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THE HIE STM 'PcMc ed t6e Seetto of Anaconda High School Anaconda, Montana ? € J?te H VU€UK "Tis well; 'tis something; we may stand Where he in . . . earth is laid. And from his ashes may be made The violet of his native land. "Tis little; but it looks in truth As if the quiet bones were blest Among familiar names to rest And in the places of his youth. T ennyson 2 DecUc ztio t We, dedicate this annual to Superintendent E. J. Nordgaard, in appreciation of his many years of service to the schools and to the com- munity. Two new grade schools, a new gym- nasium, a new pool, and a million dollar high school stand as a reminder of his vision. We wish him Godspeed — and the best of ulck in his future years. May he always have a fond spot in his heart for Anaconda and its citizens. The Class of 1956 3Scifiefu tte uCe tt ‘JfteAMUpe: To the Graduates: In this, my last message to high school senior s, I would like to repeat the hope which I have often expressed before, that through your high school experiences, you have not only been helped toward a satisfactory ad- justment to society, but also, what is more important, have acquired a vision of the nature and purpose of that society. I hope you have acquired an appreciation of your immense good fortune in having the privilege of grow- ing up in America and a profound conviction that, in spite of some imperfections, our American Society is the best in all history. And, finally, Ihope that each of you have been provided with inner resources that will help you to live with yourself, an intelligent, humane and morally responsible individual. E. J. Nordgaard Secondary education seeks to prepare our youth for assuming the privileges and re- sponsibilities of citizenship and for leading a meaningful and worthwhile life. It fulfills an- other key purpose by helping to prepare them for work - both those who continue with their for mal schooling and those who enter employ- ment immediately upon leaving high school. It is our hope that Anaconda High has ful- filled this obligation so that your future may be a happy and prosperous one. M. F. O'Leary s Senior High Secretary Marilyn Gates Junior High Secretary Pearl Westin District 10 Secretary Carolyn Stavanja 6Royal G. Barnell English-Dramatics F. 0. Brown Mechanical Drawing-Shop M. Julia Burke Clothing Hugh Campbell English-Journalism Jay Burchak Band -Orchestra (Picture Not Available)Nancy Cosby Chorus John Dowdall T yping-BookkeepingRuby MacDonell English Margaret Mahoney History-Latin Arthur Munson Physical Sciences Mary Papez Stenography -T yping Earl Phares Biology Roseanne Roe Civics-Econ-History Margaret Durkin Spanish-French-Guidance William Sagin Sociology-History-Guidance Joan Stokan Homemaking Ben Tyvand History-Football Coach Robert Vine Art Stude tt 7e c6en Rudy Domitroviich Miles Coverdale John Stopplecamp Norman NelsonFIRST ROW: Judy Shafer, Joyce Violette, Charolette Smollack. Helen Veeder. and Irene Nazer. SECOND ROW: Shela Tesson. Gloria Nelson. Marlene Ray. Margaret Stopplecamp. and Jean Simkins. THIRD ROW: Derry Schultz. Helen Thomas. Doris Sundquist. Marlene Nazer. and Darlene Rowsey. FOURTH ROW: Linda Wensley, Rowena Neilson. Georgianna Vucasovich. Arlene Tarkalson. and Catherine Walsh. FIRST ROW: Marie Fredrickson. Joan Glassley. Joyce Buthe. Rose Mary Kahm, Jo Ann Gross, Florence Krizan. Jusy Ford. Herring Linda. Henderson Gail. Rosalie Martz, Leona Marlow. Joy Manning, and Kathy Jackson. SECOND ROW: Barbara Mengon. Connie Gagnon. Sharon Mattson. Patricia McDermott. Rawla Knight. Mary Ellen Clark, Marlene Francisco. Connie McLean. Patricia Burke. Beverly Carloscio. Judy Harrison. Lois Mix. Frederica Jackson. Patty Collins, Carol Jones. Betty Bresncher. Marilyn Browning, Charolette Frankovich. Margaret Fleming, Mona Howard. Peggy Ellis. THIRD ROW: Madonna Kloker. Patty Kirtz. Donna Campbell, Marguerite Gervais, Frances Krizan. Norine Jessen. Jackie Kent. Sandra Fitsch. Neola Evens. Ramona Lightfoot, Marian Jackson, Roberta Brown, and Linda Horsfall. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Crammer. Alva Clawson. B«th Beals. Patsy Leonard, Sherri Grice. Patsy Jacobs, Carolyn Marcotte, and Sharon Holloran. 