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 TABLE OF CONTENTS Forward 4 Dedication 5 Administration 7 Seniors 17 Juniors 47 Sophomores 57 Freshmen 61 Clubs and Activities 67 Diary of Memories 105 3Banging of lockers, chattering of voices, pencils being sharpened, clicking of ballpoint pens, banging of typewriters, scratching of pencils and pens, incomprehensible words on the board, hur- ried discussions between classes, crooked rows of desks: "Memories Are Made of This. The BIG STACK of 1959 reminis- cences about the things we saw, did, and enjoyed during our high school years. We have also tried to capture the school spirit, and friendly feeling through ap- propriate poems and quotations. Marie Fredricksen, Editor • •% y •% V « .4v v ring classtime, he willing to help students individually. While working in the lab, In the classroom. Mr. t explains the work thorouc students performed many experiments under the We. the Senior Class of 1959, dedi- cate this BIS STACK to Mr. Arthur M. Munson. In his 30 years of teaching in the Anaconda Senior High School Mr. Munson has taught a variety of subjects, including social science, world and United States History, aeronautics, and radio; but we know him as a mathe- matics and physics teacher. He has helped countless students understand square roots, mechanical advantage, and log tables. Mr. Munson's students will remember him for his clear explanations and willingness to help Individuals.MISS MARGARET ANNE MAHONEY MR. ARTHUR MUNSON Senior Class Sponsors 6 MISS ROSANNE ROE MR. WILLIAM SAGIN8 "Anything he could borrow from a friend On books and learning he would quickly spend, And constantly he prayed for those who'd give Help for the means by which his soul might live. He gave most care to study and most heed; Never a word he spoke beyond his need. His speech was framed in form and reverence, Pointed and quick and always packed with sense. Moral his mind, and virtuous his speech; And gladly would he learn, and gladly teach." Chaucer — "The Canterbury Tales"FiRST ROW; Mrs. Glen Einfeldt, Clyde Eccleston. William Hedqe SECOND ROW- H n John Petelin. John Aspholm. John Dowdell. 9 ROW: H° ce Dwyer, was especially concerned with the completion of the new Dwyer elementary school. V Sch oo I Board THE NEW DWYER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 9Mr. James Gardn er Superintendent Members of the Senior Class, James Gould Cozzens in "By Love Possessed" said: "When you can. always advise peo- ple to do what you see they really want to do, so long as what they want to do isn’t dangerously unlawful, stupidly unsocial or obviously impossible. Doing what they want to do, they may succeed: doing what they don't want to do, they won't." This is excellent advice. It is true that, by rigid discipline of our wills, we can learn to like most things, but for the most part we have a better chance of succeed- ing at anything if our whole being is at- tracted to it. A good test in choosing a life work is to do that thing which you find yourself doing for relaxation. Take something you like to do and make a life study of it. Then you will be happy doing it, you will be an expert, and last, but not least, you will get paid for doing it. J. E. GARDNER Mr. Mike O'Leary Principal Dear Graduates, It is my hope that your years at Ana- conda High have been happy and profit- able and that your future will be even more so. Sincerely yours, M. F. O'LEARY 10 i ■ v ROBERT ASPHOLM ] Industrial Arts — General Shop B. A., Colorado State College W ■ ROYAL BARNELL English — Debate B. A., Nebraska State Teachers' College M. A.. Montana State University JAY W. BURCHAK Band B. M., Montana State University M. M„ Eastman School of Music N. C. CACCIOTTI Typing — Bookkeeping B. A.. Carroll College M. A., Columbia University JOHN CHEEK Physical Education Basketball Coach B. A., Montana State University "A" Club JOHN -DOOHAN English — Dramatics — Speech B. A., M. E., Montana State UniversityMARGARET DURKIN Spanish — Girls' Guidance B. A., Montana State University M. A., University of Wisconsin M. A., Montana State University ELEANOR IVANKOVICH Librarian — Library Science B. A., Montana State University MRS. JANE JACQUES Physical Education — Health B. A., Montana State University GAA — Sweater Club Aqua Team — Tumbling Team MATT LARDY Chemistry — Physics B. S., Dickinson State Teachers' College M. S., Oregon State College Science Club Sponsored by: THRIFTY’S DRUG STORE GIMBLE LUMBER AND FUEL C( RUBY MacDONELL English B. A.. University of Washington M. E.( Montana State University MIKE McMAHON Art B. S„ Western Montana CollegeMARGARET ANNE MAHONEY Latin — U.S. History B. A., Montana State University M. A., University of California RICHARD MERLEY Chorus B. S., Indiana University B. M., Montana State University HELEN NELSON English — Journalism B. A., Montana State University BIG STACK — COPPER GLOW Quill and Scroll ARTHUR MUNSON Plane Geometry — Solid Geometry Advanced Algebra College Algebra — Trigonometry B. S., Montana State College M. A., Montana State College EARL PHARES Biology B. A., M. S., Kansas State Teachers' College Chess Club JOY RATHBUN Typing — Stenography B. A., Rocky Mountain CollegeROSANNE ROE Civics - Economics - World History 8. A., Montana State University ROSS RICHARDSON Mechanical Drawing — Geometry B. A., Montana State University WILLIAM SASIN World History — Sociology Psychology — Boys’ Guidance B. A., M. A., Montana State University Key Club — Social Problems Club LAURA WARD Home Economics B. S„ Montana State College FHA Sponsored by: ORVILLE'S FOOD and KELLY’S COUNTER OSSELLO'S CHARLES WILLIAMS U.S. History — Football Coach B. S., Montana State University JOSEPH WOLPERT Geometry — Biology B. A.. M. A., Montana State University Science ClubNonteaching Personell HERB SWANSON School District No. 10 Clerk H. B. CAMPBELL Junior High Principal ELAINE BERNESS School District No. 10 Secretary CAROLYN STANLEY School District No. 10 Secretary Sponsored by: ELI THOMAS MARILYN GATES Senior High Secretary MARY ANN STAVANJA Junior High Secretary 15Cooki MRS. MARIE STILES and MRS. VIRGINIA VAUGHN Engineer MR. EDWIN EKSTROM Sponsored by: PARK CAFE EMIL MARANS EARL'S CLEANERS HOYAL’S JEWELRY"If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated, don't give way to hating, And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise: If you can dream—and not make dreams your master; If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same. If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss. If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch, If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much; If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And—which is more—you'll be a Man, my son!" Kipling — "If"In Memorium 5MMY BLASKOVICH To these four classmates Who went before us, To graduate into eternity, To learn the secrets of the Greatest Wisdom Taught by the Master Teacher of all Time, We humbly dedicate this page. — by Joy Manning p jjY COLLINS BARBARA MENGON BRUCE GUSTAFSONDENNIS ADAMS “How happily he lives." Football 9, 10; Social Problems Club 12; Bowling 12. ALFRED ARENSMEYER "With all good grace, a gentleman." Band 9, 10, II; Dance Band 10, II; All State Band 11; Orchestra 10, 11. CAROL BEATTIE "Manner, not gold, is woman's best adornment. Transfer from Hannaford, North Dakota 10; Pep Club 12; Thespians 12. Sponsored by: ANACONDA PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION RAY BECK "He knows not when to be silent who knows not when to speak.” Football 10. II. 12; Key Club 10. II. 12; Social Problems Club 12; "A" Club 12; Science Club 12; Safety Patrol 9. ANN ECHO BIERI "And be you blithe and bonny.” Chorus 9; FHA 9; Future Nurses 10, II; Paper Staff II; Junior Class Play; Pep Club II, 12; Transfer from Salmon, Idaho, 12; Big Stack 12; "Copper Glow” 12. BRUCE BINNEY "There is no fear in him. Track 9. 20JAMES BLEILE "Nothing succeeds so well as success.'' Chorus 9; Football 9, 10; Basketball 9. 10; Track 9. 10. STANLEY BOSCH "He is always laughing, for he has an infinite deal of wit." Football 9, 10, II. 12; Basketball 9, 10. II; Track 9. 10, II. 12; "A" Club 10, II, 12; Student Coun- cil 9. II; Homeroom President 9, 11; Key Club 11, 12; Science Club Vice-President 12. MARILYN JEANETTE BROWNING "But in her silence do I see." Chorus 9; GAA 9. 10, II. 12; Pep Club 9, 10, II, 12; Social Problems Club 12. PATRICIA ANN BURKE "Be a thing great or small, do it well or not at all." Science Fair II, 12; Pep Club 12; Chess Club 12: Thespians 12; "Not in a Thousand Years"; Science Club 12; Scoial Problems Club Secretary 12; Stu- dent Council 9, 12; Girls State II. BEVERLY JEAN CARLASCIO "Goddess of night." Chorus 9, 10; On Top of Old Smokey"; GAA 9 10, II, 12; Usherette 12; Sweater Club Secretar 12; Pep Club 10. II, Vice-President 12; Socia Problems Club 12; Tumbling Team 10; Spanisl Club 9, 10; Bowling Club 12. MARY ELLEN CLARK "I look on her mild and noble." "Big Stack" assistant editor 12; "Copper Glow" 12.ROBERT L CONGDON "Like him with friends possess’d." Football 9, 10. Manager II; Basketball 10, II; Track 10, II; "A" Club 10, II. l2;|Social Problems Club 12. JIM CONNORS "Thou art a warrior." Track 9, 10, II, 12; Football II, 12; Basketball II, 12; Chess Club 10; Social Problems Club 12. DOUGLAS CONRADY "Young and valiant." Bowling Club II; Science Club 12; Rifle Club 9. 10. II; Student Council 9; Vice-President Home- room 9; Safety Patrol 9. PATRICIA IVENETTE CRANMER "To do two things at once is to do neither." Chorus 9, 10, II, 12; FHA 12; GAA 9, 10, 11,12 Pep Club II, 12; Bowling Club 12. EDWARD A. CUMMINGS "Conscience is the chamber of justice." Football 9. 10, II, Co-Captain 12; Basketball 9, 10. II, Co-Captain 12; Track 9, 10, II, 12; All State Football Teams II, 12; "A" Club 10, II, Sargeant-at-Arms 12; Key Club II, Secretary 12; Social Problems Club 12; Science Club 12: Vice- President Homeroom 9; President Homeroom 10, 12; President of the Senior Class; Student Coun- cil 10, 12; Jessi Institute Award 10. ARLENE CAROL CURNOW Cheerfulness is the daughter of employment." Chorus 9; Band 9; Pep Club 9; Transfer from Whitehall 10; Student Council 10; Chorus 12 22CLARENCE DAHL "For he is kind." Transfer from Anaconda Central II; Social Problems Club 12. ELBERT DECKER "He hath done good service." Track 9; Transfer from Billings 10; Key Club II, 12- Science Club 12; Spanish Club 12; Social Problems Club 12; D. A. R. Award II. MICHAEL A. DEVICH "He makes sweet music." Basketball 9, 10, II; Band II, 12; Chorus 9; Dance Band II, 12; Social Problems Club 12; Bowling Club 12; Homeroom President 9. MARY PAT DOLAN "Charity never Taiieth. Chorus 9, 10; GAC 9, 10: Transfer from Anaconda Central 10; Pep Club 12; Bowling Club 12. LINDA F. DRAPER "It is easier for the generous to forgive, than f the offender to ask forgiveness." Chorus 9. 10, II; Silver and Blue Choralairs I "Singing Freshmen." "On Top of Old Smoky FHA 10, II; GAA 10, II; Pep Club 10, II. I Spanish Club Secretary 10, II: Social Problei Club 12; Homeroom Secretary 10; Student Coi oil 10; "Big Stack” 12; "Copper Glow" 12. BETTY JANE DRESCHER "Thou canst not frown." FHA 9 10 II, 12; Chorus 10; "On Top of C Smokey;” Pep Club 10, II, 12'; Social Proble Club 12; Bowling Club 12; "Copper Glow' I  JOHN DRIVER "Music is the only language in which you cannot say a mean or sarcastic thing." Band 9, 10. II. President 12; Track II; Dance Band 10. II. 12. DARRYL ECCLESTON "Patriotism is easy to understand in America. It means looking out for yourself by looking out for your country." Football 9, 10; Basketball 9, 10; Pep Club 10, II; Science Club 12; Social Problems Club 12. PHYLLIS EHNI "Friends are born, not made." Transfer from Fessenden, North Dakota 10; Chorus 9, 10, II, 12; Pep Club 10, II; Social Problems Club 12. Sponsored by: ANACONDA TEACHERS UNION 502 RUSSELL EICHER "There is no substitute for hard work.” Chorus 9, 10, II, Vice-President 12; Basketball 9. 