyth, Carrie Murray, Carol Connors, Judy Johnson, Helen Hammond. ROW 3: Jeanne Boyer, Audrey Robinson, Diane Gustafson, Darla Johnson, Debbie Gardner, Shelly Harmon, Diane Johnson, Cathy Duganz, and Miss Thomas, advisor. "Georgie Girl," "Lara's Theme," and "Hello Dolly" were a few of the many songs which were used as the musical background at the annual Aqua Team show this year. "Girls, Girls, Girls" was the theme which turned out to be a splashing success. Students Entertained By Special Films ROW 1: Mr. Knutson, advisor; LaRae Fike, Donna Everett, Marsha Stokke, Joyce Westgard, Tom Fitzpatrick, John Moe, Bob Estill, Tom Estill, Leo LaSalle, JoAnn Shandorf, Mary Pat Morris, Larry Kalcso, Kevin Campana. ROW 2: Marie Golden, Linda Massey, Dorothy Mienke, Rhonda Seibel, Jeanne Westgard, Cathy Schalk, Willie Strelnik, Joe Domitrovich, Chris Paddock, Gary Petruska, Rocky Seibel, Kathy Briggs. 70Copperheads Win Divisional ROW 1: Larry Nord, Rick Barkell, Dave Johnson, Mick Robinson, Bob Boskovich, Casey Reilly, Bill Donahue, Jim Yeoman, Jack McGreevy, Darrell Brugman, JohnFrazer, Leonard Brown, Dan Ricci, Ron Vetter. ROW 2: Mr. Charles Williams, Charlie Allen, Don Nyquist, Art McClean, Mack Williams, Ben Everett, Bob Todorovich, Tom Heffernan, Mike Papich, Clint Rouse, Barry Malcolm, Marty Dunn, Tom Laughlin, Bill Allen, Tim Magness, Dennis Hutzenbiler, Jack Harrity, Einar Samuel, Mr. Fred Moodry, Mr. Paul Sullivan. ROW 3: Joe Strelnik, Harry Massett, Ken Boyer, Joe Sommers, Dan Fabich, John Durkin, Skip Buhl, Tom Nugent, Larry Krizan, Mike Dunn, Laurie Marchion, Nick Vincent, Ralph Rouse, Dan Williams, Dick Strelnik, Chuck Sletton, Dick Foreman, Steve Kufner, Rod Bodeen, Allan McDermott. Charles Williams, the Copperhead head coach, gave Anaconda its first Divisional Championship in many years. The Copperheads started the season as "the team to beat, " and after their first outing it seemed that it would be that way. The Copperheads were downed by a score of 8-6 by Missoula He ligate in the opening game, and then they began to roll. Behind the running of All-Divisional backs, Casey Reilly and Bill Donahue, the Copper- heads rolled up four straight victories. Then with the Division Cham- pionship possibly on the line, the Copperheads met and were defeated by the Bozeman Hawks 12-6. Then Anaconda went on to defeat Butte Central during Homecoming festivities, 20-12; and defeated Hardin, 27-6. By virtue of Bozeman's final loss, the Copperheads found them- selves in the Central-Eastern Championship game with Glasgow. The mighty "Silver and Blue" were defeated by the Scotties 22-20 in a California playoff, thus ending the season for the Copperheads. Copperheads score in the Bozeman game.Championship Seniors Lead Tearn To Title Assistant coaches: Fred Moodry and Paul Sullivan. JACK McGREEVY, a reserve center, added much to the line in tough situations. RON VETTER, a reserve quarterback, was a great hustler of the Copperhead team. BOB BOSKOV1CH, a center, opened holes in the opposing line, enabling the backs to make yard- age consistently.CASEY REILLY, an All-Divisional half- back and a co-captain, was a thorn in the side of the opponents all year long. BILL DONAHUE, an All-Divisional full- back and a co-captain, consistently pick- ed up necessary yardage in clutch situ- ations and also did the kicking. LEN BROWN, a reserve guard, did a great fill-in roll and played heads-up ball when the chips were down. Cheerleaders cheer Copperheads to victory. Copperheads warm up before game.DAVE JOHNSON, an end, was on the receiving end of many passes, and stopped plays on defense. DAN RICCI, a guard, ran fine interference for the backs all year and did a fine job on defense. Copperheads offense is set.LARRY NORD, an All-Divisional guard, was outstanding both on offense and defense. Coach Moodry and players watch with anxiety. Copperheads win the toss. SCHEDULE Anaconda 6 Missoula Hellgate 8 Anaconda 26 Lewistown 6 Anaconda 25 Laurel 6 Anaconda 6 Bozeman 12 Anaconda 13 Billings Central 0 