12FIRST ROW: Jack Sullivan. Gary Wigert, Bob Sneberger, Billy Swanson. Mickey O'Leary, Marvin Shogren. SECOND ROW: Sven Voll. Lowell Schneider, David Summers, Art Schneider, Andy Ward, Thomas Tiefenthaler, Bob Smith. THIRD ROW: Richard Porritt, Walter Rangitsch, Jimmie Pickett. Jerry O'Neil, Dnight Van De Venter, Charles Rangitsch, Charles Shipman. FOURTH ROW: Dean Staton. Jim Walsh. Charles Walter. Frank Selby, Ray Puccinelli, Richard Porritt. FIRST ROW: James Bleile, Bruce Binney, Ralph Byzewcki, John Driver, Larry Functon, Don Bailey, John Alder, Wayne Ivey, Jack McGrath, Robert Huffman, Gifford Brook. Clifford Galle, Michael Devich. Thomas Harding, Russel Eicher, Jim Connors, Bobby Logan. SECOND ROW: Martin Heaney. David Dwyer, Bud Hurley, Kenneth Berry, Eddie Barkell, Richard Bohan, Wallace Johnson, Stanley Bosch, Jimmy Holland, Richard Gates, Stanley Glovan. THIRD ROW: Pat Flynn, Gary Goodman, Bob Johnson, Dallas Ford, Larry Harwood. Charles Larson, Fred Duraus, Richard Kirlkeby. FOURTH ROW: Evert Hetland, Stanley Bradley, Dick Hamel, Bill McClesky, Woody Driver, Alfred Arnsmeyer, Dale Bill Luke. Larry Ferkin. Billy Kaparich, Darryl Eccleston, Eddie Cumming, Dennis Adams. FIFTH ROW: Bobby Marchion. Lynn Hochstrasser. Robert Campbell. Robert Johnson, Jack Garvell, Bob Congdon, Chris Levengood. George Martin, Wade Farlin, Dick McGinnis, Robert Kendall. 13 I Li LI LJSc feAo UVlC FIRST ROW- Geraldine Sampson. Irene Philio. Caryl Norquist, Elizabeth Sanders. Charley K Senda Schwartz. Avalee Rooney SECOND ROW: Virgtma Viole«e Patsv Patterson. Betty Wolfe. Arlene Schmidtz. Bonnie Trense. Sabo. Jeanne Sturdevant. Connie Sbragia. Virginia Wise. FOURTH ROW. Betty KroseniK. Alta Parker. Peggy Schofield, Averill Westgard. FIRST ROW: Ray Tarkleson. Bill Smith, Jack Softich, Fred Van Alstyne, Richard Thomas, Pat Ryan. SECOND ROW: Don Stanford, Jim Opie, Don Stuber, Gerald Nielson. THIRD ROW: Billy Stavanja, Guy Monaco, Ronnie Johns. FOURTH ROW: Mickey Donich. FIRST ROW: Arlene Cline, Alice Hilgers. Frances Jcnse, Sharon Cadieux. Marguerite Keller. Lynn Johnson. Kathy Morton. Brenda Eccleston, and Betty Carloscio. SECOND ROW: Sharon Liestiko, Gwen Crum. Marilyn Cox. Marie Munro. Darlene Moe. Sandra Bates. Louise D'Angelo. THIRD ROW: Judy Evans. Yvonne Martz. Ruth Hanson. Matilda Marsello, Leola Havens. Linda Hetherington. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Holo, Dorothy Hard. Marlene Jones, Karen Jessen, Margie Lyons. Florence Monaco, Judy Mostad. FIFTH ROW: Alida McArdle, Sandra Leary, Sharon Higenbotham, Phyllis Campbell. Janice Ekstrom. FIRST ROW: Bobby Smith, Jack Softich, Bill Smith, Richard Thomas, Pat Ryan, Don Stuber, Earl Sager, Iver Olson, Gerald Nielson, Leonard Rustad, Glenn Thurow. SEC- OND ROW: Jerry Richards, Fred VanAlstyne, Jim Opie, Ray Tarkleson, Bill Plumb, Mil- ton Smith, Jim Violette, Don Rolfe, Randy Whitter, Don Shafford.FIRST ROW: Barbara Lescantz, Dlores Mooney, Joyce Kenfield, Loraine Lorance, Barbara Matelich, Barbara Marinkovich. Karen Ferkin, Loraine Holo. SECOND ROW; Arlene Lucier, Patsy McAndrews. Nancy Coverdale. Alice McCrosky, Joan Lee Foreman, Shar- lene Antonich, Gene Ann Emerson. THIRD ROW: Joan Campbell, Arlene Ekstrom, Mary Lynn Chambers, Onalee Kellegher, Phyllis Mostad, Judy Bartley. Elizabeth Kent. Jo Ann Jorgenson. FOURTH ROW: Rose Hendrickson,Rosemary Chor. Berniece Jackson, Dorothy Huffman, Barbra Blaskavich, Dorothy Anderson, Helen Bonner. FIFTH ROW: Evelyn Bucholz, Karen Kelly, Silvia Leuck.  FIRST ROW: Pat Dunne, Elmer Davis, Bill Geary, Bob Geary, Bill Jones, Hugh Glynn. SECOND ROW: John Denton, Jim ‘Johnson, Kay Keele, Art Bucholz, Don Hart, Gary Chandler.(IcuU i FIRST ROW: Gloria Harmon, Ellen Talbot. LelahRae Smollack, Judy Johnson, Patsy Van- isko, Clydie Ann Walters, Sharon Wise, Myrna Ohman. SECOND ROW: Sonja Sanne, Ellen Oland, Donna Scanlon, Dorothy Schmidt, Shirley Verlanic, Merideth Rogers. THIRD ROW: Sharon Spraycar, Delores Ulstad, Leanna Stohr, Charlotte McCabe, Gipsy Goodman. FOURTH ROW: Elva Thomas, LorettaShoep, Margie Reed, Sherlon Pierson, Anna Joy Roseborough. FIFTH ROW: Frances Sestrich, Carol Peterson, Darlene Todor- vich.FIRST ROW; Danny Trbovich, Ray Thomas, Pierre Tesson, Pat Sullivan, Jack Krumn, Duane Harris, Edmond Violette. SECOND ROW; Steve Shelby, Jim Smith, Ed Sock- lich, Billy Thompson. THIRD ROW; Harold Silzy, David Sjow, Ed Swanson, Bill Sne- berger, Gene Peterson, Art Harding. FOURTH ROW; Dave Phelps, Richard Maxwell, Jack Millett, Don Hetherington, Ronnie Weaver. FIFTH ROW; Dick Harris, John Poston, John Terkla, Bill Ward.Student ounctt FIRST ROW: Elaine Burness, Marietta Morse, Carmina Gianfrancisco. Jeanne Lalonde, Carolyn Thomas, Loren Hester, Lester Thurow, Leonard Kriskovich, Dave Phelps, Richard Maxwell, Alex Johnson, Ray An- derson. SECOND ROW; Merril Sturdevant, Ed Jessen, Eddie Swanson, Bing Coverdale, Leanna Stohr, Myr- na Ohman, Julie McNicholas, Sandy Bates, Ava Lee Rooney, Donna Scanlon, Sharlene Antonich, Bonnye Jacobs, Marguarite Keller. Student ( ounciC Loren Hester, Carolyn Thomas, Lester Thurow. 