10; Social Problems Club 12; Science Club 12; Key Club 12; "Singing Freshman"; Silver and Blue Choralairs II, 12; Junior Classical League 9, 10; Debate Team 12; Pep Club 10; Ail State Chorus 10. II, 12. WADE FARLIN "Blessed is the man who appreciates his time too highly to waste the time of someone else." Football 9, 10. II, 12; Basketball 9, 10. II, 12; Track 9, 10, II. 12; "A" Club 10, II, Secretary 12; Key Club 10, President II, 12; Class President 10. Class Vice-President II; Studept Council 9, 10, 11. President 12; "Not In A Thousand Years"; Junior Classical League 10, II; Social Problems Club 12, Boys State II; Farewell Address 9. MARGARET ANN FLEMING "Learn the magic of a cheerful face; not always smiling, but at least serene." "Copper Glow" 12; ' Big Stack 12. 24charlotte frankovich "She is kind as she is fair." Pep Club 12; Social Problems Club 12; GAA 9. PATRICK FLYNN The inquiring mind is never satisfied with things as they are. It assumes that anything and everything can be improved." Football II, 12; Track 9, 10, II; "A" Club II. 12; Junior Classical League 10; Social Problems Club 12; "Copper Glow" 12; Science Club 12. MARLENE FRANCISCO "No legacy is so rich as honesty." Chorus 9. MARIE SHARON FREDRICKSEN "The most powerful weapon of ignorance—the diffusion of printed matter." GAA 9, 10, II, 12; Basketball Manager II; FHA 10. II, 12; Social Problems Club 12; Spanish Club 10, II; Class Secretary II: Tumbling Team 9; Pep Club 10. II. 12; Quill and Scroll II, 12; "Copper Slow" II, 12; "Big Stack" II, Editor 12. JAMES K. FREEMAN A friend he makes, a friend he keeps." Football 10; Basketball 9, 10; Transfer from White- hall II; Science Club 12. FORREST FRED FURAUS "The individual activity of one man with back bone will do more than a thousand men with a mere wishbone." Football 10, II, 12; Basketball 10, II, 12; Track !°, M. 12; "A" Club II, Vice-President 12: Bowl- ing Club II, 12; Social Problems Club 12; "Cop- per Glow" 12; Science Club 12. 25CONSTANCE GAGNON "For she who gives joy to the world is raised higher among men than she who conquers the world." Tumbling Team 9, 10, II; Pep Club 10, II, 12; Junior Classical League 10, II; GAA 9, 10, II, 12; Sweater Club II, 12; Twirling 9, 10, Head Major, ette II, 12; Usherette 12; Thespians 12; "Not In A Thousand Years." MARY ANN GARDNER "The secret of life Is in art." Chorus 10, 12; Tumbling Team 9, 10; Copper Catallnas 10, II; Junior Classical League 10; Sweater Club 12; GAA 9, 10. .11, 12; Pep Club 10, II, 12; Ski Club ll, 12; "Copper Glow" 12; "Big Stack" 12; All Honor Chorus 10; Thespians 12. RICHARD GATES "Men of few words are the best men." Football 10; Track 9, 10, II, 12; Social Problems Club 12; Junior Classical League 10. Sponsored by; BEN H. GOODMAN INSURANCE MacINTYRE'S INC. BROOK GIFFORD "I fear no foe in shining armor." Ski Team 9. 10. 12; Ski Club 9, 10; "A" Club 9, 10, II, 12; Social Problems Club 12; Science Club 12; Bowling Club II; Band 9; Junior Classical League 9. STAN GLOVAN "Bravery never goes out of fashion.' Social Problems Club 12; Student Council 9. GARY GOODMAN "My greatest inspiration is a challenge to attempt the Impossible." Football 10; Football Manager 12; Track II; "A" Club 12; Key Club 10, II, 12; Science Club 12; Social Problems Club 12; "Not In A Thousand Years"; Junior Classical League 10. 26JANICE HAMEL "The mind that is cheerful at present will have no solicitude for the future, and will meet the better occurences of life with a smile.” FHA 9. 10. II. 12; GAA 10, II, 12; Pep Club 10. II, 12; Bowling Club 12; Thespians 12; Tumbling Team 10. II; "Not In A Thousand Years.” DICK HAMEL "Patience is the best remedy for everything." Social Problems Club 12. JUDITH RAE HARRISON Her ways are ways of pleasantness." Chorus 10; FHA 9, Pep Club 10, II, Problems 10, II, 12; GAA 9, 10, 11.12; 12; Tumbling Team 9; Social Club 12; Twirling 9. LARRY HARWOOD "The longer you know him, the better you like him." Football 9, 10; Basketball 9, 10. Sponsored by: McLEAN MOTOR SUPPLY LARSON'S MARKET MARIE'S SHOP ED'S ANODE CLEANERS JAMES HAWKINS "It is the best of all trades to sing." Chorus 9, II, 12. MARTY HEANEY "And as pleasant as he ever was." Basketball 9, 10, II. 12; Football 10. II; Track 9, 10, II, 12; "A" Club II, President 12. 27VERA GALE HENDERSON "Fa'thful and just." Chorus 9; Junior Classical League Treasurer I I ; Chess Club 12: Pep Club Secretary 12; "Big Sjack" 12: "Copper Glow" 12; FHA 9, 10, II, 12; Senior Class Secretary. EVERT HETLAND "He speaks plain like an honest man." Chorus II, 12; Basketball 9, 10. LYNN HOCHSTRASSER "Every men has his fault and honesty is his." Football 9. Sponsored by: CARPENTERS' UNION NO. 88 JIM HOLLAND "Quick and capable." Social Problems Club 12; Science Club 12. SHARON ROSE HOLLORON "Of such enchanting presence." GAA 9, 10, II; FHA 12; Spanish Club 10, II; Tumbling Team 9; Social Problems Club 12; Bowl- ing club 12; "Copper Glow" 12; "Big Stack" 12: Pep Club 10. II, 12. LINDA HORSFALL A shadow like an angel with bright hair." FHA II, Vice-President 12; Thespians 12: "Not In A Thousand Years"; Pep Club 10, II. 12; GAA 9. 10, II, 12; Chorus 9, 10. II. 12; "Singing Fresh- man"; "On Top of Old Smokey."MONA JANE HOWARD ' Well learned is thy tongue." Spanish Club II; Pep Club 10, II; Junior Classical League 10; "Copper Glow" assistant editor 12; "Big Stack" 12. BUD HURLEY "How happily he lives." Spanish Club 9. FREDERICKA ARLENE JACKSON aonsored by: NACONDA TIN SHOP RT S SUPER SAVE "I look on her mild and noble." Band 10, II, 12; Orchestra 9, 10. II; FHA II, Secretaly 12; GAA 9, 10, II; Tumbling Team II, 12; Junior Classical League 10. II; Dance Band II, 12; Pep Club 10, II, 12: German Band 12. CEDAR PARK LANES CENTRAL MEAT MARKET KATHERINE LOUISE JACKSON "I attend them with all respect and duty." Band 10, II. 12; Orchestra 9. 10, II, 12: GAA 10. II; Chess Club 12; Pep Club 10. II. 12; FHA 12: Junior Classical League 10, II; Student Council 12. SHARON JENSEN "She sings as sweetly as a nightingale." Social Problems Club 12; Chorus 9, 10, II, 12: Band 9, 10, II, 12; GAA 10; Silver and Blue Choralairs II. 12; Sophomore Class Secretary; Student Council II; All State Chorus 10, II, 12; FHA 9; Aqua Team 10; Pep Club 10. NORINE JESSEN "Fair thoughts and happy hours attend to you." Tumbling Team 9, 10, II; Aqua Team 10, II, 12; FHA 9; Pep Club 10, II, 12; Sweater Club II, President 12; Ping Pong Champion Singles II; Ping Pong Champion Singles and Doubles 12: Badminton Champion Doubles 12; Usherette 12. 29BOB JOHNSON "Thou art a warrior." Ski Team II; Social Problems Club 12. WALLACE JOHNSON "To play a pleasant comedy." Chorus 10, II. 12; Science Club 12; "Singing Freshman"; Football 10, 12. CAROL ANN JONES "The pretty dimples on her cheek and chin." GAA 9. 10, Point Secretary II, Secretary 12; Spanish Club 10. II; Tumbling Team 9, '10, II; Sweater Club II, 12; Pep Club 10, II, 12; "Big Stack" 12; "Copper Glow" 12. Sponsored by: HOTEL RESTAURANT EMPLOYEES' UNION NO. 50 GAMBLE'S HARDWARE INTERNATIONAL UNION of OPERATING ENGINEER FRAN'S CAFE JANE JOSLIN "Nothing but kind words come from her." FHA 9; Chorus 9; Transfer from Darby High School. No Picture available PATRICIA KEMPER "If you can't say something nice to someone, don't say anything at all." Twirling II; Social Problems Club 12. RONALD KENDALL "The gentleman is full of virtue." Transfer from Gallatin High School; Science Club 12; Social Problems Club 12. 30MADONNA RAYE KLOKER "How fair our gentle lady." GAA 9. 10. II, 12; Pep Club 10. II, 12; Socia Problems Club 12; Bowling Club 12; Sweater Club 12; Tumbling Team 9. Sponsored by: MAIN STREET GROCERY MONAHAN'S CLEANERS (Sta-Nu) JACQUELINE KENT "A day in April never came so sweet." GAA 9. 10 II, 12; FHA 9. Vice President 10, II. President 12; Pep Club 10. II, 12: "Not In A Thousand Years"; Thespians 12. DUANE RICHARD KIRKEBY "He hath done good service." "Not In A Thousand Years": Social Problems Club 12; Thespians 12. MURPHY PAINT and GLASS STORE PLUMB'S FURNITURE and APPLIANCE RAWLA KNIGHT "Look sweet, speak fair." Junior Classical League 10; "Copper Glow" 12; "Big Stack" 12; Chorus II; Pep Club 12; "Sing- ing Freshman"; "Not in a Thousand Years"; Social Problems Club 12; Thespians 12; Quill and Scroll II. 12. PATSY LEONARD "You can say she's honest." GAA 9, II; Pep Club 10 12; Chess Club 12 Latin Club 10, 12; Science Club 12. CHARLES LARSON "All observance." Football 9. 10, II. 31CHRIS G. LAVENGOOD "A man must use his head if he would get Wl th both feet." Chorus II; Singing Freshman"; "Not in a sand Years"; Thespians 12. RAMONA LIGHTFOOT "Beauty is the flower of virtue." Chorus II, 12; FHA 10, 12; Bowling Club ROBERT LOGAN "A true friend is forever a friend." Football 9; Chess Club 10, II: Bowling Club Pres- ident II, 12; Tumbling Team 12; Bowling Cham- pions II, 12. Sponsored by: MARCHION'S HARDWARE BLUEBIRD BOOK and GIFT SHOP ANACONDA BAKERY there Thou- 12. B. P. O. E. BILLY LUECK There is only one way to do anything right." Social Problems Club 12; Not in a Thousand Years"; Thespians 12. JOY MANNING "There is one thing we often give that we should keep—our word." Chorus 9; Tumbling 9; Student Patrol 9; GAA 9, 10, II, 12; Pep Club 10, II, 12; Quill and Scroll II 12: Social Problems Club 12; Usherette 12; "Copper Glow" II, Editor 12; "Big Stack" II, 12. ROBERT MARCHION "Do a little thing well today, and you will gain the power to do a big thing well tomorrow." 32CAROLYN JEAN MARCOTTE "Goodness is the only investment that never fails." Mned Chorus 9: GAA 9, 10. II. 12; Bowling Club 12: Student Council 12; Sweater Club 12; Spanish Club 9 10; Pep Club 10, II, 12. GAYLE MARSH "Character is the diamond that scratches every other stone." "The Lottery": Bowling Team 10; Latin Club 9; Pep Club 9, 10; GAA 9, 10; Transfer from Lewis- town II; Social Problems Club 12; Aqua Team II, President 12. GEORGE R. MARSH "A constant friend is a thing rare and hard to find." Transfer from Lewistown II; Social Problems Club 12. Sponsored by: ANACONDA AUTO DEALERS ASSOCIATION BILL McCLESKEY The only jewel which will not decay Is knowledge." Football 9, 10 II, 12; Basketball 9, 10, II; "A" Club II, 10; Track 9, 10, II, 12: Student Council Vice President 12; Science Club Secretary 12; Cowling Club 12; Key Club 12. bruce L. McCulloch "No man is an island unto himself." Chorus 10, II; "Singing Freshman"; Key Club 12: Silver and Blue Choralairs 12: Science Club 12: "Not in a Thousand Years"; Social Problems Club 12; Thespians 12. . Patricia McDermott "Kind words are the music of the world." Chorus II; Bowling Team 12; FHA 12; Pep Club 10: "Big Stack" 12; "Copper Glow" 12. 33CONNIE McLEAN "I came, I saw, I conquered." Mixed Chorus 9, 12; Cheerleader 9, II, Cheer Queen 12; Student Council 9, 10, II; GAA 9, 10, II, 12; Aqua Team 10; Bowling Club Vice Presi- dent 12; Pep Club 9, 10, II, President 12. Sponsored by: IVANKOVICH GROCERY JACKSON STUDIO KNIGHT DAHOOD, Law Office KEIG'S READY-TO-WEAR bill McDonald "All the world is a stage and all the men and women are merely actors," Football 9: "Pinafore" 9; Transfer from San Manuel, Arizona, II; Key Club II, 12; Not In a Thousand Years:" Science Club 12; Social Problems Club 12; Thespians 12. richard McGinnis "Doing good is the only certainly happy action of a man's life." Key Club 10, II; Social Problems Club 12; Science Club 12. IRENE MARGARET NAZER The best, the most exquisite automobile is a walking stick, and one of the finest things in life is going on a journey with it." FHA 9; Twirling 9; Tumbling 10; GAA 9, 10, II, 12;. Pep Club 10, II, 12; Social Problems Club 12. MARLENE MARIE NAZER "Blessed Is the leader who has not sought the high places, but who has been drafted into service because of his ability and willingness to serve." School Patrol 9; GAA 9, 10, II. President 12; Pep Club 10, II, 12; Tumbling Team 9, 10, II; Aqua Team 10, II, 12; Cheerleader 9, 12: Girls State II; Social Problems Club 12; Thespians 12; Stu- dent Council 9, 10, II; Bowling Club Secretary 12; Twirlers 9. 