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w V'fEDITOR’S MESSAGE We, the Journalism Class, have worked hard throughout the year to try and make this Big Stack a success. It is our hope that we have succeeded in doing this, and that it will meet with the approval of each and every one of you. We have tried to recapture those forgotten moments, and en- richen the unforgetable memories of A.H.S. On my own behalf, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Miss Jeanne Lowney, our advisor, and the staff, who have con- tributed much of their time and efforts to this yearbook. And so, to you, the students of Anaconda Senior High School, we present the 1964 Big Stack. Sincerely Dan Sullivan, EditorDEDICATION JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY We, the Senior class of 1964, do humbly dedicate this annual to the memory of the late John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States of America. During his lifetime, this noble man endeavored to lead our country with the greatest possible wisdom and responsibility. John Kennedy presented to American students, such as we, an image and goal to work for as they grow into mature adults, and citizens. . Along with our fellow Americans and all peoples of the world we will cherish the memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and try to carry on such good works as he would have done if he were with us now.FOREWORD The key of knowledge opens wide the door to the future. As free citizens we should and can fully take advantage of the wonder- ful opportunity offered us in our schools. Through the guidance of our teachers and parents we gather useful knowledge, like bright daisies from a garden. This knowledge enables us to give more to our family, country, and the world as the door to the future opens and the guiding light leads us on. TABLE OF CONTENTS Principal and Superintendent.............5 School Board.............................6 Faculty..................................7 Seniors ................................13 Juniors.................................41 Sophomores............................. 49 Clubs...................................59 Sports..................................77 Activities .............................91 4SUPERINTENDENT'S MESSAGE MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. " By the time this Big Stack is published it is our fervent hope that every senior, every student, will have President John F. Kennedy's immortal words indelibly written upon his soul to guide him in his life's work. These words seem to have set the pattern for our president's life of fiercely com- petitive service to his country. May we all catch a spark from the fire at his graveside which would ignite a hard, gemlike flame to do good and give service in all of us. J. E. GARDNER, SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE Dear Graduates: It is my hope that your years at Anaconda High School have been happy and profitable. I extend to each of you my whole hearted congratulations and best wishes. M. F. O'LEARY, PRINCIPALSCHOOL BOARD ROW Is Robert Mehrens, Joe Sladich, Clyde Eccleston, Clint Hartla. ROW 2: Frank Rooney, John Petlin, Ed Strommen. % The School Board has the power to make and enforce rules not inconsite nt with law, or those prescribed by the superintendent of public instruction, for their own government of schools under their supervision The Clerk is required to attend all the meetings of the Board of Trustees and to keep accurate and detailed accounts of all receipts and expenditures of school money. Herb Swanson, Clerk of School District 10 6 SPONSORED BY WOOLWORTH'S ROACH AND SMITH ROSENBERG'S THOMPSON'S THRIFTY DRUGMR. CHARLES WILLIAMS U.S. History "Particular” MISS JEANNE LOWNEY Junior English Journalism "Bang!" MR. EARL PHARES Biology "Know that you know that you know that you know. " MISS WINIFRED SCOTT Home Economics French "Put your gum in the wastebasket, Kaye." MR. CHARLES ANDERSON Sophomore English Debate "A few minor criticisms" MR. JOHN DOOHAN MISS MARGARET ANN MAHONEY Senior English Latin U.S. History "Which is gramatically "Think big, and write small. " correct: five and six are twelve or five and six is twelve?" MISS ROSANNE ROE American Problems "In here you flex your mind. You flex your muscles in the gym. " MR. JOSEPH WOLPERT Physics Algebra "As a general rule of thumb"MR. EDWARD NILSON Sophomore English "You can do this any way you wish-as long as its my way." MISS ERMA DES JARDINS Physical Education "People!" MR. JOHN ST REGAR Mechanical Drawing Biology "Know your vocab." MR. MARVA ECCLESTQN Junior English World History "I remember when... " MISS MARGARET DURKIN Spanish Guidance "You'll be sharing my grape- fruit if you don't be quiet. " MR. RALMAZZA Geometry Biology "All right-settle down! MISS ETHEL THOMPSON Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typing "That will be fine. " MR. ROBERT LAUGHLIN Chemistry, Algebra, 0 Trig. "We'll have an unannounced quiz tomorrow." MISS ELEANOR IVANKOV1CH Librarian "Students! This is not a social hour. "MR. WILLIAM GUSTAFSON Geometry "Well, I don't think you'll have any difficulties. " MR. ROBERT IRWIN Band "Don't pull any of those spit and runs. " MR. OSWALD BERTINOLLI Chorus "By cracky!" MR. JOHN CHEEK Physical Education "Gentlemen. . . " MR. LAWRANCE MALMBORC Typing, English 12 SPONSORED BV PEOPLE’S FINANCE MR. MICHAEL McMAHON Art "Paint with your brushes not with the hands. " MISS MARGUERITE BRISBIN Commercial Class Not Pictured MR. ROBERT ASPHOLM Shop "Listen petunia, honey. . .OFFICE PERSONNEL Mrs. Marilyn Hansen, AHS Secretary SPONSORED BY ANACONDA COMPANY Miss Marianne Kovacich, School District 10 Secretary Miss Sheila Early, School Nurse 11MAINTENANCE CREW Janitresses: Mrs. Siebenlar, Mrs. Spangler, and Mrs. Strizich Pat Connors, EngineerALBERT ARVISH Al, an easy going sen- ior, is an ardent mem- ber of chess club, Sci- ence Club and Thespians. As a senior, he was the active president of Projection Club. Al especially enjoyed the Junior Prom and all ball games. Out of school, he is interested in 4-H, car clubs and the Radio Club for which he builds different types of radio equipment. Next fall, he plans to go to the City College of Electronics in San Diego. LYNDA APPLEGATE A fashionable blond, Linda was one of this years Home- coming Princesses. She was vice-president of Keyettes and a member of Thespians, Spanish Club, Copper Catalinas, Pep Club and G.A.A. A big thrill of her sophomore year was being chosen Queen of Sadie Hawkins. After Graduation, Lynda plans to study interior decorat- ing at M. S. U. KAYE BAUMBARTNER Kaye has been a peppy cheerleader all her high school years and leant her services to the school as our class secretary for two years. Along with her office as vice-president of G.A. A., she also worked in Thespians, Pep Club, Keyettes and Sweater Club. Her high school memories will in- clude being Homecoming Princess for three years, cheering at the tournaments, days at the lake with "the girls", and participating in summer softball. Next summer will find Kaye married and attending beauty school. A MEMORABLE GEORGIA BARKOVICH Friendly and well-liked, Georgia has been an F. H. A. 'er for two years. Her Wednesday nights are filled by Newman Club. Tops in her book was the Junior Prom her junior year. She is an avid sewer and often places in local sewing contests. Georgia plans to go to school in W ashing ton and study fashion design. BEN BARONE Known to most as our Drum Major, Ben has played in and enjoyed band for four years. He has been on the swim team and boxing team. The Senior Recep- tion was a big event to him. Following the "Big Day" he will attend Montana School of Mines and Eastern to major in political science. ROBERT BENSON Bob, a fun-loving boy, enjoyed wrestling during high school, and out of school he was on the box- ing team. Some events he will remember are the tour- naments and our Junior Prom. During his free time Bob enjoys hunting and dancing. Following high school he will attend the National Electronics School. 14INGRID BERGLUND Always ready for fun best describes Ingrid. She was very active in Band and has been in the brass ensemble, and French horn quartet for several years. Going on band trips out of town is stated as her funniest exper- ience. Ingrid is also a member of Luther League and her church choir and likes horseback riding, bowling, and going out of town. Great Falls Business College is in her future. CAROLYN BOGUE Quiet and reserved, Carolyn has been in FHA and Spanish Club. She also worked in the Library her freshman year. Her hobbies are sewing, reading and swimming. Carolyn's goal is to graduate from Western Montana College of Ed- ucation as a primary teacher. SENIOR RECEPTION SUSAN BJORKLUND Susan, a transfer from Butte High her junior year, is always seen smiling. While in Butte, she participated in Chorus, and was a member of the K. K. Riders. She is also active in 4-H, and says that shooting at the Gun Club and being a member of the Saddle Club are her favorites. She lists some of her many hobbies as riding, swimming, fish- ing and oil painting. Susan plans to attend Kinman in Spokane. 15 JEANETTE BOYER Forever smiling and seeming happy is this senior gal named Jeanette. As a friendly, eager carhop at the Jet, she greets the high school students every day. Jeanette plans to continue this line of work after the "Big Day." JOHN BAUMGARDNER John is a likeable fun loving person who found Thespians to be a favorite activity of his. The tournaments and Senior Reception were also fun for John. Out of A. H. A. he is a member of the L.D.S. Seminary and can be seen cruising about on his motor cycle. Like most seniors his future is as yet undecided. CHARLES BONNER Buddy is active in A Club, as a wrestler, football player and a member of Paddle Club. Buddy's interests also include hunting, fish- ing and swimming. Following the "Big Day" Buddy plans to go into the Marines and then to college to study forestry.PATRICIA BRADWAY Pat, a transfer to A. H. S. from Custer County High in Mile City, is petite, quiet, and on the shy side. Her hobby is collecting spoons from the different states she has traveled to. After Graduation Pat hopes for a career as a teacher. She will attend Yakama Junior College in Washington. GARY BROWNING Good humored and well- liked, Gary was an active member of Key Club, Chorus, French Club, Spanish Club, Thespians and Science Club. Being chosen to go to Boys' State was one of the big thrills of his high school years. An honor roll student, Gary was also chosen for the National Honor Society. He will always remember the tour- nament, the Junior Prom, Senior Reception, and the great time he had at Swan Lake. Gary plans to study medicine at the University of Minnesota. BRIAN BURNS Quiet, even tempered Brian found wrestling to be his favorite sport and was active in it for all three years of high school. "A" Club was a club he belonged to. Out of school he is interested in cars as a hobby. After Graduation he plans to join the Navy. RONALD BUTTS Ron was an active member of Band, Thespians, Science Club, and Projection Club. A member of the Deer Lodge County Rescue Association, the Anaconda Radio Club and the Naval Reserve, Ron has still had time to go camping, hunt- ing, fishing, and boat- ing. In the Navy, he plans to take up Elec- tronics. FALL BRINGS FOOTBALL ROSE ANN CARLASCO Quiet, but full of fun, Rosie was Vice-Presi- dent of Pep Club and a member of Newmen Club. She will never forget all the fun she had at lake "parties". At home you can usually find her sewing or drawing. A Thanksgiving trip to "South Dakota" was an adventure she'll always remember. Rose Ann plans to study at Missoula. GARY CARLSON Gary, likeable and fun to be with, has enjoyed Science Club, "A" Club, Paddle Club, Basketball, Football, Track and Key Club. He had time to make the Honor Roll and National Honor Society. Gary will always remem- ber the dances and tour- naments. He plans to attend college and take up law or engineering.KATHLEEN CHEEK A friendly and hard working sincere girl, Kathy was head Usher- ette, Keyecte officer and G. A. A. point sec- retary. She was also a member of G. A. A. Sweater Club, Aqua Team, French Club, Pep Club, Honor Roll, and the National Honor Society. Tops with Kathy are Sadie Hawkins, car rallies, and the Home Comings. Kathy still finds time to sew, swim, and be in Newman Club. Next year she plans to study