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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1957 volume:

Published by the Annual Staff of Anaconda High School Anaconda, Montana THE BIG STACK 1951 Vol. XLIIITable of Contents Foreword Dedication Administration Seniors Underclassmen Organizations and Activities Spons Sponsors Sponsored by Anaconda Company PAGE 3 5 7 17 43 51 71 86Dedication We, the Senior Class are dedicating the 1957 Big Stack to Our Parents. As we have journeyed through our school years they have given us unselfish guid- ance and attention, they have shared our troubles and lead us through with victory, they've also shared our happy hours with love and understanding. To them we say a sincere "Thanks." Pat Keenan, Mrs. Glen Einfeldt, Clyde Eccleston-chairman, John Petelin, and Charles O'Neil. School Board Sponsored by BUTTE, ANACONDA PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY 8Mr. James Gardner Superintendent I am very happy to write this message, my first, to the students of the Anaconda High School. It was my privilege and pleasure to be the fac- ulty sponsor for the Big Stack for fifteen years. They were happy years. We were all more than busy. We were beside ourselves with feverish activity. We tried to enter every creative writing contest-poetry and prose. They entered every speech contest. The Copper Glow and Big Stack entered every contest, state and national. It was all terrifically exciting for me, for the students, for the school and for the parents. I mention this for one big reason. It is this truth about teaching: Unless you get the students wonder- fully excited about their subject matter and their school activities you will do them no good. I learned this from the students that were here Just a few years before you: Keep busy; be active; get genuinely concerned with something vital in school life. To use a modem phrase: Get deeply "Shook" about learning and it •will shake your whole family tree. J. E. Gardner Mr. Mike O’Leary Principal America must have a citizenry that explores more and more the depths and breadths of past and present knowledge to discover wisdom for the future. Man's growth never ceases and out of his quest for deeper and fuller understanding of himself and his neighbors comes hope for the world. Education should be a continuing and lifetime process, one should never consider his education com- pleted. May your future be a happy and prosperous one. M. F. O'Leary 9 Sponsored by Washoe Amusement CompanyF. O. BROWN BA. Mechanical Drawing ROYAL BARNELL BA. English-Speech-Drama Key Club Thespians JANE BAIER BA. GAA. JAY BURCHAK BA., M.M. Music Instructor JOHN CHEEK BA. Boys Physical Education Basketball Coach "A Club Sponsored by Anaconda Teachers' Union 502 10Sponsored by ANACONDA TEACHERS' UNION 11AL MURRAY B.A..M.E. Chemistry Geometry Assistant Coach Chemistry Club MARJORIE MASEK B.A. Spanish English Spanish Club ARTHUR MUNSON B.A. Physical Sciences HELEN NELSON B.A. English Journalism Quill and Scroll Copper Glow and Big Stack Sponsored by PRECISION ELECTRONICS 12■ EARL PHARES ■ 3 — WILLIAM SAG IN B.A., M.A. Sociology-History-Guidance JOAN STOKAN B.S. Home making F. H. A.-Pep Club BEN TYVAND B.A. History-Football Coach "A" Club Sponsored by DALY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 13Student Teachers FIRST ROW: Kay Tyler, Lura Anderson. SECOND ROW: Carl Stetzner, Larry Johnson. NOT PICTURED: Jerome To- ner Sponsored by BEN H. GOODMAN INSURANCE AGENCY CITY TRANSFER CENTRAL MEAT MARKET DEL'S APPLIANCE AND SERVICE 14It’s a Mighty Big Job! HUGH CAMPBELL Junior High Principal HERB SWANSON Clerk JANETTE SHIPMAN Junior High Secretary MARILYN GATES Senior High Secretary CAROLYN STANLEY District 10 Secretary 15 Sponsored by PARK MOTOR COMPANY J. C. PENNEY COMPANYThey Keep Our School Clean and in Good Running Condition LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Gladys Kelly, Engineer Edwin Ekstrom, Mrs. Celia Kantack and Mrs. Ruth Strizich. They Prepare and Serve Us Good Hot Meals LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Mary Jacket, Director Mrs. Margaret Mogus, and Mrs. Nellie Schuch. Sponsored by BLATTNER PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY IVANKOVICH GROCERY MONAHAN'S STAR CLEANERS MARCHION HARDWARE COMPANY 16Senior Class Officers President—Leon Walters Vice President—Richard Maxwell Secretary—Karen Ferkin STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Gary Beck The Class of ”57” Who put the "pep" in the school this year? Who made the teachers exhausted here? Who were the Seniors with empty heads Who made the teachers wish they were dead? Why the Class of "57”. Who were the smart intelligent ones? Who never their homework would shun? Who stuck together through thick and thin? Who knew the teachers would never win? Why the Class of "57". Who—in spite of all our complaints— Really didn’t want the teachers to faint When in a test we’d get good marks. Who will be driving gold plated cars? Why the Class of ”57". Who will our future presidents be? Who will have the city key? Who will be millionaires some day? Who will be very proud to say WE WERE THE CLASS OF ”57”I by LEANNA STOHR 8f ( DOROTHY ANDERSON Torch 9; Safety Patrol 9; Chorus 9,10,11, Pres. 12; Senior Ensemble; "Pickles" 10; "On Top of Old Smoky" 12; FHA 9,12; Pep Club 9, 10,11,12; Quill and Scroll 12; Copper Glow 12; Big Stack Editor. SHARLENE ANTONICH "Charlie" Chorus 9; Student Council 11; Twirling 9,10,11, Head Majorette 12. GARY BECK Basketball 9; Torch 9; Safety Patrol 9; Key Club 10; Track 10,11; Football 10,11,12; A Club 12; Stu- dent Council Pres. 12; Kids' Day Mayor 12. BARBARA BLASKOVICH "Barb" DAR Award 9; Torch 9; Stu- dent Council 9; Girls' Cham- pion Basketball Team 10; Short Hand Award 11; Mar- gie in "Fog Island" 11; Thespians 11, 12; Chemistry Club 12; Sweater Club 12; Usherette 12; GAA 9,10,11, 12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Flag Twirler 9,10,11,12; National Honor Society. HARRY BRENTON Band 9,10,11,12. HELEN BONNER TODD "Cookie" Twirling 9,10. Sponsored by: COLD ATER'S SHOE STORE FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLESEVELYN BUCHOLZ "Evie" Alternate to Girls' State 11; Jr. class sec. 11; Senior Ensemble 12; Girls' basketball champs 9, 10; Cheerleader 9, 11, 12; Chorus 9, 10, 11, publicity mgr. 12; GAA 9, 10, 11, point sec., 12; Student Council 10, 12; Copper Glow 11, editor 12; Quill and Scroll 11, 12; Sweater Club 11, 12. National Honor Society. MARY LYNN CHAMBERS GAA 9. 7 L ROSEMARY CHOR French Club 10, 11; FHA 12. Sponsored by: INTERMOUNTAIN TRANSPORTATION COMPANYKENNETH CLAWSON "Claws " A Club 12; Football 12; Chorus 9, 10; Track 10, 11, 12. JOAN LEE FORSMAN FHA 12; Pep Club 12. GARY CHRISTIE "Senator" Chorus 10; Football 11; Basketball 11; Track 11; "The Big Blow Up" 11; Key Club 12; Baseball 9,10; Student Council 9, 10; Band 10, 11, 12. JOHN EVERETT DENTON "Joe" Chemistry Club 12; Spanish Club 9, 10; Ski Team 11, 12; A Club 11, 12. MARGARET ANN CLARK HEWITT "Lea" French Club 10, 11; Big Stack 11, 12; Copper Glow 11, 12. NANCY COVERDALE "Nan" 'Tog Island" 11; Chemistry Club 12; Band 9, 10; Span- ish Club 9,10, Sec. 11; GAA 9, 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Thespians 11, 12. KAREN FERKIN "Perky" Girls' State 11; Aerial dart champs 11; Junior Classical League 12; Senior Ensemble 12; Chemistry Club 12; Usher- ette 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; GAA 9, 10, 11, 12; Chor- us 9, 11, 12; Student Council 10, 12. All-Northwest Chorus 12; National Honor Society. WILLIAM GEARY "Bill" Football 11, 12; A Club 11, 12. Sponsored by: DENTON'S BOAT HOUSEDUANE HARRIS "Harri" Basketball 11, 12; Track 11, 12; A Club 11, 12. LORRAINE HOLO "Lo Lo" Student Council, V.P. 9; Torch 9; Chorus 9; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, Sec. 12; GAA 10, 11, 12; Big Stack 12; Tumb- ling 9, 10, 11; Twirling 9, 10, 11; Copper Glow 12; Cheerleader 12. ARTHUR WILLIAM HARDING "Art" Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Foot- ball 9, 10, Mgr. 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10, Mgr. 11, 12; A Club 10, 11, 12. LYLE HAVENS Basketball 9; Track 9; Foot- ball 9, 10, 11, 12; A Club 12. GLORIA HARMON Torch, Art Ed. 9; Art Aware 11; Copper Glow 12; Big Stack 12. DONALD HETHERINGTON "Hezzie " Key Club 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 12; Chorus 11; 'Tog Island" 11; Thespians 11, 12; Chemistry Club 12. RICHARD HARRIS "Dick" Basketball 9, 10, 12. DOROTHY HUFFMAN Chess Club 11; Pep Club 11, Treas. 12; Chemistry Club 12. Sponsored by: DUVAL-WALLACE HARDWARE COMPANYROBERT HURLEY "Hurls" Basketball B squad 9, A squad 10, state forward 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; Track 10,11,12; A Club 10,11,12. BONNYEJACOBS Pep Club 10; Student Coun- cil 11; FHA 11, Sec. 12; Spanish Club 12. KAREN KELLY Student Council Sec. 9; ''Pickles" 10; B squad cheerleader 9; Chorus 9, 10,11, V.P. 12, accomp- anist 12; Senior Ensemble accompanist 12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Thespians 9, 11,12; Chemistry Club 12; Award in Leadership Con- test 12; Coppei Glow 12; Big Stack 12. National Honor Society. JUDY JOHNSON Chorus 9; Copper Glow 12; Big Stack 12. BERNICE JACKSON "Nursie Jackson" Torch 9; Student Council 9, 12, "Pickles" orchestra 9; Pep Club 11, 12; Chemistry Club 12; Basketball champs 10; Brass Ensemble 9, 10, 11, 12; Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12; Band 9. 