10. II; Sweater Club II, 12. ROWENA NEILSON "Blessed is the leader who considers leadership an opportunity for service." FHA 9, 10, II; Chorus 9, 10, II; "Singing Fresh- man;" "On Top of Old Smoky;" "Copper Glow." "Big Stack" 12.GLORIA NELSON "The supreme end of human effort is making mar. a wiser, nobler, diviner being." Cheerleader 9; Pep Club 10. II. 12; GAA 10. II, 12; Sweater Club 12; Twirlers 9; Bowling Clgb 12. JEROME OHMAN "Politeness goes far, yet costs nothing." Transfer from Coopertown, North Dakota, 10; Football 9, 10, II, 12; Basketball 9. 10, II; Track 9; "C" Club 9; Chorus 9; Band 9; Student Coun- cil 10: Chess Club 10; "A” Club II, 12; Science Club 12; Social Problems Club 12. MICHAEL EDWARD O'LEARY "Peace rules the day when reason rules the mind." Football 10, 12; Basketball 9. 10, II, 12; Track 10, 12; "A" Club II. 12; Social Problems Club 12; Science Club 12. Sponsored by: PARKWAY GROCERY PURITY DAIRY RAVON CLEANERS ROACH SMITH'S DARLENE DELORES ROWSEY "To have a friend — be a friend." Dance Band 10. IT. 12; Chess Club 10, II; Girls State Alternate II; Band 9, 10, II, Secretary 12; Thespians 12. ARTHUR SCHNEIDER "Common sense is the material out of whicl dollars are made." Football 9, 10; Basketball 9, 10. II; Track 9, 10 II, 12; Science Club 12; Spanish Club 10. II LOWELL SCHNEIDER "The greatest happiness comes from the greates activity." Football 9. 10; Basketball 9, 10, II; Track 9, 10 II, 12; Spanish Club 10, II; Student Council 12 Science Club 12. 35DERRY LYNN SCHULTZ A friend is the first person who comes in when the whole world has gone out." B Squad Cheerleader 9; GAA 9, 10, II. Vice- President and historian 12; Sweater Club II, 12; Band 9; Pep Club 10. II. 12; Head Usherette 12; "Not In a Thousand Years"; Social Problems Club 12; Aqua Team 10, II, 12; Tumbling Team 9, 10. II; Quill and Scroll 12; Bowling Club 12; "Copper Glow" Art Editor 12; "Big Stack" Art Editor 12. DOROTHY JO ANN SCHULZ "They laugh that win " B Squad Cheerqueen 9. Alternate II; FHA 9, 10; Chorus 9, 10, II, Robe Manager 12; Aqua Team 9, 12; Ping Pong Champion 10; Bowling Team II, 12; Transfer from Mobridge, South Dakota 12; Pep Club 12. MARVIN SHOGREN 'Good manners are made up of petty sacrifices." Bowling Club II. Sponsored by: S N CONSTRUCTION COMPANY JEAN MARIE SIMKINS "Goodness thinks no ill where no ill seems." GAA 9. 10, II; Band 9. 10. II, 12: Chorus II 12; Copper Catalinas 10. II; Tumbling 9, 10 Junior Classical League 10; "Oklahoma." KAY SLETTEN Know then thyself presume not God to scan. The proper study of mankind is man." Chorus 9, 10; Dramatics 9. 10; Pep Club 10 11- Pan,c in the Palace"; "To Blush Unseen"; Trans- fer from Drake, North Dakota, 10; Social Problems Club 12. RONALD SMITH Awake, arise, or be forever fallen." Homeroom Vice President 9. 10, II; Student Council 9. 10, II; Football 9, 10, II; Chemistry Club 12. y 36CHARLOTTE SMOLLACK Reprove thy friend privately; commend him publically." Band 9, 10; GAA 9. 10. II, 12; FHA 9; Pep Club 9, 10, II, 12; Sweater Club 12. BOB SNEBERGER ‘Faith is the substance of things hoped for. the evidence of things not seen. ' Football 10. II; Bowling Team II. SHARON MATTSON SPEHAR In cherity there is no excess." Bowling Club 9; Band 9, 10. II; All State Saxo- phone Quartet II; Head Drum Majorette 10, II; Ski Club II, 12; "Big Stack" 12; "Copper Glow" 12. Sponsored by: HERBOUCH GROCERY FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES CENTRAL MOTORS CO. GOLDEN WEST DAIRY DEAN STATON Men. at some time, are the masters of their fate." Chorus 12; Science Club 12. MARGARET LARHETTA STOPPLECAMP "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles by it." GAA 9, 10, II, 12; Usherette 12; Pep Club 10. II. 12: FHA 9; Band 9, 10. II. 12; All State Band II; Social Problems Club 12; Orchestra II. ROBERT STORTROEN "He makes no friend who never made a foe." 37JACK SULLIVAN "How happily he lives." DAVID SUMMERS "If you would create something, you must be something." Football 10. 12; Chorus II, 12; "Singing Fresh- man"; "Oklahoma"; "A" Club 12; Social Problems Ciub 12. DORIS SUNDCPUIST "Be you content, fair maid." Pop Club 10. II, 12; Bowling Club 12; Twirler 9, 10; Chorus 12; "Oklahoma" Sponsored by: J. C. PENNEY'S CO. PEOPLE'S FINANCE CO. Loyal Johnson — Insurance "Wicked WILLIAM A. SWANSON "Thought is the seed of action." Football 10. II; Track II; Key Club 10, II, 12; Junior Classical League 10; Student Council 9, II; Homeroom President 9, II; State Music Festival II; Science Club 12; Senior Class Vice-President. SHEILA LOUISE TESSON "How poor they are that have not patience." Chorus 9, 10. II. 12; "On Top of Old Smoky"; "Singing. Freshman"; "Oklahoma"; Pep Club II. 38HELEN THOMAS "Let u$ hove faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us to the end. dare to do our duty. as we understand it." GAA 9. 10. II, 12; Pep Club 10, II, 12; Latin Club 9. 10: Homeroom President 9; Student Council 9; Social Problems Club 12. THOMAS PHILLIP TIEFENTHALER "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." Key Club II. 12; Band 9. 10; Spanish Club 10. II- Dance Band 9, 10. DWIGHT VANDEVENTER "No sciences are better attested than the religion of the Bible." Sponsored by: ANACONDA DRUG STORE BRINTON'S SHOP KERNS GROCERY LAKE FINANCE COMPANY NORMA JEAN VAUGHN "Men have sight; women insight." Chorus 9, 10, II. 12. SVEN VOLL "I never knew so young a body with so old a head." Science Club 12. HELEN LOUISE VEEDER ’God helps those who help themselves." "B" Squad Cheerqueen 9; Twirler 9. 10; GAA 9, 10. II. 12; Pep Club 9. 10. II. 12; Sweater Club Secretary 12; Usherette 12; Student Council II, Secretary 12; Tumbling Team 10. II; Aqua Team 10, II, Treasurer 12; "Not in a Thousand Years"; Bowling Team 12; Thespians 12. 39GEORGIANA VUCASOVICH "We cannot control the evil tongues of others, but a good life enables us to disregard them." Spanish Club 10; FHA 10, II. 12; GAA 9, 10, II 12; Pep Club 10. II, 12: Chorus 9. 10. II, 12- Silver and Blue Choralairs 12; "Singing Fresh, men"; "On Top of Old Smoky"; "Oklahoma"; "Not in a Thousand Years": Social Problems Club 12; State Music Festival 12: Thespians 12. JAMES MICHAEL WALSH "Either I will find a way, or I will make one." Football 9, 10. II, 12; Basketball 9, 10, II, 12; Track 9, 10, II, 12; "A" Club 10, II, 12; Key Club II. 12: Social Problems Club 12: Science Club 12; Spanish Club 10; Student Council 10. CHARLES LEVIE WALTER Neither great poverty nor great riches will hear reason." Basketball 9. 10, II. 12; Track 9, 10, II; "A" Club II, 12; Key Club II. 12; Latin Club 9, 10, Presi- dent II, 12; Science Club 12; Safety Patrol 9; Social Problems Club 12. Sponsored by: DUVAL WALLACE HARDWARE COMPANY ANACONDA OPTOMETRIC ASSOCIATION: Dr. Wm. Callaghan Dr. A. C. Jacobson GARY WIGERT "Even the worthy Homer sometimes nods." SHERRY WILLIAMSON Music is well said to be the speech of ang Great Falls Band 9. 10; GAA 9; Transfer 1 Great Falls II; Chorus II. 12; Silver and Choralairs II, 12; "Singing Freshmen"; "C home"; State Music Festival II, 12; Social P lems Club 12. 40PATRICIA BURKE Elks Scholarship Award D.A.R. Leadership Award EDWARD CUMMINGS Elks Leadership Award BERT DECKER D.A.R. History Award BILL MacDONALD National Council of Teachers of English Award BOY AND GIRL STATERS SEATED: Patricia Burke, Marlene Nazer. STANDING: Darlene Rowsey, Wade Farlin, Joy Manning. AWARDS 41FIRST ROW- Carol Jones, Arlene Curnow, Kay Sletten, Katherine Jackson, Jean Simkins, Joy Manning, Marie Fredricksen, Jacqueline Kent, Mary Ann Gardner. Sharon Jensen, Judy Harrison, Charlotte Smollack, Beverly Carlascio, Gale Henderson, Gloria Nelson. SECOND ROW: Mary Ellen Clark, Fredericka Jackson. Janice Hamel, Norma Vaughn, Darlene Rowsey, Rawla Kniqht Sheila Tesson, Sharon Holloron, Sherry Williamson, Marlene Nazer, Norine Jessen, Helen Veeder, Marlene Francisco. THIRD ROW: Margaret Fleming, Carol Beattie, Phyllis Ehni, Mona Howard, Charlotte Frankovich. Linda Wensley Draper, Derry Schultz, Ramona Lightfoot, Madonna Kloker, Helen Thomas, Patricia Cranmer, Connie McLean, Gayle Marsh, Doris Sundquist. FOURTH ROW- Irene Nazer, Patricia Burke, Betty Drescher, Georgiana Vucasovich, Connie Gagnon, Linda Horsfall, Patsy Leonard Marilyn Browning, Margaret Stopplecamp, Dorothy Schulz, Patricia McDermott, Rowena NeiUon, Sharon Mattson Spehar Patricia Kemper, Mary Pat Dolan. NOT PICTURED: Ann Bieri, Jane Joslin, Carolyn Marcotte.FIRST ROW: Bruce McCulloch, Marty Heaney, Lynn Hochstrasser, Richard Kirkeby, Bruce Binney, Dick McGinnis, Gary Good- man, Bert Decker, Wade Farlin, Russell Eicher, Bob Johnson, Richard Gates, Sven Voll, Bob Sneberger, Dave Summers, Marvin Shogren. SECOND ROW: Clarence Dahl, James Bleile, John Driver, Larry Harwood, Ron Kendall, Dick Hamel, Tom Tiefen- thaler, Bob Congdon, Stanley Glovan, Wally Johnson, ftarryl'Eccleston, Jim Holland, Bill McDonald, Alfred Arensmeyer. THIRD ROW: Fred Furaus, Ronnie Smith, Bill Lueck, Charles Walters, Stan Bosch, Jack Sullivan, Douglas Conrady, Jim Swanson, Mickey O'Leary, Bob Logan, George Marsh, Bill McCleskey, Bill Swanson, Dennis Adams, Tom Moe, Dwight Vandeventer. FOURTH ROW: Jim Freeman, Art Schneider, Bob Stortroen, Pat Flynn, Jerry Ohman, Dean Staton, Jim Connors. Jim Walsh. Bob Mar- chion, Evert Hetland, Lowell Schneider, Ed Cummings, Chris Levengood, Mike Devich, Ray Beck, Gary Wiqert. NOT PIC- TURED: Bud Hurley, Jim Hawkins, Brook Gifford.Class History The members of the senior class took part in various activities throughout their high school years. Many of them displayed their abilities by excelling in their fields. Aca- demically, the class did very well. In 1958 Bert Decker received the DAR History Award. Patricia Burke and Marlene Nazer attended Girls' State while Wade Farlin was chosen to attend Boys' State. Ed Cummings took first place in the Elk's Leader- ship Award in 1959 and Marie Fredricksen and Wade Farlin placed second. In the American Legion oratorical contest this year, Pat Burke and Russell Eicher tied for second place. Patricia Burke placed first in the Elks' Scholarship Contest and Jackie Kent and Russell Eicher were in second place. Athletically, Jim Walsh and Ed Cummings won honors in football and basketball. Both Jim and Ed were elected to the All-State football team in 1958. Also, in 1958, Jim received honorable mention in basketball. This year Ed made the second team in All-State football. Those outstanding in music were Sharon Jensen, Alfred Arensmeyer, Darlene Rowsey, and Margaret Stopplecamp who played in the All-State Band. Individual honors went to Sharon Jensen who played in the All Honor Band and Margaret Stopplecamp who was selected to play in the All Northwestern Band. In 1958 Mike Devich received a scholarship to music camp in Colorado for two weeks during the summer. Seniors who were officers in band were President John Driver. Secretary Darlene Rowsey, and Band Manager Mike Devich. Those taking honors in chorus were Sharon Jensen, Russell Eicher, Wallace Johnson, Dave Summers, Sherry Williamson, Jim Hawkins, and Linda Draper. The theme of our junior prom was "Stardust." "Not In A Thousand Years" was the comedy presented by a number of students of the senior class. The seniors held their annual reception in the school cafeteria in November, 1958. The class officers for our three years in high school were: sophomores, President Wade Farlin, Vice-President George Martin, Secretary Sharon Jensen; juniors, President George Martin, Vice-President Wade Farlin, Secretary Marie Fredricksen; seniors, President Ed Cummings, Vice-President Bill Swanson, Secretary Gale Henderson. "Memories” In '56 we started in, Our high school days to begin. Though now we've gone our separate ways, These memories will always stay. As sophomores, so full of zest, We activated with the rest, The clubs, the proms, the sports ana games, From these all of our memories came. And then so very suddenly, We're juniors; looking happily Towards the prom, where we girls and guys, Danced with "Stardust" in our eyes. The pep assemblies