in Missoula. MARIANNA CUTONE Sweet and sincere best describes Marianna. A member of Pep Club and F.H.A., she is a hard and willing worker. She is also a member of Newman Club. Tops in memories are the tournaments and the Senior play. Marianna is an interested reader and also enjoys listening to records. Marianna's goal is to be- come a teacher. GAMES AND HOMECOMING BILL DAVIDSON Who's the class girl teaser and owner of a sparkling personality? It's Bill, a member of "A" Club, and the football, basketball and track team. This energetic lad was also president of the Thespian troupe. A few memorable happenings for Bill were Interscholastics, football trips and the Senior Play. During the summer months he was active in Legion Baseball, and all year long he finds fishing and hunting entertaining. Carroll College or Western is his next stop. DORRIE LOU CARRAHER Dorrie Lou, an enthusiastic horsewoman is a member of the High School Rodeo Club. She is a member of Pep Club and Spanish Club. She will always remember the Senior Reception. Her hobbies are swimming and sewing. After gradua- tion she plans to go to a business college. LEE COLLINS Lee is a shy and sort of reserved student who found high school enjoy- able. He can usually be seen riding around on his motor-bike after school and on week- ends. Also he finds enjoy- ment in cars, hunting, and fishing. Lee will attend a trade school next fall. RONNIE CONKLIN Shy, easy going Ron, who is never at home, can be found at the saddle club or working on his car. He will never forget the fun he had at the school dances and the Senior Reception. After Graduation, Ron hopes to run a gas station.JERRY DEVICH Tall and dark best des- cribes Jerry. As a mem- ber of "A" Club he has been a football, basketball, and track man. Also in Paddle Club, Jerry still has time to golf. The tour- naments and Sadie Hawkins were fun times for him. Next fall, Jerry plans to go to Arizona State University where he can golf the whole year round. LINDA DAVIDSON Linda, a quiet, likeable senior girl has been in Science Club, Spanish Club, Thespians, and Rainbow Girls. Linda will always remember the Chorus operettas and music festivals. She enjoys writing poetry, making pillows, cooking and read- ing. Linda may attend Eastern Montana College or B.Y.U. WILLETTE DUFFIELD Always smiling and very friendly is W illette, a member of Thespians. The Senior Reception, Senior Play and all basketball games can be named among this girls book of mem- ories. A few of her main hobbies are sewing and ice-skating. A career in commercial work will best round out Willette's future. SENIORS COMBINE GARY DONAHUE Gary is usually seen riding around in his '53 Chevy and just plain enjoying himself. His interests are cars, mechanics and having fun. After departing fromA.H.S. Gary looks forward to going to a trade school or a business college. JAMES DORLAND There's a joker in every deck and Jim fits the bill. He was a member of "A" Club, Key Club, Paddle Club, Chess Club and the Journalism staff. Basketball tournaments and Gridiron can be listed as memorable events for Jim. He has participated in the National Rifle Association Meets. He plans to enter M. S. U. or the service. GEORGE DUGANZ Athletic, and always ready for a good time, George was a member of "A" Club, Key Club, Paddle Club, Legion Base- ball and the Journalism staff. Tops in George's book are Interscholastics, track meets, the tourna- ments, and the Junior Proms. During the summer, George can usually be seen swim- ming, playing baseball or fishing. After Graduation, George plans to go to Arizona State University. 18ED DWYER Hunting, fishing, baseball and just plain loafing are Ed's favorite pastimes. Playing school football and basketball while he was a freshman also kept him busy. Always ready for fun, he will put the tournaments and Senior Play in his book of memories. Ed plans to go to a trade school - probably North Eastern. GARY ECCLESTON Who's the easy-going fellow who is always game for a good time? It's none other than a guy named Gary. Working on cars proves to be the most fun for him. After graduation rolls around, Gary will make tracks for the Marine Corps. VIOLET EHNI A favorite among all, Violet was a member ofG.A.A., Pep Club, Speech and Debate, Thespians, Luther League, and Rainbow Girls. In spite of all these activities Violet still finds time to sew, swim and bowl. Violet especially enjoys foot- ball and basketball games, and G. A. A. activities. Her hopes are to become a nurse and she plans to study at Montana State College. WORK WITH PLEASURE RON DYE Smiling Ronnie liked the fun of high school and always seemed to be enjoy- ing himself. Cars, hunting, and fishing can be named as a few of his favorite hobbies when he is out of school. After leaving A.H. S. he intends to join the Peace Corps in some capacity. MELODY FERGUSON High-tempered, full of pep and fun, Melody is presi- dent of Pep Club, and an active member of G. A. A., Spanish Club, Sweater Club, Usherettes, and Thespians. She enjoyed Sadie Hawkins and the Junior Prom. Melody wants to become an airline hostess after she gets her B.A. from Western. LAURA EKSTROM Always ready for a "good" time, "Moe" was a member of G. A. A., Pep Club, FHA, French Club, and Thespians. Her fondest memories will be the tournaments of "63M, Senior Reception and the cabin out at Georgetown. An excit- ing future lies ahead for Laura, because she plans to attend the Police Academy in San Diego.STUDENTS DISPLAY A CAROL FRAILEY Soft spoken and genial, Carol has been an active member of band and Thes- pians. Carol will always recall the fun she had at the Junior Prom, Tourna- ments and especially Band trips through her high school years. Out of school she enjoys swimming and skating. Marriage is in her future. MAXINE GALLE Maxine, the girl with the friendly smile and likeable personality, found the tournaments to be great fun. She was active in 4-H Club for many years. Among her hobbies are skating and collecting stamps and coins. Maxine's future will include working for Uncle Sam. She had the Women's Marine Corps in mind. CONNIE FERKIN A flashy red head best describes Connie, who is a member of Keyettes, G.A.A., Pep Club, Sweater Club, Aqua Team, Usher- ettes, and N ational Honor Society. Winner of the Elks Leadership award, she is also president of G. A. A. Sweater Club and attended many State Music Festivals as a pianist. The tournaments, Senior Reception and the Aqua Show will be remem- bered by Connie in her future years. Her future is undecided as of now. KEN FRANKLIN Tall, and on the quiet side is this senior lad named Ken. His name has fre- quented the honor roll and is an industrious student in all his classes. When not in school, Ken finds enjoy- ment in such sports as hunting and fishing. As of yet his future is undecided. PATTY GERVAIS Quiet and on the shy side, Patty enjoyed being a member of F. H. A., Aqua Team, and Pep Club. Swimming, bowling, and sewing are Patty's hobbies. A lot of fun for her was attending the tournaments. First, Patty plans to work at Galen or Warm Springs and then go into the Navy. NANCY FRANKOVICH Usually seen in the company of Jim, Nancy is always on the go and a member of G. A. A., Pep Club, Thespians, F. H. A. and French Club. Tops on this girls list are the tournaments of 63, Senior Reception, out of town trips and the cabin at George- town Lake. Next spring Nancy plans to get married and go back East to work for the F. B. I.MARY SUE GURSKI Efficient and serious, Mary Sue can be found helping her 4-H troop, or working in chorus and Science Club. Heading her list of memories is the Chorus Plays, Senior Reception, Senior Play and Sadie Hawkins. Playing the piano, accordian and drawing are her pas- times at home. Mary Sue plans to go on for further education at Missoula or Carroll. VIVIAN HAMILTON Always ready for a good time, Vivian is active inG.A.A., Pep Club, Thespians, and Chorus. A good student, Vivian has been on the Honor Roll and in National Honor Society. Music Festivals, Chorus pro- ductions, basketball and football games will always be remembered by Vivian. Outside of school, Vivian is a member of Christian Youth Fellowship and her church choir. She plans to go to Kinnman and later work in a law office. SUSAN GOLDEN LOVE FOR SPORTS Sweet and courteous, Susan worked inG.A.A., Pep Club, Spanish Club, and Thespians. During school, she liked the chorus plays, Junior Prom, and Sadie Hawkins. Sewing, baking, camping, and shooting keep Susan busy after school. She plans to go into nursing at Saint Patricks in Missoula. LINDA HANSEN Cute and perky, Linda was Pres. ofG.A.A., a mem- ber of Pep Club, Thespians, Sweater Club, Usheretts and National Honor Society. Linda enjoyed the tourna- ments, Proms and Senior Reception. Her most memo- rable event was being cheer- leader her freshman and sophomore year. Montana State University is next in Linda's future. CLINT HARDTLA Always ready for a laugh, Clint was a member of band for 2 yrs. and dance band his Sr. year. The band trips, Jr. Prom and the music festivals are events Glint will remember. Also a member of a rifle club, Clint enjoys hunting and working on machines. Clint plans to go to college or go into the service. DOROTHY HA RELAND Usually seen riding around in a '40 Ford, Dorothy was a member of G. A. A., Band, Pep Club, and Thes- pians. Football and basket- ball games, band trips, and the Jr. Prom are tops in Dorothy's book of mem- ories. She is also a mem- ber of Rainbow's and Luth- er League. After cap and gown day, she plans to go to Dillin or a business school.THOMAS HEANEY Sleepy eyed Tom, a 2 yr. letterman as guard for the Copper- heads, was a member of "A" Club and Paddle Club. Tom is always looking for a "good" time and is content while practicing basketball at the Dwyer School. His future plans are undecided. CARL HENDERSON Always full of fight, Carl was a 3 year letterman in track. As a member of "A" Club he was active in football and basketball. Girls, hunting and fishing are Carls activities outside of school. Attending Western after graduation will complete Carl's education. DONNA HARWOOD Likeable and always smiling, ROUSING SCHOOL SPIRIT Donna was active in G. A. A., Usherettes, Pep Club, Speech and Debate, Thes- pians and Sweater Club of which she was treasurer. She enjoyed hay rides, Proms and Sadie Hawkins. She also enjoyed basketball and football games, and G.A.A. Banquets. Her future holds attending college at Eastern. KAY JEAN HUBER Kay Jean is known to be one of the friendliest girls in the senior class. Pep Club, G.A.A., Science Club, Usherettes, Sweater Club and Dramatics, have been a few of the clubs she has lent her services to. Kay has thrilled us all with her singing at school events and especially at '63' Grid- iron. As an Honor Roll Student she is a member of National Honor Society and was chosen for Girls' State. Singing, collecting records, and reading are her favorite pastimes. Kay will go to M.S.U. next year. BOB HUFF Bob is a quiet but good natured senior boy, and has always been active in A.H. S. sports. He was a member of "A" Club, Paddle Club, the Football and Track teams, and the Wrestling squad. The tour- naments and Gridiron were his most memorable high school experiences. The Rogues Car Club also occupies some of his time along with his hobbies of hunting and camping. Bob plans a career in the Air Force. SUSIE HOLSTROM Smiling Susie was usually seen leading our cheering squad. She was an active member of G. A. A., Pep Club, Dramatics, Key- ettes, and Aqua Team of which she was secretary. Her memories will include being our '63' Homecoming Queen and singing for school events. She plans to attend M. S. U. and study biology.GARY HUFF As an active athlete, this fun-loving and popular senior fellow was on the football and wrestling teams. Gary was the president of "A" Club in his senior year and a member of Paddle and Spanish Clubs. He lists the wrestling and basketball tournaments, the Prom and Youth Center dances as a lot of fun. On Sunday nights he can be found at M.Y. F. Hunting, fishing, and "goofing around" are some of the things Gary likes to do. He plans to be- come a minister. SUPPORTS OUR TEAM JANICE HUSKELHUS A gay easy-going gal is Janice, who has been inG.A.A., Sweater Club, Dramatics, Pep Club and Spanish Club. Because her name fre- quents the Honor Roll, she is in National Honor Society. Janice lists basketball games, Sadie Hawkins, and the G. A. A. activities as fun. Out of school-she was in Rainbows and Luther League. Her hobbies are baking and hunting. After Gradua- tion she will attend Butte Business College. SANDRA HUMMEL Smiling, friendly, Sandy has been a member of our band for several years. She was also active in Pep Club, G.A.A., and Sweater Club. She is an honor student and in the National Honor Society. Playing the piano and singing takes up many of her pleasurable hours. Her future plans are to become an elementary teacher. TOVE HUGHLEY A transfer from Deer Lodge in her sophomore year, Tove was in Pep Club and G.A.A. in which she en- joyed bowling, and swim- ming. AtA.H. S. she was active in Spanish Club and Dramatics, and the National Honor Society. Senior Re- ception here and the Junior Prom in Deer Lodge are marked as her favorites. She enjoys hunting, bak- ing, and bowling. Butte Business College is in her future. 