22SENIORS(?tci4A PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY Loren Hester Mike Sullivan Marietta Morse 'Pae ft A good bye was never harder to say But we'll do our best in our own special way. Oh, Alma Mater, we love so true, The time has come for leaving you Four years now so swiftly have passed, Years filled with memories that forever will last. Years of studies, of games, and of plays Some happy, some sad in all of our days Good citizenship, good sportsmanship and many things more We've learned them all since we entered your door. Oh, Anaconda High, colors gray and blue You'll be our inspiration; our best is due to you. D A R Award Betty Crocker AwardGeorge Douglas Hutchens Gary Howard HamelJudy Lee Goheen Mary Julie Me NicholasMaribeth Larson Beverly Jean TescherDelores Rae Ritthamer James William Flynn Kermit Allen Ulstad Carmina Maria Gianfrancisco 31 Carol Lucille Maxwell Robert Bruce BrowningJeanette Lucille Shipman Lavern Edward HansenRobert Allen Brockman Delores May Smith James William McGinnis Renon Mary JorgensenLester Carl Thurow Darlene Lavonne Smith 37 Clayton Harold Walker Laurie May McPhail  7c4AVtlem Ellen Oland, Lorraine Holo, Mary Kemper, Leola Havens, Donna Havens. Margie Jense, LaVerne Wallace, Betty Jane Carloscio, Sharlene Antonich, Helen Veeder.Lavern Rusell Mattern Elaine Doris Burgess Michael Daniel Sullivan Carol Ann Grey 40 William Magnus Bakkeby Jr. Amelia OrrinoDonald Delroy Pierce Robert Alfred Ellingson FIRST ROW: Maribeth Larson, Jeanne Lalonde, Sheryll Eccleston, Carol Maxwell, Gene McNalley, Evelyn Bucholz, Amelia Orinno, Charolette McCabe, Gipsy Goodman. SECOND ROW: Nina Johnson, Mary Ann Stavanja, Bill Prasst, Delores Smith. Willette Gardner. Delores Ritthamer, Phyllis Spangler, Lois Smith. FIRST ROW: Florence Krizan, Doris Sundquist, Barbara Blaskovich, Connie Gagnon,Gloria Nelson. SEC- OND ROW: Jo Ann Frankovich. Irene Nazer, Marlene Nazer, Frances Krizan, Helen Bonner. 42Maribeth Larson Norma Nicely Jean Lalonde Mary Ann Stavanja Delores Smith Sty Stac6 Sta Delores Ritthamer Carol Maxwell Marie Kelly Phvllis Spangler Lois Smith 4 (?lu FIRST ROW: Pat Sullivan, Bradley Templeman, Mike Sullivan, Leonard Kriskovich. Lo- ren Hester. Sam Gianfrancisco, Bob Brockman, Jim Bubash, Pat Kellegher, and Bob Hur- ley. SECOND ROW: Harold Silzey, Richard Maxwell. Leon Walters, Art Harding, Jack Millett, Kenny Cadieux. Sam Marsillo, Bill Smith, Dave Phelps, Lester Thurow, Guy Monaco, Jim Converse. St z Football Basketball Assistant Ben Tyvand John Cheek A1 Murray Football Record Anaconda 7 Missoula 40 Anaconda 13 Glendive 19 Anaconda 0 Kalispell 16 Anaconda 20 Bozeman 13 Anaconda 14 Livingston 20 Anaconda 13 Butte 25 Anaconda 14 Butte Central 19 Anaconda 13 Helena 32 Anaconda 13 Great Falls 32 Jim Converse Art Harding if.'pootfaiCC ?ecuK FIRST ROW: Bradley Templeman, Leonard Kriskovich, Sam Gianfrancisco, Jim Bubash, Bob Brockman, Pat Kellegher, Mike Sullivan, Lester Thurow, Loren Hester, Delbert Dra- per, and Don Pierce. SECOND ROW: Harold Silzey, Kenny Clawson, Sam Marsillo, Rich- ard Maxwell. Dave Phelps, Gary Beck, Kenny Cadieux, Lyle Havens, Bill Geary, Leon Walters, Jim Converse, Coach Ben Tyvand. THIRD ROW: Gerald Nielson, Jack Millett. Guy Monaco, Pat Sullivan, Bob Harris, Bob Johnson, Fred Van Alstyne, Jim Johnston, Ron- nie Hatcher, Bill Smith.Dave Phelps Ronnie Lester Hatcher Thurow Jack Guy Bradley Millett Monaco TempletonMike Lyle Leonard Sullivan Havens Kriskovich Kenny Sam Fred Cadiuex Marsillo Van Alstyna Jim Johnston Loren Hester Sam GianfranciscoBob Brockman Bob Harris Harold Silzly Bill Gerald Geary Neilson Richard Robert Bill Maxwell Johnson SmithS z 6etfciCC S $u zd FIRST ROW; Ken Chadieux. Duane Harris, Leonard Kriskovich, Brad Templeman, Sam Gianfrancisco, Walt Goodman. SECOND ROW: COACH John Cheek, Pat Sullivan, Mike Sullivan, Don Vieth, Pete Mar- inkovich, Bob Hurley, Bill Smith, and MANAGER Jim Converse.s4. s4. FIRST ROW: Noreen O’Leary, Jusy Goheen, Marietta Morse. Myrna Ohman. SECOND ROW: SharonSpraycar, Jean Laionde, WilletteGard- ner, Carol Maxwell, Sheryll Eccleston, Carmina Gianfrancisco, Mari- beth Larson, Lois Smith, Diane Hinman, Carol Grey, Carol Taylor, Sha- ron Wien, Delores Smith, Marville Miller. THIRD ROW: Sonja Sanne, Elizabeth Kent, Sharon Wise, Clyde Ann Walters, Ellen Oland, Delores Ulstad, Evelyn Buckholz, Renon Jorgenson. Barbara Blaskovich, Leanna Stohr, Phyllis Mostad, Donna Scanlon, Margaret Sylvester, Dorothy Schmidt, Nancy Coverdale, Patsy McAndrews, Elva Thomas, Joyce Ken- field, Barbara Lescantz, Deloria Mooney, Joanne Marinkovich, Lorene Lieurance. 