with cheers and yells, The cafeteria, the ringing bells, Getting out the "Copper Glow," Studying for tests we all should know. Giggling and gossiping in the halls, Decorating for the balls, "Pitch-ins" and parties before the games, Getting our "Big Stack," signing our names. Our school days now are at an end, But as in the world our way we fend, The work and fun and pranks we'll miss, But memories well have of this. — by Joy ManningAlta Parker, Glen Thurow, Marie Fredricksen. Jim Opie, Carol Swanson. Wade Farlin, Lorraine Ohman. and George Martin lead the Junior Prom. Tinker Bell sprinkles "Stardust" over all those who enter the Junior Prom. Joyce Violette. Charlotte Frankovich. and Betty Drescher were hat check girls at the Junior Prom. Senior Reception Sponsored by: DALY BANK TRUST CO. Junior Prom Bill Swanson. Lowell Schneider, and Gary Goodman wait to get their plates filled. Bob Sneberger gives his ver- sion of "Friends, Romans, and Countrymen." Kathy Jackson, Joy Manning, Marie Fredricksen. and Fredericka Jackson eat while Jackie Kent. Margaret Fleming. Mary Ellen Clark, Bill Lueck Richard Kirkeby. and Dwight Vandeventer wait.nor iona FIRST ROW: Jackie Kent. Joy Manning, Helen Veeder. Patricia Burke, Derry Schultz, Marlene Nazer, Rawla Knight. Marie Fredricksen. SECOND ROW: Bert Decker, Russell Eicher, Wade Farlin, Fred Furaus, Art Schneider, Lowell Schneider, Ed Cummings. Mickey Oleary, Bill Swanson, Stan Bosch, Bill McDonald, Gary Goodman. The National Honor Society is chosen from the upper fifteen per cent of the Senior Class, scholastically. The group is chosen on the basis of scholastic ability, character and leadership. Quill and Scroll Quill and Scroll is a national honorary journalistic fraternity for boys and girls who rank in the top third of their class and who have had 100 inches published or who have spent the equivalent amount of time working on the paper, arnual, selling ads, and doing art work. Each spring there is a banquet honoring those chosen for Quill and Scroll. FIRST ROW: Sharlene Moe, Joy Manning. Rawla Knight, Marie Fredricksen. Carol Jones, Mary Ellen Clark. SECOND ROW: Joy MacDonald, Mona Howard, Derry Schultz, Linda Draper, Manlou Dwyer. NOT PICTURED: Gale Henderson. Mike Devich."I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear, Those of mechanics, each one singing his as it should be blithe and strong, The carpenter singing his as he measures his plank or beam, The mason singing his as he makes ready for work, or leaves off work, The boatman singing what belongs to him in his boat, the deckhand singing on the steamboat deck, The shoemaker singing as he sits on his bench, the hatter singing as he stands, The wood-cutter's song, the plowboy's on his way in the morning, or at noon intermission or at sundown, The delicious singing of the mother, or of the young wife at work, or of the girl sewing or washing, Each singing what belongs to him or her and to none else, The day what belongs to the day—at night the party of young fellows, robust, friendly, Singing with open mouths their strong melodious songs." Whitman — "I Hear America Singing"AUDREY AKER VIRGINIA ALLEN DOROTHY ASPHOLM DENNIS BAILEY ELENA BARNELL KEITH BATES LARRY BEAUSOLEIL BONNIE BECK KENNETH BECK PAULETTE BEIERLE DEANNA BERTSCH ARLENE BLASKOVICH JUDY BO DAK ROSALIE BONNER CAROLE BUBASH MARLENE BUCHOLZ ROBERTA BULL MARILOU BURGESS KAY LYNN CERINO KATHLEEN CHOR MARCIA CLANCY DIANA CLAWSON ROBERT C. CLARK DAN CONKLIN PENNY CONRADY JUDITH CORNISH ED DAVIDSON 49Sponsored by: DEER LODGE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION GRACE DAVIS PETER DAY TED DONEY EARL DRIGGS ALVA DRIVER NANCY GALLE CARMEL GARNETT CAROLYN GATES NED GATES DELORES EKSTROM TERRY FIEST EVELYN FERRELL MARLISS FINNEGAN 50 D D SHOE STORE JUDY FRANKOVICH JUDY FRITSCH JOHN FLYNN CAROLE GALLE MARILOU DWYER DAVID ECCLESTON MARY EDWARDS RILLA EINFELDT FRANK EKLUND MARY JEAN GILBERT JANET GLENN NELLIE GOFORTH CAROL GUSTAFSONnorma HARRIS BARBARA HAMMOND don hatcher dick hauck dale havens PAT HEDEEN BILL HERBOLICH RON HERNAN RON HEWITT BILLY HUESTIS LILLIAN HUGHES VOREEN HUNGERFORD BARRY HUOT NORMA INDENDI ANDY JACKSON Sponsored by: DEL-KEN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY JOHN JETTE DAN JOHNSON GWEN JOHNSON KAREN JOHNSON MYRNA JOHNSON RAY JOHNSON JEAN JOHNSTON DANIELLE KAHM BONNIE KEELE FRED KELLY JUDY KESSLER MARJORIE KIESER 51KEN KOENIG ROGER KUJULA TERRY LANES SHARON LARIVEE ONALEE LUCIER JOY MacDONALD NANCY MAHONEY BILL MARTIN JUDY MARTIN SHARON MASSEY ROSEMARIE. MATTHEW! HAROLD MATZ JUDY MAXWELL leo McDermott Leslie McDonnell Sponsored by: FINNEGAN COMPANY 52 KIM McNEIL PATSY McPHAIL DAVID MIDDLETON SHARLENE MOE DAN MONAHAN ARLIE RAE MONTGOMERY MARILYN MORRIS CHARLES MUNRO JUDY MURRISH BOB NIELSEN CAROL NORDGULEN LORRAINE OHMANMONTY OKKEN DORA ORRINO JEANNE OULDHOUSE RAY PARKER CATHERYN PARKS KAREN PEARSON FRED PERNA ELMER PETERSON STANLEY PETERSON MARK PIERSON BOB PIPE DORIS PLUMB EDWINA RAIHL TOM RICE CHARLES ROBINSON Sponsored by: ELECTRICIAN'S UNION LARRY ROBISON DICK ROSENLEAF CHARLES ROTH LESTER ROTH DELBERT RUMSEY GLENNA ROWSEY RON SAGER TOM SAPP SANDRA SCHROUT RICHARD SILZLY NANCY SIMKINS MARVIN SLETTEN 53ARLENE SMITH CHARLES SMITH KATHLEEN STEPHENSON PAT STEPHENS LOIS SOKOLICH SYLVIA STALLINGS CAROLE SWANSON JIM TARKALSON JIM THOMPSON CHARLES THUROW TOM TONKOVICH FRANK TRASK Sponsored by: ANACONDA MILL and SMELTERMEN'S UNION SHARON ULSTAD HELEN VERZUH ROGER VETTER RICHARD VOLKMAN SUNDRA WELLS CYNTHIA WIEN JEFF WIANT 54 JOHN WILKINSON TED WINN ROBERT WOLTER JEFF WRIGHTo 56 Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones; So let it be with Caesar. The noble Brutus Hath told you Caesar was ambitious: If it were so, it was a grievous fault, And grievously hath Caesar answered it. Here, under leave of Brutus and the rest— For Brutus is an honorable man; So are they all, all honorable men— Come I to speak in Caesar's funeral. He was my friend, faithful and just to me: But Brutus says he was ambitious; And Brutus is an honorable man. This was the most unkindest cut of all; For when the noble Caesar saw him stab, Ingratitude, more strong than traitors' arms, Quite vanquished him: then burst his mighty heart; And, in his mantle muffling up his face, Even at the base of Pompey’s statue, Which all the while ran blood, great Caesar fell. O, what a fall was there, my countrymen! Then I, and you, and all of us fell down, Whilst bloody treason flourished over us." Shakespeare — "Julius Caesar"LOIS ANDERSON Fallen arensmeyer peter arnot barbara aune dick aune BETTY BAKKEBY ANNETTE BARKOVICH JUDY BEATTIE FLORENCE BERRY MARTA BIERI frank BIZJAK JOHN BLEILE SHIRLEY BOSCH GENE BOSCHEE WANDA BOWEN CHARLES BROCKMAN ACE BROWN BRUCE BLATTNER AARON BUCHOLZ WILMA BURKE ART CAMPBELL ' PATTI CAMPBELL MARGARET CASEY MARILYN CASEY BONNIE CARLASCIO PAUL CHRISTIANSEN Sponsored by: THE ANACONDA COf PANl GENE CLARK JIM CLARK RICHARD COLLINS KAREN COLWELL PAT CONNORS KATHY COMBS GEORGIA CORNISH ALVENA CRISLER MIKE CRUM ED CUTLER STANLEY CYR DICK DANIELS VICKY DAVIES JUDY DAUM SHARON DE HAAN TOM DE MAROIS DON DE TONANCOUR PAT DE TONANCOUR JIM DEVICH FRANK DE VINE ANN MARIE DOLAN DERRY DORLARQUE BOB DRIGGSGWENDALYN DUFfi: ROD EDDINGTON j ROBERT EDWARDS RONALD EDWARDS ROBERTA EMMETT WAYNE ESTES DOUGLAS FERKIN : MARY LEE FITZPAT PAULETTE FRAZER [ WAYNE FREDRICKS?. JIM FURAUS SANDY GAGNON MARGIE GALLE LORENE GARVEY MICKEY GEE MARILYN GERVAIS , CHARLES GESSELE j JUDY GESSELE RONNIE GLOVAN DIANA GLYNN PATRICK GORMLET TOM GREENOUGH DOROTHY GUSTAFS} ROGER HALL NANCY HALVERSO) SHARON HANSEN Sponsored by: COLDWATER'S SHOE STORE BLATTNER'S PLUMBING MYRA HANSON WILMA HARRIS SHARON HARWOOD MICKEY HEANEY LYLE HINMAN JACK HOLSTROM ELEANOR HOWARD RICHARD HOWARD DIANN HUGHES RUSSELL HUGHES GLORIA HURLBERT TOM JENSEN JOHN JESSEN AUDINE JOHNSON SCARLETTE JOHNSON DIANE JOHNSTON JIM JOHNSTON JACK JONES MARY ANN JORDAN JAMES KANDUCH BOYD KEELE DONNA KEMPERJANE KEMPER WAYNE KESSLER DAVID KETTNER CAROL KIESER vandelyn kirkeby ETHEL KOENIG PATRICIA KORTUM RAYMOND KRISKOVICH ROBERT KUNKEL VELMA LAIPPLE GEORGE LAKE CATHERINE LANGLEY DEXTER LEONARD LAWRENCE LESTER MIKE LEWIS RICHARD LINZEY ROGER LOFING JOHN LOGAN CHARLES LUJAN BILL MASELLA PAULETTE McCALLUM PAUL McDERMOTT PAT McLEMORE KAREN McLEAN DALE McNEIL EUGENE MEYER Sponsored by: CITY DRUG STORE COMMUNITY CREAMERY BECK AND FISHER PHILLIP'S SHEET METAL CLAUDIA MONACO DAVID MONTGOMERY MARGARET MOORE CAROLYN MORGAN JAMES MULKEY JIM MUNRO KENNETH NOLL RAY NORDGULEN LaVERN OKKEN SHARON OPP RAY OTTO YUVONNE PARKER KAREN PARROW SHIRLEY PARSON MYRNA PATTERSON EMIL PETERSON KEN PETERSON VIRGINIA PETERSON ED PETERS LUCILLE PETERS FRANK PHELPS 59 MAUREEN PHILLIPNANCY PLATT DONALD PODOBNII JIM POTVIN MERRILYN PRES1CA JANET RITSCHEL AUDREY ROBINSON CECILIA RODRIGUE PEPI ROSENBERG JOAN RUCHWARfl ANNA RUMSEY DOLORES RUTHERfj BERNARD RYAN CAROL SANFORD CAROLYN SATHER DAN SAVAGE BERTHA SCHLEGEL EDWARD SCHMIDT GENEVIE SCHOFIELD JACK SCHULTZ DIANN SEYMOUR VIOLETT SHOGREN HENRY SLOSSON DICK SMITH DON SMITH PAMELA SMITH PATRICIA SMYTH donna smollack Sponsored by: BUTTE. ANACONDA and PACIFIC COMPANY MARY LOU SMOLLACK SHARON SPANGLER BEN STEARNS GLEN STEVENSON SANDRA STINGER NORMAN STONE JOHN STOREY HARVEY STORM JIM SULLIVAN DOROTHY TERKLA JEANETTE TESCHER BERNADINE THOMPSON PAM THOMPSON SANDRA VAN DEVENTER SHELA VAN NESS FRED VERLANIC DONALD VOLKMAN JUDY WALLACE 60 CAROLYN WALTER LARRY WEATHERMAN CAROL WEKKIN SHIRLEY WILLIAMS ALLAN WHALEY TOM WHITE"Into my heart's treasury I slipped a coin That time cannot take Nor a thief purloin,— Oh better than the minting Of a gold-crowned king Is the safe-kept memory Of a lovely thing." Teasdale — "The Coin"FIRST ROW: Rolene Gee, Marlene Hobbs, Linda Havens, Bonnie Glovan, Sharon Funston, Margie Gress. SECOND ROW: Tova Johnson, Mary Hills, Hazel Johnson, Pat Indendi, Ellen Johnson, Helen Gervais, Florence Koenig, Carol Haaland. THIRD ROW: Linda Kendall, Arlene Garnett, Nancy Hammond, Beth Hamel, Carol Johnson, Linda Hoiland, Virginia Fox, Lavina Garrison, Marlene Jense. Sponsored by: THE ANACONDA DENTAL ASSOCIATION Dr. B. J. Greany Dr. R. J. Manion Dr. M. L. Devich Dr. D'Angelo Dr. B. Hageman FIRST ROW- Eva Lee Barker, Mary Jean Bucy. Bonnie Deigal, Mary Lou Clark, Donna Rae Anderson, Patti Lou Beck. Linda Brown. SECOND ROW: Joyce Bridge- water Shirley Bersanti, Connie' Campbell. Carol Cousineau, Cathy Bates, Elaine Beausoleil, Marie Ann Bennett, Patty Baumgartner. THIRD ROW: Gloria Ekstrom, Brenda Bock, Linda Daniels, Paulette Everett, Jean Brown, Nancy Campbell, Helene Einfeldt. Susan Blaskovich. 63FIRST ROW: Jerome Hurlbert, Gary Froelich, James Hogg, Tom Jackson, Lonnie Johnston, Bob Gutcheck. SECOND ROW: John Harmon, George Ferkin, Tom Kloker, Melvin Fortner, Billy Forwood, Glenn Holdereed, Charles Harrison, Bob Heaphy. THIRD ROW: Fred Jacobs, Loren Goodman, Jack Howard, Joe Kanduch, Harry Ferguson, Jeff Frank, Wayne Finnegan, Rudy Krutar. Sponsored by: ANACONDA INSURANCE R. A. Kelly Co. E. J. McGreevey Co. Leo Berry Agency Eide Insurance Agency FIRST ROW: Steven Crowe, Tom Amaya, Dave Bock, Richard Barclay, Dave Blake, Steve Conrady, Brent Anderson, Gary Gates. SECOND ROW: Jerry Anderson, Charles Brown, Pete Calhoun, David Beck, Charles Beck, Dick Devich, Dale Combs, Chuck Chumrau. THIRD ROW: Ralph Brown, Ronnie Ehli, Gerry Eastmark, Steve Clark, Gary Costle, Tom Arensmeyer, Don Donich, Everett Ekstrom. AGENCY: Yeoman Insurance Agency Matt J. Kelly Agency Dick DisneyFIRST ROW: Danielle Martz, Kathy McLane, Susan McKinley, Sylvia McKinley, Sharon Pickett, Norine Mertzig. SECOND ROW: Wanda Rice, Loretta Johnson, Claudia Olson, Margo Larsen, Bonnie Martz, Joyce Martin, Fayne Roth, Charlotte Lanes. THIRD ROW: Helen Ryan, Johanna Mott, Marilyn Ryan, Sharon Otto, Christie Rogen, Mary Jo Oreskovich, Jo Ann Magnon, Teel Parr, Sharon Nichols. Sponsored by: ANACONDA BUILDERS SUPPLY ROBERT'S JEWELRY BROWN'S AUTO PARTS CREDIT BUREAU OF ANACONDA FIRST ROW: Joan Taylor. Coleen Tesson, Sandra Ward, Laurilee Wells. SECOND ROW: Jane Strong, Gerrie Lynn Seibt, Leanna Sbragia, Phyllis Sanders, Linda Niel- son. THIRD ROW: Geri Lee Lulloff, Tana Nazer, Dorothy Sanford, Diane Sisich, Claudia Shanklin, Loretta Wagner, Gayle Sailer, Nelda Smallwood.FIRST ROW: Carl Swanson, Bob Tarkalson, Carl Sundberg. Chad Smyth, Tom Troyer. SECOND ROW: Keith Smith, Tom Sabo. Roger Welch,. .Bob Sanders, Jim Taus, Phillip Strommen, Charles Wright. Stanley Wekkin. THIRD ROW: Stanley Stohr, John Stipech, Sam Ulstad, Ray Schmitz, Allen Tholstrom, Tony Reiss, Dan Woirhaye, Bill Sundberg. Sponsored by: DEAN'S NEWS STAND ROSENBERG FURNITURE SCHWARTZ DEPARTMENT STORE CONDOR CAFE FIRST ROW: Clarence Lemmon, Duane Logan, Ricky Monroe, Ronnie Moe, Fred Martin, Jerry McGrath, Mike McGinnis. SECOND ROW: Butch Ryan. Carney Rustad, Ronnie Peterson, Eldon Lindstrom, Charles Ralston, Dan Leary, Ted Marchion, Clint Ohman. THIRD ROW: Tim Lofing, Vern Ohman, Alvin Ray, Robbie Lamey, Jack Nielsen, Bob Munro, Richard McAndrews, Delbert Nelson, Courtney Lewis."Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveller, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear; for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same, And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference." Frost — ' The Road Not Taken"SEATED: Wade Farlin. Helen Veeder, Bill McClesky. FIRST ROW: Kathy Jackson, Claudia Monaco. Carolyn Sather. Marilyn Morris, Sharon DeHann, Merrilyn Preskar, Judy Beattie. Judy Fritch. SECOND ROW: Patricia Burke, Carolyn Marcotte, Kathy Chor, Carole Swanson. Nancy Halverson. Karen Johnson. Gayle Marsh, Marilou Dwyer, Jack Schultz. THIRD ROW: Charles Thurow, Robert Kunkle, Eddie Cutler, Don Hatcher, Jeff Wiant. Tom White. Bob Driggs. FOURTH ROW: Wal- lace Johnson, Lowell Schneider, Ed Cummings. Tom Greenough. Bob Neilson, Keith Bates, Roger The purpose of the Student Council is to encourage school spirit and loyalty and to cooperate With the faculty concerning student activities. Mr. O'Leary, principal, and Mr. Sagin. boys' guidance are the sponsors for the membership which consists of the president and secretary of each home- room. The officers are President Wade Farlin, Vice-President Bill McClesky, and Secretary Helen Kujula. Council Sponsored by: SCHMIDT PLUMBING CO. ED'S RADIO AND TV J- P. MURPHY'S MARKET MONTANA STATE EMPLOYEES LOCAL 205 ' EDITORS LEFT to RIGHT: Marie Fredrick- sen, "Big Stack" editor; Mary El- len Clark, assistant "Big Stack" editor, puzzling over their dummy books. TYPISTS LEFT to RIGHT: Ann Bieri, Sharon Spehar, Pat McDermott, Linda Draper, Margaret Fleming. These girls worked hard all year typing copy for the "Copper Glow and the "Big Stack." SPORTS REPORTERS LEFT to RIGHT: Fred Furaus. Pat Flynn, Wade Farlin. These boys supplied the "Copper Glow" with exciting sports write-ups. Big Stach Staff All the members of the journalism class worked on both "Big Stack" and the "Copper Glow" staffs. The special jobs mentioned by their pictures are only their main responsibi'ities. Other jobs every- one did were: copy reading, proofreading, typing, pasting, and selling advertisements for the "Big Stack." BUSINESS AND ADVERTISING MANAGERS LEFT to RIGHT: Sharon Holloron, advertising manager; Carol Jones, business manager; Rawla Knight, advertising manager, sending out bills and thinking up advertise- ments. Sponsored by: SMELTER CITY SHOE SHOP THOMPSON'S TRAILER MART SHIRLEY'S MARKET- ART EDITORS LEFT to RIGHT: Derry Schultz. Richard Collins, furnished the art work for the "Copper Glow" and the "Big Stack." HEADLINERS LEFT to RIGHT: Sharlene Moe, Marilou Dwyer, Rowena Nielsen, Gale Henderson, setting headlines for the "Copper Glow" and the "Big Stack." EDITORS LEFT to RIGHT: Mona Howard, assistant "Copper Glow" editor; Joy Manning, "Copper Glow" editor, pasting up the galley for the paper. Copper Staff The "Copper Glow" went through several experi- ments this year including offset and mimeo and finished by being linotyped by the McKee Printing Company in Butte. This year was the first year in several years that the " Copper Glow" had ad- vertisements and everyone worked at selling ads. PHOTOGRAPHERS LEFT to RIGHT: Dan Conklin, Joy MacDonald, assistant photograph- ers; Dick Linzey, photographer, filing pictures and cleaning the camera.FIRST ROW: Bruce McCulloch, Jim Furaus, Tom White, Don Hatcher, Gary Good- man, Dan Monahan, John Logan, Wade Farlin, Bob Kunkel. SECOND ROW: Russell Eicher, Bill McDonald, Bill Swanson, Bill McCleskey, Ray Beck, Bert Decker, Tom Tiefenthaler, Jack Schultz. THIRD ROW: Chuck Walters, Stan Bosch, Bob Neilson, Dennis Bailey, Ed Davidson, Keith Bates, Jim Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Jim Walsh, Ed Cummings, Pat McLemore, Stanley Peterson, Jerry Ohman, Charles Thurow. KEY CLUB BALL LEFT to RIGHT: Gloria Nelson, Jerry Ohman, Derry Schultz, Ed Cummings, Jean Johnston, Charles Thurow, Carole Swanson, Wade Farlin, Shirley Williams and Jim Walsh led the grand march of the Key Club Ball. WASHOE MARKET Sponsored by: LEFT to RIGHT: Sergeant-at-Arms Jim Walsh; Secretary Charles Thu- row; President Wade Farlin; Vice President Don Hatcher; Treasurer Ed Cummings. KEY CLUB OFFICERSPEP CLUB FIRST ROW: Patsy Leonard, Kathy Jackson. Janice Hamel, Jackie Kent. Marlene Nazer. Marie Fredricksen, Gale Henderson. SECOND ROW: Helen Veeder. Fredi Jackson, Mary Ann Gardner. Beverly Carlascio, Charlotte Smollack, Gloria Nelson, Madonna Kloker. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Marcotte, Norine Jessen, Mary Pat Dolan. Charlotte Frankovich, Betty Drescher, Connie McLean, Doris Sundquist. Judy Harrison. Carol Beattie. FOURTH ROW: Derry Schultz. Patri cia Burke. Connie Gagnon. Helen Thomas. Linda Horsfall, Dorothy Schulz. Marilyn Browning. Margaret Stopplecamp, Linda Draper, Georgiana Vucasovich. Dedicated to promoting school spirit, the Pep Club has charge of all pep assemblies, chartered buses, car rallies, and decorating for Anaconda Central’s game. Sponsored by: FIRST ROW: Rosalee Bonner, Carol Gustafson, Marllou Burgess, Cynthia Wein. Sundra Wells. Marilyn Morris, Lois Sokolich, Norma Indendi. Bonnie Beck. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Gates, Alva Driver, Helen Verzuh. Nancy Simkins. Doris Plumb, Karen Pearson, Judy Murrish, Rilla Einfeldt, Judy Frankovich. THIRD ROW: Elena Barnell, Grace Davis, Arlene Smith, Glenna Rowsey, Deanna Bertsch, Judi Maxwell, Marilou Dwyer, Sharlene Moe, Kathy Chor. FOURTH ROW: Gwen Johnson. Marlene Bucholz, Carol Nordgulen, Barbara Hammond, Pat Hedeen, Carole Bubash, Pat Stephens Sharon Ulstad. Norma Harris, Lorraine Ohman. MONTANA POWER COMPANY FIRST ROW: Judy Daum. Scarlett Johnson, Roberta Emmett, Ethel Koenig, M arilyn Gervais, Mary Ann Jordan, Janet Ritchel. Arlene Anderson. Dolores Rutherford. Sandra Vandeventer. Janet Johnston. SECOND ROW: Myrna Hanson. Judy Wallace. Bertha Schlegel, Marta Bieri. Diane Hughes, Carolyn Walters, Shirley Bosch. Sharon Hansen, Donna Smollack. Claudia Monaco, Wilma Burke. Barbara Aune. THIRD ROW: Eleanor Howard, Di ana Glynn. Bonnie Carlascio. Shirley Wil- liam Bemad '' Thompson. Paf i Campbell. Judy Beattie. Pepi Rosenberg. Karen McLean. Carolyn Sather, LaVern Okken, Merrilyn Preskar, Sue Patterson. Vandelyn Kirkeby. FOURTH ROW: Velma Laipple, Margie CaSey, Margaret Moore. Catherine Langley. Shela VanNess. Nancy Platt. Lorena Garvey, Genevieve Schofield, Pam Thompson. Sharon Harwood. Nancy Halverson, Carol Kiesser, Patsy Kortum. Paulette Frazer, Maureen Philip. Jean Gustafson, Carol Wekken.•‘A" SQUAD CHEERLEADERS LEFT to RIGHT: Sharlene Moe, Kathy Chor, Cheer Queen Connie McLean, Marlene Nazer, Sundra Wells. "B" SQUAD CHEERLEADERS LEFT to RIGHT: Shirley Bosch, Carolyn Sather, Cheer Queen Karen McLean, Bonnie Carlascio, Judy Daum. FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS LEFT to RIGHT: Susan Blaskovich, Linda Havens, Cheer Queen Kris- tie Rogan, Margo Larsen, Joan Taylor. MASCOT Penny Cheek CheerleadersProbL ems . . - , --------.--------— ». : Iren Nazer, Marlene Nazer, Sharon Jensen. Joy Manning. Marie Fredricksen. THIRD ROW: Norim Jessen, Gayle Marsh. Charlotte Frankovich. Madonna Kloker, Beverly Carlascio. Rawla Knigh FOURTH ROW: Derry Schultz. Sharon Holloron. Margaret Stopplecamp. Marilyn Browning. Bett Drescher, Georgiana Vucasovich, Sherry Williamson. This year members of the Social Problems Club worked to gain in favor nineteen-year-olds in tana the right to vote. The club is sponsored by Mr. William Sagin and its officers are Decker, president, and Patricia Burke, secretary. Mon Bert Sponsored THE ANACONDA FIRST ROW: Fred Furaus, Marty Heaney, Richard Kirkeby. Bert Decker. Clarence Dahl. SECOND ROW: Richard Gates. Bob Johnson. David Summers, Bruce McCulloch, Bill Lueck, Dick McGinnis. THIRD ROW: Mike Devich. Mickey O'Leary, Wally Johnson, Dennis Adams, Dick Hamel. Charles Larsen, Brook Gifford. FOURTH ROW: Advisor Mr. Sagin, Pat Flynn, Jerry Ohman, J im Connors. Ed Cummings, Jim Walsh. Ray Beck. COMPANYFIRST ROW: Adviser Miss Laura Ward, Sundra Wells. Linda Horsfall. Jackie Kent. Fredericka Jackson, Judy Murrish. SECOND ROW: Janice Hamel, Carolyn Gates. Betty Drescher, Georgiana Vucasovich. Roberta Emmet. Katherine Jackson. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Keele, Danielle Kahm. Myrna Johnson. Nancy Galle, Gale Henderson. Judy Harrison, Marie Fredrickson. FOURTH ROW: Alva Driver. Annette Barkovich, Pat Hedeen. Ramona Lightfoot. Patricia McDermott. Patsy McPhail. Carol Nordgulen. Karen Colwell. NOT PICTURED: Pat Crafimer. Delores Ekstrom. Marilyn Gervais. Barbara Hammond. Norma Harris. Sharon Holloron. Norma Indendi. Doris Plumb, Nancy Simkins, Edwina Raihl. Always an active, energetic group of girls, this year the girls in FHA undertook several new projects. First they sponsored the FHA district convention in Anaconda for the first time since Anaconda has had an FHA chapter. Secondly, they spon- sored the White Cane drive, the proceeds of which go to help the blind in Montana. At Christmas time they held their traditional party for little brothers and sisters and in February sponsored their annual formal dance, the Night Club Dance. Throughout the year they sold megaphones and gave dinners to help raise money and also to be of service to the school. Jackie Kent was president; Linda Horsfall, vice president; Fredricka Jackson, secretary; Doris Plumb, treasurer; Judy Murrish, song leader; Sun- dra Wells, reporter; and Miss Laura Ward, adviser. Sponsored by: M. F. O'Leary welcomes members FHA from other towns to Anaconda for the district convention. COLLINS ROOFING and SHEET METAL WORKS CHRISTIE'S FLOWER SHOP One of the first donations to the White Cane Drive was made by Mr. Joseph DR. FRED E. COMSTOCK Wolpert. Jackie Kent gives him his DAVIS JEWELRY ......... Night Club entertainer, Jean Simkins sings "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes." Miss Ward crowns Jackie Kent, queen, and Richard Levengood, king of Night Club. Night Club Dance The Night Club can-can dancers are Pam Smith, Judy Beattie, Donna Kemper, Jane Kemper, Patti Campbell, Nancy Simkins. Dennis Adams, David Summers, Bob Sneberger are the "Maverick Partners" of Club Valentine. Gwen Johnson. Ray Beck, Marilyn Mor- ris, Bill Swanson, Gary Goodman dance the Rock-a-Conga.The Thespians is made up of students who have participated in student products or have an interest in dramatics. In addition to presenting “Not In A Thousand Years," the Senior play, the group gave several one act plays for the Interscholastic meet in Missoula. This year 34 students took part in the dramatic activities, thus making this group one of the largest in the history of the Thespians. FIRST ROW: Marlene Nazer, Dolores Rutherford, Audrey Aker, Bonnie Carlascio. Cynthia Wein, Diane Glenn, Jackie Kent, Helen Veeder, Beverly Carlascio. Janice Hamel. SECOND ROW: Patricia Burke, Arlene Smith, Glenna Rowsey, Shirley Williams, Joy MacDonald. Rawla Knight, Jean Johnston, Darlene Rowsey. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Aspholm, Georgiana Vucasovich. Pat Stephens, Bob Sneberger, Gary Goodman, Linda Horsfall, Derry Schultz, Connie Gagnon. FOURTH ROW: Richard Kirkeby, Bruce McCullock, Bill Lueck, Pat McLemore, Chris Levengood. Wally Johnson Bill McDonald, Wade Farlin. Thespians "Not In A Thousand Years" was presented by the Senior Class December 6 and 7, 1958. The play deals with the problems Junior Conroy encounters on a date with Jeanie Matthews. Junior's idea of the perfect girl. Those in the play were Derry Schultz, Bill McDonald, Wade Farlin, Patricia Burke, Bruce McCullock, Richard Kirkeby, Helen Veeder, Janice Hamel, Gary Goodman, Bill Lueck, Rawla Knight, Chris Levengood, Georgiana Vucasovich. Buzz (Chris Levengood) tries to ruin Jeanie (Derry Schultz) and Junior's (Bill McDonald) date in "Not In A Thousand Years." Junior (Bill McDonald) argues with Mr. Matthews (Bill Lueck) in "Not In A Thousand Years."•V' • v I • LEFT to RIGHT: Charles Thurow, Russell Eicher, Carole Bubash, Elena Barnell, Charles Robinson, Roger Kujula. Sponsored by: F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. WILLIAMS CAMERA SHOP Debate Team Sponsored by: STAGG'S FURNITURE STORE THOMPSON'S RAMBLER SALES Coached by Mr. Royal Barnell, the Debate Team made trips to Missoula, Bozeman, Helena, and Livingston. The purpose of these trips was to debate the topic, "Re- solved: The United States should adopt the essentials of the British system of education." Last year the team won the second place award in the State Debate meet in Missoula. Debate coach Mr. Barnell relaxes. Russell Eicher defends his point of view. o y4 - MS i r FIRST ROW: John Jette, Ronnie Smith, Dan Conklin, Jack Holstrom, Tom White. Jack Schultz. SECOND ROW: Mr. Lardy, Kenneth Koenig. Doug Conrady. Art Schneider, Ronnie Hernan. Ace Brown'. THIRD ROW: Bill McCleskey. Stan Bosch, Larry Robinson. Ted Doney, Keith Bates. FOURTH ROW: Stanley Peterson. Dean Staton. Jim Walsh. Ed Cummings Lowell Schneider. The Science Club was re- organized this year. It is now divided into three different groups. They are the physics division, Mr. Lardy advisor, the medi- cal technology and bot- any division, Mr. Phares advisor, and the math division, Mr. Wolpert ad- visor. The Science club's object is to create more interest among the stu- dents in science. The total membership of the sci- ence club is 46. FIRST ROW: Arlene Anderson. Pepe Rosenberg. SECOND ROW: FIRST ROW: Patricia Burke. Patsy Leonard. Mr. Wolpert. SECONC Audrey Robinson, Kathy Chor, Karen Pearson. Marilyn Morris. THIRD ROW; Wade Farlin, Bruce McCulloch. Ron Kendall. Swen Voll. THIRD ROW: Paulette Frazer. Norma Harris. Deanna Berstch. FOURTH ROW ROW: Jim Freeman. Darryl Eccleston. Bert Decker. Bill McDonald. Edward Smith Mr. Phares. FOURTH ROW: Charles Walters, Jerry Ohman. Bill Swanson, Wallace Johnson.SEATED: Marlene Nazer, Derry Schultz, Carol Jones. FIRST ROW: Gloria Nelson, Jackie Kent, Judy Harrison, Joy Manning, Helen Veeder, Janice Hamel. Charlotte Smollack. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Gardner, Norine Jessen, Connie Gagnon, Marie Fredricksen, Connie McLean, Georgiana Vucaso- vich. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Marcotte, Margaret Stopplecamp, Helen Thomas, Marilyn Browning, Madonna Kloker, Pat Cranmer, Betty Drescher. NOT PICTURED: Beverly Carlascio. The GAA officers this year included President Marlene Nazer; Vice-President Derry Schultz, Secretary Carol Jones; Treasurer Marilou Dwyer; and Point Secretary Carole Swanson. The GAA sponsored the annual Gridiron, Christmas Party, Initiation, Sadie Hawkins, and banquet. Intramural activities were held nightly in the Daly Gym. The GAA, the largest all girl organization in AHS, has four major clubs which stem from it, Sweater Club, Usherettes, Aqua Team, and Tumbling Team. G.A.A. SEATED: Carole Swanson, Marilou Dwyer. FIRST ROW: Carolyn Gates. Marilou Burgess, Marilyn Morris, Karen Pearson, Bonnie Beck, Nancy Mahoney, Helen Verzuh. SECOND ROW: Nancy Simkins. Penny Conrady, Judy Fritch, Arlene Smith. Gwen Johnson, Rilla Einfeldt, Sharlene Moe. Kathy Chor. THIRD ROW: Pat Stevens, Joy MacDonald. Marlene Bucholz, Patricia Hedeen. Carole Bubash. Norma Harris, Sharon Ulstad, Lorraine Ohman.FIRST ROW: Bertha Schiegel, Donna Smollack, Diane Johnston, Pam Smith, Delores Rutherford. SECOND ROW: Karen McLean, Roberta Emmett, Bonnie Carlascio, Carolyn Sather, Shirley Bosch, Mary Ann Jordan. THIRD ROW: Judy Daum, Diane Hughes, Claudia Monaco, Pam Thompson, Carolyn Walters, Margaret Moore, Marilyn Gervais, Janet Ritchel. FOURTH ROW: Myra Hanson, Diane Glynn, Shirley Williams, Paulette Frazer, Marilyn Casey, Maureen Phillip, Nancy Halverson, Van- delyn Kirkeby, Merrilyn Preskar. G.A.A. Sweater Club The Sweater Club sold pennants at games and helped the Usherettes pass coin cans for the March of Dimes. KNEELING: Beverly Carlascio. Norine Jessen, Helen Veeder. FIRST ROW: Charlotte Smollack, Gloria Nelson, Carol Jones, Mary Ann Gardner. SECOND ROW: Connie Gagnon, Carolyn Marcotte, Madonna Kloker, Derry Schultz, Marlene Nazer.Jim Johnston. Paulette Frazer. Maureen Roberta Emmett. Ronnie Sager, Mary Phillip, and John Logan dress up for Lou Burgess. Roger Vetter. Nancy Ham- the dance. mond. Sandy Gagnon. Marlene Hobbs. and her partner participate in the grand march. King Gary Wigert and Queen Carol Wekkin enjoy Sadie Hawkins. Fred Furaus. Art Schneider, Ed Cum- mings. and Marty Heaney relax during Sharon Ulstad. Gloria Nelson, Madonna Kloker, Carol Jones. Pat Hedeen. and Delores Rutherford take their choice of seats during entertainment time at Gridiron. KNEELING: Head usherette Derry Schultz. LEFT to RIGHT: Carol Jones, Helen Veeder, Norine Jessen. Margaret Stopplecamp, Connie Gagnon. Beverly Carlascio, Joy Manning. Led by Derry Schultz the Usherettes worked at the basketball games showing people to their reserved seats and ushering at other school functions. Chosen on the basis of points in GAA. they are the girls who have been most active in school events. Copper Catalinas FIRST ROW: Maureen Phillip, Marilyn Gervais, Dolores Rutherford. Mary Lou Burgess. Karen McLean. Helen Veeder, Norine Jessen, Derry Schultz, Gayle Marsh, Marlene Nazer. SECOND ROW: Vandelyn Kirkeby, Joan Taylor, Roberta Emmett. Pat Blume, Tanna Nazer, Pat Stephens, Nancy Halverson, Myra Hanson. Nancy Hammond, Susan McKinley. THIRD ROW: Wilma Burke. Merrilyn Preskar, Sharlene Moe. Karen Johnson. Karen Pearson, Joy MacDonald. NOT PICTURED: Penny Conrady, Rilla Einfeldt, Helene Einfeldt, Janet Silzly, Kristie Rogan. Sylvia McKinley, Nancy Campbell. The Copper Catalinas, under the direction of Mrs. Jane Jacques, held their third annual aqua show this year. The theme of this year's, aqua show was "Around The World." The officers of the Copper Catalinas are President Gayle Marsh, Secretary Sharlene Moe, and Treasurer Helen Veeder.TUMBLERS FIRST ROW: Bonnie Carlascio, Marilou Burgees, Lois Sokolich, Marlene Bucholz, Rilla Einfeldt, Bonnie Beck, Patti Campbell, Judy Fritsch, Pam Smith. SECOND ROW: Dick Aune, David Eccleston, Darryl Eccleston, Bob Logan, Tom Tonkovich, Jeff Wright, Peter Day, Monty Okken. Sponsored by: DR. CLAIBOURNE P. SHONNARD DR. DUNLAP DR. LONG DR. WALKER TUCHSCHERER DRUG BADMINTON and PING PONG CHAMPS BADMINTON DOUBLES Norine Jessen, Derry Schultz PING PONG DOUBLES Norine Jessen, Derry Schultz BADMINTON SINGLES Derry Schultz PING PONG SINGLES Norine Jessen wask y. ■, - mil pt VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS FIRST ROW: Helen Verzuh. Lois Sokolich, Norma Harris Carole Bubash, Bonnie Beck, Marilyn Morris. SECOND ROW: Rilla Einfeldt, Gwen Johnson, Sharon Ulstad, Lor- raine Ohman, Marilou Dwyer, Kathy Chor, Sharlene Moe. NOT PIC1URED: Carole Swanson. 854A 'V- (VO ENDS LEFT to RIGHT: James Devich, Tom Greenough, Richard Silzly, Mike O'Leary, Wade Farlin. THIRD STRING BACKFIELD FOREGROUND: Pat Flynn. Jack Schultz. LEFT to RIGHT: Jim Fur- aus, Eddie Cutler, Don Hatcher. Act? ion V O co 0 Z I - © 0 cn Q UJ z - -o U- - O' 7= Z CO Z mpxr ............... 28 LIVINGSTON .6 KALISPELL ...........33 HELENA ............. 19 BUTTE CENTRAL .... 0 BILLINGS 6 MISSOULA . 13 BOZEMAN 13 LimSSJDN 19 Sponsored by: SUGRUE BOTTLING COGUARDS LEFT to RIGHT: Bruce Blattner, Wayne Estes, Stan Bosch, Jim Tar- kalson, Jeff Wiant, Jerry Ohman. Shots Sponsored by: TREASURE STATE SPORTING TACKLES LEFT to RIGHT: Pat McLemore, David Summers, Ray Beck, Wayne Estes, Jim Connors, Jim Walsh. 87oo 00 "A” Squad Football Team FIRST ROW: Barry Huot, Jim Walsh, Richard Silzly, Jerry Ohman, George Martin, Ed Cummings, Fred Furaus, Stan Bosch, Bill McClesky, Jim Tarkalson, Wade Farlin. SECOND ROW: Tom White, Jack Howard, Ed Cutler, Robert Kunkel, Mick O'Leary, Bob Neilson, Jack Schultz, Don Hatcher, Jim Furaus, David Summers, Frank Phelps, Manager Gary Goodman, Coach Charles Williams. THIRD ROW:'Assistant Coach Jim Reardon, Jeff Wiant, George Lake. Ray Beck, Jim Thompson, Pat Flynn, Wayne Estes. Jim Connors, Tom Greenough, Bruce Blattner, Jim Devich, Pat McLemore, Manager Ed Davidson. NOT PICTURED: Mickey Heaney, Russell Hughes. Ace Brown, Tom DeMarois, Don Podobnilc.B-Squad FIRST ROW: Sandy Gagnon, Jim Devich, Don Podobnik, Jeff Wiant, Jim Thompson, Bruce Blattner, Russell Hughes, Tom Greenough, Mike Lewis. SECOND ROW: Ray Otto, Tom White, Ed Cutler, Jack Howard, Frank Phelps, George Lake, Jim Furaus, Robert Kunkel, Ace Brown. THIRD ROW: Mickey Heaney, Terry Montgomery, Tom' DeMarois, Glen Stevenson, Coach John Cheek, Dexter Leonard, Wayne Fredrickson, Bob Driggs, Andy Jackson. NEXT YEAR'S VARSITY . . . this year's B squad chalked up a good record with four wins, two losses. Mr. John Cheek praised the 26 sophomores, 2 juniors, and I fresh- man, as a fine group of boys and a good team to work with. The B squad got off to a bad start by losing the first two games, but perked up to win the next four straight. iponsored by: NTERMOUNTAIN TRANSPORTATION CO. OUR BEST FROSH TEAM in ten years scored six wins, two losses and one tie out of their nine games played. The team scored 230 points and only had 32 scored against them. FIRST ROW: Bill Forwood, Eldon Lindstrom, Fred Jacobs, Ronnie Moe, Richard Bar- clay, Chuck Beck, Clint Ohman, Bob Tarkalson. SECOND ROW: Dick Devich, Loren Goodman, Jim Tuss, Stan Wekkin, Bert Wise, Rich McAndrews, Wayne Finnegan, Jack Howard, Dale Combs, Phillip Ralston. THIRD ROW: Chuck Chumrau, Jeff Frank, Rich Sokolich, Sam Ulstad, Jack Neilson, Stanley Stohr, John Stipech, Courtney Lewis, Allen Tholstrom, Coach Mike Papich. Fresh resnmenFIRST ROW: Chuck Walters, Wayne Estes, Jim Walsh. Ed Cummings, Mickey O'Leary, Marty Heaney. SECOND ROW: Coach John Cheek, Don Hatcher, Bob Neilsen, Tom Greenough, Jim Connors, Richard Silzly, Fred Furaus, Assistant Coach Charles Williams. - Sponsored by: Bashetba 11 "A " Sq UCia INTERMOUNTAIN TRANSPORTATION CO BASKETBALL RECORD 49 ANACONDA 45 Q?KcAI rALLj ccinikal 40 ANACONDA 50 59 ANACONDA 59 DU I 1 C Utn • i ru. RMTTC WI(C,H 41 ANACONDA 28 44 ANACONDA 42 37 ANACONDA 38 46 ANACONDA 45 56 ANACONDA 42 56 ANACONDA 43 BILLINGS 44 ANACONDA 31 BOZEMAN 42 ANACONDA 42 ANACONDA 48 65 ANACONDA 51 BUTTE CENTRAL 58 ANACONDA 48 51 ANACONDA 56 MISSOULA 54 ANACONDA 52 64 ANACONDA 60 33 ANACONDA 56 54 ANACONDA 60 57 ANACONDA 53 59 ANACONDA 49 LIVINGSTON 50 ANACONDA 44 65 ANACONDA 63 KALISPELL 55 ANACONDA 62 HELENA 60 ANACONDA 47Jim Walsh lunges for the ball while Bob Neilson looks on. Cummings. O’Leary, and Walters watch Connors jump for the ball. Action lO? FIVE SCORERS WYNE ESTES tD CUMMINGS...... MICKEY O'LEARY JIM WALSK MARI fEANEY Jim Connors passes the ball to a teammate before game time.THIS YEAR'S B SQUAD played a total of 21 games winning 17 and losing only 4. Coach Charles Williams said this year's team was one of the finest B squads in recent years, scoring 1054 points and having only 954 points scored against them. Jim Devich was high scorer with 244 points. Those on the team were FOREGROUND: Coach Williams and Jack Schultz, student manager; Mickey Heaney, Tom White, Jim Sullivan, Mike Crum, Russell Hughes, Jim Devich, Tom Greenough, Glen Stevenson, Pat McLemore, Ace Brown, Bill Herbolich, Pat Connors, Jim Furaus. THE FROSH TEAM wound up their basketball season this year with 8 wins and 9 losses. Mr. James Reardon, freshman coach, said, "This year's team was easy to work with and also a fine group of boys." Those on the team were, FIRST ROW: Manager Ray Schmitz, Jeff Frank, Dick Devich, Jack Howard, Ron Moe, Bill Forwood, Chuck Chumrau. SECOND ROW: Manager Tom Troyer, Allen Tholstrom, Jack Neilsen, Stanley Stohr, Steve Clark, Sam Ulstad, Coach Jim Reardon.FIRST ROW: Richard Silzly, Tom White, Bill McCleskey, Wade Farlin, Ed Cummings, Fred Furaus, Stanley Bosch, Charles Walter, Wayne Estes, Bob Neilson, Jeff Wright. SECOND ROW: Don Hatcher, Ed Cutler, Bob Kunkel, Terry Montgomery, Bill Herbolich. Marty Heaney, Jack Sullivan, Pat Connors, Jim Furaus, Pat Flynn. THIRD ROW: Don Podobnik, Al Brown. Dexter Leonard. Jerry Devich, George Lake, Tom Greenough, Jim Thompson, Russell Hughes, Pat McLemore, Bruce Blattner, Glen Stevenson. TRACK SENIORS IN BOWLING CLUB, FIRST ROW: Dennis Adams, Wade Farlin, Bob Logan. SECOND ROW: Fred Furaus, Mike Devich, Bill McCleskey. FIRST ROW: Roger Hall. Andy Jackson. Terry Montgomery, Marvin Sletten, Gene Soschee, Allen Arensmeyer, Charles Chumrau, Sam Ulstad. SECOND ROW: Dick Hauck, Dale Havens, Jim Furaus, Mark Pierson, Dick Daniels, Barry Huot, M Brown. THIRD ROW: Gene Meyers. Tom Tonkovich, Jeff Wright, Jim Devich, Uruce Blattner, Wayne Estes. Larry Beausoleil. BOWLING FIRST ROW: Karen Pearson, Marilyn Morris. Helen Veeder, Helen Verzuh, Carol Jones. SECOND ROW: Deanna Bertsch. Carole Swanson, Derry Schultz, Connie Gagnon, Ramona Lightfoot, Gloria Nelson. THIRD ROW: Madonna Kloker, Lorraine Ohman, Marlene Buc- holz, Pat McDermott, Dorothy Schulz.FIRST ROW: Adviser Mr. Williams, Wade Farlin, Fred Furaus, Marty Heaney, Ed Cummings. SECOND ROW: Ed Cutler, Jim Tarkalson, Delbert Rumsey, Bill Mc- Clesky, Don Hatcher. THIRD ROW: Gary Goodman, Chuck Walters, Pat McLemore, Ray Beck, Jim Devich, Mickey O'Leary, Bob Nielsen, Stan Bosch. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Ohman, Pat Flynn, Jim Walsh, Wayne Estes, Richard Silzly, Tom Greenough, Barry Huot. "A” Club Sergeant-at-Arms Ed Cummings, Secretary-Treasurer Wade Farlin, President Marty Heaney, Vice President Fred Furaus. The "A" Club is for all boys who have lettered in football, basketball, or track. To letter, a boy must have played twelve quartets in football, thirty-six quarters in basketball or have earned seven points in track. The Senior lettermen form the "paddle club’1 at the basketball games to keep order. The boys also sell programs and are in charge of concessions. The club runs under the sponsorship of Mr. Charles Williams.COACH JOHN CHEEK "A" Squad Basketball "B" Squad Football Track COACH "CHUCK" WILLIAMS "A" Squad Football B" Squad Basketball Track MANAGERS COACH MIKE PAPICH JACK SCHULTZ ED DAVIDSON Frosh Football NOT PICTURED: Gary Goodman COACH JIM REARDON Frosh BasketballFIRST ROW: Sienna Rowsey, Paulette McCallum, Arlene Blaskovich, Sharon Weaver, Joyce Okken, Mary Vukich, John Jette, Diann Hughes. SECOND ROW: Arlie Rae Montgomery, Dolores Rutherford, Mary Ann Jordan, Rosalie Bonner, Linda Johnson, Linda Einfeldt, Margaret Stopplecamp, Jean Simkins, Nancy Mahoney, Darlene Rowsey, Shapon Jensen. THIRD ROW: Nancy Hammond, Marilyn Casey, Bernadine Thompson, John Bleile, George Ferkin, Pam Antonich, Susan Mahoney, Robert Gutcheck, Ron Hernan, Dan Leary, Tom Arensmeyer. Soldiers7 Sailors7 Memorial Band BRASS OCTET The Anaconda High Band made its first appearance at the Livingston-Anaconda football game on September 12 and presented "A Day on TV." Shows for the remainder of the season included, "The Tombstone Story. Salute to the Diamond Jubilee," and "The World Series Salute. In February the Winter Concert was presented to a capacity crowd in the Junior High Auditorium and the program was well received. The Concert was climaxed by a stirring presen- tation of "America. The Beautiful" with combined band and chorus. March 4-7 our representative to the All-Northwest Band, Margaret Stopplecamp. left for Seattle. Washington to par- ticipate in the Northwest Music Conference. Margaret played alto clarinet in this 200-piece band. Late April saw the presentation of the Annual Spring Con- cert and the Music Festival in Butte. Many high ratings were received and .students looked ahead to the State Music Festival in Missoula. Montana, May 8 and V. Seniors in the band this year are Alfred Arensmeyer, Mike Devich. John Driver, Fred. Jackson Kafhenne Jackson Sharon Jensen. Darlene Rowsey. Jean Simkms, and Margaret Stopplecamp., 96 LEFT to RIGHT: Ron Sager, David Beck, Mike Crum, Susan McKinley, Ron Hernan, John Driver, Alfred Arensmeyer, Shela Van Ness, Syl- via McKinley.FIRST ROW: Audrey Robinson, Kathy Jackson, Alva Driver, Jeanette Tescher, Diane Ewing, Paulette Everett, Phyllis Sanders, Roberta Emmett. SECOND ROW: Mike McGinnis, Bryanne Bennet, Florence Koenig, Marilou Smollack, Norine Mertzig, Velma Laipple, Fredi Jackson, Susan McKinley, Shirley Bosch, Mike Crum, David Beck, Ron Sager. THIRD ROW: Allen Arensmeyer, Leann Sbragia, Tove Rae Johnson, Ralph Schmitz, Ronnie Ward, Director Jay Burchak, Janet Ritchel, Mike Devich, Ray Parker, Pat Hedeen, Gayle Sailer, Shela VanNess, Vandelyn Kirkeby, John Driver, Sylvia McKinley. NOT PICTURED: Alfred Arensmeyer, David Kettner. Sponsored by: K-ANA TROMBONE QUARTET LEFT to RIGHT: Mike Devich, Ray Parker, Alfred Arensmeyer, John Driver. CLARINET CHOIR SEATED: Margaret Stopplecamp, Jean Simkins. STANDING: Nancy Hammond, Marilyn Casey, Glenna Rowsey, Paulette McCallum.SAXOPHONE QUARTET LEFT to RIGHT: Jeanette Tescher, Alva Driver, Nancy Mahoney, Darlene Rowsey. Sponsored by: :entral labor council MIXED CLARINET QUARTET LEFT to RIGHT: Margaret Stopplecamp, Jean Simkins, Arlie Rae Montgomery, Glenna Rowsey. This group had the same membership last year when it received a Superior rating at the 1958 District Music Festival. DANCE BAND FIRST ROW: Ron Hernan, Darlene Rowsey, Arlene Blaskovich, Jeanette Tescher, Alva Driver, Marilyn Casey, Nancy Mahoney, Glenna Rowsey, Nancy Hammond. SECOND ROW: Rose Marie Matthews, Mike Devich, Shela VanNess, John Driver, Sylvia McKinley, Ron Sager, David Beck, Glenn Holdereed, Fredi Jackson, Shirley Bosch. BRASS ENSEMBLE LEFT to RIGHT: Ron Sager, David Beck, Shirley Bosch, Norine Mertzig, John Jette, Diann Hughes. Allen Arensmeyer, Mike McGinnis, Sharon Jensen, Alfred Arensmeyer, John Driver, Shela VanNess, Sylvia McKinley. This group, organized in 1954, has consistently won Superior Ratings at District and State Festivals.FIRST ROW: Wilma Harris, Teel Parr, Mary Clark, Sharon Otto, Head Twirler Connie Gagnon, Tana Nazer, Judy Beattie, Pat DeTonancour, Patti Campbell. SECOND ROW: Jean Brown, Pat Blume, Donna Kemper, Rose Marie Matthews, Jane Kemper, Shirley Williams, Nancy Simkins, LaVern Okken. THIRD ROW: Laurilee Wells, Carol Cousineau, Judy Maxwell, Nelda Smallwood, Colleen Tesson. Led by head twirler Connie Gagnon, the twirlers provided sparkling entertainment during half time at basketball and football games, lead various parades and partici- pated in the Band's Winter and Spring Concerts. Letters for years of service were awarded at the Winter Concert January 23. HEAD MAJORETTE W1 rleTS Connie GagnonAnaconda Senior FIRST ROW: Anna Rumsey. Scarlett Johnson, Katheryn Combs, Marliss Finnegan, Carol Gustafson, Ethel Koenig, Sharon Spangler, Shirley Parsons, Gwen Duffield, Jean Simkins, Cecelia Rodriquez. SECOND ROW: Carol Galle, Janet Glenn, Ann Marie Dolan, Marilyn Gervais, Pepi Rosenburg, Lois Sokolich, Carole Swanson, Virginia Allen, Nancy Galle, Judy Frankovich, Rilla Einfeldt, Cynthia Wien, Virginia Peterson. THIRD ROW: Margie Galle, Judy Gessele, Ramona Lightfoot, Phyllis Ehni, Sharon Ulstad, Nancy Simkins, Lorraine Ohman, Annette Barkovich, Linda Horsfall. Patricia McPhail, Marlene Bucholz. FOURTH ROW: Florence Berry, Wanda Bowen, Kay Lynn Cerino, Patricia Cranmer, Dean Staton, Wally Johnson, Dave Summers, Bob Pipe, Dan Conklin, Peter Arnot, Aaron Bucholz, Dick Rosenleaf, Pete Day, Frank Trask, Dave Eccleston, Ron Sager. Enrollment in the Senior High Chorus this year hit an all time high with 106 students enrolled compared to 80 last year. Out of the 105 students, Sherry Williamson, Dick Rosenleaf, Russell Eicher and Bruce McCulloch were chosen to go to the All Northwest Band and Chorus Festival held in Seattle, Washington. At Christmas, the chorus gave the "Star of the Silent Night," a cantata in which Russell Eicher, Wally Johnson, Sherry Williamson, Jean Simkins and Dave Summers sang solos, Sharon Jensen and Georgiana Vucasovich sang a duet, and the senior and junior quartets sang special numbers. The chorus also assisted in the grand finale number, "America the Beautiful," which they sang at the end of the band's winter concert. To climax a most successful year, the Senior High Chorus presented the musical comedy, "Oklahoma," on March 20 and 21.Ch orus FIRST ROW: Sandra Stinger, Sue Patterson, Barbara Aune, Roberta Bull, Sharon Massey, Sandra Schrout, Sharon DeHaan, Rosemary Smith, Marilou Burgess, Arlene Curnow, Diana Clawson. SECOND ROW: Dora Orrino, Bonnie Beck, Marcia Clancy, Delores Ekstrom, Connie McLean, Sherry Williamson, Alvena Crisler, Maureen Phillip, Doris Sundquist, Paulette Beierle, Karen Parrow. THIRD ROW: Evelyn Ferrell, Sharon Jensen, Carol Sanford, Catheryn Parks, Sharon Harwood, Paulette Frazer, Nancy Halverson, Helen Verzuh, Merrilyn Preskar, Dorothy Terkla, Sandra Vandeventer, Georgiana Vucasovich. FOURTH ROW: Charles Lujan, Russell Eicher, Gene Boschee, Bruce McCulloch, Jim Hawkins, Art Campbell, John Wilkinson, Dick Howard, Allen Whaley, Tom Sapp, Tom Jensen, Evert Hetland, Dorothy Schulz, Violet Shogren, Judith Cornish. NOT PICTURED: Danielle Kahm, Carole Bubash, Fredricka Jackson, Monty Okken, Sheila Tesson.SENIOR QUARTET Sherry Williamson, Russell Eicher, Dave Summers, Sharon Jensen JUNIOR QUARTET Ron Sager, Carole Swanson, Bonnie Beck, Dick Rosenleaf. WOMEN'S QUARTET Carole Swanson, Sharon Jensen, Bonnie Beck, Sherry Williamson. MEN'S QUARTET Wally Johnson, Dick Rosenleaf, Ron Sager, Russell Eicher. 