23 MIKE IVANKOVICH Best known as the class tease, Mike was in sports during his years at A. H. S. He entered in wrestling and track and was in "A" Club and Paddle Club. The Prom and Senior Reception are marked as two memorable events. A car club, and fishing take up many en- joyable hours. He will either enter the service or go on to college. DAN IVANKOVICH Always smiling and laughing is Dan, a member of "A" Club, Paddle Club, the wrestling, track and football squads. He lists tournaments, Prom, Senior Reception and dances as his best fun. Coin- collecting, fishing and car clubs have been several of his hobbies. College will follow the "Big Day" and then Dan will go into the army.JOHN JACKSON John is a senior boy who is very likeable and easy- going. Chess Club, wrestling, track and "A" Club are among his activit- ies and interests. He recognizes the tournaments as the "most" during high school. John relaxes with his hobby of fishing. The navy will be his future career. KAREN JOHNSTON A favorite among her pals, Karen enjoyed high school very much. She will remember the tournaments and the Senior Play. For relaxation, this senior gal enjoys sewing, reading, hiking, cooking and bowling. Her definite plans are un- certain, but she wants to go on to college or the service. BONNIE JORGENSEN Quiet but friendly, Bonnie found the Junior Prom, Aqua Team shows, the Senior Play, and Sadie Hawkins to be enjoyable. Two things Bonnie likes are music and sports of all kinds. She plans to continue training in business at Kennewich W ashington following Graduation. GARY KARGACIN T all and quiet best describes this honor student. Gary was a member of Science Club, Chess Club, French Club, and New- man Club. Top events for him were the Sen- ior Reception and the Junior Prom. Gary's hobbies are drawing, oil painting and bowling. College is undecided but he plans to study Physics or Chemistry. JOKING AND STUDYING BOB KELLY Most content when joking around, Bob was a member of "A" Club, Paddle Club and Newman Club. Big thrills for him were the Prom, Tournaments and Christmas Ball. Hunting, fishing and water skiing were his favorite pastimes. He plans to take a veternary course at M. S. C. TIM KENNY Tim, a transfer from Central his Junior year, en- joyed the tournaments and Junior Prom at A.H. S. Fishing, hunting, dancing and skiing are his hobbies outside of school. After Graduation, he plans to go to General Motors Training Center for Auto Mechanics and finish his apprentice- ship at Dee Motors in Anaconda.MARY JANE KLIM A Perky and friendly, Mary Jane was an active member of Pep Club. Tournaments and the Junior Prom will always be remembered by her. During the Summer Mary Jane enjoys swim- ming. After the Big Day she plans to work for a year and then be a stewardess. DAVE KERNS Always on the go, Dave was a member of Projection Club, Chess Club, Untouch- ables Car Club and Luther League. Tournaments, Senior Play, Ba,nd Trips and Music Festivals will always be remembered by Dave. He will work for Uncle Sam for 2 years and then go to M. S. U. OUR FAVORITE PASTIMES HOWARD KOENIG Always looking for a good time, Howie is fun to be with. He was also a member of his church group. In high school he will always remember the fun he had at the tour- naments and basketball games. After graduation he plans to go to Elec- tronics School. MARY ALICE KOVACICH Kovie is usually seen on the go and having fun. Pep Club was one of the clubs she belonged to. She will always remember Senior Reception, Gridiron, and Sadie Hawkins. A few of Kovies interests are swim- ming and bowling. Her future will include work- ing for Uncle Sam in some branch of the service. FRED K REPPS Athletic-minded Fred has been in the sports spotlight for several years and has gained state-wide recogni- tion in football, basketball and track. He has leant his services to "A" Club and Paddle Club. This Senior Boy will recall the tourna- ments, Gridiron, and Senior Reception as a lot of fun. Fred enjoys hunting, fishing, and a certain senior girl. He plans to go on to college but is undecided as to where. JERRY KRISKOVICH Always ready to debate a controversial question is Jerry. Chess Club, Science Club, Band, Orchestra and Track are a few of the ac- tivities he has entered in. He tells us he enjoyed the Senior Play, and the tour- naments. Out of school he was active in the Rogues Car Club, Boy Scouts, and Christ Ambassadors. Jerry's hobbies include writing, fishing, and cars. He plans to study at Northwest College to become a min- ister.DENNIS LODELL Dennis, usually seen smiling and teasing the girls, was in "A" Club, Key Club, and on the Wrestling Squad. He was also a Boys' State Delegate last summer. Denny had fun at such A. H. S. activities as wrestling tournaments, Gridiron, and the Junior Prom. After school hours were occupied with Rogues Car Club and M.Y.F. He was Master Coun- selor of DeMoyays also. He says "goofing off", hunting, and cars are the most fun for him. College and the service are in his future. SUSAN LANES Best known as a fashionable dresser is Susan, a Pep Club, F. H. A. and Chorus mem- ber. She will recall the tournaments and Senior Reception. An avid seamstress, Susan won the Junior division in the District Wool Contest last year. Her future plans are to attend a cosmetology course. MARY LOU MAASS The girl that lives across the street'from the school- that is, just can't make it to school on time! Mary Lou enjoys reading, skiing, skating and bowling. She especially liked the tour- nament and Senior reception. A few of the school activit- ies which she participated in were the French Club, Pep Club, Thespians, the band, an Honor Roll. She also belongs to 4-H and the Presbyterian Youth fellow- ship group. Following gra- duation, Mary Lou plans to attend Washington State College and become a social worker. FACULTY LENDS A GUIDING DORIS LOVELL Likeable, cheerful Doris belonged to Pep Club and Thespians. She enjoyed Sadie Hawkins, the Prom and Senior Reception. A few of Doris' main interests are cooking, sewing, "collecting junk", and hunting and fishing. After Graduation this Senior gal will attend Butte Business College. LINDA LUJAN Cute and little Louie was an active participant of Pep Club, Spanish Club, and Thespians at school. The tournament and Sadie Hawkins rank high on the list of events she enjoyed most. In her free time Linda enjoys listening to records and just plain "goofing around. " She plans to attend business college. KEITH MORELAND Silent, reserved Keith has been in football and wrest- ling activities. Our Junior Prom will be a memorable event to him. After school hours find him working in the Explorers and on the boxing squad. For recrea- tion Keith likes hunting, fishing, dancing, basket- ball, and cars. Summer will find him working for the Forest Service and then going to school in the fall. 26JIM MOSES Always thoughtful, Jim can be found at the Presbyterian Youth fellowship. Jim is a member of "A" Club, Spanish Club, projection club, and Thespians. During high school he participated in the cross country track, basketball, and the Junior Olympics. In his spare time he enjoys fishing, hunting, swimming, hiking, camp- ing, and bowling. Jim plans to attend Northern and major in Physical education or to make a career in the service. PATSY McCARVEL This short, friendly little brunette, was a member of G.A.A., Pep Club, Aqua Team and Thespians. The Senior Reception, Gridiron, and Sadie Hawkins are the events Patsy lists memo- rable. Following graduation Patsy will attend the Col- lege of Great Falls to study nursing. HAND TO ALL STUDENTS sue McCarthy Friendly petite Susan en- joyed high school emensly. Sue transfered from Central High School her sophomore year. She enjoyed many activities during her high school years. During her leisure time she enjoys riding around and having fun. As of now her future plans seem to be undecided. 27 CECIL MC DONNELL Ready for a good time is Cecil, a friendly senior boy. The tournaments rate top priority on his list of enjoyable high school events. For relaxation Cecil likes hunting, fishing, and working on guns. Following his departure from school, he plans to enter some field of business. joanne McDonald An excellent dancer, Joanne enjoyed dancing for many school activi- ties. She was Pep Club Treasurer and a Twir- ier, and also a cheer- leader. Out of school activities that she enjoy- ed were Candy Stripping and lake outings with the girls. Joanne says she will always remember Sadie Hawkins, the tournaments and the Proms. After high school, she will attend business college. PAMELA MacDONALD A gay, peppy girl, Pam was an A Squad cheer- leader her Senior year. She was active in G. A. A. Pep Club, Sweater Club, and was president of Aqua team. Some of the things she will remember are the Aqua show and the G. A. A. slumber party. In her leisure time, Pam en- joys water skiing, swim- ming, and snow skiing. Pam is also an honor student and is a member of the National Honor Society. Her plans for the future include college. ■ • tm Kv I % Vi h SENIORS FIND HARD WORK GREG McNICHOLAS Always lots of fun, easy going Greg enjoyed re- creational boxing and attending Newman Club. During his years at AHS, the tournament, Senior Play, Senior Reception and the Junior Prom were the most exciting events he enjoyed. Greg likes to spend his free hours fishing at Flathead Lake or playing the drums. A Navy career is in his future. marsha McGinnis Marsha is friendly to all and fun to be with. G. A. A., Sweater Club, French Club, Spanish Club, and Pep Club are just a few of her many activities. Ex- celling in dramatics she played the part of Winafred in the play "Impromptu". Marsha says she will always remember the G. A. A. banquet and decorating for the Junior Prom. In her leisure time she likes to write letters, read, and ride around. On to the halls of higher learning at M.S.C. are Marsha's future plans. PAUL NEP1NE Paul, the quiet type, says he thought the Senior Plays and the many other of our high school activities were a lot of fun. This senior lad was on the Anaconda Boxing team and finds en- joyment in working on cars. A Denver school for electronics is in Paul's future. JACKIE NAZER Sincere, blond Jackie found Pep Club and Aqua Tearn a lot of fun during high school. The tournament also proved to be very ex- citing and memorable. Jackie enjoys swim- ming, eating, hunting, and "talking with the gang. " After the "Big Day" Jackie plans to work and later train to be a prati cal nurse or secretary. jiM McFarland This well liked boy was a member of Science Club and Chess Club. He was President of Key Club. Ac- tive in athletics, Jim was in "A" Club, played foot- ball and participated in track. Jim will always re- member representing A. H. S. as a delegate to Boys' State. Dancing, playing the trumpet and the piano, and hiking fill Jim's leisure time. Attend- ing M. S. U. is in his future. EDWARD McLEAN A fun loving guy, Ed was Vice-President of the class his Sophomore year and President his Junior and Senior years. He is a member of "A" Club and belongs to Paddle Club. Ed represented A.H. S. as a delegate to Boys' State. He belonged to the National Honor Society. College is definitely in his future.JANET NIELSEN Vivacious Janet was always having fun in such clubs as G. A. A., Pep Club, and Spanish Club. She lists the tournaments and Sadie Hawkins among her favorites. Rainbows occupied some nights during the week. Janet finds listening to records and the radio and read- ing good books most enjoyable. She plans