3 FIRST ROW; Virginia Prasst, Dorothy Hard, Patsy Patterson. Marilyn Cox. Ava Lee Rooney, Brenda Eccleston, Brenda Schwartz. Sandy Bates, Arlene Schmitz. Sharley Shiner. Availee Westgard. SECOND ROW: Frances Jtnse. Alice Hilgers, Sharon Cadiuex, Sharon Higgenbothen. Marie Monroe, Gwendolyn Crum, Connie Sabria, Darlene Moe, Judy Mostad. Linda Hetherington. Dixie Wise. Louise D'Angelo, Bonnie Tre- rise, Beverly Carloscio. Lynn Johnson. Marilyn Holo, Carol Nyquist. Carol Maxwell. Sheryll Eccleston. Judy Goheen. Lois Smith. Carol Taylor. Willette Gardner, Marietta Morse, Diane Hinman. Scveat i FIRST ROW: Sheryll Eccleston. Carmina Gianfrancisco. Carol Taylor. Diane Hinman. SECOND ROW: Judy Goheen. Carol Maxwell. Maribeth Larson. Lois Smith. Norine O'Leary. Willette Gardner. Marietta Morse. 54itye iCecuC id Noreen O'Leary. Evelyn Bucholz, Jeanne Lalonde, Cheer Queen, Carmina Gianfrancisco. Maribeth Lar- son FIRST ROW: Lynn Johnson, Beverly Carlosico, Marie Monroe, LindaHetherington. Louise D'Angelo, Vir- ginia Wise, Judy Mostad. SECOND ROW: Brenda Schwartz, Ava Lee Rooney. Matilda Marsello, Sandra Bates, Sharley Shiner, Marilyn Holo, Brenda Eccleston. 55FIRST ROW: Bonnie Kirkelby, Ellen Oland. Donna Scanlon, Elena Mc- Nalley, Evelyn Bucholz, Karen Kelly, Delores Ulstad, Patsy Patterson, Dorothy Anderson. Karen Ferkin, Barbara Lescantz. Norine Sugrue, Ellen Talbot, Murnell Mikkelson. SECOND ROW: Sonnja Sanne, Sharley Shiner, Irene Phillio, Marguerite Keller, Phyllis Campbell, Sharon Lie- stiko, Lehila Connely, Ruth Violette, Carol Grey, Dorothy Schmidt, Letha Smollack, Sandra Sabo, Frances Jense, Alice Hilgers, Rose Hen- drickson, Amelia Orrino, Matilda Marsillo, Sharon Cadiuex, Charlette McCabe. THIRD ROW: Miss Cosby Instructor, Betty Youngbloom, Doris Burgess, Norma Nicely, LeannaStohr, Karenjesses, Yvonne Martz. Bob Brockman. Toby Schrager, Gene Lescantz. FOURTH ROW: Jim Thomp- son, Don Hetherington, Jim Converse, Kenneth Weeks. Charles Uhl, Jack Krumm, Ray Anderson, Bob Krumm, Jerry Hancock. 7u tt Cen4' FIRST ROW- Gwendolyn Crum. Sharon Cadiuex. Marie Fredrickson, JoanGlassley. Beverly Carloscio. Betty Prosnik. Madonna Kloker SECOND ROW: Laurie McPhail. Marville Miller, Diane Hinman. Delores Ul- stad, Evelyn Bucholz . Jean Simkins. Joy Manning, Connie Gagnon. Norine Jessen. Jackie Kent, Irene Nazer, Lorraine Holo. Mar- ilyn Holo, Marlene Nazer. Leola Havens. Mary Ann Gardner. Carol Jones, Sandra Fitsch. Frances Jense. 57?. 4. FIRST ROW: Alice Hilgers, Amelia Orrino, Rowena Nielson, Gale Hen- derson. Nina Johnson. Barbara Piper, Jerrilee Collette, Mary Ann Sta- vanja, LaVonne Smith. SECOND ROW: Miss Stokan, SPONSOR; E- lizabeth Kent. Mona Krutar. Dorothy Wolfe, Bonneye Jacobs, Matilda Marsillo, Norine lessen, Jackie Kent. Janice Hamel, Sandra Fitsch, Charlette Smollack Betty Drescher, Judy Harrison.'Deutce SWW FIRST ROW: Ronnie Hernan. Ronnie Sager, Sig Johnson. Mary Ann Mertzig. Charles Kintz. Tommy Tie- fintaler. SECOND ROW: Jim McGinnis. Alex Johnson. Jim Opie. FIRST ROW: Bing Coverdale. Brenda Schwartz. BobCorkish. Sharon Wien, Roger Cousineau. Betty Young- bloom Lee Corkish. SECOND ROW: Sandra Leary. Norine Sugrue. Carol Gray, Gene Ann Emerson. Mar- garet Clark. Lily Harding. Marietta Morse. THIRD ROW: Rosemary Chor, Anna Joy Roseborough. Judy Goheen, Renon Jorgenson, Beverly Tescher, Doris Burgess. La Vern Wallace, Norma Nicely, 59'Pefr (?lu FIRST ROW: Kathleen McGinnis. Doris Burgess. Marie Kelly, Lois Smith. Delores Ritthamer, Sheryll Ec- cleston. Diane Hinman, Willette Gardner, Noreen Oleary. Sharon Wien. Carol Maxwell. Juie McNicholas, Phyllis Spangler, Delores Smith. SECOND ROW; Marian Williams. Marilyn Anderson, Elaine Burness, Mary Ann Stavanja, Nina Johnson, Marvillee Miller, Margaret Ann Sylvester, Dorothy Anderson, Sharon Spraycar, Donna Scanlon. Carmina Gianfrancisco. THIRD ROW; Margie Reid. Lois Perkins. Elizabeth Kent, Phyllis Mostad. Barbara Blaskovich, Karen Kelly, Leanna Stohr. Delores Ulstad, Ellen Oland, Evelyn Bucholz. Maribeth Larson, Jeanne Lalonde. FIRST ROW: Bonnie Kirkaldie, Brenda Eccleston, Maribeth Larson, Carmina Gianfrancisco, Jeanne Lalonde. SECOND ROW: Deloria Mooney, Lorranie Holo, Sharon Chadiuex, Ruth Violette, Carol Nyquist, Bonnie Trerise, Elizabeth Sanders, Barbara Matelich, Louise D'Angelo, Brenda Schwartz, Betty Carlosico, Ava Lee Rooney, Linda Hetherington, Arlene Schmitz, Lynn Johnson. THIRD ROW; Karen Ferkin, Joyce Ken- field, Sharon Wise, Sharley Shiner, Marilyn Holo, Marie Monroe, Connie Spagia. Dixie Wise, Sandy Bates, Lorene Lieurance. Myrna Ohman, Nancy Coverdale, Elva Thomas. Judy Mostad. 