Anaconda 20 Butte Central 12 Anaconda 33 Livingston 6 Anaconda 27 Hardin 6 Anaconda 20 Glasgow 22 Anaconda reserves. JIM YEOMAN, an All-Divisional Second Team pick as tackle and a co-captain, was a stalwart of the defensive team all year. 76RICK BARKELL, a reserve halfback, was an asset to the team and sparkled on defense (vhen needed. Coach Williams directs the action on the field. Tense moments in the Bozeman game. Copperhead backfield: Boskovich, Vetter, Frazer, Donahue, and Reilly. JOHN FRAZER, a halfback, came on strong in the last half of the year and helped propel the Copperheads to the Division Championship. 77Coach John Cheek Row 1: Bob Todorvich, Jack McGreevy, Bill Row 2: Assistant Coach Paul Sullivan, Ted Monroe and Carl Blaskovich. Seniors Pace Copperheads Bill Donahue, a forward, improved greatly over the year and came on strong in the final part of the season. Copperheads Ranked Among Top Ten Early in the season the Copperheads weren't ranked among the top teams, but as the season progressed, they were ranked as high as fourth. Under the direction of Coach Cheek, the Copper- heads remained high on the charts for the rest of the year. The team was led by five seniors, with four of them being returning lettermen. 78 Jack McGreevy, a forward, did well all year as he came off the bench to score crucial points.Donahue, Ron Nicholas, Jim Yeoman, Casey Reilly, Clint Rouse, Orville LaTray, Coach John Cheek, panbauer, Nick Ranalli, Mick Gallagher, Jim Lake, Tom Heffeman, Tom Kelly; and Managers Mike In Numerous Victories Jim Yeoman, the center, was tough on the boards and was one of the leading scorers on the team. Ron Nicholas, a guard, was a great asset to the team and brought the Copperheads to many victories. Casey Reilly, the floor general and hustler of the team, led the Copperheads in difficult situations.Jack shoots from the Jim gets high into outside the air for a shot. Jim waits for the rebound. Clint eyes the basket. Bill is fouled by a Dillon player. Copperheads scramble for the ball. 1 Casey lays it in for two. Schedule Anaconda 67 vs Dillon 32 69 vs Missoula Sentinel 54 60 vs Butte High 61 60 vs Deer Lodge 51 89 vs Missoula Hellgate 62 75 vs Anaconda Central 39 53 vs Bozeman 54 69 vs Deer Lodge 42 " 61 vs Helena 78 Anaconda 64 vs Missoula Sentinel 73 62 vs Kalispell 56 75 vs Libby 51 63 vs Butte Central 68 70 vs Butte High 65 67 vs Billings Senior 66 61 vs Butte Central 64 vs Dillon vs Billings WestB-Squad Compiles Impressive Record 1st Row: Mrg. Mike Sbragia, Rocky Maricick, Ken Boyer, Mike Dunn, Marty Dunn, Mark Bossard, Mack Williams. 2nd Row: Mgr. Steve Kufner, Joe Calle, Ken Parks, Bob Nicholas, Ben Everett, Dan Smith, Mgr. Calvin Crow. Absent when picture was taken; Willie Strelnik. The "B" Squad this year completed a successful season. Rated as one of the top "B" Squads in the state, they went through the season defeating team after team. Led by six juniors and six sophomores, the squad won its first fourteen games before losing to Helena. Juniors included Mike Dunn, Marty Dunn, Willie Strelnik, Mac Williams, Ken Boyer, and Mark Bossard; the sophomores were Rocky Maricich, Ben Everett, Joe Galle, Ken Parks, Bob Nicholas, and Dan Smith. “B” Squad Cheerleaders Coach Paul Sullivan Jeannie Softich, Theresa Verlanic, Tina Strelnik, Christi Sanders, Joanne Davis.The Varsity Cheerleaders did much ughout the year to earn money for ROSE FIELD SUSAN RICHARDSON . CATHY CRUBICH MARY JEAN ANDREOLI Cheer Leaders their uniforms and trips to out-of-town games. During the summer they earned money washing car windows at Jumbo's Service Station and at the Drive-In. They also sold ribbons for all home games. The Cheerleaders also spent much of their time practicing, which was quite evident at all ball games.Brent LeBlanc, Joe Nicholas, Jack Hatcher, Charlie Allen, Jim DeWaters, Tim Magness, Alan McDermott, Larry Krizan, Larry Nord, Albert Miller, Mick Robinson, Mike Papich. RICK MARTIN - 103 lbs. Assistant Gene Vukovich, Head Coach Fred Moodry. LARRY NORD - 154 lbs. Wrestlers Mark Successful Season The wrestling team under the leadership of Coaches Fred Moodry and Gene Vukovich, went through the past year with an impressive record. One of the biggest thrills of the season had to be the winning of the Dillon Invitational Tournament. It marked the first tournament win for the wrestling squad since it was brought back to athletics last year. They also tied with Columbia Falls in a dual meet here with Columbia Falls, Butte High, and Libby. 