to attend Kinman Business University. DARRELL NEWBY Shy and polite is Darrell who participated in track at A.H.S. The tournaments and "A" day were worth remembering for this boy. Darrell's other activities include the Junior Olympics. Among his hobbies are fishing and collecting coins. Studying for the ministry at North West College will round out his education. EDDIE NORDQUIST BRINGS RICH REWARDS Eddie, a friendly, teasing senior fellow, was active in "A" Club and National Honor Society. Sports wise, he was on the basket- and track teams and was varsity basket- i- ball manager. Sadie " 2L-. ilL Hawkins and Senior Reception will always |£jf. be remembered by him. § Ed was also in Luther r years. Hunting, fishing and golfing are some out- side activities that interest this boy. After Graduation he will go to the School of Mines. JOHN O'DONNELL Polite and even-tempered is John who was in French Club and a member of .the Thespians. Senior Recep- tion and the tournaments rate "number one" in his book. He belongs to the Presbyterian Youth Fellow- ship. He relaxes by fishing. John will attend the School of Mines next fall. JAMES PAR ROW Jim, an athlete, is an easy going guy who has been a major sports star at A. H. S. for several years. "A" Club basketball, football, and track can be mentioned as sports he excells in. Jim had fun on "A" day and playing in the tournament each year. Luther League, baseball, swimming, hunt- ing and fishing are several of Jim's interests. College atM.S.U. is a probable in his future. RICHARD PARINI Most contented when work- ing on cars is Dick. Basket- ball tournaments proved to be a lot of fun for this sen- ior boy. He enjoys hunting, fishing and "operating" on hot-rods. Dicks future will be in the field of auto and diesel mechanics.VIARIE RANGITSCH Viarie is a lively and 50od-natured gal who enjoyed chorus during high school. Aqua shows, chorus plays, and the Junior Prom rate tops on her list of fav- orites. Marie's idea of fun is hunting, hiking, ■iding and collecting 'tilings that are different. Jext fall you will see her in Butte Business School. LARRY PETERSON Tall, silent boy is Larry. He relates the tournaments and football and baseball games as exciting to him. Junior Newman Club occupied Larr's Wednesday evenings. A few hobbies of his are fishing and hunting. This senior lad hopes to enter Northern Montana College, in the near future. DOUGLAS ROUSE Tall, quiet, and athletic best describes Doug, a member of the football squad, "Au Club, and Pad- dle Club. 11 A" Day and Gridiron are listed as his favorites during high school. Out of school, Doug was a member of Anaconda's Boxing Team. Some of his extra activities include hunt- ing and fishing for which he enjoys making flies. Boxing or the School of Mines are in his future. GRIDIRON FOLK-SINGING BRINGS DARLENE REISS Darlene, usually found laughing and having fun, was active in F.H. A. and Pep Club. Senior Reception proved enjoyable for this gal. Several hob- bies that can be listed for Darlene are sewing, fishing and hunting. After leaving A.H. S. she will go job hunting. BEN ROTH Cheerful, Ben has partici- pated in many of A.H.S. 's sports activities such as track, football and the cross-country races. He also played basketball in the L.D.S. church league. Chess Club was a favorite school activity of his. Following Graduation he will finish his education at Dillon. MICHAEL ANN SAGIN One can usually find this senior gal laughing gaily in the middle of a crowd. Michael lent her services to the school in G. A. A., Pep Club, French Club, and Dramatics. Her name can always be found on the Honor Roll and she is a member of National Honor Society. The G. A. A. ban- quet and Gridiron are two fond memories. Michael also belonged to the Saint Pauls' Newman Club. She's a girl who excells in sewing and is a gifted pianist. College is in her future. 30DICK SCHAUT Quiet, easy-going Dick has been active in "A" Club throughout his high school years. As a wrestler, Dick attended the state tourna- ment in Missoula. During his senior year he was also active in Paddle Club. Events which Dick enjoyed during high school were the tournaments, Senior Re- ception, and Gridiron. After school, Dick plans to join the Navy. FALL ACTIVITIES RENEE SCHMIDT This perky little blonde Senior can usually be seen telling jokes in the middle of a crowd. Entertaining at the Senior Reception rates high on her list of memories. During School, Pep Club and Chorus kept her busy. During her lei- sure time, Renee can usually be found skiing or at the Saddle Club. She hopes to attend college at Bozeman and find a "cow- boy." DENNIS SHELBY This quiet, soft-spoken boy, Denny, enjoyed high school and its many events. On Sunday he attends a youth group at his church. Denny is interested in fishing, hunting, and hiking. Come next fall, this fellow will enter a trade school, but his plans as to where are uncertain. CAROL SISICH T ourname nts, school dances, Senior Recep- tion, and G. A. A. activities are Carol's fondest memories of her high school years. She is also in F. H. A., G.A.A. and Spanish Club. Carol can usually be seen riding in a Red Pontiac. After graduation she plans to attend college and then get married. TO AN END ANDREA SLOSSON Gay, talkative Andrea can often be found where people are having a good time. She was President of Keyettes, Editor of the Copperglow, Treasurer of the Aqua Team, and a member of G. A. A., Pep Club, and Sweater Club. Andrea will remember going to the Junior Prom, and Senior Reception. This gal plans to study journal- ism at M. S. U. JERRY SJODAHL Happy and always full of fun Jerry will always remember the tourna- ments, Prom, and Senior Reception. Band rated high on Jerry's list, and he en- joyed attending the State music Festival in Missoula. Along with this, he was an active member in Key Club and participated in wrestling and track. Fishing and swim- ming are his favorite pastimes. The future for Jerry is college and then Navy. 31FRANCES SMITH Cute and friendly to all, Frankie will always remem- ber the fun she had at the tournaments and many other school activities. She spends her spare time horse back riding and has an interest in cars. Frankie is undecided about her future as of now. JERRY SMITH "Smiley", as he is known to everybody, has person- ality plus. Sports wise, Jerry has participated in basketball, football and track all his years at A.H. S. He was also in Key Club, "A" Club and was sports writer and photo- grapher for the journalism class. Senior Reception and Gridiron are listed as exciting times for him. Out of school Jerry enjoyed Presbyterian Fellowship, Legion baseball, water- skiing and collecting paperbacks. He will go on to college following grad- uation. DAN SULLIVAN Sully, usually laughing and joking around, is best known as vice-president of our class and Editor of the Big Stack. Key Club and Thespians are also several of his activities. He will remember the tournaments of his sopho- more year, the Prom and being master of ceremonies at the Gridiron Hootenanny. Dan will attend Carroll College or work in San Francisco. DORIS SUNDBERG Good natured, soft spoken, Doris was active in G. A. A. and Pep Club. She tells us that Senior Reception and Grid- iron will always re- main in her memories. C.C.D. classes occupied her time on Wednesday nights. Reading, swimming, and bike riding are just a few of Doris' favorite pastimes. She will go to St. Pat's Nursing School in Missoula. LIVELY GAMES WILL MELVIN SWANSON Most contented when cruising around and having fun is Mel. Radio Club and Chess Club were two of the school clubs he be- longed to. He lists Sadie Hawkins and games as great fun. Luther League and various car clubs took up many enjoyable hours for Mel. He will finish his school- ing at Northern. BILL SWANSON Bill, an easy going and likeable senior, was a member of Projection Club and Chess Club. Some of his best remembered times are those he spent watching school basketball and football games. Bill also had fun golfing, hunting, fishing, and bowling. Accounting at Kinnman is in his future.BOB TRENT One of our classes most active and funniest stu- dents is Bob. He was a Boys' State Delegate, Key Club secretary, "A" Club secretary, and on the National Honor So- ciety. In the sports line he lettered in track and worked in Paddle Club. Fondest memories are those of decorating for the Junior Prom and the party after Senior Recep- tion. After school he works at Woolworths and Sunday nights find him at M. Y. F. Bob says rollerskating, hiking, bowling and cruising the drag are tops. He will study architecture at q M.S.C. V RAY TROYER Quiet but fun, Ray en- joyed the Junior Prom and Senior Play, two of our class activities. He also attended Newman Club on Wednesdays. After school hours find him fishing, hunting, bowling, playing base- ball, and just plain en- joying himself. College in Montana or California is probable for Ray next fall. RENEE TESDAL Cute and fun loving, Renee was a member of Pep Club and enjoyed the Senior Play and Senior Reception. She was also quite active in Walther League. Dancing, hunting, swimming, and bowling are high among Renee's most enjoyable hob- bies. Following Graduation from A. H. S. she will go job hunting. BETTY ULSTAD Friendly and lively, Betty participated inG.A.A., Pep Club, Spanish Club, Sweater Club and Copper Catilinas. Outside of school she was active in Luther League and Jobs Daughters. School functions which she enjoy- ed were Sadie Hawkins, Gridiron, the Senior Re- ception, carwashes, G.A.A. Slumber Party and the G. A. A. bike rides and hikes. Her future plans include Butte Business School. FOREVER REMEMBERED JUDY UHL Fun-loving Judy can usually be found practicing in Aqua Team, going to G. A. A., Pep Club and Sweater Club meetings, or working at the Copper Bowl. She was also a member of Band, Spanish Club and TJiespians. The tournaments and Senior Re- ception proved to be fun for Judy. Among her favorite hobbies are bowling, art work, swimming, and skiing. St. Patricks School of Nurs- ing will be in this gal's fu- LINDA ULSTAD Friendly to all, Linda en- joyed participating in Pep Club. Out of school she was active in Rainbows. Linda will always have fond memories of the Senior Reception. Bowling is another activity Linda enjoyed and you may always find her at one of the various bowling allies in town. As yet Linda is undecided about her future. ture.PHIL VAN NESS Fun loving Phillip was an active member of band. French Club, Spanish Club, Chess Club, Science Club, and Projection Club are the activities he partici- pated in. His book of memories includes the Senior Plays, Pep Assemblies, and the Night Club Dance. Out of school Phillip was in the "Rogues' car club and the M. Y.E. After school he will attend M. S. U., and then go to the Navy. CAROL VERLANIC Smiling, happy-go- lucky Carol belonged to Pep Club and French Club. This gal lists the '62 tournaments and Senior Reception as great fun. After school she spent her time candy-stripping and was a member of New- man Club. Her idea of fun is cruising the drag, hunting, fishing and listening to the radio. TERRY VETTER Always smiling and ready for fun best describes Terry, a likeable senior fellow. The tournaments will remain tops to him as he looks back at his school days. Terry is undecided about his future right now. DOUG WALKER Doug, cheerful and full of fun, can usually be seen riding around in his green Oldsmobile or horse back riding at the Saddle Club. Doug will always remem- ber the fun he had attend- ing the tournaments during his high school years. Doug plans to go to school to further his education. JANEY VAN FOSSEN Tall and scholarly, Janey has participated in many school activities: G.A.A., Usherettes, Sweater Club, Pep Club, Thespians and Speech and Debate. Janey especially enjoyed the tour- nament and Prom. During her Junior year Janey re- presented A.H. S. as a Girls' State delegate, she is also a member of the National Honor Society. Attending college is definitely in her future. HAROLD L. WALDRUP Hal is a shy and easy- going senior who says he had fun at our Senior Play and at Senior Re- ception. For relaxation he likes swimming and bowling. After Graduation from A. H. S., Hal hopes to join Uncle Sam's Army. TIME TO REFLECT THE PAST AND PLAN FOR THE FUTURE..... AYVONNE WELCH Small and friendly, Yvonne is a member of Pep Club and G. A. A. Her list of memorable times includes the