60'Key tc( FIRST ROW: Bob Brockman, Ralph Fisher, Jim Bubash, BobCorkish, Jim McGinnis, Charles Uhl, Loren Hes- ter. SECOND ROW: Jim Sigler, Sam Gianfrancisco, Bing Coverdale, Lester Thurow, Glen Thurow, Gene McNalley, Ronnie Weaver. State Jim McGinnis, Loren Hester, Charles Uhl, Jim Converse. 61'Defiate 7ecuK FIRST ROW: La Vern Wallace, Beverly Tescher. SECOND ROW: Bill Prasst. Bob Vucich. Bill Bakkeby, Lester Thurow. State Carolyn Thomas, Renon Jorgenson. Beverly Tescher. 62 FIRST ROW: Betty Youngbloom. Garret Wolverton, Gene McNalley, Jim Converse. Jim McGinnis, Bob Brockman, Leanna Stohr. SECOND ROW: Norma Nicely, Doris Burgess, Sharon Wien, Marietta Morse, Sheryll Eccleston, Jeanne Lalonde, Barbara Piper, Raleen Sager, Sonja Sanne. THIRD ROW: Jim Sigler, Sam Gianfrancisco, Loren Hester, Ralph Fisher, Charles Uhl, Lester Thurow, Verne Steele, Pat Dunne. FIRST ROW: Betty Carlosico, Clifford Johnson, Dan Trobvich, Brenda Schwartz, Charles Uhl, Lynn John- son. SECOND ROW: George Hutchens, Brenda Eccleston, Marie Monroe, Ruth Violette, Louise D'Angelo, Judy Mostad. Ava Lee Rooney. Gene McNalley. THIRD ROW: Bill Sneberger, Lavern Glassley. Lavern Hanson, Bill Bakkeby. 63FIRST ROW: Jim Bubash, Eugene Chapell, Bing Coverdale, Charles Uhl, Ralph Fisher, Terry Madden, Bob Corkish, Gene McNalley. SECOND ROW: Loren Hester, Earl Sager, Lee Corkish, David Bisch, Ed Sager, John Denton, Marietta Morse, Sheryll Eccleston, Carol Macwell, Brenda Schwartz, Ava Lee Rooney. 2.uM ScnaCC FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Stavanja, Nina Johnson, Delores Smith, Bill Prasst, Willette Gardner, Delores Rit- thamer, Lois Smith, Phyllis Spangler. SECOND ROW: Maribeth Larson, Jean Lalonde, Sheryll Eccleston, Carol Maxwell, Evejyn Bucholz, Amelia Orrino, Gipsy Goodman, Gene McNalley, Charlotte McCabe. r 4Senio ttyiy l “Scutd FIRST ROW: Carolyn Thomas, Elva Thomas. Kathleen McGinnis, Onna Lee Kellegher, Larry Tucker, Bernice Jackson. Mary Ritschel, Alva Driver, Janet Tescher, Alida McArdle. SECOND ROW: Sharon Higginbotham, Charlotte Smollack, Jean Simkins, Charles Kintz, Arlene Blackovich, Arlene Montgomery, Judy Goheen, Ed Sockolich, Ed Emmett, Derry Schultz, Sharon Mattson, Ronnie Sager, Jane Cron, Marilyn Cox, Richard Maxwell, Ronnie Weaver. THIRD ROW: Clarence Fors- man, Margaret Stopplecamp, Glenna Rowsey, Kathy Chor, Kenny Beck, Emery Jones, Dorothy Terkla, Jim Opie, Laverne Mattern, Elva Clawson, Alex Johnson, Sig Johnson, Barbara Mengon, Darlene Rowsey, Jim McGinnis, Alfred Arnsmeyer, Thomas Tiefentaler. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Hernan, Mr. Burchak, Instructor, Sharon Bell. Sandra Leary. XKcC Tfotea This year has been an eventful one for everyone in the Soldiers Me- morial Band. Starting the year off with a fine show at the Slendive- Anaconda football game the band continued, during the season, to pre- sent half-time entertainment for Anaconda football fans. The winter Concert in F ebruary featured two soloists, BetramN. Haigh of Concordia College, Minnesota and Doris Burgess. Mr. Haigh pres- ented two numbers with the band and Doris Burgess, accompanied by the band, played the first movement of the Mendelssohn Piano Concerto. The concerts were well attended and were played to a very enthusiastic audience. Mr. Haigh conducted a clinic for the band while in Anaconda and made the following comments: "Finest trumpet section I have had the pleasure of hearing in a long time"-----of the concert he said "fine balance and intonation is especially good." On April 15,16 the Spring Concert was presented and this year fea- tured the twirlers who presented the show "Fantasy a la Femme" and were enthusiastically greated by the audience. Many fine compliments were received by the band members on their performances for both concerts. At the District 4 music festival in Butte April 6, 7, the band ensembles, and soloists came away with high honors; many excellent and superior ratings were received. On