83DON HUGHES - 127 lbs. It's a pin. LEN BROWN - 138 lbs. JIM DeWATERS - 127 lbs. alan mcdermott -138 lbs. MICK ROBINSON - 180 lbs. JACK HATCHER - 112 lbs. HENRY VILLA - 133 lbs.Track Squad Exhibits Talent TRACK LETTERMEN: Row 1: Jim DeWaters, Bill Donahue, Howard Johnson, Casey Reilly, Ron Nicholas; Row 2: Mgr. Carl Blaskovich, Bob Todorovich, Clint Rouse, Orville La tray. With only seven returning lettermen, the Copperheads were represented well in the track meets. Throughout the year the Coaches and participants worked very hard to develop an outstanding track team that the students and faculty could be proud of. The team had the depth with Howard Johnson, Jim Yeoman, Casey Reilly and Clint Rouse returning from last year's Interscholastic team. SENIORS: Jim DeWaters, Casey Reilly, Ron Nicholas, Bill Donahue, Howard Johnson.Mr. Paul Sullivan Crosscountry Team Has Successful Season Row Is Loren Monaco, Gene Shultz, Howard Johnson, Orville Latray. Row 2: Mgr. Carl Blaskovich, Lynn Blackburn, Mike Jeronen, Tom Kelly, Dan Bertsch, Dale Campbell. The cross country team, led by Howie Johnson, placed high in all the meets they attended. Howard won many races including the State Championship in Missoula. Orville Latray and Dan Bertsch, both juniors, also placed well in all the meets. Howie takes first. 86Ron Vetter introduces the entertainment. Senior Reception Held On October 5 The class of 1968 held its annual Senior Reception on October 5, in the High School cafeteria. Students and faculty enjoyed a ham dinner with ice cream for dessert, served by the Home Economics girls. Following the dinner, students displayed their talents with a musical program for all. Ron Vetter, class presi- dent acted as master of ceremonies for this event. Rick and Bob finish up dinner.Teachers Honored Carol and Susan combine for a duet. Girls enjoy dinner and conversation. Teachers begin to arrive. Judy displays talent. Caroline presents a song. 89 Jane entertains with some folk songs.’67 Homecoming Celebrated Patty Harrity, Queen On October 21, A.H.S. held its annual Homecoming celebration, presented by the Key Club and Keyettes. "Broadway Hits" was the theme of this year's parade. The traditional bon-fire and car rally were among the pre-game activities. During half-time, Patty Harrity was crowned queen. 1967 Queen Patty Harrity. Royalty waits for the parade to begin. A" Squad cheerleaders."A" Club comes up with original entry. Key Club works hard on their float. Senior float wins honorable mention. Seniors work hatd to complete their float. ’’Surrey-ender" presented by the Aqua Team. Royalty: Cyndie Hartsell, Marilyn Jacobson, 91 Liana Ehlafald, Carla Anderson, and Patty Harrity.Cyndie and Stan enjoy the dance. October 21, Scene Of Copperhead Win At halftime of the homecoming game, the band and drill team formed two lines for the royalty to walk through and then formed the letters AHS. The Keyette and Key Club float circled the stadium followed by the winning floats. GAA received first place, chorus received second place, and Aqua Team received third place. Honorable mention was given to the senior and junior classes. The Copperheads defeated the Butte Central Maroons 20 to 12. The royalty was honored at a dance following the game. Copperheads win a 20 to 12 victory over the Maroons.King Ron shows off crown. Victorious Senior team. Seniors Are Victorious For Second Year Cheerleaders boost spirit. The class of 1968 has remained victorious for two years in a row in the annual Powder Puff game. This year the Seniors won by a score of 26 to 21 in a hard fought game. Ron Nicholas was crowned Powder Puff king to complete the Senior victory. Patty Harrity runs for TD.SNO-BALL HIGHLIGHTS CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES G. A. A. held its annual Sno-Ball dance on December 16 in the Daly Gym. Silver Bells was the theme of this year's semi-formal. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the Queen, Kris Pearson by last year's queen Cyndie Hartsell. The Night Raiders from Helena provided the music for this Christmas dance. Royalty: Chris Sanders, Jackie Allan Cyndie Hartsell, and Queen Kris Pearson. Cyndie presents Queen Kris with a dozen roses. Happiness is togetherness. Socializing between dances. Cathy and Carol serve punch to refresh the guests. Jim and Carla rest awhile.COPPERHEADS 2ND IN DISTRICT TOURNEY— Advance To State Cheerleaders encourage fans with spirit. Victorious Copperheads receive 2nd place trophy.G.A.A. Hold’s Psychedelic Dance 100 strokes keeps my hair smooth and flowing. G. A. A. held its annual girl ask boy dance on March 9. This year it was a Psychedelic Dance with the mood set in wild colors and groovy de- signs. The students blew their mind in the casual hippie clothes and all brought their own flowers. Everyone was up tight by 9 o'clock and out of sight by the midnight hour. The diggers pad was the Cafeteria in disguise Everyone enjoyed a new and different experience in flower land. Bubba??? Out of sight. Cool man. Montana Hippies - Brrr! Goldilocks Which one's the girl. Check them out. +• • The 1968 Big Stack is a combination of memorable experiences and many school activities throughout the year. Much time and hard work on the part of the staff and Miss Lowney, their advisor, has gone into the production of the yearbook. Congratulations to the students who have had a part in the production of the Big Stack. Staff Prepares A Book Of Memories For Big Stack Editors: Marilyn Jacobson, assistant editor; Rose Field, editor. 67-68 Business Managers: Laurie Dell Wood and Lynda Boehler. Students work on Copperglow. Staff: Susan Richardson, Patty Ann Carraher, Francie Galle; Standing Linda Ek, Nancy Anderson, Dianne Joseph.The Copperglow Staff has worked hard to edit a paper which is more enjoyable to the student body. This year's staff has covered a wide variety of news from feature articles to clubs, sports, and special events. The Copperglow staff and Miss Lowney hope the students have found the monthly paper informative and pleasant to read. Copperglow Editors: Liana Ehlafald, copy editor; Laurel Mill- house, editor; Debbie Gardner, assistant editor. Copperglow Staff Works To Inform Students Photographers: Willie Strelnik, Howie Johnson, and Bob Kovacich. Typists: Rhonda Siebel, Wendy Bucholz, Pam Frey, and Marie Golden.OFFICE GIRLS: SEATED- Linda Ek, Shirley Stembridge, Nancy Stavanja, STANDING- Lurie Davies, Sherri Horsfall, Francie Galle, Barbara Miller, Joan Softich, Cyndie Hartsell, Patty Ann Carraher, Carol R us tad, Rose Field, Kathy Andreoli. Office Girls KITCHEN HELP: Tom Estill, Stan Blaz, Casey Reilly, Dan Moses, Kathy Andreoli, Patty Ann Carraher, Jane Blaskovich, Cheryl Siebenaler, Gail Poland, Kathy Briggs.School Personnel MRS. CAROLYN STANLEY, School District 10 Secretary MISS CAROL PAHUT School District 10 Secretary Library Assistants: LESTER CROWE, LINDA WOIRHAYE, RHONDA CAMPBELL, and MARTHA DOUGLAS Janitor: JIM McNAY MISS JULIA HAYES School Nurse Janitresses: MRS. SPANGLER, MRS. STRIZECH, and MRS. SIEBENALER 100Senior Sketches John caton JACQUELINE ALLEN Spanish Club (2 yrs. ), G. A. A. (4 yrs. Sr. Rep. ), Drill Team (3 yrs. Historian), National Honor Society Test. NANCY ANDERSON Spanish Club (2 yrs. ), G. A. A. (3 yrs. ), Journalism (1 yr. ), F. H. A. (1 yr. ), Chess Club (1 yr. ). KATHY ANDREOLI Band (3 yrs. Pres. ), F. H. A. (1 yr. ), Orchestra (2 yrs. ), Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Keyettes (1 yT. ), Kitchen Help (2 yTS. ), Office Girl (2 yrs. ). RICK BARKELL Football (3 