tournaments, Junior Prom, Senior Reception, Gridiron, and Sadie Hawkins. Besides her many school activities she also enjoys swimming, bowling, hunting, fishing, and dancing. Yvonne plans to attend Dillon after high school. CHARLES CORTRIGHT A transfer from Billings West his senior year, Chuck was a member of the lettermans club in Billings West. At A. H. S. foot- ball, wrestling and track were his favorite sports. "Girls", hunting, and fishing are his favorite extra- curricular ac- tivities. Chuck plans to attend The Mines. KANDIS WELLS A gay little blond, Kandis always enjoys a good time. She is active inG.A.A., Pep Club, and French Club. One of her greatest thrills was cheering her sophomore year for the B-Squad. Throughout her high school years she en- joyed Gridiron, the tourna- ments, and Senior Recep- tion. Skiing and swimming are the hobbies she enjoys both here and in W ise River. Kandis plans to attend M. S. U. to study physical education. PATSY YELSA Pert and always pleasant, Patsy is an active member ofG.A.A., Pep Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Sweater Club, and is a C andy Stripper. Tops on her list during high school were the Junior Prom, the tournaments, and Senior Reception. Patsy enjoys riding around and listening to the radio. M.S.C. is in Patsy's future. LILLIAN RICE Lillian, kind of shy, but friendly to all, says that her best times in high school were the Prom, Sadie Hawkins, and the Key Club Hayrides. She is also a member of a 4-H club and Methodist Youth Fellowship. She also delights her friends and family with her piano playing. Her future plans are to attend M. S. U. to study photography. CHARLOTTE YEOMAN Charlotte is always on the go and ready to have a good time. G.A.A., Pep Club, Sweater Club, Usherettes, Aqua Team, French Club, and Thespians are just a few of her activities. As an honor student, Charlotte was a member of the Nat- ional Honor Society. Charlotte will always remember being Marryin Sam at Sadie Hawkins and G. A. A. activities. Skiing, swimming, and sewing keep her busy outside of school. Further study at Colorado Woman's College and M.S.U. will complete her education. BOB MICEK A friendly boy, Bob likes cars and bowling. In high school he en- joyed many activities including the Junior Prom and the tourna- ments. Out of school Bob was a member of Newman Club which kept him busy every Wednesday night. To finish his education, he will attend Denver Drafting and Electronics School.SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SENIORS NOT PICTURED Dale Bock Harry Bryan Kathleen Casey Walt Chilcote SENIORS NOT PICTURED Joseph Harrison Richard Nicholson Mike Ritthaler Under the able guidance of our class officers, the Senior Class of 1964 performed its many functions smoothly. Our junior prom, 'A Summer Place" will be forever remembered by the class members who worked so energetically on it and by all those who attended it. This fall the class successfully put on the Senior Reception to honor our faculty. As Graduation approaches, preparations are being made for such activities as Senior banquet and Bacca- laureate. In general, the members of the class about to leave A.H. S. are friendly, enthusiastic, and spirited stu- dents who have excelled scholastically, as well as athletically, and have a happy, wholesome outlook on live. Ed McLean - President Dana Skoglund - Secretary Dan Sullivan - Vice PresidentNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ■ i LEFT TO RIGHT--Sandra Hummel, Kay Jean Huber, Charlotte Yeoman, Kathy Cheek, Mary Sue Gurski, Michael Ann Sagin, Jane Van Fossen and Carol Sisich. ROW 2--Linda Hansen, Pam MacDonald, Andrea Slosson, Gary Browning, Dale Bock, Bob Trent, Ed McLean, Gary Carlson, Gary Kargacin, Ed Nordquist, Vivian Hamilton, Janice Huskelhus, and Tova Hughley. Membership in the National Honor Society is based upon Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. The object of the chapter is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in students of Anaconda High School. 37BOY AND GIRL STATERS These students were chosen as A. H. S. delegates to Girl's State, held the week of June 23-30; and Boy's State, held the week of August 17-25. There they re- ceived practical experience in the functioning of government on local and state level. Although they worked hard, they had a lot of fun. They will always remember their enjoyable week. ROW 1: Dennis Lodell, Janey Van Fossen, Kay Jean Huber, Ed McLean. ROW 2: Gary Browning, Sandra Hummel. ROW 3: Dan Sullivan, Jim McFarland, Bob Trent. COLEY VAUGHN AWARD These boys, are A club's nominees for the Coley Vaughn award. They were chosen on the basis of their outstanding athletic ability, academic stand- ing and service to the school. The recipient of the $100 award will be selected by a committee of Anaconda businessmen. Since only one of these boys will receive the honor, the choice will be difficult, for all three are deserving of it. BETTY CROCKER AWARD After taking a written aptitude exam- ination, Michael Ann Sagin, who had the highest score, received the Betty Crocker Award. Michael Ann also received a pin for her excellent paper which will be en- tered in state competition. Fred Krepps, Jerry Smith, and Jim Parrow D.A.R. AWARD The senior girls and faculty selected Kay Jean Huber as candidate for the D. A. R. Good Citizen Award. She was chosen on the basis of her quali- ties of leadership and patriotism. Kay Jean entered into state competition.Connie Ferkin, first place; LEADERSHIP, ROW 1: Kathy Cheek, Sandra Hummel, Janey Van Elks Leadership Fossen, Kay Jean Huber, Connie Ferkin, Andrea Slosson, Donna Harwood, Linda Hansen. ROW 2: Bob Trent, Gary Kargacin, Dan Sullivan, Gary Carlson, Ed McLean, Jerry Kriskovich, Gary Browning. ELKS LEADERSHIP AND SCHOLARSHIP This year Linda Hansen was the recipient of the Kay Harrington award and Nancy Frankovich was named honor athlete of G.A.A. Linda received her award because of her outstanding leadership in G.A.A. throughout her four years of high school. She gave her enthusiastic support to every program of G.A.A. from sports to selling at the conces- sion stand during games. Nancy thoroughly enjoyed and excelled in all the sports offered by G. A. A. Coupled with her athletic ability was a keen sense of sportsmanship. If Linda and Nancy put as much into life as they did into G.A.A., they will surely be successful. Senior students of AHS are given an opportunity to participate in the Elk's Scholarship contest G leadership contest. Above are students who entered the leadership contest and Connie Ferkin, the Anaconda winner. To the right are scholarship entries. The leadership contest is based on leader- ship, citizenship, appreciation, per- severance, resourcefulness, and sense of honor. The scholarship contest is based on honors and awards, offices in school and out of school activi- ties, civic activities, and job hold- ings. SCHOLARSHIP, ROW 1: Sandra Hummel, Janey Van Fossen, second place; Kay Jean Huber, first place; Michael Ann Sagin, Carol Sisich, Mary Sue Gurski. ROW 2: Bob Trent, first place; Gary Kargacin, Gary Carlson, Ed McLean.aye Baumgartner Bobby Benson Gary Browning Rose Ann Carlascio Gary Carlson irl i U- iiTs.v: Bob Kelly Kay Jean Huber Sandra Hummel Janice Huskelhus Gary Kargacin Linda Lujhan Eddie McLean Janet Neilson David Kerns 40janine Abbott Patricia Aune Melvin Baker Richard Baumgartner Susan Beall Andrea Beck Lucinda Bell Sharon Bizjak Judy Blaskovich Carolyn Bleile Steve Bodak Students enjoying the dance sponsored by the Juniors Caroll Burch Elizabeth Caton Robert Chambers Mike Chapman Emma Charles Larry Clark Richard Clark Ruth Anne Clark Sharon Clavelot Naomi Clawson James Collingsworth Joanne Comstock Ed Cor Harold Cortright Leslie Crowe 42Carl Cupp Jim Currie Kathleen Cyr Richard Da Hum Kathleen Dauterman Richard De Dycker Donna Dewing Ronald Diriana George Duffield Patricia Dye Charles Edquest Grant Ellison Lois Eslinger Bill Everett Linda Fewins SPONSORED BY ANACONDA SERVICE STATION Jeanne Field Judy Finley Loren Flemmer James Foreman Ruth Fox Linda Frailey Carolyn Frazer Danny Gates Nancy Gates Peggy Gilliand Kathryn Gish Patrick Grey Susan Grey Darwin Guyman Allen Hamel Jim Hamill Carol Hansen Terry Hanson 43James Hard Barbara Harrington Doug Hartsell Larry Heaphy Priscilla Hedeen Particia Haugen Edward Henderson Nancy Hetherington Ellenore Hetland Ted Hilderbrant John Hogg Jude Howard Kathryn Hughley Margaret Hurlbert Marjorie Hurlbert Jackie Ivankovich Bonnie James Linda Jessen SPONSORED BY SCHWARTZ'S CENTRAL MEAT MARKET BRINTONS, ANACONDA BUILDING MATERIALS CO.. ANACONDA DRUG STORE, ANACONDA FLORIST CITY DRUG STORE, and ANACONDA INSURANCE AGENCY. Sandra John Edward Johnson Loyal Johnson Terry Johnson Wendell Johnson John Kirkeby Richard Kerns Paul Keller Kenny Kanduch Edward Kanduch John Juring Leslie Joronen Patrick Jones Marie Jones Bonnie Jones 44Paulette Kortum Joyce Koutsis Janet Kriskovich Ed Kunkel Cheryl Laipple Roberta Lake Sharon Lake James Laurie Carolyn Linzey Sally Larson Louis La Tray Barbara Logan Gary Loshesky James Magness Patricia Malcolm Eddy Massett Janice Massey Juniors learning to type Pat Martin Peggy Moses Joyce Muir Russell Marchion Gary McDermott David McDougal Betty McGrath Larry McLaughlin Janice Neeley Sheryl Nelson Byron Newby Mike Nicholes Sharon Nicholas Terrence Nugent Kathleen Nyhart Diane Parks 45Gregory Pearson Bernie Peterson Carolyn Petrovich Tana Phillips Timothy Phillips Marilyn Pickett Lester Reiss Wayne Rod Dolores Rodriquez Jess Rodriquez Carl Rosenleaf Ray Rowsey Margaret Rub Robert Sager Judith Schmieding Bill Schmidt Officers choosing class rings Robert Shepard Ronald Simkins Thomas Simkins Gregory Scalise Cheryl Smith Earl Smith Jacqueline Smith Sally Smith Timothy Smyth James Snell Deborah Softieh Rudy Spraycar Danny Stem bridge Mike Steve'nson Thomas Stipech 46Linda Stinger Chester Stodden Gary Stubblefield Elaine Tescher Walter Tuss Richard Vandeventer SPONSORED BV ANACONDA TIN SHOP and SUGRUE BOTTLING CO. Jay Voorhies Dan Viucich James Violette Herbert Wallace Bill Ware Marsha Westin Linda Wien Raelene Wilson Lee Wind Terri Wold Peggy Woodworth Helen Wynkoop Robert Wyatt Cathy CrumCLASS OFFICERS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Jim Magness, Secretary-Treasurer: Liza Caton, Vice-President; and Larry Heaphy, President. JUNIOR CLASS The juniors jumped into one of their biggest activities-of the year, the Junior Prom. During the year the class has been very busy with money making projects. The biggest success of all the projects was the Junior Youth Center which was chaperoned by the class sponsors. Music was provided by a popular band. A large crowd attended the dance supplying half the money for the prom. Another successful project was the baked food sale. Many of the junior girls brought cakes and cookies which sold very readily. Least successful of all the projects was the car wash. Although they has lots of cars for business but the class was too preoccupied to wash them but everyone had a splashin good time. Even though the Junior class meetings were very unorderly everyone seemed to pull through to help accomplish their goal.Karen Agostinelli David A Anderson Jim R. Anderson John Anderson Joy L. Anderson Vickie Applegate Norma Lou Anderson Diane C. Astle Bonnie Bailey Charley L. Ball Greg Barclay Greg Barnell Sherrie Barker Kenneth Bauer Candis Baumgartner James Beattie Evelyn Bell T ear nee Benson Lana Berryman Frances Berglund Robert Bogue Janet Bodak James Bieri Susan Bertch Carleen Bonham Gary Boschee Dennis Boyer Joan Briggs SPONSORED BV DALY BANK AND TRUST CO. Lovella Rae Brown Marian Bubash Edward Bullock Barbara BurchGary Caliison Charles Campana Raymond Campbell Robert Capps Dale Carlson April Carrol James Casey Jim Charles John T. Cheek Nancy Clark Paul Clark Connie Clawson David Collinsworth Mary K. Colbert Nora Combs Carla Conklin Rose Costle Patrick Curran Sammie Davies Delian Dienstman James Elmose Kathy Evans Linda Evans Gene Ewan Linda Fairweather Bob Fenner Roger Fewins John Fitzpatrick Karen Dinzl Patty Driggs Carol Dyrud Errol Eileraas SPONSORED BY FINNEGAN COMPANY AND BUTTREYS FOOD STOREPat Fleming Diane Fode Ed Fode Nona Fox Steve Frankovick Wayne Fritsch Joseph Furshong Patrick Furshong Tim Galle Virginia Garrity Judy Ginsberg James Goforth Edward Goldberg Sharon Golden Laurel Grant SPONSORED BY COPPER CITY DRIVE-INN, EARL'S CLEANERS ED'S RADIO AND TV DAVIS