10, 11. ALEX JOHNSON "Axel" Jr. Sportsman Rifle Club Pres. 9, 10; Student Coun- cil 11, 12; Band 9, 10, 11, 12. ONNOLEE KEIJLEGHER "Bubbles" Spanish Club 9, 10; Band 9, 10, 11, Sec. I9. MARY KEMPER Twirling 9, 10, 11, 12; French Club 10. Sponsored by: ORVILLE S FOOD KELLY’S COUNTERJOYCE KENFIELD "Joycee" Chorus 9, 10; Twirling 9, 10; GAA 10, 11, 12; FHA 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Torch 9. ELIZABETH KENT "Liz" Chorus 9; Spanish Club 11, 12; GAA 10, 11, 12; FHA 9, 10, 11, Pres. 12; Pep Club 11, 12; Wild Life Essay Con- test, Local Second Place, National Honorable Mention; Hazel in 'Tog Island" 11; Thespians 11, 12; Student Council 9;National Honor Society. BARBARA LESCANTZ Chorus 10, 11, 12; GAA 10, 11; Operetta "Pickles" 10; Student Council 9. LORENE LIEURANCE Chorus 10; GAA 10,11,12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Civil Defense Essay, Local First; Operetta 'Tickles" 10; Usherette 12; Aerial Darts Champion 12. SAM MARSELLO Football 9, 10, 1J 12; A Club 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9. . JO ANN MARINKOVICH "Jo" Chorus 9, 10, "Pickles" 10; ARLENE LUCIER Cheerleader 12; Pep Club "Chuck" Pres. 12; GAA 10, 11, 12; Student Council 12; Badmin- ton Champion 11; Aerial Darts Champion 12. BARBARA MATELICH "Barb" Chorus 10; Spanish Club 11, 12; GAA 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, Treas. 12; Pres, of Spanish Club 12; Student Council 9, 12; Aerial Darts Champion 12. Sponsored by: INTERMOUNTAIN TRANSPORTATION COMPANYALICE McCROSKEY Band 9,10; Spanish Club 9, 10; Pep Club 11; 12; GAA 10,11,12; Thespian 11,12; Torch 9; Student Council 11; Johannain "Fog Island." RICHARD MAXWELL "Max" Football 10, 11, 12; A Club 9, 10, 11 V.P. 12; Track 11, 12; Band 9, 11; Torch 9; Ski Team 9, 10, 11; Ski Club 11; Honorable Mention in All State football 11; V.P. of Senior Class 12; V.P. of Student Council 12; Key- Club 10. PATRICIA Me ANDREWS "Patsy" Farewell Address at Grad- uation 9; Band 9,10; Orchestra 10; GAA 9,10, 11; "Fog Island" 11. george McDonald DELORIA MOONEY "Dee" Transfer from Tennessee 10; Chorus 10; GAA 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; "Pickles" 10. ROBERT MILLER "Bert" JACK MILLET Football 11, 12; A Club 11, 12; Boy's State 11; Basketball 9, 11, 12; Track 11; Chem- istry Club 12; National Honor Society. PHYLLIS MOSTAD "Phyl" GAA 10, 11; Pep Club 10,11. Sponsored by: MONTANA POWER COMPANYMYRNA OHMAN Torch; Student Council 9, 11 Chorus 9, 10; Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10 11, 12; GAA 9. pt. sec. 10, treas. 11, pres 12; Sweater Club 12; Usherette 12; 2nd. Place Elk's Leadership Con- test 12; FHA 12. ELLEN OLAND "Sadie" Twirling 9, 10, 11; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; GAA 9, 10, 11, 12; Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12; Torch; Mrs. Williams in 'Tog Island" 11; Thespians 11, 12; Senior Ensemble 12; Big Stack Staff 12. DAVID PETERSON "Peterson" MARJORIE ANN REID "Margie" Band 9, 10; Pep Club 11, 12. Sponsored by: OLAND SHOE STORE KEIG'S LOG CABIN MOTEL JOE MARCILLE'S DAVID PHELPS "Phelps" Chorus 9; FFA 9, 10; Band 9, 10; Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10; Student Coun cil 11, 12; Key Club 10, 11, 12; A. Club 11, 12. GENE PETERSON "Monk" Track 11, 12; Football Mgr. 12; A Club 12; Jr. Classical League 12. JOHN POSTON "Postie" Key Club 12; Chemistry Club 12. DAROLD ROLLMAN Safety Patrol 9, Key Club 12.ANNA JOY ROSEBOROUCH "Anna" Student Council 9; French Club 10, 11. EDWARD SAGER "Buddy" Dance Band 9, 10, 11; A Club 10, 11, 12; Ski Team 10; Ski Club 10, 11; Elk's Youth Leadership Award 11; Mixed Chorus 12. SONJA SANNE GAA 9,10,11,12; Student Council 9,10,11, Sec. 12; Mixed Chorus 9, 11, 12; "June" in Pickles 10; Pep Club 10,12; Girl's State 11; Thespians 11, 12; Aerial Dart Champions 11; Spanish Club 12; Senior Ensemble 12; All-North- west Chorus 12; National Honor Society. DONNA LEE SCANLON "D.L." Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12 GAA 9, 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Torch Chorus 9, 10, 11; Student Council 11; Usherette 12; Sweater Club 12. STEPHEN SHELBY Sheriff in "Fog Island" 11; Debate Team 12; Pep Club 12. HAROLD SILZLY Basketball 9, 10; Football 10, 11, 12; Track 11, 12; A Club 11, 12; Key Club 12; Chemistry Club 12. Sponsored by: ANACONDA SERVICE DEALER'S ASSOC.EDWARD SOKOLICH "Soke" Chorus 9; Band 9,10; 11; School dance band 9, 10, 11; All State saxophone solo, 9, 11. DAVID SNOW "Hank" Football 9, 10. LEANNA STOHR "Lee" Editor Torch 9; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12; Ilona in "Pickles" 10; GAA 10, Asst, point sec. 11, V.P. 12; Student Council 11; Priscilla in "Fog Island" 11; Alternate to Girls' State 11; 2nd place in Elk's Leader- ship contest 11; 2nd place American Legion Oratorical 11; Thespian Club 11, 12; Head usherette 12; Sweater Club 12; Chemistry Club 12; Aqua Team 12; Debate Team 12; Senior Ensemble 12. TOBY SHRAUGHER Sue in "Dance With Our Miss Brooks" 10, Senior Ensemble 12; "On Top of Old Smokey" 12; Copper Glow 12; Quill and Scroll 12; Assistant ed- itor of Big Stack 12; Chess Club 12; GAA 9, 10; Pep Club 9, 10; Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12. ROSE SHARON SPRAYCAR "Spraks" Torch 9; Safety Patrol 9; B squad cheerleader 9; Twirler 9,10; Pen Club 9,10,11,12; GAA 9,10,11,12; Student Council 9; Ping pong champs 11; Bowling Club 10,11; Shorthand award 11; Usherette 12; Sweater Club sec. 12; Copper Glow 12; Big Stack 12.. PATRICK SULLIVAN "Sully" Football 10, 11, 12; Basket- ball 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; A Club 11, Pres. 12. EDWARD SWANSON Student Council Pres. 9, 10,11; Key Club 10,11, 12; Pres. Junior Class 11; Boy's State 11; Thespians 11,12; Chemistry Club 12; National Honor So- ciety. Sponsored by: SULLIVAN FRANK SUPER ICE CREAM STORE MARGARET ANN SYLVESTER "Marg" B Squad Cheerleader 9; Twirling 9,10,11; Girl's Basketball Champs 10; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; GAA 10,11,12; Short- hand Awards 11.ELLEN TALBOTT Chorus 9,10,11,12; 'Pickles 10; Pep Club 11, 12; Chess Club 11, 12; "On Top of Old Smokey" 12. PIERRE TESSON •Teet" Football 9; Basketball 9; Chorus 9,12; Spanish Club " 10,11; Pep Club 12; Key Club 10,11,12; Big Stack Staff 12; Copper Glow Staff 12; "On Top of Old Smokey' 12. ELVA THOMAS "Elvie" Band 9,10,11; Spanish Club 9,10; Student Coun- cil 9, Torch; GAA 9,10; National Honor Society. WILLIAM THOMPSON "Billy" Student Council 9; Chorus 9,10,11,12; "On Top of Old Smokey" 12. DELORES ULSTAD "Dee" Chorus accompanist 9, 10,11, Sec. Trcas. 12; Big Stack Staff Business Manager 12; GAA 9,10, 11,12; Sweater Club Pres. 12; Copper Glow 12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Basketball Champs 10; Usherette 12; Torch; Senior Ensemble 12; Quill and Scroll 12; "Pickles" 10; "On Top of Old Smokey" 12. DANNY TRBOVICH Bowling Club Pres. 11 Basketball 10. LARRY TUCKER "Tuck" Tcrch; Band 9,10,11,12; Thespians 12; Chorus 9,12; B Squad Basketball 10; "Fog Island" 11; Orchestra 9, 10, 11,12; Northwest Band 12; National Honor Society. PATRICIA VANISKO "Pat" Pep Club 12; Twirling 9, 10. Sponsored by: THOMPSON'S BRINTON'S SHOP EDMOND VIOLETTE "Butch" Basketball 9, 10, 11; Foot- ball 10; Chorus 12. CLYDIE ANN WALTER "Clyd" Twirling 9, 10, 11, 12; GAA 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10; Aerial Darts Champs 12. SHIRLEY VERLANIC Torch 9; Chorus 10; 'Pickles" 10; National Honor Society. SHARON WISE Twirling 9; All Star Volley- ball Team 10; Aerial Darts Champs. 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; CAA 10, 11, 12; Copper Glow 12; Big Stack 12. Sponsored by: WOOLWORTH COMPANY BERT'S FRIENDLY SERVICE CITY DRUG STORE COPPER CITY BOWLING CENTERAwards D. A. R. Leadership Award Sonja Sanne Elk’s Leadership Award, First Place D. A. R. History Award Jack Millett Boy and Girl Staters SEATED Left to Right: Leanna Stohr, Karen Ferkin, Sonja Sanne, Evelyn Bucholz. STANDING: Jack Millett, Ed Swanson. Elk’s Leadership Award, First Place Leanna Stohr Betty Crocker Award Karen Ferkin Sponsored by: BECK AND FISHER MURPHY PAINT AND GLASSFIRST ROW: Joyce Kenfield, Bonnye Jacobs, Deloria Mooney, Dorothy Huffman, Alice McCrosky, Dorothy Anderson, Delores Ulstad, Onnalee Kellegher. SECOND ROW: Sharlene Antonich, Shirley Verlanic, Barbara Lescantz, Helen Bonner Todd, Bernice Jackson, Donna Scanlon, Gloria Harmon, Patricia Vanisko. THIRD ROW: Mary Lynn Chambers, Margaret Ann Clark Hewitt, Ellen Oland, Evelyn Bucholz, Karen Kelly, Judy Johnson, Elva Thomas. FOURTH ROW: Mar- garet Ann Sylvester, Joan Lee Forsman, Lorene Lieurance, Mary Kempter, Rosemary Chor, Ellen Talbott, Toby Shrauger, Karen Ferkin. FIFTH ROW: Arlene Lucier, Elizabeth Kent, Clydie Ann Walter, Lorraine Holo, Sonja Sanne, JoAnn Marinkovich, Loretta Schoepp, Sharon Wise, Judy Verlanic. SIXTH ROW: Anna Joy Rosenborough, Nancy Coverdale, Sharon Spraycar, Leanna Stohr, Phyllis Mostad, Myrna Ohman, Barbara Blaskovich, Barbara Matelich, Margie Reid.FIRST ROW: Dick Harris, Hairy Brenton, Pierre Tcsson, Gary Beck, Ri td eux'tls I’JZn Ed S ko hJ R eTMrner Stephen Shelby E TTimD ROW: Art Harding, Zane Shanldin, Weaver K n Clawson, Leon Walters, Harold Silzly, Lyle Havens. FOURTH row! m D?