May 10-12 twenty excited band members boarded the bus to attend the State Music Festival in Missoula. The highlight of this event was the final concert of the all-state band, orches- tra and chorus. Seniors in the band this year are, Jerrilee Collette, Judy Goheen, La Verne Mattern, James McGinnis, Kathleen McGinnis, Mary Ann Mertzig, Mary Ritschel, and Carolyn Thomas. Probably the biggest event of the year for the band was the invitation received from Portland to attend the Annual Rose Festival there in June. This is an honor for our band as only three of four out-of-state bands are chosen annually to participate in this event. The band members worked very hard to help raise the money to finance this trip. 1955-56 saw the formation of the Anaconda Public School Band Parents Association which has been actively supporting the Junior Band, Twirlers, and Senior Band through money-raising activities and concert atten- dance. The annual candy sale this year netted the band over $500. 67COPPER GLOW High Si More Than 600 Attend School Senior Program More than 600 seniors from five high schools in this area attended a highly successful career and college day program in the Ana- conda high school Wednesday. The ovent was sponsored by the high school and the Kiwanis club. Schools represented at the ses- sion were Anaconda Public, Ana- conda Central, Powell county high of Deer Lodge, Granite coun- ty high of Philipsburg and Drum- mond high. The Deer Lodge and Drummond high schools had 100 per cent attendance of the mem- bers of the senior classes. ANACONDA, MONTANA Teams Hold Debate Anaconda Senior and Butte public high school teams held two dobates in Butte Wednesday after- noon, Royal G. Bamell, senior English instructor at Anaconda high, reported. Beverly Tescher and Robert Vukich argued the negative and Clayton Walker and William Praast argued the affirmative! against Butte high school teams., The subject of both debates was f •‘Resolved: That Government1 Subsidies Should be .Granted to High School Graduates Who Qualify for Additional Training.” The debaters were accompanied by Lester Thurow and LaVerne Cppperheads Hit (reat Falls For Title Tonight ie high Clancy Hornets tht Tig ; the Ran 16 for tl Anaconda High Tops Butte Bulldogs, 51-39 X Anaconda Anaconda from the I Wednesday Farlin with re high f- 22 was Band Parenfs Club Meeting Monday Night The Anaconda public school and parents' cTub will meet in Wallace, senior and Mr. BarnelL class debaters,! Jjmlor high school audftorium j Monday meht at 7:30 — ’parents of at! har.fl members andjl jTou Le Sadie Hawkins’ Dance Copperheads, Now Third in Big 10, Hit Livingston, Kalispell This Week High School Music Pleases Crowd Appealing original music bv the Anaconda high school chorus Anaconda Copperheads, winners over all other nine entries pleased a crowd Tuesday night in in the Montana Big 10 er Class AA cage conference of the largest }e Little Theater of the school, high schools in the state, w.ll end a brilliant regular season : ngJTbJ Te TSr. against the Park county Rangers m Livingston Friday night and Nancy Ballard Cosby, in the theme “And the'Messiah Came.” Two numbers by Bach concluded the Flathead county high Braves of Kalispell Saturday night. Anaconda High Selects j Copperheads HaVC Clianee lo Win Big 10 Cage Title Outcomes of five games in the Montana Big 10 or class AA con- ference this week end will decide the regular season championship which the Amateur Show Entries Entriesr in the annual Rotary club-sponsored amateur show were selected during an assembly Wednesday morning in Anaconda iiigh school, Principal M. F. O’Leary announced. Chosen in the individual sec- tion were Sally Westgard. piano the program. High sponsoi will o; with places | place w winner to play the lost fourth Toda Tigers at 4:15. Ramble Saggy will pi night a for tht March The 1 ■uiuhi 1 selections, and Mary Ann Mertzig, w, erella Anaconda trumpet selections. The Melody j Copperheads have a chance to Men, a dance band composed of i ‘ . students, were selected as the Tne five important games in- group entry. The band personnel | c,,i«le the Copperheads invasion includes Ed Sokolich, Ronnie 1 Livingston Friday night to Weaver. James McGinnis, Larry ™ the Park county Rangers, Eight Fighters Take Part on Butte Card Coach Jack Lodell is taking eight fighters from Anaconda to participate in the card at the Butte civic center tonight. Bob Brockman is in the open. Those entered in the novice division arc Spring