yrs. ), Spanish Club (1 yr.), V. l.C.A. (1 yr.). FRED BJORKLUND V. l.C.A. (1 yr. ). JANE BLASKOVICH French Club (1 yr. ), G. A. A. (4 yrs. ), Anacondettes (3 yrs. Pres. ), Chorus (4 yrs. Pres.), F. H. A. (1 yr. Historian), Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Scouting (4 yrs. ), Kitchen Help (2 yrs. ), Member of All State Choir. JUDITH«LAZ F. H. A. (2 yrs. Sec.). STAN BLAZ Key Club (3 yrs. ), V. l.C.A. (1 yr.), Kitchen Help (1 yr. ), Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Band (1 yr. ). MARY KAY BLEILE Band (3 yrs.), 4-H (3 yrs. ). LYNDA BOEHLER Twirling (1 yr. ), Drill Team (1 yr. ), F. H.A. (1 yr.), Journalism (2 yrs. Busi- ness Manager), Speech (1 yr. ), Chess Club (2 yrs. ), G. A. A. (1 yr. ), Teen Democratic (1 yr. ), Candy Striper (1 yr. ), Spanish Club (1 yr. ). IVEL BOGUE F. H. A. , Class Reporter (1 yr.). JACKIE BOISE Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Drill Team (1 yr. ). BOB BOSKOVICH Football (3 yrs. ), Track (3 yrs. ), Basket- ball (1 yr. ), "A” Club (2 yrs. ). SHARON BOUCHER F. H. A. (1 yr.), Band (2 yrs.), 4-H. KATHY BRIGGS F. H. A. (1 yr. ), Orchestra (3 yrs. ), French Club (2 yrs. ), Kitchen Help (2 yrs. ), Projection Club (1 yr. ). JERI BROOKS Aqua Team (3 yrs. ), Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Orchestra (3 yrs. Pres. ), Speech and Debate (2 yrs. ), All-State Orchestra. LEONARD BROWN Key Club (3 yrs.), "A" Club (2 yrs. ), V. I.C. A. (1 yr. ), Football (3 yrs. ). DARRELL BRUGMAN Football (3 yrs. ), Track (3 yrs. ), "A" Club (2 yTS.), V. l.C.A. (1 yr. ). WENDY BUCHOLZ Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Office Girl (1 yr. ), Journalism (1 yr. ), National Honor Society Test. RHONDA CAMPBELL French Club (1 yr. ), F. H. A. (2 yrs. Sec. Sr. ), Librarian (1 yr. ). PATTY ANN CARRAHER Spanish Club (1 yr. ), F. H. A. (1 yr. ), Office Girl (2 yrs.), Homecoming Prin- cess (Soph., Jr. ), High School Rodeo (4 yrs. ). CINNY CARROLL Spanish Club (1 yr. ), G. A. A. (3 yrs. ), Drill Team (3 yrs. ), F. H. A. (2 yrs. ), Band (1 yT. ), Rainbows (4 yrs.). Spanish Club (1 yr. Pres. ), French Club (2 yrs. ), Band (3 yrs. Vice-Pres. Jr. ), Boys State Delegate, National Honor Society Test. LESTER CROWE French Club (2 yrs. ), Glee Club (3 yrs. ), Director and originator of the "A" Team Singers, Assistant director of the Choir. BARBARA CLARK G.A.A. (4 yrs. ), Keyettes (3 yrs. ), Chess Club (1 yr.), B-Squad Cheerleader, F. H.A. (1 yr. Vice-Pres. ). LURIE DAVIES G. A.A. (3 yrs. ), Spanish Club (2 yrs. ), Office Girl (2 yrs.), F. H. A. (1 yr. Sec. ). JIM DeWATERS Wrestling (2 yrs. ), Football (2 yrs. ), V. l.C.A. (1 yr. ). BILL DONAHUE Football (3 yrs. ), Track (3 yrs. ), Bas- ketball (3 yrs.), French Club (2 yrs. Pres.), Vice-fres. Sr. Class, "A" Club (Pres.). MARTHA DOUGLAS Spanish Club (2 yrs. ), Librarian (1 yr. ). ALICE DRIGGS Keyettes (4 yrs. ), G.A.A. (4 yrs. Tres. Jr. ), Honor G.A.A. (1 yr. ), Drill Team (3 yrs. Capt. Sr. ), Spanish Club( 1 yr. ). Student Council Soph. , Soph. Class Sec., National Honor Society Test. CATHY DUNN G.A.A. (3 yrs. ), Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Candy Stripers (1 yr. Historian), Drill Team (3 yrs. ). LIANA EHLAFALD Jr. Class Sec. , Student Council (2 yrs. Sec.), Elks Leadership, G.A.A. (4 yrs. ), French Club (2 yrs. ), Sno-Ball Queen, National Honor Society Test, Senior Homecoming Princess, Journalism (copy editor. ). LINDA EK Chess Club (1 yr. ), Jobs Daughters, Aqua Team (3 yrs. Pres. ), Anaconda Juvenile Panel, Office Girl (1 yr. ), G. A. A. (2 yrs. ), Ski Team (3 yrs. ), F. H. A. (1 yr. ), Journalism (1 yr. ). BILL ELLIOT V. l.C.A. (1 yr.). JOHN EWAN Key Club (3 yrs. ), Track (1 yr. ), Spanish Club (1 yr. ). AUDREY ENCBRECHT Spanish Club (2 yrs. ), Drill Team (3 yrs. ), G. A. A. (3 yrs. ). ROSE FIELD B-Squad Cheerleader, G. A. A. (3 yrs. ), Journalism (2 yrs. Assistant Editor, Editor for Big Stack), A-Squad Cheerleader (1 yr.). JOY FORD French Club (2 yrs. ), National Honor Society Test. ROBERTA FOSTER F.H. A. (1 yr. ). SHARRON FOSTER