JEWELRY DUVAL WALLACE CO. BILL'S NEWSTAND DAIRY QUEEN ELI THOMAS Thomas Green Paul Greenough Eileen Grosz Danna Guymon Cathy Hamilton Timothy Heffernan Bill Hill Carol Hildebrant John Hoiland Christina Holderreed Mike Horner Betty Horsfalk Sue Hoscheid Dorothy Hammond Evelyn Hardtla John Garold Florence HayesColleen Hughes Karen Hurlbert Gary Jacobs Gerry Jackson Don Jacobson Linda Johnson Sandra Johnson Walter Johnson Donna Joseph Linda Kamps Trena Kanduch Roseletta Keele Rodney Keele Debbie Kelly Dennis Kendall Nicholas Kiefer Tom Kieser Lani Kleinhans Tim Koesterman Lorraine Kopp Linda Kortum George Kovacich Barbara Krause Salley Kurtz Dora Langer Harris Lester Cynthia Lint Gerald Long SPONSORED BY Carol Lujan Elaine Maass LuElla Magnan Valerie Maricich MONTANA POWERSharon Martin Betty Marthaller Rose Massett George Mattson Laurence Mensing Melvin Mikkelson Robert Miller Karlus Moreland Jeffrey Moses Sheila Morse Jerry Munro Michael Myers Roberta McCallum Marjory McKinley Andrea McLean Michael Nazer Barbara Nelson Dave Nielsen Bill Nordholm Bettie Olson Rosalyn Oreskovich Lucille Ouldhouse Kathy Palm Larry Parks Gary Pearson Janice Pearson Theresa Peltier Geri Perkins Deanna Peterson Carol Pickett Linda Pierce Tim PlumbEdward Postlethwaite Pamela Postlethwaite Audrey Poston Jane Rafert Sally Ralston Ann Rangitsch Bernadette Remington Karen Rettinger Terry Rivers Larry Rivers Roberta Roberts Frank Robinson Sharon Roberts Tony Rodriguez Laura Rosenberg Jim Rosenleaf Linda Rub John Rusinski Marcia Salle Lilly Saur Gloria Scalise Margie Schaefer Stephen Schaut Robert Sestrich Judy Shanholtzer Patsy Sheahan Chester Shepard Merry Sue Simkins Vicky Sjodahl Mike Skocilich Ray Sletton Sandra Slosson SPONSORED BY MONAHAN'S STAR CLEANERS MARIES DRESS SHOP, MURPHY PAINT CO. ORVILLE'S FOOD, MARCHION HARDWARE J. C. PENNEY, KEIGS HOYAL'S JEWELRYMercedes Smith Janet Smollack Brenda Sommers Charles Spangler William Sparr Elmer Staton Frances Steiner John Stevenson Charles Stokke Carol Stone Veronica Stuber Betty Sundberg John Swanson Peggy Tesdal Ruth Ann Therriault Kathy Thomson Judith Ulstad James Van Fossen Ralph Villa Donna Violette Patricia Walsh SPONSORED BY JACKSON STUDIO ANACONDA PTA Carol Woirhaye Cynthia Waters Carol Westerlund Charline Williams Linda Williams Madge Wind June Wink Dolores WolfeCLASS OFFICERS Secretary, Evelyn Hartla President, Charles Spangler Vice-President, Dave Neilson SOPHOMORE CLASS The 1963-64 class of sophomores is one of the biggest classes the school has ever seen. Though this class is exceeding in quantity it is by no means lacking in quality. Our sophomores have taken an active interest in school activities and clubs. The students response at the Pep Assemblies has been very much noticed and appre- ciated. They have brought back to the school much of the spirit that was carried away with previous classes. Everything in time seems to change and the sophomores are no exception. They feel that the Senior High is part of them and by the end of the year it will be---in- deed!! The feeling of being a part of a high school and it’s activities is an important part in the lives of every student. We sincerely hope the sophomore class had an enjoyable and enlightning year at A. H. S. 57ROW ONE: Janet Kriskovich, Vickie Sjodahl, Sandra Hummel, Linda Berglund, Pat McHrdle, Carol Campana, and Liza C a ton. ROW TWO: Dorthy Hare land, Herb Wallace, Sharon Nicholas, Virginia Garrity, Nancy Jaronen, Gerald Johnston, Len Kargacin, Andy Harball, Carrol Frailey, Roberta McCallum, Linda Frailey, Marty Wallace, Ben Barone, and Margie McKinley. ROW THREE: Rose Costle, Ed Cor, Winnifred Wagner, Eileen Okken, Diane Astel, Dellon Dienstman, Linda Smith, Ron Butts, Gerald Kriskovich, Tom Simkins, Jim McFarland, Phil Van Ness, Dave Bradway, Tom Mickey, Erwin Struble, Betty Cadieux, Loretta Parrow, Cheri Ulstad, Annette Skoglund, and Dave Kerns. ROW FOUR: Kathy Monaco, Sandra Sletton, Kathy Ziegler, Linda Harrison, Linda Niland, Margaret Raihl, Trudy Hernan, Clint Hardtla, Sheryl Nelson, Dow Keyes, Diane Parks, Donald Jacobson, Bill Staton, John Swanson, and Ed Johnson. STANDING: Kieth Lathrope, John Fitzpatrick, Pat Fleming, Andrea McLean, Jamie Snell, Ron Simkins, Dave Snell, Mr. Irwin-Instructor, and Chuck Campana. Clarinet Quartet-- Herb Wallace, Dorothy Harland, Vicky Sjodahl, Sharon Nicholas Woodwind Quintet-- Marjorie McKinley, Liza Caton, Leonard Kargacin, Janet Kriskovich, Sandra HummelA.H.S. BAND BAND Serving the community and adding zest to school functions best describes the AHS band under the direction of Mr. Irwins. During the football season the band staged colorful half-time entertainment. The high- light of their year was the concert which consisted of many well-presented selections. The hardworking members earned money by selling Christmas wreaths and candy bars. DANCE BAND Those who are able to play off key and still make it sound good are members of the Dance Band. The members are really a se- lect group which play at school dances and are available for other events, also. ROW ONE: Andy Hardball, Clint Hardtla, Sheryl Nelson, Elizabeth Caton. ROW TWO: Rudy Spraycar, Chuck Campana, Jim Snell, Linda Smith, Jim McFarland, Tom Simkins, Jerry Johnston, Ron Butts, Phillip Van Ness, John Snell, Vicky Sjodahl. Pat Haugen, Absent. ORCHESTRA Evelyn Hardtla, Madge Wind, Rudy Spraycar, Laura Rosenberg, Chuck Cortright 61A.H.S. Chorus ROW ONE: Linda Olsen, Carolyn Westerland, Kay Jean Huber, Marilyn Pickett, Janice Massey, Linda Williams, Lorraine Kopp, Merry Sue Sim kins, Patsy Sheehan, Susan Bertch, Bonnie James, Linda Kamps, Rosie Keele, and Mr. Ozzie Bertenoli. ROW TWO: June Wink, Luella Magnon, April Carol, Eileen Gross, Lucille Ouldhouse, Linda Evans, Sally Ralston, Sandy Johnson, Barbara Berch, Audry Poston, Vivian Hamilton, Linda Fairweather, Carleen Bonham. ROW THREE: Margaret Rub, Jane Rafert, Carolyn Bleile, Linda Rub, Carlas Moreland, Cynthia Lint, Karen Hurlbert, Joyce Muir, Jackie Smith, Susan Lanes, Laurel Grant, Lani Kleinhans, Kathy Gish, Judy Ginsberg. Anacondaetts ROW ONE: Linda Olson, Kay Jean Huber, Patsy Sheahn, April Carroll, Jackie Smith, Sally Ralston, Audrey Poston, Bonnie James. ROW TWO: Judy Wink, Linda Kamps, Sandra Johnson, Barbara Birch, Linda Fair- weather. ROW THREE: Louella Magnon, Carol Bleile, Kathy Gish, Cynthia Lint. ROW FOUR: Karlus More- land, Jane Rafert, Joyce Muir, Vivian Hamilton. This select group of singers, chosen from the AHS chorus, often appear before the public in concerts and special events. Their presentations of musical selections are popular in AHS and throughout the city. Senior Girls Trio—Susan Lanes, Vivian Hamilton, Kay Jean Huber 62KNEELING - Marion Bowden, Sharon Clave lot. ROW ONE - Sandy Tuss, Jeanie Fields, Marsha Westin, Janey Tuss. ROW TWO - Janet Smollack, Roberta Stevens, Bernedette Calcut. ROW THREE - Pam Brown, Sharon Matin, Sally Kurtz, Sandra Slosson, Linda Skoyen, Deloris Wolf. TWIRLERS Head Majorette - Marion Bowden Under the excellent guid- ance of Marion Bowden, the A.H. S. twirlers have presented many entertaining half-time programs. Their many color- ful outfits and the delightful twirling of the head major- ette Marion-Deloris Bowden, are the highlights of these performances. This year, the group has also marched in many local and state-wide parades. 63 Asst. Majorette - Sharon Clave lotDEBATE Mr. Andersons' "few min- or criticisms" usually last the entire period but the combination of his excel- lent coaching and the dili- gence of the Speech Club members has lead to their fine performances at State- wide speech meets. Every spring sees several club members competing at Interscholastics. ROW ONE: Ellenore Hetland, Sally Smith, Cheri Smith, Leslie Crowe, Rudy Spraycar, Chuck Campana, Gret Burnell. ROW TWO: Jerry Kriskovich, Joanne Comstock, Margaret Hurlbert, Violet Ehni, Mr. Anderson, Linda Wein, Pam MacDonald, Donna Harwood, Marjorie Hurlbert. F.H.A. The Future Homemakers of America are dedicated to enriching the values of homemaking. This year's activities for F.H.A. in- cluded a night club dance, the white cane drive, and a candy sale. They also attended a convention in October and they prepared the coffee hours for the faculty throughout the school year. ROW ONE: Joanne Comstock, Madge Wind, Kathy Hughley, Janet Kriskovich; ROW TWO: Miss Scott, Advisor; Lorraine Kopp, Barbara Logan, Pat Dye, Peggy Woodworth, Donna Guyman; ROW THREE: Kathy Cyr, Mary Kay Shagina, Susan Lanis, Darlene Reiss, Susan Grey. 64KEY CLUB This organization sponsored by the Ki- wanis, has many projects during the year which benefit the school and com- munity. Key Club members assist in the oral Sabine vaccine program. At Christmas time they distribute gifts and toys to needy children through- out the city. They also sell Christmas trees. At the end of the school year a scholarship of $100 is presented to the most deserving senior at A.H.S. Con- gratulations to a most deserving group. ROW ONE: Jim McFarland, president; Jim Dorland, vice-presi- dent; Bob Trent, secretary; Jerry Sjodahl, treasurer; Jerry Smith, sergeant at arms. ROW TWO: Dan Sullivan, Gary Carlson, Jerry Solan, Gary Browning, Dennis Lodell, George Duganz. ROW THREE: Larry Heaphy, Ed Kunkel, Micke Nicholes, Rick Dallum, Russ Marchion, John Cheek. ROW FOUR: Rich Clark, Chuck Stokke, Tim Phillips, Jim Elmose, Jim Van Fossen, Jim Hamill, Dale Carlson. KEYETTES Keyettes, an honorary girls' society joins with the Key Club boys in such activities as A.H.S. Silver and Blue Day, hayrides, and parties. Honor- ing senior players' parents during halftime of the last basketball game is one of the special services the group provides. Other civic projects engage much of the girls time and untiring efforts. Officers: Lynda Applegate, vice- president; Andrea Slosson, presi- dent; Judy Schmieding. secre- tary-treasurer. ROW ONE: Susie Holstrom, Carol Hansen, Tana Phillips, Kathy Cheek, Kay Baumgartner. ROW TWO: Peggy Moses, Margie McKinley, Charlene Williams, Linda Skoyen. 65PROJECTION CLUB SCIENCE CLUB CHESS CLUB Chess Club is made up of boys and girls who want to learn and concen- trate on a good game of chess. The advisor, Mr. Phares, is always ready to help members improve their skill in the game. SITTING-Bill Swanson, Mary Sue Gurski, Margaret Hurlburt, Leslie Crowe, Carlene Bonham, Margorie Hurlburt, Sally Smith. STANDING-Dan Sullivan, A1 Arvish, Pat Grey, Phil Van Ness, Mr. Phares, adviser, Gary Kargacin, Jim Mc- Farland, Rudy Spraycar, Charles Campana, Errol Eileraas. 66 Projection Club is comprised of boys who are interested in cameras. Their main projects are operating the movie and slide projectors for school func- tions and service clubs around town. Mr. Mazza, the clubs' advisor, is always ready to give the members tips on the operation of their cameras. ROW ONE: Errol Eilerass, John Fitzpatrick, Jim Moses, A1 Arvish, Rudy Spraycar, Bill Swanson, Melvin Swanson. ROW TWO: Nicholas Kiefer, Eddie Goldberg, Darwin Guyman, Pat Grey, Charles Campana. Science club is a group of stu- dents interested in the many fields of science. Members work on special projects which they enter in the District Science Fair held each spring. The advisors. Mr. Wolpert and Mr. Laughlin, are always willing to help the stu- dents prepare these projects. ROW ONE: Jeanne Horsfall, Rosalyn Oreskovich, Peggy Gilliland, Cynthia Waters, Mary Sue Gurski, Kay Jean Huber, Liza Caton, Mr. Laughlin, advisor. ROW TWO: Mr. Wolper, advisor; Tim Heffeman, John Fitzpatrick, Charles Stokke, Dale Bock, Phil Van Ness, A1 Arvish, Gary Kargacin, Jim McFarland. ROW THREE: Charles Campana, Rudy Spraycar, Ronald Butts.THESPIANS FRONT: Gary Browning, Vice-President; Marjorie Hurlbert, Secretary; and Bill Davidson, President. ROW ONE: Patsy McCarvel, Linda Lujan, Joanne McDonald, Vivian Hamilton, Judy Uhl, Kathy Cheek, Susan Gloden, Renee Schmidt, Pam MacDonald, Marsha McGinnis, Dorthy Hare land, Linda Hansen, andMicheal Ann Sagin. ROW TWO: Tove Hugley, Marie Rangitsch, Janey Van Fossen, Pam Postlethwaite, Marianne Cutone, Dana Skoglund, Valarie Martin, Charlotte Yoeman, Susie Holstrom, Melody Ferguson, Bonnie Jones, Carol Hansen, Kathy Nyhart, and Peggy Gilliland. ROW THREE: Mr. Doohan, sponsor; Susan Bertch, Lani Kleinhans, Maxine Galle, Mary Lou Maass, Linda Davidson, Sally Ralston, Rosaline Oreskovich, Kaye Baumgartner, Patsy Yelsa, Andrea Slosson, Al Arvish, Jim Moses, Kathy Gish, Marsha Westin, Tana Phillips and Margret Hurlbert. ROW FOUR: Joyce Muir, Janice Huskelhus, Laura Ekstrum, Nancy Frankovich, Linda Frailey, Christine Holderreed, Colleen Hughes, Connie Briggs, Terri Wold, Kay Jean Huber, Joe Furshong, Gerold Kriskovich, Paul Keller, Barbra Nelson, Marion Delores Bowden, and Bonnie Bosch. ROW FIVE: Sheryl Nelson, Lucinda Bell, Kathy Casey, Sheryl Lapple, Jackie Smith, Pat Malcolm, Rudy Spray car, Danny Sullivan, Pat Grey, Ronnie Butts, Dave Kerns, John Bomgarnder, and Lesile Crowe. STUDENT COUNCIL The Thespians under the direc- tion of Mr. Doohan have greatly expanded in number this year. During the course of the year Mr. Doohan hopes to do one three-act play, a senior play, and three one-act plays. sponsored BY BEN FRANKLIN UNITED STEEL WORKERS LEFT TO RIGHT—Evelyn Hartdla, Charlie Spangler, Dana Skoglund, Ed McLean, Jim Magness, and Larry Heaphy. 