“ Tlbovich Gene Petetson‘ FIFTH ROW: Jack MiUet’ WallaCC BryaD’ Larry Tucker, Darold RoUman, Bob Hurley, Pat Sullivan, Duane Harris, George McDonald.Coppy and Heada Went to the Senior Reception and Grid-Iron Seniors honor faculty and superintendent at reception FIRST ROW: Rich Maxwell, Ed Sager, Duane Harris, Sam Marsillo. SECOND ROW: Ken Cadiuex, Leon Walters, Dave Phelps, Ken Clawson singing Sixteen Tons. Mello Tenns FIRST ROW: Evelyn Bucholz, Karen Kelly. SECOND ROW: Leanna Stohr, Ellen Oland, Delores Ulstad, Dorothy Anderson sang "The House of Blue Lights," "Green Doors," and "Noah" Harold Silzly, Barbara Blaskovich, Miss Baier, and Ben Tyvand crowned at the Grid-iron by Myma Ohman. Grand March-led by Myma Ohman, Jim Walsh, Leanna Stohr, Stanley Bosch, Evelyn Bucholz, Ed Violet, Louise DeAngelp, Rich Maxwell. More kids participating in the grand march. Decorations and costumes were clever. Sponsored by: ANACONDA OPTO METRICAL ASSOCIATION EMIL MARANS LADIES APPAREL SHOPCoppy and Heada Watched the Students Work and Study Genius at work. 35 What's cookin'They Also Played and Laughed With Them The substitute cheerleaders did all right. Cheerleading tryouts. The Halloween spooks didn't scare this gang much. 36 The teachers in disguise.History of the Class of ’57 We entered, as freshmen 184 strong and 95 of us survived to graduate May 28, 1957 at 8:00 P.M. We were an active class participating in many activities. With Leanna Stohr as editor, Evelyn Bucholz and Dorothy Anderson assistant editors, we were the last class to publish a Torch for the Junior High. B Squad cheer- leaders, Dorothy Schmidt, Sharon Spraycar, Margaret Sylvester, Karen Kelly, and Evelyn Bucholz helped urge both the B Squad and Freshman teams to victory. Student Council officers were Ed Swanson-president, Sharon Spraycar-vice president, and Karen Kelly-secretary. Under the leadership of Art Sorum-chief, Ed Sokolich-asst. chief, and Evelyn Bucholz-secretary, the fifteen members of the Safety Patrol kept order in the halls and directed traffic on the streets. Winning awards were: Barbara Blaskovich, D.A.R. history award; Patsy McAndrews, Mem- orial Day speaker; and Patsy McAndrews-first, Gene Harris-second, and Ed Swanson-third, Labor Day essays. During our Sophomore year we attended half-day sessions at the Junior High while the Senior High School was being constructed. Our class officers were Larry Tucker-president, Sam Marsillo-vice-president, and Karen Kel- ly-secretary. The big event of that year was the operetta "Pickles" in which Leanna Stohr and Sonja Sanne had leading roles and many other class members had supporting parts. As Juniors we helped initiate the new school. Class officers were Ed Swanson-president, Rich Maxwell-vice- president, and Evelyn Bucholz-secretary. In sports competition Bob Hurley was chosen for first-string all state basketball team and Rich Maxwell was on the second team for all state football. Evelyn Bucholz was the only junior to be a cheerleader. Our Junior Prom whose theme was "Showboat" was a huge success and we reinstated the traditional election of a king GarTett Wolverton and queens Carolyn Thomas and Noreen O'Leary. Ellen Oland, Ed Swanson, Larry Tucker, and Leanna Stohr had the leads in the play "Fog Island". That spring nine juniorboys participated in track, Art Harding, Leon Walters, Rich Maxwell, and Pat Sullivan earned their flying "A"'s. Le- anna Stohr won the American Legion Oratorical Contest and was the only junior to participate in debate. Leanna Stohr and Ed Sager came in second in the Elk's Leadership Contest. Representatives chosen for Girls' State were Sonja Sanne and Karen Ferkin, alternates were Evelyn Bucholz and Leanna Stohr. Boys’ Staters were Jack Millet and Ed Swanson. Climaxing the year for the band members was their trip to Portland for the Rose Festival. We started our senior year off well by taking over the city government on Kids' Day. Gary Beck was mayor; Dan Trbovich, police judge; Leanna Stohr, city clerk; Rich Maxwell, police chief; Bernice Jackson, Duane Harris, Ken Cadieux, Steve Shelby, Dave Phelps, and Alice McCrosky, aldermen. Class officers were Leon Walt- ters-president, Rich Maxwell-vice-president, and Karen Ferkin-secretary. Student Council officers were Gary Beck-president, Rich Maxwell-vice -president, and Sonja Sanne-secretary. Since it was an election year we cam- paigned for our own candidates and after the elections even made a trip to Helena to lobby the right of 18 year olds to vote. All of our clubs were active this year. The Pep Club bought distinctive sweaters; the Key Club helped put up street signs; FHA sponsored a most successful Nite Club Dance; GAA sponsored Gridiron and Sadie Hawkins; Sweater Club sold Copperhead booster buttons; two new clubs, the Junior Classical League and the So- cial Problems Club, were organized and the Quill and Scroll reactivated. On April 28 and 29 the chorus staged the operetta "On Top of Old Smoky" with Sonja Sanne, Leanna Stohr, Dorothy Anderson, Pierre Tesson, Larry Tucker, and Ed Sager having lead roles supported by many other seniors. Sonja Sanne, Karen Ferkin, and Larry Tucker were chosen to be a part of the All-Northwest Chorus and Band in Boise, Idaho. Winner of the Betty Crock- er Award was Karen Ferkin. In the Elks' Leadership Awards, Leanna Stohr had first, Rich Maxwell second, and Myrna Ohman third. In sports Dave Phelps, Rich Maxwell, Gary Beck, Sam Marcello, Leon Walters, Ken Claw- son, Lyle Havens, Jack Millet, Harold Silzly, Pat Sullivan, and Ken Cadieux were on the football team and the two that got honorable mention for the all-state football team were Rich Maxwell and Ken Cadieux. Senior members on the basketball squad were Bob Hurley, Pat Sullivan, Ken Cadieux, and Duane Harris with Bob Hurley making the first string all-state team. Cheerleaders Evelyn Bucholz, JoAnn Marinkovich, and Lorraine Holo led an enthusiastic student body in firing the basketball squad to survive a "sudden death" and come from behind as a top team in the state tournament in Butte. Throughout our high school years Mr. Bamell, Mr. Phares, Miss Papez, Miss Stoken, and Miss Durkin helped and guided us at all our activities as one of the most energetic and busy classes to graduate from A. H. S. 37Class Prophecy Out of curiosity Coppa and Heada took a peek into the future and in 1977 found: DOROTHY ANDERSON attending the graduation exercises of her twin sons: Delicate SHARLENE AN- TONICH upon her toes performing for the first time as Miss Balerinia in "Swan LakeSTAN - LEY BEAUDETTE is seen driving a very large truck or bus with many children, could it be a school bus? GARY BECK still picking over the field but he just can't seem to find a true love; BARBARA BLASKOVICH is seen vigorously working with a strangely shaped test tube. What could it be that she is so excited about? Mrs. HELEN BONNER TODD is sitting back to take a well earned rest now that all her children are grown and on their own; That cheerful personal- ity. HARRY BRINTON, is president of Kiwanis now; WALLY BRYAN is painting a very huge building red, could it be a "red" barn that he is painting for his million dollar live stock? ARTIE BUCHOLZ a Sergeant, finally telling someone else what to do; EVELYN BUCHOLZ'S future has been sparkling and happy. She is seen alongside her one and only watching the first grandson take his first steps; KENNY CADIEUX is a coach vigorously working out his team for another winning year; JOAN CAMPBELL LASLOVICH is finally moving into her modernistic home of all glass (Gee. Joanie a lot of windows to wash); MARY LYNN CHAMBERS is teaching Miss McGuire’s Social Studies class in the Junior High School; GARY CHANDLER is now a forest ranger so he can spend all his time out of doors; ROSEMARY CHOR is making listening to others tell their troubles pay. because she is a social worker; GARY CHRISTIE has done well because his sparkling personality goes over well on T.V.; MARGARET ANN CLARK is seen traveling around the country with a long, long trailer connected to her pink Cadillac; KEN CLAWSON is seen in Atham Stadium appearing as Big Moose the famous wrestler; NANCY COVERDALE is giving her second grade class a very difficult lesson (Nancy, they are only second graders); JOHN DENTON is now renting boats and cabins of his own to others at his beautiful Sunset Re- sort; KAREN FERKIN, Dean of Women at Vassar was among the top ten personalities of the year 1977; JOAN LEE FORSMAN is found in a large city among a crowd. What she is doing there is very blurry, but we think she's taking her Civics class on a field trip; BILL GEARY is now con- structing his own ranch style home; ART HARDING is now die manager of his own professional team, I can't tell you what sport because it is beyond our sight; GLORIA HARMON is painting a mural for the new hotel which has been completed in Anaconda; DUANE HARRIS is working on the railroad all the live long night; RICHARD HARRIS is seen as foreman of zinc plant at the smelter; As a hobby, LYLE HAVENS is seen raising prize Leghorn Chickens but he is really a cattle rancher; DON HETHERINGTON is seen teaching a class of seniors (English Class); LOR- RAINE HOLO is alongside Billy trying to help little Billy with his geometry; DOROTHY HUFF- MAN is teaching a bunch of little ruffians in reform school; BOB HURLEY is playing professional basketball for a well known team; BERNICE JACKSON is dressed in white helping the poor and the sick; BONNYE JACOBS is teaching children in the first grade; ALEX JOHNSON is now di- recting his own well known Jazz Razz band; Sweet and well liked JUDY JOHNSON is now teaching grade school children; ON NOLEE KELLEGHER and Don Pierce are celebrating their 20th anniversary; KAREN KELLY is head nurse at the Memorial Hospital; Directing her own baton corps is MARY KEMPER; Uttle JOYCE KENFIELD is a "Private" secretary for the Anacon- da Company President; ELIZABETH KENT is a dietitian at Montana State College. (Do they S8still complain about the meals?) BARBARA LESCANTZ is adventuring into dark, dark, Africa; Stationed in Germany, LORENE LIEURANCE is a stenographer for the F. B. L; ARLENE LUCIER is now married and has five children; JO ANN MARINKOV1CH is comfortably settled in New York mansion. How and why? Cause her husband is bank president; Now running a very beau- tiful green house is SAM MARSILLO; BARBARA MATELIGH is teaching elementary school. Gee. it looks like she is pulling her hair; RICHARD MAXWELL, a psychiatrist, is dressed in white and someone is lying on a couch and it looks like ALICE McCROSKY is die one on the couch, she must still be having troubles; GEORGE MCDONALD is plowing 2.000 acres of land while ROBERT MILLER is raising 450 Plymouth Rocks (chickens); JACK MILLET is attending reunion day celebrations at Notre Dame; DELORIA MOONEY is found writing Jazz-a-Razz hit songs; PHYLLIS MOSTAD is rocking the baby to sleep to her favorite song, "Rock a Bye, Baby"; MYRNA OHMAN is modeling clothes for a New York firm; ELLEN OLAND'S future is very hazy, she