1021 £ :RST ROW: Marlene Hobbs, Madeline Mellon. Jean Orrino. Ellen Johnson. Jerry McGrath. David lock. Carl Ryan. Tom Sabo. SECOND ROW: Helen Gervais, Claudia Shanklin. Linda Dendall. Joan 'aylor. Don Donich, Ron Peterson. Dale Combs, John Harmon, Mary Hiltz. Hazel Jensen. Nancy ‘«mpbell. THIRD ROW: Pat Indendi. Marlene Jense, Gerri Lee Lulloff. Shirley Bersanti, Margie :res$, Lois Franklin. Mary Jo Oreskovich. Arlene Garnett. Sharon Nicholas. Carol Haalend, Dorothy Sanford. Claudia Olsen. FOURTH ROW: Gerri Lynn Seibt. Elaine Beousoleil. Susan Blaskovich. Kris ijgen. Diane Sisich. Charles Harrison. Paul Bebo. Dick Devich, Jeff Franks. Helene Einfeldt. Sharon Nicholas. Kathy McLane. Johanna Ma'tt. Freshman chorus this year had 57 students com- pared to 43 students last year. Eight of those pictured at the right) joined after the second quarter began. For their share of the Christmas program, they gave a musical play based on token's "Christmas Carol." Mr. Merley said. "The Freshman Chorus has been very successful this .ear and has put on many excellent programs." Fresh man Ch orus FIRST ROW: Loretta Johnson. Joyce Martin. Linda Massey. Gayle Sailer. SECOND ROW: Bill For- wood. David Blake. THIRD ROW: Gary Froehlich. Jerry Eastmark, Robin Lamey. ver an J Blue oralairs The Silver and Blue Choralairs adopted a mosi attractive costume this year with the girls wearing peacock blue tafetta dresses and the boys, white dinner jackets, blue bow ties, and black trousers. Dressed so attractively they were in constant de- mand to entertain with their colorful renditions of • Wheel of Fortune." "Round and Round." "Red Wing." "Were You There?" and many other beau- tiful songs. FIRST ROW: Drummer Ron Hernan, Marlene Bucholz. Jean Simkins. Sharon Jensen, Bonnie Beck, Sherry Williamson, Maureen Phillip. Accompanist Nancy Halverson. SECOND ROW: Gwen Duffield. Carole Swanson, Carol Gustafson, Georgiana Vucasovich, Jean Johnston, Dorothy Terkla. THIRD ROW: Peter Day. Wally Johnson. Russell Eicher. Ron Sager. Jim Hawkins. Gene Boschee. FOURTH ROW: Dan Conklin. David Eccleston. Dick Rosenleaf. Bruce McCulloch. Allen Whaley. Art Campbell.Elena Barnell makes up Ron Sager Leading characters Laurey, Jean aS JUd' Simkins; Curley, Dick Rosenleaf. LEFT to RIGHT: Ron Sager, as Jud, threatens the homestead- ers, Georgiana Vuscaovich, Linda Horsfall, Russell Eicher, Peter Day, Bonnie Beck, Bruce McCulloch. r Oklahoma” LEFT to RIGHT: Bruce McCulloch, Bonnie Beck, Georgiana Vucaso- vich, Ronnie Sager, Jean Simkins, Peter Day, Russell Eicher, Linda Horsfall at the hoedown. The entire cast assembled to sing "Oklahoma""I remember the gleams and glooms that dart Across the school-boy's brain; The song and the silence in the heart, That in part are prophecies, and in part Are longings wild and vain. And the voice of that fitful song Sings on, and is never still: A boy's will is the wind's will, And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts. There are things of which I may not speak; There are dreams that cannot die; There are thoughts that make the strong heart weak, And bring a pallor into the cheek, And a mist before the eye. And the words of that fatal song Come over me like a chill: A boy's will is the wind's will, And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts.' 11 Longfellow — "My Lost Youth"September 6 — Jane Eslinger and Onalee Lucier went to their classes. September 26 — Carol Jones, Derry Schultz, Charlotte Smollack, Carolyn Marcotte, Doris Sund- quist, Cynthia Wein, and other students cheered the Copperheads on to win that football game. Marilyn Morris and Carole Swan- son studied; Kathy Chor day dreamed; and Kenny Beck and Jeff Wright joked during Ed Cummings and Karen Pearson enjoyed goofing off during lunch- hour.October 3 — The Anaconda and Helena cheerleaders traded cheers at the halftime. Darryl Eccleston, Don Hatcher, and Bob Sneberger helped out at a football game by keeping track of downs and yardage. October 17 — Bob Neilsen and Wayne Estes ran out on the football field ready to really play hard. The football team enjoyed victory after the Bozeman game. October 9 — Mona Howard. Joy Man ning. Marie Fredricksen, Dick Limey Carol Jones, Margaret Fleming, Ann Bieri, Joy MacDonald. Mary Ellen Clark Rawla Knight. Sharon Holloron, and Derry Schultz attended the MIEA Con- vention at Missoula.October 17 — Injured in one of the first football games of the season, Jack Schultz spent most of his sophomore year on crutches. October 22 — The Jubileers en- tertained the student body at a National Assembly. Jim Thompson, Jeff Wiant, and Ed Culter ate heartily before a big football game. October 22 — Mary Edwards and Ron Hernan waited for an auto- graph of one of the singers after the assembly.October 21 — Anaconda High School was visited by a bus load of student teachers from Western Montana College. November 6 — Beverly Carlasclo, Nor ine Jessen, Helen Thomas, Marlene Nazer, and Madonna Kloker were among the students in the sociology class who toured the hospital at Warm Springs. October 24 — Two bus loads of students including Norine Jessen, Carol Swanson, Lorraine Ohman, Helen Verzuh and Jack Sullivan rode to Missoula to see Anaconda play there. November 10 — Things are reversed on Parents’ Day with students staying home to prepare meals and do housework (supposedly) and parents attending school. November 22 — Sandra Stinger and Judy Wallace try their hand at dissect- ing a worm for biology class.Jean Simlcins, Madonna Kloker, Bruce McCulloch. Bill McDonald, and Bill Lueck seemed worried by someone else s performance at try-outs for the senior play. Derry Schultz. Joy Manning. Janice Har- mel. Rawla Knight, and Sharon Holloron studied over the play while others tried out for the senior play. Georgiana Vucasovich, Bill Lueck, Pa- tricia Burke. Bruce McCulloch, and Linda Horsfall discussed their offsprings be- havior while Richard Kirkeby tried to look inconspicuous. December 5 — Madonna Kloker, Char- lotte Smollack. Beverly Cralascio, and Norine Jessen sold tickets for the senior play. December 5 — Mr. Doohan showed Beverly Carlascio and Bob Sneberger .how to make sound effects for the senior play.7 December 5 — Wally Johnson, Derry Schultz. Bill McDonald, Helen Veeder, and Gary Goodman tried to laugh off their stage fright before the opening night of the senior play. December lu — Kathy Jackson. Carol Beattie, Jackie Kent, and Rawla Knight also helped decorate the library at Christmas time. December 11 — Richard Kirkeby added to the Christmas spirit by helping to decorate the library. December 12 — Connie McLean. Mar- lene Nazer, and Sharlene Moe led the snake dance before the football game. December 12 — Jim Conners. Pat Flynn. Bob Congdon. Rich Silzly, Bob Neilsen, Mick O'Leary. Barry Huot. and Dave Middleton posed before the snake dance left the school on its way to the stadium.December 18 — Santa Claus and his helper. Marlene Narer, gave gifts to Diana Gustafson at the GAA Christmas Party for little brothers and sisters. An every day scene in the cafeteria was Nellie Goforth. Pat Kordum. Irene Nazer, Dorothy Terkla, Norine Jessen, and Derry Schultz waiting in line for lunch. Kay Sletton. Carolyn Marcotte, Helen Veeder, and Beverly Carlascio decorated the Christmas tree on the third floor. After an assembly Carol Bubash sa( patiently with Elena Barnell . . . Char December 13 — Jimmy Wise and Ellen lotte Smollack, Deanna Bertsch, Dorothy Johnson enjoyed themselves at the Jour- Schulz. Bonnie Beck, and Marlene Bucholz nalism Sock Hop. left the Junior High.Rawla Knight. Kathy Jackson, Carol Beattie, and Jackie Kent looked at the new library books when they arrived. Karon Johnson. Sharon Harwood. Nancy Halverson, and Mary Lynn Preskar en joyod their lunch in the cafeteria. January 30 — Kathy Chor. Sharlene Moe, Sundra Wells. Marlene Nazer. Penny Cheek, and Connie McLean led a cheer at a basketball game. January 21 — Initiates performedJean Johnston, Dora Orrino, and Glenna Rowsey hold a buzz session about books during English class. John Driver must have said something to amuse Mary Lou Smollack before the band concert. The Ivy Leaguers, Ron Hernan, Dean Staton, and Dan Conklin, entertained at the Senior Reception. Marilou Burgess, Bob Logan, Bonnie Carlascio Darryl Eccleston, Peter Day, Lois Sokolich, Dave Eccleston, Bonnie Beck and Monty Okken warmed up at tumbling practice. Virginia Allen, Yvonne Parker and Mary Jean Gilbert enioyed hamburgers in the cafeteria.Tom tiefenthaler, Dave Summers, Dennis Adams. Bob Sneberger. and Dean Staton began another day of school. February 24 — Mr. Merley, Jean Johns- ton, Ron Sager, Nancy Simkins, and Frank Trask have a laugh together before settling down to rehearse "Oklahoma' Cook's helpers, Ray Nordgulen, Allen Whaley, and Dick Linzey try to steal some pie from the cook, Mrs. Stiles. Ray Kriskovich and Tom Rice laughed over a private joke when they were ..supposed to be studying. Band members got set to play at half- time during basketball season.George Martin, Bill McCleskey. Larry Harwood, and Aaron Bucholz devoured lunchroom food. Eleanor Howard, and Margaret Moore listened to Mr. Phares’ biology lecture, but Roger Hall looked as if his mind were on mischief. With Mr. Burchak's full approval, 'the band girls made paper airplanes for the concert number, "Goofin." Betty Drescher, Dora Orrino. Pat Cran- mer, Norine Jessen. Judy Murrish, Janice Hamel, and Carolyn Gates enjoyed a snack after serving at a teacher’s dinner. Students entered Anaconda high on a cold February day.J!m Thompson, John Jette, Roger Kujula, and Ron Sager exchange ideas on good books to read. The student body attends a pep assembly. John Wilkerson led students to an as- sembly at the Junior High School. The biology class is studying hard. Ski Team members who went to Whitefish were: Bill Martin, Paul Christenson, Bob Kunkel. NOT PICTURED: Brook Gifford, Phillip Ralston.One of the frequent visitors in the school. Darryl Eccleston and Gloria Nel- son laughed at the plight of Lorraine Ohman. The students enjoyed the signature party of '58.We wish to thank the following firms for their support. It is only through their help that we are able to give you this annual. We hope you will show your appreciation by patronizing them. 4 FULL PAGES— The Anaconda Company 6, 9, 57, 75 2 FULL PAGES— Intermountain Transportation 90, 89 I FULL PAGE— Anaconda Auto Dealers Association 33 Anaconda Dental Association................63 Anaconda Insurance Agency 64 Anaconda Mill and Smeltermen's Union .... 54 Anaconda Parent Teachers Association ..... 20 Anaconda Teachers Union 502 24 Butte, Anaconda Pacific Co. ............ 60 Carpenters' Union No. 88 28 Central Labor Council ... 98 Daly Bank and Trust Co.................... 45 Del-Ken Construction Company ............ 51 Electrician’s Union .................... 53 Eli Thomas .......................... 15 Finnegan Company 52 K-ANA 96 Montana Power Co.......................... 73 5 N Construction Company .............. 36 Sugrue Bottling Co........................ 87 Treasure State Sporting Goods .... 86 Washoe Amusement Co......... 13 Washoe Market 72 HALF PAGE— Anaconda Optometric Association .......... 40 Blattner's Plumbing ..................... .58 Ben H. Goodman Insurance 26 Coldwater's Shoe Store 58 Crncevich .............................. D D Shoe Mart........................... 50 Deer Lodge County Bar Association 50 Duval-Wallace Co. 40 Gimbie Lumber Co. .........................12 MacIntyre's Inc........................... 26 Orville's Food and Kelly's Counter 14 Ossello’s ................................ 14 J. C. Penny Co............................ 38 People's Finance Co., Loyal Johnson — Insurance 38 Thrifty’s Drug Store 12 QUARTER PAGE— Anaconda Bakery .32 Anaconda Builders Supply 65 Anaconda Drug Store 39 Anaconda Tin Shop 29 Art’s Super Save 29 Beck and Fisher 59 Blue Bird Book and Gift 32 B. P. O. E. 32 Brinton’s Shop .... 39 Brown's Auto Parts 65 Cedar Park Lanes 29 Central Meat Market 29 Central Motors Company 37 Christie's Flower Shop 76 City Drug Store 59 Collins Roofing and Sheet Metal Works 76 Community Creamery 59 Condor Cafe .............................. 66 Credit Bureau of Anaconda 65 Davis Jewelry 76 Dean’s News Stand 66 Dr. Fred E. Comstock 76 Dr. Claibourne P. Shonnard 85 Earl's Cleaner's ..... 16 Ed's Anode Cleaners ...... . 27 Ed's Radio and TV 69 Emil Marans 16 Fran's Cafe 30 Fraternal Order of Eagles 37 Gamble's Hardware 30 Golden West Dairy 37 Herbolich Grocery 37 Hotel and Restaurant Employees’ Union No. 509 30 Hoyal’s Jewelry 16 International Union of Operating Engineers . 30 Ivankovich Grocery 34 Jackson Studio . ... 34 Keig's Ready-To-Wear ..... 34 Kerns Grocery 39 Knight Dahood, Law Offices 34 Lake Finance Company 39 Larson's Market . 27 Main Street Grocery ... 31 Marchion’s Hardware 32 Marie's Shop .............................. 27 McLean Motor Supply .... 27 Monahan's Cleaners (Sta-Nu) 31 Montana State Hospital Employees Local 205 69 Murphy Paint Glass Store 31 J. P. Murphy's Market 69 Park Cafe ............................... 16 Parkway Grocery 35 Phillip’s Sheet Metal 59 Plumb's Furniture and Appliance 31 Purity Dairy 35 Ravon Cleaner’s 35 Roach Smith's 35 Roberts Jewelry ....... 65 Rosenberg Furniture 66 Schwartz Department Store 66 Schmidt Plumbing Co. . 69 Shirley's Market ............. 70 Smelter City Shoe Shop 70 Staggs Furniture Store 79 Thompson's 70 Thompson’s Rambler Sales 79 Trailer Mart and Anaconda Insurance Agency 70 F. W. Woolworth Co. 79 Williams Camera Shop 79 

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