67PEP CLUB Officers: Secretary; Marsha McGinnis, President, Melody Ferguson, Joanne McDonald, Vice President. ROW ONE: Yvonne Welch, Linda Lujan, Jackie Nazer, Betty Ann Ulstead, Kaye Baumgartner, Pam MacDonald, Susie Holstrom, Kandis Wells, Lynda Applegate, Patsy McCarvel. ROW TWO: Mariana Cutone, Carol Verlanic, Cathy Casey, Mary Kovacich, Linda Hansen, Judy Uhl, Patsy Yelsa, Vivian Hamilton, Mary Jane Klema, Kay Jean Huber. ROW THREE: Doris Sundberg, Mary Lou Maaas, Dana Skoglund, Connie Ferkin, Kathy Cheek, Charlotte Yeoman, Nancy Frankovich, Laura Ekstrom, Janet Nielson, Andrea Slosson. and Linda Ulstad. Picture not taken: Rose Ann Carlosco, Vice- President. ROW ONE: Sharon Nicholas, Judy Blaskovich, Carol Hansen, Sally Larsen, Linda Stringer, Peggy Moses, Peggy Gilliland. ROW TWO: Jannine Abbott, Jeanne Field, Kathy Nyhart, Bonnie Bosch, Connie Briggs, Tana Phillips, Sharon Bjiak, Helen Wynkoop, Linda Wein, Carolyn Linzey. ROW THREE: Donna Dewing, Jackie Smith, Ruth Ann Clark, Bonnie Jones, Paulette Kortum, Nancy Hetherington, Kathy Crum, Debbie Softich. ROW FOUR: Priscilla Hedeen, Marsha Westin, Marion Bowden, Terri Wold, Judy Schmieding, Kathy Gish, Ellenore Hetland, Kathi Dauterman, Cheri Smith, Janet Kriskovich. Yelling as hard as they could at games, they cheered out team on to victory. The Pep club members are loyal Copperhead fans who make our victory banners and spark our school spirit with their enthusiasm. ROW ONE: Joan Briggs, Cynthia Waters, Lorraine Kopp, Debbie Kelly, Sheri Barker, Cathey Hamilton, Judy Ulstad, Gloria Scalice, ROW TWO: Margie Schaffer, Veronica Stuber, Sharon Golden, Sally Ralston, Vickie Applegate, Dede Peterson, Jody Worhye, Marsha Salle, ROW THREE: Barbara Burch, Linda Fairweather, Sandra Johnson, Sally Kurtz, Andrea McLean, Laura Rosenberg, Vicky Sjodahl, Janet Smollack, Donna Joseph, Jean Horsefall, Sandy Slossen, Patty Walsh, Elain Maass, Judy Ginsberg, Rosalyn Oreskovich, Sharon Roberts, Margie McKinley, Lori Kleinhans 68A CLUB ROW ONE: Officers; Bob Trent, Gary Huff, Jim Parrow. ROW TWO: Jim Moses, Mike Ivankovich, Tom Henry, Ed McLean, Dennis Lode 11, Bill Davidson, Fred Krepps, Jerry Smith, Gary Carlson, Bob Huff, Dan Ivankovich, Bob Kelly, Jerry Devich, George Duganz, Dick Schaut, Mr. Williams. ROW THREE: Jim McFarland, Dan Gates, Rick Dallum, Russ Marchion, DougRouse, Larry Heaphy, Ron Deriana, Bill Everett, Carl Henderson, Bud Bonner, Brian Burns, Jim Dorland, Ed Nordquist. ROW FOUR: Bob Benson, Carl Rosenleaf, Jim Hamill. Tim Phillips Terry Nugent, Rick Baumgartner, Ed Kunkel, Loyal Johnson, Ed Henderson, Mike Nicholes, Ken Kanduch, Chet Stodden, Larry Briggs, George Mattson, Mick Skocilich, Dick Vandeventer, Charlie Spangler, Dave Nielson, Wayne Rod. Among the many activities, boys who know how to carry footballs and dribble basketballs belong to this club. The achievement of awards or letters in athletics entitles one to membership. Founded in 1927, its purpose is to enspire interest in sports. PADDLE CLUB Whack!! Many unruly spec- tators and innocent by-stan- ders have felt the effects of a Paddle Club member's "friendly persuasion. The Actual purpose of this active club is to promote order at school games and tourna- ments. ROW ONE: Dennis Lode 11, Bob Huff, Tom Heany, Fred Krepps, Bob Trent, Carl Henderson. ROW TWO: Bill Davidson, Dan Ivankovich, George Duganz, Gary Huff, Gary Carlson, Ed McLean, ROW THREE: Dick Schaut, Buddy Bonner, Bob Benson, Mike Ivankovich, Jerry Smith, Jim Dorland, Bob Kelly. ROW FOUR: Eddie Nordquist, Jim McFarland, Doug Rouse, Jim Moses, Brian Burns. 69USHERETTES ROW ONE - Head Usherette - Kathy Cheek. ROW TWO - Donna Harwood, Melody Ferguson. ROW THREE - Charlotte Yeoman, Linda Hansen, Kay Jean Huber. ROW FOUR - Janey Van Fossen, Andrea Slosson. Absent when picture was taken - Connie Ferkin. SWEATER CLUB Sweater Club is com- prised of girls who have earned 1200 points in The functions of the Sweater Club includes services for the school such as polishing the school trophies, putting together crary corsages for Sadie Hawkins, and making a snake for the AHS vs. Central game. Sweater Club's pet project this year was the presentation of Dads'Night, honoring the fathers of the football players. ROW ONE—Patsy Yelsa, Secretary; Donna Harwood, Treasurer. ROW TWO--Janey Van Fossen, Charlotte Yoemna, Kathy Cheek, Pam MacDonald, Sandra Hummel, Andrea Slosson. ROW THREE--Marsha McGinnis, Janice Huskelhus, Melody Ferguson, Linda Hansen, Judy Uhl, Susie Holstrom, Kaye Baumgartner, and Kay Jean Huber.GAA ROW ONE - Judy Schmieding, Treasurer; Kathy Cheek, Secretary; Linda Hansen, President; Kaye Baumgartner, Vice-President; Eilenore Hetland, Point Secretary. ROW TWO - Yvonne Welsh, Dorothy Hareland, Violet Ehni, Donna Harwood, Betsy Ulstad, Janice Huskelhus, Janet Nielson, Judy Uhl, Pam MacDonald, Lynda Applegate. ROW THREE - Kay Jean Huber, Patsy McCarvel, Sandra Hummel, Vivian Hamilton, Dana Skoglund, Patsy Yelsa, Laura Ekstrom, Nancy Frankovich, Marsha McGinnis, Susie Holstrom. ROW FOUR - Janey Van Fossen, Carol Sisich, Doris Sundberg, Andrea Slosson, Connie Ferkin, Charlotte Yeoman, Michael Ann Sagin, Kandis Wells, Melody Ferguson. ROW ONE - Jannine Abbott, Carolyn Linzey, Kathy Nyhart, Carol Hansen, Ruth Ann Clark, Bonnie Jones, Salley Larson, Tana Philips, Judy Blaskovich. ROW TWO - Peggy Moses, Judy Schmieding, Paulette Kortum, Connie Briggs, Terri Wold, Bonniw Bosch, Nancy Hetherington, Linda Stinger. ROW THREE - Debbie Softich, Cheri Smith, Eilenore Hetland, Sharon Bizack, Helen Wynkoop, Marsha Westin, Kathy Crum. ROW ONE: Sandra Slosson, Sally Kurts, Debbie Kelly, Cathy Hamilton, Dorthy Hammond, Candis Baumgardner, Charline Williams. ROW TWO: Barbara Burch, Vicky Sjodahl, Donna Violett, Sheri Barker, Rosalun Ereskovich, Judy Ulsted, Margie McKinliy, Sally Ralston, Vickie Applegate, Bonnie Baily. ROW THREE: Sandra Johnson, Linda Fairweather, Brenda Sommers, Linda Smith, Diane Astle, Colleen Bonum, Christine Holdereed, Cythia Waters, Joan Briggs. .ROW FOUR: Lucille Ouldhouse, Lindsa Kortum, Barbara Burch, Audery Posten, Cathy Sheehan, Elaine Mass, Patty Walsh, Sharon Goldin, Gloria Scalise, Lani Klienhans. 71ROW 1: Susie Holstrom, Secretary; Pam MacDon- ald, President; Andrea Slosson, Treasurer; ROW 2: Linda Frailey, Betty Ulstead, Lynda Applegate, Vicky Applegate, Cathy Hammilton, Margie Mc- Kinley, Judy Ulstead, Coleen Hughes. ROW 3: Patsy McCarvel, Linda Olsen, Dorothy Hammone, Connie Ferkin, Judy Uhl, Mrs. Casagranda, Spon- sor; Charlotte Yeoman, Kathy Cheek, Patty Ger- vais, Roberta Stevens. AQUA TEAM The girls on the Agua Team really get a "big splash" out of swimming. In truth, the girls on the team are skillful swimmers. They put on an exciting show each year for the public. The theme this year was "Far Away Places" in which the girls, attired in foreign costumes, swam to music from all over the world.KITCHEN HELP Every noon will find this cheerful group hard at work in the cafeteria. The girls are k6pt busy serving the food, collecting trays and washing them. The boys have developed dishpan hands from doing dishes 180 days a year. 1st ROW, RIGHT TO LEFT: Peggy Moses, Debbie Softich, Terri Wold, Janice Neely, Janie Van Fossen, Donna Harwood, Andera Beck, Tova Hughley. 2nd ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Shepard, Gary Loshe- sky, Kennv Franklin, David Bolles, Calvet Boyle. OFFICE GIRLS These girls run errands to help out in the office. Every period two of them collect the attendance slips from the teachers. Their duties are numerous, and they are indispensable to the office LEFT TO RIGHT: Roseanne Carlasco, Georgia Bark ovich, Cheryl Liapple, Renne Tesdale, Patsy Mc- Carvel, Bonnie Jones, Dorrie Lou Carraher, Sally Larson, Janice Husklehus. Tove Hughley. 73STUDENT LIBRARIANS LEFT TO RIGHT: Janet Boyle, Linda Fewins, These six girls are getting practical experience Narianna Catone, Pat Bradway, Bonnie Jorgenson, in library work. They are kept busy checking books and Janice Neeley. in and out, replacing the books on the shelf, loca- ting magazines, and running errands for the librarian. Although their work is hard, they enjoy every minute of it. SKI CLUB Students of the Anaconda Ski Club obtain their member- ship through request of an older member. The members of the club learn how to ski properly and get the most fun out of this popular winter sport. Parents of the members help by selling the concess- ions at the lodge. SKI CLUB ROW 1: Renee Schmidt, Kandis Wells, Joy Anderson, Judy Uhl, Connie Ferkin, Anderea Slosson, Susan Holstrum, Pam McDonald, Pasty Mc- Carvel, Peggy Gilliland, ROW 2: Terry Hanson, Gary Browning, Dennis Lodell, Chuck Stokke, Danny Sullivan, Gary Stubblefield, Lee Wind, Greg Pearson. FRENCH CLUB Bon jour!! This might be the greeting one would receive if he met a mem- ber of French Club in the hails. The club, advised by Miss Scott, furnishes its members colorful, interesting meetings about the history and customs of France. ROW 1: Linda Hansen, Susie Holstrom, Bonnie Jones, Helen Wynkoop, Marsha McGinnis, Patsy Yelsa, Andrea Slosson, Linda Frailey. ROW 2: Miss Scott, Linda Wein, Gary Browning, Kaye Baumgartner, Bob Trent, Charlotte Yeoman, Mary Lou Maass, Michael Ann Sagin. ROW 3: Darwin Guyman, Gary Kargacin. DRAMA CLASS Linda Davidson, Pam Postlethwait, A1 Arvish, Mike Ritthaler, John Bomgardner, Maxine Galle. This class set up the staging and props for the Senior Play. Every Senior in the class was in the Senior Play. In the Spring the class put on a one act play for the District Drama Meet in Bozeman. 75The Dramatics class presented one of their many productions, a one act play, "Over the Tea Cups. " Keyettes and Key Club jointly sponsored the annual Homecoming, Silver and Blue Day. GAA helded Gridiron in honor of the football players. CLUBS SPONSOR MANY ACTIVITIES During the year the clubs contributed much to the school spirit. The students enjoyed getting together and decorating for the dances and just having fun. Many of the clubs aroused the school spirit at the games by selling at the concession stands and organizing the cheering.. .The plays and aqua show brought the attention if the public to the accomplishments of the students. Pep Club helped to cheer the Copperheads on to many victories. The Sadie Hawkins dance, which is a GAA project, was one of the highlights of the school year. The Thespian's three act play, Gidget, was a big success. 76JERRY DEVICH, a fine pass catching end, was consistent on both off- ense and defense. Jerry turned in many great catches for T. D. 