seems to have tried several different things but likes marriage best; DAVID PETERSON is a switchman for the BAP; working in Thrifty's, GENE PETERSON is now writing prescriptions for the ill; DAVID PHELPS is seen fit- ting shoes in the shop he owns; JOHN POSTON is a prominent lawyer defending himself for the crime of Peaching!; MARJORIE REID is a registered nurse at St. Ann’s Hospital; DAROLD ROLLMAN is a game warden; ANNA JOY ROSENBOROUGH is a teacher at Montana State Col- lege; as an engineer, DAVID SNOW takes the train to Butte every day; ED SAGER owns his own auto parts and repair shop; SONJA SANNE is starring at the Metropolitan Opera House; DONNA LEE SCANLON is a waitress at the Montana Hotel; LORETTA SCHOEPP has taken over for Miss MacDonell in sophomore English; ZANE SHANKLIN is head mechanic in Ed Sager's shop; Senator STEPHEN SHELBY is returning for his third term in Congress; HAROLD SILZLEY has decided to make the Air Force his career; TOBY SHRAUGER is seen as a society reporter for the Great Falls Tribune; ED SOKOLICH is riding bucking broncs as a hobby, and racing thoroughbreds in Belmont; SHARON SPRAYCAR and Jim are living on the Marine base in Sacra- mento, California; Who's playing vollyball with the other co-ed-physical education teachers? Why it's LEANNA STOHR, Anaconda's girls P. E. coach; PAT SULLIVAN is assistant coach at U.C.L.A.; ED SWANSON has been given an honorary degree from Harvard in recognition of his work as a scientist; MARGARET SYLVESTER is watching her son play on the winning basketball team; ELLEN TAIBOTT is teaching English in Miss MacDonell's place; Governor PIERRE TES- SON is going to run for president; ELVA THOMAS and DANNY TRBOVICH are happily married and living in Beverly Hills, where he is a sound engineer for R.K.O.; BILL THOMPSON is now manager of White's Auto Association; LARRY TUCKER, senator is a successful politican; DE- LORES ULSTAD is teaching shorthand at Butte Business College; PATSY VANISKO and her hus- band are planning a vacation trip to Europe; JUDY VERLANIC is getting her daughter ready for college; SHIRLEY VERLANIC is hoping her son will go on to college; ED VIOLETTE is city re- creational director; CLYDIE ANN WALTER is still a lookin'; LEON WALTERS is manager of Safeway; BILL WARD'S future is fuzzy, but I think he's rocking a baby to sleep; RONNIE WEA- VER has taken Harry James place as die hottest trumpet player in New York; SHARON WISE is happily keeping house and raising a family and she says time just seems to fly by. S9The Class Wills To the Underclassmen. DOROTHY ANDERSON her Big Stack problems to Bonnie Trerise; SHARLENE ANTONICH Head Majorette to Betty Jane Carlascio; STANLEY BEAUDETTE his mature outlook on life to Glen Thurow; GARY BECK his cafe- teria dishwashing job to Ivan DeMarois; BARBARA BLASKOVICH all the sophomore boys back to the sophomore girls; HELEN BONNER TODD her happy days in AHS to the underclassmen; HARRY BRENTON his trick knee to Margie Lyon; WALLACE BRYAN his English days to someone who will enjoy them; ART BUCHOLZ his curly blond hair to Don Stuber; EVELYN BUCHOLZ her two striper to Dixie Wise; KEN CADIEUX his sweaters, shirts, and California's steaks to Bill Smith; JOAN CAMPBELL LASLAVICH her married status to Phyllis Campbell; MARY LYNN CHAMBERS her good nature and fun loving ways to Marlene Francisco; GARY CHANDLER all his good test grades to Ray Tarkalson; ROSEMARY CHOR her B in first quarter Civics to her brother John; GARY CHRISTIE his tuba-tooting ability to Woody Driver; MARGARET ANN CLARK HUETTE her man hating attitude to Margaret Fleming; KEN CLAWSON his broken down old Dodge to Bob Ferguson; NANCY COVERDALE her ability to break test tubes to the chemistry class of '58; JOHN DENTON his skiing worries to Milt Smith; KAREN FERKIN her nick names to Connie McLean; JOAN LEE FORSMAN her bad habit of being late for first period English to Richard Thomas; BILL GEARY Mr. Sagin's yard stick to whoever will destroy it; ART HARDING his ability to run in track to Fred Van Alstyne; GLORIA HARMON all she knows about art to Jean Sturdevant; DUANE HARRIS the English books he has at home back to Mr. Bamell; RICHARD HARRIS the Christmas vaca- tions, Saturday, Sunday and all national assemblies to the incoming sophomores; LYLE HAVENS the parking place on Fifth and Main to Mack Howard; DON HETHERINGTON his 10,000 word theme to his cousin Lynda; BOB HURLEY his seat in English class to Walt Goodman; LORRAINE HOLO her locker and old notebook to Mari- lyn Holo; DOROTHY HUFFMAN any old jokes, stale candy, and used snow balls to the future occupants of the conference room; BERNICE JACKSON her Bunson burner in chemistry to whoever wants to get burnt; BONNYE JACOBS her neat clean locker to neat, clean Alice Hilgers; ALEX JOHNSON his first chair in the saxes to Sig Johnson; JUDY JOHNSON her seat in Journalism to Peggy Schofield; KAREN KELLY her 5th place in the Ameri- can Legion Contest to Brenda Schwartz; MARY KEMPER her long hair to Mary Ellen Clark; JOYCE KENFIELD her seat on the Pep bus to Betty Prosenick; ELIZABETH KENT her position as president of FTLA to her sister Jac- kie; ONNOLEE KELI .EGHER to some lucky underclassmen her ability to typing and shorthand; BARBARA LES- CANTZ all her fun during '56 and '57 to Patty Kurtz; LORENE LIEURANCE her ability to write 2,500 word pa- pers to Dave Bisch; ARLENE LUCIER all the homework to the underclassmen; SAM MARSILLO his place as the only boy in typing to Ronnie Hatcher; RICHARD MAXWELL his football position and honors to Darryl Eccleston; PATSY McANDREWS her curly locks to Sandra Bates; ALICE McCROSKEY her band emblem and 3 stars to Irene Nazer; BARBARA MATELICH her offices in Pep Club and Spanish Club to the Juniors; JO ANN MARINKO- VICH her cheering outfit to some-up-and-coming senior girl; GEORGE McDONALD his seat in Sociology within easy reach of Sagin's desk to Duane Keyes; ROBERT MILLER his leather jacket to Dennis McLane; JACK MILLETT his tackling partner Guy Monaco to George Martin; DELORIA MOONEY her chair in Sociology to somebody that likes to look out the window; PHYLUS MOSTAD her cedar chest and all her good grades to her sister Judy; MYRNA OHMAN her GAA offices to Lorraine; ELLEN OLAND her ability of playing the field to Louise D'Angelo; DAVID PETERSON his pleasant disposition to a lucky Junior; GENE PETERSON his speed record in track to Eddie Davidson; DAVE PHELPS his office boy job to Ronnie Vieth; JOHN POSTON his great height to Pete Marinko- vich; MARGIE REID all her homework to the coming seniors; DAROLD ROLLMAN all his bumps on the head from Sociology to Jack Softich; ANNA JOY ROSENBOURGH all her senior year fun to Sandra Sabo; ED SAGER his good looks and grades to his cousin Earl; SONJA SANNE her voice to anyone in chorus willing to perform vocal solos; DONNA SCANLON all her No. 2 pencils to Miss Roe's Civics classes; STEVE SHELBY his debate tactics to Larry Johnson; HAROLD SILZLY his wonderful ability to get along with teachers to Richard; DAVID SNOW all his books to Clifford Colwell; TOBY SHRAUGER her ability to clutter up three lockers to whoever is lucky enough to have 2 empties beside them; ED SOKOLICH his brains in English to his sister; SHARON SPRAY- CAR her usherette outfit to Ava Lee Rooney; LEANNA STOHR her nose plugs to Charlie Kintz; LORRETTA SCHOEPP locker 182 to Ruth Hanson; MARGARET SYLVESTER her attendance record to Meridath Rogers; ED SWANSON to his sister Carol his ability in all subjects; ZANE SHANKLIN his wonderful English ability to some Junior; PAT SULLIVAN his center position to Jerry Hancock; PIERRE TESSON his great big enormous feet to Gene Lescantz; ELLEN TALBOTT her ability to keep calm during an argument to Virginia Praast, ELVA THOMAS her comer in the hall on third floor to Kathy Morton; BILL THOMPSON his economics book to Bob Johnson; DAN TRBOVICH his Romeo's position to Alan Cutler; LARRY TUCKER to anyone interested the use to locker No. 710 for stocking old papers, gum wrappers and his picture of Gina Lolobrigda; DELORES ULSTAD her hairdo to Elizabeth Sanders; PATSY VANISKO to Sharon Cadieux her ability to be on time for school; SHIRLEY VERLANIC to any Junior the good grades that she has earned in High School; JUDY VERLANIC her seat in second year typing to Florence Monaco; ED VIOLETTE his good English grades to Pat Ryan; CLYDIE ANN WALTER her twirling outfit to some other gal who is fortunate enough to pass the exam; LEON WALTERS his sweater and class ring to Lynne Johnson; BILL WARD his ability to sleep to his closest competitor Charles Barker; RONNIE WEAVER his seat in band to Ronnie Sager; SHARON WISE to Brenda Eccleston her position as assistant editor of the Copper Glow. Sponsored by: Anaconda Parent Teacher Associations. 40 The King and Queens were: Garret Woverlton, Car- olyn Thomas, and Norene O'Leary. The theme was "Showboat" Leading the Grand March were: Evelyn Bucholz, Bob Brockman, Jo Ann Marinkovich, Richard Maxwell, Marietta Morse, Loren Hester, Alice McCroskey, Ed Swanson. Junior Prom 4 ’A 1. Rid em cowboy 2. That was a funny 3. Surprise! 4. Going to have a ball 5. Our future movie stars 6. Warm- ing up 7. Waiting to be grabbed 8. Smile 9. Marching along 10. No! No! Not now 11. Ow!! What's that? 12. One, two, three 13. Bringing out the marsh mellows 14. Dig them legs 15. M-mm good 16. What's so funny? 17. No, the're not praying 18. Having a good time?FIRST ROW: Sharly Shiner, Sandy Sabo, Elizabeth Sanders, Brenda Schwartz, Jean Sturdevent, Ruth Ann Wal- ters, Maridath Rogers. SECOND ROW: Arlene Schmitz, Bonnie Trerise, Betty Prosenick, Alta Parker, Ruth Violette, Irene Philleo. THIRD ROW: Connie Spragia, Peggy Schofield, Virginia Wise, Patsy Patterson, Vir- ginia Praast, Ava Lee Rooney, Sally Westgaard. Junior Girls Sponsored by: AUTO MART BROWN'S AUTO PARTS CHRISTIE FLOWER SHOP PARKWAY GROCERY FIRST ROW: Marguerite Keller, Dorothy Hard, Hazel Fleming, Nora Fleming, Alice Hilgers, Frances Jense, Caryl Nordquist, Kathy Morton. SECOND ROW: Marlene Jones, Sharon Cadieux, Marilyn Holo, Lynne John- son, Brenda Eccleston, Betty Carlascio, Arlene Klein, Florence Monaco. THIRD ROW: Janice Ekstrom, Sandy Bates, Gwendo Crum, Louise D'Angelo, Marilyn Cox, Marie Monroe, Edna Holland, Leola Havens, Margie Lyons. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Leary, Darlene Moe, Judy Mostad, Alida McArdle, Karen Jessen, Sharon Hi- genbothem, Matilda Marsillo, Ruth Hanson.FIRST ROW: Pat Ryan, Sig Johnson, Gene Lescantz, Dennis McLane, Don Stuber. SECOND ROW: Bill Stavanja, Fred Van Alstyne , Dwane Keyes, Butch Lanes, Jack Softich, Jim Violette. THIRD ROW: Randy Whitaker, Larry Johnson, Ronnie Johns, Ricky Thomas, Bob Johnson, Jim Opie, Ed Jessen. FOURTH ROW: Glen Thurow, Bill Smith, Pete Marinkovich, Gerald Nielson, Bob Martin, Charles Kintz, Earl Sager. Junior Boys Sponsored by: MONTANA HOTEL CAFE DEL-KEN CONSTRUCTION CO. FIRST ROW: Jerry Atkinson, Dennis Campbell, Alan Cutler, Bob Barkley, Brian Christie, Loren Hatlestad. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Hughes, Cliff Colwell, Bob Ferguson, Lee Corkish, Donald Davidson, Mack Howard, Gene Chaples, Dave Bisch. THIRD ROW: Clarence Foreman, Jerry Hancock, Ronnie Hatcher, Chuck Barker, Ed Emmett, Cliff Davis, Chuck Arnold, Bob Allard, Merlyn Chaffin. FOURTH ROW: Trenton Clark, John Chiddix, Mike Donich, Ivan DeMarois, Fred Blume, Bob Harris, Walt Goodman, John Chor.Sophomore Girls FIRST ROW: Beverly Carlascio, Jane Joslyn, Gale Henderson, Carol Jones, Kathy Jackson, Fredricka Jack- son, Arlene Curaow, Mary Ellen Chamdler. SECOND ROW: Mona Howard, Margaret Fleming, Joan Glassley, Mary Ann Gardner, Betty Drescher, Charlotte Frankovich, Patricia Burke, Marlene Francisco, Mary Ellen Clark, Judy Harrison. THIRD ROW: Donna Campbell, Eleanor Cowan, Sharon Holloran, Connie Gagnon, Noreen Jesscn, Sharon Jensen, Phyllis Ehni, Marie Fredrickson, Carol Beatty. FOURTH ROW: Linda Horsfall, Beth Beals, Marilyn Browning, Patsy Cramer, Joan DeHaan, Judy Ford, Sherry Grice, Marion Jackson, Alva Clawson, Margie Baird. FIRST ROW: Charlotte Smollack, Joyce Violette, Judy Shaeffer, Florence Krizan, Gloria Nelson, Helen Veeder, Madeline Lujan. SECOND ROW: Jean Simpkins, Jackie Kent, Frances Krizan, Doris Sundquist, Sheila Tesson, Rosemary Kalm, Roselie Martz, Joy Manning, Rawla Knight. THIRD ROW: Darlene Rowsey, Margaret Stopplecamp, Derry Schultz, Connie McLean, Marlene Nazer, Sharon Mattson, Donna Peterson, Patsy Kemper, Marilyn Ray, Madonna Kloker. FOURTH ROW: Ramona Lightfoot, Pat McDermott, Barbara Mengon, Patsy Kurtz, Helen Thomas, Lynda Wensley, Georgiana Vucasovich, Patsy Leonard, Rowena Nelson, Carolyn Marcotte. Sponsored by: FISHER HOPWOOD CO. 46 MacINTYRE'S INC.Sophomore Boys FIRST ROW: Stanley Glovan, Dick Bolton, Robert Johnson, Jim Holland, Clifford Galle, Dick Hamel, Bruce Binney, Gary Goodman, Brook Gifford, Gerry Funston, Richard Kirkeby. SECOND ROW: Richard Chirstman, Jim Conners, Russell Eicher, Larry Ferkin, Marty Heany, Fred Furaus, Richard Gates, John Driver, Kenneth Berry, Ray Beck, Dennis Adams. THIRD ROW: Alfred Arensmeyer, Stanley Bosch, Larry Harwood, Darrel Eccleston, Dallas Ford, Doug Conrady, Jack Garvey, Wallace Johnson, Bob Condon, Wade Farlin, Robert Brush. FOURTH ROW: Woodrow Driver, Evert Hetland, Pat Flynn, Clancy Forward, Ed Cummings, Mike Devich, Bill Kaparich, Ronald Duncan, Robert Johnson, Bud Hurley. FIRST ROW: Bob Sneberger, David Summers, John Stoppler, Jack Sullivan , Richard Porritt, Sven Voll, Charles Shipman, Robert Smith, Tom Seitzinger, Dwight Vandeventer. SECOND ROW: Tom Tiefenthaler, John Norton, Art Schneider, Bob Logan, Mickey O'Leary, Dick McGinnis, Andy Ward, Jack McGrath. THIRD ROW: WaL Rangitsch, Bill McCleskey, Lowell Schneider, Bill Swanson, Gary Wigert, Alex Stevens, Charles Larson, B 11 ; ck, Ronnie Smith. FOURTH ROW: Ed Yunk, Bob Marchion, Charles Walters, Dean Staton, Dave Norton, im Walsh, Jerry Ohman, George Martin. Sponsored by: Ed's Radio TV Service Gamble's Fran's Cafe Montogomery Electric ShopFIRST ROW: Onnalee Lucier, Nellie Goforth, Marliss Finnegan, Marsha Klancy, Lillian Hughes, Marilou Burgess, Judy Kessler. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Keele, Charlene Moe, Judy Fritsch, Rosemary Mathews, Danielle Kahm, Carol Gustafson, Sharon Laravy, Jackie Bouchard, Margie Kessler. THIRD ROW: Mary Jean Gilbert, Penny Conrady, Carolyn Gates, Nancy Galle, Audrey Aker, Judy Martin, Myma Johnson, Sharon Massey, Rosalie Bonner. FOURTH ROW: Arlene Blaskovich, Jean Johnston, Nancy Mahoney, Bon- nie Beck, Lolo Mennehan, Grace Davis, Diane Clawson, Janet Glenn, Robert Bull. FIFTH ROW: Evelyn Farrel, Elena Bamell, Barbara Hammond, Rilla Einfeldt, Marilou Dwyer, Marlene Bucholz, Delores Ek- strom, Alva Driver, Virginia Allen. SIXTH ROW: Voreen Hungerford, Deanna Birch, Paulette Beriele, Carol Bubash, Kathy Chor, Norma Harris, Gwen Johnson, Marilyn Morris, Karen Johnson, Patty Indendi, Dorothy Johnson. Freshman Girls Sponsored by: QUICK NEON SERVICE SCHWARTZ'S DEPARTMENT STORE FIRST ROW: Edwinna Rhail, Judy Murrish, Lois Soklich, Marilou Mertzig, Karen Pearon, Jean Oldhouse, Nancy Simpkins. SECOND ROW: Louise Wagner, Sharon Moyle, Helen Verzuh, Arlene Smith, Kathryn Parks, Marguerite McCumber, Dora Orrino, Carol Norgland. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Peterson, Pat Stephans, Glenna Rowsey, Dorothy Terkla, Sandra Schrott, Doris Plumb, Diane Slenes, Rose Anne Kristie. FOURTH ROW: Patricia McPhail, Ethel Talbott, Linda Wolverton, Joy MacDonald, Sharon Ulstad, Lorraine Ohman, Carol Swanson, Kathy Stevenson.Freshmen Boys FIRST ROW: Don Hatcher, Earl Driggs, Val Bell, Frank F.Hnnd, David Logan, Dick Aone, Andrew Jackson, Bennie Gress, Boyd Keele. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Heman, LeRoy Hanson, Billy Herbolich, Dennis Bailey, Danny Conklin, George Fiddler, John Jette, David Eccieston, Eddie Davidson, Louie Menicucci. THIRD ROW: Dick Hauck, Jim Clawson, Terry Fiest, John Flynn, Roger Kujlua, Billy Huestis, Kenny Beck, Fred Kelly, Dale Havens. FOURTH ROW: Charles Monroe, Daris Fox, Ray Johnson, Terry Lanes, Kenny Koenig, Keith Bates, Ronnie Hiner, Peter Day, Chuck Hutchens, Larry Beausoliel. FIFTH ROW: Dean Hall, Gary Miller, Danny Johnson, Robert Mount, Dallas Harmon, Carmen Garnett, Eddie Anderson, Butch Huot, Leo McDermott. FIRST ROW: Jim Tarkalson, Charles Smollack, Charles Thurow, Bob Walters, El- mer Peterson, Fred Perma, Ray Parker. SECOND ROW: Tom Rice, Tom Tondo- vich, Ronnie Sager, Larry Robertson, Mark Pearson, Monty Okken, Chuck Mitchell, Kim McNeil. THIRD ROW: Lauren Madden, Allan Whaley, Dave Middleton, Frank Rusinski, LarTy Peirce, Eddy Zier, Steve Smith, Charles Robertson. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Hewitt, Charles Roth, Lester Roth, Don Nelson, Jeff Wyant, Tom Sapp, Roger Vetter. FIFTH ROW: John Wilkenson, Jim Thompson, Jeff Wright, Dick Volkman, Stanley Peterson, Richard Silzly, Bob Neilson, Dick Rosenleaf, Ken Sovereign. 49 Sponsored by SMELTER CITY SHOE SHOP RAVON CLEARNERS PURITY DAIRY PRODUCTS COM- PANY PARKWAY CONOCO SERVICE STATIONI. Ain't he cute? 2. Going steady 3. Look at that curly hair! 4. What's everybody doing out of school?? 5. Ain't love grand? 6. Cute, huh? 7. Head majorette of 1909 8. Must be Thursday 9. What's cooking? 10. Thirsty? II. Sleeping beauties 12. Show that "A" off. 13. Looks good 14. Surprise ! 15. Spooks 16. That was a funny one 17. What a party! 18 What night are you thinking of? 19. Scratching her head 20. The crew 21. Day-dream- ing 22. What's coming off 23. Guess who 24. See that muscle?Student Council FIRST ROW: Bill Kaparich, ’.Vade Farlin, Leon Walters, Dave Phelps, Fred Van Alstyne, Chuck Barker, Robert Johnson, Evert Heiland, Gene Lescantz. SECOND ROW: Bernice Jackson, Betty Jane Carlascio, Ava Lee Rooney, Richard Maxwell, Sonja Santre, Dixie Wise, Jo Ann Marinkovich, Evelyn Bucholz, Linda Wensley. THIRD ROW: Arlene Curnow, Marlene Francisco, Marguerite Keller, Pat Jackobs, Ed Cummings, Jim Walsh, Alex Johnson Connie McLean, Judy Verlanic, Derry Schultz, Marlene Nazer. NOT PICTURED: Gary Beck, Jerry Ohman. The Student Council is an important school organization. It sets all dates for school activities and makes suggestion for school betterment Many projects are backed by the Student Council such as the running of the fountain and the special fun day for the school, "A " Day. Of- ficers of the Student Council are: President, Gary Beck; Vice presi- dent; Richard Maxwell, and Secretary, Sonja Sanne. Sponsored by ART'S SUPER SAVE MARKET BARBERS' UNION 575 BLUEBIRD BOOK AND GIFT SHOP TOURIST SERVICE STATION 52Junior Classical League FIRST ROW: Betty Prosenick, Virginia Praast, Gwendolyn Crum, Karen Ferkin, Dorothy Hard, Sponsor, Miss Mahoney. SECOND ROW: Fredi Jackson, Onalee Lucier, Kathy Jackson, Rawla Knight, Marguerite Mc- Cumber, Nancy Mahoney, Jean Johnston, Arlene Smith, Rilla Einfeldt. THIRD ROW: Carole Bubash, Doro- thy Terkla, Sandy Shrout, Dorothy Johnson, Joy MacDonald, Jean Simpkins, Connie Gagnon, Elena Bamell, Bonnie Beck. FOURTH ROW: Pat Leonard, Marie Munro, Sandy Bates, Mike Devich, Charles Walters, Char- les Robinson, Helen Thomas, Catherine Walsh, Mona Howard. NOT PICTURED: Barbara Mengon. Debate Team The prime purpose of the Junior Classical League is to promote fluent interest in ancient Roman and Greek Cultures, and to make us realize how much our country has used these cultures for a basis to present day government. We hope to have a vigorous year learning all we can about the foundations they built for us. FIRST ROW: Brenda Schwartz and Leanna Stohr. SECOND ROW: Steven Shelby and Glen Thurow. Last year the Debate Team was organized for the first time. The four juniors and seniors on the team spent most of the year studying "Re- solved; We Should Adopt The Basic Principles of the Brannon Plan". The