F.H. A. (1 yr.). JOHN FRAZER V. I. C. A. , Football (2 yrs. ) "A" Club (2 yrs.). PAMELA FREY Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Office Girl (1 yr. ), Journalism (1 yr. ), National Honor Society Test. FRANC IE GALLE French Club (2 yrs. ), Journalism (1 yr. ), Office Girl (2 yrs. ), National Honor Society Test.VICKIE CALLE Chorus (2 yrs. ), F. H. A. (1 yr. ). MARIE GOLDEN Chorus (4 yrs. ), Journalism (1 yr.), Projection Club (1 yr. ). MAURY HAMILL Key Club (1 yr. ), Spanish Club (1 yr. ), National Honor Society Test. PATTY HARRITY Speech G Debate (3 yrs. ), Aqua Team (4 yrs. Treasurer, Vice Pres. ), G. A. A. (4 yrs. Pres. ), Honor G. A. A., Youth Center Rep. , B-Squad Cheerleader (1 yr.), Spanish Club, A-Squad Cheer- leader (1 yr. ), Girls State Alternate, National Honor Society Test, Home- coming Queen. CYNDIE HARTSELL Keyettes (4 yrs. ), G. A. A. (4 yrs. ), Honor G. A. A. (1 yr. ), Aqua Team (1 yr. ), Drill Team (3 yrs. ), Spanish Club (1 yT. ), Sno-Ball Queen (Jr. ), Homecoming Princess. JACK HATCHER "A" Club (2 yrs. ), Paddle Club (1 yr. ), Football (1 yr. ), Wrestling (2 yrs. ). JUDY HAUGEN Chess Club (2 yrs. ), Keyettes (1 yr.), Spanish Club (2 yrs. Treasurer), Music Festival (3 yrs. ), Anacondette Accom- panist (1 yr. ), Girls State Delegate, National Honor Society Test. JOHN HEAPHY V.I.C.A. (2 yrs.). JACK HELSPER Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Speech G Debate (2 yrs. ), Teen Democrats (2 yrs. ). DON HUGHES Wrestling (1 yr. ). CHUCK HUNT Key Club (1 yr. ). RON INGRAM V.I.C.A. (2 yrs. ). RICK IVANKOVICH Football (1 yr. ), V. I. C. A. (1 yr. ). CAROLE JENSE F. H. A. (1 yr. Reporter). BONNIE JOHNSON G. A. A. (3 yrs.), Band (3 yrs.), Spanish Club (2 yrs.), Candy Striper (2 yrs. ), National Honor Society Test. DAVE JOHNSON "A" Club (2 yrs. ), Football (2 yrs. ). HOWARD JOHNSON Key Club (3 yrs. Vice-Pres. ), "A" Club (3 yrs. ), Cross Country (3 yrs. Captain), Basketball (3 yrs. ), Track (3 yrs. Cap- tain), Journalism (Sports Editor), Paddle Club (3 yrs. ). DIANNE JOSEPH G. A. A. (4 yrs. ), Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Keyettes (1 yr. ), Honor G. A. A. (1 yr. ), F.H. A. (1 yr. ), Speech G Debate (1 yr. ), journalism (2 yrs.). DAVE JOVICK Teen Democrats (3 yrs. ). CHRIS JURING Science Club (1 yr. ), V.I.C.A. (1 yr. Sec.). AARON KITCHEL V.I.C.A. (2 yrs.). KENNY KOPP Football (1 yr.), Spanish Club (1 yr.), V.I.C.A. (1 yr. ). BOB KOVACICH Pres. Soph. Class, Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Key Club (3 yrs. Tres. Jr. , Pres. Sr. ), Projection Club (1 yr.), Speech G Debate (1 yr. ), Pres, of Student Coun- cil, National Honor Society Test. ALBERTA KRAUSE Band (3 yrs. ), Chorus (2 yrs. ). LAURA LaSALLE National Honor Society Test. MIKE LUJAN B-Squad Basketball (1 yr. ), Football (1 yr. ), Track (1 yr.), Projection Club (1 yr.), V.I.C.A. (1 yr. ). RICK MARTIN Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Key Club (2 yrs. ), "A" Club (2 yrs.), Paddle Club (2 yrs. ), Student Council (1 yr.), Boys State Delegate, Vice-Pres. (Jr.), National Honor Society Test. SHIRLEY MIENKE Spanish Club (2 yrs. ), Office Girl (1 yr. ), National Honor Society Test. BARBARA MILLER Keyettes (3 yrs.), Drill Team (3 yrs. ), G. A. A. (4 yrs.), Honor G. A. A. (1 yr. ), Spanish Club (1 yr. ). MIKE MILLER Speech Club (1 yr. ), Teen Democrates (2 yrs.). LAUREL MILLHOUSE Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Band (1 yr. ), Assistant Editor of "Copperglow" (Jr.), Editor of "Copperglow" (Sr. ), National Honor Society Test. MIKE MONROE "A" Club (2 yrs. ), Paddle Club (1 yr. ), Key Club (3 yrs.), Basketball (3 yrs.), Track (1 yr. ). DAN MOSES French Club (2 yrs. ), Chess Club (1 yr.), Projection Club (1 yr. ), V. I. C. A. (1 yr. ), Key Club (2 yrs. ), Kitchen Help (2 yrs.). NORMAN MOTLAND Spanish Club (1 yr. ), V. I. C. A. (1 yr. ). CARRIE MURRAY Candy Stripers (2 yrs. Tres. Jr. ), Aqua Team (3 yrs. ), National Forensic League (3 yrs. Degree of Distinction), Orchestra (4 yrs. Sec. Sr. ), Spanish Club (2 