's this year. SENIOR SCHEDULE Anaconda - 7 Anaconda - 25 Anaconda - 27 Anaconda - 0 Butte High - 0 Great Falls - 19 Livingston - 13 Billings Central - 13 DOUG ROUSE, gave extra depth to the Copperheads at the tackle position. Doug took over the starting berth at mid-season and did an outstanding job for the re- mainder of the year. 78 JIM PARROW, the Copperheads place kicker, is one of the most outstanding fullbacks in Anaconda's history. Jim led the team in scor- ing this year. SCHEDULE Anaconda - 33 Anaconda - 24 Anaconda - 13 Anaconda - 7 Anaconda - 32Coach Chuck Williams leads Anaconda's Coach- ing staff. This year the Copperheads had one of their most successful seasons under Coach Williams. He piloted the Copperheads to third place in the team's debut in the Central Divi- sion of Class A. Congratulations on the great job done this year Coach, and good luck in the future. .. . BILL DAVIDSON, was first team center, and the spirited middle line- backer of the Copperheads. Bill was a battler all year. He was alert on the long centers for the Copper- heads kicking game. Bill was also the Captain of the team. Hardin - 13 Laurel - 0 Lewistown - 19 Bozeman - 25 Butte Central - 13 CHUCK CORTRIGHT, a trans- fer from Billings west, fit right in at defensive center and was amazing at smashing down ene- my ball carriers. Gene Vukovich, B squad coach; Jerry McCarthy, assistant coach ED McLEAN, was one of the two fine guards we had this year. Small for the guard position, Ed was full of fight through- out the year. PLAYERS 79FOOTBALL SQUAD FRONT ROW: Jim Hamil-manager, Jim Magness, Jerry Devich, Ed McLean, Chuck Cortright, Bill Davidson-- captain, Doug Rouse, Jim Parrow, George Duganz, Larry Briggs, and Ed Henderson-manager. SECOND ROW: Ken Kanduch, Rick Baumgartner, Russ Marchion, Larry Heaphy, Rick Dallum, Carl Rosenleaf, Dick Vanderventer, Tim Phillips, Bill Everett, Terry Nugent, Loyal Johnson, Dan Gates, and Coach Chuck Williams. THIRD ROW: Gene Vukovich, B-Squad Coach, Jerry Munro, Ray Sletton, Chuck Stokke, John Cheek, John Yeoman, Dave Nielson, Tim Kosterman, George Mattson, Paul Greenough, Bill Hill, and assistant Coach Jerry McCarthy. FOURTH ROW: John Stevenson, Tom Green, Jim Bieri, Gene Ewan, Jim VanFossen, Charles Spangler, Mike Skolich, Larry Parks, Jim Anderson, Bill Sparr, Mick Nazer, and Ralph Villa.1962 SEASON This was supposed to be the year. It was-for three games. The Copperheads started right out by beating two AA powers, Butte Public and Great Falls. The "giant killers" made their debut in the Central division of Class A by defeating Living- ston in a great homecoming Victory. Then the roof fell in. The great big Copper- head was reduced to just another team by Billings Central. The "Big Blue" bogged down four times inside the Central 15 yard line. Well, that was the story. The team came back gall- antly by smashing Hardin and Laurel, but the spirit just wasn't there. The Copperheads then traveled to Lewistown for a non-conference game. The long trip proved to be the team's nemesis again, and the Copperheads went down to defeat. The big contest came when high-riding Boze- man came to town and rolled over the Copper- heads. The season was ended when the Copper- heads ventured to Butte for the second time and dumped Butte Central in fine fashion. Congratulations on the great season Copper- heads! Who's got the Ball?SENIOR Fred Krepps--5ft. 11 in., guard and the third co- captain, is fast and con- tinually hustling. Fred makes up half of Anacon- da's playmaking duo of guards. Ed Norquist--5ft. 8in., guard didn't play last year due to an injury but he has become one of our reliable back- court men. Ed has shown much desire and shooting ability and because of this, he has become another of the great "hustling Copperheads. " SHARPSHOOTERS SCHEDULE Missoula 74------------------------Anaconda 35 Kalispell 39-----------------------Anaconda 52 Deer Lodge 33----------------------Anaconda 42 Livingston 42 Anaconda 64 Missoula 53 Anaconda 42 Anaconda Central 38----------------Anaconda 62 Helena 45 Anaconda 43 Billings Sr. 60 Anaconda 41 Billings est 78 Anaconda 58 Butte Central 52------------------ Anaconda 79 Missoula 70 Anaconda 66 Carl Henderson--6ft. 3in. center- forward helps to give the Copper- heads a real fine bench. Carl can come into a tight game and give the team the spark to win. Tom Heaney--5ft. 7in., guard makes up the other half of our twosome of playmaking guards. Tom is one of the smaller players this year, but he makes up for his size in his excellent ability to shoot. Gary Carlson--6ft. 3in. center has made the biggest improve- ment of all the senior players. He has continuously developed with bustle and he now is a great asset to our team. Jerry Devich--a 6 foot forward is always full of hustle and fight. He has come along excellently from last year to become a great asset to the team in the frontcourt.VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW—John Cheek, Coach; Larry Heaphy; Tom Heaney; Jim Parrow; Fred Krepps; Jerry Smith; Gary Carlson; Paul Sullivan, Assistant Coach; Lindy Estes, Frosh Coach. BACK ROW--Charles Spangler; John Harold; Jerry Devich; Carl Henderson; Dave Neilson; John Cheek; Dick Vanderventer; and Ed Nordquist. Jim Parrow--6ft. lin. co- captain is one of Anacon- da's forward scoring threats. Jim is very aggressive and very good rebounder. HEAD COACH- JOHN B. CHEEK SCHEDULE Billings Senior vs Anaconda Billings West vs Anaconda Western Frosh vs Anaconda Butte Public vs Anaconda Helena vs Anaconda Butte Public vs Anaconda Kalispell vs Anaconda Deer Lodge vs Anaconda Butte Public vs Anaconda Kalispell vs Anaconda Divisional Tourney--Anaconda 27-28-29 Jerry Smith--6ft. 2in. a co-captain is the other half of the Copper- heads starting forward scoring attack. Jerry is a quick and one of the best shots on the team.1963-64 SEASONROW 1: Byron Newby, Dannis Boyer, John Stevenson, Dale Carlson, and John Swanson. ROW 2: Paul C reenough, Jim Van Fossen, John Yeoman, Tim Hefferman, Jim Beattie, and Coach Paul Sullivan. COACH, PAUL SULLIVAN B SQUAD BASKETBALL Coach Paul Sullivan and the B-Squad had a record of 12 wins and 8 loses. The high scorer for the season was a sophomore named John Harold. The highest scoring game was 68 against Helena High School. Congratulations Mr. Sullivan and the B-Squad for doing so well!TRACK TEAM 1964 , : DUGANZ-George is a 3 year letterman in both the high jump and the broad jump. He broad jumped 19’ 4 1 2" in his sopho- more year, just 4" shy of the school re- cord. ROW 1: Gary Huff and Fred Krepps. ROW 2: Bob Trent, Gary Carlson, Jerry Smith, Jim Parrow, George Duganz, Carl Henderson, and Jim Moses. ROW 3: Terry Nugent, Ed Kunkel, Larry Briggs, Mick Nicholes, Jim Currie, and Larry Heaphy. ROW 4: Russ Marchion, Chet Stodden, Ed Henderson, Gary McDermott, Byron Newby, Dick Vandeventer and John Jackson. During the 1964 Track Season, the Track Squad participated in many meets and did a fine job representing Anaconda High School. Some of the big meets they attended were the Helena Jaycee Relays, the divisionals, and those under 18 went to the Junior Olympics. CARLSON-Gary ran the high hurdles and the low hurdles. HENDERSON-Carl has lettered in track since his sophomore year in the javelin and pole vault. Carl was a strong com- petitor in the Interscholastics in '63 in the javelin throwing event. 86ROW 1: Pat Furshong, John Yeoman, Jerry Monroe, Jim Van Fossen. ROW 2: Jim Anderson, Larry Parks, Jim Elmose, John Harold, John Cheek. ROW 3: Jim Staton, Dale Carlson, Paul Greenough, John Swanson, Tim Hefferman. ROW 4: Charles Spangler, Dennis Boyer, Bill Hill, Mike Homer, Jim Beattie, Bob Capps. Fred Krepps, Jim Parrow, Bob Trent, George Duganz, Carl Henderson, and Chet Stodden did a creditable job for the Copper heads throughout the season. Also, in the early part of the school year our cross country team made a good showing. Chet Stodden placed in the American Legion Cross Country Race held in Butte. HUFF-Gary runs the high hurdles and the low hurdles. 87 PARROW-Jim is coming back for his third year, and he is a fine 440 man and a fine broad-jumper. Jim will be trying for his second year at the State Inter- scholastic track meet at Missoula. KREPPS-Fred led the Copperhead cinder team in his Junior year in scoring. He was sidelined with a shoulder injury mid- way through the season, but he will be back in full form this year. Fred runs the sprints, high-jumps, and anchors the relay team. TRENT-Bob is a three year letterman in the sprints, and he made a fine showing in the Interscholastic last year and he will be expected to develop into a fine competitor this year.WRESTLING SQUAD FRONT ROW: Gary McDermott, Mike Skocolich, Rick Dallum, Tony Rodriguez, Dick Schaut, John Risinski, Pat Nickoles, John Jackson, Dan Ivankovich, Gary Huff, Bob Huff, Dick Rosenleaf. BACK ROW: Mike Ivankovich, Mgr. , Pat Jones, Doug Hartsell, Leslie Joronen, Jack Harland, Steve Schaut, Mike Blume, Keith Lathrope, BobVenner, Davies, Ralf Villia, Jerry Jackson, Mickey Roger, Bill Sparr, Fred Moodrey, Coach. Not Pictured: head coach, Chuck Williams.SKI TEAM Dennis Lodell, Chuck Stokke, Joy Anderson, Lee Wind, and Greg Pearson. ”B” SQUAD CHEERLEADERS Charlene Williams, Dorothy Hammond, Cathy Hamilton, Candis Baumgartner, and Kathy Thomson, not pictured.A SQUAD CHEERLEADERS Ruth Anne Clark Kaye Baumgartner Susie Holstrom Cheer Queen 1963-64 Pam MacDonaldSUSAN HOLSTROM, QUEEN Copperheads return to the field following half time. SILVER AND BLUE HOMECOMING DAY On Friday, September 20, Keyettes and Key Club presented homecoming day. To start the day off we had a vigorous pep assembly. Pre-game activities included a parade, led by the Queen candidates: after which, was a bon-fire, where cheerleaders led the students in songs and chants. During half time, the Queen and her Court were presented by Key Club members to climax the day. The Queen and her court pose for a portrait, Cathy Thomson, Kaye Baumgartner, Susan Holstrom, Lynda Applegate, and Ellenore Hetland. The Queen is escorted off the field Homecoming Royalty, leaving by Gary Carlson. Mitchell Stadium.Everybody dance! SENIOR RECEPTION Tuesday, September 17, the school board, faculty, and their wives were honored at a buffet dinner, held in the high school cafeteria at 7:30 P.M. Ed McLean, Senior class President, was master of ceremonies for the evening Entertainment was provided by several members of the senior class: among them were Susan Holstrom and Sandra Hummel who sang solos. The evening ended with dancing. Cha-Cha-Cha! Joanne McDonald and Gary Browning. Ed McLean, Senior ““ SENIOR RECEPTION nies. Renee Schmidt and Bob Trent climb Mt. Everest. Queen Isabella and Columbus. Students and faculty begin to arrive.GRIDIRON This gala event took place on Saturday November 16, 1963. The first hootenanny in Gridiron history turned out to be very successful, and everyone had a lot of fun Dan Sullivan and Kay Jean Huber led This gala event took place on Saturday November 16, 1963. The first hootenanny in Gridiron history turned out bo be very successful, and everyone had a lot of fun. Dan Sullivan and Kay Jean Huber led the students in the singing and introduced the enter- tainers. After the show, Coach Williams showed films of the Butte High game in the Little Theater. Members of the school Board, faculty, GAA, and the football team were in attendance. "A" club and G. A. A. officers posed for a picture. The food was good. Even the Freshmen had fun. Everybody sang along. Kay Jean and Dan led the songs.SENIOR PLAY, GIDGET "Dear Diary... " CAST: Melvin Swanson, Bill Swanson, John Bomgardner, Clint Hardtla, Greg McNicholas, Judy Uhl, Dennis Lode 11, Joanne McDonald, Marsha McGinnis, Maxine Galle, Violet Ehni, Dan Sullivan, Gary Browning, A1 Arvish, Kandis Wells, Jim Moses. GIDGET, a comedy, was presented by the senior class on March 5, 6, and 7 at 8:00 p. m. in the Little Theater under the direc- tion of Mr. Doohan. The play is about a delightful young girl who wants to grow up in a hurry. Gidget is writing a story about her experiences of the past summer. As she writes, her thoughts become audible. Thus began the thrilling summer on the beach with the surfers. "Hey look at those two go.The Big Stack Judy Blaskovich--assistant editor Dan Sullivan--editor The Copperglow Andrea SIosson--editor Leslie Crowe--assistant editor Staff L. to R. Sitting--Linda Wein; Terri Wold; Leslie Crowe; Debbie Softich; Marjorie Hurlburt; Stand- ing--Paulette Kortum; Connie Briggs. Sports Writers Sitting--Bill Davidson; George Duganz; Gary Carlson. Standing--Jerry Smith; Jim Dorland. Staff L. to R. Sitting--Dana Skoglund; Charlotte Yeoman; Judy Uhl. Standing-- Jerry Solan; Jerry Sjodahl; George Duganz; Linda Applegate; Susie Holstrum.DAYS GIPIS ir-trr m-if! gtlDISTRICT CHAMPIONS Mr. O'Leary presents the trophy to the Copperheads. Excited cheerleaders congratulate the champs Anaconda Memorial Gym was the scene of the division 3 tourna- ment. It was a very exciting weekend for students of neighboring cities but turned out to be exceptional for Anaconda fans as the Copperheads walked off with the first place tro- phy. Carrying out an old tradition the captain of the team cut the basket net down and placed it around the coach's neck, Victors cut down the net. Copperheads congratulate one another. Coach Cheek gives last minute instructions. The team leaves the floor after an exciting evening.r tf: [W) » . •S % % 

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