Team took numerous trips around the state this year. Sponsored by ANACONDA COMPANY 53Copper Glow Staff FIRST ROW: Evelyn Bucholz-editor, Sharon Wise-asst. ed., Richard Porritt. SECOND ROW: Joan Camp- bell, Delores Ulstad, Dorothy Anderson, Brenda Eccleston, Betty Jane Carlascio, Lynne Johnson. THIRD ROW: Judy Johnson, Toby Shrauger, Lorraine Holo, Gloria Harmon, Glen Thurow. FOURTH ROW: John Norton, Miss Nelson-advisor, Mike Devich. NOT PICTURED: Ellen Oland. Attempting to get out a six page paper every two weeks kept the COPPER GLOW staff busy every min- ute this year. Instead of printing the paper it was mimeographed. Membership in M.I.E.A. was renewed and the paper and annual were submitted for rating. Quill and Scroll rwn Rn AP° ?y ’xT°.by hraU?er’,Evelyn BuchoLz Gloria Harmon, Brenda Eccleston. SECOND ROW. Delored Ulstad, Mike Devich, Glen Thurow, Lynne Johnson. Quill and Scroll is the national honorary journalistic fraternity. To be eligible a student must be in the upper one-third of his class, and must have had at least one hundred inches of copy printed or spent the equivalent amount of time on the paper. F Sponsored by DEAN'S NEWS CIGAR STORE GOLDEN WEST DAIRY EARL'S MODERN CLEANERS HERBOUCH GROCERYCoppie and Heada Meet Those Responsible for This Book Big Stack Staff DELORES ULSTAD Business Manager DOROTHY ANDERSON Editor JOAN CAMPBELL Asst. Editor GLORIA HARMON Art Editor Juniors assisting the Big Stack Staff with the an- nual were: Brenda Eccleston Lynne Johnson Betty Jane Carlascio Richard Porrit JUDY JOHNSON LEA CLARK TOBY SHRAUGER Sponsored by: MATT'S UNION SERVICE STATION PHILLIP'S SHEET METAL WORKS PARK CAFE TORGERSON MOTORSSpanish Club FIRST ROW: Sponsor Miss Masek, Carolyn Gates, Penny Conrady, Grace Davis, Vice President Sonja Sanne, Presi- dent Barbara Matelich, Marie Fredrickson, Joy Manning, Carol Jones, Elizabeth Sanders. SECOND ROW: Carol Gustafson, Pat Stevens, Marie Munro, Sharon Halloren, Myma Oman, Patty Kurtz, Linda Wensley, Clydie Ann Wal- ter, Marlene Bucholz, Don Hatcher. THIRD ROW: FredBlume, Charles Barker, Dick Norton, Gene Lescantz, Jerry Hancock, Michael Donich, Tom Tiefenthaler, Monty Okken, Ed Davidson, Peter Day, Leo McDermott. NOT PIC- TURED: Sponsor Miss Durkin, Secretary Jo Ann Gress, Bonnie Trerise, Julia Mostad, Beverley Carlascio, Bonnie Jacobs, Elizabeth Kent, Carolyn Marcotte, Joyce Violette. "Los Amigos," the Spanish Club, was organized to stimulate student interest in all phases of the life and customs of Spanish-speaking peoples the world over. 56 Sponsored by the ANACONDA COMPANYKey Club FIRST ROW: Don Hetherington, Ed Swanson, Glen Thurow, Ronnie Weaver, Pierre Tesson. SECOND ROW: Gary Goodman, Chuck Arnold, Charles Kintz, Gary Christy, Wade Farlin, Dick McGinnis. The Key Club, founded in 1948, is a service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. One of the club's outstanding community-betterment projects was the erection of street signs on the city's street corners last fall. Thespians FIRST ROW: Ellen Oland, Elizabeth Kent, Barbara Blaskovich, Sonja Sanne, Karen Kelly, Alice McCros- key. SECOND ROW: Larry Tucker, Ed Swanson, Nancy Coverdale, Leanna Stohr, Don Hetherington, Stephen Shelby. The purpose of the club is to promote more interest in the drama of the High School. Those eligible for the club have had speaking parts in any dramatic or choral production in the past years. Sponsored by ANACONDA AUTOMOBILE DEALERS' ASSOCIATIONFIRST ROW: Janice Hamel, Georgians Vucasovich, Joyce Violette, Jo Ann Cress, Betty Orescher, Linda Wensley. SECOND ROW: Myma Ohman, Dorothy Anderson, Alice Hilgers, Elizabeth Kent, Matilda Marsillo, Bonnie Jacobs, P-Owena Neilson, Jackie Kent, Joyce Kenfield. THIRD ROW: Sponsor Miss Stokan, Ava Lee Rooney, Marguerite Keller, Marie Fredrickson, Betty Jc Prosenick, Ramona I ightfoot, Connie Sbragia, Lynda Hetherington, Virginia Wise, Joan Lee Forsman, Judy Harrison, Barbara Matelich, Lynn Johnson. NOT PICTURED: Frances Jense, Janice Ekstrom, Dorothy Huffman, Louise D'Angelo, Rosemary Chor, Marilyn Cox, Patsy Patterson. F. H. A. FIRST ROW: Nancy Simpkins, Barbara Hammond, Nellie Go- forth, Myma Johnson, Janet Glenn, Marliss Finnegan. SECOND ROW: Marilou Mertzig, Dora Orrino, Sharon Moyle, Marguerite Me Cumber, Bonnie Keele, Judy Murrish, Ethel Talbott. THIRD ROW: Doris Plumb, Norma Harris, Patsy McPhail, Dorothy John- son, Delores Ekstrom, Voreen Hungerford. NOT PICTURED: Jeanne Ouldhouse, Onalee Lucier, Nancy Galle. The Future Homemakers of America is a homemaking club which is open to all girls enrolled in home making classes. Its chief aims are to promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of home making and to further interest in Home Economics. Included in our social activites this year were the weekly faculty coffee hour, during which we entertained both faculties, the Semi-formal Nite Club dance, the tea for mothers, Chirst- mas party for our pre-school age brothers, sisters, and little friends, the father-daughter banquet and the annual Installation Banquet. Sponsored by ROBERTS' JEWELRY STORE ANACONDA DRUG STORE ANACONDA BAKERY CENTRAL MEAT MARKETChemistry Club FIRST ROW: Richard Maxwell, John Denton, John Poston, Ed Swanson, Danny Turbovich, Larry Tucker, Leon Walters, Jack Millett. SECOND ROW: Don Hetherington, Dorothy Huffman, Bernice Jackson, Karen Ferkin, Leanna Stohr, Elizabeth Kent, Barbara Blaskovich, Karen Kelly, Nancy Coverdale, Harold Silzly. Chess-Nuts FIRST ROW: Virginia Praast. Sally Westguard, Ellen Talbott, Dorothy Hard. SECOND ROW: Sig Johnson, Mike Donich, Charlie Kintz, Glen Thurow, Steven Shelby, Mr. Phares. NOT PICTURED: Leola Havens, Alta Parker, Gwen Crum, Toby Shrauger, Jerry Ohman, Don Hetherington, Ronald Hughes, Ed Emmett, Bob Sne- berger, Jim Connors, Earl Sager. 59 Sponsored by: ANACONDA COMPANYChorus FIRST ROW. Linda Horsfall, Sherry Gnce, Rowena Neilson, Sharon Jensen, Phyllis Ehni, Ruth Violette, Marguerite Keller, Rose Hendrickson Frances dense, Alice HUgen, Dorothy Anderson, Marie Munroe, Patsy Patterson. SECOND ROW: Leanna Stohr, Louise D'Angelo, Sonja Sanne, Kar n Kelly Evelyn Bucholz, Delores Ulstad, Beverlv Carlascio, Sharly S’ iner, Ellen Oland, Elizabeth Sanders, Mary Ann Gardner, Madeline Lujan Barbara Lescantz Karen Ferkin, Linda Wensley, Joan Dekaan. THIRD ROW: Sheila Tesson, Arlene Klein, Phyllii Campbell, Judy Harrison, Betty Eleanor Gowan, Patricia Crammer, Sharon Cadieux, Joyce Violette, Sandy Sabo, Irene Philleo, Ellen Talbott Tobv Shraueer Matilda MiKiiin11 ’ Westgard. FOURTH ROW: Mr' Rij: rd Merley, Director, Frank Masella, Russel Eicher, Wallace Johnson, Gene Lescantz, Bill Thompson, Mack Howard Ronnie Hughes, Don Davidson, Fred Blume, Jerry Hancock, Jo Ann Gress, Peggy Evans, Georginana Vucasovich. NOT PICTURED: Dennis McLane ’ Pierre I esson, Larry Tucker, Barbara Mengon. » The purpose of chorus is to train students to sing easily in choral groups. One ot the out-standing projects of the year was the trip to Warm Springs and Galen. Birthday Calendars were sold to provide funds for the year's activitiesOffices of the Chorus are: President, Dorothy Anderson; Vice President, Karen Kelly; Secretary, Delores Ulstad; Librarians, Sonja Sanne and Billy Thompson; Publicity Manager, Evelyn Bucholz. Sponsored by DAVIS JEWELRY GIMRLE LUMBER AND FUEL COMPANYSenior Ensemble FIRST ROW: Toby Shrauger Ellen Oland. SECOND ROW: Ellen Talbott, Karen Kelly, Barbara Lescantz, Bucholz LeannTs’to Hendrickson- R0W: Karen Ferkin Sonja Sanne, Delores Ulstad, Evelyn Ninth Grade Chorus FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Dwyer, Janet Glenn, Helen Verzuh, Carol Gustafson, Sharlene Moe, Nancy Simpkins, Danny Conklin, Boyd Keele, Ed Davidson, Judy Kessler, Catheryn Parks, Sharon Massey, Diana Clawson, Elena Bamell. SECOND ROW: Pat Stevens, Virginia Allen, Paulette Beierle, Ethel Talbott, Marlene Bucholz, Ro- bert Mount, David Eccleston, Ronnie Sager, Allen Whaley, Evelyn Farrell, Kay Lynn Cerino, Norma Harris. THIRD ROW: Carol Swanson, Judy Murrish, Marcia Clancy, Ray Johnson, Peter Day, Dick Rosenleaf, Steve Smith, Lavren Madden, Nellie Goforth, Mary Lou Mertzig, Lorraine Ohman. NOT PICTURED: Mary Lou Bur- gess, Bonnie Beck, Karen Pearson, Dallas Harmon, Mary Lou Dalton. Sponsored by ANACONDA COMPANYSenior High Band FIRST ROW: Alida McArdle, Roberta Emmett, Paulette Everett, Jeanette Tescher, Alva Driver, Larry Tucker, Bernice Jackson, Elaine Meyer, Diane Hughes, John Jette, Katherine Jackson, Mary Lou Mertzig, Jean Simpkins. SECOND ROW: Onnolee Kellegher, Clarence Foresman, Sharon Higenbotham, Paulette McCallum, Ed Emmett, Sharon Mattson, Alva Clawson, Robert Brush, Darlere Rowsey, Sig Johnson, Sharon Jensen, Harry Brenton, Fredericks Jackson, David Meddleton, Jane Cron, Ronald Sager, Ronnie Weaver. THIRD ROW: Margaret Stopplecamp, Arlene BlasCovich, Glenna Rowsey, Nancy Hammond, Nancy Mahoney, Alex Johnson, Woodrow Driver, Gary Christie, JamesOpie, Allen Arensmeyer, Connie Campbell, Larry Weatherman, Shirley Bosch, Vilma Laipple, Michael Crum, David Beck. FOURTH ROW: Katherine Chor, Kenneth Beck, Arlie Montogomery, Delores Rutherford, Rosalee Bonner, Jenet Ritschel, Vandelyn Kirkeby, Gayle Sailer, Shela Van Ness, Sylvia McKinley, John Driver, Alfred Arensmeyer, Tom Tiefenthaler. STANDING: Susan McKinley, Tom Arensmeyer, Ralph Schmidt, Richard McAn- drews, Ronald Heman, Leann Sbragia, Dan Leary, Sandra Leary, Mr. Burchak, Instructor. NOT PICTURED ARE: Charles Kintz, Dorothy Terkla, Raymond Parker. Sponsored by: WASHOE MARKETBand Notes The marching band made its first appearance at the Anaconda-Livingston game and presented a novelty "Droodle Show." For the remaining games the pageants. "Kiddie Kapers", "Your Hig Parade" and "Election Year-1956” were featured. The twirlers were featured in each show and added much color. In February the Annual Winter Concert was presented and featured combined band and chorus in the 'Testival Finale.” Mid-April brought the Annual Spring Concert which featured not only the band but the twirling revue. "Through The Years." A highlight of the concert was the presentation of the John Phillip Sousa Award to the most outstanding band member. Following die concert the band members, soloists and ensemble members participated in the District Music Festival in Dillon and came away with high ratings. In May. members of the band participated in the State Music Festival in Missoula and with the Memorial Day Parade another year of band activities were completed. 