Capers Set Friday, March 9 By School Chorus The Anaconda high school choral production entitled “Spring Capers” is arousing interest for a i Jack Krumra 118, Gary Beck 140, ■delightful evening of musical en-j Mike McNicholas 140, Bob Lee tertainment Friday, March 9, in ; 145. Dave Phelps 150, Gene Mc- the Junior high school auditorium. I Naliy 112 and Larry Hauck 1CL Copperheads Defeat Ma Overtime Thriller, Meet High Tonight in Tourney Anaconda Copperheads won a 52-50 Butte Central Maroons to become the Montana Class AA division cage tourn; high gymnasium Thursday nighl. - ------ . i . r». Senior Class Play Insure Production Cagers Bal For Title Ft 68Richard Maxwell, Brooks Gifford, Ralph Fisher, John Denton. r 9 7e z t FIRST ROW: Loren Hester, BillPraast, Eddie Strommen,Clayton Walker, La Vonne Smith, Marietta Morse, Beverly Tescher. SECOND ROW: Charles Uhl, Jim McGinnis, Jim Converse, Bing Coverdale, Jim Sigler, Lester Thurovv, Bob Vukich, Ralph Fisher.The Key Club after completing one of its projects, deliv- ered March of Dimes cards to the people in the city. Pres- ident Bob Corkish presented the first card to Principal M. F. O'Leary. Members of the Key Club present were: FIRST ROW: Gene McNally, Jim McGinnis. SECOND ROW: Bob Corkish, Mr. O'Leary. THIRD ROW : Ed Swanson, Bing Coverdale, Sam Gianfrancisco, Dave Phelps, Ralph Fisher, Charles Uhl, Loren Hester, Ronnie Weaver, Glenn Thurow, Don Hetherington, Jim Bubash, Bob Brockman. icvUnet Zuantet Carolyn Thomas, Elva Thomas, Jerrilee Collette, Mary Ritschel icctKfiet 2cumtet Ronnie Sager, Mary Ann Mertzig, Richard Maxwell, Ronnie Weaver. S zx 2uevitet Ed Sokolich, Barbara Mengon, Ed Emmett. Judy Go- heen. Thomas Tiefenthaler, James McGinnis, James Opie, Larry Tucker, Bernice Jackson, Marilyn Cox, Richard Maxwell, Ronnie Weaver. Absent when picture was taken Mary Ann Mertzig.2 Scfrcuzd (?6ee leade 6 FIRST ROW: Gloria Nelson, Helen Veeder, Marlene Nazer. SECOND ROW: Derry Schultz, Connie Mc- Lean. FIRST ROW: Mickey O’Leary, Lowell Schenider, Bill McClesky, Wade Farlin, Charles Walters, Daryll Eccleston, Art Schneider. SECOND ROW: Russell Eicher, Stanley Bosch. Larry Harwood, George Martin, Ed Cummings, Michael Devich, Marty Heiny. 73Student Council president Loren Hester is shown receiving an American Flag given to the High School by the VFW Aux- iliary. This flag was flown over our nation's capitol, and it is a great honor for our school to receive this flag.Best Wishes from WAGNER’S Super-Creamed Ice Cream Frigidaire Products at McConnell Electric For future success drink Mt. Hoggin Milk Best Wishes from Purity Dairy Flowers For All Occasions Remember Don and Les at Christies Flower Shop Matt J. Kelly Peckover Co. Insure your home and auto with Lindblad Insurance Agency surance Sestrich Grocery The Little Store That Has Everything. Phone — 44 721 East Fourth Compliments of Interstate Lumber Co. Schmidt Plumbing wishes the seniors the best of everything CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM ANACONDA SERVICE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Congratulations From Trbovich Grocery Matt Blaskovich Sonny Gorr Joe Hannon Jumbo Grubich Bert Wi se Frank Rooney Gil Lemolin Jim Sullivan Ted Kuburich Paul Sullivan Rube Frank Raleigh Johnson Pete Peterson Bert Havens Best Wishes Art’s Super Save Best Wishes From the Anaconda Musicians Union Local 82 Congratulations seniors from the Bluebird Book and Gift Shop Best Wishes From The Anaconda Optometrical Society Dr. A. C. Jacobson Dr. Wm. CallaghanCarter Distributed By ANACONDA SERVICE STATION 600 East Park Phone 547 Open All Night Fresh power! Carter Extra gasoline is packed with extra fresh power. Freshness guards the precious high volatility that is so important in winter gasoline. Fresh power is what you need to start you with a bang on cold mornings, warm your engine in a hurry and put you over the hills with a fresh, booming power you can feel. And to guard its fast-firing fresh power, Carter moves gas to you fast—in a constant 24-hour flow through more than 600 Servicenters across Carterland. Stop in for the warmest welcome in the West, the freshest power you can buy. GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES ORGANIZATION INDEPENDENCE to the graduates of Anaconda High School from Anaconda Mill Snieltermen’s Union No. 117CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’56 The best drug values in town THRIFTY CUT-RATE DRUG Best Wishes From Eileraas Buick Co. Try The Thrill Of The Y ear