yrs.), Girls State Alternate, National Honor Society' Test. LINDA MYERS F. H. A. (1 yr.) ROBERTA McCABE Keyettes (4 yrs., Sec. Jr., Vice-Pres. Sr.), G.A.A. (4 yrs. Vice-Pres. Sr.), Cheerleader (3 yrs. Cheerqueen Sr. yr.), Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Honor G. A. A. (1 yr.), Chess Club (1 yr. ). alan McDermott Wrestling (2 yrs. ), Football Manager (1 yr.). JACK McGREEVY Football (2 yrs.), Basketball (1 yr. ), Track (1 yr. ), Spanish Club (2 yrs. ). CAROL McLAIN Band (3 yrs. ), All-State Band, Orchestra (3 yrs. ), Anaconda Ski Club, National Honor Society Test. KATHY McNEILL National Honor Society Test. RON NICHOLAS Spanish Club (2 yrs. ), "A" Club (3 yrs.), Paddle Club (1 yr. ), Basketball (3 yrs.), Football (2 yrs. ), Track (3 yrs.). MARILYN NOGLE French Club (2 yrs. ), Band (4 yrs. Sec., Soph. ), Orchestra (3 yrs. ), Girl Scouts(4 yrs. ). LARRY NORD Football (3 yrs. ), "A" Club (2 yrs. ). Wrestling (2 yrs. ), V. I. C. A. (1 yr. Vice-Pres. ). MARLENE OLSEN G. A. A. (1 yr. ), Drill Team (1 yr. ), Chorus (2 yrs. ), F. H. A. (1 yr. ).GENE OPP French Club (2 yrs. ). JACK ORRINO Spanish Club (1 yr. Vice-Pres. ), Key Club (1 yr. ), National Honor Society Test. MARY ORRINO Chess Club (1 yr.), G. A. A. (2 yrs. ), Keyettes (2 yrs. Pres. ), French Club (2 yrs. Sec. ), Girls State Delegate, Candy Striper (2 yrs. Pres. , Vice-Pres. ), Student Council (Sr.), Sr. Class Sec. , National Honor Society Test. LINDA OTTO G. A. A. (4 yrs. ), Speech Debate (3 yrs. ), French Club (2 yrs. ), N. F.L. (2 yrs. ), National Honor Society Test. MARION OULDHOUSE Spanish Club (2 yrs. ). TERRY ANN PAINTER F. H.A. (1 yr. ). ALAN PARKS Football (2 yrs. ), V. I. C. A. MARY JO PETRUSKA G. A. A. (3 yrs. ), Drill Team (2 yrs. ), F. H.A. (1 yr. ). STEVE PINKHAM Projection Club (2 yrs. ), Football (2 yrs. ), "A” Club (2 yrs. ), V. I. C. A. , Wrestling (1 yr. ), Paddle Club (2 yrs. ). JOYCE PROTHERO Spanish Club (1 yr. ), F.H.A. (2 yrs. ), G. A. A. (3 yrs. ), Candy Stripers (2 yrs. ), National Honor Society Test. LINDA PROTHERO Chorus (3 yrs.), F.H.A. (1 yr. ). CASEY REILLY Football (3 yrs. Capt. Sr. ), "A" Club (3 yrs. Sec. Sr. ), Basketball (3 yrs.), Track (3 yrs. ). DAN RICCI Football (3 yrs. ), "A" Club (2 yrs. ), Paddle Club (1 yr. ), Wrestling (2 yrs. ). SUSAN RICHARDSON G. A. A. (4 yrs. ), Honor G. A. A. (1 yr. ), Drill Team (2 yrs. ), Music Festival (2 yrs. ), Jobs Daughters-Honored Queen (4 yrs. ) "A" Squad Cheerleader (Sr. ), Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Anacondettes (2 yrs. ), National Honor Society Test. MICK ROBINSON Football (3 yrs. ), "A" Club (3 yrs. ), Spanish Club (1 yr. ). AUTHUR ROD All-State Festival (1 yr.), "A" Team Singers (2 yrs. ), V. I. C. A. (1 yr. ), District Festival (2 yrs. ). CATHY RUSSELL Chorus (1 yr. ), Journalism (1 yr. ), G.A. A. (1 yr. ), F.H.A. (1 yr. ). CAROL RUSTAD Keyettes (4 yr.), G.A. A. (3 yrs. ), Drill Team (3 yrs. ). DARLENE SAGER Chorus (3 yrs. ), Anacondettes (2 yrs. ). Candy Stripers (1 yr.), Music Festival (2 yrs. ). LINDA SCHNABEL G.A. A. (4 yrs. ), Drill Team (1 yr. ), French Club (1 yr. ). RHONDA SEIBEL Projection Club (2 yrs. ), Candy Stripers (2 yrs. ), Chorus (2 yrs. ), "A" Team (1 yr. ), Anacondettes (1 yr.), Journalism (1 yr. ), District Festival (1 yr. ). JOHN SESTRICH Projection Club (1 yr. ), V. I. C.A. JO ANN SHANDORF March of Dimes (4 yrs. ), Projection Club (3 yrs. ), G.A.A. (1 yr. ), Candy Stripers (2 yrs. ), Drama Club. TANA SIDERS G. A. A. (1 yr. ), Chorus (1 yr. ), Drill Team (1 yT. ). DAVID SMITH Spanish Club (1 yr. ), National Honor Society Test. ' KATHY SMITH G.A. A. (3 yrs. ), Drill Team (3 yrs. ), Spanish Club (1 yr. ), Candy Striper (2 yrs. ). CINDY SMYTH G.A. A. (2 yrs. ), Drill Team (3 yrs. ), Spanish Club (2 yrs. ), Aqua Team (1 yr. ). JOAN SOFTICH G. A. A. (4 yrs. ), F. H. A. (1 yr. ), Candy Striper (2 yrs. ), Office Girl (2 yrs.), Spanish Club (2 yrs. ). MIKE SOFTICH French Club (2 yrs. ). SHIRELY STEMBRIDGE French Club (1 yr. ). LESLIE STONE French Club (2 yrs. ). DOUG STORER Football (2 yrs. ), Spanish Club (1 yr. ) LYNN STRAND Spanish Club (2 yrs.), Chorus (1 yT. ), G. A. A. (1 yr. ). MIKE SULLIVAN Basketball (1 yr. ), V. I. C.A. (1 yr. ), Wrestling (1 yr. ), Track (1 yr. ). SHAUN SULLIVAN V. I. C. A. (1 yr. ), French Club (1 yr. ). JOHN SWANSON "A" Club (2 yrs. ), Basketball (1 yr.), Football (lyr. ), Wrestling (2 yrs. ). RON VETTER Vice Pres. (Soph. ), Student Council (Soph. ), Spanish Club (2 yrs. ), Pres. (Sr. ), Youth Center Rep. (2 yrs.), "A" Club (2 yrs. ), Boys State Delegate. HENRY VILLA Football (2 yrs. ), V. I. C.A. (lyr.), Wrestling (2 yrs. ), Track (2 yrs. ). DAVE WALDRUP Football (1 yr.), V. I. C.A. (lyr.), Basketball (1 yr. ), Spanish (2 yrs. ). MARIE WELCH G.A. A. (4 yrs. ), Keyettes (2 yrs. ), Drill Team (1 yr.), Spanish Club (1 yr.). CAROLINE WESTIN Chorus (3 yrs. Sec. -Trea., Vice-Pres.), Anacondettes (1 yr.), G. A. A. (3 yrs. ), Drill Team (3 yrs. ), French Club (2 yrs), Rainbows, Accompanist for Blue C Silver Choraliers (1 yr. ), All-State Choir (1 yr.), Music Festivals (2 yrs.), National Honor Society Test, Honor G. A. A. (1 yr.). JOHN WINK V. I. C.A. (1 yr. ). LAURIE DELL WOOD G. A. A. (4 yrs. ), Honor G. A. A. (1 t. Pres.), French Club (2 yrs. ), Rainbows (4 yrs. ), Speech G Debate (2 yrs. ), Journalism (1 yr. ), Chess Club (1 yr. ), National Honor Society Test. JIM YEOMAN Football (3 yrs. Capt. Sr. ), Basketball (3 yrs. ), Track (3 yrs. ), "A" Club (3 yrs. ), Key Club (3 yrs. ).Pages Sponsored By The Following Merchant: Page 2 Anaconda Teacher's Union Page 3 Anaconda Company Page 4 B. A. P. Railway Co. Page 5 First National Bank Page 6 Montana Power Company Page 7 BPOE Sugrue Bottling Co. Page 8 Intermountain Transportation Anaconda Medical Dental Bldg. Page 9 Anaconda Service Station Anaconda Chrysler Center Page 10 Washoe Market Club 919 Page 11 Finnegan Funeral Co. Blattner Plumbing Co. Page 12 Schwartz's Dept. Store MacIntyres Page 13 Anaconda Office Supply Mountain States Telephone Co. Page 14 Safeway Treasure State Sporting Goods Page 15 Butte Business College Anaconda Auto Dealers Association Page 16 Anaconda Insurance Group Jackson's Studio Page 17 Ossello's of Anaconda Buttxey's Foods Page 18 Young Motor Co. Optometric Association I Page 19 Anaconda Tin Shop Anaconda T.V. and Appliance Copper City Chevron Community Meadow Gold Dairies Page 20 Dr. Greany Gambles Softy's Market Thrifty Drug Page 21 Third Judicial Bar Association New China Cafe Garden Bar Saddle Club Page 22 Anode Cleaners Art's Super Save Anaconda Florist Anaconda Disposal Anaconda Drug Page 23 AGW Root Beer Stand Anaconda Bar Beall's Building Center Black's Jewelry Brinton's Shop Page 24 Bill's News Stand John A. Francisco Coast to Coast Christie's Flower Shop Coldwater's Page 25 Collin's Sheet Metal Works Central Motor Co. Central Cab Cedar Park Lanes Condor Page 26 Copper Club Carmel's Bar Don's Grocery Duval Wallace Eilerraas Buick Page 27 Ed's Radio and T. V. Ethyl's College of Beauty Careers Lu's Drive-In Tina's Beauty Shop Helene's Beauty Shop Page 28 Kenney's Food Store Rice's Floor Covering and Tom's Ski Shop Phillip's Sheet Metal Saltenburger Plumbing Anaconda Building Materials i Page 29 Sparr's Conoco Station Jumbo's Standard Station P. J. 's Market Oasis Bar Quick's Enco Service Page 30 Peterson Paint and Glass Shamrock Bar K-Club King's X Bar Orville's Foods Page 31 Thompson Rambler Woolworth's Wind's Bakery Midway Bar Tuchsherer's Drug Page 32 Marion's Texaco Matt's Conoco Park Motor Co. Murphy Paint and Glass Reno Bar Page 33 Marchion's Hardware Lutey's Furniture Walker's Club Fischers Funeral Co. Golden West Dairy Page 34 Roach and Smith Schmidt Plumbing West Side Grocery Wise's Conoco Anode Cleaners Page 35 Norge Village Western Cable T. V. Ledo Lounge Rosenburg's Furniture Thompson's Bar Page 36 Washoe Theatre J. C. Penney Co. Keig's Marie's McLean's Motor Supply Page 37 Park Cafe Hoyal's Jewelry Earl's Modem Cleaners Jet Dinette Vagabond Lodge Tip • ’ 1 r V N A - , -

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