1957 marks the 30th year of the formation of the Soldiers Memorial Band of Anaconda High School. Sponsored by: JACKSON STUDIO PARK UNION SERVICE STATION ROACH SMITH 63 SOFTY'S MARKETDance Band FIRST ROW: Larry Tucker, Ronald Heman, Charles Kintz, Tom Tiefenthaler, Alex Johnson, John Driver, Clarence Forsman, Ronald Sager. NOT PICTURED: Ronnie Weaver, Sig Johnson. French Horn Quintet Bernice Jackson, Elaine Meyer, Lar- ry Tucker, Diane Hughes, John Jet- te. Brass Ensemble Ronnie Weaver, Ronald Sager, Ja- ne Cron, Larry Tucker, Bernice Jackson, Jim Opie, Alfred Arensmeyer, Sharon Jense. Sponsored by MAIN STREET GROCERY MARIE'S SHOP 64 YEOMAN'S INSURANCE AGENCY YOUNG MOTOR COMPANYPep Club FIRST ROW: Barbara Mateiich, Dixie Wise, JoAnn Marinkovich, Evelyn Bucholz, Lorraine Holo, Marilyn Cox, Marie Munroe. SECOND ROW: Nora Fleming, Marilyn Holo, Patsy Vanisko, Sharon Cadieux, Kathy Morton, Brenda Eccleston, Brenda Schwartz, Lynne Johnson, Betty Carlascio, Sharly Shiner, Alice Hilgers, Frances Jense, Caryl Nordquist, Deloria Mooney, Florence Monaco. THIRD ROW: Delores Ulstad, SaUy Westgard, Ava Lee Rooney, Joan Forsman, Gwen Crum, Arlene Schmitz, Bonnie Trerise, Karen Ferkin, Karen Kelly, Clydie Ann Walter, Sonia Sanne, Elizabeth Sanders, Dorothy Anderson, Hazel Fleming, Ruth Walters. FOUR- TH ROW: Connie Sbragia, Judy Verlanic, Barbara Blaskovich, Margie Reed, Judy Most ad, Sharon Spraycar, Sharon Wise, Elizabeth Kent, Leanna Stohr, Sandy Bates, Uuise D'Angelo, Margaret Ann Sylvestor, Ruth Violette, EUen Talbott, Lorene Lieurance. FIFTH ROW: Darlene Moe, Myma Ohman, Gene UseanU, Mike Donich, Pierre Tesson, Don Davidson, Glen Thurow, John Chiddix, Don Hetherington, Steve Shelby, Frank MarseUo, Dennis McUne, Lynda Hetherington, Patsy Patterson, Virginia Praast. The main purpose of the Pep Club is to promote better school spirit at games and school functions. We feel that it is the duty of the student body to stand behind our teams. The Pep Club is trying to interest everyone in cheering our teams to victory. FIRST ROW: Carol Jones, Gloria Nelson, Madeline Lujan, Joyce Violette, Charlotte Smollack, Helen Veeder. SECOND ROW: Margie Baird, Betty Drescher, Phyllis Ehni, Marilyn Ray, Judy Harrison, Marie Fredrickson, Joy Manning, Mary Ann Gardner, Jacky Kent, Rosemary Kahm, Janice Hamel. THIRD ROW: Joan DeHaan, Linda Wensley, Georgiana Vucasovich, Pat Jacobs, Sharon Holloran, Mona Howard, Connie Gagnon, Derry Schultz, Connie McLean, Norine Jessen, Marlene Nazer, Beverly Carlascio. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Logan, Ronald Duncan, Linda Horsfall, Marilyn Browning, Pat McDermott, Barbara Mengon, P:itsy Kuitz, Patsy L on. ard, Helen Thomas, Carolyn Marcotte, Madonna Kloker, Mike Devich, Dick McGinnis. NOT PICTURED: Joyce Kenfield, Ellen Oland, Gary Chandler, JoAnn Gress, Alice McCroskey, Darlene Moe, Margaret Stop- plecamp, Nancy Coverdale, Joan Campbell, Sharon Jensen. Sponsored by: WASHOE MARKET"A” Squad Dixie Wise, Evelyn Bucholz, Marilyn Holo,cheer queen, JoAnn Marinkovich, Lorraine Holo. Cheerleaders Sponsored by LAKE FINANCE EIDE REAL ESTATE JOHNSON'S STANDARD SERVICE R. A. KELLY "B” Squad Marilyn Morris, Charlene Moe, Marlene Bucholz, cheer queen, Carol Swanson, Lorraine Ohman.FIRST ROW: Lorraine Holo, Joyce Kenfield, Deloria Mooney, Myma Oh man, Leanna Stohr, Evelyn Bucholz, Louise D'Angelo, Brenda Eccleston, Frances Jense. SECOND ROW: Clydie Ann Walter, Barbara Matelich, Jo Ann Marinkovich, Barbara Blaskovich, Sharon Spraycar, Lorene Lieurance, Donna Scanlon, Karen Ferkin, Delores Ulstad, Ellen Oland, Elizabeth Sanders, Lynne Johnson, Sharly Shiner. THIRD ROW: Alice Hilgers, Sharon Wise, Elizabeth Kent, Sonja Sanne, Margaret Ann Sylvester, Bonnie Trerise, Arlene Schmitz. FOURTH ROW: Darlene Moe, Connie Sbragia, Marilyn Cox, Ruth Violette, Sharon Cadieux, Brenda Schwartz, Caryl Nordquist, Kathy Morton, Marilyn Holo. FIFTH ROW: Lynda Hetherington, Judy Mostad, Patsy Patterson, Marie Munroe, Virginia Praast, Gwen Crum, Sally Westgard, Sandy Bates, Betty Carlascio, Ava Lee Rooney, Dixie Wise. G. A. A. Sponsored by: BUTTE BUSINESS COLLEGE FIRST ROW: Irene Nazer, Mary Ann Gardner, Carol Jones, Marie Fredrickson, Joy Manning, Madeline Lujan, Helen Veeder. SECOND ROW: Jackie Kent, Betty Drescher, Joyce Violette, Joan Glassley, Beverly Carlas- cio, Connie McLean. THIRD ROW: Judy Harrison, Marilyn Browning, Patsy Kurtz, Georgiana Vucasovich, Donna Campbell, Marlene Nazer, Charlotte Smollack, Norine Jessen. FOURTH ROW: Madonna Kloker, Carolyn Marcotte, Helen Thomas, Patsy Leonard, Derry Schultz, Connie Gagnon, Linda Horsfall.Usherettes LEFT to RIGHT: Delores Ulstad, Karen Ferkin, Sharon Spraycar, Leanna Stohr, Myma Ohman, Barbara Blaskovich, Lorene Lieurancc, Donna Scan- lon. Usherettes was organized for the purpose of escorting the athletic spectators to their seats. The girls see that reserved sections are saved for those persons who have reserved seats, and that order is maintained in the student body section. The eight seniors having the highest number of GAA points are chosen as us- hers. Uniforms made by the girls were navy blue jumpers with navy blue and white striped blouses. Sweater Club LEFT to RIGHT: Myma Ohman, Leanna Stohr, Sharon Spraycar, Evelyn Bucholz, Delores Ulstad. Sweater Club is an organization composed of girls who have completed the first semester of their junior year and earned 1200 points or more by participating in sports activities through GAA. Projects included selling school souvenirs, making of a mascot, parties and other activities. Sponsored by: ANACONDA SERVICE STATION HEPPLER'S CLOTHINGA Club FIRST ROW: Pat Sullivan, Art Harding, Duane Harris, Ken Cadieux, Richard Maxwell, Sam Maisillo, Gary Beck, Leon Walters, Dave Phelps, Ed Sager, Lyle Havens, John Denton. SECOND ROW: Gene Peterson, Jack Softich, Robert Johnson, Walt Goodman, Bob Harris, Bill Smith, Ron Hatcher, Fred Van Alstyne, Ed Cummings, Jim Walsh, Stan Bosch, Brock Gifford. THIRD ROW: Bob Ferguson, Milton Smith, Ivan DeMarois, Guy Monaco, Trenton Clark, George Martin, Gerald Neilson. NOT PICTURED: Harold Silzly, Ken Clawson, Bill Geary, Bob Hurley, Jack Millett, Bob Barclay. A Club was founded in 1927. Members of the A Club are athletes who have won major awards in track, football, basketball, and skiing. The purpose of the A Club is to foster interest in athletics and encourage co-operation with all other groups in raising the standards of Anaconda High School. A Club has a Paddle Club for the purpose of keeping order at the basketball games. The club has the concession stand at the basketball games tc fin- ance its projects. Officers of the A Club are: Pat Sullivan president; Richard Maxwell, vice-president; Leon Walters, secretary.Twirlers Sharlene Antonich, Head Majorette, LEFT to RIGHT: Barbara Blaskovich, Donna Campbell, Marlene Nazer, Helen Veeder, Connie Gagnon, Mary Kemper, Clydie Ann Walter. LEFT to RIGHT: Norene Jessen, Derry Schultz, Connie Gagnon, Marlene Bucholz, Helen Veeder, Marlene Nazer, Gwen Johnson, Janice Hamel, Bonnie Beck. Tumblers Sponsored bv: PEOPLE'S FINANCE ROSENBERG FURNITURE SURROUNDING CIRCLE, LEFT to RIGHT: Carol Swanson, Lorraine Ohman, Carol Jones, Joan D'Haan, Leola Havens, Marilyn Morse, Center, Charlene Moe."A” Squad Football Team FIRST ROW: Art Harding-manager, Lyle Havens, Ken Clawson, Pat Sullivan, Gary Beck, Richard Maxwell, Leon Walters, Ken Cadieux, Harold Silzly, Sam Marsillo, Dave Phelps, Jack Millett. SECOND ROW: Ivan DeMarois-manager, Gerald Neilson, Ronnie Hatcher, Robert Johnson, Fred VanAlstyne, Bill Smith, Guy Monaco, Rich Thomas, Jack Softich, Bob Harris, Larry Johnson, Ben Tyvand-coach. THIRD ROW: John Cheek-assistant coach, Ed Cummings, Tommy Harding, Fred Furaus, Wade Farlin, Jim Walsh, Jerry Hancock, Jerry Ohman, George Martin, Pat Ryan, Trenton Clark, Bob Ferguson. Sponsored by: TREASURE STATE SPORTING GOODSI st String Backfield Robert Johnson, Ronnie Hatcher, Ken Cadieux, Dave Phelps, Gary Beck Guards Leon Walters, Harold Silzly, Lyle Havens, Bob Ferguson Ends Jerry Ohman, Gerry Neilson, Pat Sullivan, Bill Smith, Jim Walsh, Trenton Clark Sponsored by: STAGG'S FURNITURE STORE BERRY INSURANCE SCHMIDT'S PLUMBING ANACONDA TIN SHOP Gu£Monaco, Richard Maxwell, Sam Marsillo, Kenny Clawson, Jack Millett. Tackles 4 p 4 iU' (r % . In L - j ■unHBB Bob Harris, Pat Ryan, Fred VanALstyne, Jerry Hancock, Larry Johnson, Rick Thomas, Jack Softich. . 