Buick COMPLIMENTS OF O’LEARY FEED Pat O’Leary Congratulations from Alex Verlanic your tailor Anode Cleaners 405 E. Pork St. CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE Water Conditioning V. G. Casbarian Manager 207 E. Front Phone 703-R Compliments of Ravon Cleaners SCHWARTZ’ O.K. DEPT STORE The Most Modern Department Store In The Northwest 221-223 Cast Park Anaconda CONGRATULATIONS CL ASS OF ’56 Distinctive funeral service BECK AND FISHER BEST 9ISIIES CLASS OF ’56 BUTTE PACIFIC ANACONDA RAILWAY LOTS OF LUCK SENIORS from LARSEN’S MARKET SULLIVAN PAINT SHOP Fuller Paints — they last BEST 91 SUES FROM TUCHSCHERER DRUG your prescription storeCongratulations class of ’56 Benevolent and Protective order of Elks ROSENBERG’S Furniture Home of Quality Furniture at Popular Prices 211 East Park Phone 2022 Best Wishes from The Eagles Compliments of P. J. McGREEVY CO. General Insurance Real Estate 404 East Park Keig’s Quality Merchandise at Moderate Prices BEST WISHES TO GRADUATES DALY BANK AND ALL THE STAFF Blanche Beaudette Shirley Bucholz Colvin Crowe Ann Devine Lois Hareland Peggy Houbri ch Leslie Heinz Mary Frances Herbolich Mary Ino Jessen Joseph L. Kelly Eugene L. Kunkel Lowry Kunkel Jean Martelli Dolores Martin Edna Martin Henry Murphy Colleen McCarthy James McMahon Clorabeth McNelis Josephine Orrino Marl ene Poli Robert Prigge Nick Sestrich Loui se Sletton Dorothy Smollack Ruth Spelman Mari el I a Todorovich Clarence Waters ANACONDA BREWING CO. Get Good Groceries At IVANKOVICH GROCERY 311 East Commercial Congratulations from the Parkway Saving Center and Jim McLean Best Wishes from Coldwater Shoe StoreBest Wishes Finnegan Company Distinctive Funeral Service A. A. Longfellow T. D. Savage Blattner’s Plumbing and Heating 323 E. Com'I Phone 28 Wishes The Best of Everything To The Class of 56 Main Street Grocery and Market 1 Main Phone 436 Mary Milkovich Congratulations To The Seniors From Brinton’s Baby Shop Compliments Montana Shoe Repair John Jurcich Compliments of Park Bar Cafe Anaconda’s Newest Congratul ations to the class of ’56 ANACONDA COPPER MINING CO. WATER DEPARTMENT Compliments of Kenne Foods Compliments To The Seniors From Gimble’s Lumber Co. Best of Wishes to the Class of'56 ANACCNDA TIN SHCP Anaconda Drug Store A. L. Kargacin, Prop. Corner Park and Main Phone 38 Congratulates the Class of '56 See Bob and Bob at R. A. KELLY CC. for Insurance Best Wishes from Bob and Bob The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it. Sutte Scuiittete @oMe pe 325 cVl. fuLena St. iPhone 2-23Q1 Q. JO. iPxei C7he £chooC of !JBeif ePeiuCti fQutte., J onta.naCONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Best wishes for success in your chosen career DEVINE STUDIO PORTRAITS . . . DEVELOPING . . . CAMERAS. . . PHONE 102 R TRAVEL BY INTERMOUNTAIN LINES COMPLIMENTS AND GOOD WISHES To The Graduates Of 1956 WASHOE AMUSEMENT COMPANY WASHOE THEATRE CENTER THEATREyou CAN BE SURE COMPLIMENTS OF DUVAL-WALLACE ...if iTsWestinghouse Orville's for fine food — EM Complete Food Center - Best of Luck ANACONDA DISPOSAL Kelly’s Counter for Fine Meats Where flavor is first Best Wishes from EARL’S MODERN CLEANERS Best Wishes from PLUMB'S TRADING POST Best Wishes from JACKSON STUDIO Pictures Are The Finest Presents A complete Line of Quality Hardware at MARCHION HARDWARE CO. Phillip’s Sheet Metal Works Air Conditioning Anaconda, Montana 124 E. Commercial Phone 146 Best Wishes from ROBERTS’ JEWELRY Your Gift Headquarters Best Vlishes from J. C. PENNY CO. Pemniey’sNEVIN’S BATTERY SERVICE THOMPSON'S Congratulations Seniors Repair Work of All Kinds NOW Features Whitman and Gamers Candies From MARIE’S READY TO WEAR Compliments to the Seniors ROACH SMITH MONAHAN’S DEAN’S NEWSSTAND Ask for Canterbury and Societe' Chocolates STAR CLEANERS Most Complete Line of Books, Magazines, and Papers in Anaconda 301 E. Third Phone 78 Finest Groceries Congratulations Class of C ongratulations From HOTTI 1956 GROCERY HERBOLICH GROCERY MacIntyre’s John Herbolich, Proprietor AND DAIRY DELITE 21S East Park WHISTLE STOP MINUTE KITCHEN Best Wishes from HOYAL’S JEWELRY Congratulations to the Graduating Class Best Burgers In Town ANACONDA’S BARBERS Members of The Barbers' Union Curb Service Inside Seating Orders To Go 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Best Wishes DEER LODGE CREAMERYCongratulations To The Class Of 1956 The Anaconda Company Anaconda Reduction Works From mine to consumer— M i V 

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