2nd String Backfield Wade Farlin, Tommy Harding, Ceorge Martin, Fred Furaus, Ed Cummings, Sponsored by: PEPSI COLA 3rd String Backfield "B” Squad Football Team FIRST ROW: David Summers, Art Schnider, Larry Harwood, Darrel Eccleston, Marty Heany, Dave Beck, Ray Tarkelson, Jack Sponsored by: Sullivan. SECOND ROW: Bob Congdon, Bill Swanson, Lewell Schnider, Dave Bisch, Gene Chapels, Wallace Johnson, Bill FINNEGAN COMPANY Sneiberger. THIRD ROW: Sig Johnson, Richard Cale, Bill McKlusky, Ronnie Smith, Mickey 0 Leary, Gary Goodman. FOURTH ROW: Jack McGrath, Dennis Adams.Basketball A Squad FIRST ROW: Guy Monaco, Jerry HancocK: bill Smith, Walt Ooodman, Pat Sullivau-co-captain, Bob Hurley-co-captain, Ken Cadieux, Ron Hatcher. SE- COND ROW: John Cheek-coach, Ed Cummings, Milt Smith. Pete Marinkovich, Jim Walsh, Ron Vieth, Duane Harris, Art Harding-manager. Sponsored by: ANACONDA MINE, r.JLL SMELTERMEN'S UNION NO. 117Basketball B Squad FIRST ROW: Marty Heany, Charles Walter, Fred Furaus, Mike Devich, George Martin, Jerry Ohman, Wade Farlin, Stanley Bosch, Micky O’Leary. SECOND ROW: A1 Murray-coach, Russel Eicher, Bill McCleskey, Art Schneider, Darryl Eccleston, Lowell Schneider, Jack Garvey, Ivan DeMarois. Sponsored by: ANACONDA MINE MD.1. SMELTERMEN' S UNION NO. 117 Football September 7 Anaconda September 14 Anaconda September 21 Anaconda September 28 Anaconda October 5 Anaconda October 13 Anaconda October 20 Anaconda October 26 Anaconda November 2 Anaconda Record 0 Missoula 46 13 Livingston 13 0 Great Falls 20 7 Butte 31 31 Bozeman 20 19 Helena 50 14 Butte Central 53 24 Kalispell 48 6 Livingston 6 Basketball Record December 14 Anaconda 50 Livingston 56 December 15 Anaconda 50 Kalispell 44 December 19 Anaconda 39 Butte 40 January 4 Anaconda 43 Billings 76 January 5 Anaconda 52 Bozeman 46 January 11 Anaconda 51 Great Falls 48 January 17 Anaconda 62 Butte Central 52 January 19 Anaconda 59 Helena 66 January 25 Anaconda 44 Missoula 67 January 26 Anaconda 34 Kalispell 37 February 1 Anaconda 60 Bozeman 54 v February 2 Anaconda 55 Billings 60 Febraruy 8 Anaconda 54 Helena 58 J February 14 Anaconda 53 Butte Central 63 February February 16 20 Anaconda 61 Anaconda 62 Livingston Anaconda Central 50 60-0 February 22 Anaconda 49 Butte 42 March 1 Anaconda 62 Missoula 56 March 2 Anaconda 42 Great Falls 48 Individual Scoring Player Bob Hurley. . . . BiU Smith. . . . Walt Goodman. Jim Walsh. . . . Pat Sullivan. . . Ken Cadieux . Milt Smith . . . Ed Cummings . Jerry Hancock . Guy Monaco . . Tournament Results Points Anaconda 61 Livingston 56 336 Anaconda 56 Billings 54 , 185 Anaconda 65 Great Falls 76 ,156 Anaconda 50 Butte Central 62 . 86 Player Points . 76 Bob Hurley...........................72 , . 65 Bill Smith...........................52 . 37 Jim Walsh............................43 .4 Walt Goodman.........................23 . 4 Milt Smith...........................19 . 3 Pat Sullivan......................... 7 Ken Cadieux..........................6 Guy Monoco.......................... 5 Jerry Hancock....................... 3 Bob Hurley made all state for two years, both junior and senior. 79 Played only part of seasonJohn Cheek Basketball Coach Assistant Football Coach Assistant Track Coach Coaching Staff Ben Tyvand Football Coach Track Coach Frosh Basketball Coach Mike Papich Assistant Coach Frosh Football Coach A1 Murray "B" Squad Football Coach B" Squad Basketball Coach 80Volleyball Champs FIRST ROW: Lynne Johnson,Betty Carlascio, Brenda Eccleston,Brenda Schwartz. SECOND ROW: Louise D'Angelo, Dixie Wise, Lynda Heth- erington, Judy Mostad, Marilyn Holo. Spring Sports Champions Sharon Spraycar, Sandy Bates, Louise D'Angelo, JoAnn Marin- kovich. Sponsored by: HOTTI'S MARKET MONTANA SHOE REPAIR OHMAN'S DESPOSAL Softball Champs FIRST ROW: Lynne Johnson, Betty Carlascio, Lynda Hether- ington, Brenda Eccleston, Brenda Schwartz. SECOND ROW: Eliz- abeth Sanders, Sandy Bates, Louise D'Angelo, Dixie Wise, Judy Mostad, Ava Lee Rooney, Sharly Shiner, Marilyn HoloAqua Team FIRST ROW: Brenda Schwartz, Kathy Morton, Joan DeHaan, Sharon Jensen, Mary Lou Burgess, Karen Pear- son, Helen Veeder, Derry Schultz, Mary Ann Gardner, Penny Conrady, Joy MacDonald, Sally Westgard. SEC- OND ROW: Brenda Eccleston, Lynne Johnson, Marilyn Holo, Ava Lee Rooney, Pat Stephens, Leanna Stohr, Virginia Praast, Marilyn Ray, Noreen Jessen, Connie McLean, Marlene Nazer, Jean Simpkins. Back-Dive by Jean Simpkins Swan-Dive by Marilyn Holo Sponsored by: ANACONDA DENTAL ASSOCIATION: DR. S.W. SMOLLACK DR. W.L. BEAL DR. M.L. DEVICH DR. B. HAGEMAN DR. B. J. GREANYSocial Studies Club The Social Studies Club, sponsored by Mr. Sagin, was one of the most active groups, campaigning for their chosen candidates, attending a session of the state legislature, and speaking in favor of granting the franchise to eighteen year olds. SEATED Left to Right: Karen Kelly, Ellen Oland,BarbaraBlaskovich, Brenda Schwartz, Jo Ann Marinkovich, Alice McCroskey, Bonnye Jacobs, Dorothy Huff- man. STANDING: John Poston, Sonja Sanne, Leanna Stohr, Pierre Tesson, Glen Thurow, Nancy Coverdale, Karen Ferkin, Mary Lynn Chambers. Sponsored by: DR. T.D. CALLAN DR. G.M. DONICH DR. L.G. DUNLAP DR. W.E. LONG DR. J.J. MALEE DR. D.R. REED DR. G.E. TROBOUGH DR. S.L WALKER HAVING FUN AT THE KEY CLUB BALL Brenda Schwartz and Glen Thurow leading the Grand March. 83Is is only through the cooperation and help of the many Anaconda merchants that we are able to give you this annual. We hope you will show your appreciation by patronizing them. 4 FULL PAGES Anaconda Company................... 2 FULL PAGES Anaconda Mill Smelterman's Union . Anaconda Teacher's Union 502 ...... Intermountain Transportation Company Washoe Market...................... 1 FULL PAGE ABC Studio......................... Anaconda Auto Dealers.............. Anaconda Dental Association........ Anaconda PTA....................... Anaconda Service Dealers' Association Butte, Anaconda, Pacific Railway. . . . Butte Business College............. Daly Bank Trust Company.......... Denton's Boat Shop................. Duval-Wallace Hardware Co.......... Finnegan Company................... Montana Power Company.............. Orville's Food Kelly's Counter. .... Pepsi-Cola......................... Precision Electronics.............. Thrifty's Drug Store............... Treasure State Sporting Goods...... Washoe Amusement Co................ 1 2 PAGE Anaconda Optometric Association . . . Anaconda Service Station........... Beck Fisher Funeral Chapel.......... Coldwater's Shoe Store............. Davis Jewelry Store................ Del-Ken Construction Co............ Emil Maran's Shop.................. Fisher Hop wood Co................. Fraternal Order of Eagles.......... Gimbles............................ Heppler's Clothing Store........... MacIntyre's Inc.................... Matt J. Kelly Insurance Agency..... Montana Hotel...................... Murphy Paint Glass Store......... Park Motors........................ J. C. Penney Co.................... Quick Neon Service................. Rosenberg's Furniture Store........ Schwartz's Dept. Store............. 1 4 PAGE Anaconda Bakery.................... Anaconda Drug Store................ Anaconda Florist Gift Shop....... Anaconda Tin Shop.................. Anode Tailors Cleaners........... Art's Super Save Market............ Auto Mart............................. Barber's Union 575 ................ Ben H. Goodman Insurance Agency. . . Berry's Insurance Agency........... Bert's Friendly Service Station.... Blattncr's Plumbing Heating Co. . . Bluebird Book Gift Shop........... 52 56 59,61 76,77 .10,11 20,24 62,65 . . . 4 . . 57 . . 82 . . 40 . . .15 . . . 8 . .67 . . 13 . . 21 . . 22 . .75 . . 25 . . .23 . . 74 . . 12 . . . 6 . .72 . . .9 . . .34 . . 68 . . 31 . . 19 . . .60 . . .45 . . 34 . . 46 . . 19 . . .60 . . 68 . . 46 . . 78 . . .45 . . 31 . . 15 . . .70 . . 48 . . 70 . . .48 , . . 58 . . 58 . . . 39 . . .73 . . .39 . . .52 . . 44 . . .52 . . 14 . . . 73 . . . 30 . . 16 . . .52 Brinton's Shop................... Brown's Auto Parts............... Burger-Lane ..................... Central Meat Market.............. Central Meat Market.............. Central Motors................... Christie's Flower Shop........... City Drug Store.................. City Transfer Storage Co....... Copper City Bowling Center . . . . Dean's News Cigar Store........ Del's Appliances Services . . . . . Earl's Modern Cleaner's.......... Ed's Radio TV Shop............. Eide Real Estate Agency.......... Fran's Cafe...................... Gambles.......................... Golden West Dairy................ Herbolich Grocery Store.......... Hotti's Grocery Store............ Hoyal's Jewelry Store............ Ivankovich Grocery Store......... Jackson Studio................... Johnson's Standard Service Station Keig's........................... Lake Finance Co.................... Larson's Market.................. Log Cabin Cafe................... Main Street Grocery.............. Marchion Hardware Co............. Marcille's Grocery Store......... Marie's Shop..................... Matt's Union Service Station . . . McConnell Electric Shop.......... Monahan's Star Cleaner's......... Montgomery Electric Shop......... Montana Shoe Repair.............. O.K. Rubber Welders.............. Oland's Shoe Store............... Park Bar Cafe.................. Park Union Service Station....... Parkway Conoco Service Station. . Parkway Grocery Store............ Phillips' Sheet Metals Works . . . . Purity Dairy Products Co......... R.A. Kelly Co.................... Ravon Cleaner's.................. Roach Smith's.................. Robert's Jewelry Store........... Schmidt Plumbing Heating Co. . Smelter City Shoe Shop........... Softy's Market................... • Stagg's Furniture Store......... Sullivan Frank................. Super Ice-Cream Store............ Thompson's....................... Torgerson Motor Co............... Tourist Service Station.......... F.W. Wool worth's................ Yeoman Insurance Agency.......... Young Motor Co................... A I .4 4 5 1 A ,3 1 e 6 2 .6 i .2 .6 , 1 , 2 .6 .5 .8 1 4 , 8 , 81 2k . 5! .6: . 4! .4 5$ 4$ 6( 45 . 63 51 72 .49 . 63 . 63 .28 . 28 , 26 .55 . 52 . 30 . 64 .64... c t -ii-!?»' :Oi£ A25»»-.-. SS§ 4Blsg 3fei s r.. •. ■.v- ..-.v ;. v'i ;.jst W‘£'•v' x x v ■'-5 :x % .} 1 ■ :,3 5%3 :' 1 vJJwftSgjl :• -f . I 1 •"’ hSb ;. ; . ,v : 2R5S .‘ it . «

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Anaconda High School - Big Stack Yearbook (Anaconda, MT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Anaconda High School - Big Stack Yearbook (Anaconda, MT) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Anaconda High School - Big Stack Yearbook (Anaconda, MT) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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